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The Slocan Drill 1904-12-16

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I    DliCl9W04     <*tj
VOL- V., No. ■"*.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   DECEMBER   10,   1001.
$2.00 TER ANNUM.
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
H. II. CiirtU Suci'neil-i .1. II. Illicitlii'cU im
City «:ii'iii   Aii:itij,'i;imiiw Miiilr   for!
Hold Ihk tlie Annual Election-Con I't
Order to Im Ili'glMU'reil,
(i'n the 2.'lrd, instead of tho lilt'li. Au
excellent; programme, consisting of
choruses, solos, dialogues, recitations,
etc.,Ia being prepared by the children.
All aro cordially iuyited to attend.
Admission 2."i cents, Sabbath school
children live. Programme will commence at T.itO.
We are showing the following useful lines
suitable for presents at the Xmas season:
ladies' umbrellas,       $2.00, 2.25, 2.50:1 Ladies' handkerchiefs, from 20c to Sl
dents'      do. $1.50, 8.50J Ladles' neckwear, a fine large assort-
Ui'iits' silk handkerchiefs, initialled OW m,)ut> from 35c to $1.75.
plain, 60c to $1. , ILadies' silk ruffs, $4.00 to $5.00
Ladies' crush belts, leathor and silk, 50c, 75c, $1.
Keep in mind our cash check offer of
$9 dress length on the 24th December
David  Arnot, Slocan.
Agent for Tetley's Teas.
J. W. Crow, Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is one of tho liest known and most popular houses
iu the country.     It is located adjacent to the depot and the
wharf, aud commands a magnificent view of the beautiful
Slocan lake.     Good fishing is to be found closo at hand, while
overy facility is offered for boating.
Tourists will find the Arlington and ideal resting place.
Commercial men have at theircommand new and commodious
sample rooms.
The dining room is strictly up to date and thc bur supplied
with only the best brands of goods
Is reached by any trail *»r road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
,vlmyy;n ■■"■■■
mci • t i 11 glutAvonhtwtitio'
evening,  those present  lining Mayor|
McNeish,   Aid.   Teeter,   Smith   and
Payrolls for October and November
were presented, amounting to $16,68
each month, as salary to U.K. Jorand,!
pit) solicitor.   Ordered paid.
llis worship stilted  the order con-j
finning the tux mile had been secured
from the supreme court, but to be effective it must be registered.   Owing
to its bulkinos the cost of registration,]
would be $140.40, as  tliere wero more
than 700 folios embraced in the order.
Several parties were waiting to redeem
their property, but  nothing could be
done till the order was registered and
all the costs of the sale taxed up,    A i
motion was accordingly passed grant-'
ing the city solicitor $140.40 for the:
registration of the order.
The question of n oity clerk came I
up. and the mayor stated J. II. Pinchbeck had  neither resigned   nor been
Bred, but he was not acting.   H. D.
Curtis had expressed  his willingness
lo take over the job for the remaining
life of the council and   would also act i
as returning  officer  in   the doming
election, all   for  the sum  of $15.    It';
was necessary to act In tin* matter at
once, so that tho voters' list might be
made out  and the preliminaries arranged for the election.
Aid. Smith and Teeter moved that
J. H. Pinchbeck be relieved of his
duties as city clerk.   Carried.
Moved bv Aid. Teeter, seconded by
Aid. Smith, that 11. D. Curtis lie ap-1!
pointed to the vacant position, as weli j
as that of returning officer, ai ti salara
of $15. The election is to tuke place'
oi January 12 next, i:i tho city hall.';
Motion carried. '
The uia voi   stated there wa; a fa>H
amount of money in the treasury, ai.d
all bills would be provtd-sd for Wford
the present' council went out of office.
There were still some licenses to bei
paid, ami delinquent  taxes were also
coming in.
Council adjourned.
Ili't'llU'cj ii S.'iiinil  Om,  for  tin, Ve»r <if
*«,->, 0110.
The Byron N. White Co., owning
the Slocan Star mine, at Sandon, last
week declared a dividend of .$26,000.
payable on the llth, and making the
second one for the year. The dividend
makes $60,000 for the year, Iieing 10
per cent in all. To date the dividends
are $517,600, or an average of 10 per
cent per Annum on the entire capital
nver a term of ten years. The record
is all the better in view of the fact
lhat the mine was practically closed
dowtt for two years during the labor
troubles and other difficulties.
Byron Whitft says: "When the Slocan Star mill has a full head of water
it produces alxiut 7(H)tons of zinc and
.'lil'l tons of lead concentrates a month.
The lead ore assays 96 oz in silver
and 60 per cent leud. and is sold to
the Trail smelter. The zinc concentrates' average 46 oz in silver and 35
per cent ziuc. Tliere are over 2(XX)
inns of zinc concentrates piled up at
the mill unsold. We are not marketing our zinc. The zinc is such an im*
portant product that we have decided
to build n custom zinc separating
plant, with a capacity of 60 tons per
day, at a cost, of $36,000. Work will
commence early in the spring. It will
raise the zinc concentrates to a 55 pel'
cent grade."
left hand badly smashed. lie had
been accidentally struck with a heavy
hammer by his brother while drilling.
One finger was broken and another
reduced almost to pulp. Dr. Cade
attended to the injuries.
ll»» Been Paid liy the Ottawa During tin*
PiikI Yenr.
R. J. McPhee, manager of the Ottawa mine, states that his property
has returned to the owners as a result
of the year's operations no less a sum
than $49,000, This has been in excess
of the money paid OUt in development,
Improvements, surveys, etc. During
the year a little over 1-00 tons of ore
lias been shipped, the grade of which
has been uniformly high. The record
made by the Ottawa has been a re
uiaikiible one, as it has paid for itself
ana all development, while the value
of the mine has been greatly and permanently enhanced.
Shipments from the mine of late
have been held up, owing to the condition of the roads, neither wagons
por sleighs being able.to run. Half a
car of ore is iu the bins at the railway
and several carloads are stored at the
mine. The management is anxious to
get it out and realize on the present
high prices for silver. When sletgfiing
does come then the ore will be rushed
At tho Ottawa drifting is now being
done on the east vein at the No. 0
level, it having been cut several days
ago. No ore was encountered, but the
vein is big and strong. It is very wet
in the drift, water coining through
the ledge very freely. Drifting on the
Noble vein at this level will cease for
the present, and work centred on the
east vein. It will take all winter to
reach the big ore chute opened from
above. Stoping will continue on the
upper levels.
| IN nccftne TO TNC
ln^ri'iiHpil liriminil for Silver*,
Shipments of silver from London to
Oriental countries for the yoar up to
November 80, were valued at £8,789,-
993,against £6,416,069 iu I'.)03. India
received tlie'Vast [importion of that
amount, with China next, and the
Straits Settlements third. In the
Loudon market spot silver has been
in limited supply, ruling fractionally
higher thau forward deliveries,but
the variations in price have been in-j
significant, both here and abroad. Thej
increase of more than £2,000,000, or
$10,000,000 approximately, in ship-i
in mts of silver to the Orient and the
falling off in the visible supply in the
London market, indicates higher quotations and a strong demand during
the coming year, tor the production
under present conditions, can hardly
ie increased to bitch an extent as to
(ill the vacuum in the market and
supply the increasing demand.
15 A11. IV VY MllVICMI'NT.S.
The Canadian Northern Railway
has given notice of its intention to
s 'eh powers from the dominion parliament which will euable it to cross
Canada and become the third transcontinental system for thu country.
The.Canadian Northern has an exteu*
tdve system iu the east, and controls
lines in Nova Scotia and Quebec. It
is now asking authority to acquire the
0re.lt Northern of Ciiw'la. tiie Cha-
teattguay it Northern, the Iroadnle,
Bancroft it Ottawa, the Quebec, New
Brunswick i!c Nova .Scotia, aud the
James Bay railways! The Canadian
Northern ia practically the owners of
these systems already. The James
Bay road is applying for authority to
build from Lake Muskoka throng!.
Ottawa to Montreal, and from Sud
bury west to the Canadian Northern ! man with the word'-Refused marked
'railway near Port Arthur. The plans thereon being an intimation to ye
contemplate the purchase or construe • '''li'1"' thai once again he had been
tion of more than a thousand miles of \ played tor a sucker. Yes. T. 1 homp-
railway   and   the   connection-of the son is a nice man   a very nice man.
Canadian Northern's wheat lines with ! 	
a seaport outlet   in   the maritime pro- I*>*#il«rCoiiip»nleii*r-4 Arbitrary.
Nelson Bhould beVroud of lllm.
T. Thompson, formerly engineer at
Winlaw's sawmill and now a C.P.R.
fireman at Nelson, is a nice man, and
ii • ii to be commended fur his honesty,
iast dealings and general uprightness.
The Deill has had proof of his manly
calibre. For three years he has been
a rentier of Sloean's hkdifalutin journal, but with never a thought of pay
ing therefor. So full of wisdom did
h • become that he finally deemed it
advisable to shut off the feed pipe.
Then did he hie himself to the splendid stone structure erected by the
Ottawa government and politely re*
quested Postmaster Gibson to de
spateh a neat little card to Tin: Drill
vinces.    The road   runs  now  only to
Port Arthur on Lake .Superior.       -     th,, ro„ntiV have acted in an arbitrary
The \ ancouver, Westminster & Yu
ll.Ll.M.D OM  THC GTh  ... laTH  .,   tllCH   MONTH
Pointer No. I—It it • pnrrtT Western Cmailen ABrirultiirnl Tuper for Western
CauedUn laon.a. n ai stockmen.
roister No. S —It is Imcr. Well printed, well eJited, well  illustrated,   reliihle,
piocressive end feiirlew*.
ftitmlrr No. t—Iti teiiim ere siricilv msh In ertvunee. end t'i- jxper 11 jirenv.itly
dix-untiimed «t rxplrtttoti n •ulweripttoii, nn em renewed.
Pointer No. 4    I lie  Nor  We-t  I-'nrnier i* Uir only tgrlcullUie]  l*pcr piinted in
I'miude wen of l,ike sinieiinr. '    ,
Pointer No. S-n hw m. re pad] la sdvsncena'tecrlhen in UuItobtMa Uie n.w.t.
than ell otiiei f.eni paperncomMacd,
Pointer No. "J—lt« sntisitMtioim and infoimauuu me worth many du.lan to each
milxrr her,
Pointer No. f—Morally ii i» ahove reproach.
From Now to December 31, 1905, for $1.00
Intl.Mi gHnw^fw'lrwitiiwclii*SWM
N.nn'.-r in I IM ImI*0 ■*• o !•>•>« h C.
"| hi <ttwtf-.Pl v"ii Mti-4. the m-*»* niitn .. 1i
y  ii -Ullfctne.   iS-il-*. il**-* ****%*%
8 ■»• ii j"** Ci py Mnt ft- f upnit ip ]»r»t.
M tsr.ft.ti ,,y «em fre. u|>.m l*JfMt. r.O. BOI IJ1», Wtnilirtla, m«.^. jg
The Drill: $2 per year
m. uTgenerIl hospital
slocan, BC.
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
DATES I Itegnlitr •ubnarihMra.fi  par month
IV   hi Jlu H ymir: ni'n-mibvrlher'i(MnUUITtQ'
medical nttondnnoe)f2 par dny,   Prlratawsrai
*l pel day ojtrn.   Hpacinl fm-ilit ies (or mntarn-
Hy oatst.
tat further lmrlleulari apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
H. D. Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
Nelson Coiiaermtlvee I'nlle.
The warring factions nf tbo Nelson
Conservative party have made up their
tlilTereiices. At their annual meeting
lust week the following oBScers were
electeii: President, Win. Blakemore;
vice, W. A. Mitedonaldj secretary, D,
M. Wnodonnldi treasurer. \V. [rvine;
executive, s. ThonKis, W. E. MoCand
lish, J.J. Maloue, li. Weir. Q.Hunter,
J. A. Irving, J. A. Kirkpntrick, ('.
Se.vell, I!. S. Lennie, I?. W. Hnuning*
ton. 8. M. Brydges, H. H. Avery, J.
lv Annalile. P, Latnont, H. Irvine.
W. F. of SI.to Apponl.
Word conies from Denver. (\il.. that
that the executive of the Western
Federation of Miners has decided to
appeal the judgment obtained ngainst
the Rossland union by the Centre
Star mine, if necessary carrying the
case to the privy council in England,
S. S. Taylor, of Kelson, has charge of
the appeal, no less tban 70 objections
lieing filed.
A I'opliii' lloiitl.
The Morning and Somestake mineral claims, on Rnpid creek, in the
Poplar camp, have been bonded to the
Spyglass Company. The bond ninn
one year and calls for the payment of!
$10,000. VV. Miinior, A. C. Mackintosh and .T. Ne*bitt are the owners.
i'Ih ui m.ii Ti'i'i. RHtortftlnment.
Tho anniiiil  ('hiistinas  tree entertainment of Knox  church   Sabbath
school will be held in   the Music Iiall
kou railway will apply next session
for an act to provide that the capital
stock of the company shnll be increased from two to twelve million dollar*.,
and to provide that the time for the
completion of the railway shall be ex
tended live years. Power will also lie
asked to enable the company to sell,
lease, or otherwise dispose of, to an\
railway company, whole or in part of
the railway lines or property of tho
The Nicola, Kamloops it Similkameen Coal & Railway Co. will apply
to parliament at tlie next session for n
charter for a road from Osoyoos lake
to a point near Grand Forks, to.connect with the Columbia A: Western
Laurier'i majority si»iy-Klva*.
More or le«s uncertainty has prevailed as to the actual standing of the
two "great parties resultant upon the
general election, haulier's majority
is 65 and the Toronto Globe figures
the result llills:
The powder companies operating in
Nova Scotia	
New Brunswick	
Prince Edward Island.
Northwest Territories..
British Columbia	
Government majority, fi.~>
To lie heard from, Yukon.
iilmk Prince to snip,
ft   in   reported   the   Blnck  Prince
manlier lately and have put a cinch on
their agent*. Commissions will no
longer lx- allowed on powder, all
agents having to purchase their stocks
outright, paying therefor in 80 days.
The companies set the selling price,
which was lately raised 76 cents per
case. Hereafter all parties handling
powder must bear the risk*, of damage
and los*-. the companies filling orders
'only as direct sales.
Tin. Kootenay Curler*.
The Kootenay Curling Association
held their annual meeting iu Revel-
stoke this week and decided to have
the yearly bonspiel at Nelson, I*. lv
Wilson, NeJsona was elected president
and A. T. Walicy. Nelson, secretary.
Executive committee are: A. Mackenzie, Rossland; .lohn Turner. Nelson;
Iti. L. Grimmett, Sandon: George O.
Buchanan, Kaslo: ('. I). Blackwood,
Nelson: Isaac Crawford,Troui l.al.e.
Sllva'l' OlllitilllnllN.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Bond mi Hn' i'miiiii'iii*.
Nelson parties have secured a lease
and bond on' the Tamarac group, on
Springer creek, and  have commenced
j work.   A small force of men has been
1 put on, under the forenianship of Geo,
mine, in this camp, is contemplating Nichol.   The Tamarac has ft fair sur*
heavy shipments to the Nelson smelter, it is said the intentions are |i>
ship from 7"il) to KKH) tons of low
grade stu IT, W.Koch having the job
of handling it.. Such a heavy tonnage I
would make a healthy start for next
year's output from the camp,
A Sllltiaihl.il   llllllll.
[fcee exposure of ore.with con-ideiable
ground Often d up.
Capital for II. G. «
Una. Mr. Tnt low, finance minister,
is returning to the pr ivince from n
trip to England,   lie announces thnl
two large pulp   companies have been
oigani/e«l in England  to doblisinesti
Clare Wood came down from the| in b.c.  They purpose carrying on
Graphic ou Friday aftarnoou with bislbualueM on a large scale.
I.ant Yi*ur'H Shipment* Were 1.1:19 Toim—
A lliullli y Kvlilamce or tlm Lire and
Wealth uf tlie Camp—Ottawa i> tbo
DtRROHt Shipper.
There waa a blank in ore shipments
for the wdek, the first occurrence of
the kind in months, being due to the
bad roads. Next week will seo the
accumulated ore go out, finishing up
the year in good style. The outlook
for shipments during the winter in encouraging and. if things mature all
right there will be a heavy tonuage.
Among the shippers will In* the Enterprise, Neepawa, Colorado, Northern
Light, Ottawa. Graphic, Black Prince.
('liapieau. Kilo, Blandlield, Emtnett,
and Nansen.
For BKI.'l the on* shipments from
the local division amounted to W8*\
tons, made up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year tu date:
Entorprlns  i>80
Ottawa  1203
Neepawa  71
Port Hope  17
Republii*  82
blank Prince  57
Sapphire  2
Argentite  6
Black Pel  t
Cluiplcaii  !t
Alberta  15
Colorado  7
Highland Light  1
Blanfield  2
Kilison  15
Clippie Stick ' 12
Kilo  20
Club  8
Graphic  4
The lonat tunnel on the Rambler is
in over 1800 feet.
The Rosebery zinc works aro ready
for the machinery.
.Morn men are to bemadded to tho
force at the Chapleau.
Last month the Trail smelter turned
OUt .^.lti"*. llis. of lead.
A carload of ore is expected to go
out from th"Chapleau next week.
Last mouth's payroll of the St. Eugene, Moyie, amounted to S-2,000.
Sainton's ore shipments last week
were 285 tons, or   10,660 tons to date.
The bi<: ore body found on the 1460
level of the Le Roi is running ?25 per
Batchelor Bros.. Spokane, have purchased the Wakefield zinc ore at Silverton.
The lessees of the upper workings
on the Payne last week shipped threo
cars of ore.
The lessees of the Marion, at New
Denver, are taking out ore and will
make a shipment.
Boundary mines had an output during November of 72306 tons of ore,
the highest on record.
W. Hall. T. Collins and N. Stewart
have taken a lease on the upper workings of the Rambler-Cariboo.
Batchelbt   i1**"   Co..   Spokane,  have
contracted with the ivanhoe for 608
tons of zinc, for shipment to Europe.
A large portion of the machinery
has been placed in the new concentia
tor at the Cork, on  the south fork of
Five carloads of zinc ore from the
Wakefield, Silverton, are to come
down on Sunday, for export to European points.
New buildings are being put up at
the Emmett group, at the bead of
I.euiini creel;, and a large amount of
supplies sent up.
The Hunter V inine.Yinir.has made
arrangements to ship 180 tons of ore
i» :■ day to various 8melters,to be used
for Busing purposes.
Silver commenced the year at 51! and
rose to 591 in February: then it fell
away to 58. Present high prices bid
fair to be maintained.
For the lirst six months of next
vear the St.   Ellg    mine. Movie, is
under contract to turn out 19,000 tons
of lead me and concentrates.
K carload of ore wan sent outlast
week from the Moilie Hughes. New
Denver. It was taken out under leasts
I iv rom A\i"i.n aud Andy Tunks.
lintel Arrivals.
Arlington   Archdeacon Beer.Kasloi
W. Hood,   Sand m:   W.   A. Duncan.
Royal R. Cooper, Victoria: 11.
Wilsou, Silviii.iu: IJ- 11. Carlev, Montreal; A. t>. NVutson, Winlaw; S.Birre.
:i       «
Certain  Folaone  That   Have  •  Meet
Injurious   ltffei'l.
Certain poisons possess tbo property
of acting in a decided manner on the
eye. Atropine enlarges tbe pupil and
for this purpose hns become Indispensable ln ophthulmology. Santonin
causes one to see yellow. Disturbances of vision have furthermore been
observed ns secondary effects of certain medicines; for instance, after thi
use of quinine, iodoform and naphtha-
Hn, which, ln a case of intestinal catarrh, caused a cataract Tbe worm
disease ln Uie district of the Ruhr In
Germany has furnished an opportunity
for fhe observation tbat the popular
fern root, much employed as a remedy,
may give rise to serious ocular Injury.
The use of this remedy ln the case of
two miners led to Incurable blindness.
In the trades there aro also poisons
which act especially upon the eye.
Very dangerous, above all, Is lead,
which produces inflammation and atrophy of the optic nerve. "Workmen la
mustard factories," says a German
medical Journal, "often suffer from inflammation of tbe cornea ln consequence of tbe action of tbe mustard
vapors upon tbe eye." Latterly serlorn*
visual disturbances have been pro
duced by chloric oxide and chloric dioxide, poisonous vapors generated by
the use of magnesium flashlight powders for photographic purpose!.—Jiw*
elers' Circular Weekly.
lea Galla.
If a cojivoy of sea gulls flies seaward early in the morning sailors and
fishermen know the day wlll be fine
and the wind fair, but if tbe birds
keep inland, though there be no base
banging out toward the sea to denote
unpleasant weather, Interested folk
know that the elements will be unfavorable.
Starvation la London.
Deaths from starvation take place ln
London at tbe rate of between thirty
and forty every year.
Original  Roach Riders.
The original rough riders antedated
the pony express by several years. The
rifle rangers themselves were rough
riders, and Mayne Held was a captain,
leading ln person many a gallant
charge against tbe "gressers," Apaches, Comanches and Sioux.
Japanese Tobacco Law.
The Japanese strictly enforce a law
whicb prohibits the use of tobacco by
boys nnder twenty years of age.
f Jailed Ia Hie Home.
Sentenced to eigbt days' confinement
at Shanghai recently for slandering a
policeman, an Austrian citizen was allowed to work out tbe sentence at his
.own home because of tbe state of his
Raeelaa Wolvea.
The wolves of Russia devour about
200 people every year.
OlS Life la Maryland.
Scbarf, ln bis "History of Maryland," says that ln tbe eigbteentb century "the mechanics, fishermen, bay
sailors and petty tradesmen took a
turn in the tobacco fields at planting
time or helped in tlie wheat harvest
or in pulling or busking corn."
A Great Harbor.
The harbor of BlO de .Janeiro ls one
of the finest on tbe globe. It bas fifty
miles of anchorage, sullicient to lioat
the navies of the world.
Its Victims Are Defenseless When
Disease Strikes—The Blood Should
Be Kept Rich and Pure.
Anaemic people—people with watery blood—are without defense when
disease threatens. The strongest
weapon against disease is a plentiful
supply of rich, red blood. A robust
person may catch cold, but quickly
throws it off. But a cold lingers
with the anaemic one, goes to the
chest and the first signs of consuinp
tion appear. It is the tnaomlc one
who suffers from headache and dizziness, who cannot climb a stair
without resting, wlose heurt Mutters
nnd palpitates wildly at the least
exertion. Such people can only be
be saved by a supply of new, rich, red
blood, and Dr. Williams I'ink Hills
is the only medicine that actually
makes rich, red blood with every
dose. Ordinary medicines only touch
the symptoms of disease—Dr. Williams Pink l'ills go right straight to
tho root of the trouble and drive lt
out. That ls why these pills have a
larger sale than any oilier medicine
in the world, and (hat ls why thou-
sar-'ls and thousands of people praise
them so highly. Mi:i Florence (J.
Miirryell, Chester, It. S., snys: "I
have use3 Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
tor several months, and I am happy
to nny ihey have restored me to
health after all other means had
lulled.   I was suffering from anaemia
i its most severe form. The least
exertion  would   leave   me breathless
nd wi-rn out. I had no appetite and
Buffered gie.Uy with nervous headaches I was pale and seemed to be
going Into decline. I had medical
attendance, bui it did mo no good.
Then a friend advised me to Iry llr.
Williams' Pink Pills, and in a few
weeks I found they were helping me,
1 continued their use for several
months, and am again enjoying good
health. 1 think Dr. Williams' Pink
l'ills wlll make every wi ,*.l< and ailing girl strong and healthy."
Vou ran get those pills from nnv
dealer in medicine, but >'ou should
be careful to see that tho full nnme
"Dr. Williams' i'ink Pills for Pah
People," is on the Wrapper around
each box. ll in doubt write the Dr
Williams Medicine Co., Hrockvllle.
Out,, and   the   pills   will   be sent nt
" cents a box, or six boxes for 92.60.
he found his l08t health in
dodd's Kidney pills.
Leading Business Man of Welland
Gives His Experience with the
Great Canadian Kidney Cure.
Welland, Ont., Dec. 5.—(Special).—*
There is no better known or more
highly respected man in Welland
than Mr. J. J. Yokom. Born and
brought up in the neighboring township of Crowland, by his own industry
and sterling honesty he has grown to
be one of Welland's leading merchants. Consequently when Mr. Yokom comes out with a statement that
he was cured of a serious illness by
Dodd's Kidney Pills, everybody
knows it must be Ba
"For a year or more I had Kidney
Trorble ln all Its worst symptoms,"
says Mr. Yokom. "My head was bad, I
had no appetite and I lost weight
fast. At times I was entirely incapacitated. I doctored with a physician of vast experience but got no
good results.
"I became despondent of ever being
ell again, when by good luck I
cnanced to try Dodd's Kidney Pills
and from the first day they seemed
to suit my case. Five boxes cured
me completely."
Messrs.   Christie   and   Heubach   Get
the City Agency of the Manitoba
Assurance Company.
Unite recently it was announced
that the Liverpool & London & Globe
Insurance Company had secured the
control and business of the Manitoba
Assurance Company.
This new arrangement regarding
the Manitoba places it in the front
rank amongst the fire insurance companies of Canada, worked as It is now
under a Dominion charter, the policies being guaranteed by the Liverpool, lxindon and Globe, whose availably assets are over sixty millions or
dollars , is a feature that will certainly commend itself to the business men
of our community.
The city agency under the new arrangement regarding the Manitoba
has boen secured by the well known
firm of Christie & Heubach, who intend devoting special attention to
this department of their business.
The arrangement should be a good
one for the Manitoba, as the firm of
Christie & Heubach a closely identified with many of the leading financial Institutions in the city and is
well known to the business men of
Winnipeg, a connection which
should be of material assistance to
them in securing valuable insurance
W. J. Christie has Deen long identified with real estate interests ln
Winnipeg, having for the past fifteen
years been well known in these circles. His opinion upon matters in
connection with real estate Is highlv
valued, his knowledge enabling him
to speak with authority.
F. W. Heubach ls also one of the
best known men around town, and his
activity and ability were never more
displayed than ln connert'on with
the recent Dominion exhibition. Since
the formation of the partnership of
Christie & Heubach. his large and
varied general knowledge has stood
him in good stead, and it is safe to
say that there is no real estate or financial firm in the city which more
merits the confidence of the investing
public than that of Chrlste & Heubach. who are being congratulated
upon tho latest addition to their business operations.
The Western territory is under
the supervision of Mr. Fred W. Pace,
the Superintendent of the "Liverpool
& London & Globe."
Alphonse Hamel, the ex-paymaster
of Montreal, who ablCOned ufter he
forged a cheque on the city for flO,-
• 100 and wns brought bnck from
Cuba, was sentenced by .Judge Cho-
rpiot   to  seven years  in     St.   Vincent
de Paul penitentiary, Hamel pleaded
for mercy on behalf of his wife nnd
family. Judge Choquet told bim
that now, nfter be hnd fought extradition nnd lost, it wns too late to
plead for mercy.
The Canadan Pacific Railway
announced     excursion     rates
Manitoba  nnd   the   Northwest
torlos to  Vancouver.   Victoria.
loops,   Vernon,   Peachland   and
nierland.    Tic'ets will  be lime
comber  1st nnd  2nd,   15th nnd
r.nd January 5tb and flth, good
turn   within  three  months.    Th
for the round trip will be single
class fan*.
d  De-
to re-
The extremely low rates granted by
the railway companies for Holiday
Excursions during the month of December makes It possible for residents of the Northwoest to spend tho
winter In tho east at a comparatively
small expense. The now last trains
from Winnipeg to Bt. Paul makes tho
route via St. Paul and Chicago more
popular than ever. The lliirlinglon
Route which runs along tho banks of
tho Mississippi river for three hundred miles is one of tho most popular
lines, as lt gives passengers an all
day ride through lhe famous Mississippi River Valley, tbe most picturesque and delightful in America.
The route is through a prosperous
nnd well settled country all the way,
towns and cities are numerous, and
every mile presents somethlng-of interest to the traveller. Tbe Burlington
Route havo Issued a very attractive
ntrtl interesting descriptive folder
which gives tho timo of Irnlns, and a
map  via  all   routes  from   the   North*
'.'.est to Eastern Canada, a copy   or
which wlll be sent on application to
A. ... KldlomlHor, Travelling Passenger Agent Burlington Route, who win
make the Clarendon Hotel, Winnipeg,
his headquarters during December,
T»w-*r He-dit*. -«*d to Onr President la
an laiiaH-a Cbaroh.
"With charity for all and malice toward none"—these well known words
of the great, I .-ave, sagacious Lincoln-
appear ln large lettering in the creed
of Christ church, Westminster road.
It ls fitting, then, that tbe imposing
tower of this superb structure, costing
over £02,000 ($310,000), should be dedicated to the liberat r of a race. Rowland Hill, whose name ls linked with
the world's great preachers, founded
Surrey chapel eighteen years before the
close of the eighteenth century. Newman* Hal. was one of his successors,
and under his leadership tbe church secured this splendid temple and center
of Christian service. When the building was still in tbe bands of the architects Dr. Hall conceived the idea of
dedicating the tower to Abraham Lincoln, the martyred president of the
United States, and today within the
tower you may read tbe following inscription:
Inaugurated Ith July, A. D. 1876, by
Str Thomas Fowell Buxton Bart.
The memorial stone was laid 9th July 1874,
By tha American Minister to this country.
The cost (£7,000) was defrayed equally by
English and American contributions
obtained bv the Rev. Newman
Hall. LL.B.
It was  built  In  commemoration  of  the
abolition of slavery effected ln 1866 by
And as a token of International brotherhood.
—St. Nicholas.
■k* we red With CKts Before It Etcb
Makes Its Appearance.,
A hundred gifts In various shapes
are offered to the baby before its appearance—toys, big ones, of course;
pieces of cotton, silk or crepe, invariably with a happy omen in their design, are a joy to tbe mother. The
housemaids will be busy with the
baby's dress under tbe supervision of
thc grandmother. It will be no slight
affair if the buby is a boy—yes, especially if it be the tlrst son.
Parties coming with their congratulations will begin to stream Into tht
house the very next morning after ths
announcement. Tbey will bring dried
Ash or a box of eggs to express their
good wishes, wliich will be returned
in some form of present wben tbe baby
ls two weeks old.
On tbe seventh day after the birth
comes the christening, and rice cooked
with red beans—doesn't red mean bnp-
piness?—will be sent among the friends.
Matsu (pine) is a favorite name, since
it signifies bravery, keeping green even
under winter's frost. Isn't Mums
(plume) better, since it is the harbinger of spring, breathing out the most
divine odor in tbe world? Mi amairi
(going to templei will take place on the
thirtieth day. The boy wlll be dressed
in a kimono. It must be silk, with tbe
family's cout of arms on it He will
be put under the immediate protection
of the deity. His fortune will be secured.—Good Housekeeping.
When tomatoes and milk are to be
put together, as In cream soup, have
the tomato juice and miMt of the
same temperature, then beat vigorously as the tomato is added little by
40 Oc»n-t» m***mr
A   lady  writes:   "I was enabled to
remove the corns, root and branch by
the   use   of   Holloway's   Corn Cure
Others  who have tried  it have   'tho
same experience.
Mildew is one of the most difficult
stains to remove. Rub well with
brown soap, then apply a paste of
chalk and water, put the article In the
sun. After two or three applications
the mildew will be bleached out.
To clean the coffee pot fill it with
water, put in a pip.ch of borax and a
piece of hard a tap and set on the
stove, letting tt boil for half an hour.
It will be as bright ns new, ami
should be submitted to this treatment
A woman can board a train without
a ticket, do a little crying and go
wherever she pleases.
Along about this tlr/e of year
there are only a few votes ietween a
hero and the other kind of a man.
TIIE FLAGGING ENERGIES REVIVED.—Constant application to business is a tax upon the energies, and
if tliere be no relaxation, lassitude
and depression are sure to Intervene.
These c»me from stomachic troubles.
The want of exercise brings on nervous (regularities and the stomach
ceases to assimilate fooil properly. In
this condition Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills wlll be found a recuperative of
rare power.restoring the organs to
healthful action,dispelling depression,
and reviving the flaglng energies.
A man is always willing to admit
that he married the best woman on
earth—on the day after his marriage.
After a young man has blown in all
his money on a girl she often shows
her gratitude by marrying some othor
James Wallace, alias James Wilson, wbo was arrested at Liverpool,
Nov. 24. charged with stealing stock
certificates to the value of $80,000
from Edward Breitung, a banker of
ijtfantjuette, Mich., was remanded nt
1B0W street police court to await the
(arrival of witnesses, llis attorney
•said Wallace was anxious to return
to the l'nited States nt the earliest
possible moment.
Btatore aad  Illness.
According to a paper read by Dr.
Shrubsall before tbe British association, sufferers from tonsilltls, rheumatism and heart disease are of a higher
stature, and sufferers from tuberculosis, nervous und malignant diseases of
a lower stature thun healthy individuals.
It appears that blond sufferers from
pulmonary tuberculosis respond to
treatment better than brunettes, while
in diseases of the heart the positions
are reversed. It is believed that ln
successive generations of city life stature shows a progressive diminution and
that tbere is au im reuse in brunette
traits with each generation passing
from rural to urbun life. With increasing length of residence there ia
nn increase of morbidity among tht
different classes of Londoners.
I inquiry made by The Dally News
correspondent confirms the report
that Russian agents are seeking to
Induce German shipyard workers to
emigrate to Russia. However, the
Czar's cpunsel in Bremen declares
that the Russian government hns no
connection with the scheme. He admits, howeper, thnt the private shipyards of Russia need first-class workmen and are willing to pay good
wages to such men of whatever nationality, Germans nre warned by
the press to refuse to accept such
Russian proposals unless safesftiarded
by Ironclad contracts. It is ostium ted thnt nt lenst 100 representn-
tipes of general industries in Russia
aro scattered throughout Germany in
search of skilled men.
Cbanaed Ills Mind.
A man of notoriously bad character,
residing in a village, wished to emigrate. To obtain assistance from the
emigration commissioners one must
have u character, und the mau accordingly asked one from his neighbors.
Everybody was anxious he should go,
liny everybody therefore U'stlfied to
his excellent reputation. No one was
more astonished at this result thau
tlie man himself, nnd nfter looking nl
his certificate, with Its long list of
signatures, "Well," said be, "I had
uo idea I was ho much esteemed In
th* neighborhood, I think I shall
■**▼ "—London Tit-Hiis.
$40 TO   EASTERN  CANADA.    ..
Tickets will be on sale November
•'leith to December 31st at rate of $40
'as far oast as Montreal; proportionately higher rates beyond, and will be
good for return three months from
(late of sale. Special arrangements
will be made to make travelling a
pleasure on any of the four rtains do-
parting from Minneapolis and St.
Paul every day. Tho finest of high
baek seat coaches, free reclinig chair
cars and sleepers make these trains
most popular with travelers to Eastern Canada. Special pamphlet giving
time of trains, etc., or any other informal ion will be gladly furnished
i upon addressing Geo. A. Lee, Travelling Agont Northwestern Line, 111!!)
Main  streot,   Winnipeg.
1 There is an increase in Immigration to Canada for the four months
of the fiscal yeur of 2.0H8 nver the
same period lust year. The total
from ocean ports was 29,054 und
from tin* l'nited Stntes 1(>,!>21', nink-
iiiff a total of 4(1,88(1. I'or the corresponding period last year the arrivals from the United States were
l.'i.8'27 and from ocean ports 24,005,
making a total of :i8,7i)i>     So   that
while  there  hus  boen  an   inrrease    in
the   total   Immigration there was u
.decrease from   the   United states of
.2.0(11  souls.
CEYLON TEA.   Black, Mixed or NATURAL QReEn
No firm, no company, no corporation in the
has the courage or facilities to offer like "Qualjt
or •• Value."
REMEMBER:   Sealed Lead  Packets Only.   By All 0,^
To heat gasoline for cleaning
small articles place the corked bottle
of this dangerous stuff in a bucket of
hot water "out of doors," adding boiling water as tho water cools. Hot
gasoline will clean laces speedily and
Gentlemen,—I suffered for years
with bronchial catarrh. I commenced in January laat (as an experiment) to use MINARD'S I.INIMKNT
which gave almost instant relief.
And two bottles made a complete
cure nud I have had no symptoma of
a return of the trouble since March.
(Jrutefiilly Yours,
\ ankleek Hill. Ont., Oct. 31,  '01.
If a man enn get Into a bank nfter
hanking hours he considers himself a
prominent citizen.
Sorrow may   be   essential   to   the
song of the universe.
People who have culture are never
conscious of lt.
—A face covered
sightly. It tells or
ties   which   shoiilt*
heen   corrected,
kidneys   are   not
functions  in   the
should, and these
you    know     that
tests..   Parmelee's
drive them all aw
the skin clear am:
andthere will  be
their excellence.
with  pimples Is tin-
Internal Irregulari-
1   long   since   have
The liver   and   the
performing   their
healthily  way  they
pimples  life to   let
the    blood     pro-
Vegetable Pills will
ay, and will   leave
clean.    Try tbem.
another witness to
Superfluous Hair
Removed hy tha New PrlnclD]
It is better than electricity, v*_,
it dots not sear or produce a new nS
BMter than X-ray, bacauw it dWZ
barn, sear or paralyze tha tU,uN J
tha skin. Bettor than depilatorliTC
cause it is aot poisonous; thiniZ
it will not cauM blood poisonlnii
produce Miema, whieh ii to com,
with depilatories, and does aot bi
off the hair, thereby ineretiini
growth. *
Electrolytic, X-ray or deplUiorl*.,
offered you oa the bare word oi J
operatoie and mmufaotursn ni
MIRACLE ia not. ltit the only *«£
which ie indorsed by physlcisas, at.,
geons, dermatologist*, medical jtutHk
and prominent magazines.
DE MIRACLE will be mailed te im
addreee, sealed in plain wrapper far |*.
Yonr money back without qinitios lift
fails to do all that is claimed for it,
Our booklet — the mont oompUti
treatise on Superfluous Heir e»tr pub.
lislied—containing the tsstimonuli o|
numerous physiciaas and turgeoni ud
»ho»w of hundreds ol others—will U
•eat free, in plain, eesled earelopt,
npon request Write for il to-dtyte
Quiii* Stssit West, Tokohto, or
™« t simpson sssar
About the third or fourth ilav after
election we have remarked that pw>
pie are thoroughly tired ul lxilitics.
It is necessary to plnce huge granite monuments over some good men
in order to keep them down.
It is sometimes the custom in Russia for each lady at a big dinner to
smoke a tiny cigarette after each
course. This is supposed to assist digestion, besides removing the flavor
of the previous course from the palate.
Hearl Disease Relieved In 30
Minutes. -Dr. Agnew's Curt tot
the Heart gives perfect releil in all
cases of Organic or Sympatneuc
Heart Disease In 30 minutes, ml
speedily effects a cure, li is a peerless remedy for Palpitation; Short
Wreath, Smothering Spells, i'an in
Left side, and all symptoms of a tilt
eased  Heart.  One dose con vinces.-fi
This advertisement appeared t*
other day: "Sonny: Come home i»
mediately. Father still uni'tiiployd
and Imbecile. We nre tryinv; to|SC
him into the war office. Mother,"
Dirty woodwork or any other part of the house that requirei
cleaning can best be cleaned by using
Sunlight Soap
It will remove every particle of dirt and make the whole home
bright and cheery. Absolutely pure, and every bar possesses remarkable cleansing power.
Sunlight Soap washes the clothes white and won't injure the hands,
The Best Flour for every purpose flu those  unfamiliar   with tlie cir-
stances  which  condition  nowspa-
^i  work  in  the  Canadian  West,  few
nt;s are morn remarkable than thu
v    that    two,  or even  three,    suc-
sstul nowsp'apor ventures are carried
i in  towns    BO     MiutU  that  in  the
u.it  there  would  not  have  been one
cal     paper—and    successful   papers,
are issued from places that have
u|uilatioiis of  less    than   two   hun-
ed   people,   and   dozens    of     places
mill be cited us having populations
l li-NS  than a   thousand    irtMii  which
ii   good    papers   ure    issued     each
■k.     In  part,  this  is  due   lo    the
a...r   territory   these*   papers   serve,
comparison    with   similar papers
itished in the East.   The more con-
iNii'il    population    in   thut purt   of
.madu, und the greater nearness o(
n' lowns to eueh other, und, principally,  the rapidity  with  which    the
rain services allow  the big   dallies
; Toronto und other cities to come
a .ilniosl  every   one  of   the  villages
ml  small   towns,    llut  in  the    West
he circumstances ure different. This
i a country of inugiuliceiit distances,
..Ms takes long in travelling,    when
he means of communication is a bi
-rn  in-iluily    inuil    service, and the
Inpatient go-u-h»ud-itiveiies.s   of    the
perage  Westerner    will  not  tolerate
such delay.   Hut then* is another
»ii|«ii".int factor that hus u beuring
In the western newspaper business.
I'h.' citizens of uUiost every village
legard iheir chosen location as destined to become one of the import-
■sni centres of the West.   They   sur-
il. nut   mi the light of   actual uc-
lomplishlnent,     but     by    lhe   eye ol
i'h.   In their minds' eye the primi-
-li.ick  mui    the    temporary store
iuv replaced by the handsome brick
ui' stone block and tin* cotnniodiuiis
min.' suite. With true progressive-
nesa tiny recognise that if their
dream of civic und commercial
growth i.s to come true, the widest
possible publicity must be given to
ilu' advantages offered by their town.
I al, since they know that there are
'In/ens of other towns competing
against their own for pro-eminence,
they seek to have established at us
early u date us possible in their
town's history a town newspaper, if
ih" publisher arises to the level of
hia opportunity—if his paper worthily reflects, not ukme the news, but
Hi.' hopes and ambitions »»f the place
mn whence it is issued, he will have
im reason to complain of any luck
nt support. The western paper thut
:* loyal to its home town will in overy case And the town a loyal sup-
portor, ami the Intensity »f i's sup-
but is in many cases in inverse ratio ta the town's SlXS,
Tli. Iloloralne Advertiser Is nn il-
luitratlon of the truth of the fore-
remarks,     lieloraine   !■   'lot     '•
imi i.'wn.   If it were in Ontario   In-
■   i ,,f   Manitoba it would not  be
ret kabll if  it hud no local  l'"!"'1'
•' ail. llut, being in Manitoba,
••'here „ local paper is considered almoin as much a matter of course as
|> la.MoMice. it has two, lMirlher-
"iii'i" both are successful. 'I'he appetite far reading of ull kinds grows
hy what it feeds on, ami a community Unit has one good paper will very
Pruhably support another, provided
thu second ls conducted with equal
"' greater ability. The instinct 0
fnlr play, inherent In Canadians, will
■iiiiikn many want to understand both
s-1"^ ol an argument, and honcosub-
S|ni„. u, papers presenting epposlte
I'lilitleiti views, Perhaps this fad
hut! somewhat to do with the success
"i the lieloraine Advertiser. Hs I'lim-
I"'Uut'. the Deloraine Times, was an
"Id established and reliable support-
"' "i the l ibei'iil p*licy. it presoiitod
caso, generally with moderation,
"•"I often with skill, Hut it w"s
I'lihllshpd in a district the political
 hli'Xlon   of   which   was  prcpotuler-
*" n'uiy Conservative, and hence,
M|"'ii  Mr,   Krank   l.usli,  decided    that
,l" would locale in Doloralne, and
l'l|lilish a local   paper   of   Conserva-
'Ive li'iiili'ticies. he found a clientele
'" whirl, |,e could cnler, and encouraging prospects for success. This
w«s more  tljiin  five  years ago,    and
Most people think too lightly ot a
cough.   It is a serious matter and
needs prompt attention. ^
Shiloh's    _
Cure ftj"*
when the first sign of a cough or
cold appears. It will cure you
easily and quickly then—later lt
will be harder to cure.
3SC.. SOc.. aad 11.00. Ill
events have abundantly justified   his
Mr. I.ush had come west in May,
1898,«und up to tho time of his lo-
cuting in Deloraine ho had had imi
uphill fight against fortune. H« had
come out from Ontario at the invito-
tion of some citizens of Napiaka,
who wanted that place to have its
own local paper. Whether or not
they misrepresented to Mr. Lush the
size of their town, and overstated
tho measure of support they wero
prepared to accord the venture, or
whether, with characteristic western
optimism, they depicted the business
prospects of a local newspaper in the
light of their own roseate visions of
the town's future, cannot now be
said. Hut it is certain thut Mr.
Lush, who hud packed up and
brought West his printing plant from
Peterboro, Ont., to Napinka, was
not favorably impressed wit+i tho
outlook. To one accustomed to the
larger entities at which papers aro
published in the East the idea of
starting a paper ut so small a place
Boomed doubtless preposterous. Nevertheless, Mr. Lush gave the proposition a fair trial. The Napinka Oa-
zette made its appearance in due
courso, and for eleven months it
struggled against adverse fortune. It
was an eight-page paper, four of
which were printed nt home. Uut,
after some months of experiment, Mr.
Lush found that the proposition
would not go, und he wa.s forced to
seek fresh fields and pastures new.
Encouraging offers hud been made by
some prominent citizens of Deloraine,
uud thither Mr. Lush moved his plant
and. with new hopes, Issued in
March, 1899, the first number of the
Deloraine Advertiser.
Against tin; keen competition of the
long established Times, the Advertiser won its way slowly, llut with
each succeeding season its success
was moro pronounced, and to-day it
i.s acknowledged as ono of the best
representatives of the local press of
the province. Typographically it is
one of the best looking sheets of the
West, for Mr. Lush's long service in
tho mechanical branch of "the art
preservative" has made him critical
and exacting on that score. Its local
news is covered adequately, the matter being written with brightness
and vim. As before stated, the Advertiser gives an independent support
to the Conservative purty, aad its
editorial utterances have hud their
share in moulding public opinion in
tho section through whieh it circulates. In point of advertising patronage, the Advertiser is now almost,
if not quite, on a par with its much
older competitor. Altogether, tho
Advertiser is a tribute to the energy
and the pluck of its founder, as much
us to his ability us a printer and
editor. In addition, it is a tribute
to the enterprise of the Deloraine
people, who huve given it such hearty
und consistent support.
Mr. i.ush is an Englishman by
birth, but knows nothing of the land
of his nativity, for he was brought
out to Canada, at the age of threo.
The family home was at Shaftsl/ury—
the seut of the late earl of that
name—in Dorsetshire, and from this
home two of his uncles had previously emigrated to Canada. They
had located at Peterboro, Ont., and
thither the Lush family moved on
icoming to the Dominion. At this
town young Lush received his education, and ufter u eourae at the business college* at the ago of eighteen,
entered the job department of the
Peterboro Examiner, of which the
Hon. J. Tt. Stratton is proprietor.
After spending fivo years in this office, ho went into business for himself, buying out the print shop of
Harper & Co. He hud been so en-
guged for a year wnen tVo before
mentioned offer of Napinka citizens
determined him to come west.
Mr. Lush is yet a youag man, being less than thirty yeurs old. He
seems destined to succeed in other
enterprises in addition to his chosen
business of newspaper work, for he
has recently gone int. other lines of
activity, and with excellent prospects, Among his townsmen he is
respected and desrvedly popular, and
his career, alike as a Journalist, a
business man and a representative
citizen, r.i-eins full of promise.
The world could worry along with
a good deal less smartxess In stook If
only lt alight carry a heavier line of
sympathy and a simple neighborll-
" Bought My Life for 35
Cents."— This was one man's way of
putting it when he had been pronounced incurable from chronic dyspepsia, "it was a living death to me
until 1 tried Dr. Von Stan's Pineapple
Tablets. Thanks to them to-day 1 am
well, and I tell my friends 1 bought
my life tor 36 cents." 60 In a box.—80
Table cloths or linoleum on the
kitchen floor can be kept fresh and
cleaner with oil than with soap and
The man who discharges all his religious obltgatons by going o church
never had enougn religion ,o bother
any one.
GREAT MEDICINE.—Ton.', one of
the pioneers of French 1'ann a, lust, a
hand and wore an iron l*.ook as substitute. He was ln the habit of boxing
tho ears of refractory Indians with
his Iron hand, and they have remarked that it was "great medicine." Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil is a great
medicine, lt takes hold of pain with
an iron hand and knocks It out of the
The best way to make sure of heaven is to make your homes like heaven here.
Those who try to make the best of
everything generally get the best of
"Casting all your care on him"
does not include your care for others.
For hard colds, bronchitis,
asthma, and coughs of all
kinds, you cannot take anything better than Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. Ask yout
own doctor if this is not so.
He uses it. He understands
why it soothes and heals.
- I h»i11 UiFrlhlo cnii»h far week.. Th«i» I
Uvlc Ay*i-» Otwrrt Pectoral »nil oulf one
buitln :'uii*i|lftolT mired mt.
tout. J. b. DAnromru, SL Joeaoa, Mich.
M*.. Blki.. W.M. _ \'£-)P__**
^__y_fl_—_. for     Mgati *"•*"•
Coughs, Colds
You will haiten i-ocovery •>¥*»*"
Ini one of Ayer'e PHI* at bedtlma.
Used in H.B.K. Mitts, Gloves
and Moccasins—tough as whalebone, flexible, soft, pliable, scorch-
proof, wind-proof, boil-proof,
crack-proof, tear-proof, rip-proof,
cold-proof, almost wear-proof—
certainly the greatest leather
ever used in mitts and gloves.
Like buckskin it is tanned
without oil, unlike buckskin it is
not porous, it is wind-proof—will
outwear three buckskins.
* Pinto" Mitts aud Gloves
never crack or harden, never get
sodden, are always warm, pliable,
•oft and comfortable.
Sold at all dealers but never with-
out this brand:—
Montreal    Wlnlpef    Dawsoi |
Major Delmar, tho world's champion trotting gelding, with an unpaged trotting record of 2.01 i and a
paced trotting record of 1.591, was
sold ut Madison Sk.Jiare Garden, New
Vork, for $15,000. The purchaser
was C. (J. Killings, owner of Lou
Dillon, lt was announced that Mr.
Hillings would race Major Delmar
uxd Lou Dillon in un effort te break
the warld's record. Major Delmar
was consigned by Mr. Similiters, who
bought hiin last year for $40,000.
The record price at the sale was paid
for Sadie Mac, another of Smathers'
string, who was bought by Miss
Wilks, of Gait, Ont., for $15,4WO.
Miss Wilks is the owner of Oro
Wilks and of several horses that won
blue ri Miens at the lust horse show
in New York. I'rince Alert, the
world's champion pacing ccelding,
With a world's record of 1.51*1, and
a record of 1.57 with a wine shield,
was sold to Edward Mitchell, of New
York, for $2,600. «raco Bond, tho
champion threo-year-old trotter of
1904. consigned to James Outcomb,
was sold te Alonzo Maynard, of New
York, for $13,000.
What IK ake* You Despondent?
—Has the stomach gone wrong? Have
the nerve centres grown tired and
listless? Are you threatened with nervous prostration? South American
Nervine ls nature's corrector, makes
the stomach right, gives a world of
nerve force, keeps the circulation perfect. A regular constitution builder
tor rundown people. One lady says:
"1 owe my life to it."—84
Lampwlcks should be soaked for 24
hours ln vinegar before being l'-ghte*.
After this treatment they will be
found to give a steadier, clear light.
When weighing molasses sprinkle
the scale well with Hour and then It
will slip off again quite easily without,
If attacked with cholera or summer complaint of any kind send at
once for a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kel-
logg's Dysentery CoriV.al and use it
accoring to directions. It acts with
wonderful rapidity in subduing that
dreadful disease that weakens the
strongest men and that destroys the
young and delicate. Those who have
used this cholera medicine say It acts
promptly, and never tails to effect a
thorough   cure.
It's a poor faith that does not answer some of its own prayers.
One of the greatest blesings to pa
rents is Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator, lt effectually expels worms
and gives health in a marvellous manner to tlie little one.
A man is   not  even civilized   who
loves cash more than country.
linard's Liniment Cures Bum, Etc.
"Why did the congregation hurry
out so quick after the benediction?"
"The sexton makes thom leave their
umbrellas in the vestibule, and those
who get out late haven't much of a
Our facilities are uuur-
passed (or obtaining the
*>*~t ■»
fffbe*** possible  assortment
in cut glass.
A WaKiUome on»^uart w*t«f
bottle, (tactful ia ahapa. ia
No. ifli? al aalf $$.*».
Scad   lot ow mail-order
catalogue.     Cartful ceuidei-
i^J alio* it p—m to aeeim thai
&   tood. ua dalirtra-1 al jurt tha
A Short Cut
to Health
If you want to enjoy
vigorous health take
They are a veritable short cut
to lev-sting a.nd perfect health.
rr*i>ar«d only br tbo Proprietor, THOMAS BCKCHAM. St. Helm., ■■:
Sold Everywhare In Canada and U. 8. Amarloa.
In box-M, 20 cants.
Nearly everything made with baking powder may be raised equally as
well with sour milk, buttermilk or
soda, allowing one even teaspoontul
of soda to each pint of milk.
The man who goes to law may be
sure that his lawyer will get justice.
It ls  better to  take  a reef ln the
sails than to sail the boat on a reef.
Aid Digestion and Regulate the Action of the
Bowels You Must Use
The   Great Specific for  Liver and Kidney
It te the liver that ls largely responsible for indigestion and constipation—derangements that are a constant source of trouble.
The bile, which, when left ln the
blood, is a poison to the system, causing biliousness, headache and muddy
complexion, becomes of priceless
value when passed Into the intestines
to aid digestion and ensure regular
action of the bowels.
The healthy liver separates bile
from the blood ana sends it into the
By enlivening the action of the
liver they remove the cause of biliousness, headache, Indigestion, constipation  and    other    accompanying
The specific action of Dr. Chase's
Kldney-Llver Pills on the liver ll
what makes them ot so great worth
as a fauily medicine and ensures
them a resting place in the home.
Mis Julia Langlola, Manor, Assa.,
writes: "For a long time I suffered
from liver complaint and biliousness,
and could find nothing to help me until I used Dr. Chase's Kldney-Llver
Pills. I have recommended these pills
to many of my friends, and they have
all been well satisfied with the results. You can use this letter for th«
benefit of women who are suffering as
I did."
One pill a dose at bedtime and Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills will ensure healthful, regular action of the
kidneys, liver and bowels; 25 cents a
box, at all dealers, or Edmanson,
Batts & Co., Toronto. The portrait
and signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, the
famous receipt book author, are on
every box.
mission   Firm.
«rlo«l|r   «
dray   foi*   Full   Partloulora.
mpaon, Sons A 0<
Don't "TrnWrn Less.   Get tht Highest prices for jemt
wheat.   Ship to
GRAIN  EXCHANGE,  WINNIPEG. Chambtr   ef   Oommvrca,   Minneapolis.
GRAIN | Jas. Richardson & Sons | GRAIN
* (Until   recently   represented by the late E.  O'lleiWy, Esq.)
All kinds of grain purchased in Car  Load   Lota.   Write us for top prices
and   shipping   instructions. Any   grade of wheat, oats, barley or
P. O. Box 629,   Winnipeg,   Man.
-ma grata to * Is be oold oa arrival er
wards, as jrow may *——   Wo Sa a atrtetiv **t
mlsaloa kualnoM,   *   whlek   wo kavo ta* M
roars' awporloaoo.   Prompt aad reliable work guaranteed.
Liberal advaacea.    Correspondence eollelted.     licensed an* BoaSeS,
Reference,   Bank of Ham tl tea.     Exebaago Branck,
DONAU MORRISON I CO. Sl—.   "'Gnla ^N&ha. ma*
Ithokan law.      ship Your Oraln to       wiiuamiaw,
W* handle grata strictly oa oommtMloa.   Xlftieat Prleea ototetnakk*-.
liberal advances    Trades carried am mmrgtma la WIhUpeg's futures.
Correspondence solicited.
^__ BRAIN EXOHAWflE, Wlnwlpf.
Consign jenr grila te ki aad git freapt service
•ad kigbest market prices. Q      Q ff"A I |k| t£
carefal atteattiai
Oraln la car lota bought oa track or sold oa commission. Reasonable
advaaoe made. Prompt Returns. Ca*?eapondenoe solicited. Reference!
Aay Bank ln Winnipeg.
'Ohio Gasoline Engines'
WOOD SAWINO In stock at all times.   Wo
can (hip at a day's notion.
Write as for Prices and Cmtalogne.
tarrtfp-CMfer Cs, Ui, finfec la.
Henry Avenne, Kaat
Tying pink ribbons on a dog's neck
Is not the same as love for the lowly.
Hlue windows In the soul turn the
milk of human  kntlness Into clubber.
The Pall of Rheumatlo Pains.
—When a sufferer finds permanent re-
lltf in such a meritorious medicine as
South American Rheumatic Cure, how
','!,in he ia to (ell It. C. W. IMaytiew, of
t'hamesvllle, Out., couldn't walk or
reed himself for four month!— four
years uro three bottles of tliis great
re erty cured him—not a pain slnco
—inn't that encouragement tor riieu-
uiiitic su.i'erers'.'—oli
ln order to clenn a gilt frame brush
off every bit of aluat and then wet a
smnll area at a time wilh alcohol applied with a camel's- hair brush. Hub
lho alcohol off before it dries with n
elonn, soft cloth of silk or flannel, und
theso cloths shoulil be chnngoil often,
as tho dirt conies off the frame with
ihe alcohol on the cloth.
Educating your
elasticity will not
conscience    into
relieve  you from
Tbo weather to-day ls as cold  and
raw as an old maid's second love.
Lever's V-7. (Wise Head) Disinfectant
Soap Powdet is Iw-tti'i tlniii otber powders,
as it is both soup and ilisinfectant.     34
A rough remedy is better than the
most elali-rute regrets.
When tins are hnrd to wash, where
food has burned on, like »iakeil lish or
oatmeal, put the dish on the stove,
tilled with eold wnter anil half atea-
spoonful of baking soda, and let It
boll and your dish will wash and the
odor of fish will be gone.
What has   becomo   of the old-fashioned woman who w-re a nubia?
\AS    IM    -U    No    BIO THK DRILL. SLOCAN, B.
ii r.
i ili
'   i
'   !
0.1. Shitmeeinsalb, Editor and Prop.
ILOCAN,      •      -        -        -      B. C.
Legal Advertisine 10 cents a line for
tbs first insertion and 5 cents a line eacli
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, |7 each.
Transient advertisements atsame rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, strict
Iy in advance; f 2.50 a year if not bo paid-
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
"" xmtoriai, cii'opriNos.
Silver has touched the di) cent figure.
It should prove an acceptable gift to
Nelson Conservatives have buried
the hatchet and become united iu organization. May success abide with
Earl Grey,the new governor-general
of Canada, has arrived and been sworn
in, meeting with a cordial and hearty
Rosslanders have become downhearted over the outlook for their
camp aud are agitating a'government
bounty ou copper.
The provincial elections held in
Prince Edward Island last week, resulted in the return of the Liberal
government to power.
General elections nre announced to
take place in Ontario on January 25th,
with nominations one week earlier. It
is up to the Conservatives to make
good their opportunity nnd sweep the
province, for it is the best opening
they have had in 30 years.
Predictions have oft been made in
fie past of the great revival in milling
thai would eusue in the Slocan when
silver climbed to 60 cents. The desired point has been reached, and the
niiich-vaiinted lead bounty is still in
effect, but yet the expectant hum
is not to be heard. What do the
mineowners want uow?
The Sloean Star, at Sandon, has
declared another $25,000 dividend,
making two. for the year and equalling
•tfen per cent on its capital stock.
Other provincial profit-makers during
the year have been: St. Eugene, $64.
000; Providence, S-20,000; Sunset, 86,-
000; Tyee, $43,200; Lo Roi Xo. 2, ?57,-
600; Cariboo, at Camp McKinuey,
$50,000; Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co..
The latest political sensation in the
east is what is known as the Russell-
Blair affair, the groundwork of wliich
was a scheme, involving the late minister of railways anil a number of Liberal candidates, to embarrass the
Laurier government. As the details
come out three cabinet ministers have
their reputations attacked, and the
disclosures threaten a serious split in
Liberal circles. Eastern political life
is full of scandal.
Prices of metals are high, several
dividends have lieen paid by provincial mines, and a number of sinelter.**
aro enlarging their capacity yet pro
perty holdors complain they can do
nothing with their claims. The trouble with many men is that thev are
either too lazy to develop their claims,
or they hnven't faith enough In tbelr
ground to go ahead. They are looking for suckers, and beoailM DO li.-h
are taught, then the coiinlry is no
good and its laws are Worse, (let in
and drill and make your own prosperity,      	
The arbitrary actions of the powder
companies in practically withdrawing
their agencies from the country and
raising the juice of powder will have
a tendency to retard development. A
raise of $1.50 per hundred in powder
iulds greatly to the burden* of the
small iiiiiieownrr   and   lessee, and   il
will not encourage the big companies
to open up their properties. All hints
of schemes are being rigged up tn
prey on the mining industry and it is
a wonder anything at all is doing in
the district. Supplies, powder, steel,
and smelter rates have all gone up.
decreasing th" margin of the operator
The workingman also feels the rub,for
his living is oosting more, while his
Wages are stationery.
Pay up your subscription.
Open sen son for deer closed yesterday.
A ball is being talked of for Christmas.
Winter has set in and sleighing is
faiily good.
Harry Dickinson left for Greenwood
ou Tuesday.
For first-class bread go to J. 11
W. D. McGregor i*eturned to .Victoria last week.
Operation of the Victoria & Sydney
railway is to cease.
The public school closes today for
the Christmas holidays.
For first-class raisins and currants
call on \V. T. Shatford & Co.
Mrs. McCallum and family are preparing to move to Cranbrook.
The next event of public importance
is the Hogan's Alley banquet.
ft. I. Kirkwcxxl left on Monday, to
spend the winter iu California.
The municipal voters' list will be
made up on the 1st of Jauuary.
The children are busy practicing for
their entertninuient on the 23rd.
A little snow fell Friday night and
sleighs were attempted next dnv.
C. W. McAnii will hold u provincial
court of revision here on Tuesday.
SnndQii Knights of Pythias will
hold their annual ball ou the 2nd.
Sandon, like Sloean, will have difli-
eulty in securing a council next year.
It's dollars to doughnuts that John
Houston will be the next mayor of
Services were held in the Catholic
church Sunday, Father Jeannotte officiating.
For Sale. A small base-burner coal
stove, in first-clads condition. Apply
at this office.
Hon. R. F. Green, commissioner of
lands and works, has gone to California on a trip.
B. A. Shatford and wife expect to
leave on the 27th on a two months'
trip to Halifax, N.S.
Walter Renwick, the sprinter, was
here for a short time on Friday. He
wns going to the const.
W.E. Boie took a trip over to Grand
Forks last week, to settle up the details of iiis-railway contract.
The Misses Moss, Craubrook, fir?
spending the Christmas holidays with
their sister, Mrs. H. D. Curtis."
Miss M: Stanton arrived iu Thursday night from Oregon, on a visit to
hei sister, Mrs. Geo. Heodersou;
Mr. Morrison, principal of ihe New
Denver school;wns do*fn on Saturday,
rustling fora si mi lit V position here.
There Was tnlk dining the week of
all the C.P.I?, operators going otlt on
strike, but so far nothing has happened.
Ymir school trustees announce that
they have engaged N. Morrison. New
Denver, as their principal for the next
A. Bull, formerly of this town, has
lieen electeii to the executive commit
tee of the Young Conservative Club in
Paul Hauck and family returned
last week from Phoenix. He has taken up a pre-emption on the west side
of the lake.
During November 2651 homestead
entries were made in Canada, an in-
cre .s i of upwards of 200 over the same
period a year ugo.
W. T. Shatford & Co. have the
largest range of toilet soaps ever
shown in the Sloean. Don't fail to
call and examine them.
W. H. Brandon and wife. Silverton,
spent Sunday in town. Thev were on
their way to visit friends in Winnipeg,
Man., and Guelph, Out.
Ii'ev. K. Hillman. associated in Ihe
Operation of the Chapleau mine, has
received a call to the Congregational
cburcb in Wardner, idaho.
At the regular statutory meeting of
the license commissioners on Wedne*
day,all the hotels were granted renewals fur the ensuing six months.
Ah   nn   evidence   of   the hopeless
condition of ihe lumbering industry,
scores of men are offering to work iu
the woods for $26 and ?2H a month.
The fruit Inspectors are rigidly enforcing the law. Several hundred
boseeof apples have recently been
condemned in Nelson and Cranbrook.
In Knox ehnreh next Sunday Rev,
Mr. McCord will preach on morning!
"Bell ivera tint not confessors;" i ven*
ing: "The armour for the battle of
life "
W. 1'. Dust, a C.P.B. brakie, was
killed nenr Phoenix Saturday nighl
by being run over bv an ore train. He
was 25 vearsoid and came fiom Kentucky. .   '
W. T, Shatford k Co. have just received a shipment of American coffee.
direct from San Francisco. Tt is of
splendid quality, Ue .sine and try il:
it will please you.
T,n. Dun.i, will print you, on short
notice and in anv amount, shipping
tags, billheads, statements/letterheads,
nob-heads, memos, receipts, envelopes.
■i iltlnq cards, bush is cards, hills of
fare, dodgers, posters, etc., etc. Will
meet any quality or price.
D. Arnot took a trip to Nelson on
C. SchaIFner is due here next weok
from Nova Scotia.
Archdeacon Beer, Kaslo, was a visitor in town this weok.
Don't let the old year . pass away
without paying your debts.
Boundary mines last month paid
upwards of $50,000 in wages.
Mrs, Tutcher will close out her winter stock of millinery at cost.
For a suitable Christmas gift send
The Drill to tho old folks for a year.
J. Garvey and family hnve returned
to town. He is employed at the Ottawa.
A shooting match for turkeys is to
Iw one of the attractions for Cu'ristmas
Any syndicate that woidd tuke over
the townsite from the eity would mnke
The Bank of Commerce is issuing
the balance of its stock, amounting to
Bert Almas is crippled with rhue-
mntistn, nnd is confined to his bed in
the Wilson House.
A meeting of the creditors of Morley & Co., booksellers, is to be held in
Nelson on the 2.'hd.
A number of visitors were nt the
school yesterday. The institution had
been pleasingly decorated.
The music will be a feature of the
services iu Knox ehnreh on Ciiiisltnas.
both morning nnd evening.
Report has it thnt next spring the
C.P.R. will build from Midway to
Spenee's Bridge, via Princeton.
Ernest Belnnger, a logger, aged 26"
hns been killed in the Ymir camp, by
part of an old tree falling ou him.
The new smelter at Rfarysville is to
be in operation next'month. Then
will conmbetter rates for-jdry ores.
Dad Allen is in town again after a
long absence in the Similkameen. He
is nursing a sore iinii.'asthe result of
a stage accident.
W. T. Shut ford & Co. have just received ti large shipment of creamery
butter, direct from the government
creameries. It is of splendid quality
and prices nre fight.
If vou need anything in the canned
eoods Jine, call on W. T. Shatford A-
Co. Thev have just received a ear ai d
are quoting rock Iwttom prices, lc
sure and get their prices before buying elsewhere.
Tli© Queen's
First-class Pining Boom
Large ami Comfortable Bedrooms
■Sample rooms for Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C.
i *-***-*-*■*-*-*-*■•-*-*-*-* -•>-•»-«
• •• 1 flJCaaa
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
Ilendijiiui'ters for traveling men
Large, airy rooms
Best meals  given  in  the town  ;
ItATKS   *■*'„•  per  0„y (   with
Niuiiii!<. I'lioni*. es.r.o, n\ro-
rial rnl<*H In M'  niy 1,..111 (lorn
Clubbing Offe
An arrangement has been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
Apjviiileil ip n coiniiletelist of tin* vni-
lous records registered nt the local registry office, 11. I'. Christie Ueiny mining
Dor: 7-Ottawa fr.
5'*'l??"\* <t_
Year by yc?r our stationery and leather goods
departnie.-.l lias been
extending its burincs
throughout tl.e Dcminicn.
\V« will IT", rs-irraa prrp.li.J.
75 lull shfala wl liiuai [Atiric
varitinfi p.*4j:rr, cinl'. - nt J in
color wiih nny initii I. and
75 tnwldpei to niatih for
only $1 00.
EnrTavinp, of cnich, wedding
invitation:, etc., promptly
attended to.
J. A. Anders
Arthur Street, Slocan ;
• ■====^*
Pressed Hay,
Feed and Oats...
Strathmore Trading Co.,
Drawer 551,
Calgary, Alberta.
Dealers in Baled tlay, etc., etc. Prom|>!
Shipment,  .Beet Quality., Lowe:-t
Trices, Satisfaction Guaranteed,
Write im Inr Qiintjallnna.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To.Tnlm.I. I.aiiflel'lanil.1. .M. McGregor,
or to any pernor, or person! to whom
they mav luive traiifclVrreil their lev*
mm iuteresta, in whulu or in part, ii
the Black and White Beauty F*m.
llonal minernl elnim, snnund near
the hend of Lemon oreek. and rwonled
in the Rcco'dur'a nflire for lha Blbcuti
City mining division.
You nro heroin- notified that 1 h»\>
cilusei! to be expended tlm stun uf onr
hundred and two dollars unci,fifty cents
in Inhor and imprutenie.nti! oil llu al'ovv
tiieiiiin id mineral claim in order li
hold >'iiid i-hiini tiinlei' the prgvimons of
tBe Mineral Act; ai'id'jf within Uftdavi
from tlie dnte of this notion VOU fail, or
I'ffiipe. to contrihute your proportion ol
ilid; expenditure,together with all ei>uts
of advertising, yuur interests In said
elnim Will lit'oiuno Iho property at the
snli'iirihci', nndor suction 4 of »n Act
entitled "Am Act to amend the Mineral
Act. num."
Hated nt .Slocan. B.C., this "rd dav of
Octolier, A. D. ItiO-J.
;• 10-04 ERIC LEMIEUX.
Certificate of Improvements.!
HI I go Mineral Claim.
Siitunt* in the Plnefln City Mining Piri |
•ion ol iho WVst Kootenay liiitrict.'l
\Vher*located : -Adjoining the Cam*,
• roiiinn mineral rlaim.
Tiilce notice that I, M. 1.. GrimmettJ
actiiii.' for mvself. free miner's roi lilirntr
No, l!77t!8Sj and as sgrtit for Duncan
Oainrron, free miner's certificate No.
I'./Ti'MJ; An;us Cameron, fro* miner's
certificate Ko. BAR] 11; William Davies;
free minor's Certificate No, IN'.VJO; R,
Moiinwoll, frea minor's certiflcate No,
B82S40; 0. A- Lova, free miner's eertlfli
j cate No. r.ii.'ilHT; nml It A. Brailshiiwj
frer mum 'scertiftcat* No.B77428,lnUDdi
sixty days from the data herrof, to apply
toths Mining tvecoider fora certlficaU
of improvements, for the purpose of oh*
twining a crown grant for the abovl
And further lake notiie thst action,
under nociion 87, must hs commence*]
hefors tho issuance of such certiflcate of
hated this Ist dar of  Novoml rr, 1U04
Ii-IL'O*) '   M. !.. lil*'I MM KIT
► ♦♦♦♦-i
$2.50 fora Year
A Residence for Sale
Certificate of Improvements
I WiiN'ni'i'. Aricle, Ai.m\ h. Lopia
VILLE, liii.nxiK.  ArifjiK, Ai.i'.iuii,
\i A VET \     FltM TI'INAI,.    A     ll    (J
Fractional, Survey Fra< now*
ai.. M.wi'.ti. Hn, ixie Fractional, Flvette,Aricle Fractoval,
ami Algiers Mineral Claius.
Situnte tn the •Slocnn City Minlna Division of Wost Kootenay District.
Where located i—At hand of Tamarac creek, nenr Ottawa Minn.
TAKEN0TI0E that I, William Alex
under Maedonald, free miner's; certificate No B81769; noting ns agent for
A.   B, Coleman,   fre* miner's cortifl*
cato   No     BC4891,   intend,   sixty  dnys
from    tho   date   hereof,  to    apply    to
the Mining Recorder   or   certificates
of   Improvement!,   for   iho   purpose
of ohtnining Crown Grant! ol the ahove
And further take notice that action,
under section ul, mnui be commenced
liefore the issiiiincc ofsuch certificates of
luted thii Mth dnv of October, idol.
t'l-10-04 W, A, MACJK1NAL1)
One of the newest residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains rive
large rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china
closet, large cellar, is lathed and plastered,
and is the best finished in town. Hot and
cold water system, with range and a sink.
Two corner lots, with fine lawn, gar den, fruit
trees; also fir^t-ciass woodshed, etc. A SNAP
FOR ANY BUYER.       For  terms  apply to
P.O. Drawer 75, Slocan
K A dvertise your
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
a reward
In nil jii-i-
tent ninl Ii'>-
oral lulvortis
ors: it is iv ad
bv  e.-orwine.
[tffiunml '•-
SS THE DRILL,  $2 per year fj
At All  Times
Subscribe for
local paper:


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