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The Slocan Drill 1903-04-24

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TOL- IV., No* *>
SLOCAN,   B.   O.j   APRIL   24.    19011.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
HAT ,.
' ^t>r,
for yeur girl ? We have them in lines
that are NEW AND NEAT. We can
outsit your boy with a aicn Suit of Clothes.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
A. York & Sons.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Pro-
visions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest .cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
|s reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
"Iiis popular hotel i« wnvonieTit to the boats and trains.   The dining room
Jstftrieily up toi ate while the bar is supplied with tlie best in the market.
Isf? ,4 TP*\  •   Travelling men, using Sample ftooms, $2 ISO pep d *v •
I****'*** * Co s    without HHsTs»pli'Hooms,$*_>; board $8perweek;nieal""-15'
Keopeaed under
•ho old Management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cur. Arthur Street and Delaney Avenue, 1106881.
Shilling thoroughly renovated JAS. CROSS,
|aiid re st, -eked with' the hest Proprietor.
[Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
'^presenting   the   strongest   cam-
Jpnnlei doing  business  In Canada.
SM nkw accident policy, with par
'"''pillion  in prollts. covering sick-
[ae-M and operatlsni.
H, D. CURTIS, Notary Public
It* -.the Council tsi Appoint aXen
Alils.lv. * •/ "fe** round It} law Belnij
i:iiforci*sl-*>i».Jlsiii of (lae of the City
Notes iNOrilflsi-s.il Paid.
Aid. McNeish was the only absentee
from Monday night's meeting of the
eon net 1,
values increase with depth. The
ledge is about two foet in width and
assays ranging from $14 to $40 have
boon obtained on oro taken from the
different levels.
Hiss Jlanes
Ssiccessfsilly Tries! In Denver,
A new process for this treatment of
ores has been discovered and the machines therefor patented. Briefly
Correspondence read: Prom City statwl lll() method consists in bringing a mass of ore particles into contact with a statically charged metallic
Surface, Sueh particles as possess
relatively high Conductivity tire instantly repelled while those of low
conductivity uro not repelled until
sullicient time has elapsed to allow
them to In: pulled out of their original path and caught in a separate re-
ceptacle, thus effecting a separation
from the conductors.
For a considerable period prior to
the issue of these patents a machine
had been in successful operation in
Detiver, working on miscellaneous
ores, and in many cases with notable
results. This machine has since lieen
simplified and compacted and the details improved until it is now doing
satisfactory mill work.
It is found bv experiment that most
of the sulphides and many of thiol her compounds of valuable metals
possess high conductivity, while the
gangue consists largely of non-conducting material such as quart/, lime,
etc. There aro exceptions on both
sides : The compounds of zinc for example, are non-conductors, thus allowing a separation to tie mads* between
pyrite, galena and ehalesipyrite on the
one side, and zinc blend on the other,
with no preliminary roasting, dryness
lieing the only requisite. Magnette
a ud pyrrhotito may also be separated
from blend.
Solictor •lorand.-stnling that the council had full power to pass an early
closing bylaw ; also that Uie council
could pass a rate bylaw, but advised
delay until after the estimates had
been passed.
Aid. Arnot gave notice that next
week he would bring in au early closing bylaw.
Aa argument ensued upon the question of raising the first $1000 required
under the mill aid bylaw, the mayor
holding that next year's council ought
to raise the money, as it fell due on
April .5, 1904.
Tlit* solicitor was uncertain on the
point, so his letter was laid on the
table pending further information.
The Koyal Bank, Nelson, wrote,
acknowledging receipt of the city's
debentures, and calling attention to
the alteration of the date without tho
same )>oiug initialed- also that the
draft larked ondorsation.
Mayor York held that the endorsation was not necessary.
A letter was read from the Bank of
Commerce, Nelson, asking when F.
Fletcher's money for the millsite
would be paid over.
Koyal Bank's letter filed and action
on the other epistle deferred.
Returning Oflicer Bentley reported
that no nominations for an alderman
had lieen made on the liith.    Filed.
Aid. Arnot inquired what would be
done ti fill the aldermanic vacancy.
Hy wa< informed thnt it was now up
to the council to appoint a nieml-er,
but -is no oue appeared to want the
job, it would  lie u el'ss  to do any
Assessor Bentley stated that h* had
had sevend assessment notices returned, as the proper addresses were nol
known. He wanted to know what to
do so as to trace out the proper own
ers to the property.   Matter laid over.
The mayor said a civic note for $350
was due on the 21th and it would have
to be arranged for. The treasury was
almost empty.
Aid. Teeter moved that $200 and interest bs paid on the note and a-new
oue drawn up for the balance for tin
days. Seconded by Aid. Arnot and
Aid. Smith, for the limine'*- commit- j
tee, stated   that   there were but two
members now on the committee and,
they were uncertain  what to do wit
the"mayor's bill  for Sl,r>0.
Ten Mile creek, for industrial purposes. He is asking for 200 iuches,
the water to lie conveyed by means of
a dam and wooden flume. The application will be heard on May 9.
Board of Triiili) Petitions Goves'issssent to
Ko-eoiiHlslei-Tlsi'li*' Action.
A wave of indignation has swept the
province against the Ottawa government for making no provision in the
tariff to benefit the silver-load industry, and protests by the wholesale are
lieing wired to the capital. On Wed
ncsdtiy the local board of trade held a
meeting to discuss the situation, resulting in the following telegram being sent to W. A. Galliher, M.F., and
Hon. Mr. Fielding.minister of finance:
"Board of trade, Slocan, deprecates
indifference of government on silver-
lead question and strongly urges reconsideration of subject, in order to
give relief asked for by mineowners."
Work at Use Enterprise.
The operations at the Enterprise
conducted under the lease held by Pat
McGuire are proceeding in a satisfactory manner, there being now 18 men
on the payroll. It is the intention to
add more men to the force as room is
found for them. The result of the
work is seen in the 20 tons of ore sent
out this week to the Trail smelter, to
lie followed next week by another carload. Tho ore is being taken from
the No. 4 workings.
Weclsllssg Ri-Uss ..Ine Ag:\ln.
Another of Slogan's popular bat-be -
lot's litis entered the ranks of the benedict'*, Anthony Madden, propri<-tor ol
Un* Madden House, having been married at Nelson, ou Wedne-dav.to Miss
L. Carter, formerly of this eity. The
ceremony was performed bv Kev.
Father Alfchoff. Each of tlie contracting parties is well and favorably
known hete and thev will receive the
Ilfliatriiyeal by Fire.
The sash and door factory of the
Kootenay Kiver Lumber Co., at Nelson was burned to the ground last
I week.   The fire was caused by sparks
1 Irom the smoke stack  falling on  the
; roof and by the time the fire brigade
arrived on the scene the fire was past
control so their attention wns directed
to saving the buildings near the  factory and tlie lumber iu the vard. The
loss will be iu the ueighliorhood ol
best wishes of
extensive circle of
friends. Mr. and Mi's. Madden will
return here tomorrow and take up
their residence in th'- Clough cottage,
in West Slocan, which has been cosily
fitted up for them.
Exports niirt Imports Increasing,
The total exports for tho mouth of
February were $11,716,890 as compared with $8,t548,9b5 for the same
month in 1902, while the total exports
He wouisl I for the eight months ending Fcbru-
like to see the bill referred back to the! ary, 1903, were ,$160,688,81.) aud for
council, in order that the minutes! the same period in 1902, $147,562,793,
might be read to prove the authoriza- an increase of $18,126,526. The Im*
tion of the expense. Left over for a I ports were $16,095,770 in February,
vvook, | 1903, and $18,1557,168 for the same
Aki. Teeter was appointed to the period in 1902. For the eight months
lxiard of works. Aid. Arnot to the (in-! ending February. 1908 the total Im*
auce committee, and Aid  McNeish to | ports were $189,199,618 and  for the
Orr I'rsiiu tlie Meteor.
Malcolm Cameron broke the trail
through to the Meteor last Week with
provisions and has since brought
down a couple of hundred sacks of ore
to the basin. Tin* lessees will endeavor to send out about a carload of ore,
before the snow is too far gone for
rawhidiug. They have a line chute to
work on. Four men are employed at
the mine.
Pioneer Livery
■and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire at reasonable rates.
R. E. AL"LFN, • Manager
Slocan Citv Hin' Un,
No. 6a, W. F. of fl.
Meets every    Saturday   evening
in the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to "attend.
Financial Secretary
health and relief.
Aid. Worden -queried if it was not
time to do something with Springer
creek. ■ The lxiard of works hits been
given a free hand in the matter.
The  special  committee on waterworks reported that  they had nut vi-1
sited Goat creek, as tho snow hud not
yet gone.
Aid. Worden inquired if the pound
bylaw was lieing enforced.    The ma
yor stated he had ordered it enforced
at ouee as  there were so many com
plaints being registered against stray
ing animals.
Council adjourned.
Mny I'loifl. si Valssnlsle Find.
Before leaving for Copper river L.
A. Thurston made a clean-up of his
papers, tlie accumulation of years, and
in the process discovered that he was
the owner of an hotel property iu
Hamilton, Wash. About seven years
ago an hotel keeper of Hamilton was
noti(ii*d by the vigilance committee
that his presenc
sanis- period in 1902, $128,275,068, au
increase of $10,924,5513.
Ottawa'! Kicts Ore.
Last week the Ottawa made a small
shipment of ore to Ihe Nelson smelter.
amounting to between fivo and six
tons. Returns from it show very high
values. Fart of the shipment was of
No. 1 gradi' and it yielded 526.8 03 of
silver, and the No. 2 grade 159.2 oz.
The gross value of the ore was $919.
livery shipment from the Ottawa has
won out on tlie percentage kept back
liy the smelter, IU the pries' of silver
was always higher when the settle
ment came.
'•.liia|, Mibsb-.II. Ial In Wan k.
Work is to Ik- commenced on the
Camp Mansfield properties just so
soon as the snow will permit, definite
instructions to that effect having just
been received from England. Tlie
claims have not been operated for two
years, but this summer they are to lie
. , . . ° i?a?, no ?,I*"*'1', •"*'"! opened up ou a large scale. The pro*
quired and he had better quit or there ,.tU,Si t,w>(hni. ,vi,*, soin(. bitoresta
would to something happen.   Before|on Lom(m (.n,oU .m(i T(>11 Ml*_ H).(.
going he gave Mr. Thurston a bill of i
sale of his hotel property, which was]
duly recorded. The document was
put nway with the new owner's other
papers and the incident entirely for
gotten until the bill of sale was discovered last week.
now owned by the Kaslo-iSloeau Mining Co., and all are to receive attention.
To Breot st Stitinp Mill.
A rumor has lieen curren t here that
the Kilo, on the First North   Fork  of j
Lemon creek is about to  erect  a   10
stamp mill,   The Kilo is one of the
old properties  of tlie camp  and  081
soon as the mill is eomploted tt force
wil] be put on and the mtno worked
on an extensive scale.   Considerable
work has been done on the property
and ih.* work done has proven that,
I tlio Kilo lead is a gootl one.   The
Fs'll ssss un Ass.
Joo Terry, son of Hiram Terry, met
with a somewhat serious accident on
Friday,while in the bush cutting wood
with   his  father,    ln   some   way  he
stumbled and fell on the edge ofa
double-bitted axe, cutting his aide in
a nasty manner. The lad pluokily
mado his way home, though losing
much blood.   Dr. Keith was called in
and put.   live  stitches   i»t,   the wound.
The patient is now doing nicely,
*.riri a Water Right.
W. Koch  is applying to the gold
commissioner for a record of water on
Tin- Government Kssakesl.
It was up to the provincial government Monday to decide whether to
ratify the cancellation of the crown
grants to tin' C.F.I", on the East Koot-
s'uay oil lands, or sutler defeat. The
hive of office proved too stromr for the
government and they funked, tlirsiw-
ing over th.- railway company. The
ratification bill passiil unanimously.
Major V.ssk l.s*»le;ns.
On Tuesday Mayor York handed iu
his resignation to City Clerk Bentley,
to take effect at once. Business reasons are assigned for the step taken.
Mr. York intends going to Edmonton
early next month on a prospecting trip.
There are two vacancies now existing
on the aldermunio lxiard, with no
available material ia sight.
HatsBiiiBsiatfl-i- Ore Rum Well.
U. M. Webster, ono of the lessees of
the   landholder, returned  from Nel
son on Tiiisday. having taken down a
ton of on' [ortreatment at the smelter.
First-class returns were ivci'ivs'd. ths>
ore running 210 Ot in silver and 9 pet-
cent ls'ltd. Settlement for the silver
was made on the basis of *r>0;i s'ents au
Another firm ut New- Denver,
Early Tuesday morning another
liit* occurred at New Denver, destroying tlu1 Clever block and the buildings
to the east, and causing a loss of $21.-
000. H. Clever lost 118,000, no insurant"**, Knights of Pvthias fjTtK), insurance $400; *!. B. Smith *.V Oo.WOOO,
Insurance $1500.
Last Y,.ni''s SlsivBSB.BilM Were 6888 Tons—
A Healthy Evltlenee of the Lire ansl
tVeitlth ssf the Camp—Enterprise tho
Ili|SIS«»t. Shipper.
A little life has been shown this
week in shipping circles, 27 tons of
ore being sent out. Of this the Enterprise shipped 20 tons to Trail, the
Ottawa (i tons and the Bondholder 1
ton to Nelson. The Enterprise will
have another car ready next week.
Total shipments to date, iJStJ tons.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to t,:w
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise  20             liif*
Arlington  40
Ottawa  fi               1*28
Black Prince  17
Bondholder  1                  2
Dayton  4
Keptiblio  20
Mete-ir  12
27 3S«
Bar silver, 51 J.
Operations are being resumed at the
American Boy.
The W.F. of M.has ordered a strike
of Duusmuir's coal miners at Cumberland.
The White Bear Company at Rossland is constructing ore bins at tho
The Rambler-Carilioo haa bsaeu.
closed down until after the snowslidw
Tlij Ophir-Lade .Syndicate is erecting a 10-stamp mill at their property
in tlu* Lardeau.
As soon as the Carpenter cre'-kroad
is put in shape the Hartney will commence shipping.
The apparatus for tins Elmore oil
process for the Le Koi No. 2 is on its
way from England.
The Dominion ■■■iivernnient will not
change th»* tariff on lead but may in
crease the present bonus.
Sidney Norma ti, who holds the bond
on the Black l'rincs'.returiied from his
eastern trip on Wednesday.  .
Harvey Fife has sold the Westside
and Eastsiih' claims to J. H. McCalie
and al. W. Byler, of Spokane*.
Various cities and boards of trade
in the province have condemned tho
Ottawa government for refusing to
help tlie silver-lead industry.
Foreman Goukrogers, of the Slocan
Star, who left last week for California,
was presented with a dressing case
and gold chain by the men working
at the mine.
From 177 tons of ore milled tit the
property of the North Western Devel*
'opulent CVs mini's, at tioldfields, in
the Lardeau. a 12 pound gold brick
was obtained, valued at about  $8,000.
S. II. C. Miner, president of the
Qninby Consolidate'! Co., is of the
opinion that tin- repeal of the two -ier
cent tax will be t In* means of bringing
a large amount of capital to the province.
A certificate of improvements has
been issued to the sPionee"* Mining Co.
of Nelson for tlie .Montreal claim, at
tin' head of Springer creek. Atone
time a big lawsuit was threatened otm
the titls* to the ground, but it was set-
Appended it s complete list ui tlie var-
iasus recordt registered atthe local regit"
try utllce, 11. !'. Christie being mining
fi—Uuliv, Sprint-cr creuk,.!. Biti-
NiB'B*»iBvor MomM Dead.
Sir Oliver Mowat, Heutenaht-gover-
nor of Ontario, died on Sunday morn
from the elfeets of the pninful tieei
dent which bcfii  hiin last week.    He
was 88 years of age. W. Mortimer
Clarke. K.C.. of Toronto, lias been appointed his successor.
Apl li-Sloi-s.il I'rins***, Black l'rinco fr,
Dunilce, sSoramsrselthi Four Friend's,
Deirest, Wavertifo.
15—Nelson for two years, Montr Carta
fer four yetui, Mntite'C.i.lsi, Monto Cft.'Ui
fr for four.years, Uonta (.'n.io fr.
Apl 14- Montrsj.il.
Apt 18—Hamilton fr, R .1 MoPhtato
A 11 Coleman.
Hov. M. D. MoBee has left Chicago
and is now with his wife in Inglewood)
Out.  The hitter's mother is still very
feeble and it is uiuvrttiin when Mr. j '•    .■,,..  J       , „,
aud Mrs. McKee will return to British I    Aid. .McNeish has made a number
Golumbirt. of Improv-i-menta to his  house ....
,,    , .     ,,.    .   ~,a   Fletcher avo, including a new fence.
V nt Monday evening Miss LaUell,
oloeutiohist,and Miss Scott,soprano,
will '-ivo an enitrlaiiiniettt  in the Music nfljl, iii aid of tha- hospital.
Mrs. I'\   Pyinail,   New   Denver l.a-
bean visiting ali  week with Mrs. Jus.
The 0.1,1 fellow.*- will bold their an
-niial church parade to Knox church
next Sunday morning at 11 o'clock.
Kiel   Carlisle got  back   from  his
.Mm is sojourn In the southern statu*-
ou Wcduesday. :\
ii EQUAL      &
i! PARTNERS    |
CopyriRht, 1901, fasy C*h»rlfl-s W. Hooks*,    y
• al.-t.l.**. - as T A I A f.af*.-*s.T.a*..t Js i -a.,s,j),.Tlssj.sa
TTTfTV'rf'i'f.'wrei'f'i'Va^if t'w
Dr. Johnson bowed and withdrew.
Dr. Kendall look a seat by tbe tied,
and without appearing to do anything
particularly Important he determined
with great thoroughness tbe coudition
oi* his piillent. Nol ull that be observed
would be comprehensible by a layman.
The most couspicuoiis feat ure tn the
rase was the Improvement of Elsie's
■spirits. She spoke cheerfully to Breu-
il.i uud seemesl to have acquired In bo
short a time u certain depeudeuce upon her. 'Mien, almost as she was speaking, her eyes closed, ber bands upon
the white coverlet relaxed, and she fell
Kendall and Brenda watched her lu
silence for a moment while the professional nurse, who hud remained iu attendance, adjusted tbe shades upon tbe
electric lights.
"While she sleeps," whispered Bren
da, "I would like to telephone to my
father. Dr. Johnson told uie that Mr.
Alden Is probably still held ut the station. He in nsi be or he would be bere.
My father must try to secure his release. By the way, of course Miss Miller asked for hlm'/"
"For Mr. AldenV Yes," replied Kendall.
"What did you tell ber?"
"We said that he had sent ail sorts of
kind messages nnd that be received
constant reports from us, but that she
must not ask lo see bim before tomorrow."
"Did sbe plead to see blm at once?"
asked Brenda.
Kendall hesitated fora moment while
they were passing silently out of the
"Miss Miller Is a very obedient patient," be said. "No one could give
less trouble."
"Well?" rejoined Brenda. "Please
"1 don't quite understand.'*
"You have something more to say."
"It occurred to me," said Kendall
slowly, "that she exhibited less anxiety to see Mr. Alden than I should bave
This statement seemed to furnish
Breads with abundant food for
thought. She snid nothing as they
traversed the long corridor, and Ken-
dull also was slleut After Bremln
hud sent the message to her father
she conferred with Kendall lu regard
to her remaining In tho bospitul as
'•'Isle's uurse anil then dispatched her
maid under James' escort for bucIi
things ub she would need.
The departure of •'the servants left
Brenda aud Kendall alone In the reception room.
"I wish you would tell me more
about Miss Miller," said she. "I cannot understand why she should uot
bave wished to see Mr. Alden."
"I did not Buy thnt," responded Kendall. "It was her manner that struck
uie ok peculiar."
"She seems as unaffected and impulsive as a child." said Brenda. "1 can
Imagine ber asking for Mr. Alden as
naturally as If he had beeu a drink of
"That Is precisely what she did not
do." said the doctor. "Let nie tell you
just what huppi'iii'd. When she was
brought to the hospital, she was unconscious. For certain reasons we
took her to the room where she now
Is. though tbut would not have been
the ordinary course. While I was
making my lirst examination of the
wound she began to revive, and 1 believe that Bhe regained the full command of ber faculties withlu a few
minutes. It Is uot always possible to
suy Just wheu a patient's mind becomes effectually clear, but I am perfectly sure that Miss Miller's was wide
a.vake some little time before she
chose to let that Tact appear.
"You must remember that we overestimated tbe gravity of the wound
and Indeed were expecting tbe worst
at any moment. Considering the nature of tbe case, It was Important to
question ber Immediately. I asked
ber wbo bad Inflicted tbe Injury, and
I know that sbe beard and understood
mo as well as you do now, but sbe
mado no sign. After ber tlrst view of
tbe place, wblcb sbe must bave recognised as a room tn a hospital, she
closed ber eyes, and I think It must
bave been a matter of five minutes
before Bbe opened them."
"Thinking," said Brenda, "thinking,
thinking.   Poor child!"
"Though sbe ls obviously abnormally
sensitive to pain," Kendall continued,
"she bore wbat bad to be done wltb tbe
fortitude  of a  Christian   martyr.    I
made up my mind after awhile that a
miracle bad protected ber and that she
bad a chance to survive; therefore 1
ceased to ask questions, deciding to let
ber take her own time.    Wben  sbe
spoke, It was not In reply to me, and
sbe seemed to address no one.   'I am
going to die,' sbe said, and then Bhe began to cry very softly, as you saw her*
a few mlButass ago.   I replied that 1 did
not tblnk so, but she shook ber bead,
murmuring something about tbe grief
of ber mother, wbo could not come In
time to see ber.   I asked for tier mother's address and was Informed by a
police sergeant wbo bad Just been admitted to tbe room, coming under orders from  Captain  Neale,  tbat  Mrs.
Simmons, tbe landlady, bad telegraphed to Mrs. Miller.
"The sergeant tben came lumbering
up to the side of the bed armed with a
notebook and a pencil. Witbout wait- |
Ing for him to put a single question
Miss Miller told her story of the crime
as I told It to you. She had stepped
out upon tbe veranda and bad almost
Kendall and Uremia watched her in si
lence for a moms'iif.
Immediately re-entered the room by
tbe eastern window. She neither saw
nor heard any one. Beyond a confused
memory ol' a sharp aud terrible pang,
sudden,unexpected and probably meaningless, because the mind is darkened
before tt can comprehend, shu can recall notblng. Tbere was very little for
tho sergeant to put down lu his notebook."
"Did be believe her?" asked Brenda.
"Yes; I tblnk the sergeant did," replied Kendall, with a Blight emphasis
ou tho noun. "At least tbo only Indication of doubt be gave me was to ask
me In tbe corridor afterward whether
thc wound could bave been self Inflicted. I told blm to dismiss the idea, and
he seemed to have no difficulty in doing so. It Is not, at tbe Urst glance, a
physical Impossibility, but practically
It Is precisely tbat"
"Suppose sbe should say that she did
It," said Brenda.
"Witb apologies to Miss Miller," responded Kendall, "1 must tell you that
that would not affect my opinion In
tbe least If she bas any desire to
shield the guilty, sbe cannot do ll lu
that way."
Brenda's keen gray eyes searched the
physician's face.
"Do you believe tbat?" Bbe demanded
"Frankly," said Kendall, "my opinion Ib that Miss Miller knows perfectly
well who did tbis deed."
"And her motive for concealment?"
"I leave that to h**r own heart." was
tbe reply. "Yet ii would seem that
there could be but one."
"A motive of the heart," said Brenda.
"Do you realize tbat tbls amounts to
an accusation?"
'Then let us not speak of It any
more," said Kendall. "Let us get back
to Mr. Alden."
"We bave already done bo," she Bald;
but tbe doctor would not be drawn
Into sucb an admission.
"After the police officer had gone,"
he resumed, "Miss Miller asked me
whether a note addressed to ber bad
been found In ber room. I answered
yes, and then she Inquired whether
Mr. Alden bad been Informed of ber
misfortune. Fearing to excite ber, 1
Bubstltuted for the troth the fiction
that I Just outlined to you, and my
poor little patient merely sighed. She
did not ask wben sbe could see Mr.
Alden nor mention his name again
in any connection."
"From wblcb you Infer"—*
"Nothing whatever," Insisted Kendall.
"Yon do not trust me." said Brenda,
not without bitterness. "You believe
Mr. Alden guilty of tbls frightful crime,
and you dare not say so in my presence for fear that I may not be discreet aud you may be put Into an unpleasant position."
"I could scarcely be put Into a position more unpleasant tban tbls one,"
said Kendall earnestly. "I want to
tell you the exact trutb about—about
everything that I know or Imagine,
aud It Is deadly hard to do It when
you look at me us If I were nn enemy.
This Is as near as 1 can come to an
accurate expression: Miss Miller's manner convinces me that she Is shielding
the assassin, and tbere Is no known
reason why she should shield any one
else than Mr. Alden."
"But why not take the perfectly easy
alternative that she is telling the
"I will," said Kendall, "If you wish
mo to."
"I am very serious," said Brenda.
"This Is a promise you are making?"
"It Is," replied Kendall, his face
flushed and his voice not quite steady.
"it ls my word of honor given to you,
and bo twice sacred as the word of
a friend," be added. "You were good
enough to say that we were friends
two years ago."
"I have better cause to say It now,"
she replied. "Let me hasten to prove
my sincerity ln the usual way, by burdening you with a confidence. You
must be wondering at me."
"Why?" I
"Because I am here."
"It Is a flue tblng," said Kendall
earnestly.   "So much I know."
"I will tell you more." rejoined
Brenda, "and lt will make you tblnk
better of Mr. Alden. Tbls tragedy of
today Is a revelation to me, but not of
tho kind tbat you suppose. Mr. Alden
had not concealed from me tbat bis
heart bad been won away, but I did
not understand. Ho told me of Miss
Miller's existence two months ago, but
I would not bear all he wished to say.
He Intimated that he bad begun to regard her with feelings tbat made his
engagement to me dishonorable. I
viewed bim with pity," snd Brenda
laughed very softly and witbout mirth.
"I was so Incredibly Ignorant of everything outside my own sphere that I
could not Imagine tbe existence of
sucb a woman as lies now ln that room
out there.
"Clarence aaid she waa an actress,
and be looked at me as a majt npon
tne defensive, i ean soe hlm now. I
pictured a siren, a creuturo grotesquely
unworthy, appealing to his wild and
reckless nature witb tbln artitlces
that would be clear as glass to him
when be should view them with a dispassionate eye. Truly, I was only
sorry for blm, ashamed of him a little,
yet very anxious to help blm. It seemed to me that breaking our engagement would be the very worst thing
that could happen to him, and so I refused to consider the woman at all.
One meets men in society, Dr. Kendall, whose well known ways of life
have an unfortunate tendency to pervert women's Ideas ln sucb matters.
We admit tbe existence of certain persons whom we see In the park wltb
elegant equipages, but we cannot consider them aa rivals."
"But surely be spoke of ber with
respect," said Kendall.
"Absolute." replied Brenda. "but*l
thought blm tbe more a fool. He said
one evening, I remember—and It was
only a very short timo ngo—tbat Miss
Miller cared notblng for blm and never
would. 1 was merely convinced by bis
sincerity that tbe woman was pluylng
a deep game, and I swore by such gods
as I have that 1 would save him from
ber. And so It went on until last evening, wben bo sent me a note wblcb
mado it Impossible tbat our engagement should continue. It was only a
frank, honest statement that bis heart
had passed utterly out of bis control.
I can see now that he could have done
no better, but I did not take the right
view at tho moment Perhaps it was
because I had heard that day for the
first time tbat Mr. Alden's engagement
witb me was of the highest Importance
In bis business affairs. If he had allowed It to continue for tbat reason-
But be had not It was really all my
"However, to continue, I went to his
office today because I was Impatient,
and I told him tbat the engagement
was at an end. Tbat was ln ten words.
And tbe loss of me, Dr. Kendall, affected blm so little. He was obviously so
wrapped tn an Impenetrable happiness
tbat I lost my temper for tbe first time
In a good many years and cut short the
Interview. Ob, we were perfectly courteous to each other, and when we parted—most unromantically, with an elevator man rattling the catch of tbe
door to make me hurry — we shook
bands upon a vow of friendship. But
I was ln a shameful rage as I left tbe
"I went up town as far as the shopping district and wandered aimlessly
In the stores. Then I got upon a street
car, preferring it to tbe loneliness of a
cab. And so It bappened tbat a newsboy thrust tbe story of this crime Into
my face. Tbe paper was wet from the
press—printed and upon tbe street within balf an bour after tbe discovery of
the crime. A reporter must bave been
right upon tbe scene by accident and
have rushed to his office Immediately.
"Let me confess my own folly. In
tho very first Instant I feared that Mr.
Alden might have struck the blow. It
wns sheer madness. I was overwrought by tbe excitement of tbe afternoon, and, remember, I then pictured
Miss Miller aa a desperate and scheming woman, one whose real nature was
likely to be revealed to Mr. Alden In
an Instant by an unguarded word.
What mad scene might follow, who
could say? There might have been
some sort of struggle. Sbe might have
turned the knife against herself, meaning to strike blm. Impatience smothered me. I must know nt ouee, and,
besides, I bad a deadly longing to see
her—to see the woman who had wrecked a life tbat was dear to me and lost
her own In doing It
"My Urst awakening was In her
room. There imb something of herself
tn It Afterward 1 came here and
heard that old man In tbe office Bay
'the child.' And tben I saw her, with
Indescribable surprise, even after such
preparation as I bad bad. Her rival?
I am not so vain. Why did I not see
her before? And the Idea that Clarence Alden could have lifted his hand
against a creature so pathetically beautiful that Bhe must appeal Irresistibly
to a man so strong as he Is utterly
monstrous.   You can't believe lt."
"You are quite tight," said Kendall.
"I don't believe lt."
[CONTIIsftTED.] '«...'""
Frlcsl  III!BBSS*.
According to an old superstition,
fried 'ii"ttse Is considered a specific for
siiiiill|i.**», while, on the other band, to
eut foosl which a mouse lias nibbled is
said to give a sore throat
l'epj-s' Library.
Pepys' library ot Magdalen college,
Oxford, remains in the old presses
mentioned In the diary as having been
set up "to my most extraordinary satisfaction, so that I think it will be as
noble a closet us any man hath." There
are 3,000 volumes.
First to Climb Mont Hiss sir.
Jacques Balmat, a guide, was the
first man to climb Mont Blanc. Hi
climbed lt ln 17.80 and by so doing won
the prize offered by Horace de Sous-
Where Drunkards Can't  Marry.
In Waldeck, Germany, thero is a law
which prohibits tbe marrlnge of nny
Individual who hns tlie habit of overdrinking, and once identified with the
habit an Inebriate must produce sii'H-
dent proof of reformation to warrant
his receiving a license at any future,
Arrow   llonsls.
Miniature arrow heads cut out of
Jasper und ear/iolian are found to this
day by Arabs In the desert sands and
strung ln necklaces for charms.
Her Object.
"But why ls she so anxious to bo
prominent In society?"
"Because she wants to go on the
Historic  Conflagrations.
A list of great cities burned would be
a list of nearly all tlie great capitals of
the world. PersepollB, the splendid residence of a long series of rulers whose
tributary provinces extended from the
Indus to the Hellespont, was burned,
with all its palaces and temples; Babylon and Carthage were bo utterly destroyed that their very location has become a matter of doubt. Rome was
burned eight times, Jerusalem four
times, and, though they rose from their
Tht second temple la not like the first.
Athens, Syracuse, Bagdad, Alexandria und Antloch now exhibit only a
shadow of their former grandeur, Tlie
Phoenicians, like the Sparttins and Assyrians, disappeared with the ruin of
their capitals, but the most fateful conflagration recorded In the history of
the world ls perhaps that of Moscow.
"They talk as if the fate of Europe
hnd been decided at Waterloo," says
De Bourlenne in his memoirs of the
first empire. "If Napoleon hnd beaten
Wellington and Blucher ti dozen times,
It could not have retrieved the reverses
of the three preceding years. The trutb
Is thut the French Crosnr and his fortune were ruined by the burning of
Moscow. Thnt city was the funeral
pile of the grent ntitlon."
Man More Mqald Tban Solid.
Every fiber and every cell that enters
Into the formation of a living body ls
bathed in moisture, by which meuns
alone these ultimate elements are kept
alive and ure enabled to carry out their
duties. Even the bones, which appear
to be the most solid of all, owe more
thau half their weight to tbe presence
of fluid.
That our bodies contain a large
amount of fluid ls proved in a striking
manner by the blisters which rise after
the infliction of a burn.
Water, in fact, plays a very important part in the bunion anatomy, for lt
ls through its agency that the vital
processes of digestion, absorptloB and
the excretion of waste products are
carried out
To reduce the whole matter to figures
and taking 154 pounds to be tbe total
weight of an average full grown man,
it is said that water alone accounts for
100 pounds of the whole.
Wanted a Chinese Sons.
Most of tbe policemen iu Australia
are Irishmen, whose genius for humorous blundering loses nothing of Its quality under the Southern Cross. Here ls
au Instance: Many Chinese names are
reminiscent of a burlesque and are
probably merely barbarian caricatures
of the originals. Of these Fong Fat
Ah Su and Ah Foo are the most common.
A newly appointed crier In n county
court wns ordered hy the Judge ln a
case lu which a Chinese was witness
to call for Ah Song. The son of Erin
looked puzzled and darted a look ut
the bench to try to discover if this
wns a colonial Joke; but, ses'ing the
Judge us grave us an undertaker, he
turned to the audience and blandly Inquired, "Glntleinen, will nny of you favor his honor with a song?"
Why Urass (.rows Hollow.
The stems of grass and oats are usually hollow, and the knots of nodes
whieh occur nt intervals nnd which
have a peculiar degree of firmness, derived from the interlacing of libers,
give them a firmness nnd strength
which they wouisl otherwise lack, If
the material of wheat straw were ln n
solid form, it would make but a thin
wiry stem, which would simp with
great ease, but in the hollew form,
with the intervening knots, the necessary support is afforded.
Blessed With a Wife.
A former vlenr of a country parish
not fnr from Sheffield was a gentleman
distinguished for his learning and for
the position he took nt Cambridge. Ono
day a visitor to the village got Into conversation with one of tlie parishioners,
and the talk turned to the vicar.
"Your clergyman," said the visitor.
"Is n very able man. Why, he ls a
"I never henrd that," wns the reply
of the villager, "but his missis Is."—
London Tit-Bits.
The Law of Falling Bodies.
All falling bodies, whether they be
crystal raindrops or meteorites, fall
with what philosophers term "a uniform accelerated motion''- in other
words, If n body be moving at a certain
velocity at the expiration of one second
from the beginning of Its full it will be
moving with twice thnt Velocity ot the
expiration of two seconds, gaining in
speed at n uniform rate throughout the
course of Its full.
"He's not wbat you would call strictly handsome," said tbe major, beaming
through his glasses on it baby us he
lay howling in his mother's arms, "but
it's the kind of face that grows on you."
"It's not the kind of fuce that grew
on you!" wus the Indignant nnd unexpected reply of the fond mother. "You'd
be better looking If it had!"
A Fall  Hand.
"John," snid Mrs. Norton ns she seated herself nt the hotel breakfast table,
"did you call n waiter?"
"Yes," said Norton, looking up from
bis pnper. "1 culled hlin, and he had a
tray full."
Femlnloe   Conversation.
Blobbs-Wonieu talk ubout nothing
but their dress.
Slobbs-Oh, I don't know. It seems
to me I've heard some of them tulk
nbout their huts.
If He Only  Could.
Mrs. Noorlch—Isn't it grand to ride
In your own carriage?
Mr. Noorleli—Yes, but I'd enjoy It
more If I could stand on the sidewalk
and see myself rldo by.—Brooklyn Life,
Bating a Prickly Pes**
My firs! sail experience of the African prickly pear was gained on a
Visit to the market place of Algiers.
Tli,. Unit was handed to us, politely
peeled by the Arab denier, and thus as
we made acquaintance with its delightful coolness no suspicion of its evil
dualities entered our minds.
A few days later, adding the excitement of a little trespassing to the
more legitimate pleasures of a country
ramble, ws; enme upon u well laden
group of prickly pear bushes nnd could
not resist the temptation to help ourselves to some of the fruit. The result
was woeful.
Coueeutruted essence of stinging nettle seemed all ni ouee to be assailing
bunds, lips and tongue, and our skin,
wherevor it hud come in contact wltb.
the ill natureil fruit, was covered with
n thick crop of minute, bristly hairs,
apparently growing from It, and venomous and Irritating to tlie last degree.
Our silk gloves, transformed suddenly into miniature robes of Nossus, had
to be thrown nway, perfectly unweiir-
ittile, nnd the Inadvertent use of our
pocket handkerchiefs before we hnd
fully realised the extent of our misfortune caused fresh agonies, In which
nose as well us Hns participated. For
many a dny did tlie retribution of thnt
theft haunt us In tbe form of myriads
of tiny atings.—"Home Ufe on un Ostrich Farm."
The  Invention* of  tbe   I'lano.
The honor of Inventing the piano is
eluluis'd by the English, the French und
the Germans, Fnther Wood, ah English monk nt Home, is snid to bave
been the real Inventor in 1711 und to
have manufactured one, which he sold
to Samuel Crlspl, tlio author of "Virginia," from whom it was purchased
by Fulke Orevllle, though Count Carll
cinltns the credit for BiirtholeiuBieo
Christiforic of Padua during his stay-
in Florence some three years later
(1711*1. The French attribute the Invention to ti Parisian named Marius,
who, they alleged, produced in 1710 n
harpsichord In which bammeri had
been substituted for the old plectrnma
or spillls. The Germans ure the last lu
the lia'ld with J. C. Schroder of Dresden, who claimed (1717), when eighteen
years of uge, to have "eonstrueti'd after much consideration tlie model of a
new clavier with hammers, upon which
he could play loudly or softly."
The Moat llemarknble Suicide.
The most curious suicide In the annuls of self destruction occurred at Oil-
quete, N. B., in the spring of 1890, Before committing the dei'il the self niur-
derer, who was named W. H. T. Jones,
dug his own grave and placed a rough
s'otliu of his own handiwork nt the bottom. Tlio dirt from the opening wus
kept from rolling back Into the excavation by boards held iu place by n trigger to which n string wns uttnehod.
everything in readiness, 111«» deliberate
Mr. Join's, ns suiisi'i'iii'iit developments
revealed, not in the coffin, took a dsise
of poison and tben pulled tlie string,
burying himself beneath tuns of earth.
This hus been put dowu as one of the
most unique and susTceasful cases of
self destruction mi record.
The   I'rrslssn   Army.
The Persian army, according to Henry Savage I.anilsir. llis- traveler, Is a
"painful   si»;ht."   although   there   nre
some good Cossack cavalry which has
lieen drilled by Russian officers. Tlie
Infantry, however, is a ragged, lazy,
shiftless lot. lie askn] permission to
see tlie nnny drill,    "We do not drill
lu rammer; it's too hot," said the general. "I>o you drill In winter''" "No;
it's too cold." "Are tlie trosips, tben,
only drilled in the tiiitumu and spring''"
"Sometimes. They ars- principally
drilled a few days before the sbab'a
birthday, so that they may look well
on the parade dny before his majesty."
Where Horse Destinies Are Slssiffls-d.
A snli'S stable is a place where horse
destinies ure shuffled by rs'ckis'ss und
unthinking handa; ulso its doors open
on the four corners ssf the world's
crossed highways. You might go from
there to find your work Waiting between the shafts of u baker's curt Just
around  tlie corner,  or  you  might  be
sent ncrosB sens to die miserably of
tsetse   stings   on   the   Smith   Afrls-nn
veldt.-Sewell I'ord In "Horsi's Nine."
She Thought of Hint.
Conmley—1 didn't know you wero acquainted with Miss l.nvi'tt. She usked
nie last night If I knew you.
Hoamtey—That was nice of her.
Whut led her to usk yon tlmt, I wonder'/
Coumley-Wliy-er-I had Just asked
her If she could imagine any one uglier
thut    Bill    Thompson.
The Investigator When a mnn Is going to do n mean thing and knows he
Is going to do It, why does ho approach
It by degrees?
Tho Oasulst-On the same principle,
1 suppose, by which a singer slides
down the whole gamut before he ut-
tacks bla lowest  note.
A   Shock. |
Chollle—I went down to a rnther In-
fortnnl affair last evening, deal] boy.
and, gwaeious, i wns compelled to wit*
ness u dreadful sight!
"Horrors!   What was It?"
"A fellow without evening dress eut-
lug breakfast food for support"
Better Than a  lie,.
Customer (in grocery)—Aro those antra
fresh ? Kh
Urocs'i-'s Boy-Yes, ma'am,   'Tnln't
been a bour since I laid'em in thai box.
People differ ns to Jokes, but here ls a
rule that  may   l.e  depended  upon'   A
Joke you toll yourself ls always u good
OUe.—Atchison Globe.
" '''ll i
ASklllf,,! Advert*,.,,,
Mnny years ago sir Thonins ri    I
wns a  passenger nn n„  ■,*   .   'Mi*
steamer bound for Ceylon' \vit!
the Ked sen the boat was distil 'fi *P
il became necessary  to tin-,'.'   "*
board n part of bet' cargo.   1-J ov-r'
an Interested spectator of tbo
tionsfor lightening the shin   <   ,   "'
he bolted tho scene and |,V ,', ',   "''
dollar dicker wltb the chief ,. ?"■
secured a paint brush and n '    *'
black  paint.    Then,  to  the J*t
ment of the captain and pngge   '; •"■*
cheerfully labeled aijch  box na   , ,
thrown overboard "Use Upton's Til
The cargo, of course, Boated nthT
and for miles In Aruby ami otberS
the natives suw thut legem]   *• ,
queutly the passengers on tho lin'*
steamer were compelled t„ „•,,,,,, H
uud take to smull bouts.   Oa iv, n"
lund Sir Thomas was the tlrst toT&
a cable otlice and wire the deatiwtsl
of tbe boat and safety or the travelsW I
to London.   The message was rd9
"Lipton."   Of course his ,,..„.,. Jj
every   English   newspaper   (Lo L_
morning, signed to that mossa™
be was tbe best advertise.] mnUin,,i|
kingdom. a-■
The shrewdness of ons* of tho found
ers of a famous estute In Malno <•*,*. L
rise to muny amusing Btorlea, one ot I
which hns recently been retold,
One day the man, who was n |*,m
lumber operator, wus superintending I
cri'W which wus breaking up a loflla
In the river.   Suddenly tli.- Bprac-jJ
which he was standing Bllppcd,  ■ft.l
luinbermun dropped out of Bight inn,,
water, and the logs closed o\ er htin.
The nearest Frenchman saw tlie ac-1
cident. Hopping briskly over the ill*, I
pery logs, he helped the "buss" to lamj. j
Nothing was suid about the ueeident
After an bour or so the l-*ri'iielsinau b«-
gan to get anxious because the reward
which he considered due was not forth-
coming. He approached the lumberman uud, pulling clumsily at Iiis cap,
"I see you fall In, m'sieur. nn' I rm
queek to pull you out 'fore vem drown.
"Prob'ly," snapped the lumberaiuJ
"prob'ly If you'd been 'tending to bmJ.
ness as you'd oughter you wouldn't |
bave seen mo fall In!"
Manx  Cats.
The peculiar breed of cuts found It I
the Isle of Man differs from uths-rs onry
ln thnt they have no tails, ami the lad j
thereof Is the Insoluble pnxzls to nit*
titalists. Since It has become the fash- j
Ion to explain everything by tbe principles of evolution, two theories' bin
bi'i'ii offered—one thnt, owing to the
limited range and lack of dense forest!,
the original cats had no use for tails,
and consequently they sft!>•■ tails, not
the cats) gradually atrophied for lack
of use and became rudimentary; anotlv
er that the primitive Manx <nt off ill
their cats' tails and in tin' count ot
time developed a tailless breed, Om
thing ls certain—the cuts nre there, Bnd |
they have no tails.
An Old Le»nry.
A Wednesbury (Englanili resident il
the sixteenth century left $ 1'""'> to provide uniiunlly on St. Thomas' ilu? Hin*
gowns und three couts to Indigent p*r-
sons of tbe parish. Following tbe custom of tbe t!uit*s, the money wa*) Invested ln land (in this case in minerals), and the original legacy hns in-
creased In value to sfSC'OOO. InMeadol
the three gowns nnd tlirs's' "'at* tb'
charity commissioners wIi.b admlnlltB
the funds nre able to present WQtpia
iiud sixty coats.
Castor  Oil.
A simple method of biking castor oil
according to Medical News, without
producing any nauseating ettecui I* to
Instruct the patient to wash out the
mouth with water as hot us can b*
borne, swallow a little of it. tben swallow tho oil and follow this by riuslng
out the mouth well with hot water.
The lirst swallow of the water sleausrt
the mouth, makes the membranes hot
so that the oil does not stisk, undents-
sequently slips down easily.
Bard lo Please.
Brown-You don't look very haPPf*
Du ni ley.
I)uinley~I have Just lost a liver on I
Brown—That's bnd.
I>umley-Yes. I had an awful flttacl
of rheumatism this mornings i""1 •l"
young squirt of a doctor, Tipsalve. I"*"
ms* n liver he could cure It befort n»W
und I'll bo hanged if he didn't wlo t»
money I
From the Courts.
High above the buzs of factories, tM
clung of trolley gongs and th'' <,|*'t
of truffle rose a crash thut terrified .*•"
visitor to America.        •* *
"I bear that nolso wherever 1 («'
suid he.   "Whut is it?" ,.
"Don't be iilarmed." we replied. '"l**ar
only somebody's relatives breaking
TJae Trouble Wills ine C1W-*'
"Whnt timo Is lt?" nsked ins •'"
suspiciously as be came In.
"About 1."
Just then the clock struck 3.
"(Jrnclous!   When did the dork »"»
meiico to stutter?" ho said, with n
ble attempt at Justification and a 1°**
A "Prentice Hand.
"That man you had doing some
penter work ls a fraud." j,
"How do you know?   He *>'** »*""
work," „„,»■,
"That may be, but he's no carp««*
lie cleared up the mess he ni'1*"-'
He Wipes His *•*•*"*'ffllfn
Rhe -Don't you always iniver
you puss the cemetery? _,*■
lie-Not I.   I'm goluK to be aw
ed— Columbia Jester. The Drill.
,„ nmuslng feaUire of the present,
,,sv concerning the metric
In which one party holds to
,il and pound as consecrated
Lto-Saxon stnndards, is that the
\' i States l'liiiduinental legul
'" ,.: ot length and muss are
",,,,,,. and the kilogram, respec-
,..u and not the yard and pound.
;,. Vurd is legally expressed as the
l!!7tli part of a mister.
j    In  ('iiiiseqiietii'u uf    tbe  hot,    dry
i weather, enormous swarms of locusts
I have been  hatched    out,    and    ore
threatening tn devour all the young
j crops      in   Aiulalusitt.      I'stiviiuuluni
ami Castile.   Tho government is taking measures to -Mil with tha pest.
$100   REWARD-S100.
,,„!,.,« ot this tB»P»r wi",'"' Ble*"
Hint   there   iH   at   limnC  01
that   science ims  bei
I'll till
ti, loam
*-•*'''''' carVta alTTtB sUlKos, utul   tha
,h   Hull's Catarrh  Ours in th;
i imslt'tva ours now known to tin
'{.,., If, uU'mity. Catarrh being a coll
t, is tw I slisesse reuulres a COUStltU
' "" yatine.it. Hall's Catarrh Cur.
,„:„.„ i,itei'..«iiy. rutin--, directly uuoi
i blood und -uuco-ib surfsoces uf tin
. thereby   destroyln-r   ths*   loundu
,, ni the iliiioaae anil uivlinr the im
,, atreiurth I'V iiullillnu un the con
tiiion and a-sHlstinit nature In dolni
The proprlStOri  have tin  inuil
iis curative powers tlust ths-y sif
11 is nd roil llollurH for uny cnsi
tails to cure. Send for llut o
.uIh     Address.
.1    CltBNBY  sV  CO., Toledo. I)
.  druifsrlits, 76s:.
l-'iiinilv  l'ills  are   the   Hunt
III  i"
it   It
iti '
,lil l
*j leans  liouirhl   iu      Paris     Inst
I5,(i00 worth ol gooso llvor
js,.inii nf human hair ami
ii worth of mushrooms.
|>ure,   Hid*,   ltesl   Bloosl  snd   Btxoi'.
It'iiu  i an  always  tell   anaemic  men
il  uu.iien.     They    are   pale,   weak
il languid—   tlit? victims of   head-
|hes and backaches, easily tired ami
itvayi    averse  to   oxei'tlpn.     They
|ii'i eat, or they cun't digest what
ds. snt.     Their unstrung nerves
I I   iluep;   tholl'  temper  is   Iri'itablo :
liai   vitalll.v   vanishes.   And   it all
Inn a  Minn  pun.' blood  and  UnStrUUg
IrbcH.     Vou   van promptly banish
iin by enrishlng your Musnl and
Ining up your nerves with Dr, Willing' I'ink  l'ills.     They bring good
ipelite,  sound  sleep,   bright  spirits
ul   jsiiiirl   lieulth.   Tbey   are  lllCOsll-
aiv   the greatest    health-giving
rim' that science has yet dlscov-
|tal       All  over  the  world,   gratt'.'u!
iplt-  prove    the    truth     of     these
ktemonts.   -Miss  A.   M.   Tuckoy Ox-
rift   Out., says:—" 1   do not know
i,it   would have become of me hnd
nut   I'B'a'ti  for  Ur.   Williams'     I'ink
lis      My  blood  seems-d     to    have
null tn wnter.  nnd   1   was troubles!
Jtli headaches, di/zini'ss and general
tration.      Kvuutunlly,   I    liecunie
tt.al       I    could    sciin-ely     ino\e
ii       I   tried     several    medicines
lit  tht '•   ilul   not  help  me.      Then   1
Vs advised   tsi    try   Pr.     William's
nk  Tills   anil   I  soon  began  to find
eal  I   nellt  Irom    thero,   and after
Ikon;  ii. in for a  fs'iv  weeks nil  my
I'!   ■      th ntul health returned."
|l'.a  '   waste  time  and   money     ex-
■ nu    witli   other   modlcinpa
Hi    Willinms'    I'ink   l'ills    will
11\   ninko you  well.   You  can  eet
in  (rom any  doaler    in med-lclne,
l""•! paid, nt 50c   per bssx. or six
rs fur S2.,*i0 by writing direct to
in   Williams' Medicine Op., Brock-
•   i nit
ii.ii'timi's ihs* hardest   things   to
are what the neighbors say.
liaard's Liniment for sale wc^tere.
I aits of men
ilhotil  it   the
wnnt   the  earth—and
farmer isn't  In  it
l im
111 N
ll .-.I
Rossway, .Inn. 23,  1901
ItlCIIAItl.S •&   CO.
r Sirs,—-This fall  1 got   ihrov.u
fi'lico ninl  hurt  my  .hest     Very
ii I could not work nnsi  it hurt
' breathe.     1 t.-is-d all kinds of
"ills  und  the.v  did   ine no good.
bottle  of     MINARD'S    I.INI-
T wanned on flannels and   up-
i" my  iiri'iist   cured me   com-
v c ii. eoasEBooM.
vny, Dlgby Co., X. S.
No, Cordelia, we cannot conscten-
ously recoinniend "the footpad tor
■hi feel
linard's Unhncnt Cares Dandruff.
^ ' ni's Rinlte sBi'ts'ti tows bi   young
•l:    "i  unsl   her   father's  boot   often
" *   Is I III   out.
I   iviljured   with   nervous   headache
|nd    Indigestion.     Tho   use  of   Dr.
"pist    Koenig's   Hamburg   Drops
ireil nu. untlrely,—Frank   Barnard,
111   \va-iin,.   I),   Sun    Antoniu,   Tex..
iluj  22nd.
A thing of beauty muy remain a
l"\ forever ir you'll' let the other fellow marry her.
linard's Liniment Cores bas, etc.
in t
It  I
Northeastern rnilway of Eng-
is building at Its York works
autocars to run on its railway,
"I  which  will  carry a complete
''**■' "s fair generating its own el-
inotlvo power.   The carriage ap-
1 'hi's closely  to  tho  trnm     type.
'"'.   the  vehiclo  will  bo  a tram
with an engine compartment
"'■ and nnd a conductor's    COin-
'. Il   at     the    other,    suvs   the
'"it Times.
B*s. SftllnE Skirt Supporter snd Wslsl Adjuster
•ver InliodiKi'sl.   Sells al slelit.   Gosid profit. *
"ji'ii.l 25 cents (or sample snd terms to apsnts.
BRUSH & CO., ilept. W. TORONTO.
7!1 E, IN St., New Vork, Sept. 8, IMS.
Ocntls'incn :-I lave used yonr Spavin Curs on
my liorars for I he lira t fourteen yeata ami It liaa
alwaya kIvsiii mt- nod remittal In overj iiartlculur.
lalao liuveuneof ysiui-LsiuUailiut I liuvi* found
very sih. int. If you hnvs* nnv later edition of
tlio "Trr.Tl.o on t'i" Ii','-.!! suid hla Dlacuaea,"
will you kindly a.tr.d me one.
Kcapectfully yours, ll. F. FUISBIE.
Ittasn nb«outelv rollnlilCM'inedy for Spavins,
spilnta, Curl*. Ringbones, .-te. Bemorea tlio
liuncte and leaves no aeur. 1". i- -- 91; six for $*>.
Aa is liniment for fiunliv isas> ll lias no equal. Aalt
vour dnigiclai for KENDALL'S BPAVIiTCUBK,
also "A TtMUss on tlio llorae," tlie book free, or
A Common
Bred Cow
When toned up bv
Dick's Blood Purl
fier  will   give   as
much and as rich
milk asahighly
bred aristocratic
Jensey cow gives
upon ordinary
teed, and
m Jersey
cow when
will wondssrfally Increase her yield
oltnllk. It aa**** feed too, because
• -aW-aller aBKMint of well digested
food satisfies tbe sienianda of the
sratem* and erery psuticle el sT-eur-
Miajamt ttkkst.
H cenU • package.
Us-wSBlBg, *in« * <CO.a AfeeiU,
..^„..w.^-".-^ •■■—"        --.•^•-*-~       *
Arrow    Lako,
Tlis>s«?   miriii ulssus   sprlnsjs,
MlnlMsT   tss   r   mliiil   illaeuss*.!.
Pluck  frsBin Ihs tneniiBry ft rsaotesl sorrow
lt»/o   saitt      ths*   written   trsiuliles   of    th*
And   with   Htti.et    oblivious   isntldotes
Clou.isc   the   Mutlosl   liossini   of  those  perilous   stuf!*,
Wlslsli   welch   heavily  upon   Kidney, l.iver
Sllial    Nta.ltiill'h.
Therefore, nil ye who suffer—Give physic to tli,* lions : huve none of It, but
com.' uml h* curnl  at
The Halcyon lint Springs Sanitarium B.C.
TI'KMS—Sl.r> to $18 i(*r
Are Yea ttelng te
Compete ?
Tkere will also be oflered :—
Three Prizes at Brandon
Fair in 1903.
as follews t
For the two best Bacon Hone, any
ago or breed, fed on Carnofnc Stock
Food  H-iO  IN  <iol'D
For the second two best Bacon
Hsii-b. anv afje or br«-d, fed on Car-
nofac Stock Food  $25 IN tJOLD.
For the third two bwt Bacon
Hogs, any ago or breed, fed 0D Os"*Jr-
nofnc Stock Food   $15 IN (iOI.D
Only one entry will be allowed
from each Fanner or Stockman, und
tho Block must bo exhibited at the
Brandon "exhibition.
Fsvidcnco    must    be    produced    at
time of exhibition to show  that the
animals were fed on  Catnefuc Stock
Try   Carnefac   for   your   Stock
W. 0. Douglat*! Blanufaotursjr,
Prlnoea* St.,   Wlnnlpesj.
Page Metal Ornamental Fence
Handsome, durable and low-prlcod. Specially sullableforfront
suid division t oncos In tow n lota, conioU>rloB, orchards.oto. ltetalls
for 23 CENTS PER RUNNING FOOT. Jnstaboul
the eheapest fonce you enn put up. Write for full particulars.
Use Page Farm Fence and Poultry Nm. ins/.
! luiiiiiiiiiiiiiM
■       iii
The Page Wire Pence Co., limited, WalkervUle, Ontarla
Montreal, P.Q., and Bt. John, N.B. ?
I'Bis'i..  i.is.ia,K s„i   usssm s virtue.   I    T1"'     ""'"Hk     by   which     siui   birds
Thous.indst of people have no choice ''i111'"*'11  ,,"*i'' Utirat wlion fur out at
wliatei-er about their hour of rlalng ln st',a ,s Jj08"'11*011 ''>' »" ,,l<1 ■•tipper,
fte morning.   Later or earlier, that wl,° ,'""" how L18 h1aa T"\ l,,inls ',,,1
lions* l« 11.-..I »•„- is.«      u    i. s(!li-   lar   II01U     iiny   land     lint  s'nu i
Eta^.^f,*il*?-",,,S?" •"•'"ish ""•m »*t«'. ,'"v'iii"*''"""«'
i.-«L".      .s0"?' *?Jh0? .ol* "?.*  »»" *"'*••» a ■ton., cloud, ehattwlna
clussroom, hy the time table of the railroad, by the arbitration of their em-
like .lucks mi ti hot day at a pond
and drinking In the drops of rain hh
other    powders, as it i.s both uoai
nmi disinfectant.
Ims about    S7.ooti.uiKi
ployera or the uecesslUes of their em- they fell. They will tuneil u ruin
ployoes. But ln the cases manifold cloud 100 miles distant, or even fur-
where personal liberty ls enjoyed lt ther, und scud for it with almost In-
should Dot he thoughtlessly restricted  conceivable swiftness.
simply because of the domestic tradl- I 	
tion that early rising deserves praise lover's Y-Z (Wise Mead) Disinfectant! Into rising blaine. ,l,lL   ■"■"•"'ii1   Powder    Is bet tec    than
Breakfast may often be a movable
feast without materially disturbing tho
routine of an orderly housekeephiK day.
Invalids, mothers whoso rest has been '
broken by teething babies and, ubove |
all, rapidly growing children, should
have their sleep out.   Nature demands
this, and violence Is deue to her when
Bleepy people nre rudely aroused from i
their beds.   Early to bed ls the single ]
ear.' proscription to Insure early to rise. I
We need to repeat lt over and over to ,
our hurrying, anxious, toiling Amer-
lean men aud women: Best, rest und
Benin rest. Do not think time 111 spent
Unit is spent In repnlring the ravages
of our well nigh Incessant activity.        I
Prominent American Bishop
Writes For the Benefit of
Canadian Sufferers.
The First Pantomime.
Most pantomime characters were
originally borrowed from the Italians.
Tin' Drat real English pantomime wns
produced at a theater in LIucolu's Inn
Ma-Ids in IT20. lt wa| called "Ilarle-
iptin Executed," and Its subtitle wus
He Strongly Recommends
Paine'sColcry CoinpoiiiKi
The Health  tiivin-r Spring
Thousands of pruininont olergyim .
in Canada and other lands through
the uso of Paine's Celery Compound
"A New Italian Comic Scene Between   wo  happily  pursuing   their  pastoral
a Si'iitatiiouche, a Ilurlcipjln, a Country Farmer, His Wife and Others."
The performance was very successful.
Abont the middle of the eighteenth century the character of pantomime performances waa completely altered,
cl.is'fly because of the genius of the famous Qrlmaldl, who made the clown
the tirst figure of the pantomime.   Gri-
duties ami ministering with succesi
to their congregations. Hoart trou
bio, slooplussnces, nervousness, slun
gish end ii!i|iiiio blood, weak diges
tion, constipation und headache an
the troubles lhat drag clergymen
down to deeper BuuVrings und i.e.iis
To-day Paine's Celery Compound h
tlie chosen home medicine of all wist
and prudont ministers and priests   A
nialdi lii-st appeared at Sadler's Wells ' vast, number of them owe their live
theater, where he played the part of a and present good health to I)i
nioukey. Ho was actively engaged, on Phelps' worlsl renowned proscripllo
the sta^e for forty-nine years, nud at that "makes sick people well." I{.*\
the close of his stage career be took a John S. Itlchuitd, llishop of Burl I tin
benefit at Urury Lane theater, which ton, Vt , writes as follows:
realized nearly £000. lie also received
£100 from the Drury Lane fund. This
was in June, 1828. He died In 1837 and
wus buried ln the churchyard in St
Jains's' chapel, 1'eutouvj.lle hill.—Lon-
stl'iu Standard.
"I  have been  naked  why  I  recoiu
inonhed    Paino's   Celery     Compound
und I desire to put on record frank
ly my masons for tlii« endorsement,
rhoplng Hint niy words mny    Inspire
I theso readsrs who need heulth    and
I Btrongth   with  faith  to try    Paino's
Celery Compound and prove to themselves it.; worth.
'  \t   tho Fanny  Allen  hospital,    an
Asslsssssls.   nnd  Poisons.
Certain substances which are deadly
in their effects upon meu enn be taken institution in which  I am deeply
by the brute creation with impunity, to.-csted,    Paine's   Celery  Compound
Iliiis;*s can take large doses of antl- hns ln*i»n used successfully.   The Sis
niony, dogs of mercury, goats of tobac- tors ol Mercy at  Mount  St.  Mury'i*
co.   mice of hemlock  and  rabbits of Academy on Mauslleld Ave. rely u|
belludonna without injury. On the
other baud, dogs and cats nre much
more susceptible to the Influence of
chloroform thnn man and nre much
aooner killed by it. If this invaluable
anaesthetic had been first tried upon
on   Pnino's   Ci'lcry   Compound   as    u
ta.s.ii' and strengtlieiioi*,   In  mj   own
li. I'sslil   ono  of   die   domestics    has
tnl on Paino's Celery Compound foi
livor trouble of long standing, and
Bays, !t has done mots good thai
. nnv other medicine.' Several priest*-
animals, we should probably have uev- have spoken to mo in praise of this
er enjoyed Its blessings, as it would remedy, and l believe it has the con
have been found to be so fatal that its fidonco of my associates, Even did
discoverer would have been afraid to , 1 nol knsnv from personal observe-
test Its effects upon human beings. It j sion of the worth of Paino'a Celery
Is evident, then, that an experiment I Compound l should f'-el like praising
can   never   be   the   "   f°*' "lo  simple  reason   Hint  it   is
upon   an   umma
menus of any certain deductions so tar
as man is coiio'i'ticil.-
prepared by the Wells *v Uichardson
Co., a firm whose members 1 have
known for nearly a quarter of a century, and In whom 1 have perfect
Hope deferred givs
carrier Importance.
the letter car*
Skyriii-I.it*.   Ill-fairs*   <'siiipowiliT.
If. matters very little in the long run
to the amall boy when, how or where |.,U|V Slnrjorio Gordon, the daugh-
fireworks were first made and of what .,., ,,f the l'a.l and Countess of Ab-
they are mado now. But the fact re- prdeen, has anno/junccd Ium- cansliiiu-
mains that the sh'spiss'd heatbeu Chi- ture for the school board al Meth-
nese Drat made them and used them lick. iVberdoenshire.
nnd that civilized communities did last I —      77T7,       L^-    ,.
know of them until tho fourteenth ecu- BnWTfl 3 LUMmeilt KelBVeS NettTUgia.
tury. The skyrocket was first Invented
toward the close of the ninth century
nmi al that time was used, so lt\la aaid, i
iu India and China in war. That was
loug before tbe invention of gunpowder.
llrn.-ssssfl-nl.sl   .lulls-.
The Chinese have cut jasle for ages,
but never ornamented it except by
sculpture. When it was Introducs'sl into India, tho native Jewelers, with tlis'ir
quick eye for color, nt ouee saw what
a perfect ground it afforded for mounting precious stones, and they were the
tirst to incrust ths'iu on jade. Tlie India museum in London possesses the
choicest specimens of this work known
of the best mogul period.
Knew   Whut   He Wnntesl.
"Can I show you anything?" asked
the young man behind the counter at
tits' lltll stsiiv.
*'I guess so," said the .voting man
who bad dropped In, "I want ons s.f
those disappearing bati you wear
when vou   o io ihe opera,   t'ot uuy'.'''
Ills llu ir  Not  Crny.
"Young man." said the Uev. fissod-
mnu, ".BBinis* day you'll bring your fn
titer's gray bain iu nrrow to tho
"Na> danger," replied young Kab-ly.
"He hasn't any. Worryln about ine's
made   hiin   bald."
Wl.nt   She   lllslii'l   Smy.
Mamma (to Flossie, who has been
lunching with a little fiieiuli-1 hope
you were very polite, Flossie, at the table and said "Yes, pleas.'," and "No,
thank you."
t'lossio-Well. I didn't sny "No, thank
Mistreats Seeks n C'ssok.
"How   many   ways  can   you  serve
"Three, mum."
"What are thoy?"
"Well dsstie, rare nnd raw."
I'aalislail    I' 1 |iai*,ss rs-.
HI.•hard - I'nedtteatetl people oflen
have n let of Insight.
Robert—That is so. our new maid
knows that sho Is a better cook than
we've beeu used to. — Detroit l-'ree
rionkey with
a Cough.
Just a little tickling cough
may not suggest any trouble
but it is often the fore-runner
of very serious lung disease.
Gray*i Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
soothes and heals the irritated membrane and the
cough passes away. Gray'*
Syrup of Red Spruce Gum
is a carefully compounded
preparation and is a specific
remedy foralltliroatandlung
affections.  25 cents a bottle.
One bottle will demonstrate its virtue.
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
The llritish weather service Ib collecting reports from the North Atlantic and Meiliti'ti'iinean ssf the tetn-
poraturoa observed by shipping masters. The data thus collected nro to
ba- worked up into charts. Tbis will
show, among other things, the ex-
lent  of lbs* (inl.* stream.
Sunlight Soap will not
burn the nap off woolens
nor the surface off linens.
4-sk tat (Is* Oetacan Iv, ssi
■Canada-* Ltrgttj Exolusivr. Men's and Boys' Outfitting Ston
Men's Black Suits
Perfect flttliitrsultH, tailored fnira gonirlne Imported all-
wool hliick Cluy WorKti>d,liitlieiiuWRl!iRleordoubFe-brMBti*id
sas'iiiio Htylos. Every Heaui silk stitched. The " Jamlcson-
nuiilu" trniirsers aro famous for thoir shapeliness. Single-
bivoHteai viRls, without collars. SIzph, 35 to 44 chest measure,
uIho B>po< Inl slzos for short Htout men uud tall slim men.
MiBBB|,li'- 1,1 ,'l.sili Ban rs'siurHl. A Bt usiiimisli'til. // suit fs
not rxautly as il.tvnUJ we will return y mr money and pay alt
rliarget. We will lend you with samples our " Perfect" Self
Measurement form, with full and simple Instruction.
aft _ TAI A A SIC   Our new CiiUsloKiie is on the preai.   lt tells the price
Illl I UaLUllllC   "r everything mon inii! hoys should wear.
mtlm~ m ^BsaaB"aW*iBSl*Ba*FaiBs   \yf. „mk0 our own clothing, and make   f"AI"?BBaP
our prloos tho lowest Is.   tusssrlsii for perfoot clotliliin.   Sonil your   PliPP
name ami we will mall thin iiioiiey-savor 1  BBBsiBsi
Importer and Manufacturer, Toronto, Ont.
I'l-sOUR, of coursaa—could almost do
without a fire. Dut fire or no tiro,
(lour you must have. May as well
get tho best going*. Without serious
question that is
Proved that way ao many times, lt'B
no longer open to argument.
For your porridge for breakfast,
0/il> awiMf* re^uit-i toW^toiinc^^iir
to dL*tirit/ui\hthi* t<0M</orit£of
oi erotici jack aye teas—
Cfhe differeneeis so marked.
af?e: vou  building?
*g-go USE EDDY'S
Ills ins mssch strongrr bisk! this s.s r tlussi sist ssthrr (tarred or bulldlnsl
paper. It Is I'mpervtnus to wind, kaepi out colal, beeps In heat, carries no smell
or odor, absorbs no moisture, Impisrts .so taste or flavor to inytlilng with
lt comes In eontact. It ls larg«lv ose.l not only fssr slsestlng houses, bsst
aalal   atorage   Isull.ili's-f*.   refrlgsrators,   dairies,   oi.amerls-s,   an<
which lt comes in eontas't.   It ls larg»lv ose.l not only fssr slsestlng houses, bsst
Ine    ..id   storage  bullsllnga,   refrigerators,   dairies,   ci. emeries,   ana all
places wnere tbe object ls to keep an s**ren   ssnd   uniform   temperature,   and   at
for llsstr.
Blaces is
as isssietlma avoiding dananness.
Writo our Agents, TBKB * FBB6BK, Winnipeg, for saicples.
THC B. sm. KDDV OO., Ulmltod, HUkk..
(fry i^ mtnUi/ MS sCf7i*rt^CAs4s
With the old surety.
St. Jacobs Oil
to cure.
Lumbago and Sciatica
There U np »ucl» -svord as taiU   Pricm, 95c m-A SOot
Why do we wear
Dealers all over Dominion say they give better satisfaction than any others. The people say they fit better,
look better, wear better.—Because they are honestly
made out of pure new rubber.
"Granby Rubbers wear like iron."
I. -s-J. No.   aft-B-A.
Tin* annual Iosb nf fruit by liyiecta
is pui by tha I nltod States entouit*-
s*im ui 91100,000,000,
A d sun ti gud iiii.tii.illi'f liiis jus'
been fitted at a London hosiiltnl
with ii cohilold noBOa :\
Tin: DRILL, SLOGAN, B. C, APRIL 24, 1903,
«C. I. i*"Mirin:niM, \Lt, Kali tor and Prop.
6L0CAN,      •      ■>       -       •      B. C.
Legal Adverti&ini* 10 cents a line for
.the tifet insert ion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, |7 each.
Transient advertiseinents at same rates
as legal advertising.
locals will he charged 10 cents a line
lor each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
Tbe Subscription is *2 per year, st.-ict
ly in advance; |2.50 ayear ii not so paid.
Address ail letters to—
Slocan. B. C.
FRIDAY, APRIL 24th, 190.'.
Gardening is in full swinf,'.
The hike is f-iailunllv rit-ing.
Nelson hns pasKiil a enrfew bylaw.
There is still a healthy crop of wed-
-lintfs in sight.
Rev. J. H. White of Nelson wa.s in
town last week.
Dr. Forin has sik-iumI an office in
Edmonton and has sent for his furniture.
E. Ferguson, representing E. Ferguson & Co.. Nelson, wns in town last
The public school re opened on
Monday, after a week's vncation for
A court of revision for the Slocau
electoral district wiil be held nt Kaslo
•on May 1.
The C.P.R. is handling upwards of
2000 tons of coke weekly from the
Crow's Nest.
Al Owens, of New Denver, pa sss il
through here Friday on bis way to
Wales for a visit.
Rev. Mr. Simons, accompanied by
his father, went to Trail on Tuesday
to inspect the smelter.
A. G. Creelman has secured the contract for the erection of the C. P. R.
machine shops at Nelson.
A trio of Salvationists from Nelson
invaded the town on Tuasday. They
held forth on Main street.
The Women's Guild of St. Paul's
church cleared upwards' of $50 on
their recent entertainment.
Mr. aad Mrs. Sharpe and slaughter
of Nelson pns«ed through town Saturday on their way to Sandon.
-W. Koch has 22 men employed at
his sawmill on Ten Mile. They are
engaged principally at logging.
The city of Trail has applied to
Gold Commissioner Ren wick for 100
miners' inches of water from Rock
C. D. Blackwood has lieen duly gazetted as clerk in the office of the mining recorder of the Nelson mining division.
Miss Bessie Tipping, of Phoenix,
arrived in town last week and will
probably make this her home in the
Gus Erickson was up before the
magistrate on Monday, charged with
lieing drunk and disorderly. Ho was
fined S10.
A. E. Crease.police magistrate, Nelson, accompanied Supt. Downie. of
the C. P. R. ou his tour of inspection
The ranchers started this week to
continue the wagon road out to the
Little Slocan. The government is assisting them.
The transfer point  for the Crow's
Nest line from rail lo steamer or barge,
will lie changed from Kootenny Landing to Kuskuuook.
J. .1. Walker, Nelson's leading jeweler, has it pli-nsing announcement in
this issue. Read. mark, learn and inwardly digest its contents.
Howard Guest is braking between
Calgary and Edmonton.
Superintendent Wm. Downie, of
the (.. P. R, came iu from Nelson on
-Saturday on n tour of inspection.
He went from here to Sandon.
Mr. and Mrs. Simons, of Quebeo.
arrived in town on Thursday and will
spend a few weeks visiting their son,
Rev. Mr. Simons, at the manse.
A decided improvement has lieen
effected at the hospital, the grounds
having lieen cleared and levelled off
and seeded down with lawn grass.
Ensign Wilkins of the Salvation
Army, Nelson, wishes to thank the
citizt-ns of Slocan for the financial help
accordsiaid him towards the self-denial
The Orillia Packet, iu itss*lf among
the best of Canadian weeklies, says
"The Diui.i. is a bright, well csiuiliict-
ed paper, and a credit to its town and
its publisher."
Hon. Joe Martin underwent n serious surgical operation at Victoria on
Sunday. He is doing well, bul be
will not lx' able to attend the legislature any longer.
Victorin has a rival of the late Brig-
ham Young. Sergeant Mclutoah of
the Royal Engineers, is iu trouble for
having overshot the limit with regard
to wives.    He has only four.
Arthur A. Cole of Rossland and
Herbert Carmichael of Victoria have
made application for a charter for a
society to lie known as the British
Columbia Institute of Assayers.
After July 1 the rebate of 'iu cents
a conl   on shingle liolts, when the
shingles were exported, will no longer j
be  allowed.     The government will j
then impose the full rati1 of 50 cents.
The liand serenaded Mr. and Mrs.
O'Neail the evening following the
wedding and at ths' conclusion of the]
second selection the boys wt-re invited
into the house where a pleasant half-
hour was spent.
All subscriptions are payable in advance.   Look at  your label
pa vi
whether you owe anything.
Mrs. S. E. Bennett has returned
from Rosslaud and wishes to collect,
as early as possible, all accounts due
the late firm of Bennett & Co. Those
liills not paid by Mnv 1 will be placed
in the hands of a collector.
The C.P.R. engineers were hero on
Friday and ran the levels for the new
sidings into the lumber mill yards,and
grading is to commence on Monday.
A big portion of the work will be the
bridging of Springer creek. Supt,
Downie inspected the ground on Monday.
Gwiilim & Johnson,
I.. Goods at Your Own Price .,
Being somewhat overstocked we have decided upon
a GRAND CLEARANCE SALE, and will otter to the
people of the Slocan Country our
Watches,  Glocks and
B. C
Rev. William Simons. Pastor.
Sunday, nt 11 a.m. and 7.80 p.m.
Sabbath School At 2.U0 p.m.
Prayer Meeting, Wednesday, 7.30 p.m.
Strangers and young mtn
are cordially invito.   .   .
in the
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
NOTICE is hereby Riven tluit 80 days after
slate wi* intern) tu apply, at a special
ins-f-t ini: sif the Ba,Hr'l sif Lici'iiMni,' Commissioners for tlie City ofSlocan, for a transfer of the
relail liriuur license for tlie ArliiiBttiaii Hotel,
situate on Lot.- I asi'l 2, IIIbkIs A. Sloean. from
SBiimelvs's to Knowles A l'.ai r.- jaiii.
Dated at Sliscan, B.C., this Sth slay isf April.
E. H. TRi'r.HAK. Witness.
Timber Notice.
NOTICE is hereby uivan that .0 days lifter
date I intend to npply to the Chief Com-
missioner aif Lanals ai Works for twai s|M'i-i,sl
lieeu-es, to cut anal carry away tinilaa'r from the
following alescriheal land.-.situate in We.-t KiK.t-
enay district:
Cotnuicnt'i.!!' nt a post planted san the oast si.Is*
of Little Blooan rivsT. marked "J.S.Deschatnps*
southwest corner post" ; thence SO chains ea>t:
thence 80 chain- north; thunoo DO chains west j
thence tO chains south, to the place of Isegiti-
Also, commencing ut a post planteiL.on the
wr-' side of Litlle Slocnn rivs.r. markaal '*J. S.
Deschanip^' -outheast cornsr psa<st:" ths*nce iti
chains west; thence Ml chains iiflarth; thence SO
chains east; thence **l) chains .south to the place
of ha.giuniiis,-.
Dated the "2nd day of March. 19TB.
J. H. Chbihtik, J. S. DBSCHAMPS.
As.-a.nt. Locator
Timber Notice.
N'OTICK is hereby (,'ivcii tluit 30 dan after
date I intend to apply to tho Chief Com*
mission*!* of Lands -ft Worn for two special licenses, to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands, situate in West Kootenay district:
Conimencinfar at a post planted on the east side
of Little Slocan river, marked "R. Lamont'-*
southea-t corner pOflt:" thence west Htl chain-*:
thence north-SO chains; thence ea^t .80 chains:
thence south 80 chains, to the  placo of begio*
Ding i
Al>o. .commencing at  n  post planted on the
east side of Littlo Slocan river, marked **R. La- .
mont's southeaist corner  post;" thence west 801
chains; thence north Ml chains; thence east Ml
chains: thence south X0 chains, to the place of
Located the 23rd day of Ma rel i. 1003,
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Two Weeks Only at These Figures
You .cannot do better anywhere.
Note Them.
Why bo without a ranee when
you can get ons so cheap ? Thev
are preferrable to stove-sand give
better satisfaction. These ranges! L .
burn wood or coal and will be S a
set up free
I, J.
l-il,iv Cl-Dcks, with strike .12.00
.•'-day Clocks, with strike  8.00
Fancy l-.lav Clocks, ornamented  1..M)
Rogiilators frnm $4.60 up
Bronze (.'lock*', fancy figurcB, from   1 .75 up
Alarm Clocks, from  1.00 up
Every Lamp in the store will lx* offered fortius
month only.   Bronze, Ornamental, Library, Par*
lor ami .Stand Lamps.    All must go.
Prioes from .S2.00 up to .*->12.
wel   Movement
tis'tits'    Aiiviican.    17-.1
20-ve ir (**uarnnt****	
Cents' sterling silver case, 17-jewelfl	
Ladis'.s'    Uc.irat    -,'sild lilled,   15   Jewell
26-year guamntoe	
Ladie-i' Silver Watches, good movement;.
Metal   Wilteh'M,   giKiil
Boys' Gun
ment .
These Prices last Two Weeks only.
K   Hail orders promptly attended to.   Goods not Satisfactory may be re-   M
Garden Seeds
Flower Seeds
Timothy Seed
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds in bulk
.lust arrived from I). At. Ffrrj's,
the ureal Seesl llouif.    1 or Bale
Onion  Sels have arrived.       Leave
yuur trader early.
turned.   Fine Watch Work and Repairing a Specialty.
The Leading
9   Jeweler,
K  Cora Stanley and Baker Sts.
Timber Notice.
'TAKE ni itic<
I _t«>Ba[.|.|.V  ll. tllC
e tbat PO Injrs from ilnte I isitrmt
^^^^^^^^^ Uoii.tlsS I'hirl t'a'niisir.^iisiis-.-
f I.aia fs .-. Works Rl Victuri; ,11.1 .' .r .. -\ s cial
I licci--* tsss'iit .'snsl sai.r. n»nv tiniber from ilsr
. fullisss ina* describes! lands: ('smnnimicinii i.i a
1 pas-t    sitData.1   isn   Ibat   B.'l-'   -:1a*   at   tl,,. :is,iiia
branch of Wilson creek, above tin liiidi fsill-.
; aud marked K,(*bew's -,..u!.* a , coriie. |..-t:
I tlioiis's* west Wclusins:Ibeuce usartla *si sjlsainss;
ilis*nro <*;i-t .ft chains: tlissnee -bsuiI. mi chains, .ai
I'lBC'e a.f iaallillla'l,r,.|i.ii.l. ia,lit..i;siiic (Mil lirr^-.
^_ K. I'lll.W
Doted ilsl- 20th day of March, l!«B.
j , *»-**» j 1        ■*—_-■ *hiM
Timber Notice.
A d vert lse your K
Creole Ninensl ( I siss..
Court of Revision.
"***>7OT*<'E is. Iis*rel.r iiivet, thist the n.iminl -il'
As tinssr of llif t'amrt of Revi^iasn, fair tlsB'pur'
pOM ssfhs-nriiiK "11 complaints .'ssMiii.-i th* su*
seMsmsnl fasr tlis* ys*ssr 1908, U  minh. liy llis. Ass-
sessoroftha" Cltjr sif Blocan, B.C.. will be held
In the Citv Hssll. in thr snisl City uf SIsbtish, on
M'lu.l.i). May I*il,. I'.sfi. at tlis* hour uf I.) o'clock
■     City of Slsicnn. B.C., Misr. J4. Iflra.
H.I. hextlkv,CltrClajrk
iiiituate in the Slsicnn City Mining Division nf the West Kootenay District.
Where touted:—On Lemon creek,
112 mile!" from the month.
Take notice that I,,I. U McGregor,
acting as agent fsi. W. I). Mcintosh. F.
M.C. N». B/2392: C. S. liaxter, F.M.C.
No, HTOltil, ami P, W. (ieorge, free
iiiincr'H certilicate No. U61340, intend,
Sixty .lava from the slate hereof, to apply
to the Slitiing Reeoider fora certilicate
of improvements, for the purpose of ol>-
tainilig a crown grant for the ahove
Ami further take notice that action,
uniler section .S7, must he commenced
liefore ihe isanance of such certilicate of
hate.l this \'2th slav of Fehruitry, 1903
27-2-08 J. M. McGREGOR.
N'OTICE i« l.a.rrli.v uivrn that :>i il.iv- from
• iai" I  Intend  to apply to tli*. Hon.tht
.'his-f Caiisiiiiis-i.iiiiT a,l  LansfsA Works at Vic.
..aria, ll.C. fssr a special license to cul and carry
away tiint's*r fnsin list' followinffdesci SS>-- 1 Is.nsi- :
Commencinff al a poal   Ituate I ssn il.r ..... .j,i.
,if lhe main braucb «>f M i!-ssn cr sok, above tla-
fa 11-. narked 8. Chow's southwest corner |aa-t ■
thence north 1011 chainsithonco a-a-t inchnins;
thi'iice-.oiitli li''i B-ltain-.; thence wesl lOchi Ins.
tfl, plare a.f s'a.uiii.i'in etnent^contalninB Bl > nrrs *.
Ilatpsl this jnth daj a,f Marsh. ltKB,
Timber Notice.
"OTIIT   i- lis-r.
l.y given  that Sn daya tifti'
" applv lo th
•V  VVorkS   fair t».a .|H*a-illl II-
alatr I ii.tt.1.1 las apply tsi the Chief I
: Wor
d carry away tisnl-nr Irom .1
Cameroulan Hlneral Claim.
.Situate in the Klswan City Mining hivi-
sion of West Kootenay District.
Where locaisd:—On the lirst north
fin k of LaSmOU creek
ionrr of I.an'
rs I1-C-.  Illl'llt   ...111 l_^^^^^^^^^^|^^^—
fpUowing ala-rriiieal   lands, situate   in Wesl
Kflsflstenay district :
at-i-imTsir*iss'siisj' ai ;i j'is-t planted .us the second
Eilnton the wesl —»■ I*- fr.sin the south endof
it»Is* Slocan lake, marked "I.. A. Campbell's
southeast corner pas-;;" thence I" chainss aresl.
tlia-uia. iBDchaius north; thence '" chains oast
to lake shore; thence -..sith along tha* Ial,* ts '
pl.i.-a* of l-seglnningi
Altso, rommeuclng at ss post planted on tl'*'
east tide of Little slocan lake, marked 'I.. \
Campbell's southwest s'a.rnr, nost; theneetn
ohains r.s^l ; tlia-nrc tl's" chain*, lusrtla; I !,a*iiia. p.
s'ltain* weat; theneesouth along the lake
tas place of  laa srillli 1.1.'.
Located ihe r'u.l da) of March, IffB,
J. IM'...'.-il.. L. A. I'A.VI'KIal.l.
Agent. U>catoi
Timber Notice.
in these days of progress and competition
id man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
i miner .Nonce. «-*■
TAKE  KOTIOE that I, M. L. Grim*                              *J\
mott, acting as agent for The Cameronian I i 8 I
■j,,|,Usnvc,Mi,.,,.?C.,.,l,mi.o;ll,,l.',!,Iv   X'^Vn^M'^ai^^:!'^-;^;'^! H
F.M.C.  No.   BfJflSW, intend, Sixty flays,   mlasiioner of Lands A W>atia tot twospeclal II „ i
'Tiiii      l
i Ml
; offers
i a rewari
to (ill  persistent ittiil lih-
I'tiil advei'tw-
era: it is read
hv everyone,
: all
' WuQ
-— 1
itKKri.< i im. i 'i Mit Kit UCRNSJU.
TOTICE is hereby given, pur -nam lo the pro-
"    visions, of Section "sO of  tin* "Land Art."
•M ;--'>'>a.>'>'*iH>*>->c»;*s*ir»'v
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor I
from the .Lite hereof, to n|>ply lo tl.e
Mining Recorder fora ceryflwta of im*
prorsmsnts, for tha parpeseol obtaining
a Crown ••riint of lhe ahovu clHiin
Anil furthor tnke notico that action,
nn'ler pei'tiain "7. must bfl commsticsd
liuiure the issuance of sucli ecrtilisnto ol
Dated this ."th day ot October ITO2,
20-SMffl. ' M. L. ORIMMETT
f'lllll|;s,-l.'B- H is.s-ral I  lull,,.
N   M „_._ 	
that In future no special   liccnseu los*ut tinilii'r   ,
on Crsswn latndi will hngrantsM or renewed until i,
ufts*r tlse applicants have hml ths* limits survey- j
etl taj a alii I.v qnalinad Provincial Land jMpreror
tss the v;iij: fan i na: of the Lands und Works I>•■
Chief Ci'iiiiiiiss-ioiic'r i.f I.antli A Work-
I,anil   nnsi Works Ilennrtment,
Victoria, B.C.. •.'.ith Mnrch. IVKl.
Having opened a But-class
estahlisliuii'iit on Main Street.
the patronaffe of tbe public is
solicited for MoiiH.'-Maiile Bread)
Whole Wheat Bread, Cakes.
Pies, anil a full line  of general
14   l.aaiivf a» fl,f lis a-stH   fssr*-l.
Ksiii tv.-iKisi sssssi Quality
situate in slocan City Mining Division
of West Kootenay District. Whore
located:—On tiie slope of Ton Mils',
nliont   three' miles'  from   tin* l'sliis'i
Prince M.C.
TAKK Noi ici-; Uml I, \V. D   Mac*
Kay. acting aa agent for J. J, Godfrey,
I freo   miners   I'Mtiii.Hte    No.   I'ii:;ii-..:.
i intend, sixty days from the slate hereof,
to apply to the Mining Uecorder for a
' cfitiflcatB of improvement!", for Ilie pur*
I pose of obtaining a Crown grant of tbs
ahove claim.
And further take notico tlint action,
under section '•',', must be commenced
eensses. to cut and carry away timls^i fnim tin
tollowincdesMribod lands,situate in West K.m.i.
s-iiny district:
Commencing al a ;.. a^t planted on tbi oast side
aaf Little Blocan nver. marked "K. Dnthle'a
sputheaal corner p(B..t:" thonce sn a'liain. Dorth;
thenoeKJchains west, thencs Nl chain .tiii
ths'iice f*0chains east, tt. place ol DegiiinlnBi
Also, commencing at a i»• •-• planted on the
».*>i -i.In aif Little Blocan iiss.r. marked "E,
Duthle's -aanlliwa.-t   i-<.rsiiT  i>.>-t ;" .lis nri* north
80 chains i thence easl 80 chains | thence south -u
chalnst thence Barest so chains, to the pla f
li.'.ts'.l tin. •J.irsl .Iny a,f March, liU'i.
.1. ll.C.li.isrii.. K. IH'THII*.
Agent. Locatot
Timber Notice.
NOTK'lvi- berebj
alnts* I intend ts
givon  that 80 ih.s» jiftar
-.   i jt     ,  , i*'-1'1',1'  '," theChfef Com.
mlasloner of Lands «v Works fnr two special 11-
censes, to cut and carry away limber from tbe
followlnitdsncrlbod lands,situate In We . hs,.,|.
enny district i
('..iiiiiiiiirmi; at a |h.-i planted sm the weal
-i'h' of Littlo Blocan ri \ >*r. ini.rls.'il "C, r, Mai-
ksr - iiin.ls.ii'.-i corner im.-i ■ thenci e i -.
chainsi thence south M chains; thence we . vi
chains j thence north 80 chains, tothe place of
AUai. S'oinii
Slocan, B. C.   I
..a,     .mencing ist   n ps,.|  islanto.l on the
i'ii t Mde of Little Sh«'«n riisT. marked "C. C
    Walker'--siaiillirast lairnaT |.s. i .   ilai ... n-e-'t **i
before the Innanbe of ,uC|, certilicate 'tam^\SLm^SSS!S ch t! to'tT" ,,""t »
improvements. ^^^^
Dated tbis 4Kb day of April, 1908.
10*1-03. W. I). MacKAY
.1. n.
i I a '■ "1
I tlii'2.'inl .lay s.f March, iotn
(in.isi..:. C, C. WALKER
Agent, j,,,,.,,,,
At All  Times
Subscribe for
local paper:
53 THE DRILL,   $2
^Mc^-^-^c^^kf m^t
per year, g?


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