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The Slocan Drill 1903-10-02

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6LO0AN.   Bi   C,   OCTOBER  2,   190:'.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
The Best Canned Goods
1 * lVov. Library,
are tlie best value, no matter what the
price is. We have the famous Simcoe
brand of canned Fruits and Vegetables,
and our price is as low as you pay for inferior good* ,
We have others if you should want them.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
Wilson house,
It reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
lan      J'-':     I.AVIUSON      Aiir-mESSl"*!
alttsiiss .taker uml Thomas "fllulvey Also
Flr.sive, l„ (|la »«»i_a Vsjry (julat ttitsl
Ordorly A llis ir-A is Epitome s.rtlto Ito-
miiika, Mink, by Spealions.
L. fl. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Tliii pepulsr hotel is cf-nvenient to tlie bouts ami trains.
iiiltiiily op to Hate while ilie bar is BUppltcd "itli tlie best m tlie market.
Tht* tirst public meeting in tlia present political (•,ti.i*.,'i;.n*,vas held in the
Music Hall oh Mobday night, ljeing
'•ailed in the Interests of William Davidson, tlif Labor candidiiti*. James
Baker was voted to tht. chair, though
hs Btroagly urged -someone else to
take it. Thn meeting was. lato in
starting -ind, at the outlet, not many
were preuni, but mora people came
in later on. It wars a very quiet and
orderly gathering, and ihe remarks
made weve given respectful attention
all through
In his opening remark"-, thecliair-
oian s.titl In; would liko to suy a few
words relative to the troublous times
in which ho kail figured during the
oast year in the province, Fvervbody
knew the position ho h**ld with the
Western Federation of Miners, but
much antagonism bad b-.su aroused
a gainst him because of his conduct of
affairs. However, none but the best
I of motives bad prompted him to aet as
j ha* bad, and h<> failed to sen where bo
I had erred. Much had been said about
the W.P. of ML entering politics, but
hs- wanted it clearly understood that
polities bad not been imposed on the
organization or its individual members. But they, believed tbs laboring
man shamld strive to batter theii; condition, and to that end the common
people, or the musses, should control
the gorernmeut. That it as far a*,
they went, it being left to individuals
a* a matter of education. Fersonally,
the speaker believed the workingman
should enter politics. Other* believed
,. . ith.. same, heuce the selection of HE
rhe dlnln-ff room  -,.,..•.■„.., RS a candidate.   Apv.it
dc-sl 'if criticism hrt! lieen p.v.red on
the clause to their platform relating
•ii Uia* roaigBRtion oi a caudidate,   A-
understood it.tb
f uld (Jiilv
D A TsCC .   Travelling men, Ming Sample Rooms, $2.-50 per day •
KA I sCsJ .    without Sample K point, I*.'; hoard $ti per wt*t*k; im-al-.... •
H»\ ing secured premises on Main street, we are prepared to
handle all kiwis ot Garden Truck, Farm Produce, and Dairy
Products, and are open to receive -shipments from any of the
ranchers iu Slocan Vallev. A full stock will ba kept on hand.
Householders will be supplied daily with fredi"jo>ods by wagon.
PRICES REASONABLE.   Will handle in quantity for mines.
Commission Agents,
Slocan, British Columbia
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
■ WIUMBlll-MJU***'**^^ IIIMM ""'"''"r"fiT"Tl
Greatest Attractions and the Biggest
Amusement   Features  Ever  Secured
anyone else, as thay were tho pioneers : will cover tho {"-round more thorouglilv
oftheoatnp. The old parties olaimed than ever In-fore. This is trim of the
their politiea were the proper thing, mining department, of the department
and if tin* electors thought *K> it was of lino arts, of the raoing, of tho stock
all right, but he always liked to argue show*, and of the agncultoiral and
the point. Labor did not think that; fruit departments, The fair Itself will
way and thev had u perfect tight to j he hold in the outskirts of tho city,
put up a man. TheConsei'TatiTes werej and is only open during the day, but
saying Iho Labor platform was similar down town thoro will be tho biggest
to their own. Mr. Hunter had also I carnival and mardi gras ever seen in
stated at New Denver that ho was not; Spokane,
the candidate of any party, and was
free to support legislation brought in
by either party. The speaker felt sure
Mr. Hunter had made a mistake in
what he said. Personally, he was a
La I it
i uor
SI'llllK.N   1IKA I II.
(illl Finkle IHs.H of lit ttrt I>l<seni->ul. I.nsly
llian straight ami sought uo
party affiliation. He spoko for the
workers only. In the event of election
!ir* would be us much a servant of the
people as his opponent,and all classes
would have a claim
he Would help all, lis* would champion
the Labor cause chiefly, Incideetally
legislating for the people as a whole.
The argument was raised that
■'ould be alone in the house,  but notl
so, for all the members claimed to boi
friends of Labor, so that he would]
lit- sure to f"ct his share of patronage.
There were one or two planks in their
platform he would like to touch on,
particularly that of government own-
ershtp.   It was a popular cry and in
Cal Hittle arrived down from the
Lady Franklin group, at the head of
Lemon oreek, at Monday noon, bring*
hitw.   Whilel Ing the startling news that QUI Finkle
had expired at 2.80 that morning of
heart disease.   The  news east a deep
I {-loom ovor the town, but steps were
l<: j at once taken to arrange fer bringing
tlown the body.   The provincial authorities were informed of the circum-
stancs and word was sent to the coroner at Nolson, but he deemed an in-
s'liust uniiecflss.s.try. In the early afternoon about a dozen volunteers, accompanied by Dr. Keith, set out for the
,,  ,     ,   , ,.      ,   , a Franklin, reaching there that night,
all the platforms, still We had no gov- ; ^        Fjfe    .        (l a        ,. ^ f....
ernment railways in the province. Ihe, lh(j ^ whk.h _vas k**g down fe
Dominion government had given a i ■.,„.„.. 'ciri,i. Bml hvoll^lt up L_n0Xi
bounty on load, but it was domg no n bandcar on Tuesday afternoon. Here
wood. They should have given tha u WIU,merByK. S. Clark, undertaker
.>2.:.iHi,(K)otothe province with which of m a*n(l enel(Mod ia a hand-
to have built a public smelter,   As it, f,mie casii0t
is, the producer was in the same posi* | DeceMea 'had besn here last Wednesday and then went to Nelson to
take in the fnir. going  up to the mine
Down Town Street Carnival Every Night, Vaudeville Specialties and
High Class Circus Features
Special Low Rates on Railroads
Concession Privileges for sale.     Writo for Premium List
H. Q. STIfMEL, Sec. and Han.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
Gwiilim & Jolmsoii,
i.,' put into effect when a aeit t->•.•>•,-...-
I Hon  <*.f the whole riding had be*
railed. No surill committee con1.;'' ilksd
j thu situation.   Ho concluded his re-
I marks by sintini* that he did not fcsl
like talking, owing to the gl >om ca it
ovor the town by tha sudden death ef
Gill .Finkle.   The speaker had had a
rough experience during the year, bul
In* had acted conscientiously, and did
not know that he had dose wrong.
He then introduced iit*. Davidson as
a workingman.
On coming forward Mr. Davidson
was greeted with applause. II.' sti ted
be hail met his opponent, Mr. Hunter,
on the platform at New Denver and
Silverton. but business intorostj hnd
prevented tli? lattor from coming ou
here. He would be pleased to have
anyone speak for Mr. Hunter. • Mr.
Davidson launched into his subject by
saying he would fe.'l mors at home
_-;oing on night shift at a mine, than
to be here trying to make a political
speech. The Labor men kui bo newspapers and no speakers in *.h" Held,
hence he woultl have to explain their
platform. He had been in th* country
since 1893, most of that time around
Sandon. In 10 years there had been
| three elections, and now wero on tha
verge of the fourth. Four govern*
| incuts had been in power and nil had
j thc funis old policy. The electors
! were diss.*itisliod with the wny business had been conducted in the past,
■ and they hoped that anv ehang ' that
did come would he for the better. 'I ba
i country required n sound and suhstan*
I Hal government., which the Conserva-
11Hves klso believed. That looked all
ver'** well, but how could a change eb
had when the f.nm» old condemnsd
m;it"rir.l was seeking re el i-cHou in the
various ridings. Labor was opposi I
to that order of things. Iw the pasi
Laber hail taken no interest in the
nomination of candidates, but iu the
last election they had endorsed an in
dependent man antl elected him. Then
came, tho Dominion eleeiioti'imtl then
man was found working Openly for a
strniirht ptety candidate. Such being
the caso, the Labor mevi had deter
mined to run one of their own number. That wa* the reason, to.*, thev
had put the resignation clause in the
platform, us it prevented old party
men seeking nomination from them
on an independent tick-it. He was
sali*.ti-*d with the clause and -.-..mid
stand Vy it. The speaker then explained the ckunse iii the Etime way as
Mr. Baker. It woultl be a •-.oi.d thing,
he said, if ull the members of th? leg
islsture had such a stiini* ou tlitem.
Quite a few arguments wetv being i
used ssn the side agaliist tho litbor
cause, that tho labor into were n.tt lit
to come out to represent the riding.
Such an argument was beisg used
around Nakusp. it wns also'stated
that In.' was not a responsible man.and
that ho had no nioiiind interests in the
country. They had had inonied man
in the legislature before, but they had
done no good. The workiuguicii hud
as much interest in the countr*! as
tion as before, the bounty beimg no
heiviit. There shoulil be no cash or
land subsidies, tlio day of their necessity beiug past. He was strictly opposed to them, and if elected would
vote against them. If the people want
roads, they shoulil build them themselves. Ali lands should be kepi for
actual settlers and improvements
Bhould not be taxed. The educational
ii t should be improved, so as to permit of all children securing a free
education- Tli" referendum plank
"fas a gi od one, tis it taught fhe nitSRT-
bers that they were servants ofthe
people and uol thema iters. It would
r -li' v* the members of much ra pon*
sibtlity. 1' - [ar liag wi men franchise,
he coulsl i aiel f su; p nt it. It worked
well i*.i thi .Stal "* and wauld do io
asre. X.»v, if the peddle, believed a
clia-.i:,-* iitjcossary in the lo rislature,
I.»»t Vfltnr'i SUipnsstsU Werrj SSS3 Tani*-
A llaa.llliy Uv lilenco ef tli. I.lfs» is ail
Wcultk uf tbs CstBsp- Ksssterprli. thc
The Enterprise sent out another 40
tons of ore during the week to the
Trail smelter. Thirty-five mea aro
employed at tho mine nnd they are
breaking down large quantities of ore,
making it the principal shipper. Next
week the lessees of ths Cripple Stick
will make a small shipment, it being
tho initial effort. Shipments to dato
total 954 tous.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 6333
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
s- by  sayiag that  Mr. Hunter
srsonal friend of his. and he
.-a", th im think well and support
th- Labor cause. lie kuew h? was
not an orator.but he believed ho could
lay things before the government in-i
telligsntly. Which ever wny the elections went ho would lc* satisfied,
Throughout tho campaign hn had
every where been treated as a gentleman and he was thankful. Mr. Davidson took his chair amid applause.
Thos. Mulvey then ■wade one of his
characteristic little talks and raised a
hearty laugh.
Mr. Davidson concluded tlw pro-
was a pi
was sorry there was no one there to
speak for him. In the e rent of himself being electad, he would be a serai of all tho people, and resented
sectional cry raised against him,
He had uo choice for either of th'.* old
piuties. On paper, (lie tariff question
nlono made the difference between
them, hut in practice they were the
same. If elected, he •.-•ould hold himself free to Support 01" oppose legislation from either party.
The meeting adjourned quietly fit.
10 o'clock, no enthusiasm or spirit
marking the evening's proceedings.
F1H.-.T D*"AT. IN A VltAll.
Orfppl* Stlek Group BsntUd by English
Mono jr.
The first mining deal in the division
in a year has been consummated here,
whereby the Cripple Stick and (.'ripple
stick fraction, situated on the north
side of Springe;' creek, were bonded
by English oapltal, represented by
I Frederick Slock, of Nelson, The
| Stick is owned by Dan Nichol, R. A.
Bradshaw, and Howard Quest; while
the fraction, staked List ws*ek,is owned
by Oco. Nichol. The deal is ;s working bond, running a year, the stipulation being that n certain number of
shifts must be put in each month.
Work on thi property commences at
onee and will be maintained all winter, the lirst step being the erection of
camp buildings.
The Cripple Stick has had its lead
traced the full length of the claim, it
showing in fl number of places a trn-
inch paystreak, currying exceptional
vrilui's In gold and silver. Of late the
property has been worked under a
lease held by O.Nichol and S.Clough,
who took out several tons of rich ore.
Mr. Stock purposes taking up his re«i-
dence here for the winter.
by way of Six Mile on Saturday. Ho
complained of being unwell on Sunday, and that night had choking
spells. His partner,Tom Benton, and
Cal Hittle. who was working near by.
did all they could for him, but poor
Gill expired quite suddenly towards
morning, much to the distress of his
companions. Til's funeral took place
at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning, under the auspices of tho Miners' Union,
nnd was largely attended, Kev. Wm.
Simons conducting the services. A
number of handsome floral offerings
were placed on the casket, testifying
to the universal popularity of the de-
(iiil Finkle was about 42 years of
age, but very littlo is known of his
people, ail efforts to lind out anything
about them being unavailing. He was
bom in Eastern Canada, but his people ars. now liriug in the States and
are said ta> ba wealthy. Deceased.
with Tom Benton aad Oscar White.
owned the Lady Franklin group and
were developing it, expecting shortly
to sell it at a handsome figure.
ft is a peculiar and snsl coincidence
that the late R. M. Covington died
under practica'lv the same circum-
stances, at the same claim, ami with
the same partner. These circumstances
have well nigh distracted Tom Bstaton.
nine sussting.
At Saturday's practice shoot of the
Bifle Club the following scores were
aria ne.
W. S. J
ti. Nichol 80
.1. Cross 130
.1. McVicar 2i»
D. S. McVannel.81
Dr. Keith 17
W.ll. Daridson.r.
H.J.Robertson. .80
F. Dick	
11. Curtis
J. Law...
305   l.»r>   201       701
A Hlm s'sanrs*.
(In Sunday evening the citizens got
a Lad Mare from a Are which originated in the log building to tin* rear of
the po-.asllice. The blaze had caught
on the wall from the stove, but fortunately wm caught and rnippressed
in time, otherwise Main itreet would
h:wt been wiped out. A general alarm
had been sounded and the brigade
had quickly responded.
I.atUS  'US   HtS'  Tflt.II   llSfllt.
Win. Ferguson, owner of the Tail
Holt claim, on Lemoncreek.hns leased
that property to Neil McMillan and
Paul Wood. The lease runs till next
Juaeaud the lessees get nil the ore
they can take out. In that time they
are to run a long tunnel, which will
open up the property. Work has
commenced under the l.'.-ise.
Tlss. Spokane fnlr.
The Spokane Interstal • Fnir, which
opens on Monday next, October .">, will
Pssrfl-lsitm.il T\vs» KrncstlonSi
W. C. E. Koch, lessee of the Enterprise, has purchased two small fractions lying between that property and
the Neepawa. They nre called thu
Hal.ana antl Flora fractions, and were
owned by Tom Avison and Morris
Davies, Ot New  Denver.    The consul
,  , •       , ■ a ,        i oration of the transfer amounted to
probably be tbe mist complete and .v.,'.
biast all round exposition and fair ever  " ■   —
held in the Inland Empire,   Each sle      Vote for Hunter, the people's cand-
pat'ttnent will be more extensive anil I Idate,
Rossland mines last week shipped
9560 tons of ore.
Last week the Sandon mines shipped 39 tons of ore.
Tho roatrmau-Graiiite miue at Nelson has closed down.
W. E. Boie is developing the Wav**
ertree, on Erin mountain.
Last week the Boundary mines had
an output of 16,851 tons.
A certificate of improvements has
been granted thu Cameroaiun.
For the month of August the Le
Roi made profits amounting to 914,-
Tho nunual meeting of the Arlington company will lx* held here next
The Le Roi No. 2 has declared a
dividend of $70,000, with more iu
Tho Leonora mine, on Vancouver
Island, has an output of 150 tons of
copper oro a day.
Michigan people have purchased the
Volcanic group, in the Boundary.pay-
iug upwards of S100.000 therefor.
B. C. Riblot, of Nelson, has received
a contract to put in a tramway for tho
Minnesota Silver Co.. at Sandon.
Operations have ceased on the Republic. The tools aad supplies have
been brought down and stored iu the
Roliert Taylor, employed at the Silver Cup mine, in the Lardeau, died
last week from exposure nnd exhaustion. He formerly worked in the
SIIvb*b- ll'llll.tl.ais.
Following are the quotations for liar
silver on the various days during the
week since lust issue:
Thursday    5»*} cunts
Fridav     59$    "
Saturday    59J   "
Mondav     69|    "
Tuosdav     59|    "
Wedneeday    69    "
Gctttag luto ltis-h Ure.
What is known as the west veia on
the Ottawa, discovered while driviug
the crosscut, is turning out a lionariza.
It has lieen drifted on for 86 feet and
the ore now being taken out is exc**-ed-
ing rich. Native silver is plastered
all over it, together with grey copper
and copper pyrites. An improvement
is also lieing shown ou the east vein.
To (let Klaetiou Keiarna.
With characteristic enterprise.Lnrry
Knowles has arranged to secure the
full election returns on Saturday at
the Arlington Hotel. He will have a
special wirs strung into the omce.with
L. .1. Edwards ia charge, and the results will lie promptly bulletined.
The public will bo pleased to hear of
this arrangement.
■Coatartatlva Maatlnf.
A public nieeting iu the iuterest of
Wm. Hunter, the Conservative enndi-
date.ls to iw held this Friday evening,
in the Music Hall, commencing at 8
o'clock, Prominent speakers will address the meeting, and the opposition
speakers nre nsked to bt-* present. Tht*
general public are urged to attend,
at the
I.luck I'riiics....
Highlsnd Light
Work  has  beeu
resumed .a,***-**-**.*-**^^
! A Love Match:
Author of "The Ginmaker of Moscow," "The Fortunes of Conratl," "The Shadow of the
Guffiottae," Etc., Etc
First, Mr. Lcftington produced an
attested copy ot ft will made liy Victor St. Clair, husband ol" ltucliel,
snid will having been duly acknowledged by legal authority and admitted to probate. The will wae In
two '.arts. The Urst had been mads
shortly after the marriage, and was
a siniplo boquenthmctit. nt everything
s.f which -St. (.'lair might die possessed to his beloved Wife Kachcl, without restriction or reservation of nny
kind. After this, his child Pauline
had been born, and he had added a
codicil The codicil, however, did
not seem to reflect BO directly upon
the child as upon a sister, who wr.s
at that lime married and living no.tr
hiin. Though the birth of (he child
afforded the opportunity, the ot cation was embraced (o express aro
monihrani'o of this sifter, not bv *'l
reel bequest but In a contingent
which would seem to have been
meant as a hint of his wishes to his
This codicil did not In the least
alter the spirit ot the original will.
It still left the wife free to hold and
to dispose of tho property; but it
provided that if, while living, she
should not otherwiso will, the property shouhl, in thc event of her
death, go to his child. But, further, in case of the death of Rachel
intestate and tho death of his child
without issue, the property should
go to the issue of his sistti- Theresa;
and, failing all these, it should be
taken and held in trust by tho city
•nf New Orleans for certaiu charkabls
purposes whieh were specified. The
will closed wiih the following— the
original being in Victor St. Clair's
own hand—and Mr. Lioflington called
especial attention to it, as showing
how strong and permeating was the
devoted lovo which had been able,
even in scorning, for ft season to blot
out the due reindinbrnnce of a sister:
"And yet 1 do declare it as fully in
accordance with my will antl pleasure, that my beloved wife Rachel,
may, if circumstances shall so incline her, bequeath said estate, both
real and personal, in whole or in
part, to whomsoever it may please
her; and her aet shall bo helsl right
and Just beforo God and man. Thus
do 1 manifest how truly 1 love antl
honor her."
The court being Satisfied of the
nature/of Victor St. Clair's will, Leflington proceeded, in behalf of his
client, to mako known tho further
grounds of his claim; antl, by abundance of evidence, with other evidence that could be had if wanted,
he proved as follows:
Theresa St. Clair, the sister of the
testator, married, in Now Orleans,
Jasper Murdoch. Of their issue,
two daughters, Theresa and Kveline,
libed and married. Theresa married
a James Hugo, and died in giving
birth to her first child. This child,
ths only issue of Theresa antl James
Hugo, lived to manhood, and was
named Adolphc. .Ho was an unfortunate fellow, sadly dissolute antl intemperate.
"And," explained Leflington, "his
friends gave him up as deatl long
ago. They onco received information direct that he had been killed In
n drunken affray nt Vlcksburg, But,
from recent events, it woultl seem
that tho poor man had lived to wander this way, as wo have no doubt
1hat ho was tho man who was found
stead upon the railroad track not
long since. Ho must have bet*n in
search of Madame Rachel, probably
for tho purposo of obtaining money.
Touching his assault upon iho girl
Christine. I ran offer no explanation,
because I know not the exact circumstance. 1 havo nss doubt, however, that ho was a desperate fellow; and if he had planned a bssltl
stroke, he woultl undoubtedly have
struck had it biren in his power."
Tho coincidence of the agreement of
Caspar's family naini. wilh thai of
tho dead ruflkin was not at this lime
particularly noted. It had been
spoken of before, nntl had become an
old story.
Mr. Leflington then proceeded with
his development:
Kveline, the BSCOnd dstughtcr of
Jasper and Theresa Murdoch, married Pierre Compton. They both
diesl within ten years after their marriage, leaving two children, one of
whom alono lived In grsiw up. That
living child of Pierre and Kveline,
named Alexander, is now before the
court, rloiining (ho estate of Victor
.St. Clair through direct heirship derived from his maternal grandmother,
The ovidence in (his direction was
submitted, and it seemed a clear
caso thai, barring claims from (he
other Ride, Alcxamler Compton was
the truo anil lawful heir.
An*, how was it with the other
CHAPTER XV.      '
Mr. LcfTington proceeded to show:
Victor St. Clair bail died. leaving
a wife nntl ono Child, This child was
a daughter, antl named Pauline, Sixteen years later, Pauline, tben seventeen years of age, married Paul
(.'ambray, a French oflicer of saiine.
distinction,   but apparently without
her mother's consent. It was Mid,
at tho time, that, the mother was
herself in love wilh Cambray. At
nil events, whether discarded or voluntarily forsaking her home, Pauline never returned after her marriago
tier liusbnnd diesl in Louisiana, und
from  that  time  Uiito  bad   been      no
trace of Rachel si flair's only
child, Pauline, in all probability
■he i a ii <l died Mors her husband. The
weight s,f evidence wns in tlmt direc
Mr. Leflington had stated his case,
ansl put on his OVldOllce, uml il only
remained to prove the Identity of Alexander Compton beyond llto psissi-
hilitv sif a doubt. Thnt (lone, it
Would seem that the vas't property
was all his own.
Pr. Arkwright had been present at
tlio session of the court, and With a
heavy heurt, he repaired to the
Brookside and told Christine what
had transpired.
Hut Dr. Arkwright had not been
the only interested spectator in
court. Sitting near th' bar. Where
ho could hear and observe freely, had
been u middle-aged gentleman to
whom tho judge hud bowed respectfully, nntl whom the public administrator and the registrar had greeted
cordially. This was Ralph Apple-
ton, a lawyer of acknowledged ability, but whoso time luul of late
beon chiefly dovoted to literary pursuits.
Thut evening, not. long after ths
departure of Arkwright. Christine
was Informed by Lora'thnt lt si range
gentleman wished to speak to her.
The gentleman was admitted, and
it was evident that nuflunl confidence antl esteem were the Immediate
rssult of their greeting. Christine
looked up into a face bonign and
mild, and >et a face strong i>"d reliable; and he looked upon it girl
who might bave enlisted the sympathy of an anchorite.
"I address Christine St. Clair?" be
snid. as ho held her hand,
■She replied in the affirmative.
"My mime," ho pursued, is Kalph
Applcton. l have had Bomo little experience in law, and have bean bed"
to you by n woman calling herself
Ifindorn. That I havo obeyed her
call is sufficient proof that, 1 1 rust
her. I feel that 1 can safely bid you
trust her also. 1 trust, mj child,
that 1 may prove a helping friend,
for haps you have hoard o( tho result of this day's Investigation ut
the probate court?"
"1 havo heard, sir. llr. Arkwright
has been here."
"Yst you would claim your
"My true and honest rights—yes
'If there had been sleep ntul wicked
plotting against the true intent and
purpose of Rachel St. Clair, you
wouisl leiul your influence to its e\-
"Ycs.  sir.     Oh,  yes.''
"Then  you  Will   trust mo to  enter
proceedings in your behalf?"
"in my behalf? Oh, no, sir, n,it
that! 1 cannot appear so Borditl,
and sss fssrgctful of all—"
,\lr. Applcton stoppetl her with n
wave of iiis hand.
"My child, you misunderstand mc.
Through you alone enn we stay tho
conspiracy. In order to meet tliem
with nny promise of success we must
hunt up evidence; and the gathering
ssf evidence will take lime. In order
las gain that litis.* ws must show to
lhe court good reason for praying
for a stay of prtsccedings. ln your
name, ami In yours nlone, at this
present time, can we appear in court.
Let us throw your claim upon tlie
eMato out of tlio question. Without
a will in your favor you huve none.
lint, will you help me to unveil and
discomfit tho rascally scheme ol
which 1 have spoken—remembering,
of course, thut I will stund between
yssu nnd all possible harm'.'"
"Yes. sir, 1 will do that."
"Antl you will authorise me to net
in your nunii'. a*; ,\i>tir attorney?"
llo reached out his hand, uml she
ttsnk it, and answered him:
"Yes, Kir."
X . . . .
It wits near ton o'clock on the evening of Mr. Apple ton's visit to ths*
Brookside (hul Caspar antl his father sat together in their retired chamber, They luul drunk a bowl of
punch, antl were now smoking.
"I think, my boy,'' saiil Alexander,
"thai  we aro on a Safe tuck at last."
"On the home-stretch, sure," responded Caspar.       "I tin not     see
wbere there enn be ix break."
"Unless,"   suggested   tho   parent,
"I his girl, Christine, should gito us
trouble. I was toltl to-duy thnt
ysning Waybrook swears ho will stick
tai her through  thick and  thin."
"Never you fear him," Bald ths
sssn, wiih a contemptuous snap of thn
lingers. "I have positive knowledge
that his father will cut him adrift if
bo persist! in any such tiling. Ami I
have other knowledge: This foul Waybrook is om* if your easy, wayward
fellows who fill readily into traps
baited with the right kind of excito-
meni.   He bus   been rather fust   ut
college, ami hi' is inclined to bo it
sport, Let him l.e onco cut off from
tin* gaioti Influences, ami surroundod
entirely by BUCh  us we can  bring    to
boni', and   wo have him disposed    of
lies mui he-, power ta. molest us.   And
RS for ll'.e gill, we must get hW ti.it
of tin' \iu.\ She enn giVO us no hot
Ing trouble,   lain   Site may  perplex ntul
delay us for n llino, it. remains to be
si'i'ii wlas*thsr sl,,. will lind liietids n-
(luentlal enough to help her. Of her
own ie ihi il bIic wit] sin nothing."
"And," tpiorbd Atcxundcr, "suppose si.,* lini'. nnd friends who wish
to help hei? iviial iiiii they tio' i
cannol soe bow slu* tun found «.
(To be Csstitinued.)
They Slionltl be Ragged and BtarSy, r**U
or Life and Ready for Work, Play ms
Study—Keep Them Healthy.
Crowing  boys should     always     bo
healthy and rugged. Ready for play,
ready   for   study, and ready at any
timo  for  a  hearty  meal.  This  condition denotes good health, but there
are entirely   too many  who do   not
come up to lliis standard, They take
no part in the manly games nil healthy  boys  Indulge  in:   they ure stoop-
shouldered,     dull  und  listless ;    they
complain   of   frequent  headaches, und
their  appetite   is     variable.      Sometimes parents say, " Oh, they'll outgrow   it."    Hut  they  won't—it's    the
blood    that's  out   of   condition,   nnd
instead   of  getting  better    the.v    get
worse.      What boys of this cluss require   to   make theni   bright,     active
and    strong,   is   a tonic,    something
that will tbuild up the blood and mnke
tho nerves strong.  There is no medicine that can do this as tiuickly and
as effectively   us Dr, Williams'   i'ink
l'ills.   "sirs. Mary Compton, of Merrir
ton,   Out.,  tells what  these  pills did
for  her  sixteen  year  old  son.      She
says :    "About two years ugo my son
Samuel   began   to   decline   in   health,
lie grew  very  pale  antl   thin  and  at I
times experienced serious   weak spells,
coupled   with a tired, worn out feeling,  und   as   the   weeks   went by he
grew   worse.      'litis  alarmed  me,   for
my   husband had   died   of   what  the
doctors    called    pernicious    anaemia,
and  I   feared  my sou  was  going the
same way.    I had often rend thut Dr,
Williams' PlnkPills would cure anaemia, and   decided that he should try
them.    A couple of boxes made a decided   improvement   in   bis  condition,
and by the time he had taken a half
dozen   boxes   his health   was   better
than it hud been for some years previous,   llis weight hail increased, his
listessness   hail disappeared,   and    ho
was blessed with a good appetite.    I
may add that other members of my
family  had  been   benefitted    by    tho
use of Dr. Williams' I'ink Pills ami 1
consider   these   pills   the  best at* all
Poor and watery blood is the cause
of noarly all diseases, and it is because Dr. Williiuns' Pink Pills act
directly on the blood, both enriching
ing it and Increasing the quantity,
that they cure such troubles as nnae-
isi isi. rheumatism, Indigestion, neuralgia, heart troubles, incipient consumption, und the various ailments
that afflict so many women. These
pills may be had from nny dealer in
medicine, or will be sent post paid at
50c it bOX or six boxes for $2.50 by
writ iitu* to the Dr. Williams Medicine
Co., Ilrockville, Ont. If vou value
your health never allow a dealer to
persuade you ta> take something else.
Oellil, (he Gem Market.
Delhi remains the center of nil Indian art industries. The most skillful
Jewelers and gem cutters, painters.
curvers, embroiderers and craftsmen
whose creations could teuipt the purse
or minister to the luxury of the grent
er and lesser Moguls have gathered
thero for centuries, and trade habits
nre but slowly broken. Along Clinndnl
Chnuk plump merchants lu snow white
clothes and tiny jewelers' turbans Invite one to their whitewashed, felt
llttiired inner rooms, and there, treading catlike in stockinged feet, they unroll gold and silver embroideries, Kashmir shawls and "camel's hair" stuffs
nud cover the last inches of floor space
•with jewels.
Necklaces, girdles and a queen's ornaments ore drawn from battered boxes, scraps of paper, cotton cloth or old
Annuel. Nothing seems quite as Incongruous in this land of the misfit and
the Incongruous as tbe way In which
the jewels of a rajah are produced
from old biscuit this, pickle bottles and
miirmulnde jars. One buys the gems of
n temple goddess, and they are laid ln
grimy cotton wool and packed In rusty
little tlu boxes of a crudity Inconceivable.—From Eliza Kuhamah Scldmore's
"Winter India."
She Peeked.
A gentleman tells n good story on
his betrothed sister. Visiting his home
nfter n long absence, he was sitting by
the side of his sister, with his arm
around her waist. Her head drooped
on his shoulder In the old, old way.
An aunt In the same room enjoyed the
affectionate   display   nnd   remarked.
"Why, that looks os if i. ,
Will"-the name or ,he "■"« ti
sweetheart, "indeed,'' ihTJf.Nh
Plied, "you never saw vni",,er •*
position." "Maybe I bave-' " ""•
auntie. "Well, if y0„ _%* ** tin
was the parting shot, wVi.., "-H'1
practical admission of
•oft im".
Onlv ono out ol ovcrv
r'uil couples live   lo cole
golden  wedding.
Why co limping ssml whining alisnit
rum rorni, when ss 26-cent bottle ssf
llolloway'i Corn Cun will remove ttu*m'.'
(live it ss tria'. tt nd vou will    not regret it
III-   lie*. s*ngs*.
ITe -And so your nnswer Is fltitil. Ynu
win not be mine?
She Never! But prny don't co nnd
blow your brains out.
He It would be nn Idle attempt People s.iy if i hnd any brains I never
should Imve proposed to you.
plied a
supports     the     sun   in   the
asked the country school
its  beams,   of  course,"     re-
recocious youngster.
Mother Rraves' Worm Exterminator i'
pleasant to take ; sine nnsi effectual in
destroying worm's Utsnv have tried it
with  best   results.
Self-important   men seldom get   out
of tin* wa.'.o-woi king class.
An overdose of the good things of
lifo is apt tis make men pessimistic
A Sttlliir of Ilrnvcry.
What threatened to be one of the
worst disasters in the history of shipping wns the burning of the Ocean
Monarch. The lire was discovered In
her fore hold an hour or two only after
she left the Mersey, There was n
stiotig breeze, and she wus headed for
the Welsh coast.
By some unlucky accident an anchor
wus dropped, and the big ship was
brought up all standing h.-iid to the
wind. The flames ciune routing nft,
where ono passengers nnd crew were
A l'rn/.ilinn frigate, a yacht and a
pilot bout were near, but tbey only attempted to pick up those who jumped
uml swum. Suddenly up came an
American clipper and rounded Into the
wind barely •Jim yards nwny. In her
lirst bout was Frederick Jerome, only
nn able Seaman, but one of the bruvesl
seamen that ever lived, lu a flash his
boat was alongside the burning ship,
ami lit? climbed on deck nmid the
scorch and smother. There he stayed
iiulll the last soul of 000 was snvi'd.
Iiis clothes were on fire seven separate
limes, nnd he was scorched almost be-
yiaiiil recognition. Ills only rewind
wus ihe modal of the American llu-
innno society.  Pearson's,
An  I'micKci-uls sl  Keport.
The family doctor hnd been summoned hastily, nnd ho climbed lhe tenement stairs with n grave fueo. A womnn was nwaiting him in tho doorway
of a flat.
"I Understand little Tommy haiiwal*
lowet. a quarter," be said.   "When la
"Ob, doctor, I'm glad to tell you
we've made a mistake," she snid blithely, "it wasn't n quarter after all. it
wns only n nickel."
II fl,    S'.llIlllN   In   Ssslllll    A in i*s li:s.
iii \ i'.m'.-.iu in, Colombia and other
Soni ii American countries it is no uncommon tiling to see boys of ten or
twelve years of age or even younger
carrying riiies nnd marching to buttle
wilh the nniiles which light in the civil
Wars i.f those Iii nils. These boy soldiers nre usually of Indian blood, and
tiny fi^lit quite ns well ns the oldest
Supers! Ittiia of the llnloeky Thirteen
When King Arthur founded the fa-
a, us round table he requested Merlin
tho enchanter, to arrange the seats
Merlin arranged one set of sests to rep
resent the n-iostles. Twelvo were for
Hie faithful adherents of Jesus Christ
mui the thirteenth for tbe traitor Judas.
The first were never occupied save by
knights distinguished for tbelr achievements, nnd when a death occurred
among them the seat remained vacant
until a knight surpassing hlm In heroic
nnd warlike attainments should be considered worthy to fill the plac-*-*. if a*'
unworthy knight sought the chair he
was repelled by some magic power.
The thirteenth seat wns never occupied hut once. The story goes thnt s
haughty and insolent Saracen knight
snt down upon it and wns Immedintely
Bwnllowed up by the earth. Ever after
it wns known as the "perilous sent,"
nnd, brave ns the celebrated knights of
the round table nre snid to have beeu.
not one ever had the courage to alt on
the thirteenth chnlr, ntul the superstition ngnlust lt still survives.
And Often  Make  the  Mistake  of  Attributing i|,9
Resulting Backache to Other Causes.
"(1   u;
Many women have kidney disease thorough cure Is ovlds-toi
and do not know it. They confuse' BCores untl hundreds ol
tho symptoms of kidney disease with   j™r
those ol ailments of a   feminine na-j    Ml.s     w   wilkina.     floury
ture.     We would   warn you against  Belleville, Out.,  sl tiles :   •   ■
this danger,   us a few days'  neglect  A great deal with pains In i
of kidney disease   may mean   yeurs  of   the   buck   caused   fro
of suffering.
Pains In tho smnll ol the back or
weakness nnd lameness pi tho bnck
aro tho most marked symptoms of
kidney diseases; others nre loss ol
flesh, dry. harsh skin, deposits in tlio
urine, swelling of the foet and  legs, _  ^^^^^^^^
sevcro headaches,  stiffness  and sore- that my trouble lies entirely""*]'-^
ness of thc muscles, rheumatic pains,   peered,   I  can speak  in  the' Mb).-*,,
cold chills In back and loins, scald-  terms of this tncslicino from the was
ing, painful  urination, weariness and   it acted in my case.."
despondency. |    Dr.  Chaso's Kldnoy-LIver Pills, om
There   is.   wo   believe,   no prepare-  pill a dose,  i"", cents a box, at   nj|
tion    extant      which    affords    such dealers, or Edmonson, Hates & Co
prompt   relief   for   backache nnd the  Toronto.     To   protect you again*!
other distressing symptoms of kidney  imitations the portrait nmi signature,
dina-ase as Dr.  Chase's Kidney-Liver  of Dr.   A. W. Chase   are   on
Pills.     That   this   preparation is a  box.
from reputable peoplo in all \vt,lks0»
Iw "-."mnll
_——_—_—_—_—.- 3UI     I iiJn,..,
| trouble.   Whenever  1 stooped 1 ,„,iii
scarcely   rise   again, tho i,„„s «,T'
so great.     The   diseuso    l
sevcro    thut   it   alTeetetl    n
health,    and  I   was  b
^^^ ■ uti nl
, , ccomliiu   vofj
much    run down.      Sni *e ubI-w   nr
Chaso's Kldnoy Liv«r i*ma ■ ,'lln    '
Wateh a Horse's Enre Wk» DrlTla*.
Whether you drive a single horse or a
team the principles nre thc same, but
in driving s pair see to It that each
horse does his shnro of the work nnd
no more. A pnlr of horses, moreover,
unless well driven are sure to got ln
the hnblt of wandering over the rond.
To drive well you must keep your eye
and your mind on '' *> horse. Wateh
his enrs. They will be pricked forward
when he ls about to shy, droop when
he Is tired, fly hn k just before he
"breaks" (into n t.n!iop) and beforo he
kleks. Beforo kicking, too, n horse
usually tucks In his tali nnd hunches
his back a little. When yiu observe
nny of these Indications, speak to blm
sharply and pull up bis bead.
Gjrpitles aad Death.
Tho custom of plnclng the property
of the dend In tbelr graves has nlwi *-s
been followed by tbe true Romany
gypsh . It Is due to some old tradition,
of 111 luck attending the possession of
an article whose former owner ls gone,
and much valuable property ls buried
In this belief. There is also a sentiment among gypsies against thc possession of anything thut has belonged
to a dead person, because it serves to
remind the living of the departed nnd
Inspire lu tbem a Oread of depth. Tlie
custom o.' burying their propeity wltb
gypsy dend dntes from tbe earliest history of tbe Romany aibes.
Fli'.l Teat of the Air Pump.
The first public test of the air pump
was In 10.51 by Its Inventor, into von
Qnericke, In the presence of Emperor
Ferdliu.nd of Germany. Guerlcke applied the carefully grouud edges of
metallic hemispheres, two feet ln diameter, to each othor. After exhausting the air by his apparatus he attached Qfteen horses to each hemisphere, ln vain did they attempt to
separate tbem tioi-nuso of tbo enormous pn -sure of the atmosphere. Ihe
experiment.'**''.*, a great success.
'. Sleep Walking Peat.
In ths iwnnipy districts of France
the men are accustomed to walk over
the marshy ground on stilts. A sleep
wnlker on one occasion buckled on his
stilts nud crossed n swollen torreut ln
the dark, On making ho hnd not tbe
courage to perform thc snme feat ln
For coughs, colds, bronchitis,
•sthms, weak throats, weak
lungs, consumption, take
Ayor> Cherry Pectoral.
Always keep a bottle of It In
the house. We have been
saylnf this for 60 years, and
so have the doctors.
"lh»T» oat* Art!*. (TtMrrr raeUrtl t* My
family for sWrur-.. n k lbs Iwt BfiMM
ta the wmM, I Imi, tn eil Uueel ant !••(
MM. i. E. ItOBOBOtS. WaltBaa-., Musi.
,    J. C. ATBB 00,
for   i ■'*""( in*.
Alt slru||t.U,
IP 80   USE !
"Tln**» Boot
ipor Mndo.
It li very muck itroncer and  thicker than any otber (tarred or bull'- •
Inl*   paper.    It  ts   Impervious   to wind,  keeps aut cold, keetas Us bent. cur. t
rlos no smell or odor, absorbs oo moisture. Imparts no-taste or i:„   ,. to s)
anything with which It comes ln contact.   It ia largely uaed mat a.alv lor ♦
•heellnir  houses,  but lor  lining  cold   (storage   buildloss,   reltiuerat. r.   tUIr* ♦
Ies   creameries, and all Blares where  tbe  objes-t  ia  to  keep  an  even tust ♦
onl'form temperature, and at the wm* tlm* avoiding dampness. ♦
Writs our Agents, TEES 4k PERSSE, Winnipeg, for sample*. !
The E. B. EDDY CO., Limited. HULL. !
Day and Night Sohool.    Individual Instruotisn.     Ons Wosk's Tidal filven.
Dwltsble Business roititions Qunrnnti*(*d to GrasluAlsu.
IfianrllBc, (lk.rSk.N4, T.,.«-rlllpr. IB. "I>l.-.|-ia,,-. taa,l .11 lai.lr..-. .nl-).,|. pr.ali.-LN, taaal aa, _. • , _'>
a.'l .r .,!!. [,.r Ir,, ....I.,., «,_ .lk,r laai.a_»,al_. U ».. J. tfl'-ll l.l.ll I*., I'.C, M.I., l.aiaflf.r, r. a,,. , <l.
»l..l|»jf.    Tk.M IflTSSt.
l.n-SaB.     l*l«SBflS
. US. l.ai.lMaa,
flsMI •»• th* lM»W«M M IMOM'
' r-atura with Ayar'm Pills.
Italilns n Fnlssr Tsssiiiav
A Story well known lis Inwyors of tho
last generation Is about tin> "umbrella
cusc." A man was elm rued witli Stealing sm umbrella, and a number of wit-
nesses went into tlie box to testify to
Uie offonse. Tlie counsel for tlie de-
fiMuliitit noted that otu'ii witness carried tin umbrella (the time of year was
midsummer, wblcb explains the necessity for these Impedimenta). As n
matter of fact the prisoner bad do defense to make. The barrister, thrown
on iii? wit*, exclaimed: "Gentlemen of
the. jury, did you uot notice that each
of (he witnesses carried nn umbrella
Into the lioxV Why Is this, Kontleinen?
It Is done In order to Infect your minds
with the Idea of nn umbrella, ta> prejudice tbe prisoner In yonr eyes, to raiso
'a false Issue,' nntl I appeal to you
to signify your detestation of this concerted as'llon by liriiiKlng In a verdict
of not guilty." The Judge, who lin-
ugined that Utile attention would be
paid to such a plea, took little time nnd
less pains to stun up thc case. The
Jury nevertheless brought In a verdict
In accordance with the resourceful bar*
ristpp's vvIhIio*..- -London NjWI,
When sugar iii'is-cs are low flcrmtu
farmers can hereafter utili**a Diss
crops more profitably hv ili-yitiR "*>'
beets for use ns cattle feed l icpeTl"
incuts hint* shown this luetl "il le ■*
feasible, unsl tho tli led h • ' an i"
easily R.orcd.
Weak Hearts, Weak
Weak Nerves
Dr. Agnew's Curs* f'.r the heart ns*.-r
falls to sure tin* heart and nenei
etitlih tbe blood. It relieves in :•" nui-
utos. lt Is si beacon light I i lead •-";
back to hs-allh W II M ■ in***"*- "'
(!. A. It.. fliVelflWPsirt, I'n savi ' 'J"
bottles ol llr Astiiesf* Ilentl lure "»;
tlrely rsnesl sue ssf lisasil palpitation •«"
extritno tas'rvoutiiifl'ss It*, va is* taa III
be  estimated."   Bold   l-v  all   draggUtl
Aiscw'i   oioiaicni   relieves
sid tetter In a day. 35c.
In liisiissr of the Kin;;'- l ' |,1,Wl'
»ii*-iiB'il lis stiitiit-s sat Hun ii Connrti
ami Henry Qrattan.
If  attacked    with    cholera  ■"  "'••"".
rs.ii,|.lssiiil   i.f  anv   kisaal   »*.U(I   '     "
a  laiittls*  of  Ur    .1    li    Kcllnm      '  ",
ts»rv Cordial omi ns* "
Th« Zodiacal I.lffht.
The name of "zodiacal light" bns
been given to u lingular appearance
frequently witnessed soon after nniel
or Jus* liefore sunrise. It may bs lee**
nt nl' h-ensons of the year iu low lati
tildes ii>l Is obviously due to Illuminated matter surrounding the sun In a
very fiat or lenticular form, nearly coinciding with the plana of the ecliptic,
or, rather, with the sun's equator. The
attention of astronomers was first dl
reeted to it In the year liiKIJ by Cassltil
and wns long regarded ns being the
sun's atmosphere. This Idea, It ls now
thought, ls Incorrect. It being generally
believed at the present time to consist
o" an Immense assembluge of rocks,
s.iiid, COSmlcal dust, fragments of met-
nl, etc., ".uth as the earth is contlnunl-
ly encountering In the form of aerolites
or meteorites, It tuny not be out of
place to mention In ibis connection that
thc rings of Saturn are believed to be
composed of similar materials,
IKa-BBl'll'iflS    •■■   -j
I rsH-titstls.     It    Hlllks   ssllll   ua.lalaalill   tnl«-
I itv iii suiiiiuiiiir that    dreadful   am* .
Unit   weak-nil    tin*  itronscM     :
I that   destroys  the    vouns ■" ' *    '.,
[Those   who   hnve  tisi'il Un-  rl    era  ''**
iris,i.   sisy    it     SS' IU      pi*0 Hi    "• •'   b
I Fnils   las .ti.. i   a   thuia.iiuli  •     '
Bomo people have ii
stide,  and  nothing bio'
lhe  iiiistiiks
a  tuna's body  his ■ ■''  ' |l  "''
if  you   will,   but   don '  """"
f calling hii" ■ ■'■'•
<• *-*••■
One Till.".-*  1 nlsrnkm.
standing pver the shattered remains
of their liint Dresden Chins statuette,
the exasperated mistress sold to the
awkward servant:
"Ia thero anything you haven't
broken lipoo you havo been with tne'."
"Yes, ilium," replied the servant. "I
have yet to break tne record for do-
("otianmpllon nnd Weight.
Insurance companies Insist that Individuals are much more dangerous risks
In the mntteS of tuberculosis if they are
twontj   pounds   under  tbo   norms)
weight than If they are the descendant!
nf families with tuberculosis on both
sides of the house.
i     OIL
*     POSITIVELY Oft-$
I r	
s> The Drill.
nil Ill**
flWiln'* f "
c.nboiit "'
I    l-"il n  metal 'spoon  or  Tori,   ■*,,    Q
■ glass   tn- china    dish before pourlna
i*ot  water into  it.   "I*t0 metal   con-
dUCtH tho heat  away,   anil    sj„. dish
will  not crack* so lvudily.
| Dr. Agnew s Curo for the Heart
acta directly anil quickly, stimulistw. the
henrt s action, tiloiiB must acute naln
d sisoIh nil slgna ot weakness, llutterlnt;
sinking sinotlieriim. or palpitation, This
wonderful euro i . • ho sturdy Ibin which
fWrtM the l„a„,...Lk patleXt Into the
Hi this tills* If it ^"i '! '.',',••'■•"-, and perfect health.
U1TM rellof In most acute forms of heart
diseutse iu yo mlnutes.-ll,
Tl,,-    1)I*|-B!*1' »*-*»•
,   .,,... looked nt his Intest pho*
•tfr'     sni-eii in llls Bonfloy *-'!,'>llp**'
^3 ■"■ I I""*  to • atrictlv commission flrm-TRT
inkeii l!l
•jespoke keen disappoint*
1  , for tlllln children telling
[|(, jminuveiiieiils In photo-
„.  nuiitercil,   holding  tho
■„'--.*. -ms   likeness  was
"'   '   f..rtlibi'  nntl   fafthor   away.
nountcu ■•   ^ lg ,.,   01,d loll.e tn
mi*11*'''"1      ...,.' aiaaido bo solde wid
: is ."<-••••*•• -?»
■l1"" ...   ,...,1   IIV   111 V
.,01 iind nvinty years ngo nnd
""Vs, minvlio'l.v which o' tUlm two
.vVii,a hettlior lohn o' nie.   There's
t "'        a , _  toii't'd out look to this
imlV be improvements iu pho-
aaid Mr. Il(*rllliy as ho tie*
lew u':
0SSiUlI«he cntiriiet siaeS "card fuce
ffln bis table drawer, "bu* Ol've
?m" tc- i!,;ui."-Y''«tb,w Coinaiaiiloii.
Ether Vllss'tillona.
Ti.a effort of movements In the ether
"„K-,     i tiro rapidity Of the vibra-
'!'   prodiH-lns  item.    Tll(!  Ulllt tlf
luivuu'iit for »•'■■■* w,iU,a ln llu!
E |b the blci-on, which ls about one
Lty-tlve million* Of in lMU> Waves
p'siitin ■ :;*•" I" 810 bicrous affect our
^, of sight, the former number giv-
,„'. vt,,K*t ntul the latter toi color. The
figlblo raj «a I" which the actinic nnd
LHBj,eu rnys belong, ore shorter und
ijgf,, ij aasiircd as abort as 100
B'cruii-i l.'lii'i'. waves longer than
Inte fjlvlng light givo the feeling or
m,u, 'ii,r longest heat waves are
IglJt tlinoa the leugth-df those of the
a* raJ.Si or one Ihrea hundred aud Hi*
Ictbof on Inch,
An old Time Hxp.osl.on.
ia old ' ii';| ■:''' tl"s a.curlona story
if an explosion which occurred in I.on-
|0„ jau, ;. n:i'i.   A ship chandler, it
„„'.„,. •;; a  il T of the clock at night.
.-in., iiu-.v iii*'his Bhop about barrel-
■sup of gi npowder, It took tire and
a tbe twinkling of an eye blew np
mton|y tl   :. bill all the houses there-
ibout lo lliu number" of fifty or sixty.
P,. number of persona destroyed by
his blow ' uiil-1 never be known, for the
, .; bouse but ono was the Hose tav-
mi, a house never (at that time of
ilgbt) bul full of company.    And in
r .• or .      days, after digging, they
untinunlly found heads,  itrtns,  legs,
(tc." The most inti'i-csting part of the
tccount " i ■,: further on:
"in tbo tl (fgliig ihey found the uils-
t;...   :' ;;     house of the Hose tavern
iHting in her bar nud one of the draw*
-■ itm 1   .. by the liar's side, with u
iollii Iii-- Imiid, only stilled by dust and
miAtvo, bodle9 being preserved
tis of great Umbers toll*
• • ti j mn another,   There
i -      emu .I upon the upper lends of
li. li ii young child lying In
I: 11 wly laid in bed, neither
I' r ci  die Laving tho least sign
|(( Arc nr olher hurt.   It wns  never
ItniMn :;',.! H wns, so that one
Itf ilia pari 'a kept It for n memorial,
ll ;   lOGJJ, I saw the child.
li      lo i.. ihen n proper niaidcn."
*1 *<«• Troubles  ss," the   fssyolr.
small chance for life.
|l' i hunts on all occasions nnd by
I - indry   uiethods.   As the
I -  along  the  plains he
ll"'.* nl ll '•   li his six shooter.   The
|"' u las a shotgun or ritle
I convenient placo await-
I ince of n coyo'.e near
I ".  The hunter of more
I ver misses a shot at a
1 lher6 are  professionals
lv,!■' l!" '     bnt pursue It from
I          r*s end  to  another.   Besides,
I nlzed hunts Inaugurated
I Minnies for both pleas''
I when n* largo scope of
I' swept clean and the coy-
I into lhe meshesof the bunt
I I and thoir skins tanned
j tloormntS,    Then animals
I         '■ '■ with poisoned meat.  Thin
I I a Hon is not only used
I' but  by  perdbm  who
I of kilting coyotes for
lilltli *
Toi uto i*„r wivrs.
,. " rly history of Virginia nnd
•   Win by all odds the
i crop, and It was oven
lo securo a wife in ox*
I inodornte nmonnt of to-
■ later daya lu tbe west n
I he obtained In exchange
1,7 " -"'int of whisky. In 17:i-i
I ,' u tobacco was mail.* a lo-
I: : all debts, Including cms-
I " ' ' it n doicn yenrs after the
V.            ■   inrn.
un Bngll
II '   broUEhi  over with  n
iiBwn by  Captain
^h nobleiiinn, Sir
.    wavu^ui    .a, fl i     .anil    .a
ippllea ninety young Bag*
..... ■ linraedlntely upon their
ooed and married by the
, . "'' being paid for ut the
pounds ssf mmd tobacco."'
" 'i ia. Keep on ntiiidin*.
.     '" '"''idlnn Magazine has n story
hi,,, 1 "  building reputed  to be
I,,..',. , ' u";t Of Chicago.   Thu pro
I ,T1»r t. at 1; ,
'n ill
I "aitirtl
|«f.lo, | .
At 1,
some need of outside help
hli expenses nnd overy
I lo D**eiinngp chooits witli,
l ' Ills building expemsfs,
■"""lend jot tired of theso
, , . , »"d said: "Major, I've luul
„,,,-' ':   Vour clicks.     You've got
,"     »«   blgh   ^OU,gb   already.
■'•ii roof i| In"/"   "• can't nf.*
I Vslay
ifli.aj i„ ,       ,, I "■• I can t ui.*
lai   ,,.!    ' ■ ''I' on," said the ma-
i„ .    ''! ;"''. i hnve etmtracted to
materlol wheu I get it
j     ' HcUetl  on   Ihs*   lleiirlls.
le, / ' crickets place a Utile gin*
il ,' ;  " n Biuiccr on lbs hearth
,. Tbls, will attviict the crick*
tai, ' i'i" ' ''' 'fic'iU'tor having pnr-
™»l*n i,f ii
drums in their curs"
«o   iiii'ti    Imag-lne thev ure the
whole   oitlicsini because they    have
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
Do You Want
iflsurcuiuii, tti wmnipei?.
Brain  Exchange,  Winnipeg.
It so, the nudermgnesl wants your business ami will endeavor to glre satisfaction*
Caisli advanced on consignments.     Ketoienco;   Union Bank ot Canada.
The oldest established Grain Commission    m-m ——*.  ——— -'i—   - -   —*
Morchaut In Winnipeg. W^ !§»»»»% | j| l%l _fa\\\
hut csnnot in* cured hy Kali's   Oatarrh
,'Ji'o     Semi  (or I'lmilurs.    freo
|(,\.klit'Ha,   V.   ,).   cniaMiv   ft  Co ,  Toi*
Saalal   lay   llniararists,   75t
Hall's  Fnni'ly   pins Br
l'ills arc the hest.
i has been decided to .orra nn eye
hospital and an aHyluni for tbo blind
as t'e> Ion's mcnioi ial iu the i„t,.
Quoon Victoria,
Uentlemen.—While driving down
a very steep hill last August my
horse stiiiiilila-tl and fell, cnttine* hini-
seli' fearfully about iho head und
body, 1 used MINAKliS LINIMENT
freely on hlin and in a few dnys he
w its as well as ever.
.1    It   A. i;i<",AUCIIF.MIX.
She (reproachfully)—Before we were
married you tis.tl t'i say you couldn't
live without nie. Ho—A man never
knows what  In' can do till he tries.
Minard's Li'iiroeat for sale eTtWv^-tere.
nfattie gives it as her experience
that when fortuno turns a man down
his friends turn their noses up,
A   OENEIML.    FAVORITE.—Tn    svery
laiiu-s* wi.i..a_* Introduced  lu-. 'rhoiuiis'  Kc-
leCtrlC   (111    litis   mat    fuila-ll    tai   a'Stulalistl    u
reputation, (showing thut tho sterling
Qualities which it po8Msss>s nrs* valued
Orptywhere when thej* become known it
is in general use in fnnnilu, tlia" West
Indies ond Australia ns i. household
ina'i!i, ii>.» and the demand fan- it each
l*eai shows tlmt it [a a favorite where-
ever used
Miss Tie Stylt"—"Tlc'fl si man after
my own heai i
Miss Qunbusta—" ITp was after
nilwo, i.aai. bul  I lilted him."
\  riil na-va-r thinks ol 0 young man
as a  |a.'. mIi'ib- husband  until  Bho ln*-
glllS  tss  i;ivfl.  hint  atlviie.
No mau is as Buceessful in his flir-
lationa with other women us his wife
linntrlni b.
r<ePvousness, Dyspepsia, lndi»
ion, ni'l kindred ailments, take wlngi
,■ ila- healing qualities ot South .\m-
iM an  Nervine    ThoniiU lloskins. of lim-
l     Ont .   ii'.ak   Iiis    preacher's ndvico,
lollowed directions ami was cured   per-
,,,,, uy ut th,' worst form ol   Nervous
Tn,-.im'mn nnd Dyspepsia lie hni ro-
contmended it t» others with gratlfylijo
irvuits.   it's n. great nerve builder.—iu.
Assessors place the tntnl worth of
property at   Atlantic City at  affiO,-
iit ni in in.
Blaari!'! Lhioart Believes iNcaralgia.
Tin' IlUBsiuns am* awaking '" the
uol that a I '89 reckless defort Bting
has become absolutely Imperative.
Their forest resouree-s hro not onlj
issss than iluisa* nf Sweden, bul even
less ,than Iha'.-a* of Aust rla-lltingiiry
ami ni tlie United Slates.
Hcmoves a" ban!, soft or en 11 a-.it see"
mtnps nnd blemishes Iraitn horses, lloaad
ipavln. curbs, splints, ringbone, eweaiu'V,
ItllUas, sprtilns; s-iii'i'H sane and IWOOlleS
Ihront, roughs, etc Sate JJO by the
sse ol otis> lioUtt. Wnrnsntesl the most
• oinlerful Itlenilsb Cure evsr known.
Sold by al) druggists.
For soiieniug wain- for bathing
purposed nothing is bettor than oat-
uii'iil. Place a iniall quantltj In n
cheesecloth or muslin hag. place In
the water foi s mlputc an- two, then
squeeze and   romovo.   Tho    oat sl
nn,1.1 bo renewed every few tlavs.
■ni R, ic» -"'•. !*•"" v •r*Ss SsP**- "* '•-a
0s.nlls-tr.rn s-l Vtn mrt j.mr SrsTtn Oot** J"1
AffS**mi\mT     *»■»■»
i\ s^Itomow^'*** *• ■***or
_tara*_.T. raw wirr-rr,T-r
To Let the Public Know Dodd's
Kidney Pills Cured Him.
Jobn Fletcher had Lumbago and Klilusy !
Disease and Coulsl (let uo Keller Till '
lie Tried tlie Ureal Kidney Kemedy.
Or-mton, Sept.   21.—(SpedsJ.)—'-1
am Kind to lot tho public know that
Dodd's Kidney l'ills cured mo of
Lumbago und 1 nm now perfectly
Theso me the words of Joha Fletcher, u well-known resident of this
village, and similar tributes to the
great Canadian Kidney remedy can
be heard on every side.
"1 had been troubled for a year
wiih Lumbago and Kidney 'lYoubles,"
Mr. Fletcher continued, when asked
for particulars; "My urine was of a
very hull color and 1 could get nothing to help nie. 1 consultod the best
dot-tors- in {.ronton and St. Mary's,
but got no relief. Finally I bought
a box of Dodd's Kidney Fills and
commenced taking them. They helped mo almost front the first, and I
was soon completely cured."
It is cures of this kind that havo
given Dodd's Kidney Fills their popularity. Yoti can't find a neighborhood in Canada where Dodd's Kidney Pills are not known by their
tun's. If the disease is of the Kidneys or from the Kidneys, Dodd's
Kidney Fills never fail to cure it.
Tho best time to drink water or
other liquids in quantity is on rising, nn hour and a half before luncheon and dinner, and half an hour bc-
fore retiring.
Hinard's Lti.iment Cores Buns, etc
A little girl, aged nine, called her
fatli.r tss her bedside the other evening "Papa," sold th'* little diplomat, "I want to ask your advice,"
"Well, my dear, what is it about ?"
"What du you think it would be best
to givo ms' sm my birthday ?"
A liaby's temper depends upon how
he feelsi li ailing he will bo cross,
worry the mother and annoy everybody in the house; il feeling Well lit'
will It,' bright, active nnd happy, ll j
is easy to keep your baby feeling i
good by profiting by the experience
of mothers who givo thler little ones
Daly's  Own    Tablets.       Hue  of  ths'SB'j
mothers, Mrs. c. W. Shoro, Castlae-
ton. Ont., says: "Our child, s-iglit
mouths old has always been troubled
wiih Indigestion. We bad medicine
from two doctors and tried other!
ia'iiutlis*s without benefit. T then Belli
fore bojc ssf llaby's Own Tablets nnd|
found tbs'iu .inst what wns required
The child is now nil right nnd is tlo-
i'.rg well."
indigestion, colic, constipation,
diarrhoea, simple fevers, in fact all
tin' minor ailments of little ones are
cured by Baby's own Tablets, The.v
always do gootl and cam'..it ppst»lbl>
do harm, and mav be given to ilic
youngoBt Infant with perfect s.tiVty
Sold by druggists or direct bv mail,
ai 2.-|f a box by ndslis'ssing the Dr.
Williams Medicine Co . Brockville,
In Elating, China, a man was recently executed by being nailed to a
wooden cross. lie lived three (lavs
before he Buccumbed to his tortures
Lifebuoy Soap — disinfectant — i1-
strongly recommended by the medical
profession as o safeguard ngaiast Infectious diseases.
An    orphan   asylum    at   Moscow
which was founded by Catherine II
is supported i>y is  tax    on playlnjf
hi ds.
Pyspeptda rouses doransomenl ot tnt
nervous system, «n<l nervous ils'lailit.
oiiio etieiMiiliTiil in difficult t<> nosl witn
There art* manv testimonials as ta. tht
s>lt.i-orv ot Parmelee's Vegetable Pills li
treating this disorder, showing iimt thei
ni'ser lisil to product essoil results lt\
giving proper torn* to the digestive or
gaits tbs'v restore equilibrium to tnt
nerve seniles
Nsi person is so punctual when ii
comes to keeping appointments u-
bill cgUectora. ,	
Hianr-ri Llalmeat Cam Oandraff.
N'ai man .*\'er sew, n pretty marrle.1
woman without feeling just the least
l>il  envious of her husband.
Tl Isn't what n man does't possoSB
thai makes him poor, but fathoi
what, he wants.
Therss aro very few cleansing operations In which SunligW
Soap cannot be used to advantage. It makes the home bright
and clean. ia
Immigration   for  tbe   Year   r.iulril   30llt
June ISvyoiasl All I'rs*cs*sleut.
Mr. Smart, Canadian Deputy 'Minister of tlie interior, bus compiled a
Btatement of tho arrivals of immigrants for Iho listul year ending .Juno
■JUth, which places the total for the
year at 124,tj.*i8. lie thinks that tliis
number will probably be added to
■slightly when tho returns are com-
ploted. Tho showing is certainly a
marvellous one, both in regard to
tlio number who have landed in Canada to become actual residents nnd
those who have taken up lands in
Manitoba and thu Northwest Territories.
The arrivals for the month of June
are given as follows: United States,
7,080; llritish Isles, 6,480; continent, 6,15*1. 'total for .Ume, iHO.'),
The statement for tho twelve
months ending .Juno is as follows :
United States, 14,080; llritish Isles,
41,787; continent, 87,801, Total,
The returns for 1890 gave thc arrivals ns follows: United Stntes, 11,-
'.)4.rB; British Isles, 10,660; continent,
31,088.   Making a total ot 44,548.
In 1001 these arrivals were recorded: United Skates, 17,987: llritish
IbIcs, 11,810; continent, l.>,3;">2. Total, 49,149.
In 1902 these arrived from the
United States, 26,888; British Isles,
17,259; continent, 2.1,732. Total,
Tho total increase for 1903 over
1902 is 57,279. The increase from
thc L'nited States is 70 per cent.;
from tin* British Isles 140 percent.;
and from the continent 60 per cent.
The homestead entries show even a
greater average increase than the
total arrivals, tho number for the
fiscal year ending June 80th running
up to 81,848. In 1896 the entri.'S
numborod 1,357, In 1897 2,381. in
1898 4,848, in 1899. 6,689, in 1900
7,421*., in 1901 8,167, and in 1902
14,638. Tho increase in 1903 over
1902 was 16.710.	
Tlio Land nf l'miuitBe.
itev. Canon Welch, of St. James'
Cathedral, Toronto, speaking at tho
tii nnial Foreign Missions Festival
in London, Eng., on July 2, thus
spoke ot Canada:
Here.ho sai J,is a virgin land of vast
extent, awaiting the t*»ttlor; millions
and milliaaiis of at present unbroken
prairie will in lime rustle with golden grain. Though tho population
is as y.t scarce, lie movement has
set in, nnd Will continue until it has
peopled the broad plains. It is the
modem land of promise, and, comparing It with Ciuinun of old, he
t|Utiled: "A Und wherein thou shalt
eat bread without scarceness, thou
shalt not lack anything in it; aland
whose s'.om's are iron nnd out of
whose hills thou niayest dig brass."
Vest, a land of promise, indeed, and
in it lay the great opportunity of
tlu* Church, such an apportunlty as
had never bi*en an.l as would novel-
ro ur. Twenty-five thousand immigrants were pouring In each month—
i-'n !i h, Scotch, Amc.ii sins antl for-
,,,,, ,1-s—wo;e these to be left to
ihaim elves, or was it not tho plain
duty of the Anglican Church in Vs\\\-
ad.t to gather thai-.i into her fold?
'And now," he concluded, "I am
a .t as! Ina- for financial help, It is
nan lhat wo Want; Englishmen, r.ot
to preach to Canatjiann, but to mini-tar to tho Fngls'.i Bottlers of this
generation until they nnd their children shall become absorbed in tho
Canadian nationality. It is these
people, leaving English shores, who
will make Canada the granary of thc
Empire; let us not ho backward in
londoring them tho bread of llfo."
IIott  tlss*  Orient  Reta  Itss  I'lunr,
"Two women shnll be grinding at the
mill." In the cast the day's supply of
meal Is ground onch morning hy two
WOtnen, who sit opposite each other on
n large, clean cloth, with the sninll
millstones between them. Thoy push
the upper stone nisuintl and around by
means of n stick standing upright in a
hole in one side, both women holding
It.   They usually sing ns they urlusl
To  Mntsh,
Kslippe—Why did Johnson hire nil
inch portly peoplo f<.r his servants?
TUCQUe—He snys that his wife Insisted upon having them like that, so they
would  match her new heavy dining
room furniture.-Syracuse Herald.
—.——— ■ #
Una III* Limit.
De Tnnque—liir.'.'/.ler ls a pretty
steady drinker, Isn't he?
O'Sniiiie—Yes, up to n certain point,
nnil then he hoeoinea unsteady.*—Philadelphia Record.	
1 llllriK aa Aohlnw Void.
Kurlous—Why did he insist upon
posing with his hands In his pockets?
Viktlni—Heemtse, ns 1 found out later, he luitl nothing else to nut ln them.
Arlltl. la.l  Tectb,
Artificial teeth are more generally
used than ever. I>eutlsls Increase ln
nil parts of the country and tliey enter
for all classes of society. The whitest
teeth ure used I'or actresseg and others
of tho theatrical professkm.
(   lsllSfl.-..-     llfllS'tUS.
Chinese doctors are not such chnrla-
tnns ns they are reputed to be. The
Gasette Medicals of Purls snys tlmt
they have n reninrknble gift of diagnosis und often cure where European
doctors have failed. r.
H. II. Fudgi-k, Presidbnt.    J. Wood, Manager.
Our Fall and Winter Catalogue.
Bend us your full name and address, plainly written, and we
will be pleased to send you in return a copy of our handsomely
illustrated Fall and Winter Catalogue, just issued and now ready
for mailing. No home in Canada should lie without Simpson's
Catalogue. It is a text hook for Canadian retail buyers the Dominion over.    It is yours for the asking.   Write for it.
Two Mail Order Specials.
nirst-k   Taffeta    .Silk   Holt,     hemstitched
and corded,  oxidised  buckle, special i!.*ic
Black Ti>ITa.tft .Silk Bsjlt, hemstitched
and corded, trimMied with buttons at
back, pretty   oxidized buckle,special, SOc
"Pinto" Shell Cordovan
is the toughest and best
leather ever tanned for
initts and gloves. It is
boil and scorch proof—
has no oil to draw cold or
get stiff—is wind proof,
tear proof, wet proof,
is always soft, dry,
warm. Iron-like wear
—handsome appearance
—economical. None
genuine unless stamped
*■ Pinto Shell Cordovan" and with this brand.
Sold by all leading dealers ia Manitoba, N. \V.
Territories and British
H.B.K. Duck Jackets
and Coats
for "weal* comfort, and
convenience.    Built to
keep out cold and keep
warmth in.   Made for the
hardest, roughest kind of
wear.   Lined with lambskin with the wool on and
with Mackinaw Woolen-
made of Duck, Corduroy
or Leather.   Leather j ack-
ets made reversible.
Wide collars, unrippable
seams, strong pockets.
Every garment branded with this brand.
Sold by all leading dealers in Manitoba, N. W.
Territories and British
Hudson B&y I^nitting Co.
And HOT BISCUIT for supper, nt
well ns wholosonio and nutritious
broad, will alwaya bo your p;ood lurk
when you do yuur baking with < >*__;11-
vis*'s Flour, ii In ilia nemo of quality—ttrndo from tlif choicest wheat
ami pitiaiiitl by tlio vory latest process.
Tl-so Opllvifl? P"io<u r fl-V-Wllts Co., I— lrr»»*f?rf.
A carpet  Intluotry was Btarted    a
few yi'ius ni:a. in ai i ' dlBtrlcl   in
Donegal, and comi-ionci**.-*, with it
tin/I'll women wort-era, il bus (jrowu
to Kiicb uu extent thai it now flndn
employment tor several hundred peoplo. The carpelH aro hand-nmde, nl-
tor tho Turklnh and Parisian fashion,
In  Mosaics  ol  small  woollen  BtJliarOS.
Though it  ts suid tlmt  spooch  wns
pivini  mon   to  cimble  tbem   to    con
ii nl their tbs>nn.lils.  it si'ems to hnv«
lici'ii u needless precaution In mnny
TakO ".ifO of Dr. AKtio-v'a Llvor Pllll
after dinner. It will promots tiiuostion
a„d overcome nny evil eflects ot too
htarty eatln-t. Sate, prompt ■■■'•i'*i'''*7'-
lo,-, and p'eaeant. This eOective little
..III   ts   ss.pj.lutstti.i_:   nil   tbe    "I'1    Ml"'"1
nauseous purrtativos.  40 dotes,  10c-18,
Gambling among American workmen is almosl unknown as compared
with tho same «-*- n In Groat Britain
Bays tie' sMasoly eomnilssl-onGrs
Mil.tfl TN THKlll ACTION.—rarmoleea
Vcgeloble Tills nrs* venr mils' In their action. 'J'hey sl.B nol mus.' griping in tne
■lemach or cause disturbances tiiets* sis
so tunny pills do. Therefore, the most
tlellcato can inks, them without tear oi
unpoftSMit rt'stilts They can, loo. uo
administered in i-hildrs-n without imitis-
iinr the penalttoe which follow ihs. us,.* oi
jaiiis not so carefully prepared.
Sinn, the formation of tho Oerman
empire Its population hi*** Increased
17,r>00,0O0, On .It'ly 1. 190H. it was
estimated at 58,840,000—an Increaso
of I 10 por cenl. In a year.
\ht.  IM.  KJ. No.   *\*\7T.
^jtx^.tAr^i^.^-^i^.-'^^^'-'trx&mMmtblii illl'-, DRILL, SLOGAN, B. C., OCTOBER ».-im.
■    I
C. E. SulTBEBlNOAUB, Editor nntl Prop.
6L0CAN,      •      •       •       -B.C.
I_egsl Advertising 10 cents a line for
tho lirst insertion anil 5 cents a lino each
subsequent Insertion*
Cerlilicates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising,
locals will bo charged 10 cents a lini
tor sauli insertion.
Commercial ltntua made known upon
Tho Subscription is |2 per year, st.'ict-
ly in advance; .$2.50 a yeur if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
where these Tones, have legislated
against the musses. What more,then,
is wanted t William Hunter, as n
Conservative, can oonsistentlj ask for
the workingman's support on Satur-
day, for his party merits it. Recollaot,
all reforms must corns from the gov-
erning party. Tin**-, vote for Hunter
anil reads.]* vour cause safe and sure.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2nd, 1908.
KlMTOItlAl,   tmOI'IMJtUS.
Vote early on Saturday for Huntor.
then rustUi up your neighbor and see
that he does likewise.
A lasting government, sound laws,
nnd a progressive policy are what the
country kas been struggling for years,
and now the opportunity has come to
get them. Clinch the matter by voting for Hunter.
The eyes of the investing world are
on British Columbia, awaiting the
outcome of tho elections. A permanent and responsible government will
encourage capital to seek investment
ia our mine... A vote for Hunter
will hasten the day of prosperity.
■ =
Without capital there can be no
mines working; without tha mines
working there can bi no men employed; and without a payroll distress and
disaster will follow. Preserve yourself
and country by voting for Hunter, who
is trusted by all classes s>f ths community. His election will tend towards progress and prosperity.
As a Conservative, William Hunter
will lie recognized and supported by a
party, whose policy is the accepted
government of the country. When
elected he at once takes au assured
place in the counsels of his party, and
his representations on b.-hnlf nf hi*
constituency will Ih* heard and grant -
•nd. Wo want a representative with
iflafliience at Victoria. Hunter is the
man for Slocan.
William Hunter is no bird of pax-
sage. He was one of the first to come
into the camp and has remained here
ever since, constantly growing in the
favor and esteem of his fellows. He
is a larga property and claim owner,
and for that reason, if for uo other, he
is a permanent fixture. The prospectors have always found in him a friend
in the time of need, and it ls satisfactory to note that their support ii going to hitn on election day. William
Hunter has ever lieen one of th.' people, and today enjoys tho confidence
of every class of the community. Honesty of purpose and integrity of
character an* his factors that are recognized by hit fellows. These constitute the real basis for stating that
ho is a "safe" man to send to Victoria*
Mr. Hunter has been proven in the
past to lie no mere idle dreamer, but
a doer one who is always ready to do
his full duty as a citizen and a truo
heaiUd British subject. If sent to
Victoria, the people can rely upon bis
stedfastness and honesty. He will
act for Ids constituents as for himself,
• aad he will stand for all the people,
He is the man Slocuu wants, so mark
your ballot accordingly.
Much abuse has l*eou hurled at
those Conservatives who hav.' sat in
past legislatures in the province, as
being slothful aud incompetent. It.
has been stated that they always controlled the government and legislated
for themselves. If sueh were Uir case,
it is certainly odd that more popular
legislation is to be found on the statute book* of British Columbia than
any othor province in tho Dominion,
The working classes have received
much te their interests from these selfsame Tories, as the following would
demonstrate: Coal Mines Regulation
Act, 1898- British Columbia Railway
Act, 181)0; Mechanics' Lien Aet. L891 j
Eniployers' Liability Act, 1891 j Apprentices and Miners Aet.1897, Arresl
and Imprisonment for Debt Act, 1897j
Creditors' Relief Act, 1902; Labor
Regulation act, L898; Workmen's
Compensation Act. L902; Deceived
Workmen's Act, 1902) Shops Regulation Act, 1900' the Eight Hour Law.
etc. Are these examples not sufficient
to prove that Conservative pledges
have been made good? Moreover, not
out-Miigk* public act ean  lx- found
The Spokane fair opens on Monday.
No meeting of the city council was
held this week.
Col. Lowery will ostablish a paper
at Poplar creek.
Slocan oro shipments amount to
nearly 11.000 tons.
Repairs have been effected to the
Delaney ave bridge.
Several parties havo lx*en sseking a
1 *ase on the Republic
A bad washout occurred on the
Kaslo railway this week.
Nelson's new po.tolliee kas at last
lieen opeued for business.
The Oddfellows purpose holding
their annual ball on Oct. 128,
Saturday will be a public holidaj
and the hotels will be closed.
The Silverton Miners' Union are
giving a ball this Friday evening.
Wm. Robertson, now of .Sandon.
spent Sunday with his parents here.
The postoffioe address of Morrissey
Mines has been ehauged to Tonkin.
Ore from the Cripple Stick commenced coming down on Wednesday.
Mrs. Hiram Robertson left for Vancouver Monday, on  an extended trip.
Jim Wardner, recently reported to
be dead, has returned to this country.
McDonald & McPhee have removed
their store from Whitewater to .Sandon.
Al Reeves, of the Arlington min.*,
returned this week from a trip to Cal-
An Englishman, named Johnson,
was drowned near Argent,*, on Monday last.
J. A. Seymour left for New Westminster Monday, to further his miuis-
terial studies.
R. M. Maedonald, Nelson, will be
one of the speakers at the Conservative rally tonight.
Nelson business people have got up
for distribution nn illustrated pamphlet of that, city and Poplar cVeek.
Wm. Thomlinson came down from
Now Denver on Tuesday evening, going out next day to inspect thc Nansen.
There arc some ugly rumors afloat
of a couple attecspts  at ineendiaiisi!
Born. Tu New Denver, on Sept. 28,
tho wife of Gordon Sutherland, of a
Rov. Mr. Shearer, secretary of the
Lord's Day Alliance, addressed a
meeting in the Methodist church on
Wednesday evening.
A gang of men, under M. Cameron,
were sent up by the government on
Friday, to repair the Springer road.
Several bad slides were cleaned out,
enabling teams to go up with heavy
The annual shooting match of the
loeal Rifle Association commenced
yesterday morning on the range down
the river, and will be continued tomorrow. A handsome list of prizes
has been put up.
mi ■'in a KKcmuis.
Appeudeil is a complete list ef tlie various records registered nt tbe lectil registry nsflk'*, H. I*. Christie being mining
Sept 10—Mountain Goat, divide be
tween Mineral and Lemon oreeks, H R
2t Side Lino fr, adjoining Ohio, C A
22-Louiee, Springer creek,E Provost.
Beatrice, samo, same.
28—Missouri fr, 2nd n f Lemon, Hugh
24-Cripple Stick fr, Robsen creek, G
lfi-lilack Prince fr.
23— Dundee, Evening Star fr No9,Key
of Kiin fr.
Sept 21—Cameronian.
Sept 28—Hflbana and Flora fr, T Avison and M Davies to W Koch.
V       1,0 F AMERICA   ••„
rte Ci'tits pays for throo months' membership.
.■3 latch iiienibor rocelvos thciotHclal club organ
overy nionlh.inclisdinaiOpiecrsolhiKh-cIassTocftl
and instrumental new musio oasa_h month, 18
pipe-as in all; also a Oortiflcato ot Memtis.'rs.h'p
which gives tho privilege ot Club Koorn in New
York Oity, and of buying literature, music or mti-
alcal instruments of any description at wholesale
prices, saving you from SOX to 00*4. on your purchases. Don't fail to joinataince.You will get Aiiuch
more than your money'sworth. MtjTCAL IJJr'"!r
abi-Mubio OLCB, Dept.     . 160 Nassau St.. N.Y.
Your Vote
are cordially
on behalf of
To Wit:
i)UBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to tlio Klos-.
turn nf tlm Electoral  District of Sliicmi
tlmt tho follow"*** persons bave bonn appointed
Agents to reproient Hie Candidates nominate-.
in ihs* ElslOtlon littw peiulint! In the Distris't
aforeanld, viz.:
Jami.s Ii. Mahtin, ssf Sandon, to represent William lluvialson.
Tbomas MoNetsH, of Sloean, to represent Wil.
linm Hunter.
Of which every person is hereby required to
Inks* unties, nnd govern himself nccordiiu?ly.
Returning Olllcer
ll-itsd nt Slocan, B.C., this 19th day of September, lt»:j.
1 •• Wit:
I)TJBMC NOTICK is hereby siren to the Electors of the Electoral District of Slocun,
ilust psslls huvo been established fssr the con-
vonience of voters iu Hie eloctlon now pending
in the District itforesnid, at tlie following
places, via.:
Winlaw's Dwelling House, Winlaw.
Music Hall Building, Slocan.
Enterprise Hotel, Kntorprise Landing.
McKinnon's Hnll, Silvertou.     .
Government Otlice, New Denver.
Nault's Dwelling limine, Rosobery,
Fostor's Dwelling Hoimo, Three Forks.
McQueen's Drugstore, Sandon.
Sullivan's OHIce, McGuigan.
Abriel's Ofliee, Nnkttsp.
Lovett's Hotel, Burton.
Kyle's Dwelling Hsmse, Deer Park.
of which overy person is hereby required to tnke
notice ssad gsivern himsolf accordingly.
Givon under my hand at Slocnn, the 19th
day  of September, one thousand nine
hiinilreal and three.
Returning Olllcer
Tss Witt
1)TJBLIC NOTICE is hereby given to the Electors of the Electoral  District nfori*s.ii<l.
that a laaall has become necessary nt the election
now pending for tho same, nnal that I hart)
granted such polli ami further, that the persons
duly nominated as candidates at the said election, ami for whom mil)' votes will lie received,
the citv.
a "\'ivii
in the buai.es-" section of CONSERVATIVE PLATFORM
D. D. Robertson left Saturday on
liia. first visit tn tht** coast, taking in
the* fairs at  New   Westminster   nnd
I Aalr-jata 1 at Revelstoke, Septtmlier IStli, 1002.1
1. That this convention realllrna« the policy
aaf the party in matters a.f provincial roods and
trails: the ownership und control of railways,
niul the development iaf the agricultural  ns-
sourcesof tho province as 1 .ti.i down in th»* plat-
NOW is the time to get in vour win- I form adopted In October, 1X99, which is as fol.
lv of vegetables.    We are '
61* supply  ot  vegc-iaiiies.     we nre in "To actively aid in the construction of trails
, position to meet-nil orders for quan- throughout the undeveloped  portions pf the
..'•         rn-t     , a, ,a pruvii-.tii* .-iinl tuo ii.sililin.i; of provincial trunk
ities.    J hilpot .V (Jo. roads of publlo necessity.
ter supply
Mrs. Jaoksoa Radolifff*., with the
school childi't»n,gave an entertainment
for the Methodist church in ths Music
Hull, Saturday night.
Nelson's first fair was a pronounced
success. In the lacrosse match the
Shamrocks of Montreal defeated the
local teiitn 6 goals to 3.
The polling place on Saturday will
hs in the Music Hall building, aud
the poll will open at !l o'clock and
close at 7..'.() in the evening.
"To adopt the i.riisriplc^ <»f government own
ership of railways in so far as tTieclrcumstans*et
of tli..- provis.ee will admit, mui the adoption of
tho principle that no bonus should begranted
to any railway company which ahaa*. not s,-ive the
government of tbe province control of rates over
lines bouused, together with the option of par*
"To actively assist by -.tale ni.l In the develop*
ment of the agricultural resources of the pro*
2. That in tho meantime aa 1 nslil the railway policy above sot forth can liu accomi lKhral
a general railway nci be pnssed, frfYing freedom
to construct railway*: under certain approved
regulations, analagona to the system that has
resulted i.i such oxtenslve railway construction
In the United States, with so much advantage
to initio and commerce,
S.  That in encourage the mining Industry.tbe
Tho   train   service on   the Nakusp Upa.'*!1*.of metalllfoK.ua mints shoulal be o
.... ,      j     .1     i i     ,„i -.*  tne basis of a percentage on the net profits.
road is being abundantly blessed of
late. It makes the boat arrive heir at
very uncertain hours in tho night.
The bodv nf William Lewis, supposed lo hav? beon insane, was found
alongside the C. & K. track, near Nel-
son, last Friday.
Public Meeting
in tho interest of the Conservative
■Candidate, WM. HUNTER, will
lite  held   in   the   Music   Hull, on
p';/cenl.Ti?e on lhe nn pi
4. That tlio flgorornmtnt ownership of t*,l«-
hono 171ternt should too brought about ni a |
rst itop in iho acquisition of public utilltUs.
! 5. That n portion Of tYiry -ma! nrtl hcroafLor
i to 1)0 disposod f»f should be resorted from sale
or Lease, so that unto owned mines may ..»-> eat-
i ily accessible, if thoir operation bocomes neces>
i sary or tdtlsable.
, ri. That in the pulp I nmi 1 Bases provision
should be made for reforesting and that steps
should be taken for the genera) preserva! ion of
forests by suardlng a-gainst the wasteful destruction ol timber*.
7. That the legislature and governmenl of the
province shoul 1 persevere in tuo effort ■ • ei urp
i be exclusion of Asiatic labor.
; ■*. That ih*-* mntter <>f better torms in the way
"f tuhsldj and appropriations for tho provlnco
. should br vigorously pressed upon tho Dominion
I    'j.   Thai tho silver-load Industries of the pro*
I voire ba fostered and ei courage 1 bj  lhe irapo*
*» i t i o .* i of Increased < ustoras * In tics on loacl nn«l
Friday Bmdu. Oct. 2,1903 ESESRSiB«jsas
^Ji ' d'accl fur siirli :i lairiaaa.....
Prominent speakers will address
ths* me itiug, and opposition
speakers are cordially invited to
participate. Meeting commences
at 8 o'clock.
10, That a< Indtiitrlnl disputes nlmosttnvnrl-
: nlily rosnlt in L-rt.-it loss ninl injury lualli to ilia
j pnrtiaa direct!; conctrned .-nal lo the public,
! lesarlslattou sli. »• s 1.1 in. passed to provide means
I faar nu ainicable adjustmenl a.f sucb disputes bo.
a tstfocn otnployers and employees.
il. Tlmt ii Is advisable i<> faa-icr tlio mnnn-
tncturo aaf tha* r.nv products of the province
within tlio province as far as practicable by
moans of taxation <an Iho sn ial raw protlucts,
subject to rabnto of tho same in whole or port
when manufactured In llriij.h Cnlutnbiaa
Of wblcb all persons are hereby required taa
take notice, and tss govern themselves acoord*
Qivenundor my li.tn.l nt Blocan, this lOih
slny sif Sa*iata'tiilii*r, ill tltsi yi.nr liSaCl.
Ks'ltmiins: ()tlin*r
'I'HAT tliis Pnrty lays it down sin first iirin
' clple that tbey will nominally endorse or
support only such men as will place their signed,
unalnls'.l roslgnal ioti iii Ilie liunals i.f llis* convtn-
liini wliicli nniniiintts or andorsea tlu*ni; tlani
thin resignation in* sworn taa; tlmt tliis rulgna*
tititi mny bo linnili"! in In thn Ltoutenant*t*}ovOfl**
iuir.in-(*tiuiifil whanover u majority s.f tin* nt»n-
vmititin silinll consider sus-ii action advisable.
1. 'i'ii * wis gradually abolish nil tnies. aan tlm
producer and the product of the produoor.sblft-
Ins ttitm sm land values,
2. Qovernmonl ownership of railroads,means
of communication, and tin. establishment and
operation by tbe Oovernment aaf imaltars awl
reflnorles to trmt nil kinds aaf mlneralsa
3. Tlinl Uir frnncliiso lio exLrnali*il taa womt*!!,
i. Tiii abolition of property qualifications fnr
all public oBloeSa
'a.   No land nr msli subsidies,   Lands to Im*
lu-lal lay tlis. actunl stttlsrs; nnil fnrtlior, tli.-st
ten par roitt nf nil lands In* inir.ss>Hialnl.v ial
nsia|,. faar oalural itmul purpoHII and tin* •''urn-
tion   nf  nil   rliilalren up to tlie ntts* sif sixteen
years to in.' frcn, secuiar^iud compulsory. Tnt
books, moals and clothing to lac supplied nut of
the piilali^ fun'l* when nocossnry,
ii.  Compulsory nriiii ration iaf Inbot dlspntesa
7. Restriction of Orlantal Immigration by a
Inwnn the liui's iaf tlio Natal Art, nmi such isc
i ion by tlio Oovernment as will ensure tbo work*
itsums.it of ilais Province protection against tin*
olfects of Oriental competition and ateoclatlon,
h. Absolute reservation from Bnleorteaaeof
a oortaln pan aaf i:very known coal nr oil area,
sii that sinia.-aawniiai 111111011 anal wolls, it necee*
sary, may be easily possible In tho future. All
coal leasee or grants hereafter made taa contain
a provision enabling t'ir Oovernment to Ra the
prico of coal loaded on cars or vessole for ship*
ins.nl in Hrit isli Columbia consumeria
11.   ttnnlclpallsatlon and publlocontrol aaf tlm
liflBiinr liaallis*.
Sfll lemtiisl  of pnlilir
under thc Initiative
III.    Taa prOVldfl  fair   till'
questions by direct vote
and Rofereodunia
II, Eloctlon day to be n.gubllo holiday, Pro-
v i'-iaati to I)'' made thai every employee siml I in*
free frnm service.al leastfour'cdnset.utlve hours
irinis' po11lng,and the nxairri ., a.f ai,„ fraticlil.
to be mad
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
RATES: Regular .ulastrilaors.il per month
orJlO a yonr: iion-suhascriber*. (exclusive in
metlicitl uttentlnucoltC per day, Private wards
$1 per alay extra, Special facilities for maternity cases.
I'or further particulars apply to.
 D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Kepiesentinp thej strongest companies di»inp business in Canada.
Ske new ACCIDENT poi.ict, with par
ticipation in profits, coT«rinc sickness and epcrations.
H. I). CURTIS, Notarr P«blio
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  IJ. C.
G-?neral Packing and Forwarding attended to at tlia
shortest Notice.
.Saddle and Pack Horses far
hire at reasonable rates.
for $18.25.
Why be without tt range wl.«
are preferr*tble to store, and tin
better satisfaction. These ranrn
burn wood or coal and will I
■et up free.
i j* mm,
Certificate I imii,
Para Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Divi
sion of West Kootenav Diitrlat
Where located :-At heid of norlK
fork ol Ten Mile creek. °"
TAKE NOTICE thatl,Frank C.Or.,,
actiii-j aa agent for George Krint'
freo miner's certificate No. 1171984 \t'.
tend, sixty days from the date hereol
to apply to the Mining Recorder ora cir!
ti.icn.tt. of iinprovemciite. (or tliepurpoH
of obtaining a Crown Grant of tlie aboTi
And further take notice that action
under section 37, must be commenciii
before the issuance of such certificate ol
Dited thia 23rd day of June, 1903,
7-8^03 F, Q. GREEN, Nelson, B.0
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Hugh S. Kelson, or to any ptrHi
or persona to whom he may .»*-, transferred hia interest ia the "sVevmoutli
mineral claim, situated on Ten Mile
creek and recorded in the I.eron'ir'i
office (or the Slecan City mining divi.
You are hereby notified that I, C. E
Srnitheringale, F.M.C No. B59997, Uti
caused to be expended tlie mm atom
hundred aad two dollars and tilty cents
in labor and improvements on the tion
mentlimed mineral claim, iu order to
hold aaid claim tinder the provieionsel
the Mineral Aet; and if within SO days
from the date of this notice you fail, ar
refuse, to contribute your proportion el
such expenditure,together with all costs
of advertising, yonr inlernt in ssid
claim will become the protsettr el tlis
subscriber, under section 4 ol an An
entitled "An Act to amend the Misers!
Act, 1900."
Dated at Slocan, It.C, thia l?tb stay ef
Ami;ml, A.I). 1903.
14-803 C. K. SMlTllKKINtiAI.I
I   Slocan
|   Bakery^.
1 J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor |
I Fresh Fruits of Every |
Kind Arriving   Daily.
Our Ice Oram Parlor is
now opei aud will lie k«pt
running all tlm Summer.
14 l.nis»..«r Itrasid far SI,
I- nil W«i||lst and Qastlll*.
|        Slocan, B. C.
J. A. Anderson
Dealer in:
Kodaks and Supplies
This Snap
THE DRILL hai ninele sa
arrangement with the Toronto Mail-Empire, so
that its weekly (dition m-vr l*u
clublx-d with the former,
New sulwwriber-i. therefore,
may obtain tho Weekly Mail-
Empire aekaowleds/atl to ho
one of the best papers in tke
Dominion aad Sloeaa's Itiad-
ing journal, The Drill, from
■ow till Jan. 1. 190T.. for tlio
sum of $tt. With this, exceptional offer will be srirea as a
premium, a beautiful arto-
gravure, entitled "The Victoria Croaa." The picture depicts a scene in thu lato Boer
war, deue in ten colors, aad
well worth framing. .Seed in
joiir orders at once to
The Drill, Slocan.
per an nu fli-


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