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The Slocan Drill 1902-10-24

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We are in receipt of a large quantity of
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
 Slecan, llritish Columbia.
You want value for your money. We
carry the best lines of Rubber Goods made
in Canada and the United States.   .   .
We sell at Eastern List Prices.      Our winter
stock is new complete.   Remember this   .  .
W. T. Shatford & C*o.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
*3 ii
-\ i
B. C.
It Will Cisinii I',,. Ton- ttloKlectora rsisliist-
i u«-ui ion on Tuesday, Novemboi* 4ih
Mssve Missis* toSaleot a Cetnaterjr Sits
Aloisgslslo Use Hail wuy.
No business wns done by tin* oily
council on Monday night, the dads
(simply meeting and rijouraing. On
Tuesday night tbo members were all
present, excepting Aid. Barber.
Aid. Nichol, for the committee In
charge, reported that the grading of
the approach to the lower Sloean river
bridge would cost more than the $26
allotted, as sour' cribbing would havs*
to be done. Aid. McCallum and Worden had also inspected the bridge, but
found thai the Approach would have
to be made on private ground, a** the
bridge ilid not face a street. There
would be .-ome difficulty in swinging
round some private houses. The coin-
mittee were told to go ah ad with the
work, assisted with the policeman.
Clerk Ben! ley reported that while
iu Nelson he had secured  a copy of
I1 he bylaw of  that  city  on rules  und
I proceedure, the coBt of typewriting
| which was ST. He also reported vet'
I bully upon au interview with the mad-
lager ol the Royal Bank regarding the
| mill bylaw.   Bill ordered paid.
Moved by Aid, Nichol and McCallum that bylaw No, 11, or sawmill bylaw, be now read a second time. Car-
The bylaw was then read.
Moved by Aid, McCallum and
Nichol that bylaw No. 11 lie acsvpted
bom it- second reading.   Carried.
I?he c!"iii was instructed to writs* to
the Colonist. Victoria, for a sample
cop) ot a debenture and coupon;
The third reading of bylaw No, 11
was set for tho evening of Tuesday,
Nu.. ith the date set for the taking
0* th ■ vote 1 hei-.■■.in.
Aid. Robortson wanted to know if
anyon i had given permission to erect]
It lephone poles on Delaney avenue;
an-d. completely  blinding him.   He
hurried down to the local hospital,
where Dr, Forin dressed the injured
l'lemlscr, and then advised htm to go
to Spokane to consult a specialist with
a view to saving the sight, Harvey
went out to Spokane on Tuesday and.
if he gets no relief there, will go on to
Montreal for treatment.
HOKE ld'Alts.
(,'lsrls Tina st Lovely Tlii>«, Nous' (lie
The men working in the hills of this
division have had numerous expert-
fences with the bruin family this seaton, some of which have, to say the
least, been hair-raising affairs. One
of the more recent chapters of strenuous life in these hills ts to In' chroni-
cli'd from thi! vicinity of tne Hampton
group, at the head of Springer creek.
Evidences of bear have been wn
numerous in that locality all fall, anil
ths* presence of bruin himself has been
experienced more than once,
J'ut it has remained fur Chris Hogan
to make the persona] scounlntance of
the bears and, perhaps, il was loo
personal to be pleasant. Last Friday
Chris, who la interest! .1 in a claim
near the Hampton, started out to (im!
soni" material for making a pair of
ski the Norwegian snowshoe. Going
Up a sice]) hill on tho Tl u Mile slope,
he most unexpectedly stumbled on to
three huge brown bears, 11«- had the
ski timber, his axe and his Winche tor
all fastened together, to make it »*;<-i<*:-
climbing. The poles sticking out
ahead came in contact with one of the
prohibits such an importation of labor
as you had in connection with the
Rossland strike. I think if you get
the gist of this letter published it will
ix** a sufficient refutation of the second
hand Auckland Herald slander which
the Rossland Miner palmed off on the
people, and you should get the fact
published that the Miner refused to
publish my denial. 1 don't know
much about the Fiji Islands, but I
fancy there is not much scope for ss*t-
tlenieiit there. Things are rather bad
in Australia just now, chiefly on account of the great drought."
Illg Clstits* Una  ll.i.ii I'lirassntereil In Na,
Two Wsss-lslsiga.
The ors' chute encountered on the
Ottawa last week is holding out well
and considerable mineral has been
taken out, It is the same as that hit
by tho lessei's last winter in tho drift
above and somo very high assays have
been obtained. Much of it goes over
680 oz, while the general run of the
dump apart from the rich streak goes
120 OZ, .Sacks were takim up to the
property during the week for storing
the ore, there Ining now upwards of a
carload on the dump.
Later advices slate the paystreak
has narrowed down somewhat from
when it was firs! struck, but has got
richer. Samples of the ore brought to
town are alive with native silver and
assays up In the thousands are obtainable. The chute has every indication
of permaneney and already has given
..,..,. , .     consid Table --toning  territory  over-
annuals, which, ( hn- thuik-.savesl hn-1 head M VV(,„ A in„ theJgrouna
i.:.-..,..niv.a-. Hi* impact knocked him WoWi   Thl,,, ,„.,, hare biten added
to tbe force this week and the ore ns
That is one point on which we pride ourselves.
Our Stock is made up of thc purest and test
goods to be obtained and is always fresh. . . .
We make n specialty of Batter, I
Fruit, aud all  kinds* of Yegeta
Co-operative Association,Ltd.,
Slocan, British Columbia,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHINO & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
i which had been done recently.
The mayor said uot, bnt thai  Ml
Woodcook Lad asked pormistdon to
put up the poles comuv.-thv* wii.ii hi-
Aid. Nichol said ono of thepolas
Was on the crossing at Arthur street
nnd would ha* ■ lo be moved. The
council accoi-dingly oidered it attended to.
Aid. McCallum age' ■•'.! with Aid.
Elobeitson that none of the franchisos
ihould beeucroached upon. Request
for the s'l's'i'ti'i-i of the poles should
cuine liefore tho council in writing and
could then I c acted on.
The mayor said he would attend to
the matter.
Aid.  McCallum  would  have the
clerk draw the gold commissioner's
attention to the uecessity of holding r
court to decide upon the wator applied L,    ,
S by the city from Springer creek, M      """**■■'■
ami ivhich was staked early In Sep
Aid. Worden enmetothe Fronl with.
tln> cemetery matter, it had been
han riii'-lire'ior two years and they
were UO farther ahead now than when j
thev commenced. He desired to have
thai business wound up before he retired from the council at the end of
tho term.
After some discussion, Aid. Worden
and Robertson moved thai ths- city
■"-licitor be mstructed to draw up a
lign, con-
s of land
knocked him
off his feet and s<*nt him rolling down
the hill. When he finally brought to
Chris had time enough to swing his
Winchester into action. He tired a
broadside al the enemy and then tin-
fur flew. Chris saw the patriarch ol
Ur* tribe fall and th m be scooted,
Taking the hint, the two surviving
quadrupeds also doonrted,
Chris touched only tho high places
in getting back 11 the Hampton, and
remarked that ho was uever quite so
glad to gel away from nny place beforo in his lifo.   Ho says t io boars
1 mads: an a vful   ftua, bul   it wa   UOth
ling compared to the fuss ho made
Lbiinawlf.   Ckria makes '.ight   oi the
[ affair and wears hi-th morsa-s becomos
a modest hero.   sSevend bullets had
hit  tho doceaassd  l*ear and savoral
I parlies visiting the seeneof fchecom-
iiit afterw.u'tK stab' tho hero must
have shown rare nervo at close quarters.   And it. was very close quarters,
too. for thepolej to hit the bears.
0> cojiri i.*')i!v \:ciiiti:at:on
P. J.O'Eegan,
herefrom Wndeatown, New Zealand,
says pf the arbitration  laws of  that
•'I was Bomewhal surprised that the
disl not publish my
letter.   In New Zealand it is usual for
papers t<> allow all sides to !>>■ li ard,
taken oul from the drift is being sorts'I ami Backed, lt is quite likely a
-li i :h road will be put in to the Ottawa at once, so as to permit of regular
shipments during the winter.
OtMMIM Tar Zinc.
l.itat Vanr'a Slslpmont* Ware 0514 Toiaa—
A Uiiisithv Kvlslriicu »f tlse Lift anil
Wealth of the «';sisi|>   Arlington tho
ItitWest. Sliipiisis-.
The Arlington is continuing to ship
its oro to Trail, 60 tons having gone
out during the week. Prom the Eu-
terprise 20 tons was sent out, also to
Trail. The approach of winter will
have some effect in lessening shipments owing to the breaking up of tho
roads, but once the snow is here half a
dozen properties will enter the shipping list. Among them will Iks the
Republic,Mefteor, Ottawa, Bondholder
and Black Prince. The exports for
the year will doubtless equal those of
l.H)l, as they already amount to 5225
For 1900 the exports from this divi-
sioi '* Mounted to 2N47 tons, made up
from ten properties, Last year tho
exports totidlwl (>52'J tons, from fourteen properties. Following is a full
list of the local shipments this year to
Mink. week.       total.
Arlington  60             3220
I Knturpriee  20             lStiO
| Ottawa  7
! Neepawa  101
I May  •
Paystreak  5
Duplex  7
Fourth o( July  11
Florence  l
Speculator  4
Ilampton  4
The chances of the mine-owners of
Ihe Slocan getting rid of their •fine
ores iu a permanent market are iin-
proring greatly, owing to the efforts
isf Thomas Jones, representing the
Iola, Kansas, Smelting works. The
Canadian Pacific and Oreat North nu
rials are anjdoustoacrommodnte Mr.
.lone; in onler to get the increased
freight tonnage, and it is expected a
rate of $10 per ton on the ore will be
given. Should the matter lie -atisfae-
torilv arranged, it la quite like**** sonic
of tlu' larger mines will establish
works to reduce their zinc ores and
clear them of lead as far as possible.
A daily t mnage t>f 2d.) tons seems to
be oasdy attainable and il will enable
writing tsi a friend I many more men to find employment)
' while to the mine-owners thi re is the
certainty of diridends. To the Enterprise mine, on Ten Mile, the solving
of the zinc question would coin" as
welcome news, as it is in shape i<> give
a pr.-tty heavy export. Zinc Instead
of being oonsiaered b detriment will,
in future, be regarded with favor.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past  its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
((ceil for Frank  Fletcher to .-
veving  to the  city  tsai acr.
for a cemetery, the site 1> tin
alongside the railway to the south of
the corporation limits.
A. committee of the whole council
agreed to go down the next afternoon
and choose oul tho ground.
Council adjourned.
and sucji, I think, is th • rule every
where with honest journalists,   The
poor creatures of capitalists, however,
can scarcely be called journalists'at
all.   It is false to Mat • a- th< sVuck IrJay from Nel
land Herald (whose article tho Miner
copied i stud, that our system of Indus- .
| trial conciliation and arbitration is s
i failure.   True, th"  system   Is, ns   ii
I were, on but a-* fart-is II ha     n u
it has on the whole b en decid  llj
j beneficial.   If the miners  bad it In
i vour  COUnt)***   the.    WOUld   s'ei't.iillly
Muni I i-ill -.1:111. I  ,s.
A gang ni sii men came in Thurs-
on to commence wur!,
Montreal claim, adjoining the
lend*, briu (ing their supplies
•He-opened under
Mie old management.
Former customers
cordially Invited »return
The Royal Hotel,
.    ..        _.       . .  t...i...,.v Avs.sssis*. Sloi'isss.
(-•r. ArlUar Strict Md DelW"" *»«"'»-.
building thoroughly renovated
snd re st-cked with' the best
bring their oppressor*] to their bear*
j iugs.
••In mv letter to th • Miner, I pointed oul that the Auckland Hernld Is a
journal which has consistently ondeti
\ voi'.'il. by fair means and Foul   gt uor
I ally the  lattei    to blacken  nnd dis
'credit thc Liberal party In this coun
I try, and the Rossland Miner could not
have quoted  its Information from p
,,,,,,    . more tainted soiuce,   Of course Ihere
n prosecuting its plan to Du in up , |m, ||Hilv ()f ^^ ,„,., wlll, wi|1 ,,.„
the largesl circulation in the Koore* _ou ti,.lt our labor legislation isn huge
nay and Incidentally, inobservance failure and 'the ruin of the country.'
of ite seventh anniversary, the Trail But these peoplo are generally either
Creek News is giving to each new of the nnrrow-miuded elaas, who
HubHribern watch.   II is nol a full, would care little.farthe worker, pro
"weled 18 kiirnt gold wntcli, but is n rided they Waxed rich| or iaojue
gS Srfoe, running Umepiece.   It is those poor   ^Uugs who  bellove
-uar, nteed for one vear and if il fails, what they hoar from their fellows. Lei
I, Up accurato linio during that anyone wTio U n candidate for parUs
 -1,1*1 il will be exchanged fan new mentary honors,however, pi* ta
I;;,,','  Vh.. guarantee  is that of the self to vote.fa thein-peal of our labor
Inrgasl watch company in the United laws, and bo would 1
Pho subscription to tbo News at tho ballot; box, in
receipt of  which ' ni'..*.reprs* s'lilationand fal-i'lm >d Ol our
i watch will be fawn& together | tJomjmtpK-**
.villi the Trail Creek News for one
vear.   It's a good  walih  for man  or
Remittances should bo forwnrd
II   tils'
Two I
with tbem. The property is owned by
a Nelson parcel of capitalists, known
a-^ the I'i" i   Mining C >.. and the
same parties own a controlling inter*
s*st in the Two Friend*-.. The Muntii'il
i- 11 'ing crown i*ranted.
The Bo3un shipped a carload of oro
to Trail this week.
Operations on the Noble Five havo
ceased, awaiting the action of Premier
Ii. H. McKee came down from tho
Arlington on Tuesday with a badly
smashed thumb, having beeu hit by a
falling rock.
J. M. McGregor has been surveying
the Legal/on the hrst north fork of
Lemon, witb a view to obtaining a
erown grant.
George Aylard came down from
New Denver Wednesday and \vs*ut up
Springer creek next day to look at
BOme property.
A small pocket of beautifully crys-
tallized galena was struck in thc lower
drift of the Black Prince during tho
week, assavs from which approached
(>n Friday R. J. McPhee was given
,i ]i irmlt to ss*arch for a lead on a
small piece of vacant ground adjoining the Ottawa. It was the first to bo
Issued in the local office.
A. M. .lohnson. of Nelson,on behalf
of the Pioneer Mining C,-.,is applying
for a crown grant o:i the Montreal
claim, adjoining the Two Friends.
There Is likely to be trouble in that
la Olvlug A wny VTatohes,
Ian to build up
States,   in
i^ S2 per year, upon
• snowed under
spite of nil the
tis mi. vet We
-joyed by express or postal oraer, i
I'lei'k News. Trail. B.C;
Trail   I
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
AssiiiissT Painful Asiiiii'i'i.
Uin, v Aitsdiissm, blacksmith at
the Arlington mine, mol with a painful uccidenl on Sunday.   Ho was cut
ting off a biiik
drill, when ll
below 750,000 In populfl
 exported la^t your £13,
1000,000 worth sif produce nnd we im
mrted £10,000,000 worth, which facl
goes to show thai our much-abused
labor legislation does nol stop onr in
dustrio*". Don't I'oncluile. however,
that we have I'oom fa a sudden aocre
tion to our population Irom without,
We have no*. Onr country Ib fax from
being tho paradise «lre!\ • ume Aincri
r.\n papers depict, bul it Is nol a laud
iisssss- Lladley leTawe.
Tin* ever ^.i\ and   f.  tiie   Harry:
Lindley held the lK>anl-> in tbe Music
Hall Monday nigh'. prMcnting the
entertaining   play.   David    llanun.
Han v i- the wbole works, a-* hi- sup ,
pun i- nut strong, but he wa  badly
ii.imp aid fa stage room and Bxtmros. I
II   managed to please hi*, audience,|
which was the largest turnout of the
full ll..|." Ilil|ilssvss..
Good iv;), ni i continue to comedown
' from the I'.sii Hup.'. The No. 2 shaft
i has been sunh In ill" eolld rock about
1 seven feel nfter the ledge was cut aud
the paystreak has widened out to la
I Inchue of good ore. the greater part of
■ which "'ill -hip without sorting.   '"'"
owners feel greatly cin'ouraged.
Aismisii ■hoatlni ii Ht iii.
The annual shooting match of tbe
Blocan Rifle Ajeooiatlqn will be held
today ac! tomorrow! at the ranges on
tbe lakeehore. Comps-rtlng teams ai
i\peiied in from New Denver
v,■■' ■■!. 'The shootists liavi
practicing diligently te weeks
and expect t" clean the slate.
■a i
ii ii
I'W  Ull    IIIK
I  struck luni In
in lhe right eye, burning It severely
f millionaires and trampsmoi ore our     The funeral of the infant dnughtei
people dispoi
I to allow their rights of li. ('. Campbell Johnston will take
to be Invaded.   Por Instance, the law . place thla afternoon, at IWO,
Appended is a. complete list of the var-
iisiia records registered nt the local registry efflce, II. I'. Christie being milling
Oct 6—Big '!, on Robinson creek, Geo
I—Florence Edith, 2nd n f Lemon, A
M Kogers.
D— Ks'arBarge, Tubin creek, I) O Mc-
i:t-St*hniiio, 1st u I Lemon, R A Brsd-
Seville, same, same.
Platoon', same, siiiiu'.
18 Norwood, Robertson creek, J V
17-Hntiv, divide between Eight ami
Ten Mile, \v Clough.
siiiisi.isle fraction, on Exchange moun-
taln, l> Arnot.
,i,.t 7—,\aton No 2, Brentwood, Silver
near, Aurora, Aurora fr, Llby,
II   Iluutc.
ll —Good Enough, Dsraston, Lanark,
Sn wttnkfj, Notuwa, BoldlerBoy, Josie.
ll - Holly, Mistletoe.
18—Staunton, Cireonwood, Krn«st.
17—AbbOtSford, Mount do Myers, SUr
of India,Commentator Ro».
Ocl 10 -Thelma '*, A W Hobbs to J"
V Shook.
Rloean Prince '4. LDolron ton Arnot.
Same 1*16, *.,, unsl 3-1 «*., Dave Arnot to
,1 (' shook.
17—Monarch aad Hasard i,, Richmond
and Elgin nil, James (Vmpiis'il to R !■>
Permit to R .1 MoPhee tor 8 mnilthste
■esreh (sir lodo on vacant ground adjoin*
big tlm Ottawa,
Oct 10—J C Shook to J W Ucuu«*t. ' 'TWEEN LOVE
A Novel by Annie Thompson.
I am quite convince*! that Preselle
never intended to harm you aa he
hue done. He must have been in
grsait straits for the moni'.v; I believe
he yielded suddenly to the temptation to sign your name that afternoon, probably expecting to refund
the rent long before the fraud was
discovered. Tt is a deplorable husi-
ne s from first to last. He is a coward to let tbo disgrace fall on you:
nrd for niy part I feel as guilty as
th siurh T had instigated the forgery
m s.*!f. Write and tell mo what you
propo"" to do, und count on all
the nss stance I can give you.
Yours ever,
John Corbett.
None of tl e enclosures referred to
were in the letters.
Shortlv alter midnight, the "Cur-
lew" dropped anchor in Santa Cruz
Bay. In answer to her whistle. Dr.
i'umeos bout, and that of the Eng-
I sh Agents, were already approach-
ns;: followed by other containing
fruit car ro and voluble Spaniards.
The few i aaseugers who were on deck
stood watching the flotilla Unit crept
tsswurd theu. out of tlie darkness. As
ss.on as Br. Uuirieo declared the snip
out ol quarantine, the Spaniards
ewar:ii-:d en board. Then commenced
noisy confiiR-ion, which lasisjd till
tho vessel lert. and formed a bewildering contrast to the quiet routine
of the past fortnight.
John was perplexed to know what
he sliould do. Was it worth while to
go fcl onee t»o the town, or should he
wait where he was for two or three
hours? While lis* debated, his arm
was touched. Bes'de him stood Alan,
clinging to the bulwarks for support.
"Fetch me a chair please," he said,
"and see nbrmt hiring a boat for me.
I must go on shore."
John gazed blankly at him, dumb
with vexation and amazement; then
he went for a chair. Dr. Brand was
with him when he returned. The two
men tried remonstrance and persuasion in vain: Alun only reiterated hla
demand to have a boat hired.
"I am well able to go," he said.
"Since Monday I have done nothing
but sleep, and 1 feel quite strong.
Nothing you can say will hinder me.
I mean to go: if you will not corns
with me, I must go alone."
Seeing that opposition was useless,
they tried to persuade him to wait
for an hour or two, until there was
more light; but even this he refused.
Thero was nothing for it but an
immediate start. The doctor leaned
over tlio bulwarks, trying to distinguish tho faces of the boatmen who
waited a few fe-et away from the
"I used to know some of these fellows," he saisl. "but it is almost too
dark to rerogni/e them."
nis remark was overheard by one
of the shipping agents who stood
"Can I be of any use to you, gentlemen?"
They told him what they wanted.
"Marco!" ho called.
"Si Senor."
A boat shot through the water to
tho ship's side.
"Marco, you will take three gentlemen to tho mole for live pesetas."
"Impossible. Senor! For fifteen."
"That is robbery Marco. Five pesetas is more than enough."
"Is therp luggage?"
Tho question was translated and
"Ther« is no luggage, Marco."
"Senor. I could not do lt."
"Bueno! You uro not the only one;
there arc others  who will,"
A pause.
suggested  a voles
hindrance," cried
"let us be off. why
"Dos    duros?'
from the boat.
"What Is tho
Alan impatiently;
are wo waiting?"
"The mun    wants    to charge
double your propsr fare."
"What does that signify; let him
have what he asks."
"Well—they are all thieves. Marco
is perhaps     leas    a    thief    than the
The events that followed, seemed
to John like a miserable nightmare.
lie tried again to slissuadc his friend
from leaving tho ship; but every word
of remonstrance Irritated the invalid
so much, that it ssxined worse than
uselsss. Alan attempted to walk
to the gangway, and almost fell: after some troub'e they placed him in
a chair and lowered it over the ship's
side into the boat. John und the doctor took their scats, and were followed presently by the gentleman
who had hired the boat for them.
"My Spanish may bo of use to
you," he said, us they wi>re being
rowed through the water. "Can either
of you speak it?"
"I onco lived In Iluenos Ayres for
a couple ot years, and picked up a
liltlo there," saisl the sloctsir. "But I
bavo forgotten most Of It. We shall
l*e glad of your help."
Thev glanced Significantly from the
invalid to each other. John he's!
Alan's ha.nil in his; and feeling a pressure from the lingers were Clasp-
eJ round ha own, he leaned Ins head
slose to his friend's. Alun spoke lu
u  v. Impel-.
"In   my   cabin .  . a  siuull
"I  understand.   You  want
me  that thu pal ors are there."
Tu pei .4. addresses, all. lt has a
padlock; the ley is in my pocket. You
will take curo of it?"
"The greatest,  care."
"Don't open it till you reach home-
You might  loss*  tbem."
"1 uniliTHtuiid, Alun. You must uot
talk mure, you are not lit to speak."
"Mary .  ,  ,"
"Yes, •ses, I know, You want her
to hear everything,    t will uud    her
tu  tell
o.t und tell  her."
Another do. e pressure of the    thin
I'li'.rs, and then:
"John, I did not mean to be    lm-
patiei.t  wilh *>ou.     I Was afraid.^    I
could not .bear to die at sea.      The
"watiT is so cold."
John looketl at him, aghast.
"Alan!  what is it? What  is it?"
They  were close io thc mole,    the
light "streamed     down on their faces.
Alan's eyes had  in them  a far-away
happv look.
"Death," ho said, gently. "Tell
When they lifted him out of the
boat his. heart had stopiied beating.
They had feared such a consummation as this, and yet it wus a terri-
b'e shock. Irresolutely they stood
looking at each other.
"What is to Le done?" John asked.
"We can surely take him somewhere.
You have an English burying ground,
I suppose."
"Yes, we have a burying ground;
but, in the meantime—? You see
there is a regulation in force here,
forbidding the removal of any body
from tho mole until the Mayor has
seen it and given his consent."
"Then some one must go to the
Mayor for us."
"Ho Will not be disturbed at so
early an hour."
"Xot even in a case of tills kind?"
"Thero are buildings on the mole:
can we not make use of one of
"I will nsk: but these fellows nre
so suiperstitiuus that 1 fear they will
not l«?t you take your dead friend
into ono of their sheds."
It pro\ed to be as he suid. No
one would givo the requirod permission.
'"Vhen can we semi for the
"It is 2 o'clock now; he wilt not
come down beforo 5 nt the earliest."
"And we sail at 6.301"
"Has he any friends here'.' Y'ou
might send for them."
"Oh yes," suid John, much relieved. "He expected to meet sir.
John Corbett who lives in the Culle
Sun Antonio. Perhaps > ou know
My denr sirf if you mean tne young
fellow- of that name who came oul
from Glasgow to take a photographic
business here, he has been dead nine
months. He was not too strong
when he came out; and a chill he
took at I.aguna last autumn, killed
him in a few days."
John gave a groan of dcsralr.
"What can we do?"
"I can only suggest that you cave
lhe affair in the bands of the English
Consul nnd myself. Give mo your
Instructions, and I will sc» that
they are faithfully carried out. Will
you come to my office now, Bud arrange what you would like done?"
•'You go," said John to l.i. companion. "I can't leave Liu; here
As the two gentlemen "-"talked
away, he turned again to th* chair
and its silent occupant; und kneeling
slow n beside his friensl, ho gazed nl
the dead face until vision grew
blurred, it seemed lei -*lble that
Alun could be dead. IL .bought he
heard him breathe; he thought he
saw the movement of respiration; he
thought the eyelids quivred us he
watched them. Death had beautified
tho face: the brow that pain hnd
contracted was smooth nu>-. the
freiful expression had vanished, the
lips were parted with a smile. John
thought of his own life, comparatively freo from grief: thc past full
of bright memories, the lot ure full
of brighter hopes All sunshine for
him: all slarkness for that other—
dead, und.T a cloud of disgrace,
without even thc chance to clear
himself in lhe eyes of the g'rl he had
lovs*d.    Poor lad, poor lad!
After a short ubsei; tho doctor
returned, and together they searched
to ses* if Alun had nny valuables
about li nit. They found nothing but
a letter-case, containing in one pocket a key of which John tool, possession, und in another a lank note
of sufficient value to cover the ex-
penses of Interment lleiiieinbering
Alan's lust words, John felt that, the
money had been placed ths*re for
that purpose.
This duty done, they awaited thu
summons to return to the ship.
Now and again they exchanged a
few worsls: si>eaking in whispers, us
though Alan only slept, and might
ut any time awaken und hour them.
They Watched the gray duwn burn
into day. They watched (irund (unary emerge irom ghost-like shadows
into vivid reality. They watched
the heavy clouds of mist drift buck
from the island on which they stood.
Every moment the light grew stronger thc sea Hashed and sparkled:
birds filled the air With music:
groups of peasants, singing gaily,
trooped down the steep i.aguna roud
into Suntu Cruz: the Sleep*/ little
town throbbed with li'e:—and beside them, in awful contrast, wus
thut still, deud l'resoiue. lt was a
relief lo thc tension of their feelings
when the ship's signal sounded and
forced them to leave. Yet it seemed
hard to go without some farewell.
A queer constricted feeling nbout
their throats, made speech impossible: but ns they stood unsl looked
at Alun for the last time, both men
thought how snd it wus to leave
him there without a friend to tend
Marco towed them bark to the
ship, which presently moved away
out Into the ocean. The possenmra
were ull on desk, sagor to seo the
Peak. In tin* vessel'* sieni were
two men, gazing fixedly un the soll-
Uiry figure Unit seemed as though
It watched them from tho end of tl.e
Fortune Smiled upon Oavln WIs-
hart; and straightway mnny people,
by whom he hnd been hitherto un-
BOtlced, begun to favor him with
their smiles ulso — so thut life appeared to him to be a pleasant thing,
uud he, us the object ot 8o many
smiles, ii pleasant and amiable person,       liefore  Fortune smiled    upon
htm, his estimation of life and of
himself, was widely different; lilc
was unbearable, he wns despicable.
This was always most evident to
him just before l*.s salary was due,
when the weight of unpaid bills te-
came oppressive; but after the money
was actually in his hands and, his
eyes had grown accustomed to the
sight of unreceipted accounts, the
feeling died down for a time.
He was looked upon with interest,
in those days, only by his employers
and his creditors. To the former he
se.*iiied to be fairly intelbgent nnd
trustworthy young man, who had
served them for ten years without
provoking their wrath or their admiration. They were genuinely sorry
to part with him when the nece sity
for parting came, and they told him
so in terms which caused him to
loathe himself for ten minutes, und
admire their discrimination for the
remainder of the day.
His creditors had at first been Impressed by his graceful ease of manner which suggested a corresponding
ease of circumstun'cs. He rose iu their
regurd when it became evident that
he wus a competent judge of the
goods supplied to him. He smirked
little, but his cigars must be of the
best; he drank ls*es, but only the finest wines would content him. At Ws
rooms, which were small and in an
obscure neighborhood, evitleiice* of
his extravagance were visible in the
quality of the station ry he used,
and in the type and bin ling of tho
few books he possessed, t'n'ortunato-
ly all his desires were costly, and he
had hitherto been able to attempt to
satisfy them only to a lim't-jd degree and at intervals of time. When
credit failed him, he starved his various appetites, pleas«d to observe the
extent of his powers oi self-control;
and resigned himself to the importunities of his creditors with an indifference which he admired, and thoy
did not. His debts were small; he
compared them with the debts of
other men and found them trifling;
unhappily his income was smaller —
Fate was clearly to blame for gifting h'm with expensive tastes, and
failing to provide means sufficient for
their satisfaction. Any alteration in
his own habits was out of the question.
Indifference toward creditors, is nn
attitude thut cannot be maintained
indefinitely. A time came when public
exposure was thrs'atened. Th"*n philosophy withdrew her support, the
young mun s face became haggard,
anxiety overpowered him, his state
of mind grew desperate. He actually
went to the len th of pawning hi
wut"h to procure himself a pistol,
and sat with .t in his hand for hours
one night, lacking the nerve to hohl
it to his Next morning he received the news that £2(.i0.d00, the
property of a d'stant relative who
had taken no notice of his legatee
during his life time, hnd been left to
him,  under certain conditions.
Blessed, blessed change! The hand
of Providence was clearly e.iden.ed
in it. The very conditions luid down
by the testator must have ben devised in heaven, so completely did
their fulfilment release (lavin Wis-
hart from his unhappy past and
start him on an entirely new enreer.
A feeling of awe took possession of
him, he saw himself to be one particularly favored by God. He determined to be punctilious in his attendance at church, and to revive sundry pious customs of his youth which
had lately fallen into disuse. He now
thought debt to be a hideously dishonorable state, into Which he would
never, in any circumstances, allow
himself to relapse; and as unlimited
credit was again at his command,
this resolution appeared to him highly virtuous. He also subscribed hunsl-
somely to two or three charities,
which in tho days of his poverty ho
would have liked to aid hud cigars
ami wines been a little leas costly.
Tin so initial steps taken, he repaired
to tho house of his deceased relative,
and began to surround himself with
the things that his soul loved
Told lhe Truth.
"He says he comes from u great family."
"That's no lie. He was oue of sil-
teeu children."
Taken by Storm.
He stole a klsBl   So quick 'twas don*
She disl not know what he was ut
He never stole another one;
She save them to tilm after that
The Typewriter.
Bacon—That   typewriter   ef   yours
seems to have some capital Ideas.
Egbert—Yes, some very curious capital ideas.
Remember. (.Iris!
'Tie wrong for uny muld te be
Abroud at night ulone;
A chaperon she needs till ahe
Can call some chap her own.
Husband-I've    Just    bought
mother an automobile.
Wife—Oh, John, how could ysu be
so cruel ?
All Por Her Sake.
He carried lunch to aylvan scenes,*
He masle the old swing go;
Ile hacked his knife to ope sardines,
liccuuBO he loved her ao.
She  Knew.
"Wha: Is a cuddleV" usked Willie.
"Don't you know!" returned Ethel.
"Why, a cuddy Is a little cad of
I'n«lll/   !:■ plisliinl.
Mr. Horimplkc—You know It Is said
thnt the female mosquito Is the one
thnt does the biting. How do you account for that?
Mrs. Horusplke— Some man snld It.
He  Hm\v Them.
"Did you aee any sharks when you
crossed the ocean, Mr. Bplfklns?" nuked
Hiss Purling.
"Yen," replied Splfklns sadly; "1
played cards with a couple."
***ptr**»HERE*3   a   kind   of   happy   feelln'
croeps down In a feller when
He's not  his  piiuldns  gathered and
the haymow's full agon;
There's hope In nil the hreezes that come
hlowln'  from the hill.
And you git to kind of thlnkin' God Is up
ihere somewhere still;
Whut u puny sight  the wheat Is us It's
piled up ln the blnl
Oh.  It's good to be a farmer when the
It's lively In" the city, and It's very quiet
There's  the hurry and  the racket  keeps
a-gssln' all the year;
There most every day's exeltln', nnd they
keep It up at night;
Every way a person gazes there ts some
oncommon sight,
And   I   s'pose  it's   never  lonesome  llvln'
round the haunts of sin.
But the c'.ty people never have their crops
There's many a day of tollin', and there's
many an ache and pain,
And there's lots and lots of frettln* at the
dryness or the rain;
There's the weeds and worms und Insects
that the farmer has to fight.
But the good  Lord doesn't often fail to
pull 'Im through all right,
And   the   sweetest   satisfaction   that   a
mortal man can win
Sort of hovers round tha fanner when ths
Ko Trouble to Help Senreh.
A woman stopped at a cloth counter
In one of the large department stores
recently and asked to be shown some
dress patterns suitable for early autumn wear. The salesman began on
the lowest row of shelved compartments and pulled out ami opened box
after box until the counter on either
side of him was piled as high us his
head with goods. Three times be
climbed u ladder ta the upper rows
and staggered dowu under a weight
of box patterns until, when the woman
took a survey of the shelves, but two
patterns remained uuopened. Then she
said, very sweetly:
'•I don't think I'll buy any today.
I'm sorry to hnve troubled yon, but
you see 1 ouly came In to look for a
"No trouble whatever, madam." he
replied politely. "Indeed, If you think
your friend is lu either of the renin Ining two boxes, I don't mind opening
them too."
Staler Effect.
"Evadne." exclaimed tbe impassioned young mnn. bending over her, while
his voice trembled with eagerness und
his great eyes grew luminous with
hope, "look nt me! Can you not read
my heart? Oh, ""valine, the hour of
my fate has come! 1 love vou! I love
"Gerald," whispered the golden haired beauty while the audience applauded rapturously, "you got tbat off In
splendid style. Are you going to ruin
lt all now with ii mere Htage kiss?"
Ko  Plnce  Kor  Ponder.
"I'm surprised." said I'syehe, "that
you doift lay aside your old bow and
arrows for n uioili'rn rllle."
"Impossible," replied Cupid. "Msist
of my work Is nt the seashore resorts
and n good deal of in shooting Is done
In the water."
Hla  Stains.
Gladys—is be so absolutely flippant
nnd worthless!
Ethel-Is he? Why. every girl he
meets feels sure she discovers noble
qualities lu him tbnt only used development by a true woman.
Ilsis-k   Vui-sl   ( i> in in u n I im...
"Is this ii free Thomas concert?"
asked the dog.
"No." said the eat, pausing In bis
contented monologue; "1 get so much
Ills lilplomae*r.
She (coyly)-IIow old do you really
tblnk I nm?
He (gallantly)—I haven't the slightest Idea, but you ccr.iiinly don't look
as old as you  look.
Point  of  Vlsw,
Old Gentleman-Do you think this
horse will be sufe?
L-lveryHian-Wby, I don't know. sir.
You look honest enough.
Brother   Ciar.liier   on   the   Subject   ol
laliiK BIB WortlS,
••It am onee ng'ln tuy painful dooly,"
said Brother Gardner after the i* gillur
proceedings of the Limekiln club bad
heen disposed of-"lt am ons-c ag'ln my
painful dooty to speak to de members
of dls club in regard to de use of big
words. It was only last night us I
walked home from prayer meeiin*
along wid Wnydowu Bebee dut he
keerlessly obsarved dut de ellnilumdiun
of de I'luciduahuii appeared to coerce
de eoherlon of de grutiliciishiin. Whut
on nirtb he meant 1 can't suy, but 1
know he felt proud ober his How of
language, A week ago I wus In n feed
store wheu Samuel Shin come 111 titter
fodder for his old mewl, lie didn't
dun see me, au' us he laid down :ii>
cents he remarked dut de problematical
dlsqunllncashun had werry much ein-
burnissed de unexpected nrslmilnshuii.
De feed store man didn't fall dead, but
I don't know why he didn't. Two
days since, when Sumuel .Shin was
axed if he believed de whale swiiilcieu
.loner, he puffed out his chest nn' replied dut his perversity of di' slnnsisity
led hlin to articulate to de pomposity.
If yo' was to ax him what be meant
he couldn't tell yo', but he's feelln'
werry proud of them big words.
"I ain't gwlne lo waste no time obei
dis subject. Mebbe de strungitlashiii)
of do reservashuii exceeds de placidity
of de Impecunlosity, an' mebbe de
griitltlciishuii of de reallzasbun limit*
de verbosity of de paralysis. As to dis-
I can't say, but 1 do know, nn' I gib
de members of dls ,'iui> fair warrilu',
dat li" dur am an*, mo' conocntrasliu*-
of de consequentlallty oronnd yere I
shall purceed to eventuate dc diagram
of de monstrosity In a way to phrtlctl
late de effervescence of deardualtj*. Wt
want nultln but plain words, an" words
dat we kin ull uiiderstan'. an" from dit
time on we shall eventuate sle glerealty
of de English language or maintain u
consanguinity of calamitous coatlgura*
shun," M. QUAD.
Be "Was In Convulsions aud tlla u0ct01.%
Told His Wife He Could Not Live Tin
Morning, but he Recovered,
lluuml   to   Win.
"Yes," suid the young wife, "Henry
uud I had some worsls this morning
and I cun't deny that he got the best
of it."
"That will never do," returned tho
experienced neighbor, "You can't afford to start In married life tbnt way."
"I know It," answered the young
Wife. "I've thought It all over, and
when he comes home tonight I'm going
to bring him to terms so quick tbnt
he'll hardly know wliul's happened."
"That's right, my dear. Show siniii-
splrit.   What are you going lo slo?"
"I'm going to bring up the subji'd
again nnd then cry."
Ottawa, Ont., Oct. 18.—(Special)-.
At 30W Gilmore street, this eity*
fthere resides u man who has been
nearer the hour and article oi death
thun anyone who has been privlllged
to live to tell  the story.
He is Mr.. George U. Kent, u printer in the enijaloy of the Hunk Nut.B
Compan*,  of Wellington St.
Some seven or eight years ugo Mr.
Kent was seized with Bright's Disease which gradually grew worse till
he had to quit work and was confined to his bed, where ho remained for
some months
l'hysicittiis were In constant attendance upon him, but instead of
improving he gradually grew worse
nnd  worse.
At lust he got so low that his Imiiy
became terribly bloated uud Iiis skin
like tanned leather. Ho had convulsions which increased ' in frequency.
and the intervals between these
spasms found him bo Ue'uk thut he
wus barely conscious.
One night after u particularly had
spell the- physicians told his wife
that he could not live till morning
A messenger was despatched for a
box of Dodd's Kidney Pills, which
wero immediately brought to the dying man.
Mr. Kent did not die. On the contrary in about two months he was
at work again in the shop and haa
not since beon off work for a single
Mr. ond Mrs. Kent aro naturally
very grateful, end as a mark of their
gratitude have called a sweet little
girl born to them some two years after Mr. Kent's remarkable recovery
by the name of "Edna Dodds" Kent.
Mr. Kent has made a sworn statement reciting the details of his case
and his cur*.
To clean kettles easily,  psiur a little  boiling  wnter  into  tbem  nnd  put
a cover on; the steam will soften the
| dirt   so   thut   it   muy    be    easily    removed.
Xss  More  Hnip.-ssa.-.
"Why do you Insist on getting me an
upper berth lu the sleeping car?" naked
the habitually austere lady.
"Weil," answered her Irrepressible
niece, "you have beeu expecting for
so many y.-ars to lind somebody Under
your bs*sl that 1 thought It might relieve your mind tsi have all doubts ou
the subject removes! for once."—Washington Slur.
The Yoniia  Minister.
Father of the Pastor (after the ser
mon) - How Horace has changed since
he was a baby!
The Mother—What an hh'ii! Of
course he bus changed.
Father—What I mean Is that when
he wu baby hi' used to keep me
"Did he marry her for her money?"
asked the girl in white.
"Well, let's be Charitable and say he
did," answered tbe girl in gray.
"There's no use casting aspersions on
hla   taste   and   judgment."
now  True!
"Sny. Jinks, where Is that fine pold
watch you used to sport? I ice now
that you're wearing a plain affair in :i
nickel plated rase."
"Well, you know, 'circumstance** liter cases.'"
Annoying Rhymes.
Scribbler  I'm disgusted with poetry.
iScrii.vh'r-What's ihe matter 1
Scribbler—I started to write a sonnet
to   my   lady'.;   dimple,   ami   the   only
rhymes I conld get wen* pimple and
llu,her Tell*   Han   It
1V»4     .Vl-S-.Mil-
" l
,    ll
"A wonderful change," is the
diet oi a ludy correspondent,
writs* uu about her little one.
lake pleasure," writes Mis. li
Uickford, of (Jlen .Sutton, Que., "is
certifying to tho merits oV Baby's
Own Tablets, as I huvo found them
a su.v and reliable reined*, My baby
was Ir.uilili-d wilh indigestion, and
wus teething and cross and restless,
and the uso of the Tablets made a
wonderful ihaiige. I think the timely use ol llaby's Own Tablets iniKiit
save tiuiny a dear .little life, and 1
would recommend mothets to kt*.*[>
them in tho house."
The opinion- of this wist* mot her la
echoed by other oorres***londenU
Daby s Own Tablets give such comfort and relief to a sick baby, thej
so infallibly produce calm, peaceful
sleep thut you wuuld almost think
them a narcotic. Itut they nre not.
They are only a health-giver ier
children of uny age. They cannot
possibly do harm — they ulways tl"
good May be bud from tlruggi-.t'*.
or by mail, post paid, at 2."i rent*- a.
box bj wiiting direct to the Dl
Williams Medicine (,'o.. Rrockvillr',
Ont., or Schenectady,  N.  Y.
"There's   a   bonnet,"   snisl   the  s*ili-
tsir's wife,   "thut  is u perfect poem
•Yes," be replied,   absent-mindedly,
"fOUt   we'never  pay for  poetry."
Kr.uss   n   Wssrm  » llssint,-.
here any message from my |mh r
husbaud?" asked the widow of the me
"There is." replied the medium "acd
It's hot  stuff tiMi!"
A Deflnlt'o-.
Little Clarence- Pn, what is esperi
Mr. Callipers- Ex'ierlence, my son, is
the headaches you acquire from but
ting against the world,
A <t ult ter.
Parmelee's   I'Mis isssHsess the powei of
in llu.. si iiiii.iiiiu- upon the s11sss*sshs<sI or-
l'is n.i stimiiliiiiiiL- to art inn 'the dormant
s.nssrcli*,. of the System, therein- roraovlnc
disease In furt. so in-ui'is ths* ijower
of thlss medicine to noninse tins! nun''
thnt ili-.s-n.-i, <if almost even nisiim- are
ilrivon from the body. Mr. U Oarswrtl
farewell I' O . Dat.. writes: " 1 lit'*1'
tried l'urriielee's I'iIIn and lliisj ihs*iii-isn
i-*.s..|i.*tii ni.tlit'ini. and one thai will sell
well " j
Clara--''Dear me! Those toilet
things 1 ordered havsni't ' come "
Maude—"Then I don't* suppose you'll
have the fine to go to the bull to*
Everyone hus heard of St. Jacobs
Oil for ihi'.iii iiIihiii. straips, bruise*,
lume buck, und ali muscular tche**
and puins, but few know thut there
Ib nothing to bi|*sal It (or relieving
aching loot, troublesome corns, ami
for softening the harsh, callous skin
which frequently forms on tho soles
of the feot. Anyone suffering from
sensitive spots on the toes, sides "'
the feet, or between tho toes, should
rub a little Ht. Jarobs Oil on tho
sore spot every night. The Immediate relief obtained Is simply wonderful.
No housohold should* lie without Bt,
Jacobs Oil. It will bo wanted after
crlckot, after tennis, after a day's
boating; in fact It is the athlete's
friend. All chemlsta sell St. Jacobs
Oil and a 80 cent bottlo is sufficient
to prove beyond n doubt tho abovo
"Don't   talk   to  me about  compulsory    vaccina tinri!"    exclaimed    the
man who    had   his   arm  in  '<■ slim'
| "I'm sore on  that subject."
VST   g,
.vouse Is I i, !„,..„
kill lick nie.    Now, «,,( ,,
do about It?"
"Creel   I fink in
III'  Ier
I    TH*.'.     tTORJSB - nohleat   of   lhe   lini""
I creation—whea suflsrins>froni " l'"'- r'r"'
i alon. or sore, slerlvea na much licneM ""
Ita miiater In a lllsn preillrisiiii-nt. iroi'i
the licnllin* "sss, n.i,.,. ndlloM "f '".
ThoraaV KrW.trlc Oil. l,umoiieHsi. hki.ii
lap of lhe nerk. Of the IplDts.
Ihront nmi luniTH.  are* relieved hv It
put iu er pica 0-
Politlcs are full of uncortnlntios^
To-day a man ts on tho slump an"
next week he may be all up a tree. The Drill.
Ths*   I'laussssal.,.
llu hud sen u hundred doctors,
A hundfed. yes. and more.
And each told u different tale
From the one Just before.
From diseases unpronounceable
To ordlnury oliills-
Ws-JI, (hey guv.- him ull the ailments.
l'rs*sentesl hlin with bills.
I'iv111 he reached Ihe limit.
Tlu- man was almost dead
Hoke; bul, muslerliiK his courage
tip, this Is what he said:
"I'll make h diagnosis, doc,
If you'll listen ter the p'lnt;
Tears to me. ronslderln',
Vour head's plum om of J'lnt!"
-Compiled from The Commercial)
".us-is Condition! Ag
lint   I
t l» Non   i
»f the   Blood-.
Cannot Cure It.
IO,    WHEAT—General Situation—Wheat
uai'kets  have shown   some strength
iuui"ig the oust week.    United Stales
markets huve been steady.    The ten-
aeucy of [.rices in these „._.,.,-,,, ,
no"., lss Be u DiaoaaJs     *" U' ttdv"-""-e moderately and clos
sravate tin, Trouble*,
...•  is,,        1K""'lu'' bel,e* *"ut rheu-
posuie to ..-old or dampness, is now
knovMi  to  lie u mistuke.
may bo aggravated by
tbo  root  of  the  trouble  lies  i»,     ,',,.
blood,   and
The disease
Exposure, but
Thr   Mnrrshui   Mssii'a   View.
"It's my oiilnlon that tnnriliige ls a
fnliiuc." said the misanthropic bachelor.
"Vou are decidedly -wrong." replied
the popular clergyman. "My June wed-
illng I'ii** will bur my wife's clothes
for a rear."
They say this earth Is cooling off.
And science tells us why.
/ nd yet we are disposed to scoff
As we approach July.
• Sticky" varnish may be dried by
applying a coat of benzine, and alter
Iwo or three days apply a coat of
goosl varnish and let dry thoroughly
beforo using the 'furniture.
Remove stains from teucups with u
little baking soda, rubbed on with
the lingers. Some sny a littlo suit
is just us good.
To make shoes waterproof and
muke them last a long time, dissolve
beeswax and a little sweet oil to thin
it Before thc shoes are worn, warm
the Miles and pour thc melted wax on
them with a teaspoon, then hold it
close to the lire till it soaks into the
leather; then odd more until the leather  i eases   to  absorb  it.
bloocl, and must be treated through
a. Liniments und outward applications never cure, while Ik: Williams'
i ink 1 His always cure because they
make new, rich, red hlood, in which
disease finds lodgment impossible.
Concerning the use of these pills Mr.
A. ti, L-acombo, Sorel, Que., suys.—
"I'or upwards of live years 1 wus a
victim to the tortures of rheumatism, At times the pallia in my
knees, shoulders and hip were ulmo.sL
pust indurunce. At other limes I
could not, dress myself without assistance. I tried several remedies,
some of them very costly, without
getting any more than temporary ro-
liof al the most. At this juncture u
friend urged me t,, try Br. Williams'
Pink Pills, Slid spoke so highly Ol
the pills that I decided to try them
Almost from the very lirst these pill*
helpcil me, and by the timo 1 Imi
tancn sex en ur eight boxes ever}
twinge   of   rheumatism    has    disap-
Ipoared ami l was feeling bettor thai
jl  hud for yours       I  would
advise   similar
Williams'   1'ink  l'ills a  lair (rial, as
;u:i confident they will nut only drive
away all  pains and  aches, bul   leave
you strong, active und happy."
Ilr.    Williams'   I'ink   l'ills 'are    the
greatest tonic medicine in the world.
These pills not only cure rheumatism
but,  u'l   troubles   whose
from poor blood
To check vomiting, give a tea-
ifsoonful of whole bluck mustard seed.
A tatilespoonful may be needed in severe cuses.
To clean light kids, put the gloves
en ths* hand and rub thoroughly with
white corn meal, using a piece of cotton flannel for the purpose.
One ounce flour of sulphur to one
quart of water. Shake well at Intervals for a few hours, and when set-
tlesl saturate the head with the clear
liquid every morning. This is said to
cure vexatious dandruff, a disease ol
the scalp.
To remove grease from broths fssr
the sick tsftsT pouring in B dish. DO/M
clean white wrapping paper quickly
ever the top of broth, using several
pieces,  until grease is all  removed.
origin comes
weak nerves, sui h
us anaemia, consumption, neuralgia,
kidney trouble, St. Vitus' danco.pnr-
tial paralysis and the Irregularities
which make the lives of so manj
women a BOUrce of misery. Some
dealer si oiler substitutes, and in order to protect yourself you must boo
thut the full name "Pr William-.'
I'ink Tills for Palo People " is sm
the Wrapper around every box. Sold
by nil dealers or sent by mail,
puid, nt .*)(' cents a box or six boxc
fssr S2.S0 by writing direct to The
Dr Williams' Medicine Co , Brock-
vilh*. Ont.
1 ucy uf prices in these markets bus
is. ii.- ss »iu,.;,„.   , -advance moderately and clos-
-.1  ......iw.n.s      j".g1'*"UUlt**jris Friday showed a gain
.1 ApvUoations | of i lo *c 0VM u week ugo
Local Situution—The weather has
continued favorable during tho week
ml' threshing and marketing gruin
and deliveries ut country markets in
Manitoba and the Territories imve
consequently beon heavy. Complaints
ol scarcity of cars and full country
elevators are becoming more numerous. Elevators at several points
were reported to be full, so that farmers were prevented from marketing.
Ihese were mostly Canadian Northern railway points, though some
complaints of tbis nature ulso come
from Canadian Pacific railway points
With the Immense amount of gruin
which the latter road is now bundling, it is, of course, very difficult
to distribute curs evenly just where
they ure wanted at the right time.
Shipments through to Luke Superior
ports have increased fust. On Tuesday of last week 702 curs of grain
passed through the Inspector's hands
at Winnipeg, this representing Sun-
daj s, or two days' arrivals. On
the previous Saturday there were *15(i
curs foi the one day, and on other
days diirfng tbe week between 'Mo
and -100 curs. The average quality
ul ill* crop continues very fine. Some
wheat is being shipped from Cuna-
dian Northern points to Duluth in
Northern Pacific cars, probably owing to scarcity of Canadian Northern
railway cars lo Take the grans to
Port Arthur. Up to the Bret of the
wees water shipments from our Lake
Superior poiis aggregated 2,":'2,:'7<»
bushel*, since September 1, leaving
1,250,000   bushels   in    .store  at   these
Prices havo been steady all week
With a l'u in tendency und a fuir sle-
tuand. There have been no shurp
fluctuations,  but rather u steady up
sulTerers  to   give   Dr,
Pr .1 |i i-...-:,.,m.*'s pvsesstrv I'sirilint
Is tsniMis-il frnm drues known to thc'im
lesaloii us. ttioroucSlv reliable fur Ih.*
sssire ,.f cholera, riysentrv diarrhoea rrll -
lu(* i.ijii- ninl Minnni'i cotnnlalnts P
hus been used sucwisfullv l.v medical
nraclltioiiers lor a numher of spurs uith
rrutii, nK ri'.«ulta If sufferln- from anv
•uminer romiilalnt It la lust Uie me«H-
linn thnt win cure vou. Try ss bottle.
It   s,.|i.  for  25 rents.
Pounded glass mixed with coin meal
nnd placed within the reach of rnts.
it is snisl. will banish them from ths*
premises; or sprinkle cayenne pepper
where tbey go.
Pumpkin seeds are very attractive
to mice, und traps baited with them
will sosm destroy this little pest.
In his Vegetable Tills. Ur Pannelee
has given to the world tin* fruits of Ion*
sclent ific research In the whole realm sif
medical science, combined with new an,!
valuable discoveries never before known
*u itiiin. For delicate and debilitated
constitutions Parmelee's rills act lik.> a
rliunti Taken In small ilnss's the effect
both a tonic and a stimulant. mildly
sscitfni* the secretions of Lhe body, riving  tons-  \ Igor.
Ethel—"! wonslei if he hues tne as
be says? Ho has known ine only a
weok "   Clarissa—"Ho may If that's
all  I hi' time he has known you."
Monks)  Iiriiiul Soap removes all stains,   ilirl     or   tarnish—hul     won't     wash
Memory i.s the primary and luiiila-
mental power, without which then
could be no other intellectual opera
Spots on varnished furniture ran
easily be removed by rubbing tbelts
with essence of peppermint or spirits
of camphor, and afterwards with fur-
nitutr polish or oil.
Messrs. C. C. Richards A Co.
lienUoinen,— My daughter. 13 years
eld. was thrown from n sleigh and
Injured her elbow so badly it remained stiff and very painful for three
"/ears Four bottles sif MINAUD'S
LINIMENT completely cured hei and
"lie has not been troubled for two
"fears. Yours truly,
St   Joseph, P.Q., Aug.  18,  L900.
A  cultivated   reader  of  history    is
•I licntcd in all families; he dines
With   Pericles  and  sups  with  Titiun.
MINARD'S UNIMLNT Believes Knnlfl.
"li that you could turn your eyes
toward the napes of your necks, and
Siako but an interior survey ol your
Rosnl selves.—Shakespeare.
Ihcm can be a difference of opinion on
"■""I subjects, but these Is ssnlv one
'<».1111..., ,(N to tho re||nbililv of Mother
■raves    Worm   Exterminator.    It   is  Hiife.
•"ie ninl effectual.
or r— "You    swear    positively
JOU wero not to blame for the man's
Math?" Mr. Tyro (huughtily)—"Cer-
**lnly, su; tbey did not. call me soon
UN'   ,.,
Il   ll„.
"ii  n  sufferer  with corns f   It vou
« hot tic of Hsllawsiy's Corn Cure
never tn>en known to fn 11.
1 »'ay tell you nt once tbat I can
p"' "P with everything except iiii-
"•'I'liug back." "Oh, madam I sure
•'"', '■ inst like myself. We shall ***6t
•n splendidly."
Stella—"Jmt  look    nt    Miss    lies
Daldy   over there!"
■"■•■•'n  and   M
Miss  I
'tier— "Yes; a romance of the
ages,  so to speak."
J'"'1 "Tell     mc     frankly,     Fred.
j,""  IK the amount of your debts?"
*-"0h,  my   dear   uncle,  just us
a<* you please."
Color Is One of the Most Import
ant Points in Well Made
Too many buttermakers lose sight
of the fact that "color" is one of
tho most important and effective
points in good butter. The sweetest
•nd richest butter is but half prepared for the critical eyes of consumers, if tho color be faulty or objectionable.
Wells, Richardson & Co.'s Improved Butter Color gives tho natural
golden tint to butter in the autumn
and winter seasons. It is tho favorite color in the (lovernment Creameries, and ls used exclusively by the
largest makers of butter for export
and home consumption. Wells, Richardson & Co 's Improved Mutter
Color never fash's from tho butter; it
does not turn n brlcky shade such u.i
other colors produce; It Is pure and
harmless; its keeping qualities are
perfect; It is the strongest, therefore
the cheapest to use. Ask your druggist or dealer for It; take no other
The temperature Is varied,
One dav we have all kinds on tap;
'those call it. warm wilh a new suit on
And   those  COOl   who    have  it    tie-*.
w rap.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
StulTor -"You   know  that   girl  who
„.h,sed me?  She has Just Im-I**™
by  inviting  me to   dinner.       uwn
away-"What are you going \° ■■■■■
Stiitier—"Swallow the Insull
Eve Tempted Adam.
And Adam has been tempting* Eve
-Ww since. Imagine a ma. selling
rwoman rancid butter while■* swing her attention Axed on a prize
jd-?en with the rancid butter I .A.W0;
Ln may be tempted by prises^
to buy common soaps, tha  SM w
snd hands.     BUT sae ■ on
th0    difference    hetwesn
■osps and Sunlight «'*■-■'     prlz0
and   her   hands   are   t»™»     22fl
prcciatton, resulting iu a net gain of
to Jc for the week. Prices at the
close of the market Friday were as
Follows : No 1 hard, 70c; 1 north-
rn, (iSc, spul or delivery fust hull"
ol October, anil ti'.l'c for l haul unsl
87Jc for 1 northern, delivery last
half of October. No. il northern is
worth •io'.c; H northern, ()3c, and No.
I wheat "silc, Octsibs-r delivery. All
prices quoted are In store at Fort
William or l'ort Arthur
I ountry Wheat—Farmers' deliveries
at all points bave been large during
ih.. |jasl week. The marki't is a lit-
tlo lower, the average price being
abuul 57c |ier bushel tor wagon loads
al   i ountry   elevators.
OATS—Ths* market is firmer, probably owing t" the fact thai farmers
are nol willing to team oats just
now for ii low price l.asl week's
li^ures for carlots (otcced the countr**
market to a point below whnt pro*
iuci rs think tbey should get. Today
Nsi '2 whits- oats are worth 26J t"
■27c pn bushel at Fori William Oil
track Winnipeg, No. 2 white oats are
worth 25 to 26c per bushel, ami
about 23c is the price fsir feed white.
Al country' points farmers are getting 20<  per bushel at central points.
UA11LEY—Demand is good, but as
,i   receipts are comparatively  light.
Iicaloit* are paying 88c per bushel for
lot* of malting grade <>n track at
Winnipeg, and 27 to 80c lor feed.
FLAXSEED— Farmers' deliveries
are Increasing. Tho largo crop In
-,iLnt both in this coumry and the
neighboring states has had aweaken-
ing effect on the price.,and the market is today 5c lower than a week
ago. Carlots on track are worth
j}* l'(i per bushel- To farmers at
counti*. points 11.05 is being paid.
Sonic 'report prices as low as SI. but
Ulis   ia  for   inferior seed.
SPELT56—This  grain   is
to offer at 30c per bushel
to  farmers.
HAY—$0  to  ST  per  ton
lulled  in carlots on  track,  Winnipeg.
POTATOES—30c per bushel.
IU TTF.U — Creamery—Prices
higher at  17Jc tsi 18c per Ib. f
factory points.
IU ITER—Dairy—Market is
Commission houses are paying 12 to
i ic for choice to finest dairy, commission basis, in pails or Pricks.
ClilTSI -10Jc per pound is being
,„,',,„. best makes, delivered In the
FOQ8—The ruling price la I6|c psn
do-en tor choice eggs, subject to
DRESSED MEATS - Beef, city
droBRed •'',' I" 6J*"s country slock Jc
loss; mutton, 8 to '-»'•: lamb, Ll|c;
hogs, -> to .»!,<•.
HIDES—Dealers are now paying
,,ic for No, l hides, 5Jc for No. 2,
and -li for No. 8. Calfskins simic
price as hides, Horse hides 50c to
SI  each .
SENEGA ROOT—The price is DB-
for best root, delivered in Winnipeg.
Inferior grades range from 2 to dc
below Ibis figure.
CATT'LE—Thero is a good export
movement   of  range cattle,   the    ship-
„„.,„s amounting to -iver 2,000 head
per head.    Beat   exporters   are stm
ruling ut   *C per pouml. point  O   sliip-
m0nt    Butchers' cattle :i to :ti«'-
sHF.i'.i'-i.creipts of sheep are
linl|li,. for all requirements of ths
market and prices bold steady   al -'i
to   8|C   per   pouml   Oil  cars  Winnipeg.
I ,,,„bs are  worth  5*1'  per pound.
IIOCS—lieuiand is very active "«'-
ilur to the good sale for cured meats
Packers are quoting «J to 0|C. in*
ferlor BTados jo to lc less.
MII.CH      COWS—Cows    are   scarce
Oood   milkers   readily  bring  SI."'     '"
tbls market,    the   mnge being from
|f|*- to 840 each,
n<ntsi'.s—There is a good demand
for  work  horses  and  an  active trade
i„ doing in these.   Driving horses are
sJSO In good demand.
of on ii.s.
for fresh
o. b,
Paine's Celery
It Eradicates the Seed of Disease,
Invigorates and Rejuvenates.
Thousands of men and women who
have neglected the work of physical
recuperation in the summer months,
are now currying a burden of disease.
In the majority of cuses Impure und
poisoned blood und sluggish circulation ure the direct causes of Buffering und misery. Are you, reader,one
of the victims? If so. do not hesitate a moment regarding what you
should do. The life stream must be
made pure, the health-wrecking laxity of tho blood vessels must bo corrected, the nerves und tissues must
be nourished. Paine's Celery Compound is tho medicine that physicians recommend for the increase of
pure blood in the arteries, and for
arousing the purifying organs to cast
ofl tho Impurities that give rise to
disease. Mr. T. F. Mitchell, New
Hamburg, Ont., writes as follows :
"My mother Buffered for five years
With a sore leg, unci her system was
so far run down that doctors could
not help her. She could hardly walk
about the house. She tried almost
everything to procure a cure, but no
good lesults came until Paine's Celery Compound was used, which gave
her instant relief. She is now using
the third bottle and able to do her
own work."
She—"liefore we were married you
said it would give you the greatest
pleasure tu gratify my every wish."
He—"My dear, I said your lightest
wish: und I'll do it too."
$100 REWARD $100.
The raiders of tills pnper will be pleas
esi lo learn thut there la al least um
slreasl.'sl disease that science has been
ulile to cure in all its stages, ssutl Unit
is catarrh. Hull's Catarrh Curs- Is the
Only positive cure now known to lhe
medical fraternity. Catarrh lit-insr u constitutional disease reaulrei a constitu
tlsstcil treatment, Hall's Catarrh Cuii
is, tiiks-n internally, acting aTrectly unoi
(he lilrsod uml mucous surfaces uf I hi
system, therehv destroying the founds
tion of (la* disease and giving ihe |ut-
lient strength hy building un Uu- con-
sticuil-ui und assisting nature in doles
it*, work. The proprietors huve bo much
faith In its curative powers that thev of-
iV'- One Hundred Dollars for any caw
Uml it falls tu cure. Send for list of
testimonials      Adiirt-ss,
F   ,l    CHENEY  *-■  CO    Toleslo
Sold   hy   ilrnccists.   75c.
Halls  Family  l'ills  are  the   Best,
Keason can not show itself more
reasonable (ban to cease reasoning
on things above reason.—Sir P. Sisi-
A fool who has u tlitsh of wit cre-
ates astonishment and scandal, like
hack horses setting out to gallop —
IIS Is one ofthe'Ryrie'
Specials in Diamond
Rings, No. 969. Our price
(er it is |75.
We personally guarantee
tbe quality.
m ll mounts In Ilk. r>M. less •aim
Usljr'r, or | enlkiiiasi ■ ««su.
We deliver thla ulelr to inr
sddreia, ind refund the lull price 11
you ire not perfectly tillilHed.
Write for our ne» llluitnted etl-
Ryrie Bros.,
T«i|« issd Adclilde Streets,
A Common
Bred Cow
When toned up br
Dick's Blood Purifier   will   give   as
much and as rich
milk as a highly
bred aristocratic
Jersey cow gives
upon or*
feed, and
a Jersey
cow when
will wonderfully incresse her yield
of milk. It ssves feed too, because
a smaller amount of well digested
footl satisfies the demands of the
system and every particle of nour-
aishment sticks.
50 cents a package.
I.ecmliig. Miles ft Co., Agents-,
ASK    P-oi-t
Ogilvie    Oats
Delicious flavor.   Free from hulls      Warranted Pure.
Put  up  In  all   sized  packages.
Ogilvie's Hungarian
As now manufactured.   The great FAMILY FLOUR.
Insist on getting "OQILVIE'8,"  as they are better than the Best.
14 Ha/Iu, Mi, 4M4J- wis 4ns L^nsudAs,
It Is very muds Itronj s-r nnsi thicker tlissss any ntlsir (larrs-sl sir Iml Mint;)
isuiit-r. It It Issip.-rs loss*, to whssl, ks*.-|i» nut colsl, kssepH In heat, carries nss ssssis.ll
or odor, isli-nrli*. no iisislsstus-e, Impart* in laale sir flavor to aisytliing with
wlsl.-ls It <-i.sss.-M In contact, lt ia iargolv smeil not only for stie.-llisK Isonses, but
for llnlna oold Htornt;,- bulls'.lni*j, rs'l's-lgs-iatiir-.. dairies, sirsamorlrs, and all
places where tlse nl.Ji.t Is to ke.-p asi s-vt-is and ussll'oi sss teniperature, and at
the same time avssliilsstf slampisesss.
Write our Asjentis, TEKS * PERSSB, Wlnislpeu, for ssassipleH.
TME E. B. EDDV CO., Limited, HULL.
"When using common tea
you may mistake bitterness
for strength. 0OLD STAN
DAR D TEA is unequalled
lor strength and flavor.^
if ymi suffer witb what is generally kmswn as a
Bail l.iver.
Fleming's No. 9 Liver Pill-..
will olf.'ctually rolievo the worst rase of Bilious ha, i isiistipiitin , In .i_-«iti ii. ami by
cieuii- t>»; and purifjiistr the stomsieh relieve
ths- system of many of the poisons that bring
onfuvur-. A.«k your druggist for tliain; if hs
his*, ii-ms- si'iisl n, i'ic for a bottle, or $1.00 for
I bottles.
Trtic friends visit us iii prosperity
only when invited, but in adversity
thoy come without Invitation.—The-
Any woman who admits that her
shin's are tsm tinht is Inclined in be
The pleasures of the palate deal
with tin like Egyptian thieves, who
strangle those whom they embrace.—
f f    t* tr.SSSLIM
■■dorsad by bsst English madlesljoursssls.
SunelUd to Srltllb soldiers In South Sfrlcs.
for all Throstsnd Olsnd Troubles, Lumps,
Sbsossses. Old Sotaa Ulosrs, "'•"•ns. Skis
Olssssss, Coioms, PlmpUs, Stiff Joints,
Rhoumstlsm, Lumbsgo, Sprains, Bruises,
Pll.s. Cuts. Sor» F»«t, ""••'•'•»»-
told by Druggists, SSo.   Try it ones.
Who partakes In another's joys is a
more humane character than he who
partakes in his griefs.—Lavater.
Postage slumps Will stick, and not
turn  Up at the corners if the  face  is
wet after applying them.
Minard's liniment CroDlBMhoria,
.A solution of oxalic mill will remove ink stains from books without
Injuring tho print
W. N. D., No. :ios..
combines tlietuiixiintim of llk-ht
with the mii'iiiiuni of hetstt ths.
minimum of trouble, the minimum of •x|si'n.-e.   tss-sl lis
lions •■:«•.
Kto.1 Ktv.
it is perfection in liuht-
itif*. Tin-I s.'1't
that ni> m r
fails. It iliu
ordinary conl oil-one '(tntrt lu lU hours No
imokS. uo odors no ilrnwiug up, no rismoviUK or
glsshoortontu lisht. Illlesl while l.iirniiiir, the
only liK-ht hisvliitf u» uisslershaslows. Applv
lo your I nil .oilier or aoml for catitWue ssutl tss lllltoss, (ilhaon A Co.,   1'.  O.  Box
ilUl.   H Illlllp.-K.
This fellow got scorched, lighting a bad Cigar. Don't you burn your good money in th*
same way.    SMOKE LUCINA.    Vour good
money gets s good Cigar.
Geo. F. Brysn A Oo.. Winnipeg.
The quality atuii.lnid from  Ocean   to
Ocean.   Your issonay back if not  satisfactory. -
1 ' I'ru-.'li'Ms Heciiics, 3.000 secrets for
the home, farm, laboralorv, worksshop,
and   every   department   of   human   endea-
vor,   uitii  full  index   to   contents!   3(i8
|'Sis;i»H. bound iu cloth; send 25 cents for
u copy, uud if you think the book Is
not   worth   the   money   send   il  btsck.   isml
your money «iii  be  refunded; this is u
nuns! side line for canvassers Write for
terms if ymi want tss canvass. WILLIAM
'HUGOS, Methodist Uook-rooin, Toronto,
Arrow Laka,  B. O.
Situated midst ss-enery unrivalled fof
grassdeur. Tlse moat cssiuplete health ra-
aort on tlse cisutsnesit of North Ainerlesv
IU oaths eure all Nervosss ansl Musom-
lur sllseaaes. Ita wut- ih heal all Kidney,
l.iver and Stssuius-h atlinviiU.
Tl.ey arc a never-tailing remedy foi   all
Ithessisssstlc trossblea.
TKIUI-* $l.*i to SIS per week,  according
to residence In Hoe1 or Villas
Ci- . is ond Commission Merchants.
llii;li."st prli-i'a paid for wbeisl, oats, barley or lltsx ill iHrlot-s. Wire ssr svrlle ssse
for pricel bsfOre lolllnjl, Liberal aslvnss-
s-ea ninsli. on osanslgnntonta unsl bandied
on oommlsslon.   Licensed ami Bonded.
P, o. It,ix SSO, Winnipeg, >i>u>.
if the* vylckod flourish, and tbou
BufTor, in. toi dtscourngods Thoy nro
Fatted for destruction; tbou art ilivt-
cil for health.—Fuller,
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc,
it is ulways a sign of poverty of
mind when itifii are ever uiininir tn
appear great for they who are raaUy
ijieu ■TrfF. DRILL, SLOCAN, B. C, OCTOBER 24, 1002
*_■■'    ■
,*C. E. Smithkringau**, Editor and l'rop.
•SLOCAN,      •      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertisinc 10 cents a lino for
/he first insertion nnd 6 cents u lino each
"■subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, *>7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals "A'ill be charged 10 cents a line
"for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, st.-ict-
iy in advance; 18,60 a yeAr if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, Is. C.
T. nt*
FRIDAY. OCTOBER 24th, 1902
A pencil mark in the space
apposite will be an judication to yen flint ye editor
eeneiders there is something
oom ing to bim onyeuriub-
■eription. Kitidlvacknew-
tedge   in cash and oblige.
Tho tux sale notico of delinquent
property in this district is out, Quite
a number of lots in Slocnn, Brandon
and West .Slocan are in the bunch, together with several neighboring preemptions.
Miss Jean Durell and C. D. Newton
gave a literary entertainment in the
Music Hull Thursday night, before a
small audience. Some of the selections
were very good and the entertainment
was not without merit.
Fred Benson swore out a warrant against George Ager, charging
him with keeping a vicious dog. The
ease ca ine bo fore John Bull, J.P«on
Saturday afternoon and evening. The
animal was ordered destroyed,
Furnished Rooms, by day
week.     Second to none
tho city.    Enquire  en
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
The coal oil famine is ended, a carload having arrived Wednesday.
ClifFe, senior, has quit Sandon and
gone to New Ontario. One of the Ixiys
is continuing the Review.
J. H. Hawthovnthwaite. M.L.A. for
Nanaimo, has recently joined the Socialist Party of British Columbia.
The hospital received a tidy sum
from the offertory at the service in
Knox church on Thanksgiving night.
A total eclipse of the moon was observable bere Thursday night. The
sky was clear, affording an excellent
C. Snyder returned from the Lardeau on Mondav, having spent the
summer there doing assessment on his
Died.—In Slocan, on Oct. 22, the
infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C.
.Campbell-Johnston, aged about eight
Jos. Rasi, charged with shooting at
John McCulloch, had his second hearing during the Week and was discharged.
T. D. Woodcock & Co. have had a
telephone installed this week, connecting with the Arlington and Enterprise
An election will be held at Sandon
on the 30th to fill tbe scats of two aldermen nnd so enable the city to do
The sixth annual ball of Slocan
Lodge No. 4A), I.O.O.F.. will bs* held
in the Music Hall, Slocan, on Friday.
Oct 24, l'J02.
Mayor York has found traces of bis
lost sheep on the summit of the Cam*
erouiau hill. Tho coyotes had been
having a picnic party.
Delinquent taxpayers have been
hustling in their taxes to the government, the postollice ou Wednesday
doing a roaring trade.
On Nov. 9 the annual convention of
the B.C. Press Association will Ix; held
at Halcyon. Over 20 papers are now
represented in tbe association.
The possibility of tbe sawmill locating here is already having its effect C n
the price of real estate. Several tram -
fers have taken place at increasing
Dime   McVannel    presented   The
Drill with three big spuds on Tues
day, which certainly hold the record,
The throe weighed over four pound*,
nnd were grown in his own garden.
Despite the rain on Wednesday the
Rifle Association held its regular practice shoot. J. Pinchbeck made the
biggest scores at the 8IKI anil 1000
yard ranges, so capturing a gold sou
venir spoon.
B. C
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOGAN, - - B. C.
Fall Prices:
French  Kip, hand sewn, miners'
boots,  hand welted, guaranteed,
made to order    */7 00
Veal kip,hand made minora' boots
well made and guaranteed      5.50
TliC6o lines are guaranteed for six
month* and kept in repair (or that
time free.
Men's boots soled from      75c
Ladies' boots soled from       50c
Children's boots eolesl from       25c
Adcock's Shoe Store,
Next TosloHice, - Blocan
for $18.25.
Why be without a range when
you can get one so cheap ? Tbej
are preforrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
bum wood or coal and will be
set up free.
ii "
'I    ■""■
\_7E have just Issued a new
yt    and handsomely
trated catalogue, a copy
•which will be mailed to any
address on request.
•Whilst ll llluatratca but a smill
portion of our stock of Finn Jewclrv,
each department of our business Is
represented by carefully •elect*'
Our stock of Sterling Silver
for this season is of special
merit. In it there are Innumerable gift pieces, moderate in price, artistic in
design, and embodying usefulness and durability.
Ryrie Bros.,
Vonge aad Adelaide Streets,
To Orpizeil L
Lumiwr Company, Limited, isy wny of bonut,
upon tlio tenuis uml conditions lu snlil schnslule
set forth:
Anil whereas in orslssr to cuussi the snisl lisnsls
in tlio saiil schetliile inmitioiiml to be conveyesi
to tlse saisl Ontiirio-Slsicisn Lumber Company,
Limited, it is necessary tlmt a ccrtaiu Buns of
money slisiuld lie proviilesl nnd rai*iod by wtiy of
loan on tlie credit of the City of Slocan:
And whereas the snisl industry or imdortnkiuK
is uot intended tsi compete with any industry or
unslertnkinu already established Carrying on its
npi'rntions within thu Municipal limits:
And wherons it is necessary for tho purpose
ufsiresiiid thut the City should raise, by wny sif
ilssbentures. a loan of "pO.ODO.DO, ropnynblu on thn
1st dny of Nisvouiber, 1912, with interost iu the
moiiiitime payable yearly at the rate of 7 per
cout per annum, such loan when raised to be applied for the purposes aforesaid:
And whereas il. is deemed expedient to grant
the snid bonus and ti> provide for tho issue of
debentures of the said City of Slocan for the
sum ot(0,000.00, payable as herein provided;
And whereas it will be necessury lo ruise annually the sum of'i'KM.un for a term of ten (HI)
years for the payinK of the said debt and interest as hereinafter mentioned:
And whereas the whole ratable property of
the salt City, according to the last revised assessment roll, is $17"i,!2",00.
And whereas there U no existing debenture
slsibt of the said City, anil no principal or Intereat in arrears:
And whereas a petition praying Hint this liy-
tlW be Introduced niid submitted to the ids'ctors
has been presented to the Mayor and Council of
the said City, which petition is sinned hy the
owners of more than one-tenth of the vnlue of
the real property (as shown by the last revised
assessment roll) in the sai.l City:
THERKFOHK the Municipal Council of tho
said City of Slocan enacts as follows:
1. It shall In* lawful for the Corporation of
the City ot Slocan, for the purpose and with the
object hereinbefore recited, to issue any lumbar of debentures of the said Corporation lo the
amount of "$0,000.00, in such stuns as may be re-
quired, of not less Dion $11X1.0:1 each, the sai.l ds>-
bentures tsi be sealed with the seal of the Corporation of the City of Slocan, and to be signed
by the Mnyor and Treasurer of the sai.l City.
2. The said debentures shall be payable In
ten years from  the date herein mentioned for
this By-Law to take effect, at the BoyalBank
of Canada, ih Nelson, B.C.
3. The said debentures shall have coupons
attached for the payment of interest at the rate
sif seven dollars per centum per annum on the
amount of the snid debentures, and shnll be
made payable yearly on the 15th day of November in each and Ovory year,and the said interest
shall be payable at the Hoyal of Canada,
al Nolson, B.C.
i. There shall bo raise 1 and levied annually
by a special rate on all the ratable property In
the saisl City the sum of S180.C0, for the purpose
of providing a sinking fund for the payment of
the saisl debenture slebt; and the nun of SISO.GO
for the payment of the interest, at the rate
aforesaid, to become due thereon, slurins? tin*
currency of tin* >nid debentures.
fs. It shull be lawful for the Municipal Council from time io time to repurchase any of the
sai 1 debenture--,at, such prices as may be rurrend
upon wilh tlie logal holders thereof; and ail ds*.
bontnros so purchased shall be cancelled, and
no re-lMUa of any debenture shall be made in
consequence of any such purchase,
t*. Jt shall bo lawful for the Corporation of
tho City of Slocan to enter into nn ngrs*emenl
with tlie Ontarlo-Slocan Lumber Company,
Limited, which said ogrcomonl shall be iu the
form nnd to the effect set forth in Schedule "A"
to this by-law.
7. This agrcoment shall be execute I nmi shall,
boar date tome day after the passing of this bylaw, and tho Mayor and Clerk of tlto Corporation am hereby authorized and directed, after
the passing of this by-law and after tin* oxocu*
tism of tha said agreement by the Ontarlo-Slocan Lumber Company, Limited, to sign lhe
name ofthe Corporation of the City of Sloean.
Mid allix tin' Corporate seal of the Corporation
to sai.l agreement and deliver said agreement
as duly executed.
K.   This by-law shall go into effect on the 15th
day of November, A.D. I'."i2, after lt has received
the assent of the eh*ctors of the Corporation in
manner provided by law.
ll. Failure on behalf of the Oii'ario-Sloean
Cumber Company, Limited, to observe I'is. lime
limits for the commencement, as well as for the
completion and operation,of the said Industry
shall render this by-law void.
YOUR attention ia re peetfully called
to the Custom Tailors' Union Ka-
bel, n cut of which appears below
It Is the only sign whereby a person i**
snreof getting clothes mado in a fail-
"A" hereto shall bo deemed to
ind form part of. this by-law.
and cite I as the
10.   Soliadule
be Included in.
This by-law shall  In* kno
"Mill Aid By-Law, 1302."
Done nn.l passed in open Council on th'1 Uth
slay ..((let,.ber, A.D. IK*".
By leaving your orsler for a Full Suit,
Trousers or Overcoat with
A. David, the Miners' Tailor,
von will  (iml   tl.e.  Union   Label  on  all
Clot hei masle hy him,
and Sandon.
Sture.s nt Slocan
BY-LAW NO. 14.
A By-Law In regaeJ to a Saw,  Planing ard
Shingle MUI, ta be established cl Slocan.
VCJ HEKEAS the On tario-Sloc an Lumber Com*
'*     pany, Limited, hns offered to undertake
.be construction, maintenance unsl operation of
a Saw, Shingle mil Planing Mill, as in the
si-lio.l 11 * hereto described, at Sloean, si 1 •***,
certain terns and conditions, in said schedule.
set for h:
An I where 1- it is deemed  a Ivlsublo that I' "
Municipal Councll should accept tho snid oiler
and cause tin hinds In the said schedule n
tlccal to bo conveyoi tu tho Onturlo-Siocnu
City Clo
calved t'i>-
of t
ie e
Armed by tbem
eon Wore 1
, too
a lopl
■ 1 Bl
'1 tin
• pn
City (is
N O T I (
TAKE NOTICK Hn,I tlio above is a true copy
of tin. proposed by-law upon which the vole of
the Municipality will be taken at the City Hall,
Slocan, B.C., on Tuesday, the ith day of November, A.D. 1002,botwr*on the hours of ol«ht o'clock
in t lie forenoon and four o'clock in the after*
II I 111.
Clork of the Council.
SC H Bin: LE  "A."
THIS AGRK.K.MENT mad.* (in duplicate) this
day of . in the yoar of
our Lord, one thousand nine hundre I nmi two,
The Municipal Corporation of the City of Blocan. hereinafter called the "Corporation,"
of the first port,
Company, Ltmlie-1,
"Compiiny," of the
OntarioSlocaM Lttaib I
hei-niimftor culled ta
bocond v art.
Wil BBE VStha purl lei of tho second pari slo
Intend to orect, conitructs In .mil, 0 |ulu, maintain and opera!" wiih in the Province of British
Columbia certain s.i>v. shlni/ln and pinning
mills, witli all necessaryappurtenaacos, attaeb*
ments and accessories,and tho saisl Corporation
lias requested tho snid n,iriii"s ssf thesocond part
to locate tho same within the limits of the sai I
Corporation, and haa offered nnsi promised to
convey cortaiu Interests, rights and privileges
to ths* said parties of the second pan nnd enter
into the agreements and covenants hereinafter
that, in consideration of the promises and the
due performance of lhe covenants and agree*
mens on tho part ol the said parties of the
second purt, the said Corpsirntlon sloth hereby
undo!tako, promise and agree with the Company in the manner foUowCig, thut is to say.—
I The -itii.i Corporation hereby nndertukes to
Kraut and convey, or cans;, to I-m* granted unsl
conveyed, by a good and sufficient deed pt deeds
in fee simple, free from all encumbrances,
chargi's and Hens of every nature and kind
whatsoever, lllock lettered "F" and tho foreshore rikdds incidental, appertaining and attached therein; also Hlucks number rive nnd
Fight' also the west half of lllock number Bis
nnd thc oast half of llloeli number Four, in the
snisl Corporal ion of Sloean, in Iho Province ssf
British (oluinbia, according to a map or plan
of Lot number Wi, Group One, 111 the West
Kooliiiay District of said Province, save and
except any Improvements on Lot number Three
insiisl lil'oclc Eight I and ulso save and sVxs'ept.
tho right of way over said Block "F," held by
tlm Canadian i'aciflc Hnilwuy Company, of
which saisl right of way the said Corporation
hereby undertakes and agrees to procure a lease
for ton years, to be executed in favour of tho
said parties of the second part, at a yearly rental of one dollar per niiunin.
2. The said Corporation further agrees sunt
promises to rxempt from ull Municipal taxntiisn
all said lands, saw.sliingle uinl plulltng mill nnd
all attachments iipinirtenani'es uud accessories
including till tha plant and ps*isonnl property
sif every kind und description of thn said
parties of the second part within the
sain   Corporation, or   thnt   may   he  situated,
erected and maintained therein by the snid
parties of tin' seems.I purl on the said above described properties, or tiny purl Iherenf, for the
full term of leu eonscoutlvn years from the dale
of the delivery of the said conveyance of I'"*
sail lands and premises to the saisl partial of
lhe second part, save and excepting the School
tax, which saisl School tax shall not further exceed (he sum of Fifty Dollars in any year of the
sai.l term.
a. The said Corporation further s-ovenants
and agrees to grant lhe right and privileges Its
ths*   saisl   parties  of   the second  part to place
and maintain railway tracks or sidingsacroso
Hume St reel, in the said City of Slocnn, at any
point north ot Lake .'.venue, in said Corporation, provided tluit whi'ii and in ease said llnnie'
si reet is elearesl. graded, and openest up by the
Corporation to the shore os' Slocan Lake, the
Company shall, at Its own expense, place snisl
Ir iks und sidings ou 11 level with the grade of
laid street at all points where the saisl tracks
or sidings cross the same to the satisfaction and
under the supervision of the Corporation, or of
sou agineer appointed by the saisl Corporation for tlmt purpose.
.4. The said Corporation further covenants,
promises ami agrees to well and sufficiently pro-
tes'l and guard the real und personal property,
works and promises of the said Company from
ull Injury, loss anil damage arising out of or by
reason of the waters of Springer Creek by constructing orooUng und maintaining all necessary protection, guards an 1 Qumoi along ssr upon ihe baiiks' of Springer CrCOX, lu order to prevent and prohibit all waters flowing slown sir
ulong suid crei'k from overflowing or flooding
the banks thereof, or reaching and injuring the
properly, works, wall.- or premises of the snid
parties of the second part.
by and betweon the parlies hereto that they,the
sai.1 parties of thesecoa I part, in consideration
of tho duo performance and fulflllinnnl of the
covenant, herein contained on thi* part of tho
said parties of tho first part, thnt the said parties of tho second part shall ansl will ers'ct. con- anl equip,oud maintain a saw
mill, shingle mill, and planing milt, wi'li nil ne-
eossary attachment*, plant and appurtenances
upon lhe said premises above described nt the
expense, cost and outlay of Si'xi.iwo.n'i, sir imirs*.
or less.
AND tl.e sai.l parties of the second part hereby further covenant and agree thai thry shall
commence tho erection of tin' saisl mlua and
works after the delivery of the conveyance ol
the said lands by the sail parties ofthe lirst
part to the saisl parties of the second part, in
accordance wiih tin. terms hereof, and tney will
carry on the oonstrsiction, erection and etiuip-
ment ot tiie snisl mills and pui the .-■une in operation forlhe purpntsoof producing Lumber or
shingles Ihorohi, within one yonr from the delivery of th" saiilConveyancesabo7o mentioned,
an I -'sail fully complete aud put same iu operation within two voars from tlie dale of the delivery of such s'onveyans-e. according to tho true
intent ami moaning 01* tins agreemout.
AGItl.I.Dby and between the parties hereto
tbat the said parties of the second part shall
and will from ami after tV- erection, construction and in-talWtiuu of all tin' ial 1 snills. plant
and work-, e-nploy not less thnn liX)employees
or workmen in orabout sail mill., works .tn.'
timber limits in couuectlou therewith, at a our*
tont rate of wastes .or suchclHss nr classes of
work sif 11 si in. l.i r 11 it sir.' on 1 hi- Pacific l'ss..>'. s,r
tin, Province of Brulsli Columbia, it being lhe
understanding sn 1 1: n • it thn! "whi**" lull nir shall ri n iisa ire I as tarn 1 possible iu all
it., works "i I ni oouno. turn with its aid mills
by the sui! Company.
. That the Company from the i.. >,: jstlon 'if tho
snid sawmill, shingle mill an i nl iisiag mill,and
accessories, will cwitinuousl*; wort: and operate' every mouth *i each nnd overy year
that trade conditions will warrant and weather
pormil for u term of ten j.-.r from the data of
ibis agrcci oat.
That tlie Company will nol eree', construct,
keep si; 11 *r ite wil ii'i thn limits ol tlie C svpor-
atitni, or a r::-•.-■ of (lie miles therefrom, env store *»r stores of uny kind; and thai
tin* ('ini,puny will not own ni'v int^ii- a. either
directly ssr itulirectly, in any store or stores, of
any kind within tin. .-.aid Corporation limits, or
a limit of five mih's therefrom, It Isagreed,
however,between the parti.*-; hereto lhat the
Company may keep on hand supplies and provisions for the nse of the Company'sown lumber or other camps, bul nol for the uso of, nor
for ih.. purpose of selling tl.e same,or any part
thereof, to Iho Company's employees and workmen r"-i lent wltnin tin* limits of th.-Corporation, or a radius of five mils.- therefrom.
Thnt the Company will not construct or erect,
upon any part or parts of the limits horoinbo-
I'ors mentioned, any buildings or houses, oxcept
for the purposes of the Company, or for its own
Workmen ssr employee-.
That tu case the Company shonld fail in working and operating the said saw mill, shingle
null, planing mill, or accessories for fivo oonso-
CUtive years, during tbe said term of liai years
from the date of completion "f said mills, or in
any other manner should fail to obsorvo and
carry sail air.- of the provisi IBS or conditions of
ibis agreement, Um s.ii 1 Compauy, in consider*
atlon at the rights ami privileges horeinbeti .s-
tuoiii ionr.I as being grante I bv the Corporal ■"
to the Company, agrees with the Corporation tss
grant and convey unto the Corporation, by a
good and sufficient deed in fee simpls- free from
all bncumbraacsjs, thi* said Block "K." save
Canadlao Pnciflc Railway tight of wny over
-aid Block "F, ' lih..-k* Five uml Eighl.the
wosl half of Block Six and tho East half ..(
KVKIt. tha; tin- Company, beforo granting inch
lands, li to havo lh.. privilege of removing it*
plant aad 1 era mil property tl orefrom,
Tin' Company forthwith upon n Iving a deed
nr conveyance of Block "I-" hereinbefore mentioned, and on ls"e..'siisiL- olseil sif tin' -am...
shall transfer I'1 the ( isrpiiial ion by a stood aii'l
sufficientdoo#l a strtpot lanil from Block"K"
ilxty-sU fool in widtii in continuation of ami iu
astraight lino with Hume Street from Lake
Avonuo In tin' waters of SI.scan La I.e.
IT IS I'l'HTHKH AGREED by and between tho parties horeto that tho Company will
Indemnify and save harmless the Corporation
from all and ovory as-tism or suit which may
beroaftor at any lime commenced, or
Instituted against the Corporation for any net
or acts, omission or omissions of the Company
in the commencement, build ing. or carrying on
of the works or undertakings of the Company.
except su"h sails or actions ns may bo in-lit usesl
and carried on because of the erection arid
maintenance of the said works, plant and operations of tin' saisl Company.
AND AGREED by and between the parties
boretothnt the undertaking pntoresl into ami
agreed on behalf of tbo Company shall bind and
extend to Its successors and ussigns, ami thai
tin undertaking onterod into ami aar I on bulla if of Un' Cornorattoa shall bind the Corporation and shall extend lis its successors and assigns,
AGREED by and between the parties hereto
that in oase the said parties of thesecoad part
iu any way, directly or Indirectly, are hindored.
prevented,or unable to execute tho full performance of ihe covenants ansl conditions hero*
by assumed by them by reason of riots, floods,
strikes, combines, nets of God, vis major, pend*
ingor in I'xi.-lnnce in lhe locality, or affecting
tho locality, or by reason of tho destruction of
the works, or any part, thoroof, from violence of
any kind, not lhe result, however,of the neglect
or omission of lhe said parties of tho second
purl, then they, the said parties ot tho second
pari, shall not 00 liable, in whole or iu part for
any of the penaltlos or broaches of tho coven*
ants in these presentscontaiaodoausedthereby,
bul.on thi' other band, tho s-sid Company shall
be fully excused therofrom.
IN W1TNKSS WHEREOElho parlies hereto
have hereunto set und caused tlnir namos to be
subscribed, and their corporate soul hereto affixes!, the day ami y:'.ir first alum' written.
Sta City Kirs' Dm,
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets erery Wednesday evening
tn the Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
Invited to attend-
Financial Secretary
ranging in price from
$2 to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
Agents for the Helnizinan & Co.,Ger-
hard lleiiitzinnii, and Karn l'ianes
Certiflcate oi lipvents.
MorrU Mini's il Clulm.
Situate in tlie Slocan City Mininyi Division of the \Vesl Kosiii'iiuy District.
Where located:—On tho north aids
of Bprln.oi creek, near the Argo
mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur B. Fat*
well, acting as agent for ths* Arlington
Mines, Limited, F.M.C. No. B60896, intend, cixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to tin' Mining Recorder fsir u certi-
Qcato of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown ('runt ol tl.e above
And further take notice that action,
under section :i". most he commenced
before tin* issuance of such certiflcate ol
Dated tbi* E8th day of August, I!>n2.
5-902 ' A. S. i'AI'WT.I.L
r»rt iiiipi. Mineral cuius.
Situate in the Blocan Citv mining divi*
sion of Ws'Pi Kootenay slii-trict. where
located:—Half mile north ssf Spritzer
creek, adjoining tiie Gold Viking.
TAKF. NOTICE lhat I, J. M. Mc*
Qrogor, act ing as agentfor T. J. llutv.
free miner's certiflcate Ko. U60885; U.
I.. Fife, F. M. C. No. r..r.!iHH->, and J.
G. McCallum. F. M, C. N<s. I'ollWLM, In*
tend, sixty daya from tbe slate bereof, to
apply tu tb.* Mining Kecorder for a cs*rtiii-
siiie'of improvements, for ibe purpose
nf obtaining a crown giant on the above
And further take notice tbat action.
under Bcction 37, must be commenced
before tlu* inuance of such certificate of
liatesl tb.s 3rd <!av of October, 11102.
10-10*02, ' .1. M. McGREGOR
Kxohaug*nnd Silver rim.* Miiserni
Situate in tbo Slocan City Mining Divi-
■ion of'lhe West Kootenay district
Where Uicats'il: On Dayton creek.
TAKF. NOTICF, that I, -I. M. McGregor, acting as agent for II. (>. VanTiivl,
free miners'certiflcate Ko.Bf<9U84,intondl
sixt\ days from tin* dais* hereof, to apply
to tiie mining rororderfor certificate! ol
i improvement, for Ihs purpose of obtain*
I ing crown grants of tbe above claims.
And  further take notice tbat action,
i under BCCtion ",7, must !>•  commenced
! before tin* issuance of such Certificates of
Dated this 8rd <tay of October, l\m.
0*10-02 .i. m. McGregor
Slug Ten Miui'i ii Claim.
Heprcsenting the strongest companies doing business in Canada.
Skk new acc'idknt POLICY, with participation in profits, coverinr sickness and operations.
II. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owners
To j. W. Millard, Kate Scott and Thoa.
Heid, or to any parson or personi to
whom they may have trai'eierrcd their
several interests, in whole or in part,
in the Slug Ten mineral claim,situated
near the Enterprise mine, in Slocan
City mining division of West Kootenay, located September Uth, 18i»5, and
recorded September Oth, 18SI5:
You aro hereby notified lhat I havo
expended the SUm ol one hundred ami
two dollars and fifty centa in iserform-
ing and recording assessment work for
tbe iUkiv.i mentioned mineral claim,
since the ("th day of September, 1901,
and if within 90 slaye from the date of
thin notice you. or any ol you, fail or
refuse to contribute your eevcrsl proportions of inch ex|si'ndiiiir*j, together
t\ illi all roflts of advertising, your interests in Faid claim shall bucoine lhe pro
perty of tbe subscriber, under section
25Bof the Mineral Act.
Dated at Slocan this  11th day of September, 1008,
12-9*02 r VV- BLLIB
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
1 To Harry  Williams, or to any  perioa
or persons to he may Lave trans-
ferred   ilia   interest   in   the Chilkat
ami Delphian mineral claim*, situated
on tbo bead waters of  Isemon  creek,
and recorded in the Recorder's* office
for tlio Slocan t ily mining division.
You are hereby notified that I.Oscar
V. White,  free  miners' certificate No.
BS9437, bave canssd to be expended tho
sum of sil hunilred snd  fifteen dollars
in labor ami Improvement! on the above
memtii ned  mineral  claims,  in order lo
hoM »a'ul claims  under tbe provisions of
I'm* Mineral Act; end if within 00 davs
from the dale of this notice you fail, or
refuse, to contribute yonr proportion of
sued expenditure,together wilh all costs
of kdvettising,   your interest    in   said
claims will boconio the  property of the
1 subscriber, under section 4 ol an Act
entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated at Sandon, ll.C, this20th day of
Beptembor, A.D. 1902.
26*9.0"* OICAR V.WHITE
Situate in the slocan City Mining Division sif West Kootenay District.
Whoro located:—On Ten Mile creek,
cast of the Bntei prise.
T.\! 1*. NoTICF. thai I, J, M McOre*
gor.ncting ns agent for I'. W. Bills.
Free miner's certificate No. B69488, and
c. I"., amitlioringale, F.M.C. No.l'..v.i74:t.
Intend, sixty daya from the date hereof,
to apply to the alining Recorder ora cer-
tificate of improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Qrant of the above
Ami further laka notice that action,
under section :(V, must be commenced
before tho issuance ol sucli certificate, of
11 sled this 0th day of September, 1902.
10-10*02 .1. M. McOREGOB
Montreal Mineral Ulalm,
Situnte in tht! Slocan city Mining Division of the Ws'st Kootenay District,
Where located:—On the divide between Lemon ami Springer creeks,
adjoining tho Two Friends mineral
TAKK NOTICK that [.Arthle Main-
wnring-Johnson, nctlng un agent for Pio
neer Mining Co., Limited (non-personal
liability), Free Miners Certificate No
B68186,intend, sixty days bom the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Uecorder
for a certificate of improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a CroWn grant
of tbo above claim.
And further tako notice tbst action,
under section 87, must ho commenced
heroro the issuance ol such certiflcate of
Dated this 1Kb day of October loo*)
17-111-02 "*B\JB
World's Scenic Route.
East West
ST. .!(>lIN
in llu.' presence nt
SBDrte i Tie in: $2
Lake Route
From Fort Willlam.the favorite summer route, ts all eastern points.
Via Soo Line
For St. Paul, Dulttth,Sault Ste.Marie
Chicat-o, etc.
Leaves Dunmore Junetion daily for St.
r'anl; Kootenay Landing Tneeday aad
Saturday for Toronto, Montreal, ete-
Leaves Revelstoke daily for Seattle and
ThroiiRli booklii(*-s to Eurepe via all
Atlantic lines. Prepaid tickets at
lowest rates from all Etir»pea»
countries. For rates and full I"*1"
ticulars apply to local agents, or
. S. CARTER,     E. J. COYLE,
D.P.A., A.G.P* A.,
Nelson. Vancouver
Agent, Slocan City


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