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The Slocan Drill 1903-07-24

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IV., No. 17.
JjVov. Library,
.in I
arm Weather Talk
This is tlie hardest time of the yeur to cuter to one's
appetite. Cooking over a hot stove does not help it
any, so to avoid this discomfort and have something
palateable, try some* of our Meats, ready cooked:
Then for f-omething nice in Tnble Fruit, try a tin of
Pineapple, one of the nicest fruits for thr. hot weather.
\ T. Shatford & Co.
CAN,   B.   C,   JULY   24,   1(103.
A    . "■**•**■
12.00 PER ANNUM.
^   A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   ^
^   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   -^t
5L0CAN, B. C.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
'Arlington.    Plotel
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
To   Data   from   alsily   1     Itrlaula'    fl»r THXP*.
Rxlontlad In Sriili'iiilim- 1 —All «'I1 .v
N.otasa uin I'uiil Up-Meatus.* Manilas
('•mils'*; lu Frcsoly.
There were no absentees from lust
Monday evening's meeting of the city
At tlm outset Aid. Arnot moved the
amendment of lust week's minutes by
striking oul tho clause, regarding the
appointment of city clerk, "and such
other duties as the council may see fit
to request hiin to perforin." lie stated
the clerk objected to tlmt clause and
asked ti) have it expunged.
Aid. Teeter and McNeish did not
quite see tho point, ns thev thought
tne clerk was to perform all the duties
of tbe city.
It was explained the motion of appointment enumerated all the offices
lie was called on to perform, and he
objected to being callsM on to do street
Aid. Worden seconded the motion
and it carried.
Correspondenceread! From the city
solicitor, advising that tke city was
liable for keep of prisoner committed
under small debts court.
Aid. McNeish held that tke council
may be compelled to pay the bill, but
he did not think it right.
Aid. Arnot said the bill had Iwn
sent in merely to prove liability of the
proper persons to pay. II** believed
the party i.uiu:- sliould pa"" the bill,
City Solicitor Joraud.bemg present,
said he had gone inti the case thoroughly, and as the commitment «•"**•
in the interests cf justice, tbe city
was thorefore liable. The prisoner
had been committed for contempt aa...
u.it for not paying his d -lit *.
A discussion followed, in which fi
I doubt was expre-ised us to tha real
statem tit of eommitm3at of tke prist"
: oner in question.
i    Tha case waa referred back 11 tlu
Isohcitor for further investigation.
From tlm Victoria Colon: t, submlt-
ting a figure ol $10.50up for a minute
! book; Tliomp8on station iry Co., Vau-
I couver, quoting prices of 92&0 nnd
84.50 for a book. Th.- clerk said ho
could not get anything suitable in
either Nelson or hers. Ho was in
struct d t.i -secure the S1.5U book from
the Vancouver firm.
From Government Agent Chipman
from W. T, Shatford, but they balk < education, and, if enforced here, riev
on the price. They state they mean i eral persons would be cut out. The
business, though   they are getting | attorney general has been asked for a
their supplies in Nelson.
■itnntloni sm October
nn tlss* aim.
ruling on the section.
FOR A l.A 11(1 It MAN.
0  unsl I'.slllnit   Slecsaii  Will  Sensl lH-lt. khI<.» te tho New
Deliver t.'aiivesstloii.
Saturday  night a public meeting
ate | was held in the Union hall, for the
purpose of considering tke advisability
of plaeing a Labor candidate In the
the nomi-! field jn the Slocan riding in the forth*
Elections coming elections.   About 50 men were
present.   J. E. Skinner was chairman
and \V. II. Davidson  acted  ns secretary.   A number of speeches wore offered, of which those by  Al. Teeter,
.lames  Baker   nud   \V. II. Davidson
were tho  meatiest, and  thov  favored
Last week's Ga/.ott.' contained the
forma!  proclamation fixing tlie i
for th-* issuing of the new writs, which
took place on Thursday.   There also
appears a proclamation foi
nations, on October 16th.
will therefore follow about two week
after, taking place on October 81.
The postponing of the date of the
elections until the last of October is
explained by members of the government as essential, in order to allow
time for any appeals being taken from I the idea of an independent candidate,
the court of revision with respect to Others were there who thought the
names on the voters'lists. _        j cause would be advanced  by allying
Following are the returning officers
appointed for the various interior
constituencies i
Nelson    Robert A. Reawick.
Kossland    Richard Armstrong.
Kaslo   Wm. Henry Walby.
Ymir   Bobort M. Perdue.
(ira'.nl Forks   II. C. Kernai*.
Greenwood   Geo. Cunningham.
Kamloops   E. T. W. Pearse.
Yale   John McRae.
Sloean    Hubert G. Henderson.
Cranbrook   .lohn Hutehisoa.
Columbia   'J. W. Devlin,
Feruie   John S. T. Alexander.
Revelstoke   George T. Newman,
thenit-t'lres with one of the old parties,
the aim lieing to endorse the candidature of*the Liberal nomine?.
On a vote being taken several refrained from taking a stand, but the
ballot stood 'Hi to (i in favor of bringing out n Labor man. Subsssquently
the following delegates were appointed
to at tend the nominating convention,
to be helsl nt "New Denver on Aug. 1:
VV. J. Adcock, A. E. Teeter, D. B.
O'Neail. J. H. Howarth, W. H. Harrison. The delegates will go instructed to bring out a straight Lalior c.iu-
didate, on a platform of Socialistic
construction. The Labor men are
quite enthusiastic.
i.stsst Ys*itr'» Shipment! Were 6388 Tons—
A Healthy Kvlsl since of the Mfo taissi
\V..iBltU uf the Ctanip—Uvterprlae the
llitfucat Shipper.
Two properties are in the shipping
list this week aad both of them from
Ten Mile. The Enterprise shipped
20 tons to Trail, and with it went two
tons from the Highland Light, being
the first from that property iu years.
Ore has been comin;,' down from the
Republic and Meteor, the latt.u- sending out a ear next week, to lie followed
later ou by a second car. The Myrtle
will also make a shipment in a few
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to tisl-'ia
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list ot the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise     20
Black Prince	
Highland Light      2
TOT all..
St. littgctie Mine to Start,
Tho St. Eugene mine, at .Moyie,one
of tli" biggest lead mines in th'* couu-
."•>■ is to resume operations.   Manager
Cronh says ii will  tnke
toe t the mine ruuning at its normal| tween gold using and
Silver to Strengthen lis Price.
Says  the   Mining  Reporter:   An
j agreement establishing a ratio of ex-
two months I change relative to silver and gold be-
silver  usin,
capacity, but he expo-ta that the pro ; nations, as is rxintemplatod by the in-
rjsrty will bo ruuuiug ngaiu in that ternational silver conference now in
iime.   1! i rurthor remarked; "I shall I -.oasion in Europe would have the ef-
 l.fl   ...  -     S      1.1      ,.t  ll.. r      . ,     .     ' a ... ,
■ probably toko perso
4*St. Eueeno a
■grt.il!. i ir.st ot all we
must put i.i more power and we shall
:uld an engine to run the mi:!, for water power is not sufficient thera to run
all tho year round. We shall also put
i.<. some nine co*Jcentratoa*3, In the
past our zinc has crone over with the
-.1 1 charge of tbe. f(,ct 0f stead vim*; and possibly advanc
!. I.. ..     ...     ..II      ...»     • .. •       r -, ' ,,      • .
Kaslo. enclosing a check
for S2n for
ilings. 1 do not know thai we shall
Ik able to skip th.' zinc al present,but
we shad certainly "»V0 i. until such
time as the market for it opens. We
f irmerly shipped 2500 tons of con-cen-
. iiii Donular hotel is ennvenietit to tho boats and trains.   The dining room j protecting Slocan river bridge;. Filed Urates a month, which means the min
|i ttrlttly apto-dato while the bar is supplied with the best in the market and cheek turned into treasury. ;   ' " *.■.....*...•.■
From H. D. Curtis.
trate. to acting mavor
police magis
Smith, stating
he had resigned his position.the sat.ii'
to date from July L   Filed
ing of about 10,000 tons of crude on
and from  that   we  shall probably be
able to save SOD tous ef zincconcaa-
'*! look for no difficulty in getting
In a "TCC •   Travelling men, using Sample Rooms, $:
without Sample Rooms,^ board $8pen**""ck* nie.al.-:l.V'
From Canadkin Hank of Comm five. ■ fair treatment for our ores from W. A.
JKe opened under
It lie old tuans-jenient.
Former customers
cordially invited to return Sloan direct.
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. Artltni- Stiaaat esssl Dal»eojr Atssubis*
[Biiildin_f thoroughly renovated
lend re. st eked with the best
[Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. Wc handle the
best tlie market affords.   Prices are right.
m/ the price of silver.   Bo* Instance,
if tho rati') of 32 to 1 were agreed on,
it would te:isl to fix the price of silver
at aliout (i'i cents an ounce. It i.s believed ia many quarters thnt this will
be the ratio established. In the meantime there is a sharp eonts^st on between the American Smelting tS. Kenning Co. and the London brokers for
ascendency in controlling the Bilver
market. The supremacy of the former
mean, that tho price will be fixed in
New York, instead of iti London as
heretofore. The American company.
which i- indirectly heavily concerned
in production, is interested in higher
1  i*!ia*l   MllisU'SS   i;*-Ol'!_aflflii/a-U .
The Fisher Maiden Co.. operating
on Four Mile, has been re-organized
ou the assessment basis, the limit being throe cents per share. There is a
debt on the property of 16000, and the
Cty elerkr-ported thai S205out ofI«* a 815 a ton tonus  f-,r the mine jftj^jfty^^
$270 had been collected o:i traders owner, and ho figured that he could
licenses afford to cut out his bounty for the comP1**7
Bills 'presented: Mrs. Hicks, meals'sake of tho increased smelting busi- "''.'\?/',   *, ■ ,.
to prisoner. 70c.   Referred lo Qnance ness which he would get from tbe lead | •*>*•• I*1'1*- t(" 8niPmem'
committee. i miners with the bounty payable direct
A statement was presented .showing ■ to thu miner*..
that thore was J100 In the treasury     -Sines' we stopped shipping at the
ukiI no indebtedness. ' St. Eugene,we have spent about 11150,*
The Ume rilowed for the rebate of 000 in development, and have ore
taxes was extended  from Aug. 1 to enough for two or three years at our
Sunt. 1. j normal   rate of  production.    We are
Aid. McNeish inquired if anything down In a winae 70 fest below tbe
now  had   turned up relative to the | lerel of Moyie lake, but we are not
troubled mnch with seepage water, as
the lake la practically bottomed with
a waterproof layer of  mud and rock."
Nelsoa, notifying city of date of pay
ment of the Sloan note for $825. lh
chairman Bald the note was not drawn
— I oa the batik, but
nd aMcNeish
to Sloan.   Aid. Ar-
moved payment to
Aldridge of the Trail smelter.   I hav
always found bits disposed to make
good terms with the mineowners.    In
fact he voluntarily   renounced the
bounty of .*?■> a ion which  he was getting for refining lead ores.    He want-
claims to hatve a  large repay ore   blocked   out  and
Representing the strongest com-
panics iloinsr business in Canada.
Bbe kew accident policy, with participation in profits, coverin-r sickness and operat'wns.
IL D. CURTIS, Notary Public
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, H. C.
General  Packing  and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire nt reasonable rates.
mayor's resignation nn.l was tol-1 uo.
He explained that the point arose as
tai whether they oouJ 1 continu ■ to
legally do business In their present
shape. Tin clerk said he had written
for Information on the subject, and iu
the meant inn* the mayor's let tor was
' laid over.
Ald.Teoter Inquired if the clerli had
j assumed his duties ss chief of |ioli ••'.
j aud was informed by Aid. McNeish
that the commissioners bad the mat*
t ir under consideration.
Council adjourned.
Sisilivnn HtneStarting.
(tne of the lirst properties to  take
advantage of the government bounty
I on lead is Hi** big .Sullivan mine in
| East   Ko itenay, where   orders   have
: been received to ship 1000 tons of ore.
There  ii on  the dump  now several
thousand tons of ore. which can be
sorted down for shipment.   The company will a'so complete their smelter
at llarysville.
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
UATKS: lts*s*iil«r nihwrlberi,$1 i'"r r-ionth
sir$inn vi'tir: non-«iibiwbor«,(e-iclii»ivotii
mmllenl »HendRno-s)-*"Mr-lay, . Pr'v:'l"",:;.l;'1,s
11 per day sltrs. Special fttuUtiai tor miueni-
Ity sAissoa.
Tor furtlitr psttleulatl npl'b' tO.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Bpringer Rend in Shttpe.
(Seo. Nichol and his gang of workmen completed tha repairs to the
Springer road on Saturday and thi
rtagoai crtintiieiici'd going up on Mou*
dav. The total cost of the repairs
was only *?trifl. being less thin the
government estimate and about oao*
sixth of what private individuals
wanted to do it for under contract.  A
splendid job has beeu made, and with
the Riling up of ruts subsequently
done, the road ii in as good shape as
Itssssk of BilSjlantj -V-.s I. an:.
A Nelson  outfit, known as the Pin
neer Mining Co., is actively developing the Hank of England claim, ad
joining the Two Prieuds, In whieh
they also held a controlling Interest,
Half a dozen men urn employed under
the superintendence of J. W. Moffatt.
This wsseh the company Imported a
lot of second hand mine equipment)
II a st l<a lfl> fillips
Bob Alien this week received a eon
tract from tha ownersof the Myrtle
group, on Twelve Xlile, to bring down
aliout sis tons ol ore. which is t'i be
shipped as a lest, lt has been Borted
from ore taken out of tin* mills' during
development last winter,and will ^iv.-
high returns. Tha* Myrtle has a ledge
1 in a;i/.* and   s'aieil'jih to thill   of
Th.* .My it I
equal In size and strength to that <>
the Arlington and bids fair to develop
into a iKiiiati/.a.
night-Ms** Lightships.
siitst QuetntleMS.
Following are the quotations for bar
direr on the various days during the
week since last issue:
M outlay	
582 cunts
a itli; 1'ajrrell.
Last Saturday was payday in the
During tho week anew shipper j Crow's Nest coalfields, comprising
made its appearance, being the High- three camps, and the enormous sum
land Light claim, on Ten Mile, owned j 0f $130,021.0"* was distributed anioug
by the < Hough Bros, and P< te Switn.' i_iir employees. There was an increase
Tin* shipment consist,xl of about two over the ptecediag month of $14,817.25.
limit-*' tons and went forward in B carload of   Al Coal creek $49,880.40 was paid out
Fntevpri.-.e ore, and was sent to Trail
T!i>. ore was struck while doing
this year's assessmeu. and was high
•as | >
it Michel $48,371.50, and nt Morrissey
f*«st Sisstis. Nlrs* Ore.
Al Wilds and lien Kne.boiie. of
Silverton, eanie down from Twelve
oa Tuesday, having ro npleted asses
liispeotor nf Hulls*.'..
The government  h:is appointed A
Sutherland, master mechanic of ths,. :
,, , ,,    ,     ,       ,,   . ment on the Silver Bow claim.    I iuv
Velvet mine, Boss and, as the inspte «     ,   drfft     t((|,,  d nml (.ut
,„• of "team toilers for lv »....■ na   . ,''r,,..*,_.     paystreak of Four inches
His headquarters will be located at SfhlS grSlS dry ore,   The men fell
•SclK(,n'     _ j woll satisfied with thoir labors.
All  I aaap.al Uml   I'.il'll.
The  attention  of  H.  P.Christie,     Geo. Moir has been removed from
collector of votes, was last wee!" drawn < Nakusp to Sandon as C.P.B. agent.
Sandon mines hidt week shipped 66
.oas of ore.
Ihere is aj-aiu a shortage of coke in
the Boundary.
A dearth of miners is reported all
over the country.
The Crusader group i.s bs»ine* surveyed for a crown grant,
The Qteenwood smelter will add
more furnaces to its equipment.
A estitple of ilo/.-Mi men are working
on claims at'the lu>ad of Letuoii.
Pfiul Hauck is doing some wiirk on
the Champion and Sapphire, Twelve
T. Armstrong taiok out supplies on
Monday, to develop his claims at the
head of Lemon creek.
Two men commenced work, this
we.'k on the Gatineau group, to tbe
east of the Enterprise.
Thos. .Tones, the Kansas zinc man,
is operating the Lucky Jim mine,
sending the product to Iola.
Francis ,L O'Reilly, on behalf of N.
F. McNaught, is applying for a crown
grant on the Hampton group.
Dave Sloan went up to Three Forks
on Monday, to work his property oa
the north fork of Carpenter creek.
At the Xansen group. Lemon creek,
W. Thomlinson and W.B, Young havo
erected an orehouse and blacksmith
Gill Finkls and Tom Beaton have
erected camp buildings at the Lady
Franklin group, at head of Lemon
Some very fine specimens of ore are
being shown from the Bachelor, on
Twelve Mile, on which some work has
been done.
Today the silver-lead mineowners
are meeting at Sandon, lo devise
means to better the condition of the
mining industry.
The C.P.Tt. says it is able now to
handle the Boundary sire traffic, the
weekly shipments of which are In ex-
cess of 11,000 tons.
The gold strikes ou Poplar oreek
aro attracting much attention on the
outside and many buyers are going in
to acquire property.
A shipment of ore is lo lie made
shortly from the Nansen group, on
Lemon creek, formerly known as the
Ocean. It will go out by way of Six
Mils' to Kootenay lake.
Several parlies got disappointed
over the U and I group, Ten Mile, on
Saturday, as they expected it to run
out. It is owned bv Pete Larsen anil
C. I>. Band and at the last moment the
money was paid into the recorder.
A eavein occurred last Monday iu
the No. 1 tunnel of the Whitewater
mine, T. Hawes and IL Mason, the
lessees, haiing a narrow escape from
death.   Both were caught but rescued
in time. Hawes being severely bruised.
Vetei Dribbling lis.
Applications to be placed on tho
voters' list keep dribbling lu each day,
(hero beiug a little over 550 names
now in. It looks as if the entire vote
of the riding Would total close to 8(H),
aud even then there will bo many left
off through carelessness. There remains just three weeks more in which
I b register. ?i
*■.+.&'■•*-•■**'■*>•++'■*>■'+>'*>■ » • S>»t*»
By Bennet Musson      ^—*
Copyright,  19ui, bu T.  C. Met hue
It was a dull day for bulldogs,  ruffs,
whose bull baiting ancestors bad bequeathed bim a love of adventure, sat
on tlie veranda of the villa and
A Rrs?eu automobile rolled along the
driveway of the bouse. When it stopped at the veranda, a pretty, brown
haired girl of twenty laughingly greeted her enthusiastic friend, who leaped
upon her, regardless of tbo damage
whish dirty paws inflicted on a white
Bfirge dress.
"One would think I bud been away a
year instead of n week," the girl said
Bayly. j
'■Is it only a week since I first met !
you?" replied ber companion,  "I seem
to have known you always."
Florence Hastings' face became serious as she putted the wriggling I'iiITs.
"1 am afraid your Imagination is over- ;
powerful, Mr. Oakley," she said. "Any- ;
way, you've saved uie a  dismal  railway journey from tbe N'ewlons'.   I was '.
glad to let my trunks take lt alone.  So,
whatever your condition of mind, you
must come lu and meet papa."
"Is he at home?*'
"He comes ou tbe 5 o'clock  'relief ;
express.'    That's  what  lie  calls  uny
train which takes bim away from Wall
"He leaves his ollice at 4?"
"Yes.   Do you hesitate at the ordeal
of passing the interval with nie'r" Florence was smiling again.
Porter Oakley laughed protesting!"*,
"I was hesitating because of an important business affair," tie said anally.
"Is there a telegraph ollice iu the village?"
"There Is, aud 1 will send a groom
with your message."
Oakley looked at his watch. "Quarter of 3," he murmured. "Will you
pardon me If I go to tbe office In thc
automobile?" be asked. "It will save
fifteen valuable minutes."
As the machine puffed along the
driveway Florence watched it musingly and Inwardly resented bor feeling
of relief — It seemed like weakness.
When she first met Oakley at the New-
tons' country bouse, sbe vaguely dls-
liksnl him. As she watched the automobile speeding toward the village
she thought of Trilby and smiled.
Then she grew serious and felt sorry
that sho had asked Oakley to stay, but
she knew tbat If tbe little scene near
the veranda were to be reacted she
would ask him again.
"Do you believe in hypnotic influence. Puffs?" slu* said softly, putting
an arm uround the bulldog's muscular
Puffs did not. Every line In his
sturdy figure expressed disbelief. Then
he conveyed sympathy and encouragement by extending a few Inches saf
damp pink tongue toward bis mistress'
Tbat evening Florence sat on the
veranda with Porter Oakley. Her father did not arrive on the "relief ex*
press," nor bad word come from bim.
Oakley bad waited for the older nmn,
bail accepted an Invitation t'i dine, and
now he sat with Floren e and watched
the moon creep toward ths. Orange
"There Is still an hour or so of moonlight, aud I sball have a bright road
to New York," he said.
"I tbougbt father would surely be
here on the 8 o'clock train," paid Florence.
Oakley held tbe face of bis watch to
his cigar tii).    "Half past 8 now," he
answered.   "When does the next train
"At 0."
"Your father may be on that. Why
don't you run down to the station with
uu* and meet bim?" Oakley snid.
Florence looked up at bim quickly.
"Why, I-I"— she began, but Oakley
was leaning toward her, the mo mllght
shining on bis face and lighting bis
gray eyes, which were fixed on hers,
Five minutes later the automobile
was running nlong the country road,
containing one uneasy and one triumphant person und followed by a
white, four legged creature whose under jaw protruded at the ancle of determination und who patiently blinked
nway tbe dust aroused by tbe (lying
monster In front
The hands of thc little red faced
clock ln the tower of the station pointed to n quarter of tbe hour, and they
passed on, Oakley saying that they
would have five minutes of speeding
before returning to wait for tho train.
Tbe lights of the village dl inppean d,
ond tho moon was bidden by tlie overhanging trees of the raid along wblcb
tbey   Hew.     Puffs   stretched   his   legs
and galloped bis hardest Tin* machine
drew rapidly away from blm, but he
followed, with the perseverance of his
"Wc had better turn back." said Florence as tbey reached an open stret.ii
of road,
Oakley consulted bis watch. "After
0," be said, in apparent surprise. "Wo
can't meet your father now. Shan't
we keep on?"
"I prefer to go home," Florence replied coldly.
Oakley leaned over thc steering lever
as the machine sped on Its way. Then
he turned and his eyes met Florence's,
"I am the chauffeur," he said quietly.
Florence looked steadily at bim. I'or*
ter Oakley returned lu'r gaze, but the
trilling power that hnd made her forget conventionalities was dissipated by
the honest wrath which glowed In tbo
girl's eyes.
"Mr. Oakley, will you turn back'/"
sbe said sharply.
"'Miss Hastings*, we are not going
back." Oakley replied mockingly.
"What slu you niciiu:"
"1 mean that 1 have known and
wanted you for a sveek, it usually
takes less than a Week for tne to get
anything I want. You will go home,
but it will be tomorrow—and it will
be as Mrs. Oakley."
Florence rose from ber seat,   "if you
Copyright, lilt', hy T, C. McClure
our bounden duty to relieve tbis su
perfluous pomposity. ,
"Tbls was our plan: Some years ago .
there came to the gym a little fellow
I    "Vou    say  you     took   automobile
rides i'or  the sake of exorcise ?"
A writer says that
may make him stupid   i
•llut where does tho physical exer
ts true, but we think u
ly to make hlm smart
is llu
clso como in
do not stop, 1 shall jump out," she said.    .-,   —•«..«,..„...-,-,-.  .
Oakley seized ber arm, but she strug-   llK^-OOO-OO-OO^dl-
gled. His grasp on tbe steering lever
became unsteady, the machine swerved
violently, and be gradually brought it
to a standstill at the side of the road.
Florence jumped to the ground and
started toward home, but Oakley
placed himself ln her way.
"You shall not go back." be said. "If
you won't go on, we can stay in this
lonely place, and in the morning, when
it is known that you have passed tbe
night with me, you may be more willing to accept my proposals."
Florence stopped and faced Oakley.
Her hands were clinched, but sbe was
trembling pitiably, lie smiled aud
came toward ber.
"Come, now. Marriage is easy In
New Jersey," be said. "We can go"—
A white, panting form shot from tho
road nnd came lietween them. Florence threw herself on tbe ground,
clasped ber arms uround a muscular
neck aud sobbed: "Thank God, you
bave come, ruffs! Thank Ood, you
have come!"
Oakley drew back. He was not smiling. "You don't think I shall let a dog
Interfere with my plans, do you?" he
He stepped to the nutomobile, placed
bis band under the scat, and when he
withdrew it it held a glittering object
Florence gave a low cry, and a white
streak flew from tbe road. The next
instant Oakley was kneeling on the
ground, Puffs' teeth were firmly hold-
lug his wrist, nnd tbe useless weapon
was lying in tbe dust.
Florence looked at him helplessly;
then her eyes brightened, "Come,
Puffs, we shall go home," she said,
"and he will take us."
Half an hour later a green automobile drew slowly up the driveway of
the Hastings country house. Seated in
it were a young woman and a sullen
looking num. Between them, with his
back to tbe girl and his eyes lixetl on
tbe man, was a stolid and dusty lwill-
When Mr. Hastings arrived on tbe
11 o'clock train, he found bis daughter
In a subdued mood.
"What is the meaning of this?" he
asked, waving a telegram before ber.
Florence took the paper and read:
Meet ir.e at thc uptown ferry, 10 o'clock
toi.Ight. FLORENCE.
"This is why you stayed In the city,"
sb'* said slowly. Then, ns she realized
the meaning of the message, "It must
have been Mr. Oakley's Important business."
When Mr. Hustings had recovered a
degree of equanimity after the story
of the automobile, he looked fondly at
"I'll buy one of those machines some
day," be said, gravely extending his
hand, into which a responsive paw was
placed; "and wben I do I shan't have
to look far for a chauffeur."
Vcrj- Old  ehnreh.
The Chnrcb of San Miguel, at Santa
Fe. is claimed by New Mexicans to be
the oldest In the l'nited States. There
is much dispute over the exact date of
its erection, but it was certainly built
be'.ween 200 and .'00 years ago by the
fifi-t Indian converts under the direc
tion of the Spanish padres—some say
ns long ago as 1545, Insisle it is like a
vault, blnck and crumbling, with
cracked adobe walls and roof, and a
gallery whose woodwork still shows
traces of the figures painted there by
the Indians, designs like those tbey put
upon their pottery today.
But tbe most Interesting thing In San
Miguel is the old bell, St. Joseph.
Black with age, it looks like a mass of
old iron In its dim recesses. But strike
It, and it gives forth a mellow note of
silvery clearness, echoing with marvelous sweetness through tbe vnultlike
old church. The quality of tbe bell
niB'tal make:; tbe richness of the note,
nmi there is a tradition that it was
made of the gold and silver ornaments
of iho Spanish as n thank ottering for
a victory over tlie Moors.
At any rate, the old Spanish padres
brought the bell, already ancient,
across the seas from Spain and over
mountains and plateaus from Mexico.
The Moors uro gone, Spain's great empire of the west has vanished, and still
the old bell mauda tbere, older than
American civilization.
Thr Fun In Illtstory.
As in a mirror, the fan, the origin of
which ls lost in the twilight of oriental
legend, reflects tbe habits, customs, art
nud taste of every country which has
made a friend of an artldle so useful
nnd ornamental. Greece was the lirst
European country to adopt the fan-
two birds' wings-one of Its uss-s being
by acolytes in the temples to drive
nway the flics from tbe sacrifice. It
served the early Christians in tbe catacombs a similar purpose when the
bread and wine were spread for tbo
sacrament, a custom Which lasted In
the Roman Catholic cburcb to the fourteenth century.
In this same century the fan made
an almost simultaneous appearance
throughout Italy end France, in England and Spain. Its most artistic flights
bave been achieved In France, but not
even to France will Spain yield in its
use of the fan as "an important weapon in tbe mimic warfare of coquetry
nnd flirtation." Whether the Spanish
lady Is In church or a place of amusement, whether visiting or walking, It
ls always ln her bands, frequently
portraying the honors ol Ilie bullfight
Corresponding with these, certain
French revolution funs represent Charlotte Corday carrying a dagger in one
band and a fun iu the otbcrl
The Rev. Charles Aloysius Hall
would scarcely have been taken for a
minister of the gospel ns he sat in the
corner of a downtown hotel that
morning, Intent ou the columns of a
time table. There was uo "Prince Albert," no high hat, no clerical collar, no
high buttoned vest. His clothes, of not
tho latest cut, yet carefully brushed
and pressed, would have stamped him
a young business man, and nfter a
glance at his face—a firm, clean shaven
face, with thc brows at that moment
knit in a frown—one would have said
that business was not all the gentleman in question could have wished lt.
It was a favorite remark of tbe Rev.
Mr. Hall tbat if his dally life and
deeds gave no Inkling to his profession
tho symbols of tbe cloth never would.
For the first time In the long fight the
Rev. Charles Hnll was discouraged.
He realized that now Indeed the church
at Ccdarvllle, bis church, was lu tbe
last ditch. The roof leaked and that
cracked tbe plastering, the carpet was
ln tatters, the paint was losing faith ln
the clapboards and tho spire was so
badly out of plumb that the town
board had threatened to take lt down
unless lt wns given prompt attention.
Some subscription papers, circulated
through the town, had netted returns
pitifully small. The envelope weekly
offering system had been woefully inadequate to cover the pastor's salary,
and the Ladles' Aid society, with
three suppers and a fair, had raised
just $08.37. He smiled grimly as he remembered that last year his salary
had been $200 short and this year bade
fair to be another hundred shorter.       i
There had remained yet one hope.
Cedarville was quite a summer resort,
and during the hot months numerous
well to do men from the neighboring
city stayed there with their families. ,
Some of these nttended the church.
As a last resort Rev. Mr. Hall had come
to the city to make personal appeul to
these  men.    But  Brother Jones  and j
Brother  Hayes  aud   Brother  Benton i
had other channels for their currency, I
and when Hall, weary and heartsick,
sat down in the corridor of tbe hotel, :
ho had raised but $20 In cash, with .
pledges of perhaps $3S more.
He had opened bis time table again
when some one touched bis shoulder.
"Oh, I say, Bplder," said a voice in j
deprecation,   "this   isn't   just  square,
you know.   We've been hunting high
and low for you.   Why didu't you scud |
us word?"
Hall looked up. Two young fellows,
evidently college men, stood before
"Were you aildressing me?" said
"That's pretty good," said the other
young man. "You're funny when you
hnvo a try at dignity, old boy."
'There's no use mincing matters,"
sai'l No. 1. "If you're going to back
down, we want the deposit back; that's
"Gentlemen," said Hall curtly, "I'll
givo your seeming Impertinence tbe
benefit of the doubt. Ihere Is evidently some mistake bere."
"Oh, ring off; ring off!" said tbe first
speaker wearily. "You've led us enough
of a chase already."
"See here," said Hall, rising angrily;
"I've no IntentiiAii"—
"Have you the nerve to say you're
not Spider Median?" said No. 2 while
be favored bis companion with a pon
derous wink.
"Most certainly I'm not," said Hall.
"Would you mind letting ns ss*e your
left forearm?" saiil So. 1. with tbe air
of a man who has trumped the trick.
"Certainly not," said Hall, with some
asperity, "If It will be a means of convincing you."
He bared his left forearm, and the
twsi bent over It critically.
"Ry Qeorgel Ths're aren't any tnttsso
marks here," said the shorter of the
pair. "We owe you every apology,
sir, for a very stupid blunder. Will
you join us?" He nodded toward a
pair of swinging doors from behind
which the dink of glusscs was plainly
"No, thank you," said Hall shortly
nud turned again to his time table.
Again be felt tbe touch ou bis shoulder.
"We don't mean to intrude," said a
respectful voice.
Hall looked up and found the young
fellows again before hlm.
"Well?" he said.
"You see," began the taller chap,
"we're in the deuce of a fix. nnd we
thought perhaps—bare chance, you
know—you might care to help us out
and Incidentally make a neat bit out
of it There's several hundred lu lt
for some one."
Hall thought of the church nnd his
morning's work for the $'',s.
"I'm certainly open to suggestions,"
be said, smiling grimly.
"Can you box?" said his Interlocutor.
Hall's face wore a puzzled expression at the inquiry. "1 havo In years
past," be admitted.
"Oood:" said tho other. "If we can
come to terms, yon are the very man
we need just at present. This gentleman is Mr. Burns. I am Robert
"Ymi see." nix continued, "at the
gym there Is n trainer called Hefty
Burke, He's put out every man In college wlm has had the courage to give
him a go, by virtue of which Mr.
Burke has begun to think himself the
whole thing, sud it therefore becomes
A Ghronlo Oase of Twenty Years' Standi-**
Cured Permanently by ^
rilm   or   aaaxanUHa   ax* »mong (most favorably spoken ot, -_____•-J
rtmm ...    __ »k.   recommendation f innt- . ._   **m
well   ss the
named Spider McUauu.   Spider was a      Tr,,"**., ,
,, i»     i.i,      ii..    ..    ,• .  .. i      '(letting out to see what
coming lightweight, which truth ilidn t
strike  Hefty   until   Hefty   struck   the   ,er 	
floor.    But the affair blew over, and      Pftt_Sui.r _•_. lnV down my loife for
now he is crowing again.   So we hunt- I        Norah ?
ed up McGaun, who is n lightweight   * i^oinl»—Itut  would vou
champion now, and offered hiin "£00 i,.,,,.,,^ f()1. m0i Patrlok ?
to  go  up  against   Burke.    The   mill
comes off tonight at the Macedonian
club, and poor old    lefty thinks lie's I
up against the Macs'i.oniati club's train-
er.   It Ml be rare to see his face when ;
he finds it's Spider  Mcliitnn.   Spider-1
will lay down In the ninth, and Hefty |
will  simply  swell.    He'll  continue  to
swell until tbe Annual comes out. This .
Will be in tt." i
He banded Hall a slip of paper. In a I
scrawling band was written:
This is to certify Ikal 1, Spider Mc- j
Claim, laid down In my fight with Hefty i
Burke. I could have punched hlm full of |
holes as a sieve If 1st had a mint! to, i
same's as I done once hefore.
Lightweight Champion of ths World,
"Now,   the  point   is,   Spider's  gone |
back on us."
"Thnt's It," said Burns.   "We've got
to   pull   It  off   BOmebOW.    We've   sold
over  1,000 tickets at  anywhere  from
"Ci  up.    All the old  grails  1 Icily   has
floored   will   be  tbere   ready
hlm* you see, uo one knows
but Dls and I and tbe board of editors
of the Annual."
"And   you're   the   Image   of   Spider
McGaun." snld Dis.   "Our proposition
Is to give you the |800 to meet Hefty
tonight.   If we couldn't tell you from
Spider   McCanu,   he  couldn't    You're
due  to  go out  anyway,   so  it   won't
make very much difference when yon
do,  only  we'd  want you  to stay  as
many rounds as you could for the sake
of appearances."
Hall was thinking deeply.  "For the
church!   For the cburcb!" ran through
his head.
"Gentlemen,"  said he,  "Spider  McGaun pro tetn. Is at your service."
"You're a brick!" said Dix, wringing •
Hall's bund.    "Meet us here at 5, nnsi I
we can talk it over at dinner.   And"—
Bailing In bis pocket—"here's fifty to '
clinch it.   We'll give you the rest after
the mill." j
At Ts Hall was pacing the corridor,
when Burns and Dix came In.   After !
dinner, at which Hall was given many
valuable points as to Hetty's style of !
boxing,  tbe three entered a   cab  ami
were driven rapidly to the Macedonian
It wus precisely 8 o'clock when the
Kev.  Charles   Aloysius   Hall,   clad   in
green trunks, faced Hefty Burke.  Thnt
gentleman's face was a study.   Beyond
s doubt he was suffering from  tin* 1
shock of recognition.
"Not  Quite   so  easy   as   last  time." i
the mat-      There is no despi
tbat which cornea with that* *-
ments of our first great sorr tt*
we have not yet known whnt u'"!*S
have suffered and
Iny down a   despaired and have recoi'.n.!l,'P S
«.   .     Il,*titi»ii
he healed, ij j **■
ecovered i,
' ""luul
was on a fair
continued   the
ths   most   common
most torturing ailments that   affllot
humanity. Ths keen distress   caused
by ths Itching,  especially when   the
body   g«U warm,   is almost beyond
the power of description.
.     , , , ,    Ths very mention of piles suggests
."    'I ' 11.   Chase's Ointment as it Is beyond
1 S °Xetl    denial  the only actual  cure for  tbls
loathsom.  disease.   If you  ask your
doctor, your drusjglst or your friends
what  to  use  for  piles  they  will
nino   cases   out   of   ten  adv.se
Chase's Ointment. ^^^^
Mr   Alex. McLaughlin, for 30 years  ease
resident     of    Bowmanvilie.     Ont..;    Dr.   unoae s uinunent  is the 0nh
absolute    and   guaranteed
recommendation 1 took a box
"After three applications I _t._tw |
ter, and by the tinn I had us-*- ~
way tu rec„,
treatment in.
til  thoroughly cured, and 1 _mv, *
suffered any since.   I am iir,„iv _?
vlnced  that    »>*■»   «'-* •     ' *•*
perfect cure.
"I  consider
the   ointi
nont  madi
,       ,    ,, s Ointmut I
an Invaluable treatment  for pilea
my   case   I  think   the cure wu t_
markable when you consider  that I
am  getting   up    in   years, and JI
been so long a sufferer from this d3
a ....,,,_.,.           Chase's Ointment
wrIteS  ' iBmawvBA.a-v*.       uaaa.      kaiiii HIIUS'll    Cllre   ... I
••For twenty  long years  1 suffered  every  form of piles    It has a r*eM
from itching piles, and  only  persons   of  cures  unpnralleh'ii   in  the hi...,
hava been    trounled   witb  that   of medicine.   60 cants a  box,
annoying disease csn imagine what
I endured during that time Aliout
icven yenrs ago T asked a druggist
if he had anything to cure nie Re
s-siii  that  Dr    Chase's Ointment   was
—————————————m at ij
dealers, or Edmonson Hates i (>
Toronto. To protect ymi againstS
iintiotis tlie portrait ami BignatM
of Dr A. W Chase, the taainus
Cclpt   book  author    ;m
ever) box.
are:  you  building?
It !•  rer; amb ttronter •nil thlikrr  than any other   (tarred or biillrjlul
It la liB*.|irrvlfliua tn wins!, keejii out oolst, keapa ln li<a»t, <«rrlea DOOsUtl
(la* us us • tlm* _s.rastall.sg aUmpnaaa.
Writ* onr agent*, TKE8 A rKKSSK, tTtssBlpeg, for saiupUi.
TMB K. ta. KDDV OO., aUlrralfeacS, MOUb.
I'.mer ssi .« M. a.i'a Win**.
Swi ■ •." said un nlHcbil of the 7.oo,
ivi   gn at  si oiigtb of tvlug.    It is
.   ...d tl.nl  '-villi a blow of its win;- a
! iv an    an br  .:.  a  uuin'a  hx. antl  i
I   ImVf lit) '.iAalll't  ll:is Is -i     A dOCtOr tolil
I i... ot,   da j. us i "I loj   ther by
i   the MIO la'..*,   that Ollt' of llis :,.-; a.'.-'B-i
bad  been iti it of n  nmn   «hose .urn
I a swt'u bad broil -u   .■ ilh Ht \\ ine
i he  iii iti ■;.' ' a cm a cd in Arkuii
| on Sw mi Ial -.      ■ a!,* ". .a mi; *.*, here
ihi ss* birds abotiml     A l:ii:n    inn was
•lire bunting,   when  .•  swim   making
for the light, Ui a ■urui'Tl I ... Ins lieud.
II.- put up Iiis us iii to mIi •      Ills file-**. '
uud lhe powerl '.:l i big it bite .
bird  strnek   blm   HU ■       • lub,     llotb
hones in tbe forcuru     broken; it |
was a Compound i..:> uu
"If a stVou aii-ldi'i   ill,* can break In .
ibis way a mull's     ..   tin aa- is, in uiy j
a plu nn. no room in doul: tt.... It coul I, t
il ii desired, break wltb a v.. II dii    I
ed   blow   a   man's   lc-."
Tl.e   Its- |slr. .!   Isll   |.
"Strange, isn't ir." n-uni      |
Burke muttered between clinched j
teeth, aud liuii could not restrain a i
"Time!"   The referee's voice sounded
in almost absolute stillness.   Then al
it tbey went.    Hefty was nervous and ,
Hall wns cool.   He could Imagine hlm
self buck at the (ivin in his unlversitj l
days.   He side stepped Hefty's sledge  j
hammer blows; he dodged und ducked
in a manner that brought tit.' crowd
to Its feet.   Hi' would do his utmost to
stay those nine rounds.
In one of the boxes Hums and l»ix
were hugging each otber.
"It's great, greatF' said liiv "Hefty
will surely think it was Spider."
And tbere was even mon- cause for
Hefty to think so when the end came
rather suddenly early iu the eighth
Hull dui'ked a vicious jab ainl at the
same time swung with his rinht The
blow landed with terriiic force ou
Hefty's neck, nud he went down blow
ine like n grampus.   Then the referee
counted off ten seconds.    The crowd ,    "Strange, isn't it." iwnnrLed the In-
bowled.    It was some minutes liefore j iplred idiot, "Ihnt some |ieo:i • _tpread
Scnudal wholesale by retailing it ev*
ft*-* MBst SWrt Smttortm ami Wat* *
a—e tat—SmcaA   "Ml* sa ast-fSt   Csx-1 ttttX
«J»e- ?t rM>ta tar aaapU rU ttrau » m
BRUSH at "O., Dept. W. T0RWII|
« ii   aaimiur———y—————m—amsm
THE   MAlidl   OTJl
errwherOi*"—Baltimore Herald.
Hall realised wbat had happened, nnil
when be did be vaulted the ropes ami
broke fsir his dressing room, while be
biud bim tbe cheerlug redoubled.
At Cedarville two days later Hall re
celved the following letter:
Rev. Charles Aloysius Hail:
Ds*ar Sir—You Will probably woinlrr how
we know your name ami address.   A card |
fell   frsim   your   |inakot   \i\   ysnir   dressing'
r.iom, aad we havt guarded it Jealously.
Your score! Is safe with 'ia.
It was because ws had th* card thai
we  let  you depart  that  night   without a
saying mors nbout tin* money afta-r you I
had  refused It bsKSUM you a lalmed you j
had   broken    your   contract    by   flooring
Hetty.    You  earned   it.   *•*•  gods,
richly earned  It.    The  lirst  thing  Hefty
saisl   when   they   Kot   him   tu   In.   cornel
whs, "Well, I uln't SO much, mu IT"
Inclosed please find shea k sm Third Na
llontil for »Vjn.
IVn 1ihv« secured from Splala r a nrvnni
statement that In. did nui fight Hefty
llurke on the evening of A|irii 7. Thla
will appear In the Annual, with a poi a
on Hefty's fall before the greal unknown
Ureal unknown!   Vuu shall remain sucli,
but permit us to express sun gratitude to I proof  is  offered
you.   Sincerely yours.       Itoin.li'l' DIX      j..,,       ss-
This ItsBE I hs,  Spell.
There ls n south side lady who owns
u Gordon setter wblcb sin* believes is
endowed with nlinsist human Intelligence, says tbe Chicago News. Tbls Is
not a hastily formed nor unfounded
opinion, but bas bs's'n developed by
years of experience. Here is une of
tbe many Incidents from Which Ims
sprung ber faith in her dog:
One Sunday, having finished her dln-
Sufr< rem frnm Nerv ina Tronbloi * ro In a
Slate of Oiintliiuoiis Tortiire-Muineatloni
M t» How the Trull tile Can be Sraraetaa.
When your nerves ure slinky youi
sell-control is shattered—your will
powor is broken. Budden sounds
startle you; your temper is irritable,
vour ha.nis tremble; there is weakness in J our kneel : your i kin is ■ ale
iml parched . you arc restless .st
you night und tired wben you wako. ii
.ill comes fiiuii nervous exhaustion,
perhaps din* tBi overwork and worry.
i.ita hours, Iml days, utul want ol
Mosul In. Williams' link I'illa Is
lin- otil,\ in!■ The} iniike new, rich,
nil iiiuiiii I In > in a. i- no langlod
nerves and strengthen tired backs.
They give health and energy to dull,
despondent im'n and women Si rom;
in lie case ui Mis
ests's'tt,   ol    Seaforlh,   <mi .
Iwho Bays "Por a lour time mj
health was In a bad stnte I was
suiiji'ct iii headaches, dizziness and
nervous exhaustion M j appetite
was poor, and I was so badly run
down i could not stand tin- exertion
I   tried   sevoral  medicines and    con-
I suited different  doctors,  but  they did
nol  help  mo any.   Ono of my neigh
bora strongly  urged  me to  try    Dr,
I Williams'  I'ink l'ills, and before the
second box was finished tho turning
point   for  the  better  had   been   reach
ner, the lady went Into the drawing ed, and by the time l had used    a
room to read the pnper   Onaruguenr i.'.if dozen iio\,.s. to tho surprise   of
the  window   the  setter  was  basking  '">     friends    nmi    nelghl
drowsily lu the sunshine.     The lady's
two sons were still in (ho dining room
finishing the repast, i id the mother
overheard Something saiil aboul bum's
Now, tlie good lady has a mortal dread
thnt her beautiful don will click,, t,,
dentil on n bone some day. s,, raising
ber voice, she called out, "Huts, doit i
give Dan any ch | c ke n b*o n e s,"
spelling these two words sn the dog's
attention would not be attracted "I'm
nfrald be will choke."
As  she  spelled   "chicken"   tha. dog
rnised bis bead; nt "bones" he got up,
walked into the dining room and look
ed at the bones the boy* Van nletrlnri
iscnin   enjoying pood    health,    and
hnvo  since  been  strong  and  well     l
s|o   not   know   mn t hlng   to   0f|Ua1   Dl
Willinms'   I*inl-.   Pills   when  tho  sys-
ti.in  is run down "
What the pills hove dono for otbora
they will 'I.s fin .v.an if vbbii will give
< '.fin ss fair 11 inl Sold tiy all inedi-
I'lno dealers, or sent post paid at
50 cents a bos or siv boxes for
""i".0fl, by addressinc* this Dr, Wil
Hams  ITedlelno Co.,   Brockville, Ont.
Thoro have been no duels among
Belgian military men for fourtes-n
years Disputes are decided by courts
of honor.
I'm hn; ".'"     I ' :!"r
•..lini I
I. nigh It !   ts a       ■   h Stltttf
I   II   I.IV   I
;.ri l.no« Hi     • rrj twitter
Of t!    rohii.-. i i ths Ir glee
goon shall o; ' me,
*. i i i , tci • ->3
Will Ij. playli '■■*
With lhe ro. .. pu-si'i
Oh. I hnll lhe V. •r, ti wlndi ■.lH'HJ'i
Though thi i ireal
M  i,i :k ai m itn '. rather badly
in th<' Btreet!
I'nani ihe rtaL.li i where ll •' ea"]r
I., ... i now bi i rurnlnalc,
Growing fuw ■ ns lb y w»lt*
All the lamhs und colts and h.-ir-ra
..>on will nisi, t . greet the lepnyn
Bwooplng ilaaia *i across lhe state.
tearing •
. ..».iilnl
Oh. the March winds Hint go '
in full ^^^^^^
Ne'er respecting, never sp
Ruin lhe grave professor iv
a.i they whisk hla h*\ swayi
i behold th'ir willful play
While he madly hurries »««__,•_,___,
And my heart ll Blled with H">tm
Forty-seven tlnns u day.
Oh. the March winds that <'•""" ■"*•*"!
O'er the lens. .hlDtlHl
That bo howling- through Ihaw'vr
At the quayrt.
Have an Htii-ry wav of nippms
At tho gentle maidens noss.
llut In every blest that WOW"
There's a promise for tha WW
And the faith that lifts the cover
Where the dnn.Mlon prow"<■     ^
-S. E. Klser In Chloag*0 Uia ord-H"—
The Ilrnl Thins.
Napoleon wns rostlcaUngon* ^
"I   wonder,"   he   uiused.    w*"
call tne Corporal Violet."
"Probably," asserted tie C«
cnuso they think yon at*
bunch." _A„.
tbat ls why Louis XVIII. Caff*
to pay for me." .,V.P mlJU1*
Uugbmgat tbelr expewlM i   ^,
to fell to thinking how rnnca
It would have been to call ""»
-New York Herald.
;.rd. *
the w***
•Out  of Uueatlo*1'
Kwater-Well, .vo" *'*'oW
It's *
rule that won't work both ,v«*y'    j-jl
to Im
possibly expect a headlong "'  I,,'*.
long   beaded,   for Instance.-*
phla l'rcss. The Drill.
it: AN,
ims submitted
„vuie   hus siiuiiii>.«■■■    to
,[  science,   Tuna-    an
typsAisetting by   tole-
' current being made
.l>* '     (. ,hftl.acters on a -roving
""•"■ "'".„„,   with   a typesetting
■luiini'si the oontrlv-
Icnii'f    _•   " ,,__, „,_,,.__ 0f M, Rod-
with  tranicrlp-
ii.ii't'' ^^
li   is ci
, hid. is tiie wor
ill    ilispi'iise
'Lother for press purposes,
.ot •'
..ill. :
l is
0(* o(    Bronchitis    anil
'. B. I- .,    ,      f
,,,(l nf a severo attacK oi
,„    ,,v     MINAltD'H   I-INI-
..'.'inl u severely sprained
.aivutus LINIMENT.
"'        ii.SlllIA  WYNAOHT.
i ti
advises his patis-nis    to
(|     frivolous     nt  meal
| 1,1'il-lal IUI
,I„.N  would piesfrvi
,,i full vigor.
their cli-
IViferi   llt*ts|sii i. Hull.
For perfect respiration two thinits
re ii,'(er,y,ir.v -clai-st capacity and
nvtitli control. The im*i'uge Inilivltiuui.
■'mnnn especially, uses but u llmlteil
ifirtloii of the Itintffl uml upper chest
ll iiri'inary breathing. Whenever a
ilttle iiinisual physical effort mattes demand for an extra breathing rapacity,
iiote I'.ow she pull's aud pants, almost
o a point of gitsplng. The reason for
lliU ls that the muscles of the lower
client, waist mid abdomen have become
well nigh atrophied through neglect
and abuse. Tliey are stilt ami unresponsive ti tit I  have now  to  lie coaxed
bas-u to a condition of activity and
lt is quite us possible to educate
tiu'se muscles so Ihnt they shall re-
spoud to our slightest demand us it la
Unit our baii'ls are trained to do our
bidding. Different teachers Will advocate different forma of breathing—upper chest, side s Inst, lower chest and
abnormal breathing—but what we
mont want lu absolute control, such
control of the UlllSCleS us shall enable
u* to mut'i' use of any desired form of
liivutltltlg at Hi'.' word of command, for
nil tonus huve special values. Full upper cheat breathing is used most, but
lower ehest uud aliilniiilii.il breathing
lire very valuable1 III eiiHcs of nervous
lies.-.. Iiullgestlon, stomach and bowel
Simon    V.    Landry   Cured    by
Dodd's   Kidney   Pills.
,        ,    I'll'   '1''B*.|SB, |
ail    I'oUIlt*; I
.    rlienev ssiaki'ifl osstti
'llr„,r    of     ihs*     Urns
la sa
t nss I   ns. Its
_____    *•■   V"    "'
loltla.'   ilU^ltieHIS   ill   till' City
nuutv   ami   Stat*  flsfiiresisiil.
,   ,   ..-.d   in in   will   "».V   the   »">.'   '>;
«s » -h< TraM"*.™^
,,.    in  btsforsl  me   fsnil  sulnsrillieal   is.
" ',.,",,   (hit   «ih   dssv   of   bsK«Olll«">,
Rfi \     W    (ll.KASON.
Nflilary  Public
Cutnrih Cure is taken inu*inn.ll.v.
directly   on   the  hlooil   anil   nsu-
i ic«a of tbe eyst-in. *-*>nit '<" "■"*•
'TlV.NKV  * Ott . Toledo-  o
■ratal   I •    »
nil -   I"
„ ttruwl'sti,  7ue    .    ,
■nils   TUN arc  ths?  hest
Tlio Ti'i'.t'.iful  risinrrr.
•one il..v." n.iiii the truthful pioneer,
■•I wis v.'hut'klug up soiiu* wood down
Uy lisp t i'"i u. mid ten Indiana loomed
up, They wore pretty thirsty even for
ImllaiM, nnd they saisl the.v knew 1
luul a jug stuiinwhere, ami Ihey want*
s d lo sample it. I had a log about litII" j
spill at tin' time, and the ux was sticU- '
illg iu it. I told them If they would
help me get lhat log In two 1 would
show ths'ui where the jujj wns. So tbey
look holil, live ou one Ride and live ou
the other, and pulled. Ansl when I
look the ax oul the In;. Sprung together
and hi'lsl ihi'iu ull by the Sogers, Then
I walked nway to the house nnd loaded
Ibe shotgun uud three or four pistols
and then went buck and argued witb
theni, und tbey reformed right nway."
This story, says tbe Nebraska Slate
Journal, was originally told of Daniel
lloone or Davy Crockett and bus done
■^ood service ever since. It is nol copyrighted, however, and there is no good
rs'uson why Nebraska pioneers should
not use It	
Eye. With Doable PaplU.
le beard la roumi in ueuwa *.n, a-., Cicero says tbat "tbe glance of all
fcere we reasl that Joseph on being women wltb tbe double pupil In the eye
aimoned before the king sbuved Is noxious, blighting and withering."
nself. There are several refereuces Cadmus tells us thnt sucb persons
to shaving in Leviticus, aud the would not drown. Htiii Others say tlmt |
sctlee is alluded to In many other If they did drown the body would nev
trtn of tbe Bible. However, Egypt er sink, neither would It decay. They
he only country mentioned ln the   'mild cure the dist>ase of the ehest-
" - : consumption—by rubbing their perspiration on the affected parts of tbe individual, nud In case the double pupils
,v..iv red Instead <sf black tbey could
euro the lepers ami the blind.
Hnal   I.hiiis. Buck, Weak I.sga, and was
Taallll Wl'Sii'll  bCfurfl  lit) WStH lsislutlsisl ta
Try the gr«nt Klslnoy lts-mmly.
Itiver DourgsoiB, Richmond Co., 0.
It., July e.—(BptjeieU)—One more re*
niarkable cure bus been credited te)
Dodd's Kidney l'ills In this neighborhood, and thc story is best told ia
the words ol Simon V. Landry, tke
man cured.   Mr, Landry says :
"I was bothered fer over a year
with Lame Hack, Weak Let's, aad
I'alpitiition of the Heart and general
weak ness nnd shortness of breath.
Jn fact 1 wus a total wreck. I could
pot work us I got tired and weak so
"1 nlso had a. weakness in my
sluinuch. and it was so bad that I
could not bend down to do anything.
1 tried many medicines without Rotting any relief til) I was induced to
try Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"After I had uss-d three boxes of
them I was able to start work again.
1 rocommond Dodd's Kidney Pills tt»
Tt Is cures like these that give
Dodd's Kidney Pills tbelr popularity.
Thoy not only relieve but make pee**
pie uble and willing to work.
Tin* New Zealand government has
appointed two dairy experts with a
view to incrs.ui.ing their exports to
Great Britain. One of the experts is
a Canadian.
anv considerable per-
ntie lace tsi himself
.tiiA'i to the multitude with-
II'. getting bewildered as to
ihi  Iw true.—Hawthorne.
i Liniment Cores Garget fi Um.
■ ■taring la Egypt.
rhe earliest reference to shaving of
beard ls fountl in Genesis xll, 14,
Mioari's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
With the exception sif lovemaking
there are many new ways of doinsr
old thing.'.
I M'I'I.I.KN'I    REASONS  exist  win  Ur
i iH'iiius' (.'electric oil should ne used bv
lai'iaii;*. troubled with affections sif tin1
throat nr hums. sores upon the skin
rheumatic iisiin corns, bunions, or external injuries The reasons are. Unit il
is spi'i'ily. tame siml unobjeelionable
taken   internal)*,   or applied  outwardly
Aitui of ylang-yltuig, which rivals
attar of roses aa a perfume, and is
worth from U.S to 610 more per lb„
is the product Of u tree which gl'OWS
in the Philippines.
li vour rlaililriii ure troubled wilh
worms, (-hai ths.ni Mother Oraveu' Worm
Etlermlnator: safe. sure, effectual Try
it. anal mark the improvement In vour
where shaving was practiced.
. ill other countries at that time
an act would bave be*en eonsid-
ignonilnious. Herodotus ineii-
i tbat tbe Kgyptians allowed their
arts to grow when they were ln
Burning. So particular were they as
I nbuvlng at all other times that to
Ive neglected lt was to make one-
If the butt of coarse and ridiculous
Ies. |
Even in this day and age when the
fyptlnn  wants  to  convey  the  idea
u inuu of low condition and sloven-
ihits be always pictures to you
nun with a full beard.   Thla notion
very  ancient   a   fact  attested   by
brks of art found iu  burial mouu-
foH dating hack thousands of yeurs. '
I'sslsf lalisn ansl  «iiiti*»iiinii.
"Maw. what's de difference between
er politician and er statesman?"
* Well, honey, a mushroom's gootl
ain't UV"
"Vs*s. '11111.''
"And a toadstool Is pizen. ain't It?"
'Vi's. "um."
"Ainl sls-y Uif look i.llkcr'
•"ies. 'nm,"
"Vie* same difference from a states
in.aii ta,- a poliliciau."—Excliange,
'sn   iron  cable,   whirh  cluiiiis  to   lie
tho largest   tn    the   world,   has been
finished at  Lebanon,  Tn     11  is mure
ban  a     mile    long,  and   each    link
veiuhs 9.1 pounds.
Few Fries last year
NoHies this year
If y ou uee>
Safloilirrn   Kurapr.
. traveler writes: "I bave often been
uck by the ease with which people
southern  Europe are amused.   In
jirls 100,000 people go out to Ixmg-
anips for tbe Grand Prix race, and
a million people go out and line
roads on tbelr -eturn to iee them
nn* back. In RoJue at the feast of the
Dlvlno A more" 5,000 people go out on
Campagna to a spot where onco
a temple to Venus and hold a
:, while 50,000 go out and line the
bplan way to see them return.   Ia
adrld this peculiarity la even mora
irked. On the I'uerta del Sol about a
uusiiiui people stand around and do
teari's Lioimeat Cores Colds, etc
lse Lexer':. Dry Soup (a powder,
to wash wooh'iis ninl flannels,—ytsuii
li!..' it.
Subtle Ilii8ljand—There was o  pcr-
fcctlv lovely woman  In    tho the.it;
Irjenlght.   mv   dear.   1   couldn't   ki
lily eyes tiff her.
Wife—Indeed '   How kind nl yon
tell  me !
Keep calm,   mv  lovs*.  koep cultii
viis ViBiuself '
Wfl'Hk,. sickly   linliies     are a    great
- „_.„ _— ,-,111:1 to mothers. Thoy n'*ed constant
"fthlng outdoors, while crowds of pec- '_.,._,.,. |,oth night and day and soon
sit Indoors or lean from balconies to „,,„,• the mother out. IBaby's little
U'b tbem do lt And In (Seville tbe -stomach is the cause o! most of ths*
le rich sit in clubs and cafes on the irouble; it la very weak, and in uin
irpes to watch tbe lower classes walk '*iquence very ensi.y upset. Babys
. while the lower classes walk by to Own Tablets will cure all baby ty„\i-
ten tbe Idle rich sitting in the clubs  lies   They are mildly laxatlvo    ana
Id  ii f,
is on the Slerpes."
"mine llnlr In  I llialirlha Time.
il  Elb-ubetll bad eighty wigs In
collection, and  ber cousin,  Mary,
'•ii nf Seuts, bail "as many ns a hun-
■sl.''   ninl   n,ai,aiij{   Die   iiiesiugruous
while  conllned
and   au
•nts  mud
Bive prompt relief   Concerning them
M,u.   k   J.  Balfour,  Omemce,   Oni
M.ys       "1     have    usesl     Baby's  Own
'I'ableU for Btomach troubles and
constipation from which my littlo
enl suffered and they entirely eurcd
her. They produced sound refreshing
nnsi I regard them ns Indlspen
Use Second Slating In tt»r!ln Sir "*"*.
< riiiiken *pa i.a- mi ,\. utter.
The International Congress for Ap-
plii'd Chemistry held u second plenary silting in Uorlln recently, during
which Sir William Crookes dollvored
an udilress entitled "Msuluru Views
on Matter; 'J'ho ileali/.ulion of a
Dream " The lecturer saiti thut for
nearly u contury men of science luul
bwn dri'itming of atoms, molecules,
and ultraiiiuudanu particles, und luul
been speculating as to tho origin of
mutter. Tiny luul now got so far us
to admit tho possibility of resolving
tho chomlcal oloiuouts Into simpler
forms of matter, or even of refining
thorn awuy altogothor Into ethereal
vibrations or electrical energy,
Sir William Crookes then    gave   a
brief account of some Investigations
bearing on  the    constitution of matter und    Uie possibility of dissociating the chemical elements.      lie   remarked    that a   number of isolated
hypotheses    as to     the    existence of
ninl ier iii iiii ultra-gaseous state, tho
oxiBtenco of material particles smaller Hum  atoms,  the existence of electrical atoms or electrons,    tho    constitution of Iloentgon rays and their
passage through opaque bodies,    the
emanations from uranium,    and   tho
dissociation    of the    elements    wire
now    welded    Into   one harmonious
theory  by  I lie discovery of    radium.
After paying a high tribute    to   tho
labors of M, und Mmo,  Curia and "M.
Bemont,    ho   proceeded to    describe
soiiiii of the characteristic of radium.
He snid thai   ihe  most   striking property  of radium  wus  its     power    to
scud forth torrents of emanations. A
convenient method of observing these
OmanatiOUS was to fit a blende screen
at thu end of a brass   tube   with  a
speck of radium salt in front   about
a  millimeter ofl  ond to have a    Ions
nt the other end.     The   emanations
could  then be observed in  tho    form
of  scintillations   on   tho  screen.      In
conclusion, Sir William Crookes    remarked With regard to this and other experiments:
"Indulging in a 'scientific use of the
imagination' and pushing the hypothesis of tho electronic constitution
of matter to what 1 consider its logical limit, we muy be in fact witnessing a spontaneous dissoeiution of
radium—and we bi'gin to doubt the
permanent stability of mutter. The
Cliemical atom may bo actually suffering u catabollc transformation,
but ut so slow a rato that, supposing a million atoms Ily off every
Second, it would take a century for
its weight to diminish by one milligramme
"It must never be forgotten thnt
theories are only useful so long us
thoy admit of the harmonious correlation of facts into a reasonable system. Directly a fart refuses to be
pigeon-holed und will not be explained on theorotic grounds, tho theory
must go nr it must be revised to
admit the new 1'n.i-t. The nineteenth
century saw the birth of now views
of atoms, electricity, and other. Our
views to-day of the constitution of
mutter may appear satisfactory to
us. but how will it be at. lli" closo
of the twentieth century? An* we not
incessantly learning the lesson that
our researches have only a provisional value? A hundred yeurs hence
shall we acquiesce in the resolution
of tho material universe Into a swarm
of rushing electrons?
"This fatal quality of atomic slis-
sociation appears to be universal,
und operates whenever we brush a
pi.ro of gloss with silk: it works In
tho sunshine and raindrops, and In
ile.' lightnings and flame; it prevails
In the waterfall and the stormy sen.
And although the whole range of
human experience is all too short to
afiord a parallax whereby the date
of the extinction of matter ran be
calculated, 'protyle,' tho 'formless
mist,' onee again mny reign supnsp.o
and the hour-hand of eternity will
have Completed one revolution."—
Loudon Times Correspondent.
**«*»*a;il<* Geometry.
In the Allevniuir, tho school mng-
u.'ii 0 of Dulwich, uppe.-w's u witty
pui er on "Seaside l"comutry,
Good Bread—Good Children.
Other things being equal, the
child wbo is best nourished—has
more of brain and brawn than his
playfellows—makes tho best mat
snd the best citizen.
is the flour that produces the
broad tbat nourishes tho child
that makes thu best citizen, and
that's easily demonstrated.
The Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., Ltd.
"The honorable gentlemen
opposite may scarcely oredit
this, but it is my firm belief
that if a few boxes of these
most exc«llent cigars had been
judiciously distributed among
the Boer (icncrals their savage natures would have been
soothed and that cruel war
might never have taken
Tha   acknowledged   I.<sader
J. M. Foartler, Limited, Montreal
Everything Men (Sk, Boys "Wear from Head ta Foot
*$hoes    ■_. Q 5 O
for Men
With the »pi>ri-in.i li of sprini? come• wot, slushy weather—that
la the time your aliens get iho A.^.cutnnt. tout. Do yoo want
a Pair of Shoaa that will keep yssur foot, dry—will wilh*
i-tsinit nlush and water—ure rtlways pliuble ansl comfortable sm the
toot, and will outwtMir anything yen over had bolorel That's
the Kind we want to soil you.
No btiQks, nails or lunipi, bul an isinooih a<t a glove inside,
Bl).B>od.Ye.ir and English Welt* carefully mads oxprcsHly for ub by
oipei't workmen. Heavy soles ainl uppers i'or heavy wear,
medium soiea and upper* for iiitlit wear, and in iho siogis. soi*
light •hofs for dress wear. The leather* are Box Calf.
Dongola Ki ;, or Patant Leather. Tell us tho mirt
of boot you want and tii*- size, ana yon will he dolighleil with
wha we sens's you. (If you are not xiiislliid with tliem when
you see them you have the privilege 11( returning at our expense,
1 and we will refund your money.) tlrtlcr a pah" today. They am
_a,ual to the beat $3.50 ani! UM slui • • ynu over saw.
It's brimming over wilh now things for mi'n and boys, and
.tome things fnr laali.-s, iv.v.i you will lind it a greal money-
aver—ynu ri*.illy can't afford io he without it. Send ua a
pout otara witli your nkine suid addren suid ws arill mail you
one FREE.
Importer and Manufacturer, "~
Toronto, Ont.
 - te rilooiv'LMUi^ n";v *1"0,,,p   whm' th9Pfl "n
"'  htUng lifhi'iiilcil, wIbs wore au-!;l',1(, <■"■■***>•" nunaida
     Gentlemen who particularly     Mothers iron, all parU *J^««
fche* to p,ea.e their lad, friends pre-1 j£%^^*8? SJft* £
hen. with wig. of the   ales   ^   l^Zst   medicine for all   the
'"  "I   hiiir   ami   newest  style   of
Wtirlng,    1'ainy a gentleman of to-
prpsentlng his sweetheart the last
A Somerset Innkeeper, who has fnil-
,'ii iii hia business, __ave "•- a reason
for his Insolvency at his public examination that "the whole of the
villagers hail turned teetotallers."
M 11
back Imlr!
llniubsso   Opnla.
opals nre peculiar gems
are sometimes found In the
of Ihe bamboo, This gem is very
from the fact that not one in a
tousand bamboo stems contains it.
vegetable growths are called
pacur by the Filipinos. Some of
hn nre so simllar-that ls, they ex-
fell so perfectly the characteristics of
0 Opal -that even exports frequently
11 to distinguish them from the real
minor ills of infants and young children Cuniuntced to contain no opiate, Trice 25 cents a box, at all
druggists or direct from The Pr
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
I Wlij-  H,   Ai.plnn.lrsl.
Ar'' ymi fsuid of miiRlcV" ashed a
fanger or the young inun at the con*
F who wan applauding vigorously
f'"'' n pretty girl bad sung a song In
ly'1'' painful wny.
"Nol nartlcultirly," replied the young i
1,11   frankly,   "but   I   am   extremely   w
**•■•• of the musician."
Character Is the substance: reputation the shadow.
in nttin" boots ami shoes caussitwrns.
Kolloway's I'orn Core la the sHJ'1''J1
ut.s c.i-t n bottle at ones nmi rare voui
That automobile rnci.ig will be permanently prohibited In Prance is unlikely. Automobile building now sji-
nages more than 20,on(i skilled workmen 'n Prance, and tho races give
world-wide advertising Io Trench mis
i.iiia* persons bave periodical attacks
Canadian Cholera Dysentery <sr Dtar*
ii'u iiud havp to use great jirecautloni
... nviajii the diies.se. Change ol water,
cooking, anil srri's'ii fruit, is sure to brlas
sm ilu* attacks     To    hu.-Ii persons    we
ssaiild I'l'i'iiiiimensl llr .1. 1) Kel!• sirir's
I'vsontery Cordial an tseimr the bMt tned-
ii in* in thp world fur all summer coni-
l'lnii'ts if ii few drops are tnWen in
isiiirr when the ivtnptouis nrs* noticed ao
further trouble will lie experienced.
Some people are too Independent tc
take n hint
Watui'o LWsWit Capcailbtol*-
Our  faults are   soon    forgotten
known  only  *o  ourselves.
W. I-***. •**-»■ No. "ft-3"7.
A little Sunlight So.ip will dean
cut  glass   and  other articles until
,f'they shine and sparkle.     Sunlight
Soap will wash other things than
_ m—^——————————— from
a\hi li  wo tnl.c  the following
Da'linitions.—The    landlady   of     a
boarding house is a partallclogram—j
that    is,     an    oblong  angular  li-rnro I
tvblch litnnot be ilt'SftibesI, but which I
is equal to anything, I
All the rooms biing token, a sin-
gle roon. is suid to be a double
Postulates.—A pie may be produces! any number of times.
Tlio clothes of a boarding house
hod, though produced ever so fur
both ways, will nover meet.
Any two moals at a boarding
hois.- uie together less than one
square meal.
On tho samo bill and on the same
siili* of it there shall In* two charges
for the same thing.—London Kx-
llisw  Ys'iisl  Wcsi-fl*.*.
Tbe growth of tho yvnst plant, is
so rapid lhat its Individual cells enn
bo ss*rn under the microscope to
spring up as buds upon the parent
coll anil to grow to full size, thoso
presently to ghe oil buds tbem- a
Selves that expand in like' manner,
ln the rase of the yeast plant the
cells remain attached to each other
and thus form branches of elongated
cells fixed end to end. In other cases
the buds drop off, so that the plant
never takes any definite Shape, but
remains as a mass of free cello.
If u  new Cell  bo formed every minute by each of tho cells present you
may calculate the  number  that    will
be pTT.siuceil in nn hour.    Thus at tlio,
end of the lirst minute there will  be
two,    in   two minutes four,   in three '
minutes  eight,   and  so   on,     In    five!
minutes there will   bo  thirty-two.   in
ten    minutes the   number will  have'
increased    to    1,021,    and    In  fifteen |
minutes there will be .TJ.TCiS cells.— .
MennsBtn   TlSal   fs.S'   WsBBBBB*'-.
Wearing monocles, the latest fash-
Ion for ladies, a craze roctyitlj" started in Paris by imiies of the Servian
colony, is extending ts> Ixtndon.
What, we reap depends upon wim:
the other fellows sow.
It Tells in the
tShow Ring
If Ton hope to exhiUt yonr situ— at the
I Pall Pairs, start now and get them is paw-
feet health by using
Rick's Blood Purifier
It will Hair-* —om\ %m asxt—T off %—•
Bla* Ribbon.
Fifty Cents per peokege.
tTUUiNO, MHJtS A COl, K-mtt-Ml, A«nts,
few Bwlmming  lessons
fore barning your bridges behind you.
As i':siius*lfl'i*'s Vegetable Pills contain
Mandrake and Dandelion, the*, cure Liver
ni.'l Kiiius?v Complaints with unerrlno
Icciialnty They ulso roniain roots and
llla-iia... which nave specific virtues trulv
tvnndorful in their action on the stomach
and bowels, Mr !■'. A Cairncross,
Shake! pi air'.'* writes: "I consider Par-
n.elce's "ills nn s*xcellent remedv lor Biliousness and derangement ol the liver.
havinu uss»il them myself tor Borne time."
Somebody says that politeness Is
\\Ye an air-cushion—there may be nothing In it. but il eases our jolts
A Sweet Stomach
comes only by having a perfect
acting liver and good digestion—
both can easily be had by using
Bold F.TB'rywlu.ro.   In boxes, % cents.
i 'I'lie Austrian empire is tho greet
'es; of Royal sportsmen Between
1.856 and 1807 he killed l 348 deer
jural 730 chamois, besides    thousands
'of head  0.  other gamo.
Chronic Deraaarementfl ol Mia* Stomach
Liver ami lllcunl are speedily removed
li. the active principle .at' the Insrredlonts
t-t.terinf*. Into the composition nf Par-
melee's Vegetable Pills These pills an
si-si'iftt'nllv t'n the deraneed nrs-tans Btlni*
ii'itiiic  lo  action   tlie  doriuanl   enemies
.ui the Bystem.  therebt   removl Psensi
;    il   i'i'iia..A. in -  lifo mui  vitality  ti>  Iho  a:
it'a t, il In this li-'-i iii.' creel s rr t ■ I
the popuiarltv nf Parmolte's VeiretuMi
ow Inpi in the hiaa.ii price ol Drli i <i
coal,  tho Swedish govcrnnu nl   •■   ■"
. to'ltlim*- largely the use    nf turl    n*
f'n't   for   its   noods     loroni'itlvrs
,! lilts' rallwajs
! .I.".:u Lnncolle Scxfinperian, the
beeper of thc Jnrdin rles IMantes.whn
has passed thirty years .it tend t •
herbivorous animals In Ihe Rtuie
Zoological Garde i ot 1' ■ ris, im I
• regie dontli roci nl ly, ITo w >s t Inun
ine tho hippopotamus quarters whet)
un latiiimil. which wns always ronsld-
ir.-esi harmless, rushed iitinn hiin,   na
ijig Its trend ns a Imttei'lnr* ram Thc
ibrute tore open his chest and crushed
his  body. '▼■
C. E. Smitiikrinuau*, Editor and Prop.
18 rilHLISUBll BV"****" rRIIiAY AT
SLOCAN,      -      -       •       •      B. 0.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
.tho tirst insertion ami 5 cents a lino each
(BubSfquent insertion.
Certificates of improvement, t}7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion1.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is f2 per year, Bt.idly in advance; f'-'.uO a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Sloc.an, B. C.
long purse, but even that will not savo
hini from defeat. Workingmen will
remember hlm for bis fondness for
Chinese cooks at tho Washington
mine. When Bob Green lickeil him
in the Turner electiou sonic years ago,
Retallnck flow to Spokane mid milked
thoro for mun j* unions; when Hob K*'ts
through with him this time, John may
be looked for to tuko passage for
Chiiialaiui, there to mingle with the
natives on a more friendly basis.
FRIDAY, JULY 24th, 1803,
kui iss.tiAi,  u-tori'in us.
The Rossland World characterizes
tlio'Uiit platform ns wishy-washy and
suggests gettiiif** the party together
nnd drafting now articles of faith
something they could speak of nud
not feel ashamed.
Cranbrook Liberals met lust week to
nominate a candidate, but tho ina-
chinery did not run smoothly, so the
conveutiou adjourned for two weeks.
By that time it is hoped to have
things in fair running shape.
Pope Leo,the grand old mnu of the
Roman Catholic church, passed away
on Monday afternoon, after a strenuous struggle lasting for two weeks.
In him the church had for its hend a
man of extraordinary ability, judgment and tact, and much lasting glory
resulted from his statesmanlike government.
Down in the Delta constituency the
Lilieral family is at outs. John Oliver,
the famous, has announced himself as
•t a candidate, without waiting ft v a
convention, and lie has given it out
that ho wants none of Joo Mini in.
Ex-Speaker Foster will also be a candidate. The Tories will likely nominate W. H. Ladner, who lias u dead
easy game to win.
Silver this week touched the highest
price it has readied iu n year, and a
niiieli blighter complexion has bona
put on things in the Slocan in consequence. Thore is an opinion obtaining among mineownors that the white
metal will ascend to (if) cunts, and
thore become a permanent fixture.
Should it do so, the Klondike will uot
lie in it with the Sloean.
Bohold tho love of these Grits one
for the other. At Eliurue, the other
night, Jot* Martin made a speech and
replied to the strictures passed on him
by Smith Curtis. Joseph accused
Curtis of accepting passes from railways while openly condemning the
practice in others. Hn concluded his
remarks thusly: "A man who offers to
the public such a silly argument as
does Smith Curtis, is only lit for a
lunatic asylum."
It has been officially announced the
provincial elections will take place on
October 81, with the nominations on
the loth. That givus three long
months in which to enlighten the
people as to tho pros and cons of
modern politick', witli tho certainty
that the Conservative cause will not
be a loser thereby. It is quite likely
August 15 will be the date si»t for
holding the Toify nominations throughout the province, and by that time
most of tho Grits will have be8H se
looted, as well as the Independents.
Tho political pot will br boiling merrily, therefore, in another three ws96ks.
Thore have been great doings nnd
rejoicings iu Manitoba this woek
among the Conservatives, by reason
of the general elections held tbere on
Monday, the result of which was ,'HI
Tories returned as against s Lilierals.
To the latter thu blow is trebly hard,
because of their loud boastings of victory, because of the effect of that victory on tin*' forthcoming elections in
British Columbia, and because of the
effect of that victory also in determining the result of the contemplated
federal elections. And fortkese three
precis** reasons the Conservatives arc
rejoicing. What Manitoba did on
July 20, British Columbia will em-
pliasizo oa October 31.
By nominating John  L, Retallack
OB Tuesday, to contest the Kaslo riding against Hon. Robt. (ircrn, minister of mines, the Liberals have practically made a free gift of the election
to the Conservatives. John's one
•junlificatiou for nomination  was his
Wiulaw wants a teacker for its pub
lie school.
John Craig lian moved from Skag
way to Discovery, B.C,
Miss M. McGregor has gono to Vic
toria, to further her education,
Thero is abetter feeling in tin* country and business is improving.
Kossland niiuos are shipping upwards of 1(100 tons of ore a dav.
Mrs. Crowe took charge of the Arlington dining room on Monday.
Mrs. IL sT.MoPhee nud son returned
to their home iu Spokaueon Friday.
Stuart Henderson is tho Grit nominee In Yale and P. Herman in Skcfna.
Harry Matheson is publishing the
Blail'USOre Times, Frank being off the
D. St. Denis and family moved into
town tliis week from the head of the
Judge Forin granted naturalization
papers to 27 aliens in Nelson this
Twenty-eight aliens were naturalized
in Kaslo last week, many of them lieing Chinese.
Sloean ore shipments are slowly
climbing, being now a little in excess
of 7100 tons.
The chief occupation thew days i.i
centred around keeping cool, by bathing in tho lake.
MeLo.au Si Wallace have commenced
the erection of the new Clever block
at New Denver.
Operations havo been resumed at
the Last Chance, after being closed
down for u year.
Returning Officer Henderson yesterday received his writ of election fer
the Slocau riding.
J. R, Brown, a lawyer, has been
nominated by the Liberals ia the
Qronnwood riding.
New buukhotues are being erected
nt the Molly Gibson and operations
resumed at the mine.
Tho Labor men of Nakusp will send
two men to the party convention at
New Denver ou Aug. 1.
James Baker organized a new miners' union at Camborne last week.with
a flourishing membership.
The Liberals of the Slocan riding
will hold their nominating convention
at New Denver on the 28th.
W. J. Suodgrass will make the run
in the Similkameen riding for the Liberals against L. W. Shatford.
Those desirous of getting on the
voters' list can have  their wants sup
plied by calling at this office.
Boundary ore shipments last week
were in excess of 15,000 tons, making
over 800,000 tons for the year.
Vancouver won the big lacrosse
match from New Westminster last
Saturday, by a score of 7 to 5.
Harry Wright, mining recorder at
Kelson, is spoken of as the Conservative candidate iu tho Ymir riding.
The government has enlarged the
powen. of collectors of votes, so that
they may take votes ia any constituency.
For tho week ending Julv 14 the C.
P.R. traffic returns were $822,000. For
tho s une  week   last   vein*  thev  wero
G, B, Atkinson, at one time accountant at the Enterprise, has gone to
Siberia to work for the Siberia Goldflelds, ltd.
0. Zontagh, late manager of the Le
Roi smelter nt Northport, committed
suicide in Spokane Tuesday by shooting himself.
The Conservatives have had a gorge nis banner put up over their oSm*
mittee room, quite eclipsing that oi
their oppon nta.
George Ager received a cable from
his wife in England, Tuesday, conveying ths aid   intelligence  of the
death of his young son.
.1. A. Anderson left Thursday on a
te i days' vuit to the prairie country.
Dr. Ktiith i.s looking after the drug
store during Iiis absence.
Monday's train was five hours late,
eoised by the blockade of rock from
a big blast on  tho  railway near Nol
sn, the blast taking place on Suncuv'.
R. I. Bentley having declined the
position of chief of police, tho eotn-
missionors met Wednesday and appointed John Pinchbeck tothe vacant
By an explosion of firedamp in
Dunamuir's coal mino ut Cumberland
last week, 12 Chinese wero killed and
8 seriously iiijtued.tliree of whom subsequently died.
The Conservative committee rooms
are in tho Music Hall block and are
open every night. All tho leading
papers are to be found there and the
public are cordially invited.
Wm. Hunter, of Silverton, was here
on Monday for it short time. He is
girding himself ui> for tho coming
political fight, in which he predicts a
victory for the Conservatives.
George Henderson,of this place'.bas
been appointed returning officer for
the Sloean riding in the approaching
elections. Ths appointment is a poplar one, as he is known to everyone in
the country.
Word was received in the city this
week that Thos. Chew aud Jas. TinT
hopc, of the Ontario-Slocan Lumber
Co., would start from Orillia for this
place iu a few days, with the object of
resuming operations at   tho shingle
By an advertisement in this issue it
will be seen that a meeting of the
Labor party will be hold in the Union
Hall on tlio .'list. Full instructions
will then be given the delegates attending the convention at New Denver
the next day.
The delegates to the Liberal convention at Kaslo Tuesday were: T. L.
For Sale, Cheap.
\ PARTY, being dotlroui of leaving tliis locality, offor* tor sale, at a vi'i-y low price
for call]. Iiis property, consisting of n one anil
oni'-linlf story alwellins; nnil lot in Brandon, and
nn iniprnrB'il lot,00x208 feel, in Slocan, Botli
properties are in (Irst-classcondition,bolugwell
fenced, nn'l tbe laits planted in orchard nn.l
small fruits.   Kor farther particulars apply to:
Kiiifuan, Robert Madden, J. Currie,
Trout Luke; Robert Hodge, John Q.
McKinnon. A. F.-Rankin, Ferguson;
M. J. Halpin, Whitewater; H. Gio-
gerich, Ainsworth; E. Latham, D. C.
McGregor, -lohn Keen, Dave Kant\W.
Bradshaw and A. Jardine.
mining RKconns.
Appended is a complete list of the var-
iout records registered atthe local registry office, H. P. Christis being niininjj
reco i'(ier;
July 16—Bell fr, on Erin mountain, W
II Davidson,
Ida (r, adjoining ths Bondholder, w s,
18—Eclipse, on Fulls crock, F Benson.
Float (r, oh let 11  i Lemon, W llinch-
Kilo N» 2, Springer creek. W Harris.
Superior fr, satno, J l> Kciil.
Ramhlsr, Baino, A M Rc-gete.
Blue Bird, on 1st n ( Cednr creak, Jos
July ll)-Silver Lotlc, Troy You.
13—Madonna, Kathleen, Col. Rellarp,
Oroonwood, Deadwood, Valhalla, Piccadilly..
_8_Stockton, Sun alose, Knimcit, Lou*
vrs, Own Ros, Emmetl fr, Snnt'wlJ and
Texas, all (or two yeaia; K B.
IT—Ails, Montoai.
18—TJ and 1. Three tiiisrdsinen.
Slater Shoe Advertising
Art in Shoe Making
Short talks by the Slater Shoe ad man,   No. 7-
Slocan Branch
N'OTK'I* i, lisraby Riven tlmt n insisting of
tlis. nlaaivs. iBr_.,'ini/.'itin" will In lisilil in thn
Min.-...' Union Hull, on Friday droning, July
ai. fair lIts. pur| ii-i* of Instructing Una ileiogntnn
to bIio Party convention nt New Doivor the
t.illowlng slny, aiitl fa,r the Iran action  !i
asl.hnr btntttmtts na mny come before tin* i
atll mpporters of the cfttise sta ronupni**-!   •
ni.'a I,..
1 Adopted at Revclstoko. .September 13th. 101 2. |
!. That Litis convention roafflrnm tho -pollc?
><f the party in matters of provincial roodi and
trails: tbe ownership and control of .railways*,
nmi tho development of the agricultural re-
sooroeflof tlio province as laid down in the plat*
form adopted In October, 1809, which i.t as follows:
"To actively aid in tho construction of trails
throughout t!Lrt nndevelopol portions of il**1
provlnco and tlio lmiMin.; of provincial trunk
roads of public nccoi«*ity.
"To adopt t!io principles of government ownership of .--nil way* in so for as tlio circumstances
of tin; province will a imi;. nud tho ail..ption of
the princlplo that no bonus should to .granted
to nny railway companv which does not xwo the
.government of tho province con 1 roi nf rates over
linos bonusc I, together with tho option ofpu.
"To ncltvely assist by state aid iu the development of tlio agricultural resourcoaof thu i*r««-
?., That in tho meantlmo and until the rail'
way policy above set forth can bo accomplished
n general railway uc\ bs passed, glying free-lorn
to construct railways uin Inr certain approved
regulations* analagous to the system that Itoi
resulted in such extensive railway construction i
in th»*? United Stairs, with so mac!, advantage
lt» tr.i Ie and commerce*
X  Thai to onoournfre the mining tndustry,tl « ]
taxation ot metalliferous mines should hn ou
the basis of a percentage on the net profits.
\. That tho -government ownership of -tolo-
flpbone systems should ■>« brought about as a
.urst step in tho acquisition of public utilities*-
5. That a portion of every coal arcs hereafter
to be disposed ot should In* reserved from sale
or leas.1, so that state owned mini-s may be easily accessible, if thoir oporatiou becomes necessary or advlsablOa
G. That In the pulp land leases provision
should be ma-lc for refofestln,g and thai steps
should he taken fnr tlm general preservation of
forests by guarding Qgalnst the wasteful destruction of timber.
7. That the legislature and .government of the
province should porsevore in tho effort to secure
ilie exclusion of Asia, ic labor.
*•. That the matter of hotter t»niis in the way
of subsidy and appropriations for the province
should ho vigorously pressed upon tho Dominion
... That tho silver-lead Industries of tho province ho fostered and encouraged W/ the Impo*
fition of Increased customs duties on lend and
lead products Imported into Canada. And tlut
the Conservative members <»f the Dominion
Bouse be urged to support any motion introduced fur such a purposo.
10. That as ludusl rial disputes nlmost invariably result Ln groat  loss and injury both to tho
parties directly concornod and to the public
legislation sliould be passed to provide means
for au amicable adjustment of such disputes between employers and employ/oes<
it.   That it is advisable to foster tho manufacture of  the  raw  products of the province
I within  the  province as far as practicable by
moans of taxation on tii" said raw nroducts,
subject to rebate of the samr   Is whole or part
when manufactured In British Columbia.
Conservative Conventions.
Al « iiiiBfl-'ing "f the oxocutlvO nf tin' I'roi'iu-
ctnl ( tuiNflA-rvnti-a- Association, hcltl nt Vancou*
\ ST. lilt* linatiliri; WHS alis ia|a>,|  into li va> llis i-.il ill-a
fair organisation purpose*. Tlio gootcnay-
Boundnry tlWUlon Ii tnsde up of ilu* following
praivinrinl aloctlon dlstrictm Revelitoke, t'ol-
imiliia. Pernio. Crttobronk, Ymir, Ka*lo, BiBDcaii,
Qrand Forks, Oroonwood. tha City of RossTfind,
nnd the City of Nelson. At the tam* moating
the followinii roaolutfoDs were adopted!
i. That conventions f«ar nominating cansli
datos for members of the loglalatlv* ns**nibly
l ade up of delegates chosen 111 follow*:
Tai Ln tslty olactoral dlstrlctSa .•.,«. delegate
for every fifty and fraction i.f flftj rsstes pollml
nt tin' provlnolnl olectlon Iwll In ItWO.iinil if thn
<-it>■ is divided inlii wards, ilu* proportion of
delegates for each ward slmll beonsadon thc
vote pollod iu oaeh wnrsl nt the last munlelpal
alii In other olectornl districts, ono detegnto
for every ftftyior fraction of fifty votes imlleil nt
tho provlnclnl olectlon hold In 1000, tho dole-
gates tn In* apporl iiir.i* I taa polling places, nr as
ns-.'ir ilii.'Ttn n, will be fair to tli" voters "f tlio
difTerent neighborhoods.
2, Tin* elect inn aaf delegates shall bo at pnb-
lip meetings. 1 i.*l*l nt n designated coutrnl plnr-..
in each imlliiur Alisi.iaaii. ot- in onch wnrd In city
electoral districts, if the city ii divided Into
wards, At sucli publia mooting* only thoso who
iii,- li_i. thomselvos to vote f..r ilia- cnnclldato or
can ti-lati's selected nt the nominal Ing convon*
liian sliall bo entltlod tun vote tor delegates.
;i. Two woeka iiiiiiaa. shall bo gtvonof the
pnblic meetings nl which tlolegntos uro to lie
eloctt'd, an I uoininntiiif* convention shnij '"■
hi*|.| in i-it.a olectornl districts two tlnys after
the dny nn which delegates aro elected, nntl In
othoroleetornl districts seven dnysnfter. All
nominations thrnuglianl tin provlni to bo
ssisi'l.- ni o .I 'slguntoil central pines* in each i 1"a'
tiiriil ,li*iriA t. ntul on thn snm* day.
I. All until" - .if the date of piiblirmcotlnsis
for tho olectlon of delogates i • > uomlnnting con*
s'lAiitinns, tho apportionment of doh nates, an,l
tho place and data sif Dominating coiiTpntions
in i Im sa.M.ral electoral district*shall hn prepared by tho momber of tho exeoutivoof thealvi.
-ii.ii iii vsliii-li tin' ntoetoral districts nrn • i■ nm■..
ami Issued ovor the'names of tho president nnil
■secretary aaf the Provincial Conisrvallve \,s,,
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Loading Parlorsi
Timber Notice.
NOTiCK Is lioreby give* thai ."'i days aftor
.ial" I inli*iiil In apply tn tlie Hon, tlir
Chief CommlKslonar of Lauds i Works at Victoria, faT   a   spi't-ial   llconso, to cut nnil i-nrry
away timber from   the   following desoribea
L'ommonclngat n postmarked "BurtChow'*
southeait cornar post," situated one milsi from
tlie wost ^Iinri' nf slm-nii lake, am Alt,*;. McKay's
west liniiiialiiry Hue; thencs west 80 chains:
thonce smith 20 chains | iIihih-ia wost SO chains;
thenco south 20 chains: thenca ws-st 20 chain* j
tlience nortli HO chain*; thenco i-nst 100 chains!
thenco north 20 chains; thouco ea*t 20 chain*i
thene* smiili no chnln*. to tho placo ssf com-
niiaia ■an,.nt. containing BIO nore*.
Datotl this liith day nf June, 1WJ3.
V',:;       :^0>.Al*lElljtA     *,.■
s)C Cs'tits pays for tbrco nionths' mcmberahlp.
Lo Kaich ms'nilaer rrccivos tlieolTicialclnbor*aa
f very inontli.iucliidinfiCiiiocrsof tiitlb-clssaavocsil
and iustrumeDtal iu-'v uiu.io each muntli. 18
I a ,','fi in all: also a LVrtincato of Memlicrahlp
sshich gives tho tarivila-go of L'lub Koaim lis Now
York I'ity. ssml of buying literal uro, umaic or mo-
aical instniTncntH of huv (!.^,Tii,l,,,n at wholoasle
pricra, niivinst ton from 'J0.V to 6Sl*< on yooT pur-
chaaob. Don't fail to jninfttaanco.Yaau will get much
moro thun your inoney'aworth. MiiTUAi. Lirr.a-
abv-Mlbic i.'luu, Dept,    , ISO Nisaasu Ht., N.Y-
Mere wear in a shoe is comparatively
easy—plowman's hobnailed brogans to wit.
Foot comfortu as exemplified in your
easy going house slippers, does not imply
either beauty, shape retention or street-wear
Yet wear in a brogan and comfort in
a slipper are secured by a modicum of shoe
making skilL
But to produce a shoe of wear, oi
comfort, of beauty and then to challenge
public criticism under the limelight rays of
advertising requires art, shoe making art—
not the art which hides by cleverly concealing defects but the art which assembles in
thc shoe -ill the elements of wear, of foot
comfort, of shape retention and shoe beauty.
' iSuch shoe art the M Slater Shoe"'1
makers are compelled, by advertising, to
impart to the " Slater Shoe."
That's why the man or woman who
buys and wears a "Slater Shoe "is assured
c! all he or she has right to expect in a high-
grade shoe bearing upon it the stamp of the
maker's responsibility as does
The Slater Shoe
flMai'e in Canada 40 years.   Goodyear Welted.
For men $4.00 and $5.50.
For women $3.50 and $5.00.
Sole Agent:
David   Arnot, Slocan.
As an advertising modium
The Drill is Unexcelled
|   Slocan      I
I   Bakery^   |
1 J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor |
t   .I
I Fresh Fruits of Every |!
| Kind Arriving   Daily. I
1 I
J Our Ico Cream Parlor ii •
jg now opea and will be kopt t
# running nil tin1 Summer.
fM l.A'in■••» uf ila caial for *il .
1 aa!l Wright  ansl S'iii. 11 *.,
Slocan, B. C. 1
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why ha without a i-ftM-re when
you cun get one so t*lif*;i|s ? Tlir\
arc preferrable toitovcaand giv«
better i-.nti-*i*;iet.ion. TIipso rnng«8
burn wood or coal and will be
set 11 j* free.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To J. F. Armitronf,tilminlitratorol Uir
uiitits ul Martin Murcliiion, detMNd,
or to any person or person) lo whom
lie mny 1 iiivc tiansfeiii'il lh* itltO**MI
nl Maiiin Minrliison, Smoillllilig li> '^
in each of ilii" Nansen, Frnm and Burden minoral clii'uns, Fitunteil on tin*
lioud of Lemon creek,Slocan City mining division.
You aro hereby notified that 1 have
expended tin* cum of threo hundred and
seven dollars and fifty cents in labor and
improvements upon ilie abovo men i<m-
imI iiiini'ial claims, In ordor to lmlal "niil
minoral claims umlur tlm provisions of
Ilii) Mineral Art, ninl if wiiliin I'll liayi-
ii'Diii the lint* i>( tliis notice you fail oi
refuse tn contribute your proportion ol
H'.ifli expenditure, together with all i'bbsIi-
aa( advertising, ymir interest in the saiil
claims will become the property oi ih*-
subscriber, nnder section four ot nn Asm
en tit let 1 "An Actio amend the Mineral
Act, 1900,"
tinted thin Mi slav of June, 1003,
12-0-0H M.E. YOUNG
Gwiilim & Johnson,
.1. lv f-i. i NNErt, Chairman
W. Jl. DAV1DHON,  Secruusi:.'1
A meotlniat of Uin provincial oxncutlris will Im
liolsl ni Vnnconvnr tvltliln a monlli.Bndtlii  i
for  Iml lli ii diitricl   noinlnntliiH  r-otivs'ti I
, uuserTBtiva /isiooi	
Nolson, .J.ma. otls, l(K '■;.
I. J.
J. A. Anderson
Dealer in:
Kodaks antl Supplies
-i_js- 'tirxx
TsassssssucU. Fsalla Vlsssv V>.. S.tai Tamarack No. S Kssactlon Hln*r»lClsl«>
Situate In the Slocan City rninini*
sion ol West K-wtenay district »l»
located:—About four miles upSp'
ger creek,
TAKK NUTKT lhat 1. •' I';*"'
derson, l».L.8„ of Trail, n.i'.. sgsiil _
.1 no F.IioWen.free miner's certincaisse
UU4709, intend, sixtv days from lhs«J
hereof, to apply to the Mining Hr*«e»
I'm certificates ol Improvi-meii's, »rwj
purpose ssf obtaining crown •"rsiiU011
above claims. ,•..
And further lake notiro tn." ;u,'.'_i
under *>--.--,-ti*»is 37, must l«" ""l!n"'','' •
beforo tlio Issuance of sucli ccrtmiMw
Ratotl tliis 8rd day of Jmie.lW.
Parle Mines-ill l Isslsss.
Situate in the8iocan City MlDiniPg
■ion oi the Went Kootensy I «"»
Where located: Nenr the Arlin|W
basin on north lido ol gpringsrcivT
Tako notice thst I, !"•» 1I,J,;
acting sn nn agent for > ». d
fire miner's certificate No T'i **V ,'i-nS
sixty days from tliedate hereof, w-ww
tothe  Mining Kero.tler f»r s rertin»
of Improtementi, for the i,l,ri,",,0|'1)0r_
taining   a crown   giant '"'   "',
s'laini- .      a., actios,
An.l further  tnke notics Wtt^J
under section .17, must be wjgj-j
before the Issuance ol mdi csriinw
Improvements. . ,   ,nni
bated this llth day cf July. m,0
17-7-03 PANIIA-
IlKsiiptoii, Ktli.l"k.ia.1 »'""< "nS
tloisail Mlns-ssal rinl""'
Situnte in the Slocan City Mii"',nLrict.
lion of the Went Koo en« M ' ^
Whero located :-< In 8P»P«*rn Otf,
about eight miles from Biocse  ^
TAKE NOTICE that.^'"L_\m\im
Rellly, of the city of Neion, w"^.,.,._,„
No. B64887. intend, sixty "•*",. ill(,lle
B....   s.- I   s„   .,„„li.   Ill tllO a'1""", hi
ale hereof, to apply tpthl,
eorder lorcertlflcoUso  ;n'~ttttf>
the purpose ol obtaining * "••,l
of tho aiiove claims.
And further take notIC" 	
under section 87, must  »' ;iXifloat*****"
before thelisuanoo ol b"*:" ll
; Improvomenti . ,   siisj:).   ^
Hated this I lib slay i)[_JuJ}Wtt_SlU<»
184-7*08 l.'HANCl»J',M^
tlmt «cti«Jj


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