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The Slocan Drill 1905-01-13

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 ■  ■ ■
a'    a
mi 18 1995   *§
^T©R<A,, °*
VOL. V., No. 42.
SLOCAN,   B.   0.,   JANUARY   13,   1905.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that 4&ft lik
require from us.   Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted.   We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
You Require
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes,
Clothing, Hen's Furnishings,
Hats, and Caps,
Trunks, Valises,
and General Groceries.
A l!:i.„.._
S*n 106ter WI')1"B
' mui  Willi A
out nil llllu lli.. mill Wiin Aakeil tu
Kxplaln Why Ho Attacked Couuoll In
l'i'i'i'iit I iniii. uf I'll [ur.
By buying your goods here you will get the
best satisfaction in town.     Call and be convinced that this is right.
Arnot, Slocan.
Agent for Tetley's Teas.
J. W. Crow,  Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is one of tbe best known and most popular houses
in the country.     It is located adjacent to the depot and the
wharf, aud commands a magnificent view of the beautiful
Slocan lake.     Good iisbiug is to be found close at hand, while
every facility is offered for boating.
Tourists will find the Arlington and ideal resting place.
Commercial men have at their command new and commodious
sample rooms.
The diuiug room is strictly up to date and the bar supplied
with ouly the best brands of goods-
Is reached by any trail sr road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
The old council met in the city hall
on Monday night, for the purpose of
winding up tlu*. business of last year.
Those present were Mayor McNeish,
Aid. Smith, Henderson, Madden and
II. D. Curl is, as returning officer,
gave a return of the municipal elections held during the day. Accepted
and filed.
Bills presented: Pioneer Livery,hire
of horses, S'lJiO; D. Arnot, supplies to
0. LfebeU$16.65; four months' rent of
city ball, |80; Woodcock & Co., lamp
chimney, 20 cents; H. D. Curtis, incidentals re tax sale $2.40, entering up
taxed costs $20, services as clerk, etc.,
$15; H. K. Jorand, salary for December, $1(5.74.
The mayor statid there was $379.65
in the treasury in the treasury ..fcM.-i.SD
being the last school grant. After
paying all bills and providing for the
auditor there would be $1)3 left for the
new board.
Aid. Teeter questioned Mr. Curtis'
bill and asked lor explanations. Tliey
had paid enormously for the taxed
costs of Bale and yet bills came piling
in. The council wanted to see an end
of it.
The mayor said the reason for entering up the taxed costs was that they
might draw interest irom tho iiist o'f
the year.
Mr. Curtis explained the items of
his bill aud stated that part of the
work dune was really that of the treasurer, who was drawing nosalai , but
did uot have the time to attend to it.
Aid. Teeier waited to draw attention to the point i f the man who was
not willing to do work for the eity
without  pay, while the members of
the conned were tailed   QpOU to lalio;
without remuneriiti in. Ibi&tnau had
Ik'i'u ilniw i'l.'.c rev'in * from thn ottj
and when lie could aid he wanted pay
therefor. When a uiaii labored he
believed in payinghimand not jewiu£
down or scabbing. But this was an
Instance of where a]l should strive tf
help the city. The speaker objected
to woodcock <V Co.'s bill, live cent;
too much being charged. He had iv
sped for tho big thief, but a lessening
amount for the little thief. Excessive
charges should not be made for any
article and th" council would not stand
for it. The speaker wanted things at
this last meeting to be thoroughly
explained and understood, so that the
new council might know where thej
were at. He drew attention to the
city solicitor's big bill.which thev had
been led into unthinkingly, and the
cists were still coining, lt was a right
tlue the city that all bills should be
explained. The speaker did not 1 iit*
the idea of alder.neu working for no
nay antl other people demanding pax-
fir anything thev did, The council
lad been piaytd for easy marks, but
they had h aracd by their experience,
and in future they would no bettor.
In the present state of affairs aldermen and cili'.e'is alike sliould work
for the good of the place.
Clerk  Curtis, Aid.  .Smith, and  the
: mavor stated  the  treasurer had done
I much work without pay, and the rea
ll son for him not attending to the last
8 job was thai he did not have time.
all its bills, but they were trying to
economize, and the "scribe should assist and not criticize.
Ou being called on, the offending
scribe staled that from the very first
individuals of the various councils had
shown ap unwarranted and uncalled
for opposition to him and his paper,
and that feeling wa.s not only in public, but in private, aud carried into
social circles. He had tried to be a
good citizen, owned
taxes, and spent his
the town.   Thoir
to employ a Chinese cook. The property started up last week with a crew
of white men and the Celestial bossed
things in the kitchen. Some of the
men came from New Denver, but the
whole bunch seemed to think jobs
are scarcer than men.
property, paid
money freely in
economy wa.s not
consistent, for while they objected to
the paper's bilKthosefrom other people were allowed to go unquestioned.
True, big bills weut to the paper for
the tax sale, but the council had been
informed beforehand what the costs
would be and thev went Into it with
their eyes open. If the scribe had taken advantage of a mistake made by
the council, he could have charged
them up with several hundred dollars
more. The least they could have done
was to have notified" the paper of the
special meeting. If they had explained the situation, tho paper would
gladly have helped by publishing the
notices free. Iu view of past antagonism shown, the action of the council
was construed into another blow at
the paper, hence the article. The
council could have avoided it by explaining things to the scribe.
Aid. Teeter replied at length, going
over same ground us in his previous
remarks. He contended the scribe
had not fully explained himself, and
that the council had been prompted
by ideas of economy, not opposition.
Aid. Smith (bought the scribe overestimated the opposition to him in the
council. Objection had been made to
si,me Of the bills from the paper, but
council did not believe in paying too
much for a thing. He had fell a little
sore over the item iu the paper.but he
passed it over, as he did not believe in
personalities over public matters. He
had moved not to publish tin- n rimi-
tiou notices so as to economize. The
council of 1904 had worked hard and
to the best of their ability.
Council adjourned to Thursday.
MOKIOIPAIj klections.
Mayor mid Vive, Alderman arc Eluded by
Aid. Henderson and Madden moved
payment of bills.   Carried.
Mayor McNeish hai
new mavor and given
An arrangement has been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either thc Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
talked With the
lini his suggestions as to a policy to pursue, which
the hitter admitted were good. He
advised adjourning to Thursday even
ing, to meel the new mayor and aldermen.
Before adjourning Ald.Teeter would
like to draw attention to the fact that
ihere were tmi men above all others
who had benefitted by Incorporation,
and who had profited greatly by tbe
present situation the city solicitor
and Tun Drill man. Lie was boitj
the solicitor w;is not present, but the
scribe was and he would speak of him,
The scribe had reaped a large revenue
and with the solicitor had secured the
iiiineip.il   rake off.    An   injustice had,
been done the city, more so than t»e | followed   for   r.i ... .md   ...it .'ii..:.
officials, by the scribe. The editor ha<
had pul
The unexpected has happened and
Slocan stands a line chance of having
a full nldertnanic board for liK)~». Dp
to the last day it wa.s the general opinion that it would lx* impossible to
form a council of any size, but, h&ppj
to say, tbe difficult turn has been
made and everything bids fair to go
along swimmingly.
Since the inception of incorporation
municipal politics have beeu divided
into two hostile and determined
.amp-, neither displaying much inclination to work with the other fellows. Due )arg"ly, however, to the
efforts of Al Teeter and A. C. Smith.
the breach lias been tilled up and an
united body has been formed to administer the city affairs. Monday
morning, after much parleying and
negotiatingawitb more or less give and
take on both sides, a council was got
together,   the   following    being   the
names handed into Returning Officer
Fob Mayor
David Arnot. proposed by Messrs,
Teeter and Smith.
Fob Aldermi)*
H. G.Aitchison.proposed by Messrs.
McNeish and Smith.
A.   Madden,   proposed by
Smith and O'Neail.
T.   McNeish.  proposed  by
Smith and Teeter.
A. c. Smith, proposed by
McNeish and Stewart.
A. Ba. Teeter, proposed   by
Smith and McNeish.
Fob School Tbdbtm.
P. Swan, proposed by Messrs.Smith
and McNeish.
There lieing no further nominations
thu above-named persons were declared duly elected to their respective of
It is the intention of the new board
to appoint a man to Iill the sixth seat
in the council, 80 giving Slocau ii full
net of aldermen, for the lirst lime in
two or lime years, A policy of strict
retrenchment and  economy is to be
CH.U'I.UAI*.  IN  II.villi LUCK.
Lemeei Are Obliged to Lay Off Praotical-
ly tl»e Whole Vorce.
Hard luck follows the Chapleau
and each successive management fails
to make things stick. Holman &
Wing, tho last lessees, have certainly
tried hard to win .success, but failure
has come instead and practically all
of the men have been given their lime
and have come down.
A little while ago a bunch of amalgam was sent to the bauk and drawn
upon, but the final returns did not
cover the amount advanced. Then a
car of ore was shipped and it, too.
failed to come up to expectations, the
reported returns being $.'?" per ton.
When the overdraft was made good
there was not much left, and the men
were accordingly informed of the circumstances. Every effort will be
made to redeem the timechecks given
and straighten up all liabilities.
The lessees have worked hard and
deserved success. The trouble has
been with the pii'.l in handling the
ore. which requires skilful and careful
sorting. Two orthrec men remain at
the mine.
Win.!• Slocan Zinc.
The United States Zinc Co., of
Pueblo, Col., is after a supply of zinc
ore from the Slocan for their smelter,
if the zinc ores of the country are
found to be satisfactory, contracts are
to be closed with all the mineowners.
There is no ;! limit to the amount''of
zinc the companv can handle from the
Slocan district and it will take all it
can secure. The United States Zinc
Co. is making every effort to secure
ores for its new million dollar plant at
-ueblo, and it is prepared to pay a
price that will leave the producer a
good profit. The company is an auxiliary corporation of the American
Smelting & Uefiuiiig Co.
Edwin Anderson, general agent oi
the l'nited States Zinc Co., visited the
Slocan this week, and. this is what lie
told the Nelson News: '*! bave not
been buying ore or trying to buy it.
tiie trip having been one simply of investigation. We bad heard that there
was a plentiful supply of ziuc ore up
hare and I came up to see. Now 1
am going back to report, antl f think
we will bo able to tlo business. I
have an idea of the quality and quantity and f think both are satisfactory.
Our chief source of supply in the past
has'been Leadville. We can still get
the ore from there, but we want other
products in the ores to make values,
and the Colorado mines do not seem
to carry high values in silver, f am
looking for ore that does carry it and
I think 1 have found it in the Slocan.
I understandithe smelters here tlo not
want zinc anil penalize ores that contain it. We can offer better terms
than that, as we are prepared "to take
the ore and pay for the silver and the
zinc. We can't pay anything for the
lead, as the duty and freight charges
reduce its value to us to nothing. But
we will not penalize ores that carry
lead, as most zinc smelters tlo.
"As a rule zinc companies want ore
cam ing 50 to 80 per cent zinc.or even
higher. We can treat it and will take
it as low as Jiii percent, or even 30 per
cent. 1 think tb" Slocan can furnish
plenty of that proportion. 1 find that
the mines in the Slocau are not lieing
worked at anything like their full capacity, and I know there are a gootl
manv causes for this condition, llut
1 believe that one of them, and by no
means the least, is that at present
there i> uo market for ziuc. An intimation that such a market can be
found will probably lead to renewed
and extended developments. My own
trip. I think has been of some service
iu conveying that knowledge to them.
Soon. I expect, the coinpanv will locate a commercial agent up lure, probably with headquarters at Nelson."
La|t Teor'H Shipment* Were 83715 Tons—
A Healthy Evidence of tho Mfe and
Wealtb  of tbe Camp—Ottawa I* tke
IllKKlsl Shipper.
The division has started off the new
year in an encouraging manner, four
properties appearing in the shipping
list, with a total of 125 tons. Of these
the Enterprise shipped 40 tons and
tho Black Prince 21 tons to Trail; the
Ottawa sent It tons nnd tho Neepawa
20 tons to Nelson. A carload i.s to go
out next wivk from the Kilo. The
roads &re in fine shape for teaming.
For 190-1 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 2375
tons, made up from 19 properties.
Following is a full list of tho shipments this year to date:
Ottawa ;  44 44
Enterprise  49 41.
Black Prince  21 21
Neepawa  20 28
Silver has lost a whole cent during
the week.
The Marysville  smelter is to be in
operation next month.
The Miller Creek, near Sandon, has
been leased to J. E. Jones.
Leatl has been stiffening in price of
late on the Loudon market.
It is expected  the  Reco will pay a
large dividend in the spring.
Local smelters chargo one cent
pouml on wet ores for ••marketing.
***** *****
$2.50 fora Year
his  temper  to give way and
dished a stricture on the council in a recent issue, which was unoall
ed for.    The council hiid not published the nomination notices solely from
i economy, and   there   WHS 110 Spirit   of
, opposition iii it.    In   view of the fact
i of the editor beiug a reoipieut of huge
\ sums   from   the city, the   article   in
.pn .lion came wiih   ill grace,    It had
hurl bim individually   in feelings and
no doubt others felt the snme.   The
edit >r had been  one  of the principal
beneficiaries from the citj and an ex
planation was due  from  him and.il
necessary, an apology.   The editor of
ill local    paper   wiis    not   supposed to
' show feeling.    Hli should take all am'
will be made to work together in liar
mony,so as to pull civic affairs through
the trying situation they are now In
with every  advantage  antl benefit  to
the citizens.
a Hockey Challenge.
Angus McVicar haa received a letter
from the Nelson Intermediate hockey
team, asking for r match with Sloean
next week, and offering  to pay all ex
penses, a return match to follow.  The
loeal boys have had uochaiu'e to pruo
tic yet, but tbey will  try ami accoui
modalo the Nelsonites.
Un (Vr (tnt Im In .Iml.
On Tuesday the commission appointed by the provincial government
to inquire Into the working of the Assessment Act met in Victoria, Among
those present to give testimony wore
Monday ■
Tuesda v
The Chinin.nan -i..p".
M. Davys,lossue of the Emily
Oscar   White, superintendent of   the i Thursday
Slocan Stiir mine, at Sandon, and \.
.1. Cavanaugb,accountan1 of the same.
Mr. \\ bite stated he bad no complaint
io make against the taxes imposed by
the province, Ha believed the two
per cent tax was a very equitable one.
as it did not tiix properties not working, and it wiis belter than any mode
of taxation in the States of which be
had experience, Mr.Cavanaugh supported that testimony, urging tlmt the
two per cent tax did not work any injustice to owners of  low grade mines.
It is stilted the Bosun mine, at New
Denver, will  resume operations  next
Sandon mines started off the new
year in gootl shape, sending out 363
tons of ore.
Lesscs on the Rambler-Cariboo
have broken iuto a foot of high grade
shipping ore.
W.Clement is developing the Morning Star, the leading gold property on
Springer creek.
Last week a barge loaded with
Lucky Jim zinc ore upset at Kaslo,
losing 160 tons.
The three Boundary smelters treated 12.7MO tons of ore for the first week
in the new year.
The Hunter V mine, at Ymir, has
contracted to supply dry ore to the
Marysville smelter.
Last year the output of the Granby
mines, at Phoenix, was 10 per cent
larger thau in 15)03.
T. Mulvey has disposed of a third
interest in the Calumet & Ilecla
group to B. A. Shatford,
Rumor has had it of late that the
Arlington mine had lieen leased, but
nothing is known of it locally.
In December the Nelson smelter
produced 1,107.927 pounds of lead,
the smelter at Trail  1,088,330 pounds.
A couple of Greenwood men have
leased the Noonday, on the Galena
Farm, and have commenced operations.
R. S. Lennie. Nelson, has taken a
mortgage on a half interest in the
Nansen group, at the head of Lemon
croek, ror $500.
A. W. Strickland, manager of the
Bank of Montreal. Sew Denver, has
purchased a quarter interest in the
Democrat and Royal claims from J.
.bis. Kae took up over half a ton of
supplies to the Young Bear group, on
Saturday, beiug sullicient to last two
men till spring.   The supplies came
in from Sandon.
Having about completed all tho development originally intended, thn
management of the .Mayeta will suspend operations. The Mayeta can be
more advantageously developed from
the Ottawa ground.
Silver I'uiai.ill.in».
Following tii'i Ilm (.notations for bar
silver on the various days during tho
week since In I issue:
The St. Eugene mine, Moyie, had
for its share,  upwards of  BO per cent
say nothing.   The council would pay I on lour Mile, has won out iu his light | of the lead bounty earned last mouth.
Arrival- nl i'1" Arlington this week
were: .1 K McLean, Dundas, P.E.I.;
W. Koch, tl Peary, Nelson: P, McDonald   i I  \ 'I.MeOillivriiy.Saiidon.
Royal hoti I arrivals' this week were:
R.'A. MeOill. Nakuspj A. Schilland,
Sandor *** Hurabley, Nelson.
q*h,. ',. rink will he opened to
the pul  i  ni Friday night; admission
Bene Information I'or the HoasewKa
Abont Steaks  nnd Roasts.
A carcass of beef is cut in nineteen
pieces. All tbe pieces and the namei
are lu tbe dictionary. Look at the list,
and you will nud the names "tenderloin" and "porterhouse," two names
that the Inexperienced buyer has al-
Remarkable Cure Reported From Que- ways on his lips. The porterhouse Is
bee—The Lesson It Teaches g delusion and a snare in ninety-nine
HUNTEKSTOWN, Que., Jan^ »—(Bps-*   cases out of a hundred.   The tenderloin
0ifcl.)_The thousands ot Canadians
who suffer from Chronlo Kidney Complaint will be Interested tn the cure ot
Maxima Boucher of thla place. Por
twenty-five years ha suffered from
Kidney Complaint. Dodd'a Kidney Fllla
eured him. Speaking ot hla oaaa Ur.
Boucher says:
"It was Dodd's Kidney Pills that
aurad me. Por twanty-flve years I suffered with the malady of tha Kidneys.
I felt always feeble and waa often la
pain. One day I received a Dodd'a Al*
manao and read ot many wonderful
auras ln it. Then I decided to give
Dodd's Kidney Pills a trial. I took
twanty-flve boxea In all and now J ass
perfectly cured."
Dodd's Kidney Pills alwaya eure alok
Kidneys. If the disease has sot a flrsa
held lt takes them longer than If It
la just starting. But there ls no tons
■er no stage of Kidney Disease that
eaanot ba ourad by Dodd'a Kidney Pills.
Placed   oa  Trial   and   Pound   Guilty
of Heinous Offense*.
Physical Culture magazine has put
the corset on trial and found lt guilty
of even more heinous offenses than
most of its ardent haters have ever
dreamed. Here is the true bill found
ngainst this molder of the feminine
form by the magazine:
It lessens aud sometimes ruins ths
.digestive powers.
It restricts development of the lungs
to almost half their normal size.
It destroys absolutely tbe normal
power of breathlug.
It ultimately injures and makes
shapeless, flaccid and nerveless the
flesh of tbe waist line.
It destroys the beauty lines of the
body, of the limbs, arms and bust by
restricting nourishment, by interfering
witb normal circulation and thus lessening vital power, and by the continuous aud unnaturul support of the bust
lu nn abnormal position.
It is absolutely in most cases the direct cause of weaknesses peculiar to
women, from which every corset wearer suffers at some time in her life.
It greatly weakens, sometimes destroys, or makes abuormal the Instinct
of sex.
It produces tumors and the Inflamed
condition from which women so often
turn to expensive and dangerous operations.
It causes serious displacement.
It preveuts the return of the venous
blood from parts below the waist line.
It weakens and sometimes kills unborn babies.
It ls one of the principal causes of
marltul miseries and divorces.
What to Do to Secnre a  Refreshing
Night's Sleep.
We are always dining into our children's ears that in order to carry a
thing through properly they must devote their whole attention to the mat-
■ter ln hand, and yet we do uot always
i set a good example. We retire for the
, night with the object of resting our
tired bodies and brains, and instead of
doing the latter we nmke up our minds
for a good thing or Indulge in a quiet
read. Now, a book may have a very
soothing effect on some people, but It ls
decidedly bnd for the majority and
only excites thc brain, so that when
we finally lie down Bleep refuses to
come to us. There is a time for everything, nnd ufter a long trying dny lt is
most important for our own health and
for the well being of our families that
we sleep well, but to do so we must
retire with this object only In view.
We intuit make up oi:.r minds not to
think, never, to read, but to secure
that refreshing sleep which Is nature's
way of preparing us for whatever vexations we may have to face on the morrow. Hreakfastiug ln bed, also, unless
one is really ill, is a most unhealthy
habit und should not be permitted.—
Wear soft shoes, but those which will
not shuttle.
Write down the doctor's orders so as
to allow of no mistake.
Wear plain wash stuff gowns which
aro ut leant two inches above the floor.
Do not have much starch iu the wearing apparel or the rustle may annoy
the Invalid.
Remember that a sick person Is painfully aware of dinorder about the room
or the nurse.
In any loug Illness keep plenty of
disinfectant arnuud the room to render
lt fresh uud Sweet.
Keep the patient well supplied with
clean bedclottllUK, as It Is not only sanitary, but refreshing, to have clean linen.
Be careful not to betray any nervousness or fuss about drafts or medicines, llo everything ill a quiet but
not stealthy fashion.
Napoleon  I.end«.
In the four principal encyclopedias
of the world Napoleon occupies more
space than any other man, Shakespeare second, Mohammed third, Voltaire fourth and (ieorge Washington
Tribute to a natch Smoker.
To pay due reverntiee to tlie memory
of an ardent smoker named Onders**
mans who hnd (lied ln Rotterdam all
his old cronies came to the funeral
smoking Imi:: cl y pipes. OndersmnnS
left a sum of ioney to pay the expenses of n  vi     !y smoking concert to
Tou cannot be too particular ln buying  medicine.
It may be a question of life or death.
There are so many cough and cold
remedies that there Is a tendency to
be careless ln the selection of treatment, and yet what is more dangerous
than  a cold?
Ypu wo\jld not think of taking any
meJtcliie that might be offered for
heart trouble or kidney disease, and,
yet far more people ^|e from the ft'-
suit of neglected colds than from these
is the thick part of the sirloin after a
few round bone steaks have been cut
off and is called the fllet de boeuf.   II
makes a choice piece for roasting, but
If not sold in a lump Is cut into sirloin
steaks of three grades.   The first and
second grades are technically "hip sirloin   steak"   and   "flat   bone   sirloin
steak." These are the tenderloin steaks
that the young housewife pays extra
for.   There are not over six of each
kind in one carcass, so the chances are
that she pays her good money for a
third cut,  or   "round  bone"   sirloin,
wliich ls Itself a capital steak.
Porterhouse steaks are cut from the
small end sirloin steak, and one carcass contains but a few of them. Ingenious butchers understand the knack j allmffitl.
■**»     *Z     £« aamaTii La .t.uin at. «d in       INSIST  ON  HAVING   A   MEDICINE
of cutting the small end sirloin so as to , Q| M,L-UBTTJTy AND reputation.
include other portions of the beef, thus   §*jjCH  A|  r>R.  CHASE'S  SYRUP OF
enabling them to sell both at porter* ! unseed /\nd TURFENTiNg.
house prices. j    I«\S &**} t&W ft!?1     - j£%u™d
Good beef ha. a Juicy or Sappy «p- ! g&JUlB «J tMTJK
pearance, with a fine, smooth grain, i ,t ag a *rUfr, for croup, .bronchitis,
which ls easily noticed. The fat both j whooping pbugh, asthma. coug'liS, colds
outside and through the muscles, pre* I and throat troubles. ,   -
aenta a clear   straw colored aDDear- !    D<> nT>t £e satisfied with substitutes
sents a Clear, straw coiorea appear toluff«ns, fo? thev lack tne eura**
ance.   The flesh should be cherry red. ] Uvt power„  whlch    tfave    given Dr.
Chase's Syrup ot Linseed and Turpentine   Its   world-wide   reputation.
MRS. R. D. TURNER, Broadview, N.
W. T., writes: "We have seven children and have used Dr. Chase's Syrup
ef Linseed and Turpentine for every
one of theni, and with good results.
We get four bottles at a time and
And It a good remedy to ferjak up
eold on  the  lungs.'*
■on street, Moncton, N. B„ writes: "For
years I 'nave used Dr. Chase's Syrup
of Linseed and Turpentine for my
children when they have colds In tha
winter. I first used It with my daughter, who suffered from a severe form
of asthma. The least exposure to cold
would lay her up and she would nearly suffocate for want of breath. I
must say I found It to be a most satisfactory treatment, and It "nas entirely cured her. It seems to go direct
to the diseased parts and bring OTe desired   relief."
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and
Turpentine, 25 cents a bottle, at all
dealers, or Edmanaon, Bates «t Co.,
When meat rises quickly sfter being
pressed, lt may be considered prime.
When the dent made by pressing rises
slowly or not at all, depend upon ft
the beet ls poor.
How One May  Be Fashioned Oat •■
Ordinary Wooden Boxea.
Take tbreo light wooden boxes, such
as can be procured at any grocery
store, all being tbe snme length nnd
width. One foot wide by two feet long
ls a convenient size. Have two of
them three inches and tbe otber six
inches deep.
Use four upright strips for the frame
and fasten the boxes one above the
other to these corner pieces, the lower
box being about nine inches above the
floor and the others at such distance
apart tbat the top one ls at a conven-
jn.i one Boon »nd a Little Care Will
Be n Great Aid.
Keeping accounts is as worth while
to the woman who is trying hard to
get along on "next to nothing" as to
tlie woman who, like the westerner,
scorns pennies.
Not accounts as business men keep
them, with a wearisome amount of detail and "posting" from book to book
until the matter of finding out where
you actually stand financially becomes a hopeless task, but simple
ways, with no secret, baflllng methods
of doing what no self respectlug figures should do—seeming, if not actually doing It, to He.
Have Just one book—rather thick—
that will do for everything. Turn the
front part Into a cash account. Open
the book out flat. Write down your allowance or .whatever money you get
on the left hand page. Write down on
the right baud page what you've paid.
the butcher, the baker and the candle*
stlok miiker-everythlu^, eTeu to a
postage stamp.
Then, ns often as you've time, once a
week aii*fwil.v, whether your allowance
is weekly, flotfiMy or daijy, balance.
And balancing is nothing harder than
subtracting the total of the money
you've spent from the total of the mon-
ey you've received. The difference ls
what you shoulil have in cash.
Thai Is the only took yofi need If
everything yiiu tin? Is mild for S3
you get It. If you Hiivi* pecouuts, keep
ii refo4"d lu flie back of yottP JjOOk of
each niiiri froij whom you buy mil!
Make for yourself an unbreakable nita
(ft pul down everything yoir order fr-VW
him its soon ns it comes home, i'lien,
when yoti Ccrtutfafe your bills with your
book, if there Should be discrepancies,
if it comes out a difference of -dollar.*.*1
or cents, there's been finite error on
the part of the man wiitfff gold you
goods, and it ls easy to stra/^ii'f*n out.
That protects you against erniis and
roslilts In an actual saving of money.—
The Point of Resemblance
"You don't mean to say you   gave
that tramp something to eat?" queried
Mr. Polk.
"Yes, I Just couldn't help It," replied his wife, "for he reminded me
bo much of you."
"You mean he looked like me?"
"Oh, no! but when I asked him to
do a little work for me he said he
hadn't time."
pill ls the most popular of all forms
of medlcino, "and o'f pills the moat
popular are Parmelee's Vegetable Pills,
because thoy do whnt lt Is asserted
thoy can do, and are not put forward
on any fictitious claims to excellence.
The yare compact and portable, they
uro easily taken, they do not nauseate nor gripe, and they give relief ln
the most stubborn cases.
lent height to reach into wben seated.
Tbe upright posts cau be made as
fancy as desired.
Have the deepest box at tbe top, and
fit lt with a hinged cover. It can be
used to hold smnll pieces of unfinished work as well as the pieces of goods
needed ln the regular weekly mending.
It should be lined with .suitable material, pockets being mnde on each side
to hold materials (or fancy work, and
a needle book and small pincushion
should be fastened to the lining ot the
The second box should be divided Into compartments to hold spools, scissors, papers of needles, pins, tape, knitting needles, crochet hooks, etc., while
the lower one has one-half divided into
small compartments to hold different
styles of buttons, the other half being
left undivided to hold the tools and
materials for stocking mending. When
completed, the whole affair should be
stained with black walnut stain and
then varnished, and casters be added
or not, as desired.
Fatal  Good  Fortune.
There is a story toid of a miner to
whom sudden good fortune brought as
sudden death. He was a man who
touched ill luck at the start and could
not get away from it. Not a grain of
gold could he find in his own claim;
his capital was exhausted; he could
not even obtain a livelihood as a laborer for others. In the depths of despair be went to the owners of a mine
long worked out and begged permission
to go down the shaft.   It was granted.
\ He went down, and 200 feet from the
surface he drove in his pick and dislodged something. He came up with
It and asked that his find might be ex-
, amlned and weighed.   That was done.
• "Is it all mine?" he asked. It was,
they told him.    "It's not the govern-
; nient's?"    No, lt was not the govern-
I nient's. "Nor anybody else's?" No,
nor anybody else's. "It all belongs
entirely  and solely te me?"    It did.
1 The nameless wanderer had found one
of the biggest nuggets unearthed. It
weighed 190 pounds of pure gold. They
turned to congratulate blm, to find
that Joy had killed him. The story Is
said to be true.
What   Is  a Lady?
A lady ls simply the highest type of1
n woman. She will be gentle and mod-
ost, mistress of her temper and curios*
Ity. She wlll know and honor her own
place In the social order as the divinely
appointed molder, teacher and refiner
of men, and out of this beautiful and
noble place sbe will not seek to move.
To fit herself for her place she will cultivate body and mind—the body In
health and vigor, that she may take
Iter share of burdens and be cheerful
under them and that hor work ln the
world shall be as fairly done as her
hands can do lt, and tbe mind ln
knowledge, accomplishment and taste,
that she may be a delight aud a belp
In her home.—American Queen.
Brass   Button   Arts.
Acts were passed in the reigns of
William III., Anne and George I.
which made lt illegal for any tailor
to make or any man to wear clothes
with any buttons other than those
made of brass appended thereto. The
law further enacted that not only
Bhould any tailor who committed a
breach of lt be fined 40 shillings.
but also that he should not be able to
recover from his customer ln a court
of law the price of the suit which he
had adorned with the offending buttons. The whole object of the act wns
to protect tbe Birmingham metal button makers. A case which came before the courts in the year 1S54 or
1855, ln which a man, on being sued
by his tailor, raised a successful defense relying on the acts In question,
that the buttons on the clothes which
he had ordered were bone and not
brass, called attention to the existence
of the anachronism, and the restrictions were soon after abolished.—London King.
< onfmlnu   the  Court.
A man in an English court recently,
who denied that a Judgment summons had beon served on him, produced
his two brothers. All throe were so
like In appearance and dress lhat the
plaintiff admitted lie COUW not swear
on which ono be had served lhe summons. The Judge ordered a fresh summons to be served,
To Clean Jewelry.
Any Jewelry containing preclotis
stones (not pearls) may be beautifully
cleansed as follows: Rinse it in benzine, then wash it ln soap and water,
then in clear water to remove the
soap, and put lt in a cloth for a littlo
while to drain. Tben dip ln alcohol to
evaporate any remaining water and
leave lt ln Jewelers' sawdust till perfectly dry.
Kitchen Tables.
Kitchen tables are no longer considered desirable wben they contain only
the one drawer, as In years gone by.
Many are quite elaborate cabinet affairs, while a happy medium has four
drawers, with the lower ones rounding
down to hold a wbole baf of flour or
twenty pouuda of sugar. |
Distracting  Attention  From  Bargains
Merchant—I begin tn thlpk it was
a mistake, after all,    to    put    those
plateglasa mirrors in our show windows,
Floor Walker—Why  so?
Merchant—Why, the women   spend
too much time outside in    front   of
them. ___^ "- '**"
liaard's Liniment Cures Wstanper.
Evolution   of  a   Luminary
She sunned herself in Fortune's smiles
The while her pa had wealth in piles;
But when her dad got "down and out,"
She cried  and  sulked,  and    moaned
about   ,
Thoy got her then (I know not how)
Upon the stage.    She's starring now.
'IT   REACBB9   fHH   flPW.—^tart
flte few t-etnedies before the H\iV\it today aa efficacious In removing jMIn
nnd in allaylhg and preventing pulmonary disorders as Pr. Thomas' Electric Oil. It has demonstrated Its powers
ln thousands of instances nnd a lnrfje
number of testimonial*! as to its great
value as a medicine could be put wero
Uiere occasion for lt. It is for sale
One That May lie .llnala* at flame Will)
bat Little  Outlay.
The box chair shown in the neooin
pnnyinu' illustration can bo easily made
at home from a box. two square sticks
for the uprights and a board back, over
which leather or fabric can be drawn
and nailed. The nnder part can be
used for books or papers, The back
and sent should be padded, then covered with leather or fabric. If leather
is used the ornament on the back can
be drawn on with a hot point or tinted
and painted with thin oil paints. Ii'
the covering is  of denim  the wveatt
and ribbons may be embroidered with
linen Hoss or cut from otber fabrics of
a different color, then applied.
The drapery may be of some thin
goods that will bang well, and to be effective lt must be gathered and tacked
iround the top edge of the box, over
which a band of leather or gimp Is
stretched and nulled in place with large
headed upholsterers' tacks aliout three-
fourths of an Inch In diameter. Tbe
back covering Is secured with the large
headed tacks also, which would look
well if treated to a coat of tbe black
preparation. Anns niar be added to a
chair of this design by inserting two
upright sticks and arranging arms to*
cap theni and extend back to tbe rear
Uprights, as Ihoim in Fig, 2.—Woman's Home Companion.
Take Tlilnara qalellr.
Every ons has a welcome tor the person who has good sense to take tilings
quietly. Tbe person who can go without her dinner and not advertise the
fact, who can lose her purse and keep
her temper, who mates light of a
hrttvy weight and can wear a shoe that
pinches without any one being the
wiser, who does not magnify the splinter In hor finger into a stick of timber
nor the mote in her neighbor's eye into
a bi'iun, who swallows bitter words
without leaving the taate in other peo-
pien mouths, who can give up bor own
way without giving up lho ghost, who
can have a thorn in the flesh and yet
not prick all hor friends with It-such a
one surely carries a passport into the
good graces of mankind.
Bettr'a .ii.».i.i«-«.
The following recipe Ib quite famous
In a Pennsylvania town, where an old
negro cook mnkes what nre known and
delighted In as "Hetty's Jumbles." They
are made with one pound onch of butter nnd sugar, two pounds of flour,
thrre eggs, nine tenSpoonfull of orango
juice, three toaspoonfuls of baking
power and salt to taste. Handle lightly, roll rather thin and sprinkle with
granulated sugar before baking in a
quick oven. They wlll keep—If locked
np-for several months— Harper's Baser.
Mrs. Piikington—Oh, I am so glad
to soft you're hornf. I heard yon
were in that dreadful .accident. Wero
you hurt any?
Mrs. Bilkinton—Yes; I was considerably hurt. Charlie saved his English bulldog first and then came back
after me!
IIolloway'R Corn Cure destroys all
kinds of corns and warts, rout and
brunch. Who then would endure them
with sueh a cheap and effectual remedy   within   reach?
This  Is Awful
Tho train was passing through n
section devoted to the raising of live
"I wonder why It is," queried the*
passenger who had a mania for originating fool questions, "that a cow has
such  a high  forehead?"
"I suppose," replied the philosophical man ln thp next seat. "It Is duo
to the animal's predilection for
During the next year the space do-
voted to advertising MINARD'S
LINIMENT will contain cxpressloi-.s
of no uncertain sound from people
who speak from personal experience
as to the merits of this best of
Household Remedies.
An   Idea  of  Heaven
"It was ridiculous of the minister
to say that those things wero 'as
widely removed as heaven and hell,' "
remarked  the  modern  Pharisee.
"But the things in question were
very widely removed."
"Oh! that's all right, hut how could
heaven be heaven if it were so widely removed from the other place that
you couldn't see your enemies there?"
Lever's Y-Z (Wise Head) Disinfectant
^oap Powder dusted iu the bath, softens
the water and disinfects. 3S
Such a Nuisance
"I'm glad to have your father come
and visit us, my dear. But. really.
he's the biggest smoke nuisance I
ever met."
"Why, George! What do you mean
by that?"
' "I mean that your dad takes alt, the
cigars I givo him aud hides thi ni
away, and then* smokes an abominable old pipe that, hasn't been cleaned
since Walter Raleigh visited Virginia."
Comfortable Living
WITH A ****
Chatham Incubator
Poultry raising wity h chad,™
Incubator is a Very profitable and
easily ij-yj&ged c£$pation. UnleTs
yOttTOfit to £8 into it exteqsively U
need UK* bjit very$ttle of yqur time,
Goyffnmlnt repur(s sjiow' thai ifi,
demand for chickens in Canada Is
greatly in excess of tho supply and
Great Britain is •always clamoring
for itiorft. Thjjt mean's a steady
market and good prifits for chickens.
You tfannot, «^se_^[ejt|i,a
_   . ...»„    s success
fully with & fcttttng hen. She Is wait*
ing time settiA^ wRSn she shpulj ba
laying, Wljile she is hatching and
bxgodlng a few chickens she could bs
laying five gr six doien egg?.. Ths
percentage of cmckSni she hatcheslj
much lels i^|in tRai produced by ths
Chathaifl InctipatSr.
It will (Jly you to own a Chatham
Chatham Incubators contain every
improvfcrtlent of importance in Incil*
bator constructbjh inait haS been pro.
duced. They art "miidf oi (horouf hi*/
seasoned wood, viith t*.*)5 Walls, cms
within ckse. BefweeB these walli
mineral wool is packed forming lti»
vtil-y best insulation. Each piece pf
the case is mortised anc* grooved and
screwed, making the whole as solid
as a rock. Chatham Incubators ars
equipped wUh scientifically perfect
regulators which are an Infallible
means of regulating the temperature.
No casli to pay until
October, 1905.
We yvill start you raising poultry
for profit with a Chatham Iooubatnr
•without orift cent of money frpnl vJU
uiHil next Fall. That means that yiili
can take off seven or eight hatches
and make considerable money out of
the Incubator before the first payment
becomes due.
Wo couldn't mako this offer if we
wero not certain that if you accept it
you will get complete satisfaction, if
we were not positive that the Chatham
Incubator will pay you a handsor.'.e
yearly income.
This is a straightforward offer. We
make it to show our supreme confidence in the Chatham Incubator, We
want you to accept this offer as we
are sure of tho satisfaction our Incubator will give. Every machine we
have put out so far has made other
sales in the same neighborhood,
Dur offer It-to ssnd you a Chatham
Incubator at ones, freight prepaid by
us without ons csnt of cath frem you.
You mak* your first payment in
Oetobsr, 1906. The balance to be paid
In October, 7908, or if a Cash Buyer
you get it cheaper. Could uny offer
is fairer or mors gsnerous ?
SMrrn Ts.UA, Om., ftcmmtm ists. IKK.
Tfce In(!'il'«tr»r an.l Hrao-l-r that 1 lmtisht from your
xe<'.'. on tlm... I wlali nuw to p»y tha whole am..una
thla a,, . If */<>u wlll gjvfl mo . dlai-ount. I am Tory
much ;■.**.*-I wilh both lia-ulttor and ftroodar. ani
woiiM not l« without th-m. hei-anao I rlaarod this
toajou, a. .ro ttutu tho Ini-til.ator and Brooder coot mo.
V a.ra re.[i-.-ifail..
Write us to-day for full particulars
of our offer and mention this paper.
Don't put it aside for another time as
this special proposition may be withdrawn at any time.
Dept.35 Chatham. Ont.
Chatham Fanning  Mills and   rhatliam  Farm Sealao.
Won*" il. One., Ilrandon. Van . I'eleary. Alia.,
titw VVaatmlnator, ll.C. nallta*. M.S.
Chatham, i ill. aad Detroit, Kick. II
Tho Elder-Dempster company havo
offered to purchase all tho ships of
the Royal Mail Sleam Packet, bnt
were  refused.
Let   Her   Have   It
"Leonidas!" exclaimed Mr. Meek*
ton's wife, on his return from a long
jriiniey; "I um at a loss to under-
stand your conduct wheu we parted.
I said good-bye to you."
"Yes,  Henrietta."
"Why, didn't *you aay good-bye in
"1 was just about to do bo,  Hem
ett.'i, but I  checked    myself.    I  waa
afraid you would accuse me of trying
to have tho last word again."
The Orion, a now steam wh r
from Christian;..., left Dartmouth Wed*
.nesilay for Victoria, B.C., as a ae***
vt'iiture in North Pacific whale fishery,
Vour clothes will ltvst twice as long and look better,
too, if washed only with
Sunlight Soap
It washes coarse things easiest because it is a-
Eowerful cleanser, a.nd is best fbr fine things
ecause it is perfectly pure and will nnt injure
them. Equally good with hard or soft water.
No scrubbing, no boiling.'
Try Sunlight.
You may have   your  money   betck  if you
are not satisfied.
Uvr Brothers Limited
1109 SLOCAN,  B.  C.
Th*r   Ar*  ol tba   llu.y   Order -Detail! *l
th* Great Eruptions lo Central
Africa l.ait Spring.
A -few (acta have at last reached
«he outer world concerning the great
-volcanic eruption that began on
-May 13 last in the lake region of
'Central  Africa.
The eruption was very severe for
■three -days. The wide, lava covered
plain in which the active volcanoes
.are found seemed to be covered with
flames that poured forth from many
iflssiires in the rock. What seemed to
be a column of lire was maintained
to a height of several hundred leet
■for several hours.
Near these volcanoes on tho south
as Lake Kivu, in one of whose north-
.ern bays occurred a terrific tinoqou-
■ eous eruption. The wuter for a mile
• around was turned yellow by the
aoutpouring vapor heavily charged
writ— sulphur. Many thousands of (ish
•wore killed and their bodies Uouted
on the surface.
This region north of I>ake Kivu
and Tanganyika is the greatest centre of volcanic activity in Africa,
and one of tho largest in the world;
and it was never heard of till ten
years ago. The discovery of these
volcanoes by Count von Qotjien did
considerable damage to the llioory
that volcanoes are developed only in
proximity to the sea.
These volcanoes are about 700
miles from the Indiun Ocean, almost
in tlis heart of the continent. Th-i
other great centre of present vol-
.'•itnic phenomena in Africa is also
f"    .rpu'«!  of miles  inland,   near Lake
.Students •of volcanoes now think it
'is better to *say that they are loiifid
'both on the margins of the a* and
'in the neighborhood of grent deprea*1
'aions in the land surface earned by
violent movements of Che rocks,
which have produced lines of weak-
'ness, through which volcanic energy
■Is able to lind vent.
There arc eight volcanoes within
sight of one unother just m little
north of Lake Kivu. They are in
three groups. The two western
croups are composed each of three
'•extinct volcanoes, while the eastern
,^roup contains two towering mountains that are at times exceedingly
In addition to the lively ebullitions
'from these craters, the region is
•richer than most other volcanic districts ln mineral and hot springs
and other manifestations of vulcan-
■Tlie two active cones are* among
the very largest in the old world and
are almost unique in their great distance from the sea. The larger of
the two, Kirungu-cha gungo, is a
•single huge con<V rising to a circular
ond unbroken rim, 11,11)50 feet in
This rim encloses a inst erntct
over a mile In diameter thnt hns always been full of steam and smoke
when the visitors have peered over
the edge So that the.v have been unable to learn the nature of the crater door or of its interior walls.
It Is inferred that the crater ia of
■enormous depth, for stones rolled
ever the edge of the chasm have
merely bounded from rock to rock,
their concussions becoming fainter
and fainter with nothing to indicate
that they finally found a resting
Kirungu-ndogo, the other active
cone, is at* least 11,000 foot in
height. It is likely at any time to
l.e active; and recent lava streams
around its summit huve been giving
out dazzling white Jets of steam.
It is a wonderful region. Besides
the great Volcanoes, active or extinct, are large numbers of isolated
lifeless craters, still perfect in form;
and those that are furthest from the
smoke mountains are terraced to
their tops and covered with fields ol
beans and other native crops.
Twenty years ago no one knew that
there wns a,single active volcano in'
Africa,. Since then n number of very
lively volcanoes have lieen discovered
In addition to a number of the
largest mountains on the continent
now lifeless, but which were built bjr
mighty  outpourings of  lava.
CAnicletajr 1. riiilo.opl.lo.
The Dlnnra* correspondent of The
London Daily AIuil says: Though
weak of health, the Marquis of Anglesey is, it may be surprising to hear,
strong of spirit, and regards h.s
temporary eclipse with a philosophy
worthy of -Socrates. 'lhe Marquis
lives a retired lifo amid perfumes,
hair tonics and cheap jcwolry. A local tradesman hus already sold him
-tlOO worth of jewelry, while the
hairdresser who attends him has been
kept busy siipplying huir washes, fuce
'reams, rouge and perfumes. The
Marquis' greatest oxcitement is the
anticipation of tho arrival of a new
itick or Jewel from I'aris. When I
met him.tho other afternoon he apologized somewhat profusely for his appearance. He was attired in whut f
believe tailors call a lounge suit o'
tweed, nnd was sitting in a rather
uncomfortable chair hound with red
velvet by a Are that the weather
scarcely warranted. "What are vour
present plans?" I nsked. "I shull Stay
hero for the time lieing. I like the
place and the climnle. Afterwards l
"my move on to Paris and London.
Hut nothing is settled. I'm really
v'ery hnppy, though I suppose no ono
"ould believe it. I drive and do
poker-work, and I'm writing a book
—on myself."
Pat i.i... Ill* PeSla
In  an    Irish  court    of  justice  the
judge    recently    found  himself   in    a
quandary.   The dispute •.kin nhout a
'"Ht, nnd the evidence was dirocl nndi
Positive   for   both-   eluimiuits.     After
nTuch  wriingling,  Patrick   rower,  one
,r 'lio parlies, proposed that bo andl
**i> opponent shim IJ see whose name!
J.'.«s .on. the  cont.   This  wr.fi  agreed
:". nnd niter the other rlnimnnt   hnd
•Parched   In   vain  for  any  mark   Pat
;'ook tin- coat, and1 avaalaz • "flornor
Til A W<ii*triAc^ In its Praise are those
1 IIC   VV €Xl U1CM who have used it longest.
CEYLON   TEA.    Always  Pure.    Always Delictus.
Lead Packets Only.    By All Grocers.
I        Do you catch cold easily t
Does the cold hang on i   Try
Th* Lung
^^^^    Tonic
It cures the most stubborn kind
* of  coughs and  colds.    If  it
doesn't cure you, yonr money
will bo refunded.
Prlcet: S. C. Wells A Co.  108
23c. SOc. fl   LeRoy, N. Y., Toronto, Can.
It Does on
you  see  that
"Do ^^^^
woman with the     	
"Do you know why she wears the
"No.    Homely?"
"No; she's afraid tho sun might
blister the paint."
Of tne lining with his penknife, toos
out two small pons. "There, now,
d'ye sua that?" "Ves, but what of
that?" "A dnle it hus to do wid it;
it's mo nnme—pea for 1'atrick and
pea for J'ower."
PARBD.—PUls whloh dissipate themselves lu the stomach cannot be expected to "nave m^ich effect upon the
Intestines, and to overcome costlve-
ntss the medicine administered must
lnlluence the action of these canula.
Parmelee's Vegetable Pills are so
Blade, under the supervision of experts, thut thc substance In them to-
tended to operate on tlio Intcitinea
are retarded In iiclitm mil** they Pass
through   tlie   Hlnuunt))-   to  tho  bowels,
How They  Looked at  It
"It's a glorious day!" exclaimed the
minister, walking home with the colonel after meeting. "You can aliKost
hear the rustle of augel wings iu the
silvery sunlight!"
"You're right," said the colonel. "I
ean almost fancy myself seated In a
garden green with mint—sipping a
fine julep, with a 'nigger' on each side
o' nee. fanning the gnats off!"
He  Knew the Sex
When the American woman met the
distinguished German professor he
st-'d to her:
"You need not sprechen mit me in
Deutsch. You sprechen English. I
very veil understand your meannes."
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator
has n.i equal for destroying worms ln
children and adults. See that you get
the   genuine   when   purchasing.
Trust Your Appetite
It Knows What is Best for Your
Perhaps on  the  Tenth
"Is your husband good on  remembering dates?"
" 1 should say not. He can't even
remember on what date the First of
July comes on."
How's This!
We offer One Hundred Dollar! Reward for
ear ease of Catarrh that oaouoH be eared by
Hell's Catarrh Cute.
F. J. CHENEY A CO., Tolede, O.
We, the undersigned, hava known F. J
Cheney for tbe last 16 yeara, and believe hia
perfectly honorable In all business transactions and fln»A'eially able to carry oot any aba
ligations'Bade by hla firm.
Wholesale Druggists, Tolpdo, O.
. -x*-r*> ■'.•'     .
Stale   Hrcinl   Grttlallerake*.
Soak two cups of stale breadcrumb^
for one hour in a quart of milk whicb
""•ujrt be boiling hot, i'our this over the
breadcfcmblr.  Beparate the yolks and
whites df two eggs mid beiU light. Into ihe conked breadcrumbs mla ?'*-st
the •."'at'.''1 volks, then three ounees of
flour, u iabU'Kpflt'ilftil incited butter, a
small teaspoollltll « fSih **'0llt ,llpse
well; then stir ln Hgi'ily Mro1 teft|P00H«
fills of linking powder add th* Bettt0H
whites, Grease the griddle mid rake
fjuiikly in small thin cukes until a
golden brown. These are the most
wholesome of nil griddlecakeS. ,.
Teller—Not unless
check ls no good!
-Must I be
lu directly upon the blood and nncous so*
faces ot the system.    Testimonials sent free.
Prloe 15 cents per bottle. Sold by all Atntfistm,
Take fW_U*fflW* •"***■ C«Mtt>»P*fe*»*.
Yonr appetite knows what is best for
your health.
That is the theory of modern medicine—the doctrine of common sense.
Bread your appetite does not like is
bread that is bad for your health.
How easily the human system
ilates good bread ?
How hard bad bread is on health
First, it's hard to eat the soggy, tasteless stuff, so many families call bread.
Your appetite rebels against it.
The appetite is wise.
It knows what's best
You can trust it
If it doesn't want a certain bread,
make up your mind the bread is wrong.
The appetite is never wrong.
We can safely leave our bread to the
judgment of the appetite.
Once one has tasted Royal Household
bread, made just right by following the
recipes, that person will accept no other.
Other bread is flat and tactile*! com.,
Eating Bed Bread
Soura the Stemeeh.
Bad bread sours the stomach—lies undigested—creates dyspepsia.
No dyspeptic can work well.
No dyspeptic can be happy.
Those with weak stomachs, the sick-
invalids—convalescents, need and crave,
most of all, thin slices of light, white
well baked bread.
In the sick room Royal Household is
Whet the Invalid
Should Eat
Give the invalid the best bread yon
can secure.—give it to all yonr family
and keep them well.
Keeping well—health by good living
--is the modern way.
Royal Household is the modern flour.
Send for the recipes.
Send now.
Don't wait till to-morrow.
We send them free.
Own* PLQimMmj Co., X/ft.
you    wish
.1,111. »  nmi   f'uetnrils.       ~i
Ahnost every housekeeper knows the
value of a wet hot towel in iitiinolding
jellies mid custards, They wlll appreciate the suggestion in Good Housekeeping of ii cold towel to nssist removing n cake* or pie from (he linking
tin. Wring the chilli out of cold water, fold niid Iny on Hip tnble and set
Jhe hot baking tin on it for a few
minutes, when the obdurate cake or
pie may easily be removed.
—     AND     ^
• Decline
5 -~-   Steel For Tens.
More Steel Is psed in the manufacture of pens thnn iu oil the sword and
gun factories ln the world.
Minard's Linimeuf Cnres Garget io Cows.
Don't fry cheap cough medicines. Get the best, Ayer's
Cherry Pectoral. What a
record it has, sixty years of
cures! Ask your doctor if
he doesn't use it for coughs,
colds, bronchitis, and all
throat and lung troubles.
" I hare found th»t Ayir'i rharry Pectoral
ll tlia l'(*at modlcliie I can pre.crtba for l.ron-
,-lilUi, luflnrnta, rmiftlii. and hard oolda."
M   UidruxJi, M.I'., Ithaca. N. T.
■Kir... Mie.,tl M.
VII dniinrtitt.
J. C. AT1R ro.,
T.owfll,   Man.
^    EXERTION.   ^
miss Wood, brownsviw_e, ont,
,    FOUNt?   HfiALTH   Wlf*  DR
«i    .    SLOCIj'M'S   PSYCHlrVB
She   wrltea:
May  18,  IHO4:
I      have      to
thank   Pay-
phlne  for  my
p r a b e n t
health.      Tvyo
years    ago   I
was  going ln
I eould hnrd-
I)    driiji    iiij--
• <• 1 f      Heron.)
the     lloor.     I
could     not
sweep   the
carpet.      If I
went    for
drive    I    had
to    He    down
when   i  came
Jjack;      If     I
went    for    a
mile   or   two
on  my  wheel
*   I     WHS     too
weak  to lift  It  t'nruiigh  the  ff&teway,
snd  last   time  I  came  ln   ffofn   having
m spin I dropped utterly lia-i|.l.-s from
fatigue.  My  father   would   Rive   m?   no
peace   until    I    procured   I'SYC'lUNt-;,
knowing   lt   was   excellent   for   decline
Or  weakness.     I   must  sny  the   results
were  wonderful,   and  people  remarked
my  improvement.     Ipstead   of  a  little,
pale,   holloW-ehecked,    listless    melancholy  Kirl,     I    am   today   full   Of  life,
ready for    a    sleigh  ride,    a    skating
match  or  an  evening party  with  anyone,   and   ■   fear   months   iikii   I   riuilil
not   •triiKitle   '"   eliureli,   40   r..«"*>   from
my  borne.   Have   never  had   the  slightest   cause   to   fear   any   return   of   disease. -Ella Muriel  Wood.
PSYv. T1.\E   ls   pronounced   II-KE*E**i
Tour Grain to na to be iold on amtal  or afterward*, m yon mat
wish.   Wa do a strictly Commlsaion Business, in which we haie baa
Prompt nnd reliabU work guaranteed.   Liberal AdTances.   Oorre.
Licensed and Bonded.    Reference-Bank of Hamilton,
U f e»r'j rtperienoe,
ipo^5*jfct solicited.
416 Grain Exchange,
| Unshrinkable
I Underwear
■      Made in Special
Weights For
W. mak. a specialty of low grade   wheat.  Write « before .Hipping,
will show  how we can serve you.
References:-Any   Bank  or   Commercial •MJW'       '     WINNIPEG
Thomas U*.      ^r.    '8HIP YOUR GRAIN TO
{Kindle grain strictly
"  able    Ubeml tulYfincam:
„ .       - -solicited,
I am the Oldest
•rale ta ear UU taught ea track   er seM ea   eei
a4*amm asm*^   Prernpt *etin**».     O-rrespoadenee
The Dr. Slocum Remedies are sold by
I all druggists and many general stores.
Psychln'e  at   $1.00   per  bottle.
For further advice, Information or
; free trial bottle write Ur. T. A. Slo-
I cum, Limited, ITS King street west,
| Toronto, Canuda.
Correct any tendency to constipation with email ptoses of Ayer'. Pill*.
None can have a Well-Balanced
Constitution without taking
All people stibjeot to Bilious attacks,'
or who siiflcr from Stomachic disorders, should never be without a box
Their gigantic success nnd genuine
worth are Known all over the world,
and the proof of their excellence lies
in the fact that they are general!*/
adopted ns the Family Medicine aitei"
tlie lirst trial.
by their purifying effect upon the
Blood, cleanse and vivify the entire
system, causing every orRan of the
body healthfully to continue its allotted function, thereby Inducing a
.perfectly balanced condition, and
making life a pleasure.
maintain their reputation for keeping people in Oood Health .uA
Good Condition.
have stood thc test of the most
exacting experience through many
Prepared only by Thomas Beechsm,  St.
Ilaltns, I nul"nd.
Sold ti   •,where In Ceneda end ll. *.
America.     Ia baxat, 28 ceaUa
A Successful Candidate
The   Ii<ivr-r—Vou   see,   ma     and   pa
are opposed to inc. hut the pit! isn't.
Friend— You're all ri^ht. You're no
Ing to be Elected by an overwhelming minority.
Minard's Liniment Cares Dyptheria
Terribly   Worse
"But, auntie, I    think    there
worm' thliiKs than  being kissed
young man."
"\\ imt. tor Instance?"
"Why   er   nol    being kissed
young man."
William Law,
on commission.    Highest   prices  obtain- '
Trades car rled on margins in 'Winnipeg futures.
9hr\,'r,' ^CHANGE, Winnipeg
fcaTABLIsHED grain       ' '
      1*  WINNIPEG.
Consign your grain to me and get prompt servic'-*"*, careful attention
— highest mnrket prices. ^     COIIVTIZ DRAWER
Reference: UNION BANK OF CANADA.   25.  ^KliMK,      130O.
(Until recently represented by the   late   E.  O'Reilly,  Esq.)
All kinds of grain purchased in Car    Load Lots.     Write us fur top prices
and shipping instructions.   Any grade  of wheat, oats, barley or llax.
P. O. Box 629, WINNIPEG, MAN.
'Ohio Gasoline Engines9,
and  STATIONARY   fer  CHOPP1NQ ss*
WOOD SAWINQ in stock at sll Umea.   We
ean ship at a day's notice.
Write ns for Prices and Cataloyn*.
tarridsoCMpor Ok Lti, tmoipei, la.
Henry Afenoe. U<
Cholera morbus, cramps and kindred I
complaints  annually   make  their    •'|i4-j
ia   trance al   i lie s.nn.. t in-.' ns  i he iwt |
weather,  y.v. • ■   fruit,  cucumbers,  melons,  cic,  nini   mnny   persons    arc  debarred   from   eating   these   tempting:
fruits,  bul   th«j   ricai   tic   itbatnin   if j
iiii'V  iin.-   i if   ,i.   I.   Kellofffr's   Dysentery Cordial, Btld t'aftt? s  few drops In
water,      ii    oures    the    cramps    nmi
cholera   In  :i   remnrliiiblc  manner,    I
Is sur,.  to check every  disturbance  of
the bowels,
Painful  Misunderstanding
Sandy Pikes   Ifes, ma   an' Gritty
George has been partners three years
an' now we are thlnkin' aboul split-
Kind   Lady    Very   well,     my poor
man, here Is the hatchet and there
is the woodpile.
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds, etc.
Her Generosity
Mrs. Pnul   Have you given anything
to charily  this  yenr'.'
Mm.   Mall-   Yes;   I   have   Just   sold
all of my old clothes to my washerwoman for nlinoHt nothing,
Used in H.B.K. Mitts, Gloves
and Moccasins—tough as whalebone, flexible, soft, pliable, scorch-
proof, wind-proof, boil-proofs
crack-proof, tear-proof, rip-proof,
cold-proofj almost wear proof—
certainly tha greatest leather
ever used in mitts and gloves.
Like buckskin it is tanned
without oil, unlike buckskin it is
not porous, it is wind-proof—will
outwear three buckskins.
"Pinto" Mitts and Gloves
never crack or harden, never get
sodden, are always warm, pliable,
loft and comfortable-
Sold at all dealers but never with-
out this brand :—
■aitreal    WlnelpsJ    Dswses I
Par about balf a eaatury
thii •slabliabmcnt baa aaiaala
a .pec-alt), of .killa.il walsk
repamnr. A woo.Ua bos
will ba ..nl oa raqu«t la
•.Inch you caa ferwari yoa*
laanavpiaca to ua.
We prepay all
charges in returning1
watches and jewelry
repaired by us.
The   Gum   Stuck   Her
Thero  was  an  old     maid    of    tireat
who frolicked about liko a kitaih;
Her gum foil one day
On a bit of crochet,
And that's how      she sticks to    her
Superfluous Hair
Removed by the New Principle
Dt 9lhracte
It is better than electricity, because
it dues 11 "incur ■ : priluc a new growth.
Better than X niy, i *,«u^e it doea not
burn, scar or parall • the ti-nues under
tho skin. Better than depilatories, because it Is nut p isooous I therefore,
it will net cause blood [xnsoning, or
produce eczeiiin. uliirh is so common
with depilatories, and does not break
olf tl.e huir, thereby increasing ita
Electrolysis, X ray or depilatories ara
offered you on i lie bars word of the
operatoia a n u m.inufncturers. DK
M1KACLK n mt. H is lho only method
which is nnil rscd by physicians, sur-
peons, dermatoiogistx, tunlical journals
und prominent  niaKa2''"*
DB MIRACLE will be mniled to any
address, seali plain wrapper lor $1.
Your money hm l* «ithoiit question if it
fails to dual i ial is claimed for it.
Our booklet i'"' niont complete
treatise on Superfluous Hair ever published— contiiiniiii!  the testimonials of
numerous physiciaai and surgeons aud
thoea of hundreds ol others—will be
sent free, in plan, sealed envelope,
upon requent Write for it to day to
Quk«n Sti i'Ft Wist, Toronto, or
I.nst    w
page lllu '
and   her  ramllj
nadiaii   ful
Tattler    i;ave n full
shoving Lady Minto
"In   their   wlntor  l'a-
W    N    U
t-s. THK MULL, SLOCAU. B. (.'.. JANUA1.Y
C. E. 8mitmki«o*le, Editor and Prop
SLOCAN,      -      -       •       ■      B. C.
Lecal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion ntul 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
SB legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
lor each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
Tha Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advanco; f 2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B, C
FRIDAY. JANUARY  13. 1905.
R. F. Sutherland,me.mber for North
Essex, is to be speaker in the now
house of commons iit Ottawa.
Big Bill Galliher is being boomed
for a position in the dominion cabinet.
Of British Columbia's solid seven none
is better qualified for such an exalted
pasitiou than is KootonayV. member,
and the appointment would be popular with the country.
The citizens ara to be congratulated
on the unexpected, but withal desirable, outcome of the civic nominations
on Monday, almost a full set of aldermen having been secured to govern
the city for the ensuing year, it took
considerable engineering to unite the
rival factions, but now it has been
accomplished there is every reason to
believe good fellowship will continue,
to the lasting well-being of the city.
The Laurier government will seek
the necessary authority to increase the
representation in the senate up to 9(i,
by adding 13 more senators to the territory west of Lake Superior, to be
Appointed in accordance with the increase of population. Time works
wonders Once the Liberals wanted
to abolish the seuBte; r.dw tliey are in
pontrcl they seek to increase its membership.   _____________
A movement is on foot in the east
-to prohibit the use of American silver
in Canada. From a patriotic standpoint the move is all right, but iu a
business way it would work a great
hardship. Canada, to her shame be
it said, doea not possess one third sufficient coin to meet the popular needs,
consequently recourse is had to the
Yankee article. Prohibition of Amer-
ican silver would lie welcome were it
to galvanize the Canadian mint proposition into active life. Then Canadians could have their own money
made from their own product,realizing
at the same time that each ounce of
stiver purchased by thc mint benefitted Kootenay mines that much.
Liberal boasts of ousting the Con
Bervativcs from power when the legislature meets have lieen proven unwarranted. They relied upou the Socialists for assistance, but the latter say
nay. At the recent Socialist convention in Vancouver, Messrs. Williams
and Hawthornthwaitogavean account
of their stewardship as members of
the legislature They unmercifully
scored Leader of the Opposition Maedonald and his Liberal followers for
their general actions and frequent
votes against the interests of the
masses; stating also that overtures for
assistance had beeu made by the Lib*
jeral party aud had been refused.
So loug as the Conservatives continue
acting with justice with the people,tbe
Socialists have decided to support
them in the legislature. There will
lie no upsetting when the house meets
The zinc deposits of the Sloean are
meeting with general recognition and
favor and numerous outside agents
are seeking purchases. Perhaps the
most important move of late has been
that of tho American smelting (rust,
which through a subsidiary company,
the United States Zinc Co., is alter an
unlimited supply for its Pueblo works.
For some years the trust has over
looked British Columbia ores of every
description, and the disposition now
shown to again purchase local orea
will undoubtedly be to the best inter-
flits of the  country.   The Great Nor
thern railway people anticipate a gnat
increase in the output of zinc from the
Slocan and are prepared to give special service to accommodate the mine*
pttnert,   There promises to be an im
portant expansion in they.inc industry
this year, and it is  not unlikely even
property in tha Slocau lake countiy
carrying zinc, starting with the Mom .
tain Chief, will   be operated   to their
full   capacity.   Silver lead   must   for
the nonce give way to /hw, and tho
greater tlio prosperity the morop ople
)vj|l wejuyuie the ebuiige,
Pay up your subscription.
Trail elected its new council by acclamation.
For first-class bread go to J. H
Kaslo has re-elected its council by
A. McGill arrived back from Nakusp
Saturday night.
Saridon's municipal voters' list consists of hi names.
Sugar has advanced in price very
materially of late.
The thermometer touched zero on
Wednesday night.
Grant Cox is in Spokane, undergoing medical treatment.
Miss Alma Baty has beeu quite ill
of late of appendicitis.
New Denver aud Silverton opened
thoir skating rinks this week.
Born.-Tu Sandon, on Jan. 4th, the
wife of E. R. Atherton, of a son.
M. L, Grimmett has lieen re-elected
mayor of Sandon by acclamation.
Born.- Tn Sandon, ou Jan. 1, the
wife of J. N. McLeod, of a daughter.
T. D. Woodcock left on Saturday
for a month's visit to the coast cities.
The now dominion parliament commenced business at Ottawa this.week.
Mrs. Geo. Garrett went up to New
Denver Saturday, to stay for a couple
of weeks.
For Sale.—A small base-burner coal
stove, in first-class condition. Apply
at this office.
For Sale.—-A full set of Dickens'
novels, comprising 15 volumes. Apply at this office.
In Fernie last year $260,000 worth
of new buildings were erected, and in
Cranbrook $100,000.
Wage troubles have broken out in
the Coleman coal mines and the union
has called out its men.
As a result of the recent wreck at
the Y, a number of new signal boards
havo been put up in the railway yards.
Miss Edwards, who had been visiting her sistor, Mrs. Jorand, for three
weeks, left for Princeton o:i Saturday.
Mrs. Bolaader p'.'.s**;*d through to
her home in New Denver on Friday,
after a five months' visit in Spokane.
'•Windy" Young has secured thirty
acres of Vernon suburban property
and will endeavor to make a fortune
out of it.
A blazing chimney at M. Lavell's
hotel.Saturday night, caused an alarm
of fire to be turned in. No damage
was done.
Several carloads of dead timliers taken from the old trestles at the wharf
were loaded up and sent to Nelson ou
In December the C.P.R. sold .12,106
acres of land for f 112.5S3. For the
previous eleven months the sales were
•188,468 acres, for $2,097,916.
Wheu spring comes the railway
people will have to pay marked atten
tion to their recent filling at the
wharf, which is settling badly in
Miss S. Cummlngs, who had been
visiting here for a few weeks with her
relatives, Aid. and Mrs. Madden, returned to her homo in Trout Lake on
Wm. Whvte, second vice president
of the C.P.R.,has written J.Johnstone.
of Nelson, that the company would
probably build a tourist hotel at or
near that city.
Archdeacon Pentreath, of Vancouver, known to mnny here, has boen
nominated for the position of primate
archbishop ofthe Anglican diocese of
Rupert's Land.
This evening; the annual meeting of
Knox  church   congregation   will   in
held.    After the business is disposed
ofa  social   hour  will   be spent, the
ladies providing refreshments,
The Hockey Club met on Wednesday night and organized for the sea
son. J.Anderson was made president;
A. McVicar, secretary; Al McGill,
cnptnln; .1. Pinchbeck, W. Hicks, W.
Wilson, committee.
The Drill will print you. on short
notice and in anv amount, shipping
tags, billheads, stateinents.letterheails.
notchcads, memos, receipts,envelopes,
visiting cards, business cards, bills of
fare, dodgers, posters, eta, etc Will
meet any quality or price.
A suspicious looking individual undertook to  make an  examination of
the bedrooms at the Hicks House on
Tuesday morning, but he suddenly
ran up against an ugly appearing
shooting iron, and he got out in a
hurry. Search tailed to find the gent
in town.
Mrs. W. ES. Boioentertained a number of lur lady friends hist Thursday
afternoon,  progressive  f>00 being the
programme.   Among thom* present]
were; Mrs. Ross, Mrs. Christie, Mrs.
Jorand. Mrs.   15 roc km an, Mrs. Tatter
sail, Miss Edwards, Miss Brookman,j
Miss McKinnon. ana the Misses Moss.
One of the hitler took lirst prize.
Whyte, 2nd vice president, the former
having lieen in Winnipeg a week conferring on the subject, The new wharf
will accommodate other steamers than
those of the company. An official
announcement will bo made so soon
as the estimates are presented at
Montreal. _
High School K.xitminatlmiM.
Following is the result of the recent,
high school entrance examinations
from Nelson as a centre, no pupils
writing from the Slocan:
Kaslo—Number of candidates, 1;
passed, 1.   Ira M. Lindsay, ii50.
Nakusp—Number of candidates, 2;
passed, 1,   Ella Thompson, 596.
St. Joseph's convent, Nelson -Number of candidates, 1; passed, 0.
Klrsl Slo,-un Dividend of Yalta*,
The Lucky Jim mine has tho honor
of being the first property in the Slocan to declare a dividend this year, it
having just announced a distribution
of $10,000. Geo. Hughes and associates own the mine, which is a zinc
proposition, 2000 tons of 52 per cent
article having recently beeu shipped.
The Queers
First-class Dining Room
Large and Comfortable Betlrnoms
Sample rooms for Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C.
*•■»-♦-» ************ •**-*-!
A ild 1 ni; Another rum.ice,
A. I.Goodell.mauagcr of the North-
port smdtnr, states that they expect
to have a third furnace in operation
inside of a month. Two furnaces are
handling -100 tons of ore daily, and
with the third tho amount will be increased to 525 tons.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local registry office, 11. I\ Christie lieing mining
Jan 3—Calumet,Ilecla anil Buffalo, }■■,
in each, T Mulvey to B A Shatford.
Democrat and Royal iff, J Tinline to
A W Strickland.
Nsnien, Berdan and Frnm, notice of
mortgage of M E Young's half interest
to R S Lennie for $500.
• •• X ill^aaa
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
Headquarters for traveling men
Large, airy rooms
Best meals given  in the  town
RATCS-tt per ,\oy ; with
samplo room*, S9.BO. t*a>i>«*-
rlal i:i!r» In utraily boarder*
Arthur Street, Slocan
Timber Notice.
NOTICF, is hcr;'.,y given that thirty
'.ays after date i intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works,
nt Victoria, for n .special license tn cut
and curry away timber from the following described lands: Commencing nt n
\iost planted on the t-outli side of Bvartl
creek, about *H» chains from Slocnn lake,
and market) "M, & Y. LidgateN. E. corner post," running south 80 chains;
tlivnce west SO chains; thence north SO
chuins; thence east E-Oubaius, to point oi
of commencement. '
Dated Dec, 'Jtitli, 1904-
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
RATES: RpRulnr suhserlbori,$J per month
«r$10« yeur: Qoa-SUDKCrtberil (ruhisive of
me.liciil nttpudiinr.il £! per dar. Private \rarda
Sl pir dny extra, Special fuclutUi for maternity casa.s.
For further particulars apply to,
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
H. D. Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident ,
Abstracts of Hineral
Is Better than a Piano or Organ
No need to study and practice for years—you can play
it in five minutes—" A child can operate it." Selections
by the best pianists or violinists, as well as other soloists,
can be heard in your own home. Sottsa's or the Coldstream Guards' Bands will play for you at your own fireside. The great operatic stars are at your service if you
have a Berliner Grahvo-phone.
Berliner Gram-o phone Record*, are hard flat Ulec*-7 and io iacata In
alameler, made of mnroon substance-will   last   for   *v*M*w*.
Pricet of Gram-o-phone    ^l/C  _•*-_  tJlAfi
complete with 3 Records tyKJ  *>*** «P*fO
Guaranteed for five yean   " ll - wade lu Canaala."
Sold  on  anas* aenlhly parmaale If *tmmiaxm*t.    Writ*
for particular*, Catalog".* and list of Rocovda.
Agent will exchange ymur old Berliner Cram-o-phomr Baeamds
FREE when you buy tvo new Records for each one you mtttrm ft*
exchange: for instance, you return hoo Reeonds : rttrrmm tier : Amy
for four. aanuracTueie mv
J. A. ANDERSON, Local Agent
TJi^sLja—' ■'      — •     ' •   .'" ■ ■ .- ■   '     i' —" i»  rv I
A Residence for Sale
mX. A   *•■■     S0CUr*     **      'OH    Mt Of
jII Dlokeni'  novel*., 15 vols
Well bound, legible jiririt.
AA will iiiircliiiBeafiiTiiill hiae-
IIII burner conl stove.
good as new,
Ii M
The Drill Office
OaP.Hi Money fur Vancouver,
In the estimates for tin* Pacific dl
vision of the C.P.R will lu-■ Included
the aura of 1120,000 for additional
tracks ami ti-eitlea along the Vancouver wharf front, nnd a quarter of n
i" I m for h jetty wharf. Thla is the
l'"!''1 '-I •') conference lietween E, II.
Vyebst •:•. iiivi.iiiu.il ougiuoer,and W.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To'olinJ.BanfieltlamU, M. McGregor,
or to uny perdon or persons tn whom
they may-nave transferred tbrir sw-
i-rai interests, in whole or In part, In
tbe Blitok nnil White Deadly Fractional mineral rliiim, sittiBteil hear
tlie head ui Lemon creek,and recoiled
in tlio l.ei'OMlei'H otlice for the Slocnn
City milling division.
Yon me herehy notified that 1 have
i".i'ii*e.l to bp expended tlie sum of one
bhndred sui'l two dollars and fifty cent?
in labor ami improvements on the above
mentioned mineral elnim in order to
hold cnid claim under the provisions ol
the Mineral Act; and If within 1)0davi
from the d:itu of thia nolice you fail, or
refuse, to contribute your proportion of
such expenditure,together with nil costs
of advertising, your interests in pum
claim will become the propeity ef the
subscriber, under section 4 of an Act
entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, IP00."
Dated at Slocan,B.C.| this 3rd day ol
October, A. D 1.004.
7-10-1.4 ERIC LEMIEUX.
Certificate of Improvements.
Niis'i Hlnqral Claim.
Situate In thu Slocnn City Mining l>ivi-
uion ul the Vest Kootenay Ilistrict.
Wbere located : -Adjoining the Cameronian rniueral claim.
Take notice thst I, M. 1.. Grimmett,
RCti>8 for mvaelf. free miner's certificate
No. B77C38; ami as agent for Duncan
Cameron, free miner'u certificate No.
D77US0; Angus Cameron, free miner'i
certificate No r.i'.M 11; William Davies,
free miner's certificate No. HH4o'J(); R.
McDowell, fiee miner'* certificate Nn.
USl'SIO; <;. A. Love, free miner's certificate No. B06187; and K A. Bradshaw,
[reeminer's certificate No.B77428,int*Bd,
sixty davs from tbe date hereof, to apply
to the .Mining Itecouler for a certificate
of improvements, for the purpois of obtaining a crown grant for the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, mint be commenced
before tlie isf uanca of ivioh certificate ol
Hated this 1st (lav of November, 190-1
9-12-04 '  M. L. GR1MMETJ
One of the newest residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms, lt contains five
large rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china
closet, large cellar, is lathed and plastered,
and is the best finished in town. Hot and
cold water system, with range and a sink.
Two corner lots, with fine lawn, garden, fruit
trees; also first-class woodshed, etc. A SNAP
FOR ANY BUYER.      For terms  apply to
P.O. Drawer 75, Slocan
IA dvertlse your |
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
a maul
AN 11
Dill (ilil'iT ,t RTATIOa**tJKlt|
to nil persistant ami liberal ndvertis-
■ers: it in read
by everyone.
If guarantee
J.A.Mersoa ®At All Times®
4 kkekk&&ekk:kek^^ £j
Subscribe for
local paper: W
gj THE DRILL,  $2 per year gj


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