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The Slocan Drill 1902-07-11

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xyt->L. HI., We. 15.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JULY   11,
12.00 PER ANNUM.
% D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slecan, British Columbia.
We carry the largest and best assorted stock in the city. Upwards of iooo
Flies to select from. Being overloaded
with Poles we are clearing them out
fJEsve a eouple ef Plunge Bath Tubs for sale
J>.rlosd of Georgia Blacksmith Coal just in.
at cost.
SAWMILL   s Kit .IIS   TO   "OF*   AS.'UKKII
FOIl Till: CITY.
Syndicate Holsla Private Seaalan With
the City Council — Delegation to ko to
Nf lion to Obtain the I.ssesl to the Site
From Frunk Fletcher.
Cape Town asking- that all pav be
withheld for the Third, Fourth, Fifth
and Sixth Mounted Rifles. The order
is taken to mean that tho regiments
will be sent home at once, there being now no need of their services in
South Africa. All the lads enlisting
here will be among the number returning.
Large range to choose from.   Be the head big
or small,the purse fat or lean, we can suit you
• T. Shatford elf Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernesj, Fairview, and Camp McKinney, B. C.
A* YORK <fe CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
(Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quioldy Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Workmanship is Good
and Prices are Reasonable
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
3ETMINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
5L0CAN, B. C.
J* reached by any trail or road
Mat runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
City Council met in regular session
on Monday night, Aid. Smith and
Barber being the Absentees.
Aid. Nlchul and Robertson moved
the payment of T. D*. Woodcock & '
•L'o.'s bill for $12.09.   Carried.
Bills presented: 1>. Arnot, ropes,
.pikos, etc., $46.66. Ordered referred
o finance committee.
R. A. Bradshaw wrote, as ene of
the owners of thc Music Hall, re-
(■nesting the passage of a resolution
to levy a yearly license fur the hall
rather than as ut present, of each
performance "riven therein. On suggestion of Aid. McCallum and Nichol,
the letter was referred to the committee on bylaws and license, to report
at next meeting,   Carried.
Chief of Police Armstrong' wanted
explanation ofa resolution passed on
Jan. 27, dealing with the collection
of dop; taxes, which gave a rebate to
all owners of canines paying license
before June 30, pf half the amount
for the year. Chief Clarke last year
wag In error in issuing* licenses lor a
full year, when they should have expired on Dec. 81.
The chief was ordered to give licenses tor the balf year only, so as to
straighten out tho tangle.
Mayor York reported that tho department of education had sent $351.-
65 as the quarterly sum due thc city
fur support of the school.
The clerk reported that tho tax
notices were being sent out. Money
from general sources was coming in
The mayor remarked that he believed the city would protit by hav
ing the Flcichcr ave brdge over
Springer creek built by contract.
Aid. Nichoi stated the council had
adopted a resolution in the past to
have all work done bv day's labor.
Aid. -McCallum said It all depended
nn what kind of a bridge was io lie
put in, but he believed day work
would prove to be cheaper. The*
services of tiie chief of police could
bo utilized as heretofore.
The aldermen agreed that the new
bridge should be similar to the one
washed out, but planked instead of
being freed with split cedar.
Matter finally left to board of
works, they to luve the bridge put
in during the following week.
Mayor York then intro-iuccd the
question of tho sawmill being established here. The syndicate had interviewed the council during the day
and bad submitted their proposition.
Thoy were going to Nelson on the
morrow. Some ou-e should go down
with them and arrange with Frank
Fletcher f*r the securing of thc site
for the mill.
Aid.    Worden    moved   that   the
mayor should gi» to Nelson and lix
matters np with Fletcher regarding!
the silo.    His worship had conducted [
the preliminary negotiations and he
was the proper person to send.
Aid. McCallum did not want to tie
the mavar's hands, and he should be
Riven full liberty to act as ho deemed
Aid Nichol, in seconding thc resolution, agreed that it was only right
the mayor's expen es sliould be met.
lt was not fair to expect him to pay
out his own money on the city's be
Aid. McCallum moved that the
mayor be apportioned 950, to cover
the expenses of his last and present
trip to Nelson regarding the sawmill
mat's.*, rs.
Aid. Worden's motion was put and
Aid. Niehol endorsed the second
motion and it carried,
Tho negotiation? respecting the
sawmill are kept secret at present,
but all details aro to bo made public
later on.
The cemetery question bobbed up
and was passed over, as tho committee bad mado no move towards selecting a suitable location.
Council adjsurned,
Iisillfatls.ua Favornblefssr Karljr Location
or Mr*. Plant.
mineral is high grade, the average
being §100 in alt values. Tho returns will pay handsomely over tlie
cost of development.
.fle-opened under
,-ht old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Oar. Arthur Btra.t aad Dalaus'T A*a*.n., Slocan.
Building thoroughly renovated
•v**..d ro stacked with thc beat
Messrs. Chew and Lavallee, members of the Orillia, Ont., syndicate
owning the sawmill at the head of
the lake, returned here on Sunday,
accompanied by their local manager,
W. B. Strathearn. They had been
to Vancouver to spend a holiday
and view the beauties surrounding
Burrsrd Inlet, and camo in here to
definitely settle the location of their
Slocan sawmill. The Bank of Montreal at New Denver and other influences are being brought to bear on
them to retain the mill at its present
site at the head of the lake. However, the syndicate aims to get into
civilization and tho chances ars exceedingly Ai vorablc for them locating
in Slocan.
On Sunday and Monday the party
again went over the proposed site ef
the mill in the bay, and planned off
the ground to suit the mill and yards.
At 11.30 Monday morning they held
a secret meeting with the city council and submitted a proposition to
them, the nature of which will be
made public later on. Just now,
while negotiations are pending, it is
deemed prudent to keep the subject
[.matter quiet. But of the general
outline ofthe company's wants, the
visitors stated thev wanted so acquire
all the land in blocks F, 4, ft, 8, 9,
and half of block 6. This would admit of ample piling and switching
room. It is the idea to cut and season 6,OCO,000 feet of lumber each
year. A market for thc output would
be found in the Northwest Territories.
The syndicate asks lor no bonus and
are quite willing to contribute their
share towards the support of the
school. In fact, they have approached the council iu a most reasonable
and business like manner, and are
aakttttt tor natiiiiig more than fair
and just treatment. And they arc
being met iu the same friendly spirit
by the city dads, whs are putting
forth evcrv effort to get the mill located here.
The visitors stated that should thoy
definitely decide on coming here—
and it certainly louks as if they had
so determined—thev would put in
the most complete plant in the interior of British Columbia. They would
come hers prepared to spend $100,000
at least and employ steadily up
wards of 50 men. In addition to the
sawmill proper, tln»y would establish
all the modern adjuncts for treating
lumber, including shingle, lath, planing, sash and door factories, etc,
forming a combination that will make
a town in itself. Arrangements
would bo made with the C.P.R. for
putting in the necessary sidings, the
aggregate length of which would be
upwards of a mile. In short, the
company is prepared for big things,
and in six months they would have a
portion of their outfit in operation.
Slocan would bo mado their head
quarters and they would not split up,
having everything under local and
direct management.
As an earnest of their good intentions, tha visitors went to Nelson on
Tuesday, nccouipanied by Mayor
York, to arrange with Frank Fletcher
for the acquisition of the desired
land. They would then hasten on to
Orillia and submit the matter to the
full beard ofthe syndicate, and thev
would then advise the council. All
being well, tho proposition will come
before the ratepayers for ratification
In August.
New Lodge of Itcbekulsa Iaalltuted Here
Laat Thurailay.
Last Thursday night was a busy
time among local Oddfellows, thc occasion being the institution ofa new
lodge of Rebekahs. Nineteen members were initiated, five of whom
were ladies, and ths assurances arc
that many more will interview the
lodge goat during the next few
weeks. Thos. F.mbleton, of Rossland.
district deputy grand master, insti
tuted the new lodge, which ia to be
known as Floral Rebekah lodge. He
was assisted by a full set ef officers
from Deborah lodge, Kossland. The
team work ofthe visitors was particularly good, each part being perfectly taken, nnd thc beauties of the
ritual strongly brought out. After
the initiatory ceremonies, refreshments were partaken of in the hall,
but it wns daylight before the business of the evening was concluded.
Following arc tlie names of the officers of the new lodge: Mrs. Covington, N.G ; Mrs. Thompson, V.G.;
Miss Carlisle, RS.; Mrs. Kennedy,
treasurer* Mrs. Arnot, chaplain; J.
T. Beauonesne, O.G.; D. Arnot, U.S.
N G. The visiting ladies from Rossland were: Sister Smith, N.G.; Sister
Henderson, V.G.;SisterEmbleton, P.
G.; Sister Roof,Con.j Sister Donahue,
Warden; Sister Jamts, R.S.N.G.;
Sister Shirley, L.S.N.G.; Sister Ga*
bel. R.S. V.G.j Sister Lee, L.S.V.G.;
Sister IVndrey, L.A. Supporter; Sister Evans, Organist.
Laat Yoar'a Slslps.ias.ta War* OS 14 Tuna—
A Healthy KvlJei.ca of tlse I.lfo and
IVaalth of the Cnitip Arliugtoss tlio
IilK(s>t.l Shipper.
Arlington ore shipments increased
n little this week, so raising the aggregate of the division beyond the
average of the past few weeks. It
sent out 80 tons to Nelson, which
mnkes 381 carloads shipped under J.
Frank Collom's management. The
Enterprise sent out its regular quota
of CO tons, two cars of which being
zinc ore wns sent to the Nelson
works, while the remaining 20 tons
of concentrates was sent to Trail.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2817 tons, made*
up from 10 properties. Last year
tho exports tot-illed Cf>29 tons, from,
14 properties. Following is a full
list ot the shipments this year to
JUNE. WBlnr. TOTi.1..
Arlington .,  80             2250
EnturpriEe „.... 60              820
Ottawa  7
Neepawa  81
May  6
Paystreak  6*
Duplex  7
Ore Struck on Ottawa.
Things have taken a more favorable turn at the Ottawa during the
week. Whilo doing assessment on
the Hamilton, one of the group, T.
.Mulvey. who was working under
contract, encountered on Tuesday
six inches of rich ore, carrying nat
ive silver. The lead is parallel to
that of the Ottawa, being 1000 feet to
tho west, and the ore was cut 20 feet
in from the surface. The ore etresk
is to l)o followed in and thoroughly
explored. In tho No. 2 drift on thc
Ottawa, a fan, formerly Used on thc
Enterprise, has been installed, so
providing an abundance of fresh air.
Another payment ou the bond falls
duo in August,
fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that;you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
keptfreshand well assorted. We handle tne
best the market affords.   Prices are r,g'£
N«w I.O.I).I*. Officers.
For the ensuing term Slocan lodge
No. 40, I.O.O.F., has installed the
following set of officers! J. V. Pur-
viance, N.G.; M. D. McKee, V.O.;S.
ii. Clement, K.S.; A. M. Rpgeri, F.
S.; D. Arnot, Troas ; J. T. Beau-
chesne, Chap.; R. Gillette, Warden;
V, Purviance, Oon.j W.J. Duncan,
R.S.S.; P. Hauck, L.S.S.; C .Snyder,
K.S.V.G.; W. Clough. L.S.V.G.l T.
H. Thompson, O.O.; R, M. Webster,
Soldier lis.js. O uterus! llsiisis*.
Last Friday the militia department
Lestae on the Itondholder.
W. A. Harvey has secured a year's
lease en tlie Bondholder and will
work ai eoaple of mon. lie has stripped thc lead 70 feet farther down the
hill and exposed eight inches of
henov-comhod quartz, which is the
forerunner of an ore chnte. The
property has been leased a number
of times during the past two yenrs.
bnt th* present lessee expects to make
u good cfenn-up.
Found Hi.. Water Vary Wet.
A Faottllaf Miahnp.
P. Bums A Co. wcie the losers of
$1.'!0 or more by a peculiar accident
on Monday, Thev had lillcd a car of
stock at Nelson dsstincd for New
Denver, tiro upper deiek with hogs
and the lower with sheep. Tho upper deck had not been secured ID a
very substantial manner and, when
passing Slocan Junction, collapsed,
precipitating tho porkers on to thc
sheep. When the car arrived here
the section hands constructed a new
deck and put up sonic of the sheep, so
as to clear away tho wreckage. No
less than 26 sheep were found dead
and wore taken out and buried. The
survivors wero taken to Denver by
the tug.   	
wm Makes Shipment.
Jack Wafer nnd Joe Purviance
went out Wednesday to work on the
Florence claim, formerly known as
the Charmer, nud situated in the vicinity of the Black I'rince. There is
about five tons of ore on thu dump,
and it is thu intention to tako out
A poor unfortunato wandering
around in the dark late Thursday
night walked overthe wharf and got
nearly drowned, being ha. led out in
tlie nick of time. Shortly afterwards
one of his rescuers went down to view
the scene of the nccident, when his
foot slipped and overboard ho went,
head lirst. The result of hisducking
was a big laugh and drinks for the
tValtlssg   fur IMatlssrlloB.
At last reports tho full court had
not apprehended Billy MacAdnms, of
Sandon, IbWsgh he ll expecting tho
distinction at any moment. In the
meantime rtrengr*" worded petitions
aro being rircirfatcd through the
country, endorsing: Billy's stand and
calling upon the attorney general to
drop the proceedings against him, in
the interest of freedom of speech.
t'laill lss SI I'risillrisssss'iil.
Clara Mathcs and some of her
troope got into an awkward predicament ou Monday. They went a boating en the river and ran foul of the
first bridge. Tne swift current almost swamped thc Isoat, which had
to be pulled out by a rope, ns no
headway could be mado with the
Tlse Twelfth ntNelaon.
at Ottawa  received  5 cablo Lorn.'. moro and mak-*. a sbiptnont.   Tho
Tomorrow the (ilorious Twelfth
will be celebrntrd in great shape nt
Nelson. 'The Slocan Orange lodge
will go down, accompanied by fifes,
drams, and the brass band. A Fpccial
train will carry the excursionists
down and back the samo day.
The Sandon Review is offering a
printing plant fur saLo.
There are 55 men employed at tho*
Saadon mines shipped 868 tons o
ore during June.
The Whitewater shipped 279 tons
of ore Inst months
From Sandon l~jl tons of ore waa
shipped last week,
The mines in the McGuigan basin
last week sent out 170 tons of ore.
About a dozen new men were add
ed to the force on thc Republic wagon
road Saturday.
The work of surveying,the May
and Sapphire' groups." Twelve IIile.
has been completed.
Gill Finkle and Tom Benton are
developing the Lady Franklin group,.
at the head of Lemon creek.
Work commenced this week on the
Two Brothers, situated on thc divido
of tho first north fork of Lemon.
L. 0. Davenport and T. Thwaite,
of Spokane, have secured an option
nn the major portion of the American
Boy stock, nt 12 cents.
J. at McGregor went out Tuesday
to survey the Ontario claim, on tlio
fifth south fork of Lemon, owned by
the Calgary Brewing Co.
Nothing but the high grade article
is being shipped from the Arlington,
the lower grades being piled on tho
dump to await better rates from the
W. Ferguson went up this week to
commence the season's werk on tho
Tail Dolt, on Lemon crcok. Mrs.
Ferguson wont up with him to spend
thc summer.
A. McKay. Kaslo, went up Wednesday to survey the Smuggler, situated on the south fork of Ten Mile,
and owned by Grant Cox and some
Vancouver people.
Appeatled is n complete list ol tbe various records registerusl at the locnl registry office, il. I1. Christie being mining
July 2—Constance, between 1st and
2ml n ( Lftnon creek, it George.
C'alcite, LemM Creek, R Bradsliaw.
Complex, mine, J I! Foley,
Rx tension, sense, i. llnley.
J C, same, J Corrigan.
3—Blue Hinl, n i Cedar, D C Robertson.
Vevey (r, Twelve Mile, II B Jorand.
Joy fr, snaie, same.
Joy, satin*, saune.
Clair, divide between Twelve Mile and.
Springer, J Welsh.
June SS—Bsgina, Brooklyn, Strath*,
comi, Mount Koynl, Sapphire.
30— Bthel 15, Charleston.
July 2- Shenandoah, Black Clousl,
l.oretta Mine, Yo fr, l>'me, Pewdney,
Vancouver, Quinte, lotio, Bessie.
3— llnzeltosji, Hamilton, Pendleton,
Little Chiflie, Clinmpion.
4—l'erle paid flOO cash, Free Gold,
Gov A1I|k'oM, Jennie Long for two years,
Fourth of July for two years, Toro for
Iwo years, Silver lxxle, Trov You,Mollis
B swell Ir.
Julv 'J—.Jack Franklin '"a, G Fairbairu
to B F McNuught.
""im J nun,. Transvaal anil Pine Top, M
in each, N W TesBler to Joi Fratis.
4—Star «-»iiiter, Dipper, Tea Pot, Jack
I'm ii Lit is. Frving I'nii and Tea I'm fr..
1-12 in ctidh.Bert F McNaught to, % % ■
(Copyrleht 1000by Sir Walter H.-aut.)
"'What do you want tbeD"r"
'"You must send nway those two
hulking fellows behind you. I am willing to tight you wltb swords, but I am
not going to tight your lackeys with
Tom turned round. 'Here, you fel-
lc***r**; get off. Co and stand beside the
chair. Whatever happens, don't Interfere. Well, my lord, the sooner this
event comes off tbe better.' "
He laid down his sword and took off
coat nnd waistcoat, turning up ibe
sleeve of his right arm. Theu he turned to Molly and saluted her. "Mistress
Molly," he snld. with a grin, "you art
going to hnve a very tine sight. Per
hups when It Is over you will be sorry
for your sbllly shnlly— stand off-no. 1
won't fuss You're not worth carrying
off.   If I'd known-   Now. my lonl *'
Lord Fyllngdale bnd also removed
his conl and waistcoat ami now stood
lu his shirt, with the sleeves rolled up.
Jnst nt that moment the sun rose
swiftly, us Is his manner In this flat
country It wns us If the earth had
leaped Into light In order to give these
swordsjnon a clearer view or each other. They were a strange contrast—Molly's champion erect, pale aud calm,
bis adversary bent ns If with passion,
grasping his sword with eager band.
"He means mischief," repealed the |
gentleman of tbe troop.   "I would tbls
iiiisiness wns ended.   I wonder If the
noble lord can tight,   fie does ool look
afraid anyhow."
"He looks ns If he could feel neither
fear nor anger nor love nor any passion at all.    He  Is nn Iceberg.    Ha.
they are tieglniiliig""
They fnccil each other.
The swonls crossed.   "Look tc yourself." cried loin    "1 will spn you like
a pigeon "
lis. Ninn p.'d -inst ban-jed     Tbe thrust
was |i*ir I ...,.,ti   .um! lightly      | om
liiii.-s'.s i -. .i ninl ...a will, u siigut
turn of the wrist the turust wns par
rled, but as yet Lord Fyllngdale seemed to stand on the def.'iisive.
"He knows how to fence," tbey whispered. "See! He means to tire his
adversary. He parries everything
Tom thrusts like a madman. Why, he
exposes himself at every lunge. See!
He hns lost his heasl. Oue would think
he was lighting with an automaton
who could only parry."
At the door stood the object and
cause of the encounter—namely, the
glrl-who had brought all this trouble
upon Tom Itlslng's head. She stood
motionless, hardly breathing, watching
the duel ns they say tbe ltomaii women used to watch the fight of the gladiators In the amphitheater and ns I
have seen the Spanish women watch
the men who fought the bulls In their
circus.   I believe that women. In spite
of tbelr tender henrts, are carried
away, out of themselves, by the sight
of mere fighting. It Is a spectacle
which they cannot choose but gaze upon. It shows the true nature of man
ns oppoHi'sl to that of woman. He
stnnds up and risks his life, trusting
■onetimes to his skill, ns In n duel with
swords, ami sometimes to chance, as
on a battlefleld where the bullets are
flying. Molly therefore watched the
fight with gleaming eyes and parted
lips. She was almost ready to forgive
the man who had n'.teuipti'd this In-
Jury for the sake of his courage, am)
she could not siilllclently admire his
adversary for the cohl and Impassive
wny lu which he met eery furious attack, just with a simple turn of the
wrist, as It seeuiesl to her.
Tom wus n strung and lusty fellow,
end ho could fight after his fashion,
which was with thrum upon thrust,
fast snd furious, ns If reckless of himself so that he could engage hla adversary wholly In defense until be
found a moment of weakness.
He had fought many times end hitherto always without n scratch or s
wound, tbe fight nlways ending with
his adversary prostrate. On this occasion, however, he found that every
thrust wns parried, that his adversary
yielded not so much as on Inch of
ground nnd that he had to do with s
wrlsl of Iron nnd the eye of u hawk.
"Jack." snld Molly, "I hope thnt I desired not the death uf the young man,
but I did desire his defeat. It was
splendid to see blm stamping on the
ground snd attacking liko lightning.
But It was more splendid to see his ml*
versa ry Immovable. Ho stood like S
rock. He showed neither passion D0I
eicltemcnt Ho parried every thrust
with Just a turn of his wrist"
The gentlemen on horseback closed In
and looked en. holding their bnath
There wns no longer nny fear on ae
count of their champion. For the first
time In their lives they saw as fine a
master of fence as ever came out of (he
schools of Paris. Meantime the other
man was as oue maddened. He drew
back; be roared like a bull; he rushed
npon his enemy; he panted and gasp
ed. but be continued tbe tight uuduunt
Suddenly his sword flew out of his
hand and fell In the field beside the
"Pick up your master's sword." Lord
Fyllngdale ordered the chairmen.
The spectators lookesl to see Tom
run through on the spot. On the con
trnry, Lord Fyllngdale remained In his
attitude of defense, ne was playlnc
with bis enemy.
"Take your sword," be said.    "You
are at my mercy. But take your sword
man.   We have only Just begun."
Toro received his sword and wiped
i the mud upon his shirt    Then he re-
I newed tbe attack.   But It was wltb less
' confidence.    That   one   should   refuse
1 to finish the duel wben he had disarm
ed his adversary was a thing beyond
Ids experience.
"Tom Is dashed." snld one of tht
company.   "It Is all over with Tom "
It was. After a few more lunges,
parried with the same quiet skill aud
calmness of manner. Tom's sword
once more flow out of his band. Then
tbe duel was over, for l.ord Fyllngdale
made one thrust, and bis sword passed
clean through the right arm at the,
shoulder, passing out at the other side
Tom reeled. Oue of his chairmen ran .
to his help, and he fell upon the
ground, fainting. In a small pool of
Lord Fyllngdale paid no attention to
him.   He wlps?d bis sword on tbe grass.
replaced It In (be scabbard and put on
his coat and waistcoat   This done, he j
advanced to Molly.
"Madam," be sild, "we are fortu*
Date, Indeed, In being able to effect a ,
rescue. This Is not a place for a lady,
nor is this a sight tbat one would willingly offer you. I trust tbat no violence has been used."
"1 thank your lordship. It was a
horrid sight Ob, do not let tbe poor
man die! He Is a villain, but be bas
failed.   Be merciful."
Then the captain came running un
"Molly!" he cried with the tears running down his fas-e. "Molly, we are
not too late? They haven't married
you? The villain is paid. He is paid,
I take It. ne hasn't married you yet? i
By heaven, If he has 1 will brain i
him witb my cudgel so you shall be a
widow as soon ns a wife."
"Captain, can you nsk me? The man
had a chaise waiting here and would
have forced me Into it But I ran into
tho house and so Into the upper floor,
whither he could not follow. He set
his men to pull off tbe thatch. What
he would Rave done next I know not.
But I could defend myself."
"What is tbat In your hand, Molly?"
It was the knife, which she still held
In readiness. She threw it away. "I
shall uot need It now," she- said.
"Whnt do you think I should bave
done with it?"
"Molly, I know what you would have
done. I said that there was no man ln
England who could marry you against
your will. It was his heart and not his j
shoulder that would bave received the j
knife. My dear, I knew my Molly. I
knew my girl."
Then the other gentlemen crowded
round, offering their congratulations,
no one taking the least notice of the
unlucky Tom, who still lay pale nnd
bleeding on the ground.
It wns Lord Fyllngdale wbo came to
his assistance. "Here, fellow," he or- '
dered the chairman. "Take up your
master and put him In tbe cbalr. So,
and ns for you," he addressed the postboy, "here is a guinea. Drive ns fast
aa you can bnck to Lynn. Tut him to
bed lu his lusUinft nud send for a surgeon or a wise woman or some one to
look after the wound."
"Will he die?" asked one of the bystanders.
"I should tblnk It not unlikely. His
wound Is dangerous, nnd, If I know
anything about a man, from his appearance I should sny that he would
be Inclined to fever. But we are not
concerned with his fate, whether he
dies or lives; he has attempted a villainous act and has met witb a fitting
The carriage with the wounded man
In It went rattling along the rond, the
jerks and bumps among the ruts beiug
enough to keep the wound open und
the blood flowing.
Then Lord Fyllngdale called the
chairmen. "Who ore you?" ho nskcsl.
"Uo you belong to the town of Lynn?"
They looked at each other. -Then one
sulsl: "No. We be from Swaffham.
Squire Using sent for us to do bis
"Put In your poles. You must now
carry the lady back."
"We have done our work," said his
lordship. "It remains for us to escort
Miss Molly home again. Minium, you
can leave this foul den with the consciousness that you nre avenged."
"Indeed I want no revenge."
"Justli*c has been done. Justice Is
uot revcugo. You can now, niailain, go
bnck In the chnlr In which you were
brought here. The villain who miide
the attempt Is already on his wny back.
Since you desire mercy rather than revenge, we must hope that his wound is
not fatal."
So Molly re-entered the chnlr. Then
she wns brought home In triumph. The
captain rode on one side, her champion
on the other; before aud behind rode
ber mounted escort. If she hnd been n
queen, tliey could not hnve shown her
greater deference and respect.	
Ij~  - i*a
I*'     —Cm
OUD FYLINGDALE resolved to marry Molly.
You    shall   hear   by
what cunning tbls noble and virtuous person,   this   adornment
and boast of tbe peerage, laid bis plans for
securing   the   fortune   and   the   hand
of   our   Molly.     He   had   persuaded
the simple old sailor to believe anything  be chose  to advance;  be  hnd
shown himself In tbe eyes of the girl
that which women admire more than
anything else In the world—possessed
i of fearlessness and skill; be bad also
; shown himself ready to place bis cour-
• age and his skill at the Bervle* and for
; the rescue of a woman.   So far every-
i thing was prepared and In readiness
for the next step.   But there were certain obstacles still iu tbe way.   These
he proceeded to remove.
The Lady Anastasia, after the morning prayers, nt which sbe was a regular attendant, generally returned to her
lodging, where she sat with ber maid
engaged In the Important affairs of the
toilet until dinner. Lord Fyllngdale
was carried to Lady Anastasla's lodging In tlie market place.
The lady dismissed her maid. "You
have something to tell me, Ludovlc,"
sbe said. "1 cannot tell from your face
whether you are going to deal truthfully. I bave had experience of tbe other
way.   Now, what Is It?"
"What I bave come to say la Important. Anastasia, In this matter I have
given you my entire confidence. There
have been, I own, occasions when 1
bave been compelled— But all that Is
over. I now confide absolutely In you
and in you alone. My Interests are
"You hsve already given me that assurance." Sbe Implied, perhaps, by
these words that the assurance and
the fact were not Identical.
"What can I give you except my as
"Nothing, truly. But, pray, go on. 1
hear that you hnve been playing the
part of the knight errant and fighting
for distressed damsels. I laughed
when I beard of it Yon to flgbt on the
side of the angels! Where are your
wings, my Ludovlc?"
"The thing happened exactly as I
could bave wished. The country bumpkin who carried her off had no knowledge of fence. He could only lunge,
and be was balf drunk. There was a
great appearance of desperate fighting
Deeause he was mad with drink and
disappointment. I played with the fellow long enough to make a show of
eournge and danger, .then I pinked
"Is he dead?"
"I believe that be Is in some kind ot
fever. Well, Annstasla, the result of
the affair Is thnt I have now arrived
nt perfect confidence on the part of my
old friend the guardian."
"And with the girl':"
"The girl matters nothing. Tho first
part of the business Is done. Y'ou can
now go back to London"—
"To go back to London?" she replied
"You have done all I wanted done
here. You have given me a very good
character. Y'ou have charmed the people of the spa. You have flattered the
girl and Inspired her with discontent
Why should you stay any longer?"
"To be sure, I am at great expense,
and the bank Is In a poor way. But
what are you going to do?"
"Anastasia," he sat down and took
her hand. "I  have inquired carefully
into the whole business.   There Is ne
, doubt, none whatever, that the girl Is
far richer than even her guardian un-
' derstands.   She has a huge Income, a
greet accumulation of money and, what
' Is more, a collection of jewels which la
: in Itself a large fortune.   Go bnck ts
j London tomorrow or next day.   Then
sit down and write a letter Inviting the
girl to stay at your house.    Bid her
bring with her nil her jewels and fln-
> ery.   I, for my part, will urge tho captain to let her accept the Invitation."
"All this is very clrcumstantlaL
What then?"
"I will promise the captain to find
her a husband, a man of position, a
man of rank, nnd, above all, one as
virtuous as myself." Ho' said this
without the least blush or even a
'Where   is   thnt   husband   te   be
"As yet I do not know,   ne must be
' a creation of our own.   no must not
( know; he must simply obey.   We shall
find such a person somewhere.  I have,
i 1 believe, a good mnny of my former
friends   ln   tho   fleet   or   the   king's
! bench.   Now, Anastasia, to find one of
these   unfortunates,  to  offer   him   an
allowance,  say a guinea a week, In
ri'turn for a power of attorney to administer  the   property.    True,   there
are the creditors, but we might take
over the detainers,    ne must not be
suffered to get out."   Ho went on suggesting deceits nnd villainies.
"You said 'we.' What have I to do
with the scheme? It Is, you must confess, Ludovlc, one of those arrangements or understandings which tbe
world calls a conspiracy"—
Lord Fyllngdale released her hand.
Hit words pained his sensitive souL
"If at this time, after all we have done
together, we are to talk of conspiracies, wo had better act separately," he
said coldly.
I sO BE (.(I.ITtStTtD.] ?•"•,.
>l,aib.rs Must Uin Hoy. Hacom* ">*•-
tlacsslahad io Somo llraooh of I.rarn-
lac Haforo Wolng Kligibla aa fallswa-
A Uomlalsasoolaty—How tho Kipontai
of the Aonual JUsstlng aud Itoourda Aro
The Boyal Society of !anasla,
which met in Toronto from May '20
to 29 at Toronto University, wus.
formed for the purpose of uniting in
lhe friendly bonds of literature and
science those whsi In all the provinces
of Canada have most distinguished
themselves in those brunches of mental gctlvfty. The charter of the
Koyal Society ol ihe •mother country seems to have been the model
followed, and, although that society
hus oi late years neglected literature,
th..* Canadian society bus given more
weight to thut form ssf culture than
lo tbo applied sciences.
It ought to be generally known
lb it the society is by it9 ■■ institution limited in numbers, lt is not a
society, like those which evl.tl In
('real Britain and in the United
states of America, which thc general
public ale Invited to join. .mo. >y association uid in tbo advancement Jf
knowledge. Nor is it like the in.itiy
valuable societies which exist in most
large cities for the cultivation Of
Mime special subject, which till cua
join «ho declare their Interest In
that pursuit. To become a member
ono must already have become distinguished in some branch of learning, have made original investigations in science or published works
of literary merit. Nominations must
be mado a year before election, unsl
tho qualification of each new candidate for the honor of becoming a
memlei of the society are -,iuii-d by
tho proposer and seconder, printed
ami distributed, so that the ballot
may be taken after a full discussion
of the merits of the person propose*:!.
Nor is this an idle form. The bibliographical volume of the Hoyal Society's proceedings gives long lists
of the printed works of all the members, covering the widest laige of
subjects, from poetry to statistics,
from noiels to treatises of I hye.es.
The meetings are annual, ssnd, this
being a Dominion society, are equally held at Ottawa, but as the Principal of the Toronto University was
the President for 1902 It was
thought a fitting compliment io Mr.
Loudon that the meeting of the year
should be held in thc city where he
The*., m-xitings last the greater
part of a week, when whatever of
new the members have to contribute
to thu liternry and scientific world Is
brought forward at the gathering of
the appropriate sections. The recoi d
oi" the papers is found in a series of
handsome volumes issued by the society and distributed to the chief
■earned societies of the civilised
'.In1* especially Interesting session ia
annually given to the reception ol
reports from thc various working societies In all parts of Canada whkh
are alliliuti-il end sen I doiegsilos to
the Hoyal Society. These are reg» -
lsirly printed, and thus un upercu Is
to bo bud ol Hi' progress of tl.'.
whole country In tha pursuit o'
knowledge. Bven tlie Canadian
stitute. the doyen of the learn <l
cielies of Ontario, and one of
most distinguished in Canada,
jyS'        4*SD
<jr*      , 1. W —' HITW        .a*-
KlD^   BOVrtlS-
„     ,,,S THE SYSTEM
Cleans*- eitectually;
**»'*<*   ^T°v,
*^   N.V.    ■
V   MV   "*■<•■        -*■    CAL
"1'jii in court," reed a card on
the lawyer's door: "At the hospital," appears nn the doctor's slats'.
"lie buck in an hour," sny several
more, while others invite one to "Sit
down nnd wait." "I'one to the
bank," i.s the broker's sign: "Pack
soon." is r.ii.nii on the ice dealer's
hook: "Sick iu bed,'1 is tbe dentist's
—so soys his book. .Twus everywhere thus, sn, with nothing to do,
1 hied me away to ihe baseball
ground: and there, Strange to suy.
yet iiiine the less true, each of ths*
'above in tlie grand stand I found.
Cure   All   Minor  Ills,   anil   Bring  Joy
and   Comfort   tO   Palsy   and
A Filipino Mania.
The Filipinos have sueh u mania for
cockfights tbnt they even go to church
Sunday morning with their blrslii under
their iirtiiH, (io us to lose no time iu getting to thc lilt.
Kaklmo   I'lsm'ssis-a.
Next to gambling tho Eskimo men
like to wrestle.
Meat I uiIsik.
Mont eating reached Its greatest
height In this country, and to Its excess are charged the prevalence of
rheumatism, gout and kindred evils
and Ihe Consequent heart difficulties
which annually mow down too large a
proportion of the population.
il, OS
not refuse its friendly aid in making
this Important list complete.
Tho bringing together ol so note-
worths a in dy of litterateurs nn-i
Mi.n ists has always been hailed
with pleasure by the citizens of ot-
tsiMa. Garden parlius mid receptions
are glvm by the iiti/.*iis and the
thief functionaries, attended by the
t.'ovc; n ir-i'eniTsii and the Ministers,
snd the occasion is made bright (cr
th ■ vi-iti rs and tho members "f their
families thoy luinr. Subscription*
are giton by private persons and coi**
'oruic l.s dies for defraying purt. o!
thn traveling expenses ol the members whi cannot well afford Ihe railway fares, aid it Is in, disgrace t(> a
votary oither of literature or science
to be poor In coin »f the realm or thi
promises to pay of its banks, It is
kindly of ths wealthy financiers of
central Canada to hero freely contribute to expenses uf botanists from
New Brunswick, geologists from Newfoundland, entomologists from the
Territories, ami some equally kindly
subscriptions havo been paid by Toronto's merchant princes for the
same object.
The public are always welcomed to
hear ths* papers read, but Ihero are
two public sessions of great Interest,
nnsi is "poets' evening," when tin.so
who belong to tbe young but rising
school of Canadian poesy havo bos n
wont to recite their best roconi
verse, end authors huve read chap-
tors fiom their new books of Mnry,
long   or   short.    Was   it   iinl   at   these
evenings that Drummond was fiist
appreciated? And do we not regret
that Lanipraan's    promise was    cut
short and Hint ho will no lunger
adorn that platform ?
'Ihe other public session is devoted
to si lecture on snmo scientific sub.
Ject. une, it is remembered, wils ne
Introduction to nu Fn^lbh-spcnklng
audience of Capt, Bernier, who is
soon t" plant tlu! Cnnud un flag sit
tho north pole. Another \sns an early    demonstration    ol ths- way    the
llert/ian   waves   go     tl Kh    Walls
and partitions as if they were transparent   screens,    and    wireless telegraphy wns    shown    lo be possible
through theso wonderful vibrations.
Tho Toronto members ol the Uoya
Disease attacks the little ones
through the digestive organs Baby's
Own Tablets are the best things in
th.' world isn ull bowel and stomach
troubles s.f children. They act slickly and gently, anil always cure indigestion, colic, constipation and diarrhoea. They nre also a great hs-lp
lo teething children. Mrs Gabrielle
Barnes, Six Mile hake, Ont.. nays:
"llaby's Own Tablets reaches! me
just in time as my baby was v.-iy ill
with indigestion and bowel trouble,
anil I ain happy to say the Tablets
relieved bun after a few sis.ses. lie
is now doing splendidly with just a
Tablet non and then when be isrest-
lese. I um the mother of eight children and  I  have tried nearly  all  the
I old remedies, but have never found a
medicine s*ipia)  to Baby's Owa Tab-
' lots.'*
The Tablets are guaranteed  loroii-
' tniii no opiate or harmful drug, and
crushed to a powder they can be
given to the smallest, feeblest child
with a certainty ol good result*
Sold by all druggists, or sen) post
paid at 2". cms a    bos by writing
lb OCkV
. or
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to start a
Newspaper ?
% Then write to us for prices and
terms upon TYPE, MATERIAL and
*]f We carry the onfy stock in the
Northwest, and can furnish complete Job and Newspaper Plants at
short notice i also Ready-Prints ia
all sizes and styles. :::•:•••.•
Toronto Type Fdry
Co'y, Limited.
• 175 McDcrmol Avenue, Winnipeg.
for your
Summer Outing
Peaks three miles high,
snow-clad in July-
flashing trout streams-
big game-- camping-
mountain climbing.
Ask for our book—
••A Colorado Summer."
Santa Fe
C. C. CARPENTER, Pass. Agt.
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Minneapolis,     -    -   -     Minn.
Canadian Pacific
_____* Orient
Travel by the C. P. R. and be su-
■ ureri of SOLID COMFORT
hirst-class C. P. R. Sleepers
on all through trains.
Through Tourist Sleepers •  the best.
Tourist Kates <*u,,ted to all point*
East, West, South,
The Old Country,
The Orient,
The Antipodes.
Thoso its-string Information in it-
gard to any part of the world rettch-
ed by th.* C. P It. or its connections
are ret^iasted to apply to any c P.
li. raprowntativa or to
c. e. Mcpherson
r.on.  i'a.s   Afft., fflnnlpuff
I —
Tlse Florin.
The florin, one* of the most famous of
modern coins, origins Is****] In  Florence.
Soiin* nay that It cavn thc name to the
.city,  while others assert that It was
first ro called because It hnd on It a
Iflower-de-luce, from the Italian florotie,
ior "flower," for the same reason tbat
■ an   Kngllsh   silver  piece  Is  called   s
"crown,"    or    certain    gnldpleces    In
I Prance Indifferently n "napol«on" or s
. "louls," or the ten dollar goldpleci* ln
America sn "s*ngle."
Two coiintrb's, Austria anil Holland,
have retained the florin as a unit of
I moneiary value, taking It at a time
Wben It was very universal In Europe,
1 its HsnKe having been rendered general
by the flnandal supremacy of the Utile
states of uorihiTti Italy and the Imper*
f"ct coinage system of the other countries of the continent.
1 * resident    of   the
''■"of.    Clark,    Mr
,,    ,. ,   "*,     Pn^ln,   Hon,
V   vu,S,' ,,",IMN   Wllllaon,
Itev. in. -Althrow, Prof A nuker
Or. W. II. Kills. Prof. MHicr Mr it
p. StnpHi't, Prof. A p, r,,',,,,,
Prof      Mncalluin,       p? ,\
Hociely nre :—Tl
University,  Kev
Arthur   Hnrvey,
mi 11.
Wright, Llctlt-Col. o. T. Wrflon8^
Mia 111.1  1 „iMs.
Toacliet-Now which Wft» the Dlaclc
i'llni's'sla*, wnr'i ,„,,,,,„,„ «J»
-1'leiiM.' inbsH, tbe ons be died in -
A .Inly Sn.sTrats.rm.
In tho year 1H.'I> n snowstorm swept
over New York on the Uth of Julv. It
was Monday, nn.l tho fireworks, which
were then set off In front of the city
ball In celebration of tho glorious
Fourth, had been kept over from Knt-
urdny. The weather* wus pleasant
enough In the morning nnd during the
irreater part of (he afternoon, hut toward dusk heavy clouds appeared In
the sky, a uorthweit wind, followed,
the thermometer went down to :u sle-
crecs-oste de-free below freezlng-nnd
the anowflakei rmme down at a lively
gait Men who went nut thnt night
wore tbelr winter overcontl and did
tint Ond tbem uncomfortable, for the
cold lasted for hours.
To i*.-.;.«,.i Ci) Prom Wood,
To get th. ementlnl oil n 1 wood.
barks, roots, bPrbB, etc, plnce them In
n b./'le and pour upon lliem a spooilfpj
of ether. Keep In a cool plnce a fi'w
hours and then nil (be bottle with
cold wnter. The essential oil will
awlm upon the surface and may be
easily separated.
Canadian Northern Ry
—via the—
Great Lake*?
Tourist  Kntes  to all  points In
One of tho most delightful trips,
with every modern 'convenience for
tho comfort of passengers.
Ocean Tickets
by all Lines
For dates of sailing and reservation of berthl npply to nny agent of
tho Canadian Northern Hallway, or
to GEO. H   nil\vi.
Truinc Manager, Winnipeg'
Hla llanslrad HUM **•* ne*Ti
It la difficult    to account lor    •*•
enormous    velocity of some     wr
(light when    migrating   .&*!_\
ern     bluo     throat    goes at the ra"
of    5*0     miles nn hour, flying •■
H.-10    miles,   from  Fg.vpt "to  ■ B '•*• °
land,   In  a  spring  flight  ol      "nr   .'
nine    hours.     Virginian    plover   uv
from     Lnlirnilor     to  North    Hi-aw.
0,600  miles,   without     tyVP«ft'_
Ing     at   tho   rale     of    MO mll«l «
hour, and probably more._.»°T,rdl
11,is speed  be obtained'.-     1 he    •"...,
r,.',,,,,    to   great   halghU,   ""•^jrT0£
reaiatenco of tho air is slight. - ■
Nat mi)  Notes. The Drill.
Snbatitnta For V.ggn.
Wben eggs are scarce, put away at
night a teacup of mushed potatoes In
which has been strained a tablespoon-
ful of sugar and mix lt ln the corn
cake batter next morning. You will
find tlie cakes light aud sweet.
A Polaonona Wax.
Wax is a aubstaiiee secreted by the
bee nnd Is analogous to the fat of the
higher animals. The wax of a species
of bee common ln Patagonia, Tierra del
Fuego nnd other . parts. of southern
South America and. the adjacent Islands Is a dark bluslit color und in said
to be more poisonous than arsenic.
A Bard Wood.
In Vienna they have a single word
for nn occurrence very common with
them In winter, the bursting of a water pipe. This Is the word: "lloehquel-
Reputation is the shadow cast by
character and dependent on the light,
in which it is seen.
Th A_Cln,Inl0''"'  SnpermHIon.
on . C"'(*',ll(••s,' believe that the mom,
ana sun ure working nt cross purposes;
"«t part or the time the sun Is drag
B»ng the ruoon across the sky ami thai
'■rwuni the moon takes her turn at
PUlllng the buii about as she pleases.
According to  Moslem  tradition,  tbe
foundations of the eity of Damascus
were liu.l KOon after the creation or the
W 11 EAT-More   activity
No Swear Word. In Jupnne.e.
.011 cannot swear nt or abuse anybody In the Japanese language, The
worst you enn sny of anybody is that
he Is a "fellow," nnd if vou want to
express your very, very pointed Indlg
nation you shout, "There, therel"
Misns-nlisi I'.kkm.
The mosquito eggs nre, it Is said,
hatched In from four to seven days, uc
cording to the warmth of the weather.
Norway Fl-sherlea.
A comparison Ims been drawn In Nor
wny ii8 to the profit of (lie fisheries in
the R...1 nnd In the rivers whi. \s shows
that the former nre three times ua re
muneratlve ns the latter.
Minard's Liniment is best Hair Itestorer.!
The only gem thut cannot be imi-
tnleil is the opal. Its dclirati' tints
cannot be simulated.
Deafness Cannot Be Cureu
t>y loril npplicatlous, ns they cniusut reach tlm
dissoa-ssd portion of tlse car. There Is ouly one
way to cure Double s ni.d thut is by csr.-slim. I
tissiiul remedies. DssfaSSSli caus-usl by uuiii. I
flamed condition of the nmeoua l.nic'.f tl,o
Ku-tiicli inn Tube. Whentssis lube new infi un-,
ed yoa hays a rumblinur sound or Imperfect!
hoiirinst, Risd wheu it is entirely clot ed daafaau
Is the result, ond nnlesss tlio Inflammation ruu ,
be taken srot aua this tulsis re-tori-d tss ii i.s i-
iu:il .-snnlLfi<su, hearing will bo «l. . -..\..I for
evor; niisve cases o*il ottiiiare ciiu-"'! bye*'
iirrh, which is nothing I ist au iis'lai_«d con- j
ditionssfthomucous) usirfnn-.
Me will-fliva Ooe Hundrs.i( DoU'irs fnr Bny
ea^e of Dnlffhos* 'can.sed by catarrh) that oon.
inst lis) I'lsrs-'H.y liall'a Catarrh Curo. Ss-i.J l..r
circulars*,-free.- * ■ ■ I
Aililrcag. **. J. CTJENET & CO, Toledo, O
Hild l.y Druggists, isle.
llaU's Family i'tUa are'!.« beat.
The families in the interior of Russia are coincident with a decline in
tlss- humidity, due in grs'ut measure
to the destruction of forests.
Without   question     the   best   and
most effective springs in Canada for
the cure of rheumatism,   kidney    or
liver  troubles.   The medicinal  quali-
: ties   of    the water    are unequalled.
, Splendid   hotel accommodation ;  fine
' fishing and hunting.     An ideal spot
for the Invalid.
Lettuce Sandwiches.—Let your lettuce lie in colli water on tho ice box
for ut least un hour liefore using,
then dry thoroughly with ;i clean
towel. Spread thin slices of buttered
bread with salad dressing made from
the above rule and place between
them tender, crisp lettuce leaves.
"■Jesses. C. c. Richards st Co.
Dear  Sirs.—While in    the    count ry
Ian summer   I was   badly bitten by '
mosquitoes—so badly thnt 1  thought I
I would be disfigured fs.r a couple of
«" ks.    1   was   advised   to   try     your I
Liniment to allny Iho irritation, nnd
I did so.   Tbe effect was  more  thun
I expected—a    few applications rOm-
pletely    curing the    irritation,  presenting the bites from becoming sores
MINARD'S     LINIMENT1 is    also    a
Kood article to kt?ep off tha mosquitoes.
Yours truly, '
W. A. OKB.
Harbor Grace. Nfld. Jan. 8. 1898
Mrs. J. M. Timbers, of Hawkesbury,
Tells Mow She Obtained Ilelief
Alter  Doctors  Had   Felled.
No woman should ever use a swear
word than tho law allows to her
From the Post,  Hawkesbury,,, Ont.
Mrs. .luini'S M. Timbers is well
known to nearly everybody In
Hawkesbury, Vunkleek Hill and Bur-
rounding country, sin* was born In
Vnnkleek liill, but since her marriage, twelve years ago, has lived
in Hawkesbury, and is greatly esteemed  by nil    who know her.    Mrs.
There never was, art never wilt be, al'1.i,.uber? *" one oI •*• man"** thous-
nnlvereal panacea, in one rCMi-dy, for nil il ande who huve proved the great val-
lo which li.tjh is heic—the very nature ot UO pi Dr. Williams' I'ink l'ills, unsl
many curativoe being'ench that were tl.e gives ber experience for the benefit of
terms ol other aud differently seated uis- ,,ther sufferers, she says:—"While
rases roob-d in the system of tho patient— ,.    .    . .. •' .,
what would relievo one ill in turn wonld eg. nursing my lirst child I suffered (rom
iir.ivato tho other. Wo hnvo, however, in u nursing tumor under the lefl
yuinlne Wiap, when ohtntnnble in ii sound, breast. The lirst symptom was a
unadultcAted stote, a renudy lor many and shnip pain followed by a growth,
grloyotn■•IBs,   By iu kruduul nud judlc.oiw „,,„.,, ,, mM    incl.ea8ed in BlM un.
uho tho frailest systems nro led into convn-• , ,
lescence and Btren..th by Uie iuflusneo whieh ,l1 ,!- became as large as an egg. It
Quinine exertc on nature's own testoratlves. was exceedingly painful and caused
lt roll«vi-*stlie.drooi)inR spirts of those witli nie great suffering. 1 Consulted a
uliom achvoriio state of morbid despond- doctor, who gave ine medicine, but
incyand lack of Interest in life isa discuss*,' j(   h , ,     ...   -   , conBUjtod
und, by tranqulllting the nerves, disoosos to K „., ,,,,,
K.un.l and wfwehinir sl.*o*>-ln.i«irtsvigor another doctor, who said I would
to tho action of the blood, wh.ch, beini* huvo to undergo an operation, in
stimulated, courtes tht-oughout tho veins,; t in. meantime, however, tho tumor
ttrengthemng tho healthy unimnl functions i„0|u.i i„,t, would not heal, and us
of the system, ther^>'making neimly", , ^ .   ,. much run
ni-c.'ssiiry result, strengthening tlio frame. . * ,,...,„
and giving Wu tothodlgi'sUveSrgans,which down. At this time my attention
naturally demand increased Bubstancc—ro* was directed to Dr. Willinms 1 Ink
.nit,improved uppeUte. Korthrop&Lyn.sii■ • Vills, and I began using these. I
"f Toronto have given to tho is-jblip Ihclt B00j, [0jt that thev were giving me
^er^^^oa^t^tf^  i-eased str,.,.,...; and after using a
 approaches nearo*t ;»  fsxlio'i of an
il« market.   All *'■-" - * '   **" *•*.
are 2,740 murders yearly in
•2.100. in    Hussin:   l.i'OO    in
few box.s. the tumor disappeared,
sunl I was ns well ns ever I had
been. My health has sinse been good,
nnd 1 cannot speak too highly oi Dr.
Williams'   I'ink  l'ills."
These pills cure troubles like the
nisove, because'tbey make rich, red
blood and drive all impuiilies from
the system. Through their action Oil
the blood they also sure such troubles as anaemia, hoaH palpitation,
skin eruptions,
, 1M.U  ,,,,     da lis'.' and 1 in*
linn r.satisi, sViiiViiiiihiir no "nsiM-i'iiry.iinl  en.' 7,7'"'''IL'Thni   maks*  the  llVsja  of     BO
muirniil 1 isi Viva snU.ifaetioii or tho uiouoy   iiilmeiits  ttiut   KWa    "■"   ;    <
Will bo 'efunslesl. jliintiV  wonu'll  III I sc'I ill si <•.     lbs' giliun.
 -f—  I always    bears     thS full     name     "D>.
N'ew  Zealand    will probably semi a,WUllamaVPJnk PiUs for fale*People,"
,,n tho wrapper    around svery box,
Sold  by  all  dealers  in  medicine    or
ve not iced, that the very poor-  ,.,.,,.   postpaid at BO cents a bos,  or
Six lioxos for 13.50, by addressing
tbe Dr. Williams Modi, ine Co.,
nrorkvillo, Ont,
HI I I I I PHMIIVI lf"nl> tO   nssrvnna sixcttsv !
is' nt, Tlm ilolioatsily oouatltulod, the financier, I
!.silsiiMiinss*niluinuil tlsoso who 0ooiiiiuilissn j
lorostalutas grssut niciitul slriiia sir wurry, all ■ ,
Hilar ni.sro or leas from. it.   Sleep Is tlm great I i
loror of a worrlod bnsin, and t.. got sleep I
'■ i.nr nr a worrieq Drains am mws .' <i'i ,    • „„,.,.,	
''•isn 'siliostonuirhfns.il nil iuinurit i»hwillsa   eiysqis'las,   scioluln,
fi'wil,, ... uf I'arino'i'si's ViiJiiliil'lo fills,ssla* I , nsumat ism, St.. Vitus
strength have been mauii'estoil ln the
Speculative wheat markets during tho
past week than for some time previously. There is a general com-
plaint, however, that the public is
not Interested In wheat at present,
| and tlio market is loft more to whut
is colled Hi,, professional element,
and without a widespread buying on
the part oi l ho public it is diaacult
to arouse enough buying enthusiasm
to advance prices materially, so thut
while markets huvo been activo and
Btrong at times, the close of the week
sees prices *[c to lie lower than a
Week ago. It bus been a mixed market' sometlmoB tlio future deliveries
huve been the strongest, then again
the cash or duly delivery would bo
stronger than tbo futures, the result
on the week is that the spreasl between the duly und the September
nnd December deliveries has narrowed
fully ic.
Manitoba wheat has been rather
dull all week, except that there has
boon a fair demand lor spot wheat
in Ull Juno contracts, Exporters are
doing nothing ami will not buy
ahead. Through the week spot No,
1 northern has sold up to 7-lJr, and
.\u.   '2 northern,   7*2|C,   in  stun., fori
William, und yesterday sp.st or Juno
delivery was soisi at, "lc; l northern
T'iir; No. 2 northern, lint ths* best
prices obtainable for July delivery,
in store, Fort William, are: 1 haul,
75fc; 1 northern, 73Jc; und '2 nor-
llis'in, 71}i-. These are selhu-s nt }c
over these prices.
tl UTTER— Creamery—Offerings   aro
linger Chun they huvo been, but everything coming is absorbed by the
local and shipping demand. Prices
ure better this week unsl dealers now
quote 17c per pound I'or choice creamery  t O.b,   at, factory.
BUTTER—Dairy—Supplies are in.
creasing and more than a fuir proportion of the butter offering is of
inferior quality. This seems to be
inevitable where butter is accumulated trom so many sections Of coun-
i rj and from so many different people as is the cu.se in Manitoba, Tbe
market wus bare of seconsl grades
and in fact In everything In the
shape of dairy butter when this
season opened and it will be a pity
if it sliould be tilled up again so
soon with unsalable second grade
stock. Some of llu* butter offered
iins week will hardly fetch 10c per
pound. We quote loc io 18c per
pound commission    busis,  according
to grade.
EGGS—The market has advanced
|c per do/, this week owing t.<    ih,-
gs'Oil den.anil ior eggs. Dealers are
now paying I lc per do/., delivered
IT.ul I! -\\e quote Winnipeg Jobbing prices as follows: Ogilvie'S
Hungarian, 93*05 ier sack oi 1)8
pounds.; Qlenora Patent, Si '.tu: Alberta, Si .75j Manitoba. fl.60;
XXXX. $1.26.
M1LLFEED—Bran is worth $15
per ton in bulk, and shorts *<17 per
ton in hulk, delivered, BUbjecl to us
ual trade discounts.
GROUND FEED—Wt) quote: Oat
chop, per ion, 5-'"t': barley shop, $34;
mixed barley and oats, sati. chop
screenings, $15.50; oil sake,  $80.
OATS—The   demand    for   oats is
light     and      prices   are   WeakOf.    Wo
quote: Xs>. 2 while. 10*,c per bushel
for carlots ou track here; is'eil grades,
88c. Al country points farmers we
getting 31c to 84c tor No. '2 whits-
oats.   Street oats are mst offering.
BARLEY—There is very little barley in the marki't und prices are
nominal at I'Jc lo lie per bushel for
carloads of teed on track here.
II AY—The market is very linn us
buy is becoming scarce. Prices hold
at   ss to .su per ton for fresh baled
in   ral lots   on   hack   here.
fed beef has offered In the market
this wi's'k, but as llu- quality is nol
essoii prices tor choice beef have nol
been affected and butchers are sini
quoting as follows: Beef, city dressed, 8 to 9c per pound; veal, 71 bo
8Jc; mutton, lie; spring lambs, each,
$3.60 tu $4.60; bogs, per pound, 7|
to sic.
HIDES—Receipts ure liuhi and ths
market unchanged as follows:   Nss   1
siiy hides. 6fC;  No   -'s. .".'i'. and  No.
;t's, 44c    Kips    ami rail the    same
priie as    hides   deakins,  35 lo 40c
slunks,   in  to   I5e   horse  hides,  50c
' i,i  SI 00
j WOOL <*Rocolj its ol Manitoba wool
are light   nhd  tl inrkel   is Btendy
»ot-bull leafn fo "England next year.
Wo I
i  beniers ami funuiies made seem
" bo put .li.' chnvches.
hi lien* not ss-aiujbP** nli.'lilt id sll'liuh yisiii
s.l-s • (ir.-in ia oss' fii-ca.-issii for .vs.u tuiiulns
iisllisaiiiiaii.nl of, I*11
~i'rs\ i« bs.'
tlm ri>k s.f  iNHitnii'tini*   nuisssyu.u.- ,
hincs or roiiaiiinpilon.whileysss.V.'silpit olckies
^iii-i's>ii>nmutivo Syrup. This tnoaluvne oarej
iiiUKhs, rsilds. lullamniiltlon. ssf this lUngS, flWI
"II il.rtinlandvl-imt. trssuhl"*.' It lirouialsi-s is
li '■" iiii.lniisys)itiw*\jriit,Wn, which missseil.rsl.lv
ri'linvns th'o throat' tilid rlumfa flora., TISDia
Dlllogin, -*■'. :    •'!■' •'-      . '.
ri ■',••:.
Kings, are only men,'"'fays a wise
'nuicmpoiaty.''.TA*,'..'' ii«*'i-*d*,"- tHfil
suinotlmea they are only boys.       "•• ■'
Ibigt imi*' music-ThvV■|*e£ivi.rohfbil*'il
"is ii„. rvetent.^■yhVstt-lW Net** Yortc*
'■'*''■!  is anothc*^Jds*■*tn/o;m)'ri,lbie''
°' the reformers: '••' .'.,*'..'.' ' ' '
2. it'itiT rr-"."T*•"-." ■•"-'I
\n optimist Is a man-"Who thinks
ran Dike
s a man-
Tfcjw*-^.1*«*41 .;tt>o1s •■rnt")'«
buck door ynlir.'fl.'tid. keep his lame
Mll'|ilieil w,i^ *^em; stuff.        ,-..'".'•
''bilndelphllMlWj i*'"natty thet drinks
'''" l-all.msoliiillle-'ftt a. meal. O,
v"; of course you knew right away
Unit  il iH a baby elephant.
Less Hum one per i-eiit    of the land
Norway  is  In  use for grain
Orders have been issued in Indin
for the return to store or all ainmu-
iiiliori  containing  dum-dtim  bullets.
Minard's Liniineiit Cures LnOil fie,
"-fini'1 of the highest, shot towers in
-.he world is t'o be round in Vlllacn.
Jjj (,'ni'intbli'i.- Where there le a lull 01
•Jli) feot.  . ■
Eepple who' have Investigated th<
matter say Unit the swearing htm
Im becoming more common than it
wa's a few years ago. So aro auto-
,,. win b,. «M""t-;«.i""'.,':;fi"';:..'l',|li
s"iup of the special correspondents
who have been writing Industriously
1,1 1   tin.    Martinique calamity will
'""ii arrive at tho Hcono of the disaster.
new     Cnstelbiiu*    baby Will
enough to call    pupn  to acci
wasting mama's money
Kow that a prise fighter ha, been
.killed  in the ring at Boston, •
1 be discovered 1 hut M»"fS
| laws Intended to prohlbll puom
ging matches.
(1 in ojc per pound for unwashsd
il.'s'ie delivored horo.
T \i.l u\\ -Local buyers are paying
:, to <■"• per pound foi tallow delivered hero, a.vol ding to grade.
(SENECA ■ Receipts ure light and
market imbls Brm. Some in the
trade here are quoting us high    us
37c per pound for clean, luiehl I'OOt,
delivered here' With lower prices for
inferior grades.
cATTl.l''.   l'resli  grass cattle    are
ihi   scarce    Qpod butchers1 grade's
ii,. worth .".ic por pound    dollvered
lure and inferior lots .ri tO :"'!''•
Bomo grass cattle bine been sold
this week nt as'low us Is', their con-
ilii mn not being goosl.
SIll'T'l'- Sheep nre worth from 6
cents lo BJc per pound, olT cars,
Winnipeg,  nnd  lambs ubout  the snltlC
[T008—Receipts ore moderate and
prices    unchanged at (".Jc "or choice
lings, averaging between   160 and -•'"
pounds, ",6ft s'urs,    Winnipeg,   IlPttVJ
anil   lii'.hl   weights   le  h'Ss.
Mll.cil rows—rows an* scarce,
and good  milkers  readily    bring $-»«
in this market, the range being from
$85  to  $46  each.
1IOUSKS— There Is a Rood domand
for horses und sls'itlers lind no dim
CUlty  I"  disposing of ull   thoy enn si'
euro. The market is being largely
supplied   from   Ontario,   Prices are
Claims Thut, Lumbago Can be Cured—Ho Himself Had Suffered for 25
Yeurs—Hope for Apparently Hopeless Cases.
Economy Point, N. S., dune 80.—
rjapeclal)—Mr. George S. McLaughlin
of this place claims to huve found a
remedy which will cure any case of
Mr, McLaughlin himself hns been u
great, sufferer with this disease, and
bus Bought relief in very many treatments aud remedies.
At Inst, however, he came across a
medicine which completely cured him,
and which he claims any sufferer
from Lumbago should be told of.
lie suys:—
"1 wus troubled with Lame Hack
for 2*. y.ars s>r more. Sometimes it
was so severe 1 could not. turn myself  in  bed
"A slight cold, or hard lifting
would bring on a tearful attack und
give me awful pain.
"I bad tried many medicines and
treatments, but never found anything
to do me nny goosl until I heard of
Dodd's Kislney Pills.
"My brother, who kept n simill
grocery store aud solsl some medicines, told me that ho had heard that
they bad cured a great many people
Of Lumbago, and he advised me to
try them.
"I commenced a treatment and iu
a short time ull the pain left my
back and it became as stout ami as
si rung us ever..
'.'Wonderful to say I have bad no
return of the terrible Lumbago
"It is now some years since T wns
cured, nnd 1 have suid nothing about
it, for I was afraid it would come
back,-and that I would have to keep
on    using the    Pills in order to    be
Wl'l I
"ilut, now 1 am satislied it has
gone forever, and know that 1 uin
safe in making this nulslic statement.
"1 believe Loiid's Kidney l'ills will
cure any case of Luml aeo or Lame
ISnck, for ihs-y helped mo out ansl nobody could have it much worse than
I  had.
If possible, thi not nssociate with
those who anger you.
It, is a great pity that a young
man Is not as saving wiih bis money us an old man is with every piece
in' twine he finds.
.Minard's Liniment is (he best.
It; is easy lo have toss much of n
sji.sisl lliing; two sweethearts at one
time, for example.
Monkey Brand Soap removes all ataina,
ruBt, dirt or tarnish — but won't waah
clothes. «*
When it is announced that a woman will entertain Informally, it
means that she will buy things ready
mado at  t he baker's.
still Another Trlnmpls—Mr. Thomas 8,
Rullou, -.undurland, writes: " l*"or toiirtcou
soars I was ulllictod with 1'ilos; and frequent
iy I was imiiblo to walk or iit, but four yeara
iiljo I tsni cured by tiling Dr, Tmsinsis Eoleetrtc
Uu. I Imvo b1s.si been subject to Quinsy ft.i
ssvor forty rears, but Ks-lectrie "il ruro.1 it
unci lt was a permanent euro In both casea, a>
i:cilhertl*> I'.los uur Quinsy havo Iroublixl uie
People are sss anxious ts) sf*e soins*-
thing for nothing thut tbey will run
a couple ol miles to see a little shed
Ian n down.
l'nelisb Walnut.—Chop very line, or
what is better pound illi of Kngl'ssh
walnuts and mix enough melted butter or sweet cream so that thc
paste can equally be spread between
thin Slices of buttered bread.
What lis* I lsrs:*j-ni»ss SursBlitd.
Brnest Thompson-Setonr-lae sf sml-
mivl story-telling nnd converted
minis* faun--was describing to a clergyman the other day Some of his experiences with various aaiinals, par-
tii'ul.w'ly squirrels.
■It  is an  astonishing fact,"
Mr   Seton,   "lhat  1   found,
.ome  few     tesls.   that  1  could
tract squirrols, howsoover wild
n ing io tiiein.     Whenever 1
lie. ussuld lOine out of their holes
or down from the trees, and thouuh
,*     lust  showing    some  timidity,  Sit
and listen Intently and apparently
With eiiiovineiit. I remember oao
day. however, when, nfter singing   i Mfin various    sooge—'rag-time
and others I tried 'Old Hundred'
on thi'in Woiils.l vou believe it, the
instant they heard it tbey sram-
pore'd off. nor could 1 induce them
lo return that day. And to this
slny 1 can't understuiiil why."
Tho clergyman, a fnr-nway look in
in bis eye, suggested very briefly:
"Probably they were nfrnle* you
would next proceed to take    up     a
collection."    .
Cocas Wood.
The hardest wood In tlio world Is not
cboity, but coeus, wblcb Is much used
lur making llules nud Other similar In
nt rumen is,
One rub with Sunlight
Soap cleans more than two
rubi   with   common   soap.
/^XJm^M      EXPENSE)
Aik tor the Octagon Bar *>j
OGILVIE"8 FLOUR makes the
host bread and adds a great ele- '
ment of nutrition into any article of food made from it. Use
this flour in your family; give
your children plain food and
plenty of it, and you will build a
lasting foundation for their future health and happiness.
■tllere te H.R.H. the Prince of Wales
Is quoted in every purt of the world as the authority on the sporting as
well iis the commercial, industrial and political events of Canada. It is
i In* best all-.-Hind family newspaper published in the Dominion, and you
cm have it every duy and the hla Saturday illustrated for only $'£.00 for
a whole yi'sn If you live west of North Hay. Take advantage of this great
hull-price oiler at once. Addpess: THK GLOBE. Toronto
€L*€s 4ni*f€*ls4,   WULmA^&VIL' €&nsL& mVtlai/
-..•it  UF
Page Metal Ornamental Fence. ^.TiL. b
ornatncntsal. Tery showy flntl parpr:>iii?lychHip.    Ilin jnst) what
'-• w*anted fur door yards, diviiiou feuce-j In town low, grave
ttd'^sf^taf^.t^iy 20 cls" PE» R!JNN1NG F00T;i
Just think of lt.  Let us ss ad you full isnrticnlsirs.   We elsbl
make farm fanoe, poultry netting, nail* aud staples. \
Tha Pas.«v/:-o Fe-s.-eCj ,Umllsd.Wtlkenlll*.Oat.   3i
K   tj..
'.i innipcg, j\sau.
Peanut Sondwickes.—Be sure that
your peanuts are freshly roasted;
then shell and rub olT the red Skillfc
Pound to u pasto or chop line unsl
add enough boiled snlad dressing so
thai it can be spread easily. D.ess
ine; for Same. One tablespoon but |
ter. 2 tablespoons sugar, t dessert
spoon Hour, yolks of M eggs, $ cup
vinegar, a plncb of salt, t'ook in a
louble kettle until it thickens and i.s
Minard's Liniment for Rheumatism.
Ql'Ont Britain and Ireland import
about. 205.000,00(1 pounds of cheese
push year. Canada supplies about
60 per cent of the whols*.
Trfr.T NBVBB FA1J>-T»r, S. M. BourimM,
l.auirtssn, wrilc-s: "For nlnsut twoye.'.rsl wns
■jGIih! villi lmvnrd Vilo*. but by lining Tar-
iit*'*s Pills, I wis coniplotcly cored.aad al-
ihoagh four years I ivo rlispsod sines* llion His*-
Imvo nsit returuosl." 1'iirmnleo's Tills isru auli-
bUlonsand a specific fnr the cura.sf Uvei uud
Kidney Complalits, Dyspemla, CjJsUvwiess,
Headache, I'lies, etc., and will resruliite these-
r-i'tiun? ssnil remove nil bilious mnlter.
English  is studied by 0.r> per cent
f tbe students attending the higher
schools in Egypt,
Ursi.l «,f His* s.isist.* C .,i...s.iiai.*n.
TMr. Montague A. Smith, banker of
Forest, has been appointed chairman of the Unuirio Hoard of Game
i 'ominissioners, in succession to Ur.
C A. McCallum, who was recently
appointed Superintendent of the
London Asylum. Mr. Smith ia eminently qualified for the duties of
the positis>n. lie hu9 for more
than twenty-live years pnst been
closely identified with the field
nnd game sports oi tho Province
in various ways. A keen lover o'
iho dog and gun himself, ho has done
much to advance thn Interests of
ih.it lino of sport. With Ws brother, L. II. .Smith of Strathroy.he
Introduced in tins country the famous l.lewellen lino oi setters, ol
which "Paris" was the bead. He
is ibe owner ol "Unn Wyisd'em,"
ibe first prize winner at tlio international field trials lust fall. On
many occasions be has acts'd a»
judge at the International and Am-
srtcan field trials, and always
with tbo greatest satisfaction to
all patties concerned. He has shot
over somo of tbo best dugs on this
continent, not only In Ontario, but
from Klotida to BrftlSh Columbia,
and also In Croat llrltaln, and is
thoroughly familiar with the requlro-
nunts of the Sportsmen ol Ontario,
especially    along the lines Indicated.
So woultl you when yon tmnko
Thnt very sweet Savor will  mak*
any sslgor auioker look plssaaant.
Mr. Dillus—"Alariu, how does it
happen that Fanny isn't going to
church with you this morning? Mrs.
Hill ns—Vou know as well as I do,
John, thnt when lU*ssie and Kate and
I go to church somebody has to stay
at home. Thero isn't room for four
pairs of sleeves in our pew.
I!la nevus-'*
Mr. De Lone (on being Introduced)—
Miss Coquette nnd 1 hnve met before.
Miss Conuette (coldly)—Yes. I "*e-
mi'inber now.
"We will let bygones be bygonci, for
time heuls all wounds nnd nn doubt 1
wns n very silly boy nt the time."
"I must hnve been. It was ten yenrs
ngo. nnd your rensnn for refusing ine
was thnt you were old enough to bo uiy
mot her."	
Three Great  Skeletons.
The vicinity of I'lilnnno. Italy, hns
•fielded three remiirknule human skeletons, one lu H10, one In lfilil nnd the
lust In I MO, The first was twenty-one.
tbe sei-oml thirty find the third thirty-
four feet In height.
Queen Wllhelmlna has contributed
Si-uil) tor the benefit, of the Martinique
sufferers. Tbis wilt cause her husband's creditors to express another
large batch of slisgust.
Mow will King Alfonso's subjects
IiKa• his admission thut he does not
like bull lighting himself, and thut
he would like to introduce horse
racing as,a substitute'*
\V.  N.  V. No   383.
To    employ a    revivalist    will not
help us evade our own responsibility.
New York's Hull of Fame sei'ius to
have  been   forgotten  s'lirly
The asphalt trust, doesn't seem  to
have luiil an  "easy    street" to walk
Every year we make war on the
mosquito, and overy year tho mosquito fights back. Till*. DUILL, *si.0Ca5, B. C, 3VLY II. IW8.
C. E. Smithrbikoi.uc, Editor and Prop
B. C.
Legal Advertising 1*9 cents a line for
the first insertion andi oenta a line each
■suosequept insertion.
(^rtificates of Improvement, %7 each.
Transient sil vertieemen ts at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
, for each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
■   The Subscription is |2 per year, st.-ict-
. ly in advance; 12.50 a year if not so paid.
Addreaa all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, JULY 11th, 1902.
A pencil mark ia the space
•pposita will be sn indication'to yea that ye editor
ceaaidera there ie something
coming to him on your subscription. Kindly acknowledge  ia cash and oblige.
■ 1*IT*1HIAI.    t KOI-rlNliS.
So satisfactory is the King's con.
. valeseenco thnt it is believed his cor-
. onation will take place about August
" 15.
The financial statement of the Do-
_ minion for the year ending June 30
't shows a revenue of $50,300,000, an
increase of $5,500,000 compared with
, last year, The surplus for the year
' oyer ordinary expenditure is seven
w million dollars. Taking in thc public debt-expenditures, however, a bout
, three million dollars has been added
, to the public debt of the country.
Slocan stands an excellent chance
of {jetting a large sawmill, establish
ed in its midst, providing a direct
payroll and ensuring increased popu-
' lation and business. With -an established and permanent wage revenue
to rest upon, the city will not be affected so much bv the ups and downs
of mining existence, Other acquisi
Hitions will undoubtedly follow in the
wake of the mill enterprise, to the
general benefit ofthe place,
The tide of immigration has set in
towards Canada in a pronounced
manner, During the past year there
arrived 17,000 llritish, 2^535 from
•ther European countries, and 24,099
from tha United .State;;, being an increase of 15,4,90 orer the year pro.
vioua. It is estimated the inrush will
be close te 200.Q00 for the present
' year. The additional population is
having a stimulating effect on trade
and is being felt all over tho Dominion.
It is anybody'* game yet for thc
political supremacy in Ontario, as a
" recent decision in the courtc bas reduced the Liberal majority to one.
' Three-quarters of the constitaencie.
liavc had their elections protested,
' and the result will be the opening of
several seats to a contest, which the
Conservatives assert .will favor thcmt
so patting them in the ascendancy.
Evidences of crookednes. and rascal
' ity are piling .up .all over the prov
ince, showing -to what lengths professional politicians will go to gain
the desired object. Politics are being reduced to a game where the
biggest schemer wins.
A serious result has followed upon
the strike ofthe coal miners at Fernie.
Those employed at Michel have gone
eut in sympathy, and between the
two thc output of coke has about
ceased.   In consequence the smelters
' at Grand Forks and Greenwood have
had to suspend operations, while the
Granby people, for the first time in
' five years, have 'been obliged to lay
off their miners at Phoenix.   Sovcral
' hundred men in all are effected. S»
thc agony multiplies nnd all because
there is no statute on the provincial
. books compelling the arbitration «f
' industrial disputes.   While directly
tke oeal miners and employing com
pany may not suffer much through
.the strike, yot indirectly  the whwle
country suffers.   The railroads find
" their traffic receipts reduced,business
-men have their sales contracted, and
hundreds of miners ami smelterncn
are thrown ont of employment.   A
feeling of great uncertainty is cngen
tiered that will take months of pros
perity to eradicate.   Compulsory ar
•bit ration  is designed to   meet   just
audi oases as exists in  southeastern
British Columbia, and the local gov
' eminent can do no better than follow
'. the example of New South Wales and
adopt tho Now Zealand law. Any
thing that will  lesson  disorder ami
ensure industrial peace is to be com
Three four-horse teams are freighting on Ten Mile.
Hears are reported numerous in the
hills close to the city.
W. Koch has built a large addition
to his stables on Ten Mile.
A plentiful crop ef huckleberries is
fast ripening on the foothills.
In the No. 5 tunnel of (he Monitor,
at Three Forks, there ia three feet of
solid ore.
The town has been flooded with
agents and commercial men during
the week.
The heavy and incessant rains of
the past week caused the lake to rise
to its June mark.
Joe Wilson is nursing a badly
sprained ankle, as the result of a fro
lie on the Fourth.
Charley Kappa, formerly of Kaslo,
is figuring upon establishing a brewery at New Denver.
Howard Guest and Nurses Milne
and Lowe returned Monday eve from
their trip to the coast.
C. M. Crouse has purchased the
Midway Advance and has changed
its namu to the Dispatch.
The painters have finished up on
the Slocan and have gone over to
Nakusp, to slick up the Minto.
Uncle Sam's children did not overlook the Fourth, and managed te
mark thc occasion in fitting style.
The Antwerp,Belgium,works have
contracted for 2000 tons of zinc ore
from the Bosun mine, New Denver.
Mike Hayes, one ofthe pioneers of
the Slocan, died on the Colville Indian reservation on Sunday, aged 52
Owing to lack of business the lug
Sandon was tied up Tuesday morning. The Slocau is again, towing
Friday was a busy day at the depot and wharf, there being three engines and two boats fussing around
at one time.
Rev. Mr. Sipprcll, B.A., of New
Westminster, gave an illustrated
lecture in the Methodist church Tuesday evening.
Rev. Mr. Seymour preached a spc
cial sermon to the local Orangemen
on Sunday evening. The turn-out
was not large.
The miner's strike at Fernie has
forced the C.P.R. to lav off several
of the freight crews, there being no
coke to move.
Knox church has been beautified
with a now tower and the big bull,
which recently arrived, has beon put
into position.
Tax notices were sent out during
the week and the city in consequence
is receiving its first reve.iue from
thc real estate.
J, D. O'Neil has removed his family and houshold goods up from Nelson, being now domiciled in the
suburb of Brandon.
Heavy washouts and slides have
tied up the C.P.R. both on the Crew's
Nest and the main line. There has
been no through traffic for a week.
Clearance sale of uudorvests at
Bennett it Co.'s. They are selling at
two tor 25 cents and upwards. Big
reduction also in all summer goods.
R. Thompson, of Nelson, sang a
sole in Knox church Sunday evening. It was that beautiful selection
entitled Calvary, and it was well
Hon. Joe Martin came in Sandon
on Sunday, on business connected
with the Noble Five. That property
is starting up again with a large
Misses La Dell and Flanignngave
an entertainment in the Music Hall,
Thursday night. Insufficient advertising accounted for the small crowd
D. P. Kane, of Kaslo, was here yes
tenia*** on a general rustle for life
insurance, lie hus just been appointed district manager for the
North American Life Assurance Co,
For the Oltngo celebration at Nelson on July 12, the C.P.K. is quoting
a single rate return of 91.80. special
train leaves Slocan at 9 80 a.m.; rt*
turning will arrive here ut 9.80 p.m.
New Denver has organized a rifle
club with a membership ef 51. W
S. Drewry is captain and R. Thompson secretary. Local ihootlsU will
have a chance now to get on a
No serviae will be held in the An
glicun church until the second Sunday in August, as Rev. Mr. Hedley
will spend his vacation on the coast.
In September he leaves for England
and It is probable Bishop Dart will
then look afiur this mission for a
while. Rev. Mr. Mount, tho regular
missionary, will not return from
England till next May.
Gust Cormier, who has been running the ho ml ing house at Koch's
sawmill. Ten Mile, for the past 13
mouth*, left on Wednesday for Boxe*
man, Mont., to go into thc lumbering
business. lie has been very popular
on the creek and will be mnch missed.
■ inst regretted having to leave his
garden, of which ho was justly
proud.lt being one of tho sights ofthe
It was is. large, and thoroughly appreciative audlenco which witnessed
the production of Nell Gwynne in
the Music, Hall, Monday night, by
Clara Mathcs and  her capable com
pany. Their acting is finished and
refined, 60 that the well known comedy drama lost nothing of its beauty
in their hands. Nota weak spot was
noticeable. Miss Mathcs having the
heavy end, of coarse. The company-
was much pleased at the appreciation
shown by the audience, whom thev
hope to meet again in August.
To the Ladies
ofSlocan   •   •
The sesson for Wallpaper is
heee, and wa have received
a fine line of papers from
one of the best firms in Canada. The prices will be
found very reasonable, especially as all customs duties
will be saved. Splendid assortment and first class
goods. We represent no trust
but trust solely to the judg-
nsentsof the people.
Slocan Git, B Din,
No. 62, W. F. of fl.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Representing the strongest companies doing business in Canada.
See new accident policy, with par
ticipation in profits, covering sickness and operations.
■ H. D. CURTIS, Notarv Public
To the Public
Having opened ashocshopen
Delaney ave, two doors east
of the Arlington office, we
aro prepared to .to all kinds
of repair! ig. Hand-Made
Shoes aro our specialty.
Prices reason, bio.   .
COTE & Co.
Slocan, B.C.
Mill, l.umlisir and Timbor Limits, for an
Kast.rti s.Tisiticate. wo wissls to nay to all who re-
quire timber*, or luiiibsT. mnsildin^t, crstin*-*,,
etc, tbat wo have on linn.l a quantity of good
aOAsoned material, and wo are prepared tss cut
to orilor any bills thnt mny lse required ou the
shortest nsstice possible. We l.opo. hy •trict attention to business ansl fuir deuliue. to be able
to satisfy tha requirements of this district.
Trusting that wn may lie favored with your patronage, I am, yours truly,
W. B. Strathearn,
. Manager
Ne part of dress is more indicative of style and smartness than
Unless you don't mind wtiti/.K
your money, buy yuur boots at
who has the Isrgcst and best assorted stock in the city. Prices
right and stock clean and new.
Repairing and making dono on
the premises.
Pioneer Shoe Store,
Main Street, Slocan.
per annum.
Furnished Rooms, by day or
week. Second to none in
the city. Enquire on the
v H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, * - B. C.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing: and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
ranging in price from
$2 to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
I.os***c Milieu,I Claim.
Situato in the Slocan City Minin*; Division of the West Kootenay District.
lYIiere located: —Four miles tip
Springer creek and adjoining the
roriliiml minora! claim on the cast.
TAKE NOTICK that I, Herbert D.Curtis, noting as agent for the Arlington
Mines, Limited (non-personal lialsilily),
Free Miner's Certificate No. U50967,
inteinl, sixty slays Irom the date hereof,
to spply to the Mining Ueeorslerfora certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown (rant of tho
above claim.
And further take notice thst action,
tinsler section 37, must lie commenced
liefore the issuance of such certificate ol
Dated this 8th dav or Mav, 1902.
Masstaiusssa Mlnaral Claim,
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located :—On Ten Milecreek,
northeast of uml adjoining the Hoiso-
vain mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICK that I, f-amuel S.
Fowler,acting as agent for The Enterprise
(British Columbis) Mines. Limited, F
M.C. No. BW777, latend, sixty davs
from the dste hereof, to apply to lhe
Mining Uecorder fnr a certificate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
ft Crown grant of the above claim.
And further tnke notice that action,
under section 37, must be commences!
before the issuance ol such certilicate ol
Dated this 2fith slav of May, 1902.
Co-operative Association,Ltd,
Slooan. B. C.
Haviuff opened a Store on Main Street, three door* south
of the Pestoffioe, we are prepared to fill all orders for Groceries, Meats, Ve-*etabies, Flour.and anything to be found
in n first-class establishment.
These Goods are all Fresh and of the Best Quality.
Shares in the Association for sale at the par value of $10:
$2 down, and $1 each month till paid. Profits are divided
regularly, on basis of J each to shareholder, customer,
and general account. 	
You are Invited
Te examine the best line of Scotch
Tweeds, English Worsteds and
Irish Worsteds ever shown in Sle-
can; alsa.all the latest designs in
ranting*.    Remember,
We are Custom Union Tailors
and the Union Label is a guarantee of the best workmanship, We
guarantee satisfaction and a jr*cr-
fect fit.     ______
We have added a select Hie ef
Furnishings. ■
Compare our reasonable prices—Flee
White Shirts, $1; Collars, 15c; Regatta
Shirts, in fancy stripes, with collars
and cuffs attached, 75c each; Underwear, from $2 a sait; Califernia flannel underwear, $4 a sait, this line be-
in-": imparted direct by ourselves; the
best qua Ity Black Felt Hat, Union
label :f3 60,.,equal te the Stetson Hat
in every way.
A. DAVID, Slocan
Store: Opuoeite The Drill Office.
Star* nla* »♦ Bands, a.
Do You
Want a Home?
Then come to Slocan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery. Health, Fishing, Huiitmg.Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale fc
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Gwiilim & Johnson,
Portland Jllnrrnl   Claim.
Situate In  the  Sloean  City Mining Di
vision of Wmt Kootenay District. I
Where located i -On the south side 1
of Springer creek, aliout  four miles
from ths city of Slocau,
TAKE NOTICK that I, Herbert I>.
Curtis, acting as Agent for ths Arlington
Mines, Limited (non-psrsonal HabilTtT),
freo miner's s-s*rtificnte No. IlMiKi'm,
intend, sixty iluys from the Mate h.reof,
to applv to the Mining Recorder for s
ceitifkate ot improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
alinve claim.
And further talis notice that action,
under section 37, must lie commenced
before tlio issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 2nd dav of June, I'M":.
Sold by All Newsdealers
.     Pacific
World's Scenic Route.
East West
Harnslon u»d Maryland Min.ral < lalrai
Situate in tho felocan City minimi division of West Kootenay district, when
located :—On Tiger creek, a branch of
the second north fork of Lemon creek,
TAKK NOTICK that C Jobn McKinnon, tree miner's cortlflcato No
1 :m38l, ncting for my sell and for It it.
Bruce, free miner's Certificate No.Ul |i>,i7
T. O. l'roctor.freo miner's Certificate No.
1)38740, intend, sixty slays Irom thn dato
hereol, to apply to tho Mining Recorder
for certificates of improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining crown grant! of th»
above claims.
And further taka notice tlmt action,
under section 37, must l,.s coininoiiceil
belore the issuance of such isrtiliciitos of
Dated this 81st nay of lfay,1009
Suralah.a Monthly to all lorwi ot Bona
aad Kuala a Tart Tolum. of Haw, Ckal.a
Copyrl.ht CamMSltUna by Us. moat bob*
alar authnra. e4 P.|.a of flaaa llu.la,
kali Vocal, ball Iui»riimantal-as C.sn.l.l.
ri.a.a for Plana—One* a Moot* lor aa
Cat*. Yaarlr HubMrlpMon, Sao.. If too
wUl aeosl na th. nam* and Mdraaa ot hn
yoa a soj-y of th. Macasln. ir...
_. .    J- w. firr-ia, Pubit.N.r,
■laath a Locii.t ata.. rhlla-j.lr-hla, pa.
Steel Ranges"
for $18.25.
Why he without a range whoi
you can get one so cheap ? The)
are prcfcrrable to stoves and -jive
better satisfaction. These rant-ts
burn wood or coal and will ha
set up free.
H.J. "
Lake Route
From Fort William,the favorite ■nm'
mot* route, to all eastern points.        ,
Via Soo Line
For St. Paul, Duluth,Sault Ste.Marle
Chicago, etc.
Leaves Dunmore Junction daily for St.
Paul; Kootenay landing Tuesday and
Saturday for Toronto, Montreal, ate*
Leaves Revelstoke daily for Heatjlt aad
Through boekings to Europe Tie eU
Atlantic lines. Prepaid tiekese »»
lowest rates from all Eewpee1
countries. For rates end fall P*r*
ticulars applv to local egente*, or
J. 8. CARTKIi,
D.P.A., *%*"mmr
JNclson. lAVcenvr
Ageut, Sloeen CMf


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