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The Slocan Drill 1901-11-15

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VOL. H., No. 33.
SLOCAN,   B.   0.,   NOVEMBER   15,   1901.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
The Winter is at Hand
It promises to be a severe one. In order
to be comfortable, you will want a COAL
STOVE. We can supply you with any
Variety, Size or Style; and will guarantee
Satisfaction. We have trimmings, too.
Prices are reasonable.
Hardware Merchants.
J. D. KING -CO.'S BOOTS have just arrived in fall styles.
They are the very best made nnd turned out by Union labor.
See them and you will buy them.
C.B.RUTAN& CO.'S HATS are also Union made a id are
the best obtainable and you can buy them from us.
If you are looking for a Union-made article,
remember the one store to get it is at
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKlnnev, B. C.
A. TORE & CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.    It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
GETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
SHIM id Personal Management of M Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.	
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Anyone wanting a (food suit of tailor-made clothes, or
an overcoat, made by Union Labor, can leave their
order at my sample room for goods manufactured by
D. G. DOUGLAS A CO., Toronto.
The Union Label is on Every Garment.
I have on hand snaps in unclaimed customs (jowls;
also cheap rcadv-mado suits, (rood Macklnaws nud
rain coati. Agent lor the STANDARD GRAND
FAMILY SEWING MACIIINFS, two-ln-onc system,
lock and chain stitch rotary. iw-ii •*>
Main Street, Sloean. JOHN BULL
'Sidewalk Committee Make, a Report—
Sire Bucket Question Auilcubly Adjusted—Mayor Want* to See Fire Protection.
City Council met in regular session
Monday evening, those present being
Mayor York, Aid. Smith, Worden
and Nichol.
The sidewalk committee reported,
"We received tenders for lumber at
the following prices delivered—Hill
Bros., $12 per thousand; Wm. Koch,
$12 per thousand; McCallum ACo.,
$12 per thousand. Your committee
decided to purchase the required
lumber from McCallum & Co. Committee will report further at the completion of the work." Report accepted and ordered fyled.
On the matter of the Brandon wa
terworks extension,a letter was read
from the interested parties seeking
the water. The finance committee
attached a report, recommending the
{"ranting of the privilege asked for,
of opening Ward street to Slocan
street, for the extension of the water
The mayor urged that proper
writings be drawn up between the
city and the parties seeking the water, so that the corporation would not
be a loser when a proper and cfti
cient system was put in by the city.
Aid."Worden explained Aid, Brad-
shaw's position in the matter, -the
latter understanding the mayor to
have stated that thc original owners
of the system should relinquish their
privileges and pipes when the city
installed waterworks.
The mayor, however,said that was
not his thought at all, ns the citv
could have ho claim upon anything
done before the place was incorporated.
It was finally left to the clerk ts>
have an agreement drawn up between the city and the parties interested, the latter to relinquish their
rights to the city when a civic system
was installed.
Aid. Smith and Worden then moved that the privilege asked for of
opening the streets be granted, upon
the interested parties signing the
agreement referred to.   Carried.
Accounts presented at last meeting
were recommended tot payment hy
the finance committee,   Bills ordered
Slid, on motion of Aid. Smith and
New bills presented: McCallum &
Co., euppl.es, $12.50; J.M. McGregor,
establishing grade for Main strcet,$5.
Referred to finance committee.
T. D. Woodcock si Co.'s bill for
pails for the fire hall again came up.
The mayor explained that the firm
would take back the pails complained of and would replace them with
proper utensils. Bill also referred to
the finance committee.
The mayor threw out the suggestion of having some sort of fire }>ro-
tection for the city, in addition to a
pail brigade. He would leave it to
the council to think about, urging
them to devise some scheme suitable
to the needs of the city and as economical as possible. The matter
should be attended to without delay.
Aid. Worden came hack to his old
theme of the cemcterv, hut the mayor
said Prank Pletcher had hot yet put
in an appearance from Nelson, and
nothing could be done about the site
till he came.
Council adjourned.
is being centred on tho lower drift,
which is to be pushed through the
hill, coining out above the Rambler.
,The force on the latter, as well as at
thc Washington, is being increased;
and when Neil came down last week
he met a force of men going in to open
up the old Dardanelles mine again.
Rifle Club Hud Great Sport on the King'.
Another successful shooting match
was held by the Rifle Club on the
King's birthday and excellent sport
provided. The attendance was large
and the interest keen, particularly
in thc team match. Despite the poor
lightonthe range the scores were
good, averaging higher than at the
previous match. The figures were:
King's Competition—Grand aggregate at 200, 500, and COO yards:
Geo. Nichol, trophy, of
a British ensign, 81
J.Wafer,souvenir8poon 70
Same competition at 200 yards:
J. Wafer                           2 27
R. MeFarlane                    150 25
T. Lake                               1 24
G. Nichol                          1 24
Same competition at 500 yards:
G. Nichol                          2 31
J. Wafer                             1.50 28
T. Lake                              1 25
W. S. Johnson                   1 23
Same competition at 600 yards:
G. Nichol                           2 2G
J. Bean                                1.50 24
D. McVannel                     1 22
James Rogers                    1 21
Team Match. 10 men on a s;de, Geo.
Nichol and J. Wafer being
captains; 500 yards:
Geo. Nichol 24
R. MeFarlane 25
W. S. Johnson 23
0. McVannel 22
T. Lake 19
•"'no. Clement 24
Sam Clement 14
L. Bentlev 15
J. McVicar 14
W. Hicks 14
J. Anderson- 11
Total,       ■ 2Q5
J. Wafer 10
J. Bean 25
K. Dick 22
II. Fife 32
J. Kogcrs 25
A. Bull 17
J. Law 21
A. S.vcezv 19
W. Davidson 15
T. McNeish 15
J. 1'iuchbeck 22
Total, 232
The losing team in the above competition is to donate two boxes of
fruit to thc hospital.
Msis*isiii»i programme.
Following is a programme of da
bales to take placo at the Socialist
League meetings: Nov. 19, "Is the
course of events in New Zealand advancing the cause of Socialism'';
Nov. 2(5, "Should the franchise be
immediately extended to women";
Dec. 3, "Should Socialists, as an organized hody, fuse with any other
party, politically, togain partial and
temporary reforms"; Dec.l0,"Wnuld
land nationalization, known as single
tax, effectively and permanently free
the proletariat from their present
condition of serfdom or wage slavery"
Dec. 17, "Can the trade and labor
unions accomplish that object, except
through the medium of tlie ballot and
by the introduction of Socialism";
Dee. 24, "Is eonipiilsory arbitration
just ? Does it fulfil its purpose?"
A I*rua|>rroiiK Si.pllsiss.
Neil (iethiiig says the district im-
mediately tributary to Mcl'uigan is
inn. prosperous condition, about 200
men being employed on the Rambler,
Bed Pox, Washington, Antoini* and
Surprise. At the Hod Fox, in which
Neil has an interest, enough ore is
being shipped to pay for the develop*
ment, the Wages paid being the old
$3.50 rate. They have shipped 120
tons of* ore to date.   The miiiu effort
Socialist I.s-mriis* Meeting.
Tuesday evening's meeting of thc
Socialist League was more interesting
than usual, though the attendance
was not quite as large. Arrangements have been made with the labor
unions of the riding to have representation at a convention to be called
for the selection of a provincial candidate. A letter from headquarters
was read, inviting tho league to a flit-
lata with the provincial Socialist
party. J. M. Cameron, the provincial organizer, will bo here in a few
days to give a lecture. A member of
the league is to also protest against
the exemption of local church lands
from taxation, as being contrary to
the statutes; and tlm secretary WM
authorized to send Socialist literature
to the surrounding mines, fallowing
this e.iiiie a half hour address by J.
Foley on Socialism; the evening's
entertainment winding up with a debate on "Should Socialists accept office nnder a capitalist government."
0. O'Brien and V. 0, Rackliff were
the leaders.
court at Vancouver had granted him
permission to make a thorough examination ofthe Arlington workings
believed to be passing through the
ground of tho Native Silver fraction.
The latter is owned equally between
himself and the Arlington company,
and it has been tho subject of much
litigation between them, Manley so
far being the winner. The ground
in question lies between the Arling
ton and Burlington claims of the Arlington group.
Sid Nornin.ii Will Develops, the Property
This Winter.
Sid Norman, of Spokane, has bonded the Transfer group.situated on the
divide to the south of the Arlington,
When he left here a month ago he
took an option on tho property and
has kept one man at work since.
Word came on Tuesdav that he in
tended to take up his'option and proceed with the development of the property. On Wednesday five men went
up, in charge of W. Innes, to build
2J miles of trail connecting the group
with the Arlington road, via Tobin
creek. D. S. McVannel has the contract to erect » bunkhouse large
enough to accommodate a force of
eight or ten men, who will be employed all winter. The building is
to be framed here and then hauled
to the mine.
The amount of the bond is $40,000,
running one year, so much work being done each month during the life
of the bond. The first payment is to
be made in six months, so that the
terms obtained are most liberal and
encouraging, Those signing the
bond on thc group were James Parrel 1 and Charley Barber as owners.
Comprised in tho Transfer group
are four claims, with two strong
loads exposed on them. Last summer a strike was made on one of
these, which resembles the Arlington
vein and 13 believed to be one nnd
the same. The strike was made in a
drift cutting into the vein and 50 feet
from the surfaco At that point the
lead is 30 feet in width, with an ore
streak of 10 feet. It is a concentrat
ing proposition on the surface, but
promises) better results with depth.
Farther np the hill a shaft was sunk
on the vein for 10 feet, the foot of it
being in iron pyrites and galena for
its full width. Indications of copper
are present in both openings.
The other lead on the group is 12
feet in width and has been opened up
in a thorough manner by a series of
open cuts and shafts. The main
workings is a 50 foot shaft, sunk on
the Kings'on claim, exposing a pay-
streak'of dry oro four feet wide. In
each of the other openings ore is
Mr, Norman has made a good investment in taking the Transfer, as
it has always occupied a foremost position in the camp. It has the earmarks of a mine and its successful
operation will be of much benefit to
A Promising ('roup.
Frank Provost contemplates work
ing the North Star group this winter.
There are seven claims comprised in
the group, situated to tlie cast of
Dayton creek, and owned by hlhlielf
and W. P. DuBois. Thc. Arlington
people own somo adjoining ground
and last summer uncovered by sluicing a big strong l.*ad, believed to be
the Ottawa vein. The lead runs
through part of the ground of the
North Star group, and wherever
Opened it contains ore. The owners
believe the property to be a big
thing. Apart from the mineral, the
ground holds the best, available timber on Springer creek, there being
something like 1,500,000 feet Ht for
practical use.
Public improvements.
Work has been prosecuted all the
week on tho sidewalks being built by
the corporation. The Delaney ave
walks are receiving attention and
when completed no more improvements will be undertaken till spring.
Tho new walks are: on the east side
of Main street, from Baty's hotel to
the hospital; on the west side of Main
street, from the tiushop to the city
hall; on the north side Delaney ave,
from Main street to Bpringer bridge,
and on the south side from Mam
street to Arthur street. Crossings
have also been laid down in several
places on Main streot, all forming a
vast Improvement in the appearance
of the city.
Last Year's Shipments Were 98*1 Tons—
A Healthy Evidence of the Ufa and
Wealth of the Camp—Arlington tbo
B'CSest Shipper.
Ore shipments have fallen to a low
ebb this week, owing to the exceeding bad condition of the roads. The
Arlington senl out but 60 tons and
the Fourth ol July 5 tons, the latter
going to the Nelson smelter. It is
the second shipment to be made for
thc season by the Fourth of July. A
carload shipment will bo made next
week by the Enterprise, but not much
may be expected from any ofthe
properties till sleighing comes.
Last year the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Following is
a list ot the shipments this year to
Arlington _     CO 4008
Enterprise  600
Two Friends  40
Black Prince  155
Bondholder „ 20
Chapleau  15
Speculator  19
Phoenix  23
V&M  29
Esmeralda  2
Hampton  12
Fourth of July        5 12
Tamarac  5
67 5499
Tss Bttmlne Arllssgion Workings.
Mark   Manley  received word on
Tuesday afternoon that thc supreme
w. v. isssits.u Depart*.
W. F. DuBois, superintendent at
the Arlington, has severed his connection with the company, having
been offered a more lucrative position
elsewhere. Ho has been in charge of
the property ever since the Arlington
Mines, Limited, took hold of it, and
he has seen it developo into one of
the big mines of West Kootonay.
The company was loth to part with
Mr. DuBois' services, but the economy being practised by the manage
ment forbade any heavy increase in
salary. Mr. DuBois and wife left for
Sandon on Mondny and his successor
hns not yet been announced.
liomlliolsler Upeulssg I'p Well.
The present lessees of thc Bondholder are opening up thai property
in a thorough manner and are getting out plenty of ore. The new
drift started some time ago farther
down the hill has carried ore 'rom
the start and is yielding splendid results. Ily the first, of December the
lessees expect to have a full carload
to scud dowu for shipment.
Billy Harrington and Billy Lee
pnrpose doing some work on tho
Champion group, Twelve Mile.
It is not unlikely something will
eventuate on the Young Bear group,
near the Bondholder, at an early
The only thing new about the Republic is that thc property has been
turned over from tho trustee to the
M. Ginlzburger, manager of the
Monitor mine, at Three Forks, has
taken an option on lhe Kaslo smelter
scheme. v
The case of Marino vs Alexander,
taken on 'appeal, hns been adjourned
till the next court at Nelson. It
arose over the Marion mine, at New
Thc Hewett, at Silverton, is shipping no oro just now, owing to the
bad roads, so the management is
seizing the opportunity to push development.
The Bank of Montreal has got a
judgment against the Noonday-Cur-
ley Mining Co. for the sum of $600.
The interest of the company in the
Noonday-Curley group at Silverton
is to be sold.
W. D. Wrighter, of' Spokane, one
of the principals of the Iron Horse
syndicate, has been elected a director
of the American Boy Co , operating
in the Sandon camp. The American
Boy is shipping 12 cars of ore each
The lessees of the F.xchange, on
Dayton creek, have 10 tons of ore
sacked for shipment and it will go
forward so soon as rawhiding permits. Some magnificent ore is being
broken down, a sample test this week
giving $08.40 in gold and 247 oz in
Probable Deal on tho Neopuwa.
It is altogether probable the Neepawa group, Ten Mile, will be working in the course of a few days. In
the early fall AV. H. Sandiford got a
representative of British capital to inspect the property and he was well
Satisfied with what he saw. He offered to take the group on n working
bond covering 18 months, the first
payment falling due in six months.
The owners expect to sign papers
next week.
Body Sent East.
The remains ofthe late L. R. Harrison were sent cast to St. John, via
Nelson, on Friday, a large number
of acquaintances attending the funeral to the depot. John Keen, of
Kaslo, came over on Friday morning
to straighten up the affairs of the deceased, at the instance of 0. T.
Stone, who was acting for the relatives. Mayor York superintended
the arrangements for thu shipment of
the body.	
Tsissshi'.-ss' to "ills'... Auother Shipment.
The force at the Tamarac has been
increased to six men and development is progressing in a satisfactory
manner. Ore is being broken down
in each ofthe workings. Quite a lot
of It lias been sacked up and anethei*
shipment will shortly bo mado.
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-Copyright. 1901 by Thomas P. Montfort
"If I hadn't meant It, I wouldn't
bave raid IL Now I hope you're satisfied."
Sim was thoughtfully silent for almost a minute.  Tben be said slowly:
"1 know lt was cowardly for me to
act like 1 done, a-runnln from tbem
cattle. But, Lord a-mlgbty, how waa
i to know tbey was cattle 'stead of
soldiers wben I didn't look back to see
wbat tbey was?"
"Why didn't you look back Instead
of charging up tbere tbe way yon did
and making such a spectacle as you
did of yourself? Of course 1 was
ashamed of you.   How could I help
"Humph! Ifs all mighty fine to talk
tbat a-way as long as you ain't never
been In my place. 1 guess tbat Mr.
Melvln, with all bis grand an mighty
airs, wouldn't 'a' done no different bis-
self even If you do think he's so
Louisa raised her head and fixed ber
eyes on Sim. Tbere was an expression
ln ber face and a look In ber eyes tbnt
were new to blm, and tbey cansed bim
to shrink away from ber and look on
ber with a feeling of fear.
"Sim Banks," sbe said, "yon be careful wbat you say, for 1 positively will
bTuttieiHMthouoh her heart would break.
not bear to be Insulted by you. I'll
submit to wbat Mary Mann may say.
Because I caa't belp myself, but you
attempt to say such tblngs and I'll
leave yon In a minute and never live
wltb yon again. Is your opinion of me
se poor tbat yon think 1 am going to
fall In love wltb every man tbat comes
"No; 1 never raid anything about you
fallln In love wltb anybody."
"Don't you Insinuate anything of the
kind eltber.   It will be time enough for
you to nrruse me of thinking that man
great when I bare raid or done some-
ili'.n** to give you a reason for doing It,
Mitt not before. Vou continue to say
«,   s, ii.'„..,„ ,,„ •!,„, t0 mea maa }>jj hate
you wltb my whole heart and despise
you so long as I live."
Sbe arose and swept out of tbe room,
leaving 81m dumb with astonishment
It was the first time tn ber life tbst sbe
bad ever shown such spirit as that, and
be did not know wbat to make of It
Still, be was more rejoiced than angered by her words, for be reasoned tbat
tbey proved conclusively that sbe bad
not been struck by Melvln's appearance
and tbat there was no probability of
Mrs. Mann's prediction coming true.
Almost ligbt hearted he went out on
tbe street snd walked up and down In
the cool night air. He had been walking so for a quarter of an bour wben la
passing a bouse he beard his name called softly. He stopped snd looked
around, and a womsn stepped out of
"You done Loueesy a great wrong."
the shadow of a tree and stood leaning
ever a fence near him.   It was Mrs.
Msnn, snd, looking up Into bis face,
she smiled sweetly.
"81m," sbe said, With a pretty air of
penitence, "I am sorry tbst I ssid anything today to make you mad at me, an
I nope you'll forgive me. Won't you,
please Y'
Slip hesitated for a moment, then
"You done Loueesy a great wrong,
Mrs. Mann"-
"Don't call me that, Sim," sbe Interrupted "Don't you know I despise
tbst name?"
"Do you? Wby?"
"If you was a woman an had to bear
the name of somebody you didn't love,
you'd know why."
"Didn't you love your husbund?"
"You know I didn't"
"How should I know that?"
"You ought to know tbat a woman
never loves but oue man."
"An In your case Dick Mann wasn't
that one?"
"Who wae It?"
Mrs. Mann blushed and acted confused and finally stole a sly glance at
Sim's face that ought to have told him
tbe whole story. But he was thinking
of something else and looking ln another direction, so tbe e'ffect of that
smile and that glance was to a great
extent lost
"You ought to know tbat without
askin." she said demurely.
"Maybe 1 ought, but 1 don't, an 1
reckon It don't make no difference nohow."
"No, I reckon it don't not to you anyway," wltb a Bad sigh. "But you'll call
me Mary, won't yod, Sim?"
"Why, I guess so, if you're very particular about It It don't make any difference to me."
"It does to me. It makes all the difference In tbe world wbat you call me.
It don't matter about anybody else,
"Well, 111 call you Mary, tben."
"Thank you. An now, Sim, you ain't
goln to be mad at me any more, are
"No, 1 guess I won't be mad at you,
but you done Loueesy wrong. You had
no right to say tbat about that stranger."
"No, I hadn't 81m. I know that now.
But 1 can't bear to bear you talked
about the way you was, an I felt I jest
had to take Loueesy down a peg or
two. I oughtn't to have said It, but
since I have said It I ain't goln to take
no backwater. Loueesy don't love you,
an she never will love you, but as certain as my name's Mary Mann she'll
fall tn love wltb tbat Melvln if sbe ever
gits to know bim."
"I don't believe It While ago she got
as mad as a wet ben 'cause I said
somethln 'bout ber thlnkln him great
"Humph! You don't know much
about women folks or you wouldn't
set no store by tbat 1 know wbat
I'm talkln about Sim Banks, an, as I
said before. If you live you'll see I do.
Loueesy don't love you. I know sbe
don't But let ber go, 81m. Sbe ain't
Uie only woman, an there's one 1 know
tbat does love you with her whole
"One!   Who?'
"Great Lord! Are you blind—plumb
blind snd dumb?"
Sim did not reply at once, but stood
uneasily twirling bis hat about In bis
bands, first looking down at bis feet
tben casting a furtive glance at bis
companion. Wben at mat be did speak.
It was In cold, unlmpassioned tones.
"I reckon 1 ain't so blind an dumb ss
I might be." be said, "but you ain't
called no names, an I ain't makln oo
"If you wssn't ss blind as a bat an
dumb ss an owl," Mrs. Mann ssid softly, "you wouldn't need for me to call
no names, an you wouldn't need to
make oo guesses either.**
"Mebby tbsfs so." Blm replied slowly, "an If I am bUnd I don't know that
I'm sorry. There's times In a body's
life. Mrs. Mann, when Ifs best te be
tbat a-way.1*
Without a word Mrs. Mann tnrned
away and, entering tbe bouse, slammed the door shut behind ber. Sim
walked on down the street chuckling
softly to himself. But could he bave
seen the expression on Mrs. Mann's
face at that moment and tbe steely
glitter In ber eyes be might have bad a
premonition of some tblngs tbat were
to follow.
When be had pass-ted out of sight a
figure crept out of tbe sbsdow of the
fence and stole quietly away ln tbe opposite direction.
Melvln was more fortunate than he
bad dared hope, for be bad gone bnt a
short distance wben be came Into a
road and after following that a little
way ran on to a bouse.
It Is true It wss not much of a house,
being merely a small log cabin, and its
surroundings were meager and uninviting, promising little In tbe way of
comf Ma; but for all that. It would afford shelter and food, and that was a
great deal under tbo circumstances.
ne rode up to tlie tumble down rail
fence tbat stood between tbe yard and
the road aud was preparing to call to
let his presence be known when a man
came around a corner of the bouse.
He was a little, wiry, weather beaten
old chap, almost bidden uuder a mammoth broad brimmed straw hat. He
was not expecting a strange visitor,
and the appearance of Melvln was s
great surprise to blm. He stopped
short, his mouth and eyes flew wide
open, and he stood staring In perfect
It was Melvln who spoke first
"I have lost my way," be said, "and
I am looking for a place to spend the
nlgbt What chance Is there for stopping with your'
If Melvln expected tbls msn to prove
as reticent and morose as tbe one he
bed just passed, bis mind was soon disabused of that Idea, for tbe response to
his speech, although not altogether relevant, was prompt, vigorous and effusive.
"Lord a-massyl" he exclaimed. "You
mean to tell me that you done plumb
up an lost your way an took to won-
derln round In tbe woods for all the
world liko a stray suckln calf? Great
granny, man, what made you go sn do
slch a thing as tbat?"
"For tbe reason that I conldn't belp
It, I presume," Melvln answered.
"Couldn't belp It! Wby. Lord a-mas-
sy, mon, wbat do you mean? You
ain't almln to tell me yon conldn't belp
glttln lost are you?"
"I guess I am."
"Waal, I'll he dad switched! That
shore beats my time, as the feller says.
The Idea of any human critter havln
little enough sense to go an git lost In
tbe woods! Why, soy, a cat knows
more than that."
"Very likely," Melvln replied. "But
what of It?"
"Nothln, only lt shore stumps me
tbat a growed up man like you'd go an
git lost like this."
"Isn't lt just barely possible that you
might do such a thing?"
"Do slch a thing as what?"
"Get lost." ;   '
"Me git lost! Your Uncle Jonathan
Turner git lost! Waal, that's a good
un shore. Say, did you ever hear tell
of a groun' hog glttln lest?"        **
"1 don't know that I ever did."
"Waal, wheDk.you do hear of slch a
thing you may tben begin to flgger out
that it's jest barely possible tbat Jonathan Turner mought some day lose
blsself In tbe woods."
"Do you think It Impossible for you
to lose your way ln a strange wood?"
"No. I don't think nothln 'bout It
I jest know It's Impossible."
"How would you keep from losing
your way?"
"Jest like I'd roll often a log. I'd
Jest do It."
"Suppose you were In a st.-ange
place, and, coming to two roads, you
didn't know which one to take. Then
"Oh, I'd know all right which one to
"How would you know?"
"Jest have sense enough to know,
as the feller says."
"Would you? Well, aU right I am
anxious Just now to learn whether or
uot you can give me shelter for the
"I guess that's so. Rid a right smart
piece today, I reckon?"
"Yes. quite a way."
"Jedgin from appearances, I'd take
you to be a stranger ln these parts?"
"I am."
"Waal, wbar mought you hall from,
If I may make so bold as to ask?"
"I'm from the north."
"From tbe north, eh? Waal, that's a
right smart big spread out sort of a
place, as I understand It, an a feller
niougbt come from tbar an still not
come from uowbar In particular. Reckon you ain't no reason for not tellln
jest what Identical spot ln tbe north
you mought hall from?"
"None In tbe world. I'm from Chicago."
"Are, eh? I've beam tell of that
place. Consid'able little town, I jedge?"
"More account than Beckett's Mill
likely r
"I think so."
"Reckoned from what I'd beam tell
of It tbat it sborely must be. S'pose,
now, you bave business In these
"Yes, some."
"Guess you ain't one of tbem preach-
In fellers come down yere sorter fig*
gcrln on boldln some meetln's over at
tbe Coon Run meetln house?"
"Never preach none, ehl"
"I never have."
"Uh, bub! Jest a plain ever*day
common cussln man. I reckon?"
"I haven't ever made It a practice to
do mucb 'cussln,' as yon say, out I've
almost been tempted today to wish I
was an expert In that line. But say,
how about stopping with you tonight?
I've got to find lodging some place, an4
It's about time I was knowing where."
That's so. stranger; yes, slr-ee. Jest
about time you was findln out wbar'
yes. sir. Reckon you ain't sorter fig-
gerln on tryln to git to teacb our school,
are you?"
"No, I'm no schoolteacher."
"Hain't eh? Guess mebby yon
mought be kinder lookin round with a
notion of buyln a farm In these parts?"
"No. All I'm looking around for now
Ib a place to spend the nlgbt."
"Edzackly. Naturally you'd be more
Interested ln that than anything else
Jest now."
"Yes, ond 1 asked If I conld stop
wltb you."
"That's a fact stranger. You shore
done that very Identical thing. I ain't
a-pretendln to say you didn't"
"But you haven't answered me."
"No, I guess I ain't I'm glad you
jogged my memory, strsnger, 'cause I
got my mind to runnln on tbem other
things, an I clean forgot all about It
You know bow slcb things are sometimes."
"Yes, but ere you going to answer
"Why, to be shore I am. What reason under the sun could I have for not
snswerln you, I'd like to know? Yes,
slr-ee. I 'low you hain't none of tbem
peddler fellers wbat comes arosnd sell-
In of pills, are you, stranger?"
"I am not"
"Reckoned most shore yon couldn't
be. Ingen'rslly tbem pill peddlers Is
right smart, peart lookin fellers. Gness
now more likely you mought be one of
them doctor chaps huntln a place to set
up In business?"
"No, I'm nothing of tbe kind. But,
see bere, are you going to compel me to
spend thc night out bere In tbe road?"
"Wby, 1 reckon not I hain't no Tight
to compel you to do notbln tbe way I
flgger It as tbe feller says. You're
your own boss, I s'pose, an I 'low you
go or stay jest wlinr you please."
"Sometimes I do."
"Guess you're a-goln Jest wbar you
please now, ain't you?"
"An I reckon yon mske It ont tbst It
ain't a blamed bit of my business wbar
you're a-goln nor what you're a-gola
"I rather suspect you are about correct tbere, Mr. Turner."
"Jest so, sn I guess mebby you're
plumb right too.   At tbe tame time I
'low you can't be a part of the war
come down to try to lick we uns?"
(To be Continued.)
Kliss   Edward  Hs»»   Kl*ht   Bis   Yolntn****
Made Abont Hia Mothar'a Death.
Amid all the bother of getting himself properly throned, named end
crowned, King Edward VII. has
snatched time to devise a unique
memorial to his mother. Word
comes from London that he has ordered, through the leading International clipping bureaus, eight sets of
scrap books, each set to contain
whatever was printed or spoken of
the late Queen at the time of her
death. The clippings, gathered in
every country and ln all tongues,
and ranging from the highest illus-
trats?d weeklies to the cheapest provincial prints, fill 100 volumes, although the pages are of full newspaper slzo. They are pasted upon
light gray bristol board and each
page hinged before binding. The
binding Is of morocco —half the sets
red, corner pieces and each volume
stamped with the royal 'arms In
heavy gilt.
The binding would be black were
the volumes destined to remain in
Great Britain. The destiny of all
but one, set is to be scattered
through Oreater Britain, India, Australia. New Zealand, Canada. South
Africa: ench will receive a set of the
gift of the King. The mourning color varies so throughout the Empire
it was thought host, to use ordinary
book tints. His Majesty's loyal colonies will no dnuht appreciate the
"V—■■ an Irish Ball.
Before the days of proper safeguards
s good many cattle got In the paths of
Michigan railroads and were killed
outright or so badly Injured as to necessitate putting them out of misery.
These happenings frequently afforded
the owners of the cattle an opportunity
to bring suit against tbe railroad companies, so that the* employees were required to be very careful as to details
and to keep a strict record of tbe manner of a cow's death, etc. Regular
printed reports of such cases bad to
be turned in by tbe section master,
wbo was required to fill out blanks
stating thc probable age of the deceased animal, weight, color, distinguishing marks snd disposition of carcass,
the animal beiug sometimes cut up
and sold for beef.
Naturally It was an Irish section
"schuperintlndher" who, like Flnnl-
gan in his terse report of a wreck,
simply stated, "Off ag'ln, on ag'ln—Fin-
negan," made out tbe record of a certain bovine tragedy In a characteristic
way. Mike guessed pretty well at the
age and weight and color of tbe dead
cow, but when be came to tbe line
"disposition of carcass" be scratched
bis bead reflectively.
"Sure," be muttered, "she doled alsy,
annywsy." Tben opposite the line be
scrawled "Kind snd gentle."
What m Danh of Ink DI*.
▲ certain newspaper proprietor bad a
way ot appearing in tho composing
snd press rooms at tbe most unexpected
times, and as bis visits often resulted
In s general "shakcup" of the working
forces of tbe rfiper tbey were owalted
wltb fear and trembling by tbe employees.
One time one of tbe pressmen, sn excellent workman, wbo bad been tbere
many years, but was sometimes guilty
of a lapse of sobriety, bad a blsck eye
and was in a quandary as to wbat excuse he should offer If thc proprietor
noticed it By a sudden Inspiration he
seised an Ink roller and daubed some
Ink on his face, quite covering the discoloration. Presently tbe governor
came In sud, wltb tbe foreman, went
through the room, commenting on every detail and looking very sharply at
every workman. When about to leave,
he suddenly pointed to the Inky pressman and said. "What Is that man's
The man quaked In his shoes until he
continued slowly: "I want you to give
tbat man 5 shillings a week more
wages. He is the only man In tbe
room wbo looks ss If be had been
A Devoted Mother.
Altbongb looked upon as vermin and
destroyed accordingly, tbe weasel Is
s good mother and probably treats ber
young ones more kindly than many
of her human enemies treat theirs. A
weasel, carrying something Id ber
mouth, was once seen to enter a hole In
a tree. The observer, applying lighted
straw, soon smoked her out She then
darted toward a stone wall, near which
she was attacked by s terrier, which
speedily slew ber. She fell an easier
victim because of tbe burden she bore
In her teeth. Anxious to see wbat this
wss. the onlooker went forward snd
found It was a baby weasel. The mother's nest In a Held close by had been
plowed up. and shs bad been searching
for another borne. As ber youngster
could not run sbe carried It In ber
mouth rather tbsn leave it to perish.
l'ltle   Flrsst   lteats.wosl by ICItrard III.   In
1354 —ossse Iisterestlisg Historical I■•-
fisriliallssss -Tls«! C'sltjr ssf L.tisslsils.
The now Sheriffs of London wero
sworn in on Saturday, 28th Sept.,
and the new Lord Mayor electod. After those important events tho Slnie-
val breakfast took place at the 0 racers' Hall, where a company of nearly three hundred assembled, The
Sheriffs elected on Midsummer Day
last were Mr. Alderman J. C. Bell
and Mr. Alderman Horace B. Marshall, M.A., head of the large publishing firm that bears his name. The
next Lord Mayor in rotation is Sir
Joseph C. Dimsdale, Alderman of the
Cornhill Word, and the junior representative of the city in Parliament.
He is a banker, was knighted at the
end of his year of office as Sheriff in
181*4, is a Pust Master of the tiro-
curs' Company, a Past Grand Master of the Free Masons of England,
and for live years represented the
City Corporation in the London
County Council.
The first municipal institutions of
London wore recoived from the Roin-
tyis, and they have endured in their
main features to the present day. In
Saxon times it was in reality an independent state, and William the
Conqueror only gained possession of
tho city by means of a treaty. About
eight years after he granted a charter, which is still preserved, addressed to William the llishon*. Godfrey
tho Portreeve, and all the Burgesses,
promising that they shall be "law-
worthy" (i.e., possessed of privileges), hs they were in the days of
Edward the Confessor. Tho Portreeve, however, received the Norman
title of bailiff, which in 1180 was
changed to Mayor, the first holder
of the title being Henry Fitznlwyn,
who filled the office for 24 years. On
his death a new charter was gri/Iitcd
by King John In 1214, directing the
Mayor to be chosen annually, as has
ever since been done. The title of
Lord Mayor was first bestowed In
1354 on Sir Thomas Legge by Edward III. Aldermen were first appointed by a charter of Henry III. iu
1240, and were elected annually until
1394, when a charter from Richard
fl. directed them to be chosen for
The Corporation of the City Of
London consists of the whole body of
citizens or freemen, under thc style
of "tho Mayor, commonalty nnd citizens." The small portion of London
which is comprised within the city
and its liberties is divided into 27
wards. Each of tho words—except
two, which unite in this—elects one
Alderman and a number of common
Councillors, varying from four to
sixteen. There are thus 2fl Aldermen
and 202 Councillors. An Alderman is
elected for life, but the Councillors
for one year, although eligible for reelection. Thc electors in each case
are freemen, who may huve obtained
their freedom by birth, apprenticeship, purchase or gift, but who must
bo rated householders before they
inny vote at a wanl-mote, as a ward
meeting is termed. The I.ord Mayor
is elected by thc Liverymen (members of Guilds) of the several .companies assembled together at the
Guildhall, and to be eligible must
have scrvod as Sheriff of London.
Tho Livery may elect any Alderman
so qualified, but they usually select
the names of tho tws> senior Aldermen who have not piwsed the civic
chair. The names of the two selected
mon are then submitted to thc gen-'
cral body of the Aldermen, who usu
ally choose the first. Tho Lord Mayor
elected is prcss-nti-.l to tho Lord
Chancellor to receive the assent of
tho Crown to his election. He Is
sworn before the retiring Lord,Mayor
and Aldermen on November 8, and on
November 9 is escorted by the cltl-
Mns in tho Lord Mayor's procession
to the Royal Courts of Justice to be
presented to the Lord Chief Justice
and is again sworn. His public duties
absorb all his time, and more than
tho income of his office, $10,000. Ho
is expected to preside during the slay
over meetings for public and Isenevol-
ent objects, and to tuko part in ini-
pssrtant ceremonies, to open school:),
distribute prizes, initiate subscriptions for relief of distress, nnd nt
night to entertain eminent nnd distinguished personages at his official
residence, or to preside at chnrlty
festivals. As head of tho corporation
he presides at Common Hall, the
Court of Aldcrmon nnd ths; Court of
Common Council. He prosidos ot thc
Justice room of tho Mansion Houso.
and is first commissioner of the Central Criminal Court, a trustee of St.
Paul's Cathedral, and a Governor of
the Royal Hospitals and oths-r institutions, nnd of several charities. Ho
Is head of tho City Lfoutennncy, is
styled Right Honorable, and, although not of the Privy Council, he
nI tends when, on the demise of the
Crown, a new Sovereign Is proclaimed, nnd at the coronation Is present
ss chief butler, receiving therefor a
golden cup and cover.
TU* Mo-sstnr- Mt-ll.
Ths custom of ringing the church
bell early In the morning to call people to work,     though by no means
common, Is still kept «pTTr~"
Places, and so accustomed <*<.J?*"**
get to being roused by thu ™„ple
that, should the bell-rlnper h„ an"
chance fail to turn up to his taT
there are sure to be quite „ „,, , •
late at their work, andV■.""J.?r
as well that tho unfortunate ■•?, >*
docs not hear all the condemnatS
passed on him in consequence *!
Bakewel the morning bell i8 m *
.V45 o Clock every day through
the year ex()pt Sundays, ChrlstW
Day and Good Friday, and c™ ft
to ring until six o'clock. es
His Vrimta tor London Land.
. P?b*UlT    if'009  are  obtalned for
land In the city of London.    'n,at
fi-eehold on Cornhill should i,avu soiS
for a little over £53 3s. per suun .
foot, is surprising, but not so mull
so as the sale of the St. Pe,tor-iii)0n
Cornhill land, which a few     month,
ago brought over £60 a foot.   ] ,,J
within a furlong radius of tho Hank
of England is worth about ?s
Insli.     Five hundred feet .>( lund   \1
Ckeapslde was sold recently for 113
000. or tat a square foot.
A Ulce Man.
"Supposing," said Mr. Sirlus Bark«
during a pleasure trip on nn excursion
boat, "thst I were to fall overboard
what would you do?" '
"Oh," exclaimed Mrs. Barker, with a
gasp, "I'd cry my eyes out."
"I knew it. That's just liko a woman
Always looking for s way to mnke matters worse. Can't you see that crylni
wouldn't do the slightest goosl anil that
It would only make tho water that much
deeper?"—Washington Star.
Conditions  KrtrorrS.
"Kissing goes by favor," lie remarked
dreamily, ss ff "the quotation had occurred to him casually, without auy relationship to the time and its surroundings.
"Oh, I don't know," she replied, with
seeming equal unconsciousu.'sg of the
import of her remark. "I guess It sometimes happens that when conditioni
favor kissing don't go by."
And it didn't.—Richmond Dispatch.
Mlsplaccd Cssnfldrssoc.
Smith—I've got s good joko on Short.
Jones—Is that so?
Smith—Yes. He asked me to exchangs
checks with blm for a few slays. I did
so, and his check turned out to be no
Jones—Why, according to that, th*
joke is on you.
Smith—Oh, no, It isn't. You sop, my
check was also worthless. — Chicago
HU Sphere of Exrrllenr*.
"Was your son Josiar a leader of any
of bis classes?"
"I reckon," answered Farmer Corntos-
set. "I have beeu told that a good many
of the young men who 'tetuled JosifsVl
school b'longed to tbe leisure class, an'
from wbat I have seen of Josinr Juris'
harvest timo I sliould guess thnt he'd he
right up clus to tho top."—Washingtos
Knowing Man, Brown.
Jones—Whenever I say a woman Is
pretty my wife is sure to -sny thnt the
woman is positively plain. What do you
think of thst?
Brown—I think you sre foolish to Bay
anything about the goosl looks of another woman In the pr(*ss*nce of your wife.-*
Boston Transcript.
Fashion'* Hew Pad.
"What is tbe nature of the newfangled malady which they call tha 'golli.if
spine?' "
"That," responded Cynlcus, "I» easy.
"Colling spine' Is what tlie olsl mnn uss*d
to have sfter s hard day's plowing, hut
be called It the backache."—New Vork
What's the Use I
"My good man, don't you often lon| ta
be out of this place?"
"Kaw. As soon as I cone nut they*1
•end me back agnlu."—New i'otk J<"""
Terbaps lie Waa niarht.
"Darwin's theory most he correct,'' r*-
marked Mrs. BopeCk as sbe Stopped In
front of (lie monkey cage. "These li"1'
fellows certainly hnve many actions in
common with liuuuui beings."
"I'shsw!" exclaimed Bopeck. "A mon*
key, my dear, Is nn more human than •
am."—Chicago News.
Croup, Bronchitis, Whooping Cough and Severe Chest
Colds are Threatening.
It Is the old story of wot feet, exposure to cold and dampness and chilled bodlen. Towards night th''
hoarseness comes and the hollow, croupy or tight chest cough. Then mother's anxiety, for she knows H"
danger and tbe suddennoss with which the little ones are sometime-*, snatched away. When you lliluk of ll]*-'
thousands of times that Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine has saved tha lives of thu littlo ones H
Is scarcely to be wondered at that mothers look upon it with confidence and satisfaction.
It is an Ideal medlcino for children because It is remarkably pleasant to tnke and is perfectly free from ">Il,r
phlu. It Is one of tho few remedies for diseases of the throat and lungs which thoroughly cures lluo cold n-*
well as tho cough. Thero are othor preparations of linseed. Be sure you got Pr. Chaso's Hyrup of Llnscci
and Turpentino, with portrait and signature of Dr. A. W. Qhase on tho bottlo. Price, 2") conls ; family *w'
tbreo times as much, 60 cents.     All dealers, or Bdmansoa, Bates * Co., Toronto. The Drill.
'j'lu'ie is a great deal of nonsense
about- this talk of elervating the
stage. All stages are at present supplied with flies and wings.
A DINNEB P1LL,—Many pereons suffer
eicruo ating agony afler partaking of s
hearty dinner. The food partaken of is like
a bn i <>f -ead UP°B th* stomassh. and instead
of bcirga healthy nutriment it becomes S
Doison to the system. Dr. Parmoleo'g Veg-
etabli! Pills are wonderful correctives of
such troubles. They correct acidity, open
geci-el ons and convert tlio food partaken of
into i.ealthy nutriment. They are just the
modi .'ine to tt.**- it troubled with indigestion
A rusty lock may sometimes prevent you from using the key to the
Doddock, June 11, 1897.
0  <:   RICHARDS & Co.
is m.v  remedy for NEURALGIA.
li  relieves at once.
a. s. Mcdonald.
Ifs all right to pick your com-
pany, i>ut it is not aa good form to
pick your neighbors to pieces.
Sound nionoy is thc kind that jin-
fjles  in  tho other fellow's  pocket.
I hiving cigars and dogH named af-
t,*r > ..ii in only ono kind of fame.
Giving oosl Ofsiltnt.
Cod not only loves a cheerful gls**
er, but the cheerful giver alwaya
gets his reward. That reward is
generally in the richer return of spiritual good, but sometimes the re-
vv'iisl is In larger material good. Of
this latter disss an interesting instance is narrated which occurred
years ngo when they were ruising
sul)-cn|itions to the Plymouth
Church, Cleveland, Ohio. Many
were the struggles aud sacrifices
which its wnlls represented an they
went up. One evening a lad said to
his mother: "I menu to put down
tivenly-live dollars to thc church. I
have nineteen dollars saved toward
a watch, and I guess I can work out
ths) other six dollars somehow."
So the savings of some yeurs went
into tin.so walls, but tho boy did
not regret tlio sacrifice, and the re*
misusing six dollars were also
promptly paid in.
The pastor was at thc East so-
Mciting help for Iiis church and men-
tlonod incidentally the boy and his
Watch. After service a gentleman
remarked to him: "I don't liko the
idea of thnt boy losing his watch."
"Nor I," said ono and another. So
a few gentlemen added to the monoy
until seventy-four dallars was con-
tributcd to buy him an excellent
gold watch which would lost him
all  his  life.
The wntch was presented at a
Sabbath School celebration, the day
aft..r the church was dedicated, ths
past or relating the circumstances
and lulling out the lad, whoso head
wns down on a seat before him,
weeping from excessive emotion. He
was a boy ot fifteen, modest but
manly, and he could only trust hlm-
■"plf to bow his thanks. Put ths
Words wero not needed, and thets
were many moist eyes in tho assom-
hl.v I nm sure that boy felt that
the Lord was a good paymaster.
And he If not tho only ono who has
prov,mi the Lord's faithfulness to his
promt sos.
I'rnpsssr Fovsliaar nf Posts.
The most critical timo In tlis feed-
lug of sows is thu first, two weeks
after furrowing, says an Ohio grower
In Brooder's Oasntte. A single overfeed s>f corn nt this timo mny produce milk fovor, which will destroy
tho sippetiu* of tho mother and make
11 runty utter .of pigs. The rule
■hould bo to give the sown for the
first four or five days only moderate
'ceil of good slop made with bran or
iiuishsd DoUtoen if milk cannot be
{•ad, hut if it can there is nothing
heller than bran and milk. Then be-
8iu with a single onr of corn at a
load. Watch your sow and Increase
trriultinlly, giving her two or throe
ears at a feed, until finally she develops a hearty appetite and her
•''«'• have started to grow thriftily,
when tho feed should be all f_at sM
WU eat.  |
•tot flail'--.
"Whnt are you ilolng thereV" -shouted
'•■■*■ night wiiti-hmsn to 'he fellow who
had hrokeo Into n tobacco store.
"Well," r*rp||-.sj the hiris'lnr. "I dltJn'1
fi'illy think there wns sny law RiSintt
» fellow tukiiig a little snuff."-Yon ken
I'srlon—Frost is ths most vlnillctlvt
nam I knnw of.
Hut ton—Yes. He mnkes n practice of
"•noting Flipper's JoVr-s nnd luovlnu oul
'■><• l»>luts.-I*ostoii Transcript.
Ills Lovo Utnnlnt.
I'nt her—Then   I   have   Iml   ono   mors
Question tn put to you.   llnvs juil (seen
her still.
—     ■-*    i*wi.    (ii**    ,»'iii.       lilt > n
•".v 'laughter play golf?
I.nver-1 hnve, sir, but J lofsi
-Hinoklvn f.ifu.
Vnolo BTse-a'a Advl*-**.
''Pun' slop to tcil 'Unit sis. Wisnee ytm
miHMs.,1   las'   yesr,"   said  .Uncle   Ehen.
Iv-<*l'[*» yol, ,,yps 0pp|, „„• .lc0. ,0 SjuhI.
hskh „r uu'blx. yoh'll be doln' do minis*
Hex yenr."-\Vashlngton Stcr.
The Greatest Case in the History of Modern Medicine is Completed by Another Sworn
A Prominent Ottawa Man Confirms Under Oath Every Statement Made by this Paper in the Original Story Published Nearly  Seven years ago.
w. n. u. No. a-in.
(From the Otta
Some seven   years   ago   the   Free
Press published a graphic account of
a rs'inarkablu case here in Ottawa.
A man named George H. Kent had
been cured of Height's Disease after
the doctors had given him up to die,
and the Free Press reporter, after a
most thorough investigation, published the whole story in detail, giving credit to Dodd's Kidney Pills for
thfl most miraculous cure.
The following sworn statement was
given by Mr. Kent in order to substantiate the almost incredible statement mode by the paper in its account of the case.
(Sworn Statement, Feb. 16th, 1895)
I, Usiorgs! Henry Kent, resident at
114 C'.iiiiijbriilgs' street, Ottawa, and
employed as a* printer in the British American Bank Nolo Printing
Company, in the said City of Ot-
tuwa, do solemnly declare that 1
rsmsnlfr it a duty to myself and to
uiy fellow men generally to make a
ds-clarntion as to the efficiency of
Dodd's Kirimcy Pills.
1. That I found them in my terrible case of Bright's Disease, from
which I suffered for almost one
year, of the greatest medical value.
} tan say confidently aad assure
an*, one interested, or a sufferer,
(hat I positively owe my life and
present excellent health to Uie results brought about by their use. I
was taken sick and confined to my
bed on December 28th, 1893, and
was successfully treated for La
GriffM, then Pleurisy, followed by
Kidney Troubles, and latterly
bright's Disease. I lost the use of
my limbs: my entire body became
swollen to a terrible size, and my
skin became as hard as and similar to leather, thc pores all having
closed up, and I "niflered tho most
agonizing pain. I was subject to
p, risxHral spells of utter prostration and insensilbilily, to a state of
absolute coma. I was also a victim of dangerous convulsions in
which my facial expression and
oths*r muscles would become severely contortsd and tense.
2. My rstrular physician attended
tss me, and, although medical consultations were held over my case
by two city doctors, nothing could
bis done. My case grew gradually
worse, and latterly 1 was given up
ns hs-peli'ss. My wife, friends, and
ns'ighbors wero certain from what
they saw and were told by tho visiting doctors that I would die in a
very short time.
.'l. My wife was casually n*aiding
is newspapiT about this time, and
saw a description of a similar case,
in which a patisnt gave testimony
s.f the relief and cure that haul been
effectred on him by Dodd's Kidney
Pills. I started to take them right
away, and from thc lirst pill I dis-
cove'red a chango for the better.
After (he first box I was wonderfully Improved, and at the end of the
fourth I was sure I was to get well
again. I continued tnJdng them until the sevsmtoonth box, and I can
uow positively declare ttiat I am
perfectly cured and able to do a
day's work with any of my com-
iades in the shop, and Dodd's Kid-
n.v Pills undoubtedly owed me. be-
taiiss* from starting to take them 1
I sink no other medicine wlintssver.
ANI» I mako this solemn declaration, conscientiously belloving Uie
siinie to be tnii*. ami by virtue of
Declared before mc at Ihe City of
Ottawa, In the County of Cnrletiin,
this mui day of February. 18*'s
0,  II. ICHNT.
(r-gd.) CIIAS.  A.  BLANCH ET.
A CsiiiiinlsHloniT, etc.
The Free Press In tho article published In 1895 stated most positively that Dodd's Kldnoy Pills and nothing else wero entitled to the credit
of having saved tho dying man's lifo,
lund this was most emphatically ends rued by Mr. Kent in his sworn
Ht.iioine.it. Tho Free Tress also mid
WltllOUt qualification that tho euro
of Mr. Kent was an absolute and
permanent one. And while Mr. Kent
could not make a "worn statement as
to tlm future, ho stat-ed Unit he felt
ho was permanently cured.
Notwithstanding this there wore
many who could not bellovo Unit a
mnn' wlUi one foot In tho grave as
Mr. Kent, was could got a lasting
It occurred to tho Freo Press tho
olher dav that it would bo inlerest-
!„.- to enquire now, after tho lapse
of nearly sown years, as to lrnw Mr.
Kent was fooling.
Ifo had   removed   to   -108 Oilmour
wa Free Press.)
Street, and at that address a Free
Press reporter found him.
After reminding Mr. Keat of the article and his affidavit the newspaper
man asked him point blank :-
"Have you lost any time from
your regular work since you were
cured of Bright's Disease by Dodd's
Kidney Pills in 1895 7"
'Not a minute," answered Mr.
Kent, promptly.
"Have you since had the slightest
symptoms of your old kidney trouble
or anything like it ?"
"Not the slightest,"  ho said.
"You are sure that Dodd's Kidney
Pills and nothing olso saved your
life and restored you to your present
good health T"
'Absolutely sure. Why, my wife
and 1 are so grateful to Dodd's Kidney Pills that we have christened
our little girl, born in December, of
1896, by the name of 'Dodds.- This
shows you better than anything I
can tell you to what wo attribute
my recovery. I owe my life to
Dodd's  Kidney Pills."
"Would you be willisg in oider to
confirm our story published in 1895
to make another sworn statement?"
nsked the scribe.
"if it would do you any good I
havs* no objections," answered Mr.
Kent. "The Free Press was certainly well within the truth in every
Statement they published about my
Mr. Kent, at the request of tlie
Frs*s* Press, has given the following
SWorn statement :—
ids nt at 408 Gilmour Street, in (he
City of Ottawa, and employed ns a
printer at the American Bank
Note Company in the said City of
Ottawa, do solemnly declare:—
1. That on February 16th, 1895.
T, (leorgo Henry Kent, then resident at 114 Cambridge Street, Ottawa, did appear beforo Charles A.
Blunchet, Commissioner, etc., ami
liefore him on thnt date did make
a solemn declaration regarding my
recovery from Bright's Disease by
tho uso of Uodd's Kidney Pills and
pelting forth tho facts of my case
und its cure.
2. That in the declaration I set
foith that I believe that 1 was ab-
Mslutely and permanently cured ny
Dodd's Kidney Pills after the doctors had given me up to die.
S. That. I am now absolutely
svrlain that Dodd's Kidney Pills
and nothing else saved my life anil
1 hereby unhesitatingly reaffirm
every statement mado in my doc-
Inrntion minis' before Mr. Blanche!
on February 16th.   1895.
4. Thut I hove never since that
date hnd tho slightest symptom of
tho return of tho Bright's Disease
or any kidney trouble having en-
;oyed unremitting good health and
having worked steadily ami without. Interruption full timo at my
legulur employment as a printer
every work lag day from Iho slay
Dodd's Kidney Pills ss*nt me back
to work lo the date of this declaration.
.'• Thnt in evidence of our gratis
iiidi* to   Dodd's   Kidney Pills   for
having savsd my life, my Wife and
l havo christened a little daughter
burn to'tis In Uprs'inln'r of 1H96 by
thu   inline  of   "Bodds."
c. Thnt I havo reoommended
Dodd's Kidney Pills to many people in this city and elsewhere who
having heard of my wonderful es-
enpe from death by their use hnve
collfd on me or written to me enquiring about Uscm: and having
fsilltiwid mnny of these enses closely, I know of no caso where they
Isnvo been used according to directions that has not been cured, and
I know positively of my own personal knowledgo of several extreme
ca*.cs whero Dodd's Kidney Pills
huvo effected satisfactory and per-
iisiinsiit  cures.
And I mako tho solemn  deelara-
t.'on,   conscientiously  believing    it
to bo true, and knowing that It is
of iho samo forco and effect as   If
tiiisdo under oath and by virtus* of
'The Canada Evidence Act, Ifll'H."
I>.'dared before mo at the City of
Ottawa, In the County of Carleton,
this 3rd day of October, 1901.
(Sgd)     C H. KENT.
(Sg.l.)  A. W. FRA9BR,
A Notary Public In nnd for
Ontario. '
Nothing could bo more convincing
than this plain declaration mode by
Mr.  Kent, and    tho    Freo rri-ss    Is
|ileased to bo able to present such a
Complete and emphatic continuation
of our article of 1805.
Tho Kent caso must, therefore, go
on record ns tho most, wonderful curs*
over heard of tsi   fhlfl city or prov
ince, overy detail of which has been
carefully substantiated by sworn
To Dodd's Kidney Pills is due all
thc credit for having rescued and
Vt stored Uiis dying man and that after all hope had been abandoned and
the cold waters of the river of death
were lapping bis feet.
The people with the big ideas gen-
ally lack the cash to carry them
Tho fellow who is always telling
his troubles is not half so deserving
of sympathy as  the fellow who has
to list.m.
A man may have many good traits
aad still lack the one necessary to
make use of them.
A fool may ask more questions in
seven minutes than a wise man can
answer in seven years.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury,
as mercury will surely destroy the sense of smell
and s-isisi plot ely derange the whole system when
entering it through the mucous surfaces. Such
articlss-s should never be used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the damage
thoy trill do is tenfold to the gosid yon can pos-
ibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure,
manufactured by V. 3. Cheney 4 Co.,Toledo, O.,
contains uo mercury, and is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the syr-tem. In buying Hall's Catarrh
Curo bo sure yssu get the genu ine. It is taken
int*srnally,and made in Toledo, Ohio, by P. J.
Cheney A Co.   Testimonials free.
Hold byDraggistR, price 75c. per bottle.
Hall's Family Pills ure tha best.
Ask the average man to point out
a great genius and he will proceed
to take off his hat to himself.
Humor is said to be one of the elements of genius, but it is Impossible
to make a pessimist believe it.
The president of the kholti club
says that t'he fortunes of war are
made by the army contractors.
There nctcr was, and nerer will be. s
aniycrsal panacea, in one rem dy, fssr all ills
to which fl. sh is heir—thc very nature of
many cnratiTes being such that were tbs
germs of other and differently stated diseases rooted in the system of the patient—
what would selievo one ill in turn wunid aggravate the other. We hare, however, in
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
unadulterated state, a remedy for many ana
grievous ills. By its gradual and judicious
use the frailest systems are led into convalescence and .strength by the influence which
Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives.
It relieves the drooping spirits of those with
whom a chronio state of morbid despondency and lack of u tero;t in life is a disease,
snd, by tracquiliziug the nerves disposes to
sound and refreshing sloop—imparts vigor
to the action of the blood, which, being
itimnliited. courses throughout the veins,
strengthening iho lien thy animal functions
of the system, thereby making activity a
oec«88ary result, strengthening the frame,
ind giving life to the digestive organs, which
naturally demand increased substance—remit, improved appetite. Northrop k Lyman,
of Toronto have given to tbe i ablie their
superior Quinine Wine at the u*-unl rate, and,
gauged by tho opinion of scientists, this
wine approaches nearest perfs*ctlon of any Is
tha market.   All druggist-* sell it.
It is far more fun staying out discussing the ojus*slions of the day than
facing the questions of tho night
when you get home.
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
Man's inhumanity to mnn fills bar-
Is. rs hearts with WX». All men they
plaie beneath the ban who let their
Wshiskars grow.
Mrs. (Vlos-Us Coon, Syracuse, N.f.. writes:
"For year.. Iculd i ot s-ui many kinds of
food without prsdueing a burning, excruciating pain in my stomach. I took Panns-
le 's Pills according to directions under
'Dyspepsia or Indigestion.' One box entirely cured me. I can now eat anything I
choose, without distressing me in the least."
These pills do not s:uu: e p in or griping, and
should be used wh.su a cathartic is required.
Nearly 70,000 tons of corks are
m-cdsT'. for the bottled beer and
aerated waters consumed annually in
A man who   is   out for the rocks
isn't necessarily a geologist.
Tho whisky a stingy man drinks at
his own expense never hurts him.
11  is oasis'r to (Ind out what   people don't boslis.ve than what thi'y do.
TELL THK DEAF.-Mr. J. F. Kellook.
Drugglct, Perth, writes: "A ousionur of
iiilne having been cured of dcatnets by
he us-.- nf Dr 'Ihoinns' Eol «trio Ull.
wrote lu Ireland, ,. Iling his friends the t
uf the ouro. In ran equs.,nto 1 reoelvrd
sn ordu to kciuI half n doson by express
lo Wexfi rsl, Ireland, this week.
A In arty laugh is moro dswirnblc
fsir merit ul hs>nllli than any exercise
of ll,*.* reiiKoniag faculties.
Among the shoes possessed by
Queen Alexandra—and she collects
boots nnd shoes of all periods worn
by famous |sorsons—tho pair which
she treasures most are thoso once
worn by Mary Queen of Scots.
The coal mini's of the present,worked throughout the world, yield a
product of at least 400,000,000 tons
a year, and the exploration of their
depths are yet in tho infancy of ex-
Sweden has 127.70 inhabitants 'to
tlio Ni||itiirt* mile; Denmark, 147.00,
ami Belgium, the most densely settled country In tho world except
China, n3B.BO. The average for nil
Europe is OR to tho squaro mile.
The lu*aviest. of prtsclous stones is
tho zircon, which is 4\i, times heav-
is*r thiin an or^inl quantity of water;
the lightest is the opal, only twice
as heavy as water.
Summer is Over
Outings nnd picnics are bnt remembrances and
you are thinking how yon are going to spend the
long winter eroniugs. Music, vocal or instrumental is a pleasant pastime and useful too.traluing the
•ar and voice alike, producing the noblest thoughts
and sentiment.   The
Williams' Piano
With its soft, full and lasting tone in all styles of
cases is the instrumentyou need to consumate all
that is to be desired. We also sell organs and El-
dredge "li" Sewing Machines.
Y. M. C. A. Blk
Portage Ave.,
aU rfA*vr''Ucu6
4&CU MtofTf, UMtSs
With our mode of filling
mall orders, a man living- tn
the "heart of the Rockies"
oan do business with us
aim st as satisfactorily aa If
living In the city.
If It's a Diamond Ring, a
25e. Collar Button or any
article In the Jewelry line,
All goods marked In plain
figures —strictly one price.
Carriage charges paid by us
and money refunded If you
desire it.
Our handsomely Illustrated
catalogue sent free.
Tongt and Adtlatat Sit.,
EttabHthtd 1854.
7 Welllsftoa St West, Toreeta
Will make olothes te eider for
every nun in Canada at tower
prices than aay other firm, and
deliver at -four nearest Express
Drop a card for their
Ladies' Special HU ffoW **lle!*
HuntiuR caso gnarantsjed to wear for
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gsild flllosl case guaranteed to wear
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Elgin movement. A good reliable
time-piece for any man. Sont to any
address. Money cheerfully rofunded if
unsatisfactory and roturnod at once.
Two Stsires  atj,
illoway & Champion
Write to ns for prices of SCRIP.
Get onr List of Lands.
Stocks and Bonds Bought nnd Sold.
We can furni-h the exact amount of
Scrip for any payment on Dominion
Lands.   Do not pay cash.
Uso the All-Wool nnd only Genuine
Winnipeg, July 5th, 1889.
W. Q. FonMca, Esq..
Dear Sir.—I ism glad to bo able to state tlmt
t"u All-Wool Mica Roofing which jrott hav.
supplsod this! company has been entirely satisfactory and I consider it superior to any roof of
this classs on tho market.
(Signed)        J. WOODMAN, EngtaeOT, W. D,
V. a, Fonseca,     176 hikimaw.    fUilpts*
tor us at home. W furnish yarn and machine. Easy work. Good pay. Hand Knitters
also wanted. Send stamp frr partlenlars to
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ws-.r c.lW s*«rsi<-sl koltlloff tos.   Vj> ssapsslr s
sri •• uotV  Kriw
sss»l«rl»L isi.1 lay for ws.rk«»..nt1n.   WrfW Iss-dslf.   TW
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Maple Leaf
Rubbers and
Overshoes ::
Whpr the wise man starts on a
jmirne / he takes n full purse and no
Opportunities urp very sensitive.
Sli^'il them once and tliey seldom
cull again.
Ko ono who Is in ih'bt rnn Isonsl
of l«'iri'.r  i'Ml.'iii'iidi'nt.
To the ynuiiu; man in lnvs> distance
does not letul enchantnvnt lis the
It mny be only a trifling oold, but neglect
It and It will fasten its fanga tn your longs,.
snd you will soon be carried to an untimely
grave. In thin o untry wa have sudden
i.'hrmgos and inu-t cipcct to havo coughs and
cohls. Wo cannot avoid thorn, but we can
effect n cure by esing Bickel's Anti-Oca-
snmptive Syrup, the medicine that has never
boon knsiwn lss fail In curing coughs, colds,
wons'liitls nnd all affections) of tne throat,
■nngsuud cheat.
Must woini'ii regard bMbelora as
en,nl liiislinndH gone to wasto.
Voting man,   If you  havo u sIstsT,
Issv" nnd Onertsh her;  if you haven't,
then borrow some ssther fellow's sister.
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Not Bad for Good Teeth
SoiBdhnt - -     ^  • •        *$5e.
sSozodont Tooth Powder      - v-5e.
."Large Liquid and Powder        -    73c.
AUatores or by mail for thu price.    .Sample for the pestuj.'.*. jc
i- a
j*.»i* i
t ,;. J
!    ...»
• --
'■   lie**
Ml   ' THE DRILL, SLOCAN, B. C, 'NOVEMBER 15. 1901.
E-+T  .
h . ...»
E .'
*C. E. Smithebinqale, Editor and Prop.
fiLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
lhe first insertion af.<l 5 cents a line each
•subBpquent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
ras legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
ior each insertion.
Commercial Bates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, strict-
sly in advance; f2.fj0 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 15th, 1901.
A pencil mark in the space
-opposite will be an indication to you that ye editor
.-considers there is something
coming to him on your sub-
•cription. Kinsllv acknowledge  in crbIi and oblige.
It looks very much as it another
provincial election were not far off.
**The Independent-* had better set their
political machinery in  motion and
prepare for business.
Mackenzie King, deputy minister
, of labor for the Dominion, has been
at Rossland, endeavoring  to  settle
■the strike existing there.   Like preceding officials, he is forwarding his
data to Ottawa.   By this time the
public pigeonholes must be filled to
overflowing with information dealing
with the strike, and it is high time
.something eventuated.     Less talk
and more action on the part of the
authorities would win favor for the
Liberal party.
Because of one or two events of
minor importance transpiring during
the week, the air has become surcharged with pessimistic stories.
There is not the slightest foundation
. for the assertion that any . of thc
mines are about to' shut down, and
the prophets of disaster are away off
On the contrary, the outlook for the
camp is improving.asa glance at the
columns of this issue will show. It
. is an evil bird that foob Its own nest,
. and if tbe pessimists don't like the
camp tbo sooner they leave it the
.better.     ___________
Provincial politics have once again
reached an interesting stage and the
^boosters are on the boost, It is given
oat that Sir Henri Joiy has intimated
to Premier Dunsmuir that he must
fill the vacancies In bis cabinet and
be ready to meet the legislature at
.the usual time next year.   So far all
, the "seething unrest" appears to be in
Vancouver and Victoria, burgs that
-are prone to become excited on the
slightest provocation. The interior
members, with the exception of the
frothy Smith Curtis, are aaying little
bat industriously sawing wood. British Columbia might as well be in
South America, so far as any idea
the coast polly wogs have of stable
^politics.   __________
Slocan may take warning from the
.financial position of Sandon and continue to operate its civic machinery
on an economical scale.   From thc
-present position of affairs, Slocan may
. be assured of an exceedingly low tax
rate to meet expenses for 1902.   It Is
••thought a rate of 10 mills on the dot
lar will be ample for all purposes,
.yielding, over the incidentals nnd
.salaries, sufficient funds to build all
the sidewalks required.   More than
.•that Is not as yet required.   Sandon
is to sweat under a harden of 22*.
-mills on the dollar, enough to make
/any man hot under the collar,   The
f .people of Slocan do not wish to be
similarly situated, and there is no
reason why they should either.   The
.city   mast  be  assured  of  greater
.things in the future ere embarking
into heavy expenditures for extens
ive pablie improvements.   Slocan is
/doing nicely just now and a little
more of the nursing process won't
(hurt It for a year or two.   Be canny
is to be prosperous.
Iron Hone Development.
The machinery for the Iron Horse
has arrived and it will not* take long
rto place it in position. All the out
side contracts at the mine nre woll
under way and when completed development will commence. It Is the
intention to work all the mon there
to room for, which will be 15 at first.
Tbe sh ft will be sunk 100 feet nnd
.then a crosscut run west to the hi/*
vein, as well as drifts on the smaller
lead. There is an abundance of cap
ital in the treasury for development
Winter arrove.strictlyontirae.
The postofflce at Cody has gone out
of business.
The King's birthday passed off
very quietly.
Mark Manley came in from Spokane on Tuesday.
The Oddfellows will have their hall
lathed and plastered.
Sandon's tax rate has been struck
at 22J mills on the dollar.
James Rogers left on Monday for
the Crow's Nest country.
For the first time in years Slocan
will have no skating rink.
Sandon Miners' Union will hold its
annual ball on Thanksgiving night.
One dozen Black Cochin hens and
roosters for sale. Apply at the Drug
Mrs. Nevers and son havo relumed
from spending the summer in Cam-
If you owe the printer anything,
pay him and be numbered among the
Col. Lowerv, of the Ledge, is figuring upon wintering in California
and 'Mexico.
The Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian
church purpose holding a bazaar at
an early date.
T. D. Woodcock & Co, have been
improving their powder magazine
and making it fireproof.
The Union dance at New Denver,
Friday evening, was a great success.
Several couples attended from here.
Ben Robertson and wife left yesterday to take up their residence in St.
John, N.B. They, will be greatly
. "Doc" Skelly has mado a number
of improvements to bis residence on
Fletcher avenue. Kinder looks suspicious.
Rev. Mr. Ferguson, who has just
quit Sandon, occupied the pulpit in
tne Presbyterian church here Sunday
There was no meeting of the board
of trade on Monday evening, the necessary quorum failing to put in an
The license commissioners met on
Friday and granted a transfer of lb
cense to John Culhane for the Two
Friends hotel.
So far there are only eight or ten
objections filed against the new civic
assessment. The main objections arc
Simpson & Hutchison will bring
out a new paper, called the Tribune,
at Marysville, the new smelter town
in East Kootenny.
A special meeting of the board of
trade is called for next Monday night
at the city hall, and all members are
urged to be present.
City Clerk Folev has made op his
voters' list from his new assessment
roll. It shows no less than 205 persons qualified to vote.
Traffic receipts on the C.P.R. for
tor the week ending October 31 are
$1,210,000, compared with $941,000
for the same week last year.
Tom Collins, of Nelson, drifted in
here on Tuesday. He is now the
boosting agent of the Tribune—a
cruel position te place him in.
Angus McGlllivray.oneof the owners of the Neepawa, Ten Mile, wjs
married at New Denver, Tuesday, to
Miss Minnie Todd. Tbey went to
the coast for their honevmoon.
A shooting match for poultry will
be held on November 27-28, on the
lake front. Shelter will be provided
for ladies. Sloan & Schonbenr. They
will hold matches also at Xmas and
New Year's.
This Friday evening the management of the M. U. General Hospital
will hold an At Home at that institution, and an enjoyable time is anticipated. A short musical programme
will be given.
Miss McCoy,the talented songstress
who visited Blocan a month ago, will
come hare next week on a visit to
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Shatford. She
will give another concert, assisted by
local talent, before leaving.
Thanksgiving day excursion rates.
For Thanksgiving dav the C.P.R.
will grant the usual fare and one-
third return rates to and from all
points in local territory. Tickets will
be sold Nov. 26, 27, and 28, good to
return till Nov. 30.
Another report has been issued to
the stockholders in the Enterprise,
covering a period of 18 months ending December 31, 1900. It states
that although the company obtained
possession of the property immediately following its incorporation, It
was not until tho end of February,
1900, that the work could be started
at the mine, prior to which the only
NOTICE is hereby given that a special
meeting of the Slocan Board of Trade
will be held at the City Hall.on Monday
evening, November 18th, 1901. All
members of tho Board are earnestly requested to be present.
work carried out was the shipment
ofthe ore already mined, and the
erection ot the necessary buildings
for the men, etc. Actual working
soon revealed the fact that to sort the
ore by band was not only expensi *e
but wasteful, and consequently steps
wero taken for the erection of a suitable concentration plant, pending
which shipments were restricted and
work principally devoted to the development of the mine.
The accounts show a profit of £5,-
908, thc whole of which has been em-
§ loved in meeting the cost of further
evelopment, the erection ofthe con
centrator, and other capital expendi
tare. Details in connection with the
design of the concentrator and the
time required for the supply of the
machinery brought the winter of
1900 01 so close that its erection
could not be taken in hand till the
spring of the present year.since when
every effort was made to push the
work forward. It is now completed,
and advice of its having started regular work is daily expected. With
a view to the saving of both time and
labor, a complete compressor plant
for machine drill work has been installed, which, together with the concentrator, is driven by water power,
requiring no fuel and very little attendance.
Early in August last thc mine superintendent estimated the quantity of
oro in sight as being sufficient to keep
the concentrator supplied with 50
tons dully for 500 days. This quantity has been farther increased by
subsequent developments.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local registry office, H. P. Christie being mining
recorder: ,
Nov. 2—Bunker, 1st u f Lemon, David
4—Maud S, same, P Scbonberg.
Nov 1—Hill Top, Nancy.
Nov 4—Chas Heinze to Thos Avison,
affecting the Habanaand Flora Fraction.
Nov 4—Habana nnd Flora fraction %
each, C Heinze to T Avison.
6-Bonanzo No 3, Republic No 2, Dell
No 2, American Eagle and Ve fraction,
L J Hancs to the Slocan-Rcpublic Mining & Development Co., Ltd.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The*Leading Parlors:
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
i       j
Slocan,        - ** B. C
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, - - B. C.
NOTICE 'u hereby given that I intend
to apply at the next regular sitting of the
Board of Licensing Commissioners for
the City of Slocan, to be held after
the expiration of thirty days from the
date hereof, for a retail liquor license for
the premises known as the Two Friends
Hotel, situate on Lot 2, Block 1, in the
City of Slocan.
Slocan, B.C., Nov. 1,1001.
Witness: J. F. HarrottlI".
Corporation of the City of
Notico li hereby Riven thnt tlm Minimi sitting
of ths sCourl of Revision, for tho purpmse of
honrliiff nil complnlntss again!.! tho nKssmsmnnt
fur tbe yonr HUB, as music by tho Atsssegisssr of tho
City of Siis.-H.i, H.C., will be held In tho Council
Hall, in tho City of Slocan, on Friday, November 29th, 1901, at 10 o'clock, a.m.
City of Slooau, B.C., October 10th, 1001.
City Clerk
NOTICE is hereby given that 60 day*
after date I shall apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase 40 acres of land,
more or less, in tho West Kootenny district, and described as follows: Commencing at a post about one quarter of
a mile east of the city of Slocan, and adjoining the townsite of Brandon on the
north; thence 20 chains west; thence 20
north; thence 20 chains east; thence 20
chains south to the point of commencement.
Dated this 17th doy of October, 1001.
In the matter of an application for a duplicate certificate of title to lot 1,
block 53, Slocan City (map 400.)
Nolle "i ii hereby given that it is my Intention to issue, at the expiration of one
month (rom the first publication here, f,
a duplicateof the certificate of title to the
above mentioned lot in the name of William Cousins, which certificate is dated
tho 4th day of December, 1807, und nuu*-
Land Registry Office, Nelson,B.C.,2Bth
October, 1901.
II. F. MacLeod, District Registrar
Bonanza No. 8. Kepubllo No.», American
Katie, Bell Nr*. a, and Ve n-itotlou
Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of tho West Kootenay District.
Where located:—At the head of
Robinson creek.
Take notice that I, W. D. McGregor,
acting as agent for L. J. Hanes, free
miner's certificate No. B42063, intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recoider for certificates
of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining crown grants for the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuancoof such certificates of
Dated this 9th day of September, 1901.
13-901 W. D. McGREGOR.
Victoria,   Wsu and Skooknm   Mineral
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of ths? West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On west side of
Dayton creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Albert E. Ashcroft, P.L.S., as agent for the "New
Gold Fields of British Columbia,"
Free Miner's Certificate No. B46036,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 9th day of September, 1901.
Baby  Koyal  aud  Lexington  Fractional
Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan City mining division of West Kootenay district. Where
located:—On Republic hill, adjoining
the Phoenix-Viking.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M McGregor, acting as agent for Fred G. Carlisle, free miner's certificate No. B38371,
intend, sixty days from the data hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 30th dav of September,1901
4-10-01 "J. M. McGREGOR
Kit,   Ell   and   Eye   Fractional   Mineral
Situate in the Slocan Citv mining division of West Kootenay district. Where
located:—On Robinson creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. D. McGregor, free miner's certificate No.
1559606, acting for mvself and as agent
for J. M. McGregor, free miner's certificate No. B59ii07, and A. E. Rothermel,
free miner's certiflcate No. B59G55, intend, sixty dnys from the date hereof, tn
npply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for tho purpose
of obtaining crown grants on the above
And further tnke notice that action,
under section 37, must be commences!
before the issuanceof such certificates of
Dated this 30th day of September,1901
4-10-01. W. D. McGREGOR
Bile Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District
Where located: Between Springer
and Lemon creeks, north of the
TAKE NOTICE that I, William
Thomlinson, as the agent (or Herman
Clever, Free Miner's Certificate No
B38094, intend, sixty days from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certiflcate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further tako notice that action,
under 37, must be commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improve
Dated thia  24th  day of  September,
Seorplen Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Divi
sion of tlie West Kootenay district
Where located: Near Robinson creek
adjoining the Rainbow.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGregor, acting as agent for Thos. Andrews,
free miners' certiflcate No.IJ4031H,intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the mining recorder for a certiflcate of
improvements,for the purpose of obtain
ing a crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must Im commenced
liefore the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 17th day of October, 1901.
25-10-01 J. M. McGREGOR
Summit Fractional Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Di
vision of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On the divide be
tween Ten Mile nnd Springer creeks,
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGregor, acting as agent for Robert I. Kirkwood, free miner's certiflcate No. B59538,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
ceitificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must lie commenced
before tha issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 28th day of October, 1001.
8-11-01. J. M. McGREGOR.
Black Brae Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located I—Three miles north
east of Slocan City.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Francis J.
O'Reilly, of Silverton, B. C. as
ugent for (li-orge Brine, fros» miner's certificate No. BD2242, Utond.s'xty days
Re-opened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to retWu
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. Arthur Street and Delaney Ayenae, S'.ocaa.
Building thoroughly renovated
and re stocked with the best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords. Prices are right.
Stoves!  Stoves!   Stoves!
Just look np McCallum & Co.'s assortment of
Heating Stoves,   for either  coal or  wood.
Prices, from
Steel Ranges from
This ii the best assortment of first-class
stoves that ever came te Slocan. Thev burn
any kind of coal. Call around snd satisfy
yourself and we will do tbe rest.
$5 to $25
$16 up.
General Hardware, Slocan
Agents for Crow's Nest Coal;
McCallum & Co.
price delivered, $6.25 per ton.
from the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown grant of the above claim.
And farther take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of -mch certificate of
Dated this 4th dav of November, 1901.
The Murcutt Branch
or the W.C.T.U.. Slocan,
Meets the second Thursday in each month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in the Presbyterian church. All meetings open
to those wishing tJ join.
Miss E. Stouohton, Miis.M.D.McKee
President. Cor. Secretary.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing- and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at.reasonable rates.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles Furnished.
-     B. C.
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
Stan City Miners' llu,
No. 6a, W. F. of H.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Call and see our display
of Chlnaware, including
Tea Sets, Cups & Saucers, Berry Sets, etc.
All new and up-to-date
We also carry Cameras,
Kodaks,   and  supplies.
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
for $18.25.
Why be without a range whsrt
you can get one so cheap "•* Tiny
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
Notice to DelinquentCo-owner
To Thomas Henderson, or to any perton
or persons to whom he may have trail**
ferred bis one third (>■£) interest is
the Lone Dutchman mineral claim
situated  on   the   last south  fork ol
Lemon creek, in the Slecan I ity min
ing division.,
You are hereby notified thst I liars*.
expended the sum of one hundred and
two dollars end fifty cents in labor and
improvements on the above mentioned
mineral claim, in order to hold said mineral claim under the provisions of the
Mineral Aet; and if within 90 days from
the date of thia notice you fail, or refuse,
to contribute your proportion of such expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in  said  claim
will become the propeity of the subscriber, under section 4 ol an Act entitled
"Au Act to amend the Mineral Act,1800.'
Dated at Hlocan, this 18th day of September, A.D. 1901.
You Can Make
A  Striking  Effect!
By wearing e perfect fitting Suit,
cut in the latest style and elegantly
trimmed. Such can be purchased
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
near the Postofflce.
Christmas Sailings
to England:
Pari Ian, Nov 23; Nnmldian, Nov SO
Ionian, Dec 7;        Tunisian, Dec M
Dominion. Nov 28;   Cambrotnan, &
Vancouver, Dec 21
Ivernia, Nov 23;        Raxonls, Dec
New England, Dec 4; Ultonie, Dec 21
Celtic, Nov 26; Etrurla, Nov a
Germanic, Nov 27; Campanla.Nov *
Majestic, Dec 4; T Umbi-la, DecJ
Cvmric, Dec 10; Lucan a, Deo i*
Ocemisc Deo lis Etrurla, Di'0*«
Teutonic, Dec 18; Campania, Dec •."»
Haverford, Nov 27; Philadelphia Dec4
Bt Paul, Dec 11;       St Louia Dec w
Continental SMillnRt of North Oer
man Lloyd, Hamburg V*cM^>
Holland* American, Red Star Fiencu
and Anchor lines on application.
For reservatlen of berths, rates -trm
complete Information call on cr wn»
nearest C.P. R. effent, or-
J. 8. CARTER,     E. J. 00%
D P A A. O  «■ *•'
°'  Nelso**. yaw****


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