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The Slocan Drill 1901-12-20

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▼OL. II., Ne.38.
8L0CAN,   B.   0.,   DECEMBER   20,   1901.
•2.00 PER ANNUM.
Coming In:
100 oases 40 per cent, Giant Powder
50 oases 60 " " *
25 oases Gelatine Dynamite, Giant,
60,000 feet Bennett's Fuse
20,000 Al Blasting Caps
8 dozen 5-lb Verona Picks.
Hardware Merchants.
"HEALTH"—The    Celebrated    "Health"
We have a very nice range to select from in the very
finest pare wools, as well as tbe cheaper grades. We
can save yoa money.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp HcKinney, B. C-
A. TORE & CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.    It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
OETHINO * HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
Sim ul Personal laipiit of Jeff Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.	
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs Into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Gents' Furnishings.
Just opened up In my store, on Main
street a full line of -dents' Furnishings,
Clothing, etc.; also Rubbers, in women s,
men's, and children's sizes. All are to be
disposed at close margin for cash and one
price only. Orders taken for custom
clothing. AU work first-class and fits
*ktu Street, Slooan,     ~~ JOHNBTOL
J. A. Foley Has Been Appointed Returning Officer for Nest Election-New Aa-
■eaament Roll il Threat Aelde-Ve-
City council met in regular session
on Monday evening. Present: Mayor
York, Aid. Worden, Smith, Nichol
and Woodcock. Bert O'Neil acted
as city clerk In the absence of J. A,
Foley in Nelson. The spectators'
benches were pretty well filled np.
The finance committee reported in
favor nf McCallum & Co.'s bill for
lumber, amounting to $383.65, and
being a portion of lull bill; also $37.-
50, for wage bill incurred on side.
walks. Report received and bills ordered paid.
New bills presented: J. W. Clark
and J. A. Foley, salaries, $75 each;
W. Cloueh, rent of hall from July 1
to Dec. 31, $30: J. W. Clark, relief te
two men, $6; P. 0. box rent, 75c; V.
C. Rackliff, scrubbing out hall,$l.75;
T. D. Woodcock & Co., hardware for
sidewalks, $40.40; H. Guest, stationery, 19.95; McCallum &Co., full bill
for lumber, $423 29. Referred to the
finance committee.
Finance committee reported in favor of the salaries of the city officials
and the same were ordered paid.
Charles Sknles wrote, offering to
oil tht* floor of tho council chamber
for $5.   Left on table.
The question of a returning officer
for the approaching elections was
brought up by thc mayor. A resolution was passed appointing City
Clerk Folev to the position and that
polling take placo in the city hall.
Nominations arc to be held on Jan.
13 and the elections on Jan. 16.
Aid. Woodcock asked wheth. r the
elections woulii be held on the old or
new voters' list nnd assessment roll ?
The mavor replied that thc old
government asses* ment roll wonld be
thc basts for qualifications; also that
the new voters' list had beeu revised
and returned complete to tiie city
Curfew bylaw No.10 was tiken up
fur final reconsideration    Tin*re being no objections taken the bylaw
was duly accepted ..nd signed, going
into effect at once.
The sidewalk committee promised
a final report upon their labors next
On account of the Xmas tree entertainment being held in the hall above
next Monday evening, the council
agreed to meet at 7 o'clock.
A Sensible Reaolation.
Appended is a resolution passed by
tho Kaslo Board of Trade on Dec. 13:
"Whereas, the province of British
Columbia is represented in the parliament of Canada by six members
of thc house of commons ami three
senators; and whereas the population
of Kootenay and Yale, shown by the
recent census, is about one-third of
the population of tho whole province,
aud of tho nine members of both
commons and senate only one is resident in the southern interior of British Columbia, where the business interests are diverse from those of any
other part of Canada: be it resolved
that this board respectfuIly submits
'hat, in tho event of a vacancy occurring in the senate representation
of British Columbia, such vacancy
should, as a matte*" of fnir representation by population and interest, be
filled bv'calling to the solute a resident of this mining district, familiar
with its requirements."
A Pirating Entertainment.
Slocan has suffered from elocutionary afflictions in the past, which
doubtless accounted for only an average attendance at tho entertainment
provided in the Miners'Union hall,
Friday evening, by Miss Jessie L.
Potter, a young lady hailing from
Chicago. However, those who were
present were agreeably surprised, as
the affair turned out a treat. Miss
Potter has ability and she "says her
little pieces" in good stylo. In the
negro, Irish, and Yankee dialects she
is at her best, but thc English as "she
il spoke" by Kipling suffered somewhat. Local songsters assisted,
Messrs. Moir and Worden figuring,
with Miss Bennett as accompanist.
The hospital fkinds were slightly ben
ellttcd by the entertainment.
Poetofllce Return*.
A reference to the postmaster general's report for the year ending on
June 30, show.; that the gross postal
revenue of the local office for the 12
months was $1370.81. No less than
2349 money orders were issued,being
the lentli largest number in tho pro
vince. Thev called for $47,355.56.
The total commission received from
the public was $286.52; number of
money orders paid 188, valued at
$4095.15; postal notes paid $267.50;
compensation to postmaster on note
business $2 87; do. on money orders
$120.03; do. on savings bank business $f»6.69. The postmaster received
$508.33 salary and $100 for fuel, rent
and light. W. E. Worden received
$180 for carryiug mail to boat and
.1. Roderick Roborteon Explain* Hatter*
to the Psiblic.
There have been many ugly rumors afloat relative to the operation
of the new concentrator at the Enterprise mine, the concensus of opinion
being that the mill will never successfully treat the ore of that mine.
In fact, many assert strongly that the
values in the ore can be saved only
by a smelting process. In view of
thc many reports in circulation, the
following letter in Saturday's Tribune will be of interest:
"In reading my copy of The Tribune this morning, I observed two
items of news relating to the Enterprise mine, one appearing under the
heading of 'Slocan Mining Matters'
and the other 'City and District.'
Your correspondent has apparently
badly mixed up two plants, namely,
the concentrator which we recently
erected at the Enterprise mine (which
only started to run on the 18th November, since which there has been
no time to ascertain its actual working results, although wc have no
reason to be in any way dissatisfied
with the mill practice, so far as it is
known), with thc Elmore oil plant.
"Since the 18th Novomber a slight
accident occurred to the Bliike
crusher, which has unfortunately
thrown the mill out of operation for
thc past ten days, but replacements
have already been forwarded ti» the
mine, a crusher jaw having, been
made at the Honeym-tin foundry at
Nelson, and doubtless era thia* the
mill is again in rami ng order,  j •
"With regaid to the Elmore con
centration pri-cess*, the London & B.
Oi Goldfielils, Limited, ordered an experimental plant at an even earlier
date than the machinery was ordered for the Enterprise" concentrator.
This plant was never intended for
use at the Enterprise mine, and from
tho known characteristics of the
mine it is extremely doubtful whether snch process would bo adaptable
thereto. Doubtless when erected we
will use same for testing ores of various properties offered us for purchase, that being the primary reason
why the plant was secured If time
and opp mm ity permits.it is possible
we may put through this plant some
of tho ores from the properties under
the management of this office, but it
is improbable that the Enterprise ore
will be so tested for many months to
come, as from the character of the
ore, which is well known to the company's engineer, it appears extremely unlikely that it will be of any ns
sistance iu treating tho Enterprise
"I shall be much obliged by your
kindly making this correction in your
columns. I may say that it is not
our intention to uso this experimental plant for ores outside of which our
companies may be directly interested, and it is not intended in any way
to compete with the . (Maying profes
sion. Yours truly, J. Koderick Robertson."   	
Pucker* for Houtli Afilcs.
Mayor York received a letter this
week asking for volunteers to join a
section of packers to accompany the
Canadian Mounted Rifles for service
in South Africa. The idea of forming
a packers' section originated in Nelson and has been taken up favorably
by tho militia authorities. The re
quirement3 for packers arc the same
as for the rank and file of the Rifles,
with the addition that the men are
required to have a thorough knowledge ofthe diamond and squaw hitches. Several of the boys arc taken
with the idea and were decent pay
offered, thev would enlist.
Municipal Voter*' lilt.
Mayor York has returned thc municipal voters' list to the city clerk,
revised and complete for the impending election. Tho original list is in
a sail I v changed condition, as about
60 names were lopped off,while other
new ones wero added. Many were
taken off because of boing aliens,and
the others wero the "famous 34." It
is understood an appeal will be taken
to the county court judge on behalf
of the litter. Tho list ns it now
stands numbers 184 names.
Nelson, this week. In Arnot vs McMillan, a suit to recover for feed sup
plied, judgment was given for plaintiff for $45 and costs, being half the
amount claimed. The case of Allen
vs Lake, arising out of the Bondholder, was also decided in favor of
tbe plaintiff.
Leusee* ofthe Ottawa Obtain Control of
the Property.
On Wednesday the lessees ofthe
Ottawa, Messrs. Mulvey, King, Taylor and Johnson bonded the Hamilton
claim, adjoining the former mine,
and owned by W. Clement and T.
Mulvey. They now have two claims
to work on, forming a group of respectable dimensions. Their anxiety
to get hold of the Hamilton was occasioned by the splendid showing
lately encountered on thc Ottawa.
The main work on the latter has
been confined to the lower drift,
which is now in 260 feet. A raise of
75 feet is also being; pnt through and
will soon be completed. In the face
ofthe drift are three streaks of ore in
a width of six feet. The first is on
the footwall and 18 inches wide It
contains a great deal of native silver
and cepper, an assay this week giving 3185 oz silver. Next is a two
foot streak going 80oz silver.and then
another fair streak mixed more with
quartz. The Ottawa is now in shape
to make a big name for itself and
looks as promising as anything in the
Following is the platform adopted
by the Socialists and Labor men for
the approaching civic elections:
They declare unqualifiedly In favor of the principle of the civic ownership of monopolies, and demand
1. A prompt and thorough investigation ofthe question of water supplies available, with the construction
of waterworks and lighting.ayatea*.,
if tho expense is within 4he city's
2. That immediate steps be taken
for adequate fire protection, in the
shape of a volunteer fire brigade,
with the apparatus for fighting fire
now at the disposal ofthe city.
3. That all civic works shall be
performed by day labor, at a mini
mum wage of $3 per diem, with preference given to residents of the city;
and that eight hours shall constitute
a day's labor.
4. That all improvements shall be
exempt from taxation and taxes levied on land values only.
5. That local improvement debentures shall not be issued without the
consent of the electors taken by a
popular vote.
6. That the laws regulating the
traffic in liquor and tobacco be strictly on forced.
7. That efforts bo made to bring
about provincial legislation making
all civic offices elective, not appointive.
8. That efforts be mado to bring
about provincial legislation abolishing property qualifications for voters,
mayor and aldermen.
La*t Tear'* Shipment* Were S847 Tone—
A Healthy Kvldence of the Lift .ana
Wealth of the Ceiup-Arlluften the;
fll«--e«t Shipper.
Shipments increased considerably
during the week amounting to 127
tons, and made ap from five properties. The Arlington sent oat 90 tons
to Nelson and the Enterprise 20 tons
to Trail, with another car ready to
go forward. Five tons was sent out
by the Hampton, being the cleaning;
up of the season's operations; 5 tons
from the Exchange, the first to bo
taken from that property in years
and so adding another shipper to the
list; and 7 tons from tbe Bondholder,
taken out nnder lease. These ait
went to Nelson.
Last year the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Following is
a list ot the shipments this year to
Arlington     90
Enterprise      20
Two Friends	
Black Prince ."	
Bondholder      7
Hampton     *5
Fourth of July	
Exchange       6
Xrnai Tree Ksitortalnment.
The Sabbath school entertainment
will be held on Monday evening
next, in the Music Hall, when a first-
class programme will be given. It
is requested that all presents for the
tree Iks handed in, if possible, in the
afternoon, not later than 5 o'clock.
Programme will commence nt 7.45
sharp. AM children h ve free admission. Santa Clans will bo present
to meet the boys and gii Is. Everybody come.
County Court Caio*.
There were half a dozen cases from
Slocan before the county court a'
Te Rxamlne Military Keeriilta.
Dr .Forin received a telegram from
the adjutant-general nt Ottawa, on
Tuesday, requesting him to examine
thc recrnits to lie raised in this country for service in South Africa The
government is sending an extra 300
men, so that the contingent will be
900 strong. Dr. Forin leaves here
Saturday and will examine tho men
at Rossland on the 23rd, Nelson on
the 24th and Cranbrook on tho 26th.
SoclalUt* Will Meet Hsinilay*.
At Tuesday evening's meeting of
tho Socialist League, a lengthened
debate resulted in the verdict that
trades unions had failed in their ob
jeets to benefit the proletariat to any
great extent. A motion was alio
passed changing tho date cf Hireling
to Sunday afternoons. Next regular
meeting Rev. Mr. Roberts, of New
Denver, will lecture on Socialism.
Wm. Koch shut down his mill on
Ten Mile this week, after piling up a
reserve of 100,000 feet of lumber.
The ore chute nt the Neepawa con*
tlnu.es to hold out.
Tho Payne has a force of 50 men
on the payroll.
Copper values have dropped considerably of latsj.
The Speculator will close down for
two days at Xmas.
Bar silver strengthened to 55i
cents daring the week. ',
Many local men are getting employment at the Arlington.
The men at the Arlington are to
get two days' lay off at Xmas
Ram bier-Cariboo shares wen selling at 631 on Tuesday, with tv-brisk
An ore car and a quantity of T
rail were taken up to the Transfer o*
More men bave been pat oa at the
Arlington and thc force Is to be still
further increased.
The Goodenough has proclaimed a
dividend of one cent a share and promises another on January 15.
Geo. Aylwin has been working thc
Pontiac, on Ten Milc.for the past two
months and is now getting some nice
Through carelessness in applying
for a crown grant, the Slocan Bob,
adjoining the Republic, ran ont and
was restaked on Friday.
Under instructions from Nelson,tho
work of putting in a dam to catch tbe
tailings from thu Enterprise mill has
been stopped, as it is believed tha
values can be saved in the mill,
Appended is a complete list of the var-
ions records registered at the local registry office, II. P. Chriatie being mining
Dec 13—Manhattan, Lemon creek, J"
Dec u—Silvsr 8tar fraction.
Dec 11—Champion and Sapphire, alt
W I Leo to Frank I) Hovey.
A Vein or Molybdenite.
In 1896 W. Hrasch located a vein
of molybdenito in what is known as
Dry Canyon, two miles east of the
railway track on Lemon creek. He
kept up assessment on it for two
vein* and then allowed tho ground
to lapse.   Others restaked the pro-
Birty, bnt lately it came again Into
ranch's hands. The chances are
now that he will realize something
out of it, aa several parties aro inquiring about It. Tho lead is from
six to 12 inches in width and carries
n grent deal ofthe pure mineral, A
tunnel hns been driven in 16 feet and
there is 2 tons of the ore lying on the
dump Samples have been requested
by a number of outsiders and the
owner is assured of ready sale. The
lead is thc only one of the kind in tlu*
Subscribe for Tub Doha*
. msw
*& •
I  •
Coprricht. 1(01 by Thomas P. Hontfort
"And more pain and suffering for
"Why should It do that?"
"Do you think I have no conscience?"
"Don't, please don't!"
"No. but"-
"Do you think It costs an honest woman nothing to keep a thing like this ■
secret from ber husband?"
"I don't kuow. But, there, 1 will not
keep you, though It Is bard to let you
go.   Wben sball I see you again?"
"No; don't say that! I must see yon!"
"It la best that we should never meet
sgaln, best for both of us."
"Never In this world! We should
never bave met tils time."
"Do you regret our meeting?"
"Nothing good can come of It, nothing but more pain and more misery.
Why did you come bere at all?"
"I conldn't belp It Ton were bere,
and I couldn't stay away."
"When you knew I was married. You
are week—weaker than I, and you are
a men."
"No; I love more. If you loved me
one-half as much'as I love you, you
would not be so cold and exacting."
She looked at him a moment with aa
Incredulous smile on her lips.
"Listen," ahe said. "I bave told you
that I love you, and now I may as Well
tell you tbls. I love you so much that
I worship your very shadow, while one
drop of your blood, one atom of your
flesh, la more precious to me than all
the millions of human beings on thia
earth.  Is your love greater than that?'
"No. But yet you drive me from
"I do, because I know It la best and
because I am strong enough to resist
temptation. Ton must leave' bere, and
we must never meet again. Goodby."
'Walt a moment Did you receive
my note tbat first day I came 7"
"I am glad ef it   I was afraid the
boy I sent it by might lose It or get It
misplaced.    You  knew  who  it was
""Of course."
"And I presume you wondered what
"Naturally. I could not understand
Why. you should be ao anxious to keep
your name a secret"
"Shall I tell your
"Just aa you* please:"
"I think I would better. I am in biding."
-In'hldlngf .From whatr
"From the law."
She started back.wlth.a little cry of
surprise and pain and placed ber band
on ber heart
"Dli, Frtnk!" She cried. "Yon bave
not-committed a crime? Don't tell me
you have!"
"Louisa," he said In all seriousness,
"I 'have done something dreadful,
something I would give ail.the world to
undo. But tt waa not my fault I did
It because I could not belp lt"
She looked up at him wonderingly,
while a terrible sensation of fear and
dread tugged at her. heart with that
keen, unaccountable Intuition peculiar
to women abe guessed tbe truth at
once, but abe would not accuse blm
even to himself. She. drew a little
nearer to bim and spoke In low tones.
"Frank," she said, "tell me tbe
truth.   What bave you doner
''Are yoo sure," he asked, "tbat I
had better tall yoa t"
"Yes; I must know."    .
"But It Is dreadful, Loplsa."
"Yes;.I expect the worst"
'•^be.-wry worst?' |
"Ttie ver***; worst."
"And you do not shrink from mef* .
"No, because you say you were not to
blame and that you couldn't belp It"
"Bet I tremble to tell you."
,"Bave no fear for me. 1 believe
What yoq bare said.  You have"—
"Taken tbe life of a fellow man I"
keep on a-aayln 'em till you've wore
'em pluinii out If you want to, but I
tell you right now you're barltln up tho
wrong tree. I've said before, an 1 say
nj-in, that all on earth's the matter
with Sim Banks la that he's flxln to
have a spell of fever."
"You have said that, Jason Roberts,
sn mebby you have said somethln yon
know, an mebby you hain't My notion Is you hain't. But If you'll allow
me I Jest want to ask you one question."
"Vou Jest go ahead, Pap Sampson, an
ask all tbe questions you please. I'll
answer all 1 kin of 'em, an when you
ask one 1 can't scrape up no answer for
I'll holler."
"Very well. Now, then, Jason Roberts, can you tell me why a feller flxln
to hare a spell of fever would go mop-
In round for two long weeks, not n-feel-
In sick nor nothln, but Jest actln for all
tbe world like he'd lost ever' cent be
owned an ever* friend be bad to bis
back?  Can you Jest tell me that?"
"Couldn't a feller flxln to have the
fever act that a^way?"
"Mebby he could, Jason, but be don't
You hain't answered my question,
"My notion Is, Pap, that thar ain't no
need of him answerin It for I reckon
you an Jason's both got the wrong pig
by tbe tall."
"If you're so smart, Jim Thorn, wby
don't you retcb Into tbe pen an git a
hold of the tall of tbe right pig?"
"I bave."
"Theu you Jest show tbat pig to us an
let us see Its color, will you?"
"I will.    All on earth's the matter
•ith i-'itu Banks Is jest this.   He's In
".' with the Wldder Mann, en he's
. ■   tin round 'cause he csn't have her.**
"That's tbe color of the pig you got
by the tall, Is It?"
"It nro."
"Tben, Jim Thorn, all I got to say Is
that you didn't even git your pig outen
tbe right pen. The one you got's a
plumb stray."
"That's Jest your notion. Pap Sampson, but you jest wait an you'll see."
Pap thumped his <*ane down almost
"Jim Thorn," be said, "you'll never
make me believe no slcb a tblng as that
of Sim Banks, not If you preach it till
your bead's as bald as a pumpkin. I've
knowed Sim since be wa'n't no bigger
than a cat, an I enn say, an say It open
an aboveboard, tbat I ain't never yet
knowed him to do ary a single thing
tbat he had any call to be ashamed of."
"My land. Pap, do you think beln ln
love with Mis'us Mann ts anything to
be ashamed of?"
"It would tie for a man that's already got a woman shorely, an I don't
know, Jim Thorn, but what I'd be
ashamed of it even If I didn't have no
There was a general laugh at this,
which cnusi'd Pap to straighten up and
look Important"' ^^^^^^^^
"That's a putty hard knock on the
wldder,"Hicks observed presently, "but
tf Pap was a widower I bet be wouldn't
talk no slcb a way/'
"Nary time be wouldn't" Jason
agreed. "Lord! If Pap was single, he'd
be cuttln round after tbe women
wuss'n a hvngry cat after cream.
"That's all right Jason," Pap said,
"an I reckon you ain't talkln so
moughty much out of your head as
some folks mought think. Lord a-massy, ifs a pow'ful good tblng for these
young chaps round here that I hain't
single. Lord, I'd soon bave all their
noses out of Joint even If I am rlstn oa
to 70.1 ^^^^^^^^^^^
"You 'low you could cut 'em all out
Pap?" Hicks asked.
"Jest as easy as fallln down a well
Wby, shucks, Jake, don't you know I'd
bave the pick and ch'ice among tbe
"Mebby you wouldn't Pap," some
one said, "if that Mr. Melvln were to
turn loose an take to sparkin round."
"Reckon Sim Banks' wife Is tbe only
woman Melvln keens 'bout sparkin,"
young Sam Morgan observed.
Pap Sampson brought his cane down
"Sam Morgan." he said, "do yoa
mind bow Sim Banks done Jim Thorn
thar, right here on thla platform, tbe
other ntghtr
"I guess I do," Sam replied.
"Then let me tell you tbat If yoo ain't
acbln to be done the same way you'd
xatOHSotixT oosssir.
•You rink may. aay wbat yoa please,
an* yon uns may say It jest as long as
yoo uns please; but, as I have said before an aa I'll cootincr to say, thar's
somethln pow'ful heavy a-welgbln on
81m Banks' mind."
"Lord, Pep Sampson, you've been
a-sayln tbem words till we uns bave all
done learnt 'em by heart, an you can
■ "■■"      ""■ i * "***
%? 3 Months
These Tickets are First Class and
May be enjoyed at a reasonable
For full information apply to C. P.
It. Agent, or to
o. e. Mcpherson,
General Passenger Agent.
• "Tell us all about it, won't your'
better tighten tbe reins on your bosses
a little an bo sorter keerful wbar you
"I hnln't afford or Sim Banks."
"You better be If you git to letlln
your tongue run on Loueesy."
"I hain't said nary a word about
Loueesy, bave I?"
"Waal, mebby not exactly."
"But I will say tbls, Pap Sampson. I
wouldn't want no wire of mine mcetln
that feller out In tho woods an standln
a-tnlkln to him, with him a-holt of ber
"You mean to say, Sam Morgan, that
Loueesy Banks done that?"
(To be Continued.)
London, Hamilton,
Toronto,  Niagara
Falls, Ont., Kingston, Ottawa,   :  :
Montreal ::::::
Corresponding rates from olher
points in Manitoba.
Proportionately low rates to points
East of Montreal, in . Provinces of
Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova
Commencing    Dec. 2, 1001, to   and
including Dec. 81, 1901.
AU tickets good (or
Lowest Ocean Steamship    Rates.
For further information apply lo
any agent Canadian Northern hallway.
Winnipeg City Ticket, Telegraph
and Freight Office, 431 Main St. Tel.
Geo. H. Shaw,
Traffic Manager.
The Borglara Decide (• Poat»*»ae
Their Work.
It was 1 o'clock in tbe morning.
In t.o deepest shadow of thc piazza
of tbe little suburban villa in which our
story opens sat two bu glare, earnestly
discussing the affair that bad brought
them hither. A light in one of the upper
windows, which had only Just been extinguished, had made them postpone for
awhile their attempt, and this delay had
given tbe first burglar sn opportunity to
ask his partner the circumstances which
bad led to this particular graft
"Tbe lady who occupies this bouse,"
whispered the second burglar, "bas $10,-
000 ia cash. Sbe drew it out of the bank
yesterday, and tomorrow sho will turn
it over to the old and trusted friend of
ber Into husband."
"Who is he?" asked the first burglar.
"Ile'n an old covo they've known all
their lives. He's going to advise ber
bow to invest ber money. In tbe meantime she's got It all up stairs with her
in a black, bag."
The first burglar was silent for awhile.
"Jim," he said at last, "I haven't the
heart to do It She's a widow. Let's
"Wolt!" exclaimed the second burglar.
"For what?"
"Why," said his companion, "wait until the old cove has it, thuu rob Lira."—
Lire. _
Nsst lss '.islrly.
Mrs.. Nextslsior— I haven't sedn your
parents,/or oyer hi  long.
Little Tousle- Tdsiiiuiia lias scarlet
fever nnd cnn't come out.
Mrs. No.xtdoor—- And whut has your
inipn khi?
Littlo Tessio—l'apa got six months
• isd Im cuis'l coins out either.
Specimen Answer! Culled Prom
Public School l".iamlnnllon« That
Write a Bold Text Por a Sermon oa
the Method* of Teaehlnw.
The following Is from Mark Twain's
Introduction to "English os She Is
Taught" by Caroline 8. Le Row, published by The Century company. Miss Le
Row vouches for the genuineness of all
the answers to questions In public school
examinations that ore quoted in the book:
Every one has sampled "English as
She Is Spoke" and "English as She Is
Wrote." This little volume furnishes us
an instructive array of examples of
"English aa Sbe Is Taught" In the public
schools of—well, this country. The collection waa made by a teacher in thos-*
schools, ond oil the examples in lt ore
genuine. None of them have been tampered with or doctored in any way. Here
are somo quaint definitions of words:
"Alios, o good man in the Bible."
"Ammonia, tbe food of the gods."
"Emolument, a headstone to a grave."
"Ipecac, a man who likes a good dinner."
Here Is one where the phrase "publicans and sinners" has got mixed up in tbe
child's mind with politics, and the result
Is a definition which takes one tn a sudden and unexpected way:
'Republican, a sinner mentioned in the
And la Democratic newspapers now
and then.
As to sentences, bere Is one which—
well, now, how often we do slam right
into the truth without ever suspecting it:
"The men employed by the gns compa-
■y go round and speculate the meter."
Indeed they do, dear, and when yon
grow up many and many's the time you
will notice it In the gas bill.
"The coercion of some things la remarkable, as bread and molasses."
"Her hat is contiguous because she
wears it on one side."
Here Is an odd but entirely proper use
of a word and a most sudden descent
from a lofty philosophical altitude to a
very practical and homely illustration:
"We should endeavor to ovoid extremes like those of wasps ond bees."
And here, with "zoological" and "geological" In his mind, but not ready to his
tongue, the small scholar bos Innocently
gone and let out a- couple of secrets
which ought never to hove been divulged
In any circumstances:
"There ore a good many donkeys In
theological gardena."
"Some of the best fossils are found In
theological cabinets."
The chapter on "mathematics" Is full
of fruit From It I take a few samples
mainly in an unripe state:
"A circle is a round straight line wltb a
hole in the middle."
"Things which are equal to each other
are equal to anything else."
"To find the number of snnare feei in a
room you multiply tbe room by the number of tbe feet The product is the result"
These pupils did not hunt geography
with a microscope; they hunted with *
shotgun. This is shown by the crippled
condition of the game tbey brought in:
"The Rocky mountains ore oa the
western side of Philadelphia."
"Cape Hatteras is a vast body of water
surrounded by land end flowing Into tho
Gulf or Mexico."
"Ireland is colled the Emigrant Isle
because it Is so beatit'f ul and green."
"The two most famous volcanoes o"
Europe are Sodom ond Gomorrah."
We come now to historical matters-
historical remains, one might say:
"Washington wrote the Declaration of
Independence in 1402."
"Queen Isabella of Spain sold ber
watch ond chain and other millinery so
that Columbus could discover America."
"The Indians pursued their warfare by
hiding in bushes ond then scalping tbem."
"The Puritans found an insane asylum
In tbe wilds of America."
"Henry Eight wna famous for being a
great widower, having lost several
"Lord James Gordon Bennett Instl-
gsted the Gordon riots."
"Abraham Lincoln wos bom in Woles
la ir-00."
In a chapter headed "intellectual" I
find a great nnmber of most Interesting
statements. A sample or two may be
found not amiss:
"Tbe 'House of tbe Seven Gables' was
written by Lord Bryant"
"George Eliot left a wife and children
who mourned greatly tor his genius."
"Holmes Is a very profligate and amusing writer.".
When tbe public,school pupil wrestles
with the political features of the great re-
oublic, tbey throw him sometimes:
,n tne stomach stdrch la changed to
cane  sugar   snd   cane  augar   to  sugar
on no "
If a laugh Is Mr here, not the otri.g-
gling child nor the unintflligert teacher
or rather the unintelligent boords. committees ond trustees ore the proper tiirget
for It. All through this little boo-t one
dftects the sigue of a certain probable
foet. tbot a l-rgo port of tbe .pupil's instruction" consists in cramming him wltb
obscure and wordy "roles" wh|ch he de*»«
- - *-——-- "me-'o unit
not'tinderetandI and has no ttme-'o uuiW
ataud. It would be as useful to cram him
with brickbats. They would at least stay.
—Mark Twain.
box fink vat.valka peoplo oop der st.i.
stooden still?" ""» aer ataira
"Oh, that's the elevator," was the
Bsw Angel© Worked.
Before his return to Mie palace Michael
Angelo had begun a seri-es of careful
studies tn anatomy to familiarise himself
with every line nnd dimension of Uie. figure. He toiled at the stridy for years,
until his mastery ot tbe human form was
complete. He nevr painted or chiseled
a figure without working out In h drawing the most delicate details of the anatomy, so that no turn of vein er muscle
inlghl be false to Ihe absolute truth. II
Is by -ni li means that ony mastery hi se-
Dlatanre   Ie   Oftea   Lees   Importaat
Than tho Way of All*htlntf.
"There is something rather curious to
me about the distances that men may foil
without getting hurt," observed a New
Orleans contractor, "but lt is not always
the case that a drunken man can fall further than other men without getting
bruised up or killed. In my own experience in construction work I have observed a few instances where perfectly sober
men have fallen great distances without
getting hurt. Of course, as a general
thing, a man whose muscles ore thoroughly relaxed on account of the Influence of liquor is less liable to injury than
the sober man, who will moke ali kind*
of efforts to catcli himself and wbo will
in this way endanger his Umbo by making them rigid ar.d stiff.
"But 1 recall the case of a man who
was working on a building with me several years ago, and ot the time be was
engaged on tbe fifth story. He was working in one of tbe windows in the side ssf
the building. In some way he lost his
balance aud went head over heels down
the side of the building toward thc sidewalk. . The sight made me sick, and I was
actually afraid to look on the sidewalk
below, because I felt certain that my
friend had been mashed into pulp by the
long fall. We got down to tbe ground ns
soon as possible. I wos surprised when (
failed to see my friend.
"He bsd not stopped On the sidewalk.
bnt went crashing Into the cellar, ond you
con imagine the surprise I felt when I
met my friend with a smile on his face
and making his way to the abort, dummy
steps that led up out of the cellar. I
asked '. Im it he was not hurt, and he replied tbat tit,! fall Jolted him a little and
that his blood chilled somewhat while he
was going through the air, but he was
not hurt. He had struck an iron gate
that worked rather easily on its binges,
and this apparatus allowed bim to slide
with case into the basement, and lt wns
this simple device tbst saved his life. He
was perfectly sober st the time too.
"But now mark what happened to another friend of mine while be waa under
the Influence ot Whisky. He was not
drunk, but he was.iu. tbat condition
colled comfortably full. He was walking
along a sidewalk that wos as smooth and
as even as any I ever saw. For some unaccountable reason he fell. His head hit
first, ond it struck in such a way that it
threw him over on hia back. The,turn
was sudden, spasmodic, and seemed to
have been caused by a muscular relaxation. He never regained consciousness.
His skull wos fractured badly, and be
died in a few hours. These things go to
show thot it is not so much a question of
how far a man falls. How s fellow hits
stems to be far moro Imoortant than the
matter or distance."
Oh, dot's vot Idt Is, Is Idt?   I hnf ,
MGtetboofcmade offen der peel nf one „'
^Jaa^ *"**« ****»"
"I vould told my wife nefer to g0 Ir.
Kit vop uf dose alligators yen der vaikln.
by hand vas goot" **
Itotr Oar Ancestors, Qnarrelrd.
A study of medlmvnl rural life is ttDt
to glY-Ube impression tbat the prlnc*.
pal part of tbe life of the people was
spent ln quarrelfbg or In the cotnmlg.
sion or prosecution of offe-ises. Out
ancestors certainly were a very mi.
glous and a very disorderly people
The records teem with lhStaaces of men
and women drawing knives against one
another, of breaking into houses, of
prosecuting one another for slander
Then we bave such entries as these:
"lt la ordained by common consent
tbat-all ths women of tbs village must
ret. \ln tbelr tongues from all slander.
Ing." "Thomas, son of Robert Smith,
Is fined 12 pence becauae bis wife Ag.
nes beat Em-ma. tbe wife of Robert
the tailor, and Robert, tbe tailor, sixpence because bis wife Emma swore at
Agnes, tbe wire or Thomas." "it is en-
Joined upon all tbe tenants of the vll-
Inge tbat none or tbem attack any others In word or deed, wfth clubs or arrows or knives under penally of paying
40 shillings."
Snob entries, frequently occurring, in
addition -fO tbe Innumerable Instances
or Individual attack, slander, petty
theft aud- other Immorality seem to
show a community ot far from perfect
' _*•	
Itallaaa Love Tomn'oei.
Italians mors than any other people
value tomatoes, and. each one tbat
.'omeS to perfection Is as carefully tended aa though tt were an apple of gold.
Not only do tbe housewives delight ia
tho fresh vegetables themselves, but,
generally speaking, those home tended
nre better than any purchased at the
market and so each one Is Jealously
saved to make tomatos sauce for the
spaghetti, without which no Italian
Sunday wonld be Sunday. One soapbox
gardener one season sold enough tomatoes to give ber quite a little pin money.
No ono wbo knows the Italian well will
bo surprised to learn that many of tha
boxes are devotM to peppers, for they
In truth furnish much or tbelr spice ot
life, and even the little Italian girl*
kuow bow to stuff snd cook them Id a
dozen different waya tbat tempt ths
isalate. .       	
The Breach Betntea the Dcaa eat
Hla Hoyal Patron.
One of the most touching snd in Its
way pathetic incidents in tho drama
"Beau Brummel" Is in the last act when
a poor, broken down dondy bears that hit
old patron and prince is parsing through
Calais. Nerving himself Willi a grent effort on bis port with hie last remaining
snuffbox, he sends it In the shape of a
pence' offering "and token of contrition to
bis former royal friend.
No bigger sacrifice was possible to tbe
actual George Brammei. In the dnyi of
hlo prosperity be hod no greater fad thaa
Uie .collection of all sorts of snuffboxi"*.
ft amounted, in fact, almost to n mania,
and by his sagacity ond good taste hs
possessed at one time an unrivaled collection. During his palmy days of London life there wos among bis colloctioa
one box which the regent especially admired.
* "Brummel," he said, "this box muat b»
mine. Go* to Gray's and order nny box
yon like in lien of it."' Brummel of course
assented and at the soOio time begge"
that the new box might have a miniature
of tbe prince as its chief ornament, t«
which the latter, much pleased, consented. The box was ordered, and in Iti manufacture Brummel took the most a.etirt
Interest, an interest shared by the princi
himself,, who suggested several alterations uud Improvements Inthe design.
When it Wos almost {completed, the
ii'aarri'1 took place atCiaivinnpt'hetweeo
tlie prince and the beau,' which wns the
primary cnuse of the latter's ultimata
downfall. A day or two after Its occur
rene-e RruomipT -went to the jeweler'a to
.    Inquire about ths'-bos and was then told
Hebrew can make a livelibsjad ln Scot-1 that ibe regent bad sent express, riireo-
at tlm-if-Cot tf.'q*0l*»| tiorfslhnt  it  was not to^rJe delivered.
Fear leesta ana Ilebrews.
Is It true that a Scotchman can never
be employed in the Bank of England,'
London? A gentleman who has traveled
In England and Scotland a number of
times recently made tbe following statement:
"No Scotchman has ever been employed
In tbe Bsnk of England either as a clerk
or in any subordinate capacity for t Ik-
reason ".hat the English conttoller»"%f tjie
bank believe that ir they once admitted
a Scot to the bank he would eventually
control Its affairs. In fact, it may-be.
said, going fn another direction, tbot no
land tor the reason th
os acute In financial ond commercial matters os the Hebrew, ond even more so.
This statement may be a little hazy, but
what I wish to say to you is this—the
controllers or the* Bank of England would
"A bill becomes s law When tbe presl- ] not admit a Scot .to ony place In.the bank
*nt vetoes it." , any more then they would a Hebrew tor
the reosfin that the Scot and tbe I|obrcw
would eventually control this great bulwark   ot  English   uusiice.-» '   •
Truth crashed to earth will rise again.
as follows:
"'the constitution of tho United Stotes
Is tbat part of tbe book ot the end which
nobody reads."
And bere sbe rises once more ond untimely. There should be a limit to public
School Instruction. It cannot be wise or
well to let the young find out everything:
"Congress is dit/lded into civilized, half
civilised ond savage."
Tbe chapter on "physiology" contains
mnch tbst ought not to l>» lost to -Hence:
"We hove on upper ond n.lower a
The lower okhi moves all tho time, *,<
tkf upper akin moves wben we do."
Hla   First   Elevator.
He was evidently from the country,
this little Hid German, oust ns his eyes
icsiimI on tiie elevator, iimloubtedly ror
the lirst time, his sense or the ridiculous
wns touched.
For n 'ew minutes he stood In wonderment mil then, laughing softly to hiin-
se'f he stopped the lirst person he chnnc-
"'. to see, who happened to bo thn Janitor,
"• tired this at him, '.'Vat vos dot Ice.lls*
Brummet's chagrin and surprise were intense, and it .was this somewhat unKcn-
erdus act which first Indiired blm to'bear
himself with hostility "against tbe prince
hnd by *Is Own Sets end'foolish words to
widens broach wbich-*WO»to extend for
/**   , V    -.•'      -*-.'•:       •,    :     I"   «*•*•.
'   • Slatl.lle',1.7
The YJctor-ijiv.fl.'-ck "■•niNi*"'* '*
acres. Thu ilock is 1,050 foot wide
It cost -700,000.
*" Trio average Englishman eat* -l
ounces of brcsisl u day. 7 ounce-* oi
meat, 2 ounces of butter o'"1 ''
ounces of suenr.
WhHo tho wsi'r in'South Africa ho-"
diminished  tbo number of     I'iii*",isn
tourists in Hwit/erlaiul, It has   I "
nttcil tlmt country to tho extent "'
sn iiiprriuio ,of about 5,750.000 l.nnc"
In the ssilra of chocoliitc and con-
deui'i'il   milk.
lIoRrsnncHM, Dry Tliroait, Sore Throat, Hrnncli<al Trouble-*, Coiif-liK, Golds ami Ast_m*»4»i'- *"l"ftse H
Syrup of LInHeoil and Turpentine ts a Cure of Proven Merit.
Thsre are more minister*, singers and public speakers using; Dr. diaWrrSyrtil*. •^Xini-t-iwf artd Turpont
thuu any similar preparation, because it U? exactly -witsd to their; needs'.   Hy taking* A dfttfS of  'th,"Pr,'PX.
tion before going on the platform they tool certain of frtjedom from df*-  thtqoj^ hoarseness and throat irr
tion, thnn which there can bo nothing more embarrassing to a sfnger or'speaker. . K,„-,riiial
Besides the annoyance of throat irritation public speakers swm to bo, especially   tmscopMbw.. * to. DT"n'' ,
troubl'   pneumonia and lung diseases, and for this reason it seems wiso to Ijavo ,in   you*- grip   when Ipa    £
homo a bottle of Dr. Chaso's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine, which is beyoiid all doubt tho most ihorous,
ly effective treattnont for bronchial and lunrg troiiblcs that'is to be obtain ed* ' '
Dr. Chase's Syrup of
Linseed and turpentine
aids expectoration, clears the throat airsi air pasrw-Ros, soothes and quiets the   nerves   which combo   ™"J\'"£
ansl thoroughly cures all throat and bronchial troubles.   There are other preparations of Linseed ann       ' m
line put up in imitation of Dr. Chaso's.   Bo sure that the portrait and eltjnnturo of Dr.  A.    W. ChosoJV      _
tho bottle you buy.   25 cents a bottlo :   family size, three times as much, 60 cents.   At all dealers, or i-
son, Bates A Co., Toronto. ti  i
The Prill.
 » il     'M »   i  si'    '. -—»
SI.OOAIf.   mifo-i-Sfi   'COLUMB.tA/
Trass.action   In   Whieh   Strahlassse
Was Mot a Haiidleap.
"There Is a small cronseyed boy living
in tills city who. if he doesn't lose his
life through just retribution will grow
np to become a great financier," declared
Jones. "For some time my wife has possessed 8 yellow purp that has no earthly excuse for living. Bnt she thinks that
he is the finest dog in the city and spends
most of her time' bugging him and kissing his dirty little nose. Finally the dog
worship became so unbearable to me that
I resolved to end the nuisance. Chancing to meet a small crosseyed hoy one
day; 1 said to blm:
" 'See her, boy, do you want to earn a
dollar f
" 'Sure,' said be.
" 'Well, then,' aoid I, 'you go np to my
house, watch your chance and steal the
yellow cur that you will find hanging
around there. When you get him, bring
bim down to my ollice and get your dollar.'     I   ->
"Within two hours the boy was back
with tbe cur tied to a rope.
" 'What wilt I do wltb him, boss?' ho
ssked after I paid him.
" 'I don't care,' I auapped, 'drown him
If you want tor
"That night I discovered my wife In
tears, nnd I was informed between sobs
thai poor, dear Utile Fido wos mi-suing.
Tbe next day sbe hod so advertisement
Inserted in all tbe papers offering $10
for his return.' Tbe third day she met me
Joyfully at the dour and announced that
Fido hod been found: *
" 'Where?' I atskinl, concealing a groan.
" 'A little boy. brought him bock,' sbe
answered.        '
" 'What kind of, a boy*** I asked suspiciously.
" 'A small cros»sey*.l boy with the most
hone t face tbat I ever now on a boy. I
gave him $10, it being all I bad, and told
him if he 'would go slowu and see you
that i knew you would be glad to odd
$5 to it.'
"But tbe boy didn't show up. Ao a
matt, pof fact, I hnsln't the -slightest Idea
be wonld, 1 tvouklu't tuiuii >*iviug bin
$5 if he would call."
Al-WAYS ON HAND.—Mr Thomas
H. l's.rter, Isower Iialnnu. P. Q., writes :
'My Min, IH mouths old had vruup ao bad
tbat nothing gave him relief until a
nel*' isor hrounlit -n n tomo ot 1)K.
TIIOMAfl:   KCLEUT1UC   OIL, whieh I
fave lilni.-snd in tJx hours he was owed.
t Is the best medlelne I ever used and I
woul.l not be without a bottle ot it In my
housss."      '■■_
Ssuiietiiiifs *a man Is judged by his
ivpi'eiiianfe^ .and,."! sometimes by his
He portability is csbntagious, but
folk* can't always catch it when
ths>v want .It.
they want \\.
the Isest.
Matthias Foley, Oil City, Ont.
Joseph Snow, Norwsyt Me.'
Rev. R. O. Armstrcmg, Mulgrave,
N. 8.
Chns. WooUm, Mulgrave, N.' 8.
Pis rrc Landry, senf .,• Pokemoiiche,
N. 11.
Thoin)"f*%ttMrO| ShofBold, N. B.
There is a dull sort ot a nmn who
lis-conn-i promment in spite of tho
fun inadu of htni.-     -    . ••
IVee and easy expectoration Immediately
relieves and frees theThroat and lnngsfram
viscid, phlegm, ond a medicine that pro*
motea this ia the be*t medicine to use for
cooghe «skis, inflammation of the lunge
and all affection* ot tbe throat ond chest.
Thi* Is weciWr 'hot Bickle's Antl don-
nunptlvtf Synrn is o speeiflo for, snd where-
ever used I than given Onbonnded Sfftisfoo-
Uon. Ohildret*-likslt because it Is pleasant,
adalts like, it boesttse it relieves and cares
If « girl marries a poor man, it is
strangtj hovr soon'her old friends for-
g.'t hia naints.     „ :•■
Mr.T. 3. Humes, Columbus, Ohio, writes I
"I have been afflicts d for tome lira-' wltb
Kidney-end Liver C-umplainte, oni find Par
melee's Pills the beat medicine for these di-
Th so pills do not cause pain or
grilling, andi-hisuld ben-el when aouthartio
ia rs quired. Tbey ore.Gelatine Coated, and
•foi.od in the fliour of Licorice to preserve
their purity ..and give them s pleasant, ogre*-
ablt taste. , C
Slight jao mam because of his poverty, anil esteem no man be.*aune of
his wealth. , •     f.  .-■
The Amazon and ita tributaries
hold the .record among rivers of pos-
eompartihalil, was forced - to associ-
Hessiug 2"*,000 inilea. of-water suit-
niils' for steam navigation.' The area
ihs river tlrui-.ia lal two-thirds that of
I'm ope. IK.*
Don't Gf*s Blso V».
Don't give up a bad boy or turn against
hlin liecausejhe la bod. If your parentage nnd surrounding" had' been the same
as Lis perhaps yo'u would have been bod
too. He may not be altogether bod.
Olvo Mm another trial at least. Put
yoniselt to the trouble to do o favor for
him und, do tt M(it'i an'earnest, loving
spirit. In many coses this will ,win
•dm. nnd whcii once yon have won him
i'o la true until di*atb.""lf your first effort
'o win "him dtea pot succeed; try again
•nd again. You will get nearer to him
"•iii'h lime, and os his associates come over
»<*• you he wlH be dfnwn nearer snd nearer:-^piithyteiXern'Btihool Joi'rna)
V S.     tf-M      I Ins i
Appreciative. -* *
"You ha-icft; a ftrro pedigree," said
the America"! mu-!ti-_lilionnire . Co
the nobf—•:--
''Yos,■^il%a^,$e nonchalarit answer. , **■
"And -f WaJh1*to"»telI you 1 appro-
""lalo such things. If there Is any-
ll*Jng I tako an InteroBt in it is a
Pedigree, "Why, when I was yoiing-
er 1 could go to the races and tiuiiic
over tho ancestry of every horse at
the track."
In tijc centre of Liverpool thus-*, is
ono large ropf garden. It forms tho
hob.iy of a lady.-who has at present
in successful cultivation currants,
gooseberries and a fiao show of outdoor flowers, besides exotics in a
•-eonhouse. The eartfo was taken up
to the tiles by means of a lift, and
the garden is efficiently drained and
free from despoilers.
■=—-s—.■•■■■ ... ..... ,—__,__
Cures Coughs and Colds
at one--* It has been doing
this for half a .century. It
has saved hundreds of
thousands of lives. It will
save yours if you give it a
chance* 25 cents a bottle.
If after using it you are not
satisfied with results, go to
your druggist and get your
money back.    ....
Write to S. C. WKU3 &'Co., Toronto,
Can., for free trial bottle.
Kerfs Clover Root Tea corrects ib« Stomach
Sven Hedin, the explorer, reached
Chnrkhilh, in tho heart of China, last
April,without hearing of the ttoubles
In tht eastern part of the empire. He
found the Chinese polite und obliging.
Lifo Often Made a Burden   Through
Nursing a Cross and Fretful Baby.
All babies should be good nuUircd;
wull babies, if there is no outward
reason for discomfort, are always
good-natured, and yet now many
mothers permit themselves to be thorough y worn out caring da/' and
night foi a sick, cross and fretful
bab-/, when a little care and foresight would remove all ' tho tn uble
and make both mother und baty
happy. The little one's suffering and
crosinees may be caused by any one
of thu numerous ills that make taby
liv-js a misery to themselves and a
constant source of worry and disi-rm-
fort ts. the moth?r, such as colic,
worms, indigestion, constipation, the
irritnti'on accompanying the cutting
of teeth; etc. When baby is cmss do
no'., if you value your child's future
welfaic. give it any of the so-called
"soothing" medicines, as they only
stupe/ and deaden without removing thu cause of the trouble. What is
needed is a simple, vegetable com-
po'inrl such as Baby's' Own Tablets,
whicli reach the root of all Iho minor
ailments of little ones, making them
well and happy. The beSt proof of
this is the high praise all mothers
who have used this medicine award
it. Mrb. W. 8. Beaverstock, Church
street. Brockville, says : "I haw used
Baby s Own Tablets in my house
for several years and know of no
medicine for little ones thut can
equal them. When my baby was
teething she was restless, cross and
peevNh and I could do very little
with her T gave her the tablets and
they quieted her when other medicines disl no good. 1 When baby was
troubli".i with constipation Uie tablets always gave prompt relief, but
abovo, all things I think lln*y arc
ino-it excellent in indigestion ; she
voit.iti\! a great deal, was very cross
and would scream with pain, and I
had to get up with her many times
during the night. No matter how
much shss ato she kept growing thinner. U waa then I began tb.3 use of
the tablets, and she grew plump and
fat, and 1 had no further trouble
with Iist at night. I can recommend
the tat lets to any mother who has a
sickly, cross or ' fretful baby, and I
am sure she will never bo without
them again." Baby's Own Tablets
are Basil*,' administered, and dissolved in walor can be given sufiiy to
tho youngest lnfunt. If your druggist doc;* not keep them si nil 25
cent? to tho Dr. Williams Medicine
Co , Brockville, Ont., and a bs'x will
be si nt you by mail, |>os*t paid.
\ woman in love Is moro or loss
foolish, but she never finds it. out so
long as tho man is good to her.
Minart's Linn-fleet Cnres Distemper.
Ever,*, where religious orders ore on
thsi increase. In Belgium, fur in-
stoics*. in 1846 there were TVU con-
von's and monasteries, with lli.OOO
Instates In WOO the "lumber had
Increased to 2,200 convents and nion-
asteriei, wilh 37,000 inmates.
W. 8now * Co*, Sy*mc_oe. K. '»*.»'«!'
Plaaaesend ns ten Bros* of pll's. "eats
Sn-S mo?, of Pamele.'. Pills than mn,
other pill we keep. They have a great reputation for tho cure of Dyspepsia and LIrei
•Complaint." Mr. Charles A. Smith, Lind-
™ writes "1'armeieVa Pills are an eic-oi-
Cn mXne. My ai.ter has been -cabled
with wvere headache, but tbese pilh> hove
owed her."
Everv man may have his price, but
tha market is apt to bo ovorstdeked.
The ngc of the whale is ^Vtilated
according to the number of aatoM.
or layers of the whalebone, which
increaw yearly. From th.se indlca-
U0M ag« of 300 to 350 years have
betn assigned to whales.
No Epidemic ln the Last Quarter of
a Century Has Carried Off as
Many People as Annually Fall
Victims to Consumption.   .
L'Avenir du Nord, St. Jerome, Que.
Throughout Canada much alarm
has been felt during tbe past few
months at the outbreak of smallpox
that has occurred in various localities, and thousands of dollars have
been exrpended-and rightly so-in suppressing it. And yet year in and
year out this country suffers from a
plague that claims more victims aa-
nually than have been carried off by
any epidemic during the past quarter of a century. Consumption—the
groat white plague of the north-is
more to be dreaded than any epi-
do ic Ita victims throughout Canada are numbered by the thousands
dcraie. Its victims throughout Can-
annually, and through its ravages
bright young lives in every quarter
are brought to an untimely end.
Why V There aro two reasons, the insidious character of the disease, and
the a'.J too prevalent belief that
those who inherit weak lungs are
foredoomed to an early death and
that tho most that can be done is to
give the loved ones temporary relief
in thc journey towards the grave.
This Is a great mistake. Medical
science now knows that consumption,
when it has not reached an acute
stage, is curable. But better still, it
is preventible. Sufferers from "weak
lungs who will clothe themselves
properly, who will keep the Mood
rich and red, not only netd not dread
consumption, but will ultimately become healthy, robust people. Among
those upon whom consumption had
fastened its fangs, and who have
proved the disease is curable, is Mr.
Ildcgs: St. George, of St. Jerome,
Que. His story as related to a reporter of L'Avenir du Nord. will bo
of interest to similar sufferers. Mr.
St. George says : "Up to the age of
fifteen years I had always enjoyed
tho best of health, but at lhat age I
became greatly run down. I lost
color, suffered constantly from headaches and pains in the sides; my appetite left me and I became very
weak. For upwards'of three years—
though I was having medical treatment—the trouble went on. Then I
was attacked by a cough and was
told that I was in consumption. Then
thu doctor who was attending me ordered me to the Laurentian Mountains in the hope that the change of
air would benefit me. I remained
there for some time, but did not improve, and r?turned home feeling
that I had not much longer to live.
It was then that my parents decided
that I should use Br. Williams' Pink
Pills, and I began taking thsjm. After using several boxes my appetite
began to return, and this se.-med to
mark the change which brought about
my rsscovery, for with the improved
iipps-tite came gra-asa*. but surely increasing strength. I continued the
tis.* of lhe pills, and daily fell the
weakness that had threatened to end
my life disappear, until finally I was
again enjoying good health, and now,
as tho.se who know me can see, I
show no trace of the illness I passed
through. I believe Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills saved my life, and I hope
my statement will induce similar
suffercs to try them."
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills make new,
rich, red blood. With every dose the
blood is strengthened, the quantity
increased, and thus the patient is enabled not only to resist the further
inrortd of disease, but is i-oon re~
storn! to active health and strength.
If you are ill or weak, or suffering
from any diss*aEe due to poor blood
or weak nerVes, take Dr. Williams'
Pink Pillc: at once, and they will 8«"*on
make you well. These Pills are sold
by all dealers in medicines, or will
be sent post paid at 50 cents a box,
or six boxes for $2.50 by addressing
tho Pr. Williams' Medicine Co,
Brockville,  Ont.
Sipiioritoa Teresa Laborioli is the
lirst woman lawyer in Italy. She has
passed her examination with honors,
but, as she docs not desire to advocate th.!1 "new woman" she determined not to practice.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury,
nn mercury will surely destroy tho sense of smoll
mid >-iiiii|iliiti.'ly doxange tho wholo sytitom when
etiloriistf it tlsroiiKn tho mucous surfaces. Such
articles should novor bo used Mcoptsin prescriptions 'rom roput.ibla physicians, as the damage
thoy rtill do is tenfold to the pood you sjan pos-
ibly dnrivo from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
mssnufuctured by V. J. (Tioney * Co.,Toledo, O,
contains no mersMiry, and li taken internally,
acting directly upon tlio blood and mucous surfaces of tho system. In buying Hall's Cntar.h
Curo bosuroyou getthogenniiio. It is taken
Intornally.audmndein Toledo, Ohio, byF.-J.
Chonrsy * To.   Testimonials f ree.
Bold l>*s Druggists, prieo 75c. per bottle.
Ball's Family Pills are tho best.
| Champagne has 12.2 per cent, of
alcoho', and gooseberry wine 11.8
pur cent.
There Is nothing equal to Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator for destroying worms.
No article of ita kind has given such satisfaction.
Tin) largest of flying" birds is the
Onlifoinian vulture, or condor, meas-
urim* from tip to tip DV4 to 10 feet,
and oxceeding considerably *ih size'
the true condor of South America.
The bird lays but ono egg tuch season, large, oval, ashy green, and
deeply pitted.(   , ■, .  •
— 1    ' I    hi   <—•    •
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Bv using compressed air In the
blowing of glass a •Dresden inventor
has discovered a method of manufao
ing glass vessels of unusually large
size, such as bath tubs and keLllea.
A Mlee Story of the Prlaee.
M. A. P. tells tho following pretty
story of our recent royal guests: "I
hear a pretty story of the Duke and
Duchess of DorswaU and York, who,
walking in the country near San-
dringbam a few days before the beginning of their present Journey,
came across a woe-begone little boy
sitting at the roadside crying bitterly. The littlo chap, on being
questioned sympathetically by the
Duchess, sobbed out that ho had lost
himself. A little further cross-examination 'showed that the youngster
lived in a village about a mile distant, and tho Duko and Duchess determined to see blm home. But as
the child was evidently tired out,
the Duke stooped down and told him
to clamber on to his shoulder.!, a
fsjut which, with the Duchess' help,
ho accomplished, encircling the Duke's
nock with Iiis chubby arms and
spreading his small legs across the
royal buck. In this fashion he was
curried triumphantly across the meadows and down tho lanes till tho village was reached, to the amazement
and delight of the mother and her
neighbors at such a restoration. Bo-
fore leaviug the visitors extracted a
promise from the women that the
hero of this royal pick-a-back thould
not havs the 'Bpanking' he possibly
A French court has awarded damages to a railway passenger who,
while travelling ih a second-class
compartment, was forced to associate wilh third-class passengers who
were put into his compartment because there was no room in Uio Ihird
class carriages.
A lady writ, s:   "I was enabled to remove the a mi., root and  drsuoh. by the
nseof Holloway'a Corn   Cure"   Others
who have tried U have the isioe eiperl
Tf a man does one bad act and it
Is found out it casts a shadow over
a dozen former good ones.
Malaria continues to be a greater
scourge of the British army in India
than any other fatal cause.
Hliaia's Linlfent Cora Garget la dm
A more, or lees fair cyclist, known
to punch, met a harm laborer ln an
English lane.   Said she :
'"Can you direct me to Higham Up-
ley, please ?*'
"You've only got to roller yor nose,
miss," said he, "but you'll lind it up
'11 v/oik !"
Tlsere seems to be more than one
way o'* saying that a nose is " tip-
tilted likt the petal of a floww."
Testifies to the Powers of the Famous Dodd's Kidney Fills—Cured
of Backache Like Thousands More
Spreads the Good Work Among
His Friends.
Oak Lake, Manf, Nov. 25.—Frank
Colleaux, of this place has turned
missionary. A conscientious sense of
duty has impelled him to spread a
certain good work among his friends
and neighbors. The work in question
is tho work of Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Soma time ago Mr. Colleaux was
cured of Backache. He had it for
years. Though he didn't know it,
his kidneys were affected, and it was
his kidneys that caused him such
But he found relief. He did more,
he found a positive cure. He read
that Dodd's Kidney Pills curo Backache. So they do ; they've cured
thousands of cases of it, simply because they act on the kidneys with
such splendid effect and thus get at
the cause of that* fearful disablement.
So Frank is spreading the good tidings among his friends as fast as he
can. If he meets a man suffering
with backache he tells him right
straight what is really the mattrr
with him and recommends Dodd's
Kidney Pills. In this way ho it- thc
means of helping many a poor victim cf Kidmey Disease who might
nov.-.r have understood that in Dodd's
Kidney Pills he has a sure escape
from Ii'.s allliction
"lt givi*a me a great amount of
plow ure," says Mr. Colleaux, "to re-
con meni' Dodd's Kidney Tills vo all
my ni ighbors and friends. I can testify tss their excellent curative prop1
art ies for Backache because two
botes cured me."
Tha steamer W. L. Brown, out of
Duluth, mado a record season. She
carsiiil 5,780,000 bushels of wheat in
twenty-two cargoes.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds. Etc.
'"So your name is Paddy 0 Nam.
Are you skilled ?"
"Am 1 phwat ?"
"Are you up In your occupation ?"
"No. Oi'm down. Oi'm a coal miner, sor."
Good for Bad Teeth
Not Bod for Good Teeth
Sozodont • • 25c
Sozodont Tooth Powder 25c
Urge Liquid and Powder 75c
HALL & RUCKEL. New York.
Onr Mr. Hatcher la now in the aast nolns*tlnij a stock of pianos and organs for holiday*]. Among; Ida soloctissn will ben large uusnber of tha latest styles of the WILLIAMS' PIANOS* fumed for tlsoir pure, fssll and lasting tone. Our now stock will UC
gin to arrlvo about Dm. 1st and it will be woil for those interested to cull early Out-
of-town customers will receive our bent attention and all enquirlsu will be promptly
answered. We send calulogaa and price list on request, We handle several different
makes of organs and will be pleases] to guoto prices delivered anywhere. We have a
number of good second hand organs antl pianos, in good repair, some as good aa new.
at very low prices,   your credit is good with us, uo matter where jou live I   t   •   ni
Y. M. C. A. Blk. Portage Ave., Winnipeg.
Eldredge "B" "tewing Machine**.
06 &+lo Arto   4sKs /UcMs fifMiiu
Vrv if JUicd/ #<s sC^n>*risi^C4s4s'm
For Sale Everywhere
Try our Parlor Matches.
They produce a quick LIGHT
without any objectionable
fumes.    :■•.•.■.:
E. B. Eddy Co.,
LIMITED,      HU|^
CANADA.       '
Free to Men!
Are you a weakling ? Are you one of those unfortunate
young men who, through ignorance and bad company, have
contracted nervous spells, weak back, varicocele, gloomy
forebodings, loss of courage and ambition, loss of confidence,
bashfulness, despondency and weakness ? Dr. McLaughlin's
Electric Belt will cure you.
Are you a middle aged man suffering from varicocele,
prematureness, indigestion, constipation, rheumatism, lame
back, etc ?    Dr. McLaughlin's Electric Belt will cure you ?
Are you an old map, declining before your time, having
lost all ability to enjoy life, with prostatic trouble, lost
strength, debility, pains aud aches, and general decay of
organic powers ? I can cure you with Dr. McLaughlin's
Electric Belt with free suspensory for weak men.
I will send you, sealed, free, my beautiful book telling
about it if yor will send this ad.    Send for it to-day.
dr. m. v Mclaughlin,
Ollke Hours-
iso Yon** Street,
oa.m. toaaop.M.
We can only by illustration and a word or two of
description in our catalogue,
let out-of-town buyers know
nbout our magnificent selection of rings.
All tbe g-ems are represented.
All the good styles shown.
" Ryrie " Rings appeal
to those who admire riiii-'
beauty, and the large number we sell enables us to
carry a stock lhat allows a
splendid choice.
Ryrie Bros.,
Yoafe and Adelaide SU..
To lease or pnrchaso a Flour Mill or Elevator
or would build if liberal lnduromenta o (teres*,
lis the meantimo nm open to buy 100,000 bushel*
different urrades *A-hoat, nats and ba' li*y.
Apply  J.IMK-. 111)1)1),  Grain Exchaneo,
Late II. A (\ Milling Co., Stratford. Ontario.
AHoway & Uiainpioii
Write lo ns for pricoa of SCRI*"".
Get our List of Lands.
Stocks and  Bonds Bought und Sold.
Wo car*. fnrn:-:!i Iho r-iiiel amount if
Sotip for nny jxtyinotit on Dominion
Lend*.   l)s> not i<t\y oKah.
Ths; moat sovure critics old-fashioned people havo are girls butwtx'n 12
and SO years of ago.
Have you so much leisure from
your own business that you tan take
caro oi that of other people thut
dona no*, belong to you '.**-•T.ircnce.
Flour unsl Grain Merohnnt.,
Room 212 Oram Exclianmo, Wlunipsw.
Wo nro buyers ssf wheat fur December and Jan*
u:sry shipmi-ntfrom western points and in stor*j
Fort William or Duluth. Our Mr. Jamos ll.nlJ
having a lonsr and well establ'shed export Flout
trails., wo Kpociallidosirorsirroispsiiidencowlth
millers. IIODD A ATKIN^O'*.
Doth  Train***.
I.itti** Rdlth luni lii'i'ii very tick, but
wns ciinviili'seeiit. WnkltiR up suddenly
fiml tim11iiu a MrniiKf lady at her bedside,
she iis-ki'sl:
"Are ymi the dostor?"
"No. dear," rsplsd the lady. -'I'm youf
Iraini'il nurse."
"Oil!" i*xilaiiiieil Kslilh. pointing to a
rnjje hnti(.'iii({ near tlie window. "Trained
mirse, 1 ss-t me intrsiiluoe you to my trained
W. N.   U.  No.  354. •WME VttOJL, B-OCA*, »• C, raCTCMBJiK L'O, M01.
li*. - ■
•|rr-*;s'' *;
m. i'
,C. £. SMiTHiiKiNUALE, Editor and Prop.
•8L0CAN,      -      -   .   r•■ ■ . -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
■the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
^ubeecjuent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
00 legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
/or each insertion.
.Commercial Rates mads known upon
Tbe Subscription is %2 per year, strictly in advance; 12.60 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 20th, 1901.
,1 pencil mark in the space
«posite will be an inaica-
n to you that ye editor
^considers there is something
(Coming to him on your subscription. Kindly acknowledge in cash and oblige.
A convention of the Liberals of the
•province hns been called for Vaucou-
*rer tbe last Thursday in January;
Before another i-sue, Christmas,
-with all its attendant joys, will be
-jure. It is with sincere pleasure that
•The Drill, for the second time in its
.career, wishes its readers and patrons
.a truly Merry Christmas, and may
tbey never know what it is to want.
f Tbe Victoria Times announces that
Jot Martin is to run in that city ss
- -the Dunsmuir candidate against E.
V. Bodwell. When Liberals disagree
Joseph may bo depended on to act
pasty to the other fellow. Mr. Mar-
•tin, haven't you sense enough to re-
jinain a corpse when you are proclaimed dead ?
It is pleasant to note the fact that
.many loeal men are finding employ
.■orient at the Arlington, aa the result*
jant benefit to tbe city will be great.
.Apart from tbe material benefits derived, it evidences that the local men
jftre compet.-nt miners and that the
relations existing between the management ofthe Arlington and the citizens is of the friendliest nature.
-That ia as it should be.
Last week's Gazette contained notice of the re-defining of the school
boundaries of Sloean, tho city area
being the only territory embraced,
"The limits aet are in accordance with
the expressed opinions of The Drill
'•Isttt July, and the point then advanced is now applicable: wbat will
J*e done with the children attending
"•the local school from the adjacent
-ttwrhsites of Brandon and West Slo-
jato ?  It Is evident tbey cannot be
-received on the same footing as those
(In, the city, nor hare tbe trustees
-power to levy a school rate on outsid
era.    The incoming trustees may
Jbave aome difficulty in solving tbe
.-question, but some arrangements can
.doubtless be made with the government to meet the situation.
A perusal of tbe postmaster gene
jrala repert for the year ending June
•SO last, throws a strong light upon a
aubjeetthat vitally affects tbe well
being of Slocan.   According to the
^tabulated figures, upwards of $47,000
was sent out from here last year in
,money orders.. If is added to this
iarge amount of money the sums dis
•-patched in postal notes,  registered
letters and express orders, the total
vcash sent out from the city would aggregate close, to $75,000.   That is an
.average of 1160 for every man, wo
sVlto and child in the burg. Of course
.others betides those living within the
.corporate limits did business through
-tbe local office, still the pro rata
amount would remain large.   By far
the greater portion of this money
F/ound its way to tbe coffers of eastern
-•booses for goods that should have
.been purchased here.   Aye, even the
, poor printer has been overlooked in
-the desire to obtain much for little.
What a suicidal policy it isl Can *j"e
4n Slocan hope to progress and thrive
•when the very life of our existence
iiere-vlz.,.good hard eash-is di
verted from its legitimate channel-*
.and paid to enroll eastern grafters
,a,nd tbe express companies, concern*
dthat do not spend a nickel to help our
.xjity'.?   Is it any wonder our business
houees complain of lack of patronage?
Why $75,000 a year would be n
mighty good business for any three
.business houses, especially when it is
Ali cash.   And the pity of it all is:
(folks will continue to do business with
/beje outside p'optjajickeiu
Mike Damico iias become a British
Look out for the Hogan Alley banquet on Christmas.
K. C, Campbell-Johnston spent
Sunday in the camp.
Don't let the old year lapse without
paying yonr subscription.
Flour lias been advanced 20 cents
a barrel by the wholesalers.
The Ladies' Aid cleared upwards
of $100 at their recent bazaar.
Thomas Capparcll, of this city, has
taken out his naturalization papers.
W. H. Forguson and wife returned
Wednesday from a trip to Spokane.
W. F, DuBois was in the city over
Sunday. He intends residing in Nelson.
Skaters have been enjoying themselves on the meadows below the
Pete Schonberg has taken out his
citizen's papers and will become a
A great exodus of townspeople took
place on Saturday to Nelson, all on
courting bent.
Services will be held on Sunday
next in the Methodist church, morning and evening.
A. David, of Sandon, was In the
city during the week, looking after
his local branch.
A new circulating library, in exchange for the one now here, will arrive early next month.
Pete Emerson and wife, well known
citizens of Nelson, formerly of Vancouver, died last week.
Mrs. Bennett spent the greater portion of tbe week in Rossland, visiting
her daughter, Mra. Linton.
A petition is in circulation asking
thc government te repair the trail on
upper Te i Mile next spring.
Frank, Alberto, a new town on the
Crow's Nest section, has been made a
flag station for passenger trains.
.Service will be held ln St. Paul's
church next Sunday, morning and
evening.   W. H. Hedley, ylcar.
Qao. Nichol has been elected president and K. M. Webster vice president of the local Miners' Union.
The Ladies' Aid wish to sincerelv
thank those gentlemen who so kindly assisted at their recent bazaar.
There arc more legal entangle
ments springing from this section
than any other two burgs in the province.
Mrs. R. A. Bradshaw returned on
Tuesday from a lengthened visit to
Toronto. Aid. Bradshaw met her at
The government will appropriate
several hundred dollars towards patting in a trail to the ranches at the
Little Slocan.
All C.P.R. agents in local territory
will issue return tickets at fare and
one third for the round trip on Deo.
23, 24, 25, 30, Jan. 1, good to return
Jan. 3.
Seventeen hotels and restaurants in
Nelson advertise that they do not
employ Chinese in any capacity.
They, deserve every white man's
On Monday night the Sabbath
school children will hold their usual
Xmas tree entertainment in tbe
Music Hall. An exct llent programme
has been provided.
Meurs, Simpson and McAllister,
who both went from Sandon to South
Africa with Strathcona's Horse, are
numbered among tho Mounted Rifles
for active service against the Boers.
In studying whnt to send the.old
folks at home for a Xmas gift, remember that a vear's subscription to
The Drill, sent to their address,
would be about the most acceptable.
Robinson Lumber Co.'s boat on the
Arrowhead-Thompson'* Landing rnn
will in future make ono trip dailv
only, leaving Arrowhead at 10 a.m.',
returning arrive at Arrowhead at 2
The license commissioners met on
Monday and granted all ihe local
hostelrles the necessary papers for
the ensuing six months, with the ex
ccption of the Two Friends, which
was laid over for future consideration.
For rcnt-The Victoria Hotel, in
Slocan; immediate possession. This
hotel is situated in the centre of the
city and has always commanded a
large patronage. Apply to Mayor
York, Slocan, or A. M. Beattie, Vancouver, B.C.
A shooting match for all kinds of
poultry will be held, at the same * lace
as on Thanksgiving dav, from Dec.
21 to 25 and from Dec. 31 to Jan. 2.
Comfortable accommodations for all
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
Slocan,      ' - . .       b. C
J. Mi
a a. sc.
those participating at the matches.
Slo.m & Schonberg.
Mrs. Shatford and Miss Maybee left
for Seattle Saturday morning, being
called thither by the serious illness
of their mother. Ths same afternoon
Mr. Shatford received word of the
death of the lady. He left Monday
morning for the Sound to be with his
wife in her hour of need. Much sym-
fmthy is expressed for the afflicted
Notice to Public.
NOTICE is hereby given that I have
no travelers on the road selling goods for
me, and the public is herewith warned
from purchasing Jowelery, Watches.etc.,
from any person or persons making any
representation to the contrary.
Send your orders, particularly for holiday gifts, direct to me.
Nelson, B.C., Nov. 23rd, 1901.
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Furnlahea Monthly to all lovers of Song
•nd Music a vast volume ot Mew, Choice
Copyright Compositions by tbe cinEt popular authors. 64 Fagea of Piano Music,
hall Vocal, bait Instrumental— -. < Complete
Pieces for Plane—Once a Month fsir as
Cents. Yearl*/Sutmcriptlon, S».oo. Ifvnu
will tend ui tiie name and address of ma
perfonneiton the Piano or Oman, we will sen'*
yoa a copy of tbo Magadna Free.
J. W. PCPPIR, Publisher,
aighth 4 Locust SU., Philadelphia, Pa.
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East for your
Furniture !
We can supply vott in High
Grade Furniture. Carpets,
Oilcloths, and Linoleums, at
lowest prices.
Parlor Suites,
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Iron and Brass Beds,
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Rockers of all kinds; etc.
We handle .everything to
make a home comfortable.
Write to ns for prices.
Nelson. B.C..'
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
iLOCAN, , . p. CJ
PUBLIC NOTICE U henbrglTen to the Electors of the Municipality of tho City of Sloean, that I require the presence of the esld
Electors at the building situate on Lot 9, Block
B, Sloean, 00 the 13th day of January, 1902, at
12 o'clock, noon, for Uie purpose of electing
persons to represent them in the Municipal
Council as Mayor and Aldermen.
The mode of nomination of candidates shell
be ai follows:
The candidates! shall be nominates) in writing!
tbe writing shall be subscribed by two voters of
the Municipality as proposer and seconder, and
shall be dolirered to the Hetiiruiwr Officer at
any timo between the date of the uot ice and 2 p.
m. of the day of nomination;
And in tha erent of a poll being necessary,
such poll will be open on the 16th day of January, 1902, at said building, of which e vcryL idy is
hereby required to take notice and gorera himself accordingly.
The persons qualified to be nominated for and
elected Mayor of such City at the said election
shall bo snch persons as are male British subjects of tlie full age of twenty-on* years, snd are
not disqoaliBed under any law, aud
(a.)   Are at the date of nomination tbe assessed owner of land or real property iu the
City of the value of one thousand dollars
over and above any registered incumbrance, and are other wise i-uniinnst to
vote at such election; or
Who are at tbe date of nomination tlse
sole tenants, in possession ol li.usl or real
property in tbe City of tho valuo ot ts*o
tbosuand dollar* nnder lease In writing
for not less than one year, and are otherwise qualified to vote at such election;
(c.)   Who are at the date of nomination tbe
members of a partnership Arm, or shareholders of a joint stock company, which
is at the said date of nomination the as-
sensed osraer of land or real property in
the City of tbe value of one thousand
dollars over and above any registered
incumbrance, and whose individual interests in said partnership or company
laud is of not less value tuan one tnou-
sand dollars.and are otherwise qualified
to vote at such election.
Tbe persons qualified to be nominated for and
elected as Aldermen of such City at the said
election, shall be such persons as are male British subjects of the full age of twenty-one years,
and are nut disqualified under any law. aud
(a.) Are at tho date of nomination tbe assessed owners of land or real property in
the City of the value of live hundred dollars over aud above any registered in-
cusnbrauce, and are otherwise qualified
to vote at such election; or
(b.) WI111 aro at tho date of nomination the
sole tenants in possession of land or real
property in the City of the value of one
tliiiiiMinil ilnlliirs under lease in writing
for not less than one year.snd are otherwise qualified to vote at suds election;
(c.) Who are at tbe date of nomination the
members of a partnership firm, or shareholders ssf a Joint stock company, which
Is at the said date of nomination the as-
sensed owner of land or real property in
the City of tbe assessed value of five
hundnd dollars over and above any registered incumbranccs.and whose individual interest iu said partnership sir company land is of not less value than five
Isundresl slollars, and aro otherwise qualified to roto at such election.
Given under my hand at tbe City of0loean,
British Columbia, the lttb day of December, A.
D. 1901.
Hotu/uiisg Officer
NOTICE ii hereby given that 60 day*
after date I shall apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works for
permission to purchase 40 acres of lend,
more or less, in the West Kootenay district, and described as followi: Commencing at a post about one quarter of
a mile eait of the city of Slocan, and adjoining tbe townsite of Brandon on the
north; thence 20 chains west; thence 20
north; thence 20chains east; thence 20
chains south to tht point of commencement.
Dated thia 17th day of October, 1901
He-opened nnder
the old management.
Kile Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Whero locatsd: Between Springer
and Lemon creeks, north of the
TAKE NOTICE that I, William
Thomlinson, aa the agent for Herman
Clever, Free Miner's Certiflcate No
B38094, intend, siity daya from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certiflcate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Orant
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under 37, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements
Dated thia  24th  day of  September,
Soerplen Mineral Clalas.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the Weat Kootenay district
Where located: Near Robinson creek
adjoining the Rainbow.   .
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGregor, acting aa agent for Thos. Andrews,
free miner*'certificate No.B4o310,intenil,
sixty daya from the dale hereof, to applv
to the mining recorder fore certiflcate ol
improvements.for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must b* commenced
before the issuance of such certiflcate ol
Dated this 17th day of October, 1901.
25-10-01 J. M. McGREGOR
Bammlt Fractional Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Di
vision of Weat Kootenay District.
Where located:—On the divide between Ten Mile and Springer creeks,
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGre
gor, acting as agent for Robert I. Kirkwood, free miner's certiflcate No. 1)59538.
intend, sixty dnys from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder Ior a
certiflcate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of tht
above claim.
And further take notice, that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate ol
Daled this 28th dav of October, 19C1.
8-11-01. J. M. McGREGOR.
Former .custqiaers
The Royal Hotel,
Oar. Arthur Street aad Delaney Aye-owe, •taenia.
Building thoroughly renovated ■mrw t i**i
and re stroked with the best JProprletor*"
Fruit, Confectionery, TSaxTo
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right
Stoves!  Stoves!   Stoves!
Just look np McCallum & Co.'a auortment of
Heating Stoves,   for either coal or wood.
Prices, from
Steel Ranges from      - •
This le the beet assortment of flrst-olsss
•toves that ever came te Slocan. Tbey burp
any kind of coal. Call around and aatUfy
yourself and we will do tbe rest.
$16 up.
McCallum & Co.
General Hardware, Slocan.
Agents for Crow's Nest Coal; price delivered, $6.25 per ton.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
The Muroutt Branch
Meets the second Thursday ineach month
at 3 p.m. Neit meeting in the Presbyterian church. All meetings open
to those wishing t: join.
Miss E. Stocuhton, Mm.M.D.McKu
. President. Cor. Secretary.
Black Mess Mineral Vlalsa.
Situate in the Blocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—Three miles north
east nf Slocan City.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Francia J.
O'Reilly, of Silverton, B. C. as
agent for George Brine, free miner's car
tificate No. B62242, iatend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated thia 4th day of November, 1001
8-J1-01. FRANCIS J. 0'BEU.LY
You Can Make
tl Striking Effect!
By wearing a perfect fitting Suit,
cat in tbo latest style and elegantly
trimmed. Such caa be purchased
1 1
1     J^M
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
■oar tho Posto-ce.
per annum.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Sloean, R C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses (or
hire at reasonable rates.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,      -      -     B. C.
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
Slocan City Im' lot
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets every Wcdnesdnv evening
In the Union*Hall. Slocan City, at
1.20 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Cnll and see our dlsplsy
orXmns goods, including
nlso an elegant line of
China ware, whieh we are
selling at cut   priises.
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
for $18.25.
Why be without a range whet
you can get one so cheap? The*
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These rangti
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
Notice to DeliuautttCo-owner
Te Thomas Henderson, or to any persea
or persons to whota ho -nay have tries*
(erred iiis ono third ■*#) interest ia
the Lone Dutchman mineral claim
situated on  tho last south fork of
Lemon creek, in the Slocan City mis
in"-* division.
You are hereby nottfed that I have
eipehded.tlieeu.nl of ono hundred ami
two dollars aad fifty cents in labor aad
impror'euiente on tho above meisticned
mineral claim, in order lo bold said mineral "claim under tho provisions of the
Mineral Aei; and if within BO daya frera
the date of tbie notice you fail, or refuse.
to contribute your proportion of such ei*
pendilure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in  said slsim
will become tha propeity ot the subscriber, under section 4 ol y Act entitled
"An Actto amend tho Mineral Act.lOW"
Dated at Slocan, this ltth day of September, A.D. J901.
50-0-01 HfiJUtY REICH ART
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To A. E, Hillman, or to any person
or persona to whom ho may hsve
transferred bis one-quarter interest in
the Great Northern mineral claim.sitn*
etod at the head of the fifth south fork
of Lemon ere k, Slocan City mining
You aro hereby notified that we have
oxpended the sum of four hundred ana
ton dollars in labor and general improvements upon tlie abovo mentioned
claim, in order to hold said mineral
claim muter the iirovie ona of the Mineral Asi, and if within IM) days from the
date of tJiis* i.oiii •* you full or refuse to
cotitrlliitta your |,ro|sortiou of such si*
|s#nsliiuni, together with ail costs of sd-
vdrtulay, yuur In IS rest in said claim
will liri'isHiss tin. property of the sub*
►jiiriiiots, under section four of an si't en*
titled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1.H.VI."
Dntp.l this Snd 'lav of Ps-*s.s*iiib<'r, 1MI.
!'-I?-H      T. lit KNfJH, B. II KTCfniW
Holiday Exoursion
Fare and one-third
Bound Trip.
FOR CHRI8TM ASi Ttelceti on sale
Dee. 38, 24, 2ft
FOR NEW YEAR'8i Dee. *$0, 31 «d
Jan. 1—AH tickets good to return
till Jan. 3, 1902.
Tourist sleeping cars on Cro*'*
Nestarction leave Kootenay Una*
ing on Tuesdays and Fridays ror W.
Peul and sll US points, via the***
line? Fridays only for Townto, Montreal and Boston.
For time tables, or ra«#i, ■nd J*
eoniplete information call on er write
nearest C.P.R. agent, or*-
J. a CARTER,    B. J* oor LI,
D.P.A., A. 0* £1*.
Nelson. XSS^1
Agent, SlflffAO d»f
%} H-«A-/La--<
Jr1 ,r
*fOL. H., No. 39.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   DECEMBER   27,   1901.
12.00 PER ANNUM,
Arrived In :
100 cases 40 pep oeut. Giant Powder
50 eases 60 " " M
25 eases Gelatine Dynamite, Giant.
60,000 feet Bennett's Fuse
20,000 Al Blasting Caps
8 dozen 5-lb Verona Picks.
l^ifdware Merchants.
"HEALTf«T'--The    Celebrated    -'Health"    Brand.
Wa have a very nice range to select from in the very
finest pure wools, as well as the cheaper grades. We
can save you money. ,
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
8Iocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinney, B. C.
A. YORK <fc CO
Dealers In Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
ra "
Sidewalk Committee Make Their Final
Report— D«y Labor Proven Cheaper
Than Contract-Clerk Foley to Pre-
•Isle at Sehoel Eleetlon.
A short session of the council was
held Monday night, those present being Mayor York,Aid.Worden,Smith,
Nichol, Bradshaw and Woodcock.
A circular letter, dealing with supplies of stationery, .was presented
from Thomson Bros., Vancouver, but
no action was taken on it
All accounts previously presented
were reported correct bv the finance
committee and ordered paid, on motion of Aid. Smith and Nichol.
New bills: John Craig, office furniture, $23.   Referred to finance com
mittce.   Reported on by them and
ordered paid, on motion of Ald.Smith
und Woodeock.
Tbe sidewalk committee reported
as follows: "We, your committee on
sidewalks, beg to report as follows—
New sidewalks built, 814 feet of eight
foot walk, on Main street, from Baty's
hotel to the hospital; 596 feet of six
foot walk, ou north side of Delaney
avenue between Main and Arthur
streets, and on west side of Main
street, from Mr. Shupe's store to the
city hall; TOO feet four foot walk, from
Arthur street along the north side of
Delaney avenue to the bridge; 108
feet crossings, four feet wide; 113 feet
crossings, six feet wido—making total length of walk laid 3331 feet. Expenditures—Hard ware account, $41.*
30; lumber, $417.39; watres. $97.50;
total expense, $556.19. Actual cost
per lineal foot, 23J cents."
Report accepted and ordered fyled
and the committee discharged.
An amendment to the ns'Union
passed at lust meeting regarding the
appointment of J. A. Foley ns return
ing officer was passed, extending the
Clerk's offices bo as to net for the
school election also.
' Aid. Bradshaw nsked to have the
clerk make a house to house inspection of tiie whole city, under thc Are
limit bylaw. Chief Clark will assist
in the operation.
Council then adjourned.
drift, of shipping grade. Word has
been received that thc hoisting plant
has been ordered for the property
and will be here before spring. Sinking will then be resumed in the main
Purohaie Prlee Paid on Another Good
The bond on the Tamarac group,
Springer creek, has been lifted and
the deeds turned over tothe company
and recorded. John F. Holden, the
manager, came in from Spokane on
Friday and wound up the bu iness
with the resident owners, The payment made was 90 per cent, one payment having previously been made.
The full bond called for $18,000, so
that the payment just made represented considerable money.
The owners of tho property were
Con Fielding, George Henderson and
Neil Gething, while tho purchasers
are known as the Tamarac Mining &
Development Syndicate, of Spokane.
One small shipment has been made
from tbe Tamarae by the bonders,
the returns being 172 oz silver and 17
per cent lead. Four drifts have been
opened up on the vein and each is
showing ore, there being sufficient in
sight to more than repay the purchase price.
Mr. Holden has shut down the
Tamarac till spring, when a force of
20 men will be put on. The company
will also build half a mile of wagon
road to connect the mine with the
Springer road. By the lifting of the
bond on the Tamarac an increased
feeling of confidence has been imparted to the camp.
Offers ip-to-date accommodation for the
PuHUc     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
tQETHINO-ac HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
blocan, B. C, is under the
Skillet! ial Personal ttmunt of M Mr,
Who is evem-eady to make life pleasant for those
wb-5tarry within a while with him.	
No Smelter fer Rockland.
Jay P. Graves, who holds the con-
tolling interest in the Rockland group
of claims on Eight Mile creek, has
been credited with the intention of
erecting large smelting works next
;spring to treot thc ores from that
property, thev being high grado copper in character. Writing to a party
in this city from New York on the
subject, Mr. Graves s ys: "it is not
my intention to construe" smelting
works for the operation of the Rockland until; the properties sliill have
lirst been developed sufficiently to
.prove their merits. We expect to do
some prospecting when we arc able
to reach this. Mr. Miner has no interest with me in the Rockland group
of mines."
Is reachedf by any trail or road
that runs* Uo the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Just, pened up in my store, on Main
street a full line of Cents' Furnishings,
Clothing, etc.; also Rubbers, in women s,
menfs Ind children's sizes. All are to be
dispufe d at close margin for cash and one
pricTonly. Orders tafcen for custom
clodki g. All work first-class and fits
Kuan*, teed
St|* t, Slooaxu.
An Unfortunate Hlskap.
! Mre. H. P. Christie, wife of Mining
Recorder Christie, met with an unfortunate and painful mishap Saturday afternoon. The lady, with a
number of friends, was enjoying a
skate on the rivor some distance be
low the city, and, while endeavoring
to make a sudden turn, her skate
caught, twisting her i ij*ht leg nnd
breaking Iho bone sharp off. Dr.
Bentley was in the. party and at once
spliced tho broken limb as well as
possible with the appliances at hand,
and the lady was carried to tho railway track, where a handcar was
procured and tlio victim soon taken
homo. She is now getting along
Struck a Uonania.
Jack Aitchison came down from
the Paystreak, Monday, to get some
assaying done. He and Sid Cooper
leased the claim two weeks ago and
they have been working steadily at
lt ever since. They have taken out
61 tons of oro in that time and it is
all ofi shipping grade. An assay
made on titio oxide, of which there is
a great deal in the ledge, gave $110
in gold, and a general assay gave
$lf>7 in all values. From these returns it is evident tho lessees have
struck a bonanza.
Began'* Alley Banquet.
On December 25,1897, a number of
lonesome bachelors got together and
organized a club for celebrating
Christmas day.   Every year  since
tho society, banded together under
the name of the Hogan's Alley Club,
has celebrated Christmas with a big
dinner and a general jollification.
Each year has seen the crowd of participants cn!*u"g**0,*"*!id this Christinas
was no exception. The spiel, Wed-
nesthiv* night, was held in the vacant
store adjoining the Sloran hotel, and
it was a cracker-jack of a time. Not
a bachelor in the neighborhood was
overlooked si**-"* each was made to
feel that Ctsrislmas held some joy for
him. There was an abundance of
good things provided and not a man
missed his opportunity. Following
the feast came the songs and speeches
rounding up a good evening's enter
tninment. Logan's Alley Club has
made the citv famous throughout the
bills, and it deserves to be perpelu
ateil, because of the feeling of brotherhood and comradeship it so successfully imparts.
X ss, us Tree Entertainment.
The Music Hall held the biggest
crowd in its history on Monday evening, the occasion being the annual
entertainment given by the Sunday
school children. An excellent programme was given by the children,
the various selections going off without a hitch. Perhaps-the most pleasing number of the lot was the fan
drill by the girls> followed by a burlesque by the boys in costume. The
.arrival' of Santa'Cliiiisand the distribution of presents from the heavily
laden tree afforded keen pleasure to
the little ones. The entertainment
was a great success and came as a
fitting prelude to the general Christmas festivities.
Molybdenite Claim Bended.
and shortly after slipped on the ice
and fell on its forehead. It struck
the greund so hard that its neck was
broken by the shock. Bobby is ont
several good dollars over the acci-
Name of Siscspssfsil Scholar* at the Public School.
Following is a list of those scholars
who have been promoted at the public school:—Senior Division—Second
Class to Junior Third—Annie Rae, J.
Wilson, Ethel Lavell, Harvey Montgomery, Flossie Foley. Junior to
Senior Third-Marv Benish, Wesley
Baty, Fred York, Alvin Foley, Alex.
McCallum, Emmet Tutcher. Senior
Third to Junior Fourth—Nettie Bull,
Fannie Robertson. Alice Bull, Nellie
Terrv, Mabel Hall, Gertie Foley, L.
Hall, Effle McVicar.. Junior Fourth
to Senior Fourth—Annie Montgomery
Alma Baty, Florence Forin, Harry
York, Walter Watson, Alex. Nevers,
E. Barber, Alma Ross, Lottie York,
■lennie Foley.
The public closing exercises passed
off smoothly and the teachers had the
satisfaction of entertaining a larger
number of visiters than at any previous examination in the history of
the camp. Dr. Forin and Trustee
McCallum made offers of handsome
presents to the pupils in each divi
sion who had made the most progress
during the term. Two presents were
offered in the junior division, i.e., a
ticket to the skating rink and a pair
of skates, Joseph Wilson and Bessie
Forin being the recipients. Three
presents were given to pnpils in the
senior division, i.e., a skating ticket
and two pairs of skates. Annie
Montgomery,Florence Bull and Florence Forin were the recipients.
Tne Drill deeply appreciates the
following flattering telegram, received as it was in the nature ofa Christmas gift from an appreciative reader:
Rossland. B.C., Dec 24, 1901
Editor Dkill,
Slocan; .
Pray accept my heartiest good
wishes for the coming year.that your
able efforts in the interest of your
rich district be rewarded with great
Chas. Demi-*ster
gineltert Reduce Bate*.
Good news has come to the owners
of silver-lead properties in the Slocan.
A reduction of about 20 per cent in
treatment charges has been agreed
o i by the smelters, to go into effect
on the new year. On the present
basis of $19 "per ton. the new rates
will show a reduction of from $3 to
$4. The reduction made wilt act as
a partial offset to the cut in the prices
of silver and lead.
Lait Year'* Shipment* Were S847 Tone—
A Healthy Kvldence of the Life anal
"Wealth of the Camp-Arllngtea th«
Blgteat Shipper.
Ore shipments for tbe week showed
a further increase, to 120 tons. From
the Enterprise 20 tons went out and
the balance came from tbe Arlington.
The bountiful fall of snow has been
hailed with joy by the teamsters and
has made excellent sleighing. As »
result ore is beginning to come down
pretty lively,the Arlington handling
two cars a day. For the year to date
the shipments from th* division total
6234 tons.
Last year the exports from this di*
vision amounted to 2847 tons, made
np from 10 properties. Following i*
a list ot the shipments • this year to
MI SB. wns.
Arlington.- „   100
Enterprise,.      20
Two Friends	
Black Prince.,™.... „
Bondholder -
Chapleau , ,„.
Speculator ,.
Fourth of July	
"     17
Hade a Good Sale.
W. Harvey secured an option on
Monday on the molybdenite property
of W. Brasch's, ostensibly for English parties. The papers -jail for the
payment of $2000 cash at the end of
three months, or $4f>00 at the termination of flsvo months. Work must
be prosecuted diligently on the pro
Ccrty and no ore will be allowed to
e taken offtho ground. A100 pound
sample is to be sent to the Old Country for analysis-.
Work at the Speculator.
It is expected that after tho new
year the force on the Speculator will
be doubled. At present work is being centrod on the No. 3 drift, whieh
is being pushed ahead under No. 2;
giving a depth of 120 foet. Bunches
of ore are being encountered! in. tbe
Ottawa Strike Widen*.
During tho week the ore chute recently cut on the Ottawa widened
out considerably, there being now
Ave feet of ore in the face of the drift.
The various stringers first met with
appear to have amalgamated into one
big paystreak. It is all of shipping
grade, a general assay this week
giving upwards of 200 oz to tho ton.
Tho Ottawa ia one of the show properties ot'the cntnp nt present.
Joe Dearin, who owns one of the
best ranches in the valley, has sold
out his holdings to II. Beck, section
foreman on the C.P.R. Tlie purchase
price i; $5000, $3000 of whioh was
paid down and the balance in two
years. The ranch is a good one and',
is a money maker. Dearin lias-done
well out of his holding.
Snowallde* at Neepawa.
Snowslidcs aro giving some (rouble
at the Neepawa, a number of small
whizzcrs having come down th it-
week. One came down Monday and
buried the workings for three hours,
the men having to dig their way out.
Ore is being taken out from the chute
near the top end of the propcrtv.
The' Hewett. Four Mile, gave it*
men a lay-off till January 3.
The Enterprise concentrator is running regularly, thc day shift alone
Ore from tho Hewett, Four Mile,
commenced moving freely, Tuesday,
so that now  its shipments will be-
A quantity ef 6te from the Iron
Horse has been sent to Pittsburg to'
some of tbe| beatT* men in the company.
3. Norman, manager of the Transfer, is spending his holidays in Spokane. He v ill be- back early next-
A beautiful specimen of ore was*
brought down from thc Ottawa on
Friday. It was a network of native
. The Slocan is handling a lafxt
quantity of ore from the Bosun. Th*
mine is keeping up a steady output of
100 tons a month.
J. J. Fluetot's interest in the Manhattan croup, on the south fork of
Kaslo, is offered for sale by the sheriff, to satis''y a debt of $994.75.
The government has promised assistance towards the construction of
thc wagon road lo the Republic.*
group, to be built in thc spring.
Ore sacks were sent np to the Neepawa last week and are being tilled}
from the paystreak recently encountered, A shipment is to be made at
an early date.
An appeal has been entered in the
interpleader action of Balfour vs McNaught, affecting a quarter interest-
in thc Hampton group    It will be
beard in Victoria on January 7
On Saturday night came the long
looked for snowstorm, giving excellent sleighing. Sunday evening,
however, a* heavy thaw and rain set
in, quickly demolishing the fleecy.
Tuesday inure of the beautiful tame
and everything is lovely.
Pessallar Accident.
; A peculiar accident happened to a
packhorse belonging to Bobby Allen,
Friday morning. It had been loaded
up preparatory to going up thc creek,
At the Iron Horse.
Surveyors are engaged at the Iron
Horse running the lines of the property for a crown grant. At the
mine the working force is employed
timbering up the shaft. Tho raise to
thc surface from thc drift has- been
completed. Everything abeut the
mine is in fine shape.
Ths, "Fas,sous 34."
The "famous 34," who were struck
off the revised municipal voters' list,
have appealed to the county court,,
and their case will come up before
Judge Forin, at Nelson, on January
6, W. A. Galliher, M.l\, will appear
ibr the brigade.
During November thc Whitewater
mine milled ('400 tons of ure,. producing Grid tons of concentrates. Returns
from thu smelter amount to $13,000.
Approximate profit oil' tho mouth's
working was «?200U,
Moro men have Keen put on at both
tho Last.Chance, and.Payne.
Appended is a complete list of the various* records registered at the local registry office, II. P. Christie being raining-
Dec 13—Berkshire, Lemon creek, W E-
I)ec 17—Monument No 2 fraction,Northern Pacific, Grand Trunk, Great Western.
20—Monument No 2, Monument No 3.-
Dec 20-Tamarack No 2, Falls View-
No 2, Tamarack Traction No 2, Con E"
Fielding, Robert Q H-MidorBon and C BS
Gothing to John ¥ Holden.
Struck Some Ore.
J. M. at, Bencdum and W. Smith'
arc working on the Queen Fraction,,
situated on the lnkefront below Sil--
verton. Tho claim is owned by New
Denver parties and is held under a
six mouths' bond and option. A small*
chute of clean ore was broken into a'
few days ago and is looking."HtOOOsV
!• 1
l   Hi'"1      "'■
r   if '-ir- •   >•
•, "■:
f I
.1 I
i.* 1
B -J'
CopyrWht 1901 by Thomas P. Mootfort
"I ain't callin no names, Pap Samp-
eon, but I reckon most anybody ort to
Bee through a board If It's got a auger
bole in it"
The men exchanged a surprised
glance, but for a little while no ona
spoke. Finally, however, Hicks broke
the pause.
"Sam," he said, "have yon been seeln
tbat Melviu an some woman doln like
you said?"
"'Thout mentlonln no names, Jake,
I'm bound to say I bave."
"'When was It, an wbar?"
"Ylsteddy evenln, right down bere In
Sim Banks' own piece of timber land."
"Tell us all 'bout It, won't you?"
There was a concerted bitching of
chairs up closer around Sam, and a
bush almost as still as death fell over
the little group. There was little, very
little, of excitement or Interest In tbe
lives of tbe citizens of Possum Ridge,
and wben anything strange or ont of
the common did happen they liked to
make the most of lt and enjoy It to the
fullest possible extent
Then, too, In this instance, they scented something In tbe way of scandal,
and tbat made them all the more eager
listeners. Urn* ipblstlcated and simple
as they were, they possessed that Insatiable curiosity and tbat morbid love of
the unsavory which are not altogether
things apart from the lives of many of
the more cultured.
Sam Morgan, finding himself the center of an eager group who waited with
open mouths for him to speak, felt his
importance, and It was excusable in
him that be remained silent for a little
while to enjoy the situation. It was
not every day he could occupy a position like that and It was very natural
that he should desire to make the moat
But glorying in a triumph, even such
a triumph as that caunot last forever.
So finally 8am condescended to speak.
"I'd ■ been ont a-huntin,," he began
"an, comin 'long up across Sim Banks'
timber land, I felt sorter tired an
'lowed I -nought's well set down an
rest a bit So I tnrned out of the path
an went a few steps ont to that big tree
wbat Pap Sampson told ns he shot six
squirrels out of at one time wben be
was a young feller. Ton all mind 'bout
that tree, I reckon."
They all nodded assent Tben Pap
Sampson spoke.
"It was seven squirrels, Sam, 'stld of
"Yon said six last time you told 'bout
-It" Sam replied. "I mind that most
"An five time before that" Jason
Roberts added. "Lord, I reckon it'll be
eight next time Pap tells that story."
"Waal, don't squirrels nat'rally multiply an Increase?" Pap asked.
"Not dead tons don't" Jason replied.
"Waal, tbar was seven squirrels if
thar was one—I mind I counted 'em
both before I killed 'em afterward—
■even squirrels settin 'long on a limb
all In a row, with all tbelr heads turned tbe same way. I drawed np my old
rifle an tuck aim at tbe head of the
nighdest to me an banged away. Imagine my surprise when all seven of
tbem squirrels come a-tumblln out of
that tree an fell In a pile on tbe ground,
that bullet havln gone clean through
ever* one of their heads."
"An then gone on an killed a wild
turkey over ln another tree," Jason
"Waal, yes, that's alius been my
opinion," Pap admitted, "but thar was
another feller shot his gun off at the
same time, an he 'lowed he killed the
turkey. But as you was a-sayln, Sam,
you tuck a few steps out to tbat tree"—
"An sot down behind It In the shade,"
Bam resumed. "I'd been a-settln thar
'bout ten minutes, I guess—don't 'low
It could 'a' been more'n 10 minutes an
not more'n 16 nohow—an I'd begun to
git sleepy an doze off like wben all to
oncet I heard voices a-talkln. I peeped
round the tree kinder cautiousllke, an
then I see tbat Mr. Melvln an a woman
—I ain't mentlonln no names—a-stand-
In thar a-talkln, pow'ful Interested, him
a-holdln both of ber han's in bls'n."
"What wu they a-sayln?" Hicks
asked eagerly.
"Waal, they talked kinder low most
af the time,-* 8am replied, "so 1
couldn't hear much tbey said, bnt what
I did hear was moughty Int'restln, 1
ean tell you."
"What was It?" Hicks asked, and tbe
others all leaned forward in breathless
eagerness to listen for the reply.
"Waal, In the first place," Sam said,
"I beard Melvin say, It may be wrong,
bat I don't b'lieve It Is; but right or
wrong, I love you.'"
"Lord!" Jason exclaimed. "He was
glttln sweet wa'n't he? Bnt what did
abe say then?"
"She says: 'Don't say tbat You ain't
no right' Then be says, 1 have more
right than anybody else, 'cause I love
you more an 'cause you love me,' an be
•ays, 'Don't you love mer "
"Then wbat did sbe say?"
"She didn't say notbln."
"Jest stood thar an never opened ber
"At first she did, but after while,
wben be bod crowded ber a right smart
an bad aaid to ber, 'Ton do love me,
don't you?* sbe up an says: 'God knows
1 do. It's wicked, but I can't belp It I
love you wltb all my heart an soul.'"
"lord!   Did you ever hear the like?
Say. I bet then he Jest gathered her In
his aims nn kissed her."
"No: be didn't."
"Wonder why. Any woman wns to
tell me, like that, she loved me I'd
shore kiss her."
"Not If she wouldn't let you, I guess."
"Wouldn't sbe let blmV"
"Not much; wouldn't let him tech
ber, only ber bands."
"Wbat else did they say?"
"Didn't make out much they said
after tbat on account of 'em ■vnlkin so
low, but I heerd her call bim Frank
oncet, wblcb shows tbat he ain't goln
by bis shore 'nough name, an toward
the. last I beerd him say be'd done
somethln dretful an waa hldln out from
the law."
Por a full minute Sam's auditors sat
staring at blm in astonishment Tben
Hicks broke tbe silence by ejaculating:
"Waal, I'll be dad gummedl If tbat
don't stump my taters!"
"1 reckon, Jake," Jason said, "Ifs
enough to stump anybody's taters.
Lord! Didxnybody ever bear of anything like It?"
Tbey all shook tbelr beads, and again
tbere was silence. After a little Hicks
"I wondei wbat we ort to do 'bout
"I don't know," Jason replied. "I
reckon, though, we shore ort to do
somethln. 'Pears like It's our plumb
duty, don't it?"
"Do somethln -bout what?" Pap
Sampson asked.
"Wby 'bout puttln tbe law on to tbe
track of tbat fellow an bringln bltn
to Jlstlce an 'bout—well, somebody ort
to tell 81m Banks, I reckon."
" 'Bout puttln tbe law after tbat fel
low-tbat's aU right an I'm willin to
belp yoa But 'bout tellln Sim Banks-
are yon willin to be the one to do It
Jason Roberts?"
Jason made no reply. Pap put tbe
same question to Hicks and Bam Mof
gan and tbe others, and they all shook
tbelr beads. Tben be turned to Tborn
and aaid:
"Jim Tborn, are you willin to be tbe
one to teU 81m Banker'
"It ain't nothln to me," Tborn replied, "an I guess I ain't got no call to
mix up In no slcb matters."
"That's sensible, Jim. an 1 feel 'bout
It Jest like tbe rest of you," Hicks said.
"We ain't none of us got oo call to tell
81m Banks notbln. an the best tblng
we can do Is to keep our mouths sbet.
I tell yoa now. an lt'a a gospel truth,
as shore as Sim Banks ever finds out
wbat Sam Morgan has told us he'll
shoot that Melvin down jest like be
would a sheep killin dog. You mark
my word for tbat"
James Melvin, whose real name was
Frank Shelton, did not go away from
Possum Ridge, as Louisa bad advised
him to do, but he bad tarried on from
day to day In the hope of seeing' her
again and promising himself thut as
coon as he bad another Interview with
her be would take his departure. His
purpose In seeing her again was to
make a strong and final effort to Induce ber to accompany him to some
point tn tbe tu west where tbey
would remain unknowu &pd where, as
be reasoned, tbey could lead sate and
happy lives.
One evening be came In from a long
tramp In the woods, where he bad
gone ostensibly to prospect for mineral,
and found Turner sitting In front of
tbe bouse ln a deep study. He watched tbe old mnn for a little while, tben
called out gayly to blm:
"A penny for your thoughts, Mr.
Tbe old man gave a start and looked
"I don't know," be replied. "That
mought be n good price, and It mought
not I ain't jist ready to sell ylt nohow."
"doing to bold them for a rise in tbe
market, eh?"
"Mebby. Guess I'll offer 'em for sale
'bout tbe time you put your mines on
tbe market. S'pose you found oodllns
of mineral today, didn't your*
"No. I didn't find any."
"That so7   Too bad, ain't Itf*
"Ob, I don't know. It takes time to
locate mineral, you know."
"I see lt does. It 'pears to take time
even wben you don't locate It too.
Reckon you must be glttln sort of tired
of smellln round In the ground tbat
away, ain't your'
"No, I guess not"
"I-ord a-massy, I know I'd be. Yes.
slr-ee! I'd be jist plumb tired out. an
my hopes of flndln anything would be
petered clean down to a whine. Reckon tbat company of rich fellers you're
workln for hain't feelln as good as
they mought"
"Ob. they're all right They never
expected me to strike a fortune In a
week or two."
"Guess, though, tbey mought 'a'
had a notion tbat In smellln round
yere for a month you out. to run your
nose op ag'ln a little bit of mineral,
don't you think?"
"Tbey wouldn't regard a month as
anything In prospecting for mineral."
"Wouldn't theyT
"Certainly not nor six months nor
a year."
"Waal, I sw'nr! Jest lay back tbar
an take It easy an let you smell round
down yere long as you please 7"
"I suppose so."
"Humph! Reckon, tben, I been fig*
gerlu kind of wrong a-settln yerer
"I don't know bow you'vo been figuring."
"Guess If tbem fellers feels 'bout It
like you say 'taln't likely they'd turn
In an send another feller down yere
to Jlne In an bolp you. Is It?"
"Of course not How came yoo to
think of tbe possibility of sucb a
"It come out of me tryln to fit two
ends of a raveled string together."
(To be Continued.)
Excursionsto EasternCanada
Tickets will be on sale at annual
excursion rate of $40.00 commencing;
Dec. 2nd. When purchasing ask for
ticket via—
From  Minneapolis  and  St. Paul to
Four Trains Daily to Chicago
Badger Stale Express leaving St.
Paul every morning, 8.30 (after arrival of Northern Pacific and Great
Northern trains) and arriving Chicago 9.45 p. m.i in ample time to
make through connections for the
For those desiring to stop over In
Minneapolis or St. Paul the evening
trains are available, as follows: —
The Fast Mail, arriving Chicago, T
a. in.
Tha North-Western Limited arriving Chicago 9.S0 a. m.
The Atlantic Express arriving at
Chicago 12.25 noon.
Free  reclining Chair  Cars.
For any further information as to
rates, connections, etc., apply to your
home agent or address Chas. J. Gray,
P. O. Box 1316. Winnipeg, Man., or
A. M. Fenton, Dacotah Hotel, Grand
Forks, .N. D., Travelling Agents, Mn-
tll Dec. 24th.
General Passenger Agent.
The rate this year for the trip
to the old home Id Eastern
Canada and return will be
The best route, for many tess-
ons, la via Minneapolis, Bt
Paul and Chicago. when you
go, ask the ticket agent to send
you that way, and be sure that
your ticket reads via the
No extra charge for seats In
Reclining Chair Car*. Ask your
home ticket agent for particulars, or write to A. L. t*IUE-
MII.I.KR, T.P.A., care Clarendon hotel, Winnipeg, Man., or
Hotel Dacotah, Grand Forks, N.
Geo. P. Lyman, A. G. P. A., St. Pail, Mian.
Tickets on Sale Dec. a to 31
Oood 3 Months
For particular! call on nearest agent
Canadian Northern or Great Northern
Itys., or address
Travelling Passenger Agent,
P. O. Box 1280, Winnipeg, Mas.
M«b Who Named America.
Few Americans are aware of tbe fact
tbat tbe name of their continent Is due
to a German scholar. In 1507 Martin
Waldseemuller, also known as Hyla-
comylus, of Bt Dis, In tbe Vosges,
edited a book called '-Cosmograpbla
Introductlo," in which be gave a translation of Amerigo Vespucci's description of bis voyages.
That was Just tbe time wben Amerigo's fame filled tbe world, while Columbus' disgrace overshadowed bts merit,
and evidently bis name bad never
reached tbe quiet village in tbe Tosges
when Amerigo trumpeted forth his own
glory. So Hylacomyltis proposed tbat,
since tbe new continent was, nfter all,
not a part of tbe Indies, no name would
suit It better than tbat of bis famous
explorer, Amerigo.  .
Tbe book was rend far nnd wide, and
so quickly was thc proposition accepted
tbat, when Utter on tho true discoverer
was known, the nnmo was already
rooted too deeply In general use to
be abolished, and waa even extended
to tbe north part of the continent, while
Iljlnconijius bad only meant It for
the present South America.—National
Geographic Mngnzlue.
Fnngeat Cnmruaiit hy m Pan-cant.
"This," said, tho guisle to the tourists who were going through the
pyramids, "Is tho mummy of Phar-
ooh's mother*, and thi.s one ln the
corner in lhat of her mother."
"Ah, yes," said the wit of the
party, "It Is Plittronh's grimd-inum-
Hut tho guide uHNiimerl a pained
•.repression uud began reading the
The War In Which Malaya Kill
Sharks bv the Tliouisanslis — Two
Schemes For Trapping: Tlgera—The
Python and Hi* PI* Dinner.
If you were handed a fish, a dog and a
atrip of bamboo and bidden to kill a ten
foot shark with these crude implements,
the odds are that you would decline the
unequal contest. Nevertheless the Malaya annually kill thousands of these voracious monsters by this means without
incurring tbe slightest risk.
The method is as follows: The bamboo
is split into a strip measuring about four
feet in length by one inch in width. Having been well charred at each end and
pointed, It is coiled into the smallest possible space and sewed into tbe fisbskin.
The dog is next killed, trussed and his
interior cavity refilled with tbe delusive
Forthwith Jack Shark swallows the
dog at a gulp, and his doom Is sealed.
Three or four days later, when he hna
digested the dog and the fishskin, tbe
bamboo flies apart and gradually penetrates the great brute's side with fatal
effect. It is not pretty sport, but it is
marvelously effective aud absolutely sate.
Were you handed a piece of meat, a
bundle of leaves and a pot of birdlime
you would scarcely feel yourself a match
for a Bengal tiger, but the little Bengal-
ese are particularly successful in catching
Mr. Stripes with these crude Implements.
The meat is first of all tied to the
bough of a tree some twelve feet from
the ground. The leaves, which are tbe
(size of large plane leaves, are next
smeared with the birdlime and thickly
strewn, sticky side uppermost, beneath
tbe bough. Mr. Stripes, perambulating
past, smells tbe bait and makes a leap
for It He misses for the very good reason that it haa been purposely placed a
couple of feet higher than he can reach.
Again and again he springs for It, and
each time he alights upon a fresh lot of
leaves, which stick fast .to his huge feet.
Now ke notices tbem and starts to try
to lick them off, with the result that be
transfers them from bis clawa to his face..
He gets Impatient, the lime gets into his
eyes snd mskes them smart, and he redoubles his efforts, only to redouble the
number of leaves. Finally be loses his
temper snd, half blinded with rage, fear
and birdlime, rolls over and over until hs
looks like a jack in the green. Then,
when he is no longer capable of rational
resistance, the wily native emerges and
jabs him in some vital part.
Sometimes, bowever, Mr. Stripes is dee*
tined for some great menagerie. Then ths
procedure ia different. He Is first of ail
trapped by an ingenious arrangement of
weights and springs which convert an Innocent looking cowshed into a four aided
wooden cell the moment he passes ths
threshold. His removal thence is ingenious.
A tube of string matting measuring
some twelve feet In length by about
eighteen inches in diameter and strongly
fortified with rattans and bamboo is suddenly introduced lengthways into the
darkened cell. Mr. Stripes, who has
meanwhile been stirred up by countless
unseen hands, sees the welcome daylight
and leapa madly for it But although be
has sprung into the narrow tunnel it ia
only to find tbe end safely barred. Be>*
fore be can aay "Jack Robinson" deft
fingers have barred his exit from behind,
and he la sprawling powerless in a
straight jacket which fits bim like the
skin of a sausage. Hia subsequent transport Is merely a question of weight lifting.
The wily Chinaman gets some queer
sport. He is a great fisherman, and his
"tackle" is unique of its kind. His right
band assistants are the cormorant and
the sucking fish, or remora.
This latter atrocity ia a lazy creature
which attaches itself to auy object by
means of a natural sucker it has developed at the back of its bead. Jobn merely fixes an Iron ring In the remors's tail,
ties a string to the ring und drops the
fish overboard. The remora quietly attaches himself to the nearest fish, and
John as quietly hauls la snd out until ths
remora tires of the game.
Hia cormorants are trained from early
youth to return st their master's whistle.
John places an iron ring round the neck
of one and leta him -live for a fish, immediately be has seized his prey he Is
whistled bsck to bis master. The ring
prevents bim swallowing tbe fish, which
John quietly drops into bis own pocket
Tbe process Is repeated until tbe cormorant tires of It Then Jobn tries a fresh
ln certain parts of India where the
snake pest is a terrible nuisance s curious trap Is set for the larger python*. A
small bole a few Inches In diameter is
made low down in a stout wall. On either
side of this bole a young porker Is tethered and left to his fate.
The python speedily spots tbe external
pig and swallows bim. He tben turns bis
attention to tbe Internal animal, which
bo can only reach by wriggling the fore
part of bis body through the hole in tht
wall. Having swallowed the second porker, Ihe python suddenly realizes the penalty of bis piggiabnesa.
Horrible to relate, be Is now much tbs
ssme shape as a dumbbell, the thin part
of which Jnst fits tho aperture through
tbe wall snd the bulging portions of
which, repreacntloe the swallowed imi-k-
ers, effectually prevent him moving backward or forward through the wall. At
this point it is etiquette to help him out
of his difficulty hy cutting him in two nnd
so saving the lives of the liltle pigs. (Jiv*
en a big python, aud this sport can be
.very exciting.
BJornaon'a  Advice.
There Is a story told of Bjonmtjerne
Bjornson tbnt. arriving at a late bour nt
the town of Bergen, which was en fete to
receive him, be vouchsafed to tbe expectant people no liner words of wisdom than
a general recommendation to go to bed.
In vain tbey appealed to him for "song
or sentiment." The great Bismarck, suid
he, -gave the same advice under comll-
tions all similar, and what was good
enough for Berlin must suffice for B01-
Three years later, on visiting the town
for the second time, the master novelist
found s deserted city. Not a light burned
In (be dismal railway station, no banners
waved, no addresses were read by portly
burgomasters. In vsln Bjornson asked
for a cab.
"Tbey bave all gone to bed," was the
reply. And so Bergen remesibered.—
1-smslon Majt	
The Expression "He Took His Life In
flli Hands."    -j
"The expression 'he took bis life ln
bis hands' always struck me as being
very foolish," said a bright young gentleman, "nnd I have often wondered
why so many persons persist iu using
it when tbey want to speak of extraor*
dlnary dangers. Now, extraordinary
danger Is one thing and tbe simple,
commonplace thing of taking one's own
life In one's bands Is an entirely different tblng.
"I work In a big building. Tbere are
A steam engine and a ma tu moth boiler
In tbe basement Whenever I enter
that building, If tbey are running tbe
engine In'the basement I take my life
In my bands. I get on tbe elevator on
tbe fifth floor; I take my life In my
hands. I go out of town; tbe car
may tumble over a trestle somewhere.
I walk along tbe street; a sign may
fall on me. I make my way across the
thoroughfare; wbo knows but what
a street car or a vehicle of some sort
may not run me down? I cross the river; may I not suddenly find myself In
tbe swirling stream and sinking for
the last time? If I walk along the
street may not a brick or a loosened
cornice come crashing down upon me?
There are a row and a shot or two on
tbe corner; may not a stray bullet wing
me?   And so on.
"Pessimism? No. "Logic. That's all.
It just shows the difference between
taking one's own life In one's baud
and the matter of confronting extraordinary danger. These risks sre ordinary, plain, old, everyday risks. The
fireman wbo dashes Into a burning
building to rescue a child, tbe fellow
who grabs the bridle of a runaway
horse, tbe hero who will plunge into
the river to save sonic person who is
about to drown—these are the persons
who confront what, I would call extraordinary dangers, ond the worn
platitude of saying of one of these 'be
took bis life ln his hnuils' would not
fit tbe case because there would be in
the act an element of heroism which
would place It much above the com-
Hew the  Playwright   Had  a  Bit  of
Pun   With   Hla   Mnuncrr.
On one occasion Manager McKee
was watching a performance from a
box, where be was seated with some
During the first act an usher came
to him with the Information tbat a
gentleman was waiting at the door to
see blm on most Important busluess.
"Tell blm I can't come out—I'm very
busy," waa the answer.
Tbe usher returned In a moment to
say that the man Insisted on seeing
Mr. McKee, who again sent out word
that It was Impossible to see blm.
Tbe man outside tben sent ln tbe
message tbat he was an author and
bad a play that bo wished McKeo to
read Immediately.
This Incensed tbe manager, wbo said
to tbe usher:
"Tell tbat fool out there tbat tbls Is
no time to bring a play to be read.
Get blm out of tbe place—I won't see
him.   I won't read bis play."
A few minutes lutcr tbo usher came
back and Informed McKee tbat tbe
man utterly refused to go without seo-
ing him, and that be most be granted
an Interview, also that be was iiultc
sure that tbe manager would not only
read bis play, but be would also produce It and added that be would bet
$1,000 that Hoyt & McKee would be
only too glad to get tbo play.
At that McKee became furiously
angry, and, excusing himself to bis
party. left tbe box with the Intention
of  personally inviting tbo  oersistent
author to begone. ^^^^^^^^
"Where's that Idiot who Insists on
seeing me?" he* asked of the treasurer
at the box office. Then the treasurer
pointed to a man standing In tho shadow with "tr roll of manuscript under
bis arm.
It was Hoyt wltb bis-newly finished
play, which be handed to McKee, who
•aid to those present:
"It's on me—what'll you have, boys?'
Odore Thnt Permeate Foodstuffs.
A lish dealer lu one of the most styl-
Isb parts of New York was deeply hurt
and badly worried oue day by tbe com.
plaiut of one of his big customers that
a fine salmon which be had sent to the
bouse for a big dinner had proved to
be entirely uneatable wben served owing to a most penetrating taste of creo*
aote tbat pervaded It Tbe usb dealer
realized, although tbe charge was not
made directly, that be was more than
suspected of having sold a stale lish
that bad been washed or brushed with
an antiseptic preparation to bide its
condition. He knew that the salmon
hod been perfectly fresh when be sold
It. and for days be puzzled in vain over
tbe problem. But suddenly he remembered that en the day the lish wns sent
out a tank wagon full of creosote had
stopped before bis place and that his
cart. Into wblcb the lish was being
placed, was directly alongside of the
powerful stuff. Tbat appears to bave
been enough to permeate the delicate
fleab of the fish.
Wooes Morpheas With Picture.
"I have found a cure," snld a physician, "for a person who Isn't chronically afflicted wltb insomnia, but who
temporarily cannot sleep, lt Is a curious tblng tbat tbe picture of a person
yawning will almost invariably Induce
'Try It yourself some time if you
come across sucb a photograph. Tor
the life of yon you can't help yawning,
after a moment and persistent gazing
nt the sleepy bead will almost Inevitably serid you to the couch for a nap."—
New York Timet.
For His Rcpntntlon, SBOO.
The proprietor of a large dry goods
store had decided to tear down tbe old
building and erect a new one In its
stead. In furtherance of this plan be
was removing his goods to temporary
quarters In another building.
The goods were nearly all out of the
old .structure when from some unknown cause It caught fire. Tbe department was promptly on hand and
soon bad a stream playing on the
flames, bnt the merchant was wild
wltb excitement Running up to the
chief, be urged blm to greater baste,
"Never mind tbe goods I" he shouted.
"Save the building! I'll give the boys
a check for $500 for their pension fund
if tbey don't let the fire spread beyond
tbat floor!"
"Wby. you're going to tear tbe old
building down anyway, aren't you?"
asked the cblef.
"Yes," be said, "bnt do yon suppose
I want tbe insurance companies or anybody on earth to tblnk that's the reason why it caught fire?"
By great exertion the fire was extinguished wltb little loss bo far as Unbuilding waa concerned, and the merchant was as good u his word.-
Youtb'a Companion.	
A Ss.rs.sst Iia.il to KM.
Few havo any conception of the
vast amount of food required for a
voyage across the Atlantic. Though
tho time occupied by •iteuiuships in
the average voyage from Qucenstown
to New York is only about seven
days, th« vessels aro storehouses of
meat**, groceries and vegetables. The
Steward of ono of ths fastest of these
vessels recently said:
"We sailed from Liverpool *>il"
5*17 mbin passengers and 8*°0 in tho
crow. We B»"J on board when wo
stnrted 12,500 lbs. of fresh beef.
700 lbs. of corned beef. 5,000 lbs. of
mutton. 850 lbs. of lamb, 350 !.*■
of veal. 850 lbs. of pork. There* wero
besido 2,000 lbs. of fresh fish, 600
fowls, 800 ch!c!<.*nH, 100 ducks. 50
gsjcsu, 80. turkeys, 200 braes of
grouse, *15 torts of potatoes, 800
hampers of vegetables, 280 quarts
"bt ■ ico-cream. 1,000 auarts of milk
and 11,600" eggs.
"In tho dry groceries thoro wcrs*
050 pounds of tea, 1,200 pounds of
coffee, i.flOO pounds of white si gar,
750 pounds of pulverized sugar, 1.-
600 pounds of ch.*s>se, :*,000   ptuhdi
21 tjijltter,      8,500  pounds of     hum.
nd 1,000 pssiinds of bacon."
"Coltnel," asked the beautiful gram
widow, "Is your iils-ul tall or short?"
"How can you ask me sucb a question."
be replied, lookiug around to seo tbat no
wit 11 esses were present, "when you are
only medium?"
Tben sho called him a "naughty bo**"
and pretended tbat she believed he was a
flatterer.—Chicago Record-Herald.
• When a child is hungry it cries—give it food It is satisfied—It grows quiet or goes to sleep. Wncn tn°
nerves are hungry they pain, that Is their cry for blood—blood that ts rich and red—that brings them food—
that nourishes them and gives thorn strength, steadiness and rest—no pain is harder to boar. Pain kills some
people—lt wears them out—It saps their strength until it loaves them a mental, physical and nervous wreck.
Nowhere in all its happy rungo are tho splendid effects of Dr. A W. Chaso's Nerve Pood better seen than in
these cases, giving as they do lo the blood all that makes it rick and pure. Strong in its power to feed
those crying, painful nervos back into their natural state again—strong,  steady, qulot and freo from pain.
Miss E. L. Harrison, Laurier, Man., writes :—
" I want to say that I havo been greatly benefitted by the uso of Ur. Chase's Nerve Food. About n .V»r
auo I was troubled with fainting, or, as the doctor called It, "sinking spells." At first they Occurred onco or
twice a month and then became moro frequent until I grew so weak lhat I could not walk up stairs alone.
T was at this time troubled with a cough and was so very norvous that' a knock on tho door, or any sudden
nnlm meant agony to me. The doctors called this nervous prostration, and somo of thorn said I was in a.
decllno I have used five boxes of Dr, Chase's Nerve Food, am able to do my usual work and am aliii»«l
as stromr as I over was.    I havo not had a fainting spoil for six months,and consider myself cured.
Signature ruvd portrait of Dr. A. W. Chose on each box. Price 50 cents at dealers or EX&ian-wti, Ban*
ft, Co., Toronto.
I The Drill.
Honolulu dwellings have a curious
feature in the provision made /or
lighting the extorter as well' as the
interior. Electric lamps aro set. In iho
masonry of the walls, thereby throwing a reflection both inside and on
the lawns, where the residents spend
mos'. of their nights.
Tammy   Wallace'a   Adventure   With
a San  Francisco Banker.
The notoriety of Tommy Wallace testa
cbielly upon bis theft of Toby Rosen-
tlml's painting, "Elaine," while It was oa
exhibition in San Francisco in March,
1875. With three confederates Wallace
got into the basement ef the building in
which the painting was being exhibited
ami. cutting the canvas from its massive
frame, rolled it up and escaped. j
Rs'ttirning to Snn Frnncisco at the ex- j
piration of his term, Wallace one night
broke into the home of a banker. The
family bad just returned from the theater, and Wallace was standing in the
lower hall wben the banker and his wife
suddenly appeared upon the landing
above. Wallace might have escaped by
dashing out of the front door, but this
would have been an exhibition of weakness unworthy of the true burglar such
as lie prided himself upon being. With
.■arc- coolness and presence of mind he
awaited the couple, who, unconscious of
bis proximity, were descending the staircase. When the banker reached the bail,
Wallace emerged from the shadow and
confronted him.
"Who are you?" inquired the banker In
"Silence!" said Wallace In a low voice.
"Tin re are burglars in the house. I sm a
detiTtive in search of tbem."
"My Cod," shrieked the banker's wife,
"we shall all be murdered!"
".Vot while I am here to prevent It,
mnil.nn," replied Wallace, with s bow
worthy of Gentleman Dick. He paused a
nioiiient, then went to thc door and open-
ex) it wide. " indly stand ou tbe porch,"
he snid, "wh I search the house. I will
let .vou know when to enter."
The banker and his wife obeyed the
command and in the next instant they
stood shivering in the cold nlgbt air witk
the 'loor locked behind tbem. Wallace
entered the dining room and was ransacking the sideboard wben a servant burst
shrieking Into the chamber. Disgusted
with this display of weakness, which
threatened disaster, Wallace drew a re-
volver and promptly shot her. This si-
lent oil ber, snd, taking up his booty,
Will ice leisurely left the bouse. The
banker and his wife, alarmed at the
soiii,.I of the shot, implored him to tell
whnt hnd happened. He answered that
tbe lnirglara bad made their escape after
wounding the servant girl, wbo bad fstol-
Ishly attempted to stop tbem. Five years
Intei Wallace was convicted of this crime
and sen ced to San Quentin prison for
twelve . ara.—Charles IJIiich ln A_a>
lee's —agasine.
A woman's whole face is sometimes
saisl to be her fortune, but some men
get   .iirough  solely on their cheek.
At all seasons of the year five
o'clcok in the morning is the coldest
hour of tho 21.
A woman thinks she is becoming
ussil to business when she has learned isi lie suspicious of every man sh<*
s-ii;c:ia Lfniment Cons Garget i: Cowl
A misfit docs not always mean a fit
that  a young lady had.
Ths ro never was, and never will be, a
UDiv.: -al panacea, in one remedy, for all ills
ts s. Inch flesh is heir—iho very nature of
many curatives being such that were the
genua of other and differently seated die-
s :n-ea rootsd in tho system of tho patient—
■.slut would relieve ono ill in turn would ag-
gr.svato the other. We havo, however, in
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
uiiadultoratud state, a remedy for many and
grisniua ilia, By its gradual and judicious
use tho frailest systems arc led into convn-
Icsecnue and strum1 th by the influence which
Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives.
lt relieves the drooping spirits of those wilh
.shorn u chronic state of morbid despond-
sney nnd lack of Interest in lifo is a disease,
uml, hy tntnquliiiing tbo nerves, disposes to
Foun'l and refreshing sleep—Imparls vigor
to tlie action of the blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout the veins,
ttrvngtbcnlng tho healthy animal functions
of tho system, thereby making activity a
necessary result, strengthening the frame,
und giving lifo to tho digestive organs, which
niiturally demand increased substance—re-
•silt, improved appetite. Northrop sfc Lyman.
of Toronto havo given to the public their
►u '-prior Quinine Wino at tho usunl rate,and,
ciugcd by the opinion of scientists, this
no approaches nearest perfection of any in
"i" market.   All drivr.. lists wil it.
'< is not the generous man that
gives you his word and then breaks
Ins promise.
I'nn't worry, thero will always be
triiiiisii. lining*! to go round.
"  is as useful to know what not
*" sny us it It to know what to aay.
Yo\ir Fotith
will be as strong as ours if you try
and ours is so strong we guarantee a cure or refund money,
and we send yon free trial bottle
if you write for it SHILOH'S
costs 35 cents, and will cure Consumption, Pneumonia, Bronchitis
and all Lung Troubles. Will
cure a Cough or Cold in a day,
and thus prevent serious results.
It has been doing these things
for 50 years.
S. C Wsus & Co., Toronto, Can.
Ksrfs Clever Root Tea cam ladlgtstloa
There are   others    than   cornfields
who have cars and hear not.
Even tho selfish man will not   ask
for more than his share of trouble.
I was cured of a bad case of Grip
Sydney. C. B. C. I. LAGUE.
I   was    cured   of    loss    of    voice
T was cured of Sciatica Rheumatism
Burin, Nfld.      LEWIS S. BUTLER.
Outside of the preachers, of course,
most of the people who have conscientious scruples against games of
chance are the ones wbo have bad
UltillLf i OIHEW
a   canadian   product which
Wins much fame at the
great exposition
OF 1900.
Though Not Entered As An Exhibit
Dodd's Kidney Pills Continued
Their Victories Among the Visitors to the Gay Capital—Returned
Canadian Coinniis.4soiu.-r Yells o
Personal Experience.
Toronto, Dec. 11.—(Special)—Mr. J.
G. Jardine, one of Canada's Commissioners to the Paris Exposition, has
returned to his home at 305 Crawford street, this city and is full of
interesting stories of his experience
during his stay in France.
He was impressed with tho superiority of things Canadian when seen
uloiudside the products of the world.
Everything from Canada was "genuinely good," and while in some cases
other exhibits might be more
"showy," none were more worthy.
Mr. Jardine returns, if possible, a
more enthusiastic Ca—adian, and this
is in part at least due to the fact
that'while in Paris he was very much
benefited by the use of that great
Canadian tonic, Dodd's Kidney Pills.
His work was very trying and made
great demands on his health and
strength, but he says :
" During my stay in Paris I found
Dodd's Kidney Pills invaluable, relieving Backache instantly and toning up niy system generally."
Even in medical lines Canadians
abroad have no reason to be ashamed of their country, for no remedy in
the world has ever been so quickly
recognized and given a foremost
place among known curatives as
Dodd's Kidney Pills wherever intro-
The experience of Mr. Jardine with
Dodd's Kidney Pills in Paris, the
home of some of the greatest medi-
red scientists is significant.
He was not alone in his enjoyment
of the benefits of this great tonic,
for many of his acquaintances were
using thc same medicine, among
them the secretary to the Canadian
Commissioner, Mr. Aug, Dupuis, who
is an enthusiastic believer in Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
The unexpected cannot happen   to
the man who is always expecting it.
Minard's Liniment Cores Distemper.
If a girl really loves you she will
sit out the evening in the bark parlor with you rather than put you to
(he expense of taking her to the theater.
Rlrcsft Oar Accident.—Mr. Thomaii Habin
•ay*: " Mj eleven jroar old boy had hli fssot
'""Ily Injured by bolus ruu over by a car on tlio
Mnvi Kniiway. Wo at once commences! bath-
'"tt tho fssot with Dr. Thomas* Kclectric Oil,
*'  tlm discoloration anil Mvollina- was ro-
"'.">'■ I, mid In nine daya ho could una his foot.
»ii ii I ivayi koop a bottle lu tha houso ready for
°"y uiiiorgeooy.''
R'Ty man believes that he ia   an
'xr-'ption to somo rulo or othor.
•Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury,
" "lis.iniiletcljrderaus*
I'i "''"ultthroniihttioi
destroy the senso of smoll
ra tho whola system whoa
.■■■sisu n.o mucous surfaces, ouch
mi, :lis, shimid novor be used except on preeorlp*
lions isn,, rssputislilo physicians1, as tho damme
'''*' ,*'■,• do Istanfuldtathef-ood you far-DOi*
"'V 'I;'' no from them. Hnfl'i Cistiirrh Cora,
•nHnur.ictuwid hy V. J, Chaiioy A Co.,T..lodo, O,
"!" '" ' no mercury, aud ia takon internally,
'" iuu* iliriTtly isiis,ii tho blood and mucous Bur-
!,'""• "f tlio system.    Jn hiiyiiiir Mall's Cutarsh
'in ho sura you set themnuliis*. It is taken
"'"'"illy, nnd mado In Toleslo, Ohio, by F.J.
«L,i"iy,*£0<  Testimonials free.
f"[ Ih.*;Drum-lsts, prloo 75o. per bottle.
«hI1 s l'uniUy I'illa aro the bast,
A "tan Is never so bad that he
'■"»">'' not bo worse, or so good that
nc ""Ight not be better.
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
I N"M""K cools off a married   man's
••'' '" ipilckly as cold breakfasts.
"•"i the doloctlves do not dog a
p™"   '"'insteps    until    they   get a
Parmelee's Pills possess the power of acting
•spocillcally npon the diseased organs, stimulating to action the dormant energies of the
system, thereby removing disonso. In fact, ss.
if.-s.iit is the power of this medicine to cleanse
aud purify that disoascs of almost ovory name
aud nature are driven from tha body. Mr. D.
Carswell.CorswolI P.O., Ont., writes : "I have
tried 1'armolee's Pills, and find them an excellent medicine, and one that will wil well.
The pi-ssimist groans thut ho has
not a friend left in the world, and
the optimist tries to comfort him
with the siigigoetion that he ought to
that none of his friends are left
Some people claim that It Is their
object to elovato thc stage, when as
a matter af fact thoy only went on
thc si ngo to give themselves a lift.
Cholera and all summer complaints aro so
quick in their action that the cold hand ol
death is upon the victims beforo thoy nro aware
that danger is near. If attacked, do not delay
in getting the proper medicine. Try a do.se ol
Dr J. D. Kollogg's Dysentery Cordial, and you
will get immediate relief. It arts with wonder
ful rapidity, and never fai- to effect a cure.
A physician mentions tho caso of
a man who could bo made to dream
about any subject by whispi'rltg
about It in his car while he slept;
and it Is a familiar fact that persons who talk in their sleep will fro*
(■ut-ntly answer questions if spoken
to softly.
Mens of Hews.
Justice John M. Harlan of the TJnlled
State supreme court, when n practicing Inwyer In Louisville, once tried I:Is
band nt newspaper wink, taking the
place of a persona I friend, then editor
of Iho Louisville Commercial. The Justice got along all right writing editorials, but had Ideas as to news that were
at variance with thoso of the city editor.
One of the reporters had written a
clever occount of n man who had fallen
from tho fourth story of a building and
escaped without serious injury. It
mnde a story of about a column In
length. Witli a proof of Uie article In
his hand the temporary editor came to
the city editor nmi said:
"Mr. Smith, pl-MM liave tnls at0TJ
cut down. I cnn't see anything lu it
that mnkes It WOttb that space."
"But It's the 'star' story of the day,
Mr Harlan," gosped the astonished
news innu. "I think It's a remarkable
story and well worth all tbe space glv-
•n to It*" . , „,,.
"I don't," snld Justice Harlan. If a
man hud Jumped up four stories, It
would certainly have been rcniarknlile,
but even a tool could fall down four
stories, or half a dosen, for that matter." _
ll occasionally happens that a
mu','« 1-est. friend Is th. one who assists him homo.
When a man is cocksure that his
baggage is checked through to
Heaven it is no use to argue with
t'ate, sickly children should use ilotliar
iraves' Worm Exterminator. Worms are one
tit the principal causes of suffering in children,
and should be expelled from tho system
Some of the peopie who would
rather fight than eat are not at ull
fond of lighting, but they aro djfcpop-
Holloway's Corn Cure is a sspeciflc for the
removal of corns and warts. We have never
hoard of its failing to remove even the worse
Some people who claim never to
have had a rival in love have never
b*.en in love with anyone but themselves.
When  Frenchmen Were Germans.
The name of France Is derived from
the l'ninci, or Prat-Jo, n people of Germany who seized that pan of the
country nearest the Itbine and settled
(lure. Later on they, subdued Purls
and made tbnt the royal seat of tbelr
increasing empire.
The origin of otber geographical
names Is interesting and will serve to
enlighten us when wo read of, for instance, Illbernla for Ireland. Hibernla
is said to be derived from a Phoenician word mcniiiug "farthest habitation," there being no country known to
•them west of Erin.
Portugal obtained Its name from Porto, the haven or port wbere tbe Gauls
landed their stores. Tbls Is Oporto,
called by the Portuguese O Porto (tbe
port). The town was glsen as a dowry
to Teresa wben she married Henry de
Lorraine, wbo styled himself Karl of
Portugal because the place was known
as tbe portua Gallorum (tbe port of tbe
Gauls). Tbe nnme wns finally extended to the whole country.
Russia took Ha denomination from
tbe Rossi, or Itussi. a people of the
south of Itussla. who possessed themselves of tbe country In tbe declining
days of the Greek empire. Being tbe
predominant Inhabitants, tbey Imposed
their name on all tbe rest
A Street Parable.
A little girl stood at a window blowing soap bubbles. Beneath stood a little boy. and ns she blew bubbles toward blm be tried to catcb them. They
broke and disappeared on all sides,
but tbe two laughed and kept up the
game, she smiling down and he gazing
upward enge.ij.
"Behold, a parable!" snld a man to
a woman. "The eternal relation of the
sexes! You blow beautiful bubbles
down to us from your height, and wo
weary ourselves In trying vainly to
cnteh them.   Poor little boy!"
The pair played and laughed In the
sunshine until the boy grew tired. He
called out "Goodby!" gnyly and ran
away to piny with oilier boys nnd girls
In tlie street. Tlie girl looked nfter him
wistfully, a shadow on ber face. She
did not care lo blow bubbles any more.
She leaned out to watch blm. and as
sin* did so she tipped over the bowl
of soupy wnter. She looked very lonely.
"Beliold. a parti hie!" stilt] the woman
to the man. "He has tired of tbe
gainc; not she. There is no other little
boy to blow hubbies to, and If there
were sin* lias no pretty bubbles left to
blow. Eternal relation of «*>»esl Poor
little girl!'-
Oulnot, Thiers and  Blamarck.
One day I was Invited to d oner wltb
tbe Count of Enzcnberg at tbe real-
deuce of Prince von Bismarck In Berlin. Tbe couut, a former charge d'affaires In Paris, was a great collector
of autographs. After a repast tbe
count exhibited a sheet of paper on
which Guizot and Thiers bad affixed
their signatures. "It Is very Interesting,'- said Prince von Bismarck. "Allow me to show this to my wife." (Sbe
was sick In bed at tbat time.) In a
few minutes tbe chancellor returned,
and, returning tbe sheet of paper to
tbe diplomat from Wurttemberg, be
added, "1 hope tbat I did not spoil It
by writing something on It."
Here follows what was written on
tbe paper:
Vy long lift hu taught ma that It la aectmtary
Ut forgive a good deal and forget nothing.
A little forgetfulaen does not diminish tha da*
eerily of forgiveness. Thikrs.
Ily own life hu taught me that I hive a greil
deal to forget and a great deal for which to bt
forgitaa. V. Ilissisct.
Spent Some time In a Hospital and
Almost Impoverished Himself Buying Medicines Without Benefit-
Again Dr. Williams' Pink PiUs
Cure After Other Medicines Fail.
From the Recorder, Halifax, N.S.
Mr. William Cochrane, a well
known teamster, who lives near the
Halifax Polo Grounds, is one of
those who willingly bear testimony
to the curative powers of Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. A reporter of the
Acadian Recorder who had heard of
Mr. Cochrane', sufferings and subsequent cure, called at his home, when
he gave an account of his experience
substantially as follows :—"He had
for many years been a constant sufferer from asthma, accompanied by
an aggravated form of kidney
trouble. The latter trouble caused
severe pains in tbe back and loins,
and at times his sufferings were very
acute. He said he had almost impoverished himself in buying medicines of all kinds, but to no purpose;
the trouble continued and seemed to
grow worse as the years passed.
Mrs. Cochrane said that she had fre-
quently seen her husband choke up
and fall to the floor as though dead,
and he would have to too worked
with and rolled around before he
would revive. A lew years ago he
spent ten days in the Victoria General hospital. The doctors then
thought that the pains in the back
were duo to over-exortion in his
business as a teamster, but gave him
no material help. After leaving thc
hospital, he used bottles and bottles
of medicine, but failed to find a cure.
A neighbor of his, Mr, Lowe, whose
wife had bcon made a well woman
after years of sickness, by the use of
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, advised him
to try them. He used a couple of
boxes without apparent result, and
felt somewhat discouraged, but Mr.
Lowe advised him to continue the
uso of the pills, and before thc third
box was finished, he began to improve. ' Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
have been a godsend to me,' said
Mr. Cochrane ; 'they are the only
medicine I have taken which ses*nied
to do me any good. I had ono prescription from a doctor which cost
me $1.75 a bottle, which like ninny
other medicines I took, was Just so
much money wasted. I have used
eight or ten box*?s of Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, and can say that before
I begun their use life was an intolerable burden. I have reason to be
thankful that I followed the friendly
advice that urged nie to use this
medicine." '
Most diseases have their origin in
poor blood or weak nerves, and it is
because Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
make rich, red blood and strengthen
the nerves that they have met with
such success in curing kidney trsiublu,
rheumatism, paralysis, St. Vitus'
dance, anaemia, nervous prostration
and kindred troubles. See that the
full name, "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
for Palo People," is on the wrapper
around each box. If in doubt, send
direct to tho Dr. Williams Medicine
Co., Brockville, Ont., and the pills
will be mailed' post paid at .10 cents
a box, or six boxes for $2.50.
It is a wonder that poor old Procrastination docs not set up the kleptomania plea.
I [»^i1^6r^he holidays] I
Our Mr. Hatcher Is now in lhe east selectman stock of pinno? and organs for holidays. Aniowr hij Keloe.tiisn iv.il Ua lu.itfe uua)oor of tho-l.ite.it stylet of the WIL-
IsIASiS' PIANOS famed Cor tlic.r pure, fijll und ' Ml lag tone. Our new stock will be-
giu to arrive about Doc. 1st aud it will bo wo.l for those intorei^cd to call oarly. Out-
of-town customers will roceivo our best a Mention and all enquiries will be promptly
answered. \Vesssad catalogue antlprice list on request. We handle several different
makes of organs and wi!l be pleasea to quote price*! delivered anywhere. We have a
Dumber of good second hand organs and pi .mo;, in good repair, some as good as new,
at very low prices.   Vour crsjdit is good with us, uo matter where you live :   :   :   i   :
%   r*UKKl_011_K   OC   ttAl tiitK f I
♦      T. M. C. A. Blk, Portage Ave., Winnipeg. Bdredge "D" Sewing Machines. I  ♦!•
♦ • :         .    —II
dtTtfJufos- stteHurft/l Jhj' fiCtnts cvns
'    lA%r4a*riJL\%JtWUa^
You may talk about people being
generous to a fault, but if Lhey are
aro the chances are that the fault is
their own.
Why    Do    We    Remember    Certain
Thliiva and Korn.-I OthersT
The vagaries of memory are some of
the most interesting of those connected
with tbe human mind aud body. Why
do we forget certain tblngs and remember others? Myriads of these Irregularities are as yet unjucoimled
for. Perhaps not even tbe cleverest
metaphysician will ever account for
Professor James reminds us bow
something which we bave tried in vain
to recall will afterward, when we have
given up tbe attempt, "saunter luto
tbe mind," as Emerson says, as Innocently as If It bad never been summoned.
Again, bygone experiences will revive
after years of oblivion, often as tbe
result of some cerebral disease or accident
Sucb a case Is tbe one quoted by
Coleridge of a young woman In Germany wbo could neither rend nor write,
but wbo was said to be possessed of a
devil because. In a fever, sbe was beard
raving In Latin, Greek and ln an obscure rabbinical dialect of Hebrew.
Whole pages of ber talk were written
down and were found to consist of
sentences Intelligible In themselves, but
not having the slightest connection
with one another. To say that sbe was
possessed of a devil was the easiest
way of accounting for tbe matter.
At last the mystery was cleared up
by a physician, who traced back tbe
girl's history until be learned tbat at
tbe age of nine sbe was taken to live
at tbe bouse of an old pastor, a great
Hebrew scholar, and that sbe remained tbere until tbe pastor's death. It
had been for years tbe old man's custom to walk up and down a passage
near tbe kitchen and read to himself
in a loud voice.
His books were examined, and among
tbem many of tbe passages taken down
at tbe young woman's bedside were
Identified. Tbe theory of demoniacal
possession was abandoned. — Youth's
sVlrc Among  Snvasrc  N'atlona.
According to Pliny Are was n long
time unknown to some of the ancient
Egyptian tribes, and when a celebrated
astronomer made tlu'iu acquainted wltb
that element and bow to produce It
they were wild with delight The Per-
sians, Phoenicians, Greeks and several
other nations acknowledge that tbelr
ancestors were once without the comforts which fire bestows; tbe Chinese
confess tbe same of their progenitors.
Pompniilon, Mola, Plutarch aud other
ancleut writers speak of nations which,
at tbe time when they wrote, knew not
the use of fire or bad Just recently
learned It
Tbe Inhabitants of tbe Marian
Islands, which were discovered In 1551,
had no Idea of fire or its uses. Their
astonishment knew no bounds wben
tbey saw lt applied to wood, most of
tbem taking It to be some kind of nn
animal which tlie sailors bad brought
with tbem and wblcb must be fed ou
Ono Is often reminded thnt conscience und nn alarm clock aro vrry
much alike. We get so usexl to both
that we do not mind thmn.
Poverty frequently brings a change
Of landlords.
Tooth Powder 25
Good for Bad Teeth
Not Bad for Good Teeth.
9oiodont "L-tq-altf 93c.   _a,r-*> Liquid and Pon-dar 75*B*
At all stores n by mail   Sample of the Liquid for the postage, jo.
BALI, a* RVRIUU-. NewYoric
Write us
a Letter.
If you have any need in the
jewelry line, however small,
just write us about it.
Oar Catalogue contains
photographs of many
hundreds of ear choicest
pieces, and will bo sent
yoa frea.
We guarantee safe delivery
—prepay charges and cheerfully refund money if you so
Established 1834.
rie Bros..
Yonge t».nd Ad.oIe.lde Sts„
illoway & Champion
Write to us for prices of SCB.P*.
Oot our List of Lands.
Stocks and  Bonds Bought and Sold.
Wo can furni h the ciact amount ->t
Scrip for any payment on Dominion
Lands.   Do not pay cash.
Floor and Grain Merchants,
Room 242 Grain Bzchaniro, Winnipoir.
We are buyers of wheat fssr December and Jan
nary Khipment from we-torn points and in stora
Fort William or Duluth. Onr Mr. James llosld
having a Ions? and well established export Floor
trnsle, wo speciallj-doairororrospondoncnwith
millers. HODD A ATKINSO***.
It seems natural for a man lo lake
something to whet his appetite -Alien
he is dry.
A good memory is useful in that it
permits of you remembering what to
In his VoBOtalilo Pill.-,Dr. risrmoleo hns uivon
to the world tlio fruits of lows' SL-iontiljc ro*
isarca in tlm whole realm sif usdieu icioiipo,
t'.smbinesl with new aissl valuislslo dincovori"i
mivor lieforii Mown •" man. Fssr delicate and
debilitated constitutions, Parmaloo'i 1'ills n.-t
liko a charm. Taken In miiiiM do its, tlio effect
Is Imlh is loiiio and is stimulant, milsllr oxcitinu
tho secretions sif the body,  gitdll** tssuu nu.I
Vaccination  will  not  keep a  thlof
from inking things.
The best opportunities are those we
mako fssr ourselves.
And lot nn (supply yon with
n eloisii ctit.modern lot that
will brlffht/tnupyour pairs*.-,
nud please your renslo.s
and nslvertisara. Write us
for estimates on any thin**
it printer's material,   i i t
ITS McDarmot Arm., Wiunlpou.
W. N. U. No. 350.
*C. E. Smithebingale, Editor and Prop.
«LOCAN,      -      -       •       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10- cents a line for
•the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
^•subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
.as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
ior each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, strictly iu advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 27th, 1901.
A pencil mark in the space
•opposite will be an indication to you that ye editor
considers there is something
•coming to him on your sub-
•seription. Kindly acknowledge  in cash and oblige.
A Happy New Year to all.   Delin-
t quent subscribers will not share in
that,for their souls will be in torment
•Guilty consciences need no accusers.
rm They say Papa Cliffe, of the San.
t don Mining Review, baa joined the
.Socialists.   The Paystreak has been
seized with convulsions and is in a
serious condition.
It is time the candidates for next
, year's .city council   were  showing
, their paces.   Dark horses barred, as
it is to be an open field and fair run*
-fling from the drop of the flag.
' Bonds have been lifted this year on
„ the following properties in the division: Iron Horse, Black Hawk and
Daisy, Speculator,Tamarac,Phoenix,
Kepublic, Champion,and Aunty Lola,
-besides a number of smaller sales-
all calling for the payment of about
$125,000 in  cash.   Working under
bond are the Neepawa, Ottawa and
. Transfer, which will lay the foundation for $100,000 next year.   We're
ne sae badly off in Slocan.
Copper has gone to the deuce and
i lead has slumped to a whisper, but
these trifles do not phase on the Slocan City division.   For why ?   Be
■ cause this is a silicious ore camp—no
lead to worry about and no copper to
give one the jim jams.   Ours is a
* silver camp pure and simple, and the
price of the white metal am aclimbin'
, a bit.   Smelters want our ores and
.cut rates to get it, realizing tbat this
, division bas the cinch on the needful.
Talk" about  yonr   copper   camps;
, where are thev now ?   In the mulla
gatawny,  while   the once despised
'ail ver camps are on top of the tureen.
-Forgive the spasm, but we have long
'-waited for a chance to crow.
A retrospect of the situation In the
_ city and camp for the year has al- \
,.ready appeared in The Drill, and
•tat little more need be snld in a gen-
•ami way.   Yet, upon the threshold
ofa new year, one may look back
with the greatest satisfaction  and
thankfulness for the .progress made
, in the development of the adjacent
dry ore belt—tho pride and mainstay
r of the city.   Patting all other claims
of progress to one side, Slocan may
' well be content with thc extraordinary expansion displayed in this one
' line. Widespread notoriety has come
to the city as a result of it, and the
promiseof greater things is assured.
/ The year closing has seen the ore
shipments expand   to upwards   of
• 6000 tons, boing an increase of about
140 per cent over the top record,
.reached  in  1900.   No other silver
camp in the west can show a more
'favorable record; therefore, tbe citizens may, with a cheerful confidence,
'. welcome the new-year, being justified
in their belief that a further expansion will take  place in  1902.   All
^things being equal, the ore ship-
..meats for the new year from the lo-
'cnl division will reach 10,000 tons.
Ten Mile will have three shippers in
the Neepawa, Iron Horse and Enterprise,   the latter being certain  to
rmake heavy exports; Twelve Mile
will have ore going oat from the
, Champion and Paystrcak; Springer
t creek will hold her own with the Arlington, Speculator, Hampton, Black
Prince, Two Friends, Transfer, Bond-
--holder, Ottawa, Tamarac, Republic,
.and Phoenix; and Lemon creek pro*
'.raises to do something by the Kilo,
Chapleau, Legal, Duplex, Fourth of
Julv and others.   Tho new year hns
,no terrors in sight for the Blocan City
-division.   Casey, let 'cr slide.
Subscribe for The Drill.
Christmas passed off in a peaceable
W. S. Johnson will spend the holidays in Nelson.
The Rambler-Cariboo is employing
a force of 125 men.
Two shooting matches were held
in the city this week.
.No service will bo held in St.
Paul's church till January 12.
All that is required now is cold
weather to enable the rink to do business.
P. W. George has taken over the
Wallace-Miller Co. store at Greenwood.
All the properties in the camp sent
their quota of holiday seekers into
the city,
On Jan. 6th the Knights of Pythias
of New Denver are holding an open
Tom Blench came down from the
Bosun, New Denver, to spend Christmas with his family.
M. Lavell is applying for a transfer of the license of the Lakeview
hotel to Alex. Stewart.
Service was held in St Paul's
church Christmas morning, Dr. Bentley reading the prayers.
David Matbeson and wife, of New
Denver, spent Christmas in the city,
the guests of Mrs. C. B. Taylor.
Sam Sturoh spent Christmas bere.
He has been on steadv shift for six
months at the Hewett, Four Mile.
Manager Sandiford, of the Bosun,
reports 100 tons of ore shipped in November, 40 of which yielded $1177.
Archie Mainwaring Johnson, the
well known lawyer, was married at
Nelson Thursday to Miss M.McKeen.
It is practically settled that Kaslo
will get a 200 ton smelter. The city
will bonus it to the extent of $50,000.
The second dance nnder the aus
pices of the Quadrille Club was held
on Friday evening, in tbe Music
Dr. Forin bas been in Rossland,
Nelson and Cranbrook this week, examining recruits for service in South
C.P.R. traffic receipts for the week
ending December 14 were $7.39,000.
and for the same week last year
W. A. Jowett, formerly owner of
tho Nelson Miner, Ins left England
to again take up his residence in the
county town.
Mrs. Ii. Forrester and family, New
Denver, spent Thursday night in the
city. They havo gone to Grand
Forks to reside.
Tho major portion ofthe Xmas gill
purchases were made out of the city.
Local merchants complain of a very
limited business.
The Slocan made a special trip (o
Rosebery Sunday to bring down a
car ef Christmas fruits, consigned to
Nelson merchants.
R. I. Kirkwood has purchased from
Wm. Cousins, of Medicine Hat, the
big corner lot adjoining the residence
of A. R. Bolderston.
J. Roderick Robertson, mgr. ofthe
London ADC. Goldflelds, remembered the officers and crew ofthe
Slocan at Xmas time.
A number of young people will
take in the ball, to be given in New
Danver on New Year's eve by tht
band boys of that town.
Tony Fnnellc, who has worked for
Worden Bros, for the past year or so,
has genn to Italy on a trip. He will
return in the spring with his family.
The Quadrille Club has decided to
hold its regular assemblies on the
second and fourth Fridays in the
month, to which ull are cordially invited.
Rev. Mr. Roberts, of Now Denver,
gave an instructive address to the
Socialist Club on Sunday afternoon,
A general discussion by the members
The management of Knox church
remembered Mrs. W. J. Adcock in a
handsome manner at Xmas, in recognition of her services as organist
during the year.
The sidewalk committee, In making their report to the city council,
overlooked the accounting for the
new sidewalk on* the south side of
Delaney avenue, and also tbat fronting the Royal Hotel.
For rcnt-The Victoria Hotel, in
Slocan; immediate possession. This
hotel is situated In the centre of the
city and has always commanded a
large patronage. Apply to Mayor
York, Slocan, or A. 11. Beattie, Van*
couver, B.C.
A shooting match for all kinds of
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B. C
J. Ms
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining:
slocan, Maw     u. c.
poultry will be held, at the same place
as on Thanksgiving dav, from Dec.
21 to 25 and from Dec. 31 to Jan. 2.
Comfortable accommodations for all
those participating at the matches.
Sloan & Schonberg.
A number of local creditors of F.
Sherry, as lessee of the Black Prince,
entered action against him in the
county court at Nelson, on a garnishee of 1827.56,standing to Sherry's
credit at the Trail smelter. The
creditors were given 85 per cent of
the amount, divided pro rata among
them, and the balance went to the
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend
to apply at a special sitting of the Board
of Licensing Commissioners for the.City
of Slocan, to be held after the expiration
of 30 days from ths date hereof, for a
transfer of the retail liquor license for
the promises known as the Lakeview
Hotel, situate on Lot 1, Block 1, Slocan,
to Alex. Stewart.
Dated at Slocan, B.C., this 23rd day of
December, 1901.
Witness: Wm. TvB.
Notice to Public.
NOTICE is hereby given that I have
no travelers on the road selling goods for
ms, and ths public is herewith warned
from purchasing Jewelsry,Wati:h<is,etc.,
from any person or persons making any
representation to the contrary.
Send your orders, particularly for holiday gifts, direct to me.
Nelson, B.C., Nov. 23rd, 1901.
Do not send
East for your
Furniture !
Wc can supply vou in High
Grade Furniture. Carpets,
Oilcloths, and Linoleums, at
lowest prices.
Parlor Suites,
Pendesote Couches,
Wicker Chairs,
Iron and Brass Beds,
Bedroom Suites,
Rockers of all kinds; etc.
We handle everything to
make a home comfortable.
Write to us for prices.
Nelson, B.C.
1)UBLIC NOTICE ia hereby«lrcn to the Elsx
tore of the Municipality ol the City of Slocan, that I require tbe presence of the aaid
Electors at tbe buildinc situate on Lot9, Block
B, Sloean, on the I.'lth slay of January. I'll!, nt
12 o'clock, noon, for tbe purpose of electing
persona to represent them in the Municipal
Council si Mayor aud Aldermen.
The mode of Domination of canslidatea shall
be ai fol lows:
The cnndidateti shall be nominated in writing:
tlse writing shall be subscribed by twss voters of
the Municipality aa proposer ansl seconder, and
■hall be delivered to tbe Returning Olllcer at
any time between the date of the notice aud 2 p.
m. of tlse day of nomination;
And in the event of a poll being necessary,
eueh poll will be open on the lt'ili day of January, 1H02, at aaid building, of which everybody ia
hereby rei|uiresl to take notice aud govern him-
■self accordingly.
The perssms qualified to be nominated for and
elected Mayor uf lueh City at the said election
shall be audi peraona at are malo British sub-
Jacti of tbe full age of twenty-osio yeara, aud ere
not disqualified under any law, and
(a.)   Are at thn date of uominatlssn the assessed owner of land or real prsipnrty in the
City of the value ssf one thousand dollars
over and abovo any regUtored incumbrance, and are otherwise s]unlills*sl to
vote at audi eloctioii j or
(b.)   Who are at the data of nomination the
Hsile tennnti in psissessiou ssf I,ml sir mil
property iu the City of the value < >f two
thisiuanil ds.llars under ienau ns writing
for not lesi than one year, aud areotlser-
wlae qualified to vote at such election;
(e.)   Wbo are at the date of nomination tlie
memberi of a partnership firm, or shareholder* of a joint stock company, which
ll at tbe said slats, nf nomination the as-
aetsied owner of Innsi or real property in
the City of the value of one thsiusaud
dollars over nnsi above any registered
Incumbrance, and whose iiulii iiiual intereat* iu aaid partnership or company
laud ia of not loss value tliau one tliou-
siiml dollara.and are otiierwlae qualities!
to Toto at audi election.
The perioni qualified to be nominated for and
elected as Aldermen of lueh City at tbeiald
election, shall bo such pomoiii ni are male llrit
iih subjects of tho full age uf twenty-one years,
and are uot dlaquallflesl under any law. and
(a.) Are nt tbe date nf nomination the asses-
»ed owners of land or real property in
the City of the value nf live hundroil dollars over aud above any registered incumbrance, and are otiierwlae qualified
to vote at such election j sir
(b.) Who are at the date of nomination the
mle tenants in poisossionof I uml or roal
property In the s 'Ity of the vulue of one
tiniiisnuii dollars under lease in writing
for usst l*>«* than one year.and are otiierwlae qualified to vote at such election |
(st.) Wbo am at the date of nomination the
member* of n partnership tlrm, sir shareholder* of a Jssint Htssok ussinpany, which
I* at the aalsl date of nomination tins a*-
sewed uwnor af land or renl property In
the City of the awe**ed value nf five
hundred dollars over and abssva nny reg-
Uterod lueumbreuco*,and wliowi Indlvlil-
uai intere*!. in *aid pnrtuenihip orcuin-
fiany land In of not let* value tha:i tlvn
suniirod dsiltnr*, and areotherwiae qualified to vote at audi election.
Given under my hand at the City of Slocnn,
lirltlah Columbia, tlse ldtli day of December, A.
D. 1901.
Ri'tiiruing Ofllocr
NOTICE is hereby eiven thst 60 days
aftsr data I shall apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase 40 acres of land,
mors or less, in the West Kootenay district, and described as follows: Commencing at s post about one quarter of
a mils east of the city of Slocan, and adjoining tbe townsite of Brandon on the
north; thence 20 chains west; thence 20
north; thence 20 chains east; thsnee 20
chains south to tha point of commencement.
Dated this 17th day of October, 1001.
late of
Seerplen Mleeral Clalaa.
Situate in ths Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay district.
Where located: Near Robinson creek
adjoining tho Rainbow.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGregor, acting as' spent for Thos. Andrsws,
free miners' certificate No.B46310,intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to ths mining recorder for a certificate of
improvements,for the purpose of obtaining a crows, grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must bo commenced
before the issuance ot sucb certificate of
Dated this 17th day of October, 1901.
25-10-01 J. M. McGREGOR
Summit fractional Misses a! Claim.
..Situate in tha Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On the divide between Ten Mile and Springer creeks,
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGregor, acting aa agent for Robert I. Kirkwood, free miner's certificate No. (101)538,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commences!
before tlis issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 28th day of October, 1901.
8-11-01. J. M. McGREGOR.
Black B»*a Mineral Clalsjs.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—Three miles north
east of Slocan City.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Francis J.
O'Reilly, of Silverton, II. C. as
agent for George Brine, free Miner's certificate No. B62242. intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to tlio
Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvement!, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
beforo tlio issuance of such certilicate of
Dated this 4th dsy of November, 1001
You Can Mako
A  Striking  Effect!
By wearing a perfect fitting Suit,
1 cut in tbo latest style and elegantly
trimmed.   Such can bo purchased
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
near tho Fostoflco.
Sold by All Newsdealers
Purnlatsaa Monthly to all Invert of Ksing
snd lliulo s vaat volume of New, Choice
Copyright Compoali one by the m.«t popular Bullions. 64 ■"age-*, of Piano Msnslc,
half Vocal, hall lustrums-Mai- as Complete
Pieces fer fleno—Once a Month for eg
Cento. Yearly Hubeerlptlon,ts.oo. Ifvon
will send ns the name snd eddrra* of fivb
performers nn tho Piano or Oman, we will aend
you o eopy of the Uagatlne Free.
J. W. riPPSU, Publlahar,
llghth A Locust SU., Philadelphia, Po.
per annum.
Re-opened under
the old management
Former customers
cordially Invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cer. Arthur Street»ss4 Deteaey Aveone, Slocan.
Building thoroughly renovated
and re stocked with the best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. , We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Stoves .   Stoves!   Stoves!
Just look up MeCallum A Co.'s assortment of
Heating Stoves,   for either coal or wood.
Prices, from - -
Steel Ranges from
This is the best assortment of first-class
stoves that ever came te Slocan. Ther burn
any kind of eoal. Call around and satisfy
yourself and we will do the rest.
$5 to $25
$16 up,
General Hardware, Slocan
Agents for Crow's Nest Coal;
McCallum & Co.
price delivered, $6.25 per ton.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
The Muroutt Branch
Meets tho second Thursday in osch month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in tho Presbyterian church. All meetings open
to thoso Wishing t j join.
Miss K. Rtouohto.v, Mrs.M.D.McKei
President. Cor. .Secretory.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, E C.
General Pack inr... i Forwarding attends"*! '. .* it the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,      -_.   -     B. C.
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
Slocan CltT Mf 11
No. 6a, W. F. of H.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Goods _
Call and see our display
or Xmas goods, including
also an elegant line of
China ware, which we are
lolling at eut   prices.
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
for $18,25.
Why be without a range whsi
you can get one so cheap ? The**
are preferrable to stoves and gira
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will bo
set up free.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Thomas Henderson, or to any person
or persons to whom ho mav havo transferred his one third I1-)) interest ia
the Lone Dutchman mineral claim
situated on tho last south fork ol
Lemon creek, in tho Slocan (. ity mis
ing division. ,
You are hereby notified that I have
expanded tlio sum of one hundred snd
two dollars and fifty cents in labor ansl
improvements ou the abovo mentioned
mineral claini, in order lo hold said mis-
era! clsim under tho provisions of tho
Mineral Aet; and if within 00 days from
the dato of Ibis notico you fail, or refuse,
to contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all coota of advertising, your interest in said claim
will become the property of tbo subscriber, under section 4 of an Act entitled
"An Act to amend the Mineral Act,1900."
Dated at Slocan, thia 18th day of Bep-
temlser, A.D. 1901.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To A. E. Hillman, or to any person
or persona to whom he may have
t rainier red his one-quarter interoet iu
the Great Northern mineral claim,situated at the head ol the filth south fork
of Lemon cro: k, Slocan City mining
You aro hereby notified that we hare
expended the sum of four It 11 nil red and
ton dollars in labor and general improvements upon the above mentioned
claim, in order to hold said mineral
claim under tho provis.onsof the Mineral Act, ami if within 90 days from the
date of this notico you fail or refuao to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of ad*
vorlieiug, your interest in ssid claim
will become tho property of tho subscribers, under section four of an act entitled "An Act to amend tho Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dates! this 2nd day of December, 1901.
0-12-01       T. BLENCH, E. II. STUM'S
Holiday Exoursion
Fare and one-third
Round Trip.
FOR CHRI8TMAS: Tickets on sale
Dec. 28, 24, 25.
FOR NEW YEAR'S: Dec. 30, 81 and
Jan. 1—All tickets -rood to return
till Jan. 3, 1902.
Tourist sleeping cars on Crown
Nest section leave Kootenay Land-
In-*; on Tuesdays and Fridays for **■••
Paul and all U.S. points, via tho ■**«■
line; Fridays oaly for Toronto, Montreal and Boston.
For time tables, or rates, and for
complete Information call on or writs
nearest C.P. R. agent, or—
J. 8. CARTER,     E. J. COYLE,
D.P.A., A.O. P. A.,
Kekon. Vanoouver.
*    OEO. T. MOIR,
Agent, Slocan City
iii !
!    I
N :.i
li i i
. ;■


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