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The Slocan Drill 1902-05-02

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TOL. III., Ne. 8.
.-•LOCAN,   B.   C,   MAY   2,   1902.
£*2.00 TER ANNUM.
T, D. Woodcock *& Co.,
Slocan, British Columbia.
Hardware, Tin and tiran.teware
Paints, Oils, Huralo, Fishing Tackle
Wire Netting, Ore Cars, Rails, Track Iron
Sole Agents for California Giant Powder,
Gntta Peroha Fuse, Giant Caps, 3 6c 4*
Having purchased the Orr stock nt a low figure,
we are disposing of it at half price.
Men's Suits Men's Hats
Hen's Sweaters Boys' Underwear
Men's Underwear Hen's Top Shirts
Everything positively at half price.   This sale I
closes May 10, when everything left over will bo i
shipped away.   Come early aa the stock is going
fist. '
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchant:
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinnev, B. C.
A. YORK <fc CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Hefts, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
Skilled anil Person Maipiit ol M Baty,
Who is ever rea»3y to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.	
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
He opened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cr. Arthur Str.et ansl OMun.y Av.nu.. BleeM.
n >• j.       .                                 .                                               TUOS. LAkh
liuilding thoroughly renovated                  •                       Proorletori
and re st-eked with fee lwst   1—I	
FrulTCenfectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each ifli always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle tht
best the market affords.   Prices are rlgnx-
Campaign Short but Warm, Winding Up
With u Torrid Mooting on Saturday
Mlght-Ulg JubUatlen utthoCloae ef
tha Poll.
The mayoralty bye-election, caused by the resignation of B. A. Bradshaw from the position two months
ago, was held on Monday, resulting
in the election of A. York by a ma*
jority of 10 over John Bull. The
vote stood Dull 3.3, York -ID. Though;
thc campaign was short, it was a
warm number, winding up with a
meeting in the Music Hall, Saturday
evening that was qui to torrid In character.
There wis no betting in evidence
on daction day and tho voting passed
oil* without any undue misfortune,but
I the night evened things up. As soon
as th<* result of the poll was announced, Mr. Bull extended his cuugratu
latiois. tu tlie inavor elect, who, on
"merging (Void the oil"* hall, was
ss.iif.'d by liifcrViloWcVk, hoisted slioa!
der high nud maffthed down thc
street. Later on the bund came out
and added more zest to the general
The votes polled were seven less
than in the general elections last
January. Mr York's victory was
accentuated by the votes oi' a contingent of Nolsoniana owning property
here, comprising Mayor 1\ Fletcher,
Harold Zolous, George Kvdd,George
Johnsione and Tom Madden, while
\Ym. Hunter came down from Silverton,
tll'Y   CO INC II..
The city council met on Monday
night Inst, but did no business. The
inrnibers present were Clri.nna.i
Robcitson, Aid. Smith, Worden and
Upon the rendfng of the minutes.
Mayor elect York was duly sworn In
nui too'.; his seat, at the head if the
table. He "'Hike a fa\V words ts» the
council, tinting his unprepariduess to
go on witrh tin; busiiivKS of tlie evening, as ho wan unacquainted with the
run ul" things. Lib. wmld therefore
kindlv ask for an adj mrifment, so us
to get in touch with ilie ei.y'a alf.ii.s
and finances.
Council then a j lurncd.
• p • 'ir.'.   M>s,-tlng.
A special meeting ofthe city council was held nu Wednesday evening,
having beer, called by tbo mnyor to
receive tho resignation 'sf City Clerk
Foley, the appointment of committees,
bts. There were present Mayor
York, Aid. Smith. Worden,. Barber
and Robertson.
Tenders were  received from van
uus linns for some city printing, and
the work was awarded to tlio local
office, en motion of Aid. Smith and
Aid. Smith was made chairman of
the finance committee, and Aid. McCallum was also placed thereon, owing to the absenee from the city oi
Aid. Nichol.
City Clerk Fole*,'a resignation was
then read bv the inavor, being dated
the 2.*.th and taking effect on the 80th,
or so soon as ,hc books could be pra
perly audited. Theelerk asked that
his salary "i* paid Immediately upon
his vacating the ollice.
Aid. Smith moved the acceptance
of the resignation and tlie payment
ofthe salary, together with $0 election expenses. Seconded by Aid.
Barber and carried.
Aid. Worden moved, Beeonded bv
Aid. Smith, that ll iv Curtis bnap
-jointed auditor te examine the city
clerk's bunks.   Curried.
Council adjourned.
Arsl.l.'s.l on slus'isss.
The atmosphere on Monday was
surcharged with excitement, which
extended even to the mariners on the
lake. In the evening the Slocan
went up to l'osebcry nfter a cuipli*
of barges and, in coming down, met
with a serious mishap. When oppo*
site Silverton the cylinder head of
one of the engines blew out,the pieces
flying all over the lower deck, but
fortunately no one was hurt. There
WHS found to bo a bad Haw iiuhe
metal, which the heavy pressure in
towing caused to break. The vessel
made this port with the aid of the
other engine about, l o'clock next
morning. It will take some weeks
to repair the damages and overhaul
the boat. In the meantime lhe tug
Sandon is doing t he-lake work.
iissapsini linn ii Saeoeie.
The lirst annual ball given by the
M. U. General Hospital, which look
place in the Music Hall on Friday
night, scored the greatest financial
hit ofthe season. Almost everythl.ig
in connection with the ball was donated, so that the net prooeeds were
large amounting to §110. The hall
was crowded, there being a number
of visitors from outside towns. The
Adcock orchestra furnished the music
and Wm. Hicks ofliciatcd as floor
manager. Refreshments were served
in the hall. It is the intention to use
the funds for the erection of a new
piazza fronting the hospital.'
Sliliis-y Ns.i'ma-1 Oeta the   Black  Prlnoo
Group for 905,000.
Things are not as dead in the camp
as some folk believe, as is evidenced
by the big deal put through on Sat
urday last for thc Black Prince
group, situated beyond the Arlington
and adjoining the Two Friends. Sidney Norman, of Spokane, has secured control of thc property on a working bond extending over two rears.
The purchase price i3 set. at $65,000,
the Brst pnymunt, amounting to 10
per cent, falling duo one year from
date, while the balance is to be met
in three equal payments covering the
remainder oYtee time. During" the
life ofthe bond, Mr. Norman has thc
privilege ef shipping ore, on which
the owners exact a reyalty of 25 per
cent, and no portion of the money so
derived shall apply on the purchase
Included in ilie deal are thc Slocan
I'rince, Sunne-rside, Denis, Blac'v
Prince fracti d nnd Four Friends
claims, owncc. bv Con Mnrphv. D.
Arnot, P. M .-khomberg, W. T.Shat-
ford, W. B. Boo, Leo Dolron, Joe
Doiron, .John Elliot and F. Sherry.
The property is one of the foremost
in the camp and may Well bs consul
ered a mine. To date there has been
$10,030 spent on the property Itf development.:n*d 10 cnilo.itls of oro has
been shippc*. , prucipallv to thc Nelson smelter. V c ore is silicious in
character an ' carries shipping1 values
averaging ftbcit 175 iz. The lead ia
exr.aed mora or less across the
gj*oup mid is." feet in width, affording every '''l,"an*wgo l-a* cheap.
working. Ail. ilrcclaims are heavily
limbviul. bei g .i valuable asset m
i.si't.f, nUiie ' ii-t'c is an abundance tit
■sv.itsi* in the vicinity,
Tliaugh the bond dates f.om May
I, tlie "Kiow- will prevent Mr. Norman
doing anything before June 1. when
he will "it-art i i wHi a gx-od v*fd
force (il 'l. Additional buildings
arc t.i be i ■•ected and a comprehensive plan of de- i loptnent carried out.
There is **fa000 available to carry
forward the w n'k so that there need
be no delay 'he matter. Mr*. Nor*
man's priiicija.a in tie dual are
Eastern American capitalists, and
their advci.t here means much to the
camp. _	
A Sii.al'.pax  Scire.
Slocan has hadan unusual amount
of excitement this week, and every
day seems tu add to it. The latest t»
strike fhe bu*.*g is a smallpox scare.
Wednesday night the Sandon arriv-
(id iu.a'->v 10 o'clock, having
bo i a a minei named Kddv, from
Enterprise mine. He was feeling ill
and went, up to the hospital for treat
ment. Dr. l**e**in .examined thc man
and found iiis bodv covered with a
suspicious looking rash and other
symptoms showing pointing to smallpox. A wlrs was sent to Dr. Hall, ef
Nelson, provincial health officer, and
hu came up at once on a freight, returning yesterday mornin::. It will
take a day or so yet for the disease
to doveliipe with Ivldv, but In the
meantime every precaution in being
taken aud the passengers who were
on the bout are under surveillance.as
well as tho Crew. The Slogan,where
the crew of the Sandon sleep,is quarantined and the log has been fumigated, simuld smallpox follow with
Kddv. thc Enterprise "ill be strictly
tis-d up. Eddy came from Spokane
two weeks ago and the disease is
known to exist there. If Sloean has
to put up for a quarantine, it will be
a heavy blow financially,
luviir l.iml Untl.'*..
In response to a telegram from F.
W. Swannell, secretary of the Nelson
board of trade, Mayor York called a
public meeting of the citizens in the
city hall on Wednesday afternoon, to
take* stc-s in urging the Dominion
government to increase lhe dm ies on
lead and lead products, so as to build
up tlm mining industry of the country. In this the citizens were acting
in accord with other towns. There
was a very go id attendance at the
meeting and no time was lost In getting Into the question, Diversity of
opinion existed as to ju-t what was
wanted, Mayor York, Neil (Jclhiug,
B. Walton, Dr. Forin J. A. Foley,
II. D. Curtis and others taking port
in the discussion. A-resolution was
finally adopted and made unanimous
urging the government to increase
the duties on lead product* thus encouraging the refining and manufac
turing rf lead in Canada, and directly benefitting the mines of Kootenay.
The resolution was duly wired to W.
A. (lalliher, the member for the constituency at Ottawa, The council of
the board of trndo sent a similar tel
*     OKI" TO THI* WAB.
Slooss.il Kesssla Seven Brave l.issla to Bout Is
Slocan sent seven brave men to
South Africa on Monday, making 12
altogether she has contributed to thc
various Canadian contingents despatched to fight tho Empire's battles
against the Boers. According to population, Slocan has made the best re
cord in the province, and the quality
of the men sent was equal to the
quantity. All the recruits for the last
contingent were mustered in ln one
day, and Capt, Curtis ai.d Dr. Forin
found their jiositions a sinecure, so
fully did the men answer the neces
at****** requirements. Thoso enlisting
Henry Cleve.who is American born
but a British subject. He has served
one year with the colors, in thc DOtli
Riflc-i uf Winnipeg. Harry wa-- manager here of A. David's tailor shop.
John P, Aitchison is a Caned an,
having been born in Simcoe county,
Ontario. He had resided here for a
mimber of yenrs and followed pros
peeling and mining.
Hubert Cooper is a son**of Auld
Scotia and has been in the country
but a short while. He was lately
employed at the Enterprise.
John A. York is the Bccond son of
A. York and is also a Canuck. Jack
was ono ofthe boys ofthe town, Laving resided here since a lad. Ho will
he much inissc-d froni the band.
W. Paul Wood was born under the
American flag. He has resided here
for two years and was also a mem-
b. r of the band.
Win. E. Weaver is an American
citizen and has been raised in the
saddle. He is a cousin of Bobby Allen's and has been following packiRg
o* late.
Charles E. Hay Ies is also a cow
puncher and comes from Southern
California- Up to the time of enlisting he was employed on the steamer
All tho boys nre used to life in the
hills and can ride or shoot with the
best of them.
Saturday c.'cniiig tho band boys
gave a farewell champagne supper
to thc recruits at the Royal hotel. It
eras a swell affair and passed off in a
pleasing manner, A. York acted as
chairman and delivered an excellent
address, giving the recruits much
good advice, as did also'.'apt Curtis,
the recruiting officer. Vocal aud instrumental music were furnished in
abundance, the toasts were drunk
with a vim, and the guests of the
evening were made, to feel that their
patriotic actions in going to the from
were much appreciated. The point
was dwelt on of the American sub
jects taking service under thc British
Hag, testifying to the fact that blood
la thicker th n water. Each of the
guests made a manly reply, and
thanked the band boys and citizens
for the honor.* showed them.
About. 11.Ik) Monday morning a telegram was received, telling tin* boys
to leave on the noon train. The citizens at once determined on a send-
off. At 1 o'clock a procession was
formed, lead by II. E. Allen and W.
Lee mounted and carrving large j
British and American flags; uext
came the band bays, then the coinin-
gent on horseback, and behind them
a host of citizens marching. They
paraded ihe principal streets and
wound up at the depot, where a general leave-taking was held. It was
a touching scene, as nearly all the
boys were practically raised here
and familiarly known to all. As tho
train pulled out three.rousing cheers
Were given for the boys, whom every
person feels confident will nobly and
bravely uphold the honor of Canada
and the Empire at the front.
Slccin has had the reputation-of
being somewhat lukewarm in its loyalty to King mid nountry, but the
gallant showing she has made In
sending out a dozen men all told to
Africa must prove a refutation to
that, as it is a prouder and better record than all tlie other towns in the
Slocan put together have made.
Laat Yssnr'a HHIpmenta Were 0514 Tana—
A Uealthy Kvisleuce of the Life ansl
Wealth of the Camp-Arlln-ftoa tho
Blggeat Shipper.
Beyond tho moving of 40 tens-of
concentrates from the Enterprise this
week, no ore has been exported from
th; division. The roads arc too bad
to permit of anything coming down
Springer creek and tho teams arc all
idle. An unfortunate break in the
machinery nt the Enterprise mill wilt
knock out things therefor a time.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2.S47 tons, madw
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled l>529 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a fuH
list ot the shipments this \car to
Arlington  1091
Sntcriitw"-  ■      40 "2»>
Ottawa  7
Neepawa  CO
May  m
Paystreak  6
Duplex  7
40 1495
< \-TS —
Bar silver stands at 51.
During April the Monitor shipped
85 tons ore and the Queen Bess 20.
Sidney Norman will resume work
on tho Transfer group the lirst of
Some high grade galena has mado
its appearance in the lower workings
or. the Hewett.
Things did not suit at the American
Boy, so K. J. McPh.cc has decided to
stay by the Ottawa.
Thc usual spring rumor is abroad
that the Galena Mines property,near
Silverton, is io bo started up.
S. S. Fowler, has been appointed
attorney for the Enterprise Mines,
vice the late J. R. Robertson.
The Enterprise mill has been shut
down of late, owing to a break in the
big crusher. It Mill be running agu.n
iu a few days.
Con Murphy left on Wednesday
for the Similkameen country, whero
he will spend the summer developing
his copper properties.
Daring March the Whitewater
mined 5050 tons of ore, producing
530 tons of concentrates. Approximate profit on the month's working
was $4935,
A number of men have been put to
work on the Arlington road, lixing it
up preparatory to freighting being
resumed, lt is thought ©re will bo
coming down next week.
Fred Carlisle is ground sluicing o»
thc Baby Koyal for the Phoenix lead
and is meeting with success. Certificates if Improvement were issued to
it and thc Lexington fraction on Saturday.
B. S. Burchall. bookkeeper at this
Arlington mine, met w*th a painful
accident on Tuesday night. He was
taking a flashlight picture of part of
the workings of tbe mine and got his
left hand in too elosc proximity to thc
flash, resulting in a pretty bad burn.
Sherry is nursing it in a sling.
Ore on tha i.i*k'»i.
A. H. Bolderston was down from
the. Legal, on the first north fork of
Lemon, on Saturday, bringing samples of ore just encountered in the
drift. There is from six to 10 inches
of mineral in the breast and is gradually widening, a*id will undoubtedly gnm the full width shown in the
workings above. Where struck the
ore is lMO feet from the surface and
at 170 feet depth. Tho Legal is n
gold proposition and gives extra high
values. A stamp mill will likely be,
erected on the property in the summer. 	
Sulipcrili' for Tun Piuix,
Appended iu a complete list of tho various records regnteted at the local registry effiue, H. V. (."iuibiit* being mining
Apl 24 -Monte Carlo, Twelve Mile, U
2-1 —Portlunsl (or two years, Resitting,
and Melton.
QCBTirtCATS inv isiritovKMi'NTS.
Apl Zft—Groat Northern, l!aby Koyal,
Lexington fraction.
Apl 19-—Sunnysldo fr '4, Max Ilcck-
mann to Robert Cooper.
24—Young Dominion No 2, D 1> McPherson to A Jacobnon %; to D J Weir
Alpine %. A L*McLean to W T Shatford and A York.
I.i'slu"' St 1 ink an livlii Slatevi.
Tho owners of the Twin Sisters
group, on the first north fork of Lemon creek, cut the ledge a week ago
in tho lower crosscut.' It is in 150
feet from the surface and at a depth
of 120 feet. The drift is six feet into
the ledge without the other wall
showing,and has exposed a big bunch
of concentrating mineral. When the
other wall is reached drifting will
commence each way on the lea.d, lot
OF THE.-., r
By Thomas P. SoBttbrt
"-"•py right, 1S01, by _.«. WIshST-aiia
In th* Ossrk mountains there Is a
spring'that conld tell some startling
tales and explain away the mystery
surroundlng the dlsappiMursnce ot mow
than one human being.
Jack Warner thought that he had
made an important dlseoyery, and the
next minute he found tbst he had made
two ot them.
In the first place, he had diseo-trered
a "moonshine" distillery, which was
Important, bnt not Interesting to him.
In the next place, he was a prisoner
In the hands of ths "moonshiners"
themseWes, -which was both Important
and interesting.
For two long boars In the stormiest
of nights Jsck bsd tolled wearily up a
narrow ravine in tbe wildest of the
Ozark range. He wss wet, cold, exhausted and, worse thnn all else, lost
So \vuen at last a little speck of light
suddenly shot out of the darkness be
hailed it as a harbinger of shelter and
rest and hurried forward with renewed
lie had taken less than A dozen
steps, however, when he found himself
face to face with a tall, determined
looking man and a gun.
Tbe two men scrutinized each other
narrowly, while balf a dozen ruffians
gathered round. The man with the
gun finally broke thc silence by saying:
"It's a bad business, your coining
bere, young fellow; but since you bave
come we'll bare to attend to you, I
Wltb that he made a motion to tbe
otber men, and tbey speedily bound
Jack hand and foot.
"Wbat does this mean?' Warner demanded.
"Ob, nothing much," the man with
the gun replied. "About all tt means
Is tbat you will bave to take a both In
tbe Big spring, and anything tbat goes
In there never comes out"
Warner comprehended tbe man'a
meaning now and. agbast wltb horror,
"Great Godl Do you mean to drown
"We mean to put you where yon
won't never tell no tales," was tbe cool
Warner tried to collect bis reasoning
faculties und speak calmly.
"liefore going any further let's sit
down and talk tbls matter over. There
Is a misunderstanding," be began.
The otber slowly shook bis bead.
"I guess," be replied, "there ain't no
misunderstanding-on our part, at
least You made tbe mistake wben you
camo bere to spy on us."
"Right tbere you are wrong," Warner said. "I did not come bere to spy
on you."
"Ah. cornel You can't fool us. If
you ain't one of tbem rcvenuers sneaking round to locate our still, wbat are
you doing bere at tbis time of nlgbt
and In all this storm?"
"Well, in tbe first place I am the
new schoolteacher tn this district I've
been bere a week, and you bave probably beard of me. In tbe second place,
tbis being Saturday, I spent tbe day
fishing, remained too late, nnd wltb
this rainstorm I lost my way. In tbe
third place In my wanderings around
tbls morning I accidentally stumbled
on this spot Now there's tbe truth,
the wbole truth and nothing but tbe
truth, so help me."
After a pause tbe man wltb the gun
'Tbnt may be so, but still I don't see
tbot It changes matters any. You'd be
roost sure to report on ua for tbe sake
of the reward."
"I'll pledge you my word of honor
tbnt I will never whisper to any living
mortn I a word of all this."
"Maybe you won't; but you see, we
csn't tell about that Sometimes a
man's word and honor don't amount to
nuch. and we can't afford to take no
grent chances. There's no use of all
this talk. We know our duty to our
selves, and we propose to do It Boys,
bring bim on and let's settle It"
Two men advanced and took Warner
by the arms to lead blm nway to the
Big spring.   Psle witb terror, be cried-
"Great Oodl Would you murder
"It Is better for you to go tbat way
than for us to go »t the end of « rope,
Loosen his feet boys, so be can step
They out the cord about Waruer.'s
legs and started forward Into the
woods. But a woman, her face white
uud anxious, bat hair flying wildly in
tbe wind, barred their way.
"Por God's sake, Llo," the man with
the gun cried, "what's up?"
"They're here!" she gasped. Then,
clasping her bands and looking Into bla
face uppealtugly, sbe added: "Go,quick,
-lake 1 Fty before they get you."
"Wbat are you talking about?" Jake
demanded.   "Who is it?  Net the"-
"Yes. yes; the revenuers! Tbe cabin's surrounded, and they're searching
tbe woods. I slipped away, but most
likely tbey seen me. Don't wait, Jake.
hut go quick l"
His face darkened, and a dangerous
light came to bis eyes.
"D- "em!" be said bitterly. "Let
'em come! I'll get some of 'em before
tbey.get me." Tben. turning to bis
men, be added: "Stand back out of the
light, boys, so tbat you can't be seen.
Wnlt a minute! This man has been
spying on us, and we'll fix blm for tt
Wltb that be struck off into the
woods, commanding two of bis men to
follow with Warner and tbe others,
with Lis. to hide.
After covering about thirty yards
nloug tbe aide of the mountain be stop-
lied ou tbe brink of a dark bole. It wasj
the Big spring, that greedily swallows
up everything tbat falls a prey to It
and gives notblng back.
A cold chill of horror went over
Warner as be beard the water boiling
aud bubbling down there In tbe dark.
"Throw blm In, boys," Joke ssid
The men began to push Warner forward. In his struggles tbe rope slipped from his arms.' Finding his bands
free, he wrenched himself from thef
grasp of one of tbe men and, striking
blm a quick blow, sent blm reeling
back toward tbe spring. There was a
scream, a heavy splash In tbe water
and tben alienee. Quickly following
up bis advantage, be struggled to free
himself from the otber man* and bad
almost succeeded wben Jake gave him
a push that sent him flying over the
brink of the spring and clear to the opposite side, where he struck agalust
tbe bank.
Aa be began to sink down Into tbe
hole be clutched frantically In search
of a support. Wben balf bis body was
in the water, bis fingers grasped a Jutting stoue that checked his fall. Tbere
be hung, bis wbole weight on. his fingers and the waters tugging at blm
as If angrily determined to tear htm
By a flash of lightning Jake saw him
clinging to tbe wall and, witb an oath,
started around to tbat side of tbe
spring. In another flash Warner saw
Jake with his gun raised to strike blm.
At tbe same instant tbere was a
pistol report, and in the darkness Warner felt a heavy body plunge past blm
and beard a great splash in the water.
Then, Just as bis fingers bad begun
to relax their hold, a pair of strong
hands grasped his wrists and saved
him from sinking. For the first time
In bis life he fainted.
When lie returned to consciousness,
be was lying before a fire In the shelter of tbe still wltb a doses detectives.
Three of the "moonshiners" were la
The detectives, guided by the scream
of the man who bad first met bis fate
In the spring, had arrived Just tn time
to give Jake to the spring, which no
doubt bid much of his guilty post.
Afterward tbey bad captured the rest
of tbe gang, killing one tn tbe flight
The woman Lis bad escaped.
ClUrcrman Who   A**oua«il   Hla Majesty mt
Violating: Ihe M.blsath.
The Itev, Joseph Pat Iter, tho noted
English evangelist and minister of
the City Temple of London, has created something of a sensation in
England by criticizing in a scviaon
King Edward's actions in trying his
hand at brewing beer while on a visit to a brewery, and in breaking .the
Sabbath by attending a Sunday concert.   The Rev. Mr. Parker asked  his
auditors what might be expected of
English churihuieii when the head of
thu charth Is so lax, and was applauded.
Kev, Dr Joseph Parker, D.D., has
bevn preaching since 1848. Since
I860 he has been in London, where
he built the City Temple at a cost
of $850,000. This church has many
branches end missions throughout
London nnd enjoys large revenues.
The pastor is one of the finest orators in the grout metropolis.
Gtsl-let ky Blssself.
The father of Thomas Jefferson died
In 1757, and tbe son's situation was
tourhingly described by him years afterward tn a letter written to bis eldest
grandson wben be was sent from home
to school for the first time. It is given
ln "Tbe True Thomas Jefferson," by
William B. Curtis. Tbe letter was as
"Wben I recollect that at fourteen
yen/s of age the wbole car* and direction of myself was thrown on myself
entirely, without a relative or friend
qualified to advise or guide me, and
recollect tbe various sorts of bad company wltb wblcb I associated from
time to time. I am astonished that I
did not turn off wltb some of tbem and
become as worthless to society as they
"I bsd tbe good fortune to become
acquainted very early wltb some characters of very high standing and to
feel tbe Incessant wish that I could become as they were."
His father left Instructions for his
education and especially enjoined upon the widow not to permit blm to
neglect "tbe exercise requisite for his
bodye's development" Tbls strong
mnn knew tbe value of strength snd
used to say that a person of weak body
could not bave an independent mind.
Phatocraphv at Tliiisga as They Are Seea
—Marvellous Plcturas.
Mr. John S. Plaskett. B.A., of the.
University of Toronto, gave a most
Interesting address at the Toronto
Camera Club (he other night, explanatory of tlie methods of photography in natural colors. For the
illustration of the subject no less
than live electric projection lanterns
were in commission. Mr. Plaskett
gave a very lucid description of a
n.ost complicated and difficult process, and wouid up by showing some
jnir.ellons pictures in natural colors. The | h jtogtaphs of the Foresters' Anh. and some of tho University of Toronto and the Parliament
lluildings, weru particularly effective. Ihitogruphy in natural colors
is something at which ordinary mortals will not be successful. It calls
for expensive and carefully and sci-
entilii ally constructed apparatus,
and intelligent und most, precise
manipulation. Mr. Plnskett's lecture
was one of the best ever given in
Wo!ai>l«*v * eist tss tha Front.
The most important move made by
the British War OfT.ce recently was
ths sending of Lord Wolseley to
South Africa the other day. The full
inc.min? oi this step will not be
known until Wolseley arrives at   the
i MISS i
CHARM        I
Copyright, leoS, by Mary Wood
They hnd been silent —be because
words seemed Inadequate, she to humor his mood. Sbe watched tbe flickering Are, and be watched her.
Suddenly be bent over and took hold
of the heavily laden claln that bung
around her neck.
"Your scalp lock grows longer dally.
It will reach to your feet before I come
She laughed lightly as sbe said,
"Thut Is unkind of ytu, to so malign
my charms as to call tbem scalps."
He went on bitterly: 'You need not
contradict me, for I have watched you
gather tbem. I know the history of
each one. That sliver oar Is a relic of
boating days on the Charles and of
John Kendrlck, who went abroad to
mend his broken heart. That gold golf
club la from Fielding. Poor Stanley Is
a womnn bater now. All bave pale
tbelr tribute, all but me. Strange 1
Uor fnee was flushed with something
besides Are light as she Interrupted lu-
Statistics About the Lakes.
The following figures obtained from
reliable sources show tbe mean level
of tbe lake surfaces above tbe mean
tide at New York and tbelr maximum
lepths respectively: Lake Ontario, 240,-
01 feet "38 feet deep; Lake Brie, 672.80
feet and 210 feet deep: Lake Michigan,
f>81.28 feet. 870 feet deep; Lake Huron,
681.28 feet, 750 feet deep; Lake Superior. 001.78 feet 1*908 feet deep. Tbe
deepest water runs very fairly in mid-
hike throughout tbe chain.
Tbe area of water surface In square
miles according to Crossman's delineation Is as follows: Lake Superior, 81,-
200; Lake Huron, 23,800; Lake Michigan. 22,460; Lake Erie, 0.000; Lake Ontario. 7.240, or a total area of 04,660
square miles.
The Crow—Arc you listening to me?
The Rabbit--Yes; 1 am all ears.-Cbl-
cugo News.
sent of wur and has a meeting with
Kitchener, but the air will he full of
all sorts of rumors until thut time
arrives. Of course it is suid the visit
is merely a private one.
Lord Wolseley is one of Great
Britain's most famous military men
untl was commander in chief of the
army from 18»."i to IOOO. In tho latter year he retired and was succe«d-
od by Lord Huberts.
A mctaaafiil llu.a.
A couple of thirsty fellows who
had been loaling all Iho forenoon on
tho quays at .Stockholm wore struck
with a brilliant idea. They borrowed
an old brandy keg and half fllletl it
with water. Th.*n one of them slung
it on his shoulder and took it to the
nearest spirit vault, where he stated
lhat ho had been sent by ono of the
skippers in port to have the keg
filled with brandy.
"Tho captain is sorry he only got
it half full yesterday and thinks It
would be bettor to have it filled to
the top."
Tho keg was accordingly held under the tap till it was full, and the
fellow hoisted it on his shoulder, but
ns ho was about to walk off with it
ho was stopped by the clerk, who demanded payment for the spirits.
"Hasn't our skipper a running account?"
"Certainly not."
"Bless me! 1 must hnvo none to tho
wrong ihopl Thero Is nothing for It
but to empty half i hs* keg back
This was no sooner said than done,
after which our hci'o merrily went in
search of his companion.
l'ottosl   I'lunia,
It Is accessary to supply    food    to
any lurgu plant, growing In u small
pot.  The soil geis so full of   feeding
roots that nourishment must be sup-
| pH'M extrnneoiisly.    A good U'llili/.ir
, supplies  the  plant  with     food  quite
us ■umcieutly us would repotting
dlgnantly, "If you were not going
away, I should be downright angry
with you for saying sucb things to
me." She crushed tho charms In her
nervous fingers. "Do you think me
so small thnt I would keep these as
trophies of my conquests? You do not
know them or mc. Many nre souvenirs
of happy foreign experiences, many
the fruits of diligent bunting la curio
shops. It is a bobby with me, as you
ought to know. This new one," and
she held up an oddly chased sliver
henrt, "I picked up at Remsden's tbe
other dsy."
Ills face had softened as be detected
a quiver mi her voice.
"Forgive mn. because— because, as
you say, 1 am going away. 1 want
even more thun that. I bave never
given you a charm. There were alweys
so many others. Yet now I ask one
from you. Let me take tbe silver heart
In trust To you It is a small tblng.
To me"-
Ile paused. She had turned again to
her study of the flrp.
Tho shallow deepened on bis face,
but be continued, witb a forced laugh:
"Oh, 1 will bring It back ugaln, never
fear. And who knows but tbat Ita experiences In camp and on tbo battlefield may enhance Its value In your
eyes. If anything should happen to me.
It shall be sent bnck to you In safety."
Thc girl turned Impulsively. "You
shnll have the henrt, Rob, but don't
t.'illi nbout not coming back again. We
-your friends cnu't spare you." Sbe
smiled up In bis face as she fastened It
on bis watch chain. "Kor tbo sake of
old times." Dut she knew tbst It
meant more than tbat to blm.
ne marched away wltb bis regiment
Bed she waved a flag und cheered wltb
thc rest Afterward tbe weeks stretched out Into months, punctuated by let
tors written on shipboard and finally
from tbe Philippines.
She forgot ber Interest In ber charms
snd herself. It wns a new experience.
Between mall dnys she went to Red
 '-' .       A—A*
Gross meetings uud read war bnlletliis
She told herself that It was her latest
One   day   a   newspaper   telegrtii:*
taurht her Uie truth    It was the ■'<
s-ouut of n paltry sblrmisb. aud it suld.
•'■Many killed and missing."
It was his regiment A dreadful fair
seized her heart.
Luter news cave the list of the miss
Ing. She swayed ns she rend It. But
tho horrible eertnlnty of his name In
print could tell her nothing. She bnd
guessed It before. Rob wns deitd! And
n*w she knew thnt somehow nil the
ssuillght bnd gone out find left life grny
rnd hopeless.
Her chain charm wns dangling from
ner belt, nnd a swift stub of reproach
roused her from npatby. She bnd been
so unfeeling thnt lust ulght. But. then,
she did not know that she loved him
The ehnln brought It nil bnck too vivid
ly-the tire light and his fnee. Fh«* shin
up ihe glittering thing In the depth* ol
ber treasure box. if she could on!>
hnve burled memory with It!
And now us the days went by "*!>'
wntshs'd with n horrible lutenlui.-s fo*
tbe heart to come back to ber. He had
ssid, "If anything should happen to
me. It shall be sent bock to you lo
She knew that somehow or otber It
would come back to ber, and It did.
Sbe opened tbe box with trembling fingers. There wus no word, but wrap
ped ln coarse paper was the silver
heart, tarnished wltb a dull browi.
She awoke one morning to find thai
she had been III for many weeks. When
memory came back to her, she wept
that tbere should have beeu an awnk
enlng. Through the long days of convalescence grew bitter realization that
she bad still work to do and sbe must
live— in loneliness, but bravely. She
was not resigned; she simply cudured.
The gray fall and early winter went
by und one evening fuuud ber sitting
In the fire light Sbe bad pleaded hei
delicate health ns nu excuse for refus
Ing all invitations. Yes, she would
face tbe coming of tbls new year alone.
She was absorbed In memories and
beard nothing till a voice from the past
called her to tbe present She looked
up with a slight shiver. A tail figure
stood lu the shndow. Slowly she rose.
Her lips parted, but no sound came.
Suddenly she stood upright The figure came forward Into the circle of tbe
fire light
"Don't you know me?"
This wns no ghostly Robert Mere
tilth, but veritable flesh and blood, and
at bis side bung an empty sleeve. She
souk back in her chair wltb a faiut
cry. **".
He knelt beside ber, his forced calm
broken at sight of ber emotion. Sbe
was sobbing convulsively. He did not
know bow the (PrTferlng of months was
bring washed away, and be grew
"Alice, Alice," he cried, "I never
meant to come bnck, crippled as 1 was!
I meant you to think me dead when 1
sent you the heart 1 thought you did
not cure. But I could not bear to go
away forever without seeing you once
o*?re. so I stoic buck"—
ne stopped short nt sight of ber face.
Tears still sbone In ber eyes, but as sbe
looked at bis face, so white and worn.
at the empty sleeve, her own shone
wltb tbe light of something more thnn
He knew the truth before she spoke,
and tbe uninjured arm drew ber to blm
as be snld. wltb a sob. "My darling,
how I have made you suffer!"
He could hardly bear her tender voice
us she whispered. "We huve both suffered, dear."
She took a tarnished henrt from a
ribbon round her neck and said In a
lone half mirthful, half serious: "You
hare not asked to hnve your charm
bnck. but I shall give It to you. Tnke
boiler care of It. for this time my own
henrt goes wltb It"
She  Won tae llace.
The humors of donkey riding In
Egypt have been told by most travelers
In Ibe east. Tho experience of the English governess of the kbedlve's daughter is told tn ber book, "Five Years In
My donkey was rather an unsociable
animal aud was not satisfied with win
nlng, but carried me on far beyoud
even tbe hearing of my companions
Then at last he thought fit to slacken
bis pace. As be was thus walking
leisurely along I began to examine tbe
contents of my pocket and took out my
nc.ebook to make some entries.
While I was thus occupied tbe don
key boy, wbo bad run noiselessly after
me on tbo sand, suddenly rushed up
nnd with blows urged my donkey on
again at full speed. I had only time to
grusp the reins and away I weut, my
treasures all scattered behind me and
I shouting to the boy to desist
These boys run as fast as tbe don
keys, and in answer to ull my scolding
he replied. "Yes, missus, you very good
doukey; be called 'Flying Dutchman!'"
And then, to keep the honor of the
name, another blow to urge him forward. In a few minutes I was on the
bank of the river, long before my com-
panlons, and tben tbe boy hnd the effrontery to ask for backsheesh for having got me there first!
Ttaeaerlcal  Snperatltlon.
Among, country theatrical companies
superstitions are more varied and extended than among metropolitan ones
and are of course more blindly and religiously adhered to. If on entering n ■
town where tbe next "stand" is to be
made a graveyard Is visible on the
right.aide of tbe railway track, the
country manager's heart swells with
bright anticlpatlflns. But if, on the
contrary, the tombstones loom up on
the left of tbe road he becomes depressed, as be takes the fact as a
wirnlng tbat bis "business" will be
small during hia engagement in thut
place, Sucb a manager will be apt to
give some man or boy a free pass to
tbe theater on a first, night as ho
would fear a run of III luck In case u
woman should chance to enter the
bouse before a member of tbe opposite
sex. bad found bis way within.
Major Aaslre.
The unfortunate Major Andre, who
fascinated so. many Philadelphia girls
during tbe Revolution, was soniethlng
of a poet and something of an artist,
aa witness tbe little exhibition of hla
work In the Philadelphia library. An
autograph poem, rather graceful In lis
form and rather fresh In Its sentiment.
Is there, and beside It are a number of
silhouettes that tbe young mun cut.
Tbe poem Is dedicated to a young woman, and. If tbe lines are true, she wns
a very beautiful person, though she
has been dust for many years now. The
ailhouettes are of British army officers
and seem to be as vigorous ....d full of
character as tbat slight form of nrt
admits, lt was Major Andre, by the
way, who painted tbe scenery nud drop
curtain of tbe old Soutbwnrk theater
ln -South street below Flfth.-1'hlla-
lU-lnblu Record.	
NonrUhment by Bathlnc.
"It Is well known tbat the skin Is a
great absorbent, snd nutrition even
can be conveyed through Its agency,"
said a trained nurse. "A physician once
ordered a beef tea bath for a child that
I wns nursing wbo wns apparently dying of some exlinusthc bowel trouble
and witb admirable effect And I myself bave found tbnt rubbing delicate
persona wltb warm olive oil Is un excellent tonic. If I had tbe charge of a
puny, sickly baby, I tbould feel Inclined to give It oil baths Instead of water
baths and try the effect. Tlie oil is
quite as cleansing, and It stands io reason that sucb tiny beings, particularly
If tbey are badly nourished, should nut
hnve tbe natural oil of the body continually washed awuy."
The Year 1881.
The year lsSSl wus a chronological
oddity of thc oddest kind, besides being
a mathematical curiosity seldom equaled. From right to left and left to right
It reads the same. Eighteen divided
by 2 gives 0 as a quotieut; 81 divided
by 0 fjivc-s 0; If divided by 0. the quo
tlent contains a 0: If multiplied by '.),
tbe product contains two Os; 1 and fi
are 0: 8 and 1 ore 0. If tbe 18 be placid
under tbe 81 and ndded, the sum Is 00
If tbe figures bo ndded tbus-1. "8. b. 1
—It will give 13 ns tbe result. Rciidln!*
to the middle from right to left ur
from left to right it Is 18, nnd is It
two-ninths of 81. Ry adding, divldltii*
nnd multiplying ten Os nre produniJ,
being one 0 for each year to tbe beglo-
tiing of the lust decade of the nineteenth century.
No wonder tbe fortune tellers, tin* astrologers and tbe intitheni.it is'lun*.
weave so many strange fancies uround
that furious combination of figures, lt
mny huve been whut Induced Mother
Shlpton to cud her prophetic Jlnglt
with. "And at last the world to uu end
shall come In eighteen hundred and
A  Wsa'tr In Penmanship.
Among the curiosities preserved liy
the Minnesota Historical society Is »
lithographed copy of an tngrossnienl
of the emancipation proclnmntlou. Thi
engrosser, otic W. II. Pratt of I>uimport, In., wns so very skillful I" ,1"
manipulations of the pen that be iuc-
ceoded, by careful and exuet shading
of the letters. In producing a very el-
cellent portrait of Abriihnm Lincoln,
the author of the famous document I"
the center of the copy. In other words,
the lettering Itself Is made to form •
Iiortnilt of Mr. Lincoln. There wen
probably a large number of them orlg*
Innlly struck off, but copies of It nii
now very rare. As n spc-Iinen of pea-
work It Is eortsblly very unique.
Tbe Preference Hhown Ily Thinking People for Dr. Chase',** Hyrup of Llnaeetl nnd Tor
pentine—-ttccortl Holes In October. "*■
^__—_—■__   ..     - —•„-  •»   — '■ '   iimiiiils.
During October thn sale of Dr. Chaso's Hyrup of Linsood und Tl
tics the record of any previous month in Its history. When it |» n
very little newspup.*r advertising the  evidence seems to bo coiicli.nl'
__■ aa_n___aT
are now offered to the public, and In
own which he makes an effort to sub-
demand for   Dr. Chase's Syrup of Lin-
Turpentine exceeded by several hundred hot-
aaaaaa*******m^~m~~~~~^^^ vea
Thinking people recognize the harmful
In n few hours
..<■ recogiu/e tn,. hnrnUulncu snd danger of using strong drugs which an
, >','""•"■• ■■• <""'' '<> "■•  Chase's Syrup of LlEwsd ZaZJtin,,   w
bs a thorough and cflectlvq treatment for coughs. Toi^aS  iSStaiiR
youtl a  doubt to	
throat irritation, asthma, nud oven  consumption Itsoif
The combination of Linseed       ^^^
i in inhered   thnt  this    preparation  recei
vo that It makes ite way by sheer force of
are sold to cure a cold
^^^^^^^^^  ..hlch they know begin), colds, croup,    bronchitis,  whooping rough,
tun* in
in. ni oi
i he wrnppi r
r.iii.-   * ri
' " ntl a bolll
",,.',,^lvr0.w',?^^,  UU> ****** with"Dr."Chase's portrait nn.l slfrna
'•inilly size,  three times as r....rh   nn „-»..     a* -11  ^„«i,r«   or r>
iints as much, flO cents.   At all deal nrs, or The Drill
Trarap tVTtto Grew Tired of SUoTel-
tan Snow Ia Vermont.
"Speaking about snow," said tbe
tramp wbo was Hunting for a Job
■with a shovel on his ehoulUer, "puts
me ln mind ot three years ago, when I
hired out to a farmer up in Vermont-'
that le, I wae to have my board and
lodgings for shoveling snow during
the winter, and I thought I bad struck
a soft snap. I had nothing to do but
eat and loaf around for the first two
weeks, but one morning the farmer
roused me up and said tbere was a
trifle of work for me. I stepped out
to find the snow four feet deep on ths
level and still falling, but I tackled the
job wltb proper ambition. I believe 1
lifted fifty tons of snow that day, but
when night came I wasn't much ahead
of tbe storm. It was tbe same the
next day and the next, and after five
days of It, with no signs of letting, up
end every rail fence burled out of
eight, I stopped work loug enough to
ask the farmer:
•"la this thing going to keep right
on for a week longer?'
" 'A week longer?* he repeated, with
a broad grin on his face. 'Why, man,
this is ouly the 3d of December, and
we never figure ou stopping work before the 10th of April. Just buckle
right to It and keep up your appetite.'
"I thought tbe matter over that
nlgbt," said the tramp, "and ln the
morning 1 dug a tunnel to tbe nearest
village nud escaped and asked to be
sent to Jail. They didn't turn me out
till the 1st of July, and the first man I
met was my old farmer.
" 'How's snow up your way?" says 1.
" 'Nothing to brag of,' says be. 'The
late rains and warm suns have taken
it off till I don't believe we've got two
feet left'" M. Quad.
Raw Winds
Wet Weather
cause the Colds that caose
Pneomonia and Consomp-
tlOt*U »     a   •«     a    •     a    a
cures the col<L heals the
lungs and makes you well,
SHILOH cures Consumption
Aad all Lung- and Throat
Troubles; and* Coughs and*
Colds in a day. Positively
guaranteed.  25 cents.  . ..
Write to S. C. W"*t,ia & Co., Toronto,
Can., for a free trial bottle.
Itofs Clover Root Tes tares Headache
THKT NEVER FAI_—Mr. 8. M. IVm-fluier,
Lanirton, writes: "For about two yenrs I ***a»
troubled with Inward Piles, but by using Pur-
mi'liVs Pills), I Was completely curod.nnd nl-
though 'our yonrs have clapsosfainco then the
have not retu-nod." Parms.loo's l'ills are ant i-
bilinusnnd a S|,">ciflo for tha cure of Liver anil
Kidney Complain'*, Dyspcp'in, Co^tlTracss,
lloadatlii*., 1'ill's,etc and will rwntlato Uso .-l-
t rot inn.- unsl remove all bilious maitor
It is sowe time ago new since it
wus ili'i ided to erect a monument
BiiriiKiMiii'il by nn eagle on the iii It'
ol lliitirioo in memory of the Old
Guar.I mui its gallant stand on thnt
fateful duy. A committee was funned   some   yenrs hack to consider this
question, and M. Oerome executed
the work, but the engle is ut the present time in the cellars of the t'rnnd
Palais nnd cannot be erected for
want of money. It is stated tluit a
fete ia to be organised, the proceeds
to go to the fund in question.
Messrs. G. C   Kichnrds A Co.
Gentlemen,—After suffering for 7
years with inlluinmutory rheumatism
no bad tlmt I whs 11 months confined to my room, und for two yenrs
could not dress myself without help.
Your afoot gave me a bottle of
and asked me to try it, wnlch 1 did.
and was so welt pleased with Ihe ro-
suits that 1 procured more. Five bot-
tli*s completely cured me anil 1 have
hud no return of the pain for eighteen months. •
The above facts an- well known to
everybody in this vlllnge and neighborhood.
Yours gratefully, A   HAIRT.
St. Timothee. Que., May 16,  IB9B.
The    relation    between   color nnd
sound is merely hue and cry.
Politeness    is     the    zero   mark of
love's tlieiniometi'i'.
A Common
Bred Cow
When toned up by
Dick's Blood Purifier ivi.ll  give  aa
much and as rich
milk its ahighly
1 ires] aristocratic
Jersey cowgives
npon or-
d i nary
feed, and
a Jersey
cow when
will wonderfully increase her yield
of milk. It saves feed too, because
a smaller amount of well digested
food satisfies the demands of the
system and every particle of nour-
sishment sticks.
50 cents a pachage.
Leeming, Miles & Co., Agents,
Write for Book on Cattle and Horaea free.
Dlcssed is the woman whose hus-
bTtnsl can always find in the bureau
drawer the thing lie is looking for.
You Must Assist Nature in Overcoming  This Feeling Dcfore the Hot
Weather  Months Arrive.
There l*i more Catarrh In this section of llo |
eouutry tli.'.u nil other di esss'.i put tunthar,
and unul tlio hint f*swyo ni. was  '..ii-ws.'. :■> i»
inouralil■;.   I ..rn Kinr• snnty isMl   doctors pr,.-
noum-iil it n liscal dissiHiso, und |.is> iribcd weal
remedies), aad by oou-tant!) falling; tocnrswltn
local   in.atinent,   proDouuo-sl   it    in ur:*JI*.
Bcieneo lias proven catarrh l.i' lasxm ntutii'v
»l disss ;i.... nmi tlmrofore it»|inri < couttitut;' r.-
al trrautncuu    Hall's Catarrh Ono, innnufac*
tnrosll,, K.J Cheney 4 Co., Tolodo, Ohm, Is
tlio only rssiivtltutlonnl cur.-.uill.o mirkot     It
iBUiknii iisti'ru.'lly Indsssnsfniin 'U drop   to ■.
toasiHH.ntul.    li ncissliii's-i iv ..ii lliobhcso iuk*
Biui'niiH Kur'aes* s of tho nys-tom.   They offer smo
hnnslrMiiiiiiiiinfor any oasa It tans to cure.
BendfiircirciiliraaDd tswlimi.iiial''
Address    1" J. ( HEM"V & CO., Toledo, 0.
Rild hs nrnirKlati.'lSc.
Hall.. Funii.y l'jl|<s are the li"-t.
The  minds   of    men   resemble (he
""ii" "i old mother earthi sonu' an
deep nmi rich und soiiis1 are sli.iilow
nud poor,
- --
Fishnimcn, like doctors, never at*
tempi in cure n M„-ki*r until alter hi
Is dead.
it is important thut you should be
healthy in the spring.   The hot summer   h,    coming   on    and   you   need
strength,    vigor    and vitality  to resist it.   The feeling of weuktiess, t\.
pression    and    feebleuess  which you
sutler  from  in  spri- f-  is  debilitating
und  dungerous.      You  have been indoors n goosl deal through  the winter months,  haven't taken  thc usual
illinium     of    exercise    perhaps, your
blood is sluggish und impure ami you
need   ft.   thorough   renovation of the
entire system.      In oilier words you
nesjd    a thorough course of Dr. Williams'     I'ink  l'ills.    If you   try  them
vou    will    be surprised to note how
vigorous you  begin to feel,  how the
dull   lassitude  disappears,   your  step
becomes    elastic,     the eye  brightens
ami   a feeling of new strength lakes
Iho    place   of    nil previous  fillings.
Thousands have proves! the truth of
those words ansl found rcneweil health
tins.ui;li     the   uss*   of    thi'se pills in
spring time.  One of the many is Miss
(nssie   Wuy,    of    l'icton, Out., who
suys - "A few j ears ago 1 was cured
of   a    very severe and prolonged attack of dyspepsia- through ths use of
Dr.    Williams'     I'ink   Dills,  after all
other   medicines   I    had tried tailed.
Sins',* lhat  time I have used the pills
iu    Ills*   spring us fi tonic und bloosl
builder ami Dud then ths best inedl-
a-1in- l know of for this purpose. Pee
pie   who feel " un down at this time
ni iha yi'in' will make so mistake In
using Dr,  Williams' I'ink Dills."
These Tills ins* not a pUTgetiVS
iiieiliiuii' and do not weaken us all
purgatives do They are tonic in
their nature and strength"**! iiom Ih'Ht
dose to laat. They an* ths' bSSt medicine    in    lhe world for rheumatism.
troubles, neuralgia.
Your: Comfort
Is assured If you
Canadian Norther n Ry
Lows'st Kates to ull Points
in tho
Dally Rolld Vestlbulcd Tniin, with
Bleeping CarB, to St. I'aul and Min*
Pull partlciilnrs on application  tl
•••"y agent Uanudinn Northern  Ily. <»
flEO. IT. H11AW,
Trallh* Manager, Winnipeg.
W.  N.   U.  No.  87U.
anaemia, heart troubles.
sciatica, nervous
Indigestion, iinni-,,.,... ..-_. 	
scrofula and humours in lhe hlnoil,
etc. Ths' genuine arc ssilsl only in
the Wrapper around which
'•■■    full name "Dr. Williams'
pL"Dis for l'ule ivopi..." Bold by
,    'dealers   in   .m-Hirlne  °'  ^___
for 18.50 by addresslnf the Di   »
j;,,,,;- Medicine Co, l»n.clo.lU'.<""
Wise is  the man who knows when
,„ ,„„•„. ii long slory short
Dr '^>?U^KVtaCZ
M™' dr*^t«_h{ occMlonally,
„,i„g for boys to <•«',, iico
provided thers is no feoHM
UMtSf. awrtm, W9,***ra\% sREs
plalnU anniuslly mEW    'JM   !, '„„„. PU
aama tlma an tliss li«'t ""» '•'   ; "'   ..,„,. !■•
oumbara, m*.li.ns. Sic, and B „. i,,,i
EnsTrron SsM\Hf* ! ' |, nr.lJ_
they na*! not sili'i"'" ' ' > ', ,„,„ a fee
EBasT* I'yenti'ry I OWlal. " ' Hlll| ,.|n.ls.ris
drop ft watir. It <"■"''' '';, " " „"i' to .'li"1-
in ■ ri-marVable niisisnor *•■■' '**
•tery dlaturhanca of fls«**•'"*-__
Ltoisc of the poor■qualityof Rue
 n l»tr ""'S'ordeK  "°«
elan government iim
York 780,000 gnll"MH
WHEAT-The wheat market in the
America,, speculative centres have
shown incre-i-M-d activity during the
week, accompanied by a good deal
of nervousness which at times resulted in some excitement.   .
The immediate cuuse of the increased interest and trading has undoubtedly  been  the apprehension of probable widespread deterioration of the
winter wheat crop over the west and
southwest.    States owing to '.nek  of
sufjicienl  rainfall.   The  rainfall  over
that country has been below the normal ever since the crop was planted
and although there has been no long
period    recently without some rain,
thu quantity received has been very
inadequate, and unless copious rains
coino soon the crop so circumstanced
will |,o much short of a good yield.
Thvio    is, however, a large increase
in  the acreage of winter wheat and
this is by some being depended on to
compensate for the probable smaller
yield.   The spring  wheat  acreage  in
the    United   States    is   expected to
show a fair decrease from last year,
with a corresponding increase in the
oats, corn and barley.     There is no
change    to   report   this   week as to
crops in  Euroke.     They continue to
come along well.   A matter of much
interest  to all concerned in tlio wheat
trade has this week transpired in the
imposing    ol   u   tax   on wheat and
Hour imported into the United Kingdom.   'J lie duty on wheat is 'id and
on Bour fid per hundredweight of 112
pounds which  is equal to about SVic
per  bushel  of OOIhs.  on  wheat.   The
amount   is    probably    too small to
make   any    appreciable diltereiice to
the trade in any respect.
Manitoba wheat has advanced during the week in about Uie same proportion as in the American markets
but the demand has been dull and
trade by no means active. Most of
Our exporters have not bein buying,
us thoy sny it is impossible to pay
the prices for export, and they evidently prefer to be. doing nothing in
the meantime. Navigation at Fort
William opeued last Saturday but
shipping has not bwn so active during the week as was expected. Nevertheless the blockade has now been
relieved and the movement of wheat
from country points is increasing
In rrgnrd to prices at last report
71Vjc for 1 northern nnd 6SV2C for 2
northern were values in store Fort
William spot, April or May delivery.
These prices strengthened until on
Thursday 73',^c 1 northern and 70"/2c
2 northern were paid, but yesterday
with the duller appearance oi the
American markets und the decline in
prices there buyers have held back
and closing prices could not be called better thnn 72*/-r; 1 northern, and
00*iic 2 northern, although for a
small quantity of spot or en route
Wheat wan1s*sl for a boat Vic better
was offering. Iluyers ure proposing
to less*'ii the spread between 1 northern anil 2 northern. Exporters
just now prefer to get. 2 northern.
In fart one large house will not buy
anything else. We quote I hard
75*/2<* iu store Fort William.
Country Wheat—Market nominal,
owing to bnsl roads.
Liverpool Drices—No. 1 northern
spring whent sold nt Liverpool on
Saturday nt 0s 3d.
OATS—From SS ts> 3lic per bushel is being paid for feed grads-s in
car lots on track here. Price* to
farmers at country points for No. 2
white oats range from 28 to 80c,
Strs-et oats are worth 32 to 3-lc per
DAIILEY—Receipts    are   light ami
the market is advancing for feed
grades. Dealers are now quoting 43
to Uie for choice feed prudes.
HAY—Tho (loods in the country
districts have destroyed large quun-
titis's of hay. and the prise has advanced accordingly. Baled hay is
worth $'1 to Si's .IO per ton.
DRESSED MIOATS-Deef, city dr.'ss-
ed. 7 to 8c per pound; country, 'ic
iiinler these prices; veal, 8 to He;
mutton, 8.; lambs. 8c; hogs, 7',ic.
Ill'TIT'l'—Dreamery-*- There is a
little batter coming In all the time
from the two or three creameries
which hiivs* been in operation dining
the winter,  and  the prii'e  for this  is
21 to 2r>c ns'l. Winnipeg.
DUTTEHr—Dairy—The make is still
v9ry light, and the market bare ol
sisnks. Dealers are paying 18 to 22c
commission basis for best giades,
ami IB to 18c for round i<>i**- *s<-
conda are worth from !<»<• upwards
DOl l.TKY-Fri'sh killed chickens 11
to i2'-jc per pound, delivered herei
ducks and geose, 10 u. lie; «ind turkeys, 12'i to lt<*.
I'll El 'SI**—J obbers   nre   gelling    18
tO     18Vb"       l'01'     I'""'"!     fsn1     slui'Si'
Slinks   now   In  hand   are  frnm   Ontario.
FUCK—The net price, Winnipeg
day, to country shippers is 10c
DOTATOEB— Farmers' loads, ..-
livered in Winnipeg, are worth 20 to
30c per bushel.
HIDES—No. 1 inspected hides. CsV,c
per lb delivered in Winnipeg; No. 2,
r,i,,;; No. 8, 4V4c; kips ond calves,
same price; •Jenkins, 2."*s to 40c;
horsehidss, r>0c to $1.
WOOL—Market nominal.
'I'M(LOW—The local price for tallow is 4',ii to Cc per pound.
CATTLE— Deef    en t tie     are   ICftrCO
nmi buyers gre paying us high as
Mc per pound for fat  cattle in their
regular trade, The rugs ol prices
li 4 to 4'i'c, according to quality.
off oars here, stockeis ore worth
sii    to 110'per head for yearlings,
nnd St*" to *20 for two ys'itr olds
lions—The   mnrki't    is steady al
6c per pound for choice packing hogs
delivered at Winnipeg.
Monkey Brand Boap la a clsinnnr nnd polisher
oomblnou, but won't wuah olotliii*s.
Tortiueil by all Kinds of Pains and
Aches He Tries Everything, but
Fails to Find Relief Till a Friend
Advises Him to Use Dodd's Kidney Dills—They Have made a Well
Man of Him and He is Grateful.
Ottawa, Ont., April 21-(Special.)
Frank Charrand, a railway man,
whose home is at 130 Little Chau-
diere Street, has acknowledged that
•Dodd's Kidney Dills have done more
for him than anything '.-lse in tlio
world has ever done. He says: "I
suffered with backache and was always drowsy and had a very heavy
feeling in my limbs.
"1 had frequent severe headaches
and more times very sharp pains in
the top of my head, which gave me
much annoyance in my work.,
• "My fingers would cramp and 1
would have an uneasiness in my legs
and occasional pains in the loins.
"I was dizzy in spells and short of
breath. If I ate a hearty meal 1
would have a pain in my leit side.
My appetite would sometimes be
very good and sometimes I couldn't
eat anything.
"I had a constant soreness and
tenderness over the spine and tired
feeling in the region of my kidneys.
T suffered quite a little with a
dragging heavy feeling across the
"Dodd's Kidney Dills were recommended to me by a friend of mine
who had been cured, and 1 began to
use them.
"Almost from tlie start I began to
feel tho wonderful improvement,
which continued as the treatment
proceeded, till the unpleasant symptoms had one by one entirely disappeared .
"Dodd's Kidney Dills have worked
a _wonderful cure in my case and I
cannot speak too highly of this
great and good remedy."
What Dodd's Kidney Pills have
done sfor Mr. Charrand they have
done for thousands of others, and
they'll do the same for you if you
give them a chance.
There are many railway men in
Canada to-day who find Dodd's Kidney Dills Indispensable. They are the
railway man's surest and best lYicnd.
The constant vibration on trains
and engines is very hard on the kidneys and Dodd's Kidney Dills make
these organs well and able to resist
A noted personage has passed away
at Cardiff in "General Mite," a midget only M0 inches high, well known
to Uv* public of Great Britain and
the United States. Thc cause of his
death was acute dyspepsia, The ds*-
miss. of this celebrity tool; place at
the show-rooms in St. John's Square
whore, with other artists, he had
been entertaining the public for some
time past. The deceased was born
in Washington thirty-one years ago.
He vas married, and his wife still
resides in Washington, but the one
child of the marriage is dead.
Is the Critical Age In the Lifo of all
Little Ones.
During the les'thing period great
care should be taken of baby's health
The little one suffers greatly; the
gums are hard and inlliimi'd and any
disorder of the stomach or bowels
increases the peevishness of the child
and often fatal results follow. Mother's greatest aid at this period is
Baby's Own Tablets—the surest of
all remedies In curing the minor ailments ol children. Among the many
mothers who testify to the value of
these Tablets is Mrs. R. II. Bickford,
Glen Sutton. Que., who says; "My
little baby suffered much from teething and indigestion. 1 procured a
box of Rally's Own Tablets and it
worked wonders in baby's condition
—in tact I believe it saved, my little
one's lifo. 1 sincerely believe that
whero now many a horns is saddened through death of a little one, joy
wsiulil be supreme if tlu'ss* Tablots
hail been used. I consider them
baby's bosl doctor and would not be
without them.
Baby's own Tablots when given
in accordance with the directions
prevent restlessness und nervousness
—enn' simple fi'ver, diarrhoea, oon-
siipation. colic and all stomach
troublo. Guaranteed to contain no
opiate or other harmful drug. By
dissolving n Tablet in wnter it ran
be given With absolute Safety to the
very youngest baby. Sold by iliug-
gists, or direct by mall, post paid,
at 2r> cs*nts a box, liy addressing ths
Dr. Willinms' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont,
Some men  lind  that   Friday is just
as unlucky as any other day.   •
Down    in    Newfoundland,    where
thoy smell smelts and fry lish the
whole year rounil,  a hunting pjtpedl-
sion hns been organised and a deer
shoot\ng party loaves Irvine station
for the woods  in tllO following style:
"A    perfect    Cottage,    octagon    in
shape,   ib  fourteen   sett ions, which
will go on a flat car and can 1 6 put
together In ten minutes with iron
pi.iti's and bolts, om* of the Octagon   Gastle'i   employees   bu. t this
iinlsi'ie cottage and  goes  in  to  set  it.
up.   H is I? feetoy IM fs'ei 8 inches
high. It is fitted Up with tnli'li'. seals
mattresses, bedding, a small family
range   und    utensils,   and    all other
comforts. They take three week's
provisions and a professional guide.
* oawU d toy tlfo-ktMuls.
i iiiiiimiiiiiiiiii
Page Metal Ornamental Fence. T^T^i,
(ornament al. Tery showy and sarpr isingly cheap.   It Is jnst what
^1 wanted for door  yards, division fences to town lots, grmrt
yards,  orchards,  etc.    It  Is on
painted   and  retails at only
Just think of it. Let os send yoa fall particulars.
-*"     idstaplefc
,__ -,  . Msrtiottlarrj.   We aleo
make farm fence, poultry netting, nails aad staples.
The Pr-a** Wire Ferica Co.. Uralf J. WtlkerrtlU, Oat   %\
ROSS & KOSS, General Agents, Box 633, Winnipeg, Man.
The following correspondence, ending In true Irish fashion, actually
passed between two men in England
some years ago :
"Mr. Thompson presents his compliments to Mr. Simpson, and begs
to request that he will keep his doggs
from  trespassing on his grounds."
"Mr. Simpson presents his compliments to Mr. Thompson and begs to
suggest that in future he should not
spell 'dogs' with two gee*3."
"Mr. Thompson's respects to Mr.
Simpson nnd will feel obliged if he
will ndsi the letter 'e' to the last
word in the note just received, so as
to represent Mr. Simpson and lady."
"Mr. Simpson returns Mr. Thompson's note unopened, the impertinence it contains being only equalled
by its vulgarity."
There* never was, and never will bo. a
universal panacea, in one remedy, for all ills
to which flesh is heir—the very naturo of
many curatives being sucli that were the
germs of other and differently seated diseases rooted in the system of the patient—
what would relieve one ill in tarn would aggravate the other. We have, however, in
Quinine Wine, wben obtainable in a sound,
unadulterated state, a remedy for many and
grievous ills. By its gradual and judicious
use the frailest systems are led into convalescence and strength by the influence which
Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives.
It relieves the drooping spirits of those with
whom a chionio state of morbid despondency and lack of interest in life is a disease,
and, by tranquilizing the nerves, disposes to
sound and refreshing sleep—imparts vigor
to the "ction of the blood, which, being
el insulated, courses throughout the veins,
strengthening tho healthy animal functions
of the system, thereby making activity a
necessary result, strengthening the frame,
and giving life to tho digestive organs, which
naturally demand increased substance—res-alt, improved appetite. Northrop & Lyman
of Toronto have given to the public their
superior Quinine Wino at the usual rate, ar d,
gauged by the opinion of scientists, thi"
vno approaches ncare?* perfection of any ir
j market.   All emi-',^- ss.il it.
A thorn in the hand is worse than
two in the bush.
Introducing n happy man to a pessimist is like shaking a red rag at a
S^sJEPI-ESSN'IiJS Is due to nervous excitement. Ths. uelicately constituted, the financier,
ma business mnn and those whoso occupation
iieoesstilati-s groat mental strain or worry, all
suffer mon or lOssa from it. Sleep is the Rre.'t
lestore.; of a worried bruin, and to get sleep
cleanse tho stomach from nil impurities with a
tow doses of l'nrme'eo's Vegetable Tills, k<*1.i-
tino coated, containing no mercury, and aro
(Tuirnnteed to give satisfaction or the moisoy
will be refunded.
Some parents use their children to
hang old clothes on.
A bird in thc hand is permissablo-
if you have no knife and fork.
Ton* and  Tona.
1 thought of lhe good old question
tlmt visitors used to ask the school
when I wns n boy.
••Which weighs more, a pound of
feathers or u pound of lend?" snid I.
"They weigh the same. A pound Is
a pound." snld the children.
••Correct," snid I. "Now, which
weighs more, a ton of feathers or a
ton of conl?"
"A ton of feathers." chorused they,
showing Hint tho Innocent nre uot necessarily undiscernlng.—Town Topics.
"('holly Chubbs is raising a mustache," said one young woman.
"I hadn't observed it," snld tho other.
"I'robnbly not. He's raising lt on his
valet: not nearly so much trouble, and
he can watch It grow."—Washington
Canadian Pacific
An£the Orient
Travel try the C. P. It. and be assured of (SOLID COKFORT.
r-rst-class C. P. R. Sleepers
on eS through trains.
Through Tourist Sleeper* ~ the best.
Tourist Bates b-uoted to. all points
East, West. South.
The Old Country,
The Orient,
The Antipodes.
Those desiring information in regard to any part of tbe world reached by the C. P. R. or its connections
are requested to apply to any C. P.
R. representative or to
c. e. Mcpherson
Gen. Tas. Agt., Winnipeg.
Reputation for durability established. Eleven
yi>rs trial. Oursovero frost hns uo effect on it.
lie,vine of .imerisxuipaper lelting whidi cracks
in our cl.mato.
?76 iligginsave.. Winnipeg. taoLB AOBNT
Renl Khi nte Agent.   Issuer of Marriage Llconsssa
Some men sow a few seeds of kindness and expect to reap their reward
•ith a mowing machine.
Some people avoid straightened circumstances by being crooked.
Minard's Liniment Cures Bums, Etc.
Things we don't want are given to
us to console us for the lack of the
things we want.
St rungs!  that  the  Vulnerable point
of a pugilist should be in the jaw.
M»B«y Saved and pi in relieved by a house-
held remedy. Dr. Tiiomas' Kclect rit Oil—a small
quantity of which usually suffices lo cura a
eeogh, heal a sore, cut, bruise or sprain, relieve
laabago, rheumatism, neuralgia, excoriated
alyples. er inflamed breast.
If a man would secure his wife's
undivided attention all lie has to do
is to talk in his sleep.
Where   there's a will there's a way-
to break it.
Naming the Dab?.
"Tlnvi you named Ibe baby?" asked
the iislinlring neighbor.
"Nsit yet." Kit id the proud young
mother. "We'es going to christen blm
"Ivnr mi'! Wlnt nn odd nnme! I'd
nln out its snc.11 coll hlin nfter Koblnson.
Ci'us e'A iiiuu IW.t'y nnd he dons with
In    order    to    facilitate    dietetic
treatment   for patients with scanty
moans    an     'Open   kitchen"  bus  been
founded by charitable persons at Berlin, mui bus already a year of useful
existence behind it. Portions oi
food are obtained from the •'open
kitchen" by tickets, which are sold
ut a vi'iy low price; but some of the
OUt-patient hospitals (policlinics) at
Berlin buy a number of these tickets
and distribute them gratuitously lo
needy patients. Charitable individuals havo likewise bought the tickets
mui distributed them to those iu
want. During the first year of its
existence the kitchen provided 80,000
portions of food, soiue being consumed sm the premises and others
being sent out hot. to patients.
ta tent direct to tha dUi-av*
parts by the Improved Dlosscr
lis .si. Ihe ulcers, clrar* tba air
passages, .tups dropplnn la tha
throat and tvrin.iiuiiily aurra
Catarrh and (lay Fcv«r. Blower
All di* slotv or br. /*. VV. Chaaa
a'ciUclne Co., Toronto au J ,
Every hend of clover consists of
about sixty flower tubes, each of
whirh contains un infinitesimal quantity of sugar. Hees will often visit
n hundred different heads of clover
before retiring to the hive, and in
order to obtain the sugar necessary
for a load must, therefore, thrust
their tongues into about (1,(X)0 different flowers. A bs*e will make twenty trips a duy when the clover patch
is Convenient to the hive, and thus
will tlraw the sugar from 120,200
different flowers in thi' course of a
single day's work.
/^SfflUGHT SQ8P~~N
One ounce of Sunlight Soap is worth more than
T"¥o ounces of impure soap.
Ask   K the Octagon Bar.     If   yonr   grocer cannot   supply,  write to
LEVER BROTHERS,  LIMriED, Toronto, sending  hia  same
and  a trial  sample of   Sunlight Soap   will bo sent yon
' und address,    f
f.oe ef coster
<3,JB. SniTttsaixoAtsH, Editor and Prep.
is rcsusHsm evert fridat at
^olsOCAN,      -      -       -       -      BC
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line lot
Abe first insertion sndf» cents a line each
ouberqucnt insertion.
Certificates of Improvement 17 each.
TranBientadvertiseroentsstssme rstes
-Aa legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
!|or each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, st,ict-
ly in advance; 12.50 a year ii not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, MAY 2nd, 1902.
A pencil mark in the space
.opposite will be an indica-
*tion to you that ye editor ^^f    _.
coasiders there is something "•*" JF »**^.
ssming to him on your sub-      /
seription.   Kindly acknow-   /
Jedge  in cstU and oblige.   /
The Municipal Glauses and General
Elections acts are being experimented on this session rather than the
Mineral Act. The law vers are happy.
The deal just closed for the Blnck
.-prince group comes at an Opportune
time-, because of tlio low price of sil
let and the depression that mor-j or
Jess an*ects the country •"■ctierally. It
demonstrates that capital lias confidence in the camp and that msney is
forthcoming upon a legitimate in-
.large ©ne and will give the more satisfaction in consequence. The men
putting up the money are of the right
stamp to get in the country,and their
example will ba followed by others.
The dry ores are a winning proposi
City Clerk Foley has handed in his
Chief Justice Hunter wilt open the
assizes at .Nelson on May ti.
Rtssland has become gotd and is
running out nil the gamblers.
Tom Mulvey is building an addition to his residence in Brandon.
More protective work 1ms been
done thisMreek to Springer creek.
The Rifle Association held a most
successful shoot on Saturday afternoon.
Dr. Milloy, the Rossland dentist,
was here for a couple of days this
week. /
Jas. Baker has gone to the Fernie,
camp in the interests of the Minors'
Tenders arc being Invited for the
relaying of tho Brandon waterworks
Fred Benson lias purchased the
residence and lots owned by Capt,
Rev. Mr. Irvine organized a Forester's court at Trail, with a membership of 30.
John Campbell has purchased from
J. Aitchison one of the big lots ad
joicing Brandon.
Rev. Mr. Hedley lias decided on
quitting New Denver and taking up
his residence here.
Attention is called to the pound bylaw announcement in this issue. It
will bear inspection.
The B. G. contingent of Sooth Afri
can recruits leave Halifax for the
I front at the end of thc month.
Jas. Wilks, of Nelson,accompanied
by his wife and family, came upon
Friday to attend thc hospital ball. *
The M.U. Hospital is to be at once
titivated np by the painters, and it is
- -tajbe adorned with a new piazza.
Sandon's council has staked a water right and will undertake to instal
a waterworks system into the city.
The hospital lias been moved back
from tlie street, so ns to permit of the
building of a double decked verandah.
D. McPherson is down from the
Enterprise,nursing a mashed finger.
He got it caught amung some loose
NOTICE is hereby given th.t I intend
tn applv at the next regular sitting of
tha Board of Licensing Commissioners
of lhe City of Slocan, to be held after
the expiration of 30 days from the date
hereof, for a retail liquor license for the
premises known as the Royal Hotel, situate on Lot 18, Block 12, Slocan, B.C.
Dated at Slocan this 1st day of May,
Among the outsiders attending the
ballon Friday evening wtro AY in.
Cropp and wife and J. McDonald, of
Ni'W Denver.
Messrs.Oliver and Kidd,after more
or less flirting during tho legislative
session, have at last fallen where
they bel >ng, into the ranks of the
opposition. *Hayward, of Esquimali,
however, has eased up a little and is
trying to rub noses with the govern-
'ment. Several times of iate Premier . Il » Bt»jcd ClmsK-ley is remoy'mf-
*v» .   I.      . * •  s    from Rossland to Vancouver, where
Dunsmuir has been put in a tight ,le is U) om)pv a prominent position
corner and ho is hanging on to ofliee \ \n Labor circles.
by a hair.   Tho redistribution bill is
ready now for tho coming Unlit, having been duly signed by his nibs the
governor; but beforo it wns finally
was held to the Presbyterian church
on Sunday afternoon, headed by the
brass band in uniform. The procession presented an imposing appearance and was viewed by a big crowd.
On returning to their hall the Oddfellows hnd to gain an entrance by
means of ladders and the front windows, the door having becomo fastened during their absence.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
'.•j*1   •'    ■■:.-■■',
Notice to Contractors.
SEALED TENDERS, indort***;1 "Tondors for
Schoolliotiso," will he rDCsjivnl by the undersigned np to noon of Friday, tlio 9tli Mny,
191)2, for tlio erection antl completion of a
sclioolhouse tit New Denver, BX'.
Plans, specifications, forms of tender unsl con-
tracts'mny be seen on and after tlie 25th April,
IIKK. nt the Lands aud Works Office, Vjctorin,
and at the Mining Becorder's office. Now Den-
Tenders will not be considered unless made
upon the prlntod forms supplied for tho purpose, and the afreoment to execute a bond, appended to the form of tender, ia duly signed by
the contractor himself nnd two other responsible residents of the province in the pcuiu sum
f $500, for tlie faithful performance of the
The lowost or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Deputy Commissioner of Lauds and Work*
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria. B.C., 22nd April, 1002.
.passed Attorney General Kbcrts inserted an amendment making the
bill applicable immediately upon the
dissolution ofthe house.
The Dominion government* lu s
made a pronounced move in thcrigln
direction, in that it has introduced
legislation compelling the arbitration
of all disputes on railways between
employers and employees, thereby
ensuring immunity from interruption
in thc lines of public communicatior.
-The-bill unfortunately is not likely
.to be passed this session, being permitted to stand over. Having admitted thc efficacy of compulsory ar-
bitratioR -for one branch of industry,
it is surprising the government can
net forego its prejudices and make
tbe law applicable to labor generally. Ultimately tha industrial situation will exact the law, and it might
as well be given now. After all, the
eastern mosSbacks stem to be much
more alive to beneficial legislation
thap the fossils ef the B.C. legislature.
Two important announcements affecting tho wclf-irc of British Columbia have been made during the week.
One was tbat a company, with a cap
Jtalization of $15,000,000, had been
organizjtl in Montreal to exploit the
iron resources of this province; the
other was that the first refined pig
lead to be smelted in Canada had just
' been turned out at Trail.   Lecally,
.the last named hae the more direct
'bearing, because it opens up a need
ed avenue whereby the surplus supply of lead ores of the district may
'And a ready market, cither in the
raw or the manufactured state.   Bv
^the addition of white lead works,
whieh are to be built later on, the
Trail smelter will be In a position to
materially assist the progress of the
country and relieve the present strain
npon the silver camps.   Both enter
prists mentioned are in keeping with
the newly awakened public spirit in
panadas to develope the natural re-
sources  and  conserve  tho benefits
therefrom for Canadians.   It is well
that it should be so. but the one big
error of ft all is that the government
should be supplanted by private ct\\,
ital in the building up and fostering
'of those industries which rightfully
^belong to the people,
L. S, Oii.-*, of Nelson, came up from
Nelson on M.iiiclay, to administer tn
the aebes and pains ol diseased musical instruments.
Win. Brasch has sn far recovered
from his operation in the Jubilee hos-
pital. Victoria, as to go on a visit to
relatives to Spokane- '
Rev. Mr. Irvine was here again on
Wednesday. l.e has been offered
and will doubtless accept the charge
ofthe Church of England mission at
A. David, of Sandon, spent several
days in the burg this week, looking
after his tailoring business, owing tn
Harry Cleve, his manager, going to
South Africa.
Warren Bcales, formerly of this
citv, is now a married man and settled down in Sault Ste. Marie, Out.
The chances are that lie will return
here this summer.
A long petition has been sent to thc
government asking for thc appointment of a collector t>t votes for the
new riding ofSlocan to be made from
here, as being the largest community.
The members ofthe M. U. General
Hospital board wish to tender a
hearty vote of thanks to those who
so kindly assisted nt their ball on
April 25; also to thc citizens generally
lor their generous support.
A card was received this week from
Joo Law, one of Sloctn's soldier boys
in South Africa. He was at Krugers
dorp and he btlicvtd there were
35,000 Boers in tile hills there. Anyway, he was going out to havo a go
at them.
W. T. Shatford & Co. have been
selling the Orr stock at half price
and, as a result, have done a good
business. Their customers have had
snaps. All the stock left on May 10
will be shipped out, so wc advise
early purchases.
Geo. Vandervere, foreman for W.
Koch, returned from Erie on Saturday, tli9 ore-hauling contract with
thc Arlington mine in that camp
having been completed. Part of the
freighting: outfit was sent to the
Molly Gibson and the remainder
brought here.
A ping pong tournament will be
held in the Linton hall on Saturday
evening, when prizes will be award
ed for the best lady and gent players
liefreblinients will be served and the
price of admission will be 25 cents.
The proceeds will be In aid ofthe
Methodist church.
Fred Smythe, an erstwhile resident
of Slocan, but now directing the ties
tinies of the Moyie Leader, came in
on Monday's train. He went up Lemon creek with Dan Hanlon to look
after soma mineral-, interests he possesses. Fred expects to be on Easy
street, some sweet day,
The annual parade of tho I.O.O.F.
"V^OTICE is hereby givon ('liituii.'lcT tho prsv.i-
*-' sionsof Bylaw No. li, Pounsl and Dug Tux
Byliiw, it U unlawful for any person to suffer
any linrse, mule, bull, or cow.s'ieep, goat, pig.
OlcSttlo,Of poultry, to run at large within the
limits of the City of Slocnn.
Every owner of a doc in tho City nf Slocan i..
required to pity annually a tax of Two Dollars
for each (log owned by him; SUstl every owner of
a bitch in tho aaid City is required to pay annually n tax of Tlirjc Dollars for ever/ bitch owned by him.
No person shall suffer or 'pemtt his dog to
run a' largo in the City of Sloc.i.i for which
such person hus not paid the tax require 1 ssf
him, nnd unless sueh Aug shall have around his
nook ti collar or strap, to which shall be attacl -
eda metallic plate, to be supplied by the City
on th-* pnyaicnt of the saisl tax, tl.o said metallic pinto havinsr raised sir stanipoJ thereon the
letters C. T. P. (City Tax Paid,'
Warning is hereby given that any person
guilty of an infraction, or violation, of nny ot
tho provisions of the above-named Ilylnw is, in
addition to the fres and charges nt forth therein,liable upon summary convict ion,to a penalty
of One Hundred Dsillars and the costs ssf prosecution, and in default of payment to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two mouths.
By Order,
Slocnn, B.C., April 29th. 11KI2.
City Clorlt
B. A. So.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
SjMan, *  B-C
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN^ _ •9C'
Pioneer Livery
and Teed Stables,
. Slocan, B. C.
. General Packing and For-
warding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,      -       -'   B. C.
To the Ladies
ofSlocan   .   •
The season for Wallpaper is
here, anil we have received
a fine line of papers from
one of the beet firmsin Canada. The prices will be'
found very reasonable, espe-
cially as alt custom* ilulies
will be laved. Splendid assortment ami lirst class
good?. We represent no t'USt
but trust folely to the judgment of the people.
You are Invited
Te ex-vBti-oe tfie best line of Scotch
Tweed*, English Worsteds and
Irish Worsteds eter shown in Sle-
. ean; als* all the latest designs in
ranting'*.   Remember,
We are Custom Union Tailors
and the Union Label is a guarantee of the best workmanship, We
guarantee satisfaction ond a perfect fit.    _
We'bare added a select line ef
Compare our reasonable prices—Fine
White Stalrte, $1; Collars, 15c; Regatta
Shirts, ln fane*- stripes, with collars
and cuffs attached, 75c each; Underwear, frem $2 a suit; Califernia flannel underwear, $4 a suit, this line being itnpeited direct by eurselres; tho
best qua Uv Blsck Felt Hat, Union
label $3.50, equal to the Stetson Hat
in every way.
A. DAVID, Slocan
Store: Opposite The Drill Office.
Stsftra *»la» st Bands.■.
Stan Cit? Miters' im
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evoning
in the Union Hall. Slican City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretirr
Sold by All Newsdealers
Furnlahaa Monthly te all loven of tv.ng
aad Music s vast volume of New, Choice
Ceovrleht Cem-ioaltlena bv the mr-ii popular author-*,. 64 Pates of Piano Hunle,
balf Voeal, half Inttrumetital—ai Complete
Pieces for Plano-Ouce a Month for aa
Cents. YearlT SuljecrlpUon,»».••- Ilyoe
will lent* us tht name and addrtra of riva
perf ormeni ou the Plane or Orcan, we will Mod
you a, oopr of tbe Magazine Frae.
J. W. PCPPtt, Publlaher,        '
tlfhth • Locuat Su., t-hlla-elahla, Pa.
D. n. Ferry's Famous Oar-
den Seeds, Flower Seeds,
Grass Seed, Seeds in packages and Seeds in bulk.
Our Potato Onions ami
Dutch Sets have arrived
in Rood shape. Leavo
your order and ensure
an early supply.
Special Sale!
per annum.
Furniture I
30       BATS      30
commencin-** April 1. One
ef the largrst stocks of furniture, carpets and linoleums
in the Kootenays will truly
Go ,at Cost Price.
Now Is your chance to have  •
your home furnished complete.    Mail orders promptly
attended ta
Nolien, JVC.
Do You
Want a Home?
Then come to Slooan, for it in
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting:,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churohes,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens aresome
of tha advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath deoreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale ii
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
for $18.25.
Why be without a ranjro when
you can get one so cheap? Thev
are preferrnble to stoves and (jive
better satisfaction. These i*an*jcs
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
> Pacific
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line; Lowest Rates
Two Fsls'sisU Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Blbettl City Mining Division ol tlie Weit Kootenay District
Where located:—Kast ol Arlington
Basin, Springer creek.
TAKE NOTICK that I, Herhert T.
Twigi*. agent lor Archibald York, freo
iriinfr's certificate No. H14375; Waltvr
V. Shatford, free miner'n certincnte No.
1522117; .lames VV. Moffatt, frp.o rniner'i-
certilicate No. B50181I; Peter McVeigh,
free miner's certiflcate No. B68529; William .1 Andrews, free miner's certificate
No. 1J38:«M; antl JamoB K. TatterHnll,
Fres Miner's Certiflcate No. B88894,
intend, lixty flays from the data hereof',
to apply t the mining recorder for a certilicate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining n Crown grant of the
above claim.
Ami further tnke notice that action,
under Motion :i7, must ho commenced
before the iHHuance of such certificate of
Dated this 17th day of April, 1902
18-4-02    lll'-UBEKT T. TWlUU, Agent
New York
San 'eiico
St.   I'aul,   Chicago,
and  all U. 8'
Tourist Sleeper Service
EAST-Lcaves -Danmora Junction
dally. Leaves Kootenay Land-
ln-r Tuesdays and Fridays.
WEST-Leaves Herelstoke daily*
Home Seekers' Excursion tickets en sale,westbound, Mareh 1 to April
Tbrwgh bookiiiffs to Europe v<« *■•
Atlantic lines. Prepaid tickets
from all points at lowost rates.
J. 8. CARTER,     E. J* OOYI-ft
1) I'A A. (i. I'* A-
'  Nitooo. V-*u*mver
GEO. t. Mom,
Agent, Slocan City


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