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The Slocan Drill 1902-05-09

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%_Sm$ /
VOL. aH-l-Ne.-fl.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   MAY    9,   1902.
•2.00 PER ANNUM.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slecan, British Colombia.
Hardware, Tin and Oraniteware
Paints, OHs, Huralo, Fishing Tackle
Wire Netting, Ore Cars, Rails, Track Iron
Sole Agents for California Giant Powder,
Ghitta Peroha Fuse, Giant Caps, 3 6c 4
Having purchased the Orr stock at a low figure,
we are disposing of it at half price.
Men's Suits Men's Hats
Hen's Sweaters Boys' Underwear
Men's Underwear Hen's Top Shirts
Everything positively at half price. This sale
closes May 10, when everything left over will be
shipped away. Come early as the stock ia going
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKlnney, B. C
Chief of Police Mssslss Pounslkeeper antl
Ordered to Enforce Bylaw—Elliot A
Lennie'a Kill Again Cropa Up—Pile of
Bsialneaa Diipoaed of. ,
A. TOEE-i; CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public,     lt is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Workmanship is Good
and Prioes are Reasonable
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
He-opened under
the old management
Former customers
cordially inviteil to return
iBiiageiiicut. ^
The Royal Hotel,
„_-   ...u_,.«tr..t.n,ID.U-T Avon-. »■•••"•     ___
Huildlng thoroughly renovated
and rest-cked with the best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
kept fresh and well assorted.   We n ht
best the market affords.   Prices        lqCAN
The city council held a long session
on Monday night and disposed of a
big pile ef business. With the exception of Aid. Nichol the fathers
were all present, while The Drill
scribe officiated as clerk.
Communications read: From II. D.
Curtis, auditor's report on the elerk's
books; from Galliher & Wilson, Nelson, legul advice to returning officer;
from W. II. Adams, Kaslo, inquiring
amount of taxes dm on his property;
from B. M. Walton, applying for the
position of city clerk; from the Ledge
New Denver, tender for printing;
from. James Nixon, application for
position of city clerk; from Royal
Bank, Nelson, acknowledging "receipt of funds remitted.
Letters from Galliher & Wilson,
Mr.   Adams,   Mr.   Curtis,   and the
Ledge were ordered filed.      	
The board of works reported baring straightened bed of Springer
creek; repaired sidewalk near post
office; and accepting reduction made
in their estimate by finance commit
tee. Report accepted and ordered to
be filed.
Bills presented: Galliher & Wilson,
legal advice, $10; school board, expenses for April, $150; M. Cameron,
teaming. $33.50; R. A. Bradshaw, Interest on civic note, $1C; T. Ann-
strong, salary as chief of police, $75;
James Farrell, work on streets and
creek, $58 60* I. Bcaupre, work on
creek, $3; T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
supplies, $15.49; Pos-tjflicc box rent,
7U eents. M. Cameron, clearing the
iiuiemico ground, $35.80; J. V. Pur-
vittiicu, poll clerk, Kb.
Aid. barber moved that the accounts be. icfi.iTs.-d to tho finance
committee, but found no seconder.
Aid. AIcCilluui suvngly objected,
as the CMincil  ha.l a eta nil in ■£ order, i
thnt all bills sliould be Ccitilicd to by I
the parties ordering the debt before
btiiiig presented to the council,    lie
then moved, seconded by Aid. Wor
den, that all the acoiupta uncertified
be referred back to tho several com
mittees ordering ilia goods for eudor-
sation before passing same to finance
committee.   Carried.
t    Bills from R.   A.  Bradshaw, post
'office. School  trustees, M. Cameron,
chief of police, J.   V.  Purviance and
Galliher & Wilson  were ordered referred to Una nee committee.
On moiion of Aid. Worden and
Barber, tha chief of police was appointed poundkeeper.
The question of tlie appointment of
a city clerk gave rise to considerable
discussion, tke mayor I olding tha
economy should be practiced. Sime
uf the aldermen held that there was
very little work to de and a smaller
..alary should be paid.
The mayor stated Dr. Bentley was
willing to take thc position at $25 a
month, with an extra $5 as health
inspector. The latter was a very
necessary position and the city would
benefit by thc appointment.
' Aid. McCallum and Barber moved
that R. I. Benllev be appointed city
olerk at a monthly salary of $25, with
an additional $5 a month as hcn/ih
olllcer. Mution carried by a unani
iimus ballot.
Communications of Messrs. Walton
and Nixon were then ordered filed.
Mayor York enquired whether any
licenses remained unpaid and was
answered in ihe affirmative, Orders
wero issued to the collector to see
that the amounts were paid at once.
His worship also inquired Whether
a dangerous chimney on the Wilson
house had  been looked
city clerk, as liru inspector
attend to the matter. __.
Some talk sprang up abont the en
forcement of the pound bylaw, Uie
owners of cows wanting the privilege
of the animals running at large, be
causa there were so few of them. But
thecouncil deciaed no partiality could
be shown and the chief of polico was
ordered to strictly enforce tho bylaw.
The mayor suggested that it was
about time some steps were taken towards putting in an adequate system
of lire protection into the city, as well
as arranging for waterworks. He
ordered that tho fire, water and light
and the flrmnco committees get together and work out some plan and
report at the next meeting of the
Aid. Worden and Robertson moved
that the Unanci! committee be authorized to renew the civic note in the
hands of R. A. Bradshaw, amounting
to $H00, and falling due on May 10,
Aid.McCallum and Robertson gave
notice of Introducing at next meeting
bylaw No. 18, defining the duties or
the eity clerk.
Ellidt & Lernie's letter, threatening buU unless their bill for fighting
the "famous 34" were paid, was next
in order, and it took half amhour to
Ho anything with it. During that-
time the old arguments against and
for the proposition were adduced, the
mayor wanting the bill agjitfcom-
mitted to the finance committee.
Aid. McCallum and Smith moved
that the bill be referred back to the
finalise committee, to report at next
regular meeting. Motion carried,
Aid. Barber and Robertson voting
In accordance with the request of
the M. U. General Hospital board,
who asked that a member of the
council be added to their management, the mayor was appointed to
the position.
A communication from P. Swan,
previously referred to the beard of
works, was ordered filed.
Council adjourned.
stopped work on Tuesday, owing to
water coming in. Thoy have penetrated 45 feet into the ledge without
reaching the hanging wall. The
boys are greatly pleased at the result
of their winter's work,
Jack Clarke Writes   Entertainingly  of
the Boer War.
Last Tear's Shipments Were 6014 Tods—
A Healthy Evidence of the Life and
Wealth of the Cainp-Arllngtea th*
Biggest Shipper.
Offered to the Municipal Elections Act
la the Legislature.
Of all the amendments to the Municipal Elections Act brought into the
legislature this session, thoso offered
by Mr. Oliver, member for Delta.are
the most sweeping and, if adopted,
will materially alter existing conditions.
One of thc provisions insists that
all municipal voters must, by January 1, make a declaration that he or
she has resided .within the munici
pality for 12 months, and has paid
all rates, taxes, assessments, rentals
and license fees, not chargeable
against real estate, and deliver such
declaration to the city clerk or asses-
tor. Non-resident property holders
will find their privilege of voting
taken away, as all voters must be
boon fido residents within the corporate limits.
Those in arrears far sewer, electric
light, and other civic ratis will not
be* allowed to vote. Moreover, only
a male, or an unmarried or widowed
female, owning propeity and properly registered, will bucntitlid to vote.
Again, no voter shall have his name
enters d on the list more than once,
stoing «way with tho extra votes un
dci the ward system.
Any person impt"*pcrly added to
or omittrd from the votrr's list mav
be ordered to be left off or added on
application te a magistrate or judge.
Under the present law names may be
added which have been left off by
mistake, but there is no machinery
fur getting a name off' which has been
improperly put on.
Nominations, as now, will take
place on the second Monday in January of each year, and tho polling on
the next Monday instead of the fol
lowing Thursday. The clerk, instead of the mayor, 6hall cIosb the
voter's list and certify to its correct
ness. The list has to be closed not
later than January 5, and to be
printed and ten copies posted up in
cunspicnous places in thc municipality within throe days thereafter.
Were the bill to carry, Slocan's
voter's list would drop to less than
100 names.
Quarreling; Over Loeal Tewi.aite.
after., The
Fletcher S. Andrews, barristcr.for-
nierly of this place but now of Winnipeg, claims to be the owner ofa 11-
128*intcrest in the blocan townsite,
and, as such, hns instituted proceed
ings against Frank Fletcher for a
trustee's accounting of all transactions in connection with tho said
townsite. Selling real estate here
was evidently a winning proposition,
as the townsite companv distributed
122,400 in dividends. Plaintiff asks
for a declaration of title, accounting
of all monies received on sales, and
payment of proportion of same due
him. Defendant expresses himself as
willing to render an account cf his
Double Service on I.isk.'.
Supt. Marpolo, when through here
last week, gave orders to keep the
tug Sandon in commission when the
repairs were effected to the Slocan.
The latter will make two round trips
each day, leaving hero at 7 a.m. She
will lift all the ore offering at the
lake ports, while tho tug will look
after the barges, It took years and
a bad accident to get tho desired service.        	
Aslji.iiiisssl Again.
Jas. Cross, proprietor of the Royal
hotel, has received lhe following interesting letter from Jack Clarke,
ono of tho Slocan boys serving in
South Africa. It was dated from
Klerksdorp, March 22, just previous
to the big battle at Hart's River:
"I have been intending to write to
you for some time, but it is so hard
to get a chance, and when vou get a
letter written it is such a hard job lo
find an envelope.   Well, we  have
got pretty well up to the front, and
will start out on a big drive in a dav
or two after Delarey.   He is supposed
to be out about 15 miles with 1700
men,while Dewet is supposed to have
joined him with 300 more, making
them 2000strong.   French is coming
in the other w..v with 12,000 men and
we will then have about 25,000 men
to go out this way under General
Kitchener; so if they can't get him
with this odds they had better give
it up.   They have these blockhouses
about 600 yards apart en  all  tho
kopjes, and all along the railway, so
it is pretty  hard for the Beers to get
around   without   being  teen.   The
block houses are made of corrugated
iron, sonic, ronnd and some square,
and buili up for about four feet with
rock and others with sod—just depends which is the handiest.   About
12 or 15 men are in each.   There
have been about 1500 Boors captured
the last two or three weeks.
"There is a great gang when you
get about 10,000 men   camped   together and horses for each; then there
are the oxen and mules en the transport.   It is surprising, and you could
hardly believe lt without seeing it.
This is the terminus of the road.about
120 miles west of Johannesburg.   1
never saw trains runninT bo thick as
they were when we came up.   You
would see five er six in a string, and
not over 51X3 yards apart, all In the
military service.
"Weil, I wish you wore here. It if
a fine country, and I think they have
the best part of the world. It is all
fine rolling prairie as far as you can
sec. They grow all kinds of fruit
here and the climate ia good, as far
as I can see. I think it is the finest
stock country, as there is no wintqr,
and lots of grass and fairly well watered. From Johannesburg up this
way for about 50 miles is where the
Hand runs. Big stamp mills are
along it, about every 5G0 yards.
"This outfit is pretty strict and
they never let us down town. I never
get any Scotch here, except one day,
when I rustled three drinks, but I
am fc'.'ling fine. There are big
camps of Dutch women in the refugee
camps, but the troops are not allowed
to go near them. There are about
2000 here, and at several places along
the line thcro were camps of 5000 and
COOO. You had better come out here
after this war is settled aud wc will
try and make something. I have
just been to church and have come
back, watered horses, and am ready
for dinner—mutton stow today."
Things have taken a brighter hue*
this week in shipping circles, as tho
roads are now in fair shape to permit
of ore coining down. Thc Arlington
i3 sending a littlo down each day
and by next week will have several
cars to go forward. From the Enterprise CO tons was sent out, constituting the only local shipments for
the week. Both it and tho Arlington
will be regular shippers during the
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Last year
tlie exports totalled 0529 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a full
list ot the shipments this year to
ui XL-
The case of Clark vs Collom, arising out of tho sale ofthe Arlington,
came up in tho supremo court at
Vancouver last week. On the application of B. P. Davis, K.C., the
appeal stands until the next sitting
oi tho Full Court. In the meantime
the. trial entered for hearing at Ross-
land stands adjourned.
Work on Hiss Myrtle.
The owners of the Myrtle group,
at  the   head ot Twelve Mile creek,
Born.—In New Denver, on May 6,
the wife of Kev. A. E. Roberts, ofa
Don't forget to renew your miner's
license this month and bo avert disaster, particularly to the governments
Slocan will celebrate the 1st of
July in great shape this year, $125
being already on hand as a nest egg.
i cheap excursion will lie run from
Nelson.   Pass the word aloi)"*.
Football and baseball have given
place to lacrosse, and the youths of
the city have organized a ciuh. The
hardware mon have offered the club
a premium on alt windows smashed.
Appended is a complete list of the various recorils reginteresl nt the local registry office, R, P. Christie being raining
Apl 30—Richmond, Ten Mile creek, ,1
Elinire, samo, E Kyton.
Apl 2B- Mojavo, Doirent, Poiiinierseitli
Four Friends.
80—Gypi" basis, Anniston, Otis.
Mny 1—Stan wood,
3—Orillia, Gatineau, Simcoe, Midnight.
-Car silver, 51 cents.
It snowed every day last week at
the Speculator.   *
During April the Whitewater sent
out 172 tons of ore.
More men have be m added to tho
force at the Bosun.
During April the Rambler added*
460 tons to its output.
More men have been aided to the
foico. at the Arlington.
A large quantity of T rail was taken up to tho Ottawa during tho    •
J, M. McGregor has completed the
survey of the Creole group, on Lemon
The recent landslide at Sandon
destroyed a portion of the Ivanhoe
Work started on the Wakefield this
week, with Ward Macdonald in
The Arlington Mines are applying
for a crown grant on the Loder claim,
on Springer creek.
Ore again commenced coming
down from the Arlington on Tuesday.
Tbe road is in fair shape.
The Hewett, en Four Mile, commenced shipping ugain this week,
the roads having dried up.
Last week the Granby smelter
treated 10,312 tons of ore. The total
treated for thc year is 401,932 tons.
Mayor York has purchased W. II.
Warren's half interest in tho Sunny-
side fraction, east of tho Speculator
Sheriff Tuck is again offerine Jas.
McKinnon's interest in thc Hampton
group for sale, to take place on the
23rd inst.
The lead stack at the Nelson smelter has closed down and it looks as
if the Silver King mine would do
Duplex iti, George Soiicey to
Apl 30
A Provost-.	
May 2 —Har/ipton, F.thel K, Plunger,
Gamp Fire and Silver Bow, sheriff's notice of sale of James McKinnon's interest
on May .:..
The Enterprise peoplo are mixing
cor.eentrntos with clean oro, so as to
grade tho output of the mine up to a
certain value.
The lower drift on the Combination
has passed throuerh 25 feet of wash
and is now into the ledge. Some oro
ii being encountered in the breast.
W. D. Munro, superintendent at
the Arlington, has severed connection
with that property. He and Mrs.
Munro went out on Monday's train.
Tom Murphy came down from the
Arlington Mondav lor medical treatment, having a nasty cut on the
head. He had been ground sluicing
and a rock fell on him.
On Monday the new crusher for the
Enterprise concentrator was taken
up to Ten Mile on a barge. It eamo
'rom tho Allis-Chaliners works at
Denver, Col. The two rollers weighed 2120 pounds.
Junies Marino has won eut on.the
aiipoal in his suit against A. Sproat
and A. Mclnnes, over thc Marion
mine at New Denver. Marino has
$3000 coming to him, besides costs of
about an equal amount.
Alter many years Coat Mountain,,
New Denver, is receiving serious attention and some rich ore chutes are
being found. Messrs. Thorn| wn and
Bolander have each discovered paying propositions this sprin-f.     — •mammm
111 ,n i.i        .I'; .Hi.  _*u#
...Bar GeMtfc P. Cams!
Oa*»**If***»a, I0WL, W •* ***•■ Cents.
Lawyers had poor picking In Dead-
wood in t_e hnrrah days of the camp,
fsoinehow the motley «*rowd there got
into the bablt cf settling disputes out
of s?ourt—naostly with six shooters and
Winchesters. Homicides were of frequent iraurreoee—tn fact, the "man
for breakfasi'- schedule was observed.
But vigilantes often interfered end persisted In dropping the killer, even
though discussion of tbe Incident was
continued. Then, too, when a shot waa
taken at a claini Jumper, tbat waa considered a privileged communication, according to the unwritten law. Except
for the fashion and common practice
of the camp all tbe lawyers In It—and
there were lots of tbem—would have
had a case apiece and at short Intervals. As matters stood, however, It
wssn'l often tbat any one of tbem was
able even to arrange for a fee.
When BUI Hooper took a case for
f-25, bis law partner seriously objected,
though It was tbe first either bad had
In weeks.   BUI said he did It to en*
courage trade. Tbot waa no excuse,
for while human anatomy might be
carved wltb Impunity or uuy sharp Instrument, prices couldn't be cut Bill
expressed tbe opinion that bis client
was a fool for employing a lawyer anyway, for be didn't have a ghost of a
show of winning his case, and to take
Ids gold was Just like finding It These
were also trivial matters, be was Informed. As for finding gold, wasn't
tbat wbat brought tbem. all to tbe
camp?  No one expected to work for It
BUI wanted to stand well wltb hla
partner, wbo had kltb or kin somewhere from whom bo thought be conld
borrow money If It came to tbe plncb.
BUI was Isme. As tbe reads to Cheyenne and Sidney were both long and
dusty, be preferred to ride on a stage
rather than walk out of camp. Prom
the looks of things, unless business
picked up one means or the otber
would bave to be resorted lo before
long. It was policy for Bill to humor
bis partner. He went to tbe saloon
keeper wbo bad mashed tbe bead of a
tusu with a bottle and told blm be
would bave to charge him $100 Instead
of $25 to take charge of bis case. Wben
tbe client remarked something about
It being a holdup game and declined
to be -rubbed, tbe lawyer told blm there
wru no defenae, for the assault bad
been unprovoked and $100 would be
dirt cheap to get him off. BUI pointed
out tbat tbe victim waa likely to die,
In which event tbe place to wblcb tbe
glumlll man would go was not noted
for laying up treasures. Plnslly a bar
gain waa made, with tbe understanding tbst a hundred dollar fee would be
paid If tbe case was dismissed or tbe
accused went free; otherwise no charge
was to be made by BUI.
Tbe trial was held in tbe office of tbe
Justice of tbe peace, and tbe room was
parked. Preliminaries over, tbe Justice asked wbo appeared for tbe defense. No one answered. Everybody
looked at Bill, wbo was standing In the
doorway. He continued smoking, but
msde no otber sign. Wben questioned,
tbe prisoner said BUI wss his counsel.
"Do you sppear for the defense,
Counselor Hooper7" asked Ihe Justice.
"Tbe prisoner aaya you agreed to."
"He's mistaken."
"Do you Intend to take part In tbla
"Do you refuse to appear In this
''What do yon mean, Counselor Hooper, by taking a nan's money and tben
ri'flining to do your duty to your client's"
"Didn't see tbo color of his money,"
was the only comment of BUI. He nnd
tbe Justice were ancient enemies. The
latter thought be saw a chance to put
the lawyer In a hole. He conferred
with the prisoner and tben fairly mured: "Hooper, you ought to be turned
out of court and out of ramp. The
prisoner says be hired you io defend
blm and took you for a man of your
word and depended on you and < on-
Mlted nobody but you wben there are
piles or men in this camp wbat-knows
more law than you."
BUI waited till the Justice exhausted
himself and sank back In his cbalr.
Putting away at his cigar so be
wouldn't bave to waste more time und
matches on It wben ready to resume
hla smoking, he exclaimed:
"'You see It was this way: Jim come
to me and wanted me to take tils case.
I told blm I didn't want to take bts
money for notblng, but Just to humor
him said be could give uie a hundred
if I got him off. I knew tbere was no
use trying a case before tbis court and
fUdn't fool away my time fixing for It
It'a Just like I told Jlm-a man can't
get Justice In this camp till we're rid
of tbe duffer what thinks be knows
law and dob't know a little bit"
"You did, did your howled tbe Jus
"That'a what I did," blandly remarked BUL
-"So you go 'round telling the boys I
don't know nothing 'bout law, do your'
The crowd guffawed In chorus, either
because Bill's estimate was common
property or tbe expression of It by tbe
Justice himself gave tbem • chance to
concur therewith. Here the temper of
thc Justice boiled over. He thumped
bis desk and yelled out, "Did you tell
this prisoner be couldn't get Justice In
tbls court?"
"This Is no court,** was the comment
Without seeming to notice tbe sarcasm or Implied Insult, the Justice repeated bla queatlon. It called forth
thia response: "Yea, I said Just that,
and, what's more, I believe It, too, and
so does everybody In tbls camp. A
man can't get Justice while"—
Qasptng witb rage, tbe Justice threw
himself on top of tbe desk, wbacklng It
wltb bla fists till tbe boards cracked
and delivered tbls decision: "I'll show
you, you clubfoot duffer, tbat a man
can get Justice In tbis court; I'U show
this camp what a liar you are, BIU
Hooper—tbe prisoner's discharged."
Outside the ofliee tbe man wbo waa
released from custody paid Bill $100.
aa he bad promised, and tben took tbe
next stage out of Deadwood, for be was
afraid of vigilantes.
Folllac the Csaaaaasa Bniay.
Tbe widow of an English army officer was visiting me with ber son. a
charming little fellow about five years
old. The mother told me with pride
how honorable be waa, bow blgb
minded, and tbat she had never for an
instant seen ln blm indications of any
ttalta that were low or base.
The child was put to bed every night
at 0. We dined at 7. I was sitting In
the drawing room one evening before
dinner. Tbe room waa dark, tbe doors
open, and my seat commanded a view
of both tbe stairway and tbe dining
room. Tbe table was set, and in tbe
center waa a dish of tempting peaches.
Presently tbere came to my ears the
patter of little bare feet and a childish figure clad In a nightgown stole
down tbe stairs, through the ball. Into
the dining room, up to tbe table. Small
fingers seised tbe topmost peach from
tbe dish, and the little fellow turned
and trotted away up stairs again.
Aa I sat ln the dark in an agony of
apprehension tbere esme^agaln tbe
patter, patter of little feet and a white
clad figure stole down the stairs,
through tbe ball. Into tbe dining room,
up to tbe table. Small lingers replaced
tbe stolen peucb Just where It bad
been, and a stubborn little voice mut
tcred, "Done again, old devil!"—Har
Freaks la Haatlan.
The biggest authenticated bag secured at one shot of which 1 hs ve ever
beard consisted of oue rabbit (the
cause of tbe shot), one beater, one onlooker (a French cook), a boy and a
dog. I once sbot nine snipe at a shot,
but this waa in South America. Tbey
were on tbe ground, and tbey were
shot for tbe pot. I bave read of n
aportsman (not Baron Munchausen)
wbo shot a bumblebee and a butterfly
right and left, and Indeed sometimes a
large bumblebee does for an Instantaneous second look uncommonly like
a distant advancing grouse. Just as.
wben on the alert for partridges, tbe
fieldfares breasting the hedge often
cause a nervous twitch of tbe gun.
Curious circumstances sometime* occur out shooting. A frleud walking In
line down a turnip field saw a startled
baro running fast and straight toward
blm up a furrow. He stood still, wait
ing for ber to turn, but tbe bare wiih
ber peculiar vision did not see blm und
ran her head plump against bis shin.
killing herself and very seriously bruising bis leg.-Kortulgbtly.
Pol.on of the Ceailp-**.
The centlped Is popularly supposed
to carry a sting on each foot, but I
have several times handled them, after
their heads were removed, without the
claws producing any result It Is the
first pair of claws only that are venomous, being hollow and provided with
poison bags like a snake's fang. The
largest I ever saw was eleven Inches
In length, a grewsome creature. A bite
from one of this size would most likely
have been futul to a mun In weak
The tarantula, though his powers of
offense are notblng like those of the
scorpion or centlped. Is, however, u
more unpopular character than either.
The horror of these Isrge spiders entertained by many people Is curious und
uunccouiitnblc. I have seen Australian
bushmen, who In everyday life scarce
ly seemed to understand danger, turn
while as a sheet at tbe sight of a
small "trlantelope," as tbey called It-
Cbumbci's' Journal.
Favorable  I'olnt.
"Will then* be any honor for tbe man
who discovers the norm pole?"
".'•M'tiiiiily. He will be a grout life
"A life sn ver 7"
"Yes. Explorers will cease going
tht'ii."-Chlcugo News.
force, but that Sard Alberts' commando wus at Victory, changed h's
pluns and went to the latter p ,. o.
Alberts' laager was taken compbste-
ly by surprise before dawn. Under
the fire of a pom-pom the Boers'
horses stampeded. Tha burghers
put up a smart fight, but failed to
withstand the charge ot the mounted
men, particularly the Scottish
Horse, who charged gallantly right
home. The result was seven Boers
killed, and 181, Including Commandant Alberta, made prisoners. The
British loss was only a few wounded. Major Leader is a native ol
Westwood, County of Peterboro, and
wns educated at. Trinity College
School, Port Hope. He is also
a graduate of the Royal Military
College, Kingston.
Iilici.at Man lis tlse World.
The biggest man in the world Is
Brcnni, the Swiss giant. Thoro are
several Swiss giants, but Iliennl
overtops them all with his height
of 9 foot 7 Inches, and he is a big
man in proportion. His clothes
cost him seventy-ftvo dollars per
suit, and he cannot get into an ordinary railway carriage.
lti|n,«r,i tiatal tt ...Is.
To prevent exposed metal work
frssm rusting grind to an impalpable
powder one quart of graphite, four
parta lead sulphide anil sine part
zinc sulphate. To this udd grailunl--
ly, while stlrrlnr, fifteen parts boiling hnseed oil varnish. Apply witb a
"«**>• War In Suptti .Wriest. It. ivuaaand
Ita  CunSnci,"   by  Ur.   A. ('•nun
llo.ls*, asstl li. sil.Js cm.
A patriotic enterprise of a   somewhat unusual character is Dr. Con-
an     Doyle s .pamphiet,   "ihe War in
South     Africa;     Its      Cause     and
Oonduct."     When diplomatic     relations     between the Dutch republics
and Great     Britain     were strained
the foreign press practically     unanimously loos-, the Doer side, and   represents, d     Britain as a swaggering
and g.asi'ing bully,  bent on forcing
a ilgs.t with and robbing VWo weak
pastoral   .countries.       When what
may bo desuibed as tbe regular war
was in pi ogress t be continental press
n ng wiih varied expressions ol what
muy not unfairly  be called    hatred
and  contempt of  the  British       soldiery,      concerning     whose courage
and conduct ull manner of lies were
repeated.     When the war passed into  iia  present 'irregular stage      the
torrent of calumny deepened,      and
assertions of inhumanity and     outrage were eiinumerable,   centring   to
some  extent  around   the  concentration camps,  the occasional      executions     which  wero  found  necessary,
and the abortive negotiations     for
peace.   British newspapers from time
to time noticed some of these    slanders to refute them, but for a   long
time no urgent id attempt was made
to  put  forward   the   British       side
of the case.
It is this that Dr. Conan Doyle
has set out to do in bis pamphlet,
a small volume of 156 pages,
which is published by Messrs. Smith,
Elder A Co. of London. The un-
drrtaking is distinctly patriotic.
While at its price of sixpence a pro-
lit is left for the vendor, "to my
publisher and to myself," in Dr-
Conivn Doyle's own words, " thia
work has been its own reward."
And he adds: "Our further ambition is, however, to translate it into tall European tongues, and to
send a free copy to every d'-i'uty
and every newspaper on the continent and7in America." For money
to aid in this he made an appeal.
The book within the first week after publication achieved a sale of
2,*>0,000 copies, and Dr. Conan Doyle
has announced through the columns
ot The Times that the plan of translating the work will be carried out.
"So rancorous is the feeling in Germany against us." remarks Dr.
Doyle, "that we have been unable,
so far, to find a publisher who
dare publish a moderate account of
the British case, although all expenses were guaranteed* by us. Could
anything be more suggestive of the
complete absence of elementary fair
play which has marked all this monstrous agitation? The one fair-
minded German whom we have met is
Baron Tauchnitz. who has included
the book in his English library.
Meanwhile, the German translation
ii nearly ready, and, if we are unable to find a publisher in Germany
we .shall print 5.000 copies in London and send them ourselves to those
who we . desire to influence." In
Holland the same difficulty was experienced.
x • us iiissii, Offlevr'a Saecaaa.
The d'siiitihes of Feb. 7 from
Pretoria contained the following:
Major Leader of the Fifth Dragoon
Guard. went out with mounted
troops from the colunins of Cols.
Ks.'kewiih and Iliel-ie with the object of attacking Gen. Delarey's
force, which was said to be near
rtterksdorp. On the way a Boer
picket was si.rpi is.'il. nnd Major
Lender, on learning from the prisoner that Delarey had moved     his
*| Copyrlifht, 1TO1, byMai-yWood.    T
April ta Venice!. The Italian sky
smiled down on the rippling waters of
the lagoon, but Marian Dane was blind
to Its loveliness as sbe 'leaned back
languidly in ber gondola. These month*
of traveling bad failed to make bet
It was all tbe fault et tbe pink rosea,
she told herself. Why could they not
keep to their own proper season of
June? But In these lands of summer,
In Italy and southern France, even during January, their fragrance, like a
breath of poison, bad deadened ber Interest In new scenes and experiences.
And yet pink roses had once meant
happiness to Marian. They had first
come into her childish life in pleasant
dreams. When sbe grew into a slender
slip of a girl and graduated from tbe
Young Ladles' seminary, It was only
tbe frantic clasp of her fingers on a
bunch of roses tbat kept her voice from
faltering over, the prise essay. Jack
Dawson's card was tied to the long
stems, and Jack and she were boy and
girl lovers. It bad come about naturally, for tbey lived side by side, wltb
no envious wall to bar tbelr twilight
confidences—only a low hedge. Tbey
were In that delicious stage wben
secrecy seemed to add a new tie of
love—a tie tbat shut out the rest of the
world. So she wore the ring on a ribbon round ber neck and atole down to
meet ber lover by tbe big pink rosebush.
Ab, bow long ago that seemed! Afterward bad come a dreadful day, tbe
day of tbe quarrel. Being tbelr first,
tbey took It far too seriously. It waa
In tbe old garden, whose charm for
once waa broken. Jack was Impetuous, abe cool and reproachful. Beforo
either of tbem knew what had happened she bad slipped tbe ring into bis
band, and be was out of sight serosa
the hedge.
Sbe bad sat tbere at first too stunned
to think, but pride came to her aid.
Her cheeks flamed aa righteous Indignation grew. She planned It all out-
Jack was too Impetuous and must
hsve a lesson, and aba was quite firm
enough to administer It It waa a
very proud little figure that started
for tbe bouse, defiantly pulling a bunch
of pink rosea out of her belt and flinging them into the grasa. But tbe next
minute abe waa down on ber kwws,
gathering, tbem up carefully aa sbe
whispered, "It waa not your fault
poor dears!"
Slowly tbe days passed by. If Jack
were having a lesson, he waa learning
It In silence, for no overtures came
from beyond the hedge. Her anger
waa dead, and In Ita place was tbe
growing fear tbat he would never
again come to her. In vain she bad
called up all ber pride and tried to
follow bla example. It was too bard
a task when be was ao near.
She grew restless. She would go
abroad and leave even hla memory far
behind. Mr. Dane did not suspect wbat
was the matter wltb bla motherless
girl, but If sbe wanted a trip to Europe sbe should have It Jack must
have known about tbe plan, but he
made no sign. Tbey sailed from New
York. Among tbe gifts sent to tbe
steamer were no. pink rosea and no
card from Jack.
Now tbe splash of oars conld not
rouse ber from ber bitter reverie, but
as tbey turned a corner-a breath of
the old fragrance brought a atab of
pain to her beart. Tbey floated close
to a tiny garden aet like an emerald
between tbe dark buildings, and over
Its low wall bung a blooming spray.
At sight of the rosea cams renewed
longing for home. She would fight
against It no longer. She went back
to tbe hotel filled with peace.
A letter waa waiting for her. Aa ahe
opened It leisurely, she wondered what
bad moved Leslie Prince to write to
ber. Leslie had been one of tbe belles
of tbe home aet, but sbe and Marian
hud never been particularly chummy.
The letter began effusively (Leslie
was alwaya effusive):
tty D*arnt Marian—I hara a lurprtaa tor you. I
am en<afed.   Aad you can't gotta to whom—to
The sheet almost fell from Marian's
trembling band, but ahe forced herself
to read on:
It It ill vary au"dam. I bid so Idta that Im
rared lor mi, but ha dots—awfully—and lnititi oa
bring married In June. Now, I want you lor a
bridnimaid. Do prom lie that you will conn hotni
in tlm..    You won't biva to bother much almut
it,, stisn**.   It wi" he a pink md whit, wri'lna.
M while mullwlthpinkroir*
There was more, but she could read
no further. "To Jack!" that Is whut
her brain kept repealing. So soon-to
marrv another so soou A:i,l tbey
wau>'«*d her to be a brldesmald-lt was
too crtiel-at his wedding-never! She
would stay abroad alwaya. But as she
thought It over, through long hours of
the day and of the night, sbe found
herself feverishly eager to go. Deep la
uer heart there was a longing to see
him once again before be wna gone
from ber forever, but tbla sbe would
not admit, oven to herself. She wrote
thnt she would, accept the Invitation
with pleasure.
The weddlug waa to be on tbe 8tb
of June. The Dnnea should nave arrived in New York on the 0th. but
their steamer was delayed by storm,
so It was not until noon of tbe wed
ding doy that she found herself walk
ing through the well remeinberfd gar
den. The roses were nil In bloom, nnd
ns their fragrance met her lt socinr-d
Uint the past year must be a hlfieoiu-
dream. But no. it waa bla weddluc
day, snd sbe was to be a bridesmaid
aud carry pink rosea.
She dressed at borne, with tbe' aid
of her old nurse. Through tbe wiudow
came the garden scents, and alio could
even see tho pink glory of tbo old
trysting bush. And were these uot
some of its roses that Nancy offered
for her hair? She shivered as sho put
on tbe soft cllnglug dress. If it were
only ber shroud!
The carriage came and In a few too
ahort moments she was at tbe house.
They were finishing the dressing of
the bride. Leslie was Indeed beautiful.
Sbe Insisted on stopping to embrace
Marian. How poorly sbe looked, and
It waa a shame that tbo old steamer
had to be late. But lt would be alt
right about tbe procession; sbe need
only follow tbe other girls.
Everywhere pink roses! Tbelr fra-
grauce seemed to affect Marian like •
narcotic, but sbe drew herself up
proudly. Should she show the world
how she suffered? Now came tbe signal to start Marian clutched ber rosea
bo tightly tbat tbe tborns cut through
ber gloves, bnt she walked witbout
a tremor. Suddenly her new found
self possession vanished. Tbere, before
her, among the ushers, was Jack Daw-
sou. Her bead swam, but sbe walked
on mechanically uutll sbe reached the
landing overlooking tbe lower hall and
saw, pale and nervous as ever a groom
could be, Jobn Thornton. She understood it now. He was Jack—tbe only
Jack—to Leslie. A wave of relief, almost of happiness, surged over ber.
She never knew how sbe stood
tuough tbe ceremony. Aa ln a dream,
sbe was by bis side. He might bave
felt tbe trembling of tbe little figure
and her secret In her face. Perhaps he
did, for afterward, In a lull, she found
herself ln a corner of tbe porch, while
a dear voice was making Impetuous
explanations and appeals.
And for answer she bid ber blushing face in her buncb of pink roses.
Chlaeae Matetaea.
The men and women employed la
the Chinese factories bavo loug hours
aud poor pay, nnd they suffer much
from tho sulphur fumes. The Chinese
care little "for human life, and almost
no precautions nre taken to lessen
risks. No foreigners are employed,
aud tbe heartless native overaoera
have Tull sway. There Is one redeeming feature, bowever, of tbls Industry
-tbe matchboxes are largely made at
tbe homes of the factory girls. Tbey
go to the factory und receive a certain amount of prepared box materials "In tbe llst"-thut is, tbe thin
pieces of board and tbe sanded and
the stumped paper covers wblcb wben
nrscmbled coustitute a matchbox. At
their own homes they sit down beside
a pot of paste and begin tbe long day's
work of pasting together these ports
ind placing them In tbe sun to dry.
Tben several hundred of these are
completed, tbey pile tbem upon •
board, luy another board on top of the
stuck, tben tie them tightly with a
small rope and, bundling them on
their backs,' trudge off to tbe factory.
There tbe boxes are counted and tbe
number entered In a book against tke
monthly settlement day.
—nil were vegetarian.
Tbe Masonic order had Its origin
these ancient brotherhoods without
doubt All the Masonic emblems of today were known to these brotherhoods.
so also tbelr passwords.
A Baal flekolar.
The maater of an elementary achool
ln England sent a circular to tbe parents of tome of the pupils under bis
charge stating that judicious corporal
punUhment often bad a beneficial effect "on backward boys and asking it
tbey would approve ot auch a course
when be considered It necessary. Tha
following ia one of the replies he got:
Dsr str I hav rsssved ur flogeing sirkier
and u hav My aankshen too wolup Mr
sun Jhon ass much ass u Uk I no Jhon i,
a vary bad skolar his spalen* is aimpeiy
atroshas i hav trld to lech him Myatif
but he Wfi not lern nothing so 1 hop u
will bet It Intow him sis much sss u lean.
Urs truley, —.—
P. a-ths ream Jhon Is slch a bad skolar
fa bskss he Is My sun by My wits first
husband.     ,
Tke Mm nasi Bis ■■ease.
Once upon a time a man afflicted with
annual attacks of bay fever waa walking In the* city wltb a friend.
'-Tbla la about tlve time when my
trouble should begin,"* be aaid. "a
wisp of bay or tbe down of a peucb
would now atart me and tend me to
the mountains for relief.'
Juat tben a grass widow passed him,
ind the man aneeaed moat vociferously.
"Too are Indeed sensitive," aaid hit
MoraL—There are thlnga that abould
be aneeaed at—New York Herald.
An OMIiat finer.
"How entire," remarks tbe London
Globe, "la tbe confidence of tbe native
Indian In the government may be gathered from the following anecdote,
which cornea from Lahore: A tiger
bad escaped from the soological gar*
dens, and Ita keeper, hoping to lure It
back, followed It. Wben all other inducements bad failed, be lifted up bis
voice and solemnly adjured It In the
name of tbe British government, to
which It belonged, to come back to Ita
cage. The tiger, lt la needless to add,
obeyed at once."
That Waa Aaottaer Qaratloa.
Ta ifrom npper landing to daughter
entertaining ber "steady" In tbe parlor)
-Gladys, what time Is UT
Oladys—I don't know, pa. Our clock
Isn't going.
Pa-How about George? _
Oa. Ms.ii lo  Ha  -.»».!.
"I have determined," aaid ths
eweet young thing, "to dovote myself to the cause of temperance."
"In what Way?"
"Well," she answered, "recently
published statistics show that there
is less dissipation among married
men than single men." p
A Chniei* ••" r.vlla.
A certain Oxford undi-rgrnduat.
was found one evening by bit "Ileus*"
Htnoking on forbidden ground, in Hit
quadrangle of the csilloge.
"Do you mean to set me nt d. fiance, sir," shoutid the doctor. "Dr
are you lost to oil sense of decern :• '
Answer at once!"
Tbe undergraduate hesitated. To
acknowledge the former would mean
lieing "sent down." the latter—well,
it was the better fault uf the two
"I am lost to all sense of decency,
sir." he replied humbly.
This* afterwards became one of tho
doctor's pet stories.
▼e-retarlaas la Hlatwry.
It la evident from Arrian and Porphyry that vegetarian orders of mea
were well known ln tbelr time and tbat
tbey were found In India lo the time
of Alexandria. Tbey existed ln different orders long before tbe time of
Jesus ln Egypt, Syria, etc., and were
known by tbe names of Saaenlana, Es-
sennees, Esyans, Coenobites and Faith*
lata, etc., and tboae on Mount Carmel,
of whom Elijah, ths prophet waa the
chief rabbi, described by Pliny, were
known aa Carmelites. Whatever tbe
name, tbe principles were all tbe aame
Pare i"o»l-
McJIgger —
Tour friend
Klose is making plenty of
money these
Thnt's strange.
I saw blm yesterday, and he
looked rather
seedy and discontented.
That's bis fox-
Inesa He ia
afraid to spruco
up for fear
•tome one will
want to borrow
from him.—
A   Mia   te
k y ii m bns a
pretty good
wife, hasn't
Ilrjwn —Yes,
Why. she even
lets hlin s'.noks
lu tlie parlor.
What Tfceat
Miss Wrinkles   Ho|
F never expect to inai*-
r*T* i-
Belie-But  wlmt Ir
some one should r >
If Tn laavre The*** t*jmvtoma Your Wer-en Are Weak ui Exhanstod-Von Cm <•>•«
WeU by Calng pr. CfcW- \erre Food.
msJataTSstmrnV ^y ,on* •>""• shrouded In more or less mystery   by th.
iTSSSt UaaHS a^ereT^noTveS ie     Ld S." 2 "T^" f"U8lratlon'  *•**«»»»«- * locomotor atax-
nsrroua diseases and nervous collapse^ " b" around *«aln--"«> i~Mlotm is the approach ot
** S?^.^ but if   you  hav.   any
the dreadful downfall. P *° ^ m,u*'™<> a little extra expenditure of nerve force may hung
-iJSISV g th. muscle, of the fa*, and   eyelids;  fatiguing M
leaaneas in .wary part of thfl>odv • h-____aZuX *?? fla*hc" ot "*ni b*"or« •*• **> Irritability und rest-
tntareat In tneiffilrs of iff.       * ' headacha'   ««"»'K«itIon, feeling, 0f weariness and depression,   and  loss  of
W&^aUKS incoma,   physical   bankruptcy   *•
um of Dr. Chase's Nervs FooSThecal! eo^E^ £ ,"Cr"**M**' ™* this can best be Accomplished by the
«• directly to form "MlWSJS* ^ntleffdbSaS c°nMntr-*-***l '«'m the vary elements of nature »*«»
nsr-a force become aanattZeTa«7aan^n^^2^ k° *?l rl«ht th™selves. They corns on gradually sod
Ho treatment for nW^dr^"haTi'™ r°"^djrhen the Borve '*»•• «• restored. ,
CPU as ha. Dr. Cnaaa^Ser„?*Sod ** 'UCh Unlvcr"aI endorsement   by both   physicians   an-
,^w»>.i. .. v— vC   «t       **"■"" "'""eases
^£Ttke   Ess of        *'" NwreFood-  '
from *-<K.»a-"*""a».oT^ ,e4tt«*-- <*lHng of the wonderful benefits .1-
•••a-t-J'                                                C * DOX' ■ D0XM ,or »a 60. at all dealers or Bdmanson, Bates A Co.,
To- mm
_au*s*tf J'"r*il*T**—*~"
The Drill.
A new source of malarial fever has
been discovered by oue oi the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine now
at work on the west coast of Africa.
Hitherto thia complaint has been attribute-* to the bite of malarial mosquito-*. But the result of recent investigation prove* that there ia another parasite which is equally as
deadly in the propagation of this
malady. The new disease-bearer ia
said to reeemble the insect which
caueiB "fly disease" among homes in
South Africa.
If ou the gates of Paradise were
the legend : "Tax dodgers on earth
not admitted," how sparsely, seltled
Paradise would be ! >
HOW" TO CU11 HlstI>ACBS.*-*&>me*Ms»ple
an Bar untold misery day after Amy withTUad-
There le.ieat neither dav or uiaht until
• all qiistrung. Thecam* Is sen-
stomach, and m cure caa be
Parmelee's V-antable Pills,
ntaiuin*Mandrake and Dandi Hon. Mr. Vln-,
Ut Wnrlc, Lysauder, P. Q.. writes: "I iiad Par-'
roelw'a MB a ftrii class article tor BUlous
Cures Coughs ft-4 Cold*
alone***-. It.ha-" beenioing
thfa f or half » centttry. It
hu .UYcd huncJrecJi of
thtwsands of Ova. ft-will
mvc yours if yoa ghre it *
"*iuncx« 25 cents A bottle.
If after using it yoo are not
satisfied with results, go to
your druggist and get yoar
moneyback.    .   .   »   ♦
increased    activity
-Write to 6. C. WBU3 & Co., Toronto,
Can., for free trial bottle.
Kufk Clover toot TMCsorrecteth* Stoauch
A little country store in Georgia
combines "ice cream, embalming,
millinery and tooth pulling." When
businehb ie Black In those lines, it is
usually pretty good in "books and
bacon." If there is anything in the
community the American shopkeeper
iiitenii*) to have it.
Messrs. C. C. Richards * Co.
Centiemen,—After suffering for 7
years with inf**unmatory rheumatism
so bnd that I was 11 months confined to my room, and for two years
could not dress myself without help.
Your agent gave me a bottle of
MlNAitO'S ONIMENT in May, '97.
and nsked me to try it, wnich I did.
and waa so well pleased with the results that 1 procured more. Five bottles completely cured me and I have
had no return of the pain for eighteen months.
The above facts are well known to
everybody in this villuge and neighborhood.
Yours gratefully. A. DA1RT.
Bt  Timothee. Que.. May 16, 1899.
• Who was the father of his country )" asked the teacher of the ju-
venile class In history.
"Oeorgt Wushin'ton," promptly rc-
plis*d Tommy Tucker. "But it was
Rirhnril Carvel that licked the
The Flow Ol Mill-
Will be Increased.
Why go to all the
trouble of keeping
cows and get only
about half the milk
they should produce.
strengthens the digestion and invigorates the whole system so that
the nutriment is all drawu from the
food. It takes just the same trouble to care for a cow when she
gives three quarts as when she
gives a pail. Dick's Blood Purifier
will pay back its cost with good
interest in a few weeks.
60 cents a package.
Ue-aing, Miles * Co., Afoats,
Write for Book on Ho-** ana Cattle f***«.
Thar* Is mtoro Oatarrh In this aeetian of tl o
eouutry than all other di-eases put together,
and nntil tke last few yea ra waa -mpposed to be
sUsoarable. Kor a treat ma nr sears doctors pro-
aonnoed It a local dlaeaie, and prescribed locnl
remedies, and by oooaUntly falling tocure with
local treatment, pronounced it inrurul lo.
Bclenee has proven catarrh to be a cou.sti tutiou-
al disease, and therefore reqnirea constltuti'n-
al tieatatent. Hall's Catarrh ('mo, manufac-
la-wot* F. J Chuney A Co., Toledo, Ohio, is
the only constitutional euro s>n the market, lt
le taken internally In donea frssm 10 drops) to a
teaspooafnl.    It acta directly on the blood and
Btu snrfseets of the system.   They offer one
led dollars for any ease It fails to care,
for circulars and teetJmonltil*
Address    t 1. CHKNKY A CO., Toledo. O,
Bold Isy DrngglsU, 7So.
Hall's Fasaliy Pills are the best.
Canvasser*-"Don't let me disturb
you, air "
IJuny Merchant-"I won't. William
show the gentleman out."
The Son road is assisting in nn anti-gopher campaign in North Dakota
that is expected to bring 100,000
gopher* to death, and the tails will
be marketed in Minneapolis.
A Now Brunswick Postmaster Ts lis
of his Efforts to Curo his Kidney
Troublo—He Suffered for Years and
Tnted Many Medicines, but only Recent ly Found the Right One.
Lower Windsor, N. B., April 27 —
j ("Special.)— Mr. T. H. Belyea, post-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ master of this place, has made a
The I est way *.o toll whether a very interesting statement of his
present is a cheap one is to observe 'oxp<„icn(( in Iiis efforts to be cured
whether the price has been i ubbed of Kidney Trouble which has bothcr-
°"' j ed liim for mnny years.
-~■—~-~"~~—"—■*■■*■ |    At   times hi. would have wry bad
Thf-rc* are h nu *i*v c   * ? r e '<•*• of _»»r*Mj  HpC*|s.     Iin,i   wfeen these came on he
i was almost laid up.
Hsslowsj'sC-srn O'lr • « ll it-move any of
them. I'al on y..iirdiss4.:-i'".J gel a bottle at ..lies*.
Aluminium    saw hanftks are boing
introduced which are said to be both
lighter    and    stronger than t'lose of
w.io.l     There    are    several  shapes,
but  they are all  made of thin sheet
un i.si worked  Into the desired  form
unsl    supplied   with  perforations for
ths* purpose of enabling workmen to
get it H.-rure hold on  tho tool.    One
«ii   the   designs offer*.*! is adjust able
so   tlmi    the right hand side of the
handle   Is   flush   with the saw. permitting   t|,o operator tss wsirk cloee
t» the lliuir or in other inconvenient
Do nut delay la us Itim rolio' for the little
folk*.   M„ther O.-avee' »V.»nii K lerni "Mur
He tried several doctors and used
many medicines, but nothing seemed
lo help him in thc leust.
Platters, oils, liniments on the outside and doss's of ail kinds and descriptions takon internally seem to
have but om* result, He was no
Finally through reading an advertisement lie was led to the use of
Dodd's Kidney l'ills.    He says :
"Dodd's Kidney Tills were so highly   recommended   for   Liver Trouble
thslt after reading some testimonials
I concluded to try them according to
"I hail trisd so many things tluit 1
was very skeptical and hud but little faith that Dodd's Kislney l'ills
could or would help mo,   lfsswever, 1
i.;j;!.,;i;^ny«^eu;""ifn.u \°___*i mWiuk th-,.. ibng •*•*•!,o™
chllil why do yoa let it. ull.r whoa h nuu-dy   (|iat    th.'.v    were nil and mote ma
In ao n$uf at hand T
Thc following gives the meaning of
the names of the principal lliKnland
clans in Scotland :
Mcintosh, the son ol the First.
McDonald, tho son of Brown Eyes.
McDisogall, tho son of Black Eyes.
McO-egor, the son of a Crock man.
Mct'ulthbert. the sol of tho Arch-
McKay, the son of the Prophet.
Campbell, Crooked Mouth.
Cameron, Crooked Nose.
Stewart, his Stay or Support.
VIKAJUrs IMMEHT tor Site Ererywhere.
After   acquiring a good appetite a
man tries to get rid of it.
A block of 80,000 acres of provincial lands on tho shores of Lake
Manitoba will be taken up by Mcii-
nonltes from Nebraska'.
wns cliiiiiiesl fssr them.
"i hnvo received mors' uemfil fiom
them than from any Other medicine I
hnve ever used for they seem to have
lunilo a complete cine of my case.
"1 feel as well as ever I did and
have not the slightest trace of the
Kislney Trouble that bothered me lor
so long,
"I want to say that 1 believe that
Dodd's Kiiliwy l'ills are the right
medicine for Kidney Trouble."
Mr, Delyetv is very well known to
everybody In this neighborhood and
there nre but few who have not been
aware of his serious illness.
Everyone is delighted at his unproved health and his published statement has done much to mnke liodd's
Kislney Pills even more popular in
this neighborhood than thoy have
If a man Is a
wit ho suys things!
. We want at ssnee tniatworthv men and women
*.» »»ary locality, local or travelling, tointro-
<l»re a new di<soovory and koi'p i ur show canlss
nnsi iiiIvitI Man matter lacked np in cms-piou
- ^-- ' 'Ve town ansl country
round; e mml-mon nr
expenses, not
Writ* fw part'onlYr'a       Poatolllce Ussa S31.
''<>» placet throsiii'hoiit the town'ansl rsssintry
Sli'asly Ksissilsiymeist year round
W.  N.  U.   No.  874.
and obHtih
and every
th9 l;TffKDSSdi!iiy Vtmas%&
DSIafhsffOl   t'hanc's Wn-f*0"*''''tor"esvoh
In uv ImrbnrouH ^"^fmwrledl
tive henthon flgh   "    »*        , poo-
■"* ,n °U:,?Jaafd fllS* nerw^'
plo gei married B.nu m*
•which   we reported last week as being exhibited in the American specu-
ativo    markets developed this week
into an excited bulge in prices.   The
continued dry and windy weather in
Kans.JA    and   the   southwest winter
wheat   country,   which had also obtained   to   some extent up into the
southern    part   of the spring wheat
country    in   Southern   Dakota    and
Southern    Minnesota    had   been the
means    of advancing the markets in
the   legitimate   trade, and was last
week paving the way for the speculative public to begin to take hold on
the    buying   side   of   wheat.   When,
therefore, with the beginning of this
, week no adequate relief from tlie dry
weather    wus    apparent, the further
advance that took place   was sufficient to set speculative buyers on lire
and on Wednesday, at the very time
| when good rains come to relieve the
situation,   an   excited advance took
placo   in   the markets, putting them
up tic to 21/jc higher than the day before.   Oa Thursday,  the active buyers   of    Wednesday   began to throw
their    wheat    back   on the markets.
Yesterday was a repetition of Thursday,   and   at    the close of markets,
closing    prices   showed   only an ad-
vane*.' of "4c to V$c over closing prices    last    Friday, although in the interval there had been an advance of
3c to 4c per bushel.   The legitimate
situation   is    very   little changed by
tho events of the week.
Manitoba wheat advanced with
Americun markets and on Wedas>sday
was very strong. Exporters were
sellers rather than buyers on tho asl-
vance. but one of the large milling
companies came into the market nnd
absorbed several hundred thousand
bushels. Altogether we estimate that
in the two days, Wednesday and
Thinsday. something like a million
bushels of wheat changed hands.
Prices were advanced from 72*/,!c 1
northern, and 69»«c 2 northern on
Friday last week to 76c and 78c on
Wednesday and some sales were made
at i/jc over that. By yesterday prices weie dowa again to 74V*jC l northern and "n»4c 2 northern, and buyers very scarce. 1 hard is worth 77c
all quotations are in store Fort William, spot, en route or May deliver/.
Country Wheat—Market nominal,
owing to bad roads.
Liverpool Prices-.-No. 1 northern
spring wheat sold at Liverpool on
Saturday at 6s SV-jd.
FLO UK—The feature of the week
has been an advance of 10c per sack
in Ogilvie prices, due partly to the
recent advances in wheat and also to
the large export demand for this
flour. We quote prices now as follows : Hungarian Patent, $2.06 ver
sack of 98 pounds; Olenora. SI .90;
Albsirttt. $1.70: Manitoba, $1.50; und
XXXX. $1.20.
OA'l*S—Prices for oats have been a
little firmer during the past week,
owing to the good export demund.
We quote : No. 1 white, in curlots
on truck, Winnipeg, per bush**!, 40
to 42c: No. 2 white, 38c; seed outs,
45 to 50c. At country points farmers are getting 28 to 30c for Ko. 2
white oats. Street oats are bringing
32 to 34c.
BAKLEY—Receipts are very li*.ht
and the market holds firm at 43 to
45c for best grades.
FLAXSEED—Dealers are asking
$2.00 per bushel for seed flax.
SPELT7—Dealers are asking 75c
per bushel of 50 pounds for seed
HAY—Receipts are only moderate
and tho hay market continues linn at
$6 to $6.50 per ton for fresh baled.
Loose hay is worth $6 to $6.50 per
ItUESSED MEATS— Frosh tilled
beef is not very plentiful, and the
market is firmer. We quote ' Beef,
city dressed, per pound, 8 to 8*.jc;
vi'ul, 7'/j to HV'jc. mutton, frozen. 8c.
spring lambs, s*ach, $3.50 tn fl 50;
hogs, per pound, 794c.
Ill TTEK—Creamery— The market
for fresh masle creamery has not. yet
op.'iiml. but it is expected that some
factories will begin shipping soon.
Those which have been running
trougbOUt the winter aro still making a little butter for which they
ask 21c por pound delivered here.
DliTTER—Dairy—Receipts aro nun e
liberal ami the mnrks't has declined
2c from tho top price of a w«*ok ago.
Ths* top price of tho miirkot is now
20c per pound for fresh made bul ter.
put up in tubs or prints, und from
thnt the market raugi-s slown tss Hie
for  round  lots,   cssmiiiission  basis.
KCCiS—The net price, Winnipeg, today, to country shippers is 10c per
HIDES—No. 1 lupeetod hides, (IVJc
per lb delivered iu Winnipeg; No. 2,
BVie; No. 3, 41,4c; kips ond calves,
samo price; deakins, 25 to 40c;
horsehides, 50e to $1.
WOOI-—The market is expected to
open shortly for Manitoba wool.
Some in tho trade think that the
opening price will be about 7c por
pound for unwashed fleece.
TALLOW—The local price for tallow is 41/* to 5c per pound.
CATTLE—Receipts have boon more
plentiful during the past week lo Ml
local requirements, and the market
for beef animals eased off about 'ic
in some cases. It is still the opinion
iu best informed circles, howovor,
that cattle arc scares- ansl fully worth
the price which has boon paid for
them lately, namely, 4%c per pound
for butchers' gradi'S, off cars hen*,
all hough this weok some nice rottle
sold for 4i/jc. Buyers are still offering $14 to $16 per head for yearling
Blockers, and $18 to $20 for two
year olds, but the available animals
havo beep all bought and Shipping is
is now  in progress.
When washlne r-resuy iHntiea 0/ pota and -»*-.■,
Lorer'i ,   .-.-_______
groabo with thu greataat ease.
try 8sss
Pale,    Anaemic  and   Easily    Tired
Girls Often Fall a Prey to
Ie* young girls we look for abund-
«nt health and strength, rosy cheeks,
bright eyes firm, plump flesh and
constant cheerfulness. How often,
however, we meet young girls who
seem prematurely old, feeble, pale,
listless, thin and irritable. These
abnormal and dangerous conditions
are duo to a general weakness of the
blood, and should be cured just as
promptly as possible crt he whole
life of the patient will be ruined, if,
indeed, decline and consumption do
not speedily follow. Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People are the
natural, logical and sure cure for
weak girls. These Pills make rich,
red blood with every dose. They
strengthen the nerves, act upon the
whole system and bring health,
strength and happiness to those wbo
use them.
Mrs. Hiram Rinkter, South Pelham
township, Welland county, Ont.,
says : "It is with pleasure that I
give this tribute to the health-rest oiing virtues of Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. When my daughter, Lena, began the use of your medicine she was
in a most wretched condition. In
fact, we were seriously alarmed lest
sho might not recover. The symptoms were a feeling of languor and
Weakness, gradually growing woise.
She became pale, lost flesh, had llt-
thc appetite and was apparently going Into decline. Finally the trouble
became complicated with a persistent sore throat, Which gave her
grent dilHssilty in swallowing. She
was placed under the cure of a doctor who said her blood waa poor
and watery, and her whole system
badly run down. The doctor's
treatment did not help her much;
and then ai'ling on thc advice of a
neighbor, 1 bs*gar« to give her Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. The confidence
with which this medicine was urged
upon us was not misplaced, as I
soon noticed a distinct improvement
in my daughter's condition. The use
of ths* pills for some weeks completely restored her, and from that time
she has boon a cheerful, light-hearted girl,  the very picture of health."
Thi'so pills never fail to restore
health nnd strength in cases like the
above Through their action on the
blood and nerves they also cure such
il.siMRs'.s as rheumatism, sciatica, St.
Vitus dance, indigestion, kidney
trouble. partial paralysis, etc.
There are so many so-called tonic
oills. but they are all mere imitations ol this great medicine. Be sure
that yea get the genuine with the
full iiisiii..' "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
for l'ule People" on every box. If
your deajer does not keep them they
will be sent post paid at 50 cents a
box or six boxes for $2,50 by addressing the Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co , Brockville, Ont.
A Connccitcut law will allow a
man to catch but thirty trout in
ono day. There ought to be si law
to prevent thc man who catches two
small ones from swelling the account
wheu he casually mentions it at the
groceiy store, to "thirty large
speckled trout, the law's limit, gent-
.     ,.eS THE SVSTEM
^.wt^r,.,     sTlPATI0N
*•>■ uv   •*<     ^ cat. ~*J     * n.v. I
E9?_ 5*tt qy AU OsSlKsuUTS PR|« SOfcHR MIM.
F.dltor (tq nrtlsti-I refused thli
diinvliiR a your ago. Why do you
bring It here again?
Artist-1 ihcnght you .would have
had more experience by this time niid
kuow a good drawing wheu you see 11.
wm nriin why rot get mi mi.
When yon hnve anything to sny In
a business ofliee, lire nud fall bnck.
Your surplus Ulklne should  be dont
in a uiiiior.
& P. STEPHENS & CO., Limited,
Jifi ypu jr+ifff* *"
tVruL Jo**/ " &ffw-
Canada's Leading NewaM»er
Special HaaM-Price Offer
to every person living west of North Bay. Regular price ftOO. AajouA
living west of North Bay who will cut this advertisement out and mail it
along with TWO DOLLARS the regular morning edition (Including the
sSaturday illustrated number) will be sent for one year.
Ton ean save the subscription price every week by taking advantage of
bargains offered in its adver_»/ng columns.
Addrcsaai  THR  «_•■■, TOROlrTO,
■[[ Try our Parlor Matdies.
They produce a quick Light
witbout any objectionable
fumes. :::::::::::::::
Physicians say that beards hold
microbes, while clean faces attract
bacteria. So it is up to every one of
us to choose which shall lay us low;
or otherwise wear a mask.
Can   be   Cured Without Resorting to
Harsh Purgatives.
Constipation is a very common
trouble among infants and small
children—it is also one of the most
distressing. The cause is some de-
ranis'ement of the digsestive organs,
and *ii not promptly attended to is
liable to lead to serious results. The
littlo victim suffers from headache,
fever, pain in the stomach and soms*-
tinu^j vomiting. While in this condition neither baby nor baby's mother
enn obtain restful sleep. If piopcr
care is tnkeu in feeding the child and
Baby's Own Tablets are used, there
will be no trouble found in curing
and keeping baby free from this disorder. Mrs. T. (luymer, London,
Ont., says :—"My baby wns a grs_*at
sullVri'r from constipation. She cried
continually, und I was ubout worn
out attending her. 1 tried several
remedies, but none of them holped
her till 1 procured some Baby's Own
Tablets. Theso tubls'ts worked wonders, und now she is in the best of
health. 1 can now go ubout my
work without being disturhs'd by
baby's crying. I consider Iiuby's
Own Tablets a great medicine, and
would advise mothers to kssep them
in the house for they will save baby
frisin much suffering by curing and
preventing the minor ailments cs.Illinois to infants anil small children."
Daisy's Own Tablets are solsl under an sslisnliiti' guarantee 10 contain no sspiate or other Harmful
drug. They ure eusy to take, mild
in action, promote healthful sloep-
ful sles'k and will be found a never-
failing cure for constipation, baby
indigestion, simple fever, diarrhoea,
sour Stomach, colic, etc. They allay the irritation accompanying the
cutting of teeeh, break up colds und
prevent croup. Price '2ft cents a box
at all druggists or sent by mail,
post paid, by addressing Ihe Dr.
William.*;' Medicine Co., Brockville,
First Merchant : "Say Dyers, you
always have such a pretty typist.
Do you select her for her beauty ? "
Second merchant : "Yes, indeed;
it pays. You see, before I got onto
the scheme my three clerks would
stay away on the least provocation.
Now they have fallen dead in love
with her, and not one of them stays
away if he can help it, for foar the
others will get ahead of him."
"T wonder if this bridge p.sys ? "
said Lord Lennox, in approaching
Vauxhall bridge. "Go over it," Raid
IIsi.sk. the punster, "and you'll be
There are .cases of consumption so far advanced that Bickle'.s Anti-Consumptive Sirup
will not cure t but none go bad that it will not
five relief. For ooughs, oolsls, and all affec-
ions of the throat, longs, and chost, it ia a
upociUc which has never been known to fall.
It promotes a free and easy expectoration,
ther. by removing the phlegm, and gives the
diseasssd parts a ehans-o to hoal.
Faith may move mountains, but it
takes coin to move household goods
—unless you can beat the drayman.
He Ha» IVod It.—Mr. John And n*on.
Rinloiw, writes: " I v,-,.iur* lo -<iiv few, if
uny. hnve r coivel u t-iler l-«*i*otit from lhe
use of Dr. Tis iiuhh' Ec est rie 01 l!mn I have.
I hnvo ussesl it regain lv f.-r nv*-r lee ■re'"***.
and have rsoommen !o*l il tss all «• teyats I
knew uf, and th y also foils d it i.f gsoat vir-
Hk» in cases of (severe brouchilia and inuipi-
Mt aaasum ptksn."
Patsj -"Wat's de matter wid yer
little brudder ? "
Chinimio-"Why, de doctor soz he's
got a ulster on his troat."
Minard's Liniment Cures Bum, Ifo,
Thnt brevity's the soul of wit
I know but by report,
1 also know there's not a bit
Of fun in being short.
The proprietors of Parmelee's Pllla are oou-
atantly roi*oiviug letters similar to the following, which explains iuolf: Mr. John A. Ileum,
Waterloo, Out., writes: "I never used any
medic ns that can euual Furmelee'a l'ills foi
dyspepsia or liver ana kidney complaints. The
roliof experienced after using them was wonderful." As a safe family medicine Parmelee's
Vi'(ti'tnblo Pills can bo given ln all cases requiring a cathartic
Uniequitrd    love   soon    acquires u
job lot of wrinkles.
Only a dytxl-in-the-wool hypocrite
is able tss laugh at an un/.icnt story
anil proteAd that he never hoard it
Three thousand settlers passed
through Montreal this week en route
to the west, and four thousand more
are expected next week.
Two washings with Sunlight Soap entail less strain REDUCES
on the nerves than one washing with impure soap.  EXPENSE
Aik tor the Octagon Bar. __,____-
If year groeer osnaot supply, writ* •« «m BWrOTM
U"_rc*D, Toronto, nmdiiig hit name and ■••Idrees, sad a
trial tample of Sunlight Bosp will be seat yoa free of coat. THI- DTUU., liLOCAN, B. C, MAY 0.
s€. B. *WTH«aiHGi-ba, Editor and Prep.
is -foausasB svaat tsio-.t at
-a-ilaOO^nv-ii,  -, -      •      ■•     D* C.
Sag Id cents a Una for
-tnoflrst inftftiot-t and5 osnU a Une each
;**robe^uen| Insertion. V
"   Certifieatos of Improvement, $7 each.
'Transient advertisements at tame rates
at legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a Une
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Commercial Rates made known upon
C The SuWriptibn Is $2 per year, et-ict-
$f in advanos; $2.50 a'year if not so paid.
Address aU letters to—
FRIDAY, MAY 9th, 1902.
A pencil msrk in the anscs
■apposite will bs aa indies*
.tion to you that yo editor
•soasiders tbsrs is sousthing
•soming to him on your sub-
•cription. Kindivackaow-
■ledfS  in cub snd obligs.
■uiTWBia-L cnorrixua.
te British Columbia is laboring
temporarj?depreaslati, it is
fctory to notiv •*« great proa
enjoyed by other parte ofthe
tion.   And the beauty of it is
that i is not forced, bat the outcome
of theldevelopnient ef the country's
" natulal resources.
;<>iadiMktt trade eontinnos to de
▼elojiE at a rapid rate.   During April
^heralrraa a very large increase in
the Opinion revenue from the cue-
1 teiusl "fWie returns show collections
of *J2J89,978, er an increase of $513,-
'721 §rer April of laat year. The
amount collected for'thc 10 months
of the Jacal year ao far ia $26,388,587,
'an ttRreaae of $2,472,311 over the
aame time of laat year.
Premier Dunsmuir was caught
nappin-* Monday evening and  his
: governmeat was defeated on a vote
of 17 to 16. . The opposition wanted
him to resign foitbwitli.bat he would
'not he bluffed, and shortly after called in hits straggling adherents, "riving
nita the desired majority. No gar
ernmant ever held office bv so weak
' a string, aud it will surely break
suddenly one of these days.
Tba Provincial Progressive Party
claims to have four adherents in the
legislature, E. 0. Smith, member for
r.South  East  Kootenay,  and  Smith
Curtis being two of its latest stalwarts to declare/ their intentions.
' Representation in the house, a strorg
platform,   systematic organization,
• and a dead aasy redistribution bill
to figure on, place the Progressives
in a cheerful position for the next
provincial campaign.
The International Typographical
•Union controls 90 per cent of all thc
office! in the American Newspaper
Publishers' Association, and 5 per
cant of the remainder are practically
inline with the I.T.U.'s principles.
Altogether 8500 printing plants
throughout the country acknowledge
tbe onion and pay fair wages, receiving experienced labor in return.
Unionism conducted on the lines ef
'the I.T.U. engenders harmony and
commands respect.
As educators of the masses in tho
ethics of practical Socialism, the
manipulations of Pierpont Moigan,
'John Rockefeller, and kindred trust-
breeders, stand unrivalled. These
men, by their huge combinations of
wealth, are aiding and advancing
.the teachings ofthe reformers—a fact
only too patent, whether one cares to
'own.It or not. Capital is grouping
kidtlstrv into formidable bodies,trading upon the laborer and tho consumer. Intelligence is being forced
on tha electorate through the medium
' of higher prices, and the result must
of necessity- eventually be govern
ment ownership.
The railway policy of the govern..
ment Is down and it remains to be
'seen whether Joe Martin will swallow all the clap-trap it contains. If
he does, folk up this way will be sad -
'ly astray in their guess. McLean
Bros, will build the Const to Kootenay railway, securing $4000 to 14800
ariiile and 1,000,000 acres ef lind,
subsidy, contingent unon Dominion
assistance. After li* yairs tit* toad
will pay 2 per cent of ite grosj earnings in lleuof taxiition. The Cciiada
Northern gets $4000, $4500 atiu j4d0Q
and 2C,<)C0acres of lnnd for each mile
of road built. The wbole pro'-'iic",
exchequer and all, is to be given
away to grafters, '
The civic pound bylaw is being
strictly observed.        k
iPishing along the river has been
very good tbla spring.
tt»e Kifia Association held a proc-
* ai shoot on Saturday.
There will bo no change in the
train aervioo this summer.
The Sandon m'nes shipped only
312 tons of ore during April.
Fernie and Cranbrook are both
agitating to be incorporated.
A city pound! has been fixed up at
the north < nd of Hume street.
The Lardeau Eagle is offered for
sale ln the Vancouver papers.
The Slocan is te be repainted bra
fore going oa the lake run again.
• BlHv Harrington went to Vancouver Wednesday, on a business trip
Rev. A. E. Roberts will address
the Socialists next Sunday afternoon.
Mrs. C. W. Harrington lefton Monday's train to visit her mother at
Tbe average daily attendance of
the school increased to 73 during
The luscious strawberry made its
first appearance on the local market
Tho Canterbury Outcrop has removed to Wilmer, formerly known
as Peterborough.
The lake bas risen rapidly during
the week. The water threatens to
reach tbe '94 mark.
After next Sunday the Socialists
will close down their regular meetings for the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Nichol, parents of
the Nichol boys, left here on Wednesday for Innisfal!, Alta.
R. A. Bradshaw and James Tattersall aro having their residences
touched up by the painter.
Martin Lavell is applying fer a
new license on his hotel, which he
now calls the Windsor House.
Nelson has 15 men under quarantine for smallpox, the disease having
made its appearance in the city.  •*-«
Service will be held in St. Paul**
chui'c* next Sundav. morning and
evening.   W. H. Hedley, vicar.
Not a single thought of a celebration i* agitating the public mind in
the Slocan lake towns for the 24th.
An addition has been built to the
back end ofthe hospital and the whole
building adorned with a coat of pail.',.
John Bull hns 1 een seized w'th the
Erevailing fever and is having hillock brightened up with the paint
H. D. Curtis is building a handsome residence on his lots en Hume
street. Construction commenced on
The Presbyterian synod of British
Columbia is in ses*ion in Nanaimo,
delegates being present from Calgary
B. Mclsaac, at one time secretary
of the Whitewater Miner's Union,
died recently in Vancouver of ty
pheid fever.
C. MacTier, freight clerk en the
Slocsn.lias resigned from the service,
to go into business with his brother
in Montreal.
Henry Farrell has purchased the
Bogle ranch of 314 acres, adjoining
the Mulvey estate. Bogle is editor
of tbe Victoria Colonist.
A landslide came down at the
lower end of Sandon last week, partially wrecking the curling rink and
blocking up the C.P.R
Hill Bros.' tng came down from
the head of tho lake on .Saturday
with a barge load of lumber for U.
D. Curtis* new residence.
Fortunately Slocan's supposed case
of smallpox turned cut nothing more
serious than German measles. The
scare was pronounced while it lasted.
W. II. McDougall, formerly barkeeper on the Slocnn, is now solicitor
and collector for the International
Correspondence Schools of Scranton,
Rev. Mr. Robb, the new Presbyter-
Ian divine at Sandon, accompanied
by h,s bride, spent Friday here, thc
guests of Mr. aad Mrs. R, A. Brad
' The government is hustling up the
back taxes on all local realty,notices
of arrears dating from 1897 having
been served this week. Some folk
were hit heavy.
The Methodists held the first ping
pong tournament in the city on Sat
urday evening. In the Linton hall.
Miss Kathleen Bentley won .the
.lady's prize and H. R. Jorand tl e
•rent's. Music and refreshments followed.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
for $18.25.
Why bo without a range when,
you can get one so cheap 'i The>
are prufcrrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
NOTICE is hereby given that 30 days
utter date I intend to make spplicstion
to the Gold Commissioner of the district
for permission to record 10 inches of water Irom a small unnamed creek, on the
tsast side of the railway track and a.-out
two miles south cf Lemon creek.for agricultural and domestic pulses.      „
Slocan, B.C., May 5th, 1908.	
NOTICE is herebygiven thnt I intend
to applv at the next regular sitting of
tho Board of Licensing Commissioners
f the City of Slocan, to be held sfter
the espirstion of 30 days from ths date
hereof, for a retail liquor license for the
premises known ss the Royal Hotel, situate on Lot 18, Block 12, Slocan, B.C.
Dated at Slocan this 1st day of May,
NOTICE is herebygiven that I intend
to apply at next regular sitting of Board
of Licensing Commissioners for the City
of Slocan, to be held after the expiration
of 80 days from the date hereof, for s
retail liquor license for tbe premises
known ss the Windsor House, situate
on Lot 6, Block A, SHfcan, B.C.
listed st Slocan, B.C., this f th day"of
May, 1902.
City Shoe Store,
W. J. Adcock, Proprietor.
Full line of Gent's & Lndy's
Footwear kept in stock. . .
Repairing done at shortest
notice asid in proper style.
Custom Work a Speclalty
Mintr's Boots made on. the
premises and guaranteed to
be waterproof.       .,    .      .
V"OTICE is hereby given that under the provl-
*-* sions of Bylaw No. 6, I'cmn.l and Dog Tax
Bylaw, it is unlawful for any person to suffer
any horae, male, bull, or cow, slinop, goat, pig,
or cattle, or poultry, to run at largo witliia the
limits of the City of Slocan.
Every owner of a dog in the City of Slocan is
requited to pay annually a tax of Two Dollars
for each slog owned by him; and every owner of
a bitch in the said City is required Us pay annually a tax of Three Dollars (or every bitch owned by him.
No person shall suffer or (permit his dog to
run at large ia the City of Slocan for which
such person has not paid the tax required of
him, and unless such dog shall have a rosin** hia
neck a collar or strap, to which shall be attached a metallic plate, to be supplied by the City
on the payment of the said tax, tlie said metal*
lie plate having raised or stamped thereon the
letters C. T. P. (City Tax Paid,)
Warning is hereby given that any person
guilty of an infraction, or violation, of uny of
tbe provisions of the above-named Bylaw is, in
addition to tho fees and charges set forth there-
in,liable upon summary convictinn,to a penalty
of Ono Hundred Dollars and the costs of prosecution, aud in default of payment to imprisonment for a term not sixcecding two months.
By Order,
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
Slocan, __£__     ' '       B- 9
J. 1 MMB, * ■ -
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
J. \. FOLEY,
Slocan. IU'., April 2»th, 1902.
City Clerk
Musie Hall, Slocan,
, on Wednesday Evening,
Twelve people in the Company, having a repertoire of
14 plays. Newest European
nnd    American  attractions
"S— »
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and For-
warding attended lo at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insur-
ance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles Furnished.
Slocan,      - B. C.
To the Ladies
ofSlocan   •   •
Tha season for Wallpaper is
here, and wa hare received
a fine lint of papers from
ona of the best firms in Canada. The prices will be
found very reasonable, especially its all customs dutiei
will be saved. Splendid assortment and first class
goods. We represent no truet
but trust solely to the judg-
Btent of tke people.
Slocan Git, In' Om,
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Sold by All Newsdealers
Furnishes Monthl* to sll lover* of Sons
sad afufJo s rsst voiuire oi Hew, Ch.lc*
Cepyrlght Com aeeltlsns by tbe nwet pop-
alar authors. Cr, Fatas of rises Music,
half Voesl, hslf Initrumentsl-si Complete
Pieces for Plsso-Once a Month for ss
Cento. Tesrly BubeerlpUon, es.oo. Ifyoa
will Mud as the name snd addr.it of .ma
mmttansmnon the Piano or emu, we will
yam a copy of the MacaHne Free.
J. W. rtPPER, Puhllahar,
ftlthth a Locust Su., rtr.IU-lelsl-.ts, fm.
D. H. Ferry's Famous Garden Seeds, Flower Seeds,
Grass Seed, Seeds in packages and Seeds in bulk.
Our Potato Onions aad
Dutch Sets have arrived
in good slinpo. Leave
your order and ensure
an early supply.
Special Sale!
Furniture !
30       DATS      30
commencing April 1. One
ef the largest stocks ef furniture, carpets and linoleums
in the Kootenays will truly
Go at Cost Prioe.
, Now is your chance to hava
your home furnished complete. Mail orders promptly
attended to.
D. flcARTHUR & Co.
Nelson, B.C.
You are Invited
Tc examine the best Hats of Scotch
Tweeds, English Worsteds and
Irish Worsteds aver ahewn ln Slocan; also all the latest designs in
Pantings.   Remember,
We are Custom Union Tailors
and the Union Label ia a guarantee of the best workmanship, We
(■•uarantee satisfaction and a per-
act fit    __.,
Wo have added a select line of
Compare onr reasonable prices—Fine
White Shirts, $1; Collars, 15c; Regatta
Shirts, in fancy stripes, with collars
and caffs attached, 7f3c each; Underwear, from $2 a salt; California flannel undetwear, $4 a salt, this line being imported direct by ourselves; the
best qna'itv Black Felt Hat, Union
label $3.60, equal to the Stetson Hat
in every way.
A. DAVID, Slocan
Store: Opposite The Drill Office.
Store alas st Sandon.
Do You
Want a Home?
Then come to Slocan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fiah-
ing, Hnntfag,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Chnrehes,School
Hospital, Pnblio Halls and
enterprising; citizens aresome
ofthe advantages enjoyed by
this City, baoked np by Unsurpassed and ProvenMiaeral
Resources. ^Nature and Han
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, bnt a stern reality.
Two rrUnili Mla.ral Claim.       >«.
Situate In the Plooan City Mining Pivi-
*inn of tlio Weit Kootenay Dutrict
NVli.re liH'tit-*<l '.— Kant ol Arlington
l'.Miu, 8-iringer creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert T.
Twigi*. agent for Archibald York, free
miner's certificate No. B143T5: Walter
T. sShntford, freo miner's certificate No.
1122117; Jumna W. Moffatt, frf.o miner's
certificate No. B501WI; Peter McVeigh,
free miner's certificate No. IM362V; William J. Andrews, free miner's certificate
No. MRHi'i'l; and James E. Tattersall,
Free Miner's Certificate No. B.m'm-1,
intend, sixty days (rom thn date hereof,
to apply t. the mining recorder for a certificate of improvementa, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certiflcate of
1'atect this I7tlidsy of April, 1002.
18*4-02    HERBERT T. TWIOG, Agent
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line; Lowest Rates
New York
San 'cibco
St.  Paul,  Chicago,
and  all U. S
*Lo*.r Mineral Vlalin.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located:—Four miles up
Springer creek and adjoining the
Portland mineral claim on the east.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Herbert D.Cur-
tie, acting as agent for the Arlington
MJnes, Limited (non-personal liability),
Free Miner's Certificate No. B60067,
intend, slaty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Rccorderfora certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further tnke notice that action,
under section 87, must be commenced
beforo the issuance of such certificate of
Dated tlii« 8th 'lav of Mm, 1902
U-6-02 HBRBEftt ]), gURTlS
Tourist Sleeper Service
EA8T-Leavea Dunmore Junction
dally. Leaves Kootenay Landing Tueadays and Fridays.
WEST-Leavea Jtevelstoke daily.
Home Beckers' Exeor*
■ion tickets en sale,westbound, March 1 tc April
Through bookings so Europe '.a *\l
Atlantic llaec. Prepaid t.ek»»
hem all points al lowest rates.
J. S. CABTKtt,     B. J* <&_*>
DP A ' A. O. P* A.,
Agent, Slocan City


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