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The Slocan Drill 1904-11-18

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ly 211904      cr
o- :■-
..■* ' \ e,
VH*V»*"**-* *
r0Ll V., No. 34.
SLOCAN,   B.   0.,   NOVEMBER   18,   1904.
*2.00 PER ANNUM.
■ruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that vou
require from us.   Our stock in each fPrev.library,
kept fresh and well assorted.   We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right
;loves and mitts
We have the finest and most complete stock of ladies', men's, and
children's gloves and mitts, in kid,
leather and wool.to be found in town.
Prices Range from
25 cents to $2.00
intfJ*Kiii, N.Ihoii,
David Arnot, Slocan.
Agent Slater's Shoes & Canadian Rubber Co.'s Goods
J. W. Crow, Proprietor.
THIS Hotel is one of the liest known and most popular houses
in the country.     It is located adjacent to the depot and the
wharf, and commands a magnificent view of the beautiful
Slocan lake.     Good fishing is to be found close at hand, while
every facility is offered for lioatiug.
Tourists will lind the Arlington aud ideal resting place.
Commercial meu have at their command new aud commodious
sample rooms.
The dining room is strictly up to date and the bar supplied
with ouly the best brands of goods
Is reached by any trail er road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past  its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
ir. vrr ilaiiiiingt'uu, Neliion, Will Speak
on Behalf of tbe Conae rvntlve Candida ti' I.im I Meeting uf the Campaign
—Everybody tnvii.il.
The Conservatives will wind up their
campaign here by a grand rally in the
Music Hall this (Friday) evening. R.
W. Hanniugtou, of Nelson, who made
such a telling impression here in the
provincial campaign, is to be the principal speaker of the evening, taking
the platform on behalf of tho Conservative candidate, Hon. C. H. Mackintosh. The speech will be a good
one aud the electors will have the issues of the campaign presented in a
clear and lucid manner. Opposition
speakers are invited and the ladies
will be cordially welcomed. Everybody should turn out aud witness the
Vlt.lt Ki.ili-il In Death.
W. F. Crage, who, with his wife,
arrived here a month ago from Loudon, Eng., on a visit to his brother-in-
law, L. J. Edwards, station agent,
passed away on Saturday morning, a
victim of consumption. The body was
enbalmed and taken to Revelstoke on
Tuesday, interment taking place next
day, under the auspices of the Masonic lodge, of which deceased was a
charter member. Mr. Edwards and
Mrs. Crage accompanied the remains.
Mr. ami Mrs. Crage formerly resided
in Revelstoke, but for the last five
years had liv«d in England. The
visit here was iu the hope that the
mountain air would restore the sick
man to health and strength, but the
long journey proved too great a straiu.
Deceased was 37 years of age and
leaves a widow to mourn his loss.
It flaw i cit Wain Kace.
Walter Ilenwick.the Slocan sprinter,
ran a 100-yard footrace last Thursday,
at Nelson, with T. Mitchell, of Fernie.
The start was a mutual consent and
the purse $500. Mitchell got the best
of the start, but Renwick soon caught
him, winning out. by a close margin.
So close was it that a wrangling
match followed, and it was some time
before the money was paid over, one
of the judges voting nay. A Dumber
of the sports went dowu from here.
but could get no action on their
money, even at odds, the Fernie men
lighting shy. Renwick returned here
Friday, leaving next day for Rosslaud.
where he had a date on for Thanksgiving day*.   Afterwards he would go
It was encountered in the 125-foot
level from the shaft and in 1250 feet.
It consists of 15 feet of solid galena,
of the highest grade yet encountered
in the mine. The ore is 1200 feet
vertical from the surface. The St.
Eugene has double the ore reserves it
had three years ago.
New Ore Bouse Built and Telephone Sy«-
tem Installed.
More improvements are being effected at the Ottawa and the mine is
lieing kept strictly up to date. Lumber has been going up all week for a
new ore house, which is being built at
the mouth of the No. 5 tunnel. It
will be larger than the others up
above, as it will have more ore to accommodate, both veins at that level
promising extensive bodies of mineral.
During the week a drift was commenced on the Noble, or west, vein, at
the No. 5 level, and it is expected
some pretty handsome ore wiil be taken out. There was eight inehes of a
paystreak to commence on.
Manager McPhee states his company has secured a water right ou
Springer creek, adjoining the Arlington grant. Power derived therefrom
will be utilized next summer for driving machine drills at the Ottawa, and
also for operating a powerful hoist. It
is on the cards to sink a deep shaft
next year, so as to reach their lower
ground. Property owned by the Arlington shuts off the Ottawa people
from any more tunneling farther down
the hill.
Another improvement added to the
mine is the installation of a telephone
system, connecting with the office in
town. W. Clough aud P. Swan are
installing the phones and stringing
the wires, the old Koch system to Ten
Mile lieing utilized as far as the Ottawa road, aud a new wire strung up
from there. The system will prove of
great service and convenience.
on to Spokane.
Pointer No. 1—It i» a jnirrlv Wasitern Canadian Agricultural Paper for Western
Canadian Funnel* mid Stuiltiiuii.
I'olnlcr No. 3- u it ISiRr. well piimcd, well tallied, well illustrated,  reliable,
firoRreit.s>vc ami f.-arltM*..
t.i term* aie Hincilv (null in iiilvance. awl Uie pnper la promptly
dlxeonlinncd ai aapltation ol nibacrlptlon, nnltM renewed.
Pointer No.4-'lhe Mor'-WaH Pinner i» tlie only »,*rii-iiliiii»l |*uptr printed in
Canada want <>f Uike Snpeiiiir. ........ «.
Pointer No. •—n humeri p»«i in tdosnet nil*ei retrain Manitoba and iheN.w.T.
t hnn all oilier («i iii pu pei *i<titnl>iiieil.
Pointer No. 6 -IU mnmtlMM ami mint malum mt worth many dollar* to earn
Pointer Nn. 7-Morully li is nl»ve reproach.
From Now to December 31,1905, lor $1.00
liirltidmL*"■l* itu.*,'ml. entipe* ill XruW
*• .iii.i.f ,tn.l ihe I'li-u. i D >i*)<>4 fttt.
Mir MflMI y***i wn<t.tlipm«»ir numii-m
)*-4l   ■■ill r«<.«lvt.     Hn'". it'"*'  now.
S.ti..|iic copy wnt free u|h>ii tc-iuett.
The Drill: $2 per year
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
"""lii'iil iilti.iidHiion)$2 pur dny.    PrUntewnrdii
*i I'.irdiiy mtra.   Hpecial facilltioa lor tnntern*
vTHSi Regular sulwrlburA. $1 ppr month
or 110> yuur: lion.suhncrlbersifMoluidfflnf
"v '"••um
l'<" further particular! apply lo.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
H. D. Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Hineral
Conservative Meeting..
Following i.s a list of meetings and
speakers arranged for throughout the
constituency by the committee managing the Conservative campaign:
Thursday, Nov. 17 -\Y. A. Maedonald and \V. Blakemore, Kaslo; C. T.
Gillan, Trout Lake.
Friday.   Nov.   18- Slocau.   R. W.
Ilaiiningtoti; Ferguson. C. T. Gillau;
Revelstoke, C. H. Mackintosh. Hon.K.
' McBride, Hou. R. F. Green: Trail, A.
S. Goodevej  Sandon, VV. A. Macdon-
i aid and \V. Blakemore.
Saturday, Nov. 19 -Arrowhead, C.
H Mackintosh, Hon. K. McBride and
Hon. R. F. Queen; Nelson, grand rally
at committee rooms.
Switchman Killed at NeUon.
E. Taylor, a C.P.U. train hand, wns
killed at  the  Hall  Mines smelter, at
, Nelson,   last  week,  while   switching
cars.   He got caught between a pro*
jeeting platform mid a moving car.and
was badly crushed, A verdict of aecl"
dental death was returned by the oor*
oner's jury. Deceased came from Salt
Lake and had lieen in the company's
ei.*;>loy aliout six weeks.
Improvement at Cnlttinot.
A decided Improvement has taken
place in the long drift at the Calumet
Si. Ilecla, which property promises to
make one of the mines of Bpringer
creek. At the close of last week the
paystreak had widened out to three
feet of mixed ore, and the ground was
getting solid. For tho time lieing W.
Clement is working alone on thc property.       	
Mini* Molina/ for Marrnvllle Smelter.
On November 24 the stockholders
of the Sullivan Mining Co.,East Koot-
euay. will meet at Spokane to authorize the Issuance of $400,000 worth of
new bonds. Of that amount J250.OO0
would take up outstanding bonds aud
the balance be employed for the completion of the company's smelter at
Marys ville.
Inn,i,-ii-... liody of (lr«.
An immense body of ore has lieen
struck in lhe St. Eugene mine, Moyie.
Tlia Ymi.- ia Improving.
According to the Herald, recent developments at the Ymir mine have
been of a most satisfactory nature,and
every confidence is felt that the theory
of the eastern trend of tho pay ore
will shortly be established. Better
ore is now being encountered ou the
KKK) foot level, and it is expected
that another 60 feet will bring the
drift on this level into as good ore as
any on the upper levels. The theory
of the eastern trend has already been
established on the No. 6 level, where,
in the'east drift, good pay ore is now
being worked. At present 40 stamps
are iu operation, nnd when sufficient
water can be secured the remainder of
the 80 stamps will be put in commission.
Hotel Arrival*.
Arlington -Wm. Hunter, Silverton;
J. A. Lainey, Nakusp; J. Johnson,
Nelson; F. W. Ferguson, Vancouver;
J. McDonald, Cranbrook; J. Cauley,
Royal- L. R. Mclnnes, A. Ross.
Sandon; \Y. Duncan, Victoria; Geo.A.
Mclnl vie, Vancouver; F. E. Archer,
S. C. "Wing, Kaslo; L. D. Bireley,
Vancouver; Smith Curtis, Rossland;
C. A. Campbell, Winnipeg; F. Richardson, Victoria.
I* Now a Soclall.t.
Wm. Davidson, of Sandon, M.L.A.
for the Slocnn, was here on Thursday
and Fridny, calling upon his supporters and ascertaining their needs.
Billy, though elected as au Independent Labor representative, has passed
iuto the Socialist camp, and has become nn active supporter of James
Baker, the candidate of the party in
the Kootenny election. He spoke for
.lini at the recent Mackintosh meeting
iu Sandon.
Hlrh Gaild Ora.
N. F. McNaught, Silverton, was a
visitor hero on Friday, and stated he
was much pleased with the returns
obtained from the last shipment of ore
from the Kilo group, Lemon creek.
For the full car the smelter returns
were $64 in gold per ton, classing it
as ono of the best shipments from the
camp. Provincial Mineralogist Robertson favors the Kilo as being about
tho best gold proposition iu the country* 	
silver Quotation*.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Thursdav     TiSJ cents
Friday."    581    "
Saturday    581    "
Monday     58$    "
Tuesday    58
Wednesday     58:
I.uily Franklin tu Work.
Oscar White, manager of the Slocan Star, Sandon, was here on Saturday, he being Interested In the affairs
of the Lady Franklin group, at the
bead of Lemon creek.   Owing to fail
ure to renew a free miner's certificate,
the interest of the lato Gill Finkle in
that group reverts to Mr. White and
Tom Benton, as co-owners, and a document has been recorded to that effect. Tom aud a helper will work the
group all winter, a full quota of supplies having been taken iu recently
from Nelson.
Special  ThHiikHgivliig   Sfualo  In   Knox
Church Next .Sunday.
Next Sunday evening a service of
song, befitting the Thanksgiving season, will be held in Knox church.
It will be the first servics of the kind
held here in years, and an extra effort
has been put forth to make the affair
a success. Following is the program
1.—Psalm 16	
8.—Psalm 72	
4.—Solo D. Arnot
5.—Scripture Reading	
6.—Anthem Choir
7.—Hymn, No. 486	
9.—Solo Mrs. McCord
10.—Hymn, No. 427, and Collection..
11.—Scripture Reading	
12.—Anthem Choir
13.—Hymn, No. 488	
15.—Solo C. E. Smitherinoale
16.—Hymn, No. 485	
On Wednesday evening the Liberals
held a meeting in the Music Hall, D.
Arnot acting as chairman. The attendance was not large, owing to the
rain. Smith Curtis, Rossland, was
the principal speaker; Rev. Mr. Hol-
man. Nelson, spoke for the Socialists;
and F. Richardson, a Victoria drummer, also took part. The feature of
Mr. Curtis' speech was a fierce attack
on the Socialists, he handling them
without gloves. His opponent gave
him n warm reply. At times the expressions used wero coarse and the
comparisons drawn distasteful. As a
vote-winner the meeting was of a most
negative, order.
Mr. Curtis first dealt with the Con
servatives aud their policy aud contended that the Liberals' conduct of
affairs was best suited to the needs of
the country. He ridiculed Mackintosh's recently published appeal and
characterized it as meaningless and
childish. The Socialists' belief was
visionary and idealistic, while their
schemes were indefinite and impracticable. People didn't need to be Socialists to believe iu government ownership. Socialism uever would take
deep root under the British (lag, for
British laws were based on equity and
justice. Liberals being progressives,
the Socialists should vote for them.
Laurier was an empire builder. When
the Man of Nazareth was ou earth he
was misunderstood and reviled, yet
his work had told; so.too.with Laurier.
Rev. Mr. Holman made an offhand
reply, but roused much enthusiasm
among his followers. He scathingly
rebuked Mr. Curtis for comparing
Laurier to Christ, and said Socialists
would vote for their own man. Judging by Slocau, Socialism had taken
deep root under the British flag.
F. Richardson took the stump as a
Liberal and made a plunge against
Socialism. He drifted into music hall
burlesque and effectually killed the
meeting, many people leaving the
Mr. Curtis' reply to Mr. Holman
was that tho Socialist propaganda was
indefinite and offered nothing practical. They were dreamers. Many of
their statements were most pernicious
and the peoplo would not stand for
Very few were in the hall at the
close   of   the   meeting, which  ended
without demonstration or singing.
How the Partle* Slu.id.
Following are the corrected returns
from the different  provinces of   the
standing of the two great parties, as a
result of the elections on the !lrd:~
Libs.   Cons.
Ontario     89        47
Quebec     54 11
Nova Scotia     18 0
New Brunswick      7 6
Manitoba      8 2
Northwest Territories..     7 3
British Columbia      5 0
Prince Edward Island..     1 S
Liberal majority, 67.
Gold Yield of Atlin.
Atlin district will this year have an
output of gold amounting to $600,000,
being one sixth larger than last year.
L. W. Sagenian, of the White Puss
railway, is the authority for the statement. The season has been shorter
than usual, owing to cold weather last
spring. More dredges are to be built
for operating along the various gold
Laat Tear'* Shipment* Wen* 1M9 Tuns—
A Healthy Evidence or the Lire and
Wealth of the Camp—Ottawa 1* the
IliRKfHt Shipper.
It is pleasing to note the Enterprise
again in the shipping list, it having
sent out a car of ore on Saturday to
Trail. Thc Ottawa forwarded one car
to Nelsou and has a .second car ready
to go out. The Club has been delayed
with its shipment, owing to the sear-
city of horses to pack tha ore. When
sleighing comes a number of smaller
properties intend shipping, having
ore piled on the dumps. The outlook
for the winter is encouraging. Week's
output 42 tons; total for year 20515
For 1903 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 1889
tons, made up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Madia WBKK.        tot A I.
Enterprise      20
Ottawa      22
l'urt Hope	
Black Prince _
Black Fel	
Highland Light	
Cripple Stick	
Freighters state the mine roads
have kept in elegant shape this fall.
Sixteen inches of fine grade galena
has beeu struck on the American Boy.
A new body of high grade ore has
been opened up in the No. 8 tunnel of
the Payne.
Messrs. Brown and Smith have taken a lease on the No. 2 and 5 drifts
on the Payne.
The Slocan Star people expect to
realize a large dividend from their
reserves of zinc ore.
Slocan mineowners n*\! considering
the proposition of shipping their zinc
concentrates in barrels.
The old stamp mill at Oro, Lemon
creek, is lieing demolished and tho
machinery taken over to Ymir.
The full battery of six furnaces is
now at work at the Granby smelter,
turning out about 600 tons of copper
per month.
James F. Hill, the Colorado smelter
man, will erect a customs smelter at
Grand Forks.havingsecured contracts
for ii daily delivery of 7(50 tons of ore.
Win. Barker, one of the owners of
the Rob and Robin group, New Denver, came in from Vancouver last
week, to arrange for the continuation
of work on that property. He will
also do assessment on some claims he
is interested In on Silver mountain, i
Mrs. St. Denis and children went
over to Nakusp last week on a visit to
W. H. Lambert is transferring h's
hotel license at Slocan Junction to Ja
(lalliher is the name of a new pott
ollice opened up at the head of ("raw-
ford bay.
Da B, O'Neail has closed up his
fruit store,    llis bread will be on sale
at A. 0. Smith's.
The Sabbath school children are
practising for their usual Christinas
tree entertainment,
A heavv fall of snow covered thu
higher hills this week. A .slight (lurry
was experienced in town.
YV. T. Shatfurd & Co. are offering it
a snap in marmalade. Four Hi tins
for only BOo. Buy early, as the oiler
is for one week only.
Are you satisfied with the stand of
the Laurier government OH the following matters, which affect each ono
of you!
1, Bettor terms for British Columbia.
2. Duty on lumber Imported from
the United States.
8.   Alien labor legislation.
•1. Permanent protection for lead
If you are not satisfied, use your
only, means of protest, bv a vote on
tbe 22nd for C. H. MACKINTOSH.
h l
-, a
■'. '' ,♦!
'     I
sr f
Another   Triumph   For   Dr,
Williams* Pink Pills.
Mr Etsoll.of Wiilkcrton, Suffered for
Months nnd ilui mi Belief Until
he Began the Dso of These
Of the many employees of K Tru-
nx & Co.. V^nlkcrton, Uut.. none
stands higher in Hie confidence of
his employers than does Mr. Thos.
J. Ktseil. lie i.s an excellent mechanic, and has been in the employ
of this firm for upwards of ten
years, llut although Mr. Etsell now
ranks among the few men who are
never absent from their oust of duty,
the time was when lie was as often
absent as present, iill because of his
physical Inability In perform his
work. I'or years Mr. Ktseil was a
great sufferer from sciatica, und at
times the suffering became so intense
that for days lie was unable to leave
the house.
During thoso years, 7,ir Etsell, as
may readily lie imagined, was continually on the lookout for some
remedy that would rid him of tho
disease, hut for a long I imo without
.SUCCOSS. Doctors were consulted and
although he took the treat ment pre-
BCrlbed, il did not help him. 'I'lien
h'' tried elect lie t real ment. hut this
nlso failed tn give relief, und in
despair he had about made up his
mind thai his case was hopeless and
that be would lie a suffering, helpless cripple lo the end of his days.
Then one day a neighlior advised
him to Iry Dr. Williams' I'ink l'ills.
At first he refused, believing they
would prove like oilier medicines,
hut lhe neighlior was so insistent,
havillg herself lieen greatly benefited
liy these pills, so Uml at last, he consented. 'I'he remainder1 of the story
may hest  he told in his own words:
"Whetl I begun taking these pills,"
said Mr. Etsell to a reporter of the
Telescope, "1 had been olT work for
three months. The cords of my right
leg were ull drawn up. and I could
only limp about with the aid of my
slick. The pain I suffered was terrible. I could not sleep at nil during the night, and I was in misery
both day and night. At lirst I
thought the pills were doing me no
good, but afler I had taken six
boxes I fancied I was feeling better,
and was encouraged to continue the
treatment. . Afler that I got better
every day, and by the time I had
taken ubout fifteen boxes every vestige of pain had disappeared. For
over a year," continued Mr. Etsell,
"1 have ■ not had a. twinge of pain,
nnd although 1 am forty years of
ngo I feel as well as when I was
twenty. I'ink Tills cured me. and I
have no hesitation in announcing
them th" best medicine in the world
for sciatica."
The euro of Mr. Etsell proves that
Dr. Willi.mis' I'ink Tills are not nn
ordinary medicine, and that their
power to curo in all troubles of the
blood or nerves places them beyond
all other medicines. You cun get
these pills from any medicine dealer
or direct by mail at 50 cents a. box
or six boxes for $2.50 liy writing
The Tr. Willinms' Medicine Co.,
Brockville, Ont. See thut the full
name, "Dr. Williams' Tink Tills for
l'ule Peoplo," is printed on tho
wrapper around every box.
l.ittle   Ihi ii k» That   Make an   Instro-
ina'ii4 Lose  Ita Tune.
Some obscure but definite change
taken place in the material of the body
of a violin through the vibrations of
lhe music produced, and it ls very possible that some stages of this change
ure detrimental to the tone. The style
of playing is suid to Influence the
change, und rest checks it.
The maturing of a violin hns been
compared with the growth of a child
who progressively increase* in wisdom
nnd stature, but has stapes of weakness due to the Irregular •♦.evolopinout
of parts.
The tone of an insfrniioiit is also
gravely Influenced by the setting up of
ihe movable parts, the sound post, the
strings, the bridge and even the pegs.
Many Instruments lose much of their
power or sweetness if the sound post
ls altered a fractional amount from its
best position and angle, If the bridge Is
Inclined » little more or less or shifted
or if the strings are uot exactly suited
to the violin. Some Instruments prefer
one pitch and others another, mui all
vary with the weather. In addition lo
this the best players have moods when
they cannot play, and the Instrument
Is often blamed for these.
The   Moat   Intricate   and   Cnmbroua
Vehicle of Thought  Extant.
Chinese has beeu described ns "the
most Intricate, crabrous and unwieldy vehicle of thought that ever
obtained among any people." There
are eighteen varieties of it, besides tbe
court dialect, and until recently no
European knew more than three of
those fluently, while it may be doubted whether nny Chiuaman ever fully
understood tbem nil.
Iu wbat is commonly called Chinese
there are 30,000 recognized written
character, yet tbere is no alphabet
and practically no grammar. Even
tbis immense number of characters
may be indefinitely extended, for a
learned Chinese scribe, if lie does not
know a sign which he thiuks entirely
suitable to the word he desires to express, coins one. There is a Chinese
printed book in the British museum
witb thirty-two different samples of
these fancy characters.
Basque is tbe most difficult of European languages to acquire, chiefly because of the arbitrary adoption of extraneous words into its sentences. This
character marks no other European
tongue, but it is one which nlso renders American Indian languages very
troublesome to learn. Gaelic ls nlso
difficult, for it has no afflrinative and
no present tense.
I.nnitiinm'.  (teoessarj to SlnK<>l>ore'a
Mull Delivery.
Singapore is the only British post-
office which employs letter carriers for
each language. Within tbat city there
are so many different races who receive correspondence addressed in their
own vernacular writing that proper delivery is extremely difficult.
So hard Is it that iu some districts it
has been found necessary to send the
postmen upou their rounds in sets of
One of these is a Malay in charge of
all packets for Europeans, Jews, Armenians, Malays, Arabs, Parsees and
Japanese, which aro presumably addressed in European script or in writing akin to it. The second of the trio
is a Chinaman, who deals with correspondence bearing Ideographic characters, while the third is a Tamil, who
takes out letters addressed in the writing of his own race as well as any in
Telegu and southern Indian writing.
These cosmopolitan postmen hnve, of
course, often to consult each other as
they deliver the mails, but sometimes
even their varied linguistic attainments
have to be supplemented by a Sikh
who understands lliudoostnnee, Persian and northern Indian characters.
Why Waves   lliiav.  Become Break-
era  In  HhulloiT  Water.
Long and oscillatory waves ruu by
gravity, the first agitating the water
to nearly the same amount at all
depths, while the chief disturbance duo
to the latter confines itself to the upper
layers of the water.
These oscillatory waves, the most
typical example of which is perhaps
furnished by the "swell," or regular
rolling waves which continue to run in
deep water after a storm, will break
on a shelving shore whon their height
is about equal to the depth of water.
When the depth is sullicient to allow
the oscillations to proceed unimpeded
no progressive motion takes place, each
column, being kept iu its place by the
pressure of surrounding columns.
If, however, free oscillation is prevented, as«jjy the interposition of a
rock or by the shelving of the shore,
the columns in the deep water are not
balanced hy those in the shallower,
and thus they acquire n progressive
mot ion and form "breakers." For this
reason waves always break against
the shore, whatever Is the direction of
the wind.
Almoat   All    lleiillira    Are   I'ractlciillr
Without I'll.anient  1'ialn.
Death Dearly always ensues from
cessation of the heart's action, whatever it may be that causes it to slop.
Almost lhe only exception to lliis rule
is in the case of poisoning with prusslc
ncld, where the whole body becomes
dead before the heart censes to 1 1.
it is scientifically certain Unit almost all deaths, even those that are
Boemlngly most agonizing, nre practically without pnln. The fear of extinction may cause mental agitation
amounting to pain while consciousness
exists, but thnt is quite another thing.
In death liy bu ruing pain censes nl an
early stage by suffocation, while a
inun killed by a gunshot wound probably docs not know Ihnt he has been
hit, the action of the bullet being more
rapid thnn the messago to lhe brain
announcing it. Tor this reason wounded men Sometimes drop without knowing why.
In chest diseases pnln Is relieved by
suffocation at the death mopient, and
In fevers thu nervous system becomes
depressed to such utter npiithy as to
Induce quite a painless and.
The Ship It lexer.
Even compared with the work of n
circus acrobat the job of a ship's rigger
Is extremely perilous, for whereas the
circus performer Is safeguarded in every way possible nnd the ropes and
supports are thoroughly tested the rigger's duly Is to ascend masts often
made extremely perilous by rot or dangerously Impaired by siorms. Extreme
coolness nnd caution are necessary, nnd
tile men engaged In this calling are a
clear headed, hard bunded lot, who
tnke risks cheerily nui! work with nn
iiisiunt understanding of their business, Taking Into consideration the ex-
lent nml character of their work, comparatively few meet witb accident
Tlia*  Ds liliiiinlli.ii.
Unity Moore How was that Inst
conk you had'.'
Calvert, Jr. The limit positively the
"But you gnve her a corking good
letter of recoiiiiiieiiilaliuii."
"Well, what wus I to do? She snt
rlghl down in the kitchen and wouldn't
go   ou   any   other  terms."
III (I mi i inir   < Irciiiiiatniifi-M,
"Hid you iiud ii diilicult to reconcile
yourself to (be loss of your daughter?"
"Ves; very nt first.   But her husband
unexpectedly Inherited 1100.000 about
six weeks after they were married."
I iiillriKlli <a*ll.
niiihbs- In   spite  of all   the  money
Newrlch Spends on his clothes he cnn't
disguise his plebeian origin, siobim—
No; It's like pulling u ten dollar collar
on a  thirty  cent dog.
The flower of Civilisation Is the fln-
tshed man, the mnn of sense, of grnee,
of accomplishment, of social powfv-
the gentleman.
Then Dodd's Kidnoy Pills Cured Wirt. Doeg's Rheumatism.
He was so Had That He Could Not Lie
Down, Hut Had to Sit Night and
Day in a Chair.
Sundridge, Out., Nov. 7.—(Special).—.Mr. William Doeg of this
placo, now a hale, hearty man, tells
of his almost miraculous curo of Rheumatism by using Dodd's Kidney Pills.
"For lour years I suffered excruciating torture," says Mr. Doeg. "1
was scarcely an hour free from pain.
1 could not lie down to take rest, bjut
had lo e>it night and day in a chair.
"I tvfes treated for Rheumatism by
several doctors and ulso tried several
medicines without receiving any benefit, Almost in despair 1 feared I
never again would bo free from pain.
Then 1 read of some remarkable
cures by Dodd's Kidney l'ills. I procured a I'ox and soon found they
were doing me good, and beforo i
had finished the second box I was entirely free from pain and a now
Dodd's Kidney l'ills always cure
Rheumatism by putting th'' Kidneys
in shape to take the cause—Uric
Acid—out. of the blood.
Product     Dr.     Hale*     DlatlUed
From   Cool   In  1720.
In the early days of the last century
Sir Walter Scott, writing from Loudon
to a friend in Kdinburgli, said, "Thero
is a fool here who ls trying to light the
city with smoke." Sir Walter's "smoke"
was not a human invention. Accumulations of gas from coal beds found
their wny to the surface nnd, being
highly inflammable, attracted the attention of men who erected altars over
tbem, and their perpetual fires were
dedicated to the gods. For thousands
of years the Chinese-have speculated
upon.the meaning of the natural gas
which has escaped abundantly from
the earth in several provinces. Iu 172(3
Dr. Hales informed chemists that by
distilling a few grains of coal he had
obtained an equal number of cubic
inches of 'inflammable air" and that if
attempted on a lurije scale millions
upon millions of cubic feet of that valuable substance eoUld be made and
conveyed unseen along the highways
of tlie land and become the means for
obtaining perpetual day. In 18K1 Sir
Walter's^ "smoke" was burned on
Westminster bridge in London, and
one year later the streets of St. .Margarets, Westminster, enjoyed illumination from gas, it being the first parish
contracting for such a luxury.
Am   Example   of   Content   In   Honnl
bnt Monotonous Toll.
In my country of Alsace, ou the solitary route whose Interminable ribbon
stretches on and on under the forests
of the Vosges, there is a stone breaker
whom I have seen at nis work for thirty years. The first time 1 came upon
him I was a youug student setting out
with swelling heart for the great city.
The sight of tbis mau did me good, for
he was humming a song as be broke
bis stones. We ejehuuged a few
words, and he said at the end, "Well,
goodby, my boy, good courage and
good luck!" Since then I have passed
aud repassed ulong the same route
under circumstances the most diverse,
painful und joyful. The student has
finished his course; the breaker of
stones remains what he was. He has
taken a few more precautions against
the seasons' storms—a rush mat protects his back, and his felt bat Is
drawn further down to shield his face.
But the forest i.s always sending back
the echo of bis valiant hammer. How
many sudden tempests have broken
over his bent back, how much adverse
fate has fallen on bis bend, on his
house, on bis country: He contiuues
to break'bis stones, and coming and
going I Und hlin by the roadside smiling in spite of his age and his wrinkles, benevolent, speaking—above nil
in dark days—those simple words of
hruve men which have so much effect
when they nre scanned to the breaking
of stones.—From '•The Simple Life,"
hy Charles Wagner.
,THERE ARE l*^'^""-,.
Ceylon  Teas  are always reliable.    Always pu
Black, Mixed or Natural GREEN.   Sold only in sealed,!
packets.    By all Grocers,
Romance  of a  Stnlne.
The Statue of Charles I. wliich now
stands in London was sold to a brazier
during the commonwealth with the understanding that it should he broken
up. The buyer, however, saw a chance
to make money and buried it instead.
To cover his action lie made ti large
number of bronze knives and forks,
which were eagerly bought by both
royalists and Puritans as souvenirs.
When tbe monarchy wa.s restored to
power the statue was dug up again
and bought by the government to be
placed in its present position, where it
has remained since niT-i.
Striped Suit; Lively Wnlk.
Once in my callow days 1 accepted a
wager that l could wear a prison suit
ami walk from Buffalo to Cleveland
without serious molestation,   it took
me over four dnys to get thirty miles.
1 wus arretted nine times, and nt Hun-
kirk I came near being mobbed by n
Sunday school picnic and was compelled to discard my uniform for citizen's clothes. Yet I was a free ninn
and innocent of crime, and there was
no law defining whut I should wear so
long ns It was mule attire. — Elbert
Hubbard in I'hilistine.
A little three-year-old miss, while her
mother was trying to get her to sleep,
became Interested in a peculiar noise
ntul asked what It wns.
"A cricket, dour," replied the mother.
"Woll," remarked the little Indy, "be
ought   to   get   himself   oiled."
NlltlllllK    tO    SIlOIT.
Young hallow   Ymi guaranteed thnt
elixir you sold ine to raise a beard ami
mustache in six weeks' time.   Druggist—Yes?   Young Kallow—Yes, nnd I
want to say Its a barefaced He.   Kx*
Let   us   believe  we  cau  and  hope
far the rest.
Vn matter whether the baby Is
sidv nr well, llahy's nun Tnbi,us
should alwuyii I-'' in Hie house, Tbey
inl only curo Infantile disorders
l.m they pre*.enl iIn in, antl should
I." used when ', er ihe little ones
ullOW    the    wllfrlltesl     sign*;  of  Illness.
No other medicine is so enthusiastically xpokan n( by mot hers—iiii other
medicine has done so much to make
lit I li* ones healthy and good tuitur-
e,i. Mrs, M'.an Luddlngton, St..
Mary's Itiver, N, S., says: "I do not
lieli,.\e mv baliy WOUld have been
belli'Ve lllV baby Would hnvo been
ali'e to-day had It not boon for
llaby's OWn Tablets. Since using
thom he is ' growing nicely, is good
nn lured and is getting fnt." flood
l'a11* the new born luiliy or growing
child—nini uiiove nil  absolutely safe.
\ ou can get llahy's Own Tabids
irom your druggist, OT by mail nl 23
rents a bos by welting Tho Ur.
Williams' Medicinu Co.. llrockvllle.
t.     x V*-* *■■ "»*»■
How She  Got  Her  Will  Drafted  aad
Fooled Her Lawyer.
A certain lawyer, famed for high
charges, had incurred the enmity of
nn old lady ou account of the same.
Wishing to get even with him. she consulted bim about drafting her will. As
she was a very wealthy old lady, without near relatives, she had many charitable associations to betiettt, and the
accurate draft of the will inquired
much patience, skill and time. Among
I lie provisions she made a generous
bequest to this lawyer aud nominated
bim executor. After the execution of
the will she called for her bill, whereupon the lawyer, with the vision of
ample fees lu the prospective settlement of the estate and the memory of
the generous bequest, told the old Indy
that under the circumstances he shoulil
charge nothing, but finally, to satisfy
her business scruples, made out a receipt in full to date for $1, whereas the
smallest sum be could have properly
charged would have been $100.
The old lady marched home with her
will, set herself to work, copied It out
carefully word for word, leaving out
the bequest to the lawyer and nominating a new executor.
In tbe course of time she died, nnd
the disgust of the lawyer at the contents of the Will was so great that he
A Series of Articles Describing
their Lives, their Aims and
Their Influence.
Ml   |
♦ *>♦>♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦« ♦*>♦♦♦*>♦♦ *>*>*>
X the   benefit    o
♦ community,  Irei
T  dent,  nf   tiie  WI
' uu j
IT It,
sura |
inn o|(
Editor of the
John llawkcs. editor of thc Corn
dull Gazette, Is a forceful figure I
among the people of the Northwest " ' "
Teiiiiuries. Ile i.s as sturdy and independent oi mind as he is vigorous
rn' body. His opinions ho forms ior
himself, and permits no other man I i
(hi his thinking. He bus strong convictions, and. like all nun with
.strong convictions, has snme prejudices, These, however, are tinmen* excrescences of a   iiiiud I Imt   has
Inadvertently let out the secret, to the reached   definite   conclusions  ou   all
huge delight of his brother lawyers.—
Leslie's Monthly.
The  Snered  Twelve.
The "patriarchal and apostolical
number cf twelve" as the proper und
only admissible number for a Jury trying cases according to the common law
bus come down to us from remote antiquity. Yet this number was not al-
wnys universal. In 1652 a (Cornish custom to have juries of six was declared
to be had. but evidence was given that
such juries had been widely used in
the county, and by a special statute of
Henry VIII. juries of six were allowed
in Wales. But the jury of the grand
assize consisted of sixteen men, which
still finds a parallel in the jury of presentments of the Liberty of the Savoy.
The modern grnnd jury, the coroner's
jury nnd the jury at lunacy nud ecclesiastical Inquisitions number anything
between twelve and twenty-three,
whereof twelve at leust must agree ou
n verdict—London Luw Journal.
Gordon's Sudan   llinxr.
Gordon's Sudan throne is a folding
chnlr he always snt in ut Khartum and
curried with him on his camel Journeys. It wns u little straight backed
chnlr, hnviiig n skeleton frame of |
round Iron, n carpet hack and seat, gilt
knobs for ornament, and small puds on
the arms tor comfort. The carpet bad
grown diiii in lhe African sun, which
deprived it of ull royal pretensions, so
that when Gordon returned from his
governorship of lhe Siidnii and suddenly nsked, ••When' Is niy Ihrono',' Has
It boon brought In?" they wer* all surprised.    Ills throne!    Nobody hud seen
n throne.   Bul at length tho camp stool
wus found  where it hud been stowed
Dames' ■*«•< 11.-.i Joke,
Not overy one has so successful a
method with the autograph Dend us
Alexander Duinns bad. Prince Metier-
nidi once requested nn autograph of
hlin. I mums wrote In his best round
hand, "Received train Prince Mettor*
llieli   twenty live   hollies   Of   llis   oldest
Johannisberg."   Metternlch  sent  the
wine with u good grace,
matters after careful though I and deliberation, and therefore holds with
tenacity what it believes. I'.ul.
judgment at which Mr. Haul.''' ulV
riVes is the result of deliberate personal thought, ami bene,' n is no
wonder that ha* holds none of bis
opinions lightly, But, withal, Mr.
Hawkes has m> trace of Intolerance
tor those who differ from inm.    An>
man   whose     views    ara*  sincere,    and
honestly arrived ut, may be a6min*d
ui his rtsgect, howsoever those views
iiniy conflict  with his nnn.
It will thus bo no wonder that Mr.
Hawkes is a virile personality when**
ever ha* is known. 'l"ht* average citizen Is content to adopt conclusions
ready made, and ti> leave the process
of reasoning to others. On such
plastic characters Mr Hawkes has
lefl an Indelible Impress, and it is
certain thut by this means Ins views
will be perpetuated long after his
personal  influence bus been romovcd.
Kditor   Hnwkofjjs an   I
being    l>y     birth   a    native    of    Kent.
the county thai disputes >iih the
Ki,. ,,i Wight the title of "The Garden of Knglniul." lie was born in
IX.%7. and. thirty-five years ago como
to Canada, He roturnod, however, lo
the old Land, lot came out again in
ISH.V since which year lie lias Continuously  resided   in   Asslnljiolu.
Mr. Hawkos wuh educated al Brunswick House School. nl Maidstone,
the countv iilwn of Kent. When he
was fourteen he told lus astonished
father thai he wanted to lenvo
school. "Why?" asked his parent.
"Because I  want   lo  bo  n  newspaner
mnn."   was   the   reply      The   boy   bad
his way, ami for four   vears   was   _
lunlor on  the stair of a  solid \Uiig
imper.  the South  Eastern Gazette
Since thai  dav.   liko Shakespeare's
hero    Mr    llaul.es   has     in     Iiis    lime
played many pan-.    Before   he   was
oul  ui lus teens he was   a   railroad
contractor.   taKiiu'  a   big  coin,act   mi
the Toronto & Wlplsslng line Subsequently, he went I,, the Southern
Slates, spehdlng n winter in Al'knil-
sas. Louisiana and Mississippi, wbere
be   look   great     interest     in  studying
the   conditions  o
tion.   which  had
Returning  i„   Kiiglnnd,  he
newspaper   work.   followinL-
cessl'ull.v     till    IHS.".,    w
came  to   Canada.     \,\tr
he farmed,  and    look
part in  ull co-operative
the   benefit    of   that      ,,
ing   elected iir,';"
hitewuoil   l',
st it lite,
I    Mr.   llawkcs    relimi .   ■
owing tq Hie absence o
ties,    and     removed
Here, for n  time, hi   .
|very  various     He wi
j i wo years; he operated n   u. a
|machine    m     i.n'.i;, pi
be started   the  Whiti
anil   I'eeaiuc  editor  nl'   thc U|;,
Herald;     nexl   he   went   ,,.,.
[time to  Hegiiin.  and  linalh ii
. he set i led in Carndufl ... i|,,..
tor of t be • laze! to
j     In   IHSMi,  as  sen-eian     .   ,|,,. _
|west     Dairymen's    Association
Hawkes    mnde    ii    lour of p,,
itories.  for    the   purpose ol crM
ami stimulating interest in the (3
eminent creameries,
!    In purely  public mutters, m
| be expected from ins intert'si tbn
[fend his personal energy. Mr Um
is widely  known    in    the   W«
IS.S7  he  was an   unsuccessful cvj
date for    the   Territorial   Vssemlj
■und     in      the    election    ol    lf(9j
Stumped   Northeastern   Vssinilioii 1
a   Dominion   Conservative candidil
■ lie   is    w idily    known   , - a'i    Mi;,
plat form    speaker,   an.l   ns  .        ,
I writer.    Within the p.*' ■ ■•. moia
;Mr.   liawkavs   has    gained    ividrspnl
notoriety by his annottnc rfj
i int.'in ion     to     support    :la   Lin
flovornraenl—chiefb    ot prqj
railway policy,    litis
other  illustration  of   llis tnir-minl
openness to argument .i
independence of thought, m   ■
jas is well known, been a lifelong,!
ti\e Conservative.   The political
of. such    S     i ai.    ni
I Hawkes Is rightly Interpreted Ig
a friends h.s an event    of    considertl
I importance,   for his  inflnenci
hns   been  said,   considerable, ai
fume  is  more widespread thnn
lot   of  tho *\ernce a-.: lor ill .1
low II.
Editor   Ha wkes in hin i imt '■ i
type,      ra ilroiideil    "panel   "
plowed,  split   rails,   and   isinn    >'
ton;    he b.is campaigned in Kni
and irom tin- Rockies   to   tl    '■■''
In*   knows   i he   con' nenl !
fillll'   Ol    St.    I .llWI'i'll' • thi    "
Mexico, and fron; Ncn   \'nr!, '
ish  Columbia,  bur l,.- if pro i lest I
all  thut  he is a  tiewspn|K*r a..
like the  greal    Disrai 'u    he  "—
lever's T-Z(Wk»Hetd)Di»tiifeeUBt Si
Powder is a Ihaiu to any home. It ilu*
f<*cls und clonus j.t the s'lirn.' I imo.
Mother;  "Tbmmi    have   von
nil yonr    sweets   H Ithout
inir  of  sister?"      Ttiti.m*.      "Oh.  W
ll ill Mil I i.i I     W,i^    tli
whole t Imo,   l «.' il 'i' ■''r
: beforo I hod finished them!"
"One  thing  I  like ub" it     *
Ml.Ill   ' '   SU Id    a    llie!!aln  r   0
tiis   partner,    "is   that '
Vou can always tell   whal h
iclisluiiao.   I'llB   to do  next."   "And  "l»l!
inn i
Mabel:    "Hoes   your  husbnnd
Buffer from neuralgia"    Ifnud
but   hot   nearly    SO  nnn h as 101
of us do."
Nlaard's Lhitneat fir sale eref^
No man bus learned nn.vthln*
ly  until   he
knows  th.i'
Removes   »n    hard,   soli   "r
lumps Hint blemlahM Iroi '
spat in, curbs, splints, iii   '"''
Htuii'B.  ipralnsi curaa nor*  and
throat, ininths, uir    Ba     I
uh« ot ont bottle    Wan
Wood tt (111  lllemlah Ourt ***' *•""*'
■■.    ■   ■■•
"Why, John, what du '•"" ,:
Innaium      '    old    I"
have  been    i-i'iidinc    I
After   1   (lie   Minieolie
contest my will might      '
them and use ihem to i ■••"
was Insane I"
|| l     01
Hull*   For   < ycllNlia.
One of  the  rules of n   bicycle club
reads, "A horse should never be passed
On both sides nt once." Wo suspect
that when a cyclist attempts to pass
On both Bides Of a horse "(il once" he
In expelled from the club. He would
certainly bo dismissed frmn n tetn-
perunco organization, — London Tit*
a iii-»i (toning,
.Tlgsinlth-Thiit fellow Piker Is certainly n clover, Ingenious chap, Isn't
he? Drowning -Why, I never beard of
his doing anything remarkable,   .Tig-
smith—Thnt's Jnst it.  He manages In
some wny to get ulong without doing
apytfllq/a*;.,-** B^changa.
Do You Receive These Wireless Mes. ;#S!
They Aro About Your Health.
When your health goes the least bit wrong, a wireless nie: sage
is sent to your brain.
It says something like this:
"You aro not quite well-take a doso of
them t
at onoe and It will put you right."
Do you attend to those messages when you receive
You should do so.   BEECHAM'S TILLS often prevent a WOOU
illness, and so prove themselves
Sold by ill Drur-rliti In Canada and ll. S. Amarlca.    In bos«». ** "n**
■tRa THK     DRILL,
MJOCAH, ft. c.
I ho Barber   Asphalt   Company   of
Akron. 0., has lhe only asbestos-
skinned workman in that city. He is
Tom Huey of Cincinnati, Sticks of
wood are burned by the workmen
0ver the material to keep if, in „ 80(t
condition. Jt is sometimes necessary
to move the fire, and in sucli rases
fluey moves it with his bare hands.
-I'he blazing sticks and red hot coals
,l,i not affect him in tin* leust. He
docs not mako a quick grusp nntl
throw the fn*.' before it can have a
chance to burn, Init deliberately picks
ii up and carries it slowly as the average mam would carry q pail of water.
Ileeause Mrs. Lee Kerlin forgot for
a moment that she was married she
was compelled lo pay extra fare on
har way home to Kokomo, lnd.. a
dnv days ago, from St. Louis, where
.she and her husband went on their
neddlhg tour. They travelled on
passes, and. returning, Mrs. Kerlin
hall to sign the pass. She forgot
tlu! she was Mrs. I.e.. Kerlin and
signed her name Miss Nellie Weser,
ilie conductor could not understand
Hie mistake and Kerlin paid full faro
for Iiis  wife.
Coughing* is an outward sign of
inward disease.
Cure the disease with
Cure y_ti™*
and the cough will stop.
Try  it to-night.    If  it doesn't
benefit  you,  we'll   give  your
money back.
■,***—?''«   . „ s* cw*".'8*Co. SOT
25c. SOc. $1   LeRoy.N.Y., Toronto.Can.
'Now. little one, What would you
■say n I were to give ymi these'.'
"ould you say, these are -.ood apples, or those are good apples-?"
"How can  I  tell till I eat   em'.'"
One trial ,,f Mother lirnves' Worm Exterminator will convince you that it hus
rn. 1'iiuul ns a worm medicine, llov a
bottle,, and see if it doea not please you.
Mr. Staylate: "Gracious! It's, nearly midnight. I must be going pretty
Boon, I suppose." Miss Patience;
"Well, yes; you know lhe old saying, 'Never put off till to-morrow
what you can do to-duy.' "
Yes "    (He  had   been    Waiting
[ol that little wold, and his heart
h.a.ii faster as   ii    trembled   on   her
lips.    "Yes "    How  he  longed  iii
lake her ill his arms-. Imi she spoke
as though there was more she wished
io say. "Ves." she continued; "to-
dn\  I promised to be another'*!"
Customer; "The man who killed
this Chicken had a soft heart." Waiter: "Why so, sir?" Customer! "Ho
must have spent three or four yeurs
hesitating before he  wrung its neck!"
Dr. Agnew's Catarrhal Pow
OOr. -Rov. W. 11. Main, pastor of the
Baptist Emanuel Church, Buffalo, gives
strong testimony for uml is a linn believer iii llr. Agnew's Catarrhal Powder.
lie has tried many kinds of remedies
without avail. "After usUm Dr. Agnew's
Catarrhal Powder I wus benefited at once,"
ure his words. It, is a wonderful remedy.    60 cents—Go
"Mrs Sparks lias done nothing
lately Iml, run down her neighbors."
"1 had no idea she was such a gossip." "Who said anything about gi s-
sip?" She is learning to drive tier
new motor-car."
uu.—When an article, he it medicine or
anything else, becomes popular, Imitations Invariably spring up to derive advantages from 11k* original, which they
themselves could never win on their own
merits, imitations of Ur. Thomas' Eclectric oil hus been numerous hut never
successful. Those who know the genuine
an* not put oil' with u substitute, but
demand  the real   thinir.
Cultivate not only the cornfields of
.vour mind, but the pleasure-grounds
*"irs,—T  wus  for seven    years
hear   Sirs,-
Dettr  Nirs,—I   wus  for seven    years
sufferer   from    Bronchial  trouble.
id would be so hoarse at times
ill I could scarcely speak above a
lisper. 1 got no relief from nny-
iii- till I tried vour MINARD'S
HN'KY   BALSAM.  Two  bolt Ies gave
lief and six bottles made a com-
etc eure. I would heartily recom-
■nil it to any one suffering from
tout   or   lung  trouble.
His feelings he tried*to disguise—
Tlie girl.,  though, began to surmise
That something like wooing
Was  certainly  doing.
Because of his looks and deep suise.
Kidney   Experiment-there's no
time  for experimenting  when  you've dis-
Icovered   that   you   art*  a   victim   of   some
I ono  form or another of kidney  disease.
,l.ay   hold   of   the   treatment   that   thousands   huve  pinned     their    fiiith   to    and
has    cured     quickly    und    permanently.
South   American   Kidnev   Cure  stands preeminent   in the world of medicine   as the
' kidney   sufferer's   truest   friend —(.;;>
Superfluous Hair
Removed by tho New Principle
It is better than electricity, because
it does not scar or produce a new growth.
Better than X-ray, because it does not
burn, scar or paralyze the tissues under
the skin. Better tban depilatories, because it is not poisonous; therefore,
it will not cause blood poisoning, or
produce eczema, which is ao common
with depilatories, and does not break
olf the hair, thereby increasing its
Electrolysis, X-ray or depilatories are
offered you on the bare word of the
operatois and manufacturers. DE
MIRACLE is not. lt is the only method
which is indorsed by physicians, surgeons, dermatologists, medical journals
and prominent magazines.
DE MIRACLE will be mailed to any
address, sealed in plain wrapper for $1.
Vour money bacltf without question if it
fails to do all that is claimed for it.
Our booklet — the most oomplete
treatise on Superfluous fiair ever published—containing the testimonials of
numerous physiciaas and surgeons and
these of hundreds ol others—will be
sent free, in plain, sealed envelope,
upon request. Write for it to-day to
Queix Street West, Toronto, or
Mrs,    Casey:   "Sure,    th'    goal      lias
nte all nv Maggie's piano music!"
Mr. Casey: "Now, if he'd only ate
th' piaiiiiy, Ol'd pension him rer
"Did    .mui   have   to   help him out
when     he     proposed?"       ".No.      papa
Roi lovo    nothing   against    another
hut upon good authority.
Vinar^s ■.•.(iment Relie»es Neuralgia.
(lnd   otters   to   every   mind its choice
'"'tween truth and repose,   You   can
■wr havo both.
What's the use   of    searching   for
North    Pole?"    "Why,  11   would
■ •I tho siimiic of monev."       How'.-,
I It   wouldn't   lie  neivs-..!*',  for
•''in! any more expeditions to look
"He always was a had egg. but no- l
body seemed to notice   it   while   he
ua.. rich."  "Yes,  he was all  right un
til  he was broke."
Minard's Liniment Cues Dudrvfl.
Lost!    Seven years from Mabel's age
A   mighty loss, alack!
No questions asked,    There's no reward
I*,11- those who bring it back.
iniinv    persons   die    usually from
a   nml  kindred  sunn,ier complaints
lull I   hav,.     been   saved    if    proper
• ■> imd i n uso.!     If attacked   do
uv in getting a l.nit',, of Dr .1
ioce's llvsentpry Cordial, the
• • iliul never falls to effect .i
l hose «lu. hai" used it »n> ll
roinptly nel thoroughly -main. -
iiii   and   dis,'.--.-'
(iN  AiTi'TiTK — lo have    die   stomach
n.'ii  i- to have the ne.rvous system well. I
Verj   delicate are  the   digestive  organs j
In some so   sensitive ara they  thai   a'-j
uiospherlc changes affect them   When thoy
becomo disarranged    no  better  regulator
e.  procurable tlmn   I'armelee's  Vegetable
Tills     Ihey   will   assist    the   diei'stioii    so.
lhat   the   hearty   enter   uill   suffer   no   in-1
convenience ami will derive all  the bene-]
ni> .,i hia food.
"Is life really  Worth  living?"  nsked |
the solemn    man.   "Yours   evidently
isn't.-' replied ilie philosophical i.er-
-1111." Otherwise vou would never
have asked   such  n   foolish   question."
I i.ikh;   FIOHTS  Willi  COW  IN
\   1,nil.log  and   COW   a!   WoOBtCr,   0.,
few days ago.  furnished   ii    lively
i.icier   nf   an   hour  at    lhe    home    ol
•lohn  Swank,     a    railroad   man.    ami
hen  it  «as over Swank's hest  par
or  furniture   was  a   wieck.    'I'he    (log
ml   tlie   cow' are   both   owneil hy  Mr.
lohn     liowersox.      a     neighbor    of
Swank's.       \Mlile   111''   COW    was     lieing
Iriven  home from  pasture  it   was attacked   by   'he  dog.   which  seized    lhe
iiiinals's ear and hung on with such
■nncitv   thai   tlie  cow.     cra/ed    wilh
.,nn.    dashed    from     the    road      anil
'lungeil     Ihrough a  screen door   into
-Malik's   parlor        Mrs     Swank   and
•r daughter fled.   Tbo cow, with the
ilidog   hanging   to its cur.   circled
idly    nliout    (he     parlor,    crashing
nr  (allies    ami    chairs.       When    lhe
■■■ii/.i-.il    cow,     wi'h    hlood   dripping
an  its ear wti-re the dog still hung.
■ Ily staggered out  the front door.
ry   piece   of   furniture   ill   'he   room
- smashed, tin- carpel was ruined
.I the wallpaper was torn and
"Oll-st leaked.
Hurl's Linimeirt Cores Bins, etc.
|     "lieen   iii   a   light''"    asked    the    in-
qulsltlve person "Not exactly," replied the absent-minded man. "While
shaving myself this morning I tried
to lather myself with the razor!"
,,-nvM aHowvia..
-|ont»j uo
,uat »q |]im nuaunrtdsp Xusin
jno jo st*>|»i« stjjduioa y
*>«o.t i*ip sau.il mSia
jo tfS l* .oo to} ■» (tabXl
•oil) smt sfltnos °°'i>$
jno to) »uoi« atp lup>t|M ui
pwiDJaia «! 0J« »".«•• -"ll
•s juo-s tnopajd si*
to saoud s|qeuosB3.i pue
Aiipb  m\r\   joj   jBiuauq pS
-uoo si ,U»H puoiusiQ „
a,     ^M
-     IV*
I Give nature three helps, and
j nearly every case of consumption will recover. Fresh
air, most important of all.
Nourishing food comes next.
Then, a medicine to control
the cough and heal the lungs.
Ask any good doctor.
" I flnt uitd Ayer'i Cliorrr Psetoral M ysart
ftR(v   I imv. a..1, terrible I'.ari uf lun*r ill.
«»••• riir.il hi ll.   I am nevsr without It."
Al.lieili' U. II a m 1.11 in, M.ilotL. Ohio.
**]..Mr.,$iM. ,i. o. Avsn m„
All _____ §gmms l.'lWHll,    Mill
Dr. Agnew's Ointment Cures
Plies —itiiiing, Bleeding and Blind
Pltei. Comfort in out* application, it
curi*s In throe to six nights. It cures all ;
skill diaeases in young and a'11 A rem"
edy beyond compart, und it ntvsr tails,
88 rents —03
I     llride:       "Qeorge,     dear.     when      W8
reach our destination, let us try and
avoid giving tin* impression that  wo|
are  newly  mu tried."     (.eorge.      "All
right,   .Maud        You    ran    carry    lliis
!     \      RECOONI'/ED    III'IUI l.A'I'iUl —To
bring Hu* digestive organs Into  »y '-
ii.nl   aorkhis     is  i lie ..un  ut phyildana
»h,mi  they  lind  a  putieni   eulterlng   from
si nclili'     irri'L'iil.iilt i.'s.      uml     nu'   this
"iiipn-..  thej   ..hi  proscribe nothing   i..*t<
ter     limn     Parmelee'a    Vegetable    Pills
' « Li, ii  ii ill  be i..mui  ii  pleasant   i Heine (
ni Mirpriains   virtue   In brlmrlim  the re-l
fractory  organi    Into  aublectlon  and  restoring  thom  lo  nnriinil  action, in  which
 in i\    mn    Ihe)  perform   their
duties properl} 	
"Ta nsj husband's case sorloiis, doc-
lor?" "It is very grave, madam. I
have left   mi   ophite."    "How   ofton
shall I give it t.. bim*i He   II Is
absolute ri si and qulel     Don'l   givo
ii to him; lako it yourself!"
Ponnman Damon wus found sitting
in   a   tomb  at    Holden.   Mass..   a    few
days ago, warming himself over a
bonfire,   When  iteie-hbors told him it
was no place for him, he said the
tomb belonged to his family, and as
the last of his line he had a right In
occupy it if he chose. Damon said it
was warm ami comfortable and saved
paying rent. Ile i.s reputed to lie
A despatch from Akron, 0., says:
Somewhere near the Indiana line
Mfcnie Geoi'ge, a-young gypsy girl,
is travelling liy wagon to meet her
suitor, Stephen Stanley, chief of the
tribe of Stanley, who i.s in camp
with his tribe ut Blue Pond In this
city. Tbey met in Egypt, but because they were of different tribes relatives Objected to their marriage until a few weeks ago, when the girl's
grandmother, the chief opponent,
died. When the girl arrives in Akron
some time next week they will lie
married and the forty memliers of the
George tribe, to which the girl belongs, will huve a big celebration in
Shell *;
Used in H.B.K. Mitts, Gloves
and Moccasins—tough as whalebone, flexible, soft, pliable, scorch-
proof, win i-proof, boil-proof,
crack-proof tear-poof, rip-proof,
cold-proof, almost r^ir-proof—
certainly the greatest leather
ever used in mitts and gloves.
Like buckskin it is tanned
without oil, unlike t.'jckskin it is
not porous, it is wircVnroof—will
outwear three buckskins.
"Pintc" "itts and Gloves
never crack, of harden, never get
sodden, are alwi.ys warm, pliable,
soft and comfort tble.
Sold at all deale s but never without this bi ind :—
Montreal    Winnipeg    Oawi,oa t
She: "Everybody says you married I "Johnny, have you given the gold-
pie only for niy money." He: "But I fish water'?" "No. mother. What's the
didn't. I know you look it, dear, but uso? Thev haven't drunk up what
I didn't." Itliey-vc got yet."
A   License    Commissioner,   Who   Suffered
Dreadfully from these Ailment-, Entirely Cured by
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills.
Dad  circulation   of  the  blood,   tho i
usual causo of   tho   extremely painful
and dangerous diseases,    arises from
defective action of tho kidneys.
The blood cannot possibly be pure,
and in a fit condition to nourish the
body when tho kidneys are diseased
and fail to filter from it the poisonous waste matter.
Ur. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, by
their direct and healthful action on
tho kidneys, not only overcome diseases of the kidneys, but by doing so
ensure a purifying of the blood.
Mr. William u. Best, License Commissioner for tho County of llnldl-
iniind, and who lives ln Cayuga, Ont.,
writes: "I havo been troubled with
cramps in my legs. I would awako
from sleep in keen distress. Tho pain
would seize me at the nnkle and work
up tho leg almost to tho body.
"Believeing this trouble to arise
from kidney derangements and bad
circulation of the blood, I bought
soniH of Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver
Pills at W. J. Quinsey's drug storo
and began using them. They benefitted me from, tho very first, and by
continuing their use I have been completely cured. I would recommend
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills to any
Suffering as I did. I was so bad
that 1 would havo to jump out ot
bed   two   or three times during   tho
Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, ona
pill a dose, 25 cents a box, at all
dealers, or Kdmanson, Pates & Company, Toronto. To protect you
against imitations, the portrait and
signature of IJr. A. W. Chase, the famous receipt book uuthor, are on
every box.
specialty   of low grade wheat.   Write ua before shipping;
will show how we caa serve you.
—Any Dank or Commercial Agency.
GRAIN I Jas. Richardson & Sons I GRAIN
(Until   recently   represented by the late  E.   O'lteilly, Esq.)
All  kinds    of grain   handled   in   Car   Load    Lots.    Write us  for  top  prices
and   Shipping   instructions. Any grade of wheat, oats, barley or flax.
P.  0.  P-ox (52'.),   Winnipeg,   Han.
you  grain to us to bs sold on arrival or afterwards, as you may wish.   We do a strictly commission   business,    in   which   we have had 20
years' experience.   Prompt and reliable work guaranteed.
Liberal advances.     Correspondence solicited.      Licensed and Bonded.
Reference,    Bank  ot Hamilton.      Exchange Branch,
tdomab law.       ship Your Grain to       williamlaw.
We handle grain strictly oa commission.    Highest Prices  obtainable.
Liberal advances.   Trades carried on margins la Winnipeg's futurea.
Correspondence solicited.
A IH   THR   AI HP^T   E£tablishad *-rain ^nun>^>M
1 get pri
Merchant in Winnipeg.
Consign jour grain t» mt and get prompt serrlce, careful attentloa*
and highest market prices.
IT IS AN EASY MATTER to MU a Urg*.   lot of wheat at a
b»tter prioe than a single car wtu
bring. If you will ship your wheat to us we will sell it with mean
other cars either locally or ln the East, and you will get from 4-cent If
1 cent por bushel mora for it than if you sold it on track at your statloa.
We havo had 17 years' practical  experience    ta    the    grain   businaM,
This,  also,  ls worth  something to you.
From boi ■■ cause which cannot be]
definitely explained, the Ontario elevator at llullalo, N, V,, collapsed on
Oct, .'IO and sank Into the waters of
the Evans slip. The elevator contained about 370.000 bushels of barley, a large portion of which lies nl
the bottom of the slip The loss on
the grain and tho build".,r is estimated at 8850,000, Charles Darthole-
inay, 83 years old, the "levator superintendent,   was  seriously  injured.
Grain Exchange, Winnipeg.   Rbfkrbncm: Any Bank or Commercial
XOUR   WHEAT,   OATS AND   FLAX   CommL.oan   Firm3!
We handle strictly on commission therefore can give every attention
to car shipments, and will obtain the best prices for same. Wn will be
pleased to answer enquiries re prices, shipping, etc. If YOC huve grain
to .ship or sell do not fail to write for our "Way of Doing Uusine«s." as
it will pay you well.
THOMPSON, SONS & CO., The Commission Merchants, Winnipeg.
>*«aith demands dally action of the
•owela. Aid narure with Ayer's Pllla.
Miss Rnld I'helps, daughter of u
wealth} Inwyor and cue of tho smart
set of Denvor, Col., is lo wod William H Seip. who Mas ii si reel car
conductor when iheir acquaintance
began, Hlnco ho foil In love Solp has
111 ves tod the savings of nine .veins in
a Hi He grocery, ami if he succeeds in
business lhe wedding is to tnke
phiiav lie "ill nol insisl upon Hie
11111111111 a • 111 Of lhe engagi'ineiil if he
fails, as he says he does nut want to
touch n penny of the girl's money.
Miss ''helps lirst met Seip nn his
ear about two years ago. while she
was   on    her w.iy to a  music class at
the Denver Univonlty, it Is understood that her father has withdrawn
objection! to tha   match, as ho was
poor himself when he was young, and
limls  much   t" admire    in    the    hand-
siune young conductor.
The Sunlight Maldi are always through their wiih at twelve o'clock.
Sunlight Soap
With ordinary soap a woman has to work so hard and so long on wash day
shs has no time fur preparing any of (he family meals. Wash day is a trial, and the
good wife face* each with a sigh of despair.
Sunlight Soap makes all the difference in the world. No toiling—no rubbing—
no boiling—leas than half the labor willi much belter results. Molt women are all
through tbeir wash liy twelve o'clock when they wash wilh Sunlight Soap the Sunlight way.   It makes child's play of work.
Sunlight Soap washes the clothes white and won't injure the hands.
Orele la ear lots bought oa track or sold ea e-omnaUsloa. ReaaeaaUf
acreaoe* male Prompt return*. Correejondenee solleiterl. Reference
Aay Baak la Winnipeg.
'Ohio Gasoline Engines'
WOOD SAWINU in  Stood  ii. hII limes.   Wa
cun sh.p ut ii day's notico.
Write u» for Prices and Catalogue.
Borridgc-Cooper Co.. Ltd., Winnipeg, Man.
Henry Avenue, Bkst,
Jlmson! "Doctor, I am getting too
stout, and 1 wnnt your advice." DoO-
lor: "Nothing reduces flesh like worry Spend two hours a day thinking
of the money you owe inc."
When   oue   gels   lo    love    work,    his
! life is a hnppy one.
A Casket of   Pearls _nr. von
Stan's Pineapple Tablets would prove a
ureal solace tooths disheartened dyiptp*
ur ii lie would imt tnt their potency
They're veritable uruu, In preventing the
■eating ol atoniach dleorders, by niilinu
uml •tlmulatln* digestlon-llll of thes-
hen Ith   "peiirls"   In  «   box.   nml   they  cost
BS cents      Kecointnended   hv mos) eminent physicians.**©!
Ynu cannol bs hnppy while you hnve
.inns Then do not delay In uvuiim u
i.unit* ul Holloway'i Corn Cure, It remove*, nil kinds "i   coma   without  psln.
••'allure  "Uh   it   i.i  unknown
Mrs. Crawford: "My husband  gave
me iiiis diamond ring to-day."   Mrs.
'What   ■»!.!  vou catch him
Om of the most remarkable   timepieces    In    the   WorW    is I  clock-fan
manufactured by a Swiss leweler. The
clock   COnslltl    "I    Kix   leaves    hinged
like mi ordinary fsn.  Tin number ol
lhe hour In marked from one to
twelve nt Hin end of each of theso
IM    \J    No    *0*
ii THE DRILL, SLOCAN, B. -J., NOVEMBER 18. 1901.
i     I
■   »'.1
C. E. SMirsRRi.vtALK, Editor and Prep.
SLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents s line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, )7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; f2.50ayear if not so paid-
AddresB all letters to—
Slocsn, P. C
— ■ '	
Demonstrate your faith in government
ownership by casting jour ballot on
Tuesday for C. H. Mackintosh.
Mackintosh represents the mining
industry of the country, Galliher is of
tbe professional classes. Vote for the
man who seeks to develop tlie country.
The Conservative candidate stands
for the principle of government ownership, the Liberal candidate supports
company ownership. Which do you
Election day is nest Tuesday. Let
every believer in Conservative principles be early astir and do his full
duty by the party candidate, Hon. C.
H. Mackintosh.
Judging from the amount of heavy
oratorical artillery brought to bear on
Yale-Cariboo by the Grits, Duncan
Ross, the machine candidate, finds it
n hard stronghold to subdue.
Here is the latest shuffle in Liberal
circles in this province. Senator Tem-
pleman is slated to succeed Sir Henri
Joly as lieutenant-governor, the latter
going to England. J. C. Brown, of
New Westminster, will get the vacant
It is given out that Hon. K. L.
Borden will retire from the activo field
of politics, relinquishing the leadership of the Conservative party. His
retirement will be a loss to dominion
politics, both sides regretting the step
he has taken. £ Toronto man will
probably get the leadership.
Provincial Grits are counting chick -
,ens. They say they are going to defeat the government when the legislature meets, aud that au appeal to the
country will give them victory Win
ter will soon be /here and that will
assist in cooling off the big head of
-the Grits, who are doomed to opposition for many a loug day yet to come.
W. A. Galliher claims support by
reason of the bouuties, bonuses, and
grants obtained for Kootenay from
the government. If weighed in the
financial balance, how much weightier
then is the claim of Hon. C. H. Mac
kiutosh, who has been the means of
bringing into the district double the
amount of money his opponent has
beeu responsible for. The one wns to
benefit chiefly needy party supporters,
the otber to develop the resources of
thn country and so enrich all.
Interior lumbermen are again approaching the Laurier government to
have a duty placed on imported luni
lier, in order to save the industry from
practical extinction. If protection is
not gratiteil millownersassert that not
more thau three-fifths of the mills in
B.C. will get even a small chance to
operate next season. Even in this
town dire distress has lieen worked
.upon the people by the refusal of the
Liberals to protect the lumbering industry. Remember the circumstance
when you go to vote on Tuesday and
plump against the Liberal nominee.
Quebec Conservatives have acted
the childish part in not nominating
candidates to eontett the provincial
elections, because of the precipitate
manner in which thoy were culled,
polling day being on the 26th. No
doubt the Patent government has
lieen guilty of trickery and sharp
practices -a legacy handed down from
tho old Merrier regime but that
should not be made the excuse for a
display of the craven spirit. It were
moro manly to fight and get licked
than not fight nt all. The Parent
government sought a snap judgment
under the Influence of the Laurier
victory, but they little dreamed the
"snap" that would fall to them.
Pay up your subscription.
Kaslo is to hold a delinquent tax
Megaw's big store is moving out of
Dan Palmer returned from Spokane
For first-class bread go to J. H
No meeting of the city council was
held this week.
Wood thieves have been much in
evidence of late.
Slocan promises to have a etrong
heckey team this winter.
Kelowna is the latest town to develop the incorporation craze.
Ed Barnstetter. a former resident,
came in from Spokane Monday.
M. L. Grimmett, barrister, of Sandon, visited the town on Saturday.
Rev. Father Jeannotte held service
in the Catholic church Wednesday.
You can only get first-class goods,
at lowest prices, nt W. T. Shatford &
A Thanksgiving dinner cost money
this year, turkey selling at 30c. per
Miss Neil, who had been visiting
here for some timo,returned to Nelson
Miss Brandon, Silverton, was here
ou Saturday visiting her friend, Mrs.
Mike McAndrews.well known to old
timers iu the Slocan, died in Nelsou
on Monday.
Mountain lumbermen are again
after the government to put a duty on
Yankee lumber.
The eighth annual bnll of the K. of
P., New Denver, will be held on next
Wednesday night.
Russett apples at W. T. Shatford
& Co.'s. 11.25 por box, up to Saturday
night; for cash only.
Combined baby carriage and go-
cart, with handsome silk shade, for
sale.   Apply at this office.
Nelson ratepayers have approved of
the proposition for that city to lease
the electric street railway.
The Great Northern contractors expect to have the Phoenix branch railway completed by Christmas.
Walter Renwick, the Sloean sprinter, is to run Mitchell, of Fernie. on
the 24th nt Cranbrook, for $500 a side.
Wm. Hunter. Silverton, was here on
Sattirdav, looking after the interests
of the Conservative candidate, C. H.
Billy Roliertson came down from
Sandon Monday, to look after the
wires during Agent Edwards' absence
at Revelstoke.
Secord. the Tory nominee in Edmonton, lost his deposit. Frank Oliver
having a majority of 3003, the largest
in the dominion.
Mjrs Kate Foley, eldest daughter of
J. A. Foley, who has speut the past
two years in Vancouver, came in on
Saturday night's boat.
T. H. Atkinson, druggist. haR been
bound over to stand trial in a higher
court on a charge of arson, in connection with the Ymir fire.
Later returns show Judge Turner
defeated as governor in Washington.
A compensation is had in the defeat
of Peabody in Colorado.
D. St. Denis, manager of the local
mill company, who has been out on
the prairies on a canvassing tour, returned hero on Tuesday.
The Socialists have rented the vacant storo next the Liberal headquarters for a committee room. The lamb
an  the lion lay down together.
E. Savage spent several davs here
this week. He will winter in the east,
expecting to return in the spring with
a strong company to operate iu the
Householders had better sec to their
windows and dixns at niglif. ns midnight prowlers are iiround, two attempts lieing made to enter one house
tliis week.
Mrs. J. M. Benedum and children
left on Tuesday to spend Christinas
in ber old home in Hardware, Va.
Mr. Benedum accompanied her as far
as Spokane.
Gol. I.iiwerv was in town last Thursday. Ile suys lie hns opened up a
rich pay chute for the Ledge at Pernio and expects soon to lie wealthy
enough to marry a duchess.
An application has lieen made to
the government for funds to replace
the bridge over lower Lemon creek
destroyed last summer by fire. It was
a great convenience to ranchers.
According to the Pioneer, the Grit
rally at Phoenix was very much of a
fi/./.le. Smith Curtis spoke so long
that the chairman had to ask him tn
stop and tlie meeting wound up with
cheers fur the Socialist.
"Sapphire Waltz," by C. Haker, is
one of the most tuneful of recent musical productions. Renders of this paper ean secure a copy bv sending 25
cents to the Theatrical Music Supply
Co., H west 28th street. New York.
Clarence Foley, eldest Ron of J. B.
Foley, arrived in Saturday night from
Vancouver, to spend the winter here,
in order to recuperate his health. He
hnd been severely injured recently in
a junior lacrosse match at New Westminster.
A ppended is a complete list of the various records registered atthe local registry office, H. P. Christie being raining
Nov 8—Happy Boy, 1st n f Lemon, I)
A Rosa.
12—Lanark, Springer creek, L A Tipping.
Nov ft— Document filed showing that
heir of late Gill Finkle had not taken
out miner's license for year, and his interest in Lady Franklin group reverts to
Young Bsar, Bright Light, Cub fr 1-12
Bob-o-Link 1-6, Lark %, J Welsh to A
M Rogers
-HI ,
This quaint c!d-r,*yle teapot is one whose popularity "age do'.h not stale."
With tint Slerlinir nilver
DIOKintir i.'S pn I ;u y mono.
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The Queen's
KATES:   S'.'.oo PKR HAT
First-elm-* Dining Koorn
Larpe and Comfortable Bedrooms
Sample rooms for Commercial Men
Nelson, B. C.
I-*-* **********
... i ne...
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
Headquarters for traveling men
Large, airy rooms
Best meals given  in  the town
HATKS - M per Amy ; with
sample room., 912..10. Npp-
rhil riatc-H to Mti'iiil v Imai'iliT.
Arthur Street, Slocan
J. A. Anderson
B&O0AH, B.C.
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
In the mutter of tlm Corporation of tlio City
of Sli'i'iin Tax Sale, I MM.
And In the matter of tlio "Municipal Clauses
Act" hihI amendments thereof.
SVVKK nolioo that a petition of Herbert David
Curtis, Collector of the Corporation of the
ty of Slocan, has been presented to this Honourable Court, to Confirm the salo of lands for
taxes, held by the said Corporation of the City
of Slocnn on the 2!ith and 2ilth days of July and
tlle 3rd day of August, 1904, under the Municiphl
Clauses Act mid amendments thereof, and that
the Oth day of llecember, A.D. IMU, at 10.30
o'clock in the forenoon, at the Court House, in
the City of Nelson, llritish Columbia, has been
appointed for the hearing of suid petition.
And further take notice that the following
lunds, in which yon appear to have an interest,
Recording to the assessment roll of the said Corporation, or tho books of the Land Registry Office, are a portion of tlm lands which were sold
for arrears of taxes at the said sulo and are included in the said petition: Lot 0, in lllock 11,
City of Sloean, heiuif a subdivision of Lot 292,
Oroup 1. West Kootenay District, of the Province of British Columbia.
And further tuke notice that unless,at the
time and place aforesaid, you show cause to the
contrary, the said sale will be continued as
prayed for iu said petition.
Daled at Slocan, B.C., this 28th day of October, A.D. I'M.
Solicitor for the Collector of the
Corporation of the City of Slocan
ToStem.a Hatlky.
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
Ir tlie matter pf tilt Corporation of the City
OfSlocan Tax Sale. 1001,
Ami in the matter of the ".Municipal Clauses
Act" and amendments thereof.
WAKE notion thai ■ petition of Herbert David
I   Curtis, Collector of tlis Corporation of ths
City of Slocnn, has been pres»nited to thi- Honourable ( ourt, to contiii.! the sale of lands foi'
laxe>, held by the saiil corporation of the cily
of Sli'i'.in on the 25th and ratll dnjs of July and
the 3rd day of August, lUot, under lhe Municipal
Ql.tu*ei Act and Amendments thereof, and lhat
the a: I, day of December, A.D. lew, at 111.311
o'clock iu the forenoon, at the court house, in
the rily of Nelson, llritish Columbia, has been
uppoinled tor lho bearing of said petition.
And further tako notice that the following
lands, iu which you appear to have an Interest,
ticcnr.liiiK to the assessment roll of the said corporation, or the books of the I.and Kiwis try Ofliee, are a portion of the lands which wero sold
for arrears of tnxcis al the said sale and aro included iu the said petition! Loin 1.1 anal 2li. in
lllock 2. city of Slooan. being a subdivision of
Lot 2'J'l. Group I. West Kootenay District, of the
Province of llritish Columbia.
And further take notice lhat unless, at the
time and place aforesaid, you show cause to the
contrary, tlie said sale will be continued as
prayed for in said petition.
Dated nl Slocan. li.C, this IStll day of October, A.D. KM.
Solicitor for the collector of the
corporation of the city of Slocan
To Thomas Lke Pftehh.
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
In the matter of tho corporation of tl.e city of
Slocan tax sale, I9W,
And in tho matter of tTie "Municipal Clauses
Act" and amendments thereof.
WAKE notice that a petition of Herbei t David
1. Curtis, collector of the corporation of the
city "f Slocan, has been presented to tbis honourable court, to confirm the sate of hums tor
taxes, held by tho said corporation of the city
of Slocan on tlm 2."it.i ani —lit li davs of July ami
the .inl day of August, 1901,under the Uunfeinal
Clauses Act and amendments thereof, and thai
the Oth day of December, A.D. I9W, at 10.30
o'clock iu the forenoon, at the court house in
the city of Nelson, llritish Columbia, uns boen
appointed for the hearini: of said petition.
And further take notice that lhe following
lands, in which you appear to have an inti re.-t.
according to the assessment roll of the said corporation, or the books of the Land Registry Otlice, are a portion of tlm lands which woro Hold
for arrears of taxes at the sal.! sale aud are included iu the said potitlom lot 13. in block if,
and lot tl, in block 5.1, city of Slocan. beings
subdivision of lot 292, group I, West KoStena)
district, of the province of llritish Columbia,
And further take notice that unless, at the
time and place aforesaid, you show cause to the
contrary, the said sail* will be confirmed as
prayed for in said petition.
Dated at Slocuu,B.C., this 28th day of October, A.I). 1901.
Solicitor for the collector of the
coriMiration of tho city of Slocan
Tn Wm. R. Roheiitson.
city or Slocnn. has been presented to this honourable court, to cnnlimi the sale of lands for
taxes, held hy the said corporation of the city
of SloojUl on iho '-."'t'i and &ith days of July and
the .'lid nay of August, Hid. under the Municipal
Clauses Act and amendments thereof, and that
theiiih day of December, A.ll. lutil, at in.no
o'ch ck In tlie forenoon, al the court house in
the city of Nelson, llritish Columbia, has beon
appoint ed for the hearing Of said petition.
And further lake nolice thai the following
lands, in which you appear to have an Interest,
according to the assessment roll of the said cor-
nori.iioi , or the books af ilie Land Registry Ofliee. are a portion of lhe lands which were sold
forarrears of taxes at lho said sale and are in-
olllded in the saiil pel il ion: lot 1(1. in block Is,
city of Slocau, boiiiM a subdivision of lot 202,
group I. West Kootenay district,!,! the province
of British Columbia.'
Ami furl her take notice that unless, at tbe
timo and place aforesaid, yon show cause lo the
conl mr.,. tho  said   sale   will   be confirmed, US
prayed for in said petition.
Dated nl Slocan, ll.C., this 28th day of October, A.D. UM.
Solicitor for the collector of the
corporation of the city of Slocau
To.s. H. Robinson.
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
In the matter of the corporation of the cily of
Slocan tax sale, 1901.
And in the matter of lhe "Municipal Cluusis
Act" and amendments I hereof.
fpAKE not ice that a petition of Herbert David
J. Curtis, collector of tke corporation of the
city of .Slocau, has been presented to this honourable court, to confirm the sale of lands for
taxes, held by the .-.aid corporal ion of the city
ofSlocan on tho 25th and Until days of July ami
tlio 3rd day of August.1901. under ihe Municipal
Clauses Act and amondmenU there,'I', and thai
thi'titii day of December, A.ll. UM. al 10..i
o'clock In the forenoon, at the court house in
the city of Nelson, British Columbia, hus been
appointed for the hearing of said petition,
And further lake notice that tbe following
land--, iu which you appear lo have an Interest,
according to the nsscssmoul roll of th • -aid corporal ion, or the books ol tin, Land Registry (If-
Ilia', are a portion of the lands which were sold
for arrear-of taxes at tlu said  -ah'nn.l arc   iu-
cludcd in tho said petition i lot 10, in block 18,
oity of si. it-ii ii, being u subdivision of lot 292,
group I. West Knoteiia,y district, of the pro
1 inc.- of British Columbia.
And further tnke notice that unless, at llu
timo and place aforesaid, you show cause to I be
contrary, the said sale will be confirmed, us
prayed for in said petition.
I lined m Slucun, li.i.. this 2Mb dav of October, A.D. 1901.
Solicitor for the collector of the
corpoi at ion of th*. citv of Slocau
To W. Wilson.
in the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
In the matter of the corporation of the oity of
Slocan tax sale, 1801.
And in the matter of the "Municipal Clauses
Act" and amendments thereof.
rliAKE notice that s petition of Herbert Davi i
J Curtis, collector of tho corporation ol tlie
oity of Slocau, has been presented lo this hon*
I ourable court, to conlirm  tbo sale of bin.-lot
taxes, held by tho sail corporate f the city
of Slocan ou the 25th and 26th days of July ana 4
the 3rd day of August, I'.UI. under the Municipal i I
Clauses Act und nuiendments thereof, aud that '. *
tho (Ith day of  December, A.D. 1901, at  lll,ai   *
according to ihc,,ss,.
jccoraing to sue assessment roll of ii     .     -
Poratlon. or tin. l„„,|,s„rt|„. |     ,'  " *;'>i<l 00,.
lice, are u purl of the land-      , ' '':l*''v (|(.
forurre,ys„f,aS1'.„,   the "i fd si e   „Wa*,re »»la
eudisliiTlhi. .aid. petition.*    ,ti i,'^"'I'te
l Uy of Slocan, h K  M   Bubdi •! 1   ' ,'""'k '"i
group I. We,t kootenay dtatrii     "A10'  WI
of British Columbia. u'"hl1" l'invi,r:
Ann mfiller lake notic  ||,.„  .....
inim and place,, ores„i,|, >,„,'!„   '   **' at l|„
conl tary, the   sat    sale   will I,        '"K"l"tli»
Prayed lor in x,i tltlon '' "'""<U
Hated ul Slocan, B.C., this ''Xll, ,1
SoHoltorfor  collectn, ,
to ani,,.™ w^,;,.'.1 r u"-<wsu,J!;n
In the Supreme Cou'rTS
British Columbia.
In the matter of the oorporatlon of th. •.
Slocan tax sale, 1901, " "" "ty of
And in the matter of the "Munich,,,! l'l
Aci   and amendments thereof,   '"'"""a
'PAKE iiiilicelhat a petition of I
'PAKE notice thai a petition of HorhnH n ,.
1 Curtis, collector of the c..,-,, ,„ '!avili
oity of Slocan, has bee,, Jr„(., ,,'"[,!.,l'°
ourable court, to oonflrm tho - l' l '}""•
taxes, held by the said corporation It tit* \?
of Sloe,,,, ,„, t he 2.*,th and 28 I, 1,7, ,1 'J m\
tho 3rd daj of August, Mil. untler I,.   i'"1"
Clauses Act and amend nts tl,,-    lf • ,'T1
I Im ml, duy  of December,  A.D   i'< 1        ,"'1
o clock in lhe foren 1, at  t|„. court'l,™.i. a"
the'ily.'f Nels llritish  Cnhml  ■   ,    lT'"
"i,.".'.,.i,",V.'.'.! tf''!: t!le,l"'".,'*'5"f?i'i"l.' li'i "11.     "
And further  lake  notice' that thnfiln.A-j
lands, in which you appear to I,,',e'„,  , ',mn«
according tu the assessment roll «(t|,. .  >   '■
poratlon, or tho books of tho Laud It.-^i't',\'V*.e"
'il-'"""" '"»•'".> fthe Land* which w-rJwfi
for arrears ol taxes at the said  ■ ,„-, are
eluded in the said pent,on: lot ai in l,l,,.L'
city of Slooan, being a lubdttrlshiu nf lot "ri'
group I. West Kootenay dlstrlct.of the nnV.iS
of British Columbia, P«"Ttaoe
And further tuke notico that ualna. -,, ,,
time and place aforesaid, yon show ", ,...',, !I
contrary, lhe ..lid sale will bo conllrmX
prate'l for ,n sa, 1 petition.
H.aie.l atjBlocan, B.C.,this 28th tlnyof Oclo.
Solicitor for the collector .,fi|,„
„   ., „   oorporatlon of tho city of a ,,„
To 1'a\mk RonasTsox,
**************** *****i***
Slocan, B. C.
Comfortablfi Uo'itiiH.   Satisfactory ♦
DiriTiig Room Service nnd the    t
Best nf  Evi rything  al llic  Bar. J
—«*• *
* *■******* + ******** * ****;**
o'clock iii the forenoon, at the court houso tn
the city of Nelson, llritish i olumbla, has be in
appointed for the hearing of suid peti Ion.
And further take notice  tlial   tho following
lands, in which you appear to havr an ii l irest,
according to tho assessment roll ol the  a, ; oor-
porati.ui. or the books of the J.atil lit'k'i'try I *f*^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| lice, are a portion of the lands whi, h wero sol i
1 for at rear- of taxes at tho said sale aud aro In*  •
clllili -.I in  tin* .v.nl   petklOtl! I". I'i'. in Woek IA    *»»,,*:,,_   *_ ria'mciiniitrii   nnnar
citj- of Slocuu, b.'iag a  subdivision  .„,.■:.:.   iijlilC tO DSj.IHQllCIllLO-OV.nCr
I group 1, NVost   Kootenay  district, of tho pro-
vim c ot li ii Udi (' ilumbin,
Aud further take notice thai  unless, nl   ;
time and placo aforesaid, you liowcau      i
contrary, ihe said  sale   *viil  he confirmed, a*
prujod (or in s;,id petition.
Dated at Slocau, ll.C., this 2Sth day >•.'.   I
her. A.D. mil.
S iliciUir for th ■ collector  >f the
corpora tion ol tbo city of Shicuo
To Tii.isi.is I!. '.u.uit'Tii. .^^B
To.Tolm.l, I'.milicl'l And J. M. MrGregor,
or in guy I'oi'so', or |H*rsiii > In »   mi
tiny   iti.iy I uvo Ir'wMiT ,',!  their  lev
ei.'il intercsti", in Whole or iii part, in
;',e illiiuk anil White Ih'iiuiy F's.-
tioilnl   iuiin " il  el.lim,   sililiitcil   near
tiie lie"! nf l.i'ninn ('''fi'l;. nial ret t'rilo'l
U_^_U_^_^_^_^*_\ llu* fnr the
In the Supreme Court of    uty minin« (Uvwion.
British Columbia. VoM »»-o horfi.yhmi«edthati»«•«
In the Supreme Court of British Columbia.
In thn matter <>f the corporation of tim city of
Sloctintitx -nl.*, lt<u|.
And in tho matter of t\\* "Municipal Clauvrs
Act and amendment* thareofi
'PAKK notice that a petition of Herbert David
1 Curtis, collector §& the corporation of the
cuy oftSlooan*) ban bean praaeuced t-i thin hon-
ourablo coortt to confirm tlm »nl**t»f lands for
taxedi held bj tho aaid corporation of tho city
of .siocHii uu the ffith and 2uth daji of July ami
tin* 8rd day of Au^uitt 1904, under the Municipal
Claueea Act and amendments thereof, ainl timf
thaflthday »f December, A.J). IDUi, ut \QJHi
o'clock in tin* forenoon, at the court house in
the city of Kelson, British Columbia, has bean
appointed fer tho hearing of ->ui»l petition.
And furthor take notice that tin* following
landii. in which you appear to have au Intereat,
according to the assessment roll of tlm -ai.i corporation, or the books of the hand Registry Office, t\r** a portion af the lands which wore sold
("or arrears of taxes at the .-ai'l sale and aro included in the said petition' lot ll, in block 12,
city of .Slocan, being n subdivision of lot 208,
group 1. West Kootenny distric.l.of the province
of llritish Columbia,
And further take notice that unless, at thr
time and place aforesaid, you show cause lo the
contrary, the said -ale will be confirmed a-
praveel for in said petition.
Dated at Slocan, B.C., this Uth day of October, .v.J). tool.
Solicitor for the collector of the
oorporatlon of the city of Blocan
To Roiifkt Smyth.
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
I,, the iiiritli*r of the enriitirulloii of the eily of
Slue,,,,   lux *-l«l«*. IIKla.
Ami in the mailer nf the "Municipal ClnilMi
Aot" unit Hiiieiuliii''iil i the lent.
'I'AKIC untie* thai a petition "f Herlierl Jluviil
1 Ourtu, oolloctor of the corporation of the
eity of Shieau, ha*, heet, prn.-eate<l to thla lion*
onnihil* enurt. In eonllr,n  ||,m sale of IfiQlla fo,
taies, held by the Kald corporation of tl Ity
Of HIwnii ou the L'-'ilh ami 31th 'lai' of .Inly ami
tha Iinl day ol Aiimi-I, 1001, under the Minor ina I
Clin,lies Act ami iiiueii.lixoiiti. ihurenf, and Iliul
the ml, ilny of December, A.H, IBM, ut I0.WI
o'clock in ihe forenoon,al tlia court liouaa ln
the city of Nelson. British Columbia, has  heen
appointed for the nearlaa of aaid petition.
And further take notice that thi fol lowing
lands, it, which you appear to have „,, Intereat,
according to the assessment roll of snid corpor*
(ition, or the hooks of the I.und Registry Office,
arc a portion of the lai,iis which were sold for
arrears of tuxes at the naitl kale anil are Included ill tha snid petition] hit I. in hlock 18, city of
Blocan. being a .subdivision of lot 892,groupl,
Went Kootenay district, of the province of iirii-
isi, Columbia,
And further tako notico thut unless, a I the
time mid plnen aforeiald, you show cuise to i j,,.
contrary, the .snid sale will lie coiillrmed, us
prayed for in said petition,
Hated at Slocan, li.l'.. thii 2S0i day of October, A.H. IWU.
H. R. JOHAN'll,
Solicitor for Hin oollnolor of the
corporation of lhe eity of Slocan
To Mourner (Iwnma.
noil n,iiii"'iil clilitn in oii!»r In
liohl »iiid clnini under tin* tiroviaioniol
tin' Min.'i.'il Act; ami if within UOrfivl
frnm ttifl ilu tu nl I Ilia notice ymi fail, nr
rpftiei', tn I'oniiil.iit"* vinir proportion ol
1110 : '"ll'i'llilltllic.lc'l'tlier Willi  ill COall
if Bilvertlcini*, your   interest*  in naid
 II i'llll<"''l    tO   III' exi'Pllilr'l   ilie «il'H of  H
linn'lrcd nn'l tvodollari and fifty cfnli
In thn matter of the c irporati in of tlie eil i ..l I in In1';"* «•««■ iiii|irnvt'mi*iiti« on tlietkOM
Slo. au tax -al.', 1U11. J tnepti
And In the matter of tho "Municipal I Uu
Act" ami tvuie ud men ts thereof,
fliAKE notice that a petition of Herbert Davi I
1 ('-irtis. collector ol the cornonuiou ol tltc
oity of Slocnn, hai been pri muled io i i I, ,n
ourablo cnurt, to oonflrm the sale of laud.1, i".
taxi", led I hv the —i til corporation ol Uie eil
of Slocan on the -*>tii and lltltli days of July nidi'," r        .",, ",'"**' ' " *'.i." .    «f il,«
their i day of Vugti-i. |got,iin I ort In iM uni    .    ulnitii   mil hwnmo ln« pni|a>ity ti iii«
Clauses Act nnd amendmeut-H th rcnf.audl ial   s. i;! i-«-i-i 1,.- r    uniler  WHition 4 of an Act
SS;:;1;:,;'^:;1::^ ,:,•'';.:'';,.•a'.1,; ■ 7.«iti-*.i •.AHA,'tu,a...e,..itheMim.r.i
the city of Nelson, British Columbia, has bonu Act, 1900."
appointed for the hearing of said petition, Ild tod :it Slnciin. l',.C, lliia*1 3rd nny cl
.■ind further take  notico  that tho following f)p.nu_.    i    i,  .nrtj
lauds, in wliich you appeur to havo un   . ,   ■ ;. _       ,   '' ***•       "'*•     .,,,,....,. .,-,-y
aciiirdiiig to the assessment roll of the said co« 7-i)-04 r.KIl   1.1."in.' ■>•
' poratlon, or the books ot thc Lund ,;. .-i -;\ Ol
t^r^^.u .,.'•':,; ■s I'fi';.;.a , t • Notice to DeiinqueaiCo-ov/ner
eluded in the said  petition: lol I), in block "•*, 	
city of Slocuu, beliiR u  subdivision of lot SC.
irrnupl. West Kootnuny dlstrlct.of the province  1*0 Klmor .1    Felt   or  tn nnv  person or
rf'mi;,;rii;i'!:i'i;r; -..,:..„ „„,e,„ s r>™*<v m,"'m,BV '::';;;'
I timo and place aforeaiiid. you show cpnso t«i the I     f.Ti*«*n In" internet, in wllOlP or in pari,
ooutrary, the -aid ^nlr will Im confirmed,
prayed for In saial petition.
Duted at Slocan, B.C., this :>:h day of October,  A.H.  Ill-d.
.Solicitor for tho collector of tlir
corporation of the iii roi
T" •iXNIK Danaoii.
in  ilu*  Skylnrk  mid   Uaiuier ininenii
i'lniina.sitii'iiu*d lii*twi*en the ll'ft north
fork ol l."iniiticii'i'k nml Ihiytniic k
nml rerunled In 11■ -* Sloi'ini !'■>■•'   "i;"'
iiit* diviaion of U'cet K"nt imv d'iilricl i
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Yiiti       i,t"i'i,v notified lhat r,No«h
In the Supreme Court of F-McNuueiit,k.M.c. No. iwsirj.imw
■l*>,,,,,,,,' j expcmli-'l tl.e sum of two luimin*'! nnfl
live (lollnra in labor ttnd  iteneral   iw*
i provetnenia upon tlia nlaivo ini'iitioiifj
  IcIniiiiH,   in ,,,'li'r   to  Iml'! -.ii'!   inircnd
In the matter of tho corporation of the oity of I clniini liniU'r tlio lirnvis on* of the ^i'1"
ml Act, nnd if within '-';i dny*ll"'" ,,'L'
British Columbia.
Sloe,,,, lux sale, l.i 4.
Acln'!::in;u,^m;;,,!f„:!:;;;;?1 ,palclBu • ^"J^notis >•;;„ fmuntm*
riiAKE nolle, that a petition of Herbert florid   fionlrjlititO your proportion ol inch";
I Curtis, collci tor of the corporation of th   , POnililltro, togellior   v\ ill, all "< I- " ■'"
ity of Slocan, has I n presented to this hon.   vortiaiim,   your  llltorait 111   wid  'l:""1"
II r.i lil>* court. In  .*< in 1 i ina   ll,,.   *al». i.f latil    fill*    ...Ill    t .1 .  .      ,   il...   hli h-
lies, hold by thn   aid,.,,,,,, ■ofthecit     *il1l, "'■",HI,"   '1|"   l:'"!"'">   "   ,,,a.,""l
f Blocan on the J.'.il, and alth days of Jnlir anil   'cribor, Under  KOtlon rourolfli   ' ■    .
|e srd day of .\umist, i«», iindfrtlinMnnielpnl | titled "An Aot to ninciiil lho Minertl
Ity of Slocan, has I t, presented "to tiiis'hon-1 vertiainil,   vour  interest III   Mid clOllM
ourahl,. conrl. It,  etiiifiin,   Ihi*   salcoflanil    ,..!■'..',,    , '       .1 . t   ilia   suh-
tuxes, hold bi ilm sai.l ,'.„',a„n,ii„„ „"ii»a,i" I *"}. "ecomo   the  properly Of lh" M"
I 111     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ChlllM'- Acl uml lltneitillitelils   lllerenf, all.I ihlltl	
Ihel.lh    day    nf    I li C'llih-r.     \.|l.    T.ll    a,   HI     ,:''",'•   ' '""'' aaattHaaaaaaaaaaal ,     Id.li
il clonk 111 the i ioon.pl  Die court liuiisn In       I'.'iteil tins l.'ltli ihiv of   AUJIUt, IW'
""""y"f^N""' ,,ri,i !l "' ";hi"'1"" '"■'•"| ni.s.ii'1 M..M1 F. Mi SAUOHT
tli,*l   lhe I'tillowittH
nppulnlml ft., tin hem In , •.,   aid n, | li ion
And fiirlher lake   il   '
.mil iiiniier ial,"                 llial   Ilie tnllowlUK I l^^^^^M intC
lands, in which you appear to hnvi nu Interest,   CarliflC'iiP  fif     Irtl Pt*fJ VCIil*-"'-'
Hccordlnfftot.honwi*ssni('iil roll oft aid cor-   *UClUiU»*lC  til     llll^l'"
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia.
In t.ho mntter of lhe corporation of the cily of
BlOOan tnx snle, I'.KII,
And In tbo matter of the "Municipal Clouiei
Act" and nm, uilinenls thereof.
'I'AK i: notico ihnt n petition of Herbert David
1    Curtis, collector of tho corporation of the
r the li.iok- of the I..,nil llegislry (If ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_
lice, are a purl ion of , he la,",- which wur., sold . , p   r.il'ts-
for arroars of taxes nt tin    nld sale and nre In    I WONDKU, Al'M'l.l'., AIMS   Hi ""
eluded in lha said pntllinui lot 0, In hank it.,.
oity of Slocan, boing n  uibdivlslon ol I, I  211
i;roup l. \\ est Kootenaj ttistrlct,of the tirovlncc
of llritish (t.i hi,,.
And further take nolice thai unlo i, nl the
tlmn nud place nforcsnid,you -how cause t" the
contrary, lhe   saiil   -.ale   will   he OOlllimicd, ns
prayed for In suid pel ii ion.
Dated at Blocan, B.C., this 2Hth dny ofdcio.
her. A.ll. 1901,
Solicitor for ile- collector of the
corporal ton of the city of Bloi an
To CliABA Hauni.iov.
VILLR, lill.nMK,   AlKiIK.  AlaFOKDi
Ma vi "i \ Kim th i.s* a i.. A B •*
T'i: \i TlnN M„ Sl l.'VI.V Fl.' ICTIOlf*
ai„ Mavkim. I'.ll.nMK F'lM' ii"s''
M„ Fl.VI'.'n'!'...\l.'!('l.!'. PBACTOSAli.
wn Alqiek8 Mineral Cm wa
in the Supreme Court  of
British Columbia.
In the matter of the oorporatlon of tha oity of
Slocan lax sale, I'.ml.
Ami in Ihe mailer of Ihe  •'Municipal CUnies
Aot  and amandmnnts thoroof,
fliAKB notice thai a patti Inn of Herbftrl DavM
1    Curtis, collector of the corporation oj  the
eily of Slocan, has  hee,,  pn ,,l-l lo I hi- luu,.
ourablo court, to confirm thnsnleof lands for
taxes, hold bj ihe sail corporation of iin citj
id Sloean oi, Ihu 'J.'.th and "''all, days of Julv lind
11,-.'inl day of A,must. I'.kii, undertlinMunicipal
Clauses Act and nmondmnnts Ihnreof, and ihei
the Oth day of Dncember, A.D, lull, nl iii„'iii|
o'clock In il,,. foreuoi,n, ai thn courthouse In
the city of Nelson, llritish Columbia, has boon
appointed for the hearlna of snld pqtitlon,
And furthor lake  notice  thnl   thn following
I"nds, ii, which you appear to have an Interest,
Siitiuti-in the Slocan City MlninB D}»J
so,n ot West Kootenay '.",'*.""'•
Where located:- Ai head ol I.""1**
rae ceek, nenr Ottawa Mine.
TAKE NOTICE that f, William Al«-
iiiiiler Maedonald, free ralnorf *-*»r"n
ciiti. No liHiTiiii; acting ai ni!''"1 ,
A. 1!. Coleman, Iree miner'i cerim
cnto No B648U1, intend, fixly d".'n
li'iuii tlie
Ilie   Mini
.jfHHUl.   _____________
.date   hereof,  In    »l'l'v    "
 .,«   Recorder   or   «'<-'«''"a 'H
,,f    nnprnvi'iui'iiiH.   fur   the   purpo»
ofohtainlng Crown Granta ol tne am
clainia, , ,    .,;,,„
And further take notico Unit w«10"J
under lection 37, ninut ho commenw
liel'ore the IsBUHIlCO ofiUCU COrtinCBiei
improvements. ,      ,0.|.i


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