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The Slocan Drill 1902-06-06

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JsA --s^-A >(LAjs ■
TOL. III., No. 10.
SLOGAN,   B.   C,   JUNE   6,   1902.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slocan. British Columbia.
We carry the largest and best assorted-stock In the city. Upwards of iooo
Flies to select from. Being overloaded
with Poles we are clearing them out
Here a couple of Plunge Bath Tubs for sale at cost.
Carload of Georgia Blacksmith Coal just in.
Large range to choose from.   Be the head big
or small.the purse fat or lean, we can suit you
W. T. Shatford 6c Co* General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinney, B. C.
Dealers In Fresh and S*»lt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.    It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
•OETfllNQ 4* HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Qniokly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Worlnnanship is Good
fti-ia-i Prices are Reasonable
I» reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
Re opened nnder
the old management.
The Royal Hotel,
Car. ArihtSt Sir-*.* aa. Dele../ Ava«»«. »••••»•
Building thoroughly renovated Proprietori
«nd re stacked with thc best  l roi^—=5
Fruit, Confcclonery, Tobacco
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle tne
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Aa Outllae of the Operation* te be Car-
llesl on by Charloa Dewpater and Hiss
Aaaoctatee—Wagoa Road to tbe lte-
publle to be Built nt Ouee.
The protracted visit of Charles
Dempster, of Rossland, and H. G.
Van Tuji, of Detroit, to this place
daring the week, means a great deal
to the camp, moro so indeed than
would appear on the surface. Together they represented a powerful
group of Michigan capitalists, who
hnve become (.duelled in the dry ore
.belt iff till* division and are investing
an unlimited quantity of money herein, mainly at the solicitation of Mr.
Dempster. In doing this, Slocnn
will become the headquarters of several new mining companies, whose
respective operations will be wide,
and which collectively will result in
the employment of scores of men and
the expenditure of many thousands
of dollars. In fact, so favorably im
pressed luve the-gentlemen- been
with their inspections of several properties, thnt they enthusiastically
predict success to their c' mpanies
and r.ipi'1 growth tw Sloe, as a city.
Mr. Van Tuyl, whose first visit it was
to Kootenay, was quite captivated
with the scenery around here, classing it as superior to anything he has
seen on the continent. Of the mine
ral resources of the country, he has
seen and heard sullicient for him to
think that he has lit on thc threshold
of nature's richest storehouse.
Of material interest to the city i
the fact that the en**"'ruction of the
wagon road to tha Republic, on Erin
mount:'.in. will bu proceeded wilh at
once. R. C. Campbell Jnh!'sto:i,consulting engineer of the respective
companies, will have charge of the
work. Concurrent with the bum*
menoement of tl.c road, opcj.tiiii'n'*
will be t***nnm**nccd on ti*.« lo-i-iiUic.
New aid c-.umi'diinis buildings *.\ ill
bs' erected, machinery installed, and
20 0* mere men cmpfoyul. Ship
nieiit.' will follow as S'.'n!) us possible
slid ever*, thing d-.ni* to tbor>*ogM.v
exploit and demonstrate the riches ol
that pruniisiho* pf*djpcrty. There are
no less than six different veins <>>*
posed on the ground, each with pa"*
ore in sight, while there is onuugu
mini ral already on the dumps to
inakoa respcctablo shipment. The
Republic has always been regarded
ns ono of the leading properties in
that section of tho camp and it will
undoubtedly give hands une return**,
Mr. Dempster and party inspected
th-* group twice and ilicy realize the
full value of their possession, which
work will rapidly enhance.
Two or three trips were made by
the party to Twelve Mile creek,
where Mr.Dem|sSter'sflSSiiciatishave
Invested heavily. Tliey acquired
Inst fall tin- Champion & Sapphire
group and a companv has been
formed to work it under the nnme of
the Sapphire Gold Mining Co., ltd.
Th.* group has one of the most re
markable surfoce showings nf ore in
the country, the chute having been
stripped foi* close on to .!0J feet. It
is ii dry ore and runs over 100 oz in
silver, with I'uir values in sold. Other
veins have since been proven by inspection to pass through the ground.
In tlie course of a few weeks work
will commence on the Sapphire, and
tho company has instructed Mr.
Johnston to spare ns. expense in development and to employ every hand
the property will stand.
Adjoining tlie Sapphire is the May,
which hns also been secured by Mr.
Dempster. There are three claims
iu tho group and some excellent ore
has been exposed on it. Last winter
tho original owner, J. O'Connor,
shipped five tons taken from a surface drift on the vein and the returns
wero eminently satisfactory. Tlie
lead is ft true fissure and the pay ore
crops to the surface. A couple of
contracts will bo let on the May at
once,approximating 300 feet of work,
which will give ft practical idea of
what treasure lies beneath tho sur
Tho party, while on Twelve 51 Uo.
ulso paid a visit id the Happy Medium
group, adjoining the Sapphire and
owned by Fred Benson and Win,
llinchlifl'o. The visitors were agreeably surprised at the oro in sight, as
the property is one of which very littlo has boen spoken. The owners
had been quietly developing the property all winter and in that time
sunk a 45 foot shaft on tho vein, besides some drifting. Thev had also
erected a cabin, blacksmith shop and
ore house. Tho shaft is in ore all the
way dowu and there aro several ear-
loads of the high grade article ready
to stope out. The property is one of
tho pleasing surprises of the civek.
lt. with the May and Sapphire, are
nil being surveyed, so as tu have the
title made secure and placed beyond
Thc Slocan-UcpublicCo. has taken
an office on Main street, adjoining A.
York & Oo.'s, and it is being hand
somely fixed up. Here will aiao be
the headquarters of tho Sapphire Co.,
ns well as other subsidiary associations now in contemplation. H.
Dempster will remain here in charge
ofthe office, with Mr, Johnston as
engineer of the mining operations.
Chas. Dempster has removed his
headquarteis hither from Rossland
and will in future operate sniely from
here. Mr. Dempster and associates
have acquired three other properties
here una inside of another 90 dajs
three more will be secured. These
latter are now under consideration,
but it is not expedient just yet to say
anything moro about any one ofthe
six. Mr. Dempster lias gono back
to Detroit and New York and will return hero in Julv, by which time all
his plans will have matured and his
several undertakings be in mil
The men interested in these various
schemes arc men of probity, petition
aud wealth, and are among thb best
and leading financiers of Michigan.
They arc paying cash for everything and so far, ai least, have lived
up to their statements. That they
moan well by the camp is certain,
and they aver Slocan will be made
one of the foremost towns in the country. As a hint to the future, it is not
teo much te hope for the erection of a
smeller here. The money is readv
and all that is required is development ofthe properties owned by u_
syndicate. With the success of one
undertaking will come others, so thc
outlook is encouraging for the town
and camp.
Active Development   to   in*   I'si-sheil   on
Hulls l'l'sspcrtloe.
Sidney Norman, who arrived in
here on Thursday, losl no time in
getting to W'*rk on tlie Black Trine.'
group, wlikdi heboiidran month ago
for SCr>,000. Great difficulty has been
ixperii'iis'i'il iu getting into the property, owing to the very late scasoii.
At the prrseot lime there is ;;ix foot'
uf snow eh the groiiad nnd supplies
luivi* to be taken in on the men's
bucks. Six men are employed at t|ie
mine, present operationa being confined to i leaning up the several
workings. These havo caved in
pretty badly in places and it will
take a month to put thimrs In dreonl
shape. No more men will be added
Just nsw. but early ii«*xt mouth the
fume will be doubled. Tlie Prince
has everything in it to make a big
mine and success is guaranteed.
On the Transfer, also nnd""r bond
to Mr. Norman, active development
will be in full swing next week by a
fair sized force of men. Tlie company
was obliged to suspend operations two
months ago, owing to the inability lo
get in supplies over the trail. Even
now thc snow will prove bothersome.
Every eff*rt will bo made to prove
up the vein and cut the ore. chute
shown above. Tho vein is believed
to be that of the Arlington, having
the same width, strike, and general
characteristics. Thc Transfer and
Black Prince are to lie worked steadily through the summer.
Editor Drill:
Sir,—I noto "Canadian Answered"
by J. A. Foley. I cmnot see any
reason to mako nn extended reply,as
the spirit in which I am interrogated
is quito in lino with the facts I asserted--facts that uro tolfevidcnt
and require no further proof. I agree
with Mr Foley that, patriotism consists iu loyalty to home and country;
and further, in being on the alert tu
guard ngoiiibt all visions and invidious intrusion of elements that mav
menace or disturb thc social, ccono*
miu, or political conditions under
which wo are working out our own
destiny, which may safely be loft in
the hands of our own people and our
old established and recognized parties and system of government And
1 bog to say to Mr. Foley, with all
candor, that any persons or parties
suggesting or promoting any ;ido issues that may divert from the general welfare to tho class or personal
interest only, are the real "psetido
Canadians."   Yours,        Canadian*.
New Denver, June 2.
Tn I'i. te I's-Ivy ('eusiflll.
Mark Manley returned from a winter's sojourn iu l$»ston and Now York
on Friday. Questioned ns to his
views on thc recent decision of the
supreme court at Ottawa on tho Nn
tive Silver fraction, lie stated it wns
not to his liking, and that he purposed appealing tho ease nt once to
the privy council in England. It is
the highest court in the Empire and
its decision will bo final.
Hearing a Settlement,
Word comes in from Spokane that
the financial troubles ofthe Burlington Mining Co., owning thc Iron
Horse, Ten Mile, are approaching a
settlement, and that the property
will be working again by July. The
situation at thc Iron Horse is said to
bo a disagreement between tho Spo-
kaneand Pittsburg members of the
corporation oyer a question of management and finance. This has been
overcome, the debts are to be paid
and development of the mine continue.	
Blevcinent to Psiah Organization lo lSaeh
A manifesto to thc electors of the
provinco has been issued by tho executive of the Progressive Tarty. In
it flic shortcomings of tho old parties
are touched en ar.d tho reasons for
forming the new party defined. After
explaining the work of the lute convention tit Kamloops and the platform
there adopted, an appeal is mado to
all reform bodies and labor organizations on these grounds:
First. Dues your organization
agree to support the platform, and
the candidates, wherever and whenever they arc nominated by a properly coi*~f'tuted convention of the
Provincial      ..-rcssivc Pa-ty ?
Scuiid. If so, wul your organi-
*•..■'*'- ••■ ;ake steps to immediately cooperate wilh all other labor and reform bodies, and all individuals in
harmony with your views, to thc end
that a Progressiva Party club bo organized in your community, at the
earliest possible moment.
Third. If go, after thc organization of a Progressive Party club in
your locality, will you uso your utmost inlluenco to induce all Progressive Party clubs in existence in tin-
electoral ridings in which you reside
to co-operate together, and organize
a district association of Progressive
Party clubs.
Fourth. Upon thc express under-
st'inaing that all disbursements will
bo strictly accounted for by tbe secretary-treasurer of the provincial
i xeciitivc of our party, and it being
dourly understood that after the or-
saniz.uion of Progressive Party elubs
in tlie manner provided for or suggested in the fcrcgoing clauses, all
taxation or contributions other than
thosa of a voluntary character shall
be derived from and through them
for defraying tho necessary legiti
mate expenses of tho provincial cxe
cutivo board ofthe party. Will your
organization at the present lime make,
a donation payable to the sccretarv-
trcasurer at Victoria, of twenty ccnls
per member, for tho purpose of ere
atiug a nucleus of a provincial campaign fund for tho Provincial Progressive Party.
Fifth. In conclusion, wo beg to
say that we cannot find words to impress upon you too strongly the important and inseparable relation in-
vuriubly existing between political
success and thorough organization,
and tits necessity cf ull our friends in
your community speedily Blinping
their coum iu conformity with this
idea, which is now universally iv
garued as a fundamental law of political strife, and trusting that you
will fully realize tho necessity of
Communicating at your earliest convenient dato to the secretary treasurer, the replies of your organization to the propositions wc hnve in
our best judgment seen fit to submit.
Asiiilsisi- Slocnss CssUlsratlssli.
Slocnn heard the news of tho general surrender of the Poors in South
Africa along towartl** noon on Monday, nnd iho glad tidings spread
rapidly. A general hustle was made
to Haunt lings and bunting, and pro-
pare to celebrate in right royal man
ncr. Msyor York proclaimed a half
holiday, requested the suspension of
all business, nnd then ordered the
School to closo. The hat wns passed
around nnd in a short time a large
amount of money was raised, and
a programme of sports arranged, A
general hurrah resulted and tho band
assisted in tho jubilee. Tlio s-M'ts
were held on Main street nnd wore
carried through with zest, despite an
interruption from the rnir.. Almost
every youngster won n prize and
later on all got in on a scramble for
mils and fruit. As n windup to the
celebration a huge bonfire was nr
rangod on the drugstore corner nnd
when set Off hearty cheers were raised for tho king, followed by tho
singing of the national anthem. As
fur Shiran's loyalty she has sent n
dozen men to South Africa, and the
celebration Monday intensified that
feeling, the moro so because of thc
spontaneity of the affair.
I.aat Tear's Hhlpmenta Were 0514 Tona-
A Healthy Kvlileisce of the "Life and
Wealth of tho Camp-Arlington tha
Blggeat Shipper.
Tho two banner properties of tho
division have tho shipments between
them again fur the week, the total
being 130 tons, which is a slight increase over tho preceding weeks. Of
this amouiis, the Enterprise sent out
its regular quota of 40 tons, nnd the
romaining 90 tons was from tbe Arlington. The corrected returns from
the letter's shipments to May 31 make
a big increnie In their given total,
which, including the present week's
figures, is swelled to 1870 tons, They
have three cars more ready to go out
today, if the transportation Is available.
For the entire division the total
shipments aro 2474 tons, which is
considerably in excess of tlio figures
for the same period last year. The
outlook for continued shipments is
h!jo much brighter, while the amount,
of new development going on in tho
camp is-largely in cxccs3 of 1901.
For 1900 tho exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled C529 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a full
list ol the shipments this year to
Arlington  90            1870
Enterprise  40             52o
Ottawa  7
Neepawa  60
May  6
i'sirstiviik ' 5
Duplex  r... / 7
180 2474
The Arlington will ship upwards
of 300 toii9 of ore monthly.
James Foley has secured a con' ract
for driving in" the lower tunnel.
Work has been rosuined on the
Legal,two men going up to tho claim
on Tuesday.
The drift on the Combination is in
f5 feet. A crosscut is being run
through the vein.
J. Frank Collom, manager of the
Arlington, has gone to the coast for
a couple of weeks.
IM.Kirkwood this week purchased
au eighth interest in thc Ohio claim,
which now gives him a full half.
Sheriff Tuck was busy hero from
Thursday to Saturday, looking into
the details of three separate cases.
Tbo Arlington Mines, Limited, aro
applying for a crown grunt on the
Portland mineral claim.situatcd near
thc sawmill.
J. McKinnon, Randolph Bruco and
T, O. Proctor are applying fsir a
crown grant on the Mtirmion and
Maryland claims, on Tiger creek.
Ily tlie centring of Charles Dempster's operations hero three more mining companies establish their headquarters in the city. They are: Tho
sloean*Republic Mining Co., the Sapphire Gold Mines, and the Detroit &
Er're Mining Co..
C. A. Ilurlburt, managing director
Of thc Sapphire Hold Mines mid president of the Sloean-l.'epul,lie Mining
Co., arrived In from Detroit Wednri
dav. He will bo located here for the
summer, having charge of the operations on thc companies' various interests,
A (iEXBlllirs OI''KKK.
Editor Drill:
Sir,—The Dominion Express Co.
will receivo and receipt for, and forward freo of ail charges, all packages ol money for thc relief of fumi-
lirsof miners killed in the Fernie
explosion. All moneys should bead-
dressed to the relief committee, mayor
or secretary of tho Fernie board of
trade. 1 have been requested to
make this announcement. Yours
truly, L. J. Edwards, Agent.
Flrat of July Celebratloa.
It is high timo thc citizens wero
making n move towards shaping up
for tho Dominion day celebration.
Delay has occurred owing to tho belief that n circus was coming hereon
the 2.>rd inst..but this has apparently
gono by the board, so there Is nothing in tho way for tho first of July,
"one of tho neighboring towns aro
going to celebrate and they aro willing to come hero. A mooting should
be called at once to arrange for tho
Neepawa Kuasimra.
Work has been resumed on tho
Neepawa, Ten Mile, under tho terms
ofthe now deal recently made. Ten
or 12 men went up to the property on
Tuesda,', under the management of
C. Sandiford, of New Denver. A
great deal of development will be
done this summer. ItaMjaMm******
.aw-^f*rriit,T i * if rrr-f-aa
■yayyrljat lteo Try 9li WaUt**> Basarrt >
*B» Iax,- the doctor Informed ns, "ffor
tbo -printed Intelligence. I mm proceoi
t* falab tne letter: 'Among other*, my
•antni-s, the right honorable the fieri of
sf-ytto-'-ftale, hu sheen -recommended by
Ida. physician to try the newly dlscov-
seed water* nf Lynn u a preventive ot
gent Be I* * gentleman of tbe highest
rank, ftwhlon end wealth, who honors
no with hie confidence. It Is possible
that be may even allow tne to accompany htm on his Journey. Should he do
so I shall look forward to tbe biMor of
paying my -aspects to my former petrous. He telle me that other persons
ot dlstlnetlon ire aleo going to the
aame place, with tbe same object, during the coming summer.'
"You bear, gentlemen V eald the doctor, looking round. "Wbat did I aayt
Wealth for all—for all. Bo. Let me continue: 'Sir, I would with the greatest
submission venture to point out tbe
Importance of tbis event to tbe town.
Tbe nobility and gentry of the nelgb-
borbood should be Immediately made
acquainted with tbla great discovery.
It may be expected that there will be
such a concourse flocking to Lynn as
will bring an accession of wealtb as
well aa fame to the borough of which 1
am a humble native. I would also submit tbat the visitors should And Lynn
provided with the amusements necee*
aary for a spa. I mean music, tbe assembly, a pump-room, a garden, tbe
ball and the masquerade and tbe card-
room, clean lodgings, good wine and
fish, flesh and fowl In abundance. 1
humbly ask forgiveness for these suggestions, and 1 bave tbe honor to remain, honored sir. your most obedient
humble servant wltb my grateful service to all tbe gentlemen wbo subscribed to my verses and thereby provided
me wltb a ladder up wblcb to rise.
** "Sam-om. Sn-pu.'"
At this moment tbe bowl of punch
waa brought In and placed before the
captain, wltb a tray of glasses. The
doctor folded bis letter, replaced It In
bla pocketbook and took off bin epecta*
"Gentlemen, yon have beard my
newa. Captain Crowle, may I request
tbat yon permit tbe society to drink
with ma to tbe prosperity of tbe spa—
tbe prosperity of tbe epa—the apa of
"Let na drink It," aaid the captain,
'-to the newly discovered spa. fiat this
Samuel; tbe name sdeks."
"We must have a committee to prepare for tbe accommodation of th* Tl*>
"We must put up a pumproom.**
"We must engage a dipper."
"We must make walks across the
"There must be aa aasembly, with
music and dancing."
"There must be a cardroom."
"Tbere most be a long room for those
who wish to walk about and to converse, wltb an orchestra."
"1 will put up tbe pumproom," aaid
tbe doctor, "to my garden oxer the
Tbe captain looked on meanwhile,
whispering In my ear from tlm* to
time. "Samuel is a Iter," be said. "I
kuow blm to be a liar. Yet wby should
be lie about a tblng of ac mnch Importance T If he tells tbe truth. Jack-I
know not, I misdoubt tbe fellow, yet
again be may telf tbe truth. And wby
ahould he Ile, I ssyT Tben one knows
not—among tbe company we may find
* husband for tbe glrL"
"It only remains," said the doctor,
"tbat I myself should submit the water
of my well to sn examination." Be
did not tbink lt necessary to Inform tbe
company tbat be bad received from
.Samuel Semple an analysis of th* water stating the Ingredients and their
proportions as made by tbe anonymous
physician of .London, "8bould It prove,
of which I have little doubt, tbat tbe
water la sucb as baa been described by
my learned brother In medicine, 1 sball
Inform you of the fact"
It wae a curious coincidence, though
the committee of reception were not In*
formed of the fact, tbat tbe doctor's
analysis exactly agreed wltb that sent
to him.
It was a memorable evening. For
my own part I know not wby, during
tbe reading or tbe letter my heart sank
lower and lower.   It wu tbe forebod
lug of evIL Perhaps It wu caused br
say aaewieage ot Suiuuei, ot whom I
Will speak presently. Perhaps It wu
tbe tbougbt of seeing tbe girl whom I
loved, while yet I had no hope of winning ber, carried off hy eome sprig of
quality who woultl teach her to deaplss
ber homely friends, the master mariners, young and old. 1 know not the
reason. Itut It waa * foreboding of
evil, and It was with a heavy heart
t at I repaired to tbe quay and rowed
myself back to tbe sblp In tbe moonlight.
Tbey were going to drink to the next
voyage of tbe Lady of Lynn. Why,
tbo lady herself, not ber sblp,.wu
eboiit to embark on a voyage more perilous, more disastrous, tban that which
awaited any of her ships. Cruel u Is
the ocean, I would rather trust myself
aud her to tbe mercies of tbe bay of
Ulscay at Its wildest tbsn to the tenderness of the crew wbo were to take
charge of that Innocent aud Ignorant
T pleases me to recall
the tall form of my
father, bis bent shoulders, his wig, for tbe
most part awry; hla
round spectacles, bis
thin face. In school
he was a figure of fear.
always terrible, wielding the rod of of
flee With Justice rhadaraanthine and
demanding, with that unrelenting alternative, things Impossible In grammar. In school hours ho wns a very
Jupiter, a thundering Jupiter. Our
school was sn ancient bail, with an
ope* timber roof. In which hia vole*
rolled and echoed backward and for-
As to Molly, she bad the misfortune
to lose ter father In infancy. He wu
carried off. I believe, by smallpox. He
wa* a shipowner and general merchant of tbe town and was commonly
reputed to be" a man of considerable
means. At Ha death be bequeathed
the care of his widow nud hia child to
bis old servant, Captalu John Crowle,
who hod been In the .service of the
house since he was apprenticed as a
boy. He directed further that Captain
Crowle should conduct the business for
the child, who by Ids will was to Inherit tbe whole of bis fortune, whatever
that might prove to be, on coming of
age after subtracting certain settlements for bis widow.
It was most fortunate for tbe child
tbat her guardian was tbe most honest
person In tbe world. He wu a bachelor: he was bound by ties of gratitude
to the bouse which he had served; be
had nothing to do and nothing to think
about except the wel s'nreof tbe child. At
11) Molly was a flat*, tall girt aa strong
us any man. her arms stout and muscular, like mine; ber face rosy and ruddy
with tbe bloom of health, ber eyes blue
and neither too large nor too small, but
fearless: ber head and face large, her
hair fair and blowing about ber bead
wltb loose curls, her figure full, bet
neck aa white as kuow. her hsnds large
rather tban smsll. by reason of tbe row*
Hit; snd th* handling of tbe ropes, and
ny uo means white. Her features were
regular snd straight ber moutb not too
small, but to my eyea tbe most beautiful
month In the world, tbe lips fall and
alwaya ready for a emile, tbe teeth
white and regular; In a word, to look
at. as fine a woman—not of tbe delicate
ninl dainty kind, but strong, tall and
full of figure—as oue may wish for. As
to her disposition, sbe wu tbe most
tender, affectionate, sweet soul that
could be Imagined. Sbe was always
thinking of something to please those
who loved ber. Sbe spared ber mother
ninl worked for her guardian. Sbe wu
always working at something. Sbe
was always bappy. "She wu always
singing. And never, until th* captain
told ber, did sbe bave tbe leut suspicion that sbe was richer tban all ber
friends and neighbors—nay. tban the
whole town or Lynn, with Its mer
chants and shippers and traders all together.
I recall one day when Molly and 1
were children.   It was In tbe month of
December In tbe afternoon and close
upon sunset Tbe little maid was about
8. snd 1 was 10. We were together aa
usual We bad been on tbe river, but
It wns cold, oud so we came ashore and
were walking hand In hand along the
street they call Pudding lane, which
leads from the Common Statb yard to
the market place. In tbls lane tbere
stands a sailors' tippling bouse, which
Is, I dure say. In all respects sucb a
house as sailors desire, provided snd
furnished according to tbelr wants and
wishes. As We passed, tbe place beiug
already lit up wltb two or three candles ln sconces, tbe door being wide
open and tbe mingled noise of fiddle,
voices and feet announcing tbe asscm
binge of company, Molly pulled me by
tbe band and stopped to look In. Tbe
scene wu what I bare already Indicated. The revelry of the evening hnd
set in. Everybody was drinking. One
was dsuclng. The fiddler was plnylng
We ahould have looked on ror a minute oud left them.    But one ot the
tailors recognized Molly.   Springing to
hie feet he innde a respectful leg and
•Mod the child.   "Mates," he cried.
" 'tis onr owner!   Thc little lady owns
be barky,   What shall we do for her?"
Then tbey nil sprang to their feet
With a buzzu for the owner and another for the ship, and. If you will believe
It. their rough fo'c's'le hands In half a
minute had the child ou the table In a
'hull- like a r-uocu. She sat with great
dignity, understanding In some way
'.lmt these men were lu ber own service
and that they designed no harm or affright to her, but only to do her honor.
Therefore she was not lu any fear and
smiled graciously. For my own part, 1
followed and stood at the table, thinking that perhaps these fellows were
proposing soine piratical abduction uud
resolving miracles of valor If necessary.
Then they mode offerings. One man
pulled a red silk handkerchief from his
neck uud laid It In ber lap, and another lugged a box of sweetmeats from
tils pocket. *.t came from Lisbon, but
wns made, I believe, in Morocco by tho
Moors. A third had a gold ring on his
linger—everybody knows the cxtrnvn-
gniiclcs of sailors—which he drew off
and placed In her hand. Another offered n glass of punch. The little inn id
did whut she had so often seen the captain do. She looked round ond snld,
"Your good health, all tho company,"
and put ber lips to the glass, which she
then returned. Aud another offered to
dance, and tbe fiddler drew bis bow
across the catgut. It Is a sound which
inclines tbe heart to- beat and the feet
to move whenever a sailor bears It
"I have often seen you dance," said
Molly. "Let the fiddler play, and you
shall see me dance."
I never thought she -wonld have had
so mnch spirit, for, yon see, I had
taught ber to dance the hornpipe. Every boy In a seaport town caa dance
tbe hornpipe. We need to mak* music
out ot a piece of tblu paper laid over a
tortoise shell comb—It must be a comb
of wide teeth, and none of them must
he hroken-and with this Instead of a
fiddle w* would dance In th* garden or
In the parlor. Bnt to stand np before a
wbole company of sailors! Who would
have thought It? Bowever, she Jumped np and on the table performed ber
dance with great seriousness and so
gracefully that they were all enchanted. They stood around, their months
open, a broad grin on every fee*. Tho
women, neglected, huddled together In
a corner and were quite silent
When she had finished, she gathered
up her gifts-thr silk handkerchief—It
came from Calicut—tbe sweetmeats
from Morocco, the gold ring from 1
know not where. "Put me down, If
you please," sbe wid. Bo one of them
gently lifted ber to the ground. "I
thank yon all," ahe courtesled very
prettily. "I wish yon good night and
when yon aet ull again a good voyage." 	
BNDBRS flocked Into
tbe town. At the outset, though tbe pump-
room wu full every
morning and the gardens and th~ long room
In the evening were
well attended, the spa
lacked animation. The mule pleased,
the singers pleased, the colored lamps
dangled In chains between tbe branches
and pleased, yet the company wu dull
Ther* was little noise of conversation
and no mirth or laughter; tbe family
groups were not broken np; the people
looked at each other and walked round
and round hi silence. After tbe first
round or so, wben they had seen all the
dresses, th* girls yawned and wanted
to sit down.
To me It wu amusing only to see the
people ln their fine dresses marching
round and ronnd while tbe music played, trailing their skirts on the floor,
swinging their hoops and handling
their fans; for the lack of young men
talking to tbe clergy from tbe cathedrals and the colleges, and costing at
each otber glances of envy If one was
better dressed or of scorn wben one
was worse dressed tban themselves.
As for the men—"Jack," uid Captain Crowle, "I keep looking about me.
I try the pumproom in the morning,
the ordinary at dinner, tbe taverns
after dinner. My lad, tbere la not one
among tbem all who la fit to be mated
with our Molly. Gentlemen, ore they'i
I Ilk* not tbe manner of these gentlemen. They are mostly young, but
drink hard already. Their faces are
red and swollen at 25. What will tbey
be at "IO? My girl shall marry none of
them, nor shall sbe dance with tbem.
Sbe shall stay at home."
In fact during tbe first week or two
after tbe opening of tbe spa Molly remained at borne and was not seen in
tbe long room or In tbe gardens.
The town was nearly full, many of
th* visitors having to put up with
mean lodgings in tbe crazy old courts,
of which tbere are so many In Lynn,
wben tbe first arrival from London
took place. It was tbat of a clergyman
named Benjamin Purden, Artlum Ma-
glster, formerly of Trinity college,
Cambridge. He was a man of Insignificant presence, bis figure being smsll
and tbln, but finely dressed. Ills bead
was almost bidden by a full ecclesiastical wig. Apparently be waa between
40 and 50 years of age. He looked
about blm and surveyed tbe company
wltb an air of superiority, as If be bad
been a person of rank.
He came to us down tbe river by *
tilt boat from Cambridge and accepted
contentedly quite a humble lodging,
barely furnished with a choir and a
flock bed. "Humility becomes divine,"
be said In a high authoritative voice.
"Tho room will serve. A coal fire and
an ope.i window will remove tbe mustl-
ness." lie was perhaps, though we
must allow a good deal to bis profession, too fond of preaching. He preached Lu tbo morning at tbe pumproom,
Sorralee' Wife.
Mi'riiies once snld of his wife, Xnn-
<i'|ie  who. If history Is to be believed,
'• pei son by no means eusy to live
inl he mnrrled and lived wltb
■ ii- sHwItillue.
Whr  She  Waa  Married.
It Is queer bow Ironclad Is the bold
of convention and conventional con
alderatlons. Tbey bave a tighter grip
and a wider Influence than law, reason, sentiment or ethics Itself. A woman whose marriage may be termed
medlumly successful admitted candidly uot long ago that at the very last
moment never, never would she have
married her husband had It not been
for the thought or all the conventional
considerations Involved.
"On the way to our wedding," said
the woman, "we had the most awful
kind or a row thnt made me vow Inwardly never, never to marry blm.
Then at tbe thought or Uie ceremony
to come off ot a friend's house, tbo
breakfast that, thanks to her, wns prepared uud the Invited guests, and how
tbey would all talk ot any change tit
plan, I gilt my teeth and went through
It. But It was tho thought of the con
vent Ions alone thnt kept mc up fso
otber possible pressure could have In*
\ duced me to marry blm nfter sucb a
row os we bad on -mr way to the wedding."*
       I   Z~l the troubles of a pretty wo-
Only a mighty man will send his     ™en™ interesting only   the first
•lie downstairs    to request a bur-  man tM
lar to make less noise. |umL      J   ._ —	
peoplo    in Britain
Don't believe all you hear ; „,,„
aro fortunate if you cem believe an
you say.
The United Kingdom uses 39 mil- j   ^^Jfeye*.
lion pairs of gloves yearly. ■ wear "J"*"*
Why is it that evoryono looks usr
lier in tho winter ? K"
•n-J ttef* Pa>rn«n«noy of
x. u » » i« too much to claim that Dr. Chase s Ointment -will cure every form
Some people seem to think that n is> w These ore interesting letters Irom one who has suf-
of piles, but facts go to prove the truth of wis cini**-.
ferod much and been cured. «•„•*,«.  a fireman on the Canada  Atlantic Itullw-.y,    li*.in«  ,.t  Madft-
ln November   1901, Mr. Sherwood Walker  aq ^        .*«,.   Sometime*    the   prot.uding     pits    come
waska, Ont., write* :*-*'I am a great a ""or " th     tiinC8 j am ga^^t to blocJing piles, and thoy bleed
down, causing much misery and we^"™*'£UT. _.   chase's Ointment will   cure   thla awful   ailment   you
to such an extent as to make me quite weaK.   " "r. m»*
will havo my everlasting gratitude." , ttw ^^ Mr. Walker, which     speaks     volumes   for   Dr.
On March 1   1002, we received   h   'JJing form.     He write. --"According to my promise,
Chase's Ointment as a cure for piles of the most a 8 ^ ^ J>> ^^  .^tamal
I now take pleasure In writing to you.   1 [j^ "™™     f ^ can say __ lt proved a godsend,    for   it
bleedinsr piles some three months ago    I used Jt loiiniiuiy. auu *-«    «*
has entirely cured me of bleeding pile*-. ^   n „u     pen^^ cure   Tm
^leTaffftWltaa "!"- -~* *" ****** *"■ — -
^So7ras^k0noPwr°Kn.f no^thlr t^^tail^^m so successful in curing pile, of tbe most
rJ^nVka. trDr^W.^inment'   it, soothing, •"gj"^0™^ ?*£   Z™* """
©ugh and permanent.   Sixty cents a bo*, at all dealers, or Hdmanson. Bate* 4 Co.. Toronto.
MlK*Ms C4LHS d*   <tf
J&m\*lAjtU/  mU%ds 4M
fun*/ frrd/ win* ftM^iv cftuv ~4 f
&Jy -§**-*r Au/u6 $%*, &Ufw f4~rdt0 S* 1/6
*Uov, JLmVirt' 4*  do U &  teJt/ n*" ft&rn'
If a man is an idealist he has no I
business behind    the scones at   the j
theatre or in the kitchen of a cheap
Mra Harriet A. Farr, Fenwick, Out.,
'I ells How .She Obtained a Cure
After Suffering for Two  Years.
Thousands throughout this country
sU'Tcr seriously from general debility—the result of impoverished bloosl
and shatters.U nerves. To all su. h
tho story of Mrs. Harriet larr,
widow of the late Kev. ltithard
Fair. Fenwick, Out., a lady well
known throughout the Niagara district, will point tbe means of renewed hs-ulth. Mrs. Farr says: "For
a couple of years prior to 181)11 1
was a great sullerer Horn a rundown
system. My digestion was bud ; 1
ha<i little or no appetite und was
in a very poor state; 1 suffered from
lie.ii". palpitation and a feeling oi
continual exhaustion. Doctors' treat
menl failed to benefit uie and I grud-
uai'y grew worse until 1 was Dually
unable to tin the least work. 1 thou
begun usin^ Dr. Williams' I'ink Tills
und from the very lirst I noted uu
improvement in my condition. The
severity of my trouble gradually lessened, und by the time 1 hud taken
eight boxes 1 was again enjoying the
best of health, despite my 60 years.
1 believe that Dr. Williams' Fink
Pills saved my life, and would
str mgly urge all sufferers to give
thnn a trial, believing they will be
of treat benefit."
When your blood is poor and
waieiy. when your nerves are un-
struiig, when you suffer from headaches and diz/.iness, when you are
pale, languid and completely run
down, Dr. Williams' Pink Pills will
prs'iuptly restore your uealth by renewing and enriching thc blood.
Thu*, aro a prompt and certain cure
for ull troubles having their origin
in a poor or watery condition ofthe
blusid. But only tho genuine cure
and these bear the full name, "Dr
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People." Sold by all dealers in medicine or sent post paid at 50 cents a
box or six boxes for $2."i0 bv ad-
d'.eHHiniT the Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co , brockville, Out.
Wosisrsi Spl*a.
Several of the most useful spies In
the civil war were women.
*   Har»   llps-i.rsitlnn.
The most envied of nil Itusslnn (teeo
rations Is tbe gniml eror-s of the Olds'i
or Ht George. To poiw us this I s ins
essury to have command'd a vl lorloti:
army In tbe field.
Cniushs lss 1 • u||Klt !•„„,„
The London scribe who tells of -h„
beautiful Illumination of the    T|,oU.
suiiil  Inlands „s  l„, vlowed it    fi
Toronto fs wise In his generation
teach  them .ometh^^t^C
Mtllaburv it. a < lirlitlhsn  Warrior.
Few peoplo are aware that at Oxford may be seen a statue of Lord
It is to be found in tho Chapel of
All Souls' College. Oxford. The --impel contains an intercsti'ig and r"*nu-
tiful reredoe, and is deroi.tti>ii With
statues oi tho apostles and martyrs
statues of the Apu-stles and martyrs
of tbe church. The Prime Minister
appears lu one of the niches of the
leresitss ilk a Christian warrior.
A little over 40 years ago Lord
Salisbury was elected a fellow of All
Souls' Hoi lege. Fellows of this an-
cient home must be bachelors,-, and
When one of their nuinbor enters
It.to matrimony ho -Is compelled to
tesiga his fellowship. Fellows of All
Souls' who resign their living on ac-
conn*, of murriago nro compelled to
bequeath to the college a silver cup
on which their name and inscription
sftiinj; forth the cause of their leaving nre phu'.ed, nud with this Lord
Salisbury wus compelled to comply.
At the time of his election, however, the fellows of All Souls' Col-
letre were engaged in erecting an elaborate and costly stone screen In thc
Impel attached to their houso. The
sculptor entrusted with this work a|t-
parently thought that it would be a
better idea to curhe real faces then
invent them for thc Apostles, martyrs and saints plnccsl ou the screen.
That is how Lord Salisbury rame to
be shown as a Christian warrior.
Ev >• one of a girl's love affairs u
serin.is < .lough to end in marring*,
but oni*,  one in ten of a man's.
MiMni. UBiMt Cures Diphtheria.
If *.s .i must tell your troubles tot
man, "vg off whin he eonunenres to
look ii thu wall.
Lev-**'" Y-Z(Wi»en"sSvd)DislnfectAnt Soif
Powdur dusted in the Uth sofumi tit
water it tho same time tbat It dUinfecU. A
"r.eiuy fe*'t i«s the record rise l»r»
.' lis Clio Bristol Channel.
All allrntljr, ami soft as sls-r-p.
The isiiissv fell, links* on flake, .
siiiniin r, s|M-ut Ksrtli! mill dream ef flower*
Till springtime bids you wake.
Acaln the (leaden***!! hoiinb'Shall bend
With tilixima nf sovi'i-ti-Ht breath,
Oli. niiiiirii- uf mli'iis'li***,
Tbls life turn fellows si.iiht
—TlKi-wia   Bailey   Alslrlch.
Ubr Ha 1% (ilasl
"Here's a queer annoiinc-tment on
tlie bottom of tho bill of fare: "Tho
proprietor will bo s/lnd to receive
complaints against  the waiters.' "
"What's qUeOr about that?"
"Why should Ihe proprietor be
'glad' to receivo compluiuts—"
"Ilccnuse then he knows that the
customers uro not p-cttiiie; more than
their money's worth."
Ctgarettes for nriiain.
Ontvhnlf of the tohans. upon whieh
Britisher*     pay duty In a yenr      Is
mado Into 1ft,O(i0.0l>0.o(K) cigarettes,
it a cost of SI011,000,000.
Ilallirnr  Malla.
Malls were first Bent by rnllwny In
1830 between Liverpool nnd Manchester, lu l"ui*lnnd.
Fly Pads
W'il kill all
Um flies In
■ i*oo*n In a
tavsr hours.
A Spollosl Chlld'i  Wlilma.
"Sit down!" snld the floreo old mnn.
and the trembling youth obeyed. "Well,
whst is li?"
The unhappy young rasa cleared bla
"I have came-thnt Is, I hare come."
he bof-nn In stammering accents, "to ssk
Until"01"   th*   hni"'   °f   -"""■   anu«htt'r
The old man Issned bnrk |„ his chslr
snd Intently regard.il Ids visitor.
"Does  my  daughter   want  your   ha
'Til* 'fi1'*.' .■I™ m]T* ,ne Aoaa,*' tbe
youth replied with Home e-ugcriieHs "fills
sent ine to you." '
The old mnn sIkIiiiI,
"The whims of tlmt child are really
unaccountable." tie mutter,,,'.   ..|f „,,,„,;
»'1m <,BT.?r ts*. """ ,l",t K,,p "*■<■ 'of
s doll.   Then It w„s a posy.   Now It Is
.monkey.   Ofcd„M sb.nTh.vato h.V.
JMf td* wants It.    Thnt'a .11.    0*0fl
Canadian Pacific
trmn" ROUTE TO
Andthe Orient
Travel hy the C. P. 11. and bo insured of HOLM) C'OMFOI'T
First-clans C. P. R. Sleepers
on all through trains.
.Through Tourist Sleepers -- thc 1h'»I«
Toiiriat Kates quoted to all point*
East, West. South,
The Old Country.
The Orient,
The Anti-podes.
-Those dcr.lrlni;  Informnllon  i"   r'*"
gard to anv part of tho woil'l "'•" "
ed by the t'. V. It. or Its conni'***'*'''
aro requested to npply to nny (
U. representative or to
f'.etl.  Pas.  Afct.. "''"'"AH-;
Spanish Olive OU,
Tha -"benpest grade of Bpnnlin out.
oil goes largely to Russln, where tn«
demand for It Is crentcd by the re«l**"
of the country,  whloh roiiulro* ■■■"
olive oil shnll lie burned In th. li*'"'
used  for lllumliinlltig the Imngc.
solnta In imarly every Ryss}»» •><,u■,e•
Cast  Iraa  Plaw., .
Cast Iron plows were flrnt n,l,i"..,
this conutry In 17i»7 and were *r''n>"
Objected  to  from  the belief ""V
cast Iron polsotfed the ground sod V
vented tbo pluuts from ("rowing
.tnV ,.»»-*• <***■'■****?"-•«*»»• "• ~r — Mn     "
The Drill.
Joaepblae Dearlr Loved Her fl-mas
aa*  Her Jewela.
It Is a rare privilege to be allowed to
peep at the mysteries of an empress' toilet, to ronsack ber wardrolies, witb their
treasures of costly gowns, to open ber
jewel casket and to gloat over gems'that
would purchase inauy a king's ransom,
bat wben tbis empress la the most luxu- .
rious and picturesque woniau of an ex- .
tra vacant age the temptation' Is too
strong to resist, says The Golden Penny.
Sucb an empress  was Josephine,  in
turn tbe spoiled darling and outcast wife
of N'avoleon I., whose star filled tbe social heaven of Europe for five years. Jo- i
sepbiue was more than forty years old
snd had already exhausted all tbe arts of
luxury when she wss crow net! empress in i
ISO!.   Her first beauty had long left her, '
and. It ia said, sbe had practiced tke fatal
ami  fashionable art of enameling until •
the enamel would no longer retain Its
hold on her skin, but cracked and covered 1
her witb a constant layer of white powder.
For ordinary occasions her hairdresser
was a M. Herbeault, "a magnificent creature in an embroidered costume, with a
sword at his side," bat for sny Important
occtifilon M. Duplan, the mots! nmsum-
mate artist. In the world, was called In.
M. Duplas's salary for these occasional
services was 20,000 francs a year, Increased later by Napoleon to 42,000
francs. _ These two unrivaled artists designed 'for Josephine's benefit no less
tban s tbonsaad new methods of hair
drexf-lng, each adapted to the special cir-
euin-tnnccs in which It was worn.
Blitch as Josephine lover her hundreds
ef rosily dresses, she loved her jewelry
snore and wss never happy **d**»s she
was, iisisl'iig -Jr-Msi dally to ber treasures.
Id ii few short mouths sbe spent balf a
million francs on jewels, and her happiest
liui'i'-i at Malroaison were spent in spread
lug out ber thousands of gema on the tabic li.'fore her and gloating over their
dazzling* charms.
IIit extrsvagsnee wss the cause of
ninny tears snd much upbraiding from
Nn|i..ls»on, who grew tired of paying bills,
many of them reaching almost a million
francs, ia.it in the end he usually sue-
cumbed to ber pleading and penitence
ami 'Yniilil say to her: "Come. Josephine!
Conn', my Httle one! Console yourself. I
will make *t nil right." Poor, silly Jc-
lej.liino!   Poor Napoleon!
A man's labors must pass like tbe
sunrises nnd sunsets of tbo world. Tbe
in"i Ib/ug. not tbe Inst, must be bis
Cures Coughs and CoIcU
at ones. lthxahtea6oing
this for half a century. It
has saved hundreds of
thousands of lives. It will
save yours if you gave tt a
dunce. 25 cents a bottle.
If after -using" tt you are not
satisfied with results, go to
your druggist and get your
money back*    .   •   .   .
ruled    very
Write to 8. C. Watts & Co., Toronto,
Can., for free trial bottle.
Ksffs Clever Root TsMcetrectsaw Stomach
Without question the beat and
most effective springs in Canada (or
thu cure of rheumatism, kidney or
liver troubles. The medicinal qualities of the water are unequalled.
Splendid hotel accommodation ; fine
fishing and huntine*. Ar ideal spot
fo. the invalid.
P'.'ij* Is It tbnt ploves worn by pa 11-
tip;i: rs nre slwn.vs too long In tbe lin-
e.'i .*. /  A tcbis-ou Cloba.
Parmelee's PUN possess the power of acting
•pocilicalljr upon the .libou-^*.! orgaus, st: uisilat-
'ng t.s action the dormant energies uf the
-)st«sii, thoroby mmoviiig diseasse. In fact, ao
great ia tbe power of thia medicine to cleanse
ansl purify that discanea of almost efory name
anil nature are driren trom tho body. Mr. D,
Hsriws'l;, Car,well P.O., Ont., writes i "I hato
tried l'urmols-o'-s Pllla, aud Bnd tbem an 'jxcel-
leut medicine, oud one that will Mil well."
Tho City of
miliars' mile in
area,   baa
only    one
in ull   77
C. C. Richards A Co.
Centlemen.—I have used MIN VUD'.S
LINIMENT on my vessel and in ray
family for years, and for every day
f ii in i lv for years, and for every duy
ills nmi nrcidents of life I consider
It haa uo equal  '
I wsAilst not - atari on a vo.vuge
without it, if it cust u ilislliir n
fVhr   "Slorkc,"
8t   Audio,   Kauiour-
Aisci-jsit BUil Mnrtrra.
An old man and a young one, while
truvoling from London to Brighton
in a iruin, got into conversation. The
old man asked:
•'Which would you sooner travel iu
—tho up-to-date railway train or the
sslil-fitshis m.'d stage coach?"
"Why, the up-to-date railway tiain
of courfe," thc young man answered.
"Ah, I would sooner travel in tlie
old-fashioned stage couth."
"Well. If you are in the old-fashioned btufte conch and the wheel
comes off, and you are thrown into
a ditch, it's 'Hullo, old party, tbere
you are)' But if .vou aro in lhe up-
to-date railway train, and tho boiler
bursts, it's not 'Hullo, old party,
there you are!' tut •Hullo, old party,
where the -dickens ore you?" "—LoaV
don Answers.	
Porson, tbe great Latlnlst, was the
■on of a weaver. Ills la ste for learning was kindled liy tlie accidental discovery Of a book of La tin proverbs.
PlrcTrorka In  ICor»|.r la  13QO.
Fireworks first been me known In Eu
rope in 1300, when (In- Italians iu Flor
once maimgid to mnke some. Tbe first
spectacle of fireworks wns In 1588.
The human ear can conceive sounds
between 16 vibrations and 42,000
vibrations per second.
Health    and     Happiness — How
"Moliieis Can Keep Their Littlo
Diiims Well.
nn nettles can be spun a thread
so line that 00 iiilis of it weighs
only •"'...111.
For Nine   Years-Mr.  Samuel   Miynn,
Th, itfussl  utile.—   ''Kor isliie >oms I kuller-
ed with ulverat d sore* on my leg: 1 ei-
l* ii' :.-tl s.s r $100 lo physlciaua, and I red
e»eiy im iwnilion 1 he,ird of or saw rccom-
uis'inl.il t.,i   ml, discuss',  but could net no
rahel.   I ut i»„i  was recommended to gi»e
Br. Iliinnsia' Krli-Mrlc Oil a Iriisl. which has
rs'sulndafuir u.mg cught boUlos (using it
totsruuily rsuj „iist«iiny)   lu   a ton splt-to
-rje.   Ihclltse it U the best medkino In
""-' world, and 1 write thin to let others know
*tial it haa dune lor mo.'*
average smoker  wbo  Uvea
"Ixty spends in his lifetime $1,'
on tobacco,
$100 REWARD $100.
Ihe ri.isilora uf th
. -IT "^^^^~~~
—-•--■ vss's paper will lie plsmsod U>
■•arii thai there la al ieaat ssnsi dreaslsjil .li.**"-"
Ili*alth is tbe birthright of all littlo ones. It is u mother's duly to
so* that her baby enjoys it. Mother's
gii'iitost aid in guarding children's
lie.i'lh in Bully's Own Tablets—a
nicdicii.v* which can be given with
perfect safety to tlie youngest baby.
I Amung the many mothers who have
i proved the value of this medicine is
Mrs. J. W. Booth, Bar River, Ont.
She suys: "My baby suffered greatly fioin sore mouth and bad stomach. .Several doctors prescribed for
her, but nothing seenii'd to benefit
her in tlie least till I began giving
her Daily's Own Tablets, and then
in a short time my little one was
fully restored to health. I would
not be without tlie tablets in the
bOHSsl aud would aslvi.se all mothers
to use them when their children are
liaby's Own Tabb'ts are ussil in
thousands of homes in Camilla anil
always wiih liiiu'iis'iul results Thoy
contain absolutely no opiate or other
liui'iiifiil drug ; are mild, but sins' in
tlis'ii- notion anil pleasant to take
The very beat meilis'iiie for all
. I roubles of the stomach and bowel**.
■****   —un    isi,ii,rs.ution.   const!pa-
„     "'ionre ha. been able to cure in all Its ,uiing   colic,    indigestion,    i"
•tuns.*, and that I.  caUrrh.     Hall's  Catarrh |   . diarrhoea,     and    simple f.'VU .
S^i!.th««w>-*W-*^ _,..,. reiiol in toothing troubles,
1 ••   ' •     worms.     pfOfflote    h"jaitWul
all ihe minor ailments
__---, ■" *"** '•,,>! imwsiitb care is,... -.*-...- ,.... .      ,.„
■•ssliiiil (raterniiy.   Catarrh l«i « a cmistitu-] Tliey giM
ll"'.'.  ''.'.""•.'"-'..requires a enns"""
ment Hall'sCalarrh Cure Is takon internally, s " ' , ,n the minor ailment''
«lui*(.ilr«ctl, om the hlo d and mucous sur h1s*s'|1 and tu"";" l l . . box ,„
{••wo the »Zm, ti,.Tel-y deetroyins th« | „( children. Price -;', V" :..ii .sir di
'"'iii.lii ls.„ofif,ndlacass.,andsiTinKtlinpistimst. . ■ mft j ,„,Htpald by "*r'l,"f ,
•ir-iis-tliby bulldiuK up tha cons:itsitism and sent UV ilia' WUliaiiis Medirim
•••••"'liiKi.alurelndJiliislUwork. Tli.'prs.pri.-   ,e. t    to   the Ur.     *»"*»?_    ,,.,, .,..
 .. ilssinic its work. The prs.pi'
''•"■liiivss ssinssirh faith in its curatirsi psswnrs,   ., Brockvi
ihnl Ihs*> offor ssne hundred dollars for any ense , \ N   Y
jMl it falls to cute     Howl for Hat ssf leatimon-1 tiul.V,  n.   «
Asldroaa, K. J. CHENEY A CO., Tolsido, O.
Bold |,y slrui-nlsts. 7Jc.
Hall's Family l'ili. ure the beat.
He,    Out.,    Of   Si'lii'iie.'-
1'"' i efussj an,i rubbish of
"rugs, and dyes ifl known
trads ns "garblo,"
lu     tslie
To pTBve to -foil.
that) In*.
Chaee'i* Oltitmsjiitlnucerls.il.
snd absolute core for eocb
and every form ofTtchina.
Meedlagand protnidlnB pile*,
have (roamntoed IU fleo ton
|';*<wrinooeyl    __ _„r ^   ,	
• i   in tiers or KntsUMON.IUTBH * Co^'l'oronto,
^ "s Chase's Ointment
'"i^^Se dally prims ansl ask your neli-b
'wha|)U„y think of IU You can uso It anil
'       r back If not cured. W>o a boT. nt
A rulsy 0| ono CRrnt '„ worth £14
to »•■()    ()n(, ()f foUr CB1.uU w||ifetch
to £4*iO.
Minart's Liniment Cnrcs Dipbtlleria.
Mansion House street Is the sbort-
'"•• '« London.
tly about
■British raltwaya cartyyeariy nooi
„IM ts.ns «»( freight ror every pew
ID Un* country.   ^_
worminedlclno, §**%* J 'u'^"'worm
Wiirin Kxiuiiii.uuts'r.    I™ Vuaiw"
desttfoyet ol the aue.
■a, -rk«....o.'.  IsMaa*
-Tea." said Mr. Tlioinnsxu...   1 *»"
home intoilcaled 0DC nW_*« ™<Jg
years  «K0.  nn.l   the   «"■• »
luuKbt me mails a IWllBB '"P"*-*
on my brnln."
•'Wlmtill'lHl'esny? ,   t.
"She illiln't H».v imyll'"1'" ., he
|D. imtiresHlon I refer lo J« -11'"" VJ
I ilfitlron.   S.c tl.iiiJjJJiiiili-
Tlse  TSsllMl  W» ,g fl
At n.,...i"..o..«. a-;-1 ';■ i::,,.....,!
bluegnni in-w.iei i h    iulltl)l„
1,,'lKl.t of l.-Hf'"'1'    ll ', '
the tallest tree lu IU.'wo. lil-
Manitoba wheat   has
,tluU   during    the   week
,seem to find it hard to Uo business
t freely   and there is no spirited   de-
I mand such us we are accustomed to
when tlie markets ar... strong and ad-
, vanciag.   in line with the weakness
in outside markets,   values have declined this week, and the best price
iPtuU for No. l    northern, spot    or
May delivery, in store Fort William,
on Friday was 74 Vic, and for 2 northern  73c.   A large  block of  No.  2
northern was sold by one of tho elevator   companies at 72*}ic in store,
Fort William, June  delivery.   No.  1
hard  is  not much -wanted,  and  the
value is 7714c in store Fort William.
Liverpool Wheat—No.   1    northern
closed on Saturday at 6s 5d.
FLOUR—Hungarian patent $2.15
pel- sack of 98 pounds; Glenora, $2 ;
Alberta, $1.85; Manitoba, $1.70 ;
and XXXX, $1.25.
GROUND FEED—Oat chop, per
ton, $28; barley chop, $22; oatmeal
feed, $14.50; mixed barley aad oats,
$25; oil cttko, 980.
M1LLFEED—Uran, in bulk, is now
worth $15.50 per ton, and shorts
OATH—The market has advanced
lc per bushel this week owiag to
iinproveil demand. No. 2 white oats,
Fort William. 41c per bushel; No. 1
white, in car lots on track, Winnipeg, per bushel, 45c; No. 2 white,
41 to 42c; feed grades, 38 to 39c ;
seed oats, 50. At country points
formers are getting 29c to 31c for
No. 2 white oats
BARLEY—Stocks available arc
very light and the market has jumped to 40 to 48c for sesxt grades and
40c to 41'c for feed grades, in car
lot:-,  on track Winnipeg.
FLAXSEED—Dealers are asking
$2.00 per bushel for seed flax.
HAY—Receipts are light, and the
market is $1 higher at $8 to §9 per
ton for fresh baled. Loose hay is
not offering to any extent.
POULTRY—There is very little
poultry in the market. Chickens are
worth 12*/j*c per pound for fresh Will,
ed, and turkeys 12",**c to 15c, according lo quality.
BUTTER — Creamery—The market
is weaker owing to incrs*ased offerings. One or two summer factories
s'iuiis* into the market last week and
sold at 20c per pound, factory point..
Fine weather would rapklly increase
the offerings.
BUTTER —Dairy—The market is
lower owing to increasing supply.
Commission houses are quoting 14 to
16c per pound now for round lols
of choice tub butter on a commission basis.
CHEESE—No new Manitoba cheese
has offered yet and the uemand is
being to some extent supplied with
Ontario stock at L8Vi** Per pound.
EGGS— Receipts have increased
considerably this week and the market is now weaker. Dealers are now
paying lie per dozen for fresh cose
eggs,   delivered  in  Winnipeg.
POTATOES— Farmers' loads delivered in Winnipeg, 25c per bushel.
DRESSED MEATS—Beef is very
scarce, and hns advanced \4fi this
v.eek. Beef, city dressed, per pound,
8 to 9c; veal, 7i/a to 8'/jC; mutton,
10c; spring lambs, each $3.50 to
$4.50;  hogs,  per pound,  7'U to 81,*--:.
Hides—No. 1 city hides, 6'ic No.
5>/2c, No. 3. 4Vi- Kips and calf, the
same price us hides; deakius, 25 to
40i; sliwks, 10 to 15c; horsc-hids's,
50c to $1.
WOOL is worth 6'jfi per pound for
Manitoba   unwashed  fleece.
CATTLE— Beef cattle continues
scarce, and tlio market is again firmer. Butchers ure now paying a full
5'^c for best annuals, and from that
iliswn to 4**;c for inferior OTadeS.
Stockers are going west in consisler-
nbio numbers. Yearlings are worth
as high as $16 per head at polnl of
.shipment. Two-year-olds are bringing '•'20 to $22 por bead.
SHEEP—About 5 to ."Hie per Ib is
the value off cars, Winnipeg.
HOGS—Best packers' weights 6-ImC
par pound off cars Winnipeg, an advance of '/Sc over last week. Other
grades  bring  proportionate prices.
MHX'H COWS-*- Cows are vs*ry
scarce, and good milkers readily
bring $45 each in this market. As
most of lhe stock oils-rings are poor,
the*, Ining less money, tke range being from *?■'•"> to $15.
noitsirs--There   is a good steady
siemiiiiil for horsi'S for both furiii ttiul
general lies, und dealers find lid siiih-
I'Ulty in ilispsising of all th'\v run sr-
i-ure. The mniki't is being hugely
supplied from Ontario.        Thsre are
.some Montana horses selllnc.   Prices
continue high.
Minart's Liniment Cures Garget in Cows.
n tuples.
are forty-i'iglit   words in tlie
language   which   have     two
prolioiinc ia t ions.      "Row,"
"invalid"  an'  the  best   ox-
Loghorns are the best layers .imonp.
chlckona. Each ben lays from IM
lo 200 eggs yearly. Hamburgi lay
about 170; and other breeds fisin L80
lo  150.
a City of Marble.
Modern Athens Is n city of marble.
Mnny of the dwellings and businen
houses and nearly all the public eill
llces nre of tbat uuitorlnl, and even the
sidewalks on some of tbe streets ure
paved wltb it
Aa Ancient Piece o*f Masle.
The most undent piece of music
which Is still In czlstenco Is believed to
be tbe "Blessing of the Priests." This
song or chant wns snld to have been
Kiiug In tbe temple nt .lerusnlem, nnd
Is silll to be hoard In the Hebrew synagogues In Spain and Portugal.
A Quebec Gentleman Who Relates an
Interesting   Story   of   a Narrow
'   Escape—Happy   Deliverance Just
ln tiie Nick of Time.
Bristol, Que., May 19.-— (Special)-
There are not many men or women
alive today who have passed through
such a terrible trial as Mr. B. Draper, of this place.   Mr. Draper says :
"Abcait four years ago I was taken
ill with what 1 thought was Gravel.
"I was suffering great pain, so I
sent, for tho doctor; he gave me some
medicine and said he would call
"He came twice more and charged
me fifteen dollars. I was a little
better, but not at all well, and in a
short time after I took another bad
• This time I sent for another doctor, with about tlie same results,
only I was getting weaker ill tlie
"Then a man advised me to try
Dodd's Kidney Pills, for be said they
had cured  his mother.
*'f thought I would try them and
I got a box and commenced to take
them right away.
"In just ome week nfter I had taken
tho first dose, I passed a stone as
large ns a bean, and in four days after i passed another about the size
of a grain of barley.
"This gave mo great relief and 1
commenced to feel better at once.
•The improvement continued and I
ga'.ned strength very rapidly until in
a siiort time I was as well as ever.
'This is over four years ago, anil
I have not had the slightest return
of thc trouble since, so that I know
now that my curo was an absolute
and permanent one."
Sometimes a man's bad luck is due
to his reputation.
Yon cannot ho happy v.hile yon hnre
corns. '1 hen do nsit de.uy in tie ting a bottle ot Hollowi*, 'b l \ rn Cure. It removes all
kindo of emus without pain. Failure w.th it
Is unknown.
No  other angler  hns  been  able  to
beat Jonah's tlsh story.
In his YeMtable Pill-. Dr. Parmelee has. srivon
to '.lie wor'd the frails of louir scientific ro
search in „he whole realm of medical scionca,
combined with new and raluablo dissxiveriot
never before known to man. I'or delicate and
debilitates! constitutions, Parmeloe's Pills act
like a charm. Taken in smnll d.s.-i's,'.ho effect
id both a tonic nnd a .stimuli.at, nelilly excitine
the secretions of tho bs-dy, (jivinj tone unsl
The biggest wine cooler is at Windsor. It was made for George IV.,
anil two men could sit in it-with
Tiro   V.'rnnsa.
A clergyman, lectliriug on "Capital
Punishment,"    took    strons    gromisis
against the dentb penalty, arguing tbat
while it was wrong for n man to com*
mit murder it ivtis- but another wrong
to kill the murderer aud thnt two
wrongs never mnde a right.
"At least," said he. "1 never heard of
fut oils' case where they did." And be
proceeded to relate the following story,
presumably in mipport of tils argument:
"A man entered a country grocery,
where a number of the villagers snt
around on barrels and boxes, and asked If two wrongs ever made a right.
The response was 'Never.' So I
thought till recently." continued he,
"when I met a stranger who asked me
to change 0 live dollar bill for bim.
I did so aud after his ih'parturc found
the bill wns a counterfeit So I kept
It till the other day and shoved lt ou
a fellow greener than I." The listeners
eveliiliuod that those were two wrongs
certainly, but they didn't make a right.
"Well." replied the man, "tbey made
me all right"
Harvest! as*.
A little girl and her aunt, went for
a walk out on Union street tbe other day, nnd its they Walked lhe aunt
caught her skirt on tho sharp edge
of her shoo heel and toro off several
radios of lace.
"Won't you tear it off for me,
dearV" she asked. "1 cannot mead
it now."
The accommodating little girl
dropped on her knee anil fsir several
minutes Iher.i was a sound as of
tearing goods—really iniu'h more
tearing than was ness'ssnry to remove a piece of luco only half an
inch wide.
"Haven't you finished yet?" finally
asked the aunt.
"Yes," snld th', little girl, rising
wearily. "I was taking all this oft.
I Wanted enough for my doll's skirt
while I was at it, and the littlo bit
you toro wouldn't do."
Ta Preserve Klata.
Never lay one on lhe top of the other,
but wring a cloth out of clean salted
water, wrap tbe lish separately In this
and lay it on a dish. Keep in tbe cool
'.".I lilai'i' iiossibls*.    •
A   hiinilriKlwi'iglit   sif   psirk   Is   Hlb.
heavier at, "301 fast than it is at Cork.
t^VJM^M       EXPENSE,
Ask for the Ortagoa Bar
A copy of Illustrated booklet
"Wookly Expenses Reduced" sent
free to your address by writing to
Go regular to their new homes in order that they may take advantage of
the bargains offered every day in its columns, as well as for the news of
the world, and Ontario in particular.
Made to all persons living west of North Bay. Out this advertisement ont
and send it along with $2.00 (half price) and It will be sent to your address (including tbe "big illustrated Saturday number) for one year.
tt TRE Url
UK  Of
G. F. STEPHENS & CO., Limited,
If Try onr Parlor Match-**.
They produce a quick Light
-without any objectionable
fumes. :::::::::::::::
THE E. B. EDDY Co, Limited
Hull, Oaaada.
Hares. Horses and gii*;i(Ti*s are bettor ulili* tn ss.h; objects behind them
without turning their heads than
any other quadrupeds.
Borne porsons havo periodical attacks of Canadian cholera, dysoutorr, or diarrhoea, siml
liavo tsi li-o great pnx'aulions to avoisl this disease. CliaiiKO of water, cookiiiR, aud greeti
fruit, is.sure to briiii* on the attacks. To such
persons we wnuM recommend Dr. J. li. Ken-
ogg's Dysoutory Cordial as being the bcssl msxli-
ciue in the markot for nil summer complaints.
If a few drops aro taken 1:1 water when the
symptoms aro noticed, 1.0 further troublo will
be experienced.
Flies may bo kept from picture
frames by -washing them over with
water in which a bundle of leeks
ha,ue been steeped for a week.
.V Lancaster bachelor, out of pa-
Maiico wilh the Ail's which invailesl
his 100111, got two sheets of sticky
fly paper, which he placed on chairs
near a window. Returning late that
s'Vening, he forgot the sticky stuff
and sat down in one of the chairs,
lie soon got up and proceeded to
pick the paper off his trousers. As
it was hard to get at, he took the
pAnts off, and while cleaning thorn
iiiiisinsciously sat down In tho other
chair ami then stood up and medi-
The above item, clipped from an
exchange, would point thc mortil
thut it is better to use Wilson's Tly
Pads (poison) clean, safe anil sure.
One 10 cent package will kill more
Hies than .'"00 sheets of sticky ily
The largest orchestras in point of
numbers uro those for gransl operas
at Covent Uardeii. London. There aro
ssiiiii'tiiuc<s  as  many  as  75   performers.
Minard's Lminiout Cures Colds, Etc.
Il.Ts-loprsI Ilia  I rue Nature.
There wns a young man who loved
a beautiful mafdon, but be vrns pour.
One day he askad her to be his
wife,  und she iiiis\vi.*ri>il:
"1 love you. Still 1 do not "wish
to be a poor man's wife. Co nnd
got money und llii-n return and we'll
ii\e happily aver nfter."
The man ironi iiwny and ere long
began to* sway ths markets. He made
millions,  ami lit'  miiiil'ii  ivuiti'il.
When  the  mini  hinl   ten  millions  be
•ranted tss outshine tho other    who
hull ."ill millions, 11ml wbi'ii that wish
WM grill Hied he longed for a I11111-
ilii'il million, and nt lust set a billion up us the amount he wished to
When sins* dsiy In those parts, a
certain old maid lay dying, she said:
"There's no use expecting a Log
to Keep his mind on anything cImj
after he gels his feet in the trough."
Wlirn  111*   llrlils.  sail ('room Ass. NerTOSia
lOuibnrras.sincnt appears to be tlu
natural concomitant of matrimony.
At least this is true iu the incipient
stages. Invariably 1 however, there
is a striking contrast between, the
relative composure of the man and
the WomiUl. Both lire nervous but
l'.evi'i* both tho same timo. If thoy
"ome a week beforehand to make nr-
1 on*[omenta she is rattled and ho i.s
cool; while on the duy of the ceremony sho rises to tho occasion und
ho sinks  under  it.      Thus,   I      havo
iii'Vim- soon a bride who was  soared:
1 linvs; never seen a gi*oom who was
not—Itov. 1). M. Steele, In The
Ladies'  11.nmi Journal.
Utsjt and -Best   You like a
jood agar. .*. TRY ONE.
.Will tell
When an animal is all run down,
has a rough coat and a tight hide,
anyone knows that his blood is out
of order. To keep an animal economically lu must be in good health.
Is a necessity where the best results
from feeding would be obtained.
It tones up the system, rids the
stomach of bots, worms and other
parasites that suck, the life blood
Nothing like Dick's powder for
a ruu down horse.
60 cents a package.
Leemlag, Allies & Co., Agents,
Write for Book on Cattle ansl Horsrs free.
If you nuffcr from Eptlf-pssy, FUa, Falling SscVfseisa,
St. Vitut Pain's:, or haveciiiUrcnor rsslativea that <la
so, or know a friend tliat ia aillicteJ, then scud for a
tram trial bottle with v.itu.-.h'ss Treatise, snd try it.
Tlse sample bo;' lc will he Mat by snail, r*rcpaid» toyoui
m-.-srs.-st 1'oat Oili.'.* Hums, lt has cured where *Tcry<
thing* el9« haa failed, Whesa writing, incntioQ this
pii.-r an.l »;ives name, aire *in,l full a.liheaa to Till
UEBIG CO, 179 Kino St. Viist. TORONTO. "JMUCjl
\V.  N.   II.  No.  37-8.
Ass.-lriii   Wlr*.
Wire la no mw •lilii'- rtpeelmens of
metallic Shreds dutlim mm t-.tr imrk ns
171)0 ll 0. nre »lnled io hnve own d'x
eovi'i's'd. Willie n s.iiii|ile of wire iniule
by the Nliii'vlliK Millie lS'KI ftmxn II (.'
Ih evlilbllcsl nl 111*' Ki'JItdllKtnii nillNHUIIl
In l.iimlnii Itsiili IIsillier nnd I'lltiy ul
lude to wire.
I.o*.t  tlnnses.
Few houses In Caracas, Venej-nHa,
ore more tliun oilu storj blttli because
of the thinner frmn onrtliqiiakes.
Thr   ni.rasa and   Saddle.
A mnn sbougbt three horses and a
snddlc for $1*20. If be puts the saddle
ou the first horse, they cost ns much
as the other two homes; If he puts tho
saddle on the second horse, they cost
two times ns much im the first uud
third, and If he puts the wiildlejm the
third horse they cost thri'o limes ns
much ns the lirst nud seeoud.    l'ind
the cost of each. m
THE imrLL, StOCAS.-B. C JU»» «• 19<R!'
•C. S. 8«nTaUttiNOAUi, Editor and Prep.
is -roausHtn avaar -wioat at
•tt-OCAN,     •     '-      -      *     B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
-tbe Brat insertion and S cents a lihe each
•nbar>quent insertion.
C-foifttatss ol Improrement, %7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
•aalsSfsl advertising.
Laesls will be charged 10 cents a line
.lor each insertion.
'    Ommercial Bates made known npon
eippHcation. *s
'"ill 8ttb*eripMoti to $2 per year, strict
ly in advance ;|20!0 a year li not so paid.
Address all letters to—
*    Slocaa, B. C
A nencU mark in the space
-epposite will be a* indication t* yoa that ye editor
osaiiders there is somsthiag
«*miag to htm on yoor subscription. Kindlvacknow-
Jtadsjm in cash and oblige.
tla It. net about time, those Philippine NTARca .were licked?  A little
' nor* Bgbtlug aad not quite ao much
verbosity, and Uncle 8am can de the
trick.       /' |      |
The Datch have captured Holland
or( in other words, the electioas in
Ontario have resulted In the return
of the Liberals to power, but with
.badlv sin-fed wings. Their majority
-was f*ur, and one of these lias since
,-died, the excitement proving: to*
,mach fer his nerves.
im .      ■ -
Some sort of a truce bas been patch-
,-ed up between tbe government and
soppeaitioa, and if tho railway bills
pass the legislature no further kick
will be made at tbe estimates. Duns*
muir haa "-cored on the new deal, at
tiie Canada Northern bill has passed
Jts second reading by two of a ma
^jority.   Progress, however, is slew
and tbe coronation draws on apace,
t to the premier most hustle.
John Bull (a relative of our local
.celebrity) baa painted another large
•pot en the world's map a bright red
and tbe Dutch republics in .South
Africaeiiavtnew only as a mcrooiv
By the terms ef surrender Britain
sacrificed no' principle, yet Lcr vanquished foe* mutt admit they have
been leniently dealt with.   It took
■M months to do the trick, but it's
,dono and done for all time.   There
will be uo more Gladstone fiascos.
, Canada joins with the balance of the
Empire in welcoming the new subjects of King Edward, under whose
sovereignty  they will   enjoy true
liberty and all tbe many privileges
attendant upon citizenship in the
.world's greatest nation.
■   " ■
Silver has been un uncertain quantity as regards value for some time,
.the daily fluctuations causing many
•a pang to mineowners.   Ofthe silver
lead camps this has been particularly
.true, as a deterioration in lead prices
"bas been coincident with that of sil-
•ver, while tho freight and treatment
.charges on the ore have remained
the ume.  On tbe dry ore belt thc
price of the white metal has not
borne so heavily, as the increasing
/demand for sllicious ores has resulted
JLa a great reduction In treatment
charges, amounting almost to 3 to 1
,as compared witb tiie wet ores.   Cost
of mining also hus aver ged up a
great deal less in thc mines in this
section.   Even were silver to recedc
anetbar 10 points, there would still
be a- safe margin for profit.   As a
rale, too, the silver values In the
,oree shipped are largely in favor of
<£be dry ore belt.   Capital has rccog
nixed this and ts becoming more In-
^   (terested in the camp   Fortunes have
been made elsewhore in silver mining and they will  be nude here.
Despite the gradual decline in the
.price, capital to not avert* to em*
.barking tn schemes for scouring sil
ver properties, as it is being demonstrated that rich returns are forth
, coming.   These returns result from
a mero economical handling of the
ores, which leaves tbe  net profit
-practically the same.   For thoso de
'sirousof knowing how silver price-*
.-have declined, tho following tnble ol
London figures will bo interesting,
AXie more so when it is taken int.
.-consideration that last year the out-
-.put   wus  2,1500,000 ounces  gieutei
".than tn any previous period:
1862 Gi 7-16 pence
1867 60 9* 16 pence
1872 66 5 10 pence
1877 5313 1G pence
18.-J2 51 13 16 pence
£902 (April)
44 11-16 pence
39$        pence
27 9 16 pence
28 5 6  peuco
Silver has jumped to 52J cents.
The lake haa kept at a high level
all week.
Mra, W. Ha-rrfagton returned from
Eholt on Wednesday.
Jack Sloan bas gono into the hotel
business at Three Forks.
Frank Culver, of Sandon, was a
visitor in the city Tuesday.
° A foet Of snow fell in the Arlington
basin on Tuesday evening.
Born—In the suburb of Brandon,
on June 1, the wife ef George Ager,
of a son,
The recerd office took in upwards
of $1400 last month for free miners'
Tbe Delaney avenue bridge has
been repaired and put in excellent
Bain lias deluged the valley ef
late, while the snow has crept down
pretty low.
Cut worms have again made their
appearance in this vicinity and are
damaging the gardens.
Bev. A. E. Roberts will preach his
farewell sermon in the Methodist
church on Sunday next.
Dr. Forin has sold the lot he recently secured on Arthur street to D.
B. O'Neail and L. Skelly,
Service will be held in St. Paul's
church next Sundav, morning and
evening.   W. H. Hedley, vicar.
No meeting of the city council was
held this week, owing to tbe absence
frem town of several of tbe aldermen.
Eight inches of new snow fell nt
the Arlington on Friday morning.
The weather is mosi, unusual tbis
Some of the enthusiasts received
the returns of the Ontario election's on
Thursday evening, at the Arlington.
The Grits went home happy.
A P.P.P. club has been ergnnized
at Silverton, with P. W. Johnston as
president, G. Gardiner vice, and J.
C. Tyree secretary.
Miss Rhine**, who hns been living
at the Arlington mine with her sister,
was brought down Sunday,her mind
having become deranged. She was
sent to New Westminster tbe next
J. B. Tudhopc, of Orillia, Ont.,one
of the syndicate who recently par
chased the Hill sawmill at the hend
ofthe hike, was elected as tlie Liberal nicmba-r for East Simcoe. in the
Ontario elections.
Considerable live stock is passiner
through here for the larger towns in
the other camps. The aniniaU niv
•several dins on thc way in and thc
poor thin' s receive no attention, A
car of hogs lav here two days this
week, besides being on the road additional time, without food or drink
Such conduct is nothing short of rank
Those who snfTcr from eye trouble
in anv form should not fail to consult
Geo. L. Pedlar. Opt. D., Specialist,
wh* will be at Nelson's drugstore,
New Denver, until June 21. The
best optical service in the Dominion
is at your disposal free, including
test \ ith the Geneva Retinoscope,
Jebb Optometer and Ophthalmoscope.
If glasses will improve yoar vision,
this is the golden opportunity of having them Beit, ntiflcally fitted by a
.^ Chance for a Payroll.
Slocan hns a chance now of getting
a big payroll here.if the citizens wil)
only bestir themselves in the matter.
The syndicate which has secured
Hill Bios.' sawmill at the head of the
lake, have not yet decided where
they will permanently locate, but
they are favorably disposed towards
this place. W. B. Strathearn, the
manager, was here again Wednesday
evening, and he stated the company
meant to operate very heavily. J.
Chew, one of the principals, was also
here Monday ami the company was
open to inducements. They would
employ permanently 50 mon, which
would mean an addition of about 200
people to the general population, besides tho expenditure of much money
in bnildlnga. A free site and exemption from taxation would help out the
scheme, and the council and citizens
should furthor the idea to the utmost
BAVINQ pnrchaaed and taksn orer Hill Bros.
Mill, Lumbor unci Timber Limit* for an
tarn aynslicat**, w« wish to tay to all who it
quira timbers or lumbar, mouldinirs, cnsii**,",
etc,, that wis hn vs. on hand n quantity of good
sennoued material, anil wa nrss prsspars.il tss cut
to order any bill* tlmt may Im required on the
shortest notice poukilile. We hono, by strict attention tss business antl fnir dentins, to be able
to satisfy the requirements nf this district.
TruRtins tluit wo mny bo favored with your pat-
rouago, I am, yours truly,
W. B. Strathearn,
Having opened a shoeshopen
Delaney ave, two doors vast
of the Arlington office, we
nre prepared to do all kinds
of repair! ig. Hand-Made
Shoes are onr specialty.
Prlc'-s reason blc.
COTE & Co.
Slocan, B.C.
of their power. The company is
known as the Ontario Slty-an Lumber
Co., and they have plenty of money.
Mr. Strathearn says his principals
will b* here about the loth, so the
opportunity should be seized to talk
business with them.
Appended Is a complete list of the various records registered at the local registry office, H. P. Christie being mining
May 26—Imperial, 1st n f Leaon, H
A McMillan.
28—Argentlte fr, Springer creek, Wm
"»—Americs, Twelvo Mile creek, H 8
Msy 86—Emile Mansfield, Dalhousie
No 2, St Lawrence, Combination.
27—Rainbow, Chesapeake.
28—Johanna.Utlca for two years. Rose
Muriel, Wilno, Cecil, Kenneth fr, Plum-
bob fr, Plumlinefr, Nancy.
29—Minnie, White Cloud.
31—Bonnie Doon.
May 27—St Lawrence No 2, J A Davis
to James Mitchell.
Anchor, W E Worden to William Tattersall.
Monterey, Bancroft, and Oregon 1-9
each, Mrs Mary L Colbick to Mrs H
28—Skylark, Banger, Kootenay Queen
Slocan Chief, Cannsy, Canney fr, Hudson, Syndicate, Slocan, Cliff fr, Dawson,
Lake-shore, Lone Pine, Atlin and Relief,
notice by E J Felt that the court has declared him to be an % owner in each.
30—Ir.n Horse No 2, lis pendens st
instance of Jas Campbell and A Webb.
Furnished Rooms, by day or
week. Second to none in
the city. Enquire on tho
premises. *
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
NOTICE is hereby given that I intend
to apply at i.pxt regular i-.it i ing of Board
of Licensing Commis*ionoi-s Ior tlio City
of Slcvnn, to bo held after the expiration
of SO dnys from the date hereof, for a
retail liquor liconse for the promisee
known as tlio Windsor lionet**, situate
on Lot 5, Block A, S'.oenn, 11 C.
Dats-'i nt Slocan, B.C., thia Tilt day ol
Mav, 1902. '
.   Public.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles Furnished.
Slocan,       -      -     B. C.
ta City Miners' On,
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall. Slican City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
City Shoe Store,
Next to Postoffice, Slocan,
W. J. Adcock, Proprietor.
Repairing is our specialty.   Min
srs   Boots made to order; good
wear and fit guaranteed.   We also
carry the largest snd best stock of
Gents' and Ladies' Boots, in all
the latest styles.   Gents' lacrosse
and tennis shoes; gents' csnvass
hoots and shoos, c-ol and durable.
A fine line of Ladies' heavy soled,
wide welte I Oxfords.   America's
la tost design. Some iplondid i ample* of Miners' footwear.
ranging in price from
$2 to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
SLOCAN, 13. C.
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN. - » B.C.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, EC.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
To the Ladies
ofSlooan   .   .
The season for Wallpaper is
here, and we have received
a fine line of papers from
one ol tho btst firms in Canada. The prices will bo
found very reasonable, especially as all customs duties
will bo saved. Splendid as-
sort ment and first class
goods. We represent no trust
but trust solely to the judgment of the: "**ople.
Certificate of MpMsnts.
Two Vrleads Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Sloean City Minin-- Division of the West Kootenay District
Whare located:—East oi Arlington
Basin, Springer creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert T.
Twigg. agent for Archibald York, free
miner's certificate No. B143T5: Walter
T. Shatford, true miner's certiflcate No.
B22117; Jamr-B W. Moffatt, freo miner's
certificate No. B50189; Peter McVeigh,
free miner's certificate No. Bt'.3529; William J. Andrews, free miner's certificate
No. B38304; and James E. Tattersall,
Freo Miner's Certificats No. P.38394,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
tn apply t tho mining recorder for a eat-
tincaio of improvements, for the purpose of ol'tsining a Crown grant of tbe
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
nnder section 37, must l* commenced
liefore the isBtjanc*) of such certificate ol
Dated thin 17th slav of April, 1902.
18 4-02    HEKBEHt T. TWIGG, Aeent
•Lod.r llliif-ral Clulm.
Situate in the Slocan City Minintt Division ol the Weft Kootenay District
Where located:—Four miles up
Ppringpr cr-***k snd adjninin-* the
Portland mineral claim on the east
TAKE NOTICE thnt I, Herbert D.Cur-
lif, nctitiK as nirent for the Arlington
MJnes, Limited (non-personal liability),
Free Miner's iVrtilU-ato No. B50SI57,
intend, pixty day* Irom the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder lor a ccr-
tifieato of improvement**, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant ol the
above claim.
And further take mVice thnt action,
under section 37, must lie commenced
before the isruance ol such vtificote of
Dated this 8th dav of Mar. 1002.
9-6-02 HEttBEBf P. CURTIS
M•■steisnuit lllnstsrnl Clulm,
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On Ten Milerruek,
northeast of and adjoin ing the Boise-
vain niiiieral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Samuel S.
Fowler,nctinga» agent for The Enterprise
(British Colnmliis) Mines. Limited, F
M.C. No. B38777, intend, *i«ty days
from lhe date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, fur the purpose of obtaining
a Crown grant of the above c'.aim.
And further take notice that action,
nnder section 37, must Im commenced
beforo tlie issuance of .such certificate of
Dated this 20th dav of May, 1902.
30 5-02. SAMUEL 8. FOWLER
1'ortlnuil MlnorHl Clulm.
Situate in  the Slocnn City Mining Di
vision   of West Kootenny District.
Whore located:—On the south side
of Springer creek, shout four miles
from the city oi Slotan.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert D.
Curtis, acting as agent for the Arlington
Mines, Limited (non-personal liability),
free miner's certiflcate No. BWiHUii,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for s
ceitlflcate ol improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action.
under section 37, must be commonced
before the issusnee of such certificats of
Dated this 2nd day of Juue, 1902.
Misrntiun mill Maryland Mineral Claim*
Situate in Iho Slocan City mining division of Weat Kootenay district. Where
located:—On Tiger crcok, a branch of
the second north fork of Lemon creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, John McKinnon, free miner's certilicate No
1,38381, acting for myself and for R R
Bruce, freo miner's ceriilknte No.Blloitf
T. G. Proctor.freo miner's certificate No
B38749, intend, sixty days Irom the <*ato
hereof, to apply to the kilning Recorder
for certificates of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining crown grants of tho
abovo claims.
And lurthor take notico that action,
under section 87, ramt bo coramenced
before the issuanceof Biiuh certificates of
Dated this 31st day of liav  i-iivs
You are Inyitcd
Ta examine the best line of sBcotch
Tweeds, English Worsteds and
frith Worsted! aver shown ln Sloean; alaa all the latest designs in
Panting*.   Remember,
We are Custom Union Tailors
and tha Union Label la a guarantee or the beat workmanship, Wa
guarantee satlsfactlen and a perfect fit.    _______
Wa bare added a aelect Una af
Campare onr reasonable prleea—Fine
White Shirts, $1; Collars, 15c; Regatta
Shirts, In fancy stripes, with collars
and cuffs attached, 76o each; Underwear, from $2 a suit; California flannel underwear, $4 a suit, this line being imported direct by ourselves; the
best qua'ity Black Felt Hat, Union
label $3.60, equal to tbe Stetson Hat
ln every way.
A. DAVID, Slocan
Store: Opposite The Drill Office.
St*--* ale* at Saa-Joa.
Want a Home?
Then come to Slocan for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hnnting.Roadsa Railway
Steamboats, €hnrohes,Sohool
Hospital, Pubiio Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed hy
this City, backed np by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath deoreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, bnt a stern reality.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
Slocan,        - - R. 0
Sold by All Newsdealers
Excursion Rates
Hay a6, 30,
June 30.
July a, 3. 4*
rural.**** Monthl* to all Xorrmrt of Soag
and Mutts* a vait volnato at msm, Ck-r-tM
""•r-yrlr-M Cstinp-MltlMS by Um mm tmay
hall Voetl. ball lnitrum.al«J-ai C-ta*.-*.'-**
fl.cM tmr rian*-Oaes a Ms-sets for aa
Cfato. Tf-arlj* SutM-^pOs-m, »>.•«. Ujjm
wW Mod aa th. hum and Uotasm ai frta
|SS a aopy of ths Macula, trmm.
m.-x..J: "• *"«*rr«»* ^"Siisasf.
tlihik • Usual Su., rtiii.s.iniii., fa.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why lis without a ran-fo whan
you can set on* so cheap ? The j
are prefcrrable to stoves and Rlvt
better satisfaction. These ranjjes
bum wood or coal and will bs
set up frae.
NELSON, and iatorms-
diate paints,
MiBMapslls, $-14.50
Chltafs tUW
Dstrolt 77.00
Toronto 8930
Montreal 100.50
A "-orrtspontHnf* redaction
from all Kootenay points;
usual diverse routes. M»al»
and bsrth Included on Canadian Paclfla Railway lak«
Throuf h bookings to Europe •'.»»■'
Atlantic llaes. Prepaid tlsksti
from all points at lowest rate*
J. 8. CARTER,     E. J. OgtJA.
nui A. G'* "• fl' -
D'PNeison. *g«*
L. J. EDWAKl*.
Afent, Slocan City


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