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The Slocan Drill 1904-10-07

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 3    OCT 101904     ■*•* s
^TlfJ ip^
VOL. V., No. 28.
SLOOAN,   B.   C,   OCTOBER   7,   1904.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
a,c. smm
 "rov. Library
J. W. Crow, Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is one of the Lost known and most popular houses
in the country.     It is located adjacent to the depot and tbe
wharf, and commands a magnificent view of the beautiful
Slocan Jake.    Good fishing is to lx' found closo nt hand, whilo
every facility Is offered for boating.
Tourists will find tho Arlington and ideal resting place.
Commercial men have al theircommand new and commodious
sample rooms.
The dinihg room is strictly up to date and the bar supplied
with only the best brands of goods
Our fall stock is now complete in all lines.
We can give you the best value:; in town.
Don't be misled by others, but call and examine our stock befo.'e buying elsewhere.
Siil !• will I.N to lit* Ileum v.d ill. IVilsmcy nml
Pans Avenuel—City Solicitor j|VantK
Fiinds for Purposo of Securing Gourl
Order Confirming Tnx .Sale.
jan 1 05 the city council wan held last Monday night
Those present were Mayor McNeish
and Aldermen Henderson, Teeter and
Smith, The minutes of the previous
meeting of Sept 14th were read and
A communication was read from *,Y.
T, Shatford & Oo., requeatlrtg i»*-i-
misslon to use Main street for tho
purpose of-moving tlie preswit-stove,
building to the corner of Main Btreet
and Delaney and the right to remove
80 feei of sidewalk on Main street at
Park avenue and .'Vl feet on Main
str-eel at Delaney avenue and 00 feet
on Del"ney avenue. Moved by Aid.
Smith, seconded by Aid. Henderson
that .permission be granted, provided
that sidewalk lie replaced in proper
condition and that proper safeguards
he erected in the way of railings and
lights at night while the sidewalk is
out of place, the same to lie under the
supervision of the board of works,
The motion was carried.
•Communication from provincial secretary of educational department enclosing cheque for $246.86 for main-
tenace of school for last quarter ordered accepted and filed.
Bills from T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
supplies. $2.46, and J. W. Rae, haul-
imr rubbish, §3.50, ordered paid.
The city solicitor explained to the
council that the motion pawed on
August Kth granting him SlBO upon
confirmation of the tax sale by the
supreme court allowed him no funds
fir preparing lhe application to Iho
court    for   leave   to    serve
Slocan. It was expected that the announcement of the date of the election
would tend to further delay them, Mr.
Tudhope being prominently active in
Ontario political circles, but word was
received Saturday that thev were in
readiness to start and might be expected at any time. Thos. Chew, the
advance guard of the delegation, is at
present on the coast.
bearing vein at depth. They have
put a few more men to work and will
increase the numlier later on. They
have over 300 sacks of ore piled up
and will make a shipment fn a few
HACK    I'ltllll    1IK1.1.A   COOliA.
Two Old-Timers  Return   to   Winter   In
the Slocnn Country.
two years,  no
yet been  forth-
or ior
David  Arnot, SSccan.
 ^^^^^   rvice of notices,
and that lie had been forced to employ
i stenographer upon the work. On
motion of Aid. Teeter, seconded by
Aid. Sinith, the motion whs changed
No Provision Mnde ror   Children  Living
< > u I«. iat <■ .uiiT At tend Inn City School,
Tho mayor and council and board
of school trustees are doing some hard
thinking to devise a plan to secure a
special .grant from the educational
department to provide for pupils attending the public schools from without the, city limits. At an informal
discussion of the matter after the
ooucil meeting Monday night it was
mentioned that Kaslo and Kossland
had received $15 per year extra for
jiupils attending, and while Slocan
bad been applying for
extra money had nsj_	
The usual attendance from West
Slocan is about three and from Brandon it is between teu and eighteen,
i If a school were maintained in Bran*
I don, only one teacher would be necessary in Slocan.'tlius reducing the cost
of maintenance about $650 per year
and the amount received from the
government about $800,
Various plans for securing the extra per capita allowance, were considered. One alderman suggested
that the outside children be refused
admittance, but it was recognized that
tliis would bring a greater storm
alxiut the heads of the councilman
and school trustees than they could
withstand. The city solicitor advised
that a request for the extra allowance
lie made to the provincial secretary
and our representative in the local
legislature be asked to back it up.
The Droiected water works for New
I.iaxt Year'n Shipment!) Were 1339 Tong—
A Healthy !•"% Idenee <>r the Lire and
Wealth uf the Camp—Ottawa I* the
Blftgest Shipper.
to make the mouej
present time.
Council ndiourni
lable at  the
B A dvertise youi
\\ Business'
in these days of progress and competition
no mas in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Mode-n usages proclaim ad-<;rUsing tlw
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
i;i|..t.. Work Ml whii.t.
Ex-Senator Warner Miller, who is at
the head of the syndicate owning the
Kilo group of claims, on Lemon creek
and t!
was in
of Ten Mile
stuck nor stopped
to all persistent ami liberal advertisers: it is read
by everyone.
I     tm___________,
§At All	
I tn* Slocan Chief oi ten
the Boundary country la>t week
in companv with fifteen otlier officials
ofthe Montreal &. Boston company
and theii 'friends for the purpose of
inspecting their holdings. As Mr.
Miller did not have time to come and
inspect his holdings in the Sloean. N.
P. McNaught states that the result
of the interview is that the Kilo will
nol be sold and that a crosscut tunnel
will be started im mediately to tap thi*
vein at greater depth, lt will lx*
about 200 feet in length bv  lhe time
the vein is encountered. The owners
havo dedided to build the mill in the
Hiring. Jas. McNaught left New
York on September 27th to make arrangements concerning tho Kilo, but
wns delayed in Chicago. He will ar*
in Nelson about the first of the
Denver are neither ^^^^^^^^^^
and will be pushed forward to completion.
The skating rink association have
sized up a good $600 for their build-
in;: ami the volunteer force lire al-
readv at work ele-nnng up and ;,jiv-
pnring the ground. The location is
on the east end of Sloean avenue, a
most eligible and convenient site.
Geo. L. Pedlar spent a day or two
here last week on his way home from
the coast and met the heartvgreetings
of many of his former pupils.
J. R. Smith is off on a business trip
to tlie coast.
Rev. W. ti. Brown had a full audience at his service
Thos. Benton aud Bert Wilhelm,
both old-timers of Slocan, the former
one of the hardiest prospectors and
hardest workers that ever wielded a
pick and the latter one of the best
camp cooks that ever tickled a miner's
palate, returned Tuesday from a four
months' trip in the Bella Cooln and
Francis lake districts of northern
British Columbia, They spent the
greater part of their time about 260
miles ist the interior from Bella Coola
and located 640 acres of grazing land
While they do not advise any one
to leave this country to go there, yet
they believe there are great possibilities for the country, as the fertile
land is boundless in extent and rivers
and lakes are everywhere and full of
trbut, salmon ami white lish. The
lish are in such great abundance and
so eager to take the bait or spoon that
fishing soon became no sport with
them. Game is there in great abundance and can be procured with a rifle
whenever needed.
When Messrs. Benton and Wilhelm
landed at Bella Coola they  met  Max
Heckmaii, well known to all residents
of Slocan, who joined them  and  was
with them in all their journeys in the
northern   country.     Heckmaii  Bros,
hove done well during the years they
have spent exploring and trapping in
that vast, un surveyed region.    They
have found rich ledges of copper and
galena ore and showed excellent specimens, especially of copper.    While
they have not staked  their mineral
discoveries, which would be useless at
the present time on  account of the
distance of transportation   facilities,
vet they keep the knowledge of their
location in reserve for the advent of
the railroad and subsequent settlement.   The Heckman boys last winter
caught over 70 marten and a number
of beaver.   Roth are  looking rugged
and in thc best of health and they
were preparing to   winter in the interior when Tom and Rert left.
Messrs. Benton and Wilhelm intend
to return early next spring, and will
outfit iii Bella Coola, where tliey say
supplies can be obtained practically
as cheap as in Vancouver or Victoria.
Two new shippers were added to
the list this week, namely, tbe KJan-
(ield two and the Edison 15 tons.
The Enterprise failed to seud out tho
usual carload. Ten or twelve tons
from the Cripple Stick aro loaded on
the car but have not yet gone out.
For 1908 the ore shipments from
the loeal division amounted to 1830
tons,   made   up   from 17 properties..
Following is a  full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise  iHiO
Ottawa  20             989
Neeimwn  56
Port Hope  17
Republic  32
I'luck Prince  57
Sapphire  2
Argentite  5
Black Ful  2
Chapleau  8
Alberta  15
Cotertdo  7
Highland Light  1
Blanfield  2               2
Edison  15                15
37 1813
Sundav morning,
On lr-a-Ka*r!  Again.
The l.e Roi is a striking im
of the  truth   of  the old  sayiiij
food min'* can stand some bail  man
agenient."      Alter    being
jobbed and plunged  into an
ednesa <>f something over a
and a quarter dollars, it i
tlcally without liabilities
•Mirth mentioning
in   sight  to a
ol   nearly
second el.i.- ,s dump w<
million dobar
died thou ani. —^^^^^^^^^
material blocked oul below and rent
to mine,    And '-till there are
plg*headed knockers who will ii
ihe Rossland camp Is no g6<
Romlnud only badt
mine managers ds it
pav ore. this camp wolili
ulation oi aboul
now  prao-
f any  kind
ha« enough S3 ore
How steady shipments
0,000  tuns "monthly,   a
,ith aboul half a
net. and   - I'cml   llUO*
tons m ne or the same
II Villi
. ' If
I'uhllc School  lta*port.
Following is the report of the public school for the month of .September:
Division 1, school days 21.total actual
attendance 7i.fiJ, average actual al-
tendance 86.02, pupils attending 40,
■boys 14, girls 2B, greatest number
present at any session 40, least numlier preset 27. corporal punishment nf
pupils 1. tardiness of pupils 23. Division 2 total actual attendance Wi},
average actual attendance 22.21, puis attending, 24, boys 11,
itest number present at
  21. least number
corporal punishment 5,
vists bv trustees 2.
girls 18,
any 868-
present 18, |
tardiness 8,
Win uuy Canada Atlantic.
It is officially announced that tht
Grand Trunk railway will pay $16,-
OOOjOOO for the Canada Atlantic, and
will give a guarantee of the principal
and interest of a total mortgage of
$16,000,000 four per cent fifty year
gold bonds, of which a portion will
be reserved for capital expenditures.
Sanction for transfer will have to be
secured from the government by th"
Grand Trunk.
Arlington   A«im»l  Meeting.
The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Arlington Mines, Ltd..
was held on Tuesday. The same
lxiard of directors was re-elected and
a letter from the president, R. P.
Rithet, to the stockholders was read
I and the auditor's report was presented
| and read.      No
routine work wa
business outside
have been  ap j
•harge of the   federal
Subscribe for
local paper:
$2 per year
i many com
ha-  inin'"
,1 have i
20,000.   Ex.
SorliilUlH UoglttUlng ttl Move.
The Sloean Socialists met ia Miners'
Union hall Monday afternoon for the io noo	
I • »,iptn' iMine i ■
purpose "f speedily bringing about j metis   from
the nomination of a socialist candidate
to enter the race at   the forthcoming
dominion elections.    The secretary
was instructed tn write to the  various
locals  throughout   the   constituency,
pointing out the necestitv for   Immediate action and iirgina lhat
mailer of arranging for
lx' not delayed.    II.  win
mended lhat the Nelson
Initiative in setting tin
ranging the call for "'
it. O. Returning omenta
The   following   returning   officoi-
for British Columbia
pointed to have I    ^^^^^^^^^^^
elections!    Victoria,  ll, .1.   Siddall.j
Victoria) New Westminster, Tho-. .Ij
•Armstrong!      Yale Cariboo,      Daniel,
O'Hara, Ashcroft: OomOX*Atlin, Fred
MeUain Young, Nanaimo; VancouverI
City, (leo. V. Fraser, Vancouver:
Nanaimo, Charles 11, Barker, Nn-
nalmoj Kootenay, 'lohn Boultbee,
,\n Unrecorded Owner.
News. Sept. 80th: Among the mineral exhibits Several are of special in-
torest, A large specimen of characteristic ore from the Ottawa mine
weighs lri.'i pounds
al-o   recotn-
local take the
dale and  ar-
tho convention.
This .ore assays
silver to the ton.    Speci-1
the  the   Reliance   and
Cripple Slick properties ate also particularly good and 6f special  interest
as   both   groups   belong   to   Nelson
They tike Boiroii
Bnderby Bdenogrnph, Sept. 28th!
The people of Kelowna think they
have ill the Lake View hotel the best
kepi hostelry in the valley. Patrons
ofthe house peak in thesanu
since .las. Bowes became host.
Hold-Over Tomtitua«nclc».
The elections  in  Kootenay,  Ynlt>
Caiilioo and Comox-Atliti will not take
place on November 3, the dale of the
general election, as those constituencies have Ix-en held over on account
of the difficulty in equipping the
polling stations in the BbOli time intervening  between   nomination   day
and the date of the general election.
Many of tin* polling stations in thi*
three constituencies are located in
such out of the way placer, that the
distribution <>l ballot boxes, appoint
meet of officers, eto., could not be effected lietween October 27, nomination day, and  November,'!, election
A Doming llHUgrr.
The report by the London lxiard of
health that a public speaker may lx*
the medium oidlsseminatinginfoction
will  not  deter tin*!   spj
Canada and tin
spouting at the pi
ever dangoroin
 Mnders    ol
l'nited  States  from
esenl   time.     How
he may lx* every  man
with a political hobby and a yearning
to address the public will bo on his
feet at every opportunity
xt few weeks, and w
Tn   II'' ll"
arrival nf Mi
The arrival of Messrs, Tudhope and
McPherson    of    the   Ontario-Slocan
Lumber company has been awaited
with    considerable   expectancy   i
Merili  I'ork Producing.
The lessees   of the  .lo  Jo  on
north fork of Carpenter creek, have
i started a new tunnel   ltlll feet lowei
u down the hill to tap the rich
■roll I
to all  |
during  the
will turn  out
lilical  gatherings
f the  following  warning
en inasse
regardless ol ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
of a London medical officer of health:
"Micro-organisms abound in the respiratory passages of tbe mouth, They
remain there so long as they are undisturbed, but are driven out iii the
midst of lhe spray which is emitted in
the act of coughing, sneering, singing
or loud talking. Public orators,
preachers aud oilier persons who
speak forcibly semi out millions ol
these organisms."
J. E. Skinner is working on
Work is being done on the Silver
Star in the Meteor Basin.
Rumor has it that the Chapleau will
start with a full force shortly.
The lessees of the Democrat, Sandon, have struck a five-inch paystreak.
The Lucky Jim is making test shipments of zinc to the sampler at Kaslo.
A new bunkhouse is to be built at
the Ivanhoe, which is employing 66
The lessees at the Nepawa hnve a
considerable quantity of good ore iu
Four feet of high-grade galena is
reported on thu Silver Dollar in the
A raise is lieing conducted at tho
Edison to tap one of the ore shoots
showing on the surface.
The buildings at the Colorado have
been completed and preparations aro
being made to take out ore.
Tho Providence Mining company
has declared another dividend ot teu
cents per share, Ix'ing iti sixth.
Ore is lieing sacked for shipment at
ihe Fisher Maiden. The sleigh road
is nearly completed to the mine,
A new tunnel has lieen started to
tap the ore on the Northern Light. It
will lx* in to the vein iu a few days.
Alioiit 86 men are working at the
Reco. It is expected that the forco
will lie doubled when rtiwhidiiig commences.
Wa B. Pool, of Poplar creek and
Lardo mining fame, has resigned from
the management of the Great Northern Mines. Ltd.
The Comstock is taking out ore for
shipment. Seven men are working
there and the ore showing was never
better in the history of the mine.
It is said that the Slocnn Star has
nearly .'UKK) Urns of zinc ore at the
concentrator for treatment at the
Uosebery plant once it is in operation.
Alxiut half a car of ore was hauled
down and shipped to the smelter from
the Cripple Stick this week. The
force has been since put at work in
the tunnel below where the oro was
taken from.
There are over thirty carloads of
zinc ore at the Lucky .lini ready to
ship when the market price is favorable. A new strike of galena was
made on the property last weok which
is showing up line.
At the SliK'aii Star there are 45 meu
men at worn. Thc mill closed tlowu
about two weeks ago on account of
shortage of watar. but the mine is still
shipping clean ore. Thev have alxiut
2600 tons of zinc concentrates piled Up
at   the mine awaiting treatment.
Work has commenced on a lower
tunnel at the Graphic.   Good ore still
shows in the tunnel alxive, where it is
Ix'ing taken out and sacked, but the
best of it is iu the bottom It is ex-
ted the new tunnel will have to lx>
driven 260 feet to tap the shexjt allowing above.
The Club rawhide trail is now completed as far as the I. X. L. cnbins.
It will wind around Erin mountain
below the Port Hope on a Wagon
road grade. The assistance expected
from the government does not appear
to be fort he uning. and the help of
olher tributary claini owners has been
I po
It I I
Copi/ritiht, IMS, by T. C. McQure        Q
"Xo," said Constance In a tone of
•unshakable conviction as she lay, her
chin propped upon her hands, nuiid
the subdued richness of the oriental
pillows. "No; I might love a convict or
I might love u Hottonot, but a widow-
er, never!" /•* I
Her cousin, Mary Singleton, a practical young woman more given to jests
than sentiment, eyed her curiously, but
did not speak. j
patting hor lips with one of her fingers
to discourage a yawn.
"Didn't you?" queried Mnry Innocently. "Perhaps I never did mention
it." Then at the sound of footsteps on
the gravel she added rather hurriedly,
"Don't lay it up against the_ poor fellow, though."
Two dark figures woro approaching
from the foot of the lawn, if Constance jumped at tho conclusion that
Douglas Stane was a widower just because sho ' 'd said, "Tell that to Douglas Stane whon ho asks you," It was
hor own fault.
Meantime that young lady's greeting
to Mr. Stane was a trifle stiff, but no
one but her tormenting cousin noticed
it. Tho gentleman himself seemed utterly unconscious. He had determined
fo learn his fate, nnd in the grip of
lhat mighty resolve all minor things
escaped his notice
Miss Singleton seemed bent upon aiding him, for she and hor fiance were
«>♦♦*>♦■»♦>♦«>*?> <►*■>•!>♦♦♦« ♦♦♦'♦♦'•••'J
"Just fancy,"   Constance  continued,
With scornful derision, "being a man's ! lost to ,<;ight around a bond of the road,
eeeond  choice,  listening to a  rehash
of his first loveniaking:   Gracious!"
Her tone implied Hint the thing was
Well nigh unimaginable, but her cousin
enly laughed a bit skeptically and took
the other side of the question.
"Do you moan to say that because
a person has loved onee he — or she,
for that matter—cttunot love again
Without fooling that it is a rehash of
tho old love?" she asked, with a yawn.
**My dour girl, you're all wrong! The
second love is simply a different matter."
"The average human boing." she
Continued shrewdly, "is capable of a
good many lovos. 1 tlon'l at all believe
In these ono love Individuals—the sort
•erho mourn forever, you know. That
■ort of thing is simply emotional
Having delivered herself of this
•worldly observation, sho glanced nt the
clock and began to coil up hor loosened
hair in a way that signified that lt was
time that she went to her room to dress j
for dinner. j
"Soulless   creature!"   taunted   Con- j
■tance, with an indulgent but gently
superior  nir.     "Defend   widowers   if ;
you choose, but none of them for me!" j
"You  girls  with   fine   sentiments," ,
(Mary retorted teaslngly, hor hand on i
the doorknob,  "aro jusl the ones to
look out for."    And  she  passed out, ;
smiling, into tho hall.   A moment later '
she opened the door again and, thrust-
lug hor head into the room, said lu au
enigmatical manner: |
"By tho way, Con.  be sure fo tell
Douglas  Stane  that  when   ho   asks !
you!"   Then, before hor cousin could ,
reply, she vanished, slamming the door
♦behind her.
Constance stood in the middle of tho
room lor a moment perfectly motion-
Jess, wondering if sho could have heard
aright. Douglas Stane a widower!
For of course that was what Mary
ment. Douglas Stane a widower! Aud
fn the four months in which they had
been growing daily fonder of each other she had uever before heard the fact
.With a quick movement she glided
toward tho door and locked it.   Then,
With her hnuds clasped with  painful
tightness, she stood in the middle of j
the room and repeated with growing I
incredulity:   "A   widower!     Douglas '
Stane a widower!" !
- "It can't ho true—it can't b-a—It
can't ho!" she protested, with a moan.
BiS likeness rose before her-tall.
broad and a bit stern of face. "Vhen,
going hot and cold by turns, she sank
down upon the divan once more aud
burled her head In the pillows. !
"Hor lover!"    That  was  what ber .
heart cried out. and, though she would
not permit herself to say it, there wan '
a   wild,   sweet   bliss  ln  the   thought I
Subtly sh«y had known It almost from
tlie first.   Rut a widower! i
She shivered now at the very remembrance of things that had once thrilled
hor—the unconscious softening of his
keen eyes when they met hers, tho
elusive hut unmistakable tenderness of
his touch when he helped her over a :
rough place or hold hor wrap. Timo
was when the caress of his glance |
made her blood tingle.    Now she re-
Stane "Hoo-hooedl" after the manner
| of tho cottagers in the neighborhood,
but no answer came baek.
"Deserted us already," lie laughed,
i his voice n little shaken by the groat
j question that trembled on his lips.
|     "Lot's    hurry   and   catch   up   with
thorn," suggested his companion.
'.     "How extremely unflattering!" came
! his answer.    "I was just longing to
have you all to myself."
j He tried to speak lightly, but eagerness vibrated in his voice. They had
I emerged from the grove and stood at
| tho edge of the rocks.
I "My dear, dear love!" He took both
. of the small hands ln his own nnd
stood looking down at her, struggling
, to speak calmly.
i "You kuow —you must know," ho
i went on eagerly, "that you are the only
womnn on earth to me. How I've
I lived all these years without you I do
i not know. I can't face life without
, you any longer. I never knew what
i lt was to live until I met you."
. A quick change came over Con-
; stance's face; oven in the dim light
I he saw it and wondered, nnd she
I wrenched hor hands away.
"For shame!" she said hotly. "For
I shame! Do you think nny woman will
i love you hotter for ignoring hor -that
I othor—the one who In othor years was
: 'all tho world' to you?"
She stopped, unable to go further,
, because the tears woro choking her.
I A  look  of  blank   amazement   over- i
spread Stone's face, and he stared at
j hor with eyes that wero a concontrat-
1 ed interrogation.
"Oh, it seems to me," she went on
passionately, "that if I were a man
and had once loved a woman woll
| enough to marry her, and she had
j died. I'd be a littlo bit true to her
I memory! If I wanted care, compan-
i ionship, whatever it is that men re-
! marry for, I'd say so, instend of pre-
i tending lhat I had never really loved
I before!"
Had she boon loss wrought up by
j her feelings, she might have noticed
i that during this tirade several exprcs-
I sions fluttered like shadows across her
I lover's face. Astonishment gave way
J to understanding, and that in turn to
I u grim determination.
"I see,"  he   said slowly, but ln a
voice whose ring made her look up at
, him with the conviction that he was
no longer a suppliant for her favor.
I "You reject my love becnuse"—
"Because you have boon married before," she finished stubbornly.
"Jealous of n dead woman," he
mused, looking nt her through eyes
narrowed to a more slit.   "Ah, me!"
Then, ns if the episode were closed,
ho asked quietly, "Shall we return to
the house?"
She felt suddenly terrified, bereft.
I'he had expected something very different—expostulation — self Justification. A mighty struggle was going on
within her. Rut above the din of con-
tending feelings she heard one clear
cry, "1 love him! I love him!" nnd
she hold out her hands as beseechingly
08 a child.
"You poor, silly little girl!" ho
whispered in a voice of groat content
as he swept hor up in his arms, "Who
over told you that absurd tale?   But
wcinbcred It with a sort of loathing.   J*'''' •?rov!d  to  *vm* ._*_* -I0."  w**"d
Hnd  his eyes not softened for some
ether woman? I
Thus she wrestled with lovo and pain
until the striking of lhe clock reminded
her that the dinner hour was at band,
Jumping up, she began to dash cold
water ovor hor Unshod face and wot
eyos, while she tried to steady her
•urging emotions. i
'   "Everything wont wrong," she npol-
inve loved me even if I had been!"
Oii<-<*  There Was n  Vim.
Once tliere wns n man who complained that unworthy men wore too frequently elected to ofliee.
"I»oyou attend the primaries?" asked
his hearers.
"2 do nof," he said.
"Tben you have no right to kick,"
lind when Bbe appeared at the din- j ,ll,,.v ,,.'l'i ■■•■•■-   "n ls ""' *•••■>' (>f *!V,'r*v
nor table rather flurried nnd breath-
Joss. "Couldn't get iny hair up right.
hooks   wouldn't   hook,   and   buttons
wouldn't button."
Hor cousin smiled.
"Methlnks tho lady doth protest too
much," she thought, to herself.
"Dlek just telephoned," she announced, feeling rather small and guilty an
«he noted Constance's Unshod faco and
feverish eyes. "He and Douglas Stane
nre coming up after dinner to take us
down to the Spouting Hock."
Constance opened her lips with thc
evident Intention of declining, but before she could speak hor cousin continued glibly:
"I Just accepted for both of us because I knmv you would like to go."
Then she continued under her breath:
'Toor old Douglas! Wouldn't I like to
hear what she says to hlm! How shall
I ever make my peace with them, I
I When, the dinner ovor, thoy sat on
tho broad piazza in tho twilight she
half regretted her prank nnd decided
to spenk, but before hor good iiiten
guild citizen to attend the primaries and
tee that  the  best men aro chosen as
Candida tea."
Whereupon lie began attending the
lie worked faithfully for tho nomination of sober, honest and reputable candidates.
But It did no good.
The other follows turned out In greater numbers and outvoted bim, nnd had
men were nominated and elected to office as before.
Ho felt that ho had n right to kick
(his time, and be complained again.
"Do you attend the primaries?" his
hearers asked hlm.
"I do."
"Then you oug*it to keep your mouth
shut," thoy snld. "You aro a part of
tho crowd that nominates thoso bad
men, and you are reaponilble for thorn."
Moral.—Do you got off hero or wait
till tho car stops?—Chicago Tribune,
Where   the   Insrennlly   Comci   In.
"Charley, dear," said young Mrs. Tor-
Ins,   "I   have   found  out   something
tion crystallized Into words Constance j nbout horse racing."
epoke to her, nnd nt the studied lndlf-1    "What Is that?"
ferenco of the lntter's voice and tho
marked ennui of her manner nil her
Jove of mischief returned. |
'   "I never before hoard you mentlo»i
that Mr. Rtaue Is n widower," she said,
"The Idea of the game ls not so much
to pick a winner ns to bo able to explain why most of your selections happened to be beaten."—Washington
Han Who Acted m* Fireman an That Epoch.
Making Trip 73 Yearn Agro Uvea at lK-i-
Molnos, lu.; and Crlnves Mint llu Cau-
not «■<> nnd Sre the Modal at St, I.nuU
ol tlio Kii.lne Here Plotureda
A model 01" the famous Rocket of
Gcorgo Stephenson, the lirst engine
to draw a passenger train, stands m
tlio Transportation building of tho
St. Louis Exposition, und the mun
who acted as tircuian o-i thu el oeii-
marking djy, soventy-threo ye is
ngo, lives iu a humble cottage in
East lies Moines, la., and wm-n he
thinks ol liiai ina'nl ty to \i.*il the
Exposition end see the fctouket model
tears come into llis eyes and course
dpwn his cheeks.
■"I'd give anything I possess jusl
to see and handle it again," he fold
recently, as he told the story of tluit
memorable trip. "Hut I'm o'd now
and feeble. I'm not ths lad 1 was
whon Stephenson gave mo n wo d of
cheer and 1 climbed into th" UoC et
and we started on our trip."
Edward Entwistle was a lad of
sixteen when the trip wus made, hu
was recommended to Stephengon by
tho Duke of Brldgewater, wh is • felt-
ward declared that Entwistle * a* I'ku
best mechanic in his shops.
It was in September, 18M, that
, tho Hocket mado its trip. Ste] hen-
son had triumphed over many dilli-
culties and the test wns to he made,
lie had completed his plans, obtained a charter for the railroad between Liverpool and Manchester and
laid nis track.
Stephenson had ono strong friend,
the Duke of Newcastle. When h'
heard that Stephenson was to appear before  tho    committee  ho    saw
Stephenson and bado him bo careful
of his answers, lost the committee refuse tho charter. Mr. Entwistle, in
tolling the storv ol the Rocket, says:
"George heeded well the instructions of the Duke. The committee
nsked him all sorts of questions, but
the answers woro always cautious
nnd hard headed. In particular they
tried to find out what the capacity
of tho train wa.s to be in the way
of speed and the handling of Height
" 'It will truvol fast enough and
pull freight enough,' answered Stephenson, to pay tlio interest on thc
money invested.' That wns all they
got out of him, but the charter was
granted. Work was begun on the
road    at  once,   but    there   were  ten
A Series of Articles Describing
their Lives, their Aims and
llieir Influence.
No.   S.
Winnipeg Job   oilices  to  gain  further
j„ 1890 Mr, Scott returned as mechanical foreman to the Journal,
which the following year wus 00-
ouireil by a local company under the
presidency of the present. Judge
Scott of Hdmonton. Two years later,
ii„ purl nership wilh *). K. Mcliinis,
he  bought   the    Reglna   Standard,
still,   disposed
'ho   bong!
!ami.  two years later
a interest  to  Mr.   Mclnnis,    and
tho    Moosejaw    Times.       llo
of  in
! bought
♦»»♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦»»♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦* ] conducted the paper personally torn
vear ami in lwx> purchased the Re-
gina Leader from  W.  F.  Davin,    M.
P nnd again returned to tho Territorial Capital. Shortly afterwards
tho Leader-Times Company was organized, with Mr. Scott ns president, and both pnpors entered on an
enlarged   sphere   of   usefulness.
Tiii" Loader, of which Air. Scott,
prior to the engrossing attention imitated by public affairs, was
closely In control, has an on-
reputalion among western
newspapers. In tho Territories its
position corresponds somewhat with
that occupied by the Toronto Globe
in Eastern Canada. It ls able, progressive, sound and sane. It gives
the news when it, is news,' and on
mallei's of Territorial interest has
had the enterprise to Institute and
conduct personal investigation. The
campaign of information if has within larrnt years carried on in connection wilh' railway blockades, nnd
general Inefficiency and Inadequacy
of transportation facilities throughout ihe region In which it circulates
Is one that has attracted attention
throughoui the length und breadth
of the Dominion, ami thnt has earned
for itself tho enthusiastic support of
the farmers whose grievances it exposed. Its editorial opinions nro
weighty ami well considered, always
regard' public questions from the
Western point of view,-and are freo
irom partisan rancor or hysteria,
while   typographically   the   Loader   is
il   of  tho
i 'ompany.
Save Expense
taking one when youfi^H
anything going wrong   y^H
Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25
In   addition   to   tho    **•-,,,
by   Lord   Strathconi,   .**£*  *
of medicine at Mvinu ....■ . '■wulti
erson  has announcod'that l^ M
ship had expressed his |,„,.,'* W
giving 126,000 as a s ' nn <•«
subscription   list,   ik,  ',      ' '" i
$100,000     college    eyi,,,,;,,;,,,,;;^ »
furthermore that Sir ivini ' ar«l
Donald had also promlwdE *«■
•25,000. Si,- William Main H
had already give,, $100600 T11!
the  Students'   Union whl,mi,   t0,(|
Wednesday ovoning a jury ffa, I
panneled to impm-,. im,,',,,,. **
of Mrs. .John McGinn, who M
a car at. the corner of <*,„,;'
Vork streets, Tor,,,,,,,, and died tl
days later. They found I In- „',„ 9
man and conductor of tho car ,-,
of negligence In no-
car in tho right plac
"'    '""    ""PPlng tb'J
miles  that    were a  bog,   and  gravel
and  dirt  had    to  be  hauled  in,     so
(ii all the newspaper men of the
Can.oi'.in West, perhaps mine Is personally more popular, or has proved
professionally more successful than
Walter Seo; I. .M. I', for West Assini-
boia, und president 01 thu company
owning ih.- lvcgintt Lender and tho
Moosejaw Times. This is in no sense
remarkable   when   the  characteristics
of   111.-   man   are  known,   lor  they  are
characteristics  thai   necessarily  compel  success   and    Inevltablj    attract
friend:.,     lJ.ui.et   cillciency .   discipllni d
enthusiasm,     tireless    aiidustry, calm
Judgment,   broad  outlook, abounding
charily—these    are    the  outstanding
qualities   impressing   every  one who
meets Mr,  Scott,    lie has (inn opinions,  opinions   reachi <!   after   mature
thought, and which lie advocates and
defends reasonably   und   seasonably,
Bul  among   thoso    holding contrary
views ho ims hosts   of   friends,   and I
none   ever    he-urd    him   attack   any
man   on    personal    grouncs.     li    is
doubtful   ii  nnv  one  has  over  heard
Mr. Scot!  at any time sa.v  u word In
dispraise or depreciation of any man i
whatsoever.    Envy, haired, calumny,
malice,    unchnritablcncss—these    ure I
all utterly foreign to his nature and |
disposition.    If he cannot   praise,  he,
never  Illumes,    While  Mr.   Seott four- t
lessly  criticizes   whal    he   considers
wrong policies or courses ol conduct,
and in no sense can he considered a
mere acquiesce:,  he  appears  to  have
Iho  unusual    I'aculi;,    of    looking    nt
things  irom   a   detached,     impersonal
point  of   view,   and  of   not   including
thc person  holding  views  irom which I
ho differs    in    the   condemnation   ho
gives    to   th"   opinions    thoy   hold
one of the handsomest   papers    in
. Mr. Scot I's reputation has boon
founded on his journalistic and parliamentary career, and hence it is
not generally known that, he is one
of the best amateur ball players in
the West. Ho was a playing member
of Regina's lirst nine for eight
years,  and    can    play    any  position.
.Lor several seasons he was pitcher,
ami for two was behind the bat. in
1895, the year of the Territorial Exhibition, when he was living nt
Moose Jaw,   he   played second base
.wilh   the    local    nine    that   won   the
championship     oi       the     Territories
against  several clubs with Imported |
batteries.   Mr.  Scott has   also   won'
•several  curling trophies,    llo  is  not |
a  "Jiner," nnd has but   few associations In  fraternal  societies, but   ii  a
member of Camp Balmoral, Sons ol
Scotland.     As might have boen   expected   from  his  Scotch  ancestry,   he
i.s a  Presbyterian.
;     Perhaps  among  tho  editors  of   tho
iW'est Mr, Scott's chief title to popularity was the highly efficient manner in which, in 1899, he acted as
president   of     tho    Western    Canada
; Press  Association.    During  tho  term
'of his presidency tho first, and perhaps the most, enjoyable and successful, of the ambitious series of excursions which have marked tho successful career of the W. 0. P. A.,
was Inaugurated.   The editors, with
!"th"ir sisters nnd thoir cousins nnd
thoir aunts." went through to tho
Coast and down to Washington
State  points,     boing    tendered  ninny
AI   Montreal   the other day ,, di I
gat ion  of  the     Lord's   Day AllCf
composed of Rev, T    \ii„,,i u    •'
.Toronto, secretary; Kev   .1   i:,,,.,,
II I T t, -.1.1 I OI (lOf,
Rev.  J,  L. George   and Mr. \   «
Crombie,  addressed  a   .session of the
Trades  and   Labor  Congress of Ca
ada. nnd asked tho Congress tojjj!
porl a bill to prohibit work on %k.
day.   which is  to be brought  fcef.m
Parliament.    The   delegation  ,■..,■„.^
a tremendous ovation, and their*
(piost  will  probably  bo urantod,
l-'.n - A pill thnt acts upon ihe • _
and yt is so compounded ihnt ceruS-1
Ingredient! of it preicrve their poweri
net upon thc Intestinal canals, -1 u •■
clem- tlioni of excreta, the reteni
which cannot bul be hurtful, «an ;on',
looked  for hy ilu* medical profi ■•
was found in Par-melee a Ve i tl:,. i'>,
n hlch  on*   Ha*    rosiiii    of   i m i;  ,.,.,.,
sillily,   nm!   nre   si ienl ila n' ■.    p  j „
n laxarlve and an altemal Ivo ii
In  addition  to  the   $50,    -•
by Lord Stratheonn to the Unity
of medicine nt McGill, Principal r•■•-
erson has announced that his lordship hnd expressed his Intention o!
giving $25,000 as a starter in a
subscription list list ;,, ,;..- .
$100,000 college rvmnosiutn, anil
furthermore that Sir William M,«.
Donald had nlso promised to civo
$28,000,      Sir   William   MacDonald
had   already   given   Sl 00 toward
the  Students'   Union  scheme.
years   before    th I
and Manchesl ■:
road to bo built
rails, to uct in
flanges    on    tha-
that  it  was    four
rails could bo laid
"The Liverpool
road was the lirst
with flat, smooth
conjunction with
wheels. In the north oi England
short road had beon built a year or
two before Stephenson completed his
line, but it was used only for hauling coal cars, ond there were flanges
on the truck and tho wheels fitted
into those.
"Well, there wore engines run on
the road liefore the Rocket, but they
were of a different typo. They were
construction engines for the mi st
part. The Rocket was built to ent'i
u competition for a prise of $2,500,
offered by tho Government for a high
speed engine for passenger s rvlcc."
When the track was completed and
Stephenson was ready to enter the
Competition ho was without a fireman, lie applied to the Duke of
DridgBWater ond wns sent by the latter to his machine shops. Hcie
.Stephenson repeated his request to
the foreman of the shop. The lutti r
''J haven't a man to Bend, but thai
lad will serve your purpose II joi
cure  to  take  him   and   get   un  order
from the steward."
Stephenson was in need of a help
or. Tho order from lhe steward was
not long in ((lining and  lilu.ud  Ln-
twlstlo,   a   machinist'!    approntli ,
weni   on  tiie  Rocket.
Stophonson took Entwistle out tin*
following Sunday to lot him try ins
hand at the throttle. They rail I h •
engine down to the bog, n distance
of fifteen miles, and return. Sto] h-
Onson was moro than pleased, The
no.\t day was the day for the competition. Entwistle, speaking of tho
trip, says:
"1 don't remember much nbout tho
weather. All the davs in England
aro pretty much tho sumo und alon
the BOaCOaSt thcro is nlwuys more nr
less of a fog. The thirty-ono mils
wore what might bo called level
country. Whero tho bog had been
filled in, of course, was level. Jt was
slightly down hill between Manchester und Liverpool, 'i'he country was
not rough.
"l don't remember the time «■«
made on the trip, but it didn't mean
much, ns tho trip was marred by a
fatal accident. We were nbout half
way down when a stop wits made.
The Duko of Wellington was talking
to v.r. Iluskisson and they wore
standing on tho second track. Suddenly a construction enginV came
around the corner and bore down On
them. Wellington jumped nnd escaped safely, but Air. Iluskisson was
■truok down and    the  wheels passed
attacks    ami
her    than     men.
Huth  in  his   ounmlistlC and  pohtua. , . .
. ,.     ,    banauets,    receptions    nnd other  en-
di lends   ,       '. , nt
HI    jtertninnients     en    route,     at  all     of
 thod  oi   public conviction is based wh,c.h Mr.  Scott   was   the   Assocla-
on no appeal to any consideration of   ,l"ns  I"-'""<-""•'>'<    '' '
either person or seal iuie.it but rests
his case wholly on grounds ot logic
and reason. Ho compiles, arranges,
relates,  and   presents facts    and    ovi-I
d.-nco   impossible   to   dispute,   points!    " ■v"i"'s
iinlln—which nn ono over saw him
without—well nnd worthily maintaining the honor and dignity of
Western   Canadian Journalism,
Four    years    ago   Mr.    Scott   was
nominated for tho  Commons in West
nn    exciting
Minard's Liniment for sale ettryibat
The llritish flagship Chaiybdliand
the French flagship Lavoister ban
arrived   at   St.   John's, Nfld    Thi
commanders of these VOSBOlS will confer with the Colonial Government re*
specting the difficulties botweonrival
fishermen over phases ol tha Frend
shore dispute. which hav grown
acute  in the last few  weeks,
to  the conclusions  these  facts   .
compelled  he  himself  to   reach,    and    y-smilioia     and   after
r his auditors, by   ?lef$,0Ii:  ' "■";•'"'■  u«°PP1on«*'   ,''■"
brilliant    Irishman.   Nicholas   F.    De-
loads his readers or
tin* same pro..-, ol reasoning, to arrive at similar conclusion-., liut OS a v,n- b>t h«W»™«>« <*' v'";'s'. _\ ° "
writer and as B speaker. Mr. Scott ><•'"■* Mr- pCOtt has made for himself
indulges in ., . "frills." Elegance Of *"■ ''"viable record lor so young a
expression   i,   in   -very  case  BUbordl- :"li"1-       '"    '■' !     '
nated  to a   businesslike presentation   .
Ol     facts    or    Issues.       Alter    hl.   'ls ;'"speel,on.   has  resolutely
through the dullest reader or hearer !dWcont!      '       "''    :  '■     '•''
understands     Mr.     Sent i's    position,
knows how   lie  iias  reached  it.  and ill
all probability  is disposed to agree Pprtation   has   displayed   great.   ac-|
With  bim  therein tivity.    Among tho many local  bene-'
Mr.   Scolt   is another  instance of a!fit-s ho hiis «'"-Toode(|   in  Securing for
successful    professional   man hailing |h,s constituency was the Inducing of
iron,      the    farm.      He   was   born     i„ |' ho  Dominion  flnvernment  to  deed to (
Oetober,   L807,  in  London    township, .these towns blocks of lots which had j
Middlesex    county,   Ont.,   and until i'1""'1  ,! '; '  ""'    ' "
tho age of seventeen had little or no
opportunity for education.  At   those
to   the  subjects   nf   grain   trade    and
stood   for
'discontinuance    of     land
railway companies,   nnd  on  tho    gi*n-
icrnl questions of railways and tr.ms-
A   despatch  from  WashiI .:'■ '
That no army officer bo perm
marry  until  ile  has  flr ' ;:■!'•
permission   of   the   S0C1   tal*y  ol till
and satisfied thai ofili Ial thai his income is sufficient  to sui
and family,  and that   he is
free    from    debt.      [S    thi     rCSO
made by Major-General Henry Cor*
bin, adjutant-general commandlim
the C s Atlantic division and (to*
department of the east, which WOS*
BUed at the war depai; na :it last
Under (In* municipal system Brantford City Council has decided l«
price of bouse telephones slull '"'
in  n Town   Site
Tool,  so escaping taxation.
(if all the young men in the Ottawa House, there are none whose utterances command more respectful
attention, both frnm his   leader-, ,:iia|
country school,"where I■••"i. nrnod  !'is ,?pP?n**mt*'   'H.*1"'1.'' "' v"ic" n:i
read     ami
inl'roijiieiil intervals, when his services  were not   urgently  required  on
the   hnnieslieir.   he  attended   the near
to     read    and    write      lini    almost
ovory minute  of hia earl*>   years   he I
did  i he dutj   "   ' hoi ■■ bo;   or hi    i
man ai  home,   ll" picked the ootato
bug,    pulled   ragwo -i,   follow, d   ■ ho
harrow   and   I he   plow, lode   t he   -
fake   and   the   reaper,   bound   Bhouvi
by hand, loarni d to   ■•> i •    both   tho
sryl he and   I lie  cradlo,   li'i -I I la- c ii-i. ■
pulled   iuriiips.   chopped   wood,    and |
studied  at close    rani
I ion of i he cow ,  t he ton per   of   t In
horse,    and    I ho    life purpose    of    t he
pig, From tho quizzical humor with
which Mr, Scot* relates tho experiences of thoso days, his friends Infer
tlmt. be loved not th" occupation of tiIin
,i.,.,..ii..    i i.i.,    for
ho is of manner. Mr. Bcott depend
for the effect Of What ho says rather
on the matter (ban (lie manner of
his remarks, but few speeches delivered  in  the Commons nre more   per
BUaSlVO     than     his     Closely   reasoned,
fact-full addresses, i.asi January
Mr, SCOtt was re-nominated by u
convention which bad delegations
from every corni r ol I he con it Ituon-
. jcy, ami which offered him tho noml
When you think you have cured a
cough or cold, but find a dry,
hacking cough remains, there u
danger.   Tako
Cure ar2
nt once. It will strengthen tbe
lungs and stop tho couyb.
rrlcei; S. C. Wr.i.is&Co. «0J
2Sc SOc $i. UBoy.M.V.,TorcBto!Ctt.
pionoer farming, bill, despite thia-.,
ho fools an honest and pardonable
prido iii the fact that whatever measure of success lie has attained has
boon due. not to oxi raucous help or
accidental advantages, but to personal effort In overcoming personal
In March, 1885, a lad of seventeen.
Mr. Scott enme west, binding at
l'ortngo la Prairie, and starting
work M a driver in thc delivery
wagon of a firm of general traders
there. After five months of this, he
joined the stall of the Manitoba
Liberal as "devil." In a few months
he received promotion to "tbo case,"
and in December, 1H8(V accompanied
C, J, Atkinson, tho then proprietor
of the paper, to Reglna, whore the
.Journal was founded. Kor six
years he was working printer and
writer with Tho Standard and the
Loader, with a winter's   interval   at
mil ion  on  the first  ballot, wilh absolute unanimity,
Mr.  Scott is one of the West's rising young   men,   both   as   a   citizen.
a   journalist,   u  politician,    llis  tact,
his courage,  his industry mark    bim
future honors, and western news
paper men may felicitate themselves
that nmong thoW number is one
with such promise of a Career so distinguished.
W.  A. Baldwin,   of   tho
Hank staff at Portage la
died of typhoid fever in t he
there on the 10th.
The Department of .lustice shortly
expects to secure the oxtradltlon ol
Hamel, the Montreal civic, defaulter,
says an Ottawa despatch. Hamel bus
been located in Cuba, and Groat I
Britain has as yet negotiated no ox-
tradition treaty with that youne republic. The Colonial Ofliee is in correspondence With the Cuban authorities, nnd hopes to arrange for Ham- '
el's case shortly. I
Superfluous Hair
Removed by the New Principle
Electrolysis, X-ray or dcpilaton.- *™
offered you on the bare word M,w»
operators  and   manufacturers.
MIKACLE is'not. It is the o»Lvffi,tj''*i
which In indorsed by physicia"8' ■■£
goons, dormatologiets, mocbcnl i0"*^
end prominent magazines, liooklct
will be sent free, in plain, •M18U
envelope. ..
Your money b»ek withoutquwliM."
it fails to do all that is cl-dm*'lor E
DE MIRACLE mailed. "-"Si;
plain wrapper, oa receipt of fl-.,
fori* to-day to DE MIRACI'l-C"*^
ICAL CO., 23 Queiw Stkeit W«
Toronto, or 1UV
ROBERT ' i lit* ni
\\. llial
upalement to The Drill.
Lie 0f Lands for Unpaid Delinquent Taxes in the Slocan
1 AsseSent District, Province of British Columbia.
^^^^^^^ that on Wednesday the 12th day of October. A. D. 1904, atthe
our of ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the Govt " n    T cV,°1, •s*°'t
1 hereby give notice
V   l IK'   I 2U1  Uii)   l'l   V/».IVJ^^.	
ou, .11 un. ww/ernment office, at Kaslo, B. C,   I  shall sell
 nafta* set out of the persons in said list hereinafter  set  out,
r the delinquent taxes unpaid by said persons on the 31st day of December, 1903, and  for
"st of advertising said sale, if the total amount
mblic auction the lands herei
, ........    t
Bterest, costs and expenses including the cos
lue is nol sooner paid.
Nini..  of  Person
Short   DetcrlpUon of Property.
Delinquent Taxes
Taxes.     at Date
of Sale
r. .1.
Thos.   ..
Albert  ..
II .1. \v.
.|Pt  Ixit 33" U. 1. West  Arm
1 **'-  1 of Uii 3S1. 0. 1. 73 acres
100 acres
, 73 acres
213 acres
108 acres
80 acres
unr.ett. It   11.
Fletcher. !•"	
:-       Harold  ■■■
IK  ami Co.
iilwin, Chas.   ...
Ilnhey, Thos.   ...
Uwrence, .1   C.
Howell,  E, C
ho'vimi, B, r —- ,,„„,   P
»iijton   \   \i  Uol  '2- •*• ("
npon' A M         .Lot 2:tr.r.. c,
Pt. of Sill) lliv. .
Sub  Div. 6 of I»t 381, G.  1
.sub Div. 12 of Lot 3S1, O, 1., 208 acres
north hnlf of  lxn 4S3.  G.  1    *"* •"*-**■ ■
I't Lol 3X3, G. 1.. 7ti aires ...
lx>t 895, G. 1., 100 acres	
Lot 606, G. 1.. lfiO acres	
Lot 683, U. 1., 122 acres	
Lot 1866, tl. 1.. 142 acres....
!Pt. Lot 1331. G. 1. 35 acres.
. \a,\ lss.;. G. 1., IBO acres ...
. Ixit 1883, G. 1.. 14ti acres
Williamson   J,   N
Oro Mini     .*.   Milling
•ton & C.itni'bell
Mlllei   r.      	
En        ■   Mines,
149 acres
acres .
_:'__ '.;.; Lot 3543 a l, w *-* • •   12 00
Ifiot 518S. O. 1 . 100 ncrcs
Pl Ix.t 4780, G. 1.. Sub Div
I.01 5400. 0.1 . 3.07 acres
2, 3 acres.
Mine* STT.nl 1230 G
•-'      Wm fL«i o 1
^oV. Jowotl & Wooley  :]jC" V1' °' '"
Q. 1.. Township 22. 59 acres
lfiO acres 	
Statutory ,
Cost and
Dltdal Kuto, 0. C, this 8th day of September. 1904
Slocan Assessment District
KASLO, P O, _r     DRILL
 ■■—Ml   I ■'   II      IU
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
niercial Traveller Talks
if Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Valuable Advice to Thoso Who
.he Railroad Train Frequently. I
into, Ont., Sept. 26.—(Special)
J. H. Ireland, one of the old-
l(l best kHOWn commercial trav-
0ii the road, has come out ;
i statement for the benefit of
How travellers.
Is with pleasure," says Mr. Ire-
"that I indorse Dodd's Kidney
Wliilo an a trip through the
me Provinces Dodd's Kidney
•oniplctcly cured me of a severe
m my buck that had bothered
)r Home time. The first dose
i to go right to the spot end
i-d tho trouble so effectually
t 1ms not and  is not likely to
,1,1's  Kidney   Pills  are just    as '
tiscd,"   ilr.  Ireland   concludes. :
cure t» stay cured." \
teller!, railroad men and others
•1,1,. on the railway a pood deal
Ihject to Kidn'*y Troublea, They
[iinl    Mr.     Ireland's    stiitetnetit
,- reading.
|l   i.iiwri'iici'   Dunbar, the Afro-
,iii    pOOt,    is     critic.il!\     ill   of
|nption, at Dayton, Ohio. Tho
< my Iw probably will not
ager thnn u month.
Bas the Largest Circulation '_&*___'
CEYLON TEA. It can't infuse poorly, the quality
won't allow it.-That is one comfort. Sealed Lead
Packets   only.    Black or Natural Green.    By  all
Lord   str.vtiicona   donates
950,000 TO McCll.L.
!    At    the    opening   of     the    medical
course at MoQill College   tlie   other
day. Dean Roddick gave out  the welcome news that Ixirtl Strathrrrna had
'donated (50,000 more to the general
I needs of the medico] faculty.   ,
President Hays anil 1 h<* party o(
directors returned lo Moiitrciil ii f.'W
days ago, Mr. Hays wus delighted
with what In- had seen in tlio west.
and was more (irmly convinced Hum
ever of the great possibilities before
the Grattt) Trunk Pacific railway
project. He luni nothing definite to
announce re the Pacific terminal,
Marie Corelll is now engaged in a
novel in which Andrew Carnegie is
said io figure prominently nmi unfavorably, 'I'he authoress has a poor
opinion of Mr. Carnegie's character,
owinir to his mt ion respecting the
free library   for    Stratford-on-Avon,
and   even   dors    not     give  him  credit
ior making his    own fortune,   whieh
all,'   declares   really   was   umussod    by
his brother.
General Sir William Nicholson,
British military attache, has arrived at Tokio from the front,
llis health is Unproved.
Minard's Liniment Cures Barns, etc,
At Hie first annua) meeting of thc
'Irniid Trunk Pacific Company held
in Montreal a few davs ago Hie old
board of directors were re-elected.
Nearly nil Infants aro more or less sui>-
jcit to diarrhoea anil hucIi i otinilaintfl
v.ini,. teething,  nml   as   thin    i erlod   ol
their  ine:. is  ii. oki   critical,  mothers
should nol lio without a hot lie  u( Lir. ,1.1).
bCellogK'l     11,', sent ery    I'ni'.liiil.   'I'llis    itn'ili-
cine is a Hlieclllc for bucIi complaints and
i-. liiiinv Bpokon oi hy thoHe who have
used ii lhe proprietors claim it will
cure nny ruse of cholera or Bummer complaint.
Coleman,   a   flttor,   engaged
Jthe  new   C.   1'.   R.   e|o\ator    at
■William,   foil  from  the const rur-
■vork ou Tuosdav,  breaking his
liirui    and     right leg,  and  seri-
[injuring his hack,   lie will pro-
Hurry     Anderson   and   .Inmes   King,
caught     by    an   Iowa   posse,   ore  now
believed by the police of Wlnkfield to
huve had no connection with thu
Koch  Island  train  hold-up.
" One foot in the Grave."—
If the thousands of people who rush to
so worthy a remedy as South American
Nervine as a laat resort would jjat lt as
a first resort, how much misery and Buttering would be spared. ]( you have any
nerve disorder you needn't suiter a minute longer. A thousand testimonies to
prove it.—36
i -THOROUGHLY, - Ponnolee's    Vegetablo
l'ills clear the stomach nnd bowels ol
j qllioUB matter, cause tlie excretory vessels to throw ofl impurities from tin*
blood into the bowels and l*A|.*i in.* he-
j leterious mass from the body. They do
:this without pain or inconvenience to
I tha* patient, who speedily reallr.es their
iKOod oilices ns soon ns they t>t*giii to
| lake effect Thoy havo Btrong recommendations from nil   kinds of people.
Thc American line hus announced
nn increase from !*"7.5<i to §12.50 iii
ithe case of Btoorago rates to Philadelphia and the Dominion line announced    a    rate   of    $15  to  Quebec.
| Tin* White Star line has set its
steerage rates to America at $15.
Minard's Liniment Cures Dandruff.
The triennial catalogue of Yale
University shows that the school has
graduated 22.085 persons, of whom
12,711 are living.
nill always find that the nio-
ivho are successful in bringing
,|niilies of hearty, healthy chlld-
those who are careful to note
lightest evidence of illness and
|ick it at once. The wise moms her children llaby's Own
Its ut the first symptom of any
sh ailment, nnd almost at once
little one is ull right. Airs.
Stevenson, 13 Bishop street,
IX, N. S., says: "it gives me
Ire to bo able to speak of
■Tent vulue of liaby's Own Tab-
I always   .givo   them   to   mien when they are ailing in nny
|ntid   they   speedily   make them
I  would  advise every  mother
cp  the Tablets  in   thc  house."
"ail dit s nl lay teething irritation,
constipation,    destroy    worms,
II ic and stomach troubles,   pre-
fc, .rs    and    break    tip    colds.
can    Ik*   given safely to n new
child       Sold    by   all   medicine
rs or sent   by mail  nt 25 cents
lx by   writing   The Dr. Williams
Icine Co.,  Drockvillc,   Ont.
; A cable announces tlio death in
! Edinburgh of Mrs. \V.  i Irlo   Cotton,
who with her husband left Montreal
! last  month to spend a year in  Paris.
Mrs.  Cotton was Ms  Helen Watson,
a   daughter   of     Rev,   W,   II.   'unison.
of     Cowansville.       She    wus   married
only a month ago.
Fred Jones, the second victim of
the Sunnyside boiler explosion, Toronto, died Friday night.
Do not delay in fretting relief ior the
liitle h.lks Mother tl raves' Worm r'.xter-
nilnator ii a pleasant "ml sure cun* if
von hoc your child why do you let it
sutler when a remedy Is •■•" near nt hand?
Slippery rails, owing to damp air,
caused a street car to run away
down a steep bill in Kearney, X. .1..
Tuesday night . Eight persons were
badly hurt, including the inotoriiiaii
ami conductor. The motonnan and
conductor were arrested.
si    James   OazetI •.   London,
establishing of    tic   colonial
;. tin* public school.-*,  s.ivs ihe
■  good enough  to  warrant
,|Xi' 'iiuieiit   in  practice.
PACKt—Prospectors and others coing
into lhe mining regions where doctors
are few und drug stores not at nil.
should provide themselves with s supply
i i in- Thomas' Eclectric nil It will onset tin* cfiects ef exposure, reduce sprains
nnd when taken Internally -•*. i! I prevent
nml euro colds nnd sore thro.it. nnd ns
n lubricant will keep the muscles in good
Lieut .-Colonel John Cray ami son
Frank Cray, who were convicted of
conspiracy, as municipal election officials at Toronto and .subsequently
reli used by the court of appeal have
begun action lor alleged libel against
tin*  Hamilton  Times.
StanStead   Junction. 1'  Q .
Uth   Aul-     1898.
fsus C  C  RICHARDS & CO.
i        . ,—I   fell  from  Ihe bridge lend-
f n    platform    to a  loaded uir
• 'nit:   my men in unloading a
[nf main     The bridge went    down ns
lie Ice  loud   on  my  back   and  st*UCk
|! •  ends  of  thc  sleepers,   causing    a
I'.   li ui,v  to my leg      Only for  i**
M'ty licshy would linvc broken it.
hour   I   could    not    walk   t   step.
-i     using     MINARD'S     LINI-
JT, ami  the Ihird dnv went   to  Mont-
|iaa  business,   nnd  got nhout   well  by
■ Ol a cane.    In ten days wns nonr-
I  can sincerely recommend tt as
l Liniment   Hint  I know Of In use.
Yours trulv
C.   IT    GORDON.
'I'lie revived celebration of Protestant Sunday has been fixed for November 6, says a cable from I on-
don. Nearly 4,000 clergymen of various denominations throughout Hie
British Isles have arranged to
preach sermons applicable to the
Removes all hard, soft or calloused
lumps and blemishes from horses, blood
spavin, curbs, splints, ringbone, Sweeney,
■.lilies, sprains; cures sore and swollen
throat, roughs, etc. Suve $50 by the
use of one bottle. Warranted the most
wonderful Blemish Cure ever known.
Government inspection has shown
that this year's crop of wheat
grades high and the quantity is far
greater than  expected.
While working in bis yard on F.ast
Main street. Hamilton, a few days
ago. Thomas llenke. ex-manager of
the Canadian Canners' Company
was seized with, heart failure, and
died before medical aid could be
summoned, He was 58 years of age
and leaves a widow.
I i' erpool  (I'ii;,'.>    Daily   Tost
'Popular as omigrnt ion lo Can-
ins    become    the     number    who
iiircci to   panada   during   Vu-
II • short 25G of August. 1008,
i the States there has been a
increase.    August.  1904, Bhow-
11.073 against  20.513 In August
Ko doubt a substantial num-
the emigrants who sailed for
• 'I ports may ultimately find
m;   to Canada, bul  i'  is none
i mnrkablo   thai  the num-
llrll i- h  emigrants  who sailed
to I'anndn  is less   than   ono-
"'  the total going din ct   to the
por coughs, colds, bronchitis,
Nhma, weak throats, weak
lungs, consumption, take
Mcr-s Cherry Pectoral.
Ways keep a bottle of it in
Tie house. We have been
lying this for 60 years, and
\ have the doctors.
M h»t« xuaS iyer't Oherrr Peeteml In my
FV, T (or «' yaart.   It li tbe beit ini.ati.-lne
£," •""'rid. I know, tor iii throat mil lung
"M. J. K. NonoBOM, Wilthsm |Hmi.
lfe<*-.»iaa ,   j, 0. art— oo.,
fill.       §*.*. towsll,   Mw.
he Langs
Sciatica put him on Crutohes.
—las Smith, dairyman, of C.rlmsby,
Ont.. writos: "My limbs woro almost usj-
less from sciatica and rheumatism, end,
notwithstanding my esteem lor physicians, 1 must five tin credit where it
belongs. 1 tarn a, cured man to-day. nnd
South AmeVican Rheumatic Cure must
have all the credit.   It'ti a marvel.—8*
Of the many schemes which huvo
lieen suggested In London as a possible Bclution of the domestic servant problem, probably the I at out is
i ho mosi ambitious, Tho idi a, which
hnd its Inception in tho mind of an
unmarried   daughter   of   a   country
enroll,   nml   which,   h.is   I n    largely
(Um ussod in the London press, is
thai of tho fonrtntlon of a co*-opera-
tive government between mistresses
nml mn ids. Tho scheme is colled
■•The National Registry, Limited."
li [p, planned to olrtnln an army ol
L00.000 nml 200.000 servants to
bind themselves together In s friendly union. The work is to be done
systematically. A town or district
\, ui be inl* 'ii and a few ladles there
Induced to lnt< rest then nolves In the
movement. "Then." says n cyi lc,
■■the troublo will begin, for Hie
whole place *•- to bo canvassed in or-
,: ,- ,,, gel Into touch with those who
will havo ili**i > to olTer, i ho n pon e
:u, doubt will be prodigious, and the
inlt-s mla each b do will bo edifying
Wh( ii they me i'"'  scandalous."  Bul
,    |g   -,,   come   on!    all   riehl     in     Hie
.,,.; for wben two hundred ladies oro
prepared to pay »5 inch, a local
committee of manageiuwit will bo
formed and tho   good   mlstro s   and
the sorvant   will embra itch other,
Of course only exemplary servants
•md mistresses with good characters
will be admitted into Ibis noble society, which pronounces He' doom
of ilie bogus nml undesirable rogis-
try office ami is to save 85,000,000
u yoar allogod to be pnid In foes by
mistresses nnd servants lo the registry ofllCO.
Kioard's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
Ouy C. Dunn, C. E., has boon appointed by the Tronscontinonta
Railway Commission ns engineer   oi
the New Brunswick district.
Alex. Dolangor. a rag picker, was
shot in a Donjjnlon street restaurant.  Montreal.  Wednesday  afternoon.
[by Leon Lecalllon, the proprietor.
\ quarrel over lunch served    to   'In'
'rat: picker led to tho shooting. Helm :..'!• was hit in the region of th,-
heart, nnd may not recover, l.e.i.-
lion was arrested.
Tlie most important    action    taken
^t    the   session    of   tho   Sovereign
I Grand Lodge of Oddfellows was the
choice of ti meeting place for its
next annual session. After n spirited contest the honor went to Washington, 1>. C. which received 98
votes against 20 for Buffalo, 18 for
Philadelphia, 14 for Cleveland, and
1 1   for  Montreal.
Magloiro HogUQj for the murder of
his wife, was sentenced at Montreal
a few days ago to hang on November 18. Rogue's wife was found
with her throat cut. The husband,
in a drunken brawl, had villed lhe
woman because she refused to give
him money for liquorf Hoguo broke
down when the death sentence was
' action of th* bowel* I* neoe««
Aid nnturo with Ayor'o PHI*
While  ShOOtlng  dUCkS  one  dav   last
week     near    fori     William,    Vlttorlo
Milniiil. an Italian, fell from n bout
nnd was drowned. As near ns can
he learned lb" recoil from th" dis-
Charge of the gun threw the man
from the boat.  He was unmarried.
i.e Comto   Gobloi    D'Alriella    presented the following resolution call
ine  for   Intervention     in    tbe    Husso-
Japaneso war to the Inter Parliamentary Congress, which In bl Its
sion  iii  st.   Lou 18   a   few   (I.i'. -. ago:
sum   in   Sl .   Louis   a   few   ila. •     ago
••Th"  Inter-Parliamentary   Congro
shocked  by   the horrors of  tho \\ n
iliai is being waned in 'be I'm' East,
between two civilized stales, and,
deploring thai ibe powi rs signatory
of tho convention of The Hague havo
been unable to havo recourse t«> tbe
clauses thereof, which direct them to
tender their mediation immediately
Immediately upon the outbreak of
hostilities, nsks the powers signatory of the convention of The Hague
to intervene either jointly or severally wilh the belligerents in order to
facilitate the restoi-alion of poOCC,
or instruct the lntei'-l*urliumentar\
Bureau to bring the present resolution of the Bald powers." Lo Comto
H'Alviella urged that the President
of the l'nited Stntes was unite th"
proper person lo tender medial ion.
Afnr the alarmist reports in circulation was next taken up. Congressman Burton of Cleveland presented
the resolution and urgod its adop
tion. The resolution was supported
enthusiastically    and      iis     adoption
was   unanimously   voted.     Hy   this
resolution lYcsident Roosevelt is
nsked to call a second session ol Ibe
Hague   Conference.    The  renl    labors
of the conference were thus ended,
Russia's position on ibe question
of coiitrul.-aiwtnd will lie officially
promulgated in the form of decisions
of the Admiralty Court in the cases
of the Calchas, Arabia and Allan-
town, when they come up on appeal, says a St. Petersburg cable.
Prof, de Maal'tens, president of the
Commission which decided the Russian Interpretation of the contraband, will appear on behalf of the
Oovernment. thus insuring tlie acceptance of tiie principles formulated by the commission. He will bein
possession of Hie British and American notes, and the contentions of
those Governments will be practically before tho courts. Russia's position has been authoritatively stated
ns follows: Russia does not desire lo
interfere with Greal Britain'!; legitimate commerce with Japan, but. she
hns the rijrht to, nml must, protect
herself as far ai possible agalnsl
shipments which may aid the enemy
in prosecuting the war.
A cable from Home, dated Sept. [ At Atlanta, On., a few days ago,
20, says: The congress of Free L. B. McF'arland, of Montreal, was
Thinkers assembled hero to-day at'elected a member of tho executive
tho Roman College. It is a ijtrge Icommittee of the Old Timers' Tele-
one. IgraphorB.
Oliver Dufresne, city comptroller,
Montreal, dropped dt*ad nt his residence Wednesday morning. Heart
disease was tlie cause.
Fire destroyed five-story buildings
inside the state prison walls nt
Michigan City. Ind. causing a loss of
1100,000. The authorities deny that
convicts started the blaze.
Fly Pads
Sold Everywhere.   tO cents
Used in H.B.K. Mitts, Gloves
and Moccasins—tough as whalebone, flexible, soft,pliable, scorch-
proof, wind-proof, boil-proof,
crack-proof, tear-proof, rip-proof,
cold-proof, almost wear-proof—
certainly the greatest leather
ever used ia mitts and gloves.
Like buckskin it is tanned
without oil, unlike buckskin it is
not porous, it is wind-proof—will
outwear three buckskins.
"Pinto" Mitts and Gloves
never crack or harden, never get
sodden, are always warm, pliable,
soft and comfortable.
Sold at all dealers but never with-
out this brand :—
Montreal   Winnipeg   Dawson 3
Could Not Eat
Without Suffering
Sixteen Years of Great Distress from Indigestion and
Liver Trouble--Doctor's Failed—Cure Effected by
Dr.   Chase's   Kidney    Liver   Pills.
In most coses ot chronic Indigestion tho liver and kidneys are at
fault as well as tho stomach, and because of their combined action on
thoso organs, Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills curo when all ordinary
means fail.
The caso of Mrs. Husband is not
unlike scores and hundreds which are
repeated to us. There can bo no
.better evidence as to tho thoroughness and effectiveness of Dr. Chase's
Kidncy-Llver Pills.
Mrs. E. Husband, Moore street,
St, Catharines, Ont., states: "I
was seriously afflicted with indigestion and stomach trouble for sixteen years. Finally I became so
bad that I could scarcely cat anything without eating terriblo distress.    Oradually I grew weaker and
more emaciated, and though treated
by three doctors and a specialist I
received no benefit.
"After a time a pajn began in my
right side, which medical men. said
was liver trouble. I never got relief
until I began tho use of Dr. Chase's
Kidney-Liver Pills, and they helped
mo at once. By using about a dozen
boxes I was entirely cured. I owe
my curo entirely to this treatment,'
and make this statement with tha
hope that some-poor sufferer may,
benefit by my experience.
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, one
pill a dose, 25c. a box, at all dealers, or Edmanson, Bates & Co., Toronto. To protect you from Imitations, tho portrait and signature ot
Dr. A. W. Chaso, the famous receipt
book author, ara on every box.
I A M THF ftl HPST EstaMisl,ad fyak G,mrai»B
Merchant in Winnipeg.
Condign your grain ttt me anil get prompt service, careful attention*
and highest market prices. A     Q m* ■ *a *£     DRAWER
Reference-UNION BANK of CANADA.    *»J.    W W   I HI l\,        | 300.
Th. present Indications point to a epotted wheat crop ln Southern Manitoba oa
account ol rust. We have had a great deal of experience handling shrunk.*
Brain. You may have the beneBt, of this experience by shipping jour grain to us.
The upper half o( Munitoba and the Territories have a fine big crop If am*
damaged by irost, and wo would like to show you prices we can get for grada
*»h.at.   Let as prove these tacts to you, as we ar. doing to your neighbors.
McLaughlin & Ellis
REFERENCES: Canadian Bank er
Commerce, Commercial Agencies.
Oraln la ear lots bought on track or Bold on commission. Reasonable
advaneua made. Prompt returns. Correspondence solicited. Referotrcet
Any Bank in Winnipeg.
WOOD SAWINO in stock nt all times. W.
can fhip nt e day's notice. We have sold a largo
number of those engines nnd every one has (fit.
en tho lK*st ul suli-faction to our customersa
Wi it 1 us for Prices and Catalogue.
We are dealers in Engiaci, Eoiler.-, Wood
Working Miichincry, BLcBsmith Tools, Power
ll.ii1.111.1r-. Dulls,  Forces, Finery Wheels and
Standa, Pnlleyi, Shafting, Rubber and Leather B:lting, Elevator Muchincry, in fact
crerything In the machinery Hue.
Henry Ave.,JEast. BURR10QE-C00PER CO., Ltd., Winnipeg.
Thi* Soy.'tvi.ru Grand Lodge ol Oddfellows, which im-t ut s.ui Francisco,
elected Robert K. Wright, ui Allen-
town, l'a . grand sin", promoted
from tin.' nilici' of deputy grand sin'.
Deafnui Cannot Bo Cured
er loral applications .. ihey cat^oi reach thi
dln*ux>■>! portion of the ear. Tln-re le only one
way to cure rieafnPitn, and thnt I* l.y >.,ari!u*.
tlonal remi',ll'«. Deafneae In inueel Lv an Is
«»wM con.Milan of the miirnue Ilring of the
Rmtachlan Tub*. When thle tube lu Intlamod
you Iiava a runihllhR Hound or ln.,,r>rfe«-t hear-
itis. and u !,.'-, It li entirely OtOMd, limlncse le
the i-*ii.it. in ' un!*M the Intluit-nntion can be
'ni-.-n nut and thla tut .- reetor.-d to Iti normal
condition, h»'flrlnn will ba alcHiniya-d farever;
nine t-rt.ira out of ten are cauai-d by Cntarrh,
whl.'h la nothing hut an Influiut-J condition ei
hi* niupona aiirfarre.
We   will give one Hund'e'l Poller* for any
ue ot Iieafiifaa iceuw.-d l.y catarrh) thHt can-
I4t be cuird l.y Ilnll'B Cii'arrh Cire.    Head tot
roulaira, tier
F. J. CHBK8T * CO., Toli**ta, O.
'told by a'l /• runtime, l.i-
• U.j l.'amlly I'illa iu*v thr brat.
Why would lawyers nial c good
soldiers?— Because they arc always
ready in charge.
K:c!ney  Crv —P»dn in ,,H* >'"*'-
tne ni ui me Ktnneve lor neip. to net-
died the rail Is to deliver the body over
to 11 disease cruel, ruthless, nnd ilnally
life destroying. Houth American Kidney
Cure line power ukln to miraculous In
helping the needy kidneys out of tho
mini of dlsMM. It relieves In rl*
hi 11
1 came to a Held ond couldn't not
through ii. so I went to school and
loomed how t" do It?—Fence.
Flour niiiiii' frntn Manitoba wheat
has boon advanced -•"> cent! a barrel
in western Ontario,
A capital display of prairie chickens passed down Main street yestor-
dny afternoon, nays 0 Winnipeg exchange, A roturnliig sportsman snt
in tn.' tvaftgon nml strings of chtck-
ons wero hung around outside the
wagiton bu'.. while tin' <'-"t;. who
Ihouglfl he had had it considerable
Bhnro ui th" einiy. trotted proudly
along behind,
Strong words by a New_Yorlc
Specialist. -'Altar years of testing
and coiiipitriMin 1 have no hesitation in
»■!) ii i; Unit Dr, Agiiew's Cure lor the
Heart Is lhe quickest, latest, and surest
known lo mediiul .science. I uso it ln
my own practice, lt relieves the most
acute lairaiH of heart ailment, inside of
thirty minutes  and  uever falls."—35
Wednesday evunliiK d jury wasetn-
pannoled ta Inqulro Into tho death
of Mrs. John McGinn, who fell from
u car nt the corner of Queen and
S'orU sti'.Tts, Toronto, and died two
days later, Thoy found the motor-
man mui conductor of tin* enr guilty
of nogllgenco in not stopping th"
car in the right place,
An your nuns harder to remove thnn
those tlmt others lime heri7 linv<* they
„,,t im.I il..' lame Mnd7 Have they not
I,,.,,,, cured by uilnR Uolloway s corn
Cure?  Try n bottle, 	
Hon Richard ltnrcotirt has re-
reivd a letter from .lohn Morley.
M. P., in whuh the celebrated English Statesman expresses the hope of
vlslUng Toronto next month.
xour WHEAT, OATS AND FLAX commissi nrmy
We handle strictly on commission therefore can give every attention
to car shipments, and will obtain the best prices for snme. We will be
pleased to nnswer enquiries re prices, shipping, etc. If YOU have grain
to ship or sell do not fail to write for our "Way of Doing Business," as
it will pnv you well.
THOMPSON, SONS & CO., The Commission Merchants, Winnipeg.
  «f        \
BMpggggg    " •■'-*- BBSSB"       JSSSmmmmmm. """" ' "       ■ ""T' g   '*'      -' EgBg *MT!!^?-^^^^**«
FARMERS will find it to their advantage to consign their GRAIN iff
ROBERT MUIR & CO., Winnipeg       (
WHO  pay highest  prices  and make prompt retnrns.   Advances made mm )
consignments.    Correspondence solicited.    Established  1888.    Reference—
Union Dank of Canada.	
W   N    U    No    BOO : ti a im; l J.J., 3i.ui A.v
ti. «... i-1*. li.'B.tri
I   if
a ..if.'
i  -a
C. E. Smitjii'ki.noai.e, Editor nnd Prop.
SLOCAN,      •      -       -       -   . B. C
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
tho first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, f7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
ae legal advertising.
Locals will bo charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C
Pay up your subscription.
Geo. Steele hns gone to Calgary to
For first-class bread go to J. H
At a meeting of the dominion cabinet last Thursday it was decided to
hold the general elections on November 3, tlio nominations falling on
October 27. An extra of the Canada
Gazette was issued early on Friday
containing the formal  proclamation.
The main points at issue in the
coming election are the Grand Trunk
Pacific deal and tariff reform. In
these and other matters the conservatives are having the best of the argument, ns the triumphal procession of
Hon. Mr. Borden testifies. The wholesale coniplion aud political debauchery of the liberal machine in Ontario
is very detrimental to the liberals
and tlie conservatives are making the
most of it. Conservatives will easily
win tho majority of seats west of the
Ottawa river.
Fortune favored John McKane
when he was defeated by Galliher for
parliamentary honors. He is mining
ore by the carload at Goldflelds, Nevada, worth S5,(KW a sack.
The chief issue of the coming campaign will undoubtedly be that whieh
has been raised by the Grand Trunk
Pacific deal. Mr. Borden's policy of
government ownership and control of
the railways will gain more votes for
the conservative candidates than any
other of the proposed changes.
The post office department has
mnde a big boast of earning a surplus
of $304,771 the past year, nnd it
sounds decidedly out of tune throughout British Columbia where improvements in the mail service are among
the greatest needs. A deficit with
good postal service that keeps apace
with improvements in otlier countries
is more desirable than a surplus as it
is mow.
Joe Martin's withdrawal from politics was not of long duration. He
has bobbed up again as an independent liberal candidate at Nanaimo for
the approaching federal general elections, and his chief motive appears to
be to satisfy an old grudge and encompass the defeat of Ralph Smith,
the regular liberal candidate. While
these turbulent gentlemen are getting
even the chances are very much in favor
of the election of the conservative
Outside of a very few individual
exhibits Slocau has been unrepresented at the various fall fairs throughout the country iu the way of mineral
displays. Slocan can easily equal the
best exhibits of gold and silver ores.
both as to richness and variety, and.
in fact this camp has taken prizes
whenever a collective display ~0B attempted, The property owners of the
Slocan recognize that the best advertisement a mining district cau fjet is
from the smelter returns and dividends. During the coming year
the Slocan (Sty division will make its
display their.     Watch it.
A Jap who is prominent in his own
country has propounded a poser for
the philosophers 06 the white-skinned
races, Read it and then try to decide
what constitutes civilization: "Today we Japanese have battleships,
torpedoes, cannon. The China seas
redden with the blood of our killed
and of those wo hill■ Our torpedoes
roar, our shrapnel shriek, our cannon
breathe slaugh>ter, and we die nnd are
the cause uf death. And you Occidentals say to US, 'Vou have won vour
rank; yon have civilized  yourselves.'
Centuries upon centuries we have luul
artists, painters, sculptors, philosophers, In tl.e sixteenth century we
had published in Japanese tbe fables
clJEaop   were we then barbarians?"
"Billie" Thompson and "Red"
Gordon are at Whitewater.
The Bank of Montreal will open a
branch at Enderby in a short time.
Born. In Sandon, Sept. 30th, the
wife of Geo. T. Moir, of a daughter,
An itinerant corn doctor did a
flourishing business in the city Sunday.       ,
Duncan McPherson is in the Northwest in the employ of Hugh Sutherland.
Thos. Chew left last week for a
short visit with his brother in Vancouver.
The Jackson mill at Whitewater is
being overhauled and the jig compartments remodeled.
The new C. P. R. timetable for
boat and train goes into effect on
Mouday, September 10.
The Grand Forks nnd Ymir general
hospitals are incorporating under the
Benevolent Societies Act.
The annual autumn dance of the
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium will
be held 011 Friday, Oetober 21.
The Black Prince rawhide trail, now
Hearing completion, is to be immediately widened for a sleigh road.
The office of the Ottawa mine has
been moved into the Struthers building, adjoining the new post office.
Mrs. W. E. Newman returned to
town Monday after spending two
months with her husband at tho Kilo.
R. Malloy was n visitor in town this
week from the Comstock. Ho left
Monday for a few days' stay in
Henry Farrell is cleaning out
stumps by the hundreds with a machine stump puller on his ranch below town.
The striking C. P. R. machinists
returned to work last Friday morning,
a satisfactory settlement having been
Jas. B. Foley, accompanied by his
niece, Miss Jennie Foley, left Saturday morning for Vancouver on a two
weeks' visit with relatives.
F. J. Smyth of the Moyie Leader
has been*gazetted deputy mining recorder for the vicinity of Moyie in the
Fort Steele mining division.
On account of dominion elections
the date of Lord Minto's departure for
England has been changed from October 20th to November 18th.
Miss Cleverly arrived frnm England
iast week on a visit with her brother.
A. J. Cleverly of Sloean. and sister,
Mrs. R. J. Sutherland of Silvertou.
A match couid not be arranged in
Nelson last week between Walter l{en-
wiek and any of the Nelson athletes.
They were afraid of the Slocan   man.
The charter of the Sandon board of
trade arrived about Labor Day, and
during the stress of business there the
citizens have forgotten to complete
Albert Sehaeffer, whose father was
formerly shift lioss at the Arlington
mine, is baek in the country again
after spending two years in various
camps of the United States.
Mrs. Tutcher has succeeded to the
liiisiness conducted by H. Cleve, and
gentlemen wishing their clothes
cleaned and repaired may have it
done by leaving them at her store.
J. A. and H. Baker completed their
summer's work on the Col. Sellers
group at the head of Lemon creek
last week and returned to town Saturday. They tapped the lead with a
crosscut tunnel 170 feet iu length,
but did 110 drifting.
Tin: Drill will print you. on short
notice and in anv amount, shipping
tags, billheads, statements.letterheads,
noteheads, memos, receipts, envelopes,
visiting cards, business cards, bills of
fare, dodgers, postern, etOj, etc., Will
meet any quality or price.
Joe Butler, who has located more
claims aud sold more minor interests
iii Slocan mining property than any
other one man in the past eleven
years, is hack in the country again
after summering in the neighborhood
of Trout Lake.
In a letter from Renfrew, Ontario,
dated Sept. Oth, to a friend in town
Kd Haley blasts of being the father
ofa big babv girl. Although now the
head of a family. Ed slill has the
hunting habit, fur he mentions having
recently killed a big buck.
C. P. Webster has been making a
tour of the mining districts nf (he
province In the interest of the B, C.
Mining Exchange, In company with
EL B, Jorand, he visited the Ottawa
Sunday and took several views of the
mine and  buildings, which   will ap
pear with a descriptive article of the
camp in a future issue.
W. B, George and Thos Waring returned Friday from Woodbury creek.
Ainsworth division, where tliey hail
been doing assessment work upon
Iheir claims. They uncovered good
showings of ore in several places, and
on account of tlle dry season were enabled to prospect the ground better
than ever before. They had never
seen the snow melted bo much before
in the vicinity of the big /lacier.
Thev left Saturday to do a few days'
work on Lemon creek before returning
to the Myrtle group.
More supplies went up to the
Graphic this woek.
W. A. Galliher, M. P. returned to
Nelson from Ottawa Monday night.
Joe Hameliu is doing assessment
work on Twelve Mile property.
Mrs. David Arnot returned to Slocan
Wednesday from a week's visit in
J. Hutchison, n stenographer of
Cranbrook, was in the city a few days
this week.
Thos. Armstrong and Tony Long
have commenced to move W. T. Shatford & Co.'s store.
Assessment work has been completer! on the Strathroy and B. C.
claims on Twelve Mile creek.
Gerald Gardner is now in Blairmore
Alberta, and intends to make his
home with his brother at that place.
R. J. Sutherland rel urned to hi;
home in Silverton Wednesday after
spending several weeks at the Ottawa.
C. B. Taylor returned Wednesday
from Nelson, having gone there with
the shipment of Edison ore. The returns were very satisfactory.
W. R. Clement returned Tuesda;,
from Vancouver and will spend a few
months working on the Morning Star
group on Springer creek and the Ca)
umet and Hecla, at the head of Day
ton creek.
The sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be dispensed in Knox church
next Sunday evening. The regular
pre-conamunion prayer meeting will
Lie held in the church on Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock.
O. D. Hoar, who was at the head of
the partv which located the Batik of
England, Two Friends, and other
claims in this division, is now manager
of the Laborer's company, owning the
Good Luck mine at Golden. ■*■
At the drilling contest in Victoria
Saturday Foulds Bros, came out second with 22J inches, down hole, and
an 8 3-16 upper. They were beaten
by Bozzence and Collotn, 24;} inches
down hole and 11 j inches upper.
Fred Edmonds, the machinist for
merly in the employ of the Ontario
Sloean Lumber company, and who has
since been working for the Big Bend
Lumber company at Revelstoke.
stopped over a couple of days in the
city this week before leaving to spend
the winter in the east.
Customers all over Can-
ir.iada tell us that our Mail
*|1 Order   Department has
meant to them added convenience andlessenedeost
by Mail
The 6fty-year reputation ol
our »tor« •Riii'-es •atufao
;••••«    tion to mail orJer purchase™
"l'O-     of jewelry, watches, iilver-
fi.'.l    ware, aUlioner}-, ett
Our complete dialogue will
gladly be «ent on tequert.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.,
Do not go past its door ^
you are dry, weary or huno
Silver oiiotatioiiH.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days'during the
week since last issue:
Wednesday     58   cents
Thursday'.     D7i    "
Friday     57?    "
Saturday     1,7}    "
Monday     Till    "
Tuesda v     1,8      "
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To John J. Banfleld nml J. M. McGrecor,
or to nnv person or persons to whom
they may nave-transferred their several Interests, in whole or in part, in
the Black ami White beauty Fractional mineral claim, situated near
the head of Lemon creek, and recorded
in the Recorder's office foV tho Slocan
City mining division.
You are hereby notified that I have
caused to be expended the sum of one
hundred and two dollars and fifty cenl?
in lalior and improvements on the above
mentioned mineral claim in order to
hold said claini under tho provisions of
thc Mineral Act; and if within DO davs
from tho date of this notico you fail, or
refuse, to contribute yonr proportion of
such expenditure,tocKther with all costs
of advertising, your interests in said
claim will become tho property of the
•subscriber, under section 4 of sn Act
entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1000."
Dated at Slocan, B.C., this 8rd clsv of
October, A. D.J 004,
I $350
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots In New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, hall
and wardrobe. For
other particularswrite
*~** *t «♦'»♦♦♦♦♦♦<> *-*- *-*-*** ♦♦ ♦•*
£   A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .    -^5
£-    REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .    3
Hotel A it I Mil*.
Arlington—-Mike LiUis, Tiosoberv.
J. O'Connor. R. J. Sutherland, Ottawa mine, W. Renwick, Wlson. W.
Post. C. Young, Vancouver, T*". .Malloy, Silverton, W. Nelson. Chicago,
P. Boatman, Rosebery, J Herbert,
Lemon creek, J. Hutchison, Cranbrook, J. O. Coviiiirlon.
Royal Allie McGill, Black Prince
J. Tinling, Club mine. Chas. P. Webster. Vancouver, C. J. Turtoii, Vancouver.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered nt the local registry office, II. I'. Christie being mining
Pept 2K—Carl H, north fork Springer
creek, .(nines Farrell,
Milda II, snme, Hilda Hauck.
Victoria, Twelve Mile creek, John
Cliff, Bondholder basin, Duncan Gra-
Sh— Lena, first nonh fork Lemon creek,
adjoining Chapleau millsite, 8. A. Fleming.
Oct. 4—Irene, south  side   Ten  Mile,
formerly Hessie, Anna Gillis.
Sept. 28-Hlack Hawk. Dnisv.
80—A. T., Federal, Black Cloud.
• let. 1 — Horn in ion, Great Western frae-
tien, Si'home, Platoon, Spruoe fraction.
8—Strathroy, Ii. C.
Pigs for Sale.
"piNK healthy pins for sale, six weeks
""*• nhl, $4 each or |4h per doz. Also
young hour seven months old. Apply at
deal Hunch or address
.IUIIN GRAHAM, Slocan B, ('.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Elmer J, Felt, or to any person or
bertons to whom ho may have transferred his interest, in whole or in part,
in the Skylark and Ranger mineral
claims,situated between the lirst ninth
fink of Lemon oreek and Dayton creek,
and recorded in the slocan ('ity mining division of West Koot' nay district!
You are hereby notified Ihal I.Noah
|F, McNaught, F.M.C. Nn. B66112, have
j expended the sum of two hundred and
I live dollars in labor and   general    improvements upon the above mentioned
I claims,   in order   to  hold said   mineral
] claims under lhe provisions of the Mineral Act, and if  within'JO days [rom   the
dat" nf this  notice  ynu   fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion nf such expenditure, together wiih all costs of ad*
I yertlslng,' your Interest in  said claims
■ will become the property of tlm subscriber, undor section four of an act en*
I til,ed "An   \et  tu amend   the   Mineral
. Act, 1000."
Dale.I this 18tll day of   AugUSt, 1904,
I iy-8 04 HOAH F. Mc NAUGHT
0 *- * *^» ********** ****** *-*■** *
*>       , ♦
t ST«)|> AT ♦
Slocan, B. C.
Comfortable Koomt.   Satisfactory   f
dining Koorn Service and the      f
Best of Everything  at the   Har.
r*-*-*-* ******-** +*
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
Headquarters for traveling men
Large, airy rooms
Best meals given in the town
HATES a**',' pa*r dayi with
■Ample moms 8S.50. Special rates i" itendy boardors
Arthur 5treet, Slocan
J. A. Anderson
Clubbing Offer
An arrangement has been made
whereby The Drill may be obtained with either the Weekly Mail
and Empire or the Weekly Globe,
two of Canada's leading papers.
Subscribers can thus get all the
home news and the events of
Eastern Canada at a small cost.
New subscribers may obtain The
Drill and the choice of either of
the above-mentioned papers for
$2*50 fora Year
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
RATESi Regular m.hicrl'bsrs,tl Mf month
.  nr.'ii) a yi'iir.- non-aubscrlbem (axoluiircaf
medical a>ttetuUnoa)fSpof dtu-.   Private warai
Sl per duy rxlrn.   Special facilities tctt tnntora*
For fiirtlicr purl ion In rs apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Wanted     AfPNT^
Immediately AULIHJ
■*T1Q sell fruit Iri'os, raspberry, goossbsrry nnd
I ntirrnnl Inislies, etc. Oood pay weekly!
outfit free. There is bin money in lliis work for
trustworthy nieii.
O V K R   (I (I II   A (' R 1* S
We hnvo under Cultivation over  000 RCfMOf
nursery stoek, Including the choicest, nnil best
varieties for orchard ninl garden plant inc. We
w ill (leliver goodl to customers in goOdToOndja
tion, freight paid. Our Bgentl have every ml-
vantage thnt this line or business can ofTcr
Ihein.   Apply now for terms.
Toronto, Ontario
N.B.—Will make arrangements for locnl
iiKcncy or for tlio handling of exclusive turn*
lories,. '   P. N, CO
*■*****<■***-*** ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*?
♦   UdHTBD uv lir.ATKH "V
J l.l.I.lTllinTY. IIOTAIB
The Queens
Hotel e********
First-rlaRH FlinitiK llnoin ,
Urge and Comfortable r.."lr"nm" [
8amplaroomiforC<mimarciai«w |
Nelson, B. C.
I ♦♦♦
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of mineral


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