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The Slocan Drill 1903-10-30

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8LOOAN,   It.   C,   OCTOBER   UO,   UW.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
The Best Canned
are the best value, no matter what the
price is. We have the famous Simcoe
brand of canned Fruits and Vegetables,
and our price is as low as you pay for inferior goods.       .      .      . .      ,
We have others if you should want them.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its doo/ when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
.A-rli ngtoxi   Hotel,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. fl. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Thi. popular h&trl is convenient to the hoats ami trains.   The dining room
is itrUlly up to 'hue w hilt- ll.e 1 nr Is SUpj lied with the host in the market.
Tr:.\«i'iin;,r men. usii:*-* Ruflipkl Rooms, $2 S3 po uuy
without Sample Rooms,$2; board $8p< r week; meals In
fe high grade: work
Having secured premises on Main stroot, we Rre prepared to
handle all kinds of Garden Truck, Farm Produce, and Dairy
Products, and aro qpeu to receive shipments Irom any of the
ranchers ia Slocan Valley. A full Btock will be kopt on hand.
Householders will be supplied daily with fr-»h goods by wagon.
PRICES REASONABLE.   Will haadlo in quantity for mines.
Commission Agents,
Slecan, British Columbia
W.VTKKwouks  10 HEMIC   AU.V1N  IUC-
I'llinii'i   A.-tl.il   Kb*. ,iiHl,l,.irtl  n.irl   VulO-
pany'i Propoaltloa win in* Huuirt—
Thing! Shaping l|. fin- ii in* Sale—
Aid. A twit Hold,! to l'l <bi I till ill Inn.
The full comp-eraent of aldermen,
now reduced to a bare quorum of tour,
were present at the regular meeting
of the eity council on Monday night;
Communications read: Aid. Arnot's
resignation again came up and tbe
netin^ mayor reported result of his
Interview, Aid. Arnot had stated hw
w,is doue with th.' council and would
not come back.
From H. D. Curtis, ngent ror Jos,
Payne, askiug for a transfer of the li-
conse on the Slocan Hotf-l. Referred
to the licenso commissioners.
Prom City Solicitor Jorand, giving
ii as his opinion that Frank Fletchers
letter was sufficient authority to act on
in driving ])il(;s across lots along
Springer creek.
The city solicit >r also wrote, asking
t!i • council to r c in lider their action
upon the waterworks ami electric.Hght
■ch "ii.' submitted a few weeks ago.
A clause eould bo inserted in the
agre smsnt with a company giving the
city tho light to purchase under favorable conditions, 'i'ii-. company was
running tbe risks of Ua* plant paying.
if it paid, the city could buy itj if.I
didu t,the city would uot want it. The
city would got c i tc 5sious in the way
of fre ■ light and water for Rro protec
tion. besid ■- Betting the general rates
iaa comumers,
In ivply t i a qu 'ry from Ald.Teet ir
the cl-jrk road t.. • sections from the
Water Clauses .Act, dealing with municipalities purchasing wjitar iyst*ma
;. mi <'".i panies.
A discussion followsd.in which '■'
was p >iul il out tbat rafmy of lbs rata-
pay -U--3 bjli w;d tho plant sho dd b*
put in.
AM. Mc tish waata-J the city \
ii i plant, b i 1. it was impossibli
just now. Then t toy musl tako th
i,,--;' bo t '■ .-ii■; • and ,r.i i om • out: i !a.
man to put ',■■ iu,as a water supply ■■■ is
.u, olutoly ntwi ary tor ii.' prote-
Aid. Worden desired to :■ :ertiic
tbe term-* of the a mpany willin I
instal tl." plant, which would Iw sub
j(*ct tothe ii,::.: of ihe city buviu ■ at
any timi. lie moved that the cou-i ii
aak the company for its terms n -
submit a genertu proposition. V. ,-n
obtained, a meeting of tho catepavi -
could be called and thoschoa.3 laid
before them.
The aldermen agreed il would do
no harm to lind out inst what tho company would give ana do,a i I ascertain
what data th 'v figured on.
The clerk Btated that, as there was
no health officer for th'* city, there
eould be no objection raised as lo the
source of supply of the water, and ri >
bar could be mti rposed in seciirin * a
water right. The go d health "l th •
city, however, was due i> the pure
water used.
Aid. McNeish re-narked thai the
citizens would have lh i say as to the
source oi supplv of Iho wa
Aid. Worden'hold thai it wa tot! i
interest of tho company and citizens
alike tosea that the water used was
Ald.Taetor su-rgested thai if all
otber sources failed, thero was still
ilu* lake to fall back on.
Aid. McN.'i-U seconded tho motion
and had I
130*   l'l*
located by a Becond j perty, this week. "We had thought
of opening it, as a result of the bonus
on lead, but the prospect does not
justify it. We could have made contracts all right to get the ore-smelted."
ruit, Confectionery, Tobacco -$•: M;::Z
' •**' I Miss Giffin, owner of lo
You ran jj-et anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our 5tock in each is always
Kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
<__C. SMITH,
*,* sofltMSgTOwBfl^ *■ " -*H *2J
Hi fyar TPfTaJP  Kg1 on delinquent lands came up, an
li I   8   hVr SS -tak ww l**e »ecli mo1 ■•■■•' 1"'i "''";'
9 irYa \j\-il- " i-" Ming it,  By it the city could hold a tin
X »
■ M
I d to write tc
ot i, block I, for
pai-mission lo 1 ross it with 1 il - t(l
protect tho crook.
Frank Pit tch ir's lotl ir wr.  ordered
ackn iwledged  and riled.   City
tor's Qrat letter tiled, while thai    ' tae
waterworks was laid over.
Action au  Aid. Arn.it':* n si -nation
j was   indefinitely   postpon ■'• ■'• |!|'
council were anxious to avoid the ; "I
-• j* *•.*-. .■", 1 of another ol eet ion.
The question of holding fi ta**  ■['■'
t lands cam • up, an i lh
■^'saleanv time after the 31 il of Decern
We earry a full line of
I ni|ioi leil Worsteds,
Serges and Tweeds.
Latest desigus shown
in Pautings.
it << ii,.r. by whieh   time tn tea
gQ . boen in arrears two years,
fyj!   Council adjourned.
party.    The  Woodbury   .Mines, Ltd.,
lost some claims on Woodbury oreek,
in the Ainsworth division, by failing
to renew its free miner's license, One
Poyntze re-located the ground. The
Woodbury mines after several months
look out a speeial lieense, whieh it
claimed revived its title against
Poyntze. Accordingly it tried to adverse his elaiin, but was defeated.
',v. Kaacii Boouros iii« ivhoin Property f<ia-
Threo Xoors.
An eveni of material interest aii'l
import to this division transpired last
wqek, W.C. BJ. Koeli having secured
an extended lease on the Enterprise
mine, on Ten Mile creek. The lease
will nm till December .TL I906,and
will cover the entire mine. For the
pa--! six nioiitlts or mi, Mr. Koch has
had a lease on the upper workings of
tho mine, but aimed to get control of
all and has at last succeeded.
ll is the intention of the lessee to at
nn: c erect a new messhouse.to replace
lhe one destroyed last spring by a
snowslide. When completed the fores
at the mine will be increased to 7n
men, nnd this number will be permanently employed. A systematie course
of development will be commenced.
and the ground opened up and con*
lr'.'ta-* I   frar.ii   the   Iron   Horse   lo the
Mabou. Shipments of ore, whieh haye
been averaging alxiut 100 tons per
month, will be increased, Including
t'.r men nt the sawmill, Mr. Koch will
have upward*) of 100 men on his payroll on Con Mile, making it by far the
best sectien of tii" camp. Tne operations at the Enterprise will greatly
benefit burrouuding properties, as the
lessee will abundantly d.uiiiaitrat;
tlie worth of tlm mine.
l'lvilluili «'• T Bill  it   Will   l.alit iiilta.  SI r.aa,;
A1»iv<i Sixty Oonts.
.Silver prices continue strong, quotations for bar silver being above 60
cents per ounce. Within the past
vear shipments from London to India,
China and the .straits Settlements
were of the value of £5,438 0*40, which
was a considerable Increase over those
of tlie precodlng year. The coinage
of silver bv the United States government for tlu* month of September represents $1,907,468, The coinage for
the Philippines for the same month
was 2,004,606 pesos ami 8898 smaller
coins. Between October] and6the
treasury department purchased 86Qy
000 OZ of silver at slightly below CO
cents per oz. Exports of silver from
all United States ports for thr* year
amounted to R22,540,42l), imports be
in^ .$14,874,587. These lij^ures afford
some idea of the movements of the
white metal and the chief sources of
Tbere is a general opinion that producers can feel safu thai the price will
not in the near future, fall below 60
cents, with a strong probability of
further advance. It will not be surprising t.) see the price reach 65 cuts
and remain around that figure with
some stability. Results of present
market conditions are already seen in
the ineroased activity in the leadihg
silver lead producing districts,
ll.iwiflt-tl ■"ra-Olloa Sllttl Down.
C% ! A shook was giveu tho town oa Fri-
K day by the shut down of tho Howard
58 Fraction mine, which wa-* 1; dug work
M ed by Virginia capital. Davolopment
■ni* c.**:.,:^u «..,! W»i*L M funds weru not forthcoming and Man-
Fit, Finish, and Work M u„.„, Bonoduru dM!no(* lt pn,doni to
29 layoff tho force rather than plunge
ar* guaranteed
M tha property inl 1 debt.   It is expected
■ ■...'..   ■     • ,     ...:n    i...
I Gents' rurnishiiig3 SelHng a* Cost K,;^
:*■ Tin* -.tuck of the late A. I'»vid is offered for sale at jg' and continued.
;*« cost.      It comprises Top Shirts, Underwear, Ties, w
W Collars, Working Clothes, ota, etc.      Come early M *n ti..**.ruiit«.ui**8.
I f.uvuv.:,; s*-.-..nu.
With ostimuted promts of f?22.*J"'■
1 tho Lo Etoi mine at Rossland for
to; ib ■■:, thin "3 are ! ickiu , much
I ri ;hl ■•■ :i th ibig mine.. M magor .;
P, Parrieb h.is cabled to London '.'..•■
: I' ■• iij .■ :■ ■;' irt: "Shipp 11 from the
-i.i* to ,:i" .*• irthp irt sm h.-r duri lg
th ■ pnat m cjitb, 11.883 tont- of osa.
contaiuing .">':>1 ounces .ii pold, W15
•a-1 a *• oi silvor aud 281,750pounda ol
■o ...■:-. Th ' e=itimated profit on thr
ire was - 17.i-.i-). Shipped from the
lump to t'i" -ae.-'t ir during th • month
('277 t ms of ore, cont liuing 17.'Jn oz of
gold, 16 •'! oz of Rilver, 7') 942 ; ounds
of copp •;■; estimate I profit on this ore
■jVjv)." -tiregards devolopment the
nana fer states th it he is proceeding
in accordance with the plan outlined
in bis cable of September 9 lastrwhich
was as follows: "Have commenced to
drive on lineof diamoud drill hole No
7 (previously reported as indicating
apparentlv bigh grade ore) and south
1350 level crosscut, prospecting for
ledge over 100 feet in width; will occupy ?n least (-I days' ti:n.\ so as to
prove the value of these ore bodies."
Sinter -iltno Trophy.
The results of the rifle competition
for tho handsome Slat ir Shoe trophy,
presented to the Northwest Mounted
Polico and shot for at Calgary by
teams from the various divisions, are
now out. Eight teams shot for tbe
trophy, that trom the Mnplu Creel.
division winning by 613 points. The
contest was koon and the shooting
-.rood, as there was only a difference of
three points between Maple Creek]
and Calgary. Regin 1 came next with
599 points and Fori Saskatchewan
with 597. The nam.-s of the winning |
team, which adorn ono of the shields
of the cup, arc; Sergeants C. AJlam,
W. B, Macleod;Corporals P.Gordon,
11. A.Wilson, W, i-\ llarvie; Constables A. Croelman, V. Rookeand ll.A.
To force. l"ii I'lilti-. 11.'Ore.
The mill and mine owners and operators of the Galena-Joplin district
have consummated plant for a total
ihvii down of the mine; and mills to
fore *lhe price of zinc and bad ores
above tbo prices now offered by the
smelting combine, Extensive operators consider this to be the most practical and effective way of raising the
price of ore and holding .the price 0 1
ii par with tbe price of pig lead. This
move should greatly benefit tho mine
owners of the Slocan.
sil,it QuotHtlona.
[following aro the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week sine,1 lust issue:
Thursday    <*d:! cents
Friday..    6l|    "
Saturday    602    "
Mondav     60g     "
Tuesday    60S    "
Wednesday     60|     "
Sloean feel* pretty bluo, lieeaust-* of
'.'us shut clown of the Arlington min'.,
which occurred last night,making two
properties to <piit during the week.
By the shut down 11 men are let out
of employment, but it in no way afflicts ih** Speculator, whieh is to lie
'.v •; it in operation all winter. The Intimation to close down was received a
few days ago by 11. D. Curtis, the local ri-fjiVBaseotative of tbe companv.
from J. [frank Collom, the managing
dm ''e'l'. who is at present iu the east.
On Wednesday evening Mr. Curtis received a telegram from H. P. Rithet.
president, confirming the news. Mr.
Collom's letter reads:
"You aro at liberty to announce that
lh ■ mill will be built, tbat it will ban-
die Arlington and Ricowilabi ores,and
any custom ores tributary to tho Arlington basin. The process is an unqualified success and patent olaims
h?n been allowed covering the same.
We shut down ths Arlington because
v*e have three years' run of low grade
ores for the mill, ami ther.; seems to
be no object in further developing the
pr .perty till the mill is in operation.
there will lie some delay in the construction of tht* mill, owiu'* to the financial conditions prevailing at this
time. This,however, is but temporary,
as orders for the machinery will be
given for delivery during the winter
m raths."
The Arlington has been in steady
operation for the post four years, bnt
since la*>t Christmas has beeu running
under reduced force. It has always
Ivu regarded as the mainstay of the
camp, find its shut down just now is
particularly unfortunate. There is one
onght rift in the cloud, in that the
erection of the reduction plant is a*s-
sured, though ths exact date of commencement is not given. It is evident,
bowever, that the mill will be started
by spring, as the machinery will be
constructed and delivered this winter.
in tho meantime the Arlington camp
will present a desolate appearance,
where once was greal activity and life.
1.Halt *r«D,r'i Shipment! WoM 033:1 Ton»—
A IIfiill.1i>- l:Tlalfl*ii<ic uf till- I.lfu uml
WuitltU of lh.* C'liuip KnterprU* the
Hi.'; -.it Shipper.
During tho week 10 tons of ore was
shipped from the division. It came
from the Enterprise and was s-uit to
Trail, makurg upwards of 700 tttus in
all.   In a short time shipments from
that property may be expected to materially increase, and the extension of
the lease will ensure, a steady output
for some years to come, The Hampton ore, amounting to about 0 tons,
will go out taa'xt week. So soon as the
shot, comes the Black Friaoe will be-
^'in shipping, the lessees expecting to
send, out three or four carloads by
For 1902 the oro shipments from
the local division amounted to, 6388
tons, made up from 1*2 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to dale:
Enterprise     40 715
Arlington  40
Ottawa  124
Black Prince  17
Bondholder  S
Dayton  4
Republis  70
Meteor  52
Ihtinilton  i
Wfstmont.. .■  -
Elighland Light  3
Alberts  8
Cii;a|i!o '-'tick  '1
Nausea  3
-10 1001
Saudon mines last week shipped 19t»
tons of ore.
The Payne has received its magnetic
zinc separator.
Arlington stock is offered ou tho
market at 80 cents.
The Boundary mhiosfhipped 10,016
tons of ors last week,
Laat week the Rossland mines shipped 8700 tons of ore.
Day and night s'uifts are employed
at the Ivanhoe concentrator.
Tho Dundee MiningCo., at Ymir,is
to be closed out by the Royal Bank.
Two more plants of the Elmore oil
process are to be installed at Rossl&nd.
The lessees of the Black Prince.
have two carloads of ore ready to ship.
The Lo Roi is opening up an ora
bodv 100 feet wide on its 18150 foot
The Elmore oil process has turned
out a complete success with the ores
of the Le Roi No. 2.
John Foster and J.Cory have taken
a lease and bond on the Cinderella
group, near Three Forks.
The Providence Minin1,' Co., of
Greenwood, has paid its second dividend, this time of two cents a share.
T. Malloy and James Crabb wero
crushed to death by a fall of rock iu
the Granby mines, Phoenix, on Saturday night.
Before the first of tho year it i.s
quite probable the Granby mines will
commence paying quarterly dividends.
Thi iirso one will amount to $188,000.
Tin. Tru«( are Mastm-u.
The advent of the Rockefeller millions in the Coeur d'Alenes promises
much for the future of the ilistrict.
But what is of vastly more interest tL
ttr*5 lead producers of the country as
As a remit of the handing down of | n who!.'
tensions last we •!< by
Hard I'.'mv iu Butte.
is the manner in wnien con-
District .Iu.i',-e j '"'• °i ^w industry Is being centred in
,.      ,,    .,'■    ".' I a few hand -.an aim for which the men
Clancy at Butte, awarding the Mlflnie , *&£_    th,    lideB of th(. Amerioau
Healy mine, one or the richest mines .Smelting and KoflningCompany hare
in Montana, and valued at $10,000,000, i,.vn quietly working for years. Tho
to !•'. Aug. Heinze, and then granting \(.m[ smeltii* -interests of the western
an injunction against tho Boston & I couuiiw are controlled lirst by tho
Montana Co.. the principal property Bmoiting combination. True, thoie
of the Amalgamat,t3d Copper'Co.
Collars, Working Clothes, etc., etc.
P.*" and get yeur choice
3 Main Street,
Slocan H
All   ' aaa- >■! :  ia.:   Hilling
Chief Justice   Hunter,  Blttiug al
R .   lanl has d-scldod  thai a specla
revive Iiil" to mineral
Montana,  all tho properties of tne
Amalgamated Copper Co, iu Montana
were ordered closed for an indefinite
period. Upwards of 15,000 men were
thrown out of employment. As a result, to *. other lines of business have
ha I to reduce their forces, so that tht
are scvernl small independent smelters
scattered through the Rockies, but
tbelr combined output will not equal
that of the Murray, Utah, plant of the
smelting combine. The lead producing districts of Missouri are controlled
largely by the United Lead company
md Its constituent corporations. Thus
number of unemployed reaches nearly ; ti„, producers of the raw material
30,000, paralyzing business In   the weu n}gh powerless.   Through their
count ry. control of the raw materials/they have
T   .-    i   •     1        • 1   • •      a stron" advantage over the  actual
Justice Irving has givena decision ■   ■*"""■• "•*"?,    , „,„.„ .« „,.,,,„
.   ,a   11 1    i"   .- *   t   ■ ~ consumers 01   e.ul. a class ot mnnu*
in tihe ( otlv Fraction case, deslaringyi , , , ■ .   >  , „„ .1,1	
,  .     i.i*   tnnj  1.             -ii        facturers wlioso wants belonff eitnei
that aud tbe Wild Rose invalid loca- !   .," « .•     ,   '   1- ;,„i i.„i„„„,
,,„.-.    ,   1     1 „i 1 ,,..,,;„,, r1 to  he National or   I intra Lead com*
tlous.   Jolin Docksloader a location cf | ,..   ,. ,„ ,u„ indepeudrtltai   Ti,()
si. Kttgetie Will Not Reiuiuo.
olill Dock-.Leader's locf
the ground with the Colonial
John Houston has been refused a
ialll 1 f
ia up*
f 1* ■■■>»«__  .».«.. v-i -n e. u » ' He '■'-e UUf-3 ''•' ' lOVlVC ll'.!'1 io uieiei.ii
^3-SX^ i lands which had ben allowed to lapse
"In vi »w of Ihs unstable outlook ofl seal In lie* cabinet by Sir Henri Joly.
ths load market, I do not think that Harvoy Aitchison left Wednesday
tbo SLEugeue min.'. at Moyio, will •or ^boenlx,
I..* operated  this  year." said John A.I    Sam Starch came in yesterday from
Finch, one of tlio owners of tho pro*' Frank.
panies or to tho
independent lead manufacturera do
uot consume 20 per cent of the total
lead production of the country and
theretoro, indirectly, but none the h'ss
effectually, the oxecutive committee
of tho Americau Smelting and Refining Company aro masters of tin- situ-
-        ,.     -  - .     ■ . :w .-. ,
-■ — i rti'in-'——
A Love
but there was oue to whom lio t.w-
i»d u deeper and purer faith than ho
had been keeping for the past si*;-
tuid-thirtv hours. Ho must' go ond
soe Christina without delny. All
his hopes of happiness in lift'
were centered in her. He would
sec her, nnd toll lo her just what had
happened, and he would urge her to
sot foi th with him upon the Voyage
of tin. new life. The anniversary ol
his birth was past. It had occurred
011 the day before ho hnd boon turned
trom his father's house. He was
one-and-twenty, a free man, and Ihe
money he had inherited from his maternal grandfather wns his. With
lhat he could Start. Tho thought in-
spired him, and l.o dressed himself
speedily. A single glass of brandy
was necessary to Steady his nones
before he could eat anything, Ho
would drink that, und drink no
The brandy—two glosses, however,
Instead of one, for ho hnd found himself more shaken llian ho had thought
—and tho breakfast were disposed of,
and Ihen, having submitted himself
to the manipulations of the barber,
Paul walked out. His first movement wns to the office of the banker
who had held his funds in trust under the guardianship of his father.
The banker was at his desk, and wns
glad to seo him.
A few passing remarks upon the
topics of the day, and Pnul broached the subject of especial Interest,
"It has ell been fixed, my dear sir,
in most proper manner," said tho
banker, "anil we shall be happy to
honor your draft, or to do any other
business you may favor, us wilh."
Without exposing his entire ignorance of what had beeu done, Ite led
the banker to tell the story, frnm
which it appeared thnt his father
had taken all legal steps necessary to
the transferring of the entire control
of the funds to him.
"Your, fnther wus very precise and
methodical," remarked the bsn'-er
"He wished us to understand that he
cluimed no more authority, nntl
nhould assume no further responsibility. He said you were lo be henceforth your own man. 1 didn't know-
but that he would finish the joke by
informing us that he should pay no
more debts of your contracting."
The broker laughed, and Paul tried
to respond in like manner, though
tho effort was, on tho whole, a failure. He learned, however, that the
original deposit of twenty thousand
dollars had grown to be thirty thousand; and after this ho managed to
smile quite naturally. Dut he was
not In want of money then, though
he might be in a few days, as ho
had thoughts of going into business,
Ho took some blank cheques, of
which duplicate numbers were taken
upon the banker's book, and nlso left
a copy of his autograph.
The world seemed very bright to
Paul Waybrook as he left the bunker's office. He was wealthy in his
own estimation, 'ihere wus no press-
imr tie-ad of his filing into business.
Witn Christine lor his wife he could
procure a comfortable, cosy homo a
little way out in the country, and
live upon the interest of his money;
and, under, the inspiration of the
thought, he snapped his lingers, and
hummed to himself a verse of "Begone, Pull (.'nre." But the ebullition
wus not lusting. Ho grew more BOb-
er and thought*!*) us he left ihe city
behind him, not so much with fear of
possible disappointment as with the
weight of iho new responsibility
which bad dawned upon hiin. The exhilarating effects of th" brandy ho
had drunk before breakfast had sub*
sided, und a sense of weakness and
unsteadiness, resulting from tho
night's dissipation, had succeeded, lie
full Badly the need—so he thought* -
of just one more glass; but ho remembered his resolution, and ho
would remain linn, llo had danced,
nntl now ho must  pay  Ihs fiddler.
Ho ilid not go out over tlio Neck,
as he cared nol to meel nny acquaintances, but lis took the mid-
forenoon train by tlio Provldonre
road, stopping nt I'nxbiir*, station,
ko thai he reached Iho Itrookstde
shortly after cloven o'clock llo looked to see Christine upon the |i.*',u
us he approached the cottage, bul
sho was nol visible, lie went around
Into ths garden, unci she wns not
there. Ho went in bj the rear porch,
and found Lots alone ami In tears
"Oh, "Min.s'r Paul, does ys know
where Miss Christine can bo?"
Paul snt down under Hub blow, llut
she might he searching lo.' him, nnd
ho gained strength, and stood up.
What is it, Lora?   Whero is  your
Sure, niars'r, 1 don't know, but
she's been gone ull night, untl .lohn
und Pete hub looketl eb'rywhere for
her. liar's a letter in du drawin'-
I'ooin for you."
From her?"
"Shi* must 'a' left it when sho went
Paul hastened to the tlruwing-rooin,
followed by   Lora,    untl    upon    tho
cciitie-tuble he found  the nolo,     uti
die-sod  to himself.
Paul tore the letter open, and read
as follows:
"Dear Paul,—When you lind this I
shall bo far uwut iio not blame mo
for lhe step i havo taken. 1 do it
for your gootl. 1 sucr.ilico ull for you.
I cannot separate father nnd son.
Ilttnrn to your home, and stii.e to
forget ono who can never bo mora to
you than a friend of the p.ist. I hnve
K'usiiiered this matter seriously,     i
know lhat I have uo claim upon the
estate of iuy foster-mother, nnd l
Brill net le a pensioner upon the
bounty of those who are t>> succeed
to ihe propert)    Kor, liuur Paul, ran
I consent  to tirng you  down    to tho
social grade you would enter by marrying nie.    1   will  not  permit,  myself
to be made a lusting barrier between
father und son.   The yoke which look
you from your    homo    nnd    deprived j
you of you   patrimony, would    very |
soon gall you    beyond bearing,     untl
then, alas for the unfortunate   muse
of your distress I    1 cannot—  1     Will I
not.   1 am resolved!   i huve found a
friend with whom I shall leave    this I
so; lion of the country at once, so ull'
search for   me  will  be  fruit Ies. Forget me and be happy.      1 shnll   find
happiness if I can.   llct.ur.n   to   your
father,  und  thus obey  the lust prayer, in your hehalf, of
Again Paul sank down as though
under a heavy blow.
"What is It, mnrs'r?"
".She has gone!"
"Gone awa,\—far awuy. 1'letl fiom
her home!"
While he snt wilh the letter in his
hand, John Downey 'entered; nnd to
.lohn the lnntler was explained, The
gardener wns u cool-headod num.
though not over blight. Ho reflected
a while, and then suggested that
.'■cnrcii should be mnde. lie thought it
would lio a good plan to put the
matter into tlio hands of the chief of
"How!" cried I'aul. '/Put the police upon the truck of u maiden who
hns chosen to flee from n home that
had become oppressive to hoi?"
"I ain't so sure of that,'.' replied
.John, with a s.nt of dogged pertinacity, "Miss Christina didn't ihow
no signs yesterday of siuh a move;
nntl it wouldn't have been Uke hor to
go off in thut fashion without oven a
word of purlin'  to Lorn or me."
" 'Deed,    It     wouldn't,"    declined j
Lora,   "if she'd a meant to go    off i
for good an' all, she'd nebber a' gone
widout a woid to mo—nebber!" |
"But," urged Pnul, "you ennnot
suspect foul play?"
"I don't luow why," responded
John. "I can't say r.s how
ther's been nny foul ploy at
all, but it looks mightily like
it, nevertheless. In He first
plnce 1 nin'i satisQed 'at Eben Sanders an' Selh |in*ais wfl-nt off of Heir
owu free Will  Ond accord,   I mny huve
thought 'twas all fair in tho begin-
nln', but I don't think so now. And
it's mighty strange, to suy tl:o least,
thut old Mr. Halford, madame's luwyer, should have stepped out. just
that particular time, when ho wus
well enough before. And I don't forgot the mun that, was killed on the
railroad, f toll you, sir, there's
monkery soinowhero."
"But," Said Paul, ns sunn us ho
could breathe, "hero we have Christine's own  h tier."
I don't cure nothing fo.- that,"
asserted John, flatly. "The quostion
Is: Whut made hor wiiic it? I don't
say she hain't gone; but 1 do say
'.hat somebody else litis had a linger
In the pie."
"Paul started, and his whole frame
was convulsed.
".lohn, do you suspect my fnther?"
The gardener was very guarded
and deliberate In his answer.
"I don't think, sir, tluit your fnther would have done anv thing of the
kind—that Is, not knowingly; hut
how far he might lend, a sort of
winkin' help, you ran judge better
thnn  I."
In tho ond. I'aul resolved to enlist
the aid of (he polite. He culled upon the chief of police, gave him nn
explanation of tho whole matter, and
asked what could be done toward
finding Christine. He made no complaint; he usked only that the girl
might bo found.
And wo muy hero remark .'.ist how
UU ci the olliiers found. They learned
that a close carriage drawn by two
horses, huti icon driven away (rem
the Brooksido on the night of Christine's disappearance, and that ii
hud gono o\cr the Tmnont rond i.t-
to Boston. This the.v learned, uini
nothing more, for they hnd no olew
by which  lo diicit even  n  suspicion.
Meantime, however, came one who
brought now and peculiar qualifications for. the scutch, and though sho
came iits a stranger to .lohn Downey,
he hesitated not lo trust her. As for
Lora, sin? welcomed lhe helper with
superstitious awe. It was the old
woman called Endora who hnd np-
peared upon iho scene, und l.ora
bowed beforo her ns siie would have
bowed to her mistress, Whence the
respect she felt for the aged waif,
she could uol Loll; she knew only
that her heart yearned  toward her.
ll was on the day following the
first visit of tho police detectlvo that
Endora arrived nt the cot, and learned what hud transpired, she listened patient!*** to Loin's Incoherent
narratlvo, nnd then she beard 'in'
moro  comprehensive    expounding     of
.lohn Downey. She also learned 'if
the departure of the hack en the
night of Christine's disappearance;
and she furthermore arrived at ih"
fun that gravel hod been found up
on tho floor of the piazza on the
morning succeeding, as though feet
wot with dew had brought it up
After this, Endora cume bluntly
upon the quostion ns lo whether tho
lawyer's clerk had been seen Upon
tho premises, Lora declined herself
stupid that she had nut thought of
thii before. The man had culled
there on the very day preceding
Christine's disappearance. He had
roinc und offered his services in the
lady's behalf—to help her win a portion of the properly if he could—
but Christine hud turned him nway
without entertaining his proposition.
Prom this point Endor made strict
search until she had succeeded . In
tracing Hugo to Kin,side, and here
sho found the servant with whom he
hnd conversed, und loarnod what the
subject of his conversation had been,
As the old woman walked down the
broad carriuge-way from the Elmsldo
mansion to Hie highway, she nodded
and muttered to herself, until she
bail reached the Square whero sho
could take n street-car, by Which she
wos landed in Boston, and ere long
she was housed in a tenement of
questionable character, where questionable-looking men and women
como and went at her bidding. She
ilid not seem to be Wholly at home
thore; but the peoplo knew her, and
Appeared ready and willing to obey
(To bs Continued.)
Nova Scotia
leads the world
ln the quality of iis
rwool.   The hardy oil-
' mate—salty sea breezes
rich grazing —all impart a
strength and elasticity, a peculiar texture and velvety softness — that   is   unmatchable
anywhere else.
It the only Underwear In the world
that is made of Nova Scotia wool
—cleaned, treated, combed
and woven In our own mills
—has tha Stanfield guarantee that it Is absolutely
unshrlnkablSfl   A peu'ect fat
for every man.
All good dsaler- soil I!.
The bodies of those Kaucos uro maae of tho
boat quality rango 'led, all outside exposed
parts are Interlined with heavy sheet asbestos.
Thejr hnve cast iron extensions with white
Enmiiollaal Hi'-ervaiir-i, nickel platod drop Tu
Pot Stand*!. Nickeled Towel Hods. Ther are
made to burn any kind of coal, can be changed
In two minuti s to turn 2d Inch wood, lliuhly
nickeled tlaroiuthout.
For full pn'rtlculurs send for Illustrated
NIV11; i—ThS following prices far these
I,luh   gruflln   iK.iig.li na  Illustrated,   fully
No fl-IH oven   lMxMlTlf. In. f/SO.OO
No I) SO  oven   '-Mix-ilnl 1 In. 162.60
(f*. O. 11., Wlniilpe-f,)
ask   yuur dealer fur tinm ur writ* t* ns
1.13 • liill  I.fliuibHrd   St.,   tVlniilper.
T&iiffUt    Voting   Women   s.*. inun in a
Yliili'..i!t Getting Wet.
"Why, certainly, Miss Maude; certainly I will touch, you '.0 sv. iiu. Now
before wo ko imo the water l.*t us get
ilu* positions. .Iu*u observe nie une mo*
iiieui.  I'luco your linnds ln front, thus,
pillms OUt"—
"Palms out-yes?   Ah. that Is easy I"
"Certainly. Then your body straight
- thus."
".\iy   body thus -yes."
"Hold your bead thus."
"Yes  tlitis—my bead" -
"No, no—not thai wny! Lei mc show
you. "'urn your cbln up a bit—there!
"Ouch! Vain beast, you made me bite
my tongue!"
"Can't help little accidents uu-.* thnt.
l'nu must be more observant. Now ynu
have it! Bravo! Sow when we get Into the water remember i\,u position,
The first thing will bo to learn Boi it*
"i in, I adore floating!"
"Of course you do -who doesn't? Vou
will lif*on yonr back while I place my
rlgbl nnn under your tvulst, thus" -
"But, Mr. riiiiidrrs, wo are not In the
water, sir:"
"I know, Mii* Maude. This is hypothetical water, as it were, l place my
right min nnder your waist nnd take,
yuur right hand with my left, thus"—
"Yes? Oh, that's vory nice, reully,
"One minute, Miss Minnie - you must
he patient, I.eau n little back in the
hammock, please—It makes tbo Idea of
floating more realistic. That's right.
Now, having placed my right arm un*
der your waist and taken your right
bnnd in nay left, thus, I" -
"Why   lib!   you   brute,   you   kissed
"Did I? Heavens!"
"Vou did, sir: But"—
"Well! Why don't you go on with the
—wiih the lesson?"- Baltimore News.
The  Stnirlcr   Wny.
"l understood that you hnve been
experimenting ivllh a view to discovering th" philosopher's stone?" snld the
boyhood friend,
"Yes," sniii the lutellectunl man, "if
I discover It, I shnll become rlcli."
•'i!',ii vi hut's the use nf vi tilling so
long? Why don'l yon g< i stone
straight from the i-nnrry nnd r i i Icli
on ian i: -. in.'I building a oiiirni.   lhe
hM.:- US 1 dill f"
Helen, thy tnunty la to me
J.Ike i1hji.ii Ni..ran barks of yor*
That fi-inly o'er u puifume J tea
The weary, wayworn wanderer bet*
To hit own native shore.
On desperate seas long wont to roam
Thy hyacinth hair, thy classlo face,
Thy imiu.l airs havo brought nit home
To tho glory that was Ureece
And the grandeur that was Homo.
Lo, tn yon brilliant window niche
How staluelike I see thee stand,
The agate lamp within thy hand!
ih, I'aythe, from tht regions which
Art Holy Land!
—Edgar Allan
A suck of tlour dumped Into the
(..m-Btv Hour-barrel of a hungry maa a
homo is worth more to thnt ma-i
than nil ■•■** tracU ***■*• •l0Wl'i'v   b,*r"
ions In Christendom.
The    mu"     who     wears   the     be8t
elothes may have the most creditor*..
It   isn't always  tlio mosi palatable
J medlcino that cures the quickest.
If you are in hard luckuITTi
••hoer up and wait t li ih0 °V **■"*!
by and you will aatya „,. ■"••i'i
silver lining. *U">W at «,.
If a nian has plenty 0* n
soon get coin. "**-"• litmj
A baby isn't    necessar?*,    «
with jaundice because    it*.      "^I
yollo.-. '••• *   Htti,
* 8
• ••O-flB-	
O The Story of a King Who Loved §
O a Commoner. 0
o a
It was an Ideal May. At one of the
biggest houses In London u ball was In
progress, The small hours hnd como,
und out over the tops of the trees lhe
moon was shining. In the park n ninn
nnd u girl were sitting out dance after
The mun wns of courtly presence and
splendid physique, with fnee clean cut
ns a cameo, red gold hair ami pointed
heard, wondrous even there ln the half
light, nnd blue eyes thut fell before neither man nor woman.
In low, passionate tones he was
pleading with the girl nt his slde-
pleadlng ns strong men only plead for
life or love. But to nil the fervor of his
wooing she was adamant.
"Vou do not love me, Blanche," he
cried ut length. "You have only been
playing with me."
"Ah, Hex! What a lifetime of regrets nnd loneliness I should be saved
If I did noC"
He caught her In his arms, ruining
hot kisses on her cheeks and lips.
"My love! My life! How can I persuade yiui to forget everything but Our
love for each other and marry nie?"
"Why do you tempt me? Wby do you
love me? Why have we ever met**"
She half freed herself from his embrace and stood, her bunds on his
shoulders, scnnnlug his face.
"Heaven only knows, since you Insist on parting again," he nnswered.
"And yet you say you love me."
"I do love you with till niy heart anil
soul, Bex. my prince of men, my king!
Bul how eau I marry you? Would you
have your people say you had brought
them a country girl, a commoner, a no-
body, from over the sen? In what disaster would the royal marriage end?
No, no, my Bex. Our dream ls over
tonight. We have come to the parting
of the ways. Go bnck to your throne
ami wed a woman tit to tie your mate—
a princess. Antl I—the memory of this
May madness shall go with uie to the
grave, and no wan shall call me wife."
"Before God, Blanche, I will uever
marry any woman hut you! There Bhull
be a llfcloug troth between us If you
will have nothing else."
He drew a ring set with blazing diamonds from his own finger aud slipped
It on hers.
"Send It to me, darling." he said, "If
In the years to come you repent tonight's decision, and I will he at your
side as fast as rail and boat can bring
me. Antl send It tj ine If tlie great
summons come first to you, ami it
shall bo buried with me, for love of a
peerless woman."
He bent bis handsome head nud kissed her again.
"I have no Jewel to give you bat k,
Rex," she whispered, "only this Utile
'MIzpah' ring—'The Lord Judge be
tween me und thee wheu we are absent
the ono from tho other.' "
Klio raised her lips lo his for a last
caress, and he kissed the teardrops
from hor eyes, too, before he led her
back to the glare of the ballroom and
the scrutiny of a score of pairs of Jealous eyes nmi the murmur of a score of
envious feminine tongues, ".She has refused hlm, the little fool."
e * * • • e        •
Blanche Druminond sat sewing at the
open window of u gray, Ivy grown
house, with the gulden sunshine of another Mny, ten yeurs nfter, showing
up all the finger piinis tti.it relentless
time ami trouble had placed on her
beautiful face.
Squire Drunimotid had never poSSCSS*
cd more wealth than would sulll.e foi
his own requirement! nmi those of a
prodigal son, and It hnd \,een u stand
ing grievance to hlm tbat his dnugtitt-i
had so steadily refused every olTer of
a rich bUlband. He did not know the
story of the diamonds on her left band,
and, moreover, he hnd no soul for sentiment.
Now thnt he was gone to his long
home and the prodigal far off In a foreign land Blanche lived nn at the old
country house with the nunt who tin
years previously had chaperoned her
one London seuson.
Suddenly that lady looked up from
the newspaper she was rending.
"Do you remember the king of ster-
vln, Blanche," she asked—"thr. build-
some man wilh the red beard? He call-
ed himself the Count ion (Jlenchen
Hint season we met hlm lu London,"
Her ryes were dimmer than they had
been ten years ngo, antl she did not
see tho flush on her niece's cheeks ns
she murmured assent, but went 00 in
blissful unconsciousness,
"Here Is news of hlm. He Is going
to he mnrrled at laat"   And she read
"it is officially announced thai a
marriage has been arranged to take
place shortly between his majesty King
Hex of Slervla and her rojul highness
Princess I'luvln of Itliodnnln,"
That was all—only a Inild press paragraph, but It set tbe sweet May wiiii-
shine all dnazlliig before lllauehe
luumiiiunii's   (yes   aud   brought   the
Doctor Wanted to Burn tho Skin With a Rod Hot lron..patiHB(
Air Ali'.x. McLean, Tarbot Vale, N.
8., writes —'I'or two yeurs I worked as scctioniunn on tho Dominion
(Jonl Company's Uallroad betwei.n
Sydnej nnd Glace Bay, N.9., and
during thai timo wns exposed to nil
liorts   of   weather,     Gradually   my
he.illli   liiili'il,   untl   I   hei'linie  n  Victim
of protruding piles. At first I did
not know whut my ailment wns, but
consulted a doctor, und though ho
treated me ror piles, they only grew
"I wns forced to give up work nntl
return 10 niy home. My suffering
could scarcely bo described, I could
not walk or lie down, but while tho
ri-.si aii lhe family wus sloop!ng I
would lie groaning and aching from
the excrtichttinpf pnins.
"Again I decided to consult n dor-
tor. This ib:..' stripped me, and said
the  piles would   have  to ho burned
with   u   red-hol    iron       I   shivered    ul
the tlioiiKlit of burning the flesh, and
tailtl hlm I could not think of undergoing such uu operation, so In* gave
me s.inie salve, for which he charged
mo two dollars, but it did not tl" me
any good.
"I was in a desperate condm.
and had about given up i„, „ ' °"'
being freed fro.,, this i^M
Ing when a friend ,„i,i ,,... ftb ™*
Chases  Ointment,    He i | ,„. ^ ,
aeon so many cuses that
thut  he woultl pnj   for ||  |,j
failed to cure.
"My experience   v Ith   n
Ointment  is thnt tho first «
l  h ml
nsoll i| S
did  me more good  lli.n,  ,i'.| ij'"*"^
doctors, nmi it. hus iiutip ..,,    '*»
and us freo from piles ns ,,,,,.   "'
Sinee   being   cured   I   ...,.,: ...   ,|
the winter  in  the  lumhei   , 00dg ,Jj
experienced   no   return   nt   my J,
trouble.    I am mil  ii mil,,.  it .
strong  when   1   Bay   thul   In    ri    "
Ointment wns worth Sion n \m',!
mo.    *ia>ii  are free  to  use ,„v',,.,
mwnj" for tho bi riofit  nl others m |
feel   it  my duty   lo  muki   '
known ihii
great   ointment."
Ur. Chase's Ointment,
box. ut nil dealers; oi
Units .'.: Co ; Toronto
'i'ai protect you ngainsl
lhe portrait and signature ul Dr. A.
w.  Chase, the famous   receipt l.tiok'
nuthor, aro on every box ol his rciia*
ills I I
I'.dniaiisoijj I
■ lulaliniil,
wares of the ocean surging Ihrough
hor ears.
"Before Cod, Blanche, 1 will never
marry any woman but you!"
He had forgotten her. then. Even a
king could forge! his vow.
She put away her sewing presently
and went up to her owu room. Out
over the woods, yellow green In their
young leaves, aud the distant sea,
shimmering sapphire, the siinshlue
swept In a Hood of gold. The birds
twittered a hundred glad songs.ami the
scent of the lilac and hawthorn hung
on the uir. But she heard nothing save
the memory voice of her king lover's
pleading, saw nothing but his diamonds on ber hand— diamonds Hint
mean constancy! Aud he was about
to tlo as she had urged hlin—marry another woman. Ah. well! When the
Princess Klovla was queen of Stervia,
she would put awoy his love pledge
The days crept on, snd the weeks,
and now aud then a paragraph appeared lu the papers unent the forthcoming royal wedding. It was brought
to remembrance that King lies was
the handsomest ruler In Europe. The
Princess Flavin was said to be beautiful ami accomplished, 'i'he names of
the bridesmaids were announced and
the clergy who were to otlltiate, and
then came the entire programme of thu
great event
Illanche read It all through as though
it were part of a dream, in Imagination »he saw her own name In place
of that of Princess l'hivla. It might
have been. Vet not once did she repent her dceision of that fateful May
night. She still believed that to have
yielded io her love and married hlm
would have lieen the grtatest wrong
the could have done hlm.   Aud *n his
wedding morning dawned in that Iran*
rjuil country spot, anil Blanche Drum*
mond'S left bo4d was minus Its blaze
of diamonds, she wandered out into
thu garden Ibat morning, restless and
agitated anil, sitting In a tiny summer
house beneath a big lilac tree, fe'J
s musing while the hours passed, am!
by and by the glare of the noonday
sun warned her t.> return to the house.
As she ucared the garden gate the
vicar was passing on the road outside,
nmi mechanically she panned to speak
to him.
"So .von hnve returned, Mr. Wil-
loughhy. Have ton completed your
business In town satisfactorily'/"
"Thankyou, yes." he answered, "Ami
I feel like n giant refreshed by these
few days lu London—one drops Into
such a rut, forever In thc country.
Of courte you have not heard this
morning's newsV"
"No. What has happened?"
"The king of Stervia. who was to
have been married today, you know,
was found dead iu his bed this morning."
Wltb a choking cry Blanche reeled,
ami before Ihe vicar could reach her
she lay faint uud prone on the graveled
path. For hours nlic passed from one
lit of hysterics to another. The doctor
Raid her ucrven were completely unstrung, ami the slunk of the vicar's
tidings bad been the last straw.
No one dreamed of connecting tho
country girl, who hud not been iii London except for three mouths of ber life,
with the king,  who, Instead of being
principal In Ihe pageant of n wedding,
lay dead, It was whlsprrcd of poison,
in bis darkened palace.
It was for her he had died, Blanche
felt aasuredi anil by sheer effort of will
she overcame her nerves aud her anguish ami waited—waited until on ibe
second ilay the postman brought her a
Hull' pnekHge with mnny foreign
stamps thereon. When she next sum
inoueil up strength to ftice the worltl
again anil take Up the burden of life,
every one marveled ot the alteration
lu her. Years older she looked. The
luster wns gone from her eyes, and her
expression was that of a wouiau who
had Just turned away from the ileal li
bed of all thnt the world held dear to
her.   Above the diamond rim on ber
wedding unger was a plain ^iiii circle*
engraved wilh theohl tryst word "I!is.
pah," and next her heart lay a letter,
the only letter she hud cur rcrclval
from her king lover:
Ur HI.iii Iii'—You hatt* tern ill • - ra-i-itii tl |
nt/ approaching marriage, anil y/ou l.i* t.-.flu-.'nf
tlaat 1 liar* altofi'thtr lot-goUTi tbe on* iu*.n
1 lova. No io, in/ prrrlru Blanche, ll l.u'.ti
Herniary, (or itata retaom. lu icqutun in Ihi
iii.ldi armiiL.'Ot] fur ma hy my mlnllUn, but t^-
tnfl-ht I mui* my own qulttul, Ko otbtr cwm
if iipa-Bi tu nta taut tlia one 1 am ibout to(!.%«*.
In-.a nie, lllamlif; also I am deliverlof tbf prli*
i os from a lifelong nypocrlix, lor, lie tajrA,
ilia hai bein (niaed tn'o thia. 1 it.:] In. lit
lilfl/riih ring, and 1 ..-iovi a merciful (.oa t:j
juJ^a ma innoienl in Uif lima wa hari I'to 0>
nut the one from tlie Other. IV. ji n linn In
toy lake, lirarl ol n<y ha-art, farewell mill >i
meet in the lanJ where all ail equal u1 vpttl
lova la Ihe oi.lv king. Uu.
-Ladles' Field.
lloor  H.tllal.
The moor bath3 which nre prnrlil''
at many Austrian and Herman betllli
resorts, were tlrst used nt PraflteDJ
bnd. ln is'j:i Dr. Poschoiann, a plij-j
Clan there, believed that tie tiatl fOUtaS
In theni a new curative medium, ai.J
they have since become iio[ii:iar. Some j
physicians still question their efflcitj.
while others In Austria ninl GermMJ
rely upon them to rentier good ttttn
lu many maladies. Though tlie l»l-
Is composed of pent, or moor r-.-irtb. tJ
Wblcb euough water has been ndded to
make a thick paste of thu man, "ft
the peat ht different from thai V"-1*"***
ls extracted from a bog In Ireland or
In Will Ireland and Scotland lb*****"
Is used ss fuel. At Fransensbad the
mineralised pent will not serve «**•
purpose. The bog from *■ hlcll It li*
traded has been saturated tliroUBtow
countless ages wiih mineral water,«•>»
tho product is a strong cheralcsl i***
pound. Thus a moor balk l« a inlntwl
tniih In a concentrated rorm, n"' j*
fects are produced upon the *''*"']a.*'•'
taking n course of ilicsc hatlii W***"
cannot be produced, accord ng to »
perls, by ni'.y mineral walor.-Btoi*
wood's Mai-aziu".
at-bl. '
I'lien   lu   I'erxlil.
A pig Is usually kept In every «i«
In Persia, as it Is thought the pw w
of iho porker Is beneficial to tlio lioaiti
of the horses.
Women   ure    more    forgiviM ^',
men  because  men   need  more i""'
Wi.iiii  ih.. only ostnblia     "' ••*
makes inonej wltlioul advi
tlw mini
A good many spirit mnniii
ome utter a > iMi to tlio bm
A  sensible woman    seldom wtv
her time on u bundeon '
Take cold easily? l?%°n3v'
tender? Lungs weak? JJl
relatives have consuinpjw
Then a cough means a grw
deal to you. Follow jjg
doctor's advice «nd^
Ayer's Cherry Peer «'.
heals, strengthens, pWjg
ESS [, S^lgS^rX^"'*
■"V..-r**8.,»l.tBl*. t&jjfrpB
Ayer's Plllt Inoreaso tho ■ fl0»ir|i Hllpttfl-r —M ''"-■''a
the Drill.
t;LocAN. nitmsH COLUMBIA.
BKinarok's Oeat Cl«»r.
„!,„ Xanoleon,   Bismarck   was  a
rnh     ,.„,.    lie once told this story
'"'l^'iV'his love of the weed:
'".!  ; 'nu. of a good cigar l» best
• ,„.il when It lithe* last you pos-
L«fl there is no chance of getting
r*,Z \t Koonlggrnetf 1 hnd only
" leitr left In my pocket, which 1
P*"- ! ||v guarded during the battle as
'•:!l'.' ,.',„, ,t,Js his ireasurc. 1 tlitl not
J?wHicd in using It 1 painted l„
1     ,.,. colors In my llllnd *1'c naVW
ir wlicn 1 sltould enjoy it after the
', ,0,,v but i uatl miscalculated my
. ,.»«   A poor dragoon lay helpless,
I, iiiiili nnns c
g crushed,  murmuring
IHIiig to refresh hlm. I felt In
and found only gold, which
„- of ihe least use to hlm.
l had still my treasured
L,. 1 lighted it for him ami placed
' between his teeth. Vou should havo
' ,,.,, |,„.,r fellow's grateful smile. I
.vr,r riijoyeil ii cigar so much ns tbst
ne ,v*.*c-* i tiid uot smoke."
•lin* Ansel Child.
"Mnrlbn," snld her mamma. "I trust
lilmt wlill« )'"u  ■vor9 B* *,'°'"' Almt
IMiirllio'** you snld  nolbing to offend
..gi,, no, ninmiun," declared the angel
.i,!)-,' "| was careful to say things
ffu|cii would make her know thnt you
.„,] |„ipn uued her for herself alone."
■•I'lia; was '.'roper."
.■Why. whon sho nsked mc if you
folks bud named mo Martha so that she
would leave us her money when she
•|CS i it.lal la*r tbnt papa and you had
talked about tbot and that papa said
-re mustn't think of such n thing."
••.Viiil what did she say?" asked niuro-
ii;: eagerly.
"Nothing. She lust laughed and said
1 ivns n good girl und I'd better run
nloDg home when I told ber what papa
wk) ah ul her going to bave a pocket
Dade, in lur shroud."
When a n an moves to another town
I,,,, itan il   in for  the  town he left,
|,    ,.,:  depend upon it that he   hu.*
never   na.     anything ti*.  help    the
■ siting    and  was  nu   undesirable
„    ■...,..   dishes,   pots or  pan* with
i., [li .    S< up   iu   run. iter I      ll   will
,.s. v. ith in* greatest smt*
.ing i,. i mi' li  liberty  may
. i ins liberty
,V i*in   i (ill lal'.NKltot'S  BATE""**..—
■    .  .   .   •  an)   persons  ol healthv  app«-
I ill,a-HUiiu    \\ho.   after   a
are subject to tuu.h Buffer*
i  ui  which  tots   hav* par*
I •„, ...   lend  in   their   staOnuieh*
Ijli •••■inii.   ii   suiiithrriiia.*   f.-<•'-
...     'al     Rtl'.ll-lol     IS     Ullt'U     fOr
I r  \ti.rk   aii   i.r.v   lalnit       I"   this
.th■■• .-. Vegetable Pllli will
j     a 11 fl»v will nsrlst the aselml-
I .■'        ■  ■!.   ailment,   nmi  umil accord-
in a  • •   i, aiij restore healthy di-
mals   bundle  the     truth
I nilh i,
Wl HainJr<-J Dollars  RewaM  Tv
Itti] ...ti tint cannot be <iir«*<l by
i     '   CHENS** & CO.. Toledo. O
aaaai.    have    Known   F.    J
il.-, years, anal bellera hlin
;. '■■• ■ lu all iai-.iia.ss tratiaat-tl.aiia
to .'itny out any obllgatl'.ns
I ha     r, rm
w    r a truax
jia- i.rupritlata. Toledo, 0
•S ',.   KIN*..**.* *  MA 11 VIS.
Wholesale DnwlsU, Toledo, O.
1 I ni    in tnkan Inta-rlially. set-
Ing -. • ... the blood and mueons ser-
tacfi    ■  • y. stIna.ml lis ai*nt   frfl*e.
I Bold by an DrtiffltU.
Ilall'a Ft     )• I'illa ar* thc test.
'■ib   port i   ns    oi   ev. rv
■ n ho :-li >uld  nui    us'-
' ■' '• ■ ' •    w lioti be  is  mad. and
ii he is in a good humor
■ - This is to certify thnt
troubled with a laiua
u years.
i ihree bottles of    your
'N'AHIi      UNIMENT and am coni-
■ mc great  pleuuro to    rail  end vuu me at Hb."-ty
'■ nnj  tviij  to further '.ne
■ valuable medicine
1 '•"  I- vers JtuBKl'T  HdSS.
'   lhat   waabea eml Urlea
' ■   ■
an    hour Ims been In-
nnd ii  is guaranteed    thai
i•*.    Baucers,    e' d   othor
out  of the wash a it lit.'M
■H UUY, ll \i'i'Y BABIES.
no   greater    tniisure   on
11 ••" u healthv. helpov, merry
Anything  therefore  Hint  will
little ono iu thin condition
ii,'  ',      '• »« bpon tn mothers.   Mm.
,'■  '   l   Mu|ilo Creek, N.W.T., tells
,, * i-'ompliah*8d this end.    She
U*.       ' nm happy   to   say   that
h "5 " "*'ii  Tablet*  hav.* dune   mv
1 a world of good.   Slw was
'Wed with conatlpatton nnd
i,     '"   - and peevish, but since us-
■'nWetB she   i.s  all  light.     T
1 ""• Tohlota once or twice a
'•»'  is now Btlch  a  tneirv,
' ;**e thing that there can be
I'nhy'j ow,,   TableU   are
"•■■■fl bu- little once."
M      ' ■ •> lesson for other raotlicrs
1 '■ safe and certain medl-
■■   -'..'i-   unit   cerium   mini
' itllmenlB from which thel
iiiflor from lime to tlmt
,,.    ■l,,,<*ts me sold under n guar-
"'"'»'"'  no opliv|e or  luirm-
"'•'' thoy nn. good for all
„, .,' .. '""" the nuw born babe to
1     " t ..aa ..     ..1. : a .a .... .      ...
•     '
a a .
"'own child,     Sold  ni   ,..
hov* or sent  by mail bv writ
, '    ,'" Hio n.'. Williams1 Meiii-
'"'"I'Villu, Out,
N. *»j. rsj,
t. «i
The Manurr  la   WUlcli  Wui-daworll.
Wo» Hctiarded hy Illl NtMchbom.
Tbe worthies of Wordsworth's village in the lake country of England
had their own ideas of his value as a
mnu and a poet. When questioned
after hit death as to hla personality
tliey readily admitted thut he was kind
to those who were in sickness or need.
They could count on him on a pinch.
But he did not hobnob with bis neighbors.
"He did not notice them much," said
au old man in answer to questions
nsked by the author of "Lake Country
"A Jem Crow and an auld blue cloak
was his rig," continued the old ninn.
"And ns for his habits, he had noan.
Hirer knew him with a pot 1" his hand
or a pipe 1' his mouth."
After deep probing the author brought
"Yes; Wordsworth was fond of a
good dinner at times If you could get
hlm to it. That was the Job."
Then the poet's aloofness was sgalu
touched upon.
"Ho was forever pacing the roads
and his own garden walks and always
composing poetry, lie was ter'lile
throng In visitors and folks ye mun
ken at times, but If ho could get awa'
fra them a spell he was out upon his
"And then ho would set his head a
lilt forrnd and put his hands behlnt his
back. And then he would start a-bum-
mlng, and it was bum, bum. bun), and
go on bumming for long enough right
down and back again. I suppose, ye
ken, the bumming helped him out a
ii iiipi.ii.lil eet U
11 \ft/H.Y   isaox "
demand the very best, especially as it costs no more than Teas of
uncertain reputation.
Net • Goad Looker.
From the mountains of Camden, Me.,
comes n story of a .Philadelphia merchant who has a summer cottago ln
that village and who wished to exchange a lively horse which he owned
with a French Canadian who bad a
more gentle animal, which women and
children could drive. The Frenchman
was willing to trade, but for some reason Insisted upon repeating to the visitor that the local horse did uot "look"
ns well as the one belonging to tha
Philadelphia man.
Au exchange satisfactory to both
parties was eventually made, and the
tirst time the visitor's Wife took the
new horse out for a drive she discovered tbat tbe beast was as blind as a
mole. A few days later, wheu the rus-
ticator met the Frenchman, bo said:
"See here, you rascal! That horse
you swapped with me for mine was
stone blind. Why didu't you tell me
of lt at the tlnieV"
"Ahni bin try tell you all Ali'in bin
know how fer to tell. Ali'm bin say my
horse was no look lak you horse-— say
so seez, nine tarns. Ah'ui no bin blain'
eef yon  no hear me."
Trera Shaped br <h« Wlae..
Tho effect of wind upon trees Is powerful. Even the presence or absence
of forests may be determined by the
character of the prevailing wind or the
conditions that modify it. The wind
acts as a drying agent, giving u special
aspect to many plants. When it ls almost nlways from lhe same quarter
tho plants show greater development
upon one Bide. Trees are smaller on
tho windward edges of foreuts, and
trunks and branches are bent to leeward. Tho deformations are most marked near the sea or ln tint regions. The
cherry, plum, walnut, black poplar,
nsh and certain pines nre very sensitive to the wind, but mountain plucs
ami certain tirs offer great powers of
resistance, nntl these are recommended
for reforesting wind swept lauds.
lll.tflflry Mad* Pala'a**.!-*.
Joseph Salvador, tho French historian, and Jules Sandeau, a novelist,
made their meeting nt a public reception the occasion for a dispute ns to tbe
respective places which they occupied
in thc world ot letters.
"Tho reading of history ts liko a pill-
It needs the sugar coatlug to make lt
palatable," argued the novelist.
"Ah, but It Is the Ingredient which
cures, not tho coating," remarked the
"Then let us divide honors," said San-
dean, "for If It wero uot for my sugar
coating your historical facts would dry
on lhe shelves."
The Pnrolloa of? a Dream,
One evening Victor Hugo wus dictating lettors to bis secretary. Overcome
by fJtlgue, the great man dropped into
a slumber. A few moments afterward he awoke, haunted by a dream
which, as be thought, had extended
over several hours, nnd he blamed bis
secretary for sitting there waiting fur
him Instead of wakening blm or else
going away. What was bin surprise
when the ' bewildered secretary told
blm tbat be had only Just finished writing the last sentence dictated to him.
A  BtrlUliiB   Slmll-..
Old Employee-You know (is well as
I do thnt I have been ns faithful al
clockwork In your employ.
Old Employer (blttorly)-Ycs, just
exactly ns faithful as clockwork. Vou
struck every time you could uml never
guvo more than tlve minutes' warning.
riaaalrilnrc Hlm.
''Tee. ma'am," said the peddler, "this
here hair tonic will raise hnlr on a
billiard ball."
"Hut will It raise balr ou a pumpkin?" usked tbe lady of tbe house.
"Well, 1 should say so!"
"Ill take a bottle and get my husband
to try It."
First Housewlfe-Soine days I undo
about everything the servant docs.
Second iloii-M'wIfe—Oraeloitsl BoW
"o vou d.'ire''-!'etrolt Free Pres*
CEYLON TEA is positively unrivale:'.    Blacl, Mixed or NATURAL
QREEN.    Sold only in sealed lead packets, 40c, 50c and -fioc per Ib.
By all Grocers.
to a strictly commlsBlon flrai—TBT
onaiN cnNmi8t-.ioN merchants
Do You Want
It »o, the aiideralgned want! your ktuiDaii and will endeavor to gWa latUfaoMoB*
Cub advanced on consignments.     Beforenct:   Union Dank of Canada.
Tat oldest established Oraln Commission     ii-ia
-fllnrcliniit in Winnipeg. ""Sam
Brain  exchange,  Winnipeg. •*•**■■»■
Maclennan Bros.,
TlLP.PnalNB HOO. P. O. EOX 515
Molntyre Block, 304, Wlrmlp-g.
Wl'fiit. nnd (rinln i.f all kiii'ls. Oar
Load I.tils a S|.ci liilly. r.fljgular aJ.
vanins ou Hills ol Lading.
Wiiteor wire us for Track Illda, or
Caanalgn Your Grain to ua, which wa
will sell for your account, on your approval to highest bidder.
After Years of   Sickness Dodd's
Kidney Pills Cured Him.
l'lalln "Hatta Ilia III aai. New Ill'UllSU Ifl'k l'ost-
inaster whoiie Kliluey I'alna liuvuCona
Never to lletitrii.
lower Windsor, Carloton Co., N.U.,
Ortnbt'i 17.—(Special)—1'. H. Belyoa,
postmaster here, well known und
widely respected, la happy in tho
discovery ol u permanent ture for the
Kidney pains that huvo troubled him j
for years.
"l havo beon both.'red with Kidney I
Troublo tor years," Postmaster Bel- 1
yoa Bays,     l have tried many medl- ,
cir.es uml   plasters   without   felt inn
anv lasting benefit uu hearlito Dodd's
Kidney  Fills ••-o highly spoken of  1
determined to trj   them.   Tliey seem
I., havo mr.de a complete cure in my
case, u'. 1 (eel as well tin ever 1 wns.
"1 boi lovo that Dodd's Kidney l'ills
are the right   medlcino   for   Kidney ;
Troublo,  'tin!  will  do  all   thoy   ure
claimed to do."
Oiidtt's Kidney Tills cure tho Kidneys end with healthy Kidneys no
one can hH\e Bright's Disease, Lumbago, Rheumatism, Dropsy or Pain
In the Tuck. Thousands will tell you
this om oi their own experience.
Whlatler and HI* Model.
James MacNeill Whistler onco owed a
female model $.*> for ulttiuss. Sbe was
a l'lilllstiue of tho Philistines, who
knew nothing ot her patron's fame und
was tn no wny Impressed wltb his
work. Oue day sho told another nrttst
thnt sho hud been sitting to a little
Frenchman culled Whistler, who jumped about bis studio and was always
complaining that people were swindling him and that lie wus making
very little money. Tbe artist suggested
that If she could got any piece of painting out of Whistler's studio he would
give her ">.*iu for it. Although skeptical, the model decided to toll her "little Frenchman" of this too generous
oiler aud selected oue of the biggest
and tliiest works In tbe studio. ••What
did he say?" asked the artist who had
made the offer when the modijl appeared in a state of great excitement
and looking almost as If sbe had come
second best out of a scrimmage. "He
ealtl: 'Fifty dollars! Good heavens!
Fifty dollars!' And be gut so mad-
well, that's bow I tame iu here like
Don't give ii drunkard ten cents requiring him to promise you ho '•*:'.!
not spend it for stroaft drink. Van.
would Binl\ i.e educating 0 Har.
ON APPET1TI!.—To havo the stomach
well is to have tha nervous system well
V.iy delicate nre tlie tlicestive oreani
in some vo Btmsltivs ars the** lhat at
mospheric changes niT»*ri theni Whawt they
t.efl-flBiiir dU&rranjtsd no better rrnuldloi
is iiiMii.tn-tjiaifl. than Parmalee'a V'effetttble
rill.- Thej will assist the digestion wi
thnt the hearty eater will suffer no Inconvenience nnd will derive ull lhe benefits   ut   hli   il'a'al
Nba one ever fooled the people with
fnlst* truli
llenlrr's Snfferlnata.
Iu fifty-four yours of his life—he was
born in lS-PJ-W. I*. Henley never
knew wbat a day's perfect health
meant When little more tban n boy
ho was attacked by a disease which
necessitated tbe auiput.ition of one
foot, lie wns told later by the doctors
that the sacrifice of the other log was
necessary were he to live. Tho fame
of Pr. Lister bail reached Henley,
and, penniless aud almost friendless,
he determined to try Edinburgh In-
Armory. Thither be traveled third
tiass in physical suffering sucb as few
have known, and when be reached the
Infirmary bu whole possessions
amounted to a few shillings. His confidence in Lister wns justified and his
leg was saved. Ho was and remained
a cripple, but neither hopeless uor
helpless. Ills astounding nlmbleness
under these conditions suggested to
Robert Louis Stevenson the physical
Sketch of .John Silver.
lY-nanTs Liiiimcnt for sale everywhere.
It is a good sign whon .1 community endorses bMbands ami wives being in love with each otker
in there anxthttiB mors annovlns 't>n;'
i-.iitini; your corn stepped niaaiii^ Is there
any thins mors delightful ihtm setting
iiil of it ■' Hollownv's Corn 'Jure Will iln
it    Tn and be convinced.
All iliing*. come to those who st..;>
waiting and go  after  ihem
Kinario Uuiment Relieves Neuralgia.
Yvt*.  Alon/iB.   il   is  inst ns  *,   11    to
beware ol the dog when courl-ag
toy maid    o(   BO,  but you    needn 1
worry about  the old man—he won't
bother vou.
The lli-d Sen,
Hero is nn Interesting theory: Wbat
made tbe Red sea red? Tho blood of
locusts. Read n few lines from Exodus: "And the locusts went up over
nil the land of Egypt and rested In all
tbe coasts of Ugypt; very grievous
were they. Before them there were no
sucb locusts as thoy, neither after
them sball be such. For they covered
iho face of tbe whole earth, so that the
land wns darkened. And tho Lord
turned a mighty strong west wind,
which took the locusts and cast theni
Into thc Red Ben. There remained not
one locust In all the consts of Egypt."
The Red sea today is 110 more red thun
any other sea. Its reddening wus temporary.
DO NOT DELAY -Uo aol 1st a coW 01
.1 flflfliiirh fusieii upon vou as 11 t.e. i1
neglected Dr Thomas' Eclectric 1*1 t-ui
tiri'Bik up a aoid and curo u couiih and
siiouiil t.i* resorted t.i ni on..* wben ths
arst symptoms appsar ll can hs dls*
(tilsed  mb  Hint   any   unpleasant   lasie 11
Mill \      haVS     »Ul     I"'     illllJl-ll.'I'tllllfl*    taa     tllO
delicate 'Hv tt ami tae convinced,
Lots   ot   men.   1 ke bad inus'la-***-,
-lick Ui nothing
If you    want   to    know    anything
ubout club life, nsk a rollceman.
A bird  in  the hand     is  W*M*th  "vo
Ibut begin to wiirhle ut 4 u in
It  is catler to whip some men than
it is to keep some whipped,
Shirt waists and dainty
linen are made delightfully
clean and fresh with Sunlight Soap. to
What la Goaalpt
There has been complaint from the
beginning of history that women ara
"CUriOUS." What Is curiosity? It Is
the uneasy appetite of an 111 fed mind.
People fully educated and fully employed arc not curious. Civilized worn-
un baa Inherited the mental growth of
man and then bus bad to confine tbnt
enlarged capacity to precisely tbe same
field of activity which was sufficient
for n squaw. Women have been accused for centuries of a tendency to
"gossip." What Is gossip? It ls small
talk about other people. Tbe teudeney
to tbls vice Is n reaction from the persistent presence of our own affairs.—
Mas, Too l.atr.
Kitty—Wlint did you do when he
threatened to kiss you?
Rlancuo—1 didn't do anything. Wby
should I? I Just waited until he had
ii/iuinlttcd an overt act.
Kilty-And then?
Blanche—Why. then lt was too lato to
punish him.
Mflfl*   Nli-weli   Too.
O'Toole—Muldoon ■Uirnck his wolfe
UcKIek- Is ho in Jull?
O'Toole- N'aw; he's lu lb' bosplltUI—
H.B.K. Caps
For all kinds of wear—rain, sleet,
asow, wind or just plaia cold.
A score of styles.
Lighter than fur, warmer than fnr
because designed to protect exposed parts.
Cost less thtn "ur—wear better than
Leather, corduroy, cloth, flaps, neck
masks, drop fronts, wool, fleece or for
lined. Stylish and durable--all prices.
Sold at all dealers—tee that they have
this brand, j
H. B. Ii.
••Pinto" Shell
Mitts and Gloves
A hundred styles of mitts antl gloves
made of "Pinto" Shell Cordovan, that
new, tough, boil proof, scorch proof, tear
proof, rip proof, wind and rain proof
leather made from the hide of the western
Knit wrister mitts; double wrists, one
Inside sleeve, another outside ; fleece lined,
fur lined, scores of styles for all kinds of
uses.   None genuine unless branded, i
H. B. K.  Moccasins
Made of "Pinto" Shell Cordovan, buckskin
and oil dressed stecrhide.
Sewed with unrippable thread in lock-stitched
Strongest and best moccasins for all
kinds of wear.
See thst 'hey  are branded
with this brand.
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
Siitci'ss is assured if Ogilvie's
Hungarian flour is the foundation upon which it depends.
lt has navtr yet been lound
lucking in any element that counts
for success, untl the bread or pav
try It produces cannot bu oqualled.
l>R SO   USE
The Best Bis .Id .1-1-2 Pcpor Wltm — m.
It Is vrry much stroncer and thicker than any other (tarred or build-
Inft) paper. It ts Impervious to wind, keeps out cold, keeps In heat, carries no smell or odor, absorbs no moisture. Imparts no taste or Davor to
snvliilnc «;th which it comes In contitct. It is lnrtiely used not only for
theetinii. hnuscs. but for lining cold storage bullilings. refrigerators, dairies, creameries, and all places where the object Is to ksen an »v»B aud
Uniterm temperature, and at tho same time avoiding dampness.
Writs our Agents. TEES & PER8SE, Winnipeg, ier sample**.
The E. B. EDDY CO., Limited, HULL.
The •um whose wife mokes It hot
fnr him never speak*, of hor ns the
sunshine of his existence.
Cholern   morbus,   cramps   and   ktndred
complaints annually  mako their appear
aiii'e ul lhe Mime tluiB es the hot wen
ther, uri'riB Irint. cucumbciH. melons, etc
Ural manv oersons are debarred trom e«t-
inu theso tempting fruits, hut thev nee.;
not iilifl-taln if thev huve J>r. J. 1). Kel
logs'a   Dysentery   Cordial,   und  tuke a lee
drool in water It .uns the emmns aud
cholera in u remarkulile mumier. ami is
sure to check every illstuibunce ol lhe
A Bensiblo wonmn    seldom   witslcs
hor time i n n handsouio man.
Minard's Liuiinent Cares Barns, etc.
A in'ssimist doesn't onjay life   unless he doesn't
If nil flesh is grass the vegetarian
is  up ajrtiinst  ii incut diet.
AM a rule the mnn who Isn't afraid
to  stand  up  for  his  rights  inuisituts
thnt ho hns a right in anything   ho
Shard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
Carpenters and poker playocs   are
known by their chips.
Love nnd hate havo Rood memories; only  indifference forgets.
Worms cause (evensliness. iiioaiilns: aad
r.4Btlessiiei.s during sleep Mother 0raven
Worm Kxlerminator is laleusunt. sureanl
effectual. If \our druggist has none u
stock, get him lo procure lt lor vou.
Any inun is liable to moke mistakes, but it is the othor fellow wh»
A tnottii man often hns ft powerful
Influence ovor a good womnn.
Just what It was 25 years ago,
St. Jacobs Oil
is now.
The" prompt, sure cure for
Price, 25c. and 50c.
***** \
jv._J.v-—-——■--——: — ■——I :—-
C. E. Smithrrixgale, Editor antl Prop.
SLOCAN,      •      •       •       •      B. C.
I^gsl AilvertiainB 10 cents a line for
the Urst insertion and 5 cents a lino eucli
oubsrtjuent Insertion,
Certificates ot Improvement, $7 each.
Transient atlvertiBiiineiitHRtsame rntep
as legal advertising,
Ixicals will be charged 10 cents a line
(or each insertion,
Commercial Hates made known upon
applica tlott.
The Subscription is *S2 per year, at.-ict-
ly in advance; J'i.'iO a year if not80paid,
Address sll letters to—
Slocnn, 15. O.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER80th, 1008.
EMlTOlMAI.   flUKOri'lNtlS.
As ft result of the Alaskan ixmiidary
award, Canada will seek the right to
mako hor own treaties.
The Doiiiiiiion lonil bounty aet lias
liecn assented to and is now law. Let
prosperity begin at once.
Tlie Dominion Parliament has prorogued, after the longest isession on
reoord. Talk w.i*i cheap aud plentiful.
The senate passed the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway bill after all. An ex-
,tra e.ifotv valve must needs be provided for Canada by spring, or the excessive boiling in the pot of prosperity,
which the Liberals say is bound to
eventuate) will endanger the whole
All the Worrying ovor the political
situation In British Columbia is apparently boing done by Grit sheets, ns
the' cpiill pushers on papers of Tory
complexion appear to be remarkably
complacent and cheerful. It is just
possible, too, that the troubles alleged
to be besetting Premier McBride nud
his colleagues.hiive their origin among
those with whom the wish is father to
the thought.
The great wave of prosperity which
has been sweeping over North America for years is beginning to recede.and
numerous financial wrecks are making
their appearance in the United States.
First came tho huge shrinkage in
stocks, amounting to millions of dollars, whereby many a niata once rich
became poor. Next came the strand-
ing of hanking institutions throughout
the country. Antl now has come the
Inevitable blow to tho winking classes,
he the manufacturers begin to find
demand falling short. The railways
antl other big employers of labor have
lately discharged tens of thousands of
men, and the number of unemployed
U daily growing greater. Withwin-
ter at hand ami eatables high in price,
untold misery will result. Canada,
however, is as yet going forward on
the wave, and it looks as if prosperity
would continue for the next year at
leant. Still, the danger of a collapse
is always present, and it i.s a wise man
who sets his house in order against
the dav of evil.
A striking comparison between Old
Country management and local sagacity and shrewdness is afforded by the
conduct <>f affairs at the Enterprise
mine, on Ten Mile creak. Acknowledged to possess one of the most continuous ami richest bodies of ore in
the province, the mine, after soveral
years'operations by an Esglish company owning it. and the erection of a
line mill, compressor and tramway,
was given up as a bid job and a complete failure. A local man, in the
person of W.C. E, Koch, thought
otherwise of the mine, r.nd demonstrated his belief by Inking a lease on
a portion of the ground. He made it
pay, and now he has gone a step farther aud hus obtained control of tin*
entire property for a number of years.
And he will make it pay, too. .Mnny
mure uion will be given steady employment, new life will be put into
the camp, nnd money will be made
for the les-ier and the company, The
contrast between companv mismanagement and n lessee's careful judgment is marked, bul the results are
appreciated by tho ramp generally.
Mr. Koch is noted for his push and
enterprise and ho merits all the sue-
, cess coming to him. He pays gootl
wages, use** his men white, and enjoys
their confidence and esteem, During
the lifo of his lease on the Enterprise
mine, it in Dafe to say Ten Mile creek
will experience n measure of prospor
ity sueh as it never knew, antl neigh
boring claim owners will receive untold
benefit. Company rule dj**"* not always spell success,
Tay up your subscription,
The Wakefield shipped a car of ore
this week.
Slocan mines last week sent out 3-18
tous of oro.
Six hotels nre doing business in
Poplar creek.
Three days mail from the coast got
io here on Friday.
The Slocan Star is the heaviest
shipper in the Slocan.
Dr. Milloy, the Kossland dentist,
spent Sunday in town.
Ore shipments from the Sloean aro
in excess of 12,000 tous.
Koad Inspector Moore arrived over
from Kaslo on Monday.
New Denver Foresters will give their
animal ball oa New Year's eve.
Hallowe'en occurs on Saturday, a
date timid folk should bear iii mind.
Postmaster Batho, of Ferguson, a
Conservative.has been let out of ollice.
A. R. Bolderstoh has taken over the
stationery store from K. A. bradshaw.
B. A. Shatford got back from his
visit to the coast cities on Mondav eve.
Rov. Mr Scott exchanged pulpits
with Uev. Mr. Calvert, of New Denver.
Angus Mctiillivrayand B.Shannon
are developing their Neepawa group,
on Ten Mile.
Government Agent Chipman, of
Kaslo, spent two or threo days here
since last issue.
The sale of the Butner interest in
the Wilson House has been postponed
till November 1(1.
The new transfer slip was put into
place at tin.' wharf this week. It i.s a
great improvement.
D. Dodtl, of Sandon, and Miss C.
Bowen, of Silverton, were married at
Nelson Tuesday evening.
J. O. Murray has purchased the
Trout Lake Topic, .lohn LangstalT
will be retained in charge.
Born- In Nelson, on the i-Tth inst.,
the wife of George Gormley, formerly
of this place, of a daughter,
Andy Wallace, of New Denver, will
superintend the erection of the new
messbouses at tho Enterprise.
Tonight the Oddfellows will hold
their annual ball at the Music. Hall.
It promises to bo a great success.
More locomotives havo been sent to
the Boundary, to accommodate the
expanding business in that section.
J. L, White, formerly of this place,
has purchased a drugstore in Victoria
and will move there from Greenwood.
Agent Edwards has sent to Montreal for BOO bulbs of various plants
for beautifying the grounds facing
the depot,
The C.l'.R. are making an effort to
improve the (-"nico on the Nakusp
branch. They have sent up a hot
train crew.
F. F. Busteed, of Vancouver, has
been appointed superintendent of tlie
Kootenay division of the C.P.R. vice
D. G. Ross.
Thus. Avison, injured last we-ik in
the powder explosion at the Mollis
Hughes, is recovering, but had a very
narrow escape.
Joseph Payne, owner of the Slocnn
hotel, is applying for a transfer of the
license for that building from Fred P.
Johnson to himself.
■I. K. Clark passed through here
Monday from Poplar oreek bound for
Rossland. He looks for a big boom at
Poplar in the spring.
Nick Ding-nan, of New Denver,
passed through on Monday for Spokane, having been called thither by
the Berious illness of his wife.
John Simpson has been gazetted
deputy mining recorder for tlio Trout
Lakes and Ainsworth mining divisions,
with a sub recording office at Poplar
C. Hewitt was the name of the suicide found near Kaslo last week     Hs
had worked at the Whitewater in Jan
liary.l902,and had been missing sinn
that time.
The big engine which caused thei
blockade on  the Nakusp   road   last
week got olT the track  again before
reaching Rosebery, blocking  things
for three days.
New Denver lodge No. 22, K. of P.,|
will celebrate the formal opening of
its new castle hall on Monday night,
when a fraternal love feast will be
held. Several nf th" Grand Lodge
officers will be present.
try eft.Ce, II. P. CliriBtie being mining
Oct 10—Commentator No '2, Star of
India, Mount de Murs, Jupiter.
Oct 19—black Prince fr, Perle.
NOTICE ia hereby given that I Intend
to apply at a specisl Bitting of (lie Board
of Licensing Commissioners for tho City
of SlocSn, to beheld after the expiration
of tlO days from the date hereof, fur a
trsmfer of the retail liquor license, held
on tho Slocan Hotel, nitiuitctl ou lota 7
and J*1, block 12, Slocnn, from F. 1'. Johnson to myself.
Dated at Slocan this 24th day of October, 1008.
NOTICE it hereby given that .'10 days
after tlstu 1 intend to npply, nt H Special
sitting of tlu» Board oi Licensing Commissioners of the City of Slocnn. for n
transfer of the retail liquor license hold
by me on the Royal Hotel, situated on
lot 18, block 12, City of Slooan, to Geo
Dated at Slocan this .Sth day of October, 1008.
Hortgage Sale
By T.iuli'f of Iiot a. Muck  13, Plan 480,
ToWuslta »f Slooan City.
'I'HI'* nlitiv. property '•'■'ill b« «oM by tender.
1 TmiiLrs nni^t lia> scnleal and inlilr;'s*n.i| taa
"Miii'iloncll, Mi'Mu-ltir A  Henry, Til   Viaiipo St.,
Toronto, Ont,," anal will lie opened un \\I'llni*.'.
aluy, ihe :."aili day nf NoT.mber, 1903.  Salt! nub-
Jiet to reserve bid,   The lligtl.lt air any tender
not necessarily accepted,
For further particular! npply to
M YonifO Street,
Toronto, Out.
J. A. Anderson
Dealer in:
Kodaks and Supplies
SLOCAN"       . - - B.C
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia:
In the matter ol thi "Judgm.nta Act, 189ft,"
iiia-l am.ndlag Acta;
In   '.he   matter   of   a   .ttdRmont   ravaaver-al
nKitinst the r.ii.K'r-mciil i.......t d.fondaut, in
tho County Court ol Kootenay  holdon at
Nelson, in an action:
lid', we. n
DAVID ARNOT, Plaintiff,
li. BUTNEB, Defendant,
N'OTKT. in hereby ulvnn that, pursuant to nn
aarala.r a,t tlio tl.>n,arnl>l.i Mr. Justice Martin,
made nn the Ist day of August, 19031 rs ametidod
by an .aider a.f the Honorable Mr. Jnstice Irving, mnde on the "itli >!n> of September, 1903),
there will hai offorod for -ale by public auction,
on thn front Mens of the Court House, In the
City nf S'eUen. I!.''., on Mpidoy, tlio (Oth day of
November, 1903, nl II o'clock In the forenoon.
ihe Interest of the defendant, R. Butner, in ml
taa that certain piece or pnrcal ol Irtn.l anil promises situate In the City of Slocan, British Columbia, deseribed as lota --is (6) end sevon 7),
lilaiek it. Map 190, Sloean City ' wing In t be subdivision of lot 292, Qroup I, Kootenay lis riet),
| to realize tho amount payable upon the above
named plaintiff's judgment against tho ssid
defendant, which was obtained or tho first day
iaf .lime, 1903, fur 11... sum of S3&S.91, anal tntorest
and eaisls „l sale. \c.
The charges appearing on the register against
the s-aiil defendant, together with their date- of
registration, nie ni tallows;
No. 2114.   Date, IS 0 03, 12.05 la.m.   Amount,
S3SS.01.   Jndgmi nt di btor, 1!. Butner. Ju foment creditor, David Arnot.
Any further Information mar be obtained from
j Hubert  Wclmore  Bannington,  Nelson, 11. ('.,
plaintiff's solicitor.
Dated at Nelson this 2Srtl day ot October, IMS
District Registrar
Propertied Working.
The number of properties working
in the camp will be fewer this winter
than for years. Those in operation
are; The Speculator, Hun!, of England nnd Ottawat by their respective
companion; the Enterprise, Blaoli
Prince, Alberta, Myrtle, Bell, Dayton
and May, under lease. The men em
ployed will be about: Enterprise 76,
Speculator 10, Ottawa 10, Black
I'tiiict* I. Alberta8, T'nnk of England
1. Myrtle 4, Dayton 2, Bell 2, nud May
'.'.. Besides these there will be about
30 men employed at Koch's sawmill
on Ten Mile.
U!*"l**Bfl   RKCOnOS.
Appetidcil is a complete list itf tha var-
i'jini records registered at tho lecal legis-
Ffliruiirj    ... AniaiUijat
No. MT;   Pilar. I'M
Vtir.h     ....     Blooditoai
No. «'.70 -Pries, "4 ai
Al'rll Mama.oil
Ko Ml-Mcs, inio
ll'ar Fm-rifllal
•.'a,. at/AI I'i lie. 17 M
Jul.. Af.to
KO. tW I'ri. a-. f'M
JbiIt Kuiijr
Ko, lai". I'rl.a*. *" ISO
AiijikI       ....      tiiral'iiiyx
No. IW3 I'ii*., H V<
H.-LlaiinL-r riprlalilrfl.
KO   Mil -I'ri'a'   i   OO
ii tobn ...      ()[«(
;.,. c 3 Pi ct.MM
l.'.va-n-.; •-     • Tests
Ko. WJS ■Prtia.WtM
DeoaBDOf -       'luniuolao
Ko, I W- ITI.e |3 M
Tliria- -.''itli inennieralilc olher choice
Kir.i;a .it very l.iw prli-CS ure lllus.
tajir.l iai otu nfrt catttlogue, rcaily
Nov. i|tb,    Write lur a Liapy,
I IB, li-'O, 122 and 124
Yonje *->!-., Toronto
l#FoolM Shoes
Sometimes  expert
siioe men are fooled
by imitation Goodyear Welts.
Sometimes they buy these
imitations to fool you.
Buy the real " Slater Shoe "--
made by no other process
but Goodyear Welt.
For Men   «    ||.oo   *    For Womc:ri
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
5>ATES: r.rifular subseribers.il i"*r inuntli
V nrf in a jreer: non-subscribers (eiclnslteof
nii.ilia.ll Bttendnnce) IO per dur, Prlvntewnrds
•i i..-r- ila. extra. Special fsc'lillea (ormntern*
Ity cuseSa
For further partioulnrs spply tn.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Insurance !
New Residence for Sa!e
One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contain.*, five
rooms, half, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, ir. lathed aud plastered, and is the be-* finished in town. Wnter
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.       Hor terms
FIRE        ACCIDENT.    jApplj      &t     DHll      OffJCgj
Alex. Rogers
Representing the Btrongest c»m*
panics tl»infj basineiss in Cunafla.
Seinew accident I'.'i.i'Y, witli pur*
ticipalion in profits, covering Bick-
nciss and epcratlins.
II. D.CURTIS, Notary Public
Furnishings _^-v
Steel Ranges
Gwilliiu & JoSiiiao'ii,!
B. C
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner Pioneer Livery
Blocan, K C.
General  Packinjr i""1 fl1''
warding attended to at tlis
shortest Notice*.
Saddle and I'-uk llowsfsr
hire at reasonable rates.
Why Ko without a ran*fs when
you can get one so cheap? T!if*\
are preferrable to stoves and yivc
hotter satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will he
net up free.
To Hugh 8, Net-on, or lo any  porssrJ _
or persons to whom lie may Lavs trans* . au.il X eed btailOleS,
(erred hin interest in the Weymouth
mineral claim, situated aan Ten Mile
creek and recorded in lhe [teconler's
I'lii e for the Blocan I ity mining division,
You uro heroby notifled thiii 1, r. E.
Sraitheringale, F.M.C No. B50907, have
caused to he expended tin* mini ol ont
liundrod nn'l two dollan and lilty cents
in labor mui improvements nn thu above
mentioned mineral B-laim, in order I
hold said claim under tlm provisioni of
tlm Mineral Act; and if within 00dan
from the date of this notico you fail, or
if fuse, to contribute your proportion ef
lueh enpenditure,togetlier witli nil costs
of advertising, your interest in ruiil
claim «ill become iho propeity of the
lututoriber, nndor section 4 of nn Aet
entitled "An Aci to amond Um Mineral
Act, 1000."
Dated »t Slocan, B.C., this 12th day ul
August, A.D. 1003.
14*8*03 C E. 8MITHER1NGALE
^•*^&:>*»a.*»i>^:Xi:...':.'::•>:>■-:-;•• ;j
|   Slocan      1
I   Bakery ^   j
1 J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor I
J   8
I Fresh Fruits of Every I
(flji 1©
\ Kind Arriving   Daily. |
(lur li't* Crean  Parlor i«
nowopoa and trill bo kept       t$
running all the Summer.      '§
i ' I'flnvriof Hi «*ait tor wi.
I'llll WcIeIiI   ihi.I «>m ill ll y
Slocan, B. C.
This Snap ^
Till': Dl.'lI.I, has madoau
aiTangetncnt with the Toronto Mail-Enaplro, su
that its weekly edition may Imi
clubbed with tbe former,
New subscribers, therefore,
may obtain the Weekly M n i I -
Empire acknowledged to In*
onr of tbe host papers in tke
Dominion aad Slocan's loading journal, Tim DRILL, from
now'Iiil -Ian. I. 1905, for tho
sum of ?.'!, With thin axcep
tional offer viill be given as a
premium, a beautiful arto*
giuvuvo, entitled "Thc Vic*
t/oriiv (Voss." The picture ilo-
picts a scene iu the lato Boor
war, dene in ton colors, and
well wortk framing. Bead in
your orders at once to
The Drill, Slocan.
per annum*


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