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The Slocan Drill 1903-07-03

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)L. IV., N»-14.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JULY   3,   1903.
arm Weather Talk
Thia ia the hardent time of the year to cater to one's
appetite. -Cooking over a hot stove does not help it
any, so to avoid the discomfort and have something
palateable, try ume of our Meats, ready cooked:—
Then for something nice in Table Fruit, try a tin of
Pineapple, one of the nicest fruits for the hot weather.
. T. Shatford & Co.
ru--_S^ABAa>^a^aBS^.^akAf*^*^**gS*--U&->^A^AAS*^Ajk^^A ^k.
*aT**s^'tfl^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^WaTs^^**paa^B^p^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^  —j
5L0CAN, B. C.
|t reached by any tr.mil or road
taat runt into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Nils popular hotel ia canvenient to the boats and trains.   The dining room
utmtly upto-iate while the bar is supplied with the bsst in the market.
ID A TCC a   Travelling mam-using Sample Rooms, $2.50per day •
|iv/l I CO a    withent SampleRooms,$2; board $8 per wi-ck; meBls35 •
U opened under
tha old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Car. Arlasar Straat
I Bailing thoronj-hly renovated
and re stacked with the best
Dalaaay Ai
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Hepresentlng the strongest cam-
Vanicj sdaing business in Canada.
Se*c new aocident policy*, with participation in profits, coverln-*- sick-
new and •peratleni.
H. D. CU&TI8. Notary Public
Pioneer Livery
.and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at tha
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire at reasonable rates.
R. E. ALLEN, Manager
Med. Supt.,S.W.Keith, M.D.
KATKS: RsMTiilar s-nhaariherr..|1 b«'a* %__
orllO n yanr: non-aubacribssra; ib*».-Iiisivim'T
mastlco! atUn<lisUca)K.I*ar sliss. Pnwt*J*«dl
*.i pnr ,\i,f siitra. Special facilitisis fs.r inat-.ru-
Ity caaaa.
12.00 PER ArJNUM.
For futthar particulari appl*/ to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Ihruunliont tha Province - Caaaervntlvaa
ansl MlsnrnU are Wnklng Up—Torlaa
arc Osgisislrlssa; Thoroughly In Krery
Con alii a, a-1.ay.
T. Giflbrd will lie the Tory candidate in New Westmiuster.
Grand Porks Tories organized last
week, more than 70 being present,
Tho Lilierals of Greenwood will
meet oa the 17th to choose a candidate.
T. W. Paterson has been noniinatad
by the Lilierals in the Islands constituency.
Denis Murphy will probably run for
the Grits against Cbas.Semltn in Yale.
Small hope for Denis.
Tha Lillooet Prospector says the
Conservatives will carry every one of
the up country seats.
The refusal of the Labor men to
fuse in Vancouver has proved a knock
out blow to thc Grits.
The Conservative choice in Rossland
seems to lie between Hon. C. Mackintosh and A. S. Goodeve.
"Let 'er Flicker" Kellie is considered the Grit choice for Revelstoke,with
Tom Taylor for the Tories.
Tom Cavin, a C.P.R. conductor, is
the probable Tory candidate for Cranbrook.   His election is conceded.
Th<*. Liberals hero are working industriously, their aim being to capturo
all the ranchers' votes down the valley.
Thr* Liberals of the Cranbrook riding will meet shortly to nominate a
candidate, Dr. Kiug being the favorite
so far.
Conservative organization is working smoothly and well in Victoria and
ths election of the full party ticket is
So far the Toxiaa arc organizing
with more vim throughout the country
thrm the Grits, and are more confident
of success.
T. Sterling, of Kelowna. has boon
nominated toeonts*stO!.anagaii against
Price Ellison. Price is considered an
easy winner.
Of tho 42 seats, the Kamloops Standard says the Conservatives will carry
27 seats, the Liliernls 12, and the Independents 3.
F. .1. Deane, of the Nelson News, is
likely to lie the Liberal candidats- in
Kamloops. F. Fulton is the likely
Tory candidate.
Hon. Mr. Tatlow is certain of election in Vancouver. Thc balance of
the Conservative ticket has much the
better of the game.
Three nominations have so far lieen
made and they are all Grits Tavlor
in Nelson. Sterling in Okanagan, and
Paterson in thc Islands.
John L. Rotallack may oppose Rob
Green iu Kaslo, but thr latter will win
out. The Ferguson Eagle is supporting tho minister of mines.
Judging from the remarks of the
Wilmer Outcrop, a Grit shs'ot. \V. C.
Wells has small chance of holding the
Columbia riding for the Grits.
Wullie Mclnnes has [ailed to land
the Labor vote in Nanaimo for the
Grits, and he may seek nomination in
Alberni, which he hopes to carry.
L. W. Shatford, of Fairview.brother
of Walter and Beckford  Shatfortl. of
this place, will probably stand in Si
milkanieen in the Conservative inter
John Houston is running up a big
list of votes in Nelson.and that's what
counts. S. S. Taylor, the Grit nominee, is running strong, so tlie fight
will be warm.
Rumor has it that Billie MacAdams
will return to Sandon and stand iu
this riding as the Lalior candidate. Tn
the event of a three-cornered light developing, the Grit would certainly lie
the under dog.
An enthusiastic meeting of the executive of the local  Conservative asssi-
ciation  was held in  U.K. .loi anil's
oHii'ii, Tuesday evening, antl considerable business transacted.   The niein
bershlp roll is steadily increasing and
good work is lieing done among the
voters, three more lieing turned in at
the meeting. In future the associatism
will meet in the room adjoining the
city hall, it having lieen secured till
after the elections.   The room will lm
supplied with  an abundance of read
ing matter, and u member of the com
mmee will be in constant attendance.
Meredith, Winnipeg. Tho capital is
placed at $60,000, with the head office
at Winnipeg. The company is given
power to place booms in Upper Arrow
lake and on the shores of the Columbia river where it enters the lake, and
to construct incidental works so long
as navigation is not interfered with.
The use of the works is to lie allowed
to the public at all reasonable tinios
on reasonable terms.
Mat of That* riaaissota-U ist llri-s.nl Kxatm-
Appended is a list of those pupils
of the public school who saucured promotion at the examinations held last
Junior Division. -From junior to
senior division, Third Reader- Robt.
Payne, Mildred Barber, Daisy McCallum, Elmer Barber, Willie Smith, E.
Graham, Mav Bull, Bertha Smith.
From First Reader to Second
Reader—Lizzie Rae, Norman York,
Gordon Smith, Frank Binish, Cassie
From Second mer to the First
Reader Jatnos Davidson, Wesley
From First Primer to the Second
Primer- George Bulko, Walter Swan,
Archie Rae, Hazel Foley.
Houor rolls were received by Robt.
Payne, for general proficiency; Daisy
McCallum, for deportment; Sutherland Smith, for punctuality and regularity. Eleven pupils in the junior
division were present every school day
in the year.
Promotions during the term— Wesley Gethiug,Edwin Graham, Ivy Ferguson, Catherine McCallum, Charlotte McArdle, Jennie Armstrong, J.
Stsikesl n ".Valor Iliglit.
J. Frank Collom. ina ua gin g director
of the Arlington, will have an application liefore ths gold commissioner on
July 18 for a water right ou Springer creek. The water is to be diverted
at ? point 4030 feet alio ve the junction
of Speculator and Spriugcr creoks.and
is to lv* convoys.*d to the said junction
bv means of a flunie or pipe line. The
difference iu altitude between tho two
points is 260 feet. Four hundred
inches of water is asked for, the stat**d
object of its use lieing the treatment
of ores. This move of Mr. Coilom's
may be regarded as one of the main
preliminaries looking to the establishment of the big mill for tho treatment
of the Arlington ores.
Kuux Church Concert.
The ladies of Knox church scored a
success with their entertainment.given
in the Music Hall ou Friday evening,
realizing upwards of $50. The programme was of interost. in that Miss
Milne and Lome York, two prime favorites, appeared for thc last time ere
leaving the city; also from the initial
public appearance here of Mrs. Patre-
(iiiin, whose two solos at once established her as a songstress of pleasing
abilities. A number of selections were
given by the band. A literal supply
of strawberries, icecream and other
refreshments was provided, rounding
out a pleasant evening.
from Road Inspector Moore, George
Nichol will take out a gang of men on
Monday to make good the repairs to
the Springer creek road. One bridge
has to be built, some cribbing put iu
and several slides cleaned out. The
prompt repairing of the road is giving
great satisfaction to mine and claim
owners, enabling heavier supplies to
go up and ore to come down.
Intstreetlag Haws Broaght Down or Gsaod
Frank Wells is reported to have cut
into a fine bunch of oreou the Hydra-
bad, situated on the south side of the
creek, on which he has been working
for some time. When first discovered
a big blowout of ore was found, but
dug out by subsequent bonders. It is
evident Frank has hit on a permanent
chute below.
Pete Swan and W. Clough, owners
of the Highland Light, came down
this week, bringing with them some
magnificent samples of ore. They had
cut into a healthy bunch of it in the
drift, taking out enough to fill twenty
sacks. The ore is of the dry character,
carrying much grey copper and sulphides, and giving very high assays.
The owners were so encouraged that
they secured more supplies and went
up again Tuesday-determined to open
up the property and prove it a mine.
The Ernest Mansfield outfit is in
luck.an exceptionally promising strike
having been made ou the Black Hawk
aud Daisy claims,situated in the same
vicinity as the Highland Light. W.
E. Boie and Martin Isaacson were doing assessment and ran on to a new
lodge, in the face of a precipitous
bluff. Iu fact, there are two ledges,
but the lower reveals no pay values.
Both are lying somewhat fiat and with
the usual northeast trend. The upper
ledge has been traced 500 feet and is
sii feet wide, carrying a quartz seam
10 to 14 inches in width, and which is
heavily splashed with ore. The ore is
also of the dry variety, but is richer
than the average, ruby silver being
plainly discernible. A numlier of
shots were put into the ledge where
traced and revealed ore in each case,
making it oue of the best things ou
the creek. Samples of the new find
have been sent to the company in
Europe, and if they decide to open up
the claims they will have a paying
Bark ror the Summer.
C. A. Hurlburt, managing dire-tor
of the Republic, returned on Monday
from D.'troit, where he spent the win-
tar and which is the headquarters of
the company. He purposes remaining
here for the summer, having the personal superintendence of the mine.
Mr. Hurlburt is much pleased with
the developments at the Republic and
points to the .shipments of ore as a
practical demonstration sif the worth
of the propeity. He says there will
be no cessation of labor at the mine
and that his companv is here to stay.
He received a warm welcome from his
many friends.
Kaaai to Myrtle Group.
Tattersall Bros, and Tom Waring,
owners of the Myrtle group, have just
completed cutting out the right of
way for a rond connecting thoir property with the Ottawa, a distance of
1 .V miles. It will enable sleighs to go
right up from town in the winter and
will make wasy the shipment of ore.
The owners aro awaiting the repairing
make a trial
of the Springer roasl to
shipment of the ore taken
out last
memorial hat at uknvek.
Editor Dhiix:
Sir,—The Foresters, Minors aud the
Knights of Pythias met on Sunday,
the 21st June, to hold in union aud
unison memorial services in Bosun
hall. The morn was pleasant and
balmy. Delegations and visitors came
in from Silverton, Rosebery, Three
Forks and Sandon. The societies met
at the Miners' Union hall and formed
and marched down Sixth street in full
regalia of their respective orders, entered Bosun hall at 2 p.m.and quickly
filled thc "body of the building in three
double-seated parallel rows, while a
bright galaxv of the "ladies of the
lake and the mountain" filled the
aisles and gallery. The platform was
decorated with bouquets of all the
wild and garden flowers of the season
-rosebuds, daisies, pinks, roses, lilies,
daffadowndillies, svringas, etc. Conspicuous among the bouquets was one
in which the German iris displayed its
beautiful colors, and the other (Mrs.
Bolander's) carried the fleur de lis io
its delicate shades of mauve and lavender. Thc social services were attended to by Chancellor McLean of
the Knights of Pythias, and the religious services wero conducted bv Rev.
Melntyie, of Sandon, who called to
his aid a transiont traveler on his way
home from the Assembly at Vancouver, Rev. Anderson Rogers, of Now
Glasgow, N.S. Rev. Mclntyrc's sermon was salient and Impressive. His
theme was Love, in all its phases of
brotherly humanity, sociability and
spirituality, exemplified bv Christ in
His beautiful life and teachings.
Society, friendship and love,
Divinely bestowed upon man;
Oh, had f the wings of a dove,
How oft would I taste you again.
New Denver.
Aaastlsrl- l.umliei Isis* I'onriarn.
The private bills committee at Ot
tawa has passnd the bill for incorporating the Columbia River Improve
ment Co. The promoters are .lames
White, George McCormick and D. I.
Grant, of Orillia, Ont.; Arch. Alexander, Colin W. McMillan aud Thomas
Ilaniptois Ntarta Up.
Operations for the season have been
commenced on the Hampton group.on
Springer creek, by N.  F. McNaught.
He and Mrs. McNaught went up tej
the property on Thursday, followed j
next day  bv  four  men  and a large
amount of luppliM.   A couple of new
buildings will lx> erected and general
development carried on on a permanent basis. Shipments will be made
during the summer.
■printer iisssisi Repairs,
Actiug   uus.li'1'  wired   iiiatiuctiou**
uin.* sb.»<»tiBB».
The fourth contest in the Dominion
League matches was shot off by the
local Rifle Club on Monday, tho score
being much better than in thc last.
The figures were:
Geo. Nichol 'U
1). McVaunc!:.-. .33
J. Milne 28
.1. Beau 81
W.S. Johnson..31
J.Cross 25
D. Nichol 26
H. MeMil.au...24
,f. McVicar 27
H. J. Rol>ertson..22
277   m   '411      762
Lai! Tatar'a ghlpaaata War* CSSS Ta_aa~
A llralthjr Kvldeac* ot th* Lite *-.*-.«
W.alth of tha*. Cwp-lCatarprlM Ik*
Blggeat Shipper.
For the first time in several weeks
there has been no ore shipped from
the division. A number of properties,
however, have shipments about ready
to go out. The Republic is sending
down ore, the Meteor has a carload
down to the Basin hotel, and the
Myrtle is sacking a car. The two last
are awaiting the repairs to the Springer road.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 6338
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the ship*
ments this year to date:
MIXE. WIBsT.        TSTAL*
Enterprise  S3t
Arlington  *_•
Ottawa _ IM
Black Prince „.. 1?
Bondholder - t
Dayton  4
Republic  b*
Meteer  12
Hamilton  4
The price of lead is on the rise.
The wagon road to the Slocan Star
has been repaired.
The Republic is sending down ore
for another shipment.
Upwards of 100 men are employed
in the McGuigan basin.
Seventy men are employed at tbe
Rambler mine and mill.
Local pa<cktrains ,«» kepi busy
taking out supplies to the various properties.
The survey of the Black Claud
claim, on Ten Mile, waa completedt
this week.
Contractors on the Republic ha«*e
quit, everything now being done bj**
day labor.
Eric Lemieux will have his claims
on Tiger creek surveyed next week for
a crown grant.
New camp buildings are te be erected at the Moll v Gibson and a concentrator installed.
The Lemon creek trail has been repaired by the government and put ia
excellent shape.
A shipment of ore is to be made
from the recent rich strike on the
Empress at Bear lake.
The Granby smelter is now running
three furnaces and expects shortly to
have the fourth in operation.
Since the repairing of the Lemon
trail claimowners come here for supplies, giving Neleon the go-by.
R. I. Kiikwood sent up four men on
Mondav to work on the Triune group,
situated to the east of the Arlington
Frank Dick has ceased work for the
present on the Rose, the water playing out. The ledge was not cut, but
large chunks of rich float were uncovered.
The government repair gang came
in from Lemou creek on Saturday.
They built about a mile of new trail,
cleaned out several slides, and removed all fallen timber right through to
News was brought to town on Wednesday evening of a sad fatality near
Winlaw, whereby Miss A. Watson lost
her life. On Tuesday evening she and
her young brother Walter—they having beon delivering some straw ben its
—n lad named Jamieson, and a man
got inte a boat to cross to their homo
on the west bank of Slocan river.
Wben close to the other shore the
boat got caught in a heavy swirl of
the current, and became unmanageable. The Jamieson lad grabbed an
overhanging branch and escaped and
ran for help. The others were thrown
iuto tho water, the mau and young
Watson fetching up against a log,
from which thoy were subsequently
rescued. Young Watson had a narrow escape, a favoring knot catching
him by the waist band and holding
him,with his head partly in the water.
The swift current carried the boat and
Miss Watson down against a log jam,
and despite every effort to save her,
she was sucked under, where the liody
is uow supposed to be, all efforts to
grapple with it lieing unsuccessful,
owing to the hiph water and sviift
current. Deceased was about '20 t-a.vra
of age and well known. Leing hLg\x\/f
esteemed and popular among >♦"* fie
M< ■—a> fl-Msiin
■■ i
ssHM-a W»» I *> N • I • l'»h*»|a»"l-»»t
By Howard riELoma
Op-rright, 1901, by (fttrtas W. Hoalsa.
"As If she had been a piece of furniture. Then 1 asked where my husband was, and she said he had gone
out for a doctor. So she made me lie
down. Probably 1 seemed to be there
on that bed, but In reality—my own
reality—I was playing In that old barnstorming company and stti'dylng,
studying, studying on long parts thnt
wero always chauglng, hut sometimes
I was a little girl again ln a town wny
out In Michigan, running through the
Etreets, wltb my long legs dying nnd
my heels touching tbe back of ray
head, as my mother used to say. I
stole the neighbors' flowers In the
scented June eveuiugs nnd staid out
under the little whispering stars till
ray mother came, weeping with anxiety, to hrlug me home. And, strangely enough, right In the midst of it nil
there stood the doctor, a tall, gaunt
young man, asking ine how I felt.
But where was my husband?
" 'He bus not got back,' said the woman. 'I was afraid to wait any longer, so 1 got this gentleman, who Is a
New York doctor stopping In the
"Then I felt something sharp pricking my arm and afterward the pnln
was easier, and my mind suddenly be-
mme as clear as lt ts now. I beard
the doctor say that I would be all
right when I bad bad some sleep, and
then my husband appeared, looking In
between the curtains that hung by the
bedroom door. It seems that be hnd
not brought a doctor, but bad left
word for one to come.
"My husband remained there, between tho curtains, perfectly rigid,
staring, pale as a *,.iosL   lie was look-
"Youl" flfofai Ute doctor,
Ing at tha docte* beside uiy bed, and
glancing up 1 «a*.v that the doctor wns
staring at hlm.
"'ioul' said ths doctor, and he took
three strides out of the room, my husband .backing, away as the other advanced.
"They whunered together; tliey
thought I could pot hear. But. Brenda,
I would have heard them If they had
been In New York.
"'She says you were married this
afternoon,' said the dsictor. 'How Is
" 'Who In the devil's name called you
In? demanded my husband. 'Where
did you corns' from?*
" 'This is L'tute prison business,'
sa.'d the doctor, without minding the
questions. 'You ire living legally
separated from your wife, but you are
not divorced, and you never will be by
your own consent, for her father Is
paying you to behave yourself.'
" 'There has been ci marriage here,'
said my husband. 'Don't sar anything. Tbls Is a mere freak of mine.
I'll mako It right with you If you'll
keep quiet.'
" 'You lie,' said the doctor, and then,
'Am I too late to save her?'
"My husband answered Tea.' Brenda,
how Is It possible for a humnn being
to utter a falsehood like that? I wns
no more to hlm than you are except
that I had promised before God to be
his wife. And the doctor looked hlm
In the eyes n moment and then struck
him across the face with the back of
his open hand uud went out of tho
"My husband mine to the curtains
nnd looked In; then he approached thc
bed, and I groaned us loud as I could.
At that he seemed to lose his wits. He
ran around the room aimlessly and at
last snatched his hat from, the floor
and rushed out. 1 suppose he was going for auother doctor.
"VVhen he was gone, 1 Invented an
errand and scut the woman uwny. Then
I got up nnd dressed.    I don't know
how It was possible for me to do It,
but I seemed to be as light ns a feather.   I got out of the hotel easily enough
and took a cab to tlie railroad station.
I had not money enough for a sleeper,
. so I rode hi a day conch all tho way to
New. York,   but   my' mind   was  In   &
..thousand  places,  and  some  of   theui
'".werti beautiful,'and I was happy there,
and again I was lu terror and pnln.
"When I left the train at Jersey City,
my head was bursting upon my shoulders nnd the'air was -fire. Honestly,
Brenda, when the ferryboat ran Into
the slip on Ihls side, I thought It was
tho mouth of the Infernal regions. It
looked like n great cave full of Hume!'
and 11 seemed thai I was being crushed
and thrust Into It. Yet I must have
had some part of my senses, for I
found a cnb nnd gave the driver my
address. And so I came home from \
my wedding Jour ney, Brand's, I let
myself In with my key, uud (lie people
In the house never knew thai I hnd
i been nway thnt utghi. They founJ
' mc 111 ntul got a doctor for me, and he-
fore the day was over I wns nearly
well The doctor said I must have eat-
en some sort of a thing—whnt do they
call It—I always think of tomatoes."
"Ptomaines," said Brenda. "Oh, you
poor child; you poor, wretched, lucky
little Elsie' I am so glad, so glad!"
"Would you believe," said Elsie,
"that that mnn tried to get my henrt
back again, to plead his cause with me?
; Well, he did, aud, though I had peace
for quite a long time, of late I have
been much annoyed by hlm. You cun
understand uow why Clarence Aldeu's
love was torture to me. why — well,
why I bought the picture of Tantalus
to look nt, Brenda. Oh, I love hlm. I
love him so much! The feast ot the
' heart that 1 can never havel He ls
everything I wnnt. Brenda."
"But wby ln the nam* of all martyr
dom should you hesitate to tell this sto-
! ry to hlm7" exclnlmed Brenda.    'Whnt
bar can It be to your marriage?"
|    "One day," said Elsie slowly, "when
1 I  was beginning to love Clarence so
that my heart sang of hlm all the time.
I was walking on Broadway and hnd
stopped to look In at a Jeweler's win-
dow.   And I glanced up, and Clnreuce
was coming down the street with thnt
"The ono who attended you In Phil?
! adclpbla?"
"Yes," said Elsie. "They were lnugh-
; lug and talking together, and I shrank
Into a doorway and died of shame as
they passed.    Suppose they  bad seeu
I me?"
"I think no harm would have come of
■ It," said Brenda.
"Suppose I married Clarence and we
! should meet him theu?"
"But, my dear," exclaimed  Brenda.
j "take the wildest possible supposition.
j Say that this doctor believed the worst
' and told lt to Clarence and lived to
j finish  the  story,   which  unless  he  Is
j Sniuson reincarnated ls not possible, it
I would muke no difference. Unless Clarence can believe you absolutely against
every  other  voice- In  the world, you
dou't want to marry hlm anyway."
"You don't know men," said Elsie,
slinking her head. "Ono little doubt,
and there Is misery for a lifetime. I
heard Clarence speak onco of a woman
who had gono wrong. It frightened my
bones until they turned to dust In my
"But, Elsie, you haven't done any
wrong," pleaded Brenda. "You were
cruelly deceived"—
"I no more than tho others," replied
Elsie. "Every woman who goes wrong
Is deceived, or there would he no wrong
The point Is, Brenda, that thnt Is not
tho way to get mnrrled. No really good
girl ever does such a thing. 1 should
hnvo had my mother and my friends to
see me mnke my vow. That Is the ouly
ri;;ht wny; your way, Breuda, the way
of your world. And, besides, I haven't
told you all. I am really his wife."
"What do you mean?"
"nis wife froni whom he wnB sepa
rated was abroad at the lime," snid
Elsie. "She died two days before my
marriage. That's why I called him
my husband all the way through the
Hia iisiri was speechless for some sec
onds before the spectacle of this fatality.
"1 don't see tbat that makes It any
worse," she said at last. "Better, I
should say. Sucb a marriage cau be
easily annulled. It does not even require a divorce."
"It requires legal proceedings," snid
Elsie. "It means publicity nud branding. It means that Clarence Alden's
wife will be marked as a woman with
a past, with a romantic sen mini attached to her name. It would be bad
enough, Brenda, for him to marry me
anyway, but an actress, with that
Btory fastened to her! Well, you know
what all the world would say. No; I
would rather die. I would rather he
should never know. I'd lie to him,
Brenda, If necessary—I have lied to
him, ns you are aware—rather than he
should think me the sort of girl who,
on a hasty acquaintance with a man
about whom sho knows notblng, would
run away to a strange city, trusting to
luck to be married there."
Breuda kisses! Elsie's hand again
very tenderly.
"I'll tell you what, my dear," said
she; "thc fact ls that you have brooded
over this matter until you arc not quite
sane about It. I really mean whnt I
say. Now, this Is my advice to you:
Toll Mr. Alden this story Just ns soon
ns you're strong enough to do It and"—
Lisle gripped her hand haril.
"I have told you this In confidence,"
she snld. "Give me your solemn word
that you will never breathe one syllable of lt; that you will help me In every way to conceal It!   ITo-iilst*!"
"The word and honor of oue who
loves you, Elsie," Brendu answered.
"Whatever you wish I will do." '
"You are so good to me!" said Elsie,
letting her bead sink back Into the pillows.
"There Is one thing more," said Brenda. "Did be, your husband, strike this
"Don't ask me that," cried Elsie. "I
can never tell you how 1 sot this
wound. Think what n frightful burden thut knowlcdgo would bo to you If
I should die."
possessed  by  au   unusual excitement.
Aldeu's greeting was simply. "Whai's
the matter?" nud the words were spo- '
ken In great anxiety. I
"Nothing-nothing at all," replied El*'
mendorf.     "Miss Miller ts better thnn '
LDEN looked In nt St.
Winifred's about 0
o'clock, as was his custom before golug to
dinner. He had always left word where
he should dine and
had never gone far
from the hospital.
On tbls occasion he met Mr. Elmendorf at the head of the stairs by which
ono ascends from the street level within tbe structure. The most unobservant and preoocuplcd person could uot
have failed to note that Elmendorf was
"We'll begin with A."
ever.   Sbe ought to be dead after whnt
she's been through, but she Isn't. She's
fine, I assure you."
"What has she-been through?" demanded Alden, and the detective bo-
came singularly embarrassed. He would
say nothing except that Elsie had had
a hard day.
"But I've struck a little clew In the
case," ho continued, brightening. "It
looks to rae liko a sure thing. But don't
ask what It Is Just yet. All I waul ls
the names of all the doctors you kuow
In New York."
"All the doctors I know!" echoed Alden In surprise. "Isn't that rather a
large order? How am I going to remember them all?"
"We shan't need absolutely all," said
the detective. "You cau skip tbo old
ones and tbe fat ones and the short
ones. In fact, I want a tall, thin, gaunt
man. and If you could remember walking down Broadway with blm awhile
ago, perhaps two months"—
Alden laughed gently.
"I say, Brother Elmendorf," said he,
"you're rattled, aren't you?"
"Perhaps 1 am," the detective admitted. "This new clew absolutely stands
my case on Its bead. It seems to prove
squarely and fairly that everything 1
had figured on was not only wrong: it
was upside down. However, let us not
be hasty. Let us think about the doctors.   I'll take a list of tlism."
And be produced pencil and paper
for that purpose.
"Now," said bo, "we'll begin with
"Tall, thin, young doctor, whoso
name begins with 'A?'" said Alden.
"I don't know any; but, passing to B.
there's Blalr."
Elmendorf leaned back against the
wall and put the pencil and paper Into
bis pockets.
"Do you mean to tell mo t!:at you
knew Dr. A. G. Blnlr before this ense
came up?" he asked In a sort of hopeless tone almost laughable.
"Why, certainly," replied Alden. "I'd
met him."
"You showed no sign of It over at
Mrs. Simmons'," said Elmendorf.
"Didn't I? Well, the Lord knows
what I did there. Blalr certainly bowed to me."
"I was watching you," said Blmendorf. "However, this simplifies matters.   You didn't know Blair well?'
"Not Intimately. I'd met him several
times, and,"' he added, with a smile.
"I may have walked down Broadway
with him. but I don't remember."
"It's only a small mntter." said tbe
detective, wltb a resumption of his
usual demeanor. "I wnut to ask Blnlr
a question; that's all."
"I'll go over with you," said Alden.
"Wait till I have seen Kendall."
He wnlked toward the doctor's room
and at the first turn of tho hull encountered Brenda.
Mi. Leaks*'* Its-port to Mr. Uitrouurt Mills'"
the tugg. Bstl.ABs   t lt si t Sollssoll I'i'
l>|ieil All III"  I tflsis..
Mr. Albert IT. Leako, Superintendent of Technioej und Manual Training and Housohold Science, bus re-
portod to the Minister of Education
the results of his observations mude
during his recent trip t<> inspect tho
schools of Ni'w York, Brooklyn, iTer*
soy City, unsl Philadelphia.
After detailed references I') Hu."
American system of eilucation In the
subjects of his department, Mr,
Leake calls attention to tho, fact
that the public schools sorve the
community less than one-fourth ol
the time, nnd only a small portion
of tho community nt that. But tb'.V
could, he said, bo utilized not only
for the education of tho children,
but as well for the general education of tho ciimiiiunily, nnd at pro-
si'iit ho believes the public school
fulls far short of what it might do
for tho public welfare.
But what can be done for the education of B community morn than is
now done In tho public schools, he
asks? This, he continues, is u proper qui'Stion, and tho Sps-yers School
(Pennsylvania),    will    undertake   in
pari to answer it This school proposes to place its entire plant at the
disposul of the community after
school hours afternoon and ovenlngi
anil nil day on Saturday, holidays,
nmi during tlio rogulej" vacations.
Tho gymnusimn uml kindergarten
rooms are so arranged as to be eus-
lly  used     for  public     lectures,  sociul
meetings and entertainments. Boys'
clubs, girls' clubs, nnd mothers' meetings will bo encouraged, The gymnasium, bnths nnd librury, will be
open to the public when not nctunlly
ncoded Ior the school. Classes will
be formed to meet afternoons and
evenings in sewing, cooking nnd
housekeeping, in music, in free hand
drawing and design, and In woodworking, and in other simple industrial arts. Regular night school
classes will be formed if there is u
demand for theni. In short, the purpose is to serve the community in
every possible way, and particularly
to experiment in ways unsl means of
bridging the gap between the close
of the public school work und the
time when young men and Women
settle down to permanent employment nt eighteen or twenty yeurs
of age.
flt'isiinatis's SlitsNtarlala
Canada's Parliament always carries on its rol!r, u multitude of helpless ones, says The Toronto News
The most that many <>f them <>vcr
do i.s lo lend a hand, now unsl then,
when some trilling service s>f n clean
and agreeablo character, like packing and unpacking documents, is to
be slonc in the ollice to which, they
are attached, and where they spend
most of their time writing personal
litters, telling stories or reading the
nowspapars, which uro subscribed to
by the Department. Of course, thsre
ure exceptions to this rule. There is
one man In the Public Works Department who is ii very respectable
citizen, nnd who declines to mako
an attempt to Wil time. At one
period ho was the most noted mnn
in the Department. Although the
evident Intention of the put inn who
got him his job was to proviii" him
with u Sinecure he wos as regualr
as the clock in reporting for duly;
and, to the astonishment ol everyone concerned, when u big Snowfall
occurred nnd the drifts were piling
up alongside the western block, he
appeared at the door of his Chief's
ollice and demanded a shovel, It wus
handed to him as a Joko, but ho wns
in dead earnest, and resolved to earn
his pay, and n few minutes later he
wns up to his kneea In the heavy
snow, cutting paths and oloanlng
gutters as if he husl bein born to
the wage-earner's estate, instead of
coming from one of the best families
in  Western  Ontario.
Water In the Kulahisrl lleaert.
The bushmen in the Kalahari desert
often live scores of miles from places
where water comes to tbo surface,
During a certain part of the year sharp
storms pass over the Kalahari, covering the apparently arid region wilh tha
brightest of verdure and filling for a
few short days the water course! with
roaring torrents, The bushmen know
how to lind wiita'r by digging in the
bottoms of these dried up river beds. '
Thpy dig a hole three or four feet deep I
and then tie a sponge to the end of a I
hollow reed. The sponge absorbs the
moisture at the inottom of the hole, and
the unlives draw it into their mouths
through the ri'ed and then empty il into
calabashes for future use. i
The animals thut Inhabit such wastes
as tho Kalahari are of course accus- I
touted to living upon very small nnd
Infrequent supplies of water. The Bech-
uana do not lead their cal tie to the
drinking places of toner than once ln
two or three days. It Is said that goats
In the Kalahari frequently pass months
without wnter. j
Her  It.ilMiaa.
Dr. Porter hail responded to a note
left at his door by a farmer asking
him lo go as soou ns possible to see bis
sittls* buy, who had "u very bad cold."
The doctor took one look at the Child
and turned to the mother.*
"Don't you know your boy is coining
down with measles?" ho asked severely.
"Yes, doctor, I knew he was," said
the woman.
"Then what In the world did you
mean by writing me he had 'a very bad
coldv " asked the doctor.
The woman hesitated for a moment;
then, looking at her husband, she Bald,
wilh sullen frankness, "Neither hlm
nor uie knew how to spell measles."
st... > ol ilti* lata slostlce l-otwt.
The late Mr. Justice    Lount    wns
always fond of a joke, and his good
humor was contagious. An anocdoto
about him is being re-told. In daya
gono by he wus u. young lawyer at
Barrio, where nlso Mr. D'Arcy Boulton hnd a law ofliee. Mr. Lount, in
driving home one dark night when
the roads were blocked with snow,
run ovor a rulf The farmer demanded $10 Not having tlmt
amount in his pocket. Mr, Lount
told the farmer his name was rtoul-
ton, of Bartie, ami lo cnll and seo
hlm. in due course the farmer Balled upon Mr. Boulton, then u candidate for Parliament, bul he insiig-
nunlly denied responsibility, The
farmer ths*n took legal advice from
Mr Lount in entire Ignorance that
hn was the real delinquent Lount
undertook to "see" Boulton, to
whiiin he addressed the foil,)wing
weighty arguments' That no doubt
thc fanner was mistaken, but nn
election was coming on, etc, Mr.
Boulton paid up, aud at tho next
county Bur Mr. Lount told thc
whole  story  with  groat enjoyment.
I'lasarvisii;  MagO.ru  lull..
Tho Americana, having gonu to tbs
limit in commercializing Niagara
Fulls by harnessing tho power on
their own side and decorating the
banks with fail ones, are putting up
a tremendous appeal for the preservation of the natural boat!ties of
the great cataract, with a Rpnrial
protest ugaiiist the commorciul|-*.inn
of the Canadian side It is too bnd
that tho prlmoval beauty of iho
surrounding scenery cannot be pro
servi'd. but it looks vary much ns if
the falls was too valuable couunei>
daily to be maintained ns the greatest show on earth for tourists, An
untouched gold mine would also be
an interesting cxhlbll for curious
Visitors, but to allow it to remain
untouched on that account would bo
an oxpenslve Way ol gratifying curiosity.—Ottawa fit ban.
The v • nf \ loir,
A man's sensibilities gel somewhat
of a jolt  when I >cs n pretty bird
oat a protty butterfly. Somotimna
one thinks ll hard thai the butterfly
is  not   allowed   to  I iv.*  its little    lifo
free from   molestutlon.     Sometlinoa
ono fs-els sorry Hint tho bird should
have so scum u breakfast.
Look out tor the nxe a man   li
tn grind when he bvgins to jolly >'s
The Weakest mini is he who cannot
keep his secret; the strongest is he
who overcomos his wrath: tho most
patient is- ho who conceals his pov-
p,*ty; the richest is he who Is eon-
ton't witb  what  hi! hus.
People sometimes count their chickens before tho eggs nre laid.
The    it. igians
breeders, and    one
birds of I his  kind
Ul'''"  ni,
warp carrier,  which' i-   'l'" H
rare, """''.irm
A  woman who -*u,hes"
when  h
IS   tired
"I   I,
over ,
*" " Podded eel? 'M
for  a   term
Watermelons n.u,,. i   ,
siciuns come higher au|
tad Sciatica, Distressing Headaches and Dizzy $
Made Life Wretched-Doctors and Medicines L
ed Nothing*- but Cure Came with the use of
Instead of giving you reasons why
Pr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills should
cure you, we prefer to quote from
the experience ol the cured ones.
This ca *■'" of .Mr. Unities was unusually serious because it was of twenty years' st aniline;, and had resisted
'.in*. c'Tiv lx of two physicians nnd all
K.irts of treatment, lt is merely nn-
oth_r* Illustration of how Dr. I'lmse's
K .in j'-Lflivor l'ills roach the sent of
disr.se and  mre  when  other     meuns
ftlr. William llaims. farmer, of
Thorold Township, near Port Robinson, Welland County, Ont., stuts*s:
"I huve bei'ii subject to severe nnd
distressing headaches ilnco boyhOi d,
and i.i Inter life this became complicated with rheumatism und scl-
atlca, und altogether my life wus
mude misi'ruble. The headaches
were uccompaiiii'd with di/./iness nnd
vomiting, and I wan for days end
often weeks unlit for anything, Ah
the troublo advanced l became   ro-
ducad in flesh, and was
health and spirits
After    undergoing
two   doctors    and   n\
inoatic and patent  medicines i
most gave up In dei-pah  „_',''
theae slid   any           *\
r„"|,'":"'!u";,|'v ' '••■'"" using,
t huso s  Kldliej  l.ivei   pni,  ,,,8 '
Unit if I wore o  I,  a.- ,litc^|
be   a   Wonder    liovi v,,   |
in using these pill    ..,,,';;   'fir**
same     when      ||,,
'""' 'ymptoM
ns'iu-ly  twentj   yon      standhar
aypearod.     I  hud   ;-.,,,„.,.' ',..,'
fli'sh,  ami   began once
Joy  life.     For th u greal
the credit is due to Dr. ChaselM
ney l.iver   Pills,    mu]  1 sh.ili
cease  tai   recommend  them
the  opportunity  olu-rs."
Pr.    Chase's      Kidney-Liver
have  attained    thi
because   they   succeed whero el
fail.      One pill  n  dose; 25 cent*
box;   at   all   deal.■!■•..    or Edcu*
I Hale*. aS_  Co.. Toronto.
l*A't» pillnj allisi.      *Mll!|il. .liopmeiiAii'a.
ran" wilh yiiur nsasa anii ..!■■,. a_: I a> I;,
aarai yic.i at aBiict*. ibsib of mj latsut impt&itl
luttli grads) Electric Ualt*. Vou caa nss it lliras* snimttis, I lion p.17 iiai, if curcl «_!<«
prico will la.. fliuly half what others ask for their lllfariol Iwilis If an aarel i"_as
return Ibe Belt lss meatiny espaoSS aod VODB Willi!) WILL HI.' IDK I na till
lo tru.l j.ia Hnlirely, Isiiowiuk ila.il 1 hate I Is Ina-1 .n.-i isiii.l parte! B ll u ■ aiiji
to lay. and ntas mau in l.-i. »!• aya pisy whan cOH'st.
Tills niavlnri, li.-l*. i- ihs usisal sxrfact Bfliel rianar'atas-ci*. in." - a j, wi!lc'.:ill
i-a.. - .,( Kli<*AiniHii*iii Varli-.Ai'sle, laolfttstioa thmhasu. W0..I1 Ihi''. Hidniy, Um
i.i SloiDAch I'em plaints, t.uaias a si I lh,i-o wm .IstisMSaat caused h> ■*OBi>saodsxs*Sll
wiH also sand ahsolotsly
A laesuiifat illufairaiad Medical Booh tvhii'h illooldba read t» all '.-., msii
wUl be-eut frae sohIw) iu sslisln wrapper, all cluirgos prepaid    It is ir**s) a   '   .     U
l"f I lin   1 -a. I   a-      I la a 1,'I i a.-, la,-*, this Ip f 1-1  .1 a' 1*1*. .r I a a ■ I , tai IS'al.saaj Jfa   .' •    .III .
Write to sii)
23C2 bt. Cstlaiha
St.,   Montreal, Q«
A f.iT.tis < Por Kils-sslvMp.
No man of Jo' ii*>oj . lime knew the
rout city ber. r , •;■ nil i' •• ■ n riot lea
f hia* contnlued \s'i:liin it.-' walls. He
iept with besftmr*! su- wnu lc*n il liouae-
s tiil-«H*;-Ij tbe Btivel I ill l'.!;l.t Willi a
■ ll' r p.a. i:  he "•. "  ii   Inirge-
utin, I iughr*d in I Je :.•.! vvl:h Uiur*
l'l i. s na'ii'i"',ses s V t.il. i ''. itli pro*
rofin : respevt. I ul *";'i lu n Brti'u mun-
v tiii'.uiier, with i.i. .•.onornt-'t voh.e." lo
llltlji ■ ly  I ss-ir.   'I   Illl  ,   ;-;..,.,  a  sl.,}-  BS
: ist." he said. "In .. li! :. i  .,, not make
n  now nii-nalntnut-t-.'   'll. • r..'i ih.it
in. never lost ii fri md exi: pl u\ d'.r.'u
sl.ows Hint I..- \v;:-- a a ten it ...... ail old
i:;'.u'siiip- a., !..• wim rngi i ,:, aivjulre
new. He bad. in i. .;. a ■ • ry uvulus
for friendship, uud the elfth* ihnt uath-
ered round hlm in hla i:ii**r y-t-ara in-
cluded not r-.ily poets, seliolni's nnd
men of letters, but the tuos i prominent
painters,   nctors,   muslcinusi  doctort
and  statesmen   in   Buillnild.
The  in-.'*' sl   isa i
broken ai;d I'S't. '  ■
defile in  noi I In.     - . .'.
a,.lisl to In' 860 i.   '
A iiab:,' wns (teen In the strn-t
Paris the oihiu ai. . dinn aim
tor car, wearin •
. -" flos to proles ;
dust  and   wind.
He   Kris**.-.   V.'lial   ||   Wna.
A certain llllnisti r. w Idle passlnj*
clown the viibiKO street, a bserved one
of his pnrisliloners Bi ,:i. d ut his cot-
tage dour BtippluK his broth.
Thinking tiiisan unusual proceeding,
he stopped and asked him what was
the mutter.
"Oh," replied JolHi, "the sblmlpy Is
recking u bit, s<s l cam' outside ie sup
mn broth Ve bad belter gnn In and
gle the missus a bll ud. Ico uin ol it."
The minister bad sciircety opened the
door wliin n female voice i-xc'lnlmetl,
"Is that tliun uii.vi'n, tlmn nivil BIBCnl?"
And the minister's bat was crushed
over his eyes with n stool.
Without making n remark tbo minister closed the door nnd, stepping up to
wbere John sat, said solemnly, "Jobn,
our chimney at home smokes sometimes tsm!"
Tell-iivr  of  (Ii(.  llui,,..
When a Dutch baby make's Its nrrlv-
nl, the fact is announpet] by a man
wearing a blbck coat and u wlilia. He
who Is hired by the littlo one's parents
to go round lo all their friend* wiih
packets of sweets, which mre appropriately ileei.raled v.llb a piet ure. ofa baby   and   nn   angel.   The 'eonfeetiion   Is
made of aniseed luni sjjgnr, l(btigh
Bwoots signify the I IrUi or it nny,
smooth sweels thu. of u girl, The children of the families to whom they aro
Bent eat tho sweets Hpieasl upon lludr
bread and butler. In the tSghtebllth
century the birth of n Child was iin-
nouncod by tying n pincushion decorated with lace and ribbons tothedixir
knocker of the parents' house.
An   Inanimate  ronverantfon.
Mr. Phonograph Album Won't you
play me tl tune, Miss I'liiinivrapli?
Miss Phonograph (tiashftllly) i nm
very wrry, bul I ennnot play without
my records.   Philadelphia Ledger.
•B1K, 1MSI, KswTsA ■•■"■■«
Oentlaman i-l havr. ,>-• .1 "**•***";*™-l..l
mylaora-sforlhai otto ;      p-atM
always tlarais aie iturt i ■ •■• ■'' . ,', Un Tt
I also tsar, ouai i.f J ■ lur I ■ "■•";!,„ „'i**J
Tsr** nsefuL 11 X"'" ^'"."'.Va ia,''****1
tli* -frranaa on lh« l " *" •*•""
Will */OU klSlslly aCUd 11.'   ""•'• , .jt
B-jspaetfully ynura,       "
It la aa abasjotelT raHal •"^■jjfl a..
kWnnJP**'* »"»•**■• VT",t"n "W*'
L    *.rful W.'9t.-?>P*"* wh°»*» Pralrle PMu
'""I       fusion bond, tlie «.>Wsn grain.
fcffl -W He**'0n'*" *** a* ,n"
loWrndt stotfwanJ lifts nMh.httPpj'taee.
„,ed o.it on Manitoba in r ch dower.
ah hurvo ,t greater than whut yet has b-*e« l
A Prairl, Province of all laud, the doom
, Sprini* ihe Farmer plows tho virgin soil J
'  '   n ni.ro roars the product of his toll.
"v follows da,, «nJ oow tl-efrultfol ear,
„L,lsi,,Ks.n.enl entity, rtcl. and rare.
„,er 1, is cdme. nud crowds llieCitythroar
KeUroSa with mirth and Jovial so*
\°1, :.t..-actions, sports, uo fcxm for care
li vast nro.it.ds,if Wlnnipe'.'s.Or.atFalr.
T  ii wl li Klndsomo hearts now celebrate
fghtsotuo imjfjal the City's Au**.ux\ Fete.
ldi, wn hail thee, WoedrowWw^ La«a*u
.,, s,lW„ joins to swell the chorus grand |
, loud t i.imphant strains our Bong we raise
I, d0cp and cloar, tribute of love and praise.
The Paris Cute.
| The Paris festtfuiimt reflects the con*
: servatlvje views of the .''reucliuuin- Tlio
I'ni'lsliiu* loves to sit on cushioned
\ benches along the wall uud ns like as
j not enter luto talk with his neighbor.
j Again, the Parisian is a true ileinoerat.
j Whatever his rank, be Is willing to join
i ln the tmi Boing forward. I remember
I ono night In tbe Cufe de Paris seeing a
I Hungarian prince with a rent rail of
! si'iiii's of thousands stalk up to u band
of his countrymen and tako the first
violin fi-oui tho hands of the leader.
The next minute u score of well known
people were gathered before him. A
count sang ti love song; a ballet dancer
from tho opera obliged us with a remarkable fandango; u sugar refiner
gave us n comic patter. Noljody cared
who his neighbor chanced to be. It was
good fun. That was sullicient.
Imagine a duke and an earl aud a
rich merchant amusing the supper
crowd at the Carlton or the Savoy I
- Decidedly they do these things better
In France.—Paris Letter in London B*x-
,asl   ti
i l.i111
oiith sow th*' centennr.v I of
of   MiuiK'uil.  the  Irish 'isn't..
,ir\ rililion of his workis fs
/with seventy  pi)!'.i.s liilli-
iiblishcd. .      ...
,,.,.   Vuriiioiitli   Y.M.r.A    Roys
, i, 1,1 .it Tiiskw  Palls lust' Aug-
i  [, md  Ml V\U1>'S  LINI MEN?
i... riiiial  for sunburn,  an    ini-
I'elii'f   inr   colic   and    tsssiUi-
(lenetal 3ecret-ji.ry.
"tiriirriiligjlg   lull'   Statistics    only
, :, oul  of overy lns.ti.iwio dies
aa . L'l'WOI k.
I)......!C.:.s Cnnot Be Cuicd
ni:    a,a>iicuUoua,    as     tliey   cannot
i   iii-  ilii>i'UHtui    porticsn   ut'  the   ear
a  i:   anly  oils*  way  to  cure  ilcl.ie*..
Is  by constitutional    reuiedlks
is  euusstUl   l.y   an   iiilUiiiieil    con
lhe  .ni'ious  lining  ol   the   l-'.j*..
I'lalie.    When   this   lube   eels    in
iai'ii ta
Diets' h
fnsl  <lu"
|siui": ) au la. e n  I'umliliiiBi sounil or im-
rtei'i   tieiiiliiK,   tais.l   when   it   is   euii/s*!.*.
II,   ■       L'nlttCbS   is   lhe   lesnlt,   ainl   unless
II in,mutton   can   he   taken  out   and
gl.     tn!..'  ia."-;o|ed   ta>  its  normal    coudi-
hearing will lie destroyed lor ever ;
-a.'-  out   a:f  ten   are  eauaed   hy  ca-
which  is  nothing  hut  un  imluine.1
i )l.  i,l  .he  inus'Biu**  SAirlua.es.
ri..'   H;ie   llunilrctl   IBiallnrB  for
at [leufness (caused hy caturrli.
|l   •       a 0i  |,o cures 1 by Hall's   Catarrh
are.      A»nd   fair a-ircu'.ors,   free
■    F    J     I'HI'.NKY   ,*:   I'ii ,  Tole
aa    ll
* nt     ' .   .'Inii'.jjijte.  Us
I:      ■■  Family  Pills arc thc hest
i , im nulls :n ilia' ri i'ii. t thut
i.eil men as I'lt.i'lili' for s-eats
israatit fo%-A-aB^eri_ar.chs\,
■ i
New tiara.
It Is suggested by Louis Rabourdln, a
French writer, that ln each of the new
stars that blaze forth In the heavens
from time to time wc see the destruction V>f a celestial body by u volcanic
cataclysm. At uny rate, he says, If
part <»f the earth's crust underlying the
ocean should givo way our earth would
doubtless present iu succession to a
distant observer the same series of appearances that we witness in the case
of "novae," or new stars. First there
would be nn outburst 6f blazing hydrogen from the sea water decomposed
by the earth's Internal heat, then fusion of the whole crust, reducing the
globe again to a molten state, and then
the gradual extinction of its light owing to cooling. As cooling would first
take place locally, we should have a
variable star, the darkened portions
being periodically brought into view
by the rotation of the globe.
J. J.  Burns says Dodd's Kidne>
Pills Saved His Life.
Cssulsl Seiirsely Sit,   Sleii|i  or  Walk  when
lie Started to Use Them- Ills  Trouble
S.SSSIS* for  S.aaaill.
Darnlcy, P.E.I., Juno 1.-(Special)
—"Ilie psi|.ulai ity ot Dodd's Kidney
l'ills   in Prince   Edward   lslund hus
! been earned by su.es complete a.id
permanent. John L. Burns, Lot 18,
l»ntuley, is one of the cjred, und
his story is- u splendid example ol thc
I work  Dodd's Kiilney l'ills aro doing.
i "For over eight years," suys Mr.
Burns, "I suffered from what tho
doctors pronounced t'hronic Inflammation of the Loins nnd Kidneys. In
thu yeur 18'JG it got so bad that J
could scarcely walk, sit or sleep. I
was aliuut to give up when an ad-
veitiss'ti.t'i.t led me t'. try Dodd's
Kidney Fills and tliey did a wonderful  work  for mo.
"Dodd's Kidney Pills snved my life
and though yeurs have elapBod since
my cure l have had no trouble since
I used thorn.
"1 belong lo the I, 0. F., nnd any
member cun vouch for my condition
and that Dodd's Kidney Fills cured
Dodd's Kidney l'ills never fail to
e*urc any form of Kidney Disease once
Ud for all.
A Bird That la Fenred.
The elster (Flea candata) is a bird
(hat is respected and feared throughout south Uerinany. It belongs to the
raven tribe and is about the size of a
dove, with black and white feathers
and long, pointed tall. It builds Its
nest in orchards, uud its life is sacred.
If lt Is seen three times in succession
ou the sunn' house top ln a place remote
from Its home lt Is believed to be "a
eure sign of death in that house. If it
flies over a house where any one ls 111
and gives Us peculiar ery the sick person Is sure to die, but if It does not
scream the patient may recover. It Is
better for the sick person if the bird
•iocs not come near.
No one could be hired to bother these
birds for fear they might seek revenge,
and if by chance oue of them should
die it is a sign of bad luck to the owner of the property where It was found.
The bird ls a valuable Insect destroyer
and In this way probably more than
compensates for the fear lt occasions
among the farmers.
A .homing pigeon, belonging to
Lieut. Hird F. Work, Point Harrison,
Victoria, made u record flight between Sun Francisco and Victoria
She left Sun Francises al daylight
anil arrived in Victoria nt 8 :in on
the same evening.
A Compliment to the Bnemyi
Cffiittaiioogu crock was the dividing
Hue bsjtwei'fi the outposts of the IVd-
eri'l ami Con ft sl . •:■.: tt*.riniiies. aud during a lull I i lloMilltles the pickets of
hoili ciiitiviiii'il on.' another's aciiualnt-
aiKt'. having ti;;rei*d not to Ore on one
another One sla;. when the (iipt.iih of
tlis'' Fii'iVii feutiVi] saw (Jenenil (Jr-aut.
will) his Btnff. a; I'.'o.tihi::;; l.e'tiitM lo
hi*, meu. "Turn out the guard fan- the
commanding general." The ('.v.:,'.derates on tne otber <i\e of Ihe creel. not
more than fl'fj f.*ol uwny, hoard the
order, and lli'elr captain, conceiving tin*
An Invention i
(jas oul of chalk
Sussex, England,
surprising success,
tuns of chalk v.
ten tons of coke (
nr inanufacauing
has been tried in
with, it is said,
'l'o every hundi od
iii ba mixed about
ir coke hree'o, and
10 500,000
is   (Uflitiied
gud  will  he
Stunted, weal.!,, childivn are thnou
tchuse food does them no good, le-
causo tins do not sUg'.'si ii properly.
Keep the child's digest Ivo organs
. ii.,.}11 and it will irrow up slnnj and
healthy, and it wilt not ca une mother
much trouble whon it is grow ing up.
It is the weak children—the pony
children—that  wear the  mother  out
iil'ii of pi'.'i!,:.-a stimp.h'.anl to llieou  ,-■    . ...
.i   .at-,,,.,, ,..-,  ,a„ nm*nl for   ennui'  f.f  tlii'iii  ilnv  and   ntgnt.    AH
I'tiiv. s.io;  .':!     I urn o.si tvic gu.ns. lur i   , .     .      , ,      ,        .,  ,    .       .,
. ••   ,i> (.,„ i.*.„i„r.ii  tins  is changed  when  Baby's    Own
tne Bjtontin:ti!i..u.'* general or tne venerai |  °    	
i   ■ i'i   svas  isnil   in. er  will   I e   ,a
aiM.sirtii   in one rciuedy.  fair all
liis'tr _1e-_.li' Is  lull—the* \ei'\     n:-
a\   curatives  belnir  uicn  th .i
genua   of othe.-   sinal   dilier. nils
iii.ai.is   rosiest   in   the  sv-U'in   if
lent—sviiisi,   vs.iutii   relieve  one  ill
ivould   iia^YasAalfl.  the  other .     We
i"..a     in"    Quinine   Wine.     when
•"hl.sltuilile in sound, unadulteratssd stata*.
■sly (or iminv nnil cries ot-**  ilia.  !lv
I*, crcafllunl  unsl   iuiIii'ioiiH nsi* tlie frallsaBt
.ila.   !a>a|   Into   eonvisIimi-enre    and
t     the ImTuence  which  Quinine.
rlss ...a . nn in Vs   owp   restorati\ia     lt
tl.e    tlronplni; siirith -of •   th.ise
I  f .    ts    I'hrailil.'        .a-' ate   'if    IIIIAl'iiial
■ehpiihiinuc.>   ,uai  ina:!. ci* interest in life
uml   by   t ranquiliv.in i    t he
Its.    au^.u-i a . la,    a,aaund    mill    IVa!'Osllil._.
Ileep—iinnai  6   viBOt*  to  the  not ion of the
id,  wh   I    i,ein-r Stimulated,   ciurses
tl" 'Huh     Uie     veins,     stren-ih-n'ii •   the
lei runetslons ol tl.e ssst.m i      mt^st, ■ ,        ,.    , .s,;,. .-».,-.„,
I     i'i.) -.ai..  ... .A.-uvitv. ii uasasv iv ,,-.puii iii Insh yachting this aoason
"•a'      Iren      ■ nil ,.■ Un' frsiine fiut  irivinffl
'<■•■  ''    '' a.        eative orrniis.   s\ liii li   Datil*
f.i'iv ileumi .      irensed .aubstotice—reautl
r Ai.;a.\ail   a.,-iii.-     Noi'lhror.   *.   Lyuiiiis
J>r   ,1 ■■:■:•■'• U:       haVe    l_i.Cn    t.a       the    I'ii   1  f
I   '      ''.a.ip.i   ta.,-,itii-l.- Wine si'   tin- usual
■p-Aita*     ;,,,,|.    ,.,u,,.f.,i    hv' tit* '  f*-Nn ona.- an'
|tli  ts    ila'   svine   isi'iiTrnnchra ■   u. an *'
tl'erfei in ii   ,.( m,v   j,,   Uie     marl s't   .      A a
tla-iieclst*! neli •(*■
lhe t'Atbf'Bl.'rate pickets stood'r"bUts «« USl(1    'l,u'>'  promote di-
.    ..    is      r        .... 1 ..,,......„.-, „n,i Igoatlow,  they give    sound,    natural
at  atteUlloi.  f...- sever,1   uoun n   .  .1I..1 js u,,./^,,   buby   Uil,nt      anfl
then salliled fin n- a*, he rode away.       '.j,,.,,,.^,       Thoy  are good    foP older
.. ..      . .^ icliiltlicii, too. and cute all their min-
•■'       ''"'",, ,      J1 or ailments.   It coats only 23c.   to
Teaclier—What  is the meaning at ~~~^mam^
.Iiihiiny-Aii upstart
Teacher—f.lvt* n sentence In which
Ihe word ls usesl.
.lohnny—When a man sits down on a
bout pin, he pives a violent parvenu,
When you see a nmn trying to hold
up a lamp post it shows he sympathises will, anything tiifbt.-
Germany has    on an   average 808
on hind trees tsi the BQUare mile.
Lord   Duolej   will    tuke an active]
Keep Minard's Liniment in the House.
j prove lhe truth of these stutemencs—
and yon will be thankful afterwartla.
;*slis.   Arshiiiulsl    Kweeny.    Carleton,
|N S . says :—"I have Riven my littlo
lone  Baby's Owii    Tablets,  and    tun
more than ploasod with the results
JT con recommend    them    to    every
j mother."    That's  the  way  all  lni'tli-
ers,   aiio  have  used  tlie Tablets.talk.
That's llis' wuy you will talk if .vou
will  t'.\   them when your lit11.- ones
are ailing.   You can Ret  ths' Tabli t1-
jt'oii! uny dealer, or they will bo sent
'by nmil at ^.*ie ii box by writing tne
Mir.   Williams'   Medicine   Co., Brock-
villa, Out.
The wise man who is looking for a
job never Rives his next loot neighbor as rel'i'iencc.
Marrying for moii
unions investment.
is u  very  Hit a".
Mmard's Liniment Lumbt.- sin's Friend.
There is one eraiik thut
tlfllCn, und thut Is lhe human cran
li is sain* (hi.t whi'tt, l'o) e I.e.)
read .how r.inliual (lil.bons. wa*
sli'iu.esi i^.'w^tli i.'op*atatulsiliiBns at the
Ume i>i iiie'.'ljjilt it,.ore prelate's .iubi;
I •• lli-: holiness rutilflVrked jocosely
' 1 should have,. liked t.s see laina. but
"a• poor -man -is g6tling*v"old and"
must now have rest." The humor of
-remark will be apparent when it
.'■un inhered thn't. JllifibS *<Mbbon8
I'a.I a yenr older than Joachim
H  t'tis  sslieii   hs*  wus elected  pope
I fOve
nn  obi
uul.aas ii WUUg man Sober and
mini giddy.
* j Paruiolef's l'il).-. uA*.sa-- the tower
■ fading sra's'ilh'iillv upon the diaeast'd oi
hard loipans itimulatln<r to action the dormaut
energies of tin. system, thereby rcui(*vin.i
dltsessie lu fsset. a-o uiTisi is the io«e'
s.f .!:!-' i.ieal.rine lo ileni^e ninl imi'lly,
tliat   sliseuss-s  of  sslinost   eierv   nana,   a-
nature are driven from  the i..'.       Mr
II Carswsll. rarsswell I' (I mil .siiiav:
"I have tried Parmelee's Pills and find
thetis) nn excellent iii«-sIi•• iiia■ and on.-
thai   vsill  sell   well."
rrotn «>■» Who Has Pro-zeal the Tai***" of
I Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.
! "W,. hnve USQll Dr. Williams' I'ink
l'ills in our bonis* tsir the past oicht
yenrs for various troubles, and have
always Found Uiein successful." Thus
writes \irs-ii Ifavoiior, ol Weat
(iraveiiliui'st. i.U,' ,',* und site ftsids —
At the age of cinht. yeurs, my liltl
i On .luni' 1st in tin* public garden,
illusion, wus unveiled the Brat statue
| of ii clergyman over erected in a p'ib-
place in thnt City,    It  is i.i lueni-
ory sif William
of the (minders
Ha-.il.'   ilhannii
of I'nila'i.i:;    I
In his Veiretahls Pills Dr Parmel n
has c.v.'is to tlie v.eilsl the fruits * •' 101 i
aclentlflc research in ihe sshnie realm of
medical scierics   coinhliissxl with
_ .,  lllt. .,m. ,ii ciKiBB.jfl.uio, ...j  ..v.., ,,..-„„„i  M-sence   coinlilnsxl  saith  nes   snd
/*V>»-.   ! "...  ..■*... ,,tfi,ek..tl  with la arlnpe.aild valuable  ■ilacove'rlol  never  hefore  tnViwn
wfCfi   |HV     '    nttuck.n wiin   a h> "   • to  mun    Por   delicate    and debilitated
•a '  K   the trouble developpd into Bl.  viiua ii.nMitiitioiiS Portnetee's Pills sci   II ■• »
"      •    "dunce    from  which    he s.i IT. red  in  a f-Wtn.   T-tken   in  unall   doses  the eil.ci
'   ,  ,.,„     ,,,.   sa.sw   under   si'Veial ls '""h  "   ■-""■' ni111  S  allium,,nt    mildlv
sevoro  form.   Ho tvas nmn I   -J*^"™" mttins the secr..iioiiK of the bodi   bIv-
*»-J doctors at dilTcroat tinies, put ns.ns- ii,ff ,„nn ,lld yiKm.
Samia Line
STEAMERS' .. '.. ;_"
Hitronic,  United Empire
cMon&rch, cM&jestic
I.-eave  DULUTH, S p. m, Tuesdays
and Fridays. --  ■
I-eave PORT ARTHUR, Wednesdays, 12 noon, and Saturdays, at 11
noon'and 2 p. m.    '    ..        ' '
•hsaafatrrra uiial Dictate from t.. .N" and C..
T  Ry. ws-nlein prtlnta landad (.Isect M staamer
'..l!t l4t Pert Arthur..  _ ■
'» ts*sve. SAF-JNIA'H'-p. m.,' Jviendana,|
Wfdnj^days. and FrTdaJs iipon hz-
gVsil. ii^f c.i'and Trunk i.rwiUvntf./ra'ns
frem East,' whlclt'lahd passtngpra iuid
iaHVfau j.t steamer- dock. •  :
•S-or-furYhef lirfainiiftUon, fulslaila, etc., aprly-
FRED.   P.   BEireHER
Northwestern Apsnt.
339 Main Street, Winnipeg.
- til tItoiii' helped  bim.   Then  1  decided
; to try Dr. Willium*-' Pink l'ills, and
they   restored  him  lo  peVlect  health,
and. Ihere has not Since been any return oj the trouble. Mtirs' recently
i hnve used ihs pills myself fair muscular I'heunintism. und they were
aa; nilly successful in effectlnff a cure.
The pills have savssl tis -many a dollar  in doctor's bills,    nnd    1    wsutld
I like-everyone, a/iid is sick to try
them," '   .
! Dr. Williams' Pink fills curo all
troubles due to p.ior or watery blond
or weak nerves, and that is the rea-
'soiv why they are the most popular
. medicine  in   the   world,   and   hav.'    u
' n'l.ich larger sale ibun any other rem-
eily       They     curo  *»uch  troubles    as
■rhs'itnintism,  srijiTit,  partial paralysis. aSt.-Vitus' 'lai.s'e; anaemia, Indl-
gostlon,   ir>m*a 1'i.i'u.  Heart    trbublea,
nhd tlv uslnii'iits ciinmion to wnnii'ii.
»ifn)ii|y Hti'Cttwse .thi'.y  in like new.  rich,
■■red bliioil, sl.ris;ip:tJion .the neries nud
thus  drive    ijisensg  fro;n    the  body.
(•N'tsti can: Ret  tho pills' from any bi(d-
| Ir'Inc'dealtiiY or the;- will be lent post
pait'l  nt.  fiOc.   per box.  or .six .boxes
jTiir'$a.RO; by jiddicsslnK. tjie'nr. Wli-
iiii'.'.rs Stedloliia To.,- Dmckyfllo, Out.
P*iie   'thnt.  "tho ■ full name. "Ur. -Wil*
lin*ii.s''Tink Pills .fnr Palo i'o'iplo," is
piinted on  the w't'iipper iirottnd every
Poll rush  is one (if the most
Inr watering   places   on    the
i   Since the Parisians have ses';.   his
Mnjajsty (ho demand    for carlcnturos
of Kinir     Kdwnrd     bus    entirely s'ol
lapsed, nnd ihe sale of excellent portraits ssf his Mu'i'sty Is very I
A Missouri woman sal Up till 1
o'clock the olher nighl waiting for
hflfaT husbnnd to mine home. Then she
gave it up nnd went downstairs only
to find him In b.'d fust asleep "Ills
deception,'*' ns slu* called it. made
her so mud thut sin- sliiln'l speak Io
her husbanil for three days.
To Induce Humility In ■*- Peacock.
If you wish to take the conceit out of
a peaeiiek pull out his tall feathers, and
as soon as he finds the i;lory of his
plumage gone he becomes the humblest, most subdued und ashamed looking bird that ever walked the earth. A
peacock in full feather is so vulu and
conceited as sometimes to bo really
troublesome. Not satisfied with si-uull-
lng at the top of his discordant voice
nnd wilh puradlng up und down the
Walks with expanded plumage, he will
nttuek cats, dogs and even children and
has been known to seriously injure
small boys or girls that were Incautious enough to venture within his
Plucking his tall feathers, however,
onuses ull his courage to evaporate.
He will sneak nruuiul the yard like a
Whipped spaniel, will keep out of sight
ns much as possible, and you will bear
nothing of bim until bis plumage bus
again grown.
Uomaa nnd  Porthoa.
Dumas, liko Balzac, was foud of his
ewn creations. Among them all he
loved Porthos best. The great, strong,
vain hero was a child ufter bis own
heart. One afternoon, it Is related, his
son louiiil Dumas careworn, wretched,
overwhelmed. "What has happened to
you'.' Are you 111'." asked Dumas tils.
'"No," replied Dumas pere. "Well,
what is it, then'/" "I am miserable."
"Why';" "This morning I killed l'or-
Qios—poor Porthos! Oh, what (rouble
I have* had to make up my minsl to do
it! But there must be ail end to nil
tilings. Yet wben I saw him sinking
beneath the ruins crying, 'it is too
heavy, too heavy for met' I swear to
you that I cried." And he Wi| away
n tear with the sleeve of his t. sing
A  Clever   Method   of  Ste-illnK.
Aii ingenious and successful triek
was played at a I-ondon Bnt In broad
daylight. A gentleman rai.„ the bell
at 3 o'clock nnd Inquired whether Mr.
Crey was at home. "No, sir," said the
Janitor. "Lie rarely If ever comes back
from the temple before 5 o'clock."
"That is strange," returned the other,
"since I know he has an appointment
here with a Mr. Johnson at 4 o'clock."
Then he went bis way.
At 4 o'clock to the minute Mr. Johnson called and. giving his name, was
of course allowed to wait ln Mr.
Grey's apartments, which he denuded
of everything of "portable value" In
ten minutes r.nd then walked »ut. observing :is be passed the porter thnt be
could wait no longer.
Pnrrota Are Veuotnrlnrsa.
Parrots nre vegetarians. They live
Chiefly upon a light but uutritiuus
diet of fruit nud ss-s-sls or upon the
abundant nectar of rich tropical dowers. And It ls mainly for the sake of
getting at their chosen food that they
have developed the large nud power-
tu! bills which characterize the family. You Bajrniy have perhaps noted thc
most tropical fruit eaters, like the
hornbills and the toucans, are remarkable for the size und strength of their
The  Wnlter'a  Inspudenre.
Mr. Wuyhaek (at hotel)—Whafi that
Waiter-That's a finger bowl, sah.
"What's it for?"
"To wash y'r fingers afler eatln',
you know, sab."
"Consaru y'r Impudence! I don't eat
with my lingers If I do come from tho
country. 1 eut with my knife, same as
•ther folks."
Shiirk   Soup.
In Ceylon there Is a considerable
trade ln the oil of the white shark.
Tbe Uns of the animal ure very rich ln
gelatin nnd nre used largely by the
Chluesft for making soup, of Wblcb
they declare that the turtle soup so
prized by epicures ln this country ls
but a distant and feeble iuittatluu.
Ko Idlera Wanted.
lie—They say tho eyes ure the windows of the henrt   Now, when I look
at your eyes-
She—I hops you notice the signs ln
the windows.
He—Signs!   What signs?
She — "No A toi trance Except on
| Business."
Olldod youth
by adversity.
is  split
kly    tarnished
Unless the soap you
use has thjs brand you
are not getting the best
Ask far Ul* •rlagstn liar.
This Suit
by Mail
A suit offer of rare impoitance to all tbe msm ef
ths West.
Tailored ir ..ur own workrooms from the finest
Imported Clay Worsted—Wue or Black—soft or hard
finish, (guaranteed fait dye).
You may have a Single-Breasted Coat er s Double-
Or you may have a Single-Breasted Sack Suit, from
the Finest Imported Scotch Tweed in any of a dozen
We will send samples, instructions how to take
measurements, and all the information you want, or
thai is in our power to send.
This is lhe best $7.50 Suit made anywhere.
rrnrrar* Write to-dav for our Illustrated CaUl(«tia of
rBl".!" I'laiUiiu... li" «. Hoots, Furs Kumiiitiinus,
■ sllaafc Cigars, etc., etc. H'ai worth Dollars to you-a
Post Card will bring it.
Manufacturer and Retailer,        13     Toronto, Ont.
Ogilvie   Oats
It is the Old Fashioned Brawn and
Muscle making sort.
Jlouseh copers qkMraltyindeai'or
. to secunHh'k'bestif0jaemM; but
■.    .+.*ri4.r^-..-j-^--.rn ■***i«-^.'"®&"*ri*">:*S'.3fltt fr**—®. i-a...-.-.■."■ .-.
'.■I:.'*".-*.-.- V.v-fe>.
Dick's Blood Purifier
Is the best Tonic for
Horses and Cattle
It puts cows in perfect health, and increases
the flow of milk.
DICK'S gives horses n smooth glossy coat,
and puts life and spirit into them.
Try a package with uny run-down unhnal
you may have and you will be convinced.
50 cents » package.
Just what ft was 25 years ago,
St* Jacobs Oil
is now.
Ths? prompt, sure cure for
Price, 25c. and SOc.
[Thla la the Piao atanaas-*. eleren bar wire fence.  Doll, aorlng wira (nrt.crl'?*v^A7tA^<>*tRSl
rsia. Pa*
Vn*, \iBung inun wli>) lan't timid
knows that a Kin who palnta her
lips haa a poor tafcte
„\  <
■Cl   A   I
US?   II
ii \s    TRIED  IT —Mr   John  An-
I       kltllll-v     WlilaS "I      ..'IHIII'a'     1.1
\\.   il  nny.   hav*  received    greater
iiaiin iiis. iisi' nt Dr    Thomaa' Ec-
i'ii tliun  I im..'    i  lin..   used it
:'•;    fair    Over    la'al     Saall'i,      iiiaiI    llilys'
mended   it   tn  nil   iaffercra   l   knew
il  i hey  nlHsi fsauiul ii of treat   \ ir-
caiaja an' aevere bronchitis and  In-
:   consumption "
A ful may he Intellectual and still
retain her appetite for Ice-cream
Ask for Minard's and take no ether.
Siinii* fellowa limn'*, poor uiils tn
settle down, and othera marry rich
ujils tn settle up
A  Truvlt*  l.isiissist.
"Did you suy tlmt you wore woilileil
to your urt?"
"Yes," answered Stm-tnlti-^ton Banes,
"I'm tlesl to It for life, all right But
I  don't  hi'sltutp   to  eoni's'ss  thnt   the
honeymoon wns over tome yean uku."
—Washington Stnr.
He  DldB'l  1'biiIiti.IsbibsI.
Spnrtnciis-lluve you been watching
the curio snli'V
Smni'lk'us No. I didn't know there
was such n vessel ln the harbor.-I.u!-
timore American.
FLY Killers
Fly Pack
Sold Everywhere
10   CENTS
Woat *Jainas Skirl Suppa-nef an* W.ls** "b«U»*»"
w^bstTodBKfA   Sella «I slffbt   Goo* proaU
Sand -"* rants for sa**.H« tmi "-"•» *> '"*"
BIHISH A   *l)., Dept.  W. T01*;01^
lis u poor fan llj tree that produces nothing bul  blockheads.
vare colds,    arc easllv cured by th<
• ir  Bickle's   Vnt   ' ■    iBniptivs  Bvroi
.mu."".i of Au ■■". ."•=■•■";•; ;,;■-
healing iiro I    -■ ■" ■'""•
,i i . thossj whsi have used It ns M
thi liesl media I ie ».^i' f. r '»''■■'''
s iiiii,,,,,,,...'..., ol tho i'i.. aad all
llnus of the throat and cht*st Its
,,.;,!,.,„._. to iho I;'-'-' mfJjw u n
mi,.  ., i' !■  Indies  and children
Success nevor roosts on tho ba-nnor
of the mun who uiu't I'dly du   him*
•liaard's Ltalinept is ttsc-tl by rTiysiclasc,
Don't full to unsl; Uie eyea. every
niulit iii'i'iiriA I'otliing, sb us to iv-
ntpvs any slust thai nui.v have gathered sm tho lids during thp <l>iy.
A bare hook will do wbaj a Rarjon
Qshps fan- coinpllmcn.ts.
\a/. r»a. <J. sT**sao..**3**A*. •v
C. S. t*MiTHEBiso*.LE, Editor and Prop.
fLOCAK,      •      •       • '     *      B. C.
>Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and i cents a line each
■subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
•as legal advertising.
Locals will bs charged 10 cents a line
-fer each insertion-
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, st.ict-
ly in advance; $2.50 a ytar if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, JULY 3id,1903.
Don't be mistaken. The old voters'
lists are all cancelled and overybody
must make a new application to get
on.   Save your franchise.
Canada has increased wonderfully
in labor strength of recent years, now
' numbering 1400 international and federal labor unions, aggregating 150,000
members. In the last three years no
less than 1000 unious have been organized throughout the Dominion.
Mineowners are expecting the news
any day that the Dominion govern-
1 ment has decided on a liberal bounty
for the encouragement of the silver-
lead industry, the bulk of the bounty
going direct to the producer. The
result would be a general activity in
' the Slocan, with increased forces at
the mines and a much larger output.
Financial authorities are looking for
silver being standardized in the near
future at 65 cents an ounce, which
will still further help out the mine-
The Liberal majority in the Ontario
legislature has adopted the whitewashing report of the commission trying
' tho Gamey charges against the government. Not so, however, with the
public at large, the concensus of opinion being that the accused have been
' proven guilty. James sSomerville, ex-
member for Dundas in the Dominion
' house and a prominent Liberal, has
made a public statement that he believes Gamey spoke the truth.and that
the political bias of the commissioners
' was responsible for the extraordinary
verdict reached, the evidence all tending to substantiate thc charges. Dom-
' inant Liberalism in Ontario stands for
a wretchedly low standard of political
• morality. ^^^^^^^^
What the workingmen of Vancouver
think of the Liberal party may be
judged by the following choice excerpt from the columns of the Western
Clarion, a loading Labor paper in that
' city: "The Liberal ringsters in this
' city have a record that smells strong
' enough in the nostrils of many of their
' own   supporters, and   to   foist   their
' grafting machine upon labor as its
natural ally would only bo suggested
by a party whose political inheritance
is reduced to graft and gall.   'Hands
off' were the  right  words and the
council (Trades & Labor) wisely spoke
them in time." So endeth the attempt
• of the machine to form a Lilieral- Labor
• combination, otherwise known as the
To bo Sold Iiador Heritage.
On July 10 Sheriff Tuck will offer
for sale at Nelson the Howard Fraction group of claims, situated in this
division, to satisfy a mortgage held
thereon by the Bank of Montreal. The
claims consist of the Tiger No. 7,
Deadwood, Bland No. 2, Howard
Fraction and Tiger Fraction.aU crown
granted. The property is hold by the
Slocan Lake Gold & Silver Mines,ltd.,
and is one of the best in the camp. It
is likely to be bid in and ttiiuea over
to a syndicate headed by J. M. M.
Benedum, who will work it steadily.
■Llkos Oar Town.
H. B. sScott, of Burlington, Iowa, iu
remitting   his   subscription   for The
'Drill, is constrained to remark: "I
read your paper as it comes out with
much interest.   I onco arranged for
. the purchase with Mr. Fletcher of the
unsold part of thu town, und am sorry
that the sale fell through.   You have
'a beautiful site and valuable resources
and will have a good  city there some
A Farewell Oatharlag.
Monday evening a very enjoyable
gathering was held in the parlors of
the hospital, being in honor of thc
several persons leaving the city.
Games, music, and dancing were indulged in aud refreshments served.
Before separating it was plainly de-
monstratea to the honored guests
that their departure would be a distinct loss to the city.
The public school closed Friday for
the holidays.
Rain prevented the picnic at Evans
creek on the 1st.
New Denver has a Chinaman, employed as a domestic.
The crv is made that good miners
are scarce in the Slocan.
A strike has been declared by the
fishermen on the Fraser.
The Slocan Star has just paid another $26,000 in dividends.
Nearly all the mines in the Sandon
camp are increasing their forces.
John A. Craig, formerly of this city,
is now located in Skagway, Alaska.
Miss M. Campbell-Johnston is home
from Vancouver on her school holidays.
Oscar White, manager of the Slocan
Star, Sandon,was here for a short time
on Monday.
Henry Stege and George Williamson, of New Denver, were visitors here
on Tuesday.
Upwards of two score of aliens took
out their naturalization papers iu Nelson on Tuesday.
Dad Allen has gone to the Aspen
Grove camp, to perform assessment on
his several claims.
Thore was no meeting of the city
council on Monday, the necessary
quorum failing to materialize.
Up the lake Liberals want William
Thomlinson, of New Denver, to stand
as their candidate in this riding.
Born.—In Nelson, on June 26, the
wife of Geo. T. Moir, of Nakusp, formerly of this place, of a daughter.
The sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be administered in the Presbyterian church next Sunday morn.
A new amendment to the Dominion
law makes it a criminal offence to sell
tobacco or cigarettes to boys under 18.
The local Rifle Club wired New
Denver for a return shoot on the 1st,
but tho latter failed to come to the
Dominion day passed off very peacefully here, a double salvo of dynamite
in the early mom lieing the only thing
The reported settlement of the Ladysmith strike was premature, tho negotiations falling through at the last
Wm. Thomlinson came down from
New Denver Wednesday, for this purpose of making an inspection of the
Ocean group.
Glen Campbell, purser on th'- str.
Slocau, leaves here next week, having
been transferred to the Kokanee, on
Kooteuay lake.
In a collision lietween a C.P.R. passenger train and a handcar, near Mor-
risssy Junction last Thursday, A.
Salvatore lost his life.
A fair-sized crowd went to Nelson
from this countr v on Dominion dav,
mostly from .Sandon. The heavy rain
deterred many from going.
W. Bailey, employed with Shatford
& Co., is leaving here next week for
Kamloops, where he will probably go
into business on his own account.
Another of the lxxlies of the victims
of the Molly Gibson slide was recovered last week, supposed to be that of
Rouse.   It was badly decomposed.
Col. Lowery was here Friday for the
first time in several months. He has
closed out the Ozonogram in Vancouver and moved the plant to Nelson.
J. B. Horan, a brakeman, was killed
at Morrissey Mines last Thursday, by
falling under the wheels of a ponv
engine, which he attempted to board.
The public examination at the
school on Fridav was witnessed by a
large number of adult visitors. The
children rendered a pleasing programme.
Wm. Hunter, of Silverton, stayed
over Friday night in town. He is
spoken of as one of the possibilities
for the Conservative candidature in
this riding.
Owing to the rain Knox Sundav
school picnic, which was to have lieen
held Wednesday,was indefinitely post-
ponisd, much to the regret of the
The government has rescinded the
order requiring surveys to lie made
before the issuance of special licenses
to cut and carry away timber from
crown lands.
The Poplar creek gold excitement,
in thc vicinity of Lardo, continues,and
it is stated 600 men have gone in.
.Some very rich samples of ore aro being brought out.
Among those taking out their naturalization papers at Nelson on Tuesday were H. Reichert, G. Bulko, D.
Roliertson and J. Schulfer, of this
place, and Henry Stego, of New Denver.
Clara Mathes and her capable troup
gave an acceptable presentation of "A
Royal Spy" in the Music Hall, .Saturday evening. The vaudeville features
lietween the acts were quite as good
as the play itself.
On Wodnesday afternoon a rifle
match took place between teams captained by George Nichol and Dune
McVannel, the former winning by 12
points. The losers stood treat to a
supper at the Royal.
Lome and Harry Tori left this week
for their future home in Edmonton,
taking with them a carload of house
hold effects and belongings. Mrs.
York and the balance of the family
will follow in a day or ao.
SUrar Quotatleae.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Friday ,
Saturday    62;
ru-v.wia.o r,*2l
623 cents
It Ll
Tuesday     d."
Wednesday     52
Thursday     52
Ilasulltoa Ora Koturna,
Ralph Gillette received his returns
this week from the small shipment of
ore recently made from the Hamilton
group, on Twelve Mile, to the Nelson
smelter. After the freight and treat
ment charges were deducted there re
mained a net profit of W5 a ton.which
thoroughly satisfies the owners. Thev
intend working the property this fall
For Sale, Cheap.
A PARTY, being daslroua of Ian*, ing thia locality, utters for sale, nt a very low price
for cash, his property, consisting of a one and
one-half story dwelling and lot in Ilrandon, and
au improved lot, 80x20s feet, in Slocan. Both
properties nre in first-class condition, being wall
fenced, and tbe lots planted in orchard ansl
small fruits. For further particulars apply tsi
Respecting Timber Licensee.
NOTICK is hereby given that tho Order in
Council making is  regulntion  for the surrey of timber limits rmfore thc issue of special
licenses to out and removo timber from Crown
lands, notice respecting which was published in
the British Columbia Gazette nud slated 26111 of
March, law, has been rescinded.
Deputy Commissioner of Lands A Works
Lands ansl Works Department.
Victoria. 251(1 June, ltXXi.
and shipping enough ore to pay their
wav. They have it in good shape,
with a raise up and stopes started, so
should make money.
Mimr-o   RKCOROa.
Appended is a complete list ef the various records r«**ist,erad atthe lecal registry effics, Hi T. Christie being ssining
June 20-Plack Hussar fr, 1st n i of
Lemon, J B Thompson.
Twin Sinter fr, same, same.
ti— Metallic, 2nd n f Lemon, R Mc
26-Zillah, 1st n f Lemon, H Dickinson.
27—Berttia, same. D Arnot.
Bertha fr, sums, same.
June 20—Hyderabad, Victor, Fir.
23—Free Gold.
25—BaiMtt, Wedge fr, Rother fr, Valley fr, Rsnier, Spring Valley, Kother.
20—Morning Star.
27-Eva, Sheffield.
June 22-Notice by Con Murphy tbat
lis has given a '4 interest in the Black
Prince group to A Vork, as security for
a note.
23—Tamarack No 8 fr, J D Anderson
te J FHolilee,
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
lAdopted at Rerelstoke, September lSth, 11AC. |
I. That tliis. convention reaffirms the policy
of the part; iu mailers saf tsroviiirial ronsls and
trails; the ownership and control of railways,
nnd the development of the agricultural resources of the province as laid down in the platform adopted in October, 1X99, which Is as follows:
"To actively aid ia the construction of trails
throughout the uudeveloped psirtions of the
province ami the builalim; of provincial trunk
roads of public necessity.
"Tss a*lopt the principles of government ownership of railways in so fnr as the circumstances
of the province will n linii. aud the nshsptissn nf
the principle thai no bonus should be a;ranted
to nny railway company which sisses ssot give the
f'n\ei liment of the prov ince control of rates over
iii's lkimi.ee., together with the option of purchase.
"To actively assist hy state aid in the devehip-1
msntof tlis  agricultural  resources of the province."
li' That in the meantime and until the railway psslicy above set forth can be accomplished
a general railway aet be passed, giving freedom
tocsanstnict railways under certain nnpreve'l
regulations, nnnlagous to the system that has
rcsulte'l in such extensive railway construction
iu tho I'nitesl Slates, with so mnch advantage
to traale nnsi commerce.
3. That to encourage tho mining industry.the
taxation of metalliferous mines should beon
the basis of a percentage ssn the net profits.
4. That the government sswnorship of telephone systems shouhl be brought nhout as a
tlrst stop in tho nciiuisition of public utilities.
i. That a portion of every coal area hcreaffr
to be slispsssoa! of should bo reserved from sale
or lease, so that state owned mines may bo easily accessible, if their operatissu becomes necessary or advisable.
C. Tluit in the pulp land leases provision
sliould Iiaa made for reforesting and that steps
shouhl be taken for the general pri'servntism of
forests b; guanling against the wasteful destruction ssf timber.
7. That the legislature and government of the
province should persevere in the effort tss secure
the exclusion ssf Asiatic labor.
N. That the mattor sif better terms in the wa;
of suhsisl; ansl appropriations for the province
ahssuld lse vigorously prusscal upon the Dominion
9. That the silver-lead industries of the province be fostered nnd encsiuregetl by the imps.-
sition of increased customs duties sm lead and
lead products imported into faun.la. and that
the Conservative mombers of tho nonunion
House he urged to support nny motion introduced for such a purpssso.
10. That ns industrial disputes nlmost invariably result in groat loss nnil injur; both tss the
parties ilirectl; concerned and to the public,
legislation shosilsl be passesl to provide means
fssr an amicable adjustment of such disputes between emphsyers nud amplo;ens.
II. That it is advisablo to foster the manufacture of the raw products of the province
within the province as fnr as practicable by
menus of lin.ition on the snid raw laroalncts.
subject to rebate of the same ia wholo or part
when manufactured in llritish Columbia.
Timber Notice.
NOTICE ia hereby given that 30 daya after
date I intend to apply to tha Hon. the
Chief Commissioner of Lands A Worki at Vic
toria. for a special license, to cut and carry
away timber from tha following describesi
Commencing at a post marked "Hert Chew's
southeast comer post," situated one mile from
the west shore of Slocan lake, on Alax. McKay's
west bsiundnry line; thence wast SO chains;
thence south 2u chains; thence west 20 chains;
thei.ee south Sl chains; thence west 10chains;
thence north HO chains; thence east 100 chains;
thence north 30 chains; thence east 20 chains;
thence south CO chains, to the place ot com-
mencoment, containing 610 acres.
Dated this 16th day of June. IK'S.
Conservative Conventions.
At n meeting sif the executive of ti, Piovin-
rinl Cssnservntivo Asssiciatioii, held at Vancouver, the province was dividosl into Ave divisions
fssr organization purposes. The Koolenn;-
H. ass ss. lis ry division is mnde up nf the following
provincial election districts: Kevelstobe. fol.
ambit, Kernie, Cranbrook, Ymir, Kaslo. Slocan,
tirand Forks, tlraa-nwoo.l. the City ssf Kossland,
nud the City of Nelson. At the samo meeting
the following resolutions wereadoptesl:
1. That conventions for nominating candidates fisr mombors of the legislative assembly
Ih. mnsle up ssf delegates chosen as follows:
(a) lu city elactorul districts, one delegate
for every fifty and fraction sif flft; votes psdlsasl
at the provincial election held in llXXUnd if the
city is alivialcd into wards, the proportion of
delogatos for each wnrd shall be bused on the
vote polled in each ward at the laat municipal
tin In other electoral districts, one delegate
for overy fifty or fractisBii ssf fifty votes psalled at
the provincial election held in 1900, the delegates to be upportisBiied tsi (Milling places, or as
nenr thereto as will be fnir to the voters of tha
different neighborhosflals.
2. Tho elflBctissn of ilelogates shall be nt public meetings, held nt a designntod central place
in each pulling division, or in oach wanl in city
electoral districts, if the city is slivided into
wards. At such public meetings only thssse who
plealge themselves to vsito for the candidate or
candidates si-laacts'sl at tho nominating convention shall bo entitled to a vote for delegates.
.1. Two weeks nol uu shall Ihs given ssf the
public inietings at which delegates are lss lse
olecteil. an.) nominating; DODTentloni shnll be
held in city electoral districts two ilnys after
thn day on which delegates are electeii. mid in
other electoral slistrlcts seven days after. All
nominations throiiglisssit Iho province lo lie
made at n ilosignated central placo in ouch electoral district, anil on the same dny.
4. All notices of the date of puhlic meetings
fssr the electissn ssf slsshsgales to nominal ina,. conventions, the iipportioiiiniAiit of alclegntes, and
tha place and flints, of nominating cssiivontiisns
in the several elssctoral districts shall lie prepared hy the member of thu executive of tho division in which the electoral districts are situnte,
and issued over the nnmes of thn presiilent nnil
secretary ssf the Provincial Conservative Association.
X meeting of the provincial executive will bo
nHd at Vancouver within a month, and the slate
for lioldii g district nominating csinventions
will then he fixed. JOHN HOl'STON,
President of the Provincial
,. , . Conservative Association
Nelson. June 8th. 190.1.
-IC C«nU ptyi for three month-*.' nrab-mhlp.
mi*J Kach mcnibor recutvt-i the official clabor-gBB
•rery month,. aclu*dinf«piccctof higb**«l««T*x»l
and In it rum octal new muiio -to-ch month. 18
pifceg In ft... ft.io a t'er*Uic»t« of MoruUrihip
which live* tbe privilefft of Club Room in Mew
York Citj, ami of buying lit«retur«, muaio <k m%m
■icftl fnitrnmenU of any (Icuription at wboUtftl-*
price**, Mving ynu from »•; to 6*'J,' on yonr pnr-
chs-Meh. Don *t f r*.l t*» j "in at imp*. You will get much
more than your money » worth. MirnJAl- Um-
abt-Mt'Hic Club. Dept.    . ISO Nuua BU N.Y.
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor |
Fresh Fruits of Every
Kind Arriving  Daily.
Our Ice Cream Parlor it
now open and will be kept
running all tbe Summer.
14 I.natveeeaf Rreasa* fer 01.
-Kail W»l--!.t ansi Quilt-/
('■areata, esal.
Slocan, B. C.
for $18.25.
Why ba without a range what
you can get ona sw cheap ? They
are preferrable to stoTes and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up Tree.
EJ. ~
J. A. Anderson
Dealer in:
Kodaks and Supplies
Slater Sho* Advertlelng
Shoe Externals
Short talks by the Slater Shoe ad man,   Ne. 5.
External Shoe beauty ia simply a
matter of perforation and polish—in most
Permanent beauty of form and finish
are results of the same methods which
secure to the shoe length of wear and stupe
retention viz:—invisible perfection of internal
The "Slater Shoe" with the prestige
of years of systematic advertising can afford
to take noclianccs by .skimping the internal
economy of its make up—can not risk tampering with the .fated rules of standard workmanship.
The "Slater Shoe" .has a name and
the prestige of a valuable trade mark to
maintain—they represent much coldcash in
the assets of thc makers—therefore both
name .and prestige arc sustained by making
the " Slater Shoe " in every particular equal
or better than the claims its makers advertise for it.
Again proving the protection which
*Slater Shoe" advertising gives to thc
wearers of
The Slater Shoe
Made In Canada 40 yeara.   Goodyear WeMed.
For men $4.00 and $5.50.
For women $3*50 and $5.00.
Sole Agent:
David  Arnot, Slocan.1
..  ...■•*   i *>*•*•-' •■
We have just opened up several new lines
of summer dress goods, of the latest designs; also many pretty dress novelties.
Wo carry the bent stock of summer hats and trimmings in the country.   Pristes are Tery reasonablo.
D. B. O'NEAIL,   -    HAIN STREET,    -    SLOCAN I
Gwiilim <fc Johnson,
B. C
Timber Notice.
NOTICK le hereby giaen tbat 90 Anjt after
data I aailenit to apply to tlse Chief Com-
miaaioner of I.aii.la A Works fora special license, to eut and carrr awa, timber frssm the
following describstd lands, situate iis West
Kootana, district:
Comineneinc at a post situated about three
miles from Sloean lake, on the north side of the
north fork of Kanna creek, tlience south SO
chains; thence srest JO Chains; tlseuce north hia
chains; thence east 1*0 chains to plscf of beginning, containing 640 acraa.
Dated the Ith da, of June, IS0S.
Timber Notice.
NOTICK is hereb, giran thai 30 da,i after
data I intend to applj. to lh* Chief Commissioner of I.amis A W'orks for especial license, tss cut ansl carry away timber from the
following deseribssxi leads, sitnate in West Kootenay district:
Commencing at a pssst situate about one mile
from Slocan lake, ssn the north side of the north
fork of Kfsnis creek, thence south 10 chains;
thence weat 40chains; thence north !0 chains;
thence west 40 chains; thence north Bl chains;
thence west 40ehaiua; thence north 20 chains;
thence west 40ehnisi«i thence north 40 chains:
thence east 40 chains; thence south ftl chains;
thence east 40 chains; thence south 20 chains;
thence east 40chains; thence south !0 chains;
tlience east 40 chains,lo place of beginning, containing 040 acres.
Dated this 4th da, of June, JstH.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To J. F. Arraitroe-*, administrator ol tlie
estate of Martin lfurchiaon, detested,
or to any parson or persons to whom
he may have transftrretl the interest
ot Martin Murchison, amounting to "^
in each of the Naneen, Frasu and Bur-
dan mineral claims, situated on the
head of Lemon creek, Blocan Citj* mining division.
You are hereby noti6ed that I have
expended tae sum of three hundred and
seven dollars and fifty cents in labor and
improvements upou the above mentioned mineral claims, in order to hold said
mineral claims under the provisions of
the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days
from the date of this notice you fail or
refuse to contribute your proportion of
such*expenditure, together with all costs
of sdvertising, your interest in the said
clsims will heroine the property of the
subscriber, under section four of an Act
entitled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, l.KX)."
Diitml this 8th day of Juno, 1903.
12-6*08 M.E.YOUNG
Certificate tflwmfti
Oalrtrls*. Um. • Mlaeral Clalra-
Situate in the Slocan City Miaini *■»*
sion of the West Kootsnsy Dtitnet
Where located :-0n s sooth Isria
Lemon creek.
Take notice that I, Winslow l'**""*
acting as agent for Chas. W **'"» I
free miner's certificate No.M714i.iiki*
eixty davs from thedste hereof, 10WH
to the Mining Kecouler for s wWKf**
of improvements, for ths I''irP°»**,K!: !
taining  a crown  grant for the •■*•**-
l*','n* .a....! _N
And further Uke notice tn»t*"-'*"«!
under eection 37, must Ws com""""
before the issuance of such csrtinan"" |
improvements. „_,
Dated thie 30th dsy cf l\™dj__i I
8-5 03 .WIN8LOW K. *0RD»
•eft rrisea rnsiisMi ■_■•■•■ «il*
8.UI*.. in the Rlocaa City t$*}*lB I
sion of Weet Kootensy *V,lrl,c,sn,i.l,*
located :-On the eumnitt of hP'"i
and Lemon creeks,.
acting aa agent fo.^John Jlh%rt
miner's certificate KglSK&mBr
Alexander Bradehaw.F.MC^.^i!
Leo Deiron, F.M.C. No. ■WgW'S
bald York F. M. C. No. WJEi ■,
Frsnk Sherry, f,M, C No^WJJJ
tend, sixty days from thedateww^,,
apply to the Mining ^M/pSS
cate of improvements, Ior tmr •gj-
of obtaining a crown grant on »■
claim ikatiells**!
Aad further take notice thst» J
.der section 87. must b* _*_*$
bi'for'e H.e"iee'ua"nce of such cerliflcs»*
iprovemenie. , _.. _ .nM
listed this Dtk day of M»y. '^at
•S03. "   JZ-^-
■  ta"**'
T.u.r.ek. Fells Tlew «•• ».' J*"
Situate inthe Slocan C«tJ *jfl%i
sion of Weot Kootensy d ltf*«.    ,,.
located-.-Abeut four •IM «P '
gerereek. *,,.
TAKE NOTICE that 1.   *• ,, J*
derson, P.L.8., of Trsil, B.I-.>9r^fi
Jao F.ilol-Jen.free miner'scerM"* g
B64T09, intenri, sixty d»y» WfjtfKJJ
hereof, to apply to the M'DJ^L*"ori*
for certificates of improrement^ ^
purpose of obtaining crown V*
above claime. ,h,s icli"",'
And further take notice WfoM
under section 37, muit   *c'$rtW«
before the issuance of such ce"»
improvements. , ,      ,on*
26-603 -    "


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