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The Slocan Drill 1903-03-27

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IU., No-52.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   MARCH   27,   1908.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
We have just placed in stock a consignment
of Ladies' and Children's Shoes. Have something neat in -Ladies' Fancy Beaded Slippers,
just the thing for special occasions. Also some
new lines of Dongolas, in Lace and Button.
This weather suggests the need-.,.,,*. Library,
wear and the best can be had at
lacreaaa glisiwn Over Last Year'a Flguraa
—Ceart of Kevlalaa (•>' for May 18—
Mcuibera   AppaiinWal   to   ths* BouisI —
Has* Tax to be Collected.
Aid. McNeish and Worden were the
absentees from Monday night's meet-
. T. Shatford & Co.
■■-       lm^_—_wm———*****»—*———rm——m——mt—a—a^——m—m—mmta—t^rn————————mm—m~*—aaa bum i     ij   i i       --M------J.—   i n    .^^
.. York & Sons,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
tiny part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
•at  A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   ^
.£_  REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   ^
vasiinwpondence read: From Crane
<& Co., Portland, re prices of waterworks material. Referred to fire, water and light committee.
From (iiud & Co., London, circular |
on dog tii^'s.   Filed.
From City Solicitor JoraiuVpiotiug
price from Victoria Colonist for printing debentures of Siri-alsosubfiiittiug
a demand from the Trust Co. for the
city to pay the fees of thoir lawyer, A.
C. Gait, in connection with bylaw 17.
On motion of Aid.Arnot and Teeter,
the city solicitor was instructed to accept the Colonist tender.
The demand from the Trust Co. for
the city to pay Mr. Gait's fees, was a
distinct surprise, and was not cordially received. The company had acted
on the suggestion of the Hoyal Bank
:it Nelson, though no such intimation
had previously been made to the city
Aid. McCallnni and Arnot moved
that the solicitor's communication lie
fil»*d, and that he notify the Trust Co.
that tho council was in no way responsible for Mr. Gait's fees. Carried.
K. E, Allen wrote.askingpermission
to sell a horse aud saddle by public
auction without taking out an auctioneer's license.
As the bylaw only called fsiir a fee
of !}10, the aldermen thought there
was no occasion for any special relief,
so the clerk was instructed to refer
Mr. Allen to the bylaw. Letter ordered tiled.
Communication from Bank of Oom-
meive re Fletcher de-ad to millsite, left
over from last meeting, was taken up.
The flavor stated he hail been to Nel
sou and had interviewed the interested
wouisl  lis* satis
The streak is eight inches wide and
assays $20 in -"old and Kit' oz in silver. The raise will be (JO feet long and
is expected to carry oro all the way
II. 0. Cnmiilitsll-JsKlBBsatou  Writes of the
I.ssi-nl Caisip.
R. C. Campliell-Johnston, manager
of the Republic mine, has a capital
article in the San Francisco Mining &
Scientific Press on the dry ores of
Slocan, He says they are undoubtedly attracting attention from the min-
iug world for many reasons, partly
that her veins contain large masses of
ores; partly that the average values
aro abnormal, and partly as this class
of ore calls for a new arrangement of
metallurgical skill to recover at loast
the requisite lJ0 por cent of contents,
The characteristics of the dry ores
of tin' Slocau tire that lhe silver occurs
native, or as sulphides, or alloyed.
The gold is carried in arsenides and
Bulphidea of iron, only being native
visibly sometimes in the oxidized
The structure of the district consists
of ranges of eruptive granite, with it
trend northerly and southerly, indented with past and present glaciers with
their accruing rivulets eating into the
other process allows only the richer
ore to lie treated.
Dry concentration stares one in the
face as the primary solution, and this
is a process to treat material as line
as 80 to 200 mesh when classified,
since these fines occur in all erushings.
Local facilities for fuel, fluxes and
ample power are abundant. With an
economical concentration, the gold
and silver ores of Slocan are rich
enough to continue lieing profitably
produced, despite an even lower price
of silver.	
Visliiu ur Land anil  Ksiilsllssga Ii.  tha City
Tar t lis- Yfl'Sir.
Following are the assessment returns of the various blocks in the city,
a*- furnished by Assessor Bentley for
the year:
A         -$4900 Sill 00
8950 5450
1000 1200
1260 1400
1035 50
7820 8700
•1000 1475
2H.K) 775
200 700
Laat Tear'a Shipment* War* *333 Tons*—-
A Healthy Kvlilonea af tha Llfa aad
Wealth of tha Camp—Katerarlae the
Blfgeat Shipper.
Expectations did not realize this
week and no ore shipments have been
made from the division. A little more
ore has come down from the Ottawa,
but not sufficient to fill out a car. The
roads have broken up and there will
lie much difficulty in handling tonnage from the virious creeks. The
comparison with last year's output is
most striking.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 6333
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to dato:
smooth sides. The elevations vary
from 9000 to 2000 feet above sea level,
with a corresponding climate in snow
and ample water power. Timber
grows thickly to 5000 feet, and then
gradually draws off to barrenness.
Dt*ep. narrow and long lakes lie parallel to tli*3 trend, with rivers forming
level valleys as outlets.affording cheap
methods of transportation ami easy
grades for railways. Mono railways
driven by electricity are proposed to
connect the mines with the trunk
transportation systems.
The veins running north and south
have various consistent strikes, some
east and some west of north, the different series making clean intersec-
. tions.   The granite when  altered and
1 softened by lime   infiltration seemi
moro favorable  for  ore.   There art.
even hit.".'  wins with  oast  and west  *'
strike, which shatter ths* earlier north i'***|
and south veins at their junctions,
Dikes of pegmatite and felsite occur,
but teem, so far as explored, to be
:;. 20
parties.   The matter  wouisl   In
factorilv settled.   Letter filed. j ""* tryu" •-*""■*.*• .--* .
Hills" proseut.il: \Y. Koch, hire 0f! .''tor than the veins it. formation .and
hois,* and snowplow. $4.   Referred to ""       "" *fc"nlhax
finance committee.
reached by any trail or road
•at runs into thc Town.
Assessor Bontley returned his completed assessment roll of the citv tn
th'- council. The value of the real estate is s.*t at .$128,611,improvements
S58.100, total SlSiB.711 $11,5R1 of a
total increase over last year. There
is .$8770 worth of property In the mill
site returned as non-assessable, being
.05 per cent of last year's figures,
Aid. Teeter and Smith moved that
the roll be accepted.   Carried.
Monday. May I8,was set as the date
for holding the court of revision, on
morion of Aid. McCallum and Smith.
Mayor York. Aid.   Smith. Teeter.
Do not to past its door when
you art dry, weary or hungry.
I.IU'I    lli.'S:   .uv.	
therefore hav.' no effect on the other
fissures, except taking their placo
when crossing theni.
Between walls ths* veins vary from
125 feet to a f.*w feot in some cases.
In these veins the ore Bhoota lie par;
tdlel, come together and form large
masses, or jump off to another plans',
and so necessitate continual cross-
cutting, or stoping smt everything be*
t.veon Willis.
The vein fillings, outside the ore
shoots, so often carry commercial
values distributed throughout tluit
their mechanical treatment is an object. The dip of the north and south
veins is mostly to the east, but seven]
samples of a westerly dip occur.   The
--..,-   ---.,, .  .  ,' ' dip of the east and  west  veins seems
Arnot and McCallum  w.'ieappotntsil, ti)'h.ive ,,n t.<im\ number of examples
the memliers of the court of revision. ,
Aid. Arnot inquired when ths* dog '
tax would bo collected There was
money due tho city and it should be
gathered in. The mayor replied he
would issue instructions to the chief
of police to commence his ooUeotions
on the morrow.
Aid.   McCallum   brought   up   the
question of the city scavenging, then-
being a great many complaints of the
unsatisfactory way in which the work
was performed. Various premises
throughout the city wero iu a disgrace-
ful condition.
IB   UilVr*   sill   ■  'J.an.	
ii the north and to the south.but with
no connection to form synclinal or
anticlinal veins, their characteristic
contents lieing dissimilar.
Tin* values of the ore shoots when
sorted for sacking sometimes give
phenomenal results, but there are
numberless chutes OI ore from 100 to
:'5   •
C.P.R. lands
black I'rince.
Slocan ore shipments total 4000
tons for the year.
Sandon's ore shipments last weok
amounted to 91 tons.
Last Friday was pay day at the
Ottawa.   It has a clean sheet.
Pat McGuire has a crew of men
again working at the Enterprise.
M. L. Grimmett, of Sandon, is applying for a crown grant on tho Cameronian.
Sheriff Tuck has cancelled his seizure of the Neepawa, his claim having
lieen satislicd.
Twenty tons of ore each from the
Bosun and Fisher Maiden passed
through this week. ,    ,..-•'
An examination «f efficiency in assaying will lie held by the government
at Nelson, on April 27th.
D. C. Brace, representing the Empire Zinc Co. of Colorado, is in the
camp looking for ore contracts.
The lessees of thc Dayton expect to
reach the ledge this week with their
crosscut tunnel. It will give them
considerable stoping ground.
Arrangements are l>eing made to
start up the big St. Eugene mine and
mill at Moyie. With lead over £13
the company can mako money.
Waala tlss* latarralanlal KMriids'sl.
numberless chutes OI  ore in.nn i«s* .v*.    A. \Y, Puttee, Lalior member from
1100 feet long. 60 to '500 feet deep on j Winnipeg, is father of the following
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offer* up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It It the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
.ETIIINa & HENDBRgONs ' Proprietors
11VAJ loei isiisji, .^.	
thi'ir axis, and 2 to ill feet wide.proveu
ti carry from li'l to 800 ounces in silver per ton and •""-l to $10 in gold. The
vein fillings carry 10 ounces in silver
  and upwards, and from 92 in gold up-
After discussion the matter was left I ™f~>   Tl*!' *hoot? -war 111 tlie min.-s
•   x ...... ;s,t frequent intervals near Intersection
to ths* board s>f health, they tsi devisi
seme means  ti) have the work dum
Council adjourned.
« sss a Klsia Chat* afOra
At the und of last ws*s*k the Kepub
sleopesed ander
■• old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. Arla-rStr..!..* »*1M*> At--. SU«n.
of veins. Three series of parallel
veins have already been proven by
work and natural exposure* tsi continue in straight coui-.e-- for live miles
and inaylie go fin ther.
Stoping   and   developing co*-ts an
  average of $2 per ton mined snd less
.."*.""" """".",* „ , ,' on the ore from the larger  win-.; wet
lio mine cut into an excellent chute of | t,,m.(.ntiation  by  jigs  and  tables 40
rich ore, in fact, the best  yet struck.j cent**, with a 70 per cent extraction;
Many   samples   have   been  brought ■ sacking and sorting, wilh price of tin-
down and they are plutered with na I sacks, costs .**>.'' a ton on the ore sorted,
tive silver, giving assay values of sev   or say 75 cents on  the ore mined, al
eral  hundred ounces.'  The ore was  lowing for one fifth waste.   Transput-
encountered in  the winze sunk from  tation   by   teams   costs   S3 per  ton.
the intermediate tunnel and to ths*   Freight and treatment   at smelters TO
west of tho old shaft.    It is at 40 feel. B tou. with 5 ounces of silver detluc
depth and 15 feet below the foot of the tion up ts, 101) siunces. aud   10 ounces
old workings. The management states per hundred deduction on   surplus
the chuto is  three  feet in  width, the values.
greater portion of the ore being ofl   The per ton cost of ore mined going
shipping quality,    it  carries   much '"*"" *"n
-resolution in the house of commons:
'That ws' reitasrate an opposition to all
proposals fsir the continuance or extension of the iniquitous policy of
pledging the public credit for private
interi'*-ti*. and affirm iwlirf that this is
an opportune time to enter upon an
unqualified system of government acquisition and construotionof railways,
including the extension of the Intercolonial railway through the west."
Mr, Puttee is01 the opinion that  the
people of the west would unanimously
endorse the extension of tin* Intercolonial through to the coast.
IlasiBlaisssi Kfl-flliotrlliiitlou Bill.
(Building thoroughly renovated
aid re Btxked with the best
Fruit, Confectionery, tobacco
You *;an get anything in these lines that;ypu
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
■     a)is.a ,is  , . ■ .      ^ .... .
native silver  and  sulphide of silver.
A 60-pound satnpleof the ore has been
brought down for shipment tsi the St.
Louis exposition, where  it will doubt
less  attract  much attention.   Twelve
men are employed at the Republic,
Tlss. Iliiiiilllaia  W.-l KlBBBJ.
Ralph tiilleite ansl partners have
coniiniiiiieil work on the Hamilton
group, on Twelve Mile, and it la theii
intention to take out ssn* for shipment
They will run a ''
surface from tin
i live  Into one, can be seen from thi
I above statement, and also that only
' ot* shoots wit In mt waste can at pros*
| cut In' haiidls.il.
Tin* aim of the managers is to stope
OUt  the veins from  wall to  wall,   to
I mechanically treal the whole bulk ta
• order to concent rate  the vitlus-s, and
yet recover 90 percent.   On thesul-
' phidi's below water level Jig and table
conoentratlon, followed by lhe Elmore
oil proves.-. i> proposed.   The oxides,
which constitute n large tonnage havo
t!ii",*i tn be I.'ft untronted.   Othera pro
Me to cyanide the ores in bulk after
"ie cost of treating
According to the draft redistribution bill submitted to the house of
commons, Victoria will lose one mem*
har is Vancouver Island, according
a* census, has not sufficient, population for three members, lhe pio-
k is made to make the northern
* .!,f,!,,. Island and Ikirrard into a
gew riding, but Mr. Mncl'l.erson is
kicking against lostaff anv o his con*
stitueucv. Yale OaxfljOO is to be d
vi.l.Ml ansl a new member given It.
^Ugh the Unes Of division have not
v,.t i„vn divided, lhe West andB.
O^arealeoto be given a number of
new senators.
Have you paid your subscription*?
Owners of dogs are billed to cough
up their annual fees.
More men have lieen ulaced to work
this wr*ek at the sawmill.
Sheriff Redgrave died in Golden on
Wednesday of heart disease.
Thomas Brown is moving from Sau-
don to open a store in Phoenix.
Rev. Campbell, Presbyterian divine
at New Denver, is leaving that burg.
Not many of the men leaving hero
for the Boundary have lieen able to
secure steady work.
Born.—In the M. I*. General Hospital, on Mar. 215, the wits* of Rev. YV.
Simons, of a daughter,
There is supposed to lie an -xTipso
of the sun tomorrow afternoon. Tho
loeal electric lights will not be lit.
The management of the Silverton
j tink aro holding their last masquerade
carnival of the season tomorrow eve.
Mrs Matheson has lmuglit out the
dry goods  store of Mis.  Mrrkley at
Now Denver, the  latter  having gone
to Vancouver.
Times must lie pretty flat iu Kaslo,
judging from the number of business
men that are pulling out to Vancouver
and Edmonton.
ais* through to the -»»«n|™S^. '" M. „,* converting
.oa.  - J^ISS£?t«
upn i
^^^^^ _^\^_^^^^^^^^^
I body exposed above in nn dpenc
11 mullasitsia Spvohnmia.
In the window of Aid. Smith's store
are displayed a number of specimens
of ore trom the Republic mine, which
are to bo shipped to the St, Louis fair,
The** an attracting much attention,
a.- thev deserve to do, for thev are
beauties, The ore assays 826 in gold
i and 520 oz silver.
R. F. Green, M.P.P., arrived in yos-
terday to consult his constituents preparatory to attending the meeting of
the legislature.
The U.B.R.E. strike is still engag-
i ing the attention of tho C.P.R.   The
I trainmen have asked for an increase
in wages and are growing restless over
the company's delay iu  meeting their
Aid. McNeish spent the greater part
iif thu week  visiting Nelson and  the
Boundary towns. He classes things
: in the latter section as bein;' in a pre*
I curious condition, owing to the Fernie
strike.    If tlie coal   I n ml lie is iu.t set-
tled it ms'iins the shutting dowe of all
, t!n* smelters and mines.throwta*1 hun-
Idreda oT men oul of workj HAMS
By P. A. Korsmeyer
f   Copvriaht, IPCS, by tne
S. 8. McGurt OiPijwrjn
Huld* was having a hard time of it
In her heart of hearts she could not
quite decide which one sbe loved best.
Hans, she had to confess, had some advantage* whieh weighed with her. Mr.
Barton, tbe man wbo owned the place
across the street, was particular about
bis furnace man, and she knew he
liked Hans. Besides, Hans could apeak
Swedish, and she couldn't deny tbat it
was pleasant to talk with bim in tbe
accents of the dear old borne she bad
left so far behind.
But whenever his plain, .open counte-
asnee, witb the blue eyes twinkling below the yellow hair, was pictured in
her mind she blamed blm for being a
little too ordinary. She could see a
dozen such any Sunday ln Ihe little
8wedish church. Now, witb n men who
wore a long blue coat with a five pointed *Ur on the front of it and carried a
mahogany club it was different. No
one who looked at bim could fail to see
that he, being a part of tbe government, was superior to the common run
ssf men.
James had told ber that he was "tbe
right arm of the law." and sbe had
looked her admiration. She had known
hlm almost a* long as sbe bad Hans,
■nd he waa so good to her. On Sunday* In tbe park he would get ber a
•eat close up to tbe bnnd stand. Tben
wben the concert was over he would
buy some peanuts, and together they
would stroll through the part of the
park tbat had signs to keep off the
grass stuck up all over it Of course
he could go anywhere,
James knew that Hans was his rival,
for one Saturday night he had come to
see Hulda and had found Hans there.
Hulda had said:
"Hans, tbis is Mr. Daniels."
And Hans had said. "I am vnar glad
to see you," while James bad mumbled,
"How d'ye do?" and then sat scowling
tt tbe sink all the rest of the evening.
After that James uever came on a
Saturday. He asked to be shifted to
another platoon, so that he could do his
calling on Monday or Tuesday nights.
Hans did not change bis night, nnd so
they never met at liulda's home again.
Indeed James tsxsk so little paius to
cultivate Hans' Acquaintance that he
never even learned whnt his rival dial
for a living. And this disdainful indifference proved costly ln the end.
How Hulda would have learned to
know her heart had uot Hank O'Day,
the iceman, set in motion a fateful
train of circumstances one cannot even
guess. Hank did not know Hulda. lie
dsoe* not know her to this day. And
yet It was none otber thau Hank wbo,
all unknowing, unmasked ber heart's
Hank O'Day drove to his Ice wagon
a pair of high spirited horses. One
morning wben his wagon was empty
his sestbetic instincts led blm to lay
his route back to tbe ice yards along
the street tbat skirted the park.
Just as the <*hariot of fate was uear-
Ing Hulda's home the chain at the
back of the wagon slipped and let the
end gate drag upon the gi uud. Hank
swore softly, stopped his team nud
Jumped to the pavement to fasten the
chain. He Jerked it quickly through
the iron rings and theu—swore again
as the team, alarmed by the sudden
noise, galloped madly down the avenue and made straight for the nearest
entrance to the park.
Tbe horrified Hank stood still long
enough to see the end gate banging out
defiance. Then he started nfter the
runaways as fast as his rubber boots
would let him run.
When Officer James Daniels turned
from his faithful guardianship of a
bevy of simpering uursegirls in the
park, be saw coming toward him at
full speed a pair of wild eyed horses
and an ice wagon swaying from eiiie to
aide. Behind the seat uf thc wagon
stood a man trying desperately to get
hold of tbe reins.
In an Instant James recognized the
waving yellow hair and pale features
as those of Hans Peterson, and in the
same moment, like an inspiration, there
came to him the realization nf tils opportunity. He rnu out into the roadway and as the flying wagon passed
caught tbe chain of the end gate and
swung himself Into the Ihsx.
As he gained his feet the wagon
■lowed suddenly, and he lurched forward to bring up against the bnck of
the sturdy Swede. Seizing hlm firmly
by the collar, Officer Daniels gasped:
"I arrest you—In the name—of the
Hans did not quite understand, but
the hand on his collar in the moment
■f hi* success made bim angry.
"Whad yo' say?   Led me go!"
"I My you sre under arrest." James
tras getting bis breath again.  "This is
against the law, you know."
"Whad Is agalns' da law?"
"Driving traffic teams In the park.
Come, you'll have to go with me to tbe
The officer tried to pull Hans out of
the wagon, but tbe latter still held the
reins and refused to go. In his broken
English be explained, he expostulated,
he all but exploded. Another oflicer
was approaching.
".Come on now; drop those lines. This
Other offlt-er will take care of your
Han* dropped the reins and appealed
to the other policeman. But the new-
c-ouaer wa* Indifferent If Hans had
been arrested, why of course he would
bave to go to the station.
The magistrate was busy when they
•iTlved. and lt was upon tbe office*-'-*
recommendation that Hans was allowed to go until afternoon, when he
would ha\t his bearing, 'i *i have Hans
released was the scheme James had
evolved. Hans would have to explain
whete he wanted lo go when he left
tbe house iu tbe afternoon. Thus his
employer would learn all and Hans, at
least disgrac'-d, might possibly lose his
place. Would she of the flaxen hair
and the wide, admiring eyass hesitate
any longer? James smiled as he strolled
back on post.
In the afternoon Officer Daniels,
Hans Peterson, Hank O'Day snd Mr.
Barton, the man Hans worked for,
came Into court. The officer told the
circumstances of the arrest and dwelt
at length upon the plain case of violation of the city ordinances. Theu Hank
O'Day explained who he was nud how
his horses bad become fiishtened.
Hans took the stand and said he "yust
yunip in da wagon to stop id," and
finally Mr. Barton informed the court
that Hans worked for him and bad
never driven an ice wagon in his life.
The Judge turned to Janus again,
and when the officer had nothing to
say began to talk himself. He talked
for quite awhile, and most of the time
he addressed his remarks to Officer
Da n is* is.
When the butler bad read to Hulda
fior.i that evening's paper the account
of the runaway and the trial, what the
judge had said to James and what he
had said about Hans, she went out iuto
the kitchen and sighed and thought.
That uight Hans came and talked long
and earnestly, and as be talked the
fading glimmer of that five pointed
siar went out, and naught remained
for her but the light In Hans Teterson's
blue eyes.
Wool and  Hair.
The life and growth of wool and hair
are not identical with the life of the
body, but they will grow after the
death of the animal in whose skin tliey
have taken root. The rasot of the hair
exudes the hair pulp, which is forme/d
iuto cells containing tli*? pipnient which
gives color to the hair itself. Each row
of these cells forms a ring. As the
rings of cells are pushed away from
the skin by tbe giving out of fresh
pulp from the roots the cells dry. forming scales which curiously resemble
miniature fish scales, a hair Is simply
a long tube formed of these riugs into
n sort of sheath. These "saw teeth."
•rliich the uider writers meiiiiisu as t>*e-
lug one of thc characteristlca of the
human hair, ure formed 'uy rings of
these dried up cells, which are very
fine and closely set.
Goat's balr has a more rapid growth
nnd longer cells, so that it is less regular and straight than thnt of the human species; consequently it shows little of the toothlike <*dye. The hair of
the sheep of the common sort is irregular, witli a tendency to curl or wave,
but, uulike that of the goat. sh?\vs
marked toothlike edges. Wool has
barbed projections along the "hairs."
which is one of its diatlngulshliig peculiarities. The "wool" of the negro is
really hair, but is less perfect than
straight hair. The same may be Mid
of "kiuky" hair lu the white races.
I.ovt*  anil   Qnarrelinu.
Every man and woman of us who has
lived long enough in the world to gain
wisdom by experience will be obliged to
admit the strange sad union of love ami
quarreling. But every one of us who
has lived deeply enough to know that
experience worketh hope will admit
that when love quarrel**, with its be-
leved It is just because this noble ideal
sif unity has run off the track, so to
speak: a virtue has gone to seed; a divine quality has developed a defect.
The outlook for quarrelsome love is not
so hopeless when we can understand
this. See how It would work If those
two squabbling sisters would either of
them stop to remember that it is only
love, foolish, exasperating, unbalanced
love, that is responsible for the ill bred
domestic criticism that spoils the home
life, if June once honestly believed that
Mary's love made her so unpleasant
she would stop aghast amused no
doubt and very likely touched, but almost certainly silenced. And that would
be the end of the quarrel.—Margaret
Dcland in Harper's Bn/.ar.
Qnalltlra   of   thai*   Topaa.
The name of the precious stone inserted In the ring of Gyges has not
been handed down to us, but It I* probable that It was the topaz, whose wonders I'hilostfiTtes recounts in the ]If**
of Apollontu*. An attribute of the sun
and of fire, the ancient* called It the
(•old magnet, as It was credited with
the [tower of attracting that metal, Indicating Its veins ami discovering treasures. Heltodorus In his story of Theni?-
enes and Charicle* says that the topaz
saves frem fire all those who wear it
and that Oharlcle* was preserved by a
topaz from the fiery vengeance of Ar-
saecs, queen of Ethiopia.
Thi3 stone was one of the first talismans thnt Theagenes possessed in
Egypt The topaz at present symbolizes Christian virtues—faith, Justice,
temperance, gentleness, clemency.-
I'aris Figaro.
Parrot   I.niiKunscr.
Do parrots understand what they
say? A correspondent writes that n
friend with a fine jrreen Brazilian parrot has been staying wltb her. A ".ray
parrot was introduced one day, lint the
Brazilian haughtily declined to have
anything to say to the gray. The., another friend who had just been irivon ii
newly Imported green Brasillnn brought
the newcomer to call. The menu nl
the parrots caught sight of each other
they broke Into a torrent of apparently
articulate language, consisting, as It
seemed, of questioui nnsi answers, bul
what the language was no one pri jeul
coulsl tell, and a few slays later, when
they met again, exactly the same thing
happened. Was tbe first parrot, long
exiied from Ita unlive forest**, asking
eagerly for new* of Its people}
• OSJs-sSJo S -*«* - C .--C-OoiSottOsSo-jo--*.
I Arizona Kicklets
9   Th* .Editor of thc Kicker Makes a
0 Few Explanations
(Copyright, IM, by C. B. Lewis.]
A NEWSPAPER in Columbus, 0.
gravely announces that we art
personally to blame for nt leas!
twenty lynchlnga That bav«
taken place here within ihe lust vi*;*.i
and that Hothlug seems to net
our thirst for blood. There have l*een
only three lynchlnga here lit live years,
and we happened to be OUl Of town In
every t*nse. As for our thirst for blood,
we never shoot a Jack rabbit without
fsjeliug conscience stricken over it.
The citizens of Grass Valley did nol
attempt to lynch us one day last s tiro*
mer. as statin! in a Santa l'e pajici
with a great show of complacency, on
the contrary, on the occasion referred
to wc were invites] by forty-nine dl
ent Citisens to take a drink with thoro,
and each and every one of them sub
scribed tn ihe Kicker.
lieasl Srn Rvaporntlnn.
St'ienti'ii' observation Justifies the estimate that a daily averng ■ of 0,8;n'."*"-'
tons of water li received Into the Dead
si.i from the .U'l'dan nils'! othi-l BOUt'CCS
sluring the year,   luirini. the rainy -■ H
; son, says the Chicago Record-Herald.
I the amount ls very much greater; dur
I Ing the dry season it is of course very
much less, but this average will  be
maintained year r.fter year.    There Is
no outlet, and the level is kept down by
evaporation only, which Is very rapid
lii-cause of the Intense In at. the dry atmosphere and the dry winds which are
constantly blowing down the gorge* between the mountains. This evaporation
causes a haze or mist to bang over the
; lake nt nil times, and when lt is more
rapid  than  usual  heavy  clouds   form
; anil thunderstorms sometimes rage with
! preat violence iu the pocket between
I the cliffs even In the dry season.    A
! flood of rain often falls upon the sur-
I face of the sea when the sun is shin-
I Ing, nnd the atmosphere Is as dry ns a
i bone half a mile from the shore.   The
j mountains around  the  Dead  sea  are
,' rarely seen with distinctness because
! of this haze.
Wc have not threatened the livas of
over 500 citizens iu this territory In the
last five years, as published In a Sau
Francisco shs*s?t. On the contrary, our
own life has been threatened 750 ti'
and we have had to do some lightning
dodging to save it
The paragraph going tbe rounds to
the effect that our mother-in-law Jinl
under suspicious circuinstances get*
wabbly in the knees when we Btate
that we are still an old bachelor and
never had a mother-in-law to kill off.
The charge made against us In an
Omaha pr.per that we encouraged dog-
fights on Sunday has not a grain sif
truth in it. As a matter of fas:,
lead the church choir on Sunday fori
noon and assist in the Sunday scho .1
afterward, and we have no time to ba
bad even if we wanted to.
According to an item published in a
St. Paul journal, we as postmaster
have driven Inquirers tor mail out of
the office at the muzzle of a pistol. According to the truth, we even get up at
midnight to sell a two cent stamp or
hand out letters, and the only per» i *
ever driven out were those who had
fired at us through the general delivery
We do not SPonre advertising for
the Kicker by calling upon business
men and displaying our gnus, as stated
The Rntlls*annke's Rattle.
The utility of the rattle lis the rattle-
snake la a problem still awaiting solution. It has been supposed to be useful
ns paralyzing Its prey through terror
excited by the soaud thus ludueeil.
Hut this ls a very slotibtftil cxplaun
tion. It Is akin to the notion formerly
entertained that serpents bad a power
of fascinating other creatures, others
have thought that It seems to excite
the curiosity of animals and so brings
them within the rattlesnake's reach.
It has also been supposed that It serves,
as it may do. to enable snakes of different sexes to find each other and nlso
to guard the animal from attack when
lt is helpless from its power of offense
having been temporarily exhausted,
Nn sufficient evidence has. however,
been collected to show that any of
these Ingenious speci«lations afford* us
a real clew to the inte cause of such u
curious and elaborate uiecs.ainsm.—
Quarterly Review.
Oenislllnis   ot  Fells-It jr.
A Raptist minister tells the follow big
! story:
"A friend of mini', who Is quite n
' sa-liniiir. once accepted an Invitation to
pri i ii at a country cburcb in the south.
! and, ns was his s'listom. he nsed tery
!• .aiiicd language. After the service
the pastor of tbe church saisl tin t he
fi-it sure the members of the cohgrega*
ticn slid not understand the sermon
'Nonsense!' replied my friend. 'I nm
sure there was nothing In my sermon
which they could in t i omprehend.'
" 'Well,' said the pastor, 'I will call
one of them In and see If he understands the meaning of the word "fi lie
iiy."' So be called In n laboring man
aud sai.l. 'John, can yon tell me what
is the meaning of the wand "felldty*r"'
"Well, 1 slun't ktiaiis, sir.' said John,
'but 1 believe it is some pail of the inside of a pig.'"
In a Cincinnati paper of a late date. If
we carry our guns with us wben out
ou an advertising tour, it is merely to
protect ourselves in case the argument
should run luto politics or religion.
We have not made threats to shoot
any man who had the nerve to run
against us as candidate for thc mayor
alty of this burg, as sUmounced by sev
eral paper* in Indiana. At each tlse
tion for tlie last six years there has
been a rival candidate, ami if be was
snowed ntids'i' it was because the electors loved and trusted us.
Tin* y.t-at s,r Hunting,
Yon can never know xlw seat of hunting e,r flshinir until your dinner depends
upon your snccci : you hnve never at*
talned the sublime In cooking until you
have spitted your lis!, or meal on it
freshly peeled stick, rubbed the salt ln
with yonr fingers ansl broiled it over si
woodland firs', ymi watching II Jealous
ly le^t it ^ct ablase, and all the time
that meat Is browning you gel liu grler
and hungrier, nnd every time II -• >u1
ters In the glow you catch wnftf 11
grance until you feel thai ya.;i have
the capacity of a ii<*z.*n slarvliifi men
and wonder win Iher n slngli bauncb of
venison can supply your wants.
A Kansas weekly stops Its preaa to
let the world know that we shot down
ln culd bluotl a Mr. Stevens, principal
of the Union school in Glveadam Gulch,
because he disputed us on a historical
point. The only schoolteacher here Is a
Mi-s Green, and we had the li a:ijr of
esa'oi'iing lur to u birthday party lea*
than thirty**!! hours ago.
We have not shot and wounded three
different members of the Glveadam
Gulch common council within the last
year, as stated in u Denver paper. We'
simply on one occasion split Alderman
Finnegan's ear wiih a bullet to make
him understand that he was out of
The statement of a Cleveland parser
that we bave shot dowu three different
lnirse editors connected with tii" Kick
er woultl be malicious if nol sb, absurd.
Each one of the trio recolved bis death
miles nway from the dt&tx anal by ihs
bands of others, and In each case \vt
paid the funeral expense* aud ex
pressed our grief to surviving ivla
lives. M. QUAD.
Hark, the sioicii lulls' merry jinnis
G'»r th* ens. klinij ice nmi snow I
SB-cms to set /our biooj a-tingl*,
(Jn the go!
With yonr d'nrcst clrl becld* you,
Bnoggted , p Ir fur5 i.n 1 fluff,
A:: 1 lh« Stairy nlKht to hide you;
'i hat's iiis* Htuffi
Funny how ilu* old horns* scampera,
Thoi -.'!i you al, v v.   li Jn.: on* arm.
; • tliinx • l*« th* otlasT hampers*
What's tlie liarm?
An Irish harvester found b ..-"If In
a smail Beottlsh town.    Al ".
works he saw a gnsomel    for ih
time In his life and stoppi d a <   intrj
man who was passing to n.-k. "What's
that big round tiling there standiug on
The Scotchman scratchtjd his !,. id
and replied, "A dinna ken."
"Get out with yam," saial tbe Irish
man: "you never saw a dinner can as
blg as that In your lif.'."
whist  Canted  ilu*  Indlfteatloa,
"Moilie Brown has a model husband."
"In what way?"
'■ Whenever be doesn't eal anything
slu* asks iii:;i if tbe cos '.. g Isn't oi
good as bis mother's."
"And what doe* be st j '•"
"Ho says be bai no doub • ;- but
that his lodlgeitlou has quite unfitted
him in lie u romps ts-ni Judge.'
Slae*. ssf tla*. Planefa,
An Ingenious way <'f ct i :      s the
i-i'.i's a:f pin nets vi;h Ibe suit \i m;^'
gested by s writer In thc bulletin sif
the French Astronomic I * ety, Lei
the earth, he says, be represented by
a 20* franc piece, then Venus Is l.'s
francs: Mars. -: .Mercury. 7: ['ranus,
280; Neptune, .WO; Saturn. I.M0; Jupiter, 8,800, and the sun tl.780.Ol>0.
A. Oood is* Droken,
"We might ns will .a,,,- '' ■  nur m-
gngetnent ns broken, !• f-lnnld "
"1   sis, |'I   see wlf,.     V    ;   ,;,,,. S,,M
postponi ll."
"PostpoiiPd until you orrlve si years
of discretion, and, In your co« •. u, v
dear, yam know what thai means."
Uuurue: Kind Permission
"Mary." her father called downstairs
"just ask your young man If he doesn't
think Its pretty near bedtime."
"Ys's. papa." replied t|„. iwcet -ir!
after fl pause.   "George    y, if you'nj
Sleepy, go to bed by all lueaus."
The Coming
"Pinto Shell" Cordovan Ws
for H.B.K. mitts ard JuS
bound   to  displacM
gloves, **•*
-because it   is  the ion,
-because it is a pure vegetal*,
tan without a vestige of oil to
chill the hands or stiffen ft,
glove in cold weather M ^
it when dried out
"Pinto Shell" Con
dovan can be boiled without
injury, in fact it ,, boil aad
scorch proof.
Sc.'.sl by nil dMlen Ceo this brand' ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Ifyuurdsinlsr hu not got Ihstu write us and send his name
Evisrj pair*Ump*d " Pinto 8H«U" Cordovan k;
Hudson Bay Knitting Co
—— t.—~. *. »* «■--»—«■ ,., »«.„„.„ ■*„_. rm
►•'•Mlsus, au. BJ, II
i?t St. Cu.;rs aftSMt, "Hs-ntrefaO.     lis ?rincsB*si> Itrswi, Wia*-**-**-*.
Makera of Wssrui 'lilhi ig. Mitta, Q'otbm. VsiderweAr, got, Mo.;,*,^,^
ffU'lilf IP
1...-.C,    .*...',      ut. Xaa, assti*la	
IbtD  la-'J .      .  , .   .i   -^aija
9 r.i« ": . '.-.IWBasJ
s»s'. **jl ii     * -,.., ->«,!■»*
us. s. ir* I—u;-   .        .:.,." ^m
Gnu  . Jusl       ■ .-:. I thttfj
a ttu'v • ' bv-pia m
c.tJ.'rin,: yoo    fa oil earn
lliis lovely iii j; nil
cuniplrtfiy i.resspd fa
rsc-il' ■■■■ '>u!y 0\'. IMUl
I*. "s s.f .Wee. ■
.<" im ''..L-eisL
t. its i in I'solcns
CO. '-.* ',..-, :■ -t. I'-c.lis]
•sUsd i; . I i: , . lilt lint: * if
every fanig ■ ..!•:.  TH
are won.Is i fii! si'llenf
Kverjliotij iniTv       _
Isfl-sVorta SIivHIt. SV'Kmi:. "- •   •-' I: " I-.    - . '-mjaslfl
BSsrtslaa   Is r *. ,'^—..rwlowljswm. I
I   -• Bwalu V a... KHassa, Oni. laid: ■■},«tr.'xMttiwaa
ui ■ sa i L.ui *.;ui.-'s»-.-i - ' i    3b '.-•>.:.-.      ■ a
A Uo, cerfi'lsv.tn fr**!*. with fa    ;     ct* II
Wrltn ih at once ansl tbls lnao.-!'rl I*-ailljr wlfl*
jsiiiraa-rs'iisr'lna.'i'ilii      . L
iTixe Seed Co., b's.pl.     31   Toro***|
When passion    i nts-iF by the door
reason flu** asui ol  the window.
Time is the frii'nd ol friendship**!
lbs* enemy oi  low.
He whii blow* tlu- Ure expoaea hlm-
M'll   isi   lis-   lsis!'i,s*.|   li\    thC   S| Ill'kS.
Nothing assure*   better the repos*
f the henrt   than the    work of ths.
The eurlii'St  unsl oldest und lma*|
bus still the iiiasti'ry of us.
An indiscrete    man Is au unsealed
letter that everyone can read.
Avarice  i*i u ivi>t*d  that v,'il!  grow
only in u barren soil.
Success is full sif plan lse till meii
i.'1't it and then it is as a lasl
year's nest, from which the bird Ims
11 a man can hnvo only ono kind
of souse, it*t him have common sense.
If he* hns that and uncommon Bvnst',
loo, he is not fur from sTenius.
All   brava   men   love;    for he is
brnvo who ha* ufTii'tioiis to fight
for, whether in the daily buttle of
liie or iii physic*] contest*.
Ftomambcrance is the twilight of
the henrt.
and heals
the sore
and weak
lungs. After a few
doses the cough, is ■*■
Heved,aud the soreness
passes  away.
Gray's Syrup cures
to stay cured.
At all Druggists 25C&
One hundred and fifty tlasii*.,,,,,] nol
die,., paaa through Waterloo station,
sLoildoU.   Veuilv.
The P • •  - Mottsrtrap,
r.irh has 1 eii 1 1 I ■ •'. bi 11 fclgan- ■
lis* mousetrap will ■ rti doors lalx led.
respsfctlvelj, In - ufe nnd restaurant
Tin' city bas oboul 10,000 hotels. The**e
nro restaurants in every block, nn.l you
can tltnl cafe* »t Rlmosl eferj Mop. ;
At nlinnHt any re taurnnt you ai^e suro
of p-iil cool Ing. \*ou enn s'.'tt well anywhere and nt nny price. There nre
scores .if ii.it.->*-.- where flic meals cost
ns high as In the belter ivshiui'aiitH of
New Vot'!; and hundreds where ymi
ran a_rot a very fair slimier for SO ceuts,
or, If you woultl hare wine, for 10
cents additional, Thore is one stock
company « bleb floes nn enormous busi-
ness in supplying cheap and good fond
for Parisians,   ft was founded by a
batcher who has his simps still ill slif-
ferini parts of the iity. This company
has 100 or more restaurants where ymi
can nlways be sure aif good service and
good food. Yon pay for what you rat
and pay for everything, but the prices
are low	
Hla TrxltsK  l'r. lats-iss.
Th" boy was greatly ti'iublsnl.
"Is lt true, father," bo asked, "tlmt
tbey   bave   tvhlpplng  posts  In  some
St:,t"S?" !
The fiitln r assured him that It was.
"And li'.v whip grown people?",
askt ii the boy,
"When they deserve It." snisl tbe father. '
"\\iil." n."-'"i't"'l the boy, wltb con- I
■ lei on, "if Uu I the rasp 1 don't sei* i
si u it's ii.'' use aai' growing up."—
All Bodily AcheJ
•lOiXiO e Drill.
Lra6 sweeten**  toil,  however rude
sound-       ■	
livility   co9ta nothing, and    buy*
Ii \ tliinor- 	
sjl,,. great rule of moral conduct is
L,  to God to respect time.
lv satire kept in awe, they shrink
l'n ridicule   though not from  law.
j,. Ktops cf faith fall on the seem-
vuid. but   "nd the rock beneath.
.];,.    true way of   softening one's
Iti'lili'H is to silence those of others.
,. .,ost keeps from anger who re-
nbsji's that Ood is always looking
ii hlm.       	
sou] exasperated by its ills falls
with everything,  with its friend
Li itsi'if.
[■;        that   on   glorious   ancestors
(; produce their debt,  Instead
It heir discharge.
iole years of Joy r-rlido unperceiv-
lawoy,    while sorrow counts    the
Y itcs ns they pass.
fi ora is no strength  in exaggem-
I'ven    the    truth is weakened
being expn'Ssed too Strongly.
|        most    violent passions    have
Intermissions :    vanity   alone
lis  tin  respite.
lends should not be chosen to
Jt it The quality we prize is thnt
It 'tiide which will shrink from no
lib. Tntlmacles whish increase
is  destroy   friendship
'.-•Its. C. C. RICHARDS & Co.
• ,1s,—I     have     used  your    MINI'S 1.1 N'IMF.NT in my family and
n my stabli'H for years nnd con-
lei it tho best nia'dicine obtainable.
Yours Truly,
a:   ictor Hi'xtiiii  Tond  Hotel   anil
Livery Stables.
ki.\tii,i Pond, July 4, '01.
s    only by labor    that thought
o made healthy, and only    by
•it    that    lalior  can    be    made
and   the   two  can   not     be
lur..led with Impunity.
nthlng  is  more certain  thun that
blood run bo purified by tho use
| Pr     Koenig's     Hamburg    Drops.
at lengthen     the    digestive or-
icgulatsj the bowels, cure liver
11nts,   dyspepsia  and  const ipu-
■ii live part of man consists of
■asm n.l instincts, some of which are
bib' nmi   continuous; others vio-
|t  i,ml  short ;     some baser,    some
and all  necessary.
're  Is  mine  caturrh   in   thin  section
>•   iiinntrv   than   all     other   dls-Mres
together,   and     until     the    I ant   few
' was su,i|ioiiesj  to be Incuralsle. For
.■sit   uianv   veai'B   doctors   lsron*>uiireal
local   iliseisHe   and   ineacrlliesl   local
lias      nmi   liy  constantly   failins.'     to
with laical  treatment,  tironni.nceil  It
iiiiilale     Suleme bus proven catarrh to
tss* is  constitutional  sUseisHe  ansl th.-re-
e requires   constitutional    treatment,
|Vs Catarrh Cure, manufact'irs'il liv F
Cheney ft   rG    Toledo, Ohio.  Is   the
v constitutional  eure on  the  ni''rka*t
Is tiiks-a  Internally   in  doses from    10
ps   to   a   teiisiiuiiiifiil    It   acta  illreitlv
the blnoil  unsl mUCOUS surface* ol  the
tern,   They  offer  one  humlicd  doilsrs
huv   case   it   fails   to   cure     Sensl   fo:
u'.iirR   mui    testimonials,        A.lalr(.*"B.
P   .1   CHENEY A Co . Tsileilo. 0.
'ill    lav    'IrilsJjjistS.     75C.
.'lis  l\.      v  i'illa  are the bent.
nl Sorts.—Symptoms, Headache.
i npiiotite, furred tongue, and steii-
i sii'inisiiion. These symptoms, if
led,   ileveloii   into  acute  disease.   It
lite sny in c that an "ounce of
'ion   Is   worth   a   pound   of   cure."
little attention to this Point may
iissnths ot sickness and larsre doc-
bllla       Kor     tjiis complaint     take
two to thrs'e of Parmelee's Xea-
hills Kor thiH complaint take
'i three nisjlits in succession, uud
■   will   be  effected
How much the world calls selfish-
BS is ssiily generosity within nar-
sjw walls—a too exclusive solicitude
maintain a wife in luxury, or
*ha niie's children rich.
liii'ird's Linimcat for sale eTervwhtyc.
■(msiiiI i,ri*i'ding is tho result of
■jn li  L'snid Hense.  some good nut ure
[i'i n little self-denial for the sake
ithni**,   and   with a   view   to   ob-
• '' tin- : nine indulgence from thorn
PK1 TTH'ISM -This     is  unhappily  nn
T    D'  Skepticism, but   there is one point
pn   Which   tiersons   aciuiaintid   with   the
aa" ti I   agree,  namely   that. llr. Thomas'
I1''"ii   Oil  is  a   meslicine  which can   be
'"   ni'iin     to   cure   a   cousrh.     remove
1    lii'Bsl   sore*   ol   various   kindB.    asiul
"' >■   "iw Inflamed portion of the body
ttlliCh   it  is   applied.
IniWIty consists in  the desire to
l°D,Su and    the fear of not succee***-
linard's Liniment Believes Nearalgia.
P" our    judginetit ol huinnii tran-
Tctions    tho   law of    optics is re-
Qr"i 'd :      we sec    tho   most lndi»-
illv  tho objects  which aro closo
pound us.
There aro very few cleans-
Png o-->erations in which Sunlight
*°ap cannot be used to advant-
H<t- It makes the home bright
H clean. ^
How Bright's Disease was [faco ■"••s-Jt-mwi when fp»kc„ t.
~ her daughter's remarkable case.
Vanquished by Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
Mother of the Girl Tells
the Story in Full.
Terrible Struggle With
Most Deadly of Kidney Disease.
Step by Step the Monsier
was Driven Back Till
Medieal Science
9t*na th* Hall and En-air*.
Shubenacadie, Hants Co., V. ft.,
sTeb. 6.—(Special)—This little town,
which ho* been brought out of obscurity and thrust into the broad
flare of public notice by the almost
miraculous cure of a young girl of
Bright'* Disease, takes its new-found
fame with a sort of surprise. All the
▼Ulase knows Alio* Maud Parker, all
thought that a few mouths ago she
was sick beyond the hope of recovery, that Bright's Disease had her
tn Its clutches, and once that monster had fastened on a victim the
only release was death; and all know
that to-day she is a comely min dm
of fifteen with health beaming from
every feature and speaking in her
every movement. And all have heard
time and again that this remarkable
change was brought about by that
old reliable Canadian remedy,Dodd's
Kidney Pills. Yet it is with something like surprise that thoy hear thc
noise th* cure baa made in thc out-
aide world. The thing that has come
as a revelation to the world has
come on theni day by day, so gradually that they fall to grasp its magnitude.
Beyond AU Iiaubt.
But aa to th* cur* Itself. Of thut
•Jure is no possible doubt. The facts
are all aaally obtained and can be
■worn to, not only by the Parker
family, but by a hundred other people who watched the girl gradually
■inking into the grave, and saw her
snatched from its very mouth.
ft was Mrs. T. O. Parker that
your correspondent found at home
wben he callod. Mrs. Parker is a
bright, intelligent woman, one whose
brave and honest faco tells that she
could act quickly in an emergency,
ansl whose every word and action
■how her honesty of   purpose.    Her
"Yes," she said, emphatically, "my
daughter had Blight's Disease in it*
worst stage. Two of the best doctors in the vicinity gave her up t*b
die. Dodd'a Kidney Pills cured her."
Asked to begin at the beginning, and
tell thc complete story of the caso,
she complied willingly, for she felt
.she suid, that all the world should
know how her slaughter escaped from
the supposedly fatal Bright's Disease, and that she owed her escape
to Dodd's Kidney Pills, and to uo
other agency.
The MiitlBa-r'.s Story.
"Alice," Mrs. Parker began, "was
always a delicate child from her
birth. When she was twelve years
old she was not any larger than an
ordinary child would be at eight
yenrs old. Dut like many other delicate children, Alice pulled along as
delicate children will, till Juno,
*.'(>0. She was then thirteen years
old. On .July 7th she wan taken seriously ill. Hor eyelids swelled till
she could hardly see, her legs swelled
fro,,, her ankles to her kneos. I took
her to a doctor, and he said she had
Height's Disease, and could not live
long. The doctor tended her for
about six weeks, but as she grew
worse, T stopped the doctor and
tries! different kinds- of patent medicines. But all the time she got wssrs*
and worse. Her sufferings had by
this time become so great that I
again turned to the doctors. Thi*
timo I tried another one. He had
no hesltntion in pronouncing her disease Bright's Disease sf the worst
Hull Msasnrpsl 48 Inrhes.
"By this time Alice was In a terrible state. Tier belt In health meusr
uied twenty inches. When she was
at her worst it was forty-eight inches. Her flesh was hard and looked
ready to burst. The doctor who was
a very nice man, said he could not
do anything, It looked as if all that
wus left for iny daughter wa* to go
on suffering till death came to her
"She wns in this terrible state
wlii'ii she chained to read some testimonials as to what Dodd's Kidney
Pills bus] done for others She showed them to me. ami I grasped at tliis
last chance to help her, as a drowning u,nn grasps at a straw.
Ilssw Ihi' Cre   11'i.Jii
"She began taking Dodd's Kidney
Pills on November 2,'Jth, and liefore
she had finished the first box I could
see a change for thc better. Dy December 10th there was a marked improvement in her condition, but
there was a large gathering across
th* small of her back and ready to
lance, When it was opened it omitted a quart of matter, besides blood
and water. Again we feared for her
life, and ugain the doctor warned me
tluit she might die at any moment.
But my faith in Dodd's Kidney l'ills
hnd grows, and all through that
long winter she took theni regularly,
and under the treatment continues!
to gain in strength till by April her
bnck was well, find the swelling had
all left her, though her urine when
tested was milky nnd at times it
would curdle.
"Still she war vastly improved,
nnd 1 was greatly encouraged, end
Continued to give ber tho pills till
November, when she appeared to be
l*erfectly well and was growing faster
than sho had done for years."
A Nearly Fatal Mlatake.
At this point Mrs. Parker nearly
made a  fatal  mistake.    She (topped
but fer more nutritive—that's what
they say about
-* Why not 7 It's " flake white," it
contains the best elements of the
wheat kernel; it "raises" beautifully
and browns to perfection on the top
of the loaf. Ogilvie's Flour is the
housekeeper's delight.
Whose rcmurkable recovery from
Bright's Disease hns set all Canada
the uso of Dodd's Kidney Pills before
the disease had been thoroughly
cleare.l out of the system. There
could only be on* result. Tho
Bright's Disease grudually regained
lis hohl on the victim. "And," said
Mrs. Parker, continuing, "to our
great surprise, in January, 1902, the
swelling came back.
"This time, though, I knew what
to do. I sent at once for six boxes
of Dodd's Kislney Pills. She began
at once to take them, and gradually
the dread monster fell back before
the great remedy, By the time she
hail taken four boxes the swelling
began to leave. This time I made
no mistake. I kept right on with
the treatment til) every vestige of
the dlsoaso bed disappeared, till my
daughter was gi-.cn hnrl. to me, not
as the puny, delicate child she wns
before .her sickness, but as you see
her now, a biu, strong, healthy girl j
of fifteen, full of vim and go, ready
to hold ber own in the struggle of
liiiil.ra Kislney l'ills *nid It.
"And all this T charge to Dodd's
Kidney Pills, and to nothing else.
The doit ors tultl nie my daughter
coul'l nol live When they knew I
was giving her Dodd's Kidney Pills,
the.v snld thnt if they cured her it
would be one ol the greatest, mira-
c'e.-i in the worlsl, for the like had
never been in this province or anywhere else. And Podd'i Kidney Pills
did cure her. I gave her 70 boxes of
them altogether, but they gave her
life in return, and 1 feel hat I cannot say enough for Dodd's Kidney
Ilia   -SBBBllB.I   -g   Pp.
This  is  tho  story  of    the  famous
'. Bright's Disease cure, as told by the
mother  of the  '.ufferer herself.  There
i can be no doubt as to the truth of
' the story.    Scores  of people corrob-
! united  It.   The ense was thoroughly
j diagns'-sed by skilled physicians, who
unhesitatingly pronounced it Bright'*
Neither can there be any doubt a*
to  what  caused     the cure.   It    wa*
Dodd's Kidney   Pills.   For,  after the
doctors had  given the patient up for
lost,  Dodd's  Kidney Pills were    the
only medicine used.   The fact remains
that Dodd's Kidney Pills have cured
Plight's Disease.    And if Dodd's Kidney Pills can  and  do cure   Bright's
Disease,  which is the worst stage of
'Kidney  Disense,   how   sure  must     tt
| be that the.v  are a sovereign remedy
Ifor  those earlier     stages of Kid 'mr
' Disease from which thousaads of t*a*
Canadian people are suffering.
cd tiHrtfns rfiurMr' /fLtvns c^r (frifj.
■^ame-^^^^Mie use
'•ist i!-' ■ *?
Believe nothing against another
but ssn good authority ; and never
report whut may hurt another, unless it be a greater hurt to some
other to conceal it.
Dyspepsia sir Indigestion is ociasionesl
by ths want of uction on the liilliury
duels, loss sif vitality in the stomach tss
■ecrete tho enstic iuiri's. without wliun
ilipreslion  cannot  co  on:     nlso  being trie
principal  .nuse of iieasiaciis*. Pannties*
Vecetuble l'ills taken before csiinir to
lieil. (or a while never fail to cive rs>
lief ssnsi edect ss curs* Mr V W. Ash
down. Ashdown, Ont., writes l •' I'ar-
melee's Pills ure takinc the la-oil asrnitist.
the tither makes which I have in slock :
To him that   has no employment,
life in a little while will huve no
novelty : ntul when novelty is laid
in the grave, the funeral of comfort
will  soon follow.
In politics,     to forsee is well ;    tsi |    A bosik iv a written    letter to   all
warn is beUei ;
to succeed is every-
unkliown  fr'ouds thut   one has  in tin
Mother linives' Worm Kxtennlnator Tbou. 8abin, ol Fa.innirtoti. sa.s/3 ! " 1
hiss no equal for stestrovinsT worms in ' have removed ten corns frnm mv feet
children and aslulls See that you ci" [with llollnvuv's Torn Cuie.' Header,
the genuine when purchasing*, go thou and do  likewise.
Applause    is the    spur     of    noble      Pleasures like    vistulns,  the
minds,    the  end   and    aims  of  weak   most    sin,| le  arc   thoso    which    we
ones. never tiie oi
It la rerjr tnuob utronRtr and thicker than any <>thrr (tarred sir bullsllna)
paper. It is Impervious I'' wind, keepi out OOM, kropa In lis*at, carries no •mail
•r odor, RtMorfei uo moisture, Impnrta do lanla or flavor to oisytliing with
wlila h It roniea In asoiitss.it. It la Isrgeh u*a«al not only fur alaeailnsjc lionaoa, bnt
tar ll'itisi; eold   htiara:.,    building:*,   refrlKVratora,   dalrlia,   en anieita*a,   ana all
filHaan wlsei-r tlss  ol-Ject la to kesp an even   and   uniform   t-jsuisrrature,   aisd   at
ha aame time avottjisig- slampiieaa.
Write our Agent*. TKK.» A I'l'llSSK, Winnipeg, for aasssplea,
THE  E. IB.  EDDY  OO., l_lr»-» l-fc-scl,  HULL.
A Chain is no Stronger than its Weakest Link
and a Wire Fence is no Stronger than its Uprights.
-I**,.   %v..'
No one should expect a
fence to hold up of itself
between tho posts.
The Frost upri-fht wires
are large and strong. Tbe
Frost Lock holds them
In place and each support
its   own   share   of   the
weight.    Light tie wires
give  no support.    Bending to tie
weakens them and they are apt to
break when  the strain is severe.
Frost Fence never breaks.
Writ* for Catalogue. e
FROST WIRE FENCE CO. LIMITED, Winnlpcij, Man. Welland. Ont,
The Frost
Arrow    UsaK***,
Thore ii ro rnspss of ronmimt>tion «o fur
advanced that Dickie's AnM-Consuoipttvs
Syrup win not s-ure, but non* nu    dm
that it Will not else relief r'ur COUBhS
csililH mill all iilTertliins of Iho throat,
Iuhkh   ssml   shc.it.   It   Ih  a   Bisositlc     wliisli
tins never iseon known to ihII    it    pro"
iniitpM a tree nnd ensv expectoration,
tljorehy removing the tihletrin. al"' "''•«*!'
the dls.oni.cil   pnrtH  ft  chance  to   heisl
Sorrow hns not been piven to us
for sorrow's Bake, but ns a lesson
which wc are to lenrn soinewlsiit,
Which onco learned it censs* to lie
Pace Wown Wire Fence
svitll It I OOntlnUOllS OOll ("Ot. rrlmpoall  ■; t'sO
host atiick-holdlng fonco made.    Putts No.
T w|ss*o stands s S.noOpounds'sfamln—coin ni n
V\T M'lrs* s'lily l.Tiii |''mill's. C'uimnii'i »'lro
*. II nol ooil—it stralghioni out Mala* it
li.s-a.'t is ".prim* tamper -Page w. a has.
Tho rage Wire Fence Co., tUmitel,
*avrs.lltei-vlila*a Ont.
Montreal, »*.<)•. aesi st, me__ tt 1.    11
ROSS OX ROSS, General Agent-*, "WINNIPEG, MAN.
When a mnn ninrries, lie hnlves his
rights nud dimlileN his duties.
Silence  is  tho  surest part for him
who distrust* himself.
It Is moro heroic to work in one's
grief than to die of it.
In liter.ittire,  the surest wny to lie
right is to bi dead.
The    greatest   joy  In women  nfter
being iti love is to oliey.
A Bocloty without prejudice* make*
a world without temple*.
it. is- our apparent happtnon whieh
mnkes US the most enemies
We mOl'O often pnv hntiingP to the
merit, of nn Unknown thnn to thnt
of u friend
The mnn  whoso desired ure snnrti-
lled     will     l,s> sure  to  get     whnt he
Thore are people who never accomplish unylhlng, Ut'cuuse they try
tn do too much,
Minard's alMnen. Cores Bam, ete.    j Minard's Liniment Cnra Dandrnfl.
Nobody Can be made rich with
money who wouldn't be just as rich
without it.
Talk about    popularity—the   jirct-
tiest    girl   an  the  world  isn't  in     it
[ with the mnn  who hns favors to bo-
No mnn  Is brave who  is nfrnid of
the truth.
Behave youraelf, and you will keep
somebody else out of mischief.
The    more    popular a mun  is the
mure apt be I* to go to the   devil,
Some men are so mean they couldn't
go to the devil  if  they  wanted  to.
We make Granby Rubbers and Overshoes out of
pure new rubber. Can as much be said of any other make?
Granby Rubbers
cost the maker more, but they cost the wearer less, for
one pair docs the work of two pairs of ordinary rubbers.
" Granby Rubbers wear like iron."
TheM   miraculous   springs,
/'.ilata' ts a rnlad diaaaaad,
rius.i« Iroso tjis nsnory a rootasl aarrow,
Rasa    ojt   -ha    written   traaalas   asf   th*
And with sweet •bllvlous antidotal
Olsansa   lbs   ntaffsd  boaam  of  thos*  par
lious.   atulTrt
"Vhlcb  ajjlrt   hvarllr apaa  Kldaa*.   UvsM
aad  Sta-  r, h
Tberals.ra    all   y*  wh*   ouflar-OlTf  pmj
sic  ta  ths    'Iusts:  kavs    aone  al  It,  tr-M
cans* and hs cured at
The Halcyon Hot Spriup S*wt*wi*m, IX
TERMS-416  ta SIS -Mr  week.
uua ua i i imie—9—mmE————mr
Brain and Commission Merohanti*,.
nighs-at   (..rices   palrt   for    wheat,    oats
barltsv  or  r«>.   tn   curtails     Wtrs  or   wrlta
me   for    prlcKu    hsjfore    selling       Libera! I
advaocaa     mails    nn     ruiialt, nini-i'tj    and >
hand! d en     noiiimlsslon      Licensed    mmi j
». 0   **•>.  **0, Wlanlpes*-, Haa.
nursery-Ms". N
*%■  *TC
Are   You   Going   to
Ccmpote ?
There -will nlso be offered :—
Three Prizes at Brandon
I        Fair in 1903.
as fol lowe :
nr. t p..ize.
For the two best Bacon Hog*, nny
ag*? or Dreed, 'til on Carnel»e stuck
Food  S'>» IN GOLD.
S. COtVO P!ii7>.
For the seconil Uvs> b.'st liacon
Hogs, any age or br-wd, led on Car*
nsifac Stock Food  S'-.'i IN ('OLD.
For tho third two best Uacon
Hogs, nny nge or breed, fitl on Oar*
netnc Stock Food   $15 IN. &OliD
Only ono entry will be allowed
from each Farmer or Stockman, **ii(>
the st nt lv must be exhlbltetl at the
Ilrandon exhibition.
Evidence    must   bo   produced    at
time of exhibition to show  that   the
animals wore fed on Carnefac Stock
Try   Carnefac   for    your   Stock
Wa 0. Douglas,  IW.-aiiifaoturer,
Prlnooss St..   Vi'liiiilpog.
3  I
Folly alwaya   deserve* its mlafor-
t lines
Lever's   Y-Z   (Wise   iicuii.   Disinfectant
si'ui' Powder dusted in the bath Hatti'ins
ths'  \\ster  at   I lit-  Mamie  time   that  It   dl**
Infects IU
Thero are. smiles  which wound like
Fortune does not change men 1    H
unmasks them,
Tha highest   virtue In mnn is constancy ;     bravery  iu second  only.
We KTiitit,  more  Willingly  onr    pitv
thnn  onr isleem.
•*■•>     r-*     «_*     Na>     -a-ao
I 11
•C. E. tMiTHERixoAi.R, Editor and Trop.
eLOCAN,      • -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertisine 10 cents a line for
■the first in**rtion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals Will be charged 10 cents a lin*
(or each insertion.
Commsrcial Rates mado known upon
Th* Subscription is $2 per year, *t.ict-
ly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
. Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, MARCH 27th, 1903.
Sincere regret will bo felt by all
classes at the failure of the arbitration
committee of the Provincial Mining
Association to effect a settlement of
the Fernie coal strike. At one time it
looked as if a settlement were assured,
but the miners subsequently turned
down the action of the district executive. It is a thousand pities the dispute cannot be amicably adjusted, for
it practically means the complete
shutdown of metalliferous mining and
smeltiug-isU southeastern British Columbia. God knows the province has
had more than her share of trouble of
late years.
Next Thursday the provincial legislature will meet for the dispatch of
business, the government asserting
confidence in their strength and ability
to witheftand all onslaughts from the
opposition. The last four weeks have
proven a strenuous period for the government and they have lieen sore
pressed, but it looks as if an arrangement had been made whereby the estimates and non-contentious legislation will be passed ere a thought be
given to disslution. As expected, there
have been results from among weak-
backed oppositisinists during the period of waiting, Niell, of Allierni,pled<^-
ing a "qualified" support to the government. Such are politics in British
Never wero the services of compulsory arbitration moro urgently
needed than at the present time, for
the various labor troubles are paralyzing the industrial life of tho province.
Conciliation and arbitration through
well-meaning friends and institutions
have failed in their purpose, and the
strong arm of the law is required.
Yet, it cannot be invoked, for there is
no machinery available. Were arbitration made compulsory it would
soon wind up all trouble. Any party
to a dispute unwilling or ashamed to
air their grievances liefore a properly
constituted board would deserve to
lose their case. No fair-minded man
would question the rulings of such a
board any more than he would those
from the judiciary. Much harm from
these industrial disputes is unwittingly laid upon the shoulders of innocent
parties, and it should not be. The
law should protect the people and
that protection can best lie afforded
through compulsory arbitration.
Two weeks more of Lent.
The open season for trout is now
The mountain roads are breaking up
Bar silver was selling yesterday at
48§ cents.
The snow has gone very rapidly
during the week.
The robins and chipmunks hnve
made their appearance.
Mining Kecorder Murphy is reported missing from Creston.
Don't overlook those XXX apples
at $1.7.5, at Arnot's.   Best in town.
There is talk of the C.P.R. erecting
a summer hotel nt Slocan Junction.
Mrs. Covington held a satisfactory
millinery opening on Friday and Saturday.
A slide cut off the Nakusp train on
Tuesday, preventing the mail coining
The government is asking bids for
the timber lands on the south fork of
Evans creek.
Now, if you want a nice suit of
clothes, call at Arnot's. His new spring
stock is to hand.
Tlie local Miners' Fnion have altered their night of meeting from Wednesday to Saturday,
Sandon council has settled its differences with the water and light
company of that city.
W. A. Maedonald, K.C., has been
engaged by the council of Sandon to
collect their back taxes.
No American mail arrived in on
Wednesday, the Spokane road being
tangled up with a slide.
Hugh Williams is the new president
of tho New Denver Miners' Union and
R. J. Sutherland secretary.
There has been another spasm of
unrest this week over the coveted timber limits at the Little Slocan.
W. J. Adcock has enlarged tlie interior accommodation of his shoe shop
and greatly improved the place.
Nelson parties have stalled timber
lands back of the Little Sloean and
towards the Cariboo creek divide.
The Ottawa government announces
that the establishment of the Canadian
mint will b3 proceeded with at once.
Rev. Robl). of Sandon, leaves for
Toronto in a few dSys. afterwards going to China as a missionary for the
Presbyterian church.
W.Koch is keeping a full staff of
men employed tit his sawmill on Ten
Mile. He will handloabout a million
feet of logs this season.
Several cars of lumber hav.* been
loaded here (his week by W. Koch for
shipment to Calgary. It was brought
down from Ten Mile by barge.
A practice alarm was turned in from
the Madden House on Saturday eve,
catchiug the firemen somewhat off their
guard.   The bucket men won out.
Delinquent traders were given the
razzle dazzle this week aud as a consequence the city treasury was fattened up. A numlierof bluo papers were
in evidence.
A number of friends and acquaintances "surprised" Aid. Arnot and his
wife at their residence last Friday eve.
Music and dancing followed and a
jolly time was spent.
The Provincial Teachers' Association will hold their annual convention
at Revelstoke on April 14-16. George
Hindle, of tliis city, will submit a paper on "The Teaching of Morality.
The local lodge of Oddfellows will
hold an At Home in their hall next
Thursday evening, April 2. There
will lie ti good programme of music
There aro Liberals in British Columbia that are far from being a credit
to the party to which  they claim allegiance.   A conspiracy i.s afoot to deprive Joe Martin   of   the provincial
leadership and put  iu  Ralph Smith,
and to that end call  atiother conven
tion  at Revelstoke.    A  year ago the
Liberals met in convention at Vancouver, declared "for party  lines and selected Martin as leader.  The inaehiiii'
was not satisfied and  ever since have
endeavort'd to oust aloseph, hence the
present movement. Soreheads at Vancouver are the principal actors in tlie
scheme, while tho lenders at Ottawa
are professedly sponsors for Smith as
leader, who, it is claimed, will enter
provincial politics with the Laixn* men
at his back.   The conspiracy is most
.contemptible aud the men furthering
it have acted treacherously towards
their party and leader.   Joe Martin is
the strongest and most   progressive
Liberal in the province and Ralph
Smith will never displace him. Smith
could not carry a single labor constit
uency in British Columbia and he will
not get the support of the unions. He
has lieen  tried  and  found wanting.
He is a place-seeker, pure and simple.
Put Smith in as leader of tlie Liberal
party in  this province and the Conservatives   could   wish   for   nothing
better, as   they   would   iieat   him so
badly he would never rise again.    If
Ralph   .Smith   is   wise   he will  stay
where he  is, and  if those Grit .soreheads at Vancouver would let their
common sense prevail,   thoy   wou'd
leave Martin alone,
provided. All friends of tho order and
sojourning brethren are cordially invited.
These he busy times at the shingle
mill. The lioilers and engine are lieing set up and enclosed, the shlhgle
machines and shafting installed in the
mill, and the machinery and engine
placed in the machine shop. Fifteen
or 20 men are employed.
Dave Arnot has opened up the nicest
and most complete stock of dry goods
ever shown in Slocan. Call and Ihi
convinced. He has also secured the
Slater shoe agency for Slocan and
will open up, about the beginning of
April, a line of men's shoes which
cannot be beaten in Canada. We
stand back of each pair sold.
Auction Sale.
NOTICE jb hereby given tbst under
tbe provisions of the "Cattle Lien Ait."
I wiil sell bv public auction on Monday,
the sixth day ol April, 1908,at lOo'olock
I a.m., at my stable! in Blocan, one bay
hone and laddie, loft with  me by tbo
! Chapleau Consolidated Mining Co., ltd.,
i ili'fiinii having been mud* in payment
for the (nod, cs.ru, attendance and ac*
I commodatlon furnished said horse fur
upwards of three month*.
Dated at Blocan, B.C., March 14, 1903.
MAIN Riiikkt, BtOCAH,
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
Sundsy, nt 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sabbath School at U.'SO p.m.
Prayer Meeting, \V*dn*"sda**, 7.30 p.m.
Strangers anil young m*n
*i* cord inl I y inviteif.   .   .
minim;   RKCOIIDS.
Appended is n complete list of tho tar
ious records registered atthe local icjjis
try office, II. P. Christie being mining
Mar 0—Sunshine, 1st ll f Springer, 11
L Fife.
Moonshine, snmc, tunic
Mar 19—Mack Jack, Hose of Lomon.
Mar 14—Necnaw.i '•', P.oissevain .'»,
Edison 5*16, A i) McQllllvray to B shannon', *tS79.07.
Bams, notice of cancellation of soizuro
by sheriff.
Gwiilim & Johnson,
B. C
Representing the strongest emm-
paniCfl doing business in Canada.
See xf.w accident policy, with participation in profits, covering* sickness aud opcratUni,
11. D. CURTIS, Notarv Public
ii 1? 'Mi Um,
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets every Saturday avoning
in the Union Hall, Blooan City, at
7..-10 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Furnishings ^*v
Court of Revision.
NOTICE is hersbralrsn tlmt the nnnual sitting nf tlm (''ain't asf its.*, |»lon, fur tho purpose ot hearts* sll complaints RR&insI tin a-
Msimsnt for tun y*nr 1908, su mm***, by the As-
ressorof the t'iiv isf Blocarf, It.i .. '..ill fa la-l I
in iii" Cilv Hull, in tho Unlit City of Blot' n, oil
Man Iny, Mny IStli.lOOa, m tin lio .1 of lilo'cl •!.
Cits -'Slocan, B.C., Uar.tt, IM".
It, J. BENTLEY, City Clsrl
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocnn, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Baddleend IVk Horses fer
hire al reasonable rates.
IB Advertise your
I Business^
for $18.25.
Why i>o without a range *he.f.
you can {jet 11110 so cheap? Tliey
are preferrable to stoves anil gira
better eatiefactlon. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will h*
set up free.
IJ.  "
l.oinlsio **racllea, Rita, Ilea* ***.«<! i.tgsi
Mini'lssl Claim*,
Situnte in ths, Slocan City Mining Divi*
sion of tlie Wtst Kootenay District.
Where located -.--five mil** up lirst I
iioith fork of Lemoncr*sk,ad] ining
lhe Violet mineral claim.
ion, im mvself, F.M.C. B60721; nmi as]
agent for W.J Johnson, F.M.C; B69722;
\ S. Johnson, F.M.C. D69733; Frank
Dick, F.M.C. 1359777; .1 E. Tattersall,
P.M.C BI59703; ami A. R. Bolderston,I
Tree Miner's Curtiflcate No MB869, |
inteu-i, sixty slays from the ilale hereof, I
to apply t the mining recorder for c*r«
•jQcutea <if improvement, (s»r the pnr-1
pose sif obtaining Crown giants ol the
abovo claimi.
Aii.i further take notice that action, j
under Bection .17, must hu commenced
belore the issuance oi such cerlitlcatM of;
Dated this It'.iii slav of Jasinary, 1903.
28-1 0:1 ' \V, s. flOHNRON
Create Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocnn City Mining Divi-1
lion ol the Wesl Kootenay District.
Where   located:—On Lemon crook,
1 '.„ miles from the mouth.
Take notice ibat I, J. M McGregor,|
acting 11s -I'.'rnt for \V. I). Mcintosh, K.
M.C. Nn. 1J72S92; ('. S. Baxter, F.M.C,
No. P704(s4, and I'. \V. ('eor-js, free
minor's I'ort.lieutu Na.. 1 *.", 1 "-.lis. intend,
sixty slayir from the ditto heii'uf, tu apply
tothe Mining Rcconler fora certilicate
of Improvement*, for tho purpose of ol>-
taininu a crown grant for the ahove
Ami further tal;o notice that fiction,
iimler lection 37, must he commencsyd
liefore the Issuance of inch certilicate ot
I'ateil this 12th ilav of February, 1903
27-2-t);i '.!. M. McGREGOK.
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
to all persistent and lib-
oral udvertis*
ers: it is read
by everyone,
rsAt All  Timesri
/J TUB DRILL,   $2 per year.
Subscribe for
local paper:
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Having opened a Brat-cla**
establishment on Main Str«*»*t.
the patronage of the public ia
eoUcited for Home-Matfe Bread,
Whole   Wheat   Bread, Cakee,
Pies, ami a full line of general
14 l.ss.-iM-afl uf lira.Bat fsBS-HI.
Kail *.*.. is;til   anal ssin.llly
l.tlltlKBlllI,  ll.
i islaiaia.uin Mineral Claim,
Situate in tho Sloean Mining Division
of Went Kootenay iliftrict. Where
located: South of Silverton and half
a mile east of Mucin lake.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Kenneth I.
Bnrnet, of Uosslnud,U.C., acting ssagrnt
forGeorge V, Unrpee.of Vancouver,P..c,
free minors'certItlcata No.B6232H,intend,
sixtv days (rom the date hereof, to applv
to th* mining recorder for a certificate as!
Improvements, for thu purpose ol obtaining a crown grant ol tho above claim,
Ami further tako notice thst action,
under section U7, must ba commenced
I before the Issuanco ot such certificate of
i Improvemsnts,
i     Dated this tilth slav ol Mnrch   I'm"
20-:i-o:i KENNETH I.. U UK NET
Slocan, B. C.        I
Garden Seeds
Flower Seeds
Timothy Seed
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds in bulk
.IiiHt arrived from I). M. Ferry'*,
the great Seed House. I'ornah*
Onion Bete have arrived       Leave
your ei'dor "iirlv.
fiB.iiis.... Mineral Claim,
Situnto in the Blocan Mining Division
ol West Kootenay District, When*
located:—South of Silv*rton and a
quarter ofa mile cist of fjlocail lake
TAKK NOTICK that 1, Kenneth I,
Burnet, oi Uosiland,B.C.,acting aa agent
forGeorge F, Burpee.of Vancouver f:Y
free miner'i certiflcate No, I.'•.'.;",
Intend, sixty days from the date hereof'
to applv to the Mining Recorder for a
ceitilicate of Improvements, for ths pur-
poieof obtaining a ("town grant ol the
ahove claim.
And further taku notice thai sction
under Bection ,;7, must be commenced
before the Issuance ol such certiflcat*j ol
Dated this I9thday of March 1903
20-:i-o:i. KENNETH I.. BUltNET
Oamaroalan Klaeral Claim,
Situate in the Slocnn City Mining Divi-
sion  of  Vi'dsst   Kootenay  District
Where located :-On the first north
fork of Lemon creek,
TAKK   NOTICE thai I. M  I,. ,;,im.,
indi, acting hi n.'ini for The! „,,„ ,,„,.„ '
Hold A Silver Mining (N,  i     - ,       • ""
F.M.C,  Nn   IX'.. !2U,1, i,
frnm  th.- .Inn  I,,,,,,,. ,„       ,    ,
Mining Hi-cilia,   (or „ a-,'1,,1,,,,,,,,,
l"';'.v''"' ".'""In; pu,;	
a Crown granl ol thn above rlslni
And further Ink*    .,,-,,
nndei section 37, ,	
ha fore tin i'.-u iii'-a  oi an, i
impisavi'Mii nt*
Dated thi  7th il ■
20  a-.i'l.
Bo You
Want a Home?
Then como to Slocan, for it ii
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelnea«,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting,Boads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches,Scliool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are soma
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Natur-s and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come ancl be convinced th-vfc thi^ ^lfl
' ■ :  '     ■   im,but asterareflW'


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