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The Slocan Drill 1904-04-01

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VOL. V., Ne* li
SLOCAN,   B,   C,   APRIL   1,   1004.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
LADIES, what about Whitewear ? A
few of the lines we carry you will see in
our window; come inside and you will
see more. We will sell more cheaply
than Eastern houses, and can give you
a splendid range to choose from. DO
NOT DELAY.      *      *      (      f      f
W. T. Shatford & Co.
Is reached by any trail er road
that£runs3into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. fl. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
Thia DOPUlar hotel is convenient to the boats ««d trains.    The dining room
i .UiWup toVate while the bar is supplied with the best in tho market.
Travelling men. usingSample Rooms, $2.50per [In"
heut Sample Rooms, $2; board gpenffcekMneai
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Buy a pair of SLATER SHOES
ami wear that satisfied Bmile you
set- on that man going down the
street. |10 WORTH OF COMFORT for $4, 85 mid •?-r>-r,t)* A
full line of Ladies' and Children's Shoes have been re6ei?ed>
A pair of those
Ladies' French
Heel Slippers
at $3.50
is what  TOU  need   for the Ball,
'•$***••.<M,KNT HOI.I.  IS tll-visi,l> ANI>
Jan 1 r
Two loiiloni of the Beard urn Hald—Ei-
tliuntcia Uruuglit In by tilt, I'oiiiinltl -..*
—Tax I.bvj* llvluw lo lio I'liNaeil and
Tnvct I (illirtcil at Onoe.
Those present at Monday night's
meeting of the city council won-:
Mayor McNeish, Aid. Smith, Madden
und Teeter.
The assessment roll for the yoar was
reported revised and signed) and was
duly accepted.
Bills presented: H. I). Curtis, to
registrar ut Nelson for abstracts, S10;
same, postage on assessment notices,
|S.   Ordered paid.
Fiaaoce committee Beported in favor of bills amounting to $5. Accept-
ed and ordered paid.
Aid. Madden, for the health committee, reported that Charles Liebel
had been given a cord of wood and S">
worth of provisions. Report accepted.
The mayor spoke of tho necessity of
passing a tax rate bylaw at,onoe and
recommended adjourning the meeting
till Wednesday night,to permit of the
several committees bringing in their
estimates of expenditures. The debenture money would also have to be
paid and he wanted an order drawn
for same.
Moved by Aid. Smith and Madden
that a voucher be drawn for $1000 to
pay the first instalment on the debenture debt,   Carried.
Letter read from J. Wafer and J,
I). O'Neil, as trustees of the Roman
Catholic church, asking change in as-
sment of church
from Frank
Fletcher; also for refund of taxes on
same for 1908.   Lai i over to ascertain
amount of taxes paid.
Adjournal to Wednesday night.
Wednesday'! KeottUf.
The same gallant quartette of city
dads was present, The various committees handed in th- ir estimates us
follows; School board, expenditure.-,
$1850; school grant from government.
Sll'.io; to pome [rem r.ty. S655. Finance comtttittea, expenditures of citv
for vear. Sf)435; reve ni" from liei uses,
etc..'.*:.,'.!'.'.»: required from taxes,S2-140.
Hoard of works, included in above, for
work ou Springer creek, and general
n pairs, $1250.
It was agreod,nfter much discussion
and figuring, that the tax levy foi'
1904 should bo 20 mills, being 7 mills
for debentures, 1 mill l<>r health, 2
mills for school, 10 mills g, ueral. The
levy is five mills less than last yoar,
Aid. Smith gave notico ol iyi oduc
iug a tax rate bylaw  at next mei I mis'-
Aid .Teeter and Madden moved lhat
the dat.- for tho rebut, on taxes be •'.
for July 1.    Carried.
J. Wafei wrote, askin;.' refund ol
?7.i)0 taxes on Catholic church pro-
perty.   Order made for refund.
Council adjourned.
week, the following officers were appointed: President, Duncan Ross, of
Greenwood; vice president, J, Tinner,
Nelson; secretary-treasurer, F. Simp-
son, Cranbrook; executive committee,
R, D. Ker, Greenwood; W. Clement,
Grand Forks; Dr. Kerr, Kossland; A.
J. Campbell, Ymir; F. J. Deane, Nelson; B. A. Ilaggon, Revelstoke; D. S.
McVannel, Sloean; John Keen, Kaslo;
J. F, Hutchcroft, Cranbrook; Fred
Stork, Fernie; W. (1 Wells, Columbia;
W, J. Snodgrass, Siinilkameen.
Till: 1.KGAI. B0HDBD.
Operator*of Chapleau Secure rromiHlnc
Gold   Propvrtjr.
About the only deal of any prominence that has lieen put through in
the camp in u year or more was effected on Friday last, when the Legal
claim, situated on the first north fork
of Lemon creek,  was  turned over to
F. Savage, for the operators of the
Chapleau, The deal was put through
by E, Bailey and runs for 12 months,
payments jailing due every three
months. A provision is also included
for taking up the bond in three
months by the pavmont of cash at a
reduced figure. The sum involved i.s
a substantial one and the deal is a
strictly bona fide transaction.
The Legal is owned by A. R. Bolderston and W. S. Johnson, who have
spent many thousands of dollars on it
in development. It is a genuine free
gold proposition, the vein averaging
at all points $35 io the ton, Two long
tunnels have been driven, and the surface ore chute is exposed in each.
Last yeur the vein was caught on the
other side of the hill ami shows four
feot of gold quartz, over several hundred feet of ground)
The bonded property is not mote
than two miles from the Chapleau
mill, and its product will prove a valuable addition to the Chapleau reserves. Mr. Savage Is much impressed
with his new holding.
Both of these papers have rendered
the localities in which thoy are published services of Incalculable value.
Thev havo Ixith experienced the usual
good and bad fortune common to papers published in new and sparsely
populated districts. Iii spite of periods of depression, when ads wore few
and poorly paid for, they have weathered the storms nnd today, let us
hope, they are entering upon a long
period of well deserved popularity.
Very Ken- Change* Mado la the Aaiean-
•ueut Roll.
Tho municipal court of revision met
ou Monday, to adjudicate on the eom-
plnints made aguinst the assessment
roll. These were not many, and the
majority, being on the point of overvaluation, were not acceded to. A
number of wrong addresses and entries were corrected, and it did not
take long to dispose of the balance.
The complaints were:
James Tattersall, lots 7 and S.block
27; too high.   Not allowed.
J. H. Howarth, east 21) feet of lot
10, block 1; too high.   Not allowed.
I.O.O.F., lot 8, block A; too high.
Improvements reduced to $2(K).
K. Roberts, lot 4, block 13, and lot
10, block 23; too high.   Not allowed.
R. T. Riley, lots 9 and 10, block 42,
and lots 1 and 2, block 2f>; too high.
Not allowed.
M. McCallum, lot 18, block 2; no
improvements.   Allowed.
H. B. Scott, lots 8 and 7, in block
22, and lots 11, IG and 17, block 23;
loo "high.   Not'allowed.
D. D. Robertson, lot 8, block 13; too
high.   Not allowed.
W. N. Gallop, lot 17, block 12; too
high.   Not allowed.
Catholic church, lots 14 and 16, in
block 23; wrong owner. Assessment
changed from Frank Fletcher.
O, a. Lumber Co., block F. Land
raised to $-101)0 and improvements to
Ladysmith and Cranbrook avo Iwth
seeking incorporation.
G. W. Grimmett, Sandon's leading
A.-('id,*lll:ll Sll-noting.
A shooting accid mt occurred in the
suburb of Brandon on Tuesday evening that cam-- within an ace of having
serious results. Billy C-olterill undertook to shoot a cat in the house with a j jeweler, is quitting that burg,
■li calibre revolver, but the gun w-mt
oS quicker than he expected and he
shot Mrs.-Cottorill instead. She was
Bitting on a chair, with one leg resting
.rn the other, and tli,' bullet passed
through th-- calf of the right le.-,' and
inl i tie- left thigh just above '.he knee,
ll entered the thigh in a slanting direction.passed clean through lhe bone,
and is now lodged somewhere in the
flesh. Dr. Cade was immediately
summoned and probed fur the bullet.
but it has not vet been located. Very
little blood came from the wounds,
and the patient is not Buffering much
pain, though it will be tome time Ix*-
fore slu- is able to In* around. An inch
or two i Ithor way and the result would
have been s-ei ions.
can Ik* made by Wearing
onr of the	
Stylish Suits
made from the best imported Worsteds. SergesJ
or TW6edi,a consignment
of which has just been
received for winter trade.
Work, Fit  and Finish ^j
are guaranteed) ft»J
K A Few Lines of Gents'  Furnishing, S
■£■ tiro still left from tin* stock af  the Inte A. m
?» David and they must be sold off at once. «j<
ni*5 .. .   ua^
H H. A. CLEVE, Main Street, Slocan, B.C *js
if* Store:  Next door to I'ostollice, ryi
min>;(HVm:i:v MUMOKIA.T..
The Silver-Lead Mineowners1 Association have drawu up a loug mi mor*
ial to the Domini, i. government on
tho bounty questi m,a id have r ->|nested them to take such action as will
permit:  -
(a) The Canadian lead smelters at
present operating, to export such stir-
pins i-ie under the benefits of the
Bounty Act. fora period commencing
April i. 1904. to terminate June 80,
I905,provideu that the amount nf lead
iu ore so exported shall not exceed
11 000 tons of 2-'-<H) lbs. per annum,
ib) The producers of said ore to
receive tie- full benefit of the bouuty,
provided a sulliei -ut amount remains
available after the producers of lead
ores both mined and smelted in Canada have received tie-bounty t>> whieh
thev an- BOW entitled at tin- full rate
of $15 per tOtt! otherwise at such reduced rate per ton as will absorb the
unearned balance.
Ymi-,l Iniprovetnaota.
Il is   the   purpOSOOf   the  C.l'.li. to
mnke considerable Improvements in
the local switching yards this summer,
The platform being tie- frelghl shed
is to be taken up and the spac • tilled
Iii with gravel, faced on th-' water's
edge with cribbing. Tic- trestle work
at. th-* back of tic- Arlington is nlso to
I be lilled in, together with tie- trestle
siding running alongside the freight
'shed. The stream running through
th.- grounds facing the station will ne
Bumed, covered over with earth and
seeded down, The main track leading
tn the station will be raised and bah
lasted, and all grades as much na possible eliminated, A steam shove] will
ba brought in. lie* required ti 111n-_r be
Ing secured From cloi i tothe Y. An
appropriation of $6000 hai been made
for the wor!;. so it wil1 give some stir
to the town tor a while,
[•Ibornli Mleoi Oflleeri.
At th-- annual convention nf tie- Interior Liberals,, held in Rowland las!
Opti.m on Mnypttii Group.
Last week Fred Carlisle gave a*.*,
notion to purchase the Mayetta group
to A, B. Coleman, of Pittsburg, Pa.,
om* of the owners of ,the Ottawa.
The option run- till August, but the
purchase price is withheld. The group
adjoins the Ottawa on the north imd
consists of the Flyette, Alma B, May
etta, Ariel*. Louisville, Biloxie and
Biloxie fraction claims.
billed ui tin* i.<*
John Carlson, aged 24, broke his
neck at the Le Roi mine, Kossland, on
Saturday. He was employed on the
timber gang at the 100 foot level and
stepped into an ore chute connecting
with the 800 foot level. Whan found
at the foot of the chute be was dying.
He came originally from the Coaur
d'Alenes and had only been married
two months. IVnntt.l.
Mrs. I). II. McLean.of 594 Balmoral
street, Winnipeg, is very de-irocs of
hearing from her brother, Alex. !•'.
McKinnon, whom she last heard of ss
working for Wm. Koch, on Ten Mile,
Letters to him have been returned
from the dead letter office In Vancouver, Mr. Koch knows nothing of the
missing man.
Kenning in a Month.
Half a dozen men are employed at
the Chapleau and are rapidly getting
things Into condition. The tramway
and mill are being overhauled, and
Manager Savage expects to have the
plant iu operation   before  the  end ol
April.   Ile is also anticipating a vlsll
from his principals about the lUlh of
the month,
A hive of the Ladies of the Mncca-
bees has lieen organised in Nelson.
The mill tug brought in another
boom of logs yesterday from tho head
of the lake.
Spring has lieen the most backward
in years, but the snow has been going
lively this week.
W. Koch is shipping a large quantity Of lumber from Ten Mile through
here to the Northwest.
Last month's money order business
at the local express otlice was three
times greater than in March of a yesr
The Methodist Ministerial As«ocia-
tion of Winnipeg favors the union of
their ohurch with the Congregational*
isls and Presbyterians.
Mr.. Agnes McDonald, widow of the
iate Scott .McDonald, was married last
tve k in Spokane to ber brother-in-law,
Capt. Dennis McDonald. She Is worth
Joe llaimliu returned from Ymir
on Monday, but left next day for his
old home ■in St. Gustine, Que., being
summoned to the deathbed of his
mother. He had a brother die two'
weoks ago.
Moments, a monthly journal published in New Denver by H. Walker.
has appeared for the last time in the
Lucerne. Col. Lbwery would stand
no longer for two mighty journals to
isMir from his office, so Moments has
had to move on.
Sniiithci-cil In ('•nl.
A fatal accident occurred at Michel
bu-t Thursday. Vloenzo Carbono, nn
Italian, employed at the coal slack
bins, was sucked into the immense
hopper which filled the coke oven cars
below, l'efore anything could be done
about It) tons of slack and coal came
on him- The bin was quickly opened
from In-low. but the unfortunate ma.i
wa> dead when taken out.
substantiIt, showing made by
this division.
I.rkI Trail-'• Slalpm«nt,n Wrra 1:!.'!» Ton*—
A Iliul I li.v l.vl.l.-ii,«. at thn I.Iff and
W«i»llh of the Cuinp -IMtHwn Ih tli*
BlggcUBhlppor. »
Ore shipments thia week consisted
of 4-1 tons from the Ottawa, making
four carloads from that property for
March. The Ottawa has assumed the
top of the list as the leading shipper,
having 173 tons to its credit. Any
more ore going out now will be has-
died with the greatest difficulty, owing to the roads breaking up. Total
output to date 130 tous.
For l'.KUl the ore shipments from
the local division amounted lo 1339
tons, mnde up from 17 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise  160
Ottawa     44 m
Neepiiwu '... Iti
Port Hop*  7
I'.eputilk.  32
Black Prince  -35
Sapphire  %
Argentite  6
Black Fel  2
44 -:30
fbeDrill's Worth Reoognliad.
Nelson News:   Two of  oui* contein
poraries have recently celebrated their
anniversaries.   The Slogan Drill has
entered upon   its  lifth  year, and  the
siiva.r Quotation!
Following are the qitotat
ons for bai
silver on the various days
during tin
week since last issue:
oli   cents
5M    "
551    "
55|    "
55|    "
55|    -■
Valval t« Itotnnn*.
Good news  came  to Kossland  this
week, in that the announcement was
made that the  Velvet and   I'oi'tland
mines, on  Sophie  mountain, were  to
reiume operations.   Wm. Thompson
will be the consulting engineer and
A. c. Larson will be in charge of the
Herald upon its si veuth.1 mines.
Sandon mines last week shipped
259 tons of ore.
Rossland mines last week handled
(J%(J tous of ore.
There is 15 feet of snoW on the level
at the Bank of England.
To date the Sandon mines have
shipped 3293 tous of ore. .
Operations are to be resumed at the
Alamo concentrator today.
Last week the. Pavne shipped 100
tons of zinc to Antwerp, Belgium.
The Ottawa succeeded in sending
dut four carloads of ore in March. I
The Le Roi smelter, at Northport,
has been shut down for repairs and
Last week tho crosscut of the Port
Hope was in 85 feet, but had not tapped the ledge.
Last Saturday a carload of iron ore
from the Payne passed through to the
Nelson smelter.
The lessees of the Black Prince will
prosecute development aud ship uo
more ore till the suow goes.
Boundary mines had an output last
week of 16,"778 tons, lx*ing 200,000 tons
to date iiud valued at .?i,000,000.
The lessees of tho Alberta havo
ceased work. They expect to. send
out two-thirds of a car of ore in u few
During February the Arlington, at
Erie, dripped 229 tons of oiv.on which
the net profits over mining were ?(5,-
A strong effort is being made to
straighten out the affairs of the Enterprise, with a view to resurtiing operations.
Al Teeter has purchased from -Jol.n
Skinner a third interest in the Federal
claim, on Lemon creek. It was formerly the Golden Wedge.
Acting under orders from England,
the Wakefield shut down Saturday,
throwing lo men out of work. Some
of theni canio on down here.
An encouraging streak of clean
galena was encountered in a crosscut
from the long tunnel on the Triuno
group. Springer creek, on Saturday.
So soon as the snow goes off buildings will lx' erected on the Club group,
adjoining the Republic, and develop*
ment commenced with B view to shipping-       	
iimm-iiarr of Registered Mali.
Commencing with Monday last a
new postal regulation went into .effect
in Canada,permitting theintraranfee of
registered mail. Iuland registered
letters, posted at and addressed to a
postofiico in Canada, may be insured
against loss for amounts not exceeding
126, on payment of the following fees,
in addition to the full postage and
registered charges: 8 cents for ?1(); 4
cents for $1">; o cents for $20; ti cents
for S2.">. Letters tendered for insurance must be enclosed in strong envelopes or covers, and properly sealed
with gum or wax. No letter Will be
accepted fqr registration or insurance
if il seems possible to get at the contents without either breaking the seals
or tearing the cover. Coins, articles
of gold and silver, precious stones,
jewelry and other articles of value
'must 'be enclosed in a sufficiently
strong box to be put up in accordance
with directions furnished by the postmaster.
The public school is closed today.
■■ _Bobw<ser a-x a
mjTc ie n t
He Resolves to Settle All the Discussion About Grasshoppers  and  Mzvkey  &  Trip   to the  Country at w
[Copyright, WOS. by C. B. Lewis.]
THERE was a look of dignity
and importance on Mr. Bowser's face as he reached homo
the other evening, but beforo
Mrs. Bowser had bad tin* to question
him he somewhat patronizingly observed:
"I'd like dinner right away, as I
shall be out this evening ln the interests of science."
"You are not going to sit out ln the
yard all night to see bow much tho
sunflowers grow, are you?" she asked.
"When I propose to make a fool of
myself I will send you a postal card!"
"Then what ls It?"
He was huffed and refused to answer
nntil after dinner.   Then, as he was
getting ready to go out, he said:
"It may be close upon midnight before I return, and you needn't sit up.
I shall go out Into the country for at
least two miles, and shall pass an bour
or two ln some meadow."
"But what ls lt all about?" she aslted.
"If I hurt your feelings ln speaking
about tiie sunflowers 1 beg your pardon."
"Well, a dispute has arisen between
naturalists over tho grasshopper. One
faction contends that lie does not sleep
et night, the other thnt he ls a sound
sleeper. One faction contends that his
long hind legs are merely for ornament,
the other that they arc used to jump
with. I hare been asked by our club to
Investigate and report on the matter."
"Are yon sure that lt ls not a joke
of some kind?"
"Joke? Joke? Who would attempt
to joke with me on such n subject?"
"But we all know thut every living
thing must sleep, and as for the grasshopper's hind legs, of course he uses
them to jump with."
"My dear woman, you are taking tho
same ground as one faction does and
proving that the matter ought to be settled without delay. I go out unprejudiced. I go to Investigate and report."
"Well, I hope you won't come home
mad at me," abe sighed.
"What nonsense!" be exclaimed.
"What have you got to do with a grasshopper's hind legs? Why should I
come home mad at you? Don't talk
like a schoolgirl. By this time tomorrow the world will know tbe grasshopper as he is, and tha name of Bowser
will be spoken ln every language
known to man. I'm off to Investigate."
Mrs. Bowser and the cat watched him
from the front door until be was lost
ln tbe darkness of evening, and then
both sighed and turned away. She
went ln to pick up a book and become
Interested, and the cat found her way
to the back yard to engage ln three or
four scraps and come out victor every
Ume.   Mr. Bowser might bave heard
Elaborate Black Gowns—The Seaaon
of the Taffeta lint.
Black cloth street gowns aro mado
up with much fringe and applications
of dyed lace over white satin foundations. They ore ulso trimmed with
ruchlngs of bins chiffon velvet nnd
fagotings of heavy black silk showing
the white foundation.
Black chiffon gowns lined with net
are trimmed with applications of sil*
opens one eye nt intervnls, as If watcn-
ing out fer enemies. I am now about
to poke him up ln order to get a line
on his hind legs.
"Mem. No. 2. I have poked. As I
poked he jumped, and as be jumped It
seemed to me that he only made use of
his right hind leg. If tbls be so then
a three legged grasshopper^ would answer every purpose. I shall Investigate
"Mem. No. 8. Have found another
hopper, and he seems to be wide awake.
It may be that my approach aroused
him.   Later on he will be poked.
"Mem. No. 4. I poked and be jumped.
I am not at all satisfied with wbnt I
saw. He seemed only to use bis front
legs to jump and to use his hind ones
to kick out with after he was in the
air. It may be tbat his hind feet are
bis defense, same as a mule's. It Is a
question never discussed before, and
tha honor of solving lt will belong to
"Mem. No. 6. I have cornered nn
old socker of I hopper under a burdock
leaf, and lt ls my opinion that be is
sound asleep. I have tickled him with
a straw and he has humped his back
as If having an attack of nlghtmnre. I
am going to give him a sudden jab and
keep my eyes on his hind legs. Oue of
the most Important questions ln natural science is on tbe point of being
"Mem. No. 6. I poked and"—
And that was all. Tbe farmer wbo
had taken him for an anarchist bad
kept an eye on him, as he said he
would, nnd after seeing him climb the
fence had hurried on and got his sons,
Jim and Bill, to go back with blm.
They found Mr. Bowser lying In tbe
meadow on hla stomach, and tbe first
tblng he knew of their presence they
had laid hands on him and were walloping blm about with uncalled for
energy. He tried to explain, but the
farmer Interrupted him with:
"Go ln, Jim; go for him, Bill! Durn
his hide, but we'll give him all the
bomb blzness he wants before be ls
through with us!"
"You fools, my name is Bowser!" he
"I don't keer whether It's Bowser or
Towser," shouted the farmer ln return, "but I know you won't burn any
barns for me!"
Mr. Bowser fought back, but three to
one ls big odds. They ripped the collar off his coat, tore all the buttons off
his vest and rolled him over and over
and threw him over the fence, and
when he had gathered himself up be
looked like a tramp who had been carried across the country by a cyclone.
The three men sat on tbe fence and
watched, until he had limped out of
sight, and they only Jeered when be
Colore!   Bunker
He Has Always Sought to Maintain v..
Proper Dignity.
HAVE nlways contended, sub,"
said Colonel Bunker as ho got
his chair titled bnck to tho
proper angle—"I have always
contended thnt a man should maintain his dignity umler nil circumstances, nmi In enrrying out this idea
1 have had lo resort to the code on
several occasions. Previous to my little affair with Mr. Dnvld Bertram,
which occurred ln this stnto thirty
yeara ago, dignity nnd the mulo were
considered as wide apart ns the poles.
Since then they hnvo gone hand in
band.   I will relate tlio incident.
"As a member of the lcglslnture I
had n certain dignity to mnintnin.   As
ver embroidery and bunches of silk
popples In blnck and palest green.
The skirts of these chiffon evening
gowns nre made very full, with mnny
narrow rutllings, and tbe short sleeves
are also made of thc same small ruf-
A gown recently seen was of black
chnntilly having a shirred skirt nnd a
waist trimmed with tiny black silk
rosebuds and their leaves nnd a wide
belt and applications of dull green
chiffon velvet.
Taffeta hats are now being worn,
and they will continue the vogue until
straw takes their place. They aro
mostly shirred in bands held together
by coarse Ince or chiffon gauglngs.
The picture shows n plain taffeta hat
trimmed with a twist of tulle and a
long black ostrich feather.
Flamed  Hat* Are Good  investments.
Entire Clowns Mnile of Lace.
A plumed hat is about the best millinery Investment any woman can
Elbow sleeves continue to bo most
popular for evening wenr, but they are
of a most fancy description, trimmed
with many ruffles and ruchlngs and
even decorated with tabs and ends of
narrow velvet or flowered ribbon.
Entire gowns of ecru Ince never go
out of fashion, und they nre nlways
easy to remodel in a dozen different
Spangled tulle over pale colored satin
mnkes a delightfully dainty evening
gown, although it Is decidedly perishable.
There ls also a revival of pnle colored
brocades, but these are more suitable
something nbout grasshoppers nt tne
corner drug store or the family butcher's, but he decided to go to the fountain head, the country pasture.
He must have looked like a mnn with
a mission, for he had hardly bonrded
the car when n fellow pnssenger moved
nearer to him and Inquired:
"Have you got anything very tremendous on your mind, neighbor?"
"What do you menu, sir?" stiffly demanded Mr. Bowser.
"Why, you look to me as if you were
goln' somewhere to buy a new milk
-sow or to tear up an acre or two of
"You mind your business, sir!"
"Ob, I'll mind my business nil right
and I'll keep an eye on you at thc same
time. Now that I look at you a little
closer, I'll bo hanged if I don't think
you aro an anarchist. If you are, don't
bang around my farm long. I expect j
you've got a bomb ln your pocket, but
you can't skeer me."
Mr. Bowser changed sents to bo rid
ef the man, and at the end of the route
bo let him get a good start before he
took to the highway behind hlm. It
waa a bright moonlight night, nnd a
grasshopper could be seen ns well ns
by noonday. After going bnlf n mile
tbo fence was climbed and the discoverer was ready to begin Investigations.
It did not take him long as he crept
about on hands and knees to discover
a grasshopper under a stnlk of clover,
and after Ave minutes of peering nbout
tho following entry was mude iu his
memorandum book:
"It Is a settled fact that tbe grass-!
hooper sleeps, but at tbo same time he I
threatened to sue for $1,000,000 damages.
It was striking midnight and Mrs.
Bowser wus still reading when the
front door was unlocked and Mr. Bowser entered.
"Is thnt you, dear?" she called.
"Yes, it ls me, denr," he replied as he
stood beforo her, "und I've got a few
words to say to you!"
"You've been run over or something?**
"I have."
"You didn't find out about tbe grasshoppers?"
"I didn't."
"And it's all my fault?"
"It Is!"
"And your lawyer will see my lawyer, and you'll send me home to mother by tbe evening train tomorrow?"
"I will!" he answered as be kicked
at the cat aud turned away to go upstairs and mnke repnlrs and go to bed.
Mrs. Bowser followed hlm nfter
awhile to find hlm In bed nnd fitfully
sleeping. His nose had been skinned,
his fnee scratched and his ear hurt,
nnd his chin seemed to be ail on one
"Does n grasshopper sleep at night?"
"Br thunder, but I.can lick the three
of you rolled together!" he exclaimed
as he put up his fists ln his sleep.
"And obout a hopper's hind legs?"
sbe usked.
"Yes, ray name's Bowser, nnd If I
don't make you fellers sweat for this
I'm n gont!"
"Poor Bowser!"  she sighed  ns she
bent down nnd kissed the serritch on
bis nose and then turned out the lights.
for middle aged women than for younger matrons. A stiff silk Is never, ot
course, suitable for a young girl.
Washable shirt waist costumes of
white serge will be worn n great deal
this Hummer, nnd wise women nre
ranking them up nt present. To be
practical they should be unllned, of
course, with nently bound scums. A
blouse waist is tho beHt, nnd lt can be
worn with a wide Uld belt, either white
or colored, to match the necktie.
Persian lawn nnd the soft finished
lawns which look so much like chiffon,
as well ns the nil over English embroidery, nre commanding great attention for blouses. The backs are trimmed
as well us the fronts, although perhaps
not quite as elaborutely, the cuffs being of luce or embroidery to match the
rest of the trimming. A great variety
of shapes nre to be seen in these cuffs,
some extending nlmost to the elbow
end others being deeper on the oul side
of the arm than ou the Inside. Deep
lace berthas of vnlenclennes or renaissance lace nre a novelty for trimming
the liner blouses.
The cut shows n costume of moleskin gray cloth trimmed with touches
of light gruy silk and white lace mo
dalllous. JUDIC CHOLLET.
How the  Family Skeleton
Wa.s   Drought   Out
"\/ES," said the pink checked school-
\ ma'am, "you'd be surprised ut
the array of family skeletons
trotted out for the teacher's Inspection
by the pupils of every primary school.
All the trials nnd tribulations of a family ure retailed to the teacher, sometimes ln n most embarrassing fashion.
For Instance, the reading lesson the
other day wns ubout somebody's pot
dog and how much its master loved It.
Little Willie Smith wns moved to say:
" 'We got u dog to our house. It's got
niatigo nwful. I'npa wanted to kill lt.
but itiauimii snld she'd get n divorce If
he'd be such a cruel brute. Then papa,
he kicked the dog, nnd mamma, she
throwed the sugar bowl nnd went and
had 'lstcrics, und the doctor came/.nd'—
"I shut hlm off nt thnt point, but
Willie routed me a moment afterward
by saying:
" 'Oh, teneher, your checks Is Just
like my mamma's! D'you rub red stuff
on every day too?' "—Portland Orego-
n citizen I was riding a mule into
I'liillipsvllle to attend un auction sale.
As I entered the town the mule bolted
with me, and in bis (light be performed many wild gyrations. My position
wns looked upon w< ridiculous by most
of the people and by Mr. David Bertram in particular. This gentleman
laughed until he shed tears, and he
declared that the performance was a
whole circus ln itself. He wns still
laughing when I dismounted uud walked up to him und observed:
" 'Yo' seem In merry mood, suh. Perhaps yo' will state the cause of yo'r
hilarity nnd let mo laugh with yo'V
"He stated It. It had reference to
me and the mule. When he had finished I said:
" 'My dear suh, if any antics of mine
have furnished yo' relaxation for n
few minutes I must feel highly honored. Will yo' in turn now honor nie?
I will name Judge Gordon as my second, nnd he will confer with nny gentleman you select.'
"Mr. Bertram's smile fnded nt once."
said tbe colonel, "and it didn't take
hlm n minute to realize the seriousness of the situation. He had gone too
far—altogether too far, suh—and he
would have been glad to apologize. I
wouldn't have It, however. 1 had
made up my mind not only to maintain my own dignity, but that of the
mule ns well, and the combination was
a little hard for hlm to swallow. He
wns a man of courage besides, and
nfter n little hesitation he named his
second, and a duel was arranged for.
"We met nt sunrise two mornlugs
Inter. The weapons were pistols, and
nt the first lire I cut a lock of hair
from his bead, while his bullet went
wide. I meant to bore him through
the shoulder at the second lire, but before we were ready our seconds asked
if the affair could not be slopped. I
answered them:
" 'Gentlemen, I have no desire to
slaughter Mr. Bertram, but I must
contend that my position on that run-
nway mule was in no sense or manner
undignified. I know I lost my bat I
know that my hair flew, I know that
my eyes bulged out and my coat tails
" 'I do not recognize it lo the fullest
extent,' replied my opponent, and then
I continued:
" 'I believe my mule jumped over
two or three carts, escaped two or
three fences, stood on his head and
performed various other evolutions,
but I cannot admit that be rendered
himself ridiculous. If it Is so contended by others, then this duel must go
'"The attitude of yo'r mule was
somewhat queer, but nt the same time
full of dignity.' replied Mr. Bertram.
"Next moment W0 were grasping
each other's hand.
"That was the upbuilding of the
mule. He was recognized as an animal
of character, and gentlemen who had
hesitated to bestride him before now
helped to make hlm popular. And It
became known far and wide-far and
wide, suh—that any one seeking to Impugn the dignity of tho mule would
have to stand befo' Colonel Hunker on
the Held of honnli. and It was wonderful how few critics ho had."
Tlle nn!   Pile on!
Oh, there's lots nf rnnm.
.Ami wen go so much the faster!
Pile oni  rile on!
Ami away we'll r.u.
Tor of hill and dale we're master!
Aw.-iv!    We'if . IT!
Oh. tho l"- Is smi oth!
Oh, the snow Is hard und Icy!
Tho road la clear,
And the moon is l.rlrrbt,
And the breeze la fresh and r;.lry!
We glide!    We Ily!
Iinw the fences splnl
oh. the moon Seci IS Plow behind un!
Then Sing, 'hen shout,
For n moment mere
At th'- foot will surely Ond us!
Hang . n!   ilang c nl
Oh, the flood of pit li
in the cheeks, liko blooms of clovcrl
But, hoi   I..,ni-. outl
There's a turn, a step.
And Un; bllaa onee inure Is over!
—boston Ideas.
They   Will   Divide   Honor*   Kon.ii
This  Kiirliia. ***
The  bolero,   which  was threatened
,l».v the three-quarter effect, 1ms C0In
Lack    Into   extreme   fashion   again.
There are two kinds of bolero \ih\_
nro especially noticeable—the loose af.
fnlr, cut sleeves nnd body In one, „n(|
tho other, practically sleevelosH, Cm
up In the back to show the nhnormall?
wide belt! so mnny of us nro wearlns
The hitter bolero appears In numy d|f
lerent kinds of material, Sometime,
It is of velvet nnd sometimes of doth
and then again it ls a combination ot
Loth; but one fnct Is striking-it rc.
lnnlns always of the sunie color ns tlm
Sometimes these boleros nre made of
plain thick material trimmed W|tj,
fringe and cord.   Theso are charming
He—What did you say when that Idiot Lambton proposed to you?
She—You'd belter propose and see.
Thi*  Cheaper  Wny.
The great ship labored heavily in the
"Cnptnln," Implored the pnssengers.
"have you tried everything to save
"Everything," replied tlie cnptnln,
"but one. There is a cargo of oil ln the
"Then why in heaven's nnme do you
not pour it on the troubled waters?"
they demanded Indignantly.
"Because," replied the captain, slinking bis head helplessly, "we hnve Just
received a marciinigrain stating that
oil bas been advanced two points nnd
is likely to go higher, lt were cheaper
for us to drown."—Cincinnati Times-
Then There Wan Silence.
A well known English actor wns
once while a young mnn touring
through the provinces. One night
when his cue came lie wns very nervous nnd on going upon the stnge could
hardly spenk. Tho audience was greatly displeased, and "things began to
come his way." He stood this bombardment for a few minutes until a
green head of cabbage sped by his
ear. Stepping to the front of the
stage, he raised his hand for silence
and exclaimed:
"I came hero tonight determined to
please nn interested audience, but 1
sincerely regret that any person has
lost llis head over the matter!"—Philadelphia Press.
i oiilldence.
"A woman will not esteem a man
whom she cannot trust," said tlie moralist.
"Yes," nnRwered Mr. Meekton, "nnd
I nm delighted to note that Henrietta
nlways trusts me to put the cnt out nnd
llx the furnace fire nnd lock the buse-
ment door nnd do a lot of things."—
Washington Star.
1 iipnril.iiiiilile.
"George," snld his father sternly, "did
you speak Impudently to your mother?"
The youngster looked uncomfortable;
then he brightened up.
"1 only said to her what 1 suid to the
"To the cook!" roared his fnther,
"Thnt's still worse!"—Cleveland Plain
A    llel.eoir.
In blnck, gray or mole color, openihjj
over a dainty blouse and a wideband
of leather or silk.
Spring street fashions will show a
variety of these blouse costumes In
zihcllne. In gray, black nnd white ond
other mixtures. They will be trimmed with pipings of velvet or henry
silk, and the wide belt will be of tht
Dress waists blouslng nil around,
both bnck and front over the very
wide belts will be nmonj the most
chic spring models, and the skirts
which accompany theso bloused effects will be vory full und ouly held
down part of the wny.
Tbe  picture  shows  a   spring tailor
made of dull blue cloth trimmed with
bands of Persian nnd u dark blue belt
Black    Taffeta    iimrn*    For
Women —Molenkln   Cloth.
Black taffeta Inset with blnck chnntilly lace and made tip over white silk
which shows under the Insertions
makes n very smart dress for n middle
nged womnn, but there should be some
flue tucklngs to break thc stiffness ot
the tnlTeta. nnd the bottom of (ni
skirt should be edged by tiny frills or
niching. Hands of mink ure pnrtlco-
lorly artistic for trimming either cloth
The Kid-It's nil right dis oncet, mister, but ills Is it private slide. If youse
Intend to tlse It reg'lnr, youse's got ter
puy me!—New York Evening Journal.
Her  Hlinrp lirlort.
Doisle—Don't you think, dear, you'd j
better attend to your own business?     i
Lizzie--It Isn't necessary, dear.    You '
attend to It so thoroughly, you know. '
—iiostou Transcript I
or thin mnterlnls.    It Is possible t*
obtain  beautiful  markings even in
narrow strip. rt
Moleskin grny cloth mnkes n dnlMT
costume* und Is very dressy when r
lieved by applications of  silver in
lighter grny. .,
There Is n new princess gown mu
With n Rort of gulmpe.  The hod)' P"
la of black jetted or embroidered mn
rial, and the gulmpe Is of very '
Spangled or plain material with trn
parent sleeve puffs. .-
Trains even ou cvojiltur fcoWM
much shorter, nnd the sides sre long •
so that a round, full effect ll >*'l'ln'TM
It is rumored (hat the ruby win
the popular gem of the coming J*">    '
and this will  be combined *nt» u
silver nnd platinum. .„{
Tho Illustration shows nn eve
gown of pink mull made Witt ■
rings.  It Is trimmed with diM'i'Mi
application!.      JL'Dic ciiou***- rH
E      DRILL
A Craah of Colore.
«t ran stiuiil a lot," said the artist,
)0t there arc times wheu my patience
surely tried.
.-The otlier evening I went Into a res-
[uMiit where the walls are tinted a
« rod, most pleasing to the eye. It Is
I ice1 frequent not so much because
!! cooking Is sood as that lt has a
Mt restful color scheme. I had been
.vlnB a hard time nt the studio, and I
It the need of a little relaxation. Tho
and was playing a seductive air, and
Viib feeling nt pence with the world,
hen I chanced to look across the
,oui, nnd my evening was spoiled for
ie completely. .*■•*...
••Tbere against the red background
Ig, g woman in a glaring blue waist
pplng a creme de menthe of vivid
•ecu under n hat of a most assertive
mile of yellow!"	
Inattentive Waltere.
Dim tiger-Are the waiters hero ntten-
Pretty Cashler-Slr-r-r-rl
Btranger — Ob, no offense, I assure
IU    i was only carrying out the in-
nictloiiH ns printed on the bill of fan?,
hlch snys. "Please report auy inatten-
,n of waiters  to cashier."     And   I
ought If tliey were inattentive to you
ivoulil report them; that's all.—Baltl-
aro American.
"Tliree'e a Crowd."
lorn-1 suppose you spent a pleasant
cuing with your best girl?
Dick - Pleasant?   Huh!   a   fellow
n't make love to hig girl In a crowd.
lom—Oh, was there a crowd there?
Dick—Yes,   and   the   chump   didn't
vo sense enough to realize that he
isn't wanted.—Philadelphia Press.
Ther*  never  waa  and   never  will  be  a
uversnl panacea, ln one remedy, for all
j to which Bend le heir— the vory na-
Ire nf many   curative*   beint:   BUch  that
en-  the K-erme  of  other  and   differently
sted disease     rooted  ln  the  eystom of
..   [intiHut—what   would   relieve   one   11
ture would  engravato the other.    Wt
however.     In  Quinine Wine,   when
StainaWe in Bound, unadulterated state.
[remedy lor many and uriovous Ills.   Bj
era-dual and  ludiclous use the trailest
Wst.-iii'i   are   led   Into   convalescence   and
In-iik'   bv   the   intuencr   which   tluinini
Berts on  nature's owu restoratives,     lt
Waves     the     drootiinc   spirits   of   those
llth     whom   a   chronic   state   of   morbid
ruaiiiilxiK-v   and   lack   ot  interest   In   lilt
dlscaso.    and   bv   tranquili/lnc   the,  disposes to  sound  and   rofreshim
feci*—imparts vieor to the action ol the
llood.    which,   tieinc   stimulated,   course
nrouirh   the      veins.      Htrenatheninir   the
I'ultby   animal   (unctions  ol  the   system,
ltreby  miikinir  activity   a   necessurv   re*
llt,  strengthening  the frame  and   trivlng
(<• to the digestive organs,   which nntu-
allv   demand   incresed   substance—result
nproved   appetite.    Northrop   &   I.vmnn
f    Toronto.     have  given   to   the  public
i»ir .Superior Quinine Wine at  the Usui
ite*.     and,     gauged by the opinions   ol
m-ntists.     the  wine  approaches  nearest
rrdx-tlon     of    any  In  the  market.      All
riiRgiste Ball It.
London is  shortly to   lie   provided
ith motor omnibuses.
ln preparation for the reception of
istituted in 1674, of llritish Coin-
landers-in-Chief. Of the eighteen
rho havo consecutively hold ollice.
inn wore English, threo Irish, two
,nglo-Irish, two Scotch, one French,
nd one German.
We have no hesitation In saying that
Ir J. D. Kellogg's Dysentery Cordial is
ithout doubt the best medicine ever in-
-oduced for dysentery, .liarrhiea, cholera
nd all summer complaints, sea sickness,
;c. lt promptly ,-jlves relief and never
ills to effect a positive cure. Mothers
hnuld never be without a bottle when
heir children  are teething.
A big work in connecting the north
nd south of the Thames has teen
a*pun by tho London County Council
0 thc acceptance of a tender by a
aondon Ann at £1,088,484, for the
(instruction af thc Kotherhitho tun-
-On the cattle ranges of tho west, where
tan and  stock are far from dociors nn
IPoihecaries,   Pr.   Thomas:   Ecleciric    Oil
kept  011  hand  by  the intelligent as a
fi-ily-msde  medicine,   not  only   for many
mnin   Ills,   but   as   a   horse   and   rsttle
kertnu'i*   of   surpassing   merit.      A h.-rse
Jrd    rattle     rancher     will  And     Matters
Ireatly simplified by Using  this Oil.
A man named Goridge,   one of the
lld.-st residents of   Fforostfuch, near
pwansea, has juet died at the ng<i of
He hod been sackmakcr, miiler,
pitcher, sailor, farmer, ■muifgl'ir, and
took part in the Chartist liots.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
kr local applications aa they cannot reach the
"li«a**d portion of lh* ear. There Is only oaa
Sat to curs deafness, and that Is by constltu-
[lonal remedies.   Deafness Is caused by an la-
uned condition of the mucous lining of the
"ainrhlan Tube. When this tube Is Inflamed
eoo have a rumbling sound or Imperfect heei*-
fcf, and whon It Is entirely closed, Deafness la
fi.-- remit, and unless ths Inflammation can be
shen out and this tube restored to Its normal
K.n.ntion. hearing will be destroyed forever:
SIM ,-ases out of ten are caused by Catarrh,
>hi. 1. Is nothing but an Inflamed condition of
ti. mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Dollars for any
*se of Outness (caused by catarrh) that can-
►01 U cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Send for
plrouiars. (ree.
F. J. CHENEY A CO.. Toledo, O.
"°'d hy alt druggtats, Uc.
Hall's Family Pills .are the best.
Among tho new pieces to lio pre*
ion ted at tho 1-eeds Triennial Fusil
r-al next October are tho Cantatas,
Me; "Kveryman," by Wnlford l'nvies;
[The Witch's Daughtor," by Mack-.-n-
iinn "A Ballad of Dundee," by Chas.
A Smiling Face
sigfnifie$ robust health and good
digestion. You can always
tarry a smiling face in spite of
Care and worry if you keep
your liver right and your
digestion good by using
Sold Everywhere.    Ia boxes 25 cents.
It   Should   He   l-'inl.-i-i-d   anil   Stuillei!
wiih Seriousness.
Caroline Hazard In her "Education
of Women" snys, "How few of us
study to put things persuasively, to
reach 11 proper climax, to retire gracefully from a subject." it is 11 common
snying that tho art of conversation has
disappeared from among us, nnd yet lt
is tin art held in honor by till men.
Telegraphic speech has taken the place
of the more careful and elaborate
forms of conference. But it is nn art
Which Bhould he presented to nil young
people nnd which they should study
with seriousness and attention. Nothing reully Inspires, nothing really creates enthusiasm but the perception of
an ultimate Ideal, whether lt bo in art
or music or ln any other of the renlms
of spiritual thought This ideal of
beauty hus to come to the aid of every
form of expression, lifting nnd raising
lt into its own kingdom, 'i'he student
who hns even begun on such a course
of training, who can see beauty in everything in the created world nnd ln
the reulm of thought, lias certainly begun to be beautiful In himself. For
beauty most truly passes Into the person who studies the beautiful. No one
can givo out what he does not have to
give. He must lirst absorb benuty nt
the great natural reservoirs nnd fountains of the beautiful before he himself
can become truly bountiful in life and
character und so able to transmit beauty to all around him.
Ita Great Wall Wna One of the Won-
dera of TIiobc   Dnys.
According to Herodotus, the ancient
city of Babylon stood on n broad, level
plain nnd was an exact square of fourteen miles each wuy, making the entire
circuit of the city llfty-slx miles. It
was protected both by a wall and a
moat, the latter being broad nnd deep
and kept constantly tilled with water.
But the wull wns the wonder of wonders, being 03 1-3 feet in width ond au
even 200 feet In height. This monster
barrier was provided with 100 gates,
all of solid brass, the lintels and sldo
pieces being In bronze. Cross walls
ran along the banks of the Euphrates,
each provided with twenty-five gates,
which corresponded to the number of
streets running In each direction from
tbe river.
The most remarkable edifice inside
the wall was the temple of Bel, n pyramid of eight square stadia. On tho
summit of this pyramid stood n pure
gold Image of Bel forty feet high, two
other smnller figures of the snmo precious metal nnd a golden table forty feet
long and fifteen feet wide. This wonderful city first enme prominently Into
the history of tho world in the yenr 747
B. Q., but since the time of Alexander
the Great it has been n ruin, the site
having at one time been entirely lost
It la the Moat Dlfllrnlt Bird la the
World to Trap.
Trobably the great condor is the most
dltllcult bird in the world to trap. One
of the grent vultures, It inhabits lofty
peaks of the Andes, hardly accessible
to man. It builds its nest nmong tho
topmost crags, often on n ledge of some
precipice with nn almost perpendicular
drop of many hundred feet.
An extremely wary bird, it shares
wltb Its congeners the proverbial "eagle eye" and is thus able to see Immense distances while yet unseen by
mnn. Its wings hnve a sprend of
twelve feet, and, though Its flight is
heavy, it can sustain itself for long periods tn the air.
To trap it men ascend to its haunts
■nd shoot some animal of considerable
size. This ls skinned, nnd a man lies
down by the body under the skin and
waits, perhnps for hours. Soon condors come flocking round until one settles on the skin, when the man below
grips its legs, flings tho skin over it
and stabs it to death.
The strength of these birds ls enormous, and the condor hunters often
have their arms broken by strokes
from their powerful wings.
The  OffendlnK Handkerchief.
It is in fact a grnve sanitary question whether the handkerchief does not
do more harm than good ns It is ordl-
nnrily used. When we nssiitno that the
nose does not need to be wiped, we face
reasonably broad proposition us to
danger of the handkerchief ns a
ise propagator. Most nasal catarrhs nre of an Infectious character,
notably those of grip origin.
?ontrnry to a general law of asepsis,
e handkerchief sat united with dis-
**«*ase g->rms, Instead of being promptly
washed, Is stowed for hours in the
pocket, with a result that can bo easily
Imagined. Is it nny wonder then that
tarrh ls constantly fostered bv a sys-
of auto Infection?
tern 1
Would Win  Either War.
"Would you still wnut me to bo your
wife if my fnther wns a poor mnu?"
asked the benutiful heiress.
"Yes,", the duke replied nfter a little
pause. "In thnt case I would be
enough of a curiosity to get rich exhibiting myself."—Chicago Record-Herald.
Probably Tliere Now.
Bobby—Pu, did you ever see un arm
of the sen?
"Where wns It?"
"It was hugging the shore tlis last
I saw of It."—Smart Set.
An  Appeal.
The Owner-See here! Thnt truuk
never did you any harm, did lt?
Tho Porter—Any harm? Of course
The Owner-Well, then, don't treat lt
ns if lt dld.-Urooklvn Life.
Dodd's Kidney  Pills Cured Hlm
of Stone in the Kidneys.
Mr. 8. A. Cassidy, tha Well-known Sports-
inau, Telia Why He U <;n.t..l„l to the
• Si-nit Canadian Kldnuy Kumeily.
Ottawa. Ont., Mar. 21—(Special).—
Few people in thc* Capital are ns well
known and popular us Mr. •Sam"
Cassidy, proprietor of tho Dijou Hotel, Motcalf Street. As a hunter and
flshurmnn of more than local rcputor
tion, ho has become known to followers of the rod and (run all over tho
countiy, ami many of the members of
parliament who niake an annual sojourn here nro counted among his personal friends.
Tho news, therefore, thut ho has
found a complete cure for a dangerous malady will give general satisfaction.    Speaking of it lie says :    •
"My friends all know that I have
been troubled for yuare with Stone
in the Kidneys; that though 1 consulted thu best physicians and tried
nearly every remedy I could thin!*, of,
I wus unable to get better.
"Some time ugo a friend told me
Dodd's Kidney l'ills would curo me.
As a Inst resort I tried them and
they have cured ine. I cannot imagine more severs Buffering than cue endures who has stone in the Kidneys,
und I feel tin- warmest gratitude towards  Hodd's Kidney   l'ills."
If tho disivmo i.s of the Kidneys or
from the Kidneys, Uodd's Kidney
Pills will cure it.
.lime l'oultnoy, ttged 95, who recently broke hor nock by falling downstairs, was tho widow of EdWftld
Poult.ney, who was tho founder and
governor of a rescue home for boys
on the site now occupied by Dr. Ilnr-
nnrdo's home at Stepney,
An Offensive Breath and Disgusting
Olsehargcs, Due to Oatarrh, Blight
Millions of Lives Yearly. Dp. Aq-
now's Catarrhal Powder Relieves In
30 Minutes.
Eminent throat and none specialists ln
daily practice highly recommend Dr. A%-
new a Catarrhal rowder, aa sure, |.er«**»-
nent. painless. In nil cases ol Ci.Id In
the Head, Tonfiilitis, Headache end Catarrh. It civos rebel in 10 minutes and
banishes thu disease like magic. Sold by
nil druf^gistH. 98
In prekoratlon for the reception of
convalescent oflicers of the army and
navy, the requisite changes at Osborne are being rapidly effected. The
mansion and park, it will be remembered, were given for this purpose by
Kinn Edward.
Rheumatism — What's   the
Cause?   Where's the Cure?-The
active irritating cause of this most painful of diseases is poisonous uric acid ln
the blond. South American Ilhiumatlc
Cure neutralises the ac,d poison. Ra-
llovss in 0 hours and cures ln 1 to 8
An electrical   engineer   of   London
hus lost his life at Tamnn-y, County
Donegal. While he and his companions were standing on a pier, a huge
wave swept in. nnd he was Carried
out  to sea nnd drowned.
Sudden  Deaths   on the   In-
crease. »»|-People  apparently   well    and
happy to-day, to-morrow are svrlck.
down, and in ninety-nine rases out, ol
»rery hundred the heart Is the cause
The king ot heart remedies, llr. Agnew's
Cure lor the Heart, is within retch ol
all. It relieves in .111 minutes, and cures
most  chronic  cases.—91
Sir John Noce Moore, a f< rm-CT
Lord Mayor of the City tit London
died recently at his residence in Hus-
soll Bquare, after nn illness of soiiu
duration. Ho was bom in Stockpurl
in 1S26.
Eighty Years Old — Catarrh
Fifty Year*3. "*'■ Agnew's Catarrhal
Powder cures him. Want any stronger
evidence of the power of this wonderful
remedy over this universal disease 1
Want the truth of tho case confirmed 1
Write George Lewis, Shnmokln. ]'a. He
aaya :—"1 look upon my cure as a miracle."    It relieves ln ten minutes.— 8l>
General and Lady Audrey lb.Her
hnve eold their London house, and
henceforth Sir Hedvers will li*a.l the
life of n aduntry squire at ."Jfedlton,
Several moa kave I •*» lined ta
Monmouthshire for being helpli-..siy
drunk on rhubarb wine.
Your doctor will tell you tbat
thin, pale, weak, nervous children become strong and well
by taking Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
Small doses, for a few days.
The change Is very prompt
and very marked. Ask your
doctor why it ls. He has our
formula and will explain.
"When II years eld, for m«ny months no
ont thotiKht 1 could llvr. baicsuao of thin blood.
Hut. In a few »aak. Ajor't SsruparllU cam-
rsitored me to health."
01.00 a Hot-lie.
A ii.
J.C. ATM m.,
The Children
Biliousness,constipa tion prevent recovery. Cure these with Ayer's Pllle.
150-foot roll, 4 feet high U4.75    For poultry and garden.  Better than old style.    Of local dealer or us.    Freight paid.
150-foot roll, 5 feet high  8.60 THE   PACE WIRE  FENOE  CO.   LIMITED      SB
lr.O.fout roll, C feet high H„„H 6.50 WslkervUle Montreal Winnipeg Ht. J ohm
(Already Japan has cut off the world'i
supply of camphor, which she controls.-
Nc-ws Item )
We occidentals face a foe
Mors dire than Jap or Russian,
A foe more grcatiy 10 be feared
Than Chinaman or Prussian.
The camphor thai wi yesterday
Regardt-d With such loathing
Is ours no more, and bo tho moth
Will gobble up our clothing.
Soon will the mighty moth tnvads
And tight us to ,1 finish.
And. camphorless, 1 am afraid
Our wardrobes will diminish.
When In the Cherry Blossom Land
The dogs o( war are dinning,
We 11 lake our summer outing, and
The moth will tuke his inning.
When winter comes I plainly sea
We'll have to dress In leather
Or else In cotton drapery
Unaulted to the weather.
When rheumatism, selzea ua—
oh, friend, have you rellected?—
There'll lie no camphor liniment
To soothe the pans aftc-cud.
-Clarice \V. Riley In New York Times.
Ills   llpa*i>lnsMi*nillllluu.
^  —
Th* B*.**  Building
It ls eery much stroncer and thicker than any other (tarred or balld-
Ing) paper, lt la impervious to wind, keeps out cold, keepa Ui heat, carries no smell or odor, abaorbs no moisture, Imparts no taste or flavor to
ssythlng with which It comes tn contact. It la largely used not only lor
sheeting houses, but for lining eold storage buildings, refrlgeratora, dairies, creameries, and all places where the object Is to keep an even aad
anllonn  temperature,  and  at the aame time avoiding dampness.
Writ* our Agents, TEES A PERSSE, Winnipeg, lap sample*.
The E. B. EDDY CO., Limited, HULL.
"Iliive you a recommendation from
your hist place?"
"Yes, sirce! Seven months off for
good behavior!"—Chicago American.
A  SaggeaHon.
He—I suppose It would uot be* proper to kiss you on such a short acquaintance?
She—No.    What a pity we haven't
been acquainted a little longer!
Illuminated street names aro sug-
gOfltod for London.
The Right Honorablo J, l'owell Wil-
iinsns, M.i" for youth Ulrnunghum,
who had a fatal apoplectic RClzuro at
the House of Commons recently, was
the son of tho late Mr. .losoph Wil-
luiiH'S, and was bom in 1840.
George Thomas Hodmen, a rltirk in
the employ of Donald I'urrio At Co.'.
was remanded at the Mansion House
upon a charge of stealing cuiios to
the value of £1,000, the property of
the firm.
■ Lever's \-7. (\Vise Head) Mslnfectant
Soap l'owder is a boon to nny homo It
disinfects uud cleanses at, the same
time. 30
A troupe of Russian dancers More
loudly hissed at tho Uordosloy 1'ai-
ace, Birmingham, the other night.
"You cannot blame us, but the government.'' naid the leader in broken
English, and then the hissos were
urned into cheers.
or in summer I'annelee's Vegetable l'ills
«ill copo with and overcome uny irregu-
Inritina of tho digestive organs which
cluingo of diet, change of residence, or
vHrlntion of tetnperuture may bring
about. They should be always Wept at
luinil, and once their henetlcial action
becomes known, no one will be without
tlu-iii. There ls nothing nnusoii'inu In
their structure, and tho most dellcnte
cun   uso   them   confidently.
llra-dtord corporation is anxious to
stop the street crying of newspapers
on Sunday. Can't hear the bookies
whispering the odds on account of
this noise.
A little Sunlight Soap will clean
cut glass and other articles until
they shine and sparkle. Sunlight
Soap will wash other things than
doth ■
"Royal Household,"
A Perfect Flour
Sold ln Original Packages Only
By All Dealers.
Do You Want
If sa, the anderslgned wants yoar business end will eiadeavor to giro satlsfaotloe.*
Cash adraneed on consignments.     Reference:   Union Bank ol Canada,
Tbs eldest established Grain Commission
Merchant In Winnipeg.
Brain   Exehanga,   Winnipeg.
Hewton's Bine.
It la well known that under the action of gravity the water composing
inch a thin shell as a soap bubble tends
to run down on all sides, so that the
walls of tbe bubble grow thin at the
top and thicken toward the bottom.
After a time tbe bubble becomes so
thin at the top that further flow of water from this point can hardly take
place, and finally the bubble bursts
Uut before this last stage is reached a
degree of thinness in the walls of the
bubble is attained which causes It to
glow with brilliant iridescent' colors.
Newton noticed that on top of the thin
bubble illuminated by white sky light
a black spot ls formed. With increase
of thickness downward from this point
on all sides, a red band next appears;
then a blue one; then again red and
blue, red and blue, and so on, the colors showing more extremes of red and
purple ln the higher orders. This blue
band which first expands outward from
the black spot at the top and descends
slowly with the subsidence of the water Newton called tbe "blue of the first
order," and, although somewhat dingy,
he judged lt to be of the same tint as
the blue of the sky.-T. J. J. See in Atlantic.
tp at Hlckt.
Parke—Does your baby keep yon tip
Lane—I should say so. Why, I haven't
been home before midnight for a month.
"What's your idea In beginning with
pie and eatliiR your dinner backward?"
"My stomach's upset."*
Ill fortune never crushed that man
whom good fortune deceived not.—Ben
Jonaou .............    ..      ....
Mr. Cornoli*js I.undio, of Cardiff,
who   is still hale and hearty,   mjcys
10 distinction of having lunched ot
Abbotsford with Sir WalU-r Scott.
the novelist.
Liverpool magistrates nispect that
telephones are being used by bolting
men. and are to be suppressed
in drinking shops.    What -next ?
Tho Lord Mayor of Man''h.Mt..*r Bfiya
that when he was n lads he earned
only is bd a weok, is 5d nl which he
took  home  to  his mother.
Carpenter's Mate William Vrtctor,
30, of H. M. gunboat C'ockai r.'e, and
a native of lleven, haa been killed by
falling down a stair at ilrtvniick.
Parmelee's Vegetable l'ills are compounded for use In any climate, mid '.hey will
be found to preserve their powers in nny
Istltude In fever and ague they act upon the secretions and neutralize the poison which hns found lis way into the
hlood They correct tho impurities which
tlnd entrance into tho system through
drinkieg water or food, and il uted us a
preventive  lovers  are  avoided.
Pity for the poor parson ! 1'miing
,hc past ten years over ono bunth'sd
Church of Enflland clergymen have
been admitted to the English workhouses or pauper lunatic asylums.
'.Tack," the OWU. dog stivtioniil
nt Reading, collected £50 last year
for tbo O.W.K. Servants' Widows and
Orphan! Fund, which supporta 1,357
Widows and 4.14 orphans.
London ami Carlisle are now coupled up with underground telegraph
cables, and the system is being rapidly pushed into Scotland, und not 11
day too soon.
—, -t
For a Lincolnshire farm for which
,tho owner paid £24.000 thirty years
ago,  £4,000 is now the highest offer.
BAKER, the famous Nils Explorer:-
"Newton Abbot, Devon. Dear Sirs—I have
lelajrod mr thanks ss I wished to test the
effect of Uair'a Pills by a sufficient interval
ot time.
"For ten yeara I had suffered acutely from
Qont and Ufa had lost its attrsction owing to
the uncertainty of health and the snd.len
elsitations of the enemy which prostrated me
for months, or weeks, uccording to the vlrulooce
ofthe attacks
''Blair's Pills have rendered me Immense
service, as I no longer fear an attack of Qont.
"For the last twenty months I have been
comparatively free, as one or twoatttmpted
Tibltations have been immediately stamped
oat by the assistance of Blair's Pills.
"Truly yours, (Signed) Saul. W. Baker.'
US i.i, SOUS a Co., TaraaU US InlrMl.
J. W. IIRVSIIALS,  .Vapawa, Baa.
Brush & C°*»
tomohto. - oarr.
Appetite poor?**/ Bowels
constipated? Tongue coated?
Head ache? It's your liver!
Ayer's Pills are liver pills, all
•eld (be
etsty ytars.
Low.ll. Itaaa.
Want your moustache or beard
a beautiful brown or rich black? Us*
Not for ninny jx*ars havo suth
dense slioals of sprats bwn mot with
in tht* Wush, and the extraordinary
cargoes tlmt havo iH*i-n landed recently have caused a slump in tho food
market, so that tho catches huvo
boon sent away in trucks for immure
at 16s per ton.
Tho Sussox Cou»ty authorities know
something. They have kept on (ining
the scorching motorists, until now
they have enough to buy a motor for
the chief constable.    Great scheme !
Those whom neglected coughs
have killed were once as healthy
and robust as you. Don't follow
in their paths of neglect.   Tako
right now.    It Is guaranteed to
cure.   It has cured many thous-
Prices: S. C. Watts 4 Co. **
Be. 50c. Sl   LeRoy.N.Y.. Toronto. Can._
X**f    r4    KJ    No    4.73
C. E. Smiweriksalk, Editor and Prop.
•LOCAK,      ...       -      B. C-
Legal Advertisine 10 cents a line (or
the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, *7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per yeur, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, APRIL Ist, 11)04.
Slocan is lucky,
police scandals.
She is having no
No. 1 of Volume V ia before you.
Bead, murk, learn, and inwardly di-
£t,s*' •"•■    _______—.
Canada i.s this year to experience
the greatest inrush of settlers the
country has yet known. Clinging to
the old policy of protection is the
secret of the growth of the Dominion.
The Liberal government at Ottawa
derive huge pleasure in suppressing
the anti-Jap legislation, of this -province. They have just disallowed au
act passed at the last session of the
legislature, entitled "An Act relating
to employment on works carried on
under franchise granted by private
acts." The bill aimed at the exclusion
of Japanese labor.
The Slocan country .during.its short
but fateful experience, has proven a
veritable cemetery for journalistic enterprise. Slocan throttled the News
aud the Pioneer; Silvertou choked the
Silvertoniau; New Denver squelched
the Prospector and the Times; Three
Forks extinguished the Prospector;
and Sandou buried the Paystreak and
the Mining Review. Nakusp, Lardo,
Kaslo, and Ainsworth, ou the fringes
of the district, have also did the killing act. Besides the straight paper
ventures so untimely cut off, a number of freak publications and jobbing
outfits have passed into the boneyard.
where they lie forgotten and uninouru-
ed. Alas! and alas I and the end is
not yet.   __________
When advertising receives the official commendation aud endoisation of
a government, its efficacy should no
longer lie doubted. In the recently
published report of the department of
the interior for the Dominion, W. J.
White, head of the Immigration agencies in the States, says: '•Without, advertising the agents would have had a
most difficult task. The regular
method of advertising that of ad ver
tising in tho newspapers of the district
in which our work is being carried on
—has been given special attention.
Last year display advertising, with
occasional reading notices, was placed
in nearly eight thousand papers. It
was most satisfactory, and as a result
of it hundreds of thousands of applications for information came into the
hands of our agents." Modern usages
enforce the lesson that advertising is
essential to business success.
Premier McBride has declared thnt
tlie British government has made a
great mistake in permitting the introduction of Chinese labor into the
mines of South Africa, believing that
the step will result in much trouble
and disaster, He stated he and his
government were BtrOUgly opposed to
Chinese immigration and labor, for
British Columbia had suffered much
from tln-ir presence and the labor
troubles resulting from their employment. The people of the province will
heartily endorse the premier's state:
inents and his prominent stand. Experience with Chinese influence has
been dearly bought, and its lessons
are deeply impressed for all time to
<-ome. Tiie Balfour government is
losing in strength and prestige for
foisting the undesired Mongolians on
to the patriots of Africa, having been
swayed by the representations of capitalists. Much of the good resulting
from the Boer war will be destroyed
and unrest and dissension follow.
Greed of gold usually breeds trouble.
Pay up your subscription.
Trout fishing season opened on Sat
urday last.
Geo. Houston, Sandon, hns been
made a J.P.
Nelson will hold its annual fair on
Sept. 28 and 29.
Today is Good Friday. Hot cross
buns are in order.
Service in Knox church is only held
now in the evening. ,
Nelson's rate of taxation has been
fixed at '23 mills on the dollar.
The Kafclo railway had all kinds of
trouble again last week with slides.
Crow's Nest points are attracting a
number of people from these parts.
Rossland has had 17 feet of a snowfall this winter and Phoenix 13 feet.
The whole Lardeau country will
experience lively times this summer.
Interior Lilierals will hold their,
next annual convention at Greenwood,
Tho February payroll of the Crow's
Nest coal camps amounted to $137,
Postoflice Inspector Dorninn died at
Vancouver, last Thursday, of erysip
Express money orders are payable
everywhere. They are cheapest and
New assortment of masks arrived at
the drugstore for the ball. Prices, 15
and 25 cents.
Pre-emptors must pay up their land
dues by the 15th, or have their locations cancelled.
E. E. Chipman, government agent,
Kaslo, has lieen gazetted a registrar
under the Marriage Act.
The quarterly dispensation of the
Lord's Supper took place in Knox
church Sunday morning.
Next Tuesdav the first payment of
$1000 on the mill debentures falls due
at the Koyal Bank, Nelson.
J. M. Benedtim received a wire on
Friday, announcing the death of his
brother Charles, in Virginia.
After winding up his affairs here,
W. J. Adcock left on Tuesday, with
his belongings, for Coleman.
Born. -In Blalrmore, on March 21.
the wife of Harry J. Matheson. formerly of Silverton, of a daughter.
A prominent rancher down the valley is missing, much to the disgust of
sundry creditors, particularly in Nelson.
Provincial Oflicer Black. New Denver, was here Saturday, lookiiuj up
the delinquent personal property tax
The C.P.R. expects to handle 3000
settlers into the Northwest-Territories
this summer from Washington and
English capitalists are reported to
have taken hold ofthe Kingston ^roiip
of claims, in the Camborne camp, for
Rev. Mr. McColl, the new Presbyterian minister, is expected to arrive
here in time to assume his duties on
April 17.
D. Arnot is doing the shoe trade of
tiie town. He is getting in another
large consignment of the celebrated
Slater article.
Next Sundav is Easter day. There
will be a feast of fresh egg.**, followed
by a grand display, later iu the day.of
new millinery.
Next Sunday evening the services
in Knox church will In* of an attractive character, the choir having prepared special music.
The railway people have lieen keeping up a steady stream of empties between lower country points through
here to the main line..
The government has entirely forgotten the existence of Sloean ns a
city, so far as the police and license
commissioners are concerned.
A. R, Bold'-rston's  residence had  a
narrow escape  from  a serious fire on
; Sundav morning,ablaze having started in the roof from  the kitchen stove.
!    MuidiH-k Campbell, charged with
the wilful tiiurdi-rof Alex.McDcrniaiil.
j nt Ymir, has been committed to Btand
' his trial at the Nelson assizes on Muv
The annual masquerade ball of tlie
i Sloean Brass Band will be .given in
i the Music  Sail  on   Monday, April i.
Admission,   including   refreshments,
•?1..'>0 per couple.
Appended i* a complete list of the var
ious records registered tit tlie local regie-
try office, II. P. Christie being mining
Mar 24—Biloxie !and Biloxie fraction
for two years.
Mar 24—.Tinnle, Aricle, Alford, Aggie,
Algiers, I Wonder, certiflcate of satisfaction of work done on the first named
Mar 24—Notice by F G Carlisle that
he has given an option on the Flyette,
Alma B, Mayetta, Aricle, Louisville,
Biloxie and Biloxie fraction to A B Cola-
man, Pittsburg.
Mar 26—Publisher's notice re delinquent co-owner in tho Black Diamond. *
Mai. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
RATES: Rigular subs«rib«rs, |1 ptr month
or$IO a y«ur: non-sub«cril)*rs (exclusiteof
madicnl attendance) $2 per duy, I'rivata wards
$1 pair dny extra. Special facilities (ur maternity cases.
For further particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
H. D. Curtis
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of Jlineral
The Queen's
Hotel     ****
KATES:    *S«.00 TF.It  HAY
Timber Notice.
>TOTlCK is lirreby Kiven that WI dan nfti*r
I    date I intend to apply to the Chief t'om-
ralsiloner of Land] A \\ aurlii far a apaolalll.
C8BM to cut  nnd carry away  timber from the
followlag doaorlbed land; Comtnenotna ul a
post planted on (In* soatli i, ink nf the Columbia
river, on the wii-l boundary of I'.l'.K. Iiloi-L No.
SIS, Wt-,i Kootenay, running thanes south n
chains; thence cast SO chains: thence north K)
chaiins Iii Columbia rirer: thence KI) chains weal
following Columbia [War to point of commence*
ment. T. C. MW'INSON
Dated, March 2S, 1804,
All tin* Latest Tints
FirFt-i'laPB Dinini! lloom
Large and Comfortable RedrnninB  "
Sample rnoma for Commercial Men   ,',
Nelson, B. C.
i*-*m* *********** am********
Certificate of imieits,
Horn.-ami  Garibaldi   Mineral Chilian.
Situate in the Slocan City Minina Division of West Kootenny District!
".Vliure located:—At head of Ten
Milr* creek, on tho north fide.
TAKE NOTICE thatl.W D.McGregor,
acting n§ agent for Joe Trnlicnr.ti, KM.
C. No. 'ivio-l.1; Frank Romano, i-'.M.
C. No. r.Hi-042; anil J. M. McGregor,
fre.* miner's certilicate No. B60093, intern!, pixty days from the ilate hereof,
tn apply tii the' Mining Recorder or certificates of Improvements.for the purpose
of obtaining Crown Grants ol the above
And further take notice that action,
under Bection 37, mint lie commenced
liefore the Issuance of yucli certificates of
Ditedthii 20th dav of January, 1004.
22-1-04 w. r>. McGregor
|   Slocan
t   Bakery^
| J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Fresh Fruits of Everv
Authentic ".Slaters"
There is only one
Slater Shoe. It is
branded, with three
words, " The Slater Shoe," in
a slate frame.
No other shoe by any name
without the slate frame is
a real
i • .■ ■■ - * *
,-  | - -,.  .
< ■■■
For Men
arm     XToV WomeQ
Sole Agent:  David Arnot, Slocan
SPECIAL Representative in this and
adjoining territories, to represent
and advertise an old established
business house of solid financial standing. Salary $21 weekly, with Expenses
advanced each Monday by check direct
from headquarters, Expenses advanced;
position permanent, We furnish everything. Addtoii—The Columbia, C30
Monon Bidif., Chicago, III. 4-8
r*************** •♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦■»
i $250
Will buy a comfortable
Cottage and two corner lots in New Denver. House contains
four large rooms, hall
and wardrobe. For
other particularswrite
*>*-*** ****,**■****** *********
!».(». box :io
Licensed Provincial Assayer,
All Nmiipl.ii Karelve Fraitnpt Attention. Uatca oa Application
Npeolal l-ii..lial Inn. to Mlnm nud Mill*.
1 Kind Arriving   Daily. <[
J*        A full  utoek  of the best
2 linos of cigars and toboc-
©       cos always kept on hand.
l'l I. "li*. •*. of III ei,,,t f.n*l.
Pull w.-iKiu unal Quality
Slocan, B. C.
■cces* c*c«-c€C-€s*^e€*^C6«is«**i
Flower Seeds
Garden Seeds
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds in Packages
Seeds in Bulk
Onion sets have arrived; gel your
Order in at once.
55 A dvertise your |
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why lie with, nu a rants when
you can get one so cheap? Tlic>
ara preferrable to stoves and gire
bettor satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will lie
set up free.
in these days of progress and competition
no man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keep his
goods before the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising the
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
ends in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be judged from the advertisement he carries
in a local paper. To
sell goods a man must
advertise. All live
men seek the aid of
the printer
a rowan
to all persistent and liberal advertisers; it is read
by everyone.
This Snap
Till: DRILL has mads an
arrangement with the Toronto Mall-Empire, so
that its weekly edition may bo
clubbed with the former.
New subscribers, therefore,
may obtain the Weekly Mail-
Empire acknowledged to be
one of the !>est papers in the
Dominion and Sloean's lead-
it)-,' journal, The Drill, from
now till Jan. 1,1905, for the
Rum of $2,50, With this exceptional offer will be given n* a
premium, a beautiful arto*
gravure, entitled "The Victoria Cross.'4 The picture de*
plots u scene in the late Hoer
war, dene in ten colors, and
well worth framing, Send in
your orders at onee to
The Drill, Slocan.
At All  Times
Subscribe for $
wj THE DRILL,  $2 per year
local paper:
Notice to delinquent Co-owners
To Robt, Laics and M. L. Grimmett, or
to nny pen-on or •n-riotm to whom they
mnv have tranifsrreil their several in-
tereiti-, in wholtor In part,ln ilie lion-
nie  Doon  Riinernl i-luim, situated  on
the Hontii side ol S|iriiurf.r Iho
Sloran Citv  mining  division ol Went
Kooti tiiiY ilistrict:
You mi! hereby notified tlmt I lmvr
expended the min of two hundred nnd
live clollare in labor anil  general   im-
nroveiiients upon tho abov*».■•■*-"\u
Claim, in order to hold said SWj
rluitii under Iho provisions 0l «** £
nil Act, nnd if wltblU W,dSJ'" Iaf*•
.Into of this notico you rail "r "".,„.
contribute your proportion s » )(J.
pendltitre, touethnr with all _Vi ^
verttitng, vour Interests In •■' ,„,-,
will liecowie the property o* "•« -
s.-riher, under section four 01 ••" " „„]
titled "An Act to amend  Hi"
Dated this 1st day ef *%S*fltfW


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