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The Slocan Drill 1903-09-04

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'. i
c, September 4, ioos.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
Don't forget us when you are
in need of fruit jars. Large
stock just received. Shipment
duplicated, so goods must be
sold.   Buy now.      .      .    .
Pints, Quarts & Half Gallons
W. T. Shatford & Co.
Wilson house,
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Ar li ngton    Hotel,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Tliis popular hotr 1 ia convenient to tlio hauls amiS trains.   The dining room
ttftrklly up to date wliile tlie Inr its "-applied "A'itli thc best in tl.e market.
Travelling men, using: Sample Room*, $2.50 por tiny:
wltiiont Sample Kwmt,$2- board $8 per ws-rk; mealsrv
Having secured premiaea on Main attest, wa nre prepared to
handle all kinds of Garden Truck, Farm Produce, and Dairy
Products, ami are (men ta receive shipments from any of the
ranchara in Slocan Valley. A full Btock will 1>.' kept on hand.
Householders will be supplied daily with freshgoodi by wagon.
PRICES REASONABLE.   Will ttandle in quantity for mines.
Commission Agents,
Slocan, British Columbia
Ro opmril under
the old tnanaRement.
Fnrmer customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. Arthur •Irsssat Mi D.lniB«*v AT.nss*. Hlursan.
n»iliin_" tlioniujjlitr renovated
»nd re st eked with the Itest
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Vou can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
MORE THAN $30,000 IN PREMIUMS        	
tOOAt MOSl»iT.\|,   APPLIES   roil Ao-
Qats-t TIshs-ss Having li.s.l l;u...t.,., n,,.t
Institution- "efforts Uolng Msula ts»
Kes-p It Ksiiuilii|--WliiittliO Alslfllsss.B
Disl with the Request.
The first meeting of the city council iu three weeks was hold on Monday evening, Aid. Worden being the
only absentee.
Communications read: From city
clurk of New WeKtniinster, inviting
the council to attoad.t&o annual fnir
in that city.   Filed.
Aid. Teeter called attention to the
fact that two meml-ors of the local
hospital board were present aad de*
--ir«*il to make a stat iment,
J. lv Ejkinner, oaa of tho board,
■•tilted he wished to lay their position
before the council, so as to obtain assistance. Owing to tho quiet times,
the hospital was rather a burden on
the hands of the unioa, but they did
uot wish to see it closed. At present
the expenses of running it were much
greater than the receipts. The hospital hud been running for two years
ami a half, and. although paying for
a while, it wa.s now j^oitif^ behind, and
it w«s more than the union could
stand, Thoy would like a Ixmus from
the city to assist the ho -pital and .-jeep
it running. A financial btntenieut
would lis* furnished the council if they
so desired,
1). B. O'Neail. the other delegate,
gave a few figures, showing that tho
receipts of ths-. hospital at present
wero small, not running over $125 per
month, while the expenses approximated $250per month. When eatab*
li-hed J1060 had been subserib.".l,half
of which cam * from members of the
union. Tbey wore drawing $5Q0 par
year from the government, but all de-
iiciencie. for thai la-t.s-ix months were
comlug fnffij th» union, hr-tead ol
charity  comin*  Irom  th? union, it
on the C it I group, on Ton alii.*, and
ke will work the property throughout
tha winter, Ou Monday two men were
Beat up and a packtrain loaded with
supplias. • The property is owned
partly by 0. D. Rand, of Vancouver,
and lias had considerable work doue
on it. Oro is exposed in all tho openings, so thu lessee should do well.
in to work it. Thoy ara sending up
supplies aud will have their families
with them this winter. When development ceased last spring, under S,
Norman's I Kind, ore was sliowing in
the iower crosscut, new buildings had
been erects*!, and a full equipment of
tools left on hand, so tlie lessees have
a favorable start.
Win. Banter IlevelssplssuT tho MiAlllator
mill Comstook Grass|)n.
Wm. Hunter, the Conservative candidate for the Slocan riding, has left
the circle of  mercantile pursuits and
Ii directing hia energies towards developing two promising mining properties into paying propositions. On
tha north fork of Carpenter creek. 6)
miles from Three Forks, he and Geo,
Fairbairn own tho McAllister group
of cliiims, upon which they are doing
considerable work. They started in
•Inly with three men, th«ir lirst labor
being an open cut to tho ledge. Ore
was encountered and followed iu and
from it a carload has been sacked and
is awaiting shipment. Te move tlie
Ore the owners have just completed
three miles of trail, connecting with
the main trail up the north fork, and
Sandon parties will havo the job of I other friends in our district who have
packing down the ore. The ore is of ao kindly given their assistance and
the dry character and resembles thej support thus far in the campaign.
Capelia article near New Denver, and Thanking you in advance for the
will give just about as high returns.' publication, I remain, yours very
Having proven the chute above, thej truly,
owners are commencing a tunnel fur- R. A. Bradshaw
ther down the hill and will catch the1 Slocan, Sept. 2, 1903."
Mr.Bradshaw's resignation has been
a severe blow to tho Liberal cause iu
this riding, for he was undoubtedly
their strongest candidate. The Liberal managers are looking for another
candidate, and they expect to nominate  at an early date.   Conservative
111! iieiHAW RESIGNS.
Liberal Nominee  Wit list raws   I'm iss  thn
Wednesday afternoon The Drill
man had the following letter handed
him, the contents of which will fully
explain themselves:
"C E. Bmitheringale,
Editor Slix'as Drill:
Dear Sir, Private matters which
have just now cropped up, and which
will necessitate mv leaving the province in all probability before the elao*
tions. have oompellea iae to place my
resignation as Liberal nominee for this
tiding in the hands of the executive of
the Liberal association, which, I may
say, was accepted at the regular meeting held last evening.
1 wish you would please publish
this letter, and I woultl take this opportunity of thanking all Lilierals and
Lost Ys-nr'n 8lil{imcnts Were 0333 Ton*.—
A lla'Hllliy I'vlalmice of tlie Life anil
Vtei.ltli of tlio Cnnip—Knterprlae tlica
ItlKccat Shipper.
Ore shipments for the week are re-
presented by a single shipment from
tin* Enterprise, amounting to 20 tons,
and which was sent to tho smelter nt
Trail. With the exception of a small
shipment from the Winifred, there are
no exports in sight at present from the
camp. To date the output totals 854
For l'.H,2 the ore shipments from
the local diyisiou amounted lo 63238
ton-*, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the ship*
menta this year to date:
ii i si:.
Black Prince	
Wen t mon t	
Hi__lilanil Light.
sliould corns fi'O'.a th-* city to the hospital.
Aid. Teet-r warmly supported the
the hospital proposition.. Cut he advised some better mo 11 of pi*oceodur<**i.
Th-* city should support the hsepital,
because il wns their dut v. Any advances made, hOwevor, should bo paid
back when prosperoui times cam**.
Ur believed ths' hospital should be
supported as much so as tho schoal
They might set aside a certain sum
each' month, tho same as wasbsiag
d--iu» for the scho*>l. until such times
as the hospital could pay its own way.
At th* same tint i the city Bhould hive
a representati
to watch its interests
Delegate Skinner stated the city
was entitled to tw.) reproseatfttivej on
the board, ona from the council nud
the otlier from among the citizi us,
Aid. McNeish said that, according
to the figures submitted, it   would requite $125 a month from the city to
kee)>  the  hospital runnio
could not su.* from whsnee
was coming.   He could not
ore al depth,   Thev have a mine,
The other property Mr. Hunter is
working is the oldComstoch group.on
Pour Mile creek, on which ha; has lo
men employed. Under Dr.Bell-Irviug,
of Vancouver, the property had quite
an experience, being finally equipped
with a mill
Debt aud
min** eventually passing into Mr,
Hunter's bunds, since commencing
i work tbis . *a?oii, new bodies of ore
have !.j:".i found and d iveloped, resulting in t'.va. carloads of ore being
ready on the dump for shipment, with
in.icii more in sight, lt i* uot the iu-
tontiaa, however, todo much .'hipping
till the snow comes, whoa it can bj
bttndled to advantage,
F.DITOB Di::i.i.:
Sir, You may not lie aware and
you nmv not care, but it Is a fact that
there is throughout lhe United Stntes
d strong movement ia favor of reciprocity with Canada. Thee is also,
on Hie hospital board; ft is ,-..,._., „*.,..,..,, oppo__itlon 1i such
reciprocity, but the very fnct of inais-
. tent opposition ia sijnificant,when you
I .-.-call that a few years a*ro nobody
; cared about it one way or another.
I Nor is this reciprocity that is desired
a ..(.llish, one-sided reciprocity. The
; men who are working for it generally
'■ realize that, the l'nited Status has the
■e| bi*? end of the trade at present, and I
, ,       .    ■ ,'■     ,   ■ , . "tr      '•'a     «,u     "illl*      Sl.llflJ.       VAlllSS-l .ilSl*. t.
and electric.light plant., Btock haB        ,*    -^th a bound and
uncertainty   followed, the, Hunter is a sure winner.
Kill.. Stasiating.
At Saturday's practice shoot of the
Rifle (.Uub the following scores were
ig, and
the money
ll.'.'l'i'e witli
R. MeFarlane..
.1. Cross	
W. S. Johnson.
D. S. McVannel
F. Dick	
W.ll. Davidson
.1. McVicar....
Dr. K"it!i	
W. H. Harrison
J. Law	
John Craig....
A. Barber.....
286   271   241
while striking for freer tratio, propose
to let the Canadians into the American
did. Teeter that the hospital was a nmrj^t M freely as Americana enter
public affair like the school, for tne the Canatiian market. Very sincerely,
institution   was   private.    He would T. M. Knapi-kn
like to help it out. but there were not, Secrotarv of the Minnesota branch of
Lsssska t.ilcs* Butluost.
D. .a. Ross, who has been looking
after the interests of Hugh Sutherland
iu this country, received a telegram a
few days ago from that gentleman,
if things were in shape to corn-
at   a   moment s
Greatest Attractions and the Biggest
Amusement   Features  Ever  Secured
i iy
Down Town Street Carnival Every Night, Vaudeville SpeclaltlW n
High Class Circus Features
i id
Special Low Rates on Railroads
Ooncoasion Privileges for sale.     Write for Premium List
H. Q. STin/VVEL, Sec. and Han*
utlicioiit funds to run  the city.   Thej
Idea had been sprung on the council
too lata* in the game. !
A general discussion followed, Aid.
Teeter holding that it would !>'• n,
slirect lo-is to th" city to bay..' the In." j
pital closed. Hi then moved tint the :
eity appropriate $75 per month for the!
sustenance of the hospital, the latter]
to repay same whea their finances
would permit.
Tlis- mayor aaid it would h* Impossible for the city to go into the loaning bu*. i ness.
Aid. Arnot and MoNoish would nol
a*o on any note for tho fit t. and thai
wn-. the only way in which fuudscould
lie raised.
Aid. Tester saisl th-* crlty should
look after th*' hospital, and no mau
should shirk his duty in that respecl
ll was right fsir the eity to care for
thr dUtressed.
Aid. McNeish believed In looking
after his own business first, and lhe
city's after.
Aid. Teeter had  noticed  that ,
accounts, ••ome for huge amouuta.liad
gone through council without a intit
mur. and   be   could   nsit.  uniler
the  National   Reciprocity Lea
.Minneapolis, Minn.. Aug. 24.
notici' on the Evening Star.on Dayton
creek.   This property has been idle
for four  years, but  at one  time em*
I ployed  over 20 men.   The   upward
| tendency of th* metal  market is hav-
! itur thi' desired effect and it is believ-
ouc'*i ed the Star will be working again very
"iBlsl SahOOl   Alta-Hlhllli'S*.
The public sehiKil truiteea complain
bitterly of tlu scant attendance of
scholars since the urw term opened,
asserting that one-half of the available
children are permitted to run the
the   Antelope, one of   the Rambler-
Cariboo group.   It consists of a foot
liisRs* Hlnlug Dear. 0f clean ore.
Jerome Drumheller, Spokane, John     Wm. Thomlinson has Recured the
Went wort li.atid a New York syndicate interest of the  kite Martin Murcbison
have purchased 15 of the most prom- in the Nansen group, at the head of
isim- mining    claims  in  Okanagan Lemon creek,
county. Wash., for $3,000,000. A com-      It (a reported Oscar White haa mads*,
treets   This la bavin    t bad effect |p»ny to be known na the Copper World an offer for the Nolan and Hittle pro*
on the school in many ways, enforcing Gold Mining & Smelting Oo. la under perty. close to the Lady   Franklin
n great reduction in the government couraeof organization and will take group, Lemon creek,
want, and so increasing the Bnanclal "v«''" ^ ll"' properties, nmong which
burdens of the ratepayera.   The tins-. is the noted C ipper World group of
The new  companv  will con
Tbo Speculator has reduced its force
La*t week Rossland mines shipped
•iSiKJ tons of ore.
Last week the Sandon mines shipped 21S tons of oro.
The celebrated Wonderful load has
at last lis-en found.
Slocan ore shipments total 84513 tons
for th« year to date.
Boundary ore shipment* last week
amounted to 16,062 tons.
The Idaho mine will put in a new
tramway to its concentrator.
The owners of the Cripple Stick
purpose shippm-" KKi* sucks of ore. has paid $110,000 for
four coal claims iu the Crow's Nest.
Last month's payroll in the Crow's
Nest coal fields amounted to §151,000.
Dave Sloan ixiok out supplies Monday to develop his claims on Cameronian creek.
Supplies were taken up to the Myrtle group on Friday, the owners intending to stay there all winter.
More rich strikes are reported hom
near Trout Lake and Uertard, and a
now rush of gold seekers has set in.
Work was commenced this week on
a new rawhide trail from the Arlington basin to the Howard Fraction
Tho Granby smelter at Grand Forks
has shut down, so as to permit of the
coupling up of the tilth and -sixth furnaces.
A tine strike was made this week on
tees are urglug the parents to send I o*'0
their children to school,otherwise one -*'1 ''     '""'■"
.if the teachers will have to be let out.
Oil ll Clllls ISHaflllBi; Ts-l|s.
Wm. Hunter, the Cons<ar**ati**e can
didate. came down on Friday evening I
and nis't many of bis supporters, in-
fusing new life Into the political situation.   He is actively canvassing the
•inst | riding and is feeling greatly encouraged with bis prospects, being fully
'Iconvinced of victory,   llis followers
1| are waking up to their responsibilities
why fault should  be found  with the j Rml are rallying loyally tohis support,
proposition to help the hospital.   Le The Tory part of the campaign is run*
waa certain tlie ratepayers would wi
lim*lv sanction the proposed grant.
Aid. Arnot said tbat perhaps Aid.
Teeter did not know that signing fl
note for the city reflected on their
business credit. He would nol sign a
note again for anyone. *
Aid. Teeter theii sm-ire.-tesl that the
mayor appoinl <>in' of the aldermen to
confer with tho hospital board on the
subject, and report at next meeting.
Ho so mOVtd, seconded by Aid.Arnot.
Aid. Arnol was appointed to meel
the hospital board.
Council adjourned till Sept. 1!.
ning very smoothly.
Sllvi'i' OssntiitiflsiiBS.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on ths' various days during the
week sines* hist issue:
Ills; Paul Iss Alls.lias.
Tin* Treadwell Mining .Company
has paid the sum of .$2,000,000 tothe
Newellsof Juneau, for 20 claims of
free niillin__; gold quartz, located on
Berner bay. Lynn Canal. The' pro*
pertv is to be developed On an extensive scale, the purchasers putting In a
800 stamp mill. Tho payroll will
cumber 500 men.
('isttiiilli* t'lisircli Notice,
Father Berthlaume, who
Lent* nn i .*. i Oronpa
John Kinuiau  ha** secured
57 B
Rev. Father Berthlaume, who has
assumed charge of the Slocan mission,
was iu town on Wednesday. He will
have mass bere on Sept. 18, at 10 a.
in., and evening service at 7.80. All
are cordially invited. Services will be
| held at the Catholic ehnreh on tin*
cents I second Sunday of
The owners of ths- Florence group,
on the second north fork of LiMiioti,
are-exhibiting specimens s»f very high
grade ore. It contains sulphide of sil-
\er and nrgentite.
P. \Y. Ellis, the big jeweler of To-
i.nito. has sti^l a fine fraction on
Trn Mile, adjoining his Black Cloud
claim, and lying lietween it. the Weymouth and the United l.inpiri'. F.
Griffith is working on the Black Cloud
and will do sufficient to crown giant
it and the fraction.
further lioticQ.
-licit SlB'Hsssl.B Itlu llali.t.
Gils Lund arrived In Revelstoke
last week from the Ground Hog Basin
in the Big Bend, bringing news of a
marvellous strike of gold rock on the
Florence group. A vein of white
quarts has |ie*»n uncovered over a distance of 8000 feet, running in width
from 5 to 20 feet. Five assays taken
from tho lead hays- given 17*1 oz in
lob month until 1 gold and $15 in silver, aggregating
.18600 to the ton.
Hltsiil- i*i-liis-.* I...iifl.t><l.
Con Murphy, Tom Mulvey and F,
Ibhuson have secured r lease on the
-'tllirt   of ItcvlafllolB.
Collector of Vo.t*N Christie had a
sua)) with his court of revision on
Monday la-*t. no protest having been
filed against any names on the list.
The number of votes"*} is set down at
Sl",.   The list will ba sent to the Nel
lease Black Prince group and are starting 1 nop Tribune for printing.
Wlulfrail lAiSiilp.
A few sacks of ore have been packed
'down   from the Winifred   group, on
Dayton creek,owned by tlm .McMillan
I fiiinilv.    More will Iw brought down
I shortly and a teal  shipment made.
The oro will give high values in gold
I apart from the silver
A   I ..
IA Love Match I
*   AudMr ol "The of Moscow," "The Fortunes of Coora-i" "The Shadow of thc
Guffi-rtfae," Etc., Etc
Rachel was bolstered up in a sitting position, anil she looked better
limn she li.aii iu>' Nl for many days,
.She took each ofthe servants by tho
hand, and pressed It warmly- pressed
it with warm emotion, though her
own hand wns strangely rokl.
"My children," sho said, "I feel
belter, and it Is your kindness that
has made ine so peaceful and happy.
1 am going to sleep; and 1 wiuitoil to
see you before I Blept The thought
was with me, and I might forgot it
if I let it be lo another time. 1
wanted to bless yon, uml tell you
how much i love you. I wanted to
tell you all how happy 1 am in the
faith that this poor, lifo is but thc
beginning of au eternal life. Onr
home is in the bettor world beyond
the vale, where Hod Ihe Father is.
ssnd where the Blessed Saviour reigns
foroverniote. If I should go before
you, I will prepare the way. do,I lie
merciful  to ynu ever!"
Sobbing lii-a' thlldren Indeed, the
faithful servants turned frnm thc
loom; and whin they had gone, Ita-
i hei put forth her hand to t'hris
"Lower my pillows, darling."
Gs?ntly and soothingly the loving
girl sibeyed.
"Now rest by iny side, Christine.
Let me take your band. I am going
to sleep."
, Presently she drew her hand away
und reached upward, as though she
would grasp something in tho spa's'
above her whish to Christine seemed
empty. A moment so, and then she
gave her hand to the watcher.
A little while, and ft change came
over the aged fni'B. The eyes, looking upward, grew pretei naturally
bright, and the features were bathed
as in a light supernal. Her lips moved, and she cried out, in ecstatic
"Victor—my husband I Oh, after
all these years!"
And thus speaking, her eyes closed,
and she sunk to her last rest. Christine marked the changsj—that awful
change which loaves the loved one's
face a blank—the i hange that marks
the mysterious transit between the
two worlds!
At first Christine was stunned by
the blow. From out the dread space
of ths Unseen, it scorned as though
a still greater Calamity was to fall
upon her. At the moment when she
knew that her best friend was gone
from her, she Wished thffc she, too,
might lie down In the "ime mystic
sleep. The first impulse of hi'i' startled imagination was that in losing
her foster-mother she hud lost the
only shield that stood between herself and utter despair. And this was
not a sudden phantasy. Sh'.' had
dreamed often of such a thing—had
dreamed, both sleeping und wakinc,
that in the dint possibilities of lifo
were dread ovils which the preaence
of Rachel St. Clair could alone ward
off. But, by and by, she roused herself to a sense of the necessities of the present situation, and having reverently
crossed tin- hands of the sles'per upon ths pulseless bosom, and Imprinted a kiss upon the marble brow,
she went forth to tell the servants
what had happened,
On the self-sumo morning of the
events Inst recorded, Caspar Hugo
reached the otlice on Court street at
an early hour, and was ere long ioin-
i-d  by   Mr.   Halford.
"You uro eiirly this morning, sir,"
remarked the clerk, ns his employer
took his sent.
"Yes.'' replied the attorney. "I
have business on my hands that
mnkes me anxious, I am not satis-
lied touching tin' title of tlie old
Hut levy march estate. As you aro
aware, we Snd by the records that
the original assignor reserved a par-
tin 1 right to the property until cer-
tnin conditions luul been fulfilled. I
have no stoiibt thut those conslltions
wore fulfilled long ago, and, ln all
possibility, the assignor gave u re-
b'use of his claim: but s.iid release
Is nowhere on record, l huvo no of trouble, but still these
tiii lies frrt nie. I like to see my
work intact. 1 don't like to find a
link missing in my chain."
'In this case," suggested Caspar,
who understood the point at issue,
T think the chain Is simply a link
siiort. I doubt if thc missing link
is needed for strength, though for
i i" fin tnc'-s of proportions It might
bo well to have it in."
"1 think," snid Halford, "that, for
myself, the absence of the release
from the record would not prevent
mo from accepting a deed from the
present proprietor. However, I can
explain tho mutter to my client, and
be can do aa he pleases. And there
Is another thing that has kept me
anxious. In fact, it has kept me
awake half the night."
The clerk looked up, but ventured
no Spoken question.
"I allude," pursued the old man,
after a pause, "to Madame Rachel
St. Clnlr. I must see her again
while her mind Is clear."
"Anything particular?" queried
"Yes. She spoke, not long since,
of transferring some real estate ln
New Orleans. I might like to obtain her wishes in thnt respect for
the guldanco of Miss Christine.
"Touching thnt mntter." ventured
Caspar with difference, "1 think Miss
Christine hnd I.ei ter relysolely upon
viinr Judgment, If her appearance
does not belle her, she Will lisok to
you  'or counsel nnil guidance
■ I's-ilmps yam are red I, Hugo," re-
turiipal the old lawjer, evidently
1.leased with tlie implied flutter
"Anil yet, I wouM like to hear from
tho lml.v. She wus vei'j low yesterday. She musl not sink without
my seeing her."
At this juncture the door of tii'
11!111-o was opened, and n bpy looVi*-1
111 and Inquired for Mr. Hugo, Cm
par answered to tha call, and reccl'.
cd a folded note from the hni.d i-
tho messenger, and when bo hnd oi
cii'il the missive and glnnccd hi
.yes over iho contents, ho said to tin
"if wm sop tho di;.:i v,iiii gnve yoa
this, tell him thnt I shnll not It
•ilu to accompany hlm T hnve i ■■
much business oh hand i' ■ inn\
. |vo i v t'o'-t to some mm   i
The boy departed, nnd Cnspur re
sinned his seat, remarking, ns he did
"I nm free to iiilmit that 1 do not
care for these Italian operas. The
music is entirely overshadowed by
tho utter chaos ssf song."
"l never heard on • In my life,"
said Halford.
"1 have beon inflicted several
times," smiled Caspar, lu response :
"but I don't choose to be inflicted
to-night. A friend sends me word
that si ticket is ut my disposal."
"No business of mine need interfere," suid tlie attorney.
"Tlinnk you, sir; but I am nt present deep in Sallust and Cicero, preparatory to taking up Wheaton; and
1 um deeply interested."
"You are right, Caspar. I am
pleased to see you thus sensible. He
who would become a master ot law
must commence at the beginning,
Let nie also recommend to you Demosthenes and Euripides. I think
Demosthenes' oration on the 'Crown,'
the grandest effort of oratory ox-
tont.    I know it will please you."
"Much better thnn the opera, I am
sure," returned Caspar.
And ns he spoke he tore thc note
which the boy hnd brought into very
small pieces, and rolled them up In
his bund.
And now, could those bits of paper
have beon re-arranged sn u to present the sumo surface whish had lirst
appeared to the eyes of Caspar Hugo, they wouisl give us the following:
"Thursday, 8 o'clock a.m.
"I huve just Been tbe doctor ns he
eunie from Madame Rachel's cham-
le . He suys the woman is dying.
Caspar rolled the bits of pnper ln-
tai u pellet, and threw the pellet into tho waste-basket.
"So," suisl he, "we dispose ofthe
opera. And now, sir, suppose 1 take
a run out to 1.oxbury, and lind out
how our lady is. I wouisl like much
to cull upon n fri"nd in that nisi fh
borhood, und mny thus combine plen
sure with business."
Ilnlfnrd's answer was prompt:
"I wish you would do so, Caspar.
And nu'nntime I must go out to the
Middlesex registry and look up the
titles to our Medford propeity. s.
the doctor if you caa. Me wns to
cull upon madnine this morning. His
opinion will be more reliable tlmn ro
pints of the household."
Caspar promised that he would
mnke careful inquiry; and without
further delay he loft the office, and
Immediately afterward Mr. Halford
proceeded to Bowdoin Square, and
took a cur for Cambridge,
it was near leu o'clock when ('as
par lingo reached the Drookside
and, at a phiAC previously appointed,
lie met his father.
"f received your nolo." he said,
"nnd hnvo now come for fun her Information. "
'And you have come just In time.
or l am greatly mistaken," returned
Alexander. "I huvo just observed a
commotion at iho cottage. You had
hotter go yoursell nnd Investigate, It
will not ilo fafli- nie to lit' seen up
thero in this rig."
•'You aro right," snid Caspar.
"Wait you here till I come buck."
The son Wns game but a short time,
nnd when he returned, he was in u
spiivcr of excitement.
"She is dead!"
"Are j ou sure?"
"Yes. I found out without being
"Then," said Alexander, thoughtfully, "thnt means work."
"Wo have no llino to lose. If 1
will look to the lawyer, will you
look to the two witnesses?"
Tlio elder mnn paused and reflected.
"It must not only be done quietly," he at length said, "hut no
trace ot thc work must bo left. The.v
must be missing, and no sign aaf
their fate be miiile manifest." •
"Can you not manage it?"
"I must find help."
"("nn you find men who muy be
"I cun find ready men: nnd since,
when   Iho work   is done,  thoy  will  be
equally implicated with myself,    we
need nol  four their blabbing."
"Then you will take them upon
your bunds?"
Caspar Hugo belloved that when
his father undertook a work to the
accomplishment of which hu- own wil
und daring wire iilone ncc iBsary, the
same might be considered ns saf el]
provided for, and Inning arranged
for a future meeting, the two separated) both to return to the city,
ti: ingh by different routes.
Caspar stopped at a fruit stall on
Washington strict, nnd purchased a
do,en line peaches, which he tmik
away In a paper bng, Thonce he
want directly to his chambers in the
out-of-the-way alley, where he pro
ceeded to ft* his fruil (or tho purpose it  wus designed to accompli n
Cnspur Hugo hud not suffered himself to roach the present emergency
without      preparation.        Within      u
drawer of a brass-bound casket, lay a
tiny pasteboard box. Within this
box wns u folslcil paper, With in this
paper was a grayish powder, which
hud beon plnced thoro a month before. Caspar knew, when he held thn
seemingly insignificant .parcel in bis
hand, thut he hold an agent
swift and terrible-—a power beyond
the reach of human skill to combat.
Having selected two of his peaches,
lio prococded, with a small bit of
wire, to puncture them deeply, and
then to Inject minute quantities of
tho powder. Having done this, he
marked the fruit thus manipulated,
and put it buck into the bag, after
which ho descended from his chambers, and sot forth on his return to
tho office.
lt was almost ono o'clock when
Caspar struck into Court street from
Washington, having come up through
Dock Square; ami ns ho did so, he
suw Mr. Halford coming in from the
opposite direction. Tliis he regarded
ns particularly fortunate. He waited
until his employer had gone up into
tho office, und immediately after he
"Ah! You have returned." The
clerk spoke cheerily, and removed his
hot beforo ho snt   down.
"Yes,  yes.     I  hnd  no  troublo      at
Cambridge.     Huvo you  heard     from
Mvdniiin Rachel?"
1 nave been out tbere, sir. anil am
happy to suy that she is imi i   . ing."
"She is reviving from hor recent
prostration, and tho doctor informs
me that she is likely to live for
somo time."
"I am glad of that—very glad.
There are a few items of her business in tho final arrangement of
which it were well thut she shoulil
exorciso super*. Ion, You cun copy
the will this afternoon, and this
evening, or to-morrow morning, 1
will take the original draft buck to
Caspar nodded and then opened
the paper bag and took out a
peach. He knew that the old luwyer wus fond of peaches, so be selected two of the fuirest-looking nnd offered them, saying, ns he did so:
"They are thc finest i»cnclics I have
seen this yeur. They will revive you
after your walk. Upon my soul, 1
think I could live upon such fruit. I
sometimes think thnt the peach must
hnve been the ambrosia of Olympus."
"A pleasant fancy, certainly," nodded the attorney, us he took tho
proffered fruit. "Dick Swiveller wns
not a wild conception. Duly u few-
evenings since, I beard one of our
staid obi judges of the Superioi
Caiurt, us ho sipped a glass of Malmsey port, affirm, with judicial grai
Ity, thut Buch musl have boen the
nectar which J upl ter sipped. Pleasant fancies—pleasant fancies. Ah,
my boy, this life saf ours here below
would ho darker than it is if we bud
not a few f.i>i•-i s brighter thun surrounding realities. An excellenl
peach, I declare! only I prefer those
with not so much of the bittor-n!
mond tirsto."
"In these free-stones I have noticed that the flavor of the seed i*»
moro pungent und pervading than in
those where the meat clings to the
stum*, though it would be reasonable
to suppose thut the opposite would
bo the case. Howover, 1 rather pre-
ffl'i these. I slo mit dislike the flavor of the bittcr-nlinoiid."
"Nor do I," s.iid Halford, as he
bit tho second peacg, und when he
hud finished It, Cnspar offered him
moro hut he felt that he hnd eaten
"I think," suid thc clerk, putting
aside tlia' paper bag, "that I will run
down to the postoflice. The noon
mail  is distribute 1 by this time."
The attorney nodded assent, and
Caspar Went out, carefully chasing
tho door behind him. lie was gono
not more than liftea'ii minutes, and
on his return ho found Mr. Halford
upon tho floor in convulsions.
llo made sure thnt the sufferer wns
ley ond the power of speech, and
linn, having dashed n pot of Water
over the hend nnd shoulders, uud
Stripped open thc tie and shirt-bosom, ho hnstenesl out nnil culled n
cab from Court square, und also culled a policeman to come to his assistance.
They found the lawyer still upon
tho Hour, und only slight spasms of
the principal muscles marked the
presence of vitality. Caspar r<>i<i
his story hurriedly, but \cry clearly;
Mr. Halford hud been out to Cambridge, and had only (returned a short
timo before.
"Nol moro ihnii twenty minutes
ago- ssr half nn-hour, ui most— he
sent me to tho post-office; and when
I wont awajf I bfi him apparently as
will ns ever. I sumo buck In (lfteen
minutes, mid found bim upon tha;
floor In es.nvulsisins Ho ipoke but
a singlo coherent  sentence, ami this
wus to request thnt I would get a
cub nnsi curry mm home."
"It is a fit," saiil the policeman,
with professional dignity and assurance.
"The sooner we got him home nnd
n c-
cull   a   physician   the better,"
gosled  Caspar.
The oflicer assented to this,
straightway the Insensible man
borno down    to the cab, nnsi,
Caspar's request,  he,  the officer,
companled him to the lawyer's residence,
When they took their burden   Into
thc  house,   they  bore  nn   inert     nisi
lifeless form.  A physician was called,
but he could do nothing.
In this connection we would remark further, lhat Mr. Ilalfaird hail
on several occasions during the post
yonr been attacked by vertigo, for
which he hnd called medical aid. On
the present occasion, the physician,
after listening to tho Story whish
tho Clark had to tell, decided that
deatn hnd resulted from appoplexy
It was to him a plain rnse lie did
not deem lt even necessary tai make
any pnriicular local examination.
Tho man might havo died on tbo
way home, while ln the bunds of Im
friends, or ho might hnvo died nftnr
ho reached his home. Caspar wus
sure thoro was life apparent when
they took him fr <>tii the cnb. The
policeman could not dispute It; and,
in   thu  end,   all   unconscious   of  evil.
the physician gave a certificate     ol
tlie case as ho understood it.
Leaving tlie family tsi cun' for the
lifeless body, Caspar Hugo returned
to tho ollice, where his first movement was to secure the will of Rachel St. Clair. This he did quickly,
and plnced the document In llis
breast-pocket. Then he re-lsicked the
snfe nnd wont to n neighboring office whore ho relntod whut had occurred, and asked that ho might have
nssistiiiH'O In curing for Iho business.
"Of course." Said he, "n proper
commission will i'o appointed to
tako charge of his affairs; but us ho
hud much important niottor on hand,
I do not caro to nssume the entire
responsibility of guarding it."
A lawyer who had boon long n
friend and companion of thc deceased
went in with the distressed clerk, und
promised to remain, nnd render such
assistance us might bo needed, Until
matters could be properly arranged,
When evening had come, Caspar
went to bis lodgings and remained
there until ten o'clock. Then lie
went out nnd tried a game of billiards, but his hnnd was not stonily
and he gave it up. Ho then sought
a gambling-room, whero he drunk
two or three glnsses of whiskey, and
made petty ventures at a faro-bank,
Uo played carefully, from instinct,
and as there were several drunken,
reckless players at the board, whom
the dealer had marked as his es.icc-
litl victims, he was allowed to win
At eleven o'clock he returned to his
chambers, where he sat up until midnight, at which time lie swallowed
more whiskey, and then threw himself upon a lounge, where be soon
fell into a doze.
ll was pust throe o'clock in the
morning when C'aspur wus aroused
by tho coming of his father, whose
entrance into the house und ascent, of
tho stairs hasd been noiseless. Alexander was worn and WOHry, and he
looked dragged and hollow-eyed. He
drunk freely from tho whiskey-bottle,
and then sat down and iit a pipe.
"What havo you done?" asked Caspar, in a whisper.
"What have you done?" was Alexander's response.
"Adam Halford is dead, and the
will is in my possession."
•'Good! And now allow nie to
sny that the two men whose names
aro upon that instrument as witnesses are also dead!"
"How did you do it?" usked the
son, with eager interest. "Are your
tracks covered?"
"Arc yours covered?"
"Yes, entirely. A respectable physician gi'.es testimony that my man
died of apoplexy."
"And no physician uniler the sun
will ever bo called upon to suy of
what my man died," saisl the father,
with a slap of the hand upon his
knee. "I'll tell you how it was
done; I hired two men to help ine —
men who nro ussiil to the business,
und whoso implication is a saving
clause. Wo wont to the Drookside
lato in the evening, and I contrived
to call Sanders und Davis out into
the grove. As I engaged thoir attention, my two pals slipped up nnd
gave them a puir of settlers upon the
heud from behind. Wo strangled
thorn where they were, and then took
th< ir bodies in a covered wagon, and
drove over to the seashore. There
wo secured our horse in a safe hiding-
place, and took a boat which we
had prepared beforehand, and rowed
out into the channel, where two bits
of strong rope, nt one end of which
was a densl man and nt the other an
iron anchor, were thrown overboard
What do yau think of It?"
"You weren't. soon?"
"I can swear we were not."
"Then wo hnve only to dost rov this
will, nnd our work is done."
Tlio will wns produced and'opened;
and when Alexander Hugo had mado
himself sure of Its identity, ho stnnd
buck and saw Caspar commit it to
the flnmo of tho candle. It was consumed utterly, und tho ashes were
swept up and thrown into the grate,
after which, father and son turned
onco more to the whiskey-bottle.
On the morning following the events last recorded, Christine, when
she went to the chamber where the
mortal remains of her foster-mother
lay, found Lora asleep in her chair,
The woman had wom herseli asleep
with weeping, L'| on raising iho curtains of the bed, she found old Tom
kneeling there, with Ins head half-
buried in the clothing of the couch.
.She loui-hed him and spoke his name,
but he did not answer. She looked
more closely, and presently moved
back wilh reverent awe. The faithful
old servant had only been living that
ho might bear bis mistress company.
He had accompanied her through
life, und now he had gone t0 JOin
her beyond tbe vale. I hr.istine could
not pity him. Kather she felt that
tho refuge was a blessed one.
Hagar, when this double stroke fell
upon hor, sunk beneath it. Shu survived to see the bodies of her belov.
ed mistress and old Turn borne away
toward the place of burial, ftnd then
she book to her bed, and ere long
she slept with them.
Paul Waybrook was at home, having graduated with honor at his college, and his presence served greatly
to sustain and cheer Christine, '1 hey
had heard of tho deuth of Mr. llai-
ford, but not until after tho funeral
did they tako any slips toward look-
ing into the condition of tho business I
which Madame Itachel hud Intrusted
to his care. Mr. Waybrook, senior, '
considering that ho had an Interest
In the matter, called at tho office on
Court streot, Where he found Caspar
Hugo with a gentleman who hud boen
appointed us custodian for tho time.
Mr. Waybrook Stated that, ns a
friend und neighbor of Dai hei St.
Clair, and in behalf of those who
were interested, he hud called for information concerning such affulisron-
nSCted with the Drookside estate
nnd its mistress as might have been
lo Iged In Mr.  Halford*. hands.
"Really, sir," wus Hugo's reply to
his general query, delivered with obsequious frankness, "i should bo
happy to inform you upon all Iho
particulars Involved in tho caso; but
the budga-t, bus not yet hi-en opined."
"Do you know whom Madaino St.
Clair hud selected us her executor?''
"I do not,  sir."
•Vou know that sho had designated one?" !
"She may have done so, sir. 1 am
not Informed, however."
"Dut' she ninth- a Will?':' I
"if she   did, it   will piobably    be
found    with other    papers    of     hers '
which Mr. Halford hnd in keeping."   ;
"You   wero   Hnlford's    ooniiilen Ial
Clerk,   What was  the object   of your j
Visit   with    your     master     to     the
Droot'side cottage shortly  before Madame Raohel's deuth'.'" :
Not a quiver betrayed  the internal
emotion caused by  this  direct    ones-I
tion; and even the emotion Itself was |
brief.    Hugo hnd    set    himself    with
firm resolve to    sustaining the   position ho hnd assumed.
"You will excuse me," he answered, with a low bow. "You mid
truly whon you said thut. I was n
confidential clerk. As such, 1 mny
not break our rule of eireuiusi section."
"Dut," persisted Vnylin <i\. "* o.i
can tell mo if you know ati.\ thin •; of
a will."
"I may tell you,  sir.   thai   on
occasion to    which    you    lei'er.
wills were destroyed by  Madams
•shot's order, and in her piosonce."
"Yes, sir."
"Two of thom?"
"Were ths'V old wills?"
"One sit i hem was us old us I am,
and the oilier wus far from being
"Do you know anything ol a new
Mr. Waybrook did not choose to
hold any further con\ersaiion with
the clerk. He went out and called on
a legal friend, who went witb hiin
to the probate ollice. The few spios-
tions propounded by tlio registrar,
who chanced to be the officer in attendance, seut cold chills through
the frame of the honorable gentleman.
"Do I understand," said the registrar, after Waybrook had stats-sl ihe
case, "that Madame *St. Clair has
left no representative of her own
blood—no kin of any degree?"
"1 don't suppose," answered tlie
merchant, hesitatingly, "thut this
adopted cjiild could be called a ro-
"I am very confident," answered
the officer, "thnt there bus In.-n no
legal adoption. Such un adoption
would have been entered at this office, and it could not have been done
without my knowledge. I am not
cognizant of any suih formality."
"Dut," suggested Waybrook, "iho
girl In question has li\ed wiih Ka-
ihel St. Clair, und bus borne her
name, anil his been helsl as a child
of her own from Infancy."
"But," put in the refflstrar, with
cruel directness, "iho child was a
foundling and of no kin?"*
Mr. Waybrook could only nod in
"In which case," pursued the officer, "the girl's claim would in* good
for nothing in law, though a humane
court, with sufficient evidence to warrant it, might aid her mateiiolly.
Our probate judge i.s a man of largo
heart, sir, and will slo what is just
and right. But, iny dear sir, wo d I
it not lie well to make a thorough
examination of mudamo's papers before you take any other steps?"
'"lhat is what I would like to do
sir; but thc papers- in fa't. lhe
whole business of the lady—were in
the hands of Mr. Halford. who is also docaased; and there seems to be
difficulty in getting at his private
affairs without   an official  Warrant.."
"If no responsible heiis have appeared there must at hast be creditors."
"None that I know of. Madame
Itachel ejontra.' ti*d no di'hts."
"That can luiidly be," said thc
registrar       dubiously. "At      all
events," he added, with decision, "I
have never vet met with a case where
a person had Bhulllotl off this mortal
coil, entirely frs-c front debt There
are servants, doctors, undertakers—"
"Ah!" interrupted Waybrook, raising his hand, "1 hud forgotten Of
course, Dr, Arkwright must be a
creditor, or, at all events, he cun
appear as one."
"I should suppose so, If he was the
attapnding physician?"
"He was."
"Then, my dear sir, the busim-ss is
simple, lot Doctor Arkwright applv
for administration upon the estate,
nnd the court will grant letters.
Very likely the public administrator
will take the matter in hand."
With this information. Air. Waybrook left the offii's', und sought Dr.
William Arkwright, who had bean for
years madtvune's physician. Ths doe-
tor, when he had been mnde to un-
derstnnd tho situnt ion of affairs, promised lhat he would attend to ('ho
business at once, and on that very
day ho made the necessary application at tho Court of Probata; and,
ufter due examination, Hie public administrator was directed to Investigate.
Thus, a Competent authority appeared at thc office of the deceased
attorney, and demunded possession
of ail documents nnd papers pertaining to tlio estate of the lato Da' hoi
St. Clair. Caspar Hugo was In his
most affable mood, and gave himself
wholly nnd s heel fully to the work required at his hands. Ho brought
forth from the safe the drnwer which
contained the documents in question.
Some wero of parchment and some of
paper; some were comparatively new,
some older and some very old. Thero
were titlo-deeds of real estate; certificates of stocks, bonds und notos
nnd mortgages, and various other
matters, all valuable, and all clearly
classed available. The Honorable
Nathan Waybrook was hims'-lf surprised, and the a' was inclined to doubt the evident'* of tho
documentary mass.
"1 had no idea." said Dr. Arkwright, "that sho held such possession. What is your estimate, young
Caspar, to whom tho question was
put, roflectod a moment, and then
"With her property here and hor
property In New Orleans, Its Is safe
to say that it will roach two millions."
Mr. Waybrook gasped for breath.
"There must be a will," hs said.
"It ls nsit   among   tiu.
assorted tho administrate
The clerk was question,
gave tho same lnformatin
hud previo sly   given  to
brook.   Ho told of tho dr
the two old  wills,  i,u|  |,
" Pan
Ing of tho making of a ■_,.._""'"Ik.
.. i  ,,       . .  __u "' 'V un..
1 am sure, sail;
Madame St. Clair had ,
nun' Ing of ii new nnd I'm
Arkwright, did sho neve,'
In vour hearing?"
"I he certainly gRv6 tn-
Stand," replied the do
sm h was her purpose;
... one
"a s>
"I iti
t0   "ndyj
         J   ■
ed that she hnd accompli ■'■■■■< "[])^a
told me she wus going i<
her luwyer;  nnd  I  know  i..i'",''   l("l
•t lie
[tod her—and    this  yonn
accompanied him.   it  hn
im| ressio-n.    from
dropped  on  the following day
she made   a   will on that
Pll ill, she did  not  distinctly
She wns very Weak,  nnil  |
Word   "hid, ifl
K«v so,
iitgo conversation upon h
mc, however, thai she h
'a'isfu"ioiy arrangement
"l'erhnps, p'ontlemcn,"
in on whom all eves hnd i
i ll.    'I   a all   al'.'o tl   a mi
". Sho told1
f •,'"ade«
,f •■"' busi.
lid   (';
l'oine tumi
a Iittlc a-,,'
on.   At any rate, I «|i| c|Vo^
wj_"it lfglil  I have       i rtliinlc
time of which Doctor Ar'.w
_____ li; hi, ln.1
spoken, Rachel St. Clair did havaffl
in minsl  lo mnke a new « ||   ;',   '1
wus not fullj decided,   i ., .,,,.,[ .^"lj
Mr. Halford on  that  occusjun, ''U,'J
was cognizant of most that   j,,^
Mr,  Halford had held in , - ..,„■...  ,  '
wills, one bearing   date, il I ,,„„_,
ber rightly,   in   1830, and the  i.tM
twelve years later.    These two  wS
we were ordered to destroy,   and
sor.-autnamed  lora. v.... railed im
to witness that,   the act .vas   i:wij|
the testator's.       After tl   , madagfl
spoke of a new dlspositia n   ol
property; but    she    said  there   lVi__
trouble in her wuy.   1  t-tiucinbcr M
remarks the    more clearh   |... ha.e _
was impressed with a po iliar sens]
of awe and veneration i>   ■■ i.-w of the
wondrous spun of years   cached  M
her business relations.   Shu .aidthu
in simple fur**, slu- hud n    _rhl to dispose of hoc   property n^   ho 11 mi,
bit she wus    in   doubt    . i   to wha(
might be perfectly just    '      maidaf
she   hnd      been    poor,    i i il ,ri   yt
wealth   sin- had Inherited I om   lint
husband.   That     husband,     at   hi
death, left   n   sister   In     nfo li nati
oiroiunstances,   if the he      ol that
sister were    ii*- Ing,    t'h        amid
ssinsidered     And then, -I'    «as notl
sure that there might n..i br   ■ ■ !|
her own body.   She wn       do   '    il
perplexity,    and    seemed    o 1 | .[
moved by    the  situation,    that   "ilr.
Halford suggestcti  a delay.   I te saidI
he would   write   to   Now  Orleans fori
lnfor.mat.on; mid ho did so   I i ostod|
his letters uhat  voi-y evi n
"But," said tho,.!. I under*
stood from l.ora lhat twi of t he gar*
den bin ds were siuninoi il to rot'
duino's chamber. For sTei
t'liey wanted?" J
"Thoy wore summoi I," replied
Caspar, promptly nnd
"bv mii'iiiiiB' herself, in ani I I
of the muling of . n Insti in nt bj
which she proposed to Irnnsfer tu*j
powers of administratis nJ
lute disposition Io Mi. Unlford. Sht|
fancied thai  *h • Bat.  In thai   » **'.■
out of  hor  difficulty,    Should s'adil
I b.-foie  information   could  le r. ei'.edl
j from  New  Orleans,   her    lawyer,    n|
Whom She   had   full   oul, al  ,    sVOI
be iii possession of haa   wishes,   and|
could ono uto them  nt  pie.'" ire.  Di
Mr     Half old made   In     ndcrstasil
that such an arrangement could notl
If '.si4}s41+ll4.0Ht4Klr-   --^>    Itli'-      v'  '   '   •*
wore not roquired.   In fact, ihcytWj|
not a-ulls*d into tin' room     lli.><'Ch  I
ihink they were in waiting   ncaril
hand "
It was a curious case, li ' ;l|f m*
vestigators had no reasoi 'o donw
Caspar Hugo. He not .• ''I'(,m'<1
entirely introrcnt of all Intention to
docdve or conceal, but the.v to—
conceive of no possible ob ■ t uhi'li
In* i mild have in ".lew thro ;b wrongdoing in  Hie p.-etnivas.
From tin* ollice of Hie at to'ney, w
commission adjourned to tho l'luo11-
sido Cottage, v.i a e even nook  iuw
 r in  wliith    Madame Si     tjw
lo'Utl ha\e laid u paper wo '"''•'•
ed; nnd in the end il '• •" ll'' l(W
thut she had dhd Intestate H •***■'
toward evening when thej hnd
eluded thi'ir. Investigations, *|M1
they ware passig on t tl
hull, the administrator   h li
I    Mi
IK'   a
tad |
upon his arm, and upon turning,  '■"
beheld the face of I hrlstim   llu*"r"
beautiful face he had evi :  '
beautiful even under Its ' "'••* *"
erne ntul sorrow      Hs I " "']'■
and questioned her, In I M,:ar-'
nnd hnd token n deep and uin I"*
tereat in he;. and as be n " :il,t m
eurnest, bescorhing gOW)   hi  -^to.pei.
and allowed h,s comi loni »o l'«s
on -iii
'Mr. Adnms," she suid, yo«*V
pardon me for nsi-Ing yon a Q '
Hon." She spoke with an enort.-"
despairingly ,„r
"Ask   whnt   vou    plea"',   "'a*,,*"1
friend.    You mav command '>"'•,
will 18 'ollnn'
"I woultl  know,  if no
whah is my oxa"t position '•■•• ■
Tho administrator    hcsitateO,   s",
Christine rightly    intcrpi
In ro?
led hlS'11'
.. a.1    111   llCal"
"Had  I  not been  prepa";' "      ,j
the worst sir," sho suid,    i
not have asked you  to tell l"^
will servo me only by telling aw
whole truth pro-'isely ns li l(v   «,,
"Then,   my   child/; . *»|S'*.*.'!c", hor
i til
kind-hearted mnn,  taking on
hands  In  both  his own as ''*•   ' th.
"in thc eyes of the law, ^nl'\0
at1  heirs  appear,  you  WOUlU
moro than—than—" ,unntlf"
"One of tho   faithful  w'»m,u
suggestcti tho girl. ., *. ],o
Adams nodded tho assent «'"
would not spook. ,,Hll   I
"Vou  said,   'other  heirs. n.
Im deemed an hell' under BtiJ
I TO 13*" CONTt.M'E"!        ^a*-a
ltfl.,.1.1  Sh»"""»nUI,,tf'   ,,.lc i«
A pair of  women's shoes i".
Lynn, Mass., to establish J n'1'"'  w„
rapid shoemaklng •"eQulrod/;_!L.wo
operations and the use of '» '.^
machines and 100 pieces, *"....,,_
pnrts wore assembled and '"•"",. ___
graceful pair of shoes ready to •
thirteen minutes. ■
THE drill.
,!,,,    population ami
filth ol the area M Turkey to
Europ*      ,	
„ ,.w„v tho average length .of
l" v"   I,,.,    than  in    any    other
lifo IS **"' ,hl. sriobe. i
,V   ial!   "u    **
Catarrh Cannot be Cured
, ,i ei lCATir*N.9.*M thsy
Luis IbOCAI- API U£* „, the .Uhcso.
Sj,,,ot re*"1'. ,i „ constitutional dls*
'ia'""1' M! onler io cure it vou must
aa*. »iul  ",',.,aalls-s.       Unit's   Ootanh
Sk" I"""1'!'1''  intornally, wnj nets dlroct-
Aloiij; Ihs? stnnter]  Ions* OoncOMloo  wa»
At iasii.slo-.Ms, when tin. iky i,in,s s-rc/.
llis* ilfiv dips duwn im,i Hin-ku nloft
iho miii'ii elusive, subtle, m.rt
Of new mown luiy. '
The former boy—Ull feet mnv far off slr.iT
\"\Uly "   '''"*"'•''•  ****** uml  UHits-d
It helps it henrtns.-lio If he imells
•.mi in a dreiiiii the breath that swell*.
i rom new-mown liny
A^hJ'lf'f 'r1'!',"""1;' '•'""<* •">'* BO, but they
Aio half forgotten In ih> freshlM ,inT—
On njonntiiS, mre, „„ _,_,__„ ,uiZi'
i i'io i» ii,-.-in,ii tin, Bid<_ „, _.„d
bike new-mown i.ny.
-'lMu* Klian, In Toronto World.
Only   Dodd's   Kidney   PUI8  are
Doing Similar Things Dally.
Reuben Draper's Orarel Was Cured Three
• ears Ago -It Has Never Como  Back.
aiuai'k ui'.ri- I
$". .tiii;.'" '
hart ".;.>,
N1'' *Cs11 wss prescribed  »>v  one of   tbe,
■■    H  ',»,* J „  Hits country  (or vears
Hiirt I" ,l""','i„ .1   aind ' 'mucous   surfaces.
I.' "" ,V'.1,i'i, Curo Is not n
|,' lit'      ."    .        ;,.     llllS    1'SIBBIIB.I V      "«*     .«.*•■
U' >,hy"l™ ..' prescription. It I* com-
an'1 ls *, sK .est tunics known. OOtnbln- i
l"'"l"1,'i.' hesl blood purifier.. ectlM !
"t •*',* the iiiu.'ous surfaces.     The
■l"*vtl>   .mhissailon  of tbo two  Injtredl-
perloct  c.    in   . |uch   won_lerfil1 re-
r* In "urine Clutarrh    Bend  (or  tend I
«"'"''eii'i'si■ v '■-• CO.. nrops   Toledo n I
l'.'',1,'   ,!,a',,.,Aisis.  price 70*.
JSJJ.,   VaAa,!'.      I'iU-    *■■*-■    "'"    ■*"•«
p »ucc ia a large' lmpo**t1ng na-
,,.„ than the United Staten,
gtaiTflfs Liniment Cores (parget ll Cww
ne gavinf-r, linnk deposits of tlm
rr,,,l states equal Hi'' national
I,. implied by three.
. ,,,. i,,. .,.ni out 1.08B.690 em*
l_nl,i„ diirln-j tho last fifty yoart.
T..tAl   I'lli'VKS ITS KXr.*IT.F.v.'r-
...   .„.. ■  ir Un v  one cm  have a,| the
11    , ' |  |„    rhiinin*'   Eclectric   "II    In
)    ,,„..„,,.. i   ,.(  l.nililv   I'si'ns.     .-uu  hi,
,,l   nrTsTtinna   aif   Iho   rasialrat ry
,  trlnl a.f It    If not fonnd the
„   ,, „„.lv   it   is  toll,
•   |„m   In.   rclected   ns   lis Iihs.   etui
■,',.   i       lieen  said   In   Its  lariiiss*    aV
'!       ,..| ail nil Mul
A View of the Suhjeot That Much Hay Be
Salit in | uvor Or.
Knglish woeklleg one and all lament over tlie decline of literary
taste and pursuits in Kngland, and a
great deal of tli.. depression in tho
book trade they ascribe to tho rago
•<•■'   "bridge'    within  tho  bouse,  and
■x measurements confirm  tbo re-
lpn,i Mount McKinley, in Alns-
[l     si tlio 1 "liA'st  peak iii North Ain-
i ..,,   , in ii a.f    Acute    Bronchitis
.,' \II\*,ItH'S   I IMMKN'T.
.1     M.   CAMl'ltl'.l.I
p v nf Islln ds
i  ireil    nf  Facial   N'i'iir.i'gi.i
|l    'ti' \ 1:1   **.   I IN'IVKNT.
WM.   HA Ml* I.S
\ s
' nod .ii   Chronic Itheuttia-
| t« i bj   MlNAHJLl'S   LINIMI'.N I.
 nl Co., N D.
.v, ,.   P' °''  Que'iec,  Aug.   M.—
| (SpTClal). - Reuben    Draper,    well-
, know,, here, tolls a story ol his cure
, 01  a bad caso of gravel that   would
■ be considered miraculous   it   similar
ernes  by  Dodd's  Kidney     Pills were
I not being reported dally.
j    "About three years ago," snys Mr.
p-apor,  "I  was taken  ill with   what
1 thought was gravel.   1  was suffer-
. Hig great pain, and the doctor I sent
for gave mn but little relief. Another
dost nr I tried fulled to cure me, and
I  wns getting weaker all the time.
I    "Then a  man advised   me to try
Hodd's  Kidney  Pills    ns    thoy had
, cured his mother, and I did so.     In
nisi  oni. week after l  started using
I thorn,  I passed a stone as large ns a
i "mall boan,  aad  in  four (lavs after,  I
are expect«4j JIT "",,,"'r **'"',lt   tho  Kiz,>  ,,f
out-of-door pastime....    _\jow Wo   ftr,
inclined  lo think  that  the rage   tor
' Speed" is at the root of the evil,
snys   The Toronto News.     It has destroyed the taste for books in several ways, nnd, flut und foremost, by
bringing the art of writing down to
tho   level   of  "book  making."    Tho
rate  at  which  nut hois
to com civ,*,    arrange,    and develop I
their  wares  hns   resulted  in   an    tni-l"1*"
niense quantity of unwholesome food I    Jf
being put on the market. Literary Onaas maney Pills euro all ail-
lndigv8tion is the outcome. The men I ""'",s "' ''"' bladder and urinary or-
und women who rush madly through' (-an8'
lhe air in tln-ir motor cars, who tiy 	
from city to country in yachts, who' " is """'' ''h'ssi'd to give than It
are forever receiving new impressions,ls '" we've—also more expensive.
which obliterate those of the moment;   .. 	
beforo, can have no possible corner in' '"n'"' is nothing so valuable and
their receptive brain-cells left" for the •v<',  s" cheap as politeness.
writton impressions which have tak-j   , —	
en even months to ripen. w *;"i'l'*'imity of    Mother    Graves
L«t  Canadians rejoice that nature effects on the chiisiren
and circumstancs's have not yet land- "'' an'1 ^ivt' it a tiiui
" 'ii ol barley
and l have
That  is   Iwo years
nut hnd any  trouble
Wm m Exterminator is shown'b.v it's gooH
ed our iicople in the vortex of spe-cd. I
We may safely look forward   to   at'
Seven   hundred   thousand    llritish
least a month or three weeks of wea-i'v""' American shoes.
ther,  when    the strenuous President'      •
of the  United States would be com-'    Bulgaria's chief exports nre wheat,
pelled from sheer muscular relaxation " ""' ;'ii'l attar of roses.
to "put on tho brakes." j	
The state of the roads tn Canada!          Il\l(li ON THK ISAlill'S
preclude the chance of the motor car , 	
I   re a:    maw  over 7(1"  lady  uni-
vi        [i id ua tea in Ireland.
ni nil South London street    ral
is thi: fail' is now one cenl,
Lari's Liiiimeot Cures Diphtheria
Ham employs    nearly 7,.">i'i'
thfl' various departments ut
Via       |    to|]
Wis  . neople  ilie   nnnuollv     Irom
kindred summer complaints,
ave  been  savs-al     if  prupei
•      llllll    111 ll    Used.     If   Iflttacl S3fll    llaa
•' i mu  n  bottle  ol  Ha    .1
scntery Cordial, the mod-
nevei    fisilss   lo   effect   is   cure
*■    used    it  it  ai'is
;'' mill   ihorougbly   rabaure    the
shipied   11,379,433   tons
:   '. a-iir, const itut ing a  ri'i-
Intolernble  pain      Hollo-
1 ure    iotbM    ihi'   tnaiil If
•'     Wllist     IS fll l' a 111 a S      ,af     iifill     i*
Kaapl.l    I'alntlBV.
In tie Boston Museum of Fine Arts
I" a portrait of Ferdluand do Lesscps
wu.b wbs painted by tbe Inte G. P.
H«"iy lu   tie day, .Inly 10, 1879.
Tber  Lett  Ihe  Sbrep.
During d dark night some thieves en-
ttred a a, m at Menlndee, New South
"•Ies, nui sheared all the wool off a
flock of nht»ep, i iiey managed to get
*•*«» w th the wool witbout being dls-
Tiny Js-llj-fleh.
|J° 'ewer than 25,000 peach shnpe
;' '■■ ■!'" siiunti'sl in n cubic foot
ot Plio pliorescent water taken from
tteieu   ii ,.,.. Rngjigi, (.0.lgt_
ol wushi'il wool prod «
■  n yard of cloth thirty
I   la
'    cent, of iho Immigrants
"i states in tho last four
•  been .lews.
uoca $1,071,377,000 worth
with   its colonies,  whish
'  $13,000,000 a year.
""Sl   111
,_,., .      "; rubber, claimed to bo us
U,    ,   i;,:  asphalt and cheaper,  nre
'i In Qormany.
H,n"n ','     '"'   there are moro Chinese
lv°s.  und the .lapanese OUt-
,|"' natives two to o
Hy Pads
"-I*. Bte***.w|,e»e,  10 oente
disturbing the tranquility of the Inhabitants, and endangering the lives
of ths live stock of rural Canada.
Theii* will be hot days in July and
August when, for some hours at
hast, a "shady nook and well-bound
book" will 1k> the only possible solution of existence. Lampman has
drawn a picture of an idoal Canadian summer's day in hie poem
One a.f the lirst effects ol o IibbI
•', particularly in towns and
cities, is ii pronounced increase i:
the number of deaths oi infants
Even in the open country the Buffering nf the helpless little ssni's would
move tho hai*dest heart. Stomach
trouble und diarrhoea are the foes
most In bo dreaded nt tbis time and
every   mother   should appreciate ihe
necessity  of careful    diet  and  atle.i-
"In the sloped shadow of my hat,     ' t inn at  the lirst sign of thi'se trou
I ban at rest, and drain the heat;  blcs    Medicine  should  never be given
Nay more, 1 think some blessed pow- to  check  diarrhoea except upon  ths
TT8r   .        , (advice of n physician.   A diet limit-
Has   brought   me   wandering   tdly-d almost t:i I lrely to boiled milk and
.   .u   ; ,, . ....... lhe ,,s,> of Baby's   Own
In the full furnace of this hour
grow    keen     and
My       thoughts
' The quality of brain power during
the mid-summer heat is exactly that
which is conducive to the absorption
of all that is best in literature. Bus-
Inesa for the average Canadian is
fairly    at a Standstill.      Households
cure almost nny
in health. Mrs
Kingston, Ont.,
Tablets will
case  and keep  babj
W.  K. Rnssion.     of
writes :
" When my little pirl wtft about
thrs*e months old she sufli'reil will
vomiting and had diarrhoea constantly. 1 did not find any medicine
that helped her until we began tri\
Ing her Baby's Own Tablets.      AfH'i
aro not run at concert pitch. The In- giving  her the Tablets the vomititu
telles-tual, rather than the lntelll-
gsnt, portion of the human mechanism is in the a-srendant. Out of
door lounging is conducive to rovcr-
le, and thi* absorption of abstract
ideas. "It is in tbe tight and battle
of life we learn and grow, and dur-
ins*; the houro of
that wc gain understanding
makes the fullness of life." i
A big library in a summer house ls
a mistake; one or two good books, m
magazine or two, nnd the dally paler,  will suffice.     But a summer do-.
\oid of books, even for those who are      ..     ,, ,„
i .  .i    n. .      i _     i,,..i  j .s.. _»o.      ^*" Russian army oncer ran
Indefatigable readers during the rest ,  ,       ,. . „0
of the year,    is a mistake, for.   the boforo the age of 2,1.	
very quality of Intellectual power
which comes with what Lampman
calls the "full furnace of thc hour"
is one for which the most casual, as
well as tho most dovout book-lover,
muy bo thankful, as all Canadian**
mny bo thankful for a climate which
insists upon their enjoying sylvan as
well as Intellectual pleasures at the
aame period.
and diarrhoea ceased and  she  began
to   improve  almost  at  once.      Since
then whenever her stomach is out ot
order or she is constipated  we  glvi
her the Tablets, and the result  is »i
ways  all  that we desire.      They  nr.
thev very   best medicine   I have evei
r*st  and l^assitudr, ^ fm. a ch,!d ..	
that1    Buliy's    Own  Tablets  nre sold    lv
all dealers in medicine or will be sen;
postpaid, at twenty-live cents n box
by   tho  Dr.   Williams'   Medicine  Cu
Brockville, Ont.
The live volcanoes active last year
destroyed 60,000 lives.
W-Mit U55 jjjjjj PbtMper.
Russian .lews to the number of '2'.i.-
000 came to New York during 1""-
oi- in summer rannelee's Vegetable Pilb
will cope with nnil overconio nnv inai_ .
I art tlu o( the sllgs'stlve orirnns whlcl
change of diet, chance of residence, oi
variation of tomperature tuos hrtn
ubout They shssuld be always keiAi an
hiind. nnd once their beneficial action be
Comes known no one will he wtthoul
them There Is nothing nauseating ii
their structure, nnd the most deucatl
can uss* them confidently
rule    grey    horses    attain
ag.. than those of any a.tba
nts'd currency
One Thiaorj of Msiair.
Be was whistling "Annlo Laurie"
while he worked. Now, Annio Laurie
was apparently a lovely girl, and her
music is captivating, but sho'e not
good music to work to. She's too
slow, and this particular worker was
whistling her about as slow aa the |
"Head  March."  and  his  hand    kept      \s „
time,    llo was only polishing a door greater ng*  lhan those of any other
plalo, but it would have beon all the ra_0_<. but when old tbey are wliia'
same had he beon    doing   anything	
olse, for music has a subtle influence Tl„, average life of $1 and $'2 bills
ovor tbe human soul, and through fl.()ln .S(.,,0 to redemption ns mutil
that over the human body. When ,...,., nin.encv |8 utile more thnn tw
tho general wants to cheer his
troops up ho doesn't atart the band
playing mournful aira, when he wantl
his troops to step quickly he hae the
baud play lively airs. I
It seems to me tbat If I were an
employer of labor, which I probably
will be If I live to be about a million, I'd have a band hired to stay
around the factory and play lively
airs, and if 1 couldn't havo a band
I'd rent a piano and get some girl to
plav ragtime melodies and jigs and
twd-stcps, and I think that besidee
giving tho hands pleasure the experiment would pay mo because the
hands would keep time with the music— H.D.C., ln Toronto Star.
Tlss* AhlMllsl Wetes-powera.
Mr. Vaughnn Roberts. C. B., D. L.
8.,    bns    just     returned   from    exploring sonic    of    Ontario's    North,
Lands.      As • sumplc of    Ontarioii
great natural wealth he instances the ,
Abtltibl  River,  which  at a distance;
of a hundred miles from Its junction
With  the Moose averages four    hundred feot in width, contains numbers j
s,   await- i
of  magnificent  water  power;
Ing development,  varying from
000 to loO.OOO horse    power    each I
Tho batiks of tho    river    are    llnea
with the host of   pulpwood    o     all
descriptions,     which     Is    practloally
valueless, however,  until It Is   made|
available by the construction
railway into tho territory,
You know the medicine that
makes pure, rich blood—
Ayer'i Sarstpirilli. Your
mother, grandmother, ell your
folks, used it.  They trusted
it. Their doctors trusted It.
Yeur doctor trusts It. Then
trust it yourself. There is
abeslth snd strength in it.
"I nCeresl terHblr tnmt IntHsmtloo ami
Main blooat. 1 found no iclUf until I took
Ajer'a   SaraaiparUU.    aVusif   laotUea sjsaaB*-
-nU» ■WK** ha«t. ul tkta,lt.t.
Lamm. Maw.
Rich Blood
Aver's   Pllle   An   gently   laxative.
They -B_tf««tly aid tlU 0aUMH*«rmaw
In the  Creek  Country   Alone  There
Are Twenty-live.
Kin«s nre very common in the Indian
(territory, Iu fact, tbey ure so common
thnt no attention Is paid to theni, uml
their movements excite no comment
•whatever. In the Creek country alone
there arc twenty-live real live kings.
Nero Drew Is a fair sample of tbem.
Eaeh one hus a klii!"doiu to look after,
nnil lt keeps him busy doing lt.
The title does uot descend from fu-
ther to son, as lt docs In the effete Eu-
ropenu monarchies. The Indians elect
their own kings. Tlie tenure of oflleo
ls two years. However, whenever un
Indian is chosen king uud serves his
people well he Is usually re-elected
without opposition. Some of the old
kings in the Oreek Nation have been at
the hend of their kingdoms for forty
yenrs or more. Nero Drew has been a
king for thirty-six years.
The Creek Nation is divlden into twenty-five towns, which Is about the same
as n township in the stntes. Eueh town
has 'i king, whose duty lt ls to look after the Indians of his town. He has no
power to spa(iid their money or to command theni to do anything. His powers lire somewhat paternal. He looks
after the sick and sees that they have
medical attention; he cares for the poor
nnd decrepit. When any of his subjects
get into trouble he gives them fatherly
advice and frequently appeals to the
federal authorities to show them mercy, ne advises with his subjects on all
matters pertaining to their Interests.
In truth, he Is their worldly adviser;
sometimes he is their spiritual adviser
also, for occasionally the Indians elect
a preacher as king.
Indian kings are not very well coni-
pensateil. They get no salary. It Is a
labor of love with tliem. Tbe only possible show the.v have of getting any
money out of the oflleo is through bood-
Hng at elections. In this respect the Indians nro not behind the times. They
bosiille the same ns other people. Elections sometimes come high to thc candidates. Town kings are usually quite
Influential among the people of their
kingdom, nnd thoy command a fairly
good price for their influence at elections. Most of them are full blood Indians. Some, however, are mixed bloods.
—Kansas City Journal.
The Iloasl Runner at Work.
George Watts, Sum Kline, Peter
Butts and Charley Connus of Bisbee
were out prospecting on the Tombstone
roud ln the neighborhood of the Old
Sandy Bob ranch, and while in the
course of hunting for monuments their
attention was attracted to the actions
of a road runner thut seemed to be very
much excited, Jumping up and down in
the air. When drawing nearer they
discovered a large rattler colled up.
The bird would drop quickly upon the
rattler and prick him with a piece of
cactus in its feet and then drop the
same near the rattler. This was kept
up over an hour until the bird eoniplet-
ed a circle of cactus around the snake.
It then systematically pecked the snake
on the head until the rattler was dead.
Tiny {jiBflBtioinni* 1-axnniLhl hack eight rat
ties that they cut from the defunct
snake.—Tombstone Epitaph.
Cross is tlio quickest growing 61
plnntB. Under perloct conditions it
will flowsjr and seed within eight days
ol isliiliting.
It's   n  wise  cow     that  knows    her
iwn   fodder.
Saitne men convince  themselves   by
trying to persuade others.
\ lie mude out of wholo cloth
should prove more satisfactory than
a patched up story.
II siinietiiiies happens that an innocent, man also pleads not guilty.
At some period in his career every
man carries something in his pocket
just for luck.
Great Suffering and Lota of Weight-Doctors .Could Not Help
Him--A Splendid Tribute to
When you read such letters as the
following from well-known and highly respected people in all parts of
the country you need no longer wonder why tho calo of Dr. Chase's Kidney Diver Pills is so far in advance
of any similar remedy. When the
people find out that the virtue oi* this
■front medicine thoy tell tbeir neighbors about it, and so the good news
Mr. James Clark, Consecon, I'rince
Edward Co., Ont., states : "Eleven
years ago 1 was taka-n with pains i'i
my back, settling in my hips and
sxtending up my spine. The pain
was very severe, and at times almost unendurable, and mnny dnys
I waa not able to do an hour's
work. My weight was reduced from
190 to 160 pounds, and though I
had consulted many first-class physicians and tried several udvertised
medicines I could get no relief.
"At this _tinie my father-in-law
told me to Cry Br.  Chase's Kldney-
^^v..y>jv?fvsCA__3B^.wsaii>l»fl'Jw.'A■■■*..■... —r w-v—■■ ... .p.P
| Liver Pills,  and said he knew   they
would cure me.   I secured a box and
great was my surprise when 1 began
I to feel better after using   only   tho
j one box.     I continued their   use un-
I til   I hnd   taken about four   boxes,
I which made me a sound man,  nnd I
, also  regained my  usual  weight,   190
pounds    I  cannot say  too  much  in
; favor of Dr.    Chase's    Kidney-Liver
, Pills, which have done so much   for
I nn'.   1  hnve recommended them to a
number of my friends, and have nev-
ier met with one case where they did
not    meet     with good success.      Mj
[daughter,    Mrs.    Chns.    Philips, h*i**
also been cured of a severe stomach
; trouble by tbe use of these pills."
Dr.  Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25 cents a box, 5 bones
lor $1.00.     At all dealers, or    Ed-
manson.  Hates & Co., Toronto.    To
protect  you  against  imitations    the
portrait and signature ot Dr.  A.  W.
] Chase,   the famous  receipt book au-
i thor are on every box ol his rerte-
1 dies.
.?*        PORRIDGE
ts a dlah at for a king, and lust as
Dt for any ef hli lublocti.
It Is th. old fashioned brawn aad
musel. making .ort, prepared by our
pan-dried process, eecurlnR exquisite
flavor.   Free from hulls.
aff  SO   \J
Air and Sunshine.
Go out into the country If you can.
Make the acijuaintance of birds and
flowers and running brooks. Take a
lunch along with you, and do not drink
too much of the lager which tlio road
house has awaiting your order. You
will be surprised to And how the years
drop away and how young you feel by
nightfall and what a whopping sleep
you will have when you get home. If
you cannot go Into the country go to
the park or to the river side. Get on
the sunny side of the street. It won't
hurt you. And All your lungs with
groat drafts of sun kissed air. There la
healing ln every inhalation, and if you
breathe full and deep it will cleanse
you liko a bath—New York News.
Streni|[(ht-iii-sl  Aluminium.
Alloys of aluminium ami magnesium
nre superior to pure aluminium In
strength, but less malleable and ductile. A more Satisfactory metal Is obtained by the Dutcli Aluminium company. A mixture of aluminium with
2 to 10 per cent of niMgnesiuin givs*s
a metal thnt can hardly bo distinguished from aluminium, nud the qualities
of this alloy are inodilied by passing
several times through a rolling mill
while heated to about 000 degrees F.
The treated alloy cau be easily cut
and filed, while It has much of the
ductility and malleability of pure aluminium.
Ite— Railroad Mils-nice.
The figures of new railroad mileage
completed during tlie tirst half of 1003
show thnt the greatest extensiou was
ln Oklahoma, 240 miles, next Texas
with 205 miles nnd third the Indian
Territory with 208 miles. All of the
older stntes were behind these, even
New York reporting only two miles
ami n bnlf of new rond. Tlie figures Indicate that the principal railway extensions during the next few years will
probably be In the southwestern and
northwestern states.
Tht» Best Building: -Paper IVIaclo
it Is very much stroncer nnd thicker than any other (tarred or tiulld-
lnf*. jiaper It is impervious to wind, keeps out cold, keps In heat, carries nn "smell or odor, absorbs no moisture, imparts no taste or flavor to
any thill* with which it coinea in contact. It is lamely uss**-! not aanly for
shedinpf at.ou.ii_3. but lor liptng cold storage bulldincs. relricerutairs, dairies, rreaml-rfes, and all places where the object is to ke>*p an even and
uniform temperature, and ,.t the same time avoiding dampness,.
Write our Agents, TEES A PERSSE, Winnipeg, for samples.
*> The E. B. EDDY CO., Limited, HULL.
Tn paint a battleship requiroa l"*iO
tons of paint.
A   aay In "the"'"planet  Eros   i.t ttve-
nnd a half hours.
Removes all hard, soft or callougs*d
lusups nnil blemii-hes from horses, blood
spavin, curbs, splints, ringbone, sweiney,
stilles, sprains; cures sore nnsi swooll.'n
thnint. coutlis, etc. Save $50 by the
use of one bottle. Wurrnnttvd the n.ost
wonderful lllomish Cure ever known.
Sold by all  il.aii.a_.istF.
Aii honest dealer does all his buy
ing nnd selling by the same scales.
Slotoi  omnibus services ure proposed  for a ight towns  in New Zealand.
.UtLlOL KMa'SS Illll'-KSS 1.1 M-'. 11.--
bilis-us 'Ian is never a i-ainiaaiiiVAiiaTiu1
man    bv. ause    his   ailms*nt      renders   hinl
M1.1..1..•• a ad gloomy. The complaint is
n-i'_ -a unp.eroufl as it is alis.iirr. efthle.
Yel   * tia-   na'i*ai   sulls'r  frssm   it   wha»  can
procure Parmelee'a Vexetable l'ills Hj
reij-nlatlnB the liver and obvtatliist the
effects su bile tn the stomach they ren-
tore nen to cheerfulness nmi full vlitor
ot action.
"/.silit left a fortune of $400,00'),
mnile uji entirely from the profits oi
his novels.
Shetland's shortest night is Qvi
hours, but her longest is over eighteen hours.
The Deeplsicsl I'tittnll.
A man ln Maine recently shipped to
England 200 barrels of "cattnlls," the
well known marsh weed, Over there
they use the downy floss of the bend
for Ailing fine sofn pillows and cushions. Over hs'i'o tlie stuff has no commercial value. Even n weed, lt appears, Is not without honor save hi Its
own countr-/.
ftetieved in 10 Minutes by Dr.
Aijncw's Catarrhal Powder.
Rev. W. II. Mn 11. Pastor Baf (he Bnptl-sl
Emanuel Uhuroh, ButVis, giv.s siranic
IMtimoDJ. fur nnd Is a flrm believer In Ur
signoT'a Catarrhal Powder tie has tried
many kiml- aaf remedtri without atoll
"After oins I3r. Agnsw'i Oatarrh il Powder 1 •Ma- benefited ni onee" are his wordi
It It. n wonderful nnd XI 11 ri lievs
nny form of h"iil |iuin in ten minutes nn
orudicai.e catarrh. I
Dr.*..'.  Ill irl (Ur. airl,* Ibf oara ..aarfc..! lai-.a!
Some Japanese young girls, when
thoy desire to look extremely captl
rating,  gild  their UpB.
Dundee, Scotland, has started evening classes lor its policemen.
Uso   lever's   llry   Samp   In   powder)    11.
wash    woolens   nnd    (lniincls —you'll     111 '
Coal miners at the Dark Lane col
llory, Mii'tii'ld. England, hnve been oi
strike for  112 weeks,
Sunlight   Soap will  not  injure
your blankets or harden them.    11
will  make tliem soft, white and
fleecy. jb
ffiurl'i Lrahueot Ures Colds, eta.
Hay is the most profitable crop in
Fifty million gallons ol petroleum
'vere produced In Burmah and i\ssaw
last year.
If We supply at 6hort
notice complete JOB
If We sell what Printr
ers want; Printers want
what we sell.
*\ We carry a complete
stock of Type and Supplies for the composing
Room, Pressroom ana
Toii-eli'Veiiths  ol  t lis-   world's   pnoplc
ue north of lhe equator.
W.  IM. U. No.   *r****3.
-—; * .a,,,-, s.-iu-v.'-.i.'-1- xx,. ■■■ .ji^v.-^aMsai^AtA—sfiaf•, •nir: DRILL, BLOCAtf, li. C, 6EMEMBEB 4. 1808.
' '
C. E. S-sHriiEKiNGAi-E, Kditor and Prop.
is rum-isHi-o every fkitoay at
BLOCAN,      -      •       •       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
•the fust Insertion atiA$ cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificate* of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
I-ocals will be charged 10 cents a line
(or each insertion.
Commercial Kates laade known upon
The Subscription is f.2 per year, st.-ict-
ly in advance; i*"2.."'0 a year ii not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, R. C.
ence in the field carried with it the
elements making towards clean and
wholesome .politics, such as his Conservative and Labor opponents Ixith
dsairad. Mr. Bradshaw found that
his private interests would interfere
with the prosecution of tho campaign
and ho reluctantly withdraws, much
to the sorrow of his supporters and
the regret of his opponents. It is un-
derstood tke Liberals will endeavor to
bring out another candidate without
delay, and it is hoped that they may,
as it will demonstrate their determination to stand for party line politics.
The situation in the riding at no time
has beon very distrassing to the Conservatives and present circumstance*."-
have naturally brightened their prospects materially. Still, the Conservatives as a party earnestly desire to
see a Liberal candidate placed in nomination, and they will gladly welcome
his advent in tho field.
E01TOIUA1.    CBO"*Pl**"OS.
Tlio outside press contain many
■complimentary references to William
Hunter, the Conservative nominee in
the Slocan,ami all predict his election.
Confidence to a degree such as the
people have not had in years has come
to the province since a Tory government took hold of things at Victoria.
Silver tot c'lecl the highest point Ihis
week it has reached in two years and
it will keep ascending. Mineowners
are gaining heart and prospectors are
certain of reaping the reward of their
faith. It has been a heart-breaking
•struggle, but the day of deliverance i.s
at hand.
Ralph Smith, the oace mighty Labor leader of Niuiaimo,has fallen from
Jiis pedestal. Last week he held a
meeting of his followers, now reduced
to a scanty few, and urged them to
make overtures to the Conservatives —
tho Lilierals he is always next to- -to
fix up a scheme to defeat the Six-ialist
candidate, Hawthorntliwaite. My, my,
but how this vaunted Liberal-Labor
leader has dropped!
Libarals have lately taken to the
idea of government irrigation work.-
for the opening of the arid lands of
the province to agriculture, and would
have the electorate believe the idea
were original with theni. It, like that
of opening the country with roads and
' trails, has been stolen from the Cou
servative doctrine. Conservatives load
iu all matters touching the progress
and expansion of the country. Thrii
policy promotes the building up of
the nation.
The Slocan riding is essentially a
mining constituency and its repreaen-
Tative should Im a uialTTiavlng a thor
ough knowledge of its capabilities and
needs. In William Hunter, the Con
servatives have just such a iihih. He
is working mines himself and lit
knows every part of the riding likr a
liook. He knows aa extensive system
of trails is necessary and his aim is to
isee that all parts of the riding an
duly opeiisBid up aud fairly treated. In
this he has the encouragement of his
party and the government, whose
policy it is to encourage iniuing iu
every way practicable. The Consi-rv-
.fltive candidate knows what is requir*
led of him and he stands ready to 1 iy*
ally servo his constituents. Mr.
Hunter is a practical man and that i
what the people wants. Give hiin your
In building tho Grand Trunk Pacific
railway and then turning it over to an
uncontrolled company for BO yens
the Liherals have postponed govern-
m 'iit ownership of the means ol trans
pollution just that long. Andrew
Blalr favared the government building
and operating the road, and be \va-
kieked out of the Dominion cabinet.
He believed In extending tho Inter*
colonial as a government road in the
interests of tli<i) people; th** Liberals
ai a party liolii'vo rather in pledging
the country's credit to buikl a rival to the Intercolonial, so checking
its expansion and ruining its basis sil
support. Blair belloved in first ob
tuining all tbe information possible
from surveys, etc., before building th.'
road; his confreres in the cabinet ore
willing to go the scbeB.fl blind and in
ignorance, trusting to tbs Word of th*
wirepullers boosting the road. Liberals have had a golden opportunity to
further n grand cause for the people.
but ths-y have lamentably failed to
rise tt) the occasion.
Born.- At Silverton, on Aug. 29,the
wife of A. D. McDonald, of a daughter.
Harry Cleve will add gents' furnishings to his business, securing the
stock of tho late A. David, of Sandon.
MINING   HKt'tlllDS.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered atthe local registry office, H. P. Christie being mining
Aug 24—Allison, on Lemon creek, J
M M Bensdum.
Ernest, same, \V A Harvey.
26—Peerless, same, Jas Melley.
Silver Cross, Kobson creek, J D Reid.
Kathleen, 1st n f Lemon, II Lowe.
28—Wellsvill.Ten Mile, W Thompson.
Aug 2?—Graphic, Lucky M, Yakima,
Bonnie Doone fr.
28—Climbing Kosc fr and Ked Rose fr
for two veins, Buffalo.
Aug 24—Sun Josie t\, Pat Nolan and C
B llittle toJno Riley.
26-Blsek Prince group, agreement
among owners ss lo proportionate cost of
development work. ...
Same, name agreement shared in by
James C Shook.
27_Duplex ii, Southern Chief all, J
Cross to li A Bradshaw.
lt is with feelings of .sincere ragrel
that Tin: Daill this week announces
the withdrawal of K. A. Bradshaw,
the Liberal casditlnte, from the poll.
i<*iil light ii) the aSliai'.in riding. His
M'as u Htioa__* personality and bis pies-
Fred Johnson has closed the Slocau
Thanksgiving dav lias lieen set for
Oct. 15.
Tho C.P.R. payroll at Nolson totals
$70,000 a mouth.*
Next Monday is Labor day and a
general holiday.
Supt. Ross, of the C.P.R., was here
on Friday evening.
Rossland Tories will nominate a
candidate on the llth.
Mrs.Tutcher closed the dining room
of the Royal on Sunday.
The Phair hotel at Nelson is now
known as the Strathcona.
Sandon Miners' Union are giving n
dance on Monday evening.
Mrs. Gething was taken to the New
Denver hospital on Friday.
A large amount of supplies has
gone into the hills this week,
Mrs. Tutcher is buying out the millinery stock of Mrs. CNeail's.
Mi*. Julius Wolff, Now Den ver, wns
visiting frisnds here last week.
W. R. Ross has been nominated by
the Tories in the Fernie riding.
C. E. Pooler will make the run for
the Conservatives in Esquimalt.
Rev. Messrs. Scott and Simons exchanged pulpits on  Sunday evening.
Ex-Mayor Quenuell has been nominated as ths Tory candidate in Nanaimo.
E. W. drier was drowned in the
rapids below Nelson on Sunday evening.
W. Hicks nud bride returned home
Thursday.   Thoy got  a great ree* p
Byron Cliffe, of Sandon, passed
through here Tuesday for .Sault Ste,
Mrs. A not returned   from her east
•'in trip on Friday, Aid.Arnot meeting
ber at Nelson.
Andrew Dryden litis been selected
as the Conservative nominee in tbe
Newcastle riding.
Carter Cotton, editor of the Vancouver News-Advertiser, is tbo Tory nominee in Richmond.
F. Smith, brother of acting mayor
Smith, arrived ia Monday from Amherst, N.S., on a visit.
The tows has lieen deluged this
week with catalogues of eastern department a' absorbera.
Tin; opening of tlio game season
took place Tuesday and the valley is
full of grouse hunters.
Hiram Robertson has be mi at New
Denver this week, putting a tin roof
sm the new Clever block.
Jim Ward'i T, well known all over
the country, is reported to bellying of
blood poisoning in Milwaukee,
Regular quarterly meeting of the
bonrd <>ir licensing "»mn**hisioners for
ihe city will lie held next Wednesday.
\Y. H. Gibbs, toilet in the Hank of
Montreal, New Denver, who has been
transferred to Nelson, spent Monday
uight bere,
1). St. Dents arrived home Mondav
from the Territories, whither he had
been on a selling trip for tbe local
lumber company.
Returning Officer Sendersoa started
nit Mondav to locate Iiis various polling stations in the riding, and to appoint tho d 'pity returning officers.
Laughton and Harry Sadder, aged
11 aad 11 years -"ss^eotivelj. wej"6 Accidentally drowned at Kaslo on Friday
evening, while bathing iu the lake
near the C.P.R. wharf.
John l{. Clarke, the celebrated en*
tertaiiier, lectured iu the Methodisl
church on Tuesday evening.   Ho was
-restated with a small house,though his
lecture was about tbe best ever given
Died, in St. John, Newfoundland,
ni Aug. In, of heart disease, William
II. Whiteley, father of  Mrs. Hiram
I'ii. sort son, of this tnwii.nga'd li'.) vear*-..
Di seaaed had the leading Ashing bus*
ins. ss ia Labrador.
.ngiue I'M! broke away on tho W
I l;ii p road, between Sandon and Threa
Fn'i.s. Tuesday evening, Anally piling
'un in the ditch, a complete wreck,
Thp train crew aboard hnd anrrorr
lesaipes, Fred   Winsley, one  <<f  thei
I brakemen, suffering a l>i-<»L«,*ri arm,
Timber Notice.
NOTICE la hereby fri von tluit 80 dnys nfter
ilistsi 1 inti'iial in apply lo tlia* Chief Com-
tiiissioiifl*r nF l.iimls a". \Vairks fi.r n apodal
lici'iiin, tfliiAiit unal (lorry away timber from the
follow ins,* tla'MM'ilieil limits,situate in "iVa'st Ksmt-
tiiuiy district:
Commouolog nt n poet situated nlflssut three
mill's from .Slocnn lake,ontha north side of the
south fork sif Kvnns QMek, llisMii'i. cast. Kill
chains; thanes south 10chains| thence went ISO
cliiiins; tlisins'i'uortli-111 I'linins. to tht* place of
iia'.'iiiiiinst, containing mi) acres.
Dateil thu 26th ilnv sif August, HKB.
Timber Notice.
N'OTIC'a. is horoby given that sn daya after
date I Intend to apply tsi the CMef Commissioner of Lands 4 Works for n special license, to cut nnil carry away timber from the
following sliiscribeil laiuls, situate in West Kootenay district :
('onimeni'in'jrat a pssst situated nbout Hires*
miles from Slocnn Inlet*, on tlie north sisle ofthe
south fork of I'.viuis creel,, near a post marked
"Max Mt'Sweyn's mirth west casruer post,"
tlii'iice south 411 elm ins; tlience west 160 chains!
thence north 40 chains; thence east lflochains,
to the place aif beginning, containing 610 ncres.
Uiiteil the 26th <lny of August, 1003.
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
1) "iTI'S: Regular subscribers, SU   per month
V orfioa year: non-subscribers (exclnslveof
medical attendance) 82 per day.   Private wards
.*>l per day extra.   Special facilities for mutern-
ity cases,
For furl her particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
8 Advertise your
h Business
Representing  the   strongest    companies doinjr  business  in Canada.
ticlpatioii in profits, covering sickness anil operations.
II. I). CURTIS, Notary Public
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables
Timber Notice.
VTOTICE is hereby (jiven that I'll days ufter
il date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner o( Lands ai: Works fora special liconse to cut niial carry away timber fraim the
following described lnnls.situati' in Wost KshiI-
eiissy ilistrict:
Commenolng at a post situate about one mile
from Slocnn lake, sm the north side of tho north
tank of Evans creek, thenoe smith 40 chains;
thenee west to chains; thence northSO ohains*
thenee west 411 ehaius: thence north 2i> chain's;
thence west 411 chains; thence north 20chains;
thenco wi'st 4u chains; thenci' l.ortll 40 clinins|
thenoe east 40chains; thonce south 20chains;
thenee B*ast 4!) chains; thenco south 1*1 chains;
tha'iice east 40 clinins; thaMiee south 20 chains;
thence east 40chains, tsi the place of beginning,
caaiitainiiai* 'aio acres.
Dateil the 28t!i day of August, IMS,
Your Vote
is cordially
on behalf of
W. Hunter
[AdopUdat RtfTtUtokflf, BtpUmbtr IStli, 1002.]
i.  That this conrentlon roafRrnii tha policy
(if tlm party fn matter**, of provincial roani ua
t.raili! tha ownarahlp nnd control of .railway*,
ami  tlio dorafopmsnt  of  thr   te*
aouroaaof tbo province n**. laid down in thn pint-
flform ndoptad In Octobar- VXn\ which is nafol-
llTo nctivftlv aid In thacomtructlna i»f traili
throughout Uia iindaTalopad portions <>f tha
provlnca and tho building <>f prorlnolal trunk*- of public necaasiti.
"Tn adopt tin* prlnolplaa *>f aovsramcnl nun
■rauipof railwayain aofaraa thf- circunittannoM
of thu nrovlaco will admits «nd tin* adoption "f
< Uia principle tbat no bonni ibonlH ba-jfrintafl
> to nny railway company which doe* cut giva ih
j fforarnment nf 11• ***** proTincacontrol <»f rati invn i
lin."*. lionnaad) Uvatbcr with th-* option «»f pui
I t'hii-o.
"Tu actlroly n*--*.isi by ».intt n'u\ in lhe develop
( itinut nf i!. raaourcaeof tin* pro
2.  Thut in tin* meantime nu*i until iho railway policy above *»et forth can i«* nccomplUheil
, d Beaeral railway act be paaead, alTlnn fraail>ftin
tocoDetruct rallwayi uodar M-rialn apiiraTod
. t,-j ii ,:    ;i:,'i!'ia-«. !■■ to thn eyetam tnflt hai
raeidtad In eueh es tensive railway constnictlnn
< in tho U til tad States, with sn mnch uiUjiituv
! to trade and commerco-
.*.   That tn aneouraffM tlio mini uir imlnst r> .tin-
tesatioh of metalliferous mines should iw m
tho basis "tf a percentage on tho net profits*
i.  Thnt  thn gpvaromant ownersliln <>r lata
; phono systami shouhl ho brought fifioui oho
I Urst .stop in the -acquisition of puullc utilities.
'    Ti.  That .1 p.trtiou of every coal area hereafter
tobadlsposMof -lioiiM })** rsaarvotl from sale
ni' lease, so that StatO OWnwl tnlnos may hf om
i liy Rccesslblr, if thoir operation tiaoonias neces*
,iary or advisabia,
r>. That In tha pulp hurl Ih.i*-'"^ provision
I should be made for reforesting and that stepr.
' ahould be taaen fur tlm general preservation or
'■ forests ny guarding against the wasteful <!»■
j struotion of timber,
7. That tlie legislature and government of thr
province should persevere In th« niTurt to secure
1 lh«« eiclueion of Asiatic hi hor.
h, Thr.t tin? matter of better lormj. in tin* way
uf subsidy and appropriations for -the province
-should be rtgorou ly pressad upon thr Dominion
go vera ment,
(.i. That thesHvardaad Induatrlosof tlm pro.
vlnce be fostered nud encouraged bj i ho lmpo<
■ition <>r Increased customi duties on lend and
I<*;kI uroducta I tn por tod Into ' ,'nnn la, r nd thut
| tlm Con sen ;i.*<'  membari of the i union
; Rouse be urgod to support any mat Ion Intro
I duoed for such n purposa,
io. «■* Industrial disputes almoal Invarl-
: ably resull In greal loss nn-t injury Irotli to Mio
parties directly concerned nnd to too puhllp,
legislation should he pnssi I to provide mnatutor fin ani lea bla adjustmenl of such dispute be«
is\, ni employars nnd empluyoasi
II, Thai ii Is advisable to foster tlm manti-
faoture of tin* raw producteof Uie province
within tin" province as fnr qi practicable liy
mennsnf taxation ou thr sn I'I raw product
uojrct to rebate of the -nmr la whole m pari
when manufacl ure ' In Bi lllsli' ") imbla
Sloean,  15. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Tack Norses for
hire at reasonable rates.
R, E. ALLEN, - Manager
for .$18.25.
Why ho without a raneo whan
yon can pet one so cheap ? Thej
are prefcrrable to»tovc*tand trivt-
botter latlsfactlon. These rnngtt
burn wood or coal and will be
set tip lice.
- •   I
| J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor I
I "~"~~ *
I Fresh Fruits of Every $
I Kind Arriving   Daily. |
Our [soe Cream  Parlor i*
nOW opal auil will lis-        i*i
running nil the Summer.       -
0 txtttvrmt ot I'l-fliauri tor mi.
1 illl Wsslght   aiiifll I.Su.,111,
in these days of progress and competition
no mm in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
In a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
to all persistent and liberal advertisers: it is read
by everyone.
It guarantees
At All  Times
Subscribe for
local paper:
THE DRILL,   $2  per year M
Gwiilim <& JoLnson,
B. C
Slocan, B. C. I
J. A. Anderson
Dealer in:
Kodaks and Supplies
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Certificate of Impii.i_i.ts,
l*fl*s I a. Mluarnl <* i.i im.
Bituata in the Slocan City Mjnlng Divi*
isiiiii of tlie WeKt Kootenay District.
Wlifuliiriiti'al: — Near the Arlington
IkihIii on nurtli aiiloni gprlngor creek
T«kc  notice   thnt  I.   Dun   Flanloa,
aa'ting na itn »crnt fair It A. lluas.
(ice in11is. i 'iwrtiflcale No.D71376,iiiteii<t,
ilxty lUvfffioiu t'ns*i!:ita hereof, to>|ipl)
tn tlm Milling Recouler fur a certiflentt
of ImprovemenU, for lhe pitrpoH ol oh*
mining  i» crown  giant fur  ilm ubove
And further tnk<> notice I hut nel inn,
under leption 37, mint hn eotnmtncuu
before ilu. Imiance uf inch certitlciitt si:
Duts'il (iiii iith day of Julv, I yo .t
17*7*03 HAN IIAM.oN
iiain|ii.iii, 1'iiiri K, and tiibk Pang ("nae* Min. inl I'lrsliflla.
Situate iii tlm Slui'iiii   Citv Mining Divi*
Kiiin nl tin. Wrst Kootenay Dlitfict,
Where locatod:— (in Springer creek,
about eight milei from Slocan City.
TAKK NOTICK Unit I, Kraneia .1. ()'-
l.i'illv, (if tlu1 ritv of Ni'lmin, aa agent for
N.P.MoKanghti 1'ice Minora Certiflcate
No. lii'il.'is", Intend, sixty dayi from Iho
slate lioreof, to  npply to the Milling lh.-
corder forcertiflcatei of lm)irovoment,for
the purpoae of obtaining Crown grants
of I'm above claimi.
Ami further tuke notice Unit action.
uniler notion 87| nnifi he commeucod
before thotiBunnco of itioh certlficatei ol
Uiiteil thia 11 tli -In v of July, 1008,
hcl'iire the i. sn.uii'O .if hiia h i ci lit).-.ile ol
j Improvementa,
I > ted tliis 23rd duy ot June, I hi.
7-8-03 !•'• C ftREKN, Selsoi   B.C
Notice toDelinquciitCo-owner
To J. F. AriHitrong,admini»tratorof llid
eitateuf Martin UUrebiaon, desjeaMil.
or to any person or person. In wlioat
ho may have transferied tlm intortit
of Martin Murcliiion, amoiiiitingto)i_
tu tm-h nf iiau .'.'.iii;! ii, I'saiH si al 1L"-*-
dan iiiiiH'rnl claims, situated on the of Lemon crock,Slocan City win-
iug division.
You are hereby notified thai I l..T.e
expended the snm ol tlireo hundred sntj
soven dollar! ami fifty cent! in labor «nu
improvement! upon the above nn n mr-
i'ii minernl claimi, In onler lo luililiaiil
mineral claims under iho provisions ol
the Minernl A.'t.nnil if within Wiliy.
from tho date of UiiM notice you fail or
refuse to contribute your proportion ol
such expenditure, together with allt*oil>j
of advertising, ymir Intereat In Iho mid
claims will l*ocomo tho property of IM
subseribor, under section four ol nnAci
i entitled "An Aet to nmend the Minoral
Aet, 1000."
Iiated thin 8th dayof Jnne, 1003.   .,
12-H.a'i m.i:. v"CVi
Notice to DsllnauentCo-owner
To Hugh s. Krison,or to nny 	
oi |ierioiiato whom ho may I ava Iran''
furred Ida Interest in lhe ttj    ■ '
mineral claim, lituated on  fen Mi"
creek unal recorilesl in th«' lb
oilhe for the !*Iikiiii ( iiy miningulvi*
Vim nre hereby notified i hn 11. C, I
Sraltherlngnle, f.M.C No. llMW»7,li»w
caused to he expended iii-*»' '" '
hundred and two dollar! and lift} i'"'*
in lahor ninl linprovomenti on ibssbovs
mentl ns*".! mineral claim, in orusr ii
Iml,I said claim uniler the provisions oi
the Mineral Act; and if witbi" lJ0|"-vJ
from the date ol thia notice ymi mil, 0j
retuie. to contribute your proportion c
such expenditure,togother with all C0l'«
of advertising, your Intereit ■".■**.•'
claim   will liccoiiie lhe  propoily "' '
1' ailisai'itl 1 hslin.
Siliiatis in the Blocan City Minimi I'ivi-
sion of Wolt Kootenay Ilistrict a
Whore located!—At head of north
fork of Ten Mile orOttk,
TAKK NOTlCElhntl    rai kC.Gi
acting   as     igenl    for    fjeorue      rii
free   ininoi 1 ce tifl rule No   LJ7 08-1
loud, sixty days from i ],„ duto In i
lu apply i   ih'' Mil  I. Ilei uail"i oi n > ei -
tltiontuol Improveiuuuls, Im the purpose
ofobtallUng a Crown Grant of the above
I And further taku  notice  that action,
subscriber, uniler flection -I of an Wj
entitled "An Act In amend the Ulnoiai
Act, 1000." ,     (
Hated at Slocan, ll.C, liill '-<l» '■•*■>'''-
Augnit, A.D. 1908. ... .., a.
14*7*08 0, K. SMITIIKIMN"'11'
HI. 1.1 I LIVA1**"   "
OCI's.ntiiiflisyalur tlirrns moifltlia','1'
Basin ms-mliir ri*crlvs'B llllisillaaa 11 i '"  >•
- ■/rsionth.lns'lsssliiifillpls-s-MOlliia'1"' ",
■nd Inatrumentnl ns*w niiiulo ''"•;'''.', ,„.,.'
pintr, in ail: alior. (ftrUJostw ot *_**»%
whlub glvnn tlio pri-lli'go of Clnb K'» ' "rlll
Vork l.'sly,»nds,lbssyliiKlit«r»lur«i.n»1"' ,,..
• lt*»llssatrsimenl«sslftnyslrarrliailonM-*|||r
lirlosia, anviiBK yoss from 'IUV t" H • '*"./ , ,u,i
cbaasih. Don't fall to Jolntil •*"■".*•■ V}"ti-.i I "'
iison* I hsati yonr monpy'a worth. JM"
AllY-Ml'HISIt'l.lllS, l>a.A|lt.       a '"" '
UiDscifi for Th Dili


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