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The Slocan Drill 1904-12-09

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MCMm     i
VOL- V., No. 37.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   DKCKMBKK   0,    1904.
*2.00 PER ANNUM.
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
We are showing the following useful lines
suitable for presents at the Xmas season:
Ladies' umbrellas,       32.00, 2.25, 2.501 lLadies' handkerchiefs, from 20c to $1
Gents'       do. $1.50, 3.50nLadies'neckwear, a fine large assort-
th-nts' silk handkerchiefs, initialled or j ""■ent, from 35c to $1.75.
plain, 60e to $1. | Ladies' silk ruffs, $4.00 to $5.00
Ladies' crush belts, leather and silk, SOc, 75c, $1.
Keep in mind our cash check offer of
$9 dress length on the 24th December
David  Arnot, Slocan.
Agent for Tetley's Teas.
arDnqton TiOt EL,
J. W. Crow, Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is one of tlio liest known and most popular houses
in the country.     It is located adjacent to the depot and the
wharf, aud commands a magnificent view of the beautiful
Slocau lake.     Good fishing is to be found closo at haud, while
every facility is offered for 1-oating.
Tourists will find the Arlington and ideal resting place.
Commercial men have at their command uew and commodious
nam pie rooms.
The diuing room is strictly up to date and the har supplied
with only the best brands of goods
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
1 68 B BB BIBB H il a fi il Bl tai » U U W 15
-II In t partly Western Crnitinn Agricultural Pnper for Western
Cmiiilinii l-'utmeiia nital Slixkinul,
-lt is laiRf, w.ll priiueil, well  edited, welt  illu*ur»ted,   reliable,
Iirofirrss.ve nn.l feiirlt*,'*.
Is ii-rnn kic strictly caah In ndvtnce. nnd the pnper H promptly
dUcoallnntd at lapintlOII <). niliscripilon. imle»« renewed.
• I'lie  Nor-Weil runner in the oaly agnculluial l«I>er printed in
<. Hiimla wast of I.nke Superi'.r. ,*___.      , ,,.   .. ... T
-li linn more p.ml in advance Miiwcrflieta In Manitoba and the N.W.T.
tlmn ill other farm pucmeomMaMd. ,„ .
-ita simursli nn nml iurorraation me worth many dollari lo each
p       i-oinirr no. i -Mot.illy it ll »t>ove reproach.
Z   From Now to December 31, 1905, for $1.00
Pointer No. 1
Tolatcr No. S
Pointer No. 3
Pointer No. 4
Pointer Ns. S
Pointer Na. 6
Pointer No. 7
Inc1udl*i|| I'"' mai-tilda filial*. Wil Xmtt
Nuatlnr an.l Um b»l«n * "   '»"' '"«•
lllC...H.||,.r yu seii'l. tlf- l'a    "   ' Hill   .1.
y.u «,unmi,  «.ii.. rttaaaw.
8.iii.|.l'- '   |.y will fire n|N.n ie |iirtt.
P.O. Bo* 1310. WINNIPEG. MAN.
■^■■■■■■■BBlB«""'aH'll-i,B*i mm
The Drill: $2 per year
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
jnmtloal Hlli'iiiliinr)')^! par dnv.    l'rirntBwnrils
fI l"'r ilnj' oxtru.   SiitoIiiI facilities
VTBSl ltouiiliir snhscrllii*rs, H  per montli
rfllilu yeur: iiuii-*nl)scril>i*rs (exclusive i>(
for materia
lly cases.
' "i fnrllicr particuliirs apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
H. D. Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
AND SAIi'llllAV.
Large Atli*ncliiii«'i* ut the Kungea and Kli-
lliusinsui Evinced—Snore* Hindi*- were
not Very High List of the Prize Winners lu the ViirlniiM Contests.
The fourth annual matches of the
Sloean Rille Association wore held on
thu lake ranges on Friday and Saturday last. Thero was a good turnout,
2i) persons participating iu the shoot,
aud much enthusiasm was evinced.
W&ly' •"*•* nine new members were add-
eu1o»> The executive commit
tee desire to in., fat) i •i/jio so kindly subscribed to the pri»„,Jfst.
Following are the prize winners and
the scores made in the different
Mebohants1 Match—200 yards lying
down, 2(X) yards  kneeling, anil
300 yards lying down.
R. McFarlaud, pair boots by D.
Arnot  82
Frank Dick, box cigars by Win.
Hicks  76
Geo. Nichol, $2 meat from H. G.
Aitchison  75
D. S. McVannel, hire  of  saddle
horse by J. Rae  73
Dr. Cade. Sl  69
John  Wafer.il  64
WmHicks,Sl  63
Fised Tattersall, Sl  61
John Pinchbeck, Sl  61
H. L. Fife, Sl  60
Chas. Sny'.er, Sl  60
W. D. McGregor, $1  57
Prospectors' Match - 200 yards kneeling, 5(X) aud 600 yards any
Geo. Nichol, pair of boots by McNeish & Co .'  78
Prod Tattersall, briar pipe bv A.
C. SraUh "... 70
Dr. Cade, shaving tickets bv Alex
Rogors  Oil
P. Swan, saddle   horse   hire   by
Kennedy <fc Cameron  (!R
D. S. McVannel. 5*1  02
il. McFarlaud, Sl  61
Frank Dick. Sl  5s
Geo. Garrett, Sl  56
T. McNeish. $1  55
John Wafer, Sl  52
T. Montgomery Sl  51
II. D. Curtis, Sl  50
Victoria Cross Matvii   200 yards lying down, 7 rounds in one minute
Geo. Nicfcol, pair  boots by Shatford A: Co  20
D. S. McVauuel, merchandise  by
J. A. Anderson  26
Dr.Cade,subscription to Drill.. 26
R. McFarlaud, $1   bread  from J.
Pinchbeck and $1  20
Chas. Snyder, $1  20
Wm. Hicks, $1  19
John   Wafer. $1  19
H. D. Curtis, $1 ~ 18
Rev. Mr. McCord. Sl  18
W. D. McGregor, $1  17
Fred Tattersall. $1  17
John Pinchbeck, $1  17
More <;r»iilay liiipruTemcntf.
Tho Granby Mining Co. will spend
$125,000 in improvements. Two new
furnaces are lieing-nddod to the Grand
Forks smelter, increasing the daily
capacity to 2700 tons. Manager J. P,
Graves says: "We shall increase the
daily smelting capacity 700 tous and
will nut in the necessary blowers for
handling the ore, motors for driving
them and engines and cars for moving
the slag, liloiviug engines will also
be added to the smelter to increase
the converting capacity, We have six
furnaces and two more will lx* put in
this year. The 10 shells in the converters will lie increased to 14 when
all the Improvements are in. At the
mines new bins, crushers and motors
will be put ill to take the ore from the
No. 3 tunnel. Electric haulage engines will In* used to land the ore at
the railroad."
McGregor's ranch, and about two
miles from town. They aro erecting
ii cabin and will work the group all
winter, expecting to take out ore for
shipment. Au assay from tho same
ledge on an adjoining claini gave 240
oz in silver and $28 in gold.
Miner: shippi-no minks.
I'rojiertles at the  Head of Lemon Creek
Taking Out Ore.
The mineral resources of the country lying at the head of Lemon creek
will receive much attention this winter and by spriug the merit of that
section will lx? proven. Three properties will l>e operated and from two
of these, anyway, shipments of ore
will be made.
On one of these properties, the
group owned by Cal Hittle and Pat
Nolan, there has been expended touch
labor, and just as soon as the snow
will permit they will rawhide down to
the basin several tons of ore. It will
go to Kootenay lake via the Six Mile
road. A lease has recently been given
on the property to Marks Bros, and
partners and four men will work there
this winter. Cal Hittle left here on
Friday with eight packhorses loaded
with supplies for the mine.
At the Nansen, owned by Young &
Thoitilinson, four men are employed
and all kinds of ore is exposed. Cameron <fc Kennedy, of this town, have a
contract to pack out three cars of oie
from the Nansen during the season.
It, too, goes out by way of the Six
Mile road, and it is likely other shipments will follow.
The third property being worked is
tho Lady Franklin, on which two
men are employed. They have ore
exposed at a number of points and by
spring will have a good deal of it on
the dumps. Next season will witness
additional life on the Franklin.
Claim owners in that section state a
good service has been done theni by
tho Wilcox mine people, of Ymir,
Thev have cleaned out the Six Mile
■wagon rond from Kcotenay lako and
made it passable for slbii lis right up
tb Oro. This has been done'iu order
to remove th.* machinery from the
10 stamp mill and sawmill at tlia:
place, which is to be installed on file
Wilcox, The repair of rhe road mn lies
it a much shorter route for handling
the ore.
Tax Sillu Ciuilliiiied.
Citv Solicitor Jo.a.id returned from
Nelson on Wednesday, having lieen
successful in his application to the
supreme court for an order confirming
the tax sale held by the city last
-Inly. The application came befoye
Mr. Justice Morrison in chambers and
went "through sailing, there being no
opposition made by the delinquent
owners. Purchasers at the sale wil!
be able to secure titles in December of
next year. Mr. Jorand is to be congratulated upon the successful tec*
initiation of his efforts on behalf of the
Tuesday, one of the cases to come up
was that of the Bank of Montreal vs
the Arlington Mines and J. Frank
Collom. An application was made by
the defendants for an adjournment
and granted. The case goes over to
the next court upon the payment of.
costs by defendants.
Itnnili'ri for 11 l.m'K'a Sum.
M. K. Rogers,represe:iting the Daly
Reduction Co., operating the Niekle
Plate mine at Hod ley City, has bonded a group of copper claim*; on tho
Cariboo road. 18 miles from Ashcroft. i their labors
The bond runs 18 months and is for and pulled
$160,000, with a small cash payment
down.   A large number of men will
Item* or Iiilcrest A ll Vet I iik Welfare of the
In the annual report of tho public
schools of the province, just issued, is
the following commendatory reference
to the local institution: "Inspected on
March 1st and 2nd, 1901; 49 pupils
present. School library great source
of interest and profit to senior pupils;
lirst division well conducted; lessons
carefully pre pared, by teacher and attention of classes held; nature study
made interesting; room neat and attractive; a change of teacher in second
division did not. result very satisfactorily; only fair progress in some subjects secured. During the vear two
pupils of this school were successful
in passing the examination for entrance to a high school."
Followiug ij a list of all the nonresident children who have been attending the school since midsummer:
Tamah Edwards, Florence Folev, G.
Foley, Hazel Foley, Loretta Foley, H.
Foley, Ivy Ferguson, Vesta Gething,
Wesley Gething, Avalina Greenwood,
Delia Greenwood, Geoffrey Greenwood, Joseph Greenwood, Hugh Hall
Leigh Hall, Mabel Hall, Ellen O'Neil
Joseph O'Neil, Robert Payne, Alma
Ross, Harris Hoss, Sarah Walker.
Last month's report of the school i.s
as follows: Divisiou I. - Days in session 21, total actual attendance 887},
average actual attendance 39.97, pupils actually attending III, boys 18,
greatest number of pupils present -14,
highest number on roll 46, suspension
of pupils 1, corporal punishment 8,
tardiness of pupils 32, visits by trus-
teos .'!. Division II. Days in session
21. total actual attendance 464J, average actual attendance 22.11, pupils
actually attending 21, boys 10, greatest number of pupils present 21, high-
a-t register number 20, corporal pun*
ishnieiit 1, tardiness of pupils 2. visitors 1.
All the workmen of the O.-S. Lumber Co. were paid off this week.
E. M. Sandilamlshas been appointed police magistrate in Sandon.
The town has made a net loss of
upwards of 20 families this year.
In November the Nelson smelter
handled l,0i8,282 lbs of lead ore.
Slocan district license commissioners
meet at New Denver next  Thursday.
J. D. O'Neil was in Ymir last week,
installing a furnace in the M. U. hospital.
J. W. Tinling and wife, Silverton,
returned from their lioneymoou trip
on Tne dav.
No logging operations will lie undertaker! by the local mill company
this winter.
The   railway   work   gang finished
at  the  wharf this week
pulleil out.
The owners of the Sligo, adjoining
the Cameronian, are  making applica*
beomploved   and   ftlOO.OOO   spent in I Uw ^'"iciou
development   The owners are Stuart! •■■"•f,)1"il crown "*a,*L
Henderson, M.L.A.. W. Hocking'and
sons. Smith  it  Brvson.  of  Ashcroft:
andL. M. Hurley, of Butte.
I.e Kol It In I.ncK.
I'ai'd IIik Wi'iimk Won!.
The Fernie Ledge last week, in
quoting an item from this paper aliout
the numlier of men employed at the
Ottawa, used the word "to" instead of
"by," and it almost proved the undoing of Sloean's lending excitement.
At present the Ottawa has88 men em-
ployed, several having again been
added to the force. A little word at
times can mean much.
Silver OiiotniloiiM.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Thursday     591 cents
Fridav.."     593    "
Saturday    591   "
Mondav S     59}    "
Tuesday    590   "
Wednesday     593    "
Will Worli tin. Itnynl Croup.
A couple of weeks ago Tony Long
and A. H. McMillan located the Royal
and Florence claims on the hill above
E. Antle, employed at the Ymir
mine, was fatally crushed Monday lie-
tw.cii a car and a chute.
The   Christmas  entertainment   for
.    ,     ,     ,, ,   the children will be hi'ld in the Music
Manager McMillan   of   the Le Roi ; }\.y\\on Saturday  evening, December
mine,  Rossland, reports:   "We   have 24th.
found good oro Unly at the 1150 foot i Sandon lias completed organizing
level, the average width being abdul its board of trade, with M. L. Grim-
three foot of good shipping ore. The mett RS president and YV. W. Fallows
giade of the nre is variable, and very '
little work has been done yet, there
fore extent at present unknown. We
are now hard at work so as to develop
ore body and ascertain the extent ami
value of it."
i.r lint muut 1'ny n»ek T»xi*«.
By a decision of C. W. McAnn, lv
C, in the court of revision for the
Rossland assessment district, the Le
Roi Mining Co. are called upon to pay
$15,425.17, imih-r theprovisious of the
two per cent clause ol the act providing for the assessment of mining companies. This sum is iu addition to the
amount already paid by tlie Le Roi
in the years l(.K)2-3.
(inliiiin-'N om. inl Majority,
W. A. Galliher's majority iu the re
cent election in the Kootenay ilistrict
is set at 749. Returning Officer Boult
bee checked over the  returns at Nel
son on Monday, all the polling places
having sent in  their figures.    The of
lieial returns are: Galliher 24S(i. Mai
kintosh   1737, Baker 605.   Galliher's
lead over both his opponents is III.
<)oa*ia OviT Till Nl'lt Oontt.
Tln'C.I'.K. branch to Coal Creek
will bo taken over and operated by the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co. on and
after Die 15.
Nelson citizens this week presented
\. H. Buchanan with a handsome
piece of silver plate, prior to his removal to Spokane.
Tom Mulvey and Billy Clements
sold their old pre-emption across the
river. Monday,  to   I). MeDougald, a
recent arrival in the camp.
Rev, Mr. Brown, the popular Presbyterian minister at New Denver, arrived home last week with Iiis bride,
nieeting with a warm reception,
Mr. and Mrs. tTames Tattersall entertained a number of their friends on
Tuesday evening and a most enjoyable time was spent. Among those
present were Mr. and Mrs. Boie, Mr.
and Mrs. McCord, Mrs. Jorand and
Miss McKinnon.
n .i-i Arrival*,
Arlington    F.  Young. Toronto; K.
Shaw, Montreal;  A.   V. Robins, Van
couvei'i P. Ryan, Silverton.
Royal    W. ('limey, A. McGiliivery,
In thc supreme court ut Nelson, on I Sandon; S. Birce, Nelson.
Laut Year's Shipment* Wero 1339 Ton*—
A Healthy Kvldence of the Life and
Wealth of the Camp—Ottawa In th*
IllfCgest Shipper.
The Ottawa was the only shipper
from the division for the week.it sending out 22 tons to Nelson. The frost
has hardoned the roads and made the
wheeling good, but sleighing may be
expected at any time. Shipments
will soon lie started from the Black
Prince and from properties at the
head of Lemon creek. Total exports
to date 2156 tons.
For 1003 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 1JW9
tons, made up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise  USO
Ottawa       22 1203
Neepawa  71
Port Hope  17
Uepiililic  82
Black I'rince  67
Sapphire  2
Argentite  5
Black Fel „ S
Chapleau  3
Allierta  15
Colorado  7
Highland Light  1
BlHiiGeld  t
Edison  15
Cripple Stick  12
Kilo  20
Club  8
(iraphic  4
22 2)56
About 140 men all told are working
in this division.
The dumps at the Enterprise are
being sorted over.
Less than 20 men are employed iu
the Silvertou camp.
The Canadian Goldflelds Syndicate
will declare a dividend,
Powder last week was subject to a
raise of 75 cents per Ixix.
A full winter's supplies were taken •
up to the Graphic last week.
Sandon mines last week shipped 138
tons of galena and lfX) tons of zinc.
A carload of ore is expected to go
out from the Kilo alxiut Christinas.
A certilicate of improvements has
IxHin issued tho Slocan Prince fraction.
The owners of the Northern Light
are preparing an eight ton shipment
of ore.
A recent shipment of 12J tons from
the Empress, at Bear Lake, netted
Geo. Bulko is working his property
on Lemon creek, aud is taking out ore
for shipment.
Operations on the Rockland group,
Eight Mile, ceased last week, no funds
being forthcoming.
During October the Ymir mine mn
20 stamps, makiiij? a net profit over
all expenses of $115.
Last week the Lucky Jim shipped
'.15 tons of concentrates, from ore run
through the Payne mill.
S. S. Fowler, Nelson, was here on
Saturday, having been up to the Enterprise surveying the workings.
Practically all the carpenter work
on the Bosebery zinc works has been
completed aud the men paid off.
E. M. Sandilands is handling the
zinc shipments from the Ivanhoe, acting for Batchelor Si Co.. of Spokane.
Frank Griffith has started a winze
in the lower tunnel of the Westmont,
Ten Mile, and is taking out some fine
Rossland parties on Thursday wont
up to tako a look at the Iron Horse.
Ten  Mile, with a   view   to taking a.
Repair work on the Lemon creek
road was completed Sunday, Road
Inspector Moore paying off the men
on Monday.
Michael Supple, an old-timer in
Rossland, met with a fatal accident
at the Le Roi last week by falling
down a timber chute.
French capitalists, through a Canadian representative, havo written to ye
editor, inquiring after the discovery of
tungsten made in this camp.
\V. Koch brought in a couple of
teams on Monday from Ten Mile
Ile has a contract to bring down two
or three cars of ore  from the Black
Three   men   are   employed at  the
Combination, near the old Springer
bridge, work being centred on the intermediate tunnel. Ore Is being tai en
out, with a view lo making a shipment.
\ i   I
Pain Hacked Woman] Cured
y by Dodd'sjKIdney Pills.
Stroujr Statement by Mrs. Jas. Hughes
•if Morley, Ont. She's Strong and
Healthy Onco More.
Morley, Ont., Nov. 28.—(Special).
—What Dodd's Kidney Pills are doing for tho suffering women ot Canada will never be fully known. It is
only when some courageous woman
breaks the secrecy that covers woman and hor (troubles that a passing
glimpse of their great work is given.
For this reason a statement made by
Mrs. Jas. Hughes, of this place, Is of
more than passing interest.
"I was a great sufferer for four
years," says Mrs. Hughes. "I was
treated by five doctors and a specialist frani the U. S. I tried nearly
every medicine I could hoar of but
none seemed to do me any good.
"I was irt bed for nearly three
years. I hnd pains up my spinal column, in my head, over my eyes,
across my back nnd through my left
side. I took fourteen boxes of Dodd's
Kidney Pills, and now I am strong
nnd able to do a good day's work,
thanks to Dodd's Kidney Pills."
Although the cent re of interest attar the outrage on the North Sea
fishing fleet was quickly removed
from Hull to London, and is now at
Vigo, tho sad ceremonies of the funeral brought nbout a great public
demonstration, says a London cablegram.    The route, which was nearly
two miles . in length, and passed
through the populous districts of
West Hull, whore the fishermen reside, wus crowded with spectators,
Most of the shops were shut, and
there were many (lags at halt-mast,
and other tokens of sympathy. Tha
scene in Kibble avenue, Ih<* residence
nl' Captain George Smith of the
Crane, wns pathetic nnd impressive.
Captain White, the veteran lender
Of the Fishermen's Mission. read
prayers at the house, then the polished elm coffin, bearing the legend,
"At rest," at the foot, and covered
with beautiful llowers, was home
from the window to a plnce in the
adjacent square by fishermen clad
In their blue jerseys. The band of
the local branches of the Ordor of
Buffaloes was drawn up in the square
and played "Lead. Kindly Light."
Hoon afterwards the ooffln containing the body of William Leggott, the
third hand on the Crane and a native of Yarmouth, arrived from a
friend's house and joined tho cortege.
Amongst the mourners was Smith's
son, who was with his father on the
Crane at the time of the sad and
terrible occurrence. In the vicinity
of the fish docks signs of mourning
wero particularly noticeable, blinds
being drawn and thousands of persons lined the route to thc cemetery.
The mayor and town clerk attended
the service, and hundreds of wreaths
were received. The funeral precession
was over a mile in length, and included the blue-Jackets from H. M.
S. Hearty, a number of fishermen and
representatives ol" all the Mull public
bodies. Many pathetic scenes were
witnessed at the grnvesldo. and the
fact that Leggott's mother only
beard of the death of her son on
Wednesday morning elicited much
Robert Doss wns in court at Edinburgh on a process procured by his
vile charging him with desertion.
The wife testified that the.v were married seven years ago, and the fact
was kept from her mother. Hoss prevailed upon her to continue with her
mother, ns that would save him expense. When nsked if Hoss hnd over
made her any presents, she said that
he had once given her a purse, but it
did not contain any money. He hud
ulso given her a scenl bottle, but it
contained no scent. In presenting the
latter, tho wife testified that Ross
suid her mother would In* willing to
purchase the scent.
Lord Rtrathconu presided nl the
annual mooting In London of the Colonial Institute. Mr. Spark rend n
paper on the wealth of Canada us nn
agricultural country, nnd said he
was convinced that when Canadians
got rid of the Pereheron blood and
pay less attention to trotting horses
Canada will become one of the foremost horse-breeding Countries in the
world. He expressed surprise that
the llritish Oovernment had no remount depot In Canada. Lord
Struthcona said that the War Offlco
no doubt would consider this matter.
Every mother is naturally anxious
I hat her little ones shall be bright,
good naturod and healthy. Every
unit her ran keep her children in this
coudition if she will give thom an
occasional dose of baby's Own Tablets. These Tablets cure indigestion
.nui stomach troubles, prevent dinrr-
hoca, cure constipation, allay simple
fevers, break up colds, destroy worms
uu.I moke teething eusy, And tlie
'Cablets nre guaranteed to contain I
no opinto or harmful drug. Mrs. R. !
15, Long, I'enehland, It ('., snys:—
"i have found Baby's Own Tablets
unsurpassed for teething troubles,
breaking up colds and reducing fever,
ntul thoy make a child slivp naturally. They have done my little one  so
much good I would Hot like lo li''
Without Ihem." Druggists everywhere
s"ll those tablets, or you can get
them bv mail at 33 cents n box bv
writing The in-. Williams Medlcino
Co., Brockville, Ont.
Duty of Tarentt II They Would Hav* TbeU
Oflftprlne lionet, Truthful and
To sum up within a nutshell the
art of raising a child, 1 should say
to parents, "Set the child a good ex-
Children arc naturally imitative,
and if they have before them patterns of honesty, of truthfulness and
of virtue genorully they, too, Will
strive to bo honest, truthful and virtuous. And still more readily will
they emulate vicious examples set before them.
The fault with most parents is that
they are too lazy to be firm in dealing with their children. Rather than
exercise a little patience in explaining to their child tho reason why lt
should act thus and not otherwise,
most parents will surrender to its
whims and caprices and by constant
indulgences render thc little one self-
willed and headstrong almost beyond
Be sure you aro right in opposing
the child's wishes, but then insist on
having your own way to tho drop of
the flag.
I do not approve of punishment for
children. To do good, as a rule, punishment should be administered only
in such a way that thc child should
understand the reason for it. And to '
possess this degree of understanding
the child must havo reached an ago
when punishment cannot be otherwiso
than degrading.
To degrade a child in its own eyes
necessarily deteriorates it. To whip a
girl of fourteen inevitably tends to
degrade and debase her.
Some of the best parents have bad
children, upon whom no amount of
moral suasion and no extent of go0d
examples can hnvo any beneficial influence. In these rare cases the fault,
of course, lies with tho children, and
tho parents have no other recourse
except, to punish. Dut in punishing
there should bo much good judgment
The rod should bo only for the extremely vicious—only for those who
display u malignant, spirit, such as
tormentors of other children or of
In fact, in all cases I think it wisest to "make the punishment lit the
crime." If, for instance, n boy
throws a stone nt a cat or a dog the
best and quicl.es! wny to correct this
tendency is by whipping him. Take a
rod and givo him a sound thrashing,
but yet so as not to injure nor disfigure him. Dy making him feel pain
you make him renli/o the monstrous
wrong of wantonly inflicting pain upon  others.
But if, to take n different example,
a girl, in disobedience to her pur-
ents. goes to picnics, or stays out
late, or associates with unlit companions, it would bo manifestly improper to whip her. Thc way to
make tho punishment fit the crime in
her case is to lock her up. By so doing you deprive her of the motive for
doing wrong, while in thc case of tho
malicious boy the Whipping acted .as
a counter motive to overcome the
motive supplied hy the pleasure of
tormenting the eat or .dog.
But, as I havo said, administer
corporal punishment only sparingly,
for at best any form of punishment
is drastic and ought to be resorted
to only when every other argument
If a child takes pleasure in unfair
dealing or lying, let the father ask
himself whether he himself was not
guilty of inculcating that disposition
by his otfn example. How often will
not a father como homo and at tho
table, with his children around him,
tell aliout his "smartnessj' in overreaching a follow man!
If a child hears his father exalt lying, deceitfulness, unfairness ' and
double dealing, how can wc expect
tho child to grow up to ho honest,
truthful and honorable?—John B.
McKenti, Judge of Children's Court
of New York Citv.
smeKtsattx,-ix^f      ' - ■_
(tartar ami ih« n*th.
The intelligent foreigner could not
understand how so prudish a nation
as the English could have adopted
the Carter and the Bath as the titles
of lis highest orders. With regard to
tho Bath, there is a greater puzzle.
Woro Knights of tho Bath lirst created on October HI, 1899, at tho
coronation of Henry IV., and merely
revived by George L, in 1725, after
long dormancy'.' Or Were thero no
Knights or tho Bath beforo King
Oeorgo? The solution is probably to
bo found in the the origin of tho
title—tho condition—namely, that tho
Candidate for knighthood must tako
a solemn bath, being instructed and
counselled, while in the bath, concerning lhe order and feats of chivalry by two great uml ancient knights.
But ns this appears to have l,een
part of llu* full ceremony for ordinary knight bachelors, it is possible
thnt Henry's alleged Knights of tho
Bath' were nothing mure.
Kitten Amu-nil lini*'* Jentouiy.
A curious instance of a dog's intelligent jealousy is reported from Ll-
A happy family there consisted of
a lady, a cat, a kitten, anil a, Yorkshire terrier. All four u.ro on excellent terms until the terrier took umbrage at attentions which its mistress bestowed   upon   Hie  kitten.
The terrier st ralglitaway began to
dig a hole in the garden, ami linish-
cd its tusk t_i its satisfaction in threo
Then the kitten, disappeared. A
search was mnde and the terrier wns
Sean palling down the earth OVOT I he
hole which it had refilled, the soil
was removed, und lhe kitlen was
found  to  have  boon  buried  alive.
The (log was '-unlshod, but it took
the kitten to the grave again, nnd
the following day took it ton ditch
and left it there.—London liuily I'.x-
A   Von  ( onilliili lima,
What part of your house should
not bo shown to un honored guest?
'I'lie door.
What loads are ill naturod? Crossroads.
Why need nobody lie hungry on Dominion liny? Because there uro
plenty of crackers everywhere.
What plant is fatal to mice? Catnip.
Nearly All the Common Ills of Life Are
Caused by Weak, Watery and
Impure Hlood.
Bad blood means bad health. Thut
is why llr. Williams' Pink Bills
mean good health — they actually
make new, rich blood. Bad blood
poisons the whole system. The nerves
break down, the liver goes wrong,
tho kidneys got clogged and inflamed, the heart flutters and jumps
at tho least excitement, the stoinach
loses its power to digest food, tho
lungs are unable to throw ofl tho
lingering colds, in fact the whole
body gets out of order. Then you
have headaches and backaches, can't
sleep and can't eat and feel utterly
miserable. And It all comes from
bad blood, and can be cured by the
rich, red blood Dr. Williams' Dink
Pill:; sends coursing to every part of
the body. Mr. Daniel McKinnon, of
North I'elham. Ont., suffered from
bad blood, but has been made well
and strong by Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills after all other treatment had
failed. Mr. McKinnon says: "Until
last spring I had been afflicted with
a weak stomach, headaches and kidney troubles. At times I was completely prostrated and my sufferings
wero of a most severe nature. At
different times I wns treated by no
less than seven doctors, but from
none of them did I get moro thnn
temporary relief. As time went on
I became hopeless of ever being well
again. Last spring a friend drew my
attention to Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, and I decided to try this medicine. I had only taken four boxes
when I found a decided Improvement
in iny condition, nnd I continued using the pills until I had taken a
dozen boxes, when I was a cured
mnn, and the sufferings I had formerly endured were but a disagreeable memory. I admit being nn enthusiastic admirer of Dr. Williams'
I'ink Pills, but I think I have just
cans'* for my enthusiasm, nnd will
nlways recommend them to ailing
friends." A,
Just us surely ns Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills cured Mr. McKinnon they
can cure nnne.mia. indigestion, hend-
nches, backaches, kidney trouble,
rheumatism, lumbago, sciatica, neural u:i.i. nervousness, general weakness
and the special ailments of growing
girls and women. * All these nil-
ments come from bad blood, and Dr,
Williams' Tink Pills can curp them
by filling the veins with new, rich,
red blood. But you must be sure to
have the genuine pills with the full
nnme. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for
Pale People, on the wrapper around
every box. Sold by medicine dealers
everywhere, or by mnil at 50c. a
box. or six hoxes for $2..r>0. by writing the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont.
Favorable Comparison With Those of
U. S. Roads by an American
Agricultural Paper.
As a result of a dream Thursday
nrght. Mrs. Lizzie Couet, of Chicago,
41 years of age. lost her life, and her
husband and infant child were fatally burned in a firo which partly dost rayed their home. Tho woman
dreamed thnt her savings had been
stolen from a hiding place in the
bottom of a sugar jar in the pantry.
Stat tied by the reality of the dream,
she took a lamp in one hand and her
baby under her other arm. and
went to investigate. The lamp fell
from the woman's hand nnd exploded, Her husband, aroused from sleep
in an adjoining room, made a brave
attempt to put the flames out, and
finally succeeded with thp aid of a
mattress, but only after he. as well
as tho wife and child, had been
frightfully burned. Mrs. Couet died
while being taken  to the hospital.
The following article is reproduced
from Farm, Stock & Home, ono of
the ablest and most careful of the
agricultural papers of tho United
States, published at Minneapolis:—
"A few of us farmers'are thinking
of going to, the Canadian Northwest
to sottle, but we are told that if we
get very far from water transportation that rail ratos will cat up the
profits on wheat and other grains,
since the rates aro so much higher
thero than on our roads in the
States. Thoy say the Canadian Pacific having no competition can do as
it pleases in charging, and it pleases
to got very high rates, as compared
with ours, and they aro high enough,
tho Lord koaws."—Some North Dakota Farmers.
Answer—The Canadian Pacific is no
more monopolistic than our roads.
Half a dozen roads may constitute a
monopoly as well as one, and a monopoly is what tho various lines
penetrating our Northwest have ever
maintained, especially as to local
rates. But a few figures will answer
your question.
The grain rate, per 100 pounds,
from Port Arthur, the nearest lake
port, including steerago charges and
insurance, to Winnipeg, 431 miles, is
in cents. A rnto sheet of the Great
Northern road lying before us shows
thnt it charges that much for around
a 140-mile haul. From Port Arthur
to Brandon, r>l}4 miles, the rate is
18 cents. The Great Northern
charges the sumo from Barnesville to
Minneapolis. 218 miles: and for a
523-mile haul it charges 18 cents,
from Minot, your stnte, to Minneapolis, The Canndiaii Pacific from
Moose Jaw, 824 miles, is 18 cents,
while the Croat Northern charge is
25 cents from Williston, 644 miles.
The Canadian Pacific rate from Edmonton, the centre of the great
wheat-growing district, is 28 cents,
and the distance i.s 1,488 miles
Many more comparisons could be
given but. these are typical of all,
and they apply to nil our northwestern ronds ns well ns to the Greal
lt requires no argument to convince one thnt our roads can afford
to transport grain Cheaper thnn the
Canadian Pacific Railway can. because they run through more thickly
settled regions, creating immensely
more traffic each wny.
It is not pleasant to give Information of this kind, because it makes
one feel it is encouraging the migration of our people to alien lands, IM
"the Lord knows" that this journalls
not responsible for the situation, and
mny be it will be well in the long run
for the poople to see who nre or what
is responsible for nt least one inducement, to many of them to iaa,tvo
a country that thev are supposed to
rule, and become the citizens of a
CEYLON TEA in Sealed Lead Packets Only   Bla
Mixed or NATURAL GREEN.   By all Groce'rs   r|
ware of Substitutes.
Prominent cattlemen of Montana
and North Dakota rounded up in
Cargo Tuesday to discuss the proposed adoption of uniform regulations regarding the treatment of cattle for Infectious diseases. The meeting was culled by Dr. Ramsay, official inspector for the Dakotaa and
Montana, and it is planned to draft
ii bill for introduction in the Mon-
tana and Dakota Legislatures at
Uiolr coming sessions.
Deputy V. S. Marshal Stout arrival in this city from Portal, hav-
in chargo J. W. Willinms. who is
charged with smuggling whiskey
across the Canadian line, says a despatch from Minot, N. D. The nc-
Cused was arraigned before U. S.
I Commissioner Dlalsdell, of Minot,
and by stipulation his hearing was
Continued. Williams i.s specifically
Charged with smuggling five gallons
of good, old Canadian booze across
the line from north to south Portal.
iHe has been suspected of the offence
for some time by the collector of
customs, and it is suid that recently
he was caught with the liquor in his
possession. Williams states that he
was sent nfter five gallons of whiskey
Iby a young man employed in a hotel
near the boundary line und that he
did not know that he had passed
over the line into the United Stntes.
When taken into custody by the officers, Williams, who is a.big. strong
fellow, cried like a child, ami said
tlmt if his wife learned of his trouble
it would kill her. Tho maximum penalty in case of conviction is one year
in the penitentiary «nd a fim* of $5,-
Mrs. Close, of London, has a plan
of sending in May. if possible. 7.000
Children  in  the care of guardians    in
England to Canada, if possible, between lhe ages of two and three, to
be  taken  on  farms  in  ihe vicinity  of
\ nnn polls (the Land of Evangeline),
Vovii Scotia, from whence Ihey will
I"' drafted as they grow  older  to   the
Northwest,    Mrs. Close has returned
fiiuii Canada wilh the promise of the
fullest support from Laurier, Sifton
aid  others.
At  midnight,   in his guarded  coop,
The   turk   slept,   dreaming of   the
When he at last should fade in soup
In  boarding houses'  good old  way.
One trouble nbout being a really
great soldier i.s that in the rush und
bustle tii retreat or victory you have
to stop for a few moments to think
up a historic expression, or one that
will become historic. And in those
few moments the other fellows may
Tho Canadian Pacific Railway have
announced their 18th Annual Excursions to the Eust, and tickets will ,bjo
on sale from November 28th to December .Slst, good to return within
three months from date of sale. Tho
C. P. R. in addition to their daily
service of first-class coaches und palace sleeping cars, will also run tourist sleeping'cars daily, which will allow passengers an excellent opportunity of making tho trip to the East in
great comfort. A pamphlet describing the tourist sleeping cars has been
issued, a copy of which may bo had
on application to any agent of the
company, The company will a>so run
tourist sJoeping enrs from the East
to Winnipeg, daily during March,
thus ensuring passengers the same
comfort on the return as on the going journey.
imi'* lieiuliiche, to which women ure moro
■abject thun iiiiMi. MCOlii'H mo iicirti.* in
1008     subjects     that    they    are   utterly
proitratsdi    Ths stomach  estates   (ood,
nml there is u iniistunt nnd distressing
effort    to-   freo     the    sttunuih   frnm   hilt
which   has  lie. e unduly  secreted   there
I'limu'lee's   Vegetable.   l'ills   urn   ii   h pew I.v
alterative, and  In neutralising  tht'affects
of tlie intruding Idle relieves the pressure
mi tin* mail's, which cuusi* the headache.
Try   them.
Sometimes we get so interested in
showing others wherein they are
wrong that we fu il to mention wherein we are right.
When you see four young men nt a
table in a Cafe nt an hour when the.v
should be nt work you tuny liet what
you like that one of theni is telling
what great men some of his ancestors wero.
Ur. J. I). Kellogfr'i Dysentery Cordial
la prepared from drugs known to the
profession ns thoroughly reliable for the
cure of cholera, dysentery, diarrhoea, unpin** palDfl ami summer complaints, lt h'lH
heen used .successfully hy medical practl-
f.ving results If sulTering from imv siun-
m.*r complaint it is mst the medicine
tlmt Will cure vou. Try u liottle lt
Sella  (ei   2.1  cents.
What She Came Por—Tho senior
village gossip calls upon tho second
in command of the brigade of rumor
retailers. -T hear that Mr. Jones got
mixed up in a sensational affair the
last time he was awny." says the
senior gossip. "Do tell!" exclaims
the other, throwing her hands up in
surprise. And then, of course, the
senior gossip told.
It seems to us that the «3
of summer are not half as J*  tci
ing as the unexpected slick' ^^
the sidewalk in winter. °*
Jas. McK-oe, Linnwood, Ont
1-iaehlin McNeil, Mabou, ('   y
John A. McDonald, ArnDrlnr n.
C. B. Billing,  MarkhiUH ',,/;.' H
John Mader, Mahone Bay   \ «
Lewis S. Butler, Burin, Nfld,'
These well known gentlemen I
assert that they were cured l
OBCS in a while you meet
11 tltll
whose idea of being a  patriot ||j
to bo talking nbnut it all the time
MINARD'S LINIMENT Belleres Nenraifli
How doth the busy baker man
Improve the shining minute!
He makes a Witch of pumpkin pie
And puts no pumpkin in it.
Pile Torrort   Swept Away-
Hr. Agnew's Ointment annuls at ,_
heiiii us a reliever, healer, uml su.j cun
for Tiles in sll forms. One apjiinatioa
will givo comfort in n few minutes, ani
three to six days' application, manninij
to  directions,   will  euro chronic iie-na   It
relieve* »n Itching atnd burning »,.ni t^.
euses  in   a tluy.    '.iu cents —7y
It seems to us that In n pojmlar
novel the bigger the fool tho berok
the bigger success the book makes.
protest of nut uii- u-jiiiiist neglect ol tin
bodily henlth. against carelessneu re-
gardhig the physical condition li ieb*
the lirst opportunity and tnl.es up tt*
abode in mini uml it is sometime*, dim>
cult to eject it. br. Thomas' EclertrH
Oil will drive it out in slmrt order Pain
cannot stay where it ih umi|, bul Inn*
dlately Sees nwny.
Poor relations cannot help think
rapidly when listening to their rich
uncle asking tho blessing over thala*
mi ly dinner.
Lever's  X-'A  (Wist* Mead) Pisin/ett.
nnt   Soap   Powder   is   better   thu
other   powders,   as   it   is  both' «*}'.
and disinfectant.
Horse sense teaches .vou what is
right nnd mule sense helps vou to
kick  when you do not get it.
Your Money Back with Sunlight Soap
Sunlight Soap is guaranteed perfectly pure, genuine, »nd free from
adulteration—all dealers are authorized to return purciuue money to anyone
finding cau*e lor Complaint,
Therefore you lose nothing by trying
•Sunlight iSoap
and you will agree with million* of other women that the Sunlight wiv is the
only way to wash clothes.
$5,000.00 reward will be paid to any person who can prove that Sunlight
Soap contains any form of adulteration or contain.*) any injurious chemicals.
Just rub Sunlight Soup on your clothes and let them soak in tepid water,
then Data out in fresh waler.    It ii equally good in hard or suit waior.
makes ihe Bread used on the
tables of Royalty.
Ogilvie Fmhjr Miixs foJiMiimMoNntEALWiMipm -He
A Series of Articles Describing
their Lives, their Alms aad
Their Influence.
IVir. Walpole Murdoch.*
V- ,
ditor and  Proprietor of the Hart-
noy Star.
I i
I'he   proprietor   nnd editor   of tho
la it my Star is a  newspaper man of
decades   of   western experience!
was but    a    lad when ho started
llirtlo   Observer—tho   parent   of
present Kyev.itness.    This  was in
884,  when   thu    northwestern   town
nlidcntly anticipated that it would
,a  mi the main linu of tho (.'. 1\ H.,
nd be u centre second In importance
it  lew in the province. For years
Murdoch    stayed   at the   pretty
■ town  on  the bunks of the Bird
Huv ihe Observer did not 6b-
rvi vi Lb progress made by ilu* am-
itiout   und  once  hopeful   little  burg,
to pon intion of tho town decreased
nstuad   o''  growing,   and   its  importune iis a   trade centre grew less in-
eud  of  greater.    All   that  a  news-
iper  could  do  to  stem  the  falling
,n nines  of    the    placo  the  Observer
lul.    Issue after issue it pointed out
le* wealth   of    the rich agricultural
'ition of which llirtlo is the centre,
itiu   enlarged    on    the   success that
mailed those who properly tilled its
fertile soil,    llut it was of but small
avail.   The number of settlers steadl-
h decreased, as it did in many other
parts of tho Wost nt  the time.   This
ti no sense remarkable   when   the
nditlons are  known.     The   original
nl.is of the district came in with
nl.' or no means.   As so«n as they
ml performed their homestead duties
ial secured their patents a majority
ii tli.'in mortgaged their farms,   and
.iiMiiiioiied them    to    the   mortgage
fun 'panies.      With   the    money   thus
raised ihey    moved  to  a  newer   district, look  up a  second     homestead,
is they were then enabled to do un-
Icr the law,   and with  much    larger
apitnl  wero  able  to  make   a    fresh
start  on a   larger and  more success-
il scale.    While  the  individual    settler so doing was benefited by this,
it  is obvious  that the district must
suller thereby,  nnd  in fact the country   around   Birtle   was,   for some
years  dotted   with  idle  farms  owned
hy mortgage compunies.
The Observer, as conducted by Mr.
Murdoch, was in many respects a
model local paper. None of the country papers of these early d-iys were
mechanically faultless. The conditions under which they wero pro-
rfueod prevented that, But few, if
. could compare in point ol typo-
■.'■iphicnl neatness with the one of
ulllch Mr. Murdoch was editor. Count iousness  und   thoroughness   nro
keynotes of Mr. Murdoch's chnr-
ii ier. Xo detail is too trivial for
his attention, if that detail is necessary   for  the  completion   of  what   ho
in bund. Typographical excellence is gained only by careful at-
letition to numerous trifles, nnd that
this nt tent ion  was given by Mr. Mur-
1 ■ ■    the  tiles  of  the   Observer    boar
I a  ilu,* course    Mr.  Murdoch  dotor-
i to change his location. Hddls-
I   ot     the    Observer     plant,    und
.1 ti) Pilot Mound, whero ho on-
ihod the Sentinel.   This pnper he
B   COnsplCUOUS   success, anil one
tho   most   looki'd-t'or among the
Ing  list   of  provincial  exchanges.
''"ui   years  ugo     Mr.    Murdoch    dis-
i"1   'I   of  the  Sentinel,  .and  acquired
Hartney  Star, of which  he is  to-
,!  i   ih.' editor nnd proprietor.
"  Slur  is  housed  in one   of    the
"Hiees of uny (.'ountry    weekly In
"li'   West.      Its   iipiiptiicnt    is   one     of
most modem in'the provlnco, nnd
in ihe range of its Job type, und the
iu displayed in   its   selection,   it
perhaps no rival In nnv town ol
Har si/,, iu the West. Like nil Mr.
l| H ■Inch's newspaper, ventures, pur-
' '  iliti-     eare    is    given   to   the   typO-
I'lni'ai   appearance    nnd   display.
•"nl  the neatness of the Star's mlver-
llients  have almost  passed   into   B
I'f'ivorh  among  the craft.
•ir. Murdoch's personal equipment
'"'• conducting a country paper is
ividuly recognized by his fellow noWS-
I'npcr men. llo has a line menial
I'uise,    iiis  temiH't'iiment   is culm  nnd
"'"inl. Partisanship or extreme-
111 ^s of belief nre naturally foreign to
llK disposition. Ile Is u pt'iu't ienlly
'■"Uever nml example of the old Orl-
Oital proverb, which snys lhat there
1 no stick so short or so crooked
'"H  Unit it  bus two endfl.   Mr. Mur-
The thousands of peoplo who
write to me, Baying that
Cure -T>icLuns
cured them of chronic coughs,
cannot all be mistaken. Thora
must be some truth in it.
Try s fcotu* for that cough of tows.
Price*! 8. C. Wan* * Co. lit
»c.50c.tl.  LoRoy. N.Y., Toronto, Can.
doch always wants to see all sides
of a question beforo coming to conclusions. Naturally, therefore, he
seldom makes up his mind as to policies hurriedly. As is eqpally natural,
too, his mind once made up, he seldom has occasion to chartgO his opinion. It is this finality and fairness
in his arguments and reasonings that
mako his published opinions so
weighty. Few editorial expressions
carry so far as those of the Hartney
Star, and the reason is to be found
in the thoughtful personality whose
ideas they reflect.
While all Mr. Murdoch's newspapers
have been remarkable for this sanity
and fiiirmindedness, thero is another
characteristic they have all shured in
common to which reference ought
here to be made—their keen observance of the world of nature. With
Mr. Murdoch natural history amounts
almost to a passion—not a bird or
a beast or a flower ef tho prairie to
which he is not a friend, and of
whoso habits of lite ho ls not a storehouse of knowledge. His little urti-.
cles on natural history aro widely
read and much quoted. In theso days
Of the hurly burly of federal, provincial or municipal polities, und of the
godngS nnd comings of people, there-
porting of whose movements constitutes top often thc bulk of the news
of n local paper, it is a refreshment
to pick up thi* Star, and road therein somo little article on tho coining
of thc wild goose, thu habits of tbe
muskrat, the blooming of the nne-
nione, or a description of some rare
and beautiful mirage. Few among
the busy workers in tho West tuke tho
necessary timo to familiarize themselves with nature. Tho fact that one,
of the western editors gives frequently the results of Iiis own communion
with the various forms of nature is,
therefore, all the more appreciated.
.Many of his subscribers would doubtless notice tho omission cf Bone item
of local news, but nmong those who
(rom week to* week look for the Hartney Star as one of the few exchanges
for whose arrival thoy look with
eagerness, tho little nature talks
that from time to time appear are
always the first things sought for.
Whatever modifications muy from
time to timo be made in the Star,
they hope this will remain a permanent feature.
Mr. Walpole Murdoch stands for
and represents much of the very best
in western journalism. His high personal principle in both private and
public life, his keen observation, his
fairness in discussion, his breadth of
view and .judicial temperament, to
gether with his industry and pro-
gressivoness, make him a mun of
mark in his profession, The ranks of
newspaper men In the West would be
bettered if more men of Mr. Murdoch's type were found therein.
Heart-Sick People-Dr. ARncw*
Cur* for tho Heart is o heart tonio that
never falls to cure—Is swift in its effect*
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snatches from death's grip more sufferers
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diseases nml allnwnls in the category of
human suffering*. Gives relief la SO
minutes —73
Actually, "please" will buy more
than a dollar half the time.
If a man really knew thc where*
alniuts of every thing in a department
store he would be far too valuable
a mini to be a floorwalker.
SLEEPLESSNESS.—Whon the nerves
nre unstrung unci the whole body given
Up to wretchedness, when the mind is filled
with gloom uml (lismiil forebodings, the
result of derangement of the digestive
orguns. sleeplessness comes to mid to
the distress. If only the subject could
sleep, there would be oblivion for a
while nnil temporary relief. Parmelee's
Vegdtabl* l'ills will not only Indue*
sleep, but will art so benellcinlly thnt
the suh.ie>* will wnke refreshed imd restored in happiness,
A Problem Solved.—"Now. professor, if I should get a pound of radium and put it into n glass tulY nnd
place that Inside an  iron  tank,  whnt
would be "  "Walt a  minute.    I.et
us take up the problem section by
section. If you should get a pound
of radium you wouldn't have onotmfc
money left, to buy the glass tube."
One dose of Ayer's Cherry
P;ctoral at bedtime prevents
night coughs of children.
No croup.  No bronchitis. A
doctor's medicine for all
affections of the throat, bronchial tubes, and lungs. Sold
for over CO years.
" I linvo tiwl Arcr'n Cherry Pectoral In mf
fnnillr r«i ■Ifttlt.yraM. Ther«1»H"thliimifiu«l
in It for I'lini'hti mui milt*, <i«pecl»lly for chll-
di-en." — M'.'B. W. 11. liuvaxu, Shelby, ii*.
AH arms!***.
J, 0. ATM CO.,
Lowell,   Mm.
Night Coughs
If we genuinely disliked a candidate, after ho was defeated WO should
collect all thc campaign buttons
bearing hi.s picture, and ship them
to hlm in instalments.
Tha   Poisoned    Spring -a* m
nature so ln man, pollut* th* iprintr and
disease and waste are bound to follow—
the stomach and nerves out of kilter
means poison tn the spring. South American Nervin* ls a great purifier, cures
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, and tones th*
nerves. The best evident* ot its offlcacy
is tho unsolicited testimony ot thousand!
ol cured one*.—76
Bo you know the man who always
finds un excuse to tell you about tho
time he missed tho train and had to
walk twenty miles?
linard's Liniment Cures Buna, Etc.
People don't notice you much if
you are good; and the trouble is
they notice you too much if you are
Removes all hard, aoft or calloused
lumps and blemishes from horses, blood
spavin, curbs, splints, ringbone, sweeney,
stifles, sprain*; cure* sor* and swollen
throat, coughs, etc Save $50 by th*
us* of one bottle. Warranted the moat
wonderful Blemish Cur* ever known.
A despatch from Detroit says that
scarcity of wheat in that part of tho
country is emphasized by two purchases made by the Commercial Milling Company, which has bought fifty
thousand bushels of Manitoba wheat
that will go to Detroit in bond and
in the port of Detroit pay a duty of
20 cents a bushel. The wheat is of
very fine quality, being better for
flour making purposes than No. 1
northern. Another company has
bought a smaller quantity of Pacific
coast wheat to go to Detroit by rail
at a freight rate of about the same
per bushel as tho duty on Canadian
wheat. This expensive wheat is taken
across the border because of tho failure of the Michigan crop. This year's
crop figured about 5,000,000 bushels,
but probably not more than throe
million bushels is a good milling
grain raise. Elevator stocks in Detroit at present consist almost entirely of northwest wheat.
"My Kindoys are nil Wrong 1
How shall I insure best results ln Th*
shortest time?" It stands to reason that
a li.jiii.'. specific of th* unquestionable
merit cl South American Kidney Cure
will no more directly and quickly to the
seat of the trouble than the "pill form"
treat ment. and when it strikes the spot
them's healing in an Instant.—78
Carries a Moral.—"They sny he
gets a fabulous salary," murmured
the first auditor while the celebrated
tenor was singing. "*fl*ell, you know
what a fable is," replied the second
auditor, who wns beginning to feel
that his $."* had been wasted.
Some peoplo only hold a job   long
enough to get references.
p——ia** tf** •  ■
Koep tho bowel's open with on* of
Ayer's PilU at bodtlmo, Just ono*
The store detective has captured a
Woman in the apt of stealing some
hand-painted miniatures. She has
been taken before tho justice for trial.
"What is your business, madam?" inquires tho justice. "I am a photographer," she replies. "If you can satisfy me that you follow such a profession I shnll lie inclined to deal leniently with you." "Ask thnt detective ik I wasn't taking pictures the
first tune he snw me."
TESTIMONIAL from*, the late SIR SAM-
*UEL MAKER, th* famou* Nile Explorer.
"Newton Abbot, Devon. Dear Sir*—I
have delayed my thank* as I wished to
test the t'llfct of lllair's Pills by m *uffl-
clent interval ot time.
"For ten years I had suffered acutely
from Gout and life had lost Its attraction owing to the uncertainty of health
and sudden visitations of th* enemy
which prostrated me for months, or weeks
according to the virulence of the attack*
"Blair's Pills have rendered me immense
service, aft I no longer fear an attack
of Gout.        *
"For the last twenty months I hav*
been comparatively free, as on* or two
attempted visitations hav* been immediately stamped out by the assistance ef
Blair's Pills.
"Truly yours (Signed) Saml. W. Baker.
Lyman Sons A Co., Montreal and Tor.
onto; The Bole Drug Co., Winnipeg; anal
Martin, Boi* al Wynne Co., Winnioaa.
Superfluous Hair
Removed by tha New Principle
Blectrolyiii, X-ray or depilatorie* er*
offered yeu on the bere word of the
operator* end manufacturer*. D E
MIKACLE i* not It is the only method
which is indorsed by physicians, Burgeon*, dermatologist*, medical journals
and prominent magaxine*. Booklet will
will be sent free, ia plain, seeled
Your money beck without question if
il fail* to do ell that i* - claimed for it.
DE MIRACLE mailed, eealed io
plain wrapper, on receipt of ll. Write
for il today to DE MIRACLE CHEM-
I0AL OO., S3 Quint Stout Wot,
Tosonto, or
™"    8IMPS0M gBRST
W%shiiw< Pro-9m
There'* only one reel teat of
unshrinkable underwear—the
wash tub Two or three hard
rubbing* will soon shorten the
usual to-called "unshrinkable"
underwear. That's why the
ilirections for washing are so
elaborate—why there are so
many "ifs" and "doa'ts."
i.i absolutely unshrinkable.'
The wash tub proves it. Yonr
dealer guarautevs this to yoa
—and we back np that guar-
cntee to hlm. We know It
won't shrink because it can't
tixr—— Our special proceaa
takes out the shrink before the
garments sre cut. Even then,
each one is tested by washiag.
Our range in ebony
toilet articles is large s_i
and varied.
A favorite set, in handsome
case, is No. 11607. 11 contain! hair-brush, mirror and
five ether i»ce«»*ry piece*.
mountad with aterlinf silver
shields, $1 j.oo.
Our catalogue will
prove of value when
next you are thinking
about gift-making.
Send for it to-day.
Made big enough for a big
man to work in with comfort
Has more material in *t than
any other brand of shirt in
Canada. Made on the
H.B.K. scale it requires ___
to 42 yards per down, whereas
common shirts have only 33
to 33 yards.
That's the reason why the
H.B.K. "Big" Shirt never
chafes the armpits, is never
tight at the neck or wristbands, is always loose, full
and comfortable and wears
well "
Each shirt bears a tiny book
that tells the whole history
of the "Big" Shirt, and
also contains a notarial
declaration that the H.B.K.
"Big" Shirt contains 39^
to 42 yards of. material per
Sold at all dealers but only
with this brand:—
■estisal       Wlsatpel
Doctor Squills: "So you operated
on thu millionaire for appendicitis.
What did you remove from him?"
Doctor Knifem: "Ten thousand dollars."
Somo folks are in favor of short
courtships, others demand lon^ courtships, whilo still others say nothing
as to choice, but are satisfied with
any kind of a courtship.
Causes Feeble Action of the Bodily Organs.
iso's Nerve
Entirely   Overoomee   Weakness   ef
Every  Fern.
It may be weakness of the muscles
or weakness of the nerves, weak action of the heart or feebleness of the
organs of digestion, weakness of the
liver, kidneys and bowels or weakness and irregularities of tho organs
peculiarly feminine.
Because digestion is Impaired or
the heart action irregular you have
no reason to suppose theso organs
are diseased ln themselves. They
merely lack tho nervo force which ls
in reality the motive power of the
body and its organs.
A few weeks' treatment with Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food will convince you
of its exceptional blood-forming and
nerve-invigorating power, and by
noting your increase in weight while
using it you can provo that new, -firm
flesh and tissue is being added to the
Mrs. J. B. Tardiff, Mariapolis,
Man., writesj "When I began the use
of Dr. Chase's Nerve Food my health
was in a terribly bad condition. My,
doctor told me that I was going into consumption, and for nearly three
years my bowels' were so loose and
watery that I was continually kept
weak and run down. In spite of the
many remedies used I gradually grew
worse and worse. I could scarcely;
got about the house and suffered a
great deal from backache, stomach
and kidney troubles.
"Dr. Chase's Jierve Food proved to
hp exactly what I needed and by keeping up this treatment for a time I
not so strong and well that I did (my
own housework, and sometimes
worked in the fields without feeling
any the worso fqr lt. It is a plea-
s'uro as woll os a duty for me to .re**
commend Dr. Chase's Nerve'Food.
If you would be well and live la
tho full enjoyment of health, restore
your vitality by the use of Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food, 50 cents a box,
at all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates
& Co., Toronto. Tho portrait and
signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt book author, aro on
every box.
********       ABAIN    Throuih    m*    •ftrlotly   Oo
VOUR    *••••*•rm''l*,^-"'>^    mleelort   .Firm.     Write   1
day   for   Full   Partloular..
Thompson, Sons & Oo.
Don't Tako Less.   Get the Highest prices for your
wheat.   Ship to
IVIol.iaVUOHL.IN   St  EI_I_I3
DRAIN  EXCHANGE,  WINNIPEG. Chamber   of   Commerce,   Minneapolis.
We ass—* a  mpmt±mlty   mt low grade wheat,
will show how we na
;—Anfjr Baak « C—imwiial
GRAIN 1 Jas. Richardson & Sons | GRAIN
(Until   rec^itly   represented h_ the late E.  O'Reilly, Esq.)
All kinds of grain purchased in Car  Load   LoU.   Write us for top prices
and   shipping   instructions.        Any   grade of wheat, oats, barley or
P. 0. Box 629,   Winnipeg,   Man.
ye« pels te us te be sold •• arrival er alw»
wards, m you may wish.  We de ft atrlsUr ss
mlsslM business,   la   which   ws have imA
rears' experlencs.   Prompt and reliable work ruaraateed.
Liberal advance*.    Correspondence solicited.     licensed and Bonded*
Reference,   Bank at Hamilton.     Exchange Branch,
DONALD MORRISON ft CO. HHutaa.   "'0nla ^»faa. man.
Ws handle grain strictly •■ eommlssUft.   Hlghee*) Prices efcUteahls.
liberal advances.   Trades carried en *ma%f\* te Winnipeg's futures,
Oerrespondeni. i solicited.
/^ GRAIN EXOHANaE, Wlwlpf.
Winiipef. •s^_f
Csnsign j enr grsls te ms sad get f reaps Bsrvlcs, csrsfal aUeittoB*
laid U?heit market prices. Q      Q DIN If      DRAWBRl
| Rtfcrenct-UMiN BANK of CANADA.   Oe    O 1    I I* Wm
Grain In car lots bought on track or sold on commission. Reasonable
advance made. Prompt Returns. CoTespondence solicited. Referencej
Any Bank in Winnipeg.
*ye|      aa     mm      V A^ VEGETABLE SICILIAN
H Alsl*a Hair Renewer
Perhaps you like your gray hair; then keep It. Perhaps oor;
them remember—Hall's Hair Renewer always restores color to
tray hair.  Stops falling hair, also. "^'T-ttarc-rrggyV11**
If it is a Question of Warmth use J
It Retains Heat and Keeps out Cold.
Write for   Samples   and Prices.
TEES & PERSSE, Limited., Agents, Winnipeg.
Polished iin' Tooth.-"isn't   it   re-  WHEN THE IDOL WAS SHATTER*
markablo, said lho man in the front *3i.
row  ut  tin'  thcatro,   "how  she holds   Ho was n football hero,
her youthful appearance?'.' "it is
truly wondorful, Indeed," ropHod tho
mini ni'xt to him, "i wondor wlm'
she UKi*s to defy tho tooth of timo."
•I huve uttdorstood that slu* uses
il.'iiUil powder us a, cosmetic."
wnlt pride his iiihiu* wiiii I'.ilii'ii.
Until one day his witf .blew off
Anil  sliowiil   Mint   lir  wns  Im lit.
-  4
Vt/    IM    «-»    No    809 THE DRILL, SLOCAN. B. C, DECEMBER 9. IdOl.
;i sii
;.     !
O. E. Smitsbbikoai.ii, Editor and Prop.
is rnsLisain BVKKT fiiihay at
SLOCAN,     i*      - *.    -       -     B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, V each.
Transien t advertiseuion ts at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, strict*
ly in Advance; $2.50 a year if uotso paid*
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
Representative Conservatives met
in Montreal this week and presented
a memorial to Hon. Mr. Borden, asking him to retain the leadership of the
party.   He will accept.
The West Hastings political scandal i.s expanding and it threatens to
involve the whole fabric of government rule in Ontario. Already two
politicalacandidates are fugitives from
justice and several other interested
parties are making themselves scarce.
•TJie western lumbermen will ask
the dominion government to impose a
duty of $2 per thousand on lumber
comingin from the States. In their
..request they will receive the support
of "Big Bill" Galliher, who, in an interview on tho coast, stated a depression existed in the interior aud a duty
should be imposed to protect the lum-
;bering industry. Force to the argument is lent by the closing down of
almost all the sawmills.
Reciprocity with Canada—with a
general tendency towards annexation
—is a question of growing importance
alining American public men, and the
sunjeet is beiug extensively canvassed
in/the press. Time was' when Cana-
jdjps public life was more or less agitated by the question.but Washington
authorities proved by no means favor-
fable. Now the shoe is on the other
• foot, for Canada's growth is exciting
envy among the people to the south,
and they would fain have closer trade
relations with their vigorous young
neighbor. No longer is there a sentiment in Canada towards any other relation with the United States than at
present exists. Canadians are taking
pride in their country and,9. healthful
national spirit has been born. Canada
is developing as a nation, occupying a
prominent position among those several peoples going to make up the
mighty British empire. Canadian
public men have plainly told American audiences of late that the dominion means to carve out its own destiny
quite independent of the States, and
the Americans should accept those
statements as indicative of popular
feeling here. Neither reciprocity nor
annexation are wanted.
Slocau will have a hard job to find
a codncii for the coming year, and
those men who, perhaps,may be found
willing to undertake the government
.of the city will find their work cut out
to successfully finance the burg's obligations. The tax sale did not turn
out as successful as anticipated, and
the bulk of tbe back taxes due tlie
city still remain unpaid. Tha costs
aud incidentals of the salo were somewhat heavy aud these, for the time
being at least, must be met from the
general revenue, eventually being
taxed up against the delinquent lots.
These expenses will be a direct charge
upon the city of upwards of $20U0,and
following closely after will come the
debenture payment of $1000. In addition will be the heavy strain from
the school, ai)d a limited allowance
for generalities and salaries. The rev*
jentie in sight is principally from the
seven hotels, some, of which may at
any time drop out; then comes a lessened number of traders' licenses, and
about a third of the realty taxes. Fortunately the salary list has been cut
to a mere bagatelle, while the general
expenses, with luck, should be small.
The margin for allowance, however, is
•decidedly limited and great care must
be exercised. To thoso men upon
whose shoulders the responsibility of
government may rest, the ratepayers
should accord their heartiest sympathy aud support. They will have a
hard task to steer the civic ship clear
of the rocks of bankruptcy, and the
people should be patient, lending assistance rather than seeking to condemn.
Pay up your subscription.
The deer season is drawing to 11
For first-class bread go to J. II
W. Koch has closed down his saw
mill on Ten Mile.
J. Snyder and wife removed to tin*
States on Saturday.
The city liceuse commissioners aro
to meet on Wednesday next.
Dr. Rose will oppose John Houston
in the mayoralty race in Nelson.
Charley Snyder quit the wimp on
Monday, going to Rosslaud and Phoe
The mill tug came in Suuday with
a bargeload of lumber for the local
Crow's Nest coal mines hnd an output during Novemlier of upwards of
74,000 tons.
School Inspector Wilson paid an
official visit last week to the schools
up the lake.
H. R. Jorand was in Nelson this
week attending the sittings of the supreme court.
A wedding between two popular
young peoplo is announced for the
early spring.
For Sale. A small base-bmiier coal
stove, in first-class condition. Applv
at this office.
The oldest timer fails to recall such
a late and glorious fall as the country
is now enjoying.
Born.- -On Dec. 4, the wife of D. St.
Deuis, manager of the O.-S. Lumber
Co., of a daughter.
The bridge crew pulled out on Friday, having been employed at the
wharf for a month.
The improvements in the railway
yards have been completed and the
grounds levelled off.
Aid. Madden wolit to Nelson Monday, consequently no meeting of the
city council was field.
A. V. Robins, representing Clarke
& Stuart, statiouers, Vancouver, paid
his initial visit here 0:1 Saturday.
The tinware stock of H. J. Robertson has been moved to Nelson, nnd
will be sold as second-hand goods.
In Grand Forks the school trustees
publish in the paper the names of the
tardy pupils. The scheme works very
A company has been formed.known
as the Sandon Realty Co., to take over
G. M. Sproat's interest in the Sandon
A. H. Buchanam Nelson, has been
appointed to the management dfthe
Bank of Montreal at Spokane. _, B.
deVeber succeeds Mr. Buchanan at
Walter Renwiok, the Sloean sprinter, had a 100-vard race in Ross mud,
Sunday, with Percy Wilkinson. Ho
S"ave the latter four yards start aud
then beat him by six feet.
The 1?r.ill will print you, 011 short
notice and in anv amount, shipping
tags, billheads, stateinents.letterh.'nds,
noteheads, memos, receipts, envelopes,
visitiug cards, business cards, bills of
fare, dodgers, posters, etc, etc. Will
meet any quality or price.
Nelson's Drug and Book Store
This is the place where there are special attractions for the Holiday Season.      We have
the best stock of Fancy Goods and Toys in the Slocan, and if you require anything in the
line of a present to gladden the heart of a friend—man, woman, or child-—we can supply your wants.      Below is a small list:
Toilet Cases, Glove Sets, etc.
Toilet Cases, ebony fillings. IVOO, SO.OO.^.oo
do. French stag fillings $..'1.75, $6.00, $7,00
do. celhiloid, etc $2150, $4.00, ,?r>.oo -
Glove and Handkerchief Sets 40c, $1.00, $W(jO 0
Sewiug Sets for Girls 35c, 50c, 75e, 81.00, $1.50, $2.00, $3.tx{ $5^   '
Writing Folios aud Desks $1.75, $2.50, $4.00, $5.00,'$6.'oo I
Handkerchief aSachets * $1.00, $1,25, $2,^
Fancy Clocks '. $3.50, 54.00, $5.00, $6(10 IJ
Ink Stands B0c, $1.00, $1.25, $2.50, $8.50, $6X» fl
And a great many other articles, such as Perfumes, Purses, Chatelaines, Smokers'Sets, Shaving
Sets, Fans, Brushes, Ornaments, etc., too numerous to mention.
Our Dolls are a daily source of pleasure
to the little girls crowded before our windows and their hearts are filled with longing to possess them.. They run as follows:
Dressed... ,5c, 10c, 15c, 25c,35c, 75. $1, $1.75, $2, $2.50
Not Dressed. .10c, 15c, 25c, SOc, 60e. 75c, $1. $1.50,11.75
Rag Doils 20c, 25c, 35c
Books   paper, linen and ixiiind    in dozens of...
different titles. .5c. 10e, 15c, 20c, 25c, :35c, 60c, 75cji
Blocks, Balls, Dishes, Stoves, Trains, Horses, etc,
Furniture large, Chairs, Cradles, Doll Carriages,
Folding Bed and Bureau, Doll Beds,
Sets of Tools in large assortment.
MECHANICAL TOYS   Over 20 different kintls, in-
eluding Foxy Grandpa, Dancing Bear, Fiddler
Faddy and the Pig, Acrobat on Tight Rope,
Jumping Poodles, Man cm Ladder, etc., etc,
Our Automobile Loop the Loop is on Exhibition, Daily.
Appended i§ a'complete list of the various records registered atthe loeal registry office, II. P. Christie being mining
Nov 28—Club fij on Kobson creek, F
2C-R M, same, D D O'Neail.
29—Storinount, divide between the 1st
and 2nd n f Lemon, W I licks,
Dec 1—Evening Star No 9 fr.
Nov 28—Slocnn Prince.
Watches I
Our gentleman's 14k.
solid gold, hunting- sy}.
case watch (No. 12617) *'""
sells for $40.00.
In a ss-vear tft'IJ-filled rate
(No. li.'nh) tlie lima cxra-l-
lent "Ryrie" movement tells
for faa.oo.
A lady's solid gold
watch (No. 12576)with
guaranteed "Ryrie"
movement will cost
you $25.00.
In a st-year ^old-fillrd ca.e
l\o. i.-aa,) it mala. I'lily
Si,..,.    Send for ,At.ilO|*LC.
A new tiool'let of poems, Songs of the West, very tine
Pictures to decorate vour home	
.10c. 15c, 25c, 85c, 50c. 7 6e '
We cannot describe our China adequately.   Ydu must see it to appreciate it.       /y     **■"-*-
It is nicer than ever, and we have it in:
Cups £nd Saucers, PJates, Five o'clock Tea Set's,
Tete a Tete Sets, Chocolate Sets, Porridge Sets,
Complete Tea Sets of 44 pieces, Celery Trays,
Salad Bowls, Table Sets, Vases,
Hugs, Jardinieres, etc., etc
If you can oomo to Hew Benver we shall be pleased to show oiir Stock,
cannot come, I will give your orders personal attentian, ani rm
sure yon will be satisfied with your purchase at
•3 M KX53K3
Nov L'8-Ciili timl Bright Light, 1-3:! in
each, .1 Ws)sh to A M Rogers.
.-'ami*, 1-18 in each, l> (i McCuaig to .1
'•T *W. Wi:iJs\ t.
rsii.es ms.'it* mx-*rx
Slocan District Court of
N'OTICE Is haroby given that a Coprt-of Hit.
"i-i.ii^niiil Appeal, In respect <>f Um n--r*s
tn ni of property fur tlm trial "f cotnjplnltitfl for
tha \,-ar ilm:,. will In* helH ni m o'clock In the
forenoon, on Stttunlay, tbo 17th 'lav of Decern.
ber. i'.ml. at tlm Oiivurnraenl UuildIn/rat Kiilo;
Ht 10 o'clock in the forenoon nn Honda**, the
Ipih ile) of December, MM, al tin* Government
Iiii ill ina*. Sew Denver; an'l nl 10 o'clock in the
for.a oon on Tiir-I,i v. i lir* ■"ml. day of Dncomber
lfut.nl ilu* Oovernmeul Building, Slooan City.
Duleil nl Kiislo. ll.C. tlm Bird dnv 'if Novum-
l«r, IHI.
Judge nf snid I'nurt
Certificate of Improvements.
Sill.". Ml.,.ial Claim.
Situate in ths Slooan City Mining Division of the West Kootensy district.
Where locsted : -Adjoining the Cameronian mineral claim
Tales noties that I, M. I,. Grimmett,
acting for myself, free miner'i certificate
No. B77H88j ami as agent for Duncan
Cameron, free miner'i certificate No.
U7"t;;<i; Angus Cameron, iree miner'*
certificate No EWMlli William Davies,
frse miner'i certificate No. B8-1520; ll,
McDowell, free minora certificate Ko.
B82840; G, \ Lova, frtio miner's certifl*
catte No. 1166187; nnd It A. Bradshaw,
ftse miner'i certificate No, 1177-':.'.*'.intend,
ilfty daya from Uie data hereof, to apply
to 'ha Mining RecoidOT fora certificate
of Improvements, for ths purpose of obtaining a crown jjiant for Ilia above
And farther take notice that action,
under lection "7, mtlit ho commenced
liefore tlu* iimancs of ittoli certiflcate ni
Dated thla ltd day of Novemlier, 1004
p-JfOf M. J,. -JltlM-METJl
• •a I llCa**
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
Heailrjimrtcrs for traveling men
Lafge, iiir*,*Jnxiiii.i
Boit iin';il.s given in tho town
HATEH-S^ p,r «U.y | with
■ iimple' Mtorna, av.f.O, Special ratal t<> iteady bonnieis
Arthur Street, Slocan
J. A. Anderson
I**-**** ***y
Pressed Hay,
LIGHTED BY IIKATKI) iiv tiPpP/i    lYt f\    tOofC
KLI-CrilK'lTY. IIOTAI*    J    1   LLU    4J1U      Udlji     •    •
The Queen's      \ Strathmore Trading Co.,
HATES:   «a.00 I'KIt DAT
Firit-cloii Dining Room
Large aiid Comfortable Bedroomi
Sampls rooms for Commercial Men
Nebon, B. C.
'♦-i *****-****-*
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
to John J, Banfleld nnd J. M. MoGrwjor
or to any persun or person! to whom
they may have transferred their several Interests, In whole or in purt, in
the Blnck nnd White Beauty Fractional mineral claim, situated near
the head of Lemon creek, and recorded
in the Recorder's ofliee for the Slocan
(.ity mining division.
You nre hereby notified that I have
caused to be expended tin* sum of one
hundred and two dollars and fifty cents
in labor and Improvements on tho above
mentioned mineral claim in order to
Hold said claim under tht provision! of
the Mineral Aet j and if within oodavi
Irom the date of this notice yon fail or
refuse, to contribute your proportion of
sueh expendlture.together with all cost!
of advertising, your interests in snid
chuin will become the property tf the
subscriber,   under section 4 of nn  Act
fit,mo**Act t0 "men(1 "'•Mineral
Dated at Slocnn, B.C., this 3rd day of
October, A. I.) J90J.
7--0-n* imc LEMIEUX.
Drawbs 561,
Calgary, Alberta.
Dealers in Baleil Uuy, etc. etc. Prompt
Shipment,   Hest  Quality,   I " tOSi
Prices, Sstisfactfon fjunrun*
i Writ* m ror Quotation*.
Certificate of Improvements
I WOWDEB, AHIOIjB, Al.Ml   I!. I"l's*
I    Mavkta   FbaotIOKAL,   A   B C
al, Mavkta, BlLOXIE VRACVlOS'
ai„ Flvkttk.Akici.I.: FhacTuMI"
aot) Algiers Minku.u, claims.
Situnte In the Slocuu City Minin • I>ivi-
ilon of WeBt Kootenay Diitrloti
Where located:—At head of Tam**"
rac cieek, nenr Ottawa Mine.
TAKEN0W0E that I, William Al«*
andsr Uaodonald, free miner's cerlin*
cute No B8I7III); acting nt agent [OT
A. B. Coleman, free miner's certin*
rule No. B64891, intend, sixty o»f*
from the date hereof, to applv to
the Mining Kecorder 'or eertlflCStW
of Improvements, for the p|"'l''""'
of obtaining Crown Grants Of theSDOW
And further take notico that *a"°_l
under section 37, must ho coiiinicn''''1
before the issuance ofsuch certlflcStSI "'
improvements. ,,,,..
0 ited thii 14th day Qf October, IPW--
21-10-04 \V. A, MACD0NAWV


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