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The Slocan Drill 1904-01-01

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fOL. iV-rN>' 4t'*_ _ ___ SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JANUAliY   1,   1904. $2
*2.00 PER ANNUM.
Clearance  Sale,
beginning on Holiday, Nov. 9, and continuing.
Our Dry Good Stook will be sold for
Spot Cash,at wholesale prices in the
East. Our Stock is composed largely
of Staples, and you are now given an
No Goods will be charged.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
5L0CAN, B. C.-
fs reached by any trail or road       \
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Ar li ngton    HCotel,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. fl. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
TMl popular hotel le cenTenlcnt to- the heats and trains.   The dining ro-itn
iuMistly up to-late while the bar it supplied •"•'.th the best in the market.
Travelling mon, usin^ Sample Rooms, $2.50 per dm-
wlthent Sassple Rooms,$2; hoard $8 per week; menleSS
m^   A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   =■■•
£-   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   -^
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require froni us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
pan he made by wearing
ou-* of tho	
Stylish Suits
made from thr liest Imported Worsteds, Serges,
or Tweed»>,a consignment
of whieh has just been
received for winter trade.
What Wat Dene en thi. Vi»rlen»Cre«.kii-
Kitenelve lutroiluctliiii of the tearing
■Tflttam-Oaiieral Keiulti lla»e Ue«n
Hlghl*/ antlffactary. '
The year now drawn to .a close failed to realize the many promises of
progress and prosperity held forth in
this division at its commencement, yet
it lias not been without its saving features. In common with the other silver camps of tlie province, the Slocan
City division lias witnessed a curtailment of operations, a heavy slump in
the mineral output, and an almost entire absence of now capital iieing introduced. One naturally would have
thought these things would have demoralized the people and wrought disaster. But not so. To the contrary
tliere has lieen much material progress
nnd the camp is in better shape today
thin ever liefore. Seeing that new
capital could not l.e induced to come
in, tlie owners of claims themselves
have taken up the development of the
properties, and today tlie exposures of
shipping ore are more numerous and
richer in grade than ever liefore.
Another pleasing feature of the situation lias lieen the introduction of
the leasing system on an extensive
scale, resulting in uiito'd lx-uefit io
the camp. -Company operation has
largely given place to ihe lease system
anil the bulk of the wages earned today in the camp are lieing paid by-
lessees. Iu this way the people have
revealed true independence and the
good name of the dry ore belt has not
beon allowed to suffer. The list of
sl Ipping properties was greater in
Lt03 than in any previous year in the
historv of the divisiou, though the
tonnage of ore exported wits much
smaller. This fact was due almost
entirely to the shut down of the Arlington, whose output has formerly
gone into the thousands. Tie* new-
year just dawning lias every whit as
promt-ring an outlook as its predecessor, and no retrogression may lie feared. Hoca bottom lias bean reached
and tlie camp must now advance.
A brief account of operations on the
various creeks in the division may help
one to figure out just what has beeu
done during 1908:
Tra Mill* Crack.
l-'irst and foremost on Ten Mile
must come the operations at tlie Enterprise, which have been sufficient to
give activity ain! life to tlie whole
creek. At th!' end of L902 the English
company operating tin- mine closed it
down, giviug out that the property
was a failure. \V. Koch and Pat Me*
Quire, however, thought differently
and speedilv got a lease on the upper
levels, which lias since been enlarged
to the whole mine ami running for
three years. Thev overhauled the old
workings aud found much -food ore,
which has .boon increased by intelligent development. Several hundred
tins of ore have beeu shipped and
there is much more in Bight. Upwards
o" W> mon were for a while employ) d
at the mine. Tlie air compressor 1 as
been used for power drills and a handsome new messhouse has been built.
The property is in better shape now
than ever before. Both the lessees
and company have made money. Mr.
Koch has also had a big gang of men
employed at his sawmill on the creek
anil a great deal of lumber has ben
exported to the Northwest,
Nothing has lieen done on the Iron
Horse, below the Enterprise, but the
lessees of tke latter are seeking fl lease
on it, so as to work both properties
lie built there and tho property fully
Other work has been dono on tho
Dalhousie, Hydrabad, and several
other line groups, and all with encouraging results. Ten Mile furuished the
bulk of the shipments of the divisiou
for the year, the lotal lieing upwards
of 900 tons. It will havo much life
during 1904.
Twalve Ulli* Creak.
What little attention has been paid
to Twelve Mile has met with success
and more may lie expected this year.
Two properties figured in the shipping list, with nine tons of ore.
The .Sapphire is looked ou as the
principal group. The Detroit company
owning it have been at outs amoug
themselves, but lately the sherilT has
cleared up tho title and it will Imi developed in tlie spring. At present W.
A. Harvey is working it u ider lease.
He shipped live tons of ore some
wi-eks ago and will ship again shortly.
On the Hamilton, Kalph Gillette
and co-owners did a little work during
the season and shipped four tons of
ore. which paid them well.
The Happy Medium and Bachelor
are properties that will be heard from
in the spring.
At the head of the creek, however,
is Iieing developed a property that has
the earmarks of a big mine. It is the
.Myrtle group, owned by Tattersall
Bros, and T. Waring. They have an
immense ledge and much ore on the
dump. Water drovo them from the
shaft aud five men are now employed
running a crosscut tunnel to catch the
lead below. It will lx- nearly BOO feet
long and will give over 120feet depth.
Shipments will follow so soon as the
ledge is struck.
Lemon Creek.
At oue time during the seat-on it
looked at if Lemon creek would experience a Ixxmi. as its gild values attracted more attention thau in years.
Very few claims on the creak have
been allowed to lapse, aud the number of prospects possessing good showings is bewildering. The two centres
of attention were the first nctth fork
and the head of the main creek. On
the former development took place on
the Rose. Legal,' Alberta, Tail Holt
and many others.
On the Legal the ore clinic waa un-
■joveivd on the surface some di-tame
trom the tunnels, giving much more
valuo to the ground. A stamp mill
is one of tho early possibilities there.
.1. fleauchosue bus lieen developing
the Allierta since Bummer nud shipped
thriii tons of ore. Lately X. McMillan
and 1'. Wood joined him in n lease
and thev will make a shipment in the
No work has lieen done on the Kilo.
but 10 tons of ore was sacked and
shipped last month. Si m * life is lieing evinced by the owners and in the
spring it is likely the property will
resume operations on an exteusive
At the head of the main creek nre
clustered many fine groups, among
theni being the Nolan & Hittle pro-
pert v. tlie Lady Franklin, and the
Nansen. Tlie "owners wcr^ed these
steidilv during the summer, but the
ouly one to ship wa.s the Nansen.
which sent out two tons of ore as a
test. The Franklin would have ship
ped also, but for the unfortunate
death of Gill Finkle, one of the principal owners.
Another property   that  promised
great things was the Howard Fraction,
which was purchased from the bank
by West Virginian money. Fer a
time work was carried along in an active manner, more than a dozen men
j being employed. New camps were
i erected, trails built, and a long crosscut tunnel was started, but some time
ago operations .ceased, lt will likely
start up again in the spring.
S pi lager Creek.
This creek is the  mainstay of the
oughl y developed so soon as the snow
goes off,
The Pioneer Mining Co., of Nelson,
owning the Bank of England and part
of the Two Friends, have put up new
camps on the former and have had
four or live men working there for
months. They have stripped the vein
and exposed much mineral. They are
now running a long tunnel to catch
the vein at depth and will then ship.
Ou the Black Prince four or five
men are also employed, under lease.
Last winter S. Norman worked the
group under bond, but threw it up
after shipping a carload of oro. The
lessees took it up this fall aud broke
into three feet of ore in a raise. They
have just shipped 60 tons of ore, anil
will soon be in shape to send out much
Messrs. Taylor, Barber aud Law
had four men working part of the
year on the Meteor, under lease, shipping 52 tons of ore. The returns obtained were phenomenal, but the lease
has not lieen renewed.
The Bondholder worked a short
time under lease and shipped two tons
of ore.
Perhaps the most satisfactory work
of tho year was doue ou the Ottawa,
whero they are now working in pay
ore. No. 4 tunnel was started and
driven several hundred feet to catch
the vein, and in doing so a new lead
was struck. Both wero run on and
shipping ore found, being eminently
satisfactory to the company. Assays
from the ore go into the "thousands.
A car of ore was recently shipped, the
first since last winter. A dozen men
are employed and shipments will be
kept up. The Ottawa shipped 140
tons during tin; year.
W. H. Davidson and W. Harrison
are continuing the development of the
Dayton under lease, and are meeting
with success, having a fine bunch of
ore in sight. They shipped 12 tons of
ore during the season.
A Seattle company have taken hold
of tl-.e Cripple .Stick and have two men
omployed.driftingou the lead. Lessees
hud it before and tliey shipped two
tons of ore, which yielded $80 a ton
Close by H. D. Lea and C. Snyder
have a lease on the Port Hope. Their
development is proving up fine Ixxiies
of ore and they will ;;;ake money.
At the Kepublic the company kept
up operations till fall, with sev**<ii or
eight men, and then closed dowu till
spring. During the year it shipped
70 tons of ore. Lately T. McNeish
and J. Tipping took a lease ou tho
Bell, one of the group, aud aro meeting with success. They have five men
employed and will ship a carload of
ore at onco, with more to follow.
Fred Carlisle has been steadily developing the Mayetta group, adjoining
the Ottawa, nntl it is turning out a
mine. The same may be said of the
Voting Bear group, near tlie Bondholder. In fact. Springer creek pro-
perties have reached the stage where
capital can lind many openings, with
sure and certain returns. There are
a multitude of other promising prospects ou the creek and the outlook for
them is by no means gloomy.
Thev promise to employ quite a large j town and it is there that the lease sys-
f,,,.,.,., Item   has   lieen more fully*  tried.   A
Work, Fit  and Finish ^
are guaranteed. J^J
On the Neepawa the owners during
the summer traced the new vein from
the Mabou 00 to their own ground.
Later on thev stuped out a carload of
ore from the old workings on the orig
inal vein and are shipping it.
Frank Griffith mafle a lucky strike
on his Westmont group and shipped
a little ore. Next summer he will follow it up. Alongside is the Black
Cloud group, owned by himself and
! I'. W. Ellis, ol Toronto, Shipping ore
has been found on it and will be de-
v 'loped next summer.
The Black Hawk and Daisy, formerly owned by the Mansfield outfit,
1 has passed into the possession of \\ .
iE, Boi.-. A new vein, with magnificent
exposures of shipping ore, was found
during thu summer and it can easily
be made a shipper.
A small shipment of ore was mad
A Few Lines of Gents*  Furnishings J§
are still left from tho stock ef the late A.
David and they must  Im sold off at once.
Main Street, Slocan, I5."w j^
Next door to Postoflice. fcfi
large number of claims have had work
done on them and the results are en*
OOUraging. The creek furnished no
less than nine shippers during the
year, and there promises to be just as
iniinv during 190*.
Attention naturally centres first to
tho Arlington, but the results there
hive been disappointing. Only ii
small force has been employed and oi
late no one but a watchman has been
there. The now mill has not materialized and only 4!) tons of ore has been
shipped.   The stopes  and dumps are
lilliil with milling ore ready for treatment. There is every pro pact of the
new mill being put iu this year and
then prosperity will return.
On the Speot 1 itor i djoining the
usual force of men has bean developing all year, but no ore hns lieen
shipped.  The results obtained have
bv the owners of the Highland Light* be-nii fair, though nothing marked.   It
the returns being high. | will likely keen on operating on a de-
took a lease iu the; velopinent scale
John Kiiiman
fall on the U iS: 1 and shipped half a
ton of ore, with splendid returns. He
will work it next season.
Oue ofthe best things uncovered
during the year was ou the Riverside
group, owned bv R. I. Kirkwood. A
likely chute of ore hai been cut into
by two tunnels, revealing mineral of
high grade.   Next summer oa bine will
Ni P. McNaught did his usual sum
mer's development at the Hampton
and got well paid fur his labors, hav
ing snipped live tons of rich ore. Work
will be resinned there in the silling.
Adjoining the Humph n is the Mon
terey, on which   Bob Mi lor and  his
partners made an Impoi taut strike of
ore late in tbe full.   Itwi.il be thor-
Frotn the above description it will
be seen that there has been much encouraging work done, while the future
is by no means .dark or forbidding.
The chances are in favor of much letter times in I'.KM. for it is practically
certain the Arlington will have its new
mill built. Should it go up there will
be great doings in the camp. At least
two otln'i- properties on Springer and
one on Lemon are figuring on mills,
which will still further improve the
local situation. A further extension
of the leasing system will also work to
the advantage of the dry ore belt surrounding this town.
.lalalgaa lltlg.t.B'a   Banquet.
No event of the holiday season has
greater interest iiud import to the
wanderer in these parts than the annual banquet given in Slocan by what
is known as .lodge Began and his
liand of free and independent spirits.
At that affair every  man  in town  is
welcome, for hospitality is dispensed
free and without cost. It is the one
Christmas festivity where all meet on
a common footing, and good fellowship reigns supreme. To the many
the banquet is the one touch of nature
that makes mankind akin, providing
in a measure the associations of good
cheer that have Ix-en enjoyed in earlier years among friends and relatives
at home. If for no otlier reason than
this tlie affair richly deserves to lie
perpetuated. Started drat in a cabin
in 1897, the banquet has each year
grown greater, until now it requires a
room like the Miner's Union hall to
accommodate tke crowd. On Christmas night the hall was filled to the
doors,and u rich and tasteful feast
was partaken of. After that came iln-
readiug of the minutes of last year,
the delivery of messages of greeting
from the noted characters of the world
and the rendering ofa long and inter
esting programme of speeohes, reclta
Itlons and songs, lt was midnight
i when the affair came to a close, being
I voted one of the hest of the entire
I Bories*-.   Good luck to Judge Hognn.
Iml Te»r'i Shipment* Wm« 6333 Tens—
A Health*/ Kvldeace of tha I.ifa anif
Wealth of the Camp -Enterprise tha
Blccatt Shipper.
With this week's shipments ends
the output of the division for the year,
and the situation can lie fully realized.
For the week the Black Prince shipped 50 tons aud the Enterprise 20,
giving a total for the entire year of
1339 toils. In comparison with the
preceding year tho output shows a
great falling off, the figures for the
previous twelvemonths being 6333
tons. The decrease is due to the sus-
pended operations at the Arlington
p.n.T the change in affairs at the Enterprise. In 11)02 the former shipped
371)7 tons and lhe latter 2300, while
last year the figures wave 40 aud 935
tons respectively. Apart from this
the total from the division reveals a
gratifying increase, being 236 tons
from the smaller properties in 1902
as against 33-1 for the year just closed.
In 1902 there were 12 shipping properties on the list, while in 1903 there
were no less than 17, a most encourag'
ing record. That 1904 will equal the
shipments of last year there can lie no
diubt, and the promise is of much
better things. The outlook is cheering,
with few Lad features in sight.
For 1902 the oro shipments from
the local division amounted to 6333
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list or the shipments this year to date:
misf. wrkk.      -re-TAt
Enterprise     20 915
Arlington % i)
Ottawa  141
Black Prine*     £0 <S7
I'.uiiiilioliler  5
Dayton  12
Republic  70
Meteor  52
Hamilton  4
vYeetmonC ...'  "
Highland Lijht  2
Allierta „. 8
Cripple Stick  2
NSIIMII '. .,;.,;.... ..-, 2
aUamptaflprt.**.,.*,  i
.Sapphire  5
Kilo      10 10
70 1339
The Hewitt is employing Iii men.
The Last Chanca will pay a big
dividend before spring.
Boundary mines last week had an
output of 15,933 tons of ore.
The bunkhouse at the American
Boy was burned clown last week.
A new cable for the Ivanhoe tram
arrived in during the week. It weigh-
12 tons.
Silverton people are again looking
for the operation of the Galena Farm
The Province, on the south fork of
Kaslo, shipped its first carload of ore
last week.
Last week's shipments from Rossland were 79K.ri tons, or over 400.000
tons for the year.
The returns on the Ottawa shipment were up to expectations and decidedly profitable.
The Great Northern Mines, operating in Lardeau and Poplar, have withdrawn their stock from the market.
The North Star, in East Kootenay,
will resume shipments to the Nelson
smelter, at the rate of two cars a day,
The Mother Lode and Snowshoe
properties, in the Boundary camp.
nave amalgamated, with a capital of
Shipments are to lie resumed from
the Hewitt, in the upper workings of
which has ln-en encountered a large
body of shipping ore.
The drift on the enst vein of the
Ottawa is getting into the big ore
chute, though they have lieen working ou shipping stuff right along.
Sllirr atjuetatlani.
Following are the ((notations for bar
silver on the various days duriug the
week since last issue:
Thursday  55J cents
Friday  "
Saturday  66}    "
Monday  55 J    "
Tuesday  651   "
Wednesday     66j    "
Wednesdaj evening B meeting of
the local Conservative Association was
held iu H. R. .leiand's otlice, when T.
McNeish was appoiatiil b delegate to
atteiid the party convention at Nelson
On the 6th. He goes uniustrueted lis
to the choice of a candidate for the
Road Inspector Moore was hero on
Thur dav. r
■■•"e-e-SO* •-*••*»•♦-♦• II
?to dreamland!!
*   By W.  W.  HINES   '>
tJopyrtitaU Otit, bu T, C. 3/-C*iuc        ( I
«♦»*»■■»■ at ■•' »> ■♦»*-».*»■ *»•*»»! I
Tunes nnd perfumes have the power
to waken memories long dormant. Perhaps it was tlie half heard strain of -II
Bncio" sung softly by a girl in ono of
the rooms whieh opened off the piazza.
Perhaps lt was a breeae from the south
which swept over the sunny waters of
the bay and soenied to briug with lt
the scent of magnolias. At any title the
man wbo sat huddled lu thc great arm
.•hair felt himself drifting, drifting
backward, and he wus glad lo drift.
All through the nines.*., when fever
had made him rave, and afterward
when weak In body and hralii aliUe he
had seemed floating in space, he hnd
m-on the face. Some!lines when Ills
eyes were half shul he could nee it In a
half materialized sort of way. but
when his eyes were last closed he saw
It best of all. Dining the illness tho
face seemed always  to smile at  hlm.
TBI MAN IN Till* Illl) AHUl'lIAin  BEF.I>EI>
hut now as memory quickened he could
see that tho smile, was fading. So he
wanted to drift.
As the faco was becoming faluter and
fainter each day he haled tbe lifo
which had beeu coming back to him so
slowly. Why could he not have entered
when he stood so near the door of
death? In timo tbe face would be on
the other side of that door, too, nnd
the ginlle would never again fade from
the lips.
So he settled back to a sulleu hatted
of life, nnd the old doctor who had
taken n great fancy to hla ungrateful
patient said that he must be roused to
an Interest ln life or lethargy would
finish the work so strenuously com
inenced by thc fever.
Friends selected advisedly by the
doctor and the devoted sister who had
stood between hlm nnd death for seven
lung, weary weeks were called In to
talk with discretion nbout the success
of his novel. The critics had hailed it
as the novel of the decade. The.v had
Inhaled Its author as a man not of talent, but of genius.
'i'he man In the big armchair, lingering the tassels of his robe, looked out
across the waters and drifted with
their Monls fulling on unhealing ears.
Sometimes he frowned, for their voices
seemed to drive the face from his hiin
gry vision.
Then ihe sister who had the girt ut
intuition went alone to see the doctor,
nnd when she had finished her story
she wus weeping softly. The old doctor wiped away the mist which bad
gathered in his own eyes, while he
answered with a gruffness which his
gesture denied!
"Aa you will.    The case Is now past
And so thnt  night the sister sent n
long telegram to u little town in i..>u-
Islana. Then she went buck to her
place ut Ihe man's s|di>, uud lhe doctor came and went because he was
paid   to   do  so,   nnd   the  peoplf   who
heard of tho onee tried to get n glimpse
nt (he now famous young writer and,
.shaking their heads, remarked, "What
a pity, aud just at the beginning of a
brilliant career!"
As for the mil I), he never spoko of
the Increasing weakness. All he nuked
was to be wheeled each dny to the
plnxxa. Here he conld look out over
the hay and awuy to the south where
the horizon met the si-n. Sometimes
in- merely sat and gnsed apnthetlcnlly
ut the expanse of eon, More often he
Hosed   his  eyes   ami   wiill-d   for   the
It seemed to hlm that the face had
come Into his life mo gradually that  it
hail always been  a  part of his  very
existence.    It had not alwn.v*. laccn n
beautiful  face, yet  It  luul ilnmliiated
him.    II was an exacting fnee.   It had
grOwtl hard and flushed one titty When
he was but thirteen.    He luul wanted
to lie flat on his back and wni'h an
nnny  of   while clouds   marslnliii':   In
the blue sky.    The owner of the  fnee
did  not  care  for  the  movements  of
such   distant   and   unreal  objects   as
feathery clouds, and  she did  want  n
fort built.    Hut  It  was worth  while.
after all. for when the fort was llnish
<-d and her doll had been duly rescued
by Indian lighters at the .eminent risl.
of the fort the expression of lhe face
had been utterly lovable and tender, so
lovable that he hnd quite forgotten the
clouds and lhe blue sky. for even nt
thirteen one may lind heaven In (flay
I'.ut us the years rolled on there were
always forts to build, und sometimes
the clouds asserted their power more
strongly than the gray eyes, and then
the face remained hard and angry for
hours. Later the girl did not demand
forts for herself, but something tangible for hlm, something besides a pursuit of clouds. But he loved the clouds,
the breath of the dank woods, the
murmur of the sea. He would sit for
hours ln the heart of a busy city aud
watch people—sit and do nothing. He
said he did not care that his father and
his grandfather before htm had been
great soldiers; that another grandfather had founded n powerful mercantile Arm. He wanted—what, he could
not say, but there was time, and time
would tell.
So the face had passed out of his life,
leaving n greater void than he had ever
dreamed it could leave. And then he
had learned that work was good, especially to fill voids.
•        »•••••
It had been raining in the night, and
now the veil wns lifting from the sea,
which sparkled In greeting to the tardy
sunbeams. The man watched (he hav.e
as It Urst quivered, then melted before
the rays of light. The man sighed. He
felt that thc veil was lifting for him.
He was seeing things too clearly, aud.
seeing thus, he knew that the light of
reason would banish the face along
with the'mist of weakness. He closed
his eyes. Perhaps It would come back
lo hlm ouee more, nnd surely It would
smile now.
Suddenly he pressed his hands together, nnd something like a sob rose
In his heart. The face had never been
so distinct. There were the clear olive
complexlou, tho grent deep gray eyes
nnd the wonderful glory of her hair,
black as night and soft ns floss, startling In Its verslmilltudc to life. He
flftould see the curls which framed the
face, blown now by the south wind,
and he could almost detect the odor of
the violets, which had always hung
about her.
Afraid to stir ond afraid to close his
eyes, even for a moment, lest the vision lose something of Its apparent reality, he fairly held his breath.
"Don't, Leslie; don't look like that!
It Is I—Marlon! Don't you know me,
Even then lt ull seemed like n dream.
Not until be felt the cool pressure of
her cheek against his and her arms
about hlm did he understand It was all
real. And at Inst he reached for her
hands and held them fast.
"Marlon, I've been building forts-
hundreds of them."
She knew whnt he mennt, because
she murmured: "You were always
building, dearest, It is 1 who did not
ITotIiik   HI*  l.ora.
They were "silting out" the dance
when Miss Luvllwun glided silently
by, waltzing most gracefully.
"Oh, Algy," said the girl, "don't you
think Miss I.uvliwun quite the nicest
girl In the room?"
"Why, yes, May, darling, If you Ihink
"And her eyes—aren't they Just delightful?"
"Perfectly, pet!" Algy agreed.
"And hasn't ahe the prettiest mouth
and (he sweotost face Imaginable?"
"Simply charming!" quolh Algy.
"And don't you think she's awfully
clever too? Kuows French, and—bo-ho
I'oor Algy's faco went ghnstly white.
"Why. darling," he exclaimed, "whal-
ever's the matter? Are you 111? Shall
"Oh-o," sobbed May, "I -thought you
— loved me—you loved me best, Algy!"
"So I do, darling!''
"W-w-well. how cau you la-talk so
nbout that ugly, vulgar I.uvliwun girl?"
Wornpii   Who  Hale .1li*».
From time to time et range Instances
| crop up of women who not merely remain unmarried of their own free will,
but carry their unllpntby to the opposite sex to most peculiar lengths.
Thus ono of these Is utterly resolved
to have nothing whatever to do wilh
men on any pretext.    All her food is
bought  of  women,  and  consequenily
I meat never nppenrs on her tnble, since
i there is uo fcinnle butcher In her neigh*
i borhood.
Not long since a handsome legacy
wn** refused simply because lt came
from a man, whilo Instances are
known of women who make It their
boast that they have neither spoken to
uor allowed one of the opposite sex to
cross their thresholds for a quarter of
a century and upward.
But probably the bitterest man hater
of modern days was an Austrian Indy
who nt the time of her death was engaged In perfecting an elaborate plan
for the ultimate extinction of Iho male
sex. «•
Rat  Faeey Hail  Nine Ure*.
The great Stage scene of the piece
was a shipwreck, and after the vessel
had gone down only the comic man
and the heroine were to be seen tossing on a frail raft on the boundless
The comedy merchant had axpectod
thnt his woebegone nppearaiii'e would
raise a laugh, but even he was union-
Ished at the roar which went up when
they saw hlm.
At Inst he was able to get a hearing.
"I wish." he said to the heroine,
"that we could get ont and walk home,
but it's so Jolly wet."
The audience was loo exhuusted to
laiiuh any more, and Ihe voice of the
mnn in the gallery sounded painfully
"If I was you," he said, "I should do
If. There's a eat been hopping about
on the waves for the last Are minutes,
and she don't seem to 'ave suffered
much.'"-London Annwars
Copi/rii/M, i9v.'!, by T. C. HeCluft
They had been married two year*,
"long enough," ITue suddenly declared,
"to dispense with all houeymoou de-
Tom Dawson put down his evening
paper and stared at the pretty little
partner of his Joys and sorrows. "I'm
afraid 1 don't understand, dear," he
"Why, It's very simple. If jou know
that I care for you—and I am certain
that you care for me—all signs of affection are quite superfluous; they may
bo dropped."
"Oh!" Tom snld dubiously. "Well,
what shall 1 drop lirst?" There was u
twinkle ln his eyes, and Prue saw lt.
"To be serious," she pleaded, "lo begin with, you must not kiss me when
you come home to dinner and-and -
other times.   You must drop"—
"Drop you a courtesy Instead," he Interrupted her laughingly.
"Don't be ridiculous, Tom! You know
very well that there are many useless
customs that should be abandoned,
many things that should be dropped."
"Yes," he said, smiling whimsically,
"Hannah thinks so, I kuow. She drop-
lied my meerschaum this morulug. We
must tnke lessons of that girt, l'rnc, or
drop her. On the whole, I think we'd
better drop her,"
"It will not be neccfsnry," ahe said,
with dignity. "Hannah gave notice
this morning. I shall bave to And
some ono else within a week."
"I'm sorry—sorry, I mean, for the
family she'll drop down on next. Hannah's no feather weight, you know.
Speaking of dropping"—
"I am not speaking of it now. It Is
quite useless while you are in sueh a
mood," she said indignantly, rising
from her chair.
Before sbe could leave the room Tom
was at her side. "Forgive me. dear,"
he said. "I didn't know you were lu
such sober earnest." He stopped to
kiss the pink check next to him. but
Prue lifted a protesting ha ml, "Don't.
Tom!" she said. "You forget; It isn't
"Xo, 'It isn't necessary' "—the words
came soberly enough now—"only sweet
and natural."
And the next day, when the time
came to say goodby, True had no occasion to .complain of his "honeymoon
"Tom Is very sensible this morning,"
she said to herself, but she sighed as
she said It and went nbout all dny with
a wistful look ln her blue eyes. Tom
was "sensible" ln tho evening also, nnd
the next morning he was so very sensible that True cried a little, but i>er-
haps it was for joy. Even "sensible"
people, do that.
That afternoon Matilda made her
appearance. Hannah came Into the
sitting room to announce her arrival.
"Matilda Stebblus Is here, Mrs. Dawson," she said, "after my place, Will
I show her tn. ma'am? Slie nntl me
used to work together ouee, nnd she's
a dreadful good cook."
"Yes, I will see her," Prue said. And
iu a moment a tall, lank, freckle faced
ghl was standing in the doorway,
smiling nt her. "Will you be seated?"
Prue asked pleasantly, aud the girl slid
Into a chnlr, still smiling.
"I hope you'll give me a try," she
snid. "I'd like lirst rate lo cook for
you and him."
It was Prue's turn to smile, "nave
you had much experience?" she asked.
'Heaps of it, ma'am, but never long
to one place."
"That seems strange!" True ei-
"Well, you see, ma'am, tho honeymoons dou't usually stretch out over
aud above six months."
"The lioneymoous?"
"Yes, ma'am. I don't cook nnd do
for none but new married folks. Hannah told tuo about you and him wben
sho tlrst came here two months ngo.
She said as how she knew you was
Just married."
Pine blushed. "How did Hannah
know it?'' she nsked.
"Kasy enough, ma'am. It's like
measles and whoopln' cough. She
could tell by the symptoms. I'd rather
live where there's lovemakln' goln' on
ciiniiiiual than read the best novel ever
made up."
This was Interesting, but very embarrassing to Mrs. Thomas Dawson.
Two days ngo she would havo laughed
heartily at Matilda's sayings and have
found much enjoyment lu repeating
tliem to Tom. But present conditions
made the girl's remarks seem almost
personal, yet she felt tempted to engage her.
"Matilda," said she, "did Hannah tell
yon the wages she received and the
work she was expected to do?"
"Yes'm. she did. and 1 don't think
she'li better herself none goln' to work
in n factory."
"Very well. 1 will give you a trial.
When can you eoine?"
"I can stay now, ma'am, and get dinner If you'll let me go home for iny
clothes whet) the work's rid up. Han
nab wants to leave as soon as she fhn
any ways."
And so it happened that the honey,
moon cook held sway in the Dnwson
kitchen when the owner of the house
enme homo Ihnt evening.
"You  will he glad  lo hear that  I've
engaged n new girl," prae said to hlm
III the distantly polite tone thai she
hnil recently adopted in speaking to her
"Very glad," lie answered, "if she is
an Improvement on Hannah."
The dinner  was excellent, and   Ma
tilda wns very niton tlve In her service
at table, beaming ou them as though
she would say, "Bless you. my children!" Late in the evening, when thej
were apparently much absorbed li
reading, they heard n strange sound
half cough, half sneeze, In the hnll
Prue looked up frem the book. "What
was that?" she said. Tom was on bis
way to the door when Matilda entered
the room. "It wns me, ma'am," she
said. "I never walk In on new married
folks without givln' 'em warnln' I'm
n-comln'-not nt first. Of course they
get used to me after awhile and go
right on loverln' If I do see 'em. Nothln' suits me better'n that!"
Pine's face was scarlet. She dared
uot look at Tom. Oh, why had she
engaged thc services of such a silly,
sentimental creature?
"If you please, ma'am," Mattldu continued, "I'm goin' home now to get my
clothes, and I'll say good night to you
and him."
•Thought we were 'new married
folks,' did she?" Tom said grimly. "I
caul Imagine why. She's n good
cook," he added, "nud 1 hopo we cau
keep her."
"We can," Pine said to herself, "if
wi- will meet her peculiar requirements. But I'll not be driven Into any
foolishly unnecessary display of affection."
I'or three days the Dawsous enjoyed
the results of Matilda's culinary ef-
forts, but a heavy heart will affect the
hest of appetites somewhat, and on the
fourth day Matilda complained tbnt
they "didn't seem to relish their victuals" and she "guessed she'd belter
he goln'."
"Oh. uo," True cried. "No one could
suit us better than you do."
"I'm glad of that, ma'am; but there's
another reason." And she hung her
Prue was painfully embarrassed, for
she could guess the other reason. "I
hope you will stay." she stammered.
"Pll think It over till tomorrow,
ma'am, but l feel as if Hannah hadn't
been fair with me, leadln" me to expect
things was different .between you and
him from what they really be."
Tom came home Inter than usual tbat
night. Prue was in the hall giving
gome instructions to Matilda when he
opened the door. His eyes looked tired
and sad. she thought. She hesituted a
moment—only a moment—for Matilda
was present, and now was her opportunity to redeem herself lu the girl's eyes,
when she ran to meet her husband and
held np her face to be kissed. The tired
look fnded from his eyes as If by magic, nnd he put both arms around her
and held her close. "Has my little
wife come to her senses?" he nsked.
' Hush!" she answered.   "I Still think
it'ii unnecessary, but Matilda likes it.
She refuses to stay unless we are 'affectionate like.'" And she laughed hysterically.
"Oh," Tom said. That was all, but
there was a world of disappointment In
the exclamation. Then he looked beyond bis wife nt Matilda, who stood
beaming nt him, ber hands clasped in
ecstasy. "Well, she'll stay now." he
said bitterly. "I congratulate you."
Y'es; Matilda luul decided to remain.
She came to the sitting room door after
dinner to announce her decision.
After she hnd gono Prue left her seat
nnd moved restlessly nbout tbe room.
Then she sighed so deeply thnt Tom
looked up from his paper. -'Headache?" be asked.
"N-no." she snhl. Her tips trembled,
and she buried her face in her hands
ami sobbed out, "It's Just heart ache,
"Heart ache?" he said gently. "I
thought I had a monopoly of that."
Prue came close to his chair snd
leaned against au arm of It. "Tom,"
she cried remorsefully—"Tom, dear,
will you forgive me and"—Iter voice
sank to a wkisper-"klss nie?"
He caught her hands In his and drew
her down beside him. "To please Matilda?" he asked.
"Oh, Tom. you know better!"
"Becnuse if It's to please thnt girl Pll
be hanged If 1"— But something prevented further speech Jnst then.
......        »
When tbo Dawsous celebrated their
tin wedding it was with the assistance
of their honeymoon cook.
What is sometimes called inspiration is simply perspiration well employed . Thero is not muoh inspiration  in idleness.
Of the population of BuBivld one-
third are Gerinaiyi; in Huston one*
Within the last 50yours th,, r^0<
speed of ocean steamers h,vs ,,ul),9d
and ihe usual horsepower Increased
from 700 to  10,000
l-'ortuiiutcly for his neighbors tits
man who borrows trouble never pays
It back..
An  I'nfaiulllHr Dialect.
An American woman wbo was lately
In London for tbe Urst time is convinced that whatever the language
mny be which the cockneys speak it ls
not English. One of her experiences Is
related by the Washington l'ost.
The womnn wished to see tlie city all
by herself. Somebody told her that if
she went to the terminus of some bus
lines, It did nut matter which, and
waited a little she would hear the conductor call out the places on the route
nnd then cotitd choose that which she
wished to visit,
Sho found a plnce where buses were
arriving nnd departing nnd waited.
She heard mnny curious naines, but
failed to understand much that tbe bus
men said. Every now and then the
man on the step of a bus would call
out, "Mobloteh, Mobloteh!" and she
wondered what part of London "Mobloteh" might be. She hnd never beard
of It before, and she had been studying
London for six months. At last sbe
ventured to address a conductor who
looked approachable.
"Will you kindly tell ine." she said,
"where one takes the hns for the Marble arch?"
The man looked at her pityingly
ner American accent was thick upon
her, nnd he perceived nlso that she
must lie deaf. He leaned toward her
nnd drew a long breath, Then lie bellowed :
"This Is your bus. ma'am!" and began to shout. "Mobloteh. Mobloteh:"
The visitor had let seven "Mobloteh"
bpses go because she never once
guessed tbnt that Is the way Marble
arch Is pronounced in London.
foil Need Only to Negleot Coughs and Colds.
Great Safeguard Is
Dp. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine.
Like other peoplo, you dread the
thought of pneumonia, consumption.
or any form of lung trouble.
Did you over wait to think that if
colds were not neglected there would
be no consumption or pneumonia ?
These ailments start with colds,
and any cough or cold enn bo cured
by the timely use of Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine.
"Oh, it will wenr away," you say,
and In tho meantime the cold is fastening itself on your system, and
gradually creeping down the bronchial tubes towards tho lungs.
This word of warning may be of
priceless value to you if you heed it.
Dr. Chase's"Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine has won the good-will of
many thousands because of its wonderful promptness In curing serious
colds and lung troubles.
Mr. John Clark, coachman, Port
Hope, Ont.. stares :—
''Lost winter 1 was So bad with a
cold that I could not speak above a
whisper, and had great pains in the
chest. At last I feared it would develop into consumption. A friend advised 1110 to uso Dr. Chaso's Syrup of
Linseed and Turpentine, and ono bot-
tlo cured my cold, which I believe
would huvo proved very serious if [
had not used this medicine."
Mr. John Pollard, Echo Day, Out.,
writes :—"I was troubled last winter
with a very bad cold, which was bo
ginning to settle on my lungs. I was
ho hoarse that 1 could scarcely
Hpeak, and bad a nasty hacking
cough, which I could not get rid of.
One bottle of Dr. Chase's Syrup oi
Linseed and Turpentine cured me,
and  I can heartily recommend it."
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine is sold by all dealers at
tho advertised price, 25 cents a bottle, (family size, three times as
much;, 60 cents. Edmanson, Dates
& Co., Toronto. To protect you
against imitations, the portrait and
signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt book author, are on
every bottle.
■be Didn't Par.
Not all car conductors nre merely
hardened ringers iu of fares. A poor
woman got ou a Twenty-third street
crosstown car at Fourth aveuue, and
as It wos well under wny and she was
about to hand her fare to the conductor
she asked him If be transferred to
Sixth aveuue. On being told uo, she
drew back her 5 cents and asked to be
let oft.
"I've a long ways to go on Sixth
avenue." she said, "and I'd better walk
to there nud then ride."
The car then hnd reached Madison
"Walt till we get across the street,"
answered lhe conductor. She waited,
oud instead of stopping there he let linear go on. past the transfer sin lion
and across Hrondway to Sixth avenue.
There he pulled the bell nnd looked at
"Thank you," she eald gratefully.
He hnd carried her within a block Of
where she wanted to go nud hnd taken
no fare.—New Vork Telegram.
It's the proper caper for u bachelor
vegetarian to wod n w|HSS widow
You need hot COUilh all niifht uuil .In-
; lurlfl \taiir Irieiiil*.: there in mi occ&stou
I for   >".i   liintiiiii?   the   link   "I   I'onti
'. 111.:
Ml!     (> Ilia    Illlliaiiae     .flat-    a aa-a\     ""    a ,.aa a a... . aaa.
intliiiiuiiatiou   of  the     lun^s  or  aoipiUiiiii
tion, while   .vbbu can cit iiUkie's    .inn
I Consumptive  Syrup.   Tliis  mortlclno cure*
I rafliitrhs,   colds,   iiitli.iniii.il inn   (.1  the   tunc*
iiiuf nil thront and riiesi troubles li
I'rotiinu.H h free uml oiiKv pxpectovitlou
wiin.il Immediately relieves iii.- timm'
und lungs from viscid plilegu).
Ma'ii Roinotimos marry their Ideals—*
if they have money
A   problem   piny,   Cordelia,   i>    ,>*•<*
in which the plot Is missing.
A  bride  is  highly  prized, ypl   she in
1 given away.
What ioy there is iu the home whcii
lhe lirst baby comet., nnd J'Ot to lh.
young and Inexperienced mother who
has lo care for It there is ho other
period of her life BO trying. In tin
little ills that are rcrtaln to conn
tne Inexperienced mother scarceJ.i
knows what ta bIo. To the young
mother—to all mothers— Daby's Own
Tablets are a renl blessing. They
promptly cure such troubles ns constipation, colic, sour stomach, diar
rhoen and simple fevers. They brenk
lip colds, destroy worms, allay the
irritation accompanying the cutting
of teeth and prevent more serious
ills The*** Tablets are sold under a
guarantee to contain no opiate  nor
auj other of the harmful drugs nl
ways found in the so-culled soothing " medicines. They nn; good foi
all children from the ne.w-lioni babe
to the well grown child If you do
not lind the Tablets at your Inedicina'
dealers send j*j centh to Tho I'r Williams Medicine Co., Urockvillo, (int.,
and a box will be mailed you post
Trusts  are   like  bullies— thoy     want.
; to grab everything in sight.
Speechless and  Paralyzed.*
: "I had valvular Uieusc ol the heart."
I writes Mrs. J. 8, lloode, ol Truro, .VS.
I "1 suffered tcrril.lv and nus often
speechless anil partinlly unralyzcd. On*
dose of Dr Airiaa**A'i» CUTS for the Henri
pave in* rellof. ami before I ilnUhed one
bul tie I was aliia lo «o aliout l'o-iluy
1   inn  «   uell   woman ." — HI.
A man would never   dlscovor that
his wife huil n  temper  II  she    didn't
lose it.
• ■e skill of a Mouse.
One day a naturalist lay motionless
on a fallen log ln tho forest and silently watched nn animal at piny In the
grass near by. This was a large,
brown backed mouse, a meadow
mouse, that hnd come out from his
home under the log and when tired of
play had snt up to make bis toilet.
Using bis forepnws as hands, the
mouse combed the white fur on his
breast and licked himself smooth aud
sleek. Satisfied at length with his appearance bo began to search for food.
llo did uot hnve far to go, for a few
stalks of wheat grew among the thick
weeds near nt hand. The mouse waa
so large that he could probably hnve
bent the stalk down and brought the
grain within reach. If not, be could
certainly hnve climbed tbe atalk. He
did not try either of these plans, however, for these were not his ways.
Bitting up very straight, ho bit through
tbe stalk as high up ns he could reach.
Tbe weeds were so thick that the
straw could not fall Its full length, and
the freshly cut end settled down upon
the ground, with tlie straw still erect
and the grnln out of reach. Tlie mouse
agalu bit the straw In two, and again
Ihe upper portion settled down. In
Mils way he bit off Ave lengths of
straw before lie could bring ihe grnln
wlihin reach of his paws. These fore-
paws were very skillful little hands,
and he deftly lijisked a grain and ate
Ii, sluing erect nud holding It to-tils
mouth as naturally as a hoy would
lini,i an apple,-our Animal Friends,
Forlaiinte -tllxeaa.
"I hear dat (wo mo' hunks done
"My. uiy! How lucky we Is ter
never have a dot Inr* ter put In one.''—.
Atlanta Constitution.
Those who send their good money
to others for got-rich-qulck Information enable the others to gA'i rloh
without any Information,
To Bo Ssr*.
Considering the handsome manner ln
which she is acting, one must pronounce Lam Dillon a perfect lady.— ,
Denver News 1
Jnnt the Man.
Mrs. Bolgrnve (ou the Hermuda boat)
— Are you one of I he stewards?
Hill Holing—No, inarm. I'm enp'n of
th' top.
Mrs. Kolgrave— How nice! Hrlug tl
ami spin it fair llltle ("hnuncey. won't
you? lie's almost bored to death.—
llaileui Life.
A iiui'i cannot get hul ol buying
hi., wife fl ilcw tioivnet by referring to
her  hair  as   Ilie  crowning  glory.
Miliard's Liniment Cores Distemper.
Sti anger—Say. run I get a dlvorrn
on  the grounds  of  insanity?
Ijawyer—Possibly it might !«• arranged.    Is Vour wife insane '."
Stranger—No;    but    I   must
boen cra/v  when I married her.
Twltohy Muscles  and Sleep-
lOSSneSSt—Thn bopaleSS l.onrl. ulrknese
thst settles on a mnn or nomiin ubos«
nerves are -shattered by dis.'a."i* can l>c***t
be pictured In runtraxt ulih a imlli-nt
who litis been in the "depths" and lie*
been <limmk-b! from theni lav Mouth American Nervine, Ueorge (Vsbiter, .at For*
Sat, Ont., eayii : "1 owe iny life to It.
UverylkluK i*i«* failed tu cuiu."—44
Ilofoiv long n motor car will be
running on the so-culled roadn Ih
Uganda. Mr 0sorgo Wilson, the
deputy commissioner of thut protectorate, who is ou his way bark front
Knglniid lo Africa, in Inking with
him u a*j»hpreo-ppWer motor, which
he iiitcmls to make use of on his
tours of liisperliiBii Ihrotifihout Uganda, There are now nearly (*>o niileJ
of minis lu that country good
enough to run a motor on
You can't cure a cough or cold
from the. outside. You must
cure it through tha blood.
C/tirC    The Lung Tonic
ii the only remedy that
will do this:
It gets right to tlie root of the
trouble.     It ii guaranteed to cure
Prices 25c, SOc. and St.00
a. c. wici.i.s a co.
Tetenie, Can. LeRoy, N.V        » THE     PRIL.-.L,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Uam-cr <•' D#l»» Too OI.IIbIb.ix.
Tiie other evening, while niteudlng a
aiure. ijywni-d ToniUlnsobserved, glt-
,'i,it throe sent*. ,u fl'ont* a mnn •vhotn
I,, recosiilzed ns nn Intlmnte ne.-imlnt*
a'„CPl Tocnklas renneated tlie person
vi im occ npl'd the »eat oest io blm to
I, hi forward and poke the otlier Indl-
i i'i hinl wlili lil» atteJc. The polite strnn*
„,,. nt once ohllglnjtlj; did so.
When tlie disturbed inn-son turned
. s in-nd a little to tlmt' out the cause of
,!„. [Hike, Toiriklns dlscovei'L-d his nils-
iila-Ui'it lie 'V*s not thu person he
i, „l tukeo hlm for.
■•'Ixlng his attention steadfastly on
il,,, lecturer and otTectlng complete un*
...msiimisiiess of the whole affair, Tom-
I us left iho obliging man with the
Mil; to settle wilh the other for ills*
i irbnnce. There waa, nu may bu t-eadl-
h Imnglncd. a ludicrous nud enibar-
i.msln/scene, during lhe whole of
i. iiU'li Toniklns evidenced tbe pro
laaiiiuli'st possible Interest In the lee-
i lire.
u last the man with tbe stick nsked
I, aggrieved nnd Indlgnnnt lones:
"IHdn't you tell me, sir, to poke that
,a an tvlili iny slick?"
1 I'liiiilnly did," replied the una-
i.i-iii'il Tomklna.
• l nan ted to see If you would poke
i mi nr not." was the audacious uu-
fcn ,•(*.- I'i'iirson's Weekly.
(1 urn Ion* and Anaerri.
A scliool InsjM'eior well known for
hiM ivelght was Hying to extract lhe
word ••lli-sh" from n class. Ills efforts
I,. a| laili'd. hul. taking hold of his fat
.aii't'l, lieiwei'ii Ills iliiimb and forelln*
p't; he piilied It out and asked:
••What's this'.'"
lha. unhesitating answer came
promptly, "Pork, sir."
The saine iiis|s*cior was once giving
nu object lesson nn nn umbrella. To II-
limtr.ite his Btitij.'.-t be took his own
hill; umbrella, win ti happened to have
k small hole lu It
••What Is this. U ysr
••An umbrella, sir"
"And what Is tie-'"
'•■Tlie slick, sir."
"And theseV"
"The rilis. sir."
• Wiih what Is It covered?"
• SiiH'ly you know. Wbnt kind of an
umbrella would you call It?"
An old 'uu, sir."-"")ood Words.
No  Harm  Dane.
"It must hurt a man's credit to wipe
out his debts by going through bankruptcy."
"Ob, It may In some cases, but ths
wise man doesn't go through bankruptcy until he has worked his credit
to tbe limit."— I'hlengo I'osl.
The  Record.
"Young man." snld the stem parent,
"dn ynu know what Is Uie greatest situ
lu lifer
'•Sure;" said the unregenerato. "Tli.it
feller on th' lndlannj wot smashed th'
bullscye five straight at half a mile
with a 13 lOchtr!"
Little Willie—*v hut is the difference
iii-moon ihiiiiiciei* and reputation,
i'ii ?
I'a—Charnrti r is u luxury, my son.
"liilo reputation is a necessity.
l was cured oi a l.ud caso ol Grip
l.\   MINAKH'S  I.lM.lir.NT.
Sidney, CR. c    l   l.A<«tIK
I    wns   eurod   of   Loss   of   VolO-8    I.v
Yarmouth.        (MAS. ri.lMMKH.
i wus Cured of Sciatica   Klieuma-
tisin by MlNUUiS  LINIMENT.
Uurln, Nfld    LSWIS s   BUTLER
It takes n smart man to  write uu
unimportant lottor.
NOT  A  N A USB ATI*** O  PILL — The ox*
lpl.nl   or  u   pill   l<i  thu nnl.*iiniico.  ..ln.li
•"ld.liU  iho IncradlWtl ntul  makes up the
!l     aa,... I  B... a      ..t    ia.,..„.l.n<.      \   .... ..a ..a.'..
11 sllmaled production at   c\rt\
in  the United states r,.r  |.;ni in ?.-
■l 1,000,000   I'lislu.li,
•Uie of Ohio. City of Toledo,
U)OM I'ailint)-, tag
HUNK J. CHENBt innkn oi.ih that h* I*
Miilor twi'tiKT of th» ftrm of r. J. CM KNOT
tu . alolnn I u-in.KH in n,,, ci,y of ToltMn
County nii.l Sinlr nfommhl. na„| thnt nald firm
riliPI "'*' """ c,r ONK HUWDMD noi.-
li.V, ""'' *ni ***** cum. uf .CATARRH
&T*!m™cVmKW' "•' •lM "" " HA'*1'*8
B*m «** mat .•!W5i85?ftl,
P'«*».  Hill «lh liny of IW.Z   A   B   IB
"****> •*• w. oi.icAson.'
Hall's Catarrh Cure Ih tiik.-n Intornalfy «n<1
Sala illrHily aan Ihr l.looal hub) niiiraiua lurftoee
•f Dit •ymem.    Sa-nal for iMllmonlals, fr»e
F   ,T   CHBNBT A CO., Tolfdo O
Hol.l lay nil (IruirRlKtK. "jc.
Ilall'a Kiiniii) i'illa ate thc beat.
The  sea     is    said    to   lio   frruduull}
'•iitiliK  iiuni    the   French   roast,   having,  within the litKi  live years swnl
'••wod tin no loss Hum dfio aorm
Minard's liniment Cores Garget ia Ct wi
A woman euros hot where »   man
anils from  if   slu-  is    permitted    ti
I .' Hlnnt has found on forty-two
""union exact Intilritliains of I bo inje
' which tho individual died. So
'i us thin allows any Itil'orono.', this
1 'In-litoh that two-lhirds of the an-
"■"t I'lgyptiuns died before thoy
' " bed  iho ngii of ,t,t
Losing your hair? Coining
out by the combful? And
doing nothing? No sense In
that! Why don't you use
Ayer's  Hair  Vigor and
Hair Vigor
promptly stop the falling?
Your hair will begin to grow,
too, and all dandruff will disappear. Could you reasonably expect anything better?
" Ay.t's Hair Visor la a ui eat aneeeia with
nt. My hair vaa falllni out very badly, but
the Hair VlKor itoapped Tt and now my hair la
all right."-\V. 0. LuusDOt, l.ludiay, Cal.
|l M a twttln.
All drutnlala.
J. e. AYIH CO.,
Thin Hair
For the
•At-*i^*!A»65».-'5 •.•»:.•*#-'i ■> nvt.a.t. *♦:*.-».'-»
■C ..V »   •     »■»    •   a,    -     •••*•     aa' a'a     ..    -      .   . +    a.    .    t   -^   ,
On receipt of your
name and address we
will place before you
for selection the greatest assortment of
Jewelry, Silverware,
Leather Goods, etc.,
in Canada.
la thla new edition ef ear
Catalogue, ready Nnv. 15,
we have maile ipecial effort
to diaplay ax Ira value arlidaa
ef very moderate coal.
In it are presented
hundreds of opportunities for selecting Xmas
gifts at money-saving
Wa pay all arpitaa tmesft*.
118. 120, 122 and 124
Vongc SF., Toronto
1 ONTARIO. For lh* treatment ut ali
forms of BPKKCH DEFECIS. Wa treat 'La
cauae, in ,t simply the habit, and therefore
produce natural spcach.   Writ* for particolare
Damanda Sewnd Homil Only.
aa tor*** kQ at lea tlun hall thalr actual taint ai
are aatiker dealraWe for uaa or aula.  Tkeraaedy
mmm—* h,,^.  A«.wUtik.a<
wfl weak a oetmaiwel eure for ipaTlna, B tncenaaa.
•pllate, Curbi. ate ud ailloruia of lamiiaai.
Il cur«a ihoii^nala •( cum annual!).. Sack eedenuaaata
m tke eaa Mawkf •» a guuaaue M ••rl*.
Cared Im 8«w IpttlM et Tea Thii' Itudlnf.
EailvDe. N.Y.. Mar. ll, n*>.
' Dr. 8.1. Kaedin Ca. c^nlleineii 1—Soma y«ara are I
•a»al your KcnalaU'l »P«»in Cor. ra. a laone thai ^twe
I lone SpaTlaa, aad ll ramaivad thea anlanly. Thtae
pavlaa Ca.i laeaa caa haan trot. talBlh, end .me ol ue
raarf alaadln,. I now hare a oaeef a aure thai waa
blared by Calinf ihroaagla a taalalaf.. and ana f Mm te afire
ka, ccaaplal. lra.aina»nl wilk yoor Spavin Cora, flaeao
and ne • copy irfyeur - Treatlae ta tke Horae an* kit
-       Yoauaroiytraly,     , CLAUX O. TORT.
MN HI ila l»F SA AaalratoieM •wlkmByiaie
ft kaa bo oqaiat Aak your druxelst lor Kendall-e
Spavin Cure, alao "A Treeiiae aa the Borae,*
tin book Cieo. oa adda.aa
DR. ■. J. KENDALL CO.. Cnetborg FtOt, VI *-
anal la
of onr
Rubber    Diapers
Three Diaper*   art
(limit* uf the £ licit Qua-
Uiy. thin white rubber
cloth, ate vcrv pliable
and inay he'atljuMed
01 er cloth diaper lo
l>t,ata*ct bed   clolhea
end drriuea    They
with hiiltotu.   Made in (mall, medium
rue aitea.   A Musing to mathtie.   Ou*
Rubber Diaper* la*t* longer than • do*.
.ry one*.   Price by mall post paid—Jf ct*.
for lltuatraled <ala!oEue of   miliary
en. French and American nibher good*,
Kitndrlea, elc.   It i« tree.   Addira*
thi *»HiT«*v nuaaca co.
l>* V.crania ex.. tomtmVt. «•"
agent] wii'f>l>
A Startling Diicovery proar-
Ing a Uod-aend to ruptured hn*
inanity. No operation, paia,
danger aad na lot* of time
fn m work.
ton. Man. .whoae portrail he.e-
witn appean, ia cured of adaa-
grri'ii-i niptur* at 19 treari ef
age, while at dally diinai. Do
na t deipair. All are curable.
<Tr*>* Book >nd Free
Trial Traatmanl
MM to all luiTerar*. Write today. Strictly C»B*
cntial. j)j{   i,a   g   j^iQj.
ii yaieen St. Eait, Dept. <W\ Toronto. Oal
Stututi'   liooks     nn-   riMiioU-l'los     111
which mnny good inws arc Intorred.
l.'Vfl'r'H Y-/, iWIko lli'nd) lilslntootiint
Sunt. Powder In bi boon to m'.v boni* ll
■lialiifi-riH nnil  clean* at  the au'tiip '.inn*
When 11 fool Ims nothing to mi5' he
Ik iicm"!' Kiitislli'il  until  In. snis  It.
Maclennan Bros.,
TiLitpnoni ugo. p. o. Box US
Mtlntvra BlMk, 304,  Winnipao.
Wheat and grain of all kind*, Oar
Load Lola a Hpoa lulty. Htgolar «4-
v.iucoaam Kill* of l.aalnig.
Writa or wire ns for Traoh Hid*, or
Oaaiinipn Tour Oraln to ua. whloh wa
will sell for Ti'iir account, en your approval to highest bidder.
(Compiled from Tha Commercial;
That   Dodd's Kidney Pills  Cure
all Stages of Kidney Disease.
Rinlllen Clnuatre liail Haokaolie, B«ad-
aoltn and C011I1I uot Bleep— Now he oaa
Sleep, IVi.rk and ICuJ.ay l.lfe-Uodd'*
Kl.ln.y 1'IHh Did It.
Vnl HiH-ino, Que., Doc. ai.—(8p»3C-
ial)—-In theao days when nearly every
newspaper tolls of death from Kidney Disease the case of Emilien Clou-
ntri' of this place comes as a message
of liopi! to tlie Canadian people. He
hntl Kidney Disease. Dodd's Kidney
Tills cured hlin completely and permanently.
Jf. Clouatro is ulways glad to tell
of his cure. He says : ',I can not
do otherwise than praise Dodd's Kidney Tills. They cured mo of Kidney
"1 had pains iu tlie hack and headache and could not sleep at nights.
I got up in the morning more
fatigued thou the night before. I
took nine boxes of Dodd's Kidney
l'ills and tlu-y cured mo completely.
Now 1 can sIbb'P wt.ll and work well
1'nil my backache und headache aro
goin'. I huv(! bed no trouble since I
took   Dodd's   Kidiify   l'ills."
Dodd's Kidney l'ills nevor fail to
cur.' Kidney Disease from Backache
to Bright*! Disease. They have an
unbroken record of thirteen years
in  Canada.
According to n recent census, there
are upwards of <.w Chinese in Jo*
haiir.i-sbtiig. of whom 180 ate In
Catarrh  Is Curable
.lust exactly according to the way il
is treated. Lot alone, doctored
theoretltuliy or through the stomach—it's n Slayer !
Attacked dinctly with Dr. Ajsew's
Catarrhal Powder, it' is first alleviated .
then eradicated.
Thousands say so from clad experience. In un acre, more or less, of
the strongest testimonials. Sold by
nl)  druggists.
llr, Aitni'W'i. If-Mft Cure rfll«T«*» heart
'll-*fl'HM. In HU .Minute* und lurtai.    1",
1    The wheat markets, as exhibited by
I tho operations in United States speculative markets during thy weok,have
teen something 01' a puzzle to traders. Tl.e Armour company evidently
have pretty fair control in most of
the western markets, a.id for the time
bi'ing n great deal of the trade is
in.tiling moro thuu a gambling guess
on whut. Armour has dono or is go-
Mg to do. Theso, markets have laeen
weak antl strong on alternate days
and business prices show very litti,'
altoration from a week ugo, tho July
I option in all of them is lower from
i to Jc.   In tlio December option New
I Vork is ic higher, but Chicago, Minneapolis and Duluth are practically
unchanged, and the May option i;i
practically unchanged in all marki't!*. Almost every day reports are
put on the markets that il is raining
in the Argentine, and these help to
give support, At the samo time it Is
reported that harvest is progressing
favorably in that country. During
the week the primary movement in
the States has been ahead ol last
year, and the week's exports are
about the same ns u yeur ago. In
lb.' last few days, however, the lieu
export     business     reported     shows  11
considerable increase. This, in itself,
if continued to uny extent, would advance prices on this side. Europe,
up to the present, is still receiving
largo quantities of wheat from other
•ountries. In the .States complaint
of insufficient moisture siill conias
from th" southern part of the winter
wheat belt, but the centre nnd north
are now well covered by snow,
hall's reports on European crops are
generally favorable India has a line
prospect and large acreage, bill winter rains will be needed.
Manitoba wheat has been sti'ad\ t• •
Arm most of the week, though soma'
times dull. At Ilie close of the week.
owing to tin' strength of tho American markets, is quite firm, and prices
ure I to Jc higher than u week ago
Prices aro as follows : No. J northern, *-,s|c: 2 norther.1. 7;-*ji:: 1 northern, 'I jc; Ko. • wheat. (..'Jc; feod',
51a5c; ft*ed Xo 2. -l'c. spot or Dec.
deliver)*. For .January delivery price
is l to |c over December, und for
Mny delivery: I northern, S2jr S tun-.-
them, -<i{e; 1 northern, v.sjc No ■
wheal, 68o, ull in store Fori IVilllani
or l'ort  Arthur.
Owing to tin* failure of the turf
fm I tai dr.*. . funnels In West Cork
will 1 >«• compelled to burn coal this
winter for lhe lirst time.
Pamela**4* Vegetable l'ills are n..* result
if M-icntilii' Mudv uf Uie efloct* *>f »»
.rut Is 61 '.'**rtutn roots mid hi'i'hs Ui".u
tha' ttittestlve iBi'enias Their uso has dpin
oiitl ruti'il in in:, i*.v la.Mniira-!. thnt tin'*,
renu1111a- the iH'liiin el tiii' l.ivi'r ami Kill-
oeyt purify tbe blouil and ennv *afi all
niorrid   tua-umulittinnt   friini     the   s*a*«U'tii
Thev nre eu«v t<> take   and their action
is mild anal beneficial
The  most, expemsive  hospital    ever
laiiilt    is   tho   Parisian   Hotel Dleu
which   cost   £l,6oo,(MO,   about   iij.ooo
per bed.
Manly Strength and Womanly
Baailly depsod oa puiit. of the blood
and much o( lhat purity depends nn pet*- I
(eet Mfllnev Oltcrtofr. if these organs are
iliseaseil nnd will not perform their tOOt> ,
tions. ninn will s.eek in vinii for sireneth
and woiiinn for beauty. South American
Kidney Cure drives out all impurities
through tho body's 'Tillerer*"—repairs
weak spots.—10
Tha> Russian government has sane- •
tioiiB'd the building at n cost of ,
nearly (4,000,0110, of a gigantic bridge .
over the Straits of Ycnokalo. it will .
na' ;\*.oo metres long, iliul will ron-J
nect the Ciluiehn peninsula wilh the
The following ure the Winnipeg
jobb ng   prices :—
Flour—Ogilvie's Hungarian natenl.
S^.35 per sack of y.S pounds; other
grades accordlnglj*.
Oats—No. 2 white. 315c in carlots:
•vo to v, for le.-il guides: nt country
points farmers are receiving ?.s cotit-
per bushel.
Barley—Malting grades, -,6 to  37c
feed, .1.4 to 35c.
Flaxseed—75 to 76c per bus. for farmers' loads at country  points.
Speltz—35c  per  bushel.
Hay—Baled, .""n to 5m per tr.n.
Butter—t'reami'.-y. ;.)c |ier pouml .
dairy, best in bricks, 20c: tubs. 1.1c:
ordinary grades.  1* to  14c.
Cheese—I3_lr per pound.
Poultry—Chickens, ducks and goose,
1 m per pound; turkeys,   17 to  19c.
Potatoes—.s.Sc lo 60c per bushel
Cattle—Butchers'  cattle.   9
per pound.
Shi'oji—3j   in  ic per  ooiind
1c  per  pound.
Hogs—Choice weights, 4°c per
to   -.1'
A   gentleman    who     calls    another
gentleman a liar Is no gontleman.
fliaard's liniment Cares Colds, ed
Faillt-flndcrs     are  tlisgusted _  when
1 hi-/ bump up against perfection'.
Hard  and   -oil   .aims a-nnni.t   withstand
[{ollowav'l   Coin     Cine:    it     ih   sltoctual
,'M'ia  lime    Gal a. imtiie ui once anal m
hll|.['a> .
It   is easier  to  Will .1  wii'e Willi flat'
•.-iy thau it Is io maintain lier   on
fine uiu; an Manlier QraTsa' Worni ■*•
■>i inliiiiliir  will   iiiiiviiue \u»   thill   it has i
111 equal  us n  worm  medleiae      way «
iottle uml mi- II it .I.-.-.* do!  please von
\ polished gentleman is one who
.in ne rubbed tlie wrong way -rith-
iilt  getting hot
Smrlllnc Ont  Bauk 1IIIU.
If a bill must be sent iu n letter the
safest plan is to roll it tightly into the
shape of a lamp lighter and lay it iu
tbe fold of the sheet inclosed. Ar-
r.inged ln that fashion, the fnct that
It Is money caunot well be distinguished by tbe "feel." A thread with a knot
at the end will not be so likely to fetch
a telltale fragment of the liber pnper
when drawn by means of a needle
through the envelope, nud the smell of
It will be less perceptible. So peculiar
Is the effluvium belonging to bank or
treasury notes that experts nt the bureau of engraving say that tln*y cun
distinguish Ihem when .Sealed In envelopes by the nose every time. A thief
onee showed to government detectives
who luul caught him ti1.1t be could pick
out while blindfolded from n pile of
4(H) letters every one of seven which
contained paper cosh merely by mot
SiiMI-.l HIM'. . THAT .""Ml*"! !■" l,E*
•ii HiiKli IN.—Whenever oaln isi Mt Is
ihe ii.nl.s .ar IbbiiK lake Dr Tnomss as-
eetric nil puiu n little in tne Imnd una
i|i|a|\liu;   ll   tn  the MiriHii'  iBflineutli  \,'.,le%
ihe iaiiin lies, rub briskly   if the first mr-
llcatlon alors not afforo relief, widen i.
iiat UHiiullv lhe 1 use. kOOP rUb^llM lot'
>il Will LI'llllllllllV I'l'lll'll'lltfl.' to tha' .IT.'i'l-
•il   laairi   unit   relief  will   mine
It's as difficult  for a man to avoid
love ns u is for him t<> understand
yUAr expens*
35,000 Reward aWBU
Limited, Toronto, to any person who
ran prove that this soap contains
any form of adulteration whatsoever,
or contains sny injurious chemicals.
t.k fer Ihr Oetasea Bar, ««l
An   l"iiiill»!i   rirctlon  Rapcrlencr.
An Englishman relates the following
election exporienee! "l was taking part
In canvassing a constituency wiilumt
a representative. I was aiinoiiiiml
ns u speaker at a muss meeting held
in a large Held within shadow distance
of a famous cathedral. One of Ihi
other oruloia di-llvered the most impressive speech I bavo ever heard. He
s|Kike of the Straggle of the poor, how
ihey bnd to bear llieir burden, lie
made uie nbnosi cry by his eloquence
He talked about his own Hilt.' home
which lie only jnst nuumged to keep
together by 'the sweat of id* brow."
•Who Is he?* 1 nsked. 'Well.' replied
my friend, the candidate, 'he is known
in Ids own town us "Popshop Dirts'
because    he    is   11    prosperous   paWII
a Qan.nl Tea pet.
Queen Alexandra litis .1 fuvorlte tea
nut Which 1- often III use when the
Hileen Is ut Sillidrllltrllhni. It is exceedingly CtlrlOtlS, vi'iy oltl ami is said
(0 be of priceless value. The teapot
Is in (lie shape of a stout Dlltehninn
sitting astride a Imrrel of wine. The
old man's cap serves for a lid, and a
gold thp lets out tbe favorite 5 o'clock
beverage. ...        ...
Wnto Shell
Mitts and
■—Toughest wear, flexible, warm, light
—Boil and scorch proof
—Rip and tear proof
—Rain and wind proof
—That's what H.B.K. Pinto Shell Cordovan mitts and
gloves are
—Made from the hide of the  Western   Bronco, the
toughest animal with the toughest hide,   light
enough to make mitts and gloves.
—Sold by dealers everywhere.
Genuine only with this brand.
Write for "Striyed," the funniest piece of
literature ever written about a Bronco—FrtS
Ha B. K. Warm
Duck Coats
H.B.K Duck Coats are warm,
hard wearing garments. They
are made in scores of styles—
fleece 1 ined, mackinaw wool lined,
leather reversible^—high storm
collars, large "Kantilever"
nnsagable pockets.
Made to keep out the wind and
the cold, the rain and the sleet. Made to keep people warm
Branded with this brand.
Sold   by   up-to-date  dealers
Hudson Bay Knitting' Co.
is ne PRErPtRt/iTIALio^cteAR
Yoiill  Enjoy Every BitiOF It,
ortier Ltd.. Montreal
aOt  S^^*^:\\^
lu bread, cnUrs nnd |>a3tr.v should
havo tho best th.ur on tho market.
Wo prepare our Hour from the finest
\vhrat that ia grown; it gives our
0OUT un oxipilsite flavor, and bakes
white, llfht,  and delicious.
The Ogilvie Flour Mills Co.. Ltd.
IW—,—Mil     I.I.   WlllaaM ■■!>■   I .11 — ■   ■ I Mil
Don't Neglect A Cough L
Mao; a case ofl
chronic   Bron-I
c hi tis, rneumouia ami even dremlwi Consumption itself, may he traced I
diicctly to "ouly a cough."   When the first coldcumes, start in on|
IT CURES COUGHS — heals the inflamtned surfaces —
strengthens weak throats — pats the lungs in the strongest
possible condition to resist the  trying effects of a
Canadian winter.
Muny n mun who    ilulius to he u
gentleman docn'iit work at  it.
Viinani's Ununeat Cures Diphtheria.
It   takes. 11  lot  Ol Cold i\ii>h to melt
a  marble lu-nrl.
A woman object! to serial sloriei
hecullse she cun never tell how they
nro going to end until they i\r,- lln-
«J. No. *60.
ai» 1 1   1 1mn Tttfc DRILL, MjtfO&B, B   ti., JAMALY t. 1*>1
£. B. SafaraaiiasALS, Editor aad Prop.
■ rvauas
SLOCAN,      0
i mar fkidat at
B. C
Legal Advartiaing M cants a Une for
£fte £r»t insertion and % cents a line each
Snboeqaent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement. $7 each.
Transient tdrertisementaataame rate*
At legal adTertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cants a line
(er each insertion.
Commercial Kates mad* known upon
The Sabacription is $2 per year, strict
if in advance; $2.50 a year if not ao paid.
Address all lettera tot—
Slocan. B. C.
A  Blight, Happy and Prosperous
New Year to one and all.
Resolve to say a kind word every
day of your town and *.>mp. and you
will be surprised at the reault.
The millenium has arrived here. Xo
longer tbe wily aspirant «**keth municipal office, but rather doth the office
seek the man. Mighty hard seeking,
Slocan mineowners are now protesting that a market for zinc is all that
is required to set the camp a-bum-
ming. May their desires be speedily
The Victoria board of trade wants
The DaiLL to boom the proposed Yukon railway, in tbe interests of the
coast towns. Can't see it that JJ*V;*ai
all, at all. The '-'*■"*•*■-- •-***r*^
for that road
bave a bet
Pay up your subscription.
Slocan ore shipments are 15,301 tons.
Vancouver is infested with footpad-*
and burglars.
The pubbc school will resume business on Monday.
There were no records last week at
the government office.
J. M. M. Benedum and wife spent
Christasas in Silverton.
Mrs. Tony Long returned from her
eastern trip on Tuesday.
Christmas services were held last
Sunday in all the churches.
John Craig came up from Winlaw
to eat Christmas turkey at home.
All tbe men sojourning here over
Christmas have gone back to work.
The Dkii.l and the iveekiy Toronto
Mail-Empire for one year for $£50.
Nomination day for the municipal
elections are a week from Monday.
John Hamilton and John Irving are
the mayoralty candidates in Nelson.
Tbe Kamloops Inland Sentinel issued a very pleasing holiday number.
Dr. Kirkwood came in from Seattle
to spend Christina* with his relatives.
H. J. Lipsett came over from Cran
brook to j-peml Christmas with his
Stephen Hunter was killed in the
Coal creek coal mines last week by a
fall of rock.
N. C. Schou, assistant editor of the
Victoria Colonist, died on Christinas.
A Jap named Kawasean was murdered in Vancouver Christmas eve by
a fellow countryman.
Tbe fire brigade gave their second
annual dance on Tuesday night the
affair being enjoyable and successful.
A goodly crowd was present. New
Denver sending down representatives.
Supper was served in the hall.
cars of ore shipyxd to the Nelson
smelter during tne week, the figures
being up to erpaectatioo. The No. 1
grade averaged 211 oz silver and 17
per cent lead, and the No. 2 ore 114J>
oz silver and «•" per cent lead, netting
the shippers $3a,609.72. Leasing pays
in this camp.
Kilo Or* la • Fli-e.
The shipment of ore from the Kilo,
■Ont to Nelson on Dec. 21, was caught
in a fire at tbe smelter on Thuradav
Tbe drving room, an adjoining building and a box car were destroyed, and
the smelter had a narrow escape. The
companv settled for about 170 a ton
to tbe Kilo.
R. J. McPhee spent Christmas with
his family in Spokane, returning here
on Mondav.
All the members were present at
Monday night's meetiug of the civic
Aid. Worden reported that the lad
ders and otber equipment of the fire)
brigade had been stored in the room
adjoining the city hall. Accepted with I
Aid. Teeter queried as to when the
auditor's report would be readr, and
was informed probably by Mondav
night next.
Worden Bros, asked for leave to]
move their market scales from Delaney j Representing tbe strongest cem-
ave to fronting their office on Main panics dsing business in Canada.
streeL Glutted on motion of Aid.; Se£ new aCCIDEST POUCTi with „r
Teeter and McNeish. .        ..... „ .        . .
Aid. McNeish submitted a prelum-, ticipalion in profits. cotariBg sick-
aary financial report from the school' ness and eperatiens.
boatd for the year. Thev required
"Jl I'Liiy tu square up account*, making
a total expenditure of $1%5.*j8. The
receipts from the government, which
are declining each quarter.were. about
$1300. The balance comes from the
eencral funds of the city.
Council adjourned.
11. D CURTIS, Notary Pablic
lirroalil Ka tar rt* Inn tnt.
Success, financially and othenvise.
was won for the sixth annual Christ-
The mill people have sent out twoI mas tree and entertainment of Knox,
*?--*****>* *"<* **** H-^-^x-J*^^* | Kind Arriving  D,„y.
A full  stock of tbe best
for another.
Slocan      f
J. PinchbfC-, Proprietor
rresh Fruits of Every |
mas eve.
iNM place this
Lean  ve-tr ,*-••        .    ,   ,   .      .,     forts, some adult talent being intro-
.   P -Tes."uas arrived, being *•>»*? 1 duced. •«*«■■■
interior^ ^ p|aw
j^1. MT eight   year*-
-jachelors are in peril.
A somber of;
Tt   Wer**.
. 4 *»0uld be shorter.
to™^^. £ade, and open up the
Y**%^art of the province. That road
is not for the coast.
Street rumor has it that D Arnot U
to have opposition for the mayoralty,
but it must not be taken seriously, for
Dave will purely be It for the ensuing
year. Things are different, howevsr.
regarding a council, not a single aspirant having been announced. It r*
all very well. boys, to have fan over
the mayoraltv. but don't forget filling
the aldermanic seats.
matin?an improvement.   One
I of the pleasing features of the pro-
| gramme   was   the   siuging   of   Mrs.
The annual meeting of tbe Interior ' Brooksbank. a recent arrival here from
Press Assaociatkra will be held in Nel-) England.   She met with a flattering |
son on the 9th and 10th. j reception.
George Hewlin was struck by a C.
P.R. train near Wardner last week,
and died from his injuries.
lines of cigars and toliac-
cos always kept on hand.
14 Vostvoaestttroma farSl.
>'all Weight aaai Quality
Slocan, B. C.
Cell Iirrftlrl it* liBl-fP.
D. Arnot J. Anderson and J. Pinch
beck; Mrs. Arnot acting as accompan-
, ut.   At the conclusion   of the pro-
Thos. Mulvey and wife spent Sun- j gramme Santa Claus made   his ap-
day in Nelson.   Tom went down in 'pearanoe, distributing numerous gift*
charge of the Black Prince ore. Ko young and old.
E. G. Woodward, of the Ferguson
Eagle, was married   in   Nelson   last
week to Miss A. M.Ford, of Greea-j    Last Saturday tbe lessees of th
wood. ■■ Bell claim, one of the Republic group.
The I.O.OF. got in a beautiful car-. increased their force to five uisn.   On
pet on SUurday for their lod?e room, • Christmas the exposure of ore iu the
making it tbe cosiest hall in the Root-. shaft was three feet in width, at about,
cnavs. 40 feet depth.    The formation is bro-
Billv Howarth. Sandon's whirlwind t ken   up   souinvbat. but   thf average
hockevist. passed through here Tues ' ^ °.f ore.IS ™couragiug. k rarload ■.
dav for Rossland. where he will reside of ore is to be shipped at once.
H »Prin<?- Black Prl..*, Or. *.«-„..
-ffilH !"£ CDdi-n^ DeCem^P      The   lessees   of   the Black Prince:
the C.P.R. traffic receipts  were $"**6£-' .    j ..        . ,    ,
000. as against &18.000 for the same  have received thc  returns on the two
time las; Tear.
...       i
2*!^^J"&££*I \**********MMmm*m_r
i entertainment  were:   W. E. Worden.
The Pacific Bank will open its headquarters at Victoria this month for
general business. Tbere is a chance
for Slocan to get a branch.
North Renfrew provided a beautiful
holidav gift for the Conservatives in
Ontario, E. A. Dunlop defeating the
Liberal candidate. Hale, by 519 of a
majority, in a Grit hive. It was a body
blow to Premier Ross, whose majority
is now reduced to three, f td there is
talk pf dissolution. The davs of the
Grit machine are numbered and soon
Ontario will join the west under the
Conservative banner. Incidentally,
keep your eye on that young man.
Gamey.    __——__
On Wednesday next the Conservatives of the Kootenay riding will meet
in convention at Nelson to select a
candidate for the Dominion elections.
It seems to be the unanimous desire
of many parts of the riding lately tbat
Charles McAun. barrister, of Kaslo.
should be tbe nominee. With him as
a candidate the full strength of the
, , „    , .    . ,,    rii.-.ri: I  r*»,' .:• Um oresrexcm of  the   laid
partT could be polled, and that would '■ o^*,,,», a,e citj Hati.siocan. oo the nth
to Ottawa as the j .»» of January. I9M. from iba bocr of 12 o'clock
noos. till ! p.m.. for tha :-:;**■>=» of alectir-x ft-
*oe« to r*pr*saat -.'.-•x ic the Municipal Co-:.*-..
as Mayor and .."ainrri: aad ak*o t«o perwei
to r»pr»*^*n*. iheai oa list Buand of 5cboa>l Tre»-
ISSesI Slocan.
Tl. mod* o! iwaiiniiioa of candidates »ha!l i
ba as follows:
.for $18.25.
Why be without ft range whsi
you can jet one so cheap ? The>
are preferrable to stoves and givr
better satisfaction. Tlte-se ranges
burn word or coal and will be
•et up free.
IJ.   ~
Pr BLir NOTICE U hereby giv—. to th* Eec
Uir of th* Municipality of th* City of 5io-
mean bis being sent
next member.   The convention promises to be well attended
As the days grow longer with tbe
New Year, so do the hopes of tbe den-
taens of the camp strengthen. Tbe
past year was one of partial disappointment and depression, but tbere
We have some
great bargains
to offer in New
Year's Gifts...
SLOCa*. B.C.
Meats it IipwDts.
Way mouth Mlaaral Claiai.
Situate in the Slocan Citv Mining Pivi-
•ion of the \Vc«t Kootfnay Mitrict
Where locate.!:—On Printer creek.
a tributary of Ten Mile i-refk.
!    TAKK. NOTICK that I. W. h. UcGre*
! for. acting at agent (or John I.. Kiraig.
' free miters' c**rtif.a;aU So. B71B3S, and
• C. E. Soiitheringalai. free miser's certifl*
' cmta No.B->C*997. intend. 1*0 dava fiiim lhe
| date hereof, to spply to the Mining Kecorder for a cert jfiesta of Improvement,for
the purpose of ol.taining a Crown grant
of the a'-ve claim.
And further take notice that action.
nnder eection 87, mutt be coinniatired
before the issuance ot audi certitiiata of
I**ated thia ISth dav of November. 1903.
13-ll-03 W. I>. UeGREUOB
T*m candidal** fJulibaonaiaat-xi in writing:
sh* wn'.ia *h»ll ha »i.b-crit««l ty two wart of , • . -
th* Muaiclpaliu ». prvpa^r moi ictoo^r. aad    \\ *- -*■• •*.**-*r»^o»<l. it. -:.        ■ .
• I»*:i b« drlirrred to lots Haw-n:--f t.'i.crr ai
nt*r-d to
ply  to
,     .'  ,
; auj tia» bxainu th* aial* uf tha notic* aad ;
appears to be a brightening on the am. ot ib* day of nvnanivitioa;
horizon for 1901.   The leasing svstem j   ^^ *■ ~* ***** •** • ■"■ b*iB« ********
.    , . .. e   .x     x-   •     tach poll ail! ba.-p.ao oo thc llth daj »f Jana-
is keeping the resources of the din-} trT lM „ ttid ,_>__,. „, mhieD .^^u^
sion in   prominence, and operations; u h.rah, raqairrd to tak. «*.** m-\ «oT.ra j £**».'•.•.■',*laTrf^jyg^!^;!»*■•■*
. *irto*r cf 1    ■ '« ft Work*-, at  Victoria. f..r tp*-,
{ ciai bean*** Ua cat and carry aval timhvr fr.aaar.'
, to* fa.llowiiK a1aa»trrih»«i tract* ut lac i. -tua;*d
■ on Majaquitocraak. ia *'u Kootatuy L>.*:r:ci
Tlrttt LtraUai.
CoKsa^cinc at   a   poat  i*a  lh* -.-.: SUm of
promise to enlarge. With a large
force on tbe Enterprisae. the certainty
pf the new mill for the Arlington, and
the promise of a resumption of operations at the Kiln, in addition to otkf-r
t,m.^4.t acccrduifi;.
KJ chaiu aan. la pout of mmssm *€w»Taeot
!    T*»*f»rv»»qualiftadtob*co«ii>at«lforan<lj     jjm.nf,, a —L THtlS. ABRIEL
•!*ct*d Mayor of tach City at tii* a«.id •lactioo | s***od Lacalloa
-hall b* such par>oa> » ara mstt Bri!-*fc «ab- i    „ -       . .  ......       ". .
, ,    . TT '    to«nsenc.5« a: a ^o»t a.l^*iri3«(li»i locAti.io
JtMnel t.»fUi*«eoft**-*ety-oo«>**r-'. and are , po Q,ri'*»s*. .vrnar. rnnnia* * chain*, north:
' no» ali»4«atii*J under aaj law, and tb«oc* *n c!nir.» e-a,:. therxt* S5 c*.«in« v-*jth:
,,_.,.. . i t?**oc» I.'c.-iaia* rrtxti. to pane*. *»f r,>isix»ac*-
... 1    (a.)   Hat* be*r. far the m Boa-.ht n«x; pr»-1 ~,M
properties working.thmjrsou^ht to be c*din« th* day of n.aauna-.^« ;b* mr*j*«r*.i j tho*<  tERiEL  improvement
-** :   - * Lccatad No». 15. i?m. I>ateu this 12tli day of NoveniWr. 1008
Iraiiallr. Rlddan Traanaa  and lltulalii
Mlaaral rialaa*.
5'ituate in tht Bloeaa City Mining Division of tha West Kootenny District
Where  located:—Between  the tint
and  second  north  forks of  Lemon
TAKE NOTICE that I, W.  D.  McGregor, acting as agent  for Chat   1'a.n.
K.M.C. BoT^T. and Wm.  H. Crawford,
Kree   Miner's   Ortificale   No   (v.".7*>«*S.
intend, aixty daya from the ilata hereof,
to apply t.  tha mining recorder for certificates of  improveraant, for tha pop.
poae of ol-taining Crown grants of the
above olaims.
And further take notice that ai*tion,
under section 37, must be commence.!
before the issuance of such certificates of
fairly Hvelv in tbe camp thi* year. No
use being discouraged over trifles.
own*.- in tha La- i Rettytrr Office of:an*l
A Far*at*ll Rera^iaa.
On Wednesday afternoon a farewell
reception to Mr. and Mrs. Bradshaw
was held at the residence of W. E.
Boie. aad was largely attended. Following an impromptu programme of •"■*-*•"**.«*•. **j mt do-jmm.;--• tba tmatmtmtm
*i     a -     *          '   a_i*. 3          j .. owner ia tha  Land k'txfi t>ffior of land or
vocal and ujstrumenUl music, and the real property in tb« citfof ina aa**«N*d t»i»*.
«errin/r of refreshments, came a nuin- *•*• **** —* ■»ai«p«l as—aammoi roil, of cox
•     ~f   _   ^_u    _n   .__.:/_;__» . ot mon. over and abet* out reg-.-iarod inoun-
Jberof speecbee. all  testifying to tbe bcanc* or cb»r«*. and who *r» oti.tr.ii* duly
•sterling worth of Mr. and Mrs. Brad ina^Sed a* municip^ roim.
ahaw, hf>w greatly ibev will be inisscd Th* p*not* quaiUM to b* aoninawd he and
here, and wishing them everv auc-e-v staM School Tr*»t*aa of meh City shall ba
i n their new home in Toronto".   A votr —— I****-"" •» *t* V*<»-*»hoii*ri and har. ibair
of thanks wa# also given tbe hort and ""••** •»'"»*«*J " ****** m th. -~u™ um of
real property in Ua* City of th* sassajai »aln*. _,      ,,.,»».
on tha la»t JioBic:;*! ifw.na: roil, of »JUC.; T»im MSMsa.
or more, ovot and ikora any  raar*a*«rad icc-jai        roina:*a*:nt »' »  P"*t  p:a-i»! or. oonhcaM
braac* or chart*, and wbo are otherwi>*qaali-   corner of  t»c->il '.x-^ttoa. r—Img *0   chains
Cad aa manicipal ».;«-» 1 aaorth: thaoc* <C (telaa *a«t: thence *' chain*.
_. „-   . ■        ,, .! woth: theac* *0 chaiai west, to point of n«i-
Tb» p*rw<n* qoahfiol w b* aominatad for and '
elected JLld*nnea of roch City at th* said «!**■
tioo aba!i bemch peraooi a< ara ir.* • B-.'.»>
aubject? of the full aga <*f tB*ecty-<fln» year*, aad '
are no* ditqoalifitd andar any law. and
b.:-   Har* been for th* »:x a>oaatk< s«xt pr*
tbe several
tbe affair.
hostaswea   who arranged
the Municipality of tha City of Sloeas.
'j:i«n cader «y hand and teal at tSr City of
s. «-. -.'.-M- laretllNMSbai LO MM
Locatad Ni
The goverament will   construct a
bridge acroM Slocan  rirer in tbe ri
pinitr of Wf|soa's rssch.
Silver I.*af Mlaeral rialui.
Situate in the Slocan Citv minin* division of West Kootenay district vVksre
lo-cated :—Sprinf »r creek, soutii of Arlington mine.
TAKE NOTICE that I. Herbert T.
Twigg. as agent for George D. Loaf, (ree
miner's certificate No. M-M-tft; N*. S.
Tucker,frea miner's certificate No.B6Hf9
Martin Maurer, frea miner's certiticata
No. B59759; and Eri Thoraiison. fra«
miner's certificate No. MOMS, intend,
sixty davs from tbe data hereof, to
m\ra &°.:»~"X».t "* I «PW to the Mining Recorder for a certifl-
EDORR STOBO (rsim of improvemenia. for the purpose
of obtaining a crown grant ou the above
Aad further take notice that action,
nnder section 37. must be commenced
before the ieeuan.ee of such certificate o<
l>ated this llth dav of I"*e***e!iit*r.l90*i
Locatad Not. !<*. tao.
Faorth ta>cati*a.        •
Cottaeicir* »t x f.-«t planted at !a»atliweit
corner of thirl k<ati *r.. n.ne. itxf *W .-hain« w**t:
theoee « c!-.i >. wrtk; -.la'Lc* * fSjiinu:;
thaoc* ft) chai:.- w*atti. t« point of tSSamrammtat>
Located. Not. 19. I"**C.
rifih tisaslssu
Coonsoclnc at a pa.*** planted oa *att *' 1* of
Moaqoito cr**c. mnniiur **0 ci.ain« we»t: tL*nc*
•<   -Lias north; th*nc* K> chains ml. t' *nce
« (
.    ■ i * M   > :-
i mill
A dvertise your %
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
to all persistent and liberal advertisers: it ii> read
by everyone.
It guarantees
At All  Times
Subscribe for
local paper:
THE DRILL,  $2 per year
New Residence for Sale
One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud plastered, and is the best finished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.       For terms
Apply at Drill Office
■■ ■ i ■■ ■**■
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D,
Gwiilim <fc Johnson*
B. C
e* * ♦ » ♦♦♦■»«-»♦-♦»<►♦
Will buy a comfortable j j.	
Cottage and two cor- \\Don't
ner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, hall
and wardrobe. For
other particularswrite
»•♦♦« «♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
KATHS: Raftilar «rl ^«-:l*ra ti r**r n-aiulh
or $10 a year : nonsnhrcrih»r« iSiel' -i'«"'
n-eli-.-.'. attendance; fl \.r .,-. Priaat* ejrala
ll mm day *iua, .-i«v.... f. .;:.-.«> laraatan*
ity ca->«*.
for furthtr particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
\\This Snap
t. ax una.
ftlith   I ac-atlaa.
t-.sji at s   po« pl acted oolb* snuth
east corner of fifth location, rnnninc eatt $t>
chains: ti«oc* aouth ft) chains: thence *»»-t «i>
, chain*. tl.enc* «rth ft)chain*, to po.ct of cm.
_ n_    1   . . hr Tn<a». haamu ^f»I!t
To Wn, J. Amlrews, or to any j-ersoa i
or laersainstai tvl.oiti ha may hava trans-!
lerred his interest in the Black Dia-1
motul uiinerHlilitini.sitiiateilon I#mon -
eirek ami reconieit in the Ket'ouler'i {
ofli.'e (or tha Sloi'an City mining divi- {
You   are   herehv   notifle*.!   that   1.
Anilraw Trovoit, F.ll.C No.HWTOT.have
cauiae.1  to be ext*en.lad tha sum of two
hundred    and   five    dollars   in   lahor'
and improvementa on  tha aWova man-
tioned    mineral    claini,   iu   ordar   to;
hold said claim  under tha  provisions o('
tao Minaral Act; audi!  within MdaTtyt
(roaB tlia data of  this nolica  you fail, or
rafujc. to contrihuts your ptoporUOBOl
such e«penditnra,to,*eiher with all costs I
of advertising,   your  interest    iu   said
claim  will bcoona ths  probity al ths
subscrilvsr, under section  «1  af'an   Aet
entitle.! "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act. 1-AXV"
Dated at Slocan. B.C.. this  1st  dav of
IHoe'mtver, A.D. IMS.
THE DRILL has maiU au
arraiit^oin-*!)! with the Toronto   Mail Empire.    *o
that its waakl v edition mav l*
etabbed   with   th« fcriaar.
N«W   sul)»cril»-"rm   therefore,
m.iv obUin tbe W-wklr Mail
F.nipirt*   ackuowledgiid to be
one of the b«"»t  pa*>eri* in the
IaVtiuinioii   and Slocaa's l<*ail
log knirnal. Thk Drill, from
■ow till .laa. 1. 1906, for tin*
sum of tUO. With this «mp
tkmal offer will bt piven as a
premium,   a   beautiful arto
•jravure, entitle*.! "The  i if
lotto Cross." The picture d'-
pirti a seaiie in the late So1"
war. tlaue in  ten colois, nnil
well worth framing.   Sead In
vour orders at oice to
The Drill Slocan.


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