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The Slocan Drill 1902-01-03

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 len'mMfeKsss *t$ar-lirr?
YOL. II., No. 40.
SLOGAN,   "B.   C,   JANUARY   3,   1902.
•2.00 PER ANNUM.
Arrived In:
100 oases 40 per cent. Giant Powder
50 oases 60 !*'■
25 oases Gelatine Dynamite, Giant.
60,000 feet Gutta Percha Fuse
20,000 Al Blasting Caps
8 dozen 5-lb Verona Picks.
Hardware Merchants.
What abont a Mackinaw or a pair of Rubbers,
or a suit of Underwear.   Don't forget us.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinncy, B. C
A. YORK <fe CO..
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. . Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Vary Satlafuctory Showing- Made Under
Inoorparutlou-Queallon of the "Wm-
taaoue SS" Come* Before, the Kathera-
It la Dp to the Jet-go.
All the members of the city council, with the exception of Aid.Barber
were present at the regular meeting
on Monday night.
W. A. Galliher, M. P.,solicitor for
the "famous 34" and a number of
others, wrote as follows: "Take notice that an application will be made
to his lienor Jttil;;o Forin. en behalf
of (each applicant named ui a separate notice), at the court house, in the
city of Nelson, on the 6th dny of January, 1902, at tho hour of 11 o'clock
in the forenoon, for reinstatement on
the voters' list of the said city of Slocan, recently revised by tho mayor
of said city, claiming that he (each
applicant) is a license holder (nr pro
perty holder as the case might be' in
said city and hns been wrongfully
struck off said list by said mayor,"
The mayor remarked that he noticed that the names of John Wafer,
W. D. McGregor and others, did not
appear in tho notices sent by Mr.Gal*
liher, as they had no dim lit felt
aslinmed of themselves. He did not
consider any of them properly qualified, so had struck tbem off. There
was no personal feeling in thc mat-
tor. It came up to him and he did
•i's duty, but it whs now up to Judge
i ji'in."
Some small talk follow-*-], but the
aldermen felt there was nothing left
for them to do in tho matter.
Accounts presented: McCallarn &
Co., lumber, eta, $20.10; Citv clerk,
3 small books, 15c; T. 1). Wnmienck
& Co., nails, etc , $4.20. Bifls referred to finance committee.
City Uler!-. Foley noxt pr--sents*tl a
■sUitctiimt of the receipts and expc*-*-
Miluresof tho city '•f-rwii thA-date c'
ilits>r*-<>rniiun to the end of tho year.
It st'indi:
Hotel licenses $1233 87
Traders licunses 445 10
f\>g tax 105 00
Kea| e/itato tax .       147 5l>
Pwllce department 2 50
Miscellaneous 1 00
Real estate tax duo from gov. 487 12
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public. It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial-, and Mining Men.
GETHINd & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
RDM mil Personal Management of Jeff Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.	
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past Its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Gents' Furnishings.
Just opened up in my store, on Main
street a full line of Gents' Furnishings,
Clothing, etc.; also Rubbers, in women's,
men's, and children's sizes. All are to be
disposed at close margin for cash and one
price only. Orders taken for custom
clothing. All work first-class and fits
$342* 21
Sunuiis-s $ 13 55
Incorporation expenses 461 40
Legal 9 45
Election GO CK)
Printing & stationery 2G1 17
Police 2 00
MiHcelhuicons 88 50
Hunt & tools 77 85
Public buildings 29 28
Salaries 750 00
Streets, maintenance 1 50
Sidewalks, maintenance 9 25
Sidewalks, construction 518 55
Fire department 74 65
Interest on incorporation noto   20 16
Office furniture A fixturos 49 14
Office, mainteuanco 75
Sundry creditors 181.89
$2f-03 59
$186 35
The iiihv<.ii' stated he had spoken
to H. U. Curtis to audit the hooks or
the clerk and'treasurer. Aid. Brad
sh Wand .Smith moved that Mr.Cur*
tls be appointed auditor for the hooks
for tho year emling l'JOl,   Cirried.
Iiis worship stated thero would bo
a small account to como in under the
head of charity, on behalf of a poor
woman and family living near unround houso, wbo had been given a
stove and wood.
The clerk read oyer tho financial
statement again fir iho benollt ofthe
aldermen, who seemed to be pleased
with tho showing mude.
The clerk also reported having inspected 22 buildings under tho fire
limit bylaw. He found there wns a
genoral desire on the part ofthe citizens to comply with the provisions of
tho bylaw.
- Aid. Worden wanted to know If a
deed tor the cemetery had yet. been
received, but the mnyor and clerk
snid nothing had been forthcoming to
The clerk was Instructed to again
write'Mr. Fletcher on the subject;
also tho provincial secretary,relative
to the refund of real citato tax due
the city.
Council then adjiurned.
Work on tha l.agal.
Main Street, Slocan.
A. R. Bolderston nnd Win. Oeorge
wero down fr-m thc Legal, on the
first north fork of Lemon crook, to
upend the holidays. They hnvo (lit
veh 184 feet on the second drift on
that property nnd expect to cut tho
ore chute -hown in No. 1 in another
btondrcd feet,   Thero is nn ore streak
of eight inches now in tbe drift, containing mineral of good grade. When
the ore chute Is cut, tne** will have
stoping territory 225 feet in depth.
The Legal is a high grade gold proposition.  	
Trail Snialter H«l*»* Out tha Silver-Lea*
W. II. Aidredge, manager of the
Trail smelter, has Just returned from
an extended eastern trip and states
that the Canadian smelting works
will proceed at once with the construction ofa refinery at Trail ot sufficient capacity to handle the present
bullion output of the country, The
plant will be to a certain extent experimental,hut as soon as it is shown
that sufficient bullion can be obtained to insure its becoming a commercial success it will be enlarged and
extended or, possibly, another plant
will be built at Nelson or on tbe
Mr. Aidredge says that all ot the
metal markets have been most unsatisfactory to the mines, smelters and
refineries. The fall in lead and silver has affected the receipts of somo
ofthe Kootenay lead and silver mines
to the extent of $600,000 annually,
•comparing tl quotation of these metals in January with those at the
present, time. The smelters have
nlso lost heavily in buying and selling- on a falling market.
The railways and smelters are
thoroughly alive to the situation,and
while London lend remains at present
prices, they will join in making a reduction from $3 to $4 for the coming
vear in freight and treatment rates
on lead ores. The smelters are willing to reduce their charges providing
they can be relieved from the dan-
Ser of incurring further losses due to
ie decline in metals and as it is generally conceded that thc present price
of metals huve nearly reached bottom. To accomplish thi* it is proposed that the prrliiufnnrv settlements involving 90 per cent of the-
proeeeds will bu made ass nmi as the
rerraltri*/* known at tbe MM*lt-*r,"Tb->
final settlement to be mnde on quo
tations for metals 90 days after the
preliminary settlement. It is proposed to reduce the zinc limit from 10
to 8 per cent, which would mean that
on clean lead ores carrying 40 per
cent lead and over tlie total reduction
in freight and treatment charges will
be $4 per ton, while on ores containing over 8 per cent zinc tiie net re
duetion will be $3 per ton.
The above reductions in rates will
not compensate the mines for their
losses in the decline of metals from
tho first of 1901 te the present time,
but as the quotations for London lead
during tho latter part of 1900 and the
beginning of 1901 were abnormally
high, it is hoped that the mines will
tiud it to their interest to continue
operations at these figures. The
average price of London lead for a
number of years has beeu between
£12 and £13, and a reduction of $4 a
ton of ore is equivalent to $11 A ton
of lead, assuming the ere to contain
40 per cent lead and that the smelter
pays for 90 per cent. This reduction
uf $1 would mako the present lead
quotation on the basis ef 1900s rates,
£12 9s9d.
council will end their spending
money limited, the civic assessment
should be confirmed, the rate struck
and taxes collected without delay.
With tbe support ofthe school thrown
on tbo city, there is need of every
cent in sight, and judicious economy
must be the order of the dav nntil
such times as tbe citv can feel its
wsv. One thing positive, it is in no
shape to incur heavy indebtedness
for waterworks or electric light just
ytt.   Yours truly,
Slocan, Dec. 81, 1801.
civic uovrhnmbnt.
Epitor Dhill;
Sir,—As ono of those favoring the
incorporation of Slocan at the outset,
I do not see much reason to complain
at tho financial statement read at the
council meeting on Monday night,
Apparently there have In en no violent squanderings, nnd tho ratepayers can sec for iht'iiiHclvr-B what bas
been done. The deficit shown is not
large, but there is no justification
for including the government refund
from real estate taxes as a receipt.
The elty has not got the money and
are not likely to—at least, not all of
it. lt would have looked bettor for
the present council to have stood
honestly by their record and shown
their full indebtedness, rather than
to cook up a flossy statement by en-
crouching on the funds of tho coming
council, llowover.they haven't done
too badly, and with the experience
gained in 1901 the incoming city
council can judge how to ran things
for 1902.
Iu the first place, there must be no
tampering with the publie franchises
nnd in the second a new lino of economy must be followed, iu order that
the citizens may gain all that la
coming to them. With the hotels ro
duccd in number, the city will have
to rulse tho licenses to tlie $-300 figure
per annum. Then the city should be
given a police magistrate, so that
something may eventuate to tho gen-
em! revenue; as also the scavenger
business sliould be assumed by the
municipality. A road tax bylaw
and n combination of the clerk's and
polieo departments would give the
city considerable money and enable
more street improvements to bo car*
ricd out.   Lastly, m the iueo*alng
Two Carlaad* ot" Rich Or* to ba Rent Out
THIS Heath.
Mining men eontimtt to be much
interested in tho development of tbe
Ottawa since the recent marvelous
strike therein. Up to Saturday night
the drift had penetrated the ore chute
21 feet and there was no diminution
in size, while the ore, if anything,
was getting richer. A teat sample of
the paystreak was sent to tbe Trail
smelter and tbe returns showed 1329
oz. sliver, 1) per cent copper and *
ofl per cent lead. In the 21,ft
driven the average width ofthe shipping ore is 2ft feet ar-" ♦»•<• '...-«.■. * as*
sav, the bonders assert, uow represents the value of the entire streak.
Another assay upon 37 sacks of sortings from the first class ore gave 222
oz silver.
On Saturday RE. Allen was given
the contract for doing the packing for
the property, the first duty being the
breaking of the trail to the mine.
Several thousand feet of lumber is
being taken op for the building ofa
new inesBbonse and ore shed, as the
lessees expect shortly to increase the
working force. Ore is being sacked
up daily and two carloads are to be
sent out by the 20th Inst Some of
the ore is valued at $1 per pound.
Tbe lessees bave become most enthusiastic over their holding and are
asking $100,000 for their rights.
Both Nelson papers contained estimates of the output of the mines of
Yale and Kootenay fer last year, thc
Tribune putting the value at 110,
000,000 and the Miner at $13,000,000.
The latter's figures, however, are
hazy, as, for instance, they give no
Slocan tonnage, dividing it up as the
Sloean lake and Ainsworth districts.
The Tribune's estimate and comments are as follows:
Although accurate data ia not obtainable, it is safe to approximate the
output of the metalliferous mines of
East and West Kootenay and Yale at
$10,000,000 for the year 1901. This
is a slight gain oyer tho year 1900,
notwithstanding the shutdown of the
mines at Rossland becaus j of the demand of the muckers for the same
rate of wages paid in other camps.
The mines of East Kootenay, owing
to the fall in tha prices of lead and
silver, also suspended operations
early in the summer. The losses of
Rossland aud East Kootenay aro offset by the gains made in the Boundary and tho Slocan. Close on lo
850,000 tons of ore in all were mined,
and theaggrcgate value ($10,000,OOO)
shows that the ore averaged over $12
a ton, which is a pretty good average, seeing that the ores ofthe Boundary are low grade, probably the
lowest grade of any ores in the world
profitably treated by fire concentration.   The figures are as follows:
300,000 $3,000,000
870,000 2,200,000
110,000 1,100,000
30,000 2,400,000
15,000 C00.000
2,800 350,000
10,000 830,000
East Kootenay
All other camps
827,800 $10,000,000
Black lluaaar Working.
Frank Provest came In from the
Blaek Hussar, on the first north fork
of Lemon creek, on New Year's dav.
He and J. Kadcliff, the owners, have
been putting their camp into shape
for active work. Thoy have sent up
supplies and intend to do considerable
development. The main work will
be centred on the crosscut being run
to tap the lead, which, when cut,will
open up a large amount of sloping
territory. The property has excellent outoroppings of ore, chiefly galena, and it is looked upon as a shipping proposition.
A IUr-.lt.sjr Showing.
Sloean can produce the beat of evidence that it li a healthy placo
wherein to reside A compilation of
tho births, marriages and deaths for
tlie elty for 1901 makes interesting
reading. There were 23 births, 9
deaths and 12 marriages. Canada's
population will never decrease so long
Iii Slocan ii on the map.
I.a.t Tear'. Shlpuieate WtN *S«7 Ton*--
A Health? Bvldenoa of tho "Ufa aad
Wealth of tha Camp—Arllagtea thjm
Blggeit Shipper.
With this week's ore shipments will
end the exports for the year 1901,
sliowing a record unsurpassed by any
silver camp in the west, and placing
the Slocan City division in the front
rank of the province. While in 1900
the shipments totaled 2847 tons,being
tho highest on record, those for 1901
reached 6514 tons, making a net in*
crease of about 140 per cent for the
year. These figures cannot be accepted as final, for when tho Arlington receives Its returns from tbe
smelter, it will be found tbnt there is
a further increase. For thc portion
ofthe week from Thursday morning
to the end of December, the Arlington
shipped out 2C0 tons and tbe Enter*
prise 20, giving a total pretty elose
■there-rrre!. The, firmer has a total of 5-:si* tons for' tl,<* year, almost
double the exports for the entire division for 1900. The Arlington is
averaging close to 50 tons a day lately, every effort being made to get
the ore dewn while the snow lasts.
The prospects are favorable for an
export of 1200 tons for January, as
the Ottawa will have two cars to send
out and the Enterprise 100 tons, to be
added to the Arlington shipments.
For 1902 it is estimated the division
will ship 10,000 tons.
Last year the exports from this di*
vision amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Following is
a list ot the shipments this j ear to
Arlington    26G
Enterprise     20
Two Friends	
Blsck Prince -_   .
Fourth of July	
The Goodcnough will pay another
dividend this month.
Ore from the Ottawa commenced
coming into town on Monday.
A heavy cave-in has taken place on
the Queen Fraction, below Silverton.
Two carloads of ore a day is being
handled from the Hewett, Four Mile..
The Slocan Star has closed down
tight, no reason being assigned therefor.
Four feet of clean ore is showing In
the winzo below thu No.5 drift on tbe
The introduction of machine drills
at the Enterprise is letting out a
number of men.
Cross & Nathan, lessees of the Duplex, anticipate making a shipment
of ore in the spring.
The Slocan picked up about 120
tons of ore in two days this week
from tho lake shippers.
A dividend of $25,000has. just been
declared bv tho Slocan Star, being a
total of $485,000 to date.
During November the Ymir.mine
ran 80 stamps for (127 hours, with an
estimated profit on working of $19,*-
When all the returns are in, tho
ore shipments fnr the entire Slocan
will round up close to 30,000 tons for
last year.
If ore shipments from tho lake ports
continue to increase, the C.P.K. will
have to put on the tug .Sandon to relieve the strain.
Geo. Aylwin has struck a four inch,
paystreak on the Pontiac, Ten Mile,
assays from which are upwards of 200
oz in silver per ton.
Another dividend hns been declared by the Rambler-Cariboo, being
No. 8 so paid. Regular dividends of
one per cent a month are promised
for tne future.
Two feet of solid galena, assaying
1500oz to the ton, has been struck ou
the Silversmith, one of the Slocan
Star group. The ore was encountered in a crosscut run to determine tho
apex nf the disputed vein of thc Rabbit Paw.
The Enterprise management sent
the following cable to England last
morth: "Mill shut down for nlno
days owing to a break In the crusher
jaws. Will push this work to every
extent In our power. Fowler reports
mine ia looking well,"
WH S*"***
■Copyria-ht. 1901 by Thomas P. Montfort
"1 don't understand tbat," Melvln
said, with a laugh. 'Tut It In plain
English, If you please."'
"Waal, It seems kind of odd that two
fellers would be seut down yere by
different companies, all at once, to
hunt for mineral, specially wben thar
hain't no mineral to hnnt for, so I
Mowed mebby your company had concluded to send a feller to holp you out
a bit"
"Two fellows sent down here! Wbat
do you mean?"
"Jest that Thar's another feller yere
besides you."
"Who Is It?"
"Lord a-massy, I don't know who It
"How do you know he's hereT"
"Seed him, seed him wltb my own
"Right yere."
Melvln began to feel uneasy. He
didn't like tbe Idea of another tuan
coming there claiming to lie a prospector for mineral*-. It didn't bave tho
right look, ind It smacked of something wrong.
"Did he tell you bis name?*' be asked.
"Be told me a name," Turner replied.
"A name! Do you tblnk he didn't
tell you his own name?"
"Lord a-massy, how can 1 tell? You
fellers come down yere an say yonr
names Is so an so, an how do I know
whether you're tellln tbe truth or
whether you ain't?"
Melvin blushed and eyed tbe old man
keenly. Sucb talk made him suspicious. Then he was not easy about
tbat newcomer. He wondered If Turner bad beard something to arouse his
suspicions. Wben one is In continual
suspense, It requires but little to alarm
him. Quietly enough, however, Melvln
"What name did that man give your
"Walte-W-u-l-t-e. He spe.Med It out
for me. Said he belonged to the tlrm
of Walte & See."
"Walte&See!  Humph!"
•That ain't your Arm, 1 reckon."
"Don't know nothln "bout 'em, I
"Quare name for a firm, ain't It?"
"That*a wbat be aaid It was, though
I asked blm bis name, an be snlsi
'Walte.' Tben I asked blm wbo In
worked for, an be said 'Walte ft See.'"
"Humph! Wbat kind of looking man
was her'
"Putty slick lookin feller—sorter
young, sorter tall, sorter dark, sorter
slim nn sorter clean shared. 1 mought
'a' found out more 'bout him, but you
know I'm pow'ful backwards 'bout
askin questions an 'peared like he
didn't keer 'bout answerln wbat I did
"How came he to tell you that he bad
come down bere to prospect for minerals?"
"Wby, we got to talkln an runnln on
•bout one tblng an another, an I up an
mentions 'bout you a-bcln yere, an he
asks all 'boui you an 'bout whnt you
was <loln yere. When I says you are
yere a-smel'in round for mineral, he
says, Thi'n I reckon I want to meet
that man seeln's we're both on the
same line of business.' That's Jest
bow be come to mention bis object In
comla .yere."
Ms*: in was silent a long time and
deep!, thoughtful. Tbo coming uf that
stranger annoyed and worried blm.
Turner's description of the man,
though vague and general, suited very
mnch to the deserlptlon of one he did
no' care to sec, tbe brother of the
man whose llfu be bad taken.
The claim of the stranger that he,
too, had come tbere to prospect for
mineral rondo bis appearance all the
more alarming to Melvln, for no one
knew better than Melvln that no capitalists were going to waste money la
useless prospecting In tbat section.
That claim would do very well, he
thought, to fool tbe natives with, but
no one wltb ordinary business sense
would believe It for a minute.
He waa half Inclined to leave tbe
Ridge at once, and hud It not been for
Mrs. Ranks be would bave done so.
Hf felt that even at the risk of bis life
he must remain tbere until be lind succeeded In gaining one more Interview
with her. Strange how weak a man,
strong In all things else, can be when It
comes to woman and love! By and by
Melvln broke the silence by saying,
"You said that man waa here today,
ao I presume he is not bere now?"
"Lord a-massy, no! No, sir-eel ne
wanted to atop, but we bad no place
for blm 'less we put blm to sleep wltb
you, an we 'lowed we'd best not do
that, seeln's you are so doggoned par
"I'm glad you came to tbat conclusion," Melvln replied, "for 1 certainly
ahould bave objected to abarlng my
bed wltb any one else."
"That's the way I flggered It Too
aeem to be 'bout as squeamish ao ex-
actln as the feller that stopped down
to Squire Hwaou's oncet Ever bear
'bout tbat chap?"
"< Jiu*ee not"
"Waal, sir, be was a gopd un shore.
Ri-g'lar blame crank, as the feller says,
Uot mad 'cadse tbo bed fell down with
nun in the inglit nn tie had to sleep on
the floor. Squire explained to lilm Unit
It wns nil Jest n accident nn you know
accidents will happen spite of anything, but that feller wns so dogi*oiie
unreasonable thnt squire's explanation
didn't satisfy him. Next uinrnin he
got maililer 'an n wet hen 'cause while
he was eatin breakfast a cat jumped
ou the table an snatched the ment
outen his plate au run oH with It.
Squire ketched the dad burned cat an
took the meat away from It an put It
hack on the feller's plate, thlnkin nat'
rally that he done all anybody could
expect of him, but he fouud he was
mistaken. Feller, 'stld of thankln
squire, i-'ai-eil up an said he wa'n't goln
to stop nt no slch place. Squire, In
eo'se. feels hurt to be talked to that
away after all his pains to please, so
'<! cut Jumped on the talte an imuiau.it
lhe im ut outcn his plate."
he charges tbe teller a dollar an tells
him to git. i'ow'ful unreas'nable sort
of a chap, tbat feller was, wa'n't he?"
"Hut that's way of some folks. No
matter how much you put yourse'f out
fer 'em, they ain't goln to be pleased."
"Yes; that's true. But about tbat
man who wns bere today. I wonder
where he went"
"Oh, he went on down the road, 'low
fu he'd And a place somewhar to bang
up his hat S'pect mebby be'll stop
with old HI Jenkins. 1 most forgit.
but 1 ruther think tbls ain't old Ell's
day for chlllln. If It ain't he'll be in
good humor, an he's moughty nigh
shore to let tbat feller stop."
"I pity that man if It shoiil " turn out
tbat this is Ill's day for clil.ug." Melvln remarked, thinking of is.a own experience wltb Mr. Jenkins.
"Lord a massy, yes!" Turner agreed.
"He's a pow'ful One man wben he's
rightly at lilsse'f, but when bts ager's
u workin on him be ain't os patient as
he mought be, an It nat'rally riles hlin
to he picked an nagged at at slch
Mi Ivln arose anil began to pace slow
ly to ami fro across the yard. Ills
minis were crossed behind him. and
lilts lit-ml was hent. nnd to nil outward
M>)nni'Hin*i>a his ti.'liid was busy with
deep and serious thoughts. Turnei
watched him from under his shaggy
brows, aud he, tuo. was having somi
thoughts fnr deeper ninl far more serious than any one knew.
After awhile Melvin stopped In front
.if Turner and asked:
"How far Is It over to III Jenkins'
"'Rout two mile, I reckon," Turner
replied, "rlsln clost on to'that anyhow.
Vou thlnkin of goln over thar?"
"Ob. no. I have no business tbere,"
Melvln answered disinterestedly. "I
wns just wondering how far It was. I
guess I shall hnve to ride over to
Iteekett's Mill tonight, though. 1 pre-
■sutiie the store will be open?"
"Oh. yes. the atore'll be open." Then
Turner added to himself. "All the store
you'll want, young feller."
Tap Sampson, coming down the
street from the store, saw a woman
dressed In musty black leave his bouse
as he approached and walk away In
the opposite direction. Her bead was
bent, and her altitude and movement
gnvo unmistakable evidence thnt sh<
was In deep trouble.
As Tap entered thn yard Mrs. Sampson nppcarcd In the open front door, a
look of troubled anxiety on her wrinkled, homely, but kind old face.
"Mlrandy." Tap said eagerly, "wa'n't
that thu wldder Maun that jest went
Mrs. Sampson nodded.
"I thought It wns," Pap went on,
"though I wa'n't clost enough to see
ber face. Somethln wrong with her,
ain't they?"
"Thn pore critter's In a peck of trouble," Mrs. Sampson answered.
"I'd say't!" Tap exclaimed thoughtfully. "Humph! All nlong of whnt
folks are a-sayln of her an Sim Hanks,
I reckon."
"Waal, It's along of that, Pap, but
not 'bout that exactly. You know sho's
got a piece of wheat down on her farm,
an It's ripe and needs cuttln."
"An It 'pears lack sbe'd made a trade
with Sim a good spell ago to cut It for
her ou the sheers."
"She did. Mlrandy. I was a witness
to the trade, an I mind It well."
"Waal, now, becus of all the talk
that's a gwlne 'bout, Sim bo's backed
out an won't tech that wheat"
"Why, 1 wonder?"
"Becus be says If bo did It'd give
more color to what folks are a-sayln."
"An It would, too, Mlrandy; It would
"So, not havln no money to live with
an not beln able to make no trade with
nobody else, Mary Mann Is plumb at
the, end of her row, an abe don't know
which way to turn."
(To be Continued.)
ON THE VERGE Or*»5UCr*c&fc
The   Eaay   Stewnril   «nd   IUe   Andis-
cloaa 'Hi rn ft or."
A man walked int.) one of the up
town college clubs one morning and snt
down In the smoking room. His illr of
assurance wns hardly In accord with
his tattered clothes. It was early, and
noue of the members was nbout. He
rang the bell, aud tbe steward responded.
"lt seems good to get back Into the
club again," lie remarked,
"Yes, sir,*' ntid the steward.
"I used to be a member here, but I've
had hard luck and can't afford it any
"Yes, sir; I'm sorry, sir," said the
"By the way, I'm a little short of car
fare this morning," said the nervy
stranger. "Could you let me have ten
cents until I call here again?"
Tbe surprised steward renched Into
his pocket and handed out a dime.
"Thank you," snliTthe man. "Now,
I'm also a little hungry, having had no
breakfast. Do you suppose you could
gather me up a little luncheon?"
The steward wus stupefied by such a
display of nerve.
"And n littlo whisky with a dash of
bitters would not go badly with the
Tho steward fled as one of tbe members entered. Tl.. stranger saw tbe
new arrival and rose hastily.
"I am too early for my friend." he
said as ho walked toward the door.
"I will return later." Then ho added
In an undertone, which tbe doorboy
beard: "Too bad, too bad! That steward was easy. He'd given me the club
If I'd asked for It It's a wonder those
members wouldn't stay away." The
man of nerve walked down tlie street
w'.tb his head bowed In deep thought.
"How to get that luncheon without
paying for It" was his theme.
The traveler in China, who pays
from 1 lo ;} cents a day to a number of coolies to tote him several
hundred miles across the desert,
]ia\s an extravagant price for the
transit ns compared with the man
boards ti limited train in New York
city for San Francisco, which is operated by an engineer, ilreman, conductor and braketnan, whose salaries
range from §75 to $1*00 per moutb-
Youth is really the only thing
worth having—and it is about all
the average vouth has.
Cork weighs lifteen pounds per cubic foot, gold 1,155 pounds. •
Observation lends lo the conclusion
thut a political job is not hai-d afler
you got it.
Some follows' only idea of tt good
time is to have a headache the next
Some people only keow by hearsay
that it is moro blessed to'give, than
to receive.
Her Father—Well, sir, what caii I
do for you ?
Hit Lovor—I-cr-called to nee if
you-s-r-wotild give assent to my
marriage to your daughter.
Her Father—Not a cent, sir; not a
cent,   flood day !
No one ever yet managed a love affair and anything else successfully at
Uie same time.
Observation leads to the conclusion
that a political job is not hard after
you got lt.
The rules, lntcrlbed on a tablet now
In tbe Hermitage, tbe famous St Petersburg Museum of Art are as follows:
I. Leave your rank outside as well
as your bat and sword.
II. Leave your right of precedence,
your pride and any similar f*aellug outside tbe door.
III. Be gay, but do not spoil or gnaw
IV. Sit, stand walk as you will.
Witbout reference to anybody.
V. Talk moden.tely. not loud, so ns
not tc make tiie heads or ears of others
VI. Argue without anger and without excitement
VII. Nelthe- sigh nor yawn, nor
make any one feel dull or heavy.
VIII. In all Innocent games, whatever one proposes, let nil Join.
IX. Eat whatever Is sweet and savory, but driuk with moderation, so that
each mi.. d bis legs on leaving the
X. Tell no tales out of school. Whatever goes In a** one ear must go out at
the other btiore leaving the room.
",'p-iever offends against rule X shall
nev . i „ain be admitted.
Our grunde dame will call these rules
her Ten Commandments.
The  Tirrapln   Disease.
Tho terrapin is thought to bave much
Influence In canning rdeknese, nnd the
terrapin disease Is either a rheumatic
affliction about the chest and ribs or
possibly some pulmonary trouble. The
association of lhe terrapin with diseases
In this i.rtlon of the body doubtless
originates from the fact that thc ribs
of the terra;lu nre not free, as In the
case cf nost of tlie higher animals, but
are united Into one piece.
An Ind Ion who wns ill applied for relief to a shn-iiari and wns naked, "Did
yen not when a hoy tie strings to the
terrapin's tall nnd worry the creature?'
Tbe patient admitted that he did.
"Well," said tho medicine man, "that
Is what Is tbe mutter. It Is tbe terrapin's turn now, an.l the terrapin Is paying off old scores. You have the terrapin sickness, and all your ribs bave
grown together and to your breastbone."
The shaman administered the proper
.remedy prescribed In sucb cases—I forget what It was—and the man thought
he was cured.
Doing Hla Beet.
In tbe early morning 1 went to the
postofflce In an Alabama town to Inquire for mall, but found I was linlf
an bour too early. I was walking away
when the colored Janitor wbo was
sweeping out called to me and asked:
"Was yo' procrnstinatln' around yere
arteryo'r mo.il, sab?"
"Yes, but I seo I'm too early."
"Yes, sab, tuo airly. An' was yo' a
stranger In dis town?"
"An' hain't yo' no one to talk to?"
"Den, sah, If yo' don't keer to eliminate about de street fur half an bour
yo' can stop right yere, an' I'll do my
best to considerate de reciprocity of de
Bltuashun an' make yo' feel to home!"
A Civil  Word.
A French king once said: "If a civil
word or two will make a mnn linppy,
ho must be a churl Indeed who would
not give tbem to him." If this feeling
wore acted on, how much happier Iht
world would be! We may say of tli!**
kindly temper tbnt It is like llgutllip
another man's cunilie by one's own
which loses nono of Its light by whs.
tho other gains.
Magistrate (to the Chlnutiiant-Wlinl'i
your complaint against this young man
Chluamio-He's too muebeu by am
Decide For Yourself By a Simple   Experiment if   .You  Have
Kidney Disease.
backache,   pains  in the limbs,   not
not   know   that they are In reality
weaker, experience more or less puf-
llxing itself upon tho systom.
lind out If the kidneys are diseased,
and allow some urine to stand in It
the bottom of the vessel you cun be
rcomponiod    by    the   symptoms re-
Scorea and hundreds of |*eople who are complaining c.lmost daily ot
unlike rheumatism, and stinging, scalding sensations when urinating, do
suffering from kidney derangements. Gradually they become thinner and
flness under the eyes and swelling of  the limbs, and feel chronic disease
It Is not necessary for you to  undergo an expensive examination lo
You can make the examination for yourself.   Take a clean glass vessel
for twenty-tour hours.   If at lhe end  of that timo thero are deposits1 in
certain thai the kidneys are not in  healthy working ordsT.   Thia test, a
fsrrod to above, are indisputable evidence of kidney disease.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills
There is no longer any question about the efficiency of Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills aa a prompt,
through and lasting cure for every form of kidney disease. Their combined action on the kidneys and liver
enables them to curo chronic and complicated diseases which cannot bo touched by ordinary kidney niedl-
cins*s. You can deps*nd on l>r. Chase's Kidney-Liver rills every time. One pill a dose. 25 cents a box, at all
dealers or Edmanson, Bates *. Co., Toronto. 	
M   o<xkO
/koclu    a,     \fe<% f
Cured without Drugs,
Plasters or Unlmsnts
There is no need to suffer torturinf**
pains and ruin your stomach with
drugs when you can be completely
cured in from one day to a few weeks.
Read the evidence :—
"I was ■ufTerln*-*- from rheumatism
al! ovar my body beforo I got your Bolt
and ln three months was entirely
cured "-William Aldons, 214 Ohrlatlo
street, Toronto.
MI am arl-ad to say that my rhou matlo
pains are .rone and I have not had a
lame baotc slnea I put the Belt on. '—
Joseph Llttlejohn, Markdale, Ont
" The best day's work I ever done was to oome to Toronto see you, as lt was a new start
ln life I was nearly drawn double with pain, but there Is not a traoe of it left-"-S. Nlok-
erson, Niagara Falls South, Ont
" I am pleased to tell you that I am well, and that after giving- your Be t a fair trial I
am completely cured or rheumatism."  Henry Hale, 206 Bay street N., Hamilton
Dr. McLaughlin's Electric Belt
Stops thn pain, fre-s the blood from uric acid and gi res strength to the pain-worn muscles an 1 nerves. It le
the only Relt thnt doesn't burn or blister. It also cures Nervous DUnrda-ra, Weak Back, Lumbago. Sciatioa,
Liver, Kidney anil Bowel Troubles, " Come-and-Go " Fains and that Tired Peeling after every other treatment
has foiled. I guarantee a cure If I eay It will cure. I don't ask any one to take ohanoos on
iiy invention. It doesnt coet you anything If It fai la.
CALL TO-DAY.   Consultation free.
FREE BOOK,    If you can't call lend for my 80-page book, whieh tells of my method of treatment and
testimonials fioui (Im euvod.   Sent, sealed, free.    Address, oncloalng this ad,
dr. m. b. Mclaughlin,
Office Hourii-—9 n. m.  to 8 .'HI p. in.
MrI'.sod Adopts--! hy m Detroit Young
Man Ib u (Juration of Marriage.
"It wa* settled some tiuie ago lhat ht
wm to marry my daughter," said tin* father of n i*iii sif iiis. period, "hut it yit
irin.iiiii.il for the young mini to get my
consent It wa* merely a formality, how-
crer, on I lind cut nu figure, whatever
during the campaign, my Kill arranging
mutters to milt herself without consulting
me or my wishes.
"Now, I remembered with whnt trepidation I hml uppronshed my wife's father when I nsked hifti for her band, nnd
I made up my niliisl that when thnt young
man showed up lo oak me for my daughter's hand I wonld have revenge not only
for what I hail to pais through when I
urged my suit, hut for being shoves! to
the background during the present proceedings.
"Well, be called at my ollice ycMerdny,
and I told m.v ollice hoy to iiilmlt liiin
and leare ua nlone nnd seo that wu wero
not disturbed.
" 'Just dropped in,' anld ho easily, declining to tnke n seat, 'to toll ynu that I
am going to many your daughter tbe
middle of next month. It will Im on Inform nl nffnlr, io roil mny consider your*
self invited witbout further notice, ('.mil
"Before I eo.ild cnteh my breath he
was gone, nntl when I complained to my
daughter ubout li Ih treatment of mn all
the comfort 1 got wiih (but I could consider myss-Jf fortunate lu gs'ttlng an Invitation, ni <t wn* lo be a v«ry exclusive
. The Trlnla  oJ  (Jrnla*.
"John, denr," ibe sn'd In her (tweet, af-
frc-tiisiinlss Voice, which she i,nly UH,.,\ on
rnre occasions, "nre you well up with
yonr CbrlltUSS work?"
"Pretty well," he -sighed nn he put a
perlmj to a poem which h.i.i siuioitt given
mm nervou* prgstrfctJon.    "Wby do you
"HecnuRc, denr. I'm nfrniil you are tin-
dermlnlng yuur health, nnd I want you to
(iiLi> a recess tun) wrilc mo n slmit atory
to pny for my new drags, a couplu of po-
eiim for my hut ninl gloVes, a goosl, itir-
riug campaign ming that will bring in
enough for a ton of coal nmi ono or two
of those ilnilini; love poem* for mime Inrd
uu.) n sugai coated bom, nmi bam, dear,
ll only twelve CtBtS u pound!"
The  Soft   Assssvrr That  Failed.
"Ansl always remember Ihi*, niy lion,"
laid the man who wiih trying to give hia
boy a proper mart in life, "(hut 'a aoft
aii'.uir tiiinilb nwnv winth.'"
"No, it don't," little Willie replied.
"Uny before yesterday at school I hud
('Inn ley Juineaon nearly icaresl lo sis-nth,
hut I gnv« him a aoft answer, and thut
minis' blm III in U I was nfruisl, *o he got
mail ami lilt me' on (be hum* before I
knew about It. You don't get nie to go
glvin' nny more Ki.fl nnswcri. A good,
hig bluff'i the tblug to lire ut them if yon
wuut to tiiru away wmtb."
unworldly friend,
"Of courmi I enn," answered Senator
Borgbum In n tone of *light Irritation. "I
never yet fnils*sl to pay every cent I proui-
Im'sl for a vote."— Wais'iliigton Star.
More  ("nlpalile.
"I don't see how you s'nii wnate your
time writing such uoiihi'iiko as you put
into your speeches!" mini the overcaudid
"Humph!" rejnl I the ora'or.   "Don't
crltlslsio me. Look at nil thoio people
who wants* tbelr time littetiiug to It!"—
Washington star.
A  Comforting  Improvement.
Pinchbeck—Ah, doctor I I nee you continue your vltsltH to my neighbor, Guf-
finger. How is be, hy the way, thia
Doctor- I am glnd to he ablo tn report
a notleenlile improvement lo big cane.
Pinchbeck-* Indeed I Ia he able to do
anything yat?
Doctor—Yea, Indeed! He was ablo to
pay IiIh liill yoNtenliiy, anil lhat'a a marked Improvement nn compared to tho bulk
of my pntienti.-Richmond Dlipntch.
No  Self   Iteproaoh.
"Can you truthfully aay that you went
Into oflics. With nn absolutely clear conscience V" inquired tbo very fnmiliar l>g*
The Onlr Safetr.
noiiBukeeper— I don't see why a big,
nlilebsisliesl mnn like you ahould be beg-
gliv; for a living,
Tramp—To tell yen th* truth, mum,
foil's In beeomin' ao lined heartesl that a
gent linn got to he big un' ahlebndied to
beg without gettin' hurt.— New York
The   Wlis   Hnahnnd.
"John," ihe snid, "do ynu think you
can ulTiiril n new gown for nie?"
He (poked at her nhnrply.
"Hnve you ordered It?" he aiked.
"Then," he mi Id. wltb a sigh of resignation, "I can nffiird it."
Her  Idee,
"Kimih Bernhardt Is again throwing
bouquets at the American people."
"Yea; Hurnh contemplate* another
American tour, wben nlio hope* thnt those
bouquet* will coma home lo roost."—
PltUburg Ohrn*jleli.-Telegrniili.
Edllh-Ynu soy old Mr. Goldley de-
r-clvctl Edith dreadfully about bis age?
(J Inilys-Yes, poor girl I After they
wero mnrrled be confosssd that be wns
only  Sixty   IllHteinl  of seveiitv-flva. The Drill.
Men's   Hatboxee.
"It might seem." said a trunk and
bag manufactuftr. "that a man's hat-
box was Just a hatbox; but as a matter of fact, men's lmtboxes are made
In -very sconsl.derable variety. They are
oval nnd square and oblong as to form,
of sole leather,-or harness leather and
of enameled leather as to material and
of various capacities, fr6m boxes designed for one hat to boxes for four
bate. And there are made in the oval
ebape boxes with a removable center
section 1n which, according, as thnt section is taken out or left In, can be carried oue bat or three.
"And some hatboxee bave a tray for
•collars and cuffs, and so on, and ln
eouio tbe hat bowls ure removable, so
ttiat upon occasion the' box can be turned into a good sized plain case that can
be used for any.purpose whatever."
Tomorrow Is not elastic enough In
will, li to press the neglected duties of
If u man could make a single rose,
we should give him an empiro; yet
roses and Mowers no leas beautiful^
are Scattered in profusion over the
world, und no one regards them.—
| Luther.
IMinart'! LlilMt Cora Garget la Coil
Tl* o are fifty-five dogs in the
[lJuii.il Kingdom to every thousand
linhal iiants.
Thirtcon Ilrlti?h life assurance
office i decline proposals from unvae-
tinals.il persons.
Severe colds are easily cured hy the nae ot
s Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup, u medicine of
extraordinary penetrating and hssislisu,- prsjper-
H Is acknowledged by those who have
a it as boing tho best medicine sssld for
_ghs, colds, inflammation of the luni*-., and
|1 affections of the tbro.it  aud  chest.    Its
rreeab eness to tho taste makes it a favorite
i'Kth ladies and children.
Ho art holds the record uniong
omposers of having written 024
|Be—are of Ointments for Catarrh
Tbat Contain Mercury,
la* mercury will surely destroy the sense of imell
I and completely derange the whole system when
| enteriuK it through the mucous surface*.    Such
[ article... should never he used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the damage
they .ill do is tenfold to th,) eood you eanpos-
i ibly derive from them.    Hall's Catarrh Cure,
imanufictured by F. J. Cheney _ Co.,Toledo, O ,
contains no mercury, and la taken Internally,
kctinc slireclly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of tho system.    In buying Hall's Catena
t*urobsl sure you get the genuine.    It Is taken
paternally, and made in. Toledo, Ohio, by F. J.
J Cheney S Co, Tostisnenials free.
I    8..I.I hr Druggists, price 75c. per bottle.
Ball's Fisuiily Pills are the beat.
Of  the 1,900,328 domsfrt-ic oor vanis
[\n the  United  Kingdom only 180,7:13
linart's Liniment Cures Dipbtteiia.
At  (he Stro-tzi   Palace,   in    Rome.
thei-c is a "book made of marble, the
Slravsis  l.cing of  marvellous  thinmins.
Lowest Bound Trip Rates
to point* In ,m^
Proa Dauphla, Oraae
View, PorUge la Prairie,
Brsarton, Hartaey, En-cr*
sea, Man; Raley Klver,
Oat, aad lalenaedlate
poloti, to points lo Pro*
vloceiol Ontario aod Qat'
bee, Montreal aad West
First Class In overy respect.
Choice of Routes
Stop-ovoia allowed.
Tickets Good iot
Three Months
%     Small charge mado for farther
extension of timo.
into the future and see the
condition to which your
rough, if neglected, will
brine you, you would seek
relief at once—and that
naturally would be through
SHILOH cures Consumption-, Bronchitis, Asthma,
and all Lung Troubles.
Cures Coughs and Colds
in a day. 25 cents.
Guaranteed.   .   .   .   •   .
Write to S. C. Wbtjus & Co., Toronto,
Can., for free trial bottle.
Karl's Clover Root Tea purifies the Blood
Ixst us have faith that right makes
might, anil in. this faith let us, to
tho end, dare to do our duty, ns we
untie I'M 4 snd   it.—Abraham Lincoln.
The British working-class family
spends on an average $140 a week
en liquor.
Tickets on Sale Dec. a to 31
(iood 3 Months
For partls-ulnr* call on ns*ar«*«t agent
I'aiiiiilhni Northern or Great Northern
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1'. O.  Ilox   laaU, Wlm-ips-i-,  Man
The rate thla year for tha trlf*.
to the old home ln Kast.ru
Canada  and  return  will  b*
The bpst route, for many reasons, la vln Minneapolis, St.
I'aul and Chicago. When you
to, nak thc ticket ngpnt to ai'isil
yosi that way, and Ih* aure tbat
your ticket reads via tho
No extra charge for scata la
Reclining Chair Cars. Aak your
home ticket ageut for purlieu-
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Lowest Ocean
Steamship Rates
to Old Country
Tor further Information apply to any agtrnl
Canadian Northern Railway.
TraffloMa B«cr.
KnwItidKe ia not ppwei" in tho
caso of a ;imn who knows that ho
has "been whipped'. ,,.
if* -**PsV sSsOR1-.
Excursions to Eastern Canada
Tickets will be on snle at nnnunl
excursion rate of $40.00 commencing
Dec. 2nd. When purchasing ask for
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I'aul every morning, 8.30 (after ur-
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Northern trains) and arriving Chl-
sfigo 9.46 p. in., tn ample time to
make through connections for the
For those desiring to atop over In
Minneapolis or St. Paul the evening
trains are avullnble, aa  follows : —
Tha Fast Mall, arriving Chicago, 7
a. di.
Ths North-Weaterp Limitad arriving Chicago 9.30 a. m.
Tha Atlantio Express arriving nl
Chicago 12.25 noon.
Free  reclining  Chair  Cars.
For any further Information as to
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Forks, N. V„ Travelling Agents, in
til Dec.  24th.
General  Passenger Ag.-m-
He Spent Miserable Days and Sleepless Nights—Hands, Feet and
Limbs Stiff and Swollen.
From the Record, Smith's Falls. Ont.
"There is a wonderful talk about
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, why don t
you try them ?"
Thesu words were addrt*ssed to Mr.
Amdrew Gardiner, o Smith's Fells.
Ivy a fris-ml when he was in the depths
of d.spondency regarding his physical
condition. For three years he bail
sulferi'd so much that life had bocomo
a t>uideD to him, and oftentimsM he
savs hs almost wishe-d that he might
die. Then he spent miserable dnys
aii.l aisieplaoi nights, now be is enjoying life. Then his feet, hands ur.d
limbs Were sUf and swollen and he
waa toniu-ntod with a constaat stinging, creepy sensation in his body
which gave him no rs*Ht day or night;i
now he is as supple as ever he was,
wilh the stiffness, the sws'lling and
the creepy sensation all gone. He
attribute*! it all to the use of Dr.
Williams'   Pink  Pills.
Mr. Gardiner is a man of about 65
yeara, aa old u_d highly respected
resident of Smith's Falls. Having
heard a good deal of talk about tne
improvi-ment effected in hiB health by
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, the Record
sent a reporter to ascertain the exact
truth and Mr. Gardiner told him s»b-
st-untinlly what is related above, lie
said that he tried a number of doctors—as good doctors as there were
in the country—but got no relief. He
was given to understand that the
trouble wns caused by bad circulation of the blood, but nothing did
him any good. He could not wear
boots, his feet were so swollen; and
vhen he tried to walk his legs felt
like sticks. Finally ho was induced
to give Dr. Williams' Pink Pills a
trial, He took six boxes, he said,
but did not see that he was much
better. He determined to quit taking thi'iii, but was persuaded to continue tbem for a little while longer.
\Vhi*n hs* had taken ten boxes he was
gieutly improved, and when he had
taken twelve boxes he was so well
that he did not need any more. It is
several months since he has token
them and he has had no return of
the trouble. When the reporter saw
him he was wearing his ordinary
boots and he said he could get into
and out" of a buggy as well as any
man of his years in the country.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are the
friend 0 thc weak and ailing. They
surpass all other medicines in their
tonic, sir,ngihs'ning qualities, and
mako ws'ak and despondent people
bright, active and healthy. These
pills are s*»ld by deelera in medicine,
or can be had postpaid, at 50 csmts
per box, or six boxes for $2.50. by
addressing the Pr. Williams Mexiicins'
Co., Brockville, Ont.
He Who feels tho flame of devotion
kindling within him should uive it
vent by the sincere ejaculation of his
fivlingH. and it will afterward burn
more brightly within him,—Dr. Flem
'• It I* n Great Public Benent."—Tns>se sig
nlflcant words were usod in relation to Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil, by a geqtleuson win. hissl
thoroughly tests*! its merits in his own (MM—
havingboen cured by it of lameness of lhe Isin-e,
Of three s.r four years' standing. It never fnil-.
to remove soreness sis well ns I mirness, and i;
ssn iucomparublo pulmonic und corroctivu.
The driver of the first railway en-
gin •, "The Rocket," died in 1895,
nt the age of 84.
No way has been found for muting
heroiam easy, even for the BohcOai ■
Labor, iron labor, is for him. The
world was c.rs*nU*d as an audience for
him, the atoms of whish it is muck*
are opportunities.—Fiiierson.
GF°0°rd 3 Months
These Tickets aro First Class and
May bo enjoy til at a rcaaonablo
For full information apply to 0. P.
R. Agent, or to
0. e. Mcpherson,
General Fasseoger Ageai.
One  of  Ihe  Ancient  Sertn   Wonder*
of the  World.
The anclenta succeeded ln making
that alloy of copper which Is known aa
bronze. Among the seven wondera of
tbe world was the famous statue, wholly made of bronze, historically known
as tbe colossus of Rhodes. It represented Fhoebus, tbe national deity of
tbe Rhodians. It was begun by Chares,
a pupil of Lyslppus, the sculptor, and
was completed by Laches 2.S8 B. 0.
The popular belief Is that It stood
astride the barbor of Rhodes, tbat It
was 105 feet high and that ships could
easily sail between Its legs.
I'liuy said that few men could clasp
Its thumb. It was cast ou metal plates,
afterward Joined together, and thla
process occupied twelve years. In the
interior was a spiral staircase reaching into Its head, and In a great mirror
suspended to Its neck were reflected
the coast of Syria and the ships sailing
to Egypt.
After It bad stood for sixty-four
years this colossus was overthrown by
an earthquake, and Its remains lay on
the shoro for 923 years—tbat ia, until
A. D. 672—when they were sold by tbe
Saracens to a Hebrew dealer. The
original cost was 800 talents—say, *|G,
000,000—und It Is not too much to say
that a aimilnr image might be cou-
atructed now in one-fourth of tbe time
and at one-third of the original cost.
Rhodes, by tbe way, must have bad
colossus on tbe brain, for Pliny relates
that tbe port was adorned wltb 1,000
colossal statues of the sun.
A Clear Case.
Mrs. Plaid—So you believe your husband dreams about Rolf ?
Mrs. Bunker—Well, he woke me up last
Bight swearing in bis sleep. Brooklyn
Rattles are often won before they
are fought. To control our passions
we nivist govern our hutlits, and keep
watch over ourselve* in the small details of everyday life.—Sir Johu Lubbock
F aoofd Oct.—None but those who have be-
eoma fund out kuow what a cle;.rs**sed, miserable fes-ling it is. A 1 strength Is gone, and
despondssner has taken hold of the sufferers.
Ther feel as though there is nothing to live for.
There, however, ia a cure. < 'no box of Parmelee's Veiretalilo Pills will do wonders in restoring health and strength. Mandrake and dandelion are two of the articles entering into the
comisosition of l'urmolee's Pills.
In Italy there are more theatres
proportion te the population than
in any olher country.
Mr. J. (*. Jardine, Canada's Commissioner,, Tells an Inters-sting Story
of the Splendid Rs*ults Obtaimd
By 1 he Uso of a Canadian Remedy.
Toronto, Dec. 0.—(Special)—The
(-real World's exposiUon hs*ld in Paris lust year saw very many visitors
from all parts of the globe aaeeffib—d
in the ffsiy French capital. Canada
was will represented, both as an exhibitor among the aations and as a
visitor, many of our best people hav-
Ine; attendsd.
The inters-sls of thc Dominion were
looked iifH-.- by a very capable and
Intelligent company of patriotic Canadian**, among whom one of the most
conspicuous was Mr. J. ti. Jardine.
of 80C Crawford street, this city.
Mr. .lursline's duties as Commissioner
entailed a vast amount of hard work
which made great d.'mamls on his
physical  health  and  strength.
Ho is authority for the statement
that he found Dodd's Krdnoy Pills,
that bi'st known of Canadian medi-
cines, invaluable as a tonic during
these trying times. lie says : "They
relieve backache instantly and tone
up the system generally as nothing
else  ssi'ins  to  do."
While in Paris Mr. Jardine introduced Dodd'a Kidney Pills to Mr.
Duptlls,    the    esteemed    and   popular
Secretary to   tha Canadian Commia-
sion who. was feeling unsler the
weather, with the very happiest r»
sults to that gentleman.
By healing und stlmulatmg thokid-
Dodd's Kidney Pills prove absolutely th.. very bs*st tfsnis* known to medical wlensv today, and bot'h Air. Jardine end Mr Dupuis were greatly
ploasotl to find that their own fair
country, so distinguished in ninny
ssttier ways, was through this great
tonic remedy earning in Europe a
glorious reputation  in niidical  ltiii«.
Very few Canadians are awnre of
the world wide rs*putation of Dodd's
Kidney Ptdnsy Pills, and many who
have bcon abroad sc*?m surprised at
being able to purchase their favorite
nisdicine almost aay where in the civ-
li/cd world.
There is ao passion in the mind of
man so weak but it mates and masters tin* fear of death. Revenge triumphs over death, love slights it,
honor aspire th to it, grief flleth lo
Tooth      qcg
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Mot Dad for Good Teeth
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Re very circumspect In the choice
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thine equals thou shalt enjoy more
pleasure ; in the society of thy
superiors thou shalt find more profit.
To be the best in the company ta ths*
way to grow worse ; the test
means to grow better is to be the
worst there.—Quaries.
The   Teething  I-eriod  Dangerous   to
Little Ones and Very Trying
to Mothers.
What mother does not look forward with dread to the time when
baby shall be teething ? At that
time baby is restless, feverish and
irritaitle, and frecjucntly there is
some disorder of the bowels and
stomach. The poor little sufferer is
lighting ono of his first battles in
this old world of pain, and if not
aided in his fight may be overcome.
Every wise mother helps the little
sufferer as much as she can, and the
mothers who have been most successful in this respect have found that
Baby's Own Tablets give just such
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Mrs. W. J. Wright, Brockville, says:
"I have used Baby's Own Tablets
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I have used them in teething, in
vomiting, in colic, in iredigs'Stion,
ansl in the disorders of the stomach
and bowels usually accompanied by
restlessne?* and fever. The action
of the Tablets has always been all
that could be desired."
Baby's Own Tablets are a sweet,
pleasant little lozenire that all children will take readily. They can be
crushed or dissolved in water und administered with safety to oven the
youngest infant. ('uurantoi*d lo contain no opiate or any of the poisonous stuffs that make the so-called
soothing nuxiicinsfl dangerous to little oni-s. If you do not find Baby's
Own Tablets at your druggist's.
Bend 25 cents to the Dr. Williams
Medicine t'o., Brockville, Ont., nnd
a box will be sent you by mail postpaid.
I have more confidence in the faith
of the philanthropist who lias built
a public wash house, or given 1 <> it
but a soliiary washtub, than in Unconvict ions of one who has lived all
his days a niiTe and painful student
of humanity.—Thoradule.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Even in municipal political circles
it i.s true that ths' man who knows
the least sometimes shows it the
It is astonishing that any one can
squander away ln absolute idleness
.'iis* single moment of that small portion of time winch is allotted tsi ua
in tin' world. Kasiw the true value
of tinis : snatch, sei/.s', anil s'irov
every moment of it-—Lord Uhrstcr-
I wus cured of Acute Bronchitis by
Bay of Islands.
1  was cured Oi facial neuralgia   by
Springhill.  N.  S.
I was cured of I'hronic ltheumat ism
Albsrt Co.,   N.  B.
Both Rather Kllppnnt.
Tbere Is a curious puiiillelism between two Itotiea told respectively of
ths Inte Mr. Spurgeon und of sOeau
Mr. Spurgeon, on hearing of the devastation wrought by nn earthquake in
Bssez, merely renuirked, "I am glhd to
bear tbnt uiy county is moving at
The dean of St. Patrick's, Dublin,
was watching With a friend the roof
of n building on which severnj men
were at work fixing slates. Suddenly
ono of the men Vanished, Thereupon
the dean turned to his companion and
snld, "I like to seo a man go quickly
through his work."
Is   a
A  Sentimentalist.
Johnny   Sizzletop- Electricity
great thing!
Wlllio Boerum - W-why, yes, but
there Isn't half lhe fun pushing electric
buttons nt folks' front sloors tbnt then-
Is Ullllllil* the old fnsliloueil doorbells!
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We prepay all delivery
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Flnnr nnd Uraln Merchants,
Room 21,2 Grain Exchange, Winnipeg-.
We are buyers of wheat for December and Jan
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Kort William or Duluth. Our Mr. Jamas Hosld
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tr.sdrs. we spwially desire correspondence with
millers. HODD £ ATKINSOM.
A man's character reseoibleo a
fence—you can't stivngthin it by using whitewash.
1'u.le, sirkly children should uso Motho.
Iravtnr Worm Exterminator. Worms are ono
if the principal causes of sufferinc in children,
..iisi should be uxjwllsxl from the system
Financial embarrassment to Car-
ns'gie means having more money than
he knsjws what to do with.
Mr. Thom.iq Pallard, Sjrracnse. "S.T .writes :
' I havo lisse.s afflicted for nearly a yoar with
hat mis'-t-ti.-be-slrswied disoase. dyspepsia.and
st t lie.' s worn oat wiih pain nud want of sleep,
mil iiftor trrillsl almost everything recom-
ne'sli*.!. I tried one box of l'nrmolee's Vsige-
m'iIu Pills. I ism now nearly well, and believe
thoy will ratu mo I would not be without
Usou for nu}' nsoisuy."
There la iv statue in a village in
Bgypl which is said to bo Uie olds*st
in the world, having tuvn in exist-
ensv fur over 6,000 years. lt is U10
representation of one of the chiefs of
the domain where it was erected.
Hssllowisy's Corn Cure is a speciflo for tho
romovul of corns ami warts. Wo hare nevs,r
heard of its failing to remove even tho wor>o
A liwly hois for some time i*ust been
teaching tuwigntion to young men in
Plymouth, and many of hs*r pupils
have ■eucceesfully passed the board of
trade examinations and have Obtained ei'.rtilieiUi*s as mates and skipper:*;
Minard's Liniment Cores Distemper.
The nut-cralking industry of St.
Louis gives employ ment to over fifteen hundred ps'ople. The nut crackers are drivs-n hy electricity, sntch nut.
tssjing fsil individually into the crusher. After the shells are crack.'il the
nuts arc winnowed by an air blast
ami the meat is picked from  the shell
by hand.
Tlie man who loves no music so
well as his own kitchen clock anil
the airs whieh llu* logs siirg to hlin
as they burn on the hearth, has so
laces which others never dronm of—
W. N.  U.  No. 350. --I-rJE DKlll, SLOCAN, B. C, JANUARY 3. 1W'2.
*•   I
*.C. E. SMiTHEKixaALB, Editor and Prop.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
■■tlm first insertion nnd 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, |7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
.as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
jfor each insertion.
Commercial Bates made known upon
Tho Subscription is $2 per year, st.-ict-
•ly iu advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
FRIDAY, JANUARY 3rd, 1902.
A pencil mark in lhe space
.opposite will tie an indication to you that ye editor
.con-riders there is something
. coming to him on your subscription. Kindlv acknowledge  in cash and oblige.
Wc want no croakers, knockers,or
back cappers in the camp during
1902. The Lord knows we had an
all sufficiency of the scourge in 1901.
Judge your neighbor's prospect as
.'you would have your own spoken of.
If you do there, will be a peach of a
time in the camp this year.-  She will
.be a hummer.
With three large dividends paid
last week by as many properties, the
Sloean again demonstrates that good
.•money can be made by the operation
■of silver-lead mines.
Great expansion .wa*; achieved in
,tho  camp  during   1900  and 1901.
There is no reason why it should not
be continued in 1902.   The prospects
are exceedingly bright,
Kootenay and Yale have made a
.brave record in ore shipments for
1901, tlio estimated value being put
at $10,000,003 or over. No hope for
the croakers in those figures.
The Drill never rubbed elbows or
.swapped Sunday school tales with a
prophet, yet it ventures to predict
that $150,000 will be paid in cash this
year for properties in the camp; that
ore shipments will reach the 10,000
.ton mark; and that certain works
will be undertaken tending to place
the burg on a much higher plane of
prosperity than it now occupies.
Trees are judged by tho fruits
thereof nnd mining camps by their
-ore shipments. Taking the results of
.the Sloean City division for the past
two years, tlie dry ore belt is in the
.fust class. Talk is cheap, but it is
-the tonnnge that convinces. The
year just started will have a pleasing
tale to unfold in this respect, as shipments are certain to reach the 10,000
ton mark.
The financial statement presented
: by Clerk Foley at the council meeting Monday night was an encouraging one, and demonstrated clearly
. the advantages gained by the town
through incorporation.   The revenues for the partial year were greater
.thanexpected, enabling tbe council
.io meet all the expenses incidental to
incorporation, pay salaries, purchase
supplies and fixtures for the municipal departments.and to partially pay
.for the building of sidewalks. It will
be seen that the receipts embrace a
considerable sum of money for real
estate taxes still due from thc government, but that money is uncertain and not likely to yield above 50
per cent of the estimate.   Tbere Is a
small deficit shown exclusive o*' this,
and with the estimated refund added
the deficit would be ln excess of $600.
Still, tbe city has not had to borrow
any money, as the  liquor licenses
just paid wipe out the deficit and
' leave a handy balance.   To offset
the expenditures, thcro are the new
sidewalks built, the little fire hall
and supplies, and the furniture, fixtures and supplies in tbe citv hall.
Now, this  is an  excellent record,
fully substantiating all the claims
and assertions made by tlie advocates
of incorporation prior to last June.
In addition incorporation has con
.served to the welfare of the citizens
all  the valuable  public franchises
such as waterworks, electric light,
etc. These in themselves would have
been cheaply acquired were the dof-
icitrcal rather than apparent and
were it ten times ns large.   Judged
in the light of these things incorporation has been no failure.
Subscribe for Tub Drill.
Bar silver is quoted at 55J cents an
Wedding bells will be ringing here
W. E. Bole came over from Kaslo
on Monday.
Alex. Sproat, New Denver, was in
the city Monday.
The heavy January thaw bas been
hard on the roads.
Wm. Hunter, Silverton, was bere
over Monday night.
Shooting matches were all the go
here again this week.
John A. Gibson bas been installed
as postmaster at Nelson.
The public school will re-open for
business on Monday next.
The band boys gave a dance in the
Music Hall, Friday evening.
Tbe heavy thaw this week has delayed the opening of the rink.
The Quadrillo Club will hold their
regular assembly on the 10th.
Fifteen men are employed on thc
Hartney mine at New Denver.
The Socialist League had an interesting meeting Sunday afternoon.
Alex.Stewart took possession of the
Lakeview Hotel on New Year's day,
Sloan & Schonberg had a turkey
shoot at Sandon last week and did
W. T. Shatford has gone to Vernon
and will be away a month or six
The barroom of the Royal has been
repapered and decorated and it looks
pretty slick.
Not a ripple of discord or excitement troubled the peacefulness of
New Year's.
Service will be held in the Methodist church next Sunday, morning
and evening.
Fred Kelly, a cook, was found dead
in Sandon, last Thursday, drink being the cause.
A number of young people took in
the band dance at New Denver on
Tuesday evening.
Considerable lumber and general
supplies have been sent up to the
Transfer this week.
Tlie C.P.R. snow scraper was ran
over the local lino Sunday, for the
first time this winter.
You can't stmt the new year in a
better way than by paying the poor
but deserving printer.
A court of revision of the assessment roll of thtir Slocan riding will be
held at Kaslo on Jan. 10.
The Slocan's 30,000 tons of ore last
year was worth more than the Boundary's output ol 370,000 tons.
Alex Stewart is transforming the
interior of the Lakeview hotel and
making many improvements.
Tho Fort Steele Prospector contained nn excellent illustrated write-upof
East Kootenay in its last issue.
There is a great shortage of cars
throughout the district, the lViight
demands being unusually heavy.
Olive Foley, the little daughter of
James Foley, was severely injured
Saturday evening while coasting.
A jolly sleighing party made an
excursion to Mr. Anderson's residence, 'Lemon Creek, Tuesday even
R. O. Matheson, formerly of Silver-
ton, has the distinction of being papa
to tbe first boy born in Frank, Alberta.
Wm. C. E. Koch is extending the
telephone from the Enterprise mine
to his sawmill atthe Half Way eamp
on Ten Mile.
A, David has taken the premises
lately occupied By R. E. Allen, on
Delaney avenue, and will move his
tailoring business thither.
The tooting of the whistle on the
Slocan and the firing of numerous
rifle shets were the welcome extended to the new year in this burg
Fred Buckholz, steward on the
Sloean, has been transferred to the
str. Kootenay. G. Brennan. formerly
dining car inspector, has taken his
place on the Slocan,
The labor unions throughout Canada aro boycotting Gooderham's
liquors, and all financial institutions
with which he is connected, because
of the Rossland strike.
Next Monday the fate of the "famous 34" will be decided in the
county court at Nelson. Tbe result
ofthe hearing will have an important bearing on the approaching municipal election.
The big railway bridge at Robson
bas been completed. So soon as the
approaches are finished regular traffic across the river will be established, with a dining car serviee on the
daily run to Eliolt,
D. R. Young, erstwhile known as
"Windy," spent Friday In the city,
renewing old acquaintances and incidentally boosting the Similkameen
Conl Co. Numerous citizens have
subscribed to the stock and expect to
reap a harvest. Young is a bustler
and is now spoken of as Mr. His
friend* state he will clear $125,000
out of his proposition, so he Is strictly
on top of the heap.
Canadian Pacific Railway tourist
sleeping car service, effective Jan. 1.
The C.P.R. will operat < tourist sleeping cars on following schedule: East-
bound leave Kootenay Landing each
Friday for 'St. Paul, Toronto, .Montreal,, Boston, etc.; leave Dunmore
Junction Monday and Thursday for
St. Paul, Toronto and Intermediate
goints. Westbound leave Revelstoke
unday, Wednesday and Friday for
Vancouver, Seattle, etc. Full particulars can be obtained from local
Last year's registrations at the local government office present a reduction on the statement shown in 1900.
But there are saving features in connection with them making the situation a great deal better than it seems
There is not the same scope here now
for prospecting and working miners
do lot require licenses, so a reduction
in locations and licenses issued is explained. The reduction in assessments is compensated for by the
quantity and lasting nature of the
work done in 1901. On the Other
hand, a true index as to the progress
made in the equip is given in the
crown grants issued,which increased
from 15 to 26, while the transfers
jumped from 192 to 2GG. The figures
for 1901 were:
Certificates of work
Crown grants issued
Free Miners' certificates
Bills of sale, etc.
During the previous year
ures stood at:
Certificates of work
Crown grants
Free Miners' certificates
Bills of sale, etc
the flr;-
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local registry "tsfnee, H. P. Christie being mining
Dec 23—Club,relocation of Slocan Bob,
Harvey Fife.
27—Venetian, Lemon creek, T Lake.
Dec 23—Carson.
Di**c 23—Neepawa, Boistevaiu, Edison,
Habana, and Flora fraction, A 1) McGil-
livray, E Shannon, A Jacohson, T Todd,
J II Currie, T A v.eon and C Heinse to F
VV Poieliarapton, of London,Eng.,option
to latter to purchase.
NOTICE it hereby given thnt I intend
to apply at a upeciul sitting of the Board
of Licensing Commisaioners for the City
of Slocan, to be held after the expiration
of 30 days from the date hereof, for n
transfer of the retail liquor license for
the premises known as the Lakeview
Hotel, situate on Lot 1, Block 1, Slocan,
to Alex. Stewart.
Dated at Slocan, B.C., this 23rd day of
December, 1901.
Witness: Wat. Ipe.
Sold by All Newsdealers
Furnlahsea Mentally to all lorer* ol Sons
and Miule a-ran vo]n*ne of New, Choice
Copyright Compoeltlona Inr tbe moat pop-
alar author*. #4 Pages of Piano Mualc,
half Voeal, halt InatrumcDtal—ai Complete
Pieces fer Plane—Once a Month (or a§
Cents. Yearly Bubacrlption, Sa.oo. If/on
will tend oa the name and address* of firm
performer* on the Piano or Often, we wiU snt)
you a copy of tbe Macastne Free.
J. Vf. PtPPtt, Publisher,
Eighth A Locust BU., Phllad.lahls, Pa.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why be without a rantro whsi
you can get one so cheap ? The;
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free,
a j.
Do not send
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Furniture !
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Grade Furniture. Carpets,
Oilcloths, and Linoleums?, at
lowest prices.
Parlor Suites,
Pendesote Couches,
Wicker Chairs,
Iron and Brass Beds,
Bedroom Suites,
Rockers of all kinds; etc.
We handle everything to
mako a home comfortable.
Write to us for prices.
tfelwn, B.C.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B. C
J J.
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
B. C,
You Can Mak*
A  Striking  Effect!
•By wearing a perfect fitting Suit,
cut in the latest style and elegantly
trimmed. Such can be purchased
^^mh> .jaf.
Reopened under
the old management.
-Mir-lWk invited te return
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. Arthur Street and DeUaey A vena*. Sloans.
Building thoroughly renovated
and re stacked with the hest
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
near the Poatoffice.
er annum.
PUBLIC NOTICE i* hcr*bjr**iT*n to tha Elee.
tor* of the Municipality of the City of Slocan, thnt I require the presence of tha aaid
Electors at the building situate on Lot 0, Rlock
B, Slocan. on tlse 13th day of January, 19HZ, at
12 o'clock, noon, for the purpose of electing
persona to represent them in the Municipal
Council as Mayor and Aldermen.
The nioile of nomination of candidates shall
be as follows:
The candidates shall be nominated in writing;
the writing shall be subscribed by two voters of
tlse Municipality as proposer ansl seconder, aud
shall be delivered to tha Beturning Otlscer at
any time butwoen tho date of the notice and 2 p.
m. of tbe day of nomination;
And in the orent of a poll being necessary,
such poll will be open on tha 10th day of January, 1S02, nt said building, of which everybody is
horeby required to take notice and govern himself accordingly.
Th* person* qualified to be nominated for and
elected Mayor ot such City at the aaid electiou
•ball be such persons a* are male British subjects of the full ago of twenty-one years, and are
not disqualified uudor any law, ansl
(a.)   Are at the date of inmiiiintion the nsses-
.        led owner of land or real property in the
City of the value of ona thousand dollars
over and above nny registered incsim-
brauce, and are nincrsvi.se s<uislifls.*sl to
vs.tss at such elect nm; or
(b.)    Who Are at the distil ssf nuniiiiislis.u the
msIs.. tenunts in pss5s«issiou of limit or real
property in llu* City of the value of two
tuouuausl slollars under lease in writing
fnr not less than one year, nnd are otherwise qunlitted to vote ut tuch electiou:
(c.)   Who are nt the date of nomination the
members of a partnership Arm, or shareholders of a joint stock cssmpany, which
if ut the said date of nomination the assessed sswner of land or real property in
the City of the value of one thousand
dollars over uud above  any registered
incumbrance, and whose Individual interest* in aaid partnership or company
land ia of not less value than ono thousand dollars.anil are otherwise qualified
to vote at such oloction.
The persons qualified to be nominated for and
elected as Aldermen of such City et the said
election, shall beiuch persons aa are male British *ubjecls of the full ago ot twenty-one years,
and are not disqualified under nny law. and
(a.) Are at the date of nomination the assessed owners of land or real property in
thn City of the value of fivo hunilrod dollars over und above nny registered incumbrance, and are otherwise qualified
to vote at such election; or
(b.) Who are at tho date of nomination the
•ol* tenants in possession of laud or real
property ln the City of the value of one
thousand dollars under lease in writing
for not less than one yenr.and are otherwise qualified to vote at such election;
(c.) Who are at the date of nomination the
members of a partnership firm, sir shareholders of a joint stock company, whioh
I* at the sain date of nomination the assessed owner of lund or reul property in
the City ssf th* assessed value of live
hundred slssllars over and abuvii any registered incumbrances,sn<t whose inillvisl-
ual interest in said partnership or sum-
pi.iiy sand is of uot less value than five
hundred slollnr*, and areoths.rwUe qualified to riitu at Biicli aloction.
Given under my baud at the City ut Slocan,
British Columbia, the 18th slay of Oac/'iulnr, A
D. 1901.
Returning oUkot
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each Is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.   ,
Stoves!  Stoves!   Stoves!
Just look op McCallum & Co.'s assortwient of
Heating Stoves,   for either coal or wood.
Prices, from
Steel Ranges from
This is the best assortment of first class
stoves that ever came ta Slocan. Thev barn
any kind of coal. Call around and satisfy
yourself and we will do the rest.
$5 to $35
$16 "P.
McCallum & Co.
General Hardware, Slocan.
Agents for Crow's Nest Coal; price delivered, $6.25 per ton.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
Tho Leading: Parlors:
The Murontt Branch
Meets the second Thursday in each month
at 3 p.m. Next masting in the Presbyterian church. All meetings open
to those wishing (M join.
Miss E. Stoguiiton, Mm.M.D.McKei
President. Cor. Sec re tar v.
Pioneer livery
and Feed Stables.
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing" and For**
■warding attended to at the
shortest Notice.  .
Saddle and Pack Horses (or
hire at reasonable rates.
Ma na-rer
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,      -      -     B. C.
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
Slocan City Miners' Did,
No. 62, W. F.ofH.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Call and see our display
of Xmas -foods, iacluding
also an elegant line of
China ware, which we are
telling at cut    prices.
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
tot-ail of _pye_i.ii
Sam-alt rraettonal Mleerml Claim.
Situate in tbe) Sloean City Mining Di.
vision ol West Kootenay District.
Where located :-On tbe divide between Ten Mile and .Springer creeke,
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGregor, acting as agent (or Robert I. Kirkwood, (ree miner'e certificate No. 1*59538,
intend, sixty days (rom the date hereof,
to applv to the Mining Recorder for a
re* silicate ol improvements, (or the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
ondrr section 37, mutt lie commenced
before the issuance ol such certificate ol
improvements.        ***.
Daied this 28th day of October, 19C1.
8-11-01.      '   ' J. M. McGREGOR.
"Mack *•** lltaseral I'lelr*.
Situate in the Slocan City Miltin*- Division of Wett Kootenay District.
Where located*;—Tlirte miles north
east ol BMtatt City.      *
TAKE' NOTICE that J, Francis J.
O'Reilly, of Silverton. B. C. as
•gent for George Brine, (ree seiner's certificate No. B62342, intend, sixty davs
from the date lureef, to apply to the
Mining Ricordc* for a emttmeata At itm-
prove mente, (or tike parpeae/ot obtaining
a Crown grant ol the above- claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, ranet he commenced
before the iuuaoce ol such certificate el
Dated this 4th day of November, 1MB.
•'*-•-      *'.   *r   .        ■-      .   .       , 1,  )      1 1
Notice to Delinquent C-t-owner
To A. E. Ilillman, or to a«y pererm
or pertone to whom lie may have
transferred hie pae-qnarter Internet in
Ihe Great Northern mineral clainM itu-
ated at the head ef the ffth aeath fork
of Lemon em* k, Sloean City mining
Ynu are hereby not i fled that we have
expended the aura of lour hundred aad
ten dollars in labor and general im-
pi-ovftnetite upon the above mentioned
claim, in order t-o hold said mtneral
i-laim under the provis.onsoi the Mineral Act, and if —ithin 90 days from the
date nf litis notice you fail or redtee to
contribute your *-**o|>ortio*» «** fuels •**.-
liendilure, together with all ceetfof ad-
vertieing, your intereat in mid cUim
will become the property of the •*■*•»■
fcriherf, under section fourof an aet entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated tltia 2nd day ef Deeember. Xttt.
6-12-01       T. BLENCH, E. II. STUBBS
World'* Scenic Route
Direct Line; Lowest Rates
Winnipeg Vanoottver
Toronto Victoria
Otta. a .Seattle
Montreal Portland
New York Sin 'clsco
St.  Panl, Chicago,   and  alt U. S.
• points.
Tourist deeper Service
EAST-Leavea Revelstoke Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Leaves
Dunmore Jonetion on- Monday.
Thursday, Saturday. Leaves
Kootenay Landing Fridays.
WEST-Lcavee Revelstoke Monday
Wednesday, Friday.
Vancouver, Seattle, Coast Staamsbip
Service: From Vancouver to
Alaska, Hawaii, China, Japan,
Tlirou-jh bookings to Europe via al1
Atlantic tine/-. Prepaid tickets
from all pofDta at lowest rnte_
J. S. CARTER,   >.J.COYU»,
D.P.A.,, A, O. P. A.,
Neteec-.. Taneetgwif.
#SQ. T. ItOIB.
Agent, Sloeai Olrw


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