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The Slocan Drill 1905-03-31

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If so, you will find our stock of Tobaccos Cigars and Pipes the best and most complete
in the city *
A full line'of the choicest Confectionery on hand
und all varieties of Fruit in season.   Prices Right.
A Trinity of Facts
Standfield's Underwear-fgs.;;;;	
,VK1f.   We guarantee it to be absolutely unshrinkable, no utetter hoVw^T
oi.   Get a suit and you will wear uo other.
^Iflt^r ^hnPQ ,i?"V %u"* 'til, ha8 arrived and the7 »« dnn
Jlaltl    kJllU-wJ i'^*    rhe maker's name on a shoe i.s aWrantee
-.     . .. *\-** Stater'a is the "Bart."   A trial pair will con*
viiu'c vou
$1 and $T> per pair
  pair win con
Have a nice line of Boys' Slaters at $.'1.50.
TTf 11 DotlAI* Don't overlook the fact that we keep a range f
VV /I11 1 ___)Cl up-to-date wall paper.from 15 ceuts a single roll up.
'' UAX * **    The patterns are very pretty. .
David  Arnot, Slocan.
Agent for Tetley's Teas.
3. W. Crow, Proprietor.
Ti!13 Hotel is one of the liest known and most popular houses
ti   in the country,     It is located adjacent to the depot and the
wharf, and commands a magnificent view of the beautiful
SloetQ lake.      Good fishing is to be found close at hnud, while
every facility is offered tor boating.
ToUrists will find the Arlington sad ideal resting placa.
Commercial men have ut theircouunand new and commodious
sample rooms,
Tlie ilining nxitn is strictly up to date and the bar supplied
with only the liest brands of goods
5L0CAN, B. C.
h reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
"■?•?>'!' I.'TW—
Clubbing Offer
An arrangement has been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
*■**■* **>*■* *-*-*~*^
.50 fora Year
The flume, Ilyklngunrt .\«'.e8„ne,it Act.
C„i«,«* In r„i'M„c)i n;«cti»gIon-Nuii)er-
tlio (aovmiaiont.
There has been lit tie of a sensational
nature in jthe bouse thia .last week. The
routine nnil other business of the session have been steadily advancediwiib
no hindrance save the obstructive tactics of the Opposition, who have with
j ni i rjjtfititxet.fi contrived to delay the
nomittj s business without advancing
their own eiids, and to expose their
own weakness without inflicting injury
upon their opponents, The government maintains its steady majority of
five and --ix, and the mental calibre, of
tin* present opposition is not of a character to enable them to present any
arguments that can alter the existing
condition of affairs.
The Game Act has probably beeh
the most discussed measure on the
floor of the house this last week.
Every man likes to consider himself a
sportsrnan'evon if he isn't (ine: and
tlie consequence lias been that nearly
every member of the house has had
something to say in regard to this important measure. The bill was in
committee of the whole on Thursday,
and was put iu pretty satisfactory
shape when the house reported progress. It is a very distinct improvement on former legislation.
The Dvkiug Act, debate on the second reading of which was adjourned
on Friday, olfers a fair solution of a
very important quostion. Naturally,
tiere is considerable rivalry among
the area- affected,and au attempt will
doubtless be mad.' to make political
capital out of the matter, but the bill
is a fair an 1 equitable measure notwithstanding.
in the iliocussion over the bill to
amend the unrepi uied sections of the
provisions of the Assessment Act, Ji
A.Maedonald.leader of the opposition,
to >k occasion to place himself in a
very unhappy fight before tbe house,
Ho accused the government of bring*
in : d iwn thn measti .• in order to enable them to recover certain mouies
from the !.>• Boi Mining Co., aud announced tbe receipt oi ,i telegram from
tbe manager of that company, denying tlial the coinpauj was indebted to
the government. He theu road Ihe
despatch, and proceeded to argue tbe
matter iu a manner which verystrong
ly suggested counsel for thedefence.
Tho finance minister, with a eou-
temptuous brevity that cut like n
knife, raid that thostntemenl contained in the telegram was nut. true, and
thai the sender thereof must have
known it.
Thr premier, afler Dually disposing
of Mr. olacdouald's friend's telegram
by pointing out that the amount of
taxati in as clnimed by the province
had been admitted by counsel of cither
side when the case was under review,
proceeded to read tbe leader ofthe
opposition a severe lecture on the peculiar line of tadics he had adopted,
iii.-* remnrks, though harsh, wer.' more
than justified, as tbis is the second
time this sessi in thai Mr. Maedonald
has dragged the Le Roi by tho ears
into public que lions,
With further reference to the railway matt irs uow under consideration
iy the government, alluded to in last
week's letter, il is worthy of note its
.llnstrating the oni rous nature of the
task devolving upon Mr. McBride nud
his colleagues iu selectiug tlie most
advantageous policy, that thore are
now, by actual count, close upon 20
iliffereul railwnj projects before tbo
government. Some of those propositi ms bave merit a good, manj bay**
p me at all, Indeed are absolutel.*
worthless oscepl to their promoters.
Now, ii must be abundantly clear to
every thinking man. with the smallest
appreciation of thestmitened financial
njreumstancea of the province, thai it
is not poS3ible,at the present time and
nnder the present conditions.to launch
out into a policy of largo expi nditure,
such as would be involved In an at-
tempt to (hai with all of even the
meritorious nmong these propositions.
The object, therefore, that the gov
eminent   hail   in   viow, the problem
that thoy havo to solve, Is lo secure
the construction of such railrvays as
hall roach those sections ofjth
try whose development therel.
rat number, and thus most bonelicin
their districts is of little use. Of such
as theso is the long suffering Similkameen; and it is a satisfaction to beable
to say Unit, out of some two or three
railway projects which are now finally
to be accepted by the government.onfc
at least looks to the prompt opening
up of this much neglected section of
the province. This is definitely known
by those who are in close touch with
the government plans for railway development, as far as at present matured. The govern ment is satisfied, in
spite of tho difficulties referred to.
that, before the closo of the present
session,it will lie in a position to bring
down legislation which,while ultimately leading to the closer connection of
thi; coast and the Kootenays, will cn-
sure the commencement of immediate
construction on much-needed lines in
the interior, upon terms in every way
satisfactory to the country at large.
Mr. Morse, vice president and general manager of the Grand Trunk
Pacific Railway, accompanied by his
followers, left Victoria last Friday foi
the east. Their departure was with
out ostentation and, it may be added
without regret, at least on the part of
the government. Before leaving Mr.
.Morse marie a definite statement, once
to the press aud once to the board of
trade, to the effect that a proposition
had been made by his company to the
provincial government, but had not
been accepted; and that, therefore,
failing the desired provincial induce-
. i-'iits to commence construction work
ai this end, simultaneously with other
points, the company would adhere to
their original plan and build tbe line
from the east westward.
In discussing the affair there is one
closing word. Had Air. Morse's pro
position to thu government been of ii
business like character, such as could
bave been fairly entertained by the
faithful representatives of the people,
a .satisfactory arrangement might have
been entered into. i>u! the nature of
bis proposition waa so altogether out
if proportion that no sijlf-respecting
government could entertaio it.
It is not yet known what explanations Senator Templeman will offer to
tbe poople of British C ilumbirt.
Consideration in committee of tht
Assussuieut Act and of tbe Dyking
Assessment Act took up tbo wbole ol
ihe aft'-rniKMi (-'ot',] in-;.) The house
reported progress im the Assessment
Act, but 110 such speed'.- terminal ion
was readied ou the dyking measure,
lohn Oliver speakiug nearly three
hours against il
.writes from Alta, Utah: "Times are
quite good iu Utah. Mining is ihe
chief industry in the state and in the
past yoar has taken quite a, boom. Old
mines which have been abandoned for
years aro now being opened up and
modern machinery is being iustnlled.
There appears to be plenty of work
for all crafts; miners are in demand."
At six o'cloc
photographer arriv-
tbo   opposition, in his
tu try nud look plea*
ed to take a picture of the house in
session. This was don.' by flashlight,
among a good deal of chaff, tbe premier advisin'
blandest tone
Several iarge delegations are down
from tin mainland in,connection with
the Dyking Act and other measures;
but the rumors, which .are gradually
leaking out. of the stiff way in which
the overtures of tbe GrandJTrunh Pacific people were received has visibly
diminished thc flock of railway lobbyists.
Victoria, March 22.
tlmaj Important AuiaYndmeiittlfAvaJSsra
six Im.lie* of Shipping Oro Kneonntered
on the Noble Vol,,.
The existence of another important
ore chute was demoustfabxl* on Sunday at the Ottawa, when si.** inches of
high grade was encountered on the
west vein, now known as tho Noble
vein. Por some time past work has
been carried on in a surface crosscut
run to eatch tho Noblo vein from lho
gulch, the vein being finally met with
on Sunday.
The crosscut is in about 150 feet,
catch in <,- tho vein iit 100 feot depth. It
is (10 feet below what i.s known as the
old Kfilly tunnel, that work being
'one bv a former bonder and at a time
when the existence of the two veins
was unsuspected. At the point of intersection by tbe old Keilly tunnel,the
vein disclosed shipping ore, which has
widened at the new crosscut. The
vein Carrie's much quartz mixed with
ore. apart from tlie shipping streak.
Tho No. S drift on the Ottawa has a
crosscut to the Noble vein, and Manager McPhee announces that the lead
will lx* drifted on at that point and a
raise made to connect with the new
strike. When connected the ore will,
lie bandied from the No. S opening.
The new strike adds materially to'the
value of tlie mine, two parallel ore
chutes being now proven. When the
east and west vein bodies are opened
up it will givo the mino a large ton-
nago of shipping ore, affording em-
p! lyment to a greatly increased force
of mon.
On Wednesday an assay was made
on ore from the new strike, when the
astonishing returns of 850 oz wero obtained. T«o streaks in the bottom of
the tunnrd have merged into one, giving a foot of shipping ore*. Tt is the
richr*' stuff' yot found on the Noble
Many important amendments have
been introduced to the new provincial
school act and will doubtless be adopted. The school vear is to close December .'il i;; ;. ad of JTuno 30; clergymen are not eligible for ti ustoes; present trustees hold  ollice only till next
lection; trustees before
o the province as n whole. ! ttniteo (own ,-.,».«.,.* *.,......... .
For Wanco, not a few of these rail*   itunte within such territory sball
,ttv wroiects traverse iu tho tnnhi dis   liable to assessment  for school p
ricts very thinly, if ai all, populated. ■ poses in the lam i mm r and to
if such arcsav. tl.e Kootenaj Cm   .ame exten as if the Mnewm
aland a large portion of theGranil eluded in the limits ol tbecltj mu
o quicker communion
facilities weal
a   I
l ——————
Trunk   Fncitlo
wOuld open up
tion and better niark(j^^^^^^^
thy and long populated distriets,who
ettlers have struggled  on, in sun
,.,     fol'  n   score ol yoni •. hoping ,• iir trm I
e-aiu t hop.' lor lhat more speed) and
,.loser  connection   with   the worlds
markets without   which tbe wealth of
_ taking ollice
must take election oath; fixed govern*
ment grants to school districts am to
lie slightly increased; special government sid is to Iw given poor districts,
upon the report of the icbool inspector of thai district.
Perhaps tho most important amendment is that deal:!.':' with outside pupils attendiug lhe city schools, which
question is settled by the city districts
being empowered to extend their
boundaries, in the fiilloviinu* clauses!
"To enlarge tho boundaries of city
ichool districts, as thev may deem expedient, in any case u nere tbe adjoining territory is not included within the
boundaries of a regular]] organized
school district, so ns ko include nny
portion of such   adjoining   territory
within tin* city school district."
"Where anv territory  has been in-
aliidod iii .* 'iy school district In ac*
-,r lane • «iih sub section b of section
ll, the provisions of this act respecting
public school- in cities shall applv
thereto, an I such territory for all
school purposes shall be dei mod to be
i ni ted to su h city, and ali property
^^ shall be
..^^■ngaiu, i uipalityj	
Provision is nlso made for theas-
lessmant of those outside lauds by the
luithorities, who will collect
rale nml  remit same tu the
Several deals are on for ranches
down the valley.
Ex-Premier Dunsmuir ha-s lost his
celebrated will case in California.
Rev. T. McCord returned from his
trip tO the coast on Tuesday evening
The government has decided to lift
the C. A; W. reserve at midnight on
May 23rd.
C. C. Daley, of Kaslo, has been np-
pointed registrar ofthe supreme court
at Nelson.
Jaek Aitchison came in from Phoenix Tuesday, on a visit to his brother.
Aid. Aitchison.
An improvement has lieen effected
in town by the clearing up of many of
the back yards.
the school
Mining in to, I, ■
(.'has. Snyder, formerly 11 this town,
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Shatford entertained a number of their friends on
Tuesday evening.
Geo. Bell, formerly of Nelson, has
been elected the lirst mavor of the
new city of Knderby.
A workttain was sent np to the Nakusp branch this week and will Ik*
kepi there all summer.
The purchase of the Esquimau &
Nanaimo railway  by  the  C.P.R. baa
been declared off after all.
Recent buyers of local bogs state
they bought the pen and had tbe animals thrown iti as n bonus,
Nelson ratepayers on Tuesday defeated ;i bylaw tii spend $1C.(K>.) for o
new school, by a vote of 101 to 100,
A. E. Taylor left New Denver Tuesday for Enderby, to take up his duties
ns manager of the Bank of Montreal
at that point.
Parties staking lands on the C. &
W. reserve before the cancellation
takes plnce in May will huve their
troubl • for nothing.
A wreck occurred on the Great Northern last week, near Bonner's Perry,
and much eastern Canadian mail for
British Columbia points  was destroyed.
Another train wreck occurred on the
Proctor branch  Sunday, the engine
• liikin - a rock  slide.    Engineer Tom j reservoir on
(lordotl bad a rib broken and his thigh
At the district meeting of the W. K.
of M. iii Nelson last week the follow
ing officers were elected: Preaident,P.
Phillips, Nelson; vice, \V. 1!. Melsnae,
Yum. secretary treasurer.* A.Shilland,I    Followi
Sandon. I.-diveron lh
Arlington   arrivals:   I''. Ritchie. W.   week dnce
CantfellaA Shilland, O. Russell, San* Thnwdni
don: F, Mobseher, IV McKechnlo.SII    Friday.
[ verton; G. Gilchrist, I). Stephens, w. Sfttttrdni
Koch. Nelson; VV, Monroe,Vancouver:  Monday
,l. VV, Voting. Toronto: A. Fritter,Win* Tuesdir
1 Inwj R. Machin, Victoria. I W.edne
Lttit Y<*ar's fililinneiitH Were SS75 Tuiih—
A Ileultliy Kvldenoe or the I.iTu nml
Wciiltli  of tlie aJump-lilHuk I'liiicc I*
llljrKCSt Shlpi.ri .
A shipment of .TO tous of ore was
made by the Enterprise during tho
week lo the Trail smelter, the ore being sortings from second class stuff
that had been lying on the dumps.
The roads have suffered from the bad
weather of into, much snow having
fallen on the upper ends and rain pn
the lower portions. It is a trying
soring for niineov.'uers. Output for
the week 30 tons; for jifce yetf AM
For lflOi the oro shipments from
the local division amounted to 2.'37.~>
tons, made up from 19 properties.
Following is ;t full list of the shipments this year to date:
Ottawa  10ft
Enterprise  30           lid
Blnck I'rince  815
NVppuwa  21
Kilo  20
Chapleau  i
THinnriic  I'll
Northern Light ._ I
Graphic ." :5
Combination  I
30 693
Silver has slumped badly during
the week.
Twelve men are working on tho
Fisher Maiden.
Upwards of 50 men are employed
around Silverton.
Sandon mines last week shipped 138
tons of ore, mainly zinc.
II. A. Hicks and C. Barber took up
supplies on Tuesday, to work on the
The man id the Lady Frank lin have
completed their work, coming into
town on Tuesday.
W. Kyte and J. Benedum will work
the Josie, at the head of Dayton, this
summer under lease.
For the year to date Sandon miues
have shipped 5708 tons of zinc and
IS.'IO tons of silver-lead.
A consolidation of Pacific coast
smelters has been effected, embracing
tiie Selby, Tacoma iiud Everett works*
Monty Davys, of Nelson, visited and
inspected the Arlington oa Thursday.
There is talk of a lease being taken on
the property.
M. Browning, late foreman at the
Enterprise, has accepted a similar position with tho Rustier Mining Co., at
Libby, Mont.
Nine inches of ore. nssnying '2ii0 oz,
has lieen struck in a raise from tho
No. I tunnel on the Fisher Maiden,
Four Mfle. The ore parallels the No.
i:«il,imii ■. Preientad,
On Tuesday Finance Minister Tat-
low presented his estimates to the provincial legislature, placingthe receipts
for the yeai' at £j..Vi'.l.37li.(!l) and the
expendi'tures nt '•f;:l,.''>-'l.i.'.!S.:)l. It is
expected the receipts will increase so
that there will be no deficit at the end
of the year. In the appropriations for
roads, etc.. thr Cranbrook riding gets
85000; Kaslo, $10,100; Columbia, $7,-
000; Fernie, ?tiili*': Revelstoke, WOOOj
Slocan. S,xiJ(X): Vuii . $10,580. A special grant of $1100 lias been mado
conditionally to the Fisher Midden
ro&d on Four Mile.
Another Accident at slip.
Since the new i nnsfer slip was put
in here a year ago, accidents to cars
bave been more or less frequent, On
Wednesday the regular train was run
ning tin* barge, when a large refrigerator Cat jumped lhe track and Hopped
over into shal'
ing crew can:
day and   Ine
tho damage.
ow water. The wreck-
up from Nelson yester*
,i Bweet time repairing
Bounilril to Her Ucnlli.
Mrs. T. II   Ukinson, of Ymir, wife
of the local druggist who awaits trial
on n charge      arson, committed suicide hydro     a; herself in the Ymir
       rhu.raday afternoon,while
laboring  audi r   great mental strain.
The women id die place, all shame to
tbem, had sent her to Coventry, because of the alleged crime of her hus-
Iver Uuotntlulii.
are the quotations for bar
various days during thu
i^t issue:
     r«s *j cent!
     F>7V    "
    B75    "
    563    "
    r.i;';   "
    662    **- Al  *I
The Man and
the Hour
Copyright, 1904, by Frances Wilson
Elinor for the first time ln ber life
was looking the future squarely ln tbe
eye. Hitherto sbe had been content to
nibble at life, munching away contentedly enough, satisfied -with tbe joy of
tha moment And sbe might have gone
on so for sn Indefinite time had lt not
been for ths occurrence of the 3d of
New Tear's day ls significant only
because then, by common consent,
time moves up a number. This particular June 8 made an Indelible impression on Elinor's mind because on tbat
day sbs began to be thirty-two—began
at tbe very beginning, of course, but
etlll she began.
"I shall say I'm thirty-one all this
year anyway," sbe announced defiantly to that other self that receives our
dearest confidences. "It's sucb bad
form to say you're thirty-one years and
two months old, or whatever lt may
happen to be. And If I bave to write lt
I'll make lt thirty-one ln round numbers—not even thirty-one plus." All of
which, as tbe reader can see, was very
However, as she found, by far the
worst thing about beginning to be thirty-two was the fact that you Couldn't
forget lt The harder you tried the better you remembered it.
i   "Well, what if lam?"
This was the remark tbat our heroine
■lung Into space wben, after a week of
torment she sat down with her chin
resting on ber hands to have tbe tblng
out "What if I am? So are plenty of
other gir—women, I mean. Alice ls
thirty, Mary thirty-one, Mabel twenty-
She paused In ber enumeration, struck
by the thought that all these friends
Were married. Matrimony was a subject to which sho bad given the minimum of thought Sbe supposed she'd
come to lt some time, but she was ln
no hurry to enter that narrow pasture
bo long as tbere was pleasant browsing
to be hnd outside.
When she had thought of lt at all lt
had seemed to mean chiefly a tiresome
round of housekeeping that resulted ln
three perpendicular lines Just over the
nose, a memorandum of worry that she
secretly determined to avoid as long ss
possible. But now that sbe was beginning to be thirty-two the thing was
, Gould lt be, sbe asked herself, tbat
■he had made a mistake after all and
that those three incisive lines were as
much of an honor as an officer's bars?
Could it be that there was a point
when one began to be thirty-two—for
instance, when becomlngnesB demanded that one should lay aside "Miss"
Just as lt required tbat one should
■top wearing pink?
She faced her plight with a stiff upper Up, realizing that she bad no one
but herself to blame. There bad been
a number of men—the mischievous dimple at the corner of her mouth danced
into sight for a second at tbe thought
of how many—who had done their best
to stop ber in what she now recognized
for the first time her mad career. She
had declined their offers kindly, but
with a certain royal carelessness that
recked not of possible dark hours to
come. Wben did any woman born to
the belief ln the divine right of queens
ever foresee dethronement?
She had Inadvertently "lived over,"
as Bhe had once beard lt quaintly
phrased. There was no doubt about it,
she was an old maid! She repeated lt
aloud ln all Its brutal trutb, scorning
sucb euphemisms as "spinster" and
"bachelor woman."
"You're an old maid—just a plain old
maid!" she said audibly. But it sounded like a joke—like one of those things
too bad to be true. She would probably wake up after a $lt to find that she
bad been married since her eighteenth
year and had a son ready to cuter college nnd a daughter about to mako her
No such happy awakening came,
however, and with desperate philosophy she decided that si not* she was
nn old maid she would enter into the
role for all lt was worth. At least
she would avoid tbe error of being
Little by little her plainest gowns
wero brought Into requisition. Certain
little graces and frivolities ot the toilet
were ono by one abandoned. She timidly asked Alice, her closest friend, to
teach the children to call her "auntie,"
a thing whicb she hnd hitherto forbidden under the penalty of a sudden
denth to the cherub that should tlrst
be guilty of lt.
"What ls the matter with you?" gasped Alice, with a stare of amazement
"And what have you been doing with
your hair, nnd why are you wearing
that ugly old dress, with all the handsome things that you have?"
"I'm just wearing tbe tilings suitable to my uge before tbe dear friends
have a chance to point them out to
me," was tbe answer, and that night
her friend confided to her husband,
with thoughtful regret, that Elinor wus
becoming a regular old maid.
Another of her friends and comrades,
Max Anderson, also noticed the subtle
•change. Theirs had been a sort of
brother and sister friendship of long
.standing. For yenrs he hod scolded
and criticised nnd bullied her. The
one thing thnt he hndn't done wns to
make love, and I'll nor had long since
given up trying to make hlm.
"Haven't you over been ln love,
Mnx?" sho hnd nsked hlm once, with
genuine curiosity lu the grny eyes that
had  been more  thu>*  imo  man's  un*
doing.   A dull flush enme up Into his
face, and be looked nt her strangely.
"Yes," he answered shortly, "I have."
"Beautiful night, isn't lt?" he went
on after a moment and there was a
touch of mockery in his voice that
made tbe questlouer wince. After that
she asked bim no more.
"What's up?" he demanded, surveying her cynically as she came dowa
to receive hlm one evening, with renunciation speaking from every line
of ber plain gown and her smooth,
parted hair. "Is it some sort of lay
sackcloth and ashes? What particular
sin are you mourning?"
"Tbe great sin of omission!" she answered demurely as they sat down opposite each other. But he looked incredulous. He had not known her fifteen years for nothing.
"Commission, you mean," be said
dryly, with an air of remembering
"No; omission! I'd tell you about it
only you're never any comfort to a
person. You're just like a stone, Max.
I don't know how I've endured you so
Hs turned his eyes lazily upon her
with a look long, steady, inscrutable.
Neither spoke, but after a moment Elinor, with a beautifully assumed air of
perfect ease, sought refuge ln a study
of tbe pattern of the carpet
"Possibly I may tell you some time,"
he said, with s nonchalant laugh, "but
go on; let me hear what's the trouble.
You always tell me eventually."
And so, in fact she did. It was the
beauty of Max that he made you like
and hate him simultaneously. But no
matter what you felt you wanted him,
and you usually confided ln him. That
at least had been Elinor's experience,
and lt was being repeated for the hundredth time now. She wanted to tell
him; she always wanted to tell him everything. She leaned forward suddenly, with a childish bid for sympathy ln
her eyes.
"Yon see, Max, I've omitted to get
married. And now I'm thirty-one"—
"Plus," he corrected gravely.
"Thirty-one," sbe continued firmly,
"and, though Ifs been great fun—well,
all at once I realized tbat I'm an old
maid. It's so unexpected. Why haven't
I married? That's what I don't understand."
There was a pause ln which it seemed to her that she suddenly heard the
beating of her own heart. Before she
fully realized what had happened her
hands were held close and Mux was
"Look at me, Elinor, nnd see If you
can't find out. I've waited years for
you to finish sowing your wild oats."
Small Nancy, aged four, had a doll to
which she was devotedly attached. It
could open and shut its eyes, and every
night Nancy took lt to bed with her,
carefully closing Its eyes before the
light was turned out. One day the doll,
as dolls from time immemorial have
been known to do, met with an accident which placed the eye shutting
mechanism out of business and left it
with not only widely and permanently
opened optics, but badly damaged ones
as well. At intervals during the remainder of the day Nancy pleaded to
bave her dolly "cured," but nothing
was successful. At bedtime when she
had donned her nightdress and started
for her little bed ber mother saw she
had forgotten her adored doll and reminded her of it, saying:
"But, Nannie, you've forgotten your
baby. Sbe won't be able to sleep unless you take her to bed with you, as
To her mother's amused astonishment Nancy threw a half contemptuous
look over ber shoulder at the doll, recumbent on a chair, and said:
"Oh, what's the use? She can't sleep
snywny. Who ever heard of anybody
sleeping with their eyes wide open?"—
New York Times.
Craahed by Hla Wife.
"My wife ls not always as considerate of my feelings as she might be,"
says tbe man wbo invariably means
well. "I went home the other night
and I could see that I was not more
than deuce blgb with her on account
of—well, no matter what I was full
up of a new theory a man had been
Imparting to me, and as I always believe In a man's regarding his wife as
his intellectual equal I told her about
it Tho man told me that it is the
brain that really nourishes the hair.
Ho even went so fnr ns to say that if
you pull a huir out you pull out a bit
of brain with it It interested me exceedingly. My wife just sniffed.
" 'That's not new,' she said. 'I found
that out long ago. It doesn't mntter
either whether the hair is pulled out or
falls out init uriilly.'
"That's what I get for trying to be
good to that woman. Stung by my
Here he raised his lint ne was as
bald as a newly plucked egg.—Washington Post.
Timing Bananaa.
It Is generally known thnt bananas
are shipped while yet green and unripe, but few persons ure nwnre of the
careful and elaborate time calculations
required ln setting out the plants and
cutting off the fruit ln order to insure
the arrival of the bannnns ln proper
condition at their destination. Wben a
plantation ls begun the young plants
are set out nt certain intervals, so that
they will produce at regular prefixed
times during the year. A certain number of days before the arrival of a
steamer the green fruit Is cut, and a
close calculation of the time that will
be consumed ln the voyage must always be mnde, else the bananas will be
spoiled. Fruit steamers carry steam
bentlng apparatus to Insure a uniform
temperature throughout the voyage.
Tbo ripening is calculated to occur only
after tbe fruit has reached the retail
-^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»**t^ *»*»*»*»*»••»*»♦♦♦+ ;
A Series of Articles Describing
their Lives, their Aims and
Their Influence.
♦ W. H. HALL.
Editor and Proprietor of the Wolseley
The subordination of personality
of the editor to the interest of the
paper of which he is the controlling
spirit is with some newspaper men a
belief as implicitly believed in as the
Thirty-nine Articles by an Anglican,
or the Wesminster Confession by a
Presbyterian. They believe that the
individuality of the man who writes
should not be obtruded upon his readers any more than the individuality
of the tailor who measures him for his
clothes should be apparent to the public, or than the individuality of the barber who shaves him should be evident
to everybody who sees him walk down
the street. ' They hold that the newspaper business differs in no essential
particular from any other business,
and that, if a man is qualified for his
work, his paper will evidence the fact,
and he will get public support on the
merits of his publication, irrespective
of all personal and individual considerations. This Is undoubtedly true, but
not the whole truth. It Is a very
human characteristic to take a greater
interest in any abstract proposition
when it Is identified with a personality.
By this means each become correlatives—one is always thought of in
connection with the other, and the
Interest of both are thereby advanced.
Even in Britain, the home of anonymous journalism, many of the papers
of greatest influence derive much of
that influence because of association
with the personality of a man, and ln
America the instances are numerous
where the power of a paper has simply
the measure of the personal influence
of its editor. Greeley and Watterpn
are past and present examples of the
truth of tnis in the United States, and
in Canada many illustrations of the
same truth could be cited. What made
tne Toronto Globe of the last generation the '|Grit Bible" but the personality of George Brown? What but the
individuality of W. F. Luxton made
the Manitoba Free Press of the 80's
the power it was in Western Canada?
And, in a smaller way, because of their
more limited sphere of subscribers,
the influence of many a Western Canadian weekly is acknowledged to be
the influence of its editor, in a direct
and personal sense not usually understood. Instances of the truth of this
will occur to every one who knows
anything of Western journalism-
cases in which the virile personality
of the man who runs the institution
can be seen by the discerning, not
alone in every editorial, but ln every
trial item, and almost in the makeup
of the paper.
There are other men who, If not so
obtrusively original, are still able, and
whose paper from week to week Is
almost the only means of knowledge
possessed by their brethern of the
craft as to their personality. Of this
latter class ls Mr. W. H. Hall, of the
Wolseley News. To the generality of
the editors of the west Mr. Hall Is
most generally known hy the copies
of his paper that from week to week
they find on their exchange desks.
And It must be ndmittod that the estimate formed of the man from his work
is a favorable one. The News Is ln
many respects one of the most creditable of Territorial weeklies. Few
papers better fulfil the manifold re*
tjulrementa of that often discussed ant
seldom seen shoot—a good local paper.
Many other weekly papers In tho West
have a hotter mechanical equipment
than the News but few display more
caro and taste in using tho facilities
at their disposal. Its makeup and
presswork from week to week show
unvarying care. The business announcements of tho local merchants
are displayed with a judgment, often
looked for ln vain in much more pretentious papers. Its record of local
happenings ls ln many respects a
model to other Western editors, the
news being brightly written and well
arranged. Iieing the only paper pub*
lished in Wolseley, It places local Interests above political bias, and Is altogether Independent in Its attitude.
Tnls does not imply that lhe News
has no opinions, or that lt ls a spineless wobbler. On the contrary It distributes commendation or blame to
both political partita as Ihe circumstances seem to warrant, nnd thereby
has secured tho respect, not only of Its
BUbBCrlberg in tho Wolseley district,
but of the Western world of nowa-
paperdom as a whole.
The editor of Iho News Is Mr. W. H.
iiaii, whose "counterfeit presentment"
•adorns the head of this article. Mr.
tall Is Kngllsh by birth, a west, countryman, having been born near Bristol,
He was educated in the llritish grammar school, one of England's most
famous schools.   Ho has been a real-
No   Argument   Will
Convince   a   Women
that a flour is all right, if she can't make good bread with it
The one argument that wins every woman in favor of
ROYAL HOUSEHOLD FLOUR is, that it never fails
to turn out the most beautiful Bread and Cake and the most
crisp and delicious Pastry when used according to the very
simple "Royal Household" recipes That one fact outweighs all the theories of two thousand years.
No other flour has ever made so many intimate friends
among Canadian women in so short a time.—Perhaps it's
because "Royal Household" is made by the new electrical
process—that makes a wonderful difference in flour.
Your grocer sells " ROYAL HOUSEHOLD " and you can have the
recipes by simply sending your name and address to The Ogilvie Flour
Mills Co., Limited, Montreal, and mentioning the name of this paper.
dent of Western Canada for more than
twenty years, coming to the country
ln the boom year of 1882. His first
newspaper work was undertaken in
Portage la Prairie a year later. In
1885 he went to Vlrden and took
charge of the Vfrden Advance. For
eleven years he edited that paper, resigning in 1896. Three years later
he took over the management of the
Wolseley News, which under his
guidance has greatly improved ln
every Important respect, and is now
one of the best weeklies in the Territories. Mr. Hall is prominent in temperance work, being one of the most
Influential members of the Royal
Templars. He Is also a leader in the
Orange Order, and an officer in the
local Forrester's lodge.
Derangement of the stomach or
bowels is responsible for most of the
ailments that afflict Infants and
young children. For keeping the
stomach and bowels in order nothing
can equal Baby's Own Tablets, that
is why children ln the homes where
these Tablets are used are bright,
good-natured and healthy. Mrs.
Joseph Wallace, Shanley, Ont., says:
"I have used Baby's Own Tablets for
my baby since her earliest Infancy,
and have found them to be a medicine that meets all tho needs of little
ones. They have kept my little one
as bright and healthy as can be."
xhese Tablets are sold under a guarantee to contain no opiate or poisonous "soothing" stuff. Sold by all medicine dealers or by mall at 25 cents a
box by writing the Dr. \vnUams
Medlcino Co., Brockville, Ont.
1'ieful When Traveling and Also Vmw
Collar* and   Stock*.
A handy handkerchief case for women who travel ls one of those utterly
simple little Inventions that are so wonderfully helpful and can be enlarged
upon or developed Into a dozen other
things as satisfactory In themselves.
A double use for It, by the way, is to
tuck turnover collars and stocks ln the
division under the handkerchiefs.
Take two strips of silk or ribbon,
each twelve Inches long by four wide,
Iny cotton hatting, with sachet powder
Inserted, smoothly over both pieces, and
line them with silk or another color or
I.ny one on the other, crossing, so
that the centers of both are In the sarar
spot, and sew along the edges of the
outer strip, leaving the edges of the
Inner strip free. Then tuck a half Inch
ribbon to the center of the outside, fold
the Inner strip In three by laying each
end over flat, and fold the outer over ln
thc same way, tying tbe ribbon securely ln a bow on top.
The folds, both lengthwise and crosswise, -will prevent your handkerchiefs
from working out. ns they do so often
ln handkerchief cases. And collars can
be deftly slipped lietween outer nnd
Inner strip and folded over the handkerchiefs. They will muss less this
way, if your space ls too limited to
box them comfortnbly, than nny other
way.—Philadelphia North American.
A prominent English clergyman once
congratulated an old lady on her bravery in fighting her way to church
against a terrible tempest, but received the disconcerting reply, "ily hus-
hnnd gets so crossgralned nfter meals
that I have to get out of his wny, so I
micht as well go to church."
W, DODD'S' \
jfo PILLS 4
Wonderful Cure of Mrs. James Kinsella, who slept In a chair for Two
Summers—What 8he Says of It.
St. Malachle, Que., Mar. 20.—(Special)—A cure of great Interest to
women has attracted the attention of
those interested in medical matters in
this neighborhood. Mrs. Jas. Kinsella,
wife of a well-known citizen, had suffered from a complication of troubles
for about two years. She hdd a pain
ln the right hip, ln the back and was
obliged to pass water every fifteen
minutes ln a burning Itching sort of
Sh could not sleep at night and had
to sit up ln a chair for two summers.
Dodd's Kldnek Pills cured her.
Mrs. Kinsella speaking of her cure
says, "After the  first box of Dodd's
Kidney Pills I felt much better.   Then
I got more and they did me a world
of good.    I have never slept ln the
chair since I used Dodd'S Kidney Pills.
Woman's health depends on her kidneys.     Nine-tenths   of   the   so-called
female complaints are caused by uric
acid ln he blood.    Cure your Kidneys
with Dodd's Kidney Pills and you can
have no uric acid ln the blood.
The Late Principal Sinclair.
The funeral of the late Hcv. John
A. Sinclair, Principal of llegina Industrial School, which was recently
held at thu home of his aged parents,
Scotch Corners, near Cnnoton Place,
Out., hnd Alfred Fitzpatrick of Whitby, a classmate of the deceased, present as the representative of the Son-
ate and A Una .Muter Society, of
Queen's University, of which institution Mr. Sinclair wus a graduate.
Mr. Fitzpatrick gave a brief address,
reviewing the brilliant career of thn
departed, expressing the sympathy of
th** faculty, students and alumni of
Qm-en'swith thc bereaved family and
friends. Mr. Sinclair was a medalist
in philosophy, and had partially
completed the course for the degree
of Doctor of Philosophy. lie hnd performed Invaluable services for his
church and country as a missionary
in thc Klondike, and as principal of
one of our industrial schools had
given a most Important impetus to
the cause of Industrial education. He
was not only a deep thinker, a pro-
'ound student of industrial nnd so-
rial reforms, but he possessed, a practical mechanical enst of mind, nnd invariably reduced his ideas to practice. Such men es he sliould be at
the heads of our departments of education,
Should   Know   II*. .r> th In*.
Editor's Son-1 asked papa when the
millennium was comin', an' if Mnrs
was Inhabited, an' If It -.vas goln' to
rain next Fourth of July, an' he said he
didn't know. I don't seo how be ever
got to be un editor.
Miss .Ellen Stono, the famous missionary ln Bulgaria and Macedonia,
who ,wns captured by the brigands,
wlll soon leave for hor old field ln the
east. When sbe returned to America
after hor capture and ransom from
the brigands lt was her Intention to
resume her labors nmong the people
whero ahe hnd been captured. She
found hor mother, Mrs. Lucy Stono,
of Chelsea, feeble and not likely to
live long. So she decided that 'her
duty for tho time lay in thla country.
Honco she has stayed, tenderly caring
for her parent. Her mother died recently at tho Stono home, 8 Crescent
avenue, Chelsea, As Miss Stono hns
Consecrated herself to the missionary
work, she wlll now consider her stay
ln America ended. Sho goes at her
own risk*.
A   Now   York   spcoiul   says:—The
body of a woman who hud been dead
several hours, uid a man unconscious
and dying were found ln a cab which
was driven up to a Brooklyn police
station at. u gallop. The man, who
was   suffering   from   alcoholism,   and
possibly from the effects of a drug,
may recover. The man said his name
was Thomas Deegan and that he lived
in Comoe street, one of the better
class residential sections of Brooklyn.
The dead woman he said waa Miss
Mary Savage, 30 years old. Both Deegan and Miss Savage wero well dressed. The cab, driven by a man who
said his name waa David Good, dashed
up to the police station, and when the
policemen came out they found the
man and woman lying back in the
coach. It was seen at a glance that
the woman was dead, but tho man
was still alive and physicians were
hurriedly summoned. He became
greatly excited when told that his companion was dead.
It's funny how evening Clothes stay
on a yoman whon they seem to he
specially built to slip off.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
When Kheumatism doubles a
man UD physician*. aD<i sufferer a ;U losei
lieart anil often despair of a cure, bat liore'i
the exception. "Wm. Pegu, of Norwood, Ont,
nays; "I whs ner.rly douhled tip with rh»o*
mati.-tn, I itot three bottles of South Amori.
can Rhenmatic (urn tuSl they cured mo It'i
tha quickest acting medeciu* I ever iaw."-lt
It has been determined that the assassin of the Grand Duke is a man of
good birth becauae of tho quality ot
his underwear. Presumably in a cold
country like Russia men are born ln
their underwear so as not to catch
The efficacy of Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup ln curing coughs and
colds and arrestng inflammation of the
lungs, can be established by hundreds
of testimonials from all sorts and conditions of men. It Is a standard remedy ln these ailments and all affections of tho throat and lungs. It ls
highly, recommended by medicine vendors, because they know and appreciate its value as a curative.   Try it.
Nansen, the "farthest north" man,
haa gone Into politics, and probably
he will strike an even harder fros'.
Each Washington's birthday the
Americans get more fun out of the
fact that George couldn't tell a He.
Rich, Pure Blood Will  Drive Out the
Most Obstinate Case of Rhcumaticrn
Growing pains, aching joints, Still*
encd muscles, tender, swollen limbs—
that'a rheumatism—a blood disease
that causes ceaaeless agony and crip-
plea thousands, it Is acid In tlm
blood that causcB rheumatism. Liniments may case the pain temporarily
—but thoy never cure. To cure rheumatism you must remove the acid In
the lmpiiro blood. Dr. Williams'
Fink l'ills positively cure rheiitii.v
tlsip, acuto or chronic. Thoy act
dlcectly on the blood, driving the acl I
out. They mako new, warm, pure
blood, and send It throbbing through
the heart, and lungs and limbs. Th I
r.ew hlood banishes every ncho and
pain—brings good health and full »•
tivlty. Mr. T. H. Smith, Caledonia,
Ont., says:—"For a number of years
I was badly troubled with rheumatism,
and was so crippled up I could scarce*
ly do any work. I tried quite a number of medicines, but they did not help
me. Then I saw Dr. Williams' Pink
I'illa advertised for this trouble, and
1 got a number of boxes. Beforo the
third box was used, I found my.'iclf improving. I continued to uso the pW«
throughout the winter and they have
completely cured me. 1 got so that
1 could work on the coldest day with
out a coat and not feel a twinge of
tho trouble. I have told quite a few
of my neighbors about tho pilla, and
they are a popular medlcino here."
It. ls because Dr. Williams' I'ink Pills
make new, pure, warm hlood that thej
have such a great power to curo dls
ease. They positively euro rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia, St. VH"*;
dance, partial paralysis, kidney and
liver troubles, anaemia, and the ailments wliich women alone sufTer frem
The purchaser must be careful to ■ '
that tho full name, "Dr. Williams' Pin
Pilla for Palo Poople" Is printed nil
tho wrapper around each box. Sold
by all medlcino dealers or sent by mall
at SOc a box, or six boxes for *2„r.O, by
writing the Dr. Wllllums Modlclno Co.,
Brockvlllo, Ont THE
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
A 'Cute Youth.
A country youth was recently ap-
nrfiiticed to a bootmaker living ln an
adjoining county town. HU first cus-
tnnior was a well-dressed young man,
lho desired a pair of boots. The pair
ho selected were priced 16s. 6d. He
explained that he had only 12s., and
« ' ulred whether he could pay that.and
ret urn next day with the remaining
cash "Certainly," Bald the youth,
"that wlll be all right," and theu proceeded to wrap up the boots. When
the customer had gone the youth related the matter to his employer. "Tut
Ln" said the employer, ln an Irritated tone, "why did you do that?
You have allowed him to take those
booti and you wlll never see him
Main" "Ay, but I shall," replied the
youth, •***> he winked knowingly, I
wrapped up two boots for one foot, so
lie |j hound to come back." The shopman thinks his apprentice hasn't much
to learn.   	
A Clear Healthy Skin.—Eruptions
0f the nkin and the blotches which
blemish beauty are the result of impure hlood caused by unhealthy action
0f tin' IHer and kidneys. In correcting tills unhealthy action and restor-
InK the organs to the normal condition,
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills will at the
sunn' time cleanse the blood, and tho
blotches and eruptions will disappear
without leaving any trace.
[iO  The harder you cough, the worse
! I the cough gets.,
pure Th*,Lu"-        I
The Lunr
U guaranteed to cute. If it
doesn't benefit you, the druggist
wUl give you your money back.
•£*£"..  .    BaCaWMutco. an
ge.iOo.n   LaRoy.N.Y..Toronto.C™
The Father—Eunice, I don't like the
company your young man Spoonamore
keeps, The Daughter—Why, papa, I'm
the only company he is keeping these
Federal Life Assurance Company.
An 'Increase of business to the extent of 2,177 policies for $3,010,499.50, |
and of assets to the amount of f285,-
979.62, making a total of $2,148,733.37,
exclusive of guarantee capital, were!
the features of the twenty-third annual
report of the Federal Life Assurance
Company at the shareholders' meet-
Ing in Hamilton. The surplus
shown was $1,055,837.81, and the surplus to policy holders, exclusive of uncalled guarantee capital, $185,837.81,
During the year 82 policies matured to
the amount of $157,040, of which $12,-
585 was reinsured. Tho company's
funds have boen carefully invested in
tlrst-class bonds, mortgage securities
and loans on the company's policies,
| amply secured by reserves. For tho
past two months the business done has
i been in advance of that of the cores-
ponding period in 1904. Mr. David
Dexter was re-elected President and
Managing Director, and I.ieut.-Colonl
Kerns and Rev. Dr. Potts, Vice-Presidents. The detailed statement will be
found In another column.
j "Coughs Are Dangerous, and Lead to
Fatal  Results If the  Right Remedies are Not Applied."
The Great Specialist Asks Every Parent to Test his Combined Treatment that has Cured Thousands of Children and
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere
Eyes and nose ran
0,9 Archer, of Brewer, Maine, I
k«<IC»tirrh  for iareral .yoata.
nu from my area aod nose for i
About toot month, aao I waa induced to try
fit Afuew'H Catarrhal Powder, and since using
is, wonderful remedy I haya not bad  an attack.  It relieyee ln tan minntei."   50 couti.-n
tavrs:   "I haya
.„  ._.        Water would i
roia mv ajaa apd nosa for daya at a time. '
I waa induced to
R. Hinton Perry, tho sculptor. Is responsible for the following story of the
"scruhlady" who cares for his studio:
"How many children have you, Mrs.
O'Flarlty?" he asked her otie morning.
"It's riven I have, sir," she replied,
j. our be the ihird wlf<* of me second
husband, and three be the second wifo
of me first."
Be There a Will Wisdom Points the
Way—The sick man pines for relief
but he dislikes sending for tho doctor,
which means bottles of drugs never
consumed. He has not the resolution
to load his stomach with compounds
which smell villainously and taste
worse. But if he havo the will to deal
himself with his ailment, wisdom will
direct his attention to Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills, which, as a specific
for indigestion and disorders of the digestive organs, have no equal.
A Requisite for the Rancher.—On
the cattle ranges of the West, where
men and stock are far from doctors
and apothecaries, Dr. Thomas' Klectrlc
Oil is kept on hand by the Intelligent
as a ready made medicine, not only
for many human ills, but as a horse
and cattle medicine of surpassing
merit. A horse and cattle rancher
wiy find matters greatly simplified by
using this oil.
Cuba, acting probab'y under United
States lnlluence, persists In refusing
to Great Britain most-favnred-nation
treatment. The l'nie.1 States holds
tho view that the most-favored-nation
clause ln a treaty does not relate to
privileges granted to third parties in
return for specific concessions. Great
Britain's policy of admitting other nations to competition with her for the
trade of her own colonies Is at least
Heart relief In half an dour.-
A !.i■ i j in N«'w York State, writing of I.er cure
hy Dr. Afjnew'H l'iire|f(ir the Heart, snys: 'I
fool like one brought back from lhe dead, ao
(TMt WSMD7 suiT'-riiif from Mart trouhle and
sonlmost mirurulnui my recovery through lhe
■gency uf this powerful treatment. I owe my
UU to it."—19
Mame—She and   Mr.   Jinks   corre-1
spond, don't they?   Mag—Naw!   Why
he's real dark complectloned an' she's
a dizzy blonde."
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
If your blood is thin and impure, you are miserable all the
lime. It is pure, rich blood
that invigorates, strengthens,
refreshes. You certainly know
the medicine that brings good
health to the home, the only
medicine tested and tried for
60 years. A doctor's medicine.
—L—trS7 ?'!• g***********«** -laoM. *» Ay*t*
SEiMRt U u Ul* ***** woaiartul »ail-
**—*_''"'I*'** »e!-.aa*aeai.   M-oor.ta
""■ D»ua Sowui, Newark. N. J.
»** baua. j.o.*t«bo_.
This story is told of a nico old resident of Brookllne, who last week addressed a class of young women at an
educational Institution, and who advised them to go in for the active life.
"Go out and do something, be something," he exclaimed; "become fishers
of men," aud he wondered why the
audience tittered.—New York Tribune.
Poor Health
Laxative clones of Ayer's pui« each
«W« gro.tly aid th. •arsap-trMa.
Coupons now with every
pound of  |
ginning at once, card inside end marked  as J  Coupon  will  count
If *K C — ' '
•—rJJ_P™_ making 6 in  every pound,  or 3 in half pound package.
makes the tea coupons count  up very quickly ••• 3 times ai quick
1 before, ■
-■■• inr Blue Ribbon Tea i write  for Free Premium Lisl, and send in
your Coupon,.
01-VE RIBBON, Department R, Winnipeg.
Mrs. T. B. Elliott, Keswick, near
Barrie, Ont., writes, Dec. 2Stli, 1904: —
"My baby was very sick with a terrible cough. I gave her your C0LT8-
MULSION and a few doses cured her.
I was also sick myself with a bad attack of pneumonia, two winters ago,
and my lungs continued to troublo me
until last March, when I tried PSYCHINE, and ln a few days my lungs
got strong.
"That one bottle of PSYCHINE did
more for me than doctors' prescriptions and all the remedies I ever tried."
'ihe Dr. Slocum Remedies for sale
cures and deserve the highest endorsement and use by all Canadian Mothers.
The Dr. Slocum Remedies are for
salo bv all druggists—COLTSFOOTE
|1, and PSYCHINE at $1 per bottle.
For further advice or Information
write or call, Dr. Slocum, Limited, 179
King street West, Toronto, Canada.
$1,5000.00 AWARD
For the production of a hardy apple and pinna.
Tf interested write for onr catalogue of hardy
Inrsery Itock, Apple, crab and plum trees.
inrrant, raspberry and (,'ooseberry bushes,
Itrtwberry plants, ornamental shrubs and
troes, hedfina and wind-break treea, etc
trees thst wilt grow in Manitoba and tha Territories,   Address:
Hoi liai. ,n Nurseries,        St. CharleB, Man.
Minard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
A New York dispatch says:—Nineteen persons were burned to death In
1 a lire which destroyed the five-story
tenement house  at   LOS  Allen  street.
More than forty were injured, and only
a few of tho sleeping Inmates escaped
i unhurt.   Several of those who perished
| wen* roasted to death In plain view
! of thousands In the streets.   Coroner
' (ioldenkranz declared, after an inves
tigatlon, that he hnd reason to believe
! .uie blaze was lhe work of an lncen-
I diary.    He Issued subpoenas for the
j fire    marshal,    tenement    house   ntul
. bnildiug Inspectors and health and police officials, to appear before him at
| the  Inquest.    The lire .started  in  the
i basement, and  spread  with frightful
t rapidity to the rent'.   The* victims were
caught In traps of Qames(  the halls
and  exits being rendered  Impassable
i In a few minutes after the blaze start
ed.   The building was one of the usual
[crowded tenements, and  the disaster
i was the woist In the history of tho
East   side.     Tho   district   attorney's
office  has  begun  an   Investigation  to
, place the blame for the great less of
I lift.
The Trials of a Country Editor.
Many and various are the struggles
or the little jobbing printer and news-
Paper proprietor ln very remote country districts, where the population ls
scarce, and money more so. I knew
a Rood-tempered old chap who had the
greatest difficulty In making both ends
meet, though he worked fourteen or
nrtoen hours a day. Falling to get
money for his subscriptions, he would
often take garden produce. But this
did not always pan out all right. Upon
one occasion ln the bitterness of his
heart he Inserted this notice: "We do
take garden stuff ln lieu of money,
bend potatoes If you like, or a few
carrots; but, for God's sake,, don't
send any more onions. We cannot
Print for our tears."—From an Old
Country Exchange.
Gentlemen,—My three children were
dangerously low with diphtheria. On
the advice of our priest my wife began
tho use of MINARD'S LINIMENT. In
two hours they were greatly relieved,
aud in five days they were completely
well, and I firmly believe your valuable Liniment saved the lives of my
Gratefully yours,
Malr's Mills, 10th June, '99.
Caller—What a beautiful baby. And
what Is Its name? Young Mother—
Bridget Sullivan DeVere. Caller—
Mercy sakes! How did you happen
to give it a name like that? Young
Mother—Why, the cook threatened to
leave when baby came, and we got
her to stay by naming the baby after
Diggs—What do you do when you
and your wife quarrel? Biggs—I go
out and find the fellow who first Introduced us and give him another licking.
That Cutting Acid that Irian from
the stomach and almost strangles, il caused
by fermentation ofthe food iu the Btomach.
It li a a.-a , ..fH 0f IndiKa.-tion ana dyspepsia.
Take one nf Dr. Von Stan's Pineapple Tablet!
In..- •■.,:. v after eating, and it will pretenl
this distress and aid dilution. 60 in a box 15
Mrs. Cheery—You should always
make light of your troubles, dear. Mr.
Cheery—1 do. Whenever a shopkeeper
sends me a bill I burn it.
"Mrs. Goldenwads doesn't seem to
be very well educated or to have much
refinement," said Mrs. Oldcastle. "At
the dinner last night I heard her say:
"Just look at them there roses.' " "No,"
replied her hostess, "she ain't been in
society long enough yet to get much
culture. Of course anybody that was
educated would kuow enough to say,
'Look at those there roses.' "—Chicago
Frank J. Cheney makes oath tbat he is senior
partner in the tlrm of F. J. Cheney & Co., doinir
uUMuess in the City of Toledo, Oblo, County and
State aforesaid, and that said firm will pay tha
sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each
and every case of Catarrh that canuot ba cared
by the use of Hall'i Catarrh Cure.
Sworn before me and subscribed in my presence, this On, day of December, A. 11., 1896.
(Seall A. W. GLEA.SON, Notary Publie.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, and
acts directly on the blood aud nucous surfaces
of the system,   bend for testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY. A CO., Toledo, O.
SfSoM by all UruggistH, 75 cents.
Take Ilall'a Family Pilla for constipation,
Just as the bread-winner is getting
accustomed to the idea of higher rent,
tho spring openings are announced.
Exceedingly proper people are seldom inetresting.
Cater to the average man's vanity
and the rest is easy.
" 111 fitting boots and shoes cause
corns. Holloway's Corn Cure is the
article to use. Get a bottle at once
and cure your corns.
"When I was in Arabia on my last
trip," said Mr. Arthur Campbell, who
makes semi-annual visits to the Orient,
"1 heard a native miser give a shrewd
and quick-witted reply to a dervish
who had asked him to grant a favor.
" 'On one condition,' said the miser, -I
will do whatever you require.' " 'What
is that?' asked the dervish. " 'Never
to ask me for anything."—Denver Republican.
Teach the rising generation to discrimina.te between
Sunlight Soap
and others that Just look like it but lack its
purity and cleansing power. It will save them
the worry of experiment and the expense of
injured clothes. Sunlight Soap washes
equally well with hard or soft water.
Your money back for any cause of complaint.
Lever Brother*
Limited, Toronto
-r-*-<      ■'■'■'   ""'   *       ' «      ■■    !■■■ ■!
■ I H-t-t ■>...
a IJaauZi
HALES Hair Renewer
A splendid tonic for thc hair, mal.es the hair crow long and heavy.
Always restores color to £ray hair, all the dark,rich color of youth.
Stopsfallinghair, also. Sold for fifty years. '"*Jr'r^:r^,r"tir.:*",^'-
If it is a Question of Warmth use
It Retain* H«v  t. - I«ej» <Mt Coll.
Writ* f»r   tsaf*   ami. Frlsei.
TEES A PERSSE, Limited., Afentj, Winnipef.
You can mako tho Blood Rich, the System
Strong, the Complexion Healthful
by Using
Why do some people hare healthful, rosy complexions while others
are pale and wan ln countenance?
Why are some people strong and
able to defy disease while others are
weak and subject to all the ills of
human kind.'
The difference is ln tbe blood. Pallor of the eyelids, gums and lips tell
of blood that ls lacking in quality and
The person who has poor blood ls
subject to headache, dizziness, sleeplessness; the action of the heart is
weak and there ls sometimes palpitation; the breath ls short, and there
is lack of energy and strength.
This weak, anaemic condition ls entirely overcome by the persistent use
of Dr. Chase's Nervo Food, which ls
above all else a builder and enrlcher
of the blood.
You can best prove this by noting
your Increase ln weight from week
to week, while using this great food
New, rich flesh and tissue are added, new strength and rigor take the
place of weakness and suffering, and
Instead of taking cold or contracting
disease at every gust of wind that
blows you find yourself getting strong
and robust.
Mrs. M. *. Clock, Meaford, Ont.,
writes:—"TUree years ago I became
very much run down ln health and
suffered from weak, tired feelings,
indigestion and rheumatism. At
times I was so badly used up that I
required help to move in bed. While
sick and downhearted I received Dr.
Chaso's Almanac and sent for some
of Dr. Chase's Nerve Pood.
"Under this treatment I soon began to improve, and by the time I had
used eleven boxes of Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food I was happy to find myself
strong and well again. I often think
of what a lot of money I spent for
medicines which did me no good, and
believe I owe my life to Dr. Chase's
Nerve Food. I hope women who suffer
as I did will benefit by my experience
and use Dr. Chase's Nerve Food."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 60 cents,
at all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates
& Co., Toronto. Portrait and signs'
ture of Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous
receipt book author, are on every box.
»f   Canadi
23rd Annual Report and Financial
The twenty-third annual meeting of the shareholders of this company
was held at the head office of the company, in Hamilton, on Tuesday, March
7th, 1905, the President, Mr. David Dexter, in the chair. The following reports and financial statements were  submitted:—
Your directors have the honor to present the report and financial statement of the company for the year which closed on the 31st December, 1U04,
duly vouched for by the auditors.
The new business of the year consisted of two thousand two hundred and
fifty applications for insurance, aggregating $3,146,500, of which two thousand one hundred and seventy-seven applications for $3,010,499.00 were accepted.
As in previous years, the income of the company shows a gratifying Increase, and the assets of the company have been increased by $285,9Y9.62,
and have now reached $2,148,773.37, exclusive of guarantee capitul.
The security for policy-holders, including guarantee capital, amounted at
the close of the year to $3,018,773.37, and the liabilities for reserves and all
outstanding olaims, $l/Jt>2,935.5G, showing a surplus of $1,055,837.S1. Exclusive of uncalled guarantee capital, the surplus to policyholders was $185,837.81.
Policies on eighty-two lives became claims through death, to the amount
of $157,040.00, of which $12,585 was reinsured in other companies.
Including cash dividends and dividends applied to the reduction of premiums, with annuities, tha total payment to policyholders amounted to
Careful attention has been given to the Investment of the company's
funds, in first-class bonds, mortgage securities, and loans on the company's
policies amply secured by reserves. Our investments have yielded a very
satisfactory rate of interest.
Expenses have been confined to a reasonable limit, consistent with due
efforts for new business.
The results of the year Indicate a most gratifying progress. Compared
with the preceding year, the figures submitted by the directors for your approval show an advance of thirteen  and a half per cent. In assets.
The assurances carried by the company now amount to $.6,047,806.23,
upon which the company holds reserves to the full amount required by law,
and, ln addition thereto, a considerable surplus.
The field officers and agents of the company are intelligent and loyal,
and are entitled to much credit for their able representation of tlie company's
interests. Tho members of the office staff have also proved faithful to th«
company's service.
Your directors are pleased to be able to state that the business of the
company for the last two months of the current year has been better than
ln the corresponding months of last year, and that the outlook for th*
future ls very bright.
DAVID DEXTER,  President and Managing Director.
To the President and Directors of the Federal Life Assuranrc Company: —
Gentlemen,—We have carefully audited the books and records of your
company for the year ending 31st December last, and have certified to their
The cash and Journal vouchers have been closely examined, and agre«
with the entries recorded.
The debentures, bonds, etc., in the possession of tho company have been
Inspected, whilst those deposited with the Government or banks have been
verified by certificate, the total agreeing with tha amount us .shown in the
statement of ajsets.
The accompanying statements, viz., revenue and asse:? and liabilities,
show the result of the year's operations, and, also, tho financial position of
the company.
Respectfully submitted, H. S. STEPHENS,
Auditors.      1
Hamilton, 1st March, 1905.
Premium and annuity Income $   542.3S! 88
Interest, rents, and profit ou sales of securities   ..       v .   '■' 61
 $   C2S.71S 3«
I'ald to policyholders  $   198,911 34
All other payments      191,620 70
Balance     -    30
a— $   C2S.718 34
Debentures and bonds $     ■     B3 82
Mortgages      , 1,168 88
Loans on policies, bonds, stocks, etc      41 "^l!" 33
All other assets        ;   605 39
 $2,118,773 3X
Reserve  fund ' $l,8S7,724 81
Death losses awaiting proofs       ",i.M0 00
Other liabilities      lm,070 76
Surplus on policyholders account     186,837 81
. $2,148,773 *>/
Assets   $2,148,773 37
Guarantee capital      a70,000 00
Total security $:!,01S,773 37
Policies weio issued assuring $ 3,010,499 50
Total Insurance in force  111,047,806 23
Tlie foregoing reports and statements were p I and adopted, on l.li«
motion of President David Dexter, seconded by V res, Lieut.-Col. Kerns.
The retiring directors wore re-elected, and at .subsequent mooting of
the directors tlio following officers were re-ele. - —Mr. David Dexter,
President and Managing Director; Lieut.-Col. K * and Rov. Dr. Potts,
The Importation Into Russia of
iombj under tlio label "oranges" Is
inalogous to the importation of cun-:
ion Into the Transvaal under the gUii B
■f "pianos."
XfLf   IM   U   No  B21S
IndMtracUbl*. Ha.iid.om*.. Perfect.    Only S8 oenti par rannlnr ,*»«».
■ applied br ** er local dealer. m
THE PAQC WIRE FENCE CO. LIMITED.   Walker-Ill*.   T*—*,   Ummt ,,    .VImI**,   **-  |«ji THE DRILL, SLOCAN, B. &. MARCH 31. 1905.
''.MV, a
O. E. Smithkrikuaik, r.ditor and Prop.
•LOCAN,      -      -       •       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and fi cents a line each
Subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, (7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
si legal advertising.
Locals will he charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
■Commercial Rates made known upon
lhe Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—-
Slocan, B. C
FRIDAY, MARCH 81, 1005.
The Liberal family row in Quebec
haj ended in Premier Parent resigning and Hon. L. Gouin being appointed in hi^ place.
It begins to look as if thero would
be no railway programme presented
to the legislature this session. There
have been too many wildcat and holdup schemes in lobby.
With this issue The Drill completes
its fifth year of residence in Slocan. It
is the oldest paper in the district and
has been fortunate in enjoying the
lasting goodwill of the sheriff.
The amendments to the school
clauses of the Northwest autonomy
bul are classed as a compromise.
Bather are th^y nu absolute surrender
of public principle to serve political
ends.       ____________
Hon. Clifford Sifton has repented
him of his hasty action in resigning
his position as minister of the interior,
and he now wants Laurier to git j him
back his job. He has accepted the
amendments to the school clauses of
the Northwest autonomy bill, but says
he does so "without enthusiasm."
It is not enthusiasm but principle Sifton should show—a virtue in which he
has always been deficient.
Finance Minister Tatlow has framed
the estimates for the province with a
due regard for economy, and the figures presented to the legislature on
Tuesday evidence a determined effort
to keep the expenditures as close as
possible lo the receipts. Though a
small deficit is foreshadowed, it is altogether possible this will be turned
into a surplus at the end of the year,
•s tho receipts have beon figured on a
conservative basis.
It is a little surprising that when
homeseckfers are taking up every available acre of flat land around Kootenay
lake, equally choice bits of scenery
around Slocan lake and in the contiguous valleys should Ik* overlooked.
Fruit can be raised just as well in this
section as in any other part of the
Kootenay district, and there are thousands of acres of vacant lands adapted
for that purpose available for the
homeseeker. Choice hinds may be
had in the Slocan valley, on the
benches around Slocan lake, in the
'Nakusp pass,and on Wilson and other
large creeks. The local market for
fruits is restricted and growers would
have to figure oa exporting their surplus stock, but the industry should
The hardships worked upon ineor-
ponted towns by the old School Act
through children from outlying districts attending the schools without
financial recompense therefor, nre to
be obviated under the new provincial
act, many amendments thereto having
beon introduced. City school districts
•re to be given the power to extend
their boundaries from time to time, as
may be deemed expedient by tbe
trustees, taking in all unorganized
lands lying without and adjacent to
the corporatiou boundaries. These
outside lands are to be assessed and a
school rate levied thereon equal to the
rate paid within the city. The provincial authorities will collect the tax
levied on the outside lands and pay
the same over to the city school trustees. By this amendment the vexed
question of outside pupils attending
city schools is at once happily and
effectively solved, as the additional
expenses incurred by the trustees
»bo?e the government grant will be
borne equally |,v all interested. To
Slocan the new law means much, es
pecially when it is learned that the
fixed grant to schools in third class
cities has also liecn increased. It will
make the local school practically self-
•upporting, releasing lo the city about
$1000 n year for needed municipal
public works and Improvement*
s*i, ■.
Pay up your subscription.
Str.Slocan is sporting a new whistle.
Trout fishing season opened last
For the host bread in town go to
W. Pinchbeck's.
Sandon is preparing to hold a delinquent tax sale.
The Rifle Club held their first shoot
of the year on .Saturday.
Fred Carlisle is now located in the
town of Kettle Falls, Wash.
Born.—On the 27th inst., the wife of
John Graham, of a daughter.
The ground was covered with snow
on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.
Two cars of shingles were sent out
to Winnipeg by tho local mill this week.
Several Sandon families have taken
up their residence in New Denver for
the summer.
The Imperial Limited service on the
C.P.K. will go into effect in May, several weeks earlier than last yoar.
R. J. McPhee, manager of the Ottawa, returned on Monday from a ten
days' visit to his home in Spokane.
W. E. Worden, formerly of this
town, has purchased the Clapp block,
in Cranbrook, payiug therefor $1500
For Sale.—A number of window
blinds, with rollers attached. Can be
had at 40 cents each. Apply at this
Miss Stanton, who has been visiting
her sister, Mrs. Geo. Henderson, all
wiuteiyeturned to her home iu Oregon
on Tuesday.
To be Raffled.—A Berliner grama*
phone will be raffled at the Arlington Hotel, April 1, at 8 p.m. Tickets
50 cents.   Highest throw wins.
Tbe Bank of Montreal bas purchased the business of the People's Bank
of Halifax, which had a capital of one
million dollars and had 27 branches.
The Drill will print you. on short
notice and in auy amount, shipping
tags, billheads, statements,letterheads,
notebeads, memos, receipts, envelopes.
visiting cards, business cards, bills of
fare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will
meet any quality or price.
Mayor Arnot has greatly enlarged
and improved his store. Another
counter and upwards of -100 feet of
shelving have been added, while upstairs aro the salerooms for linoleums,
carpets, etc. The whole combined
makes a very complete establishment,
C. Riedlinger weut to Ymir Friday
to work.
The aged wife of Jarnes Ward died
iu New Denver Friday night.
Geo. Smith, of the station staff, has
been on the sick list during the week.
The second payment on the mill
debentures falls diie next Wednesday.
The dato -within which to enjoy the
rebate on civic taxes expires with today.
"Several fakirs on the still hunt for
financial assistance scourged the town
during the week.
A bargeload of lumber from Koch's
mill, Ten Mile, cnrtie down Thursday,
for shipment to the prairies.
An enjoyable song service was given
in Knox church on Sunday evening,
Mrs. McCord nnd D. Arnot being the
soloists. A large audience was present.
H. D. Curtis, J.P., and family are
removing shortly to Cranbrook. Mr.
Curtis will be missed from the town
more than any man in it, having lieen
a prominent figure in public affairs.
Two or three letters sent to The
Drill, complaining of damage to
fences and gardens and general nuisance and annoyance from wandering
stock, cannot be published, unless the
writers thereof send their names.
Appended il a complete list of the various records registered atthe local registry office, H. R. Jorand being mining
Mar 20—Liberator Lead.
22—Sheffield fraction J, EB Dunlop to
H C Brigjts.
LlOnTI'JD uv
nor air.
Tlio Queen's
Hotel "'j*-*.'
ISA'HJS:    »!!.00 I*KR  HAT
First-class Dining Koorn
Large and Comfortahle Bedrooms
Sample rooms for Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C.
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
j/\ _   EACH wUl secujre anjimber
Zj.1 If"   of wih8ow blinds, with rollers
*■     *** attached.   Are in good shape.
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
HATES! Begutar loha*rIbM», Sl   P*r montli
,   or$!0u year: non-allbacribe r^ leiclusiTeof
mmliciil attendance)(2 per day.   Privatewarda
II per tin*, extra.   Special facilities fur maternity CUMM.
For further particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
g      De Happy Farmaire Man,
It'.s nice to be (!,• farrrmirc men,
EiMcluloa on apriug,
An' leev out dere npon Av tarn.
An' (trow mo* evretinR;
AnVotl .lelicalt' dat always come
\Vit'_ lu^viu' out of door,
An' milk ile Vow, an' feed do ,.eey,
An'^tlOj'two.tousun' chore.
"Peiir. peeg. pee,,*, pee({!"
Hear dat farttiniri* call—
My! dem Iior ees atom in' bee,?
.Since bark upon <!c> fall.
Kvreone btll crazoi* fool
Dey know dat farnnen pays,
For nenit cau eat mi's' arreting
lie fannairu want to raise.
It mils' bc'pliiinloe ki»' of Inline
Wen aprinff coma roun' again,
An' fluffy leaua cheeken ronna
ileside de modder lien;
Wan arreting ees fw-lin' good
An* can't be kippiu' steel.
An' farmaire mau Radar in de eRR
To pay de grocery abeol.
"('hook, shook, ohook, chook I"
Hen nn' leetle chick.
Wan he's scatter out ds grain
Dey pick, an'pick, an' pick.
Fiirmiiiraa Renin' waalt'y, sure,
Wen egR is nice an' dear—
An' ceely feller know dat hen
Lay tweWe mout' on de year.
Sae dat fonny leetle calf
Ga jotnnin' evrewhere.
WH—ao droll—hees leetie tail
Stuck up in de air.
Dat's de only way he linre
To show how good he feel-
Nernira tink dat farmaire man
Could mak' beam Into veal.
"Suck, suck, suck, suck'."
Soon dat farmaire aplk.
Den dat fonny leetle calf
Coma ramus' plaintee quick.
Shove hees head in to de pail,
Hunt it wil hees nose -
Bapramenj'. dat farmaan man,
ion onght tO see liih.t-lu'es.
Sometam. wen nITer hurl day's work,
He's lionlin' ii|ide cow,
For me lo say. wat farninirejsay,
llis pa tier won't allow.
Hut poet fuller always sinR
How sweeljieas ras' inns' Im —
liy (Jos! he's tire, dat's wat it ees,
As tire as tira can be.
"Co Boss!   Co Bom!"
Hat's da \va> ha ery.
Wen he'scallln' In de cow
To briiiR de mils siipoly,
lu de DfUaha an' up de heel,
t Dat's de way he go—
No, de Jolly farmaire man
Don' nevaire fin it slow.
It's nice in be de farmeeu man,
You bet your boot it. ees,
An' not have no one boss heem roun'
llut jus' do wat he please.
An' fat da la all' wat nlwayat aioiuu
Wit leevin' out of dour,
An' plant de crop, aud poula da weed,
An' do itli kin' of chore,
"()ee,*Haw!   (lee, Haw!"
Hear heem at it now,
Wan bo's turnin' furrows
Wit de prairie-breaker plow.
"(Ial iiIoiir, you la.-y houn*,
Ain' Rood for auyliii^"—
Dai's da happy farmaire man
Wan plowln on da spring.
It's fonny, on dis li<*«*< ol' worl'—
l'rap' you have uol lea. too
How oder man have Rot do job
Would jus' hare suited you ;
An' wile you work from morn to
An' can't pul noting pas',
Dat odcr mall wit easy snap
Is makln' inoiiee fas .
will purchase a small lnse-
urucr coal stove.      la as
god as new,
The Drill Office
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Archibald York, or to nny person or
persons to whom ho mav huvo trans-
ferret! his interest, in whole or in part,
in ihe Independence mineral claim,
situated on Crusader Hill, Lemon
creek,and recorded in tht* Blocan City
mining division of West Kooti uav district :
You sre hereby notified that I, the
undersigned, have cau*t*d lo be expended the sum of two hundred nud
live dollars in labor nnd general improvements upon the nliova.* mentioned
claim, in order to hold said mineral
.:l.iim under ihe provis ons oi the Mineral Act, ami if within Uti days from the
dale of lliis notico you fail or rcfifo lo
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together wiih all cosle of advertising, your interest in SAul claim
will become lho properly of the tub*
scriber, under section four of an act entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Aot, 11)00."
Dated this 27th dav of January, 1906.
9-2*05 \V. T. Kli.VITOKI*
Cancellation of Reserve.
N'OTICE is hereby given tli»t the resarvatlnn
estahlislial in pursuance of tlie provisiiiis
of the "Columbia and VVeatarn Railway Subsidy
t Act, ikm." notlcan "f whirl, wero piibliahad in
i tlio llritish Columbia Qaeetto and date I 7th of
! May. IK'.itl. and  .*,th June, 1880,  respectively, are
Ki hereby cancelled.
Crown land (Hunted within tl.e area e>:„-
prvt braced br the said reservation will lie open to
C*y sale, settlement., lease, and other Ci-position.
a_m under the previsions of the "Land Act." three
P"3 j months afler the date of the iir-t publication
! of this not lea in the Urilisli Columbia lin/i-lie ;
provided, however, lhat in all naaai where lands
are to sold, pre-empted, leased, or olhciwi.-o
.ilieiialed by th» Oovernment and ar.* aub.se.
ipieiitly found, upon the survey of the Columbia
and Western Railway Company's blocks, to Ho
wholly or partly willihi such blocks. Llian the
pemonaso aoquirlDK such lands shall acquire
their title therein from the Hallway Company,
who have agreed to deal with such purchasers,
pre-emptors, lessaes, etc., on tlie same terms
and conditions ns the Government would under
the provisions of the "band Act," except in respect to Umber lnnds on tlie Company's blocks,
which shall be subject to the icKiilations issued
by the Company relative lo the OUttlng of t lift.
ber on the Columbia and Western ltailway
bund Grant.
Deputy Commissioner of Lands A Work
blinds and Work, llcpnrlmont,
Victoria. B.C., 23rtl Kehruary. 1MB,
Cheer upl   Cheer up!
lion' be feelin  blue,
Mebae plaintee odcr man
Ken wlshin' ha was you,
Kven nappy farmaire men
Kas BOtnetra feelin' tire.
Wit' all ain ninny ItliT of Job
De faruieen life require,
I.e.,1. n Creak.
J. A. Anderson
Clothes Make
the Man.
•♦♦*»• <-♦-<
is a plain statement of fact. They
have much to do iu influencing
first impressions, and everyone
wants to create a favorable aud
lasting impression. If you get
your clothes from us you will always bo well dressed and the cost
will be no more than to be the
othor way.
Order a  ♦
Spring   Suit
from ua. We have iu stock an
elegant nnd carefully chosen line
of Tweed*, Serges, Worsteds, nnd
General Suitings; with Trouserings and Fancy Vestings.
A Residence for 5ale
One of the newest residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
large rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china
closet, large cellar, is lathed and plastered,
and is the best finished in town. Hot and
Cold water system, with range and a sink.
Two corner lots, with fine lawn, garden, fruit
trees; also first-class woodshed, etc. A SNAP
FOR ANY BUYER.       For  terms  apply to
P.O. Drawer 75, Slocan
H A dvertise your a
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
a reward
to all penis-
teat nml lib-
I'litl advertis-
rrs: it i.s n-.ui
by evervono.
Subscribe for
riAt AH  Timesf
55 THE DRILL,  $2 per   year K
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