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The Slocan Drill 1902-05-16

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/uv *>
VOL. HI., Ne. 7.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slccan, British Columbia.
We carry the largest and best assorted stock in the city. Upwards of iooo
Flies to select from. Being overloaded
with Poles we are clearing them out
Have a couple of Plunge Bath Tubs for sale at cost.
Carload of Georgia Blacksmith Coal just in.
Large range to choose from.   Be the head big
or smallathe purse fat or lean, we can suit you
W. T. Shatford 6c Co.. .General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinnev, B. C.
A: YORK <fe CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the -
Public     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
Orders for all
■ f   »
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Workmansdiip is Good
and Prices are Reasonable
•JUL- -in
'li reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
He-opened under
■ ''ie old management.
Former customers
cordially invited lo return
■ aisngeuiuns.. 	
The Royal Hotel,
rs—   i..s...n...i.nH ndaaay Avenue, Slocan.
Cr. Arthar Street snd Dclaaejr Ar»n«. Slocan.
Building thoroughly renovated TH0& UKE'
"'"Ire st cke-i wl-Ui the best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle tne
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Hovemssnt Mado to Select a New Cemetery Slte-l'la; Hatch of Hills Puased
But Not Sssflicleist Money to Vay Samo
—New City Clerk.
City council met in regular session
on Monday night, members all pr'es
ent excepting Aid. Nichol.
City Clerk Bentley presented hla
credentials of appointment and took
his ■.-eat at the council beard.
Communications read: Two from
F, W. Drewry, Winnipeg, inquiring
about taxes on his property; from II.
livers, Nelsoti.asking for explanation
of goeds purchased by city, from thc
ColMiist, Victoria, stating that the
collector's roll would be forwarded at
once; from Koyal Bank, Nelson, ac-
kowledging letter sent; from K. E.,
Gosnell, secretary of bureau of provincial Information, enclosing sou
venir book from city of London.
Letters from the Colonist and R.E.
Gesnell ordered filed. City clerk
was instructed to explain account to
II. Hirers, whose letter was filed.
Air. DieWry's epistles were ordered
filed and the clerk instructed to ex
plain mutters to him. Mr. Kydd's
card was* punctured.
Bills presented: J. A. Foley, ofliee
work, £2.50; J. B. Thompson, janitor
work, $.'.50; D. Arnot, lumber, $10.-
74; H. L. Fife, de.. $12.3(i;-*>l*'ceipts
for telegrams, etc, amounting to
$5.50. There were also presented
certain accounts referred back from
last week. All were ordered referred tw (inance committee.
Fiminco committee reported in f.i-
vor ef a number of bills sent in last
week, including Elliot & LannieV
celebrated bill for $50, and totalling
Elliot sit Leiinie's bill gave rise to
the customary tempest, objection bu-
ing raised to thc bill not being ccrti-
fled to by tho party ontraetitffc tin
Aid.  Smith  ventured there were
iv.t sufficient funds to pay the bills,
but thc nnyor said  he would 81-ffe
guard lhat bv not drawing cheques
ull the funds were available.
Aid. McCalliuu asked to have the
school charges passed, which was
acceded to.
Aid. Barber objected to Elliot si
Lennie's bill and asked fer the yeas
and nays theivo.i, it having been
turned down bv the previous council,
Moved by AM. Barber that all tho
accounts be paid, except Elliot &
Emmie's bill. Seconded by Aid.
Robortaxnt and carried.
The Nelson lawyers'bill was again
brought up, Aid. Worden moving its
payment. The worthy aldermen belabored each ether with pondereus
Arguments, nnd llnally Aid. Smith
seconded tlio re9ol**.tien, Aid. Rob*
crlson and Barber voted nay and the
others yea, so the motion wat declared carried, and tlie bill will Do duly-
No report on thc proposed waterworks and fire protection systems
was brought in by the joint commit
tee thereon, and Aid. MeCallnin nsked fwr a week's extension of time.
The mayor granted the extension
and suggested  that the local hard
ware men obtain prices for Iron pip
ing, etc., so that the preliminary estimates could be made Up.
City Clerk Bsntlcy proacntad his
bonds of ollice, I). Ariiot and 8-Sorge
Henderson being his sureties In $600
eaoh.   Arc pted on notion of Aid
McCallum and Smith
His worship brought up th" tjues*
u'on of renewing the olty'a loan for
•f-SO-> now placed witli R. A. Brad
sliaw. [nstruotloni were given tin
city clerk to draw up a new note for
three months, in accordance With the
The cemetery question loomed tip
again and was advanced a point.
Aid. McCallum said he had interviewed Frank Fletcher, who WW
quite willing to give a title to the
present plot, but would rather substitute 101 uerofl elsewhere In the valley rather than the threr acres now
occupied. Thc matter rested with
the committee, who oould examine
the ground in the vicinity and choose
a site.
The mayor agreed with Mr. Fletcher's suggestion that the present
cemetery was tm close to tho city,
and thought the council lllould go
out in a body and select another nud
better site.
Aid. Worden remarked th.lt a lite
for a race track could also be chosen,
but the mayor said the city Was nol
in thai kind of business. Private
citizens could form themselves int.i »
company and send a oommlttee with
llu: council. They could look out
land both for a race track and a
cemetery, and there Would be nodif
Acuity In securing the land from Mr.
Several citizens, Aid. Worden replied, favored tho Idea fif a race
track, and if ground could be had on
favorable terms were willing to put
money into the scheme.
The mayor suggested the cttizens
and council should go together, select the ground desired, and a joint
committee wait on Mr. Fletcher and
secure tho title. His worship said he
wanted to contradict the statement
for Mr. Fletcher that the latter would
not grant a title to the present cemetery. Mr. Fletcher was perfectly
willing to do so, but bethought the
citv would gain more by taking a
larger site farther away.
The council agreed to go out and
inspect the ground next Monday
Aid. Worden brought np question
of licenses paid bv tho eity livery
stables, three of the places paying
$10 each and the fourth only $5, and
he wanted to know the reason for the
distinction made. Tho bylaw was
conned over, but not much enlightenment gained. The clerk was instructed to make out licenses for delinquents and give thc chief of police
orders to collect them ut once.
On motion of Aid, McCallum ond
Smith, the clerk was Instructed to
make out a list of nil persons liable
to take out a license within the corporation limits.
Aid. Barber again introduced the
cow question, the owners of the four
bovines in the city wanting the privilege of turning them loose In the
streets. The owners were willing to
pay for all damage done. The conn-
•il' were agreed, however, that no
such privilege could be granted.
Council adjourned.
Government l,ncoisvl>i(*s.-cl uf Alleged I:i-
jiisiUs'i* to lusl'.sstry.
John B. McKilligon, Surveyor of
taxes nntl inspector ef revenue for
the province, has issued his annual
report. He. also submits draft of a
new measure of taxation destined to
Ittporcede the ••'resent As',es*.ment
Act,and providci f»r a slight ceneiiil
inorcas*. Th.-re U no lik.*.'li!io'*d of
d'ny reduction ooTfifi made in the two
•vr Cent tax on ths? output of I he
nifties, Of thi* Mr. Melvilligan remarks:
"The question ns to the proper sys
tem "-f luicat'on of mines nnd mine
mis is a difficult one td determine.
The complaint of lhe mine owners
against the pl'VStnt tax is not, I understand, so much <ig.'iiu**t the rate of
taxation, or tht*. amount of the tax
levied from the whole industry, as
that the Incidence of thc tax is unequal b. (ween the different classes of
miiKS. It is claimed that by deducting merely the cost, of transportation
and treatment from the value of the
gross output, in order toarrive at the
taxable value, great Inequality is
caused, and tbat the proper method
of arriving at the taxable amount
would be to deduct also the cost of
mining. Assuming for tho '•'ake nf
argument that the oosl of milling was
added to tho other deductions, that
would n.n make the Incidence ofthe
tax equal upon all mines. Thc cost
of milling differs materially according to the localltV and nature of (lis;
ore mined. l,t is not equal In any
class of mines nor In nny localitv. It
sliders among high grade or. •, low
grade ores, and lu ores of equal
value Indeed, it may safely be as
sorted that tha ctn'. of mining iu any
'wo minis in this province is "not
"It hns also been asserted and
claimed hy mine owners that the tax
ought u> im deducted from the not
value received by the mine owner,
as It Is out of that sum that tin* tax
has uliiiuately to be paid, Tlie 0 '-'
"f transportation and treatment Is
also unequal, so thst the total deduc
tion* claimed are all unequal, if thr
CO t sf mining, therefore, were also
allowed, the Incidence of the tax
would still be unequal,'and be nol
any nearer equality than before.
The Assessment Act contemplates the
assessment of tho product of the
mine at a certain rale, and tlie market value Of that product would bo
the reasonable value on which to
assess. The tax on mines nnd minerals, as at present Imposed, is a tax
on tlie value of the product whieh
has been sold or removed irom tic
mine. The market value of thnt
product is not Influenced or deti r
mined bv the cost of production. The
value of bullion  Ii regulated   by
Othor Influences than the est of production.   If ihe market value of bul*
li >i> were upon the value DO • 11 which
i the   tax is levied, no deductions of
any kind would be allowed.
"In the case of personal property,
the assessed value of the property hi
as near as possible ihe market price.
- p would not be a cotreoi principal t"
deduct the cost of production from
ihe article of personal property, If,
however, the tax  on miin a i- C Matd
ered from a different standpoint, nol
SO much as a tax upon the pi. duet of
thn   mine as a  tax  upon  thu  mine
owners' ability io pay, then the mar
ket value of bullion or product is to
him  minus the Oast of production.
The tax a3 in now imposed is practically a royalty combining both principles, a tax on the product and on
the owner's ability to pay. The real
principle inv&lved in the taxing of
this important industry is moro a
question of publip policy than an abstract question of taxation.
"In a new country like British
Columbia certain industries require
encouragement and fostering care,
or to put it negatively, they require
not to be impeded by harassing or
burdensome taxation. Their ability,
or lhck of ability, to pay equal taxes
witli other industries should receive
careful consideration. If mining
needs this encouragement and fostering caro to induce capital to be
brought into this province for its development, then the lighter the burdens imposed, the less stringent its
restrictions, the better will it be for
the ultimate good of the province. If
the cost of producing gold and other
precious metals in this province is
greater and surrounded by greater
difficulties than the cost and conditions in other countries from whence
the world's supply is obtained, then
capital will prefer to invest in thc
latter." *\_J
Spi'lsigi'i' Creels. Hiii'i Ms'.els  Damage   on
Wednesday Night.
And the rains came en Wednesday
night and thc floods descended, and
in the morning Slocan mourned the
lo.=s of her two bridges over Springer
creek. Thc creek had beon running
pretty high all week and Wednesduy
evening there came a Heavy thunderstorm, followed by a drenching rain
all night, Thc rain, added to the
melting snow from the hills, turned
the creek into a raging torrent,which
tore out everything in its path.*
Tho Fletcher ave bridge was soon
under water, as the current had taken out the foundations to the east,
and the structure broke away. Notwithstanding the protective works
lower down, the current broke loose
and cut new channels, swirling
around In a!! directions. During the
night h Idt of driftwood came down,
and the main current was switched
from the centre of the Delaney ave
bridge to the weat approach. A jam
formed against the pier and it quick
ly gave way, causing about 100 feet
ofthe bridge to collapse.
In the early morn men were put to
work pulling the fallen timbers out
of the crock. A footbridge is being
built ncros', so as to accommodate
tlie people. Team traffic to the oast
of Springer crock is entirely cut off,
and it will bo some time beforo it can
be resumed. The expense to the city
will bo heavy.
Slocuii ('i.-s.|i,.iailv.. Aaaociatlon.
Tho first annual meeting of tho
Slocan Co-operative Association was
held in the Union hall, on Tuesday
evening, when nearly all the shareholders wore present. A financial
statement presented showed a constantly increasing business, with a
;idy balance to the. profit account for
tbe first month since the store opened. The election of officer:* for the
ensuing vear resulted thus: President
George Nichol; secretary-treasurer,
Kohi. Andrews; trustees, Wm. II.
Davids ni, J. A Folev, S.B.Clement,
D. D. Robertson and I). B. O'Neail.
Ml*/ II ta Work.
Martin Haurer and Nat Tucker
have made up their minds to do more
work on the Lily B group, In the
Arlington basin. Work will com- j
nn ince just as soon as the snow has
gone off and tho ground dried up
I mewhat. Last year's operations
exposed the Arlington lead on thc
group and revealed some fine surface
showings, and this year's developments will (end to greatly improve
tlio general appearances.
Of Inl.-I's'nt tm t'lsslsis lleldora,
Llttt week's B. 0. Gazette contained a notice from the provincial secretary, announcing that tho lieutenant.
governor had revoked the order ill
council of March f>, 1900, With regard
to the Interpretation to be placed upon .Section 5 of thc Mineral Act
Amendment Act, lSDk\ and upon sec-
lion .IB (as amended by section 7 of
the same net) of the Mineral Act.
Such revocation is t<> take effect on
Juno 1.    	
Three Claims Solsl.
II. U. Jorand hns purchased for
|eastern parties the May, Strathroy
and II C claim'*, on Twelve Mile
creek, Thovweva owned by J. C.
(Wonnor, A. C. Allen and Win. Loe
respectively. The claims adjoin the
Champion group and have had some
work done on them, principally on
tho May. The bitter shipped five
tuns of (ire early this year, receiving
profitable returns.
THIS division.
Last Ts ar'g Shipment* Were 6514 Tons—
A Healthy Kvldouce of tiie Ufa aad
Wealth of the Camp—Arllugtea tha
Biggest Shipper.
Ore shipments for the week have
reached a satisfactory ita!, aud it is
expected they willcoutitsiiesofor the
remainder of tho n-*asoo. The ro^ds
have got back : into pretty detent
shape and repairs are being constantly kept up. For tlto firs., time in a
month the Arlington has been enabled to ship, sending out 80 tons to
Nelson. The Enterprise added 40
tons more to its total, raising it to
120 Ions. It3 output goes to Trail
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled 6629 tons, from
14 properties. Following 13 a full
list oi th* shipments this jcar to
Arlington  80             1171
Enterpriso  40              42)
Ottawa  - 7
Noepawa  fiO
May  m
Paystreak  6
Duplex  7
120 1675
The Payne concentrator has commenced running.
Operations have been resumed at
the Nelson smelter.
No ore was shipped from the Sandon camp last week.
Betwean 15 and 20 men are employed at the Slecan Star.
The force on the Combination has
been Increased to four men.
The Last Chance has shut down
tight, only u watchman being* employed.
Four teams have been engaged
hauling ore this week from the Arlington.
Some more local trouble at the Enterprise hns caused several of the old
hands to quit.
Frank Purviance and Jack Wafer
nre doing their annual work on their
property on Tobin creek.
Jas. Campbell and Geo. McL-san
are doing assessment on the Bonnio
Doon, in the Arlington basin.
Work is being prosecuted on half a
dozwn claims on Goat mountain, N#*w
Denver, and numerous good showings of ore exposed,
A snowslido came down at iho
Rambler Cariboo on Sundav, injuring two men and partly wrecking
tho camp.
Ii nss Ilerae Troubles.
A number of the workmen on the
Iron Horse have takanont mechanics'
liens on the property for wages <i..,
which nmotint to a Lieut $500. -Joliu
Welsh was in Nelson last week setting tbe legal machinery in motiau.
The Iron I orse peoplo have been a
disappointment to tha camp.as it was
confidently believed they were •teck'
»<d by an abundance of monay. Tho
property is in elegant shape and h.*s
ore showing in all the main workings. The total debts ou the riino
amount to about $3(500, which is
really only a trifling sum. No word
has been received from the company
Of late.	
Work Ceaaesl ou Legul.
Work has ceased on the Legal for
the present, owing to tho inrush of
Burfaco water. Since commencing
last fall 270 feet have been driven by
two men in tho lower drift, besides a
couple of crosscuts. Sixty feet more
must be driven to get in under tho
main ora chute. The oro encounter
ed recently was free milling &n<
gave s|90 in gold values, picked samples going as high ns $300. Work is
to be resumed on tho property when
thc snow goes.
Donslislosi Day "'•lubrallor..
Dominion Day is to be right royally celebrated here this year, the citizens entering into the idea with enthusiasm. There will bo no difficulty
in raising funds nnd a healthy programme of sports will oventnate.
Bast li/zles have taught a useful
lesson nnd every effort will bo made
to mako this celebration u genuine,
success, A big ci'owd is expected
from Nelson and a special train wi|l
be run to accommodate theqi. ______f
Copyright, 1800. by Sir  Walter Besant
nnc BKia-jcaa and thi poet.
"gj^j.iHB happiest day of my
IsBBW lire up to thai time, be
I W I cause I sliould lie tbe
JH I baacat and the most
•t™* ■ ungrateful of men were
I not to confess tbat
I bave alnce enjoyed
many daya far excell-
Ing tn happiness tbat day. was tbe 20th
-lay of .June In the year of grace 1747.
For on that day. being my nineteenth
birthday, 1 was promoted, though so
yonng, to be mate or chief officer on
board my ship, tbe Lady of Lynn,
Contain .laggard, tben engaged In the
Lisbon trade.
I will tell you presently how I waa ao
fortunate as to lie spprentlced to so
fine a craft as the Lady of Lynn. Just
now It la enongb to set down tbat sbe
was tbe finest Teasel In the little fleet
of ahlps belonging to my yonng mistress. Molly Miller, ward of Captain
Crowes. Tbere wero eight ships, all
ber own—the Lady of Lynn, tbe ship In
wblcb I served my apprenticeship; the
Jolly Miller, named nfter ber father;
tbe Lovely Molly, after herself; the
Joseph and Jennifer,. nfter ber par
cuts; tbe Pride of Lynn, tbe Beauty
of Lynn, tbe Glory of Lynn and tbe
Honor of Lynn—all of wblcb you may
take If you like aa named after tbelr
owner.   Holly owned tbem all.
1 bave to tell you In tbla place wby
one day In especial must ever be remembered by me as the most surprising and tbe happiest that 1 had ever
I waa standing on tbe quarter deck
en doty wben tbe boy came np tbe
companion, saying tbat tbe captain
wanted to speak to me. So 1 followed,
tittle thinking of wbat be bad to say,
expecting no more than some question
abont log or cargo, such ss tbe skipper
Is alwaya putting to bis officers*.
In tbe captain's cabin, bowever, 1
fonnd alttlng at the table not only Captain   Jaggard   himself,   but   my   old
friend snd patron, Captain  Crowle.
Hla Jolly face waa full of satisfaction
and good humor, so that It gave one
pleasure only to look at blm.   But he
sat upright and assumed tbe air of dignity which spoke of tbe quarter deck. A
man who haa walked tbat part of tbe
ship In command doth never lose tbe
look of authority.
"Jobn Pentecrosse." he began,"! bave
sent for you In order to Inform you
tbat on tbe recommendation o« Captain
Jaggard here"—Captain Jaggard gravely Inclined his bead In acquiescence—
"and wltb tbe consent of Miss Molly
Miller, sole proprietor of tbls good ship,
the Lady of Lynn, I bave promoted
yoa to tbe rank of chief offices."
-*8lrf" I cried, overwhelmed, for Indeed 1 had no reason to expect this
promotion for another two or three
years.  "What can I ssyr
"We don't want yon to say anything.
Jack, my lad." Tbe captain came
down from tbe quarter deck and became my old friend again. "Give me
yonr band. You're young, bnt there's
never a better sailor afloat, la there.
Captain Jaggard T
"None, Captain Crowle; none for his
"ror his years naturally. He's sslt
through and through, Isn't he. Captain
"And through. Captain Crowle." My
skipper waa a man or grave aspect and
few words.
"Well. then, let as drink the Isd's
health." And upon tbat tbe cabin boy.
who needed no further order, dived Into the locker, produced a bottle, opened
it and placed three glasses.
"No better Lisbon." said Captain
Jaggard, pouring it out "Goes even
to tbe table of the king, God bless
"Now, gentlemen"—Captain Crowle
poshed a glass to me-"urst a glass to
Miss Molly, my   little   maid.   Jack,
you've been ber playfellow, and you're
now her servant."
MI could ask nothing better, sir.**
"I know—a "-ood and zealous servant
Drink It off. a fall glass, running over,
to Molly Miller."
We obeyed, notblng loath.
"And now. Captain Jaggard, here's
tbe health of yoar new mate, long to
serve nnder yon, your right band, your
eyes open when you are off tbe deck,
yonr sailing master, the keeper of your
tog. Jsck Pentecrosse, 1 drink to your
good lock."
That was the event which msde this
dsy tbe happiest In my Ufe. Another
event of which I thought little at tbe
time waa more Important still tn tbe
after consequences. Tbls was tbe bu-
mlllatloD of sSamuel Semple.
In tbe evening os soon as I could get
ashore 1 repaired, as In duty bound, to
pay my respects to my young mistress.
Bbe was sitting In tbe summer bouee
with sqme needlework. Beside ber sat
ber good old black woman, Nigra.
"Jack I" Bhe dropped ber work and
Jumped op to meet me. "1 tbougbt you
would come thla evening. Ob, are you
pleased V
"Yoa knew I should come, Molly.
Why, bare I not to thank you for my
promotion f*
She gave me her hand with ber sweet
frankness and ber smiling face.
"I would mske yoa captain, Jack, but
asy guardian will not bear of It All in
■■rood time, though. I am only waiting.
I am proud of yon. Jack, because everybody speaka so well of you. I met
your father, thla morning and gave bim
tbe good news to rejoice bis good old
heart He was too proud to confess bla
Joy. But wo know him. don't we, Jackl
Well, I confess I shall not be happy till
you are Captain Pentecrosse, with a
share in every cargo.*"
"Nay, Molly, the ship la yours, and I
am but yoar servant though a proud
and Joyful servant"
And so we sat and talked, while Nigra went on witb her work, sitting st
the feet of her mistress, whom she
watched all tbe time as a dog keeps
one eye always upon bis master.
At this time my mistress was 10, a
time wben many girls are already mar
tied. But ahe was still a child, or a
young girl at heart being one of those
who, like a fine Orleans plum, ripen
slowly and are all the better for the
time they take. In person, if I may
speak of what should be sacred, sbe
was finely made, somewhat taller than
the average, ber hnlr of tbat fair color
which Is tbe chief glory ef tbe English maiden. If a Lisbon girl could
show tbat fair balr. with those blue
eyes snd that soft cheek touched wltb
ruddy hue and tbe velvet bloom of the
■September peach, sbe would draw after ber tbe wbole town, wltb tbe king
and his court snd even tbe grand Inquisitor and bla accursed crew of tor
She was of a truly affectionate dlspo
sltlon, her mind being aa lovely as ber
face. In manners sbe waa easy and
compliant in discourse sometimes
grave and sometimes merry. As for
her great possessions, sbe was so elm
pie In her tastes and habits, being ln
all respects like tbe daughter of a
plain merchantman's skipper, that she
understood little or notblng of wbat
these possessions meant or wbat tbey
might bestow upon ber.
No one. bowever. must believe tbat
there was any tbougbt or discourse con
cernlng love between us.   1 bad been
her companion and playfellow. I knew
ber very mind and could tell at any
time of what ahe was thinking.   Some
times ber thoughts were of blgb and
serious things.    Mostly tbey were of
tblngs simple, sucb as tbe prospects of
the last brew or tbe success of tbe
latest cordial.   Of suitors she had none,
although she was now, as I said, 16
yeara of age. There were no suitors.   1
very well know why, because, perhaps
for friendly reasons, Captain Crowle
had told me something of bis ambition
for bis ward.   She was too rlcb and
too good for tbe young men of Lynn
What would any of tbem do with sucb
an heiress?   She was too rich and too
good even for tbe gentlefolk of tbe
county, a hearty, rough, good natured
people who bunted and shot and feast
ed and drank.    Wbat would tbey do
with an heiress of wesltb beyond tbelr
highest hopes bad tbey any knowledge
of ber wealth?   But I believe tbat ibey
had none.   No one knew bow rlcb she
was except tbe captain.   Tbe girl waa.
Intended  by   her  guardian   for some
great man.   He knew not as yet bow
be should find tbls great man, but be
knew tbat tbere were very few, even
of tbe noble lords In the bouse of peers,
whose fortune or whose Income would
compare with thnt of bis ward—bis lit
tie maid.   And 1. wbo knew this ambition, knew also thnt I was trusted not
to betray confidence nor to disturb the
girl's mind by any talk of love.   Now,
tbe mind of a young maid piously disposed Ib like tbe surface of a calm sea,
wblcb looks up to tbe sky and reflects
tbe blue of  heaven,  undisturbed  till
Dan Cupid cornea along and agitates
tbe calm wltb the reflection of some
shepherd swain and ripples tbe surface
wltb new tbougbts which are allowed
by heaven, but belong not to any of Its
many mansions.
Therefore we talked of everything
except love.
The son went down as we sat talking. The aun went down, and tbe soft
twilight of June, the month wblcb
most I love because tbere Is oo dark
ness snd a mnn on watch can discern
ahead breakers and ships as well as
tbe vast circle of the rolling sea. And
then Nigra gathered ber work together
and arose.
"Come to supper, boney," sbe said.
"Come. Maasa Jack," and abe led the
Supper over, tbe captain, Instead of
turning round bis chair to tbe fireplace,
Oiling bis pipe and calling for another
glass of October, as we expected, push
ed back bla chair aud rose wltb dignity.
"Jennifer." be addressed Molly's
mother, "the persuader."
Jennifer wss ber Christian nnme. Bhe
got up and drew from tbe corner by the
cupboard a stout crab tree cudgel.
twisted and gnarled like the old tree
from wblcb It came. "Be not revengeful, John," she said.
"No, no. I am a Justice of the peace.
I am captain on my own quarter ds*ck
Punishment 1 shall bestow, not revenge."
"Well, John, but be la young, and
you are old."
Captain Crowle laughed. "Young, in
lie? And I am old, am I? We shnll
Some one was going to be fried ltr>l
od. found guilty, sentenced nn.l i
eclve his sentence at once.  The (ls.ii;.
was not unusual In the house of a Justice of tho peace.
"Come with me, Jack. It shall not be
si-id that I Inflicted this punishment
without a witness. All the world shall
kuow about It If so be tbe culprit de-
jh*es. Come with me. Jennifer, keep
within, and If you hear groans praise
the Lord for tbe correction of a sinner."
Greatly marveling, I followed the
captain as he marched ont of the par
lor. Arrived at the garden, he looked
around. "So," he said, "be has not yet
come. Perhaps lt Is light enough for
you to read some of his pernicious
stuff," Wltb that he put his hand into
hla pocket and drew forth a paper.
"Read tbat. Jack. I say. read It"
I obeyed. Tbe twilight gave sufficient
light for reading the manuscript Besides, the writing was large and in bold
characters. "Why," I said, "1 know
this writing. It is 8am Semple's."
"Very good. Go on, therefore"—
At tbe very first words I understood
wbat had already happened and guessed pretty well wbat waa going to bap-
"Moll** dlrln.1  Thjf hesrenly charms prevail,
Aa when th. ran doth rise, stirs fad. snd pale."
"No need for mucb more of the rub
blsh. Jack.  Read the last of It  1 read
it all. and lt made me sick."
"So, matehlua maid, thy .liens*, grants consent
See, fit May feet, the poet*, knee la bent
When evening rosts setter Iragrsnc taint
And the rad Philomel renew, hi. plaint."
"Did ever man bear aucb stuff. Jack?
Go on.'*
"Within this bow*r, star trom sight of matt.
Tomorrow, Wedneedaj, st th. hour of ta,
Tbst bow'r, . shrln. ol lov. and tempi, fair,
I will .wilt thee—Samuel Semple—then."
"What do you think of that, Jack?
Samuel Semple, tbe ragged, skulking,
sniveling. Impudent son ot a thieving
exciseman! A very fine lover for my
little maid! Ha, will he? Will he?"
Tbe captain grasped bla cudgel witb
"Sir!" 1 said, with submission. "What
did Molly say to this precious epistle?"
"Molly? Dost think tbat I would
let tbe little maid see sucb ranting
stuff? Not so. Tbe black woman
brought the precious letters to me.
Tbere are three of tbem. Walt Jack.
Thou shalt see. Hush! I bear bla
step. Let us get into the summer
house and lie snug to see what hap-
In Malta the average rate.of railway travelling ia from 8*4 to 6
miles an hour.	
Fowls are supposed to have been
first domesticated in China 1400 B.C.
I   The forage bill of *?*«"* {™g
in times of peace is about £63W,000
I a year. ._
1    Hank of England notes cost a half
apiece to produce
Tot} stage at Olympla. London
450 feot long and 120 feet deep '
the largest in the world.
Ireland sends England 8*10 millions
of eggs a year.
,. T<» w* «»<..-. t. as*- •♦ ******__*• "* w-**-T1" "•*" ■"•
of Ualnq OpMtsMa
<*2"dJ"J}Z^^?&,.T»«»m«l*t . tomtom -as..        ," \
and   thoughts   flashing bofors
nerves are weak and exhausted.
jjuw.-t, — «-■— ---  — -__ _„invi(Tnrated for another day's wear and tear the body ia further weaken-
Instead of being restored «?_^fficoa^^torriWe waste of energy,  which the lamp of lifo ia rap-
During auch nights norvo force
Instead of being restored and r
ed and exhausted and the mind Is ut"|
idly boning out ^H-onthat many men and women attempt to   drug   and deaden tho nerves by
theuse^piltes. S, f. a fatal "^Sr^by using Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, a treat,
.JwSA1-^?^ - —*■pemftnent re8Ult* * MvHalizins
the wasted ^W. thomanv distressing symptoms which entirely   disappear with the use of Dr.
Sleeplessnessis: only ono of*J?*^ \™ £J_* of nerves and body,   and   is  specific for woman's "*".
SeS^Tmost S^^'^ZL'Utiirt- nerves.   60 cU. a box. 6 boxes for S9.H0. at all de.
•r Edmasson, Bates & Co., Toronto.
____£ ____W3S &*+-£&
J&sm/ Cm**/ di id h AaxJl Jit> #e4j- o^v-ttd
J&tvnsuta/ fisnA, JM <usto <ivvTLr f&avnv.
^Uttvu A^sfw nw/ fsvtC "flu** flt/sVm^ny 0&*s *4 f
OX^tXS^i " '______*_?' vOtrfbOs
*sw f,kA/ <U qtrpM/ •%* frits t%4/.
*Uotu JLaVuty A   <to  U Jv   *Vm\A/ frr /h£*n/
We stepped into the summer house,
aow pretty dark, and waited expectant
Like the captain. I waa filled with
amazement tbat Samuel, whom I knew
well, wbo was my schoolfellow, should
presume to lift bis eyes bo high. Alas!
There Is no bound or limit I am assured, to tbe presumption of such aa
this- stringer of foolish rhymes. Tet
I felt some compunction for blm because be would most assuredly receive
a basting sucb as would cure him effectually of the passion called love, so
far as this object was concerned.
Presently we beard footsteps crunching the gravel. "Snug, my lad. Lie
snug." whispered tbe captain. We
heard tbe steps making their way
along the path between the gooseberry
and currant bushes. Then they came
out npon tbe grass lawn before tbe
summer bouse. "Tbe grass Is aa big
as a quarter deck. Jack." said the captain. "It will serve for tbe basting of
a measly clerk. I've knocked down
many a mutinous dog In tbe quarter
Tbe poet came to tbe aummer bouse
and stood outside. Irresolute, lie could
not Bee tbe two occupants. He hemmed
twice aloud. There was ne reply.
"Matchless Molly!" be whispered.
"Divine maid! I am bere at thy feet
Nymph of tbe azure sea. I am bere."
"Tbe devil you are!" cried tbe captain, stepping out. "Wby. here Is a
precious villain for you! Jack, cut blm
off ln tbe rear If he tries to get away.
So—so, my young quill driver, you
would poach on the preserves of your
betters, would you? Would you?
Would you?" At each repetition be
banged the wooden post of tbe aummer bouse wltb his cudgel.
Tbe poet made no reply, but be looked to right and to left and behind him
for a way of escape, but found none.
^^ iUHxTTU ¥faflW*V</*SH^
The gold guns belonging to the
Gaekwar of Daroda have only been
usssd once. That was for the King
when, as Prince of Wales, ho visited
Cholera and all summer s-omplaints are so
3uick In their action that the cold hand ot
oath la npon tlie victims before thoy are awuo
that dancer is near. If attacked, do net delay
in getting the proper medicine. Try s dose of
Dr. J. D. KeUsonr's Dysentery Cordial, and vou
will get immediate relief. It acts with wonder-
tnl rapidity, aad never tails to efiect a cure.
Kites for observing tho weather
havo been sent up 14,000 feet. A
team of live kites was used, and
their weight, and that of the wire
holding them was 13
MM Li»il Cures Dmlitlicria.
The largest oyster ever found on
llritish shores was dredged up off
Christchurch Head, it weighed 31 '/a
ths., and measured seven inches
Canadian Pacific
And the Orient
Travel by the C. P. It. and be assured of SOLID COMFORT.
First-class C. P. R. Sleepers
on all through trains.
Through Tourist Sleepers — the fccrt.
Tourist Kates quoted to all points
East, West, South,
The Old Country,
The Orient,
The Antipodes.
A bale of gOod cotton is nsiw
worth £12, against £5 a few years
ago; while cotton-eecd, once thrown
away, now brings nearly £2 a
■■MO MMi ma mattm MM
sva       Eifl
W             sfT*^BV'r'^"»*las»B.             « '*"
m\ «M''\ Wm
/l»S Wwt \    1   Tr 111
/{"-**r °f-y<i& p*wss /film
i / i
1 '/    T^^fm's&'ii'^'l^A
* *Jbs5*5*^
for 1 was ready to bar his flight,
wherefore his shoulders became round
ed and his head hung down and Ills
knees trembled. Samuel Semple wns
caught In a trap. Home young fellows
would bave made a fight of it, but not
Samuel. All be thought about wns
submission aud non resistance, which
might provoke pity.
A   HsssstlssK   Story.
Once Rogers was shooting where his
host happened to have killed a boy and
a keeper In tbe same season, nnd he
asked a beater whether his master felt
tho mailer very much. The answer
was: "Well, sir, be didn't care much
about the b'y. He gle his mother live
pounds. Rut he wero wery wexed
about the man. He didn't go out shoot*
In' for a whole week." This In Norfolk
was considered nn evidence of the ell-
uot of human emotlon.-Ueorge Arch-
dale In Temple liar.
Miseries   «a*t    Irrltntloits    InelOeat
Upon His Start In Life.
Authony Trollope'a start In life wns
unpromising. As be knew no languages, ancient or modern, be became
classical usher at a school tn Rrussels,
wltb-tho promise of a commission In
the Austrian army. Then be was suddenly transferred to a clerkship ln the
Loudon postoflice. He was disqualified
for the new position by general ignorance ond special Incapacity for tho
simplest arithmetic. A vague threat
that he must pass an examination was
forgotten before it was put into execution, and Trollope characteristically
takes occasion to denounce tbe system
of competitive examination by which
he would bnve beeu excluded. Meanwhile be was turned loose In London
and attempted to live like a gentleman
on £90 a year. The results are Indicated by a couple of anecdotes.
A money lender once advanced him
£4, for which, first and last, bo paid
£200. This person, be says, became so
much attached to blm ns to pay o dally
visit to his office and exhortjilm to be
punctual. "These visits wero very terrible snd can hardly bave been of service to me In tbe ofliee." This mild remark applies also to the visits from the
mother of a young woman In the country who bad fallen In love with him
and to whom he "lacked the pluck to
give a decided negative." Tbe mother
used to appear wltb a basket on her
arm nnd on Immense bonnet upon ber
•bead and Inquire In a loud voice beforo all his companions, "Anthony
Trollope, wben are you going to marry
my daughter?"
No wotider that be was miserable.
Ho was hopelessly In debt and often
unable to pay for a dinner. He hated
bis work, be soys, and be hated bla
Idleness; he quarreled wltb his superiors, who thought him hopelessly Incapable aud felt thnt bo was sinking
"to the lowest pits." At last be hesrd
of a place In tho Irish postoflice wblcb
everybody despised and was successful
on applying for It, because his masters
were glad to get rid of him. At the
same time they Informed his new superior that be would probably bave to bo
dismissed on the first opportunity.-
A  Director.
"They tell me thnt Jim Muggins Is
ono of the dlrocton< In a big city cor
porntlou now," snid the grocer.
"Yes. I seen him Ins' time I was
down to town." (•aid Mr. Meddergrasii.
"He directs tbe envelopes fer tbe firm.
Thoso desiring Information in regard to any part of tho world readied by the C. T. R. or its connertioi h
are rcr|uests?d to apply to any t'. P.
R. representative or to
c. e. Mcpherson
Cs*n. Pas. Agt., Winnipeg.
The*** never was, and never will  be  a
universal panaoaa, in ono remedy, for all Ilia
to which nosh is heir—the ran* naturo of
many ourauvs***. being suoh that were ths
germs of other and alfforently seated di*.
aasss rooted in the system of tha patient—
what would relieve one IU ln turn woaid as.
Mnvate the other.  We havo, however, m
Quinine Wine, whett sabtatnablo In a ssund.
anadulteratoid state, a reined* for mnny and
grievous Ua   By Its gradual ond judis-'o-*
use the fralleet systsnts an led into cs.a-u-
tesoenoo and streugth by Ur-** Infln. nco \, hico
Quinine exerts s n nature's owu restorative*.
It relieves the drooping spirits of thotse •** .th
who*n a chronic sstte of morbid **!<-,>* .mi-
ency and lack of "ut-.-ost in lifo laa disrii-e,
and, by tranquiliilng -he nerves, din*-..",   to
sound and refraahing sleep—imports viuor
to ths action of   the blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout tho vein-,
•trengthenlng the healthy animal functional the system, thereby making activity u
necessary result, strengthening the framo,
and giving life to tho digestive organs, which
uatuntlly demr.nd inorortsed subrnance—re-
(■ult, improves**, appetite, Northrop A Lyman,
of Toronto have .given to the publio their
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate, and,
gauges by tbe opinion of sciantiste, this
wine appToeehes nearest prrfeetlon of any ia
themarltsu   A.! •"••*»-■««■*-■ m*V M,
In ('eniiiiny, savings-hank officials
viisit workmen's homes on pay-day
to collect their saviiiKR for banking.
The liikssH on the Mnnglshlabe IVn-
insula in the Caspian Sea are sweat-
smelling, owing to the presence of
a violet-scented seaweed.
Krnpp  and   r.aaru.
"The old lady." Ilerr Kiupp's Usolb-
If, managed the sicnll business affairs*
while Alfred stepped Into tbe sin p.
tolled up bis sleeves, worked nil day
wltb his arms and then until midnight
with bis brain. Tbey lived in a small
■ottage which Is still standing lu the
factory and which be did not exchange
for a better home until long after his
marriage. I now quote Mr. Krupp's
own words uttered on tho twenty-fifth
anniversary of tbe founding of tbe factory:
"Prom my fourteenth year I bad tbe
care of a family father during the day,
added to luird work ut the factory, and
at night had to study how to overcome
the difficulties In tbe way. During tbls
period i lived on potatoes, bread and
s'OsTi'i! and scant portions of ment and
toiled until lute In tbe nlgbt For twen
ty-flve years I struggled thus until coo
dltlons grew a little easier. My last
remembrance of tbat period is the
growing danger of total ruin and my
endurance, suffering and bard labor
to avert tbe calamity, and I say all
this for the encouragement of young
men who bave nothing, are nothing
nnd want to get something und be
In 1S32 the factory gave employment
to only ten men. At tbe time of Mr
Krupp's death over 40.000 men were
employed In nnd about Essen, in thi
factory and the adjoining mines.
A Military Maerst.
War correspondent*-"! should liko
to thlcgraph homo that the com*
mantling general  ia an Idiot."
("elisor*— "I regret to Inform you
that we can permit tho transmisslor
of no military secrets,"
lls'ls.rl Cotirteiiiii.
"Ilnlr's getting n lilt gniy. sir," ro*
.'■tiii'.i'il the bitrbcr ns tlie next victim
fettled imcU in the chair,
"No wonder," rejoined the N. V.
".lust think bow loug 1 have been wall-
No familjr liviiiir in a Isllsosis cosmli-y should
be Without Parmelee's Vs-ootablo l'ills. .*..■■*•
dosses taken now aud thou will keep thn liver
neti vs. clou sine tho Htsimash •udliuwuM from all
Isiliooa matter sin! prevent Ai;ii», Mr. -'• 1"
Price,BhssnlsMnrtiis Co.,Ind., writes: "Ours*
tried a box of I'rs rmelee'a 1111s ami flsi'l thorn
the host medicine for (over and uguo 1 have
ever used."
Minard's Liniment Cures
Tho eyeball Ib white becauss* It*
bli)s*d-vs*Mit*in are too small to .uimit
of tho red corpuscles of tbo blood
passing through them.
Ths Girl  tVhe Orew Prettier.
Mr. Chains Wbyiuper. the well
known engrnvs'r and animal painter,
ti Id thu following anecdote some yenri
ago: "I dined at Mr. r*o-nnd-so's nt
lllghgate last night, and as a mark of
honor his eldest daughter was assign*
s>d to me to tako down to dinner. Shei
a bright girl, nnd I got nlong vory nicely wilh her and Lady BlOthertngton on
the other side until tho ladles were on
tbe evo of retiring to tbe drawing
ro. ra. I wus talking nbout the beatiU*
ful scenery near tho bouse, the vie""
from tbe windows, tho flno nir. wlicn
Ml*.*- suddenly said. 'I tj'lllk • g
prettier overy duy, don't you?'
"What could she mean? I did doi
dare to nnswer her. bo I said: 'l "c»
your pardon. Whnt did you say?
" 'I said I think 1 get prettier every
day.' ..
There was no mistaking her wow*
so I answered. 'Yes. Indeed, you V»
prettier, and no wonder In such rii»
nir and'-   Just then Bbe caught m
mother's eye. and. wltb tho other »
dies, she left tbo room.   As slm we"
out she looked over her shoulder vi'
such a withering scorn In her eyes i
I knew 1 hnd put my foot In It *»•".
how.  Then It Unshed upon nie IW*
had mlBunderstood her.  She hnd arv
ped an 'b.'  What sho had snld wnn
a allly compliment to herself.   I"'
tence really  was,  'I think WW**
prettier every dny.'" ,
tt that
Even  So.
Little Elmer-Papa, whnt is
makes a statesman great? . |0*
ProfesBor Hrondheud   DeatD,"*1/
-narper'a Bazar. The Drill.
• ■     -   .-•    -s-
Tiist -Units Kis*ius**il,.
Some time ago a rich but ignorant
women wrote to the wcuther but cat-
in Washington spying die was to giv.j
a la'wn party on a certain day, and
asking the bureau to son that It was
clear, on that dii^y. To make her
commt-nlcatlbn more Impressive sho1
incl-oftcd a list of names of several
prominent people' she intended to invite* :
"I entered Into tbo humor of tho
thing," said the weather chief, and
sent.. her an answer to the effect that
tho afternoon she had designated had
already been bespoken by a poor
washes-woman who wanted to obtain
some -rainwater with which to wash
clothes, and that on tbla account I
could not possibly moke it clear on
that data.*^__	
Oa-Tsstltatsr* ror Sen*.
TImts are a few people to whose
■kins soap seems an Irritant They
should use bran. Tbe sons of one of
tbe old kings of Hells nd were forbidden the use of soap. They were to use
bran and a slice of lemon, tbe latter
to remove Inkatalns. Napoleon never
used soap, but kept bis ha-Mrs hrsutl*
fullv white l>v the nr*» of >.nu
■▼or? Mats to His Trade.
TlieXlreen Bng tells of a lawyer Who
was ubout to furnish a bill of costs.
"I hone.'' said bis client, who was o
baker, "that you will make it as light
ss possible."
"Ah," said tho lawyer, "yon might
perhaps say thnt to tlie foreman of
your establishment but tbat Is oot tbs
way I make my bread!"
In ihe English dictionary are found
words derive*! from more different
sources than , any .other language.
Latin. Greek, Hebrew, Celtic, Snxon.
Danish, Freii'ili, Spanish, Italian, Or
num. Hindustani, Unlay, and even
Chinese sources are easily traceable.
Your FfcJtfa
J   will be as strong uaoun* If -youtry
and ours ii so strong we gnar-
antec a cujre or refund money,
and we send -yoa free trial bottle
if yoa write for it. SHILOH'S
costs 35 cctits, and will cure Co—
sumption, Pneumonia.Bronchitis
and all Lung -Trouble*, Will
eure a Cough or Cold la a day,
and thus prevent serious results.
It has been doing these things
for 50 years.
8. C. VfvuA & Co., Toronto, Can.
Karl's Clover Rest Tea cores laslcestloo
C. C. Richards A Co.
Centlcmen,—I have used MINAI'D'8
LINIMENT on my vessel and in my
faimly for years', and for every day
family for years, and for every day
ills nnd accidents of life I consider
it hns no equal.
I would not start on a voyage
without it, if it cost a dollar 11
flchr   "Storko,"  St  Andre,   Kamour-
Truth is    the.   simplest of all
tues;   it  requites  neither  study
$100 REWARD $100.
The readers of th'* paper will be plennod to
loarn that there in at least ono dreaded di mho
that science haa been able to cure in nil Its
«uik*s. and that ia cistisrrli. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is tho only positive care now known to tho
■nodirsil frntorni y. Catssrh lei g aesmutllu-
tional disease, resiuiros a constitutional treatment Hall's Catarrh Cure ia taken internally,
acting directly upon the hlo d and mucoiu sur
tace-s • the avatem, thereby dswtroyinic thu
lo'.indutlon of thedU-ase, and giving the putl-iut
strength by building up the cons Itution and
assiailisg iature in doing its work. Ths*. proprietors have so much faiti in its curative powers,
that they sifter ono hundred dollar*, (or any case
' hat lt fails to cure - be*nl (ur list at lestiuoii
iM*AsMr-**s, F. J. CHENEY A CO.. Toledo, O.
Sold bv druggists, 75c.
Hall's Tardily Tilis tire tho best.
Horses Wanted
by the British
Dick's Blocd Purifier
for Horses.
The great tonic medicine of
the age. It tones up thc system, rids the stomach of bots,
worms and other parasites.
50 cents a p-icktv'o. Write
for Book on Cattle and
Horses,    /f is fret-
AGENTS.     -    -    -     MONTP1CAL.
After securing
Rt niggled    for,
pluns an extension
the competence    he
a   man     invar ial ily
If a small boy is chasing a bumblebee nnd you hear him yell it is a
sign'that he has caught it.
It sent direct tc the dUeaie-J
parts by tbe Improved Mower.
Ileal, the ulcers clean tht alf
pauugai, atop) shopping! In the
Tho    Trouble    at    all   Times un Extremely  Dangerous One—Uow
to Promptly Relieve it.
Inn 1
nut 1
There aro ninny forms of heart disease, some of which manifeat themselves by symptoms which nre misunderstood by the sufferer and ascribed to indigestion or some similar
cause,, Whefi the heart is really ul-
fectod. The slightest derangement of
this important organ is extremely
dangerous. If at times the action of
the pulse is too rapid and the heart
beats violently, resulting in a suflo-
cating feeling, or, if tlis* heart stuns
Inclined to stop beating, the pulse
becomes! slow, and you feel a faint
di/./.y si'iisut inn, ynu should 'ake the
best eouree in the world, uml that is
throat snd p.-rmananlly sure*
frae. AU dealer* nr 1*. A W. Chats
Catarrh and flay F<
All denlcra   .
Medicine Co., Totouiu aud BulsJc.
The I'sspu's biennis* lust
eil ths tsitnl of £870.(10(1.
vear roach-
Victoria   Day
Will sell round trip tickets at
Fare and
Oood to Go—May 22nd, 23rd aad 24tb
Good to Return till Hay 21th.
Full  particulars on application te
any Canadian Northern Ry Afcaht, or
CEO. II.  HllAW,
,  Trallic Maiutger.
. Wo want nt < nee trust worthy mnn end womnn
ii>*jvs.py Icsesslity, local "r travelling, toll rc-
uusie is now'diHcovory nnd Wn inr uliow cisrslsi
mui .I'lvorlMnf. matter tnckod up in oon pls*u-
••'i*. place-, throudlioul tho town nnd country.
otenrly employment yoar rounil I c mini'hIoh sir
to..'?' 'Sfi P0"" month and oxpanaes, »<>*
WOXose   *2..wrp ri"lly,
" rite f,)r particulars       Pottqffiee Boi 331.
rtoimtation (or durabllit"/ ostabllshoil Elovi'i
fears trial. Ouraovoro frost has uu offncl on it*
"ewaro pf American papor felting whloh cracks
•a out climate. '  *^
Bul.'] AOBNT
I to  Inks*  Dr.  Williams'   I'mk  l'ills for
l'ills* People.    You will lind that the
{distressing   aymptoina promptly dis-
l appear   and   thai    tha heart at all
| times    acts    normally.    Mr.   Asliliird
jLnviiis*.    Bt,     1'iu'nms*.    Hue..    Iieisis
strong   testimony   ts>   tlis* value of
-a'tisitso pills in cases sif heart trouble.
I He soys:   "For    t iirs*i>  yeara I Was
'greatly    troubled  with a \vs*uk  lirHit
: and    in    constant fear  that my end
Would    come at any  tiins'.    1   | lined
myself under    a good doctor but did
mit nit the deelred relief.   I" tact l
grew worse; the leust exertion would
lovcfcomn me*   and   finally I hnd to
discontinue work.   While in lliis sun
Idltlnn ii neighbor ad-s-iaed me lo try
j it      Wiiliiuns'  i'ink l'ills anil  1  pro's-u rod a supply.   They limply worked
I'wonttera In my cane and when I bad
used iis insxs's ! wsis again enjoying
I health.   1 ftnve had no sign of
trouble since and <«n oheerf'slly
rocommend the ptHa to ilmllar auf-
fs'l'STS   "
lilsiod troubles oi all kinds ata *»*.*
his cured by these famoua pllle if
you Buffer irom tjeadochoi, dlaalncea,
languor, boils or skin diseuss-s ol any
kinsl your blood is In an Impure
dlttbn, and Dr. WIllltuna* rink
are what   yon  need.   Those pllli
not a purgative nnd therfor.- do not
woakdii like m.*di.*in.*s «.f thai class,
Thev    nre  tonic  in  th.'ir nut ure and
make new, rich, red blood with every
rJOSO      thus     restoring     n6"Utn
strength to hopeless and deep
sufferers    Bu* you must get
i nine, which always has
''Dr     Williams'   I'ink
box.   Sold by
pon Ienl
tha u<'n-
lll,. full  1 10
Pills for rale
,,,.,„,,„" on every 00*. M*^
doaJuil or sent, post paid at^oOj,..._.
S box or six boxes for »-
dressing   the Dr. Williams
Co.. Ilroskville, Out.
BO, bv ad*
Roberts   is the firsl rnan tn-
to  wear '"'"'  "'-' t;"rl"   "
tilled    to wear both
the Victoria Cross.
. .„ W- <*m. rONS
''« Hi<njiiuaTo.. Winiilpog.
n„ , ' , IlEHIlAtll'llM.
°aai I'.MntoAgent.   Istuorof Mnrringn Llcensos
The i'ope's armyJ^^S Tnd
100   of theae are Bwlss Ouaros,
there are 80 firemen.
WHEAI _ The    Ilorthwo8t    spri
wheut cop ,s being greatly delayed
in    seeding owing to frequent snow
and rani storms, und the general expectation   I.    that   in the older sections    the acreage under wheat will
be deciettsed.     European crops still
continue   to promise well, and there
is    no   chance in the reports regarding thorn.   At the present the quantities    l.eing   shipped from Argentine
are   showing    lurgor than expected,
and    running somewhat larger than
la.,c    year.     Australian  and Indian
shipments are light, but from North
Amencii, Russia and the Danube they
are liberal, and the amount on passage    to   Europe    is very large and
shows    no    decrease   from   week to
week.     This    causes   the   European
trade to remain indifferent and they
are    working    in  a   hand to mouth
fashion, not anxious to buy ahead as
freely, as they would do if they were
sure of a scarcity in the future.
In the local market Manitoba wheat
has been steady, but not active.
Prices neither advance nor decline as
they do on the American markets,
and the exporters are not buying
freely by any means. The price of 1
northern varied from 74^ on Monday to 75*"!ic Friday, a good deal
been sold around 74»4 to 75c for spot
or May delivery. Tho spread between
1 northern and 2 northern has narrowed down to 2c or 2Vjc, there having been a demand for the lower
grade. Closing prices may be stated
as 751//: 1 northern and 73",4c 2 northern, and for I hard 78V2C, all in
store, Fort William or Port Arthur,
spot or May delivery.
Country Wheat—Market nominal,
owing to bitd roads.
Liverpool Prices—No. 1 northern
spring wheat sold at Liverpool on
Saturday at 6s 5d.
1   11 rr mi-»i
rss-jr *
reuKl' -»<^-» P«ts • thing t-mphatlaany
MbeMoseahe knows what she ts talking
tS2?t.. •"■■./; f?" H»r"'!Kan. Huntuif-don,
9m'f*%y*tr 1 ■**▼• ""■"■a Baby's Own Tab'
mm ut oai bouse for oner a year, and I c*n,
"•■/that they are all thst U claimed M
asrmmg BaSerasttM.
Mrs. Walter Brown, Milby. Que.
I have never used any ms^icinsjJ(ejr~baby
£'    ood as Baby's Own
s witbout them.'
that slid him as much
Tit-lets.   1 would not
A ■Maser'a Cesafert.
"I hare found Baby's Own Tablets}
feet medicine for ch ildren of all ages," wr*
Mrs. H II Fox, Orange RidgoTSlan.. "»„„
I would not bo without them in the houte
They are truly a comfort to baby sM mother's fri-snd."
•laat Tke Tklac r.v aWDr.
Mrs. Ed. Jones, 65 Chrittie street, Ottawa.
Sams 1 -Have used Baby's Own Tablets
sT-Sats aW4 them just the thing for baby.-
New Scotland Yard with accommodation for 3,000 police officers, ,s the
largest police station in the world.
It is calculated that the £600.000
worth of gold dust dug at Cape Nome
last year cost £2,000,000 to obtain
Satlaraete-7 ateaejlo,
Mm Htmt, Dumfries, N. B.. sajrs t-" 1
am triad to say that 1 have used Baby's Own
XabTetjiwith satisfactory results.".^
free to Sethera ••»!/.
u every mother of yonng children
...J send as her name and address ph
written os a postlsl. card, we will send
of all charge a valuable little book on tbe
care of infanta and young children. Thia
book baa bean prepared by a physician who
ha* mado the ailments of little ones a life
study. With tbe book we will send a free
sample of Baby's Own Tablets—tho best
medicine in the world for the minor ailments
of infanta and children. Mention tho name
of this paper and addreaa The Or. Wi
'Jedicine Co., Brockville, Oat,
A eirest Belp.
I **"•""*-•*> found Baby's Own "Tablet's a
great liefcfor my little one*," writes lira.
James Clanej, 60 Conway r.troet Montreal.
" and I think so much of Ui*im that I would
advise mothers to keoptlioni in thojiouse all
tbe time."        	
Thero were 1,768 burglaries in
London last year, against 1,872 in
tho year beforo.
Each member of the Royal Academy is entitled to hang eight pictures nt the annual exhibition.
An ft*JMl**SS"*< Msrilsrr.
" I am tho mother of nine child ren," writes
Mrs. John Hanlan, of Mackey's Station,
Out, "and have had occasion to use moeh
medicine for children, and 1 caa truthfully
mv I have never found anything to equal
Baby'-. Own Tablets. They are prompt in
action and just the thing tat- little
are troubled with essssV
irous trouble.   Mra,
Many little
M-Jonas** itb a dangeront trouble.   Mrs.
JohnJfHtin*-, Hrlvea Valley, OnL.sayai—
iby has been badly twmbled with
tion and 1 have neyer foetal aay
» to equal Baby's Own Tallets,
ey soon pat baby ail right."
says:—" My little baby, aix months -3d. was
very sick. I gave him Baby's Own TabWto
and was surprised to Bud the change they
made in him ina few hours. I shalfuwaya
keep tho Tablets in tbe houae after tkia."
The United States exported last
year the record number of 505 locomotives.
The largest flags made are the Royal Standards, measuring 86 feet by
21 feet.
FLOUIi-IIuiigariun Patent $2.06 per
sack of 98 pounds; Glenont, si .90;
Alberta. $1.70; Manitoba, $l..rsO; and
XXXX, $1.20.
M1LLFEED—Bran, in bulk, per ton
$14.50; shorts, $16.50. Delivered in
bags, the prices are $1.50 higher.
GROUND FEED-Oatchop is quoted at $27 per ton delivered to tbe
trade; barley chop, $22 per ton;
mixed barley and oats, $25 per ton;
oil cake, $27 per ton.
OATS—No. 1 white, in car lots on
track, Winnipeg, per bushel, 40 to
42c;No. 2 white, 38c; seed oats, 45c
to 50c. At country points farmers
are getting from 28 to 30c for No. 2
white oats. Street oats aro bringing
32 to 34c.
BAltLEY-*-Roceipts are very licht
and the market holds firm at 4.'1 to
45c for be*3t grades.
FLAXSEED—Deulcrs are asking
$2.00 per bushel for seed flax.
SPELTZ—Dealers are asking 75c
per bushel of 50 pounds for seed
HAY—Receipts are only moderate
ansl thc hay market continues lirm at
$6 to S6..r)0 per ton for fresh baled.
Loose hay is worth 56 to $6.50 por
DRESSED MEATS— Fresh killed
beef is not very plentiful, and tho
market is (inner. We quote ' T'eei,
city dressed, yer pound, 8 to WjC;
veal, 7\'-> to 8V4c; mutton, frozen. 8c;
spring lambs, each, $3.50 to $4.50:
hogs   per pound, 7-Jic.
POULTRY—There is very little
poultry in the market. Chickens art-
worth 121/^c per pound for fresh kill.
ed, and turkeys 12i,i(C to 15c, according to quality.
DtI'TTER-Crcnmery -Fresh made
creamery butter is worth 2lc per
pound delivered here. There is but
very little oflereiiig, owing to the
bktckward state of the weather.
llUTTER-Dairy-Whilo the market
is tetter supplied than it was a fs-w
weeks ago. there is still plenty of
unsatisfied demand, and prices hold
Steady at last week's range. As
liiiJi as 20c could bo obtained on a
commission basis for choice fresh
mails* liuttiT in tubs or bricks, while
other gruds's range down to 16c for
round lnls.
EQQS—The net price, Winnipeg, today, to country shippers is 10c per
DOT A TOES-. Farmers loads deliv-
.'I'.'il iu Winnipeg, !)8 to 40c per bus.
HIDES—No. 1 inspected hides, OVic
per It) deliviM-od in Winnipeg; No. 2,
51 ,.'; No. 8, 4Vic; kips and calves,
sinus* price; de-iikine, 25 to 40c;
horsehldes, 50c to $1.
WOOL—The market is expected to
sip.*n shortly fs>r Manitoba wool.
Mollis* in the trniU* think that tho
opening price will be about 7c per
pou**d for unwashed fleece.
TALLOW—Tbo local  price
low is 41,*. to 5c per pound.
A Story of a Woman who mado up
Her Mind That sho had suffered
long enough—The Means Employed
to Cure Her Have Cured Thousands
Rock Dale, C. B., May 8—(Special)
—Mrs. David Riley, of this village,
sufferer! for over eight years before
she found a curo.
She had Female Weakness of a very
aggravated form, causing her fearful
pains. Her back pained her something dreadful.
She could not lift anything and
was dizzy-headed all the time. After trying many medicines with no
good results, she was bsacoming altogether discouraged, so much so
that she thought sho would have to
give up
No wonder that she felt like giving
up I Every woman who has suffered
in this way will understand how low
spirited and brokea a woman feels
when called upon to endure these cx-
trenissly distressing symptoms.
But Mrs. Riley didn't give up A
friend advised her to try Dodd's Kidney Pills, and she begun the tii'at-
ment of this medicine.
After using four boxes she was
much better. She felt a great deal
stronger, the dizziness had gone.
Thc pains in her back had disappeared, and she kept on using the pills.
She says :
"If it had not been for Dodd's Kidney Pills I would have had to give
up. They are certainly a wonderful
medicine and have done more fsir me
and my sickness than all the other
other medicines I ever took.
I can and will highly recommend
Dodd's Kidney Pills to all weak women who suffer as I suffered."
No woman need suffer a moment
longer. Dodd's Kidney Pills have
curesl and are curing thousands of
weak women.
Many of your sisters have told
their story for publication and very
many have testified but not for publication. All join in praising tho
remedy that has done more for the
suffering womanhood of Canada than
all other means combined.
Dodd's Kidney Pills are Weak Woman's Dost Friend.
Art at best can only turn
poor counterfeit of nature.
for   tal-
W.  N.   U.  No.  875.
..      New York's popul »**JgJ"5
*   at thc rate of 350 per| d.,y. ■
same pace as thut of London
OATH .IO—Hoteliers are finding cattle    very    scares* and bard to obtain
lliis spring.    For choice beef animals
tii.'.v   are  now paying aa high as 5c
por pound oft cars here, and nre glad
to g.*i them at that. The general
range is from 4V',c to 5c, tho latter
being un outsislo figure. There are
good dnnunds for stockers and year-
linns I'l-e worth ns high us i*U' per
ln'iiil at point of shipiiunt. Two
year olds aro bringing from $20 to
S22 per bead.
si 1 ITT—One liuye concern here is
now bring ing in live sheep in meet
tin* demands of its trade. About Be
to 5'.is* per pound is the value off
cars, Winnipeg.
MILCH COWS—There is n good di-
maiisl for ns*w milkers at from S''l'r>
to $45 each.
HORSES—Thoro is a goosl steady
demand for horses for both farm uml
general use, nmi dealers nnd no difficulty in disposing of all they can se-
cure. The market is being largely
guppMod from Ontario. There are
■ome Montana horses selling.    Prices
continue high.
Misulcov Ilrand cloans and brlshtoiui over?*
•'" *n:, 1) 111 won't w n.ih clothes.
Increase Your Knowledge
Come regularly into your home. Its contemporaries clues it •"""ith The
Times, L0111I0.1, and The Herald, New York, na a newspaper, and It is
limited in every part of the world as the authority on Cauadian affairs.
If vmi an* living w.'st of North Bay you can hnve it every day, lnolud-
fhg and the illiwtrated edition on .Saturday, for $'{.00 per annum (regular nricu is $1) bv sending this advertisement and taking advantage of this
HAlr-1'IlICE"OFFKlIatonce. Address:   THE OLOBB Toronto
Page Acme Poultry Netting
Is dnsemeshed at bottom and doss not raqalrsj tailor
board support at .edges, having Strang straight wire
(Na 13 fTJatrcl at tro.tottom art to centre^ caiuicit ear
and is cissy to erect Tha " Pag-s Acme " natting is ol
neat apiseorance, very durable and cheap, fo also
make farm and ornamental fenee, gates, nulls and
staples. The came of I*agoiajr«*nrgnarant^eo* quality.
Ths Page Wlrs fsnes Co.. Utaltad. Watkmlllc. Oat. t
RO.SS & ROSS. General Agents, Box 633, Winnipeg, Man.
on   ,«-V9-~ «N0  \-
KID*^   B0WEl>
to&i-TUM. -  PERMANENT1*<
V1   KY     <**•        *r   CAL    **>'"?       1*   N,y,   T
Make a companion of vice and yofl
will soon become its slave.
Never  cull   a  man   a  liar   if  ho  is
bigsTer than you are.   If you ure 110s-
that ho   Is a liar hire a cheap
to break thc news to him.
(living nntl netting.
One of life's paradoxes Is that she
who gives gets. The way to success is by surrender. They who
are most lavish of their own life
are tho ones into whose lap the
world pours the richest treasure*.
Thousands of hearts are starving today simply because they are stingy.
'I hey have withheld themselves, and
in the withholding have grown lean
and poor. The fat and prosperous
soul is the ona whtch Is liberal with
itself, which offers itself as food
and strength to every needy man and
qause. There is no secret for greatness like the secret of living— constant und unsparing giving of self's
Not they who seek to get—to gather to themselves the world's best
things, and thus find satisfaction —
but they who bountifully offer themselves in sympathy and service to
the world,  learn life's deepest joy.
How shall young men and young
women secure greatest success ?
Simply by offering themselves on
the altar of the world's every-day
needs.      Largeness  of    life, fine
ness of character, honor of the honorable, love of all, will crowd towards -the young person who unselfishly' labors to serve men through
commonplace days apd wesary nights.
In ways humble and high, by means
Insignificant and great, give up your
best talents to all whom you can
by any means help, and reward in
time and eternity is certain.
M issiirsl tn  Wars, Him
Sir Algcron West tells this story
in his "Recollections." One day
the late Sir George Campbell, wbo
had a very strident, loud, rasping
voice, called ou Sir Algeron, who
was then secretary to Mr. Gladstone, to talk over the land question.
After he had been in conversation
about three minutes the office keeper
appeared, bearing the card of on
11.1'., who, he said, was very anxious to seo Sir Algeron. The latter
said he waa sorry to be engaged. In
another minute he appeared with the
card of a. well-known peer who was
most desirous to have a word with
him. Again the latter said be was
too busy to see him Just then. In
another minuto the man again came
in with a hugo card saying the lord
mayor and sheriffs of London wanted to speak to Sir Algeron "West
very urgently in the next room.
Sir Algoron apologized to Sir
George and went out to such great
dignitaries. When he got out of the
room tho office koeper startled him
by saying, "Thore ain't nobody here,
sir, but I was afraid a madman had
been shown in to you by mistake,
and I wan'-cd to warn vott. air."
Where It Didn't Const.
"Do you really think It paid to give
Josh all this education?" asked Farmer Corntossel.
"Course I do," answered the fond
mother. "It's wuth money to know
better 'n to say 'crops are bad' Instld
o" 'crops Is bad.'"
"Well, If you say so, I reckon Ifs all
right Rut I can't say as I see bow It
kin make any difference In the cropa"
—Washington Star.
The world's output of steel for a
year would make a column 100 feet
through and a milo and a third high,
or build a steel wall 5 feet thick, 20
high and 100 miles long.
J. W. Wilder, J. P., La'argville, N. Y« writes:
"I am sabiect to severe attacks of Colic and
Kidney DiMcolty, and find Parmelee's Pills a'-
ford me arrest relief, while all other remedies
hare failed. They are the best medicine I have
ever used." In fact so great is the power of
this medicine to cleanse and purify that diaeaar a
of almost every name and nature are driven
bom tbo body.
Snow fell lost winter in Mexice
City for the first time for 50 years.
Ewi'i Liniment Cons Garget ii Caws.
A railway engine may roughly be
said to be equal in strength to 900
Ths Pu'.iio .tiss sisi inns in mui i th it Dr
Thomsss jAuMtric U). ii .s isolliing m ci.nniiiiii
wills tins i 111. ii rs* iis* ior it lift tmss** of ."< - 111 f»l
medicinal ssiU. 1 i- .*ininoti P |.u.e an.l ro.iliv
effisyicious—rolio.iuc pal 1 11111I Ijsssoness, slitf.
oasis .sf the joints siml nssiictos. .oiasur lsurt*s.
besides Ik-iiiK an asuadlent specifi.-for rheumatism, coughs ami bronchial css.ui.lainu.
Seven per cent, of men in Europe
are color-blind; but ouly flvo per
cent of women.
Minard's Liniment Cores Colds. Etc.
The Duchess of Somerset takes precedence  among  Dritish  peeresses,  as
ilis'is* is no Ihichess of Norfolk.
What 'rips Do.
A mnn who lives uu an up town
street v. hire the houses etist from ISS,*
(kmi ui, v,as surprised not long ngo by
•eeilig 11 man known to nil New Yorkers \*. lu) patronise n well known restaurant coming from a house several
doors below him wltb an ulr of proprietorship. This restaurant employee
stood on the sidewalk for s few moments and gazed ndmlringly at his
house nud then nt Its respectable
neighbors. For many years be has
been mnnected with a certain New
York restaurant us nu attendant snd
his fees huve been generous. He knew
nil its patront by name, nnd bis politeness uud engernesa to render service
hnve made him well llkesl. Wuiidi-rtiis
If this restaurant attendant, whom n«
knew only hy his first name, could by
any possibility have rented a house mi
thnt stri'i't. the old resident came out to
sntlsfy his curiosity.
"Hello." he snld. "Whnt nro you doing up hi're?"
"Oood morning, Mr. Blank." said the
restaurant attendant. "How do you
like my new bouse? I bave Just
bought lt because I tbluk tbat my family will like this neighborhood. Yon
nre perhaps aware that my tips bave
been generous for many yenrs. and I
can now afford to live In this house
very easily."
His spiestloner bad no objection to
blm ns a neighbor, and be congratulated the restaurant attendant on his
prosperity. The house bad actually
been bought by tips, for Its owner's
salary probably averaged about 115 a
One woman wilh Sunlight Soap will do quicker    REDUCES
work   than   Two   will    wilh   impure   soap.     EXPENSE
\If yonr
j nun
t.;..i bu.
Ask fer tlio Octagoa Ear.
Ifyonr grocer cannot supply, writes to IXVT.1 ZCMTTTESiB
HK1THD, Toronto, sendinf; nil ni.me an", it."...-•**.-.,  sad
tail sample of Sunlight Ss>ti>    . .1 ''»> -unt JOT •'. i» s;f CO "•ttlK DRILL, -SI.OCAN, B. C MAY 10. 1002.
■OvB. $-«*aW"u"*aAL«, Editor and Prep.
jtUMwfc^- •     -     -     *     B.C.
Latal Advertising 10 cents a line for
4aefTrstIwwrffonsadiScoats a line each
^Smsi&tW insertio*.
CertifloakM oi ImpnweoMot-1? each.
Traaslent •advertisements at saaae rates
.as legal aijyartlsinr
Locals -mil be ebarged 10 centa a lin*
sator eaoh insertion.  _
Commercial Rates made known upon
' the AuiJptiriptloii Is 12 pet ye*<\ at."ict-
4y in sdtaoc*; $2.50 a year: if not so paid.
Add-eas all letters to-
Sloean, B. C.
FRIDAY. MAY l«th, W02.
A penxil mark in the space
sMsisi-ders thertis aoineihiag
^eemiig to .Mm on yottt.su.*"-
eiM-ipfeon. Kindly acknowledge- in cash snd ebliga.
'D-thsmulr still holds th* fort at Vic-
•ioria. -
Colne, fellow scribes, hustle in
,iVour.s,ubeerlptioi« and let's get the
jrVesI AssooiSticn into working shape.
-Unit! of jctlon means' preservation
,.to the craft, and the examples set by
r*ihe o|her provinces shonld ne longer
go unheeded. B.C. Is very prone to
S* a laggard.
Hte Msjesty has a new flagship nt
]EsquImalt called the Grafton. On
.her way out she called at San Jose
.de Guatemala to collect a wee bill of
,«1,000,000, which had been refused
payment to the British government.
'The Guatemalans attempted to bluff
{by a show of force.which was prompt
Jy called by the Grafton clearing for
action. Guatemala coughed at once.
.John Ball is an expert st tbat kind
of Grafton, vou bet.
.Sir   Sanford   Fleming,  Canada's
leading authority on telegraphs, recently gave the Canadian Press Association some strong food for cogitation.   He stated that Canada was the
only  British  possession  where the
.state does not own the telegraph service; that every country on earth except Canada and the United States
owned Us own wires; and that in the
,iwo latter countries the rales obtaining are double these in vogue elsewhere.   Government   ownership of
•the telegraphs would ensure more
reliability in tbe news disseminated,
-cheapen .tbe service, and yield the
government handsome returns now
going into tbe pockets of private corporations. 	
8am Starch has gone over into
East Kootenay.
W. E. Bole h s been spending the
week in tbe city.
Don't overlook getting your miner's
license renewed.
Mavoufaotuiers have raised flour 20
Cents on the barrel.
All the creeks op the lake are running' at flood height.
Mining authorities assert silver will
remain low for-some time yet.
Notice of Mayor York's election
appeared in last week's Gazette,   •
Nelson has more vacant houses
than any ether town in Kootenay
Hume street, fronting the school to
Fletcher avenue, has been graded.
Sandon is '.gitating to have sessions of the county court held in that
Born.—-In Slocan, on May 13, the
wife of Root. Andrews,   of a  son
A. David has been here sll weok,
looking after his local tailoring establishment.
Bern.—In Lachlne, Que., on April
23, the wife of W. S. Johnson, of this
city, of a son.
Miss Livingstone came np from
Nelson on Thursday, on ji visit to
Miss Bennett. w
Mrs.BenneU went over to Rossland
last week on a visit to her daughter,
Mrs. T. li. Linton.
Scarlet fever has broken out among
the children in Rossland, and the
schools nre being closed.
The snow was all off thc hill east
of the town last year on thc 9th of
May.   Lots of it there yet.
The section gang are grading off
the street to the west of the depot,
effecting a big improvement.
The lake rose very rapidly Wednesday night, washing out a number
of boats along the waterfront.
The creeks have been running at
flood height all week, causing the
lake to come up pretty rapidly.
The Brandon waterworks system
Is being rciaid at a greater depth, so
as to escapo the rigors of winter.
Rev. Jo3. McCoy, of Vernon, has
been elected moderator of tho Presbyterian synod of BiitLh Columbia,
W. McKay is punching tickets on
the local branch railway, during thc
absence in the east o*' Joe Bradshaw.
The Socialist League held its last
session for the season»on Sunday,
Rev. Mi. McColl addressing thc meeting.
J. D. Graham, formerly government agent at Revelstoke, has resigned the governmepi agency at
Inclusive of the shipments of the
Molly Gibson, tho output of the Slocan approximates 11,000 tons for the
year to date.
E. J. Felt was a visitor in the citv
over Sundav, having come np from
Tacoma en tho case ef Felt vs Dickinson ut Nelson.
Duncan Donald McCanig was married to Mrs. Margaret Cameron nt
Nelson on Thursday. Can this be
our McCuaigs?
Fred Benson is improving his recently purchased property in Brandon by a new fence and thc application ofa paint brush.
Within the next few days a meet
ing will be called to permanently organize the Provincial Progressive
Party in this vicinity.
Dr. Armstrong, of Nelson, Dominion veterinary inspector, spent Tuesday in the city, examining the vari-
painted.   A tasty picket fence, has
also keen built in front.
Tlmothv Eaton & Co., Toronto, cnt
wages on their printers aad a strike
has been declared against the firm
by the International Typographical
tfnion. The pressmen, pressfeeders
and beokfelders have also gone out.
The DntXL, thankfully acknowledges the receipt, through R. E.
Gosnell, secretary of tha bureau information and immigration,of a tastv
little booklet, entitled "The City of
London: the Prince and Princess of
Wales and tho Colonies." It was
published by the corporation of the
city of London as a souvenir of the
reception to the royal couple on their
return to England from visiting the
British possessions.
Hill Krssa. Sold Out.
Report camo in this week that II111
Bros, had sold out their sawmill at
the head of tho lake, together with
all their timber limits there aiid on
Wilson creek. The purchasers are
Chew Bros., the big mill men of Midland, Ont., who Inspected the camp
some weeks ago, It is stated the new
proprietors will operate on a large
scale, shipping 1,000.000 feet a year,
principally to the Northwest.
Killed By s» Snov/sllde.
A find snowsilde came down In tho
McGulgan basin Thursday morning,
wrecking the freighting camp of J.
Fl Power and killing one of his
workmen named W. Douglas. Fewer
and A. McDonald, Who were slightly
injured, had narrov escapes for their
"ives. Power's loss is estimated at
$10,000.    .
Pelt vs Dickinson    '
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
Slocan,       -   •     • "       B* c
B. A. Sc.
The case of Felt vs Dickinson, affecting the title to a number of properties in this camp, enmo before
Mr. Justice Martin at Nelson, Tuesday. The counterclaim entered bv
the defendant was withdrawn by
consent. The costs, amounting to
$25, went to the plaintiff.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered nt tlie'focal registry elTlce, H. P. Christie being raining
Mny 7—Margery, Iowa, Olympics, Ida
Vf, Iron Cap.
8—Oh My, Mountain Lion, Celebrated
True Fissure, East moot, Westmont,
May G—Slrathrov, all, A C Allen to J
C O'Connor.
R C, all, W E Lee to camo.
"May, Rtrathroy and B C, all, Joseph C
O'Connor to H H Jorand.
It is beyond the kea of mortal man
.ie correctly size np the political jackpot at Victoria, and well nigh impossible to extract the smallest degree
,ot intelligence from-tho-movements
of the gymnastic legislators.    Tbe
government's railway policy seems
to have brought to the front all tbe
.coarser grafting instincts of the various members,  whose   votes were
openly influenced by weighty sub*
sidlesto each wildcat railroad scheme.
'Supporters of government and oppo (8U8 horse8 in the vicinity
sltion alike are exhibiting the worst
features of baser politics, the main
actuating idea being a general scramble for the provincial exchequer.   It
.can no longer be aaid that Dunsmuir,
Martin, or anyone else controls the
house, as personal greed appears to
hays   supplanted   honest  purpose.
Party politics, even of the Wast Elgin type, could not equal the present
^disgraceful   spectacle   at Victoria.
/Tarn the rascals out.
In returns recently brought down
,in the legislature, there was shown
.-to bo taxes due the government on
wild land, townsite holdings, etc.,
of half a million dollars.' Speculators
and grafters all over the province-
and B.C. is a hotbed for breeding the
adventurers—have not   paid  their
indebtedness, yet the government has
made no move in tho past to enforee
collection.   Of late thc government
officials have been prying into thc
jatistorr of realty in this section, and
scarcely a holder of land has missed
receiving a notification of taxes dating back, (h many instances, to 1891.
Individual holders have now to pay
ihe debts rightfully chargeable  to
scheming companies, but they have
no other alternative in order to clear
-their titles.   It  is a gross injustice
and proves conclusively that private
.interests have no security as against
tbe company and speculator graft.
Things can bo no different till the
pascals are all rooted out at Victoria.
On May 26th the Western Federation of Miners will hold its annual
conclave at Denver, Col. J. Baker
will represent the local union.
The city hall has undergone some
improvements, including a railing
dividing off the council chamber and
a new window in at the side.
Tho citizens may expect to get
their tax notices in a few davs. All
taxes must be paid by July 1 to secure the abatement of one sixth.
A number of the business men this
week presented Tom Mulvey with n
handsomely upholstered five-piece
parlor suite and "carpet, in honor of
his marriage.
The property owners on Springer
street aro not waiting for city assist
ance, but are themselves  clearing
and grading that thoroughfare, effecting a big improvement.
Rev. Mr. McColl. the Presbyterian
minister at New Denver, occupied
thc pulpit in thc Methodist church
hereon Sunday, he having exchanged with the Rev. A. E. Roberts.
The Empire Stock Co., a Spokane
aggregation, were to have played
here Wednesday night, bnt they
didn't. They went up against a
tough proposition at Trail and got
Fi r Victoria day, May 21th, thc C.
P. R. will issue return tickets to nnd
from all points at fare nnd one-.hird
for the return journev. Tickets "on
sale May 22, 23, and 25th, good to re
turn till Mav 27th.
The hospital property presents B
marked improved oppearanc*, having had nn addition built to the back
end and a platform to the frent.whilo
the whole structure bas boon neatly
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
NOTICK is herebygiven that 1 intend
to apply at tho next regular sitting of
tbe Board of Licensing Commissioners
of tbe City of Sloean, to be held after
the expiration of 30 days from the date
hereof, for a retail liquor license for the
premises known aa tbe Koyal Hotel, sit
uatc on Lot 18, Block 12, Hlocan, B.C.
Dated at Blocan  this 1st day of May,
NOTICE is herebygiven that I intend
to apply at next regular sitting of Board
of Licensing Comraisgioiiois for Iho City
of Sloean, to bo held after tho expiration
of 30 days from tho ilato hereof, for a
retail liquor license for iho premises
known as the Windsor Ilonssj, situate
on Lot 5, Block A, Slocan, B 0.
Dateil at Slocan, B.C.. this 7th day of
Mav, 1002.
City Shoe Store,
W. J. Adcock, Proprietor.
Full line of Gent's & Lady's
Footwear kept in stock. . .
1'epairing done at shortest
notice and in proper style.
Custom Work a Specialty
Miner's Boots mnde on tho
Eremises and guaranteed to
e waterproof,
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why be without a rango whea
you can get one so cheap? The}
are preferrablc to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
II. J.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOOA N,  ,   -    	
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.        %
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles   Furnished.
Slocan,      - B. C.
To the Ladies
ofSlocan   .   .
The season for Wsllpaper is
here, and we have received
a line lino of papers from
one of the best firms in Canada. The prices will be
found very reasonable, especially as all customs duties
will be saved. Splendid assortment and lirst ''bus
goods. Wm represent nr* t st
but trust solely to th* judgment of thu people.
Slocan City Miners' Dnion,
No. 62, W. F. of H.
Meets every Wednesday evening*
In the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Srcretarv
Sold by All Newsdealers
Furnishes Monthly te all tovetl ot Song
and Masle » vast volume el Hew. Choice
C.yrlfht Composition* by tha most popular authors. 0« Pages of Piano Music,
hall Vooat, hall Instrumental—ss Complete
Plscss for Piano—Once * Month for s|
Cents. Y«sita. Subscription,ga.oo. Ifron
WUI send tu the nasi, and addna* ol ma
per'ormen on th* Plan oor Oftsn, we wUlsead
you a copy of tbe Magaslne Freo.
J. W. PIPPCR, Publisher,
■Ighth a Locust SU.. Philadelphia, Pa.
You are iBYtteit
Te examine the beat Hae -of Scotch
Tweeds, Encllah "Wereteds aad
Irish Worsteds •ver-shown in Sle*
, tan; «laa -pll the latest designs In
Pantlngs.   Rem-mber,
We are Custom Union Tailors
and the-Unieiv-Labal is a guarantee of th* best -werkmanshlp, Ws
Karanteo saUsfactlen and a per-
*4t*  _     _
We bate added a select Has •(
Compare oar reasanable prices—Fiae
White Shirts, $1; Collars, 16c; Regatta
Shirts, In fancy stripes, with cellars
and caffs attached, 7t5c each; Underwear, freni$2 a sail; California flannel underwear, $4 a salt, this line being imported direct by oarsolvts; the
best ana-lty Black Felt Hat, Union
label $3.50, equal to tbe Stetson Hat
in every way.
A. DAVID, Slocan
Store: Opposite Thi Drill Ottce.
ranging in price from
$2 to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
Special Sale!
Furniture !
30       DAYS      30
commencin-*; April 1. One
ef the larprst Btocks of furniture, carpets and linolenms
in the Kootenays will truly
Go at Cost Price.
Now is your chance to have
your home furnished complete. Mail orders promptly
attended to.
Nelson, B.C.
Do You
■~~~ . I  ■
Want a Home?
Then, oom© to fflooaii. lor it is
one ofthe fiurest .spots on this
earth of ours, Levelnesa,
Boom, Scenery. Health, Fashing, Hunting.Roads. Railway
/ Steamboats, Chnr-ohes-JSehool
Hospital, Publio Halls and
enterprising oitizens aresome
ofthe advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed np by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, bnt a stern reality*
Two Ki losi J. Mineral Clalna.
Situate in the Plocan City Mining Division of the Watt Kootenay District.
Where located :—East of Arlington
Basin, Springe- creek.
TAKK NOTICE that I, Herbert T.
Twlgg, agent for Archibald York, freo
miner's certificate No. 111*1875; Walter
T. Shatford, free miner's certificate No.
B22U7; James W. Moffatt, free miner's
certificate No. B50189; Peter McVeigh,
freo miner's certificate No. B.I3529; William .1 Andrews, free miner's certificate
No. B383G4; and James E. Tattersall,
Tree Miner's Certificate No. B38394,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply ts the mining recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, roust be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 17th day of April, 1902.
18-4-02    HERBERT T. TW1GG, Agent
Excursion Rates
Lo«*er Mineral cuius.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of tho West Kootenay District
Where located:—Four   miles    up
Springer creek and adjoining  the
1'ortlund mineral claim on the east.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert D.Cur-
tis, nctinf* as agent for the Arlington
MJoes, Limited (non-personal liability)
Free Miner's Certiflcale No. BfiO057
intend, sixty days from tho date hereof!
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Ciown grant of the
above claim.
And further tako notice that action
under section 37, must lie commonceii
beforo the issuance of such certificate of
Hated this 8th day of May, 1902
9-5-02 HERBERT D. CI
Hsy a6, 30,
June 30,
July a, 3
NELSON, and laterms-
diate points,
A eorrtapondinf redaction
from all Koatenar points;
nsnal diverse routes, afsals
and berth Included on Canadian Pacific Railway lake
Thronjh beok1"*,-*;s to Europe via all
Atlantic lines. Prepaid •.•»••■*
from all points at lowest rate*
D.P.A., A* 0* P. A■' ,
Nelson. Vancou™*-
Agent, Slocan Cltjr


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