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The Slocan Drill 1902-10-03

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Ne. 27.
SLOCAN,   11.   C,   OCTOBER  ;i,   1902.
*2.00 PEE ANNUM.
We arc in receipt of a large quantity of
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slecan, British Columbia.
Men's Ready-to-Wear Clothing.
We have Placed in Stock the very finest
range of Men's Suits ever.shown here.
Equal to the best tailor-made and at half
the price.
Try One, - S8.00 to $23.50
W. T. Shatford & Co.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
rieats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
15. C.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Worknianship is Good
and Prices are Reasonable
Original Agreomaut Amended nnd leal
On to tho Company to Si^n ami Gl'oM
I'p iiis. Deal—Matter «.r i;ti,is>«t ins-
poi'tanoa to City.
A special meeting of lhe oity ooun-
oil wns held on Friday evening, for
ili>' purpose of I'-jconBidering tin* dratl
ofthe agroement recently forwarded
to Hi" Ontario Slocan Lumber Co.,
relative to the e tablishmenl of a saw
mill here. The call was due to the
receipl ofa private letter by the mayor
from one oi the company touohing tho
proposition In question. Those pres-
enl were: Mayor York, Aid. Smith,
Worden, Barber und McCallum.
Mayor York oxpiaiued thusituation
and how necessary it was tothewell
being of the oity to get the mill located here without further delay, He
deemed it highly advisable to eliminate all clauses from the agreement
thai mii-lit tend to !>.• n stumbling
block. The expenditure of $100,000
li.'i'i- would 1).' ii great thing for the
citizens andany town woidd be proud
to have suchan undertaking established in it.- midst.
The company's original proposition,
the draft ol the agreement irom the
city, and the may*_"H private letter
were then read, A two hours' discussion followed and Beveral alterations
were made in th.' agreement, on the
lines suggested in the letter. They
embrace: starting "f work on the mill
within six months of signing the
agr •■■in ';it: flaming of Springer cr ekj
privilege of erecting residences for
certain employees and of running a
boarding b mse on their own grounds;
and to save the companv from damage in ca " of works shutting .Iowa
th'.' 11 ■'■ ''[■ i, Roods, etc.
V 1 .•.! 'Call im and Smith mov -<i
the adoptiou of the changes iti lhe
■ -i-i-i nl p oposed.    Carrie I.   '1 hi
city solicitor wo il 1   incorp irate i1;
oecus iarj change .
Council,' lio irn ■!.
Saturday th1- citv sulicltov tor
i I a letl ir ii expuuiati a  lo the
sawmill corapanj and on Mo ! iy thu
amoade 1 a -re imant was b int. Thi
» npany were ask ■■! to I -1 • -rapli
ih ir approval of Ih i a *r ■ im ml and
tl: ■ council would at once gel down to
In inese. It is c insid ired that this is
the final . eg iti ition and thai m itters
have l> a ' ii i '<■ to » satisfacton
conclusion. A second private 1 tter
received Mondiy from tbecompan*'
would I ad one to believe that they had
m ide up ih 'ir minds to loco e here.
has reached the oilier wall, proving
the vein to be38 feel in width. Drifting has commenced both ways and nn
Improvement is noticed, the various
small ore seams commencing to run
together nnd forming a streak of min
eral a fool wiih*. Thegradeof theore
is fair. During the weok it hns snowed heavily in that vicinity, there being
nhout two feet of the beautiful in
BEN N HI "I- mil K N D PT l A I.S,
Harrlags .ni  Monday  «.r  Two  Popnlar
Young Poopla.
A Bocial event of much more than
passing intoresi occurred hereon Mon
day evs-jning, when MisaC.G. Bonnet!
was united in marriage to W, E. Boie.
The ceremony took place at tho residence of the bride's mother anil was
solemnized by Rev. M, I). McKee, It
was a semi-private affair, being wii
nessed only by the relatives and near
friends ot the contracting parties,
Mi s Livingstone, of Nelson, was the
bridesmaid and _. McCain, of Kaslo,
supported the groom. Refreshments
were served afler the ceremony and
next morning th9 happy couple took
their departure"for England, via Revelstoke, follow.d by the liest wislii-s of
the entire community, Thev will be
gone two months and on their return
will likely reside here.
Those present at the wedding were:
Mesdamos Linton of Ro3sland, Pitts
of Ashnola, Stubbs of Sandon, Brandon of Silverton, Bolderston, jorand,
McGregor, Ross, York, Bradshaw, and
Mi-s Edwards; -Messrs. Bolderston,
York, L. IM. York, Ross, Jorand, Worden, McPherson, Anderson,Bradshaw,
Livingstone, ansl McGregor, Many
very handsome presents were "u*"iv»*ii
Mr. and Mrs. Boie, testifying to the
. steem in which they are held. The
brid ■ ha li'.' I here for a number oi
years and wa: d • irvedly popular,
particularly in musical circles, while
the groom is well and favorably known
as a successful mining noun in this
an.I other camps.
Aid. Smi'li went lo tho coast Men*
ilny tu take ill the t-xliiUiciotlS.
A new ore house bus been, erected
at ilie mouth ot \'i tunas' on the
T. H. Ila'l  went un this week  t<
came in Tuesday from a week's trip
through the Little Slocan country.
Bear and doer siyftis were very plentiful, but no gamo was shot.
Tin-*. Drill is partially attired in a
new dress this week, an unfortunate
mishap preventing the donning ofa
full ana complete costume. Next
week's issue will see the outfit entire
and it will look spruce und fine.
The beard of trade of New Denver
Is sending letters to the larger property holders in that town urging
Last Year's Slslpssssiistis Wore (1514 Tons—
A li. .siilsv Ki l,l,.sss-e of tlse IM. and
M'.us 11 Is of tlso < inii|i Arlington tho
Biggest Shipper.
But two properties ligurp. in the lo-
ilieni to give up a portion of thfir cal shipping list for the. week, with a
millings, in order to secure the esta
lislitnf.nl c>C the sawmill plant of tlie
Ontario Slecan   Lumber   Ca.     The
Denveritos also hope to induce the
I MM!, to build a spur into the town.
total of 70 tons. The Enterprise is
credited with 20 tons and the Arlington the balance. The former is proceeding with development work and
opening up new territory, in whioli
splendid bodies of ore it lining found.
Much attention is also being paid to
the experiments at the mill with tho
ml process and it is rapidly approaching; complete success. At'the Arlington tlio force has been increased to
about 85 men and all outside work is
lining hurried. Kor tho yoar thc total exports are 4935 tons.
For l'JOO thc exports from this division amounted to 28-17 tons, made
up  from  10 properties.   Last year
thtpgs going right, the zinc will come th0 exports totalled 6629 tons, from
/ins- Orsi Promlio 8ist»s-iiy to bs in Gveat
Sloean mineowners are feeling much
enoouraged over the prospects of being
able to dispose of their zinc ores at a
profit. Tn thc past these have been a
serious drawback, but now if Thomas
Jones, the  Kansas  smelter man. gets
SLOGAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
At the sain- time, it is known thai
rival sites ou th i lak • have n »1 given .1
up 1, ipes ol securing the mill and are
plugging against Slocan for all that is
in them. However, th sir efforts will
doubtless prov.- futile,and Sloean will
yet gain th desired end of her enterprising efforts.
Editor Drill:
Sir,—Owing to some divergence of
opinion as
ll reached by any trail or road
that runt into the Town.
Do not go past  its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Re-opened under
the old management.
Former "cr,
viicd io return
The Royal Hotel,
Cr. Ar*.t*.»rBtr*,.ln».l D.-lnn.j AY-...1.*-. Slocss.
liulldln**" thoroughly renovated
and re st -eked witli the best
11 thc best means to be
adopted for the encouraging of silver
lead mining in British Columbia, I
desire that the mineowners lix a
iii.,,- : ml place for the discussion ol
ibis pubjoct, and also as to the admission inl ' Canad . free of tlutv of
all mining bui piles and m ichinory
not manufactured in > anada.and the
lowering of duties en certain other
mining machinery manufactured In
I ahall bi* pleasi I tn attend any
such me itlng, in   ■ I it thut 1 may
have their views thereon to aid mc
in my nub nver to  ''ling ab»Ul Win
ditions most favorable to tbo mining
Indus rlcs In  my  constituency.    I
inlf-lit .'Hid that   the views of the
beards  of trade. Binoltcr  men, am
some of the representatives of large
silver lend mine- In m\ riding on the
question an'already before tlio gov
eminent.   1 would
to   lie   taken up i"
mineowners a i
take charge il the kitchen at the
Clias. Sandiford has resumed his
position  as  superintendent   at  the
1! sun mine.
The Knights of Pvthlas of New
Denver will hold their annual ball
on Nov. 13,
Born.—In the M. U. General Hospital, 011 tiie  1st inst., tho wife of T.
Baty, ofa daughter.
Large consignments of vegetables
from tbe various ranches down the
; valley are coining into town
Two men were killed and live
wounded in an exploslun of gas in
the Frank coal mines on Sunday.
The entire Slocan has shipped upward* of 22,030 tans of ore for the
year, valued at lib tut $1,760000.
Mi?s Graham left for Balfour on
Wednesday, taking witli her the
young sou of Capt. and Mrs. .McLennan.
Ernest Mansfield cabled his congratulations to W B. Bale and bride,
nn the occasion of thoir marriage
here on Monday.
Cap:. McLennan ofthe Sloean has
obtained leave ef absence and will
spend a month on the coast, accompanied bv Mrs. McLennan.
At New Wistmlnster on Tuesday
ihe Koyal City boys di fuated the
lamous Shamrock lacrosse club of
Montreal by n score of 10 to 2.
James Wilks, on retiring as secretary of the Nelson Miner's Union,was
JI presonted Wednesday evening wit
in as a money producer, and ensure a
steady anil permanent operation of
numerous mines, It will bring the
tinge of prosperity back again to the
country and relieve the pies ant strain
materially. The Paystreak sizes up
the situation so:
"Thomas Jones, representing the
Lanyon Zinc Co., of iola, Kansas, who
has been in the Sloean for tbe past two
weeks looking for zinc ore, reports that
the prospects for establishing a trade
are excellent, The grade and character of the ore is perfectly satisfactory
and the only matter that requires to
be arranged is the question of freight
rates. A tariff of $10 is spoken, of from
Sandon to Iola, and if sueh u rate can
be secured several hundred tons per
month will be shipped to the Lnnyon
smelter. The negotiations for a rate,
which are now going on with the Great
Northern, are likely to be concluded
within the next week or ten days.
"Tie-properties which are capable
of making an immediate production of
zinc ore are the Ivanhoe, the Sloean
Star. tlv Lucky Jim, the Nooiulay.the
i'ayn? and the Monitor, all of lhe Sandon camp. The Bosun <>f New Denver
is a steady producer of /ine, shipping
to Antwerp, and the Wakefield, on
Four Mils', is alssi shipping to Europe.
On Ten Mile the Enterprise makes a
zinc concentration in their mill, of
which they could make considerable
shipments. Over in •the Ainsworth
camp the Tariff, Black Diamond,LittU-
Phil, and several other properties that
are now idle have large bodies of /.inland could b ■ m id • producers at any
time, Mr. Jones speaks of a production of 200 tons of zinc ore a day as
being within the possibilities, tithe
expectations are realized, the zinc mar-
Itel promises to bring prosperity back
to the Sloean with   a rush, as the  di
maud for /.im
and there are no tariff restrictions on
it. A production of 201) tons a day
sounds large, but the Slocan and Ainsworth camps are undoubtedly capable
of it."
11 properties. Following is a full
list ot the shipments this jeiu" to
Arlington     'r>0
Enterprise*     20
1'ss, VKlrs-nk	
Fourth of July	
■ I
The Payne is employing upwards of
70 men.
Sandon mines shipped  128 tons of
ore la-t week.
The Whitewater shipped 80 tons df
ore last week.
Last welt the McGuignn mi lies ex-
ports-d 129 tons of ore.
.). M. McGregor Inw Ixhmi surveying
the Adams group, near Sandon,
Picked samples frourtlioExelianj-s*
carry $35 in gold and 261 oz in silver
per ton.
A certificate of improvementa has
been issueil the Montezuma claim.Tou
Mile creek.
Theaanual meeting of the Arlington
Mini's, Limited, will be held here on
Tuesday next.
There is a nice showing of about 10
Inches of oro in lhe foot of the shaft
sm the Iron Horse.
Billy George, who has lately been
developing his claims in the Ainsworth
is practically unlimited) camp, returned on Monday.
C. A. Hurlbiirt. lvsish-nt managing
director of the Sloean Republic Co.,
left for Detroit sm Tuesday.
Ymir will be a lively camp this winter, owing to recent strikes of ore.
Half a dozen mills will be operating
! steadily.
E. Shannon has thnv men working
on the Neepawa. They havo cut the
Mabou vein on their own ground uud
shown up some good ore.
On November 1 the big electrical
works at Cascade will be supplying
i,«:sillnK Conservatives <}uarss*lllnr*;.
•old   watch, chain and
i   hands line
Kev. Mr. Qcdloy preached his faro*
ike this matter I well In the Anglican church on Sun-
earnest, bv tho day.   Ho will spend some tune on
['to be advised of the the coast prior to Icavin
timo and place of un cting. By kind   England,
v giving this space In vour paper]    .,(!V *,lr
you will ebligOs
Nelson, S. pi
Veers truly,
\V.  A. (!AI.1.IIIKK
I, 1902.
for Old
Seymour leaves f.<r Vic*
Asi.iiIs.t Soldier Mollis..
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
kept fresh and well assorted    We handteM»M
belt the market affords.   Prices ar^'^AN
loria Monday, to attend tho annual
nieeting of the grand lodge of the
liood Templars, of which he is one of
the officers.
The young sen of H. Nixon, who
, was Injured by a falling tree, had
,loe Law, one ol the Slocan o»\a hjg je- p^t op [n p'aater;thl
who went to South Africa with the t|K, hespltal ami
2ndCM.R.'s, returned on Wednes* to Ids home,
lay, having spent soma time with     Tbe Methodist church services on
hla parents ln England.  Joe was In Sunday  will  be as follows:   Clan
the celebrated fight at Btart's river j mcetlnfr at 10.15 a.m., preaching service al 11,
Coast advices s'.ato that a serious
quarrel has brokeUOUt between I'has.
Wilson, the recently appointed head
.sf the Conservative party, and Col.
Trior, minister ef min****, who is also!
an ambitious Tory.    Wilson went to
Victoria to have an understanding| power to the mines at  Phoenii
with Ebcrts and Prior before Premier the smelter at Qrand Forks.
Dunsmuir returned  home, the latter,    T|„. ,n;,i„ diifl on  the Legal has
having given a written promlf», it Is    ,,_,} ,iimll,rll ,iu. dyke and in a
claimed, to resign In Priors faroi|. (.,,„M.ul ||RTO t.ail^t on to the vein
Wilson would not stand tor this,hold*,   ,.lin „„„  h uot V).t thl. 9tt ^^
Ing that ho was leader of the Tories,   B * •
and he wanted no more Island pre* I p to Sunday the crosscut mi tr-*
ralers. This made the eolonel not,. Meteor waa in .98 fBet and mtueauaJ
and he declared he would repudiate: distance the ore lxxlv would be lap*
any leader proposing such s**ctlonal* ped. Tin* lesssees will ship so soon as
Ism. He maintained no part of the the snow will permit rawM-aing.
province favored the Idea and that English capital ha», purahased the
Wilson spoke for but a few. Both property 0f the New Fairview Corpor*
men parted In anger and it.is asserted ntion,in the Fairview camp, paying
the harmony
f ihs- party is seriously
Mining In slssliirlss.
The Ontario bureau of mines has1
week at
was then removed
therefor Ssoo.ooo. It is one of tho
biggest ds-als ever made in the province.
■I. Moore, road inspector.is expected
iu ns-xt  week to survey a route for a
.now trail to the Ottawa.   An endeavor
issued a statement .showing tho value L^* ))(1111T,,, tl) -^ it ,.xU.11(i(,i on t„
of provincial metalliferous products! the Young Bear and the Bondholder
for the first half of the present year,  groups,
ending June 30, wns $2,002,722, coin*
iared with $1,438,689 for thocorres-
pnndlnit   period   of  last   year;  and
to.,, ,,-*,. i i..   ,:,...   .;.■ ,,,,.,,,,I,o   ,.i'
A. David and partners will work the
Mercury, near Sandon. all winter. The
,., returns" from their Initial shipment
$824,076 lor the lirst six months ol ; W(.n, „ satisfactory as to induce th.-ni
and came  out   un-*..allied,   besides
taking part iu over*"  dl'lvo with   Ills
regiment, lie onj iyed his cxperl
oncesand would go again If Ins services were required,
niniU Prince IniprovlaR.
TheerosM-ut on the Black Prince
Sundav BChoul at
s il'VlCC at 7 III).
Al Teeter -sml John Thomas are
taking out some very high grade ore
from the kali-pel. Specimens containing ruby silver and Silver glance
goes up In the thousnn Is,
Fred  Benson   and   John   Nathan
1000.   Then- were the following in-; (|) ereet bunkhousea and devefope the
creases: Gold, $11,068} nickel, $891,* property into a mine.
26G- copper, $1*04, i < I; iron ore, *r---*,- * 	
G80- pig lron,$180,48lJi arsenic, $2088.',    Thw, Mrloadl of- zinc ore ,WW(Mi
Sliver shewed adeereaseo  BKOm Lhrough hen*, this  week from tha
In weight and ^Uin in value   H> far j* \       ,  ,() Antwerp| M.
tho larger  propordm  ol  Iron ore   , u  »nche|  lhe IK.(,all  vijl
raised In the province comes frnm the _t-_»__.i
ra i
Helen mine In Mtchlpicoten district
which is iis'inu' worked on au exten
live scale.   A censidorable part of ing in an un
the product is exported to lhe l'nited, supplies during_ the ^woek, prepai**
The various mines have been lay-
usually  heavy list of
g the  week, pi
i tory to the opening of winter. MR. BOWSERS CANDY
Thc Cat Omrgle. Wilh Joy at Ills
Experiment, Which Would Have
Proved a lir.ui Sacs-ess Had the
Flavorln* Bern  All Right.
[Copyright, 1902. by C. B. Lewis.]
JUST as the Bowsers hud finished
dinner the grocer's boy handed
tn a gallon jug, and as the cook
pulled tbe cork aud found the
contents to be molnsses she reported
tbat some mistake had been made.
"There ls no mistake," replied Mr.
Bowser. "I ordered tbe molnsses ns I
cane uMng."
"But how did you happen to do that'.'"
askeil Mrs. Bowser.
"1 am going to pnss n homelike evening, and to belp me do lt I am going to
make some old fashioned molasses candy. I have been longing for Home for
months past."
"But you can buy nny amount of It."
"Not the kind my mother used to
make. You can buy n compound tmule
up of glue, molasses, coffee grounds,
lalerutue  and  shavings,   but   I   dou't
want that sort. I never think of the
old farmhouse without thinking of mo
lasses candy. Mother used to make a
kind thnt one could uever get enough
of, and I "im sure 1 can turn out some-
tb'ngjust as good."
""You'll only muss up the kitchen and
"make the cook mad," sighed Mrs. How
"I shall muss up nothing, and the
cook won't get mod. I think she will
see what you fail to—the sentiment of
the thing. You may smile at my con
necttng sentiment with molusses can
By, but It's there Just the same. Some
of the happiest evenings of my boyhood were spent In—In"—
"In gobbling down molasses candy,"
■be finished as he hesitated.
"Tbere you go! Woman, la tbere
nothing ln tbe past sacred to you? Is
lt nothing to you that my parents nre
dead, my brothers nnd sisters scatter
ed and that the deur old homestead is
now in the bauds of a wull eyed pirate
who baa turned It Into a mule farm?
By Jobn, but I believe you would stand
beside tbe tomb of Washington und
baggie witb a shoestring man over a
Tbe cat came up from the basement
and saw that tbere was fun abend nud
pat down to wait for developments.
"I am sorry If I hurt your feelings,"
said Mrs. Bowser after a time, "but it
never occurred to me to connect setiti-
nieiit and molasses candy. There are
eongs about boyhood and pear trees,
elder mills, babbling brooks and all
that and 1 don't know why they
•houldn't eing of boyhood and molnsses
candy. Tbe cook has Just gom- up
stairs, and you can have the kitchen
»II to yourself."
Mr. Bowser walked to nnd fro am'
looked at ber, but as she said no more
be finally desceuded tlie stairs and began to work. Tbe cut followed bim.
and as ahe saw him poking up the tire
nnd pouring the molasses into a kettle
ibe walked around and gurgled to tier-
self. When the Jug hnd been emptied,
the kettle was pluccd on the stove, und
Mr. Bowser eat down with a big spoon
In band to stir tbe contents und call up
old recollections. There were more
recollections thnn stir, and ns a eon-
•efjuence Mrs. Bowser soon got the
scent of scorched molnsses. She didn't
feel it her duty to make nny Investigation, however. Kven when the kettle
euddenly boiled over nnd n great cloud
of smoke swept across the kitchen nud
il pM a Irs, causing Mr. Bowser to cough
and tbe cat to sneeze, she aiude no In
i err uption,
"That's as It should lie." he musi*d
ni* lie stirred away. "Tbere wns ul
wii.VK n btiruy smell In the bouse when
mother wns making candy. Thnt smell
'hI'-m me bnck to the dear old slays,
und I feel as If 1 could eat the whole
outfit. 1 must watch r r tbe air bubbles."
In ten minutes more he saw them
rising to tbe surface ami poured the
contents of tho kettle Into u pan to cool,
In a dim wny he remembered thnt his
mother used to put In flavorings, and.
hunting through the cupboard,he found
vanilla and cinnamon and pi;i tbem in
with a generous band. As lie cooled a
■poonfal, however, there seemed to be
something lacking, uud after u mo
ment'i thought be went up stubs und
queried of Mrs. Bowser:
"Don't you remember that I bought
a bottle of wlntergreeu essence some
time ago? It's exactly what mother
used to use ln her candy. Bless mc,
bnt how many times lu my boyhood
I have bunted for the delicious winter-
green berries!"
"If there Is nny, you'll find it in the
right hand cupboard," she replied, "but
you want to be careful. There ure a
lot of other bottles there. It smells as
If you bad scorched the molasses."
"Just enough to give it the right
taste.   I'll show you some candy that
la candy In nbout ten minutes, If ibis
smell gets out on the street, everybody
win be wanting a taste."
There were a Korv of bottles lu the
cupboard, find Mr. llowier run his eye
over them and Selected one and sniffed
Its contents und poured them luto the
dish and stirred vigorously This was
the finishing touch, lie waited to
grease his hands wiih butter and ihen
bore the dish up stairs In triumph und
set It down under Mrs Bowser's iu.se
aud suid:
"If you don't soy thnt th.s hunts anything you ever tasted, 1*11 buy you ihe
nicest hat in town.   Pitch right lu,"
"It has a queer imell." slu- replied ns
she sniffed ut it.
"Your nose must tie olT. The smell Is
simply delicious, and as for the tiietP-
There was only one "all—uml"    lie
begun to choke us be chewed, but recollecting thnt Mrs. Bowser hud opposed
lit in he bravely hung on until she susl
licnly rose up nnd suid:
"Are you sun* you got lhe right bottle
out of the cupboard?"
"Of coune I'm sure. Whut's the mutter wilh you?"
"it smells us if ymi bad flavored It
with lieli.'.luc.    1 I.now the cooll hilll n
bottle of it to clean n collar."
"But do you think I'm such n foil
that I can't tell bendiie from winter
green?" he shouted, though he turned
pule and lost Ills taste, I'or old fashion
ed molasses candy lu nu Instant
"We Will see.'*
He followed ber down to the kltch
en, and she picked up the empty bo:tie
and read the label und held it mil lo
him. The word "Beiislne" was bigger
than a house, but he had duped bis
candy wltb three ounces of it.
"Did your mother use this flavoring
In your happy boyhood dnys?" she
asked as he turned red uml white nnd
n look of fear ciiins* Into bis eyea
"Am I—nm I poisoned?" lie wh's
pereil in reply.
"No. but It's not your fault Ib there
nothing In the present 811 ered to toil?
Why didn't you open n box of chloride
of lime and douse it III? If vou wanl
to die. why not stick your bead Into
the wnshtub?"
"Wo-womnn. I' unilerstandl I f e
through the plot!   I-!"-
"You sit down nnd think of your bos-
hood ilaysj" she Interrupted—."of yo'ui
mother and old fashioned molasses
candy and benzine und death: I'ai
going to bed, und I'll pitch that il'sli
cut of the window to the cats as I go
Mr. Bowser tottered to a chair and
sat down nud thought nnd tbougbt Al
midnight Mrs. Bowser came ROftly
down stairs-to find htm asleep in Ids
ellillr and the cat silting on lhe kltchi n
table to act us bis guardian angel
The feline hnd a grin s.n her face, but
she wasn't saying a word to disturb
the harmony of the occasion.
Alsljiils's   Fs,tsrlli   ..r  July.
Aliljah Stunt; strolled off ulono
While yet ths* morn .vac hazy;
The neighbors   boys missle sueh n  no.'r.o
They almost drove him cruy
"I love my souniry well," said he.
"Dut think It Is n sin. sir.
To spoil July's HV.-eel Juli!!i*o
By making such a din, sir!"
So. In a nook lieplile a brook,
Scren'ely sounsl asleep, sir,
Abljnli lay the live -lone. day.
Curled In a Utile heap, sir.
While   In   tlie" town   lhe   Israsi   band!
And cannon boomed like thunder
Until a very small boy mails*
A most tremendous blunder
For. Just ot dark, he dropped a spark
Where sparks are very worst, sir;
A blinding (lash- a frightful crash—
•        • .        •        •        a
A powder keg had burst. sir!
Abljah found hut scattered shreds
When he returned to town, sir.
And people standing on Hn-lr h.-ads
Where tliey had Just conn. down. "Ir!
-St   Nieluilua.
.lard to Please
"Do the new
neighbors a n-
noy you as
much by borrowing us their
did?" asked
Mr. Blykins.
"No," answered his wife;
"they haven't
run over to
borrow a thing.
I never saw
anybody quite
■ o haughty
and unsociable."-Washington Star.
tlrr   F.irellant
"But why do
you persist In
worrying?" de-
munded thc
easy going
"In the hope
of making you
worry a little,"
unswered the
good woman.
Feminine Diplomacy
ITelen—And did yen
scream when he attempted to kiss you?
Kthel—Certainly not.
1 waited until after
he had finished.
' s'l'itnr'.  l-'lrst Itssllnay.
In 1878a Belgian company constructed the tlrst street railway In the city
of Cologne, Germany, and tbe road become ihe property Of the city in 1807.
A Si'sni r,,ii,nl Key.
One of the oldest nnd most curious
specimens of the loi-ksinlth'H urt is at*
(ached to tlie door of the Temple
Church, London, Tho key weighs seven pounds, is eighteen Inches long, nnd,
Unlike other keys, it was not made for
die lock. On the contrary, tbo lock wus
mude for the key.
The  Drummer's   Itentird   For  lavlutl
ll  llri.si ssIssk   Man.
"I was driving into u New damp
shire village In n buggy three or four
years ngo," suid n drummer from the
Hull, -when I imw a mnn fall off a
bridge Into the river. As he came to
tlie surface 1 saw thnt be could not
swim, nnd I ofl* with my cont nnd boots
und plunged In. He came near drowning me, but at lust 1 got him to the
bank, and he proved to be the proprietor of one of the village inns. He was
mighty grateful in words, nnd be shook
bands with me about ten times an bour
until bedtime. He told everybody what
a hero 1 was and almost masle me
proud, and he threw out hints that
such merit as mine would not go uure
warded, 1 passed that nlgbt nnd tlie
next duy and nighl at tils inn, nnd then,
being ready to depart, I asked for my
bill. Mine host had begun to cool oil'
considerably, In fuct, he hud come to
believe that If lot alone he would have
rescued himself, Therefore 1 wasn't nl
together unprepared for his words
when he said:
" 'Look here now, your bill Is $'.'.."X
" 'But whnt?' I usked as he hesitated,
*• • I Snt It seems tbnt you tumble, on*
the bridge and got wet the other day,
and us I want you to carry away a
plouiant Impression of the lown'—
"'You'll knock tbe 75 cents oft* the
" 'No. sir. I'll take olT a quarter, and
I'll expect you to send me all the customers you can to even up things!'
"I refused his discount," sighed the
drummer, "and when ready to go. he
held out his bund for u shake uud
'"Well, I'm glad It came my wny to
save your life, and I hope you'll make
good use of it* " M.  QUAD.
A   Muss   Who   Hustled.
On the North Carolina side of the
Cumberland mountains I had to ask
for food and lodgings of a squatter
who livs>d in n miserable shanty ami
said I would have to sleep on the floor,
but nevertheless made me welcome.
All we had for supper was corn bread,
but later on I heard the wife saying to
her husbanil:
"Now. theu, yo' git yo'self out nmi
hustle fur sunthin' a heap better fur
For breakfast there were fried chick
en, roast pig, roust yams, fresh eggs
and corn coffee, and when It had been
eaten the man smiled on mc and siid:
"I'd bev done better If I could,
stranger, but by the time I'd stole
chickens, pig. eggs nnd yams the only
feller around yere with any real coffee In Iiis house wus wide awake and
Wiltchln' out fur me with n shotgun."
Venlsssu   In Germany.
Venison, which is difficult to get in
American markets,  may be obtained
nearly every day In the restutirnut.i of
Germany ut u price llttlS exceeding
that of beef.
tlr-sciilisu,   a   Hern.
"Who is Hint fellow at lhe lint?"
nskeil the stranger, addressing the
baseball enthusiast sitting nexl lo
him iu tbe grand stnnd.
"That's Blugull," said the othi'r.
"I thought so I've got a warrant
for his arrest on an old debt and I
shall have lo serve it on Iii11■ as soon
as iiu* game is over."
.lust then Blugull made a three base
lilt, bringing in two men. and the
crowd went wild.
"Say," shouted the enthusiast, pro
dueing n well lilk-d pocketbook, "Mr.
What's-y our-nnme, wbnt is the
amount of your claim against that
ninn?"—Chicago Tribune.
The  Sequel.
Bodrlck— Mrs. Twist learned bow to
play poker so that she could keep her
husband borne at night.
Van Albert—How did tbe scheme
turn out?
Bodrlck—"Well, arter she learned tbe
gams* she 'organized a poker club
among other women und goes out every night herself now.—Chlcngo News
A   Trsss*  Genius.
Mrs. BJoiies— Your husbanil, I bear, is
inite versatile.
Mrs. Brown-Smythe—Versatile Is no
name for it. Why, he can actually
►■toy out late every night lu the week
uud not give the sums* excuse twice. -
i'hllndulphlu Iti cord.
Prompt   Iteanlt*.
"The mosquito is u goosl collector.'
remarked Bcllcncld.
"'..'inl do you mean?" nsked Bloom
"When he presents bis little bill. It is
liquidated on the spot."- I'i tsin rg
An   III. sil   f linsssTs'ur.
"Tbey sny thai It's Just tlirllllugly
delicious to hike an automobile irp
with tbe Buzzer's new chuufTei:r.'
"Why  is il?"
"Because he's cross eyed and lef;
handed."—Cleveland I'lnin Denhr.
Kid  Hey,dere, fatty, go on nn' t'row
our ball  down;  wots de madder  wid
youse?  Chicago American,
Always  n   Siiii.rllnl i,.
Mrs. .lines—Willful waste mnkes
woeful want.
Mr. Jones—Nonsense! Lots s.r wo
men wuste lljelr breath talking i in
never bceiu In want for more.— .Indue.
! AT WrtE
•"      O'CLOCK
Hy Jnmea W. While
Copyright, W0.',
Uy the s. *, MoClure Company
(,..-**...-*>.•■♦•••♦•••♦••'* •!>•••->•••*>.••♦•••*>.••♦-•■ S
It was Sir William Colville of Colville Manor who lirst discovered .Signer Albano. sir William prided himself on being the patron of struggling
geulus nnd so gave him the commission
to perpetuate In marble the beauty of
his only daughter, tbe Lady Margaret.
The sculptor was a man of twenty-
eight, with a fair face und un aristocratic bearing. There could be no
question that ho wns ti real artist witli
the chisel. His enthusiasm promised
a masterpiece. It wus arranged that
he should stay ut tbe manor While Ids
work wus lu progress.
It proved a lengthy task, but tbe sittings were anything but tiresome to
the young lady. Slgnor Albuno wus
both well traveled and well read, and,
while he knew how to keep the moments from dragging, he yet preserved
his attitude of deepest respect. Lady
Margaret looked upon him with reverence us a genius. Perhaps his youth
and good looks contributed somewhat
to her enjoyment lu the sittings, but
this pride forbade her to acknowledge.
The bust when finished was all that he
bad promised. If either of the two
young people sighed that the long
mornings iu the studio would be no
more, they gave no sign.
Three mouths afterward the father
and daughter were passengers on u
steamer for the orient. Tbey bail been
out three dnys before they discovered
thnt the sculptor wus on board. He
explained thnt through the dentb of a
relative he hud come Into a fortune
and had set out ou n tour around the
world. Sir William wns rather chagrined to And 'lis protege so fur beyond
the need of his help. While he congratulated him on his good fortune,
therefore, his manner yet conveyed the
fnct thnt he did uot consider thut bis
change ln prospects entitled him to
treatment as au equal. The Lady Margaret was u most well brought up
young woman, and she unhesitatingly
followed her father's cue.
Two days later, ns she sat nlone on
deck, Signor Albums approached her
with thc assurance of an old friend nnd
entered Into conversation, ln vain her
manner showed hlin thnt the old slays
of  happy  intercourse  must  be forgot-
ten. The Italian wns Imperturbable,
When sbe rose to go. be even dared to
lay a hand upon her arm ns he said:
"Lady Margaret. I nm here on this
steunisar toduy because I knew you
were to sail on It. I am here io say
something to you, nud you cannot go
until 1 hnve spoken."
The girl hnd snatched nway her arm
and faced him proudly as she drawled
with slow Insolence:
"Did you not receive payment In full
for your work?"
A look of Hiieh poigiinni suffering
crossed bis mobile face that a Hush of
shame rose to her own cheeks.
Ills voice wus full of reproach us he
"Is lt kind to taunt me with the fnct
that 1 had to sell my genius for shillings uml pence? You were nol so
when you were my model. You were
not only pleased with my work ns an
artist, but I fondly hoped thnt I bad
found favor In your eyes ns a man."
Perhaps her heart responded to his
words, but only pride of race showed
In her voice as she answered hotly,
"Sir, have you lost your senses?" nnd
wnlked nway llkeuu Injured queen,
Half an hour later tbe wraihy Sir
William bunted up the sculptor and
"Should you speak to my daughter
again while this voyage lasts I will np
peal to tbe captain to have you locked
up In your stateroom."
"Sir William," replied Slgnor Alba no
respectfully, but imploringly, "do not
drive me to desperation."
But S'r William refused to listen.
For the next few days Lady Margaret
often felt his snd, Imploring eyes fixed
upon her, but he did not again vein ure
to approach her.
The fifth evening a note was delivered at her door. Almost Immediately
following Slgnor Albuno made his appearance In the smoking room, He carried a revolver In Ills band, His face
wns pale and tils eyes blazing.
"Gentlemen," he snld to the dozen
loungers ln the room, "I must trouble
you to go out. In the next half hour I
aiar receive n note,   if 1 do, all will be
-,.,■■. if I .lu not, we will all go to the
',,;„,, mgutherul exactly 0 o'clock.
',.„,.,. „iis n hurried scuttling of tho
*0I ,,,.„    Thu whole ship wus soon in
,',. tion,  discussing plans for  bis
..,,„,,,„ But he was armed and evl-
•',..,,|y mad ami li<*n«-"u must be cajoled
■ntlier ilinn forced.
u quurter io U be culled to the whispering group outside the suloon door:
•-Gentlemen, we huve fifteen minutes
left. 1 warn every one not to hasten
the calamity by tampering wltb my
itateroom door. If you open thnt door,
you will explode thirty pounds of dy-
tin mi te at ous'i*."
There was something theatrical abi
it nil. uml yet the menace In the li
inn's voice brought n shiver. The captain mude n sign to the ship's carpenter, and they silently went below.
Avoiding the fatal door, the carpenter
feverishly began work on the room
partition. It seemed hours beforo he
hinl cut a hole large enough to allow
his body to slip through. Just clear of
the door was the signer's steumer
trunk. Two wires run from the door
to the trunk, and from the interior
came u noise like the ticking of a
clock. When the wires had been cut,
the captain said:
"Softly, uow. Up with the cover.
Ah! Here ls the clockwork, nnd a
handkerchief among the wheels does
the business."
At the same moment the report of a
revolver rung out. Up ln the saloon
the clock was pointing to It. The mad
lover bad pressed the weapon to his
temple, pulled the trigger und fallen
back n corpse. The white faced passengers waited tremblingly for another report, but Instead they heard a woman's cry. The I.ndy Margaret hnd
fallen, fainting, In the doorway.
Was there dymimlte in the trunk?
Truly ninety pounds of it But for tbe
coolness of the captain 400 lives would
have been sacrificed to the disappointment of a madman.
And did the Lady Margaret yield at
the last moment? That Is the secret
locked in her own proud heart.
llmitl-on  of  Bell*.
Bells were solemnly baptized like
children, u custom which ls still extant In the Soman church. This ls
probably not a primitive prnctico and
cannot be traced further bnck thnn tbe
reign of Charlemagne. It Is first distinctly mentioned in tho time of Pope
John Xlll. (OSS), when he gave his
own name to the great bell of the Lateral! cburcb. Sis-Ulan gives an nccount
of the ceremonial to be observed: "l-'lrst
of nil the bells must be so bung thut
the bishop mny be able to walk round
tbem. When he has chanted a few
psalms in a low voice, be mingles water and salt and consecrates them, dlll-
gently sprinkling the bell with the mixture both inside nnd out. Then be
wipes it clean and with holy oil describes on it the figure of the cross.
praying the while that when the bell Is
swung up nnd sounded faith and charity may abound among men, ull the
snares of the devil — hall, lightning,
winds, storms—tuny be rendered vain
nnd all unseasonable weather be softened. After be has wiped off that
cross of oli from the rim he forms seven other crosses on lt, but only oue of
them within. The bell is censed, more
psalms are sung and prayers ure put
up for Its welfare. After this feasts
and banqueting! are celebrated Just as
at a wedding." — Gentleman's Magazine.
Words and  Their  Orlicla.
The dictionary tells us of the origin
of tblngs familiar, and in its pages
we mny learn that the bayonet was
tlrst made at Buyonne, ln France; that
damask nud the damson came originally from Damascus, that coffee first
etime to Europe from Kaffa and copper
took Its name from Cypress, that candy wus first exported from Cnndia nnd
that tobacco was so called from the Island of Tobacco, the home of De Foe's
Imaginary hero; that gin wns either Invented at Geneva or early ln Its history
became an Important factor ln the
commerce of tbat city, that tarantula
was once a notorious pest ln thu region
about Taranta, that the magnetic property was first noticed In Iron ore dug
In the neighborhood of Magnesia, that
parchment wus (list made at Perga-
mus, cambric nt Cnmbrny, muslin at
Moussellne, calico at Calicut, gauze at
Gaza, dimity nt Damletta, that milliners tlrst plls-d their trade In Milan and
that mantuas were invented in theltul-
lan city of the same nume.
Japanese Thenlera.
The theaters of Japan nre generally
wood and Inexpensive buildings. Tbelr
Interior arrangements nre somewhat
similar to ours, but not nearly so elnb-
orately finished. Tbere are no seats
provided for the auditors; consequently they sit on the Hour. The stages revolve like n locomotive turntable, have
no drop curtains, but uso sliding ones
instead. Tbelr musical Instruments
consist principally of n kind of cross
between a mandolin and n banjo, with
u metal drum nnd some other unpronounceable Instruments for accompaniment. The music has a kind of humdrum air and but very little variation.
Their entertainments nro of lopg duration nnd are generally during the dny
The plays ure almost Invariably trug-
edy.   The admission fee is small.
Seventeenth Century Napkins,
About 1050 Pierre David published
the "Mulstre d'llosicl," "which tenches
how to wnlt on a table properly and
how to fold all kinds of table napkins
lu all kinds of slurpes."
The shapes were: "Square, twisted
folded In lin mis and In uu, torma of a'
double nnd twisted shell, slDglfl shell
double melon, single melon, cock hen
and chickens-, two chickens, pigeon In
a basket, partridge, pheasant, two on-
pons in n pie, bare, two rabbits, sucking pig, dog with a collar, pike, carp
lurbot. miter, turkey, toriolse, tlie holy
cross and the Lorraine cross."
Ho In llettur Now unsl Writes! nn lutersmt.
lutf Letter Telling «>f UU B-toovei-*-
and H.iw It Cussssi Abssut,
Toronto, Out., Sept. **'"ntl.—(Spec-
ittl).— Thero ure few men in the west
end of this eity who are more widely
uud mote lavorubly known thun Mr
\V. J. Keano, SO Lipp-incott street
who fnr years hus conducted u business us builder und contractor.
Homo live yours ugo Mr. Kouuo wu8
a very sick man. He had Kidney
Trouble, which developed until he
wus absolutely nimble to leave hig
, Mr. Keune found a cure whero ho
many sick und sulTering ones huve
found it, in Dudd's Kidney l'ills, mid
bus given for publication the following  written statement:—
"I deem it u grout pleasure to givo
my experience Of Hodd's Ki<lni*y PlUg
and the good they hnve done me I
wus n gieut sufferer with pains in
my luii'k, nnd usesl to be often so laid
up as to bs- unable to do my work
"A friend udvisesl Dodd's Kidney
Pills, but as I bud used so many
other medicines without nny good
results, 1 had littlo fuith in anything, However,' I got some of thu
pills nnd commenced the treatment.
1 hud only used part of tbs* lirst box
when 1 was able to resume my work
"I used altogether seven boxes, and
1 can sny thnt I wits completely cured, nnd as this wns over four yenrs
ngo. nnd the trouble hns not return-
csl in any form, 1 feel sufs* In saying
thnt my cure wns perfect and permanent.
"I believe Doild's Kidney Pills saved mc from death. Tbey nre certainly worth their weight in gold to n
sick man."
Whnt hns done so much for Mr
Kenne nnd many others, is certainly
worth n trial ;hy those wbo may be
suffering from Kidney Disense or any
of its consequences.
Capital Letter**,
The systematic use of cap tai letters
In writing unsl printing was not common until about the year 1 bin.
Venetlnn  Mlrrorn.
The Venetian mirrors of th • sixteenth
century are the most celebrated ones.
These were of the llnest glass, Willi
settings of silver und gold richly
chased and set with Jewels.
■turned   t'renni   Sssus-r.
You can make burned s'lenin snuce In
this way: Put quarter cup granulated
sugar in  Saucepan  nnd  stir over the
lire until n dark brown color.    Pour in
slowly s'up thin sweet cream aud continue to stir until sauce fs h.'l. Serve
with custard or batter puddftrg.
There  never   mi,   mill   never   will   lie,   a
universal panacea, in one remedy, for all
ills to which llesh is Iss-sr—the very nature   nl   iinxny   curatives,   beiiiu   isus-ls   tlmt.
wfit* the germi of other suet dlfterently
M-isii I diseases rootesl in the system ol
Ihe patient— wlssit would- rsjlieve une ill
in turn would asrcravals* ths* other. Ws-
havo.   Im*.e\er,   in   Quinine     Wine,    when
obtainable in ssnumi, unadulterated Htsst.-.
ix reiii.ily fnr many ami grievous Ilia, Uv,
its giailuul and Judicious use the frisi
est systems are led Into convalSMnra
and strength hy the Inlluencs, which quinine exert* on nature's usvn calii rails s*s
It relieve-, the drooping BplClt? of thorn-
with whom a chronic 'slate or inoi'lml
dMpohdeifcy nmi tack of hits-rent in Ufa
i.i is iliKsiase. anil, hy 11 osnpii h/ iru* the
niT.es.   iliN|ioHFN   to  suunil   ii i,i   refreshing
■deep— Impart*.vjjror to the action of tha
iiiiiod    sshk-h. -"is-iim  stimulated,  ooni-au
through    the   veins,    strengthening    tlss.
healthy   animal   functions (,f ii,e system
thereby   making   activity   a   m-cessssrv   re
milt,  strengthening the frame,  anil u'ivlns:
life to tin* incentive organs, Whieh nata
rally demand increased su ist«snre--n*sult
Improved aouetltej Northmn ,*. Lyman
of Iu roil to. have given to the public
their superior Quinine Wine nt the nsun
rate,     and,     gunge,!   by     Ihe    opinion   of
scientists, this win* approaches n**r*st
perfection of any In the market All
druggists sell  It
Uleln formed.
Smith   (angrilyi   i   understand  you
lajtl  my  fnee wus enough lo slop an
Jones—I certainly uever said anything of lhe kind.
Smith—Thun I must hnve been nils
.loiies-Tbnt's wbat yssu have. Instead of stsipping.ut sight of your fust".
any reputable automobile would in-
cnease its SDced»*i
No family living in a hi!iiiii*s country
should he without ruiuss-is.e's Vegetable
l'ills    a  few dpsea taken now nmi then
«lll   keep   thn   liver    acllve.    demise    the
si'iiiusiii ami bowels frmii nil blllotumsi
ier ami  iin-veiu   Ague     \\,    ,1    U  I'm.'.
Shoals,   Martin   Co .   Iml     urlics :      " I
tune triad ss box of Parm*l**'a Pill*and
liinl  than   the I.s-I   maUii Ine fur lever nmi
Ague   I   have  ew-r   used."
The  ■ s-illllUf  -Until, .
The codling . ,;,. ilis- chief rnvnger
of the tipple ui.,i pent' crops, destroys
overy yem in n, h countr*' fruit valued
ut from $iii',iH.ii.<HHi io ?*40,000.000
Si,, . il   I, ems is, m.
In all pri'p. .. nous calling for sliced
lemons ll Is impai tiiiii to remove nil
the si'i'iis i• v ii i,.vv allowed to re-
main will uml v Lie sirup bitter ufli r
boiling, The i,,-:,| airaliior I5,u bag of
eheesi. loth, -        , i
M]>* III ads
The .Vile mud, which renders Egypt
a hubifuhle country, Is snisl lo bttir It
striking' ri-si-'mlil'ipcc to Hint which
ever) season is l.roiight down by the
Oue tleiil n ll.iy'
'Ilie nilljui'ltt ol  l.lic iiiis-i's's of ll"''1'
eat only om- m. ui. ;i thiy,
 ;  «
The  St en ill   l-'niclne.
The oi'igbiul Idea uf tho steam en*
glue is commonly nald to have been
sufq-tiHtod by tiie'iuarouls of "ore-"*"'
t< i'-In. his' "Century of Invention*'." 'x-
It. 1003. •     •'     .
• ••'    .
Chllilrr's  in  Ind'*.
Tin. cost of trfiilntaltilUB a*child ID
I' -'iu Ih oillv ll CCUtS u duy. The Prill, j NEURALGIC PAINS.
pO« '
, of Milton's Dloi*rapliera ways
nearly twenty years elapsed be-
i the time he sketched out thu
0| •■ Paradise Lost" alid the
lotion ol that work. Tho actual
of composition wus COndenied
kvo or three years.
■'•• WllUau
•''"Is IMII-s Make I'ssils, lts-sl
!••( Y-/ (Wiie Heed) DUfnfwtant
l-iiwsler is bettor tlmn other soup
,,, ui it  also acta  as a  disinfect
in Bu
a million  persona die yearly
■ope of consumption.
].jU. hundred and eighty-seven dii-
•jni-l languages are spoken in Europe,
nie it
ihs- w
ansl i
us evi
lllll   •
0. 0. Richards A Co.,
men—In .lt****u 'OH l hud   my
Old    wrist  badly  bitten  by  a
horse.   I suffered Kieutiy for
days, und the tooth cuts reheat,  until your agent gave
ittls*    of    MINAItll'S    L1N1-
whlch I  begun Using, und the
is magteal,   in Bve hours tin*
I  caused,   und   in   two   WBOkl
ind    bud     completely   heeled
hand  and  arm   were us  wull
Yours truly.
A.  I-',.  HOY.
linker,   St.  Antoine,   P.Q,
Pui-tj live hours constitute u wes-k's
-ork t.i women und giila in New
Reu-nty-elght        profit        iharlng
siin'ilies, afTectlng 58,630 workpeople,
»,.,   in n|iurution last year in this
MiiinrJ's Liniment is best Hair Restorer.
Madame Isnceecu, the Vienese lady
iwiiiiiiicr. is training for another nt-
tim| t  to swim  tho English  channel.
Tin- Iniifji'St   railway    run    in the
vsiii;.!    without    changing   is  on the
Cannilin.il   Pacific,   from    Halifax to
Vain -iver,  :i.fi02 miles
The  liiggest orchard   in   the   worlsl '
i< near Santa Barbara,   Cal.  It cov-j
in 1 Too acres and contains .'U.000
(nil   ind   nut   trees.
r  i.",.r  One  Hundred   Dollars   Ils.wisnl
.si v  esse   Ol   CiitisTrh   thist   rannot   be
(d fiy Ilisll'H  Catarrh l*ure
* .i   riiensiv A Co., Props    Toledo, 0
Wa ilie uin'lerslcneri,  have known  V   .1
Pis-,. v   fsir   tlie   last   15   years,   ssml   be-
tis-.s' iiim perfectly honorable in nil imsi-
i* ..  transactions  nnd  flnansially  nlili* tn
■   s,ui  uny  obligations modi liv  their
•".-t   .-.-   I runx.  Wholesale  DrUfnttsts,  To*
ledo,  n.
''    line;,   Ktnnan    A   Marvin.    Wholesale
PrueglBta, Toledo, 0
llall'i Catarrh Cure le taken Internel-
I) n liiiR sllreftlv upon the lilnosl ansl
is ucous aurfacoe of the system Price.
75C in Lottie Sold hv sill Druggist*
i Mtlmonlall free
Hall s   Family   Tills   are   the   lis**.!
,,,       ,  -  ..,.iu,.   Kin
Blood and Drive ii„        .
»« sun,,, palm from tuts
M.ls-m—Keud t)u. urooti
^T,rlZ!x"Vuu^iy hf Ui-
nerves fo • botL hi   ', *ry   '"   ""•
iL-s-tiiiiii.   i hlood," und to ef-
SOUa||j  drlve u ,
, Wood must be made rich, ^ \3
other u  .        '"S   PUrP°M   ■*•»   &■■   "»
0 I oi medicine so prompt and sure in
result   as   Dr, Williams' i'ink piiiJ
Wltb overy doge, and Impart new Ufa
Wd  new  vigor  to  tho poison *_ „g
,tjfin.   Mr,  John McDormott;   Bo„d
I Head, Ont., otteri strong proof of tho
, 061 tl  ., results ohtuins-d from the use
Dr. Wlllame Pink l'ni.s in casus
,*>f thla kind, lit- suys , • ■ A few
.years ago while working us a carpenter In Buffalo i got wot. i did
not think it worth while changing
''■>• clothea at the time, but i ?oou
oegan to luffer tor my neglect. I
awoke next morning wit.li crumps and
pains throughout my body, i was
unable to go to work and called in a
doctor, who left me Boma medlcino i
used it faithfully ror some time, but
't <lnl not help me, in ract l wus
growing ateadlly worse and hud become so reduced In flesh that l
weighed only" 188 pounds As 1 wus
not able ts, work I returned to my
home ut. Bond Head, Here i placed
myself under the care of a local dor-
tor who saisl the troublo wus neuralgia, which busi takon a thorough
hold upon my entire system Misfortune seemed to follow ms* for the doc-
tor's treatment slid not hel|  and
1 think my neighbors at least ,lii| not
believe I was going ts, get better. I
bud not used more thun three boxes
before 1 felt thut the pills were helping me.   Prom thut on I gained day
by  duy,   and  after  1   hud   usesl  so	
ten or twelve boxes, 1 hud fully recovered my old-time strength, and
bave since boon ablo to work at my
trade us a carpenter without any
trouble. 1 huvo no pains or aches,
end 1 now weigh 156 pounds. I
think Ur. VVilliums' Pink Tills un invaluable meslicine and shall always
liuvs* u goosl word lo say for them."
When the nerves are unstrung, when
the blood is jsoor or watery, or when
the system la out of order, Dr. Willinms' I'ink Plll-s is iin- medicine t"
take. They cure ssll troubles arising
frssm these causes, and make weak,
despondent men and women bright,
active ninl si rung. Protecl yoursell
against. Imitations by seeing that the
full minis'. "Pr. Williams' I'ink Pills
fssr Pule People," is on the wrapper
around every box. Sold i>\- all medicine dealers or mailed post paid at
our per box or six boxes for $2.50
by writing to the Dr. Willi,uns' Medicine Co ,  Hi ockville, i >iit
A i ui or womnn without benevolence is not a perfect being; they nre
only a deformed personality of true
manhood or womanhood:—lamb
(■'omniums bloom must satisfactorily when grown in comparatively
smull pots and ssiil which is termed
rich, but not rank with excessive
Thr  mini   who    inn    slrink   or  stop
hi linn Ily   stops—at   the   first   saloon.
Minard's Liniment is lite Iwst.
Amiable sslsl Intly, blind in one eye
a:,'l very sleaf, wants to serve us n
•hnperonne for .voting lusiis*s. Satis-
fat t j. ■ 11 assured—betrolt Free Press
In Portugal if tlis* wife publishes
liternry works without the husband's
consent, the law fries him at once
from all further matrimonial obligations,
nf    (lie    Wssss.ls-rfill     IM*s.-sltssrl»l
Rarities   Fs.ussil   in   China.
p widest of ull piscatorial rarities
1'imisjlse flsh of c'linu    I.Ike the
ii euimry nnd one s>r iwo otlioi
es of bird und lisli. ibis llttIs* Rnuj
ij   Is tin*  produii of cnltlyiitlon
i lis-re being no place in lhe worlsl
i' il  is round in n  wild stilts*,     tu
nd of the dragon tlu-y are kepi.
iltlvated in ornamental niiunri I
■ H ii succeeding generation of t»>»*
"Milieu exhibiting mors- diver
i colors. The male is the larger ol
i.i two ss-xs's. nii'iisiirlng when full i
Brown three nud u half liis'hes. Tin'
bodj Is shaped very mnch like tlmt of
8 common pumpkin seed sunflsb, Us
coloi surpassing lu brilliancy any fish
lion wil,,-,. cultivated for the aquarian.
The hend of DOOTOpodus (Hint's his
name) Is ashy gray, mottled
witli Irri-gular dark spots
're     iriue blm
During the ]inst ten years immigration to America from Germany, Ireland and England has decreased,
while that from Italy, Austria and
I'ussiii has Increased.
Thore are 0.000 monks on the
prsmontory ssf A thus. They pay to
the sultan 'J.ono pounda a year for
the privilege of being allowed to govern  themselves
The number of ships in lhe American whaling fleet has fallen on in the
last twelve yi'ars from 07 to 40, and
much the same is the case with the
Scotch   whaling  industry
riie gins
bordered wltb brll
: IlIlSOU.
eyes are yellow nnd red. With
1:"    I'tipll,   Tlw shh's Of the hody nmi
1 ■        .nt shaped caudal Ou are deep
,;      ii  tbe former having ttom ten
lu twelve vertical blue stripes, while
""' iter Is bordered with blue. The
upper sitrfiice of the body is continually  eh-- • ........    ..
iiiglng   color—sometimes  it   is
nt sstlis-rs gray,  black or  blue.
Hi,, ilursnl nnd mini lliis nre reiuiirkn-
■-..-.   hence  Its  gs'iierlc  uiinii'-
iiini'ii,, large; podul, tin or foot.
I,SI      ,  ... _.      ,        	
'■iy large,
'■UM'.    |SOSIIIP,    SSSS    .,1     l"s,s.        iHllll
nre shaped alike nnd nre Striped
with brown mui bordered with a bright
lllu" The dull colored ventral tins nre
protecied by a brlliiHiit scarlet colored
'■••■■•'. i-xtendlng tkree-fonrtbs of an
;   '' ln'lilud the body or tbe tin.   The
"■nl i'uih nre well shaped, but tnjns*
'I nud colorless.
Meizlno'a Island!.
•.i'o's Jurisdiction extends to more
tllJ"i thirty Islands.
Mhy T«*nk  Wood  la  Dnrnlilc.
*ho teak, which hua passed into
'Proverb ns tbe l>est uiutcriul for ship
Jl'lilltig, is superior to nil other ivoodt
'fotii lhe fns-t. thut lt contains an OS*
"'' 'I oil whieh prevents spikes nnd
jj""-" driven Into It from rusting. Thla
Pro|ici*ty is uot possessed by nny Otber
w""'1 In the world mill furnishes nu
'•JPliinntlon of the fnct thnt ships built
°r teak are practically Indestructible.
""I|" have been known to Inst for liU
l:"' mid when broken up their beams
*""' iih sound aa when first put to-
KlP1^      BOWEL*
V.,.v,s.    .J^cY ^r°»**  !
ITUAL ^"permanently
'<ll   IU
•lis 111.
I   -i-lsil   M Is.ss   SHU
'I'n  l„-..MI   W|l|
nereel i hut.
it must be ri.'inein-
•   lllust   inutlon   broods   run
riu I'nivii prolltnhly    ior thoir   flesh
'         Ul course tho wool should be
''* is nto consideration, us it Is also h, valuable product from the flock.
,"'1 ;''' '"" i> of it us practlcuble, lt
Miouid ul-,, i„. „| „s _00(* (|llll|jlv ft8
l-os'ihle in considerin-j ih- fat
aUecp, whkh ot course is tke ultimate
en' ()l a" mutton lircods, it   should
'"' ""' ob.lecl ol  the bv lor to sol-
e.i'i Rninmls which produce us large
.■titin'.ltlifss 0( the high priced cuts as
I o sible,
"i Judging mutton sheep tho object
is sss determine '\hirli animals will
i"'1'' ico 'ho Unj4i\si amount of vnl-
Uablo iiii-ul. Always !i(.j?iii ul. lhe
hond and work baekwnr<l, First examine tho mouth to determine the ago
of ibe animal. An old sheep with
i om ii- -iii will not fatten well, nor
will the produce be of hiuh quality
when it is obtained. Examine the
head, remembering that lhe feeder,
Uin butcher, the consumer and the
wool manufacturer must in- constdor-
-*11 lb" feeder wnnta tin- animal
whish will make i>m most economical
gains; ih.. butcher wants the animal
"his h will dress lhe greatesl amount
of high priced s'uts.
The feeder wants a head wide between   il \rs   unsl comparatively
sbo!i The chest should be short and
deep, llotormlne thts by ho'ding iho
bunds flat above and in-low an I on ei-
thier side The buyer wIH soon be able
to Judge of the capacity of sheep for
assimilal ing feed. 'I h ■ thoulder blade
should bo shilling and the point of
the shoul-der well covered. Examine
the i in- very carefully, it should
bo straight, with no Bagging whatever, 'Die buck I one should be at-
tached to ihu hi[>s smoothly, and the
ribs should be well sprung. Always
(■lasp the leg of the sheep jnst, above
tin- kn-'s- and see that the animal is
well Heshed down. Much oVplh and
thickness in th.- twist are very desirable. Tho chs*st should be wide,
Indicating lutifj capacity.
In examining the fleece, open it on
tho should 'i- und Hanks, thtn on the
hind i|ii;u'ter. Iho best wool is found
over the shoulder. That on ihe hip is
nol so good. Never open the fleece
on the buik, us there is a tendency
for ihe mud und the rain to get down
nn I produce rheumatism and general
s!  comfort.
Quality in a sheep is Indicated by
the head, absence of hair on legs und
face, lini'ness oi bone. etc. Condition rn sheep is difficult to determine
isir ihe reason hut when the sheep
begins io take jn fat Hiis is stored
up mi the inside first. Later the fat
appears on ihe outside, particularly
about 1 h<* rump; tlun follows along
th'* back und finally over the shoulder and on the Hunk.
lu animals for breeding j urposes,
ths-*-e i-uiiiis must oi course be given
thu- ws-is.'ht. hut it must ulso be ro-
ii'.euib Ti.,-1   'hat   lhe   bivding   animal
in .si have great vigor of constitution, capacity for transmitting characteristics si n.l moderate coarseness
of bone. A very lino hone is not <le-
siied in a breeding animal; neither
must it lie too coarse, ln an animal
tsi le fattened the matter of taking
on flesh quickly is sif more import-
.. ns-.- than constitution and character
nf   lions.-.
"Just a Little"
Pain neglected, may produce chronic
Rheumatism or Gout.   Just a littlo
Backache may create Lumbago. Just
a  little  Sprain  sometimes  makes    a
Cripple.   Just a little Hruise may do
a lot of damage.   Just a little Headache may be the forerunnor of  Neuralgia.   Just u little St. Jacobs Oil,
applied  in  lime cures promptly   and
i permanently  Aches and Pains.    Just
| a   little  caution;   just  a   little  cost.
i Years  of  Pleasure  agulnst years    of
Happy  are   they   who   don't   want
the things they can't get.
Speaking of gloves, three of u kind
aren't ln it with two pairs.
The   lucky  man   is  the  plucky  one
who sees and grasps an opportunity,
THY IT —It would lie ss cross Injustice
to confound thst standard healing agent
—Dr, Thomas' Electric oil—with the or-
lalnary    unguenta,   lotions   and    naive*
, i hs.y are   oftentimes   Inflammatory mui
astringent,   This oil Is, ou the contrary
I eminently coollns ami soothlns when applied    externally    to   relieve   pain,  ssiitl
powerfully remedial when iwallowed
Many a woman who iiiua.-s a mun
u mighty poor wife 'nu.ks.-s, him a rich
l»si ii mun a favor and he will consider you under everlasting obligations to him.
tiirls should novel' flirt In public
until alter tliey huve a Strangle hold
on   the  urt.
A   Hiim.'Siii.sIr H h.-elliai-rsssT.
A homemade Wheelbarrow shown in
the accompanying illustration is a
very simple affair and is much easier
to push than the ordinary wheelbarrow. The wheel is so far back
lhat   there is much less weight on tbe
handles'. The construction of the
wheelbarrow is perfectly plain from
the drawing. The box is .1 feet long,
•2% feet wide and 1' feet deep. 1 used
u 24 Inch corn plow wh'vi and a few
fence boards. The result wus very
satisfactory and the wheelbarrow
quite durable,—American Agriculturist- 	
; ha Ontario Hsij l's>smss«.
It it Interest lap to note by the tabulated returns ol th • Ontario Uureau
,,f m lusti'les, tho number of lu'gs re*
portod from lhe various counties.
i n .inl*. Ist ol a recent year, ull
,,,,,1 there wero 1.771,on hogs rc-
i ,is i, si ii i**1 count Ies, l he iiiws-st
wi h Nipisslng, with 1,797, and tho
highest was Kent Tho twelve coun-
11, - inn n : the greatest bog population wus us follows
    11 ."1,749
'"  05,073
IJisl.ls-.ii  'lison,  All One.
Aii elderly minister Is foml of telling
of n "break" he once made ut ii double
wedding of two sisters, it w.-is arranged ilint the two couples should be
married with one ceremony, the two
brides responding ut the sume time
nnd Uu- tuo bridegrooms doing the
same. There hud not beeu uuy previous rehearsal, as the minister had
come n lung distance und hud reached
ihe church but a few minutes before
the time for the ceremony.
All went well until it cuuie time for
tile minister to suy, "And now I pronounce you nii'ii nnd wife."
It suiiili'iily became obvious to the
minister that the usual formula would
not Co in the ease of two men und two
wives, and he could not think of nny
way of mnklnj' "mnn" aud "wife"
plural in the se: tence. In his desperation and confusion be lifts-sl his hands
and suid solemnly:
"And now I pros ounce you, o.ie nnd
all. husband and wife!"
Every   man    is    u    fortune  hunter,
otherwise he wouldn't be in business.
It takes a strong-minded woman to
keep her calendar torn off up to date.
Ssiine men don't know they hit
beaten until lung after other people
make the discovery.
FLIES   If*   A   FEW   KOUHS.
The amount of heat generated b\
a man's body in a day's work is
suflicicnt to raise fs.-*! pounds of water
from freezing to boiling point.
Lord Kelvin, who is now 78 years
of age. is entitled to place no less
than 120 letters, indicating various
titles of honor,  after his  name.
f f    (SS ■T.INLISI
Endorsed bj b«it Engllth m«dleilJourn»li.
Supplied to BrltUhioldlTiln South Africa.
For all Throat and Oland Troublaa, Lumps,
«b»c.■.*.•», Old Soroa, Uloora, ""•{•aa, Skin
Dlsoaaaa, Eoiama. Pimples, Stiff Joints,
Rhaumatiam. Lumba|o, Sprains, Brulsss,
Piles. Cuts. Sore Foot, Pleurlsj.
Sold by Druggists, (So.   Try It one*.
Mr. Norther—I've often wondered
why so many colored men ure lynched down this wuy. Co. South—Well,
sub, I reckon it's because they don't
start runnln' quick enough.
Minard's Liniment Cores UGrippe.
Mr. Man-yet—1 see old Hoxlcy hus
left an estate worth 13,000,000 at
least. Would you like to be his widow? Mrs. .Mairyat (ambiguously) —
No,  deal.  I'd  rather be yours
Mr   .1    W    Wilder,  .1.   P.,   I-alnriieville.  N
Y writes : "l nm eublect to severe Bt-
isii'ks ssf Unite and Kidney Difficulty, and
11ti.t  Parmelee'a Pills afford ms* great re-
I lief, while nil oilier rs-niesii.-*. have failed
They are the nest medicine 1 have ever
I siss-il "    Iii  fisst  oo iireat  ls  the power ol
tins iiii'siisin., to cleanse ami purify, thnr
diseases of almost ever) sunns, sssul nature ure driven  frous  the hody.
Ks lit    	
ICj-SO*-   ...    ■
Simcoe ....
"I  wnnt you to   understand,  sir,
that my pride forbids me to accept
anything from you after I marry
your daughter." "Uow are you going to live ?" "Well, 1 thought you
might make some sort of a settlement before hand."
ASK    —0*-»
Ogilvie    Oats
Delicious flavor.   Frea from hulls      Warranted Purs.
Put  up  ln   all  sized  packages.
Ogilvie's Hungarian
As now manufactured.   The grant FAMILY FLOUR.
Insist ou getting "OGILVIE'S," aa they are better than tha Beat.
•'Ileal Mali" oss Ibe i'»rsss.
A nawspapor man who had occasion
to visit ib.' famous Scotch shepherd,
.Ijmuiv McKay, ,,M the noted I'luini-
cook farm. St. Andrew's, New Ilriins-
uiek. Bays that .me of th.e most Im-
porlanl  "hands"   (or should we Bay
•feet") .oi the farm is Superlnton-
,lcml Mi-i.si.v's Scotch collie Henry.
Ho is a boautlful ii ii■ nm I and can do
almost everything except talk- What
Henry doesn't know about herding
.|i.,.|> or cows, or pigs, no dog In
lhat dominion can tell him. To see
him "working" Is a sight worth
traveling many miles. Honry is »
eilt idgtd breed and ie ths* personal
,,1-opei-ty     of    the     rjuperlntendent.
Chough not on the pay roll,   tbere is
n0    "hand"  about  Iho  farm that    is
,,,,,,,• useful  and certuinly  none more ,
".tones suys ho doesn't owe u dol-
lur in tho world." "H'm; shrewd
tradespeople Jones deals with'"
Every  brick   thut  glitter*    is    not
$5,000 Reward ffl^dSkSl
Limited, Toronto, to any person who
can prove that this soap contains
sny form of adulteration whatsoever,
or  contains any   Injurious chemicale.
Ask for lhe Octagon Bar. •■!
Sick Headache, Constipation, Wind,
Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion,
Disordered Liver & Female Ailments.
Prepared only by tlio Troprietor, Thomas BbXCHAU, St. Helens, Eng.
Sold Everywhere in Canada and U. S. Amorica,    lu lusxes, •,.r> cents.
exmMi/. those who us<m>> *> *
TEA,: y*n^  /
iTh&reisbulone opinion
It leads Them all. > ■■** *
Arrow  L.-aU.or  B. O.
BltO-tod niiil-i sroniTy unrl*ullt'i) for
«niiiili'iir. The molt runipl-'tf hrnlth r«-
iiurt un the cuntiiient of North Aiih-i lea.
It* baths cure nil Nervnua uml Muscular i11*».mm ■*. IU waters heul all Kliln«y,
Liver and .Stomach allmenti*.
They are a never-Cal ling rcuiedj foi all
.theumutle troubles.
TERM $1.*. to $18 per we-k,  aceordinf
to re.idonce in Hoiil or Villas.
The nunltty ttlunitard irtiin Ocean t-
Oeeau. Your iikhi**-)' bnck If not sat
tsfactory. ....
Mntrlmony—i view to.) (ieutlcmeit should
Join the British Correspondence llureau.
104 Ebury Street, London, ti. W.  England.
rarticuturrt fn*«i.
upp Oity Ball W'lnnlps*f, Mnn.
I'ull sir writs*, for pRMPMhll      I   J. 0'Sii]II»»b
O.B., M a.. 1'rcliJs.iit    Braaahaa at Brtndoo
anil 1'.sii.inn la I'ralria.
Id.ii'l IIhiIst ys.isr.s'll llsul  vour   lilgli
ftsrs'lss-isil I*. Use s«ll rsss-ll.sss. Ha Use Issve-
i> aroma (rein tn-t l.l'tlNA cigur we
iste after       ..
MAM'KAS'll-IIKI.   ll»
\v   N. !'. No. 895.
I i a\ i: Vol) SEEN n ' wha i • i i:i- s
1 ' Prtealaaa liwlpea, 8,000 aacrala for
tha iniiti*-. iiiiin. laboratory, workahop,
and .-.'-ry dapartmant ol aumaa rndaa-
vor, willi lull iiiiii-x lo intit.'iii^ BflU
|iui*,i**s. liisuuil ill s-lotli; Hi-nil 'J.', s'i-iil*s Luis, copy, ninl ii you tiiiiii. tii*- booh la
nut worth tlio monay aand ll back, and
your mono** will ba rafundad; Hn*- ia ■
sjusisi .Mils' inn- f.»r canvaaaara Wrlta isn
ii*iiiis ii ymi want to canvaaa WILLIAM
iiiuiiiis. Mi'thuiiist Book-room, Toronto,
'riiers* Ii uo objection tss a woman'a
having a great command ol language
ii ihe Itnowi when not i.) uie il
Wi- Iiism' ins hi-sitittiun In flavins: tlmt
Hr. J. Ii Ralloas'a liyss-nteiy Cordial i*.
witisssut iiiiuist tha iicst uh-iIii im- aver Introduced fnr byaentery, diarrhoea, s-hoi-
s-iA  ami    all     .*ssimtiier     t'uiiuilaint*..     *>s'a
icknaaa, ate. it promptly nivoss relief
untl never fuiist to eiTert a Doattlve cure
Hothere ahould never lie without a imi-
tis- when ttii'ir children ss.ro teethlnn
Wben it siiiull buy getl into trouble
tliers-'w generally a stick iu It; vvhsM.
be grows   up  nnd   trouble  gelis    llltu
him    thi-i*    me   generally    levernl
itlcki" in it
Minard's l.iiiiiiKiii for Klxumalijm.
Arc you going
to start a
Newspaper ?
•j Thtn write lo u> for prices »nd
terms upon TYPE. MATERIAL and
MACHINERY.    : .:■.•:••• :
" We carry (he only stock In the
Northwest, and can furnish complete Job and Newspaper Plants at
short noticei also Ready-Prints in
all sizes and styles.  :.:-:::::
Toronto Type Fdry
Co'y, Limited.
175 McDennot Avenue, Winnipeg,
In   trying  to   win   a  Kill's   I111111I   ts
ninn  often  loss's bis  I .-.nl
if tbe beauty ot the average man'i
11 siii.l  isn't  mora lovi-ly  than  bis lure
it Is entitled to lympathy,
"1 ds. believe .little Mis HiK^n-
warth) lovoi her bitite ol ■ huaband
su well ib'ii sin- would cheerfully die
for bim "    'Mon- tliun thnt. she lovs-s
liitn  so well  tbnt sbe s-bes-rfiilly  Uvea
with him." THK DRILL, SLOGAN, 15. C, OCTOBER S, 1002.
C. E. SMiTni*m.NUAi.E, Editor and Prop.
BLOCAN,      -      •       -       •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first, insertion anil 5 cents n line each
/subsequent Insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, lf7 each. ■
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, st.ict-
Jy in advance; $2.60 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, It. G.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3rd, 1002.
A pencil mark in the space
opposite will be an indication to veu tkat ye editor
' considers ther* is Domettiing
oom ing to bim on your subscription. KimllY acknowledge  in cash anil obli***.
Mf—itoba's fifty million btislu-1 harvest has won for her the name of being the granary of tho Empire. It is
good, but better still is its attractive
power for settlers, who arc coming in
in thousands.
An extra of the B. C. Gazette hns
been issued authorizing the shooting
of cook pheasants and quail near Victoria. What a lot of toiniiiyrot to have
the provincial machinery sot in motion
for the benefit of a few Cholly lioys.
Victoria thinks it owns British Columbia.
" After all the gallant minister of
mines, Col. Prior, is not to hold his
seat in the legislature without a contest, as E. V. Bodwell is after him for
naughty things said to have been done
in that famous bye-election. Thc sit
nation at the capital is growing more
The Sandon Paystreak .claims to
have the ear of sonii'one* near the
throne and announces that Premier
Dunsmuir will not relinquish the reins
of power. His would-be lordship is
due at Victoria from England and
something will eventuate. Folks will
be disappointed should the Paystreak
be right.
TT-     ... — —
President Mayer of the Western
Federation of Miners said at Butte on
Saturday that the condition of the
coal camps in and around Fernie,
which he has been investigating, is as
bad as Siberia. He says the mining
company owns everything, permitting
the men no privileges, and allowing
no business except under their control.
They even exerciss- a censorship, Mr.
Mayer declares, on what their ein-
ployec-i shall read. How's that for
free, enlightened Canada.
The development of the province's
chief industry, mining, is prooeeding
apace and progress is being made iii
every section. In no one particular is
it to be noticed more than in smelting,
the capacity of the local plants being
now found to Ix* far too small. The
Granby and Boundary Falls works
will add mom stacks and before the
end of the year the new plant at
Marysville will be in operation. Down
on the Island the Ciofton smelter has
just got down tobiisiiiessnud is doing
well. Prominent mines throughout
the country are preparing to Instal
reduction works, so as to handle a
large tonnage of low grade ores. No
idle men are to be seen in the various
Damps and wages ate good ami work
steady. These facts du not help oni
tho stories of the pessimists, The re
suit of mining operations this year
will surprise, the natives.
The Spokane fair will start on Monday next.
Mrs. (Dr.) Forin and son are visiting
in Groenwooil.
Business at the record olhco has decreased considerably.
New Denver business people have
organized a board of trade.
W. T. Shatford returned Friday eve
from a two weeks' trip to Vernon.
Mrs. L. J. Edwards, wife of the C.
P.B. agent, is visiting on the coast.
The sherilT continues to do business
in Sandon. giving this place a rest.
A number of deals that were being
negotiated here have fall -n through.
Thursday, October Hi, has been officially proclaimed ns Thanksgiving
Born. Iu the suburb of Brandon,
on Sept. 2ti, the wife of C. Lyon.;, ofa
The annual children's service was
held in Knox church on Sunday after*
Rev. H. .1. Mclntyre, of Sandon,
preached in the Methodist church on
Charley Aylwin came down from
New Deliver Tuesday, looking for the
Hiram Robertson is patenting an
Invention that promises lo make him
Dad Allen returned on Saturday
from the Similkameen, where he spent
the summer.
The case of Manley vs.Collom again
appears before the courts at Nelson on
Monday next.
Chas. E. Hope, Vancouver, came in
Friday to examine some property on
Springer creek.
A new transfer slip is to ix* built at
the wharf. The timbers came from
Vancouver Island.
Miss Lowe, of tho M. O. hospital,
departed Friday to take up her resi-
di nee in Winnipeg.
Dr. Milloy, Rossland, spent several
days here during the week, looking
after unsound molars.
It is stated several local parties
figure on pulling out and migrating to
the Edmonton country.
Tho annual autumn dance of the'
Halcyon Hot Springs sanitarium willi
Ih- held on October 17.
There was no council meeting ou
Monday   night,   no   business
forthcoming to transact.
E. Johnson, who formerly kept a
stoll- in I lv-sub.ub ot Brandon, came
iu on Mondav evening's Ixiat.
Tin* prohibitive season   under the
pound bylaw ended on Tuesday and
stock is again running at large.
One of the prominent young ranchers mar Lemon creek is said to be
seriously contemplating matrimony.
A. Harlow and family returned from
Nakusp on Monday. Mrs. Harlow
visited the coast during their absence
f ri un here.
Tin-C.P.K. traffic receipts for the
week ending September 21 waa $822,-
()!>,). For the same week last year thev
wero 1762,000.
Hev. Mr. McKee went up to New
Denver on Tuesday,to take in the farewell to Hev. Mr. McColl, who is leaving that place.
The annual meeting of the board of
trade will beheld In the city hall next
Mondav evening, when ths- election of
new officers will follow.
Kaslo'* smelter Bcheme Is a dead
horse for the present, as none of the
parties a Hi-'ed  to  Ih- negotiating are j
prepared tu make a move.
The attorney general will Issue a
warrant to  hold  an  election   for two
alslermen in Sandon, so providing a I
quorum and enabling that burg to do
Home* Oats-, of Baltimore, accompanied by W. I). Castee and W. II.
I Wright, of Spokane, wenl up to the
| Alpine basin  ou Sunday, tu hunt and
Nexl Sunday murium* the regular
quarterly communion will i,,- dispens* i
iii in Knox church, and iu ihe evening,
Rev. Mr. McKee will preach his far.*-!
well sermon.
righl hand, almost severing the first
and second fingers. He was taken to
the hospital for treatment.
Appended is a complete list of thc various records registered at the local regis
try ollice, 11. P. Christie being mining
Sept 22—American Eagle fr, on Republic hill, Paul Iliuick.
23—Kelvin, on Ten Milo creek, Wm
24-01.1 Glory, sf of Ten Mile, Joe
Kentucky Belle, same, D 15 O'Noail.
26—Emmet fr, Lemon creek, C Hittle
and Pat N'olnn.
Sept 20—TniHiolt.
22—Rosebud, Cassel.
28—Sharpsvllle, Fallen Lenf, Ute fr.
24—Aricla   for threo venrs,   Flyeltc,
Alma ['.
26—Murilla fr.
27—.M luui'h, Hazard,
Sept 215--Kelvin, Wm Braacn to Wm
24—No Name, A M Rogers to Eric
L-emieux nnd I* B I I'Neail.
Gwillixa 6c Johnson,
B. ('
B. A. Sc.
B. C.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
Pioneer Livery
.and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
ilfiFlS Union,
No. 62, W. F. of ri.
Mcots every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall, Slocan City, nt
7.30 p.m. Visitm-** brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why bo without n r.-ine-c when
you can get one so cheap '•* Thev
arc preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
-^Fall Prices
French Kip. band sown, minors'
boo'*,  U.si.'l wi'lu'il, guaranteed.
mails* ii.s order    (7 00
Vcul kip.tin.nd minis- miners' bttots
well made hnd guaranteed     5.C0
Tin'*" lines are pnnranteed for six
months nnd kept in repair for thai
time tree.
Men's lioo'Rsoled from. ....
Ladies' boots hoIim! from.
Children's hoots .«uk-il from .
A'.!cock's Shoe Store,
Next Pontoffice, - Slocan
To OrpSS nr
OUB attention is re pi»ctfnlly Called
to the Custom Tailors' Union Label, n. cut of which appears below
It is the oniv sian whereby a person is
sure of netting clothes made in a fair
<C i»_?^_*__i>
By leaving your order ior
Trousers or Overcoat \>ith
n  Fall  Suit,
A. David, the Miners' Tailor,
yon will   hnd   tl.
Clothoi mndo by
and Siiisilon.
i* Union  Label on all
liini     Slores at "-locan
The revolt in the Libera] party on
the tariff question is becoming serious
and threatens to obliterate the lasI
vostigs* of free trade. At Strathroy.
Out., on Friday. Hon. Mr. Ross, premier of the province, stats-d thai a
readjustmenl of the tariff must I*'
made from tini" to time in the interest
of the Canadian people. He maintained he whs a frae trader, but frae
trails-was not practicable for Canada.
What a speech foi a leading Grit to
niaks*. anil it is no wonder the follow
en are uneasy. To Mr, Tarte, Premier
Ross' words are distinctly cheering,
nnd h<" asks through his organ) Lo
Patrie. whether the Globe and other
critics, will venture lis discipline the
Honorable George. Of course thev
won't, Tarte rays the Globe roasts
biu*n because he opposed some of the
.laffrav Cox schemes, Murder will
out. in the meantime some excellent
eampalgh ammunition is being pro*
vid<**d for the onurny.who will n-rtiiinly
u*e it.
A ki*i inns break in sum
chinery at Koch's saw-mil
of the ma-
last Thins J
d:i v, caused a shutdown till new east-,
Ings could arrive.   The mill has maw
orders on hand.
It is the Intention of the (Iddfellows
to hold their annual ball on the 21th
Inst.   P.Carlisle, D. Arnot and Ali'x.i
Rogers are-the committee In charge ofl
A. M. Beattie, Vancouver, iu   remit-!
ting his subscription, says: "I  read
your paper with a grenl deal of Inter !
est, and like it the best of any of the
Kootenay papers for news."   G'wan
wid yer blarney,
('has. Peterson, an employee al the
Enterprise, came down to the hospital
on Friday for treatment. In running
a car of muck out of the mi it" his hand
'•nine ii ninet with a rock, resulting
I in a compound fracture of one of his
flngtTH.   lie will In* laid off for some
i time.
On Monday  Jimmie   Davidson, sun
of \V. II. Davidson, met with a painful
and nasty mishap,    He wa« playing
. with a sun of .1. Pasi, who wns hand]
Ing an axe, In an unguarded moment
i th" weapon descended on  Jimmle's
NO    ^*^
There is absolutely no
risk in purchasing your
watches, fine jewelry and
silverware from us. Wc
guarantee safe delivery; v.c
prepay charges and cheerfully refund money in full
if desired.
Our new and handsomely
illustrated catalogue will
assist you very materially
and may be had upon application.
Established 1854.
Yongesnil AdtlkMt Sis,,
ranging in price from
$2 to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
Agents fur thc llcintzmari k O.iGer*
hard lleiiii.-'.iiian. nnd Kit I'll Pin nss
That is one point on which we pride ourselves.
Our Stock is made up of the purest and best
goods to be obtained and is always fresh. . . .
We make a specialty sf Butter, Egffs
Fruit, and all kinds of Vegetables.
Co-operative Association,Ltd.,
Slit-can, British Columbia.
Do You
Want a Home?
Tlien come to Slocan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Chnrches,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens aresome
ofthe advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Gillis li ilMfi
si'm-si. IIInerul Claim.
Sltuato in lliu Plocnn City Mining Division sil tlis- Wi t-t Kootiumy District.
Where ln.'M'.eil: 1 in tin.* north side
of splinter mc.;, in*ar tlm Argo
mineral claim,
TAKK Null(i'. that I, Arthur8. Far*
well, noting til agent for the Arlington
Mines, Limited, F.M.C. Ko. I'.v.isiii;, In*
ti-nil, sixty days trom tho date hereof, to
npply to tne Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Qrant ol the above
And further take notice that action,
under section '.',7, niuct, he commenced
before the issuance of such certificate ol
Dated this 28th day of August, 19 -2.
5*902 A. S, FA (WELL I
Notice to Delinquent Co-owners '<
To J. W. Millard, Kate Scott ninl Thos j
Hi-ill, or to any person or persons to
whom they may have t'ai isferri"l their
several interests, In whole or In pun,
in tho Slug Ten mineral claim,situated
near tho Enterprise mine, in Slocan
City milling division oi "iVcm Kootenay, located Beptembor Oth, 1895, and ]
recorded Beptembor 9th, 1895!
Ymi are 1 eroby notified lhat I have
expended tho sura ol mis* hundred and
two dollars and lidy coat*1 in perform*
Ing antl recording assessment work foi,
the nliovi mentioned mineral claim,
since llu- oth .lay of Beptembor, 1901,
ami if within tin days from iho date ol
this notice yon. or any of you, full or
refuse to contribute your sevcrnl proportions of such expenditure, together
with nil costs-ol advertising, your inter-
eels in said cUini shall become lhe pro
perty of the subscrioer, under Heciion
25Bof the Mineral Act.
Dated al Slocan this 11th slny s,f Sep*
I em bor, 1902,
12-9-02 P. W. Kl.l.ls
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Harry Williams, or lo nny person
or persons to whom he may have transferred his interest in the Chilkat
ami Delphian mineral claims, situated
nn tho head waters of Lemon creek,
nmi recordod In tho Recorder's office
for tho Slocuu < ity mining division.
You nro hereby notified tlmt I,Oscar
V. White,   free   miners' certificate   No.
B59427, hav. caused to be expended the
sum ot six hundred ami fifteen dollars
in labor and Improvements on tho ahove
mentioned mineral claims, in order to
hold said claims under tho provisions of
the Mineral Act; find if within 00 days
from tho date of this notice vou fail, or
refuse, to contribute your proportion ol
such expenditure,together with all costs
of advertising! your interest In said
claims will become the property of the
subscriber, under section 4 of an Act
untitled "All Act to amend tho Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated at Bandon, B.C., this 20th day of
ieptember, A.D. 1902,
28*0*03 of-fAlt V. WHITE
Conic and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Representing  the   strongest   com
panics il-iiiij*   business  in Canada.
See new ACCIDENT POLICY, with participation  in  profits, corerinsr sickness anil operations.
II. D. CURTIS, Notary T'ublje
Sold by All Newsdealers
famished Rooms, by day or
week. Second to none in
tlie city. Enquire on tho
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.
Furnishings ^>
Furnl.h*. Monthly lo all Ioyihi ol Sonf
ami Muilc a visM Tulume of N.sar, Cholc.
Copyright Composition* l.v lb« mnat pup-
ulisr Bin.'issrs. 64 Pat** of fl.sio SSu.lc.
li'il! VOOal, hall liHtruiii.-iiui.l- n Compltt.
Pieces lor Pl.no-<Hire a Month for as
Cent.. Yearlv Siilsncrl|stlon, ta.oo. Itysiu
will ns*nst u* Hi" Hums- ami asltlrrni of Fits
perfiirmenon the l'laiissnr Organ, wcttlllMlid
Jinn a Cnpy nf the Mm-nrliif Pr.«.
j. W. PEPPER, Publlah.r,
llghth a Locuat St... Phllad.lphla, Pa.
per annum.
World's Scenic Route.
East West
st. .ioiin
Lake Route
From Fort Williim.the fararite sum-
mcr route, te nil eastern paints.
Via Soo Line
Fer St. Paul, Duluth.Sault Btt-Marle
Cliii:a**"o, etc.
Laavai Dnnmora .lim-ition dally f°r st;
ram; Kootenajr Landing Tu-wisy »Ba
ttsturilay for Toronto, Montreal, et**-
Ltavas Revelstoke daily lor H«i*tiIo tna
Through iNwkinRa to Europe via all
Atlantic lines. Prep*Id tickets ai
loweat rates from nil Bjr*»P«'»n
countries Ver rates «nd full P»r
ticulara apply to local agonl*. or
A. (1. P. A..
Agent, Slocan City


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