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The Slocan Drill 1902-01-24

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 /XJjY UMujju
YOL. II., No. 43.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JANUARY   24,   1002.
•    «2.00 PER ANNUM.
Arrived In:
100 oases 40 per cent. Giant Powder
50 oases 60
25 oases Gelatine Dynamite, Giant.
60,000 feet Guttapercha Fuse
20,000 Al Blasting Caps
8 dozen 5-lb Verona Picks.
Hardware Merchants.
What about a Mackinaw or a pair of Rubbers,
or a suit of Under "-"-ear.   Don't forget us.
"W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocnn, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinney, B. C.
A. YORK & CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
•OETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
Skill ami Personal Management of Jeff Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
Complimentary .*Jpeeclies Mnsle—Now
Council St'ttleg Into Place and Stnnil-
lng Cinniltttin Appointed—Assessment nf City Ordered.
Both the old and now councils met
on Monday night, the former to clean
up tho municipal business for the
term and then make wuy for their
successors. Of the old board there
was present Mayor York, Aid. Worden, Smith, Bradshaw and Wood
Bills presented: EL D. Curtis, aud
king book-;, $30; Slocnn Transfer Co.
wood, etc., $625; John Campbell
work on Springer bridge, "f.G.8-1. Referred to linance committee. Latter
reported bills correct and tliey were
ordered paid.
On thc suggestion of Aid. Bradshaw, an honorarium of $25 was
granted A. K. Bolderston, for services as treasurer uf the city since iu
corporation. Seconded by Aid. Worden and carried.
Before vacating the chair, Mayor
York thanked the members of the
council for their services and the
support they had given him during
the term. Though not always seeing
eye to eye, yet he felt all were doing
what tliey thought best in the interest of the city. lie wished Mayor
Bradshaw and the newc uncil every
success for 1902. Hearty applause
from the audience.
Aid. Bradshaw mado a fitting reply and stated the new council would
endeavor to do their duty. And to
this end, he trusted there would always be a full attendance of the
members at the board meetings.
Aid. Worden coniplliuentt-d Mayor
Ys rk on the able manner In which
he had tilled the chair dining the
term, and moved htm a hearty vote
■if thanks. .Seconded bv Aid. Bradshaw and carried ainisl applause.
The following members of the new
council then took their "•"■nt**, having
lirst taken the oath of ui'iice: Mayor
Bradshaw, Aid. Worden, Smith,
Kobcrtson and McCailum.
Settling down into place, Mayor
Bradshaw remarked that he felt
highly honored at being elected to
his position, and he realized the
great responsibility thrust npon him.
To tell tlie troth, lie had not expected to be here. But the aldermen did
not want to hear any long speech
from him,and he coul.l only say that
the aim of the council would be to do
their best for Sloean and its interests.
The mayor then announced his stand.
ing committees: Finance committi e,
Aid. Robertson, N'.ohol, Worden*,
board of works, Aid. Smith, Nichol,
and Robertson: health committee,
AM. Wo.den, McCallum and Barber; Ur.-, water and Ugh*, AW.
McCallum, Smith and Barber.
Instructions were given the clerk
to commence the collection of trade
licenses for the current term.
Tlie mayor brought up the question of the city assessment roll, which
ought to be t-ikeit in hand lit once.
After a few desultory remarks, Aid.
Worden moved that the clerk prepare
an assessment of tlie city, tlio roll to
bo returnable to council on Feb. 8.
Seconded by Aid. McCalluni and carried.
His worship also stated arrangements would have to he mado lo pav
the expenses of certain prisoners now
in the jail  awaiting tronsfi r I i Nel
son, the city in the meantime footing
Thc board has decided to hold regular monthly meetings.
Showing Mn.le by   the Frovlnclul Misses
Last Year.
"-Following is the copy of a bulletin
issued during the week by. the department of mines, Victoria, giving the mineral output of the province for 1901:
"This estimate is based upon the
actual returns of a number of the
mines, and for those mines from
which returns have not as yet been
received, the output is based upon
their approximate known tonnage
for tho last year, together with the
assays of the ores from the same
mines fur tlm previous year. You
will note that these are' not given as
final reports for tho year, which can
onlv bo obtained after all the returns
are in and checked very carefully.
These will be included in the annual
report of the department, which cannot be out for two months yet. 1
hand vou these figures now rather
than wait for tlie final statistics, as I
believe the prompt publication of
even an approximate official estimate
making so good a showing, will be of
benefit to the province, ar.d is gener
ally desired by Investors in our
"I think you will find this estimate
conservative, nnd very approximate,
quite sufficiently to show the progress
which has been made lo thc mining
industry during tiie past year. In
calculating the value of the products
the usual course has been followed,
and the average price for the year in
tlie New York metal market has
been used as a basis. For silver, lJ5
percent and for lead DO per cent of
such market price has been taken.
Treatment and other charges have
not been deducted.
"Roughly "-peaking tlio increase
mado in 11)31 over 190 ' is 25 per cent
on j*ros* value on iho output of the
province. This will b** ah agreeable
stirpiis- to niiinv, as the circulation
of reports giving a contrary impression fins eau-cd a very despondent
view to be taken of the progress oi
il.o milling industry during 1901.
which does not seem o bu warranted
by the facta, I'!.en; is an appreciable
sirop in tho placer gold uroduriioi",
owing to thc sudden melting of the
s.iow last spring causing freshets,and
leaving n shortage of water during
ing on the previous Tuesday, he
would vacato his position so soon as
a supply could be furnished by thc
presbytery. The congregation has
lately been raised from a mission to
the augmentation list. Mr. McKee
has been pastor hero for.three yeurs
and has made many sincere friends
outside his own flock,and his decision
to leave tlie city will be learned with
sorrow. Both ho and Mrs. McKee
will be greatly missed,
the latter pa
•l of til
Senaatlonal Developments lis Lata Municipal Content.
The excitement of Thursday's
municipal contest had barely passed
ere the city was startled by thc news
that a man named John McGrath
bad been arrested on a chargo of impersonation, he having voted under
an assumed name. D. S. McVannel
swore out the warrant and acted as
McUrath was arrested in a cabin
on the river front and came np for
hearing on Friday morning before
Justices Bull and Folev. It was proven that he had voted under tho
name of R. J. Shier, of Fort Steele, a
property owner here, McGrath's
trial was continued till the afternoon
and again next day, being finally
sentenced to pay $50 and costs,or two
months in jail.
On tlie strength cf McGrath's cvi
deuce another man, named Thomas
Watson, wa3 arrested as an accomplice, tlie latter having made an at
tempt to vote under the name of T.
Gregor, of Victoria. Watson was,on
Monday, riven a similar sentence to
Met3rath. As neither prisoner could
p.iV his fine, they were taken to Nelson Tuesday by special oflicer Thos.
The prisoners are professedly miners and came here some time ago
from Sandon, living the best way
they could ever since. The evidence
adduced hinted at grave proceedings
but the matter was not followtd up.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Gents' Furnishings.
just opened up in my store, on Main
street, a full line of Gents' Furnishings,
Clothing, etc.; also Rubbers, in women's,
men's, and children's sizes. All are to be
disposed at close margin for cash and one
price only. Orders taken for custom
clothing. All work first-class and fits
Main Street, Slooan.
all bills. The governifnt would,later
Oil, make n rilund uf tills money,    it
was understood by tha ei-unoll that
the mayor Should advance the sum
A reconmiendatii.il from the old
council regarding the operation nf
Iho fire limits Bylaw, that protective
Hheets be placed over dangerous
ltOV«plp4 was taken up. Matter
left to discretion ofthe city clerk.
Aid. Robertson wanted to know if
the curfew bylaw was In forC6, -ind
was informed that it was.
Tho mayor suggested the various
committees should have a regular
dav for meeting a id keep a minute
book of proceedings, which will be
acted upon.
CouneiI adjourned.
srisisisi ittusrii Meets.
Tho newly elected   board of school
trustees held their  lirst meeting on
Monday afternoon, at  A. York's office. Trustee York was elected chairman and Trustee MoNelsh secretary.
The board  visited Ilie school and inquired into the needs of tlie inst it u
tlou for thc year    Each of tlie loach
era has asked for a raise In salary,
and this witli other (natters will  be
laid   before   the  city   council next
Monday night.    It is thought thn lin
aueial demands will  be upward* of
$f>ui, making A probable school rate
of close lo live mills ou the dollar,
"The tonnage of ore mined from
tiie lode mines ofthe province in the
past year is about871,832 tons, equal
to an increase of '!17.0.''.'> tons over
the year IQOQ, a little over 57 per
cent." There has been an increase In
the output of all the metalacxcept
lead, the low price obtainable in tills
provlnco for lead ores having discouraged this class of mining, except
where accompanied with good silver
values. The gross value of the cop
per output lias Increased 206 per cent
over 1900, while lode gold lias increased ihi per cent and silver 11 per
"The attached forms show the estimated production of tlio various
metals and for thc various districts:
"Gold, placer, 13,201 ounces,value
1892,600; gold, lode, 227,690 ounces,
value, $4,704,200j silver, 4,685.718
ounces, value 12,624,002.; copper, 80,*
786,798 pounds, value $4,951,698;
lead, 60,529,260 pounds, value $1,-
970,641; coal (tons of 2240 pounds),
1,529,210 tons, value $4,587,680; coke
(tons of __ 10 pounds), 184,760 tons,
valuo $673,800; other metals, $803,030
value; total value, $20,713,501.
"Thc   value of the  output if the
several minerals- Including conl, and
apportioned by districts, was as follows:
"Cariboo and Quesnclla mining division $45 1,000; Umlnecn mining division $20,000; Cassiar district $820,
000: Kootenay l*ASt,$2,850.289; Kootenay West, $7,862,189: Trail Creek
mining division. 18,855,556;   Nelson
Vissitesl the Iron Hssrse.
Messrs. Wrighter, of Spokane, and
Coleman, of Pittsburg, visited the
Iron Horse mine, on Ten Mile, this
week, having come In by way of
Sandon, where they inspected thc
American Hoy. Mr. Wrighter is hs-ad
man in tlio i'urlington Minin-*: Co.
owning tlie Iron horse, while Mr.
CulHiuan i.s a heavy stockholder, and
came out to personally inspect the
property. Both were delighted at
the improvement shown atthe mine,
and they left instructions for thc prosecution of a vigorous campaign of
development. Sinking is to be commenced at once 111 the shaft and
pushed to the liiO foot level and then
a crosscut run to the big vein, of
which great things nre expected. On
the smaller vein drifts will be run
both ways following the ore chute.
Tlie working force' is to be increased
and money is to be freely spent in
making tne Iron Horse a big mine
It was Mr. Coleman's first trip out
here and he is struck with the camp,
stating that thc
command of the
stated the Burlington Co. was oue of
thc strongest financially working in
the country.
Sn is sis, n vs Slu.'uis ul llos'ks'j-.
substantial showing madk b"f
this division.
Last Year'** Shipment* Were 0814 Tons-
A 11. sillily Kvislsnico of the l.lfo and
Wealth of f.ho Citinp--Arlington tis*
Biggest Shipper.
An appreciable increase In the oro
shipments is noticeable for the week,
due to a welcome fall of snow. The
Arlington was the only mine to ship,
it sending ont 130 tons and raising its
total to 'ISO tons for tho year to date.
Ore is coming down slowly from tlio
Enterprise, a carload now being
ready at thc wharf, It has shipped
none so far. A move will be made
in a few daya also with the Neepawa
and Ottawa ore. January shipments
are far below expectations, but February promises better things.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled 0529 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a fu|!
list of the shipments this year lo
Arlington    130 380
130 380
MINKS and mining.
Ten men arc now employed at tho
Iron Horse.
More men are bring j ut on at t! a
Bar silver is now selling at 55J
cents an oui ce.
A force of 100 men are employed at
the Rambler-Cariboo.
The Enterprise commenced last
week sending down concentrates for
A number of rawhides were sent
up to the Neepawa last week to bring
down the ore.
Nelson Miner says baby drills are
employed at the Arlington. It means
the Enterprise,
By tlie reductions recently made in
sm king charges, tho Enterprise
gains $3 per ton on its ore.
The Rambler-Cariboo is pa\ ing 2
cents a share a month, and wben the
concentrator gets running the profits
will be doubled.
The corrected figures of the Arlington's shipments for December, give a
slight additional increase to the total
of tbe division for the year,
The shaft on the Myrtle group is
aowu about 40 feet, fol lowing down a
seam of talc. Stringers of good ore
aro frequently encountered.
An ore chute 22 inches wide is being opened up in the No. 5 drift, of
the American B>\*. It runs 138 o*_
in silver and 84 per cunt lead.
The Arlington company has pur-
iiry ores havo now I chased the Amos ana Amos fraction
situation.   He also I from  R. Bradshaw and James Orr.
The claims adjoin the Arlington.
On Tuesday thc Sandon senior hockey team consented to stay over here re'oc,,|er.
on their rs'turn from the Nelson
match and play a game with Slocan.
The game took place in the afternoon
and was witnessed by quite a number of spectators. It was a spirited
match and five from roughness, Sandon winning by a score of IU 10 7.
The local team had only practiced
three times this season, but they pal
np a good still' light. Tho names of
the, contest nl* Were:
Appeiislcil is a complvtr list of the various records tsglststrsd nt the local registry ollice, II. P. Christie being mining
mining   division,   $1,110,226;   Ain*.-1 Lome York
worth and Blocnn divisions, $2,240,* J. York
illo; Other parts,  $155,792;  Lillooet Christie    i
district, $56,900;   Vale  district, $4,* |Perkins    [cover point
761,458:  Grand   Porks  and   Kettle
River district, ,1469,466; otber divisions, $55,9130; Coast districts, $4,902,*
The   report   is   signed   by W, F.
Robertson, provincial mineralogist.
(iui Another ll Ruling i niitim i.
W. C. E. Koch has secured a eon
tract for haulm*; ore from the Arlington mine at. Erie. On Saturday he
sent down from he re 11 horses and an
outfit for three ttams, George Van*
devere, foreman, went along to gut
things started, Shorty Brooks, Ed
Johnson and Jack Williams will
have charge of tho teams
11 Oft! I
.Pin 11—Bachelor 7B, Thomas haku to
.Imiic'n Hot i it<.
14—AtnOS fr, James K Orr to ths Arlington Mines, Limited, 1(100.
araos, H A Bradshaw to same, same>
17—Alma U BlTJ  Italy to Fred (i
LouiS*i Ills 'a, t-anio to Vine.
eiiitriniATi; 01 IMrsoVBlUHfTS,
J.in l.r>   Little Dorritt,
•jlirsi s«ful Cssiiiival.
|   i ariiiien.ii
wards >   Grlersor
J   Orawfon
Chance it iiunls. r»v Blooun.
RoIlgntPll Hi* l'lislnrslilp.
Rev. Ms I). McKeo, pastor of Knox
church, announced last Sundav evening that, ns a  result of tlio decision
reached at tho congregational meet*
New York Interests, allied with
capitalists In Chicago and Boston,
have purchased a controlling interest
In the Sovereign Hank of Canada,now
being organized with n capital of
$2,000,000. New Yorkers who have
stock in the new bunk are J.Plerpont
Morgan,the Standard Trust company
and wllson st Stephens. J, I'. Morgan st (
Morgan's linn will also represent the
bank in London and Funs. The
hsad officers ofthe bank will be in
'i'i ton to while tho i x ictulvo officer!
will bo in Montreal. A chain of
branches will be established through
out Canada.
The carnival held at tlie skating
rink Tuesday night was far more
successful tlmn anticipated. Thero
was a big crowd of spectators, while
the ice was covered with coitumers.
Among those In costume were: Mrs.
Covington (prize winner), a gipsy
queen; Mrs. Arnot, navy; 0«rtie
York,red cruns nurse; Florence Forin
trained nurse; Mrs. Seaman, Mother
(loose; Miss Cavan, schoolgirl; Miss
Montgomery, starlight) Miss Lindow,
sailor lata; Miss Moir, Britannia* Mi***
McMillan, Stars -and Stripes; Miss J.
Woodman, roily; Josie Tipping, red.
while and blue; Lottie York, nurse;
iMiss  Tinning, summer)  ll. Cleve
& Co. nnd the Standard Trust UpriM wljmor).Spanish toreador) W.
iany will act as agents,    Mr, Lee,cowboyj H. IVri-ins, prospector,
-nl, orlbo for Thu I'mu,.
W. Wi son, (Jnde Samj C. Lindow,
Spanish cavalier; W.Harrington and
J. Carmlohael, hockey players; J.
Wafer, clown; II. ('iient, darkey; A.
Rogers! squaw; ll, I. Kirkwood, court
Wednesday was the first aniiiVQi'-
sary of Queen Victori.t's death* I .
Ce^r-fks. Ml by ""_•— P. Moctfort
OW HI looked op. hi* l_*-e a p«*rf•*-****
pfc-tare of ttagaat W'l'h keen «n.J
biting Mf-asta he aMwererl:
" "Ob, to b* *~* I conM '*' git loose,
but It wan so uk* settin bere that I
"lar-red id jest stay ao enjoy roy-relf:
I nwkoDed m>.nnfr or later some UM
ssylnm'd come along an stan' rorcad
here an s*k a miliion fool -jn-***:»..-M.
an I knows*! It'd be more fan 'an you
coold shake a stick at to jest set her*
ao answer 'em. Hot, say, air yoa almin
to belp m* or not?"
M'ltln bad t—fagfct of the tl_»> when
he bad -»-t HI Jenkins and sons"Jit a
little al'l fro*, hlm and of the treatment be had receiver], and it had occurred to bim that now would N a
good time to reral.ate. .So with east
oofKhalance he MpHSff:
"It mak»-*i m dtffNMS to me whether yoa (jet lot-,** or not"
Jenkins looked tor oris*-", bat after a
moment he said:
"It don't, ehr
"Certainly It do-mi't.   I didn't pnt
jron In there, did ir'
"Connie yon didn't"
"-"Then I gne-w I am imC rs'-srwosfbie
Cor yoa being tbere. am IT
"No.   Bat what of that"
"Nothing, only if I am not the cause
Off yonr being there I can't see that yoo
bave any reason to expect me to help
yoa oat"
"Ain't yoa got a g-rafn of accommo-
datUm 'Unit jon, oot nary a little
"Oh, I attend to my own business."
Jenkins was silent and  tboagbtfo!
for a little while.   Then be aaid. almost humbly:
"Look here, young feller, I know
wbat yoa're a-drlvln at You're a-tblnk-
In of that time yon cam mtusX me over
thar In tbe wood*, an yoa're a-layin
©nt to git even wltb me for tbe way I
done yoa tbat day. Bat It hain't fair,
for tben I wa* a-settln thar waltin for
mj chill to come on, an nobody ain't
goln to stan to be p<*stered under tbem
circumstance*. Hain't one roan ont of
a tliousan' tbat wouldn't 'a' done you
wnss'n I disl. You ain't got no excuse
for cuttln ap no caper* wltb me, 'cause
yoa ain't no ager workin on yoa, so
you ort to help me out"
"Well. I true** I will thi* time, since
yoa pat ft that way. Bat how shall I
proxreed?   Sball I cut you loo*e?"
"An *plle  my  pant*?    Great Sam
Kmltbi   Not much yon won't"
"now. theo:-"
"Why, Jeat mnul that wedge In thai
till you open ap tbe crack enough to let
me loose. Lord, look* like jouVI hare
t-«nae enouj-b to know tbat modi witbout bein told."
Melvln took op tbe wediro and stuck
It In tbe end of the log. Tben be took
tbe maul and began to pound it wltb
all his 11111*1.1. Slowly with each blow
tbe crock opened until finally the old
man found himself released from hi*
humiliating and wrorlsonie Imprisonment
Tbe moment be wa* tree he rose to
bis feet and started toward home witbout speaking one word to Melvln or
even so niurh ua (-runtlng a 'Thank
you." Melvln looked after blm a moment In astonishment, then calb-d to
him. saying:
"Where ore you going, Mr. Jenkins?"
Tbe old man glanced back In surprise a* he answered:
"Wby, home, ot cnun-e. Whar elso
yoo reckon I'd be a-goluV
"Well—but—you ncem to be lu a
-Treat hurry, don't you*"'
"Not special.   Whyr
"Oh, I thought you moat be by yonr
walking off llmt way without a word.'
"I ain't got nothln tbot I know of to
stay bere to talk about   Have youT
"Notblng In particular, I guess. I
presume you think yoar family are uneasy about yoa and you want to get
borne to relieve their anxiety r"
"Reckon nobody ain't much uneasy
"bout me."
'"f-on't you supitose yoar folks are
searching for you?"
"Not any to hurt Hain't no folks
bat tbe old woman, an she ain't likely
to strike out an trapse round buntlu
after me."
"'Cause sbe 'lows I'm able to tske
keer of myself, an she Aggers that I'll
turn up somewhar some time all right
Tben sbe ain't able to bother after cd*
A thought occurred to Melvln.   -
"Perhaps tbat Mr. Walte may com*
out to look for you," be said. "I believe bo Is stopping at your bouse7"
"Hain't no Mr. Walte stoppln at my
bouse," old Hi replied.
"Tbat sor
"I wouldn't 'a' said It If It wa'n't
"Mr. Turner said a mnn of that name
-aiiis* over bere today to secure board
irlth you."
"Waal, be did come."
"And didn't stop?'
"He ain't stopped jit."*
"1* he going to »topV"
"Said bo was."
"Putty soon."
•"This weekr
•"Mebby-ihls week or neit"
"Where Is be now 7"
"Went on down tho country some*
wbar. Goln to otop whi-n be git-
Melvln drew a sigh of relief nnd, re*
mounting bis horse, rode bnck in Turner's.   Ho decided (but ilirre was uu
(MWfWate t&<-d lor bim to (ake hi« de-
ite trota the K'dge. so be woaH remain on a f**"" mors days.   It w.uM
b.-it*- been better, far t>      * ■ fret, \
for u,th himi*lf ain I tnben K ta
etawa tbea.
thi: si:hi i oct
It h atanrait tor two ptes
iiwr'i. mncb leu* a hn.' ■'■
Wheo Pao Samoaca ai. Seed tae
et ufdor tun tami n gi
be be*»t (ut fl's one fi"* r.-
hauis s mretd alsoct Ui - 7 be
tween Mci 3 and Lowtaa Osty iV]
agreed win. bim, and e—ck of tt.fta j
"WiiililSid r*.,t rn,'.-} Ita fstAesa. but
self as well, tbat mtfi abide by that id* .
vice, and every man there kfpt that j
promise tn«st -acre-Hy.
Y*t. for ail that, tiie lsfr-nnat.fon tb*?y ;
were gaasrrling from Sira rsacbsfd irVra ;
In tbe eoorie of time, a* ttay might ?
bave fore««en tbat lt wo*-ld.
Sam Morgan in an *.n8T_rded mo- ;
ment laid Ms wife all aboot tt b«t
wa» carefal to'eaatlon ber to nentiara I
It to no one.   She carried tbst? sew** J
safely io her bo»v>m for a day or two; •
U.s-a. finding it too mtKb of a bflrtJen
to any loagur f*ar alooe. rr.» in.ied to
share it   with  her     *ry  n**aresrt and
dean-sit friend. Mr*. Sfann. not f*>rgsrt-
tfasj to caatioB her against breathing a
mrf of it to another llring soaL
Mrs. Mann, U-«» "ttrrnpaksas than ber
Bdgbta* or perlJtp* !e-w afrsil of
Sim, did not ten ita re to reveal to blm •
tbe whole story. 8bs» so l*tawiBgTlIy de- •
apised I>jul*a. for the simple reaaoo
tt^t Siin loved tar, ttsat sbe was only
tut anxious to avail her*elf of socb a
pr 'rioua oi<port(inity to injire ber.
TtafS Sfrj. the arrari wretrb. Isad coolly
"syornesl ber lov and bnmiliated bspr
thereby lo a manner that wonld be
gai:;n? to tbe bean of any woman, and
sbe was not sorry tbat it had fallen to
ber way to I* able to m*fce bim wince. .
for oix-e fn bis life, nnder the *tfo? of
ib- crnebait knowledge tbat ever fall*
to man.
She did not stop to consider wbat
m.'xht be tbe re*nll of her act    Meddler* never do. The after sWiDv-qaencea ,
of gswiipare somethlnswitb which tbey i
are not roor^mtt} and of which tbey ;
take no thought.   It wa* so. In thi* instance at least, wiib Mary Mann.    It ;
never once occurred to her to what se- :
riou* lenttths ber act might h-ad. bnt ;
It Is 'louotful wh«her she would bave
beers able to COOUoi her tongue even if
she &.'■: known.
fl ./a* oni; after an Impatient delav
o.   we or three stay* that sbe secured ;
an opportunity of «p»««kin-r with Sim. j
Then she proceeded tc \f,at into bis
•ear* fhe whole story as .1.1m Morgan ',
bfld told It at ii.'* '*'■'.-'*.    .*-:Ul listened
fjuieiiy  until  ahe bad finished, after
which he s-alroly said:
"Tl it Is all yor; have to ray. Is ItT
"Ail."' she ei'ialined —oDflerfn-?ly. .
"My land, ain't it eaoogbl"
"I* that al)V" hs* repealed, witbgnlet
firm ties*.
"It is." she rvpUod.
"NoBf do you wao» to hi-ar what 1
ha ..* lo s.'s;.':" ta a*sked.
Ber heart gave a little joftvl tsonnd.
and a tiiriii <>( pieaaare run through
her. Sim Spoke so 'ii'.«-ily. w> enlmly,
that she was *^ure ta was not hurt by
wbnt ste hns) lofd Mm, im'! in the
space of half a minute sbe brut retSOO*
ed it out lhat It failed to hurt him bo
s-fltiw be no loiii'iT CSfOd for his wife
ansl i</ok no h>it*re*n in anyiblng she
'lid. HIk* f.It aaSRfed that whnt be lind
to sny would Drove to Ik* a renunciation
of l/itii-.'i. nrnl 'Hi-t.ilnly noiliing be
roiibi say would b<* more acceptable to
her. exss'pt 11 were a dedarattoa of
love for herself. So softly and ds*mare-
ly sbe replied:
"If you ran' to fell me."
"Tiis*n liisU'ii." lu* saisl. "Every worsl
yon bars told ins* is a lie, a willful
Mrs. Mnnn stageered bock as from
tin* I'lTcHs of n heavy blow. Sim's
words, spoken so 'iui''tly. no positively,
so i,iii'*;pi'rt<*dl.v. roiiipli-iely disconcerted tar. In oue breath (bey hail dashed
nil her newly formed hopes and opened
lur eyes 10 the fact that the one kh at
sis-sire of ber soul would never lie renl-
iy.nl. Sick at heart and pale with ills-
npiiolntinpnt. she stared at Siiu for a
full minute In painful alienee.
But presently n change enme trrst
her. and the pOleni"SB of dlsnisfKint
ment on ber face slowly gsve way to
the flush of anger. If sbe coiiM love
wiih a passion ihat but fc*.v women
know, she could bate equally well
"fixing hs-r eyes on Sim, wilh such oi
expression of deadly haired as ta in" 1
never seen In nny human eyes before,
sbe said:
"Him Hanks, you are a fool. 0 poor,
pitiful, mlf'iilili' fool, an I dfKplse *00
Wltb my whole heart and soul. I despise you wuxs'n I de*pls<> (be meanest
sutiUe lhat ever drnwed the breath of
life or crawled In tbe dust 1 bale you!
1 hate you I"
Ordinarily 81m would have been as
loDlslicd ot IM;! sudden nnd veheniint
outburst, but ot that moment ho ivns
not in a slate of mind to be SStoOllbed
at nnyililng. With a wnn, weary ainlle.
be snld:
"That's n dlffiTent tunc, Mls'us
Mann, to wlint you sun;; that night up
1 liar when you told 'bout lev In ne."
"Wbnt If It 1*7" she an«pp--:d v.elo'i:.
"Ob. nothln. 11 don't mnlte no differ
ence to me wlint l:lnd of lune you sin';.
tiury n portlrle on eiirtb. I'd Jest n-
lisf you'd sln<' Mils kind as Ibe other,
on I don't kuow If I wouldn't liefer
Hut seems lllie you've changed it heap '
"R'poso I hnve? Ia II nny sign Vniim
a body's a fool once llicy're goln In
ellus be a fool? An I wns 0 fool then,
Sim Hanks, n plumb downright Idlol
fool. If I hndn't V been, I'd never V
thought Hint I loved tbo like* of stuli
o mls'nbU) llilog ns you. Lord, yn't
mnke me plumb sick with jronrVool
clinglu to slsoueesy's sldrtn when she'i
doln her very best Io kick you off. Vou
ain't got ns much sense nor oh much
backbone ns n llshworm."
(To be Continued.)
The fof;.*,wir,<* mmrmtm v<*ce raeetrtfy
fsotind arnitr.se ».stae pap«*5i
to the -sho
.:,:--" .        -.   ;     .-.
gts .. ■'. «\ in
MonM.-jfithsbire, at no gru^t distance iron* itton t'sisjr*., tr.o horns*
of Mrs C'i.-ri***, to shorn, at cor. at
to the er. tt en the     n 1
wrr.pt,  the  rerses wsere addressed to
Oa. tiwtfc na. yannsi 'a.*>-sl#, toe aatziy taxi
CA. «bIW oa. yooosf lajBls*, ta* tmetXSy.
00  oier
Ther*> saachi wi.tr to u«ar rima cswadU
H  ft  $Hy.
Win pM sistdfc Oh* bs«*ct taut chtuai
b&am th* e'st- m
Jift »i»*!i   rn a*   afitOft- sulf st;  bmaL*
.   -.    •. 1 :
ttmt (arts    w.i..    :.!.*    {r.-ijuw-  turxz   ;a.'i
hrr.t!t:.*ii*<i !■■■■
Bsir Irtst i.s ra* »iu. ,. ,arf ..asr-^Hi*;' .ic aj
ajxi:    1:  1   ^s  :.!.*    i^-iij-.   clLi:   *i^»   :'■!:
»•»» (e xut-
s*i_s v.»«- itwnr"r*t wsj s/prfesi* Sit **w» ^SsIsfSB:-:
Csvs*rta*c sraa wttbfrtatt As frsac  li^gut
T'l*  aiii.tr   tmm  4sf »p,rt-ix   sft.tii  srvxittbir
Bhsfr Atamtr.
*« ma-'tv tam amttmt mtAt* any *«,i3,*7
1   cus   notahe »~*       *E,vei' "* your li    •-nee.      J      -
One sped '•'■ ma-y be T    '   '        el    know if •    •* mart
- triitm   to   not
orire ;     ■•(   ■•        ;. not. Cath'-ru..    N     1
iuna- 11  sou asis
-s^-ape ol
III.   from   ...   -■ •:n*itis*n   by a
IU Orlfla Traced Back ta th. K«.(n ot
;usti I—(aspired hy th* Cnnpowdsr
rist—Sossia lBt«sT*atioc Cecords Sbs>«-
,if Iu ABtlqolty—Ih«   Katlr* Contro-
•eno B**»•■*f"l Pro mod Cub.
An,} «u «*«. v-B t_r r*_-i rm* JUw^rv mtl
Ufa. jart-a.*
Wit aha* ir.„ ,tv •Xx3. ^ht Mitsaaiim ot
OS,   »tj  bo  hft ''x*+A !i»v» £1* nae m
the my.
LU* Tit* ma's ssrirl*>s; |ksR st the tAs
log at <U/T
—Mtr-xtl'^x.2. a.
;->*• Cm of  Soft  or KbIb Water Baqain
Mar. Thaa Hard Saurt
It is commonly suppowd that   the
""*• Of soft wattr — rain water,    for
example — for     washinu    purposais
es>*rjomizea soap.    But while    it    is
par-feet*"* true that the lime s*lu in
h*srd water nullify to aotue    extent
the soap by forming insolsjble    lu&e
soaps, yet  the expenditure of    soap
at Jea±t in toilet purposes, will     he
ratad to be consi-lLTabiy i.-as     than
•viiwi rain  water is,   i?erl, while   the
cleansing effect is just as good.    The
explanation  of this  is  that soap  is
so very readily .soluble in soft water
that (-onisiderably more soap is used
than is nes-Assary.    Everyoody knows
the slippery  filing of rain      water,
in which the "Mads have t>een washed
with soap, and iio amount of rinsir.g
would     appear to remove the soapi-j
r>*-is from the skin.    In this case tt
is oouhtful when soap is used wbeth-'
er, aft-vr all, rain water or soft    wat-|
er,    after       all,    rain     water     orf
soft    water    is    I>e*.t'.T     for       the
complexion or skin  than bard     tap'
water.      It is certainly not so     re-v
frtrsiiing.        In  manufacturing*     pro-,
cesses    or in the wash tub lt Is true
the use of soap in soft water   is   an
•econon,y.       Jt     is in this way,     ef
coiir«e.    that,    the addition of soda,
t.r.rivvirig out the lime salt,     laves
soap     It has been estimated that if
I»ndon were supplied with soft wat-,
cr the saving of soap would amount!
to tens of thousands of pounds    per
annula, and Glasgow is estimated to
save JCIO/XX) annually in the    joat-
V.r of soup since using I»ch Katrine
•*.;si,.r.    That may be s<o.  hut in the
matter of personal  washing there is
a     waste    of     soap produi-od rather
than an economy by using .soft water.    The- fact that a tablet of   soap ,
disappears  much  more rjuickly  wheo!
rain  water is used instead of    hard
tap Wnter is proof of this assertion.
Iba Art nt V.i,~.r I'ajsa.
Tho art of Itoger Payne was, perhaps, ultimately a product of the
extraordinary insiM-tuts that was
glvea to the pursuit of book-collecting in England about Uie middle of
the eighteenth century. With the
demand for fine buildings to encase
the trcasun.-s that were being gathered together from every possible
quarter, Itoger Payne, in the lan-
«unife of u. contemporary eulogist,
"rose like a star, diffusing lustre on
ull sides, and rejoicing the hearts
of all true sons of bibliomania." A
filthy, ragged, ale-sodden creature
himself, his name, j-erhaps, is still
first in the English school of bookbinding, and it was to Payne that
Englund owed her final supremacy in
the art ln which she had so long
contested with Prance for the premier place. His work, as he ex-
preassd it himself, was "very carefully nnd honestly done," the tooling especially being very beautiful,
and thr; fine and delicate method of
ornamentation, which Is so characteristic of his buildings, exceedingly
artistic and appropriate. He died
in want and distress Nov. '20, 1797.
UMTS is a story tsild of the Countess of Silencer's French maid fainting at his unkempt appearance when
she saw hiui engaged one day In
conversation with her mistress. Lord
Bpeooer was one of Payne's chief
Itomans Brought Applca to I ssKlansl
Of all the prorluctions of the vegs**-
table world which the skill and Ingenuity of man have rendered conducive to his happiness and to the In-
creitsn of his enjoyments the apple
stanils lorwnrsl us iho most conspicuous. It is now a fruit crssp of universal growth, und, although tha
most liciiutifiilly Htin-stdiiii'il examples reach us nt various periods of
the year from Canada nnd California
and tho temperate regions of our
great Australian colonies, for flavor
none of tltcm SfjOftU* those grown in
England,    Tho garden apple is     bo-
lii'ved to have been Introduaed into
Drltain by tha Romans,'aad tho wild
apple of our hedgerows Is tbe type of
ths,. fruit, whin is.ft to degenerate, nnd
to which it would speedily return if
to which it would speedily return
but for constant culture.—London
There oas been a good deal of controversy from time to time as to
the origin and antiquity of the
words and music of Britain's nation— aathem, "God Save the
Bbrg In    common   with   otbs.-r
wutlottoem oi tbe same character, It
i. ..--i :^ :.„-■-. teen !args;iji un
tsnsJutioa rather than the fully-com-
.. ■:.-: , :.cz o! ar.y individual. Bfl
*_r _i t_* words are concerned, there
"_t« rart-unly been versions innum-
i-.r i 1-- •• j.:. .i emendations and
aAfsstioM to suit special occasiims.
T&e «Mttene.sp of the air and words
■M*st_rtj_Ifjr ia the s—ie form us
-.-■•-. i--- -..-.- -. --y. have generally
■.:::■—. ■ . li-r.'-y Carey, a
^..^.i^i-.ts., of loess* note, wbo was born
sm I'M-* «nd eUtd is 1743.
A tare ia»oik, "Aa Account of thc
?'i.:.::— a-.::«*» Ekatitled 'Ood Save
*_• *Drt|p.*      key R~f—rd Clark, pub-
• ,*.,*•:   .-   1. .-_   1-22.  gives     a
.   :-.^.      r     :    ■■■ -:-:  : -•  r*.    .   lis,With
ibis -tOunsi«' sabject.   Thc
tibe teiMnsi of that par*
>Cf!!:««;:((-  MU  a  ls*t     of   thc
BDl as iftoi&emwd  " To
tkm If—* "■ I i--i.ni* __ Court of
AsaairrimaiZJ   —  tBa   *V.:i.**jltiu*^al    Corn-
ftssgr «if Xfr:::.L.-.-.   " 1 isi<r».."        This
rmatmtm lur -jit <A<t—acu>3iK_ appears
f-.— ua :.:■■: ui.ss; r'!:i*:;*n*l :*' -.".«
i..-„j:r -..i.f. -„:n u-.-..:s'iii v i.« -.---.
tr:Zit i-J "J« f—i_i lm& vxnLZKaxam
er.-.<:--j_-_^".'i. i '■::. :■ 1 :■.- 1.:.-*--
Co_fs_.r ia Be _tl s»S.-^f Sk_lg
Jta» iii* >'_*•;-. WSi 7*imrnfl*«r., Jiidly
16. 1*807. «3a_rrL-. ..1,-^.iir bum son —*
1—ppy aad <m_tart-t- isstii^st tbtum —w
I' - .-- J : * 5 : -vu:.: .-..:...= : -..: •
—:*.w_ «U   -Kr.-.-.'.z.
Tte -work sieroJuae st__—laR"*M*||
space to an e___tttiM» of tbe
claims of Henry Carer. wi*
s«ms to bare t*ws g—sermllj recog-
iSz*A by bis cont«=;->rari_ as toe
author of the ant hem, tbe music for
which appeared ia Tb« Gestle-
man's "tfa^azine in 1745, accompanied by the following note: "The
above is the original tune, as set
for two voices, by Henry Carey,
which I. C, Smith, altered at
Carey's risoucst. AftaT Carey's
death, some controversy on the question havinsr arisen, his son. George
Saville Carey, wrote as follows
in support of his father's ciaim:
"In spite of ail literary cavil and
conjecture there has not yet appeared one identity to Invalidate the
truth of my father being the author
of the above important anthem.
Some have given the music to Handel, others to Puree!; some have
signified that it wns produced in the
time of Charles thc First; others in
the time of James the First, and
some have dreamed that it made
its appearance in the reicn of Henry
the Eighth. I have heard the late
Mr. Pearce Galiiard, an able .counsellor in the law. and colleague of
my father, who died some years ago
at Southampton, assert, time after
time, that my father was the author of 'God Save the King.' and
that it was first produced in the
year 1745 or 1740."
Mr. Taylor points out that as \l-n-
ry Carey died in 174.1 he could have
had nothing to do with bringing it
forward at the time mentioned, that
George Saville Carey, being a posthumous son, could not havo known
anything of the matter from his
father, and that tlie younger Carey
moreover, had a strong" personal interest in confirming thc impression
that his father was the author, as
he was an applicant for a Government pension of £200 on that
Thc then current version attributed
to Carey was practical identical
with that now in use, except for
the Introduction of the nntne of the
reigning Sovereign in the first line:
"God save Great George, our
An additional stanza, sometimes
sung as follows, refers to the Jacobite rebellion of 1745:
"I.cnl grant  tbnt  MirStiol   Wails
Uuy try Thy  MlitUty aid
Victory  bring
»lay  Is.' t»>s11tlon  Ims'i. ',
Anl like a totTCSt rash
ll'Mllsitia Heists to cnuh, 1
tslosl save  tlse  K.'ng. '
Tho author states thnt ho had at
first accepted the tradition .,f
Carey's authorship, as set forth in
biographical notices nnsi other pui>-
licntioiis, but that his belief in it
wns dispelled by closer reseiirch. "I
do not fiiiil," he suys, "thnt lhe an-
t in-ill was evi*r clairnesl by him; nor
is it to be found in nny of his own
works, nor can I ascertain thnt. it.
was ever cnllcd Carey's till nfter
1745. two yeurs after his death."
A largo number ol tho Subsequent
versiniis and special stanzas produced   from   time   to  time    on    vnri-
•■(■•r'sni  . •. H   ft*.
Prop ins Wow.
••j.; King. ,; (J
0>r   Ua   Thine  arm  •'XtensI,
for Britain's take stefs-nd *
Oor fat.iit-r, PrlDC* end friend,
<;<A tmre the Klnf."
Extensive quotations are given
fr.siii 'lie records of tho Worshipful
Company of Merchant Tailors, with
the object of proving that the anthem was first produced on thc occasion ol the entertalnrnfcnt to King
James I., before referred to, tbe
words being composed by Dell Johnson, the poet laureate, and tbe
music by l)r. John Hull, chief organist to the King. Tho evidence is
not very direct, as none of tie
speeches, songs, or music then given
was preserved; It is recorded that
"Sir John Swirinerion, Alsiorman,
is Intreatcd to confer with Benjamin Jon.soii, tin; poet (I'oet Laureate to nm King), nbout a  speech
to lie ninths to welcome hia Majesty, 'i'lils spci'ili evidently took tho
form of a motrlcal composition, us
appears froth the following extract
from tlio account of the cntertain-
"At. the upper end ol tbe hall there
was set a chnlr of estate. Where his
Majesty snt mid viewed tho hall; and
a very proper child, well-spoken,
being clothed 1 iK«* nu angel of gind-1
neeSi     With   a   tnper   nf   finiiKliii'etiso
burning    In    bis  hand,   delivered u \
short speech, containing    VIU, verses,    devised     by Mr   Hen. .Imispn,
which    pleased   i.<- ItuJcstS  miirvol-
lousiy well "     Montiou is also mode .
of  the  musical  pii'KiMiiiuie-.        which !
inciudcil   "si  very  rich  pair     of     or- j
gacs,      whereupon    UV, John    Hull,
Doctor of Musis', and a brother    of
:r-.s     company  sli'l  piny  ull  tho din- ;
a_- time." I
A published list of tho composi- ]
•ufeiES of*Pr- John'Hull includes ono
Ibe—rw*»j tiie title "God Savo tho
ft—ar.*; and as Pr. Hull left the roy-
I al «arrr*->e ao*i took up his abode
nn —* coBtiaem in 1613, tho b>
fcceMce ss plain that he wrote the
t*c_r tefot-e U_t year. Whether the
B>e*j-kaJ «*pe«*-b by Ben. Jonson
for—ed tbe basis for our present.
national antlseia or not. the author
adduces strong corroborative evidence tfcat the words, as they have
come down to as. must have. been
written daring the rciim of Js
I Prima facie .prsxif of this is afforded by thc striking siiiiiiaruy of
the sentiments and language of the
•    .lid you t-ot do it yourself, f -
' 1   ] • ■ : i 1   .*
.  with your marriags- "
•. ,,     no. Catherine.     Vou
past me now.     I have nothing ami
to do wilh your marriave  j
at aises me mind." said Catherine, "ami Co 1 Mess your ri'.r-r-
enee There's the ticket for your hat
I pfeked. it "*'P ta the lobby a...i
pawned it"—From Tit-Hit.*;.
Ilia flork at l.rernwlr**..
The clock of the Greenwich Observatory is thc most important one
In Europe, for it furnishes correct
tin!., all over that part of the glob*.
lt is, therefore, looked after and re-
gulated with the greatest care, ainl
i.s iis-ver allowed to gs*t snore than
one-tenth of a second fast or iloi
Of csiurse it is ini[iosslb!e to con-cr'
so small an error by moving the
hands, but an electro-initfrnet serve-
the purpose admirably. The ningni'.
is near the pendulum, whiih it ;it-
trncts tho least bit when the electti-
cnl current is turned on. The current is so timed that it delays the
pendulum if tbe clock is fast, or
quickens it if the clock is slssw. In
1 this way a few thousand swings of
the penilnliiiii will correct the error
si( a tenth of u second.—Jewelers' lie-
vie w.
I siylsinsf»   tebaeM Iisslsistry.
The consumption of tobacco per
bead in England Ims doubled in SO
years,     in isn it was IS] ounces,
in 1H51 ono pound and one-fouit'i
ounce nnd in the year einled March
Ml two pounds one-fourth ounce per
hood Somo Idea of the enormous
Increase In cigarette smol ing in recent years enn bo obtained from tho
fact tlmt fast pear Ensrland export-
11I L64fS90 pounds weight, ngninst
lil.870 pounds in 1805. Hn'tish-
made cigors, too, are growing in
po| -ilarity abroad in I8O0 ths*
total export was 1,353 pounds. lo.*t
vs-;ir it wus 9 96:1 noun.ls.
i;rc|s*sl Kyrm.
Dink circ.'i s u:*der tlio eyes are oftes
prodOCVd I J  11 H i!--'i:IIi'-i"iiev of elecr.
Icfn-r m.-.y be whitened by the uso of
I mon jak-e, tivi'n a piuk tint by using
■,   sclscny or evanbe.rj juice or j-el-
! low by  njiag the grated rind of an
I oranse strained tbrotich a cloth.
"O.  Lorl s»f GosL arise.
Scatter   bia  eoemies.
Ani maks* ih< m fall.
Cimfo-D-i thrtr politics.
Frasrrate th»ir kaar'^i 11101*"
to those of the form of prayer   for \
thc King and  Parliament,     adopted
after the frustration of the cunp.iw- ;
der plot.      This reads as foi.'*.-
"O, Lord whs, didst tin* Say discover the snars-s ,,f death lai'l for
us, be Tiiou sliil our Mighty Protector, and scatter our enemies that
delight in blood, infatuate* and d.-
feat their counsels, abate their pride
nnd confound their devices; strengthen the bands s>f our Gracious Sovereign,  King  Jaui.-s."
A comparison i'f (be second verse
of tbe anthem with the expressions
of the prayer tsuavcs little room fur
doubt that tbe one tu suggested by
the other, and tbat they were In .til
composed with refet/ence to thc- sumo
event. Tiie     music  of   Dr.   Hull's
composition, und<*r the title "Cod
Save the King," is not extant, but
if the obvious contention that the
verses were produced at about the
same period, with special reference
to the gunpowder plot, be aslniitti-d.
the probability that the air of which
he was thc author is substantially
that of our present national iinihcm
is at least a very strong one.
A copy of thc book, which contains a large amount of curious nnd
rrcondile information upon musical
matters, having "a bearing .sn the
controversy, has recently been secured for tiie Ontario Legislative library.
His Marriage l>e
A poor couple living in the Emerald Isle went to the priest for
marriage, and were met wilh a demand for the marriage fee. It was
not forthcoming. Doth the consenting parties were rich in love ami
in their prospects, but destitute of
hunt,ciul resources. The father was
obdurate. "No    money,   no  imir-
"Givo me 'ave, your rlverenre,"
sui'l  the  blushing  brisk*,   "to g.l  and
get the money."
It was given, and she sped forth
on the delicate mission sif ralfdan a
marriage fee out of pure nothing.
After a short Interval she returns d
wilh the sum uf money, anil tho ceremony wus completed 10 tho sntls'ao-
tion of nil.     When Uu parting  was
taking place.  Hie newly made      wife
teemed a  little uneasy.
"Anything 011 your mind, Catherine?" said Ihe father.
trniss,   *iui.isl.i).
"Henry." said Undo Amos from Tp-
crt?ek. wbo was visiting hi.* city ccph-
•w. "who's that man in Ibe house on
tbe other side of the sirost?    Every
j morning be stands in fror.t of a win-
! dow  an'  shaves  himself.    He's done
j it now for three dnys band running."
•'I suppose that he bns done it every
; morning for tbe last tou years, uncle.*'
: replied Henry.
"Has be lived there all that time?"
"Yes. and longer tbau that, for all 1
Vncw. I've been nere only ten years
"Who Is ber
"I dot*!**, know."
"What does be follcr?"
"I  haven't tbo slightest Idea, uncle."
Uncle Amos put on h.'s bat and went
In an hour or two he returned.
"Henry." be said, "that ctuip's name
is liorton. He runsan Insurance oifk'e
dowu town. He's wutb about S27.UUO.
owns that house an' lot. belongs to lhe
Presbyterian church, has three boys
au' one girl, an' he's forty-six years
old. I've found ou' tnoro about bint !■»
an hour tbau yot ' ave lu ten yeara,
Blamed If I don't believe lis In' iu the
city   makes   people   stupid."
He  VI nts-hed Them.
Tlie following is one of the etories
tolsl about Eugene Field:
There were visitors In prospect one
afternoon In Ihe field household nud
a strike In the culinary department.
Mischief was at Oood tide, and lira
I'ii'hl was vainly endeavoring to bo
everywhere at once, when Ihe man of
"sharps and fiats" appeared in the
I;its'!.en dourwny with a folio In his
"Oh. won't you watcb those pies for
me while I run upstairs au Instant V"
bis wife exclaimed. He su.v nut to
let the iiiorlnguo scorch—It would ruin
tbem; you'd better give mo that book
or they'll be btirii.il to a crisp." With
mocE* meekness Mr. Field allowed her
-to carry off his treasure. Uu returning
she was horritleil to lind the ovcu door
j m isle open and the rich, fluffy meringue
: (hit. lough nusl leatlierllki!.
"They're  rulneil!"  she exclaimed  In
i dismay.     "Wby  slidn't you  keep  tbe
. •van door sbutV"
"Keep   the   door   shut!"   Mr.   Field
; repeated In very genuine amazement.
I "Why, you lolsl mo 10 watch thorn ov
! cry instant, nud I'd like to know how
I I could do that wltb the oven door
I Shut!"
Tlssls>rrtt..'a '-TarSfllM "
Tlie  largest  picture  111  tin*      world
Is "Paradise," by Tintoretto.       it
hangs in the Pssge's i'nliicu In Veii-
lii' It Is eighty-four foot wide and
thirty-four feet high.
And it Cures Them of Coughs, Colds, Croup, Bronchitis,
Sore Throat and Whooping Cough.
Cccauao It contains turpentine srme peoplo Imagine that Dr. Chaso's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine Is
Hfsagrceablo to the taste. On tho contrary, lt Is sweet and palatable, and children lovo to take It. They
noon learn that, besides being pleasant to take, lt brings Immediate relief to soreness, Irritation and Inflammation of tho throat and lungm At thin season of tho year all mothers desire to hnvo In tho houso soma rs*-
Ilablo m<*dicino to givo when tho children catch colds, or nwake in tho night with tho hollow, croupy cough
which strikes a chill to every mother's heart. You can rely absolutely on Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
'Turpentine      It hnB stood tho test. *.
Them aro other preparations of linseed nnd turpsntlno put up In Imitation of Dr Chaso's Do euro thi'
•portrait and signature of Ur. A. w. those aro on tho bottle you buy. '26 cents a bottle; family size, three
lliucs us --inch. (JO ten's.   All dealers or  Edmanson, *Oatos  &. Co.,  Toronto, -*•—■—-■   n   ***
*m****>.       in   ■        S-.li
The Drsil.
Speaker nnsi  S|ii*ukrra.
There Is a tale to the effect that while
Hon. Thomas Bracket! Reed wielded
the j-nvel a gentleman tock his little
boy lo the gallery of the house of rcpre-
Retitiitlvo"*, Looking dowu upon the
more numerous branch of the federal
Icglslaturj* the child asked, "Kather,
who is tbat large man sitting iu the
pulpit wltb a mallet In his litmd?"
"lie, my sou." replied the fond par
enl, "Is the house of representatives."
"And who nre those other men sitting
In ni'intclrcles around bim?" Inquired
the I'll? chap.
"They nre the speakers of the house
of representative*"." answered pater*
fiiinillus. -Champ  Clark   iu   Leslie's
To revive limp celery, pnt It Inte
boll!li.t water for a second or so and
theu Into a bowl of cold wnter, allow-
lug lhe water to ruu on It for somo
time. This will make it quite fresh aud
cri.s|i for the table.
We publish simple, straight testi-
mon ills, not press agent's intcr-
vii'V.m.  from  well known |>oople.
l'Y. iu all over America they testify
to Iho merits of MINARD'S LINIMENT, the beat of Household Reine-
Even wben its well done, tho ceiling docomator has to do his work
Only  the truly great have   smokeless chimneys.
Did you ever havo a person tell
you a lie, and you knew he was not
telling the truth V Think of it the
next time you start to tell a falsehood.
Ycur Fa-i
wii i be ps strong as ours if you try
and ours is so strong we guarantee a cure or refund money,
and we send you free trial bottle
if you write for it. SHILOH'S
costs 25 ecu is, and will cure Consumption, 1'ucumoni.t, Bronchitis
and all Lung Troubles. Will
cure a Cough or Cold in a day,
and thus prevent serious results.
It lias been doing these things
for 50 years.
S. C. Wells & Co., Toronto, Con.
Karl's Clover Root Tea ceres Indigestion
An  l ni, Tie.
Duprez, the great but ill favored
French tenor, wus mice walking from
the Grand Opera House In I'm;* with
tbe baritone Barolluet, who was uot an
Apollo either. They happened to meet
Pvrot, the dancer, a man of very great
ability, but short and thin aud so ugly
that a manager once said he could never engage Perrot unless for tbe Jordin
des Tlantes (zoological gardens), as he
engaged no mon keys.
Perrot told tbem the story, and, wben
Duprez laughed at blm, Perrot said:
"Why, surely you need not laugh. If
I am ugly, 1 am certainly uot so ugly
as either of you."
"You monkey," said Dupres. "this difference sball soon be settled." And, see-
Ing a stranger pass who appeared to be
a gentleman, "Monsieur," said be, "will
you be so good as to arbitrate In a little
difference of opinion between us?"
"With pleasure," said the stranger,
"If I can."
"Well," said Duprez, "just look at us
and say whom you consider to be the
ugliest of tbe three."
The gentleman looked for some time
from one to the other and then said:
"Gentlemen, 1 give It up. I cannot possibly decide," and went away roaring
with laughter.
The Maclood Cazetto says : "The
river is sljill opesn at this point. If
tho present mild weather continues
very much longer It will be necessary to ssjnd away for nsixt season's
supplj of ice. A prairie fire was
burning southeast of town last Sunday evening."
When an Irishman tells you that
you arn a broth of a boy he dosw
not mean that you are in the soup.
Some persons have periodical attacks of Canadian cholera, dysentery, or diarrhoea, and
have to u.se eron'. precaution.** to avoid the disease. Change of water, cooking, and green
fruit, is sure to bring on the attacks. To (such
persons we wonld recommend Dr. J. 1). Kell-
ogg's Dysentery Cordial as being the best medicine in the market for all summer complaints.
If a Tew drssps are taken in water when the
symptoms are noticed, no further trouble will
lie experienced.
It is easier, suys tho girl who has
tried, to make a fool of a man than
to make a man of a fool.
Grntitwle is a good thing for   any
man to use in his business.
Minard's Liniisent Cares Burns, Etc.
The coal  ds*alcr may not  cut  any
ice, hut he gs*ts there just tne same.
"*s*sns he on his knees when ho pro-
pos.sil ?"
"No,   1   was !."-s-Puck.
"I conclude that's a ily I*" suid
Uie young trout.
"Ynu ure right, niy dear," said its
mother, "but, never jump at Conclusions."
Through dining; aud sleeping   cars
With close connection for Chicago
and  all  points  ln
Ontario, Quebec, Maritime "Provinces
Eastern and Western States
and   Pacific Coast.
Excursion Tickets via Crcat Lakes
Fnr Further Information apply to
any Cantidiun Northern Agent
WinnipogClty Tickot, Tsilssi-mph and Preluhl
siiii.-s., '.ii Mule Bt.     ct8 II. 8HAW,
T..1. Mil.  Triilllo Manager*
Sault Ste. Maria, Owen Sound, Toronto and Kssatvsn Lakes, Monday, Thursday and Saturday	
Tues,, Fri., and Sun ,	
Montroal, Toronto. Now York and
East, via all r«ll, dally. 	
Rat Portage and intermedia te poinU
daily ...,, .,	
Molsnu, Lao du Ilnnnot and intormo-
diato points, TIiivb. only	
Portiigo In Triitrlo.Uriiiidou.Calgnry.
Nulson aud all Kootenay and
all coast points, dally	
Fortune lu Prairie, Ilraudon and intermediate points duily except
Sunday ,.
Qlailstono, Neopawn, Mlimosiosri ntiil
liitorniodluto points, daily csicoist
Bhonl Lako, Yor litem nnsi liitormed-
iii I si points, Mon.. Ws.il., uud Fri.
J iii'*.. Thurs., and Sat	
uaisisl Oily, iiiiiuiota, Miniota.Tuos-
d»y, Thar, aud Hat,	
Won. Wed., uud Fri.	
Uorilsiii, Dolorafiio and intermediate
psiintH daily oxroptSuniluy	
INllpinkii, Al.imcilu and inturinedliilo
points, daily except Sunday via
n. Tubs, Tlinr.. nnd Snt	
Ulei'liiiro, Horn Is and iiitormc-dinti)
psilats., dally oxeoot Sunday	
I Ipeslsiuu. itoston, Areola on.l iuUsr
ii'.i.lluk.iKiliits, Mon., Wed., and
J/l. via Ilrandon	
_   ? iio«.,Thnr.,niid Sat. vlu lirundnn
Btobyshlro, Ittncn, Diniifait. Btte
vj.ii.1 uns.,Tluii'K.,8iit., via Ilrand
n'1 •;, Thnr,. slit., via n'riiudon..
\l0,'."LL   '', •'*"■ Clilcuifo.diiily ....
Wotst Sislklrli Mon., Wml. uud Frl...
a.  lues..Thnrs. and Hut,	
W-Miowull. Twiloii, 'I'iioh., Thm., Sat.
*^!__!iMssii., ___ and Frl.,'....:
•*. VT LmttNATnT: cnCMeTH
MINARD'S UNIMENT EeUevei Nenralaa.
You do not huve to be a rhinoceros
to realize Uiat beauty is only skin
True happiness consists not in thr
inult.it.iide- of friends, but in the worth
and choice—lien Jonson.
Swei;t are the thought that savor of
content ;
The (fuiot    miaul    js    richer    Hia in a
crown. —Robert l.ruene.
Commonplace mimls usually condemn what is beyond the reach ot
their undtf«tunding.-*--IU>chi'foueauld.
MINARD'S LINIMENT for Sale EverywUcrc.
The man who Una-ginss he has a
hunk account cannot draw upon his
mini' itmt inn.
A door mat is preferable to a foot
How's This?
We offer Ono H-'ndrod Dollars Reward o-j
nn • cass i f l!:.:;ur , t..;i caiiu,i Le cured ly
Hall's, t'ntnrrh I.'.ire,
F(j J. L ll BN GY A CO., Props.. Toledo O.
Wo, Uio m.ders!;co.l his,-.* known F i.
Chenoy lor tho lust 13 year*, and bclievo hhn
porlt-c.lj- lionorub oin nil buifneutraniaotions,
and Unauci.'.i.*- utile to cur; out :aiy obllgaiio*.
madoby liis'ir.M.'i.	
WMit ft'is s *•<, VVnOleealO Beawsts, Toledo,
0. WAUMrjo, . i»h*lm A stttavMii Wholewle
Dmcui.slo.Ti lsyl..s,*r»
Hull's Cut...-in (' iro U takcu internally, act-
iusji1irs'cl!y Upoa1.li l-l"o;'iii's!nu;ci.iiabiirrisn---,|
of tho i-y.-su-..-.. I r;.-0 ".'M per bOtUO. .Sold by
all drne8*st«,  T-■-■ imtssiir.lv f-.-.*.
Uull'o Fa—Uy FUU am ll..' l.i...;.
The reason that some people carry
their hearts on their sUssves is nob
thnt their money crowds it out of
their pocket.
W-hatover weal or woe l>s>tide, bo
that sense of duty still thy (-"slide,
und all powers will aid.   Scyubhey.
'■till Aiiotlis-r Trlsiisspls—Mr. Tliiiiiiii'i "%
liullen, Sundsirlu d, writes: "For lsiurleon
yeara I was alllicled with I'ile.s; and f i njueiit-
ly I was unable to walk or sit. but four yeara
ssi.'o I waa cnri'il by usinir Dr. Thomas Kclectrlu
Oil. I hnvo also been ..ubjes't. to liuinsy tor
s.vcr forty yonrs, but Eclectric Oil cured tt-
and it was a permanent enro inboth cii.-.w, iih
iii.ilher iho I'll,.., ii r I'uiiiMi I— vo troubled ma
Vnlue  of  Freah  Air.
Bleeping In the open air has passed
the life limit of a fad and assumed
the proportions of a habit It Is, moreover, a growing habit, the motto of
which Is "with nothing between you
and the sky." Only In summer Is It
possible to push tbls habit to the extreme, of course, and even then so
meager are tbe sky accommodations
of the average home relatively few
can enjoy tbe luxury Indicated in tbe
The number of persons wbo take to
tents and repose In hammocks swung
lu the open air In tbe summer, bowever, Increases each year. This is particularly true of young children, hundreds of whom during the past summer were emancipated from stuffy
nurseries and given tbelr naps on pinz-
sas and balconies or upon the hand
breadth of grass plot dignified by tbe
nil me of "dooryard" In city homes.
*uch children in tbelr plump bi*uty
ami Infantile good nature nre the best
possible witnesses of tbe efficacy of
the "open air Rleeplng cure." if cure It
may be called, since, more properly
speaking, It Is a preventive Instead.
Impertinent  Question.
"I maintain," she said, raisin? her
voice, "that the old nnd oft repented assertion that women tnlk more thnn men
ban no foundation whatever in fact."
"Then why," asked the mini in the
case, "is our common language universally called the 'mother tongue?' "—Chicago
The    h\>nting   psipulation    are not
neci'ssarily     those   who are  in     the
A Joy  and Trs*asurc When Good Na-
turt*d nasi Healthy.
Ho iluitli well thnt ratlu-r MTVetbj
the csniimonwenl than his own will—
Thoinus  A.  Keiiipis.
Uon ijupt
I'll tig.   slit
In .oil its ill  Trull mini In'«.
A WhentOU (Ill.l lady who had "tried
everything In vnln until l coutnitmced
taking yonr valimlsls. remedy" has
written, If the Wheaton News can be
lielleved.  lbs following testimonial to
ii country druggist who Is booming a
new tonic:
IVsir Slr-llrfnrs' inklnB your ini'ilis-lns* I waa
tea wi'iik to s.sinii llif tssby. but now I can limy iiiis.hniiil.   Iliuvrn lih'ss youl
This roinliuls om> of the Shakopei*
man who was nearly blind anil tOOlC
Ur. Sawyer's wonderful Rllxlr. II«*
tiiiii' Plr —Ilcfnrr tMug your I'llxlr 1 could not
sos* six Indira Mori '»>' I-"*. Vsnicrilsy I siisv
ss-iiisil.    I Isfl Uml  I Ulglll lo let thi'ss* Isi'ts lie
known.  Bond iht inothn i>s>iile.
lMilnciis E. I's'fkliis if Mound Outer. S. I)., kii.vk lhat hetine Irylng lit*
Rlllll'" Cure "lie had not drawn a so-
biM' lu-s'alli for twenty live .vi'itis." Last
Smiil.-iy he dreW several sober breaths.
gnqitlj* tu tin1 astniiisliineiii of ills wife
ami wliliuiii Injury to Ills lit-ulth.   Hj*
l'j:|H'l'I.H   II   jipl'flH'l   Clil'afc—WOine   lillM'.
Tossla  lu  thr  llotmr.
Exponse, Inconvenlohce and nervous
Irritation cim bo Raved ity having In tho
house a few tools such as are used In
slolug what may be called "small .
Jobs." provided their possession is accompanied by somo knowledge of how
to use I bens
All children in overy home in Uie
COuntT) list-d at some time or other
a medicine such as liaby's Own Tablets, and this famous remedy has
curenl many a serious illni-ss and
suvs.il many a littlo life. .Mothers
insist upon b&Vlng t bi*cuuss* it.con-
Uiin.s nsi opljato or harmful driiys. It
is purely vagotable, sweet and pleasant to bake aivd prom])L iu its effect.
Por simple fervvrs, colic, oouftipa-
tissn, disordered etomaoh, diarrhoea,
Irritation accompanying the cutting
of teeth aa-d ind'geation, llathy's Own
Tablets are a certain cure. in fact
in almost any disorder common to
children (these tabilets should be given
at once and relief may be promptly
looked for.
Never give the babii's SO-oallcd
soothing medicines which simply put
thein Into an unnatural sleep.   Those
UiliOs'ls lure smio.ll, sws-et, plWirskiTH. to
take end prompt in nctini/. D—solved In water, they will be te_eh r.'ud-
ily by the smallest infiuit.  .
Mrs John McEwan, Bathurst Village, N. D., writs.*? : "My bal>y was
almosL canstiuitly troubled with colic
In-fore I gave li'm liaby's Own Tati-
lets, but since giving tlirau to him he
has not since Buttered, Every mother
nliouW kiH.p tlu'si! tablvts ulwu^yB at
They cost V*5 cents abox. You
cnti find them at your drugtgurt's, or,
If you do not, forward tin* inomy
slit'.*, i  to us and we will seed   the
tablets   prepaid.      The   Vr.   Williiuns
Medicine Co., Dspt. T., Broxskrllle,
Many people arc called linn meroly
because they havs-Ji't. the moral courage to own their Second Hiouirlits.—
Mrs.  Craigle.
Tub nrBT Pii.i.b—Mr. Wm. Viindorvoorl,
'n-slney "."im.Ont., writes: We have been
iii-sti'lllBWOOverUHOcl." Forsl. ica. .iml 'is
l.ililed conatltntlona, theso pd nrt liko a
diss. m. Taken in small doses th iifftWt U both
i, l.mio nndn sllmulant,, mi illy ''•"'"'."o,
MentdOD* of the body, giving touo uud vigor.
Snisl"  SUecp.
(labie sheep are not frequently seen
In Euglnnd, but ebony lambs are plentiful in the Austral Inn common wealth.
A colonial flockinaster had quite n
number of black lambs, end be folded
them In a range by themselves. He
found that black lambs might not recur In n (lock In generations snd then
recur suddenly. Kor example, where a
black ram was used In n nock of while
ewes tbe product was white lambs,
With few exceptions, and where she
end dam were ebony tnlnrcd tbe lambs
were mostly white. And so the Australians gave up tho attempt to found
n sable flock. Where wool Is dyed a
deep color sable wool absorbs less dye
ami makes u more d lira bis color, sun
blacb fleece absorbs unite sun rnys than
white, and black sheep nro mors soi'l*
oiisily a Heeled by lirat.-I-ondou Live
Block Journal.
KIDNEY    Pli_fl.
Hr. H. S. Barnes, Seventy-Five Years
of Age Deels Young and Smart as
a Iloy—Used Dodd's Kidney Pills
and Di',1"ghttd With the Results.
Rat Portage, Dec. 80.—Mr. II. S.
Barnes is un elderly gejilk'iiian, being live ysJoiTS past the three score
years and ton. Be is the father of
vx-Mufyor Barnes, and no old gt-nHe-
man in Rat Portage is more estccmexl
and respeetMi. Air. Barnes is ono of
the many conscientious and lilnorul-
mittded citizens of this Dominion
who have no hesitation in allowing
their names lo be used for the benefit of othsTs in connection with cures
made by Dodd'a Kidney Pills in their
Here is a letter showing Mr .Barnes'
experience with the greatest remedy
of the present day—Dodd's Kidney
Rat Portage, Juno 18th, 1899.
Gentlemen,—I would like to make
the following statement for the benefit of whoswr would like to hear the
truth told. I am 75 years old, and
have lived in Itat Portage for the
past, 18 yOarn. Some months ago niy
wifo nsked me to got her some Dodd's
Kidney Pills. She was Buffering from
somo kidney trouble, nnd desir.d to
try Dodd's Kidney P'lls. I finally
got her a box, but she never lived
to take them. Slaving little faith in
patent medicines, I however, was
soon forced to change my opinion. I
had long been neglecting Mmliar
symplotnis to those of my wife;*, these
now became wary severe. Having the
box of Dodd's Kidney Pills in the
house, I thought I might as well try
them. I suffered terribly with pain
across my back with a scalding sensation when urinating. Well, the
first box stopped these symptoms,
and cont inning their use I became
complettcly cured. All the citiaclns of
Rat Portage were greatly surprised
at the change in my appearance, I
can tell you. They often ussd to
greet mo with, "Hello, Mr. Barnes !
Why how smart you are looking !"
They were not far astray; I felt
smart, too, and younger and in bet-
publish this statement with my full
endorsation of your remedy which
possesses real genuine merit.
If you want  to make your enemies
feel  particularly  sore,  be happy.
Even the man who sings bass may
be high-toned.
Alleged peacemakers   are sometimes
little better thnn busy bod ies.
Thero never wa3, and never will be, e
universal panacea, in oue icmtdy, for all till
to which flush is heir—tho very nature ot
many curatives being such that wore tte
germs of-other and dillorently seated diseases rooted in tho system of tn) patient—
what would robe, j one ill in turn would aggravate the other. We have, however, in
Quinino Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
unadulterated state, a remedy for many an-;!
grievous ills. By its gradual and judicata?
uso the frailest systems are led into conva.
luscence aud strength by the influence which
Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives.
It relieves the drooping spirits of thoso witli
whom a chronic state of morbid despondency and lack of interest in life is a C'iseusc,
and, by tranquilixing the nerves, disposes to
sound and refreeliing sleep—imparts vitro;-
to tho action of tho blc<5d, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout tlio veins,
•strengthening the healthy auimal function:
of tlio system, thereby making activity n
r.ccesssary result, strengthening thc frame,
and giving life to tho digostivo organs, which
nuturally demar.d increased subataneiD—result, improved appetite. Northrop & Lyman
of Toronto havo given to tlie public tlieii
superior Quinine Wino at the usual rate,and:
gauged by the opinion of scientists, thli
wino approaches nearest perfection of any in
the market.   All druggists sell it.
The habit of looking on tho bs*st
side of every event is worth more
than a thousand pounds a your.—
Out greatest glory is not in never
falling, but in rising every time we
Ho who can conceal his joys is
greater thnn he who can hide his
griefs.—Laval or.
Fever and ague and bilious duraiiffcment'
nro positively cured by the use of Parmelee't
Pills. They net only oleaaso the Stomach
and bowels from all bilious matter, but th >
open thc j.'.crcturj vessels, oanilog thorn ti
pc.urcopiou.-i olliw. un from the blood isili
tin* fcovss Is, i.itc-r vhich toooorrttplod t'l.i-i
is thrown ont by (he natural p. ■ ine ■■ ' ■
iisuly. Th*yam used as a general fa* iii
luudicinu w ilh tho best ft ooitn.
Th * most delicate and His' must
sensible of all pi 'asuns consists in
promoting the pleasures of others.—
La Bruyore.
Hs. has a right, to grumble who is
perfect in all things.—-E. .1. (liaivdon.
~Wheti the Days are
Dark, and Dreary
A WIUU'll riANO ln the House will
*:!:i : '.en vour liivirt. nnd brighten your soul with
ita iii'iu:lilIal melody.
Thnso instruments are tho perfection of piano
making, i.f exquisite toue and touch, and tu•
most durable made.
If you huv one now it will make your home
more attractive these long winter evenings.
We have several makes of organs at different
prices, also slightly used instruments for sale
Y. —. O. A. BLOCK,  -   - WIlsTMIP-O.
$& ^^^___?^___^' _
m\%_t^zriz.cm. a- P
yea Page Woven Wire Fence
it "* T Owing to tho v»riatinr.B of the Canaslian climate,
—>-'-*j_ connislerable»Uov.nncamust bemsdeia all fencsis
rfipi-l'T for contraction and ezpanals a, Which makes an ordinary wire fence unserviceable, as when it •xpnnaa
it becomes so loosie as to prove of littlo vale o.  Note
this mates it clfstio und se'.f-reEulating. JtheVngo
Wlr?JW?*?Hmad^''Pr^' wire, W-tfisi-i-'^eslt-^ Prlc;8 fro
particularly low tms-aeMon.  ou
Ornamental Ccrccsand Poultry
ROSS & UOSS, General Agents, Box 633, Winnipeg, Map.
THE  Ntw.r   MHt-rt.Lt*
A   Quarrel   Tbnt   IlrpMss   in   an   I'n.
cxisceted   .lliinner.
They hud been married' three weeks
aud hud just commenced housekeeping.
He was stinting to town one liuiriiing,
and she followed him to tho door. They
had their nuns wrapped round euch other, and she was saying:
"Oli, Clarence, do you tl.ink it possible
that the day cau ever come wlieu we
shall part iu auger?"
"Why, no, little puss," he said. "Of
course not. What put that foolish idea
into my little birdie's head, oh'*"'
"Oh, nothing, dearest! I was only
tbinUing how perfectly dreadful it would
be if one ot us should speak harshly to
the other."
"Well, don't think of such wicked, utterly impossible things any more," he
said.   "We can uever, never quarrel."
"I know it, darling. Goodby, you dear,
dear old precious! Goodby. Oh. wait a
second, Clarence. I've written a uote to
mamma. Can't you run round to the
house ami leave it for her some time today?"
"Why, yes, dearie, if I have timo."
"If you have time!   Oh, Clarence!''
"What is it. little girlie?"
"Oh, to say if ynu 'hare time' lo do almost the very lirst errand your little wifo
asks you to do."
"Well, well, dearie. I'm awfully busy
just now."
"Too busy to please me? Oh, Clarence, vou hurt my feelings so!"
"Why, child. I"—
"I'm not a child, Clarence. I'm a married woman, nnd I"—
"There, there, uiy pet.    1"—
"No, no, Clarence, If 1 was your
p-pot. you'd t-t-try to—to"—
"lilt!. Mabel, do be reasonable."
"Oli. Clari'iiivo,'don't speak lo uie sol"
"Mabel, be sensible, and"—
"Go ou. Clarence, go on. Break my
"Stuff and nonsense!"
"Oh, o-o-oh!"
"What havo I said or done?"
"As if you iies'd to nsk! But go. Hate
me if yon will, Clarence, I"—
"This is rank nonsense!"
"I'll go back lo mamma if you want
me to.   She loves me, if you don't"
"You must be crazy!"
"Oh, yes; sneer at me, ridicule me!
Perhaps you hail better strike mo!"
Hs> hangs tin' door, goes down the stops
with n jump uml races off, muttering
something about women being the
"queerest creatures."
Of course they'll make It up at night,
nmi they'll have many such a little tiff
in the years to Come, anil when they are
old they'll say, "We've lived together
forty-five years and uever—no, never—
spoke u cross word to each other in all
that time."	
Kentucky  Honsla.
Kentucky was one of the s*nrl.v western stales to tnke nn active Interest ln
pill,mill Ing. It wtis the policy of the
state i.i co-opsrate with lis minor political divisions iii the construction of
roads, and many years ago ii corps of
engineers set to work to lay off roads
l'l all purls of thi* nine llrnss Stute.
A country postman lu Belgium was
so overcome with grief and shame nt
missing llu* tiinll train Hint ho wen*
straight from the station to the nearest
water and drowned himself.
Tooth Powder 25'
Good for Bad Teeth
Not Bad for Good Teeth
•Josodonst "Us-rata 2.5c.   I.*»«-f*> Lliulsland Powdar 13m.
At al* s*orcs OK by mail.    Sample of the Liquid for the postage,30.
HALL CD. R.VCKEt» ttarw YovK.
■**■ couie into possession of $14,000
—wishes to correspond with honest,
intelligent man, who would appreciate a good wife, Box 2,538 Toronto,
Alloway & Champion
Write to us for pricea of SOBIP
Get our List of Lands.
Stocks and  Bonds Bought and  Sold.
Wo con furnrh tho exact amount of
Scrip  for any  payment  on Eo:»... ' 31
Lands.   Do not pay cosi*.
—*—— 1  1        —.-
$12 00 A WEEK
to represent ns   a
pointing agents.
Some to travel, otb,
cri for local wort.
Rapid   promotion
* andlr.crease of sal-
ruy.  Ideal employment, new brilliant linso;
besat -, >!un.»; old established House.
BranVrj'-iSariTi!«i»i Co., lid., Brantford, Ont
Sslrer's Haiie
i-n 1- Klcls,
iWl at .
Use a
W— t Is It I
If 1,000,000 Customers1
(*rou(l-r>8t rvcord of anv weO-tm&n oo •wrth,  ,
and yet wc ar*a n-a-'liiwr out for mora.   We
! det-lro, by July int 900,000 nmra patron* Aad
bence thfi unprece-u-nttttt offur.
$10 WORTH FOR 15c,
. Wsi .. ill sssall iipssn re.-s'iisl of  IV' ln sUmps.  .'
. ourf-reatcAtaloffur, worths asIaXhOOj
, to any wide awake farmer or Hardener,
ts'srsHlssT with manv Farm Bead aamplea
. positively worth I10.00 to set a start
k with, upon rerelpt ol bni IS cfta.  A
lo Dsuslss utasnpa.
sst-sisl this
aslr. with
lfic for above.
Uaaaa. larlteM i ,
—      SUmW^II SMS.
alone, 76.
Bend at onoe.
The bi st. reward for hu vim;
wrought well already, is to have
more  to do.—Kinsley.
Life is n succession of Is-ssnns which
must be livs*sl 10 be itadersbood.—
The ss-etls of our punishment are
sown at the sumo t me we coinmit
ThOU  sliult    rest   sweetly     if    thy
heart condemn    thee    not.—Thomas
The wenllh ssf n man is the number of tliiiiKM which he 10"V*BS und
blesses, winch he is loved end Hstss.'ii
A ijoihI heart is like tbs sun for It
sliini'S bright ninl never ehftOgM, but
ki'i'pa   its courss'  truly —Shako«i*pare.
rayi/ni;  cimivplims'nls  is  not  liqiiid-
ntiai? a debt.
Anil lot iv- Mip*nly yon with
II i■l"si IS rut .llimli'l is lot tilHt
will linirlii-.il up yonr pnnu-i
nnd pli'ii is your roiido.»
nnd ml vcrlisorts. Write HI
Inr esttinates nn HiiythiiiK
i'i 11iuii-i'. uiuti'riul.   i I I
. i   .'•' -l's.riiint. Avo., Wluulpcg
W. N.  tl. No. 889, I'M !■: DRILL, SLOCAN, B. C JAJsUARY 24, 190'>.
•-C. E. Smitheringai.i', Editor and Prop.
-6LOCAN,      ■      •       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising W cents a line for
.the first insertion snd 5 cents a line each
,«ubBt*quent inwrtion.
Certificates of Improvement, |7 each.
Transient ndvertiBainentsatsatne rates
»i legal advertising.
Locals will bo charged 10 cents a line
4or each insertion.
Commercial Bates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 por year, st.ict-
-Jy in advance; t2.00 a year if not bo paid.
Address all lettcrB to—
Slocan, 15. C
FRIDAY, JANUARY 24ih, 1902.
A pencil mark it* lhe space
^opposite will be an indication lo you that ye .editor
considers there is something
.coming to him ou yoursub-
ecription. Kindlv acknowledge  in cash and oblige.
Frank Fletcher won the mayoralty
contest in Nelson, but his opponents
gained the control of the council. It
was a victory for the men who be
Jieve in the municipality owning tho
public franchises.
British Columbia's mineral output
Jast year was valued at $20,000,000,
being an increase of 2.r> per cent over
1900. Tho remarkable increase is
4lie more satisfactory because of the
country being smitten with a scourge
Death has for a third time claimed
the chief justice of the province, his
lordship Mr. Justice McColl dying at
Victoria last Thursday night, after a
short illness. First was Sir M tthew
Baillie Begbie, next lion. Theodore
Davie, and now Mr. McColl, and all
within a few years of each other.
. i '     .    ra   —r-
F. P. Davis, K.C., Vancouver, has
..been recommended by the provincial
.bar for the position of chief justice of
British Colombia, made vacant by
.the death of Mr. Justice McColl. Mr.
Davis is considered tho leadinc legal
light in the province,as well as being
•ne of the fairest minded of men, to
his elevation would be popular.
Canada's population has been officially announced at 5,369,CCO, an increase during the decade of 530,42G.
As a result of tho censas, Manitoba
will be given three new members in
the Commons, the Northwest Territory two, British Columbia one, and
the Yukon Territory one. Ontario
will lose six members and the mari
time provinces four.
Next Friday the Liberals of the
province will meet in convention at
Vancouver, to decide upon the adop
tion of party lines in B. C. politics.
The proposed convention is regarded
as an important step in the progress
.of public thought, and the line of action thero decided on will havo its
impress upon future legislation at
Victoria. There aro many who profess to see in party politics the salvation of B.C. from tlie machinations of
the family compact on Vancouver
Island, which has so long dominated
public affairs; and that partyism wil;
.impart confidence to business circles.
True, individual actions and responsibility would be made subservient
to party wishes, but there would be
just the same question of ins and outs
as at present existing, with the same
dividing of tho spoils. On the other
hand, there are again those-and
their numbers are inereruiiog—who
maintain that this young province
needs a party with a hue of uction
stronger and purer than can be imparted by the traditions of either of
the old parties of the east. B.C. Is
.essentially the land of the toiler and
in his struggle for existence the latter knows neither ("rit nor Tory. To
appeal to him you must find him
congenial influences, with a platform
suitable to his needs, nnd these are
at his disposal in the Independent
Labor party, which is emphatically n
western product and well calculated
to alleviate the sufferings of the people generally. As nn organization
tho Independents control great political inlluonco and will, ultimately,
control the reins of power. The
Liberal convention and notions will
in no way weaken the Independents,
but rather assist them in their propaganda, a fact that will beconio apparent in an election following a re
distribution of seats for the legislature.
Feb. 7 Is the date set for the annual
-ball ofthe Miner's Union.
The doe poisoner is again abroad
in the land.
The Miner's Union will hold their
annual ball next month.
Charley O'Brien left town on Friday to locate in East Kootenay.
Sidney Norman, manager of the
Transfer, has gone out to .Spokane.
Col. Lowery, -of the Ledge, has
gone to Califefnia on a pleasure trip.
Tho Rambler-Cariboo lias four feet
of ore, which assays 445 oz in silver.
Born.—In the suburb of Brandon,
ou Jan. 10, the wife of Jos. Dearin,of
a son.
The Sandon hockcyists were defeated at Nelson Monday by a score
Rev. Mr, McKee was in Nelson on
Wednesday, attending a meeting of
Miss Grace McKeown, New Denver,
wns visiting friends in the city during the week.
For Sale—A cottage at New Denver. Is drawing a good income. Apply at this office.
The city clerk will be on the round
for trade iicenses for the half year, so
be on the lookout.
This Friday evening the Quadrille
Club will hold its regular assembly
in the Music Hall.
Sandon has six saloons, five hotels
and ono wholesale liquor store doing
business in that burg.
Several Sandon families are removing to New Denver, creating a
demand for residences.
Fernie hns been ordered by the
government to be strictly .quarantined, because of smallpox.
Tlie Liberals were otherwise engaged Thursday evening, so did not
meet to transact business.
Bourne Bros., tho well known mer-
chants-of New Denver, Nakusp and
Revelstoke, have assigned.
Eric Lemieux and Charley Barber
got let out at the Transfer for coming
down to vote on Thursday.
Pete McEwen departed Friday to
spend the balance of the winter at his
old home in Eastern Canada.
Service will be held in St. Paul's
church next Sunday,., morning and
evening.   W. II. Ilcdley, vicar.
C. D. Rand, tho well known bro
ker, has quit Spokane and lias again
taken up his residence In Vancouver.
Several parties went to Nelson on
Mondav to see the hockey match between Sandon nnd the county town.
R. E. Allen has opened a wood yard
in connection with his livery business, getting his supply from Lemon
Nelson papers on Wednesday had
a despatch stating Sandon defeated
Slocan at hockey 7 (o 1. Thc Ecore
wns 10 to 7.
The local barbers have agreed
that the full rate of fifty cents will be
chargod for cutting children's hair
on Saturdays.
A petition was circulated here on
Tuesday, asking Rev. Mr. McKee, to
remain liere as pastor of the Presbyterian church.
Owing to the carnival on Tuesday
night, tho At Home at the hospital
wns postponed till next Tuesday
evening, Jan. 28.
The local hockey club banquettrd
thc Sandon boys at the Arlington
hotel, Tuesday evening. A whale of
a time was put in. •
J s. Horde will apply at thc next
sitting of tho commissioners for a
rnovixcKoK hhitisii COLOMBIA.
KDWAHI1 VII.. l.y thi Ornr-i sif tln'l, of the
1'nitivl Kini[,|siiii isf UrcHl llritniii isnsl Irs*-
lisml .-iml ssf ih.. llritish llominio'ss Lnsum!
llu* S.'iis. Kinii, is. r.'intiT ssf Uso l-'isith. etc.,
etc., ate.
To Onr fisltlifisl the Members ols*i*ls*il tss serve in
this l,"ui*slnt ivss Assnmlily ssf I lis. I'rnvinee nf
British Csslunibln, nl siur City nf Victoria.
• VITIIKHKAH  Wis nre de-
. I  TT     nirun*i nn.l  rnsnlvod.
D. M. Enr.uTH!
as siHin ns niiir be, to n i Our people of Our
I'rsivinca of llritish ('iiliiinblii.iiiiil to hum tlinir
ii'lvii'is in Osir l.i'Kii.liitini<:
NOW KNOW YE thnt for .livers muses nisi!
coiislilsirntlsnin, nncl tnkiuir Into raimiiWntiini
tho ense nnit convenience of Onr loving subject,1
Wo hnvo thought ill, by mil **ith the nslvsco s,f
Our Executive Coiiiirll, to hereby i-mivoko, nnsi
by these presents enjoin you, nn.l ouch of yssu,
that on Tliiir<iilny. the twentieth il.iy of February, one thimsAieI ninn hundred iin.1 two,TOD
moot Us in Dur snM Lesrlslnturo or I'nrliisuienl
of Our snisl Province, nt Our (ily nf victor ll,
FOR Tin: msi'ATi'ii 0FBU8INKS8, to treat,
■ In. SU'I  mill rinii'lllil.,   upon   those   tlsilif,". svhil'ls
In Our I.CKishilure of tlio Province sif llritish
r.ilumbiit, hy tho Cominon Council of Our snisl
Province may, by tlio favour of Qosl, be ordain*
In Testimony Whkkeof, We hnve cnsisoil
those Our Lot tors to be issii.1i* Piilent ninl
tho (Irunt Sonl of Our ssni'l Province to be
hereunto nlllieil:
wmtrtas, tht iioii'iuriiiihs sir Hi-.NRi Qui*
tavk Jiu.v un l.inuiMi.iii . K.C.M.U..
LleiilenmiKlovomorof Oursniil Province
of British Columbia, at'Our Uovornmenl
Home, iu Our City of Victorln, In Our
Mid Province, tin Dtb of dnv of .lunnnry.
in the jeur of Our Lssrd ssoe tlioiunnd nine
liunslrsMl nud two, and in tho flrnl yenr of
Our Reign.
Hy Command.
transfer of the license on the Royal
Hotel from T. Lake.
James Oroft and Mis9 Grace McKeown, New Denver, were married
ln Nelson Wednesday night, by Rev.
Dr. Wright.
Wm. Hunter, Silverton's leading
nierchant,ha8 committed matrimony,
his bride being Miss Parsons, formerly schoolteacher at that burg.
Anniversary services will be held
in the Methodist church on Sunday,
Feb. 2. Rev. J. II. White, of Nelson,
will be tho preacher for tho day,
The Independent Labor party is to
be congratulated on the strong and
partially successful fight they put up
in the Rosslsnd municipal election.
The* C.P.R. will spend $250,000
in improving their Kootenav roads
next summer. The Slocan river section will receive considerable attention.
G. Brennan, steward of tho str.
Slocan, has accepted a position in the
dining cur service of the Grent Northern railway. Ills berth has been taken by relieving steward Bovle,
Harry Aylwin was married at New
Denver, on Tuesday, by Rev. A. E.
Roberts, to Miss O'Neill sister of Mrs.
C. Baker, of that town. They passed
through hero tho same day for Sf>o-
kane on a trip.
Sandon Liberals havo effected a
permanent organization. Should
this placo not send a delegate to tlie
Vancouver convention, Sandon will
send two, A. B. Docksteader and A.
Crawford being the men chosen.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
AcUuk Provincial Hecrrlnrj
NOTICE ii hereby given that I intend
to apply at a special sitting of tlie Board
of Licensing Commissionora for tlio City
of Slocan, to be held after (lie expiration
of 30 days from the date hereof, for a
transfer of tlie retail liquor license for
the premises known as the Lakeview
Hotel, situate on Lot 1, Ploek 1, Slocan,
to Alex. Stewart.
Dated at Sloean, B.C., this 2,'lrd day of
December, 1901.
Witness: Wm Ipe
Dissolution of Partnership
NOTICE is hereby (liven that the
partnership heretofore exist'ii'* between
tiie Undersigned, under tlie linn name of
Sloan ft Sclionberg, market (.'iirdencrs,
ha this day been dissolved By mutual
consent Tiie business will lie continued
by .lohn Sloan, to whom all bills owing
said firm must be paid nnd who will
liquislaie ail iiidcteilncsss.
Daled at Slocan, B.C., this 7lh day of
January, 1902.
**• -•       1'. M. SCHONBERG.
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  13. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at tho
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horsrs for
hire, at reasonable rates.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
B.  C.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why Im without a range when
you can get ono so cheap? The**
are prcferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B. C
J. I.
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
Engineer,    ,
SLOCAN. - - B. C.
The Murcutt Branch
of the W.C.T.U., Slogan,
Meets thejecond Thursday in each month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in the Presbyterian church. All meetings open
to those wishing tJ join.
Miss E. Stoughton, Mrs.M.D.McKei
President. Cor. Secretary.
Slocan City Miners' Union,
No. 62, w. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in thc Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Spruce and
Cherry Pectoral
will cure Coughs
Colds, Bronchitis
and all affections
of the Throat and
Lungs. For sale
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
Do not send
"East for your
Furniture !
Wc can supply' you in High
Grade Furniture, Carpets,
Oilcloths, and Linoleums, at
lowest prices.    -
Parlor Suites,
Pendesote Couches,
Wicker Chairs,
Iron and Brass Beds,
Bedroom Suites,
Rockers of ail kinds; etc.
We handle evervthing io
make a home comfortable.
Write to us for prices.
Nelson, B.C.
Removed to
new quarters.
Customers will now find our
Tailor Shop on Delaney Av.,
next to tho Oddfellows' block,
where commodious quarters
have been secured. You will
get better satisfaction than
ever. We have also put iu an
elegant new stock of
comprising aM the latest styles-
The prices are very reasonable.
Wc always guarantee satisfaction.
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
Slocan, B.C.
per annum,
Re-opened under
the old management
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. Arthmr Strsiet sod Dil*»r Ar«". Bloeasr..
Building thoroughly renovated
and re stocked with the best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Stoves!  Stoves!   Stoves!
Just look up MeCallum A Co.'s assortment of
Heating Stoves,   for either  coal or  wood.
Prices, from •*■ - $5 to $25
Steel Ranges from       - - $16 UP*
This is the best assortment of first-class
stoves that overcame ta Slocan. They burn
any kind of coal. Call around and satisfy
yourself and we will do the rest.
McCallum & Co.
General Hardware, Slocan.
Agents for Crow's Nest Coal; price delivered, $6.25 per ton.
Do You
Want a Home ?
Then come to Sloean, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats - Chnrohes,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens aresome
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, bached np by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
tt of
Iron Hert* No. 3 and  London Fractional
Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of tho Went Kootenny District
Where located t—On Ten Mile creek,
adjoining Enterprise mine.
TAKE NOTICE that I, F.C.Green,
acting ns agent for \V. D. Wrighter,
Free Miner's Certificate No. B69535,
intend, sixty days from the ilate hereof,
t<> npply ti th* Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining Crown grants- of the
above claims.
And further take notico that action,
under section 37, must bo commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 28th day of December, 1001.
10-1-02 F C. GREEN, Nelson, BC
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line; Lowest Rates
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To A. E. Hillman, or to any person
or perions to whom be may have
transferred bis one-quarter interest in
(he Great Northern mineral claim.situ-
ated at the head of the iif11* south fork
of Lemon cretk, Slocan City mining
You are hereby notified that we have
expended the sura of four hundred and
ten dollars in labor and general improvements upon tbe above mentioned
claim, in order to hold said mineral
claim under lhe provisions of tho Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
date of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in said claim
will become the property of the sub'
scribers, under section four of an act entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated this 2nd day of December, 1»01
6-12-01      T. BLENCH, E. II. STUBitti
Vs neon ver
Otta. a
New York
Sin 'eiseo
St.  Paul,  Chicago,   and  all U. S.
Tourist Sleeper Service
EAST-Leaves Revelstoke Wednesday. Friday and Sunday. Leaves
Dunmore Junction on Monday.
Thursday, Saturday. Leavee
Kootenay Landing Fridays.
WEST-Leaves Revelstoke Monday
Wedaasday, Friday.
Vancouver, Seattle, Coast Steamship
Service: From Vancouver lo
Alaska, Hawaii, China, Japan,.
Through bookings to Europe Tla al
Atlantic lines.   Prepaid ticket*
from all points at lowest rates.
J. 8. CARTER,     K. J. COYLI,
D.P.A., A.O. P. A.,
Nelson. Vancouver.
Agent, Slocan City


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