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The Slocan Drill 1902-03-28

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TOL. II., Ne. 52.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   MAHCH   28,   1902.
1*2.00 PER ANNUM.
Re opened under
the old management.
Former easterners
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. Arthur Btraetsasvl Delaney Arsnut,
Building thoroughly renovated
and re stocked with the I-est
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
We have just opened our first spring shipment.
We have the latest John 13. Stetson and C. B.
Rutnn blocks and tho values can't be beaten.
John B. Stetson, best quality, $6 to $6.50
C. B. Rutan & Co., best Union made,   $3.75 & $4
Other good makes, in all styles, $1 to $3.50
We carry Men's Hate.   The ladies as a rule "blow"
themselves about springtime     Why jot the men ?
\ T. Shatford 6c Co*, General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp HcKinney, B. C.
. YORK <fc CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
ileats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
'QETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, Is under the
SWIM ai Personal Hanapment of Jiff Bat?,
rho is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Qiiickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
"Junta Street t. be Grasleil-Delaiis-y Ave
Will l>. Improved -Protective Works
on Sprlngor Crack-School Board Demands Horn Money.N^
City council met in regular session
on Monday evening last, members
all present.
Telegram and letter read from the
Roval Bank, Nelson, re appointment
of R. A. Bradshaw as city treasurer.
Ordered filed.
Cummuiiicntion from It. J. Shier,
Victoria, reassessment of his property
here.   Ordered filed.
Report from finance committee,
lvcoinincnding payment of Paul
Wood's account for attendance at the
hospital, as well as other bills previously presented.
Before motion for payment was put
Aid. McCallum referred to the Wood
bill, and said some system should be
adopted in sending city patients to
the hospital. An order for admittance should be given, signed by the
council, it would bo a guidance for
lhe future.
Aid. Nichol believed there was an
arrangement made with the hospital
fui* eity patients.
Aid. McCallum agreed, but Wood
had not been recommended by thc
council and lie should have had an
In this the aldermen coincided and
the motion was put and carried.
Public works committee recommended clearing Hume street fronting the school; also Delaney avenue
eastwards from Slocan street.
Aid. MeCalluni, speaking for the
school board, said nil that the Utter
desired was the street eleareiHn front
of Uie school for a playground. Tliey
dM not ask for a clearance of the
street clean through. The work
would commence from Fletcher ave
Aid, McCallum and Worden moved
that the rcpsirt bo accepted and thai
the board of works clear our. Hume
•street tlie full width from Kleiohor
ave, for a distance of 3Gi5 feet, nnd
more if possible.   Carried.
Thu health committee asked for
an extension of one week for report
n» 0:1 els-aniii**; up the city. Request
Sonic discussion arose as to clearing
Up east Delaney ave, the board of
works reporting that $50 wonl I clear
it out 20 feet wide. Aid. McCallum
did not favor any expenditure on
streets, as all available funds would
be required to pro*.' et the Springer
creek bridges when tlie June Hoods
Aid. Barber had Inspected both
.ridges and he found them in a dan*
germs condition and liable to be
•.*.ashed out. Considerable costly
work would have lo be done to protect the bridges, particalarly at the
Delaney avenue bridge.
Aid. McCallum recommended the
council spending some money now
that tho water is low in straightening
ihe bed of the creek, and then the
bridges could be better protected.
They had no money to throw away,
but money spent now would be found
Aid. Nichol believed in what the
previous speaker had said, and he
ralated his experiences with last
year's flood. In regard to Delaney
avenue he would like to sec something done towards clearing it out,
thus providing an outlet for the peo*
pic in that vicinity.
Aid. Bnrbnr held forth on the force
of the current ->f Springer creek and
what could be done to protect Delaney avenue bridge.
After more talk about opening up
Delaney avenue. Aid. Worden moved
that the board of works proceed with
thc task. Seconded by Aid. Nichol
and carried,
The school board asked for an advance of $120, for salaries and incidentals for tho next three mouths.
The clerk replied to a query that
there  was  about $260 in the civic
Aid. McCallum said Supt. Wilson
had stated last week when here that
the government would promptly pav
the quarterly allowance due the city
for the school.
The clerk said in answer to a question, that thero was some license
money yet to come in.
Instructions were given thn chief
of police to order citizens to clean up
their premises. The health commit
tee conld inspect the alleys and the
yards after. Raised to a motion by
Aid. McCallum and seconded by Aid.
Worden.   Carried.
Aid. Barber and Smith moved that.
$130 bo granted tin b<.*1i6oI board to
pav salaries for one liinnih.    Carried.
Moved by Aid. McCallum and
Nichol lhat the matter or Springer
eivek protection works be left to the
board of works, they to do it just, as
cheap as possible,    I 'arrieil
Hills presented!   ;'   \. '
lull' lout of council hall lor January,
February and March, $7.50; McCallum & Co. wrote about an old bill of
1*2. sent in some months ago. Referred to finance committee.
Chairman Robertson hoped all the
estimates would be brought in by the
various committees without delay, 6o
that a rate of taxation could be
struck, and thc sooner the better.
Aid. Worden asked the clerk if he
had inspected any chimneys lately,
and called attention to one in the old
Mikado laundry on Delaney avenue.
Tho inspector would visit the place.
This moved Aid.Barber to say that
it was tho duty of every citizen to
report dangerous chimneys and flues.
It would lessen the burdens ef lhe
Con Mirphv raised a laugh by
pointing to thc ftuo in the council
Aid. McCillum and Nichol believed the city officials were the proper
persons to attend to such matters and
not tin citizens.
Aid. Worden wished to know if the
clerk had written to tho lieutenant
governor regarding tlie mayoralty
vacancy. Clerk Foley replied by
reading copy of the letter sent to the
government on thc subject, in accordance with instructions of last
council meeting.
Council adjourned,
ftepreaentation In Legislature Increased
by Fsssir Memborss.
The redistribution bill as brought
down in the legislature last week
provides for an increase in the representation to 42 members, a gain of
four over the present figures. There
are 34 electoral districts in all, West
Kootenny being granted six members and East Kootenay three, Fol
lowing are thc districts witli their
The Mauds
Nanaimo City
N \v Westminster
Vancouver City
Grand Forks
Nelson City
Hos'land City
Col ll 111 bill
Total, 42
The new districts created by the
redistribution bill are: Sjutnieii, Tlie
Islands, Newcastle, Atlin, Skcena,
the two Lilloeets have been merged
into one, Kamloops, Okanagan, Similkameen, I'rccnwood, (Jrand Forks,
Ymir. Kaslo, Columbia, Cranbrook
and Fernie.
Tho Slocan electoral district, in
which this city is siiuated, embraces
tbat tract of land contained within
the following boundaries, viz: —
Commencing at a point in the south
boundary of Revelstoke electoral district where it intersects tlio cast shore
ef Upper-Arrow lake; tlienco southerly, following tlio centre line ef* the
Upper nnd Lower Arrow lakes to the
southern watershed of Cay use creek;
thence following the, height of laud
between Pass creek nnd Cayuse
creek to Slocan river; thence crossing
Slecan river in a north-easterly direction nlonT the height of land forming the watershed between tho waters flowing into Slocau lake and the
waters (lowing into Kootenay lake,
to a point in the southerly boundary
of Revelstoke electoral district duo
east ofa point two miles north of Nakusp; thence due west to tho point of
eoiiiinencfciniuit, shall constitute one
electoral electoral district, to be designates! Sloean electoral district and
shall return one member.
Hussar, on Lemon creek, which-is
being worked by its owners, Frank
Provost and J. Radcliff, is now Hearing the, ledge, being in 100feet irom
the surface. Several stringers lead
ing from the ledge' have been encountered, as well as a number of
small bunches of ore. A flow of water was tapped this week, indicating
tlie close proximity of the lead. Tho
owners expect to open up a big body
of ore. 	
I sss.iurtaat Strike In the Big; Upper Slocnn
Word was received from the Rambler-Cariboo mine, in the upper Slocan camp, this week that tho big ore
body had been struck in two placc3
on the 600 foot levol, and that the
great chute of silver ore, from w'hicli
the recent dividends havo been paid,
extends to tlie lowest level, stronger
if anything than in the upper drifts.
The ledge where crosscut shows from
three to three and one half feet of
ore, averaging nearly 200 oz in sil
ver per ton.
The shaft, which is being pushed
downward, passed out of the ledge
at a point between the 500 and 600
foot levels, the dip of the ledge carrying it away from the pit. That
fact, however, did not disturb the
management, and the shaft was carried down to thc f.00 foot level without deviation. At thc bottom it was
decided to drift both north and south
to eaten tho vein. In order to avoid
sharp angles in I lie course of both
drifts, they were directed diagonally
towards the vein. Tlie expectation
was to turn them gradually in conformity with tlie trend of the vein
when it should bo encountered,
The crosscut in the north struck
the ledge several days ago, and the
ore body there was three and one-
half feet in width. Tho find was a
pleasant surprise to tho management,
as it proved that the ore body ox-
tended at least 30 feet further north
on the GOO foot level than it did on
the 500.
Tho ore body in the south crosscut
was broken into this week. There
the ore chute was three feet wide and
carried values of 2G0 oz.
The strike i* considered a most im
por taut one, as it demonstrates the
continuity of tie big oro chuto at
depth, and gives assurance of a virgin ore reserve between the T>00 nnd
iiUO foot levels. In conscqucnco of
the strike, Rambler-Cariboo stock is
much in demand at stiffening prices.
ropsilatissis ssf New I'M ins*;-..
According to thc Dominion smelter
returns thc population Of the new
provincial electoral districts of Slocan
and Kaslo is:
Nakusp 228
Burton City 83
Slocan City 'J50
New Denver 725
Sandon and vicinity 889
Three Forks and vicinity CSO
Kaslo Citv and vicinity
Trout Lake
21 IH
Ottawa Fusts. Incroiias'sl.
R. J., McPhce, late foreman at-the
Enterprise, has been engaged by the
bonders of the Ottawa group to take
charge, of that property. 1I<* came
iu from Spokane *m Saturday and
went up to tho mine next day. The
force of men baa been increased and
development will now bo pushed,
Later on inori* men will be employed
and tho property put on a shipping
*\ >*u l-|is(t tlsi* l.s'ilns*.
The .crosscut tunnel on the Black
Likely Twelve Mile I'roapcrta.
Last summer a number of likely
prospects wero located on Twelve
Mile creek, and all had good exposure! of ore. Somo have been sold,
smile arc under option, and others
have been worked by their owners
Ol the latter the Happy Medium and
International claims, owned by Fred
Benson and W. Hinehliff. arc. about
the most encouraging. They have
sunk an incline shaft on the vein for
50 feet and carried ore down from
the surface, and tliey have the pro
perty In fair shape fur sloping An
ore Eou 0 has been built at the shaft
and in it is stored considerable mineral taken from the incline. In addition to the shaft a crosscut tunnel has
beon driven 5C feet. Tha lead cuts
aci'0 a towards Ten Mile and would
break over in the vicinity ofthe Kal-
llssplox HisIum il Shipment.
Lemon creek made, its first shipment for the year on Saturday, when
the Duplex,situated on tlio first north
fork, sent out 7 tons, the ore going
to the Nelson smelter, it was shipped by J. Cross ami .1. Nathan, they
having been working tho cbiini ail
winter under a lease. Tho ore will
run well in gold and is expected lo
not the lessees $75 per ton. The
mine is left in much better shape
than when work enninieiice.l. Wore
a WftgOU road bsiilt up the first north
fork of Lemon creek, half a dozen
properties w aid be enabled to make
shipments of ore.
Last Veur's Shipments Were 0514 Tons—
A Healthy Bvlilence of the Life ansl
Wealth of the Cuiup—Arlington tho
Bleeest Shipper.
Properties on three creeks in the*
division appear in tlie shipping list
for thc week, with a total of 127 tons.
Tlie Pupti-x, on Lemon creek, sent
out 7 tons; the Arlington,on Springer
creok, 80 tons; and the Enterprise,on
Ten Mile, 40 tons.    The shipping listt
now numbers seven properties for tho
year, a ni»ch better record than was
made for the same period in 1901.
There arc a number of claims to enter the list later on.   So tar all the
creeks in the camp have been fairly
represented, there being two shippers
on each of Ten Mile, Twelve Milo,
and  Springer,  with one on Lemon
For 1900 thc exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled U529 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a full
list ot tho shipments this jcar to
Arlington  80              9SI
Enterprise  40              24(1
Ottawa  7
Neepawn  fiO
May  5
Paystreak  6
Duplex  7                    7
127 1255
Ore is moving freely from tho
Hewett, Four Mile.
Ore shipments from tho entire Slocan amount to 5800 tons.
Operations have been resumed on
the Capella group at New Denver.
More snow fell in thc I11II3 last
week than at any time daring the
,T. Corrigan, late shift boss at tho
Enterprise, is now foreman at tho
Another one per cent dividend is
due to Rambler-Cariboo shareholders
on Monday.
Nothing new has vot turned up
with regard to the situation at tlie
Iron Dorse.
Another $(>000 dividend was paid
bv the Sunset on thc 20th, making
$8tXQ00 to date.
In the neighborhood of 70 men are
on the payroll of the Enterprise, at
the mine and mill,
The first load of stalls for the Arlington mine szanic in on Saturday's
train from the Junction.
R. Fi. Allen';' freighting outfit is
hauling mining timber from McGregor's ranch to tho Arlington.
An examination for assayers dosir-
008 of practising ln British Columbia
will be held at Nelson on April 21,
The Horsefly boom has tamed out
very much ol a f.ikc, judging from
the reports of returned prospectors.
Joseph Ryan, representing the
Vulcan Smelting Co., of San Francisco, has offered to build a 50 ton
lead stack at Sandon.
The ledge on tho Ymir mine, at
Vinir, lias been struck In the long
tunnel,.giving a vertical depth on
the vein of 1000 feet.
Bob Cooper and J. T. Raauehesno
were due tO leave the citv yesterday
morning to work on tlie Onslow, adjoining the Pavstrcak, on Twelve
Return* from tliesliiiniioirtsriit OUt
a month ago from the May,on Twelve
Mile, netted tho owners about $75 a
km. The ore gave 180 oz in silvor
and $20 in gold.
A 50 ton mill is to erected by the
Montana Gold Mining Co. on their
property at Deer l'ark, Lower Arrow
lake. The average valus* of the oro
is between $11 and $16. Spokane is
the head ollice of tlie company.
Option en Twelvo Mil,, Claliua.
11. Et, Jorand, acting ostensibly for
outside parties, has i-ecurod a sixty-
day option to purchase tho May,
Strathroy and B. C. claims, situated
on Twelve. Mile creek and adjoining
the Cliauipioii and Sapphire group.
The Mny is owned by J.C. O'Connor,
of Silverton, ami has been worked
nil winter, making a five ton shipment a month ago. A. C. Allon owns
the Btrathrov and W. E. Lee the B.
C, All the claims were located last
•minnier and have had very little-
work done on them, with the exeep
tion, porh pa, of the May, which hitj
encouraging earmark-! •   - - -   ■
Copyrtfc-iit. 1901 by Thomas P. Moutfort
"No, but he's pow'ful Iu earnest 'bout
it, au I b'lleve he thinks he can."
"My land, I can't see what he Aggers
that he'll do."
"Neither do I, but I reckon be thinks
he'll do somethln."
"Mebby he does. I been kinder
thlnkin, though, that he mought be jest
a-tulkln that a-way to sorter chirk Sim
up a bit."
"Lord, he mought Jest as well save
his breath, then, 'cause Sim ain't takln
no hope from what he Is n-proiulsin."
"Nary a grain, he ain't. 1 can see
that jest as plain as the ears on a
"Wonder how that man happened to
come home with Sim anyhow."
"I dunno, except Sim said be was
Jest sot an determined to eonie."
"Waal, I guess it don't matter much
wbar be Is, for be ain't got many more
days In thla world nokow. He wns
shot clean through tbat time Sim carried him off the battlefield, an his
wound never got plumb well, an now
It's opened fresh an tuck to bleedln.
He 'lows It's liable to bleed In'ard jest
any minute, an when lt (ita to doln
that he's done."
"Ho Is so. That was rale brave of
Sim, the way be done, carryln tbat feller way from the battle, wa'n't It?"
"My land, I'd sesso. Didn't hardly
reckon It was In Sim to do that a-way."
"Me nutber. But, Lord, you can't
never tell what a waked np dog'U do
by lookin at him when he's asleep."
"That's so. An Sim Jest begun to git
sorter waked up 'fore he weut away.
You mind how he done Jim Tborn that
night at the store?"
"Land of Goshen, Mlrandy, I reckon
I do. An tbat 'minds me. I wonder
what Loueesy'll think when she hears
Sim's come back?"
"1 ain't no Idea."
"I wish he hadn't never 'a' come."
"Lord. Pap, so do I. I bate to think
"bout what may happen to him."
"So do 1. I'm goln to try ag'ln In the
mornin to git him to go away."
Sim entered the room, and Pap and
Mlrandy lapsed Into silence. Whether
Pap would bave succeeded the next
morning In persuading Sim to go remains a matter of doubt, for he never
bad a chance to try.
Before Sim had left his bed Sam
Morgan came with a state warrant to
arrest him. Mary Mann bad discovered In some way that Sim had returned,
and ahe reported It to Jim Thorn. The
latter, overanxious to bring Sim to justice, -had hurried before Squire Beeson
and sworn out the warrant
The squire's sympathies were wltb
Sim, but he had his official duties to
perform, no matter how disagreeable
tbey might be. Sam Morgan, too, who
still held tbe office of township constable, sympathized with Sim, although
be believed blm guilty. Wben he came
to make the arrest, he said with an air
of apology:
"I bate to do It. Sim; I do shore. I
never done anything I bated to do
wuss'n I hate to do this, au If 1 bad
my way 'bout It I'd ruther be
•That's all right. Sam." Sim replied.
"I'm not tin iu in you ticne."
"If s's'.llise vnii I: nn w bow I'm fixed,
81m," Sam went on. "I'm stanmn
right betwixt my owu Inclinations an
the law, an, no matter how much I'd
like to give way to the fust, the law's
got tho right au has got to be heeded.
When a feller's flllln a responsible office under the law, he can't do as he
wants to. He's jest got to sbet his eyes
to his friendships an his personal likes
an dislikes au not see nary another
tblng but the law an duty, 'cause
when he goes Into office be sw'ars a
■solemn oath that he'll do Jest that
"Yes. I know, Sam, and I ain't think-
In hard of you."
"I'm glad you look at It that way,
Rim, 'cause we was alius good friends,
an I don't want you to feel hurt at me.
But, my land, Sim, you don't know
how strict tbo law Is an bow It bears
down on a body an hems him all lu on
ever* side, so's he ain't got no right to
do as he pleases nor nothln. It's an
nwful solemn an responsible thing, this
holdln office Is, an a feller jest has to
do bis duty as he sees It, no matter
wbat It coats nor who It pinches."
"That's all right Sam. I ain't goln
to have no hard feelln's for no man
]Mt 'cause he's doln his duty, an I
"i hats to do It, Blm."
know that's nil you're sloin uow. I'm
not lslniuin Squire Beeson neither, for
he's not done anything bo tlitlii't have
to do. It looks like Jim Thorn is puttln himself out a right smart, but maybe be feels that he ought to, an anyhow 1 ain't blamin blm neither. I
ain't blamin nobody."
"Waal, I'm glad you feel that a-way.
Sim. I'm shore. I don't like the way
Jim Thorn done, though, au I ain't
liked the way he's done from the fust.
He was tbe fust man to necuse you of
that crime."
"But you all b'llevcd It, Sam, all except Pap Sampson nn Loueesy."
"Yes, but bow could we help It? 1
didn't want to, but you know how ever'thlng was ag'ln you. Then thnr was
the threat you made that day over to
Mls'us Mann's wheatfield au tbe words
you said to me the last time I see you."
"I know. Ever'thing's ng'ln me. But,
Sam, If I was to sw'ar to you that I'm
Innocent would you b'lieve me?"
"I would, Sim, 'cause I know you'd
never sw'ar to a He."
"Then I sw'ar to you that I never
killed Jnmes Melvln. May God help
"Sim Banks," Sam said, "from this
minute I b'lleve you Innocent. Thnr's
uiy hand on thnt."
"Thank you," Sim replied.   "It does
me a world of good to hear you say
that.   And now. Sam, I'm ready to go."
"All right    We'll go before Squire
Beeson an let blm set tbe day for your
preliminary hearin, or will you waive
that an wait for the gran' Jury to act?"
"1 dunno.   Which will be best?"
"Well, If you waive a bcarln In the
squire's court you'll have to go to jail,
while if you have a hearin you mought
git out on ball."
"Tben I'll have a hearin, an the
quicker the better. But wbat you
reckon they'll do with me, Sam?"
"I can't say, Sim, but not mnch, I
They bad reached tho door when Pnp
Sampson came from another room and
called to Sam.
"What Is It, Pap?" Sam nsked.
"It's about tbe man tbat come with
Sim," Pap replied.   "He wants you to
send Squire Beeson an two other men
"What for?"
"I don't know. He Jest says ho
wants 'em, on, though he's so sick tbls
mornin that he can't set up, be says If
you don't Bend 'em he'll go to tbe
squire's office even If be bas to crawl
ever' foot of the way on his ban's an
"Lord. I'll send 'em, of course. But I
can't make out what on earth he wants
of 'em. Must want 'em putty partic'-
lar, too, to talk that away."
"Seems so.    You better send Jason
Roberts an Jake I licks. I guess."
"All right. I'ap. I'll send 'em."
As Sam and Sim walked down the
street the former said:
"Who Is that man that come with
you. Sim?"
"He's a feller 1 got to know In tho
army." Sim replied. "He come tbnr
two or three weeks after me, an ho
Bald his uame was Tbompsou. That's
'bout all I know 'bout blm."
"Don't you kuow wbar he belongs
nor notbln?"
"No. He never would apeak of bla
past life nor of bis borne nor nothlu."
"Humph! That's quaire, alnt lt?"
"Yes, I thought it a little curious, but
I 'lowed It wasn't any of my business,
so I never said anything to him 'bout
"No, but It quaire, an bo Is his want-
In the squire au them men. I can't
flgger It out."
Sim showed but little Interest He
was thinking of something else. Hla
mind was on Louisa, tbe one chief subject of his thoughts during all the long
four years of bis absence. He was
wondertng If he should see her ■train
now tbat he was so uear. Sbe bad
never believed blm guilty. That was
oue great comfort No matter wbat
his fate, that knowledge would cheer
him even If she held aloof from blm In
Jils hour of trouble.
At the squire's office Sam remained
guarding bis prisoner while tbe squire
uud the others went to answer tbe
smnmouB of the stranger. Pap Sampson, finding himself uot needed at
home, came dowu to be wltb Sim.
The news of the arrest having
apread, a number of people enme to see
Sim, a few of tbem out of sympathy,
but the greater number out of mere curiosity. Jim Tborn and Mary Mnnu
were among the visitors.
Thoru did not say a word to Sim, but
there was a triumphant expression on
his face tbat showed be was highly
gratified at Sim's arrest He bad never forgotten tbat blow Sim had given
him, uud now, after four years, he was
getting bis revenge and getting It In
full measure.
Mrs. Maun waa equally as well pleased as Thorn; but, unlike blm, she was
not content to let the expression on her
features show her feelings. Approaching quite close to tbe prisoner, sbe
"I'm glad to Bee you, 81m Banks, an
to sec you right where you are. I hope
now you're satisfied."
Sim made no reply, but Sam Morgan
epokc for blm.
"Mls'us Munn," he said, "you ort to
be ashamed. Anybody that'd talk to
bim tbat a-way now ain't got as much
heart as a stone. If you can't say
something comfortln, don't Bay anything."
"Let blm look to Loueesy Banks for
comfortln words. She's tbe one to
■peak 'em. An jest let blm wait till
■be does speak 'em. He'll wait forever."
Pap Sampson bad been fidgeting in
and ont of the room ever since be
came. He'd go out and look off down
tbe street then come ln and alt dowu.
In a few minutes be'd go through the
same motions again. This be kept up
till finally Sam Morgan aaid:
"What's  the  matter of  you,   Pap,
tbat you've got so restless all at once?"
"Nothln, fiam, notbln at all," Pap replied.
a 4><$4+A&$*yA4> $+4>44>4>4>m4>4><t4i4>4>
By Blandie Elizabeth
'Mls'us Mann, you ort to be ashamed."
liut Sam Morgan knew better.
"all's well that ends well."
Pap Sampson was expecting the ar
rival of Louisa. He bad Immediately
after Sim's return sent her word Informing ber of that fact, ne had not
asked her to come and bad mado no
suggestion as to what she should do.
He simply told ber tbat Sim had come
home and was going to give himself
up and left the rest to her.
He believed sbe would come. He
felt confident of It, but be didn't know.
He said nothing to Sim of wbat be
bad done for fear of encouraging false
hopes. If Louisa came, tt would be
all right, but If she didn't It would be
better for Sim to think she didn't
So It was tbat Pap Sampson was all
on edge with expectancy and doubt
aud wns lu a continual fidget He was
so anxious for Louisa to come and so
afraid she wouldn't Tben, too, If sbe
did come he wanted to be tbe first to
meet her.
Of course Sim's old neighbors were
anxious to learn tha history of bis
life during tbe four years of bis absence, and they plied blm with eager
questions until be was forced to tell
much more than be wished. His career
as a soldier bad been glorious In an
bumble way. for be bad fougbt at
tbe front In many bard contested battles, and be bad performed more than
one deed of uncommon valor. But
Sim was modest and it was trying to
blm to bave to apeak of these things,
and even wben be was driven to It be
passed them over as lightly aa possible.
Pap Sampson, bowever, was too
fond and proud of Sim to allow his
heroism to remain unknown. So, notwithstanding his excited condition, be
took time to tell the full story of how
Blm had saved Thompson by bravely
rescuing blm from the field of battle
In a rain of shot and shell. Pap tolJ
It all as Thompson had told It giving
Sim bis full meed of credit. When be
hnd finished, tbere was a long silence,
during which everybody sat wltb open
mouth, staring at Sim In astonishment.
It was a full minute before any one
spoke, and even then some one merely
"Waal. I'll Jest be doggoned!"
Tbls broke the spell, ond quickly
Bam Morgan added:
"Don't  lhat  bent   you?    Who'd  V
ever thought of Sim Banks doln any
■Ich a way as that?"
"Lord," some on»* exclaimed. "1 bet
he was skeered. though    Wa'n't you,
"1 don't know." Sim replied wearily.
"I don't mind much "bom It"
[TO ax CONT1N0KO.]
Mlaundarst-O-  Him.
"J lii'ur you nil* out every night."
"No.   I win occasionally,"
Tlie windows of the Mars clubhouse
glowed with unwonted brilliancy on a
certain December night. Like half a
hundred friendly eyes they beamed upon
Harrison Weutworth as be stepped from
a cab to the snowy pavement and made
his way through the storm to the well
lighted vestibule. It was pleasant to be
there once more, after a three months'
absence, nud to anticipate the warmth
aud welcome that awaited blm within,
As he entered the banquet room he was
greeted   with  exclamations  of   surprise
and pleasure.
"Hurrah for Harrison!"
"Welcome back to Murs!"
"When did yon get home, old fellow?
We were just regretting your not being
in for this, but better lata thnn never.
Here, waiter, another chair aud a plate
of that soup.   You can squeeze in here nil
right,   Weutworth.     Now,   give  an  account of yourself.   Why didn't you let us
know you were coming back for the feed,
and what on earth hnve you been doiug
with yourself nil this time?"
"Thanks," replied Weutworth. "I'm
glad to see you all ngain, and it is good
to know one has been missed. I've been
west on business for my uncle, nud I
didn't know until the Inst minute that 1
could bo here for the banquet. My train
wns benstly late, so I had to run tho risk
of being turns'd out for niy tardiness, but
you have beeu more thnn generous to favor me with this undeserved consideration. How litis the world been treating
you, nny wny?   Well, I hope."
"Oh, we're the same as ever, aud so is
everything else, though there is one piece
of bnd news to tell ymi. Will you take
it before or after eating?"
"Give it to nie now. I'll promise to
bear up bravely."
"Well, you remember that Miss Ferris
you used to squander your money and
attention on?"
"She's married to an Englishman and
gone abroad."
"Is that nil?"
"You tako it coolly. There Is another
Item though which may excite your interest. Come, Rogers, out with it! You
know all the details."
"As to that," said Rogers, "I cannot
see that there is so much to tell, but the
few facts I casually stated before you
came in have created no little excitement
I hnd a letter from a friend in Boston
saying that New York society was about
to receive a desirable addition to ita ranks
in the person of Miss Vivian Tracy, who
has quite turned every fellow's head in
Boston. The family lived there for some
time, but suddenly decided to move to
New York. There's another girl, too-
twin to Vivian, but from the letter she
teems to share none of her sister's tastes
whatever; rather quiet and likes to stay
at home evidently, for Gordon writes (lint
she la known there as little St. Elizabeth. Wait! Here is his letter now. He
" 'Of Vivian, beware! She has broken
more hearts thau one can easily reckon
up. Every other fellow yoa meet here
wears a disappointed expression and goes
about the streets with drooping bead and
despondent gait thnt mark him at once
na a victim of the mini's whims. But of
Elizabeth- gisisd little St. Elizabeth—bave
no fear! There you have a duplicate in
outward appearances only. When she
deigns to bestow a word or a look upon
yoo, you may be sure they are sincere,
but don't expect to win either, for a
prouder or more reserved creature one
cannot Imagine. And yet—such Is the
perversity of human nature—lt la Vivian
whoso praises are sung; for If all poor
foolish moths do get a singeing iu the end
the dazzling flame Is nevertheless pleasant until it scorches. But, joking aside,
tha Trocys are delightful people, and I
hope it will not be long before you hnve
an opportunity to meet them. If you will
profit by my timely warning, all will go
"You fellows won't have any excuse If
you fall Into Miss Vivian'* mares," remarked Wentworth.
"Wc fellows! Hear the roan! And
what about yssurself, pray? Do you think
one of us would be fortunate enough to
'fall Into her snares,' as you express It,
when you are in town?"
"Perhaps be intends to play the sly fox
nnd capture Mlsa Goody-Good under our
very eyes."
"Oh, I!" exclaimed Wentworth. "Why,
I haven't thc slightest curiosity in regard
to either, so don't be alarmed. I probably shall not meet them, anyway."
Notwithstanding, he did meet Miss
Vivian, and thst very soon, and, contrary
to his own convictions, be became one of
tho most reckleaa Batterers that hovered
■bout the charmed caudle.    He was the
subject of daily discussion at the club.
"I knew he couldn't resist," said Williams. "It was all well enough for him
to brng bcfsirehnnd, but he has had to
give in. Ile Is worse thnn nil the rest of
us put together. Why, he has lavished
a small fortune on her nlready with his
etitiitnlniiienti. I lisipe he won't repent
It, though, for he's such ■ serious chnp
and so In earnest (lint It would go hard
with liiin If ahe should throw him over."
Has Knew.
The teacher waa allowing her elnss a
copy of "Tbe Angclus" and w.inir.l to
know what the man and woman wen* doing. The children nppnreiitly Couldn't
make out, never having rend the "hoc"
poem. After much suggestive question,
ing a bnnd finally went up.
"I know, teacher," said its owner.
"Well, Johnny, what are thi'y doing?"
"Lookin' for potato bugs, teacher," re
oiled Johnny triumphantly.
Don't use steel knives for cutting
fish, oysters, sweetbreads or brains.
The steel blackens aud gives an unpleasant flavor.
Professional Pride.
"Don't ymi know better tlmn io Urble
a man for n slims* wlli'll lie Is (diking to
liiilli'N'r" aniil lbs1 elll/.i n ou the slrec! or
nor. fumbling In his pocket m*..1 finding*
uotlilng li'i-n i im it a quarter, which lu* re
Instantly  lii'hili'sl out. >
"Mi'bby you understand my business
bi'lter'ii I do, uu nii'liliy yoo shui'l,"
haughtily replied Tuffiild Kniiil, puckd
lug the coin anil moving nn iviili h'.l
greasy olsl lull nl a pil'U).'eu.1 ->ig|,. no
the side of his hind,
•wentworth hns bis head on his shoulders still," "«'<* RjKen. "I've been
watching him, and I've observed that,
for all be appears so Infatuated, he is in
reality as keenly aware of whnt he is
about as she is, nnd uuls'ss I nm greatly
mistaken. Miss Tracy, nnd not Harrlwm,
will be the one in need of consolnti'in."
It was indeed as Rogers rightly guess
ed. Wentworth, finding himself suddenly
favored with Miss Vivian's approbation
threw off his assumed indifference, hut
while experiencing on ever Increasing n*!
miration for the young lady, he took ev
cry precaution to ojmceal the fact from
her and bestowed his attentions upon hoi
iu such a milliner that sho could not fail
to see they were given as a mere matter
of course ond thnt he might at nny mo
ment do the same by any other girl in tin
same careless, off bnnd wny. This cnusn'
her to think, ami the more she thought
the more uhirincsl she glow. Supposing
he should not propose, after nil! Tin
idea, which hnd nt first been pr-'pinMer
oils, became possible to her n uv. If !:i
shouldn't) what did she cn:*e? But. ye*
the more she snisl sho ilii! tint cn>0 tin
more she really did. Ah. he most! Sin
could not live without hi.n!
"I haven't *■«'. n your sister for romi
time, Miss Tracy." remarked WentwurtL
huh evening. "I'm afraid she i • ton quiet
I shall have to make a special call on ber
ami get her to play the a -rreodble to me."
"That would be too unusual and violent
exercise for her,  Mr.  Wii.twuilh.     ll  is
a fortunate tiling yon mentioned her,
though, for thai reminds me that before
she went out toni'Tlst sbe toiil me to ask
you if yon would be so kind as to come
tomorrow evening and lend a IaiIi
Browning wilh her—thnt is, if you are
not sithiiwise engaged."
"I shnll consider it un honor if I enn
be of any use to her," he returned. "You
may till her I shall be nt her service.
And you—will you not join us?"
"Horrors!" she gasped. "Do you think
I could stand thnt? Why, 1 should fall
asleep before you had read ten lines!
Uesislcs, I am Invited to spend the day
out of town, nnd I may possibly remain
until the next nftenioon. No llrowiiing
for me, thank you! I am too frivolous
for him, and he is too sober for ms>. You
ntid Elltuibcth are Weloom* to his society,
ami I promise you shall not be disturbed."
The approach of the Lenten season put
n stsqi to the general gayety, nud Miss
Vivian having announced that she Intended to depart the Tuesday before Ash
Wednesday for a visit to relatives in
Boston, after lhat date Wentworth began
to frequent his soinewhnt ueglected club.
If his friends had hoped that he would
return to his wonted close companionship
with tbs'iu. they were doomed to suffer
disappointment, for he refused to join
them at billiards, nnd when he declined
his favorite game tln*y knew something
unusual was the matter, He would remain buris'ii in n mngasloe or book all the
evening, hardly deigning to note the presence of his comrades.
After the lirst week of Vivian's absence
he bethought  him of St.  Elizabeth.     He
had been uncommonly stupid not to go
nenr her, he thought, and though be had
no reason to think his compnny particularly desired by her, yet he would
call and inquire how her sister wns enjoying her visit. He did so and was
graciously received. Miss Elizabeth even
went so far as to say she was just wishing he would come in to help her straighten out a passage in Homer. Yes, Vivian
was having a pleasant time, though very
quis't. she saisl. By the way, could he
come soon again ansl continue the Homer
Went worth's sudden passion for the
sb'iisl languages was nolesl with Interest
nt the Mars club. It wns evident that he
hinl iittriicts'd the nttentiou of the saint at
last, und now. which would he choose?
Pur it was pretty clear that he wns equally as happy in Minn Elizabeth's company
as he bad been iu that of ber sister.
"Strange!" mused Wentworth to himself. "1 must have been blind not to
hove seen how fnr more charming Is Miss
Elizabeth than Miss Vivian! Oue likes the
go and brilliancy of the latter, but there's
uo denying Ihe restfulns'ss of the former."
Fssr a number of weeks he bad wholly
forgotten to ask after the absent one's
welfare. This thought came to him with
a start ns he wns accompanying Elizabeth homo from evensong nt St. George's
the Saturday before Easter.
"Your sister will be back next week,
will she not?" he snid.
"Yes, I suppose so," she replied. "Shall
you be glad?" I
"Certainly   I   shall.    But can  we not
keep up lhe reading!?   If I help you at,
all, I want to continue to do so, and I
enjoy them immensely myself."
"Oh, we cannot!" she exclaimed. "That
Is impossible, for you will prefer to be
with Vivian. I could not monopolize
your time like thnt!"
"Nonsense, I sny to each of your statements! Look here. Miss Tracy! With all
respect to your sister, I must tell you that
it has given me Infinitely more pleasure
to be with you. I admired her from the
first and fondly hoped tbat at some not
very distant day I might ask ber to
be ssy wife, but—I hardly know how It
bas happened—you have so supplsnted
ber In my heart tbat it has come to this—
I cannot do without you, Elisabeth. Dear
little St Elizabeth, can you"—
"Stop, oh, stop, Mr. Weutworth! Yoa
are mistaken. It Is Vivisn you should
thus address."
"Never!   I"-
"But, listen I It Is an awful blunder!
How can you ever forgive me? I bad no
right, and now I roust lose yonr esteem
and—and—love, for—well, you see, I sow
that from Mr. Gordon's letter to your
friend yoa were all under tho Impression
that there were two of us—twing-nnd 1
thought It would be a joko to let yon
keep on thinking so, and—and I'm uo,
Elisabeth Tracy, saint, but Vivian EHza.
beth Tracy, sinner of the blackest type!
I flirted with you horribly at first, |,ut
lately I was bo afruid you would not love,
me I planned the readings, you kuow, to
have more of your society, and now I'va
forfeited all!" "
"And again I say nonsense!"
•        •••••       ,
"Well, fellows," sab* Rodgers a few
nights later, "congratulations are la ot*.
der.    Wentworth's engaged."
"To which?"
"To both!"-Vogue.
81v Joshua and Ur. Johnson,
It was not in London that tho two
friends consorted. In 17G2 Reynolds
went to revisit his native Devon and
Johnson accompanied him. With that
tour two moments of singular interest
are associated. One is the visit to Mrs,
Mudge, wife of a clergyman In Plymouth,
the lady who had the temerity to protest
at Johnson's cupuclty for tea. "What,
another?" she said, after tbe eighteenth
cup, when he asked for more. "Madam,
you are rude," saisl Johnson aad proceeded to a twenty-fifth libation.
Tho other wus the single occasion on
which Reynolds saw Johnson drunk. Ths
great man bad finished three bottles ot
wine after supper aud found himself unable to articulate a hard word. Three
times ho attempted the polysyllable, and
at the fourth he mastered it. Then, turning to his friend, he said, "Well, Sir
Joshua, I think it is now time to go to
He Won.
Sbe—Harry, Kate Snowhlll bas a dis-
mond ring that her lover, Fred Sti/ron,
gave her. Funny that you never gtm
me nny diamond ring.
He—Nellie, It is only girls who nre not
precious in themselves who require the
embellishment of precious stones.
She—Oh, Harry, what a dear fellow
you are!—Exchange.
Her Mistake.
Her head wns pillowed on bis brs>ast
•nd, looking up in a shy wny, she said,
"Do you know. George, that"—
"You mean, dear James, I think," hs
Interrupted, smiling foudly at ber mistake.
"Why, yes, to be sure. How stupid I
am! I was thinking this was Wednesday
evening."   ,___	
It le a great mistake to Imagine that
ease Is conducive to longevity. To enjoy life and prolong tt occupatlou of
some "»ort ia absolutely necessary.
One of Onr Vices f
It Is peculiarly necessary that we In
America should understand the danger of morbid self consciousness, for it
Is one of our two most distinctive national vices, being ciiunled only by our
Irreverence. It Is no accident that
more books nre written nbout America
than concerning any other land, uor
does It meun that we nre more Interesting, except to ourselves, -._uu tbe rest
of the world. It does mean that we are
so self conscious, so oversensitive to
praise and blame—abovo nil, so anxious
to know wb»t our neighbors are saying
about us—that nny traveler, however
Inane and lueiipnble, who spends n few
weeks upon our soil may return borne
and write his book us, and we
buy lt by the hundred tliousiind. We
ure doing great tilings, llinnkB to our
opportunities and our forefather!, but
bow much greater might we do could
we use In quiet, simple action the timo
and energy we spend In pluming ourselves upon our achievements.—Edward Howard Griggs in Ladles' Home
The Side De  Morny   Cared for.
The Due de Morny, bnlf brother to
Louie  Napoleon,  wns euihnssndor extraordinary to the emperor of Russia
during the coronation   festivities and
wrote   home   Hint   the   French   might
learn something from" tbe Russians, it
It wero only bow to light 10,000 en/idles lu five minutes,   De Morny wns In
Paris the night before tbe coup d'etat
and  spent  the evening  nt  tho n\ss*ra.
Between the acts he went luto one ot
thu boxes to speak to n lady of bis
"Whut shnll you do, M. de Moray,"
nsked a lady, "If the "national Baaembl"*
is swept out of doom us threatened?"
".Madame," he replied, "I shall try to
be on the side of the broom hundle."-
Gentlcmnn'B Magazine.
Arinr Shoes and Corns.
"If a law could be passed," snld a
chiropodist, "prohibiting tbo wonrlng
of any shoo In this country except tbe
patter*, army shoo worn during our
civil war, the corn doctor's occupation
would be gone. Tlmt wur was for tbe
timo the greatest corn emdlcator ever
known. I never knew u slnglo enso of
a soldier In Hint wur wbo suffered
froin corns a nmnlli nfter ho began
Wearing his regulation nnny shoe, anil
1 was four yeurs n soldier In It myself.
Tbat shoe seeiiicl to be made just
right for comfort."
If Yarn Have Theme Symptom* Yonr TVervi**.  Arc Weak and Exhausted--Yoa Cam Go!
Well by llMing Dr. ■".'Iiiim-'* Nerve Food.
Nervous dlsooscs are little understood. They have long been enshrouded in more or less mystery by the
■nodical profession. Many who aro fast falling victims of nervous prostration, paralysis or locomotor utex-
ta minic mat they nrs.. merely not very well, and will Boon be around again—so Insidious ia the approach of
norvoti**  discuses uml  nervous collapse.
Study thoso symptoms. They aro for your guidance. You may not havo thorn all, but if you hnvo any
thodtodM down? 7! *ynim lB not up to the nmrk' and a llul° oxt,'a expenditure of nor.vo forco may bring
0„,i,Ii!!M<>i7,'ls1^.0' ■,"1"io'1' I,olsp and light; twitching of tho muscles of tho face nnd eyelids; fatiguing sleep,
l-nsnm. ,,\ "" J,,ki",?** *>f tho ■lln,'M; «U«-h*ieaa and Quhofl of light beforo the eyes; Irritability nnd rest/*
Intel est in the affaTra    f  "".' b        '  ht'ft,lal"'*0' 1,1(JiKestion, feelings of weariness and depression,   und loss   ol
^,u,VU,T,u.LuU' 'l'"lv ''•M'eiidlturo of norve force In greater than tho daily  Income,    physical  bankruptcy   l«
os,.        I,    n,  I     "*! '   °'' lllU'r'   N('rvo ,or<'e ,n'"*1 •*■** ,»W«aae_, and this can  best !>.* nccninpllshed   by   tho
;,  rflMMiv i« f«! '" 1''""'1'  ■,('('a,,••0 I* contains in concentrated form tho   very   elements   of   nnturo  which
n rv fo ,'e *,,■,,.,','.? n",rv""" ?***¥' N"-vou» dlaeaeea do not right themselves. Thoy coifio on gradually aa
noiw  foico becomes oxhaugtod, and  can only lie cured when lhe nervo fo.Ce is restored,
nervous dlieMOS bus ever rocalved such  universal  "Indorsement by both physicians am'
Food. ^^^^
treat man t
as bus  Dr
In tlu' press of i
from l)r, Chase's Ni
s   Net
unndn vou sviii nnd hundreds of earnest lettera telling of the wonderful benefits derived
'■'*'• Pood,  r,0c u box, o boxes for 1.7,60, nt all dealers or Kdmanaon, liatos A Co., To* mmtmm
The Drill.
And  Lucky, Too, to Hnve a Prlen**
With Him.
This reporter is unused to water as
Blgninents. When it comes to the or-
diin,.y cliannels of news In the city
no ono can excel blm iu skill and
literal'** style, but he was all at sea, so
to sin nit, when be was detailed to "do"
the iogntttt In I'ut-In-Bay. As a mutter
of facts he didn't know tbe jib fi\...s the
mui.i sheet, but a fellow reporter wbo
bus made a speciality of yachting
kindly coached him aud supplied the
correct nautical terms wherever ueees-
gar;, The yachts wero sailing a trl*
angular course, and the press rcpre*
BeututlveB't launch bad made one "leg"
of tiie course under a stiff breeze.
When she turned on the next "leg" the
wind blew from another quarter, and
was lor that reason considerably diminished in strength. The landlubber
Reporter wus strenuously ut work
grinding out a bu'etln for the carrier
Ilgpotw. His classic brow wns bathed
fn perspiration, nnd his hlgb collar lay
,'ilh'sl and ihittened out upon bin coat.
If the wind holds out," be wrote,
"the City will win. But the beat Is
Uow Intense, and the wind Is lighteu-
As he wrote he submitted bis pages
_ bin fellow reporter, the yachtsman,
for s onsorshlp, who, when be read this
fctuti uient, burst Into hearty laughter.
JTlie laudlubber reporter looked grlev-
"What's the matter wltb tbat?" he
\ asks d.
Tbe other reporter called his atteu-
Itlou to tbe eccentricities of the wind on
■ucli a devious course.
"That's  not so bad,"  be observed;
I "I'm laughing at what you say about
the intense bent."
'Well,"  replied  the other,  mopping
|bt* perspiration from his face, "I guess
| know when I'm warm."
'Vou ought to lie warm," was the
tply.   "Don't  you  know  your  buck
1 n^iitist u bolter carrying 150 pounds
|f sti-nm?"
The reference to the "Intense" heat
ras  cut out  of  tin*  report.
!t»  Oprlalnsr There.
Elds*rly   Gent   (clinging  to   strnp)-
riiore nre a good many conditions nf*
Meeting our governmental  system  today that ore very oppressive, and their
[continuance mny some day lead to a
popular uprising.
Ijidy (also on the standing commit-
! teel - l'erhaps.   but   (with   withering
(.'liiines at male occupants of the ss'iitsi
you would never look for lt to begin In
a street cart*
Tss do anything in the world
worth doing we must not stand
back shivering ansl thinking ssf the
colsl anil dangi'r, but jump in, ami
' Bcramble through as well as wo can.
-Sislnov Smith.
The Publisher of the Host l-'armer's
paper in the Maritime Provinces in
•writing to us states :
1   would say  thnt I  do not    knssw
lot a   medicine   thnt hns   stood  Hie
test  of timo   like   MINAltD'S   LIN1-
l_I*ENT.   lt   bas   been    an   unfailing
sfrexnedy  in  our  household evsT   since
can remember, and   has   outlived
lozens of would-be competitors nnd
Lot it lie our happiness this day lo
nsld to the happiness ssf those
around un, to octnfort iome sorrow,
to relieve soma want, to add somo
■trength tss our hoighbor'a virtue.-
Keep MIsAED-S UjfflBB la lhe ItW
We are all  BCUlptora and  puisiters,
k.nsl   our   material    is our  flosli  anil
blo.isl and bones.   Any nobleness ln*-
|ns, ut once,  to refine a .nan> fen-
liriH any  meanness iv Hs'iiHiialily  lo
■brute  thein.-Thoreau.
' Monkey Ilrnisd Sonp will clenn s house trom
tliur to roof, but won't wash cloths*.
Wben nil men nre what they pre-
Sts'ioi to in* the niiiii'iiiiiin problem
Vtvill be cany.
K Thero Ih morn Catarrh In llil*s aeet.loi of tlse
nliy sill ssllsitr sli on.r.i pi.l IVKothnr,
I until tho lsi-.l. fnwyonni wis : s>oppo*msl to bss
uriitsln, Korn (trout ninny your:, dOOUn i>rs>-
iis-dsI ita locisl slisoasi., iiiisl im* s-rllii-sl local
H'dios, sssisl by ixsu-ittsiitly fnllum tocsin) wills
nl trotitmont, proootini*osl it. Iiimnil.l's.
__loiico Iiiih provon oistnrrb to l.onooiisl ilsitlun-
HgldisuuM*, aud tliersiforo rosjulrcs coristitutkn-
Hii troiitmonU II.'.U'u Catarrh < ssi», sii:hh)t■■ .-
to rod by V. J Cheney k Co., Tolosls., Ohio, 1*>
tlio only constitutional euro initio iinni...!. It
Is tislsou IntoriiMIly ia ilsssos from 10 drop*, to <>
toasisoonful. Il acts dirosaly on thu I .!..••>I snd
maeous surfaces of tho ny*torn. They oll'i.r ana
hundrod ilollisris for any cissio it fails to osiro.
Bond for olroulssrs snd tostlmisninls
-'sl.lrossi     K J. C1IENKY ft UU., Toledo, 0
Hold Isy DniKKists, 75c.
Hull's Family 1'ilU an the Isost.
If You Could Look
into the future and see the
condition to which your
cough, if neglected* will
bring you* you would aeek
•relief at once—and that
naturally would be through
SHILOH cures Consumption* Bronchitis* Asthma*
and all Lung Troubles.
Cures Coughs and Colds
in a day. 25 cents.
Guaranteed.   *   *   *   *   .
Write to S. C. Wki,I3 & Co., Toronto,
Can., for free trial bottle.
Kan's Clover Root Tea purities the Blood
A man Hint hath no virtue in hansel! ever envieth in others; for men's
minds will either feed upon their
own Kood, or upon others' evil; and
wlisiso is out of hope to attain to
another's virtue, will seek to eonie
at even hund by depressing another's fortune.—Bacon.
Sho Tells How  Little Ones Can
Kept Well, Contented
und Happy.
When baby is cross and Irritable
you may rest assured lie is not well,
even if you nre unable to seo any
symptoms of his illness other than
fretfulness. it is not natural for a
baby tss be cross and ho is not so
without reason. He has no other
way ssf telling his troubles than by
crossni'ss and crying. When Imby i.s
cross givs* him llaby's Own Tablets,
and they will soon make him good-
naturesl and happy, because they
will cool his hot little mouth, eaae
his sssur little stomach and belp bis
obstinate little teeth through painlessly. These tablets are .list whut
every mother needs for her little
ones—and for her older children too.
Mrs. Clarence McKay, Hoseway, N.
S., says : "1 find llaby's Own Tablets the best medicine I have ever
used for my little ones. When my
baby was four months old he wus
very much troubled with indigs'stion.
He would vomit his food as soon as
he took it, no matter what 1 gave
bim and he seemed to be always hungry and kept thin nnd delicate. He
also suffered from constipation. Ai-
ts'r giving him the Tablets a fs*w
slays tbe vomiting ceased nnd his
bowels became regular, and I must
say thnt since I began the use of the
T&bletB 1 have had less trouble with
this baby than 1 had with any of
the rt>st of my children." Every
mother shssuld keep llaby's Own
Tablets in the house nt nil times—
there is no telling when un emergency may arise.
These Tablets are a certain cure
for all the minor ailments of little
ons's, such as constipation, indigestion, colic, dinrrhoon. sour stomach,
and simple fever. They break Up
colds, prevent croup, and nllny the
irritation accompanying the cutting
of teeth. They are solsl under a
guarantee to contain no opiate or
other harmful drug, and disssslved in
wutsT may be given with Absolute
safety to the voungest infant. Sold
by nil druggists at 25 cents a box.
or ss*nt post paid on receipt of price
by adslressing the Dr. Williams Medicine Co.,  Brockvills*.  Ont
Failure is, in B sens.*, the highway to suiri-ss, Inasmuch as every
disi'ssvery of whut is fn1ss> leads us
to seek earnestly after what is true,
nnsi everv fresh experience points out
some form of error which we shall
afterward carefully avoiil.-Kents.
Whut an interesting tiling is the
discovery of love, unknown and un-
■uapeeted, It may well soften somo
of our hard exterior, their mny be a
lender [staling, which, if we knew it,
would send through us a thrill of
JoC.-W. (1. lilaikie.
Io his Vegetable Pills, Dr. rat-molee h-jf-stlvon
to the world the fruits of Ion* acleutll o ro-
soars-h In tha whole ronlm of moslieal hcioiicq,
r.ssmlslnod with now nnd valunlilo sliseiivorisii.
isovor boforo known to man. »or slsillo.itp ana
slobllttalod constitutions, Piirmoloo a IMUs nrt
like n charm. Tnkon lu small dusns, tlse anel
Ih both a tonio and n stimulant, snililly o»citlnii
the Kocrotiuii.-s of tins body, s_ivi.ij_ timo bus]
Our strength often incronses in pro-
portion tsi the sibstacls's imposed opsin it. It is thus wo enter upon tin*
most perilous plans after having hail
the -mama ol tailing In more simple
oni'S -Unpin.
Why art thou troubled when
things succeed not as thou wouldsl
sir sls*sirs*st;  for who is he that hath
ail things according to bis mind
Neither 1 nor thou, nor any mnn upon the earth .-Thomas a Kempla.
MINaRD'S UNIMENT Lmtoiaii's Friend.
Our lives make a moral tradition
for  our  individual  solve,   as  the  life
of mankind at large makes a moral
tradition   lor   the raee;and to have
once   acted    greatly  seema a reason
why    wo   should  always  lie  liollle.-
Qfljorge Eliot.
Thoro is is iHIIoronco of opinion on moist n>•
■s-cts, lint there is only one opinion ns to Wo
i.llnliillty of Mother lirrsvea' Worm Extormln*
iilnr.   It is safe, t uro nud ntloctuul.
Strange it is, and sad, that a human life should so ofts*n miss the
one human pivrisiusnoss-Hie precious*
ness of love, with all tho sympathy.
all the compassion, all the sustenance   that a worthy lovo Inrliidi-s.-
Itary Llnaklll.
Wise is he who knows where his
knowledge   ends   and his  Ignorance
Taking a stout girl out riding in a
light buggy is BUtftfOBtlve of a spring
RIMD-S LIHlMsNT It «•' Dy rHyslctans.
Philadelphia Inquirer : "I wish to
ask   a  queatlon   pertaining  to the
game laws," saisl tho visitor to the
queries eslltor.
"Ask on, my friend."
"When Is the open season for
shooting stars 7 "
Tint before the editor could answer
him lie wns gone.
The  Kslilor „t Tho Kicker Contributes Soma Lively Itenta of News.
[Copyright, moi. by c. B. Lewis.]
A Chicago drummer had his band
pinned to a table in the Ited Kox poker
parlors two or three evenings since.
He made the mistake of thinking that
a straight beat a Husk.
1'rom Johnson's hill, one mile west
of town, we counted seven mountain
peaks, five rivers, four waterfalls,
three artists and a thousand Jackass
rabbits the other day, and It wasn't a
good day either. Come west for scenery.
Over at Lone Jack the other day a
stranger was foolish enough to bet
$10 thut wo could not slay on the back
of a bucking broncho ten minutes. He
wns a chap who could not comprehend
the literary scope of a western editor,
but he paid the bet without kicking.
There are about 500 Mexicans employed on the cuttle ranches In thla
neighborhood, ami at least 405 of them
bear tho name Jesus. We don't want
lo appear captious, but we think the
iitttne Pete would fit In a great deal
better with the kind of whisky they
As postmaster of this town we de-
slro lo oblige In every sense, but we
cannot pass wolves, bears and lions
through tho malls to President Roosevelt, much as we should like to. Tbe
latest thing offered at this office was a
Texas steer.
Our horse editor was burled yesterday, aud we were glad to see euch a
large turnout to pay him last honors.
It waa not bis fault, poor man, that he
twisted a mule's tall to the right instead of the left He had been brought
up among oxen.
W'hlp-the-Devll-JIm, the cowboy evangelist, was In town tbe other day to
look the ground over with a view to
holding a series of meetings this winter. We know Jim to be full of pluck
and fight, but If be sets out to tackle
Satan around bere he will want to keep
bla coat off all tbe time.
High Sing, a Chinese lairadr-rmnn,
stole a borse tbe other night, loaded
the beast with plunder and set out for
New Mexico to begin life anew. Several parties pursued and overhauled
bim, and now High Sing slugs low-
that la, he doesn't slug at alb
A self appointed committee of three
waited upon us last Monday and asked
us In the name of the people of Arizona to resign our five different offices
and get out of tbe territory. The doctor says lt will be three weeks before
any ot "•am gets out ot the hospital
and ten days before our lame back gets
all right again. We are net the only
critter wltb cheek ln tbls locality.
Mr. John Skew, the genial landlord
of the Royal hotel, was obliged to
shoot another guest last Tuesday for
complaining of the fare plsced before
him, hut be did not shoot to kill. This
Is his fifth or sixth within a year, and
In each and every case he haa simply
striven to Inculcate a moral lesson and
give the guest a chance to mend bla
ways. M. Quad.
A  Monib   vVKIinnt  n  l"nll  Moon.
The month of IVbrnary.  l*_W5-fJ. w.i.=
the most rsPiu.'irktilile in nth In tin
world's history January had two full
moons, uml so had Mttreh hnl rVbrn
nry bnd lions*. TMs had iim occurred
since the creation or the world, nnd.
nciiinllng to s me nsiroiioiners, the
stuns' thliiK mny uut ow-nr njtftlu f r .i
period of _.fstW.«HI.-«j0 veins
Dodd's Kidney Pills Are Acknowledged to be a Wonder Working
Medicine—Many Other Miraculous Cures Brought to Light.
Oshawa, Ont., March 10.—(Special)—One effect of the publication I'm
and wide through the press of His
miraculous cure of a case of Paralysis bere in Oshawa bas been to
bring to the surface a great many
similarly wonderlul und well authenticated cures by Hie same remedy—
iHsilil's Kidney Pills.
Mr. Brown, whose case has caused
nil the sensation, is a modest, unassuming mechanic employed in tho
Oshawa Malleable Iron Works. Since
the publication of the (acts of his
caso and its dure he has been overwhelmed wilh letters ssf inquiry from
all over the country, and to Oach ol
uiswers simply :
"Vs*s, Dodd's Kidney Pills cured
me after all the doctors und hospital specialists bad given me up, i
couldn't walk and had to be ft*ti like
a baby for four months, but the pills
soon llxs'd me up, and 1 have been
all right ever since."
He has also been in receipt of not
n few letters from others who, too,
have found Dodd's Kidney Pills a
life-saving remedy when nil else had
Several of these, encouraged by Mr.
Brown's example, have written to
the papers reporting their cases, and
all are very enthusiastic in their
praises of the medicine.
Bul our explanation of all these
cases has boon offered nnsi it seems
to make them easily understandable
—The Kidneys ure Nature's lilooil
filters. H the kidneys are healthy
all dlBeaees will be extracted and expelled. Dodd's Kidney Pills cure the
Kidneys, and thus enable them to
throw off sickns*ss anil to protect the
body from any and every assault of
If we could read the secret history
of our enemies, W'e should find in
each man's life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility.—
rarmelse's Pills possess the power of actlm?
■spocifls-nlly upon the diseased organs, stimulnt
itiB to action tho dormant energies of the
system, thereby removing diseaso. In fact, sn
?roat i-s tho power of this medicine to cleans;o
and purify that disoases of almost every name
and nature are driven from the liodj. Mr. 1J.
Carsws-ll.Cnrswell P.O., Ont.,writes : "I have
tried l'nrms*Ws Pills, and find them isn oxcel-
lsiut, mediciuo.andoio that will sell well.
Eatperience keeps a dear school: but
tools will learn in no other, ansl
scarce In that; for it is true, we may
give advice, but we cannot give
iisiiiiuct .—Franklin.
Aro von o sufTi rs r with c.rnsl If you nr"
tat a IksWIo 11 Il.illoway's C-or.i Curo. It bas
a. ver been known to fail
Ths* sooner a man sliullls*s off this
mortal coil ths' sooner his good
qualities will be recognized.
No oit* need fenr cholera or ny snmmerconi-
;.iaim if I luv hav.- « boitle «1 Dr. Jf.D. Kellogg f
bysontery Cordial ready foru a li corrects au
looseoeu of the bowels promuti;.- »nd oagyeeo
healthy ni-' natural action, Th: Isamed'cl..'
adnpted for the young and ow, run sua i»snr.
and s rni' bei omnia the most r*oi»i nr m.-'l-
ioino for cholera, slys-cnts'ry, etc, itithem rkot.
Long words, like long dresses, {re-
quently hide something wrong about
iho understanding.
To make no mistakes is not in the
power of any mnn, but from their
errors und mistakes the wise and
gssod learn Wisdom for the future-
The man whss knows nothing and
wants to llnsl OUt everything is almost as great a lion* as the man
who thinks he knows everything and
insisls upon telling it.
As* for Minard's anil late no other.
One ounce of Sunlight Soap is worth more than     REDUCES
Two ounces of impure so-ip. EXPENSE
V   us
.!_._ for the Ootaf-on Bar If your grocor cantiot supply, writo to
LEVEH BE0THEH8, tlMITED, Torouto, toading Iuj namo nud addreis,
and   m   trial  car-rle  of   Sunlight Soap   will   ha sent jron  froe of oost.
***&. §^/idLft/£^JU.
For Sale Everj-where        ;
Try   our Parlor   Matches. #
They produce a quick LIGHT J
without    any     objectionable •
fumes.     :.•.-.••• •
E. B. Eddy Co.,
That's the place, right in the small of the
back.    It's a dull sche, sometimes s stinging
''catch," a ''tired feeling," a  burning pain.
It exposes the  fact that you  are in bad
shape, your strength  has been  orertaxed,
•four   kidneys are   breaking down,
your nerrei are thak-s, your bowela
coattlpated.   Yeu need tae help oi
Dr. McLaughlin's
Electric Belt
Pay When Cured
if you can offer reasonable security. Paj'ure
to cure costs you nothing, as I take all the
/ I have just completad
my beautiful illuatrated
book tolliiiK how lt cures
the woftkneHss of won
and women. It U worth
roadlsiK. 1 will Mnsi It
closely sealed r KkN
upon reiiue-it. CsUl, If
iMssslblo, and 1 will ex-
lilalii what my Holt will
do. Call or write Uwlay.
caution. ^in^^^SS
"° [^youlm^oJSoftoMd.TyttwXgbeH. 1 will ts^_^m»A_*jjma
mine. lo t Us not that lie old belt h of .sny Use. for It ia not, but to establish I ss*
?al_0 of in" "..os"* with"people who h.svo boo,. inUlod by the false claims of oos.cersi-
-s.llinir a cln'iiu. worthies* article.
OR. M. B MCLAUGHLIN, 130 Yonge Street, Toronto.
ence <* *
0 IsCral?ed
Prom the Free Press Subscribers Who Have Not Yet
Received the Free Press Premium Barometer
and Thermometer.
The manufacturers have been unable to supply instruments quickly
enough to meet our needs and subscribers who are entitled to and liav
not yd received tbe Free Press combination Thermometer and l'arometcr
ire asked to wait patiently for a week or two until a further supply can
lie received.
In the first announcements all subscribers who renewed or sent in
heir subscriptions before Dec. 31st were promised prompt delivery of
he /''iv Press combination Thermometer and Barometer and this promise
.a- faithfully fulfilled. Long before sucb time, bowever, it was apparent
lial the demand for this instrument would far exceed the supply and a
special rush order was forwarded to the manufacturers for several tliou-
and more to be delivered by January 15th and the offer was extended to
January .".ist.
( 'r. account of the expensive nature of the premium, exceeding as .t
li es in value that offered by any otber paper in America, tbe h'ree Press
inlende ! to withdraw the offer on January 31st, but when the shipment
arrivcl on January 15th the supply was found to be entirely inadequate
nd subscript!, ns and requests for tbe instrument continuing to 'xjiir in
from all sides, it was decided to place a further order for several thousand
•ind extend the offer until this last shipment should he exhausted.
A rehab e thermometer and barometer is :m article needed in eve v
house, ln the homes ol the Canadian Northwest it is an almost indi*-
pensiWe article. Vou can secure a handsome instrument of this kind,
guatantced lo register temperatures and atmospheric changes accurately,
by forwarding $1.00 to the Free Press, Winnipeg. This payment entitles
you to the Weekly Free Press for one year. Order at once on subjoined
blank before supply is exhausted.
Order FoEM.
The Manitoba Free Press Co.,
Winnipeg, Man.
Enclosed please find the stun of One Dollar
($I.s_o) for which please send me the Weekly
Free Press for one year and the Free Press combination Thermometer ami Barometer according
to the terms of your offer.
150 Kinds for 20c.
It Is iftss't Hint Ssil/iT's* wptaMoansl flower,
■...-.Its isrn loiiinl In iinriiKiirili'iis
j ami un more lisiiin lliisiniiiysiMuT l —
In AiniTisa.   Tlwraureason inrim..
Wc own uml ojssTiileovi'r MssJasTs-Hlisr
tlioprmliiitinnof our i'tio!'C«ivil«. In
onlsir lo lnsliii'S* yi.n ls> try tlss-isi ,
we makt) Hiss following uiivit-o
•denied oil. r:
ForSO Cent- Postpaid I
t0 kits**, nf mr.»S Iss.flsssi. rtdtslMSt *
It _Mt.lll.s-ft tarilf It mrloua,
1(1 .us l» Ss.isj.Iss...    .
ti prrrh-.t klltif * vtrlf SIM.
19 .pl.bsllsl Iss's-l r,s.rt«,
ti |omoa>ll braullfssl flowrr iismlt,
innllisoklnda posltlTs-lyfiimlalilnK
Rislii'ls of   Gliaruiino;  Ilows-ia Mui,
ols nn.l lots ot s'lsolia vsKiliilsli'S,/
tossi'llsiT wish onr urs'ftt rHiisli*,:nt*#
tvulniiRll .iliont Trssamls. and l's-a *
Oat and llroinua and si■■ U:, onion
bi'i'sl ais'sis*. ■' pound, (to. ull fr
UOo. In Cissiiisllasi stamps.
La Crone, Wit
CUCDVDOnV w'"' i,,nnt9 sr"''' °f sm
Cf CnlDVIII kind o.tlior in tins home oi
mi rkot Harden winsucuro tliobo.-t ranlt- frtm
trom J, frl  PERKINS, I'wV'mnn, *» Mnrket Uv
WINNIPEG.   Ii*"' ■'"""' Anuutsl 'is..).
Bwitchraon ere paid for ■ldetrack-
' inn: other people,
Energy will do anything that can
in. done in thla world; uml nn tul-
imiis, nn i'ii's'iiiiisiniirs'8. im opportune
iiifs will make a two-legged animal
it mini without   It.—Qoetho,
■%■■ To prore to yoo itau V.r.
UllAa> Chiwr'a Olntmcntlsnoorliil'.
riln!l •"»' fttmolut-* euro for o s.U
■ ■■WW and every form trf itehlnr:.
bls-osllDR'insl isrulrndliii{ptli*<.
the BUUinf-CtnirerBhavoKuarantocdIt, Boot.c!*
tlmoDialK In thoslallf prcKsnn.l ask j-ourncl;;!,-
bors what thoy think of IU Yon can uso It nn.l
cot your nionry back If not nin*si. COo •*, box, nt
all dealers or Kdmanuon.Hxrva A t;<_,Toroui rs,
Dr. Chase's Ointment
He that is extravagant!) will eoon
become  |ioor,   and  iniverty   will  oti-
foree dependenoe, and Invite eorrup*
!    TI.i.iiaiiii.1*." Ils*r     Tt*nRMcL«otl,Hs>v.
i s*rn HrislKO. writsssi    '1 ows) n dulit of gnlltOs 0
• ts, Du. Tim-as*' K01.KCTHIO on. for nrlWW
! 111 a sovoreesilsl tlinl truiiblos.1 nf ni*arly nl 101
svlntor."    lnordi*rtouisronsiiiii>tuttsiali«rW-
iii1*co'iK,i,tnkoaili*oi.t D11.*<  *-< 1 *-- .-
1 TisioOii. thris-oiiilny, or sittouor if th. siu,..s
bliolU ronsJisr it nsjcossnry.
Bleated is the mun who can repeal
the   ton   roinimiiiiliiii'iits   after suil-
iii'niy s'oiiiiiiK in contact with mi Icy
YV. N. U. No. 308. THK WILL, SLOCAsN, B-
■C. E. Smithbrixoalb, Editor aud Prop.
,-BLOCAN,      •      •       •       •      B. C.
Legal Advertisi**-" 10 cents a line for
■the first insertion end 5 cents a lino each
tBubspquent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements atsaine rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
^or each insertion.
Commercial llatos made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, st.-lot*
iy in advance; *2.60 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, 11. C.
FRIDAY, MARCH 28th, 1902.
A pencil mark in tho space
.opposite will be an imlica-
f-ion to you that y« editor
.coming to him en your sub-
eeriplion. Kintllv acknowledge   in null and oblige.
K. F. Green, member for tho Slocan, has been placed on tho standing
-committees of the legislature on pub-
lio accounts and mining. John
Houston was placed on the committees
,on minlng.railway and printing.
Last year's operations on the Intercolonial railway admit of a surface
deficit of $250,000, while,tho naughty
Tories allege the real shortage is
largely in excess of that figure.
They claim material has been pur
chased and not entered up, and that
portions of the runningexpeuses have
.been charged to capital account.
Salaries have increased to an alarming extent. To get at the root ofthe
trouble, a committee of inquiry was
asked for, bnt Minister B'air did not
/want his administration of tho rail
.way department probed too deeply.
A vote was taken on the question
•last week and the Liberal majority
decided that the expenditures of the
International railway should not bo
folly investigated.    Looks peculiar.
It is refreshing to read of late the
6trong and positive proof from capable officials on tbe spot, of the successful working of tlie compulsory
arbitration law in New Zealand.
For a time opponents of the measure
•flooded the press of Canada and the
United States with tales of the failure of the law, but tbe statements
have been proven false. In no caBc
has it yet fallen short of the expectations of its framcrs. New Soutli Wales
lias also adopted the law, the only
departure from the New Zealand
statute being a direct appeal to the
benrds of compulsory arbitration
without a first hearing by a court of
conciliation. While amendments of
tbe law have been made by New
Zealand, they have not weakened
the vitality of the measure, bat, on
lhe contrary, the alterations have
rather strengthened the hands of the
members of the arbitration boards in
dealing with industrial disputes.
With ao much favorable testimony
.available, it is a source for wonder
"4why the B. C. legislators are backward in introducing compulsory arbitration to the arena uf provincial
politics. It would bo a popular
The redistribution bill brought in
.by the Dunsmuir government may
be classed as a success, so little real
objection having been found with It.
It is a fair measure and tho poople
realize   that   tho  government  has
striven to justly treat all parts ofthe
country.   A little too much weight is
perhaps given to the north end of tho
province, but there is evory likcli.
hood of that section gaining rapidly
in population in the next vear or so.
Jn tbe Kootenays and Yale the situation has been fairly canvassed and
general satisfaction  given.    Local
objections will arise, but in the main
the bill is favorably received.   One
gratifying feature of the measure is
that the claims ef the Mainland have
been acknowledged and it given the
preponderance of representation. To
do thfl and, at tho same time, dtmin
isli the number of pocket boroughs on
the Island, most bave caused some of
.the government adherents a pang,
jbut tbey have accepted tho Inevitable
and endeavored to mete  out justice.
That tbe bill will pass almost in its
entirety ia with out'doubt, as even thc
opposition have found only minor ob.
Jectiona,   Tke redistribution bill is
'one measure the Dunsmuir govern
jnont may be commended for,
Subscribe for Tao Dam,,
llot cross buns are in order today.
Tho weighing of the mails has
A butter famine prevails throughout the province.
A number of thc trestles on the N.
4 S. are boing filled in.
The Emily Edith, Four Mile, sent
out 10 tons of ore this week.
Jap King- has gono to the latest
excitement at Tonapah, Nevada.
H. Tattrie, formerly of Sandon,
will erect a brewery at Frank, Alta
Much clearing up and general improvements are going on all over the
The Socialist league purposes giv
ing a concert in about two weeks'
Rev. M. D. McKeo addressed the
Socialist league last Sunday afternoon.
D. Arnot ha3 titivated up the front
of his store, giving it a smart appearance.
R. A. Bradshaw will address thc
Socialist Icaguo next Sunday afternoon.
The Wordon-Smith block has been
freshly decorated with the paint
Dr, Bentlev will take the service
in St. Paul's church on Sunday morning next.
The spring supply of Eaton's picture books arrived thisweek in large
Monday's mall was of big dimensions, as it included the delayed eastern matter.
Fresh eggs will be indemandSunday. Tlie millinery display occurs
later in the day.
Windy Young is back from the
east and says a 500 ton smelter is now
assured for Ashnola.
The redistribution bill has passed
its second reading, only three members voting against it.
The annual vestry meeting of St.
Paul's church will be held on Saturday evening, April 12.
Thc International hotel has an improved appearance since being
touched up by the painter.
A number of tough characters have
been drifting into the city of late,but
thoy aro kept on the more.
Grand Forks wants to get rid of
her Chinese population, but does not
know how to commence at it.
The rifle club will get new rifle
ranges on the rocks east of the cily,
shooting across thc waterfront
R, Lennie, barrister, Nelson, was
here Wednesday attending a meeting
of the creditors of James E. Orr,
No word has yet been received
from tlie government as to i lie date
for holding the mayoralty election.
Bourne Bros., of New Denver and
Revelstoke, have settled with their
creditors for CO cents on the dollar.
"Dad" Allen left on Friday for
thc Similkameen, to represent the
yearly work on his copper prospects.
Numerous   subscriptions to  The
Drill fall due on April  1. Prompt
remittances will be deeply appreciated.
Joseph Ryan, of the Vulcan Smelting Co., was here this week, looking
for dry ore for the proposed Sandon
Wm. Mac Ad .ins, who controls the
destinies of the Sandon Paystreak,
smiled on this burg-for an hoar or
so Saturday,
No eastern mail was received here
last week, owing tojthe blockade of
the American roads by snow. It arrived Monday.
Ed Allen took a band of cayuses
out on Thursday, headed for the Similkameen caiup. He will drive
them all the way over.
At the Sunday afternoon meeting
of thc Socialist league it was decided
to send a delegato to tho Kamloops
convention on April 14.
Messrs. Chew, big lumber men of
Midland, Out., wero here last week,
sizing up the situation with a viow to
putting in a mill in this vicinity.
A dance was given at the Enterprise hotel, Aylwin, last Thursday
evening, there being a number of
ladies present from New Denver.
John Kinman aad Theo. Pearson
havo gono to the Similkameen
country to spend a portion of the
summer, going in by way of Kamloops.
On Wednesday. April 2, a meeting
will be held at II. Cleve's residence,
over the tailor ehop, for the purpose
of organizing a football club fur the
Invitations are out to attend thc
driving of the last spike of the railway connecting Kepublic with Grand
Forks; The ceremony occurs on
April 12.
The teachers' association will meet
in annual session at Nolson on April
1,2 and 3. 8. B. Clement, of this
place, will read a paper on 'The
Duties of a Teacher."
Special Easter services wl|l be held
nextSunday iu the Methodist church.
Subject of the evening's sermon,
"The Resurrection." Rev. A. E.
Roberts will bo the preacher.
The western half of the second contingent of Canadian Mounted Hlfles
to   South   Africa,   with which arc
Messrs. Clarke. Law and Lake of
this city, are quarantined at Durban,
Natal, owing to smallpox in their
A. C. Dennis, divisional engineer
of the Canadian Pacific railway, has
been transferred to tho Mountain division, where he will be employed in
reducing heavy grades in the road.
Engineer Sullivan, from Kootenay,
will Bucceed him at Winnipeg.
A meeting of the creditors of Jas.
E Orr was held hero on Wednesday
afternoon, The various creditors
were represented by counsel, and a
decision was arrived nt to offer the
entire stock of goods far sale by tender at so much on the dollar. John
Bull is the assignee.
Tho Mutual Life of Canada is the
only purely mutual life company in
the Dominion of Canada which is
owned solelv by its policy holders
and who receive all profits. There
is no shareholder or promoter to participate in dividends. For full particulars as te plans and rates, wr.le
to W. J.Twiss, general agent, Kaslo,
B. C.	
The t'ussaslsiNorthern Hallway.
It is stated in Victoria thai in view
of the fact that the American shareholders In tlie Esquimau & Nanaimo
railway will not agree to sell the
road without selling the big land
{.'rant which belongs to the road,
Mackenzie & Mann, who were negotiating for thc railway to form the
Island section of the Canada Northern, have decided to build an independent line between Victoria and
Nanaimo. They will, however, lake
over the charter of the railway from
tlie northern terminus of the Esqni
malt & Nanaimo to the north end of
the Island.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B. C
A. Sc.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local registry office, II. P. Christie being mining
Mar 15—Rose of Lemon.
Mar 17—B C, all, C W Harrington to
W E Lee.
Mar 19—May, Strathrov ansl ft C, option by owners to if It Jorand to purchase, up to May 20.
The Murou fct Branch
of the W.C.T.U., Slocan,
Meets the second Thursday in each month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in the Pres-
byteriancburcb. All meetingiopar.
to those wishingt; join,
Miss K. Stocuiito**, Mks.M.D.McKf.e
President. Cor  Sacretary.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Slocan,      __"__   _J _
J. i, fSSMls.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOGAN, • _2 B* c*
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General  Packing  and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant..
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,      -       -     B.  C.
Dissolution Notice.
VT'OTK.'E in hereby (tiveu lhat tlio partnership
ll heretofore subsisting botwnon the uniler-
si(,*nerl. sirryirsa; ssn business sss Druugists, at
Miu-aii. in *Aost Kosstonay, snider the firm name
of J. I.. White A Co., is this sissy slissolve.l by
mutual consent. ,
All slubts duo to the said firm nro to bo pnid
to the uudersik-nad, John A. Anderson, who will
pny all tho debts of the snid firm.
Dated the 1st day of January, A.D. 1002.
R.C.Q. Wai-raJ      J. L. WHITE,
A. Voik.
for $18.25.
Why be without a range when
you can get one so cheap '*• Tho**
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn,wood or coal and will bo
set up free.
Notice for Tenders
'I'KNDKRS will be res-el md by the undersigned
A up to and Including the 15th dny of April,
190E, for tho purchase of tho stork of .Inmes K.
Orr, consisting of clothing, rubbers, and aim's
The stock to be sohl consists of and is 'nToic-
od at tho following prices:
Rubbers       * 221.81
Clothing  48!i.iS
Oents' Furnishings  2M.43
Hats  30.20
Total       $1005.80
The tenders are to bo sent to tha undersignud
in « sonlis.l nn volutin, marked on tho outsido,
"Tenders, James K. Orr Ktoelc," nnd will not be
opened till the li'i.h day of April, lOtC.
The tenders lire to ho fur so many cents'on the
dollar, lis.miiI on the abota valuation of the
whole s lock ujlim'ixo, and mny hn either for
ensh or on time.
Highest or any tender not nMManrily ncsopt-
Tha stock is now in the prom lea. occupied by
the undersigned In Slocnn, ll.C, aud mny hn in
spoctesl al is:iv rensunable time upon application to snid undersigned or, in his absence, to
Mr.ll. k. Jorand, solicitor.
To the Ladies
of Slocan   .   .
The season for Wallpaper is
here, anil we bave received
a line line of papers from
on« of the best arms 111 Canada. Tho prices will bo
found very reasonable, especially ns nil customs duties
will lie saved. Splendid assortment and lirst class
goods. Weropu-sent no trust
but trust solely to tbe Judgment of Iho people.
You are Invited
T« examine the best line of Scotch
Tweeds, English Worsteds and
Irish Worsteds over shown in Sloean; nlso all the latest designs in JaJ
Pantiiigs.    Renumber, «!
We are Custom Union Tailors 05
and the Union Labi.*! is a guaran- W
tee of the best workmanship,    We 04
guarantee satisfaction and a per- {^J
fact at.    __________
We have added a select line of
Compare our reasonable prices—Fioe
White Shirts, $1; Collars, 15c; Regatta
Shirts, in fancy stripes, with collars
and cuffs attached, 75c eaeb; Underwear, from $2 a suit; California flannel underwear, $4 a suit, ibis line being imported direct by oursaires; tho
best qua1 ity Black Felt Hat, Union
label $3.50, equal to the Stetson Hat
in every way.
A. DAVID, Slocan
Store: Opposite The Drill Office.
Blare ale* at Sandon.
Stan CUT Miffi' Din,
No. 62, W. F. of H.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall. Shcan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Einancitil Secretary
Sold by All Newsdealers
Furnish** Monthly to all loren ol Song
and Music a rut Tolnme of Haw, Cholca
Capyrlght Compositions by the most pop-
alar authors. S4 Pa gas of Piano Music,
half Vocal, ball Instrumental—ai Complete
flacas for Piano—One* a Montis for a|
Cants. Yearly Subscription, S»-oo. If you
will send ua tha name and addraas of Kivi
performers on the Piano or Oman, we wm tend
jou a copy of the Magazine Fraa.
J. W. PIPPCR, Publisher,
aighth a Locust Sts.. Philadelphia, Pa.
D. n. Ferry's Famous Garden Seeds, Flower Seeds,
Grass Seed, Seeds in packages and Seeds in bulk.
Our Potato Onions nsd
Dutch Sets will be in in
a few weeks. Leave
your order and ensure
an early supply.
Do not send
East for your
Furniture !
Wc can supply you in High
Grade Furniture. Carpets,
Oilcloths, and Linoleums, at
lowest prices.
Parlor Suites,
Pendesote Couches,
Wicker Chairs,
Iron and Brass Beds,
Bedroom Suites,
Rockers of all kinds; etc.
We handle everything to
make a home comfortable.
Write to nt Cor prices.
Nelsen, I3.C.
Do You
Want a Home?
Then come to Slocan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth pf ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churohes,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are somo
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources* Naturo and Man
hath deoreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
per annum.
Fare and one-third
on sale
March 27, 28, 20.
to return
April 2nd.
For rates and full
Information apply
to local agents.
J. S. CABTKK,     1. J* OOTLS,
D.P.A., l.O. P. A,,
Nelson. T-Mi-woTe'
Agent, Slocan City


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