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The Slocan Drill 1903-05-01

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Full Text

 hpi ix_?
irOL IV., No. 6.
8I-OOAN,   lh   O.i   MAV   I,   L903.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
We have the nicest assortment of
in Blouses, Skirts, White Wear and
and fluslin Suits ever shown here.
Mouses, in white and colors, from 90c. to $2.50
very fine black Satana skirt at $2.00
-.' Print Wrappers, trimm^V Library*'•7S and $,2
Ill'ltlCN ll Hi; MONI'.y I1AS11KKN PAID
A Number »t tli a  i.a>u in  the Millsite
Huve lls'fl'ii I'ls'licl I'p •Mayor Yoi'k'N
Ita-si ;;n at i'u <„nsssH l'|i -CotnoS Ilssfssrss
Cnunill Ns'it *.fi-autliltl.
tbe advisability of colabraiiag May24,
lint nothing was ilonc, A gooi||\
nuiiibm'of citizens turned out, Im! no
inn* wanted to lake the iuiiis.! move in
the matter. Tlie mooting was dis
linsili harmonious and dissolved
without doing any damage,
*H   1
. T. Shatford & Co.
.York & S
Regular weekly meeting of tlu city
imeil was bald on Monday night,
•nt:   Mayor   York,   Aid.   Arnot,
Smith, Teotor and Worden
is OAt.I.BO OFF,
Hig 1'iX SMI IS loll   BlT   Hi ,;
ISnglneors (sTol
\Y. D. McGregor received notice on
Friday Irom the American [ustituteoi
Mliiiug Engineers that their conl im
('.1i11u11111ieaii1.il, read:   A iris-rani P*»tod excursion I.. BrjtishColumbia
from the Royal Bank, Nelson, Btatiug '"'"l| l!"' v"Kl,n th*a Bl,mn] ' ■""• ,,('!"
that   th"  money   Tor the  <i.l» nt tir..« ] t*:«Hs*<l cfl'. snvin*-; l.. t',,1* I !•;..!-< -iiiliiM.'ii
ial roads being unable to nnd trans
portation  for the party.   Altogotht r
")0p  ,
tli.* money
had been paid over.
From  A. Stewart,
tbo nuisance caused
ay Impounding pit) m tho excursion., and il
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
a now pou
dogs in lis
hotel.   Letter il!
<i!'<l'']V:| Bl rill'.'d.
Citv solicitor's letter and
Bati't ui Commerce were taken up ai
the former filed
Hint   the   limit.T
, f \{\n< bttve lasted v'>' Wfteks,   ii wn   tho blind I tentiou to make side Irlfw Into all tl..'
mining camps  iu   Briti b ' lolui il
one from and much '.'mui would bavo resulted,
„l     Borne we !;• ago the itinery of the
Mavor Y.»rk urged excursion waa arranged, and  accord-
of the millsite be | ing to the schodulo mapped out, th-*
wound un at onco.  Be would propose part*, was toarrirob-Vicloiiiioii .lull
that,M tho debouture money had been 18 aud take steamer to Skngway and
mt of the thence go down tho Yukon to Dav on.
B. C.
placed to the current accot ..
eily.tbe various lots be purchased and| k tour of iho Kootenayand Boundarj
camps was nl o on the programm ■.
When il came to seciiriiig about :■ l
|0t8   IX'   l'Ul'B'
i- wiped oul
! till other accounts wip.
Afler some talk on tlm
( the
ttucr adiourned till next morning;] Ci***' for a nix or seven we ki' commi<
.*• . . . ... :.   fit        ..•!.. I .11
ItOi.-C    l'.l
lhe I.all over
•tSs-*"*** tJan
Is reached by any trail or road
Ithat runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
sion. none oJ the railroads i ouici sup
ply the dt maud, The reason thai the
equipmenl coidd uol !).• turnished b
tl. i! July and \ugusl  are th i busi
owing to
'I'tss-Hiluy*h Meeting.
When tl.** council re assembled on
Tuesday morning, ti." sai.
nl fathers were in their places.
Busim - was picked up where H had;!"; '
been lefl off th*- pr rriou i evening.   A
quintet! •  ,:I" ■'''  "^''''' ."';l1' i;i P1 ' ' ;1;'
•a  t::.'  northern roads,   rJ
iroui u
statanieni wa« presented showing the
amoung to h • p lid th ■ various own u
in ih" millsite, as followsi
i'i tohi r  faGOO
Farini  200
0. Sell imbe-g  lot)
Pmueane  903
KydrJ  275
Miller  275
Johuson  '•'"•'>
Sloan  I '•■•'
ih Columbia lose ; On ■ of t'i g ■ tin i
advertisements the minerd w talth ol
lhe country could p■■■• ibly i icure.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Total , 55SO0
Tli i  Lowes  i*v: Hardngto i  prop tty
was t!i • only parcel really nol arrau:.
Important to Trnde TJn'ons.
Ti*ade tiuio il I   will Hud thi   ;
ni i • ' ri tl inl tl I in tho liill r ■■■ ntly
■ u'-tnil cd to the 1 In i liy *l. li.
!i tivthn ',!'..'•■■ . . :■ F. •■ I am i
tti'i. Thc prim ip i.i. :.•" i' ui ; ''An
. mplo -■ li 11 at all lim ,.* bo nl lib
>• ••. to j. ii my t :a ! uuio i '■ inii. ir
' ■' .    ..    i ■': i ■■ , d    or
us    .'.-..'■■■.      ■ > il .'v.*- ,.': I s!l I
cUii ;. riialnal ■
rn anv « ' ■
im '■   ■. -
This popular hotel is convenient to the boats nntl trains.   The dining WW
is strictly up to-date while the bar is supplied with tlie best III the market
Travelling men, using Sample Booma
withoutBtiiqplnRoom*.$•**", bnai-d $8 per week* meal835 ■
ste -opened under
tlio old Ma\iiaj>enient.
Former customers
cordially Invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
c«r. A eta** Street Mid Daiam; Avenue, lleeaa.
buildin-f thoroughly renovated -TAB CROSS,
*ud re st eked with the best l'rupi'ii'tor.
i- — —-  —:	
■ .l,ii,ali..   that   was   i:i the'ianv i oi : ;<. ,,', / ;   , . , . '     ,     ..,     vo.ti:.
the lawyora. .,- for bu i itu   una   1 orol' ■■ ij
.M.i. A mo: and Wordca ra i ed tha .,.,.>, , , ■,....,,
warrants bo drawn and . h"l;- i ■ ti ;': \-\ ..-,;-i, ., . j   ,,, ;.   .;,.,.!,',..■.;.,■
for their roapeclive am tuntslo Mess .... | ,..,., „    ,. . ;;.;;,,(.; ,.r). icutiou
Farini, Kydd, MUler, Johnson am ,..,\...;,    sammnn  Convi»{ion3 -ici
Sloan.   Carried. .. and amendiu^ acts,bs?fore two justice
almosi two years. Mr, Wenthordon,
during bis ^i.iv on this mission, hits
i)a'"ti bard-working and populnr,show*
iug pulpit ability much above the
average. Sis labors have been nttond
ed with success both here und tit the
other slatioir;.
DISA8T**"*,   vr llt.lNK.
Terrible LasaM **r si.   Prow u Volbatilo
k bulletin was posted hero Wednesday morning stating thai a terrible
disaster hud oceurrod at Frjuik, tit the
entrance to the, Orow'i N*jsI Pass^cnus
s il by ii volcanic disturbance, and thai
75 Uvea hai boon lo t, Whal 1 ib r
newB peroolutod through dui ing the
d iy Hhewed that tlio catu I rophe wn i
uf much greater extent and dim u
It would appo i" tl .d thu top of au
adJHcenl mountain, one mile wide aurl
two mils . long, Buddeulj ga fo \. >
witlioui thoslighte i waruiu \ antl Lli
into the valley I" a al h, i h ikiu up
Old Man rive .'ti i a' burying a j >s M_t i. ■•. ":
town, eutorabin : upwards of
Lost Vs iii-'h -aJliIpnicnt'S Wove 03B8 Tons-
A llinlitiy Uvldenae it the I.iro nmi
AVrisItls sir tlso C'iini|i i:nti'i*i.iNs* tlie
Disgust Shipper,
The ore shlpmonts  for ths. wb"*];
o a.-i'i of *.'1) toiis, i-'sii  smt  by the
of  the Entei-prise, to the Trail
smelter.   Thi - ma'.. , the isocond ear
hipped under the 1. n ie and thore la
still more to ■ imo down,   Al the Meteor the Ion ■ ■   ar i doing woll and
''I  oon have a oiu' c    I • to fjo foi'
ward,   'i he roads ju il nuw nr ■ h. bad
all   UlOa
l or 10 12 th" or • hipm inl i froai
th-fi 1" i! divi ii m im uul 11 lo Q^lii
'■< i .   v.;. 1"   up   From 11 -Jrop ■■:
i:    i •  th  ship-
irollov ing is a
in        tin   i   ;"
, i'
people In the debris, Th • creek bt -
.•ami' dammed aud floodaaxl tho whole
touutry, I.' miles of fch i ('.!\K. I .
s : ij ■ submerged by 20 feel of Watoi.
■\li the telegraph wires we "odestroyed.
: he lo ver u\\l to tho co .: miue • wa
'I.. ..".I up, eutombing 26 or D ) miu-
ors, bat il is bali »vs d thoj aftorwstrds
■.•'■'.••.I. Gasy fumee ar.' arising from
(he --round, making .it anything bul
p!s*a- mt.
The di - t-trr is undoubtedly du i I i
a volcanic disturbance and Ucou.-sid
.red one of the mo-i  ri markable .'.
sMia."..:•.■* in t!..' histoi j of th" conti
\.  i nday's advices stal    lhat the
disn i •:' was caused by n hugo t > ■'■
lid '.isi'i'iv people beiug kiili d as th "
il '!>t.   So tar a*} known uo one from
• ■ .'-.ii are among i'i" victims.
. ! the p; ice
;     I'lC
Aid. T.'.'t.v moved th'il  n ch ■•■; be
drawn in favor of th i Bank ol '' nn
merce for $1600 for the Pletchor ■ I
est in the inillsii *. subiecl t.i a-jree-
ment.   Secondtid by Aid. Sinith and
carried. '
All drjeds forth • mill property are
to be made out, in case .>f rever ion ;. i
•I. A. Anderson, as trustee   for tl ■
Aid. Arnot moved thai the major be
sent to Nelson to lis upthe tran ifer ol
certain lotsin th i mi'l-it ■. Saso idod
by Aid. Smith aad carried.
'Mayor York's resignation was})! mineral oil claims undctr the Mineral
for.'the council, but nol read, lieing I ^ct Rnd amending acts, Thonewlnw
laid over till next meeting ni.'i.t.        | roads: "A petroleum or other mineral
Aid. An.nl nud Wordon !*.."V.'.l thai (li| claim mav be Itx-ated on any unoc-
ma gist rate and
convic ii :Ti ■  . iflfeuct*
!i ill is   liable to a p maltv or Bne iiQt
tceedin *» on - tb lusand dollars."
The aK.ivs  I.ill wn i ii' '■       L on its
.- cond reading this  week, Hawthorn-
;:; .ali.-. Curtis, .1 .usto land Noill b<
ing it-* Bole support • ■■■■
T-o iiiiBBa- Under Mini sasl As-t.
John Houston has intr duced an
act into the legislature i i authoriz.
tho location of petroleum and other
bylaw 18, an early cl i-ring byhw,
in Ita first reading.   Carri -I
• bvlaw waa
ami accepted
duly read b
lotion i
for ii
c.ipied'crown land, or '»;. any crown-
irriinted land in whieh the crown has
reserved the petroleum ri "lit3, i>y any
n motion ol .\ld. | person authorized to
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines th.it you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
clerk and accepted, on motion of "virt. j person authorized to enter on and 16
Teeter and  Arnot.   It is -'-;   tor its cate a mineral claim under the provi
second reading uext Monday, sions of the Mineral Acl and an md
Th.-  clerk  presented a  statement jn!r acts, and any such petroleum or
showing dates of authorization ol the ,,,;.„>,.,,t
innvor's various trips to Nelson in <:»a
nection with the millsi*.'.   This wa
in answer to a
at last meeting
The mayor'*-
was then broil
oil to be deal!
query Irom Aid. Smith
bill lor $150 espt uses
-lit beforo the full conn*
with.   Aid. Teel .rand
Representing the   strongest   cam
panics  doing   business   in Canada.
.Sick nkw accident policy, witli pur
tlcipalton in profits, ooveriiist sick-
i*>1'ss and operati*>ns.
H. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
Pioneer Livery
.and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  B. C.
General Packing; and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses far
hire at reasonable rates.
R. E. ALLEN, *        Manager
Slocan City Miners' Uaioi,
No. 62, W. F, of fl.
Meets every    Saturday   evening
in the Union Hall. Blocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
,j. V PURV1 -.NCK,
Financial Secrotary
Arnot moved the paynu
which was carri<3<£
Council adjourned.
al of the l»il
Ailliisiim Ufflolnls Aiiisi*.
On  Weduosday J. Frank Collom,
raan ijrer of ;ii -• Arlington mine, cam •
i'i  fioin Cstliforuia, accompanied by
'*.. B. ''..'i!!; imson, San Francisco, bu
. tli ■ liroc irs, and W. .1. Burns, "!
!'.;;■;!:' id.   The two lati c gentlem3u
, - ■ :• • ".r ani -d b*j tbcair wives. The
,.'.. s] ■- : ■.. at up to tha mine in
the all mo in, and an examination
ivii] be niadeol ii aad the Speculati ',
the ; ■ - ill of which will havr an im-
'.. i.: hi ; mring on the future "; ■ lb
u [i t;', . There is nothing definib
t i ami mnco jusl  yel regarding ti'''
\ lin ; ^i mill, as the final i wts on
the ore have nol been concluded, but
the p '   pects are bright.
Driving Their I.o ,-.
I;.. ;) il iri i-Slo ■ ia L/umber Co.
commenced driving Heir logs down
• *, , ./.I ere Ii al Ihehead of the lake,
.ui Wednesday, having 1,500,000 iu all
I i roi i" down. They have expend I
aboul ■ -ai ■■! in clearing out the < reek
nnd have secured an immen ie ht adoi
res in ■ water by damming the outlet
ol S im iii lakt, '■ 'hi re is no difiic il .
i i driving th tiiub >r. On Wilson
, . ■:. ,i ■ ■■ impany have close I i
•a; fi :•. to <• mi • down: All of this
limber will b ■ br mghl  here and it is
,* tin eompnnj will secure th< old
Wm. Hunl t from the C.P.K, toi towing P'.II [Ms '   •
Kntei i'lii-o	
A ' I ill] ..sa	
i ittnw.'i	
!'.l;is'!c Prince..
;' ■ . h ildor.;,
Mett or..'	
v. (aa:.
TUT   !,•
MINK:,    IMI   .'ll.*, imi.
thinlt about
• the month l i
•'• lse,mii •.
ie Sl'ieaiiap-
Ulaok p.iis.i' Bona.
Sidney Norman announced on Tues
day that he luul relinquished the bond
on the Black Prince, after nn expend
itureof several thousand dollars i'i
development. Originally the bond
called for 565,000, the first payment
falling dno today, lt waa afterwards
turned Into a cash proposition of $25,-
000, to be paitl on the Baine date. Mr.
Norman spent the whit ir iu the easl
and raised the neceaaary monev to
mako the purchase, returning here
last week and asked for an extension
of two months to enable an oxpert to
examine the surface cropping!* ou thc
Prince, Tho owners asked 3J5OO0 extra for the privilege, which was refused and the entire deal called off.
mineral sm claim shall bo located,
i workod and held under tho provisions
of the Mineral Act aud amending
acts: |in.'. ided all ?uch cl dms are located and ii".".iiil".l .is petroleum
An Kssjoyulils*. Rnts-rtnlnnlewt.
Misses LaDell, elooutiouiBt, and
Scott, vocalist, gave an enjoyable en
Icrtniumonl in th ■ Music Hall, Mon
il iv evening. ri'!i<* affair was in aid of
Hie hospital and waa favored with a
lull house. Miss Scott has it voice of
great range and power, but laeking In
sympathy. Her onunciation is very
cl ".v. Miss LaDell easily captured
her audience by her clever Impemon-
ations and dramatic recitals, particularly lu thechari it race from Ban Hut*.
Thoro was uol a weary moment during tho evening,
Win Soon in* Bunntuy,
ii tne
.ill    DC   HI
During   the weeli
made in the work
The shingle mill
running  shape,
rapid progress wn
of Btting ti]i the various sections of
the mill and. the machinery is aboul
ready fer lie' steam to bo.turuedon.
The boilers and engine have beeu
Later.   On Wednesday evening theI voofed in this week and the steam
owners of the Black Prince gottoge
ther and agreed to give Mr. Norman
60 days' extension for the payment oi
the money, in that time he will crown
grant the' Black Prince fraction and
coutraol for 100 feel oi drifting ou the
vein. Several more men will be pui
lo work at once on the proportya
SllJ   Bill  IS  <'l>|aa1il|lllt,|t.
Mayor York called a public ni
ing on Wednesday ui '.it toconi<i
connections made. Mr. Chew expects
to commence cutting shingles ou the
i-'iii'i'siill Hennoii.
Rev, •!. W. NV s'.dli 'ialon preai I .
his fnrowi II sormou i.i Si. Paul'
ehnreh on Sunday last, haviug beeu
tr in Forred to Kami i »ps. Rev. Mr
M i ;. tlie e i nr | lor, is BXpe , '.
t i "u d'i';. ngai . "i ii Fow ditys,
lie and, i i- Famiiyhav'.ibeen in England
o Idfellows' I luii'ili Pnrada
Rain  inl 'lfered   greatly  wi
parade of the local Oddfellows
to Knox church last Sunday morning,
till th    i wi   nn imposing array, Thi
procession was head d  by the Slocan
i,,..,.! :    i ... • witnessed  by a goodly
crowd,   Knox church was pri Itily dt
i,,-.,   J for tho .i '■ asion and thc ser
; : ,,, :.   icb   i by Kev. W.Simons was
full ul instruction and encouragomeul
to the vi.-iting brethr >n.
s trts Ing or.* nl V,'.-.- a . Bnt.
Frnuk GiiHth Las be n sa iking   c
For shipi i 'ill latolyal the W      i    ml
on Tea  Mile, aud  has th o ■ oi Com
tous -i w '   idv.    He will endeavo  h
make up it full <-a!' I i go out,   11 ■
inline! is in 50 Feel and aboul 80 feel
in,,ii U. ■ portal is a line chute if i
which lie  will i top • out.   Tho  ore
carries' much .; '•'.• copper and il   will
probably return   IT.") o*s or better to
the ton.
s;,rias(-ar It.si'sl  1)ssiis;s;;bi1.
The heavy rains of late have d in
much damage to the Springer <■
road, and ii   is   now impassible for
teams.    Tho  section   ti «r    D lyto i
creek is tlio  worst, about 200 fet I    I
tho road having broken away.   I! will
take several hundred dollars to repaii
the damage done.   As it i*- now |
horses only are able to travel tip  the
' l;. McNeish and bride, ne > ."''i-
B - i'    ppiug, arrived in by yestt
day's train.
Th i lie itennnl govi rn •''
i ned thee I br I d       ' 'alien bill,
This i
/al!,;' lit:'
Or ani    From  I
*[■ ".»,ii.iaie  50 ' bus.
Oporari ins have been resumed at
the ! Ireenwood smelter.
'■■■  Pa; a    this yoar has shipped
upward  ol 1000 tons of -av.
'' ■;...!ai".- mines lasl woek shipped
10,335 tons of ore; ot 152,664 tous for
the y< ar.
A ."..1 drill eompri •oi' plaist hi-sl.een
Ordered for the Sloki I l'l d • mine at
There wiil 1) • n largo -tombet of
claims in this division surveyed dud-
•illi* lh I UU! i'tl,i.
Bar silver ro e Tuesday to64|, the
highest price in ntoy months.   Hi.
:: n\ ■■ "liin r ei D8J.
Bolh.**tack8 are in operation at the
Nel.-'ini :melt a-, on • on 1 • id ores ami
tho other on < opper.
The Ko il may aad Gianl mines,
R wslnnd, hav 1 resumed shlpmentij,
sending their ore to Trail.
Work is to bo resumed at onee on
the Wakefield, operations being confined principally to zinc ore.
R. k. McDon ild has secrh-ed n half
wi   i •   ii •   Bach Iot  claim, On
Twelve Mile, fro™ Jas. Horrie.
Tie' Monti'oalsi Boston Cupper (,ii.,
owning the Boundary Falls snielter,
will shortly ih clare a dividend.
Th • Pi'i'dlencs' mils*; in the Sreen-
w.iihI camp, has renlt-ied .** 1511) from
21 ton's of ore, in gold nu 1 silver.
The sheriff's sala al the m-tane... .,f
Elm ■;• Fell against Percy Diek^uspn
el al is announced for tomorrow al
• ■ ! -'iu.
TheGrnnby stock his beeit-listed
oil the Boston oxclinug . A hhfldtjMna
dividend will shorth b paid by the
Cud and coke shipments from •iho
(Vow's Nesi to Bouudafy, bavo risen
to ali i.ii fJOOO tons a w.-,■... aad y«-j ii
i: nol onpugh.
An aerial tramway is t> be buiil at
Rossland lietween the ivo il iiav mine
mile Ivii
md ii
st« pa
andtheC.P.R.    ftwu
and 1 osl I 25.QU I,
A   mi itin    1 I the  local Chaplmu
1     litors was held  lai I  m
was decidetl tsi take Immediate
:ii   01 er the mon 1     I      bem,
Sir T. Shanghn ■*   - ■. ■ there ;s nol
the ■ 11 "htesl   prob bility rjf clnSing
down the Trail  smelter, as an abun
danl   tipply 6t or • i 1 prdmls *rl.
Thi ■• pn ■ l- . i 1 is,- much life in
mining circle* in the   :,;;; B i ! coun
try this stnum ■ borii In Id le [tnd
plac t.   'I ho stt imer froih le s/blsitoke
will < 1 um ing thi  month.
himni;   Hl'lOIUls.
Appended is a cotnpleta list of the rations reco id 1 registered at the to*sa1 registry oflie**, li. p. Christie licins; milling
Apl 22 Lemon, on harnon erask, ll A
',|1 2*1 Sliver Leaf, RalnbiJW for two
years! Lilly B fer two ys'arM, Kainlniw ir
for two yours, ['ortltnn for iwo years.
in iKsrrars,
pi 20 ■ yVeBlajislB and   I'alita'ulo,
..ill McCaboand 3 \\ Bylor.
Fri\uk :
el son. c ti
I  ai, Id.
D.ii^ f P "ohnion to A C Sm it li.
Bachelor '.■, J 11 ..r ie to K A *Jc ;>
if ■
**"^<l^h*tH**W^I^!***»-r*< >
EQUAL      *«
•I   -
CopyriRbt, 1901, by Charles W. Hooka.
| REND A returned to HI-
ale's room after arranging wltb Kendall
to be notltled at once
If ber father should
secure A Men's release
and be should come
to tbe hospital. As
sbe passed out of the reception room
abe eucouutered Dr. Johnson, who was
tn the art of entering. He took a seat
upon a corner of the table and met
with some evidences of embarrassment
tbe look wblcb Kandall turned upon
"Were you listening tbere?" demand-
td Kendall after half a minute's silence.
"Well, I couldn't help bearing a word
or two," tbe other admitted. "Vou see,
I was looking for you, and I didn't
want to Interrupt the conversation."
"Tbls thing must stop, Mr. lilmcn
dorf," sa Id Kendall. "I've been dragged Into It by the heels. I gnve you
my word la tbe dark before I knew
what you were going to do."
"I didn't know myself what I was
going to do," replied tlie detective. "1
came up bere with orders to be present
wben Miss Maclane went Into Miss
Miller's room."
"I did not suppose that tbls deception would extend to Miss Machine
when I made my promise," said Kendall. "I understood tbat she bad seen
you; tbat abe knew wbo you were. And
yon are not disguised."
"I have shaved off my mustache,"
■aid tbe detective, "and I look like the
devil without lt But tbls wbole matter of disguise ls merely knowing what
somebody else will notice. When
you're going to be recognized, send another man. Miss Maclane bad too
much on bar mind at tbe Thirty-eighth
atreet bouse. Sbe couldn't bave told
afterward whether I was white or
black. And so, witb the mustache gone
and theso goggles for my eyes, It was a
aure thing."
"Why was It necessary?"
"I reported to headquarters that Miss
Maclane was coming down bere," replied Elmendorf, "and the old man
wanted to get a Une on it"
"On what?"
"Whether they'd seen each other before. The result was a little peculiar,
as you'll admit Your patient recognized Miss Maclane at a glance, but
Miss Maclane says sbe never saw Miss
Miller before. What do you make of
It? Of course Miss Maclane has told
ao many different stories"—
"It ls perfectly natural," said Kendall, checking Elmendorf by word and
gestuns. "Miss Maclane Is prominent ln society. Her picture has been
printed In tha newspapers a hundred
times. With a natural motive for Intereat In her, Miss Miller has undoubtedly familiarised herself with Miss
Maclano's appearance. Sbe may even
have aeen her entering a church on
the occasion of a society wedding-
or In some similar way."
"Thaf8 the easy answer," replied
Elmendorf, "and I guess it's right. One
thing Is certain—If Miss Maclane struck
that blow, Miss Miller didn't see her,
and tbe poor girl's story Is true."
"If Mlas Maclane struck tbe blow!"
repeated Kendall, dazed. "What
earthly reason have you"—
"Now, aee here," said Elmendorf,
"let's view this matter calmly. Nobody can be hurt by a straight, honest
view of the facts, except tbe one that
onght to be hurt, the cowardly, black
hearted murderer wbo did this tblng.
Talk about calmness!   Walt a minute."
He walked back and forth two or
three times between tbe table and the
corner of the room, Anally facing Kendall squarely and continuing:
"I don't usually care a— Excuse ms.
I don't usually swear, either, and 1
won't do It now. I was going to say
that these tblngs don't effect me, as a
rule; they're all In the way of business.
Bnt somehow this takes hold of me.
How could anybody barm that little
And be took smother turn across tbe
"Miss Miller exerts a strange Influence," Bald Kendall. "I suppose we're
at least as bard hearted as the police,
but I caught Dr. Carrlngton, the ambulance surgeon wbo went out on this
caae, walking np and down In bis room
and telling another of our young doctors what be wonld like to do to the
man who waa responsible for this. Tbe
room smelled of brimstone from the
language tbat he used. And between
ourselves, Mr. Elmendorf, tbe thing
filled me wltb horror such as I haven't
felt ln a good many years. It Is the
personality of the girl undoubtedly.
There/a nothing unusual about tbe
"Well, I would hardly say tbat" returned Elmendorf. "There are a few
tblngs that I wouldn't call exactly ordinary—Mlas Maclane's conduct for Instance"'
"She explained tbat perfectly to me,"
replied Kendall
"Yea," aaid Elmendorf. "I happened
to bear tbe explanation. And now let
me tell you something. It is a moral
certainty that Miss Maclane weut to
tbat bouse before she says she did;
tbat she was tbere very close to the
moment of tbe crime, not to put It uuy
"What do yon mean?" demanded
"You have beard of tbe mysterious
woman In the en si*?"
"Yes. She was seen by Dr. Blnlr
leaving the house. But there's always
something of that sort in every affair
of the kind.   It will be explained."
"I wish Miss Maclane would explain
It" said Elmendorf, "for she was the
woman. Dr. Blair knows It beyond a
shadow of doubt**
"If he knows It." returned Kendall,
"wby hasn't be said so'/"
"Would you? Put yourself In his
place. Would you throw that rope
around a woman's neck before getting
a little more light on tbe matter? As
a man of the world and a doctor who's
learned ln his business the value of
keeping his mouth shut, would you do
it? No. And Dr, Blair feels Just the
same way. lie wasn't born yesterday.
Wben the tiuio comes, he ean give his
Kendall laid his band upon his balr,
perhaps to satisfy himself thnt it was
not beginning to stand on end.
"Do you believe that he will testify
against her?" ho demanded.   "Elmen- |
dorf, this Is deadly serious." I
"Well, I should think It wns," said
the detective, "and the longer she keeps j
quiet about It the more serious It gets."
It was Kendall's turn to walk the
floor, and he did it.
"There are a thousand chances to
one." continued Elmendorf, "that If
the story she tells you is true she can't
prove It. Suppose she was In a store.
Who's going to remember her or tlie
time of day? Take her motive, take
her admissions to you if they were
made In court, combine them with
Blair's evidence, and wlint do you suppose tbe result would be?"
"You cannot have seen her with Miss
Miller." said Kendall, "and still suspect her of this crime."
Elniendorf hesitated, as If Ite conld
hardly bring himself to destroy the
last refuge.
"Thero's one way to look at that," he
said at lsst. "Miss Maclane goes to
tbat house wild with rage after her
ecene with Alden. She has the 'fixed
Idea' that's more In crime than even
you doctors think lt Is. She gets In
without seeing anybody because of the
defective catch of the lock. She walks
Into tbat room. Miss Miller Is on the
balcony. Right on the table, where tbe
devil must hnve put it, ls that knife,
open perhaps, for the envelope that
held that note was cut. Miss Maclane
takes that knife, and on the Instant
Miss Miller comes In through the window, the other girl shrinking back toward the closet. She Is behind Miss
Miller. She doesn't seo her. You know
bow It would be with the girl entering
from the balcony, tlie bright light behind her. My friend, It's till over In a
second, and Bremln Maclane doesn't
know what she's done until she comes
to tills hospital and sees In that bed a
creature as different from the woman
she supposed she hnd struck down as
God could make."
Kendall's forehead wns dripping wet.
"But the money?" ho gasped.
"Wbo knows any thing nbout tbe money?" demanded Elmeudorf. "It mny
bave lain out of sight until Neale and
bis men got there, and one of tlii'in may
have lifted it. This is not for publication. Dr. Kendall. It's between ourselves."
"It's a nightmare." snld Kendall. "I
don't believe a word of It." j
"If you don't like the way I've put It,
let me give you another view," replied
tbe detective.    "Miss Maclane goes to
the house — heaven knows why,  per- |
baps from curiosity.   She goes up the j
steps and sees through tbe glass panel :
of  the outer door Alden  In  tbe  bnll. !
Wltb  the door of Miss Miller's room :
open this would be possible.   I've tried
It    Seeing Alden,  Miss Mnelane liur- j
rles away.   She doesn't know wbat Alden has Just done, but she doesn't wnut
to meet him.    Dr. Blair sees her, but j
does not see Alden, who comes out nft-
erward.   This would be natural, for of j
course Rlalr's back was turned after '
The Ontario and
Incorporated under tbe Ontario Companies Act.
Capital, $1^000,000.00
Divided into 10,000 Shares of $100 each.
ewan Land
Thomas Long, Esq., Director Tlie Toronto General Trusts Corporation, Meiohanis Bunk of Canada,
Nor:hern Naviyntioti Co., Etc.. Kte.
Hon. (].eo. E. Foster, Managiiif- Director The
Unissn Trusts Co., ex-Fiutmoe Minister of Canada.
Hon. Rot>ert Watson, Senator of Dominion of
Canada, ex-MmUter Public Woids, Manitoba,
Sir Daniel H. McMillan, K. C. M. Q., Lieuten-
nnt-Uovernor of tlio I'rov DOS of Manitoba.
J. J. Foy, Esq., K. C, M. P. P., Director Tlie
Dominion Hunk, Uhu Toronto (ietii'nil Truss Corporation, Tho National Ufe Assurance Company, Niagara
Navigation Oonpany, Etc.
Lieut.-Col. John I. Davidson, Pies*. The Daviil-
son & Hny Limited, DlreotorThe Union Trust i o.
W. J. Hambly, Esq.,  President  the Canadian
Saving* I. 1111 find Building As iioiiitioti.
John Arbuthnot, Esq., Mayor of the City of
Hon. Mr. Justice Prendergast, Judge of Supreme Court sif North-West Territories)
D. McGregor, Esq., Manager the Canadian Bank
of Commorco, Gait, Ont.
James Turner Scott, Vice-President Canadian
Snvinga, Ls un und I uilJir.g Association.
Eastern Bankers—The Merchants Bank of
Waatern   Bankers :
General Solicitors—Messrs. Scott & Scott,  To-
Western Solicitor—J. T. Huggard, Esq., Wpg.
Trustees—The Union Trust Company.
To The Union Bank of Canada, Winnipeg:
I hereby make application for shares stock
in the Ontario and Saskatchewan hand Co.,   Ltd., and enclose herewith $ being 25 per cent therein and I
agree to pay two further sums of io per cent each in thirty
and sixty days and the balance as called by the Directors.
Dated       Address	
This Corporation hns been lo med or
the ,'uiiic.s.' ol dealing In ,<Vul1,1", "•••••'",
tob.s nmi  the Northwest Territories   of
Io to ax fs'« months UO iirui'tlciilly
tho whole profit from dealing in tin* lands
in mi' limn Western portion .1! our
country loss been reaped liy shrewd ;\m-
erlriui Investors, "ho realised tin' immense possibilities and toe certain iu*
ture oi Wa'stain Canada belore we Canadians realUeii the Immense heritage
which lay within tlm boundaries of our
own countr.v in tin* lust months ol lin)
year   1003,   however,   the*  promoters    of
this corporal  having, through thi'siif-
ferent financial Institutions with which
they un* connected, l><***is oliiigesl to make
a careful study ol tbo western situation.
became so thoroughly satisfied of the
certain future of the Great West and of
the practically assured profit from nn
lavostmont hi Western limits, that tin\v
decided to form a Company to deal in
land In the Canadian West. With that
cnsl in vlesv, u lilock of something oivr
ISA,000 acres wns secured in tin* Iliic
Quill Plains, in the District of Saskatchewan, and a Company known as The
Kastem and Wcstei'o Land Corporation.
Limited, ssns formed for tin. purposo of!
acquiring nntl handling this blocs, The
stork of the (Eastern and Western Land
Corporation. Limited, wus Disced upon
th.. market and offered to the public for
subscription ln January of the present
ys'isa*, ami no prompt w'as ths- response,
that within one month it wiih necessary
to   rlose  the stock   hooks,  ssnsi  enn   ths'n
applications    for   a large quantity    of;
stssck   wns   refused     llut   from     11   share- !
holder's   Standpoint,    thc   hest   part     le- j
mains   to   Im   told.   Before  the  sales    of:
stock   were   stopps'sl, arrangements   hnd
been made with u large American Land!
Compim)   for   the  sale   of   the   whole    ofl
the     Company's    Lands    at  a  price  so j
largely   In   excess  of   the   purchase   price [
the  stock   of The  Eastern    and    Western
Land Corporation, Limited, is nlri.niv a
very  profitable one.   and   Is    held  very
firmly hy Its present  holders—unit ull this -
was  done   in   less  than   one  month      Can
any hotter proof be given of the wisdom I
of un Investment  In Western lands?
At   the  time The  Kisstern  and    Western
Land Corporation. Limited, was dealing j
With  the Quill   Plains  lamia,   the  Iiirert-
ore had in view  several other available!
blocks of land,    nnd    were having    the
same carefully examined, hut waited un-!
til   the  result   ot  tlu* one  operation  prov-!
ed *o the Canadian public the safety and |
profit   of   an    investment  of   this kind. 1
This  hns  now  Iib-.-ii  abundantly  shown hy j
th.'   success   of  The   Eastern  nnd   Western
Land     Corporation,    Limits-si.    and     we
bave,  therefore,  no hesitation in placing
before   the   public   the   stock   of  the  Ontario  and   Saskatchewan   Land   Corpora-
lion.   Limited.
it Is only within the last year or two
thai Canadians hnve come to realize
that Canada's future in a ereat measure
lies in the West, a country Immeasurably larger than the east, and rapuhle
of supporting in comfort millions of people. Few hi Eastern Canashi realize the
great progress this Western country is
now- making and that liefore manv
years  the  West   will   surpass   the   F*nst   in
i'oint of population Immigrants are
pouring In, and the people of the United
States especially are investing Immense
sums iii I11111I unsl holding fair the rise
wBsicli thev know Is sure to come Lands
in tin- Wesl are Increasing rapidly in
value Investments In tbem now are
ho'iinl to realize handsome profits The
Caradlan Pacific Ituilwav Companv in
190a    sold   3,490,440   acres,   as   against
8HO,92a acres for the previous year Tk
Canada, NorthwcBt Land Comimnv iSi
016,000 acree, as aguinst 180 sJOO .1 **
for lhe previous year. The Ssiskai\i"
wiin Valley Land Compuny, or st |.,„f
Minn , sold over l.OOO.uuu urns ,,11 1
in 1002, at a profit of somo million. .1
dollars. The liasluni Laud ui.liI 11° ?'
ment Company, of Ht. Paul. Minn .„u
800.000 acres lu ono year. Tli,. N'("?Ld
svest Colonization Coiiiiiiiny_, 0[ a, ,/'"•
disposed of over 600,0110 acres „,„, |
to these be added the luuris sold hv 11
Dominion ami the Manitoba (iUv„r,"
menu, The Cunadiun Northom l'«ilw„
unsl other Companies, Syndicates uml11
dividual*, un opinion muy he formssl 7s
the immense advances this Western cobbS
try has mude In one yeur ,rn<-ouii.
Thu Ontario and Saskatchewan Lana
Corporation, Limited, has purchased .
Issive tract of land in what is known ..
the   Vermillion   Itiver   District,   1,1   \V.,V
em Saskatchewan,   It ims been thi t7«
dit Ion for yeurs in the West t|mt ,""'
most fortllo helt of land in Canada snd
therefore In lhe world, Is lltualsarl it
this district, which lies along „„,l , "
tween the Hultle Klver to the south urt
the Saskatchewan to the north In sB!
fertile country we have the right ,,. .'
lest 800,000 acres of ipeolall*, ch,,-,™
lund    unsl   our  selectors  ure  now   in  .J"
district    carefully   examining  u,s unii
section hy section, This l„,„i *||i ,,'
along und betweon the Edmonton si
tension ssf The Cnhuiliun I'aciflc lull
way. and the TraiiH-Cuntlnuntui Uns ni
The Canadian Northern Railway thu,
assuring t„ Bottlers the Immense td! „„
tags, of two competing lins's uf rallwu
each within easy access to their (arm,
uml to markets. Kor soil, wut-r tin,
her. fuel, grass uml hay this land 1.
unsurpassed in the world, anil theaa
points ure whut determine the Mttl,.r 7
choosing land. Our land immediately .a
loins the llurr Settlement of llritlah set
Hers, and also Dr. Adams' colony of
Nestnrlans, and the placing of mer ao
000 settlers by theso organizations in
this district within thc next year prsoi
llaiilly assures n rapid increase In the
value of our  lands.
Xo lands are purchased hv this Corporation, except after a careful nnal can.
able report by the most experiencs*]
land   selectors  ln     the     West,   and   thus
practically every element of risk is sUm.
inntesl from an Investment in lhe shares
of tlis Company,
This ie an Investment which should e«-
ps'Cliilly   appeal   lo   the   Canadian   I'ulslic
as it gives a practical certainty oi prof-
Itahle returns without the risk su often
run in investing In compnnies doing hus-
iness of a hss/Bsifllisiis nature, nnd It ii
an investment which Canadians, bslisv.
Ing in their own country and its future
feeling that In so doing thev nro heliiini
to  slevelop   their  own   Innd
The l.lilon Trust Companv Limited
now oflers 1800,000 of the Ctinitnl Stock
of this Corporation, divided into H iiiju
Nharei. of $10(1 each for subscription st
par 'J.'s per cent, lo be paid in on sn-
pllsntjnn 10 per cent, in 80 days 'here-
uf'er    and   10   per   cent    further  in    W
.l~.... ..    .1 ,1.. I..I...,.       ....       ....I1...1       I...       I...
. S I I ■ , J   ■ , |   .    I 1   ,   I , V I M I   i  ...   S Sll ■ ,V
fllays nnd the balance as called fur bj
the Dieectors If deems-sl necessary Applications for stoa'k will he nsaepted
onlv in orsler of their receipt hv the
Trustees, and shoulil be addressed to
The   Union   Trust     Company.     Limited,
Toronto. Applications and
Prospertus of the Company mnv la* oh-
tuisiesl frons The Union Trust Com PUT
Llusiiesl. Toronto or from anv tarnrrh ol
she Merchants Dank of Canada air of
through whom also applications and
payments may lie forwarded
"By FranK. H. Sbveet
Copyright, IlKC, by the  S. S. "ils-Clure
Cum puny
The doors below  were  ewldcnly /tuny
open, ami a man appeared.
be passed tbe bouse. Let me tell you
tbnt Miss Mucin ni'. when she was ques-
tinned, spoke of the ebnnce Hint thc
mysterious woman bad merely gone up
the steps uml then come right down
iijiiiln." |
"I'd rather take that view of It," snld j
Kendall. "But, even so, you must have
a motive."
".Motive:" echoed Elmendorf.  "Wlint '
did Miss Mnelnne tell you?   Didn't she '
sny thut Alden told ber thut Mis;, Mil
Ier gnve hlm no etifotinigciiii'iitV   Sup-
DOM be went up there ufter Writing hit
letter, which cheerfully ats.siinii'sl  tluit
everything wns nil right, nnd suppose '
she told him, onee ntul for ull, that she
wniihlii't   hnve   nny thing   lo   do   with .
bim.     For ber sake  he  lind  templed
financial ruin liy breaking It off with j
Brenda Maelntie, nnd now lie Minis thnt
he's got nothing to pay for It.   I'll tell |
you Alden isn't Ihe mun to take that |
"If that's tbe fnct of the ense," said
Kendall, "bow do you explain ber silence?"
(To ho Continued.)
"Do you think Malabar will run?"
The girl did not reply, but her lips
lis'g.'iu to trs'uilih'. Ths* fnee sif tin* man
bending toward ber grew dark, i.ut it
was the darkness o*' despair, not of
"Perhaps if he knew what you huve
told me." lie hesitated. "Malabar ls
brave aud strong nnd noble. He would
line stoop to a small deed."
"I promised hlm with tho new year
that be should run for me at the gn-en
corn dance. I—I did not know then,"
looking plteonil** Into the gloomy, delicate face above her. "Malabar would
not stoop to n small deed no. Hut
this is not small. He has let it be
known tbnt be will run fsir me. He
would not turn from hla purpose a
hair's breadth—not If lie snw saimo-
tiilng in front that would crush him.
And -and It In i-1 -lit ror a greal warrior, Ankotia, but it is hard."
"We will Ily, White Egret. Into the
deepest fastnesses ssf the Everglades!"
be cried hoarsely. "There arc places
where even Malabar's relentless arms
would be powerless."
But White Egret only looked at him
with nrrowful eyes,
"We nr" Reiiiinoh's, Auknii.i," islie rebuked gently. "Ynu know our laws.
You wouisl be tin; last one to bri'iik
Ills arm fell back Impotent, Yes; be
would be the last one to break them.
"Perhaps Malabar will not bo proof
against the black drink this time," he
suggested. "lis- has killed, ami It will
be minis' strong. Others have died.
But, no, no! Malabar Is u great ebief
nnd a better man for the tribe than I.
lie hns tasted the black drink before
and will not die."
"Y'ou sny well, Anlinna," bii!;e lu a
stern, powerful voice, ansl a llgure,
dark, towering and Implacable, stepped
ft om the gathering shadows.    "I shall
not fail before the black draft    it
would not be a lit ending for a warrior."  *"
White Egret threw bind; her head
titiail regarded blm steadily. Ankona
bowed his bead.
"Y'ou beard nil?" he questioned In a
strained voice,
"ah," calmly, "it was childish prattle. 1 shall run for the White Egret,
for have I nol said it, and has she not
made bar promise? it is only when
we forget our promises tbat we become
weak ninl childish. Ankona Ib young
yet and should be humored.   I will let
tii iii nm the race with me aud will give
bim one-third the distance start as due
lo his weakness.   Now go!"
They weut, wilh a Blngle despairing
glance toward each other. Ankona'i
face was bloodless and set bloodless
with pride crushed, set wltb foreknowledge of utter inability to cope with thin
mnn of Iron will nnd strength. Better
be crushed than allowed tsi exist by
Other forms were appear lug frnm the
forest—warriors In full headdress . nd
leggings, carrying lhe guns tbey had
purchased from white traders; i iuawi
wiih camp equipage, medicine mi'ii
stalking solemnly nnd mysteriously,
wlib eyes beul upon the ground: chlldron ond dogs, s< mc from luu cuinp sm
White itiver boy, some from Okeechobee, some from the shifting camp
among tbe keys—all coming for the
grent annual green com dance, whi re
tribal laws were to be made, uiarrlngen
celebrated and criminals punished.
Tin so crlmluals were nuw moving
unwatcbed, unuotlced, in many en see
unknown even,among ths* others, Whatever crime they had committed during
lhe year had gone unpunished at lhe
time, bul now tribal honor brought
them hero to expiate their misdeeds
On thc morrow lliey would be placed In
closely shut tents and almost suffO'
catcd with sts'ntu made by pouring water upon hot stoucs. After that they
wnuhl  drink   of  the   black   draft.     If
they sited, they were guilty. On thi
other band, If the.v were stroug enough
to survive, their Innocence would be
clearly established,    Later the racing
fur wivos' would tnke place.
Malabar was Li.own  In every one-
revered, feared, honored,    ah kin>w
that, hs' was to tare for a Wife ami that
before tho raw be was to drink ibe
dreaded black draft. Ordinarily thoy
would im vs* scoffed at such absurdity,
If n man drank ami lived, It would bt
a notnble proof of strength, bul tr
drink and live and then race for n wil'i-
As li) Ills crime, it was only whai any
ot tbein would hnve done If hrnvi
enongh, lie had killed a man: True,
tint hi' had been provoked, lie must lis-
punished, for thut was the law, bm
they did not wish him harm.
And they all knew Aiil'in.n. the gen-
tie one, lhe ill's anit r ami story maker,
ami, though none ni them revered or
feared hlm. thoj nil had a tender piu©
for him In Ihelr hearts, if be could
race with While Egrol and win imr,
they would be glad. But Malabar cam*
lirst, for wh.te Egret herself had madi
it so.
Malabar was lhe lirst who presented
himself for puulsl t.   While ho wae
III the ClOSO(] lent lhe tilln* stood about
silent, witli cj n furtively watching
the point whence Ihe condemned would
walk forth Innocent sir be brought forth
Al lougth ihe tent dap was raised,
uud he staggered out   I'or a moment
be stiioil there in the Sunlight, Ills ham!
to iiis heud, swaying bllndlr,   Then
; they saw him throw bla shoulders back
.villi a might] effort, a*, one whose will
wns strong enough   to cast off   thi
weight of all thiaus.   Slowly he turned
away from them aud strode into ths
I forest to be by himself.  That, loo, w. i
I Malabar's way.
Not until ths' maidens wero brought
I forth did Malabar reappear.
"I will race for my squaw at once,"
I be called iu a voice thai all could hear
"liefore the White Egret grows weak
: through waiting, and I shall give ber
one-half the distance start because nh«
Is a woman. Ankona will also enter
the race with me, and I will give bim
one-third the 'lisiai.ee bit-cause he is but
half a man.   Let them be placed."
The spectators stared und gasped.
Ankona, his rival, to enter the race and
to be given one-third the distance, and
White Egret, the fleet footed, to lie
given one-half! No one could win a
nice thus handicapped. And yet was
it not Mu hihar?
He swept them With his glance.
"I shall win," he said confidently,
"because I will have u so."
Ankomt bad been watching bim with
baleful eyes. For an instant he drew
back as though to spurn the concession.
Then, us he saw White Egret being led
forward to her place, he hurried to bis
own position.
And for ti brief spnee after the signal
was given and they were speeding on
wiih straining muscles be bad a wild,
insane beliol*. that lie would win.
But only for a brief space. Tben
cume that steady, accelerating, Implacable rush behind, drawing nearer
and nearer, then opposite, then passing. When three-fourths of the distance bud been covered, Malabar was
four inarch paces ahead. Suddenly be
tamed, White Egret wus almost within his reach.
"Stop, Ankona"' Malabar called.
"Have I not won?"
Ankona did not answer.
"Have I not won?" sternly.
"Yes, Malabar, you have won," An-
kotm answered, nnd his voice wits full
of a great despair,
"It is well, Now you may go on and
cntsdi the girl. Malabar will huve no
Squaw who docs not come to hiin
And be turned proudly frnm thc nice
and strode buck Into the forest.
"li'l.t," and In Borneo these hlus *M
used as a kind of currency, large ""*"■
being estimated In guns.
1    The Chinese cast excellent brooi
guns (fliers' is n tine specimen of tins
in Davonport dockyard), but so lit*
I did they understand gunuerj tlmt ta
the so called "opium war'  IbC fOltt*|
, the Bocca Tigris, defending tbeCUjg
I river,  bud  the guns built  iiiniiovsblt
, into tbe walls.   The Sikh miinier*- of*
i psBsssI tsi us in the two Punjab am
j though they loaded with nmarings""*
| lesaness, shoveling In the powder W
stuck to their gusfi to tht
open boxes,
last. Tho blood of the first mail
was smeared on the gun, nnd tin "rtj
detachmi nt died beside it bo f ■*
retreat-Chambers' Journal.
Hla Pet Saap-TStltlon.
"Superstition ses ni« to '"' ,'nIlll|,<
In tho minds of most people -villi,tl*
: men, ladders, mishits' feel nntl !■"*
! shoes," said tlie young girl al Inepl**
' "As n matter of fnct. however, l «m
that men ore fully as -nip.r-trtioiis H
! tin* women of my acquaintance, •■
' sometimes more so. < me youni ™allJJ
| uiy   ns'iiunlntiitice, for   Instance, ™\
lias literary yearnings Olid  *'> "J
sure be could nstsitiish thc public W
I his brilliant stories if he could only«
some editor to accept tbem. si"'!"1** J
j summers in ihe country gathering^
splratlou,  local  color  nnd foot'
i clovers, When winter comes beret*™
to iiis ballroom In the city, ffrltrtjJJ
: ries by  tbe  wboli'sah' ami •U'J'"l,
i willi s'.-ich consignment to tl 1:'"'
; four leaf clover. Sotnetiai'"- I'"'"
! des are accepted, and then tin1 «n
I ascribes his success to ibe tnl«*«r
i More often, however, they «•** |
turned, with the mascot In " nw^
less crumpled condition, and lie *i"
what leisure hours he has 111 I'J"1^,,
figure out why it is those *-,|ovel*J
work every time. Never for n t»"
docs be ascribe failure tsi any f»u'""j
bis manuscripts, isn't thnt tbe "j ^
the wuy of superstition'.'"-"11'
iililn Ledger.
Some Hpiunrknlsls*  i;,,„,.
At tlio siege of Rhodes the Turks
constructed mortars by hollowing out
cavities in the solid rock at the proper
ancle, nnd in tlie arsenal nt Malto is n
trophy of the long and glorious defense
of Vnlctta, In a Turkish gun, about o
six poundor, composed of a copper tube
soiled over with Strong rope and "Jnck-
eb'd" With rawhide. In the same col-
lectlon ore some antique "quick flrors,"
breechloaders, with small bores and
Immensely long barrels, like punt guns.
The Malay pirates put great (rust In
the   long   brass   swivel   guns   called
Denr Tins.
In the time of II '>' vl"
ment   lassed a law which dei'ki"    Jjj
on und nfter tlmt date pins shoi     t
be sold for more than 0 b"11""8
pence per 1,000.
Blrlsor* Maple- ,..
"Blrdsoye maple." a term "'"'     "
employed by furniture makersano
ers, does not Imply any ipedn
of the maple tree.   Bird»eye n. .   ,
... a pie"
and t*
merely n veneer cut from » '"' ^
well grained iimpls* timber ana rjjj
the surface of some cheaper
Just ns any other vcnei*r.
Charlotte iir<>*'"*'       mM
Charlotte Bronte was Deariy
When she married, ninl die'' """ *   M
mediately niter, so that ■-'"' *'"'
counted umong liternry ipln»ter* he Drill.
stTuBrssn-eHeTeune on B*»r*»e**t.
In John S. Sargent, the famous
lit painter, studied In the atelier
tolus-Durnn in Paris, his teacher
Li his fondness for him by paint*
I his bead lu the great celling of
luxembouBg palace. Even after
Inched out for himself his mas-
lien sent for him to come over to
ludlo und pose, his hands having
Lily won tho admiration of Cnro-
Lrau, Tlie lime came, however,
1 snrgeut conld no longur answer
|ck and call of bis teacher, for he
rotting work of bis own to do,
'would not "How him to leave bis
., at a moment's notice. One day,
aviated, Carolus-l'uruu sent a bur-
for hlm, and when he received a
Laying Unit Sargent wns compel-
|o decline bis reqiieat owing to
Ilu" work be was furious. A few
1 inter a friend, to whom be bad
Bed bin auger at bis recalcitrant
mked hlm: "Well, bow ls it with
but? Have yon made up? Howls
■Ah, no," suid the painter, and
iked sad and bis shoulders went
•Mow Is It wltb Snrgeut? C'est
Another shrug, "U'estllnl! It's
Iver: i have lieen to the Luxem*
L | went und I got a ludder, and
li.tcl out bis betid!"
A  t'liost Test.
ion you think you see a ghost,
mi you tell whether it really ls
. t or not?   A recent writer gives
.{following scientillc method: "We
line that a person sees un apparl-
it may be objective—1. e„ having
lence outside-the observer's mind—
lercly a creature of a disordered
■n, subjective. The seer, while look*
lut tlis' vision with both Ids eyes,
lv depresses one eyeball* witb bis
■iluger from outside tlie top eyelid,
■causing   a   squlut     If   obJecUve,
fctliir Ikikus or not. two outlines of
■ghost' will be seen, but one, of
s^ge, if it be subjective.   Ono may
this by trial uny time with uuy
tit, near or far.   1 mention tbls bo-
tee of the many nervous and brain
tried people who see spooks and to
it   wouisl  be  belter  that tbey
[ii.,l Know thut the trouble Is with-
■llieinsi'lves and so seek H capable
Iter tlmn continue to be haunted, as
lv believe, by the supernatural.'1
Ths* II octets It ssi l.slse  Brie.
Ihs* 2."*0 mllo trough of Lake Erie lies
oxiuiately iu the direction of the
kt to southwest winds wblcb prevail
ftlmt part of the country. Thus the
. offers an excellent opportunity for
Lying lhe effects of the wind upon
Targe body or inclosed water, aud
is Interesting these effects some-
|w prove, Ilbythmlc gusts produce
king motion ami great blows from
«■■: or southwest swo *p the lbpild
Uy il the hike eastward uud souie-
li' - ' nuse a rise of eight feet or more
Buffalo in the course of a few hours.
- i as tbs" unixlmum force of tbe
' ■ has pass il the wnter swings back.
piiiiim d rockluga are observed on
lis wben tin.* strength of the wind
Valentine Fisher's Sciatica Cured
by Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Could Hardly Pnt One Foot to tha Ground
How he Can Waslk all l>ay Without
Uollingwood, Ajsril 20.—(Special)—
"Dodd's Kidney l'ills mado a new
man ol me," so speaks Valentine
Fisher, W0U known in Collingwood
and the surrounding country. "I
wus troubled With kidney disease for
thirteen years, It developed into
.Sciatica and located in iny side so
thn*. I wus hardly able to walk, und
could not do his without tho aid of u
nine. My buck Wlln ulso ullectcd und
altogether I wus a cripplo In the
most painful sense nf the word.
"Antl the worst ol it wns l c'tjuld
got im relief. Doctors und medicines
foiled to do me any good till 1 wns
fortunate enough to try Dodd's Kidney I'iiis. The benefit wus almost
miraculous. My health came buck
and tin. change 'n my appearance
wns si. great lhat some of my neigh-
bora did not know mo.
"V. lu'i ei, s beforo I could bu idly put
one foot lo the ground mid I hud
tsi use morphine t.. ease the pain, 1
wus ennbled ts> go to work Belling
fruit, trees and walk nil dny with.nit
any trouble."
Sciatica and klmlrod diseases are
claused by uric acid In the blood.
IIsold's Kidney l'ills put the Kidneys
in shape to tuke the uric acid out of
the blood, und the Sciatica disappears.
The town council of Berlin now issues licenses for cuts, und each cat
is by law compelled to wear a metal
badge willi a number.
Nine hundred and thirty one British municipalities own gasworks; 99
tramways; and lrtl supply electricity.
Huve you trla?d Hollowav'H Corn furs'?
It litis no equal for removiuic iltese
trouhlMoma excresenceH as inuiiv huve
teslilieil  who have tries! it.
More meteors have been found    in
Mexico   than   In any other country.
The ten largest known Mexico meteors huve un uvernge weight of 9
l-10th tons.
Thousands   of    people    have good
cause to be thankful  lo the memory
cf that eminent German    authority,
Dr.   August   Koenig,    who   oi .ginally
discovered    Hamburg    Drops     (more
than sixl\ years ugo), which restoi et
the  wusted  energies, creates an  appetite, overcomes exhaustion, weariness
languor and that tired feeling,make
pure  blond,  cures  constipation,   dvs-
I pi'isiu.   hysteria,   nervousness,     full-
I nesv  nfter  meals,   torpid  liver,  slue.
,gi*h   kidneys,   ringing noises     in  the
i head, oil skin diseases, and is a general restorative.   It cures where   all
I other remedies and prcssiiptions fail
, A circular duscription of I r,   Vugust
Koenig's   Hamburg Dro| a    will    be
! found   round   each   boltls'  of  St.   Ja-
' robs Oil.   Undo tho wr ipper carefully
found   round  each  bottle  of St.   .la-
uiitl read 111" circular.
Ilairissss lint Trstnlilr.
fi have heard a good deal about peo-
wIiib burrow trouble, but I think my
Iti" is a champion in that line."
■'Why. I thought she was always
|eorful and contented with her lot."
fShs* was until onr baby was born
l\ weeks ugo, Sow she Is worrying
fcuilse be muy marry some girl thut
shall not like.'*	
UiilUls    Afil.a.
"Excluding Egypt and tbe Sudan,
Ireat Britain owns 2,rsi-i5,ooo siiuure
hii.'s of Africa, uu area esiual to more
situ fifty Bnglands and liihablted by
pout lo.iarti.i.i.a: |.; oplo,
KlI.SV      III,I,.
I He -Darling, which would you rather
iiva for a birthday present, an electric
fr a gasollue itutotuobllel
Wife  I'd  rather have $10, ds'ar.—
The lats'.sl agricultural ligures show
that during the twelve months ending in June lust cuttle in EDtlgland
docroaseil   by   207,918,   horses   6,643,
sheep 611,494. The only Increase in
livestock WOS In pigs. The number
s>f pins was 119,642 greater than in
THY IT—It would be a cross in inst in*
to n iiloiinil thnt standard hsMltns atrotsl
—Pr Thomna' Eclectric Oil ssith 'he
onllnarv unguents lotio'is uml salves
lli". un- nftluios inllisiiitiiiiti iv antl aa*
trii ccul This oil is on the contrarv
en.iiiiisUv Moling ami solatium* when ai
Iiliesl externally to relieve nain. nr.d
powerfully   remedial   when   swallowesl
There nre about 18,000 square
mill's of s'lsal fii'lsls in the United
K Ingdom,
Swedi'ii has the oldest Vessel in
Europe perhaps in the world—in thc
schooner Enionual, built in L749. She
was first a privateer, and is now in
tin- timber trade.
Money talks and whiskey makes u i
Baa talk.
■Ins! as the average nan is about',
I" gel a strangle hsiid on fame  bis;
li|'S*    L'BBB'S    OUt. I
''I' 11 iiience is  inli'is'sting  until it
■** i,1 "«n up.
$100   REWARD   a 100.
Tin readers of this panar will Us i;ieis:s-
|u t'a Ifisrn that there Is at IsmshI one
lra-sali'd atlss*ass. that science hiss been
»iBle lo sure in all its slaui-s. and that
catarrh, Hull's Cistarrh Cure is the
IBll positive cure now known to the
ii'sluul Iraternlty. Catarrh beinn a con-
Bitiliji ionnl disease renulreB a consl Hull i... iissistment. Hall's Catarrh I'ure
I* taken internally, acting directly u|ion
_t blood ami mucous surlaces ol tho
P.vsl'isi. thereby destroy lag the fnundn-
jIsjii ul the disease anil siivlns* the pa-
lis-iit strength hy building up the con-
Sin.uiiiin ntul agisting nature In slolnir
It'•work The proprietors have so much
Bs.it la j,, n,, CUIU,|V0 powers that. thi*y Of-
per line Hundred Hollars for anv case
fS*< it Intls to euro. Send for list of
"•"■"I'liiBBiilalH.      Address,
u ,i     I.   CUIONKY   A   CO., Toledo.  0,
ii0,1?. ,,V,lr»KKist«.  7Bc.
'lull s Family Pills are   tho   Best.
Ml native born and naturalized
"""Janes over CO years of age receive
I'enMoris of Ids. to 18s. a month, if
■unable to support themselves or
■"•Mr families.
FAtlliFll     lirT—None but   those     who
have become fn--•■ i-«t out know what n
depressed miserable feelins it l» A'l
strength  is cone nnd deepondeury    hiss
(taken   holil   of She   sutTererr     I'lmv   fee)   »*
though there is nothing to live for
There however, is a cur*- one t«o\ of
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills «*.iii  da won*
tiers   in   restonnc   heisltti   Bflsial      Strength
Mandrake >ns<i Dandelion are two ol tin-
tu lull's enlerliur  into  thn COinosMilion  isl
Parmelee's l'ills
Bcotland has 156 whiskey distlller-
i,*s All the rs-st of the United Kingdom has only BO.
An ordinary human boing hses   up
'JOT   cubic   feet   of  air  wi'hin   lhe  '2i
There were 8,904 ocies of hops CUl-
ngninst  4,029  the yeur before.
There nre only ten u trships now
in the Spanish navy. Tl.e largest is
the Pelayo of 9.OHO tons.
Thero ure no less thnn five dilTs'i-
cnt bays, each called the liny of
Islands. The best, known one is in
New Zealand.
Mexlcnns have the smallest, feet of
nny nation. Tbe average Mexican
wears a No. 6 boot.
|nt i„,
I i'ii-
II ih
iniihfl'rs   anil   melons   are   "forhlililen
to mniiv parsons so oonstltuted
"if ipait lndulirenoe Ih followstd bv
as  aii cholera,    dysentery, srlolne
l liese t.^iHons nrs. not aware that
1 mi liululve to their henrt h content
rv luive on hnnsl a hottle of Ur.
Wi livMenterv Corsllsil. a mi'illclne
will u'lvt, Immediate rs-llef mill Is a
cure lair  nil   summer comiiliiintH.
The llritish Museum hns an atlas
7 ft. high, of the fifteenth century lt
in supposed to be the lcrgest book
in the world.
Ono never knows how mnny    sure
ways there u.-e of getting rich nuirk-
lv until they fnll-
">'*re  is  ,,0    rogt    for  tho W|,.k(^
i"i tin. righteous nre not   troubled
*"•' a surplus of It,
Moon Worship Atuonir; Many Peoples,
Figures of the moon as religious emblems can be traced to n very high antiquity. The ancient Bgypttana hud
two moon goils-Khons or Khonsu and
Tel or Thoth. The latter wore the
moon on hia head, either as a full
moon or us a crescent The dlvlue
honors paid to the cat on the banks of
the Nile were probably due to Its supposed connection with the moon, as
shown, by the changeable pupil of the
feline eyes. In Greece both Pho-bus
nnd Phoebe were moon gods, and by
lsls tbe Greeks understood the same
planet. The Kouians hud many gods.
With them Luna was the moon, the
daughter of Hyperion and sister of the
sun. According to Llvy, tho temple of
Luiia stood on the Avcrtlne.
Tbe ancient Goths, Germans and
Finns were ull moon worshipers, aud
in undent Ilriluln the moon occupied
a high position In tbe celestial hierarchy of the Druids, who were always
represented as bearing crescents ln
their hands. It Is possible, too, that
Aiulraste, the goddess to whom Boudi-
cea appealed with outstretched hands,
wus the moon.
JokluB I'rieusle In Old Days.
In a romantic and picturesque old
bnll In Derbyshire, England, ls one of
llioi-e curious relics of bygone times
which carry the mind back to the habits und customs of our great-greatgrandfathers. A handcuff looks a
strange ml tig to be Ised to the screen
of the banqueting ball of a buroniul
mansion, but one ls there. When tin
banquet laid nd\uuccd toward its ze
nlth, If uny gentleman among the
guests refused to drink tbe full quantity that wus deemed the proper thing
nt that time he was merrily carried to
the oak screen and placed with his arm
upraised nnd secured and locked ln
that position by tbe Iron ring. His
sleeve, then wide open, offered a tempting receptacle :jr the wine which he
bad refused to drink, and the contents
of tho goblet, with as much more as
the roisterers thought fit, were poured
down the unlucky victim's arm, and
woe be to hlm if he did not take the
Joke ln the spirit ln which It was given.
Mr. Tobias, ol St. John, on Ar.ns'xutlssn tn
( iiiiailn.
Newfoundland may not bo within
the Canadiun Federation; but Its inhabitants do not regard themsehe
as strangers when they visit the lio-
minion. It was as a mini thoroughly at homo that Mr. John J. Tobin,
of St. John's, Newfoundland, spole
while In Toronto recently,
Mr. Tobin, however. sun hardly be
suid to be sympathetic towards Newfoundland uniting wiih Canada
"The colony where my homo i.s," he
said, "is better standing alone. She
has resources, that will tumble her tai
maintain herself without Die aid ol
the Dominion, and l do not boo whul
is to be gained by confederation."
"Aru there nol, though, nmny 111
Newfoundland who would like to join
with Canada?"
"Four yeurs ago," remarked Mr
Tobin, "tlie feeling wus ultnoil ei!
tirely in favoi sif such u move, bul
not now. Newfoundland il.cn got tt
rebuff trom Canada she will not soon
forget, und her expeiien 1 al thai
time has destroyed all wish for union. And would fJanado," Mr. Tobin went on, "take us in, i\eu
though we wuiited to loin with her?
Wc have a debl. of 16 million dollars
and Canada would not be wllilug •.'.
take that on her shoulders. Thirty
years ago, if a Government had a
del ell In Its bttdgcl ol bJI.OOii, the
colony  would hnvo forced It to   is'
si in;   but   it   late  yens   Willie   polltl
dans think  thai  tho debt is goo,I fs.r
a country,  t.nd  hemic the extent   ol
our lini illl tea
"Would    Newfoundland then pn*fci
Tho Bishop of Fano, In North Italy, has ordained that all churches
in his see shall be thoroughly scrubbed at iivipiont. intervals, nnd the
Hours cleansed with antiseptic solution.
Dut ing thu year 1901 twelve groups
of spots were noticed on the sun's
surface. There were in all 392 separate spots, and only on 80 days
were there no spots visible.
During the present year 64.8 pros-
i rut ions for insults to royalty hnve
been tried iu Berlin, Oi which only
1Hli were thrown out by tho courts.
Wo first hear of quarantine laws at
Constantinople about the year 540
A. ti.
Tho shortest book in tho Bible is
Ohadlah, which has only one chapter
of 21  versos.
to unite with tin' Billies-'"  ''No,
in   the   leas!.     We   a.e   BlHIsh
a t
have little lil ini; for  the HI rites.
Stiiies afford  ns a  good  nun Let
our   products,   that   is  all,   but
stand by tho Empire,"
Billiards is increasing in popularity in France. The number of tables
in use has decreased from 96*000 in
1899 to 89,001) at present.
llSfl'  Illl  BSst   JC.-I
Purs; nil.
B |l.  |,S|,
|a    ..I       •
tlfl!~ *•> ,...   ..
s,. i :
Too nebcin., a Dish.
The pains of being a dignitary in an
ancient country witb a tradition of
splendor Is Illustrated by this anecdote
from India. It ls relntcd that tbe vice- j
roy's eye lighted ono day upon a dish
at which he gazed for a moment witb
Incredulity. "What is tbls?" he de- j
inanded nt Inst. A trembling retainer
gasped that lt wns rice pudding. No
less n piTsonnge than tbe viceroy's con- i
sort had ordered the humble puddiug
which eminent statesmen muy be seen |
eating at their clubs with undisguised
enjoyment uuy day of the parliamentary BeBSlon, But the viceroy frowned.
'•Tuke it away," lie said. "Never let
me see such u thing again." This ls
how the orient differs from the occl*
ileiit. Ilice pudding might bave ruined
the dignity of tbe vice regal table lu
native opinion.
< hisss *a<* 'I rsBBsaBiortutlon Method*.
The cheapest method of transport.!- I
Hon in the world is that by Chinese ,
junks that are dragged up and down
their   wiuding   rivers   by   strings  of j
sweating men,  who are paid only 8
cent! a day for their work and have to
pay their board out of thnt smnll sum.
Next In cheapness to transportation hy
Junk Is transportation by camel team.,
This  method is  used ln distributing
•oni.    Great   numbers   of   Mongolian
camels, led by n string through their
pierced noses and tied one to tbe other.
each carrying two bnks of coal strung I
across their backs between the humps, j
are to be seen winding their way from ;
the coal mines to tlie larger cities in
northern   China   and   covering   with.
their  swinging   steps   about   twenty
miles a dny.
Spring is the season when your
system needs toning up. In lin-
spring ynu must have new blood,
just, as the trees must have new sap.
With new blood you will feel sprightly, happy and healthy. Many people
take purgatives in spring, but this
is u .serious mistake, as the tendency ni all purgatives is to further
weaken the system. The one and
only sure wuy to get new blood and
new strength is to take Dr. Vil-
liuu.-s' Pink Tills. They actually
make new, rich, red blood—they aro
the greatest spring tonic in the
world. Dr, William'-' Pink Tills
Speedily banish all spring ailments
Miss Hells' Cohoon, White Hock Mills.
\">'., suys :--" 1 have found llr
Williams' I'ink Tills a splendid
spring medicine. 1 was very much
run dsiwn ; the least exertion exhausted me, and I had u constant
feeling of languor and sluggishness,
My appetite failed me and my sleep
.it night was disturbed and restless
Vfter I began the use of Dr. Wil-
;ams' Fink Tills there was a
•peisiy change I'or the better, and
after taking a few boxes ! fell
stronger than I hud done for years."
"i ou can get Dr. Williams' Pink
l'ills from any dealer in medicine, nr
box, or six boxes for 5*2.."in, by writ-
1'V mail post paid, at Till cents a
ing direct to thc Dr. Williiuns Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont, Do not
let any dealer persuade you to tako
a substitute. Substitutes never cured
anyone—the genuine pills have cured
hundreds of thousands In all pints of
the world.
A   Fits*    I'i is n nI:i I I.s ti.
Willie I'lnerson-Suiitli (rending)—And
they gathered from the dollar of the
Teacher (in astonishment)—From the
Willie Emerson-Smlth-From the dollar of the earth.
Tear her -Tin* test says "from the
four quarters of the earth.
Willie Ktuerson-yisiit'ai -Well aren't
four  Quarters  a   dollar?
The 22-tsni bell at the Sacro Coeur
('lunch in Paris is tolled by electricity. A single choir hoy can thus do
the work which took five men.
Ilie Sad Storr.
"Cleanliness enn do you no harm,"
suid the housewife.
"I don't rinow iibot "".at. ma'am,"
replied the dusty wayfarer.
"Did you ever lose anything by lt?"
"Yes, mum. I wus 'tnttooed mnn' lu
a circus one time, nu' when dey made
tne take a bntb nil de figures cuuie off,
an' I l09t my Job."
lis* Ns*s*sls-,l tin- Money.
Bookkeeper- 1   would  like a  little
more salary, air.   You see, I'm mnrrled
now, sir-
Employer—And Deed the Increase for
yonr family?
Dookks'opor— No. sir; for myself. You
see, my wife kuows Just wbnt I'm getting now!
stis.lsls-u   VrViltllnffft.
"But, pupa, things havo changed
since you were young."
"Yes, tbey have. Folks used to wait
fifty years for a golden wedding, and
now they demand lt at the start"
A Hsaok for tli« mnn of tl.e Worltl     A Rocik I
no im.. ("port. yon-M ar nisi -■■■■'■'' ■' . v';l
out    Snnt -.m-uri'lv seflleu, pa ri*a<*lpi■ oi  i ws.
alollssra.   Hl'ORTIMl WOBIaO,   M   Mnui   St.,
Hosim fl  Winnipeg, Mnn.
Then She Gut Mnsl.
Hhe (having nothing else to sny)—it's
funny bow we ever came to think so
much of each otber.
lie—Funny? It's positively ridiculous!
The noblest characters nre those who
have ItOCred tbe life suvlng vessel
through stsiiiii tossed si'ilS. A bed of
down never nurtured a gr it soldier
Every mother is responsible to
some extent, for the health of her lit-
IK' ones, and the prudent mother will
nlwnys keep ut hand the means for
protecting tho health of her children.
For this purpose there is absolutely
no medicine can compare with Baby's
Own Tablets. These Tablets speedily
relieve und promptly cure all stomach and bowel troubles, break up
toll's, check simple fevers, prevent
croup, aud allay the irritation accompanying the cutting of teeth.
'Iliey are good fsir children of all
ages from birth upwards, and are
sold under a guarantee to contain no
opiate sir harmful drug. All mothers
who have used Daby's Own Tablets
praise them und keep theni in the
house, Mrs. .lohn Weaver, lllisslield.
VD . says : "1 have a family of six
ihildren and have uses! Baby's Own
Tablets and know thut they are the
best, medicine I havo ever used for
my little ones."
You can get Daby's Own Tablets
from any druggist or they will be
sent by mall post paid nt 25 cents a
box by writ ing to the Dr. Williams'
Medicine  Co.,   Brockville,  Ont.
Of the 6,800,000 French women
who work for their living 2,700,000
are employed  in agriculture.
Mr    Tinnitus   Htillnril.   SVTAOURe.   N    Y
Wiliest    "1   have  been   afflicted   Ior   liosr-
lv  n   vear with  thnt   moat-to-be-drSadod
ilist'issc      DvspsMisin.   nasi   sit   times    worn
out with x'Hin and wnnt of eleen und after trylii" almost evi'i'v.tiiiiiiT recommend*
oil. 1 tried one box of Parmelee'a Vesto
tabla PUIS, I nm now nenrlv well nnal
bellcVS they will cure me. 1 would nol
lie   "Ithout   lliein   for   anv  money."
At tbe present rule of excavation
Pompeii win not. be entirely uncovered before the year 1970.
I'ssi the Safe, olensiint nnd effectual
worm killer. Mother llrnves' Worm Exterminator; nothing ciiii'ii.i it    Procure a
Isottla* and   tnke  it   home.
France has  800.000  pet   dogs,     on
which £400.000 is paid in taxes.
Of Prussia's 8,1,151.083 ncres of
land 2.1 per cent, are occupied by
Hence the Backaches, kiheumatic Pains and Lumbago-Dr.
Chaso's Kidney-Liver Pills Prompt to Relieve and of
Lasting   Biinofi*:.
It is not only the lungs that suffer
during the cs>ld, damp seasons. Tha
kidneys are almost equally susceptible to sudden Changes ol temperature, and many a serious case of
kidney disease lias its beginning with
a cold  which setth's on the kidneys.
l'eisons working out of doors are
most "likely to bu victims of such
troubles, and Buffer from backaches,
lumbago, rheumatism and crippled,
aching limbs, but anyone is liable to
sit in a draught or expose his back
to a current of cold.
(old Battling on the kidnoys causes
congestion, a clogging of these filtering organs and consequent derangement of the whole digestive and excretory systems. The liver fails to
work, tho bowels become constipated
and the  Stomach   upset.
Because of their direct and combined action on these organs. Dr.
Chase's Kidney l.iver Fills are of
mopt prompt and most, lasting benefit for such derangements. They are
positive in their effects and are back
ed by tho experience and integrity of
Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous Receipt Hook author.
Mr. Wm, Boyne, of 19 Mcdee St.,
Toronto, says : "I was atl'.ictcd so-
vs'iely with kidney disease, stone In
the bladder, incontinence, deposits ln
the urine, severe pains in the back,
and strains over the loins. I was
so bad that 1 had to get up two or
three times in the night and could
then ouly make water witb groat
pu in.
"Though long a sufferer and unable
to work, I was confined to my bed
for three weeks, and during that
lime thought I could not possibly
endure greater misery. It was then
ih.it I began to use Dr. Chase's Kid-
noy-LlVor Fills. It is with gratitude thnt I say that the.v have freed
im.. of all these symptoms and mads
me u well  man."
Dr, Chase's Kldney-Livor l'ills.
One jijii a dose: 96 cents a box: at
nil dealers or Edtnanson, Dates A
Co.   Toronto.
Nothing from Nothing
Leaves Nothing.
Something from no good thing
leaves worse than nothing. Hence :
The uttempt to make good flour out
of bud  wheat ls useless. The makers
start right with the finest No. 1
hard wheat that grows, mill it right,
sutk and barrel it right and sell lt
Uso OGILVIE OATS for your breakfast
Jtouseheepors generally endear or
iii this only those who buy
i£»w. :a&""' '•*•
amyiiceessfuL   -sr." ^
The It; it ist. army has ic> officers
qualified es interpreters in French,
100 nn' similarly qualified in Russian, si in German, but only one in
Arrow    >.ake,    O.C.
These   miraculous   springs.
Minister  to  8   mint!   diseased,
pluck from thc memory a rooted sorrow
Ite/e   out     the   written   troubles   of    ths
And    with   sweet    Oblivious   antidotes
Cleanse   ilia    MulTed   bosom   of  those   perilous,   sisifl*,
Whla-h   well h  heavily  upon   Kidney, Llvsr
siml  Btomach.
Therefor.,   iili   ve  who  sutler—Give physic  to     the COKI :  have  nous ol lt.  but
como und be curt-si  at
The iiiikuni Hot ^iriuj-s Sanitarium UX.
TERMS-Sl-S to 118 ior ****»ek.
, Soft ^oKMftTs
.... *.* "'. .*'^SrAJN.UNDtR-AARMENTS
ths following prizes for competition at
the Winnipeg  Kxhibition of   l'J"*!.
$176 IN GOLD *'w,n-',,«
K.xlsililtlnu .
Kor  the  heaviest calf,  any   pure  breed,
or   crude,   born  alter    the    1st   January.
1008.  fed on  Carnefac Stock Food.  flOO
in    ICO 111.
Kor the second Heaviest Call. any
pure breed, or snide, born alter 1st of
January, 1008, fa*d on Carnefac Stock
Food.   $50  In   uolsl.
For   the   third   heaviest   call,   ssny   pure
breed, or grade,  born  sslter 1st ol January,   10(18,   led  on   Curiicfac  Stock   Food.
«".•*">   in   ui'lal
Only one entry will l.e allowed from
cssch Farmer or Stockman, mid stock
must lie e.vhibits'sl tit the Winnipeg l'"x-
Evidence must be produced at the time
of exhibition to show thnt the animals
were fed on  Curiii/uf Stock  Food
Carnefac bus proven a decided Buccess.
bringing into   condition    und  tattenlns
where other foods lull Scnat for lenllet.
stImiir lhe views ot vetui iiiuriniis as to
the merits of Oarnefac 'thev sill speak
highly of It.
VV. G,  Douglas, Manufacturer,
Prlnoossi Slroct, \V in.-. I pen.
You  can   obtuin   tt  from your deuler.
Arouse Your Liver.
You cannot have comfort until it acts freely. To enjoy
perfect health and feel like a
new person take
Hold Everywhere.   In bOSSS, 8"> ajssliU. ,\
'I'll!, DRILL, S-LGCAR, B. <'.. MAY I. Ifloa.
rC. E. S.mitiikriN'oai.i:, Editor and Prop,
is pi'inasiiiii) i:vmiY quday at
.6LOCAN,      -      -       -        -      C. C.
Legal Advertising W) cents a line for
ilie tlrst insertion nnd .'i cents a lino encli
gubsi qut'iit insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $" each.
Transient advertisements at name rates
na legal advertising.
Locals will lie charged 10 cents a line
.for each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
Tlie Subscription is 18 per year, st.iet
,-iy in Advance; $*.'.u0 a year if uot to. paid.
Address nil letters to—
Sloean, IJ. C.
FRIDAY, MAY lfct.1908.
It is not unlikely the Liberal government at Ottawa will appeal to the
country this fall. There are two reasons advanced for the proposition
first, the influence of Lnurier's leadership before he retires owing to ill
health; second, the flossy budget pre
s-nited by Fihanee Bffnfoter Fielding.
The new redistribution bill will be
put into effect, so giving the Kootenays an opportunity to get a member
of their own. lt will then be "Goodbye, Bill Galliher," for Kootenay will
not forget Fielding's treatment of the
lead industry.
By this time W. A. Galliher and
Hon. Mr. Fielding must have come to
the conclusion that an ominous storm
i.s raging in the west by reason of the
government's refusal to provide pro?
ts**ction for the silver-lead industry.
Resolutions iiud protests by the whole-
Kale havo been wired to Ottawa on the
subject, aud the conviction must bave
carried that a great injustice has been
done the country. Iron miners in the
enst have beeu bonused, protected and
encouraged in a liberal manner, and
the element of consistency is surely
missing when similar treatment is denied the lead miners in the west. Jn
1878 Canada realized the beneficial effects of a protective tariff for her industries, aud every government since
bas followed out the same general
scheme launched by Sir John A. Mac-
donald, both Tcay and Grit. Free
trade for Canada is a miserable bunt-
bug and it should not ix; permitted to
be advanced in order to bring disaster
to a large section of the Dominion.
The politician whfl presumes to ride
the free trade nag cuts a sorry spectacle. Canadians have been raised in
protection and they want to see it
continued, more particularly in British
Columbia. Relief to the lead industry
is not a party question. It is a common issue of the people and part of
the national development. In refusing
proper help the Liberal government
have, to say the least, been foolhardy.
I'assenger traffic is on lhe increase
Ihrough the cam]'.
Mike Melne returned from a trip to
Seattle ou Tuesday.
Ji Ms McGhregor nailed from Van*
couver for Japan on April 20.
Neil Gethingand wife went to lhe
coast on Friday ona short trip.
A hay famine threatens the country
and the price is sailing upward-'.
The Rifle Association held a prac
tice shoot on Saturday rtfternoon.
A. Madden and bride returned on
Saturday and were warmly welcomed.
It is reported the C.P.R. will oxtend
the Lardo road from Gerrard to Troui
Mrs. Capt. McLennan returned rn
Tuesday from visiting her relatives al
15a 1 four.
The grounds facing the depot aro to
be fenced in and converted Into a regular park.
Harry Howson was hero Tuesday,
on his way to Cariboo after wintering
in Spokane.
Madame Sherry, the
the oity dining tne w>
a few stray dollars,
palmist, visit.
g m
t A. W. li. Markler, of Calgary,spent
Sunday iu the city, meeting a number
of old acquaintances.
T, Lillie, Nelson, came upon Monday to instal the piping in the dry
kiln at the shingle mill.
Th." first Ixioin of logs for tho shingle mill arrived down on Sunday, in
tow of the company's tug,
Capt. Troupe, of the Sandon, has
been transferred to Troui lake, navigation on which opens today.
E. W. Mam's horse ran away Fri
day, upsetting the milk cart and spil-
ling a*portion of the contents.
John  Buckley, of Snnds
•I. ii. .sFcCal.iiiii is adorning his n
sidence with a fro-.li ct al of p
Grading on  the mil! switches di
no', t'iimiiii'wv  .Monday  as  ejtpeclei
tht .Ii'iiei having beon seni toOri
liii for ratification.
The tug Sandon was lied up Tuesday for a' few day s, .''!.• will bo pui
in commission again porhaps next
weok and  will be !,■ pl on the run
ei. adily.
The hoard of worl s has had a gaiij
of men working during the weok putting in defences along Springer cr
They have also remov
lie:''  i
1 tn
jam at the mouth ofthe creek.
Tom Kilpntrick, supt. of theCP.R,
at Revelstoke, was married last week
to Mi-;s Elsie fcfeKiunon,of Charlotte-
town, P.E.I, Tom was one of the
ii'.i rinal o w ners in the Speculator mi u
i.i this divi. i in.
The loug expected illustrated pamphlet oa Kootenay's attractions has
been issued by the tourist nssocialii it.
''.'I'i a oi it v..-re dii tribui "I here thi
woek. Copies may Im had from, the
local secretary, II. R.Jornud.
Mayor York's   t) ilivery  h wan   ran
away Monday afternoon and mi
things tip in groat i hap >.    'dl ir do
ing   up   thc bt! iuo .  •■ icti 11 of th
i iwn, ii tooli to tie' Iniek and wound
up in the wtxids al Ih ■ V, leaviii : sec
lions .if tho rig cu roul   as souvouirs.
No dam tgo was don i the horse.
bnnaon, p
Grwillim *fe -Johnsoai.
"Aiade in Canada
Just btrcause a shoe is " made in Canada"
•iliould 1 WW U
Yes and no,
Not if foreign shoes are better and cost equal
or less money. —— _^
Yes"," if Canadian shoes are as good or belter
for equal money. *—~" *
The Canadian Government extracts 2*5 per
cent, of tbe value ot all imported shoes—there-
fore United States made shoes are priced higher
in Canada than in th   States, —*—
Now, it is admitted that Canadian-made
"Slater Shoes" ace equal to United States
shoes at equal or higher prices.
Because thev are made by the same rapid
action, accurate process (the Goodyear welt) as
the .best United States shoes—in the only factory in Canada which has made for seven years
an exclusive specialty of Goods-ear welt shoes.
Product of specializing :—"British wear,
United States style—made in Cana*dai-i'~~*~
branded by the makers.
' m
r rJt.
B. ('
IN the matlisr of an application fur is duplicate
of at'srtiticiitn ssf Tills' isi Lots IS and 16,
Block 27. .Slocan City (Map 40*}1 (jnter iilia.i
Notice is liereliy Kiveudiat il   i.- niy Intention
to issue, al ths expiration ot one month from
tho first publication hereof, a duplicate of tbe
Certifloale ssf Tit In to tho aboTe-mentioned Lots
. la and lii. Block 27, Blocan city i Map nmi i inter
nl'isi i, iii tin' nan I  Helena DasBrisay, wlilcli
Certificate is doted the 20tb day of April, 181)8,
and numbered 721IK.
H. K. MacLBOD, Dlstrlol Registrar
Land Registry Office, Nel-  B.C., April nth,
through here on  Fi'idny for Phoenix.
to do assessment on wine claims.
F. E. Donohoe, ti C'.i'.lv. brnkenaan,
Poll under ,t freight train at Phoenix
on Tuesday, iind had hia head cul oil'.
,l.(i. McCallum has razed the old
frame building just north sif his resi-
detiee, effecting ti ileeisled improve-
I ment.
The band serenaded A.Madden and
bride at their residence on Tuesday
evening. Thev were royally entertained.
C. B.Taylor dismantled his hot. I
at Enterprise landing on Friday,
bringing the furniture down here fcJr
Fred Wright, purser on the Kokanee, received the sad intelligent"* this
weak of the doath of his father nt
A practice alarm was turned in ou
the fire brigade Thursday from Sh.t-
ford's corner, It t«>-■.': tha- boya by
A new tennis court is being laid s>n>
on the end of Lake avenue, over elo.-'
to ths* bluffs, whspro a Quo '-ile has
been secured.
Sam, George and Norman ('lenient
left yeslerd'iv morniug for Vancouver,
with the intention of taking up thejr
permanent residence ther...
Notice is given in this issue bv the
city clerk of tho ei"dorcement of the
pound bvlaw. Owners of poultrv.do;r-.
and stock will find it interesting read*
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
Sunday, nt 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at 2.80 p.m.
Prayor Mcetini*, Wednesday, 7.30
Strangero and yonng men
me cordially in\ iti'il.   .   .
Mads? Ie Canada 40 Yt>nrs.
For Men. $4.00 and $5.50.
For Women, 53.SO kiuI $5.00.
For Boys, $"!.SO to $3.50.
SoM ii 15 "Slater " Stores and 200 Agencies.
A "Slator" Polish Shine Ust3 a Weok.
■BV   -
Ihe Drill.
'   0
j .ovei os© ii ms a Mac i/i i
Job Printing; at Tlie Dri
k*"L*iIfci».   lab*
W VI sl\*sClJ
for $18.25
"VTOTK'i: is, lii'ri'Ii.v ifivs-n ili.it andor the pro-
-*-^ vjsloni of Bylaw Ko, 8, Pound nnsi Dog
Tax Bylaw, it Ij pnlawful fur «ny person to >,if
fi'r any linr.i', sniilr, bull, rmv, shoep, gout, pig,
or cattle, or poultry, to run at largo within tlie
limits s,f the City sif Slocan.
Every owner of a dog la Uie City of Sloonn h
required to pay annually o tax asf Two Dollars
for cadi <lo»f owned by hin; and evory iBwisi*r ol
u liltcls in the suiil city is required to pay annually a tax of Tlirisp Dollars for every bitch own
i"l hy him.
Xo person shall suffer or permit hie dog to run
at large in tho City of .Slocan for which such
person has not paid the tax required of hlm,and
unless eueh dog shall barn arounal his neck a
collar or strap, to   which shall  Im attaoheda
mntallicplate, tai he supplied by the City aan the
payment of the saisl tax, the snisl metallic plate
liarlng raised ssr stamped thereon the letters C.
T.P. (City Tax I'ai.l.)
Wli} bo without ii ranco when
v <>u on ii pot one ochcnpV Thev
hi.'o |'i (fci r.'ihlr tustovi .s.'ir.d give
better fnlisfiiction. Tiiese rnn-jes
burn wi.ial or conl antl uv il I I <
mi lip I ree.
O C H*f LIsO
Garden Seeds
F'lower Seedi?.
Timothy See!
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds in bulk
.lust (irrive I from D. M, Ferry 'a,
tho ^ia.'::i Seed 11« ... ■. . or Bala
You wiJS certainly
yeur money's worth.
■ v *,
jg    ..-■      . :   •-.   jr vyvv '.— ".-V
j* ft     •» - ...*-.   - ■- _ li  1 .   ,.*i i..'.r.     ... , .
3 . c sis at Your Own Price .
7?.r   aaaaaaa—ass      fa
>'OTK'K Is h.'rs'liy glvon   that
I    'l.ats*   wc   Intnud   tn applr,
:;i days afti>r
:.'   il       Isl-lilll j
meistlng "f i hs* Hoar I of Licnnslna I 'ommissslnn-!
ors for the City of Slocan, for n lrau«fs*r.sf tin*
retail   liaf.laar   lil'a'll   '■   far   tils'     llllls'lss.l    ll'al.-l.
nituate on Lots 1 sn I 2. Block A, Slocan, from
uus*si.|*/nM isa Kuowlas ... Pntroquln.
lisiifl-ilut Slocan, H.L'., thi   8th dny of April,!
Jo A. AKBER;:OH, ■;
DflUGOIST, .- .i
■  •
t niion Sols have orrived.      !.. ave •» *
.'.,■ i Dr.iewliat overstocked we have decided upon
a Gi   .:<,' Cl EARANCE SALE, and will otferto the
iople of the Slocan Country our
9  ^loeks
ifftlJL&si ■■'
m-\A*LWm\\_\_\ MJ;*^
FIN       '
\i:iir i.snic'1' I'jiriv.
E,   IJ.Tls!  Rl
=^^IGerfflcat8 0itepTeiii{s,
in the
.;■: - - r:: .o.
£_xj?<      '*-   '
Cumeroulan Klueral Clalui.
Sltuato in Ilia Slocnn City Minim; Hvi-
fitin nf Wost Kootenay Diisti let.
Whom located i On Lhe Ural north
furl; of Lemon crti k.
»:■>"*:*»•,*':»•>:: C> :»:>.:'.:*»:>:^i***:.»^:>.
I J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
jt>5     Having opened n   fir-t cletHS
ti o.ttablishmenl on  Main Strt-ot,
Warnin'* is hereby Kivi'ii thai an, oorson g the patronntre «.f the public is
j-inltoofan infra,.*ti..,i.or violation, „f any of  | solicit,,| for ||„„„   .M.-nl.' Bread,
iheprovisions of the above-named Bylaw Is, In I 9 \\u, i ,    u i , ,    \>..„       (•
and n full line of to ;
ot One Hnnilro.1 Dollars anil the coat*, of proso- ! _ 0oDf"»Ctloner"i
cution, and in slofanli ef payment to Imprison.   I
oient for a term not woatding two months.
TAKK   SOTICK  Hint I, M. I., (irltn* »**
luctt, nutinu nBnjjenl for The Cairn      Ian »>!
OoldA Silver Mining Co.-liniiUi'l lialiililv M
I'.M.C  Nn.   UC ' 20, ; iten I,   i ;l    tla/r, %j
from  th" il.itf lioreof, lo Btiiily  lo lhe iRj
Mining Is's-sui'l'i  forn certincalcnl Im- «0w
I  oveinciili, for tho pur|   f obtaining Su
;i Crown ei.mt of the above claii i ,, *
Anil iiii'ilii'f lake notico llinl ttellon, **W
under a»o.ction  ::7. mu t   I n c          nee I ^a1*
I iforo lit • isOMiinni a- of bui Ii • r. i (li it (a ol I \
improvementa*. n\
lh led thi.- 7th dav of t '• inlmr, 1002 %*j
: »■! 1-0.3,                   ' M   I,, GKIMMKTT SRJ
-k.  4iw
^NV-.*'^ •   "   "'--a%ly
t ■■ '•
Note Them
eks Only ai These Figures
You cannot do better anywhere.
i il i.v Clod   . with   trili •	
•'  ' ('loci     '.ii!i strike	
!'.i "■'• L-d y < Slot k . ornain iitet
IJb   ulal irs from	
I'i" i" i loci ■■ tunc. (igur
Alii   in <   ':•'        .    | |   illl	
. .-I..Htiii
I 7."i un
  LOO up
'•/iirw.n** *aWBM' WH tmWm*mMM
Sum ".uli'i- Mineral Ululin.
sitiiiiio in Plocan City Mining llivmion
ni \\r '. Kootonay District,    Where
Isi'ais I;   On ii "' lope of Ti
'■; t 111 ivo miles  from   I   i  I'laek
I'llnce M.C,
1      r\'.i: S0'iK:i'l tl al I, \V, n    i
jS! Knj. a ling   •   n renl for J. J  I lw.1 n
,'.;  free   n    ei      i    lilicnto    '\.s    [hi hi .';,  J«y
E erj Ump in tho atoro will beofforetl forthif
month ouly.    ilronzo, Orniiinentnl, Lilirnry,   Pur
lor nud Sltuul Litniim,    Ml nninl ao,
I'lii'.'.- from $2.00 up lo ■* 12.
■nl.'*'    Am a*ic in,   17
20 '..'iir guarauiae,
•iva'l    Movement
Gents' ■'!.-rli'i■; silver caso, 17-j iwela.
•;'b.Id Iii
undies     I I carat
'-■' 3 ■ ir guarantei
Liidies' Silver Watehes, good movement..
Boys' Gun  Metal  Watches, good move*
These Prices last Two Weeks only.
addition to the fooi and cb0rgos,ot forth there-|«   ;;.",'";   ,"'f'''|! ,.'"''",''   v'",;r<;  1   l''"': ",'i   'll^W-T   '1'' "    K
in, liable upon ...nimary c-nvicl ion.ton penalty   |    ' '"S* i""1 ''  !"" 1m)"   "f   » !" ''l| '"- .'""    '!!'i!   '
Hall orders promptly attended to.   Goods not Satisfactory may be returned.   Fine Watch Work and Repairing a Specialty.
n> Order,
tflocan, B.C.. April 20th. 1903
(Ity Clerk
li Loaves of Bread Pei* SI,
I'ibII » elglil mui Qualily
: Slocau, B. C.
ettiliento of iu provoments, for tin pur* {XJ
I   I '■' '   .,'.' liningn  c  ,u:, |*rani ol  the «-.*< . ,
I nbovaelalm. "J XM ®        ,.-   *>
I      Ami further take notico  thai  iction, M
inder section 87, iiiiiii  l.i* i**in-ina- <| ■*>*     *5"* ,.,.,   fji '.o-.'j., „ ....  i **n>   ■» -***jj
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The Leading:
•   Jeweler,


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