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The Slocan Drill 1902-04-25

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VOL* HI.*sH.o:4.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   APRIL   25,   1902.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slocan, British Columbia.
Hardware, Tin and Graniteware
Paints, Oils, Huralo, Fishing Tackle
Wire Netting, Ore Cars, Rails, Track Iron
Sole Agents for California Giant Powder,
Gutta Peroha Fnse, Giant Caps, 3 & 4
x Caps.
Our first Spring Shipment just in, comprising
Shirt Waists,
Corset Covers, &c.
Price and quality are both interesting.
Top Skirts,
Night Gowns
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinney, B. C.
A. YORK <fe CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
SMit ai Personal luuniit of Jeff Baty,
rho i» ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
1*1* FOB CITV.
Klllot A l.s-nni. Waist Tlisilr Msiiisy at
Once—Hsito Bylaw Ros.esnea Law- No
Does! tss bo Given fur tho I'rcaent Csss-
ctery by Frank I'letchar.
Aid. McCallum alone was absent
at lust Monday night's meeting of the
city fathers.
Elliot & Lennie, Nelson, wrote:
"On thr- 9th of January last we sent
you an account for services rendered
in connection with the applications
by claimants to bo placed on the. vo
tev's list. We have net received any
acknowledgment of the account, nor
any communications whatever from
you, although wc understand the
matter has been brought to the attention ofthe council. We shall expect
to receive cheque after the next
meeting of the council in payment of
the amount, as it has been standing
for a con Iderable time,"
Aid. Nichol wanted to know who
contracted the debt, and thc chairman answered Mr, York. The bill
rendered was produced by tlie clepk.
It had been previously turned down
by the council, as having been unauthorized.
Aid. Barber was informed that no
previous notice of the account, or responsibility therefor, had been given
to or by council.
Aid. Worden moved th.it the letter
be received and filed, nnd that the
clerk inform Elliot & Lennie ofthe
action of ihe council on the bill when
first brought up. Seconded by Aid.
Smith and carried.
Aid. Smith asked for a week's extension of time far Hie board of
works to report.   Qranted.
Oa behalf of Messrs Ling and
Murphy, Aid. Barber snld thev, the
residents of Kast IXTiney uv*?, pilfj
feiTOd to wait aud have Hie street
opened full width rather than the
width nf -in alley nsat present in
bonded. Left tn the board of works-
Bylaw No. 12, f*r levying a tax
rat'.-, was taken up and reconsideriM*.
It wtii-duiv signed by 'he city dignitaries and ornamented With the corporation seal.
Thc clerk was instructed I'i call
for tenders for Some city printing,
temlsTS to close in eight days.
Aid. McCallum had s.'cn Prank
Fletcher and it wis reported for him
that Fletcher would not give deed te
present site cf cemetery, but would
grant a free site if five acres elsewhere. This startled the council
considerably, sll being under the im*
presslon that Fletcher had written
promises t,i the contrary. Matter al-
lowed to stand over till the next
Rs-turning O.fieer Foley asked for
privilege to obtain legal opinion as
to whether parties owning property
in the city and not paying taxes to
the government ■ st year had a right
tc vote at the approaching election
Aid. Nichol moved that the returning officer be instructed to obtain the
necessary legal udvlcc. Seconded by
Aid. Barber.
Aid. Worden did not think the
council had anything to do with th
day evening, at the concert given by
thc Socialist league. It proved the
most popular two bit entertainment
held here and was deservedly appreciated. Among those participating
wore Mesdames Bradshaw. Barber,
McKee and Hobbs; Misses L. York,
H. Folev, and F. Robertson; and
Messrs. Worden and Hobbs. Mrs.
Adcock and Miss Bennett were the
accompanists. The league had a
few dollars to spare over the expenses. ,
I'lHtfunil .\i!*jii!<",l  by tile   ('uisvi'isllsiu i.i
mutter, as the election
iad been left
1 ■ ■
■   ■• reached by any trail or road
■that runs into the Town.
Do not so past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
He opened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. Arthur Street s»d Dale
Building thoroughly renovated
and re st -eked with the best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these fines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
4L C. SMITH,       - SLOCAN
solely in the hands of the city clerk
by the lieutenant governor. It was
no use voting money for a needless
Aid. Nichol thought it cheaper to
get advice now and be right rather
than get In a further niix-up.
After considerable jangling over
the question tha motion was put and
carried, Aid. Smith and Woruon voting nay.
Aid. Nichol asked for a month's
leave of absence.   Granted.
Council adjourned, Aid. Smith
forestalling Aid. Nichol, who usually
attends to that business.
ottos..11.i'U mors* Or«(
The main drift on the Ottawa is in
350 feet and is gaining depth rapidly.
A crosscut has been run to the hang
in-; wall and on Friday broke into
four inches er ore, carrying 'inliiiion-
ial silver and giving very high
values. Almost all tho ore .-truck in
the main drift Uin thc floor, very
little **f it filling tothe roof. A lower
drift would undoubtedly cut Into
something pretty big.
Slocan a Hi'.riillln;; Stations
An amended order In connection
with the organization ef the regiments of mounted Infantry for South
Africa, has been Issued by the militia
department. It provides that neither
married men nor widowers will bo
accepted. Nelson, Slocan and Grand
Forks have been Includod as points
wlicm recruits will be enlisted,
Hauiniiit Oonoort,
The Union hall wm crowded Frl-
The delegates from thfl local Miners' Union and Socialist league to the
reform convention at Kamloops returned on Friday night, reporting a
successful gathering, and royal entertainment .it the hands of the good-
people of the inland capital. Sixty-
four delegates were in attendance,
representing all the labor and reform
bodies In the province. The proceedings were harmonious throughout
and were conducted in a thorough
and business like manner. It was
unanimously agreed to form a new
political party, to be known ai the
Progressive Progressive Party, and
an active interest will be taken in
the next provincial contest. Following is the platform adopted*.
1. That wo gradually abolish all
taxes on the producer, shifting them
on to land values.
2. Oovernment ownership of railways and all means of communication.
3 That the government establish
and operate smelters and refineries
to treat all kinds of mineral?.
4. That the franchise be extended
to women.
B.   The abolition of property qual
itieations for all public oflicca.
(i,   Farm   improvements,   imple
incuts and stock not to bo taxed and
wild lands to l»e assetsed at the i*rlo*
asked tor them by speculative hold
7. No land or cash subsidies.
Land* to be held for thc actual set
8 Ten per cent of all public land
to bi: iimiiriliaU'ly set aside far cilu-
c.stioniil purposes, and education s f
till children up to the aire of Hi to be
(rev. secular and eomyulsorv' text
bsiivsks, meals and clothing to be sup
plied OUt of the public funds wh iv
9. Compulsory arbitration of all
iabir disputes.
10    llestriatlon uf Oriental immigration by a law on the lines of the
Natal act,'and if said law be disallowed it be repeatedly re enacted un
til the end sought is attained,
11. That to protect us from Asia-
ties already in ihe province, the gov
eminent insert a clause in all private
acts to this effect: "This act shall b.'
noil and void if the company fails to
enter into an agreement with thc
government as to the condition ef
construction and operation;" and that
the house pass a resolution to prohibit the employment of Asiatics in all
franchises granted by the provincial
12. Conservali-m of our forest
riches, pulp la nd leases to contain n
clause for re foresting, »*o as to pro*
iliice a perennial revenue and make
pulp manufacture a growing and
permanent industry.
13. That the act compelling ths
scaling of logs by government scalers
be enforced.
11, Absolute reservation trom sailor lease of a certain part of each
known coal area, so that state-owned
mines, if necessary, may be easily
pessible In the future. Ail coal leases
or giants here 1'ier made to contain a
provision enabling the. government
te ii***. ths- price of coal loaded on oars
or vessels for shipment to B.C. consumers,
15. Municipal and public control
ofthe lii-nor traffic.
in. The right to a referendum
where ii valuable subsidy or franchise is to DC conferred.
17. That till transportation companies be compelled to give free
transportation to members ofthe legislative. . ssembly and supreme court
and county judges.
J8. Election day to be a public
holiday and provisions made that
every employee shall be free from
service at least four consecutive
hours during polling time.
Resolutions wero also passed favor
Ing SOhool boohs being published in
the province*, condemnlnganthorltleB
for not enforcing alien labor law;
government ownership ef telegraphs;
Dominion government be asked to
legalize anion label, and  that the
same be placed on provincial gov
ernment printing; rigid enforcement
ofthe  Sundav  observance  I aw; en-
dorsatlon of tho Workmen's Compon*
Batten act and the act respecting actions against Trades Unions and
kindred associations now before the
legislature; censure of governments
for Indlffercuce to working people;
government legislation making noli-
payment of wages a crime,
The thanks of the convention were
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
extended to the following Lal-tees*-*.-
pers for their advocacy of Labor interests: The Vancouver Independent,
Sandon Paystreak, Nanaimo Herald,
Kamloops Sentinel, Rossland World,
Lardeau Eagle, Slocan Drill, Hoy io
Leader, Revelstoke Herald, and the
Kootenay Mail.
The officers elect are; President,
Chri3 Foley, Rossland; vice, James
Wilks, Rossland; secretary, D. J.
McNivon. Victoria; executive council, II. Buckle, Nanaimo; J. B, Watson, Vancouver; D. W. Stevens, of
Kamloops; and T. Buckton, of Phoenix.
Another Big Dollclt   Asiliclpistasl  by  the
Appended is an estimate of the receipts and expenditures ef the province for tho year ending June 30,
1003, a deficit being anticipated of
upwards of $250,000:
Interest from Dom.gov,
$ 29,151 05
Subsidy from same
35,000 00
Per capita grant
1*11,817 GO
Railway lands
100,000 00
Land sales
80,000 (X)
Land revenue
37,000 00
Timber revenue
80,000 00
Survey fees
500 00
200 00
Timber leases
110,003 00
Free miners' certificates
100.000 00
Mining receipts
175,000 00
80,000 00
Marriage licenses
Real Property tax
210,000 00
Personal property tax
140,000 (X)
Wild land tax
130,000 00
Income tax
55,000 00
Tax sale deeds
100 00
Commission on tax sales
300 00
Revenue tax
150,000 00
Mineral tax
130,000 00
Revenue service refunds
500 CO
Fines, forfeitures, etc.
Law stamps
14,000 00
Probate fees
10,000 00
Registry fees
80,000 01
Bureau of mines
1500 00
Hospital for the insane
10,0U0 00
Provincial home
500 00
Printing ollice
15,000 00
Sale, of gov. property
500 03
Reimbursements in aid
4000 00
Interest on sinking fund
35,500 00
Chinese Restriction Act
40,000 00
Fisheries, etc.
35,000 00
Succession dutv
20.000 00
Coal lax and royalty
130.000 OD
20,000 00
Total,                          $
Public debt
$493,140 31
Civil gov., salaries
.Justice, salaries
121,113 00
44,195 00
Public institutions
Hospitals and charities
74,800 00
Justice,other than salaries
21,200 00
Revenue services
17,000 00
Public works
137,570 00
Total,                         t2s,466.127 81
Appropriations to all tho ridings
have been greatly reduced, the Slocan being allotted only $1 ft, 003. In
the school grant this city will get
$1150, which is $110 more than the
estimate put in by the trustees.
There is no mention made of anv
special work in this vicinit*".
MIMNIi    ItllOIlK'*.
ions records registered at the looal regis
try office, II. P. Christie being mining
I.Rat Tear'a Shipment. Wrr. 6514 Tona—
A lis- .Illsy Evidence or the Mr. and
W.sklth or th. Cstnip—Arllngt.n th*
Blfg.at Shipper.
Not a pound of ore was moved from
the division during the week, the
cause being the wretched condition
of thc roads. The Enterprise is managing to fet a little down and will
have a car to go forward next week,
but the Arlington does not expect to
handle any for some time. The reg-
ular shippers have an abundance of
ore on hand, so that shipments will
continue nil through the season.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tonB, made
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled Cs529 tons, froia
14 properties. Following is a full
list ot the shipments this year to
Arlington  1091
Enterprise  280
Ottawa  7
Neepawa  60
May  »
Paystreak  5
Duplex  7
The Payne concentrator is to start
up next month.
Shipments from thc Slocan for the
year amount to 8*100 tons.
Some ore is being met with in the
lower drift on the Neepawa.
Another $6000 dividend has just
been paid by the Sunset mine.
Two -*eet of snow has fallen in the
hills during the last fortnight.
Silver dropped to 50J Monday, but
has since recovered to about 52.
Jim Hill is reported to have secured control of the Granby smelter.
For the year to date the Ramblcc
Caribou has shipped 12GO«tons of ore.
Alex. Stewart commenced Work
Monday on his claims near the
The Monitor has four feet of solid
galena iu sight, which also carries
$20 in gold values.
Supplies to the Arlington and Speculator have to be packed up. the
roads being in such bad shape.
R.J.McPhee has rone to the American Bov as superintendent. Angus
McLean has taken his place at the
All bids put in for the Republic
rond have been sent on to the company and the award has not yet beeu
Several of the men came down
from the Enterprise Saturday, being
dissatisfied with the quality of tho
grub supplied.
Four men are working on the Ohio
& Mabou group, above the Enter-
prlso, A cross.ut is being: run in to
catch the Neepawa vein nt 200 feet
depth. The drift is in 130 feet and
will cut the vein In another 75 feet.
Tom Waring went up the hill on
Tuesday to assist the Tattersall boys
,  , | on the. Myrtle group, he owning ad-
Api-.eii.l»diHfteotnplptehstofthsvar-|joi|1,nc vVopc.m,.    A  s|mft *,ag been
sunk 50 feet nnd a crosscut driven,30
feet through tbe ledge without finding a wall,   lt is a big thing.
A. York, ,T. ('.. McCallum and II.
apl 14—Iron Horse. P. Christie went to Nelson on Mon -
15—White Sparrow,Torpedo and Pay-, day to meet Government Agent Chip-
17—International, Happy Medium and
Vevey, four vents eaoh.
Ai'l 16—Black Ptinco ami Clipper ri,
Mux Heckmann to Robert C Andrews,
17—l.ilv, 1) <' flilchrlst to D C Mc*
Clialg «■•»"■ to l> 1> MiTliei«on J; lo A
Wallace 1*0} and to 1>J Weir }-3.
Allen Labor Ai-t Anii.i.dsno.st.
Ralph Smith in the house of com
mens has brought in an amendment
to the Alien Labor Act. giving the
application of the Inw to the minister
nt labor r ther than the minister of I Sincerely yours,
justice. Commissioners would he sent
out to report on each industrial dispute to the department, Where the
evidence is sufficient, the minister
will deport the aliens regardless of
any other provisions in thc act.
man relative to the Chapleau troubles, The $8000 of government road
money was paid over and distributed
among th*! creditors. There is a
strong probability of the Chapleau
companv paving up the balance of
the mine's indebtedness at an early
Editor DkiLLi
Sir,—The members of the Slocnn
Socialist League desire to extend
their most sincere thanks to all and
everyone of those, who so kindly and
ably assisted in making the concert
a   success  on last Friday evening.
On Monday Capt. Curtis received
word from tho militia department
that he had betn appointed officer in
Charge Of tho recruiting station at
this point (or the fourth South African contingent, The recruiting books
were opened en Wednesday.
0. L. McCarl, an employee on the
Slocan, laid  a complaint against A*
Lind on  Monday evening, charging
bim  with assault.   The case came.
before Justices Folev and Ball, but.
was not proven, so the complainant
was out the costs,amounting to $(.i\7.r*.
Tha Oddfellows  Society  will hold
I their annual church parade next Sunday afternoon,   to the Presbyterian
I church.
The Orangemen  will celebrate ft"*
I Eevelstok") on July 12*  , *f*I**^!**»*+*M***I**H*«>'M***l
Copyright, 1601, by
A Ilnrle O. Cuminins
£ ••■•m**'''*!-**"**"!-'**.****^ !
The Invitation I found waiting me
on my return from a trip south was a
great surprise. I had been private secretary to Colonel Wade for a little over
six mouths, but that was certainly no
reason why his wife should have Included tne In her list of guests.
It wns to be a masque ball, and I
hail nothing to wear. The affair was
to take place that very night, and the
fact that I was half In love with Miss
Dorothy, the colonel's oldest daughter,
iniulo nie hurry down to a eostutner's
shop. M- Clausen shook his head as
he surveyed my five feet six.
"I have nothing that will fit you, sir,"
be said, "unless you will take this
green devil costume, There were three
of the devils ordered, but two of the
gentlemen enme In yesterday and told
nie that their friend wns slek and
wouldn't be able to use this suit, so
It's on  m,v hands.    Vou  may have It
for $5. It's dirt cheap at thnt price,
but It's so small I wouldn't stand a
chance of gettiug back tho cost cf the
cloth renting It.   What do you say?"
I snid "Yes" Immediately on seeing
the costume. It was n Kiddy affair
with Its livid green color. Its long,
stuffed tall with a fork at the end and
two little horns projecting f>*nm tho
I paid M. Clausen his price, congratulating myself on getting a flue
suit so cheaply, and hastened hack to
niy rooms to try on ray purchase.
When ( presented myself at the
Newbury street house at 9 o'clock that
uight, Colonel Wade greeted me In the
hall facetiously.
"Ah! So wo nre to be honored with
other members of the fnuilly? Two of
your brothers nre already here. You're
Dr. Swain, I'll wnger."
If tbe man with whom I came In
dally contact did not recognize me, my
disguise was perfect. 1 laughed to
myself as I passed up stairs.
Ten minutes Inter I was mingling
•with ns great a crowd of notables as
were assembled on thnt famous Styx
houseboat. Several William Slinke-
speares were strolling about the room,
Napoleon Ilounpurtc was having a
desperute flirtation with .loan of Arc,
and over In one corner William Penn
was busily fanning a somewhat portly
edition of Queen Elizabeth.
As I stepped Into the ballroom I
Jostled ngainst a tall man dressed exactly like myself, except that his costume wns of a glowlug crimson. The
meeting was evidently more of a surprise to him than to me.
"Where ln hades did you come from,
Shorty '<"' he whispered, pulling me out
of the crowd.
"Wby, naturally, that's Just where
1 did come from," I answered, disguising my voice and wondering meanwhile nt sueh language even from a
brother tlend.
"I told the professor you were cooked
for six months when 1 saw the pinch
yesterday.   How did you get oul?"
"Ask no questions," 1 answered In a
solemn tone, laying my linger on my
lips. "I have leave of absence from
his sntniilc majesty himself for tonight only. Tomorrow I shull bo cooked again, ns you say."
"Well, we mustn't be seen together:
nilght cause suspicion.   See you later."
1 knew not a thing of what be was
talking about, but as Toy answers were
probably equally puzzling to blm I
Judged that we were even. Following
his advice, 1 left him and began looking for a certain young ludy.
In n few minutes I had found a
graceful Clcopntrn, whom I thought I
recognized to such nn extent that 1
wus perfectly willing to piny Antony
to her for tbe rest of tbe evening.
Dropping the high falsetto lu which
I hnd been talking to thc red devil, I
assumed my natural voice.
"Oh. Mr. Churchill! Is that you?"
exclaimed the Egyptian queen. "Why,
I'd never hnve known you tu this
"In this world, of course not, but you
ccrtnlnly would In the lower one.
where you see I belong. Miss Dorothy
Cleopatra," I answered, and wo shook
"I'm so glnd to Uin! some one I
know," Bhe continued. "I've been tn',.,
Ing to so uiuny klngH, queens and em
perors for tbe lust half hour Unit >'oii
mustn't mind I' my conversation li n
trlile stilted at lirst."
"And us I've just tieen comparing
temperatures with a uelgbbor of mine
from hades you mustn't mind if there
is n certain warmth to my remarks." 1
Wo were In the midst of an interesting tete-a-tete wheu some one tapped
me ou the shoulder. Turning. 1 saw
another devil—this one elud In somber
black—behind me.
"Sorry to disturb you, but I unsl
see you for a few minutes," he said
I excused myself reluctantly to the
fair queen nnd walked toward the library with my black companion.
"Andy said you was here, but I didn't
believe him," he muttered wheu we
were alone. "I got you out here to tell
you the new plan. We hud to change
It wheu we thought you was pinched.
Wilson, the fat butler, will meet lis
three here with the keys as soon as
they start down to supper. Andy'li
huve his togs off an' be down at the
back door with the team, an' .vou an'
me—we've got to git the kid. Madge is
golu' to have him tied up In a shawl
an' gagged in the first room at thc top
of the back stairs. You've got to ks's-p
watch lu the halls, for there's a dozen
fly cops hnngln' round, an' I'll see that
wc git tbe kid dowu without any holler.
I signified that I understood, shutl-
tiering nt the horrible plot 1 had accidentally discovered. Colonel Wnde
had three daughters and one son, a
baby boy scarcely two years old.
"Now, dou't go makln' any dates to
take that fairy I saw you talkln' to
down to supper, but be sharp when you
hear the signal to march dowu."
Queen Victoria and Sir Walter Raleigh came strolling Into the library
Just theu, and the black devil left me
abruptly, whispering, "If you git u
chance, that Cleoputra you was talkiu"
to has got a line bunch of stones in hot-
back hair.   We could use them too."
Leaving the library, I hastened oul
In search of my host and found him In
the drawing room chatting with Mary,
queen of Scots.
"Colonel Wade," I began excitedly,
getting him to oue side, "there's a plot
to kidnap Robert tonight while the
guests nre down at supper. The other
two devils, the butler, a servant uumed
Madge aud I don't kuow bow many
others are lu the scheme."
"And who are you?" he began, glnnc-
ing suspiciously at my livid costume.
1 took off my mask, aud never shall
1 forget the warmth of the handclasp
he gave me as he muttert*d, "Ted, my
boy, I can uever repny you for this."
Calling a servant, ho gave tlie order
for tho orchestra to play another waltz
and to wait for word from him before
striking up tho mnrch for supper. Then
be sought out the private detectives he
bad stationed In the house and told
them the plot on foot.
And while tbe crowd of poets, soldiers, heroes and hcroiucs of bygone
ages iu the ballroom were waltzing to
lhe 'tralus of "Tbe Serenade," a red
aud a black devil, a white faced nursemaid aud two trembling lackeys
marched inglorlously out the front door
and bonrded a large covered wagon
resembling an ambulance, but which
Is known down lu the west eud as tho
Blnck Maria.
Inventor  Dnvy sod Love.
Sir Humphry Davy, tbe Inventor of
the Davy lamp, found love something
of a delusion, if uot a snare. Writing
to his mother, be said, "I am thc hup
plest of men ln the bope of a union
with a woman equally distinguished
for virtues, talents and accomplish
tnents." And In a letter to his brother
be expresses bis rapture thus, "Mrs.
Appreco has consented to marry tne,
and when the event takes place 1 shall
not envy kings, princes or potentates."
Tho widow must huve beeu a person
possessed of greut powers of fnrcinn-
tion, for Sir Llenry liollund makes
mention of her ns a lady who made
sueh a sensation in Edinburgh society
thnt even a reglus professor did noi
think it beneath his scholarship to go
down on his knees In the street to fasten her shoe. The sequel need uot be
dwelt upon further thnn to ndd Hint the
marriage turned out to be altogether a
Qislck and  Sore  War.
An Irishman out of employment went
up to a "lusss" and asked for a job.
Bom—Do you know anything about
Pat—Sure and wasn't Oi horn lu a
Hobs— And carpentry. Do you know
anything ubout Hint?
I'at—Ilegorru nnd I'd loike to see the
man as would beut me nt It.
Boss—Do you know bow to make u
Venetian blind?
I'nt Sure uud I'm In my element nt
that Job.
Boss—Just tell me, then, how you
would make n Venetian blind.
Put—Sure and wouldn't Ol Just poke
me linger lu   bis   eye?—London   An
A Snake Tbat Swallowed • Maa.
I.nrge specimens of boa constrictors
have beeu known to swallow men
whole. The ense Is related by the traveler (ilroniere of n criminal In the Philippine Islands who hid from Justice In
a cavern. His father, who alone know
of his hiding plnce, went sometimes to
see him und to take him rice for foosl
One dny lie found Instead of bis son an
enormous boa asleep, lie killed It uml
found his son's body ln tbe snake's
cd to
- cry
:.l I
!     l'l'
lts*isor*<*(l Favorably.
Richard Redgrave, the artist, rein his diary this amusing reootn
itioii from nn Irishman appoint
examine students competing foils: "i sliaulil' tils) recommend
snt — ror n reward, Being
■ n vr. shi' naturally missed the
of n!| Mir i',ui ntlmiH 111 Ilie ;> .   is,
: •.-. rn rt'i ■:•■' so l'..yti!.o Ilial
i1   ;.   •  .a.-s.al sii  it...  I v givs u  In
Cash sis its. Revives!—Velvet lo fl''* e
lirmt Vo;;uo— Beantlfal B'lk*.
The autumn materials which ure be-
ginning to put in an appearance In
many cases show a resurrection rather
than a novelty, according to the New
Vork Sufl, which enters luto the following details ubout tbem: Cashmere is lu
high favoi' once more, und women
sliould be devoutly thankful, for never
did tbey have a mote i'uithful friend,
None of the substitutes hus stood wear
and tear ns cashmere did without wrinkling, rubbing shiny or patching the
dust. No material will be more used
fcir •Ample fall gowns, and the latest
Importations show both plain ami embroidered cashmeres in a bewildering
variety cf exquisite shades.
Silk canvas is another material that
the importers arc buying In large quantities, but although wiry it musses
more easily thai) the cashmere.
Cloths are of course lo be In vogue
for the full and winter; but the buyers
say that never have they confined
tin--mselvcs to the finest and most supple of cloth as they do this year.
Turners hnlr miction nud cheviot
Will he popular In street costumes, tr.ul
for wore elaborate occasions come the
light weight wools, silks and velvets.
Everything points to a Irluni] haul
season fol' velvets, the new coats and
bob ro opening up limitless possibilities
for a fabric always rich und becoming
Plain vi hits, velvet brocades wltb satin gold or silver, grenadine over*
wrouglil with velvet design, robes of
cash mere aud nun's veiling witli velvet
borders, to be made up with bonis of
velvet matching the border-ail these
mc shown or rather will be shown
when the imported goods are displayed
in (.':.' shops.
'ihe Rllkn, too. ure more beautiful
titan tbey have been before in years,
and (In* woman to whom sweet simplicity doesn't appeal may be as gorgeous
as she pleases. Louis XV and Louis
XVI brocades in ravishing tints and
designs, with Interwoven threads of
gold or sliver, go check by Jowl with
soft Indian weaves of delicate lines
and shadowy motifs. Oriental patterns
-Moorish, Persian. Rust Indian figure
largely, and silks lu old fashioned
chintz patterns suggest Ihe dny of
Wut(cut! and his shepherdesses.
Satin, panne, foulard ondoyant—anything that will cling nnd fall In artistic
folds—is in order, and many of tbo new
silks come In '<! Inch widths. Wblcb is
n welcome Innovation.
f'rivl  S<*s-vril Cold.
Melons of nil kliui.i nhould lie served
very cold. This does not menu that Ice
is to be added after they are opened, ns
we often Oud cantaloupes prepared.
Such treatment ruins thi'in. drawing
out the spiciest and best of their Qnvor
and l"!iviug them well chilled, to be
sure, but distinctly tvatery. Neither
dues n watermelon need to be plugged
und hnvi* more or h'sri wine poured in.
Keep the melons close to the ice or between two cakes until the last minute.
Cantaloupes and muskraelons need only to lie halved and the seeds carefully
removed witbout touching tin* rich,
spicy pulp against which they are lying. Watermelons should be divided
across the center and each half divided
lengthwise Into quarters or eighths, or a
slice may be taken from eaelt euil so
that It will stand uptight; then cut'
down from top to bottom or the center
scooped ort with u spoon.
Peaches to he eaten out of hand
sliould lirst be gone over lightly with a
brash to remove tlie down. If cut. they
should not be prepared until the last
moment, as the ilesh quickly darkens
when exposed to the all'. Tlie sniiie Is
true of ripe pears, which are delightful
when served sliced and sugared. Similar precautions should be observed in
serving nectarines, apricots and pluius.
Each bunch of grapes should be well
rinsed iu cold water, then drained on •
towel.—Table Talk.
I.C11IHII Pirn.
I have found by experiment.'SB**! a
Ladles' World correspondent, thut the
Indigestible Ingredient In lemon pie Is
the grilled rind. Most recipes say,
"Take Hie grated rind cf one lemon to
Ills' juice of two."
The grated riuil contains tlie essential oil, nii'l n vi ry small quantity of
thin is sufficient for flavoring purposes,
My rule Is one-half u Icispoonful of
(he grater* rind in enough custard to
make Iwo pies. Mtule lu this way a
lemon pie Is as wholesome as nn apple
"ilsukmolisii  Snlnsl. Mis*.
Musk melon Salad.—Cut the edible
portion of a chilled melon Into small
cubes Mix together bnlf a cupful of
sugar, n teaspoouftil of cinnamon and
oiie-fr.urth a tenspoonfnl of mace.
tprlnkle over n quart of flu* cubes, toss
a___*fc_xi" *. Inoac
together and serve from n in lad bowl
or from a  basket made of (lie shell
from which the pulp was taken,
fruit Siilpicoti In Halved Muskmol-
ons.- Chill small inuskmolous, cut In
halves unsl remove Ilie seeds, but retain ihe pulp Intact, fill with n chilled
mixture of sliced penches, shredded
pineapple nnd sections of orange re-
moved frnm the ineiubrntie and mixed
wilh sugar. — BostoU Cooking School
_ ason s
H o g s
Widow Juson was the relict of Fanner Jason, and she carried on the farm
after ids death with even more wisdom
than he had bIiowii himself possessed
of. She was still on the brighter side
of forty, fair to look upon and was at
peace with all her neighbors until the
one to the east of her sold out and a
stranger moved ln.
lie wns a man of middle nge named
Chisiiolni, aud, being a widower, his
Bister managed tlie houso for him. If
tho Widow Jason wns one of those who
wondered whut sort of man he was,
she was the lirst to lind it out. Among
her live stock thut year were n dozen
hoi's, and It was tlie fault of her hired
man that there were holes in the
fences through which they made their
way into the potato field of the new
neighbor. She hud Just finished her
breakfast one morning when Cblsholm
wus announced, He had the courtesy
to lift his hat and give bis nnme, but
lie ulso had the blindness to add:
••Madam, your Infernal hogs have
rooted up half an acre of potatoes tor
me, nnd If you can't manage to keep
'em home I'll shoot every one of 'em'."
She looked nt him nnd snw thnt he
wns ubove the ordinary and felt that
hnd she been Introduced in the conventional way she would have been pleased to make his acquaintance. But his
rude greeting angered her, and. being a
woman with a mind of ber own, she
ut once replied:
"I can pay for all the potatoes on
your farm, aud If you come here to
threaten me you'll lind n woman wbo
don't scare!"
"Well, you keep your bogs at home."
"And you keep yourself In the same
That wns the first tilt The fences
were mended and the hogs were In despair when a high wiud blew a gate
open, and the drove spent the night lu
the same potato field. Next morning
Cblsholm drove ten of them home and
said to Widow Jason:
"Madam, there nre dead hogs belonging to you In my field. Will you have
them removed or shall I bury them?"
"You killed them, did you?" she asked.
"I did. I told you I would, and I
"Then I'll have the law on you."
"Co ahead."
She weut to law, and there wns a
suit, nnd she wns Inglorlously benten.
jni,ti l'ou..D him:,:.:.I' a i.,:ki.:i man.
Womanlike she felt pretty bitter over
it, but nt the sume time she had to
give Mr. Cblsholm credit for luck of
any bitterness. He stuted his case Id
the mildest manner and oven spoke
highly of her as a neighbor. When
she returned home after tLo lawsuit
she suid to her hired mun:
".lush, If thnt mnn Cblsholm comes
ou my laud again I want you to throw
him off."
"Yes'm. I'll do It." replied tbe sturdy
It wasn't a fortnight liefore Chls*
holm came. lie wus on bis way to tlie
house when Josh beaded him off uud
ordered blm back,   lie refused to go.
and Josh Inid hold of him tu do tlie
throwing act, but found himself a licked mini lu nbout three minutes. While
lie sat on the ground with a handful of
truss to his bleeding nose the victor
nns-sed on to the woman, who lia.l wil
Lsed the frncaafi-om the Trom Hteps
i iftiug his bat, be said:
..jlndnm. those hogs of yours, have
been ut It agnlu-tnis.time, In m'y.con.
fl,.ld  and I've hud to kllj another,
-Have you dared to kill another of
my bogs?" sbe demondeu' lis hereheeUs
A,;,,,,.,! und her eyes Hashed.
.•1 |,ave.   Shall I bury him?"
"Sir. yuu nre a scoundrel'"
"Anil you are n chiinning widow!"
She drove to town ut once to Bl'6 her
lawyer. There was 110 In the cuss* for
him, win or lose, und he advised her to
sue, She sued nnd got beaten again.
The defendant referred to her In the
highest terms, but he ulso proved that
ber fences were out of repair. The
lawyer saw $10 more lu 11. win or lose,
nnd nil vised Josh to prbntcute for assault and buttery. "ash brought his
swollen noRC und black i-yi* laio oeurt
nod wns beaten by Rt'Vs nil li ugijis I!"
bad provoked the em-saint elr ami ir !i**
bad get the worst of I! thc hty ■•n*ildu't
help him
it was it month liefore nu.vllli U* f".r-
tics' Isiinneneii. T'n f *i iv. : ' " I •'"
hog lot were thoroughly repaired, »*■•"
for four weeks the porkers hud to
make the best of their sad lot. Then
Josh left the bars down one night, act]
as the Widow was getting breakfast
BhC heard the "rack of n rifle. Hnlf un
hour later Mr. Chisholm appeared to
"Good mora lug. Mrs. Juson. Those
wretched bogs of yours rooted up my
gulden last night, and this morning I
killed another of tbem. If you want
another lawsuit, I'll drive you to town
lu my own buggy."
"And you--you've shot nnotlier?" she
"1 hnve."
"Then I'd llkt* to shoot you! You are
the meanest man in the state of Ohio!"
"Y. s'ni." lie replied, with n bow as
lie turned away.
Wtdow Jasju drove to town to consult her lawyer again. There wns $10
in It for him. win or lose, but tbls time
Mr. Cblsholm was arrested for mall-
cloua pen iUtiou. In his testimony he
referred to the plaintiff as "that lady"
and exhibited no animus whatever, but
he ulso proved that be was the one per-
seciiled. The widow's hogs would not
let blm alone. She was benten again,
uml this time a stout pen wns built,
and the hogs were shut up. Tbo farmers had of course taken sides. Some
contended that Chisholm had exhibited
a mean and uniicighborly spirit and
others that the widow had bs>en dere-
liit in not mending her fences, aud
there was much talk and discussion,
lt occurred uow aud then that tbe two
principals met on tbe highway or at
He* crossroads meeting house, but
while Chisholm lifted bis bat and bowed as if there was nothing on his mind
the widow, except for iter blazing eyes,
deemed carved of stone.
That pen held tho hogs for a long
six weeks, but hogpens, have their
weak points, and patience and peise-
vi'i'iincc will seek li.i'in out. The hot
sun warped a board ami made nn opening, and the industrious swine enlarged
It until one night they nil pnssed out
nnd beaded straight for the next farm,
They fetched up among the cabbages,
pumpkins, squashes, melons und carrots, aud during the long hours of
darkness they ran riot. They were
missed from the pen early next morning, nnd the widow sat down on the
doorstep and cried. S'.:e cried because
she was vexi'il, and sho cried because
she was p. woman. Every minute she
expected to henr the crack of Chls-
bolUl'l rifle, and she fully realized that
any further appeal to the law would
bo wasted. She wns vexed nt tho
hogs, at Josh uml ut Cblabolm. Her
tears were still falling when the new
neighbor stood before her and bowed
untl Bald:
"Mrs. Jason, those blamed hogs of
yours damaged me a hundred dollars'
worth last night."
"And bow many more hnve you killed?" she naked.
"None.    I've Just driven 'em home."
"Rut why— why"—
"Rectiuse I see hew It Is. I must
either kill off your whole drove or
build n pen myself. I shnll come over
tonight to talk to you nbout It."
He appeared an hour after supper,
and It was 11 o'clock before he went
home. Even then the "talk" was not
finished. As a mutter of fact It required a great mnny evenings and was
only concluded one winter's night
wben sbe laid her hend on his shoulder
and snid:
"If you are really sun. thnt you love
mc, then the farm, the bogs and I are
yours, and we'll brj married New
Year's day."
pating n bad reception for 'The Bra J
I cannot toll you much of its re«nt£I
In Europe, though Qosselln s»ya It 11
very decidedly successful (n Vruncal
America Is, of all countries, oueotttl
least favor-able to works of tho \j__
.tuition. In Europe or, rather, iu o?\
land, where tbere hns existed a necell
slty of accounting for Eome sueeesshl
the very teeth of their prejudices JJI
wishes, it has beeu the fashion to u,\
that no writer ever enjoyed so favor/,,
ble nn opportunity us 1 becnuso l aJ
an American nud a sailor. As tottj
sailor purt of the business, lt is gro^l
ly absurd, for what advantage has«-. I
American sailor over any other? 'i\A
know the falsehood of whut theyJI
In this respect, for I can get £*.J,ooo for 1
a nautical tale that shull celebrate Um,
lish skill tomorrow. For myself, irjJJI
write two European stories easier tM
I can write ono American. Wby, jjl
rope Itself is a romance, while |i|
America is a matter of fact, hum-in**. I
common sense region from Qunddy (•■
Cape Florida."
A Fenlmorc Cossprr Letter.
An autograph collector of I'hlladol
phla has In bis possession tin- following
letter written by James I'enlmore
Cooper to his publishers lu 1831:
"1 hope you will bo wrong In iiutlcl
(Herman Stnslonta ana Ili.fr.
To speak of tbe pleasures of the Q*-,|
mau student nnd make no mention A
beer would bo like tbe play of "Har*.|
let" with the part of the incliu,i'ho|i|
Dane left out. As the student stroll*!
about the country br the city, In thai
music halls and theaters, at liin sodul
gatherings of all kinds, ut diuncr oritl
supper, be steadily drinks his bc**l
The code of health drinking i!;,iiti,l
etiquette of the dl'IuklUg bout hit coil
plicated and most punctually olisernl
All university functions liii'luils* J
great drinking bout—Jubilees or ■>■
uowned professors, club tinnlvi>rsarla\|
ceremonies in bouor of u retiring m
feasor. Any and every ceremony U[A
complete without the formal kueiptj
with toasts. Se has attempted tothrowl
a poetical glamour around l:<*er, touvl
vest it with tlie chuhn of Iradiiiuiiu'l
to hallow It with old associations i]
college days.
In l-'urope tlie American preferstol
drink water, and this is n grent uys-1
tery t i Ihe (iermnns, who cannot pot-J
.siidy I'ii'.l. island how they can |iiif**|
I his to I cr    P.ctroit Tree Press.
Hu-lun a I'litor.
"I need a ne*.,' razor." said the i
who shaves himself.
"Better let roe get 't for ynu,"
gested the reformed barber, who,
that he Is n trolley car coiului
regard* himself as ti distinguish-"!
member of society. "All cutlery storal
aro piled with razors of the dial
known sis "ds-nil ones.' When a harbsl
buys n rnr.or, he takes It wilh the M<|
derslatidlug that he Is to try It out,
If it doesn't wort well he takes Itbacll
and gets another one, keeping thisopj^
until he gets one thnt suits I.iin.
lug n razor, you know, Is n lottery b|
which the prizes nre few and furl
tween. When the ordinary citizen roi
to u cutlery Store, he picks ont what!
thinks Is u goosl razor, pays ,nrltM.'|
takes bis chances. lie picks cue out,!
too, from the buneli of "deasl oiii's'tsUll
barbers have tried aud found,wantlod
That's why I advise you to let mo jdl
lt for you. Then If you don't likeltll
enn ko,'p exchanging it until you (,'eti|
good one. They needn't know I've qui'
tlio business."
The   Wnolnnek.
Rack during the time of Queen Ella
both an act of parliament was pm
prohibiting  the  cxportnllon  of w«*|
This  product wns one  of the pest
niurces of the natural wenlth of Enf*;
land nt thnt time, nnd ln acconlana
with the economic notions of the afl
the authorities attempted to keep ItUj
tho country, Imagining thnt If It wetitf
abroad, even though something o«
vulua ide or desirable were oicling"***.!
for It, lhe country would be the /xiomt.J
In order to hold tin* Inipor'/iuco
this commodity liefore tbe tnlnils of tta*j
national leg/slntors woolsacks wen
placed In the house of lords, whero thi
Judges sat. Hence tbe lord chnncollor,!
who presides over the bouse of lonUJ
"si!s on tho woolsack." The woolsack!
according to n printed description, IHI
"large square bag of wool withootj
buck or arms nnd covered with
Fusel oil, or "fnluts," as It In CO*
niouly cnlled nlmiit the "Statlllertea q
England, nccordlng to tho London U*-1
cet, Is a primary nmyl alcohol mlW'j
with primary nnd secondary propyl**!
cohols.  lu Engltind It can be ohtalne*
gratis nt some distilleries.   It ll o"-
Isioally ns nn external application tt
rheumatism.   It Is obtained from W
nisyiiled grain or potatoes by contit*
Ing the process of dlHtlllntlon nftertM
ordinary spirit bus all "come over.'''1
Is an oily liquid, with n burning. •0j-'
tnstc and nn odor snld  to retem
Jargonelle poor,    it hns intortlcstWI
ii ml poisonous properties conslilcraw
more powerful than ordinary soli.**
: ^ — <*r
aaaarn i      i     i _   i
The Action of tho Heart, Lungs, Stomach, LSver and Kidneys Depend on the Nerve Force-"""'* I
traordinary Results From the Upe of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Thcro is not a single organ of tho human body that can perform its  funcUotiH without a liberal supply0
nervo force—the motive power of tho body.
Tlio nervous system should never  bo thought of as a separate part of the body.   Ita branches extern' i||,'u
thn brain and the spinal column   to the tlpa of the lingers nnd toes.  Just nn the blo.nl is cAriMed by 'll""',
tern's to every nook and corner of tho system, no the nerva force, by means of nervo libres, is disli'ib"itcd ui
nerve force is Just as Important to lifo as is good, rich blood. |
When tho nerve cells are wasted, by over exertion, worry or disease, more rapidly than tliey ure roplacei-
tne action or the heart becomes slower, the lunge begin lo weaken, the stomach fails to do its duly, tho'*"
Mill kidneys falter  in their work  usi'ilters nnd  the excretory  orgttlH  get feeble nnd  inactive.    You limy   "'
sulTorer irom weakness nnd exhaustion of tlio nerves nnd may have been ul tribut ing the trouble to the M"»
arii, kiiiiic.is or other organs,     Nervous exhaustion is marked bv rest le-isness, dlstmbetH'slecp, laf*-4*,',,(1' ''_
feelings    headache,   dyspepsia,   nnd  bodily  paina.   Inability  to s-oiieenliale  lhe    thoiightsi    absent-ini«"ll>,l,1"';;
weakened memory, twitching ol tho musiles and eyelids, sudden starting! and jorl-invs of   the limbs In sleep-
dizziness.  Irritability und gloomy forcboslings. .,,
r.m-luT,"'!, "l" V"''":"" of ♦■*• nervous Hysleiii Dr. Chase's N.-rvo Food carries new life and.energy to e^1;
T    "     '"' ,,n,lv'  ."' strengthens tho action o> the heart, invigorate*- tbe slomnch. makes lhe kidneys.'^
ana bowels more actlvn, nnd builds up th.* entire k.vsi,*,,,. . ,,
>j,«'v!, >i'-i!!w|X.1''''''i'"''' ""y "f tl"'H0 WW«■•■■" of nervous exh-insllon, you enn rely absolutely on Vr. f',,l'''J|)
I  ».. I   ,       ,.,     i y""-   U ,'"0H ',"i •""-'■''"•••■•-,* hut thoroughly .ores bv forming new.  red corpuscles m
Dioixi arm creating norva force
"Or. ChOSc,'-, Nerve Pood, f.o' cents a box. A boxes f„r $3.60, nt all dealers, ot E.hn.tnson. rfa't*es * «'"- 'r°" The Drill
1 At Ihe Throtlle.
Far, far down the track la a dark
spot, over which hovers a great clou!
The engineer seea It hauls out his
watch, glances at it, then resumes the
hiislness of looking out of the window.
He was to meet an eastliouiid freight
at that point He did not kuow If the
uwitches were In place; he did uot
know but the passenger train would
dash Into thnt freight and the detltb of
many people follow. There was uo
way for hlin to kuow except thut U
was the duty of his fellow employees
to see that the switches were right
lie did not Blacken his speed. Rapidly
the huge mogul on the sidetrack loomed up. A roar and a dash, and Nu. 57
flew past the waiting freight passing
within three feet
A man w'10 lives ri'g-ht, and is
right, has more power in his silonQe
than another has by his words.
I'luiriictsT is like swout bolls which
ring out sweet music und which,
when touched, accidentally even, resound wilh swii-t music.—Phillips
into the future and see the
condition to which your
cough, if negltxtcd, will
bring you, you would seek
relief at once—and that
naturally would be through
SHILOH cures Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma,
and all Lung Troubles.
Cures Coughs and Colds
in a day. 25 cents.
Guarantees.   .....
Write to S. C. WEU£ & Co., Toronto,
Can., for free trial bottle.
Karl's Clover Root Tea purifies tbe Blood
The prospectus of the recently or-
iiinized Atlantic Pulp and Paper
Company, Limited, is being sent out
i Lis week by the brokers, Messrs.
Hu ther land & Cameron, Ottawa. The
capital stock of the compuny is $',\-
(100,000, and its property is situated
mi the Little Cusciipedia river, at
,\'t*w Richmond, on tlie north of the
Dale ds's Chiileurs. Prospect usee and
upplicu 1 ion forms may be hud from
nny ollice of the National Trust Co.,
Limited, Toronto or Montreal, ur
Sutherland &. Cameron, Brokers. Ottawa, Oanatda.
'tin' mun who cunm-t brook tho
bonds ol' experience, bait holds only
tu tti- region of sensible facts, may
bo un i'.v-client' observer, but he *is
not u philosopher, and cun never
reach tils' prrnciples that bind Uie
i,iris of science (ogetlis r.-s-Tynilule.
Messrs. C. (J. Kicharsls  & Co.
(ientlemen,—After suffering for 7
years with iiilliuniiliitory rheumatism
*si liusl that I wns 11 months con-
I'.iied to my room, and for two years
suiilil not dress niyss-lf without help.
Vour agent gave nn; a bottle of
nnd asked me to try it, wnich I did.
uud was so well pleased with the results that 1 procured more. Five bot-
i l**a completely cured me and I have
had no relurn of the pain fssr ejgh-
ts'en months.
The ubove facte are ws'll known 1st
everybody Ih this village ansl neighborhood.
Yours gratefully.   A. DAII'T.
Kt    Timothee, Que., Muy lit, 1809.
Nol one life can be pure in its purpose and Ft rung it. its strife unsl ull
life nut lis- purer and Stronger thereby.—Owen Meredit*.
There lis moro Catisrrti in thia s-irtton of UM
country tlu.u Ml sitlsur tii 00*03 eut, .c«;t!ic*',
wusl until tho last fewyoan wan nopposeu to i>.*
laonrablo. 1 or a tract many ysx>. >flocto*"trrv-
noous-ed itn IstK-alclisoa.so. uml jiressTlsV.l le — '
losm-dies, sisssi by <**onstnutl*>- fuiiiTir tucuro wl.li
I'tciil treatment, prouosius'<-t ii. iui.ur.slo.
HcleoOO has iirovea calnrr'ii lo t.o.icon--l.iir.lv*.-
ot diaoaso, nnd tlioroforo requifOi oonatltuti' n
al IriuitmonU Ball's 1'iit'sriii » 111*, n.-n.-'f-i;
liirod by F.J dismay & Co., Tolodo, Oln >, '•>
llsdtsiilyc(t!.atitutiuiiiUcarosintlt4inr.rli.'i. It
is takon iutorn.illy indu-os from iO drops to i.
tenspsxjnfal. ltacissda'sjct;*/ on tho blood una
mucous sorfi<**M of tho s.ysts'in. Tl<-y s Bor s.s u
hnndrod do'.liira fnr any cr.ro it f;ii'. s to cn.*c.
Doud for olroulnrjimi.1 tu.-timorial-i
Asldresn     V J. ORKNEY ii CO., 7.!...'. i, O
Hold by DrtiRRlgts, ISC.
Ilsill'.-, (I'l.uii.y Pilla aio tin) Iso-t.
.will tell
When an animal is oil run down,
has a rough coat and a tight hide,
anyone knows that his hlood is out
of on'er. To keep an animal economically he must be in good health.
is a necessity where the best results
from feeding would be obtained.
It tones up the system, rids the
stomach of bots, worms and other
parasites that suck the life blood
Nothing like Dick's powder for
a run down horse.
50 cents a package.
Leemlng, Miles & Co., Agents,
Write for Boole on Cattle anil Hone* free.
l**verv slay I ses* more how * tvs-
smy i. is to Iks consistent, uncompromising utnsl gvntli'. Uii often, perhaps, when u worsl would nitl bs'
burn6, uu act Ol 1'iirlti'tii'iui. e or solf-
ds'.iii.l might be remeiiil-s.. il in a
cooler liniment - \   IIure.
Help   Throw   OH   Hie    Impurities
That Have Accumulated During
ihe Winter Months—Purgatives
Should Ns.it vie Used—II is B
Tsi.lie Thut  is Neested.
How  small soever jour  lump  may
.lis-.  ns'vsT gi\e awuy   the    o.l   which
'nils  ii   but   always 1hi-  flume which
crowns it .—Maeterlinck.
MiHAFJJ'S LItMEHT Cures ttminfl
Use your gifts faithfully, nnd t*h*oy
shall lse. s*nlurgs*sl ; practice what you
know, and you shall attain to higher  knowledge.—Thomas   Arnold.
A •DI*tf\***E**t  rHX—Many ponnnti snfTor ex-
. crsitl .tiiur Bi-ony ultor ii.iiliikini.- of a hearty
ilintior.   The food portukis a of ia like a ball of
ad npon tlio btumncli. and iii.stiia.1 of bs*iii;: a
mltliy nutriment it. beccn.09 n poison to tho
y3tem,    Dr.   Parmoloo's Votjotalslo l'ilts aio
Irondorfnl correctives of such Robblei.   Tliey
teorrect acidity, opon serrrtious nnd c.snvort tlio
1 f.sswl piirlislioi.of into Isi'i.itliy nntrimi'iit.   TIipv
nro Jint tlio mwlli'ino to tako if troubled \,i'!i
j In.lUjustiou or dyspepsia.
The s-ntiri* nnture of
BorAon which Is given
, Vale.—Qlwdstono.
ninn  is    I lis*
him  lo culii
EkVill catch the
likeness or
Color idge.
tho   thing
Your: Comfort
Is assured if you
Canadian Northern Ky
Lowest Rates to nil Points
in the
Bally Rolid Vestibules] Train, with
Sleeping CMS, to St. Po,ul unsl Minneapolis.
Full particulars on application to
-y agent Canadian Northern Ry, or
Traffic Manisgor, Winnipeg,
In ibis climute there are niuny reasons  why  people  feel   all  oils,  of gear
in the spring mo. ths. Perhaps the
chief ol theso is Ihe long hours in
imperfectly ventilated offices, shops
and houses during the winter months.
You may lee] lhat there is nothing
serious the mutter ; you are only a
little tired alter sliyltt exertion, or
perhaps your appetite is Qckle, or
lit He pimples or eruptions on the
bkin show that the blood is not us
pure as il should be. ll you feel
Ibis way. nut stilly yssiir Comfort bul
your health demands  that you    lake
[proper steps   to -cleanse yourself of
jthe blood impurities tlitil are ro-
[sponsible for your condition. Vou
need a tstnic, blood purifier, nerve
strengthi'iier and general up-lifter of
the entire sjstcm. Dr. Williams'
Pink Tills for l'ule l'eople meet all
these ,rei|uiremi*iits more perfectly
than tiny other medicine, These are
tonic pills and not violent nud weakening like purgative medicines. Nature dues not require Q violent measure iu spring, I tu n helping hand lu
throw oil the Impurities which have
uci'iinuilutctl during the winter, nud
so toning and strengthening ovary
organ and function thut a condition
of for feci health will prevail, Dvory-
ono—old nasi young—ought lo lake
, Dr.Williams' i'ink Pills in the spring.
I There is no other medicine will do
you so much good. Mr. .lanies Salmon, pusimnster, Salmon Creek, N
II., says: "Lust spring 1 wns feel-
ling decidedly uiiwi'U. I was weak,
dizzy at times, and continually felt
tired. My appetite was poor anil I
was losing weight. I tried several
mi'dlcines, but nothing did nie any
good until I began the use sif Dr.
Williams' Tink Tills, and it few boxen
of these masle nu* (eel like u new persons I would nrivise all wins feel
run down anil out of soils lo take
Dr, Williams' Tink Tills."
llr. Williams' Tink Tills are also
effect ivo in the cure of all diseases
due to psior, thin, watery blood or
Weak ni-rvs'H. To not lake u substitute for these pills—it is a waste of
money and a mennre tsi health to do
so. Hs'ss lhat lhe full name "Dr.
Williams' Tink Tills fur l'ule People" li s.n the wrapper around every
box.    Sold   by   all    medicine  ili'iiei'**.
or sent postpaid at  BO cctilM u   box,
or six boxes for IB.BO by addressing
(he Hi*.Williams Medicine  *'" •   TtocU-
ville, Ont.
W. N.  H.  No. l\T2.
Manitoba wheat hus been slull ull
week until Saturday, when the open-,
ing oi navigation at Furl William
ami the strength in the American
markets, developed more Interest
and some demand for spot wheat
Sprung up. Trices hnve gruiluully
come up from (•'.i.i.; for i northern
and (Wi-',', for 2 northern, at the end
of lust week, to 71 >/;,<• und 88Vf*0 at
tin* end ul' this w'oek for wheat In
store, Port William, Immediate delivery. For May delivery the price
is lhe same as for spot anil in fact
the spot, wheat is in better demand
than the future delivery. Nsi. l hard
is worth 7-4**4c spot. Values are
practically the same in store ut
uuy of the lake ports, but ill the
moment, in store, Fort William, is
must wanted.
Country Wheat—Marks*, nominal,
owing to bad roads.
Liverpool Trices—No, 1 northern
spring wheat, sold at. Liverpool on
Saturday nt Os Id,
FLOUl'-Ogilviea Hungarian Patent
11.95 per sack of 98 lbs : CJlenora
Patent, "*1.80; Alberta, Si.60; Manitoba, $1.<10; Imperial XXXX. SI.20
MlLLFKl-'D—Brun, in bulk, per ton
SM.50; shorts, §10.50. Delivered in
bags,  the prices are SI.50 higher.
CltOL'NI) FFED—Out chop is quoted at S27 per ton delivered to tiie
trade; barley chop, $'2'2 per ton;
mixed barley and oats, S-5 per ton;
oil cake, S27 per ton.
OATS—While there is no suioHis
of oats to be seen in this market it
may also be said with equal Unit h-
fuiness that there is no shortage,. As
ono denier puts it, "Whenever uals
are wanted a car pops up.". Most
of     the    feed  requirements  nre lieiiij.-
met wiih Manitoba nuts although
two cars of Alberta oats were taken
this week for the purpose. Most of
the Alberta oats are going to Montreal for exports', We learn of one
transaction In Fort William nuts
this week, 'lhe price avos 86V4 for
No. '2 while. As soon as navigation
is declared open the Fori William
basis will In' adopted.      Sellers are
asking 45  to 50c  per  bushel  for seed
oats here, From *15 to t'.Oc per bushel is being paid for feed grades in
car hits on track here. Prices to
fanners at Country points fur Xu 2
whin- nuts range from 28 lo 30c
Street onts nre worth 32 to 84c per
BAltLEY—Receipts are licit and
the market is advancing for feed
grades. Dealers ore now quotine T'.
to 45c for choice feed grades,
HAY—The floods In tho country
districts have destroyed Largo quantities uf buy. and the price has ml
vanreil accordingly. Doled hoy is
worth S'l to $6 un per ton.
DRESSED MK\T;-'-T.eei*. city dressed, 7 in Sr pet pound; country, \.■■
under these prices; veal, 8 to Be;
null tun. Be; lambs, Sc;  hogs, 7i,e.
Ill TTIM!—Ci'i-aini'iy -*l lii'ie  is   very
little creamery to be had as milk is
scarce nnd local factories are only
making a very small quantity sn'
butter, nui enough for their regular
customers. Winnipeg buyers are paying 21c per lb. mi for their supplies at present.
BUTTER—Dairy — Conditions are
not favorable to the production ol
dairy butter ami there is very littlo
comlpg in* Prices have not changed
any this week. Wholesale ils-.iisi
are paying 22c per pound, comniis
siitn basis, for line butter In lobs,
bricks 01' prints; 16 lo ISc fsir ordinary    qualities,    whllo    seconds   are
Worth  10  tsi  12c  per  pound.
TOTLTRY-Fresh killed chickens 11
tsi 12W per pound, delivered hero;
ducks and geese, 10 ts. lie; and turkeys.  V2\'i to Mc.
CHEESE—Jobbers are getting 18
to i;,i._,i por pound for cheese
stas'ks now in hand aro fn m Ontario.
T,i;i;s—Receipts fell utT considerably the tore purt of the week and
prices went up iu consequence Besides a e.'*'"l local and eastern .le-
mand the British Columbia trade has
been taking Wanitoba eggs freely,
and it takes a lot to supply this sls*-
mand. For a while this week commission houses were gelling 15c per
do/en. commission basis, for irs's'.i
candled i-ugs. but as the Hoods which
caused tho shortage have now subsided, and eggs are coming In more
iis's'iv again wo quoto last week a
prices namely. i-< pei dozen, commission    basis.     or   10c  per  ....,'li   al
country points.
l'OTATOHS— Fanners' loads, sis*
liveresl in Winnipeg, are wo'lli 20 ta
80c per bushel.
UJDES—No   l Inspected hides. 0%c
per lb  delivered In Winnipeg; So. 2,
BVJo;   No,   B,   'l!i<*; kips und calves
same    pries';   ils-ukins,     ..'5    10   40(
horsehiiles.  50c to $1 •
VVOpi—-Market  nominal.
TAl.LOW-The local price for  Inl
low is •I',.- 1st Be per pound,
CATTLE—Beej cattle are Boavco
and buyers gre paying iis high as
4S4c pi'i- pound for ful cattle In their
regular trade, The rnngr of i"''<vs
is 'l tss *v. according to quality,
ssff cars here. Stockers nro worth
$M lis sio per head for yearlings.
nnd Sis to S20 fur iwu year olds
noes-—The market is steady a1
oc per pound for choice packing hogs
delivered at Winnipeg.
SHEET—Sheep are nel plentiful*
uml ths* regular quotation Is In ins
neighborhood of 5c per pound delivered hero.
The only faith Hint, wears well and
holds Its COlOr In nil weathir. IS Mini
which is Woven Ol conviction nnd ss-t
with the Sharp   mordant of expeTl-
enss*.—1    1!    LOWOll.
Satisfactory bnprovemenl Leads to
a Continued Treatment Which Results in a Complete Cure—s\n Interesting Story Which Will No
Doubt Profit Anyone Suffering
With Lumbago.
Holyrood, Ont,, April 14.—(Special)—Mr. Bat. I'ilinell, of this place,
has for the past two years been a
great sufferer wilh lhat most, painful and stubborn disease—Lumbago.
The pain he suffered was almost be*-
yond description and muny were the
medicines and treatments he us.'d to
try and get some relief. However,
nothing he coultl lind seemed to help
him in the least, and he became very
At last someone suggested Dodd's
Kidiis-y Tills, and "Mr. Tinnell, although v.'ry skeptical, thought, he
would make une mure trial fur 0.
cure, and began to use them.
The lirst box did not du him very
much good, und after ho had used
pari oi the Bocond hs' began to feel a
change for the better, so he kept on
uniil he hud used in all seven boxes,
whan he was delighted to find that
every symptom ui the Lumbago had
i-n" irely iliwuppi uriil.
His general heulih is much improved and he I's-lls better today tliun hs'
has for years.
To say that Mr. Tinnell is pleased
does not begin to express it. Only
those who have suffered as he did
with this very painful dlseaSO can
understand the extreme satisfaction
Of oue who has found a comiplfite
cure and restoration to health and
Lumbago is 0 direct r.'sult of dis-
onls ml kidneys, and should always
be treated us a Kidney Disease,
Efforts tu cure or even relievo by
outward applications ure invariably
unsuccessful Rubbing may In itsell
for the time Icing produce a liillc
relief,  bill   in  order  to secure .1  ciim-
pletc cure ii is absolutely nocessary
to go right lu tho rout, of the
t rouble
The Kidneys must Is.- restored to
their normal condition This Is'just
what Dodd's Kisbiiy Pills do, and
this linn ■ the lumbago verj soon
leaves, for without diseased kidneys
there can be no lumbago.
If you wish success in life make
perseverance your bosom friend, (*x-
porlence your wise counsellor. i-,\.\\-
tis.ii your elder brother, and hope
vuiif •■ tin 1 'l .hi i" nui-' ■-- Vddison
Muiikov llrssi.il clonus snid briSbtSM STSfT
•'"iiti, but wiiu't v hhIi clothes.
ln ull content ions let peace be \"lir
Objeol.  rather thnn  triumph       valllfl
triumph only us a means ol i1"'
Sydney Smith.
A Manitoba  Mother Gives Practical
Advice «mi   Mis' Pare  ui  Tubus.
ii i. well known ilnii nearly all infant troubles spring from a disor-
derisl stomach. Indigestion in a child
will causo al   lirsi   peevishness    and
sleeplet Sl'.e.'.s,   bill    Other   inure   ssiiulis
troubles will follow fast, such as
colic or cramps, constipation in souv
siisss. diarrhoea In others, with ratal
1,'siilis in many eases, 'ih.' luothef
who neglects having constantly at
hand tho means for treating ihose ills
liiU'-s un awful risk. Mrs. I!. I,. McMillan, Logoch, Man., is une inn! her
whu is particularly well fitted to give
advice sm thc care ut babies, ' Her
stand.inl medicine for the minor ailments „i her little ones is Baby's
Own Tablets, and she Bays :     "They
ure the best    medicine    1     have     ever
usiti for infant ailments, l havo
given them to my baby for Indigestion nnd stomach troublo and they
are prompt ami thorough in making
a cure. No mother should be a single day without the Table's in Un'
llaby's Own Tablets are for children of nil nges. und will cure such
troubles as constipation, coin', sour
Stomach, diarrhoea and Bimplo rovers.
They are invaluable for 1 ething
children, and will break up colds
und prevent crimp. Guaranteed tsi
conitain ho opiate or miser harmful
drug. Dissolved In water they ean
bo given with perfect safety lo a
new-burn bnl*e S,s!sl by all dealers
in medicine or Benl posl paid al 25
cents a box by addressing the Dr
William 1 Medicine Co . Drockville,
So law  run be • ■   1  tl  hut   >hf law
ut our nut ure - Emerson
Tin- wealtHi of n man Is lite number
ul'   things   he   lovis    anil   blesses,   ami
by which ho Is laved    and blessss,—
Vf AMta/ faff, A+tJU /T&utciuL   J(jJiltZ,
sty Ccdls   ft MlSs &y0sd4j>J!£ 4snsC OLPliS
For Sale Everywhere
Try our P a r 1 o 1 Matches.
They produce a quick LIGHT
without any objectionable
fumes.     •.•.".•.•.*•
E. B. E
unm,   HSU. :
"•j GAKADA. '   **
Made with Manitoba Pure.
Raw or Boikf1 Linseed Oil
Thc Quality of the Oi
Is the Life o? the Paint $
PURE      •«-, A l\IT i
mixed   k rbHii _ n
G. F. STEPHENS & CO., Limited,   * - - -   WINNIPEG. j|
either improved or wild land, write
us; we will sell it for you
Bank ot Ottawa Bnildln**,
k*j}:|"DVn'**lft','l' "ho pilots soeda >-f  am
r.V_nfr>KL!|   kui.lo.tlieri.it!,.!:.       •
mar> 3t carrion wUtseoatsUio best rofiuil
from J. HI  PERHIMS,''«»'• iman, 820 Markel   •
WIHNIPEG.   Od:: iiut»\ Annual ' -on
'/Anamain Pacific
"inn" ROUTE 10
Ana the Orient
Travol by tho C. P, R. unit be ns-
suretl of SOLID COMFORT.
r*vst*class C. P. R. Sleepers
on e!> through trains.
Through Tourist Sleepers -■= the best.
Tourist Rates quoted to all points
East, West, South,
The Old Country,
The Orient,
The Antipodes.
"soiliiiir more exposes us lo hhhI-
iii-nn tliur affecting to make oursclwa
different frorn otliei-s, au"d nothing
assists moro to maintain our common nenso tl>uis n lis ■ |i. ni in tin..
common way amrdsl general society.
- i;.s iho.
Mrs. Coli  to Coon, Syraonso, -" V.. wrilo":
"Forjoai  [could nut 1   ■ • r 1 ood
• ,.. iiiin
In my itom*sch,  i to '  I .
lirecl Ion an   ir tlio I      :    I     •   1   ■    101
1' One b. ix 1 [ 1
is.-..- e : ai ■■   ine   . ' out; 1    In        ;
nui in tholi        '   '1 ■'      pllludoi ol !■■■■  ip'iiu
. -;-n'" -   u u   dwl ■   n cu   ..   ic
i.-s required.
I'm i- ll''.. sin-si >tii-ni;lli an- wli.il wss
11. .il. an oa most une t>[ v\ liat w e
I.,i\,- now , ami all iiis' t Une an s'-.ins
s ■! tUSeonU-iil us,1 il .'.,' coinn 1 n «In. 1
Wi    I     . 1 '    tis  hi        I 'lnlli| »   111 si,s!.^
'I.,  dlj*  lu..' .......   E .   ,:. 1 ran •
Pi rry, w •'.   :     tcouti tc ■ '
.-.' -.i, 1. ■• lil
■   thn 01
jis:.-r ' sing rarioi 1 rs ud coissn!
.-..• :■.:
...   ■ ..   . . .   .   .     .   ,  1 ' . . •; •
■    '      ■ M .-
. pi I.  : 1.     '
D? other 1 ■ '■.■..!'.
Oseol i .   . :
.   1
Th.' man  is  hai I   10 mo sr-   th •
Ignles 0 llu" .1.;. 1 li '• In) do 11 w hu
hid'; one ihiii!.-. in Iiis mind .mil ui-
U*r    anot hs-j     1 [onier
IfiBaril's I i
Ei er;       righl     acl Ion      nnd     Iru
thouyl '   5ets  1 lie seal ol lis   101
on person antl fac<;
Those desiring; information in   regard us any pai'l oi tho world reached by the C. P. R. or its connectioi
hit requested to apply to any   0. P.
Ri representative or to
Gen. Pns. Ant , Winnipeg.
■   ,,  -.- uorn   hardei :■.-■--■
■   •  . ....
I ',   1     .' i :  11 1;, u = ,r«
■  Corn Curol  1 rj  1   ol
*'. h - ■.: at   man   1    h    •■■ ho   In   I !.-o
ini-l-:  o( Uin i'i'..-. si ki   i'. . wilh i er
s- • 1      .    1 I, nl  i    ml-. 1. ' !     of
solhnsi. -   fclnn rson
No ono 1 uil four cholera or nyjommoroflm*
olalnl I" tlii's- li-'V" r. botlie ..f Dr, *.l>. KoJlpBt-sj
J-   . ,!«-,■ iW'lalrondy torute. n corrsJcl   oil
loo  .'ami vi'!-. proniBti;. : no '■■>.: '   :
hmui>y-r ni   ■"   I '■ ■■■]■ .V   ■,-"'■';"''',"
;,.|„, a,1 .  .1       oiui IBW" uhl. i.li anil :• ■ r,
,,. 1     .,-,,,-!    .,,, 1 ... the mosl 1- il)" ir mi
Ictne forcliolora, 1     nl ry,etc, Inthem mot-
Mllii'linli is tin' hoavlttll s.sil Unit
put i.'iis'i' has 1,1 furrow . hill il is also I In' i-tii ll I'rni! fill .limn••■ llus'li-
IDHAfiD'8 LMl HT Kelleres Menraigla.
\   Commoa  Dlls-nisna.
"Mow ilo you lilii* jour new eook?"
"Ever sn tiitieh, but I'm nfi'iiiil ti) let
her l.iiuw it."
-siie'il want more wages."
"Then why don't you appear dlssati»
"lU'i'iuiss* ihrn sbe'd leave."
A Mooeure.
Mm. Kl.vuii - An' phwnt's yer pou
Molke doln' imv.. Mrs. 1'n IPJ V
Mrs. Casi'.v Shun', Molltl1 nln't doln'
nnnythlnf*,   Mrs.   I'lynn.     llr's  got  n
gOVI'l'llllll'llt Joli.
Aiissiinliv  of Glaaa.
So far as research has beeu nble *0
detenu ine glass was in use li.OOO years
before the birth of Christ nnd was
even then not in its Infancy by any
manner of rnenns. In the Blade collection tit tbe British museum there is the
bead of n lion molded in glass, bearing
the name of an Egyptian king of tho
eleventh dynasty. Tills is the oldest
specimen of pure glass bearing anything like a date now known to exist.
The invention now known us "bleez- ,
lug," the mode of varnishing pottery
with a thin dim of glass, is believed to
dale back to tin* fust Egyptian dynasty. Proof of Hus is found in the pottery beads, glass glazed, fouud ln the
tombs of "jj_j_____afl inferred to.
Onllc*   I'r.siss'r,
"I'm thinking ot Bonding my little
girl to the conservatory," said the woman next door. "All those tunes you
bear  her  plnytug she picked  up by
"Then she ought to be," replied Mrs.
"Ought to be sent, you tuenn?"
"No;  picked   up  by  the i-nr."-Exchange.
Tho  healthy  pi   .■ • ng fi >oi thi
r'.       .     !   . : ai.'sl
tsi'o Buro fc
pot fail tog
Exteri baton it U
Man -I rn In lowest s1 ato
has alw nys disco It Iml Sup rlor
Mind  .■■>■■■ nnlve I '■•■•■    •
\     '.■'■:. 11
nf our nn ■■ ■ si 1  ■■'
'  •
-Ajf*1-.   1       .     ■
Vi'sOnTifi-'.ctiiri    !
.... I •■
, !,-.          • nr.11,1                I
■ •    n.-,:-,. .    ■.    I »
.... ...                 ■          •.
ase't- Oint^tirit
s;ri.*r  nnsi Thrift.
Tiiisiniis lv,iiK>y Mdrieh once received
n pni... He li it*i in n feminine band an*
tiouiieliig lhe di ..Hi of u littlo duughtcr
nnd tiski '. If li ronld not Bend In Ids
ow 11 handwriting n verso or two from
"llahlo H II" ia 111 unge the grief of
lhe I,.      '   :'l
Aldi-ich soul the wh le | oeuri and not
long all. r saw it lilt jslaynl III the flhop
of nu ni.." ;niph i!  ;'' ''• vvitl1 fl *     '-
r,iiiiiil prl Um In 'i 1 lercto,
rr-*?.*-, v
1*T T>" • ..     - •. *v
Ono ounco of Sunlight Soap is worth
more than two ounces of impuro soap.
nCWdl'u a-*y form of '.**;i''--':,,-i"'.m : bj "u-"'-"-- «*- S
Al 1   MR THI   I
■a   ..^..iiimw awiiaii
J ■H
■*£.**■_. $KiT"»ai-**OA*J., Editor and Prep
ic rt*aiiisan» e?»rt -tudat at
"SLOGAN,      •     •      •'.'..*      B" C
Legal Advertising'10 cents-a line for
■ihe first insertion andS cents a line "Mich
«ub»rquent inaortion.
Certificates oi Improvement, $7 each
Transient advertisemenU at same rates
•as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
-for each insertion.
,    Commercial Rates mad* known upon
Tha Subscription is $2 per year, strict-
•t*- tn advance j $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
glocas, B. C.
FRIDAY, APRIL 26th, 1H02.
A pencil mark in the space
opposite will tse aa indies- .
*iton to yon that ye editor "**»»>>1_^
considers tbere is someth iag      S***
•aeming to him oa yoursub-      •
eeviption.   Klndlv acknow-   S
i<d--e in eaeh and eblige. s*-r
BI>IT«BIAL cBorriMua.
British Columbia is a costly pro
, "vinos te handle, each vear returning
a deficit for tbo government te shoal*
■der.   Ia the estimates j ust submitted
ln tho legislature,a shortage of $260,-
€00 is predicted for the currant fiscal
year.   In addition it is purposed to
raise another loan of $3,000,000 fer
ja    *  *--ublic  works.    Taxes,   mere
' '-7
.kxos.        "	
. C. A. Greg"*',  late  editor  of tho
- Rossland Miner, has seen fit to write
■to the Victoria Trades and Labor
Council that he hnd opposed the labor interests at Rossland during the
late strike under compulsion from
' his employers,   lie apologizes for his
stand than taken and now vehement*
' ly asserts his allegiance to tho labor
cause,and he wishes to be considered
*jk Union man.   Gregg,   v«u  erred
grievously and sinned deeply, nnd
you ought to be ashamed for acknowledging now you were made a tool
of against your own principles and
/convictions.   How must your fellow-
Unionists at Ress'.and, wVom yfeu so
'maliciously maligned and untruthfully denounced, \-low your attitude
' and feel?   Bo a man,take >our med
icine, and don't whine.
.Independence in thought and actic n
•upon the part of the wage earners in
the Yale-Cariboo election for the Dominion house two years ago resulted
in the placing of Chris Foley in the
field and the polling of a heavy and
aattsfactory vote.   Sinco that time
,ihe leaven has been rapidly working
in the entire province, culminating
in tbe convention ef reform bodies
and toilers at Kamloops last week;
And, as ft special result of that gathering, ft new party has been launch
ed on tho political sea in British Columbia, to be known as the Provincial
'Progressive Party.    The  platform
.adopted may be seen in another column, followed by a synopsis of several resolutions passed.   The planks
have little of the nature of radicalism
about them,  and are therefore the
more readily to bo understood and
accepted by tha electorate ut large.
Ten years ago, or even five years
back, such a platform would have
been considered revolutionary, yet
public opinion has developed and
broadened so quickly that the P.P.
P.'s stand may now be set down as
'within the scope of practicable politics.   Joo Martin's programmo is not
far removed from it in substance,nnd
certainly ak'n to it in spirit.   The
now party has grasped the public
situation where it most directly concerns ita adherents, and deals with
issues of economic and paramount
importance.   Every plunk carries a
separate issue touching thc well-being of the working classes, who com
prise the major portion of the population of tho province.   A unity of purpose and thought links all the planks
•together, being the more accentuated
by thc resolutions afterwards adopted,
/FhftP.P.P. mean business and tbey
^understand what  they  are  doing.
No candidate will be accepted unless
he signs an undated resignation with
the party, who  thus holds the reins
should his movements prove unsatisfactory.   In  doing  that  thc party
"commands faithfulness.     The  Progressives have a bright outlook be
/ore them, are boing thoroughly organized through the countrv, and are
confident of ultimate victory.   The
next provinclul election will result in
^ir'ng them at least ten members In
the legislature, of whi-'i number the
Slocan will furnish one. The balance
'of power will be with them nnd they
will use it to profit the wage earner.
W. Kech will reside in Nelson fer
the summer.
It is on* of tbe most backward
springs on record.
Neil Gething has had his residence
painted and decorated.
Thomas Mulvey returned from his
eastern trip on Monday.
Silverton has made no move yet
about celebrating May 24.
Tom Dunn, the big hardware man
of Vancouver, has assigned.
Frank; \Vells has shut down the
hotel at Enterprise landing.
J. Dudinski and family have gene
to Fort MeLeod, Alta., to reside.
Tho average daily school attendance keeps around, the 70 figure.
There promises to be half a dozen
recruits from here to South Africa.
The pound bylaw goes into effect
on May 1, which hint should be acted
Agent Edwards, aad family have
tnken up their residence at the depot.
E. II. Trueman landed here Tuesday with his physog improving apparatus.
George Moir, C.P.R. agent, left for
his new field of labor at Nakusp on
Saturday.        -
Bob Cooper went up to Ten Mile,
Wednesday, to work on the Moonlight claim.
The Adcock. block haa been touched up by the painter, effecting a big
Mrs. Bentley, wifo of K.I. Bentley,
M.D., has-gone-to~the coast on a
month's vacation. *
A court of revision for "the voter's
list of the SI- can riding will be held
at Kaslo on May 5.
More clearing ftp of lets and gardening is going on than oyer before
in the city's history.
Capt. McLcnnan's' family has arrived and they are domiciled in
Capt. Seaman's place.
The snow is commencing to melt
on the lower hills and the creeks and
lake aro rising rapidly.
Administration papers have been
granted for winding up the estate of
the late Martin Murchison.
The Byron N. White Co. have increased their applica tion for water at
New Denver to 2000 inches.
Similkameen Vallev Coal stock is
on tiie hike, leading shareholders unloading it at 23 cents and less.
Pat Barns lias lessened Iiis opposition in thc meat business in the province by buying out Hull Dree,
Service will be held in St. Paul's
churc-i next Sunday, morning and
evening.   W. H. Hedley,- vicar.
D. MeK*. clinic, second engineer on
the Slocan, has been transferred to
the Valhalla, on Kootenay lake.
Mrs. W. D. McGregor and children
returned on Tuesday from Montreal.
Mr. McGregor met tbem at Nelson.
W. T. Shatford & Co. purchased
tho bankrupt stock of James Orr.
securing it for 51 cents on the dollar
The Co-operative Association store
has opened for business in the Linton
block and is meeting with fair patronage.
The C.P.R. is rushing all the spare
empty box cars possible to the coast.
Kootenay has been called upon for
200 cars.
George Smith returned from the
Jubilee hospital, Victoria, on Wednesday, fe«ling much better since his
R H. Trueman, the photographer,
will extend his visit ovor to Monday
next. He is located next to thc Miners' Union hall.
It is altogether probabl t that one,
if not two, preposition will be made
to the council shortly to light the city
with electricity.
W. H. Warren, of Spokane, formerly foreman at tho Speculator,
came in on Monday's train. He will
do assessment on his claims.
F. J. Deane, of Kamloops, has purchased thc Nelson Miner, and now
issues it in an improved condition
under tbe name of the Daily News.
Aid. Nichol, Joe Beane and J.
Campbell left Tuesday for Bull river,
East Kootenay, whero they will
spend a month hunting and prospecting.
On Tuesday Tom Mulvey sold 200
acres of land below his townsite, on
the west side of the river, to Hedlev
Pierce, a reecnt arrival trom England.
Word was recoived here Friday
that Ralph, the oldest son of Tom
Sloan, formerly of Slocan, had died
in Carleton Place, Ont, en April 12,
of measles.
Tonight the management of the M.
U. General Hospital will hold their
first annual ball. It will be held in
the Music Hull and tho assessment on
males Is $2.
Thc district meeting ofthe Miners'
Union, held at Kamloops, elected G.
Doherty, of (jieonweorl, president;
A. J. Macdonald, Sandon, vice; and
T, Is. Bucktun, Fhocnlx, secretary-
Max and Louie Heckmann, accompanied by Nels Nelson, left Saturday
morning with the intention of pros
pecting in the north end of the province The Heckmann boys will
first upend a week at their old home
in Oregon.
Tenders are being Invited by the
government .for the erection ef a new
sohoolhou8e at New Denver. The
necessary papers may be seen at the
mining recorder's office in tbat town.
Mrs. W. Seaman departed for her
new home at Kaslo on Friday.   The
Previous dav the Ladies' Aid of the
resbyterian church tendered her a
farewell at the residence of Mrs. R.
A. Bradshaw.
Mkrried.—At the residence of the
bride's parents, at Vinton, Que., on
April 7, Thomas MaWey, ef this city,
to Miss Martha May Mullan. Congratulations. It is hoped the sudden
news will not prove too violent for
the groom's many acquaintances.
An amendment to the Youths' Protective Act has been brought into the
legislature, forbidding liquor being
sold to youths under 18, or permitting them to remain in barrooms.
Tobacco shall not be sold to youths
under 16, nor are they to procure it
or use it on the public streets.
Wm. Carss, of Orillia, Ont., inventor and manufacturer ef tho famous
Carss mackinaw clothing, was in the
city for a short time on Saturday.
Ho has had splendid success with his
goods en his present trip through the
country, having doubled his sales
over previous years. Mr. Carss
says British Columbia, is starting on
a big revival.
The Tourist Association arc gathering funds for two pages of a write-
up in a pamphlet Nelson is getting
out. The price is $25 a page and
New Denver is taking two pages and
Sandon four. The bjoks will be circulated all over the world nnd will
do a great deal of good. So far Eub-
scriptions have been slow, but «uffl-
cient will be obtained for two pages.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Notice to Contractors.
SEALED TEN DEBS, iudora«s.l "Tend-irs for
Sciissoltumso," will be raccivert by the un-
ilor*igii«l up tu noon of Friday, '.lio Utli Msiy,
IH02, for tlie erection ansl completion ol. a
school limine «t New Denver, P.O.
Plasm, specifications, fisrnv.ot tensler nnd contract may be seen on and n/ter the 25t.li April,
11X12, nt the Lauds Hnd Works Offco, Victoria,
nnd at the Mining Recorder's ollice, New Dor
Tenders will not be considered unless made
upon the printed forms supplied for tho pnr-
puss*. Find the agreement to execute a bond, appended to the form of tendor, is duly signed by
the contractor himself and two other reaponsi-
ble residents of the province in the penal sum
of "MM, for the faithful performance of the
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
W. 8. GOSE.
Deputy Commissioner of Lauds and Works
Lands nnd Works Department,
Victoria. B.C.. 22nd April. 1902.
To Wit:
pUBLIC NOTICE is hereby Riven to tbe
-**- Electors of the Municipality aforesaid that
a poll has become nocossary iu the election now
pending for Mayor for Use same.and that I huve
granted such poll; and further that I shull keep
said poll opan on the day and the premises previously appointed by me in the notice of nomination ai the slate and place of holding such
poll, from the hour of 8 a.m. to the hour of 4 p.
m,; and further, thnt the persons duly nominated as candidates ut the said election, and for
whom only votes will be received, are:
O B.
•* E2
0 o
1-1 -1
Kilts »
o o
a «
Of which nil persona are hereby required to
take notice and govern themselves accordingly,
Cllven under my hand at the City of Slocnn,
British Columbia, the 21th duy of April, 1902.
Botnrnlng Oflicer
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B. C
B. A. Sc.
J, If, jjiumi-Juvj-M
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
slocan.        -        -       BC*
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.       #
General Pecking end Forwarding attended to at tbe
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
bire at reasonable rates.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles Furnished.
Slocan,      - B. C.
To tlie Ladies
of Sloean   •   .
Tht season for Wallpaper is
here, and we have received
a fine linevof papers from
ona of the best linns in Canada. The prices will be
found very reasonable, especially as all customs duties
will lie saved. Splendid assortment and first class
goods. We represent no trust
but trust solely to the judjj-
naent of the people.
Stan Cily KiK' Uin,
No. 63, W. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to mend.'
Financial Secretary
Sold by AU Newsdealers
rurn.lal.asa Monthly to all lovsn of SoBf
aad Masle a vast volume ol Mow. Choice
Copyright Compositions by Um most pop-
alar authors. •**, Pagee of Plane Music,
halt Vocal, balf InHrument-J-ai Complete
Pieces for Plane—Once a Month for at
Cento. TasirlT BubaeripUoti, Sa.oo. Iftoa
will ssml as the aa-M and addiera of ma
ptrfooun en the Plane or Onea, we will MM
ree a eopy of the Mafa- ne free.
J. W. PI PPM, Publisher,
llghth • Leeust SU., Phllee*olphla, Pa.
D. n. Ferry's Famous Oar-
den Seeds, Flower Seeds,
Grass Seed, Seeds in packages and Seeds in bulk.
Our Potato Oniona aad
Dutch Seta have arrived
in (rood shape. Leave
your order and ensure
an early supply.
Special Sale!
Furniture !
30       DATS      30
commencing April 1. One
ef the largest stocks ef furniture, carpets and linoleums
iu the Kootenays will truly
Go at Cost Price.
Now la your chance to have
your homo furnished complete. Mall orders promptly
attended to.
v,    Dn'PncARTHU* & Co.
Nelse**, B.C.
You are Invited
Te examine the best line of Scotch
Tweeds, English  Worsteds and
Irlsb Worsteds ever shewn in Sle
ean; also all the latest designs in
Panting*.   Remember,
We are Custom Union Tailors
and the Union Label is a guarantee of the best workmanship, We
(-uarantee satlsfaotten and a perfect fit.    mmmwmmwmmmim
We ba-e added a select Hae ef
Compare our reasenabie prices—Fine
White Shirts, $1; Collars, 15c; Regatta
Shirts, in fancy stripes, with cellars
and caffs attached, 76© eaeb; Underwear, from $2 a salt; California flannel underwear, $4 a suit, this line being imported direct by ourselves; the
best quality Blaek Felt Hat, Union
label $8.60, equal te the Stetson Bat
in every way.
A. DAVID. Slocan
Store: Opposite The Drill Office.
Store also at Saetoa.
Do You
Want a Home?
Then com© to Slocan, for it is
one ofthe fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health,
Steamboats, Chnrohes,Sohool
Hospital, Pnblio Halls and
enterprising citisens aresome
ofthe advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed np by Unsurpassed and Pi-oven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath deoreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale if
no mere idle dream, bnt a stern reality.
for $18.25.
Why bs without a range whet
you can get one so cheap ? Thej
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These rsnges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
I J.
Certificate of InpMeneits.
Two rrload* Uleoral Claim.
Situate in the Blocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District
JV here located '-East ol Arlington
Basin, Springer creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert T.
Twigg, agent for Archibald York, free
T*V '. c,,r,'flc»'» No. B14375; Walter
T Rhstford, free miner's certilicate No.
B'22 17; James W. Moffatt, free miner's
certificate No. B50189; Peter McVeigh,
ree miner's certificate No. 1W382K; Wil'
*£m LooaA'\lT niMT'* "rtiflcate
No. B8B864; and Jtmea E. Tattersall
Free Miner's Certiflcate No. B3b394'
ntend, sixty days from the dste hereof'
to apply t, the mining recorder for a certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action
under section 37, must 1* commenced
before the issuance of such certilicate at
Dated this 17th day of April iooo
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line; Lowest Rates
Winnipeg Vancosver
Toronto Victoria
Ottawa Seattle
Montreal Portland
New York San 'cUco
VIA, 800 LINE:
St. Paul,  Chicago,  and ali U. »'
Tourist Sleeper Service
EAST-Leayes Dunmore Junction
daily. Leaves Kootenty Lending Tuesdays and Fridays.
WEST-Leares Revelstoke daily.
Home Seekers' Excursion tickets en sale,westbound, Marsh 1 te April
Through bookings to Europe »•• »•*•
Atlantic lines. Prepaid t-U*"*
from all points at lewess rats*
J. S. CARTJClt,    E 3- 00TL*
DP A A.O* P -••
Kitoo.. I*"""
GEO. T. M0I*.


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