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The Slocan Drill 1903-10-28

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„ IV., NO. M-
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   OCTOBER   23,   1903.
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
Grand Clearance Sale
of Boots, Shoes, and Rubber Goods
for one week only. As we aro going out of
business we are offering our entire stock of
goods nt cost price. This is your opportunity
to get footwear cheap.
The Best Canned Goods
are the best value, no matter what the
price is. We have the famous Simcoe
brand of canned Fruits and Vegetables,
and our price is as low as you pay for inferior goods ,
We have others if you should want them.
W. T. Shatford & Co.
-alas sk-tin
hi &."ff i
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
.A.x\Li ngton.   XXotel,
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
L. fl. KNOWLES, Proprietor.
TMi popular hotel is eoiirrnicnt to tlio boat!? and trains.   The diliin"*" room
Uttritilv op to {date while tlie bat' i* supplied with tho best in the market
I? A IP C •   Travelling men, using Sample llooms, $2.50 per -lay •
't'i / Lo .    without S.impit-Kooms,$2; board $8pei* week; m»alf ■'■•>•
Havingsocured premiaea on Main streot,wa areprcparedto
handle all kiuda of Garden Truck, Farm Produce, and Dairy
Products, aad are open to receive shipments from any of the
ranchers iu Slocan Valley. A full stock will be kepi on.hand.
Householders will be supplied daily with freshgoods by wa*?on.
PRICES SEASONABLE.   Will handle in quantity for mines.
C&nm.ssion Agents,
Slocan, British Columbia
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
Kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Fit, Finish, and Work &
TUB lit) vi;t>.
Be'erred Back to Hlm for RecousldeTa-
tleu-Another Hank M.laiii (Iv.imrt,
lo Locate 11>'re HetiHekolderi Must
Clean Th,i, Chimneys*
Aid. Arnot wss thc absentee from
last Monday night's meeting of the
oity council.
Communications read: From Frank
Fletcher. Nelson, giving permission to
drive piles on creek bank fronting his
From secretary of st certain bank,
inquiring for Information looking to
th-* opening of a branch here.
From Aid. Arnot, resigning his position as alderman, and askin;,- for immediate actioa thereon.
Fletcher's letter was referred to the
city solicitor for an opinion, as to
whether it was sufficient authority to
(jross said lots with piling.
The bank letter was pretty thoroughly dip-cussed, the idea being that
the bank would lie of great benefit to
the town. Aid. Teeter and McNeish
moved that this council favor thc establishment of a bank in Slocan, and
promising all the assistance in their
power.   Carried.
On motion of Aid. McNeish and
Teeter, Aid. Arnot's resignation was
referred back to him for reconsidera-
tion,the acting mayor to also interview
him on the subject.
Aid. Worden desired to know what
the grievance was necessitating such
a step, and wanted the aggrieved
alderman to explain himself.
Aid. Taster doomed the timo very
inopportune for Aid. Arnot to withdraw from tlie board. The council
required mon living in town, And it
wns a man's duty to look after the
public business when elected to the
Motion carried.
Bills presented: Pioneer Livery "ft
Feed Stables, removing the fence aad
outbuilding** from tin* S';iv,'.i property.
5,'t.,")J.   Referred boh-j-ynoe committee
A discussion followed as to what
should ba. done with tho Sloan building. On motion of Aid. Worden an<l
McNeish, ,1. A. Anderson, th** city's
truste •, lx; instructed to solicit tenders
for the purchase of the' building.
Aid. McNeish brought up the qui
.ion of  the dangerous
iitiou of
We carry a full line of
Imported    Worsteds,
Serges   and   Tweeds.
Latest designs shown
in I'antings.
art guaranteed
fa **** "'   n DS
K Gents' Furnishings Selling at Cost g
The stock of the late A. David is offered for sale at "-*-"
tl 111   lilt*   1.11.1-  t\.   I.»»TI»I  "n >".«..*.   ■"»   •'*■•   ---
cost. It comprises Top Shirts, Underwear, 1 ies,
Collara, Working Clothes, etc., etc. Come earlv
and get vein choice
(9 Main Street,
Slocan H
many chimneys iu town and said thtv
should be cleaned out. Moved by
Aid. McNeish and Teoterthat instructions be given the chief of police to
notify all householders to clean out
their chimneys at once.   Carried.
The question was asked when the
ceuncil intended to go o*.i with tha
creek work. In reply, it was stated
that nothing would bedoneuutil such
times as tha* mill company gave a suf
ticient guarantee* that they would go
ahead and complete tbe balance oi
their plant.
Council adjourned.
Sll.l-.-ll. Man ill I,lick.
Jackson Kadcliff returned on Saturday from Poplar creek, where he has
I-ijK'u prospecting all summer. Ho was
fortunate is gluing into a group of
claims 2\ miles below the Second
Crossing, antl on tbe bank of tlie
Lardo river. A rich showing of ore
has lx'on uncovered on the property
and a deal is expected to be made on
it this week. Jackson, who went back
again on Wednesday, says buyers aro
becoming numerous in tho Poplar
camp, and he links for a big boom
there next spiiug.
A Jnoksou Basin Deal.
Messrs. Williams and Dimmitt, of
Toronto, have taken a bond on the
Winona group, situated in the Jrv.'k-
son basin. There aro four claims in
the group and are owned by Phil
Corrigan and partners. The bond
calls for the payment of $16,000, ex*
tending over eighteen months, with a
small percentage down. The pro-
pert? is i galena proposition, the ore
assaying 2(X) o/. silver and ti.r) per cent
lead. Work has commenced under
the bond.
Hill a  I.   PrlSCS   llll|ll'*VeS.
Word was sentdown from the Black
Prince on Sunday that a great improvement had taken place there, the
ore body in the raise having widened
Out to.'U feet, all of shipping quality.
Samples of the tuo sunt dowu are
plastered with native silver, constituting the riches! thing vet. struck in the
iniue. Tin* lessees will make a great
haul this witter.
l.vate an tint Kelt.
T. McNeish, Jas Cross and .)• T.
Tipping have secured a lease on thu
Hell, one of the Republic group, and
on Wednesday commenced sending
iij) their outfit and supplies for the
winter.   The Bell  in considered the
banner claim of the group, having the
best surface s owiugs of ore, and the
highest grade shipments have come
from it. A shaft will be sunk on the
ore, to be followed by drifting and
Sainton .     Ity   ijeancll   Passes   m Stiaaj
The train service on the Nakusp •&
Sloean Railway has been run in a disgraceful condition for mouths, passengers aud mail lieing delayed with impunity. Last week the Sandon city
oeunoil grappled with the situation
aud evolved the following resolution
"That, in the opinion of this council, the passenger service of the Nakusp tfc Sloean Railway is a public
disgrace and ought to be remedied.
By the published timetable of the C.
P.E. Co. for said branch railway,
trains aro due to arriyo iu Sandon at
4.80 p.m., but for several months past
the trains have been from two to eight
hours late. At New Denver siding
passengers aro obliged to wait for |
hours in the station building, which >
is neither heated or lighted.
Further, it is a frequent occurrence
that it takes six hours and more for
passengers to come from New Deaver
to Sandon   a distance of nine miles.
Be it further resolved, that this
council does not consider that such
scandalous train service is the fault of
any of the officials or men employed
on said branch railway, but is owing,
so this council lielieves, to the passenger train being compelled to do
freight work on said line of railway.
Be it further resolved, that a copy
of this resolution be sent to Sir Thos.
Shaughnessy, R. Marpole. Esq., aud
J. S. Lawrence, Esq,
This council respectfully requests
that such changes may be made as
will ensure the passenger train reaching Sandon on time, or reasonably so."
I'.ril.aa lli* Leg.
Wm. Hurcl, employed at the Bank
of England claim.was admitted to the
hospital last w,9ok, suffering from a
broken leg. He was engaged snaking
out timber with a horse and got hi*
left leg caught lasetween a stump and
a leaning tree, and a sildden start of
the animal did the trick, liurd stayed around tin camp for four or five
days, thinking his log was merely
bruised, but on bein- brought dowu
here he was soon undeceived.
refusing to negotiate one of the sharp
curves near the summit and jumping
the rails. No mail reached here on
Tuesday night and none went out on
Wednesday morning, the first time for
that to happen. A wrecking train
from Nelson went up on Wednesday
afternoon to clear the road.
Thomas Avtion lllovra Up While Thaw-
lag Fewtler.
Wm. Thomlinson came down from
New Denver on Wednesday, bringing
news of a terrible accident that occurred at tlie Moilie Hughes mine, near
the town, about 9 o'clock that morning. Tom Avison, one of the owners
of tho property, and Andy Tuuka aro
working the mine under lease, and it
was shortly after going on shift that
the accident occurred. Both were at
work in the drift and had left some
powder outside thawing befora an
open fire. Avison wont out to see how
it was getting on and just got to the
fire when the powder exploded, the
full force of the explosion catching
the unfortunate man. While marvol-
ously escaping death, he is all out aud
bruised from his forehead to his knees,
and his clothing was iu shreds.
On hearing the explosion, Tunks
rushed front the drift, only to find hi3
partner lying bleeding and torn on
the dump. He at once picked Tom
up and packed him down tho lake
shore, placed him in a boat and rowed
him over to New Denver, where kind
friends at onco took him to the hospital and his many wounds dressed.
His injuries, while severe, are not expected to prove fatal. Tunks was
covered with blood through packing
his partner.
Ilaskct Hull iliiii.
Ou Friday evening a meeting was
held iu H. Cleve's tailor shop, to or
ganize a basket ball club, Rev. Mr.
Scott being tks main mover In the
scheme. Eleven members signed the
roll and others will join, Wm. Hicks
was put in as captain, H. Cleve as secretary, aad thev two, with Mr. Scott,
will act as the executive committee.
Practice will In* held on Mondays and
Fridays, the skating rink having bc»i*
secured for the purpose.
Optlen on KlaCIC Pi lace.
Last fall R. A. Bradshaw took a
mortgage on the Sherry interest in the
Black Prince group, the time expiring
on Saturday last. As the paper wtis
not met, title to the interest was taken
by default. Mr. Bradshaw has aleo
taken an option ou the remaining interests in the property, with the object
in viuw of turning tho wholo thing
over on a deal.
Silver Oiiotiitlona.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during tho
week since last issue:
Thursday     80J cents
Friday     803    "
Saturday     611    "
Monday    615   "
Tuesday    611    "
Wednesday     61}    "
laoindlarlsn in HeMienrt.
Rosslaud had an epidemic of incendiary fires on Thanksgiving evening,
but fortunately no great damage was
done. Four empty buildings were
Bred in three hours, and only the
great energies of the brigade saved
tlie city from a disastrous conflagration. No trace of the incendiary has
been found.
Editor Drill:
Sir,-—Will you kindly allow me,
through your paper, to place before
tho farmers aud fruit growers a
scheme for the advancement of our
province. The advantages of British
Columbia as a p'ace for settlers are
vory little kuovu, and it cannot Im
denied that whore printed matter will
often pass unheeded the object itself
will arrest attention.
My proposition, therefore, is to col-
lect samples of roots, fall and winter
fruit, etc.. to be forwarded to Great
Britain. There thoy could remain for
a certain time on exhibition in the
large towns, and afterwards be distributed among the hospital* and sueh
like institutions, where they would no
doubt be highly appreciated. I would
suggest printing a list of the donors,
together with particulars of the fruit,
etc.. which each contributes, so that
intending settlers might, if they desired, obtain information aliout any
particular locality from a resident. By
this means it might also lie possible
to open up fresh markets for our fruit
antl introduce capital.
I would esteem it a favor if intending donors of produce would kindly
give probable weight aad class of
sample when communicating with me.
in order to facilitate arrangements for
collection.   Yours truly,
H. V. Leonard, J.P.
Salmon Arm. B.C.
Disaster ut **s..«ilury.
A blow out of gas occurred in the
No. 1 mine at Morrissey last week, re-
suiting iu the death by asphyxiation
of four men. They were: John Rogers,
an Englishman, single; Albert ller-
bineaux, French, with a wifo and fain
ily at Uorrissey; J. Krupa,Slav,slngle;
.1. Julau, Italian, wife antl family in
Train Servluc Intermitted.
Train service on the Nakusp road,
ami consequent service on the lake,
was baillv disarranged this week. The
extra troublo was caused by a biff on
gine, running light to the Boundary,
Conttwltorl l.y tlie Ini.l.
The recent advances in silver has
had a stimulating effect in many of
the silver producing sections of the
west. Lower grade ores than were
possible to mine at a profit a little
while ago are being mined. Tho lead
camps, though the price of lead has
advanced, are not receiving any benefit, ami while the quotations for lead
are above 14.50, the smelter trust arbitrarily makes settlements at the old
quotations of .18.60a Producers are
withhold] ng shipments on this account.
The combination is no doubt trying
to keep the price* up for lioth silver
ami lead, and as it undoubtedly has
absolute control of the market for both
metals, it cau manipulate prices to
hiiit its own ends. It would, however,
be a wise policy to give the niiuer or
producer at least a portion of the profits arising from the better prices. In
a certain measure the trust must depend on the miner for its ore supply,
and unless he is accorded some consideration and some profit, lie may lie
compelled to close down his mines.
Lord's n.ay Alliance.
The local branch of the Lord's Day
Alliance met last Saturday night and
completed their organization, the initial steps having Ix-en taken at the
recent visit of Rev. Mr. Shearer. The
officers elect aro: T. Craighead, president* Rev. Messrs. Seott, Simons, and
Mouut, vice prenidouts; and Mrs. T.
McNeish secretary.
The all day and night hours of the
Slooan iiiake'it pretty hard to keep a
Ixmt crew, a majority of the deck
hands quitting this week. As a eon
sequence ore shipment* from the lake
ports are hung up.
Last Year's Salpmente Were SS33 Tans—
A ll. ultl.y Kvldenee of the Life and
Wealth of the Caiup Uaterprlee the
Biggest Shipper.
Shipments of ore this week dwindled away to a whisper, only two tons
lieing sent out, lieing ah initial effort
on tho part of the Nansen group. The
Enterprise has a couple of oars at the
lauding ready to lilt, and it will not.
he long till tho Ottawa and Black
Prince bave ore to go out. To date
sliipniouts total 1001 tons.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to ('3$'
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise       * 67f>
Arlington  40
Ottawa  126
Black Prince  17
Bondholder  2
Davton  *t
Kepublic  7*)
Meteor  62
Hsrailton  4
Westment  -I'
IIiijh.and Light  .?
Albert* „. 3
Cripple Stick  2
Naneen       2 2
2 1001
The force at the Reco has beeu increased.
More men are being put on at the
Last weok the Sandon minas shipped 217 tons of ore.
The Perle secured a certificate of
improvement this weoit.
Moro mon have been put te work
this week at the Ottawa.
It is expected the Cripple Stick will
be started up by the 1st.
Ore commenced coming down from
the Hampton on Sunday.
McMillan & Wood have thrown up
their lease on the Tail Holt.
Last month the Jackson mine shipped 177 tons of ore to Trail.
Operations have been suspended on
tho Riverside for the season.
Boundary ore shipments last weok
amounted to 14,*.H)7 tons of oris.
The zinc separator at the Payne is
to be put in operation n»xt month.
The Cody Fraction case again
before the courts at Nelson this week.
The recent shipment of tho Allierta,
went $>40 in gold and 165 oz in silver.
Work-on the Rambler compressor
will be pushed, the material having
The ore shipments from the Rossland camp last week amounted to
8o7G tons.
On Saturday tho Nansen group, at
the head of Lemon creek, shipped two
tons of ore.
Rossland's monthly payroll totals
$100,000, of which the Le Roi contributes $32,',00.
H. T. Twigg, New Denver, came
down last week and surveyed tho Silver Leaf claim, adjoining the Arlington.
Poplar crook ores, which havnj been
exhibited at all th>* recent big fairs,
are to lie sent to the St. Louis exposition by request.
Jack Beauchesne got his returns
this week from his last shipment of
ore from the Alberta, being upwards
of 8100 to tho tou.
The force on the Alberta was increased to threo men on Wednesday,
and it will be operated all winter. The
men will work on shares.
W. A. Harvey and partner aro
working the May claim, on Twelve
Milo creek, under lease. Tliey are
taking out quite a bunch of ore.
At the Howard Fraction everything
is in shape for tho winter, with buildings up and firewood and mining timber in. The new trail is completed as
far as the summit.
Returns from the recent small shipment from the Cripple Stick were received on Friday, and thev proved to
be satisfactory. The net figures were
about $HX) per ton, the gold values
being l.| oz.
Meiigollnn* to (in.
The agitation of the ranchers and
citizens against the Mongolian rail
road laborers has had tho desired effect, and the Japs will go. A delegate
was sent down to Nelson ti> interview
the railroad officials ami they promts<-d
to remove the Mongolians from the
•: I
A Love
Soon the pavements were struck,
and the hood was removed; but
riaiiNiine could see nothing. The
curtains of the coach were closed,
ond the blinds drawn up' over the
windows. She only knew that the
two men were with her. nnd that she
Was being driven rupidly away from
lur home, If she thought of asking
any tpiostions, the loud clang and
rattle of the wJieels upon the cobhle-
stons pavement admonished her that
she might have to raise her voice
nigh enough to incur the penalty of
being again smothered, and she held
her pence. Hut she held it with pain
mid anguish unutterable. In the
tlarkncss and tho whirl, with the
pain-giving clutch of her captors upon her limbs, her thoughts were
busy; and if they bad not logical sentience, the.v at least grasped stern
facts, with deductions that were not
entirely illogicul. And the events of
which she thought wore dark and
gloomy ones. Caspar Hugo was
her enemy; Endora and Appleton
were her friends; and Hugo had
learned of their interfeience in her
behalf, and had resorted to this method of overcoming it. His visit to
ber during the day had been only for
tin* purpose of sounding her and for
laying his plans. The letter bearing
Paul's signature had been a forgery.
She hnd arrived at this point In
her wildly whirling fancies, and was
thanking fortune that I'aul had not
written the unworthy words, when
tho coach stopped, and, before she
could make a motion to prevent it,
the thick robe was again thrown over lur head, and very soon she was
lilted out upon a hard sidewalk and
hurried away through a narrow passage. She knew lt was narrow by
the manner in which her conductors
wero forced to crowd their way. Al
length, a door was unlocked and opened, and sho was l"d into a small
hall, and then up u flight of contracted stairs: thence up another
■light, until linnlly, she was led into
a small chamber, where the hood
was removed from her head, and a
voice said to her: "Sit down!" and
a hand pushed her back into a chair;
and she was so weak tlmt she did
not attempt to rise. It was a rocking-chair, low and easy, and she
sank back with a smothered sob.
"Easy, my lady" You're past all
hnrm and danger. You are In a castle where no power tin earth can
come to ruffle tho smooth waters of
the fate I have in storo for yon."
Sho knew tho voice. Sho looked
up, nnd by thc light of a single candle which stood upon a small table
near them, sho saw Caspar Hugo
She did not start as she might havo
started at some terror unexpected,
for this man had occupied her
thoughts, and she hnd associated hlin
with the present calamity. Of all
the people sho had ever seen or known
she had not known another whom
sho thought so base and wicked as
tho man now before her. She looked upon him, nnd she saw him exactly as she had seen him on that
day when he bad first come to the
Brookside with his master. He was
dressed very nearly the same, and
his face wore the same serpent-liko
expression, nnd tho beaming of his
eyes was ns ophidions as then, save
that now there wns more thnn nwl-
ovolenco in them.
She looked at hlm and then she
glahced uround the room. It was
small, and tho ceiling was low, and
tho only furniture consisted of n
few chairs and a small table. There
Were two doors, upon opposite sides
t'f lhe room. One was shut and ono
was open. Through that which Was
closed sho bad probably entered. Beyond tho other she saw another
apartment, and the corner-post o( a
bed. The walls were pierced for no
Windows; but upon looking upward
she saw a small square window overhead. The ceiling was sloping,
nnd tho Window was in the roof of
tlm house. Ami she observed that it
was guarded by stout iron bars, like
tho bars of a prison. They were
ominous, nnd sho shldderod when
she saw them Caspar observed the
glance nnd the shudder.
"ThoBS bars." he said, "were put
there for protection. Thieves have
Inert known tai break through sky-
HghtS; but they can't break through
this one."
Having thus attrarted the maiden's
attention, ho proceeded, calling her
by namo with easy familiarity:
"And now, Christine, I have no
doubt you would like to know what
iill this means "
Tho familiar lone nroiiseti her Indignation, and gave her strength.
But she answered him only with silent attention. If it wus bin purpose
to inform her, ho would probably do
He seemed to understand her, antl
presently continued:
*'lt is late, anil I know you must
bo fatigued, antl I shall tell you the
whole story In u very few words. I
need not tell you that you ore beautiful; but 1 may tell you that tbe
very first time 1 saw you ] though!
you the most beautiful girl I had ever seen; und 1 think the same still,
1 thought to mySelf that 1 should be
the happiest nan niiie. if i could
possess you for my own; though at
that lime I did not tirenni that Ihe
thing  COMld   ever  come   to  pass,   lint
the oventsof life are not at our own
disposal,       I    may   loll   yoti   furlhef,
that l feel desperately in lore   with
you-so you may safely conclude I hai
l i.i ii m. t mean you harm, On the
contrary, I tpoan to make you a bod
of roses, and be your slave for life.
Po not nbu.'O the power I thus willingly [ lace in your hands,"
Christine found it. hard to restrain
hor burning   indignation    at    these
witus,    sii    trippingly  ami  so  unctii-'
ously  spoken;   but   she  cluttheti     her ■
lingers until the deliente bones cracked,  and heltl her peace.
"You know, my dear girl," Caspar went on, "how 1 wns lirst called
to tho Brookside; nnd you know
what has since transpired. 1 may
remark, however, lhat the most poignant blow my heart ever received
enme in the knowledge that you were
solemnly affiianced to young Waybrook. 1 learned that Air. Waybrook the elder had forbidden the
union of his son with yourself, Aye,
that ho had sworn to cast off the
boy forecer if he persisted in pursuing the, alliance. I saw that if I'aul
Waybrook should mako you his wife,
ho would wed you and himself to
lasting misery. But it was not needed thnt 1 should Interfere for bim.
He has chosen his own course. of
his own accord be has forsaken both
his home and you, and plunged into
reckless dissipation."
Christine started to her feel, her
hands clutched, and her eyes flaming.
•'Let him pass," said Caspar, wilh
a wave of the hand, "1 will save him
If 1 can. I heard from him this evening, and ho was with his rioting
companions at the club. He's taking
it easy, I as-sure you."
Christine had known Paul's one
weakness, and she dared not deny
the man's assertion. But that he
had deserted her—she knew it was
false. His father's harshness had
driven him to the sorrow. She sank
back, and covered her face with her
"You may not be aware," continued Caspar, after a pause, ''how
much assistance I have rendered to
tho heir of Madame lluchel's estate.
It was through my means entirely
that he became aware of his heirship,
•nd I have helped him ut every step
—helped him by legal means, Ami
now let me givo you the sum of the
whole matter. I did not assist Al-
«*aneler Couinton without beitiL'
mindful of you. 1 told hi in your
claims, and urged him to consider
them. And now mark his response:
.He considers us both, and ho says if
you and I will marry he will give
to us one-half the estate. Bo *'0U
begin to  understand'.'"
Christine looked at bim In blank
"Mr. Compton is a curious man,"
said Caspar. "Ho cares for nie. and
he cares for you, anil h« will serve
both, or neither; ami ho Will serve
us only iu this way. Can you wonder thut, under the circumstance, 1
resolved to possess you? And you
must not blame me for the method I
have pursued. 1 knew you better
than you knew yourself. Had I left
you ut the cottage you woultl have
lied at the lirst not.1 of alarm; ami
whither woultl you huve gone? I>o
you not fee that 1 have saved you?
[Tad 1 spoken to you of love at tho
Brookside, you woultl have spurned
me, not knowing me, nnd sbb 1 chose
to meet you upon ground of my own
selecting. You need rest now. ami
you may rest hero in safety. 1 will
send you a female friend ill lhe
As he turned awuy Christine stinted again to her feet.
What—do you mean, sir—"
"I mean," he saiil, as the words
stuck in her throat, "thut you k<'
not hence, except as niy wife. You
may as well know and be prepared
for it."
She could not answer him. She
could only see him depart, untl hear
him lock the door behind hiin. and
then sink back iuto the chair. The
fate was overwhelming— more than
sh* could clearly consider. That she
was in iho power of uu accomplished
villain was now apparent. Of his
audacity she had received ample
proof; and of his purpose sho had no
doubt; but, would a just Ood permit him to triumph over her? In
that extreme hour her first thought
of help was heavenward; and this
gave her Btrngth of mind to think of
such help as might be vouchsafed
ihrough her own endeavors.
The bodies of thoso Kaugos are mnde of the
best qnality range stofl, all outside exposed
parts are Interlined with heavy shoot tisboMtos.
Ther hnvo cast iron extensions with whit*
Enamelled Reservoirs, nickel plntod drop Tea
Pot Stands. Nickeled Towel Rods. They nre
made to burn any kind of conl, can bn changed
in two minut' s to hum 20 Inch wood. Highly
nickeled throughout.
For full pnrtlcultirs rend for illustrated
booklet. |
NOT*-: t-The following mice* fnr these
lalflgh   grniie  langi'S as  illustrated,   fully
Ml 0-1S »v.*n   lM\!*lxl' In. f/10.00
Nu 0 SO  oven   '10x21x14 lu. »aV'.50
<"*'. O, i:.. wiiiiii|i<-g,>
ask   your dealer for Hum or write to in.
1.13 • lOfl  Lombard   St.,   Winnipeg-.
One Methodist minister has proposed to his people a month of solf-do-
niiil to enable his church to raiso
11,000 towards tho funds of iho
Preachers' Aid Society.
A    Ur.COllNI/KI)    KI'lM'I.ATOlt —  T.i
brine the digestive organs Into symmetrica! working is the aim ol physicians
when thev Bnd a tinti<'nt sulTering 'ruin
stomachic irregularities, nnd for this
miriioisi* thev cun nroscriho nothing hotter
than Parmelee's Vegetable l'ills, which
will be found i\ pleasant medicine ol surprising virtue in bringing lha> rsfractorv
organs into sublectlon und restoring
them in normal action, in which condition   only   ran   they   perforin   their   duties
IHaarfJ's Liiiimtnt for sale everywhere.
The two mission study books,  "Via
Chrtutl"   u.itl   "l.ux riirisii."  have
had a large sab''; the former of 45.-
000 copies;   tlie latter of 40,000,
The tirst. Baptist Missionary to .Tu-
pun. was a seaman, Jonathan Uoble,
In Commodore Perry's expedition ol
1854, who was sent out in I860 as n
missions! y.
Thaa groves of nhiriicj-; they look so charm*
Down    bj    the    purling* 0* sweet  silent
lil'.lol.S —
All  tli-ck'il  hy   posies,  that  siaoiitaiifously
grow there,
Planted in order in the rocky nooks.
"ru. there ihe daisy, nud the sweet carnation,
The Lflloomlns pink, utul the ros<» ro Pair;
Likewise the til.v aud th* iind'auuily —
All flnweis thnt scent the   sweet,    .ipen
"ris i.nii.v Jeffers owns the pin nt nt Ion,
hike A'le.tnmler, or Helen fall"
There's no commander In nil the tuition
i*oi' regulation cop with inr compare.
Such  wbJIs surround her,  that no    nine*
Could ever plunder her p-lacc of strength!
nm Oliver Cromwell he iiiii her pummel.
Anil mmlc u lireneJi In Iter lintllem«nt.
Tin-re's gravel walks there fair Hpi'i'iiliit'.OB,
An conversation in sweet solitude;
'Tis tltwio lite lover may hear tilt* dove, or
rin* gentle plover, in the Rftertioon.
Ami if u young hniy should hi so engaging
As in w.illi lihani' In I hose shmly bowers,
"Pis there her courtier he  may  transport
In «oim. altiik fort, cr tiuihr the ground.
Fur 'tis lliii't* tlu* cave whero no daylight
llut lints uud blAgr-ll are forever
riainjr mi'SMti by nature, thr.t makes   it
Thuu n poach and <jI.\, or n feather hed.
"lie  there's  I Im   hike   Unit   Is   sloit'il   willi
Ami I'luiioiy srls In the rer-flanl mud;
Besides the leeches, uml  Hu*   grovel    of
All i-i.'i'i iinj  In  oralrr for  le guard    th*
"Ms there tht kltihea hnngs tunny n ditch
Willi Ihe maids n-sillfl'hlng tipim the stair;
Tho bread and h'.nki*'. lhe be** ami whiskey,
W'aaulit make ya.ii frisky If V"U were there.
'Tis there you'd see Reg Uwph.v's daughter:
A-tvasalns praties foranen! tho iloor,
IVith RogtH* fU'ur.r ntul Fai hor Wenlv,
All hhival relations to my  l-ord Dmongh*
There's statues gracing this noble, place la,
ah heather goddesses so fair-
field Ni'l'-tune, Plutarch and Nla'odetmis,
All Btnndlng nakeil lu Hie open air.
s.a ua>\v to tniisii the brave narration,
Which my poor gen I could not entwine; here I Homer, or Nobar/hailneCtar,
Ti.-i In  every  fcnluro  I   woultl  make    It
—Blr-bard    if red Mllllkta.
[-tore are now threo colored bishops
of Western Equatorial A rlca, Bishops
J0   ns.iu,  Phillips and Olurole,  whose
total    d-ocoao   °»,braC0   ■","    '
7,1(10(111  Haiiiiue  miles,   with   un   BSM-
,,.!,,,;,, population of 8fl.OOP.qOO.
St Mary's VYhilei Impel, i.s one of
the London churches which carr es on
It,- woil. actively during tho summer.
There is a  daily service during the
dinner  hour  nntl  a  scrvii
outside tho church evor\
It   i.s   hut  equal    tl A\
should be so much on Uo
heart of God  la  so  tipich
tho Lord of Rimy  can  sl
ns   to   set   his   heart  on
mcthinks  wo  should    be
suailed to sot our hearts
and glory.—Richard  Hum
'■' insido
"   ''■■••ill,,.,
"■■   Us.    |i
""" *■ I,.,
S    '1
,,ni-'iy ii,,-
'"■   Chriu
Oa the second morning ol i'aul
Wnybrook's sojourn at the hotel he
awoke sober and repentant. Ile did
noti think longingly or regretfully of
home, for he had, for tbe time, nt
least, east out all love for it. No
mother was there to soothe with
tender words his troubled spirit, and
cool with gentle touch his throbbing
brow. No mother's love made sarred
the hearthstone, and no mother's
smile made sunshine in the circle, lie
thought of his mother on this morning of pain and self-condemnation,
and he tbougbt how gladly he would
confess his sin, and ask her forgiveness. Ah! how she had forgiven him
in the otber days, and how, by her
love, hud she led him out from many
a wayward danger I But ho could
claim her lovo no more on
etuth. He thought of her as
one Sanctified In the better world,
antl he dured not pray Hutu
that she might look down upon hiin
No--lic rather prayed tbat ihe might
be .'•nired  tihe sight.
Of his father he would not think.
Shut up in his heart wna* the feeling
that bis father hud deeply wr.ongcd
him, antl bo cured not to bring it
into light, lie would keep it shut up
if he could.
It Is best to remember that life is not
written In lesd pencil snd erasing mny
not be done until after the account has
boon   render-*.!   to  the  Master.—*"*
There never was and never will he a
universal yanarea. in one remedy, f-ir nl.
ills to which liesh is heir—Uie >erv na
ture of manv curatives being such thut
were the germs of ait ber nnil dUTerenth
seutetl diseases rooted in the system ol
the  potlent—whMt.   troiiitt   relieve oao  111
in   turn   would   aggravate   lhe   ether     Wi
hnve however, in Quinine Wine, whei
aila niiuii.a iii sound, unadulwrated state
a remedy for ntanv and grievous ills It.
its t*;rrtilu»t! nm! judicious uss the frailest
systems are led Into convalescence ant
strength lav the Influence, which Qulnlm
exerts on nature's awn restoratives !■
relieves the drooping BUii-ite of thnsi
with whom a chronic stutt- ol morbh
despondency; antl luck ol Interest In lift
,s ft disease, and hv t.,a
nerves, disposes to sound and refreehlne
sleep—Imports vigor to the action of Un
blnotl. which, heir.p; stimulated, course*
through the veins, strengthening tbi
healthy animal functions ol '.hn system
thereby making octivitv a i.ecessnry r*
suit, st renirtlicninc tt.P f mine en1! c'• iv.
life to the tlitrestive OTirails, which tmtu
rollv ila'innnri Increased Bubstance- tesun
in-.!.roved nonet ita*. Northron A Lyman
of Toronto, base ei'. en to the i>'
their Superior Quinine wine nt the usual
tate and guaged bv the opinions o'
scientists, the tvine ftrai-raBtiehes nearest
oeii'ei'lion of anv in the market. A!
druizirlKtii sell  it.
it is slated thai nt lensl 1 500.000
women are studying India this year
in tin* united mission study course
prepared by the woman's committee.
Liver mis
That's what you need; something to cure your biliousness,
and regulate your bowels. You
need Ayer's Fills. Vegetable;
gently laxative
J.C HyerCo.,
1 ©■*/.-.I.   t'OEfll.
Want your moustache or beard
• beautiful brown or rich black? Use
Iron ers .
Hi   a 'i    ai aaaa^apjpw.lpp'p.
Month  rilling;   Mler.ueojij-.
"Mlcroscoplst" Is ti-tuiilij' pronounced
tni*cros*eo*plst, Is p. horror of nrtlculn-
ilon, besides concealing the plain moan
iug und derivation of tlie word,   But If
! we first sny "micro" and then "scoplst,"
I taking euro to plnce the stress on the
i lirst syllable, we get easiness, pleas*
j nut ness and common sense,   There nre
busts of others, but nouo quite so terrible as "mlcroscoplst" ns It Is commonly pronounced or tried to be pronounced, for It reigns In a sort of pinched.
rheumatic, splendid isolation, "high on
n throne of royal stnte, by merit raised
to thnt bud eminence."— Verax iii London News.
f'oslln* end Ilia  Sa-are.
Onee upon ii time there wns an impudent gosling who wns exceedingly snu-
f.v to his mother and apparently bad
no respect for his elders.
Ills kind mother was very patient
with hlm and tried to overlook bis fulling, hoping thut he would Improve with
sge. His fnther wns not so lenient, nnd
ono dny, when thc gosling tried bis
saucy methods on hlm, he gave him a
sound thrashing.
"That sort of tnlk may do for your
ruotlier, but it will not do for me," snld
the father.
Moral.—What is sauce for the goose Is
not snuco for tho gander.—New York
How Trees Are Like II ninn-i  HelriKN.
Nature hns n.niiy peculiar laws governing the orgdlllstn of trees, one Is
Hint overy individual twig, spray, nil
the foliage, every fiber, hikes precisely
Its own thickness of wood from the
parent stem. This (■nine law is muni-
fostcil iii Hit' proportions of lhe liuninn
organism. The length of the arms from
finger tip to finger tip (nuns extended!
Is tlu» precise measurement of the
length of (he legs of n human being,
mid other measurements are tho sums
In proportion	
A Peculiarity Accounted for.
"There's ;i peculiarity iiboul tlio Kir'-
sinus that I have noUced. Thoy nenrly
nil .st't'in to have square, heavy Jaws,"
"I suppose that's the resull of the
exercise they get through calling mie
another by namo."- Bt, Louis World.
s;ni Kate.
Hewitt—Brevity is (bu soul of wit.
.Ii'v.iit   I  cnn't see anything  funny
j nbout being short.   New Yoik Herald.
A   Common   and   Distressing   Ailment   Which
Promptly Cured by
'.Biliousness" Is the one word used [complaint and sick headache for 0Vw
'•' ' ,       -,      ,,, .;,. i Ihri'i* veins,   1  nm and  in I .-i, ■■,. .
by   mosi    people   to   describe     *•'"   11MV ,„,,„,„,„,;„„ ,„  ,„    ,       ,
trouble when  tho llvor gets out   <»  M,v.|.iV(,. ,.lUs.   A, ,„,., ,,,
order   loavos bile, and brings onslck*jn    ii11U*   strong,    bin
hoadaclio and  Irritable temper, stom-.searching nnd  thorough
nch troubles, and Irregularities of the  t nn amply  repay any  ,.,
bowels. ,    '.''' "    '' "';""\ ' "l!   :
iviudc  who  sillier  much   from  ull- In every way nnd in>  l..*...|     ,
lousness!•  pnlo  and  yellow   In entire!}    disappeared       |i      , ,,„..,'
-Minnlcxlon   Irritable, and morose InlKldney-I.lver   l'ills  arc
disposition,   and  ate  llublo    In    lind  best ] ever iiwd. untl  i
Ssid   to   bs    Moro   i;iTflretlv«   m senllni'li
llian Watch Dog-.
Having discharged the family
watchdog, in disgarce, says London
Answers, n fanner in tlie .Midlands
Ims Installed two enormous fray
geeso an guardians of his home.
riiOSO are more effective as sentinels
limn the best watchdog that ever
lived, ho thinks. In addition to
v.Inch thoy huve the following point*,
in their favor. Thoy do not howl at
the moon; tbey do' not inttko friends
with visiting burglars and bits tho
pni-Bon; they do not transform the
front garden Into u depository for
ancient bones Uke most big ganders they ure belligerent. The minute
ih.. frout gats clicks they come rush-
lug around from tlio back yard with
wings outstretched and flapping,
loi king for a light. It is no use to
say. "(!ood doggy, nice doggy," to
them. Tbey cannot hu flattered or
cajoled. Moral suasion fulls futile.
The average burglar who hears about
ihu;e pa..-v... will doubtless be of the
idea tliut ono bus only to Say,
"shoot chlcky." to send them scut*
tling. Any burglar who knows a
goose will know better, A big gvey
gander is not nfrnid of anything.
These two will nttack Anything that
comes in the front gnto wiih tha
savageness of a !>'iildog. And they
are able to do about us much dani-
agi'. They take flying leaps at the
Intruder, beating him about the
head With thoir wings nnd punching
him In tho faco with their bills. All
tho time they keep up such a hissing
and noise that it is enough lo scars
away  the Ktoulesl-heiii t(d buigliu'.
rtrnim to tlie 1-rout In Kns'&nt!.
Sir Edward Clarke, K.C., who'was
entertained In Toronto recently, is
nn   tdintrablo   example of   the fact
that brains count in the public life
of tho United Kingdom, although
not yet so potent, a factor aa birth
Sir ISdward, who is in bis C8rd year,
is Iho sou of n 1/onilon jeweller. Hu
was educated at the city of London
College nmi King's College, was a
clerk in the India Ofliee. for u short
lime, Mudicd law, and became a
Houso of Commons reporter and m
Contributor to Tho Standard's literary columns. The law claimed him
Hnally in lHfi-l, when ho wus called
to tlm Bar. .Sixteen years afterward hn "wore silk" and entered
Parliament. His splendid powers as
a debater wire of great value to
tho Conservative parly, and in 1P8d
he became Sollctlor-Guneral In Lord
Salisbury's fJovernmont and received
tho honor of Knighthood. Ho fol-
lowod Mr. Gladstone in thu great
home rule dobalo of IHP.'t, which
means thnt Sir Edward is in tho
front milk taf spcakors in England,
.Sir Edward wit for Plymouth for the
twenty years—1880-1000—but resigned after vigorously attacking
Mr. Chamberlain's conduct oi tlm
.South African negotiations, it was
his belief that Mr, Chamberlain's
blundering or bad faith brought on
tho war. .Sic Edward, therefore, can
hardly' bo expoctod lo receive With
eutliuslcism the latost project of iho
ninn Irom "Brummagem,"
■ ' Oflla/u  11 union*.
A member of the London postoflice department lolls of an undelivered letter which when opeiuxl was
found to contain n long list ol sud
troubles. But th.- writer struck on"
note of gladness at lhe end of tho
epistle iii the Bentence, "Thank Cod,
the pig had len young onus,"
The officials OllCO hail ii letter addressed to "Undo .lohn, Hopposile
tho Church, London, Hinglnnd,"
Tins was not delivered, but another
one wns. It wus etltlresi i rl i hiu :
"To My Sister .lean, i p thu Canon
gate, Down ii ('lose. Edinburgh, Sho
lias ii Wooilen Leg." Tills lust pint
of tho address was doubtless llui
in tlm   telograph   department    ol
tho   British   pOStoltles   I hey   eel     cui
ions messagos also, Ono young married man hurried Ui wire Internal Ing
news t'i Ills wlfe'i relatives, "Twins
to-day; more to iuoitow."
themselves among Iho chronic gruin
blors, io whom nothing svems lo go
The troublo begins with lhe liver
becoming torpid nn.l sluggish in action, ami disappears when ihe liver
is si'i right. Dr. Chaso's Kidney-
Liver l'ills cine biliousness promptly,
because of ihelr d I ree I action on lhe
liver      They    thoroughly   remove  nil
I'liiiil   tlieinj
After ell.  ii   puts in    i,ii t| |    •
li ii il   pro\ I'll    i". il
of  runn'ng unci'   ever:
iii'iii nit-ill   that  is In .a ir-l i  ,.        ;
Chase's  Kldne> Liver   i        .     , ...
siilei'etl    Well    n.ei.l      llidis| |,i |.
t htiiisnnils   of   11n-   bo ll  ho
siiiiui supi-eti '■ as a   i
i'i il i in.'      I li.e   pill   a   dose j
lhe symptom
iiecaiise of iheir rom-j ft box.   M. nil denlei     or i: i
lini is   *',    I'n..   Tor. nl n      I',,
\ ou ngulnsl   imitiii ion i,
ijltietl   action   on   kidneys,   liver   nnd j
"vrs Vaulknor. 8 Olldersleevo Plnce, |nnd   slgnnlui-c  of   Hi     \    IV.'Chu
Tofor.'lci     suvs •—" After    doctoring,the famous receipt    !, , ,..,
without'success for bllloutniess. liver on every box.
"The honorable gentlemen
opposite may scarcely credit
this, but it is my firm belief
that if a few boxes of these
most excellent cigars had been
judiciously distributed among
the Boer Generals their savage natures would have been
soothed and that cruel war
might never havo taken
The   acknowledged   Leader.
J. M. Fourtler, Limited, Montreal.
Write for Ambrose Kent ©. Sen's
Illustrated   Catalogue
.Showing hundreds of elegant articles in Jewelry, Silverware,
Gift Goods, etc.   It will  show you bow easy it  is to make
tion, nnd  how economical' it  is  to  order by mail  from US,     "•
quote n few unmatched values :
3536 Handtome Ptarl Brooch, 14 k. Kiting,    -      -       *      -    $5 00
*»591 Hair and Comb, mounted in Sterling Silver, in caw
complete, ' «*'
433a Ladiej' Solid  14 k. Gold Watch, richly  engraved, "A.
Kent & Sons" movement, 30 00
3979 Fine Diamond Solitaire Ring, »•*
Ashbury Methodist church in Pekin,
which wus barricaded by tho missionaries, bul ruthless.*! destroyed by lhe
Boxers In 1900, hus been rebuilt and
recent I.v dedicated.
There lire now six t Impel roi'S of
ihe liii|iiisi Publication Society, oi-
orating in Indian Territory, Tcxni*,
Colorado, W'Bconsin, Michigan and
Most   Sudden and  Dangerous  of
Dr.   Agnew'3   Heart   Ouro   rollevaa   In
SO Mlnutos.
Stculthy  as a  thief in  tlie tilulit. heart
riUeiine   hernlils   Its   CfltfllllB   onlv   by   the
lieniiiv will1 H lays upon it« victims, if
you have puliiltiitioii. Short taiculti,
■ iBullii'i'iiie n|ib'1Ih. hi' vertluii. llo not (111-
iny tli« use of llr. Auiifw's Heart ('tin'.
It will ritlleve evi.iv ruse in HO inlnuto
nntl will ruilicullv euro ninety-live per
cent, of thoso aflecled, u is ii perfect
remedy for nerves ami stomach,   suiu hy
Illl     ill HI'I'islH
. ..i   ■.!_■ ■   ...  :	
A committee ims heon " ;
raise $12,000,000 to i
resources ul  the  Pre h>"
and theological seminai ■
ThO    elglll'lll'-
I'OllgO   I'lce   Slat.'  am'  ri
311   missionaries,   '2 ■■
golists, 827    ii.uive   leu
Siintlnv   .schools.
The greal Sunday sclu   ' .
port,   Cheshire,   l«ng..
its contenory   n 190.1 hv H     ! 't ,
of n  large building  lo m  ""
over 0,000 scholars.
A great  majority   of   tli"   county
councils In Wales have declared I."
Mlity to tbo education act, and have
threatened  to  render  ii   unworkable!
No one need fear cholera or snv sum*
mer coiniilii ini il i hi', bave a hot He nl
in- .1 D Kelloe's Dyseittary Cordial
reined*- for nsi' It conects nil loosonese
ni tiie bowels promptly nmi rauncs m
healthy mui natural action This is h
medicine adapted for ihe youns and nhi
rich snd puoi' nmi is rapidly beromlne
the  inosl   popular  niotlicine  for  cholera,
ds st'iitet.v.   elr .   In  Ilie  ninrket.
ItiKhi   Uev.   Francis   Bourno,    who
ims   been   appointed   /Vrehblshop   al
n'ostmlnster,  is, with one exception,
| iho youngest of the Roman Catholic
Bishops of England.
i        '• I  ! ■"'
The meotlng-houso ol ;
Church  ni   Bonnlngton,   V ■
Interior which is con idereii i"1  ^
lieiiutii'ul nlil colonial lypi*
Tlio Unlvorsalists "arc • ■   l*«™trt
great  cclobratlon at   the m       n
l N.I I.)   church.   Which   .vot" ,,,,„.
1794.    The  greal   hlslnrlrn
wil) bo glvon by Vi: Cantw'"
I *■;   i'i
The Church of Engl«n«* I-^'u0noi«i
I'IukIiukI and Wales aboi I   '■      ri,
Blttlngs in places of •■■ -      ' ., >
Non-conformists prut i'1'' ';''   , ', ,-
inn).     The    number  nl  < l'1""
inunlcunts is aboul eciunl  nnil   ■'"■'I,'"',',|.,|n(, I
"Yon havo no! taken the in«w ^
left," asked the physlclnn *ai'   ^
anger.   "I declare such ncllo^«e!„
simply make me lose my i';l "      ?uf.
■•Won, doctor," meekly ■»■ ^*BBf*l
rerlngono, "i was afraid 11 ■     a ,„,,
to take .vour medicine you *■<
another of your patients. ; ,„
Renllzlng that tho enso i*
the pliyslclan left the lion* The Drslil.
-TocAN.   ^imiSU   COLUMBIA.
" ,„,,;-- —
a • ■'■'' ';'■;.'■ ,,„t n m to baits,
He'd'»«'" !'" ,'. ,1;.. tll*,t:!
,:   ! ■   \ ,, Jiicks, an' the kltoben'f Just
•j., 'g cfOSH ■ •■ (    .
'     „ ,V',|',.:t rm HUo to bust-
V:;,   «co, 'to tea.
,i„. Bhinlost ev'rythiiig.
in "''■ '■', ., ,„ times ma'll ring
:■■ hi V    ff tll0 scraps.
, , |mve ice dream, 1 know;
v> '   l  '!.;,, on, stel
|u  ,;,r,,UBh-
,: .   at the toblo-tnuetti
..   ,   I .   ': ill v    "M't .
l»   .'   ''! ilmy "PS or touch
:  l won't "•'
Vi   n plates aro passed,
. Ht   I 1
...,„, I'BI   '.■»
. .,.   |f |t ■ III.' lost)-
a: I blntiaa an' tin,
a ■ It
*,',.,,      ,     .    ■ •• says i
<,     ;.i rreescr otlt!
i tii*.!* au' i seo
„,) hrtnda er faoa-
i   tea.
n Woman's llimic Cora-
;        i  _._ ,	
III    -uia. of OrnUnn.
..j,,..,-. yon llilnl. ii would be n groat
,■ oul mi ihe mump and
,  ; ... f, ■■.   pooches?"
. n ),; of It," answered Senator
"As long ns a man is willing
;',    ■ . ,.     y do tlie talking nobody
nUo fun <if his grammar."
\        ;ton War.	
Interested  to  Some  Kilent.
..-.- i ..... iii t'B be Interested In the
.  ,     ui, nt of this hotel," said tlie
r.fwr-jii pi
i.| a i,   replied tho sad looking man.
"Money Invei led In It?"
i*y( , [v ■ months' lioard In nd-
y- ■ Cincinnati Commercial Trlb-
South "■•-ne-ican Kitlne*/ Cure
;. ii. v  treatment   thnt  h«s
j ,. ,     m rorrect all tla.' evils thai
| in tall   ii   physical   rcBU-
! ..!a a.f teKllnioiiliila lo nrovi
rits ol   this  luqultl kill nol
ol  llrlnht's illsettsc   die
I irridti aa.   ii!   the  bladder,   inflanv
,  icul   tendency,     Don't   al*
It Is stsled mat nine of tbo most
. dt i ii nn*.' Is agg-fcgat-
,      di ,r   1,600,000    i'ti|Bifl.s.
ta hich Uia'SB* books were
. iadc tn' wood fibre— eel*
I',fl\*.tin ki t    Gazette
i mi    it    ronuired   about
I irnish tliis paper.
'•   rii's Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
lit lm d  is i ha. One I  i oun
ai i.i in  growing flax, il
■     Ilia'       lillB" I      111     111!
I I aching  linen—an  opti a-
■  ,ii. s from si\ iai I'iKhl
t.a  the nature  and
llu   fabric
Rmovu   til    hnrtl.    soil    or    Call.iase4
•topi »rat blemishes   horses.   Mood
[a ii ts,   rlnctione,   swci-ney,
i' a   tire   and   SWOolloB
tltro.t.   iourIu    etc     Save   $iO   tiy    tht
im ol or.p tflotllo    Wairriintoil  ths   most
somiirlul HamUh Cure ever knows.
Bold Ly ail tli una bts.
■ wero In l tondon 37,*
1871   88,000,  In  1881
' ■ ■ ■        i  '. 1  .*.'_'.:■'"!. iiiifll in  1901
s , , ; i
i MV   (INE   ELF.CTnlC
ii le,  lit*  it  medicine oi
tiecflimes    popular,   inittit-
■j.iniL'   up   t;a   rterivi
■ lie oi Initial, i.liaali tha**
■ ,1  no*,a   win "ti  ihi ir ov.i
nt  Or   Thomas'  Klec
■ ii   iinineroUR,  but   nevei
•   v. in know  the trentiIne
»lth  ii  substitute,   but
fl'ttl    1 l,il>K
Mission   nt   A ft itu
•   inn  Churrh of (iient
;  i li was rounded  In  1 »T.">
•  chief centres,  lias a
two Kuropoaii niiaslon
■ > ■ liundrcd nut-slat'ons.
"•'Wd's Liniment Relieves Neuralgia.
1 In*   Iw. '   ah...i..,| ;,n(|  lllOfll
" "'• ng population In Ire*
•'   (Wise  Hi'.uli   Dislnfec
I'fwili i*   is   better   llian
.is ii i-, iioth goap and
he KiirHbIi niodical nnpori
ub il.' appointment .>'
'•   ns   Btowardcsscs   on
[j0 VOU like your thin, rough,
n°ri hair? Of course you
?ont- Do you like thick,
"e*»vy, smooth hair? Of
course you do.   Then why
{fj- be pleased? AycTsHair
Vleor makes beautiful heads
° h*'ii', that's the whole
M.ory.   Sold for 60 years.
'In! l'*M?^.*-'sr,l Iblr Vli-or for s, lens
'•>' ,,„,   ;'"' ■ " wondsrftl imir tonle,
"",.' u      U I" 'h" ''-Ir itii'l leslp, soil, nt
a '■ ms, inini„B „ Bptou.llil tlifumlni'."
r,, ' "■ J- W, Tati'M, Madlll. lnrt. T.
' ■■.■TJ2XBI
J c. AYcnro..
1-iwall,   Mam.
1 ••'" vaaiaa
BW©aK riairi
nc~-at*-zor*iu* —M———H
• tmnije MlstaktS   Ma'u liy t!i«i I ul. pre-
iifliiai' ail llr^.it llrltllln.
The Loudon Dally araphic, in iit.
Issue uf August -2:,. hu the following in its Iibi,,; biographical sketch t>l
ilia* luto',1 aallsbury: Ulosoly t-'oii-
lie't.'ti wnii his retiring disposition
Wns a ClU'l'iius mental nloolnubb— to
borrow Mr, 'r. v. O'Connor's ain
phraBo— wiiicit oft,.,, i,0rd Salisbury to iliaku I'oiuarkablu mihtakes
of identity. The Uanchostiir Quardl-
an is responsible ior the Ktory that
Lord BsJlsbury, u,e Uisiio** of Lou-
don, and many others, happened to
lie in a rooiu with iho King. Tho
King told Un- Bishop—Who, by the
way, lind lieot, ow* of Lord .Salisbury's own uppointmentB—that Lord
Salisbury had naked in reference lo
him, ■""Vim ia that young-looking
cleric?" a nil tiicn, to savt> embarrassment til Uie Bishop, His Majesty
added, pleiisaiilly: "But vou need not
inind that, I just showed him the
luii'st photograph of myself, and ui'-
tor looking nr it some mohiints In
silence,    he   Baid,    sympathetically,
POor   Oltl    laUllcl'1'   "
Another story of tho samo tliarar-
ter refers \,, ku incident ni n garden
party ni Hatfield the summer before
last, while the South African war
wtis still in progress, \ certain Baronet, who had recently returned from
a visit In South Africa, was among
tlie guests in the course ol tbe
afternoon Lord Salisbury took him
by the arm, saying, "I want a quiet
word with you," uml proceeded to
Intuiire about iiis views on the mili-
tmy situation Tho Baronet, astonished ami dollghted by this mark of
honor, freely offered Ions: nnd detailed oriticltan.1 on ihe war ami everything conui-cted with it. to all of
wliit-h L..I-I .Salisbury listened wilh
profound attention. Later his nephew
asked: "What, did you find to talk
about no lonf*; a time with Sir So-
nnd-So.' ' "J don't know wha' you
mean." wi.s the reply; "I nevei spokf.
to him in my life. I have just been
bnvinir a long und important talk
with Lord Itoborts—and 1 certainly
found hlm thoroughly outspoken."
Jtaaia.i Lrn-art- Ltwls' F.iitBte.
Tho estau* of Mr. Samuel Lewis,
tiie faiiioiis London money-lender,
who lived at Drosvenor square and
Cork street, Burlington Gardens, untl
died on .lun IS, 1001, was valued,
when probate of hia will was granted r,n Jan 21, lOol, nt £1,000,000,
so far u-a thru could be ascertained.
Tho estnio has since been re-valued
nt ^'J.TiT'j GfiSi iTs . and it seems
probablo, ihiToforc, tbat ibe two-
thirds of in*1 losiduary estate which
ho bequeathed in reversion for charitable and olher public uses will
amount :.i about £1,50(1,1X10. lt wns
also atm,al thai shortly before his
death Mr. Lewis had put the amount
nf Ins fortune at two and a hall
millions, n ilgure now proved to te
remarkably co'TOct. The Immediate
bequests to tiiaritius made in the
will ainotaiaieti lo £5,500, and Iiis relatives, solicitor, flail s nnil servants
all receivi at legacies bf sums ranging
from JJl'a.tiMii to £100. The two-
thirds of thi residuary estate nm to
be divided between 40 institutions
on Ails. Lewis' de.ilh. Among the
ekia.f of these bet'ticsts are £400,000
for establishing dwellings for the
poor, £2*iO.O00 for the Prince ct
Wales' HuspitnJ Fund. £100.000 fur
tho relief of tl.e Jewish poor, and thn
following a mounts to various hospitals: London £20,ooo. Maidenhead
£10,000, Lvelina £5.000, Padding*-
lon-green £5,000, and £10,000 enrh
tu Guj '-•. l haring Cross, St
George's, St Bartholomew's, St.
Thomas', end University College,
Another thoughtful bequest was that
of £2',0 tu lhe poor boxes at all tl-s
London Police Courts.
•*<*0   oonta   por   pound.
tfutnor In   AftlSlS1  Mntlrln.
In my early days I onto tried to
engage aa a model a big negro who
iii uti.* a Living out of chewing glass
in sundry barrooms for tho entertainment of those gathened there, writes
Tom Browne, a well-knowu English
comic artist, in Booklovers' Maiia-
1 want to paint you,'' I snid,
when ho had taken round the hut
niter his performance.
"Whal cullah, bofs?" he asked, suspiciously.
"Why, natural color, of course," I
replied. '1 want to paint your fare.
you know."
"Vah, lse not taking any. boss,"
he said, firmly. "Tho cullah lse got
is good enough for tins chile "
I ouee noarly got hammered for
making a colored sketch from life of
a very respectable gplf-caddy In an
attitude of ease, subsoquentlv adding
a stn-et comer ns n background oud
Bending it to an exhibition under the
title of "A Loafer." Tha1 nan camo
round t'i seo me In a violent retro,
saiil In* was n l.loonilti', respectable,
'igh-clarss golf-caddy, nnd no loafer,
and ii l didn't alter tha- title of lhat
dashed picture, he'd efthor pui his
solicitor mi to nu- or jolly well bash
Oh, yes, there's n lot of humor
about, if you onlv look for ll In
places win iv vou din' i expect to find
m |.» Man ii.'* Rmlthfl
Of Miss Horace Smith, who died
rcconlly at Brighton, England, Tho
London Athenaeum says: "Her
grandfather had hunted with Louis
XV.; her uncle hnd mot Dr, ilohn-
son, and She herself was probably
the insi person living who romem-
liB tv.l Ka.'iils. having seen, as a child,
lhe poet In hor father's garden at
Fulham, Among her emly memories
was lhat of being tuken into tbo
Princess Charlotto's carriage. Al-
iIhbiikIi sh*.* steualfe.stly declined to
bo Interviewed or to pui her recollections Into print, she was lemons
among her friends for her si oro of
anecdote und animated How of conversation. To her father, of 'lteject-
.k1 Addresses' fame, she owed her
youthful acquaintance with many of
ile colebrlties of tlie time, and ulie
Inherited bin wnrm friendship wiih
Thackeray, with whose daughter,
Mrs, Ritchie*, she was Intimate to the
lust. To him she is said to ->»"-"•
suggested ths ulut. of 'PeniUnnla.
CbYLON ll-A. A 20th century Luxury. Positively Incomparable,
lilack, Mixed or NATURAL QRREN, Sold only in lead packets.
40c, soc. and 60c per Ib.
By all grocer.*..   Steadfastly refuse all Substitutes.
sV1-*   to s Itrlotlr rtin-.tiTlitfion flrm-TxT
XAfl nnlpop.
.B.K, Caps
I'or all kinds of wear—rain, slaset,
snow, wind or just plain cold.
A score of styles.
Lighter dun fur, warmer than fur
because designed to protect exposed part*.
Cost less than fur—wear better than
Leather, corduroy, cloth, flaps, neck
masks, drop fronts, wool, fleece or fur
lined. Stylisli and durable--all prices.
Sold at all dealers—see that they have
this brand. \
Do You Want
StUflU* ONE 10 Ha-aa-tOtE YOUR SHIPMENTS •***»
It so, the undsrslgnedwiuitf yonr bas.uess and will cmlovor to give satlsiaotloa*
Cituli iialtnucitl ou t'lBiBsiiruiiiuiiU,     Heferenoc   L'uiou linuli of Cauatla.
Ths oldest SStabltlhed Oraln Commission    ■■, ,—s— —~— - _.   _ m  _*■
Merchant In WiniiipcR. ^^ ***^Es39l f*«| L(
Oraln  Exohange,  Winnipeg.
Maclennan Bros.,
TtLFr-iiaiN** H90. V. O. l'OX 585
Molntyra Blook, 804, Winnipeg.
Wlient niaal craiti if all kiwis. Cur
I . nil Int.. n S|oa Itilty. ltegolar sal.
vaiaa'iis nn IiilN tif Lading,
Wiitoor wlro us for Track Illds, or
CiiihIkii Your drain to us, which w«
will sell fur 3-our ncioutit, on your sp-
proval to higliost bidikr.
H. B.
"Pinto"  Shell
Mitts and Gloves
A himilre". styles of mitts ami gloves
made of "Piuto" Shell Cordovan, tbat
new, tough, boil proof, scorch proof, tear
proof, rip proof, wind and rain proof
leather made from the hide of the weKtern
Knit wrister mitts; double wrists, one
inside sleeve, another outside ; fleece lined,
fur lined, scores cf styles for all kinds of
uses.   None genuine unless branded.  -
tMr.«.    Jas.   Kinsella   Cured    by
Dodd's Kidney l'ills.
r.'rtillnr  Hedlcit.1 Case  Kudu In   Another
Victory lor tin* meat Kidney llonindy
St, Malnchic, Dorchester Co.. Que.,
Oct. 10.—(Special).—A medical case
iaf particular interest, especially to
women, is causing much talk hero.
Mis. James Kinsella suffered from
Kidney Disease, which so nlit'cttxl her
1 but she cuiilil not sleep, and she was
oMnii'il for two summers to pass her
nights sitting In u chair. To-dtiy
slu; is practically n well womnn. I11-
tervicived regarding her curo sho laid:
"1 had a [< In my right hip, in
thc back and was swollen ull down
tlmt side of the abdomen. 1 could
not sleep nt night and 1 was obli^i'd
lo til 1111 In a chair for two summers.
"Roadlng of cures by Dodd's Kidney l'ills I liotiK'lit ono box. That
gave mo such relief that 1 continued
to use thorn. They did nie 0. world pf
good, and now I out go to bed Iiko
other people. 1 bavo never bad to
sit tiji in it cbalr since I used lMtld's
Kidney  Tills."
Feinalo cotnplali Ls an* caused by
bnd Kidneys Dodd's I'.idni.v l'ills
never fail  to cure them,
A Tnle of Tailless Can.
Travelers have noted that in tlie RIs-
marck archipelago cuts without tnils
are very numerous. Tho explanation
ns given in tho World Today is curious.
The natives of the islands have n su-
pertstltious belief that remnants of food
Calling into the hands of nn enemy enable him to cast a spoil over tho eaters
of the meal nt which the remnants
were left Now. tho natives value their
cuts less ns pots than as a convenient
source of fresh ment. lt follows that
thefts of cats are frequent, or rather
were frequent until some genius
evolved tho happy scheme of cutting oft
their mils and storing them away in n
safe place, "ror," said ho, "if u thief
shoulil steal uiy cat and eat It, nn in-
cantatlon muttered over its residue will
make the miscreant so sick that lio will
be Borry he ever tasted stolen cat's
tlt'sh." It wns nn idea worthy of tho
grent chancellor himself, nntl the humble, brown Bismarcklan, in pursuing
tho blood nnd iron policy which It entailed, wns, like hlm, Berenely Indifferent to bloodshed, pain and eatonvaul-
IngS bo long as bo secured his cuds or
bis cats' ends.
H. B. K.  Moccasins
Hsda of "Pinto" Shell Cordovan, buckskin
and oil dressed steerhide.
Sewed with unrippable thread in lock-stitched
Strongest and best moccasins for all
kinds of wear.
See  that  tbey  are branded
witb tbis brand.
Hudson Bay Knitting Co.
There nro. it is said, three millions of women and girls in the l'hi
lippino Islands without a knowledge
of the liibla'. They have boen laugh I
to trust In charms nnd in scapularies
bought from the friars for 11 lnrav
Never Worry,   t,'..    tbem *-iJ no
aliout your business—they ilu Hair work
whilst you are doing yours Ur /Vn
l.iver rillM aro system renoval 1
taurifiors ntul liuilileis every clouil antl
..Issue in the whole anatomy is benefitted
ami stimulated In tiie uso ol theni -i-
aloses in ti  vial,   10 cenls — -1
Surpliced, vested or gowned choirs
are now tn !»• found In nine of the
Methodist churches of Now Yuri* city.
SUFFER NO MORE.—There are thousands who live miserable lives beratis.
dvspepsia dulls tbo faculties amal shadow*
existence   witlt   the  cloud   ol  tWnreHKion
line way ta* dispel tho vapors thai   I '
tlie victims of tiii-* disorder Is '*. onlei
them ii intii'se nl Parmelee's V'eaetal •
PJIIs, which aro muoim tho liesi \eee
tailale pills known, belinc easv to take and
nre iiinst eftlaniinus in their action \
11 inl  of them  will  inane  tlii-<
flovernor Tafi has offered SO.W.-
(100 for the friars' pioportj lu thi
PhlllppltK'8, and tlae\ deninnd $12.*
000,000 for it
l was cured of terrible lumbago bj
MlNAUD'fi  l.lNIMl'INT
l  was cured of a had case of em
l   was cured of sensitive lungs bj
M1!S.  s   MASTERS.
Tr«se nnil riant  I.on*.c».
The   general   arrangement   of   the
leaves on limbs nntl stalks of trees and
plants secures lietween each sullicient
Bpace to prevent one leaf from Interfering with unother. And not only are
leaves so arranged as to exist independently of each oilier, but in n general
way tliey have taken upon themselves
the forms best adapted to secure the
maximum of sunlight as it is shotfered
upon them in different latitudes. At
the equator, whero tbe sun's rnys nre
vertical, we find lar^ flat leaves liko
those of the banana, plantain nnd the
various species ot the cactus.
farther north, whoro Bunllght strikes
nt nn angle, small leaves and pino "needles" are found. Then again note the
peculiarity of tbo Australian puni tree.
Instead of expo:-iiiK their broad faces to
the sun tho edges.only nre so turned.
Were it otherwise the sun would rob
them of till their moisture, lt being a
well known fact that the gum tree
grows iu the driest region on earth.
The Ilnl.l  ITr. Smllh.
While Dr. Theobald Smith was n lecturer on bacteriology iu Uie medical
department of the Columbian university n boy came to him with a message
from a relative who was visiting In
Washington, When the boy saw the
doctor he put the note back in his pocket, saying, "It's unother Dr. Smith the
note ls for."
"Let me see the name on tlio envoi
ope," said the doctor curiously. "That
ls my name. The note is for me."
"But 1 waa told," replied the boy, "to
givo It to the bald llr. Isinitb."
"Oh, you got turned around a littlo
on the name, that's illl," replied the
doctor, reaching for tho note.
And it took considerable argument to
convince the boy he was the right mau.
Unci I-. tanjr»r«,
WpjiaaiClt-tl. U.C. Sot. 10, IB**
ritas* iraal ma* ya-ur "Tl-Jatfl.* CO
I tha  Uvea »aV hi. liaseasi..."   Itaaraj
Used   Krn*      » *|.-aav Ciaap fol  Icil
javu. t'l   .'sally tanliiy to ill IBla-ritw
Your*, truly,      'aotusC Naa-SMhi
Irtva Csi«s of BpmTin
' Abaolntoly CtaM**., N. C».c:i. Jflui. so. iod>     ,
I Save ia.ri.-i tt. I' fflbtoluttiy ot
St-n-in In tin tat 'our yflMi» wUS r~" '
Ka-B-.dill • ScaiiTta Care. _
Vary inily pw".  Hairy URaa
1 And Most Suoceseful Romedy Evor Discovered for Spixvlna, Rlngbonas,
GpUnta rxrxi mJl L«menes9.
This ts ths nDquallngd expcrlencs of tlio-.tsand3 of horsemen and others In this and other
I oountrles and tbere U no reason why you should not sliars In theGO tteneflts. Just read
v.-hiit the above people say about "KcntUUrs." VVt lto to them for your own satisfaction.
. In addition to brlns the best stable remedy
I k-.aai'. o, lc ij unt*(;i:::led as a liniment fur hutose-1
I hold nud f amUy usis. 6old generally by all drnp;-1
I gists. Frit* 91: six bottles far fo. We Knd [
iTal'aable boot, "A Treatise on the lion*," pro-1
| f usely l.lustrated, freo u pon raquMt.
Enoebur-J Fo.ll**, Vk
A line deaconess house nmi hospital
has been erected by the German
Evangelical Church nt Cincinnati, al
u cost   of 1100,000  for  the buildings
Sunlight Soap will not
burn the nap off wooleni
nor the surface off linens.
AsA tat IM icuiti Esr. ssi
But Ono
To know that "Oirihie's Hungarian" is the best Ilieuil-l'loiir to
bo hnd. If particular, so much
the  belter,   because
is mude to please particular people. 	
The Ogilvie Flour Mills Co., Ltd.
San Drnnk-nseM.
To become sun drunlt is a condition
Into which nny one mny full In the
tropics. Exposure to the sun's rays will
reduce a man lo a condition almost exactly resembling drunkenness. He staggers about nnd Is usually compelled to
lie down and "sleep lt off." Sun drunkenness ls sometimes accompanied by
nausea. Another curious fact In connection with life In the tropics, where
tlie sun rises nt the same time all the
year round, ls tbat If you do not get up
before sunrise you do not feel well all
day.   You feel heavy, out of sorts and
have a tendency to sickness.
It's up to you to protect your loved ono** to iho
best of your ability.
Will furnish you wi'li an lasivaufi
COUbl-.tB-"'    v.illl   su'i-tv.
The   I'liiiinli.iii   dialer  of   lJhOSen
e (ro.n  I>"aOO  to  I'-.oaiU  ut  as  low  a  cost as  is
1't'letuls is tliotnU(;!:lv  reliable.
Tho  Canndiaii  tinier  ot  i'iiosen   Prtemjs is  pui.'*,   rinuiliuii.
The   Canadian  Older  o(  Chosen   1'ilenals is  >.i;'.-ii-.cil
T s Canadian order ot Chosen  V"1"*"»- ■ J" er....'.n,: inpidly.
The Canndiaii order ol Chosen  Frli.niis .hns -i ,n t-ouw iiv
Tho Cansillaii Order ol Chosen  l-'"i- tis   ins .'., oco „,. u.i..-rs.
The Canwllon Order ..i Chosen F"*** »  i«» »t"i«i.0'iu suriilus.
JOIN  Now    Local members show th * «««l. to V'tii" frteuos.   li you are not a
mourner,  bill  liilnrinutUiii  will  lie furnished  hy  wriung  to
W. 1*. MOKTAOIJ.B, ilrniil KiOnr'er, IMinlUni., or
*4V. I'. * A .tll'IU.1.1 . OhwaiI Ortptnlrer, llatiBllliin.
Smart Girl.
"1)0 you know." said Miss Bunting,
"Mildred Gildersleeve almost coaxed
Mr. Fillmore lo propose to her. That's
how she became engaged."
"Ah. begged the Question, did she?"
replied Mr. f.arkln.
\ painted sarcophagus, dating from
3,500 lit' . has been found at Crete,
It   is   said   Ob   ba'   the   ultlesl    |{
ever found In Europe.
How easy, is it not, for the strong to
ndvlse die weiii;, for the well to advise
the sii'!;.
To live long II Is necessary to live
slowly.- dt cro.
Doath or lunacy seemed tho oni
alternative for a well-known and highly
losnectea! Inalv ol IVlnnlmin, Out.., who
hmi travelled over two continents in a
vain search for n cure for nervous debility and dyspepsia.      A  friend  rteohi-
iueiui(*tl   South   A ni-rii-.'i'i    Na • '   ne M  n
laaittlo holped,  fix laiittles cured,  nmi her
own  writ len   tsstltito  * ■'*
words :   "It litis smi-U my lifo,' —SO.
Knife   wnniails     heal    n    gfCftt   deal
quicker than tongue wounds.
11 is estimated thai about twelve
| new places of worship tne completed
each tlu.v in the year In tho United
States. Tlie average cost is S7.nO".
or an aggregate of from W5.000 to
$105,000 daily for church  buildings,
i Kiaard's Lii.i;iient Cur« Dandruff.
A church nt n  Massachusetts   seaside resort  bus a slum.: Beo'rchllght
1 turned up-»n it. ihus reminding visitors of the time and place of evening
MV.  IM- *U. No     ««*I30
ifpiiijuhiiiini!,,; THE DR-ILL, SUHJAIS, B. C, OGIOBSB 28. WW,
C. E. Smithi-rinuau", Kditor and Prop.
C*vLOCAlsT,      •      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
tho lirst insertion and 5 cents a lino each,
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, t)7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
Commercial Hutes made known upon
Tlie Subscription is 12 per year, iti'ict-
ly in advance; |2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 23rd, 1903.
The bummost of all bum railway
.seivicos is that put up by tho C.P.R.
iu tho Slocan country. For irregularity, uncertainty nnd general inefficiency its equal cau't lie found.
** Now is the opportunity when silver
is high for claim owners to get in and
drill. Numerous good showings of
ore exist in the camp that can be
turned into producers, realizing hand-
.Korae wages. Get in and make your
own prosperity.
If Laurier would only get that miut
going and coin all the gold and silver
tho country requires out of Canadian
metal, so replacing tho filthy rag
money, some real prosperity would
come to British Columbia mining
camps. -Just imagine the effect of a
standing order for a eouple of million
ounces of silver, at a price to the producer running above CO. Better start
that mint going, Wilfy.
Heats ■
At the recent American Mining
congress at Load, South Dakota, Geo.
E. Roberts, director of the United
States mint, gave utterance to those
words: "Silver has seeuits worst days
and it will not be long liefore it will
maintain a stable standard of value "
Expert words such as these indicate
changed views regarding tho destiny
of the white matal and promise that
it shall bo taken out of tho realms of
speculation, so ensuring lasting prosperity to the country.
Pay up your subscription.
Fisher Maiden shares are selling at
:>\ cents.
The annual  I.O.O.F. ball will take
place on the 30th.
A carload of coal arrived in Monday
for the Arlington mine.
No coast mail reached here for two
or three days this woek.
Heavy shipments of ore will shortly
be commenced from tho Idaho.
W. A. .Towett has been put in charge
of tho Nelson assessment district.
J. A. Maedonald, the member-elect
for Rosslaud, has beon chosen leader
of the Liberal party in the province.
His selection does away with past jealousies in the party, and unites all
factions under a uew order of things.
Whilst a mere novice in the game of
politics, Mr. Maedonald i.s credited
with possessing much ability, and he
may bs depended on to do the square
thing by his followers. His selection
may also lie regarded as the triumph
of anti-Mai tinism, antl incidentally a
tribute to Kooteuay's claim for distinction.
Signs point to an oarly appeal to
the country by the Laurier government, when the new redistribution
bill will be put into effect. Not to be
caught napping, tho Conservatives of
the new riding of Yale-Cariboo -the
western half of what was formerly W.
A. Galliher's happy hunting ground
— have called a convention at Kaua-
loops on the 29th inst., to nominate a
candidate. Their district is pretty
well organized and by an early and
systematic campaign the Conservative
party should land their man. Thev
mean to ruu no chances of getting
beaten, at all events.
Whether it is that Canada's claims
lack foundation in fact, or whether it
Ixt that English statesmen are easily
bluffed by Yankee pretensions, it is
difficult to say. but th-*) results of any
aud all arbitrations of disputes over
boundary matters between the Dominion and the United States are always
the same—Uncle Sam gets the plum.
The result of the Alaskan boundary
arbitration, sitting lately iii England,
has been to give the Yankees the fulfillment of practically all their contentions, Canada getting the Portland
canal and two small Islands. Tho
Canadian commissioners, however,!
walked out of the court rather than
sign the award, lielieving the Domin- \
ion's interests to be grossly sacrifieed,
It is a thousand pities nn Englishman I shoes and rubber goods at cost price
had anything to do with the affair, as | .•iffoi'ding su excellent opportunity  tithe award will engender an ugly feeling against the Mother Country, and
somo nasty things will be said. The
award is a great disappointment to
Canada, as it wa.s fondly hoped much
valuable country and sea coast woultl
D. McKechnie aud wife returned
on Saturday from their eastern trip.
A smelter is to be erected in Kamloops having a capacity of 200 tous a
A certificate of improvements wns
issued this week on the Black Prince
The Ymir mill will drop 80 stamps
all winter. Crude oro will also be
Slocan oro shipments are close to
12,000 tons, 327 tous having b.>eu sent
out last woek.
Chas. Busk, tho fruit growor of
Kokanee Landing, was a visitor hero
ou Wednesday.
A true bill of fraud has been found
in London against Whittaker Wright,
of Le Roi fame.
Harry Cleve has l-emoved his tailor
shop to the stand formerly occupied
by W. J. Adcock.
P. J. Scott, an Englishman, was
killed in the Fernie coal mines last
week by a cavo in.
Joe Terry and Rod McMillan bag-1
ged two deer near Payne's ranch ou
Thanksgiving day.
The Butner interest in the Wilson
House propeity is to be sold tomorrow
morning at Nelson.
John Boultbse, police magistrate of
Rossland, has beon fired. Too much
politics was the cause.
H. V. Meredith, of Montreal, has
been appointed assistant general manager of the Bank of Montreal.
Mrs. Dan McLeod aud children
have gono to join the head of the family at Wardner, East Kootenay.
A chimney fire ou the Howarth
building called the brigade out in
short order on Friday morning.
Instructions have been issued to
provincial government officials to cut
expenses down to the last notch.
J. T. Nault, of Rosebery, has bean
offered and refused S'-OiX) for a claim
he has in the I'oplar creek camp.
There has lieen quite a (leaning out
of men from town this week, thoy going to work on various properties.
Tho firemen on the C.P.R. are having trouble with the company over a
demand for an increase in wages.
The Bank of Nova Seotia is reaching out for business ia British Columbia aud will open several new branches.
Something is rotten in the state of
Denmark. Vancouver is getting four
new banks, whilo Slocan is getting- .
Members of the Ontario-Slocan
Lumber Co. aro expected out from
Orillia, in connection with the new
Nelson barristers have petitioned
the Ottawa government to appoint a
resident supreme court judge for thc
Coleman, in Alberta, is the latest
boom town. It will be a dandy, for
tho coal mines of the Granby smelter
peoplo are located there.
A union Thanksgiving service was
given in tho Methodist church on
Thursday evening. The collection
was in aid of the hospital
W. Moon, ex postmaster at Michel,
was on Tuesday sentenced by Judge
Irving, at Nelson, to four years in the
penitentiary for misappropriating
An incendiarv fire occurred at tie
Nelson hotel, Kaslo, on Monday. The
good work of the fire brigade pn-
irented the business section from lieing
wiped out.
The body of a woll drossed young
man was found in the bush, near
Kasln, Tuesday. A revolver in the
hand indicated suicide and tho bod*,
was badly decomposed.
Engineer Gray and a number of as
sistants are making a survey for a 2 .
miie electric rond from Argesta up.
the Duncan river to Bowser lake. The
road will bu of the monorail system.
Bert Wilhelm, who is operating tin
boarding house at the Arlington miue
Erie, was visiting here this week. A
force of 25 niou is omployed at the
mine and profits are being made.which
is not bad for a property condemned
as played out.
By advertisement in this Issue it
will l*o seen that W. J. Adcock is going out of businoss next weak. Ho is
offering bis entire stock of boots and
of Canada has granted 73 divorces.
There are divorce courts in the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick
and British Columbia, and these have
granted divorcos in Nova Scotia to 111
persons, in New Brunswick to 74 persons, and in British Columbia to 57
persons, not including the year 1903.
This makes a total of 315. In the
case of Ontario and Quebec the expense of obtaining an act of parliament prevents the majority of thoso:
persons who are entitled to a divorce
from socuring any relief.
mjlllll   RKCOKDH.
Appended is s complete list ef the vsr
ions records registered atthe lecal regit*
try eftlcf, II. P. Christie being mining
Oct 12—Carleton, on Dayton hill, J A
14—Metallic, Springer creek, 11 McFsr-
Deadwood fr, same, H B O'Neail.
Oct 12—Rusty Treasuro No 2. Rusty
Treasure No 1, Staunton,Behome,Sevile,
14—Ktliel K, Hampton, Ping Pong fr
for four years.
10— Bulko for two years, Zclla.
NOTICE is hereby given that 30 days
after date 1 intend t.i apply, at a special
sitting of the Board of Lit/enning Commissioners of tho City of Slocan, for a
transfer of tbo retail 'liquor license held
by me on the Uoyal Hotel, situated on
lot 18, block 12, City of SloCftll, to Geo
Hated at Slocan this 8tb day of October, 1903.
J. A. Anderson
Dealer in:
Kodaks and Supplies
"Wearer's Protection"
Could the makers
of the Slater Shoe
dare imperil the
value of a $250,000
trademark by putting out unworthy shoes
bearing their brand ? And the
value of that brand represents
the difference between the
protection of the wearer of
unknown~shoes andTtheTam-
ous Goodyear Welted \
For Men   —
$4 0O
»   For Women
1II. GENERAL HOSPITAL] New Residence for Sale
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
KATES) I>eriilar sBitasaaaril-B*r». tl p»r montla
aarf-lOu jfinr: non-iubscrlber*. (axelnitre of
niealicnl attciiiliinrut-J*" |.bt al.iy. l'rivntfl*viardi
11 |acr alny oxtra. BpMial fSciUtiM faar miliaria-
ity fuses.
get footwear aheap.
aloH. Payne, mi old timer bere nud
the owner of the Slocan Hotel, was n
biirR mi Wednesday. I-.-
Tlsitor in tin
le located at Kamloops, where he is
Btock buyer for P. Burns. Mr. Payee
says all parte of the country «r<. proa
have passed under the safe control 0f  I'-ioiik fteept  the Slocan, which'
.1. d f.i   i- -ni peare to be hoodooed
tae Bagof the htnpiii*.    1 beee repeat    '
ed rebuffs arc not what Canada ban ;
ri-j-ht to expect from Groat Britain.
('■Huiilan IHvori'oa.
Since confederation tho parliament
In the Supreme Court of
British Columbia:
Iti tlie niHtta-r (if tho •'Jtiilenients Act, 1808,"
iiti'l imieiiilini; Acta;
In tlie matter .if a ItidgnMt recovered
iii.'iiiii-t llu* inula r-umiti.urn.i defendant in
tlia CiBiinty Cfliurt of Kootenay, holden ut
.Nalson, in an notion!
DAVID ARNOT, Plaintiff,
It. BUTNBB, Defendant.
N'OTK'E ii hereby given that, nnrtnanl taa an
tinier nf tin HoiiBiralileMr. Justice Martin
tnaalia nn the Ist day of AuffUiMDOS ins amended
by an order ot Uie Honerable Mr.Ju«tice trying.
ma'le aan the llth day nf September. l'.iOJi, there
wUl be offered for sale by private auction, on
the front step* aif the court iion-o in the City of
N'elson. ll.C. aan Saturday, the 'Mtli day ofOcto-
bcr, IM, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon, the interest of the defendant, K. Itutncr, in and U> that
certnia pieie or parcel of huial nnd premises
utuate in ihe city of Sloean, Hrit Culnmblai
described ns lots .ix i«i and Mvon i'i. block A.
m.iiiiiias.siaicnii City (being In the aubaiTiilon of
lot292. i*roup 1, Kavotnuny llistrictl, to realize
the nmaiunt payable upon the nbn\c-ii.imcd
plaintiff I Judgment agatnit tho saial alerenalnnt.
wlna-h was (flhtnineil on the Ist alay of June.1908
for the ramof<*aW,91, and interest anal cbbiU iaf
sale, etc.
The ehargea appesrlngon lhe register agatnit
tha* sai.l defendant, together with their iintes of
registration, are ns follows:
No. 2114. Date. 13 ii (tt. 12.0.", p.m. Amount,
IUS.91. Judgment ilehtBir, I{. Hutner. Judg.
insnl rro'litor, Diirial Arnot.
Any further Information may be obtained from
"""•r'   Wotmnre   Honuington,    Nelson,   B.C
Platans i Solicitor.
Deled at Nelson this 7th day of October, UU,
  District R...fci5trar.
Kor further particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Insurance !
Representing the strongest cam*
panics d.inif business in Canada.
Sec new ACCIDENT POLIOT, with participation in profits, covering sickness and eperatiens.
II. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
Furnishings ^>
for $18.25.
One of the Newest Residences in Slocan is offered for sale on easy terms. It contains five
rooms, hall, pantry, wardrobes, china closet,
large garret, good cellar, is lathed aud plastered, and is the best finished in town. Water
service, fine lawn and garden, fruit trees,
etc.   A SNAP FOI*> ANYONE.       For terms
Apply at Drill Office
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Gwiilim & -JTclkiijcii,
Sloe .in,
B. C
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner Pioneer Livery
To Hugh S. Kelson, or to nny lienor, i .
or parsons to whom Im may l.uvo trans-   jvj\**l   vr ftetl Si^'"i%!c5«
ferml Inn Interest iu the Wtyinoutli I " """"
mineral claim, shunted on Ten Milt
creek and recordod in tho Kecoidor's]
office for tlio Slocan l ily mining divi-1
You nre hereby notified that I, ('. K
Smitheringale, F.M.C No. lte9D97, iiare I
caused to In expended the sum of one
We will not sell a watch that
we cannot positively guarantee.
Do not ain.ta-B.t.aa.i from ttlil that we
•til Watches ef extravagant price
Our No. 915 Silver or Gun
Metal Watch at $6.50 is a
warranted time-keeper.
When we •tate that we icil Watihei
in price at liik*h „% *,,,..,, yaaia can
judge of our ,:i, .at aMorlment.
Write for our new catalogue.
Ready for delivery Nov. 151I1.
It will cost you nothing, and
it may be the means of saving you considerable money.
I IB, 130, .33 and 124
Yon***! Sl., Toronto
Why be without a r.ineo whon
you can get one so cheap? The)
are preferrable to stoves ninl -jive
better sat,-faction. Theso range!
burn wood or coal and will be
set up froe.
hundred ami two dollnrs and tilty rents
in labor nnil improvements on tlm ai>u*/r
mentii iieal mineral claini, in order in
hold said claim under the provision* of I
the Mineral Aet; ami it within HOdsrsIR, I* AI,I,I*.\',
(rom the date ol lliis notice you (til, or
trftifi*. to contribute yonr proportion ol
snob expenditure,together with nil coots
nf advertising,  your Interest   iu  said
claim will become the propeity of the
suttscrlber, under Motion -t ol nn Art
entitled "An Ant to niiienil ihu Mineral
Act. IBOO."
Dntoil nt Blocan, B.C., this 12th dav ol
August, A.I». 1903.
14-8-03 C. E. SMITIIF.ltlNHAI.K
Blocan,  B. C.
General  Packing im
irai*iliii(j  altei.iletl to
sh airiest Notice.
Buddie and Pack Horsesfer
hire st reasonable rates.
t iho
■e »*>&:>*>•> i>0!>:'J >**•>.>»:*" ■*>»:
Bakery ^
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Fresh Fruits of Every
Kind Arriving  Daily.
Our Ice Cream Parlor i»
now open ami will lie k«pt
running all the Bummer.
14 I,niiT»a»r iti.i..i r.i'Ki.
r.flll nnlKlil    unci t.lHHllly .
Slocan, B. C.
THE DRILL has made an
arrangement with the Toronto Mail Empire, so
that its wtitltlv edition umv bo
clubbed with the former.
New subsoribers, therefore,
may obtain tbe Weekly Mnil
Empire loknowledgea to be
one of the best papers in tbo
Dominion and Slocan's Iwsd-
ing Journal, Thi Drill, from
■ow till 'Inn. I, 1906, fur tho
Mim of SS, With thi* excep*
tioual offer will li,-* given mm a
premium, a beautiful arto
gravuie, entitled "The \'ie-
toria Cross." Tlie picture de*
piets u scone iu the late Hot
war, deuo in ton coitus, ami
well worth framing, Komi in
vour orders at <>uce to
ne Drui, sioca,,. per annum


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