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The Slocan Drill 1903-04-17

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 ■'•'r,   li'l'lJOIVl
P«"ov. Library,
j m 1 03
fOL. IV., Ne* 3*
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   APRIL   IT,   1903.
fer year girl ? We hare them in lines
that are NEW AND NEAT. We ean
outfit yeur boy with a nice Suit of Clothes.
KV. T. Shatford & Co.
.. York <ft Sons,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
5L0CAN, B._C.
lis reached by any trail or road
[tissunt runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
f Thi* poptlar hotel ia convenient to the Itonts and trains.   The dinins room
I it strie-,1 y up-to-date while the bar it supplied wilh the best in the market
I? A TT"*'***? •   Travelling men. using Sample Rooms, $2 50 per d <v i
AniCo •    witlieBtSa»plcRooms,$2; l»<)art*$8per wt*ek;nie.'*ls"''i*
le opened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. ArtSbaar Street mo* Delaney Ivssia, Hassan.
Bulldtuf thoroughly renovated JAS. CROSS,
and re st eked with the hest Proprietor.
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handie the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Itepresentlng the strongest cem
Panics doing business in Canada.
Ske new accident roi.icT, with par
■•■".ptulon in prodts. •jr-Tei'lnr sickness and eperatiena.
U. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing: and Forwarding attended to at tha
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire at reasonable rates.
Stan City Mn' in,
No. 6a, W. F. of n.
Meets •▼ery   Saturday   etening
In the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Hew****
12.00 PER AKSJttJJ^
Ths Merchants Petition Far An Early
Closing Bylaw-Bills Presented and
Ordered 1'islsl Sohool Board Oats an
laareasa This Month.
The regular meeting of tho city
council was held on Monday evening,
April 13.
There were present Mayor York,
Aldermen Smith, McNeish, Teeter,
and Arnot.
The minutes of tho previous meeting were rend and confirmed.
A communication was read from
nine merchants of the city asking the
council to pass a bylaw re early closing. Tho matter was referred to the
City sSolicitor to st** if the council had
the power to pass such a bylaw.
The Finance Committee brought in
a report recommending the payment
of the following accounts :
R. A. Bradshaw, stationery,
$2.66: Wm. C. E. Koch, bill, U ; R.
I.  Bentley,  returning   officer,   810.
It was resolved that the report be
received and filed and vouchers be
drawn for the several amounts.
The pay roll of the citv amounting
to $l-»6.66 was also ordered paid.
The School Board asked for an additional grant of 525 to tho usual
grant of $150 per month, to meet the
uecessary expenses of repairing the
school during the holidays.
It was resolved that $175 be paid
to the sSchool Board for this month.
A bill from Mayor York for $150
for expenses connected with the transfer of lands to the O. S. Lumber Co.
was referred to the Finance  Conimit-
Notice was given by Aid. Smith
that at the next meeting of tho council he would introduce a into bylaw.
Re. waterworks from GsXit. civek.
Mnyor   York,   Aid. Arnot and Aid. I
Teeter form a committee to oblaiu ai
sample of water for analysis from the
site of the promised waterworks.
Council adjourni-d uutil Monday
evening, April 20.
At the fifth annual convention of
District Union Xo. (5. Western Fedet
ation of Miners, held at Nelson, resolution*, were passed condemning Jas.
Dunsiiiuii's action at the Ladysmith
and Comox collieries and heartily endorsing the U. B. R. E. in thoir
struggle with the C. P. R.
The officers elected for the year
were: President, P. R. McDonald.
Rossland ; vice president. H. Thomp-
son, Sandon ; secretary-treasurer, G.
Dougherty, Greeuwood.
A resolution was agreed to endorsing ex-president Dougherty's action
in obtaining the settlement of the
Fernie strike.
The delegates to the convention
represented 2,250 menilxsrs of the \V.
F. of M.
The next annual convention will be
held at Nelson.
need watching. They have a scheme
afoot now to get the old Six Mile
wagon road from Kootenay lake repaired, so as to head off the trade
with the claims at the head of Lemon
and Springer creeks. The idea is to
ro' i Slocan merchants of that territory,
something that should not be allowed.
The natural outlet of that country is
by way of Slocan valley and trade
must come this way. Slocan cannot
afford to lose it.
Tha City Coancll Will Now Have to Appoint A Has..
Apparently the qualified ratepayers
of Slocan are not anxious for the honor
attached to the position of Alderman.
The nominations held Wednesday to
fill the vacancy in the council board
caused by the resignation of Aid. McCallum were barren of results, no one
being willing to accept the office.
Since the above is the case it is
now-up to the city council to appoint
a man to fill the vacancy. There are
several in the city eligible for the position but they refuse to accept it.
In the event of the council being unable to make an appointment, the
mayor and five aldermen will have to
transact the city's business until the
regular annual election.
II 111 sb Practice.
Wedding Bells.
On Wednesday evening Rev. William Simons united in marriage Mr.
Bert O'Neail and Mrs. Covington at
the residence of the bride in this city.
Anthony Madden assisted the groom,
while Miss Winnie McMillian, sister
of the bride acted as bridesmaid.
Only a few of the intimate friends of
the contracting parties were present.
After the ceremony was performed
supper was served aud a pleasent
evening spent. Both parties ore well
known residents of Slocan, Mr.
O'Neail having lieen secretary of the
Miner.i' Union. Report has it that
this is the first of a series of weddings
thnt will take place in the next few
weeks, I'm* Dkii.l joiu-; their many
friends in wishing the happy couple
a happy and prosjienms journey
throug'i lifs'.
I'll   lis |ibs<-fl. Woods*!!   Ill islfJS's..
The C. P. R. have given contracts
for the construction of 240 steel
bridges to take the place of the old
woji-'ii st met ure i now in use on their
line to the Pacific coast. The bridges
will vary in length from 20 to 200
feet. The following companies have
secured contracts: Canaan Foundry
company, (i'.t; Dominion Bridge company, il"'.); Hamilton Bridge company, 11 ; and the King Bridge company, two.
Trae Blue ta Ile Said.
According to the Nelson News the
True Blue mine is to lie sold for $75,-
000 cash. This is the property ou
which the Hall Mines, Ltd. held a
bond which they threw up after doing considerable work. Then the
True Blue Mining Co. was formed to
work it and it hns been worked peri-
odiailly since. Now nn expert for a
New York syudicate has reported favorably on the propeity with the result abave stated.
Thc first shsxot of the Rifle Club
was   held   on   Good   Friday.     The
weather conditions wore not  very favorable   but   neverthless some good,
scores wero made.   A gold spoon wasi
put up to compete for.   Jim Cross of
the Koyal hotel carried off the prize |
with a score of 75.   The following  is
a suniinarv of the scores :
200   500   000   Total
Dick 24     19     20 till
Cross 28     26     22 75
Johnson 25     19     20 M
McMillian 2.1     22      7 52
McVicar 28     IH     19        t»")
Clements 14     21     14 49
Bean 24     20     20 M
To Succeed llr. Kesla.
The Miners' Union have engaged
Dr. Keith, of Cranbrook, to fill the
vacancy caused by the resignation of
Dr. Forin. He entered on his new
duties Tuesday. Dr. Keith is a gradu
ate of McGill "college. Montreal, anil
beforo coining to this country had
practiced for a number of years in
New Brunsrviek.
Pravlnclal Estimates.
The legislature, re-assembled after
the Easter holidays on Tuesday,
when the estimates for the ensuing
year wero presented. The revenue is
set nt 12,198,476.66, and the expenditures S2.491.1566.81. In the estimates
the Slocau Riding is nllotted SH.OOO
for roadi an«l traits, the same as Nelson. There is. howerer, a revote of
$2250 towards repairing the Lemon
creek road, which will lx* good news.
•Junker Baseball Tensu Organised,
A "junior baseball dub was organized last week with Ernest Nord as
manager and Billy Wilson, captain of
the team. The grounds were put in
shape and a practice held Saturday.
Hereafter practices will be held twice
each week. The boys are open to
meet all comers. First come, first
and surgeon, and in losing him the
hospital will lose a man whose equal
it will be hard to find. Before coining here he was in partnership with
Dr. LaBau of Nelson for a number of
years where they had an extensive
practise. Mrs. Forin will remain
here until the doctor is located, when
she will also leave for Edirtonton.
Their many friends in Nelson as woll
as here will join in wishing Dr: and
Mrs. Forin success in their new home.
On tha   Slocan   River  Read   Near   Winlaw's Siding.
Passengers to Nelson by last Thursday's train had anything but a pleasant experience, having been mixed up
in a pretty bad wreck. They were
detained there six aud one-half hours
and by the time they reached Nelson
were in shape to masticato the toughest product Pat Burns could produce.
The train was a heavy one, having
five cars of coke, besides the baggage
and passenger cars. A couple of
these were 40-tonners and their weight
proved too much for the track.
In rounding a curve the rails
spread, letting the four end cars of
the train down on to the ties, every
one of which were broken for 100 feet.
At the same time four lengths of rails
were forced over on their side, making
altogether a bad mess. It was fortunate the engineer was running slowly,
otherwise there would have been a different story to tell. Word of the
wreck was sent to the work gang at
Winlaw and they came to the rescue.
New track had to be laid and then
the cars were slipped on the rails
again, the train crew, with their Alexanders, doing the trick.
It is the fourth wreck occurring in
in that vicinity within two weeks and
they have cost the company some
money. The road bed is in very bad
shape, there being but scant liallast-
ing, and the ties rotten aud insecure.
The heavy coke traffic of the past two
months, together with the effects of
the usual spring weather proving too
much for the road and makes- travel
somewhat exciting.
On' te Copper Riser.
L. A. Thurston, who has been connected with mining in this district for;
several years left yesterday for the
Copper river country, Alaska. Mr.
Thurston has an option on some cop
per properties in tho northern country
nnd ne is going there to see if they
are as represented.
Accident at llonnlnsjtaa.
A. Kumpe, engineer at  the  West
Kootenay Power & Light Oo. at Bon
nington Falls was found lying beside
the big Kwitchlxiard in an unconscious
condition, the result of a severe shock.
He will probably recover.
Want te Corral Local Trade.
Nelson merchants are atnbitioiiR, to
suy the least, but In their ambition
Bfleod Report From Springer Creak.
The Myrtle on Springer creek is
said to lx- looking well, it having been
worked all winter by the owners.
Up to the present time aliout four
cars of high grade ore has been taken
out. A deal is likely to lie made by
which New York capitalists will acquire the property.
Serious Shooting at Vnncoaver.
Frank Rogers, a prominent labor
mau, of Vancouver was seriously
wounded. Rogers, in company with
two other men was walking on Stim-
son's wharf when a ntimlier a shots
were fired at them, one of tho bullets
taking effect in Rogers' body.
(loan To Kslnioutois.
Dr. Forin, for two years the doctor
of the Miners' Union hospital here,
has -resigned his position and left on
Tuesday morning's Is-oat for Edmonton where he will practice in the future. The doctor is a skilled physician
Under Now Manstgement.
The Arlington hots!.- -conducted, by
Gethiug aSt Henderson has been taken
over by Knowles & Patrequiu, formerly of Silverton. The new proprietors are well known in the Slocau and
should score a decided success in their
new quarters. The building is being
thoroughly renovated and everything
put iii lirst class shape. As in the
past the bar will always be supplied
with the liest wines, liquors and cigars
that can be obtained. The travelling
public especially will find the Arlington all tbat could lie. desired. It is
co lvenient to the steamboat wharf
and railway station, and the dining
room will be found to have few if any
equals in the country.
The Coast-Keetenay Railway.
A dispatch from Ottawa says a British Columbia deputation waited on
Hon. A. G. Blair, Minister of Rail
ways to urge the granting of a subsidy to the Coast-Kootenay Railway
Co., the principal promoters of which
are McLean Bros., of Vancouver. The
minister listened to the representations made and the arguments advanced and said he would consider
the matter.
Meline rj- to Re Esslni-grd.
The Trail smelter will increase its
refinery lo a capacity sufficient to
handle the entire output of the country, whatever this may lie. Arrangements are also lieing made to install a
plant to treat the slimes remaining
after the metallic lead is secured.
These slimes carry gold and silver in
solution, nud nfter treatment the two
precious metals are recovered iu pure
Ia a Serious Constltlaa.
Sir Oliver. Mowat, lieutennnt-gov-
ernor of Ontario, who was unable to
open the Ontario legislature owing to
ill-health, has met with an accident,
which together with his illness, may
prove fatal. While retiring Monday
night he fell and broke his thigh. At
last accounts he was in a critical condition.
Going Into The Lumber Business.
The Active Gold Mining Company,
operating the Union Jack group in
the Ymir district have acquired a
timber limit near the property. A
plant has lieen ordered, including a
shingle mill of a daily capacity "of 60,-
000. They expect to make enough
profit from the lumbering venture to
pay for the complete development of
the mine. ..
Lilians- Trouble Enquiry.
Chief Justice Hunter and Rev. Elliot Rowe,Victoria,have lx*ou appointed
by the Dominion government as coln-
Osiuionera to enquire into the labor
troubles in British Columbia. They
will deal particularly with the trouble
at the Extension and Comox collieries,
owned by Jas. Duustnuir, nnd the
strike of the U. B* R- E,
I.ast Year's Shipments Were S33S Tons—
A Healthy Evidence of the Life and
Wealth of the Camp-Enterprise th*
Blgsest Shipper,
For 1902 the oro shipments from
the local division aniotmted to 6333
tons, made up from' 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Black Prince....
.   145
The Bondholder made a small shipment this week.
The Rambler-Cariboo is installing
an air compressor.
Work is to lie started at the Wakefield at a very early date.
Shipments of ore are to be resumed
from the Fisher Maiden.    .
Zinc oro from the Bosunls now being sent to the Trail smelter.
The Fern mine at Hall's Siding has
resumed shipments to T*elson.
By June 1 the Payne expects to
have its zinc roaster in operation.
The Oyster-Criterion group in the
Lardeau will erect a tramway this
Rich ore ie being shipped from tho
Ivanhoe, samples running as- high as
2500 ozs.
The Kootenay mine at Rossland
has contracted to ship 50 tons daily
to the Trail smelter.
- Tho Granby Consolidated has installed a first-class machine shop at
its mins* at Phoonix,-
, ^rajs n-pw.900 tb»s.oi .Sil*-*-tr Cup
und^ettiS L. are at Tro-tft haW- City
awaiting transportation.
Returns from ore shipped from the.
Velvet mine, Rossland, from Jan. 1 to
March 25, were *30,3S9.91.
Silverton folk expect to see evidences of the construction of the
Hewett mill in a couple of weeks.
But 66 tons of ore was shipped
from the Sandon camp last week, the
Payne and Ivanhoe having the credit.
W. B. Pool, of Ferguson, has taken
a bond on the Homestake, Idaho and
Detroit properties on Pool creek, in
the Lardeau.
Placer mining is expected to be active this year in East Kootenay. A
number of locations have been made
on Bull river.
One of the 700-horse power motors
for running the 60-drill compressor
at the Granby mines has arrived and
is being installed.
The lessees of the Meteor ou
Springer creek will break the trail
through and bring down the lialauce
of their ore next weok.
The Granby smeiter at Grand
Forks will conimonce the work of in-
installing two extra furnaces ou May
1, making six iu all.
Four mon havi* lieen laid off at the
Ottawa owing to the mitie getting wet
and the difficulty encountered in getting tho ore down from the mine.
James Cronin, manager of the St.
Eugene mine in Enst Kootenny, snys
the mine will not be operated unless
the government gives tariff protection.
The affairs of the Metropolitan Mining Company who have been operating the famous Triune mine in the
Lardeau has passed under new management.
Arrangements have lieen made by
the Trail smelter for a supply of coke
from tho Crow's Nest sufficient to
keep three furnaces running steadily
for a long timo.
John Houston says the government
assessment act, compelling crown
granted mineral claims to pay 50
cents an acre taxes, will not pass.
That settles it.
. The property of the Cherry Creek
Gold Mining 'Co. iu Fire \ alley is
said to lie turning out good.- The
tunnel is in 150 feet and tho ore runs
from $20 to $600 per ton.
Yielding to pressure the the government has decided not to increase tho
taj.es on crown granted mineral olaims
and to postpone the snleof rjelinqiieut
claims, advertised some thin1 ago.   . -\
The Payne is meeting with moriQ
good lifck with its "ore in the Tower
workings, ruby siWerhfiriiig raaflolt*"
appearance itv*.tht'jminei'ti,l., Itoequalf
in grade the famous WOO product, WI
CepytiRht, 1901, by-ChwlesW. Hooke.   y
s**1!"*.*'! *f i,**fv'bf,tv'!'*ev*r*f,4,V'l^*s*'e'rsJ,I,**f
Alden was standing by a barred window looking out into a narrow, dark
court, wltb a dead wnll on the opposite side. There wss nothing to attract a rational man's eye, but Alden
continued to stare even after Machine
and tbe lawyer entered the room. He
turned, however, when Captain Neale
greeted tbe two men by name. At the
sii;'it of Alden's face Maclane, wbo
v. ac.anclng toward blm, stopped
short It Is not the barrier between
tbem which keeps ths spectator In tbe
menagerie from Intruding upon the
privacy of the caged tiger; it ls tbe
look In the creature's eye.
"Good evening, sir," Bald Alden
quietly. "I am surprised to see you
Mnclane started at the sound of the
Tolce; It wss so different from what he
"My daughter told me there was
some sort of trouble," be began.
"It was Tery kind of her," said Alden.
"You probably beard that Mr. Alden
was under arrest," said tbe captain.
"That Isn't so. He's held ss a witness.
There's no charge sgalnst him. He
snd I bad a little disagreement about
what was tbs right thing for blm to do.
You see, be doesn't understand my position. I'm held accountable ln those
esses. But I don't want to make no
trouble for no man," be went on, with
that profusion of negatives which is
often an ornament of bis language lu
moments of earnestness, "and If 1
could see a decent way of letting him
go without getting myself Into trouble,
why, I'd be glad to oblige him and bis
"Permit mo to consider the legal aspect of the case," said tbe lawyer, sitting npon a corner ef the table tbat
was In the middle of tbe room and facing Neale, while tbo others were behind him.
There was silence of balf a minute,
and tben the lawyer got upon bts feet
"It seems to be perfectly simple," he
said st last
"If you say so, tbst settles It," replies! Neale, rising and walking toward
the door. "Sorry to bave troubled you,
Mr. Alden.   Good night."
And be bowed as the three men
walked out, Maclane weak and trembling with excitement, Alden perfectly
mechanical. As they passed the sergeant's desk the Iswyer discovered
that he had left his cane tn the captain's room, snd he returned. He was
absent about five minutes, at the exaltation of which time he Joined Maclane
upon ths sidewalk Alden wus not
"He has gone to the hospital tn onr
cab," said Maclane. "The man ia ln a
trance. He scarcely spoke ten words.
What detained you?"
"The captain was showing me s
present thst hs bad Just bought for bis
little boy," replied the lawyer. "It's
one of those Iron hanks. 'That'll make
him thrifty, like bis father,' said the
captain. So, to eueournge the child,"
sinking his voice to a whisper, "I put
1300 into the bank while tbe captain
was looking out of the window. Perhaps you didn't notice that I counted
some of my Angers as I sat on the corner of the table; not so many as I had
expected, but Neale was really glHd to
get rid of him. It's the easy way all
"Only S3001" exclaimed Maclane.
"Well, that tco." easy."
N the wny to St Winifred's with Brenda
Mr. Barnes and Mr.
Haggerty exerted
themselves to be entertaining. By way
of opening a conversation and showing
that personal Interest which a lady always sppreclates Mr. Barnes mentioned the singular circumstance that hs
happened to know a mau who had seen
Miss Maclane that afternoon. Uo wondered whether Miss Maclane could
guess where lt was that this man had
seeu her. Upon Uremia's acknowledging that she wus unable to solve this
riddle Mr. Barnes kindly gave her a
"If you could remember whore yoa.
Yere at precisely ten minutes to 3," he
said, "wby, that would settle It"
Brends smiled at the great astuteness of Mr. Barnes, but she declined to
be led Into a review of her movements
tbat afternoon. Mr. Haggerty then
struck Into the conversation with tbe
remark that It was curious bow people
Could forget where they had been, and
he instanced the case of a young lady
wbo bad lost sn excellent alibi lu a
criminal affair through tho error of not
taking the police Into her confidence
at an early stage of the proceedings,
whilst tbe facts were fresh In her mind.
Brenda suggested that perhaps the
Indy did not fully trust the police,
whereupon Mr. Barnes asserted warmly that that was the greatest mistake
■jossllilo to a human being. .
"Always trust tbe police," be snld.
"Guilty or innocent It's tbe only thing
to do."
At the hospital tt became Immediately evident that Barnes and Haggerty bar' encountered a mysterious nnd
formidable obstuele. Tbey were about
to accompany Brenda Into tbo reception room, and she bad begun to fear
that they might never leave her while
she remained ln the building, but for
tome Inscrutable reason they vanished,
and Uremia's last glimpse showed
them obviously crestfallen.
She had been somewhat lightened In
spirits by the absurd comedy plnyed
by these dull wltted men. It had ended, bowever, and the renl significance
of the drama again asserted Itself.
The reception room of St. Winifred's
Is lofty and bare, and there was a chill
air ln It even on that sultry June evening. Brenda observed that the place
Inspired her two companions with a
vague terror. The maid was seized
wltb a visible trembling, and the stalwart James shifted bis heavily shod
feet upon tho floor, arousing singularly loud echoes that seemed to affect
him unpleasantly.
The attendant who had shown them
in returned after some minutes' absence with two men, one of whom
Brenda had seen in the hall as they entered. He was the typical hospital phy-
"iliss MocUinel" she cried in a weak
slclsn of the popular conception. Brenda noted only that he wore spectacles
and that bis upper lip was very thin
and rigid. In his companion Brenda
was rejoiced to recognize a young doctor of ber acquaintance. Sumner Kendall. She advanced hastily, with extended hand.
"Dr. Kendall," she exclaimed, "I had
no idea you were connected with St
Winifred's. I hnve come to see Miss
Miller. Is she conscious? What has
she said?"
Tbe physician seemed to be laboring
under considerable embarrassment He
took Brendit's hand wltb a quick, nervous movement, and he clasped It harder than tbe forms of polite society permit But hs did not meet ths young
lady's eye.
"Onr patient Is conscious," he said.
"She has an excellent chance of recovery. Indeed under ordinary circumstances there would be small cause for
alarm. To our great surprise, we find
that she does not know who Inflicted
the wound. It may be only a lapse of
memory due to shuck, but I myself fear
That she wilt never bs able to answer
the question."*
"sSlie does not know?" echoed Brenda.
"You must understand," said Kendall, "tbat the assailant stood behind
her. He, whoever it may have been, ls
supposed to have entered the room
while Miss Miller was out on the balcony. I bate bad tbe place accurately
described to me. In the corner of (lie
room near tbe eastern window there ls
quite a large closet Perhaps you noticed It"
Brenda Inclined ber head.
"The assassin may have hidden himself there," Kendall continued. "Miss
Miller remembers stepping luto the
room through that eastern wtxdow,
and she knows nothing of what hap
pened hetween that moment nnd the
time of her awakening here."
"She will live," said Brenda. "She
will remember some day."
"Sho can never remember wbat she
did not observe," replied Kendall. "It
mny be that she neither saw apt heard
the assassin. As to tbe wound, I hardly know what to say. Tbe knife entered between the lirst and second ribs
nnd passed downward very close to tho
body wall. Ordinarily It would be almost Impossible to Inflict sucb a
wound. The assassin must have been
singularly ignorant of anatomy to
strike downward at such a spot, for (lie
chances were a thousand to one that
the bony structure would protect the
vital parts. Tbe knife should bate
cleared tho first rib and hit fairly
against the second. But It happens that
Miss Miller received an Injury ou this
precise spot years ago, as a result of
which the first rib Is somewhat depressed. Thus the murderer was favored by an extraordinary chance. His
idea was, first, to escape being seen by
her, and, second, to striko at the front
of tho body while standing behind In
order to avoid the blood that must follow Ihe blow. Having struck, be undoubtedly supposed tbst be bsd reached tbe heart and only a miracle prevented. Our ambulance surgeon believed that the wall of the heart was punctured and thnt a clot of blood was stopping the wound, as hnppens once In a
million times. That Is not the case. Not
only did tbe knife miss the heart, but
It missed the arteries In a way that only divine Providence can account for.
So the lirst effusion of blood wns not
followed by tbe fatal drain that might
havo been expected. Do I make myself
"I understand enough," said Brenda.
"I know tbat she may recover, and I
thank God with all my soul."
There was a pause, during which
Kendall's embarrassment, tbat had
been less noticeable while bis mind wus
bent npon a description of Elsie's Injury, once mars ssserted Itself. Brenda
observed tbat his face was flushed and
bis forehead moist and sbe was puz-
"Have yon told ber that I am here?"
she asksd. "Doss she wish to see ms?"
"We have not mentioned It," be replied, "but you need have no heslts*
tl9kV   W» hilt I'ven her a Tery Dice
rooms"   he  hurried  on.    "You'll  find
that everything in the world is being
done for her.   Shall wo go In?" t__ n'gltt 1 heard some children s'ng
The other physician then came for-1   A k.vmn beside their mothers huee,
ward, and Brenda gave blm her hand.   **g ^Xeet $&%£" ™f
In 20 3'ears the number of fuctor- (    In  Italy automobiles
iea  iu thc    United    States for    the,lowed to go faster than i-
' manufacture   oi"  electrical   plant   haH   duy and 8 by  night. "•""sll
increased  fiom  20, to  580,   and    tho
though Kendall, Iu the extremity of h
embarrassment,   forgot  to   utter  the
form of presentation.
A straight and long corridor, tbe
longest, as It seemed to Brenda, that
mortal architect had ever designed, led
rearward to the part of the building in
which Miss Miller bad been sequestered. Kendall led the way, and his colleague walked behind. For the third
time that day Brenda experienced tbe
sensation of surrendering ber volition.
The hospital became a prison; she was
being marched to some deep cell be
yond the reach of rescue or the light of
day. Then, In a moment, sbe saw Dr.
Kendall open a door and step back that
she might pass buforo blm.
Brenda's first glance happened to fall
directly upon the face of the patient,
aud sbe cannot truly be said to have
seen anything else ln the room. The
bed was only an indistinct splash of
white. The bare walls, tho plainly
curtained window, the nurse In profile,
motionless as a figure on tapestry, entered Into the feeling, but not iuto the
view of the scene. She beheld only
tbat sweet and sad little face, so pretty, so maidenly and tender. And ihe
real essence of this despicable crime,
the Inconceivable Inhumanity of It,
seemed to speak straight to Brenda's
heart In that language of nature which
Is without words.
Elsie's brown eyes opened wide.
They bad been half closed, and she
bad been looking at heaven knows
what; nothing In that room surely,
nothing that ever had been anywhere
perhaps. They turned to Brenda with
utter surprise.
"Miss Maclane!" she cried in a weak
voice, but distinct as tlie tone of a little
silver bell. "You have come to see
me! How kind of you!" Then sudds'n-
ly, "Why did you do it?"
Brenda sank upou her knees beside
tbe bed aud took Elsie's band.
"It was an Impulse—a mere Impulse,"
she said; "but I am very glad I came.
I sm so sorry for you. I am a good
nurse. I bave been taught. Will you
let me stny hero witb yeu until you ure
Two tears gathered In Elsie's eyes
and glided slowly down her cheeks.
Her lip quivered like a child's.
"I shan't get well," sbe said. "I don't
want to."
And then the tears came very fast.
I paused beside . I lie este to-bear
Their song and watch 'theni thruugn tne
And their freah voice*, sweet and clear,
Sang buck iny youth once more.
Atraln  about  my  dear  mother's   kns*e,
We fathered nt the ckse of day.
Clad all In gowns of white, that she
Slight teaeii us how to pray.
And when our little prayers were esld,
Wc sang again our evening song—
The song that metlu'r always  led-
1'nheurd, ah uu*! so long!
I heard denr father's mellow hnsa,
And  Mister Mary's alio low,
And Will's sweet tenor, nnd the pines
Wan Mfe'S Old   Long  Ago!
"Ob, uuiy the eye of Ufe be sweet
And  lliis fair  ending  11  ibe  day,
And may wto ln Hcuven'a morning meet.
No more  'i'ikmI  ulglul'   to suy."
[ions?, long ago the song w*ns sung,
Von the hist time sit mother's knee,
Ansl though wc lire no longer young,
'Ills fresh In memory.
K.riret It?    Never, while I live,
Cod I that dear old song forget I
Of sill the mem<K.'tes •fears enn give,
it is taie deairest : et!
■Kiiea E. Itoiford.
i'1* ' •**■*■  ..
annua) output    has    increased    iiom
£5211,000 to £18,000,000.   The .capital invested in this business
I III!     K.u.f ■«'       "■
Is £16,- 'bottle
It is only necessary to h n
for five minutes to  --.     °" «■
|   A full-grown    elephant
ths'cp tond on his back.
e it ct
Lust year 0.870,000 Ooo  ,
can carry   2,05O,Ogo,p00.*• cigarette ■ V^l
fftctured in the Batted a?®* I
•IIP, tea
Toil of 8hrlv«lled Artarles and Exhausted Nerves rhey *
You off Approaching Paralysis or Collapse Or. rjh?
Nerve Food the Host Potent Nerve Restorer. **
of the blood and creatine »„
force. ff new*«
^a6??3^hEN one Is In the val
ley of the shadow,
ago and experience
may furnish many
reusons for deslrlmt
to go farther In **i- f•
erence to returniiBji
As n rule, however,
illowed U[i In ths
these retiRons nrs1
instinct of living and
one takes In one's own struggle with
the dark iiiigel. A physician will heai
manv people sny thnt they do uot
wi h to recover, but most or them wi!"
wait until after the danger Is over be
fore giving utterance to words which
the supernal powers may taUe too seriously.
Ur. Kendall was not in the least prepared to hear Slicll nn expression from
this particular patient. He would have
Bald Unit she was one who enjoyed
life, every minute of IL Certninly she
was ns full of natural vitality ns a
young fawn In the woods. I'hiluly
Un min was at least ns much surprised
es Kendall, and the physician awaited
her response with critical Interest. If
she shoulil u«k an explanation or offer
nn argument. It would show that she
had not tlie Instinct of the uurse. It
was in the nnture of au examination,
and Uremia passed it witli great credit
"If yon will tell tne I may stay.'' she
snid, "I will do something ihai will
make you feci much better."
"You kuow that I want you to stay,"
said Lisle. "It wus very, very good
of you to come, nnd I thank you truly"
"Such being tlie cane," replied Itren-
dn, "I am going to lix your hair, One
moment, while I make myself ready.
Ami now," sho added, "dou't move;
not a muscle. Bee, I cut) reach It without tho slightest trouble."
Aud with cool uml stead*/ bands she
arranged tin* brown musses In which
there lurked a strange glow like red
gold in the Nun. it w;is cleverly done.
Elsie fs*lt the CflreSSlng hands, but they
were ho sieft thai uot a tremor reached
the wound.    Dr.   Kendall, observing
closely, nodded Ills hi nil as une who
considers a guest ion satisfactorily settled.
"Such beautiful hair!" snld Kreuda.
•"You must be very vain of It."
But l'lslc averred that she disl nol
care for dark balr; it tins so common.
filie would much rather have liieuda's.
"The entente conlinle Is now fully established," Raid Kendall. "Miss Maclane, the pntieut is lu your bands, I
shall expect ber to be playing golf In
about a week. It won't be necessary
for you to assist ine any further, Dr.
Johnson," be continus'd, addressing1 his
colleagues "1 will Joiu you lu my
Isfllei-astliiif luislss Compiled liy u I'rissonrr
— A  CflfllTSCl   s*'s.p>   Sll'  till.  GrSBMt
Work   ii,tile s uriositles.
It is well I n.swn that the number
of letters, words, verses, etc., cor**
tumid in tho Bible ha'.e been counted, but liy whom, when or wln.ro, is
not generally known. "Treat's publication, entitles! "(Jul iositiss of tho
li.de," speaks of the occurrence as
being of Spanish origin, and that
tlse I'rince sn' Granada, fearing
us.rption, caused the arrest of the
supposed would-be usurper, and by
order of the Spanish crown he waa
thrown into an old prison called the
place of skulls, .-ittinted in Madrid,
where he was con lined for 83 years,
wiih no other Companion than the
rats, mice and other vermin that frequented his dismal  cell.
liming his confinement he counted
the loiters, etc., s un tinned in the
Bible, and scratched the several
numbers on the stone walls with a
nail. Wheu his work was discovered
he was furnished with writing uten-
Etils and ordered to make a copy of
tlio results of his long and tedious
task, and, on its being completed,
he  linn Ily  received  his liberty.
The following is a correct copy of
iiis great work:
The Bible contains 3,566,480 letters, 778,746 words, 81,178 verses,
1,195 chapters and 66 books.
The word and occurs 10,CS<1 times,
the word J-oid 1,853 tiuic-s, ths
word Jehovah 6,855 lines, and tho
word reverend but once, which is in
the ninth verse of the 111th Psalm.
The middle verse is the eighth
verso of the 118th Psalm. The 21st
verao of the seventh chapter of Ezra contains all the letters of the alphabet, ejtcept the letter J.
The  linest  chapter  to read  is    the
     26th   chapter   of   the Acts   of    the
th« Intsweisi* I Apostles.    The most beautiful chap-
The suflerer from nervous headache and dizzy spells nover knows
what minute he may fall helplessly
a victim of vertigo or paralysis, for
these symptoms tell of depleted
nerve cells and a wasting ef vigor
and vitality.
Other indications of nervous exhaustion are troubles of sight,
noises in the oars, sparks before the
eyes, stomach troubles, sleeplessness,
cold hands aud feet, restlessness, irritability, weakened memory, lack
of (Miergy ono enthusiasm, muscular
weakness, fainting; spells,' bodily
pains and aches, and tired, languid
and despondent feelings.
Nervous diseases arc most dreadful to contemplate, because of tho
frequency with which they end in
paralysis, locomotor ataxia, epilepsy
insanity. All movement of the body
oi its mendiors Is controlled tiy the
nerves, and hence it follows thut
paralysis of some form is the natural consequence of exhausted and
depleted  nerves.
Dr. Chase's Nervo Food cures dizzy
spells, hesdaches aad all symptom-*
of nervous exhaustion by actually
increasing the quantity and   quality
Mrs. Hann. 8 Leonard avoaj
rento,   says :—" Kor   „
years  1  huvo    been
and  luititii
my nervous syste
vous,    sick    htidiehen, \n\_\
sm seemed to I
an .exhausted condition L,
depressing feelings would conl
me at times, .and I Wuui(i _
di.sc<*urugid  and  despondent
a   course   of   treat ,,,   witl|
Chase's Nerve Food 1 'il0 not I
tate to. pronouaie it a bb°]
medicine for weakness of
kinds, it ms been an -,,.at .
fit to me, for my nerves are :
steadier, arid di/./m... ,ui(j sJJ
spells no longoi  troubl
hus      lu
en    ci
'"'••ully   ij
up "
Hy notini- your weight while I
Dr. Cruise's Nerve 1'ood you
prove thut healthy, solid flesh
firm muscles are beim* ndded to
hotly, ('rnduiiliy and certainly
system is built up, and symptom
disease give way to Ism Ith. stir-
nnd vigo", f)0 cents n l
for $15.."ill, at all denli'i-M
son, Iiist•-**• *  Co
Tho De Wett Clinton engine built iu
18"U hud a boiler pressure of 80
ll s. to tho square inch. Now steujii-
ship boiieis are mado to stand a
pressure of 22f> lbs. to the square
ter is ths 23rd Isalm. The 19th
chapter of II. Kings, and the 37th
chapter of Isalati are alike.
The four most inspiring promises
ure to bo found in the atrixth chapter
of St. John, 37th verse, and 14th
chapter, second verse; also llth
chapter of St. Matthew, 28th verse,
and thc 37th Tsulm, fourth verse.
The longest verse is the ninth
vers*,*, eighth chapter of Esthssr. The
shortest verse is the 85th verse,
llth chnpter of St.  John.
There tire 10 chapters in tho book
of Esther, in which the words. Lord
and C.sxl do not occur. The 8th,
15th, 21st and 31st verses of the
107th i'aalm are alike. Each vers-*
of the 180th Psalm ends alike. The
117th Psalm contains but two
veises, the llflth Psalm contains
17<; versa. There ate no words or
nanus of more  than  six syllables.
It has also been discovered by
some person unknown that in Joel.
third chapter, thiisl verse, the word
girl occuis, and in tho eighth chapter nf '/n.*hnrinh, fifth verse, the
word ir.rl'e is mentioned for the
only '.lmo in the whole book.
Tie eighth chapter of Esther,
ninth veiBo, contains .ri2 t's. The
word snow app'vr- 21 times, 21
times in the   Old   Testament
Hire-;) time**, in thc New.
The wonderful newly discovered
substance, radium, from which' a
constant invisible emanation takes
place, la capable of sending its rnys
through from eight to ten inches of
solid iron.
It   is  est'mntec.     that,   in   London,
■Hi per cut. o' days aro wet.
The natives of India never allow n
f.ikir—of whom there nre 3,0011,000
who  live by begging—to sturvo.
(">i Of ■tutlaad'a tiara.
If wo   Consldor    total  expenditure,
the  South   African   war  ie  the  most
expensive wur Hint England I,is ever
waged, wiiii the single exception   of
twenty-three   years'    war    with
i a.su.,i Ilia sin. Work.
Sir Joshua Hoynolds. once forgot
tho existence of ono of his pictures.
Edmund Burke obtained a vory early
work nnd called on the groal nrlist,
submitting the WOrk as that of a
young student who sought advice
from the innfiter. Reynolds hnd a
lssitaa; look, and 1 lien iiski-sl, "Ih tho
painter I friend sif yours?" Iturl'.o replied in tin* affirmative. "Well," replies! the grent. inun, "I really don't
feel able to give nn opinion. It's ii
Cle'Tii.sh   tiling;   but  whether  it   hi  of
sufficient    promhu'   to    justify   tlio
young man in adopting art ns a pro*
fBSSlon 1 ennnot sny." Sir Joshua
ai^i^_sjnUrely_fs2rgotten his own work.
France (1708-181B), the grout cost
of which wns nearly four timos
that of the South African war. Tho
Doer war, however, will huve cost
over twice us much as the wur with
the American colonies, two   end    a
linlf thns's „s much us the .Seven
Vets' war, mote than three times
the cost of the Crimean wur and
from four to lifly times that of any
sif the other Wars, Taking the duration of the wars Into consideration,
the South African war is by fnr the
•most costly wm- that Oreat Britain
bus ever been engaged in. The aver*
age annual cost, ot the Doer wur is
over 188,000,000. The war with
Finn.'.. (1798-181B) cost £88,160,-
000 per year, or ubout. 08 per cent.
Of the annual cost of the South Afrl-
enn war; tho Olilhcan war cost about
£86,000,000, or C..*i per cont.; the
Seven   years'   war nud  the war  with
the American colonies cost ench less
thnn SO per cent , nnd no other war
has come up to one tenth of the av-
aragO annual cost pl tho South African war.—'"Annals of American Academy.
.--eitlsssr I «-tar >ur Fasvs.r.
A tactful refusal is sometimes hard
to cumjausSB, yet a ''no" muy con-
tuia a Bfsii lor savor than many an assent. 1 here is a story of Archill hop
V.liutcly, who was wul!.ing ;u u London ci y park one day with a .curate
and Charles Lever,  the novelist.
The archbishop was greally interested in mushrooms; unsl he pfeked
oue and ate a piece of it, at the
same time handing a bit to the cur-
"What do you think of that, Mr.
A?" he asked.
The curate did not espivi.illy like
it, and moieover he was not sure
wheiher it could be mifoly eaten.
Nevertheless, this wus his superior in
oft.ee, a man who muet tot be offended.
•'I think, my lord," said he obsorj-
ufoiisly,—if it hud a little pepper and
Salt  it  would be delicious."
'"Here, Ijever," suid the Archbishop, "you ta»te lt and se*> what you
think of it."
'•Muny thanks, your grace," snid
Lever, calmly, but 1 am not a
clergyman. It is true that 1 have a
brother in holy orders, but lie is
net  in yi'iir grace's slioci'Ss*." '
Tro     iiri'lil.ishop     laughed,     better
pls*ufK>si with iiiis   cleverness of ova-
t-ion than by a dull acnuiesCehee, and
ate  the mushroom  himself.
Are  You  Going ta
Compete 7
TsWe will also set offered :-
Three Prizes at
Fair in 1903.
as feUev/s i
nsf*T prtizE.
Fer the twe best. Bacon Iiogi, t
age or oreed, fe-a un Carnsfac Ba
Food  $50 UN U«
For  the   second   two best
Begs, any age or breed, led on Q
aetac Stock Food  $26 IN ''Oi
Tsflt.iL> PRIZE.
Fer   the   third   two   hest
Hogs, any age or breed, t.*d on t
■ofac Stock Food  $15 IX W
Only    one    entry will   lie iil«
float, each Farmer or Sisv-kmar. i
tho stock must be exhibited at
Brandon exhibition.
Evidence    must    bo    produc*1
time of exhibition to bIi<<w that I
animals were fed on I'sundac Sti
Try   .Carnefac   for   yeur SU
W. 0. Douglas, MsnufMtM
(Mnoeee St.,  Wtnnl|>e|.
Arrow    Loka',   B.O.
l.lsns asissl Hi.. I,unit.
Limo makes the father rich und the
son poor is an old isnyins',. \M\\e
nmki's the nitrogen In the null a\aii-
nlili', nmi if I havo nitrogen thero 1
um golhg to put Ihs- lime iii nnd get
it. out, nnd if my hny wnnte more
nitrogen he can p<it it In.—EJ, D.
Voorhoes, New Jersey,
nod hnth given (hs lame power to
strengthen the ealnt •■ to <juicken
tiie sinner.
a • lory a,f spurgeon.
In The QuiVer  tlie following  anecdote of Spurgeon is ono told    in   un
article   entitle*!    'Tieasheie'    Dilein-
The groat orator was Bttyylng that,
ns he had to proclaim the gospel ho
often, be hiul moods in whi tl he
ieared lest lie might iii.coiiM'iout-Jy
grow IndiuVietit in its choIcosVblessings, 'il wits with peculiar -*etl*stfai>
tion, thiaiefnie, that during a brief
holiday, he once s*nls'is*d a cotinliy
Daptiht ihai*s.'i, ahore he sVard a see*.
mon   Which  refleslu.il  his hbbiiI  iiiis-hl-
At the 'lose of the Service ho walked Into the vestry, ntr**l politely
thuukod tho minister for the edification he haul received, "May 1 nsk
your name, biothei?" purred the
fluttered country cousin. "My name?
Oh, SpiM*geon—you may possibly
have hoand it—1 preach a bit in Lon-
don myself." _*,\ the humorist and
saint finish tho incident in, us nearly
as wo remember them, In his own
"My dear brother's face turned nn
red an this cloth (pointing to a bit
of scarlet baize in front of him),
"and ho could inly gasp out: 'Why,
Mr. Spurgeon, that WitJ one Of yoiir
sermons! I learnt it off.' 'My dear
brother, I knew it; I knew It frsim
the beginning and all along; but 1
assure you thut it did nut do ii'o uny
tho lese good on that account.' "
Then** mirnsulous smrloga.
Minister tss p   mltv! alsenMd,
riuek  frosn the.mtnmrv n fOt™ •*
K»/s  out     the   written   tmiilsles « '
lireln, . ,„
And   with   nvieet   oIbIiviku"   nntlito.e
Cleanse  the  stulls-sl   bosom  •>' t*"1"" |
llous   RtflifTs      • , .      II
Which   weUh   heavily   upon   MainsW>
snsl  Slomnch. .   .
Ths*refore.  all   vs*  wlio iflffaW-Wl'
lie   to     tho (Iors ;   ha vs.  none ol »
come and  he curs-sl st
Tke Halcyon Hot Spri&l ^itaiiul
Tr<:KM.S—S15 to $18 ier ft*_
1     .    ..     * i	
rom All. kihds«'
tli I isr
li""' Wil i hud a line lot"
A Mouther., Juilue i.  „  ,.,,„ „„
if Iibiun one duy iui*i a .-01,,,-,'d mun no
tori.nit. fur Hti'iiliiii* nnd nn|d lo bin*!
Tilde .lit.'li, I'll tell you whnt |'|| do.
.on pick out two oftbose lings f/ou like
'.i:d. nmi I'll give th. in to you, provld
ed Mi won't Iteitl uny of Ihs- others."
'i Ii • negro pondered awhile nn.l Dual
ly h.i Id. ".ledge* you've alwnyi been u
good    UUlgllllOr,   Illl"    I    llld'H   y,|l,     11U-   |
wn nis to do right by yub ii ii-io accept!
.leor,ery.ih makes, hut i wunts yuli to
know d-t l'l) l„He in,.„t liy it."
on -sppllcatta. _
KBITH   S.  OOjj
P.O. HmsmM. 471 Hsiii"'t''w'tt*l
<JC1B BILIOUS snsl atWOftW'^
jaaova WIND snd rA'^^nVrrft
irmmi, rw.ret" as-.mm <*""**
inucsaTusN the stoibiacu.
KsWwtils.        . .i/iTcnoe*
umove rnirus su*. awrcuf
-TUaifT MM BLOOD aaSStV°_\-%*1
ZattaZaa\ZlVZ.to<} te .."•'""*°'
ererywhsreTTT*:.".'!"" ss* ** |
|D bams->.  .
211 s.ri'
The  yearly   avs'inir  ■ ,
c.'lved  by  the     l's'i"'  "f*^ at f
River Jordan   i»   vi>il"
500,000 tons.
„i   *•"•''■'
niBst*-*1 mtm -*-' ■•a*aT"W"le»a'"W ■
i ereat obstacle to mlfMlonaries in
i Afvioa, is caused by the fact of   that
wintry   harhig   no   less    than 700
$100   REWARD-SI 00.
ti,,, rbedora of this oappr will be Lsleas-
71„ Teu,vl tlmt tl.sre is at lesssC one
. .?,-,! .li-caws that science has been
•*!T       curt tn nn it» ****»<■ ftml   that
I !'1,U ,"' H.ill'9 Cutarrli Cure is the
'Mi',ositive "uro now known to tl.e
null   I1,"*-,' :.«..„iev     I'nt.ssrs'h  bolus* n csin-
I,l:,',,.,'l,' " ; hereby  destroying  the   foundation   of   Iho   iliPPiwe   an.<!   ■rlviesT   the   utx-
Issr   1)116    liaisisrcaa     ,j\j,,u..»   .v..    n...,      ......v
i„t   it  tssila to cuie.   Send  for lisl   of
"Vina.ni":--*      Address.
l*      j'    ,1    CHKNK.Y   st  CO.,  Toledo.  O.
Sailil 'in   druggists,  75c.
Hall's l'amlly PIUS >re  the Best.
s Martini  rifle bullot fired u    distance   ol    •"" yards   will   not    pass
through .1    wiJI of   snow   four
Sj-uru's l.ialHiaat Outs Itonf, etc
Tl,,, 1,-t time for literary work,
accoi'ilinj! to TBlstol, is between the
hours ol
Misusers   Shonlsl Exercise  tireat  Care   lu
Vhsaoilng Medfituo  for Children.
Every littlo one nseds a mesiicine
at some time, and- mothers cannsst
be too caroful iii making a selection.
The so-called " soothing " preparations, invariably contain opiates and
other harmful drugs, which stupify
tha little one, and pave the way to
a constant necessity for the use of
narcotic drugs. Undoubtedly the
very best and the very safest medicine for littlo ones is Baby's Own
Tablets. They are mildly laxative
and gentle in their action, and cuVe
all stomach anil bowel troubles, rs>
lieve simple fevers, break up coKLs,
prevent croup, and allay tho irrita-
j tion accompanying the cutting of
teeth• Where these Tablets arc used,
littlo ones slsjep naturally, because
the causes of irritation and sloeii-
lcssmess aro removed in a natural
wuy. Experienced mothers all praise
this medicine. Mrs. H. H. Fox, Orange Hidge, Man., says :— " Baby's
Own Tablets are the bust medicine 1
have ever used for children of ull
ages. They arc truly a blessing to
baby unsl mother's friend."
These Tablets are guaranteed to
contain no opiate, and can be given
to a new-born babe. Sold by all
druggists, or sent post paid, at 25c.
a box, by writing direct to the Dr.
Williams   Medicine    Co.,     Brockville,
i,    und 3 p. in
Or   l.udwig has melted carbon   by
subjiitiiig    it to  a   pressure of 22,-
O'lO  lbs.   to    tlie    square  i.ich.      lie
kept it liquid fsir sonic time,  and, on
lk*ar  Sirs,--This  is  tss certify  that   suddenly cooling,  it solidified  in the
I have  bs en   troubled  with  a     lame   form ot a grey    powder    containing
lurk  for  litti'cn years. minute diamonds.
I have "Ks'il three    bottles of your 	
M,N,Iu)'.,i.isN1MENTa,,da.,,co,,,iN| QHCEITiiNTT AIWT If.
pli'tsly  linen.
It gives me great pleasure to re-
comniond it anil you uro nt liberty
lo uso Cltis? in any way to further
ths' use  n(  vsiii*     vabtablc  medicine.
Two  lii.eis.        ROBEftT BOSS.
Tho descendant* of an  Australian
si'ttlai. I'1- years of age, number
304 |<erso s, lie is in receipt of un
Old ago pension from tlio Australian
There never wus nnsi never will !.» a
universal panacea, In one remedy, for ail
Ula to which Been is heir—lhe very nu-
ture ol i.sHiiV iiiintives IbpIibk ssus-ls that
were iii.' aerine of other and differently
RiiiiaKl aliM'.sai'H routes! iii the system (>!
thi- patient — what woul.l ri*!i..\c one ill
tn   turn   u'lUlsl   tisjitiavnte   the  other,   we
hn%a> however, In Quinine wine, vhen
obtainable In sound, unadulterated stale,
s rented} for many ninl grevtoui ilia By
Its n< iduul  unsl  lualirlous une ihe frnilessi
S--:,m ■■       |ed     ilslSB    I'aSIIVUleHseil.e    ftllli
itreimih  !••,   the lanuenee which  Quinine
exerts a>n ttature'e own rs*Rtointives It
relieves t lie slrossptnu spiritss ot tliiise
with whom u chrsinic uluie It murbisl
despondency ensl lock of intese»l in life
la as alira-aiH,. and by trs.nqulliy.ini: lhe
nenbs. ah>issj**es to ssmnd ami rssfresfiiiic
els*e:>-iiii|.-':***< rigor to the us'tiflsis of the
blows;. utaii.li, liisfiie, sllliiJllllell, cisilli-es
thv*',•!, Hie veins-. «i renctheniiiK the
health) animal lumiious of tbe system.
stirsi", iiakuisr activity a ni»i«.isiflry rs>-
sult i a.ii.ilienlni: ths* fs-'Msie anil Kivint:
life to lhe sligefsUVS ui'Rnn.s. sslilsli nntn-
ruliy  sl.-iimial   inn eas-ssl   SttbStSBCO''■ feSttlt,
Improved appetite. Rorthrup *< Lytnan,
s.f Toronto, hnve given to the public
theii Superior ijiiisiins* Wine at the usual
rata., aim], gusii's-sl I.v tlie oplulone nl
*■ thr, ... ine aiiprnachea nenreel
perfection ..i anv on 'he market Ml
drnmiM*   sell   it.
"■"Tamaris'   tlmbei   4|000 yet.r*    old
Is is   bi*,.ti   found   in   perfectly sound
condition In ancient l'gyptian temp-
Uir! !.***» Aiiti-s'i*r,-uiii|'t!ve Syrap Htismls
«' the hei l ol the list for nil diseases of
the throat in tunes. It nitM like mule in In.ni 't.i- an n r.sltl <\ s-ossgh Is
i-"On BubsliiBKl, tiitlstnr.ss .,f the shest Is
relies i',|      ,-,,,,     ,*,„.   .,v„,-s,      r„,,. „( ,.,„-.
to lion   is  relieved,     while     In   reaent
cases il in.,-. !„• vnial never to tall ll i*s
B' medicine preisared frasn, the asrllve
i'i un ii".'. ur \irtus'.'- of several medicinal
herbs,  nnd  am,   l„. del ,.n,loal   ui-i.n  f..r all
1 "1 ITJ     i a'tlltalnllitass.
The   Spring    System
and Health Bl. dor Makaa
Slck People WeJL
Thcio ia nothing doubtful or uncertain about the working and t*tlct:ts
ol I'aine's Celery Compound. It
stansls supteme as a spring system
cleunser and health builder. It
reaches without loss of precious time
the cau.se of sickness and dissmse in
a way thu' no other remedy ban
do. Its flirt and most important
mission i.s the purification of the life
.stream, i..creasing ita volume and
quality. It then stirs all tho organs
thnt work sluggishly. lt restores
.str.ngth, renew*; vitality, regulates
the kidneys, liver nnd bowels, ansl
niaks's people well and strong. For
these reason*-- Faine's Oelery Compound as a spring mt*dicine stands
far ubove nil other prescriptions and
riineilii-s thnt promise sn much and
uCflSflflmplish So liltle. Mrs. K. Coleman, DutlingtOli Ont., gives her ex-
psrience with Paine's Celery Compound  as  follows :
" I urn now sixty yenrs of nvgp, and
have biH'ii ill fnr nearly twenty
years. Ihsring my long illness doc-
tois and patent medicine* failed to
nre nie At the hospital 1 was told
that I was suffering from tumors :
and often, no matter how I tried to
cheer myself, 1 felt like putting un
end tai m*. life. I heard of your
Paine's Oelery Compouad and   com**
menaced to use It, and it has done
wondais for ms. 1 feel bettor than
e\er b"fori' in my life, and my friends
are surprised at the wonderful
ihnntio in IttJ health. Faille's Celery
Coiii'inuiid is n grand medicine, nnd
I   will  always  resoiimiend  it."
Malta  is t|.,. mor-' thi,kiv p.ipulat-
•il Islunn   lit  Un'    wn. id     |i   has  1.-
800 people i.. iii,.. sqaurt le.   Dnr-
hadoes    it..:,    l.n.-.i    -Mopla    to the
square m'*i*
Slltuird's Uabiient CarM HtAnlt.
IV.i liinisjri'd and forty dredges Hre
' nsiw  at  Work in  New Zealand rivers,
extract ite,' ROld  from the Iseils of the
Sli'i'lUUH,   Theft'     dtrdges cost    frssm
|£B,(X»0 tsi £11.into apiece.
The Church ol England bishopric
of the Mini.an-is* River covers an
aron five litn.'s the sl/s- of the United
in  t is  Vsiuetahle     pun    in    I'armelsje
'"  Bl' en  i,,  it,.   ,* t„|,-|  the  Iriiit"  ill loin:
 I      ifl«i>nrr|.   |„   the  s»hole   realm   o»
'"'■' I s.'i'ii.i', combined with new nm!
ssismhiia dlsrovcries never hffora ano*AU
':'   in n   For    n.-iimt.. .....i n..Miiieto.t
' "is-' tut ims   I'nrmelre'vs  Plll«  ,,.t   I'Vn ,s
11 i     ' ■•' on  In  Kiiinti ala.'si*.!   the rffes i
|th  ..   tonls   ntaal  n  sllmstlnnl   snihi'v
'   ' "    ""   .-•' IB-tla.sss   i.f   II ,'   I v.    B-rfV.
1'   |(      I...   -       ,      ,1      V  |,.„,
Twelve t it cent, ssf nil deaths la
Rwltr.orland which Is sufiponcd to ho
«i paradise i'«• a- people affllalad    with
■"onsiimpl Iml;  „,.,. chusb'sI Ity  tlmt ,tla-
Montev      llrsiinl      H'snti   sleani   kltrhen
''■,"*",'"     Hlsrel    In.n   sin,i   tliswure,   l:nl*.s'M
and fiirl.ss..!ins|.u:i   I- ol cutlnv
Three hundred mui  fifty miles have
■ " nddod to tin. British Empire b.«
U»  r." tijuMtion  of  the  frontier    lie-
•woon India and Thibet,
. I'll, 'itu:    ni'.Ai'-Ms'. .1. r.    Kel-
"i*u    Hint.,si.   Perth    writes-    "A   cue*
'"""•I a,r mini having beam cured of
,""""'" h.v the use of Ur  Thomas' Wtw
l,i '   i* "V"U'   <"   Jielan.l. telllin,'     his
na -■sis, uteri! of the jure, In ii.nKei|iieine
I rr-eelvesl m, orilr-r to Neml hislf n d'i*en
"J   etfias     tn     W.'Xti.ril.   It-sjUnil,     thlM
Russia opened her tlrsl  elect tie rail
wny lasl \.',n' it c«vora n distance
"' FU miles bntwoon l.s.d* in llus-
•""'. J'olnml, and the neighboring
towns  s.I /,,i(,,.  n„,\ V.ibiatices.
Miiwii's ilSSSmjinmifa
The in w .".'i.fKKi oandlo-power light
Otl the linns I(o,k In the Firth sif
■•ml h   ri||1   ,„,  m,(1||      t        ,||H(.inr0     of
1« miles,
Ftirht  piib.is,.h from (he mosui to the
''■•■'th In 1] H0,., „,|R
**^**. N. -J.
-•rn-saptly »«.|le»«il and run-* try mt.
millaau1 rissk l'Uis.
Dr Williams' Fink l'ills nre woman's best friend. Th.y enrich the
blood, tsme up the nerves, and
strengthen thc vital organs to per-
furiti iheir functions regularly, They
bring; ths. rosy cheeks and shapely
forms Cat toll of usisul 1,smith and
Inppiisss Tsi ihs. growing girl the.v
are Invaluablo,   Tai the mother thoy
ISIS-    ll     llSl'h'-ll.\ Tai     Ills'     WOllinn        Sif
f.itn-llvi' llsev mean l**allol at ml eass*.
Dr Williiuns' Fink l'ills are lhe Inst
iiii-iliciiii* thai scieiici. hus il.*\is(d for
women al nil psn Isssls of life. 'Phase
pills siibcikiI when all else fails
TIubiisiiiuIn ssf grateful women <•»
dorao the truth of these atatfinonta,
Mas .lohn While, Bjabanntlen. <>nt..
Rays : " It givi'M me pleasure to bear
tcHt imcuiy to the great value of Fr.
Willinms* Fink Fills ns a cure for
the ailments that afflict sss many women. 1 sufTcri'il greatly anil He periods were very irregulus, but thanks
to those pills I am now spiite will
and free from the pains that mude
in*,  life ain,est a burden.    1 cheerfully
give my experience for the baneflt o!
suffering woraon."
Iti'membi'i' that substitutes cannot
cut'B' and see that, the full nnme "Fr.
Williams' Fink Fills for Fale I'eo-
ple " Is on the 'wrapper iifiBiiinl every ;
box. If In doubt send direct to tho
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co . Frock- I
Villa, Out., and the pills will 1st?
mailed, post paid, at 150c. |ht box,
or viix bisxes for $9.00. i
Tariff wa*-  the name of a  Moorish j
rhlof,   whsi,   having   a   port   Iti   .-"pisln, i
levied tolls on pusslng vesss'ls. Honre
onr pmeeol   word tnrlff.
sftM-fl UM t* •* evwMere, |
Tha first railway III F.ngland waa
begun In lri'2u ; in Auitrln nmi
France In 1C2* ■ the United States
t8il» ' I'l'frlum and (lermany, 1r*3,s;
RuHia,  1«M |    uii*l Italy In 18»6
Ilow   lis*   Knew.
It was a conte.sted will ease, ana one
of tbe witnesses in the course of giving
his evidence described the testator minutely.
"Now, sir." snid counsel for the de
fense, "1 suppose we may take It, from
the flattering description you have
given of the testator, bis good points
and his personal appearance generally,
tbat you were Intimately acquainted
with him?"
"Him!" exclaimed the wituess. "He
wais no acquaintance of mine."
"Indeed! Well, then, you must hove
observed him very carefully whenever
you saw hlm?" pursued the examining
"1 never saw him In my life," was
the reply.
"Now, now, dou't trifle with the
court, please. How, I ask* you, could
you, in the name of goodness, describe
blm so minutely if you never saw bim
and never knew him?"
"Well," replied the -witness, aud the
smile which overspread his features
eventually passed over the court, "you
see, 1 married his widow."
l'rlsiilslv.-  Sleds.
From history we learn that the boys
lu tbe time of George III. coasted on
sleds mude of a small board, with
beef bones as runners. But these dropped out of sight wheu an Inventive genius built oue out of a barrel stave, fur
his Invention was extensively copied.
The barrel staves were called "Junipers'' and "skippers" and wero made of
a single barrel stave of moderate width,
to which was nailed a twelve Inch seat
post about amidships. A piece of barrel head constituted the seat. To navl-
g;ite this craft requlre-d no little skill,
the revolutions performed by the rider
while "gettlu' the hang of the denied
old thing" beiug akin to tbe antics of
a teinli'i'foot on u bucking broncho. A
more stable and docile jumper was
mnile by fastening two or three staves
side by side, but these were not coti-
siik'ii'ii ns fast travelers as tbe single
Qeo.   C.   Chalker   Tells    Whnt
Dodd's Kidney Pills Did
For  Him.
l.saih Hlm 1'isitii Ills Hs.l, Masle Htm »
Wall Mists AH!.- nasal Willing lo slo a
l''nlr DisyS Wssrk.
Housey's Rapids, Ont., April 6—
(Spe<.'ial)—As every citj', town and
villuge in Canada ss?enis to ho giving
its evidence as to the wonderful cures
resulting from Dodd's Kidney Fills,
there is no reason Housey's Rapids
should not be In line. People here
have Kidney troubles just the same
as elsewhctc. and like others they
huve used Dodd's Kidney Fills and
been cured.
Ono of the most remarkable cures
was that of Geo. 0. Chalker. He
says : " 1 am cured of my Kidney
Complaint I have no doubt ubout.
it in the least. 1 weigh ten pounds
11161 e than I did fourtsjen months ago,
can do a fair day's work every duy
and 1 ani clear of my old »»:u*t.sy,
latue back, heavy aching arms, dull,
bloated eyes,—yes, it is all gone,
purged out by  Hodd's Kidney  l'ills.
" No one can realize the relief cx-
cept those who have been through it
all. 1 was so bad T could not work
haul, hut was compelled to make a
living. My head folt so bud that my
eyes would seem to float. I felt
tired all thc time, my arms felt useless nt times and so very heavy. At
lust I was laid up and could dp no
" 'I'llen 1 was induced to try Dodd's
Kidney Fills and you see tho result.
It only took six boxes to cure me
And Mr Clunker is only one of
many in this neighborhood who
charge ' *'r good health up to
Dodd's K    ' ay  PPls.
When  Uitibrellaa  Werss  lac-  f
The great objection to umbrellas 100
years ago wus their weight, and wben
lt is stilted as a matter of fact tbat the
very smallest umbrella then weighed
no less than three and a half pounds lt
will probably be admitted that the ob
Jecti'.n was a Justlliable oue.
Instead of the thin rainproof fabrics
which now form the covering of umbrellas nothing better was known than
leather or oilcloth. The ribs were of
wood or whalebone, and such a thing as
a steel rod was, of course, unknown.
The stick was usually of heavy oak. in
those days, too, many umbrellas had
the additional Incumbrance of feathers
over the top, on the theory of "shedding water off a duck's buck." But tbe
oilcloth uud leather umbrellas, aotwlth-
standteg the feathers, wero apt to leak.
Copper-mining in New SoutV Wales
began in lf*3." ; since when 800 discoveries nf copper have been masle,
anil 38 mines have been worked.
Mammoth Resl. Holds
the record for hs iviest
ssa'claht flrown. Knot's    t trun*
tie Si/.a*.    A ailagle BS>tia-ii!is.ii,>jl>
pouiiiis  iiutriuunetl  nud  78|
pOUllillS      tliuSLUlHl.        t'i... "'SSSSSB
Very free from flbroun nsots
and ronaitljr denned for atorinej.
lib. ioc. Jib. aic.
Poisnt" 30c.
4 Pounds $1.00,
AddSc.ptr pound ifwnnled
hu mail. ■
-Unquestionably the
mo** Profitable Root for
Stock   Feeding. — Oul-
jrl--li.ini" tbe fHinouR M.'.ni-
nolh k"•*".* Miiiic''! in weight
per .acre.    Valuitbl-d eilb-er
for pn> .■.■•'iii,: iiillic or us a
CoKh former.    Kuiulsoiiie,
perfect shupud roouof pinkish  whttf   color,   erowltjg
hlfh out of cronnd.   K«*»y
to  hm-T-Mt.     Tho  rlclieit
uud twites-it of (Ui rooU-
Pound 30c.
5 Pound-) 51.40.
Add 5c per pound if v>*nt*d
by mail.
6 !»•.««
Scsrlol, Whits,
Yellow. Iflose. By
Mall, Poslpotd.
I 5 CAN IN AS 25 C
1 Posible Hahlls,
1 Sui^le Dsililis, S
Krandest and richest colored l&rgs
I'.Ms-i'ini! Caiinas.
sll different.
The 3 for 23e.
(Unit'*, nnsi lloott
rtatty April IS. Or-
die til (afasy.)
i. ■   ■"- ~*T
The flrsodflC-nt of alt
Suedes. Keeps longer t-.-.i any other
sort isissi tsroaliia*aa hesTjr
ei'ia|n eva'i-yssh"ie. Vesy
''inniy. Similar ln size
ninl trust Its to the Ele-
islsisiit. Tailor bronze
(.•risen. Tliis !* th. most
poiiuUr *iiv,*ilp la cultt-
v»'.i"ii. I'siitirulmly B»d-
spt**dto '■-■; a'ls where
tha Isms) lis*.* oipoaed. i
lb. Ut, 1 lb. tSti
Poond iSr.
Add be., per posmal if
u'aisiird liy watL
an. nrrn
II fSvrh
li Hi rL
11 I.«SSS
si. nskssssir. .-
M  SWBi.aJS, 1
j:. laansss, I
:i« Taral*. I
u Olmbers. HtasBst
«. Ilit-i'tiisslap, Vi'.
<7. Mlessiiiieiis'. s«„«i i
111. IkaflUiBsg sUluiy,     ■
in. \wal-url'ain.Tiitl    .
bl   \ijlui-tlam, Lswurl.l
ss. t*nney, Mlxtd.
."■•;   I'a-sussBssa. MlXBKt
ial. rirshe .liiiintbus).
M l-h.'s's Dransmon-
H. **vi a-'.-t Paaa. Ulxa4<
60. V<*il>»i«».-**t«ial
67. -mid suavdea,
68. »sunla.Haeat
r,oTBCt WM.RENNIEJoror.to. ^EvL.As,DsETsAND
staas.BJ.U.ii Was.
a (atSTaB|.s]aieas»*ih't.
a BUMdMasrwr, txiii
if rn.
ti. Caea
l£ Carassbcr, Wilt.
16   Hri'lii, Ixr*.
rVa*. Savory.
tsA. M:irJ.IMl.
 ,a»sa. MeasMvU.
■ [•tt|tea.Daaf«M1iX
11 Mnasi H*>Vsb. lUiiy
21. Water MaWn.n-.1l7
U. a>aloa, r.r». k.i.
■it  m.ImM, Tl'w UaDTUS.
'IBS. aatSBlaSt, BILtnkm.
91.  riisalSl.V. CirUaL
•a. Paraatlv, Uellsw
M Peas. Rrsat seal Nai
M. Paaa. UtUs Oass.
•• Prppar. Kisky Clsf<
91. PaapklB, Urp
Bl Radish, Hoar Om.
tt Ru-ti-ils. IftaVSlsJhsL
M. Basttlsb. UaS| '""'l'l-
Si. S«ls.|t>. M»»s.'..U..
"    " snuw.
Hi av. rt.
Ola.lae." *
Sa. 7amain, Osamploa
as. Tomalo, Ultra Bwly
41. Alys.«iss!s. s-'i-fl*.
all staat^na. Ml-,.,I.
U. HsBmt.a. 1*1 i 'it
U auiniBllun. Ulxest
Brrnnrd Slaaw and tho Minority-
A -jtwt] story Is t.ilil of Its/ruanl Shuw.
Tho ocfttsioti wtiH tbe lirst proslitrtlon
•f "Arms and tlie Man" ln London.
The •sroilui'tioti won u succijuh, and at
tbo fall of ttie curtain there wire clamorous calls for ths* antlior, to which Mr.
Shaw wan at length Induced to respond.
The audience, waa still cbeerliB, but
there was one dissentient In the Ral-
lery, who was "booing" with the full
power or a pair of very stroiii; lungs.
Mr. Shaw loolceil up at this "glorloui
minority of one" and K.'ild very seriuus
ly. "Yes, sir, 1 quite agree with you. but
what can we two do against a whole
•be Cassia Caa Thea.
An »ld lady on seeing the electric
light In the town for the tlrst time wus
■track with tininy.i'iiii'iit. After gazing
ut It for 11 space she entered a grocer's
ahop ansl nskcil:
"1 say. mister, hsiw do you inaUe that
big UmIU o" your'U?   I'm tired of burn
in' pttrnffln."
The shopman replied. "Oh, It Is caused
by u aeries of electric s-iirretils."
"Is It, now?" said tbe Old lady. "Then
wi'lgh me n pound. IT tiny won't do
for lighting, I'll use 'em up for pud-
j sun PEN COLD.
! When this diiriculty gets a firm bold
'it is hard to shako it unless onu sets
promptly, and uses the riRht remedies, about which there is no iinier-
tainty, Something that will quickly
drive out the rold, restore the blood
to its normal condition, banish the
aches and pains, and relieve the
burning, achinc head. ThSre are
only two remedies that will do this,
and they must be used in conjunty-
tion, neniely, Dr, Augtist Koelng'S
Hamburg Droast Tea and Hamburg
Drops, both .ild. trios! German remedies, s|isrovi*rs*d by lhat grent specialist, whose name they beu"". more
I than 00 years ago. The former
should be tnken hot before going to
bed, and the latter according to
directions. Follow up the treatment
' until the rold is fairly broken up.
,then continue to take Hamburg
1 iirofis for a considerable period, until tin1 blood becomes cool and I
healthy. The two remi-*di«-*s cost oniy \
I "."1 cents, gel them from your drug-
I gist at onco have them in the house.
and, when yon are about it, .*et a 1
bottle of St. Jacobs Oil. It will always come handy In case of houss*-
hould sveidents. sprains, bruises,
cuts, burns, scalds, also for rheum a- 1
I ism, neuralgia, lumbago, toothache,1
stifTness of the joints, and all bodily
achs?s and pains, where an outward
application is usually applied.
can be achieved In baking bread,
cakes, pastry or breadstuffs of any
kind when you use
It makes white, light and nourishing bread, anil gives better all
around satisfaction than any flour
milled. Try lt 1 and you will never
use any other.
■lakes the very best pcrridge.
JY<rf foifwu, Jives /fa&r tHLuu, t *?/•• -fties
'Mf *vt" Os -hrH*t/f 4rwf>- firt<i£A.ie>&J, rUtr*
itf iv
The fastest torpedo-boat destroyer
in the Amoricoai navy, the " Stewart," mado a speed of %8;8 miles un
hour on her official trial.
Dry anil  Molat  Air.
A cubic foot of dry uir weighs more
thnn a cubic foot of moist uir st the
same tempsTtiture nnd pressure. The
addition of vapor to n cubic fool of
dry u> cnl.irgBS lhe volume of the uili-
ture ir the nir Is free to expand, as lu
the alinosphtrc. utul as the tfapoi I'M
only nlioul Iwo-lhlrds the ilen*-ji/ Of
slr.v nir at the "Mine tempi ratlin- and
pressure lhe density of lhe UllXtltro Is
less than that of dry uir.
t'asar I'*or War.
A citizen walking past s butcher
shop 111 11 northern Kansas town saw
ihe hotelier nud a customer rolling over
the sawdust door lu n rough uml nimble fashion, lie pried them apart, and
then learned that the customer had
enme tsi buy some dog mill! nnd lh.it
the butcher had nonchalantly asl.ed,
"l>o you wish to cut It here or shall I
wrap It up''"
Loat   liilsrrllssni-i-.
Bultor-Permit me to say, Miss Klssh,
that in suing for your hand I am respecting tbe wish of my lute father-
Miss Kmsb— Beg your pulsion, sir.
but Its this Instance you hnve Inherited
your father's lateness. 1 accepted Mr.
Foreman last evening.
40th Anniversary
far attar fmrty veers
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
Has beta tested ami has lirt om« th*
Penally Cough Apax-lfsc ol Ibouaanda
througUeut Causds ansl thr Unltr.l
States. It acflsrr waa ssioie paspsilsr
■or   mora   lar(eljr aacal thsa   It   Is
111 isy
Cough Remedies ixibsi* sssd jo. New
preparations ara tried snd abandon-
ad, but tha aid rellsUt remains.
The preacat la a trying season for
both aid and young, sml cokls, easily
caught asw ara apt to remain For thc
winter unless pramplty cured. No
better remedy caa ba found than
Gray's Syrup
SOLS   BY   ALL   Dnud-JlSTS.
JJr/sc vaurfriends tc u sc
fe--.---. ** ,.*.-
■    ■ ■■ ■•-*,.'•■'-h'c' ':■'  '■ ■"'' •-■:-
-»- ^  ■*-..'-•.•*   sw .   . . .   ,
The only llritish University degreb
ssiiilineil siil ireiy to women is thnt of
l^tily Literate In Arts, 1..I..A. The
degree is given  at St..   Andrew's.
There    am about    10,000 diflerchl Air-guns were Qrsl  made in    Oer-
surnames In  ISngland and Wales, s.t many in  |.'ls!jO bj  Ouhtr.
ons* for OoO Inhabitants.  -»■	
        i If your slsililriii moan ond era rpntlesa
^^£:^^P^i ■;■;,;:■ .:::.':■..■■.■   I     :    i »%
luente on jou     '""en, »•«•»«     ■■   • lhe troulsli   Is   norms      MoH-ei   '■   ■ ■
,„„v,.i' "f ".I   vsu.ts   corns, etc.,  ran  bi   K   ,. ,i, ,„,i",-,-,-    0TTecidH.il>   remut-ee
Iniiii.l   in   lls'll'.s.i.y *.   Ii.i-ii   line. ,|,,.,.   ,.,,.,„,   „i   „:-,,.   ,.!„..,  ,..   llu.   Ilttls
Australia has OfljOpip Muarc miles  '	
ol coal bi'ii.'siir   lai.il  In the eastern Tl"'   *>&**    ebntalm R lwnes/ the
portion Ol  the ciiuitt f\ . I";li'' •'• '•l':1  ""'  l'"l'-''is   11
The Limit.
"Wot does It mean''" asked T>nn11css
Perclvnl, "when, ile ftm\]i says. 'l»rlnk
to me ouly wit' your eyes':"
"It means," niiiioiiiienl Wise Wilfred,
"shit de loltly kinii rend de wlue list,
hut dat's as far as It goes."
sararaass.'** mj^fd^iiu i un mumib ie»eWMMLmmmtmmaimtMs%
We malie Granby Hubbert and Overshoes out of
pure new rubber. Can as much be said of uny other make I*
ti       W* TJ
A good epltaiih Is sll rl|-ht In Its
jilace, but It comes so late.-Ualveston
A little Sunlight Soap will clean
cut glass and other articles until
they shine and sparkle. Sunlight
Soap will wash other things than
clothes. tB
cost the nuiker more, but they cost the wearer less, for
one pair dues the work of two pairs of ordinary rubbers.
" Granby Rubbers w«ar HUe iron."
■*rrirf^rTi*r,-7iMiWT'>w  m *" m "**-* i\
ssjaimiM I**
P. K. 8Mi*m«sr!«aii.E, Editor and Prop.
..,*'.-    -' .' '    "'    ' •
st       IS rOSts-SHSp BTSBY mi»AT AT
•LOCAN,      •      •       •       -      B. C.
'   Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first inssrtion snd 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
aCsrtificstes ol Improvement, 17 each.
Transient sdrertisementsst same rates
M legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
•Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is t2 per year, strictly in sdvance; $2.50 a year ii not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
■*"" if
FRIDAY. APRIL 17th. 1903.
Sam Burce return-ad last week from
A trip-to Ontario,
docA Friday was pretty generally
obsservi-d in town.
Assayers examinations will be held
pt Nelson on April 27.
Anthony Madden returned Monday
from a week's visit to Nelson.
Les. Totter has left town and gone
to his old home iu Picton, Out.
Mrs. T. J. Armstrong left on Monday for a -sreek's visit to New Denver.
•• R. E. Allen has moved from his old
quarters to the building next the post-
Frank Provost, of the sawmill is
laid up this woek with a sprained
Wm. Hunter, of Silverton, passed
through towu Monday en route to
Jack Clark, who left here for South
Africa, won a gold medal for tossing
thc caber.
W. F. Teetzel, the well-knOwn Nelson druggist has sold out to the Can
ada Drug & Book Co.
E. B. Dunlop agaiu appeared in the
police on a charge of drunkness, and
got off with a warning.
The bridge gang from the Siding
were brought here Suudiiy to put a
car back on the metals.
Wm. Lawr, who has been doiug the
brick work for the boilers at the sawmill left for Nelson Monday.
Geo. Henderson, formerly' of the
Arlington hotel, has moved intp Fred.
Johnstone's house on Haro.ld slnvt.
Born -At Boulder, Col., on March
24, to the wife of W. F. DuBois, formerly superintendent of the Arlington,
a daughter.
After May 1 the name of the Kettle Hi ver mining division will lio
changed to the Greeuwood division.
The district convention of the Western Federation of Miners has reap:
appointed the Rosslaud World its official organ.
Howard Guest, former owner of the
postofHce bookstore, has gone to Edmonton, with a view to establishing
himself in business.
Geo. Hindi-- and Miss Hewton,
teachers in the local school, have been
attending the teachers' convention nt
Revelstoke this week.
Roy Clothier, one of Rossland'.-
star hockey players last winter, passed
through town Monday on his way to
Rossland from Sandon.
The C. P. R. is making a big improvement on the water front facing
the depot, by leveling off the ground
and burning tho stumps.
A swell outfit has been installed by
the Nelson Tribune, which will now
'issue from its own ollice and in its old
style.   It will have no job ollice.
Dan Palmer came down from the
Ottawa last woek. He cut his hand
nt the mine and blood poison set in
and he is under the doctor's care.
George Lyons, of the Arlington
mine, left yestordav for Hedlcy (Jit*,
where he has bougnt out u store and
will enter the mercantile business.
W. E. Boie and wifo journeyed to
Nelson lust week, the former to meet
Count Bailieucourt on business con
nocted with Camp Mansfield  proper
Mavor Archer of Kaslo has resigned
his office as a result of the disqualifi*
•catiou   oroceedings    recently   taken
'against him.   He will  probably seeL
D. McLaughlin, who was caught in
)he Molly Gibson snowslidc on Christinas night nnd who has been in a Nel
son hospital ever since is able to lx
be around once more.
The C. P. R. will expend S140.000
ju improving the yards aud building
it new depot at Revclstoko. President
Shaughnessy will visit Revelstoke
this year to inspect the yaids.
Some person or persons, who will
be severely dealt with if their identity
Is discovered, killed a young doe and
after taking the hind quarters left the
•front ones in a box car in the 0. P. It
yards.   •/
James Baker, of this city bas organized Duusinuir's miners ut tht
.Ciiinberlawl liiittHs into tho Wsj-stern
Federation of Miners, and has gol
himself.se*veroly disliked by the ex
,r,.V|»Siliil|S«SS ,|«T-—«w».«flBW>..    •*a*i »|
A few nice trout are being caught.
Aid. Woiden has recovered from his
recent illness.
Traffic on the Lardo branch of the
the C. ,P. R. opens today.
The smoke stack on the sawmill has
been put into position.
W* T. Shaftford is making improvements in his store premises.
Wm. Bennett has sold his interest
in the Filbert hotel, Sandon.
The plant of the Sandon Paystrcak
has been removed to Vancouver.
Mrs. Bennett has returned from a
visit to her daughter in Rosslaud.
A company has been formed to
erect a large sash and door factory at
The coal mines at Fernie are being
rapidly opened since the strike has
been settled.
F. B. Hawthorne, representing the
Kootenay Cigar Co., Nelson, was in
town this week.
Inspector of weights and measures
Stevens was in town this week on his
regular tour of inspection.
If you try a pair of Slater Shoes for
men, at Arnots, you will never wear
any other.   The only shoes.
As soon as the improvements to the
Arlington hotel are completed the new
proprietors will hold a grand opening.
There is danger of a coal famine in
Victoria owing to the closing of the
Extension mines. The price of coal
has advanced 50 cents per ton.
As soon as the ammunition arrives
from the coast the Rifle Club will
hold another shoot at the ranges. A
handsome trophy will be competed
A committee has been appointed bv
the provincial government to investigate the land grant made the Columbia & Western by the Dunsmuir government in 1901.
The Nelson Agricultural Society
has secured the necessary land from
the C. P. R. and will start at onee
putting in a race track. It will be
ready for Dominion day celebration.
Angus Buchanan, formerly a grocer
of Nelson, but for sometime a txiok-
keeper for a contracting firm in Everett, Wash., is in trouble for appropriating several thousands of the
firm's money.
Nothing definite has been done ns
yet regarding the 24th of May celebration although the matter is under
consideration. A public meeting will
be called in the course of a few days
to arrange plans for holding one.
Colin Campbell promises New Don
ver people an electric light service
within threo months. Ho has obtained a water right at Goat canyon
and will instill a l(XX)-]ight plant.
He will supply Silverton also with
The concert and sale of work under
the auspices of St. Paul's church
which was held on Monday night wass
a decided stinccess. Tho attendance
was largo and the program good. At
the close of the concert a danco was
given which was thoroughly enjoyed
by all those present.
Cettiiic Coal From Seattle.
Owing to the action of James Dunsmuir in closing the Comox and Ladysmith collieries it has become necessary for to bring coal from sScuttle to
supply tho cities of Vancouver and
Victoria. One bargo has alreadj
been sent.
Gosast Entertainment Comlsf.
A rare treat is in store for the citizens of Slocan. The Miners' Union
have completed arrangements whereby Miss Marietta LaDell and Miss
Emily Frances Scott will appear in
this city on the 27th inst. Miss La-
Dell is an elocutionist of rare ability
and as an impersonator has few equals.
Her imitations of Irish, Negro, German and other dialects are said to be
extremely clever. Miss Scott, winner
of tho scholarship of the Metropolitan
School of Music, Toronto, is a soprano
of high order. She has rtsceived some
very flattering notices from the papers
throughout the country. Don t for
get the date, Monday, April 27.
Gwiilim & Johnson,
B. C
NOTICE is hs'rehy sjiven tlint 30 days aftci
slate wn intern! to apply, nt a siiccial
mi's»tin« of the HiBiir.l ssf Licotislni* Commission-
a.rs for ths City sif Slsscan, fair si transfer of thr
retail lianiiir license fasr tlie Arlini/ton Hotel,
■situate on Lots 1  ninl •', Itlaaask  A, Hlsman, frsstis
iiitrss*lvs.s to Knowles A Patreniiln,
Dsli'il nt .SIsbcisia, ll.C., tliis Dili sltsy ssf April.
E. H. Tiiikmav. Witnes-.
► >»a»»l>i>l>C>'>i>-"t*»>i>»'s^->!»*>>>>>
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
.Sunday, stll a.m. and7.30 p.m.
Sabbath Schoel at 2.80 p.m.
Prayer Meetin**, Wednesday, 7.30 p.m
Strangers and young men
an corsiiiilly invited.   .   .
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why bt without a ranee win**,
you can get one so cheap ? The-*
■re prcferrable to stove* a nd give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
H. J.
Garden Seeds
Flower Seeds
Timothy Seed
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds in bulk
Juat arrived from I). M. Ferry's,
tits' groat Beet} Home, lor Haiti
Onion Sets have arrived.       Leave
yeur ti'der early.
I'rsals Mines-sal Clitlra.
Situate in the Slocnn City Mining Division of tl.e West Kootenay District.
Whero located:—On Lemon creek,
1 'v miles from tlie mouth.
Take notice that I, J. M Mcliregor,
acting as airent for \V, D. Mcintosh. !•'.
M.O. No. B72:W2; 0. S. Baxter, F.M.C.
No. nrO't'l, and P. VV. (ieorge, free
miner's certificate No. 1151.'.■Iti, intern!.
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
tothe Mining Hcco.sler fora certiticaU
of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant for the above
And further take notice that action,
uniler Bection 87. must he commenced
before the Itsunnoo of such certificate ol
Dated thi* 12th slav of February. li-O.'i
•"7-2-0'1 J. M. IfcGREOOR.
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Having opened  a   fi rat-class
establishment on Main Street, 9
tho patronage of the public is J
solicited for Homo-Made Bread, i
Whole    Wheat   Bread,   Cakes, £
Pies, and a full lino of general 9
Confectionery. 8
ii i.a.nvi..of it. <mh ror mi. £
Ksall W..|,:lit uml s>„-,i|i, b|
<.«»isasslrs*<l. I,
Slocan, B. C.        ll
tfiar'fiatir,at™\a'-tf;€;i''t'l-aia',tfi£iaif Ssr.^a'-a,'
I S.BH.-S usaluas Mineral llialsss.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On the first north
fork of I,emiiii creek,
TAKE NOTICF that I, M. L. Grim
tnett, acting as agent for Tlie Cameron iat.
i Wild it Silver Mining Co.,limited liahilitv
K.ll.C. No. BW220, intend, sixty slays
from the slate hereof, to apply to tho
Mining Recorder fora certificate nf improvements, for tlm purpo oof obtaining
i Crown grant of the above claim.
Ansl further tnke notice that action,
uniler section 37, must bo commences!
Liefore thu issuance of such certificate oi
Dated tbis 7th dav ol October, 1902.
20 3-0:!. ' M. I.. GRIMM ""Tl
aSuiugifliT Hhsernl Claim,
Situate in Slocan City Mining Division
of West Kootenay District.    Where
located:— On the alone of Ton Mile,
about  tli ree  miles from  the I'al.ick
Prints* M.O.
TAKF NOTICF  thut I, W. D   Mac-
Kay, acting ns agent for J. J, Godfrey,
freo   miner's    certificate     No.   IJMOHii,
intend, sixty days from  thc date hereof,
to apply  to the Mining   Hecordor for a
• e'tillcate of improvements, for the pur*
1*011 of obtaining a Crown  grant of  tin
ihoys? claim
And further ink.* notice that, iititlon
ivI't section 117, intixt be commenced
•efore tin? Issttltnc** ol such drrtiticate ol
Dated .'";i tt'. da*   >f April, I90H
W*f03 v , li, M vcKAY
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Timber Notice.
ri*AKE notice that 80 slays from date I intend
I tss sspply to the Hon.tlie Chief Commissioner
of Lands at Works at Victoria.B.C.for u special
licenses to cut niid carry away timbor from the
following described lands: Commencing at a
post situnted on tlio east side of tlio main
brunch of Wilson crcok, absivo the IiirIi falls,
and marked E. Chew's southeast corner post;
thence west SO chains: tlienco north K0 chains;
thence east .SO chains; thence south KO chains, to
plnco of coinsnoucemont, containing 840 acres
JS. CHI!'..
Dated this 26th day of March, 1003.	
Timber Notice.
VOTICK is hersby given that 30 slays from
il date I intsnsl to apply to the Hon. tho
Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works at 110-
torin, B.U.i for a special license to cut aud carry.
away timber from the following described lands:
Commencing at a post situated on the west sue
of the main branch of Wilson crock, abovo the
falls ninrksd S. Chew's southwest corner pssst:
thence nsirth liill chains; tlienco oast ID chains;
thence south 1B0 chains; thence wost 10 chains,
to place of commencement.contniniug tlio ucri'S.
Dated this '*7lh day of March, 1903.
Timber Notice.
8 Advertise you A
XvOT.'CEis hereby given that SO days aftor
il date 1 intend to apply to the Chief Co
nilssioi.er of Lnusls & Wssrks fasr two spec
Ucenaei, to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lnnds.situate in West Koot-
ciiay diiitriot: ...      ., .   ,,
Caimn cncing at a post planted on the east side
of Little Slocnn river, mnrkod "J.S.Deschamps'
soutliwi st "sAtner post"; thence 80 chains oast;
thence 10chains north; thence K0chains west;
thence a i chains south, to the place of beginning
Also, commending at a post planted on thc
west side of Little Slocnn liver, marked "J. S.
Des-hanies' southeast corner post;" tha'naie So
eh&ins weat; tl.ence M) chains iss.rtli; thence SO
chain* cast; thence VJ chains south to the place
of beginning.
Haled the -2nd day of March, 1903.
Agent. LiK'alor
Timber Notice.
XJOTICE Is hereby given tli.it JiO ilnys afts'r
il date I intend to npply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands A Works for two special license-., to cut noil carry nway timber from tho
fiilliiwiiig described lands, situate iu West
Kiflsstenny district l
Commencing, at a post planted on thess-cond
point on the west sisle frs.m the south ond of
Little Blocan lake, marked   L. A. Campbell's
sistitlieast corner post;" thenre 40 chains west;
thence WD chains north; thence 40 chains east
to lake shore; thence south along tho lake to
place of beginning;
Alio, i-o.nmenciiig nt a post planted <*n the
east side of Little Slocan hike, marked "L. A.
Campbell's southwest corner p..st;" thence 4n
chains nasi; thence is*. i*hains north : thsuce 10
chains west; thence south along the lake shore
to place nf beginning.
Located the ttnd dny ssf March, l!««.
J. H. CiiisisTiK, L. A. CAMI'HELL,
Agent. Locator
Timber Notice.
NOTICK is lioifby civou that .10 days nfte/
dato 1 intend to npply to the C'hi»»f Ctim-
HiLv-iiom-r of Lands di Works for two special li-
•rrii-cs, t;> rut und rarry away timinpr frnm th*»
folloWi-Ug doTribi'd lands, situate in West Km>t
OflAy district:
t'oimnem in-: at a post planted on tlir 00*t M.le
of Lit llr SliK-an river, mar-kett "K. Dut!ii*"'s
soiithf-ast comer ponl;" tbeueo (fl oh aim north;
tluiiU'O Ml rliain.t wr*t; thenet ni idiains south :
th'Tir*' .-M' ctiain-s aUUattts, to iiUun i.f hfjajiiudrisj,';
Also, fomnifiifinu  at   a punt   flaulrd on  the
west sidp of Littld Slocan  river,  mofkfHj  "IJ, .
Dntliin's southwest  corner post:" thence north |
■SO chains: thence po-it B) chains I   h -uce south >«'
chains; thence we>t   .M) rlinius. to the place of
Uuted the S3rd dav oi March. 1003.
J. H.Chkisttk, K. DDTHIE,
Afftut. I-ocator
in these days of progress and competition
n3 man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
a Mam
to all perais-
tr-it and liberal advertis-
ers: it is read
by everyone.
It tfuaraiitoos
At All Times
Subscribe for
local paper: l/J
M THE DRILL,  $2 per year. M
Timber Notice.
NOTICK is hereby given that :i0 slays after
date I intend to npiily to the Chief Com*
miswlonef of Lansis A Works for iwo speelnl licenses, to cut Hisd carry assay timber fri.ni the
foHowlnft described lands,situate in West KibhI-
enay district:
Commenclns ai a post planted on Die west
siale ssf Little Blsxan riser, marked "C. C. \Val-
Wit's northwest corner post;" thence oast .SO
chains; thencfl' saiulh tKI chains; thssnea* \va*sl til
chains; theuic north "*J chains, to tlis, place of
Alsss, cannmei'.cinif at a pint planted on the
east side of Litilo Blocan river, marked *'C. C.
Walker's southeast corner posti thsmce wsist.X)
chains; I hence norlli Ml chains; thencr east BO
chains] thcnOO SOUth 80 chains, t.i tlie  place of
Dateil the 2:ird day of March, 1903.
J. H. CiiniSTiK, C. C. WALKLIi,
Aitent. Locator
Timber Notice.
NOTICK is heri'hy iciven tins I ."0 days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands A WbrkS fsir twas special li-
a-euses, ts, cat anal carry away timtier from the
followi.iK descriheil In.ids, situate in West Knot-
runy district;
Conimi'iieiiiR at n iHist planted on the east siih.
of Little Shicsin riyer, ninrlied "K. Lamonts
southeast comer post;" thence west SO chains I
'hence north 80 chains; theme east KOchaius;
thence south an chains, tss the place asf lai-uin
Also.' commencing at a (Hist planted on the
cast si I.- of Little Slocan river, marked "|{. La-
nsonl's soiilhcast caflrnir pssst;" tlienco West HI
chainsitbence north no cnnlnsithonce sastmi
chnins; ths'iBCs south W chains, to the place of
LsBcateal the i'lrsl slay of March. 1MB.
J. H. CimiHTiB, H. LAMli.ST,
Agent. l.<M*iitsir
Court of Revision.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt the annual sitting of the Court of Huvision. for Use purpose of honrlng all complaints against the assessment for the year hub. as mads by the Assessor erf the City of Slsscis... ll.C, will beheld
in the Citv Hall, in the said City nf Klocnn. nn
Msioalay, May 1Mb. 1MB, al the hour of 1(1 o'clock
City ssf Slocan, ll.C., Mar. 21. 1!KB.
K. I.IIKNTLKY, CilyChark
KKssriCI  I'lNt. TIMIlKIt l.l.'KSSts.
NOTICE is hereby glviin, pursiiaiit to the pro-
visisBtis ssf Section BO of the "Land Aet,
that III future iiis sneoial  licenses Isa cut timber
an Grown lands will isnitriBiits. i ss,- renowed until
flsT the applicants have hinl the limits survey.
-a.I by a ilislv qualified Provincial Land Surveyor
I.s the satisfnctiiBii of this Liunls ami Works f)n-
Chief Gomtnlflsloner asf Lnuds ,ts Waarks
I. imi Work   Uet.nrtment,
', i.tsirla, I'.C.s'.i't1. Mnrcls, Hjuii.
Do You
Want a Home 1
Then come to Slocan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting,Roads, [Railway
Steamboats, Churohes,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are somo
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Naturo and Man
hath deoreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tai* fa
no -mere idle dream, but a stern tvajifift ■-■


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