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The Slocan Drill 1904-03-18

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-(^lV.,No.51. ^ ^01^; SL0CAN(   B<   c>   MAR0H   M|   19()4 ==*■
-—•- . •—•   - t	
t+AR 2 2 1904
■12.00 PER ANNUM.
Anything yon consume yon want to know
is fresh, not been in a corner for weeks.
Our success in the Grocery Business we
attribute principally to the way in which
we have looked after our Stock. Everything is purchased from first hands and is
not old when we get it.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
jfr-mC li agton    Hotel,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. H. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
This popular hotel is ennvenient to the hunts and trains.   Ths dining room
is sti Wily up to date while tlia bar i* supplied with the best in the market,.
D A TCC .   Travelling men, using Sample Rooms, $2 50 per ihjy-
i\/\ ICO .    wttalwtu Sample Kwnw, $2; boarj $8 per week; nicnls.Vi-
m\^  A FIRST-CLASS STOCK.   .   .   3
£-   REASONABLE PRICES.    .    .   _£
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
can be made by wearing
one of tho	
Up-to-date, .
Stylish Suits »
made from       h  i m- sQ:
ported Worsteds, Serges, ffV
orTweels.n JJ^J
of which has just been kjj
received for winter trade. *Ji
Work, Fit  and Finish g$
aro guaranteed. JJiJJ
K  ■ !!■ iluni  i   ■wwwiwrmmOT I •*—- WLJs\
K A Few Lines of Gents* Furnishings X
are still loft from the stock of the late A.
David aud they must  bo sold off at ouee.
Main Street, Slocan, B.C jj^j
,t door to Postoflice. p>
£j< Store:  Nex
Ooatrartor Doeu.-t r«el Liko Supplying
tli.. lineament and the City Solicitor
Want, ray for Doing no-Matter Lift
to the Board of Work..
Regular meeting of the city council
was held on Monday night. Present:
Mayor McNeish, Aid. Smith, Teeter
and Madden.
Correspondence read: From Montreal Star, re advertising the resources
of Western Canada, and stating their
epresentatlve, Mr. Williams, woultl
shortly call on the city officials. Or
dered filed.
From Royal Bank, Nelson, stating
that ilelientures 1 to 10, of the mill
issue, were there for collection. Ordered filed.
Moved by Aid. Smith and Madden
thnt the mayor and chairman of the
finance committee lie empowered to
draw up and sign the necessary papers
for the securing of the money required
for meeting the first payment of the
debenture debt, in accordance with
bylaw No. 21.   Carried.
Finance committee reported in favor
of bills amounting to S1G. Ordered
Payroll for February, amounting to
161.66, was presented and ordered
A bill from ex-city clerk Bentley.
for services as returning officer at the
last election for $10, was produced.
The mayor thought thc ex-clerk
should have done the extra work.without pay, as there had been very little
to do.
Aid. Teeter wondered why the bill
had never been piesmiteti before.
They had always paid that amount
before in similar case-; and he did not
Approve of Aid. Smith's suggestion of
referring the bill to the finance committee, for they could not get away
from paying it. He moved payment
ofthe bill, which was seconded by
Aid. Madden and carried.
Aid. Teeter inquired of lhe lioard of
works what tbey purposed doing aboul
the bond for the creek work.
The major sail Chairman Wordon
was not present and he considered the
matter still in the Lauds of the board
of works.
Aid. Teeter stated the contractor
was willing to sign the botid and was
waiting for the city to draw it up.
the city solicitor would not draw up
the document without extra pay nnd
had gone on strike. The board
thought the solicitor should do as the
citv wanted bim. They wanted only
one kind of a bond and that was a
proper legal one.
Aid. Smith endorsed Aid. Teeters
remarks and added that a deadlock
was prevailing. The solicitor wanted
$5 for drawing up the bond. The
contractor was waiting to sign lhe
bond to commence work.
Aid. Teeter remarked the matter
was doubtless delaying the work and
he would like to see it settled.
Aid. Smith said they would have to
get the work done on the creek somehow or other.
The mavor read tho minutes, which
•?aw the board authority to g<> ahead
with the work. The board had power
to spend 550 without appealing to the
eouucil. They were emoowered to do
the work and the council had no right
to interfere.
Aid. Teeter replied that it was an
unexpected tangle for the lioard. Not
one of the lioard was willing to pay
the $5, as it looked like an injustice.
Discussion followed upon the wording of the motion awarding the eon-
tract, the legal point centring ujkiii
who should furnish the Ixind.
Ald.Teeter said the contractor could
not see that he had to pav for the
tiond, nnd on the other hand the citv
had a solicitor and he should look
after their work.
At the suggestion of the inavor. the
board of works will endeavor to overcome the deadlock existing.
Council adjourned.
Lead Mlna.ru to Meet.
Next Tuesday a meeting of the silver-lead mineowners will lie held at
Sandon to consider the proposal of the
St. Eugene Mining Co. respecting the
export of ore. They maintain the
mines of the country cannot earn all
the lead bounty each year, and they
are willing to supply the shortage of
ore required, provided the government
will extend the lion nty to ores shipped
out of the country for treatment, in
excess of the capacity of the local
smelters. The latter place their limit
at 40,000 tous and if they get that
much treatment charges will lx* §15 a
ton, less than that $17. Thnt much
ore would como near earning the full
Shipment by Black Prince.
On Tuesday the lessees of the Black
Prince shipped '211 tons of ore to the
Nelson smeller, making the third lot
for the winter.   Seu-nty-seVeu tons iu
all havo been shipped, constituting a
record for four men in the camp. The
long raise will lie finished next woek.
A splendid specimen of ore from the
mine i.s on view at the postofflce. It
is plastered with native silver and will
assay 2000 oz.
Silverton HockeyUtu Spread It AU Over
Thnn Friday.
Silvorton had its time after all, the
postponed excursion to that town taking place ou Friday evening last. The
Slocan folk paid back with interest
the splendid turn-out from the other
town of the weok before, for fully 100
people were aboard the str. Blocan
when she pulled out from the wharf
at 7 p.m. In that company were the
famous Knowles-Fife* combination of
rooters, everv man being in his place;
two toams of hockeyists, and the brass
band, whieh furnished music for done*
ing ou both trips of the boat, as well
as in the hall at Silverton. A warm
reception was given tho visitors by the
Four Mile folk and endeavors were
made to provide ample amusement.
It took the hockeyists guite a time
to attiro themselves in fighting garb,
making it tedious for those waiting at
the rink, and it was after 9 before the
fun commenced. A scanty few put in
an appearance from New Denver,
while Silverton tinned out every living
creature in the place to cheer their
champions on to victory. Opposed to
them Were the Slocan cohorts, equipped with cast iron lungs and armed
with bugles, horns, whistle.s,and many
otlier implements calculated to make
noise; and the whole gang was beautifully decorated with colored badges,
with "Rooter" prominently emblazoned thereon. The ice was punk, making auy attempt at. real playing impossible, but helpiug wonderful'y towards making a rough house among
the rival teams. Just here it might
be said that some of the leading rooters from Sloean narrowly escaped a
richly deserved violent extinction at
the hands of Silverton 'a fair backers,
who were unused to such circus perform Knees.
Ofthe two gamoa played, well—it
is not meet to dwell too long ou the
painful subject, as tie situation cau
be sized up bv saying that Slocan was
in them, but that i.s all. Alas! for
blasted hopes, certain couvictions, and
anticipated victory. The worst that
could possibly happen would perhaps
lie one defeat. But to be licked to a
standstill in two games -ye gods and
pickled cucumbers 1 Those Silverton
sports havo no sense of justice at all,
at all. Sloean's rooters were powerless, root thev never so strongly or
frantically. Slocau was in for a drubbing and they got it in good shape.
But thereby hangs a tale.
The first volume of misery produced
was a game between the ladies of each
town. And here the scribe is going
lo lie canny, for he nearly got mobbed
in Silverton for stating in his report of
the previous games that the lady
players from that .burg were the heavier combination of the two. And he
is not going to take any more chances.
Billy Hicks.the referee.hasu't a friend
left "in the Four Mile camp. He sent
one of the Silverton girls to decorate
the fence for a minute. Oh, the inhuman monster. Lucky he was given
swift protection, or it would have been
all off with him. Silverton girls were
so indignant that they scorned all offers of sympathy from Slocan, so they
did. Booh hoo! But that game was
a beaut. It got warm towards the
last, and of all the circuses of tripping.
jockeying, bunting, shoving, dress-
pulling, arm-snatching ever seen, that
was the record. The spectators laughed till they were sore, the rooters kept
on a-rooting, and tho girls thought it
was all in earnest. When some got
tired then weut oft" for a rest, then at
it again more determined than ever.
Slocan did not win, but the other
girl* did, by a score of 4 goals to 0,
Misses Horton and Coburn lieing the
laurel-winners, particularly the first.
Here are the ainazons:
Gormley did work hard and numberless shots wore sent on the Silverton
goal in the last half, but they could
not connect with the net, all the luck
staying with the latter team. Then,
too, the referee's decisions favored
them. It was a rough game, made
moro so by the narrowness ofthe rink.
One Silverton and two Slocan men
were sent to the fence, but there were
others of the Silverton fellows who
should have decorated the bone heap.
There was no call for so much roughness. Silverton meant to win aud they
did. In the matter of knocks, however, the bad luck went to the Silver-
ton men. Mills was given a pronounced black eye, while Jim Bowes, just
In-fore tho game ended, collided with
Milne and came out with u broken
cheek bono. It was a serious injury
and he suffered intense pain, Dr.
Brouse being summoned from New
Denver to attend him. It was unfortunate, as it marred the general fun
Practically no money changed
hands over the result, as Silverton was
too scared at tirst and then Slocan got
into the funks. At the last the ice got
into fearful shape and made playing
exceedingly hard work. Following
was the line up of the teams and anyone can see thereby that the Silverton
aggregation was a home product —yes
McMillan ) ( McKinnon
MTlne       >     forwards    -J Mills
Terry       ) / Blomfield
J. Welsh.        umpire S. Watson
C. McCrae, referee.
Sloean's goals were shot by Milne,
McMillan, McMillan; Silverton's by
Bain, Blomfield, Mills, Bain and McKinnon.   n
When the games ended the crowd
adjourned to the Victoria hotel, where
supper was served, the visiting teams
being tendered a compliment. Next
came a dance in the McKinnon hall,
Iieing kept up till 2.30 a.m. The boat
arrived homo here about 4 o'clock. It
was a great event and there is no kick
coming on the treatment accorded the
in Al-I.KAi: TO Ol'ERATK.
Be>re(CBlfitlvet of Legatee* Arrive to He—
gia on Preliminaries.
goal Miss Vetterhouse
point   Miss M.Lawson
Miss Findlay
Miss Barclay
Miss Coburn
Miss Horton
Miss Lawson
H. Thorbuni
Miss Few
Miss Webb.
Miss Cavan
Miss Tipping   rover
N. Bull        )
P. Christie  \ forwards
Mrs. Hicks )
J. Welsh umpire
Referee, W. Hicks.
Then came the men's game, and
here, it was Slocau was going to win
out, only the chances didn't seem to
connect and unexpected defeat came
instead. The first half the Slocan
rooters were in fine fettle and the
three goals made all enme to the Slocan end. After that the steam went
down nnd Silverton did the rest, winning out by B goals to 3. Sloean's
team was minus Christie, he lieing replaced by Terry, a junior, who.though
willing enough, conld not hold his end
up. Then, too, Milne was not up to
his usual form, and towards the last
McMillan slowed -down; the rink was
also too low for Pinchbeck to get in his
licks at  long throwing.   Hicks and
Rumors regarding the Chapleau, on
Lemon creek, have at length given
way to something tangible, and it
looks as if the property would be actively exploited this summer. On Saturday E. E. Savage, representing F.
Stock, holder of the lease, arrived iu
from Seattle.accompanied by his wife
and J. Johlin. Arrangements were
entered into to get things into shape
for commencing operations. On Tuesday a couple of men started out to
break the road to the mine, so as to
take in supplies.
For the present only preliminary
work will Ik- done, such as putting the
road into shape, building a couple of
bridges, overhauling tho mill and machinery, and cleaning up the mine.
There have been a number of dickers
made on the lease, nud some strong
Chicago capital has lieen secured for
backing, ensuring steady work. These
principals are to visit the mine early
next month, after which regular mining will lie undertaken.
The Chapleau has had a rough ex-
perience.beiHg much liefore the courts
because of debts contracted here and
in Nelson, lt is owned by a French
company and is still plastered with
debt. Tin- lessees hold a ten year lease
on it, so the creditors stand a chance
of getting their money, and much life
be may imparted to thatsoctiou of the
Struck the I.e.lge.
Word came down during the week
that the Pioneer Mining Co. had at
last struck the lead on the Bank of
England, one of the Two Friends
group. The lead was tapped in a
crosscut, run over 200 feet and started
close to the old bunkhouse. Considerable ore was met with, of a ziney
nature. Drifting on the ledge is now
being done nnd a lwdyof clean ore
may lie met with at any time. The
Nelson owners say the force at the
mine will lx* largely increased.
Fatality at Romilaiid.
A fatal accident occurred at Rosslaud, on Thursday. M. McLood, employed on the building of the Rossland
Power Co.'s concentrator, slipped and
fell a distance of 25 feet, causing an
internal hemorrhage, death ensuing 1*2
hours later. Deceased was 28 years
old and a native of Cape Breton.
Last Tear's Shipment* Were 1339 Tans—
A Healthy ICvldenee of tlle Life aad
Wealth of the Canip-ISaterpris* the
HltB«»' Shipper.
Taking last year's figures as a comparison, ore shipments for 1804 exhibit an improvement, the figures already being In excess of those for the
same period in 1903. There is every
assurance that this satisfactory state
of affairs will continue. For the week
45 tons of oro was sent out, 23 tons
being from the Black Prince and 22
from the Ottawa. All went to tho
Nelson smelter. The temporary shut
down of the Enterprise is responsible
for that property not being represented. Several other claims are preparing small shipments. Total to dato
38<i tons.
For 1903 the oro shipments from
the local division amounted to 1339
tons, made up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise  KiO
Ottawa  22              1211
Neepawa  10
Port Hop*  7
Republic  .32
Black Prince  23                35
Sapphire  2
Argentite  5
Black Fel  2
45 38'J
Minora' Union Officer*.
Following are the officers elected bv
the local Miners' Union for the ensuing six months: President, B. Carter;
vice president, Jas. Smith; financial
secretary, D. B. O'Neail; recording
secretary, B. Almas; conductor, This.
Cappoielli; warden, W. Davidsou.
Nothing is beiug done at the Enterprise.
The boys are starting iu to do their
The Emily Edith, Four Mile, is to
bo worked under lease.
* A couple of important leases are lieing arranged in the camp.
Le Roi shares have recently risen
?2on the English market.
Last week the Boundary mines
handled 15,800 tons of ore.
It is expected operations will shortly be resumed at the Bosun.
Work on the upper drifts of the
Rambler is to be suspended.
The Rosslaud mines last week had
an output of 9486 tons of ore.
During February the Boundary
mines had an output of 72,007 tons.
R. I. Kirkwood started work on tho
Triune group. Springer creek,on Monday.
The Slocan Star is adding a magnetic zinc separator to its mill equipment.
Certificates of improvement havo
lieen issued the Rose and Legal
The entire Slocan has shipped 3200
tons of ore so far this vear, valued at
The lessees of tho Port Hope aro
expecting to strike the ledge daily in
the crosscut.
Geo. Nichol has lioen working on
his claim, in the vicinity of the old
Springer bridge.
Two hundred and fifty tons of zinc
ore is being shipped by the Ivanhoe
each month to Kansas.
iPolorado buyers are after Slocan
zinc pigment ores, and are willing to
absorb 500 tons monthly.
The February clean-up of tho stamp
mills at Camborne was larger aud
more profitable than in January.
Money has arrived lo pay off part
of the Howard Fraction bills and the
balance wilj Ih; here inside 30 dnys.
Sandon mines last week shipped 105
tons of galena and 60 tons of zinc,
making a total of 2U>9 tons to date.
A big gang of men passed through
here Monday from Rossland.all going
to the Ivunhoe, near Sandon, to work.
The Ottawa sent out their second
car for the month on Wednesday, and
ore is lining brought down for tho
third one.
In throe "months the Arlington, at
Erie, once given up as a wildcat, has
shipped 20 carloads of ore, averaging
$1000 each.
The Alberta,Lemon creek, will BOOH
be able to move its ore. The operation
of the Chapleau will benefit it and adjacent properties.
M. S. Logan, Nelson, has taken a
60 day optioa ou the Sweet Grass
group of claims, on Goat mountain.
New Denver, and a dozen men will
be put to work.
Indiana investors iii the Camlionie
camp are arranging for an excursion
from that state next summer tothe
scene of their ttivestnients. There
will be a big crowd.
-A. I'
Plot of Mrs.
She Makes It Decidedly Interesting For Nr. B. For One Evening by Hauling Him Over
the Coals, to His Great
i Astonishment.
[Copyright, 1903, by C. B. Lewis]
THERB was a certain atmosphere surrounding Mr. Bowser
as he came home the other
evening that warned Mrs.
Bowser of trouble to come. As a matter of fnct, several things had annoyed
him during tho day, and on the street
ear coming home a drunken ninn hnd
Insisted on rocognizing hlm ns a long
lost brother, and a loafer hnd stepped
on his feet nnd then called him n liar.
. It wns only natural thnt ho should
blame Mrs. Bowser and hold hor responsible, and all through the dinner
hour he wns cnstlng nbout for an excuse to open his batteries. Mrs. Bowser was watching the thermometer, and
they had no sooner reached the sitting
room thnn she snld:
"Mr. Bowser, the gas bill enme in today, and it is $1 more than last month.
This extravagance on your pnrt hits
got to stop or I shnll know the reason
why. You seem to be doing your best
to drive mo to the poorhouse."
"Wh-what's thnt'.'" exclaimed Mr.
Bowser as ho looked at her and wondered if he heard aright.
"I went down cellar the other day
after you had gone," she continued,
"nnd there were two gns jets blazing
nwny ns if the rats were holding a festival. You lighted theni and left theni.
That's just your wny. You nre the
most cnreloss, extravagant mun I know
of, nnd you'll have to make a change
for the better or there will be trouble
in this house."
"You—you nre talking to me?"
"Yes, sir, I'm talking straight to you,
nnd I hope you won't lose n word of
what I sny. That last ton of range
coal is nearly out. Did you sell part
of  it  to tho  neighbors  or  cucouriigo
tramps to throw It into tho street? I'm
sure that you aro responsible in some
way that lt didn't last longer."
"Woman!" shouted Mr. Bowser ns he
finally got his breath. "Have you been
hit on the head nnd had your senses
knocked out of you?"
"No, sir, I hnven't," sho replied In decided tones. "You sit right down there
and listen to me. How does it come
thnt the butcher has sent in a bill for
a balance of 10 cents? Don't squirm
around nnd look as red as a boiled lobster, but givo me a straight answer.
Hid you stop nntl buy a sausage to eat
at the ofHee? Have you been sending
pork chops to some distressed family
and keeping it a secret from ine?''
"I won't be talked to in tliis manner]" he said ns he blustered up.
"As your wife I hnve a right to talk
to you and shall exercise it. Mr. l'.ow-
ser, four months ago I bought four
dozen clothespin! at - cents a dasjon.
Today I counted them up nnd found
only forty-live. I want to know what
lias become of the missing three. Have
you thrown them at cats, sold them for
fuel or loaned them to sunn- builder to
make scaffolding  for  a  skyscraper?
The money vulue is not great, but the
loss of three clothespins goes to show
that you have no care bow soon we
bring up In some charitable Institution.   Answer me without dodging."
Mr. Bowser couldn't answer at all.
lie had been "jumped on" so suddenly
and so vigorously that be was like tl-
man headed up in a barrel, The cnt,
who had been asleep under the lounge
to prepare I'or a night's promenade
around tbo neighborhood, woke up ns
Mrs. Bowser began to talk, and she
was so tickled at seeing Mrs. Bowser
having the besl of it that sin- grinned
in Mr. Bowser's face and narrowly
escaped n tremendous kick launched In
her direct Ion.
"And there's another thing," continued Mrs. Bowser after a moment of
waiting. "A pane of glass in one of
the kitchen windows has been crack*
rd. Who cracked it? Don't tell me that
the cook did It by accident or that some
boy threw n stone from tlie alley. You
are morally responsible for all the windows, and you must be on hand to
protect theni. Did you break that pnfio
to spite mo und help along your Wnsi •
and extravagance? Did you tako a
sledge hammer anil standoff ami deliberately pound ami whack and smash
until you had succeeded in cracking it
from top to bottom?"
"By   thunder,   woman,   but   I—I"—
stammered Mr. Bowser as he realized
that a revolution bud broken out iuv!
wns likely to be a success.
Tho cat sat up beyond reach of his
foot and purred and grinned for Mrs.
Bowser to go on and lire more grape-
shot, and presently there was more to
be heard.
"There are some few things I am
going to do this winter, and 1 want to
tell you iu advance nnd warn you not
to raise any row with ine. We need
three or four fire escapes around the
house, nnd I'm going to buy 'em. 1
don't propose to be burned up in my
bed nt night, no matter how you feel
about It. Then I shall take dumbbell
and other exercises for my rheumatism. The doctor hns ordered it, you
kuow. He says If I could take boxing
lessons it would be n good tblng, but
I hnven't made up my mlud about that
"Are you—you Mrs. Bowser?" asked
a hoarse voice as she paused for
"I am, air. I am Mrs. Bowser, wife
of Mr. Bowser, and I am talking to
hlm and to no one else. There is a sale
next week by auction of antique furniture, nnd I shnll attend! This house
needs a table of the Louis XII. style,
a cabinet of the Louis XIII. mnke nnd
a sol'a and a few chairs to show that
we aro up on Louis XIV. If I can pick
up any old masters in cracked frames
ut thu same time I'm going to do lt"
"Good Lord! flood Lord!" whispered
Mr. Bowser ns ho wriggled around In
his chair, while the cat got under the
piano to whisper to herself:
"Gee whiz, but nlu't the old mnn
having a hot old time in tbis old towu
"I shnll also look around for a nice
milk cow," resumed Mrs. Bowser as
she walked up and down the room.
"We use two quarts of milk per day,
and by buying a cow for $40 nnd paying out $3 por week for her keep 1 figure thnt we would save about $500
per year. I was reading yesterday thnt
every family ought to keep a hog, as
hogs never eat anything beyond the
fish bones nnd potato peelings, which
nre generally wasted, and I shall'buy
one nnd save about $250 a year on our
pork. We will also need a few hens.
I believe you paid a dollar apiece for
those you bought two or three years
ngo nnd that they all turned out roosters and we never got nn egg, but 1
know I can do better than that. The
hens can be had for about 50 cents
apiece, and we can build a henhouse of
Koman architecture for $70. We will
then have our own eggs nnd not be
swallowing microbes every day."
"I forbid it, woman—I forbid It!"
shouted Mr. Bowser us lie jumped up
and waved his arms around.
"Man, do you know who you are talking to?"
"I say 1 forbid it!"
"But that won't mako any difference.
I am Mrs. Bowser; you are simply tho
husband of Mrs. Bowser. When 1 don't
know enough to run things around
here I'll step down und out, and you
may try it. And there's another thing
I wish to speak about. Your father is
all right in a way. but I don't waut
him coming around here and thinking
he can run me or my house. 1 shall
submit to no dictation from blm."
"lias the end of the world come ut
last?" asked Mr. Bowser of himself as
he pinched his leg and remembered
how often he had inveighed against his
"And now about clubs," said Mrs.
Bowser as she paused before hlm.
"You belong to two or three, and they
are always working you for a soft
thing, 1 propose to join four or live,
and I think I can hold my own. I
want something to take up my evenings
and use up my spare caeh. It ls quite
likely I shall be asked to deliver recitations and essays, and the name of
Mrs, Bowser may come to be known ln
the hind. You huve had mnny opportunities, but you have not accomplished
anything yet."
"And tliis to me—to me—to me!"
gasped Mr. Bowser ns he glanced at
the cat and saw that she was almost in
"And one more thing, Mr. Bowser.
You are one of the most careless men
in the world, as 1 have often observed.
Sliould you lose your purse with 15
tviils in it on the street car or In a
sine don't come home and expect any
sympathy from me. I havo told you
lhat you can't be trusted even with a
quarter to go to the butcher's for a
pound of bacon, nntl if you will persist
111 your careless ways you must take
the consequences. I think that Is about
all tonight Let mo see! No. tliere Is
one more thing. If I come home and
(lnd that you have given nway one of
niy dresses or cloaks to some lazy old
tramp I'll not buy you another gnr-
iiii-nt of nny sort for n yotjr."
••And she talks she talks-she talks!"
groaned Mr, Bowser,
"That's quite all, and now I hnve
business In the library, and you needn't
sit up for mo, It is sixty miles to
your father's bouse, and the train
leaves at 10 o'clock In the morning.
Should you decide to go my lawyer and
your lawyer can easily arrange about
the alimony. Good night, Mr. Bowser,
gootl night"
Two hours laler Mrs. Bowser came
suflly into the room to lind Mr. Howscr
asleep In bis chair with the Cat on his
knees. They hnd gone to sleep while
wandering where ho wns at, and the
look still remained on his face.
a Comparative Inceees.
"You say your Hying machine was n
comparative success?"
"Yes." answered tbo Inventor. "It
got Into the nir and back to earth without spilling anybody or breaking nny
machinery."—Washington si.tr.
i :.isii/   i * plnlopil.
The Oop—By Jove! 'i he folks here live
pretty high, don't tbey?
The Cook Oh, yes, I gnve them to
Understand Hint they'd have to if they
wanted to keep me,—Brooklyn Life,
Uonei of Black Tulle—Voffne of Chenille  and   AccorUlun   Plaltln*.
Evening gowns of black tulle and
chiffon are considered very smart
These are trimmed with black velvet
ribbon or tiny ruchlngs of lustrous
silk. Medallions of black velvet and
chantllly lace are also very smart. The
balr, being dressed low, requires less
ornament than formerly, and wben
tbere ls ornamentation it takes tbe
form of Jeweled pins or combs.
Crepe de chine dresses trimmed with
fringe of the same shade are always
graceful and pretty.
Chenille tassels and chenille fringe
are much  used ln combination with
He Write* Some Poetry For Uncle JoJi
White.   Who   Ii   In   Love
With a Widow.
Ince. White chiffon combined with
Jeweled Ince ls another feature of the
moment, and tiny gold tassels brighten
up otherwise somber gowus of black.
Accordion plaiting on liberty satin
and crepe de chine continues in high
A beautiful robe n princesse for the
bride's mother nt n coming wedding of
importance Is of pansy colored velvet
with a black nnd gold galloon trimming
on either side of a very line point
d'alencon ince vest, which Is further
beautified by beiug studded with u design of finely wrought gold. The gown
bangs ln graceful folds to the ground,
nnd nt the feet appears a Greek trimming of gold galloon. Some ruches of
old d'alencon form a fitting finish to
the sleeves, which are of fairly voluminous proportions.  To complete this ex-
[Copyright, 1903, by C. B. Lewis ]
POUND Uncle Josh White at his
farmhouse gate the otber day as
I drove up with a letter, but I noticed when I wus yet a quarter of
a mile away tbat his white locks and
venerable whiskers hud been dyed a
Jet black by the village barber. Uncle
Josh ls seventy-two years old and has
500 wrinkles on his face, and the black
hair aud whiskers made hlm look too
fuuny for anything.
"Hello," I said as I drove up, "but
what's become of Uncle "Josh? I dou't
remember to have seen hlm lately."
"Uncle Josh Is around, I guess," he
auswered, with a pleased look.
"(Had to hear It. Didn't know but
he'd gone out west. Just give him this
letter and my best respects."
"Abe, don't you know me?" be asked
ns he took the letter.
"You ure Uncle Josh's boy Jim, I
"Look again."
"By John. If It nln't Uncle Josh himself! Well, well! Suy. Undo Josh, If
you ouly hnd a bat on your shoulder
I'd sny you were going out topltiy 'two
old cat' with the kids, (lone right
buck to thirty years old, and as good
looking a chap as can be found lu the
country.   How did you do lt?"
"Abe," he said as he stroked his
whiskers and kept one eye on the-
house, "I was waltln' for you. You
are a truthful man. Mebbe you know
what my true age Is, but I waut to
nsk you bow old I look Jest ns 1 stand
here? If you wus a stranger what
would you guess my nge to be?"
"I'd say from thirty to,thirty-five.
Uncle Josh—not a day more."
"Wouldn't you say forty-five?"
Yeu mny  capttTS tho notes of  the stay
men Imv lark
And praise up the notes of the Jay;
You mny tell ef the rose as It bh.oins by
the ilimr;
You may talk of the tulip and pink:
You may cull me the choicest und rarest
of blooms,
But I shall continue to think
That nothing on earth can compare with
my Jane.
Oh, would that I now stood beside her
To show to the world tha tu-unil-tu-uus
I've got for the wldder named Snyder!
Uncle Josh had sat beside ine nt the
kitchen table as 1 wrote, sonietlmes
trying to read n line without his
glasses and again gazing Into vacancy
and uttering long sighs. When 1 bad
finished I read the poem to him aud
asked how he liked it
| "Abe," he replied as ho brought bis
fist down on the table, "the Wldder
Snyder is mine from this hour. There
hain't no wldder on earth who kin
stnnd up ag'ln slch poetry as that.  It'll
, wobble her from bend to heel, nnd all
I've got to do Is to foller It up by ask-
In' her to have tne. By thunder, Abe,
but I'll put them verses ag'ln any mini's
million dollnrs and win out If J'd sot
down and tried for a million years 1
couldn't have done half so well."
| "Were your hnlr and whiskers dyed
when you culled' nt the widow's?" I
asked as he followed uie out to the
i "No, Abe, and I'm n leetle bothered
about tluit She'll see lu n mlnlt that
there has been u change, and mebbo
she'll nsk about It 1 don't want her
to think I'm vain, you know, but what
' can 1 tell her?"
I "That you wero struck by lightning.
It nlways turns white hnlr black. Tell
her that a thunderbolt knocked you
down while you were splitting rails."
' "I'll do It. Abe. It did thunder the
otlier duy, und she must have heard lt.
Yes, I was knocked over by a blamed
big thunderbolt, but all the harm it
did was to turn my hair aud whiskers
black nnd set tne buck to thirty-five
years old. Tliere nln't. no Hies ou you,
"Never. I'd nllow up to thirty-five .J'°-*"K »■■•■■•"
and then bet two to one." I    Uncle -'osh "V11S ,0 C°I'.V **$<! n*'"1 ihe
"Then that settles it, and they mny
blow till they can't blow no longer.
It's the hair and whiskers. Abe. I've
lind 'cm fixed up a bit, aud Surah and
Hill huve been Juuipln' on me about it.
They both sny I look to be ninety nud
that I hain't got the sense of a hen to
go nnd color up, 1 couldn't see that I
looked over forty, and you Bay that I
don't look over thirty-five, nnd they
may talk and be hanged to 'em."
"And what's in tho wind, Uncle
Josh?" I aaid as I gave bim a wink.
"Kin you keep It, Abe?"
"Of course."
"Then It's the new wldder that's
moved on to the old Frazer farm. Seen
her yit?"
"Waal, she's a daisy. Only thirty-live,
handsome ns an ulnrm clock and wuth
qulsite toilette de reception Is a pale
heliotrope  beaver  hat.   its only  trim-    n?Z*T\Z*v',
_.,„,.   ,i_„,. , 110,000,   Abe, I'm on her tra I."
mlng   being  n   long,  sweeping  plume
which nearly touches the shoulder.   A
bouquet   of   pnrma   violets   and   La
France roses will accompany this chic
The picture shows a crepe de chine
evening gown made with gauglngs.
"Shoo, Uncle Josh!"
"On  her .trail,  Abe.  and  bound to
overhaul her.   I stopped there the other
Circular TrlmnilnK,  Are Onco Moro
Co in laic   Into  Voffne.
One of the daintiest frocks seen recently was of royal blue chiffon trimmed with gauglngs nnd wide ruffles of
accordion plaited chiffon peeping from
under a dyed Ince bolero.
The latest skirts show circular trimmings   instead   of   the   perpendicular
A BMAiir sKinr.
lines we hnvg become so used to.
Fringe plays us lmportnut a part In
the trimming of the skirt ns of the
The three piece costume Is among
the smartest conceits of fashion. This
consists of a dress trimmed with fringe
or dyed lace nnd a cape with long
chiffon or fur stole ends of the same
material ns the dress and trimmed
Willi the same dyed face.
Three-quarter coats of moleskin nre
lined with cream buIIii and have HulTy
Jabots of creamy luce. The tiny skins
nro so Joined together as to produce a
plalded effect
On the whole, fashions ore plainer
than heretofore, but tbe materials nre
moro voluminous nnd more costly.
In the cut Is shown tbe lutest thing
in skirts. It ls mnde with circular
tucks and fringe trimming.
"auk, don't you know me?" he asked.
day to see if she wanted lo buy nny
hogs, and I fell in love with her before
she hnd opened her mouth. Her name
Is Snyder now, but I'll mnke her change
lt to White within n year or break my
back a-tryln'. I've told Sarah nnd
Bill so, and they are makln' things
mighty hot for ine. They sny I've got
one foot in the gruve nud won't live a
year, but you see how little they know
nbout It."
"And so you are going to propose to
the Widow Snyder, eh?" I nsked when
I hnd got my breath back.
"Jest as shore ns turnips Is turnips,
Abe, nnd I ain't goln' to waste much
Ume nbout It either. I want to begin
martin' right away, and tliut'u whero
you come In."
"But I can't court for you."
"I don't want you to. Tho dny I
called the wldder and me talked mostly
nbout hogs nnd cows, but she let It
drop thnt she loved poetry nnd hud u
tender feelln' for poets. You uro a
poet, Abe, nnd n gol darned good one."
"And you wnnt her to lull in love
Willi me?   I see."
"You don't see nutliln* of the sort
I wnnt you to do mc the biggest fnvor
on earth by writln' mc some poetry
and lettltf mo pass It off ns my own.
I ain't olTerln' you money down, but
I'm sayln' that from the day I marry
the Wldder Snyder your liny. onls. butter nnd Inters won't cost you u red
cent. 8arab and Hill have gone to
town today, nnd yo-i Jest come in for a
glass of milk nnd a piece of pie nnd
start that eourtin' off for me."
Half nn hour Inter I hnd turned tho
wheel and ground out:
You mny toll tne of mountains ninl valleys
a ml streams,
or dells midst thn tnii whispering pine
of meadows that charm and waters that
/Is tlicsun In tho west doth diollnej
You   mny  sIiir- me  the song of tho aad
You may sin;, mc the sweet robin's lay;
poem off that afternoon, and he thought
he should huve an answer In u couple
of days. He did have one. Two days
Inter he stopped me ut tbo barnyard
nnd beckoned me into the bnrn. 1 noticed that he was pule nnd agitated.
nnd I feared that Surah or Bill might
be seriously III.
"I've got nn nnswer from tbe Widder
Snyder," he snld ns his chin quivered.
••Oh. I see! Well, what Is It?"
I-'or nnswer he took from his pocket
a folded sheet of foolscap and banded
It to me. A woman's hand hud used a
pencil to write:
You mny tell me of donkeys and asses and
Of men who have wheels In their head;
Tou may sing me the song of the old gander goose
Or the calf who ts ill In his bed:
Tou may tell me of meadows and valleys
and rills;
You may talk of the surf on the shore;
You may send mo a car load of roses and
And tempt me with panslcs galore,
But  I  shall still  think  as tho days  flee
And the winds of old winter doth sigh
That the fool of a man  who tak.-tli  the
Ia the fool who resorts to tho dye.
"Abe, whnt does It mean?" tremblingly nsked Undo Josh ns I bunded
hlm back the paper.
"It mentis that tlie Widow Snyder
doesn't want to become the Mrs.
White," I replied.
"She turns me down, does she?"
"She does."
"And I go bnck to seventy-two years
again, don't I?"
"I guess you do."
"And you won't mistake mo for my
son again?"
".Not hardly."
"Waal, I'll go nnd git soft soap and
hartshorn and wash off this dye nnd
let the Widder Snyder go to Texas.
"And what?" I asked.
"You kin go there too."
Surry  lie  Spoke.
Auntie—Whom do you love best?
Auntie—Who next?
Dolly-You. '      .*
Auntie—Who next?
Father (from the background)-Aml
wbere does daddy enme In?
Dolly—Two o'clock in the morning.—
Buffalo .School Xo. 50 Weekly.
"The Bill befo:
lhe house."
-New York Evening Journal,
Some   Smart   Slilri   Waists   M•„.
Snbaliuitlul   Huterlals,     '
I'luln shirt waists of s.chimin
and broadcloth are worn In
mude coats.   They have longer n,oul
ders und more fullness than formerly
One ef the most useful thin ;s t„ ,,'(H
sess Is nn uulini'd skirt of white clou
well cut nnd well Htted.  This „,.IV .'
used winter or x-immer with in,,, '„'.   '"
wulsts and a pretty white
I'or dinner or re* tun
Ing In the wny of n white
rant w
ear nolli.
le waist eqnn.
the blouse of cToatn net Incnisted win
narrow Ince Insertion or app||mi0
This Is iiunle very full, wiih        '""'
parent  yoke  uml   a   col!
11   H'llllS.
hir nmi verv
much puffed all-even set Into -, (i,„
tight euir of lace. ''
The tli ree quarter coat Is so,.,, |n
walking suits In conjunction with tbo
kilted skirt. It blouses and is bt-lt^d In
wilh a wide baud of crinkled suede
lea I her.
Of the trlnimlii;; for
the colored I'unnfiiay laces will.
i ni i sod
effects nre quite suitable for smart
wear and are most effective on cloili
and woolens with n smooth surface,
Some of these laces are woven In
two distinct colors, and others form :i
frame of inodnlllou shape to surround
the dulutiest mile embroidered spraya,
A few of these motifs of lace ■*■■: im-
broidery nre quite sufficient to trim n
bodi'-e, uud Ihey ure also uxeil on
coatees and boleros, ami especially an
smart waistcoats of pule colored cloth,
The Illustration shows a new shirt
waist having a deep yoke which gives
tbe long shouldered effect,
Return lo 1880 llrlea—Flffnret] HI la
mui   Accordion   I'lnlilnun.
White cloth is as fashionable ns ever,
but It is only for the well to do on nt--
count of the rapidity with which lt
We have returned to the 1830 stylii
in matters of dress, as witness the fn'.l
shirts nnd the di*ep pointed waist-
hands, old fashioned silks, flowers!
or plain, are Iriniined with frayed OUl
ruches of pah* blue or pink.
Loose hupglng boleros of black cliif-
f.m velvet are IH mined with dalmy
goal thread titsscls and bands of e:.
bloliler.-d lace.
Both large and small spots nnd even
velvet brooches .are coining Into favor. Velvet gowns of every kind arc
Been for both day and evening wear.
f-'oi't chine silks, together with Uow-
eri-d muslins and mulls, make charming gowns and blouses for evealnf
wear, Tbey are particularly becomlof
to young I'lrls,
Accordlou plaited black crepe il*
chine made with a wide girdle and a
handsome   Jeweled   buckle   I*  n
useful  ns well lis becoiniiu' atiftt**
Elbellnei nnd similar mntnrlnli •■■'•
I as Ion-' »«'f
Ills  Itetrnril.
"I thought," be said, "lhat I knew
how to make love."
"And don't you?"
"Well, It didn't seem to work right
when I told Hose she was the only girl    BtlipPS and other quiet  pilttcrnH
I had ever loved." , rlcs ure smart.
"What did she say?" '     The picture shows N  - "v"' "f |vn j
"Slu- said she'd never marry n liar.'' ' cloth   trimmed  with   niiiW'V  ""'",''
-Chlcngo Tost. ] spotted velvet.     JUDIC CUOLU*'
I ng.iln much used, as we
ed.   thick   vicunas.     Invisible
fnli- TH*S
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
powei- In Russia Is J'ol.yi-
""   '       ||ie  I'l'ociirutor-'-ieiii'i'iil    of
i'11"1.',",    svnod of the Ruaso-Oreck
|h'' Mo  is   also   tlle   UlOHt   lillti'll
iM.ill'l     ! .
.   d^i 10 tun Ire-
Saves tha Dying
v',   for tho Heart   foiled
thorn and cured her.
nftsan yours  Mrs.  John  A. Jamil,
*',',',     ,,n    Ont.,   was   a   inent   sulTerer
1      i..,irt'Disease.    l'"or days at a timo
"    « confined  to  !><>-.   and  it  Itemed
ihTiuirli   every    breath  mlnht  n her
,        [,,,,  iiIivsIcIiiiim   said     Ihnt     Hli*
i*l ■■■ -ef" ,,iiv  minute.    With to*
he »'
la' I!
ml ii
riuicllv In HiilIcriiiB, and believing
■while' there's life there'! hope,"
i,.,l nsinK I>r. Akiiow'i Curo lor
,i Three bottlee cured her.
,e„',eay relieve! In thirty minutee
,-,■:■ overy lorm ol heart dlsinee
vaaisiioas. ■•
ifovprnor or Vladlvoslock   ha.*
in di'porl  any  porBOri or per*
l„,    thinks   lit ul   ty»viit.v-iijiii
.,,,,    \(, i*(»a8oii need be as
I I,,,   iliis  siiiiiiiinrv   ilisinis-cil.
D.'afncss Cannot Be Cured
v local applications aa they cannot reach (he
lBaw,l      Hon "t Hit* Mr,   There l*i only one
. ,i<taftieMi and tlmt in by eoniUtu*
ai , ii<s.   DeafneN is ceased by un ln-
l..'i'. i , ndition uf th<* inuoous lining or the
■a Tula,..    Wben HiIh Lube Is Inhumed
' u iP  ' .i rumbling sound »r Imptrfeot hear-
', „,.i »hen ii I-. intlrely oloied, Deafness is
,     :   ,,i<i unlets tin. Inflammation can he
,,,    a ,ii,i this tula, reetored to lis normal
hearing  will  be destroyed forevir;
.1 ..r ten nre cuuH.-.i t.y Catarrh.
i ,,  I,  L    iing i.ui nu Inflamed condition of
,   ,,      is i urfaees.
v,        i j|vi   i.Mi.■   Itiimlreil   Pullers fnr sny
ifness (oauicd by intnriiO Hint enn-
', |,      ealI by HiiU'h Catarrh cure.   Bind for
V. ,1   CHENEY 4 CO., Toledo, 0.
Poid by oil druggists, i..e.
iiaii'i Family l'ills are tbe beet
-,.,    i,'.an.: • >.-.tuti-H nro tin- prop*
,-, ,.   the llusslan  Imperial family.
|i,.,i   iiroa   Is   20 000,000    a<T"S.       All
.ii iii.. iiii,I...- no to tho i.ri-
i • .• ni' iho C/.. r.
rhe      nevor  hus  anil   never  will   he  a
ilver.sul panacea, In ono remedy, for all
, i.i  which  tlush  is  li.-ii--  the very   no-
.1,. .ii mnny curatives  being  such  tbui
ere the norms ol otber  ana  dHTeroni.lv
ease    rooted  in  i lie system ol
ileni   what   would   relievo  one  n
turn would uiT'iinuU' the other. We
ive however, in Quinine Wine, when
iiuiniihlc hi sound, unadulterated Kinif,
remedy  lor iniSiy and sriovous ills.    li\
Illl   uii'I   IlldtcioUM   UM*   tbo   frailest
-, a   .     lod    Into    roll*, nlest.-li" e    .inn
i,... ,i i. ibe influence wblcb Quintal
;erti un nature's own roatoralivei li
lieveH Ua- ill mn.int; U|ilritM ot Ibosi
ith whom n .Tii.Tnii- state of morbid
, and link of interest in lift
u .li >■.;..•. um! I.v I rnni|iiili/iii^ 111.
disposes to Round and iviiesl.nu
irts vigor 10 tlie action Ol lhe
 i     which,   bains  stimulated,  cvuraa
rough   ihe     veins.     Btreogfthenint^ th.
animal  functions  of the  ■yt.teiu.
■  Ing act Ivlty  u   ii.acssui \   iv-
■• ictheninif the franle and ptvtav
.. io 'I., digestive organs,  which aatu*
.   ile nd   I... lesed   substance—result
-ia..ii..     Northrop  A   Lyman
luronto.     huve  given  to  lhe  publlf
Superior Quinine Wine  nt   the ..>..
and,    gauged by the opinions   oi
the wine approaches nearest
rtii ilon    ol   i.i v in itu* market.     An
.    s sell  ii
In i la ' outside wm id nl iiusM.i, furs
.' n ii ■>' rrd n lesl ui the llnanrtnl
isit mi hi the ivrarcr, ho that ma.iy
nu ii .:iti oidigwl to • 11, n,i tt
1 it  .i' il nl inoiioi  on thi'iii.
1 •   ■    i  V-Z   .Wise   Head)   Dlfinf.i'
i   .i isted   in   the  bath,  s;.ft-
Ihe viai.i  und disinfects.
I'      irs  tlo  nol   create  honor.
■ iiiiiini iniiiii,. tn heaven.
1 in furs mui wi iter ncartncnt*
i'-.'il during the time Ihey
i raw hatnpi ra, wil h Mieets
' BW IniPiK. rs. with ."-lu-ols
;,i   turpi-nl n •  laid   between
One dose of Ayer's Cherry
l ectoral at bedtime prevents
•iiiim coughs of children.
No croup.  No bronchitis. A
doctor's medicine for all
affections of the throat, bronchial tubes, and lungs. Sold
for over 60 years.
, '.' " Bled Ajrr-r, Cherry Tectorial In mr
.■ ■ i - i'hI .enrs. There tl nothing equal
' .i.:li«ni,.l c.lili. eaperlsll*/ for ehlt-
-■•* W. II. lluviiaa, Bbslby, Ala.
J. O. ATI* CO.,
I.owfll.   Man.
ight Coughs
1 ''****rac\-i-jAra
Charlie  Raymond
*iosi Mice.
The young inaii
wus not  one  ol   n.
.■lei i.ion, bow-
h'i i'  io  tt'ut-k.     l-'or
l.'.'-n      close   lo     Ins
•' la    tbe Slory   ef
ii.l 11 a (ver.
wuy a plugger
111.Ml    Will'
UCtlVO Oil lllu ivivut
ever, but a plui-,,, r
tveoks   hu imd
studio, H«- Imd i-et-oiv-Jtl hia lirsi
good order througli tho plUcon ol u
ii-lund, uml waa worltlflg nway uh if
his lib- tiiipondoU on It, wt-ltim Chai'-
h s I'. lUyinond, in Toiouto stur.
SoiU'.'timos it woulil na in hh ii' ho
hui.   ..,illlri..(l   tin.   pi.,;„,,.   u;,(.lines   ami
proportions uml u-,. cortcCt llguro of
the hor«o thut wnil lu bum part of
tho iflituri-. 'I lien i ,. .,u„i!,j j.,, Hllti
taiio u good K.ui. ut tho original—
tin- uniiiiul In* vw.s i.i|iyiii|{ from—
untl eolilu back dlHrilll ihlinl. llu did
hot nut-ill able to ..a u,.* thing
right, nnd lio mill, ii d,,. money, uml
needed it qulukl;/,
Olio Uuy In- believed hu luul tho
skoteh curructly, Min rootti-tnuto end
follow-ln-ponell and block hud told
him thut tlm thing wuh woll done.
Then tin* young nnn drought iti an
old friend uml I'xpi rt.
"Too Ktilf. 'I l.ii i- isn'L enough detail.    It is without. vi;;or."
Tho wordn galled hint, Tho young
fellow deliberately look Ins work
and ili-slroyi-d It, 'l'l,.-,, |,L. took thu
old head's advice ond went at it
aguin, lie worked hai'dei- than ever.
Ihs room-male, who was a quick
worki-r, ami lui'llld out kUjIi with
great eaae, told Iti ui bu was a uhiiiup
to bother SO much, 'i l.e (jiiick worker soon loft Hamilton, for tlii.s was
llu.- town  w lii-t'e I lie HC01IO look plue'e.
lh- wont to Ni-u Vork. lie aaid his
gunlua woultl be recognized quicker
there lliun in the elty hy tho mountain. However, thu piuggt-r who had
lorn tip tin. sketch worked on, lie
had pleased thu linn with his lirst
effort! uud had got another order.
Nearly four years v. ont by.
One duy the studio door In Hamilton wuh opened and in cume tlio
quick worker wbo had loft to havo
his ffi'iiius llu* quicker recognized in
New York. The plugger was still
plugging. However, there were cvi-
donces of work on hand now. Thero
were the ear-niuil-s of prosperity.
They shook lmml.s, aud the man
from New York passed out a hard
luck story und made a touch for
"Not for nu'," repliod the quick
man, as the plugger usked him how
ho  liked  New  York.
"No place (or a  man."
Tin- quick worker could not explain why he had not fitted in over
thoro except on the ground of the
Ni-w Yorkers' dull appreciation of a
good   thing.
"1 am Roing tn New York soon,"
said the plug, The two men parted
soon after. The ijnjc-k man drifted
uv.ay, and the slow worker went to
(lolhaiii. He got a jiluce in New
Vork, und whenever he did a sketch
h.- did Ins best. He gradually got a
reputation. Instead of chasing work,
work chased him. lie refused many
orders because fie had not time to
givo  them  his  lust.
Ile i-alled in une day this week
and snook us by the hand. lie is
now on his wuy from civilization,
awuy in the not thlnnil, with two Indian guides, and he will take by the
magic of his pencil wild life for a
•hook nnd magazine, Kor this he will
receive more money than some men.
would  make  in   a   decade.
The young man's natno is Arthur
Iteming, illustrotor nnd writer of
Wild life, once of Hamilton by tho
Mountain, and now ol New York.
He Is lie* chap who fussed about
the horse.
The quick sketch orlist is still
quick, bul  still unappreciated.
Kaglaad's ".t»»ie»l I. g  t»-'
Knglishineti, at hast the more progressive among them, nro finally
awakening tu tho absurdity of the
old law which establishes what ure
known us "ancient lights." Under
tins law windows Which have been
In existence for nineteen years or
mora ennnot be deprived of light by
tho construct ion of neighboring
buildings Without due compensation
having been made to the owner, in
olhet words, tin owner of land cannot erect a building which will shut
in any of the windows ol neighboring buildings, providing the luttcr
have been in existence ior nineteen
or more years, without making himself liable to extensive damages,
Moreover, the damaged owner can
prevent     the     erection   ol     any   such
building which will i.ike away his
light if hu wishes lo do so. Tho
light, by VirtUo of tho tune be h.i*
enjoyed it, bus become n part of his
properly.      Efforts    are  now   being
unit la-     to      have     this   relic      of   p:isl
ages repealed. It Is Uiis more than
anything olsq thai has prevented the
electiou of high buildings lu London.
?ffi.inJ1,pOwej|| open with one of
.1LTi_____*_be«lm«t J"'* ono.
Brush & {Jo.,
Ills  I enl  11 ■...-.-1.
Father (who has gopo into the
pantry unexpectedly n'nd finds Wil"
1 in in. aged  ten,    stealing biscuits)—
N'OW,   William.  WllUl   do .vou   mean by
this?      l»o you I now    that   'he law
punis'-es   people -for   small   olTenCcS.'
"V.ell, you stole once und did not
get punished,"
"Yes, father. You stole mother's
"liight, my son, but, remember, I
got severe pti'lif hliielil for thut. I
gol il lifu son l.e 11 CO uml um u-t it
And    He   Tells    What    Dodd's
Kidney Pills do For Him.
Ile Knows Others Too Who Have Been
Troublod With Kidney Complaint,
have Used Dodd's Kidney Pills and
Aro Wall Peoplo To-day.
Hinlell, Ont., March 7th—(Special.)
-l'ostmaster Ueiwy Bird of this place
is one of those grand old men
who curried llritain's Uag lo victory
over tho walls of Sebastopol. lie
tells many interesting tales of thoso
terrible days, und also how ho escapes
tbo pains and aches brought on by KO
many days umd nights of hardships
and exposure.
•"I huve been troubled for years,"
ho suys, "with Kidney Trouble,
brought, on by lying in tho trenches
In front of Sohastopnl, where thousands i f my brothers in arms lost
their lives. But overy time I feel my
trouble coining on I uso Hodd's Kidney l'ills. 1 bavo found tliem do me
good eueh anil every time.
"I never look moro thnn ona or
Iwo boxes at a time, and so never
gave tin.in a chance to tnnl.o a complete cure In my case. Hut when I
feel my trouble coming back 1 shall
surely use Hodd's Kidney l'ills ngnln,
for I know Hodd's Kidney l'ills can
do even mors thun is cliviniod for
tliein. I know some of my noighbors
who huve used them for the samo
troublo us myself and who are well
poople to-day."
'I!| • : --I-lpod nf Bcrvice for the Hus-
siiin soldier Is liiie. n years—four In
lhe ranks, two years on furlough,
liable lo recall al, any moment, anil
nine years iu the reserves, which can
only le railed out In case of war or
national danger.
Tho Pall o? Rhoumatic Pains.
■When it sufferer (mils permanent lcltef in
-.Hell ft meritorious medietas us South
Viiii-iinin KIiouojuUc (Jure, how ulud ho
.* to t.-ll  It,     l'.  W.  Mnyiu-w, of ThniiieS-
t'le, (tnt . couldn't milk or feed himself
.w month-—four .veins hko three bottles
f this ureiit remedy cuiol hiin—not a
'ion  since—isn't   thnt   encouragement   for
■ eiiiniilic   sulli-iers ?—82
In the public schools of Jap-in the
l'.nglish language is require by law
io be taught. The Japanese youths
in the open ports and commercial
cities are all eager to learn BngHsb,
as a passport to wealth, position nnd
em ploy men I.
What makes you Despondent.?
—Hus the stomach cone wrong? Have
the nerve centres crown tire.i und listless? Aro ynu threatened with nervous
prostration? .South American Kervine
nature's corrector, mnkes the sti,much
right, gives S world of nerve fore, keeps
tin* circulation pt-rfict. A regular eon*
stltutlon : a.ii!, r lor rundown people.
one lady suys: "1 owe my lifu to
Must of the Japanese houses are ol
one general shape and two st trips In
height, 'liny bro put together bv a
curious method ol mortising, at
which these peoplo nre adepts, not
one nail i-.ing used throughout tli.-
construction ol the whole building.
Heart Disease R( Sieved in 30
Minutes.- I)r-    Agntrn't     Curo.   for  tl.o
Hesrt gives perfect rebel in all caeca of
Organic or Sympathetic Henrt 1).sense in
•'In minutes, anil speedily rlli-cts a cure.
It Is a peerless remedy lor Palpitation,
Shortness of lirenth. Smothering Spills.
l'ain in L*ft Side, and nil symptoms of a
Diseased Heart.    One dose convinces.-S3
Tbe Einperor of Japan Is an athlete in bis way. He has In trod teed
football into the Land of the Chrysanthemum, und amuses himself I;-
playing an amateur game in his private grounds witb some otitis ft iet lis
most   ul"  whom  are not  so  I.Mil ol   it
A 11 vi:.— To purge is the only eiTect ..f
many pills now on the market. I'jrme-
ices Vegetable Pills are more thau a
purgative. They Btrongthon the Btomuch,
whero other pills weaken it. They
cleanse the blood by regulating tho liver
and kidneys, and they stimulate wbere
iithei-   pill   compounds   depress.      Nothing
of au Injurious nature, used for merely
purgative powers, enters into their com-
po-.it Ions.
Free institutions can bo properly
worked out only be men, em U of
whom is jealous cf his own r.glits
and also sympathetically jealous ol"
tlio rights of others—who will netlhei'
himself aggress on his neighbor in
small things or great nor tolerate
aggression on Ihein by others.
A TON 10 lint THIS Iil-'.IIIUI.A'IT.I- -
I'niii.eii.-1 Vegetable Pills by actini
mildly but thoroughly on ths scnti.Mi
nf the hody ure a valuable tonic, ellmu
iniitig tiie lagging iiriiniiH io bealihfu
luiiiiii mui restoring them to full vigor
Ihey can be taken in ^rnibi.i'.il dosel
nn.l sn used thul tliey can ee tllscontln
iii-iI nt nnv time without rotUM of th(
ailments   which   Ihey  wero  used   lu   .1
No iv ie cnll be perfect lv fre' till all
are free: no one can iv por'OCtl.V
moral till all are moral: no ono can
be perfectly happy till all nre hippy
A i b-ver theft, was praiseworthy
nmong the Spartans, and it is equally so mining Christians, provided the
tliefl   be  on  a sufficiently  large scale.
The naylrrg that beauty Is but skin
deep is a  skin deep saving.
I'*.arca*i.   '■ lit   N,,l   . iliMnul.
"Do you see lhat man over there?"
asked tbo detective, with an uir of
"Ves," said the citizen eagerly, "I
nee him.    Whttl   of luni?"
"'II.nt man." snid the doted ivo
alow;,,—"tbnt   mun   ia  a   professional
' Imk.iI gracious!" exrliiimetl the
rltlr.eii in surprise, "Who would
over have thought it? Why don't
you nrrcst him, then?"
"<.i,,'t." said thu detectlvo wourl*
ly It isn't agaliml tha luw to
make horseshoes, is it?"
Command is n blight  to Iho cnre
lions.     Whatsoever of beauty—what*
'soever of poetry—there Is in tde passion that mites the sexes withers to
nnd   dies   in   the  cold   atmo .phon'    of
nui Iiorlty.
flrspotlsm in lhe stale is associated
wiih despotism In the family.
Do but gain a bov's trust: convince
bin by your l.ehtvior that cm bave
Ills happiness al heart; let him discover thai, you nre the wber of the
two, let him experience the benefit oi
following your advice an I th" evils
thnt. arise from disregarding it, nmi
fear nol thai you will readily enough
guide hlm.
Works of love ate words of life
GES Wear Bssi
It Is tbe fence that has stood the test of time—stands the  hea-rtast strain—never
tags—the standard the world over.   Order through our local agent or du-,., t. from us.
At bii*,-tkruiit»m;i the says tn mn
Thnt bread's the stuff of life, uml when
1 take a .lump of s't^ ir she
Just makes mo put It buck again.
I can't Ivive dOUgtinutS neither, 'cause
Pa suys 1 mustn't ent such truck;
I wish buys didn't hnve uo pits
Or mas lo watch them, blame the luckl
I'u tukes molass-SS on his cukes
And BUgur in Ills coffee, too;
Yaaii uught to hear the row lie makes
Wben I wnnt sweets!    1 never knew
Tin* lime when ho let doughnuts go
I'.teu use they might be rich, you bet!
I wish the doctor 'il flx It so
He'd only eat tho things I et.
Al .lln'ior when It comes to pie
i'i says i mustn't have a bito
Because 1 tnljcht get sick and die
Or have tie* nightmare In the night.
And then he lakes two pieces, 'euiise
lie gets the ono I ought of hud.
If boys would never have no pus
l guess they'd all be pretty giud.
When I grow up t» be ft mnn
I'm gun' lo be u doctor then,
Because I've thought about a plun
l-'in- hoys In evi il up With men.
I'll lix It s.i their pss cnn't eat
A (lung unless tlie boys can, too;
1 guess that then the things ihul'ssweet
Won't be so bud lo liike, don't you?
1! in ales my pa nn.l ma feel bail
To bu vi; me nst for sweets or pie;
You'd think ona Utile doughnut luni
[2nough bud sniff lu mnke tne die.
Bui If ihey couldn't eat ihem till
They'd not sot heavy on my chest
1 gia s.i they'd let me have my till
And Just keep hi pin' for Hiq best.
—Chlcngo rtecord-llcruld.
WonlU  Have   IVnllted Too.
Tliey tell ibis story iu the commissioner's oiiice (il Hilts Island:
Two Irish liuralgrnuta just orrivM
stood one morning on the government
landing watching u dredger tit work a
few yards awny, Presently u diver,
full rigged, crawled painfully from lhe
channel slime up a judder to the deck
of the dredge. One of the Irishmen,
very much surprised, turned to Iiis companion and snld!
"Look nt that mon! T.ook tit hlm!
Begorrn, If I'd Known the way over I"d
walked too!"
A   Mri-   Llarlll   lliislnets.
"Oli. yes. I've opened un office." said
the young lawyer. "You may remember tluit ymi saw roe buying nn alarm
clock tl.e other day."
"Yes." replied hi-* friend. "You have
to get up early llu-si^mornings. ehV"
"Oh, no. I use it to wake me up
when it'd timo to go homo."
Mental  power  Cannot
Ill-fed   brains.
got   ir. m
The    Western   Assurance Company   is   a   Flourishing
Financial Concern.
Of the many flourishing financial
concerns which have their headquarters in Toronto, few can point to a
more gratifying record than that disclosed nt the annual mooting of the
Western Assurance Company, a full
report of which appeared in tho columns of tho Mail and Empire on Sat-
urday, Feb, 90, The financial statement showed tho company to be
steadily forgtyg ahead, an appreciable
advance In business being evidtnt.
The income for the year was $.**,.678,-
3i<l7*45. and the expenditures were J3,-
57M74-85, leaving a profit of f.^o.s,-
SI12.60, or upwards of 15 per cent, on
tho company's capital stock. There
was au increase of $131,670.28 in premium earnings nnd of Jio,681.71 in Interest earnings, while there was a do-
c 1 ease of S3.273.38 In losses incurred.
With assets of $3,546,357.25 and a reserve fund of $1,289,850, tho company's financial position is ns secure
and   firmly   established   as    Wise    aad
eltieiout management can mako it.
An interesting portion of President
11 conge A. Cox's address was that ln
ivli|ch he referred to the company's
interest in* tlie great fire at Baltimore. Having maintained an agency
there for 30 years, it would be unreasonable to hope to escape without
some considerable loss. The com-
lamy's share of the insurance due had
!.1 .'ii estimated st $350.01x1, which was
about e<|ii.il to the company's income
for om- month. The probable ad-
vnncomeilt of rates in other cities on
similar properties to those destroyed
will largely offset this loss.—Mall and
Kiupire, Toronto.
I very .Japanese barrack has a pyin-
nasium^and the Japanese soldiers
•uiik among tho best gymnast's in the
...H I.I. ln half a minute they can
tenia a fourteen-foot wall bv limply
bounding on each others' shoulders,
one matt supporting two or throe
We bear n groat deal about "tlle
vile body," and mnny are Onoowragod
hj tho phrase to transgress thc laws
of health. lint nature qulot'y su|>-
presses those who treat tlisrespect-
fttlly 0110 of her hiuhe-t products, and
leaves the world to be peopled by tho
descendants of those who are not so
There nm very few cleansing operations in which Sunlight
Soap cannot be used to advant-
age. lt makes the home bright
and clean. jn
W albrrvllU, Oni.     Uantreal. Que.     11. John. U.K.     Tl Innlprg, «UI
A Perfect FLOUR For
Sold— in original packages
only— by all dealers.
OGILVIE'S- Millers to D. R. If. The Prince of Wales.
Ara   Vou    Bulletins T       if   t»o,   utt-B
Tho Boat  Building t~,s*.—.aitr Made.
It U vary much itronecr and thicker than nn** other (turret or bitM-
Inx) pnper. It l» Impervious to wind, keep* out rold. keeps In hent, car-
rtoia no imell or odor, nhiorlif no laolNture, Impart* no taut* or flavor to
anything with which It comes In contact. It Is largely used not only for
• heeling houses, but for lining cold storage tiuililingn, refrigerators, ilutr
lss, crsnmerlss, and nil places wher* Lhe object Is to keep an avea auil
vullorin  temperature,   and  at  th*  sum* tlm* avoiding dampness.
Writ* our Agent*, TEES * PERSSE, Winnipeg, for aamplao.
The E. B. EDDY CO., Limited, HULL.
Do You Want
SOME n-E   10  MAMilk   rO"R IHIPMlllTl {•»
rn 00N1IDN vr.Dii ..:hAiN rj A REHA8U fir*     /
momi-i niaviji  Aim DAK11 111  ITriNTIM *
If so, th* undersigned whim* ymir busluesia and will e,.ile..v,,r lo give •atlstaottOB*
Cusb adeanoed on consignments.     Rafeienc*:   Iniou liai.k »f Chuh ia.
Th* oldest established  Drain Commission
Merchant in Winnipeg.
•rain  Eaehanga,   Winnipeg.
llo»» the  tri*K<-a*nl   1 Ily   la  TrolFcled
Fratni  Flood.
One of the most I'cuiiii'knblo and in-
tereitlog clinptOTS in iho book of Iho
world's luroiiHilisliiiirnts in civil cn-
glneeriog is the history of the levees
thnt protoct the rlty of New Orleans
from i-iK-roaclinii-iits of the Mississippi
rivet'. Ordinarily tiie level of tlie Mississippi at New Orleans Is that of the
gulf of Mexico, lometbing over 110
miles to the south, but nt high water it
rises about twenty feet. The water
elevation of Lake Ponttliartraln, behind the city. Is normally ulso about
that of the gulf, with which It connects, but 11 high wind tide raises it
something like three and a half feet.
New Orleans' front levees ure therefore
built to withstand a wall of water
twenty feet high, with three feet added as nn extra precaution, while those
guarding the eity tit Its back nre made
to resist 11 three ntul a half foot tide,
with three feet additional.
The river levees are of two classes,
those In Ilie outlying districts being
simply mounds of earth to protect the
city from Inundation and those within
tlie city proper built not only us safeguards, but to give heavy drays and
trucks easy access to the shipping, a
sobd and continuous embankment,
paved, covered with railway tracks
and skirted with wharfs. Right where
one would naturally expect to find the
highest levees, however, nre the lowest,
for iu the business section height has
been sacrificed to commercial necessity.
Even If the levees were to break no
such disaster would result ns is usually conjured up In the minds of those
unfamiliar with lhe conditions, for under the worst conditions such n breach
would soon reach a limit of width, and
If nothing were done to relieve the
difficulty the basin between the levee
and Lake I'oiitchnrtniin is so large that
the water would spread over the
ground In a thin Ittyi r, rising gradually nntil it overflowed the top of the
low bp.nks of roiifcliartrain. As a
matter of fact, however, if n break
should occur in lhe river levee the
lake levees would be cut ln numerous
places, affording free channels for the
escape of the wnter greatly exceeding
In nrca the inlet through the breach.
It will in-come n matter of wonder
thai there should ever h,\ve existed
those who thought it admirable to
enjoy without working, at t.ho ex-
pi-nst' of others who worked without
enjoying. m
Two-thirds of the avorag-e ptuitor's
time is Bpcnt in "coddling ' the
saints instead of going nfter th,* sinners.
When  tho little folks tako colds
and coughs, don't neglect them
and  let  them  strain tho  tender
membranes of their lungs,
Give them
The Lung
It will cure them quickly and
strengthen their lungs.
It is pleasant to take,
Prlccf.,  25c, SOc, and $1.00.   SM
LAKKii, tho famous Nile Bxploreri—
"Newton Abbot. Devon. Hear sirs—I have
delnycd mv thanks ns I wish-nil to test tlio
effect of liluir's l'ills by u sullii-iout interval
of time
"For ten years I hnd snlTi-red acutely from
Gout ami lifo had lust its nttnetion owinif lo
; tbe 1111 oriaimy of lioanh and Iho sn.lirii
1 viiibitioDi of tlm iiioiny whloh prostrated ms
j for months, or weeks,ucoordiut*tothe viiulonce
1 of tbe attacks
'Blair's   Pills    have   rendered me immense
j service, as I uo louk't-r fear 101 attack of liout.
"Kor  tho   last  twenty   months I havo been
; coniiarativoly   freo,   us one or tn-oull* uipled
1 Tisiiat ons  have  boen Immedlatelj   stumped
out by - he assistance of Blair's Pills,
"Truly yours, (Signed) ttAKL. W. liAKKH."
LTIll., SI»S t, Co., Toroi.li> and llunlrral.
I. vv. Dlttsiiai.r., Ra»M**. ***»"*
A Pill in Time
will save a serious sickness, especially
to people subject to 1'ilioits attacks,
Sick Headaches or who suffer from
Stomach disorders. A pill in need is a
friend indeed, and you should never
be without a box of
A  Peaceful  School. .
Miss Sarah Scott, teacher of the
country school in Franklin township,
O., hns a model school, and she is free
from the cares nnd trials of the ordinary teacher. She Is toucher, school
and all. She walks two miles each
morning, rings tho school bell at the
regular time of convening, observes recess and noon lunch hour and dismisses school at 4 o'clock. But she has
not a single pupil. When she was np-
polnted Inst Auguct It wns expected
that some children In the district would
be sent to school. However, all the
young folk were qualified for the district high 6OI100I, and so Miss Scott
has none to tench. Being under eon-
tract, the directors told her to observe
tlio regular school rules, and tbis she
does. Regularly each dny she rends
from tho Urst primer nnd does ti problem or two from the arithmetic. When
this Is finished sac bus time for sewing
■nd reading.-Toledo News Bee.
I Sold Everywhere.     In boxes 25 cent*.
ikr fl,. ...-I... aaamll .,,,1. la ■
1MB, WI Ibns MaMMis, l. S 1.
ad  lol— 1,11,... V. *.-
Empty  vessels  never  know ptioiifi h
to lie silent.
A hypolhel leal religion is upl In 1 c
hj pocrltlcul,
'lh,.    Uospi-1   of nnothor  lifu ;•..-■•
new life to this olio.
Kindness Is n language that even the
dumb brute enn understand: like silence It is golden und touches the heart
ot every  nnimate thing iu creutlou.—
Maxwell'-! Talisman..   .        >. ....
Sinners hlatiie the luw for the fruits
nf III ir  lusts,
A  WIDE si-ilKUK OF  l.RI "' I **•!"■■'•••
—'rhe i-aiissun.ption ni iir   riioiuiiM  1   ••-
tile Oil  bus prown  lo groal   , >   1  ■ ' •
N'olwilbstniiiliiiL-     llu-    flirt     lh.i.l    ll    Ib'S
I'liM-   been   oil    lhe   lliurkl tii'1'     .''
i.v-i'm-   Vfiir*..   its   prospcrl.lv   l«   its   -'
I ns   i'ut   1111.1    1 lie   llnniiiu I    f   1    il     11   ll   I
..■:; .a!   hliH   VlMV   |ffOn11 v    Im-io   ""1       l<  '*
■■ beneflelnl   in   ell   COiin'J-ics,   immI   "» I   -' '
I Inlrnilt-enl   frwsh   supplies   urn  ronsl   till
i al led   for,    '
\Vc an*  nil   llnblc  to  be  ti Ipp-il  ' "
l,V  our   ll-iliml hs.
|,,     (: i;.l  .   i- r-nii   f   •'  Ihr' V" '-"'
interpSIs of tho few, li f us nol forirei
Iho iir!.is ol the many.
\R/    t'-J     a—    ^ia    **■ "* * TTl-T, DRILL, SLOCAN, B. C, MAltCH IS, 1»*>1.
-C. £. SMrriiKiuXttAi.E, Editor and Prop.
is rimntiii) evkky rainAV at
SLOCAN,      •      •       •       -      B. C*
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the first insertion and 5 cents s line each
.subsequent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements tit same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
-Ier each insertion.
Commercial Ratss raaije known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year ii not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, MARCH 18th, 1904.
kuitokiai.  <; norm nun.
It takes a miner to run a mine and
a newspaper man to run a-newspaper.-
There be many who think otherwise,
nnd numerous are the financial wrecks
to prove thnt thoy do.
After months of delay and manoeuvre, the Grand Trunk Railway Co.lnst
woek deposited with the Dominion
government $5,000,000 cash, a. h ffuar-i
-antee for the construction of the
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. The
.   ^Liberals are all smiling.
Conservatives made a killing in
•Queliec last Thursday, when four bye*
elections were held for the legislature.
Ia Berthier, Lafontaine, Liberal, received 200 majority; Portneuf, Naud,
Conservative, had 24 majority; Shef-
ford, Mathieu. Liberal, 400 majority;
Maskiuonge, Lafontaine.Conservative,
200 majority. In the general elections
in 1900 the Liberals held all four seats
by acclamation. Public opinion is
•changing in the east.
With the coming of spring the signs
of returning life and vigor in Sloean
mining circles arc each week multiplying. Locally two incidents have
occurred during the. week to brighten
-the situation, being the striking of the
ore body on the Bank of England and
the commencement of preliminary
work at the Chapleau. Each is important iu itself and are quite sufficient to put some spirit into things.
The dark days are passing away*
Something should be doing shortly
in the Slocan. The American smelting trust is willing again to purchase
Canadian lead ores, European smelters desire to purchase a large tonnage
of low grade ores, and the local smelters ask for 40,000 tons. Belgian and
Kansas buyers are after the zinc ores,
and reduction works are to be erected
in East Kooteuay to handle the same
mineral. The government is paying
a bounty on lead ores and the local
smelters are reducing their treatment
charges to $15* If there is any other
obstacle in the way of progress to be
removed, let's hear of it.
The C.P.R. has made another sharp
turn and has rescinded its arbitrary
order demanding the prepayment of
freight charges on Slocan ziuc ores
consigned to Belgium. That Railway
Commission Act must have jarred
them a little. However, the railway
people always have some scheme or
other on tap to Aim flam the mine-
jDwner. Hitherto the compaiiy.through
their smelting works at Trail, has always penalized ores carrying 10 per
' ceut of zinc or upwards. Now they
purpose to do away with that penalty
and substitute therefor a new ruling,
charging 25 cents for each unit of zinc
contained. The company thus stands
to gain $2.50 as a starter when* before
it got nothing. Thou shalt not covet
the bounty.
The big fish in the B.C. load pond
are eating up the small  fry, as wus
anticipated would be the case.   Not
satisfied with  the terms of the very
liberal bounty provided by the Dominion government, the larger mine-
owners seek to widen the scope of tho
law by making it apply to lead ores
shipped out of the country for treatment.   The St. Eugene people have
succeeded in hoodwinking the smaller
owners into endorsing the proposition.
Such an idea is contrary to the spirit
and intent of the bounty act, and it is
to be hoped it will not prevail.   The
bounty   was   intended  to foster the
mining industry iu all its brunches in
Canada, from the raw material tothe
finished product, and all should be
enjoyed to the full in the country.   It
;s the many who are contributing to
that bounty, and it is the many who
should, directly and indirectly, profit
thereby,   If  there  are  not  enough
smelters in Canada, let more be built.
Capital will quickly meet the demand
if there is a paying investment assured. No oue will object to the bounty
beiug made permanent, but there is
room for a kick when Canadian-provided advantages are slumped away
to benefit outsiders. Charity begins
nt home. At the same time, should
the local smelters connive at nny cinch
game iu treatment charges, let the
government take the matter in hand,
and either pass restrictive legislation
or go into the smelting business themselves.
Subscribe for Thh Drill.
Pay up your subscription.
A license has been granted the hotel
at Rosebery.
Skating and hockey playing are over
till next season.
Timber Inspector Martin was here
during the week.
Sandon has to rebuild a large por
tion of its* creek flume.
Slocan is still without its police and
license commissioners.
Bom.—In Sandon, on March 11, Ihe
wifo of Dr. (loiiini, of a daughter.
Last week the Kaslo railway was
blocked for fivo days with snowslides
Lumber is being reduced in price
owing to tho railway lowering their
Express money orders are payable
everywhere. They are cheapest and
Mrs. A. B. Barber and children will
remove to Ladner at the end of the
Yesterday was St. Patrick's day. He
invented green and was a driver of
Joe Hamelin left on Wednesday for
Ymir, where he has secured a job ou
the Ymir mine.
Crow's Nest coal miners aro contemplating opening a co-operaiive
store at Fernie.
The trout season opens on March
26. No fish smaller than six inches
may be caught.
Slocan sent a party up to Silverton
yesterday, to take in the St. Patrick's
concert and dance.
Rossland intermediates defeated
Nelsou at hockey, at Rossland, Monday evening, 2 goals to 0.
Worden Bros, secured another team
of heavy horses on Saturday, getting
them down from Silverton.
Miss Louise Kirkwood, who has
been spending the past year here, left
Tuesday morning for Sati Francisco.
About May 1 the Harbor Lumber
Co. will place a new steamer on the
run between Coinaplix, Beaton and
Thirteen tons of ore from the Kin-
korn, one of the Moilie Hughes group.
New Denver, passed through here
this week.
R. C* Campbell-Johnston, wife and
daughter left here Saturday for Vancouver. Eventually they will reside
in Kamloops.
J. B. Winlaw has secured a contract
to supply the city of Sandon with
50,000 feet of plank for flume purposes,
at $12.95 laid down.
As the necessary quorum did not
turn up last Thursday night, the au*
nual meeting of the Kifle Association
was postponed a week.
The Great Northern railway has decided upon au active competition for
Slocan ores, particularly zinc. Rates
mav be expected to drop.
There is great show for a flood this
year.owing to the great depth of snow
in the hills. There is 12 feet of thn
beautiful at the Biack Prince.
E. Mills, Greenwood, lias lieen
elected president of the district association of the W. F. of M.; F. Phillips,
Nelson, vice; aud A. Shilland, Sandon,
The annual masquerade ball of the
Slocan Brass Band will lie given in
the Music Hall on Monday, April 4.
Admission, including refreshments,
$1.60 per couple.
Miss Webb liegs to announce to the
to the Indies of Slocnn and vicinity
that she will have her public opening
of spring millinery on Saturday, March
19. All the latest designs in trimmed
hats, readv-to-weara, trimmings and
novelties in stock. Prices reasonable,
Parlors: over D. Arnot's store.
I.o.-iil I.real Onsen nt .Vrlaim.
A couplo of legal cases from here
came liefore Judge Forin in chambers
at Nelson, Monday. R. M. Maedonald
made npplicatiom to appoint an administrator for the estate of the late
Joseph Doiron. It was adjourned for
a week to allow of tho completion of
the papers in the case.
An order was made consolidating
the actions of Almas, Brown, Allen
and Arnot against Provost. An issue
was directed with T. McNebh & Co.,
as claimants, as plaintiffs in the issue,
n direction being made to enter the
issue for trial at the next county court
sittings on April 11.
the Socialist party platform and the
support of Socialist candidates wher-
over nominated, nud that the delegates
of this convention do hereby pledge
ourselves to use our influence with our
local unions in support of the Socialist candidates during the ensuing
Dominion elections, provided always
that the said candidate be si member
of organized lalior, or at least a bona
fide working man."
I)»aatla Ol Mn, A.l.o.k.
0 It is no exaggeration to say that a
most painful shock was given the citizens yesterday morning by the news
of the death of Mrs. W. J. Adcock,
which occurred about 9.30 o'clock.
Deceased had returned only a few
days ago from a trip to England. On
Saturday sho was admitted to the hospital, suffering from an attack of
pleurisy and pneumonia, having contracted a cold on the way out. No
idea was held that she was in such a
serious condition, death ensuing very
quickly. A telegram was at onco sent
to hor husband at Blnirmoitytpprising
him of the sad event. Mrs. Adcock,
who was a musician of more than or
dinary ability, had resided here since
tho earliest days, and was widely
known, being beloved by everyone.
She had indeed been a friend iu need
to many an one in suffering and distress, and her demise is mourned as
that of a God-fearing and generous-
hearted lady of the liest English type.
The deepest sympathies of a Shocked
community are extended to her grief-
stricken husband.
ri,-.lB,-,l l.> Sa>, l,,ll„m.
At the district convention of the W.
F. of M,, held in Nelson last week,the
following   resolution    wns   adopted:
"Resolved, that this convention) district No. 0, W, P, of M., recommend
Get on the List.
Those desirous of getting their
names ou the voters' list of the Slocan
ridiug should not overlook the present
opportunities thoy have up to March
28 wherein to send in their names to
Collector Chrjstie, at this place. Ac- j
cording to the law two courts of revision are held yearly, on the first Mon
day in May and November. Applications to go ou the list at these times
may lie received up to the last Monday in March and September. Those
getting on the list by the May revision
will no doubt lie able to participate in
the next Dominion election.
are promised. The bovs are sparing
no pnins to make the affair equally as
successful ns past efforts.
Silvio- Ouotiilloioi.
Following are tho quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Thursday  578 cents
Friday  67$    "
Saturday  57     "
Monday  u7
Tuesday  *»i    "
Wednesday  563    "
Will ll..««tll Uowlnnd Mines.
The Dominion government has
passed an order that will lie of particular lienefit to tho Rossland camp,
where several of the mines aro installing the Elmore oil process. Petroleum oil, where it is to be used for the
concentration of ores, has been placed
on the free list. Mineowners nre
*>leased with the concession.
Residential Site..
FOR SALE: Lots 1 and 2, in
Block 22 (contraily located
on corner uii thc wide street)
Slocan. «
Owner will accept liO per cent
less than official Assessor's
valuation for early s.ilo. Apply at  -
8 Advertise your$
1 Business
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
to all persistent and liberal advertisers: it is rend
by everyone,
It guarantees
Annuiil MimtiiK.rii.lr Bnll.
It is the intention of the band boys
to hold their animal masquerade ball
on the 4th of April next, in the Music
Hall. Visitors are expected from Ten
Mile, Silverton and New Denver. It
is the dress affair of the season and
some startling and  prettv costumes
SPECIAL Representative in this anil
adjoining territories, to represenl
Slid advertise nn old established
business house of solid financial stand.
ing. Salary $21 weekly, with Expense"
advanced each Monday by check direc|
from headquarters. Expenses advanced;
position permanent, VVe furnish overy.
thing. Address—The Columbia, i'.'!0
Monou Dldg., Chicago, HI. 4 3
: h
ft At All  Time.
il kkkkkkskkk:kkkkkkkkkkk u
Subscribe for IA
local paper:
v.    y   N ' ill
siocan, b. c.       I Kj THE DRILL,   $2  per year gj
1   Bakery ..   j
A - -—***^^ _f
| J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor I
I Fresh Fruits of Every |
1 Kind Arriving   Daily.
A full utock of the best
lines of cigars and tobaccos always kept on ha nil.
I I I.oiivnaof Kramd for Sl .
I nil VVeifslit und Oiiullty
imti^^^i^i^<ies2^^m^tttd*i^v: tt
Court of Revision.
NOTICK is hereby eiven tint the Court <-f Revision for the Muniriiinlity of the City of
Slocnn for tin* hearing of all complaints against
tin- assessment, as made by the Assessor ot snid
Municipality, will be hphl in the City Hull. Sl.>-
cnn. on lhe UKtli day of March next, at tu rt'clock
ii.in. All complainants must give notice to tlie
City Clerk in writim: of the subject and grounds
,.f,-iimiilaini at least ten days before (lie said
Slocan, 18th Feb. 1901.
The Golden Crown
Mineral Claim. . .
Situated on the Arlington road. Heavily
timbered. Crown granted. MakecaHh
offer to—
322 Capable Street,
Vancouver, B. C
H. D. Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
Flower Seeds
Garden Seeds
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds in Packages
Seeds in Bulk
New Residence for Sale
rm-mm-s-m-mm ♦-»-*>•*» ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦■>•».»,♦ a
Kl.l-'.l.Tllll ITY.
The Queen's
ft, 0. OLABKE, riioi-KiEToit
Firit-clttn Dining Room
Large and Comfortable Bedroom a
Sample rooms for Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C.
♦•♦-e ♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦>♦♦-♦ * ****** e, i c *
for $18.25.
Why bo without a ranes when
you can get one so cheap ? Thej
are preferrable to stoves snd jive
better satisfaction. These ang-eR
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
H. J.
One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud plastered, an.I is the best finished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOR ANYONE.       For terms
Apply at Drill Office
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE,M.D.
Gwilli: »i & Jolinson,
It. C
.mm-*-** ***■•
Certificate if Iimi.
Seme and Onrllialill  Mineral Olttlmi,
Situate in the Slocnn City Minim.' Divi-
flion of Weit Kootenny Dietriot.
Where located:—At head of Ten
Mile creek, on the north Bide.
TAKF, NOTICE tlmtl.W D.McQreeor,
acting ns agent (or Joe Traflcanti, K.M.
0. No. I'lino-iH; Prank Romano, P.M.
C. No. B6C042; and J. M. McGregor.
fre" miner'.*! certificate No. B60003, intend, BUty days from tlio date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Uecorder or cer-
tlflcateiof Improvement!,for thepurpoie
of obtaining Crown (irants of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must bo commenced
before the inmi»nce of sucli certificates of
Ditedthli 20th dav of January, ion4.
22-1-04     '  * W. I), McGREGOR
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, Mall
and wardrobe. For
other particulars write
<.« • 41 ee»e<*»♦ ♦ t >*»♦.«♦*»»♦♦♦*
Notice to delinquent Co-owners
To Robt. Lake and M. L. (Iriuimett, or
to any person or perions to whom thoy
mav have transferred tl tir several in-
tcrestf, in whole or in part,in lhe Bonnie Doon .mineral churn, situated on
the south sidoof Springer creek in tho
Slocan City mining division of West
Knot- nay district:
You are hereby notified that, I have
expended the sum of two hundred arid
five dollars in labor and general improvements upon the above mentioned
claim, in order to hold said mineral
claim under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within !I0 days from the
date of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interests in said claim
will become the property of the subscriber, tinder section four of an net entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1000."
Dated lliis 1st day of February. 1004.
6-2-04 tip). MCLEAN
DATES) Honilar sntoerlber.o.$1 W n*™1;]
1\ OrllO a yenr: non-mibKrlbor >irln-i*««
medical att«id*noe)|2perdny, I'ri-™******"
Si iapril.il e*ira. Specialfocilitits fortune*
ity case*.
For furtlur particular" sppll U>,
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
This Snap
THE DRILL hns ovtAaM
arrangement with the .Toronto Mail-Empire, »
that ita weekly edition may •*
dubliod with the former.
Now subscribers, therefore!
mny obtain the Weekly Mau-
Bmplre—aelmowledged to w
'one of the host pap<*is in tn"
Dominion- andfflooansleaa;
inK journal, Tub Diiiu*. Wg»
now till Jan. 1,190B, for tw
sum of 12.60. With thw exceptional offer will be given asi
premium, a benutifu! iirto*
mature, entitled ■■The ^j0'
foria Cross." The picture depicts a m-eni- in the lato Host
wur, tUne in ten colors, ana
well worth framing. ^•»'1"'
your orders at oace to
The Drill, Slocafl>


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