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The Slocan Drill 1902-12-05

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T0L. HI*. He* 36.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
Don't B1
Wc are getting California Giant Powder
in in carloads.      It is better than ever.
Also best Smithing Coal in the Province
Steel Ranges, Coal and Wood Heaters,
Washing Machines.      All are sold cheap
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slecan, llritish Columbia.
Underwear Talk:
You want something to choose from, don't
you ? You also want the best value for your
money. Both can be had at our store. We
havel,the largest range ever shown in Slocan,
and as good Goods as are shown anywhere.
Nothing small but the price.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
MssMt Again lin Submitted u  thu nats.-
ptsysra  Owners of Property Binbraoad
In  Hlllllt.  PlnyliBK   the   Wolf-Mors.
Dealers',in Fresh'and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Love Lightens Labor'
So does SUNLIGHT SOAP.      One woman will do
more and better work than two will with common
soap.   Sunlight Soap in the house lightens labor.
One ounce of Sunlight Soap is worth two ounces
of common soap,   t Gersome>nd try it yourself.
Co-operative Association,!^,
Slecan, British Oul tun hi a,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
SLOCAN, b. c.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs Into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Money la ll..||iilri il.
Thtist* in attendance nt Uiis week's
meeting i.f tin' city council were!
Mayor lork, Aid, Smith, Worden,
Nichol, McCallum uml Robertson,
Communications reads From Royal
Bank, Nelson, acknowledging notice
of acceptance of the tender for the
mill debenturea. The B. (..'. Trust Co.,
ltd., Vancouver, wero the tenderers.
Ordered Bled.
Bills presoutodt P.O. bo*- rent, Jl.-
10; II. Is!. Jorand, expenses to Nelson,
••tc. 1549*80.
City Solicitor Jorand was present
and made h report upon his trip lo
Nelson in connection with themillslte.
Mr. Fletcher, on behalf of the town-
Bite company, had made a demand on
the city for 11600 for the transferring
of 46 lots jo the mill company. Mr.
Fletcher, in tsayiiig he would gbjre the
land, had exceeded his powers as trus-|
tee of the townsite. He could sell but
not give away property, Ilie owners
wen* willing to deed over block F, but
Fletcher had refused to sign the deed
when it was presented to him until he
had heard from his co-owners. Coif*
sents hail been forwarded to them to
sign and all woultl be ready in ten W
days. All the other deeds for indivi- /|\
dual lots had not lx*cn registered, but j/t\
the titles were clear, excepting that of; il*.
Lowes & Barrington. Harrington was \_?
in th" courts, but would soon Ihi in it 1 f\\
position to transfer, Lowes was dead /|\
and no administrator had Hen appointed, Ths* hitter event placed |'
things in bad shape, Fletcher, however, had tinned Iiis affairs over to his
solicitor and they were now being attended t'i iu proper shape.
tho ban'; ready to be turned over t
the sawmill company.   Mr. Chew had    .,
been informed oi the situation of thc/r
various lots embraced in the millsite |/i
Bad >..'.   -ati: lied. i*j
Tho bills were ordered referred toi _r
the finance c immitteo. *0
Tho li'.!"ii •" committee reported re-; /J\
coknmending paymenlof billsamount-, iii
in1,'to $12.60.   Ordered paid. \_}
Two city time checks, amoimting to| 'fj
$21. in favor of John Campbell and
John Blonch, were ordered paid.
Tli.' mayor next addressed the council ui length and said thev were up
tigainsl something that was not very
pleasant.   It looked very much like a
hold-up game on the sawmill site for
$1600.   Fletcher  bad   exceeded   his
powers from the townsite company
anil lhe citv would  have to purchase
15 lots.   These were listed  at $100 a j'
lot. but tin* owners had agreed to put '
them in for less than St'l each, or an .
aggregate of $1600.   Fletcher would
forego his quarter interest •so reducing
the amount  to $1200.   That moneyy
musl be raised,   Ii was nol wis.* tou
take it out of the freneral finals of the ^iy
city, as it would cripplethe city work. Jk
Rather would it lis- better to add it on | W
to the loan bylaw, making the amount
17000.   Mr. Gait, inspector  for the
financial company, had  been in the
citv and examined the bylaw, and
hail stated it must be revised, consequently ii must  again go before the
peoplo.   The agreemeni with the mill
company must be separate from the
bylaw, but the former Btands,   The
tenderers were  willing to I ike the
<~,tm worth of debentures,
a respectable force of men employed
all week on the foundation work of
gjeir shingle mill.  On Saturday the
pile driver was got into position and
on Monday the job of driving the
piles for the foundation was commenced nnd hns been continued
steadily ever since. The company's
plant at tin* head of the lake is being
rushed to get out the dimension stuff
for the new mill here nnd the big timbers for the framework will be brought
down without delay. Everything is
progressing in a satisfactory manner,
/.INC A IIM Ull'. 11   I'HKB.
Slomu Orel May I"uh» Without lllisslstatics*
tss Kasiaaa.
Thomas Jones, representative of the
Lanyon Zinc Works, of Iola, Kansas,
hns succeeded in gecuring a ruling
from the United .States customs appraisers, admitting Canadian zinc ores
free of duty into the United States
for treatment. Some weeks ago he
contracted with a number of Slocan
mines for 1000 tons of zinc on*, to lie
shipped to his works as an experiment.
A portion of the ore went forward, but
$7 per ton more profit thnn if the ore
were sent to Antwerp. Belgium, The
railways bave given u special rute of
Sll tier ton oh the ore to Iola, enabling the producers  to win on a safe
Mr. Jones is in the field to secure
all the ore available, and his actions
will Ixi followed by other buyers. All
the Slocan properties possessing
bodies of zinc are preparing to mine
everything in sight. There will be
many more men ndded to the working
forces and the output promises to be
heavy. As a first result of the Washington ruling, the Payne on Friday
ss'tit out U18 tons of zinc, and will follow this up with regular shipments,
These will be followed by others from
the Slocan Star, Ivanhoe, Lucky Jim,
Bosun, Wakefield, and other mines,
Several idle properties are likely also
to be put in operation..
To better handle the output, Mr.
Jones' company will establish sampling works nt Kaslo, or some other favorable spot, and so expedite shipments. The demand for zinc will have
a direct influence on this portion of
the Sloean, affecting principally the
Enterprise, on Ten Mile. There zinc
has previously been considered more
or less of a  nuisance, but now it will
I* The Strain o' Scots. %
•    •    •
iiiinl t'i in proper shape. \ "•»£
The mavor said the deeds for al- 'ft
us! all th.' individual lots were in j/ft
Ue opened under
the old management.
Former oustpmers
cordially invi"'d *»retarn
The Royal Hotel,
Cer. Arlta**T Straet an
Rulldlng thoroughly renovated
ind ro st 'eked with tbe best
d llaLBs-y Ayrsss,., Sluctsn.
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
WAssrAUmtmthm *£***£
Yon .can
require from
kept fresh and well assorted.
best the market affords.
Price-, are
Citv solicitor oxpiaiued Mr. Gaits
objections lo the bylaw and a lotter
from the latter was read.   The main
object ions weret that to raise money
and exempt from taxation cannot be
grouped under one head, bul required
two separate bylaws; thai the agreemeni iini*i be separated from the by*
I iw: that the purchasers of the debenture's were insufficiently protected;|t>,
and that failure on the part or the
sawmill company to carry out their
agreemeni rendored the bylaw null
and void, which nogativ*3d the raising
of the  mouev.    The  recourse  was to
ash the lieutenant govornor to cancel
the present Inlaw, which had lieen
requested, ami submit twonewbylaws
to the ratepayers.
A long discussion followed among
■■fie aldermen, thej being so startled
ns to hardh know whal to do. As 11
stand*, nothing ean ht' dune with the
new bylaws till thopresentone Is cancelled by ths- lieutenant governor.
Regarding the deeds to block !■ and
the townsite lots, the matter was
the hands of  Mr.
1 was boing hurried
There's tias'thin" like the clasp o' a guid Scot's hand
Tiie a Scot whan he's far awa',
Fnr frae the dear ituld niitherland,
An' lninio, an' fren's, and a'.
Tho' the ban' thnt grasps yer ban' be hard
An' scarr'd wi' years o' toil,
'Tis the grasp that speaks o' oor warm regard
For the things o' Scottish soil.
There's naethin' like the sieht o' a guid Scot's face,
Though harsh in ilka line,
For Honor there has left its trace
An' Truth has made its sign.
'Tis a face the world can a'ways trust
An' gie respect at inaist,
For. hooever su Iden ill-fortune's thrust,
It aye wns bravely faced.
There's naethin' lifie the soun' o' the guid Scot's tongue
As it fa's on a Scottish ear,
For, whaursOe'er it be spoke or sung,
It has it* inem'ries dear.
Mein'ries that ca' tne the exile's hert
Frae oot his native glen,
Till fierce an' sudden the tear wull start,
Ve cauna hand it ben.
There's naethin' like the lilt o' an auld Scot's sang
Tae cheer ye whan yer wae,
Tae bring back tin- days that are fled sae lang
As it were bit yesterday.
Thae snugs that yer niither used tae croon
As she dandled ye on her knee;
O, there's naethin' the auld Scot's sang aboon,
Ta.* mak' yer bluid flow free.
There's naethin' liken  strain o'  the guid Scot's bluid,
Juist tak' it through au' through,
Tae kivp ye aye in a cheerio mood
An' mnk' yer hert beat true.
Tne hand ye aye tne the ways o' God
As weel's the ways o* men;
Tne gie ye strength in life tne plod
Along tae the journey's en'.
Tlinnk God, my lads, for the auld Scot's strain,
Thank God ye are Scottish born,
For the stream that courses in ilka vein
Ts bluid that nnne can scorn.
Heroes an'martyrs deid lang syne
Gave o' that bluid tne flow.
That Scotlan's honor niiclit never tyne.
Or cringe tne a foreign foe.
Sii". here's again tae the dear auld land,
Oor forbears lo'ed sue dear—
St. Andra's Nicht? hit us rax a hand
Tn" Scotsmen far and near:
For tin* sake o' the bluid in a' oor veins
An' the land o' a common thocht;
An' may nane gae back, while Life remains,
t)n the holiest name o' a Scot.
R, T. Andkkson.
Lemon Creeli.
v •^-^•3r-5**«**r-'ir: w*
*"" •5":**"-**,*"***»*-***^*****-«fc-
[etcher's solicitor
a ciincli!
sion. .
On a query from the mayor, tuo
elerk stated no reply had beenrecciv-
ed from the govornmenl n gun lin;" the
refund of taxes due the city.   Copy
of the letter sent was read.
Meeting adjourned,
I'll.* Driving i oitii.i-'iBs'.'sl.
The sawmill company has
was detained ai Northport pending a
ruling by the customs authorities as
whether it could pass without pay
in'* duty. Zinc ores were not specifically mentioned in the customs schedule, but the officers would not pass
the shipments till the  Washington
people gave a ruling. Mr. Jones went
to Port Townsend and interviewed
Qol. Heustis, the head of the American customs in the state of Washing
ton, bv whom the matter wns referred
to the federal authorities at the city of
Washington. The latter took the ease
under adviseni'iil and O'l Thursday
decided the ores could pass into the
country free.
The news has been most gladly received in this country, as it means
much brighter davs lor the Slocan, as
a large number ot mines contain /•iu'',
an article that is in growing demand
on the other side. Silver has fallen to
nothing and there was a dismal outlook before the mining community.
The demand for the iiuc, howaver,bas
cleared up things and the mineowners will now be able to operate their
properties at a profit. The Kansas
prices ar.;  such  lis   to  give a surplus
vali s
t.   LTi
..' t:l>
be the means of putting that mine into
the dividend class. It has a great
deal of zinc in its several workings,
which can in future be handled tsi advantage and profit,   The Enterprise
is the only mine in this division possessing zinc in quantity, but other deposits are known to exist in the camp,
and the ready sale for the article will
stimulate the exploitation of these
l*rs*|siirlisf to tttopp.
Preparations are being made at the
Black I'rince for stoping out the ore
in the upper workings, so as to swell
the shipments. About ten tons has
been taken out and sacked and is be
ing rawhided to the Arlington basin
In the lower workings drifting and
crossciitting on the vein are being followed. There is over six feet of snow
at the mine.
I.stat Vnir'a Hklpiuiinta Wore 0514 Tom
A lls.ultlsy  Uvldano* ot the l.ir«   s»nsl
Waullls of tins Camp—Arlington the
tilggoat Shipper.
After an enforced idleness of a couple of weeks, the Arlington again figures in the shipping list, having the
heavy tonnage for the week of 120
tons. The roads now being good,
they nre sending down the ore at a
lively rate. No other properly mai'e
a shipment, but there is considerable
ore lieing moved from the other mines.
The Black Prince is rawhiding to the
Arlington basin and will shortly ship.
On Monday the Ottawa commenced
sending down its ore and will continue
to do so every day. It will have a
couple of fills to go out next week.
For 1CJ00 the exports from this division amounted to 28-17 tons, made up
from ten properties. Lnst year tho
exports totnlled 6529 tons, from fourteen properties, Following is n full
list of tho local shipments this year to
Arlington    120
I'ayit realt	
Fourth of July	
from tha zinc, leaving ih >sllv
in the oro n i au add liou il n
K iii^.i- ligiiro   ii's' ■• ih ulutc i
E. Johnson is applying for and will
doubtless obtain from the provincial
authorities a hotel liceine tot his
store in Brandon. The province Is
hard up for money, for there is absolute n ed c or deiuau If..
hot il in that sul tub.
Bar silver touched 46y cents duriug
the week.
The Enterprise has laid off a few
men lately.
Ore shipments for the camp are
over 2.1,000 tons.
The Bosun Rent out 30 tons of zinc
this week to Kansas.
Sloean ore shipments are now running about BOO tons a week.
The gold output oL the Atlin district will reach »,0OO,000 for tho year.
The output of the Rossland camp
will exceed that of last year by 40,000
Bert McNaught has sold a sixth interest in the Star Pointer group to E.
Rambler stock has fallen away Iw-
low 80 cents. It was up close to 90 a
short while back.
About iWOO tons of ore from the
Republic camp has so far lieen treated
at ths' Grand Forks smelter.
Work started on the Myrtle group
this week. Tho Ixiys had a heavy job
breaking the trail to the property.
Byron White, of the Sloc'in Star,
says thnt within a yeai the Sloean
will Ui shipping 75,000 tons of zinc.
The mannger of tin* Ymir mine estimates that the profits for November
amounted to SSOOO. after deducting
S8Q00 for development charges.   The
return is from 60 stamps and is the
best for months. The ore (a improving in grade.
St. Aniirew Hsauresl.
Two celebrations were held here on
Monday night in honor of St. Andrew.
The lirst was a gathering of ladies at
the residence of D. Arnot, where an
especially social time was spent. The
other was the second annual supper
to lie given by the St. Andrew's .society of tin* citv. which took place .at
the "Arlington. 'There were upwards
of 10 persons  present, the  guests  of
the evening being R.J. Me Thee. Thos.
Chew and Rev. W, Simons. The tables were arranged In the form of a
St. Andrew's cross, while the room
was beautifully decorated, The menu
was strongly Scotch in character, and
it permitted the tables tsi present an
attractive appearanoe, A. York presided at the festive board, with J. ti.
McCallum as vice. A long and varied
programme was given, the speeches in
reply to the various toasts being interesting, the songs good, .'ind the recitations excellent, particularly that com
posed for the occasion   by the s'tcictv
bard; R. T. Anderson. Lome York
officiated at the piano and gave a cornet solo as well. The marked features
of tlie evening were ths* dancing of A.
McMillan and ('<in Murphy .ind lhe
procession round the hall as escort to
the haggis, It was 2 am. next day
when Auld Lang Syue brought the
affair to a close.   The  society carries
;i balance over of UL
Billle Weaver, another of Slocan'i
contribution to the South African war.
na ■ ling with  -i
■-...    < ■.•*■*-< 'TWEEN LOVE
i NoTd by Annie Thompson.
Those startled looks of pained surprise, with which in the earlier days
of their acquaintance she had greeted
some sneering remark of his, haunted
Iiis memory until he begau almost
unconsciously to shape his words nnd
thoughts Into conformity with what
In* believed to be her Ideal. And this
he did. not only when he "as reminded of his monitor by he:' presence. A very tender conscience had
been begotten in him, which ii was
becoming daily more Impossible to
violate. Aleo, ho wns awakening to
a seme of his neglected duties, For
months ho had been content to enjoy his wealth in Idleness, but u
to'inpathetic commonplace regarding
the weight of anxiety tbat must be
Ins on account of his possessions, fell
from Mary's Iiis ono day and Ilium-
initeil the subject for him. When the
girl had spoken, he turned impulsively to her. and took her hand.
"Miss Mary." be said, "I think l
should never do wrong again, if you
were always near to advise nie. Vou
h.i vi- shown me a hundred things that
1 was blind to before. I have certainly ne.'leitetl work that old Mr. Wishart expected me to attend to. but I
shull not neglect it any longer."
How .Mary's heart I eat. how her
fine, glowed! Was it possible tint her
advice waa of value, her suggestions
were of use? Ko one at the Manse
ever thought of asking her advice;
Kato always treated her suggest.ons
with amused tolerance. How sweet
it wns to be appreciated, and appreciated by Gavin Wishart. Bhe wrote
h.'s words on her heart, and brooded
over her hidden trcausre; she. she,
was actually influencing the life of a
On the present occasion, Qavln'S
thoughts ha,ving wandered from admiration of Hichard Twiss' devotion
nnd energy to the contemplation of
hs own dilatory habits, he surprised his companion, after an Interval, by u sudden question.
'What do you think of Argentines
as an investment?"
"Excellent counters to gamble
with." replied Mr, Claverton. "Why
do you usk""
"1 have a. few thousands to In
M2*t. I want your opinion."
"Well, If 1 had the spare money,
and required a little excitement, I
should buy Argentines, and keep
them — for a very short time."
"They are safe enough, aren't they?
I hold soiiis* already for the Prisoners' Aid scheme, and thought ot buying o here for the Indigent Fund ."
"Invest trust money in Argentines!"
exclaimed Mr. Claverton, "J should
not care to huve you for my trustee.
>o, no. Take rn) advice — sell out
whut you hold uml think yourself
lucky io get out without loss. There
will be a big rs urt ion presently. As a
trust io it is not your business to
taku risky securities for ths* sake of
making largo prulits; a moderate,
steady return is nil you have to
look for. Sell out. 9ell out. if you're
They were close to tht* solicitor's
otlice. "Will you come In?" he asked,
but ("avin shook his head, nnd began
slowly to retrace his steps
lie had implicit faith in Mr. liiv»-
erton'S Judgment in money matters,
and his mind was now considerably
disturbed. Only a day or two liefoie,
he bad all but authorized Itichard
Twiss to in\e-t still morn of the
Trust money iu Argentine Bonds, owing to that gentleman's warm recommendation ol tliiin; now lie Wished
with all his heart, either that his
benevolent old relative had not sail
died him with this troublesome trus
teeship, or else that he had been freo
from tho doubtful advantage of Hie)
ard Twiss' co-operation anil advio
Ho recalled wiih some misgivings
that Twiss had counselled him to
rely in thoso matters on his own
judgment, und ov. ni •"•count to be
influenced by the timidii. of some
advisers he could name, whi thought
tho proper way to invest money was
to lay it up ln an old stocking.
"It would lie so different," Twiss
had urged, "il you yourself were entirely without cxpericnci'. With your
sagacity, foresight, and knowledge of
the world, you need not be de|iendent
on any one."
As he recalled this speech. Gavin's
face tingled. He knew perfectly well
that he had neither sagacity, nor
foresight, nor Wide cxperiencs*. but.
w'as in plain truth vacillating and
easily led, with sufficient wit to bo
aw-aro of his weakness untl sutlicient
vanity to desire to bide it.
"There is still timo," he rcllected,
courageously, "I shall put a stop to
lie begun to arrange a conversation
between Twiss and himself, in the
course of which he was to evince a
good deal of sagacity. He heard
himself allude to a probable big re-
aetisin in Argentine*!, and hint at the
considerations that should influence
a trustee in his choice of Invest*
meats, 'n a fervor of determination, he reached tho lawyer's ollico
and went us usual to his private
Richard sat With his head bent
forv aid. reatlnu on bis hands; as*
t.uvin approuched ho looked up—Ills
face wus grey, was agonised, Ins lips
twitched  with puin.     The Sight    was
so alarming sis to startle (>u\iu's
sentences  from  hig mind.
"Vou uru terribly ill I' * he exeluun-
ed. "Can 1 do anything? .Shall I
iall some one?''
Unable to speak, Twiss motioned
with his band low/*rd the structure
of pigeon iisiii.'s surmounting bis
writing table, into tha centre of
thi'se a small mirror bud been fitted,
Qavio divined thut it wus the door
to u  rocsas,   he opened  it ui.d  found
a spirit Husk within the compartment. To pour out brandy aiidliolil
it. to tho sufferer's lips wus tlie work
of a moment; Twiss drank, gasped,
and begun to breathe more freely;
tho livid hue died away from bis
face, he wiped the dampness from
his forehead, Presently he looked
up with nn attempt at a smile.
"I am better. That was not so
had. Vou can't guess what u relief it is to huve lhe pain go. 1 am
sorry to have alarmed you."
"Vou aro surely seriously 111,"
Ravin saisl,  much  concerned.
"T have these attacks occasionally!
it is heart com plaint I havo been
doing too much." He turned over
the papers on his desk listlessly.
"Pray sit down, Mr. Wishart, Vou
wanted something?"
"I hud better come at another
"No: I assure you I am all right
"Are you really   able to talk?"
"Quite uble."
Uavin made un unsuccessful attempt to collect bis seutouces,
"The fact is," he said, "I have
been reconsidering matters.    I think
it will be US well, on the whole, not
to invest tluit £2,000 in Argun-
"Noll I understood we were to!
purchase at once. I did so. The
bonds came by to-day's mail"—]
Twiss feebly lifted one pile of papers, nnd then •another, as he spoke j
—"I thought I had theni here, no, s
I must have locked th.in up." He |
rose, steadying himself by a chnlr.
"Oh, slon't trouble," protested Gavin, alarmed to see how much the
pain had weakened him, "I can
come again."
"They are here." said Richard.  Tie1
had    unlocked   the  safe,  uml  handed;
the parcel  of bonds to Oavin,     who
turned it ovor mechanically, noticing |
that they were neatly done up in the i
lawyer's usual methodical  manner-
tied    round    with red tape and conspicuously labeled   "Indigent  Gentlewomen's Fund"—also that some  care-;
loss  person  had  splashed  them  with ;
Ink  in a  way thut    6eemed  vaguely j
"Of course it you wish it wc can
sell out to-morrow," continued
Twiss, "but it seems a pity. Hold
them for a time, at any rate. They
ure rising steadily, und safe to go
higher "
"Well—perhaps—" Gavin half assented
The lawyer returned the bonds to
his safe, aud  seated himself again.
"I think we are lucky to get tbem
at the price," In* said wearily "We
have shared three per conl on them
since yesterday." His voice became
faint "1 shall have to asJ< vou to
go. after ull, Mr. Wishart. 1 am
not lit for moro work just now."
Oavin  left at once.
On his way home, it occurred to
him that, In the circumstances, it
might not be very long before the
Wishart Charitable Funds Were
transferred to Mr. Claverton's management: but ho dismissed the
thought hastily. He felt unaccountably remorseful because he bud distrusted such a sufferer even for a
few minutes. The ugoni/.ed look in
the poor man's fuce had made a most
painful Impression on him. He
could not rid himself of the remembrance; it. haunted bim the whole
day through, ami wus with him at
night when he dropped off to sleep.
In the middle of the night, he
fsiunsi himself sitting bolt upright in bed — strangely wide
awake, overy nerve quivering, every
faculty on the alert. He looked
down at his bands half expecting to
lind them full of papers: for he had
been dreaming of his interview with
the lawyer and sif the parcel splashed
by ink which, in his dream, had
poured over the paper in a rude re-
gemblance to a map of the Park Continent. Siislils'tily the explanation
Bashed upon him. "1 have seen that
parcel liefore," lie cried aloud. "1
bad it in my hands in Twiss' ofliee,
three months au.s I could swear to
the sha|* of the stain, oven to tho
smaller blot thut busked like Madagascar. Did Twiss u'ive them to me
bv mist ake? No, for they wore labeled tsi-sluy us securities for the Indigent Fund. Three months ugo whom
lie lirst shewed them io me, they
were Prisoners' Aid securltiea. Very
queer, to say iho least of it. What
can it mean?"
He aji,'enled t'l the darkness: und
when his voice ceased, it seemesl 10
him that thc darkness surged with
sounds which carried confusion into
ins brain. The extraordinarily vivid
impression with which lio had.awakened, was clean gone from him. He
pressed Iiis hands against his eyes
in the eilort to recall the exact r.p-
peiirunco of lhe bonds—he co ill see
nothing but Richard's face, .list.inc.1
with pain. Ile tried to think consistently, to reason oBit the meaning
rn* the reappearance of the pan-el—
but the most trivial iv.'iiis of the
day crowded Into his mind, making
consistent thought impossible.
"I shall see theni again. I shnll
cull at the ollice to-morrow," hn decided. ,       , .
It was some timo before bis excited fancy wonbl let him sleepi bul
when he wakened In broad daylight,
the visions of the ni**dt time appeared utterly absurd lb* was almost
nshnmed tlmt bo had entertained
tiem seriously—end yet, rsnd yet.
they hail seen.est so real. Although
ho protested tO himself that it wns
mitrnesvius I" suppose a man of such
■landing as Hichard Twiss capable
of fraud, nn uncomfortable suspicion
crept over bim now nnd Strain. To
RVn'se It otT entirely, hs wenl to the
Inwvor's office, ond was almost relieved when he learned thnt, Mr.
Twiss wus loo unwell to be at
business thut day.
I'llAl'TEK   V1U.
The   two   Weeks   tbul   ruuiaii.rd    ol
juue,    after Joim Cayford s return,
Ware uuiiiuuil, radiant thin jc.v.'.
Clouds        might be tiuiimiuuud
by       tho .un       ul     sunset      to
ssiiii lo bis glory, but ii.,■.,
disappeared before dawn, und day
followed day in uuvuried Splendor—
glowing with light und wuiutiA, guy
wilh   the  hulls'   ol   bniis,  (ss'sivi   witli
the .'.cm of (lowers.     Two of tho inmates   of   Hie   .Manse,   found   the   time
pass ull loo quickly. They tool-
long walks to favorite and almost
forgotten haunts. Thoy paid long
visits to various old folks In the village, who hud known John Cayford
from his boyhood, and who insist..*d
an his partaking of tea and scones
and Ayrshire cheese, while they told
hint of relatives of their own in Australia and produced sundry Well
worn Is'lters from abroad fsir his Inspection. Mary was his constant
companion, ready at any hour for
any exclusion he liked to propose.
Together they sailed out to Ailsu
Craig, and walks-si to l.endal Foot,
and revisited all the places that hud
been dear to Alice. Kale was occasionally asked to join them, but she
excused herself, she wus too busy,
she said. Shu was busy: not only
in waging war against material
foes, (for it pleased her at this particular period to have tho Manse
thoroughly cleaned from attic to
basement—a proceeding which bewildered her uncle, wearied herself,
unsl gave John and Mary every reason to remain out of doors,) but
also in waging war against certain
devils who took up their abode in
her heart, and refused, for the time
being, to be driven out.
Kate—whose soul had so lately
been thrilled to its depths by tho
most overpowering und inspiring
emotion she hud ever experienced, so
that, for a brief space, she seemed
to herself to have attained to the
knowledge of all good—had now attained to the knowledge of much
evil; was, in fact, a prey to jealousy, anger, hatred even. Throughout the day, she iserformed
such miracles of energy, that the
stolid llella was amazed at her mistress' ardor; and at night, she sank
wearied upon her bed, to be tormented through Ion*,' hours by thoughts
which sho had not the strength to
banish. Sho would rise in the morning, heavy eyed and lanquid, with
that numbness and apathy about her
heart, which is pleasure in comparison with the pain of feeling; it did
not, unfortunately, outlast the
breakfast hour, The kindly sun tanned her cheeks to mask her pallor;
but nothing could di9guisc the un-
romantic fact that her temper suffered.
"I wish some one would go to
Raeden, for me," said Mr. FerriB one
morning. "There is a message I want
taken to your old friend Morison the
weaver, Kate; I should like him to
have it to.day."
No one responded to this appeal;
Kate, to whom it was more particularly addressed, studisnl the contents
of her coffee cup intently. Tiaeden was
a village five miles distant, the road
to it was dusty, shadeless, and uninteresting; Kate not Infrequently went
there, but to-day she felt weary and
unequal to the walk. Mary glanced
hesitatingly at her cousin, and then
"I am so sorry, Uncle, that I have
promised to lunch at Doune Hoiisi.
With John. I am afraid th.'s-e would
not be time to do both, unless indeed, I left directly after lunch; then
I might manage it."
"Why, Mary," said John, "Doune
House must be two miles in the opposite direction. You could not walk
so f„.r."
"Well then." continued Mary, anxious to solve the difficulty, "suppose
I go to Itaeden instead of Dtiune
House. You must, go there, John,
but the Craigs can see me at any
time. I don't believe they would
"Certainly I should mind. Will tomorrow do, Mr. Ferris? we can go
for you then. Even if Mary were to
break her engagement, llaeden is too
far for her to walk there alone; don't
you agree with me Kate?"
Kate bad listened apathetically to
tho conversation; she did not. care,
sho told herself, how they sett lest the
mutter. This direct appeal affected
her strangely. Why should John apply to her, to sanction his own plans
—to acquiesce with the absurd consideration With which Mary was
treated? She (lashed a quick glance
al. him from her dark eves, nntl con-
veyed in her tone all the sarcasm at
her rnmmund, as she answered. "De-
oidedly I agree with you. Considering
Marys age, it is quite out of the
question fur her to walk five miles
along a country road in broad daylight, without a companion. I have
tho goosl fortune to be three years
older, f'ive ine your message, Uncle,
I can take it this afternoon."
Sho hntl the satisfaction to see
amazed looks exchanged by her companions, and she struggled desperately with an inclination to cry.
"Oh Kate, dear," exclaimed Alary,
herself almost in teurs, "do let me
go for you. or else, say that I may
go with you."
'"thanks," rejoined Knto. icily,
"there is no need to niter any ar-
Fangments, 1 shall enjoy tho walk. I
prefer to bo alone "
After thla, the subject was dropped.
Kate went to itaeden in slue Course,
Wrestled With her enemies all lhe
way, and got the better of them be-
foiB! her return.
John dismissed this little episode
from his mind, with the reflection
that Kato must be a most unsympathetic companion for Mary; but biter
in tho day, It recurred to him. He
and Mury, had accustomed themselves
to end every dny with a si roll along
tho solitary sea shore They had a
favorite re-ting plnce among the
rocks, and samo to it evening after
evening, to watch the sun Bulk down
behind the sea while the grey twilight crept across the sky. This evening, while they sal there, Mary
It retched   out   her   hands   to   tlio  sen
with a deep sigh of content,
I'IO BK ion I INtir.D.]
-aa-. :
On the cornerstone of tlmt fabric
which we entitle manhood Is engraved
the monosyllable "No." He who early
learns the use of tbat Invaluable word
bus already learned the way to peace
uml CODfort und safety. An easy compliance frustrates everything. Itespeet
for others need not degenerate Into
servitude, but respect for oneself. That
ts the very alpha and omega of all Inward command.
. Copyright, 1901, by E. 8. Windsor   >
Cyril Moore, lawyer, was not noted
for the suavity of his manner nor the
mildness of his glance. Both were unusually severe this morning, and he
was not Inclined to deal gently with
bis disturber. He hud been interrupted
In the consideration of nu Important
matter, but Dorothy Dale's brown eyes
never flinched before his deep set gray
"Please, may 1 talk to you a few
minutes?" she asked lu her soft little
"I am very busy," he returned, "and
gave orders that I was not to be disturbed."
"The elevator boy showed mo your
office, aud there was no one In the other room, and so I came In," suid Dorothy.
The lawyer made au Impatient movement mentally resolving upon the censure which Wilson should receive for
leaving the entrance to the otlice unguarded.
Two little red spots hud crept Into
Dorothy's face, but she went on bravely:
"You see," she began, "I"—
The lawyer again moved Impatiently
nnd frowned, but his smnll visitor persisted.
"It Is so Important, you see." There
wns a keen uote of anxiety in her
voice, but the brown eyes never wavered. And what was there iu their
depths which brought to the lawyer's
mind a vague memory and made bim
look nt bis visitor with a stirring of Interest, then hesitate nnd finally push
aside the papers over which tie had
been absorbed and say shortly:
"What Is lt? I can give you u few
"Oh, thank yon," snld Dorothy politely. "It Is sbout thnt position In the
Hilton school."
Cyril stared In surprise. What could
tbls little, old fashioned girl have to
say about thut? It would be Interesting to know. He pushed bis papers
farther away and leaned back in bis
"Sit down," he snld, pointing to a
chair. Dorothy obeyed with a grave
"Thank you," settllug herself comfortably in tbe chair which was so high
that her feet were quite u distance
from tlie ground. Her blue felt sailor
hat was pushed buck on her bead, nnd
several soft brown rings of her hair
had found tbelr w-uy to iter forehead
She lifted ber clear eyes to the lawyer,
nnd again their depths vaguely stirred
his heart.
"You see, auntie lost nl) ber money
lu Boston, and so we hnd to come bere
to live. Auntie owns a little house here,
and she says thut is better thun nothing. And yesterday Mrs. Prudcu told
her they wanted a teacher in tbat
school and that auntie must try to get
it right nway."
"Oh, indeed," ejaculated Cyril.
"You see." she went on In a confidential tone, "auntie knows n lot of tilings
She belonged to ever so many clubs iu
Boston. Every one says Unit sbe is so
Dorothy paused to seo If the lawyer
wns properly impressed with tbe im
portance of her mint's acquirements.
"Yes," said Cyril politely.
"Mrs. Prudeu told ntintie that you
could let her teach thut school, but
Inst evening a letter came from Mr.
White In Boston to say auntie must
come to see him right off. You see, he
attends to ull of her business. So sue
had to go on tbe early train this morn
ing." Here Dorothy stopped, out of
Cyril uttered nn interrogative "Yes."
Dorothy smiled up at blm, "And 1
was ufrnid she might bo too late when
she came back, nnd then It will be
such a nice surprise for her wben she
does come bnck for me to tell her I
enme to see you about it"
"Then she doesn't know what you
ore doing?" queried Cyril.
"Oh, no.  I waited till she was gone."
"Where do you live?" questioned
"Over on Pose Crescent"
The lawyer did not recognize the lo-
cnlity, but there hud been many
changes in the old town during those
years In which he hud beeu nbseiit
fin ui it
"Auntie will be s splendid teacher.
You see, she's so sweet. Won't you
please try her?"
In her eagerness Dorothy arose and
stood beside Cyril, placing her hand In
its woolen mitten on Iiis nrm.
The little action thrilled blm. a sudden realization of tlie loneliness of his
life smote him, nnd again (he child's
brown eyes awoke thnt memory.
"Please, won't you?*' urged Dorothy,
with au unconscious pressure of Ills
Cyril looked down Into the eager
fuce with nn expression In his own
thut few bad seen tbere during Inter
"I'll see whnt I ean do. I must know
more of her qunlltlcntlons. I iiieiiu,"
he explained kindly, "If she knows nil
tbe things that the person who tenches
lu that school must know I'll do my
"Oh, thnnk yon. I'll go now." Doro
tby slipped off ttip mitten nnd gravely
teudered ber bund to the lawyer. He
rose nnd bowed over It with more ceremony than be hnd for muny yenrs
shown any other member of her sex.
Dorothy flushed a confiding smile nt
htm und tripped Jauntily awuy through
the outer oltlee, much to the surprise
of Wilson, who wus now nt bis post.
WUsM was still more surprised thut
afternoon wben on going Into tbe law
yor's private room ho found Mm putting his dook In ordor and was waved
„wav   with:   "Don't   bother  nie   willi
tbat now, it's such n Hue nfuTiioon
think I'll take U walk und look at that
Dorren property."
Wilson went buck to his desk, lie
furtively watched the lawyer as the
latter put on overcoat hut and gloves.
It was the tlrst time within his knowledge lhat Cyril hud set aside an iiupor
taut matter. What had happened?
The lawyer wulkeil ou witb rapid
stride. Tbere wus in the air u sugges
Hon of the spring which was not yet
On the corner tin organ grinder was
playing popular nlrs. A little farther
on n (lower vender wns offering bouquets of violets for sule. The scent
of the flowers llouts'd up to hlin, und
the memories awakened earlier lu the
dny by a pair of childish eyes were
nguln stirred. Cyril bought one of the
fragrant purple clusters, fastening It
In the lnpel of his eont with a smile.
When had he done such n thing?
As he walked nlong his glance fell
upon n lamppost bearing the name
"Rose Crescent."
A sudden remembrance enuie to him
of his little visitor or the morning,
That wns where she had said she
lived. lie recalled Ills promise to do
what he could for her tiunt. Why not
call upon her and lind out her tltuess
for the position? Ile paused to glUUCS
up and down the street
But thc child had not told him her
aunt's mime or their number. Then lt
was useless to consider It further.
Still be would like to please that Child.
He wus walking on wheu he heard
u flying of small feet bell lud him and
bis name called. He turned around to
see his little visitor of the morning.
"Oh." she exclaimed. ''1 was at tbe
window and saw you passing. 1
thought perhaps you were coming to
see us."
"Well," snid Cyril, smiling, "you did
not tell me your number."
"1   forgot,"   she   laughed,     "It's   tn
here."    Tliey had been walking back,
and  now  she stopped  In   front  of  n
modest house stniuling back from the
I street
"Come In," she said. "Auntie's Just
! got home. I didn't tell her about It yet."
! Cyril followed her up the garden
path and into the house. She led hlm
I into a room opening off n small hall
I A lady seated before an open tire rose
I nt Iiis entrance. She was not very
| young, and she was very sweet look*
' lug. with great brown eyes.
"Madam," began Cyril, "I"—
He bioko off abruptly, looked bewildered, then ejaculated, "Rebecca Pow*
"Cyril:  Why"-
"Yoii ss'e. auntie, I went to ss*e Mr.
Moore ubout that school. I Was afraid
you'd be too late, and"- began Dorothy.
But neither her it nut nor the lawyer
seemed to bear her. Tbe latter was
saying. "She lias eyes like yours."
"You see, auntie," began Dorothy
Once more, but Stopped ns Cyril spoke
again. "To find you bere!" His face
was flushed, and Ids eyes were shining. There was a bright color in the
cheeks of Dorothy's aunt too. Dorothy
was looking ut her In surprise. Why,
she knew Mr. Moore. Then she would
surely get that school.
"Are you still Rebecca Powers?
Wben I saw you last, 1 thought that
yon were going to marry"—
Miss Powers Interrupted blm quietly.
"You were mistaken, but 1 remember
yon bad u bad ha bit lu those days of
Jumping ut conclusions."
"'1 hai isiie hus cost me dear—all these
lonely years." he said.
He took the bunch of violets from
his coat, "i remember you were always fond of violets, Rebecca, Are you
still'.'" He held Hie fragrant blossoms
toward her, and Miss Powers, after a
glance Into his fnee, took them from
his hand. She lit hi tbem to inr lips a
moment, then fastened them ears fully
In her bosom.
Dorothy was becoming Impatient'
but to her great amazement Just then
Cyril stooped down uud kissed her
Then he turned to Dorothy. "I nm
going to nsk your mint to take charge
of one pupil." be said—"one who needs
tier very much."
"One pupil!" exclaimed Dorothy,
"Why, I"-
But ugain tail her her mint nor the
lawyer seemed lo henr her
Suffered Musts A|*ssssy, Jrla Appetite Felled, uml III* strength Left Hlm—Hope
For Similar Mifferers.
Only those who hsive suffered from
the pangs of rht'iimutisiii know how
much agony the sufferer bus ul times
: to endure. The symptoms often vary,
but among tbem will be found acute
pains in the muscles und joints, tIk*
latter sometimes much swollen.    At
times the patient, is unable to dress
himself, mid tha slightest Jar ring
sound aggravates the pain. Liniments and outward applications cannot possibly cure rheumatism ; lt
must be treated through the blood,
and I'or this purpose there is no medicine yet discovered run equal Dr
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' rheumatism.      Mr.  Jos.   Kochcttt',    a
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t'.ie , iii nn interview with a reporter
of L'Avenir du Nord, offers Strong
proof of tlie value of Dr. Williams'
I'ink l'ills in cases of this kind. Mi
Rochette says:—"Kor nearly throe
years I wus a great sufferer from
rheumatism. The pains si's*:ned at
times to affect every joint, anil the
agony l endured was terrible Home-
times I could scarcely mow about,
and    was     unfitted   for   work.       The
!trouble affected my appetite, and in
this  way  niy  weakness  increased anil
my condition became more    deplor
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The spirit of Christ, whim it enters ths' mind, destroys selfishness
and makes us feel that everj  human
being  has  a claim  upon  us —Stnlkei
TUTAI.I.Y   DEAF .—Mr    S    I'.    I'nos.l.
l'ort   Ps*rry.   w riles.    'I   conl rurleil  it
vere cold  lust   winter,   which   resulted
my Ina inning totally .Is'hI in one eiir su
partially   so   in    tin*,  other     Alls*r  tr*..
vartoui   i. i'i...iii's  unsl  consulting  sevei
doctors,  witbout  obtaining mny  rellel
wus advised  is, irv  Dr   Thomas'  Eels
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let!" ui   n   im,, i,iy ear,   ssitsl  beforeiui
half  the  bottle  wms    need,    my  heart
was  completely   restored      I   have  hsse
ie other 'sis.'s nf sii'iihis'ss being l 111*,I
tin' u.-.e „i tins inisiii Ine "
No*   Tntl-Rlil-ls-iil.
No self respecting Persian ever answers a question by n bold affirmative
or n blunt negative, lie ulways re*
serves a margin. Mr. Wilfrid Spar
row, a tutor io tin* Persian roynl rlill*
siren, asked Mlrsa Baleh, a turbuued
linguist. In regard to a servant, llujl
"ls be honest?"
Mir/.n    Saleh   was    busy   with    the
pages of a dictionary.
"Ultlc-take     care-IIuJI     lsmu'11's
god—money is." said he,
"Tbnt  Is no answer,    I   want one
word    Is he honestV"
Mir/.n Saleh cloned his eyes In niedl
tutioii.   opened   llu ai   shook   ins
bead, closed them ngnln ami then sal
burled   in   thought,   his  Dllgers  on   his
eyelids,     By   ami   Uy   he   looked   UD
till tiled.
"Une word, snhlbr" saisl i„. ,ls one
wbo should assert, '"] he task Ih im
"Certainly,   On*' word "
He shut tils ey.s for the third time
US If he WOlllll keep (1,0 ln|||, -.„,,„
popping out unaware,-! When hP
opened them at last, it was ,„ M,.,,.(.|,'
for the Kiigii.-h oi thu word he had
chosen. When he hail "omul \\ uu
fuce broke Inn. an expansive smile
"Sahib." be cried triumphant),  "de
tl-clcnt!" ■*•      l
"Detlelent Is good "
"it Is not had." he",'„ia,M„ n ,„„,.
of modest pride,
"'     * «"B I0IIW    servant
then,   said the l.ii.'llshi,,:,,, laborious
The happiest  life sm earth belon
to the Christian,  when ChrbUlanif
is   understood.    Those   who   advocate
the contrary do not know what it
in Persian,
"It bebtur would be, Willi)"'
What tss im Winn in,is, ia iT.-iiui ami
II    is   wrong   to   take   up   a   Wakeful
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and down.the floor all night ii demoralises ths* Infant and enslaves the
parents Baby tines not cry for the
fun of the thing; it nil's because It i*
not well—.generally because itsstssm
uch  is sour,   its little bowels com'.- I
ed, its skin hot and feverish, lb'
lieve it and it, will sleep all night
every night growing stronger in pro
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Halter of l*rlnt*l**le,
Dnlsy niinnei*—Yes, I lined to get my
riding costumes from him, but tbey
didn't lit, so I slopped.
Duz/le Knowltl- Oh, I nee, .vml
want to get Into bud habltfl-OhlCSs?"
News. THE PR'LL-
**"^BR1118n   COLUMBIA,
m.dt'AN. i	
•. mt her—Madam,    let    me
l0> *    ,„n  cook,  lor example,
.  „s,. -can <'»ok'  (,)l' ('x""1l'11''
 ,l„,   sick,    mond  elOthoa,
jiti """ ,   jS familiar with nil tlie
■ , --,,,,,,,■■■■■■■■■■,—
Tlw ?"_!... nftd   learned   all   those
,,,,,    jS  lumiisssi    .*	
>•""',l,.Uils of domesticlly?"
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f-s"  '  '    '   "
'oamerles and schools and the
experienced croamorymen and
dairymen In Canada use Wells. Richardson & lii.'s Improved Butter
[Color ai all seasons for the production ol prize buttor. No mud, no Im-
purlt let ; every drop pure and
Ali druggists and dealers,
11 I'iirisian Jour*
 ^^^    .   Alexandre   Dumas,
grew und flourished for 0 short time
and then became extinct, it was carried on durluf* a brilliant existence
wltb un astonishing disregard of busi*
ness tiietlii.iis commonly in vogue. Itu
staff was tlio largest and must varied
ever known. Persons would walk into
the otticf
Doctors Held out no Hope to
Mrs. Huffman of Napanee.
.,,111,1    St.   Isadore
«,« I'Jih. 1808.
weather when  it's hot,
* "'J.,11, „i cold and ruin;
'   ,,n  this attention's  what
J U10de the wouthervune.
is only by lalior that thought
can be made healthy, and only by
thought that labor can !»• mado hap
py: and the two cannot be separated
with  Impunity.—John  Ruskln.
inely pnlil.
^^^^^^^^^^ francs a month, and
If you should want a mouth's pay in
advance now. don't scruple to ask I'or
Minard's Liniment is ilie best.
\n opportunity   unimproved   is   a
coin thrown Into the sea,
bird's Liniment (or Rheamatism.
Highland   woman,   soiling  a  hen
'j,,,, neighbor, waa asked :—-
■U sho 0   good   hen,   und  has  she
faults '!"
Italic-   Ay,   Margaret, she bus got
,'„,■,     Sho  lays a bit egg on  the
ii I bay I "
IB'* )ll
. sa was ansl iisbvsm' Mill bs, a
imnacsa, In one tunedy For all
liiil' llesh is heir—tlis* mis nulla. Biy eurativss bsliu such Lhat
dr ibe storms of other anil dtltofrnth
ntfii .:...siss-m insuni in the system so
- what wsiuld rs'lisne uns ill
mrii would aej;ravute tlis* i.ths-r Ws-
I however, in Quinine Wine, when
linalili in sound uimdullt'iuti'il stats
ni,"i. tor many and grievous ills It.
ItaSSja) "Mid judicious sss.. Hi., truil.'st
.1 i<-   Is*d   into   convuli'ssct'iics*    soul
,     1     tin.  iuUus'iiie whloh  Quinine
mi  iiultiro'a  own   rsstoratives.   lt
ia    drooping   spirits      of   those
ilmui' a   chronic     slats*  ol   ni.ni 1 I
ii.-s.s \   uml   lack   of   iuters-isl in   lid*
risae     and   liy    traoqulUttn*    ths
i'ssss's  to Miiinsi tad  refreshing
arts   .ic 1 si   lo  thi' action  ol  the
, h    being   si iinulats"!.     isiiiiscs
1 in*   veins,    strengthening   the
s'i-iiiai  insss t ion', ul tin* svstsm,
a .iking   aetivuy   11   ntii'ssiiry   r.*-
iin'iiing tin* frame ami giving
1 digestive organs, whicb natii
si   ins seitsi'il   sulistsBiiss*- result.
...   ,,,.|„.i,t,.    Northrop  *-.   Lsyman,
hav* given   10  ths  |niiiiic
-    .    a '.'iiinii.i' Win.' ut tin' usual
imiur**s1   by   the opinions ol
this  ..iiis* approai ti.'s    nearest
any   in   tli«*   tsin 1 k»-t All
Sleeplessness is due to nervous excitement The delicately constituted, the
financier the buisiiieHH roun, and those
whose occupation necessitates groat men*
titl worry, all sun,., less or more from
it Sli'i'i'  is    the ci'-at    restorer  "i Q
worried brain, and to gel sleep cleanse
tin' stomach trom ail Impuritlea with "
few dose* of Parmelee's Vegetable l'ills.
gelatine mated, containing no mercury,
isiul mi' guaranteed to give satisfaction
or 1 he inn.'•-.■  will  he refunded
It may not be ours to utter convincing arguments, but il may be
ours to live holy lives. It mny not
lie inns to I"' subtle ami learned and
logical, but il mav l.e ours to /he
noble   and   sweet    ain!    pure Dlllloll
A "Wonslerful Ins,, nmi One which goes to
Show tl'.- Wonderful Advancement It»-
oautly Made lu the Science of Medicine.
Napanee, Ont., Nov. 23.—(Special)
        —This   town   bus  furnished   a case
propose working for the pa- j which bus   caused considerable talk
per and find themselves ut once uc-1 in the county.
cepted. j    Mrs.   John    C,   Huffman    bad  been
''Whnt will you allow me?" a new I troubltjd tor over six years with toman would ask, I mule weakness and kidney trouble.
"Whatever vou like my boy" Du*''■'■■■' imi" *V"H KO ■-■•'*'••' that ahe could
mas would return. "By the way," be\na{ '"'"'' " '""' ••*-'•' 1*-itl "■-''''•*> gavehor
would explain to every new aspirant. 80 """-''' bothor UmL sl,V c°uld, lu,t
"we „,ust understand  one thing-.   I ent-ftain **■'>• company In her homo
„,,. .11       , ,    ..      |or   lake   any   socia       pleasures   what-
mew you to bo handsomely paid. Vou LV0l,   ,,,„.•„,,„„ ,V1,S'V,.,.V mwn ,,!,.
must have 1,000 francs a mouth, and!colorQd uml Kave ,,,,. „.;,,„  u.oubl„
in paBBlng.
in addition to these symptoms she
^aaaaaaaa*^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^_ Die
Everybody was dazzled, and Dumas 1 weaknoss of Female Trouble,
himself more tban all the rest. -No [ Mrs. Huffman tried physician's
business enterprise, however, could ex- treatment and many other medicines,
1st on such a basis, ami the jntiruul bit- bul instead ot getting better she was
gan to languish. Then a man named Ituadually growing worse and won
Boule proposed taking the speculation I""""y much discouraged.
out of Dumas' hands. He ottered the I M»">' '"' her friends thought sin-
great man 100 frames a dav, which "would never get better, but one day
meant more than $7,000 a yenr. **■■-' I'"'1*"'1 UP " aewspaper and read
"Here." said  lloule.  is a checkbwk?''^^-^^    which   said that
full of those little tinted leaves you ure P0,****" K!'""'v ',lls VVl""" ,'""' '"
,     .     .     „ *     , untie  lloiible.
so fond of.   Every morning you bave     As s||(, had tni.(|   s() „„„.,.
only to write your nume ut Ihe foot of • ,,lillgH without being able to get anj
one, send It into the ollice aud touch I hojPi Bho wa8 very doubtful, but
yonr 100 francs. I concluded to try this remedy.
Dumas   loved   money,  und   his  lace ■    she  used six  boxes  and   was com
beamed with delight   "But suppose," jpletely cured.
said he, "that some day I should want (and well
Delicious flavor.   Kr.. from hulls.     Warranted Pure.
Put up  In  all  sized packages.
OgHvte's Hungarian
,„,.. .n»,«saa..f5 csr. *-.
NO    EQUAL.     	
1 **:*rx '^
Isablendofvboicest ^J
jln (^Ui^aiedfOrPURlTY^STR^OIH
.   K I'hi'   prow*     Eyerj   dog
L iloosn't g" >n Algiers
1 1      -,. very   good   roatwn
.1   . ..     ...        ih-v   bus   Ins  dug
nurd's Linimcni is best Hair Itetmr.
..I,, isitlvo isiiout being
hold '    asked the man with a shock
I 0l   Is.si
"slot ill ull "  replied the man wilh
l'.,. "I   was   born   thai
Dufncsj, Cannot Be Cured
.-    ,     li iitions.    sa    they  i-iiiui.»t
:■ asH.I     |iiirtlisii   of   the   essr
:- dm  wuv   Isi run*  ilciifin*ss
lad tl  '  In i.v rnnsiilutioiiHi    remedlei
Italm- i«esl   hy   ssn   liiUmm*.'    con-
itiou 'I tht' UIUCOUS liiiitii; of 'he l'.t'»
Ushiaii ll"- When this UbIsb* pwts ln-
iViri-si s hi iinvt n rambllna sound or un*
tttin-l l.iMMin', mui »lis*ti it is s*titlts'i\
Must slralliess is the result, ainl utiles.".
!•- imstlon   cssii   be   tsKen   OUl   «*"'/*
ll*'    •   '.'-toreil   to   ita  ttnriiinl    conoi*
I ton haai   g »iii he destroyed lor evei
tils sB...    ,,'it   of   t.'ii   ate  rsstseil   t'V  cii-
I ti' .I,   is   nothlni*  hut   sin   liillntiiP'l
1 t •'   ' 'the  iiiiii-nus mitfisces
li i        s,. One  linmiri'ii  Dollars tor
Issj.s.       Deafness jeaused i". ca-tarri-n
I tie 1  be cured by IIhII'h   Catnrrh
n   Si      ior circulars, tree.
11        1    ,1    i-ni--.Ni- v ,*.  Co .   lele
I («. 11
ilruffglsts, 7.v.
unify   Tills lire the bSSl
■'. ■■     They   never  say    in    Kon-
tuc'ny that  u  man tuUs's to unyihing
■"' ,1 tl ck tn water.   They bave a
' "' ' ase.
R   im        Wbat   is  it ?
lake a colonel   to   corn-
"h     \',eusi     Koenig's    Hamburg
!:"    '    I.., "   writes  Mr.   F.   Batsch,
ofllot 1
n.   Wis.,   "enabled   me  to get
I    obstinate     cough;   «e   feel
iteftil  to  the discoverer    ol
tlicino "
|f\,,u  know.   Miss  Sharp. I
at ||   ,
It 1
Ol Jill,
miiii* people  inherit   their s"1
Miss Sharp—But, Mr   sharp.
I    |,i,,|„<r   In   speak   thai   "">
i .1 f. lit ss
nil   infnnts   are      ne"''   at    e»
. 'Iinrilineii   nntl sueh COtnlJlll »
•I.mi!,   uml   n»     this      pencil   "'
is  tin- must  critical.  '"'""',
v~Z« .aa   be  without  11 bottle ol
« n  Ki ■i..|.|.'s Dysentorv Oordlab   inn
ti ,
She  i.s    today  sound
  11 woman as there is in Nap-
liou or 400 francs?" [onee.   Sho says :
"Well, all you have to do is to send " 1 can confidently recommend
in three or four of your checks. Notb- Kidney l'ills to every woman in Caning Is more simple." lada, for they cured    me completely,
The bo.sk lay on tbe author's desk, a ; '*ud mine was 11 very   bail case,
delightful and ready resource.   Did a '    "Th**  an certainly! a great medt-
credltor call?  A slip of paper, and ht*  ■""'• nnd  '  wil1 olweff/s    recommend
was paid. A poor woman was about to ' ■■■■'>" '" w'"""" who may be suffering
be turned out Into the Btreet    '  •'■"•"l,s ' was wlth Femftle «""•*»"" ;""1
^^^^^^^^^^^ A few
more slips, and she was relieved. At
the end of the week notblng was left
of the book but the cover. Then l'.u'.ile
changed   ids   mode   of   procedure.
tbem ts
as   1
I Kidney
One tenth of the Inhafcitaiits ot ilu
Village ui  Lone   Marsston,   in  Hertfordshire,   Kiiglninl.    .ii-*.*   said   by   a
statistician to have re/ached the age
of 90 years.
It la very ssisi.'li itrongST uml ttiis lis r tlsssss assy stiller (tarrs'sl ssr IbuIIiIIiikI
nups-r. It Ih Impervloni to wind,keepa ..sit 00IO, keejia lss heat, s'arrlea 110 small
or odor, absorb* bssb ssisilaturs*, liisisnrta 1:1. taiste ssr ItHvsir tss sisiythlug wltb
which It Oomes in s'sintiii't. It la lari;s*!y uhs.iI not smly f„r abes'lliss; Isouaea, bnt
tor lining- solsl storage 1>uII.1Isikh, rerslgeratflira, dairies, sr, iinisirl.a, ansl all
Itlacpa wn. r.. tbo iitijfs't la tss keey an evs'ii   and   unllssi in   t*3Ui|serature,   esisl   al
aSABlli, viu.v Rn m  	
Write our Agents, TKl'H A PBB8SB, Wlanlpag, ror aamplea.
-rrrltS E. B. EODV CO., Limited, HULL.
The love of no mnn is an insult until
it begins to demand.—"Daniel  Bver-
v i.liint in the room on waabday tolyou.
^^^^^^^ -    -in " fioni
Minard's Liniment Care? I.afiri;*ji**.
worth more than a bunch of flowers on
Sunday.—"Nature Portralta."
Men fsiiks is like pickles, some. Women is the brine they're pickled in.
They don't keep sweet without '«*ni.—
"Mrs. Tree."
Readiness t's answer all maimer nf
questions Involving book lea ruing is
the beginning of a species of idiocy.—
"The Unspeakable Sent."
A person who can't argue Is like a
persnii who can't chew; he swallows
the facts of life unprepared for ingestion.—"Those Delightful Aiuviicaii*
In  the Conservartory—He—There is
something,  darling,   I   ntant    to   tell
She—Oh.   then.   let   US  net assay
ihe rubber   plant.,    Come,  tell
uniler 1 he rose
Monkey Brand Soap remotves nil stains,
rust sltit or tiirnish—but won't ss'nsh
There is n.i greater sign or a Renewal   decay   iji   virtue   in   11   nation   than
n want of zeal in its Inhabitants for
Hie good of their country.— Joseph
      Thousands o! Women
011.—"Those Delightful Auwrlcnus."
The good right arm of tt.e b.cadwin j^re Kept in Suffering and Many
er is strengtbe I more by an unex- j
peeled, t'n,';,ss'"' ?,n T^w?8 W<"''J L       Die Owing to False
ti'isin loved one-; than by all the roast S s
beef in Christendom.—"Buell  Hump-' Troaimpnt
Tbar never was ti plant as hard toi-
■fflfuJ'   _______*s e£u£ WC+rVTLUs-
jfiti(rtk^t^'<rii>LAs C W *vri/ <nsrrnS
Qi*a!n and Commission Merohents.
Bighesl prices paid for wheat, oat*, bar-
lej or lliix lss sssslots. Wire nr writ« me
for prli*s*a bssfore ai'llisss;. I,lbs*risl rulTnn-
i'Sa issads. on isiiiHlRiiiiis.sits uml lsansllesl
•in comnslaalon.   L.ls'esias*d antl Ronded.
P. o. Hoi 5.10, Winnipeg, Man.
{.-it  routed as charity  is. nnd a   hody I
OUUllt to have il  Whar thev kill  Watch j Dolaan'o       rAlrt«»ir      rnstSfSASSflll
It   he    it   11 die a h.an „ times tt \ MW S    IZKVj    UlflpOUnO
you jest look at it, and It mighty iiliit*. ,   „ _  ,, ..     , ,   _.
always has bad soil ur a drought te I   ^*r Fa,ls    ° Ban-s" *->' eas«
contend witli. and Re-Establish Lasting
J    Matrimony (vl.-w   to) Kontlomen should
1 loin the Itrltiau CBBrreaiissnilesisio llur.ain,
184 l.litsry Str.'.'i.  LossstosB, S. W. Kugbti.tl.
I'arlli'iilara tree.
old l.oisslssis Street Ktunes.
V writer in tbe London Argua glvtes
the following peculiar old-sstreet-aaiaes.
st ree t,
with the modern substituted
Adam - a - Dlggiug - yard — St
Aggnt's    passage — Cutler
Alphabet court—Clare Marten*.
Baalzephon Btreet—Long lanes
Bully Rag row—lletbnal t.'reen.
Jealous row—St George's-lu-tbn-East.
Antlgulllcan pnesage—Temple Shir.
Lally Pot lane—Poster lane, 1
Tho derivations of these names, con- •!
tiiuii's the writer, would be an inter- J
esting siudy. but l tblnk ic would be* !
found that iu a large 11 una ber of In* j
stances the love of eccentricity bad led f
Thousands of women ure kept in
sickness for months and yenrs, owing to false treatment and the use
of wiirthli'ss medicines, und we ure
Inclined to believe that Milton
thought uf tbis class of almost sly-
inn women when li« saisl :
The quality Ktondird from Oopm t
<»if un. Your moiifty tin- k If not *»<
lil'm tin■** . -
to tho selection.
■Nltini' 1   n specific lor iuch c-jmplalnta
N la   1
lift' r
.^hlv   Htioken   of   hy   thoM   «l;"
i""'i it The proprietors claim i'
,|l! farr .mv case of cholera or sumuioi
"Mj lovo for you," he wrote, "I"
'",!" p  so vast, ho powerful. I can
",|  '      1   it."      "Why    don'l   you
-J1***   ' bj   rifilghl ?" nbe wrote back.
An,l H" 11 it   wns nil off.
The Flow of Milk
Will be increased.
The  la   1   vein-  of  the  life  Of  B   tret
h *het,   t| '
ll Ilia,
nioHt  beneficial pruning
oy 1
t.itrriiry laSnenees
BTe you observed Hint >oiu* OfflCI
Why go to all the
trouble of keeping
COWS an'! ffe* "":>'
about half the »nilk
they shoultl produce.
in continually reading dlmo nov
" ii'i.eit the mini who In conrtnnl
'Ji'iiii,,.,.,! I,, criticism.
"Y"t.    said  the proprietor Of the
I""-* itiihllabmeut.    "I  do"'*  •■■•■7
111 lltti 1 i'i,..    Ills predci'i'Hsor wan nl
''"';| rriidlng these Btorloi ubout boys.
*U0 III,1,1,. tlu'ttlBl'lVPB HO Vllllllllile lhat
,P' "fr.' liually lal.cb 111 ns [Mtrtllfl'i*.
"■'' loung mnn IVIt that he l»»*l s"
?""'.'   I   I'KOtmi   Inlerenla 111   slake I bill
,* f"!i I'ulli'il upon tsi ri.ti lhe vnV.tr
Itrengthem the digestion ami invigorates the whole system so that
the nutriment ls nil druwii from the
food. Il fakes just the same trnu-
Bje fur u cow when «he
us when she
Origin  sif n   I'ssiiulisr   "ista • It. «
People are expected to believe his
tory when such things iis this happens.
In ls'.rj tt mnu living on a small furm
s'asl   of   Wichita   ran   OUt   Of  COllI   one 1
even I ni*. lie was getting supper, nnd [
In* tooi: an armful stf corn and dumped '
It iii ihe stove. Corn was in cents a
I'lislisl, ami tho Wichita reporter tired
the Btory out over ilu* country thai
Kansas fanners were burning corn.
The corn burning story has passed
Into history ns n fafet.   If Julius Caesar
com .lory  he  never exist-'  at   alb    .
"Tho angelic guards ascended,  mute
and  sad."
The common sense treatment of today for weak, run-down und Buffering
women is PaUie'8 Celery Compound.
This marvellous medicine is spoken
of in every part of the civilized
world, and men nnd women of ull
classes find a new life from its use.
A glorious example of the curing
powers oi the great compound comes
from Winnipeg, Man.; Mrs. II. Harbor writes as follows :
A month ago 1 was very sick uud
happened lo see one of your publications, in which I read of others iie-
inu cured. I concluded to try Paine's
Celery Compound myself, and I now
thank Hod for the wsinders ii accomplished for mc. l was Buffering from
heart disease, kidney trouble uud
general weakness, and some days
was not able to stand without ex-
periencing great pain. Since 1 used
tin' iiitnpoiinit 1 am able to gel about.
the   house   and   work,   and   can     nisw
cai anything put before me,"
years of uku, to assist with light
housework, and cure of children; must
lie intelligent  and willing. Hood home
to suitable person, and will be treat-
as one of  the  family.    Wages.   S1I1UU
per month.   Apply tsi P.O. Box Tiiti.
Winnipeg.  Man.
I WANTED. To purchase first cl bs general
s.ore. Apply In confidence lo "Private'1
P.O. Ikix :H)7. Winnipeg, gi'iiig foil parti-
"Wlnst a terrible .use of clear ssisirtlert
How pls'ii'-tiBit lt la tu look like uu. snd
also lsisvs* 1 Iml silos' aweet flavor ssssil lovely  iliolllll."
P. O. Bos S8I.
ble to car
ble in is*... .
gives  three  quarts us when ruc
gives a pail, liirk's Blood l'urificr
will pay buck itu cost with good
interest iu a few werks.
50 cents a package.
Leemlng, Miles sit Co., Agents,
s.i» kna*.
"M, wife has a savins dlapoB l..m.
snld T-llclcB.    "When  we not  mi.   »P   ,
fht"ano!-bean.de tired^^^}
f0r '„, s.b that the rosewood ••""*•
BS  oVtttcbed.   ti.,',1 si," ^ovem    '•   ,
Sfth.  BOrt Of   linen   HUB «   •"J^,:
ment; bo aa to save tbe plosb.p   I '«"■
you, women bnrve great tninclB.       ^
m-sil Baertl  ,_,»
nsUed tho Riiest "Hut whereon >f>*»J
gymniiHtt*' nppUancesV" ,   ,.
..* dont need nny." was tbe;*•   H
just rttlna Into and out ol  m> ntn ,
Ictlc BUats."	
belleru that odd numborsf||
"1  haven't  had a sittu'le call since  I
opened my office t«• 11 days ago," com
plained  the newly-lledi;ed Mil,   "Here
1 sit day after day like Patience on
a monument "
"Oh, well. shBn't net discouraged,"
rejoined the. sympathetic friend "It's
only  11  matter of time until you have
patients uniler monuments."—Chicago
Dally News.
Sjenil forllltu-
Iratcd  Price
If   troitl'le   tlrives    you    to    prayer.
prayer will drive, away trouble.—mo*
What  made  your   linens
coarse?    Common  soapl
Sunlight Soap saves linen.
Issdorsad bj baat Engllah madloalJourwsts.
Supplladto British aoldtsralw South Strloa.
Fer sll Throst snd Gland Troublea, Lumps,
Sbaoesaes, Old Sores, Uloers, Felons, Sain
Diseases, Coiema. s*lsnptes, Stiff Jsslnta,
Rheumetiam, Lumbago, Sprains, Bruises,
eitea, Cuts, Sere Feet, eiaurlij.
told by Druggists. IBo.   1 r» It enca.
f.\,u*ssnl\ e.
Suitor—I want to marry your daucb-
ter. sir.  llOt  lieeallse of tier social  post*
ti in   but because she's a pearl, sir—a
I'ntber (drylyi—Yea; she is a pearl,
and yon ean apply again when you are
III n pnsltlou lo pay for tbe setting.
He who unlntelllgently attempts
what is iii'vond his power must leave
uiii'.oMs' ids own proper work, and thn*
Ills time '■■ wasted, l.e he ever so clos*-
lv 011 upl! d.
Ilia   Lata   Hour.
"You never stay out after 10 o'clock,
do yuti'.'"
"1 Aid once," answered .Mr. Meek-
Ion.    "Henrietta forgot and locked ths;
Arrow l_.Ke», SB. O.
Situated nststat arcssery isisrliellesl lee
gruistleur. The tsutat complete hesltTs ro>
aort on tlse osstitlnmit ot North Aissnrlosv
Its Batlia cure sill Nervssua and Muee»-
is.r dlasssaee. Ita wciti-ra luni sll Kldtaej,
l.iver ansl stsmiscls sllnsesits.
They are .* sievi-r-fatliog rc.usedy foa all
'.lli-.i.sisiis lo troublea.
"Po you
are biel.y.'"
"Well,   l'sl   rallu
twins than triplets."—New
.,. be tha father of j*
"-*•,■* York Tlmem »
The decision of the directors of tho
theatre at Mallei In Germany, to dh
lingulsh by means of rest and whits'
advertising   posters   between    playa
tlmt are lit for young1 persons to «ii
ness und  those that   tire not   la cans
iiiK some amusement.
TEUM $13 to $1» Kfl **•
tu residence In Hotel or vlllaa
weak. eooanUof
l.sv for ths Octagon Bar. •»!
BuURnuer, Lang ton, writes: "For about
two vent's l wns t roiilili'il with IiiwuhI
Piles, but by usiiiK riirtui'lri''H Pills, I
wns completely cured, ssml nlthmtiih four
years huve elapsod since then thev have
nut retina I'll ••   Parmolea'B Pills are «nti-
hiliiuiH  ntul     11   Specific   fsir     tho    cure ol
Liver mui Kidney Oomplalnts, Dyspepsia,
Oostlveness, Headache, Piles, etc . unit
will regulate the secretions and remove
ai' billons matter,
The evils sif Intemperance are well-
known. The momentous question is:
Will the referendum '.'
Schoolmaster—Now, let us have
"isitth" lb-ops ssf Water" again, and
do, please, put a little spirit into it.
—Glasgow Evening Times.
"Uncle Ephr'tn, how did such a no*
torioiis old  sinner as you ever  manage to get Into the church ?"
"lse one of the cbalitah mi'iiibuhs,
%A/,    IM.
U.   No.   £aOA. THE DRILL, 8L0CAK, li. C, DECEMBEfi
fi, E. 8mTH"tBisoALii, Editor and Prop.
•LOCAN,      -      -       •       •      B. C.
Legal Advertisinf 10 cents a line for
,thsn first insertion and 6 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Ortiflcates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will tin charged 10 cents a line
.for each insertion.
Ommsrcial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is 12 par year, strict
ly in advance; I2.f>0 a year il not no paid
Addresa all letters to—
Sloean, B. C,
A pencil mark in tha apace
opposite will ba an iadica-
,tion to you tbat ye editor
eensiders theraia aomathing
.naming in him onyoursub-
aet-iptiosn. Kindly acknew-
■ ladga   ia eash and oblige.
Canada's drink bill is yearly increasing. So are tho St. Andrew's societies.
The department of mines claini the
mineral output of the province will
show a 25 per cent increase for 1902.
Every railroad grafter in the country, big and little, is gathering at Victoria. Where the buzzards assemble
there must lie picking in sight.
Wonder how it was the American
tariff framers overlooked zinc? Blocan
mineowners for onee may be deemed
fortunate. For the nonce they can
smile at the smelter trust, which Ixit-
tled up their lead.
It takes an exceptionally hard blow
to entirely kill the Slocan. Lead may
decline and silver drop into the sump,
but it has still zinc to fall liack on and
it will prove tbe salvation of the camp.
Blessed are the zinc owners,
The Grand Trunk railway, like the
other professional paupers in the transportation biusine-is, is seeking huge
subsidies for its proposed Pacific extension. Don't give them a blooming
thing. Let the government extend
the Intercolonial.
Reading between the lines of an article in last Saturday's Tribune, the
fact becomes apparent that John
Houston's support in the legislature
will not be with the Prior government.
John says the people want party politics and a general election without
further dallying.    John's right there.
The Slocan should hereafter celebrate the American thauksgiving day.
It was on that day word was received
of the Washington ruling admitting
zinc free into the United States. That
ruling means more to the camp than
a bumper harvest on the prairies.
Grain is good, but to a hard hit silver-
lead camp zinc is better.
Ex-Lieutenant Governor Mclnnes is
to contest the Burrard constituency
for the Commons in the interests of
the Progressive party. As an old-time
Liberal he denounces the Lilscral
party as recreant to their promises
aud the trust reposed in theni. They
have failed to keep the Mongolians
out of British Columbia and s*stnlilish
a mint, The doctor says the Grits are
not to lx* trusted.    He should know.
Hon.  Denis  Murphy's  resignation
has lieen a severe blow to the Prii r
government and  they are up against
an apparently Insurmountable dilli
ctilty, as indicative of the  feeling of
the electorate of the province. Wullii
Mclnnes has taken Murphy's place tv
secretary, but there is no one in sight
to fill Mile's shoes. Capable politicians assert the government will hav<
but a short life, and that a general
election oo party lines must eventuate
After one short blissful week ol
cabinet Influence and dignity, lion
Denis Murphy funked and resigned
his position as minister of education
and provincial seeretary. Denis was
hasty iu accepting the position, but
he was precipitous in throwing lt up,
He found upon consulting his constat
uents that they did not approve of the
company he kept as a minister and,
rather than court certain defeat in a
bye-election, he resigned, which WW
the most sensible thing ho could do
He says now that he has quit politic*!
forever. The foreswearing of principle
has cost hiin political distinction and
respectability and gained liimobli
A Christmas Gift of
utmost satisfaction to
both giver and recipient
An tntravai Viailing
Card Plata of (ha
Fineal "Script,"
100 Choiual Viaiting
Card a printad (rom
Ihe plata.
A tin. Sait Leather
Viailing Card Caia.
We send these com*
plete to any address,
prepaying delivery
charges, for $3.00.
a. W.V.'*" 'or our new "talojue.
It will acquaint you with hsin-
drtda ol new ideal. Wa mail il
•n request.
Ryrie Bros.,
Yonga ani Adi'tida Ste,,
Subscribe for Thk Dull.
Hiram Robertson got a couple more
deer this week.
R, H. Trueman, photographer, was
hereon Tuesday.
A danco was given in the Music
Hall Friday evening.
A flow of petroleum has lieen struck
in southern Alberta.
The Imperial bank has opened a
branch at Cranbrook.
They are boring for oil close to the
city of Grand Forks.
There is talk of a school lieing opened at Winlaw's next month.
Arnot keeps the Osallwan heel and
sole for men s shoes.   Try them.
The sittings of the supremo court at
Nelson has been postponed till the
The sons of Old Erin have determined upon celebrating the 17th of
The license commissioners for the
Sloean meet at New Denver on the
lfith inst.
Sainton's ore shipments last week
totalled 125 tons. That looks like the
days of old.
Higher prices for loj*s and wages
hnve forced coast shingles up 10 cents
a thousand.
The Woman's Guild of the Angli-
enn church purpose holding a social
ou  the 16th.
Rossland copied the Slocnn curfew
bylaw nnd now Nelson is copying it
from Rossland.
The special meetings in the Methodist church have been continued all
this week also.
Rev. Wm. Simons preached to St.
Andrew's society, in Kuox church, on
Sunday evening.
The Phair hotel. Nelson, has changed hands. F. W. I'adinore, of Vernon,
has assumed charge.
Mr, and Mrs. Boie received the customary greeting from the juveniles on
Wednesday evening.
Randolph Stuart, representing the
B. 0. Mining Record, Victoria, visited
the camp ou Monday.
Next Tuesday evening a ball, in aid
ofthe M. I". General Hospital, will In-
given in the Music Hall.
Then* will be quite a rush from
hen* shortly to Valdez. Alaska. At
least a dozen men are going.
•lust the thing for this weather:
Misses' and children's rubbers and
stockings attached- nt Arnot's,
Windy Young hns purchased a residence in Vernon and moved thither
from Nelson.   The poor ranchers.
O. G. Dennis, well known in this
country, hns been appointed naturalization agent at Pretoria, South Africa.
There was an exceedingly heavy
fall of snow Saturday night and Sunday. The freighters were made happy.
Sunday's snowstorm was a severe
oue on tlu* railways. Telegraph wires
also were prostrated in every direction.
Rev. Dr. Herdman. superintendent
of Pn sbvterian missions, arrived in
Wednesday eve to pay an official visit
to Knox church.
A little talk is arising over the approaching municipal election. There
is likely to lx- a great scarcity of material for the several positions".
R. C. Campbell-Johnston and family have taken the building w'xt to
this ollice and have moved their household goods hither from Nelson.
Before going elsewhere, take a look
in at Arnot's for Christmas gifts in
dry goods. Those fascinators and
handkerchiefs are a nice present.
Saturday's train from Nakusp did
not reach Sandon til! midnight. Thi
engine in going bnck to Three Fork*
ran off the track and got ditched.
A district Miners' Union 1ms been
formed in the Crow's Nest towns, j.
Howl-rook, Fernie, is president, and
E. Neale, Fernie, secretary treasurer.
W. E. Boie and wife returned from
their European wedding trip on Wednesday. Thev are unaeoided as to
where they shall make their permanent home.
A. C. Gait, barrister, of Rossland,
spent Sunday in the eity. He came
here to examine into the mill aid bylaw on liehalf of the purchasers of the
Miss Edwards has tendered' her resignation to the trustee board as the
teacher of the junior division of the
public school, the same to tnke effect
at the end of the year.
Arrangements have liecn made with
Rev. Dr. Herdman, superintendent of
Presbyterian missions, to occupy the
pulpit in Knox church at lioth morning and evening service on "Sunday
next, the 7th inst.
Train service on the Nakusp branch
has been sadly demoralized of late,
and consequently the boat has hud
extra long hours. On Tuesday the
Slocan did not leave here till after 8
o'clock on her morning trip, being delayed by having to take up an extra
engine for the Nakusp road.
For the month of November the C.
P.R. land Bales amounted to 14,668,788
acres for $598,787.99. For November,
1901. thev were 15,192.289 acres for
$51-2,862.94. Although the aereagi'
sold was less than for the corresponding month in 1901 by 528,606 acres the
amount obtained was $85,925.06 more.
owing to" the increased value of the
land. "     _	
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local regis
try office, H. P. ChriBtie being mining
Nov 25—Golden Boy.
20—Soutlan fr No 1,
57—Carson, Star Pointer, Tea Pot.
Starlight, Jos Saulter to Uobt
Gwiilim & Johnson,
B. C
Wo have just raceived an elegant
line ot goods for   the   holiday
trails., including
Hanicure Sets
ia Elioiiv, and Silvar Mounted
Leather Traveling Cases
Toilet Sets
Brush Set*
Perfume Atomizers
Perfumes, etc.
We alaocarry Eastman's Kodaks
and general supplies.
Agents for the Ileinizmaii & O.,Gerhard Ileiiitznian, .ind Karu Pinnes
Nov 26
27—Eldorado ami Danube, 1-5 each, 15
F McNaught to It I Kirkwood, (""jO.
leap t fr, Teapot, Dipper, Star Pointer, Frying Pan, and .lack Franklin, 1-li
iu each,same to Edgar Bailey.
Behome, Seville and Platoon, R Bradshaw to I N Orchard.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
YOUR attrition is respectfully
failesl to ihe Custom Tailors'
I'nion Label, a cut of which
I appears below. It is ths only sign
! whereby a person is sura of getting
'.   Clothei mads* in a  fair shop.
By leaving *u>ur order lor a Fall
Suit, Trousers o/- Overcoat with
A. David, Winers' Tailor,
you will lind the Union Label on
all Clothei mads by him.
Gents'  Furnishings
of a w'ule  range and of tirst-claes
quality kept in stock.
Will III.
Consul right.
Stores at Slocan and Sandon.
per annum.
Pasrt Hops. Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan Citv mining division of West Kootenay siistriot. Where
located -.—Half mile 1101 th of Sprinter
creek, adjoining tho Cold Viking.
TAKK NOTICK that I, J. M. McGregor, acting as agent for T.J.Batv,
free miner's certificate Ko. B69A85 ■ 11.
L. Fife, F. M. C. No. BfiOSsSS, and J.
li. McCallum, P. .M, C. Nd. "36092*1, intend, sixty days from Ihe dale hereof, tn
apply to the Mining Recorder (or a certiti*
1'u.te of improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a crown grant on the above
Ansl further take notice thatnetion,
uniler section 117, must be commenced
before the issuance ssf such cwrtiticate ol
Dati'd this 3rd day of October, l'.»02.
101002. J. M. McGREGOR
Do You
Want a Home?
Then oome to Slocan, for it ia
one of tlie fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Loveliness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting.Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churohes,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed bv
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this 'tale ii
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
r.i.-lsBtsi|;s> mill Ki
It»r  rim. Mitsasstl
Situate in the Sloean City Mining Division of lhe Weat  Kootenay district.
,     When* located : On l>ayt'iii creek.
TAKF. NOTICK that I, J. NLMcGre*
gor, acting as iii/i-nt for 11. G. VanTnyl,
free miner**' certificate No.BMMiS4,intend,
sixt*. days from the date hereof, in apply
to the mining iworder for certificates o(
improvem* nt, fur ihu purpose ol obtaining crows gr.ints of tho above claims.
Ansl further take notice that action.
nnder Bectlon ''", must bsi commenced
before the issuance of inch certificates of
Improve tnsnt.
Dated thin 3rd day of October, 1902.
10-10-02 .)  M  McGREGOR
Mug'!>■ HIn.ral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Minin Division <d West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On Ten Mile creek,
east of the Entei prise.
TAKK NOTICK that I, J. M McGre*
gor,actiug ns auent for P. \V. Ellis,
free miner's certificate Nn. B59488, and
C. K. Smitheringale, F.M.C. No.B69748,
inis'iid, sixty days from the dub' hereof,
tn apply to the Mining Recorder oracer-
tificateof improvements, lor the purpose
of obtaining a Crown ('rant of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section ."7, mint be commenced
before the issuance of such certilicate of
I) iletl this 6th dav nf September, 1902.
I0-IO-02 ' J. M. McGREGOR
M.sitrasil Mineral I lull*,
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of tho West  Kootenay District
Whero located:—On the divide between Lemon  antl Springer creeks,
adjoining the Two  Friends  mineral
TAKK NOTICK that 1, Archie  Main-
WSling-Jobpien, actint; as agent for I'io
neer Mining Co., Limited (non-perional
liability), Free   Miner's Certificate  No.
8158138,intend, sixty slays from the date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Kecorder
for a certilicate of Improvements, for
tho purpose of obtaining a Crown jrnnt
of the above claim.
Ami further take notice that action,
uniler section 'tf, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate ol
Dated this llth day of October, 1902.
J. I.
a a. sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, . - B. C.
Steal Citv Miners' Uie,
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evening
In the Union Hall. Slecan City, at
7.30 p 111. Viailing brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial BeoreUrv
Insurance !
Ms.sii.rt.y Fractional Mlu.'snl Claim,
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Whero   located :—In   tho Arlington
Take notice thnt I.J. M. McGregor,
acting   as   agent for Thos. Tobiti, F.M.
0, No, D69727, nntl II. Cameron, Ires
miner's certificate No. B69795, intend,
sixty flays from the date hereof, to apply
to the  Mining Recorder for a certificate
of improvements, for tho purpose of ob.
tsinlng a crown grant for tho abovo
Ami further take notice that action,
uniler section II", must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dateil this 17th diivof November, 1903
21-11-02 J.M. McGREGOR.
guarantee ami
Representing the strongest cam*
panics d»ing business In Canada.
skf. new accident policy, with participation in profits, Covering sickness and operations.
11. I). CURTIS, Notary I'nhli,*
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why bo without a ran-je whea
you can get ouo so cheat) ? Tho
are preferrable toitoveaandgive
better satisfaction, These ranges,
burn wood or coal and will he
tct up frae.
Pioneer Livery
.and Feed Stables,
Slocan, Bi\C-
Gcneral Packing* and Forwarding attended tn at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Tack Ilnruea Ier
hire at reasonable rates.
It E ALLEN, - Manager
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Harry Williams, or lo any portea
or 1 eraonsto arhon he may have treat-
tarred bit interest ia the t'hilkal
ansl Delphian mineral s-l siias, situated
on the hfixd -waters of Lemon crook,
ami worslnl in the Recorder's ofllte
for the Slocan 1 ity mining divitioe.
You are hereby iiotifieil that 1,0km
V. Wbite, bee miners' certificate He.
I B&9427, have caused lo lie expended ibl
s'iin nt six hunilrrsl ansl fifteen dollars
in lalior and improvementa on the lUn
mon Ui nesl mineral claimi, iu order to
hold said claims iimler the provisions el
Ibe Mineral Act; ami if within Mdayi
from the slate of tins notice you (ail, or
refuse, to contiiuuts your proportion el
such expenditure,tngeiher with all costs
sif advertiaing, your interest io ssid
claims mil become tbe property of tae
subscriber, under section 4 of so A«l
entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Aet, liKX)."
Dated at Sandon, B.O.,thiaSOthdajel
September, A.D. iu02.
26*9*03 OSCAR V. WUITB
All tonal ble people tra'ei
bv the C.P.R.
I. J.
NoticetoDelinquentCo-owners Arrive New York 6th day 8.55 a.«
A glance at the condeated
timetable will convince yon
of this fact. Leave Slocan
Citv at I 20 p.in :
Arrive Winnipeg 3rd day sS.SOam
Arrive St. Paul 3rd day at C.40 p.f
Arrive Chicago 4th day at n80e.m
Arrive Toronto 5th day at -.45 p,»
Arrive Montreal 6th dav at C.80 p n»
To .!. TV. Millard, Kato Scott and Thos
Iteid, or to nny person or persons to
whom thoy mny hnve trai sferred their
several Interests, in whole or in part.
in the Sim* Ten mineral claim.sltuattfl
near the Enterprise mine, iii Slocan
City mining division ol West Ktmte-
nay, located Boptemhor 6th, 1895. and
recorded September nth, ih,),*,*.
You are  hereby notified Hint I havo
expended ihe sum „t one hundred antl
two dollars and flfty cent!- in performing ami racordino iiniiment work for
tbe aliovi   mentioned   mineral claim
since the Oth day ol September, 1901
and if within'jo days from tho date o
tins  notice ynu. or any  nf  vou    fail
niliiHo to contribute vour isveral
portions of such sapcndltur
with all costs ol advertising
csts iii i«.lid claim shnll i.p
perty of the snhscri"ier
26Bol the Mineral Act, '
Dated at Hlooan this
tctnber, HK)2.
12 y-02
l"H"!l|i  I
your inter-
■come Um pro
under srrtion
Uth tlsy of Sep-
"Plying palnceabvday.lnx"
nrieus resting places at
Hiielil." fitly describes Ibi0.
P.*. Tourist Cms, which
leave rs follows;
leaves Dunnsoro Junction daily for ■»••
Paul; Kootenay Uncling Tuesday aad
Saturday for Toronto, Montreal, ete.
farther proof of the aneqwl*
led nerviceol the C.P.R* e«n
be hud on application to
1),P A ,
E, J. OOTU,    •
A....P* -*" .
Agent, BlooM OHf


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