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The Slocan Drill 1900-05-04

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 Ovwv. LJtAAA,
m*m} w
|0L. I., No. 5.
SLOCAN,   B.   C.,   MAY   -l,   1000.
$2.00 PER ANN I'M.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
iant Powder, Gutta Percha Fuse,
Jessops' Steel,        Stoves and Tinware,
Coal Oil,     fliners' Supplies.
B. C.
UKST   All'AIl
I-.VKlt (ilVKN   IN X1IE
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
I'lie Hall Crowded tottaa Doom tli-IllSunt
Siin-i'hH in livery Particular OtoAeto
Two Hundred Dollars Keallxed for
tin. Canadian Kuni'.
The general verdict of those bres-
ent «t thepatrlbticconccrt.on Friday
night last, was that it was tliebest
ami must successful entertainment
ever given in this town. Moreover,
it. lends the Slocan camp us thu banner producer of funds totlic Canadian
Patriotic Fund. Standing room in
the Music Hall was at a premium
and t!u- audience showed their keen
sympathy with the: cause and Biclr
appreoiajtion of the performers' cljbrtB
in no umulstakcable manner. En-
corcs were frequent and graciously
acecdi d to.
Judging from the great enthusiasm
shown, it wiis quite evident the citizens of Slocan have the weal of their
country at heart .Mid no more, loyal
subjects of "Good Queen Vic" are to
>e found anywhere. The progra-mm
Wi' the puir, ilmple, innooont, pastoral  presented an Imposing appearance on
the parade, which was v.itnessed by
a Inrge crowd. At the church lie v.
('. F. Vates, of New Denver, com
dueled the service, according to the
ritual of the Anglican body, and
An'expressions as blank as a hole in a preached a stirring and practical so.r-
wa', in on upon Oddfellowshlp.   Tho edi-
An' Ionic (or a.lay when tlie Empire will   (jce was crowded to the doors,
Strange, that we should be Britons tor j \ ti:n mit.k bxkikb.
Bit we're blvthe too be Britons for a
hey   g«e   ream'   wi'   their   faces    likl
straughtin' boards a',
An' no
jiinr Joey
Chamborlaln   suffers the   Klghtoen TnoheiofGalenaTapped .mill
A very good strike of ore was uiv
For he hrocht it a' on that ihe Empire's
1'iiir inoii!   It's a wunnor, Bae mucklo
he's fared oxpectedly  liinde  last  week  on the
An' remained a tree Briton tor a' thnt! | Victor, situated  about live miles  up
Flit a'folk an' a' things come in for a Ton Mile creek, on the north sldo. Ii
is being worked by Thomas Llovd
We Lead tho Etntira Lake Country —Ba4
Road* iii-iiiiii-ed and Oi*e Boglnnlhg^lo
Move Freely Again—Katerprlwo SlnJc-
In**; ii lli,; Splurge.
Repairs have, been ell'eeted to the
Ten Mile road and it is no-v in better
shape than before. The. line weather
has dried up tbe ground and a long
and steady season is in-prospect. Ore
is coming down from tire Fmterprise.
at the rate of a carload a
•  .a blame {or this scandalous, awfu'1'    ".,''       ," M things   pretty  lively  on  the cveek.
affair. and Morris Davis, of New Denver,  DarinR the week  140 tons of ore line
Vet for a' that we wave the nuld (lag in  under a year's option and lease. '1 he
former was in town Saturday with
samples of the rock,which ho brought
down to show bis Slocan co-owners in
We hi'.e kids at the front for tae dare an , the property.
tae do,
the air,
For we're blvthe tae be Britons for a'
gone out and it is the intention of the
company to increase the output. More
An' they gaed there on purpose tae see was commenced liO feet farthor down
men  have   Dcen   added  to the lore.-
and sloping will be rushed.   Lots.rjf
ore is being taken out   at the Aiding-
;''       :    ' •- ''■-■v,;   ,m- ton, but none will bo shlppcdJbr some
■I. *i
the thing thro';
time to Come.
they   hen, for a
, .   ... ■      . .-    , , I  null.     I.'    v..111...
Hi.. ill I. i.ii.l in to leal iho linnslne     |..„H„W|II„ ,,., ]lst „, ,te .Mpnrentt
A. YORK & Co
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions.
Goods shipped to any part
of the Slocan.
performers and audience alike rose to
_ the occasion in grand style. This,
perhaps, was,-ruled Boinewhat by the
elaborate decorations of the hull,
where bunting, banners and pic ares
tended Btrongly to draw tbe at'ention cause in hand, Infact,
the whole town whs decorated during
the day, all serving the
importance of the occasion. Much I
of tho success of the affair was due
to the indefatigable eftortsof Hiram
lore thev broke inti
this \ ear to date:
An'   they're   ferhtir*. . ........
cause that is true,      ' W.lll was CUfj
An'thev meaii tae be Britons an'a' ore at once, it being a hijayy galena.,
11^nt! "ho top  openings showed a dry ore ;       mini..
and it was ibis they were after.  The \ Enterprise	
Late men thinkas traitors an' talk what galena is in a pnystreak 18 inches in  Arlinuton	
they please, width.   The crosscut is being pushed Black Prince	
'       '  Till their bo^witbernpwi'Uiat black- [0 tno foot Wall, 20 feet away,   and!
BitproudlvweTl'ning oor anld flag tae 'here also good ore is looked for. The.
t_j„. brepze, \ Ictor nas had a great, deal ol work '
For we're blvthe tae be BiitonB an' a' done on it and is considered one of the
that! best  properties  on  Ten Mile.   Thel    „. ,
R. T. Axnaasox. dry ore carried is heavily charged      Miners are reported scarce iu the
Lemon Creek, April 8, 1000. wjt|, native silver and gives high re*  Ca,r*P*
i turns.   On the dump Is lying several     The  Enterprise  has  largely   In-
TAMABAC BfUtDKD. ,,,,,_   ,.,-   , (,*.„   ,„.,.      -p;,,,   l&mes    wj||   (,..(,,,,.,; j... t*
  ! make a shipment ot  ore during the;    rp,    a. .. ....
Tins Well-Known Property Pa-won into  summer Pho Sloean ore shipments this yoar
Good Mnnds ' are in excess of 41,600 tout
school rtKi'OKT
.J.  Robertson  and  .1  A. Anders m,
with the   hearty  assistance of the     For some time past a deal has been
ladies 11 the town. in course ol nog itiation on tho Tarn-
Rev. Mr. McKec was chairman of
arac -roup, and it was brought to a  Scl)00, for ,,,„ nui:illl 0, A],ril
successful finale last week.  The deal'
Tho Slocan lifted ore from the Ue-
I sun and Wakefield this week.
Follow ing is thestanding ot the pupils
in the various divisions of the  Public      bn,nk ]'vlh w511 «*ra1me.neo *3*
next,  week on  the  -IlyJrabad,   lei.
YV. C. E. Koch  lias five tour horse
B. C,
(end !.. his duties.   Each number on ™1"^"" "u "" >«.*»=«»«.     gEJfroR n1Visiox.   Class V-Russel
the prograunuo was given  with a was Put through by Oeo. Ay lard, ot   Robertson. A. Bull, K. Shook. , ,    ,
snap'and vim, and the interest there- New   Denver, acting for John  A.     Class  iV-Lottio York,   Florence team8 hauling ore from the ujter-
Bnll, Kate Foley. '*"""M''
('las- lik,  senior   C.  Foley, Alma      Money and supplies wore ecllecUii
in never naj
d. [t was exceedingly   pinch.   The sellers tiro well-known
Well'cd, there not being a weals
local men, who asked to have their
,.                       .,,                 ,,                   .,             l,i l'H.Hllii'll,..l.'.ll\.Ml'liliiilHll •■ ... •                                  ....                      ,            ,
*W^ #                 ^1          A.       •                IHfc                   JL          V}0iM.18UT,UnC-wlte^P,K^ t,      ,„-, , lu-Hoay   lor   repairing   the 1
■•^1 <TM»     1    illlt     1TI       H***T^^T&T^   iV,,,lMl^.lu,'d*%'\Nl!W\J)t'1,vev-WC!'t'SMnoiint.i:ftliBlwnd.     !1 .wever. the ,<■'}™ H«- j.nnicr-HazcnN iclnnan civk trail.
2-5                                                                                            l  ,      ;!"' .!    ; ,    ,';';'.. ":   - '' " months, and Isn bona Mo affair,   li Josi in Du. ws. Class II- Fannie ,,own  San.rdav  night and re
This isn genuine sale, as odd Lines must, be cleared out.    Do            ,""»'.} j* ,.'' ..... ,.,.'   ,rV!.',,'.l i:i ■'••••■■ suhgtaiuial amount !' bertson,  (.utrude  Foley, Joseph things to be Improving.
not. miss this opportunity of getting ft pair at reduced prices.            ingistiio pio0iaiuiuc{,iv*-n. The claims included In the denl are Stephens«jn. '                                .
m«-      »   «       i          -nr*      ,-«••,       -i                            .     Selection,                          Orchestra the Tamarae. Tamaroc Fraction and Cla«s I-Mary Dimish.A.McCallum In-ank Wowls lias sold his hji
This is a genuine sa
not miss this opportunity oi getting n pair at rcaucea pr
Men'sfinelaccdBoots Men's   heavy   grain '.\.i ire'^'
were $3.50 to $'i.    kip Mining  Boots
while they last for    at $3.50.   This is a f^ion,
only $3.00. Bargain.
and many other lines at eipi-illy low figures.       See our Men's
Orchestra  tho Tamarao, Tamaroc Fraction and     Cla«s [—Mary Dimish,A.McCallum
["hoChairinnn   l^aiis View.   Tbevnro situated nb ml , Annie liae.
Piano solo
s il,i
and Ladies Canvas Shoes, the neatest and liest In the market, Recitation
A full line of Fresh Groceries always in stock, at tho Lowest s,
tV. T. Shatford & Co,, General Merchants, selection, Oreii
St lo. Mr. Arnot
I31 ettform
of the
of the Town of Slocan.
Frank Woods lias sold his tejitb Interest in the Last. Chance to Dr. Hon-
-. Messrs. Moir,Worden,Fell foarmfleB iipSpringer ereek/on the]    1!. Primer-R. Smitn, Mildred La.ldrlcks, ofMiniieapolis, ror$100,00a
aid SiuithcringUle.     _      north side, and nre readily accessible veil, 11. Hall. j. T. Benuchcsno and .1. Living-
Mr. Moir from town.   On Saturday three men     I    Primer--Bertha   Smith,   May stone left yesterdav with supplies to went up to the properly to commence  Bull, Ada York. do work on the Kililarney., Lemon
Mr. Sir.itlieringaiu work, wlth-a full train londofsup      Tablet Class—Lizzie  Rao,   Mary creek.
Mrs. Adeock  pUes.    IL M. Covington has receivod  Murray, Cassio '.one-. . .      v..^.,,
MissPurdy (he contmcl  to work the group.    In • V f      1 .       ^
-orlKinal-R.T.Ardcruon „ lll0nth „, 8(1 ncw cnhiiia will he        w>wdkb witt uk ciikap.       yesterday bound toi  the Lite, pilae.
\|,.   \y,,..,(,.,,   ,.,.,., . ,     .,.,   •    .k-v  were  in charge  ot   -oreiniui
-Ul- •• en  limit, and tho force increased.    Hie ., . -
i--                                  present quarters will only nccoramo-     Powder is going to bo cheap in ^"o*18*
late . even i i* eight men.                    A,, tenny this Bin nncr, bo cheap thai Fob Cooper and  Harry I llbson left
Tho property is a good one and has t;,,. niannfacturers   will  make   bul on Wednesday night to do assessment
i&Smitheringalu  line showings of ore.   A earlojd was  ,•',,          ,• •     ..,, •     •            •    , " on a claim above the Oregon City,
"'e out ol it.    i his situation :- duo
the  i stablisl menl   11    the   new
Sloean, Vernon. Fairvlow, nnd Camp McKlnnev, o. u, ,,'"'   , * "■ ■[■<■■■'-^ i->->  uum ...ei ...i~ Wlll
 !    Duct.Mcssre.Worden&Smitheringale fine show ngs of ore.   A ear bad wusl.....      ,   ,.,    «...     ,      ,     .
solo.                                    Mr. Hall shipped to Uie smelter nt Ncl   n  las.    ,,!l;' ,",u " '.-.. / l:'" /•,,,if:,!1',.! ;' 'Iu- Ten Mile.
Solo and chorus. Miss  Purely,  Mrs.  summer and netted the owners   1100   "     "  l'sAt"bS'"°nl -' ■   ''i ,"''•" v   n i ,.,-• »,»»«, at th« Kntor
Felt,Messra Worden and over ,i 11 expenses    It carries S7 per   T0lk,s ni'?1   ■"■':  ,i'"         :   ' ■■"■*■■;■-. b' .it tin Ln t.-i-
The   Californin   Giant prise, passed through here Monday
lire 20 more men for
Moir. ton in gold.' Two more carloads of   i°Trp '"',    :' l!"'.!;1"   H     '       v'-Cn to
Solo, Mr. Smitheringale ore is lying on the dump.    Phe new  1."w; T ' "' ;";"  'h(.n" V111,10" : ,:v-   V   ^T    ■     '
Clubawinging,        Buv.Mr. Ilobwts owners   wdll svstenniticallv develop ^er Co. can ot get the L-istern Can   tho Knteiprise.
Manager DuBols states tho Arlington people will  wait to see what thn
ADOPTED   ON   APKIL   17th,   1900*
kept, up till a late hour.   Taking all   secretary of tho Sandon Association.
In nil it was a most brilliant affair Mr. Lucas is ol  the opinl n that the
1. To revise the Voters' Lists.
2, To actively assist, in the. construction of trails throughout, the. undeveloped portions ot the Province, and the building of Provincial trunk
roads of public, necessity.
B.   To provide for the official Inspection of elevators and hoisting gear,  even surpass it in the gonen
I.   To Improve tho administration of justice and secure the speedy dis* faction.   To Miss Bennett, the untlr
position of legnl disputes. | ing and accomplished
5,   To provide an effective system for the settlement of disputes betw
capital and labor by compulsory n r bit ration
Quartette, Me irs. Worden, Moir, Felt tho Tainarac and make a"mlne'out o*? »fk8 to combine with them.sothey
ami Smltheringalo               ■ ; ' pndeavoring I i  run them ont by .
God Save the Otieen. cutting prices.    Local agents  have government will do oro building tlie
i-ni.i- i-..i*ivi- » mi -.. . received w ratlin! powder has drop   o,„.i ,,.. .. ,...*
At tho conclusion of the programme iied two cents n pmind, which makes ''""-       ' ''
!■;. |. Felt, took charge ot the refresh-     uond.,v nt„i„ .,„  imnortnnt mcef U retail here nt §7.75 percase    The Ore shipments nt the various Into
ments, auctioning   tliein  on   to the . '        •  ';;' ''      . '   .      .   , Ontario Powder Co ueeulo say thev ports aro Increasing bo rapidly that
highest bidder    He proved himself  mS °*  th0  servatlvo Association w,j, (mve ;,   :;,i;.(, i(. ,,.,.., ,p. ;uui the Slocan is Hurting difficulty  in
a past, master al the j ib, realizing In was held in the committee rooms and wj]j ]1!(,,,r , V(,rv cut; ^ ,],.,; t|„, .,',.,,s. handling the taaffie.
tho neighboi hood ol : '   (by tho per-  was largely attended.   Among thi ■■ pects are very'hrighl ror cheap pow- The route for the proposed Lemon
creek road ha-* been carefully examined of late, and  there are no
m all it, was a. most nniiinnt nnair Mr. Lucas is ol  the opinl n that the] cu. esonias  1.
and successful to the highest degree.  Conservatives will enrrv nt least 2fi Good luck has come tothoKnter* l-'''""'1- :<^' cnircnf that tne Ar
A 21th of May celebration could not   teats oul of the 3S on June U. Heals- m.lsn „„,,„„ .,.„ I.,.,,,.,,.,,,,,,.,,. .t„. Iu,",,,;i ls contnictlng to Hhip50car-
,,...                     , He'   Itliui'l  tlli  III It   li) lU.!L*enieill,l III.' 1..... I ^ ,,l ,.,.,,       '1*1... i,,..,...,,-..,.,.. i, i ,l,,,.^.
nnonnced that Chas. Wilson, loader .      . ., , loads otoic.    I no management aooa
fthe  pair,,   would   bo   here  at an lat081   bcinR  thc  Btr^llia: ol   a  Hue „ot coulirill tho ruillOR".
nrlydittc.' Thc local association en* chute of ore in tuo No. 1 drift.   This Mllh.,,v A clement will domora
( due a groat deirt ol c^rcditand praise, M rscd tho Sandon call tor a conven* iitniiel^nad mv t\u    trfaco for a Wlll.i.   ,,.,   tho Morning Star,   They
tormaiiee.    i-ollowing this interest*  present we're Alex. Lucas, n-ganlzer der this
lug item 'Mine a  dance, which was 0f tho province, and  F.  C. Sewell.
sti-iku mi *•■ ut»■. in-
us her portion of thc pcrtormtinco was 11,| n to selecl n candidate on May U, short distance and then enmc a long Will cont itiethom   n drift wliich U
...     ,       , laborious and exacting, but shcac   at Sandon     The   local   association stretch of barren  ledge, which   led „„.„ •„ «,*.,*nof __ t\,„ •_.,*
(,.   To adopt the principle oil Jovernment ownership of railways, in so qui«ed herself faultlessly. Sjif„reet Saturday night toStrucl many to t    ik I ,
far as the cireiinislanees of the lTovince will adntit; and'th.* adoption of the Appcndoa   is one   ot  ihe original I
jinneii.le that no bonus should be granted to any railway compnny which poems delivered on  thc occasion by
ri(H-s not, give the (ioverninont of tho Provlnco the control of rates over lines ',, j  mon crock n ct:
bonused, together with the option ol purchaso.
7.   To assume control and administration of the fisheries within the W'E'UE ulythk tae he hhiton-s Pon A
boundaries of tbe Province. T" '• t '•
More Mm
but one. cliuto and that itspllntored to Frank Dick will send supplies to-
the surface at the bottom end of the morrow to tho north-fork of Lemon,
group. The recent strike on tho lion where he and  bis partners will do a
ii i            •   I below tho Enterprise, groat deal of surface work.
Frank Provost and Jackson Rnd "ncourageii tit inptiny to go on H. J. Robertson has been buavdui
■1 ; e mo down from the Itlacl   llus "''"' *ho.dr,1ft« :lli,i "" '1!':,1:'v Ih8' '"' Ing the week manufacturing air pipe
To aeiivelv assist by state aid In tho dovolopmonl of i he agricultural  There's a wheen folk today that aro aye            '        .         '.              ,   , men broke Into ore.     l-oreinan Bob* for the CluiD'ean    Ho has also beon
ei of the Province.                                                                                  Hnclln1 fain                                    r ou Saiiitday and report their re erts, who went through hero Monday sendln«f pipe to the Kilo and he will
0,   To make the London ,\gencv of British Columbia effoctlvi
w inli .it Hie Smug lie
|    Wi'tho way things aro rin, an' the way r_viii striki   getting better.    During to Nelson,had SevernI'speel ns witn ,
.-i., i,,,;,,,, ,!,..,   -in ii v., .ie   i ■',.!',  ',.,„.,,.!,,11,.  ,,.,    ihev are not; ,;, ,|      month they have run i'4 feel  l» I tit-   The oi'c shows iiutlvo silver     ',,      ' .,,    ,
nves ue.    ,!| ' ' "'   '    Wha calm that H.e govonimonfs a'gaed  ,,,,„„,.,     . their work being. liti*  fteolv iprinkled through,   Mr. Bob*      Messrs. Taylor and Lambert have
'/,.'',      ,,    ...      .,, ,, ,. .... <;": ",;;1.1,   ,,   i    l(rl.nna ,n„ ,,, led now to drifting cither way on the crts stated the showing was a beauty received tho bnlnneo o   the money
10,    In the Interest of labor, the Liberal Bit we •  blytho tau bo  llntons ore   .    ,     ,, ,   ._ ,    , ,,    .,        ;1;,, ,,,,,lv ,., . „, due on the purchase price of, he I x
with ami endorses tho prlnclplo of tho Light-Hour Law.    riiattholiight-J "'•"• In the onstdriltanriii      more eclsior shares, Camp Mansfield    The
hour Law for mine worker i ho retained as It stands in its entirety and no Thoy'ro a doiiso sot o' folk, wi' cantnlc solid    He brmmht down a Ihic blc °™ Ho,,*v Wl*'-'n"*s* mmwasnhout S30.000 and wasca- permitted, and thosamo ho strictly onfor I.   That tho Law       ' Bronsairs, Rample which is full oi e-rev co ner bled from Englnnd by Manslleld.
■hall roinaln upon tbe Statute Hook with its penalty clauses, That are ay« kookin' one.;, people's The ori is widening on th !fu taiui     licccnl  visitors to thc Iron 11 i
li.   To provide an Itnproyod system ofcduoatlon,
12, To rocognlzo and rofortn the system ol Provincial aid to medical men
and hospitals in the outlying parts of tho Province.
13, To actively support tin- advancement of tho mining Interests ul
British Columbia,
14, To aid iu the Immigration of female servants,
lo,   To bring pressure to bear upon tho C milnlnn to onaci
legislation excluding and prohibiting Mongolian and other Asiatic labor.
10,   To provide a fair and equitable redistribution  bill on the basis ol     Dll  .•       \\  ,. :.■    • Rritonfl fora'      ■ ■- "!" the town, with a  number ol
popalatlpt). ihatl vi itlr : brethren, matched in a li nl\
ie ore h
\n'm'sTrustin'tbat a'folk aro oilndfu'| hns''f0'1^'1    '] " '""'I1'    l*»itlel I (Y*» | clntm,   Tot:   Mile, state tho   recenl
o'thi round o    holes Saturdav   morning   ttrike there i-i looking better.   The
They're Huuvioto'liritonft and a'tbiu' " s" broke into ga ciui to t ho west , ,,     ,. , Alex. Stewart, who has ooen worn
' .i»..-. i... * ^ .,.,::;ii , .ive,,,,,-     |     dUngonthewlnz. ,, .  ,
They've a hantlo o' itrani     q    '        I       ... 11 nnd are ■   rith the best of rn      '-      ' ei.en.uu
'   .,„.»., Tin   rohodyhn   i  lei  d mi  down Monday    He reports the grasp
An' ih. ■.  Bid thoni an a... over :'[|    i'»w»' AiiniTormi-j*. to 12 ine of wlnl r to be rehiring somewhat up
Hicy uiioiwe every further there, though then- \t -'ill from 15 te
ti       m  la ; the i idtlM   widening reatlj   Improve I 20 feel  of bii w.    II th i rills nf tin
mine are keeping In ore, tho ttppei
one linvii        t 11  and tho lower 11
tehi -    S'ew   workings  are  to Ik
1 • w
I   tO    II e
word i n
\n' ii.-.*:
i'V are
lo   ' li
1 ri.-in church u> ceh    i-eceivert fi in Mayor Pitts,i    lando'n,  commenced at once lower down the
Wc   iohmuw   r>^-,-:-  .-•<   Vti'thtiirhertH Hiiro duprcss'd wi'this brato tho 8lsi   nnntversnry  ol   I       tnthig that tin    citj   has been am* hill.   Fourteen men are employed «l
, 9, JUniNaUlN, KresiCieni| i,i„„i ,i,,,..,,■ v. ,,. rounding of .thi   nler.  Tho brctluvn  plel   ,-      -  \ ■ I hj Br i, iti„.,; ..... —•*•«■
!l 1
Trying to Take the Boer Convojs-
Repulse'at Mafeking.
London, May 2.—it is difficult to
unravel the tangled stories coming
from the neighborhood of Thaban-
chu, but apparently the British
forces are engaged in a movement
having for its object the hemming
in of the Boers still in that district.
While Generals French and Rundle
are holding the Boers at Thaban-
chu, General Broadwood's cavalry
has been pushing on Hout nek in
the hope of intercepting the federal
convoys between Ladybrand and
Winburg. As Gen. Botha has been
reinforced there is every prospect of
sharp fighting.
The new scene of operations and
the general movements of the various columns are taken to indicate
that Lord Roberts is deploying his
armv preparatory to beginning his
northern march.
It now seems likely that it is the
commander-in-chief's intention to
advance simultaneously from Kimberly, Bloemfontein and Ladysmith,
with the. view of preventing the
Boers from concentrating their
forces at any given point.
Will Kndln Six Week*.
A dispatch from Bloemfontein,
dated yesterday, chronicles the prevailing opinion among the townspeople there than the war is not likely to last more that six weeks after
the British advance shall begin.
KrngerSays British .1111 hi Leave.
A dispatch from Pretoria gives
the text of President Kruger's proclamation, expelling British subjects
from the Transvaal.    It says:
"As numerous burghers insist
upon the removal of the British'and
as the government is desirous of
complying with the wishes of the
burghers and others favorable to
the republic, all Britishers residing
in the district and town of Pretoria
and the Witwaters Rand gold fields,
must leave the state within 36 hours
from noon April 30. Kxception will
be made in the case of those obtaining special permits."
C'aaually LI»I at Thalia Nehu.
Lord Roberts forwards a list of
Ian Hamilton's force on April 30 as
follows: Killed—Major Showers,
Lieutenant Parker and one private.
Wounded—Four officers and five
men. Missing—Two officers and
ten men.
naleklug'a Gallant DefciiM*.
A dispatch from Mafeking, describing the Boers attack on April
11, says:
"The bombardment of the Creti-
sots was the hottest of the siege.
Many shells entered the hospital
and women's laager. Under cover of
the artillery a large force commanded by Cronje the younger, including the German corps, advanced
close to Fort Abrams. The garrison lay low until the Boer force was
at close range, when they fired a
volley, killing five and wounding
many. The attack was repulsed.
The bombardment then ceased.
The Boers, under a Red Cross flag,
were permitted later to recover their
Til* Queen Inspects Naval llrlicnrie
Windsor is in holiday attire today
and decorated from end to end, in
honor of the naval brigade of the
British cruiser Powerful, which assisted in the defense of Ladysmith.
The naval men have been summoned to the palace to be inspected by
the queen. The band of the Grenadier Guards met the naval brigade
at the railroad station and played
them to the castle through cheering
throngs of people. Capt. Lambton
and the officers of the Powerful
were presented to her majesty, who
thanked Capt. Lambton and the
brigade for their noble services to
the empire. The captain replied that
what they had dune was nothing to
what the navy was prepared to do
for her majesty. The queen saw
the blue jackets entertained at dinner.
Forertl n Way  Tlirouuli.
Thaba Nchu, May 2. Afternoon.
—General Hamilton's division   was
engaged yesterday and today in
forcing a passage northward. At
Houtnek the Boer front had a
line of bills commanding the sides
of tbe nek. ' The Canadians and
Gordons attacked the hill to the
left, and the Shropshires and Marshall's horse, supported by a battery, also made an attack on the
enemy, who eventually fled, leaving
many wounded, and the passage
was cleared.
The Boers on the mountain are
now shelling the outlying camp,
necessitating removal to another
place. The Boers have three guns
on the hill to the eastward of this
place, outside the range of the
British artillery. The Boer shelling is not doing any damage. The
enemy retained their positions and
the British are not attempting to
dislodge them.
General Hamilton, by reaching
Houtnek, after a full day's fighting,
secured the Thaba Nchu-Bloemfon-
tein road.
Sceoud) Contingent  Wading  Th roll all
Rain, on Short Elation*-..
Toronto, May 1.— The Globe
correspondent with the second contingent, in a letter from Van
Wycks Vlei, Cape Colony, dated
Apail 24, says:
Private Bradley of Ottawa died
of pneumonia, the result of being
thrown into the water by a horse
which he was riding.
"Fearful rain, almost impassable
roads and threatened shortage of
provisions and storagearecharacter-
izing the march. These hardships
are beginning to tell. We left
nineteen men in the hospital at
Carnarvon and another hospital has
been established here.
"Private Hopkins, D battery,
accidentally discharged his revolver,
the bullet taking effect in his knee.
Tbe wound is not dangerous.
"Lieut.-Col. Herchmer has taken
a staff appointment at Capetown
and Major Howe is now commanding tlie Canadian rifles."
Ileeriill*. lor Stratheonaa Kail
Montreal, May 1.— The 50 recruits for Stratbcona's Horse, now
in South Africa, sailed by the Dominion liner Vancouver, Capt. McDonald, from this port this morning. They go to Liverpool, whence
thev go to Southampton and from
there b) steamer to Capetown.
Athabasca  28 20
b C. (iolil Fields  4 3
Bin Three  7 5
Brandiin ,t (iulilenCrown. 22 19
Canadian Hold Fields  <>X f>%
Cariboo [Gamp McKinney] $1 00 87J^
Crow's Nest Puss Coal ... .SS!i SO    $30 00
Den Trait No. 2  $%        8>i
Deer Park [newJ  2
Dundee     ... 15 11
Evening Star  \o% »
(iiant  2% 2
Humestake  2
Iron Mask  48 3!>^
Iron Colt  7
LXL   17
Iron Horse	
Jim Hlaiae    i']4 15
Jumbo  25
King (Ore Denoro)  ll k>$
Knob Hill  00 SO
bone Pine Consol  15 IL'i^
Minnehaha  5 2
ttonte Christo  4 3
Montreal Gold Fields  7 4
Morrison  8Lj '2\£
Mountain Lion  03 75
Noble Five   4 2
Northern Belle  2 \%
Novelty  2%
Okanogan    2% \%
Old Ironsides  80 70
Palmer Mountain     21 10
I'eoria Mines  2
Princess Maud , 7
Kaiiililer-Curiboo  20^ 26
Uathiiiiillen   V/i 2%
llepuhlic $108     $103
Bt. Elmo Consolidated..., 3S 2
gmuggler  i%
Tanianic IKeni.ethJ  (j 4%
Trail Creek Hid. Treas  'A%
\ an Anda  4 2%
Victory-Triumph  3 1%
Virginia  3 gU
War Eagle Consolidated..$ 1 4<i%    $ ) 10
Waterloo   fli^ 4
White Bear  2\i V/i
Winnipeg      14 13
wonderful        4
Ledge ■track In the Arthur.
The ledge was struck in the crosscut tunnel in the Arthur mine at a
distance Of 68 feet. It was struck
n the roof from tbe footwall side
side and has not yet been cut clear
across, as it pitches away from the
tunnel, which follows a calcite seam.
The ore is iron and copper sulphides, currying gold. No assays
will be made until the banging wall
lias been reached, when a general
sample will be taken. The ledge
will then he followed by a drift
'lu-i Not Auk <lu.mliiim.
Lisbon, May 2.--The chamber
ol deputies bas refused almost unanimously to permit Deputy Costa
to interpellate the government regarding the Beira matter.
Re-Discovery of Letters of Christ and
Ring Agrippa.
New York, May 2.—The Herald
and the Journal and Advertiser
print today special cables from London and Rome respectively, which
say that two letters, one from King
Agrippa to Christ and the other
from the Savior to the king in reply— letters referred to by Eusebius
in the fourth century—have been
discovered after being lost 903
years. The letter trom King Agrippa to Christ reads:
"I have heard of Thee and the
cures wrought by Thee without
herb or medicine, for it is reported
that Thou restorest sight to the
blind and makest the lame walk,
cleanest the leper, raises! the dead,
castest out devils and unclean spirits and healest those that are tormented of diseases of a long continuance. Hearing ail this of Thee,
I was fully persuaded that Thou
art the very God come down from
heaven to do such miracles, or that
Thou art the Son of God and per-
formest them. Therefore I have sent
Thee a few lines entreating Thee to
come hither and cure my diseases.
Besides, hearing that the Jews murmur against Thee and continue to
do Thee mischief, I invite Thee to
my city, which is but a little one,
but is beautiful and suffiient to entertain us both."
. Christ's reply to the above reads:
"Blessed art thou for believing
Me, whom thou hast not seen, for
it is written of Me that they that
have seen Me shall not believe, and
they that have not seen Me shall
believe and be saved. But concerning the matter thou hast written
about, this is to acquaint thee that
all things for which I was sent
hither must be fulfilled and then 1
shall be taken up and return to
Him that sent me. But after My
ascension I will send one of My disciples that shall cure thee of thy
distemper and give life to all them
that are with thee."
The Journal and Advertiser says:
"The special cable from Rome
purports to prove the truth of a tradition that is almost as ancient as
Christianity. Of course the Journal
cannot vouch for the truth of the
statements which were made yesterday, April 30, by Professor Broh-
mann of the Vienna university, to
the Archeological congress in Rome,
but they are of intense interest."
New Mining machinery Ordered.
A ten-drill compressor has been
ordered for the Sullivan mine at
Fort Steele. A hoist and boiler
have been ordered for the Royal
Victoria Gold Mines near Grand
H.<   niNF. HAN A > Alt HOW ESCAPE
Forest Fire   Almost  Heaehc* Powder
House and Shaft House.
Grand Forks, May 2.—The office,
shaft and powder houses of the B.
C. mine in Summit camp had a narrow escape from destruction by fire
yesterday. A heap of brush along
the railway spur near the dump was
being burned, and the sparks carried by the wind ignited the adjacent dry grass, trees, cordwood,
stumps etc. Soon it extended over
several acres. The heat was terrific.
All the miners above ground were
formed into a bucket brigade, directed Ijy Superintent Scrafford and
Accountant Mackintosh.
A fire hose did good service but
the flames were not checked until
they had reached within twenty feet
of the powder house, where thou -
sands of pounds of explosives were
stored. One shack was destroyed,
and the occupant, a miner, had a
narrow escape. Standing on thc
spur were a number ol cars loaded
with dynamite. They received a
scorching, but were shifted down
the track in time.
After half an hours work the
wind shifted in an opposite direction. The tire then swept through
dry trees and   finally   exhausted   it
self in the green  timber.    Several
acres were swept over.
At one time it looked as though
the fire would extend across the
hill to Summit city. Mr. Mackintosh sent a warning and Colonel
Haywood and the inhabitants turned out prepared for any emergency.
In the debate in parliament on
the amendment to the Cape Scott &
Comox railroad bill excluding Chinese and Japanese from employment
on the road, Mr. Bell, of Prince
Edward Island, said:
"It would be contrary to our interests to do what would be construed as an act of hostility by the
people of either country, and this
house ought to hesitate before committing itself to an act which would
involve a policy of hostility against
any country with which we have
trade relations, and with which we
hope to have better trade relations
in the future.
"There is another reason. Thc
Canadian Pacific railway has been
built across this country largely by
Chinese labor. At any rate, its
construction has been expedited by
Chinese labor. All the railways
across the American continent have
Already 137 Bodies Have Been Taken
From Utah Goal Mine.
been built largely by Chinese labor.
These Chinese, say what you like
about them,have been a great benefit to this continent, and, I think,
it would be ungrateful on our part,
not to recognize the benefit these
people have done in the past, and
attempt to exclude them from
working on the construction of
railways. I do not think it will be
in the interests of the country or
even the province of British Columbia, to take the step proposed
by this amendment, and for these
reasons I am opposed to it."
In the language of the street, this
is all tommyrot. In the first place,
there is no reason to believe that, if
the matter were taken up properly
by the Dominion and imperial governments, any serious feeling of
hostility would result in China and
Japan. The United States excludes Chinese, but is still on friendly terms with China, their citizens
obtaining railroad and other concessions there. If the British government goes about exclusion in a
proper manner, so that the Chinese
and Japanese governments will not
regard its action as a slap in the
face, no hostile feeling would ensue.
As to the alleged debt of gratitude due the Chinese for building
the C. P. R., that is a fiction.
While the Chinese were paid lower
wages than are current in this country for white men, they were paid
much more than they would have
received in their own country. They
got their money and most of them
took it back to China and no gratitude goes along with it. Certainly,
none is due those who are coming
in now. If there should beany-
shortage of labor in Canada, it can
be made up in the United Kingdom
or the United States, among white
The trouble with Mr. Bell and
men from his section is that they
know nothing about the Chinese
question from personal observation
and have their head full of fine-spun
ideas which they would promptly'
abandon, if called upon to put them
in practice for themselves. It is j
simply a question whether British
Columbia shall be a British colony
or a colony where the white men
shall be gradually swamped by a
growing population of an inferior,
alien civilization, which neither
would nor should become amalgamated with our own.
Till'. INI'.H     Kl.< TOIt  OOllllNOl
Brandford, Ont., May i.— Rev.
Henry lleadley, of the Anglican
church in this city, left here yesterday for Rossland B. C. where he
intends to reside.
Salt Lake. Utah, May a.—-Two
hundred or more lives were lost in
the explosion in mine No. 4 of t' e
Pleasant Valley Coal company yesterday at Schofield, Utah. Or.e
hundred and thirty-seven bodies-
have already been recovered. The
work of rescuers is still proceeding
although there is no hope that any
of the men who are unaccounted fot
escaped death. The scene ot the
disaster is just outside this place on
the line of the Rio Grande Western
The explosion which occured in
the winter quarters of the mines
is attributed by some to the blowing
up of a number of cans of blasting
powder. A special train was sent
from Salt Lake bearing.Superinten-
dent Sharpe, of the coal company,
Superintendent Wilby of the railroad company, and some^doctors.
As fast as bodies are reached
they are taken to the boarding
houses and other company buildings, where they are dressed and
prepared for the coroner's inquest.
These buildings are numerous
and in each'are from io to 15 bodies which Jare laid in long rows.
To those which have been identified are tags with names and
addresses. These await the coming of relatives or friends. Two
hundred coffins have been ordered
through local undertakers to be
sent at once to the scene of thc
A Uood NhowlUK.
The following is the record of the
business done at the Rossland custom house in April by Collector
Macdonald, as furnished by C. G.
Ross, the chief clerk:
Dutiable $40,384.00
Free     6, ",43.00
Total imports $46,727.00
Total collections $10,323.70
The following is a comparison  of
imports and duty collections during
the  first   four months  of 1899  and
the  corresponding  period of   1900:
Imports.        Duty.
1899 $234,606.00 $46,647.27
1900    229,449.00 $47,255.46
Exports, April, IIMMI.
Copper 636,985 lbs. $145,481
Lead 763,680 lbs. 109.625
Pyriticore..    6,595 t'n. '84,244
All other exports  3,806
Total exports     $443.15(1
This is well above thc average.
It has twice only been exceeded, in
June, 1899, with $471,240, and in
November,   1899, with $460,412.
The reports that Russia has determined to call upon Great Britain
to make peace in South Africa,
threatening in case of refusal, to occupy Cabul and Herat, are taken
seriously by some newspapers.
They assume that, because a quarter of a million British troops are
occupied in South Africa, Russia
would have a walk-over in the execution of her designs in Asia.
These alarmists little know the
reserve power of the British empire.
The point of attack would doubtless
be through Afghanistan, but there
Britain has a faithful ally in thc
ameer, whose] dauntless mountain"
eers have been trained in modern
methods and would be backed by
modern   artillery. Russia   must
A Paper Folder, a Washington Hand Press,
a Cylinder Press.
Also the "Trail Creek News" and plant.
For partlctUan, address
WII.I.IAM K. HSI.IlNIi, Rowland.
reckon with the Indian army, whirl $
under European officers, is equal J
military training and bravery to ;inv|
equal army in Europe. She mj|
also reckon with the British flettj
which could blockade the Russia*
ports on the Baltic and Black SerJ
and could wipe out the new Russi;lr
ports in Siberia and at Port Arthur i
Russia has no fleet capable of with/
standing it. She must also reckoj
with Japan, which is fast increasing
her navy and is eager for a fighting!
chance to check Russian aggression
in Korea and China. She mui|
reckon with the intensely loyal self.."
governing British colonies, whk'J
would readily send men to take thJ
places of any troops the mother}!
country might find it necessary J
withdraw from South Africa.
A war with Russia would be J
struggle of Titans, which no think!
ing man can contemplate without J
shudder, but, if the czar inn *;nesi
that Britain would tamely submit fj
aggression because she is occupies
in South Africa, he greatly mis|
judges his foe.
Henry HcArthur Saved from Murder
by Officer Raymer.
Kiissland Record.
As a result of a shooting affray v.
the Columbia hotel on First avenue^j
Henry McArtl  .r lies in the Sisters'!
hospital with a wound in  his  back/
his legs paralyzed and head terribl;
beaten, and   Rafael   Albi is in jail,
charged with shooting him   with ir*
tent t > murder, and M   A.   Albo is
also in jail, charged with doing Mi-
Arthur great bodily harm.
Shortly after midnight, Offiitt
Raymer saw McArthur enter the
Columbia lodging house, slight!)
intoxicated, and afew minutes afterwards heard a shot, followed i:
close succession by two others
from the upper floor He rusheJ
upstairs end found Albi, in his underclothes, flourishing a revolver
over McArthur, who lay prostrate
on tbe floor of the lar.tng. At tlu
risk of his own life, he seized Albi
and disarm j him, finding th;it
three bullets had been fired from the
revolver. But for his interference,
McArthur would probabl) have beer
killed, for Albi had been pounding
his head and face with the muzzlf
Ol the revolver. Albi was taken to
jail and McArthur to the Sisters
Of the three shots, thc first Bp
pears to have been fired through th
door of Albi's room and missed it
m irk, lodging in the opposite wall
Another was tired down the hall an
sti nek the wall in a   glancing dirt'i
turn. The third hit McArthur in th
back and must have caused him 1
fall, at his assailant's mercy. Th
latter then, it appears, proceededt
beat the man on the head.
Albo is alleged to have ai led A
hi in the assault and to have mad
'-ff when Raymer appeared on th
scene. He was arrested this morn
ing by Officer Bradshaw.
At the time of going to press Mi
Arthur was resting easily, but Di
Reddiek, who attended him, ha
beei unable to locate the bullet ni
to ex-.ctly define   its   course.    Bol
of McArthur's  legs are  paralyse
and the doctor thinks this is due 1
some injury to the spine. Tl
wounds on the face and head a
o severe that they will leave scar
even il McArthur should recover.
Albi bas left a trail of blood
his track for the last year. I
killed a man in a quarrel at 11
Coeur d'Alene theatre in Spokai
a year ago and escaping, w
shielded by other Italians un
finally he was betrayed by one
them. The latter was hounded I
the Italian colony of that sectii
and his murder was attempted al
mother man, who testified again
Albi, was assassinated recent I
Only a short time ago Albi's in
came off at Spokane and he W
acquitted on the ground of se
English society women are so C
termincd to catch the soldiers th
they are going to the very hospitl
to nurse their wounds and afiectioi ftss^
 - ■■'■■■ -■■ ■ -   I      ■'■        I I »■»■■"*."■■'■
- iwis-a.
Turkey Will Refuse to Yield to America's Ultimatum.
Constantinople, April 27.—The
United States legation has not yet
received.'*he porte's answer to the
Kded to Tewfik Pasha, the
K foreign minister, by the
American charge d'affaires, regarding the indemnity claims, and the
impression is gaining ground that
the Only will be in the negative.
The general opinion is that, without
a Hy of totce, the porte certainly will not pay the claims, because
it wishes to show the Moslem world
that it only yields to force.
It is considered here that a simple rupture of diplomatic relation s
wilt render the porte easier to deal
wifd); not a rupture of formal relations is not thought necessary, as
the sending of a warship to a Mediterranean port would suffice to obtain a settlement of the matter in
OSS than 24 hours. The same
proposition made to the United
States for a settlement of the indemnity question by an order for a
warship, in the price of which the
indemnity should be included, was
formerly made to France and Italy,
but M. Constance and Senor Pansa
rejected the proposition.
The' newspaper criticisms and
comments upon the attitude of Turkey in this affair are causing great
irritation at Yildiz Kiosk.
It Take* the Hint to Leave South Africa to Itsell.
London, April 28.—The  effect of
Sir  Alfred   Milner's   proclamation,
requesting ladies to stay in England
in.-tead of going to the Cape, is beginning to be  apparent in   society,
Lady   Heniy   Bentinck   and   many-
Others returning to  London.    Lady
J Randolph Churchill was not expected to return with the   hospital   ship
r Maine.      Among   those   who  had
le planned, to  go to tbe Cape and had
cancelled   their  passage on account
p of  the   proclamation   of   the high
1  commissioner   are   Lady Errol   and
K several   other ladies  of   title.    Sir
c> Alfred Milner has not increased  his
"'' social popularity by his frank utter-
'K ances.    Many   society   women pre-
e ferred  the  bother  and expense  of
10 cancelling their arrangements rather
r" than to face the  criticisms attached
to a trip so little desired by the high
■P' commissioner,   but   they   like   the
A author of  their troubles   more  and
'' more now   tbat   it   is   stated that
'"Lord     Roberts,      who     approved
ik1 Sir" Alfred   Milner's   proclamation,
l>c* cabled to his wife and daughter ad-
d,evi' ng them not to go the Cape, too
''late, however, to effect his purpose.
■ie     According to the stories reaching
■ll London, Lord Roberts' great   kindliness and sympathy have been find-
A'" ng many outlets.    During the wait
ltle it   Bloemfontein,    he   has    visited
lie >very man in the hospital,   carrying
""' vith him many little comforts.    Gong up to one of the   wounded,   he
lC" iskcd cheerily:
)r*     "Can I do anything for you?" re-
1;U' giving the reply:
uu     "Yes, I'd like you   to   keep   my
0tl, iame out of the casualty list."
, 1    This man's name did not  appear,
md  his anxiety   that   his  relatives
10  hould not be advised was appeased.
Ihe \nother dying officer Lord Roberts
ate .omforted by   promising  to  watch
.„   jver'the future of his   only   child.
With such incidents  current,   it   is
icarcely surprising that  the  nation
'" idores its little  general   and,   as   a
lie vhole, abstains  from   criticisms   of
the u.ything he may do.      If   General
.      Buller had waited inactive  as   long
is Lord Roberts bas   at   Bloemfon-
A,IS bntein, the   storm   of public  criti-
n'i! :'.*m   and impatience   would   well
• oi ligh have forced his recall.
1 by I '
A TimiU'l  111 1 ..ii-Hi to the 1 ulmu.
mill     Tacoma, April 30.—The Chilcoot
iiist   u-mel     company,     composed     of
th.  :apitJ|lists of British   Columbia and   his state,purpose spending $3,000,-
,\:is  »oo in   developing   another   line of
all- fukon   transportation.    The  com-
•any purposes first to bore a tunnel
,800  feet  long   through   Chilcool
■     >ass   mountain.      A  broad  gunge
,   ,   lectric railway will be  constructed
I.   hrough the   tunnel   from   Dyea   to
Chinese Troops  Helen! .Tlti'Mi   Norton*
Blsliic on New Itullroiiil.
Tacoma, April 30.—Tbe steamship Olympia brings news that last
month in Chihli, 1500 Chinese
troops were sent against several
marauding gangs of Boxers, which
combined, giving a total force of
2000. A hard fight ensued, in
which 200 Boxers were killed.
Shanghai mandarins have received news of a serious insurrection in the vicinity of Chincou. on
the Chan railway.
■windier miller Gets Ten Fears.
New York, April 30.—W. F.
Miller, manager of tbe Franklin
syndicate, who was recently convicted of larceny, was sentenced
today by Judge Hurd in Brooklyn
to serve ten years imprisonment.
Motions for a new trial and stay of
proceedings were denied.
Welland Canal Dynamiters Had Accomplices There.
London, April 30.—Reports come
from Dublin of considerable uneasi
ness in the circles with which Nolan, Walsh and Rowan, the three
men arrested in Canada In connection with the blowing up of a lock
of the Welland canal near Thorold,
Ont., on the evening of April 21,
are alleged to be connected, and
the authorities anticipate some
hasty departures from the city. It
is said that John Nolan had previously been arrested for complicity
in the Kxchange court explosion
near Dublin castle.
Nolan, Walsh, Rowan and John
Merna sailed for Philadelphia in
November and it is now suggested
tbat Merna has been "removed by
his comrades." It is further J alU ge
that, if Nolan and the others are
convicted, l'gbl will be thrown on
several noted crimes.
It Is Pouring in Prom Canada, England and the States.
-ake Beim
smallpox denned out of ihe ProTtliee
A  Dominion Quarantine.
Victoria, April 30. -Dr. Fagan,
secretary of the provincial board of
health, is this morning sending out
S clean bill oi health to all parts of
the province. He states that the
province is now completely free
from smallpox. There have been
11 cases at five different points, but
no deaths. The Dominion government will be asked to institute
quarantine regulations along the
American boundary, as the precautions through Washington and Idaho against smallpox are most lax.
Winnipeg mail will also be disinfected.
A    I'l.W.I E   OF    WOMEN.
War surceou Condemn* Socletj  But*
tcrllles who Pose ai Nurses.
New York, April 30.—-Frederick
Treves, a famous surgeon, who has
just returned from thc war, was
entertained, together with Sir Win.
McCormaek, at a banquet of the
Reform club Saturday night pic-
sided over by Lord Rosebery, says
a London cable. Mr. Treves look
occasion to administer a stinging
rebuke to the "smart" women suffering from "khaki fever," who
have gone as alleged nurses to the
front.     He said:
4,So far as the sick are concerned,
there arc only two plagues in South
Africa—the plague of llies, and the
plague of women. The flies we
get rid of by horsewhips, and Other
appliances, and the llies al least
depart at night. But the women
are absolutely and really a terror.
They came out in the guise ol
amateur nurses, after having exhausted every other form of excitement. Considering that we
are engaged in a war, the number
of well-dressed ladies at Capetown
anil elsewhere giving pii nics is a
blot on the campaign."
This onslaught on t li*.- fad of society electrified the audience and  is
certain    to   provoke  hitler   rccrimi-
11 at ions.
Ottawa, Out., April 28.—Relief
is pouring in lor Hull and Ottawa
sufferers from all parts of Canada.
The mayor of [Detroit has telegraphed sympathy and signifies his
intention ol sending re lie', from that
city. Hon. Joseph Chamberlain,
secretary of slate from the colonies,
has cabled the governor general the
sympathy of her majesty and himself.
The latest summary of the results
of the great fire shows as follows:
Homeless, about 15,000; destitute,
about 8,000; fatalities,eight; thrown
out of work by the destruction of
industries, 5,000; value of buildings
destroyed, $2,500,000; value of
personal property, furniture, clothes,
etc., $4,000,000. These figures do
not include the value of lumber
destroyed, which will not be known
for some days, nor of the stock
and machinery in thc industrial
One of the unknown bodies
has been identified as William
Foley, of Queen street, Ottawa.
Help Prom Montreal,
Montreal, April 28—The city council met today and passed resolutions
of sympathy with the sufferers by
the Ottawa-Hull fire and instructed
the finance committee to recommend a substantial money vote.
The Bank of Montreal directors
(net and voted $10,000, while
many smaller contributions were
made. Several carloads of provisions, clothing, etc., contributed
during the day, were sent to Ottawa
this evening.
I'lee Wire   for Belief.
Ottawa, Ont., April 28. —Mayor
Payment has received the following message from James Rent,
manager of telegraphs of the C. P.
R.. "The C. P. R. telegraph will
be pleased to transmit any telegrams you or your committee may
desire to send in the interest of the
sufferers from the awful calamity
which has recently befallen the
cities ot Ottawa and Hull."
S500 Prom Seward Webb.
Montreal, Q., April 28.—Thos.
Tail, manager of the eastern division of the C. P. R., received a cable
dispatch from Dr. Seward Webb,
who subscribes $500 to the Ottawa
relief kind from Mrs. Webb and
himself, lie also expresses deep
regret and sympathy tor those rendered destitute by the fire.
V   Hull-ion  llmiNe I'll nil
London, April 28.—After a consultation with the Canadian high
commissioner, Lord Strathcona and
Mount Royal, Lord Mayor N'ewlon
has decided to open immediately a
mansion house fund for thc relief oi
the homeless people oi Ottawa.
A stock exchange fund was opened
today with several large subscriptions. The lord mayor's appea
will be issued Monday.
Toronto** Insurance i.<>»*.
Toronto, Ont., April 28.—Toronto insurance companies up to
the present estimate their losses
by the Hull fire at close on 8800,000.
RELIEF    1:011   OTTAWA
They Will Hold a Stroug Po?ition
[Beyond Thabanchu.
fuiirclici   Reapondtnii   Liberally   All
Bastorn rule*, send Aid
Oswego, N. Y., April 30,—Several hundred dollars have been
collected by the churchet and other
agencies here for the Ottawa lire
su ferers, An appeal for aid from
Mayor Payment, ol Ottawa, called
forth a proclamation from Mayor
Hall. A large quantity of clothing
is also being contributed,
Toronto, April 30. -All the principal cities and towns of Ontatio
are responding heartily to appeals
for the aid ol Hull and Ottawa fire
suffei crs.
Toronto, April' 30, Nine hundred pounds oi bread were sent out
from here last nighl   lor the relief of
I lull and Ottawa fire sufferers,
Patriotic luiui over a Qnarter Itllillon
Ottawa, April 30.    The patriotic
kind to date  amounts to $253,705.
London, April 30.—2:30 p. m.—
The latest news received here from
the Orange Free State ind;cntes
that* though the Boers have evacuated Thabanchu, they have done so
to occupy stronger positions. General Dewel: on April 29 made an
effort to turn General French's eastern flank and was foiled by the cavalry, only after vigorous maneuvering. The Boers hold the ridges to
the eastward, whence they will
probably fall back when the pressure of superior numbers increases.
The British casualties sustained during the Thabanchu fighting were
General French's object, now
that all chance of catching the main
bodies of the burghers has disappeared, is to harrass the Boers and
prevent any well-organized   retreat.
• anatlliiiiH wlili < nrrliiKlon.
From Beira, Portuguese Fast
Africa, under date of April 23,comes
the news of the arrival there of a
Canadian 12-pounder battery. It is
added that General Carrington, who
is to command the British troops
going to Rhodesia, has been cordially welcomed by tbe Portuguese
officials and that he has reviewed
the Portuguese troops.
Jamekiiu lor Cape I'arllauieut.
Capetown reports that Dr. Jameson has recovered from the severe
attack of fever from which he has
been suffering, and he is mentioned
as a candidate for one of thc seats
in the Cape parliament representing
Kimberly, in succession to Dr.
Frederick Rutherford Harris.
Askiinii on Tiat'ekiim Repnleed,
The agent of Jules ' Weil, oi
Mafeking, wrote under date of
April 2 1 most cheerfully, saying everything was satisfactory. He added that the Boer guns were firing
heavily into the town, and that the
determined attack bad been repulsed without casualties on the British side.
Mi 1. mill Wounded Tin 11
The continuous ravages of the
war are shown by a Capetown dispatch dated today, briefly announcing the arrival from Natal of 25 officers and 252 men invalided home
and thc sailing of the Auronie for
England with 400 sick and wounded
Hones and Mioesmiiim from imiin.
Endeavors are being made to
remedy the remount question, a
Simla dispatch announcing that 500
experienced native horse keepers,
150 shoesmiths and 50 ve'eriuary
officers have been drawn ham India for service in South Africa.
Tlie Hoer* Have Done North.
Thaba Nchu, April 28.—The
adjacent country is now clear, the
Boers have retired towards Ladybrand. There are interesting development ahead.
London, April 28, 2:05 P1 m- —
The British forces in the Orange
Free Stale are presumably still
following the Boers northward, but
at this hour there is   no word   from
the most interesting field oi
Hoers Hoidlm-. tin-  Passes
A dispatch from Ladysmith,
under today's date, says there are
only small parties ol Boers in the
Tint w a pass, bill thai some hundreds arc guarding Van Reenen's
and Oliver's Nek passes. Commandants De Beers and Van Nies
Keik are in charge and  their forces
have   been   so    disposed    that     the
whole body can be massed at any
pass the British may attempt to
Slrenuili 01   Hie I in in%
A   dispatch    from    Dewetsdorp
dated  April   27,   says  residents ol
that   place   declare   the   Strength of
the   Boer   forces,    which   recently
ev. CUBted the place, was six thousand men with six guns under a
Get man officer.
H K Oeler'a Health Hi. al.- Hiiwii,
Toronto, April 30.—-B. B, Osier,
ij. C, the eminent lawyer of ibis
city and well known throughout the
Dominion, has been obliged to cancel all his engagements for some
months owing to ill health.
America Will linn the Nultan.
Constantinople, April 30.—If
within a week the porte does not
answer the United States legation's
note of April 24, it is probable that
Lloyd C. Griscom, the American
charge d'affaires, will renew his
Startling Pleee of Diplomacy.
New York, May 1.—The Times
todav prints a long article of startling importance. It professes to
have found the motive which
urged Secretary of the War Root,
at the Grant dinner of last week,
to hint at the possibility of the
Uuited States being foiced to go
to war to maintain the Monroe
doctrine. It is said that the facts
which led up to Mr. Root's remark,
are contained in an official report
just submitted to the Danish government by Captain W. Von Christmas Birchinck-Holmfoeld. The
captain was the special envoy of
his government to negotiate the
sale of the islands to the United
States, and his report, which has
been put in the hands of Mr. Hoer-
rmg, the prime minister and minister of finance, states that the
failure of the negotiations is due to
the interference of Henry H. Rogers, one of the directors of the
Standard Oil company,
According to the Times, the first
appearance of Mr. Rogers in tbe
Danish West Indies was about
three years ago, just prior to the
breaking out oi the war with Spain.
Mr. Rogers, by letter and through
the agents of tbe Standard Oil
company in Denmark, among them
Kiel S. Green, made a proposition
to the Danish government lhat, for
a consideration of ten per cent of
the purchase price, he would undertake the sale of the Danish West
Indian islands, St. John, St. Croix
and St. Thomas, to the United
States. Mr. Rogers stated to the
Danish government that he was in
a position to do what he proposed,
on account of his influence and the
influence of his company with United States senators.
After an investigation, Mr. Hoer-
ring called together a council of
some of the most prominent members of the Danish parliament and
a number of prominent business
men of Copenhagen. Among the
latter was C. W. Hagerman, a
lormer resident of the United States
and an old friend of Mr. Rogers.
Hagerman impressed upon the
council the strength of Mr. Rogers'
claim, and it was accordingly decided to give Rogers permission to
act in the matter as the representative of the Danish government, but
without any billet to that effect,
Then Mr. Rogers, it is asserted,
went on with the negotiations till
the breaking out of the Spanish
war stopped them.
But in the early part oi lSqq,
Captain Christmas was approached
by a syndicate oi Germans, who
asked him to use his influence in
Copenhagen to obtain from the
Danish government a contract with
Germany, by which the latter could
purchase the island of St. John.
Captain Christmas asserted that
this would be next to impossible.
The United States would neither
allow Denmark to sell the island to
a foreign power, nor would it allow
Germany to purchase it, because of
the Monroe doctrine. He then laid
the matter before hi- government,
the outcome being that the permission    was    denied     0.1     diplomatic
grounds, the Danish government
recognizing that, should any complications   arise,   the   sale   of   the
islands to the United  Slates   would
be next to impossible, This led to
Captain Christmas coming to America as the authorized agent of the
Danish government lor the sale ol
the islands.
It is Impending on the New York
Central System.
New York, April 30.—Commissioner Francis Deleganty, of the
state board of mediation, arrived in
this city from Buffalo this morning
to confer with Superintendent
Wyatt, of the New York Central
railroad, in the hope of preventing
a general strike on the Central
system. He is reported to have
"The situation is extremely
serious. The only hope I have of a
general strike being avoided is the
making of concessions by the officials of the Central. Unless they
meet the demands of the men, there
will be a general strike. I can say
nothing further until I have seen
Superintendent Wyatt."
All of the employees of the New
York Central were reticent. Many
of them declared that they had no
grievances and that the conductors
and trainmen were not regularly
organized, their organization having been broken up by the big
strike on the Central system.
To Be Tried lor Wile OTurder.
Quebec, April 30.—Constable
Joseph Caises, who is charged with
brutally murdering his wife a few
months ago, before criminal court
here Saturday pleaded not guilty.
The trial was fixed for May 1 2.
Fatal Accident ul tile Kx|>ositlou.
Paris, April 30.—An accident
within the exposition grounds
caused the death of five persons and
injured many more. A temporary
bridge was unable to withstand the
Sunday goers and broke down.
Cklcago Brewery   Burned
Chicago, April 30.—Shortly after
one o'clock this morning fire ruined
the building occupied by the Atlas
Brewing company. It is estimated
that property valued at $200,000
has been destroyed.
Killed  on the Hallroad
Montreal, April 30.—A young
man named Gourard, was instantly
killed last evening, while crossing
the railroad at Cote des Neiges, a
short distance from the city. His
companion, Gauforte, was cut on
the head and sprained his wrist.
Both were riding in a buggy.
a ins \s nit to Tin: ntuviMi:
Job printing of every description
executed with neatness despatch   at
ibis office.
Mueklntosli's   Opinion    ol'   It. mil    ol'
Vlurllu'N  Success miiiint; Outlook.
Montreal, April 30.—Hon. C. II.
Mackintosh is in the city. In an
interview the ex-lieutenant-governor
Ol the Northwest territories says he
is convinced that Hon. Joe Martin's
government will be defeated at the
polls in British Columbia. He
considers that the election of Martin's government would be a disaster to the province.
Regarding mining, Mr. Mackintosh spoke hopefully of its outlook.
Being asked about the Centre Star
and War Eagle,   said:
"These mines are all right. I
should think their new machinery
would he installed by the end of
June, and by that time their united
output will be about seven bundled
tons per day."
The Horse show 11 Success
Toronto, April 30.—The Toronto
horse show closed Saturday night.
11 was one of the most successful
in the history oi the city,
The Fenian invasion oi Canada
has fizzled down to three men armed
with sticks of dynamite. The invading arms has found its Paardeberg.
When it conies to dodging an issue, the sultan is an expert, but he
has met the champion bill collector
in your Uncle Samuel.
The Canadians won'fVesh praise
at Israel's Poor! and must be stepping high. ■vii i-:
■l,in.i\   11. C,  M A ^   1. IftBO,
i ■
!     !
is rvn:.isHKt> eikuy hup ay at
.SLOGAN,      -      -       -      -      D. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents o line for
tho first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal adve.tlslnp.
Locals Will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Hates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per yenr, st.-iet-
hJy in advance; tjS.CO a year if not so paid.
|     Address all letters to—
Sloean, B. C.
Fill 1 )AY, MAY 4th. 11100.
Only three weeks more to nomination day.	
Free miners should not forget to
renew their licenses by the 31st inst,
• the date upon which all certificates
• expire.    ___^_	
The purifiers of the voters' lists
;ii.ive thought better of their crusade
'of purification and withdrawn the
.protests against 160 names.
The powder trust has been burst
and prices are tumbling, thus making
the miner happy. Now, if wc can
get the combination on beer broken,
all will yet be well this summer in
.this glorious country.'
Prc-rsuro sliould bo brought to bear
upon the new legislature, at the ses-
■ mod in July, to enact legislation For
advertising out a defaulting co-owner
in  a  mineral claim.   It should be
■ made as simple, thorough and inex-
".pensive as possible.
At Kaslo, on Friday night,  John
Keen and Robert F.Urcen announced
.themselves as Candidates for election
in the Slocan.   Both arc Conserva-
■ tives.but while Keen will run straight
• party, Green will appeal more to the
..labor vote.   The Martin men have
jiot yet been heard from.
Slocanites in the Boundary say thc
country is dead.
Born, on the 80th ult., Mrs. Joseph
Dear in, ot a son.
Tho lake has gone up with amnz
ing rapidity this week.
E. M. Shape wants to return to Slocan from the Boundary,
This has been moving week with
sovern 1 families in town.
Springer crook bas become a river
of respectable dimensions*
Protests have been entered against
510 voters in the, Nelson riding.
The C. P. R. has issued reduced
rates to the Halcyon Hot Springs.
Thc heat this week was a corker.
Even the politicians had to cool off.
J, M. Williams and wife arrived
Wednesday in Nelson from England.
Main street was cleaned up Monday
preparatory to the Dominion day celebration.
A carload of const flooring;, coiling,
sash and doors just arrived. McCnl-
lum & Co.
Percy Dickenson returned to town
Monday after spending the winter in
New York.
Jan, Croft, New Denver, was here
Monday endeavoring to purchase
paik horses.
Ex-Senator Warner Miller will nr-
peoplo have been blinded to the reid
merits of our best men. We muf t cul-
tivnte a hotter feeling, show forth the
merits ot our best men nnd let its elect
thorn, ipdopendent of party ism, faction-
lain,.or ( prejudices; Let every
man exorcise bis own judgment ana
vote as ho pl.nseB.
A survey has been made of the new
wagon road leading to tho mi no*! on Silver mountain—tho llaitney, California,
Marion, Eclipse, eto. It will start nt a
point, on the Three Forks road and thence
by even grade run round the side and up
the mountain.
The trustees will soon have to provide
further school accommodation, as there
are 52 names on the roll, with an aver-
ago attendance of SO.
The sum of if.'iuu htuibeen appropriated
for the repair ol tho Three ForUa wagon
road and work commenced on Monday.
New Denver, May S, 1000.
Appended is a complete list of tho various records registered at the loenl registry office, II. P. Christie being mining
April 26—C O D, n f Lemon, Q Souccy
April 20—Melton. 27—Silver Leaf,
Creole.   28—Three blind Mice.
Dealers in Groceries, Provisions, Boots, Shoes,
and Clothing.
J. M. MCGREGOR, 11 -
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SI.OCAN, - - B. C.
Pioneer Livery
a?i& Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing nnd Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
April 23—North Star, R McFarlano to
Sloraii-Kilo Mining Co, Ltd.
,   . ,        Chesapeake and Dixie 1-0 each, WL
rive hero in July, to spend six weeks I Callanan to T I» Tobin.
J  A McKinnon to N
Newspapers throughout  thc  province, especially in the mining districts, should join forces in agitating
for the repeal of the clause in thc
mineral act allowing two or more
' claims to be advertised together in one
• ad in applying tor certificates of improvement. The government,through
.the columns of the 1$. C. Gazette, are
the heaviest losers by the present
' act.
among the hill
Next Monday the court of revision
will be held at Kaslo. Some funny
talcs will be told.
l*!ev. Mr. McKoe went to Nelson on
Tuesday to attend the synod of the
Presbyterian church.
Billy Kerr was taken to the hospital Monday, suffering from inflammatory rheumatism.
F. C. Sowoll, city clerk of Sandon,
nnd Mrs, Sewcdl, spent a couple of
days in town this week.
A football league has been formed
among the Blocan towns. Denver
and Slocan arc out of it,
Lumber is on thc ground for the
proposed improvements to the Odd
fellows' block, Delaney avenue.
R. M. Covington was called away
to Spokane during lite week by the
sad news of the death ot a sister.
24—Etliol K %
F McXatight.
Same J, same to A A Webb.
Hampton }■:., A A AVobb to N F Mc-
Snnie V. same to J A MeKinnon.
26—Black Prince l*0,Hoodoo and Dun-
■Ins i,. eacn, G TGormloy to F B Sherry,
Silver Tip J, M L Nicholson to \V A
Lemon Creak Bond.
It will not be long crc work commences on thc Lemon creek road.
The Sloonn-Kilo peoplo will join
forces with the Williams syndicate j
and they will build it together. It Is
to he built on a railway grade and a j
railway engineer will run the lev, la
This will cost hut little more and will
permit, of a railway be constructed at
a later period without much delay
ami extra expense.
Worden Bros,
Teamsters &
General Draymen.
Boarding Stables; Saddle Horses for
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Wood, Coal and ice for sale
Orders left at thc
SLOCAN,      -      •      B,   O.
Dealer in Cigars, Tobacco, and Fruits.
Agent for Brentford Bicycles.
Leave Your Order With
A. David,
Kor a Nice Spring Suit,       Perfect  Kit  Guaranteed
Trimmings and the Finish is First Class.
Three Doors South of Postotlio,.
D. D. PtoToeirtsoxi
Dealer in Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums, Etc.
The Best of Eierylli Always Kejt ii
Furniture manufactured and General Jobbing
attended to with promptitude.
SLOCAN, 11. C,
Heal Estate,  I
cts    of   Titles
3                                =*
The brass band made its appear-■. r*_'v i*__,   v-   ▼vs.....-,™-.
ance Friday night and favored the|GrWJ.Uuii OS «Joa.2iS02v:,
townspeo] !'c with a short programme.
A. IS. Pocksteador, Cody, has been
appointed returning officer in the
Slocan riding for the provincial elections,
Tlie 1
"Victoria, Hotel,    I
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
Has ample accommodation for a large num- .
ber   of   Guests   and supplies the   best   of
everything in the Harket.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Slocan, - - -        B. C
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public. It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
Sole  Dealer in  ncCiary'slQETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietor
I       ,  IS.*.—il.M—        1.1 I !■■!       ■Will - W   ■    ■      S    ■III.^***»*S*«J1***»*»»»IS*SS»*SSS»S.»SSSSSS***«******..■!!■■■ |  I        —
Famous Steei Ranges'
and Stoves.
The terrible and wide-spread con-
Jiagratidn at Ottawa and Hull during
ihe week brings a pointed lesson
home to the peoplo of this town, to be
guarded with their lires. With no
means or machinery fur combatting a
animals last week by falling through
one of the railway trestles and getting
a log brokon.
Stpamboat men look for the tug
Sandon  to  be  put into comm-6slon
blaw, the danger is always present next month.   Capt. Troup desires to
of this place becoming an ash heap. 1 see it running.
■Along, dry season is before us and    Carl Lindow oaueht a 0} pound
one cannot be too careful about his I char on Saturday oil the foot bridgi
Thc C. ?. 11. pile driver has been  ij'',«y*> jn~
busy during the week driving piles] J XXCj?
for tho strengthening of the railway      „    ,     .* ,
wharf. "      Dealer in Fine Tailor-     Large Stock of Tinware &
II. l". Christie will hold a court of     Made Clothing.
Inquiry on tbe 25th Into the applica- Orders solicited.
tlons  for  water  rights  on Climax SI.OCAN p, C
Bobby Allen lost one of his pack | Tke MUTOUtt Brancil
Meets tin- second Thursday of each:
month, at 3 p.m.   Nexl meeting
iu the Presbyterian church.   All;
meetings open to those wishing I
Qraniteware on hand.
B.   C.
to join.
Mas. \v. J. AirnnEWfl,
According to Premier Martin's ex-
over thc river.   It was
as the lad himself.
Duncan   Kennedy,
ilnio.-l us big
an  old timer
Una T. D. Hall
Cor. Secretary, i
Wo keep Pure Drags, Medicines, Chemicals, Choice Perfumes, Toilet Articles, Etc,
Expert Watch i n ake r.
aressed opinion at Kaslo, tho li<,u«,r: JV'1'*;-'r" "1t,",\iV^!l'!w,.'i,!.,.ns -n-,' ".l> »"'•« a century at the bench.   .'
... ,,        .... . .       ,    ,  (ii eenuiiiiil, to MISS   luruoiill, also a , .   ,     ..    •.,. .  ,        ,
sellers ol the province are m a bad formni. vtMident hero kinds of artificial work repaire
f way. The Dominion government has     ,. ., , ,     ., , Prompt a ttontlon to watches a i
disallowed tin
.  , , Messrs.   Adcock  and  David   h:tv
w'Ow provincial liquor hnd ftn ftwninR ,,,.„,,, in ,,,,„,  0,
• act, because of the Chinese and Jap- • their business premises, oldSol's rays
aneso olauscs, and this leaves all proving too embarrassing,
liquor dealers in unincorporated dls*    .:. K.ciark, manager of tho Marlon,
on Silver mountain, went up tbe lake.' S\ocH31«
ycsti-rdav   after   a  hurried   trip   to j
Rossland, Spokane and Goat river
John Keen, of of the can
and jewnlerysent by mall or express for repairs. Full line of
Watches, Jewelcry and Plated
Ware always 00 hand. All work
Carefully   Compounded.
Mall  Orders receive prompt
nnd careful attention.
Sl< can and Greenwood, B, I'.
Is one of the best appointed Hotels in the Countr
Headquarters for Mining Men. The Bar
richly stocked and the Dining Room Ai.
ii j
tricts with no licenses, and liable to
•a heavy Uno under the old law for
selling liijuors without tbe necessary
permission     No redress is obtainable
B. O uailttlu
'.Mil the legislature meets, Trouble
follows trouble in this camp. Now
we shall all have to drink water at
thc. 1st of July celebration.
The general run of newspaper men
aim   to   tell   the truth.   This   may!
•Startle sonic people, bttt  it is so, nev-'
urthcless.   Sometimes It  is hard to
get at all the facts of a case, largely
through the. reticence and pretended ;
'Ignorance of those known to bo prin-1
'clpala therein.   Then, after the Item
'is published, the paper gets jumped
'on for publishing Inaccuracies.   The
'Drill wants to tell the plain facts
about the mines hi the camp, seeking
to benefit the  town and advance the
Well-being of tho countr*,  at large.
'Therefore, those who have the Interests of the camp at heart should not
bo backward in volunteering information,   slocan has experienc d tho
didates in the provincial elections
! will meet thc Conservative Associa-
I tion in the committee rooms tonight.
Frank Dlckwcnl up to Sandon on
' Saturday to hear Joe Martin Bpo 'k,
| and returned greatly edified.   The
premier was given a cordial recep*
| tion.   Hon. Smith-Curtis will address
the people of the lake towns shortly,
; but, Joe cannot conic.
AN<  BODQI 1:1.
Editob Diull:
Sir, Your DniLLcemei duly to hnnd,
iiml I have noted Its merits. Its "hit"
la In good form and appears to be evenly
tempered. Cnmplire hits it a fsw pre.
Ilmlnary taps «iih tho true Btrokoof tbe
luiiiinii'isiiiiiii. nnd in line With hi" hiu;-
^I'siiunH it is uesirablo to avoid the i• i<i-
prloks of Impurllncnl animosity, local
jeatoiislefli and genoral "pull 'em down"
inetii'H of the majority ol mir provincial
and local press, So fur has ihis been
carried thai we hear tho cry, "The province has gone to tho dops, wa have no
pind men to ncl ct (roni, no leade**, no
talent, no tlmbor."   Why,the wood i are
Next to Poslofllce, Slocan, B.C.
All Lines c^  Boots
and Shoes.
The direct route from
Kootenay Country
To all Points Bast and West.
Hotel Slocan
Slocan, B. C, is under the
H ai Personal Management of Jeff Batv
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for tho
who tarrv within a while with him.
Bootsand Shoes made and •'''■>•;'('*-\^ sleepers
from uevclstoKc a
on ail   I rains
ml Kootenay
Tonrlsl Cars ptissMedlcino Hal dally
for Bt. I'niil; Sund.'iys nnd Wed
ncsdnvs for Toronto; Pt'ldnys
for Nlontreal and Boston.
'evil effects of a  boom  rag, and we
want it now to realize tho benefits ol i,M,i "' lll,'M1-   Wl'rcad •■■ Anieriian noi*
I, , , ,.    ,    ,,      . ,     ltlcs of the "'lull Bvcamore ol tln-Wi-
a n-liablc, paper,   ll should not be bash." Look over tfio provlnco and take
(the portion of the newspaper man to ri iteol tho lordly pins, the stately cedii*-,
be constantly rebuffed by those ban- "lld u ° •I''*-'*1 "°"8,la" .''"■   ''"^     '■'
,   , • .   ■ ; ,.,,   ; among thum ore to be round im* bi-iiuti
.(minting tho properties around Bio* Uu\ ftnti over-userul sugar mapleofOn*
icim.   Secretivcness dues not holp the; tario, tho staunuh and evor-stntdy I an
'   etc,
country, and-it Is wuiiiu the province raB .',
mi  pnhiii-ii
And yet \\ i say v a nave
. timber I Factloulsms nnd
■nf all to tell what is going on about local jealousies and personal ambition
their mines without violaiing conli- havo fought for supiemouy by trickery,
deuce. Try and help your paper and
don't leave ll In the lurch.
anio ears pass llcvelstoko one
treachery and abuse till straight pati I il
lam and tho Interests ol the provlnco
have been almas! blotted out an l the
RF.VE1.STORK AND  MAIS   i.r.T. 1-oiN'is:
r.OOox su ii lv Slocan City are* Bun 18.00
rtOSSI-ASD, NT.l.-oN. Tlli.   CBOW'8 SEST
i. ,20os Bun lv Slocan City ares Buo 11.30
•I'ii VKD I 10M  a.'i' '.\   f.AKK POIXT8I
n, v sun lv Blocan < Ity arox sun 11.80
12.00 ox Sun lv Blocan Cltyarex sun 10.0«
12,00 ox Bun lv Blocan City arox Bun 11.80
Ascertain ralei and full
nddreatlng tho nearesl local ngeiit, or
0EO. T. MOtR,
Agent, Blocan f^iiy
W. r. h ndi H'i'., Trav. I'obb. A.(|t„Nelson
.1 Coyle, A.'; I'  Wenl  '•  11 ouvor.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past  its  door wto
you are dry, weary or hunKH
Dealers in General Hardware
and Mining and Mill Supplies.
We Have Just Opil a Lane Stock of New Goefc
Agents for the Hamilton Powder Co.
and Crow's Nest Domestic
Blacksmith Coal.
Main   Street, • - Slocan,   H


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