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The Slocan Drill 1903-10-09

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„ 1V„ Ne- •*•
SLOCAN,   B.   C.,; OCTOBER   9,   190:..
The Best Canned Goods
are the best value, no matter what the
price Is. We have the famous Simcoe
brand of canned Fruits and Vegetables,
and our price is as low as you pay for inferior goods ,
We hav* others if you should want them.
J an i 03-
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
li reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
iLr li ngton    Hotel,
L. n. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
This popular hotel is convenient to tlie boats nri'l trains.   The dining room
bitrUlly up-to-eate while the bni' is supplied with the best in the uiarket.
D A TiCC •   TrtfsMlHng men, using Sample Uisoins, $2.5p per tiny •
A/i I EZtJ •    wlthPtil Sample fti**otm, fl: hoard $■-* per week- menjs jn ■
Having "-ecured premises on Main streot, we aro prepared to
hatn.llo all kinds of Garden Truck, Farm  Produce, and LJatrj
Products, and aio open te receive shipments from any of the
iiitioh(.rs ia Slocan Vail*.*'. A full stock will ho kept on hand.
Householders will lx* supplied dally with treshagcods by wai*un.
PRICES REASONABLE.   Will handle in quantify for u-inc*.
Commisfion Agents,
Slocan, British Columbia
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
I ltl>M CKKKK.
Sloan liuilslhsir, lo lse lie-fed ste to the
Stroet-Baeteraers Want to rsitlts nn
KleetrlQ 1.1 thi. plant utssl Wuls>rwoi-l<*
Byttem—Tarn^c) iiowh.
All thu members of the'city council
were present at Monthly night's meeting of ths city council, liefore the
minutes were rend, Chairman Smith
extended the congratulati'ims of the
aldcrmanic board to Aid. Woideu upon his recent marriage, for which tiie
latter returned, his Hticcre thanks on
behalf of Mrs. Worden and for. hitn-
s,-,lf. .     *■■••"    i
Communications read: From the
Ontttrio-Slocati Lumber Co.,requesting
oity to protect their property from the
CJtvages of Springer creel., as per
From the Bureau of Provincial Information. Victoria, asking the number of liquor licenses issued here.
Answered mid .filed.
From City .Solicitor Jovand, stating
t'i it the city Lad uo authority to ia-
terfere with Springer creek by diverting the stream from its original channel, and advising council to get permission from adjoining property owu-
?rs to change thi channel. Either
that, or seek to get th* statuta*. alterod
conferring necessary authority.
From the city solicitor, asking if
tlm council was prepared to entertain
an offer from an eastern party to instal
aa el-ctric light plant and wati'rworks
system in Slocau.
From the dvpartment of education,
enclosing cheque for Bchool grant of
?2'.)->..75. La t (pun-tor it was $3-11.21!.
Letter filed'.
The clerk reported S050in the buik
with no notes and practically no out
standing debts.
Aid. Arnot moved that tho clerk
write Frank Fletchi r at Nelson, ask-
tng permissioa to pile Springer creek
in front of his lots in blocks 1 antl i*.
.-wi outlet! by Aid.WoidoU an.l earned
Letter from iiii'lcjrnpanv w die taken
up and discussed. Aid. Wordt a and
lee ter finally moved thst tlia* clerk
notify tli*' company tint tlie (ity i:i
tended to proceed with the j*iot,*--ti e
irorks on Springer creek so soon as
ih.-. necessary permi -**i."»'.i were obtalu
Carded nnd
of it 100 oz, and tlie whole will average
50 oz or better. With two shots ou
Friday night fully 12 tons of ore was
knocked down, filling the drift almost
to thai ronf plates. Tho big chute has
every indication of continuing. In the
breast of the drift, also, the ore streak
is improving. The lessees havo about
a carload of ore sacked up and by
Christmas will easily have four carloads available. Shipping will commence so soon as rawhiding will permit.
Prtee Wiener* 1st the iiitTssresst Coistc.t.
1-s.isi Weok.
Last Thursday and Friday the
members of tho Slocan Rille Association held their annual matches oa the
riverside range. A changeable light,
t'lgethm* with a variablo wind and intermittent showers, made it impossible
to pile up good scores. \V. S. Johnson carried off the corporation cup for
keeps, having woe it twice in three
yexrs, ns stipulated by the donors
Below will be found results of each of
tlie several matches:
Corporation Match  -200,500 and (TOO
\V. S. Johnson, cup and $5  75
Geo. Nicliel, box cigars from D.B.
O'Neail aud SB  72
Jas. McVicar, tinware by II. Robertson and $2  72
R. MeFarlane, sack potatoes by
Philpotsfc Co. and $2  71
.    25
W^-   A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   3
^   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   ^
We carry a full line of
Imported Worsted**,
Serges and Tweeds.
Latest designs shown
in Panting*.
A Guarantee is Given
as to Fit, Finish and Work     „ -
jg Gents' Furnishings Selling at Cost B
The stock of the late A. Da-fid is offered for sale at 2%
cost.       It comprises Top Shirts, Underwear. Ties, go
C-ollars, Working (Clothes, etc., etc.       Como early H
and get yeur choice. JUJ
sjg Delaney Avenue, - ~ Slocan^
cl from Mr. Ij*letch*)r.
letter Hied.
The city solicitor's letter re water-
Works, was next in ord*r, the mayoi
utating that it was a Montreal part's
that was figuring on the project.
Aid. Arnot believed in kei*p:.ng the
franchises for thi' city, for if there w; s
money i:i the Bohems lor a company,
there certainly was for tha* municipal
ity. He believed that by fflSXt July,
if a progressive council Were put in.
the citv could hav.- Installed an electric light plant and waterworks sys*.*
tern of their own. It woultl lie a rov
a*nue producer from the start.
Moved by'Aid. Arnot ami McNeish
that the clerk inform the city solicitor
that tlie council oould not entertain
the proposition submitted, as they in*
tended to proceed with th.' Bcheme
themselves.   Carried, and letter filed.
The clerk reported that thodeed to
the Miller property in the mil!-it.' "fas
in the hands of tlie citv solicitor, bu;
it would not be turned over till the
mill people gave receipts for the deeds
already given. Tin' solicitor wa- in
structeal taebtain the receipts without
Bills pres.-nlvd: D. S. McVannel,
ladders tss lire department, $25. l****
ferred to finance committee.
Fire, wats*r and light committee
svere iiistructa'tl tsi obtain a large hook
for tlie brigade; also to hav* the firs
laddi'is ironed.
Aid. MeNeisIi brought up the sptes-
tion of the Sloan building, with which
s uiietliing would hive tis 1>.* done bv
tho 17th. Instructions were given the
board of works to call fsir tenders to
have the building removed sin to the
Street at once.
Council adjourned,
Two Small BUIpi»e»te.
Two small  shipments of ore went
ont from here on Monday to the Nel
son  smelt**r.   There was   this''' tons
from the  Alberta and  two  from the
Cripple Stick, making live tons in all.
The first was taken out liy tlie owntfl
during devoloptnent, ntul it is the in
ti'BBjtion of the owners to continue work
this winter.   That from the Cripple
wns an initial   shipment  from   that
property and was sent out by ths
111 its'Is I'llua-fl. I .... .1 1st I.sic Is.
Luck has come to the lessees of the
Black I'rince in a big chunk and it 18
crlain they will make a winning this
winter. A few days ago they started
a raise from the lower worki!**,'* to
connect with the one above, milking a
distance of  l()."i  feot.   Tbe ore scam
they ct>innis*nct,d on rapidly widened
awi in 12 fe.*t reached a width of three
feet.    I'art of this assays ir.Ooz. part
.Tas. Cross, S2
Wm. Harrison. ?1,..
1). Nichol, $1	
•las. Milne, Sl	
W.I). McGregor,Sl.
D. S. McVannel, 11.
Mf-uci-ants' Match—303 yards, hug.
J. McVicar, pair Ixxits by T. McNeish and S-t    CO
Jas. Cross, saddle horse hire by
Worden Bros, aad •$.'.*	
Bs McVanael. S2	
D. Nichol, $2	
W. S. Johnson, $2	
il. MeFarlane, .tl	
Ja0. Milne. Sl	
Wm. Davidson, Sl	
■Geo. Ni.-hol. Sl	
Dr. Keith, Sl	
SnJuu.SHOOTEKs'    Match   _a_a")
R. MeFarlane, goods by D. Arnot
and Sl	
Jas. Cross, u'-xdsbv McCallum &,
Co. and58....	
Geo. Nichoh S2	
D. McVauml, S2	
W. D. McGro-Jjor, Sl	
IL D. Curtis. Sl	
W. Johnson, Sl	
F. Dick. Sl	
Pi'.osiTCTor.s' Match, 2l>0 yards, and
Dan Nichol. fish basket by T. D.
Woodcock snd Sl	
Gtaio. Nichol, pair rubbers by W.
Adcock and >fS  '27
W. Johnson, goods by H. Clove
and S2 ."  25
H. .1. Robertson, 12  25
I.. MeFarlane,, S2  28
J aines Cross. Sl  28
ll. D. Curtis. Sl  28
Wm. Harrison, Sl  28
alamos Milne, Sl  23
ExbootIVI Match   M) aad GOO yards
James Cross, pair Ixiots by Shatford ij. Csi. antl S5     55
Dr. Keith, goods bv J. Anderson
and SI ".	
G. Nichol. goods bv J. Howartb
and S3 '.	
Dan Nichol. S2	
Dan Nichol  184
D.  McVannel  181
James McVicar  172
Dr. Keith  1(57
Wm. Harrison  159
H. Curtis  157
Conxrvetlve* Carry I'in visit is lij sss Ssiisssll
With the exception of a fow scattering votes in Siniilkanriyn aud Skeeua,
the returns of last Saturday's election
in the province aro all in, and they
indicate that tho Conservative government has been sustained, though by a
slim majority. With tho aliove two
ridings, tho Conservatives will have 22
seats, Liberals 17, Socialists 2, and
Labor 1. Two ministers, Hon. Mr.
Goodeve, in Rossland, and Hon. Mr.
McPhillips, in Victoria, were defeated,
as were also such prominent Lilierals
as Joseph Martin, F. J. Deane and S.
S. Tavlor. Vancouver went solid Tory
and Victoria straight Grit. The feature of the election was the surprising
strength developed liy the Socialists
everywhere. No Tory lost bis deposit,
but one Grit lost his in Vancouver and
another iu Grand Forks. Tho government express no fear of lieing able to
carry on business in a satisfactory
manner, having a majority of one over
all parties besides the speaker.
Locally everything passed off very
quietly and orderly, the Lalior men
celebrating in royal style when the
returns came in at night. Following
is the standing of the various parties
in the province;
Lillooet McDonald
Ymir Wright
Dewdney McBride
Atlin Young
Richmond , Cotton
Nelson Houston
Kamloops Fulton
Grand Forks Fraser
Fernie Ross
New Westminster GifTord
27 j Vancouver... .Tatlow.Gardou,Wilson,
261 Bowser, Macgowan
261 Okaiiagan .Ellison
llnvelstoko  Taylor
Kaslo Green
Esquimalt Pooley
Como*. , Grant
Skeeua Clifford
Similkameen Shatford
Columbia Wells
Saanich Tanner
Yale Hendersou
Delta Oliver
Cranbrook Ki g
Gi'fljen'.Yood Brow u
Alberni Mclnnes
Cariboo Murphy. Jones
Rossland Maedonald
Victoria Dnuy, Cameron, Hall
Islands Paterson
Cowlchan Evans
Chilliwack Munro
Nanaimo Hawthornthi
Newcastle Williiuns
Slocan Davidson
•F.»tr in Sloean Hisllng.
Following is a table of the votes
polled in the Slocan riding on Saturday la-*t:
New Denver.,
Rosebery ....
Three torks.
Deer l'ark...
MajoriIt for Davidson, 69.
The above aro the official figures as
furnished bv the recount, which took
plat ii Tuesday.   There   were   25
spoiletl   ballots in  all, 16 being  for
Davidson ami 10 for Hunter.
I). McYamiel. 12  47
R. MeFarlane, 11  46
11. Robertson, tl  45
11. Curtis. Sl  89
F.Dick, Sl  89
Victoria Cross Match   7 rounds inside minute, lyiug.
J, McVicar. pipe bv A. C. Smith
and  S-l *.  31)
Geo. Nichol, saddle horse hire bv
R. Allen and 18  27
R. MeFarlane, S2  27
Dan Niehel. S2  26
II. Robertson, 12  25
.lohn  Wafer, Sl  22
W. Johnson, Sl  22
W. McGregor, Sl  22
11. Curtis. Sl  20
Dr. Keith, Sl.....  10
Consolation Match   300yards lying.
not open to those who had won .S2
or over in preceding matches.
Wm. Davidson, rabtO Drill ami
.fl  24
.lohn Wafer, shaving ticket by A.
Rogers and S3  23
W. McGregor, bread tickets bv .1.
Pinchbeck and S2 .*... 21
Wm. Harrison, Sl  21
F. Dick. Sl  17
11. Cm tis, SI  17
J. Pin-Aback, SI  4
Gu.Ni. Ationr.tiATK    Best scores made
in lirst live matches.
Jas. Cross, silver medal  1991 Saturday     50
Gooi'i*,-!* Nichol, brOIH lueiinl. .. 107 . Monday     50
R. MeFarlane  1011 Tuesday    W
W. Johnson  185 Wednesday     50„
Lest Vent-'. Shipment! Vf er« 6S33 Tom—
A ll.-Hl.lsy Kvlslanco of tlse Llfa aad
WvisliU of the Cnnip Katei-prls* the
ltlfCKS.it SlBlpptBi-.
Three properties figure in the shipping list for the week, combining to
send out 25 tous in all. The Cripple
Stiek.a new shipper from the division,
sent out two tins to Nelson. The Al*
lierta appeared for the first time this
yeMr with three tons, it also going to
Nelson. The remaining 20 tons came
from ths Enterprise and was sent to
Trail. To dato shipments total 97a
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 6333
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to -date:
Enterprise  20              655
Arlington  40
Ottawa  128
Black Prinos  17
Bondholder  8
Dayton  4
Republic  70
Meteor  52
11 moil ton  4
Westmont  2
Highland Light  3
Alberts _. 3                  3
Cripple Stick  2                2
85 979
The Rambler has 100 men on its
Blocan ore shipments are in excess
of 11,000 tons.
Last week the Rossland mines shipped 8078 tons of ore.
Bousdarv ore shipments last week
totalled 16.158 tons.
Six Wiltley tables aro beta*"-' installed al the Pavne conceutrator.
Ore shipments from the .Sandon
mines last week amounted to 62 tons.
Jack Bstauchesiie returned yesterday
to th3 Alberta, to continue development.
The two new furnaces at the Grand
Forks smelter will be blow* in about
the 20th.
James Cross went up yesterday to
work on the Southern Chief, adjoining
the Duplex.
Wm. Thomas, hoisting engineer at
the Josie mine, Rossland, was killed
last week by lieing drawn inte the
machinery by his clothes catching.
Jos. Hamelin, representing the Arlington company, has restaked tho
Silver Leaf claim, adjoining the Arlington mine on the south, it having
run out. The claini has the Arlington
lead running through it, and was formerly owned by Geo. Long aud Nat
A r-sl«fasl Afl-.l.lrist.
Al Wilds, of Silverton, employed at
the Hampton mine.met with a painful
mishap last week. He was handling
some timlier wheu a piece of iron full
off a stick overhead and struck him on
the sids'. breaking a rib and causing a
nasty bruise. For several days Al
suffered much pain, but is at present
mending nicely,
lt<*.olBitl»n .1 Sympathy,
At Saturday night's meeting of tho
Miners' Union the following resolution
was adopted: Whereas, ou the morning of Sept. 28.1003.it was the will of
Almighty God to call from our midst
our worthy brother. Gilbert Finkle,
who died of heart failure at his mining
claims in the Slocan hills; resolved,
that by the death of Brother Finkle
Slocan Minors' Union has lost a true
and faithful member, and lie it further
resolved, that we extend to the relatives und friends of our deceased brother our heartfelt sympathy, that our
charter be draped for a period of .10
days, that theso resolutions lx? spread
on our minutes, and that a copy be
given to the Miners' Magazine for
At Bank or EssgUsssl.
J. W. Moffatt, manager at the Bank
of England claim, went down to Nelson, Saturday, to take part in the election. He stated work would be continued at the property all winter, with
a small force. Their new long tunnel
would give much depth and prove up
tho vein. Surface stripping has exposed the lead in a number of new
places. They have 14 feet of mineralized ledge matter to wc rk os.
Hllsts-r Cj.iatatiansB.
Following are tho quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
wer-k since last issue:
Thursday    503 cents
Friday.:     691    "
Card of Thank*..
At the regular meeting of Slocan
City Miners' Union, held on Saturday
evening, the following resolution was
adopted: "Resolved, that this Union
extend its sincere and heartfelt thanks
to all tho citizens of Slocan who so
kindly contributed the beautiful floral
offerings at the funeral of our deceased
brother, Gilbert Finkle. J. A. Baksb,
W. H. Hakuison, W. H. Davidson,
Paul Hauck is out of t.vj baking
I busiuess iu Sandon*
..._T ,_ .:__^	 • mw****mx*x*>y.i+*'W^?
A Love Match
AuOmt ef MTke Cunmaktr of Moscow," "The For-
ttous of Cmtm*\n "The Ska-low of thc
CtdMathr," Etc., Etc
"They   can   isnce    upon us,"    answered Caspar, soberly, "just    what
we cannot afford to meet at this time j
—delay.     That   is   all,    but    it    is'
"In the most dieect and simplo
manner in the world. Were 1 her
friend, end were I so inclined, I am
lawyer enough to block tho wheels of
tho administration of tho estate for
weeks, if not for months. There is no
end to thc claims which may be put
in in her behalf. .She may put in
claim for services, and sho may file
the higher claim of an adopted child;
and lio her claim what it will, bo
9uro our probate judge will listen to
It. I know him well. Ho is a softhearted man, and let him deem a
claimant, has been unfortunate, and
he will not' shut his cars."
"If this girl    can so perplex    matters," said Compton,  "wc owe it to
* ourselves to—"
"Easy." interrupted Caspar, putting out' llis hand. ".She shall be
attended to. As yet 1 am sure she
has had no movement made in hor
behalf, and to-morrow 1 will see her.
If she will accept my hand, all right.
If sho will not. then I must do tlie
next best thing—1 must rupture her.
So let us consider her rase settli-d.
With her out of the way we havo not
a thing to fear."
"If she should escape us she can
offer no sciious obstacle to our auc-
"Only to temporarily perplex and
annoy us. With the will in her favor
lacking, she has not thu shadow of a
valid claini. Ttet she shnll not be
left to annoy us
•      •••••        •
At thc samo hour, Hon. Nathan
Waybrook snt in his library awaiting
the arrival of his son, in quest of
whom he lind sent a servant. He was
pale with suppressed emotion, and
his hands wer? clenched until thst lin-
gcr-nails fairly cat into the palms.
At length Paul entered. He, toss.
gave token of suppressed emotion;
but, unlike his father, his face was
hotly flushed.
The most casual and superficial student of huinan nature niic.111 havt
predicted danger in the coming tss-
gcther in opposition of those two
nis'ii. He could have told that one
was as powder, and tht* other n*> fl'o
He might have told, had he known
thetn well, thnt both wore head
strong and proud.
"Paul Waybrook!" commented    tl ,
father, austerely,    and with lowe**!!
aspect, "I hav* a question    to   ns
I think I may give you the  credit of
"lam not aware,'sir," replied the
youth, proudly, and with a touch of
defiance in his manner, "that 1 am a
"Then you will answer mo this :
Havsjyou seen the Brookside girl
■ince our last conference?''
"I have, sir."
"Will you tell nie what wus the object of your visit?"
"I went to cjieer and comfort her."
"Did you go still as hor lover?"
Paul raised himself to his full stature, and spoko frankly and boldly.
His eyes flashed, and the Hush upon
his handsome fare was deeper than
"I have sworn to be true and
faithful to Christine St.. Cluir. The
vow wus made with .your knowledge
and consent. You had thn right to
give that consent, but you have not
the right—you have not the power—
to oatiso me now to brenk my faith
with tlmta pure-minded, noble girl!"
"Not the power?" gasped Air. Waybrook, clutching the edge of tho
"You have not the power, sit*!''
replied I'aul, firmly, He did not
t|Uail nor lline.li; and if ho trembled,
it was not  with  fa*ar.
N'athuu Waybrook urose (o his foet.
For tho moment it seemed ns though
he would strike the boy to thc floor;
butths drew back, nnd caught the
rim of his chair.
"Paul!" he whispered, but the
whisper was terrible in its intensity
of volume, "this interview must be
brief, us 1 ss*e plainly that you are
in no mood for reason. Are you determined to adhere to your vows to
that girl?'
"I  am, sir."
"In spite of my commands?"
"In spite of any aud every opposition. I will bo truo »*o Chrlstlno!"
"Turn to that girl, aud   you   tern
from ine!"
"Then be It ?o!"
"Paul!    Are you serious?"
"I am."
Nathan Wuybr.ook stamped his foot
upon the   door.     His    pent-up    rage
burst foi th  in a  torrent,  anil he wns
the more vehement  in his anger    because hiS son had stood so resolute.
In his   own heart—deep    down where
ho had  sought to  smother the emotion—he foil, that the boy  whs actuated by  a tr.ue   nnd   manly   spirit,
which hod como in contact    with   a
•spirit of worldllnefs on hla part; and
lliis   made   him angry    with himself,
though the storm wus to burst upon
the son.   He   could    not.     surrender
without    bucking   squarely    down—u
thing he  conld  never  do—and  as    he
had never yet been known openly to
acknowledge himself in error, it   wns
not to be supposed thnt he would slo
so in this case.   That ho really meant
to banish his son    forever   from  tho
old rooftreo, we do not  suppose. Men
iu  a   rage    strike     out    with     littlo
thought of   other    result than    ton-
i-'uest.   He    had   hoped—perhaps   he
had believed—lhat Pnul    would   sub-
ini( to  the first  condition  of    ol -oli-
Mce; but, since ouch submission was
denied, there remained only the sec
ond condition of banishment, if ho
slu tink, he was conquered, Ho would
not be conquered, und hu would not
is » ss ss » * ss
Pnul Waybrook left his father's
presence. The iron hud eaten into
his soul, and he walked us though
his limbs hud boon transmuted into
Steel. Words cruel nnd scathing had
fallen upon his oars, and lie felt that
ho never wished to see Iiis father
again, lie woultl not sloop another
night beneath the roof from whish
ho had boon peremptorily banhhod,
Ho wont to his chamber und gathered up such valuables as belonged tis
him—such as ho cpiilil transport wit'
ease—and then went out into the
night—and he experienced a sence
of relief when the feeling rami' to him
that he was free from the pats'itnil
restraint. Cod pity the hoy!—Cod
pity the father!—when from thc government of tho household this thing
comes to pass!
Paul carried a traveling bag in his
hand, and took his way down by the
Drookside; but no lights were binning in tho cot luge. Once n policeman
stoppod'him, and asked him who he
was, and what he curried in his bag.
Tho youth's first impulse was wrathful; but a sober, second thought
turned him into n safer channel, He
answered respectfully, nnd wus suffered to puss on. In tho city he
found a lodging at a respectable ho-
ts-l where he was well known—whore
ho had spent muny it merry hour
with his boon companions, and whero
his presence was always hailed with
warm and cheerful welcome. Though
it was past midnight when ho entered, he found lhe host and his ussih-t-
ants up, it having been the occasion
of (ho re-union of a social club, nnd
tut sooner had he deposited his lug-
gnge thun several friends surrounded
and captured him.
llis capture was easy. lie hnd
come heavy-hearted ansl woary, nnd
the tempter found him in pliant
mood. The sparkling of wit and
boisterous friendship startled him
from the slough of sadness, and In
the sparkling bowl ho plunged ht*-
eveiy eare.
Paul had resolved that, on ths.
mOtTOW, he would seo Christine, and,
having told her what hati occurred,
plan With her for the future; Itut tli:
morrow hud already come when i.c
sought his pillow, and the afternoon
thereof wus well advanced when lis
awoke. Ills hand acjicd, and his
lips were parciiod and whan ha* had
bathi'd his brow nnd face, end arranged Ilia dress, ho rang for a str-
vunt and ordered brandy and sugar
nntl hot water. A few glasses of the
powerful stimulant lifted him ahove
his pains, and raised his spirits, and
ho went down and site dinner, it wus
now late In the afternoon—too lute
to go out.' to the Drookside— or, per
haps, as he looked into the nth nsi
he fancied that by the coming ol
another morrow ho might look bet
Ier. His eyes wore bleared, and he
slisl not look well anyway. He Bat
tlaiwn and read awhile, nntl began to
fool gloomy. A friend came in and
slapped him on the shoulder and
proposed a drink. He (lid noti refuse. He drank end talked, and then
drank again Evening came, nnd
found him jolly as a lord. Midnight
tamo again, and he was upon admit
with a glass in his hand trying to
make a Bpeqch, He cssiildn'l spiuk to
his own satisfaction, and he essayed
a convivial song, which wus also a
Dut then this thing was not to
last. Oh, nol Young men who hav..
been Well brought Up don't go into
such riot of dissipation with Ilia
thought of continuing therein—never!
t        •        #        ft        « * ft
Dut if Paul Waybrook wus thus incapacitated, there was unother who
wus mindful of the maiden of the
Drookside. On this duy which I'aul
spent ut the hotel, Caspar Hugo Was
"Look yssu," saisl his father, as he
made ready to go awuy in the morning, "do jiiu Ihink to win the girl s
Iom* by your blandishments?"
Caspar smiled in reply.
"I um serious," pursued the othor.
"I hale hasl experience, uud 1 know
something of these gills. Krom what
you huve yourself told mo 1 am confident Christine st. Clair will spurn
you. You suy her lover IS in difficulty, that his father swears against
the union. De euro lhat will oul*,
Caspar had listened thus fnr with
a significant smile upon his lips. He
raised his hand and Interrupted with
"Hold on, old fellow. You art
wise touching the female sex. You
understand tho girl to perfection; liul
you don't understand me.       If   you
fane.} that 1 intend to go lisliing after that sort of giinio with SWCtcl
worsls, you ure mistaken. H 1 h:ni
time 1 might mui ure upon the undertaking; imi tlu* matter Is pressing, i iitior present circumstances I
have resolved to harpoon niy fish,
and title it aboard tilT-hund. Af:o;
that I'll its.* honey if it can
Compton's face brightened
"You're n trump, my boy
do Co in nntl play your
card  flist  "
*T°_be Contlnued,)
Absolute    /,tis.
Absolute zero ll supposed lo be only
13 degrees below Iho freezing point of
hydrogen. This gns solidilies at 200
below serb,
■■Issisl.-Bl   liivtriiiii.-nlii.
The manufacture s,*r musical instruments occupies ubout 80,000 persons In I
be   of
Sizes to
(It all
She—"Do yon suppose a man ever
spoko the truth whon he told a woman she wns the only girl lie had
ever kissed ?" lie—"Well, I don't
think Adam deceived Eve on thnt
A Market Seeum In lirtttany.
A picturesque old land is Drltlany
There tho peasant**, till the earth in
Kotiava trousers, toreador jackets,
covered with Arabesque embroiderieji,
ansl green waistcoats uround which
runs u lin.' of crimson. The women
wear shoit. i(>*l skirls, great Medici
collars and cuffs that flutter about
their heads like 'lie wings of doves.
From lioneatli the points of their
black caps the children gase at you
with wide eyes full of the curiosity
of animals.
These people li'.o in houses ,built
of sculptured granite, and sloop In
opefswork closets, carved like the
mouchai'abicks of I"g.\pt.
In spltu of the "Breton Interiors"
and "Ka turns of iho Fisherman" with
which painters swamp the market.
this race is still unknown—or mis-
inderstood, For the.v should bo
seen, not in paintings, but in thoir
homes, in their old time streets, sin
markol days, nnd when, in fair time,
tho ta-nts tire pitched ill the village
markol  places,
Fiery little horses drive to market
fisb, lint« vegetables, nnd all the enrlv
produce of Itoscoff. Thev are spread
oul up tn the sidewalk. Chickens
cackle; gouts bleat: pigs, tied by the
tail, strain toward the vegetables,
sniffing at the fnsh greens.
Fnrmors, in sabots, carrying grent
blue umbrellas under thoir arms, with
the two ribbons of their fs*lt hats
floating down their bucks, pick thoir
way nmong ths' Ihnan china display-
ail mi the ground—capacious soup tu-
reens, cider jugs and plates covered
with painted (lowers untl grotesque
The peasants converse with but
few gestures; ths-y bargain In general  tones.
These taciturn peoplo forget thom-
Belves in tho bar-rooms on fair days.
The taverns arc full of noise. You
may hear the sound of an accordion
und the plaintive note of thi* hiniou
<n sort of bagpipe), leading monotonous  dunces.
Into the harbor come boats lud»n
With fish; no other boats go out.
The fishermen are full of business.
Next weak will occur tho departure
for the new country. There are women   who  weep
Above nil this ngitution tho smoke
of iha- village chimneys mingle wiih
the great white clouds. Tho spiiet sea
mirrors  the sun.
A  Tl|>   lis   I'lsotnjcraphr.
The value of ninny n photograph ls
greatly lessened or entirely lost through
the failure to place some object in the
picture the sire of which Is rondily^in-
ilcrstood by the observer. This ■Hfli-
culty s*iin be Obviated by placing u foot-
rule against one of the objects while
the picture Is being iniide.
An |(|,|,,1  ice.
Ice artificially manufactured by tho
use of chemical mixtures Is not a Inte
Idea by any moans, the Invention dating buck to 1783.
Tss Remove Vfrsrlt on Hag.
A cow with a lot of waits on her
Img   nud  teals is  very annoying   to
he milker,   besides  often inusing  the
•siw   laul pain.     Thr.-  mny be rr'tlio*.-
'I by applying tincture ssf Iodine ot-
■ry "du>   for about Ion days,    Use u
iiiinr   io apply  tho Iodine—Farm
Appetite poor?*/ Bowels
constipated? Tongue coated?
Head ache? It's your liver!
Ayer's Pills are liver pills, all
Said for
altly year..
3. C A jer Co..
l.ow*II, MftM.
I..M  —..-,!■   ■ !»■  ....   M ...   !,.!.■
Want your moustache or beard
a beautiful brown or rich black? Use
it.w  it   Af-M'st riaai  Utm-vTAf   II Is-
GsMtls;—Hi Seurs*.
Each element used by plant life
helps in the building of certain parts
jf tho plant, and likewise doubtless
each has some ons or mere special
functions. What seine of those ere is
not well    understood, but sows   ere
Nitrogen is known to show its elfeets on plant life in three ways:
pint*—Jt promotes stem end I**!
growth and if in excess delays seed
and fruit formation.
Second.—It deepens the green coloration of the leaves.
Third—its abundance may increase
and its deficiency may lessen the relative amount of nitrogen in the
plant. This means variation In food
If nitrogen is freely applied in fertilizers or is present in plentiful
quantities in the soil Its effect is
generally shown (unless its effect be
negatived by phosphoric acid) by a
vigorous, dark green leaf growth and
by a somewhat retarded flower and
****d formation. 11 available nitro-
■ron is relatively lacking either in
Lhe soil or In the added fertiliser a
somewhat more scanty foliage than
occurs under better conditions, one
of a rather lighter green, is grown.
Tho 9»**ed, moreover, is apt to mature
rather earlier than usual. Nitrogen
is essential to plant growth. Available nitrogen in in small quantity
and easily exhausted from soils, and
consequently *t is and always has
been  the most costly  torm ol plant
Nitrogen derived Irom organic matter is insoluble in water aud may be
ait tier uuickly or slowly available to
plants, according to its source,
whether from dried blood, cotton
seed meal, etc., on the one hand or,
on the other, from such material a»
leather or garbage tankage—J. Lt.
j A man never fully realises what a
big world this is until ho is compelled to walk ten blocks with a streiut-
1 on* corn on his toe.
I One way to boat a retreat is by
jumping a summer resort board bill.
When a couple are matched but not
mated it is a sort of friction match.
Wh-si   a  man    .,,...,,
monkeys  of his    tri,.u,W    ,, '° Ull
forced -Into the, monkey , iu^ !*!•*» bj
Rome men acquire weal Ll,
Into society,  while soelclv    •""'■
others and they become „,,„fls ll
Man proposes—then „,„„,, „
and does the rest. BUp.fl
A Mandate.
"Is be very rlcb?"
"Rich? Why, he's so rich be daren't
look twice at a girl for fear she'll bring
a breach of promise suit."
Tke Foldlaff Far*.
The ordinary folding fan is said to
have boen invented ln Japan iu the
seventh century by a native artist who
derived the Idea from the way tn which
the bat closes its wings.
Pimples, Blotches, Belli aad Vtflf —IMS
Easily Cleared From the Blood.
From the Advocate. Kxeter, Ont.
All diseases of the skin ond completion arc caused by bad blood.
I'.ilfl'iiess and pimples, blotches* and
bells, u^ly rashes und opt.ii sores,
Itching eczema and burning erysipelas
—all these blemishes come from bad
blood. A bad skin is a sure sign of
bad blood—thin blood, watery blood,
blood poisoned with impurities. Vou
can't have a heullhy. clear skin till
vou make your blood pur*" and rich
With Dr. Willininss' Pink l'ills. These
pills are a sure and speedy cure for
all skin discuses, for agonizing es /stout or bothersome little pimples*—fssr
a Imd complexion to ugly s)|«*n ulcers. Xo claim is ever made for llr.
Williams' Pink Pills not backed by
tho most positive prrof, and iu this
connection we offer thtt tesstimonial ssf
Mrs. Nicholas McAvoy, a Hfo-loiur,
much-esteemed resident of Kxoter,
tint. To a reporter of'Ilie Advocate
Mrs. McAvoy said:—"Some years ago
I wus tukeu with a slight ilchiitv under one of my arms. I s/avo it little
attention at lirst,, thinking it wouisl
p8>ss uway, but in this T was mistaken, for aa time went, on it became
worse and developed into an aggravated tuse of eczeina, causing a great
deal of pain, irritation und suffering.
Ici fact I was compelled to endure
tortures. I consulted a doctor and
took his medicine for several months,
but the trouble did not leave,neither
did it got any better. In fact, it
fook a turn for the worse and developed into scrofula As the doctor's
medicine did not help uie 1 tried several advertised medicines, but with
no belter icsult-s finally a lady
friend strongly urged me to try llr.
Williams' Pink l'ills. The efls*it was
almost magical. In a few weeks
there was a decided change for the
better, nnd as time went on the
troublo gradually left, and tss day I
am entirely free frssm it. I owe my
complete recovery—if nol my life—to
Dr. Williams' Pink l'ills, a fact I
wish to put on record that others
may benefit as 1 havo done.''
There is absolutely no disease due
to poor blood—and most diseases are
due to this trouble—that Dr. Williams' Pink Pills will not cure. Vou
cun get these pills from any druggist
or they will be sp.it postpaid at 50c
a box or six boxes for $2.50 by writing the Dr, Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont, Remember that substitutes cannot possibly cure.
Ai Old labor BBthaage.
There Is in Melbourne, Australia,
an odd labor exchange, which is described in the Scientific Australian,
lt ls Intended primarily for tbe u&-
employod and includes as member's
accountants, architects, bakers, dentists, engineers, printers, authors, artists, journalists, geologists and
piano tuners.
Any member in need goes right
along at work at Ida trade. If he is
a shoemaker, for instance, he takes a
pair of boots to the exchange and receives a COTtlfiCate equivalent to their
estimated value. This he can offer at
any time in return for its value in
such oilier goods as may l>« deposited nt. the exchange by other members, and thus actual cash Is rendered largely unnecessary, though how
the accountants and piano tuners
cun scrvs the otlicis on tlie bailer
principle Is not so plain.
tl   Ohronlo  Oam  off  Unusual   Severity and   uJ
Standing  Cured   by U^
Piles, er heiuri'tioids, are small
tumors, which form in and about thc
•riflce of the rectum. They are
caused by an enlarged and inflamed
condition of tlio veins, which are
very numerous iu this portion of the
body. Piles frequently attack women during the cx|iectaut period or
after childbirth.
Any form of piles causes dreadful
suffering on account of the Itching
and burning which accompany them.
One <can scarcely walk at times, and
during the night, when the body
gets warm, suffering is intense.
Mr. Alex. McLaughlin, for 3*0 years
a resident of Bowmanvilie, Ont.,
writes :
"For twenty long years I suffered
from itching piles, and only persons who have been troubled with
that annoying disease can imagine
what 1 endured during that time.
About 7 years ago I asked a druggist if he had anything to cure me.
lie said  that.   llr.   Phsii.s<'a  (lintti.An*
was most favorably spoken ol
on his recommendation I i,,..,. ,', ."M
"After three applications lUft
in. I
ter, and by tho time 1 Imd us,,,
box  1  wns on  a  fair  way
•H bet.
'>ll. I
ery.     I continued tho troalmi ***
til thoroughly cured, uml i *,
nt un. I
sutTer.-d  any  siu.-e.    I   an.  Ilrml^-J?
ent mud.   ,
perfect cure. 4'
ylneed   that   the olntnien/'mad,00"
"I consider J****. Chos.*'., oint^„
nn invaluable treatment :,,, p||„ , I
my case I think the euro wus
markablu when you con ,|,. u,at -i
am getting up in years, Bnd Jl
been so long a suffer, r [,,„„ tb
disease." '"'
Dr. Chase's Ointment, la iho otilyl
absolute and guarahteed uin* i,r|
every form of piles. It has a reco.dl
ol cures unparalleled in thc history oil
medicine. (K) cents a box at all I
dealers, or ICdmanson, Ha tag & Co
Toronto. To protect you against!
imitations, the portrait and signs-1
ture of Dr. A. W. Chase, tho tmm\
receipt   book   author,    aro   on every
Day and Mlibt ••bos',    ladtrifjiial Ustruetien.    One Week's Trial OW-,-,,
•Capital, .-jK,--».0S.
Dsdrable Basiasai PoaitisM Omb-st.dK**-" te Qradnatw,
in p.T)isis*.iir*, r*—tsi
yaaammm awHasb UriwwWsa »»■»■■»
mtt m .rtm tw ffl-aa. HBSHIisjaM mt ■>»—ljll. Ittll
to B.	
A III l>«<flMa flpkMi aarwlSMll, u. teat. If Sal a laat. i     tUm
I. VStUiVsM, CX,  a..., SjaiBS|aji-, i.ra.r li,.ul lulu H,
[pUa»us*: Any summer resort   Time: Saturday afternoon.)
Thetaa)'» a rush from the porch where the
ladlrs (air
Have wearily sat day after day.
Th* boat has ..ten dishted away off there;
lt Is nearly a doten miles away.
And Mrs. Burton and Mra. Gray
And Mrs. Harris and Mra. Brown
Look at Mrs. Woodruff and Mra Clay
With hopeful looks as tliey hurry down.
It la Bstturday afternoon at laat;
Thare's the boat from th* busy distant
A hundred hoi'es snd a hundred fears
Have birth in their bosoms while they
They ar* dressed in th* best thoy bave,
th* dears!
And  with  upturned  faces  lh«>   supplicate.
Through thc weary  week  they  have sat
and s!a*hed.
The one who was wedded yctars ago
And the on* who but lately waa a bride.
Who still admits that sha  "loves hlm
And down In th* depths of each tender
la a wish that sll of the othera know.
At last!   At last!   She Is lo at last!
Throw off ih* rops-s!   Clear the canc-
way ther*!
Back up a little!   Now make her fasti
Hold on a moment, oh, ladles fall!
Now see on rh« plank that slopes to tha
A man—on* lone man—walking down.
While  a  hundred  women  cry  out:   "Oh.
When  will  th* neat boat com*  from
And   as   Brown,   th*   lonely,   I*   hi,ailed
Ah, how they ao, envying Mrs. Brown!
-Chicago Hetorsl-Heralsl
A Ifesr Milk Protect.
fiiilallth la the name of a new substance made from skimmed milk hy
treating the essoin with metallic suits
and soaps and, finally, with formaldehyde. It Is ss hnrd as celluloid, takes
a flue polish. Is odorlees and Is leas Inflammable than the gun cotton and
camphor comblnslion. At tbe resent
Hygienic Milk Supply esposltlon In
Hmnbiiru tbere were shown toilet articles, ch#ss figures snd even tables
made of tbe new substance. These had
the appearance of marble, as galnllth
takes kindly to various coloring processes, but were far lighter In weight.
As an article of commerce It Is destined, so Its sponsors believe, to become
widely used snd correspondingly reasonable la cost.
Hs»bs»rt   Barai.
Robert Burns has often been cited ss
an Instance of unrequited genius. He
lived aa beat be could, on a small salary from tbe exclae aud died without
any solid share of tbe fame which afterward spread throughout the world.
l*aa*«  r«r Tea TbaaaaaS  rears,
The title of tbe Ullllngsburst estate.
Sunset, England, sold for fii.400, commences with sn Indenture of lease for
10,000 yeara front the second year of
Jsuics I., st s rent of oue red rose.
If you    don't  pay    for    \ntir milk
promptly the milkman naturallyiinvj
poses you want  it chalked up
Thar*   never  was  anil  ne.er  still lit i
univeraal panacea. In one remedy, (Drill'
ilia to  which  Beah  ia  heir   tha iprv  u-
ture  of   manv   curuti*.t'is   being   iucD llut !
wer*   the   geruia   of ultaer   nnil   differatll
aeated  diaeaaea  routed   in  tlie mui.in ol
the   patient-—what,   vsoulal   relieve o,.i .
in turn   would  anjrasate the a.tlia-r     ll I
Save   however,   fu    Quinine   Win*,   «i-,n
obtainable in soubbbI.  iKaatlulta-iaied (.tale
a  soiuedy  foi   mtui.v anil fflietoili ,i.s  lis [
itss flzratliiflil  and   judicious use l*r Irsllw ;
ayslensa   are   led   Into  convaleicenrc   ui]
strength   bv   the   influence   whicJi  QianlMj
exerts*   on   nature'a   own   restor&tivH   >'. I
relieves     the    drooping spirit! 'al    thoanj
with     tA-lbus   a chrsssiic     state ol is* -rhi.1 I
deapotfldencv  and   lask   /if  Interest In life
ia   a   diaflpaae.   ansl   hv   tranqultitlni   tis
nervea,  dt**vosea  to  sound   tnd  leirr.lnn*
sleep—imparts  visor  to  ihe  actione'*tbl
blood,   which,   being   stimulated,    cuuratrt
through     the    velsia.     strengthen!n( thi
healthy  animal   funs-tiona  ol  lb* inti'm
thereby   aiaklng activity   a   Its-Ceutr*. te
suit,   alreiijrthetiinc  the  frttia.   unal  _i.::r
Ufa lo  the digestive organ*    vakuli r.atJ-
rnllv demand  IntreasaBsl  aubatuncs)— result
IsMpruvaMl   Hpi>t-titti     North roi)   at   Lsmin.
Jf  Toronto.      have, given   laa     the public
tbelr Hupei isit   Uuiniue  Wil.* nl  the ueuel
rate.   e<s1,   guagetl   bv  the   onlniom  ol
fljclentlNt*.   the   wine   maina..   ■ ■■    instMl
tiertap. ttaa i   of   anv   in   tbe     ttsatsvat     All
dt-a'gglais   1-11   it.
A henpecked husband, «hb in" a'
laxt been separated fnim in- ivho i.'*
Invented n net* *-s*i.I which he ■,s
for nil his rorrespsiiidciicc nntl nliicK
in a hen Hittiiur on fl fence ": lv*"
with the legend VQoii lu-lp the lis"'"
where   the  hen  crOWtl
Saallaat Carv «f l.ord'i Pi»r«r',
Prof.   Wobb, 'of thV  Itojal Uioroi.
copical Society,    of Great   Britain.
ros-«i.Ke»   the smallest, copy ol
ord's Prayer in .tho   world.    » "
written   with   a   diamond upon   »
pioco of   glass,  and    only n"> lin
microscopes    manuf.ictur.d en it
of  the Is't-
hen ani-
tingui-ih   the   characters
ters.   The naked eye, even w
ed by an ordinary niacin1 VK •*"
would not be able to read It. •
The Lord's  Prayer covers a -?**■
measured bv one flvo-hundredtn o »
inch one  way,  and  one .*^ >"""• l«
and-thlrd part of un Inch In "»"
direction.   In other words, u '".,.
that  with  writing ol thai  - '■'• ' j.
115,500 otters   «'itn OS PlttC~.'lh|,
single Square inch,   'iue i"1     "
is easier comprehended v,!"*" *Q
member that th* lllbls contaiiis •*• •
660,480   letters,    Which  ■»"""* '"
ii.a entire Christian   .**-*.i'i""-*'
be written  l.'glbl.v,  twentj   '"»<•".
prated, within the single spaes o
square inch,  and ha\* ■*'*<•'"* »!
Safely  Ma'clsr..
Pome matrimonial matches iris"'
Just bright With g»l'- •"','• J'0*™
Are of the sssrt thnt only ll"™!
Upon tho money hex.
Ocean  Steamer Caisticltr*        .
earn w """'
Tltc railroad car w
i t
and   the   great   ocean
ns twenty tennis of Ii0r8*fs ohi.*. bW;
truns|)ort ns much ns 400 rail
can carry.
sin cws of
■ The Drill.
i*s   made  tills   way :-
slice of bread slowly, ho
T"'lSl "j .,,.>■.,.> und of si dark brown
ll,llt put ii in ii qua-rt h'K. and fill
''"'"'■,!, cold «'iiter. 1*0- It stand Ior
UP ,'" ,„. two nnd thej strain.
un I'"1"   J . .
That Awful Breath
it, but other.* have.
, ,.,rh iiii'l colds if neelected soon de-
P*1* u>to throttle tonus, aceompanUH b»
s-eloP ""' ' Huseatliur. end diHirutttl-a**
'■"' fl'a'an," 1"' A«iii>Ws Catarrhal row
">'"".Bseclflc ft"' curing coltls, cousrhs.
W.1* 1 ' ... ai-lss*. i*"1'0 t-hroat. tonalli-
dealness. ,    j    a   influenza, and all
""■ "t „f the nose and throat.     lt re-
jU«»'*Jn "{o Binutes.   Sold by all dru*.
niSAn*iBw's   Clntmoet le wHboat  an
^uTf.rj.11 »fcto.«r*fM*««..M*   •
,,,„   i,iiLhrate    among the foreign-
m    MuB-siicliuswlts    ia  02  per
lufiu   among  tbs  unMve  bora  it  is
,. s-fl   itH'MABDS <tt 0».
,.,..,. jth-H your MINARB'S UN1-
HKNl Is uiir remedy for sore throat,
colds aud "'I ordinary ailownU.
I, „e\a-,   fulls  to  reHeve and    cure
l'"""1'1'       I'llAllI.E* WIIAtlTHN.
Porl Hslgravs.
Tlif London   Lancet comuaends  the
nrarliec "f drinking coffee after din-
its c
nfla-e is nn antidote to alco
Dalncu Cannot Be Cured
It local aiai'UcatlOBS, ss lh*y ean oot
[uth tins illiseaaiflsi portion el th* sar
There i» onlv one tasy to cur* dstafsues.
unit '.hot i*. l>y cenalilutional raacdlca
ikaidiasjiia i» caaitsed hy an InsSasssd tn*
,|i|on ul the inucou* llnlag ot lh* Eus-
Ischlan Tub* When this tab* B*t* In-
tnii~J Vuu haso a rumbling eouns*. or lm-
Mriwt hearing and when it Is *tstlr*)*.
closfil de.tiieaa ia the rssult, sod tiiileii
the iiifiaintitis'.ii.ia caa be taksa out and
thn tube ■*,'..ra-al lu ita normal condition, heaniii; s*ul lie deatroyad fer *rer '
Dliai raw* out ol ten ar* caua<*d by ca
titrh which es Do-.tiliifC but an Inflama.'
nnditlssTi ail the muraoua aurfacea.
\» v.i,I llv* One lluudred DollST* foi
Hi Am aal Heaatnuaa (cauaa-i bi catarrh)
|u. * nol tie fisrad by Hall's Catarrh
■Cure   Senal laai   circulars, free
Ad.lres.ts, F. ,1 CHKNEY A Co , Toi*-
Ido 0.
Soisl by drtjKijlitta. 76c.
Bali's Kiamtly Pills are ths best.
Yarmniitl England, Corporation
jlortiids smoking am Sunday in its
iiim     pier   pavilion,    um    the band
I .a •■ bin red  music.
iRetiovM   ell    hard,    solt    or    <taUoue*i
I int.; i end lalomisbea from horses, lalooo
lipaviti.   .ml Bpiitita,  ringbeae. avecac*.
ItMtt, sprnins; curea ssor* aft a Sveullea
I throat. ,a._-rat, etc. Bave ISO by the
Im ul one heula. Warrnated the most
|»ondertui liiemlsh Curs ever baewe.
Sold by ail druKRlsta.
nosl   im diflicult   for n man
' pit bi\.    ., i.is,., of love sickness as
|,t la lor ii woman to get over a barb
lliarbcsl-w Iw  fence.	
lain...'". Liniment Cares Bairaff.
'tin n poor man who hasn.t a dol-
I Im   maj  lio well  ofl    as  long  as ho
1,:■■• sn i mm i \
v" Mrsi - aiiaj ao tiuiss home ta-lih-
Bt'ui u bottle ,it pr ,1 n. Kblloaga
I''*' . i ■ Hal in their noHsseHtsioii. aa
I; '• *' niokiiiL*.   cliiiitsle.   etc .
■reqiieiitU i. huh on summer complaint.
I" :,'>' Is luitliiiiK liko ticluif ressslv
I *" « ■ ••' isedy nt I,.mil. which oflwi-
I ureal   suinrniB. and   Ii**onent-
I,    , '    <  en   'Una  I'.at.liHi   ha* irain-
I ' «Idssprsad   reputation lor
I" -   I'louipl    relief   iauiii   ull   nuiusiier
I'   ■   ■   ia  I I «
' l! ' ''   I   the hand  i.s bolter  that.
*■•'"■' in the piirket of u man that
*'"•■'  il   I" Vuu,
""'"  stith  a  lull  beard  litis to
I''"11*'    Bhoui    th,.  bargain     counter
l"'M|'   '   ■  uife buys for hlm.
' ' 11" — If  ono atiflers  from anv
*.l,e*.*s      a ,a lll-l lla'al     or    CSBII t ISVt-
■ '■ll.l. HI
►1    tl,
,. '""aw.,     i n'laa ll a'al     or    rsiSBlsnri
(nere      ,„s„   u,u   wlli,  Knfn  (l  at.
'   ;.'      !l    Therefor* drive out the
1 I***!   •flfliu.  slo  not  let   a  cold
■l i
■iisi'''!,",1;' ""-1 vou"! sod"kestTthe"S5
|< ,, ;'"" in a us.osl healthv con-
Ill,,,,, voii nits tis. t,v ualne Dr
U«e»i ,,,, '"   Ul1 l'revesilion   lathe
Wl-fti iho unexnoct
II 11,1,1
ported  happens  it  is
to \.liiit  was exiseel-
l.iuiment Cures Boni, etc.
as    ;'"■'■ h sphere    Is    the home.
Iim'i il','!    "' " v,°'-'k '■ tellllng to ad-
r"PBsiooa Aal ■nu,   •
11 M, '''"'""'.v once calculated that
'BgiB ,..its'  ,„.st might contain M
|i ,   ,'" lu".ouo Individual insects,
I  im lies havo    shown that
Ln,,,, ":'""H 'v,,,'c t0° h'Bh; .vet ths
h'l'ii"',. " rtl'° aston'sl'ing enough.
I KM i,„. ,'""''•' ,l Ircnch intomolo-
liiv ,„ K"k',1 tl'e unts m five hills
I.,,,,. "."' l" a poisonous gue, and
I"" ni,,'■',. '",     "  l"'0(liKious   labor    of
It-i.Mr'* ,    "' (l'>m1'    '1,,•   ",ultJ,s  he-
i,fi ,. ,       "" u"' smallest hill,   wore
1 l> '   •   ns   follows:   17,828,   ll»-
PM70,  and
rlic i,
' i,,,, " ' ■'""'>• probably
lotto "   '" ,,**«h case,  as no "al
ii., .      ;;'w "Hide by Monsieur Yung
iiaa fscflpad n;..
.'""■'e In Mexico.
" 'iinvintu the Mexicans that
I 'l lit*-1
I "it »Bnro^ttl w''''*rle8l and the pwa-
l«'i4UUaUou WUsu-ti Vi|v* (tail
, . "'• -.now how to make coffee.
„„'. iin>' been burning lt lu the roast-
nu     ■''lul centuries, and the urns*
Rabart Barry, th* Nuvsllal.
Mr.   Itobert    Ban-,   who celebrates
his fifty-third birthday early in September,  is ono of tho    many SJcote-
meii   who  can  be  termed  humorous
He  waa born    in Glasgow,  but did
not live thero long,  for at on early
ngo he was brought to  Canada.   He
was educated at Toronto,  and eventually  became a schoolmaster ther.'
remaining in tho teaching profession
-rill'' 1870, tho •v*"r of hi*- Wftrrlftga.
Then he drifted into journalism, ami
sonie of his best work wm published
In Tho ivtroit Free l'rets. Canada
however, lost him in 1881, when he
went to London, England, and since
then his career haa become public
Vaccination la France*.
Vscclnatlon la compulsory In France
during tbo first yeur of life and revac*
clnntlon during the eloventb and twen
ty-flrst years.
Fnneral < •lleettuaia.
In the ceuriH) of a trial at Carnarvor
It wns stated that In north Wales thf
custom prevails of making s collection
from tlsose present at funerals, the
money being handed to the clergy or
ministers Instead of burial fees.
AtaatralUa Forests.
The forests of Australia generally
hnve a monotonous appearance. Tbli
Is caused by the presence everywhere
of tbe eiisiilypliis tree.
Sleepless babies,   f
1?she*i a little one m sleeplef-s and
crrxtH it is the sures-t sign ia the
world that it is suffering Irons some
derangwie*nt sf the stomach and -bowels—the seat of aine-tenths of all
l-B-aby ailments. In casen of this kind
Baby's Own Tablets act like* magic.
Ttiey sweeten the sour little stomach,
relax tho distended little bowels,
cool the parched, levered mouth, nnd
bring natural health-giving sleep.
An nxperienrssd mother, Mrs. Ed.
Godin, Griffith. Ont., says: "I have
used Baby's Own Tablets for many
ailments peculiar to babyhood, such
as fevers, indigestion, diarrhoea,
etc.. and 1 havo found them the most
effe-rtive medicine I have ever tried.
I can only add I would not be without them in the house, so much do I
think  of them."
Other mothers who wish health fsir
their little ones cannot do better
than follow Mrs. QotMn's example.
Vou can get the Tablets from all
medicine ds*alers. or the.v will be sent
by mail at 25 cents a box by writing dirttct to the Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,  Brockville, Ont.
It's a poor wedding ceremony that
hasn't a hitch in it.
The more some men talk the more
trouble thev pile up for themselves.
Lever's Y-Z (Wisellead) Disinfectant Boap Powder is a boon to an\
home lt disinfects nnil cls*ans at th.
Name  lime.
Brokers who sell short aud wait
for a fall often get q hard one.
iiMfil IW**t fefM-fe cwfrwtoi.
Many a man Ib forced to play the
game of life who doesn't hsild a single trump.
Kidney Duty—ii t» *•••   ps'ttcaur
(unction of the kldneye to (liter out poisons which pane tlirutiKh them Into th.
blood. When tb. kidneva are diseased
they cannot do their whole dut v. .stid
abould have the help ansl »*r*,"»*1ni1,*i
Bout* American Kidney Cure wU art >rd
In anv and all forma ol kl.lnev disorder.
It relieve* in nix hours —14
Wis.* is tke man who keeps his private opinion to himself.
Some women are not ns freah as
they are painted, and some nrs
more so.
That ll-Ut-ttnil  aVoldthatariaMlrora
the Me-M*  ****    *im9mt    ,lr**,;-"lef'    *
cmixmmt by t.rinentetlon o( th. food   in
b.^omsch.   It I. a foretaat. 0   India-*
tion and dyspepsia.   Take one of Dr. Voa
MMlaS *id dlsaitlon.   60 lu a bos. 85
c*nts— Id-   _^__^———^.
Manv tblngs may be prs-served in
alcohol, but law and order are nit
on the list.
Intrusion ol urtc acid into the blooj
vetsaela ia a frusKul sauae ol rhetniiattt
paina Thia IrreeularitV » "V,n" U,',JL
sler«n«s*<l and unhealthv coudition o the
liver Anvone autnect to this "s»«n™\ *fc
let lion will tlnd a reojedj in I-ar.iBelee»
Ve«et»*-.le I'illa Th.lr action upon Uie
kisfueya ia prouount-ed and moat benue*
ial swsd Isy restoring healthv action.lite*,
correct   impurities  in  the blond
Some men who won't trust themselves wonder «hy others won't
trust tbem.
N- *J. N-rJ"
To bo sure, you are trowing
old. But why lei everybody
seo It, In your r»y h»,rf
Keep your hrUr d»rk and rich
and postpone ace. If you will
Hair Vigor
only use Ayer'i Hair Vigor,
your gray hair will soon have
all the deep, rich color of
youth.  Sold for 60 years.
tS^'tSmvmrlTn* »h. !!mJ{,   An"} »»'.,»
White Hair
All Rich Drawing Tea
CEYLON tea Is the pick of the crop of the finest tea
producing countries In tho world. Blaok.
Mixed or Natural Green.
■*W only Ira ae.led lead eseketa.   40c, SOo, SO*, per lb.   By all Grocers.
p.^>lB,| I V   t.i asttirtlv rommlr.slon ffrm—THT
Do You Want
II ao. Ibe moderate.ad wiuite your btsaiiisaa sand will eudsrvvor to give autlalaotlun*
Cask sdTSDssd en cswifsigeiasoU.     Beferenc*:   Union Bank nl Canada.
Tha sUest *etsblisl.ed (Srain Coiiunliision
Marehant la friaalang,
OmI* Cxobaae*.  WkM-Jpaaf*.
One Fourteen Miles I.oiijt Kor Use ttt
( Isls-Hico  no.Ine.. ilon.e*.
It upps'iirs that an Interesting woi-U
k«s been goinj* on in Chlcasjo for several years wltliont the knowls?dgs3 of
tlie jieoplo In tlie excavation of a tunnel fourteen mlleH long under tlie buni-
aetts district of the eity. This tunnel la
a business undertaking simply and is
to contain a railway for the transportation of freight nmong the great mer*
antitlle houses and between tbem and
the freight stations of the forly-two
railways which enter Chicago, besides
furnishing accommodation for telephone wires and possibly wires of other kinds.
lt ls almost Incredible that n tunnel
of this length, Tarylng In width from
sii to thirteen feet nnd ln height from
eight to fourteen feet, could have been
constructed under the most crowded
part of a great eity without the knowledge even of the newspaper reporters,
but the tunnel Is far below the surface,
the depth varying from twenty-seven
to sixty-live feet, so that it was unnecessary to make temporary roadways
over It. and the excavated material has
lieen taken out at night through shafts
opening In private grounds and taken
itvay to the lake front.
The ground under Chicago la a soft
clay, which was ensily excavated, but
It has beeu necessary to line lt everywhere witli concrete. A considerable
portion of the tunnel is already In use,
and many busini'ss houses hare shafts
open into It, equipped with elevators,
by moans of which freight packages
brought by cars running on the tracks
laid In the tunnel nre hoisted to the
warerooms. Although nn underground
freight railway of this kind seems an
expensive substitute for trucks and
horses, lt is quite possible that It mny
promote economy ns well ns convenience In handling nnd transferring mer*
Every one must see that the maintenance of a stable full of horses nnd
wagons and of a multitude of grooms
and drivers is an Important Item In the
cost of carrying on business, especially
when, as Is often the case, the wagons
are driven half the time empty or with
only oue small package in them, and
a system by which goods arriving by
rail could be at once delivered at their
destination with the minimum of handling, while those shipped could be
billed through from the shippim*.
clerk's desk, would be of Immense advantage to merchants, as well as to the
That   Dodd's   Kidney   Pills   are
the   On-j Sure Cure  for
tT. E. Illl. got ao He Conlil not Wsslk
Alone sir Feed Uim.ell—11. Telia ol
Ilia Cure. —
Cedar Dale, Ont., Sopt. 28.—(Special)—Ever*' day seems lo furnish
fresh pi-oofs that Dodd's Kidney Pills
are the one sure, nnd permanent cine
for Itheurdatism, This village furnishes evidence that no one can doubt
in the person ol \V. "■*.. Kllis. His
Story is best given in his own words.
"Two  years   ugo,"   said   Mr.   Kllis
"1 got muscular rheumatism,   I triad
all sorts of medicines,  but none    of
tbem did me any gootl.
"At last my wife would send for u
doctor. When he arrived 1 said 'Doctor, can you euro Muscular Rheumatism'.'' 'No,' said the doctor. 'Then'
I said, you arc no use to me.' "
"I got so bud I could not feed myself or walk alone. Then I was induced to try Dodd's Kidney l'ills. I
took six boxes of them, which drove
all tho Rheumatism out Of mo and
left me in good health attain."
Dodd's Kldnoy l'ills cure Rheumatism by removing the cause—by putting the Kidneys in shape tti tak*
the uric acid out of tho blood. They
always curo Lumbago und Sciatica
in the same way.
Successful    borrowors   always get
crailit   for  llieir  efforts.
\     woman  could  keep  a  secret     if
there  were nn one  to tell  it  tn.
IMI'I'UITIKS IN THK l!l.n(in_When
h>. action of tlis* kidneys h**conies lin-
>.tired, impurities in ilu* laltsod ure ul-
a..-.t stirs* tai follow, tsusl sreneral sls**-
ung-emcnt ssf the nysteni ensues. Par*
a.ia'i's Vegetable Pills will retrulate the
.lalneys  sai   that   tlipv  will  maintain  heal-
hv sss'tiiiu saiui orevent the complications
* liith rertainlv come tvli«n there is tle-
aa'!_*eiiit'tit. of these delicate orsritiis. As e
estorntlvO these pills ure in the lirst
The highest salaried map. 'n America is Mr. Dodd, the legal adviser of
the Standard Oil Companv. II.' is
paid S'-,."i<'.<'''.o n year and knows nil
about oil and the laws all .*otiii-^ its
Those   Worrying    Piles '.-one
' ai'tiliration of Dr. As-new'* Ointment will
Iclve you comfort. Applied every nicht
i fa.r three to six ninhts antl a cure is cl-
1 fected in the most stubborn enses ol
i Blind, Bleedlns. or ttcblna riles. Dr. Ab-
insv's Ointment cures Ke/enia and all
stilling and burninc skin diseases. lt
aajts like macic.   35 cents.—IB
YOU may tip the soda clerk a wink
hut you con't tip tho Pullman porter that way.
''Smell Cap" Shnfter.
Many of tleneral Slnifter's olsl nsssni-
atrs still refer to hlin ns "Stnnll Cap"
Shafter, a nickname which origiunteil
at a banquet given to several army ofll-
com in Denver many years ago at
which Shnfter was one of tlio guests.
One of the Denver papers reported ibe
bnuquct aud guve a complete list of the
guests, but when the proof slips were
sent to tho proof render he observed
that Shaffer's name was In lower case
type, and so ho marked lt "small cap,"
tbo usual way being to note "sm. c,"
moaning that the words shoulil be relet In capitals of small size. It seems
tbat the compositor was not familiar
with proof corrections, nnd, supposing
that the note made by the proof render
Indicated some military title with
which he wns not familiar, instead of
making the proof correction he substituted tbe words "Small Cap," and It
wus so printed In the paper. Shnfter
wns in "u frame of mind" when his attention was called to his name lu the
paper, but the other olllcer* made iinnb
ftui of It, nnd the title stuck to hlm
iiaii.v vein*	
Dr.tlah  India.
British India buys abroad S2i!0,70fi.
000 worth a yeor. of which the United
Stntes supplies $:i,TT*j.lK)0, or about one-
ninetieth. The largest Item from the
United States Is about $l.f)0(l,lV'0 worth
if IforsiselK* oil	
The llnlr.
To keep the hair from becoming thin
and BpllMIng at the ends clip It every
two weeks. Shampoo it once n month
Willi cusllle soap, avoiding the use ol
borast aud aiuunsiiiu.
Binard'1 Liaiment Relieves Nearalgia.
Of all nowspapors in tlia* world, ft8
[in every 100 are printed In the Kng-
Ilisit language.
\ uutiiless baby carriage would fill
.i long-felt want iii some populous
. -11 i ot*.
Demande "sound Horvee Only.
Luna horKtMll .tint tltto half thalt attaal w*w *ai
aatSWNIajaiifablaforma.orula*. Tha -
Uauy. AUwbottknost
»tll srartr a psttmnent cuia foa SpaTlna, IUnabonee.
(tpllnta, Curba. etc.. ami ■irromt of Laineneee.
li ciaraM snnu*_inatt of cisbs annually, Such .iidoiaainaBSa
ai tha oat followsag ara• ru.i.iate. ef asaslL
Cured two Bon* Spavins of Tia Ytar*' Slssdlnf.
Eailmta. N.Y., Mar. ll. ItW.
Pr. It J. Ks*na*jfltl Co.. i.riBtlfl-iiBiai. a—Soinsi yean af*. I
a,.a- I voaai K.aaalall'a Siaaflaln Cure a>n a hoiao that had two
Bona apavtoa. and It t.mov.al theia .ntlraly. Tttaae
Sl j.ii.s baa I a-.u on him froaa birth, and war* of na
yeara' ttanallno;. 1 now lure. caa.of a snara that waa
fn]urtd by f.illmR thsou{li a bildja. and am|oln| so (Wo
tan completa srealm.ns wish yaaur Spaasln Cura. Fl.aw
i.nal ano • co|*y of youi •* 1 nassja <*a Sha lla.r»a and Ma
L'lMaa.a."        Vossra fary truly,      , CLAUK 0- PORT.
Frloa 111 all (br IS, Ai a liniment for family an.
It has no •.aaaal. Aak V*'" drusirlat. fo' K«ndaU*a
•.[.flsTln Cure. Hv, "A Traatla* oa lh. Horaa,"
lh. boajIS tltt, a.fl .a.laaata
DR. B. I. KENDALL CO.. Enoaburg Falls, VI *
of ¥ XrisK*-*..
f No other i oc. Cigar is equal to it in flavor.
Its standard of quality never changes and
its sales are increasing every month.
"Pinto" Shell Cordovan
is the toughest and best
leather ever tanned for
mitts and gloves. It is
boil and scorch -proof-
has no oil to draw cold or
get stiff—is wind proof,
tear proof, wet proof,
is always soft, dry,
warm. Iron-like wear
—handsome appearance
—economical. None
genuine* unless stamped
11 Pinto Shell   Cordovan" and with this brand.
Sold by all leading dealers in Manitoba,  N. W.
Territories and British
H.B.K. Duck Jackets
and Coats
for Vs/ear comfort, and
convenience. Built to
keep out cold and keep
warmth in. Made for the
hardest, roughest kind of
wear. Lined with lambskin with the wool on and
with Mackinaw Woolen-
made of Duck, Corduroy
or Leather. Leather jackets made reversible.
Wide collars, nnrippable
seams, strong pockets.
Every garment branded with this brand".
Sold by all leading dealers in Manitoba, N. W.
Territories and British
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
To titio cup of Ogilvie's 'Hungiirian'
atltl   ii   pinch   of  salt.      After  mixing
thoroughly mlti two totdupoontula ol
lard, rubbing anil mixing tlie tlour
utul lord well together. Then add
thri't' lableapooniula of cold water
ts.ni! roll thiii. Pastry dough should bo
liuntllt'd as quickly and as littlo as
possible. It improves the dough if
permitted to stand 24 hours ia a
cold plutc.
og.lv.e-s HUNGARIANFL0U*
as well as for Bread, is unequalled
mo to
l.ote Dssrk. Ar* CIseapl.T Orawn.
The earlv hatcbed ducki that are
t-i'iuly for'tho market in May bring
tho best prico, but thoso hatched later, although ili.-v do-not sell for as
much per pound, aro moro cheaply
grown, because bugs, grasshoppers
a recti stutt bi*couio more plenty. 1
have never any troublo raising my
ducklings'. Tho Fokln ducks uro th*
largest ol the duck fanillv und
mon popular. They Will lay
egga in a year than muny hi'tis, as
thoy will lay nearly every dav from
February until •"•September or October.
During 'his sits'on u ilruko bhoulsl
be kept fur every five ducks, ami
Ihere shoulil be un imlosuiv ubout
their house that Ihoy muy be kept in
Milling tlie morning,   A fetico two feet
high will be siill.cit'iit lo Confine them.
Pusks arc i|Ui!o fl*°0 from vermin and
mosi of tlm Ills that chlctens arc heir
to, says a Wisconsin womaa Jn    Or-
ailiaa..   .ha., I    1'ullllOf.
It is easier for love to find the
way than it is for a good muuy
young men to pay the way.
No self-respecting man carca te
make love to u girl who makes lovo
to a pet dog.
$5,000 Reward Si^JS
Limited, Toronto, to any person who
can prove that this soap contains
any form of adulteration whatsoever,
or contains any injurious chemicals.
Aak tor tke O-tlatm Umt. "I ~*~m
€. E. SmitiiI'-rinuai.f., Editor and Prop.
BLOCAN,      -      -       •       ■      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line foi
the first insertion and5 cents a lino each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, |7 each.-
Transient advertisements at same rate?
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
fer eacli insertion.
Commercial Katas mado known upon
Tha Subscription is |2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Sloean, B. C,
ED'TOIMAI.    fltori-INl'S.
Jobn Houston niatlo ffCiod hia threat
to skin Taylor in Nelson. Wonder how
thoso famous 70 st<iy-ttt-ho»es feel!
Saturday last and William Davidson
can attacli M.P.P. to his name.   The
campaign   was    cleanly   and   fairly
fought and the Independents are on-
titled to all that is coming to tliem
from their victory.   Now ths struggle
is over the Conservatives have nothing
to swallow or tp take back.   Tho eleo I
torata submits to the rirdict and are
•uixious to have peace restored in tke
interests of tht; country. Ttis,however,
unfortunate tho govei-anient majority
at Victoria is not more pronounced, as
a fee'ius; of uncorlainty yet exists iu
public affair-..   And it is doubly ua-
fortunate that Mr. Davidson will be
unable to lend  his  support to either
party in promoting the cause of stable
govomment.   He was elected as an
Independent  and  he  has   courage
enouj-h   to  hold   to   that principle
What the practical and ta»"s"ible results of that stand will be for the riding remains to be seen.   The political
fight for supremacy in the province
will have to bt decided  without any
assistance from Slocan.
Thos. Chew, manager of the sawmill
company, left on Monday for Orillia
and MinlaMtl, Out.
H. A. Clove is offering the David
stock of gents' furnishings at cost
price.   He is making a great sweep.
nimixii Hi-coiiu*.
Appended is a complete list ef the various records registered at the lecal regis-
Noise does not always count, hence
Alf Parr's extinction in Ymir. Wright
is right and Parr is as dead as a herring. _
John L. Retallaek is now at liberty
to return to his dear Spokane and finish his initiation into the rights and
privileges of a   full-fledged   Yankee
i ■ gas
A welcome windfall came to the
government from Ottawa last week in
the shape of a cheque ior $2.ri8,O0O, lieing the amount due the province for
Chinese headtax. It was sadly needed.
Buried at Vancouver, a-*.* October 3,
under a Tory avalanche, Hon. Joseph
Martin, erstwhile head push of the
Liberal party. His awful fate should
be a warning to all tempestuous politicians.
The Nelson News persists in placing
W. Davidson, the Labor member for
Slocan, in the Liberal column, which
is an unauthorized proceeding. The
Drill has it from a member of Mr.
Davidson's committee that the newly
elected member is an Independent,
pure and simple. And if Davidson
says so, he means it.
Things have boen turned topsyturvy by this election. Fancy Victoria
Liberal and Vancouver all Conservative. Vancouver Island now turns out
to be a Grit hivo, while the Mainland
carries the Tory strength. Odd enough
also, Vancouver Island gives the .Socialists their total strength, while Labor finds its home on tbe Mainland.
The Conservatives have lieen successful throughout the province and
thc government is sustained, though
not with as pronounced a majority as
was confidently expected. However,
thore is strength sufficient to do business and that is the main essential.
The victory, close as it is, will ba ap*
prebiated by the party throughout the
Dominion, being a foretaste of better
things to come. One beneficial effect
of the election has been the disap
pearance from public lifo of materia]
among l-otli Liberals and Conservatives that ^as beeB a clog on progress
and prosperity. Much new blood has
lieen introduc-d and the province will
be the gainer. Under Conservative
rule the province will advance and
gaia in tho estimation of. the investing
publie.eventiiatiiig in a blighter order
of things. Let bygones be bygones
and all strive to bring the country and
its resources to the front.
Au immense amount of satisfaction
is felt by the Conservative party, and
by all old-timers generally, at the
election of Harry Wright in Ymir,
John Houston in Nelsou, and Bob
Green in Kaslo, if for uo otlier reason
than it proves how baseless and unwarranted have lieen the scaudalous
attacks made upon them by the Nelsou
News. Never before in British "Columbia has there been conducted such
a campaiguof misrepresentation, villi-
iication and personal abuse as was
waged by that paper, and it is sincerely to be hoped it will lie the last. The
News has lost the respect of all fair-
minded peoplo and it will never recover it. Messrs. Parr, Taylor and
Retallaek, whom the paper particularly supported, will find that much of
the mini thrown by the News will
stick to t'aem, while their successful
opponents realize that they stand vin
dicatcd and cleared of all wrong by
the electorate. Crow will be the only
meat eaten by the News for many a
long day to come.
Victory rested with the Independent
Lobar came in the Slocan riding op
Wild duck are plentiful on the river
this season.
Snow fell this week at Sandon and
Three Forks.
The Imperial Limited train service
has lieen cancelled.
D. D. Robertson returned this week
from his trip to the coast.
A social dance was given in the
Music Hall on Monday night.
Miss Parsons, sister of Mrs. C. B.
Taylor, died in Boston two weeks ago.
A heavy fall of snow occurred this
week in tho hills and it is here to stay.
The wife of Ira Black, one of the
ioneors of the camp, is dead at Spo
Not very many people from these
parts attended the Spokane fair this
Mrs. Tony Becker, known to many
old-timers, died recently at Poplar
Mr. Justice Walkem has resigned
from the supreme court bench, after
21 years' service.
Harry Thorburn, of Silverton, is relieving Cheeksar Smith at the depot,
while the latter is on his holidays.
Frank Nelson, a deckhand on the
tug Valhalla, was drowned at Proctor
Saturday evening, by falling off a
Miss Hews, the blind elocutionist of
Denver, Col., gave an entertainment in
the Methodist church last Thursday
The Dominion government granted
two sums of $12,000 and 84000 for the
improvement of navigation on the Arrow lakes.
The Dominion government, has
grantod S18.«X) for public buildings
in Rossland. and $18,21)0 to complete
the same in Nelson.
Oa, A. Hurlburt, managing director
of the Republic, left Monday for his
homo iu Detroit, intending to spend a
few davs at Banff en route.
W. K. Cameron, who has been employed at the Red Fox mine for the
past three years, left on Monday on a
holiday jauut to Winnipeg.
A special sitting of the licensing
commissioners will bo held in M0 davs
for the transfer of the license on the
Royal Hotel to Georgo Crawford.
On Saturday the New Westminster
lacrosse team defeated tho Shamrocks
of Montreal 7 to '3. Vancouver had
previously done the same thing fi to 3.
Misses Sutherland and Patton, tho
well-known entertainers, will give a
concert in the Music Hall next Tuesday, under the auspices of the local
Aid. Worden and brid-* returned to
th* city from Calgary on Saturday,
receiving a hearty welcome. Tliey
will reside in the Shatford cotttge for
the present.
Last Friday's public meeting was
about tho licst ever held here. R. M.
Maedonald, R. HanBington.of Nelson,
and W. Hunter spoko in the lead,with
Al Teeter. John Foley, and J. Baker
in opposition. The hall was packed
and plenty of ginger was imparted to
the proceedings,
NOTICE is hereby given that 30 day*,
utter data 1 intend to apply, at a special
sitting of the Board of Licensing Cotn-
miisioneri of the City of Slocan. for a
transfer of thu retail liquor license held
bv me on tlie Koval Hotel, situated on
lot 18, block 12, City of Slocan, to Oeo.
Datesl at Slocan this 8tli day of October, UK.:..
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
HATES: Regular .ulisaritaurs, $1   par  nnuitli
or$IO a jraar: iiiin--.iib«rrilis.r. (esoltlS.Tf i.f
medical attendance) $2 per day,   rrlvatewsrdi
$1 f«i ainy ultra,  special facflltlu tormatern.
ity case..
Por further particular! apply to,
D. B. O'Neail. Sec
:/)v JOIN ING Che
, AC Cents paya for throo months*.' momberahlp.
aCsJEaoh member recsaivefj tho official clfliborg»n 1
and InitrouienUl new nuitslo each month, 18
plocoa in all; alio a CerttQoato oj Memberahlp
which givea tho pmlloge of Club Koom ln Haw
Vork City, ansl of buying literatssro, nssnici or m«-
aical ln»truuient» of any description at wholesale
price*., aaving yon from MX to KM "■"«'l?*"
more than your money'a worth. MUTU^LTiya-
U.-.-MCBIO Oltjb, Dopt.    . HONaaaanSt^M.Y. |
try effice, H. i*. ChriBtie being mining
Sept 26—Cub ft, n f Springer, P An*,
BU—Horseshoe, on .Skinner creek, Geo
Oct 1-Black Hawk, Ten Mile, W E
Daisv, same, same.
Starry Ni|*ht, formerly Silver Leal, J
Hamelin. ,     ";
Hon Ton, Arlington basin, H D'**;****
Huntington, ..nd n i Lemon, J Kyte.
Sept 28—Fallen Leaf, Erl King.
29— Abbotsford for three yean.
Sept 28-Cripple Stick fr, option to
purchase by George Nichol to Frederick
Representing the strongest companies d.*-in.p business in Canadn.
Skk new accident policy, with participation in profits, covering: sickness and eperatiens.
II. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing; and Forward infi* attended to at the
.shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire at reasonable rates.
Furnishings _^>
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why bo without a ranee when
you can get one so cheap ? Thev
are prcferrable to stows and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will bo
«ct up fret.
[   Slocan
[ J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
| Fresh Fruits of Every
j Kind  Arriving   Daily.
. Our Ice Cn-ani Parlor in
now open aid will be ki.pt
running all the Summer,
14 I.niivaaer Mreasl far Bl.
Full Weight mod -isas-lily
Slocan. B. C.
J. A. Anderson
Dealer in:
Kodaks and Supplies
Certificate nf innnmn
Pari. Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Plocan City Minim* Division of Went Kootenay Dutrict.
Where located:—At head of north
fork of Ten Mile creek.
TAKE NOTICE thatl.Krank C.Greea,
acting n» agent for George I'.rine,
fi-pt*. miner's certilicate No. Iwl984, in-
tond, Bi.£ty daya from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder oracer-
tii'isiitcof improvementa, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of the abtjve
claim. .„     '.-«*   ~j ■
Ami further take nollee that actifn,
nnder section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Il ,ted this 2.''rd dav of June, 1903.
7-8-03 P. 0. GREEN, Nelson, B.C
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Hugh 8. Neljon, or to any parser,
or persons to whom he msy Vave trans
ferred his interest ia the Weymouth
niiiioiiil ('Iuiin, eitiuited on Ten Mile
cret-k ami recorded in die lieeo'der'*.
office for the Slocan l ity mining divi
You are hereby notified that I, 0, E.
Sraitherlngale, F.M.C No. 1VVJ097, have
caused to be expended the sum of on«
hundred am! two dsillnrs ntul fifty cent*
in labor and improvements on the abovr
ratnt.il ned mineral claim, in order to
hold said claim nnder the provision*, ef
the Minernl Act; antl if within 90 litvt
from tlio date of this notice you fail, er
refuse, to contribute your proportion ef
sucti expt'iialiiure,together with all costs
of advertising, your interest, in said
claini will become the property of th*
subscriber, under section 4 of en Aet
entitled "An Act to amend the Miuera
Act, 1900."
I'_tt«l at Sloean,B.C., this 1-tb day nf
August, A.l>. 1003.
This Snap
Till-' DRILL has made an
a.T.iir-'.iii.-nt with the Toronto Muil-Eaipiro, so
tint its weekly edition ni.iv bo
clubbed with the former,
New subscribers, therefore,
may obtain tho Weekly Mail
Empire ackaowtalgad to lio
one of th'- U's-t pnper*! in tho
Dominion antl Slocan's lwad-
ing journal, The Drill, from
now till .Ian. 1, 1906, ror tin*
stun of $3. With thia exceptional offer will be [riven as a
premium, a beautiful arto-
gravure, entitled "The Victoria Cress,*' The picture di*-
picts a sceno in tho lato Boex
war, dene in ten colors, aud
well worth framing, .Send in
your orders at once to
The Drill, Slocan.
si.or an
per annum.
Why the "tSlaier'tShoe"
Is now a Union .Shoe,
factory No,    350
The "Slater Shoe" factory has always paid
the highest wages in Canada, because the clasa
of men employed could demand such wages ir*
respective of Union backing.
Also, the "Slater Shoe" factory has alway9
been up to Union standards in lighting, venti*
lation and sanitary  arrangements.
But even these highly favorable conditions
cannot secure from inefficiently organized labor
complete co-operation between employer and em«
ployee. "
So the " Slater Shoe" makers decided to
make their factory a Union factory in name as
well as in actuality.
Henceforward all "Slater Shoes" will bear
the stamp of the Boot and Shoe Workers' Union
with the factory Number 350.
(This number will also identify the shoe
bearing it as the genuine "Slater Shoe," as no
other makers have the right to use it).
This Union Stamp stands for co-operation of
employer and employee, for mutual good "under-
standing, for immunity from strikes and lockouts, for the principle of arbitration, for a
continuous supply of first-class help, for uniformity of workmanship, for fair conditions all
Reduces cor.t by increasing producing
efficiency, by reducing number of spoiled pairs
of shoes, by its greater uniformity of workmanship, by the more thorough organization of
It makes better shoes.
Don't forget the "Slater Shoe" factory,
Number 350—three fifty—same as the "Slater"
three fifty shoe.
When you see that number you will know
you have a genuine Goodyear Welted Union-
Slater Shoe
Sole Agent:
New Residence for Sale
One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud pla^"
ered, and is the best finished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.      For terms
Apply at Drill Office
Gwiilim & Johnson,
13. C
Alex. Rogers;
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leadlnjrr Parlors:


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