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The Slocan Drill 1904-01-08

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YOL. IV., Na. 41.
SLOCAN,   B.   p.,   JANUARY   8,   190-1.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
Clearance  Sale.
beginning on flonday, Nov. 9, and continuing.
Our Dry Good Stook will be sold for
fpot Cash,at wholesale prices in the
ast. Our Stock is composed largely
of Staples, and you are now given an
opportunity to obtain nearly anything required in theDry G ocds line
at Sacrifice Prices. We need Cash.
No Goods will be charged	
*ny snows oig.ns
W. T. Shatford & Co.
5L0CAN, B. Cell reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.1
Do not go  past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.lj
Arlington    aaHCotei*,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
This popular hotel is convenient to the bouts ami trains.   The dining room
U*u itl5 f up-to-date while, the lav ii hUppl'ir-d with the btst in the market.
D A TTCQ .   Travelling: mon. using; Sample Rooms, $2.80 per il
Mx/A 1 CD .    wKh*utSampluHoon*fa*,$2; board $8 per week; weals!
^  A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .    -*2
^   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   =SJ
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Work, Fit  and Finish g
are guaranteed, SS
| A Few Lfncs of Gents'  Fumi hings gJ
M S° sl*'11 *Sf* froIn *** "•Wck of the late A. ii
£* Darid and they must be sold off nt onco. kV
can Ik* made by wearing
one of tho	
Stylish Suits
mado from thn bnt imported Worsteds, Ssi'gfM,
or Tweeds,aconsi lament
of which has just been
received for winter trade.
It l.i.flflkH aa If Ther Might Poinlbl*/ du
BonaathlnkTovmrilsCoiiipletlnK Their
Plant-City Treaiuirorl'reteiits a Financial Statement.
Regular meeting of the city council
was held on Monday evening, all the
members being present.
Communications rend: From the
Ontario-Slocan Lumber Co. to tho city
solicitor, asking for balance of deeds
to millsite; also for plot of city. The
tenor of the letter indicated an inclination to proceed witli the balance of
the plant. The city solicitor was Instructed to procure receipts for deeds
already s**ut before forwarding others,
on motion of Aid. McNeish and
Hills presented: 8. A. Bradshaw,
rent of city hall to end of December,
816; P.O. Ihix rent, 85o. Ordered paid.
Chief of Police Pinchbeck made his
report for December, showing the city
to be very orderly. The chimneys in
the business section had been inspected and ordered oleaned.   Keport tiled.
The clerk reported having received
the regular quarterly school grant
from the government, amounting to
S288.76. License money was also com-
ing in, giving a balance tothe treasury
of $472.08.
City Treasurer Anderson handed in
B financial statement for tlm past year.
showing the receipts at 812,790.15, expenditures 812,709.24, leaving a balance on hand of 880.91. Laid over til!
auditor makes his report.
to lack of snow. It i.s expected to do
better than 100 oz to tho ton. The
owners aro to resume work on tlio
property in February.
Council adjourned.
•Sloenn Loss) ii Hood Cltlten.
On Friday last Postmaster Bradshaw and family moved away to Toronto, where they will in future- re-id.-.
A large number of friends were at the
Station to see them o!T. In Mr. tyred*
sh.r.v Slocau has lost one of its.vorj
beat citizena and he will lx. sorely
missed, lie has lieen p (stmnster.hei'a
for six years and has always i testified
himself with the town's highest inter-
»*-.<-s. Hi--, friends are legiou and \tr.*}\*f
will ever retnoinbec his kindly xmya.
On Thursday afternoon Bob got the
surprise of his life, when he received
a rush order to repair to the citv hall.
Whon he arrived, he found about I"
citizens assembled.in char;:!* of Actinv
Mayor .Smith. The latter at once l> k
the victim in hand and read to hiin a
complimentary address, at the same
time present in;,' him  with a purse ol
■*J7o in gold. Bob was too surprised to
sa? much, but he managed somehow
to return his thanks, tho crowd fully
appreciating his situation. Laudator.*,
remarks wer.- also nude bv II. Curtis,
H. R. Jorand, J. O. McCallum, R. J.
McPhee and other*, all expressing
ilu-ir deep regret at Mr. Bradshaws
departure. Slocan'.*- loss is Toronto's
.Iuiin Houston Loavlug Nelson.
Tribune: Asked on New Year's day
if it was true he intended leaving
Nelson, John Houston, the long-hand
journalist of the Tribune, replied:
'Yes; I intend to leave Nelson immediately the legislature adjourns, which
will be about March 1st. I will first
go to Edmonton, Alberta, where 1
may locate. I dm leaving Nelson in
order to make a living, as I lind politics nn expensive game." Asked if he
intended resigning his seat in the legislature, Mr. Houston "-aid: "Yes'as
Boon as 1 lind a location outside the
province that suits me."
An Ki.Tiion for Mayor.
It seems to lie definitely settled now
tlmt there will be a contest for the po
Sition of mayor, the election taking
place on the 14th. Aid. McNeish has
announced himself a candidate for the
position in opposition to D. Amot,and
he believes be can win out. While
then* will Ih* a spirited Bghi for the
mayoralty, ther-' is not n candidate in
si^lit for aldermanic honors, and i :
not at all unlike
have to oontinui
v the old board will
to ihi business.
Alain Street, Slocan, B.C g
gj Storei Next door to Postofflce.
MKOSMKi&S^ £ vv:** v, a-H v tow
«'oiii;n*i{«liaiHiil Mooting.
A free congregational social and
entortoinmenl will be held In Knox
Presbyterian church on Tuesday eve,
the 12th inst., commencing at eighl
o'clock. Tea and refreshments will
be served by   the   ladi.'s. and a  good
musical programme, with interludes
for conversation and i\ ports of committees, will bo rendered during the
evening. Everybody is welcome. No
collection nor charge tot admission.
Neap-tiro Ships IlsOroi
On New Year's day a carload of ore
from th>' Neepawa was rough! down
from Ten Mile a d forwarded .m to
Nelson, B. Shannon, one of thi' owners of the group, accompanied it. Thr
ore was taken .nil two months RgO,but
has been delayed in shipment, owing
Aoawa-iittInn Formed to Look Afler dime
In Slocan llliling.
Pursuant toacall issued by William
Hunter, of Silverton, who is looked
ipon as the houd of the Conservative
cause in the provincial riding of .Slocan, a general meeting of the faithful
was held in Now Denver on Saturday
last.    Representative   Conservatives
weir present from Slocan, Silverton,
New Denver, and Sandon: tin* train
service preventing any attendance
from Nakusp. Wm. Hunter was appointed chairman and C. E. Sinither-
ingale secretary.
The chairman explained the reason
for the nieeting, it being necessary to
appoint, live delegates to attend the
convention at, Nelson on tho (ith, there
to select a candidate to contest the
Kootenay electoral ilistrict in the Dominion elections. Tho following delegates were appointed: T. McNeish,
Slocan: Win. Hunter, Silverton: E.
Shannon and T. H. Hoben, New Denver; and .1. G. Potter, Sandon. They
were, left untrammeled as to instructions,
The idea of a central organization
embracing the whole Slocan riding
was next broach d and enthusiastically received, It was decided to organ-
bee as the John A. Maedonald Liberal-
Conservative Association of Slocan.
In the election of officers that followed, Hon. Mr. Borden, leader of the
Conservative party in tho house if
commons, was mado honorary president; \V. Hunter, Silverton,president;
C. E. Smitheringale, Slocau,secretary;
1-i M. Saudrtands,Sandouj T.McNeisb
Slocau; T. 11. Hoben,New Denver; T.
\bri.-l, Nakusp: and W. II. Brandon,
Silverton. vice presidents and executive committee. Votes of confidence
were also adopted in Hon. Mr.Borden.
Dominion leader, and Hon, Mr. McBride, provincial premier. Tii.- next
inectin-f of tho executive committee
for the prosecution of the Dominion
(•.impair.; was 1 ft in the hands of the
president and .secretary.
13; deaths, 8. In 1902 the figures
wove: Births, 20; marriages, 7; deaths,
I). All the deaths this year wore of
the violent order.
a xni'Kii vuiiiui.
Editor Drii.i.:
Sir, Miuo managers iu th;* Slocan
are diligently .investigating how lo
m irket at a profit their zinc ores.which
when convenient to European and
American refineries are of great value.
The inventor of the Phoenix process,
to treat lead and zinc, unseparatcd.
carrying high values in silver and
.-old. is among ih, in the person of E.
.A. Ashcroft. li.' having arrived a few
• lays ago fiom England. This process
uses only dry chlorine gas to replace
the sulphur in tho ores, heated in a
converter to 400 degivs C, just above
the melting point of lend, bv electric
current through carbon poles. The
iron and quart/, are unaffected at this
temperature. Metallic zinc from a
previous melt is introduced wheu no
sulphur remains, and zinc having the
greatest affinity for chlorine combines
with all present, leaving molten lead
carrying the gold and diver, which is
drawn off. Chloride of zinc is soluble
in water and is washed out, leaving
worthless tailings, and the zinc is
electrically deposited as metal from
bbe solution.
With tho Bonnington power at our
doors, salt a cheap commodity, and
the low cost of installation and operating this plant, what better solution
of our /inc-lead problem can we have
to work at the mine? This process
lias treated thousands of tons of a
more refractory ore at Broken Hills,
RoNAl.l)  C. CAJirilELt-.TollNSTON
Slocan, B.C.. .Ian. 5.
Annuiil  l*.**coriW.
The records made at the- local gov-
ernmenl ollice during the post year
were considerably less than iu I.h>--
The 'i'ure.s wen*:
No. of locations  Ml
so. oi assessments  890
No. of bills of sale  126
No. of crown grants  Is
No. of miners' licenses  288
Meets Ilia Conntitiieuti Hero on Monday
Monday evening a public meeting
was hold in tho Minors' Union hall, to
permit of Wm. Davidson, M.L.A. for
the Slocau riding, obtaining the do-
sires of his constituents with respect
to appropriations for public works in
this vicinity. Thero was not a largo
attendance. Al Teeter occupied the
chair and introduced tho inemher.who
Voiced one or two sentiments that were
particularly pleasing to the Conservatives present.
Mr. Davidson stated he had no excuses to olTcr or apologies to make for
his course ro far in tho legislature,
lie wa.s supporting the Conservatives
because they showed an inclination to
do what was right and fair by the
country. Tho government was in closo
quarters and owed its existence to the
independents, but so long as thoy continued to do what was fair thoy would
be supported by him and his companions, 'ihe independents had no object
in throwing down one party merely to
lot in another. That step would mean
a new elcction.to which ho was averse.
He-had Ix'on criticized for the stand
he had taken in the houso, which was
claimed to lx- inconsistent with his
platform, but the position of affairs at
victoria was binding on the independents, and they were doing what was
fair by tho province.
Tho finances of the province wero in
a bad way, and it, wa.s nota likely the
appropriation to the riding would be
large. Still it would get its proper
- hare, and he would try and have it as
large as possible. Accordingly he
desired to know just what was required for roads, etc., in these parts. Mr.
Davidson spoke briefly on the legislation so far nassed in the house, nnd
dwelt upon tne clauses of the assesn-
msnl act dealing with mines and minerals. It was a plank of the Tories to
put the two per cent tax on the net
prolit of mines, but it was since found
that would lie a losing game, as a certain revenue must lx* obtained. Tho
government was at its wits' end to
cover the debated point and had nol
y.'t succeeded. The Houston amendment was at tirst thought good, but
lias sin"f* been proven faulty. However, thi mineowners had promised
lli" speaker their views on the point,
so there was still hope.
Several other speakers briefly addressed the meeting and H. Grose, E.
Melley, P. Carlisle and J. Skinner
were appointed a committee to draft
out the neiils of the camp and forward them to Mr. Davidson, the data
to be endorsed at another meeting to
be held this evening iii tli-- same hall.
Before closing the mooting, Mr. Davidson reit -rated that, as between the
two parties in the house, he would
continue to support the Conservatives,
so long as thev in their turn continued
to do what was right by the people.
I... iv.'I'.v'ab, Plsasaii trios.
Poplar Nugget:   Corpses can now
be sent by mail, provided they are cremated and put in cans. This would
be u cheap way to move the population
of Slocan City.
At last a man has been found brave
enough to accept nomination as mayor
of Sloean City for 1904,    His name is
David Arnot. .Mr. Arnot has our sin*
cere sympathy.
Villi) SUtlStlOSa
Of peculiar Interest to the citizens
are the vital statistics of the town for
the list year. They were: Births, 9,
throe of which wore boys; marriages,'
The Alamo concentrator will start
up in a few days.
■ La**t year the Slocau mines shipped
15,289 tons of oro.
Boundary ore shipments for last
year amounted to 084,-12"; tons.
The long crosscut on tho Soho has
broken into IS inches of galena.
Joe Purviance has secured a sublease on the Dayton and started work
last week.
Operations have been resumed on
the Whitewater Deep, with a force of
seven men.
Additional Improvements are being
mad.' to the Ivanhoe mill, so as to
treat the zinc.
A rawhide trail has been broken to
the Republic and the ore will likely
move next week.
The Winnipeg mine is to be sold at
Greenwood on the 'jsth I.v the sheriff,
to satisfy debts of 112,000.
The Waterloo Mining Co.,opcrating
in th.' Boundary, has declared a dividend of quarter of a cent a share, payable on the 15th.
Creditors of the Neepawa when it
was worked a vear ago under C. Sandiford ar.- suing the Northwest Minin-' Syndicate for supplies furnished.
Sliver otiotntiKii..
Following are tie* ((notations for bar
silvor on the various days
luring the
week since last Issue:
r>d\ cents
662    "
B7l    "
678   "
The Golden Star is to be congratulated on its special New Year's edition.
l-\ J. Deane has sold the Kamloops
Sentinel to M.S. Wudo.
tost Tear's Shipmrnts Were 1339 Tons—
A Healthy Kvlileoeo of tho Mfo ood
Wealth or tlio Camp Uatorpriso tlio
Blgcost Shipper.
Commencing the new year the ore
•shipments from tho division begin iu
a modest manner, the Noepawa lieing
the only shippor. It sent 20 tons to
Nelson, constituting its first in two
years. Shipments are in sight from
the Enterprise, Ottawa and Republic,
and the tonuage promises to be re-
For 1808 tho oro shipments from
the local division amounted to 1888
tons,   made   up   from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the ship
ments this yoar to date:
Neepawa      20 21*
20 20
The voters' list of tho city for the
new year has lieen issued. It contains
136 uames, being 21 moro than last
yoar. The persons resident in town
on the list are:
Arnot, David	
Armstrong, Thomas J.
Aitchison, Harvey	
Adcock, Mrs. Julia	
Anderson, John A	
Barber, Alfred B	
Barber, Charles E	
Bolderston, Alfred Ii.*.
Benton, Thomas	
Beamish, William H...
Bradshaw, Robert A...
Bruin, Paul	
Bennett, Mrs. Sarah...
Hutt, John	
Bulko, George	
Cameron, Malcolm	
Campbell, .lohn	
Campbell, Mrs. Annie.
Christie. H--rokl P....
Clough, Walter	
Were, Henrv Anton...
Craig, Mrs.,"lohn	
Curtis. Herbert D	
Campbell-.Iohnston, R.
Cavan, Miss Theresa...
Dick. Frank	
Davidson, Mrs. Wm...
Fife, Harvey	
Foley, Johu A	
Gething, C. M	
Henderson, Rolx-rt G..
Hicks. Mrs. Mary	
Howarth, John Henry
JohflCot, William S...
Jorand, Henri R	
Kirkwood. Robert I....
Kirkwood, Mrs. C. IC..
Lemieux, Eric	
Long, Tony	
Long, Mrs. Tonv	
Madden, Anthony	
Murphy, Con	
McCallum, John G...
McCallum. Mrs. Mary.
McNeish, Thomas	
McVannel, Duncan S.
McGregor, W. Dawson
Nichol  Dan	
Newman, Mrs	
O'Neail, D. Bertram!..
O'Neil, Mrs. M. E	
Purviance. Joseph V...
Provost, Frank	
Pinchbeck, John	
Robertson, Donald D..
Robertson, Hiram J. ..
Rogers, Alex	
RadclitT. Jackson	
Rae, Mrs. James	
Romano, Frank	
St inch, Samuel	
Sinitheringale, ('has. E.
Shatford. Walter!....
Stewart, Alex	
Smith, Alfred C	
Swan, Peter	
Schomberg, Mrs. Peter
Smith, James	
Teeter. A. B	
Tattersall, James E,..
Tattersall. Fred	
Tipping, Mrs. L. A....
Terry. Hiram	
Worden, Winslow E...
Woodcock, Thos.  I)...
Webster, Robert It...
Whilticker, Samuel...
Silver is climbing. When the Lion
Copyright, 1MB. by T. C. Mit'lure
How Cynthia Davis, daughter ot
Farmer Davis, got bor romantic notions was u pumle to her parents and
lots of other folks. Her father's hired
men began to fall lu love with her ut
sixteen. At seventeen she hroke the
heart of u wire fence agent At eight-
ecu slit* con 1.1 huvo had her pick of lmlf
• ilizen men ranging from farmers'
sons to t-esper nnd mower iigents. She
wus nineteen when ,ied Williams, a
young carpenter from the village, came
out to rebuild a torn .and roshlugle the
Cynthia didn't want tho Impossible,
but she had certain Used ideas. She
would never full iu love nnd mnny n
mau unless ho hud saved her life. All
of her would bs lovers were uuxlous to
toe the mark, but opportunity had never presented Itself. Sho wouldn't break
through Iho Ice on ibe horse pond In
winter, ynd she wouldn't tumble Into
tlie well in summer. Her father owned
n savage bull, hut she didn't go picking daisies In the Bold whore the bovine
grazed. If B mod dug ciiine along the
highway she wns sure to bo In the
house, nnd If lightning struck the house
she was sure to bo nt a neighbor's. On
one occasion u sowing machine agent
wbo bad sought to capture her heart
nnd bud knocked $1J off the regular
price to mnke himself solid tbougbt the
golden hour wns at bund. He drove up
one day and found a tramp 'sussing"
rynthlu, but beforo lie could rush to
the rescue and win her gratitude she
had taken tbe fellow by the onr and
run bim out of tho gate.
One after unother enme aad weut,
and Cynthia's only excuse for turning
them down was that each and every
oue of them wns ns commonplace as
pumpkin pie. .led Williams had bnd
his warning, but be straightway fell In
love Just tbe same nnd wns taken on
probation. That was one good thing
ubout tbe girl. She always gave a man
at least four weeks In which to snvs
ber life. .Ted hud n three months' Job
at carpenter work, but he knew tbnt be
totjii Lirn."
bad to capture Cynthia's henrt within
four weeks or uot ut all. A man wbo
uses tho rule and compass and square
bas a bend for circles and angles, and
Jed was no sooner In love than be removed tlie shingle nulls from his moutb
uud Bat down to ponder, ne knew
where the othera hud failed. Tbey
hnd waited for opportunity. He would
make opportunity.
I'he Urst more ,Ied made along tbe
uew line was to take Cynthiu to the
circus. He was particular to point out
thc lions to ber, especially one big fellow, and to recall to memory the fnct
that this Numidlnii bud killed uo less
thnn seven keepers, ns stated in the
newspapers. The Sams lion hnd also
escaped from the circus on several occasions nnd devastated a dozen barnyards. He told his story glibly and
ourelossly, nnd nsido from a sltuo-ccr or
iwo Cynthiu was not much affected. If
ihe lion escaped during the next three
months, ns wns possible, sho would be
uwny oil In Oblo or Indiana, end sho
would bo safe.
Tben John Itiirns came out (o pnlnt
tho bnrn a fiery rod. He whs u friend
of Jed Willinms. nnd he brought out
the news with hlm thut the lion hnd
escupod whilo the circus was leaving
tbe village. Ho was ono of 200 men
who bad spent the dny with some circus people looking for the monster, and
tho search was being continued, It
wns startling news for tho farmers.
They might not moot the beast In their
cornfields by dnyllght, but when darkness came he might pick them up even
on the doorstep. Jed didn't lioast of
wbnt he would do If ho met the benst
face to face, nnd Cynthia mentally gave
him n credit mark. In some mysterious wny the bnrn painter kept track of
the lion nnd gnvo others the news. The
Xumidlnn wns seen hero and there.
Mere be bad killed n cow; there a
homo. In ono case lie hnd attacked n
fanner and broken his back, nnd ull
efforts to recapture hlm were futile.
ln ihe midst of these wild alnrms
•"ynthla hnd to go to a neighbor's of
sn evening, and Jed wns courteous
-uoOagli to offer het his escort Borne
Uogttnf remarks were made about the
Hon. hut they did not affect tho girt.
liven wh.-ii Jed armed himself witli a j
stout chili sho thought mors of her errand than of being eaieu alive. II was
a -fairly darkish night, but Ihey took
no lantern. They bad eighty rods to
go and had accomplished half lhe distance when there was a,growl uud a
roar, and the escaped lion stood boforo
them. He hnd been disappointed la
finding a cow for his supper, and now
he meant to devour a well built carpenter nnd u plump checked girl. Tbo
frightened Cynthia grubbed Jed around
tho neck nud exclaimed:
"Oh, Jed, Jed, but it Is the Hon, nnd
we'll be killed!"
"Let me get nt him:" shouted Jed
ns ho struggled against her clutch.
"Ho mny kill me, but I'll save your
life nt least.   Get behind inc."
Then the heroism In the carpenter's
composition had 11 calcium light thrown
upon It. He flourished his club and
shouted. The llou scratched up tbo
dirt nnd gurgled In his thront. Jod
sprung forward and struck nt bim,
nnd the beast dodged and gurgled somo
more. Cynthia had sat down In the
rond In her fright and didn't see much
of the battle, but at tho cud of five
Uiliiules the panting Jed helped her up
and announced that the ferocious beast
had been driven off.
"Oh, Jod. but you nre sure he's gone
-sure of It?" she asked.
Hor nnswer was n roar from tbe
Chagrined liou as he Bed across the
"He would hnve killed me but for
"He surely would," replied Jed.
"Then you huve saved my life."
"I guess I have."
"And, Cyuthia, dear, I wnnt you for
my wife. You know I love you. I'm
not asking because I saved your life,
but because I bave learned to love you.
Sny you'll marry me."
"I'll—I'll be ongnged to you." she
answered as sbe clung to his arm
while they wulked homeward.
Jed was duly praised, nnd lie carried
himself like the honest man be was.
AH went well for two weeks, nnd then
Cynthia suddenly asked him one day:
"Jed, the next morning after we saw
tiie Hon the painter hnd n big lump on
top of his bead. You must huve iiit
bim by mistake."
"WtinJ nre you talking about?"
"And fnther found our old buffalo
robe In the pasture."
"Well, you aro not going to break
Ibe engagement, are you?"
"N-no, I guess not, but It was mean
of you to make me' sit down in the
rond that wny:"
Hon  Sugar  Slrlli.
If we drop a lump of sugar Into a cup
of tea we find It takes a considerable
time to melt if allowed to remain at the
bottom of the vessel, but If we hold it
up In the spoon near the surface of the
liquid lt dissolves much more speedily.
This ls owing to tlio sugar as it melts
rendering the portion of the tea containing it heavier. Tlie sweetened part,
therefore, descends, leaving tbe sugar
constantly lu contact with unsweetened
or only partially sweetened tea—Iu fact,
a eoutinual clrculntlon of fluid Is promoted until the whole Is dissolved.
Wheu tbo sugar ls placed or permitted to He nt the bottom of tbe cup It
dissolves until the layer of fluid next
lt is thoroughly sweetened av saturated, wheu It practically censes to dissolve any further, the sweetened and
heavier stratum above It acting for a
considerable time until the law of diffusion comes gradually into play, like
nn impervious covering, In keeping
bnck the lighter, unsweetened fluid
Hence tho reason also why stirring,
ln breaking up the saturated layer and
allowing access to tbe unsweetened
portion, ls so effectual In bringing
about the uniform sweetening of tea.
Life ls not infrequently sweetened by
the snme stirring up process.
Shot Ont of Soolrtr.
Frank It. Stockton, who was, ns a
rule, extremely nverse to social functions of any nature, wns luduced to
attend a "literary" dinner ln Washington, given by n certain western senator ln honor of n well known Indiana
Mr. Stockton bad takeu into dinner
the slstcr-ln-law of his host. Sbe was
nn excellent woman, but anything but
Tbe conversation touching upou the
beauties of Omar Khayyam, a spirited
discussion of the Fersinn poet ensued,
during which the bewildered woman
from the west caught from time lo
time the name of "Omnr."
Turning to Mr. Stockton, the sister-
lulu\v nsked:
"Who Is this Mr. Omnr they're tnlk-
Ing nbout? Vory popular ln society, I
"Why, madam," replied the humorist gravely, "that man did something
tbat forever shuts him out of society."
"Gracious me!" exclaimed the worthy
dame.   "And what wus that?"
"He died some 800 years ago," replied Stockton smilingly.
Grecian Jokes on  rh-ralrlnnn.
Among tho Jests of thc ancient Greek
humorists nre many on tlie physician.
Some of them nre characterised by nn
almost American extravagance. Tbe
following nre from a populur Creek
"Dlophuntus dreamed thnt he snw
Hermogenes, the physician, and he
never awoke ngnln, even though he
wore an amulet."
"Marcui, tbe doctor, culled yesterday on the marble Jupiter, but though
he wns Jupiter nnd though be was
marble his funeral takes place today."
Pausanias, the Spartan general,
when asked why be spoke evil of a
doctor whom bo had never consulted,
snld, "If I had consulted htm I
shouldn't now." — Arebaxdogleal Review.
♦•-a-***- "*►■♦■«•• fl**e ••••■-t**. •■•'
I      AH By  M. L
aWa-THS       louise    i
— f
Copurtght, IOCS, bu T, C. MiChns *>
" s>* •»*■*»•♦>-<>*■•—■»-» »-»-»»*»»-S>*"0
Jean Lindsay passed down the long
hospital ward with linn, quiet stop.
The blue glnghuui nnd ample white
apron of her nurse's dress hung in
loose folds urouud the tall, gracious
figure. Tbe spotless bauds at wrists
and neck only served to show up tho
fine whiteness of her skin. Hor snowy
enp rested on thick waves of bronze
Dexter Gnrst drew bnck into tho corridor and, watching her, wondered If
the time would ever come whon he
could see her move thus toward hlm
nnd not find his whole being stirred lo
Its very center.
The day, nearly n year before, when
lie hnd laid bis heart at her feet was
like a badly healed sear In the doctor's
life, lt hud uppnrontly passed out of
her recollection.
She guve blm her hand with n smile
of good comradeship, and together
they made tbelr usuul morning round
of the ward. Near an empty cot nt the
end she paused.
"Little Lad Is slttlug up," she suid,
smiling with the triumph of one who
hod won n hard bnttle and led the way
By a sunny window he sat In his
wheel chnlr, a little figure even fur
eight yours, In the loose hospital suit
of gray flannel. The doctor himself
had brought bim there nearly three
months before, a shapeless bundle. He
hnd been plucked from under a horse's
hoofs in Uie street. No one seemed to
care to lay auy special clnlm,to bim,
and yet he wns undoubtedly tho child
of refined parents.
For weeks Garst nnd Jenn Lindsay
had fought with deuth for this om*
small and apparently superfluous life.
Tbere were times when the doctor gnvo
up hope, and nothing but the strength
of Inherent motherhood In the womnn
seemed tp keep the child nllve.
"How Is the little lad?" the doctor
would nsk ns he entered the ward
morning after morning, nnd "Little
Lad" be beenine to every one In the
As he took a feeble bold on life ngiin
his whole starved little heart went out
and Inld bold on these two people, bis
doctor and nurse, with a mightiness of
love which almost hurt bim at times.
Ho would llo In bis cot and. watching
the doctor while he mnde his rounds,
think that be must he very like the
mau. about whom Nurse Lindsay bad
told bim, who ouco li\rd upon the
earth and healed all the sick people
and loved little children. It never occurred to him to associate the beautiful story with the name he had so often heard in blasphemy In the street.
But be looked nt his own doctor and
felt that It must be true.
A light might suddenly have been
turned on inside the small body, so
swift was the radiance which flooded
his fnee ns Jean and her companion
enme in sight. Garst sat down near
lhe wheel chnlr and, taking one small
band, beat lt softly against his broad
open palm.
"Next woek," bo said, "I nm going
to run nway into the country with
Little Lad for a few dnys beforo—before 1 go nbroad."
Jenn Lindsay could not quite conceal
the start bis words gave her, but she
held her voice steady.
"Then the long contemplated course
at Bonn ls to be aii accomplished fact
after all," she snld.
"Yes." The doctor did not raise his
Little Lud had looked from one to
• he oilier in vague bewilderment
"But, first of all," Gurst went on,
"Little Lad und I will Cave perhaps n
whole week at a splendid place I know
of, where there are tall plus trees and
■i big lake."
He was watching the boy's face and
saw how the delight which his words
called up became slowly clouded.
"Will she come too?" Ho motioned
with his hand toward the unrse.
Oarst remained silent. The child
turned to Jean.
"Won't you come, too?" bo pleaded.
He rend tbe negation in her face
even before she slowly shook her head
nnd (lung himself toward the doctor.
".Make her conie: Mako her come,
tool" be togged passionately,
Jean stooped hurriedly and, putting
bad; the dump hair from his forehead,
kissed  it.
"I'm nfrnld that would be quite impossible, Little Lad," she said quietly
and moved away down tbe corridor,
But even us she did so un Intense
physical weariness seemed to have de
sconded npon her. She felt stifling In
tbe bright glare of the morning sun*
Shine and, putting up her hand, push*
eil the heavy hair back from ber forehead. When she luul passed out of-
slglit of tbe doctor and Little Lad, she
turned nnd leaned ngainst onopou window, in place of tin- bare red brick
walls of the nurses' borne opposite sir-
teemed to see n vista of tall trees, with
the doctor and Little Lnd lying on the
soft pine needles beneath and lhe water lapping Idly at their feet.
A BWift. Intense desire ti) he one nf
the liltle party rose within her. For
the tirst time In her life she was weary
■if her work, Mori' than she had ever
wan ted anything sh" wanted (o get
nway and be t.-i!;en care of, even .':.*
Little Lad would be, by this strong, self
reliant man.
As  ibe  stood  there nn  ambulance
lurned In ni the gate, and Jean I.liul
isy sighed proteitlngly, she knew that
if there  was  to  be un  operation  sbe
would be scut for, nud htr whole being
rose In a quick revolt of weakness nnd
Inadequacy. She felt thnt the smell of
ether Just then would strangle ber and
put out her hands as though she would
push awuy the burden of respousibllity
—those linn while hands In which
strong men bad Clung In agony and
within whose wnrm clasp moro than
one little form had grown cold.
She tried to reulizo as she stood
there what her life would be when
liexter Oarst went out of it.
"A month from now," she said, and
her strong lip quivered—"a month from
now he will be in Germany, and 1"—
lhe thought wus like a pall descending upon the brightness of the sun.
Sho turned away, and even us she did
so Gnrst's silence In nnswer to Little
Lad's passionate "Mnke her como, too!"
came to her with a stab.
"Miss Lindsay needs n rest," the
bouse surgeou thought, looking nfter
her with a critical eye a motaeut later
and noting the pallor of her face.
That night ns sbe mude her round of
the ward sho became aware of a pair
of bright eyes fixed upon her above
very flushed cheeks. She saw nt a
glance that Little Lad had been crying
nnd, golug swiftly to bis side, knelt and
gathered blm iuto her arms.
.'•What ts It, son?"
The weak bunds went around her
neck. »
"1 want you—to come, too," bo whispered With quivering lips.
The sob which bad lain heavy mound
Jean's heart till day rose In hor throat.
"lie does not want me l.i-not now-
Little Lnd,' she said wearily,
"He does!" Thp boy pushed her from
him and looked up into her face. "He
said he did! After you went away 1
asked blm, und he said 'yes.' But he
said 'twasn't any use asking you; that
he'd asked you once to go nway Wltb
hlm to h beautiful place and to live
with hlm always afterward, but that
you wouldn't. Oh, how could you not
want to?" Ills eyes searched hers with
Incredulous reproach.
Jean bent suddenly and kissed hlm.
Utile Lnd thought she had never looked :jo beautiful, but he wus not satisfied. He put his hands ngafost her
breast and pushed ber back until he
could see hor face.
'Would you—If he was to ask you
again?" bo pleaded wistfully.
Then he was held close against her
bosom, and her tears wetted his cheek.
"Yes. dear Liltlo Lad," sbe whispered.
"I would."
lie could hardly sleep lhat night with
his longing for the morning. When It
came be wns In bis wheel cbalr watching the door by which lhe doctor would
eater, and ns be saw bim he raised
himself by the arm* .if his chair until
!,.- was almost Standing. Ho did not
know that Jean had entered tho corridor from the other end and Wns moving
toward him.
"She said"—he had lo stop and swallow, for bis excitement chok ,. him—
"she said -she would! She s-.ld—If you
was to ask her again-she would!" he
cried tremblingly.
Gurst's eyes went bey-nd ibe wheel
chair to the woman who stood behind
it. A dull red leaped to bis face. Tbere
was a sweet tremulousness upon tl,.
gracious figure thnt sent the blood
bounding through Mi veins. He took
n step v.~ >rd, .ind the strong bond
which he held out shook.
"Will you?" he • Bked simply.
Jean laid her own within it with a
looked that blessed.
"I want to go, even more than Little
Lnd does."' she said.
Some   splendid   specimens    of tur-     Poll-making    is   a    new  Industn
([noise  stones aio being found   in   the! which     bus     sprung  up  ut  Stewart*,
mines on the tipper King lllvor, Victoria, Australia.
town.     County    Tyrone. Illthcrru
most of the dolls sold  in  thu Wliitui
Kingdom have como from German*.
Placo  bofore  children  nothing   but
what is simple, lost you spoil   their I    li  takes more    than a bellows   ,,
taste; unci nothing tbat is not iu:io-| the pulpit    to    Btnrt a   tin;    |n u,(
cent,  lest  you  spoil  th'.'ir henrt. I church
Subject to Sinking Spells and Feelings of Languor, Depression
and Weakness-You Can be Helped by
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
Very many people feel much ns you
do, Thoy do not liko to loniess
that they uro sick, but they uro weak
nnd languid, feel drowsy und depressed utter meals, aro easily tired
nnd discouraged, Buffer from indigestion, sleeplessness, irritability nnd
general bodily weakness. At times,
it may be, some ol tbo old-time vigor
returns, but you no moro than get
your hopes aroused when the sinking
spells come on again und you are ns
helpless and disheartened ns ever.
Such symptoms point to luck of
nourishment In the blood nnd an exhausted nervous system. You can
get well if you will but restore the
system by using Dr. Chuse's Nerve
Food, This great food cure forms
new L'jod and Instils new force nud
energy into the wasted und depleted
nerve cells. It ninl.es you wull in
nature's way by supplying to the
blood nnd nerves the very elements
in which ihey are lacking.
These symptoms of Which you complain are but u warning of approach
ing nervous prostration, paralysis,
locomotor ataxia or even insanity
Tho time to act is beforo these
droadful diseases of tlio nerves havo
fastened themselves upon you. They
aro much easier to prevent than to
cure, as many know, on account ol
long years of helplessness and suffci
Pr.   Chase's  Nervo  Food will    give
you new hope and tourag-e.    Bot only
! will    you  bo able to feel  the benelit
you arc deriving from il, but by not
jing your  increase iu  weight you can
jprovo   conclusively   that    new firm
llesli     nnd    tissue  is  Ining added  to
your body.
Tho success of Pr. Chase's Nerve
Food In curing all ailments arising
from weakness of the blooil ami an
exhausted condition of the nerves has
been phenomenal, 50 coats a box, t.
boxes for $3.50, at all dealers or
Edmonson, Hates & Co., Toronto
To protect you against Imitations,
the portrait and signature of Ur. A
\V. Chaso, tho famous receipt book
author, uie on every box.
Lett   lliiiidnl   v ii aa. .-.-i.lv.'i.
One of Ihe gravest objections to training a child to be left banded ii the certainty that lt will be nicknamed from
Its peculiarity, especially during tbo
early years of life. Most eoiir.tiesHn
England have tbelr idiomatic expressions to denote left handedness, nnd
they tire oft"ti prefixed to the ::.['nrtu-
nq4e left banded child's name. In London the term is knek banded, tbe word
being also equivalent to awkward. In
Lancashire it is k-pnwed, in Yorkshire
gallock or gawk handed, an expression
dating back to at least tbe seventeenth
century. In Derbyshire nre used the
terms fceg hand d, cork handed nnd
corky handed, while In the Tecsdals
district cuddy banded is common, und
in Nottlnghamshll     , ..llet handed.
In the south of Bi ..land special terms
to denote loft handedness are also
found. In Dorset It is scrome handed,
and In Devonshire coocby handed. In
Scotland we Ond gnwk banded, and In
lhe west cowry handed. In Ireland a
left handed nuin N called a killiogue.
Mr. Tlm Healy used Ibis word In n
speech at Fast Wk'klow, in whl«*fi he
snid that Mr. O'K-lly could light With
bis left hand nii'i hnd already given
his opponent some "klthogues" tbat
would spoil bis political l» 'tily during
the contest.—Loud in Cbronl ile.
II   In  the   sinniliiril   I «fl fll   In   .VII  Oar
Weather Bnreoa Stallone.
When we read 11 report from nny of
the liio regular weather bureau stations throughout our lund bringing the
information that n rainstorm, a tornado or some other meteorological phenomenon began nt a certain hour we
need 1. 't suppose that thc hour mentioned refers to the time at the plnce
where ihe observation was made. The
hour given If Ihe exact New York time,
for every clock nt the regular weather
bureau stations all over the land ls set
to the seventy-fifth meridian, or eastern standard time, which ls exactly
five hours behind Greenwich time.
Only this standard of time Is used
ln the text of the Monthly Weather
Review, and nil weather bureau observers ere required to record observation by it. The reason for this is that
the best scientific deductions from tlie*
weather reports must be based upon
the conditions of tbe atmosphere existing simultaneously in different parts
of the iiaiinli-y.
It would be vory ludicrous If nil the
hundreds of reports sent daily had to
bo changed at the central otlice In
Washington from local to eastern lime,
and so all the regular observers are required to use tho New Vork, or eastern
time, In making their reports.
Tin re are ninny volunteer observers
nnd newspuper correspondents who in
rep' ting weather phenomena use otber standards of time. If the weather
bureau has occasion to use their re-
poris lhe lime is often corrected to
agree Wltb the eastern standard or tlie
local  standard   ls  mentioned.
Kev.    .lama's    Will lain  Adams, t >,•■
only    clergyman    who ever won the
Victoria Cross, has Just died in f"n..
land.        IK'   wain   it   during   Robert..;'
I mnrch   to   Kandahar,   rescuing   tr,.,
I wounded  Lancers under Ilie I'u'e of Die
Origin i.f Ihr Letter  V.
The letter V may be regarded ns the
mutilated remains or one of the symbols used by the ancient Egyptians in
their hieroglyphics or picture writing.
A common animal In their country wns
the two horned sand viper, n representation of which stood for V. The
pri.-sis ultimately found thnt for the
practical purposes of everyday life it
was a waste of time to use elaborate
hieroglyphics and invented a kind of
Shorthand to meet the occasion. In
this the snake was reduced to a V with
n dash (V ) to represent horns und
The riia-nlclans adopted this letter,
am' trom tliem we get our V by losri of
fie dash, leaving only the two liltlo
bo-•« of the original picture. Tliis
siuil.e lu still common In Egypt nnd Is
probably the one mentioned in Genesis
xlix, 17, "Dan shall be a serpent by the
way. an adder In the path, that biteth
tho horse heels, s.i that his rider shall
fail backward." Travelers tell us that
it !; still addicted to this unpleasant
A   (*oni|iM*rlnff   .'ntTii,
A ajambbur fawn 1 possessed In India
of tbe nge of four to six months made
a practice of chasing all dogs that
came into the compound and did so
wiih every appear 1 0 of considering
it the greatest possible fun. The dogs,
on tho other band. Bed With their tails
between their legs This fawn evidently Imagined Itself t'i ho lhe guardian and protector of the establishment.
I have a vivid plcttlf-! in my recollection of tbo gentle li lie beast transformed Into a perfect fury, Its colli
bristling on end to make it look twice
Its usual size; head nnd tall defiantly
erect, stamping shai-ply on the threshold with its dainty forefeet, demon
stratlons Intended to frighten nwny
two pariah dogs who cringed before It
on the veranda, yet showed n great desire to Intruilo intn the house. The dogs
linn Ily sneaked off, depressed and defeated, nnd the conquering fawn Kav.ig
gored back Into tho room to be praised
by me either for once disdaining to
cbftSS its foes or deterred therefrom by
Its strong dislike to the noonday sun.—
Loudon Spectator.
ni-nntlc*  of  Ireland.
Dublin can nnd does boast ot mnny
superlatives, It bas the widest street
nnd (ho inrgest public park in Europe,
tho (i.st horse Show In the world nnd
tbe largest brewery, but certainly the
chlefest of nil Its claims Is thnt advanced in behalf of its women. It is
really no exaggeration to sny thnt In
no city ln the world will one see so
many beautiful women ns ono does ln
the Irish capital.
There Is something, too, nbout ths
Irish type of beauty tbat ennnot be actually described. There Is nn expression, nn nir of something nkln to sadness almost, In every real Irish fnee,
something Interesting, that holds the
111 Ienl Ion moro thnn mere skin deep
beauty.   "I have been In most capitals
of Furopi-." says« traveler in Ireland.
"but never did I sa-,' ko mnny really
benulifiil women us I r:iw in Dublin.
And tbey were not visitors, Thero wns
no mistaking the wonderful gray eyes
of 'Dark Rosaline.'"
n.'iaiUia■lai-ii,    ruin* Easily    Aii'.aniilral   Fur
ami l'liurtiifliiiil Derangement* m*u«
I.lie   MIHBTHlaU'.
Throughout   tho length ami breadth
ol   Canada   there are thousands nud
thiiiiMiiHi', ni grateful people who a«i
mit    that    th.y    owe    health    aad
strength  to the use aii  Ur.  William-.
I'ink   l'ills and   who  speak   always
as they should do—111 terms bu' warn.
.•si   praise of this medicine,    Among
thi' many friends Ur   Williams'  Pink
Pills    have   made    then' Is  ■perhaps
inula'    more enthusiastic  In spcukln.;
.if il,.' l'ills ihnii Mrs   Kdward Atchison,   of   Orangeville,   Out.,  who foi
twaa yearb    suffered intensely, but at
last  found a cun: through the iu,i> mi
this   remedy      To a reporter pf thn
Orangeville Sun. Mis   A'tchtJaon said
"Three    years     ago      1   beenme  very
much run down.   My appetite almost
vanished.  I grew pui.-. was subject t
hea due lies.  dUzlncsfs,  palpitation    of
tha' heart  and a ringing noise in tin
ears.   1   tried  several   medicines,  bul
they did not help me, and I wa.s eon
soquontly much depressed and foaroii
I wns doomed lo go through life  ■
chronic  invalid     One day   I   nail  tli.'
euro   of   a woman   whose symptom*
were almost  Identical with my own
through  tl-..'    use   of i'i.    Williams
I'ink  Pills.   I  sent   for a box,  and bj
the  lime  il   wus  finished  I  was s 1 ill *
clently encouraged  1 a> send  for    an
other,  and  so  on.   until   I   hnd  token
six boxes, wben I was l.i every som."
of the word a different person. FSvorj
Bymptorn of uiy lato illness hud van
ishi'd,   mid   1   was onco moro enabled
to   look   afler  my    household     dutii"-
with    old-time    health and  vigor      I
feel that l owe all this to Dr.   WH
llotns'  Pittk l'ills, and I cheerfully re
commend    ihem lo   other   weak am!
suffering women."
Dr. Williams' I'ink l'ills are a rool
blessing to all weak, weary women
Tliey build up the blood and cure nil
tho functional ills irom which so
many women suffer in silence. These
pills may be hnd from any druggist
or will he sent by mall at 50 cents .1
box. or six boxes for S-..v> by writing ilia' Ur. Williams-. Modlclno Co
Brockville, Ont. Itemombor that buh-
stltutos cannot cure, and ioe that tho
full name,."Dr, Williams' Pink ViV*
for Pole People," is printed on th«
wrapper around each  box.
"F'bi   vour   son hits finally decided
which college ho will attend."   "Yes.
he bus found one ut last where thc
professors do not allow the Studies
to Interfere with the athletic work
Sincerity   Is  never  self-conscious
Sin is never healed by humoring 11
Foalnnpllnt rleaantntrj*.
"I Wonder if you have nny met how*
oolisb you looked when you asked u*>)
.0 marry you?''
"No; l haven't, but I know I couldn't
have looked half ns foolish ns I wis,"—
Chicago Tribune.
Tin* safest.
Shnrpe - yes, Parker invented tin*
safest uir ship ever hoard of.
Whoa Hon—Itut It refused to fly. Vol)
couldn't get up on It.
"That's why I say It wns Ibe safest."
Ill     tllO     ll'IIIC.1  11111011.
Adoring Pride—Jack, darling, ls this
Wednesday or Tbursany?
Doting Oroom-I  think  It's  Friday
"Of this week?"
Sho—And whnt would you cnll n successful poet?
Ht*—One who lenves money euoiigh
to bury hlin.
A Straight line Is shortest In moruli
as well us In geometry.—tiahel.
""Ht THE
x. Curious Defiiiee,
,    .respondent writes with rafei**
'        iho nd-.i'iion oi the decimal
cu   .", pi England:   The other dayi
heard an E»
alisliiinin  defending   our
S, c   colStgO on  the ground .hat
the onlv nation on earth who
,u"  L,   that  iho system is  hone oi
■'••"  .' '„,   for there are 240 bones in
.,, ,     j io  pence    in   the
Ihere  are  3iiu  bone:-'   in   Iho
,1     iruilk,   and     120   In     the
und   120 pen -u  in  half a  sov-
,..ul, iimb contains 80 bones,
imliH-rown contains 80 pence;
spinal   column   there   are    '21
nnd in a florin -l  pence; and
\°. have  1-  ''ihs  ou each  side  so
hnvo 12   pence In  every  shillin,'.
u   the   proportions   of   Iho
onr I" «
the   i
, rolgi
arl'l   ll
III ll.'
1.1. t. ■ -
AS  Wi
conform to
< aioton of our commerqe
!.,„,„,-« teaching.   No  wonder  It   is
,,,i,a b And wiih regard io our
'Xuivs of length, did not Mr,
','.'„.,, smith, in his work on tho
Pyramids, prove,  with a grcftt    ex-
■„„l ■,. ol bihor and learning, thai
England    is tho   special  luvorn,.     ol
hcftven  because our standard yurd is
»,1,, iiivinoly-oppolnted length; and
ill tho woes of Franco oro due
ftdoptlon of tho godless metre?
I, arguments as these* ar,.. thought
■weight\   bj   lots  of good  people.
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Cherry Pectoral, what a
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*■ I hiva found thai Ayer'i Cherry Pectoral
!• the boat medicine I cun preicrlbe for liron.
oliltll. lufluentn, couirhi.and hard col.la."
M. Loubman, M.D., Ithaca. N. T.
All fcMfflltfc
J. 0. AYBR 00.,
Lowell.   Man.
Correct any tendency to constipation with small dosos of Ayer's Pills.
io hi
Clismberlaiu's Umbrella Story.
loseph (.'hiiuilia'ilaiii. In ono of bis
recent tariff reform speeches, told nn
umbrella story that bus not been recorded.
Mr. i 'liumberluin wished lo 1'omt
out Hi'1 Ignorance was to blame for
much ul the censure that' hod been
uttachul to bis tariff reform scheme.
ile said:
Why. my friends, muny of my opponent" aro as ignorant of my propositi.'" as was a rertain former,
many years ngo. of the umbrella.
l;hls former had made a journey
ol soma twenty miles on foot lo o
small town. As he was about lo set
oil for homo again a I ard ruin came
up, end his host loan d him an umbrella—a novelty at. the time—open-
lag it himself so as to save his friend
uli possible trouble.
"A week lat'T the rarinor brought
tho umbrella buck. Tho weuther was
bright nnd line, but be held tho Instrument open over his head.
This contrivance" ho (grumbled,
'is more troublo than It's worth.
Thore wasn't a doorway In the village l en ild pit it through, nnd I
had to tether it all the weok in a
M itl'vi'l-. of N i-mtflifl ■
lha- newspapers are tolling   of   tho
remarkable (eat of a postal clerk who
in a Civil Service examination    did |
not make a single error in    properly j
sorting    113,000 lest   postal    cords, :
each representing a postofflco in a car- |
tain territory assigned. This was done |
ut tha rate of thirty-three    and one-
half cards a minute. For more noteworthy Is ihe memory of on    expert
piano  player■   who  will  piny  an    entire season's concerts without a nolo
of   printed    music before him,     llis
memory is    so perfect  that   hundreds
of thousands of notes must  Ina at  tho
orderly and instant  disposal    of    the
will.    And this is combined    With   a
multiplicity of synchronous recollections of timbre, tempo, expression,
etc. The mystery is nt present past
the hint ing of any explanation, and
this fact is as beautiful as it is ni>-
polllng, It shown us how far wa* are I
from anv renl science of psychology.
—American Medicine.
Maclennan Bros.,
TltRrmiNB USD, P. O. Boi US
■olntyre Bleak, 804, Winnipeg.
Wheat and grain ut all kli.1i. Car
Load l.ota n Specialty. Regular *4-
•/iiiK-aiun Hiltiuf Lai.'ha*.
Write or wire us for l inch Bide, or
Consign Tour Groin to na. whieh we
will aell (or yoar acrouat, on your approval to highMt bidder.
(Compiled from Tho Commercial*,
Since our  last  week's review   there
has boon sonic advance  in  thc whe.it
Dodd's Kldnoy Pills Made F. W. ■ lnarl<,'tK brought about principally by
renewal   of   rumors   of  war    between
Harris a well  Man. HuSBla and .Japan.   The negotiations
_____ I between   theso    powers    wore under-
j stood to have arrived ut a more crit-
Be KuAiTflfll from Kidney DlMOM for Twe   ical stage on Saturday lust. nnd the
•nd  n  Hair Years-Only  nnn   of tin   reports were soizod on by the Aineti-
Many Cured   by   tl.u  Oreat  Canadian   iron  speculative liarkets,and through
Kliliii')' Remedy.
Central Waterville, York Co.. N D.
Pec. 28.—(Special)—The case of P.
W, Harris of Uiis place is one more
ovid.'iice ol the wonderful work
Hodd's Kidney Tills are doing In
New Brunswick, Mr. Harris mokes
tho following statement for publication :
"I suffered (or two years and a half
the covering by shorts and the continued buying by bulls a spurt of lc
lie took plan*. .Mondav brought a
calmer view of llui situation again,
and during Ibis week to dale there
has boon little change in prices, und
Indeed if it wer.' nol for the nervous
situation caused by iho uncertainty
of eastern developments [.rices would
easily sell  oil somewhat. While there
from  Kidney Troubles,  beinK   unable   -' *.'°l """1'1* t_aan?° in lhu '-orthwest
to attend to    mv   work the greater  »Prln«    «*•»* , i-tuotdon.   It    boln8
part of tho time.   1 tried many med
lcines without    getting    any benefit,
but  actually grow  worse
"I    took    three  boxes   of    Dodd's
about us bullish ns previously, it
beginning to be more generally recognized that the worlds Wheat situation may become much    less bullish.
Our Catalogue is a veritable bank book, wherein
every article illustrated
means to our customers
a direct cost saving.
•nBeneweJUtcn, realty Not.ij,
will be ol iiAaTalcuUiile value lo
even perva.a into**bofC banal*
ll cuinca.
It will illustrate articles
of high quality only at the
extreme   lowest   prices.
Write for a copy. It will
be forwarded free of cost.
Ryrie Bros.
■ ONTARIO.   Kor    tlia    treatment    of   all
(uritu of BPKECH DKFKCI8.   Wa treat tha
■ : a--,  ;i t   nm ia! j  tha  laabit,  and   therefore
product ..Hiiai'il Mxaa li    Writ* lor particulars
Appetite poor?-*/ Bowels
constipated? Tongue coated?
Head ache? It's your liver!
Ayer's Pills are liver pills, all
Sold Or
■lily yenri.
Lowell, Hua,
Want 3'our tneustache or beard
a beautiful brawn or rich block? Uie
lift*,   Vemt Very Much il  K||.~.
Iho King of Slam, who bears the
musical name of Chulolongkorn, ol-
though only sixty-live years old, is
celebrating his golden jubileo with
unprecedented magnificence in Bangkok.
Chulolongkorn has Riven Slum nn
enlightened Oovernment ami yet
realously guarded native customs and
m-titutions; hence, whilo bu has
built canals, railways, lighthouses
end hospitals, he still senes as o
priest in the Buddhist temple, lie hus
organized his ormv on tho German
model, but his bodyguard is still
- omposed of omozons—-too daughters
of bis nobles.
He has abolished the second King.
who exercised one-third of the royal
power, At his Cabinet Councils, onu
of iho sacred whi to elephants is always present.
rrajunj Wheals of Thibet
Very curious are lhe praying wheels
Of Thibet. Instead of spending his
valuable timo upon his knees, repeating over und over again tbe lengthy
prayers prescribed by his religion,
'ho mnny Thibetan bus tha latter
carefully copied out Onco and for ull
"u a stout, parchment slip
Then, whon tho time arrives for
him to practlso his daily devotionSi
i" simply Hi's him to the nearest
praying wheel, inserts his phylactery,
give*; the handle hulf o dozen sharp
turns, nnd tho prayers aro token as
■ aid.
As soon bs the wheel ceases to revolve, he withdraws bis bit of parchment, so that tin. same piece does
duty over und over again.
. liiiBai in London.
ln 1902 London hud less felonies
than in 11)01. Nut a single murder
was left unsolved. There were twenty eases of homicide, Sixteen of thu
perpetrators   were   arrested   and   four
committed suicide. The total number of persons arrosted wns 113,300,
nn increaso of 3,8?1, The chief causes were druhKennoss and disorderly
conduct. The magistrates summarily
convicted 82,two, while 8,087 wero
tried and convicted al sessions', An
Interesting foci Is thai J,?"- Identifications were made by flngQi* prints.
a. r nui » re,., Httrtrt.n. a.
England ond Gibraltar now talk
by wireless telegraphy, making land
liiu-s in foreign territory unnecessary.
A si "crssi-ii. MKMCINE.-Evory-
ooe wishes to lie successful In nnv under-
iiikina; in which lie may eiitfueo. It ll
therefore, extremelv gratifying to ihe
proprietors of Parmelee's Vegetable Pills
In   kniaiv   Hint   their   cITibiI!.   to   compound
n iiiaiiiaini' which would prove a bleialns
in   inuiikind   have   beon   siircossfitl   tiflaxaiiii1
Iholr  expectations,      'tli.*  .'iiiloraatUin   of
thOSO    I'IMb.    I.V   till'    IBUlalil'   iH    ll    fcTlia I'll 111 Ca
itint ii pll] hns laa.fn produced rhleh nil
fulfil avorythlnn claimed for il
Choractor is what wo are wben wo
haven't timo to calculate.
1   was  cured   of  a   had  case  of  Cri|
Sidney, G r. C. I. LAGUE
I    was   cuii'd   of   Loss   ol   X'oice    bv
MINAKH'S  l.l\l\li:\*T
Viiinioiilh ('HAS.  PLU1IMBR.
I  was Cured ol Sciatica   Rheumatism bv MlNAltliS  LINIMENT,
Iturln,  Nfld     LKWIM S.  llt'TI.KIt
\ - noon as ii  inan is goo<l enough
br is no longer any gootl,
La grippe, pneumonia and Influ
enza often leave a nasty cough
when they're gone.
It is a dangerous thing to neglect.
Cure it with
ilia Attractiveness.
He—I cnn't understand how you
"would bo so taken with Mr. r.iukh-y.
'•■hero is nothing striking nbout the
"■'■'■ii- Tlo is ju»t ordinary,
i'he—i i(i)ow, |,|,[ |,q |3 ordinary lu
,u»'li un extraordinary dctfrbel
•'OlB.S'C     Tho Lung Tonic      t
The cure that ls guaranteed
by your druggist.
Prices 25c, 60c. ond $1.00
S. c. WILLI * CO.
Toioitlo, Can. I.eRojr, N.V.
Kidney Pills and they cured me. I °,V"1S to tl"> •n*-0>en«e erop harvest-
think Dodd's Kidnev l'ills are a won- ™* "' Au»tralla and Argentina and
derful remedy for Kidnev trouble." ,th" «'l'n,-l'**".v good prospects for the
Bright's Disease is ihe most ad- iVlin«'*' ****op for next year, lhe move-
vancod of Kidney Disease. Dodd's ',,mn °' wheat In the United States
Kidney l'ills ore the only remedy |,s novv larger lliun at sume time last
that will cure it. llut it is wiser and •VOiU'' showing that farmers are sell-
safer to guard against Ilright's Dis- f'nS f''P0|y Tho world's shipments.
ease by using Dodd's Kidney Pills which were expected lo fall o(T ubout
when your Kidneys give the first 'll(nv ore about as large an prevlous-
lyinptoms of distress—pain in the ,*v. ond uro running one-third larger
back or slight urinary disorder. than last year, giving Europe ample
  supplies.     The weat hor In Argentina
—Kuno   Fischer, the eminent histor-*Icontinues   somewhat    unsettled, bul
iui.i    of philosophy, has at last been jborv-est progresses uud then' ia    no
obliged to givo up his professorship word of serious damage,
in Heidelberg.   Ho is in his eightieth |   Manitoba wheal is dull but steody
.vear.    and    hus been   at  Heidelberg i0n   Tliursday    prices    were ;   No '
si/ico 1873.
rlorthern, 79c: : northern, "*5c; 1 northern, -ir. No. 4 wheat. 65c; feed,
31 Jc: feud No. :>. 41 ■.'<-, spot or Dec
delivery; oil prices are for in store
Tort   W'illium or  Port   Arthur
Dr.   Ataew's   Cstsrrbsl    Powder   Cirss
All   Creeds.   It Relieves lo Tes   ""tlBS.es \ '' 'om-uguvies Hungarian natent,
>2..l,i por    sack ol  *)S pounds;    other
The   following are   ihe    Winnipeg
JobV'ng   lilies ; —
Hero are a few names of clenjyirien of
dlderent creeds who are firm believers 1»
Dr.   Aanew's  Catarrhal   Powder   lo   "live
up   to   the preachinK"   in  all    it  claimi :
BI3I10P   Sweat man,     Rev      Dr      Lanctry
(Episcopalian);   Rev.   Dr.     Wilhrow    ana
Rev.   Dr.  Chambers   (Methodist)   and   Dr. I
Newman, all of Toronto.  Canada. Copies '
of   their  personal   letters  for  tbo  asking. ,
Sold  by all drupcisu. 16
Or. Afoew's Ololmcnl relieves piles le s day
Tbo (ay of Iho American hen is
worth about three hundred million
dollars a year.     All the cuttle and
count rv
,   , , .°'ordinary grades, is to lie.
worth less, and so Is    the country - '
hogs  slaughtered  in  tlu
worth  less, and so  is
total yield of both gold and allvpr
grades accordingly.
Oats—No. 2 white. 31 Jc in car lots;
ii) to 30 for feed grades; at country
points farmers are receiving ;■; cents
por bushel.
Barley—Malting grades, .it, to -*,7e
feed. ,14 to 35c.
Flaxseed—25 to 71.1- per bus. for farmers' loads at country points.
Spelt/.—35c  per bushel
May—Huled, Sy to *? 1 <*. pi'i   ton.
Hut Ier—Creamery, s^e per pound ;
dairy,   best  in bricks,  roc;  tubs    ioc;
•KNS1D1.K    MOTHI'.l!
When little ones are ill tho senslbli
mother no longer doses them will
nauseous, griping purgatlvos, nu
puts them to sleep with tho BO-roll'/.
soot li ing''   preparations   which   v..
ways contain harmful opiates. Baby'*
Own Tablets have been usod by thou-;
Sands  of mothers who cheerfully tes
tify tbnt they are Ri'ntle in their ur
tion, absolutely safe, and make littl
ones    Bleep    soundly    and   naturally,
because they remove the trouble that
made baby irritable and wakeful. On
this point Mrs. T   Watson,  Borsfleld
Out.,    says :—"1   have    used llaby's
Own    Tablets   and find  them  a very
valuable medicine for young children.
When  baby is cross or fretful  I  pive
her 11   Tablet,   nnd it
These Tablets cure all the minor
ailments bbi little ones They are
good for all children from birth onward. Sold by medicine dealers or
sent by mail at 25 cents a box by
writing the Dr. Williams .Medicine
Co.,  Drockvillo, Out.
Cheese—i3*}c per pound
Poultry—Chickens, ducks nnd geese,
jc per pound; turkeys,  17 to  14c.
Potatoes—55c to 60c per bushel.
battle—Butchers'  cuttle.   2}   to  ic
nj   pound
3fl»ep—3J  to '„• !„.,■ noiind;   lambs
c i»er pound,
Hogs—Choice weights, 4jr per 81,
Smrllli.i Oat  Bank Blllo.
If a bill must be sent ln n letter the
i safest plan ls to roll lt tightly Into tlie
shape of a lamp lighter and lay it ln
the fold of the sheet Inclosed. Arranged ln that fashion, the fact that
It Is money ennuot well be distinguished by the "feel." A thread with a knot
at the end will not be bo likely to fetch
a telltale fragment of tbe liber paper
on puts her I when drawn by means of a needle
through the envelope, and the smell of
It will be less perceptible. So peculiar
Is the effluvium belonging to bank or
treasury notes thnt experts at the bureau of engraving sny that they can
distinguish them when sealed in envelopes by the nose every time. A thief
once showed to government detectives
who had caught him that be could pick
out while blindfolded from a pile of
Irene Waldron of   Irvington.  N.J ,
who  was  born     without    arms,  has,
learned to sow with her toes and is j 400 letters every one of seven which
sflieceoding    admirably    iu    learning   contained paper cash merely by scent
other  female accomplishments.  ——
—————— a.»  Bnslloh   Election  Experience.
(tolling, Burning, • Ml Dis- An Englishman relates the following
eates Cured for Thirty-five rleetlon experience: "I wns Diking p.irt
Cents. Dr Agnow-n Olntmeut relis-V In canvassing a constituency without
In ons day, and cures Tetter, Salt j a representative. I wns announced
SS*?n' .r,"b"nlI "s a speaker nt a mass meeting bold
in o large Held within Shadow distance
of a famous cathedral. One of the
other orators delivered the most impressive speech I have ever heard, lie
spoke of the struggle ot the poor, how
they had to bear their burden. He
made me almost ery by his eloquence.
Ho talked about his own little home,
which he only just managed to keep
Itheuin,   Sculd   Head
Itch.   L'lccrs.  Blotches  and  all   eruptions 1
ol the skin.   It is soothing and Quieting
mui   acts  like  magic   in   ths  cure  of    all '
baby   bumors.   8Sc.—47
There are people who never seem
to get a chance to do anything except tbe things they can't do
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
Style Is  no substitute fan   sterling   together by 'the sweat of bis brow
strength  .vn,0 [„ her I asked.   'Well,' replied
i niy friend, lhe candidate, 'be is knowu
Tbe soundness <>i a man's faith |(l i,|3 0Vi-n town us "Popshop Pi:.'.'
daia's not depond >ni Iho amount of koeiiuse he is a prosperous pawn
noise he makes broker.'"
I'm"  Lever's  Dry  Soap  fs   nowdsr)  ta ■
uMi    woolens    nnd   flannels,—you'll  like|
An na-t of heroism is but temporary, while nn net of charity is everlasting
A   tjiiriiil    i.'.-iii.at.
Queen Alexandra has n favorite tea-
j pot which Is often In use when the
I queen Is at Hniiilrlnghan).    it is ex*
! eeedlngly curious, very old nnd Is said
lo b" of priceless value. The teapot
I || In the Klinpe of n Mont Dutchman
1 sitting nstrlde a barrel of wine. The
old Dlan'l cop serves fur n Ud, and a
gold tup lets out the favorite 5 o'clock
Irate Patient—] want you to get out
, of   here  nnd   never  darken   iny  door
A little Sunlight Soap will dean' again,   if 1 had a si.u cat 1 wouldn't
cut  glass  and "other articles UnUI — ' "- :,;
Imperturbable Physician—Of coum
Sunlight: not.    You'd send lor my brother, tlu
they shine and sparkle
Soap will wash other things than | J
clothes.     ' 1 "        *s     ' of bis cflrtla,—Baltimore American
veterinary, who lives over on ihesti
est to the one I live 011.   Here's oue
Canadian Grown Oats
The Best that's to bo had.
in Onlivle Oats  you  have  a  Canadian Qrown   Cereal, I
ourehasetl hv our  experienced    army   ol  buyers  distributed  throughout  thu  country,   securing  absolutely     the
After its purchase lt ls subjected to a thoromrh cleaning process hy the most modern Improved machinery
that not only removes everv particle of dust, but re-
leclH   everv   kcrnol of  light, lint or Imperfect  craln.
Onlivle oats are then pan-roasted, t'i. iiur thein that.
del ia.ln nil nn tt v- flavor and yet ii'tuiiiiin* ull the richness
und  delicacy of tho oats.
In Ocilvie Oats you have a breakfast cereal that Is as
near perfection as  it   is   possible   to   attain.
Do not let vour erocor put you oil with any other
mnke—he wouldn't do it for YOUR (100D. Insist on
The Choicest of oil Rolled Oats.
iTheOdLViE Flour Mills COaLtd
Uf "
Jtsk for
$oecHh's jS.
"■■■"■■ JpoeQ-Ifn $ TjnJ!!ys Reliable.
eliabte. \
of Red
Cures Coughs
GRAY'S SYRUP does thst one thinfc
ond does it well. It's no "cure-all," but
o CURE for all throat and lung troubles.
GUM stops the irritating tickle — takes
away the soreness—sooths and heals the
throat —and CURES COUGHS to stay
None the less effective becanst it Is
pleasant to take.
25 cts. bottle.
Aro   Vou   Building ***"      If  so,   uss
The Qost   Building  Paper Made,
It Is very much stronger nnd thicker than any otlier (tarred or building) paper. It is Impervious to wind, keeps out cold, keeps Ui heat, carries no smell or odor, ahsorlas no moisture, Imparts no tasto or tliivor to
anything niih which it comes in contact. It ls Inreely used not only lor
eheetinn bouses, !,ut fur lining cold staainee buildines, refrigerators, dairies, crcr.meriea. and all places where the object is to keep an eveo aud
uniform   temperature,   and  at  tbe same time avoiding dampness.
Writo our Agents, TEES A PERS8E, Winnipeg, for sample*.
The E. B. EDDY CO., Limited, HULL.
Naggsby—Aren't thoso baggagemen
destructive     cusses?       Waggsby—1
should nny so. Thoy trout, a trunk
as if it tvora n promise, and thej.
were the Sultan ol Turkey.—Baltimore American.
There never was and never will I,* a
universal ijaiiiuea. in one remedy, for all
dls to which tlcsb is heir—the very na
ture of uiniiv curatives beine (>ui li thai
vjore the geiu.s of other and dlttanm***
Mated diseases rooted in the system iit
(be patient—what would relieve one 11'
In turn would airirravute the other \Vt
hnve bowever, in Quinine Wine, whei
obtuhiHlak' in faii'ind. unuilulwruli'd stats
« remedy lur many and crrievous ills It.
ila gradual .-n*i luilicious use the frail**st
systems are led into convalescence anu
jtraoRth by the Influence which Quinlm
exerts on nature's own restoratives. I
Cgflieves 'the drooping spirits of thnm
tutti whom a chronic Btate of ni.irhia
afespon.li'iir.v and h.rk of inter.'*-t in Uts
M h disease, and hv tranqulllzlng t*n
naves, disposes to sound and refreshint
iloep—imparts vigor to the action of thi
olood. wliia'h, beinir stimulated, covrse*
thranigh the veins, strenu'iiirnini; the
-lenll.hy animal functions of tli* system
(hereby making activity a ueoeeeary re
nrit, strengthening the frame and givtan
lie to the digestive organs, which until
ibiIIv demand Increased substance—result
Improved  auoetite.   Northrop  &  Lomon
if Toronto, have civen tO the nul-ti-
•.hrtr Superior Quinine Wine at ih.> nave
•»te and, guaged hv the opinions 0
ifU'iatlsls. the wine nifltaroaclii'S nearest
.lerlection of nnv In the market At
IrUgglStl  sell   it.
Somo enthusiastic nuloinobilists iu
Pmirt nn- having their citrs built
large enough t*i accommodate ta-n
passongers In luxurious appointment thoy remind Americans of Pullman .•.iiliu-'f: can.
Bettor  without   a   Stomach
thun with one that's got a constant
"hurt" to It. Pr. Von Stnn's I'ine-
n|ipie Tablets stimulate the digestive
organs. Let one enjoy tbo good
IhiriKs of life nnd leave no bnd effects
—curry theni with you in your vest
pocket—60 in u box, 7,$ cents.—48
A luxury is BOtnolhlnfJ that only 11
lucky man can aHonl,
Hinard's Liuiment Cares Colds, eU.
Much starch is made from German
potatoes, and last yeur Ureal Britain
Imported 28.827 tuns ol Qoritm |n>-
tnio starch.
Thsre are rases a-ai consuiuullou so
advanced Unit Dickie's Antl-Consumnt
Svrup win 11 a' .ure. hut none so 1
tinai ii will n"t give relief. For cous
colds nnd nil altsctlnns of the ihrn
luncs nnd ihest, it is 11 specific "li
never been known to hail it promo
a free and sasv expectoration, ihei.
removing the phlegm, nmi gives ihe ii
ee^i'd   UiirlH   a  anniiifl.'   l«.   h.'ul
Character mny be sold, bul  ii can-
not   In* bought
Some   people   fi'in   to   try   lest   tin".
should succeed
Rome bas a   water supply of    200
000,000 gallons a day,  London   only
only l6o,000,000, nnd l'nris 90.OOO.OOO.
Much   tune  and   attention   were expended
in the experimenting with the iiiL'realiouis
Hint enter into the composition of l'ar
melee's Vegetable pills before thev wern
brought to tin1 state lu which thev were
first offered to the public. Whatever
oilier pills may be, Parmelee'a Veuetable
Pills are the result of much expert study
uud all persons suffering from dyspepsia
or disordered liver and kidneys mav confidently accept them ns being what tbej
are represented  to be.
Londoners    spend  about   i:6.8<x>
day 0.1 cub hire.
ia GOOD—When spoiled externilly hv
brisk rubbing, Dr, Thomas' ESclectrie Oil
openn tha pores and penetrates the tissue
as f."*' liniments do, touching ihe seat
of the trouble ami Immediately affording
relief. Administered Internally It will
still the irritation in the throut vhlcb
induces coughinir nnd will cure affectio'is
of the bronchial tubes and respiratory
urirans      Try  it  and  be convinced,
If you do not give your rich****,
wings for good works they will lake
a.i themselves wings for good nnd nil.
Tha Presldeat a Slave to
Catarrha--'•■ 'r   sample resident   pi
Sample's Instalment Company. Washlnc-
ton. Pa., writes : "For vears 1 was afflicted with Chronic Catarrh. Remedies
and treatment bv specialists only aavs
mo temporary relief until I was induced
to use Pr. Agaew'S Catarrhal Powder
lt gave  almost   instant   relief.   SO  cents
They who laugh ot another's die
tress hnvo no ability to share mi-
other's joy 	
Stat* of Ohio. City of Tolcilo,
Lucas Comily. ...
FRANK J. CHBNKI makfls onth lhat h« 1»
••nlor pairtner ef the firm of F. J. C1IENET
Co., fllolnff buslneias In the cily of Tole.1o.
County and State afnit-salal, saiBal thnt snM Arm
will pay iho sum ot ONI HOMDRHD Dm.-
laARi for each anil every ease of CATARRH
that ennnot be ran-ed by the une of HALL'S
Sworn to bff.-.re me nnat ^nb^crlhed In my
DrfB.cncc, this «th fliy i.f DscsmbCT, A. D. UN,
(Peal) A. W. Ot.NASON,
Nolan, rubiie.
Hall's fntnrrh Cue Is taken Int.Tnnlly. snd
»cls directly on the bloaaal and mueoOS surfactt
•f the system.   Bend tor testimonials, free.
F   J   CHBNBT .4 CO., Toledo. O
Pnl.l by nil druggists, TT.a-
Hall's Family Tills an. the beet.
No man moves this world until in
is profoundly moved lilnuicli
ninard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Peoplo who borrow trouble aro ni-
«nys  reutly  ti-i  lend   n.lvif.'
Binard's Linimeut Cures Garget ia Cowl
Tlte .h'vil ui'.'ds in da nothing i'"
lhe man  who  Ims  nothing  lo <1<»
M\/. IM.  U. No. -&6"
^.-.. '*-——■* ■— ^-.■
...„..-.. :       «*-«-,«*	 THK DRILL, SLOGAN, il. C, JANUARY 8, 1MM.
JC. E. Skitui-sisgale, Editor and Prop.
SLOCAN,      -      .^      -       -      B.C*
Legal Advertising 10 cents aline for
-.the first insertion snd 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, %1 each.
Transient advertisements st same rntes
as legal advertitjihi;.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
iar each insertion.
Commercial Hates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, st.ict-
ly in advance; (2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Sloean, B. C.
FRIDAY, JANUARY 8th, 1004.
Yes, times nre quiet and business is
slack; but what is the use of whining
about that. Pessimism iloes -not improve matter, while optimism will aid
Premier Boss of Ontario, says the
Ottawa Fret- Press, a leading Grit organ, stands discredited in the eves of
the people. There has been no doubt
pu that score for some timo past.
Andrew Pattullo, Liberal member
for North Oxford in the Ontario legislature) suicided in London, Eng., last
week. Tin* fates aro truly against
Premier Ross, as his majority has
^dwindled to a whisper.
It looks as if the much-vaunted Provincial Mining Association had about
run its race. The const organizations
are manifesting much dissatisfaction
und there is a lack of interest iu all
sections. The expense account.wliicli
is excessively high, i.s the cause.
Many Conservatives will learn with
regret that Sir Hibbert Tupper has
declined all nominations for the Dominion house, either from the east or
west. He is not averse, however, to
participating in British Columbia local politics, provided the party deems
his services necessary.
It has beeu decided by the executive
committee of the provincial Conservative association to hold a general convention at Victoria next month. Arrangements will lx* made for the
prosecution of a vigorous campaign
for the approaching Dominion elections, candidates being nominated in
each electoral ilistrict. Conservatives
are determined to win.
(ight and the utmost confidence is felt
in tho outcome. W. A. Galliher, M.
P., will probably l>e the Liberal nom
Inee, and it is felt certain the Socialists will also nominate a candidate.
In that event the latter would cut in
on the Liberal vote, making the Conservative chances all the brighter.
With a strong candidate and a progressive policy, the Conservatives
should win in a gallop.
It is no mere idle platitude to say
that Kootenaj will suffer a great loss
when John Houston leaves Nelson,
which event wi'l shortly happen.
John has boen the most forceful character in public life in southern Koote-
nny since the earliest days, and lias
always had a good woitl to say for the
country, in season aud out of season.
Nelson has, in particular, felt the
power of his Influence, and that city's
proud position today is largely owing
to his support and care. John has
made scores of enemies, but lie has
made more friends, particularly willi
those who wear the jeans. At this
time, however, all classes are willing
to pay tribute to his genius, ability
and determination, and sincere regret
is felt at Ids contemplated departure.
Tis the irony of fate, too, that the
man is leaving his town and the country lie helped to make mighty poor;
and. the more so. that he should have
to go out iii (lie world at llis age to
earn a livelihood, Others have waxed
rich through .lohn,but not be himself.
Nelson will lose a staunch friend,
Kootenay a consistent .supporter, and
British Columbia a loyal citizen.
(i.mmI luck to you, John,wherever you
The Conservative convention at Nelson on Wednesday wns till Hint nny
party enthusiast mighl expect, there
being a splendid attendance of dele
gatesfrotn all parts of the Kootenay
riding and the enthusiasm was intense,
the feeling prevailing that victory
would rest with tlie cause at the ap-
proaching Dominion elections. Hon.
Charles Mackintosh, of Rossland, was
the popular choice for nominee, and
he will prove acceptable to every Cun
servative in (he riding.    His past lag
islative experience and his general
popularity make him a particularly
strong candidate, tlie Liberals tliem
selves admitting that  tliey have their
work cut out t.i defeat him.   Ft now
ii'inains for the party followers lo perfect their organization throughout the
electoral district, and get every vet.
under control.    The  Conservatives
have   the   advantage   iu the coiniug
Pay up your subscription.
A. R, Bolderston is now in charge
of the poslollit-e.
Kossland claims to have a population of over 0000.
The coldest snap in 30 years has
been prevailing in the east.
Next Monday is nomination day.
Get your favorites into line.
New Year's day was spent in general house to house visitation.
A carload of Hewett ore was brought
down on the boat Wednesday.
. The public school re-opened on
Monday, with a good attendance of
More trouble is threatened, as the
editors of the interior ate to meet nt
Nolson tomorrow.
Fred Cooper came in from Vernon
Saturday and is now in charge at
Shatford & Co.'s store.
Mrs Bennett, accompanied by Mrs.
Boie and young son, went to Rosslaud
on Friday, to visit relatives.
Hon. R. F. Gre-?n was tendered a
complimentary banquet by the citizens of Kaslo ou Monday evening.
The New Denver Ledge has been
reduced in size to a short five-column
sheet, owing to lack of local support.
Thos. Craighead returned here last
week from the coast anil then departed
for Midland, Out. He will have company back.
Sheriff Tuck came up from Nelson
last Friday ou business. The whole
town quaked and trembled all the
time he was here.
Tht* Nelson News got out a very
creditable number on New Year's day.
giving a write-up of mining operations
in the various camps for the year.
Hon. James Sutherland, minister of
public works, announces that Port
Simpson will be the western terminus
of the Grand Trunk Pacific road.
No'po-tors or handbills depicting
scenes of violence or crime will iu future be permitted to be displayed in
Canada, under a penalty of a $200
The Liberals of th.' city will most
in D. .S. McVannel's office this evening, for tin' purpose of selecting delegates to attend the party convention
at Nelson on Tuesday next,
13. A. Shatford left on Tuesday on a
trip supposedly to tin; east but really
to Seattle, on presumably matrimonial
intents. He had been considerably
agitated of late and his friends were
becoming alarmed. .Strong hope* are
held out of a speedy recovery.
IH'IiLir NOTICE ia* hereby Kivon ft> the Elector! nf tha. .\liink'i|iality of tin* t'ity nf Slu-
cnii, tluit 1 require tho presence of iho snid
Electors at t|u* ('ily Hull, Slocnn, on tin'llth
alay of January, 1904, from tho haanr of 12 o'olocil
noon, till *J [a.in., faar tin* purpose of Swot iiitf iaaT-
iodi ia represent them in th.' Municipal Council
a- Mayor and Aldermen; snd nlso two persons
tn represent tbem on tin1 Board of School Trus-
ti*«s of Blocan,
The mode of nomination .if candidstei shall
l>o av folloWll
The candidates shall be nominated In writing!
Ilia- writ ilia: -hull Ian suliscrilii'.l hy two voters aaf
tin' Maiiiia iiaaiity a- proposer Hinl* Mconder, sn I
■hall be delivered to tin* Rotarnlns Officers!
sny Ume between tha data of tlm notice and 2
p.in. of the .lay aaf nomination:
Ami in Una erenl of n ,,,,-1 iiainif necessary,
-iifl-li poll will ho aB|afn nn tin* llth day of January, 1.I'll, nt Mild building, nf whloh sverybod)
lihoreby required t < > take notice end govern
liimself accordingly.
Tin- persons qualified to bo nominated for ami
■looted Miyaii-aaf diicIi City at tbe isldelscUon
• hall be such persons si sri mala llritish sub*
jvt« of t'i'* full ago oft went r*one years, uml an'
not disqualified under any law, anal
(a.i Have been for thesis) montbi net) pro-
ceding tho day of inaiiiiiaavtoii tlm regffttered
owner in ihr I. aal Registry Offlceofland .*r
real property in thai i.yaaf tin. aaManed rnltin,
mi the last municipal nnesimenl roll, aaf ,*ii> 0,
aai more, over snd nhnvia anv Fetffntoi-M Incum*
bronco m charge, ami ulna un otherwisequail*
Haul as municipal viators.
Tlio persons qualified to Ik* nominated for ami
olected Aldermen of such City at tbo laldolee*
tion sball be .sueh persons sa ar.* male British
mbJocU of tin- fiilliu;n of twenty-one rars, uml
nro mat disqualified under any law, uml
(b.) Have boen for tlis lis months nest preceding Un' alay iaf nomination tin* roglslorod
owner Is tha Land Registry Offlco of land oi
real property in the City of ihe assessed folun,
a aii i iaa» last municipal snossment roll, of ♦sou,
or more, ovor and .'iIhbvb. any aroglHteroil lucum*
iirani'i' or charge, and who ar«. otherwise dull
qualified as in jinicipal voters.
The persons qualified t»> ha* nominated for and
elected School  Trustees of inch  City shall  he
'•iich persons as aro householder! snd bavstheli
names rogUterod as rotors on the voIits' li.i aaf
thi Uunlclpallt) of tlie City of Slocan.
Given under my hand and goal at tho Clt) iaf
Bloci i. i!ai  28th ala... a.r I onibir, A.M. 1003,
Returning Officer
Flour has gone up 20 cents on the
Bob Webster left for the Greenwood
camp on Monday.
The provincial legislature resumes
its sessions next week.
Wm. Duvidson, M.L.A., visited his
constituents here on Monday.
The new year was ushered in with
all kinds of noise and u general jubilation.
Three eases from Slocan will oome
liefore the county court at Nelson on
Next Tuesday the Lilierals of Kootenay will meet at Nelson to solect a
Deputy Sheriff Robinson, Kossland,
has been Riven his walking ticket. Too
much politics.
The Foresters' dance at New Denver, on New Year's eve, was uot a financial success.
Mrs. Thomas Wilson went over to
Phoenix this week to visit her daughter, Mrs. Marks.
D. D. Robertson shipped his goods
to Kamloops on Tuesday. He follows
during the week.
The local mill people are kept busy
shipping lumber from their yards at
the head of the lake.
•W. A. Galliher,M.P.,passed through
to Sandon on Tuesday, to attend a
meeting of the mineowners.
Tug Hal vs was destroyed by fire at
the mouth of the west arm of Koote-
enay lake on Sundav, causing a loss
of S-liiOO.
G, W. McBride has been appointed
receiver for H. Byers & Co., at the
instance of Jas. Vallance, one of the
Another fine timber limit has been
secured by the local mill company on
the west side of tho lake, opposite
A letter received here from the east
states that the Ontario-Slocan Lumber
Co. have let tlis contract for their big
sawmill here. Actions speak louder
than words.
Slocan had two candidates writing
at the recent high school examinations
in Nelson. Kathleen Bentley was
successful, with <il(! marks, lieing
second on the list.
Aliout one half of the inhabitants of
the town are going to Nelson tomorrow to attend county court, which
opens there on Monday.
Local Socialists ure getting in Hue
and will support a candidate to be
brought out to contest Kootenay in
the Dominion elections.
Tisilber Notice*
NOTICE is hereby given that, 80 days
from date, I intend ti> apply t>» the Hon,
tin. Chief Commissioner ol Lands uml
Works nt Victoria, B.C., for n (|K8uial
license to cut am! carrvawav timber from
tbe following doscrim'd lands: Commencing nt -a postmarked "I>. St. Denis'
N.I". corner," said post being planted on
tha wi'*.! side of Blocan lake, aliout <>0
clinins from Alexander McKay's s.iutli-
wv»t coiner, iu it westerly iiiied'um;
thonce south 80 chains; thenco west 80
chains; thence north 80 chains'; (hence
pun SO chains, to place of commencement, containing 640 acn."1
Dated at Slocan, ll.C, this "0'h dav of
December, 1908.
WE, ths UOdtnlgned, thirty dug nfti*r .Into,
intiMitl   t.i  i.|i|fll.v  ti.  llis  Chirr Caanunis-
■lonor of Lands A Worlca. at Victoria, for »ii«-
fliul llcoosos m cut nmi carry awa*/1 iniiaa»r from
tin* Following dsapribatd tract*, of land, iltiiated
.an Mosquito er*sk, in Wool lukflinii.'iy Districti
I'ii -.1 I.octal iaau.
l'fllllll,l"'licilltf   ,'.t    11    [Hast   fan    tlm WOSt -ill", (if
Mosquito cress, rannlnoW chains south; i'hiicc
NOchninsweetithence U chains north;thence
**u chains oeata, to pi *ini of commoncomonta
Located Nnv. IB, lira.
Second Lnmiion.
Commanding st s i«a>i adjoining f!r-t location
onnorthnnsl corner, running80 clialm north;
ihaMia'ia MflOiai'i'; i'ii .1:  tha'tire SO Chain*, -rnitli:
thence SOolialai west, to point of oomnmee-
taocated Nov. IB, 1808.
Third Location.
Commanding al n pia*.! plant ml nn northwest
.•'antra* nf soc. 11 I', ition, runnlnf HO opsins
north i thonce SO chain* oairti thence 80 rpnina
south; thonceiiO chains west, to point ,.r ,-t i,n-
Locate IfNov. IB, 1"> ,r*.
|.-cfltrlli   l.iflriitlnil.
Commencing nt s post ptnnti I nl mthwosi
enrnor aal third location, runningSOclinln* we-i:
thence60chnlssnorth) thonce HO chainsonitj
tlience SO chains south, to point of oommeneo-
Located, Nov, 10, 1009,
Fifth   Locution.
Commencing at a posi planted on oast side of
Moaqulto creek, running vi cliniui west i tnonco
so chains north i thencs 80 olialns east: thence
W chains south, to point of commencement, ad
Joining M. Sopor's timber limit on tlio on t.
I'luil'i; snili.i
Located Nov. IB, 1008,
sink Eiooatlen,
Commencing al n   post plsnted on tlis soulli
,a-i ,-,.,,.,*.- iaf nni' location, running - BO
clmlu. i thencs south 80 i Iml i i tl    \.a  i *i
llian   : tlirim laairtll 80 a li.   a-, '.a | a.,: I (aain-
l.jr Tiiiii.. AliRir.i., Agent
Locnteai Nov.SO, ivn.
Appended is a complete list ol the var
ions records ref istered at the Ucal regis
try ofliee, H. P. Christio being mining-
Dec 30—Sumraer8eith, Dundee, Four
Friends, Dorris, Slocan Prince.
Representing tho strongest companies doing business in Canada.
See new accident tolict, frith par
ticlpation in profits, covering; sickness and ""pcratians.
II. D. CURTIS, Notary Pnblie
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Fresh Fruits of Every
Kind Arriving   Daily.
A full stock of the best
linos of cigars and tobaccos always kept on hand.
l'l I.«nv»»a»f llrond turf* I.
Foil Wright und Out'llty
Slocan, B. C.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why ba without a ran?* when
you cm cot one so cheap? Thr\
are preferrable to stoves and civc
better satisfaction. These range?
burn wood or coal and will be
set up lire.
Hate cf liiwiits,
IVrj-ni'iutli Mliia.il Claim.
Situnta in the Slocan City Mining Division of the WoFt Koott-miy District
Whcrs located:—On Printer creek,
a tributary of Ten Milr creek,
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. D. McC.re-
gor, acting as airent for John I.. Farwig.
free miners' certifleate No. I171R25, ami
C. E. Bmlthsringals, fn-o miner's csrtifl*
rate No.859997, Intend, P0 davi from iho
date hereof, to apply lo the Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvement,for
tho purpose of obtaining a Crown grant
of the al.fave claim..
And further tuke notice thnt action,
iimler section !)7, must he commenced
liefore the Issuance of inch certilicate of
Dated this 12th dav of November, 1808.
i:i-li-i)3 \V. D. McGREGOR
OrtUatter, HiiliUn I'lu.iiia anil llnulder
Mliarrtil flnltiii.
Situnte in the Slncnn  City Mining Division of the West Kootenny Ilistrict
IVliere located:—Between  the lirst
and second  north  forks of  Lemon
TAKK NOTICK that I, \Y.  D.  Mc-
(itegor, acting ni« agent for ('lias. Faas,
F.M.C. B67697, and Wm.  H. Crawford,
Free   Ulnar's Certificate  No. B57098,
i intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply t- the mining recorder for cat.
tiliiat»8 of Improvement! for the purpose of obtaining Crown grunts of the
above rUims.
Ami further take notice that sotion.
under section D7, must be commenced
liefore the issuance of lueh certificates of
Dated tbis I'Jtlnlav of November, 1003.
18*11 08 W. D. McGREGOR
Sll vi..' I.eaaf MliBi-iul I Iuiin.
Situate in tho Slocan CitV mining division of West Kootenay district. Where
located !—Splint er creek, south of Arlington mine.
TAKK NOTICF thnt 1. Herbert T,
Twlggi as ug.-iil (orfirorge D. Long, free
miners certificate No. B64448; N. s.
Tu.'ker.free miner's certificate No.B04448
Martin   Maurer, free  miner's certificate
No. B60739} and Erl Thompson, free
miner's certificate No, BQ000H, intend,
sixtv days from the date hereof, to
apply to tbo Mining Recorder (or»certifl*
caie of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a crown grant on the nbovt*
And further take notice that notion,
uii'ler section !!7, must be commenced
before ihe Issuance ol such certificate of
Dated Urn -1th dav of Dscemher.1901,
36*12*08, HERBERT T. TWIGG
8 A dvertise your %
r. Business
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
a mil
to all persistent and liberal advertisers: it is road
by everyone.
It guarantees
uAt All  Timesu
\N Subscribe for
local paper:
THE DRILL,  $2 per year
New Residence for Sale
One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud plastered, and is the best finished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden/ fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.       For terms
Apply at Drill Office
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
Gwiilim & Johnson,
11. C
! $250
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, hall
and wardrobe. For
other particularswrite
ims * -> ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*>♦ *>-♦♦-♦♦•♦ •>•>•*.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Win. .1. Amlrew», or to any perisn
or |icr«oiii to Whom ho mny I.ave traim-
ferred hia inteiest In the Black Diii-
nioml mineral claim,Bitiiuteil on Lemon
creek nmi recorded in the ReCOrdar'l
ofliee for iho Slocan I ity mining division.
Yon   are   herehv  notified   thnt   I,
Andrew PnvOlt, F.M.O No.l{(l'7l)7,have
caused to bs expsndod tlie sum ol two
hundred snd live dollnrs in labor
nnd Improvement! on the abovo men*
tii ned mineral claim, ill order to
hold laid claim under tho provisions ol
the Mineral Act; and if within 90dayi
(rom the date oi thle notice you fail, or
refuse, to contribute your proportion oi
such expenditure,together wilh nil costs
of advertising* your Interest In aaid
claim will become tho propeity of lha
subscriber, under section *i ol an Act
enlillcil "An Act to nnimi.l tha Mineral
Act, 1000."
Dated at Sloean,B.O.i this i-i day of
December, A.D. 1908.
HAT""K: Rigiilur tulvsoribors, gi   POJ mianlli
nrfio 11 yonr: Dflsn-tubMHbori (txcltulTenl
llltrljrikl lllt*llilllli.'ti i"J |-cr all!.*, PviVntS Waial.
*l H»r .liy enra. Bpocinl fiicilili«s for niulnri ■
ity casts.
For fnrtlur psrtloulsrs npply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
This Snap
THE DRILL hM mailenn
arrangement with tho Toronto Mull-Empire, so
thnt its weekly edition tnn.y lx-
elulilieil with the foreior.
Now subscribers, therefore,
may obtain tho Weekly Mnil-
Empire  abknowledged to Im.
one of the best papers in the
Dominion aid Slocan's leading journal, Tiik Drill, from
now till .Ian. I, IWi, for the
mim of $2.r)0. With tliis eicep-
tional offer will iMfgivon ns a
premium, a ix-autiftil arto-
Kiavure, untitled "The Victoria Cross." The picture depicts 11 scene in the late Boor
war, dene  in  ton colors, and
well worth framing. Sead In
your orders nt once to
The Drill, Slocan.


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