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The Slocan Drill 1901-08-16

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 I. 'J
tS *.
VOL. II., No. 20.
SLOGAN,   11.   C,   AUGUST   18,   1031.
Prices Harked Away Down.
T. D. .Woodcock & Co.,
Hardware Merchants.
Big Discount Sale.
ADIES' GOODS at less than cost prices. We won't carry anything over,
and as tho (foods we are offering were all marked very low, with this
additional discount they are bound to move out.   Come early.
ShirtWaisU, - - 33^% off.
Outside Skirts,       - - 20% off.
Under Skirts, - - 20 •• off.
W. T. Shatford & Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinnev, B. C.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest -cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
SLOCAN,  B.   C.
Has ample accommodation for a large number of Guests and supplies the best of
everything in the ilarket.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public. It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHING & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Hotel Slocan
Slocan, B. C, is under the
SloU niil Frail iuaEHHt of Jeff Baty,
Who)»ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
<:ri*»  FATiiKiia  i"OKi*<.A thick roit
Sevtirisl I'.Iiisvm I'ssmts-d Through VuiioiiN
.•stu-K' 4 Much llniltidM Tiisiinn t.-sl -
rroctsorilng* C'ottslavt«sl In si Hisiinois-
lousi Maimer Throughout.
A special meeting of the council
was held ou Thursday afternoon last,
for tho reconsideration of bylaws Nos.
8 and (1. Those present were Mayor
York and Aid. Woodcock, Worden
and Smith. Tho bylaws wire duly
passed through tho necessary legal
step and became law.
■sIssitsliiy'H Mst-nliitg.
Spectators were much iu evidence
at Monday ni»ht's meeting of the
council, while tlio full board of aldermen was in attendance with the exception of Aid. Barber. The speeta-
tOI's expected to see lively times, but
tliey were disappointed, as the proceedings were entirely harmonious
and a great deal of business was
With the preliminaries disposed of,
a communication was read Ir.un J.
K. Sirachan, city clerk of Nelson,
forwarding certain forms for use locally; alao from the Bank of Commerce, Nelson, relative to the note
placed there by the committee for incorporation expenses. The note has
been extended .'iO days, being redue
read a third time atthe next meeting
of council
liy law No. 3, establishing lire
limits and relating to inspection of
chimneys,next came up for its second
reading, and was considered in com
mittee of thc whole. The (ire limits
were fixed at blocks A, I', find C mi
the west side of Main street, and 1,
12, 18, and 24 on the east side. The
bylaw was reported baoktotb'e conn
ell complete with amendments, and
tlie same was ordered to be read a
third time at next regular meeting
of council.
In reply to a aoery by the mayor,
the clerk stated he bad collected $1*46
in trade licenses, making $&00sofar
collected from till sources, with more
yet to conic in.
A set of  books had been ruled of! J
and opened ap by tlie clerk and they;
were passed round for Inspection,
Under Instructions, the clerk is to
write again lo the government relative to ihe rebate due the city tinder
Aid. Worden brought up the question of the city cemetery mid urged
that the ground be cleared up and
plotted. Laid (.ver for Information,
the clerk being instructed to write
Frank Fletcher as to \. ho were the
deed holders of the land.
Council then adjourned,
This Feel ssf I'isj- MIikm-hI Reported i» No.
•: Tsuiiioi,
Neil Settling, one of thc owners of
the Tamarac   group,   on  Springer
Afterpayment of all dividends de-lOUR
elared, tho surplus fs*r the year carried forward la$1,114,468.
A TWELVE Ml l.i: HUM).
Churls.-, Ils.sssputs.s-, i>f llu-,..liisstl. Fields Up
ss I In.- (irssssp.
bust Year's! Shipment* Were 3K47 Tontt—
A Healthy l.\ islets.-e ssf the Life unsl
"lYuiilth ut the Cuisip-Ai'llsssftiin the
JJlKgcNt Shipper.
cd by $1.".0, paid oii aecoui.l.   The;creek, stated Tuesday evening that
bank expects full payment of the note
on Sept. 17, amounting now to $200
and interest. Both letters ordered
The finance committee reported,
recommending payment of the Parlous accounts presented at last meet-
an important strike had been made
o;i lhat property. It occurred in the
No. 2 drift, which has been following
thc vein in *'roni the surface. A
little oro has he.cn met with right
along, but it has now widened out to
Charles Dempster, of Rossland, who
put through the bond on the Republic
has just obtained control of another
promising property. Friday evening
he closed a deal with W. K. Lee and
his partner for tho Champion
and Sapphire claims, on Twelve Mile
creek. Tliey adjoin tho V & M group
and are but three-quarters of a mile
from the lake. The terms of thc deal I Arlington.   The former has another
were, a percentage in cash down and oar .yadv to go out, while the Black
the balance ill 80 and CO days. ; lYiMe ,W8 [u consignment in shape
I he property  has one ol  the biff-        ,. .  ,
gest surface showings in  the camp, j to 8l,1P ■#«■' t0,llSlu 01' tomonw.so
will figure in  the list   next   week.
With this week's figuree, ore shipments from the local division pass
thc 290Q mark, being but a fraction
less than .'U00 tons. In all 90 tons
was sent out, 20 being from the Enterprise and  the balance from the
laying an ore chute exposed for .'$10
feet, the average width ofthe paystreak being 18 inches. In one place
it is il inches wide and an assay
from th.it opening gave $102.86 to
the ton iu gold and silver. The ore
is classed as dry, the vein being
identical with one of those shown up
on   the V & M,    The claims were
From now on tho exports will be immense, as the Arlington lias contract
ed to supply the Nelson smelter witli
several thousand tons. For the balance of the year, the shipments will
be 1000 tons per month, creating a
record for the year fully 200 per cent
greater than last year's high water
staked a vear ago and havo had; mirk,
nothing done on them bevorid open Last year the exports from this di-
Cutting. Mr. Dempster will (level-! vision amounted to 2817 tons, mado
opo the, group so soon as the balance. "1> fl'on* 10 properties. Following ie
if the purchase money is paid up.       a list ot tho. shipments this year to
A I'.lti CONTIS.U T.
in-,', excepting II.  IC .Jorand's bill,   two feet, the bulk of which is of ship-
which   was   laid   over   for another; I'111'-'   gr*do-    Five   hundred  sacks
week,   Report received and accounts wero sent up ts. the mine Tuesday
ordered p.-ud.on ino.ion of Aid. Wood    morning and it.is purposed to make .
cock and Smith. ?   carlo.nl   shipment nt   once.   The j
A report was presented from the , fuiv': employed was
fire, water and lightcoinmiuiv, stating they ii.id secured k suitable
bunding for a fire hall and the ticcoa
sary lire lighting Apparatus, as ordered bv the council. Aid. Smith
moved that the report bo received;
seconded by Aid. llrad-diaw, and
An account was presented from II
L. Fife, for erecting lire hail, bulking seats for council chamber, and
supplying lumber .'or repairs to sidewalk, of $8*t08) A. York & Co., express, interest on incorporation note,
etc , $1U.7»; Dr. Bentley, professional
services re the late lv Brown, $2 DO.
Accounts ordered referred to the iii.-
tincc committee.
Thc mayor read an order from tlie
creased to nine men.
Manngt r Holden is nincli pleasi tl
with tin- BU'iKe,ii8 it umki s the future
of tho Tamarac tin assured success,
The. companv holding tho bond Is
eilled ilie Tamarac Development
Syndicate and is composed almost
entirely of Sp.ik.insj people. Tliey
have been systematically developing
tho property and are meeting witn
success. The. Tani.-irae Is Coming to |
the front  as one of the  best In the
camp. It, is a wet ore proposition
snd a carload shipped by the owners
two years ago netted over $120J.
Mayor York  has initiated a move-
clerk to pav certain moneys toll. If.! ment looking to tlio establishment of
Jorand, same to be deducted from his ;., 1);,,,k [a slocan.   During thc boom
SaAld.' Smith asked questions about !be Bank of B.tf.A. had a branch
thc city seal, an I the mayor replied »»«•» no*" was pulled out against
that it had arrived but was unwork- j the advice of the local manager and
able, so was returned to the makers. I just, at the. time when the camp was
The price of it was $9.50. I beginning to revive.   Since then a
Tho matter of the order served on ' vast Improvement has taken place, !
the mayor relative to certain moneys! the population increased and business \
was laid over, ns also a second doeti- j circles enlarged  The need ofa bank
ment of a similar nature. here daily becomes more apparent.]
Citv Clerk Foley presented his new j riie(|iios to   the   average   value  Of
bond of ollice. with  E. Lemieux ar.d I $25,000 are cashed hen.- monthly, the j
D. 1). Uobertson as sureties, in the discounts on which are considerable,
sum of S1000. Besides, a big business Is done by the
Aid. Bradshaw stated the gun ran   express company   and postoiiico in]
tee company had declined to take the sending out money orders,
bonds of either clerk or treasurer,!    Two   banks   have   examined  tie
i Arlington *.
J. J. Campbell, ore buyer of theI Enterprise	
Hall Mines smelter,   at Nelson, lmsl'/'wo l-i-iensls
, , .      ,. ...       ,,i Black Prince.,
been making frequent visits to the' ii,,ih.11jo1.Um*.
Arlington, and has succeeded in se- CJiap)e|iu	
curing a contract for u huge iiuantitv  •"•peculate"*...
n    lr .  _ , »    , .      1 hoenix	
ol ore.    Ile stated Saturday th at he I \- 4 *\j	
had   bargained  for   .'ill   the second-; I'smeralda ...
class mineral on the dumps at A and) HamptotJ ...
B tunnels and it was to be Shipped at
once,    lt is estimated thcro is upwards of'IO*'tons of ore in the two
dumps and it is to be sent out at the
rate of WOO tons per month, or two
ears a day.    Wm. Ivoeh will haiidh
the ore and it is understood he wlf!
have 10 teams engaged in the haul-
in'*.   Special   rates   have   been ac j
corded the management for thc ore,
so much is it desired  by the smelter. I
This contract is apart from the lirst-j
class on; now shipping.
Tlu- main  vein on the Arlington
averages 15 feet in width and contains more or left ore all the way I middle ef September.
across.   Ccrtnin lenses of it are very      „ ,
rich in native silver, recent nssavs| ••*,* J*( "mpbell, ore buyer for the
givlng'as high as l6,G0Do"*. The vein I Nelson smelted made another trip to
has been proven from the Arlington Ithe Arlington Saturday,
to thc end of tho Speculator, and the The No. 1 lead has been encounter-
former has tested it to a depth of 800rod in the crosscut, run in from the
I'.of. There is very little lead in the I creek. It carries line ore and is as
ore, and it contains selffiuxing anal-! strong as expected,
ities to a high degree. Upwards of
10.) men are employed at the Aiding
ton and the force is to be increased.
The mine has shipped about 2,-lUO
tons this year and the new contract
will give it a hig tonnage for the full
Ore Bhlpibctfts from lake points
nhow a heavy increase.
Outside mining men are becoming
numerous in the camp.
The smelters are vigorously bidding for a supply of dry ore from this
Tlie. addition to the offices at the
Arlington is to be finished by tliR
The Speculator people uncovered a
new vein during the week on one of
the claims recently purchased. It is
five feet wide and carries good ore.
Two men are working on the Ohio,
.2   months,  assuring  an   enormous! on the Ten Mile summit.    They aro
revenue to the company.   One car of j crosscutting to tlie cast from the long
ore -hipped last winter netted $5200,
while the general average Is high
above$1000 to thecal*. Altogether
the Arlington has shipped 170 cars
under the present management.
minim;   tlBCOBOS.
owing to the city having no bank account.
The mayor said  il   was a miataki
Hold and expressed a willingness to
locate hero, and it is purposed to get
up a petition showing the strength of
for the citv to have started off with tin- ininiediate business offering. The
its accounts iu private hands.   The tradespeople are supporting the ma*
city  should ojien an aceotinl  in a I yor in this movement and au e ruest
proper manner through  sonic hank,   endeavor  will   be   made   to   get   :i |
The aldermen fell in with tlm Idea branch opened,   Upwards of40ac-
advanced and the tunlter  will comb counts have  been  promised, includ-
up again at next meeting. log thc city's.   The heavy transac
tions ofthe various mines would ma
terially assist,the bank.    At the pre
Ahl. Bradshaw moved that. Mr.
Foley's bond beaceepted. Acting on
the mayor's suggestion, it was decided to leave the bond over for a week
for competent examination through
tho finance committee, as thc docu
sent lime most t f the business t f the
plttCo i*> transacted through the Nelson branch of lhe Royal Bank of
Canada, which slso handles tho ne
tunnel for the big vein and expect to
get it in .'io feet.
The assessment on the Mattawa,
Ten Mils'*, this year, improved things
considerably, more ore appearing in
the breast of the drift. The vein was
also opened up in another place.
W. TI. Sandiford, manager of the
Bosun, New Denver, inspected the
Phoenix on Friday, in company with
Noll ('(-thing, lie was surprised at
the amount of mineral lu sight.
The Blocan made a special trip to
Eutorprise Landing Sunday with a
Hard Timea, let u f Lemon, II I. life.' carload of machinery for the Enter-
Neptune same, .) T UetMicnssne. ' prists.   It consisted of tlie air com-
Bunnyawa fr, divide Ten Mile  uml, pressor plant and cable for the tram-
pringer, \V II Warren. j way.
'"- '     ' :   : A.E, Ashcroft and B.W;'lvom.
of-Oreenweod. came in Tuesday for
tlie purpose of surveying some properly near the Exchange which still
oolongs to Sir Charles Tupper and
ooUeagm s.
Appended is a complete list 61 the various records registered at the local registry ollice, ll. p. Christie being mining
I sH'ATI'lM.
Aug fi—AhhoMsford, 2nd n f I^irion,
Jus Caniiihell.
Tobin  creek, It (I
Tlsss PoorC.P.B.
Al. a meeting of tlie directors ofthe
IO.P.R., held  at'Montreal,   Monday,
ment had beendrawn up by the clerk counts ofthe Arlington and Specula
himself. I tor mines,   dues' established   other
The finance committee were em- J accounts would conic to the bank and
powered to bring in a suitable bond ; the discount paper and drafts rapidly
for city treasurer Uolderston. j increase.    A bank would be of great
Mayor York  stated   there was a i convenience to the entire camp,
piece "of road between  tho corner of |
Main street and Fletcher avenue and
the recreation grounds which needed
repair, the   various  city   teamsters
having  complained   of   the  same.
Matter left to board of works, with
orders to make tlie necessary repairs! t'"-* ««>-»■ dividend of 2 per cent on
at once. ; tlie preferred stock for the half year
Aid. Haibsjr's continued absence ended .June 80th last was declared. I
from the council was noticed. It was A dividend of 2J per cent for the
explained that he was working on same period was also declared OU the
night siiift at present at tlie. Specula Icommon stock. The results of thi
tor and it was Impossible for him to fiscal year to .Tune 90th 11.1 wer< i
getaway. Grossoarnlngs, 18U,8J>6,2Q8] working
Bylaw No. It, dealing witli the clos- expenses, $18,7*16,828; net earnings,
Ing of barber shops on Sundays, was; $12,100,875- income from other mur
read  a  second  lime.   The'council cea, $083,426; total net Income, $1-3,
Skinner si Crawford are exhibiting
some magnificent ore from their recent location, the Independence, ad*
jpinlng the Crusader.   Considerable
native silver has been encountered.
The owners talk of making a shipment Ih the fall.
Kachadgs <'rmiis l..-uis-il.
Jack Aitchison has secured a lease
then went into committee of too
whole on the bylaw, which was finally reported back lo the council
complete with amendments, Report
received   and   bylaw ordered  to bu
012,800; less Qxi I charges, Including
interest  on laud bonus,  $7,306,836;
less  amount applied   ngaillbt  ocean
steamships, $160,000;   net revenue
available fur Ji. Men Is, .-V B,91'6.
7    Ne|itiine   No
Roanoke, haadol Lemon creek, J EUd
cliff and M RadcllIT.
IU    llursly  tlurdy, Springer  creek, O
RioQrande, Elobson creek, A  Teeter.
An* 5- Hop*.
7   Gold Hill, Queen, Golden King.
10    Katie.
Aug 5 -Morris 1-8, R I! MiCiuiinion to
A Owens.
S.ime, Fiune, T Mnlvev tosano.
Dundee  ',-,.!  G MeCallum to Et A on tho Exchange group, on Dayton
Gamaroo. I creek, frera Harvey Fife, the papers
Uttl»Jimf-raotion,C L Johnson to W j Mnf Bijrnfld up ou TacBday,   Tho
1 PluiTunolrsotlon.w H bonilsb to Exchange hns had a checkered ear-
l Fronk Collom. «W.    It was bought by a company
Cecil, W Thomlinson to same. headed by Sir Cuarles Hipper, ana
Jt-Tin riiitu fraction, ,1 P Driwoll to 'by   him extensively developed.    In
I McCarthy ■ »ttangl 'g ,lu' details in order to se-
lO-Sunnyslds fraction  \i> W Wane..' cure a crown grant, lhe company unto Max Heckmann, Intentionally allowed the property to
' f ,n out. After being vacant for some
( liie.f l-'.nglneor l. •*■'' '•»' the, iC ,.<-, time, it was staked by Kile, and fur-
enay division of the C.It,'R., Was In ther work done, Several thousand
the city Mondav. ile stated he was aollan* bave been spent In develop-
irradually (lllinH lip the. section irnm... ment on the ground, but Sir Uiaria
In his territory, though tow men] seems to have forgottenapoot its
wero ns yet employed on tlie stocui
rlvor branch. I   Rttbrs*u-lhe<ot Tun Ukul-
ti- Ki.
*t   "A',   1 si- >        I
lit   f ■.
ll-' «1
' li
•if* ,*
;'     4'
: v;
''   •fj'
;f •*•."*»• **■»
.   ■'< liE**"'"
I > * my*,.,
.   *" s'sfis?i.-
f t
""*■ I
By John Strange Winter
41     .Copyright 1899 by iho Author.
There waa not the smallest doubt
that the large vessel was gone, that she
waa many fathoms under water. There
waa little or no doubt that Captain
Conway had gone down with her, and,
ao far aa waa known, only five persona
of all her goodly company had lived to
toll the tale of her disastrous end. Two
of these were passengera, two wero ordinary sailors, the fifth was the ship's
purser; all the rest of the 800 souls
who had Bailed aboard of her had fonnd
a watery grave and wonld be aeon no
All through the long hours of watching and auspenae did Mary Conway try
to battle down the overwhelming sense
of relief which had taken possession of
her. She cared not, did not feel tbe
very smallest grief for thehpsband who
had forgotten hia manhood and her
womanhood alike, but she hated herself
for not feeling it Her heart waa torn
in twain. One half was singing a pisnn
of thankfulness for deliverance; the
other waa bursting with a sense of her
own impotence and helplessness to avert
the aword then hanging above the head
of her aick mother aa the aword of
Damocles hung suspended by a single
She waa glad in her heart that her
care and anxiety for her mother would
naturally account for the absence of
any exhibition of great or noiay grief
for her husband. The doctor spoke of J
the Ion of the Arikhama once or twice,
and Mouncey brought her tbe latest details tbat were published in the papers,
but Mrs. Hamilton was during those
first few daya the object of .paramount
interest. Captain Conway waa gonel
All the love or loathing in tbe world
could not affect him any mora For him
•11 waa over; be had already passed
among the things that have been and
shall be no moro. Bnt Mrs. Hamilton
waa still alive and still needed the most
minute care and the closest attention.
She was, inapiteof that terrible tragedy
of the aea, the most important person
of that small household.
In health she did not improve. At
times faint flashes of understanding
came back, bnt they were only feeble
and flickering efforts of the clouded
brain to re-establish its mastery of wbat
waa going on around her. If she knew
any one definitely, it waa Mary, but of
that, even, they were none of them very
certain. The nurse who waa in charge
aaid positively that Mrs. Hamilton
knew no ona Mouncey, on the other
hand, insisted that she had seen the poor
lady's eyea follow the mistress as aba
moved away from the bed. This, however, waa a question which no one conld
decide positively, but in discussing it
the onlookers, although it ia proverbial that onlookers see most of the game,
never realized that in anxiety for her
mother Mra. Conway Buffered no grief
for her husband.
On tbe fourth day after tbe coming
of the newa Mary received a visit from
two gentlemen. Ona was the managing
-I did not know tt," aatd Mary.
director of tbe company to which the
Arikhama had belonged; the other waa
by him introduced aa the lawyer to the
"You are perhaps," said Mr. Law-
son, tbe managing director, "not aware,
Mra. Conway, that your husband made
• will three daya before tbe Arikhama
sailed from London." '
"I did not know it," aaid Mary.
"Such, however, waa the case," he
said suavely, "and, moreover, his last
inatruetiona were that ahould anything
happen during either of the*** voyages
Mr. Mannington"—indicating hia companion by a geature—"should at once
aeek you out and make you acquainted
with as little delay aa possible with bis
last wiahea with "regard to the property
he had to leave."
Mr. Lawson ceased speaking and fixed
hla attention npon hia companion. Mary
also turned her clear eyea upon tho lawyer and awaited what he might s.iy
nest To asr tha leaat of it. hia remark
waa unexpected.   "1 may aay at once
tbat I did not make this will of Captain
Conway," he aaid in polito and strictly professional accents. "It was made
by some person unknown to me and
handed to me by Captain Conway, seal-
ad aa you see it, with instructions that
ahould necessity arise I should at once
Seek you out break tbe seals in your
presence and make yon acquainted with
the content*"
"I am quite at your service," said
Mary tremulously.
The lawyer at once broke tbe seals
and drew from tbe long, tough envelope a folded paper. Mary sat, with
faanda quietly clasped in her lap, wait-
lag   Mr. Mannington cast hia eye over
the writing, frowned, bit his lip,
glanced at the girl widow apprehensively and then "coughed nervously.
"You have no idea—I should say—1
mean"— he atumniered.
Mary looked up.  "Will yon read it ?'
she suggested.   "I bave no idea what ia
in it, but I shall be surprised at nothing  Captain Conway had strunge ideaa
on some subjects."
"Very strange," murmured Mr. Law-
son, who gathered from the lawyer's
manner that the will contained nothing
of pleasant import to the lady.
"I will read it." said the lawyer,
then coughed again and began
'1, Edward Oonvruy, captain of the 8. S,
Arikhama, being of sound mind on this th*
11th day of July, 18—, declare this to bo my
last will and testament. All und tiny property
of which 1 die possessed I givo und bequsmth
to my nephew, Howard Conway, to be abso
lutely snd entirely at hia own disposal.
"Bdwahd Conway.
•'In the presence of Benry Challurtou, John
For a few momenta tbe widow and
tbe shipowner were too mnch surprised
to speak. Of the three Mary was the
most composed. Mr. Lawson wns. however, the first to break the silence.
"You were perhaps otherwise provided for. Mrs. Conway*" he said gently.
Mary shook her head. "No; I am
entirely unprovided for," ahe replied.
"But—but such a will is preposterous. Mannington, ia there no possibility of upsetting it?"
"Wills have been upset, of course, and
will be again," aaid the lawyer, guardedly "In this case, however, such a
course would be costly—and uncertain.
Mra. Conway waa living with her husband up to the time of his leaving
home, ahe ia living under his roof now,
and it would be difficult to prove that
the nephew had possessed or exercised
any undue influence or tbat the testator
was not of sound mind at the time of
making the wilL You, for instance,
conld not come forward to throw any
donbts upon hia sanity from your own
observation, for the jury and tbe public
would alike ask wbat were you about to
send out a vessel like the Arikhama in
charge of a person whom you believed
to be more or less of a lunatic."
"You could not aay it," put in Mary,
rising to her feet. "Nor should I wish
it Gentlemen, you need not trouble
about me—I dare say Mr. Howard Conway will not turn me out of this bonse
while my mother ia so ill—or until she
is gone where there is no need of any
refuga "
"I will communicate with him nt
once,"said Mr. Mannington. "It is
not at all likely, especially as he inherits everything, which mnst be a
great and unexpected thing for him.'
he added.
"Then I need not detain you any
longer," aaid Mary, holding out her
Mr. Lawson possessed himself of it
"Forgive ma my dear young lady," he
said, kindly, "but have you means for
the moment? If you bave illness in the
house, and you spoke of yonr mother"—
"My mother is very ill, very, very
iii" said Mary. "She was an invalid
when I married, but the newa of Captain Conway'a death came upon her
without warning and brought on another stroke, a very serious ona We have
not much hope of her."
Her voice dropped away to wbat waa
little more than a whisper. Mr. Law-
son kept hold of her hand and murmured consoling little phrases. Mary, however, waa quite dry eyed. Her grief ai-d
despair were too deep for ordinary
way a of sorrow. "You must let me see
you through this." be said at laat
"Your husband waa in the service of
my company for many years, and you
muat not hesitate to take from me what
is necessary to tide you over this unlocked for tima Have you formed any
Men or plans yet ? But no—of course
you have not. Who was. to expect that
such a will would be left behind?"
' Mary looked upon him with ber wonderful clear eyea "I earned my living
for years before I waa married," she
said, simply, "and I aball be able to earn
it again. Just now, of course, I am all
out of reckoning and can aet about
nothing You are very kind, Mr. Law-
son, bnt 1 have some money left"
"1 will supplement it," he said, hurriedly, and tore himself away, unable
longer to bear the dumb pain of her
eyes and mouth.
At laat ahe waa left alone, alone to
think over the end to which her fine
marriage had brought her, to think that
here ahe wq^^n a house which she had
thought has* fiwn. but which had been
left away flttn ber to one whom her
husband bad alwaya professed to hate
fiercely, penniless except for the few
pounds which she happened to havo
drawn out of the bank before tbe newa
of the foundering of the Arikhama had
reached tbem. Well, abe had wished,
longed, prayed, to be free, and her
wishes, longings and prayers had been
heard and answered She waa free, ahe
was a white slave no longer, ahe would
never again realize with a thrill of
ahuddering horror that ahe bad sold herself into bondage, into the rorat and
most hateful kind of bondage, that aha
had sold not only herself, her body, but,
to all intenta and purposes, her very
soul Well, it waa all over now. She
waa herself again, accountable to no one
for ber actiona abe waa free of tbat
unbearable chain, of tbat hated union.
Tbe worldly dross for which she had
sacrificed herself had fallen awa*/ like
the links of the chain of fate, and she
would have to begin at the lowest rung
of the ladder again.
Still ahe would be content. Every
crust of bread that she earned would be
her own, and aweet would be the taste
thereof—it would be bettor, far better
to sweep a crossing and to live contentedly on the pence earned hy sweeping it
well, than to live in luxury earned by
the loss of all her womanly self respect
Tbere came to her mind more times
than once a verse out of the Oreat Book
—"Bettor a dinner of herbs where love
is than a stalled ox and hatred there
How true, how true! And yet the
poor soul above struggling with the
rapid8 of life nnd death had never seen
the lieanty of the dinner of herbs. She
had longed to ho as the stalled ox, believing that the smoothest pathways
must always be the most pleasant nnd
the best for us. Well, sho hnd enjoyed
her brief spell of tho Btnlled ox to the
full, and it was probable thnt she would
slip away over the greut barrier without ever knowing that there had been
hatred ut all. And if that should bo so,
Mary Conway felt that she would be
ublo to face all tbe rest of her life fearlessly and with a thankful spirit.
Lnto in the evening a messenger arrived bringing a letter by hand from
Mr. Lawson.
Dkaii Mks. Conwat—it said—I do not ask, 1
do not seek to know, Iho rettson that your husband loft so strange mid almost Inhuman a
will behind him. It is enough f* me that yon
are u wssman, alonst, young alid in trouble.
Will you accept tho inclosed as a gift from one
who knew your husband for many years and
who lilted and respected hiinY 1 beg you to
accept it as kindly as It is ofTssred to you. Bin
aereiy yours, Hiinky Lawson.
Inclosed with this letter waa a check
for £100.
It would bo hard to describe Mary's
feelings thut night Tho kindness, tlie
distant dignity of tho few words, impressed her deeply. She never thought
of refusing the kindly gift, so welcome
to save her from nnheurd of horrors. She
only longed fiercely und passionately
that she might, nay could, wonld, go
nnd tell this man everything, tell him
tho whole .story of her mnrriuge nnd the
ennse pure nnd simple why Captain
Conway had left a cruel und wholly unjust will behind him. u sinister blow to
strike her in a vulnerable part and
from whieh she hnd no chance of defending herself.
She went to her bed thut night with
u fixed intention of going in tbe morning
to seek out Mr. Lawson and to tell him
everything, with a determination that
she wonld justify herself in his eyea
But morning brought different feelings. In the early dawn a change for
the worse came over Mrs. Hamilton,
und the nurse called Mary from her bed,
believing thut the end was nigh at hand.
And aa she stood by the side of that
poor, flickering, feeble light, so soon to
burn out into nothingness so far aa
concerned this world, a voice came to
her telling ber to do nothing, to aay
nothing—thc voice of a strange, curious, wise instinct, which said: "You
are free. Don't fetter your freedom by
troubling about the past. With good intentions you did what you thought and
believed was for tbe best. The sacrifice
was made, served its purpose, and you
are released. Do nothing. Accept the
kindness of this stranger, take it as it is
offered and endure all in silence. At the
very worst his suspicion, if he has ona
ia only a suspicion. No good can come
to yon by blackening the memory of a
dead man. If you speak, you will bat
save your fair fame at the expense of
hia If be has been ungenerous to you,
so spiteful as to aim a blow at you from
his sailor's grave, do not you retaliate
by striking back at him now. Best, far
best, to suffer in silence; wisest, far
wisest, to cut you raj! f oft as completely
as may be from tbe mistaken past, to
begin life afresh on your own linea and
u8free as is possible from tbe influences
which have dominated you, hurt you
and poisoned your better self heretofore."
Mary Conway knew that her instinct
was a wise one. that the strange mysterious voice waa that of a friend in the
best sense of tbe word. She made up
her mind during those few terrible
hours of watching that she would follow
the advice which had come to her from
her inner self, that she would bury tbe
past and begin a new life with the day
that she turned ber back npon the home
of her brief married life, the house
which had been in no sense a home to
And the following day Henry Lawson
received this note -
1 thank you with all ray heart for yonr kind
•nd generous gtft. it will be my salvation and
will enable mo to start myself afresh. 1 am
quite alone ln thu world now. Hy mother died
at 6 o'clock this afternoon. Yours with deep
gratitude,  Mahy Cukwat.
As soon as she could be quietly and
decently laid away, Mra Hamilton waa
carried out of tbe pretty villa in which
sbe hud enjoyed ber brief spell of prosperity, and then Mary made ber preparations for turning ber back upon her
old life forever.
Sho waa not obliged to leave the
house with undue baste, for Howard
Conway wrote to her aa soon as he heard
the news of bis inheritance, telling her
that the house waa quite at ber disposal
for a few weeks, until indeed she had
time to make her arraagementa Mary,
however, replied tbat if Mr. Conway
wonld send some one to take possession
at 11 o'clock on the following Monday
morning she would be ready, and tbat
abe would prefer to give up possession,
aa she would be leaving the house then
Greatly to ber relief, Howard Conway did not think it necessary to appear himself, but sent a young solicitor,
who treated the outgoing widow with a
curious mixture of condolence and admiration such as wonld have made a
woman who knew the world better exceedingly angry Upon Mary, however,
this munner hud no effeat She hud just
passed through the great tragedy of her
life, sho was fiu-o to face with n greut
uuestiou. "how to five in tbo Inline.'
and a flippant young mnn with rather
bnd manners hud no moro effect upon her
thun she might hnve felt from a gnat
humming to and fro in the air.
Sho took nothing with her excepting
such things as had been absolutely her
own, bought with her own money, earned by her own labor. Howard Conway's
friend was astonished to find ali tbe little woman's treasures which she loft lying about.
"But surely these are your own personal belongings, Mrs. Conway," ho ex-
claimed in his surprise, pointing to various photographs in pretty frames
which stood on a little table near the
drawing room window.
(To be Continued:.)
Builders, with their stone nnd mor-
tnr, brick nnd lime, wnter and sand,
hnve left little puddles on a stretch of
upper Broadway. An Irregular string
of pedestrians Hung Itself pnst the
place, Ignoring for the most part the
slight Inconvenience of stepping over
the miniature lakes. But one man,
when he was confronted with the situation, started back with au exclamation
of vexation aud passed around the
"Tbat chap bas agoraphobia," said
one of two men who had noted the
"Haa what?" asked the other.
"Agoraphobia. It means simply an
abhorrence of open spaces, and It has
a grent many victims. Specialists tn
this sort of nervousness sny It takes
various forms, some of its subjects
having an insurmountable dread of
crossing from oue side of tbe street
to the other, while others have a disinclination to go moro than a few
blocks from their home.
"Some dread to step, across a puddle
of water, like tbe man we just saw.
Others dread descending Into a well
beyond a certain depth, and still others have a fear of getting too blgb ln a
building or au elevator. Aa a rule,
these persons ure neutely intellectual,
so it Is no mental disgrace to be a victim of agoraphobia, simply a misfortune that Ib commoner than most persons suppose.
A Celebrated Itomna Gate*.
Touching tbe matter of eating, the
stories told by the old chroniclers and
historians of the abnormal appetites of
certain Roman and oriental men of
note fairly stagger belief. Gibbon tells
of Solimnu, a caliph lu the eighth century, who died of indigestion In bis
camp near Chalets. In Syria, just as he
was about to lead an army nf Arabs
against Constantinople, lie bad emptied two baskets of eggs and figs,
which he swallowed alternately, and
the repast was finished with marrow
-and sugar. In a pilgrimage to Mecca
the same caliph bad eaten with Impunity at a single meal 70 pomegranates,
a kid, 6 fowls and a huge quantity of
the grapes of Tayef.
Such a statement would defy belief
were not others of a similar character
well avouched. Louis XIV could hardly boast of nn appetite as ravenous aa
Sollmnn's, but be would eat at a Bitting
four platefuls of different soups, a
whole pheasant a pnrtrldge, a plateful
of salad, mutton hashed wltb garlic,
two good sized slices of bam, a dish of
pastry and finish with fruit and sweetmeats.
FnlflUInK tke W'ahea of the Dead.
Old Lord Forglen, thc Scotch judge,
sflled In 1727. Dr. Clerk, who attended
Ills lordship to the last, calling on his
patient tbe day be died, was admitted
by tbe judge's old servant aud cleric,
David Reed. "Ilow doee my lord do7'
inquired tbe doctor. "I houp he's
wee"," responded tbe old man, whoso
voice and manner at once explained bis
meaning. Wltb tears streaming down
his face be conducted Dr. Clerk Into a
room where there were two dozen bottles of wine underneath the table.
Otbea gentlemen presently arrived,
and, having partaken of a glass or two
of wine while they listened to David's
account of bis master's laat hours, tbey
all rose to depart "No, no, gentlemen;
not so," Bald tbe old factotum, "lt was
the expressed wish of the deceased tbnt
1 should fill ye a' fou. and 1 maun fulfill
the will o' the dead." Dr. Clerk used
to add when relating the story, "And
Indeed be did fulfill the will o' tbe
dead, for before tbe end o't tbere waa
nn ane of us able to bite bis aln
..._,,     'tmpttmr aad Tea.
A very Ignorant and wealthy woman
who wna fond of talking about her "art
•gallery" one day met at tbe house of
an acquaintance a lady who bad not
called on ber, although tbey lived in
the same town.
"Come and see me. do." Bald Mra. K,
the patron of art, aa tbe otber lady waa
taking ber leave.
"Thank you very much," waa tbe
noncommittal reply.
"We've got a new picture too. Tbat
ought to tempt you to come, If I can't"
"1 should be very glad Indeed to sea
"Such a lovely picture! Sometimes It
aeerna to me I could look at It all day
"What Is the subject of your picture,
Mra. 11.7" Inquired tbe hostess.
"Jupiter and Ten," waa tbe reply.
>  It waa "Jupiter and lo."
Pel aea la Flacer Malls.
-E^Hng tbe nails Is an exceedingly
dangerous practice, aa the biter never
knows wben to atop aud at any moment la liable to bite Into "tbe quick"
and cause blood poisoning. Even when
the utmost care Is taken of tbe teeth
a poisonous secretion la apt to collect
on them, and the eutrance of a minute
portion of this Into the circulation may
prove aa certainly fatal as the pus on
a surgeon's scalpel.
Hla Cbelee.
Kind Lady—Do you like flowers, littlo boy?
Little Boy-Yea'm.
Kind Lady-I am glad to hear It
Tour love of flowers Indicates a refined
nature. Wbat kind of flowers do you
like most?
Little    Boy-Boiled   cabbage.
The biggest pumps ever used were
made lo pump out Lake Haarlem, In
Holland. They pumped 400,000 tons
dally for 11 years.
A Snake Story From Niagara Full*, Out,,
Well Vs.usjlis'il Fur.
George J. Howard, cashier ol the
Bank of Niagara, and Ethan Howard, hia brother, both of Niagara
Falls, Ontario, had an exciting experience on a recent Sunday, and one
thoy will not forget in a hurry. They
spent the duy exploring Foster's
Flats and the territory below that
famous locality. They had with
great difficulty gone down the river
from Foster's Flats, skirting the
rough and wild edge of the river, and
intending to cj-mtj a Dl,nk at a spot
farther down. Tho walking was very
hard, and progress slow. When they
had gone a short distanco from the
Flats they ran Into a den of rattlesnakes. The first they know of their
danger was the rattling of a large
snako immediately in front of them.
The men grabbed clubs and despatched the reptile, but hardly was this
one killed when others were seen in
tho neighborhood. Seven snakes in
all wore seen, and of these four wero
killed by the Howards, tho body of
one and tho rattles of others being
taken home as evidence of the fact
that rattlesnakes still exist on tho
Niagara frontier.
Almost anything could live in the
very wild region below Foster's
Flats, or on tho Flats themselves. It
ia by far tho oldest and most unknown ground within hundreds of
miles. Reports of rattlers still living there come now and then from
travelers, but no etory in years,
vouched for by peoplo of well-known
reputation, . in, regard to those,
snakes, has been hoard. They report
that they were very much surprised
to lind the snakes, and that there are
undoubtedly many more in the vicinity. They consider it unsafe for
a man to penetrate to the mysteries
of the gorge beyond tha Flats without thick leggings on. The snakes
killed wore rather large, three of
them being over three feet in length,
and the fourth being somewhat smaller. Thoy hud np woapo-ns, save those
grabbed on the spot, otherwise they
would have got the seven. Nino rattles were found In ono snake, and
thsse, with the skin ol the biggest
snake and rattles, form an interesting reminiscence or an exciting
Sunday morning encounter within a
milo of Niagara Falls.
(nsiss.il*> >• a  I'lelsl fssr Fiction.
Tho following paragraph is borrowed from Mr. Robert Machray, a
gentleman who formerly lived in
Canada, und evidently knows what
h.' is tulking about, Ho says: "Cun-
ada is a promising field for the exploitation of th* liii iuiiist., on account of its inuny well-defined, widely contrasted types of life, and of the
novelty of tho settings In which pictures of these types can be framed.
The 'habitant' of Quebec, in simplicity, contentment, frugality, happy
ignoranre of 'views' or 'problems,' a
sort of big, joyous child; his half-
brother In primitive, patriarchal vir-
turs» and pleasures, the Acadian; thc
lusty, sturdy, capable, self-reliant,
perhaps just a Irifla self-sufficient
farmer of Ontario and "Manitoba; the
lumberman from th.c fragrant pine
and cedar forests of tbe North und
furthest West; the miner of the Kootenay, the Klondike, and thc !<ake of
tho Woods; the ranchman of the
plains; the east const fisherman; the
west coast suliiion-i'iunis-r; English,
Scotch, Irish, French, Hermans, M.-n-
nonites, Icelanders, BwedoB, Gaii-
cians, Indians, Chinese — a medley
fantastic and incongruous when huddled into a paragraph but which,
when 'strung out' along a base-line
that runs from i ise to set ot sun,
from the Atlantic to thc Pacific, from
Newfoundland Io Vancouver, resolves
its elements readily and auspiciously
to the man who has eyes ta sec, ears
to hear, and tho heart to understand,"
An AlTrositssI Cook.
Wellington's jsersonal tastes and
habits, like those of most great men,
wero very simple. He eared not for
show or pomp of any kind, Instead
•f building a counterpart to i'.lrti-
heiin, for which mons-y had been voted, ha bought and improved Strath-
fleldsa.Ve, u common country gentleman's house. In his dint, he was very
abstomious, even to tho injury, lt
appears, of his health. He, of
course, kept a first-rata French cook
for his guests. The cook, lt was
said, one day suddenly .resigned, 'iho
Duke, In astonishment, asked the reu-
son. "Waa Ids salary insufficient?''
"No, my hulury is very handsome,
but I am not appreciated.' I cook
your dinner myself, a dinner fit    for
When some people cast (heir bread
upon the win era. they expert It to ro*
( is.ni  spread  wltb  butter and Juin.-
I'liit-ano News,
a king. You say nothing, I g0 out
and leave the under-cook to cook
your dinner. He gives you a dinner
lit for a pig. You say nothing. 1 um
not appreilnud. I must go."—tiolsj-
win Smith.
Toronto to Hamilton.
A Toronto man has received notico
from the city of Hamilton that unless ho goes up and cuts any weeds
growing on tlvs sireet on which i„..
owns property he will render himself
liable to a line of $20. We gather
from the printed notico received thut
Hamilton is chiefly troubled with tho
following noxious weeds; "Ox-eye
daisy, wild oats, rng weed, burdock,
wild clover or sweet clover, marsh-
mallow, milk weed or cotton wes*d,
dandelion, narrow dock, golden rod,
yarrow, million, wild lettuce and
thistles of all kinds," We would advise Hamilton to pave the streets at
a sure cure for weeds.
I ssllissvlisii Ilia Directions.
The census taking reminds one of a
story which occurred ten years ago.
On the printed forms were the words:
Age of father (if living), ago of nio-
th.T (if living). Ono of tho papers
was return d with the atartling information that the tfu,ther was 120
ysars old and the mother 112. Tho
authorities hastened to son this an.
dent pair, and wero much surprise
to hear that they died long ago.
"Then what do you mean by
this?" Mild an angry official, pointing to the ages.
""Aliy, that's rljiht enough. It Bays
'Ago if living,' and that would have
been their age if living now."
Hear tke Posptav Polat.
"Mary," said her father, "you have
been keeping company with that
Mitchell fellow for more than a year
now. This courtship must come to a
"Oh, father, how can you talk so?
Be Ib, oh, so sweet and nice!"
"Ah!" And the fond father arched
his eyebrows. "Sweet and nice, eh?
Has be proposed?"
"Well, father, not exactly." And tht
girl bung ber bead aud fingered the
drapery of ber dress. "He hasn't exactly proposed; but. then, last evening
when we were out walking we passed
by a nice little house, and be said,
'That's tbe kind of cottage I'm going to
live ln some day,' and 1 said, 'Yes,' and
then be glanced at me and squeezed
my band. Tben, Just as we got by, I
glanced back at the cottage, and—and
1 squeezed his band!"
"Oh, ah, I see!" snld ber father.
"Well, we'll try blm another week or
two."—London Answers.
Qaalat Haaalbal ItaaillB.
To tbe day of bis death Hannibal
Hamlin was a figure tbat men would
turn and look at a second time on the
street His tall form, which tn old
age was but slightly bent, was alwaya
clothed In the old fashioned black
swallowtail suit, and he alwaya worn
a tall Bilk bat, generally a "back number," tilted slightly back on bla bead.
For years be was famous as a man
who never wore au overcoat, and to
bis death be never burdened himself
with that, to blm, unnecessary garment except on thc most severely cold
days. For a half century he never
changed tbe style of his clothes. He
walked wltb a swinging gait and bad
so many friends nnd acquaintances to
whom he bad to bow that a smile seemed to be ever on hla face.
Beth TralaetJ.
Little Edith bad been very III, but
was convalescent Waking up suddenly and finding a strnuge lady nt ber
bedside, she asked, "Are you Uie doctor?"
"No, dear," replied tbe lady; "I'm
your trained nurse."
"Ob," exclaimed Edith, pointing to a
cage banging near the window, "trained nurse, let me Introduce you to my
trained canary I"
■ta Tralalaar.
"How did Spudklns get hla appointment as brigadier general? I never
knew tbat be was connected wltb tbe
"Ob, yes; by marriage. His brotber-
ln-Inw is a United States senator."
A Surprise to Bias.
"Had you beard tbat Oily Mike bad
been Incarcerated?"
"No. 1 dldu't even know be was
It Is Not a Stimulant
But a Ionic You Need
Hosts of people do themselves irreparable harm and
shorten their lives by many years by the use of stimulating
drugs to whip up the exhausted nervous system and keep the
machinery of the body working. Others get temporary relief
from nervous headaches and body pains by the use of deadening and nerve-destroying narcotics. Both of these treatments
mean death to the nervous system and hasten the approach of
paralysis and insanity.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food is a protest against these old-
fashioned and villainous methods of treatment. Unlike any
other medicines you ever used, Dr. Chase's Nerve Food forms
new red corpuscles in the blood and creates new nerve tissue
to replace that destroyed by overwork and disease. It is impossible to obtain a more effective treatment for nervous .disorders than Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, because it gradually and
naturally restores the wasted nerve cells and rebuilds the system. It is the up-to-date remedy for weakness and disease
resulting from wasted nerves.
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food,
CO cts. a BOX, 0 Doxoa for $2.50.   At all dealers,
or lOdinaiiHiin, Bates A Co., Toronto. The Drill.
A Plucky Young lady Takes on
Herself to Core Her Father
of the Liquor Habit.
A portion cf her letter reads as
*ollows:-~"lly father had of u-n promised mother to stop drinking, and
would do no tor a time, but then relume! to it stronger than ever. Ono
day, after a terrible spree, ho naid
to us: 'It's no use. I can't stup
dUnking.' Our hearts seemed lo
turn lo stone, and we decided to try
iho Tasteless Samaria Prescript! >n,
which wo hud road about in the papers. Wo (java h'm tho remedy, entirely wiihoot bin knowledge, in hi3
lea, csiiTs'e, or food regularly, acc:>rd-
in(j in directions, and he never knew
hu wi'i taking It. One package re-
mou-d ull bis desire for liquor, und
hs.* says it is now distasteful to him.
His health and appetite aro also won
His health and appetito are also
woinl ifnlly Improved, and no ono
would know him for tho samo man.
Il i« now fifteen months since wo
gave it to him and we feel sure that
the change is for good. Please send
mo ono of your little books, as I
want to givo it to a friend."
nf Tasts'less Samariis. Prescription
gladly Sent Freo with full particulars in plain sealed envilopc. AU
loiters considered sacredly confidential. Address Tho Samaria "Remedy
'Co., .in .Ionian street, Toronto, Ont.
(Mian Temperance Unioi
Letter from Mrs. Geor-r: Grant, of
Puisls-y, Ont., giving piu ii-ulars of
I u euro effoctsid by "sSsimaria prescrip-
ti'.n," resulting In its use and adop-
iiuu by tho Puls'ty Woman's Christian Temperance  Union.
raisls-y. Ont.. Dccimber 11 th, 1900.
Hio Samaria Remedy Co.',
.'',0 Jordan Street. Toronto, Ont.
Dear Sirs,—I penns.-.l a few linos to
you s.iiiic time ago,—as a member of
Use i. mi i-runco causa, l wrote for
lii.'iiiinailoni at ilmt time I had In
uiy mind fri.-inls whoso son \v_iis a
Ureal rauao of anxiety end troublo on
moiiuiit of l.li drunken habits. 1
strongly iii-g,-(l the frii isils to try tho
ri'iai'dy I n.iw iulvcrtiss',1 in the To*
roiitn (Jiobe. They did so. It waa
tlm "-'.imuna Remedy that wan nd-
taliiisierod and I nm pleased to In*
'"iiu Uie compr.ny tho medicine wns
helpful; ti),. young man has not
(frank a drop nince, breaking off from
old companions; and special prayers
on his behalf, all aided in breaking
*ho iluiiiis.
At tho losv, meeting of tho W. C.
*"• U. here, 1 ir. .reduced your modi-
cine tor the sure of tho llqussr hsilnt,
Mid n resolution was passed, "That
Inasmuch as it Is tho aim of this or-
B&'ii.-uiion to help tho poor Inebriate,
"■''- should recomm.nd llils fmsdy in
hoiiica whero persons are ni licicd to
"■'■ (iso of hiloxlcutin-, '"quors."
*l,w. sirs, wishing you a h iccessful
"ai'-. r Iq your noble work, and fsel-
'"B that assist unco can bo given hi
•hi' precincts of homo by the hand of
toother or wife, trusting Cod may
•I'-'ii up useful avenues for your latins,     Yours very respectfully,
(Signed i      MRS. GEORGE GRANT.
On behalf of Paisley W. C. T. U.
«'"n. ts-Htlinonlals and nrioe sent in plait
iii!' ui'X' (iP°- Kaolof* to stamp. Adilresi
•Hi. BAMABIA REMEDY 00..80 Jordan 8t.
. __ TORONTO, Ontarli
" .vou don't intend to marry   the
Ri'l,  keep  away and give the other
['-'How a chance.
c (;  RICHARDS & CO.
1   bear Hirs,—I have ined MINAR1VS
iblNIMENT In my stablo   for over a
j"-"tr  nid consider It the very best for
liciKe ilesh I can get and stiongly re-
l^'liniieild lt.
livery Stables, Quebec.
. ' Miss Dorothy, why  Is it you en-
)n.y golf so much ?"
'Oh, It's Just because 1 like some-
"'"'i' real stylish to got exclt-;d
Sam Derroc'hers Cured of Diabetes in
. 1808—Had    lt   For    Over   Five
Years—His Recent Letter Proves
That Hip Cure Still Holds Good.
Quebec, July 29.—(Special)—Sam
Derrochers, of the Fortress City was
cured oi Diabetes by Dodd's Kidney
Pills in 1898. His case is well
known here, it having been published
in the papers at the time, and a
great deal of attention was drawn
to Hodd's Kidney Pills oa its account.
Diabetes, however, is known to be
an incurable disease, and many of
the more sceptical of Quebec citizens
expressed doubt as to the permanency oi the euro. These doubts may
now be sot at rest. Mr. DciT^ehors
himself attests that,in three yt-ars he
has had no sign of Diabetes' i.-turn.
On May 28, 1898, Mr. Sam Derrochers published the following letter in the Quebec papers : "1 have
been a victim to Diabetes for over
live years, with terrible pains around
my kidneys. My feet were alv. ays
cold, and my thirst could not be
quenched, no matter what I drank.
1 tried remedy after remedy but received no help. I purchased one box
of Dodd's Kidney Pills and found immediate relief. I havo now finished
live boxes, and can say I am perfectly cured."
Now to clear away all possible
doubt that Mr. Derrochers was not
(nrsii, to show beyond question that
Dodd's Kidney Pills did not merely
relieve him for tho time, but actually
cured him of Diabetes, aad cured him
to stay cured, we publish his letter
of April 4th, 190*1.
T*tat Sirs,—My cure o* Diabetes
by Dodd's Kidney Pills has been per-
mancnt. I have not been troubls-d
with a sign of Diabetes since my
cure three years ago."
Dodd's Kidney PiUs cure all diseases of the Kidneys and the
troubles arising from weak action of
the Kidneys. They nro used throughout the* world.
"Didn't you havo trouble in getting so many antiques ?"
"Dear me, no—I had them made to
Mrs. Celeste Coon, Syracuse, N.Y., writes:
"For yearo I oonld i.ot eat many kinds of
food without producing a burning, excruciating pain in my stomach. I took Pnrnie-
le 'b Pills according to directions under
'Dyeps-psia or Indirection.' One box entire*
iy curs-si me. 1 can, now swit anything I
c.sosstsa, without distressing me in tM loust."
These pills do not cause pain or griping, and
should be used when a cathartic is required.
Tie: Slow.
"Bo yen loaned Harbinger ths money,
did von?"
"What did he sny?"
"He promised lo pny with alacrity."
"Ile did. eh? Well, let me tell you this.
If there's ssne thing that's scarcer with
him than money It's alacrity."
A flood A»»riigf.
Parke—After *J0 years of married life
how do ynu mans*©—as well as ever?
I.nne— Yes. about as well. I understand my" wife almost as well ns ths- lirst
three weeks we were engaged.—DelrolI
Krs»*> •"•"•ss.
Minart'i Liniment Cures Diphtheria,
Dawson says the prettiest sewing
machine he ever saw wus 17 years
old, with short sleeves, low-neck
dross, and gaiUir-boots.
Slirewd Thievery.
"Americans who go abroad must expect to be robbed right and left," said
a young man who recently returned
from a brief European tour. "One expects to be held up for all sorts of tips,
but when the beggars follow you homo
you can't help feeling a sort of admiration for their Ingenuity.
"I went over on one of the Red Star
line boats, and the first thing I did on
landing at Antwerp was to go to the
cable office aud send a message to my
mother announcing my safe arrival. I
paid the toll and thought no more
about lt until 1 got home, when among
my mall I found a letter from the Antwerp operator, addresser} ln care of my
mother, saying that through an error
he find not charged me enough for my
cablegram sent on such and such a
date, that he bad been obliged to pay
the difference out of his own pocket,
and as his salary was very small and
be had a large family and all that sort
of thing he felt sure I would reimburse
"The amount was a trifling one, and
1 did send him a foreign moHey order.
I have since learned from experienced
(travelers that I had been made the
victim of a systematic form of robbery
and that scarcely a cablegram Is sent
from the other side unless it Is of a
buslsess nature that Is not followed
by somo such plea fro-n the European
"Whnt do you think of thi*- scheme
ot telegraphing without wires ? "
"That's nothing new. My wife has
kicked my shins under the table for
20 years."
F. W. Mills as a "peanut king"
has had an interesting career. He
began life as a peanut, vendor .on a.
train. When only 12 year old he
had contracts with several railroads
running out of Chicago for Hi - exclusive rights to sell peanuts or. the'
William Bnrrow, timekeeper at
Cilliow's cabinet works, Lancaster,
England, has been in the employ of
the firm for 60 years. Although 80
years of age, he is still active, being;
invariably the first on the premises
in the morning and the last to leave'
at night. His father held thc keys
before him
A Chicago woman alleges she can't
livo with her husband because hsi
has u wooden leg. If all that's said
by wives is tme, some of them ars3
married to men with wooden 'icads.
Stations \: s> Hays.
i cave
,,)ivo fr un Ca-iadlau
tfarthera depot—      |
Winnipeg to Morris Km|
cr^on.St. i'..ulctadly, li)
51 c'uxxl to Kiiiers-sii
•torrls, Wii.nipsc dlj
Vs I al-ieg so K lind
MUii'ii.flel ' out llr.vt
i"i"V A Bns idun.Ilssn.
NvsiUidl'Ti.     *   - -  IDAS
Rrandon, Hartnev. lie's-
ni.iist. .(lin'u.. IMsfsid,
t > Winnl-ieg, Tues ,
i burs ami Sat.   -  •
Wiini oe to Porloceln
P. ana lntermedinte
b ntloiH, dally ox boil,
i's rt-ee lsi 1*. and inter
ich .ia stations 11
Wlniitps-gdli' ex Rem. 18.30
Winnipeg tostA Ions on.
lieivrr iind Delta lsra.nl
chcs.Tuoj. ond Thu.s
U. .ivi-r (is.l Delta br'cli
station, to V/innlpci
It may be only a trifling cold, but negles-**.
it and it will fasten its fango In your lungs, |
snd you will soon be curried to an untimely
grave. In this oiuntry wo have midden
ohiinges snd must expect to have coughs and
colds. We cannot avoid them, but wo can
etl.-ct a cure by using Bickel's Anti-Consumptive Syrup, tho medicine that has never
bocn known to fall In curing coughs, colds,
bronchitis nnd all uffeotion-s of the throat
.'ungsand cheat.
Whfn tlnrrjs Waa Ihe Fashion.
The follcwlng rxtrnci from the London Times of May 14, l****-". gives nn
Interesting picture of the good old
days: "It Is now the high fushlon to
run. or at least to trot, through ths
streets at a rate of six miles au hour.
A running walk Is absolutely necessary
for any young man who has the least
pretension to ton. You must lounge Iu
a hurry and saunter with expedition,
lt is nu old proverb, the more haste ths
worst speed, but Bond street dally
shows ns the more hurry the less to
do. When we see our Idle youths riding race horses, walking for wagers or
boxing for fame, we must agree with
Horace tbat ■streniia dos csercet inertia.' "	
limits Liniment dra Colls, Etc
If one does not take caro, one's
wholo lifo slips away In theorising,
and wo want a second career for
pract Ice.—Fenelon.
$100 Reward, $100
The rtadfiiof this |«per will ba plea<s*il to
learn that thar* I* at least one dreaded disease
(list Su! noe has I es-n abls to curs In all it*
staffes, and lhat la ('ttarrh, Hall's (Jstarrls
Cure Is th* only in s tlve cure known to this
medical fraternity, t'atarrts bsii'K a constItu
tlonal aluaasi, requires a •'institutional tisa
iiimit. Hall's Oaiarrh Cure Is taksm Internally
aotlng illrssoily upon ths blood end mucous sur.
fssesiH uf tlse hvsteui, thereby destroying thn
foundation of the sits.sase,aisd glvlnu tbe patlanl
strength l>y bu ldlnv up the constitution aud
assisting nature In sUrini Its work. Ths. proprietors have ao oiuen faith lis Its ouratlvs-
psiwssrs, tbat they offer Una hundred dollars lor
any cans, that lt falls to oure. Send for list of
Address.   F. J. OHKNEV A CO,, Tolido, 0
Hold < y brunUts.IBe.
Halt's ramify nibarathe best.
sYlanipeij-.o Portage la
l'.t Ciliiuston.).    •  -  -
tnnphln,   et *..   Mon
'"'cd. and b'tu
Oa sphtn. QiadiBpas, r."
ll*. l'ralrlf!, \\ innliie-*
'lacs., 0litur. i.   8.at.
WinnlieRio  ■'.'p'gosis,
Tues ond Thnrs.  -   •
Wiisiitoegosli  to   Winj
M .n. audlTri	
Wliiiilpcs     to   Gran
View, Mon. and Frl
3riindvir.v to   Wpg
Tuci. and Sal 	
D.-.apliin t/*   W'p'gsMis
i ud - ..ttrn,Set	
IV.iuihlutoBwci Utver
■* Klv.-ool. Wrd	
ElsvoodtoBsvaii  Hlver
I.s s.ve fro^i O. P. de]>ot
1    . lros '.o Warroa-.'.
i s'Vi-.loitsi and Int. r
snoltate »tatiom,M(in,
Wed., and Frl. ......
Boandi tte, W.irroad.cte.
to Vipnliicg,   Tuen.,
1 tUtfS. and Pat.     .
\ & ilANNA,"
Qon. .-sups»
13 00
a an aw,
Mario, On on Hound, Tor»nt<i
is sid li isi  Via Lakes. Hon., Thura
nnd Sa*>    . 	
Tuea .PA. "iiilBun.	
Momre.sl, 'I'.n-oiitOss  New York ami
east, via nil rail, dally	
itut     L'orl.iKe    and    Inturuu;'. -.to
e slnts, Mon.. Wed. fc Frl.	
Tuas-.TIitirs. s*Bat 	
Rat    Portago    and    Intermediate
Ifolaon, I-oo DaBsnnct and  Inter
uv lintoPoints. Thurs only...	
JVrisr'o litPrnlrlo, Brandon, (.'iilc.-irv
Kelson and all Kootenay and Coaut
points, dally	
I'ortnRO la Prairie, Urandon, and Intermediate* points, dally ex Bun....
Portapo la Pralrlo. Brandon, It so o
juw and intormedlato i sluu dally
s.. Sunday	
3l. .'stone, wcopiiva, Mlnnu.loinand
,,   - nn... into j.ol its, dully ex Bun.
Shs-nl Lako, Ynrklon aud Interincill-
nte points,Mon., Wed.nnd Frl ....
Ilaiild    Cilv,     Hamlot.i,     Mlnotu,
Tuei., Thurs and Bat	
Mon., Wed. a rt Kit..	
Mordon, Delorntne and lntm mod Into
points doily sxBun
K.iiiniliD., Alameda and .titoinicdiate
points. Mon., Wed-.Thi'm. A Bat
Mon., Tues., Thnrs ar.sl Frl ......
Qlenboro. Bonrla, nnd lii/irmci'liiti-
points,anily tx Bun	
Niiiiliikn.M.-ltta, Alameda nnd iittur
tnediatn isolnls,  Mon., Wed , Fri.
Tues., Tnttrs. nnd.' at	
ripi'»tonsB,He-slon,Areola and Inter
mciLate points,  Mon. Wed,, Frl.
Tues., Thurs. and Hat	
Frnbyshlre, Hlrsh, llleulait, Ustu-
Jan, Bat. 
Gretna, Ht, Paul, lOoJcnBO dully
RtouswaU, Tuclon..l'us*8, Thurs, Sal
WestSnlldrk Mnn. Wed, Frl
West Selkirk , .Tues. Thurs, Nsit
■ Mon, Wed nnd Fr
O.li   I
18 01
t: 'vs is
III. 8
It Waa Made of nn Old Steel File and
Waa Sharpened lo n Kisror Edge.
With It He Killed Sixteen Hen—The
Duel With Sors-U Wright.
J nines Bowie, famouss by reason of the
world renowned knife culled by Dis name,
wns boni in Burke county, Ga., in 1700.
In 1S02 his father emigrated to Louisiana. That country wn * then still onder
French domination. Thero had Insen
largo tracts of land Rianted by the
French crown ia the territory named for
Louis XIV, and one of these, in the parish of Catahoula, was acanlred by tbe
elder Bowie. lie was a man of substance, owning nearly 100 slaves. He
soon hnd his estate opened out and was
growing superb crops of cotton and corn.
His son James he sent first to a famous
private school at Natchez, Miss., and afterward to the Jesuit college, then located in New Orleans.
James Bowie in 1827 was challenged to
S duel with Noiris Wright. The pocket
pistois of thai day were uncertuio. It
wns long before the percussion cap had
been brought into common use, and the
flintlock arm was the only Unarm known.
It wns liable to miss fire just when it
ought not to. Bowie determined to rely
iipt.ii a knife be bad on uses! to be made
for just such a contingency. He hud
taken a 14 inch file, such as was then
used lo sharpen crosscut saws and the
upright saws used for turning out plunks
from logs. He had the tile murks carefully ground off the file and the smooth
piece of steel skillfully reduced by the
grindstone until it was about the thickness nnd weight he desired. Then he
took It to a Spaniard in New Orleans
known ns "Pedro, the skilled cutler." s
man who had learned his art In Toledo,
where the Guest sword blades lu all Spain
were forged. He tempered and finished
the knife, fitted it with a erosupiece nnd
hntt. When it wns done, James Bowie
had a weapon "fit to fight for a man's life
with." ns he said to Governor Wells. It
was benutifiilly balanced, and the artist
had hollow ground it like a razor, with
a double edge for three or four incbs*s
from tho point.
The knife was fitted with a wooden
scabbard, covered with leather, and was
sharp enough lo shave tho hair off the
back of one's hand. This was the original bowie knife, though it was some
what modified subsequently in shape.
Natchez island, whero the fight was to
be, wns midway between Ihe Louisiana
and Mississippi shores of the great Father of Waters, Therefore it was a favorite meeting place for gentlemen who
bad to adjust afTnirs that mi.-.-lit have a
fatal ending, as the authorities s.f neither
Slate could interfere.
It was .understood thnt each of the
principals should have but one friend,
and certainly not more than two. on the
ground. Bnt Mr. Wright had live or six
present. The fight began with pistols.
One of Bowie's missed tire, while both of
Wright's took effect upon bis antagonist.
Thinking ho had Bowie nt his mercy.
Norris Wright sprang upou blm. In a
moment Howie hnd drawn bis deadly
knife, and, though two or three of
Wright's friends wero slmotiug at him.
and hitting him. too. Bowie made one
awful slash at Wright's neck. The kos'D
sts'.'l bit into the ver** neskbone. The
blood shot out over Bowie, ami Norris
Wright was dead before he touched tbe
Seriously wounded himself. It was for
some time a very doubtful question
uln-thcr or not be would ever get well.
But youth, a temperate life and an excellent constitution finally brought him
• round, and in a year from that timo he
killed General Crain with the same knife
lis. had used in his first encounter. "The
knife doesn't miss fire," be snld to an intimate friend, Mr. I'.yniim of the parish
of Uapldes.   "The pistol doea."
J nines Bowie was engaged In the purchase aud contest of claims for great
tracts ef land that had been grants made
by thc French crown. When Louisiana
wns ceded to tbe United States and finally became a state, thero was a good deal
of trouble on thla account over some of
the titles to land along the Red river and
Its tributaries. A man ofti-n bad to fight
for his plantation, as frequently bo would
not give it* up to somebody with an old
French or Spanish grant. It was In
tln-se contests that James Bowie did lhe
most of his killing. He had 10 lives on
bis hands from the use of thnt one
knife. After much consideration he had
made a knife that has been the model
ami pnttcrn for all tho real bowie knives
Hint ever had tbe sanction of their originator.
ln 1835 Colonel Bowie sold his Louisiana property and went to Texas. The
Luni" Star 8tat() was in the throes of a
bloody revolution. The gallant reslstnuce
of the Texans so exasperated General
Santa Anna, who wns chief in comnrnd
of tlio Mexican forces, thnt he swore he
would tnke no more prisoners. When
Towle in-rived In Texas, be wns at once
mads a colonel of riflemen in the army of
In'January. 1830, Colonel F.owie wns
ordered lo San Antonio de Bexnr to ns-
list In holdintr that place against Snntn
Anna's coming forces. The siege run
nlntig until March, when San Antonio,
trusting in thc pledged word of honor of
Snntn Anri. with a starved out garrison,
surrendered. A general massacre took
place. Travis, Crockett and Bowie were
murdered in rnld blood, a stain on (leu
rial Snntn Anna's memory lhat time enn
never blot out. Colonel Bowie wns bad
ly wounded three times and was In a
room of tbe main work of the place culled
lhe Alamo, ne opposed the surrender as
long ns wus possible.
He was lying on his bed when be heard
Ilie triumphant Mexicnns coming In. It
wns the first hint he hnd had of thc surrender. He knew his life wns ended. He
roiild, however, move about a little. The
Instant the Mexicans came Into tbe room
limy begun shooting nt him. He grasped
his knife aad leaped among them like nn
enraged tiger. And when the tiring ended six of his enemies hnd crossed tbe
Bryx with James Bowie and gouc wilh
li in to Ibe shades.
(lea. Bunt.
(inn. t'ass. Agent.
Wanted a Chang* of Diet.
There are some things of whli-b even
the poor may get more thnn Is necessary
A weary and hungry man fell from sticci
fninlni'ss by the wnyslds*. A crowd cut li
ered at once, anil mi ollicioua bysiunli-i
bustled forward, shooting:
"Stand buck!   Olve him nir!"
The fainting man rallied nnd snt up.
"Air!" be gnsps-d. "(live me air! Why
gentlemen. I've bsd nothing bul air tu
three weeks!"
Conldn't Find the Corkscrew.
They live pretty well out, In n baud*
souu* home, but not near enough to a
Arc station to be "bundy In case of accident." As the house Is tbelr own
nnd tbelr all tbe husband had been
somewhat In terror of n blnze for some
time. So be laid In a stock of hand
gi-enndes, those little glass bottles
which are supposed to put out any fire
thnt may start.
One day the blaze came. The cook
stnrti'd it In the kitchen. Then she
tied howling to her room and began to
pack her trunk. The wife prides herself on her ability to keep her head, so
first she stepped to the telephone and
turned In thc alarm, and then she went
for the hand grenades.
Wben the fire department did arrive,
the men found ber standing over the
sideboard rummaging through the
drawers. Copious streams of water
soon drowned the blaze and ruined the
lower floor, and the department left
Still she rummaged. Her husband
came, called by tbe phone girl. He saw
her there.
"Why, my dear girl," he said, "why
didn't you use the hand grenades and
step thc fire as soon as lt started'/
Then the whole lower part of the house
wouldn't have beeu soaked."
"John," she responded Icily, "If you
would just keep the corkscrew where
it belongs, I could use the horrid old
grenades. But it Is gone and how was
I to open them?"
SLEEPLESSNESS is due to nervous excitement. The delicately constituted, tha
financier, the business man, and those whose
occupation necessitates great mental strain
or worry, all suffer less or more from it.
Sleep is tho great restorer ofa worried brain,
and to get sleep cleanse the stomach from
all imparities with a few doaes c" Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills, gelatine coated, containing
no mercury, and are guaranteed to give satisfaction or the money will be refunded.
Some    IIni]io.,.i-.K    I's-.:-nsra|shss    Wns
rassls-sl |Q (sirs' tlss. Blacss.
"When n ipnu lakes nu ocean voyage.'
remarked the observer of events an.
things, "his home i.s uot the only thing In
gives up reluctantly."
"The straw hnl has come to stay," remarked the observer of events and things,
"but the fly paper hasn't come to stick
Bacon—The Derby was a pronounced
success this year.
Egbert—Guess you didn't try to prs.
notiuce the name of the winner.
Moilie—Is she u good sailor?
OhoUle—No,    She says it makes hei
sick to hear me talk about my yacht.
A western farmer writes to his local
paper and puts his foot in it thus: "If oui
people want to see a big hog, come out to
my farm and ask for me."
"You should be like the thermometer,
my boy, and get up in the moruiug with
th« sun."
"But you forget, pop, thut the thermometer gets up by degrees."
Mrs. Crimsonbeak—Now, I see they
■ay there's snow on the moon.
Mr. Crimsonbeak—Well, what's tho use
In worrying about that. There's a man
there to shovel it, isn't theris?
"Why in the world Is it," remarked the
observer of events and things, "that a
woman in choosing a shoe will pick out
the smallest one she can wenr, but when
It comes to a hat she gets the largest one
the can find?"
Patience—Sbe says her face Is her fortune.
Patrice—Well, I'm thankful I'm not in
her family.
"I wouldn't like to come In for any part
Ssf a fortune like that."
Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator does
not require tlie holn of any purgutivo modl-
C|ne to complete tho cure, Givo it a trial
and be convinced.
A ninn nto n bowl of yeast to win
a bet. untl is reported to be all puffs ,1
up over his success.
A    farm   has     been    discovered in
Texas on which thero is no oil. A
stock  company   hns  been  formed 10
promote it.
An ostrich tried to oat a collar
button nnd dii*d. Tho goat M nbi.iit
tho only thing remaining "or tin
collar button to overthrow.
Mrs. Snuggs—I could never understand why the Russians call their ruler the White Czar.
Mr. Snaggs—I suppose that the numerous plots against his life keeps
him pale all the time.
Said a shrewd minister before the
collection was taken up : "Those who
aro in debt need not place anything
on tho plate." The collection was
double -the usual amount."
Tho poll taken of Cardiff, Wales,
on tho question of whether children
In the board schools should be
taught the Welsh language has resulted in a majority of 67 votes
against it.
Kinari'i Liniment Cro Dlitener.
Tess—I've got a new way to tell • person's age.
Jess-Is that so? Will yon tell sny
one's n ge?
Jess—Tell me yours, then.—Philadelphia Press.
Thrifty Da vie.
"Mn, Davie Dibbs acts so funny."
"How, .limmie?"
"Well. mn. he has money, nn he goes
roun' with all ns boys wben we buy
candy, an he never spends a cent."—Chicago Record-Herald.
Ilia Solatlon.
"I wonder why they call It the 'honeymoon ?' " she cooed shyly.
"I gneiss." be responded, thoughtfully,
"it is been use hy the end of it a man's
cash is reduced to his last stjuarter."—
Uiouklyu liagls*.
HcJloway's Corn Cure is a specific for tbe
removal of corns and warts. We bave never
heard of its failing to remove even the worst
A man should never withdraw lhe
sentinel be has on guard : ssuiii*-
times when his wifo is pleasant.-'St,
she is Following a Clue.
New Zeulend has so nianv rapid
streams and rivers that their water
niig-lit be easily utilized Id supply
motive power for machinery.
HAD LA GRIPPE.—Mr. A. Nickerson.
farmer, Dutton. writes: "Last winter I had
bu grippe, and it left me with a severe pain
In the small of my back and hip that used to
catch me whenever I tried to climb a fence.
This lasted for about two months, wben I
bought a bottle of Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil
and used it both internally and externally,
morning nnd evening, for three days, at the
expiration of which time I was completely
Offhand Bntlshtrnment.
"Pa. what's th' diffrence between sport
•n pastime?"
"Some people make money on sport,
Jimmy, but pastime has to be its own
reward."—Chicago Record-Herald.
"I suppose I haven't done a thing," observed the flea, with becomiug modesty,
"to the superstition that a black cat
brings nothing but good luck!"—Detrol'
Approved of Them For Other*.
The Patient—Is it true thnt Welsh rabbits are unhealthy?
Tbe Doctor—I cnn't sny. I was nevet
en I led iu to attend one.—New York
"Tom, whom did you say our friend
B. married?"
"Well, be married $200,000. I forgot
her uutue."—Buav Stories.
AGENTS     *WTA.*r**TT'B"D.
We are ln need of a few reliable Agents
throughout tho counti-y to handle onr
Good profit and quiok sales.   For partlon,
lars address
SIS Main St., *s*ilnnlp«g.
Htiui'i Uitiat Cub Quiet u Cm
The largest coal train engine In
Rnglnml 1ms boon constructed by the
Great Northern rnilwuy. It Is is 'lo-
sipned to draw  800 tons.
Who -iocs the bvst his   circumstance
Docs well,   acts nobly—angels could
no more.
Bo loving nnd you will never wntit
for love ; be lninblo nnd you will
never want for guiding.—Dinuli Mu-
locb ("rnik.
"Why  Is   tho root    of the   tongue
liko n. rejected mnn."
"Because It's down In the mouth."
and so would many a young
Indy, rather than tako a batn
without tho "Alison"
It leaves tho .kin wnclerrully soli
and frrs-h.aiid its mini fragranci* t> **-
trs'nss.ly pls-aslng.
lls'Waro ssf Isn I tat I sins.
|i. •
. ■
. ifl
.     sfj
. 9'
2-l-r     \
■ ■■'■-
W. N. U. No. !130. . :¥:
<> ■ f* ■
w& ■
jiW'i* '•'
TTiT-: iTRHil . SY.oCAN. B. <.'., Will'."
16, 19-m.
sC. E. SMiTHFRi-N-o.ai:, Editor and Prop.
Legal AdvertiaiiiB 10 cents a line (or
(the first insert ion and 5 cents a line eaoh
••subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
•as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
•for each insertion.
Commercial Hates made known upon
The Subscription ia *2 per year, strictly in advance; $-'.00 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Sloean, 11. C.
FRIDAY, AUGUST 10th, 1B01.
A pencil mark in the space
opposite will be an indication to you that ye editor
-considers there is somethi ng
•coming to him on yoursub*
•Scription. Kindly acknowledge  in cash and oblige.
by  lake and rail
There is talk of organizing nn edi-
.ttorlal association among interior papers.   Though not favored with an
invite, The Drill trusts the scheme
will not end in talk.
Agitation is going merrily on for a
board of trade here. The more it is
thought of the greater the need of
such an institution impresses itself.
Help along the progress of the camp.
Passenger traffic
is on the increase.
Died.--In Slocan, on Aug 8, the
infant son of H. V. Christie.
There will he no services in St.
Paul's church again until Sept. 8.
The Slocan is handling four c.-irs of
Hewett ore weekly out of Silverton.
C. B, MncTier, of Vancouver, hns
been appointed freight clerk on the
John Gocttschc, New Denver's
brick manufacturer, was here on
Miss E. Stougliton has been elected
president of the local branch of the
Shatford & Co, arc having a large
fire proof cellar constructed, next
their store.
Thc juvenile band serenaded Geo.
Ager and bride at the Arlington on
Tuesday night.
Lifo lias come into the Silverton
Waterworks Co. and they will instal
their plant at once.
The lirst city trades licenses were
issued on Friday last, yielding quite
a respectable revenue.
vV. S. Johnson lias his father visiting him, he having arrived in yesterday from Montreal.
J. L. White and wifo returned to
Green wood Wednesday evening, after
a pleasant outing here.
Train service has been demoralized
this week, as a result of the strike
and prevailing forest fires.
Rev. Mr. Stoney, of Trail, will
preach in the Methodist church next
Sunday, mornin;": and evening.
Chas. Dempster returned to town
on Friday and has since examined a
number of properties in tho camp.
One of tho big trestles on the Nakusp & Slocan railway was burned
out Sunday evening by a forest fire.
Dune Weir came down from New
Denver Thursday and went up to
work on the Young Boar group next
A crown grant is being applied for
on the Silver Star fraction, near
Dayton creek, lt is owned by Tom
E. W. 11am had ft, carload of lumber come in Friday from Wlolaw'a
mill, to be used for buildings on his
new ranch.
A special engine came round from
Nakusp by Robson Wednesday, the
old mill on the Sandon road bavin-*
played out.
Gr. A. Campbell, freight clerk on
the Slocan, lias been promoted to the
position of purser on that vessel, vice
Fred Wright.
Owing to the burning ofthe trestle
west of Hosebery, all coast freight for
the Slocan is sent round by Robson
and this place.
Knox church Sunday school picnic,
held last Friday afternoon, was an
enjoyable affair, though the attend
ance was small.
Janies Tattersall and wife, Mrs.
Shatford and Miss Purdy went down
to the Crossing Tuesday evening, on
a fishing expedition.
Owing to the great heat prevailing
in the interior, tlie department, of
education has postponed the opening
ofthe schools till thc l'.lth.
J.  Roderick   Robertson,   genera'
manager of the London & B. C. Gold
fields, passed through from Nelson to
the Enterprise mine on Saturday.
The passengers that went north on
Tuesday morning hnd to return, being ur.able to get to Nakusp. Tbey
were switched round by Robson,
H. I,. Fife got ihe contract for
erecting the new Orange Hall, on
Arthur street. It will be 20x'K)foet
in size and finished in dressed cod r.
A small building has been erected
Otl the back end of W, T. Shatford &
Co.'s lot, corner of Delaney avenue
jnent of the Increased tonnage of the and Main street, to bo used as a lire
According to his own statement,
the elevation of K. F. Green to the
' provincial cabinet, much as it is do-
elred, is not to be. Iiis appointment
Is simply delayed and is bound to
The price ot lead does not affect the
mines in thc local division, and the
absence of that mineral is compen
sated by increased values in silver.
Hence a strong factor in winning favor with mining men.
A contract has teen entered into by
the Arlington with thc Nelson smelter to ship 1000 tons of ore a month.
Think what that means to the camp
—and all from one property, too.
Thc day of the dry ore belt has arrived.
Here is a public spectacle and a
national disgrace. On the one hand
tho poor trackmen on the C.P.R. are
■contending for a beggarly $1.75 per
day, and on thc other the company
directors meet and declare big dividends. "Increased earnings" by
Canada's octopus are wrung from
those unfortunate beings employed
in the hardest of services.
Mayor York will have the hearty
support of the citizens In his under-
' taking toget a bank established here.
"The lack of such an institution is one
ofthe greatest drawbacks to the pro
gross of the place,and were a branch
opened an endless amount of annoyance would be avoided nnd general
business facilitated. Either one ot
two chartered banks expresses willingness to locate here, and tho first
one in will be assured of a lucrative
The division is coming In for a
great deal of complimentary cum
ment and attention from mining circles by reason of the published Kate-
It. will bo noticed by an advertisement that tenders are Invited for thc
ore shipments.    Developments are
being conducted on n more extensive
scalo and buyers arc becoming more
numerous.   Thatiiiwherethe benefit I erection and completion ofa Nil-
comes ,„ of having a lMN|«l«r In 8?-^ J^g-y-ll--— n»y
the camp.   Without it the
it the division
would be like it was in the lean years
following the boom -unknown,
Kaslo Kootenaian;   Slocan City is
agitating the forming of a board of
trade for that place and an effort is
being made to have a smelter established there Instead of at Kaslo. The
'board of trade will bo a good tUlni*,
but why the smelter should be built
there instead of at Kaslo bns yet to be
Yes, a board of trade would indeed
be a good thing for Slocan in every
'.way. It could educate the Kaslo
man in the knowledge that l;la burg
possesses nothing to warrant the
erection ofa smelter there beyond a
a site, while Slocan possesses every
requisite for a first-class establishment but a little coke. Nature has a
.hand in this business and that is why
'the smelter should come to Slocan.
And, by the way, Mr. Man from
Kaslo, thc ufetropoli-of the best camp
in Kootenay Is legally and officially
'styled Slocan.   Don't forget it.
The rifles for the Rifle Club arrived
on Saturday. A meeting of tho members will be held this (Thursday)
evening at the Arlington Hotel, for
the purpose of organization.
In the case of Thurston vs Weyl,
thc application of R. S. Lennie before
the. Nelson court for a commission to
tako the evidence, of the defendant
and another   material   witness  in
Tho trackmen In this vicinity have
tiot returned to work.
I,-.. .   ,.
Tenders Wanted.
Tenders are invited for
the construction of a residence in the city of Slocan.
AH bids must be in by 12
o'clock noon on August 19
next. Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Plans and Specifications may be seen at the
office of
Paris, was enlarged until thc next
Chamber day, This is a dispute over
a commission of several thousand
dollars upon the purchase of an addition to the city of Rossland.
K. Rammelmcycr, late manager of
the Emily Edith, on Four Mile, passed south'on Saturday with his family.
He goes with the Fairview Gold Mining Co , In the Okanogan country.
Jack Anderson has returned from
his trip to Winnipeg, Brandon, and
other prairie points. The cities arc
alive with business as a result ofthe
big crops, and prosperity is noticeable everywhere.
The forest fire in the Nakusp pass
is doing a great deal of damage, while
another near the Payne mine is
making things interesting in that
section. The whole country is enjoying a smoke.
Fred Wright, purser on the Slocan,
has been transferred to the Kokiinee,
on Kootenay lake. He left on Monday and will be followed shortly
by Mrs. Wright and family. They
will reside in Kaslo.
On Saturday the M. U, General
Hospital received $250 from tbe government, being the allowance for
maintenance for the quarter ending
Sept. 30. The appropriation to the
building fund is expected shortly.
Mayor York has called a public
meeting in the council chamber, on
Monday night, to discuss the advisa
bility of organizing a board of trade.
There is certain to be a big attend
ance. A membership roll will be
circulated, and later on a meeting of
those signing will beheld for electing
Married.—In St. Paul's church, on
Aug, 12, by Rev. C Arthur Mount,
George Ager to Miss Maud Carkctt,
After the ceremony a tasty supper
was served to the wedding party at
thc Arlington. The groom was Slo-
can's representative to South Africa
with Strathcona's Horse, while the
bride is a recent arrival from England. 	
Dob In Dubious.
R. F. Green, M.L.A., returned to
his home iu Kaslo from Victoria on
Friday, by the N. & S. railway.
Questioned at Rose ber y relative to his
elevation to the provincial cabinet,
Rob stated there would undoubtedly
be sunie changes in de, but he did
not think lie would figure in them in
anv way.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
Slocan,        - - B. C
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
n. c.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
The Murcutt Branch
ok tiik W.C.T.U., Slocan,
Meets the second Thursday In euro month
nt 3 p.m. Nest meotlng in tlio I'ri*8-
by lei-inn church.    All meetings open
to those wishing t; join.
Miss E.STOnO**"*-b"**7    Mks.M.D.McKef.
President. Cor. Secretary.
Dissolution of Partnership.
NOTICE is hereby given thnt tho partnership heretofsire oxistin** between the
undersigned, under the firm name of
McVannel & Kile, builders mid contractors, lias this day been dissolved by mutual consent. All accounts owed the
above firm aro to lie paid Harvey L Pile,
who will continue the snid business; nnd
nil bills incurred by the said firm must
be presented to the suid Harvey L. Fife,
wIki will liquidate same.
Dated at .Slocnn, B.C., this  1st day of
august, iwn.
Slocan Citv in' In,
No. 62, W. F. of tt.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Pioneer livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts    of    Titles   Furnished.
B.  C
Public Meeting.
At the request of a number of citizens, a Public
rieetingwill be held in the
Council Chamber on Monday evening, August io, at
8.30 o'clock, for the purpose of discussing the advisability of forming a
Board of Trade. All interested are invited to attend.
We carry a large
assortment of flies
fly    books,   min
nows, lines, etc.
Bamboo Rods,
2b wins up.
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
for $18.25.
AVhy bo without a ranee when
you can get ono so cheap? They
are prcfcrrahle to stoves and give
better satisfaction* These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
H. J.
You Can Make
A  Striking  Effect!
Ily wearing a perfect fitting Su'-*,,
cut in tlio latent stylo and elegantly
trimmed. Such can be purchased
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
near the Posluflice.
If you haw ft mine or prospect for yale, -send us a full re|M>rt, with samples of
sirr. Atntin-ar urirr lltwl tiTIHS.
Room 4, K-W-CBi.ixn. Nelson, B. C
He-opened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to returu
The Royal Hotel,
Cur. A ills sir street and IJs*lnns*y Avenue, Slocan.
Building thoroughly renovated
and re st eked with tlio best
are now arriving daily and are the
best to be obtai ned. Our Confection -
ery has a reputation second to none.
Sole agent for celebrated Brantford Bicycle.
Sewing Machines
at Cost Price^^
For the next ten days
the balance of onr stoek
of New Williams Sewing Machines will be
disposed of at cost. •..
McCallum & Co.
General Hardware, Slocan.
Certificate of Improveieiits.
Sunlight Fractional Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocuu City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Whore located:—Bounded on the
northeast by tbe Boll, on tbe south
west by the Bonanza, southeast by
thu Republic; ono half mite west of
th! headwaters of Robertson creek,
a tributary ol Springer.
TAKE NOTICE that 1, Herbert E.T.
Haultain, of Nelson,B.C.,acting hs agent
for tbe Hastings (British Columbia)
Exploration Syndicate, Limited, free
minoi's certificate No. 1138710, intend,
sixty days from tlio (inte bereof, to
apply to tlio Mining Uecorder 'or certi-
lis-ati'sof improvements, for tbe purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of each of
the ubove claims.
And further tnke notice that notion,
under section 37, must lie commenced
before tbe issuance of such certificates of
Dited tills llth dav of June, 1901.
14-ii-Ol II.'E T. HAULTAIN.
«... II. MIsssissM Ul.ss.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located :—On upjier Lemon
creek, adjoining the Lucky Ueorg .
TAKE NOTICE that I, J.M.McGregor,
acting hs agent for George E. Humbly,
Free Minor's Certificate No. B31U0U, and
D. C. Lindsay, K. II. C. No. I)5i)l'<'6,
intend, sixty days from the date bereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder fora certificate of improvement"*, for tbe purpose of obtaining a Crown grant ol thc
above claim.
And further tako notico that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
liefore the issuance ol such certiflcate of
Dated this 21st day of June, 1901.
12-7-01 J. M. McGUEGOR
Sliver Star Fractional Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Blocan City Mining Division ol West Kootenay District.
Where located: On Springer creek,
adjoining thc No. 3 and the Dayton
mineral claims.
TAKE NOTICE thut I, Herbert D.
Curtis.of Slocan, B.C.nsugentforThomus
Mulvoy, Free   Miner's   Certiflcate No
I, F. C. Green, noting ai agent for
"The Enterprise (B.C.) Mines, Ltd.,"
give notice tbat two months aftor date 1
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to purchase tbo following described
tract of land, containing 10 acres, more
or less, situated on Tan Mile creek, one-
quarter mile northeaat of Enterprise
mine, in West Kootenay district: Commencing at a poet marked "E. Mines,
Ltd., S.W. Cor."; thence along north
boundary of Habana mineral claim in an
easterly direction to intersection with
Slocan Queen; thence northerly along
westerly boundaries of Slocan Queen and
Iron Horse mineral claims to southerly
boundary of Homestead mineral claim ;
Ihence we terly along said southerly
boundary of Homestead lo Montezuma
mineral claim; thence southerly along
easterly boundary of Montezuma mineral claim to point of bexinniug.
Dated this 25th dav of Mav. 1901.
14-0-01 F.C.GREEN.
1138.3.53, intend, sixty dnys from thc date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder
for a Certificate of   Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of tho above claini.
And further take notice that action,
under 37, must be commenced beforo the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 9th day of Align-1, A.I).
There Is Absolutely no risk in
purchasing your watches, fine jewel-
cry, and silvorware from us. Wo
guarnntcosnfc delivery, and cheerfully refund money if poods do not
Our repairing department is in
first class hands and our work is of
the best.
Mail orders
promptly filled.
Baker Street, Nelson, B.C.
Every man
to his trade.
Jack of all trades and master of none, is an old saying.
I devote the whole of my attention to my own business
and thorcforo in tho position
to snpply the public with all
their wants In my lino on
more favorable terms than
some houses in the City who
nre dabbling in my business,
New lines
in ladies' shoes
havo just been opened up.
They «ro this season's goods
nnd thc best ever seen nere.
Remember, ours is the only
exclusive shoe store in the
W. J. Adcock
Repairing n specialty.
Aug, C, 20; Sept. .1, 17; Oct. 1 and 15
All Rail, Lake-,
sSoo Lino, via St.
Paul or Chicago.
The sleeping car, Kootenay Landing
to Toronto, one change to Buffalo.
For time-tables, rates, and full information call on or address nearost
local agent, or—
Agent, Slocan City
A. G. P. A.,


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