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The Slocan Drill 1900-10-26

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j VOL. I., No. 30.
BLOCAN,   B.   0.,   OCTOBER   20,   iooo.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
|T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
|Giant Powder,    Qutta Percha Fuse,   Jessops' Steel,
Stoves and Tinware,    Gasoline and Coal Oil,
rust reeeived a large quantity of Dimension Glass, large size; also a quantity cf
Iron Pipe, all sizes.
iiion U.OPSH (iitoi r, on ti:n mii.k,
-..   IANUE8   HANDS.
Mm-lt Stanley 1'ut n Through the Deal for
!*!: 1 0,093 -AttUStantlH] Cash 1'iiyiin-nl
Mode Properly to bo Crown Granted
mui Wink Ooinmenoud.
Ited, ihi; capita] of which wns sub*
scrlbcfl In one hour after the honks
were opened. The company owns 17
claims, situ;-t-tod on Four Mile-crook,
nnd it Is their intention to prove them
at onec,.thero being ample money
available fcrl1 tho purpose. Mr. Sand
ifotd baa the making of a mine in the
group( ot which he Is to bo manager.
His syndicate will embark in other
schemes later on.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions.
Goods shipped to any part
of the Slocan.
B. C.
Our Stock is Complete,
)ry Goods,  Groceries, Boots  and S'iioe.*,
Rubber Goods, & Men's Furnishing^.
A Recent Arrival.—A Carload ul Fresh
Vegetables,comprising [Jumpkins,Squnsli
Citrons, Cabbage, Beets, Etc.
Try Veal Loaf:   the latest delicacy.
IW. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Sloean, Vernon, Palrvlcw, and Camp McKinney, B. C.
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
Has ample accommodation for a large number of Guests and supplies the best of
everything in the Harket.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Still another deal has lioen put
through in this camp, and it Is one
' li.it will be of material help (rod benefit, by its iufluenoo, to many strug
gling prospectors. Tlie Iron Horse
grotap, on Ton Mile creek, situated
Immediately below and adj lining the
Enterprise, has been bon led through
the efforts of Mark Manley, to \V. 8
Rogers and \V. D, Wrightor, ofSpo-
kano, and Oeo. B. Smith, j:'.. of Og-
den, Utah, The deal was effected
in Spokane and the papers In connection therewith haye been fot'Will'dod
tothatcitv. The bond runsslx months'
for 119,0(3 \ ol which a subuantinl
portion was paid down. Tne b mders
an organizing n ci tnpany, with the
nssistanco ol Pittsburg caj Itnl, to de-
volopethc property. W. 3. itogersis
to he president, .Mark Mauloy vice
presidi nt and general manager, and
A. L. McLean is to be foreman at the
mine. The group is to be surveyed
at once tor a crown grant and then
development will be continued all
The Iron Ilorsc group consists of
the Iron Hoi's I claim and the I. ind in
fraction, covering the ground in the
pulley bolow thc Enterprise, and on
both .sides of the creek. Tho owners
are Angus E. McLean and A.Mci)on-
aid of Silverton. The Iron Horse
was staked In 1894, just after tho
Entcrprisc.to which property it is thc
key. It embraces splendid water
p river and ekccllent timber, but i- la
a shaft properly pure and simple.
After some dcvcl ipnient by ihe owners, it was li nded in 1897 t i the
Evans syndicate, of Vancouver, whol
drove in a tunnel and tapped tin-
lea I. but failed t i take up the Iwn I.
T!i" drift cul tlir iugh tw i or three
inches of ci; ,\n ore, upon which n
winze was started, bul abandoned nt
a depth of two foet. This spring the i
owners sank this iv'mzo to a depth f
20 tee! an 1 the n lystrcak widened
■ nt to a loot, of which eight Inches in .
clean mineral, giving nssays ol close ™ ««« recorded.
U>200iz. Iti-* of the same character
as the Enterprise nrticle and shows
zinc. The chute givos every evidence of widening nnd continuing
under the creek. In addition in this
vein, there is what is Known as tho
|);lt vein, running parallel and. ah:.tit
20 l reel to the west. This lead inns
through all thc properties from thc
i Ihi . on the Springer summit, to the
Wevmouth, on thc n irth side of Ten
Mil , and has been i pencil in numerous places showing concentrating
Thc group i- advantage msly situ
aud in every respect, being do c I i
a good wagon rond, while the gov-
eminent trail runs over it. It is in
the 1) tst of company ! i thc s mtli
being the Enterprise; to the wesi ll o
Neepawa,  recently   bonded   to  the
Another "li-vi- ofOround In This DlvNli.n
in Dl.pnto.
This .division is proving a regular
harvest to Nelson lawyers, who each
weok have some new case In court,
involving Hi" ownership of local raining property. The latest one is that
ofCameron vs. Kirkwood, the writ
In whicl' was issued Saturday, by
lialliher it Wilson, of Nelson, acting
for tho plaintiiN. The latter are Pete
Lindquist, Hugh Cameron nnd .las.
(.anipboll, who sonic time ago staked
tho Bald Mountain fraction, situated
on the Ten Mile summit,and between
tlie Gertie 1* fraction on tho west.
Summit fraction on the north, and
Eda fraction on the s mtli. The latter is owned by li. I, Kirkw.,od and
C. K. Srotiheringale, who are made
the defendants in tin; case. The Eda
is one of'ihe speculator group, recent
'v Inralcd by J. Frank Collom, and
he is the real defendant in the suit,as
lie is having the property crown
granted for the owners, A.S. Farwell
being the surveyor and agent.
The plaintiffs arc ndversing lhe
application I H" ft certilicate of im
provoments on the Eda, and are en
deavoring to s< cure a portion of the
Bald Mountain al eged to bo embraced within thc borders of the Eda.
They allege that when thc survey of
the iila was inndo, tho stakes of the
latter wore extended s i a s to embrace
a | nrtien ofthe Bald Mountain. The
plaintiffs als i maintain that the Bald
•.fountain was staked and recorded
prior to tiie sarv v of the Eda, and
lienc ■ that lhe ■!■ fend.ints1 sun c; oi
wns debarred from encroaching up m
their grolnd in stirve> i ig the E la.
1 i ov< m (f the location being atl ick-
i d, the point will arise as to whether
the act permits of a No. 2 nosl bi ing
movi d nl the time of sm vey to ti ce
in more land than was included when
tho Ella fraction was originally stnk-
Denver, was here Friday on his way
to Ncl&on. lie stated lhe Bosun shipped 1 10 tons of on last month, while
the reserves in sight, were large. The
values of the ore had also been show
Ing a satisfactory increase of late.
■Six tunnels are being worked at the
mine, the lowest, just above the lake
shore, having passed through the
wash and would Boon bo into the.
ledge. The Bosun never looked better than nt present and is certain of
making a big mine.
This S6at0fl in l-ur lln- Boston Record —A
lli-iilt.liy Uvldenoo or the Lift, mui
AVt-iill li of thi-  Camp— KnterpriHi' tlio
nigged Shipper,
liu Views L'pim Soint of tin- Live Issues
of the Day.
''Modern  invention
raously increased
Wei- of 111 ri U that ^^^^^^^^^^
supplied with a fraction ol the-time
and effort heretofore necessary for
that purpose. Labor as well as capital should benefit by thi so changed
conditions. A general eight-hour law
is a step In that direction and I shall
heartily endorse any legislation looking to that end."
"Government inspection of indua
tries. Under modern economic conditions, the management of industrial concerns figure on results, not
the methods by which they aro to
he obtained. An over-supplied labor
market enables tin in to impose ujion
employees any conditions they may
leem necessary. Protest as a rule
means dismissal from service and
probable want to their littld ones.
Legislation should bo enacted to pre
vent this."
"Tho abases that have grown up
under the contract Bystom, ns outlined in tho Brat i3suo of the Dominion
Labor Gazette, should convinco even
thc hide-bound partizansoftho neccs-
- ty ol the enactment of a law abolishing the system."
"Regnrding the public ownership
of franchises, our experience in the
c ntl'o' of the p■■■-■'■■I department, public sci: iois, putblic high ways uiunici-
The feature of this week's shipments is the, addition of the Bondholder lo the already respectable list of
shippers from this division. Twenty
tons was sent out to the Nelson smelter,  and  it  is the   intention  ci   tho
i lessees to ship a carload each month.
leaders] From tht) Arlington 40 tons was exported, the ore going to Nelson also.
It is being handled in bulk. So soon
as the bunkers aro completed the ton-
age will he greatly increased.   Noth-
( ing came from the Enterprise, as one
team can  hardly  handle a car por
the productive po-        , .,     _,.      ,     m.    . . ,
Mo  ,„„„.. ,..,,,i,.   week over the  soft roads.     1 he total
Ilia   wauls  can he   ..     ., .....
lor the  year for the division  is upwards of Ho i tons
- Following is a list of the shipments
this \car to date:
Thc public press is filled of lato by
the "bright" sayings of th
of the two old parties. Appended arc
a few logical remarks by Chris" Foley,
Labor's candidate in this riding, and
they touch up public que lions In a
trite, as well as bright, manner:
has  so   enor-
Black Prince,
Hampton . . .
Neepawii.. . .
Two Friends
minks  AND
TOT At..
.     20
Jusl h liat defence Mr. I' illom wi
put up in thc matter   will not   be'"
known j ist yet, bul it promises I    b ■
i iuljstai tial one and of a manifold
chuiacter, as the ground in question
has ,-il..o hcen staked over and
advantage to the people and I
^__^ llv end -rse such legi-h'tioii."'
********* lull   is ^™ *****
entangli ments
ie I', fraction, lor which a certilicate |
pal lighting plants an I waterworks,
is safJicicnt ground for tho extension
ol the Biime system to railroads, tele
nph, telephone aud express busi
ness. The experience of people in
New Zealand, Australia, Germany,
and elsewhere,has demonstrated that
these functions can be performed by
" I the government with a very great
The Arlington      	
on the payroll.
About oO men arc employed at the
Chapleau millsite and mine.
One of the best showings of ore to
bo seen in the camp is that of the
Lily li.
Tin- Vancouver group, on Four
Mile, is again sending down oro for
Thirty cents has been offered and
refused for a large, block of Arlington
snares lately.
More surveying is being done in
this division at present than at any
time during the year.
London capitalists are after the
Mountain Con gro p, situated in the
granite belt above .Sandon.
Word came from Nelson during
the week that the force on the Knter-
of work
is bee i   granted.
!|   i- giving rise
Toe Ar
to lots of
''eart- j prise is to be largely increased.
Martin  Isaacson  and   Henry
Bondholder a Bhippor.
" l he prc8oneo -ere m large numbers ol tho non-assimilating Asintic
race ro1 - Canadian labor of Its birthright. Every Mongol 'landing upon
our .ihores Ii ssen - rather than Increases (uv population.   Tlio white
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
ORTHING & HENDERSON, - Proprietors
Slocan, B. C.
is under the
I HUM ul Personal linapitit of Jeff Boly,
■Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
Warner Miller people for $30,000' to
tho cast the Slug Ten group; to the
north the United Emptro and Weymouth. Farther up the hill to the
south, and on the s imo vein, is the
Mabou group, bonded to J. Frank
C illom for $ti5,000. The Arliugt m,
S; cculator and B mdliolder may all
bo classed in thesamc vicinity. Thi'
oro chute exposed on the Iron Ilorsc,
Enterprise and Mabou is ope of the
1 .._, st known to exist and has gain
ed a world wi le reputation, Pile lira!
two cai loads of ore shipped from thc
Enterprise, after pnying freight and
and treatment charges ol about " 16 n
ton, netted the owners {*,*t"i per i m.
The oxtensivo workings i f the En
tcrpriso demonstrate thc value
vein, and its reflection naturall*, en
htinci a the iron  I torso.   L'pw irds i f
3,00 i tons of on-  has been shippi d
from tho  Entorpriso and .1. I). K, n
dill, the  noted   English   expert,   Is
credited with the BS3< t'tion that there
is,': i,i'ii 1,0 11 worth i f mineral yel In ','.', „{.'..'
sight, while the property   Is  quite     ;l   "' '
easily one i f tho best In thc province.
A recent stntemi nt Issui d In England
by the Enterprise managements vera
that the mine c in -hip i'10 l ms per
month, realizing yearly dividends ol
20 per cent.   In the light of the c do
vi lopments, it is no woncti r the I    i I
ers of tho  Iron  Hoi i   c insider th iy
hnvo   made  n shrewd   investmc it,
canablo ofyieldlii' liaudsoino returns,
On Monday lhe lesseesi f thc Bond
holder made their first shipmoLt of"! hiborer $
ore, consisting of 20  tons    ll  wns a rule, marry
consigm d t ■ tho Nelson smelter, lhe Increasing; the popu
ore was light, there being upwards three.   "'"     ^^^^^^^
of GOO sacks to the ear.   A sample loss mouths to feed, nnd less
testofthe first three tons gave 217 clothe; to tho doctor loss demands for
oz silver and  $3.G0 in gold.    Eight | his services; to  tin*   transportation
! men will be eniplo1, cd constantly on
'the ]U'operty throu::;i  the winter, as   	
the lessees will secure a  new lease   buildings to erect; to the real estate
when their time expires on Dec. 81. | denier less demand for property; to
■ i'hev have commenced drifting
are working steadily on the Standard
group and getting out some line ore.
The llewett is one of the first-class
mints of the Silverton camp.   It will
be n steady shipper during the win-
■^■^-^-^-^h-^-^-^b     telle replaces would, as j
and settle among us,      The whole, breast ofthe No. I drift
atlon by at least.! on the Speculator is full of mineral,
fhis means to the merchant   and all lhe muckings are being sort-
backs to cd over.
c itni nub .- loss traffic; to tho dcntisl
Ic ■ • ti eth lo lill; to the mechanic less
the No. 1 tunnel and taking out thc
oro as tlu y <;o. The B mdliolder
ad 1- anotlii r to the rapidly growing
list ol shi| pi rs from this division.
r.ivul Scnrlot Degree
Friday evening a chapter i f tlio
i;oy.il S airlol degree wassucccssfblly
instituted in conm ctlon with the i eal
Orange society. Eleven memberi
had the pleasure of ri ling the goat,
with sevi" il in ire in pn B| e tl After
the ceremony the members Adjourned to the Royal llotel, where n
tempth g npas:, was i artaken of.
The ofl! i if the new degree are:
K CO., T l.tike: EC.,.I.Cross; Scribe
■I, T. Hi nuchesne; i 'lmplaln, C. E.
reasurcr,   I;. Iloopcr; S.II.
I. liorrie; I.II ,
I. ' ■   Altchison.
A. Hi
thc farmer less Bale I ir produce; to
the ncwspapi r man h:ss papers to be
sold; to the preacher smaller congregations; and to the bootblack few< r
': • to shine, Their prosence works
Injury to all branches of tho economic
system. I oppose their coining here
on the same grounds 1 w uld oppose
tin- tnklngof more i as3cngcrs into an
open   bout,   already   loaded to   the
- nl •.:: line, in mid-Pacific. Every
1 ,-iniaii occupying a p isition in
domostic service Intnifen - with the
natural Lias  a-   nppl) ing  to the in
lustrinl b dy, robbiiitf our women of
einpl lymcni naturally belonging to
them, to tho extent that lor c *ery
Chinaman so employed s unc one's
Bister or daughter i- driven to pro3tl
tution, evolving n race problem des
lined t ' breed sen.- of hi I. that will!
- line dav mantle tho Canadian's
cheek with a blush  for his country's
Several hundred tons of St.Eugene
concentrates, from Moyie, passed
through litis week for Vancouver,
bound for Chile,
British experts have been examining the Wakefield, on Four Mile,dur-
ing the week, with ii view to re opening the property.
P. W. ileorgo intends to run an
other hundred feet on tho Creole, on
Lemon crock.   The  ore  assays as
high as $1£0 In go'd.
D. Graham and J. Saulter are
working on the Erin gn up.   They
have exposed ii promising showing of
six Inches of steel galena.
Adverse petitions have been s -ut
Into the government against tho application of tho Arlington Mines for a
timber limit on Springer creek,
speech  at
;-., il ,■ Thi i mi Your Mlrr ir,
I'i-i-II v III -ti   It. (urn-.
uitc posslblo  that
iv good I    Al. Teeter return
ro not aware that  nn  kelson, whither In
1 at the last si ssion of tho oro shipped  by
ing He Is highly pleased wilhth
■Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past   its
I you are dry, weary
door when
or hungry.
w bile lhe efloel  on  Ten   Mile ol the
deal will be great.   Slow ly but sure
I'eSOUl ees nt thai creek are lu
ll Is -
many pc
H was pa ssen
the   1' nam ii   parliament,  ma
live pel
ly the ^^^^^^
coming recognized, capital only
Ing required to bring them to
lor UlHlltlR,
I e
\y. II. Snndiford, mgr  i f I
sun   id Nl w 11 nver. said   011
that- his pi nple had succi
i d in Englam
cent per nnniiiii tho lega
rate of hit    -  ;   In tead  of six   pet
,., nt, v, here thc rate is not otlu rw Isi
agree il  upon,    However,
,],cn i i parties to make such rates
,', tin     iiiny choose,   but  unh ss a
Sp, ,-ii'n il rate is named, live per cent
i     : ,   be    heal   :.s   the    legll
L'hill'gl llblo nlld the   IllgllC
loet.nl Ic
1 yesterday from
had   ln-iii   with
the   lionrlli -l.h-r.
lie Is highly pleased « ith thc i    i
as llC deserve- I i hp, The am Unl
shipped wa.- a I,'netion less than 20
tons, giving a net return ol $2,100, it
still jnvernging218 oz ol silver per ton.
These figure ■ demonstrate the great
richness of the property, which is a
grass ro il proposition
|ilc. The dry ores
arc n-t to bo sin
Intcn I
rate col
pure and -dm
of this division
ho : ■ iwn as thel
i.-ul sncc'ssfullj
atiothei   i nv, to
Cliiini! '.i'n
:   .     ifd,
-     I
: v. VIr and   Mi
,  till      H    ' '-
-1111 • I ■ - ■
i $7.50
t i
!   n e ill
ml mal
\ I > nver from
After Many lliiju.
11 m. W. B. Fielding, the
minister of finance, in a
Montreal this week, an ounccd that
the Canadian government, ban 'h-
tainert the consent of the linpi '
govet nnieiit for the establishment .
a brunch ofthe royal mint InCnntida.
This mint would coin all the ('ana •
dinn d ill in required llio balance of
Yukon and British Columbia product
hi Ing made up into British sover-
Who Chrlt ti.
The Vancouver Province remnrkss
Mr i lliris Eoley, thc I.ai orenndidato
in Yale-Cariboo, is a son of the into
Michael   Harrison   Foley,   well   it-
bore i   by  tl -    older  I 'a  ml
pnlll      ll 1-  ill'     t a
;        Cathulie. nu-i
fe I
i ■
Volunteers Did Not Like Col.
Otter's  Action.
There   Was   a   Misunderstanding
About Their Departure.
Will   Be   .'.SO   Feel    Loug-Tli*  «'on-
tl-iirt  Ik   Let
The contract for the C. P. R.
bridge across the Columbia from
Sproat's landing to Castlegar, has
been let to the Dominion Bridge
company. The bridge will be 550
feet in length and will cross the
Columbia about a mile below West
Robson. Direct passage of freight
will then be possible without transfer.
Toronto, Oct. 23.—Letters received here yesterday from officers
of the first Canadian contingent go
to show that the departure of tha
regiment from South Africa . was
preceded by a'regretable misunderstanding, owing toCol. Otter assuming the responsibility of intimating to Lord Roberts that the whole
force was willing to remain till the
end of the war without consulting
the regiment, which was at that
time broken up in small detachments   and   stationed   at    various
When the men learned of Otter's
action in pledging them   to  remain
without their knowledge they  were
angry and stated  that they  would
have willingly consented to remain
had they been asked,   but  objected
to Col. Otter giving a   promise  off
hand.    So strong was  the  feeling
that eventually all the men who had
volunteered    were   ordered   home.
The  remainder,   consisting  of   the
permanent corps, were grouped  together and  now  form   a  company
which remains under Col. Otter.
»ue« lor IMvone.
London,Oct. 23.—Countess Russell, wife of Eari Russell, whose matrimonial and other difficulties have
been aired in the courts several
times, has again sued for divorce.
STOLE $700,000
New   York    Bank    Teller's
Heavy Defalcation.
NBlvmARKKT   hikkt
Was Foolish
Another Case of Over-Confidence
In an Old and Trusted
Girl Shows Friends She
Is Not Afraid to »
Chicago, Oct. 23.—With a laugh
of scorn at a friend who had questioned her bravery to commit suicide Miss Gertrude Dewade shot
and probably fatally wounded herself last night. She was talking
merrily to a friend when the question of bravery was raised and acted
upon it at once.
New Vork, Oct. 23.— C.    L.   Al-
vord, note teller of the   First   National bank, at Broadway and Wall
sfeet, Is accused   of   heavy  thefts
and bas disappeared.     Alvord  had
been with the bank for years.      He
lived at Mount   Vernon.     The  defalcation will reach $700,000.    Officers of the bank refused   details   of
the information this afternoon,   but
will give out a  statement  covering
Alvord's wrong doing   later  in  the
day.   The man  has  not  yet  been
arrested but will probably be apprehended before long.
The bank is one of the most important in the city, doing a very
large business."£. Its reserve is in
excess of $50,000,000.
Ill.lilo.     Hidden    by     Mailer,    Winn
the Plate
London, Oct. 23. —At the Newmarket Houghton meeting today
the trial plate was won by Mr. Har-
die's Biddo, ridden by Maher, who
also piloted the winner of the Scarborough stakes, owned by Sir J,
Miller Marconi. The race for the
Limekiln stakes was won by Lord
Wm. Beresford's Jolly Tar, ridden
by J. Reiff.
win visit Toroneo. /
Toronto, Oct. 23. — Ballington
Booth, head of the Christain Volunteers of America, a split from the
Salvation Army, is to visit Toronto
with his staff on Dec. 2.
WilliamR. Hockey Convicted
of Bigamy*
His   Plea In   the   Witness Box-
Thought His First Wife Had
Secured a Divorce,
Pleaded  Not  Guilty,
Nelson, Oct. 22.—Voung Che-
noweth of Rossland was arraigned
this afternoon at 4 o'clock on the
charge of shooting a Chinaman.
He pleaded not guilty and the case
was proceeded with.
UOODK   NOT   l»F.I.I\ lltl l».
Put the Flag at Half /Wast
on ShermanY Funeral Day.
Clark la IMai-hariced.
Petrolea, Ont., Oct. 23.—Police
Magistrate Hammond has discharged James Clark, accused of manslaughter for having caused the
death of his brother John by kicking him a few days ago.
Addressed a IMeetlutt
Peterboro, Out., Oct. 22.—Hon.
Mr. Mulock, whom the Liberals of
West Peterboro designate as minister of labor and postmaster-general,
addressed a meeting in the interest
of McClellan on Saturday  evening.
Couaervallve Nominees
Montreal, Oct. 22. — Conservatives of St. James division and St,
Marys division have nominated respectively T. Pagnurlo and Ex-Al-
derman Carpenter to contest the
ridings in their interests.
A  Pollli.al  estimate
Ottawa, Oct. 22.—An'estimate of
the strength of the parties in tbe
house of commons at the close of
the late session, vacancies being
counted according to their former
representation, shows as follows:
C9n. Lib.
Ontario 40 52
Cjuebec 14 51
New Brunswick   8 6
Nova Scotia    ..  8 12
Prince Edward Island.... 2 3
Northwest Territories....   1 3
British  Columbia    2 4
Manitoba          2 5
Indians Dying
They Caught No Salmon
This Season and the
Country (Flooded
Vancouver, B.   C,   Oct.   23.—-A
special from   Agassi/,   B. C,   says
that two hundred Indians are starving at    Pemberton   Meadows,   150
miles north of Agassiz.    An  Indian
rider brought tbe news  today  that
fifty Indian families are  dying  and
lhat it is doubtful if supplies can be
sent to them  quick enough to  save
their lives.    They have  caught  no
salmon    this  season,   their   potato
crop has failed and their stock  has
been drowned by   the floods.    Recent heavy   rains  have  caused  the
Harrison river to overflow its banks
and the whole country   is said to be
flooded.    Conditions are said to be
worse now than  during  the  disastrous floods of 1894, when   the district was  under  six   feet   of water.
Supplies are being rushed from Vancouver to lhe stars ing  Indians.
ills mui  Wi)
Delhi, Out., Oct. 22.—Conservatives of North Norfolk have decided
not to oppose the election of John
Charlton. Liberal.
At HiiullllKdoii
Huntingdon, Que., Oct, 22. —The
Conservatives have nominated R.
N. Walsh, ol this place, to contest
Huntingdon county,
This leaves tbe Conservatives
with a majority of 59 to overcome,
requiring a change of at least 30
seats, or 15 per cent of  the   whole,
New Nomiualious
The following nominations are
New Brunswick — Queens and
Sudbury, R. W. Wilmot, Cons.
Cjuebec--Terrebonne, Raymond
Prefontaine, Lib., who is also running in Maisoneuve.
Ontario—North Oxford, J. ti.
Wallace. Cons., and Hon. James
Sutherland, Lib.; Toronto Last, A.
E, Kemp, Cons.; Centre, W. R.
Brock, Cons.; Hast Middlesex, J.
Gilson, Lib.
Deported   Lot ot a Toronto *Uu Who
Subscribed #10,000,
Toronto, Oct. 22.—Sir Wilfrid
Laurier's emphatic denial of H. H.
Cook's statement in regard to the
offer made him of a senatorsbip on
receipt of $10,000 is likely to be
followed by a decidedly ^interesting
development. Mr. Cook says his
statement with reference to the offer
of a senatorship was true in every
particular. He said he was careful
not to make his charge without being able to support it by facts.
In connection with the question
of trafficking in senatorships, a
a pretty straight story comes from
a friend of a prominent Toronto
capitalist, who stated personally
that he actually subscribed the
necessary $10,000 for a seat in lhe
senate and was bounced out of the
Fori   William    Polities
Fort William, Ont., Oct. 22.—
Should tbe Conservatives fail to
a free on either Mayor Marks orJA.
C. Boyce as candidate for Algoma
an effort will he made to unite on
the name of Hon. J, C. Patterson,
ex-lieutenant governor of Manitoba,
to oppose A. IS, Dymont, the former member, who is again running
in the Liberal interest.
Zeppelin's Airship Sailed
Five Are
Coal Oil Lamp Exploded
and a Whole Family
Washington, Oct. 23,—The president has jssued the following proclamation:
"In tbe fullness of years and honors, JoluVSherman, lately secretary
of state, has passed away,
"Few among'our citizens have
risen to greater or more deserved
eminence^in the national councils
than he. The story of bis public
life and services is as it were the
history of the country for half a
"In the congress  of the   United
States he ranked   among  the  foremost in the house and later  in   the
senate.    He was twice a member of
the executive cabinet, first as secretary of the treasury and  afterwards
as secretary of state.     Whether  in
dehate during the dark hours of our
civil war, or'as the^director  of the
countryVfinances during the period
of rehabilitation, or a trusted counselor in framing   thc   nation's   laws
for over 40 years, or as   the   ex o-
nent of its foreign policy,    .s course
was ever marked by devotion to the
best interests_^of  his   beloved   land
and by able   and   conscientious   efforts to uphold its dignity and   honor.    His countrymen will   long   revere bis memory "and sec  in him a
type of patriotism,   the   uprightness
and the zeal   thai   go   to   moulding
and strengthening a nation.
"In fitting expression of the
sense ol bereavement tbat afflicts
the republic I direct that on the day
of the funeral the executive offices
of the I'nited States display the national flag at'hatf mast and that tbe
representatives in foreign'countries
shall pay in like manner appropriate
respect for tbe illustrious dead for
10 days "
Nelson, B. C. Oct. 23.—[Special]
Three years imprisonment was tbe
sentence    imposed    on    Wm.    R.
Hocking,   ot   Cranbrook,   charged
with  bigamy.    Hocking  was  married  at  Salt Lake, Utah, in   1895.
They   afterward   separated, and in
i8y8, he received a Salt Lake paper
in   which  was  advertised  the  fact
that he had been  made the defendant in  a suit  for  divorce instituted
bv Winnie  Hocking,  and that if no
counter plea  was entered within Go
days  the  decree   would be granted 1
by default.
Hocking asserted lhat he took no
action   and  thought   the matter of
his firrt  marriage was disposed of.
Later, in 1899, he   met  Miss Montgomery and  married her.    A damaging piece  of evidence was given
by the second  wife who testified at
Moyie  that   Hocking  once said to
her in a fit  of passion: "Vou have
no hold on  me."    The  prosecution
held   this  statement   indicated that
Hocking knew his second marriage
was not bintling  and therefore bigamous.
In reply to the query as to whether he  had  anything   to  say before
sentence was passed Hocking made
the  neatest  speech  ever  delivered
from the prisoner's box in the court
louse.    He urged his honor to deal
leniently   wirh    him,     maintaining
strenuously    that   be   was   wholly
guiltless   of  any intention  lo break
the law  or  wrong the woman who
bad become his wife  at Cranbrook.
He was anxious   to   have an opportunity   to   see   Miss   Montgomery
before being   taken   to the penitentiary   in  order   to   turn   over what
money and   valuables  he possessed
to her   and   would   also,   if the law
permitted, marry her at tbe earliest
possible  moment  in   order that her
unborn child might have a name.
Hocking's   remarks   were   neatly
worded and  created   a  marked im-
j pression.    The   sentence   of   three
years was then passed and  the case
Uncoil lusted    by    Low  Freight   auu
Treatment Rates at Trail,   ._    ,
While   in the Boundary,   a   lew-
days since, J. G. Sullivan, eugineer
of construction in British Columbia,
for the C. P. R..   said to  a Gazette
representative that  the company in
tended to  handle  the  freight busi-
ness of that  section  and improvements won'-d be made in the service
as fast  as  they  were found necessary.    The tonnage at   present was
very fair and  constantly on  the in-
The low freight and treatment
rate offered at Trail was proving an
incentive to the development of
mining property in the Boundary
and he expected to see large num.
bers of the mines on the |shipper's
list before many months.
He Stole
Much Jewelry
Got  Away with Forty-
Five Thousand Dollars Worth.
Seattle,Oct. 23.—Detectives have
arrested in a down-town hotel C. F.
Mather, who is accused by several
wholesale jewelers and diamond
merchants of New Vork city of the
theft of jewels valued at not les*
than $43,000. He was going by
the name of J. C. Moore and was
bound for Australia. He came here
rlieuoiveth Aequltted
Nelson, Oct. 23.—Without leaving thc box the jury in the Ernest
Chenowctb case returned a verdict
at 3:30 this afternoon of "not
guilty." There were loud cheers in
the court room when the verdict
was announced.
With Two /Wen In It the
Machine /Maneuvered
in the Air.
Kriederiehafen, VVurtemburg,
Oct. 23.—Another trial of Count
Zeppenlin's airship was made today
resulting in a series ol successful
evolutions. The ship, Count Zeppelin and Herr Kugenc Wolff on
board, ascended at 5 o'clock in tbe
afternoon to an altitude of five-
eights of a mile, where various maneuvers were executed. It then descended slowly to the water which
it reached near the point of departure at 23 minutes past 5 o'clock.
The king and queen of Wurtem-
burg witnessed tbe trial,
Montreal, Oct. 23.—A fatal fire
occured here in the house of Oliver
Lehlanc, a cooper, at an early hour
this morning, resulting in fhe death
of five children from suffocation and
the serious injury of two others.
Tbe fire was caused by the explosion of a coal oil lamp in the bands
of the father, Oliver I.eblanc, while
attempting to pour oil into the
reservoir, when lighted. The four
children who were burned to death,
were from four to fourteen years of
age. The seriously injured are:
Oliver I.eblanc, burned about bands,
face and legs; Aurora, aged three
years, badly burned about body,
may die: Madame Leblanc, mother,
slightly injured.
a hik nn.Ksg
^Paducah. Ky., Oct. 22.—A fire
in Morton's opera house yesterday-
destroyed the theatre, the dry goods
store of L E. Ogdvie & Co. on the
ground floor, and many offices, a
barber shop and a hook store. The
loss is estimated at $200,000.
She Was
Not Dead
Undertaker     Discovers
Life in a Supposed
Charged With
A Returned Soldier Secures a Writ Against
a Minister.
He Declined
Whitby, Ont., Oct. 22.- -Leonard
Burnett, former member from South
Ontario, (Liberal) has declined re-
To Oppose 4'I or mi
Prescott, Out., Oct. 22.—The
Conservatives have nominated D,
Severin to oppose H. J. Goran,
St. Thomas, Ont., Oct. 23 A
writ has been issued on behalf of
Gunner Ceo. A. Barrett, who has
just returned Irom South Africa,
against Rev. Dr. Philip, pastor of
the first Methodist church, for alleged   slander   in   bis   sermon   last
Sunday  evening.    The   reverend
gentleman said he was sorry lo see,
in connection with the return of one
brave boy, a carnival of drink and
dissipation, which he hoped would
not be tepeated,
New Vork, Oct, 23.—A special
from Pippinsburg, I'i., says that
alter lying all night on an undertaker's cooling board preparatory to
thc preparation of her body for
burial, Mrs. John Streke was found
to be alive and there is a possibility
that her existence may be prolonged,
The undertaker had been ordered
to embalm the body, but bethought
be delected a twitch of an eyelid
and left the supposed corpse on the
cooling board over night. This
morning there was still evidence of
life and a physician was summoned,
who discovered the woman to be in
a state of coma. She was immediately placed in bed. Her disease
has been diagnosed as acute nephritis.
**<.-i«<>n'n Vote
When the assizes end, Candidate
MacNeill will visit the cities and
towns along the main line of the C.
P. R. The first poll of the committees in Nelson gives these fig.
ures for tlie electors of that city,
MacNeill, Conservative, 336; lial-
liher, Liberal, 280; Foley, Independent Labor, 210.
The Chenoweth murder case was
opened at the assizes yesterday at-
ternoon at the conclusion ot the
Hocking trial, says the Nelson Tribune. Four crown witnesses were
examined before court adjourned tor
tbe dav, H. A. Mac Lean conducting
the prosecution and A. H. MacNeill
of Rossland cross examining for the
A   startling   announcement   was
made by Mrs. Wright,   one  of the
crown's witnesses, who stated positively on oath that   since   the   preliminary   examination    before    1 he
magistrate at Rossland in May  last
her husband  bad  been   approached
by two Chinamen who   offered him
$300 to bring evidence which would
secure the conviction   of little   Ernest Chenoweth.     This   testimony
will   doubtless   have     a     material
bearing on thc case  as   supporting
the contention of  the   defense  that
Mrs. Chenoweth's Chinese  servant
was murdered   by   his   fellow-conn.
trymen at the instigation   of Ml&h-
hinders,or a secret society of similar
Tbe extreme youth   of  the  lit'1**
prisoner, whose head barely reaches
to the   top   of the  prisoner's  box,
coupled with the gravity oi   the  alleged   offense,    makes     the    trial
unique in  the annals of  Kootena)
courts,and the case is not paralleled
In lhe   recent   history   of   Canadian
justice.    Chenowctb is hardly eight
years of age.    Had the lad been under seven years he could   not  have
been tried for murder, but  between
the ages of seven and fourteen years
the law holds a boy responsible   lor
crime provided it can demonstrated
that the defendant is capable of realizing the nature of  the  offense   he
commits and theconscquenceswhn.li
may arise therefrom.
At yesterday's sitting the fact ol
the Chinaman's death was established and medical evidence submitted as to the cause of death. fhe
physicians called could not determine whether the deadly build was
fired from within or without the
room in which the body was found.
It was also brought out that on the
day previous to thc murder two suspicious looking Chinamen were seen
about tbe Chenowctb bouse, THE TWO POWERS
Agree to Maintain   China's
Territorial Integrity.
Want the Ports   Kept   Open   to
the Peoples  of  All
London, Oct. 20.- -Germany and
England have formed an alliance to
maintain the territorial integrity of
China and to keep the ports open.
The terms of this important agreement of the two countries, which
was arrived at between Lord Salisbury and Count von Hatsfeldt, Cer.
man ambassador to England, are
officially given out as follows:
"The German government and
Her British Majesty's government,
being desirous to maintain their interests in China and their right under existing treaties, have agreed
to observe the following principles
regarding a mutual policy in China:
"Firstly—It is a matter of joint
permanent international interest
that the ports on the rivers of China
.should remain free and open to
trade and to every other ligitimate
torm of economic activity for the
peoples of all countries without distinction, and the two governments
agree on their part to uphold the
same for all Chinese territory, as
far as they can exercise their influence.
"Secondly — Both governments
will not, on their part, make use of
the present complications to obtain
for themselves any territorial advantage in the Chmese dominion,
and will direct their policy towards
maintaining, undiminished, tbe territorial condition ofthe Chinese empire,
"Thirdly—In case of another
pov.fr making use ol the complications in China, in order to obtain
under anv form whatever such territorial advantages, the two contracting parties reserve to themselves the right to come to a preliminary understanding regarding
the eventual step to be taken for
the protection of their own interests
in China."
The lulled Mair*.
Washington, Oct. 20. — The
United States will closely adhere to
the principles contained in this
agreement, and if Russia can be
brought to accept its terms as binding upon herself, there can be no
doubt, according to the official view
liere, that a substantial movement
will have been achieved toward a
final settlement of the Chinese
Oom Paul
Leaves Africa
The Gelderland Sails for
Europe with Kruger
Lorenzo Marques, Oct. 20.—The
Dutch cruiser Gelderland, with Ex-
1'resident Kruger on board, sailed
at noon today. She will call at
Bar-Es-Salaam Tanga, Jibuti) and
Tbe impression is prevalent that
a newspaper is a sort of "associated
charities," and there are more people on this earth waiting for "handouts," than would .stock :i good
sized wood yard. Business men
want "pull's," and the man who is
trying to sell stock wants ";i good
word" for his property, and another
man with a scheme wants it presented to the public "as 1 news
item,you know," and the fellow that
figures that he can make a little
money for himself by guaranteeing
a concert company wants you lo
".keep it hot," and the man with
the fancy show window, who does
not advertise, says the paper is "no
good," because mention of that
particular window is not made in
the editorial column, and another
man who does not advertise just
wants you to make a note of the
fact that he has tnov<*d to a new
place of business, and the church
entertainments, societies, clubs,
picnics, parties, dances and the like
that want free notices, are something awful. Of course, we are not
unmindful of the fact that there is a
reward in the hereafter, for all this,
but a fellow is expected to pay a
few bills here below. In nine cases
out of ten, the various schemes
above mentioned are money making
propositions for somebody and
they should pay for their advertising
just as the manager of the theatre
pays for his. Sometimes people
bring "complimentary" tickets in
consideration for which they want a
half column write-up before the
show and one of equal length after
it. We don't want tickets, so don't
bring any. We want cash. If,
when Saturday night come*?, we
tried to work off on the printers
part cash and the balance in tickets
to a pie social, the typographical
union would justly support their
A newspaper has space for sale,
just as a merchant has merchandise
for sale, and there is no more sense
in asking a paper to print a three
or four inch "free" notice for a
meeting than there is in asking a
livery man to lend you a hack and
driver to take you there. Every
line of type in a newspaper represents cash paid to printers. Don't
forget that
for Lifetime
Verdict of the Jury in
the Goebel Shooting Case.
(By Associated  Pre**.)
Georgetown,Ky.,Oct. 20.—"We,
the jury, find thisjjdefendant guilty
and fix his] punishment at life imprisonment."
This verdict was returned by the
12 men who were selected to try
Henry li. Voutzey, formerly Gov-
ernor/TaylorVstenographei,*on the
charge of being a principal Jn the
shooting of Governor Wm. lioebel
in front of the executive building at
Frankfort Jan. 30.
Tin-*, Don't««>iinl
Signs indicate very little at times,
Every other day 1 have a fine washing on a line back of my ollice but 1
do not run a laundry, [ust after it
rains all the cows in town line up to
my water barrel nut I do not run a
dairy. I sometimes find golden
hairs on my coat collar but I have
no wife. 1 often find money in my
pocket but 1 do not run a mint.
Hens roost on my woodpile but 1
never sell eggs. Signs are not to
be depended upon any more than
some of my numerous bashful subscribers.—New Denver Ledge.
KliiK.Oa.ar ■■ H.-il.-r.
Copenhagen, Oct. 19. —It is announced that the immediate danger
attached to the illness ol King Oscar has passed, but that he will require a long rest.
Four  Thousand   Short.
Hamilton, Out.. Oct. 22.—E. II.
Latham, ticket agent at Hunter
street depot of the Toronto, Ham-
iton & Buffalo Railroad, has absconded. He is short in his accounts to the extent of over four
thousand dollars.
A    I.ikI    Kllli.l,
Ottawa, Out. Oct. 22.—W. A.
Marshall, 16 years of age, was instantly killed on Saturday by being
buried under a falling embankment.
""or   Home Hutnn,
London, Oct. 22.— The admiralty, according to the Daily Mail, is
about to organize an additional reserve squadron under Rear Admiral
Sir Ger»rd Henry Noel, for home
Sir Charles Tupper Is Con-
fident of Victory.
Will Carry Sixteen Out   of   the
Twenty Seats In Nova
St. John.',N. B,, Oct. 20.—Sudbury and [Queens county Liberals
have chosen Attorney-General A. S.
White'to contestant riding in their
lu Nova Scotia.
Montreal, Oct., 20—"We will
come back from Nova Scotia with
fifteen and perhaps sixteen out ot
the twenty seats in that province,"
said Sir Charles Tupper, who arrived in the city yesterday from the
maritime provinces.
The following nominations are
Quebec—Stanstead, A H Moore,
ex-M P, Con; Henry Lobie, Lib;
Centre Quebec, Henry Chateau ville,
Con; Compton, G B Cleveland, Lib,
Ontario—Carleton, John McKel-
lar, Lib; North Waterloo, Jos. Seagram, ex-M P, Cpn; West Bruce,
Jobn George, Con, in place of John
Gentles, who declined the nomination.
Ha*  Declined.
Toronto, Oct. 20.—Major Pellatt
has declined the Conservative nomination for Toronto Centre. The
nominee now will likely be W. R,
East Toronto Conservatives are
endeavoring to inpuce A, E. Kemp,
president of the board of trade to
run in that constituency.
oiler t<> Withdraw.
Berlin, Ont., Oct. 20.—The Liberals of North Waterloo have
agreed to withdraw their candidate
in opposition to Seagram,conservative, provided the latter party withdraw opposition to the Liberal candidate for the bouse.
Liberal   Nominee.
Lyndoch, Out., Oct. 20. — Hon.
John Charlton has accepted the Liberal nomination for North Norfolk
on condition that he be permitted to
assume an independent support of
that party.
Tbe  Steeple Chase
London, Oct. 20.—At Sandow
l'ark today, three horses, including
Lord Wm. Beresford's Hailshower,
were'killed. The jockeys escaped
With light injuries.
For Trial.
Tried  to    Defraud   the
Bank of Halifax Out
of $220,000.
Montreal, Oct. 20- Alexander
McCulloch,, member of the large
dairy larm of Ctoil & McCulloch,
insolvent recently, and Donald Mc-
liillis, secretary-treasurer, of the
Montreal Cold Storage and freezing company here, have been committed for trial before the queen's
bench on the charge of conspiracy
to defraud the Merchant's Hank of
Halifax of $220,000 by means of
fraudulent warehouse receipts and
fictitious bills of exchange.
In acknowledgment ofthe bounties and blessings bestowed upon
the people of the Dominion of Canada, the governor general has, by
proclamation, designated Thursday,
October 18, as a day tor thanksgiving. Its observance was
noted by a general cessation from
business, and all banks and public
institutions were  closed.
Perhaps nowhere, more than in
British Columbia, does it  seem  fit.
ting that such  an  occasion   should
receive  due    recognition.    Nature
bas endowed this province with   resources  of   untold  wealth, which,
directly    or    undirectlj,   is    today
redounding to  the  betterment and
benefit of every individual   who has
chosen to make his home within   its
confines.    More  keenly  is  this  to
be appreciated,   when one  stops  a
moment to reflect  on  the reverses
which have visited other  communities,   beset   by storms,    droughts
failures and ike misfortunes.  Here
where      employment     is     plenti
ful, and the wage is fair, one is  apt
to lose sight  of conditions  in  less
favored countries, where the  means
of maintenance  for the family and
schooling for the little ones is  more
limited.    The  people  ot   Kootenay
can truly join in one voice of thanksgiving,    for  the bounty and plenty
which they enjoy  and  in  gratitude
to Him who has spared to her loyal
subjects    our    beloved  Sovereign
Majesty, Queen Victoria.
God save the Queen.
OOUrt   atJNelaou
The case of Regina vs. Albi was
before Mr. Justice Walkem in Nelson today, but no result had been
reached up to the time of going to
In the case of Erederich and Kett-
ner, the former was acquitted and
the latter was given 18 months imprisonment for defrauding J. H.
Dilberger of Tacoma, in the sale of
a mineral claim   in the Burnt Basin.
Passed Away
The Venerable   Statesman Died Early This
Washington, Oct. 22, Hon. John
Sherman, who for a period of 40
years occupied a prominent place in
the legislative and administrative
branches of public affairs in the
United States died] here at 6:45
o'clock this morning of brain exhaustion. Funeral service over
the remains will be held in this city
and at Mansfield, Ohio.
|ohn Sherman was bom in Lancaster, Ohio, May 10, 1S23. In
1844 he was admitted to the bar.
He was elected to congress where
he took his seat December 3, 1855.
He was president of the first republican convention in Ohio. Mr.
Sherman was a United States senator from 1841 to 1877, and again
from 1881 to 1897. The author of
many important laws, he had long
been known as a famous statesman.
In 181,6 President McKinley appointed him secretary of state, hut
soon alter taking up the portfolio ill
health compelled him to resign.
\ l'ark Tragedy
Buffalo, N. V., Oct. 22.—A special to the News from„Corry, Pa.,
"A horrible murder and suicide
occurred here early this morning.
About one o'clock two shots were
heard in the park. No attention
was paid to them, however, until
this morning, when the dead bodies
of Harry Bettis and Daisy Blyden*
berg were found on a seat under a
tree. Both were shot through the
temple. The revolver with which
the deed was done was clenched in
Bettis' right hand. It is thought by
many that the deed was premeditated.
Tbe young couple attended chin ch
last night and spent a pleasant
evening together at Miss Blyden-
berg's home and later called on
friends. When bidding them good*
live, they said; "Well, good-b\e,
you will never see us again." A
letter was found on Mr. Bettis addressed to his mother, the contents
of which are yet unknown. Harry
Ileitis, who was 22 years old, and
Miss Blydenberg, who was iq,
moved in the best society, and were
highly respected.
Kin:*. Albert Will  Die.
Berlin,Oct. 19.—It is known that
(he illness of King Albert of Saxony, which has recently become
more acute, is due to a cancerous
affection of the bladder, which his
attendants consider incurable.
Rossland Defaulter Caught -
Will be Extradited
Fred Yuengllng, Defaulter, Arretted at the Instance ol Lion
Brewing Co. Rossland
Rossland, B, C, October 22.—
Ered Vuengling, who left several
mementos in Rossland when he
hurriedly departed as manager of
the brewery, has been brought up
with a sharp turn. He will be extradited and returned to British
Columbia on the charge of embezzlement. Vuengling went it thick
and fast while here, and when he
departed^he borrowed right and
left and jssued~checksVhich have
been framed. Of hiirf^the New
Vork World says:
"One more checker has been
added to Ered Vuengling's already
checkered career. Hero of the
tenderloin and son of the millionaire
brewer, he nevertheless spent last
night iu Ludlow street jail. He was
locked up there yesterday morning
accused of embezzling $387 in July
of last year. His accusers are the
Lion Brewing company, of Rossland, British Columbia.
"The young man bobbed up in
New Vork a week ago after four
years absence from town. An irate
father was to blame for his sudden
departure, but reports reached the
tenderloin that the young spendthrift was settling down in Biitish
Columbia and doing a fine business
there. But the reports were not
quite accurate, for Deputy Marshall
Bernhard had a warrant in his pocket for the young man's arrest a
week ago, and he was looking high
and low for him.
"Vuengling avoided the tenderloin and that was where Bernhard
naturally sought him. But he
caught him yesterday morning in
New street just after he walked out
of the Hoffman House cafe.
" 'Is this Erederick D. Vueng-
lin?' asked Bernhard.
" 'Ves.' replied Vuengling, all
unsuspecting.    'Why  do you ask?'
"'Vou are my prisoner,' was
Bemhard's answer.
"A few minutes later Bernhard
had his man before United States
Commissioner Alexander in the
federal building.
" 'What have you to say?' asked
Commissioner Alexander of Vuengling.
" 'Not one word,' replied the
young man.
" 'I request,' said acting Cousel-
General C. Give Bayley, of Great
Britain, 'that the prisoner be held
till extradition papers can be made
out. Then we can arrange for the
return ot the prisoner to British
"The commissioner granted the
request and committed the millionaire's son to Ludlow street jail to
await a bearing on October 22.
"A few years ago Vuengling was
one of tbe most widely known men
about town. His father owned one
of the biggest breweries in New
Vork, and his pocketbook was always open to his boy. So Vuengling went the pace. He aspired to
be the best fellow in the tenderloin,
lie was—while bis father's money
(lowed freely enough."
I'udc-rgroiiud I'olllalou
Paris, Oct. 19.— The newly inaugurated Metropolitan underground railway had its first disaster
this morning. Two trains collided
and twenty-nine persons were injured.     Two received fatal injuries.
Hnalo l'on*ervatlvi**.
Kaslo, Oct. iq.—At a very en-
thusiastic meeting yesterday a Liberal-Conservative association was
formed for the purpose of supporting thc candidature of A. H. Mac-
Neill at the coming election and
energetic canvassing is in progress.
Percy J. Gleazen is the secretary.
Tin* Volunteer*
Halifax, N. S,, Oct. 20.—The
transport Idaho with 300 returning
Canadians on boaid, passed St.
Vincent, Cape Verde islands, yesterday. They will be here in about
ten days.
Holland'* Hill Order,
Pittsburgh, Pa., Oct. 20.—The
government of Holland has placed
an order here for 12,000 tons o-
steel rails tor its colonies in India
and Japan.
Hon. J. ll Turner Here.
Rossland, B. B., October 22.—
Hon. J. H. Turner, the minister
of finance, came in on this morning's train from Nelson and ia at
the Allan. He is making a visit
to the various provincial offices,and
incidentally enjoying a well earned
rest. He visited the mines this afternoon and will remain until Tuesday.
(■old lluat Stoleu.
Tacoma, Oct. 19,—The steamer
Lane brings from Nome the news
that $20,000 in gold dust was
stolen from the Alaska Commercial
company's warehouse on Sept.   14.
Sli«*riuair» Coudltlou.
Washington, Oct. 19.—The condition of Hon. John Sherman is unj
changed this morning.
Talk of Salisbury's  Retirement is Silenced.
New Cabinet Changes and Those
Anxious to Fill the
New Vork, Oct. 22.—Lord Salisbury's diplomatic success in making
terms with Germany and intervening in the China negotiations without authority, silences all talk about
his retirement from the foreign office, says the Tribune's London correspondent. The most industrious
cabinet makers now admit that he
cannot be sparred from the office
and that he must be allowed to
hold it and the premiership as long
as possible. Lord Landsdowne is
now relegated by the rumormong-
ers to Dublin. Lord Balfour of
Burleigh is named for the war
office, and Mr. Richie for the admiralty. Mr. Wyndham and Mr.
Brodrick are promoted to the cabinet. Each day produces a new
combination from the friends of
ambitious or restless statesmen.
('. P. H. Am-iil Arretted.
Ashcroft, B. C, Qct. 19. —E. D.
Medherst, for some time agent for
the Canadian Pacific railway at
Cranbrook, was arrested this morning and is now in jail at this place.
It is alleged that some irregularities
existed in his account while at
The deposits of the Hank ol Montreal are the largest in the history
of the institution, and its business
generally has never been equalled.
It has $55,578,597 deposits in Canada and besides $10,181,060 in
its American and English branches.
Its total loans amount to $73,205,
qi6, which, with its investments in
bonds, gives a total of more than
$75,000,000 employed funds.
tUntuned the t liarit,*-
Petrolea, Ont. Oct. 22. — Crown
authorities have changed the charge
of murder to one of manslaughter
against I as. Clarke for having
caused the death of his brother
John a few days ago by violently
killing him, resulting in bis demise
shortly  afterward,
: Tin-: nr.n.i., SLOGAN, D. C, OCTOBER 20.' IWD.
C E, Smitiikiunoai,!-;, Editor and Prop.
is prui.isHKii kvbry fkioay at
SLOCAN,      ....     It. 0.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
lhe first insertion anil 5 cents a line each
•subsequent Insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $10 each.
Transient advertisements atsaine rates
as legal ad ve. Using.
Locals will he charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Hates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, st.ict-
ly in advance; $2.50 a year if notsopald.
Address all letters to—
Sloean. B.-C.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2ftth, 1900.
KDITOltlAI.   CltOl'lMNOS.
In light of recent devclopments.the
cry of "Turn the rascals out," is especially applicable to thc Canadian
Socialism seeks to preserve to mankind the natural products and advantages of thc earth.    It opposes
Workingnieii sliould ever carry
this principle Into practice! He just
to all men, particularly to yourselves.
Yon have a candidate from your own
class, standing in your defence add
lighting for your cans;', Rally to his
support and help on the wheels of
The Independents arc vigorously
working throughout the riding, active missionary work being especially
carried on at tho mines. Foley's
majority will, it is admitted by nil,
lie a record-breaker in thc Slocan.
Ro strong is his cause, that no attempt
nt organization has been made by
his opponents, which is, in itself, an
.admission of defeat for them.
It were folly to credit thc present
Liberal government with thc monopoly of friendly acts and feeling toward Labor. The Conservatives would
have done as much were they as
favorably situated. The govern
•nenCs actions arc but reluctant testimony to the growth of the Independent Labor Party. Send Chris Foley
to Ottawa and he will assist Ralph
Smith in reminding the dominant
party of their duty to the "poor laborer."
A Severn blow has been dealt the
Liberal party by the strong public
protests of L. If. Cook, cx-M.P., and
thc Vancouver Liberal Association.
Thc former accuses his party of being false to their platform, and al
leges that he was asked to pay *?10,-
000 for a senatorship. The Vancouver men assort the government has
failed in its promises to British Columbia, especially in regard to the
Mongolians. If their own friends
condemn them, then why should Labor be asked to support Lnurier's
party ? Labor can best serve itself
by electing its own candidates.
Labor is content to take one onward step at a lime. Man's existence
is a struggle at the best of times, and
any reform calculated to benefit him
in any way has been achieved only
through seasons of struggle and trial.
In this province a breathing spell is
permitted after the victory of the
eight hour law, but the struggle is
to be waged anew for compulsorj
arbitration. Prizes hardly won are
thc more highly esteemed, and arbitration will come in due time. Tho
evolutionary process now taking
place In British Columbia will ultimately result in a condition of affairs
strongly akin to that prevailing in
New Zealand—no strikes, no tramps,
and business stability.
England is the birthplace of responsible government by the people, and
all nations have honored that "right,
tight little island" by adopting its
principle of parliament. Canada Is
one of these, but how Car short of the
ideal it has conic is seen in lhe make
up of the Senate today. We have no
hereditary aristocracy, so tbo upper
'chamber, instead of being made elective by tlie people as il should have
properly been, has been made the
mere tool of the dominant party in
power, which has filled thc soft seats
of the Ben ate with friends of iis own
for political gain and effect. Ho***
debasing this proceedure has become
is seen in the statement of II. II.
Cook, of Toronto, who, if he had pill
up a purchase price til $10,000, could
have obtained one of tliodovoted sen
ntorial positions. Shame upon n
party that would permit of such a
scandal, and thrice shame upon 0
people that would submit to such machine politics, it la high time for our
people to act for themselves,
promises to be a swell affair.   The
attendance of outsiders will be large.
Jimmy Kodgers was showing some
big potatoes here Friday. They
came from A. G. Watson's ranch
down the river, and seven of them
weighed 11 pounds.
Last week's business nt thc depot
was the. heaviest in the history ofthe
town. Among other items no less
than 10 ears of general height was
received for local merchants.
The sensation of tho week has been
the arrest in Nelson of Ernest Mansfield, on account of wages duo the
workmen at ('amp Mansfield, He
spent several days in the provincial
gaol ore thc necessary funds arrived
from France.
Officer Browning has been given
warrants, by thc Arlington people,
for two recently discharged employes
who arc charged with putting caps in
the blacksmith forge at the mine on
Tuesday. The caps went off, jarring
up a couple of workmen. The men
arc supposed to be in Nelson.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local registry office, II. P. Christie being mining
Oct. 19—Mlstlotoe, Twelve Mile, T 11
Holly, same, \V Tattersall.
Anchor, 2nd n f I.ennui, A Wentzcl.
Oct 15—Bulko, Black Fel, Hock of
Agi a, Bllvor Tip fr.
17—Zalla! Star of India, Mount de
Oct 19—Exchange ]. and Silver Plato
',,, II L Fife to \V K bole.
New Magnet U. R A Bradshaw to Mrs
Magnet fr, same, samo to same.
20—Dundee l.i, J G McCallum to II A
Letters of administration of the estate
of Pan McDonald, doceasod, in favor of
Angus McDonald, by John Keen, registrar of the court, on' Sept 12, 1899.
Firewood is a scarce and uncertain
Several new families have moved
in lately.
Newspapers of ancient, date for sale
at this ollice.
The Misses.Funk furnish the music
at tonight's ball. .
Hugh Sutherland was in Nelson
during the week.
Pat Griffin will reopen thc Thistle
hotel at Silverton.
New Denver has an epidemic o*
matrimonial fever.
Enquiries for real estate arc increasing in number.
Sandon has its streets unlit and is
minus a tire brigade.
Rev, Mr.Duncan has removed from
Silverton to Fort Steele.
The small hoy will be in evidence
next Wednesday evening
A. Jeffreys, of Nelson, will open a
general store ut Silverton.
Conductor Bradshaw is again in
charge ofthe Nelson train.
A. C, Smith is brightening up his
premises with the paint brush.
Commercial men are paying increased attention to this burg.
The Revelstoke Herald Is agitating
for a Kootenay mi oral exhibit.
The Oddfellows aro rapidly increasing their membership lure.
The chapleau tramway will be
completed by thc end of the month.
Thc citizens of Brandon arc bent
upon getting a waterworks system.
C. S. Kashdall, New Denver, spent
several days here during thc week.
The first snow of the season made
its appearance In town on Tuesday.
Mrs. Wm. Harris and daughter are
leaving al once to reside in England.
Alex. Rogers has moved Into his
new barber shop in the Sturch building.
Local contractors state the outlook
for building next spring is most promising.
The local Orange lodge will fittingly celebrate Guy Fawkcs' day.
Chief Engineer Crosbio has resigned his position on the Slocan, to take
effejet on the 1st.
The piist week has been very juicy
and cold, placing the roads in a
sloppy condition.
A glance through thc columns of
The Drill will reveal the enterprising business men.
Mrs. W. Andrews and children returned home Friday from their visit
to friends in Oregon.
Harvey Barton, arrested here last,
week for rubbery at Sandon, gut six
months for his crime.
Paul Hai'ick is credited with the
intention of erecting a nc.it house on
Dolancy avenue cast.
The committee rooms of the Independent Labor Party arc made prominent by a large sign.
Robt. A. Bradshaw has set up his
market scales on Delaney avenue,
just below Arthur street.
Chris Foley and James Wilks held
a most, successful meeting at Silver-
ton on Friday afternoon.
Several persons left here v< Bterday
for Nelson, to attend tho sheriff's sale
on the Two Friends mine.
Sandon has been invaded by the
heathen Chinee, a pigtail having taken up a vegetable ranch closo by.
Tho meeting of the Brandon citizens last Tuesday evening, n- the
proposed waterworks, failed to materialize.
Tony Long has purchased a lot
near Con Murphy's place and will
erect a cotiago thereon in tho early
Driscoll *t McKinnon have eoni-
pleted their Btorc in the Arlington
basin and are putting in their merchandise,
Con Murphy's new house, at the
east end of Delaney avo, isn very
neat structure. MeVanncl & Fife are
the builders.
P. Swan and family have removed
to Wellington, on Vancouver Island,
much to the regret of their humorous
Hiram Robertson (stickled because
the McClarv stove, which he handles,
carried oil the gold medal at the.
Paris exposition.
Capt. Tyson has resigned from tho
Sloean logo into business in tlie east.
His place is  taken by   ('apt. Dotlgal,
of the. Columbia.
The license commissioners of the
Siooan meet at New Denver mi the
."list. Thore arc four applications
from this vicinity.
Chris Foley spoke at  New Denver
Friday night and Sandon Saturday,
securing bumper  houses and raising)
lots of enthusiasm,
W. T. Shatford & Co. purpose
erecting a business block on the cor
ner next the Victoria Hotel, the snmo
to be ready for Ninas.
A. Stewart, of Silverton, passed
through hero Fridav with his bride,      _,, _
nooMlssM. B. Barclay.   Rev. Rnbt.       ! ne Labor Candidate.
Fl'CW married them nt Nelson.
Tonight tlie I.O.O.B". ledge will'
hold their fourth annual ball and it I Elections, Nov.   7 til,
a-willim 6c Johnson,
Slocan, B.^C
J. I.
B. A. Bo.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
B. C.
and Glassware.
Wc arc tho exclusive dealers in
these goods in tho town. Largest
sto^k on thc lake to select from.
Large assortment.    Iu
also wo have some special bargains.   Latest Patterns.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
vmj jyinnjmii
Closing Out These Lines :
Forty single Gasoline. Lamps, original
price, $12 50; now, ?s. Ten double Gasoline Lamps, original prica $15; now,$12.
$10 Medicinal BeltB, now $5j $10 Medicinal Batteries,now $5: $15 Medicinal Batteries, now $1; -lu children's Novelty
Safety Living*, $1. 100 Hand Oil Paintings of Kootenny, size. 15x20 and 20x30,
worth $25 and $50 each, sellim* at *l»
mid $15, including beautiful burnished
gilt frames; most suitable present of the
day All kinds of Pictures selling at cost.
Picture Framing a specialty. Prices
guaranteed tho lowest in Kootenay. Novelty Scissors, Novelty Electric Necktie
bumps, etc. Goods sent C.O.D. when
do posit companies order and nil mail orders will receive prompt attention, at —
Nelson, 1!. ('.
—or Tin:—
ant Ls.ii Party,
Adopted in Convention at Nelson
on the 3rd of October, 1900
1. Free compulsory education.
2. Legal working day of eight hours.
:>.   Government inspection of all industries.
4. Abolltlo 1 of contract system on
nil public works.
5. Public ownership of all franchises.
6. Prohibition of Asiatic Immigration and the regulation of all immigra
tion by an educational test as to Itnmi.
grant's fitness, and the abolition of all
special inducements nnd privileges to
foreign immigrants lo settle in the Dominion.
7. Abolition of child labor under 12
s.   Abolition of the $250 deposit required of nil candidates for the Dominion
0,   Compulsory arbitration of all labor disputes.
in.   Prohibition of prison labor In
competition With fro I labor.
ii.   All election iinys to ho made public holidays,
12,   Abolition of Dominion Senate.
Fellow-Laborers your vote
and influence are solicit"
We keep Pure Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Choice Perfumes, Toilet Articles, Fte,
Carefully   Compounded.
Mail   Orders  receive prompt
ar.d careful attention.
J, L, WHITE 6c Co.
DUl'tiGlSTS, SLOCAN, 11. C.
Certificate I Improvements.
Roictmil, Graphlo, Gmplilo Fraction and
Balaam Mineral Claltna.
Sltuato in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenny District.
When* located: On tho divide between Ten Mile and Springer creeks.
TAKF. NOTICE that I, Archie Main-
waring Johnson, free minor's certificate
No. B36001, intend, sixty days from the
date hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for Certificates of Improvements, for the pnrposo of obtninlng n
Crown Grant of the nbovo claims.
And further tako notice that action,
under •>", must he commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvement.
Dated this 8th day of Seplember, 1000.
Bda fractional Mineral > laiui.
Situate iii the Slocan City Mining Division of Wc.-t Kootenny District.
Where located:—On the north fork
of Springoi creek.
TAKE NOTICE thnt I, Arthur Ft. Far-!
well, acting ns agent for lionert 1. Kirk*
wood, No. 1126881, nnd Charles E.Smith-
eiingale, No. 1120819, Intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to applv to the
Mining Recorder for a rOitificate of improvements, for the purposeof obtaining
.i Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice thnt action,
under section 117, must he commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 15thday ofSeptemhcjr,1900.
21-9-00 "  A. S. FARWELL.
Leave Your Order With
A. David,
For a Nice Fall Suit. Perfect  Fit  Guaranteed.      Wc use only Al.
Trimmings and the Finish is First Class.
M AIN STREET, SLOCAN.        Three Doors South of Postoflice.
Carload of Flour
Just received in from the Okanagan country.
It is equal to any eastern article. We purchased it before the cecent rise, so you can
save money.   Lay in a supply.
T. McNeish 6c Co.
Your Feet
Will be kept warm this winter, if you buy a pnir of our nice,
comfortable Shoes. We have Dress Shoes.Street Shoes,Work-
ing Shoes, Miners' Shoes, and, in fact, any kind of a Shoe you
want. All new goods and a large assortment kept in stock.
Come and sec our display and you will have no trouble in
Iii.ding exactly what you want.    Prices, right.
Main Street,
E. M. Shupe, Clothier,
Just Arrived
Half a carload of Steel
Ranges and Heating
Stoves. Call and see
our display before purchasing elsewhere.
Dealers in General Hardware,
MAIN STREET,        •       SLOGAN
Agents for Crow's Nest Domestic
and Blacksmith Coal.
Speculator Uliteral Clulm.
ed on behalf of:
Chris Foley
Sltuato in the Bloc.nti City Minina Division of the \\'ei*i Kootenay I>istiii-t
Where located:—On the north fork
of Spi Infcor ereek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur S.Far-
well, acting an agent for Robert I. Kirk-
nrood, Nn. [320881, and Thomas Kilpat-
rick. No. B48337, intend,sixty dayi from
the date hereof, to apply t the Mining
Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the pnrposo of obtaining a
Crown grant ol the above claim.
And further take notice that notion,
miller Bectlon 37, must he commenced
before the issuance of such certificate ol
Dated this 18thday of September.1000.
.11 literal .Mount nn mui SpeoalatoT Fruo-
tion Mineral Claims.
Sltuato in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Whero located:—On the north fork
of Sprlngor creel;.
■ TAKE MiTHT.'.hut I, Arthurs Far-
well, acting nn agent for Robert I Kirk-
wood, Free Miner's I 'ertificnte No.B2088l
Intend, sixty days from Ihe date hereof,
in apply lo the Mining Recorder for uer*
tlflcates ef Improvements, for the *nir-
pose of obtaining Crown grants of lhe
uixive claims,
Ami further tako notice that action,
under Beclion 87, must be commenced
beforo tho issuanceol such certificates ol
Dated this lsih day of Septembor,1000
21-9-00 A. S. FARWELL
NOTICE is heroby given that wo intend to applv to the Hon I he CI i ill Coin.
misaioncr of Lands and Works tor n s]ie-
liiii license Eo cut and carry away timber
from ihe following described land, s-itn
nte,i in tin- s|im-iiii City Mining Division
of Wjsl Kootenny District, Province of
British Columbia:—Commencing nt u
post on tho north side of S|n Inger neck,
about 1000 feet north from the uppor, or
"Provost," bridge; ihence Bonth-ensterly
nt light nuclei* to Springer crook 00
chains: theme nt rlslil an lea southwesterly 180chains; Inctico at right uncles north-westerly OOchalns; tlienco Itio
chains to the point ol commencem nt,
containing 0(50 acres more or less,
Dated lids 24th dayof August, 100 i
Non-l'ersonnl Liability,
I'.y J, Frank Collom, Managing I	
The Murcutt Brauohl C««l* crr *-.£ V%r\
(■••'Tin*. W.C.T.U., SWCAS, .•w7l4LI.>d   ILIW
Meets the second Thursday In each month |
at " p.m. Next meeting in the Pres-
hytei ianchurch.    All im-uiiiigt- open
to those wishing t  join.
Mas. W: .1. Andhewb,   Mas. T. B. II mi.
President. Cor. Secretary.
Pioaeei- Livery
and Feed. Stables,
Slocan,  11. C.
General  Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Worden Bros,
Teamsters &
General Draymen.
Boarding Stables; Saddle Horses for
Hire at Reasonable Kates.
Wood and  Coal for Sale.
Agency for the Gait Coal Co.,
Onhrs fur Coal to be ncoompanied
by cash and left at the Office:
Mines,   Real Estato,  Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles   Furnished.
B.  C.
H. J.
Large stock of new Coal
and Wood Stoves,Steel
Ranges, and the best
assortment of Heating
Stoves in West Kootenay have just been received. Call and see
per annum
nn Pacific Rail
Still continue to operate
first-class Sleepers on
all trains from Revelstoke and Kootenay
Landing; also Tourist
Cars,passing Dunmore
Junction daily for St.
Paul; Saturdays for
flontreal and Boston;
Mondays and Thursdays for Toronto. The
same cars pass Revelstoke one day earlier.
No trouble to quote
rates and give you a
pointer regarding the
Eastern Trip you contemplate taking. Fall
and Winter schedule
now effective.
For time-tables, rates, and full Information call on or address nearest
local agent, or—
Agent, Slocan City
T, P, A., A.G, P. A.,
Nelson. Vancouver


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