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The Slocan Drill 1904-10-28

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 ^B c\\
OCT 311904     t\ j
yuL V.i No. 81
SLOCAN",   B.   C,   OCTOBER   28,   1004.
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is alwavs
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right
82.00 PER ANNUM.
• Lib*
Word Sent Down Unit. Five Inches of Rich
Ora Is Kxposed—WUl be Drifted on—
Tr.i^sout win tie Pushed Ahead t»
Tap tho Kail Vein.
We have thc finest and most complete stack of ladies', men's, and
children's gloves and mitts, in kid,
leather and wool,to he found in town.
Prices Range from
25 cents to $2 JO
avid   Ame.
)t, S locai
Manager McPhee of tlio Ottawa re-
c lived encouraging news from the
mine on Wednesday, Foreman Foley
-';,'!.i:.' Ih.i!  tin*  \\u: i, .',■  Xtihlc, vein
^tlS*i Jab i Oft''1'1* '" tho No. 5
workin^-i. !'i\.■ iiiTnu-• of rich ore* was
exposed in the drift,backed bv a scam
of tale. The crosscut Is in 210 feet
fr.nn the surface and rapid headway
lias been made with il. as it, was onlv
started about eight weeks ago, It is
the intention to continue tlio crosscut
till the east vein is mot wilh, in about
li'l feot, when another important body
of ore is expected l<i be opened.
The new strike of ore is all important to the ii'.i.'icas il promises a greal
deal of virgin mineral-bearing ground.
Whore cut the lead is ovor 100 feet
vertical below No. 4, and giving 200
fori of a back, From tlio intersection
in No. 5 to the point ot intersection in
No. 4 is 300 feot; while thedistance
on '.ii;' east vein between the points of
lion, vice, J. A. Maedonald, M.P.r.;
pros., D. Arnot; vice, H. J.,. Fife; soc-
trea,, S. Y. Brockman; executive, J.
Craig, F. Dick, F. Provost. J. Campbell, and W. Pinchbeck. It ia stated
by the committee that thoy aro going
to work to give Galliher a majority
here on Nov. 22.
James Baker Nominated i>y theSoolallsts
Of Kootainiiy.
Importance to the Granby plant, anil
there is much joy accordingly in the
Boundary. Since the control of the
Granby initios and smelter passed into American hands, it has been Mt
that the Great Northern would out
away that company's big traffic, from
the O.P.R., houoo. the move by the lattor to retain its share of the ore business of the country.
Blotting iiuia.1. to the nis: Footrace Here
on Friday.
It is to bo a three-cornered political
fight in Kootenay for the dominion
eleotious, and Slocan will havo a direct interest in the result, as a local
man has boon nominated as ono of tho
candidates, The Socialists of tho district met in convention at Nelson last j ..„„ an(j Rossland men, headed by
week, Al Teeter being tho delegate nm    tir.i__i        i        i ,    '.
.\u,.r ., „n,.„f,,i ?..,..   Billy Walmsley, cleaned  up  about
$1200,   The day waa perfect for run -
Slocnn is a busted community- -or,
at least, was on Friday last. The
sports wont up heavy on the outcome
of the big footrace hero and the Nel-
fi*;>m this place. Alter a careful can
vass of the sittiation.it was decided to
nominate a candidate on the party
platform, to take the Hold in opposition io the Liberal and Conservative
ning the race and every arrangement
for the moot had been carefully planned and carried out.   lt was hold on
Asent Slater's shoes & Canadian Rubber Co.'s Goods Z^iMu wil   be 500 .feet,   ii.i
— 35    ' !  .   amount tflground will permit of large
7   I be Noble vein in the v'o. I workings
J. W. Crow, Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is one of the best known and most popular 1 m is
in the country.     It i- locnti d adjacent to tho depot and the
wharf, aud commands a magnificent view of the lienntiful
Slocan lake.     Good fishing is to be found closo at hand, whilo
< very facility ie offered for boating.
Tourists will find the Arlington and id nl resting place,
Commercial men have ai their command new and commodious
s impfe rooms.
The dining room is strictly up todutoand the bar supplied
with only the best brands •.; goods
V,TvW '   it     *bi_irH  UW\)'.i       * '■■   •)   :■ v.  !^,..1',i:-vi
I is-be ii pr iveu to hol< 15 feet of on .
and this will be raised to and worked
from No, 5. The new discovery will
be drifted on at onco to determine its
V,   i.i'.'.
A drift is n'.'o being started from
thc sui'';• •• sh ... on the Noble vein,
ibove the No. I, whore rich ore was
cut, nnd ii too will dniolop a good
thii .;■. 1 ivo lai bodi • ol oro are
!■ in: brok. n don u >n the stopes in
No. '. ou'tho ca I '•'',".. and these ,i ill
soustituti Lho !■ - 'ves for the winter.
By tli time these are wo ked out,uev.'
uud will be ready from thi No. 5.
. ■ r. iv, ivorkiiiga wi ! • cAnit c.f t!i
N'obl. ', in
•points, ai
SLOCAN Ba C. '■■ "■' drifted on, aad thou ii crosscut run
' nek again into thi orcex; osed in the
Al il;.- Mayctta,whichis being operated in conjunction with the Ottawa
! red (' n lisle is d nil work u ider
i on tract.    His ci ns  have drifted upwards of 200 feel on llr" vein.and have
e immencod a 7.* foot n ise for air. AT
fairs ii; re, as at the 0 tawu, are in ii
healthv condition.
nominees, The choice of the conven-1 Main street, tho course being marked
tion fell upon James A. Baker, of this put by a dividing line all the way
town, who accepted the nomination j down. The townspeople tinned out
and promised to conduct a vigorous i en masse to witness the race,and there
campaign. was  a  largo   attendance  from  the
Jim, as ho in familiarly known all neighboring towns. The contest came
over the country, is the British Col- off at 2,80, tho boat and train beiug
umbia member of the executive com* held over till the result was made
mittee of the Western  Federation of known.
Miners, and through that organization I W, W. Smith, of Fort William, Out..
may bo expected to develop cousider- formerly of Rossland, and Walter
able strength, especially as the order I EenwlcK Knox, of Orillia, Ont., ack-
l.nsj. War's siiliinii'iitii Wars 1839 Tons—
A Healthy Hvldenee of the Xlfe uml
Wealth of tha Camp—Ottawa is the
lilKKest .Shipper.
For the weok 41 tons of oro was
shipped out, being sent by the Ottawa to Nelson. Tts output for the year
is above 1000 tons, while the figures
for the whole division shown .r>0 per*
cent increase over last yoar, standing
at 1988 tons.
For L908 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 188U
ions, made up from 17 properties,
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise  X)Q
Ottawa      44 1027
Neepawa  f>r,
l'ort Hope
fi         Song of the Absent. %
($                                       "%. ***- -ft-  **-»v **- ij}
W By the cold Hue hikes nf Koot'ney, with tho frowning crags o'erhung, vJ,
/IV      When* th« granite cliffs are etoep iiI.iiih the shore; $1)
•J.?  Where tho Bt anted pines, that firralv to the rocky ledge have clung, W.
'.'55       With the years joe neiltlillt! downward moro and more; \i/
e the waves are gtntiy luppiiiL' nt the fool of mountains trim, kH'<
lho current, evet riiniiinti, sweeps along;
Black Prince...
Black Fel	
Highland Light
Cripple Stick...
r hi1. di d from two
i-i  ,i  ' ' • ■': .   whi :; cut, will
Ir* reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
a% Where
i(     And ...      ,    „.
•*.!•.* Where tha mountain stresmscoiTie dashing from the peaks so far and dim
i'\     And in eagor l.io-te. scum bursting into song:
O, i'.'s hack aun'n in Kool'nev, where my lieart it fain would be,
There when* countless punks on peaks mise;
Great urini tritiutu ever, in a tar stretched ftloudy sea,
TltriiHtinv! up llieir ln*n<la towar.'s. ti.e nkies.
Al '! w here'er 1 Wtti der in tlm world so f.ir aw.iy,
W'lteru ;i'"'\e is cKiir the liiMven's dome,
Pli'l 1 ne the niountiiin   •. 'urim ted iii the mini so grav,
In mv British L-sliltnbinii home.
/■', And nloni! the valley,
;,,; When '.In* mountiii
*IJ Thro' Ilie intHiv cnrtii
■alley, where the mist in floating low,
n si.l i are dark with ruiii-
ili'* intHiy eurtiiins, distant hills aw cupped with snow—
Here the linttorinit A in nmn would remain.
Goldiin Ktreaks nre ,»ho>. Ing on the hills that I at • were jreeti,
Whero '!." hlreh and Umarnc strip b*ild« the pine;
risp and keen,
fifa  And one I'"!-'.* Ilie uood of living in lhe air po .-nip an
__      When old Winter creeps adowu tlio steep incline.
■ now
; , !.;;;^ along
Do not go  past  its  door when
vols aiv dry, weary or hungry.
3702? ©ale
at a, Bareain
One Child's Iron Cot, brass mounted, large
size, originally cost 315; ™lt nc bought for $«;.
One Baby's Combined Carriage and Go-Cart,
with handsome silk shade; originally cost
$32.50, can be bought now for $12	
Apply at DrtSI Office,
Slocan, U. C.
_h/Lo rx<a-y
HE.*8 Sl 1 J£ S
ProRp ctors and woodmen ai
Manager Angell  i
I tho tronchefi for i!i" waterpipos,
The i'.\';'n.!.' ian 1 ave making arran •■ incuts to purchase n niause.
Work .ai the Rob and Robin is suspended fora short time, pending new
arran goments.
Kev. Fathor ■' annotto held services
lasl Sund iv. m 1 "uin ; au ' ovening, in
thu Catholic church,
Th • night lighl of the Marion camp
again shows upou the bosom of Silver
mountain, showing that work has been
The electrio light sheds i! ■ radianco
again throughout tho town and liijhts
up the highways and bywaj theso
beautiful October evenings.
In the English church Archdeacon
Beer, of Knilo, !; ild morning and
evening s< rviccs, on Sundav, and wi -
greeted by appreciative audiences.
W. A. Galliher, the Liberal candidate for Kootenay, addressed the eloc
tors here lasl ■*•> •■!,. 'i'hu nieotiiiR was
fairlj well attonded, W
actiua as chairman,
Back a ain to Koot'ney. there my heart Is turning now,
Now i breathe again the motintftin air,
Now 1 drink in Nature us my heart re mem hers how
And anon to mo the world is fair.
Lot them fin.' of other land** that are to others hlert,
Rut, altho' iii distant pints 1 roatn.
Still my heart u'.n-s baekwurd to iha mountains of the west,
In my liriiiih Columbian home,
Where the Sloean Kiver sweeps along to join the Koot'ney's tide,
1      Kdtrillg little .•leaiint;8 here and there,
NsrrowitiC neath the niMUntains to'again he ej>ra?rnliii<» wide,
Whero tiie valley opens broad nnd her;
By tho sedgy marshes with the wild duck in the reeds,
by cotton woods «i!:i roots beneath tha stream,
By the bsavsr meadow where tin* doer at evening feeds—
There it is that Nature tei^ns supreme,
Backward, ever backward, <>, It's there my heart would over he,
Whnt altho' 1 wander f^ir awav,
still thecal! of Nature bids my heart he bounding iree,
So the cities cannot make mo stay.
Let me see the tor rant und my henrt is satisQed,
Where Bonilitlgton goes rushing into foam;
And let me see the mountiiii s towering upward In their pride,
Iu my l'.rilisli Columbian heme,
— R, T. A.NDER80N   t'iy
^Lemon Croek. »-..
hns pronounced in favor of Socialism.
Through the vnrlous unions in ivi■*• «ta*- ,
nay, Jim can conduct a campaign testants.   Tho  judges wen,   ...  _,
quite rs perfect and powerful as any* Christie, Conductor   Mclntyre  and
ining his opponents nnv prosecute, Copt. Gore, whilo the starter was Jno
Besides he is a forcible talker and Black, of New Denver.   Knox mad.
knows his lesson thoroughly, aud be the prettier start  and led all the way
... ,       ,   • ■•   •   Ii • I .      .1        I       ,   i*  .  .       I .    ...I    D_llL  1.1
nuw! 'd .-ed to be the all-round champion athlete of Canada, wore the con-
u. r
S, Drewry
will make himself felt. | to tlie last live yards, when Smith by I
The chief centres of Socialism in the, an extra long stride or two got b> the |
constituency are In  Revelstoke, Per* tape first, winning out by not  nine
guson, the Slocan, Rossland, Nelson, I than 11 inches
though  there were
nanj inclined to call  il a dead heat.
The Drill:
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
IMII-.S: Krifnlnr stilisnriliei's. ?l  P
'   "r Vln a >i-,ir; m.ii. ub»erlber» (ex,.,,-.	
1 nttsntlanon)|2 per day,   PrlTotownrdi
• " •■ nit i ;i.  Special faclutioi forraatern*
'it month
li^i.e of
01 farther partlaulars apply to,
I). B. O'Neail, Sec SI.OCAN.
2 per year
11. D. Curti
Financial Agent
Accountant <& Audi tor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
land   aloug  the    Crow's  Nee)   line.... 	
Should all the labor bodies endorse No time was taken of the run, bul  it
Tho Coaservatives of the town held tho Socialist propaganda, there will be was close to tbe 10 second mark.   It
a rally on tl venlug of the 22ud, lu n h\g vote go to toe third candidate was a pretty race. Smith oeknowlodg-
Pyman'i hall, nnd organized forth and. judglug by the Foley campaign Ing it to be the hardest he had ever
coming election, ft was a harmonious of tour years ago. the strongtu will had, Knox owes his defeat to two
nnd   Buccessful gathering.   The otfi   have to be reckoned with. causes   lack of a training hand such
corn elected wero:   Murdock McLcau, — as .lack Allen gave Smith, nnd the
Ana .•■riai'taii'i'ii. missing of Iiis proper finishing gait
,.     , „,     . ,      i •   ,•   i *   owing to the down grade of the course,
Frauk rrozrio, employed in Kochs v-mTtbese faults remedied and at nn-
igglng camp, on Teu Mile, came to10ther time and the result would !>.
ni sidentj ('. D. MeRae, socri tary; A.
I".':' fu■ in, A. Mellillivray, and iv
Shannon, oxectitive committee. It
wns resolved Ihnt all subscribed mi m
The Kilo will ship a couple of more
cars of ore.
Sandon mines last week sent out 212
Ions of load and zinc.
Tho owners of the Duplex have gone
up to do soma development.
The force on tho Bondhblder has
b'*:i! increased to four men.
Some axtrtrhigh prade oro was seut
out by the Ottawa this week.
In September tlie Le Roi Co.cleared
S2.r»,00r> from 8198 tons of ore.
K. MeFarlane is doing considerable
work on his claim adjoining the .Meteor.
Tho Pavne mine and mill have closed down flat, under instructions from
Al! the concentrators in the upper
camp, save the Ivanhoe and Idaho,are
closed down.
A large increase has taken place in
the force at the lvauhoe.20 men going
on last week.
More meu havo boon put on at the
Reco and the property has recommenced shipping.
Tom Mulvey and W. Clement took
out supplies Wednesda v. to work on
the Calumet .*.: ilecla.
Aliout n dozen men aro employed at
the Chapleau. Repairs to the tramway have been almost completed,
_. C. Garde has resigned the sup*
erintendoncy of the Payne mine,being
succeeded by Geo. Ransom, formerly
of tho Sovereign,
Tho Great Northern Alines held
their aim ial meeting in Nelson this
week, \V. B. Poole being elected president and VV. F. Cochrane general
tin* of the Sloan boys, formerly of
this town, fell down a 70 foot shaft at
the Silver liell last week and was seriously injured, He was taken to the
Sandon hospital.
W. Cotterill and M. Gillis have uncovered eight inches of shipping ore,
streaked with gray copper, on their
property adjoining the Chili. They
will work all winter,
The sue;-*ss uf llo* Ottawa  is at
tract ing -outside attention, and as a
result   another   prominent   Springer
croelc   property   is   likely to change
hands through American money.
Two men have lieen working for
some time on the Combination, close
io ih.'old Spripger bridge. The oro
senms ave increasing in size and number and will soon !>•• in one liody.
Silver UuotHtloii*.
Following are the quotations for 1>nr
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
G81 cents
tit "
581 "
B8| *'
r,8j '*
58i    '*
confidently expocted here for   Hon,
Charles Mackintosh on olectlon day,
Another O.P.K, Smolter,
The report was current in Grand
•■ •■'•• *"H,..,i'-. F()1.lis ,i,ig u.,,(,k ,1,.,, the C'inadlau
The annual mooting of tho local Piidfic railway company had actually
Libar.il Association was hold In thc closed a deal for nil of tho Cascade
committee rooms on Saturday night, p0v«ir company's holdings at Cascade,
there boing a scant attendance.   The 18 miles from tho former place,   it is
officers el'     d  I"' thr nnsuing year «*nted tho compauy purposes erecting,,
were: tton. pros, Sir Wilfrid Laurier; nl < lascade n sm ilterof crjtial slw and jbefoi
mark, it was hard to choose bei ween
then), as both looked in tho pink ol
condition.    II was thn liest and fastest
race ever soon in the country.
M. Cameron took a packtrain ovor
lo Kootonay lake this week, to do considerable work for the Bayonne mine.
The subject for discourse $ Knox
-a.o.'.l tbo compauy purposes Greeting church next  Sabbath will b.*,'I'aul
Felix"'   Acts 21: 25,
Strike ou White Stor.
.lack Beauchesne has been working
of late on the White Slar.a claini owned by himself and R.Cooper ndjoiuing
the Meteor. He reports havhig made
an oucouragiug strike on that pro-
perty, ;i ving opened up the ledge in
au open cul and exposing four inches
, ; pood ore, It is high grade stuff,
c:,    ing much gray copp ir,
ll .1    v-
, I
V   I
J  K
'i i
' 'IB
Lr il I   ta^aaaaaaaV
fa thetcs
Copyright. JSOh, h]i
T.C. McClure
•;....a «•-.-.-......»............
A young mau was in love with South-
ley's daughter Lois. The fact is note-
Worthy only because this particular
young mau happened to be the first
whose ambitions hud received eerioua
attention. Like a wise parent, South-
ley made no overt attempt to Influence
her decision. Nevertheless bis mind
was hard at work, because among all
the youngsters who aspired to be his
Bon-in-law Robert Lorlund was bis
choice. Had Lois shared his opinion
there would have been no occasion
for the discussion now progressing in
a cool corner of the veranda,
"But, father," she was objecting, "bis
chin is so square and firm and bis
mouth so hard. Ills face ls almost repellent at times."
"His features nre rugged," suid
Bouthley, "but I see gentleness lu them
as well as strength. Robert's worth a
Sozcn of those round chocked, chinless
boys thut havo boon banging uround
Lore this summer."
"Hut, dear daddy, how can I love a
man I'm ufruiil of? Why, if he ever
Commanded mo to marry him I'd Just
have to. Oh. I don't know whut I do
think.   Sometimes"—
"Then l;c hasn't asked you yet?"
laid her father.
"l'es; he nsked. though ho looked as
If ho preferred to pick mo up and run
Off witbout u word. Uow* I over denied hiin I don't know, but I bogged
bim lo wait, nnd he's coining at 5 this
afternoon for his final nnswer."
Soutliley laid aside his cigar and
turned to regard the perplexed faco
more intently. "Daughter," lie said,
"you don't know men like your old
Baddy. Those blue eyes of yours havo
tnucb to learn. Take a good, long look
before you send awuy u fellow liko
Robert Lorland."
"Really, I wish I could sec him na
you do; but I'm afraid I cnn't. I hnvo
the feeling that if ho were ever
crossed he'd bo positively brutal."
"You never kn tw him te do a
harsh or unkind thing, did you'.'"
"No; nor anything markedly kind or
pontic,  either."
lurk,"   he   sighed.
looks   are   against
"Well, ifs bard
"Superficially, his
For a Ions while
after Lois had left
him to make those changes in hor appearance whieh .she thought were essential for lhe coming ordeal ho remained thoughtfully smoking, with his
eyes (i:;od upon tho long white stretch
of rotal down wblcb young Lorland
would shortly come marching to his
fate. Mottled shadows of the sheltering vine crept across the veranda floor
until they reached tho spot tho old
cat had chosen for her family's afternoon siesta. Apparently considering
Shade unbealtbful, she opened her eyos,
■Stretched and yawned, shook her clustering offspring from their snug comfort and .sauntered toward the master
of the house. Arriving by bis cbalr,
she gnzed n moment into bis preoccupied fuce, then sprung upon bis knee
nnd rubbed bor ears against his waistcoat.
"Why, I'oosle," wild the old gentleman, rousing from his reverie, "deserted the nursery? For a lady of so
mnny family cares your familiarity ls
shocking. There: You see? That's
generally what comes of It"
One of the kittens bad started to
roll down tho front stops. Southley
sprang to the rescue In time to prevent a completion of the* descent
Foosle watched him with approval, but
In the end wished she bad attended to tl;.' iii,'tier herself; fur, afler
standing a moment with her venturesome child held thoughtfully I.''fore
him, the man .'Maidenly tucked it under his arm and started off around the
"Edward." l.e shouted to the gnr-
Ceiier. "Edward, I want to borrow
your blgh rubber boots. And. see if
jvu can find me a small wooden box."
A few minutes before ,ri Lois returned to tin' veranda, a vision In
white, but wiih her wblto face clouded
Willi    i;"l c: -1.1:1.     "I   j 111 ii**^.I    wiali    I
hadn't told ymi, father," s;>id Bhe. "Before '.!;::t I led my mind made up to
■end blm nway. Nuw I don't know
what I shall do. Ami he's so nnister-
f::l that if I slew tho slightest hesl-
tati.iti he's sure lo mnke me do tis he
Wants. Won't you slny and help meV"
Her father did not nnswer.   lie was
■tending nt the end of the porch waleh-
Ing some one down tin* road. Lois went
to bis side nnd wilh a band on his
■boulder followed his gn/.e.
"Wonder wbnt thut ('Imp's up to?" be
"He's too far nwny to make out who
bo is," she replied Indifferently.
The unknown bad baited and taken a
stund beside the rond with bis buck
toward them. .Something in the field
imd attracted his attention.
"Let's see wbnt he Is looking at,"
snid Southley, ns he banded Lois 11 pair
of field glasses and took another pail
for himself.
Without stopping to wonder bow
they happened to be so ready ut bund,
the girl received the binoculars and
leveled them toward the figure on the
rond. Judging from his dress the mnn
wns young nnd prosperous, for hig
white fl.mnels wero of Jntiiity cut, nnd
a gay ribbon encircled bis still straw
hnt.    Subsequent  developments   mude
the resplendent freshness of his costume all the more noticeable.
On the other side of the ditch bounding the highway wus n muddy little
pond, In tlie < ent. r of which tbey now
remarked   n   box   filiating   a   small,
frightened kitten. The little thing
floundered nt the edge of Its frail support as though debating whether to remain und starve or trust itself to tlie
dark water. Lois even fancied she
could hear its appealing cries, and with
nu exclamation of pity she made toward the steps.
"Wail," said ber father, putting out a
detaining hand. "He's going to look
nfter it. Resides, lt cau't fall off. It's
"I don't see how you enn tell," snid
Lois. "Your glasses must be better
tban mine."
In spite of the muddy water and its
unknown depth, the young man seemed to be resolvod upon rescue. He
started to roll up bis immaculate trousers, then, apparently realizing the futility of such precaution, threw off his
coat and waded in. It wns evident
that If necessary be meant to swim.
But he was spared thnt sacrifice. When
he reached the marooned kitten tbe
wnter wns barely nbove his knees. Disregarding the ungrateful little beust's
outrageous spittings nnd clnwlmrs, he
picked lt up, box and all, and stinted
back to shore.
"Oh," cried Lois, with a long breath,
"isn't ho a dear! I don't believe there's
another ninn ia the place who would
go to uii tluit trouble for u poor little
kitten. I -wonder who ho is. Won't you
go out nnd thank him, fnther? Perhaps
the kitten Is one of I'ooslo's."
"I am sure he would appreciate
thnnks from you more," replied South-
ley, "nnd when he comes this wny
you'd better do It yourself, He deserves all tho nice things you can say
to hlm."
"Why, what do you mean?" Inquired
Lois, glancing up qtllckly at th.' significant note In his voice.
"Where nre yonr eyes, daughter?
There, he's facing us. with his hat off.
Now you must recognize bim."
The youth with the kitten on his arm
bad readied dry soil, where he sl aid
ruefully inspecting bis mud soaked
clothing. After n moment's meditation,
however, he put on his coat and continued his progress loward theni. still
bearing the kitten,
Lois took one long look, then lowered
her glasses to hide a burning face
ngainst her father's coat.
"Is lie still coming?" she nt length
"Certainly," said Southley. "Yon
didn't tblnk he'd miss his appointment
just becnuse his clothes were mussed,
did you?"
Lois forsook his encircling arm and
began to settle her hair with deft pats.
"I think," suid she—"I think— No, I
don't think any more; I know. Father,
I shan't need yoar help, I'd rather
j thank blm myself."
"All right, child." replied the old gentleman, turning to enter the house. "I
never believed it wise for parents to
meddle in sucb affairs as these."
Lire, Death nnd i.nve.
A woman lay with closed eyes nnd
quiet breath waiting to welcome nn
angel whose presence seemed to over*
slindow tbe white curtained room. A
man knelt beside tbo bed, the woman's
hand pressed close in his against bis
cheek, while bis lips moved ns if in
In tho room were Life, Death and
"What have you given ber?" questioned Death of Life.
"I brought ber ay best gifts," answered Life. "Youth, bealtb, beauty,
joy and love."
"Has Lovo brought her good gifts?"
: again asked Death.
Said Love, with wistful eyes: "I
brought her brave, bright hours; sun-
Ishine nnd laughter, happiness and
I glory in living and then a heavy crovs.
■ The sunshine she shed all about ber,
even with the fading of Life's glory;
i tbo cross bidden deep in her soul east
; out self and made a new radiance and
, benul.v there."
"Let her come to me," said Death.
"Life had much to give, but peace and
rest are not for Life to bestow.    Lovo
j wofcld give ail, but must reckon with
. tl.e human heart.    I  will crown nnd
! glorify und bless her."
Life lied frem tlie quiet room wilh a
, Blgh nnd one whispered tender word,
I but Love lingered, bruve even in tlie
a full presence ol" Heath.
,    "What of him?" said Love, poinling
to ihe kneeling Qgure,
"lie made the cross?" Death nsked.
"Yes," sal l Love, weeping,
"We  must   teach   I ila,"   said  Death,
"what he could no: learn from life."—
L. M. S. in Outlook.
The wage reductions and tho reductions in earning*! of working men
through closed industries and decreased output during the past V2
months have been pretty general
only in manufacturing but in railroading wns tliere a cutting down ol
e.\pensvs, nnd of ihe larger transportation companies materially reduced their mechanical and operating
staffs. By the closing down of such
companies ns tho Pullman Company
thousands are thrown nut of employment. The wave of great prosperity
has evidently passed away, and while
Canada bus not yet been materially
affected, ihe existing conditions in
the l'nited States gives warning lo
us lhat retrenchment mny of necessity be enforced here. Amongst, the
lists of United states enterprises
which have found it. compulsory lo
reduce wages of employees are (lie
Firm or corporation— Per rent
MuUuuatl      1. i.v     auuitljittliy,      .Si'U
11.1,1.11,      l~L.,     .ill     Cl.l,,lOj Cl'b  11
LaOUllU       ll'Uil       ItUli.o,     toluUOlla-
viuu,   u.;   ail  uiupiujuee  - - - - i>u
Auii-.icuu     1111     1 into     Co.,   li.1-
iioua,  luu.;  luburvi'u ----- iu
KepuullQ iron uud fciieel Co..  K.
.St.   l.ouiB;   laborers ------ 10
AlUtutaHOWD       1 'lull L, iwtUollul
11..,.  v.u.; i.u employeon - - -
Ai.,, 1.  baeet **.   im 1'iuio Co.,
ciiuau'r,   iv.v.;   ail   euiployeeH Its
Ainer.   .-aiict-i   «v   'lin   l'liue   UO,,
aiaiUns   Ferry,   c,   nil employee! ----  is
Amor.   c*ur    •&   Foundry    Co.,
liUoUllgloll,   W.   \ .,   ■>.  '00 inun JO
\ oiin^s.ui. II   .-.lllt'L'l   .v    1 iiuu   Co.,
all luiipiuyages --------- 10
NuuonSi 1 ...io Co., UbaWter,
l'a... all employee ------- 10 to 26
Amor. Cor iv I'uuudry Co., st.
Louie, Uu , ull employees - - 10
McKinley    1'uruace,   Newcastle,
l'a.;   connii. 11   labor ------ 1^1
.lini,.at,1 mine, Minn.; all employee*]   lo
Uai'Ki'u.ea   Woolen   Mills,   N01U1
.Snapmijjh, Ale.;   all employee! 10
lh   -aaii   Car   Co..     Maywooil.
1 . .   1,400 employees ----- 10
\,a.   Haven   iron   *v  Stool   Co.;
la. - employees  l"
Midvale Steel Co..  Philadelphia,
i'n.. -',000 employees 5 to   8
Seaboard    Steel    Casting    Co..
Chester,  l'a.; all employees - 10
Cambria Steel  Co .  Johnstown,
l'a.;   I o.iiiin employ. >•■* - - -  - lo
Standard   Stoel   Co.,    Uemham,
ra.: all employees ------- 10
American    Steel    Casting     Co
Chester,  l'a  1"
.1.   1*^   !'■  Ooates     Thread     Co
Pawtuuket, U.l ;   all employees lo
All   Union  Sheet  mui   Tin   Plate
Mills.  Plttsburer;  all employee* 20
Ai liiarion       .Mills. Lawrence,
Mass.:  2,000 employees - - - - 6 to 1"
McKinley   Lodge, A As. & '1'. P.
Co.. bllmwood, iml :   BOO  - - - 20
New   Castle  Lodges    A. A.S.   &
T. p.   Co .   i'n ;   all  employees -''
Pittsburg   Works,   T.   *:   S.    P.
Co.. New   Kensington, Pa.; nil
lu.   Elmwood, lnd.;   800  -  - - 20
employees ------------ 20
American    Can     Co 's    Plants.
Chicago,  III ; 3,000 employees lo
Lake Ore Handlers,  South  Chicago,   111 ;  aII  employees - - - Ti
Fori.   River  Ship   Yard    Engine
Co : 3,000 employees cut. wanes
Burns'    Organization    of   Glass
Workers,   Pittsburg;   all  members  -  :.'.-,
All  Plants American Sheet, ami
Tin   Plate Co.; nil  members - is
Aetno     Iron    ,\.     Tube    Works,
Pittsburg,   Pa.;  puddlers - - - in
Siik Weavers,  Brooklyn,   N    v .
an,1 euinloyees --------- 20
'/.'icier    Conl     Minns,     Illinois;
nil  emplovees --------- Is
Fall  Riper Cotton  Mills.   Mass.;
2nd     reduction;    81,000   em-
:,      a,  ■      ,.,,S ___.-.--_--_ l~\
Flskdnlo   Mills;     ■"""   employees 13)
Corr      Mills.      Rast    Taunton,
Mass :  nil  emplovees  12J
r  s  Cotton Co    Cent mi  Palls,
Mass.; 550 employees ----- ]2|
*.'l  miners.  Central   IVnn    Disl 0
ll.'iw iii'l-W'hitc  Coal   Mining Co..
nil employees --------- 54 to   Q
AU   shoe*   nn.l   tin    nlate    RCalc«
from   July   I.   1004,   accepted
by  men  18
*: ■' 1    ' v    q 1   Cotton   Mills;
1 ,r,oo employees -------- 12|
One of Sheridan's Dodaee.
It is related of Kicljard Urinsley Sheridan, the dramatist and statesman,
that, always in debt, bo bad among
bis creditors the brothers Challe, who
were the partners in a wine lirm ln
lTTo. One day when he was Riving a
dinner party to some distinguished
•people Sheridan seut for one of the
brothers, told bim he was now ablo to
Bottle his account and Invited hlm to
the dinner party, asking him to come
before the hour for some private conversation. Ohalle arrived early, and
he wus no sooner in the bouse tlmn
Sheridan sent off a servant with a note
to the clerk desiring him, ns Mr. Challe
was favoring him with bis company,
to send us soon as possible three do:-.eu
of burgundy, two dozen of claret and
two dozen of port, with a dozen of old
hock. The unsuspecting clerk sent the
wine, with which the guests were so
pleased that tbey asked where It came
from. Sheridan, taming toward Challe,
said, "I am Indebted to my friend here
for all the wine you have tasted and
tun always proud to recommend him."
it was not until ihe following morning
that Challe realized lhe double moaning In Bheridan's words. The debt was
Tin* Lonely Library,
At the English universities the libraries nre so little used that they have
become famous tis places of unbroken
soliin.ic. One yarn told to Illustrate
this is (o the effect that tin elderly fellow of Cains college, CamBrldge, got
tired of life and determined to put himself quietly and unostentatiously out of
l!ie way, BO that the world in general
and Cuius college in particular should
know him no more, lieing a man with
11 great love for his university and a
greater lovo still for bis college, he
made up bis mind that no scandal
should be caused by his sudden departure, so lie tlebaie'l in his mind the
ways and means, iiis decision wa.s an
inspiration. He bought a decent length
of rope nnd banged himself in the col-
lege library. Bul lis hopes were doomed to disappointment. lie was discovered a year aad a half later.    '
Wlieh u man  fools his wife and Is
'. ;• od of It, i! Is nol -"> lo'i«, bill
rlten lie thinks he has a right to fool
ier, that Is set'lou*s.
! The mangled remains of .lohn
j Drummond were taken from West
1 Fort William to Port. Arthur Sntur-
■ day morning,    lb* was a   switchman
on  tho  C.   N.   It.,  and  was  killed  by
missing his footing and railing 1111-
1 der the who Is of tho locomot Ive,
1 which passed    ovor   him, completely
severing the body and breaking leg:
, and .-. 1'ins.   He was 0 nal i, •   of
.lohn. \. 11.
Points Otitto Mothcrsthe Way to Keep
Their Children Well and lla*>p,v.
Rev,    ,1.   I..    I'raneoeur,   Casseluiaii.
Ont., Is a kind-hearted priest who
has done much to alleviate suffering
iinong  the   little  ones     in   the  homes
if his parishioners. Writing under a
ii'i, nt .late he savs : "1 must Buy
that Pr. Williams' Daby's own Tablets are doscrving of the high praise
Ihey have hnd us 11 cure lor the ailments of children. For the past
.■ight months I huvo boon Introducing them in many families, nnd always, tho mothers tell me. with perfect results. Their action is always
effoctivo, without any sickly reaction,
and they aro especially valuable ill
allaying pains in tl"' head, fever in
teething, nervousness, sleeplessness,
spasms, cramps in tie' stomach and
bowels, eolie and other troubles,
Their regulating action gives almost
Instant   relief  and   gives   speedy   eure.
This is the comforting experience
that  bus como to mv knowledge out
0*J   pe[~'  UID   I       'sn  snoi.nptif  .i;,n|i  jo
give you my sincere testimony, and
I will recon n end th" Tablets to   all
mothers   and   nurses   of   siek   children
as 1 have dono heretofore."
These Tablets  ai'" sold   bv all  medicine  dealers,  or     moth rs can  obtain
them bv mail at 25 cents a    box li'
writ ing to the Pr. \\ llllams' 81. dicinc
Co..  Brockville, Ont>.
Prom the Post. Thorold, Out.
Ai 11' • asi izo 11,urt. London, Oni..
ni" day lasi week a verdicl of SOOO
was awarded tn Miss bin McCracken,
miii ner of <:loncoc, in 1 he   1 uii   for
''       igalnst    Mrs.  Fanny Tyson,
milliner of [ngcfsoll, and Editor Il.'l-
leinv. of the tngcrsoll Sun, is to contribute $300. Th" libel coi Isted of
a publication of n nowspapcr articlo
which accus d plaint iff of 1 heft
"Will vuu," thundcred th" stump
orator, "strnIn at a gnal an 1 BWal-
! low a camel v'
Tho 1 houf htful citizen of 1 ho front
.•-'•at  knit  I.e. lea.-.,    anxiously,    "Ar ■
'they both sterilized '.'" he ai - d
Canada  captured  tli" lending  .
cultural prizes a'  th" VS'oi Id'    fair,
Th"  territorial  crop  bulletin   ostl-
Bel ween   He- 1 wo   ..", ..t!.   we ra
.ui" lift Ii of t !i     world'*  wheal. four-
lift lis of it s   "oi a.   01 "  nurth   ui  i'
nals.    and    fo'.:   (lift li-    1 ;    Its cot ton.
This hnrvoi I  I    I !"• fotli dnl   11   ol our
An Erratic Memory.
Mrs. Hansom's greatest trial was her
poor memory. She bad tried all sorts
of "systems," both original and recommended, bnt nothing succeeded for
more than a Utile while.
"I'm almost wild," she said plaintively to a niece who found her with
n wet compress bound about ber head,
"for my old school friend, Mrs.—
There, I hoped perhaps It would come
lo me, but it hasn't. Well, she is lure
In New York, and I met her on the
street and usked ber to luncheon, and
I wanted you and Emma to meet ber.
Itut what can I do? How can I introduce her when I cau't think of her
The nleeo looked properly sympathetic and murmured something about
every one's having times of forgetfulness.
"But there's no reason for this,"
moaned the sufferer, "for we have exchanged gifts nt Christmas for years!
I've tried nil my systems, but it's
no use; her name has gone, so I doubt
if I shouhl know lt if I heard lt. Of
course 1 shall Just have to say, 'This
ls my old school friend, Mary Lane.'
It seems more natural, anyway, to call
her that, because that was her name
before sbe married George Bay. I
suppose I Rhull have to pass lt off as
bent I can!"
'lh" firs! pile was drivon a few dav.
ago    f.ir    the    new  i); 111 i"   lloiir  mill
10 I eeted ai   l'ort  William.  Mr   P.
w Thompson, president of th" Ogilvie Flour Mills Com pan j. Mr. \\.
i'.!.i"' wei tern manager and head
millwright, Mr. Chalfant, togothor
with a number of local citizens woro
spectators   of    tho   ovenl     Manager
UlaCk   sillies   that    the     mill     \\ i 11     b"
of 8,000 barrels   por   daj   capacity,
and oil" of tlio finest mills on th"
continent when complotcd, P mny
In' slated that lh" company's contract with the town of port William
only culled for a 1,500 banvl mill,
but ih" company aro going to double
il, which is very gratifying lo Unci! Izens,
pro* pority,
I   Tho    President   a   Slav a to
C: :.*.rt .1. 11 1 SampU, preiidsnl ol
Ham pie s Inalnlment 1 an,,, ,,,A Wnih-
ingwon,   |.„     „,,,„..    .■!•,,,   yoa|      ,    WIlM
-~\i ''"!  with Chronic I .0 irrh     Itemed!•■
"".I        '   -'■■'■  II    '   "'        !■  .        IpOl   I.I.,      '    , ,,.        . .      ,.
i"«  tempi i, 'v  rell. 1  until   1   •■..        .. . , 1
to ii-,, in   A,:,,,.. ., catarrhal H lor      11
nova uluioal Initanl rellol    .1 , —4'J
Mr,   I laldane,  w nt Ing a  pr 1    t"
a book on modern tarifl In. > 01 j
I hat    if   Wc     u a,nlil      1 a mo in   I   •  ad   of
our rlvais wo must conlInuo '■> 1 •■
ahead of them in tho t|uullt> ol what
w" mako, No tarifl can keep out
thai quail Ij. w in. h li 1 he kej to
—— a
Nume lh" most   unsoclablo thing in
iho world.—Milestones; for you nov-
ef  .see   t Uo  of   t holll   togcl In r.
The fruit, branch of the Department
of Agriculture nt Ottawa bus received a letter from a retail merchant
in Winnipeg complaining of the wny
in which fruit from Ontario is packed. He stntes thnt. Munitobu is the
natural market for Ontario poachos,
pears und plums, but it is now largely supplied by fruit, from California,
Oregon nml Washington, This is b.*-
e.iuse    of     the    indifference    of     fruit
growers. The consumer in Manitoba,
stntes the writer, does not place any
dependence on the marking of barrels, having been humbugged so long.
The writer advises thnt fruit bulletins containing ndmonitions bo
showered upon the growers und thnt
the strictest possible inspection
should be maintained.
A despatch from Pendleton, Oregon,
suys:   A   local   (lour mill   has  rccoivod
an ordor from Hong Kong   for  ho.-
000 sacks (o.liilii tons) of Hour. Which
is snid to be for the .lapanese government. Twenty thousand sacks of
this will lie sent this month by wny
of Portland and the balance from
Tacoma and Seattle! Tlie same mill
has just completed n shipment of
00,000 sneks for Orient al  porta,
Remove! all hard, tioft or mil owned
Iioii|"< nnd blemishes from tromef, hlood1
epnvln, rurbn, npllntti, rlnftboni*, avtornry,
etlflt'H, upmlnii; cured Bore and »w*I||ki|.
throat, cough*, etc. Have |50 by the
une of one bottle. Warranted the molt
wonderful Illemtsh Cure ever known.
Lon« Cook I nir.
Of fresh foods tho elephant's foot
needs cooking the longest time, as It
does not acquire Its proper tenderness
and succulence till It has been baked
i'or about thirty-six hours. Next comes
tripe which requires from ten to fifteen hours of boiling before it becomes
thoroughly digestible. Next come
bums of good si/.e, which require from
six to seven hours. Of roast meals, a
haunch of venison takes longer tliun
any other joint about three anil a half
hours. Of puddings, the Christmas
pudding conies easily first, as it is boiled over nnd over again. Bometlmes It
is kept for months or years tiiitl undergoes several boilings. The average timo
is from six to eight hours. The vegetable which takes the longest time to
cook Is tho onion.- London Mall.
Ilnxley  on  Darwln'e n«*Brce.
Huxley did not love degrees, but he
had to have one. Anticipating tlio donning of thc red gown be Informed his
friends that after the ceremony he
would have to be treated as a person
,>r respectability. "I havo dono my
lest to avoid that misfortune." said
ho, "but It's of no use." It was Oxford
that paid him the compliment, its It
hud done to Darwin two years earlier.
Whelk Darwin was given the degree
Huxley let blm have do false idea as
to the honor bestowed. "Canon lTisey,"
he declared, "hus been making Inquiry
,is to who tiro the blackest beret Ies 011
the list proposed, He was glad to assent In your case lu order to keep out
seven devils worse."
Joy Succeeds Desp;
'" t,niS::,,i,v'f ni,
Hilton, Th
His Daughter, fi„
woid, o,,i:
Weadfroa Drops,   I,,' il118 All ft
Given Her Up'fir. w?iiiDotwU
11 dr*
ybody      believes
sort of wuy of the efHcac
and wisely advertised , ,, ;    u *tl
the recordod cases of S^-A
OW  at  a     distune,.;   but tfSH
"U111 m,
collies  UU  in   tlio Jjonii
patient  is  known    i,, ,,.
who,, the cure    1, „,„       ^
but    inal'M'llous.     ,|u,    ,,,,.'"•* I'mitjj
modlolno bocoiuos ,, fact '"'1J
thing. For muny yCftr8 n,,,"'"^
advertised   Dr,   Willium8. pln?8t3
thom    have beon soi.i   ?"Tle?
ion sold bv
drug sloes, nnd many '
euros huve boon offectod  <
l Hie
attracted tho attention ,„,,,,,
or and ho Inva Ugated \, .
onco  Hilton,  tho   eighteen   v
daimlilcr of   '
"i lhe
ls*-'Ph uml Mrs  nn
living in the west
early  lasl
"f tl,,
dropsy,   coupled   will
1,1 toi
miller M
Nenr  Sldi- nml Oft Side.
When horses Mere Urst hitched to
vehicles tho driver never thought of
riding himself, but walked by the side
of the road as he held the lines. So as
to have his right hand always ready
he walked on the left side, nnd consequently the horse on the left side came
to bo known us the •'near" horse, and
the one on the right side was called the
"o2f" horse. In that manner tho tonus
"near horse" and "off horso" became
general and still pertain to horses
hitched as a team.
Reluctant to (;ivo I'p.
"Lend me $10, old inun. I'm n littlo
"That won't help you any. You'll be
just as short after getting tbe money."
"Nonsense, old chap! How* do you
make that out'.-"
"Why, after giving you tbe $10 I
dou't expect to see you any longer."
He Probably Took the Hint.
Young Tutter—Miss Clara, suppose
that tomorrow evening I sliould call
again und, bavin;; nerved myself up
to it, suddenly, while we were conversing, I should without u word throw my
arms around your neck and deliberately kiss you, wbat would you do? Mis?>
Plnkley—Oh, Mr. Tutter, don't ask me
to look so far ahead.
A Maddening rositlon.
Tho hardest thing a girl d >0S Is to refrain from asking a man a question
that she knows will make bim mad
when she i.i Just boiling with curiosity
to know tho nnswer.
Merely AVUIieil to Ivnnir,
"Miss Passay," bo said, "there is
something I have for some time wished to ask you."
"Oh," she gasped, "I'm so glad—that
is, 1 1 menu, is it anything personal r
What   Mny   lie.
Passenger (on 0 ean liner or the future) Will you please direct me to
my stateroom? It's No, 7.7. Clerk -
it's about hi if a mile aft Take trolley
car on starboard pn n in ide.
Rcmeml er tl ni your n. la con-
st      * en    - of your
ble    ngs : •.: •.   ■•'    •       hat you
!■ '■ '     to 1 i ■...-:,•
.  1 .'
Appearance a I'mt,-, ii.m,
"Api earan deceit   il"  It an
old Ba ch ;vn 1 lllu      led by an
"•'I   ladj    01   '.: H of oui    I  IU . .  0   I* ■'•
days ; / ■.
Bhe dr. nr oni a sum very 1    r the
:";.    ' '      •       ■ :.   dly .. ■ ■ i
her 11     e did not wish an 1 a. orl  I 1
' ■•   ■    '          1 l • Im nro pro-
:        11 fur 1 int.   Lo       _
'       j*  nl tr,  alio   n pl
"•• li}'. no :.;. 1 had mora
than „■ i.-u.'
was couipellod   ia,  ,.,..
duty after another,   a, |
came unable to walk 01
ller Buffering was int.
skill .1 j.i nil that could 1
ence,  howovor,  . row    mn .-
in her chair daj  ,,,iii 1
loiin' months    1 a,    ,. .t  ||pr ^     '
the parents despaii •.:    \t  i',..
doctor gave her up und
visits    wi re   fi 1 il,-    1 i.. 1 ,
limbs wore pll Ifullj
ally burst bi low tl
helpless und weal ;
and at    times   could br.
only  with  the  eia il     •  tlilllcullj
night  th" noli   I a,    ,
sh" could not  liv.' till mon
to-day she 1- ;aii•,,■ m .1 v,.
.. bout  an ong  hi r y.
a   ranmrkablo   .,,,1   ,
1 !." I   10   Whttl   sh"  1 ;
porter called one ■
ton hon ■ hul U I
1 is 1 h ".' Thi !.■■:. .
in. however, and fre.
lho eure, which they ntti     1     ■
!;■   I,. Dr. \' illiai    'PI     I
!:r-t   I "\   Wns   1 1   hi   lo 1
grandmother,     who   urged I
Then Mrs. Hill ml 1 ■
1 hut sho had t ho pi •
en■ I  i.\   Dr   v. Ilia       pink
lit al tack ol di .p
membered the mni v cm
In  11 •   Posl     She In
und Plorencc took il
b    dose   Jn   t v.0   wc. kfl  sl ■ 11|
Blight     .1 ier ,i. ■  In   the   ■
limbs, and moro pills were procitf
For fivo month!
months,   tho weary girl I
and nighl  in her chair, bul now
'.  to    feel    th" pain
und to sec her limbs rcsu
tmui M/".     Fourteen   I
pill   wore taken and at last
severance wns  rewarded      Sl
from !"•;■ eh,iir. her form r   bu .;
gradually came back; on • by ond
hou -. hold    dut Ies    v er     tnko ■
again; end whi 11 thc Post n pres 1
t :\ 0 called he   was    nu t by linas
faces    nnd   thankful   hearl
grateful    readiness to rIvc   to
world   the facts thai  had   •
brighl   vomits  life,  ond   bad br
joy Instead   of grlel   to .1   n
In 1 housand of oil cr ' • -
tered over tho lengt h and >'
Canada, Dr, Williams' I'ink I
have brought health and
cl.idi." 1 and in every 1
land whero sickness end
tors new health and ati
had   tproueh  n   fnir  Use oft
cine,      Romon b ir     that
■  ■   a   ■     •... ■-    make    ,;    :
wors ■.   nnd  wh in  yo 1
..   •■   • thi   full
!•       Pills for i
tli I ,.n tho wrapp
■ 1 en \ ."i aro sure ■
■ ■   pills.   Sold by
. ;• by moil post ]    !   •
a      1     ,\     111-     •-IN     !
tine 1 "" Dr   Wi "
'   1 .   Urocl viilo,  Ont.
people lion
■  thee  1 ..
■ lifn
" My Heart was Thumping"
Life OUt,"   in   thu   wny    Uli
WrlKlit,  uf Brockville,  Ont .
■uOcrlDgi from iuiotl    li
palpitation,     After   iryii ■ ™
d       without   benefit,   m>
Aj,'ii.'\\ '■ Cure ior Hi" Heart ■'•-'■
to    |.  ::;•• 1    hotlth      Mi"
non,■..   Initant  relief, wid  In » da-
ferltig * ■ . ■ .  eltogel hei
•    ,• i.i   i',.\      '    ■
TfUu)  ALL  ELSE '' i.ard's Liniment Cares Dandfoff.
Then Dodd's Kidnoy Pills Coin
<<1 Bis Diabetes.
Stnrtllni* Tim" of Thos. Hnrrl-nn, oi
St. Hary'a Perry  HeTclli the
story iiiiMieii.
St. Mnry's F.'rry, York County,  \.
0 . Oot, 17.—(Special).—Thai Dodd'a
Kidney Pills will cure Diabetes, ..tin
of thn most,    deadly forms of Kiiln.iy
Iiiseii.sn, ims been tatlifactorily proved by .Mr Thos Harrison, of tins
place. Speaking of Ins cure .Mr. Hnrrlson snys:
"' began to under with severe pnlns
abOVS the n»f{i<in of the kidneys.
When I luy down it was torture to
put up again.    My appotlte fulled anil
1 lost flesh rapidly.
"I doctored with sovemi physicians
but It was nil no use. Shortly nft.er
this I liegnn to urinate blood ntul
then I knew I win In the (Trip of that
dread  monster,   Diabetes.
"At this time n friend prevailed on
me to try a box of Hodd's Kidney
l'ills nnd Ihey did mo so much Rood
I continued the treatment till I hnd
UStd three boxes. They cured tuo
1.  .    • .,   1
■ • ,.•
for 11  1 r In to     tnrt'    '
ta«n tu one If j "ii catch
i    1     would    j o'i expn
v.i.rd having met   • our
i     1    1   M. • ,1 i'ii;   Iciai
1 holer I all •ami    :  '.'.
-.   quick    in  their ai lloi   ' '',,'.	
hand ol death 1- upon tl"
ii" i  are av ara that  ilai 1 ■'  '',,'.',
attacked  do nol   delay   '»   u''', ,,.
nroper  medlr     'I rj   ■  ' '/'     ,,,,1.
I.   KolJnjrr-'i  Dyeentery  1 '■■■'■■    .    ,
v.iil  wi   Immediate rebel    '',..•
w rful  rapldltj  and nevi
feci  11 cure
fai -
Whieh travols fastor* heal "'
—Heat, bocauso you can •••'*ill> ''
Minard's Halmeat ht Mhewf^
Agriculture this year will addwj
four billion dollars to th" ''"'" '1
wen Ith.   nnd   foreign   r"s,<""J',llll|i
pay   us nol   fnr   from nlna   n
million    dollnrs  for    our nR1'"'    |
products,  shipped to   them   "•
sea. ..«w*lttl **T**mmmm\ DRILl
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
,,N,ttv'or   IVHrid" what kind of tea you are in the habit of
using,  give, "SALADA" Ceylon Tea one sing'e trial  and we will
trust your judgement for all future purchases.
.;\ \uKit niU'i.Kr DEAD
Thero   passed nwny   on Wednesday
Lning nt- Uu' Qlangarry hospital iii ]
rontrcal. '""'   "'  "ul •K's1   known of |
Hi I ■■*■*• *
,nCh Canadians, Ln the porson
havniier Gustave Adolphe Drolot,
,hose sorvlco ns 11 leading member
• i),,.   pontlflciai "xouavo   movement
n,|  his  long  residence  in   Paris mnde
;, familiar (inure   both in    Mon-
1 ninl the French capital, The
,,'. Chevalier Prolot spoke English
.ench and Italian. Ho lost his wife
inily "' exceedingly sweet dlsposl-
'   ,, (ow years   ngo   and the  ber-
,i husband appeared to fall Irom   dead men ?
limn ded.
CEYLON TEA has the largest sale in the world.    Sealed lead packets
only.    Black, Mixed or Natural GREEN.    By all Grocers.
Why  nre  well-dni'iied  stockings  like
Bccaus?     they   uie   nioii-
BVhat   Is
the   onlv    pain of whieh
makes   li^hl v—A    window
linard's Liniment Cares Barn, etc,
llVhnt  sort of tune do wo nil enjoy
•.'—I'oi'-tuiie,   made un of hank-*
"'R»Oulai* Praotitioner- No Re-
Whtthv   rMli    A,,llic, °'   Chestnut,   of
,       'h„      'v'"r,"","U,s a  rheumatic vie-
.' ,".   ' ll    South    American    Khsutriatlc
g"1? changed ths   long   from "despair"
ml«.i2yi t!   suys:   "'   suffered   untold
nu»t ry from rpeumatlem-doctors' medl-
cine iinl me no sood-two bottles of
Miiiiii American Rheumatic Cum cured
me—relief two hours ulter the first
tjusu.   —50 I
■ i i.M'.'iisv ilislios. nuts or nuns with
. pry Boap ui powdurl it will re-
the grease with the greatest ease,  ll.'i
Why is n scavenger like o lady's
bolt?—Because ho toes round nnd
gathers up thi' waste.
,, Ih an opera Binder lit
■ r ?— Docauso sin deal
in ■ high screams).
i   |c •-
is n    mnn happier
then with   one'?—Ho ninj
,\ Ith oee. but  w II h t wo ll
sure i o i"' t i.i lei ort od.
\ CUKE POII mn;; wi vi ism. -'iho in-
t melon of in lc aa , ! into , ;.,. ,,:, , ,| vessels is ii fruitful cause ol rheumatic
pains. '1 nil, inv:'u!uritJ In owing to "
deranged nnd unhealthy rom!Ition of the
Ib er \nyone subjoi i to 11da painful
' eflecl Ion  v, ill   iinl    n    n nn-.lv   i.i   i'arme-
11 h  t Wt 'j \,.a.,,a ,,,1,.  puij    '| |,e|r , ,■•    Upon
. he l.i.la. x • is pronounced and moal hone-
[trial, mui by restortnu houlthv notion,
i hej corn a i  Impui II lei In  t he blood
ii   is i he* best   way of n aklng n
the   trousors   and
w hen aro ladies In wii I r like old
1 ettlei '.'—Vi h"n thoy nro very much
Sirs.—]  havo   greal    faith
IID'.S  LINIMENT, as lasl  yea
a. .1  horao   of   itlng-bonu   with
la   a'!!.   S.
istercd   t he   I irso,   but   In   n
I hi ro   was no  ring -bono   nnd
. ness,
I'Wl.'l. MUHCI1IS0N.
l-'i 11.,  N.  D.
Why   need n  i rnvell. r •   • er
in n   losert?—Because    ol tho
i  is Bandwiches tii re
star .•
sm, I
V ; il word n 111, If *■ ou I ake away
i'i ilrBt letter, make you sick?—Mu-
Why does a dressmaker never
her nooks?—Because she hns nn
i o I'iieh of t horn.
, is a bonnet   not  a  b. nncl ?— i
i  la. eon.a s n  prol ly  woman,
do  -n    miller    n a r a   whit
i'n keep his head wurni.
John   A.    Whltmore,   the   veteran
■  . ister of  Iteginu,  died    i ddenlj
iber 11.   Ho appeared to bo In
i   . I irood ina li b during tho day
was in the post ..iii. o .'urlng the
ng,  nn.l   in    conversation    with
of  tho elorks .* iirnili.'.l  his  inlen-
gotng on a  shoot Ins  . xpi di-
nn  t li.'   morrow,    Short Ij   ufl ir
going lo his room ho wns Beized with
■  ck of neiit • osl hmo and . hok-
i d 'ith    Tbo i, a'.'.is.. i \-.as t
•    of ago     Mr   V.hliinoru was
al onlv  n  few  w.eki   a  o in . ln-
.1 \ as homo bul  a wo '. I e
ro hi}  di .uii.
Worry wont euro a cough. When
you (ind a cough holding on—
wheu everything else hi.* failed—
Cure T5^cLune
It i.*! guaranteed to cure. If It
doesn't, we'll refund your money.
Prices: S. C. Wells 4 Co. BOI
25c. 50c. tl.   LeRoy.N.Y.,Toronto,Can.
"I    don't    know    whether she    has
she Inn   bim   or     promised   to     marry
"Why '.'•'
"Ho   has   slopped buying extravagant presents for her."
Commissioner Booth is not the only
Salvation Army leader who hns received instructions to prepare herself
for another field of labor. There Is
to be n geheral change amongst the
territorial commanders, Of the others who are bidding farewell nre
Coinmandor Booth-Tucker of tin' l'nited Stall's. Commissioner Howard,
forolgn .secretary at London, Commissioner Coombes of Great Britain,
Commissioner Booth-Helborp:, of Germany, and   Commissioner    Kilby   of
South   Ai'rien.    One  of   thes;'   will    repine,' Miss Booth in Canada,
l'l 11 V AUK A t'OW 1.1 IF I I. M'.ll-
\ IN K.--li.vspepsiii cnusi's iloruii^onn'itl of
iho nervous system, nnd nervous debility
once engendered is difficult to iioni wltb.
'I Iuto nn* many testimonials ns to the
efllency of Parmelee's Vegetable Tills in
treating this disorder, allowing that thoy
never f.iil to produce good results, By
giving proper tone to the digestive or-
-T.insi thev restore equilibrium to the
norve centres.
,  Why    mny  n  boggcr  wear    n     vory
Short   coat '.'—Ileeause  it   will   bo  long
enough before he gets another.
Rtaft '.'..liment Relieves Nenralgja.
What  is tbnt  which no ono   «I hoe
o hnve, yet  no one wishes td   lose?
i     Id head.
\   i > '. I it \l.    I'.W OltlTE    in   every
■ ,• in.ia, in. ed  in   Thomas'  k,-
a,     |u,^  noi   (ailed  tn  estab  sh   a
thai    the   sterling
hlch   n   poaseaaes    are    vaiueil
.   w hen  the*,   bei ome know i      I'
■1   us.-   in   l an l.la     the   u     '   ll
'. a.-: ralla na a   household medl-
lhe  .ii: ...ial   for  ii   on. ii    vn
It   |i  .,   i. \ ui n •■    wherever
■    * thai   which thc more    you
"in it  tle' larger it i»rows?—A
Better   without   a   Stomacfi
than with one that's cot a constant
"hurt" tn lt. t'r Von Stan's Pineal *
Tablet! stimulate the digestive organs
Lei dm enjoy the good things ol lift
«   i   leave   no    i".i ifleets—carry   then
»lth you In your VMt pocket— Iii) In •
boj    UJ  cents —48
Tl STlM.iMAL from the late BIB SAMUEL lUKKH. the famous Mile Ex 1.1 over.
"Newton Abbot, Devon. 1'eiir Sirs—t
have delavnl mv thanks as t wiahed to
t st the effort of lllair's fills by a sufficient Interval of time.
"For Xe„ years I had suffer*! arutely
from flout ami life had Inst iis attraction oaring to the uncertainty of health
and su.lilen visitations of Uie enemy
which prostrated me for months, or weeks
according to the virulence of the attacks
"Hlair's rr.is ha\e rendered mt i. enM
service, us I no longer fear an attack
of  (lout
"I'or tho last twenty months 1 have
been comparatively Iree, as me or two
attempted visitations have t,»,"i Immediately stamped oul by '.he eaststanc* of
lthor'*  Pilli
"Truly yours  (Signed)  Saml    W. linker.
1 .\ in uo Sons .*. .... lliiiii'iil and 'lor-
onto; The Hate lnag Co., Winnipeg; and
Uartin, Bole *  IVjnon Co.. Winnipeg,
. A man snid ho had a sister und a
brother, the.v were each of them
children of the same* parents, and
still he was no relation of either ol
them.   Whut was he?—A  liar.
cials of t ho ' Intarlo department
riculturo have prepared u stnte-
111 i, i'nt ■ I he gem ral  luijir       ■   i
r.i. I , i, i    v. -re poor
■ per acre i .1 ■ pring who it  hus
18.5 bu againi I   18.7    In
■.i.i 15.7 t wo j. ars ngo",    Tho
d  States avorano thi    year    is
i 'J 7  bushel i,  and  In only    one
w u hington,  la tho avi ran    up
; inn I Inl alius   oat    (Tup      ol
;    i,i, hi Is  gives ana vera ce
1 :; bushels to tho aero, again it
i  .ti ih ■ I i.iiial States,
l-o you like your thin, rcugh,
short hair? Of course you
don't. Do you like thick,
heavy, smooth hair? Of
course you do.    Then why
• -XT*     am
not be pleased? Ayer's Hair
Vigor makes beautiful heads
of hair, that's the whole
story.   Sold for 60 years.
" I hn.ro nied Arer'l Hair Ylaor lor a long
"'""    li U, Indeed, a wonderful hair toule,
'•■luring health to the balr sad scalp, »nd. at
"is aauie Urns, nroTlas a salandM dr*Mlns._
l»a J. —.\Attm. ttatUl. lnd. T.
I »'•".» *»"ttle.
i_AJl <1niriem,
Superfluous Hair
Removed fcy the New Principle
Da 9IUtgo?c
Klertrnlyiis, Xray ordepil»tori_ are
offered you oo the bare word ol the
njieratr.ii and manufacturers. DK
ttlRACLE ia not. It ia the only method
which ia inilnncd by physicians, sur-
geou, dermatolopiits, medical journalu
and prominent magazines, ltnoklct will
will be eenk free, in plain, sealed
Your money back withcut question if
ikfnilstn do all that is claftnol for it.
DK UlllAi I.i: mailed, sealed in
plawi wrapfier, on receipt of |1, Write
for it today to DE MIRACl.i: CHEM.
ICAL OO., £3 Qlkdn Sthkit West,
Toronto, or
While the plainest of
all rings, they are the
most important and
lhe most constantly
Ittnce tlie d-mirability of
hai'irt,* thnn aaril and coma
f,.rt..h.v pr,.;*,,rln'nCii. All
"Kyi r ' r:n^% are. Send
lor mafloraiercatalogue.
Our wedding rinps are
of solid 18k. gold and
range from $4.00 to
[: j     "DIAMOND HALL"
V■".'•'• S, 11 a I 1 12*
**»^:'  :> YoninilreeJ       /
Made big enough for a big
man to work in with comfort
Has more material in it than
any other brand of shirt in
Canada. Made on the
H.B.K. scale it requires 39^2
to 42 yards per dozen, whereas
common shirts have only 33
to 33 yards.
That's the reason why the
H.B.K. "Big" Shirt never
chafes the armpits, is never
tight at the neck or wristbands, is always loose, full
and comfortable and wears
Each shirt bears a tiny book
that tells the whole history
of the "Big" Shirt, and
also contains a notarial
declaration that the H.B.K.
"Big" Shirt contains 39J4
to 42 yards of material per
Sold at all dealers but only
with this brand:—
Montreal       Wlnnlptg       Dawson
i. O. ATSB OO..
1/iwll,   Man.
[Weak Hair
l.l.l'.i'lll.i: \M' "TIIE UOOSTEHJ'
(From "Success-'.)—Thnt Henry
Ward Bcocher wns spared inii.'ii embarrassment hv hi* quickness al repartee i.s Illustrated bj tho following
Ono evening ns ho uns In tho midst
of nn Impassioned speech, boiiio one
attompted to Intorrupl him by suddenly crowing bl*.* n rooster, It was
ib.nr to perfection; n number ol people laughod in spii.- ol themselves,
and th.' speakers friends fell tlmt In
n moment tho whole effect of tho
in.rtiiitf, nn.l <>f Mr, Decchorjs thrilling appeals, miLiht bo lost, The orator, howovor, «ns equal to tho ...
cosl on, ii.* stopped, listened till tho
crowing ceased, and then, with 0
look cl surprise pulled out his watch
"Morning nlroady!': ho sald;"my
watch is only at ten, Bul thero can
bo no inistiik.' about it. Tho in-
stini'ts nt' tho lower animals   ara in-
There was a roar of laughter. The
"lower animal" In the nailery col-
lapsodi and Mr. Heedier was able to
resume as  If nothing had occurred.
The ■unllfht Malda are throujh their wsahlnu by noen-thal's
the Sunlight way       	
Dr.   Leo Vogel, a    luwyer, and sec-1    Tho consensus of opinion   nt    the
rerary of the Suiss legation at Ber- peace conference in ltoston is that in
lin,  has  been  n).pointed minister    to 'future pretexts for war must be ar-
tln* United Slates.                                IWtrated,
Could'nt Rise
From a Chair
On Account of Dreadful   Pains in the Kidneys and
Back—A Complete Cure by
Dr. Chase's Kidney=Liver Pills
In Its course through tho body
the blood not only supplies nourishment to tho various organs, but also
pathers up tho poisonous waste matter.
When tbe liver and kidneys fail to
filter theso poisons • from tho blood
thoro are pains and aches and diseases of tho most painful and fatal
Because they restore tho strength
and activity to tho kidneys and liver
Dr. Chase's Kidney-l.iver Pills overcome such troubles and purify the
blood in a wonderfully  short time.
Mr. L. W. Dennis, Welland, Ont.,
writes: "it, gives mo pleasure to
testify In behalf of Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Tills. For many years I
was seriously afflicted with kidney
and liver I roubles. At. titm*s my
back would acho so bad I could not
rise from a chair, and then again I
would bo confined to my bed. I waa
trouted by tho medical profession,
but they all failed to understand my.
"About tho time I was most discouraged I heard of Dr. Chaso's Kidney-Liver l'ills, and they woro so
strongly recommended that I decided to try them, liefore I had used,
all of five boxes my old troublo had
entirely left ine, and I was again as
healthy ns in boyhood. I freely friwm
this testimony for tho benefit of
those who sutler as I hnve."
Dr, Chuse's Kidney-Liver l'ills, ons
pill a dose, 2*i cents a box, at all
dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Compuny, Toronto. To protect you
ngainst imitations tho portrait and
Signature of Hi*. A. VV. Chase, tho
famous receipt book author, are on
every box.
RAIN i Jas. Richardson & Sons I GRAIN
(Until   recently   represented b_ tho late E. O'Reilly, Esq.)
All kinds   of grain   handled In Car Load   Lots.   Write us for top prices
and   shipping   Instructions.        Any grade of wheat, oats, barley or flax,
P,   0.  BOX 02'.).    Winnipeg,    Mnn.
Wo solicit your business. Will make earnest efforts to get good
results for you. Liberal advances on   bills of lading,  and balance promptly
paid  when grain is unloaded.  Let us   hear from you.
REffBRENOE—Bank ol ilumi.ton, K.vcliunue Branch.
DONALD MORRISON S CO., .Zt^,   U(> Qrala EwS'm, man.
tiiomas law.       ship Your Grain to       William law.
Wo handle grain  strictly on commission.    Highest  Prices  obtainable.
Liberal advances     Trades carried on margins  ln  Winnipeg's futures.
Correspondence solicited. \
——■— —— .-tnwiin
Ectablisliad Grain Ccmmissica
Meixliant in Winnipeg. «i*	
Consign your srr.iin to me and get prompt service, careful attention*
and highest market prices. A     Q t*% I f_\ ■£"      DRAWER
Reference-DNlflN BANK ol CANADA.   V.    V$ B     1 810 l\ *}        [300
d get pro
IT IS AN EASY MATTER to sell a large   lot of wheat at a
- —better price than a single car will
bring. If'you will ship your wheat to us we will sell it with many
other cars either locally or in tho East, and you will get from J-cent t*
1 cent per bushel moro for it than if  you sold it on track at your station.
We have had 17 years' practical experience    in    the    grain   business.
This,  also,   is   worth   something  to you.
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.   References: Any Bank or Commercial
to enr
'.„ shir
ll   will
Through a Strictly
Commission   Firm.
handle strictly on commission therefore can give every attention
shipments, and will obtain the best prices for same. Wo will be
t.i answer enquiries reprices, shipping, etc. If YOU have grain
or sell do not fail t.> write  for our "Way of Doing Business," as
pay you well.
YIPSON, SONS & CO., Use Commiss.03 Merchants. Winnipeg.
FAKMEKS  will find it to tfh?ir advantage to consign their QKAIN «•
Sunlight So&p is a well made Soap
The making of sonp is no longer a chance mixture of miscellaneous fats. Expert chemists carefully watch and test every step in the
making of
Sunlig'ht Soap
The fits and oils must be perfectly pure and at every stage of the
process the soap must come up to Sunlight standard. That is why it
cleanses your clothes perfectly, makes your blankets soft and fluffy,
docs not destroy your most dainty linens or injure your hands.
Sunlight Soap washes equally well in hard or soft water. Your
dealer is authorized to return thc purchase money if you arc not
ROBERT MU1.R & CO., Winnipeg
VTKO   p*y   higticat   prices   ar.d   malt*  prompt retnrns.   Advancei muflis ca
consignment!*.    Correspondence  iolicited.    Established   "88Q.    Kefcruuc*—
Union Ha nil of Panada.
■ ..^i-*rrsE*M
i m^I  J   ■ 1,, i.'wr.,',. *-^> « ^..,
llgaaaawaB^-w*-,    i _  ■    , an 11^«^ ,»!■
Orala 1;> cur lots bcught. on tr^c'x or *-.Ul oa commission. Iteaao&abl*
■vi^anres Bird-i. Prompt returns. Corres.iC'ndcrr.e solicited. Referent*
An» Dank ia Winnipeg,
Ayer's Fills. Ayer's Pills.
£? Ayer's Pills. Keep saying
.v'-ithts over and over again.
*-* Thc best laxative. fcSriftfiS:
& Dcautuul brown or rich black? Use  nm cu or u.uu^n „Ki.tx-a<iti,a*itm,Aa\
if it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retains Heat and Keeps out Cold.
Write for   Samples  and Prices.
TEES & PERSSE, Limited., Agents, Winnipeg.
what is always
letter P,
in    fashion '.'—The
What  key in    must*.*,   will   make a
cooil officer '?—A shurp tuaior.
Why is nn i*ntine house keeper like
a doctor •."—Because he profits by consumption. 	
W    IM    -U    No    BOS
ii THU IMill.la. BLOCAN, B   >'., Q0.TOBER 38. 1MI.
.1   »'
I   I
1' -till
; 1
1     a'JH
3 ''«1
3 ra
: •■■»:
'a '
I; a  I
■   ' 11
C. E. SuiTurciti.NOAi.i', Editor ami Prop
SLOCAN,      -      *•       •       ■      B. C
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion uiul5 cents a line cutli
■subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each
Transient advertisements at pamo rates
as legal advertising,
Lociils will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Hates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, Bti'iot*
ly in advance; $2.d0 a year if not so paid,
Address all letturB to—
Slocan, B. C
 —■- ■ ■*-*•
Credit where credit is due* Tlio
Kelson News is putting up n cleaner
and moro manly fight thun it dill in
the provincial campaign,
tions, uml ex Mayor Aiultvws, of Win
nipeg, tben urged hi* Conservative
.confreres to adopt i< as n national fry.
Joe Martin,when the idol of !>.('■
Liberals, campaigned for it, and two
years ago Minister of Railways Blalr
told a Vancouver audience that a
government owned and operated road
was a near-by surety. But, alas, it
will not !>'• accomplished by tho Lilierals, Tiik Di!iLL has faith in Leader
Borden and believes he is far above
anynocus Lion of double-dealing on
railway matters, llis words in Toronto, of "by and for the people." ean
mean only one thing: a road built by
and operated for tlie people, His immense audiences everywhere aro of
that opinion, his followers and press
proclaim Unit polloy, and the electorate so understand Uie question.   On
lhat belief the issues mil be decided
next Thursday, and the voters will
not split hairs either. May success
crown the efforts of the Conservatives
in their fight for the people.
M1MM1   UI'IOllDS.
Appended Is » complete list of the various records registered at the local registry office, H. P, Christie being raining
Oct 14—Deadwood fr,
17—Florence F.
20—Rax fr, I Wonder three years, biloxie fr three years, biloxie two years,
A B 0 fr four years, Aggie three years.
Oct 10—Violet, nil, .bis Tattersall and
Prank Dick to Jas McNaught and War*
uer Miller.
Next Thursday is the date of the
general contest in Canada. Thanks
to Galliher, Kootenay must, sit on the
fence and watch the procession go by,
then to straggle in on the tail end on
fhe 22nd.
Por first-class bread
,'0  to  J. If
No meeting of tlio city council was
held this week.
The mischievous boy will be abroad
ou Monday night.
The annual ball of the Oddfellows
takes place tonight.
Mrs. McKechnie returned from lur
Winnipeg trip on Friday.
Shatford & Co. are moving th.'it-
stock back iuto their old store.
S. J. CtitTv. of Imiisfail, Alta.. was
Last week's sensation in political
circles was tlie resignation of Hon,
Mr. Blair from tlie railroad commission.    He   has   refused   so far to be
drawn into a controversy over his step, j a visitor in town during the week
other than to authorize the St. John ;    *j-|l(> ,),.,-.s,.,1(.t. ,,- f]K
Times to state that he re-affirmed his! gang makes it more lively in town
opposition to the Grand Trunk Pacific
scheme.   Mr, Blair's resignation has
been a telling  blow  to the Liberal
11, *J
How much the enjoyment    of   an   evening's
entertainment depends on
the quality of your Opera
'$] Glasses.
■ *•.-'.-
*\%      tw    -
•-I    ip*p,ial iv.nl mounted, No
v a 4 al SS. 50.
\  pair lhat ran nol  fail lo
Mtia.anion    ia    our
Our rtore's reputation ol
fifty year* auurc» satidaction
in purchasing. Send for complete catalogue.
w '*'-
rtill.vav wor.
Here are some prominent men who
have left  the  Liberal ranks and are
now found supporting the Consarva-1 week's G
tive causa: James p. Robertson, mer
J. W. Ro---. J.P., of Vmir. died Bud
denlj Tuesday morning of apoplexy
Ed   Johnston, a   form"!'   resident
came in from thecoavt Satin-day eren-1
Official announcemOJt of Thanks-;
giving daj, Nov. 17,'appears iti last
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
tn th* mottor pf the Corporation of tho ('ily
of slocau Tux Sulu, nun.
An.I in tlio uinttiii' i.f tin* "Munii.'iiml ('lnnsiv-
Aet" uml nniriidinrut.i III.'root.
'|V\K I) notice tlmt « petition .>f Herbert David
! Curtla, CoQeotorof the Corporation of tin'
City oi Slocau, 1ms been presented t>> this Hon*
ourablo 1 ouri, t.i ciiiiili'in uie suit* uf lands for
tiijo-, lii'l.l liy Un' -nui Corporation of the City
ofSlocan on the 85th and Sutti daya of July nml
tlio .'ira .lay of Aiit,'ii.-l, l'.KII, umltir the Miiuii'i|i:il
Clauses Act and amendments thereof, aud that
tlu< litli day of December, A.D. 1904. al lO.j.0
o'clock in tlio forenoon, at the Court lions... in
thc Cits of Neliou, liriii-l. Columbia, baa been
appointed for the lii'Rriiijt of saiil petition,
An.l further take notico thut tho following
lands, in which you appeal to have an Ihtor. -I,
according to Hip assessmenl roll of the laid 1 lor.
Doration, or tin* hooks of the Lund Registry Office, arc a portion of the lnnds which were sold
for hi ri-iii's ot tnxes lit Uie snid salo nml are included in the snid petition: Lot 6, ill Block J.
City of Slocan, being,a subdivision of LotlKH!,
Group 1, West Kootmuy Dtstrlot, of tin* Pro-'
vinci "l British Columbia,
An., further tako notico that unless,at Um
tunc nnd place aforesaid, you -how cause to lho
contrary, the saial sale will bo oontlrined us
prayed ior in said petition,
Dated nt Slocan, B.C., uiis 28th .lay of October, A.D, inn.
Solicitor for  the Collector of tins
Corporation of the City of slocnn
To Stbi.la H v i-i.ki .
oily of Slocan, Inn been presented to this hon-, a. riling to the ns .-ment n.ii ,,f,,
ourable court, to oonflrm the .ale of and- to* noration, or the books of the 1,;,,,, \T*Mm
toxea. held by the said cowprutlou of tin city Roe, aro a portion of the land* ■ ' l"-'1'1"!!
of Slocan on the 85th nn.l ffitli days of July oud . for nrrnuta uf taxes „t the said . ,'■'. *fn&
the Srd day of August, IW. under the Muufolpl  eluded lu the suid petition 1 lotii,?11«*T2
I'lan-.'-t Act and  Minendiuoiit- thereof, nnd iluil a I r..  ,ii Uloouu, being   a   sulvriivi.-'      l,|'"-'<»i
tSSauT day   Of   Decenilier, A.D.   Wlf, al   10.M , group I, West Im %£ $$» ,',:":" Ir,;
o'olook in ttlo loon.nl Hn* court house in   of British Columbia,  M..»l5
tlio city of Nelsiu. British Columbia, ha* been     And further take notico thai ni,i„
ai pointed for the bearing of said petition.
\nd I'urther take notice tlint tho following
laiads. in which you appear to hare an lutarast,
according in tlm assessment mil ol tbe sain cor-
piirntioi, or I'm books nf ibe Land Ri glstry nr
HM, are a portion of tlia lands whieh were sold
forarrean of tuxes St the said tale and are included in the -aid pel il ion: lot Id, in block IH,
eity of Slocan,being n .subdivision of  lot '.'a'..
Kr.inp I. West Kootenay distriot,of the provlnco
of British Columbia, ,        . ,,
And■furtlisr tiike noticn thai unless, at tlie
time and place aforesaid, you show causa tothe
contrary, the snid -nir will be cnnllrm...,., as
prayed for in said petition.
Dated at Slooan, B.C., tliis B8th day of October, A.D. l'.i'U.
Solicitor for  lho collector of tne
corpor.'.Uon of the city of Slocan
To s. II. Robinson,
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
Chant, St. John: Wm. Stoddart, er   _-\_k-u , ,
'.", ■  Archdeacon Beer,of the An-
president ofthe East Bastings Reform
Association; E. Morden and N. Kalor
of Stamford township, Welland; Dr.
Bethurie, ux-M.P. of Victoria. X.S.;
Mnyor Quay, of St. Henri, and Dr.
Cardinal, Ste, Cunegonde,Que.; Ii. II.
Butts, North Sydney,a leading lawyer
of Cape Breton.
The estimated enst of building the
Grand Trunk Pacific road is $175,000,*
000. Sir Chas. Rivers Wilson, president of the Grand Trunk, at the annual meeting in London, told the
shareholders thai an excellent bargain
had been made with the dominion
government for building the new mad
—the government to contribute nine
tenths of the cost and the shareholders
the otlier tenth. Sir Charles shoulil
lciiow what he is talking of, as hi-*
road is a party to the deal. That will
let Canada in for $150,000,000 all
right, Galliher's the Liberals' Btate-
meuts to the contrary notwithstanding,
The Nelson News is splitting hairs
ou tlie railway policy of the two greal
parties. It admits the Liberal scheme
is for a company road; that Conservatives favor the construction of a government owned road, but it bulks at
the suggestion of Conservatives operating that road, because, forsooth, i!
is contended Hon. Mr. Borden has not
stated so in exact words. If Leader
Borden has not said he woultl operate
his government owned road for the
people, or that he does not favor such
operation, does it not seem more than
passing strange that his followers,
supported by the party press, are
conducting a campaign along those
lines, ls it ;t soldiers' fight without
tlie officers' commands or approval?
The situation does nut warrant that
assumption, but rather that the Con ,
... .;.        .    1    1 1 r 11 around In a sun'', bavins Irioned and
",!:' ':.'•;::  .';::s audJpu_0Wier8lwiien °™ •*?%«* ~*K: $*
church, was here for a short!
time on Sal inlay.
Lay in your winter supply of Hour
and butter now. Closest prices at W.
T. Shatford & Co.'s.
Shatford & Cn.'s store building has
been lodged into its new resting place
and refitted up inside.
The freshest and best-assorted stock
.if groceries in town is to lie found at
W. T. Shatfoid & Co.'s.
Joshua Bell, tbe Phoenix murderer,
has be n sentenced to be hanged at
Kamloops on January 13,
By announcement iti the Gazette.
public cslebration of the King's birthday goes over till May 24 next.
Walter Renwick Knox, the loeal
athlete, left for Nelson on .Monday.
having another contest in view,
h'rank Purviance has been hobbling
around during the week on crutches,
suffering from a sprained ankle.
Buy your tipples and vegetables at
W. T. Shatford & Co. s. You can
save money by ordering at once.
Bert Wilhelm left on Monday to
spend tho winter with his relatives in
Enston, l'a.. after an  absence of 27
yea i's.
A full meeting of the Conservative
committee looking after the Mackintosh campaign in Kootenay, will be
held in Nelson on Friday.
B. A. Shatford met with a bad
sprain to his foot Saturday, by jumping on to the sidewalk from the second
story of the Shatford block.
_ W. S. Johnson left for Montreal on
Thursday,purposing togel back there
in time to do some campaigning on
behalf of the Conservatives.
Mavor Manson, of Nanaimo, has
been chosen as the Conservative candidate in Comox-Atlin. so filling the
slate of provincial nominations.
James Baker, the Socialist candidate, returned irom Nelson Mondav.
and addressed a meeting of his followers that evening |u *),,. ^ji [• |la||
Ethel Lavell is carrying hor lefl arm
.Pressed Hay,
Feed and Oats.
Strath more Trading Co.,
DbawER 531,
Calgary, Alberta.
Dealt1 ri in Baled Hay. ot.'., etc,  Prompt
Shipment,   l'>t*r*t Quality,  Lowest
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>♦♦♦>♦ *■>■**■*****■*■*** *******
* *
I laxeri.ti'iTV. hot air.   I
making the question of a racetrack on Main street, resulting
alike, are
government owned and operated rail
way a common cause. It does nol
matter whether thai road be managed
by a commission, independent of par
liaiui'tii, or not, the point remains the
same the road shall be built and
operated for tho benefit of the people.
On those lines the Conservative candi
dates are appealing for support in the
various provinces, and their published
manifestos contain  sueh  ooupletsns,      ,,   ,.,     , ,
"Vote for 1.,1,,, qmt*M, ., ,1 On Saturday City Solicitor Jorand
vote to. John Smith and a govern- s,.lt to Nelson for presentation tothe
ment owned and operated road." The supreme court the petition to confirm
party press, in French and English, ■■■■" hiealtax sale. It was a huge af*
feresupporting that idea editorially,'. tn'K' *'"1,,l'»*''»g over 800 typewritten
and the B.C. papers are no exception. p;i"p's'
Even in Nelson the Economist dares     Yesterday morning the hind trucks
of tl
..v....,\j.   ..,,, v/u I Il^'-IIHIH
to  il   Canadian  public
t sprained wi 1st,
Tin; Drill was in error last week
. 'egardiug the injuries to John Biuish
in tboaccldenl al theOttawa.  He did
suffer a bad fracture of the arm, but
I is now doing well,
K. H. Trueman, the photographer,
of Vancouver, will be here Saturday
and will remain two days. Parties
desiring first-clan photographs should
bear this dab' in mind and see him.
f     The Queen's
|     Hotel ^*a-mm*
t HATES:    *3.0ll l*KK  DAT
*  Kirst-class Dining Room
f  Large and Comfortable Bedrooms
J  Sample rooms for Commercial Men
\ Nelson, B. C. j
*•♦♦ *■*-*-**-****-*-*-*■* * ***.*-******
• : — -=--z:      ©
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
Headquarters for traveling men
Large, airy rooms
Best meals given in the town
HATES   BS   per   aluy |   with
■Ample room*, M.50.  Spr-
I'lal r.itr» t.i dteiKty boarderi
In ilie mattorof tlie corporation ..f ilu* rit.v ..."
Sl.iciiii tux snlai, 1904.
Ami In the matter of the "Munlolpal Olauaea
Act" nml amendnionts thoroof,
riiAKJJ notleo thai a t«'i Itlou of Ifarbtrl HiitI.1
J    Qurtls, oolietitor ol tha corporatiou of the
oity of Slooan, hat boon pretented to thla hon-
ourablo court, to contlrni tha aal* of lauiU for
taxes, held by tho saiil corporation of the city
I ofSlocan ..ii tlir Hath .im I Eutli daya of Jul) ana
, the 3rd day >.f Au>rii*.'.. nm. under the Municipal
i Clauses Vet an.l atnenduieuta thereof, and tint',
[.the matter of tha Corporation of tha City H» 0th day of  Dece or, A.D. lftH, at I0.ai
. •■ ■,: ,, ,i, 't'aiv sal,. i".u ovcock In tlie forenoon, al  lhe colirl  li.m*o m
... S..I..11 i. ix s.,1,,1., it iho city of Nelsou, Urltlsh Columbia, hu    been
And In toe matter of the   Mualaipal Clauses   unpointed for the h. irlna of said petition.
Act   and amendnionts thoroof, And further  take  aotioe  lhat the following
rpAKKuol lea that a petition of Horberl David   lands, in which you appear to have an Intoro I
1    Curtis, Collector ol the Curiioratlou of the   a .eordiDif to tha a lament roll of tbe  aid cut
( itj if SI can, has Iwen presumed to thla Hou- poratlou, or tlie books of tne Lr.ud Keirlstry Of
ourablo Court, to conhrn. I o sole of landa for lice, are a portion ot thc lauds which \verr* old
uxes, held by the said i orporal lou of the City for arrears of taxei al the sal 1 »ale and ai ■ iu*
ut Slocuu on tho 2Jth and 2Uth daya of July and eluded in the snld potitiom lot 10, in I I". k IS,
lap ;.rd day of August, 1001, under the Munfoiiial city of Slocan, balnii n subdivision .■! i,.i 2U2,
I mseiActai I nmtndments thereof, und Unit uroup I, Weal Kootenai district, "f tha pro
:i. ■.,;!. day of Deoembor, A.D. 1901, at 10JU vincc of Brltiah Columbia,
,i clock In the fortnoou, at the Court House, ln ind further take notico il.it unless, nl the
: lie citj .'.' Nelson, ttntisii r.iliiiiibin, haa boeu time and place aforesaid, you show cause to the
i.   inted for the lienrSnK of said patitlou. contrary, the said sole  will   be confirmed, as
And further take nocloa tlial  the iollowlnfl   prayed for in suid petition.
In   is. in which you appear to nave nil interest,    allated at Slocau, B.C., this !Slh day of   Icto
it. rurdiufl in tin' assnssment roll ..f the sa i.i cor-   bor, A.D, HUM,
poratlon,or the I ksof the Land Registry Of II. It. JOIUVND,
. e, ara a portioa of the laudi   whidi Were eold Solicitor foi  tlie collector ot the
ior arroars of taxes at i  afd »al» and are in- corporatiou of the city of S	
eluded in tho said petitiun: Lota i'.' and 20, in! To W. Wn.aOK.
Hli«!k 2, citj of Slocan, boing a subdivision .a'
Lo*. 292, Group 1. West K.iotenoy District, of tlie   1,-iii...    QunrPtTIP    f.'lJirt    of
,'■       ce of llritish Columbia. *"  *-!1<-    OUprCHIC    •wiJ^il.    Ul
Aad fur; ••'. take notice that unleaa, at the i>,   *.*   _   /-*„«..„_'.:.
lime end place ifor «aid, you sUow causa to too BntiS'l   COlUmbia.
CO      la.;. I,a>-    Said    H . I.'     IVtll     I o  '.•Oaliirill'il   ..
pr ■. id ;.,;• oi isid petition. 	
Dated at Slooan, U.C., ibis 23th day of Oct..      rn the matter of tho corporation ol tbo   it;
ber, .\.1>. i'.ii.i. oin,,,., , ,v . ,io tuo
II  I? J'll! '.Mi
Solicitor for tiie collector of t'i-      Vnd in the matter of tho "Muni ipalCl u
corporation of the oity of Slocan   ■*•«    and amondmaul   thereof,
To Thomas Lkk I'i.ii:i:-. ' • *ai: :■: uotii a thai n petition of Herbert Davli
1 i .irt Is, c illoctor '•! tne corpui il I aa ot I Ui
,7\ tht1 •slinrPt*^'1 f>r<!irt nfftrit- city of Slocnn, has been preseutrd to thi hou
Ul lilt ^UoICl^v tvlll l UtDlll     o .ruble court, to eonUrm tties.ile ufl
i . •  ~. lield by ii*,, - iiil corp ara loq uf tlo
ia, slo, an on ' lai -.,, i aud 20t i dny.-i of Jul   an I
t      |l«    a a      I      ,1.1 'a      dl        \UgUSt,    1'.'    'I.   Ull    tl"'   I!).'     M   lit.  ' ,        |
i . i ^.'* Act and a n ■  Im ml -1  ■ '   » . uu I I ■
InthemntterofthacorporaUonofthecityof   ''."■'.ut*>,d*VJ  "', ''•■';    '• '
c ,„i-,<   ,'' ii j o clock iu the forenoon, ut ..    ■■   u   I	
blocan »ax saw, ltM.   Ihccity of NVlion. liriush Coliim
And in the matter of t.ic "Municipal Clause:   appuintod for lho beariiiK ul.    I potitioi
\-   aud amendments thereof. Vnd turthei  take  notice   thui   ■ ■■ .*   '
J*.\Ki': notice that a petition of H.-rbcn Davi I  lac Is, in which you ap| lar to lai nui in
I'urti-. cdloccor of the corporation of ihi   tiucnrding to the u ■     i ul lhe
city of Slocan, has been presented to this hon    porution, or the books of the 1  u  lli    i   .   11
il   court, to eonUrm llic saleof lauds foi   lice, are h portion of tilt land    :...i ■:■■■, ■   ilu
i i...... boi I by thi    ail corp. ration of tbo citj    for iirreur    i ft • ..    it tha     lid    il    	
of Slocan on tlie2Sth nnd 2Clh dnvs of July u   11 eluded iu     i •-..:•.;•■■. i ■■ -,. ; •; .    In
t>je 3rd day of .liwust, liui.unilcr the Muuicipal   ci . ... s uci • livisinu I -■
i    lUsesActaud  aiueuomeuU thereof, nud tuui        •  p I. Wesd   ;v oteuii)   dlstl    .. of  i...-  pro
tlm oth  >ui>   of December,   A.D,   IUUI, til  II unci, i.f Brim   I'oli   ibin,
u i ,.»*,. In the forenoon, ui   the court hulls* ,ud fjrtnor In'i'e notl   > thet imIi"
tlio city ,.a*... U ..a. Briti   . Columbia, has beeu   lime und place i!or.       I, yu l.i t,..
i ;.'.,** i -. ■ ■ i [ur tbe iitmri gol   iii,l petition. contrary, tlie  said  sale   ..ill  '. ■.,... .   a. |
ii l further tnka nu . •■ tin.    I iu f.illaiwlnjj   pruyetl foi In     id petition,
lands, in which you appear to have au intori'st,      D.iVk.I Ht aioi   a, li.l .. . i     _• :■ day of Oct
according t*j the assossattnt roll of tho said coi    '   r, .'..i.. i.*..i.
poratlon, or th.i bo.)ks of tlio Lan I Hegi tr) '!• tt. JOB VXD,
Qce,area portion of th* lnnds wliicl n    i I Solicitor fin- ih       •:■..-■    :'.
for arrears of taxes at the ■ i. i   a ■ nu I are iu- < •   • -  *-.-....: i. ■ -   ._...-..
eluded in the suid petition; lol  l , iu bio . II,    ''  Thomab R.   ......   ru,
 I lot 0, lu  bl '!•••  ''■-. ■ II i of  Sl ■ tan,  botng '
subdivision of lot 292, group 1, Wesl  Kootenaj
....-,.„.. ,,i the province uf British Columbi
And furl -   , • ...aai- that unless, ni  the
Hi.is and plnce itturesH Id, y.  i now cause t
r utrary, tbe  *..,i I  *aie \.i.'.   tu  coatlrmed /.*
i r.,%.'■! for in aaid u 'titiou.
Dated ut hlocaa, U.C., this 2Sth dny of Octo.
bar, A.D. ll I .
Solicitor f.ar t.ar i ,,'.|.a tor ..f tha
corporation of the ci',y of si icon
To Wm. R. Rohks raos.
Iii the Supreme Couri of British Columbia.
t"""""d|'la,a..„fon,Mii,|, v..11    „1.      "" H,
contrary,tlia sai,l  solo will i, 'l,"-"iM
prayotl for In snld patltion. ""'N,
Ibili-d al Blocan, ll.C, ibis Mil, i
ber, A.n. iwn.             -Mh ,lni'ulOttn
,11. R.JOBAND,
Bolloitor for th,. ,.,
ToA. ,ws;f"""" >Cik1&
\n the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
In tin' malliT of t! orooratl r,i    .
Blocan tax salo, l«M.     rpora"*0uo'«iO(ilt,(j
And in the mntter of the "Municipal Cl.
Aot   and amendments thereof,       '"'-Hoa,
TA!*.'' tlcothat a potltlonof HorbortaJ
A i nrtls, oolleoloi of the cornoraii™. S'S
city of Slocnn, has boeu prosoufed Init\*A
ourablo court, to confirm tin* -,i,..,* l"h,m.
taxes, heldbj the -...I corpora iuiiofM
of Sloean on the 2Sth and 21*1 .!;,;!„',"•«•!
tlio 3rd day uf Auguat, 190*, under the ii«SA
Clauses Ail ana amcndinouts theroof JSS
oi'liu k iu tii" forenoon, ill  tho court i,Ji"fl
lh...*iii..fN-l.*...u. liriii.*.!. cSlu.»wJlM
appointed for tho hearing of said nil iSS,**
And fisila.'r   tuke   liotlca   tlmt   i.i.'f
Bcdordlug to the u  lessment roll nf tTioIbIjS
pofation, or tho I lis of the Lund Re»|Jii*S
Hccorei portiouof the lauds whicli itCti_\
for arrears ol taxei at tlia said sah"nnd»!i
cudodlntho  mid  petit ,,•   ' |„gi2|
cit) .■: Slocnn, being   u   Buh li. i- (li __
group I, We i i\.io',..,my dlstricl.nl tho nr,,',5
of llritish Uiltunbia, ' mu>
And further take  notico thai  aniens, at I
tli   inn I pl looafor lid, you ill •..„.,...?
contrary,  lie  - d 1  sale  will  bi. cunflr ._
prays I foi In    ild pel ll loi . '
'' "■'.l :' •'■■ IU, li.l'.. Ha- .'•:', ..,,,[ (U
b        ..:'.:au.
Suite Uir foi    he i   :i,,.| ,. (i,
_   ,, ,,   corporatl. th N
r.i in im. Ronuai <.•.
ish Columbia.
5u the Supreme Court oi
CitisSi Columbia.
Arthur 5treet, Slocan
In tha matter of the corporation of the .lir .,1
Slocau tux sale, 1901.
^ And in the matter of tbo "Municipal Clauses
Act" an., ina. udmont • thereof,
'jj'AK M notice thnt a petition of Herbert David
1    Curtis, collector ol tbo corporation of the
city of Slocnn, has beeu presented i" this honourable court, to confirm i''■. sale of Itnd   i ,a-
tax*-.. h"l ! by tbe sai I corporation "f. tho city
of Slocan on lli*- --'it!i nnd 20th day.-, of .liny an I
tha 3rd daj "'■ tugtlst, 1901, under the .**. uuu iaal
Clauses Act an . amendments tl cr*. if, au i t...a
thaOthday  ui   December,   A.D.   1911, at   10.1m
o'clock in Uie forenoon, at the court I-.,   t iu
the city of Nelson,  llnri.-b Columbi  , lies been
uppointc I foi ilia br '.rin::, r -ai l putitiou,
,    And further  take  notice  thai  tin following
i lauds, iu which yu i nppeai lo have an inl irest.
i according to tbe n^ussmont roll of the said t nr*
| poratlon, or the books of the Laud Rem* iry Of-
I lire, nm a portion ef tha lauds which ivere sol I
tor arrears of taxes at tha said sale and ure included in the suid petition: la;  II. iu  block 12,
city of Slocau, being n subdivision of lot 292,
group I, Weal Koolonuy district,of tlio province
of British Columbia,
And further take notice tlial unless, nl the
liui.'and place iifoi-i.-.int, you show cause to the
contrary, tlie said sale will be confirmed as
prayed for in i uid petition.
Dated at Slocau, B.C., tbls 'JMb .lay of Octo*
b*r, A.D. 1901.
Solicitor for the collector of the
.• irporutton ol tho eity of Slocan
TO RODKET S\!i ii,.
!n the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
J. A. Anderson
In the matter of lli 'poral »'       ci ■ < '
Slocan tax inl. . r   ■■
Aud ia the mill ter of the "M • tletpal I
•.ri   u ul a tn iiidmi ats thcreol,
I'AKi: notice th il n pc ition       lerberl     ivi
i ni tis, coll cu>r.     '>,-.-..' i ' ■ i m ti ,
citj o   doc in, a '. ■ ■ • iuuti'd  .1 I   i   be
ourable court, to conilrm tbe s'tlt of la .,    foi
1.U" . a   1 t I, - inn  slli :   Cl rpul 11 ion ol     llu • i
  .    . ..a i ho 251 i ami  .   a. .la - - of J .
the . r.i day of Aun i it, I • H
• * i i > ,- ♦ x i * ', < :■ , /. • , , : , n)|(
t. OlUWCtli,   l_>.  \v.
i '■'■ui a tiiiii • llo "ns.   Sntislnctoni
I      ng Room Service nml the
i'o-i uf  liverytliing   nt lhe Bar,
H  *♦♦♦♦♦ »♦* l«,tl      .ttiii),
ice to DelinquentCo-owncr
T . lolm.r, mnflolil ... i.i. M. Mai.r..-.
1(1    Mill II '    'll ."•      ■        ■        Illl     ■       '•'      Ul    ."
'     •   o   *.• J.Hvi* Irniif il tin
.•' ■ 1    i' Ipli'HlS, : n  • a • nie i" i'i       '    o
tin-   Rliick  ii  'I   '■> bite  lieu ;
I illlll  1     I . . - --:.■!    , a I i|    .    s."' 111       :■.'
llu* In   ■' . ■' '■ ■ .. ■ a     reel   •    I ■• ■   f
in ilu  11 •■-, ,',,■',. ,, |j 'C (or du slocan
I        i |  \        ||li       ,       '        '      '       .   |    ■    - , ■   , 1 |   .
... i . .•..; t||S. ||
■■'••ii  ■      aunt I
i. v, ■'<,■ :     ■   ■  : ■ fly o
i , I r„ir R',i| impr a, .-■      it« ■':. : 1 " il"1'!
' .    ' . ' a   '
■ - l ■
■ be M     •■■ il   \r: ;  ni
•a,,,, the il ■  ■  i» notice ynu fail, <"
rofiiHO. tai iTinti ilniti* yoi
- ; ■ i rli|111 ■••'■  ■■'■     ll »H i  ''
■ if • ,'■,." i; linjr, i our    titers li in m ;
.•l.iini   v. ill  It. .m.i' 11 "  |     ,"•'}• »f •■
i.i.,',.,-   ..... ■     ■   t,   ,,:  un  .V'
aii Act ti. ftoien i tlia Mlnenl
» : in  ■. A -i and smeu Em nts tbei       nprl th     ■ • ■
th. '.i.i .1 ij   oi   December,  .V.i).   ,'i   ul iu.        .,;.|.i
o'clock ia the  foroi  ■ ■ . i.   co    I   I ' '.',,, „, .,
tlioi ity . f \el* ai. llritish Columb       a    i ,   ■.     srt,  1900.
upp. inn- I fur tbs ki irii . .a' mid pntition. rhltefl Bl Slocan, !'•('.. t; is    r,l a/)'
tntl pu ther  '.ai .   notice   i ial  i a* ' dloi    ■       . . .1 ,,.    \    i,       ij
lauds, in which you appear to    ave.au -       ,     ' "* ,  in'in'
accur.liug i" tha ns»u   ..a til roll of the sai.l     i     '
,■ ii it luu or thu boo  i< ■   ■    Land U    istry (Jl
'i ■ . ure ii pn.-tiuu uf the lauds     .     li  .. ,
lor arrears of taxoj at the said sule and
elude I in  the sa: i  pi ! Il ion   lol  0, In bl „■'.
oity of Slocau, ImiIik a   Biilelivislon of lot:
group I, \\    t Ko it aia.v dlstric   of tlio pro.
of Uriti !i ' 'olumbla.
Ai ■' furl!,":- lake  noti :e  that   unlosn ai   I
time aud place aforesaid,;» >u ibowcausel   tin
contrary, the snid sate will uk confirmed
praya l f.-.- hi mid petition.
Ha.   \ -'a Sloe iu, U.» .. iiii - '.'.st!,  day uf Ot 1
b'-r. '..i a. i.. |.
Solicitor for tl ollfti loi nf I he
corporation ..f tbo i iti ol Slocau
T.i Ansis D.VNAi ll,
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Elmer .1.  1 ell   ■ r lo any |iononoi
I" i -uns iii ,; horn ite mav have tra.;
i. ."ai bii I,,:.-."-1. in ivliola.
in  ihe  --k. It ;.  ii ul   Kiuitfei mine™
. , ,*„,« Riin'ui,. t ■. . ■, ■■ • a  el Hnuri
1" '. .:. [,i*i ui     tin .. in '■■ Dayi merer*.
utul leconloil i'i tin- Slocan Citv nil**'
: WVel Kool ■ ■ '■ ' •'   :
lilt; UlVli vu: in
•',■:: nre I erul.y i otifietl '' '; !'';i
in tha Supreme Court of :   llo>
British Columbia.
school SUPP1
touttor those words of encouragement I °j'"J0 oa-300B9 on ""' worktraln jump
, ,ed tli.-rails nl (lie wharf and, not .sit
Omcii„n..,it!in,r(,,(lsi,/t.,lls(ir the crew, the enri-
ownership and control ts not dny more I neer pulled tho car to th ■,.,,,,, 11,, ,n ,
pre-eminu itly the property of Social- '• sidlnff, where it crashed into a box car
Jatio doctrine tha nit is of Oousicrvaii',.'1'"''"-lo'"1'"1 with brick. Tho track
belief; Pouryears ago tho idea mi ull-f \lZV }lP j^as If / cyclone
aprominont feature in we^rn oh     _%f^Sh}Vi lh" «*««• H
iir.nuiisr & si aiiont rt,
In the matter ..f the corporation of tin* city of
Slocan tax sale, I9D4,
And in lho matter of tbo "Municipal ( 1,01 es
Act" and amondmonts thereof.
'I'AKK notice Hiai a petition of Hi rberl David
I Curtis, collector of lha corporation of tha
oity of Slocan, bus bean present™! to this honourable court, to conilrm Hi** sale of lands 'nr
laxas, held by the snid corporation ef tlio city
of Blacan on the 'i'.th and Until days of July anil
1 lie Brd daj of Au«ust, 1904, under the Munfcinol
Clanses Acl nnd amendments thereof, and that
tlm nth  day  of December, A.D. IBW,  ul   10.3d
o'clock In the fnr 'in, at 1 ouri house In
tin* city of N'elsou. [irii Ish ' 'olumbla. has be in
appointed for the hearing of snid potil	
And further take notico thai tlm foflowina
lands, in which you appoar i" have an Interi st,
accordtnR to 1 ho nssessmonl roll of sai.l corporation, or tho books of the Land Reui 1 ry Ollice,
nro n portion of the lands which were lolrl for
arroars of tnsos ut tha snld salo and aro Included in the snld petition: lot 1, in block 13, city of
Hlocan, being usubdivision nf lol 2112, group!,
Wosl Kooionay .liniii'.i, of tin, provlnco of Urltlsh Columbia.
And further lain- notice thnl unless, atthe
time and place aforesaid, you »ltow cause to the
contrary, tha said tale will be confirmed, ns
prayed for In saiil petit ion,
Datod nl si,.can, n.c, thia "*ath day of October, A.D, I90i.
II. Ii. .Hill \\l>,
Solicitor for tho collector of tho
corporation of tho city ..! Blocan
To RODKHT Hi-:.mui..
,a-:.l.a! tlm rum  nf two I
fivo dol In rs  in lubor tuid   _•   '        '
|i uv* mi-nl« upon tlio ulwvc '■ " '    '
cliiiiim,  in nnicr   to hold h*u-I  min*rai
In thi matter of the corporation ol thc city 1 [  i'i lima m 'Ier lho 1 i"V:- ni   tif tin '»ne'
Slocan tuxsale, IWW. ra| Act, nnil il  within 90 dnys frni
An I i'i the matter of tho "Municipal Clau    ■   .Into of liiia  notico  von  fail or ri'fn**,0
;v,",\',";•'' ■""■•"■""■,!' ' %„   .     n eun   iiiiitovonr |.ro"Porl  .1   ■■ wcl'fj-
'PAKEni .ir-ia;. 1 .. Mt tl m of Hi rWI David , ■,., .1.'     Villi nil "'-'- ''•"
J    Curtis, collector of the corporntiun of t.i,. IHJIi'niurc, tOjft'll HI   w lin nn    "
cuy of Slocan, has beeu  present. 1 to this, hi  ■ verliainc   your  i;i|. r.-st 111   Kaiu     ■'
ou   ihlocourl, tn conilrm  the      leoflnnd vi'ill   blil'onia   llli   |i1'(ill**rtV  ol M" '""
:^':::::'V:\:y:,l::r^-:-.:: ;;    .«!»«. .,,i.i.-r ™n ;•;-.,";
the 3rd duy of August, 1*14, tin      Municipal   titled "All  Acl   to  BUiend
Clau •■   Ai ; and ana- icintl nl ■   , he . uf, und \n   l-.oi) "
the ■ th  duj   .a   Dac'ember,  A.D.   loot, ut 111   ■
"'. 1" 'I,  in in.    la.-, a "in. at   tlir
irt hi
tlie city ol Nelson, llritish Columbia, haa bunu
appointed I ir tlio 1 pi a ol aai I pel ition
Vnd further Lake  notico  thi 1   the foil
land , in which you appear to have an Intei    1.
accordiug to tho assessmenl roll uf tin    il , ,
pornl Ion, or llu book  ol lhe L1111 IK.   i 11 . . 1
lu'.', ere n portion of tlu lands which wer        :
1 ir ni ri ". - of ;a-.     it th      tid    ile 1111 1 nm in
clu led in tha said  p I il ion - lol  I), In block 25,
lull of Slocuu, being  a  ■ ubdlvl don ol  1,
group I, Wesl Kootenay dl tncl,of lhe province
of 1.1 Itish 1 nl,mil,11.
And further tako notice thai unless, al the
ti uu' ami placo aforesaid, you sii ,n can u to iho
contrary, tlie aaid *ule «ill tw contlnnod, as
prayed fur In snld pel Ition,
Dated al Blocan, B.C., this 28th day of October, A.D. HkM.
Bolicitor for tho collnc or of tin
corporation of tliu city of Slocan
CO CLARA Paiim.i.v.
In the Supreme Court  of
British Columbia.
In the Supreme Court  of
British Columbia.
Dated lliii 13th day of August, WW.
I9.8.W NOAV1 I'. M NAi ",,T
Certificate of Improvements
1 V.'i.nuki,'. Ann ,.1:. Alma U.I/*1**
\ 11.1,1:. Biloxie, Aooik. AlfohDi
M \M.i 1   I'i; vctional.   A   H '
Fr \. ti.'.'s'm.. Survey Fn actios
ai, Mayeta, Biloxie Fractios
a\i> A Mi 1 ers Mineral Cla"*-*1'
IV    1 'if irii'1 •
In Hn* matter of tbo corporation of tbo city of
Mora.1 nu .-ali', 1901.
And in ilie matter of tha "Mun irii,a I Clausal
Act" und li iiii -ii. I in.'M i -i thereof,
WAKE noth'i- ll.al a pOtllil f l.'.ulaal  li.r, | I
Situate iii tho Rlocan City Min'
alon  of   West   Kootenav
Wlii','.*  located:   Al head of Tam*
raodieok, near Ottawa Min"'
TAKKNiiTK'K that T,Willtomjjjff
tiiiilor  Maedonald,  fr« ihiart car
cate .So    B8170B; ftctlng nt !l-''"' ](i.
A.   li.  Coloman,   free  minei/ <•   .
No.   BA4891,   intend,  "si\°'',
Jate  hereof, to   "l'l;
Recorder   or   certjoj
Jnr    lb"   P"rJ
from   tin*
Curtis, collector of thn corporation of tbo   the   Milling
city of Slocnn, has boon prosented to this I     ,,f     Improvement*,
ourabloi t, to confirm thosnloof 1 in.K for i    •   . .„;,:„„ f-nwn aranti 0   tli1'*"
taxes, hold by the snld corporation of the citv   0,f°ntnlnlnB Lrown uranie
nf.slur, in on tin- aruii nml fflth days of diiiy anil   Clliimi. .,   ,  _,.(;,ar.
tjio.lrddayofAii(ciistjBOl, lor the Municipal      And further Uk« notico that »      ,
In the matter of tho corporation of th* city of  [?"_** Aot and amendment! thoroof. ami ilmt |       ,     _,.,,ion   •■•-   ,,,u,l  l.e coiiiii^"   i
8 ooan tax sale, 19W. tho (Uh dnv  of  Decombar,   A.IJ,   1001, at 10.80   "tiller reuion   '''' U'V" ,„h c»rtil catclol
... ,,      , ,,    „,. . ... o'cock In Hie foronnon, nt tho rourt houso   n   lioforo the KBltanCO Ol »Ut.n tern
I appointed for tbo hoariaB of aaid potltlon. ,, ,,.,i ,.,:. i u'    < t CiMnhM, 11V.',
... ,;i;,'v;;;];„vi„«i o*****.-*.
oclur of ths corporation ol lin-1 land-., in which you npponr lo bavo an Interest, i 21-10 01
KPAKE notice that a petition ot ITerbort Onvld I   "And further take  muir*  that   thoCollowIn
' I   Curtis, colla '


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