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The Slocan Drill 1904-10-21

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 V0L, V., No. 80.
SLOOAN,   B.   0.,   OCTOBER   21,   1904.
•7    r*T    e* ~     ~f>rov-Ubn*rf~
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobac
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each Is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
t2.00 PER ANNUM,
r*flm4 ■   >niQ5^    -N   SLOCAN
Cunt niHtH liiai I,llx rnl ami Ooiim'i'viif ;%•!'
PoUtilea—(TikluiH thu Credit for tho
Lead Bounty— Olve. Ai'i'oiuit of ill,.
B>t<ivrard.lilp Io Home.
J. W. Crow,  Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is one ofthe besl known nml most popular houses
in tlm country,     lt Ia located adjacent to the depot aud tho
wharf, aud commands a magnificent view of the beautiful
Slocau lake.     Good Bshing is to be found close al hand, while
every facility is offered for boating.
Tourists will Bnd the Arlington and ideal resting place,
Commercial mon have at their command new and commodious
sample rooms,
Thn dining room is strictly up to date and the bar supplied
with onlv the best brands of goods
Rubbers & Overshoe
(2* i**
We carry the Celebrated Caralian Rubber
Co.'s brand of Rubbers and Overshoes, for
men, women and children, in all varieties.
Prices consistent with quality o?   oods,wbich
i is new stock this year.       Don't buy til! you
ccmpr.re cur stock and prices.
David  Arnot, Slocan.
Agent for Slater's Shoes for Hen.
52 *v* 'V5 "V* 5*558 M E5C 5^2 5>?: K
A dveriise your A
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be Judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
Alt    live
men  seek  the aid   of
the printer
' a reward
to iill penis
ti>nt nml liberal advertisers: it is read
by everyone.
It guarantees
sati ifactlon
The lirst political meeting of tbe
present dominion campaign wns held
in tlu* Music Hall, Tuesday evening,
when \V. A. Galliher,the Liberal candidate in  Kootenay, addressed  the
electors.   There was but a small and
ienco prasent, 51   men, women  aud
children being in th i hall al bhe ol <-<■.
and there was no enthusiasm aud imi
scant applause,   D. Arnol occupied
Ihti chair and, after n few word i, in
li'oluc a! the speaker, who held th
Hooi alone, as there waa no one to respond ou behalf of tho opposition,
Mr. Galliher excused the smnllness
of the crowd by stating the man were
doubtless employed in Hi" hills. '1 he
main poinl of issue betweeu tho two
greal parties of Canada was tho railway policy, aud he would confine
almost all his remarks to thai ques
tion. All other questions, including
tiie tariff, wire merely minor gvent-.
He then went ou at great-length, to
ti "• thi his oi\ ol the Grand Trunk
I'p.ciii,'srln m • and tin* negotiation's
leading up to the contract for ite con
.itru 'lion \,u\-.vj si rued, The need ";
t'i" road was lorcedon the country by
the great immigration oi receut yearn.
The ngreetn nt with tin* i' m;..iiiy
forbuilding tho road was then explained und th- estimated cosl givea.
..ii i.i" po iple ol the country wei
|iiirecl i«i do wa I i j ia 'ante the
Li nu!i for thc v.. ■ i ru sci tion of 1 be
ro i I, and cous "ue! the eastorn, b i
i ii irest up in th • bonds of both ec
ions for . uvea y- ars, if the company
.  I to ]   ■   it, co itiug the govorn-
..  it only $14,000.0 10. And th ire \\ i
a i li .*• ih oil n; the ,• o] le ever i ■ i .
■ailed U] '.iti nty on  ■■' i • ■   ,
:      I   .   ■   pul ol   liegmu
..:■•'■     '   i-sued for bui
gi nl roa I. ' '<■■■■ ■
.ut!. in*  go • rnmenl   for the lie ...
pul    ■ ■      ii d    ■ ■  liiicu year,liut the
couiii i •• iva*   " 'o«vin.; untl lli       wn -
■ it.   T i" - ui plus iu       I
-urv • I i f t'.i" In        cal tfenr
'.'...- ■'.;•■ ■   I   :      -       '," >n
! i   pa*,   nil   th     inte; ■    ,'■        ■  .
« ml    •  ■   be lii'>l   lor on tin, Gr; ■■■'
i'; eil c railway.   Amp! -   mfe
;u rd   ha I   •■■ n pui I tlia c ii
im ol th   road i:: i!i • i .   .    '.   il
the people, by  uioi i ■;. fi   .   tin   road
cu.l.l r |     .    ,    J of   Wil :■'- mui     . •
ii !!■-. i, ■ •.    iin; tlie road to      '
1     '    i i   Canad <. and
jjiAt AH  Times
11 •1>vvvvvvvvv»vvvvvyvvvvv
Subscribe for
iocat paper:
m THE DRILL,  $2 per year
'   adl ■ i !■' ra Canadian ports.
Horn Mr. lialli , ir .... • I ll
.if bii effort ■ to coll cl the wn e etc.,
iwi ig by Carlson & Eriek i, the
I    , i,   building   th-
rnilwat to Tro il   lake.    11 sue
• ■•■   :   . , ,''■ k in
getting the m uiev oul the tl iuiin-
; n sub : i■■ ■•' the C.P.R., n i > had
l-iiill the road. '! here had it in talk
in ■ u'l.- papers aboul iii * firm ki ■ iin •
a pcrc 'i;t.i■ • • nl tho um i n ts co . cted
about §17,0 K). His linn illected
only i tho n iinl placi i in their
bauds for collection in th
ray. He did not do o, i ■ nally
ho I new n ithing of it. ll vv; • ii ■
|i irtn ir wh • did th I whil he v u iu
i Ittav ,i.   } nyway, as  a   lawyer,  h ■
luldhai I' ■ n justified in i 'I i uing
the regular i> rci ntag
I'i.-'-.i i ;   up  i!i" thn id   •     . ■ r<
: i    ;s again, the sp i iki i    id thc gov*
ernment w w retdy nl nm o In I ogin
con trui lio > ol the G and T i nk.  He
then pnid his i  in cts to tho C m
nlive milwir p '!: ■•. inl d by
Hon.  Mr.   uordon, and said     iveni
mi nl owm .- hip i I wi - for
uign t" Torj principle . ['In ; position vvi re a >:i._n flirting w ith the ul a,
in order to catch the w< i a vol .
IV;;, i: !,•■ of Sir John   "' I and
Sir Charles Tupper, In .*■ ' ' by,
,«,. ro quoted to proi ■■ C ns ■ ulivos
wore ngninsl  govi, un  .i   .,. .  ■ hip.
I in '."rn Tor;,- papers did nol en ! »rse
ill • Idea, and it was i niy rai icd to
capture votes. Tliere wa s.no po i
bilit\ of C insorvativ « lieing elected
on the 8rd, for they had no definito
railway |«*»Si•.■ >. !; the Tori&s were
elected nnd built a rond, they had
never snld n word about operating it
as n government enterpris i.
Brief attention was ihon pnid to tlie
tl,aiiii 'im; c mditiou ol tho country
under the Liberal administrntiou ol
just oighl y wirs, and of tho good
govornmenl given, Nexl Mr, t!;illi-
her r.'ir.ivil io Iiis stewardship in the
bouse for tbe past four years, and
claimed he had obtained §6,000,00 I in
grants  nnd  bonuses    for Kootenny.
II dwell on the li*;al bounty nntl »nf3
the people ought to be thankful for
the now nourishing coudition of t\'<-
Industry. Ho claimi ii tho main p ir
tion of' the i isponsiliility of r tting
thai l.ouuiv. When the li riff ivtn nd
|n.. id, !i. would take care thai the
Ian 1 indti Ir    was lool   i nfl  '    Mr.
tl !.,,:., 1  i'io     ll     ... -;*   illl     USII li C ',11
pliinonts to th i audience aud lo
and mado a fervont appeal to the
electors for Bupport on Nov. 22, Tbe
linging of Goa Save the King closed
the meeting.
fuiiHci'vui ivi's vVaiiih: Build nnd Operate
ii Hir.nl foi* tbe People.
Hon. K. L. Borden has son! the following to Sir Qibbert Tupper,at Vancouver, as !!u Conservative policy ou
the railroad question:
In reply to your inquiry, permit me
to outline the salient features of our
transportation policy. We will immediately undertake tii" construction
of a transcontinental railway to the
Pacific as a government work. To
this end we shall utilize all tii" power
ol government and th" financial
strength of the dominion. For obvious reason tho utmosl expe lition will
he employed, In the first place, to
satisfy, without delay, the need of our
greal west; in the second place, to
curtail cost in the import ml matter
oi interest upon outlay during con
struction. To eusure early completion
every section of the railway will be
uud irtakeu as rapidly as, with all the
resources of tho government, surveys
can in* mnde, and contracts entered
into, Whereveril may be to the public interest, we shall not hesitate to
exercise for the acquisition of existing
railwnys the ame powi rs of compulsory p-ii. base which arc possessed and
exercised by railway corporations for
acquiring the property oi individuals,
We shall supplement our railway policy by i a' ih improvi ineul of our canal and waterways and of our harbors
a ■ will bring all up to the highest
standard of the day and to the full
ne I- of the country. We fully realize that the people, confident of the
; iture ol this dominion, do nol I inr
my reasonable expenditure ol mon iy,
ily nittde, whicb may lend to the
ilopu ml of our country and tin
, prosp irity of its inhabitants.
We nlso purpose puttiti j nn end to the
scan '. il ms ■ " I ■ aud exlntva ; ■.■.<■■
■. k*h ai i incid ul to thc present ad-
i ',.''■•;' I govern in mt railways,
believi do that  t! eii honiisl
nnn   *•• n •!..   ".i'i ir    n    (once..--- -u:
.   uld    ■!:'.•  lhs*o rnili ays al :
.'!■"■ su ;• :    ig nud  would aijo  lliel
ter a  *ointn   Inticn  to co nmerco in cl
•,: ■  ■ . .a,:  . : • ' inditions   in   i
. ■ ;>■ ■, :' ia now c >::. i.
RIhIiih fi ii u " ai.ai Money.
Ail told lho delinquent crown grani
ed claim'. i dvi i i- d  Wr i de in thi
paper, owe the _ i\ i um nt  S6165.7G
in tax ••■ and exp h     •    u-.-'iy of the
claim o■•• ■• ■    are pavin r up and tlu
bnlanco   will   be  offi n I for i ale on
"*.\  7.   When sold the original owu-
■ .■• have until June 30 nex! I i red
iii >tn, bj pa; ing 12 per ceul inl 'rest.
11 i nininiiig uns ild  revert to the
".'.licit, bul tii -.. are nol open to
;■ location. To gel p iss •• ion you
must buy them.
Will Slake m Trial Shipment.
McMillan & Woods, th • lessees of
.'. Bondholder, purp i ■ n aking a
small shipment nt once, comprising
about Tour tons. Tho bulk of it is
e iw I icked, aud il i; expected to run
". 0 oz in silvor por I m.   The I •■
have h ilf a fi • ol on to work ou and
it appears I.> '■•■ * ■* ■■ tnanonl. Every-
i has been fix ! up for the wiul r
and a full suppl* of mining timber
aad firowo id laid in.
riinpiriii iii Nuw Hands,
A ni ■■ shutfl  bns lak o pl at the
Chapleau, Messrs. Wing aud Holmau,
i f Sels in, getti ig hold of the I -i  ■
They bave live men  working aud are
- from Nelson, The
! Lemou creek trail  i* bt>iug  ii'.   I i |
ami new cal iu     ill  be erected al the
mine,   Savn-j •., the ox in mag ir, has
in departed, statiiiK thai   the "'il
li ibilitios are to be paid up within OU
( titinetl Sleeting.
A meeting of thi city council was
held on Mouday night, those pros ml
being Mayor McNeish, Aid. Teeter,
Smith and Madden, The ouly busi
I ness done was the passing oi the following bills: H. R. Jorand, salary for
Sepl ber, $lfi.G6;  D. S, McVannol,
r >pi [ring Bidewalks, a**--".
To in- Kunnlug by April.
The syndicate qw uing the exl 'nsive
; limits on Evnua crock, six  mil a from
town, arc gettiug their plans in shape
i for the erection of a milling plan) nl
the mouth  ol  tho creek.   It   is iheir
lutention I > have their mill up bu ! to
be manufacturing lumber and shin-
I gles by uesl April.
I Ituiiiv.i.v Imptovenienl*.
Work comm 'tic 11 Tin -day on the
hnprovements to th >lo; al railway and
wharf, l he st< um shovi I is al the
•'■ ivi I ■ il his Ido ol Demon creek,
I oaii which the lilling r • piire ! is Ih-
lug obtained,   The  bridg ■   gang is
constructing the cribbing facing the
water, and the work gang is levelling
off the fill. All the staging fronting
the freightshed is bein;,' lifted and a
permanent Iill made. Thn company
allotted $5000 for the work.which' will
take about a mouth to perform.
"eiMrli'U aud Smith to Run  Here  for u
■IOOO Punea
The most important footrace ever
run in the interior of British Columbia
will be pulled off lien* this afternoon
between tbe hour.; of 1 and, ,"i o'clock.
it. will be between Waiter Renwick,
the local champion, and W, W. Smith,
lately ol Fort. William, Ont., but formerly of Rossland. The race u ill be
run on Main street,covering 1(K) yards
and is for a purse of $1000, bein'.-' $500
a side.   0
Smith, with ids U*ainer, Jack Allen.
gol in here on Saturday, and on Monday the articles of agreement were
drawn up and Bigned, $100 forfeit'being posted with A. C. Smith by each
man. The remainder of the purse is
to be up by noon today. Judges and
starter are to be* chosen belore the
rac. Both men art* in the pink of
condition, and tho run will be made
considerably under 11 seconds. Both
are fast men, with unquestioned records behind them, and tbe race will
Iw* the Ik*'.t ever s""ii in tlu* country,
lt is likely all kinds of money will l>c
here to be put upon the result, but so
far Renwick'8 backers have the best
of it.    After the   race. Slocan   will be
either a busted community or rolling
in riches.
The lumber for tbo new seating
rink is to be supplied by Wm: Koch,
and tii-e-iiiuat ■ is 10,000 feet.
Tli- body of G. B. Chandler, the
late railway agent ai Nakusp, was cu-
...Ini' ! and shipped from here Friday
to Dorchester, N.B.. for interment.
Mrs. Chandler, with her father and
;n ither, accompanied the remain;.
Puling tc iu avy rainstorms la§t
week, a sin di elide c inie dowu off the
slopi !■ Sib ■:• in nu:,.tin iiifo Carpenter creek, Some heavy rocks struck
th ' pioe line Of the electric light and
I owor plnnl an I knocked it out of
place, putting tho plant Out of service
for several days'.
Wm.Thomlihfcon returned last week
from the Kettle River country and reports work progressing ou tin--* Lightning Peak group, nnd iii" outlook is
p . ticulurly favorable. The fault iu
aii- vi iu has beeu passed and the ore
i picl.rd up. The chute is well
deiiued aud carries pay values in gold,
silver and lead, an !' a small shipment
,■' five i ms I is been packed out for a
smelter test. Auuinberof thediree-
tors from St. Paul lately visited the
property and were much gratified with
the progress ol development, which
nnil bo continued until Christmas, a
full st ick of supplii s haviug been takeu in. The principal want now is
means of transportation, a\d this will
be attended to so soon as sufficient
tonnage i- blocked out,
Asiessor t noai Uure.
Pr wincial A isessor Lucas, of Kaslo,
was i. ii over Sun 1 iy, having com" in
:.. re-arrange hia assessment roll of
the  lauds  in thi I vicinity,    lie -ay
I pie nro going in  for fruit-raising
on an extensive scale throughout tin-
district, and predicts that in tea years
Knot ".iay will have more fame as a
fruit count;".' than as a mining district.
Along tho Kootenay river and hike it
is surprising how the land is .being
... u up, and Mr. Lucas estimates
there are over 60,000 fruit trees sol oul
Ijel .""ii Nelson nnd Proctor. The
Sl "■ ei valley and i!i • flat laud along
* ii ,ii lake would ni ike id ial fruil
ranches, as irrigation would be so con
re i-i.i and easy.
Baek do " tlie Norlh.
i in Saturday evening W-S. Johnson
and Neil Gething returned from tbe
far north, having spenl the summer
touring tii" country around Fraser
lake. Parsnip river. Peace river,Omin
eca and Bulkley valley. They made
-ome mineral locations, but did noth
ing with coal, v.'iat they ran aci
being lignite, Tliey cruised around
looking for limber and ran across
many iiii" tracts. Mr. Johnson says
it is surprising tho amount of open
country th ir i-; up north,and he estimates there are easily four million
acres of agricultural land In the districts he visited, ile is well satisfied
with his trip.
Getting Good Oreal Knterprlse.
What development is taking place
at the Enterprise is being done at the
\o. 6 \\",'.'<'.i':-. cloi • to the Mabou
ground, 'ih" w irk i ■ ci nti urr around
ihe short ■ linft Btinl; under the Pinch
r ".-in'. Excellent ore wni found then
and the work now going on is opening
up a flue body below. Tbe oro i
nearly all clean and Is uniformly high
S MIST AN mat.   BHOWIXG   HA.DB   by
l.usS leftT'l Shipments Wore  1,880 Tona—
A Healthy Uvidenea of the Llr«   nnd
Wealth of tin* C»jnj>- Ottaw» l« the
niKuent Shipper.
The ore shipped out during the
week amounted to 42 tons, all going
t i Nelson. The Kilo sent out 20 tons
and the Ottawa '2:'. tons. To date the
output is 1889 tons.
Por 1908 lhe ore shipments from
tho local division amounted to 1889
Ions, made up from 17 properties.
Following iu a full list of the ship*
incuts this vear lo date:
Tort llnne	
Black Pel	
1 lolorndo	
. \i
Highland Light....
....     20
»    20
A force of eight men will be employed al the Kilo all winter.
J. Wafer and J. Purviance figure on
working the Charmer all winter.
Owners of delinquent claims ara
rushing iii their taxes to Collector
A heavy fall of snow look place in
the hills Sunday, the line coming
pretty well down.
The zinc enrichment plant at Rosebery is forging ahead, tho skeleton of
the buildings Ming up,
Kennedv «"c Cameron's (laekVrfiin
went out on Saturday, to pack down
a carload of ore from the Kilo.
The owner-: of the Club made good
pv igresson their trail last week, leaving less than a mile to complete.
The Payne and Monitor people betweeu them owe the government about
$5000 in two per cent tax on their output.
Au option has been taken on tho
Shatford interest in the Two Friends,
and it and the Black Priace wilt-be
worked together
C. .•'.. Cartwright, vice president of
tbe company, confirms tbe reported
opening up ofa  Que body of ore on
the Two Friends.
The Kaslo assessment district will
yield tie' government upwards of ■*:20.-
000 of iin increase over last year from
mining sources.
Road Inspector Moore was in tbe
camp this week,looking into the needs
of several properties  that  have  been
asking for trails.
Tin* lessees of the Neepawa made
an encouraging strike of ore in their
new tunnel la**; week. It is stated
there Is a deal on for the property.
Ed Me!!".'. Jim Melley, Sam Long
and. .1. Burton have taken a lease on
tn" Blackburn, at the lead of Ten
Mile creek. Supplies were taken in
OB Saturday.
W. A. Maedonald.of Nelson, acting
for A. 11. Coleman, of Pittsburg, Pa.,
is npplying for a crown giant on the
Arid" am1 ii other claims, situated
near the Ottawa.
W.Cotterill and fcf. Gillis reached
ill ■ \."in Saturday ou their property
adjoining the Club, though it waa
ii.it < iit through. Some ore was exposed nnd, if il turns out as good as
om the surface, the property will work
all winti r.
No Mill Tbll lull.
Thus. Chew, or the O.-S. Lumber
Co., wa • hero on Saturday, ou his way
borne east from the coast. On Mon*
day A. McPherson, another of the
company, arrived here from Orillia. to
size up the local situation. It is a
settled fact thai the coinpanv will not
complete their tnilliug plant here this
fall, doferring tho erection till spring.
lt is claimed the lumber and shingle
markets have gone to pieces and there
are uo signs of immediate Improve*
menti The company will take out a
small Btock of I"-*- tins winter.
Killed ui tin- Idaho,
Led week   Frank   Spitz was lulled
at the Idaho mine, above New Denver,
by drilling Into a missed hole, lie
■ :• reived the full lore- In the breast,
hurling him some disl ince, 11. Rosi
: wns al- i v\\  with Hying rock,   Thi
body of Spitz was taken  to Sandon
and buried by tii" Minors' I'uioii.
| Fathci Jonnnotto officiating,
:v ..f ~f+»a ■m-.*)~m-t'.» ■*..* ..».»..•..«..«.. »..#-»..»-#_*l.
Copi/rt f'. tsok, Ln I: hi L. Hamster
She hesitated
tlonlng doubt.
".facie   didn't
snid hurriedly.
pose.   He knew
it was late when Rosemary arrived.
the other guests were rising, and dinner had been announced, She had
barely time to toss aside her furs und
exchange a few hurried words with
Mrs. Crelghton,
There w.;s one thing certain, she decided, after a glance at Helen and the
rest. They had not heard yet, and sh3
wa.s glad of nn hour's respite. Aftc:
(lie scene willi Dean last night, followed by the solemn one In the morning
with her mother, and finally the reproaches uml condolences of four
younger sisters, each with her Individual opinion on the lltness of the
engagement, it was a relief to breathe
freely without rear of conversational
dissection of her case.
"Who i.s to take ine In'/" she asked
nl Ihe tool of Ihe stairs, hut Helen WUS
already bowing and smiling to another
guest as she answered:
"You're always late, dear, aren't
you? No excuse, though, please, l'ou't
you see the senator looking helpless
and alone over there? lie's lo lake ine
in and thinks I'm lost."
"Kut"— Rosemary stopped short
nml went upstairs to the dressing room
wilh a little sudden heartache. For n
whole month one only had had the
right and pri\ liege of claiming her, and
now she wa.s I'rce ngnln. She hoped
Helen would not Rive her to any one
brilliant ami Btrenuoua tonight, who
would bother lier by frying lo make
an impression. She didn't want to he i
impressed. In a measure she blamed
Impressionism for her engagement to
Dean, Ho was a royal comrade, clever
and responsive, but not too clever or
too responsive. Tliere was a difference.
Looking back on the joyous days ol' the
month, she decided that it had been this
element of chumship, of mindful affinity, which had been responsible for the
whole tiling,
As a comrade Dean was splendid, but
ns a lover in the role of prospective
husband to be wedded to for life she
had suddenly discovered that lie was
exacting—most exacting.
Any man who wns engaged to a girl
and positively forbade any other man
falling in love witii her was exacting.
Moreover, it was foolish, because, really, it wus in the abstract a compliment
to his own good taste,
She could not help Jack Stowell telling her that he loved her. Of course
he loved her. He Had told her so on an
average of twice a month for over a
year.  And he was a dear, dear boy.
She smiled contentedly at the mlr*
■rared Image of herself in tlie dressing
room us sho paused to tuck in a few
refractory hairpins, Who could help
loving her?    Even  Dean bad  called
/her the dearest girl ia lhe world. It
w;is sweet (a I'cmcmber thnt, Of course
Jie had behaved intolerably about Jack,
but when ;i man i.. ia love-
She laughed Boftly and buried her
li;:s caressingly ia the heart of u
single long stemmed La France rose
that lay lighl ly ra her breast,
The last trailing v.iwii was vanishing beyond the heavy velvet portieres    ,. '  '
of the dining room OS she came down | alfa»1
stairs.  Duly one lone f.gmv awaited
her coming ia '!;e wide hall, and she
tvr | when we laugh and love and let Cupid
f | bind as hi rose chains and drive us at
e.:< dear, capricious will, spun or tandem"—
"it's generally tandem, Mrs. Chadwick," s.fid Dean, with merry scorn.
"There must be a leader, you know,
and Cupid's law I.s ladies first"
"Ah, but they nre only rose chains,
Dean." The gray curls were shaken at
him rebuklngly. "And they break so
easily, once married, they are rose
chains still, but some wise fate has
slipped links of steel beneath the petals."
"And If we break them now"— Dean
"'J'hen there are omy scattered roses
in the dust and Cupid weeping aad
Rosemary- for remcml ranee. .May it
never come to you." She smiled at both
young faces. "Memory is dear, but not
when ull It brings tu mind are the
broken rose chains."
Tliere was a momentary hush. Tlio
sweetly modulated old voice had carried to the far ends of the table, and
all were listening, Uosemniy's gaze
rested on her plate, She dared uot
meet Dean's eyes. The hush passed,
and there was the low, light babel of
voices again, She heard him speaking
to her and h"Id her breath to listen.
"Isn't she au old darling i» sny
"She doesn't knew they are already
broken." lie con:,I hardly catch the
half whisper.
"But are they? Only last night, and
no one knows, an.l it was all a mistake." He bent, witli pleasing eyes, toward her,  "Rosemary, my Uosenlary."
"For remembrance?" <jghe laughed, a
low, tremulous little laugh 11...1 was
the tlrst sign of surrender.
"For life. Roses are sweet, but they
need the steel."
her eyes full of ques-
mcan anything," she
"He didn't really pro-
that I was engaged, of
course. He only said that he had al- j
ways loved ine, and. after all, he's only'
a boy. it couldn't matter in the least
his loving nie when"— '■
"When what'.'"
His tone was full of the old Imperative, proprietary command, and sho
met his gi,ince for one swift, losing in-
stant '
"When I loved yon."
Mrs.  Crelghton  was rising.    As he
drew back Rosemary's chair be whispered:
I    "Broken rose chains can be rewovon,
j can't they, dear''  Forgive me."
I    llu caught a fleeting glimpse of her
I face as she passed on In tho wake of
Mrs.   Chadwick.    Sho  was   tall   nnd
sweet as a young Illy in her white lace
dinner gown, on 1 he felt ;i wild, sudden longing to crush ber to his heart j
before theni all an.l win the world of
She was gone, and  ho  was  iman- ,
swered, ' ut the La Franco rose lay in
his baud, and Rosemary was Bnilltng !
as she. too, accepted Mi's. Chndwick'S
congratulations In the drawing room.
Ilotr   Uie   I.nck   of   a   Nickel   Won   u
<;<>,u! Paying Porition.
Little Mrs. Tyler sighed as the trolley ear whizzed past her.
"To think," she mused, "that I should
have come to this—too poor to spend
C cents for car furol If I could only
get more music scholars! Then Bob
could have tho beefsteak and the fruit
he needs—dear, patient Robert!"
Time was when Frederics Focbnor's
piano playing had won her many 11 no-
cial triumph, but that was before she
had married the penniless Robert Tyler, to begin life anew across the continent. Now that lie wa.s sick tliey had
only the pittance ber pupils brought
, Today Mrs. Tyler was vory tired.
No wonder she had sighed when the
ear had glided past her. ami home was
a mile away. Strains of Handel's "Harmonious Blacksmith" drew her Inside
a music store. Musi,' always rested
her. A girl was playing upon a grand
piano, and several pers ms stood about,
Mrs. Tyler strolled their way.
One after another to iii a turn at the
Instrument The newcomer wus too
interested in the playing to question
wherefore. Filially a man approached
"lt is your turn next," he said.
She was about to explain his nils-
take when the humor of the situated
appealed to her. and she was Seined
wilh a desire to carry out the joke. Accordingly she took her sent and began
Paderewski's "Love Song." she did
not know for what she wns playing.
but she vaguely felt that it was n test
of some sort, and she threw her soul
into her lingers. When she ended there
wns a little burst of applause, and
"something else" was culled for. She
responded with Liszt's "Schubert's Serenade" uud then with Chopin's "Cradle
A sheet of music was placed before
her, and a lady came forward to sing.
If tliere was one thing In which Mrs.
Tyler excelled It was in accompaniments, and now she did her best. The
face of the mnu who bad invited her
to play wa.s one broad smile as lie inquired deferentially:
"May I ask whom we have had the
honor of hearing? You huve distunced
them all, my denr uiudum. The place
is easily yours."
Mrs. Tyler looked at blm in bewilderment: then she laughed and explained.
He explained too.
She had unwittingly taken part in a
trial of applicants for the double position of accompanist for a singing master aud piano player for the music
shop. A salary was named that left
the little woman nearly dumb with
I surprise, so amply it litted her present
! needs. She wanted to dance all the
wny home.    Fatigue was forgot I en.
"I'm glad you didn't ride," remarked
Robert Tyler whimsically.
"Ob!" cried his wife, nnd the exclamation was a thanksgiving.—
Youth's Companion,
♦ •> }■ >♦>->* 0*4*jei »*>♦*>♦♦*>«•*>•»•>•>♦♦
A series of articles describing
their lives, their ."-ims and
their Inifiiencea
No.  o
Dr. Adam McMillan.
*a>+ _H*A».*>.>**»»* *•*»•!)* *,«*>l*«>*
PR.   ADAM   Uc.MILL.VN, ',
Editor and t'roprietor <u' the  V'lrdon'f
Ad', a,'lie
,..,„, lln .\ii,.,- nine months' service
wjth Hiai corps—during which Its
gallant conduct won merited praise
from Lord Kitchener Captain -McMillan returned homo to Canada by
wny oi England. Alter spending the
winter In Manitoba he ugain volunteered tor service In tho reorganization of th" 8th' regiment ol Canadian
Mounted l-Uflos under command of
Lt.-Col, McDonald, D, S, ('. Ha
was given entire charge of the vet-
orinury department, with tha same
rank iis lhat on which ho retired.
Uut ih' war wus concluded by the
time this contingent urrivud in Sea:!!
I Afi leu,    and     ihe    troops    returned
li  hv way of England,   in   which
country Capt, McMillan stayed no nie
months beforo h n\ Ing for Canada.
I     ll   will  Dins  be .seen  that   Hie editor
of lha Advance has a distinguished
jwar record. In thai war, which
was one ol tho most ,miv| and human" ever waged, and which made
tho drenni of Colonial Federation a
reality, ho boro no unimportant
part. He, and 1 hose irom the other
c donlal nations who servod with
l ,n on the veldi. pcrcoivod w II b a
1, enness of Instincl  not  surpassed by
I * most patriotic <u' Englishmen
1; i- mngnitudo of ila* Issues at stake
in that happily ended war, They de-
! (instrated,    not    alone   to    Britain
II 1 hor colonies, but lo tho world
1 1 large, 1 hat 1 ho British Empiro is
nol, es are ol her European Oovi rn-
1 at--. ;i machine operatod under an
. hhli ions   sovereign   or    ambit ions
■ 1',. man. but an Association, In
which, with mutual support and
'a infldenco, the world-wido subjects of
ono Crown could come together for
nil purposes, fiscal and Imperial, in
which all were Interested,
1 in returning home, 1 'apt McMll-
n took a practice In V'irdcn, tn n
.v months ho bought  iho  Advance.
Trouble  I„   Uvuhu..   ,	
_?____•* iSSji
"When post;
80 Btampa a
wt ct
to use," Bald a veti  1
"the public didn't know .--Postal •»
them,    You 1
and coffee first appeiin
people fried the teu '
'"",,|"1"i' »ow. ;j
Mr, Adam McMillan, the proprietor
and editor of the V'irdcn Advunce, Is
in sonic respects olio of the nnsi interesting figures ill Western Canadian
life. Few, even among the many-
phased men of tho West, can ba nun-
par''.I   wit!:   him   in   point   ni   the    va-
rietj an.l the suec ss of his activities, lie has In .ai a liiacksn.il h a
surgeon, a soldier and an editor,
and in Intervening intervals many
olher thing's besides.. In most of
those he has Iwen conspicuously successful, and own In those In which
good fortune was nol so pronounced
no absolute   failure can  bo  recorded
against him. Adventurous, but lovcl-
haii.d. progressively (..as rvutivc by
t >niperameiil.    experiment .■ I    by    dis-
1 uder    Captain    McMillan's   control
ro inde-
its     ill-
JIOSlI Kill,     I.i'.II;
faith,  w hei hi r
or mat t> r,   hi
, isi at in Ily   1 pa
his courage is
Mi linn   is 11   pictures
wiin to*, er   asp, cl    of
ii" is regarded     It  If
uol hing on
in   the   laali::.  of   mind
habit   nf   mind   is  as
ti   and   unprejudiced as
i.e., 11 ition -i.   Mr.   Mc-
10 figure,    110:11
1.       ;    1 -. -unlit y
undoubtedly as
soldier thai ! -• has hil In rto bulked
rgest in t la* pop In r , ■ .1 inmt ion,
The family of  which   Mr.   McMillan I
tho Advance became much  ti
pendent,   but   lost   noi f
The Instincl to write Inherited from
his father, and hitherto dominant becnuse without opportunity for expression, asserted themselves as soon
as Mr. McMillan took hold of the
practical management of tho Advance.  fTo became deeply interested In
thc paper's   success,   and   soon   placed
ii on such n substantial footing
thai he was recently offered a large
figure for it. and, afler due consideration  lie  accepted  the  offer.       Ill    n
week or so ho will forsake tho editorial chair ho has filled with such
promiso, and devote himself entirely
to his practice. There are many.
however, who predict thai ere long
Mr McMillan will I.-ave tho curing
of tho Ills of agricultural stock, in
orri r to again prescribe for thoSfe of
tho body politic, and that hereditary instincts and family affiliations
will ere long triumph over the arts
of h-iiling. Sliould this be, the
ranks of western editors will bo
swelled by an ablo recruit, and news-
paperdom iti Manitoba and tho Territories be that   much  the gainer.
fee berries and served \J_*j_
=""1 pepper?   Well, u ■ ,:,. /Vli;*L
their stamps aa absurdly „,'-•*!
"Some folks would put ttB.,r
side their letter* out .. ' |, >J
ls the official notice that 1,   I
clop that practice." im\
■I'he clerk took from the ,1,.,, I
aged bulletin that said- W*l
"The stamps upon 'mi lol, f
packages must be affixed en (Jl
side thereof and above tho "A
thereon." -;1
He put back this bulletin ,
forth another one. ;«
"People would pi„ ,]l0 s.
their fetters instead of gumminglMJ
he said, "and when the -did ,-„',,
they would not doll right; henJi
second bulletin," and _e, n,.u].
'"Persons posting letters slwiitfl
ta the requisite number of stonS
vlous to depositing them in tm'j
receivers, ns when posted In a ri.l
state the stamps are liable i„ m j
nnd thereby can a' the letters
treated as unpaid, Do not pint
"Still," said the clerk, "tha
didn't understand. Think of'fl
didn't understand iho gimplemattd
sticking a postage stamp on a IttJ
So we got out a third bulletin."
The third bulletin, in big, ImpatlM
letters, said:
"Tho simplest and most effectJ
method of causing stamps to adkel
iirmly is lirst to moisten well theon
side of the stamps nnd ufterwjrdtlj
gummed side slightly, taking caret
to remove the gum."
The clerk said thnt a philatelist J
offered him $12 apiece for these thrj
i queer bulletins.
Tin* Personal Equation.
Mr. Ames entered with his nose _\.
equivocably turned up. "Those peoplo
i;i the Hal h tlow are cooking onions
again." said li ■. Mrs. Ames lowered
eae of the windows before she repfli d.
"I wish ;, 1 ;: wouldn't say 'those people,' " Bhe s; I !. •'Their name i.s Watson."
"Phew!" said Mr. Ames, lowering another wi idow,
I   uon't   think  the odor is so very
ible," she Bald cheerfully.
Mr. Ames looked at ber amazed.
"Why.  I  thought you couldn't bear tiie
•wondered who it could be.   Nol Jnck. > Bme11 ' :
Tin* Fatally Tree.
A pleasant pa itlme, literally, for
those who have uo 1.1 ire pressing duties and wish to get outsido ther en-
vln nraent at least tu thought wllj open
up before her who begins to mount a   ■
is a memlier is. in '-ona- i ?pects, a
rcinnrku bl 'one Ills fat hi r is know n
: hrouffhout    Cumidn    und <r   his   pen
mi   of    'II.';. seed Nn   moro  il
voted,   •    Ihusifi   I lc    . ,   \    loy ul   Sc   !
can  be f ■       I  1 . .    I,    thai
I le Is, i' trhi ps. the typicn   t'unud
Scoti ll poet  ol    III      I      •     1   , ait-
ing   Iho star        11< r!c    .., t . ■   ,,
• I  lc| 1 lull nl      peasant 1       c              'ei 1
a   ' !a>    broader a       1 of   the
family tree.   Tracing one's genealogy [Dominion .                   ,n of the race
may become—probably will become   a   has enlar 1    ;,    views   nnd
mailer of absorbing amusement nnd'thpir   >; : without    In    01
attention, for It entails a thread gatb-  }vhi'   !ll,,w '     ;'      "'   •■■''
ore,!   up  here,  dropped  there,  a   ie;: >r          '
'tis iii ;i Bad  Way Till Be
I'scd Dodd's Kidnev Tills.
to write, a book to read, a register to
Hei ■  >,   in nil  1                     ;,, 1 I;,,   "land
of   brown 1       hi    '    hap ■.   iod,"
c ..  ....    ro the  sell   absorbed,   the* tho ,. ,, .   ,„,,„,    ..
ndent, the listless, one may ree*   hoi*.. . the loi            •        , th. Land
ommend tins diversion as certain to [of the Maple         nckno' Iged
sull even rather rn irbld >• lltions of   uccci 1 ml d
Tke Scheme  hy IVhlrh  a WorkinJ
Kept   Ilia  Bulibln* fleat.
Tlie father of the famous Sir itoltj
Peel was a cotton spinner in a co;
paratively small way until be suddej
ly went straight ahead of all bin rod
petitors. Tlie earliest cotton spinniiJ
machinery gave serious troubl
through filaments of cotion adbor;^
to the bobbins, thus involving freijueJ
stoppages to clear the machinery, ti
wages of the operatives were aHedq
by these delays, but It was noticed t
one man lu the works always drewfj
pay.   llis loom never stopped,
"The onlooker tells me your bobtdi
are always clean," said Mr. Pee
him one day.
"Aye, they be," said the man, \rbo|
name was Dick Ferguson.
•How do you manage it. Dick?"
"Why, you see, Moster Peel, it'ssoj
o" secret! If I towd yo", yo'd be 1
Wise as l nui."
••'1 hat's so,"  sai.l  Peel, imilini
response to Inch's knowing cho
"I'd   give   you   something  to tr.
1  mid you maf.e all the 110ms wert
smoothly ns yours?"
"Ivory .me of 'em, niester!"
"Well, what shall I give you fwyoj
Becret, DickV"
The man smiled and nibbed bllCUII
"Weil,  DlCk, v,'!:.,i is ii I I !»""
"Come,  I'll  tell the ." «   1 tbe
temperament,  an ;  yet as certain  to '    Xl    •
Mrs. Crelghton did not approve < f
.Tack. In fact, she had ome call .i
him a ca'.. Mild, but Irritating to
Jack, The Qgure turned buiI Ii ufy at
the Bound of her coming. It. was Dean
himself. Hair unconsciously she hesitated, la r bead lifted a trifle l ' er
than usu il, her lashes drooping obstinately over telltale vyu.^.
lie was terribly grave and dignified.
"l : m to have the pleasure of 1. k*
ing yoa In, .Mrs. Crelghton said. She
evldei tiy do ts n it know."
"I 1 id 111 Idea that you woul I be
here." She npolte Indignantly, It was
nlm.'.-a' ;.. 1 rtinei I of bii,. when only
last nlgbt 1 i e luul told bim she 11 c r
wish."! to even look nt him ;;-.
"I ci ul ! hardly help my If, nfl r
accepting 1 !..* be .: Ion d wi ■■. ago.
\\u v. Ml pr. bnbly mei t in the 1
places for some time, until tbe bn. '..
Ing of lb . ug ig.;.' tnl I; annoum ed,
At ju*■-•• -it people ■ insider us li dispensable lo i acb oth. r's bapplnei -."
llis quiet, court, m 1 sarca im wns
maddening under the circumstances,
Bl b re wlvcd hoi to ev 1 spe tk to hlm
rtgalu. Old Mr, Rntbl urn sol at her
othor bond, and ihe .1 1 I d hen If to
hi.a with earnest 1 trvor. He was interested In a plan for the Irrlgal m of
the groat American desert by means of
huge spinning hose nozzles to be <>p-
criiied from balloons,
"But you'll have to get the water up
Ihere before you can gel it down." ob-
jecied Rosemary anxiously for the seventh time. Sho knew that Dean was
smiling amusedly. "Unless you attach
it to the clouds."
Sir.   Ilatbburn  was  silent,  and  she
felt ■withered  by  a  sense of his displeasure, and she hated the theory of
irrigation by balloons or any other way.
Dean was talking across the table
to Eleanor Lee, and she suddenly classed  Klennor with  irrigation  and otber
unploirsnnt topics.    Next to Dean was
Mrs. Chadwick,   Her gray curls wore
just   visible   beyond   his   brown   ones.
She was congratulating blm, Rosemary
knew.    She  Imd  been  In   Europe  all
Summer nnd had only beard of ihe betrothal a  few dnys ago,    It .seemed to
Rosemary tbnt she was unnecessarily
rapturous and voluble on the suhje-t.
"It Is the sweetest time of your life,"
she was saying.    "The betrothal hour
"I don't really like it. of course, but
It Is su h a little thing to l e disturbed
Mr. Ames looked  Indignant and in* I
jured and felt so; h ■ could nol under- i
stan l his wife's attitude.   "I wish you '
had  fell   that  way :- loner,"  he  said
dryly.   "Last week you made me tell
the janitor that If those people didn't
Btop   cooking   onions   every   night   wo
shoul 1 move."
"i'i s, 1 did," said Mrs. Ames candidly; "1 ut that was beforo I knew Mrs,
Watson. We have exchanged calls
thia week, nnd 1 like her very much."
Mr. Ames made a curl. 11 noise which
his Mii'e was able to interpret
"l expected you'd take it tlmt way."
she • ,i i. "But oven yon must ad., it
that tl ore's a groat did   • ice bem ecn
gently force the mind away from It- •'   ' '' ' "    ■'  '
self  to other persons  and  things  In '"''' Ppr'ml
opening up a wider and wider held of co"tin ' '    ■
reflection. ' n" "'"''' '"' "
■d's   i c il
most   pop i.i r ..a   I ho
I                     ■ ,           '                a'
-        ' '    '     ■               I I, I
it    recited ii i   sm g
Thej Removed the Bnd Effects and new
William Sharam Is as well as
Ever Again.
" .11.iv    Harbor,     South     P.   I'..   I.,
Oct,  noli,  1004
(Spucial).—Hurt   through   straining
! lack    whilo    lifting   Mr.   William
Kharam, general storekeeper hero, got
• ' weak that he could scarcely hold
i p, To-day he is enjoying t he besi
ol I 'all ii onco moro, and when ask.il
I how ho got ins health buck he unhes-   Ing Mr, Peel to coi   • '■
ply.   "Gr me a quai Ivcry '•'
a i I'm in the mills snd I'll tell tb
all al i ii."
"Agreed," said tho master.
"Well, then." retui u   I Dick, beckol
<!:inii:i Prayer*.
Tho chief of the Leslies is said to
have prayed before a baliie: "Be on
our side.   An gin ye ennnn bo on o ;■■
Ride,  aye lay  low a   bit.  an" ye'll  *	
tliae   carles   get   a hidin'    that    mi   '
ple.-so yo."   An old covenanter, who
!'•■',•■     tbey    .
; wit li  cut i,'   i N,,r  nro   t he  coin-
mcnl s on i uri.   •   . • a i ■.   ii,   ii,    ,,,,,
, n.v   Scotch or   mid   i
Kir.-'.'..     to rjrotton      Many   ,i
bit    of    pun    nl i. : -i,   i, :,.|  v. lse
jcouni   I are ombal    'd " din
Ior i ,. hlch    nro    ivorl h.i   ol   mi ro
permanent   pr     r\   I   .    thiin  tho fu
nded his household with n rod of Iron, I icltlve . |    , ,
is sail to have prayed in all Blncerl* I   "f •s'"'1' i1'""
ty  at   family  worship:  "()  Lord,  hae
n care o' Rob, for he is oa the ..-,  ;
deep, an' thou boldest it in tiie h.
ihi    ■■■, il ofa friend's onions ami those   fash o' yersel' wi' weo Willy, for I
:.'    we
Compi tilon.
don't   know."   Youth's
o' thy hand.   An' hae a care o' ,'.
for ho  hae gl   to  fight   the  en..];. . ,
f' hi* country, an' tic outcome o1 : a
battle ts  wi' tine.    But ye need  n i
hlm here, an' I'm cawpable o'
after bim mysel'."
a Tonsil Old Invalid.
Ia England the purchase of ita ad*
vows m, . .• Ur- r. In to succeed to a
vn ■.: ; , bun h oil i ■-. la not um immon,
re is a story i .id of .,  a: j  \ lc*
arng i v, hose iaa iimbi nl was, tbo h
but middle aged, very Infirm. Ills leu*
■ -. of t:.- i siiia.u ining thus uncertain, the living' was advertised for s;:a*.
'I he auctioneer who at the time had
the disposal of all church preferments
mentioned as a special advantage to intending purchasers that the then bolder
could not last long. To put this pros*
pect to the test several possible buyers
went down to the village to look over
the vicar. A father and son attended
the Sunday services at the church. A '
servant led In the ailing vicar, but the
latter managed to get through a very
earnestly delivered sermon lasting half
an hour,   in the afternoon be ugain
conducted   service,   baptized   children
nnd preached for fifty minutes,    .Service in the evening was to follow.    Put
the man Who bad como lo buy had sen
enough.   "My son," bo said, "thnt old j
COCk ain't a-goin' yet;  I am,"  and  he
forthwith departed, In the end a young
parson   bought  the  place  foi'  himself. .
Tho Invalid outlived by twenty years
the  man  who  had  bought bis  living. :
He lasted  fifty years beyond the saio '
and died of sheer old age at ninety- :
ilur        that "liny
should lii'i; , inrliiiAlions to new..
pap. r work, \ a Dial tor i f fact it
is    doubtful   if   In l.'niindn    I    r.    ,
any ol hor parent   -a i,,, . •■!  i st    0(
hai Injj muii.- ■ .,    . ■   edi-
'     "I' Adl        It ill' . ■      I      ' a        ; |     I   ... |,|.,._
sent   sketch,   a ■■ ,-a| ,
\ai- ance,  oi     , •   ■ > • ■ ,
of  Manitoba  pap i      i r   .   ■    .
'-"'I.      Is     pi  |     | , .  |,
Tr 1 ern • 'I       and niiiitl   i
publl hi
Mr   tfeMil ■   rn In CI
' : col land   I   for. ■..   I    .
Canada.     I.'    -.. I    nn It
arcs   Wh   '.   ll :i, .   11, „
II       earl;     i :   I,      od
tor announcing the appointment cntl K , "
n,.^f 1,...,.,,,. i ,.e ii    i . no receivcii ,t , . ,
first earned of the honor conferred ap-iwiicn ah n •
on bim by tho arrival ofa deputation   he came with li      uuib   to th. IV.  i
:     \> oerslbofen cloister to congrnt* and har.,..! -,.    i,i    ksmitli
llo declined to be address- undor hit   father     He   isjilrod,   how-
monslgnorc."  It was'over, to sonietliinn    ia tier,   and   do
Icldod to take    tl
itut i.i,    answers,    "Dodd's   Kidney
I      iis."
"I I.e. Ing sprained my back with
i y lift ing,:' Mr. Sharam sa;, a in
1 oiling his i "airy, "it. brought on Urinary nnd  Kidney Trouble.   1  got so
'•a onk  i ii.it   I  almost, fainted and could
m ire ly bold up I waa terribly
I t roiiblcd with having to get our of
■ bed s , frequent I.v to urinate.
"After   usiia;  many   medicines   with
, to fjood  ie   .Us,  1  tried Dodd's Kld-
i   '.   Pills.    I have used    ten boxes in
all and I ow I can sh   p    u Ithout be-
irbed and  my old  11 .,',',.!,• has
■, ani i ed, "
Ikidd .' i\. Inoy    l'ills curo t he Rid-
1 ( iii.i   Kldi ". s  curo  numerous
■    •.        including      Rheumatism
I a ,   and   Hi igh| 's   DiBeai 0,
ill ll.
ea r,
•       1
whi iper
That  was   the  enl >
chinery wns bo in luvenl ft fo
lug the bobbin .  and Di.., I       '<
v. .i - given a  pension eijuul 11 •■■
daily quarts of beer.
i . : ,-i. ■ m of Honors.
Pastor Kiiei] p, tbo fam nis dl 	
or of  tho  "barefoot car.',"  who  was
ap;1 tlnte i  . bamberlaln  by tho p
cared little for fhe honor.   lie did n t
oven tai... the troublo to open the lei
i              luted   that    tho  'J
1   ■"       1                     :   a
'■■a-'        Wi 1        1               :    1
\    K.  Ma
nl  Iluni    Ni
i.  died '1
1               a
\        [iri            a    '                                                       It.       Ill      Hill
'' a    .-■ .   i;; ,      ,           .,    :
i i  .  into  ten uci     .1     :   :
in id
Old Timo Itemed le»,
Strange as It may si ■ "
Ingredients of the wltcl
"Mi • beth," at  lensl  n part ol llu
wero .mei.. Btnn lurd r. I
Europeans.   I;i the tei  li and i       '
. * ai uries a  sot en Ign .   re I
i'. a r tbe swi *
that had been cl
John's eve, nn I a ■, ■ '
rhe .i.iaii. m was to I I
of ■ lothlng with  ;
stu. i. Into tbe fli •'. nl
a frog.   Physli lai    ■
mended the v, oter fi
for meal.-.I  ofToi tioi - 1
toad be rubbed ov. r
as a cure for the null
nlate bim
od, h iwever, as
with difficulty that he was persuaded
to leave bis retreat to go to Rome to
thank the pope.
Dnxiia of uii Bafteem,
"It Is proper to respect nn ofliee under the government," snld the patriot ie
citizen, "even if you do not happen
to approve of the mnn who holds it."
"Of course," answered Senator Sorghum. "It is to the oflleo that the salary nml perquisites ore attached, not
to the individual."-
Husband—My, but I wish I bnd your
tongue: Wlfe-So thnt you could' express yourself intelligently? Husband
—No; so that I could stop it when I
wanted to.
Oood breeding is the result of much
good sense, somo Rood naturo nnd a
little self denial for tbe suke of others,
"ilia :• coill'l '■    |n
th" Toronto \. • rli nr*, College. Me
graduated in 1890, nnri returned lo
Manitoba to practise    his prof,    h  ,.
local Ing   al    various      I im...,     |n     (',.,,■_
berry, Vlrdcn, Oak Lake and Ilrandon
He was iii tlie Wheal f.'ity al tho
time of the oul break of t ho South
African war. Another I.ml her held
the rank of sergeant-major iu the
lirst contingent, and this fact, combined with his naturally adventurous
posit i.m and his patriotism, drew
jvim toward enlistment. ||,, received
the non-commlseioned offlco of farrier-sergeant with Strathcona's
Horse. Within g p.\V weeks after his
arrival in South Africa lie wa.s pro-
moled to a lieutenant's commission,
through the illness of his superior officer. After SOOing months of service
Willi the now historic SI ra I hcona.
Horse. Mr. McMillan was I ransferred
to the commander-in-chief's bodyguard,   with   tho    rank  of   veterinary
Uaby'8 Own Tablots have a remarkable rocord. All over tho land
you will tind mothers who will tell
v,,tJ   this   medlcino   has   savod   the
lives  of  their   littlo   On08,     When   you
give    llaby's    Own    Tablets  to    your ,
children you  have u guarantee that
VOU   are    not.    Stupefying    them   with I
prisonous soothlns stuffs.   No other
medicine for children pives this
iintce,  and   no  other  medicine
cures   nil such   ills u.s colic
tion,    constipation,    dtarrl
teething troubles.   Tho Tablots   not
only curo these troubles,  but nn  oo- I
casional  doso   given    to u   Well  child
prevents them.   Mrs. O. A. Bawyor, !
^'"''''"rr' •   <iu" ■   says:    "l havo
used Baby's Own Tablets for mV
little girl nnd find thnt they nre the
vory hest. medicine I can giro her "
I ry tho Tablets for your children— |
they wil! not disappoint you. Sold
by medicine dealers or sent by mail
iit 25 cents,, |,ox by writing the Dr. I
Williams     Medicine    Co.,    Brockville,
Lottors i.r Iiifr, il irtloa-
I.'Men of introd
be worded  Iq  t  '
highly flattering term ,    '■   ;- ' ,
left   unsealed  aial   d.      I   '       !l l"'r>,
it Is embarrassing f. r tbe caller toi
liver them.   The letti r sl ' i|d ' :::,
introduce the bearer, i late tbnt lie *,
a friend and thai ; ay courtesy oiteni
terialnmont shown bim "i'i l,e gr'''
ly appreciated.
lioen     mid
Wlml, Indeed!
Tess-I   think    Belle   acted   rani j
shabbily In  breaking  ber oiigiU."'11^  I
to Jack Hllggiird. .less   Well, bfl "'"I
his arm.    Toss-But, H"'>'> ^"''l0
joss-Ves, good gracious!   What use »
a fiance with u broken nnn'l
Bate. .. ise
Merchant   (to   hawker)  fall   »
safety   matches?    why.  tbey
light at nill   Hawker -Well, wot con»
yer 'avo safer?
Silver money 250 years Oil
still tt
circulation in some parts Of BP»' '
Subject  to sinking spells—*-1,rers'"'
Philadelphia Telegraph. I fcuver aa
ll I 8 4 Q • a
Hi i?s£3
-   sa sl
■ 5- -***• r*   •    S* • ■ *■ •:-:=:::.: : : : = = ' ' : 2. ■ s- _5- • x* - - * ■     • y • : •    r- : ■ ■ -;
:*';i_::S::.::-:5:::::=-:~*-^^:=::r?--:::*§:*'^v:* = = ::--.:s::::::
■si:*-::: =•■■-■- B**B9»»,a.**s,-Bl::ii:*,5. ■>  sse   ■ "v	
;   <t;   5 ;  ;  .   ;  ;  ~ = •   s 3 "■*•*■■'—''   = .   *L -::*•*...:•:■  .-1 •"••:   -	
• «' — —      ■? - a -? —     i'v;^"-":'   i;      r s" ~ S; S      9_     *1 3  £ T      2 L     £      2 .*** fi      : ; 5      5      2      " 3 r- ir'    a* sf 5" 5 = £ E
5a £a      ;:::?     I-rr;; S *-* ■      — •      ** *-    3 fi H-r     22      -      -1=      2 "**: 2      = T & * 9     S A = - = t: ■=
! ~  — 3 x ~ x* 3       "*?!.#¥ ^      -       ^"'."T*        *2 C "  — 2 -       r***--"       •***»(» 3        "        _       ■ 9 *#' C        — KO f 2
---"■;    x —~ —~    _ - * : -*1 **      ~       *^: *-       *.     —. —   —      <-   -       *|       *"r s      • 3P *     i: —   w"
<=    =      •::**? x • :    =■*::    ?:     .     : -    '.5   : ■        3 j?   •*   8    -?: ' :     _: -, '■ ■ _.
: • 5    "* : : : "5   : ; : • * ' ; : •     -• • : :        :     : * : I   * S   ■     " : :     :'        9 i- ?: : =■
• * • i . .     a*t> . .. . ..... . -•. • ex        * . -5
...        .   •   ■    •   2       •    .    ;    .   *"      y   _        .'....        .    . .    ■    .   1 '    •    ; .-       ■ •    "    •    • ..-*••_
x  v x   v  x
w tc       —
x tc       w «i r x : -  " -
s»   x        C Sr
v v v -- i'. v      b b b b G      ;i
■ r> — *      m ss ss :s —      —
V   V   V
ts ~ s- —      t-
i ^ S - —     15 ^ - > --      **^Ij*r^':-I^r"-      ss ■*■ re e "as      ix      -^ re re —      cc
2 i"* ^ x Ss     3 ?, Ts x €     2 73 Ts § - x .-. .. M      ts rs :s M -      = =      -J * ss ts      ■>»-
k*:v     :iv     *-     v
2.1 -i c - = = = = = ■
- ■ </.
■  ti '
V X V V V V ■- ■. -. ■
1 t: r1      :.■* a. .. ss is — :
: — C SS X  . -
' -1 — S -1   s
ig ts- tj rs
^s  tc       tc tc tc ts -s :s -
5 o      iij
tC tC .tc tC  tC
-s -s rs -s   ;   .   ;   s-s      -.s rs rs ts is      ts tc      tc re ts tc      ts *s      *s      ts ts ts      ts ts ts      tc      ts      tc is tc tc      tc ts tc ts tc ts tc ts tc is »s i: is isi:   ui
sc   ct       *
•J  ^       S-ir ;-srs?^      C S K r a
sic      ;;.;s?^;s      rcs-.ee
-c s* sc »s sc ts ka s* :s
ts -s      c ts tc      z.
5-- =
■8     333" 3 3~~ ?25 -t -? ??     '-■     ?2?     ?     'i-2? 2 222 2 2 2S22
^"^ = 5*     1     - — r*     $     - _ ** a ?§5 S "2.3 »*« g
3 5 .   5* — — - J *f S
1 m      ■? 2. _   ' ■
■m    : = -j    :.-?*;
**    ;j^r::l        2
K 1 *■ *=      .   —
s ~ s      ■ s a
** z. < :  ".*«■?
vx    xvvxvv    xv    xx-. •. -V-. xxxxxxxx    x    >-*;x    --    xxxv    xxx    xxxxx. -.    r.. ~ \ r r rr   r   r   rrrrrrr'T »>••'*
ii        -    -    i*?S"        X %       ^.i — *Si-i»» — iiii.—        —       — Z.i       Z.       _ 2L 2t ?■       j,*.;       ^ •  .  . .  . .        -.C-,^:**.        **        x        xxxxxxx..     w..
tc   ~C        X
...-.-. jc        .  .-       -----   J        ..  .-  ■  -  r -; -r x       s*       -xx - 1      -s -:         . -    - -       -       s"*       s* -s       s* -   -   - ; -     : ...»
s   .- .*   . ..      .-   .      .-. 5* _ -. - c 1 -   i -      -      - - - .    . - -      .   - -      _ .. .    . ,. .- -      :       ; 7 -,   •      - : -        ...-•'
-c c      .....
.   .   . —•     — -- —
:   .  .- x      — ^ — :
-   -- ■-     ■-..-.   . a
58     5 ^ ; r ; .". s     2 $ S "• -i ^ v --*
X rs   x   £ X  *s
tC  NS
X   X
M **c *c =>s
rs >: K rs u K a: H      tc      m^~s      ^
>. H rs .>c       N tc 5C       ts tc tc tc nj *c m       MM M M Mu »^ ... as     a*--*
  t* r* ■* t- N *. m rs      ^      M      tctatstctc--•••• . -,_
x      xxxxxr^J;    ;;•"*■
= = s:5      ccc      scsiss;      fS§5?-ix      x      5      xxSxx^J--:
■ C»        M  —   ••■.
Sr>       c r* -s s s-> •
«       C  =  s* S C ;
SC m.        X —   t   s    .  -  .*.   S *s 3 < - < - -
■*»o      s*Ms*s^rs-r-cr-r»c*-s**sr*e
i S S    r s* S i' a _ _
** *> M ^ 5 ^j
5 5     E     9    »c 2 »c ~ ts -_■ ; -. --   : - 	
[lhe   at.
or IS CO (T. 30
tC td Ol Ul I
en hi   ,
wi-.     is is m i; i: ^      mumum     to io     t-      <-. _
■s* sa      co © *. oc ac co     * a^ :c i. c +. i. 4.     wotisui
- — •**        en^l^o
> © to Cn ©
in© to c e 5
oS oi coo
Ol -J *-* '
o oi en' 'HE     DRILL
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
S© Quick, So  Easy
.,\ v   LOSS   TO   Al'I'l.K auow-
,|i(, j,j,_.,11 winds nf tin* first four
[8 ,,i tho month blow down about
H thu winter apple crop in tho >,ia-
ra district before tli.' frull uns tua-
^ iim.s rendering it unfit tor
L,,i     IN     TIIKIIl    Al "I I.)N.-I'i,
I,    \ ,,|'i ituble   fills   I"'.'     voi'.v   mild
a Illl.'-
, i ion,   Thej   .In  not  cause itrlpitiK
i!,,,    i,iiiimi-!i    or    > uiir.-    dlstiirhunces
';   |    bo  many   |)illa  do       Therefore,
ost, delicate   enn    in!*.'  thi m  «itli-
_ i'i.ii  ol unpleasant   results. Thev can,
In. Hrimlnlstered  in  children without
.   the penalties  which  follow    tho
Hi   nol   sn carefully prepared,
nErd's Liniment for sale everywhere.
.„.ihcr Inforroallon   regarding   tho
i  ni tiie northwostarn    part   of
,. rung Province Ih of a reassur-
Hi-, says n  Pokip cablegram,
llfil ish   logatlon is of lho opin-
iimi   t hero is no cause for   any
CEYLON TEA is used, because the quality is
there. Sealed lead packets onl,y. Beware of
•substitutes,   By all Grocers.   Black, Mixed or
,     (,,.„   morbus,    crumps  mi,I    kindred
annually  make  their  appear-
■ i ,■   ...i mi-   Una'   08   I In'   '.">■    W' ai-
,'   '. :,a.-n fruit, cucuinliui'B, melons, etc
, i \   pel -fie are dehe rrod Irom im ' -
,',,',. ,. lempting  luul .. but   thej   n I
nlmtalu  ll  they  ll"''''   "'    •'    ''•   K»l*
Dysentery Cordial,  and  take a tew
?,s in water.   It  cures the cramps and
,ia in ii remarkable manner, and is
','. i,, check  ever*,   disturbance   <>i    Lhe
hli.. Russians aro reduced to donkey
, at  Port  Arthur.
1    ,.',. need Buffer   pain when they have
,,i,.,. Or Thomas' Eclectric Oil n
the houBe wben  required ll  can be
,,,,..) at the ni'iii.'si store, as nil
| ... |.,,.,.|, ii for sale. Rheumatism,
Ll nil bodily pains disappear when it is
mI, and should they at an> lime ro-
experience teaches  the  user of  the
0»  to deal with them.
\   r,   Aj losworth,  K.  C, Ims been
, ited to ,tln' Federal  Cabinet as
minister without norttollo.
are   a   number    of    variel Ies   <>
llolloway's   Cun   Cure    will    re-
,  ,      •   ol  theni     Call on yout    di mv
j        a gel  ;i  bottle a'  once.
Two mails will In* sen!   tu the   fai
I       during ila1 winter,
|t. oves nil hard, soft or calloused
ipi ami blemishes from horsey, blood
||.,iwn. curbs, splints, ringbone, Sweeney,
I-..' - s| niins; curea Bore end swollen
Riroat, coughs, etc. Savi* $60 by tin*
I-,- nt oni* bottle. Warranted the moat
1 ful   Blemish Cure ever known.
i territorial crop bulletin nsti-
•.., the « hi nl of lho 'I erritoi le ai
140,000 bushels.
Ijllnard's Liniment Cores Burns, etc.
■'    i       ■    .       I '.ill.'   I I '.   ,  ' |,.l    ' llfl'll
.;    V. : M *, I i '.-:> .
r,,-; n ,i si ■! i lot ■ i'ii I    Pn ■ n.
;,r.    Oct. 4.
' ■   '   ,       :     ivi	
I   ■   .   . bottles i      ) ■■■■'
S  1 IMMEN'l   . ■ d a
ine   i ;■ nl    [>1       ire  to
..■. i  ■    .  nre nl  !ii"'t': v
In    an>   \vn>   to further
.   ur \ il ... ■• '■■ mod cine.
A despatch from Toronto says that
;:'" dissatisfaction is felt among
numbers of tho Lord's Hay Alliance
at ih" decisiou In tho Kin-stun stroel
railway case, by which th,' company
';■ C0,"Pel ii run enrs on  Sunday.
An nt tempi   n«y I,, made (o rev. rse
" Ing Ijj  a.a i |i|,..,,1 io ., hlKhor
you must get your liver,
stomach and bowels right.
Beecham's Pills act like a
charm in setting you right.
The appetite of youth comes
with all its old relish after
using Beecham's Pills. Natural sleep is the result of a
short course of this famous
use Beecham's Pills. You
•will find a vigor and life
which adds zest to both
-work and play after using
Beecham's Pills. You -will
feel like a new person with a
clear eye, sweet breath and a
keenbrain. Toenjoylifetake
Prepared only by Thomas Bccchun, St.
tictrns, England.
bold rverywber* In Canada and U. S.
Amenta.   In boict, 23 cant*.
'J*he consensus of opinion   at    tho
peace conference in Huston  i.s that in
future pretexts for war must  be ar-
i ii rated
nard's Liniment Cnres Dandruff.
13)oi(    uiKM.Mtay  .nn  pauCoJOSop a.it.l
at Fort Krio a few nights ago; alno
the dwellings of William Meysnor and
William Coles.     Loss about thirti en
thousand dollars.
Manly Strength and Woman3>
Beauty*- depend on purity of the blood,
nml much of tlmt purity depends on perfect kidney filtering, If these organs are
diseased and will not perform their functions, man will seek in vain fur strength
nnd woman for beauty. South American
Kidney Cure drives out nil impurities
through the body's "filterers"—repairs
weak   spots.—40
l'l.i:\ll HEAD.—The high pressure of a
nervous life which business men of the
present day are constrained to live
maket draughts upon their vitality highly detrimental to their health. ' It is
"»l\ hj in,- na vi careful treatment thnt
they ure able to keep themselves alert
antl active In their various callings,
uianj ui theni know the value of I'arme-
l.'e's Vegetable l'ills in remilating ihe
stomach and consequently keeping ihe
head i lear.
Tho Athabasca Fish company hns
been organized to operate on Lesser
Slave Lake.
A despatch from St. .lulu's. Nfld..
Oct, 4, says; The French fishing
■schooner Alliance has been totally
wrecked, Her crow of fifteen mon
had only left the vessel (Ivo minutes
whon she sank, The French fishing
schooner Georges Paul is ashore at
Port au Hasquo, and will bo a total
wreck. Hur crew were thirty-six
hour; i;; the boats liofore they could
reach a placo of safety. It Is feared
thet other wrecks will bo ropoHed
when news of tho work of the ghlo
is received iroi^l moro rojnote sections.
S leschless and  Paralyzed. -
"I hnd valvular disease of the heart,"
writes Mrs. J. S. Qoode, of Truro, N.S
"I suffered terribly nnd was often speechless and partially paralysed,   One dose oi
Dr. Agnew's Cure for the M.'.ut cave mc
relief, and before I finished one hottlo I
was aide to go about. • To-day I am u
well   womnn "—43
A daily mail between Winnipeg and
arroad i.s in operation,
Ffaafr8 '.iitiment Relieves Neuralgia.
Mrs,  Den m an   Thompson,   wife    of
the  ai'tiir,   died   at     her    hum.-.    West
lewanzcy,  N.  ll., Oct, 2.
Lever's   Y-2   (Wise   Head)   Disinfectant
Soup   Powder   is   better  than   other   pow-
i   it   i.s   both   soap   and   disinfect-
■ ant
j    Canada  captured  the  leading  agricultural  prizes at the World's Fair.
Twitching Muscles and Sleeplessness. - The hopeless heart sickness
that BSttles on a man or woman whose
nerves are shattered by disease can best
be pictured in contrast with a patient
who has been in the "depths" and has
been dragged from theni hy South
American Nervine. George Webster, of
Forest. Ont . says: "1 owe my life to lt.
Everything else failed to cure "—44
Mamma — Uu
groedj I., .v Is,
"Yes, mamma.
boj .   'cause ho
you know what a
I ouimy?" Tommy—
.lulinny  is a   greedy
wants   everythlna   I
Chicago wheat operators now desire continuous quotations of Winnipeg opt ions.
i 'anon Quellel: •■.   sti| t rior
seminary of St. i lynci  I he  ' in.
iddonly at   an  ■ nrl.v  In
.1 iy   morning.    He  was   in   his
\ ■ ar.
. died
Do you catch cold easily ?
Does tho cold bang oa ?   Try
itch  from  Cartersville,  Ga.,
•'  six men bavo bi. n bu I
i" thnt place, Tho de id
P. Morgan, owner of tho
d five of his employ. • -.
itching,    Burning,   Skin   Dis-
lenses,   uured   for   Thirty-five
|Ci,nt:i      ],r Agnew's Ointment relieves
"i.e    dnv,     nnd    cures   'letter.      Salt.
■ ni. Scald    lleud.    Ectema,   Barber's
i    -is.   Blotches  and  all  eruptions
I - '.in    it is soothing and quletine
■ like  moglo   in   lho  cure  ol    all
I   ' ■  i imors.   :i5c.—17
Cons^jiirapti on
C^re *fficL-uns   i
It cures  thc most stubborn kind
of   coughs   and   colds.     If   it
doesn't curo you, your money
will be refunded.
Prices: S. C. Watts & Co.   203
V-c. 50c. $1    LeROT, N.Y.. Toronto, Can.
'   VI
in'.l'l IX
i •
Trea to
■    1 ► - - • -: i
.. ■ t   ol
■         '          '         ■
'a'      IC
■     '      1
lull    ll
V,   T
,;'   Boston
i    * ' ;T,
■<r »i  n> .■K.^te'cKarjLiiaaL.grj.iewsiLauW
doctors first prescribed
Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral over
^ years ago. They use it
loJny more than ever.   They
[cly upon it for colds, coughs,
bronchitis, consumption.
J hey will tell you how it
heals inflamed lungs.
-." I h»il .i Terr bnd cough for three »o»ri.
"'in I tvtort Ayer'iOhBiTT l"«otor»l. tfyioro
""an woroioun healed and Bjrcoucb dropped
■M. I'i abl IItdb, Qottirlo Centro, Is.
, ,„.■>*■»*.. Jl.uo. ,i.r. atsrio.,
1 - :«-__-_ for JBi
Old Coughs
Jno .-.•';•■ j f,|„ at bodtlrriB tnsuros
natural  actlcn   rio.-.t  mornlngr
Removed by ilie New Pr n   I '*>
Be 91Uracte
It is liotter than e'.eotricity, became
ltdoosnoti are.': roduce a now growth.
llettor tlian X-ray, because it, doee not
burn, scar or paralyse the tiksues under
the skin, Hutier tlmn depilatories,'because it ii uol. poisonous ; therefore,
„ i^:ll not cause blood poisoning, or
produce eczema, whioh is so common
v ith dopilatorii -. and dooi nol b k
olf .lo hair, thereby Increaiing its
groti th.
Electrolysis, N ray or depilatories are
•-:i'ere«l y.i'u oa Uie bare woi I of the
loperaton and manufaoturers. DB
' VIIRACLB is not. It tothe only met) od
; which in indorsed by physicians, lur*
geoni, dermatologists, medical journals
land prominent magazines.
DB MIRACLE will i'n mailed to any
address, sealed in p!;iin wrapper for fl.
Vour money back without question it it
tails to dooll that i.s claimed for it.
Our booklet — the most complete
treatiso on Superfluous Hair ever published—eontninine the teHtimonials ef
numerous physicinos and surgeon* and
those of hundreds oi others-will bo
sent freo, in plnin, sealed cnvelepe,
upon request. Write for it to-day to
Qukkm Street \Vi:st, Toronto, or
by Mail
Customers ^ over Canada tell us that our Mail
Order Department lias
meant to them added convenience and lessened cost
Tho fifty.yellr reputation ol
pur store assures satisfaction to mailorder purchase rs
of jewelry, watches. aiWer-
mr; stationer}'. **£■
Our complete catalogue will
gladly be sent oa requett.
IIS to 124
Yonje Street
'll:' largo barn   belonging   to    tl
provincial  asylum   nt  West   Selkirk
A    despatch   irom   Wichita,   Kun.,
,*,:i\s:   Mrs.   Carrie    Nation  nnd   three
Unr... causal  iii"   ruosday afternoon,   other women  broke two large ,plate
md   was  ilest I'oyed.    The  loss  will   he   glasa   windows   in   n   wholesale  supply
nhout   $5,000,
All   th.
animals   were  Company's warehouse a tew days ago.
They uro In inii.
Pale, Weak and
Languid Girls
lt is to Your Best Interest to Know about the
traorclinary Restorative Powers of
Dr.   Chase's    Nerve    Food.
Used in H.B.K. Mitts, Gloves
and Moccasins—tough as whalebone, flexible, soft, pliable, scorch-
proof, wind-proof, boil-proof,
crack-proof, tear-proof, rip-proof,
cold-proof, almost wear-proof—
certainly the greatest leather
ever used in mitts and gloves.
Like buckskin it is tanned
without oil, unlike buckskin it is
not porous, it is wind-proof—will
Outwear three buckskins.
"Pinto" Mitts and Gloves
never crack cr harden, never get
sodden, are always warm, pliable,
soft ami comfortable.
Dr. Chnse's Nerve Food forms
new, rich hlood, creates new nerve
force nnd actually adds new flesh
nnd weight, When you have read
the letter quoted below we Believe
that you will he satisfied that thla
is the very treatment you need.
Uiss Lena lliebei't, Lowe Farm,
Man., writes:—"I hiul suffered for
two years with dizzy spells, pains In
the back, old hands and feet, nervousness, jerking <>f the limbs. Bore
tongue, Bareness of arms and shoulders,  and  general  exhaustion,    About
seven months nfio I became so nervous that I could not rest or sleep,
and could not do the least hit of work
without Buttering dreadfully irom
pains, in lhe bnck. 1 could hardly
walk, could eat very little, and felt
that people wero always Watching my
body twitch.
"I tried several medicines with little effect, nnd was a mere skeleton o.
skin and bono about to give up in dis-
pair when I heard of Pr. Chase's
Nervo Food, nnd began using it. I
havo used in all fourteen boxes of
this preparation, and it has built nie
up until   I am now strong   uud well
|ae;ain. Dr. Chase's Nervo Food has
done me a world of good, and I feel
that I cannot recommend it to hi^h-
i iy to  persons  who  sutler as I have."
Mrs. Welcher, wifo of Conductor
Welcher, of the G, T. It.. 147 Congregation Street, Montreal, Quebec,
stat.es:—"My daughter was not. at ail
woll, su,. had no appetite, wns pale
nud weak, her nerves were unsl rung
and at times she Buffered a great
deal from headaches, I tnt her n box
ot Dr, Chaso's Nerve Food and .vnce
tho use of tins treatment for some
time she has been thoroughly restored to health, 'lliis preparation has
given Iit a good appetlto, Bhe has a
much better color, and is stronger
and healthier In every way. Ur.
Chuse's Nervo Food certninly is tha
best tonic which we have ever had in
tho house."
Dr, Chase's Nerve Food, flO cents i»
box, at nil dealers, or Kdtnanson,
Hates it Company, Toronto. To protect you against imitations tho portrait and signature of Dr. A. \V.
Chase, tho famous receipt book author, are on every box.
Wo solicit your business. Will make earnest efforts to get g*ood
results for you.  Liberal advances on   bills of lading,  and balance promptly
paid  when grain is unloaded.  Let us   hear from you.
KKFEKENCE—Bank of Huini.ton, Exchange Branch.
DONALD MORRISON & CO.,   ommlsslon.        " '   ,fa       "iNNIphG, MAN.
Thomas law.       ship Your Grain to       williamlaw.
Wo hnndlo grain  strictly on commission.    Highest  Prices  obtainable.
Liberal advances.   Trades carried on margins in  Winnipeg's futures.
Correspoudenc* solicited. *
HlFriiE oLUst SSS
Consign jour grain to me and get proinjit service, careful attention,
land highest market prioes,        q     ^ 5^8 KM S,/'     DRAWER*!
I Reference-UNION BANK cf CANADA.   ••£&«   V ft"' I Ina i\,       1300.
IT !5 AN EASY MATTER to  Bell   a   lar^    lot   of   wheat   at  a
—i -,—... ..,-,—                  ,. better   price   than   a   single   car   will
bring.    If you  v,ill  ship your  wheat   to    us    wn    will  sell  it  with  many
other  cars  either  locally   or   in   the Bast, and you will get from J-cent   ti
1 cent per bushel  more  lor  it than if you sold it on track nt your station.
Wo hnvo had 17 years' practical experience    in    the    grain   business.
This,  also,   is  worth   -*oi;ietliiiig   to you.
Graiu Exchange, Winnipeg.    REFERENCES: Any Batik or Commercial
Sold at all dealers but never without this brand:—
Through  a i.'t-ict!y
r WHEAT, OATS AN!) FLAX c™,,,,:^., e,rm.
Wo handle strictly on co uml *>on  therefore  can   give  every  intention
to   cur   shipments,   nnd   will   obtain   the  best   pries  for same.   We  will   be
I'pleased to answer enquiries reprices, shipping,  etc.     If VOU  have grain
'to ship or sell do not fail to write  tor mir "Way of Doing Business," aa
111 OMPSON, SONS & CO., Tiie taiission Kerduuits, Winnipeg.
FAHMF.U9 will find it to their advantago to consign their GRAIN tc
ROBERT MUR & CO., Winnipeg
WFIO paV httficst prices snd make prompt ri*tnrr.s. Advances m«d» oa
eonsigmnemta. CorraspondwM solicited, established 1880. Raferaocs—
Union bank of Canada 	
•~——■-"*: " ■—.lSZ~~vxr~—-?tL?''-.J..? J'.*-   ' ggBBfMBBg .1 i'~. I SB—
I -i'i,,. new lec-brcaking steamer
Montcalm, whieh Is Ijeiiu? built for
the Canndiaii Governmeni by Fleming v*; Ferguson, of i'alsley, Scotland, has beon complotod, and is
l*en*dy for delivery one month ahead
,,,- tii,, contract ume. Throughoui thc
winter she will in* employed to main-
sain communication between Klvioro
uvelle and Murray Day,
._ ■■/■
ff C
Orslu l:i tar lots bought op track or «.-*!<! on commission. Kcnsonsbla
.dv"."-'.ti mm',* Prompt return . Correspondenca solicited. Itofereucw
■*i-v  VanV  ic  W ni'.peg
: ,
t.j i... j .....
Thsra It notlilns lilt" Sunllc*.* Soap for Houieliold Utcnslli.
When you have to use hard water it is not an easy maitet to wash
household utensils. To do good washing you should have enod soap
and soft water (rain water). If you use hard water you must have
good soap, and the best soap you can get is Sunlight Soap because it
softens the hard water and makes a copious creamy lather. Use Sunlight Soap for all household purposes and the results will surprise you.
***r •?■* (j aUjajaaj
Sunlight Soap washes ike clothes whiit without injuring the hands.
*$lt_l%aLJ+     *   1'oRTAm.r
'Ohio Gasoline Engines'
rV(£ nnd   STATIONARY   for   CHOPPING and
rl WOOD SAWING in fU>ck k'» all times,   Wt
,y: ;r: \.,j'   . enn nhip nt B diiy'u notice.
\\ :it" us for Prices nnd Cntulosjuo.
v-.-:    Burridgc-Cooper Co^ Ltd., Winnipeg, Man.
Henry Avenue. East.
.'i*s'; *■
Few Flies last year
No Flies this year
801 l.l'Tui*  is DBAD.
Frederick   Auff-aste    tlartholdi,   the
.■ tilpior, nnd deslfrnor of tho Statue
of I Iborty in New Vork harbor, died
On i ICl     I.  iti   Paris.
Pleasant  mt a\ rup; nothlnn enuali it aa
In   worm   tiwtllclnei    the  nat -   Mother
Iciravra'  Worm  Exterminator    l in* great*
worm deal roj t r of tho age
Tha' \ illai'e of tiloiisl-. In Southern
llussla, lias i.een wiped out l.y Are
Fivo   hundred   families   am   without
shell.'I'  Or  food,  and    an    appeal    MUI
been  mado   to   St.   Petersburg   ior
\rmf    IM    VJ    IMo    SC2
■ n
!   4
I     '!'■■
C. E. Smithkiuxoai.!;, Editor and Prop.
IS PillU.lSHi:l) ItVKItV  I'lllDAY AT
SLOCAN,      ....      B. C.
Legal Advertising 1° cents a line for
the lirst insertion and b cents a line eat li
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same ratce
aa legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is if- per yonr, st icily in advance; 12.50 A year il not so paid.
Address nil letters to—
Slocan, B, (
KiiiToin.vi.  ciKirri.Mis.
The Nelson News says Laurier last
week captured Toronto, Funny that
lie should decline the Grit nomination
ill South Toronto.
If the Liberals are the trueoham-
pions of workingmen, how is it the
toilers are nominating candidates to
oppose their nominees.'
Liberals lioust, iheir economy in administering the affairs of the country,
yet it is a fact that the per capita debt
of Canada is twice that of the United
Since tlu* Liberals assumed government control at Ottawa, public expenditures have increased 838,000,000
n year and the annual taxation enlarged 122,000,000.
The Grand Trunk Pacific will add
nt least $150,000,000 to the national
debl, and this to benefit a private
company, if Canada can afford to
build that road for private gfin, she
can afford to build and operate it for
public benefit and profit.
Kootenay Grits strained their nerves
last week by worrying over the whereabouts of Chas. Mackintosh, the Tory
candidate. Theii1 nervousness increased when they learned lie had
been for .several days quietly but effectually pipsecuting bis campaign in
the north end of the district.
American producers send $150,000,-
ooo worth of goods into Canada a
year. Why do not the Liberals enunciate ii policy* that will encourage
-Canadian industry to supply the Canadian market? Conservative policy is
to encourage and protect home manufactories, not to fatten foreign capitalists.
Lilierals bave ever been opportunists. Onee it was unrestricted reciprocity with the L'nited Slabs for
them; then ii was free trade; then a
preferential tariff; and now vide
Premier Laurier's speech al Sorel it
is a re-arrauging,«f the tariff in order
to protect home industries, Consort
Btives, on thr other hand, for the pnsl
20 years, have stood stedfnst on the
platform of the National Policy- a
straight policy of protection with no
Alexander  Mackenzie   years   ago
wanted a national   highway built and
operated by and for the people, and
Iiis Liberal friends turned him down.
Minister Blair recently wanted lii-
Liberal confreres to build and operate
tho Grand Trunk  Pacific for the pen
plo. ami In-, t  w;is turned down,
Rather than counted nice a compnuj
getting the road, Blair resigned from
the cabinet, and St. .lohn was lost to
the Liberals, Government ownership
is not one of the principles of Lib. ml
Notwithstanding the columns of
editorial twaddle in the Nelson News
ol Sunday Inst, Tin. Dbill persists iu
its "enthusiasm" and reiterates the as
s.'i'tion that it is the settled purpose
of the Conservatives, if elected, to
build a national mad and operate il
for tbe p.nple. All public speakers
of the party are enuueiating that poi
icy. ami Hon. Mr. Borden's statement
to Sir Hibberl Tupper confirms thul
belief. Por the New. to •.,.,.;. t,, deny
it is to simply distorl the truth. At
no time have Conservatives uvor stated
they would  build  the  roatl   for can
pany exploitation,   Their policy is
clearly and emphatically for govern
menl ownership and operation,
In another column will bo found
the Conservative polici on Iherailwnj
question, ns onuncii led by tlie part,;
leader,   Hon.   R,   I..  Bord in.   Thai
policyistobuilda Iran ilinental line
In public monies and i i. It in
the interests and for the benefit of the
people. Building operations shall
commence on each section so soon as
the surveys are completed. Contrast
that clear-cut policy with the makeshift affair of tho Liberals. They purpose building a road with public
monies and turning il: over to a private
company, who will operate lie line
nol to benefit the public but to enrich
lli.ir shareholders. Nor do the Liberals purpose building at both terminii
simultaneously.but only whore it nmy
suit them* Where will British Columbia profit by that arrangement?
Support the Conservative policy and
protect your own province,
Pay up your subscription.
Camborne iw to be lighted by electricity.
For first-class bread go to J. If
Vancouver claims to have a population of'15,000.
Born.   On Oct. 15, the wife of Wm.
Cameron, of a son.
Transfer barge No. 14 Is lieing' repaired at Rosebery.
W. D. McGregor left on Saturday
on ;i visit to Victoria.
Wm, Sicks has opened the Lemon
creek hotel for bl!  iu<".s.
Appended is n complete list of lhe vai
ions records registered atthe local regis
try office, H. P. Christie being rqihinj
Oct 12—Golden Rod, 1st n f Lemon, I
I; Dickinson
\i & U,on Exchange mountain, Ron
Ed. Auftrignou, New Denver's tonsorial artist, was here Tuesday.
License Inspector Black, of New
Denver, was here over .Monday.
Col, Lowery has moved the Led/re
and plant from Nelson to Fernie.
Nelson council have undertaken to
run the street railway in thnt city.
On next Friday evening will take
place the annual ball of the [.O.O.F.
C. Schnffner left for his old home
in Nova Scotia Saturday, to be gone a
Returning Officer Boultbee was in
town Wednesday, posting his proclamations.
The Liberals have opened committee rooms on Main street, next the
barber shop.
Two Sisters were here Inst week
collecting for the Orphans'Home at
New Westminster.
The Glob" hotel, tit Trail. wa.8 destroyed by Bro on Friday night, causing ii loss of 8100 ).
New Denver peoplo have petitioned
th • government for a trail from that
place 11 Rosebery.
T. A. llearii, nn uncle of J. Wafer,
has been nominated ns the Conservative candidate iu Gaspe, Gil**.
Shatford & Oo.'a building has beon i
moved down to i!;o corner of Delauei i w-»
ave and is being set into place HtH M(l   \)2.tS.
A. French; supt., Capt. Trethewey.
Operations are being continued at the
mine, new buildings going up. and the
tramway extended. It is also intend
ed to eiect a concentrator at the mine.
Another meeting will bo held next
month to complete re-organization.
Enlarging Their Hoi.linifB.
Thos. Noble and associates, of Pittsburg, owner;-of the Ottawa, are enlarging their interests in the country,
having secured 100.000 shares in the
May and .lennie sold mine, on '4.9
creek, below Nelson. Manager McPhee of the Ottawa has been inspecting the property for his people, and
he says it is a good one, with large reserves of ore.
Silver Quotations.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during Un
week since last issue:
Thursday    r>J" cents
Friday..'     B7s    "
Saturday    578   "
Monday     B73    "
Tuesday    •"■'•'»    "
Wednesday    58|    "
Another Smelter Sohenio.
Slocau seems to be in fashion for
smelter schemes just now. Word came
down from Sandon this week, from an
authoritative source, thnt a leading
concern operating in the upper camp,
will erect n lead smeller here nexl
spring, being attracted hither by tht
dry ore,    Believe il if you like,
Nothing makes a more
charming gift for
"My ladye faire"than
a silver-mounted perfume bottle.
No. 14706 is .special value at
$•,.50, It is »t' clearest crys.
tai tlass. ornamented with
open pauern In alerting silver deposit,
Distance is annihilated
when you order of us
by mail. Catalogue
sent on request.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.,
Do not go  past its door wh
you are dry, weary or hungry,
For Sale
a/t -Et .]3a,:rga,i:ri.
One Child's Iron Cot, brass mounted, lar<?e
size, originally cost $15; can be bought for $n,
One Baby's Combined Carriage and Go-Cart,
with handsome silk shade; originally cost
$22.50, can be bought now for $12.   .   .   ,
Notice toDeliwntCo-owner Apply at Drill Office,
Slocan, B. C.
'o.ToltnJ. Banfleld and J. M. McGrr-gor,
ni- to Rny perBon or persona to whom
they may nave transferred their Bev-
oral interests, in whole or in part, In
the Black nmi White Beauty Fractional mineral claim, situated nenr
tin* head of Lemon creek, and recorded
in tin* Reco id cr's office for ihu Siocan
City mining division.
You   aro hereby notified that 1 hnvo
nused  to he expended the sum of one
nindred nnd two dollars and fifty cents
14—Sohoine, on Dayton hill, M Pound,   in lalior nnd improvementa on tlio above
a mentioned mineral claim   in   order  to
absessmh.n'TR. hold snid claim under   the  provisions of
Oct JO—Aurora. Aurora fraction.        | tke Mineral Act; snd if within OOdava
from the dnte of thia notice you full, oi
refuse, to contribute your proportion ol
sue!: expenditure,together witli nil costs
11— a"-l(iran Prince for tlire« yeur*!.
12— Mny-ata, Louisville.
13—Monterey, A  1! C tr, I  Wonder,  of tulvertifutifr, your   interests  in  said
Alford, Aggie, Biloxie, Alma ii, Algiers, t'inim "ill become tho property of the
Flyette. subscriber,  tinder section -I of nn  Act
; ;—  entitled "An Act to iiinenil the Mineral
>Y    *.• , Act, 1900."
.s.tJOiuIC'^s Dated at Slocnn, B.C., thia 3rd dayof
  OWber, A. D. 1904. ... .
Tlie pnttnership heretofore  existing 7-9-0*1 ERIC LEMIEUX.| j JnlLL
between   11.   M.  Thorbuni  and   V   .1. '   ™   " "
Fletcher, as Hotelkeepers, of tho  Vic-1 ~
ti.ii.'i Ifotel, Silverton, B. ('., is thia day
dissolved,  by   mutual consent,   II.  M.
Thorbuni   collecting nil account! an I
pnving .'ill bills.
Dated, Silverton, B. C, O.t.Tth. 10M
^   A FIRST-CLASC STOCK.   .   .    55
Sfc-   REAGCNA3LE PRICES.    .     .    5S
Witness: J>. Gkaxt.
II, M.THOBIUTKN   j-»-»-o-» ♦ «> »
**tri' t>*** * X <■•>♦♦*>♦♦*.        i
I /
• ,-_i_.\. l~- —~ X
r ^.-tc^mzrasx-^a..~n,rjux.
Tressed May,
J ho Koisterer nnd Castle breweries, t
ntNelson, have beon purchased by a   \\  Comfortn
local syndicate, principally hotel men. | Strathmore   Trading1   Co., j |      Dining Room Service and the     ♦   j
liu.Mvi.it 551,
\ ,
#      •
C'iip;. McLennan nssumed .command
of the Slocan on Saturday, Capt. McKinnon leaving the same dny for Nelson,
The railway between here and Lemon creek is being put iti first-clnss
condition, new'ties being put in all
Provincial Assessor Lucns purposes
li tiding u courl ..f revision hero shortly, to ut mmodnte the ranchers in the
Slocnn valley.
The Nolson fair association lias ."i7."i
members and nhout ?"(K) in the treasury. Tho recenl exhibition was a
great success in every wny.
Ald.Madden got buck Monday from
ii wofk'M trip lo Tii mt l.iiKo. \itt Ainsworth nnil Poplar. He reports that
e luntry "iill Bame Slocan."
A* ;i resull ..f th** recent sale of delinquent lands hold at Kaslo, the Oro
townsite as well as that owned by *i.
Lnwrei ce, both on Lemon creek, huvo
roverted to the government,
Postmaster McVannel gol   moved
Into the new postoflice, in the Siruiii
ers' building, Mondny night,     li is
neatly fitted up and is a decided im-
pr ivemenl over the old place.
Cwa/fhl I., ii CuTe-ln,
John Binish hnd a raarvellou i i a
capo from death last Thin lay al tho
Ottawa, lb* \\.i i working in a atope
and noticed Bome shaky ground, bul
.ui trying it with a i>iel; il seemed to
lie all right. Hardly had be gol back
io ih.' face before tbo ma*^ feil,crush-
in.L,' him again t tho wall ninl burying
bim uiih rock to the shoulders. Bfnisli
yelled fornssi tnnceund three or four
mon rushed to his help, \\ hon dug
i.ul Binish wns fouud to be cavorod
with bruise from his bond lo hi** foot,
hi* Injuries being vory painful. Help
ivns summoned from town nnd J. Hie
wont up after tho injured mnn, the
latter haviug a painful trip ovor lho
road. Arrived nl the hospital Dr.
'' ide t xamined Binish, bul found no
Ina ies broken, though the bruises
wi re severe.   Ho had a closecnll,
Molt** l.Hindu Iti-Un;,,,,!,,.,!.
l/.'isl ivi ek a mooting was hold in
Nels .ti for the purpose of ro orgnniz-
iu"- the nffairs of the Molly Gibi on
Mining Co., operating on   Kokanee
cr. .■. .   It  win dacidi .1 to go uli. nd
••   li ll    i iit in ■   i. in" lho compmn
i| Itnli  ition ol J2,(X)0,00 I,  Pros . i
tl lie • .I Ihr .mui ' iy .,,,.. pj*eSi) \\ _
Pur iw II: vie . (',,1. i\u\ •   ,.,, :■■  ,
Calgary, Alberta.
Dealers in Rnlod Hay, etc., otc. Prompt
Shipment,  Hest Quality,  Lowest
Prices, Satisfaction Guaranteed.
\l'rit* us Tor Quotation*.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner •
f 1
>le Ro ims.   K.itisfnctory   t   .'-J
* titning Room service and tlie      ♦    I
* Best of   Everything  tit tho   Har.  1 \'A
I - |||
***»*****<,*******»***** ***
♦   Ij,' |i
To Elmer J, Felt, or to auy person or
persona to whom ha muv have transferred hin interest, in whole or in \<:
in lhe Skylurk und Ranger min
claims,situated hetween the first north
lurk nl' I.**iiuin creek .'.nd hu;. ton creek,
and recorded m the Slocan City mining division of Weat Kooti nay district:
• a* X a. 11^. • ■
Mrs. A. Mason, Pro?.
You nn* hereby notified thnt I,Noah
I". McNaught, F.M.C. No, B65112, have
expended the sum ol two hundred and
five dollars in labor and  general   improvements upon the above mentioned]
claims, In order   t" hold snid   mineral
claims under the | rovia mis of the .Mine- !
ral Act., and If within 90 days from  the
dato of thia notice yon fail or rofuso to I
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together wi th all costs of advertising, your interest in   caul claims
will  become  the  properly ol the auh-
acriber, under  section four of an net en
titled "An Act  to amend  tliei Mineral
Act, 1000."
Dated thia 13th day of August, IfKM.
10 i 04 NOAH I■'. Mi V\: '.ll'l
Certificate of Improvements
I Wondir, Aricle, Alii \ R, Louih
\ ii.i.i:. Biloxie, Aooie, Alkord,
M\'.:i.\   Praction.il.  .\   r. C
l''i;V Tl>iX il, Hurvev Fn \l TIOS
ai,, M •.', eta, Biloxie Fra< tiox*
AL, Fl.V•:ti'I-:.Ai:i.'I.i. Fractoxal,
wn Aloierh Miner il I laws.
Bituato in the Slocan City Mining Division of Weal Kootenay District,
Whore located : Al head of Til Uia-
] SO C k, near < Ulaua Mine.
TAKK NOTICE thai I, William Alexander Mni'donal I. freo iniiier's certlll-
onto Na H81700; acting m Bgeni for
•\. li, Coleman, i'i<* ■ minor's certifl-
oato 'ai Bl i801, Intend, sixty dat -
fron the date hereof, |o upply to
the Mining Recorder or certificates
of Improvements, for the purpoae
of obtaining Crown Grants of the above
And further tu Uo notice thai a ition,
oiuler section 87, must be commenci d
before ilu* Isauance of audi cei t iflcati .• of
llited tl :-    'ih 'lav of October, 1001
Headquarters for traveling men
Large, airy rooms
*~********t**** ************
An arrangement hxc> been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
I5r,l  111,,,!-
riven  in  tin-
It \ IK*. S3 per liny : with
■miiplu nmin., SQ.no, S|,..-
I'lnl rate* to «i>-n<lv linariloi'l
\\$2.50 fora Yea
fi f*>f
'is.  \
j •»
Arthur Street, Slocan
J. A. Anderson
Mill on Ml   A    -,|  \ I IONJ-K,
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
I^ATlWi Rogiilnr vubnnrlbfira,$] jut moutli
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I). 15. O'Neail, Sec
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'I'fi -oil frui' ina,... raapbarr*r,upognberry nml
I    Durrani bu iinn, etc.
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Toronto, Ontnrlo
•-..It.   v\iii   mnke   nrrnnjfAtnentJ. f*>r local
- for ill.- tinndllna of oicIiinIvo tnrrt
l'. N, CO
The Queen's
Hotel —**-*^
l, 0, i l.Aiu.i:. riioi'lilEToB
RATBUi   M.OO rrn r> i*
Firat-claaa Dining Itoom
l.i.i'c.'iia.l Comfortable D ■**>* i
Siimplai niforComnnrcinl mm J
Nelson, 13. C.        \
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire antl Accident
Abstracts of /Mineral


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