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The Slocan Drill 1902-04-18

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 n *     /
•^  •      .A/
TOL. III., No. 3.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   APRIL   18,   1902.
J2.00 i?EB ANNUM.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slocan, British Columbia.
Hardware, Tin and Graniteware
Paints, Oils, Huralo, Fishing Tackle
Wire Netting, Ore Cars, Rails, Track Iron
Sole Agents for California Giant Powder,
Gutta Percha Fuse, Giant Caps, 3 6c 4
x Capse
Our first Spring- Shipment just in, comprising
Shirt Waists,
Corset Covers, -See.
Top Skirts,
Night Gowns
Price and quality are both interesting.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, FairvieV, and Camp McKinncv, B. C.
A. YORK &, CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public. It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
Slocan, B. C. is under the
Skillii ail Personal Maiapnt of Jeff Baty,
Who U ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
Is reached by any trail or. road
that runs into the Town.
Do not^go  past  its door when
you arc dry, weary or hungry.
Re-opened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. Asllisar Street sail Dsslaaejr Arenas, Aloesn.
Building thoroughly renovated
and re st-cked witli the best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Nsssslssstlinis for Mayor S.-l fur April 24Hi
Hnd Kls-.tioii ass the !*8tli—Msiilo ll:sll
License Itnsliscesl— I,site of Talk ninl
Very Little liualnrss.
agent at Kaslo, to pay part of.the
claims on account of the Chapleau
wagon road. The amount paid is
ono liaif the government subsidy to
the road. The creditors have now
received 85 psr cent of their total
claims against the Chapleau road
and mine.
Regular meeting of city council
was held on Monday night, members
being all present.
Communications read: From P.
■Swan, com pi ining of city running
water through the skating rink and
threatening proceedings; from Marshal Bray, receiver of the town of
Wellington, offering fire apparatus
for sale; from M. U. General Hospital, asking that a member be appointed from the council to the board;
Irom Victoria Colonist, raiding price
of col lectors' roll to $24, owing to extra ruling; from owners of the Music
Hall, asking for a reduction in the
license charged fur shows.
Offer fV'sin Colonist agreed to and
the roll ordered.
The Music Hall license gave the
councillors nn opportunity io talk for
about 20 initiates. Aid. McCallum
then moved the license be reduced to
52 50 for each performance given.
Seconded by Aid. Smith and carried.
L. S. Otis, Nelson, piano tuner,
wrote asking to have the license imposed on his occupation removed.
More talk followed on this interesting
subject. Bylaw was allowed to stand
for tlie present and the clerk in
struoted tu write Mr. Otis on tlie sub
P. Swan's epistle was agitated a
little and turned over to the board of
Mr. Bray's ossiy on second lurid I
hose was emphatically ordered Hied I
or burned. !
Tho  hospital communication was'
ordered laid OU the t:ible till nfter the I
ma vera Ity  ulection,the  mayor tben
to net as director.
Financo committee d-poi'ted on  ti I
number of bit's presented at previous
meeting,   recommending   layinent j
Ordered paid.
Tlm cuiniiiiitee added"it trior, al j
li'.'ieg I lint Tn:*. Diiii.i.'s charges fur
job work were s xctsssive. Tho scribe
took the. floor and proved i tln-rwi-c,
•.troiiglv resenting Cue. implied a ecu !
sa'.ion nf pulling the legs < f t!:e citv
AM. McCallum moved lhat in future all work be submitted to public
tender and that loweft tender 1>p an*
ccpted. Seconded by Aid. Worden,
lie thinking that the tender* should I
be heal only, but Aid McCallum I
wnutud it left open to outsid • compe
A discussion followed, resulting In |
the motion being amended bj Baylnjj
that the lowest or any other tender
neosl   not   necessarily  br> accepted.
Motion carried.
Bills presented: II. Byers ■$ Co , <f!
Nelson, police supplies, $l.f').   Ue .
furred to party Ordering goods io be
endorse I.    Passed through finance
committee and ordered paid.
BylftW No. 12, levying ,*t rate if
taxation, cams* up fur iis third reading in committee, the bylaw having
been introduced and advanced nt the
special meeting of council held last
week. Using passed through committee, the council accepted the bylaw. It will bo reconsidered at the
next meeting and then signed and
Health committee reported through
Aid   Worden  that tendeis had been
asked for clearing np tho nuisance
ground, tt. Cameron was awarded
tne contract at $86.(30. The committee's report laid nver from a previous
meeting was ordered pi id.
Donru of works estimate for year
had been s'lit down to .$343 and their
report referred back to come up at
next meeting.
City Clerk Foley announced that
tho nominations for a new mayor
would bu held ou the 24th and the
election on the 23th,
Ci'iineil adjourned.
I mil flsss'sr. Al'.'ulr*.
A igus McLean, superintendent of
the Iron Horse, returned on Saturday from Spokane, whither he had
been to endeavor to straighten out
the affairs of the company,    tie was
unsuccessful in raising the money,
but the director! promised to pay
everything and have ilm property
working again inside of uO dais.
The toial iiidel*tcilnc**s amounts to
$8600, a large portion of which ll
for wngos. Manv of the creditors,
including the wi.rknien, liaTO insti
tuted proceedings to protect their in
terests. It is unite probable the
money will be paid over next week.
Osse sf Slooaii'a Soldier Beys Writes ssr
Ills Trip.
Trooper John Clarke, one of Slo-
can's soldier boys who enlisted nt
Fort Steele, has written A. York the
following letter from Fort McCrendy,
Natal, South Africa:
"I intended to write to you from
from Capetown, as I thought that
wag where we were going for a while
but wo did not land. We anchored
over night and the next day the tug
boat and officers came out and inspected us. Wo ull had to be vaccinated, as there were four cases of
smallpox aboard. They took them
off and put them in the hospital, as
well as four other men thnt were
medically unfit. Tom Lake was in
the number. He was sick nearly all
the way over, so I expect he wiil be
sent back. I have not heard from
him since we landed.
"We came to Durban from Capetown, it being about 1000 miles farther   up   the  coast.   There we got
horns on their head and some have
feathers. They will run vou all over
town for a quarter. There is lots of
coal in this country, and when we
wero coming up we passed a train-
load of coal nt almost eyery station
going down."
rieitaiiiit -'HtlisM'Issf; of Sciilss'M nt Hulcyon
Hot Springs,
At length something tangible has
come of thc efforts so frequently made
to establish an association among the
newspaper fraternity in British Columbia. Thanks to the exertions put
forth by Thos. McNaught, of the
Halcyon Hot Springs, a start has
been made, and it is believed lasting
success will result. A number of tbe
fraternity gathered at tho Springs
last Friday and Saturday and discussed the situation, being aided
therein by J. C. Crome, mgi*. of the
Toronto Typo Foundry Co., Winnipeg*
After due deliberation it was decided to form a press association,
comprising all master printers, publishers, journalists and editors in the
province, the initiation fee being $2
and the yearly dues $1. Temporary
officers were elected as follows: President, F. J. Deane, Kamloops Sentinel; vice, P. Simpson, Cranbrook
Herald; sec. treas., Thos. McNaught,
f *
■* Yellow Legs.
Wo mav not look up to the kings of the earth,
With a trust in their high-handed ways,
We. may claim that the poor man of far humbler birth
Ts much more deserving of praise;
We may talk ofthe "mono*,' bagged snobs" with a groan,
Wen oppress us right, down to the ground,
But we're all niightv glad if the truth be but known
To have yellow leg* hustling around.
The poor man may dwell in the midst of content,
When potatoes and salt are bis fare;
He mav say he is happy and don't care a cent
For Helios that- only bring care,
lie muv bluster about, I lie tyrannical ways
Of tlie (liirnifi-il. tl ndltieil snob,
!"»v he'll rustle like blazes fsir several long days
To get him n yellow-legged Job.
There Is nothing" disgraceful in men being poor—
Bnt, indeed, there's small comfortln that—
For. where i*. the man who cmil.1 help it, for sure
Who would dwell upon Poverty Flit?
And somehow or other the world looks askance
At the man with the toll hardened hands.
And he sloesn't come In for the welcoming glance
That, yellow leg always commands.
L»at Tear's Shipments Were 0514 Tons—
A llsisllliy Kvlilons-a of tlse I.lfs and
Wsalth of tlse Camp—Arlington tlss
Blggaet Shipper.
Despite the bad roads, ore shipments continue at a satisfactory rate,
there having been CO tons exported
this week. Tlie Enterprise shipped
L'O tons of concentrates to the Trail
smelter and the Arlington *10 tons o"
ore to the Nelson works. One car of
the latter will yield extra high returns, as the ore was seme of the
richest yet taken from thc mine.
For 1900 tho exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, mado
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled 1)529 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a full
list ot tho shipments this year to
Arlington..j     40
Enterprise     20
Bnt, that's not the fault of the yellow legs, boys,
And ere thing you alwavs inns' mind,
It takes lots ot money to make lots of noiso
And keep us from going .behind.
Si. kindly conclude e'er you make anv fuss,
To consider before you condemn:
If the yellow legs cnn't get along without us,
Wc can't get along without them.
po, vellow legs, yellow lags, yellow legs coine,
This country has sinew and brain,
But, what wr are lacking lor making things hum,
I**jusf what your wallets contain.
This country has mines, In tlie making, all right,
This country has prospects galore;
Buf, the big wad of greenbacks, that's seldom in sight,
Is what wo ure wanting you for.
M> Lemon Creek.
*■ "•^^••^•■^.•^.-^.^•V-'"?'"*'"""
For the vear the entire Slocan has
shipped 84G7 tons of ore.
Tho owners of the Two Friends
a re making application for a crown
Sid Coeper and James Home aro
working tho Paystreak, on Twelve
Mile, under lease,
Sidney Norman, manager of tho
Transfer, returned on Wednesday
from a triple the Eastern States.
W. F. DuBois, formerly superintendent .nt the Arlington, is managing a gold property at boulder, Col.
The Byron X. White Co. will, it is
stated, spend $60,000 in putting in an
electric power plant at New Denver.
Harvey & Hauck, tho lessees, got
returns of 121 oz in silver from their
recent shipment from the. Prescott,
on Four Mile.
Chas. Faas writes from Kitchener
that the Mountain Lion and Alpine
claims, Lemon creek, are not part of
the original Alpine group, but are a
separate proposition.
R. F. Green, M.L.A., last week
presented a petition in the legislature
signed l>y II. R. Jorand and others,
asking for a wagon road up Twelve
Mile creek. It was ruled out of order.
A number of applications have
been sent in lately to the Emily
Edith Company to lease tbe Golden
Crown claim, situated near the Arlington sawmill. The company refused ihe offers, ns they intend working the ground themselves.
— Is. T. Axi'l'l'so**".
^ *_. ^. a^- m_- j_^ -**___:
* j_-^* >«_•"■■*»•
4'liapltsan Croslltara Oet lloi, ( null.
On Saturday A.York received a
telegram Irom R. P. Green, at Vlo
tori a, statin,- that (he government
had sent ,$8000 to the governmi Ul
aboard tbe train and came up In the
interior a day and a half's ride, to a
tiiwn called Newcastle. We are
camps'.i about three miles out from
the town, at an old fort. Botha and
Dewei are supposed to be back about
15 or 20 miles (rom here and are ex
pected to break out this way. We
havi oor camp all Intrenched around
and in shape in case of an attack..
There are claimed to liivo been
about lOUl liners captured the last
10 days. When wu were coining up
on the train we met a trainload of
them going down. There were about
siOOoftbero and they looked pretty
tough. A lot of them were pretty
old and gray whiskered, and some
ws is* just kids 12 or 16 yean old.
"Well, this is a lini" country, from
Durban up here. This is the Nn tai
district, which they claim is the best
part of tne country, and it. i.s certain*
ly fine, being the nioe.*>l I e\ r saw.
It grows ull kinds of fruit, tt Is a
rolling prairie as far as yon can mi',
and thousands oflie-id of cattle, goal
and shf-ep. Thu weather is not very
hot, ami I have often  seen   it as hot
back home.   Of course this is net the
warm season.
Wull, we had a fine trip 0 ining
over, just 2,'JJ days to Capetown and
a mouth from when we loft Ilalif.ix
-till we pitched tent here.
"it was line coming ever ai id I wa»
lick only one dav, so that whs pretty
good. The ocean was as calm as
Slocan  lake  for about  two  weeks,
much different than l expected. Vou
ought to see the Kaffirs in the town.
They have these two win .'h d cm ts
and  they are all dressed up with
[Halcyon: committee—E, A. Ilagan,
Revelstoke; VV.K. Eksllng, Trail; VY*.
B. Wilcox, Phoenix; and 0. E.
[Smltheringale, Slocan; committee on
legislation, D, H. Bogle, Victoria- l>.
Carley,   Nelson;   and F. J.   Deane.
Kainlo(i|s.    Later o:i   it la purposed
to bold another meeting to perfect
organisation and adept a schedule of
I prices for advertising and jobwork,
after the idea in force among the
craft In Manitoba.
Tho Halcyon Sanitarium was an
Ideal ssjiot. I', r the gathering and Mr
'McNaught Died tin* profeah white.
ilie has an elegant establishment,
splendidly appointed and skilfully
managed, Tbe place Is gaining rapidly in popularity and it deserves
its increasing patronages
Pivsx-ntiitlon  Is  Ag**at  Moir.
Thursday evening a farewell entertainment was given in the Music
Hall by the citizens to (ieo. T. Moir,
('. P. Is. agent*, and his estimable
wife, who has been transferred to
Nakusp. Various games were in
evidence, Including tne famous ping
pong, and tlien followed a short pro
gramme. Speeches were given bv
Revs. McKee. nf Slocnn; Ruber Is and
McColl, of New Denver. City Clerk
Foley read a complimentary address
to Mr. Melr and presented him with
a hands une piece of silverware, as
a slicht token *»f esteem from the
townspeople. The recipient made a
suitable reply. Refrishmonts followed, nfter which thr big crowd in
attendance wended their way homo-
wards, having spent an enjoyable
ii i sms.   ui roil in.
Appended is n complete list of tlio various records registered nt Hit local registry office, II. P. Christie boing mining
A pi" -Dundee, -nd n i Lemon, RE
Blocan I'rince, snme, I.eo Dolron.
Apl 7—black Prince fr.
u—liccla friction tor two years,Buffalo
fjr two yi*ar».
i'owkii OF vrroKM.Y.
Apl ll   ,l W Clarke to A York.
A i>l 7—sSommerselth \, .1 D Doiron to
\V TRhatford.
Dolreit 't. I. Dolron to same.
Great Northern \. A R Bolderston, E
ll BtobbsandTBI nch to Mrs 15Gray.
11—TWO Friends 1*18, J W Clarke to
A York.	
Assstja oss Ottau a Ore.
Carpenters went  up to the Ottawa
on Monday  to build a  new dining
room, ollice and kitchen, as the force
of men is to be. Increased later on.
Five men are now  working and tho
1 ropcrty is continuing to improve ns
the ledge  hardens  up.    A scries of
assays was made  lately on  matter
taken from the drift and the returns
were highly pleasing.   No. I sample
taken  froni the  breast,   where   the
ledge is lour feet wide and well min-
j erallzed, 17.C0 oz silver; Nos. 2 and
i 8, from six inch paystreak, 97 00 and
! 160.20 oz; No. 1, from a 1 foot seam,
I 1 oz; No. 5, from  a two inch streak,
466.80   "Z;   No. ti, from   a   six inch
streak, 2120.70 oz;  No, 7, from a 12
1 inch streak in the  raise,   189.600X;
j No. 8, from six inch sticalc at end of
I raise, ,90, u
CX)ooOCo cOOo oOOo cOOo oOOo os*"*****.
O   Copyright, 1001, by
° John Winthrop Orocn
By Johr* g
Wii")tr)ro*> Creto   g
o"X)o oOOo oGOo oOOo oOOo os*""*o
When a man hns a story to tell, I believe he should be permitted to tell It
In his own way aud that the reader
should not sneer and criticise because
the teller must use the personal pronoun aud perhaps refer to his perception or bis prowess. If lt is his adventure, how can he avoid Baying, "1
did thus or so?" If bis courage pulled
blm out of a tight place, why seek to
demean it? A man Is what he Is. If
things have happened to him which
may be of interest to others, let him
write tLem as they took place, whether he was a hero or a craven.
Your atlas will show you that the
eastern Carpathian mountains form a
portion of tho boundary line between
Benin and Bulgaria. If you cross anywhere to the nortli of l'lrot, you must
cross the range, ln my wanderings
afoot I had planned to cross the range
by the public rond between Plrot and
Kissa, but for three days I was a guest
at a poor little wayside Inn In thc shallow of the foothills. This Inn differed
In no degree front a hundred others, being only a wretched apology for a house
of entertainment, but I bad made a
long tramp and wanted a breathing
spell before tbe long antl rugged ascent The landlord was a silent, morose
man, giving me little attention, and bis
wife was a sloven with a face which a
man would look nt twice ouly for Its
wickedness. The beds and the fare
were of the meanest, but as I had expected nothing better I wns uot disappointed.
On the second day of my arrival as
I was walking along the banks of a
stream half a mile from tbe Inn an
English pedestrian raine along. That
Is, be wus a pedi'strlau in thc sense
lhat ho was afoot. As soon as be
learued who I wbh he told me thnt a
cousin of his had Journeyed that wny
three months before, hut had mysteriously disappeared. The missing man
bad been traced as far as Pinot. lie
was known to have set out for the
mountain road, but be could not be
traced Into Bulgaria. Somewhere on
the mountain trail be had vanished
from sight The story did not Interest
me overmuch. American and English
pedestrians abroad bave a babit of disappearing from tbe world now and
then, and It la learned later on that
they were tucked away In some ob
■cure Inn or camped amid some old
ruin. Tbe searcher passed on to my
Inn and made Inquiries and two hours
later Informed me that be bad secured
no newa
That evening a second searcher arrived. He was a native Servian, living
nt Leskov.itz, and hnd been hired by a
Frenchman to prosecute inquiries regarding the disappearance of a young
muu of '20 wbo was making a pedestrl-
au tour. Indeed 1 soon recalled the
fact of meeting the young man at Se-
uiendria two mouths previously. He
bnd beaded for tbe Carpathians nnd
Bulgaria, and he had also disappeared
on the mountains. Even when the two
11sappearanees were coupled together
I saw notblng alarming. It was not
until tbe third day tbat 1 felt 1 bad
cause for speculation. Tben a police
official wbo bad been sent out from
Novtbazar by thc widowed mother of a
young man wbo had disappeared as
mysteriously ns thc other two reached
tbe Inn. This young man, who simply
- set out for a two weeks' tramp ln order
to boast of having crossed the Carpathians, had been traced to within five
miles of the Inn, but the landlord and
bla wife stoutly denied that be bad
ever reached It. There were roads
by which he could have branched off
and continued bis way, but yet the official was not satisfied. He frankly told
me tbat be believed young Hull had
roine to tbe Inn and been made away
wltb for tbe money be carried. 1 had
seen nothing suspicious, and be hod no
real grounds for an accusation, but be
went away, saying that he would bave
the place watched.
1 waa ready to take my departure on
the fourth day, wben there was a sudden change In the demeanor of the
landlord and his wife. All at once they
became obsequious and smiling and
Bsilleltous. A nice lunch waa put up for
roe, and tbey refused pay for It I was
given the clearest directions and was
(old tt at almost as soon as 1 bad begun
the ascent of the mountain I would
find an Interesting ruin a little off the
road. It was something I ought not to
miss, and they kept extolling It until 1
promised to turn aside. I set off In
good spirits, though wondering a bit ss
to tbe sudden aud singular change In
the people of tbe Inn, and by noon 1
had covered a distance of 12 miles. I
passed two Inna witbout stopping and
likewise three or four peasant*' buts,
and when I ant down to rest it wns on
a large alone by the roadside and close
beside one of tbe branches of tbe Dan
libs*. 1 nibbled at luncb as 1 rested,
and I bad been silting perhaps 20 minutes when a young woman wltb a (lab
pole In ber band auddenly appeared. I
gave ber good day as a matter of
course and was not much surprised
when abe laid down ber pole and came
and sat beiisle me nud began to nsk
questions. Hhe waa a peasant girl of
about 21, belter dressed and better
looking than (he average, and In ail
dressing a stranger she broke no rule
of conventionality neeonllng to tbe
peasant code. I Invited ber to share
my lunch, and presently we wero chatting away like old aeipiiilntanccs.
In ninny Instances the peasants of
Servla had displayed more curiosity
than s born Yankee, but thla girl went
deeper" (bau any of them.  Borne of ber
Questions were answered nnrl some
turned nslde, but she certainly enme to
know a good deal aWit tne, I wus a
single man, and I had not communicated with my friends for months. I
was strolling from point to point to
study the people and see the country
and was not expected at any particular
point in Bulgaria. Tcasaiit though she
was, she had the gift of a lawyer in
extracting Information. An hour slipped away, and then a man appeared.
He was also fishing or pretending to,
and ns he came in sight sho colled htm,
and he joined us and wus Introduced
as her brother. A glance from face to
face made me doubt tlie relationship.
In my own mind I figured that he was
her husband. He tried to smile nnd
show n pleasant face, but I Instinctively felt that he was a rascal. Ho had u
furtive eye and a bad mouth, nnd 1
thought I caught signals between the
pair. Sueh a thing as fear, however,
had no place In my heart. I had no
weapon nslde from my stout stick, but
I was afraid of no man by daylight on
a public highway.
I was ready to move on wben the woman spoke of the castle ruins. They
were only a step nway, she said, and If
I missed tbem I would bo sorry forever
after. The man at once added his persuasion, but as I was ready to go with
theiu he claimed to have left his knife
a hundred rods awuy and set out after
It and left the two of us to walk on together. From the moment we started
I noticed a change ln her. She looked
about npprchenslvely, her laughter was
forced, and her demeanor put me on
my guard. It was as If she expected
nie to be shot down from ambush. Had
He meant murder.
I not been able to see the old ruins almost as soon as we started I should
have doubted that they existed. As It
was I found myself wondering If this
pair was lu nny manner connected
with the disappearance of the tourists.
f wns on my guard for what might
happen, and yet I did not betray myself. I kept up tbe conversation ns we
walked along, und I am sure she took
me for an easy victim. I rather expected to be fired on from behind some
rock as soon as wu were off the road,
but by and by we heard tbe man calling from tbe ruins, and I realized that
thc ambush would be there If anywhere. As we baited on the plateau It
was ensy to make out that a vast
building bad stood there once. I should
hnve said a monastery, but tbe woman
Insisted that It was a great castle belonging to some mighty prince and that
It had been destroyed by an earthquake. We wandered among tbe nere
of ruins as we talked. As we neared
what must bave been the rear of the
building I found that tbe walla stood
almost on tbe brink of n precipice. Before us was wbat bad been a large
room, with three of the walls yet
standing. Tbere were no less than five
window openings, and as I advanced
to one of tbem the woman said:
"No; take this oue. My brother bas
built a platform from which you can
look up and down tbe valley for miles."
A peculiar something In her voice
caused me to glance at ber face, nud 1
found It pale and ber features working
In a nervous wny. It was tho window,
then, which was the ambush. My
heart beat against my ribs, but 1
meant to see tbe thing to a finish. The
nun had called to us, but we hnd not
seen blm since arriving at the ruins.
With a lough which Bounded more like
a croak the womnn pulled herself together ond preceded mo to the window.
To reach the opening wc bad to climb
up three stone steps, and ahe atood for
a moment looking out and clinging to
the wall for support
"You will aee a fine view—a One
view," ahe said aa sbe made room for
me.   "Step out nnd look up and down."
I did not step out. There was something so modern about that platform
ond It bad been built so deftly that 1
feared It 1 simply clung to tbe wall
nud thrust my head out, and 1 waa
looking up the valley when the womnn
gave me a push with all her strength.
Her hands did not strike me fair or
my bold would have been broken. 1
was whirled half way round and partly thrown down, but as I recovered my
footing I ewept ber nslde with my arm,
and she went to tho ground, wltb a
Bcrentn. Next Instant the mnn cnuio
dashing through the doorway In tho
wall. He lind a knife In hla hand, and
he meant murder. I leaped down to
meet blm that I might have freo play
for my staff,-and I believe we battled
for teu minutes. Still lying on tho
ground, the woman seized my legs ond
tried to pull me down, but I kicked her
awny and gnve all my attention to the
man. Aye, but that fellow wos crafty
and villainous nnd determined, lind I
fought him wltb a knife bo would iooo
hnve settled mo. It wns Iho stout stuff
which kept him off, ond It wns the
"Stuff which finally denlt blm it blow
tbot laid him out unconscious.   1 link
ed for the woman ns I stopped to
breathe, but s'te had disappeared. I
weut over to the window and examined the platform and found Hint it wus
sustained by a lever which could lie
pulled out and allow the bottom to
drop. As the man began to return to
life I lifted up my staff and bent him
till I was weury, und then I went my
wny up the mountain road. That ambush had gathered at least three victims, but It was not for me to carry o
mystery to the police and be detained
In n filthy jail for months or years
while they took their time to solve it.
o ♦
I By the...
I Skate's Click !
Wood Thnt Looks Like Metal.
A European scientist has discovered a
method by which wood may be given
the appearance of metal. Outside of
the added vulue for decorative purposes which this may give, the advantage to be derived is not clearly apparent Tlie wood Is snld to be rendered exceedingly hard nnd strong, although It Is equally uncertain whnt
part of the process may be assumed
to confer theso desirable qualities upon
wood which was soft nnd weak before
The process Is described as follows:
The wood Is first soaked for three or
four days in a solution of caustic alkali
at a temperature of from 75 to 90 degrees centigrade nud is then transferred at once to a bath of hydrosul-
pbntc of calcium, to which a saturated
solution of sulphur in caustic alkali is
added after 24 hours. The wood remains in this bath, which Is kept at a
temperature of from 35 to 50 degrees
centigrade, and finally It Is soaked for
about 30 to 50 hours In a solution of
acetate of lead. The wood Is then dried
at a moderate temperature ond tuny be
polished with a burnisher of hard wood.
In this case it can be made to ncquire a
brilliant metallic luster, and If the surface Is previously rubbed with a piece
of lead, tin or zinc and a glass or porcelain burnisher Is used the effect Is
Increased. Tbe wood treated lu this
way resembles a metallic mirror.—Chicago Chronicle.
The Eloqnent Batter Crock.
On one of tho desks In the house wns
an old fashioned gray crock. It was
covered with a snow white clotb, to
which clung a moist layer ot salt It
was the simple product, "mother's butter" from the farm. The jaekknives
were dipped Into that crock and the
butter reverently tasted as If lt recalled
happy memories of the old home. There
was something In that butter which no
chemical synthesis could imitate, aud
although It spoke no word that sample
of "mother's butter" was eloquent
Many of those congressmen no doubt
recalled the days when as barefoot
boys tbey sat with the churn between
tbelr knees trying to make the monotonous splash of the dasher drown the
shrill whistle of a chum on bis way to
tbe old swimming hole. What an age
lt seemed before the little white flecks
appeared on the dasher handle, showing that the butter had "come" and
with It an honorable discharge! And
then at night those biscuit, wltb sorghum sirup and "mother's butter"—oh,
what a charm In such memories—those
worn hands, tbnt sweetest face, long
since gone to rest!
There was an eloquence ln tbat Jar of
mother's butter—pure, genuine, wholesome—which even, science, money, art
political craft and congressional oratory could not overcome.—National
Thinking Alond.
This habit Is more common than most
of us Imngine. In fact, mnny of us do
It without being aware of lt. We become absorbed In our thoughts—preparing some argument In support of a
course we propose to take, for instance
—and tho passersby or our friends are
amused by bearing us express our
thoughts aloud.
Ask your friends If you do this.
This habit Is said to be a sign of
madness, but you need not be alarmed,
for almost everything is a sign of mod-
ness according to this or thnt authority. But the bablt Is more common
among older people than among tho
young and vigorous. It Is one of those
things which como wltb increasing
years. You are far more likely to think
when you are greatly worried than in
auy otber mental condition.
Still Obedient.
Gustuve Dore was always n child, so
far as his mother wns concerned. He
uot ouly loved, but obeyed, her, and
when sho died he said, with snd sincerity, thnt bo no longer knew how to
live. An Incident which shows her In-
lluenco over blm us n grown man Is
connected with n little party given by
him to show some of his friends an album of his own drawings.
At a dinner over which Mine. Dore
presided a quarrel arose between (Justine and his brother Ernest. Suddenly
Mine. I'ore turned to the former nnd
snld, os though he were a boy of ten:
"Hush, Qustavel I am ashamed of
Dore, who had worked himself, regardless of the presence of his guests.
Into a fierce passion, become ot once
calm and silent nnd, bowing to his
mother, resumed his dinner.
But tlie Incident did not ond here
When the guests had retired to tin
great salon, tho brothers disappeared,
to return In a few minutes each holding un end of the colossnl album that
was to be submitted to the company.
Mine. Dore followed, smiling nt her
"littlo boys," who were none the less
children because they hnd passed their
fortieth year.
Helnae  llnta.
In tbe higher region of the Cordilleras ore refuge huts for the postmen
who have to mnke their rounds until
Into In the winter. Even Hum koiiio of
these men p<.*rlsh every winter If overtaken by a storm lasting several days.
<-»   Copyright, 1901, by A. S. Blohardson   ♦
♦ 0'»0*>0*>0s»0*>0'»'»0**'0*l*0s*»040*0#
Between the strike nnd the train rob-
bs'iies liascom, superintendent of the
L, nnd W. road, was having his hands
full. Secretly he believed the latter to
be tlie result of the former. He hud
made a clean sweep of the malcontents
at Solent, and the strikers bad been
st rn mled high and dry financially.
There had been ugly rumors and
threats, ts>o, but Bascom hnd gone
quietly on his way. Sympathy in tlio
small interior city ran with tlie strikers, nnd whut he thought the superintendent wisely kept to himself.
When lie had ordered the posters offering a reward of $500 for Information lending to the apprehension of the
train robbers, lie had felt that It was
money wasted. The average inhabitant of Solent was not looking for
And now on n crisp morning In December two young people stood liefore
ono of those same posters, gazing as
If fascinated at the "$500" lu startling
crimson capitals.
"If we had that, we'd get married
tomorrow," murmured Harry Bronsoii.
Pretty Bessie Millar sighed profoundly and looked uo longer nt the printed
characters, but into her lover's eyes.
They were honest gray eyes, nnd she
wondered how her lather could be so
heartless. He had said she should not
marry Bronson until the hitter had at
least $500 to his credit In the Solent
Savings bank, and how wns a shipping
clerk at tlie freight depot to save up
$500 on a salary of $40 a month?
"Time's up, Bess!" he exclaimed as
a distant whistle proclaimed the approach of the northbound freight
"I've just a minute to help you Into
the sleigh. How's tho ice up your
"Splendid," she answered as he tucked the robes snugly nbout her. "I tried
It this morning, and it's as smooth as
"Well, be at the willows tonight at
8, and we'll have a skate. The two
mile spin will just limber me up."
She nodded, ami then Pete, the Swedish man of all work at the Millar farm,
snapped the whip, und nway they tlew.
The Millar home was two miles below Soleut on the river, and midway
n huge bridge spanned the stream
where the L. and W. crossed to tho
town. Below this the road run several
miles toward Dlgby. At 7 o'clock
Bronson strapped on the long hhidcd
racing skates and with the wind ut
his hack shot past the railroad truck
toward the bridge. Just ns he reached
this point n snap sounded nnd he fell.
The strap holding tlio heel of tho right
skate lind rotted during the summer's
Ho snt down on the stone pier of a
span uud adjusted an extra strap. A
ring on the lee caught his attention.
Two men approached, ntnl, drawing
the slide over his skating lump, he
crouched, listening. Quickly he recognized ths voices as those nf llnrrlty and
Stevens, two ynrilinen who hnd been
dismissed by Bnseoin. They were
grumbling because switchmen had
been stationed at either end of the
brlslge and they were obliged to climb
one of the piers.
••We'll fix him good this time!" growl
ed iitif.'it.v.   "He's due ut Solent III Ijls
gpeclal nt 8:20."
••1 don't see why you have to pick
out n elinil) like this." BUiil'lwl Steven"*
••We could drop down the rond Olid
null out a rail easier than this.!..!>."
••Bah! What's a elinil) tu (Jumping
the supe in the river? The plunge will
Beud the train through the ice, with
water twenty feet deep; i'nt out the
aid men. will he? Well, the last one's
j01ic by Ids orders."
,\s soon as the rulllans were sale on
:he bridge Harry skated nolstlts ly to
the Solent side of the river, where ibe
shadows were deepest. As lie ri'iu-bi i'i
the slioi-p something heavy sin i
through the nir and struct", thc let* w Ih
i crash. It was the rail. UitiT eiiun
tho sound of saws. They Wert*, eultun
the Umber guard mils.
Rapidly the horrified young fs li *\
reviewed the cliuucea.    T" rvtpi'n  In
Solent   would   be  too  slow   s   pi * » n
Mo telegram could li >*. rem !i the
ipeclnl. He must warn the Bu|>i*r'n*
•sv"!r.iif. for to InfOClll lhe k" ib-limei.
at either end or the bridge might precipitate a light, llarrlty ami Steven**
were desperate. Down the river he
spesi to meet the train, lifting his feel
so the blade would not click as It lit:
the Ice. Ile had won the racing cluini
plonsiiip the year before, hut never bud
he attnlued the present speed. As lu
shot by the willows Jutting out from
the Millar farm he saw a Blonder lig
ure marching resolutely buck and
forth on the bunk. A faint "Hello!"
reached his ears, but lie eoulsl only
wave his hand In response. Three
miles twyoud ho heard tlie faint whistle of the special, sounded for a grade
crossing, lt must be at Holt's, two
miles below.
He swung In shore and clambered up
the steep bank, not Stopping even to
remove Iiis skates. Beaching tlm t'ruck,
he hnstily jerked off his emit, saturated it with oil from his skating lamp,
then with matchbox  in huiul awaited
tho appearance of the special around
the bend. A sharp whistle and n flush
of light, then Branson's coat literally
wont op in smoke. The warning was
so sudden tluit tbe train rolled past
him before the engineer could bring
it to a stop.
With Bascom came tlie president of
the road, Mr. Harding, and the two officials listened In amazement to Branson's tale. The president spoke decisively:
"Tin re must be no mistake this time.
We must get those two men. We'll
run up us fur as the bridge and then
send on lo town.
Harry glanced up quickly.
"Exeuse my making the suggestion,
but if you'll give me a note to thc
sheriff I think we can land them nil
right. Vou hohl the train here, so theii
suspicious will uot be roused, nnd
they'll probably wait In town till the
wrecking train starts out."
President Harding gave the young
eli-i,; n shrewd glance.
"You're right. Here, Bascom, give
the boy your coat. There's nn extra
o;;e in the car. If not, he ueeds It more
thnn you do. He has a goodisb spin
before  blm yet.    And  I'll  write the
• • •        •        • s s
The next morning Bessie Millar,
waiting for the mall at the postofflce,
again stooil reading the L. and W.
poster. Some one walked to her Side
Mid sin* turned her head haughtily.
"Oh, good morning. Mr. Bronson!"
Hurry led her to the deserted eomci
mar lhe uiouey order department and
opened his batteries.
"'Now, see here, Bessie," be enld;
"there's no use getting huffy. I aduill
1 owe yon nil apology for not stopping
last night but"-
"You prefer .lennie Holt for a sknt-
llljf purl tier. I saw you shoot round
j ills' tend toward their place."
"us, but I didn't stop. I guess you
haven't heard Ihe news. I was ou the
trail of I rain ii.Micrs and wreckers and
i 'Sith.'" There was a Sparkle of mischief In his eyes as Bessie turned rouml
slowly ami looked at him. "You know
I said only yesterday morning that If
we find the $500 we'd get married at
Dine, und us you didn't say nay I hold
vou to the agreement**
"I dsm't understand," muriniireil Bessie, but her eyes were fairly shining.
"Whero were you going? What were
you doing then—when 1 snw you?"
And when Bronsoii had explained
ills mission he added, with a sigh of absolute satisfaction:
"1 not only got the $500, but when
we're married I'm to huvo a position
in the Denver offices with tiie president
-his private secretary. He liked my-
my suggestions last night The salary
Is to be $L»,500 a ycur, Bess. Now will
you be good?"
Battle smiled up at him.
"I think wc could both be good,
very good, on f'i.Soo a yeur," she suid
Tbs Girls ot "ulmerleU,
If nsked.   "Where  are the |',n,t.,
girls in the world'.'" I will linmedlat?
rs'ply, "lu Limerick,  Ireland."   ^
nre a freshness of face, lustruusness tt
eyes,  heiilthi'iiluess of color ami ,^°
plexiou  about  the   Limerick  gir*8   '
masse, that carry off the sweeps-**?
trophy,    The girls of Cork aud of \h
lakes—ln fact, of the country nil th.
way down from Dublin—ore Bomewlm
of the Limerick order.    In form --J
constitute a happy  medium betwea
the rotund English maids acrosn on*. |
channel   and   the   sylphllke   Parljijj
demoiselles beyond the other.
But the Limerick fuee Is lhe perree-!
tlcn of female beauty, a human eerau*.
Ic without a blemish. The Llmetjeki
girl Is ulso the highest example of <■■,.[
quislte wit aud Ingenuousness, an ej. I
traordinnry assimilation, to ho 8UR1
Iu other words, while she Is not Itison.'
sible of her sparkle of words, ^
seems like oue who hns never luoknil
frequently into a mirror. She iiaa
regular and sometimes very prettyi
teeth, and, If her nose is ofts'u ln<*liued 1
to retrousse uud there is au "IrlBk ejj
presslou of mouth," these but add I
piquancy to her other beautiful fa]
Tbe  tost   Forty.
There Is u tract or land In Tazewell I
county, III., lying along the Maeklt**,*/j
river, which consists of a coiitluuuuil
series of ubrupt and deep ravines. Noil
n foot of the tract could be cultivated,I
The ridges are full of fox dens, wolves I
are occasionally found, and turkey bin.!
zards hover over It lu large Hocks,!
Even people familiar with the territory!
have been lost In tlio dense Tori'st. Ej.f
cept for a few giant oaks the woosl)
has no commercial value.
Tho  tract  la  known  as the "Lost|
Forty"   because   no  one  knows wh*,|
owns It.   Kor years it bas been uses*(
for trading purposes,  and many un.
wary persons from a distance have ail
vanced money upon It aud taken inort.
gages In various sums, only to recel-'i
a  questionable  title  to  a   worthless
piece of laud. On the Tazewell cotiDt*
taxbooks  the   "Forty"   appears with]
"owner unknown."  Tbe land Is water.
ed   by   Innumerable  springs  und tin I
Mackinaw river, which winds Its wnj ]
Dees' Veaosa Por llhennsatlaa.
Dr. Terc, a medical man of much itj. I
pule In Vienna, advocates os nn effec* I
tlve remedy for rheumatism the sato*
rating of the patient's body with tbs |
venom of bees.  For tbe purpose he extracts tbe venom, treasuring lt up in I
quantity and applying It artificially Ial
tbe wny of punctures.   He founds this |
treatment on his discovery thnt rheumatic patients do not Buffer from il
bee's sting to anything like tho mi ml
degree as other people. He found tint]
the tumefaction or swelling that follows tbe stinging of a bee dus>s net ap-1
pear tn tbe rheumatic patient unli'M
be bas been stuug several times, wills
ln some cases the stinging Is lianllj
felt.   When the patient suffers hlinsellj
to be stung repeatedly, his immunity!
against the jiolsoii of the bee becomes I
complete, aud he feels no pain wbatsol
ever.   Whnt Is more, he gets cured ot|
bis rheumatism.-Loudon 1'ioue.
The Joke  on  Den.
Two men, Tom nnd Ben, worked sldsl
by side for thirty years In n grocery I
store, where there were a great many I
unreasonable people to satisfy.   Hotbj
had grown old, nnsi finally one nlgbtI
Tom became violently 111. A doctor wall
called, who, after his arrival, told Tom j
that ho could not recover.
. Tom thought about It for awhile ami I
then said: "Won't It bo a great Joke on I
Ben!   I won't have to go lo work tomorrow, but Ben will have to turn out,
ns usual, and hear the sum" old unreasonable complaints."
('rlllisu   Around  II.
Local—I tun writing a short nodes
ubout the appointment of our townsman Ltikwit to lhe position of lows
auditor. I really can't say that he hai
any Illness for the place, and yet oo
personal grounds I prefer to assoelatsj
his name with thc iipnj*lntinent In sou'
complimentary wny.
Editor In Chief-Why cnn't you sp''"l<
of him ns a man of rare good jtnlc-
ment?   I nm sure there Is no one of ouf   s.
acquaintance lu whom good Judgment
Is so rure.
II   All   Ds ernsla.
A Btudi'ht i.mg ngo nsked tin' P"**-**
dent of Ouerlln roll****-*) ir be enn'*! "•
be permitted to lake a shorter courts
of study.
"Oh. yes," replied Hie president, "bol
that depends it; on what you want n
mnke of yourself. When God wants t"
make oil oak, he takes a hundred
years, but when lie wauls lo make>
squash he takes b!x mouths." — I""
Headaches, Biiiousnoss and Constipation Aro Thoroughly Cured by Dr. Chase'*
Kidney-Liver Pills.
doeJtr^er0 ffftffw^^Ko^ulS^of^a" Ef * <S* ft*?"" ^ th° 0thCT °W f
alter tho bile poisons ,,• m llm h s^m tl."re^o n« ,, ,h u ^ ^ °'1C° U'° ilVOr RroW8 8lu&K-8** a,1(1 flUlS t°
coated, tho bowels bee, " c , st'Sod tho dEEUv IZ \ ^Ttt** d*t^' Th° hcad «*«•" ■*"*> ion^U> £
should bo removed -,,.., Tihc b0(lv *tre.throw i bS Ini ,^ 'r,thr,own 0Ut ?** »"*<*• '"id foul Impurities that
spots of tho hum,,,, (,„,, 10uu3 l,0(-*v' ftW.WOWIi bialc into the blood stream to   find their   way   to   tho   weak
''"•S'oSJStf^:,: ^exu-nonb,0" ^ 'i^' ™* "■*• P™* relief and lasting ben-
I fr,1"..™.* „„n« _ cxU*lo'""1<*'-y virtues of this famoua treatment.   Hero is a snin-
„• , ., . ,",,       ' •'   i"  ssiuiiiiur   wini tne
plo of tho letters received from cured ones :_
Mr. *l.dm Melton   the well-known bridge builder of 101 Sherwood street    Otlnwn   .♦„♦«
Ihasa's Ki.innv-i.ivns* Pin. f..- i,i.i    "•'*-'.™0o<* ■«"*«.  Ottawa, stntes
"I havo used Dr   '. Me'.KTdZTLivo   1 1 a V,   \ i ™l ****><* «*«*. Ottawa, stntes :
and find them better ^pK^eSl^vfeve? u"d "" dera™nt<-' «»0U«ht •» * «*J°9,'r°'
r,^B°™^ bcttor ,n ovcry way-
1 ""'' POBtmaster, Consecon, Ont., states*.
Mr. "Tames Baird
"It gives mo nnd in
clno of superior vnl
that they cured in.
sho HiitTeresi severelj
l>r. Chase's Kldnoy-Lh
Company, Toronto.
I   can
■-. wri',;i:™plr„x.U7„m;';, *!,''r- ?■***•" ■*>*»>«*»*■ «m -««■**•*■ «,-
Pills, one pill a doss.  2.ri cents n. hm   ..in,. —. Ti,,tr.>s
..in*, a nox, nt uii dealers,   or   Edmanson,   Daves The Drill
There Is music in the pantry;
ri he hoys have Just corio in.
Ar si mother's plrs nre suffering.
Was ever such a slln?
There Is music In tho pantry;
The old tin boiler squeaks;
Th.* doughnuts go way down belowj
The cupboard «roans and creaksv
There Is music In thc pantry,
l'*or Ned and Tom and Sam
Are Jostling one another
U'lillo stealing mother's Jam.
There Is music ln the pantry,
And mother's heard the nolsa
Good gracious, what a racket!
Ah, listen to those buys!
Th'*re ts music In the pantry;
"I'ls Bounding to the Bkles;
M.'ther's used the rawhide,
Hut she hasn't saved thc plea!
"If a ship." begun the comedlnn with
the r.sse tinted beard, "Is 100 feet long
mill '!> feet wide ami Its masts are 100
feel high and the bo'aun Is bowlegged,
Tviiai dons the capstan weigh?"
••it weighs tlie anchor!" hoarsely
■houti'd Hie audience as it grabbed tbe
benches to prevent itself rising eu
uiiisM' und doing violence to the tbes-
Your FaJth
will be as strong as ours if you try
and ours is so strong we guarantee a cure or refund money,
and we send you free trial bottle
if you write for it. SHILOH'S
costs 25 cents, and will cure Consumption, Pneumonia.Bronchitis
and all Lung Troubles. Will
cure a Cough or Cold In a day,
and thus prevent serious results.
It has been doing these things
for 50 years.
S. C. Wnus & Co., Toronto, Can.
Karl's Clover Root Tea cares Indigestion
Messrs. c. 0. Richard** & Co.
Qenllemen,—After suffering for 7
years with Inflammatory rheumatism
so biul that I was elen months eon-
linesl to my mom, nnsi for two yeara
could not dress myself without help.
Your    agent  gave   me    u bottle   of
St. Timothee, Que., May 10, 11399.
and asked ine to try it, wnich I did.
and was so well pleased with the results that 1 procured more. Five bottles completely cured me ami 1 have
hud no return of the pain fsir eighteen months.
The above facts are well known tss
everybody in this village and neighborhood.
V.iiiis gratefully,  A. DA1KT.
St. Timothee, Que., May 10, 1899.
We an* very apt ts> measure our-
relves by our aspirations instead sir
our performance, But In truth the
conduct of our lives i.s the only prossf
of tho sincerity of our hearts.—
George Eliot.
Thoro In morn Catarrh In this section of tha
country than all sither di eis.es put toirothor,
nud until tlio lust low man wiss supposed to bo
Incurs).to. Ks.rn urefit mnny years ds*et<irs pr<*»
Bounci-i it B local sti -..'.!•... iin.l pro:u'ribs>d local
risiiis iii.., ansl by constant !y fuiluii; UicurowiiU
local treatment, piououarod it insurable
Beisinco lias proven catarrh tss be a constitutional diecu^sMiud therefore rc*inires constitution-
al treatment. 11 ill's I'atarrh Cute, uinnufnc-
tared by K. J Clseuey & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is
tbo only constitutional cure on tho market. It
is taken intern.'.Hy in dssses trom >0 drops tsi a
toaspconful. It nets diroctly on the hiss. ..I nnsi
mucous surfaces of the system. They off: r ono
hundred slollars for nny ense it tails to cure,
bead for circulars, nnd testimonial.
AsfuTren    f J. 1 HENKV st CO., Toledo, O,
Sold by DraeglaU, Vsc.
Hull's I'aaii.y fills aro the be.I.
The   voice  of  Time    cris'S   to   man,
Advance I—Charles Dickons.
1' 0 roi si not. couph nil night nnd disturb
your Irieuils; there is no occasion lor you running* lis.*, luli ot contractu)!? inflammation ol
thoslangs or consumption, whilo yon can wi
Ilickle's Artl-t',.11 nniptlvo 8% rup, This mosli
cinocuves oshikIis, csiids, inflammation cf tlio
hint,-*) nnsi nil ihrout and chest troubles, ll
pr mote a free and easy expectoration, which
immediate']* rolioves the throat and lungs trout
viscid .,lilus.'ui.
The ls'nst said tho soonest mended.
—1'iekwick Papers,
Chronic doraniromsints of thc s-tomnch, liver,
fnd Mood nro spo dily removed by tho active
principle ot tins insii'i'iliriiis enturiusr into the
s'oinp'ssitloa of l'nrnieleo's Vegetable Pills..
Thesis iiills net ;pocilicilly on tho deranged
organs. ..timnlating to actis.n tho dormant energies of tho system, thoroby romoving mswte
nnd renewinsr 11 o and vitality to tho aflbctesl.
In ihi 1 lies the i*rsv*t 5"*or>t of tlsu popularity of
Pariuoloo's Vogoluulo 1'ills.
There is no situation in lite sn bad
that it cannot bo retrieved.—Charles
Every failure  teaches a man  something if he will loam.—Dickens.
ttopntntion fsir durability established Eleven
•rears' trial. Oursevoro frost, lias no cii'ect on il.
lli-waro of American pis por felting which eraclu
in our eliiiiniu.
I.S QlgatniBVO.. Winniisee. Boi.i, Asju'.t
Real V'stnin Agent,  Inner of MarrlnsoLicense*
' >\ yon nse ss-osls, get good ones.   We keep
tho best ln tho market.   Oatalogas s*" apph.
1 Cation.
P. O. Ilsx 45". 179 Main Street.. Winnlpe,*
Your: Comfort
Is assured if you
Canadian Northern Ry
Lowest linti*m to all Points
In tho
Pally Solid Vostlbulcd Train, with
Sleeping Cara, to St. I'aul and Minneapolis.
Full particulars on application to
any agent Canadian Northern By, or
Trains* Manager, Winnipeg,
In  life it  is difficult to say who do
you the most mischief, enemies with
tlie worst Intentions or friends with
BiilwiT Lytton,
Even Usually Robust People Peel
Hun Down and Out of Sorts at
This Time—Dr. Williams' I'ink
Pills are tho Very Hest Spring
W. N. U. No. 371.
Tlie spritlg months are a trying
time to most people. At no other
time of the year do health anil
Strength seem so hard to guln ansl to
hold. You do not feel that you are
really sick, but you feelubout as lad
as jnu could if you were seriously
ill. That feeling ought to be got rid
s>f—and it can be. What you need i.s
a tonic tss enrich the blood and free
it from the Impurities which have
lodged in your system during the
winter, and which are responsible
for your present condition. Ur, Williams' I'ink Pills is the only reliable,
Hover-failing tonic medicine. These
pills make new, rich blood.strengthen tlie nerves, and bring health and
vitality to every organ in the body.
Tliey are an ideal spring medicine
und the best thing in the world for
all diseases having their origin in
Impoverished or impure blood. The
ease ssf Miss Belle Cohoon, White
Hock Mills, N. s , is strong corroboration of thi'ss* statements. She
says : "Three years ago this spring
I was very much run down. Tlie
least exert ism exhausted me. l s<'i*ni-
csl tsi lose ambition and a feeling of
languor ami sluggishness tosik its
place. My appetite railed me and
my sleep at nights was disturbed
and restless. In fact 1 wns in a pitiable condition. After trying two
ssr three medicines without benefit, l
began tlis* use of Pr. Williams' I'ink
Tills and they speedily worked a
change for tlis* better and by the
time 1 had used a half dozen boxes
1 fsdt stronger than I had slone for
years I have since used the pills
in tlie spring and I find them an excellent tonic."
Because of ths*ir thorough and
prompt action on llu* blood and
nerves these pills speeslily suii'
anaemia, rheumatism, sciatica, partial paralysis, St. Vitus' Dance,
scrofula and erupt ions of the skin,
erysips-lns, kislney and liver troubles,
and the functional ailments which
make thi' livs-s of so many women a
source of constant misery. Other BO-
cullesl tonic pills are mere imitations
of this sterling remedy, (let tlie genuine with the full li.uue "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People"
sm   the   wrapper   around   evi'i'y   box.
Ssibi by all medicine dealers or sent
post pais! nt 50 cents a box or six
boxes for S2.*r)ii by addressing The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Out.
No sadder proof s'tiii be given by a
man ot his own littleness thun disbelief in great men,—Carlyle,
MINARD'S LINIMENT for Sale V.verywtere.
Too swift, arrives
us tardy as too
The Flow of Milk
will be increased.
Why go to all thc
trouble of keeping
cows and get only
bout half the milk
they, should produce.
strengthens the sligestion anil invigorates the whole system so that
the nutriment is all slrawn from the
food, lt takes just lhe same trouble to care for a cow when she
gives three quarts as when she
pjives a pail. Dick's Wood Purifier
will pay back its cost with good
intcre.'t in a few weeks.
DO cents a package.
Leemlng, Miles & Co., Agents,
Write for ll'iok nn Itoiss-snii.lCattlefrti.
Manitoba wheat has been dull nil
week. llu.. tUo[ weather we are having is causing upprehs. i.sion that navigation ut Fort William may not
open so curly us previously anticipated, mm this has a great deal to
do with the trading in Manitoba
wheat ut present and in the near future, us until the block iu the wheat
movement is relieved by shipments
going east by the lake, the congested state of the traffic remains and
gets worse, if thut is possible. It is
reported ehat the lirst vessels of the
season have cleared from Chicago.
Prices have declined to the point
where buyers do not, care to buy,
ami holders are unwilling to sell.
At tin* close of the week prices wen*'
No. 1 hard, 72Yfl\ 1 northern,CI'"!'v.:
and 2 northern, 88%C in Store Fort
William, Port Arthur or Duluth, de-
livi.ry first half of April, and •%c over
these prices for May.
Country Wheat—Market nominal,
owing to bud roads.
Liverpool Prices—"Slo, l northern
spring     Wheal   sold  at  Liverpool  on
Saturday at lis id.
Fl.oui'-Ogihis's Hungarian Patent
11.05    per    sack    of  UK  lbs ;   l.lenoru
Patent, SI .HO: Alberta, $1,80; Manitoba, Si.40; Imperial xxxx. $1.30
M1LLFEED— Bran, in bulk, per ton
$14.50; aborts, '-ncsu. Delivered in
bags,  the prices are $1.50 higher.
OHOUND FKKU-Oat chop is quoted at J}27 [ier ton delivered to tIntrude; barley chop, %2'2 per ton;
mixed barley uud oats, $25 per ton;
oil cake- '■''7 per ton.
OATS—Sellers are asking 45 to
50c per bus. for seed oats; 85 to 88c
bushel for feed grades in car lots on
track in Winnipeg. Prices being paid
to farmers at country points for No.
2 while oats range around 28 to
31c, Brandon rate of freight.
BARLEY—Supplies are light and
the price has gone up 1 to 2c per
bushel for feesl barley, which is now
quoted at 38 to 40c per bushel for
suitable barley. Seed barley is worth
from 40 to 42 cents per bushel.
HAY—The floods in the country
districts have destroyed large quantities of hay, and the prise has advanced accordingly. Baled hay is
worth S'i to Sts.50 per  ton.
DRESSES) MEATS-Bcef, city dressed. 7 to 8c per pound; country, V4°
under thi'se prices; veal, 8 to 0c:
mutton.  8c; lambs, 8c*;  hogs, "i\'.,c.
BTJTTEBs— Creamery—There is very
little creamery to be had as milk is
scarce and local factories are only
making a very small quantity of
butter, not enough for their regular
customers. Winnipeg buyers are paying 24c per lb. net for their supplies at present.
BpTTER—Hairy—Wholesale deulers
are paying 22      rents        per
pound', commission basis, fur ono.
butter In tills, bricks or prints; 18
to 18c for ordinary qualities, while
seconds are only worth 10 to 12c
per pound, and some of the receipts
slo not bring that much.
POULTRY-Presh killed chickens 11
to 12i.*sC per pound, delivered here;
slacks and geese, 10 to lie; anil turkeys,  12V** to 14c.
fllRESi-i—.lubbers are getting 11' *.
to 12V4P per pound fssr cheese.
Stosks now in hand are from Ontario.
BM8—The market is steady, at
12c per dozen, commission basis,
which means !• to 10c per dozen In
farmers at country psiints
POTATOES— Farmers' loads, delivered in Winnipeg, are worth 20 to
30c per bushel.
HIDES— No. 1 inspected hides, ii*'e
per lb delivered in Winnipeg; No, 2,
51 ic;    No.    .">,   41,4c;  kips and  calves
same    price;   deakins,    ito
horsehides.  50c to SI.
WOOL—Market nominal,
TAI.LOW—The local  price
low  is 4V*a l" 5c per poiinsl.
tss   40c:
fin'   tal-
CATTLE—Beef cattle are scarce all
over the country. Buyers are paying as high as 4'!',c per pound for
fat cattle for their regular trade,
anil thu range of prices is 1 lo «l'.,t-.
according lo quality, off cars here.
Stockers are worth $14 to $18 per
head for yearlings, and *?18 to $20
fsir two year aids.
HOQ8—The market is st.'..sly at
lie per pound for choice packing hogs
delivorcd at Winnipeg.
Fly   I'lilslsiK.
There Is no doubt that certain flies
are best ndnpled to different t-ciisuns,
times of dny ninl conditions of weather, but n dozen Hies of different names
will fully answer nil of these require*
tnents. An angler's Hies resemble imlh-
lug when enst upon the water,    Tliey
are simply 0 something which attracts
the trout. Color bus more nllureineiit
than form, nnd ns there nre not so
many colors there Is no use for many
flies. The general rule Is for light lib's
on dnrlt days and dark sir darkish flies
on light days. Sizes are more to be
considered than form and mixture lu
makeup. A large trout wants some*
thing worth his making an effort lo secure. It Is doubtless true that nn arbitrary cast of tiles cannot he made
UP which will bo adapted to all witters.
Il«*«*«a  nnsi  Turnips.
Beets  aud   turnips   keep  tho
pure nud Improve the appetite.
Ilanlfah, the founder of tho Haul-
fltes, the most ancient of the four sects
nf orthodox Mussulmans, did uot no
eept  ths1 doctrine of absolute prides
t.tiation.   iiis commentary on the Koran was entitled "The Help."
CATTLB— IU'S'f cattle are scarce all
over the country. Buyers are paying us high as 4'"*4c per pound for
fat cattle for their regular trade,
and the range of prices is 4 to 4'iC
according to iiwality, off cars here.
Stockers arc worth S14 to S10 per
head for yearlings, and $18 to $20
for two year aids.
• SHEEP—Sheep are not plentiful,
and the regular quotation is in the
neighborhood of 5c per pound delivered here.
When the bad men combine, the
goosl must associate, else they will
fall one by one an unpitiable sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.-
Well-known Throughout Canada As
One of Canada's Commissioners
to the Paris Exposition—His
Statement is a Very Valuable
One and Has Been Read With
Much   Interest.
Toronto, April 5.—(Special).—Mr.
.1. ll Jardine, whose statement as
to the wonderful curative and tonic
properties of Dodd's Kidney Pills
has been published in many of the
paper-), is a resident of this city,
city. His home is at 305 Crawford
Mr. Jardine was chosen as one of
the Canadian Commissioners to tho
Paris Exposition two years ago, and
performed the onerous duties of that.
office with honor to himself and
credit to his country.
It is to his experience in the French
capital at this time that Mr. Jardine makes particular reference in
published staeement in which he
says :
"During my stay in Paris I felt
(|Uite run down owing to the coin-
to the complete chango and to the
worries and work of our businesa
there. 1 suffered not a little with
backache, with a general feeling of
depression and I found Dodd'a Kidney  Pills  invaluable.
"i had learned tho value of this
medicine before going to Europe as
I bail it very successfully fsir backache, which I found it relieved al-
mosl instantly. So when I went to
Paris 1 was careful to take with me
some of this my favorite remedy.
"Every time I was threatened with
a return of the trouble 1 uss*d a few
they slid not disappoint me. They
are the best medicine 1 know of tss
tone up the system generally, unsl
tbey do certainly relieve backache
What Mr. Jardine bus said is amply borne out by many Others in this
city whose experiences have been
and are being published from day to
day. Dodd's Kidney Pills arc certainly without an espial us a medicine for those who are "tired jut,"
"run  down"  or  "usesl  up."
Dodd's Kidney Pills have been s'n-
slorsi'd most heartily bv all classee.
Cas*!/ tftty, "V*^ M
Page Woven Wire Fence
Owinir to tho visrisii..:ji.h of tlio Canadian climate.
. coiiB'sicrablo allowance must be made iu all feucesv
s : 5 -i-Ui-L| 11 ** •"■•TTTI =i r"r contraction and expansion, which makes sn ov-
=,^t_fcfc.' -j^s, v-EL:.^-*_CJ_ Ul; Uinnry wire fence unserviceable, as when it sipnnd-s
i t bos'omsn bo loose as to prove of little value. Note
1 hecontlnnons coll S9fi "**?a^--^!*J=^this makes it clastio ond Belf-regulating. lhe Page
Wiro Fence is randoof "Page" wire, which is twice as strong ss ordinary wire. Prices are
particularly low tliislscason. 50,000 miles of Page fences now ln ure. We ateomake Oatcs
Ornams-ntiil Fences and Poultry Nottini*. Tha PaflU V'ire Fence Co.. L'mltad.WiilVervllla.O-it. 8
BOSS & BOSS.  General Agents. Pox 633. Winnipeg. Man
No mun is so Insignificant us to be
sure his example can do no hurt.—
Lord Clarendon.
U M-iii direct tc tha dlaeaseS
naru by the Improved lilower.
Heals the ulcei s, clean tlis air
passages, stops droppings la tha
throat anil pcrmaiiantlT sures
Catarrh and ilayFcv*r. Blower
free. All ds-alers, or Dr. A. W. Chase
Meslicine Cu., Toronto uxd liulialc.
Put a seal upon your lips and forget what, you have done. Afler you
have been kind, after love has stolen
forth into the world, and done its
beautiful work, go back into the
shade again and say nothing' ubout
it. Love hides even from itself.—
Professor  Driimmond.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
It is a noble and great thing to
cover tho blemishes and excuse the
failings of a friend: to draw n curtain before the stains, and to display his perfection ; to bury his
Weaknesses in silence, but lo proclaim his virtues on the house-top.
As Paraielee's Vegetable Pills sjontaln mandrake nnd dandelion, they curo liver and kidney
.•omplaints with unorrinif certainty. Thoy also
•outain routs and herhs which havo specific
virtues trulv wonderful in their action on the
stomach nnd bowels. J'r. E. A. Cairncros-s,
Shakospoaro, writes :—" I consider Parmelee's
Pills au cr.collor.t remedy for biliousnosi nnd
dsTins-cmpist et the livor, having used them myself for Lunvj time."
Dreams  go  by  contraries    and  the
man who indulges in day dreams is
always contrary.
We  11 re
what  we
shaped   and   fashioned
What man is there over whose
mind a bright spring morning slos'S
not exercise a magic  influence,
Private credit is    wealth,    public
honor   is   security;   the   leather    that
adorns the royal bird    supports its
iliglit ;  strip him ssf his plumage,ami
vou tix him to the earth.—Junius.
Fnlherlraa Clsllslreii  In Japan.
Japan has only one orphanage, vol
In no other land are fatherless children
better eared for. Every family cares
for the sick, destitute or orphan! nearest to It. There Is a superstition that
a childless house is accursed, nnd people who are not blessed with children
nf their own never ivst till they have
adopted sumo waif.
African   lllvera.
All rivers of Aftieti have a marked
peculiarity. They seek lhe ocean furthest from their source.
Sir, 1 have just come round myself
to tell you that you have absolutely
spoilesl 11 pair of blankets on me.
1 have !
Yes. sir.  you have !
Surely you  are mistaken,  madam !
1 am not mistaken. 1 semi round
my little girl a few days ago for a
good strong soap to mush out some
heavy things, in all Innocence 1
us.'il what you sent me. anil the ro*
sult is that my blankets are jusl the
skeleton ssf what they were. They
ure ruined, sir, anil it's your fault I
Yes, but I sent what I usually
semi in BUCh eass's.
What you usually semi !   Xo won-Imaterials,
dor Mrs. Moore,  my neighbor, com-|strong by
plains  ssf  her  skit lies   Wearing  suit;   1
that v. hut c solsl you Injured your
Dut, madam, l always give my customers what they ask tor, 11. il .von
named n particular brand nl soup
you would have had ii
Named a particular brand I How
w.ia I to know anything of brands 7
Hut   I   know   belter  now,  ami I know
what ruined my  blankets—and   my
hands  ure  In  a  nice plight   too  '
1 can assure you. madam, that it is
not my desire to sell anything that
will be Injurious to either the hands
or clothing of my customers, and I
shall be glad lo know how yssu prow
find yon usually semi hot' the same
blankets and your hands,
Well, 1 was telling Mrs. Neill my
trouble, and she lent me a little cutting, and here it is; you can read It:
"Dr. Stevenson Macadam, Liocturer
on chemistry. Burgeon's Hall. Edinburgh, describes the destructive property of soda upon wool vs'iy graphically,
"AftiT mentioning how strong alkali such as potash ami soda, disastrously affect sot ton, lins'ti and wool,
he says   :
"On one occasion 1 employed this
property of soda in a useful way.
There was a large quantity Of new
blankets sent to one of our hospitals, which When given OUt, were
saisl bv the patients to be not so
warm ns the Old blankets were, ami
(hat led to an invest igat inn ns to
whether the blankets wen* genuine
or not. They looked well, and
weighed properly, and 1 got a blanket sent to me for examination and
analysis. Wi> found soon that there
was  cotton   mixetl    wilh     Ibe  WOOl,
and I lie question was as lo separating the two, because they were thoroughly woven throughout, and il
was only by detaching lhe fine fibres
from each other that you identified
ths* cottsm fibre. 1 fell mi tin' device
of using sosla. I tsisik a bit of blanket and put it in a vessel wilh soda,
antl boiled it there, and very ipiirk-
ly the wool got eaten nway by the
soda, ami there was left behind thc
cotton as a kind sif skeleton—a sort
sif ghost—of the original blanket out
of which it was taken. I mention
this merely to Indicate to you the
pernicious   effects   of  using  caustic
Which,     When     employed
themselves, affect woollen
articles in this way, and which, s'ven
I When    nsit  very     strong,   will     mors'
slowly, but   wiih    equal   certainty,
tend to destroy ihe woollen fibre."
Now, 1 want In I• -11 .Mm that WC
neighbors have bail a talk OVOT the
matter, and we are not going to
have our clothes ami hands ruined In
this way. Several of our neighbors
who have provod lo us lhat Washing Sodas, Potash. Chlnrisls' of l.itilo,
und "snaii BUbStltUtOS" are most injurious to clothes anil hands. "Free
alkali" in soaps is practically the
Caustic soda lliat burns the clothoS
Why, you dare not kivp caustic ssula
in a tin canister; it must be in an
earthen inr. or it will even corrode
tbs' tin ! Now, it's (or you to prsi-
I visls* lis with pure soap without frs'e
alkali, or we must find it elsewhere.
Madam, you enlighten me I Bo
imany soaps me advertised at pure,
tlmt I really took little heed to any
difference between them,
l im vs* sine, however, that has medical certilicaIes of its freedom from
1 free alkali, lt is guaranteed pure;
and the niaki'is otTs*r $S,000 reward
to any one who can prove that it is
not pure, anil further, 1 am authorized to ret urn ths* purchase money
lo any one finding cause for complaint.
Let tne see it ! Why, Sunlight
Soap ! It's a beautiful clean, fresh-
looking soap, and this Octagon
shape is \er.v hanily. Cive me live
Sote by thi) sjrrooer.—This whole nolshbor.
bosxl Is nslna Bunlbtht Soap now. I hnve no
more complainU I hnvs no room la my store
now for resinous concoctions of alkah nolsonst
bat It U not the grocers nut itta** public nro
untMlsxl wilh I'ninnion soaps. If the public nsk
for Sunlight Soap—oct iijou bar—an givo it
lt is only by thinking about great
and goosl things that wo come to
love them, and it is only by loving
them that we come to long for them,
and it, is only by longing for them
that we nil* Impelled to seek after
them.—II.  Van   Dyke.
ells     How     Her    Baby     of    Eight
Months Profited by Wise
Teething time is the critical age in
a child's life. Any slight disorder in
the stomach or bowels at that timo
greatly increases tho peevishness of
the little one, and may have serious
und even fatal results. It is impossible to take too great care of your
baby's health during this period, and
no better remedy than Baby's Own
Tablets is known for the minor ailments of childhood. Among the
mothers who have proved the worth
of this medicine is Mrs. It. McMas-
ter, Cookstown, Ont. Her littlo
baby girl was suffering from the
combined trials if indigestion, constipation and teething, and the
mother's strength was severely taxed
by the continuous care the child
needed A box of Baby's Own Tals-
lets, however, made such an improvement that Mrs. McMustor is
now enthusiastic in their praise.
"It gives me great pleasure to testify to the value of Baby's Own Tuls-
lets." she writes : " My baby of
eight months was much troubled
with constipation anil indigestion,
and wns very restless at night. I
procured a bssx of llaby's Own Tali-
lets, and the results were so satisfactory that I have not used any
other meslicine since. My baby girl
is now regular and healthy, and getting her teeth seems much easier
ami she rests a great ileal better.
These Tablets are a great help to
little ones when teething."
Baby's Own Tablets are guaranteed to contain no opiate or other
harmful slrug. They produce natural
sleep, because they regulate the
stomarh and bowels anil comfort the
nerves. They promptly curo such
troubles as colic, sour stomach, constipation, diarrhoea, worms, indigestion and simple fever. They break
up colds, prevent croup and allay the
irritation accompanying the cutting
of teeth Dissolved in water, they
can be given with absolute safety to
lhe youngest infant. Sold by druggists, or sent postpaid at 25 cents a
box. by addressing the Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont. Frs>«
sample sent on application. Mention
this paper.
Nothing excs'pt a battle lost can be
half so melancholy as a battle won.
There never ivaa, and never will bo, a
universal panacea, in one ri'imdy, for all ills
to whieh flesh is he'.r—tho very nature of
many curatives btiug cuch that wero the
germs of olher and dillerently eentcd diseases rooted in tlio system of tlu patient—
what would relic, j one ill in turn would ng-
gravato the other. We havo, however, In
Quinine Wino, when obtainable in a sound
unadulterated state, a renudy fur many and
grievous ills. By its gradual and judicious
uso the frailest systems are led into convalescence and strength by tho influence which
Quininooxorts on nature's own restoratives,
lt relieves the drooping spirits of those with
whom a chronic state of morbid despondency and lack ssf interest in life Is a disease,
and, by tranquilizing the nerves, disposes to
-sound and refreshing sloop—imisarts vigor
lo tho action of tho blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout tho wins,
btrsngthenlng tbo healthy animal functions
of tho system, thoroby making activity a
necessary result, strengthening tho frame,
and giviag life to tho digestivo organs, which
naturally demand incrensesi snhstniu-e—result, improved appetite. Northrop A Lyman,
of Toronto hnvo given to tho public their
superior Quinine Wino at tho usual rate, and,
gnugi'd by tho opinion of scientist*'., this
wine approaches nearest perfection of any in
tlio market.   All druggists sell it.
There never was a gosid war or
bad peace—Benjamin Franklin.
Mcaars. Northrop A "Lyman sflo. nre the
proprietors of Dr. 'I'hsnms' Kcloctrle Oil.which
la now being sold in immoiisso nnn"titltJ
throtuchout ths) Dominion. It iswsslcoined hy
tho stilTiirhiff nivalis! everywhoro withomsslloin
of sloliKht, hi'i'iiuho it hanishi'S pain and OifM
Instant relief, This valuable spoolflst* for almost
'•■ivory ill that Hash Is heir to. Is valued bv tho
sulTorr-r as more precious thnn Bold, It is thu
sflsirof life to ni.'iiiv a waited frame, Totim
farmer It is iudlspoasahlo, audit should be in
•.very houso.
is philosophy
teaching   by
Content   thyself
to    be obscurely
When wnshlnifftreajy il'shosorpots nnd pans.
Lever's Dry Boap (n powder), wulremove '-in
ss i' •■ ■. -s' w ith til.'-.:, i .si ■■ i .a si.
lt Is only by Wisely training Ihe
physical, moral, and Intellectual together t li tit the lompii'te man can be
found—Samuel Smiles. 'mi'' irrtiLi.,
BLOCAN, B. C, APRIL 18. 1002.
sC. E. Smithhrixgai.i!, Editor and Prop.
fSLOCAN,      •      -       •       -      B. C.
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**ion to you that ye editor
eoniide'rs there il something
eetniag to him onyoursub-
jifTiption. Kindly acknow-
Jeslge   in cnili and oblige.
Kill! OKI AI.    ( KOIT1-KJ8.
Jim Ifill lias won out at last and
pot his charter from the Dominion
government for the V. V. & E. railway.        ________
On every possiblo occasion the opposition moves a want of confidence
in the governm nt, but Dunsmuir
-will not down, He's there to stay till
.nfter the King's coronation, unless a
-usan named Martin wills it other
Smith Curtis is doomed to come, out
second best in his impeachment cf
Premier Dunsmuir, for it looks ss if
-lie was not getting a square deal in
the copduct of his investigations. If
there has been any wrong doing by
the government, jolly good care will
be taken not to let the information
conie oat too suddenly.
Peace proposals are being consid
ered by the llritish and Hoer leaders
nt Pretoria. The latter do not quite
realize their position, as their de.
jnandsare those of conquerors rather
than tho conquered. In the meantime the British arc harrying the
[Boers >n the Held in all directions
and are rapidly diminishing their effective force. "There'sonly room for
one out thcro and that's.John Dull.''
A good, Bound and level headed
•set ef mon is embraced in tlio legisln
tivo committee on mining. They
have reported to the house that they
consider it inadvisable to make any
changes in the mineral and placer
mining acts during the present session. Such wisdom is remarkable
and merits perpetuation. Peace and
tranquility are assured in tho land
and no hideous dream may haunt
tho slumbers of tho timid and coveted
At no time in the history of thr
profesh have times been so rocky for
.the newspapermen in British Columbia as at present, particularly in the
interior. Following upon the collapse
of flie Nelson Tribune, comes the de
raise uf the Goldon Era, while the
-Canterbury Outcrop announces its
impending dissolution. At least hall
a dozen other plants are on the market for gale, not to mention the innumerable job outfits scattered here
and there ovor the earth's surface.
. Glory is thc chief ssict ofthe provincial seribes.
•JVhat news has percolated thronjh
from Kamloops, bears out the forecast mado of the success of the labor
and reform convention there meeting
. this week. Every part of the pro
vinec, excepting the remote northern
districts, is represented, GI delcRate-s
having been in attendance on Tues
day. At present writing it is no!
known what is the full outcome ot
the deliberations, but independent
notion in politics is foreshadowed.
One striking and advanced step has
been taken, in adopting the plank ol
woman suffrage. The convention
appears to bo acting with great judg
ment and tho result will bo such as
to ensure harmonious and united ac
tion throughout the province by ull
tho disciples of ndvanced thought.
The C.P.R. have resumed their
Lardo service, commencing April 14,
to twice a week,Mondays and Thursdays, on the present schedule.
Thc Cave and Home Run claims at
New Denver are preparing small
shipments of ere.
Agent Moir has sent his household
belongings over to Nakusp.
A butter famine exists in the burg.
.Subscribe for Tint Dbili..
John Black, license inspector, was
here yesterday.
Invitations are out for the celebration at Kaslo on May 21,
Dr. LaBau, Nelson's oldest physi
cian, is removing to Seattle.
The White-York block looks pretty
nobby in its new dress of paint.
Born.—In New Denver, on the 12tli
inst., the wife of C. E. Strickland, of
a son.
C. G. Green, a nephew of W. A.
Harvey, arrived in on Monday from
London, Eng.
This Friday evening the Socialist
league will hold a two-bit concert in
the Union hall.
Part ofthe grocery stock of the Cooperative Association store arrived in
on Wednesday.
Tho bed of Springer creek has
been straightened, in order to better
protect the bridge.
Sandon city council and Johnnie
Harris have renewed their old scrap
about electric lights,
Tho last remains of the old skating
rink have been cleared away, thus
removing an eyesore.
The M. U. hospital board has purchased tho lot between that institution and Knox church.
James Baker, one of Slocnn's delegates, wns chosen ehnirman of tho
Kamloops convention.
The telegraph wires wore down in
all directions I'or several days, as a
result of Friday's storm.
The grounds surrounding the depot
are being cleared up and will be
permanently beautified.
Supt. Marpole s ys the C.P.R, will
spend $l,iS00,000 on improvements in
llritish Columbia this year.
A. David's tailor shop, Delaney
ave, has been painted in harmony
with the Oddfellows' block.
Last Friday night's storm was
about tho worst experienced in the
country since tlie cyclone of '94.
Thos. Brown, George Huston and
R.D.Trevor have been elected school
trustees at Sandon by Reclamation.
Saturday's train and bo.it service
was sadly demoralized, owing to the
big storm. Thc N. & S. road was
blocked by fallen trees.
Mrs. W. Seaman leaves today for
Kasle, where she will  reside in lu
turc.   Her removal will he regretted
by a large circle of friends.
Dad Allen bad a tough time in taking his pack train over land to the
Sitiiilkaineen, having to go through
six feet uf snow near Cascade,
It. H. Trueman, pFritographor.wIll
visit Slocan en April 22 to 24 See
our special enlargement with one
dozen cabinets.   This visit enly.
At a ping pong tournament at II**)'-
cvon last week, Hon. T. M. Daly, if
Rossland, won thegent's-isingles, and
Mrs. Astley, Phoenix, the lady's.
A. Harlow and family came in on
Monday evening. Mr. Harlow spent
the winter at college at Walla Walla,
Wash,, and his family at Nakusp.
Dad Black and J. Otto, of Ferguson, were visitors in thc city on
Tuesday. They were sized up for
New York capitalists by the unitiat-
Harry Gibson returned Mondav
evening from a three months' visit to
Quebec, New York and Ontario
points. Yc editor's thanks are due
him for some elegant maplo sugar.
Tho pisscngcr service put up by
tho C.P.R. just now on the lake and
the N. & S. Is bum, its chief merit
lying in its beautiful uncertainty, at
Supt. Downie realized Saturday,
when held up at Sandon.
Rev. J. Irvine, of Vancouver, provincial organizer for tlse Foresters,
was in the city over Sunday. He is
endeavoring to resuscitate the order
throughout Kootenay, but finds it
hard work, owing mainly to defective organization in the past.
Dr. Forin has been appointed medical examiner for the fourth contin-
g-ent of Canadian troops to be Fent to
South Africa. Recruiting in eastern
It C. will take place nt Kamloops,
Sicamous, Revelstoke, Golden, Hots-
lund, Fort Steele and Cranbrook,
It is rated thnt Chew Bros., of
Midland, Ont., are about to close a
deal fur the purchase of Hill Ilros.'
•j.iwinill and limits at the head ofthe
lake. Tho purchasers are said to be
arranging with the railway people
to export 1,000,000 feet of" lumber
After paylner $1&9.510 in death
claims, $163,480 for matured endow-
meniB, $59,286 in annuities imd purchased policies, and all expenses of
management, and adding §463,366 to
reserve, the Mutual Life of Canada
made a clear profit In 1*>01 of$l5l,-
876. This profit is the nxe! tisi ve property of policy holders. To obtain a
share in the profits, get a policy in
tho company. W. J. Twiss, of Kaslo,
is the general agent, so send to him
and get fixed up. Y**u will never
regret it.
sociatlon, was present and addressed
the meeting, explaining the aims
and objects of the organization. A
free discussion followed and then •'<
resolution was passed to organize and
affiliate with Nelson. A membership
li t was opened and freely Bigned.
The officers appointed were: Dr.
Forin, president; II. R. Jorand.
secretary** T. J. Batv, treasurer;
Geo. Nichol, C. W. Harrington, Geo.
Henderson, A. York, W. T. Shatford
andC. E. Smitherinj-ale, eommittee.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Dissolution Notice.
XTOTICE is hereby pi van that ths partnership
ll heretofore subsisting between tha unrtar-
signed, s'arrjing on business na Druggists, at
Slocan, in Wost Knotouny, under tha firm name
of J. L. White A Co., is tliis day dissolved by
nutunl consent. ,   .        ..
All debts due to the said firm are to be paid
to the undersigned, John A. Andssrson, who will
pav all the debts of tho said tlrm.
Dated the 1st day of January, A.D. 1902.
B.C'.G. Whitb,(       J. L. WHITE
A. Yoke.
for $18.25.
Why bo without a rango when
you can get one so cheap ? The*<
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up freo.
H. J.
Certificate of Iambi*
Two Fssi'Siilis Mlnn-ssl Clulm.
Situate in tho Sloi'an City Mining Division of tlio West Kootenay District
Where located:—Enst of Arlington
D:\sin, Springer creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Heri.ert T.
Ttvigg, fluent for Archibald York, free
miner's certificate No 014875; Walter
T. Rhntfonl, free miner's certilicate No.
1122117; James W. Moffatt, free miner"*
certificate Ko. B50189'; Peter MoVelith,
freo miner's corfHiCato No. IW3529; Wil-
linn. .1 Andrews, free miner's certificate
No. B3-S8G4; nn«l James E. Tattersall,
Freo Minor's Carti.learn No. IWo.'lO",
intehd, sixty days trom the 'l«te hereof,
to apply t tho mining recorder for (•.certificate of Improvements, for tin purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And farther tnko notico Hint action,
uniler section 37, must be commenced
before the issuaiicfTof sucli certificate of
Dated this lTlhrfavof .April, 1002.
18*4-02    HERBERT T. TWUiG, Agent
Tout-let Aaessclatlon Forsssed.
Monday afternoon a largely at
tended meeting was held in thc Ar
lington hotel for the purpose of form-
ing a tourist association. W. A.
Jowelt, secretary of the Nolson as-
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby i*iv,-n to the
*- Electors of the Municipality of the City of
Slocan, that I retiuirc the pressmen of snid Electors", at the building situato on Lot 9, Block H.
Slocnn, on tho 21th slny of April, 1902, sit 12
o'clock noon, for the purpose sif electing a per-
»on to represent them in tho Municipal Council
na Mnyor,
Tha mo'le of nominntion of cansliilntes shall
bo as follows:
The canslislatos shall he nominates! in STriting;,
tha writing shall he subscrilseil hy two voters of
the Municipality as proposer anil sncs.nslcr, nn.l
shall bo delivered to <he Betnrntns Officer al
any time betsvei'n the slate of tlio notice 11111I2
p.m. of the slny ofthe nomination, mist iu ths*
event of a poll Isi'lna; necessary, such poll will
he open on Hie 2.SII. (|uy 0f April, 1KI2, at snisl
biiihliiiK. of which overy penon Is hereby required to tako notico nud govern himself accordingly,
The porsons qualified to be nominuted for ansl
electesl Mayor of such City at the snisl ilnction.
shall be such porsons ns nro mule llritish sub
jocts of tho full age of twenty.sine years, ami arc
not disqunliflod under nny Insv, nnd
(n.) Aro nt tho dalo of nomination this asses-
seil owners of land or rnal property in
tho city of tho vnluo of one thousand
dollars ovor and above nny registered
incumbrances, and aro otherwise qunll-
fled to vote ot such election; or
(b.) Who nro at tha date of nomination, the
solo tenants in possesalon of laud sir mat
property in tho city of tho valuo of two
thoii.sand dollars, under lease in writing
of not less thnn ono year, and are otlior-
wiso qualified to vote nt such eloction |
(c.) Who oro, nt thn date of nomination, the
member!Of a partnership firm, or shareholders of a joint stock company, which
Is, nt tbe snld dalo of nomination, the
assessed owner sif land sir renl property
in the city of tho valuo of one thousand
dssllars, over and above any n*glsters*sl
incumbrances, uml whim, inilividtinl interest in said partnership or compiiny
laud is sif not loss vuluo llian one thou-
sand slollnrs.anil aro othonviso qualified
to vote at Mull oleetion.
Given under my bnnd nt the City of Slocnn
Hriti.h Colombia, tho ir.th day of April, i(s02.
Hi-turning Ofdow
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B. C
J. I.
B. A. Sc
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, - K-_£'
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables.
Slocan, B. C.
General  Packing  and Forwarding attended to at tho
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,      - B. C.
To the Ladies
of Slocan   .   .
The season for Wallpaper is
here, and we'havo received
a fine line of papers from
one of the host firms in Canada. Tho prices will be
found very reasonable, especially as all ruMnnis duties
will be saved. Splendid assortment anil first class
goods. We represent no trust
but trust solely to the jiuly-
went of the people.
Stan City Miners' Ion,
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evaning
in the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Sccretar**
Sold by All Newsdealers
Furnishes Monthly te all loveii ol Soni
and Music a fast Tolume of New, Choice
Cepyrliht Compositions br tbe nx*st popular auu.ori. 64 Peges ef tflano Music,
balf Vocal, hell Instrumental—si Com pitta
Pieces for Plane—Once a Month for as
Centa. Yearlr Bubaeriptloo, $s.oo. If you
will send iu the name and addreea of Fits
performenon the Piano or Orren, we will SUM
you a copy of the Magazine Free.
J. W. PEPPER, Publlahor,
IIIhth * Locuat Ste., Philadelphia, Ps.
D. fl. Ferry's Famous Garden Seeds, Flower Seeds,
Grass Seed, Seeds in packages and 5eeds in bulk.
Onr Potato Onions a»d
Dutch Setg have arrived
in ("nod sliiipo. Leavo
your order and ensure
an early supply.
Special Sale!
Furniture !
commencing April 1. One
of the largest stocks of furniture, carpets and linoleums
in the Kooteuavs will truly
Go at Cost Price.
Now is your chance to have
your homo famished complete. Mall orders promptly
attended to.
m,   ?;,,ncART™* <* Co.
You are Invited
To examine tho best llnoofScntai,
Tweeds, English  Worsteds J5! i
Irish Worsteds erer shown in Si
ean; also all the latest desii-ni t
Panting*.   Remember, "
We are Custom Union Tailors
and thu Union Label is a guarantee ofthe bestwerkmanship, *\ye
guarantee satisfaction mid a per.
fett fit.     ____________
We have added a select line of
Compare our reasonable prices—Kj*.. i
White Shirts, $1; Collars, 15c; Regatta
Shirts, in fancy stripes,  with collars
and cuffs attached, 75c each; Under* I
wear, from $2 a suit; California Han.'
nel underwear, $4 a suit, this line be-
ing imperted direct  by eurselves, tho!
best  qua itv Black telt Hat, Union'
label $3 5rt s-^ual to the Stetson Hat
in every way.
A. DAVID, Slocan
Store: Opposite The Drill Office.
Star* slaa st Snudoa.
Do You
Want a Home ?
Then come to Slocan, for it is
ono of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting.Ro-ads, Railway
Steamboats, Churohes,Sohool
Hospital, Publio Halls and
enterprising; citrons are some
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
locan is
the Burg
Come and bo convinced that this tale if
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line; Lowest Rate*
Tores to
New York
San  'ei»co
St.   Paul,  Chicago,
and  all U. »
H * **%r%
Tourist Sleeper Service
EAST—I-eaves Dunmore Jonetion
daily. Leave* Kootenay Landing Tuesdays and Fridays.
WEST-Leaves Revelstoke dailr-
Home Seekers' Excursion tickets en sale,westbound, March 1 to April
Through bookings to Europe *■*(*»■■
Atlantic lines. Prepaid rlek»t«
from all points at lowest rates
J. S. CARTEK.     I. J. COYLS,
D.P.A., A.O. P* A.,
Nelson. Vaneouver
GEO. T. MOLR,   rtl
•.•'i-iit. Sloean City


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