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The Slocan Drill 1903-06-26

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st. IV., No-13.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   JUNE   26,   1903.
$2.00 FKK ANNUM.
arm Weather Talk
This is the hardest time of the year to cater to one's
appetite. Cooking over a hot stove does not help it
any »o to avoid tho discomfort and have something
palateable, try some of our Meats, ready cooked:-
OllUEIll I>   PAUL
tletaUs.dlssg Debtor City Is Totally Wipes! Out-Sprtoger Creek Bridge Ilalag
Repialreal—One Application la for the
Newly Couiblsied Oflcea.
Nelson News by an ambitious politician, upon whose corns he trod. But
the poor fellow on the Rossland World
got the roughest deal. He poked fun
at the idea of holding a 4th of July
celebration in his city and got badly
thumped for his jokes. An editor's
life is full of incidents.
were also swcured for registration, to
lie followed up by au energetic canvas
for others. Perhaps tho Grits would
hardly credit it, but there is still a
considerable sprinkling of Tories left
in theso parts, and they will be heard
Then for something nice in $"*«•. Fruit, try »tin of
Pineapple, one of the nicest fru... Ub,,,..*"* weather.
T. Shatford &
; York <fe Sons,
Dealers In Fre»h and Salt
Heats, Vegetable! and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Hit hest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
reached by any trail ar road
aat runs into the Town.
Do not go past IU door when
you are dry. weary or hungry.
KNOWLES & PATREQU1N, Proprietors.
i rt'Miii
le-opeaed under
be old manair-emtiit.
illing men. using Sample Rooms, $2.50 per dsy.
at Sample Rooms,$2; board $8 per week; tiieiils.'l.*) *
All the members were present at
Monday evening's meeting of the city
Correspondence read: From Wm.
Brent, Toronto, asking for information
re proposed waterworks, in order to
tender for the debentures. Clerk was
instructed to reply that nothing was
being done in the matter.
From A. Campbell Reddie, deputy
provincial secretary, Victoria, notifying the council that Aid. McNeish had
been appointed police and license
commissioner vice ex-Aid. McCallum.
From Royal Bank, Nelson, asking
to have Acting Mayor Smith's authority to sign cheeks extended. Moved
by Aid. Worden and Arnot that Acting Mayor Smith's authority be extended to sigu all checks until further
notice.   Carried. ■
From R. I. Bentley, applying for
the newly combined positionsof clerk,
policeman, etc. Laid over until July
13, at which dato all applications for
the position must be in.
Bills presented: T. D. Woodcock &
Co., rope, powder, etc., for creek, $57.-
«36.   Referred to finance committca.
Aid. Arnot said another cine note
was due on the 26th, amounting to
$152.10. Aid- Arnot and Toeter moved
its payment. This wipes out all the
city's* indebtedness   with   the Royal
Aid. Woidon reported for tha board
of works that the Springer cree^
bridge at Dalaney avenue was being
repaired ;.nd would soon lie in shape.
\l-io that a quantity of plauk rmM at
time of flood had been returned to
McCallum & Co. „    „     ,    _
Aid. Teeter mado application for J..
Provost, to borrow 200 feet of row
from city for a weak. Left to board
of works.
Council adjourned.
ltlflts Sb»»tinr*.
The memliers of the Rifle Association held two shoots last week, that on
Friday lieing for practice. On Saturday the club shot its third mutch hi
the Dominion Rifle League, but the
results wero not up to the previous ef-
Of the 55 civilian clubs com-
the local team in the previous
matches ranks about 20th. Friday s
score stood:
200 500 COO Total
80 84 29 93
31 81 28 88
24     22     2(5 72
24     24     19 67
24     16     24 64
24     23     12 5S
Bat Thoy Via* th* Plus at m Br*.*-- Dll-
tamce sad Iteto.ro.
R. A. ■SroaUliow Chose* by local M <*a
CosiUst Blocan Biding.
Last Tear's Shipment* Wero 0333 Tonr.-
A Uealtlty Kvislenc* of tho Lifo and
Wealth of tho Cam**^Eaterfrlio ths*
Biff est Shipper.
It was confidently believed the
meeting held on the 13th between the
city council, citizens and the Ontario-
Slocan Lumber Co., would have been
productive of lasting good feeling and
confidence. Such, however, has not
eventuated, but rather has there been
engendered since the nieeting a spirit
of unanimous and determined opposition to the mill people. It was incited
by the action of the company in attempting to import a couple of Chinese
shingle packers on Friday morning.
Thursday evening word iris brought
down from Rosebery that au effort
would be made to bring Chinese in,
and sure enough they arrived on the
company tug a little after 11 o'clock
next morning.   It did not take long
On Tuesday evening the local Liberal Association held its annual meeting in the Kilo block, there beiug a
fair attendance of the faithful. The
following officers were elected: President, D. S. McVannel; vice, J. Q. McCallum; sec.-trea., D. Arnot; executive
committee, R. C. Campbell-Johnston,
F. Provost, J. Craig, H. L. Fife, H. J.
Robertson, J. Cross, R. A. Bradshaw.
It was decided to meet every Tuesday
evening in the Kilo block.
A resolution was passed asking R.
A, Bradshaw, on behalf of the local
association, to permit the use of his
name as their choice for the Lil-eral
candidate in the Slocan riding, to
which he consented. A committee
was theu appointed to draft a requisi
tion in support of Mr.   ttraHshaw-'i
lle.\*   HUH ISSUS*;.       X.    k*.v».    uw   rn...,.   »v..n ,      -__
for the townspeople to gather and the j candidature.
Chinks were swt-klily informed of the I    By the action of the Grits in decid-
situation, deciding right there not to ing upon their probable candidate,the
come ashore. In the meantime the
men in the mill quit work and refusud
to return till the pigtails wero sent
away.   The  building  in   which tho
1 sUafflflj     tt |"l;il     lliva a      | .. . , „ ,
political situation in this riding lio
gins to assume shape. Whom the
Conservatives will chose will not be
known until the party convention, to
Two properties figuro in the shipping list this week, witb a total of 24
tons. The lessees of the Enterprise
sent out their customary car, it going
to the Trail smelter. The remainiug
four tons are credited to the Hamilton
group, on Twelve Mile, constituting
an initial shipment. To date shipments total 590 tons.
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 6333
tons, mado up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise      20
Ottawa ..
Black Prince	
lUrailton        4
Former customers
cordially invited w return
The Royal Hotel,
fBailsiing thoroughly renovated
and re st eked with the best
W. S. Johnson
J. Cross	
J, McVicar...
D. McVannel.
W. Harrison..
J. Pinchtock..
In the league
score stood:
H. J. Robcrtson..26
H. McMillan...29
W.S.Johnson.. 30
W. H. Harrison.24
match next   day the
Fruit/Confectionery, Tobacco
kept fresh and well •m£*L*' ^rftht
.best the market affordf.   Prices are njnv.
J. Cross
D. Nichol....
J. Milne	
J. McVicar...
D. McVannel.
J. Pinchbeck.
. .25
O, Life is sweet and the world is fair
When 'tis Hope that urges us on,
And we all are plunged in the depths of despair
The moment that Hope is gone.
And Hope is a charmer, and Hope is a stay,
An 1 Hope is a lieacon to brighten our way;
sSo let the Earth's shadows come ever so gray,
Tis Hope that heralds tho dawn.
And, whether wc look to thc world apart,
Or trusl in a dawu to lie,
We are brighter grown with a hope at heart
Of a future we Ion.**; to see.
Avid Hope comes ever before our sight,
To oliijei' our souls on tho darkest night,
Thef our path in the world may agam lie light
And our feet unfettered and free.
O, we may go up by the mountains of doubt
That are drear to the iuward ken,
Where the chidings of solf but find us out
And harry our souls again.
And Life without Love is a round of care.
And Love without Hope is a mockery bare;
But Hope, little angel, comes light as the air,
With its God-givsn mss'*agi* to men.
Despondency comes with forebodings dread
And tilling our hearts with gloom,
Till the best of life impulse is stagnant and dead
And our lives have lost all of their bloom.
O, man without Hope is a leaf on the blast,
Or a chip in the stream of Eternity cast;
A moment to linger, then swiftly borne past,
And hiistcned along to his doom.
Yet, let us have faith in the years to be,
And journey toward the dawn.
And the true Socialistical end we shall see
Of the plan that God's morcy has drawn.
And, what of avail are the times long sped,
The plans wo had formed, the ambitions lone- dead!
Let us live for tho future, keep looking ahead,
Where Hope keeps beckoning ou.
- R. T. A.NwtRsas
at  New Denver, is
shipped 63 tons of
Lemon Creek, B.C.
254   213   190
Aaelent Political HUtery.
Following is a little bit of ancient
tooo *♦♦*>♦-*>
Chinks were to reside was also quickly 1
unroofed by its former owner.
Iu the afternoon some hot words
passed between the employees of the
mill and some of the citizens on the
Pioneer Livery
.and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General  Packing  and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire at reasonable rates.
following is si tst.iu ....... ......
....    , , . , , . ,      .,,       ,    , ,   mm ana huuio ui  „_,■_. -_.........
political history, which will no doubt one side and ManaKer chow on thc
prove interesting. It is the vote cast other, the result being that the mill
at the last provincial election in 1900
be held at New Denver in August,
though several names are spoken of.
It is altogether probable the Labor
men will put up a candidate,!*, Sandon
man being mentioned.
?romYporfion of the country embrac-
ed in the new riding of Slocan:
New Denver...   57
Three Forks..    17
Slocan    64
Enterprise....     6
Silverton    fi5
Sandon  1"*»
To lie added to the above territory
will be tho votes from Winlaw.Nakusp
and Burton.
n..,-.    _..._ Mate dole •■ Aaeoat 14.
SimPI,    Wit.        fl*^->*.,«        .r.   ■",-,          . ■"
has lieen closed down tight aad the |    A special issue of the Gazette came
men   paid   off.   Mr. Chew Jeft Jfor j out on Monday, proclaiming the date
for holding the courts of revision on
nis*n    [just,   uu.    —..   . 	
Orillia, Out., on Saturday and a con
ferenco will he held there by the com-  """ ■**   .    . ,    r****a.,
pany to see what to do. What the the new provincial voters lists. The
outcome will bo is difficult to say, but date is fixed at August 31, but regis-
it would not bo surprising if the com- *"~ x **"
pany decided to pull out and remove
* <** 1 -I .u„ ,„„„ i,,,.,,
ll B, ALLEN,
Representing the strongest companies doing buBlner* in Canada.
See new a-ocident policy, with participation in prottts. coreiin"". sick*
ness and eperatUni*.
11. D. CURTIS. Notary Pttblto
Med. Supt.,S.W. Keith, M.D
to Rosebery. Several of the men have
found employment at Koch's sawmill,
ou Ten Mile.
RATES: Sswnlar rahMritMra, tl par miBnth
or tin • ,.*-r   non-anrsariitiaii* imi'Iii- i.'i'of
■n-Mtlestt att«nalanf.)t2 psar itay,    I'i iraKa wnrili.
rl par day •ttra.  Spselal facllltivs fur matern-
if esses.
For farthar pnrticulura app'y tn.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Operationa Reaumetl on l.xgsil
Operations were rosumed last week
on the Legal, situated ou the first i
north fork of Lemon and owued by >
Mossi's. aTohnson and Bolderston. Two
men are employed and operations are
being confined to the upper drift,
which is in 150 feet. Here there is 18
inches of ore exposed. In the lower
drift, where all tne work was done last
winter, there is 10 inchos of ore exposed, running over .$60 iu gold.   It is
311,   I lll!llll!f_.      aa,,..      ....   .      ...    r,
.'•uite probable a mill will eventually
bo erected ou the Legal.
Btrcnooua Tluias for Editor*.
These lio strenuous times for editors. Tins Ymir Mirror man is being
lambasted through tho columns of the
The Conservatives of the city held a
very satisfactory   meeting in  H. R.
.Torand's office on Wednesday evening.
There  was   a   good attendance and
every man present was a worker and
will remain true to his colors.   H. R.
Jorand, in  the absence of  President
Johnson, took the chair.   The election
of   officers   followed, resulting   thus:
President) W. S. Johnsou; vice, H. D.
Curtis; secretary-treasurer, H. Jorand;
executive committee, J. Saulter, T. D.
Woodcock, 0. E. Smitheringale, Geo.
•Henderson, Jas. Farrell, A. C. Smith,
It. I. Kirkwood, Jas. Tattersall.
It was decided to leave tho question
of securing committee rooms in tho
hands of the executive. A membership roll was next opened and signed
by all present, snd considerable war
funds wero gathered in.   Three votes
        a^a^_ '***D  1 -
tration of voters ceases on Aug. 14th.
All objections to names on the lists
will bo heard on the .'.1st. It will be
some time after the court of revision
ere the voters' lists will be available.
Conflagration Narrowly Averted.
A conflagration was narrowly averted at the Arlington Hotel about 5 p.
m. on Tuesday. A child playing with
matches set lire to the curtains iu the
parlor and a blaze resulted, spreading
to some of the furniture. An alarm
was turned in and the fire brigade was
quickly on the spot, but fortunately
their services wore not required, ft
was a closo call.
Thc   Hartney,
shipping ore.
Sandon mines
ora last weok.   ■	
Last week the Rossland mines sent
out 7770 tons of ore.
Operations commenced at the Ruth
concentrator last Friday.
Joe Purviance went out this week to
work on the Two Brothers.
Threo machine drills are used m development work on the Enterprise.
Eric Lemieux went out yesterday
morning to work bis claims'on Tiger
It is quite probable the force at the
Speeulator will be increased in the
near future. —    -^
James Farrell haa. filed a notice
claiming au interest in the option on
the Meteor.
Two men started out on Ws*?dnesday
to work on tho A T and the Federal,
on Lemon creek.
A carload of ore came down on
Wednesday eveiing from the Vancouver, consign-^l to Trail.
S. Jackson and partner, of Sandon,
are doveloping the Dorothy group, on .
the tirst north fork of Lemon.
Charley McNichol came down from
Silverton Wednesday evening, to wo.k
on his claims near the Hampton.
Hober Baker and partner took *Up
supplies yesterday to develop some
claims on the south fork of Ten Mile.
A great deal of ground sluicing has
lieen done this season on the Rose
group, on the first north fork Lemon.
The  force on the Enterprise has
lieen increased.   Five meu came up
from Nolson Saturday to work at the
A tremendously rich strike of gold
ore is reported from Poplar creek, -a
tributary of tho Lardo river. A rush
of prospectors has set in for the scene
j of the discovery.
J. D. Anderson, of Trail,is applying
for crown grants on the Tamarack
group, on Bpringer crook. Mr. Anderson has made a large niimlier of surveys in this district, during the past
seven years.
Some very nice ore is being taken
from the Twin Sisters group, on tho
first north fork of Lemon. While not
ia an extensive Ixxly as yet, it has en-
courajred the owners to push ahead
with their development.
To ba Repaired atOi.ce.
Learning of Hon. R. F. Green's
brief visit to his home in Kaslo this
weok, The Drill mnn presumed to
urge upon him the macessity of making the repairs tothe Springer road at
once. The result is shown in the following telegrams:
"Kaslo. Juno 23,1903.
"Will take up road matter with Mc-
ride immediately.       R. F. Gkeen."
"Kaslo, Juno 21, 190,1.
"Chipman has Instructions to have
Arlington road repaired.
Silver Quotation*.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during the
week since last issue:
Friday     52g cents
Saturday     153     "
Mouday     53     "
Tuesday     522    "
Wednesday     525    "
Thursday    523   "
Ralph Gillette, one of the owners of
tho Hamilton group, on Twelve Mile,
went to Nelson Tuesday, taking with
him three tons of ore. to lie treatoi  at
h" Hall Minos smelter.   Jh»f»^
ikrn from a chute exposal n tho up
0r drift and has samplKl at $b goId
„d 138 oz silver.   Tl.e owners
continue working the property-
will • ■■■» i a 11111 a i o »I »'i ♦ I »A|A»f»-»
', |   Ceprrif-ht, 1901, hyCharisaW. Hook*.   !
i '•*■♦ H 1»10 I » I ♦*» I »i» I ♦ t»I *»♦
than it gentleman whom be bnd un>t ut
the club."
"What a queer q'lestlon!" said Bren
al:i. "About iwo y, ins, but we haven't
nii'l a duseu times Hy the way. be Is
golug to be man ■ tl."
•He is going lo lie marries":!" exclaimed l-'lsle.   "To wlisinV"
"I don't know." Brenda replied.
"Irom something he said the other
day, I Judge then's a difficulty. I don't
kuow lhe lady's name."
• Wsll," said lllsie, letiing ber bead
si'ik hack on lhe pillow ns oue relieved,
"yon will whi'ii .i happens."
"If you menu lhat be cares uuythlug
foi me, you are quite mistaken," said
I'.n :nia. "Iiis manner when he ts In
this room shiiiii.l show tluiL I nui
nuiblng—a piece of furniture. Do you
know, It hns inspired ine wltb soine-
Ihlna Hkn Jealousy— Jealousy merely of
iiis- dlffereijct' between you aud ine.
which Is Ibe iheme we started with."
"I'll show you what Dr. Kendall
thinks of that sllflVronce," said (Stale,
"Walt till be comes In here again. I'll
susseat that you're golug away, and
thru yon watch blm. He'll know that
I'm going io stay till I'm carted away,
ilu I watch him."
You must not do It," said Brenda.
Ftut Elate Insisted tbat sho should, nnd
iliey were still having a cheerful little
quarrel about It when tbey were Interrupted by Kendall's familiar rap.
I be doctor eutered, looking very serines, but bis brow cleared at the sight
of Hlsle.
"Upon my word," he said, approach-
'ng the bed, "you are the miracle of our
"1 am so well," replied Elsie, "that
Brenda Is thinking of deserting me."
Kendall bad been holding Elsie's
band. He dropped It and slowly
straightened bis tall figure Ull be stood
erect The dead white mice seemed to
be dancing before his eyes.
"Vou can't mean it" he said, and his
race was bluish gray as be thought of
the ccrtaiu Inference that Elmeudorf
would draw from Brenda's departure
at this time. "Brenda"— he began, "1
truly beg your pa "don"—
"Thut Is my name," sbe said, "and 1
shnll always unswer when you speuk
"I ihntik you from my heart," said
lie. "And--Brenda, you mustn't go—
imi now. I caul explain. I was tnken
i.i.'iv.uit and iur.y have said too mucb
already. L'pon my soul. I don't know
vvhrt I have said     But don't leave us
'lOW" —
In hi< excitement his voice broke In a
■ lUeer little snh.
"I had uo tden." said Itreuda, "tbat
'i... presence* was so Important"
"I   can't   tblnk ol  anything earthly
that is more Important than your prcn-
euce here," be said, wltb such Impressive earuestuess as would havo carried
conviction to any woman's heart.
"Tbls must seem Strange to you, this
sudden outburst, but I am nervous,
overstrained. You must pardon me. 1
caunot tell you all I mean"—
"Go on," said Elsie. "Don't mind
And she put ber fingers luto her ears.
Tben for the first time Kendall comprehended the preposterous eonstrm*-
tion of which bis words were susceptible, llis face suddenly binned with color.
"We—we really need you," be stammered, "both of us. Tell me tbnt you
will stay."
"1 hnd no Intention of going," said
Brenda In a strange nnd stifled voice.
"It was only Elsie's Joke."
"Thank heaven!" exclaimed Kendall,
and he took both of Brenda's bands. "I
ENDA fruit down by
the bed, aud she looked very benutiful.aclr-
cumstance upon which
Elsie did not fail to
comment with great
"You will be very
happy," she said. And then sbe heaved
a little sigh, presumably for herself.
"My dear child," replied Brenda, "this
la altogether too sudden and Incoin-
preheuslble to suit a conventional person like myself.   This weird flirtation
of tbe madhouse which  Dr.   Kendall
and I seem to have begun In a manner
shamelessly  public  may  be only  tbe
' temporary aberration of our minds and
hnve nothing to do wltb our hearts.   I
hope It will strike In; I do most dc-
| voutly.   Then you and Clarence could
arrange your agreeable romance without remorse"—
i    "That la ended," said Elsie.   "In fact
j ll never began.    Brenda, you opened
j your heart to mo; let me open mine to
you.    1 want some one In the world.
| some one whom I care for, to kuow
j tbe whole trutb."
"Are  you sure you  really  wish  to
i trust me with this confidence?" nsked
j Uremia earnestly.   "You do not really
; know me.    Your mother may soon be
wltb you."
"I would never tell my mother," said
Elsie sadly. "She hns hnd trouble
enough. As for trusting you, knowing
you—why, lt seems to me that wc have
been here together since tbe dawn of
recorded history and you were my
friend the first minute. I'm afraid you
may not care to be nfter you have
heard the story, but I dou't wnnt to
hold you by false pretenses. So hear
me, Brenda."
"It will not excite yon? It will uot
make you III again?"
"It would excite and worry me If I
should stop now after I have made up
my mind." said Elsie.    "Listen.    You
shnll know everything but a name.    I
j can't tell you that."
Brenda was silent She was saying
j to terself: "I am afraid. My heart Is
! trembling for this girl."
"It doesn't matter when, It doesn't
| matter wbere." continued Elsie, "but
when nnd wbere fnte pleased I met a
I man who took a great liking to me.   I
j know little now, and I knew far less
then,  though  It  wasn't  so long  ago.
He waa an educated man, nnd 1 was
not an-educated girl, but I wished that
"r'was.   We met In a merry party, and
I  expected blm to talk frivolity.   He
didn't.   His conversation was very Improving.   Ob, he took a deep interest
In my mind.
"Whnt Idiots girls are! Why. this
man read me like a book. He saw tbnt
I was full of yellow covered ambitions
and ten cent aspirations. He bad probably seen a great many girls equally
deserrlug of encouragement. I tbougbt
be wus splendid. I cut my bund lu bla
and prepared to ascend tbe hill of
"It was a supper after the theater,
and we rode to my house together ln | luncheon.
! divorce wns, upon the whole, a mark
of distinction In these days. It ap-
- peared tbat his was a sort of limited
; divorce which did not permit him to
I remarry, but after this aspect of It
j bad been presented to me on several
occasions he discovered tbat be could
! marry uuder certain conditions wltb
{ ibe full sanction of tbe law and beav-
I en.
"Well, Brenda, let's be fair.   I want-
; ed to marry the man.   I persuaded myself tbnt I  was In love with blm.    1
i wasn't   I can see that now.   I wasn't
! within a million miles of loving blm.
; but 1 was ready to be loved, Brenda;
i that's the truth about it    My heart
j was full of tenderness, and I saw tha
| whole world rose tinted In tbe light of
the dawn of love.   That's poetical. But
'. wait a minute.   I am coming to some-
I thing very unromantlc.    1 wrote this
story, Brenda—wrote It all down for a
great heart thrilling novel—and then
bad sense enough to barn It   But that
helps me to tell lt straight and you'll
catch fine phrases now and tben, but
I you won't laugh at me.
"Well, we were engaged, of course.
My  fiance presented  me with a dla-
| mond ring, and diamonds are my soul's
, delight   After I got this one I used to
keep a little light burning In my room
at night so tbnt I might see It sparkle
' if I happened to be wakeful   1 subsequently   learned  tbat  there  waa a
financial  Irregularity  Involved In the
I obtaining of the glittering gem, but I
did not learn that until after It bad
passed out of my possession."
"Where did fate find this precious
rnscnl?" whispered Brendn. "And why
did fate send blm to you?"
"Why did fate send a good man afterward?" said Elsie. "Why not before?
Well, 'the moving finger writes and.
having writ moves on'— It was to be.
Finally the gentleman announced that
a marriage under the laws of the state
of Pennsylvania would meet the requirements of the situation. I was a
good deal startled by tbls definite suggestion, and I wrote to my mother on
tbe subject for tbe first time. The gentleman took tbe letter to post and It
has not been delivered yet, thank heaven!
"Before lt was time to get an answer
sudden business of great Importance
called my fiance to Philadelphia. How
opportune! Well, Brenda, I packed a
little hand bag nnd went Wbat must
you tblnk of me?"
Brenda bent down gently and kissed
Elsie's band and held it against her
"I don't know the story yet," she said,
"but you havo portrayed a thorough
scoundrel. And you have also shown
me a trusting and true hearted girl wbo
went to be married wltb an Innocent
heart. Blessed heaven! Think of a
man for whom a young and pure girl
will go out Into the world like that, aa
If to walk ln tbe fields! Should not every fiber of his soul be thrilled to loyalty for all his lifer
"The gentleman In question bad no
snul." said Elsie. "I think he will be
spared all punishment hereafter, aa tbo
brutes are. Let ns proceed, Brenda,
dear. The remainder of the story Is
not long. We took tbe 11 o'clock train
and reached Philadelphia In time for
Our  marriage   was  to  be
"/ fuiw your promUef" said he.
can't be sure of what you think I mean,
but"—and he threw back his bead with
a fine, strong air—"whatever It ls, I
mean It from the bottom of niy soul!"
He still beld her bands, but not at all
In tbe society fashion which Brenda
had recently deprecated.
"I have your promise?" said be.
"I can't be sure of what you mean,"
she answered, smiling, "but whatever
It Is you have It!"
Tbey looked straight Into each other's eyes for a moment Then they
laughed together like happy children. Kendall's bands closed mora
tightly upon hers. He released tbem
gently and Inclined his head as be
turueil and left the room.
"Well, considering tbat thnt was only
a little Joke," said Elsie, "I don't think
1 ever saw so much for the money."
"Whnt could the man have meant?"
exclaimed Brenda.
"lie probably meant," said Elsie,
"that you were notblng more to blm
a hansom afterward at 2 o'clock ln the
morning, and the chaperon of our
supper party rode In another direction
In another hansom with another man.
My e.srort talked about the •Kubalynt'
of Omar Khayyam, and I then first
appreciated the beauties of thnt sublime composition. Afterwurd be spoke
of my work In n very earnest and encouraging way. He let me know that
be hud been quite .a student of thc
drama nnd thnt hla criticism and advice would be of the greatest assistance. Tbnt, at least, waa tbe inference. Finally he bade me good night
ou the doorsteps, with a gentle sadness
In his manner wblcb let me kuow that
there was a romance lu bis life. Tbat
made mc feel safe, for at thnt time I
surely did not want him to fnll ln love
with me, und I still retained tbe delusion of my earlier years tbat romances
lu a person's life acted like vaccination.
"Tbe gentleman called upon me tbe
next afternoon, and he was very entertaining as well as Instructive. He
brought me a large book. I forget
what It was about. The next day be
took mc out to dinner, aud I remember
tbnt he gave me some very shrewd and
helpful criticism about my work.
Then I didu't see blm for two whole
days, aud I began to miss him very
much. At that time I was lonely. My
girl friends In tbe profession were all
out of town, and some of tbe men lu
tbe compuny who wished to be klud
to me were rough In tbelr ways—not
at all like tbe cultured gentleman
whose acquaintance I had been so
fortunate as to make."
"But didn't you ask about blm?" said
Brenda. "Didn't you find out how he
stood socially?"
Elsie laughed.
"How was I to find out any of those
things?" sbe said. "The world Is a big
place, ln tbe midst of which ts society
as you know It, n little mutual Insurance company for the purpose of protecting Its members, especially the
younger ones, against accidents. I only
knew tbat I liked this man and that he
seemed to be a true friend to me. What
other guide was I to hare eicept my
own beautiful Ignorance?"
"I don't know," said Brenda aloud,
but to herself she was saying: "Tbe
more wrong sbe has suffered tbe more
1 want to help her. 1 won't let anything take ber away from me."
"Presently I beard the story of the
romance In bis life," continued Elsie.
"It appeared that tho gentleman was
married-most unhappily. Whero was
his wife) He bad permlttod her to obtain a dlvoree. Tbls was pure generosity on bis part He would rather suffer an Injustice than attack In the
courts tbe woman be bad sworn to love
and cherish. He mentioned several
high society precedents for tbls eon-
duct   In fact, he convinced me tbat
kept secret for awhile, and there seemed to be some slight objection to tbe
public dining room of the hotel where
our hansom eet us down. However,
we lunched tbere quite hastily, for I
had no appetite. Tben we re-entered
the hansom and went to look for a minister. We had remarkable difficulty in
finding one, considering that Philadelphia ls a large city full of churches, but
we finally succeeded. Then It appeared
that we had neglected to comply wltb
certain formalities, but the clergyman
was able to rectify thc matter, and so
we were married pitifully, as I see It
■ow, witb stupid old servants and a
chancu laborer wbo happened to be st
work ln tbe houso as our witnesses.
"Wben we got back to thc hotel. It
was 0 o'clock, and I was nearly famished. We hurried right Into the dining room, and my husband ordered a
great spread, wltb champagne, for uur
miserable celebration, and uow I will
tell you the unromautlc part. In the
midst of that dinner, and while I fancied tbat I was eating with a splendid
appetite, I was suddenly seized with
the most awful pain that ever devastated my poor little stomach. Ves,
Breuda, It waa a regular, terrible
stomach ache—Just pnln, without a hit
of nausea. I felt ns If some oue had
my stomach ln bis band—a bnnd about
the size of Captain Neale's—nnd wns
crushing lt to pieces.
"My husband said be guessed It
would soon pass away, but It didn't,
■ and so be left his dluuer nud ran out
to a drug store to get me something to
take. When he came back, I took It,
and I didn't feel nny worse, becnuse
tbat wasn't possible, but I certainly
felt no better, In a few minutes I began to realize tbat 1 was going out of
my wits. I talked Insanely and saw
things that weren't there. Tbe next
thing I knew we were riding up In an
elevator, and It seemed to go up for a
week. Tben there was a woman lead- j
Ing me along a hall and Into a room, j
and she began to take off my clothes In :
tbe bedroom of a little suit. I stared
at her and asked her who she was.
" 'I'm the assistant housekeeper,' she
said.   'I belong to the hotel.'. |
Tho ..abject lie Liked Oeat.
"You tnlk well on the subject In
which you are most Interested," snld
the Impertinent girl. ,
"And what Is thnt?" said the man,
smelling a compliment.
"Yourself," suid tho impertinent girl
An Appropriate IV.me.
Edna—I don't know whether to call
my Boston bull terrier Pompey, Sclplo
or Cii'sur.
Arthur (who has had n sad experience with the terrier)—1 thing Agrippa
would be a very suitable name for blm.
liecaut ra'sitable  Kaant tthlili   lllflsa.1 ra.le.
Die l'reaent 1'oaltlssss of Hrllleh l.llera-
isss'sai sisisl Literary Moss.
Sir Donuld Wallace, who passed
through Canada lust yeur wilh tho
Koyal party, gave a dinner party at
tho Hotel Cecil tn London recent I.v
which curiously and strikingly lllu-fr
irntes tha present position ol lltera-
ture and literary men. lt. was n
nouiblo event. Statesmen and actors, journalists and clergymen, col-
logo professors nnd military nun,
naval officers anil men of science, nil
hat cheek by jowl. They were the
contributors to tlio ninth edition of
the Kncyclopaedia Britannica. The
speex-hes dealt wilh literature, politics, bookmaking, the rewards of authors, tho secrets of the literary
craft. So celebration could hnvo
more perfectly revealed the present
conditions under which thsi education that comes from printed matter
is carried on. To somo extent tho
•.oil sif mystery that surrounds tho
literary profession was lifted.
The Area ut Kssuw l«a.lge.
Mr. Balfour, thu Primu Minister,
in iiis speech referred to thc amount
of knowledge u man hus to acquiiv.
"1 think you must sometimes envy,"
he said, "the lot ol those happy
lieoplo who lived at a time whsm il
was within the capacity of any single individual lo master without
undue effort ths- whole compnas ssf
human learning and human knowl-
edge. 1 am almost glad 1 shall not
livo to see the iluy when the »|si'ciul-
ist will have au enormous and almost unutterable contempt for tho
gonaralizor, and whsm tho generaliz-
er will feel himself lost in tho mass
of knowledge, the mass of detail
which will meet the student in every
branch of knowledge wbo really intends to master its ss.*crots." Posterity must look out for itself, and
meantime an encyclopaedia givs-s the
ordinary man a view of things, and
a view which is easily got, so that
even the ignoramus may appear
Making au l-iscyelupss-dia..
Notwithstanding the alphabetical
arrangement of articles in the modern encyclopaedia, it has been found
necessary to prepare an elaborate index to the Britannica, an undertaking so vast lhat it has not brought
a fortune to its publishers, who have
really been as much educationists as
m**n in charge of a commercial venture. Sir Donald Wallace, who gave
the dinner, was not only editor of
the lust edition of tho Britannica,
but also director of thc fors'ign ds_-
partment of The London Times, llis
co-editors were Mr. Hugh Chisholm
nnd Dr, Medley, of Yale, and they
siimnis.n.d to their aid all the noted
men in scia-nn-, literature, art. and
politics that were necessary to mako
the work authoritative. It is curious to note among the guests »hoso
regular professions leave tbem iiin.-
to do a little sir a great deal a>I
literary labor "on the Bide," as it
were, sueh m n as Lord 1'hiiii s
Bcreaford, Sir John Clorat, M. I'..
Mr. Premier Rssovta, Sir Squire
Bancroft, General Ardagh, Sir Eve*
lyn Wood, Aslmiral Hamilton, Mr.
Justin Darling, und Lord Brassey.
It shows how men of all sorts love
io writs* about their own Special sub-
ji»cts, oven when nol literary men by
\\ istera Hflill Their Wis*/*..
The early editions saf tho Britannica hud for contributors such distinguished persons as Sir Waller
Scott, j_ord -Jeffrey, Sir James
Mackintosh, Sir David Bl'OWSter,
llazlitt, Matthews, [Heardo, Robert
Stephenson, Huxley, Lawrence Oli-
phant, and many other worthies.
Scott at lirst declined to accepl any
remuneration for his articles. When
ho found, however, tlmt tli.- mono}
would come out of ihe pocket, nol
of a liti-rary brother, bul ill l Ill-
publisher, be accepted £iuu with llu.
remark that lie hud "trees to plain,
and no conscience with regard to tin-
purse of his iut friend, Mr. Constable." Miicuulay, in his day, refused to taks* pay, and ther.' are
said to have beon contributors piv-
sent at the dinner who likewise Set
at defiance Dr. Johnson's dictum.
that a man was a fool who wrota-
for anything else than money. One
of tho old contributors disl nil hi.
Writing in a debtors' prison, and
wrote chiefly on religion and ('1,1 is-
tian education. Sir Donald Wallace
declared that encyclopaedias In days
of yore ware not like Saturn,     tho
heathen deity, who kill.il anil ate
Iiis own chilslren, but ihey had tha;
converse liul.it, equally reprehensible, of killing their parents.
ilie  VatlsBe  Of Ss'l(SBS-e.
Lord Avebury (Sir .John Lubbock)
spoke on BClonco. He. too, i.s a curious example of the attractiveness
of literature for persons of other
pursuits, because he i.s a banker, a
politician, und an Investigator of
nature. Ho thought lhe 20th century would be us much distinguished
for remarkablo scientific dl3Coverios
as tbe l.lth. There are thr CO reasons for this: students were more
numerous; appliances had lieen vusl-
ly improved, the practical valuo sif
research would Stimulate activity,
lie said, What a blessing it would
bo if universities devoted to ining
science some of the timo spent on
tho dead languages, and if the nations of Europe would drop thoir in-
tcrnational jealousies ond divert
some of the millions now squandered on preparations for war and di -
ni ruction, and devote them to obsel.
ration and research, "to Increasing
our appreciation and knowledge ol
the wonderful ninl beautiful lini-
vorso in which wo live, Imt of \vlii.-||
as yet, alas! we know so littlo."
Ii There Mterai-} Uecisdcnoe 7
Mr. 13dward QoSSe spoke on llforu- I
tore.     Ile hail takon chargo of this
dopnrtinonl of the Britannica,    and :
had  found  tiie editor Bo  olislui ite as
to    space    lhat    il   lookt.fl    as   ,[    |l(. |
"grudged  to  rotor ami   to  Pntmnro'
what   ho   lavished upon   pala I   i I
ogy and ping pong." :< J, . (,, .;.. ,|...
clared thai   this question ',„■, of cu
put:    "Is   I hlS   a   I line   ill    ml..||,., , ,,.,|
prosperity or destitution?" It could
nol llO answer,-il off hand. Ho |*o-
minded    his    Ileum's    that   ln   limes
ments'ti, iss  ■.••■«  *>•_.   —■      .-   _ -
siBoarc   wus   producing   his   nuist..*/-
pieces, the totnl decay saf poetry   Ui
und    the
past   I*'*'.*'   bliindott were    mnde   by
men In judging their own age. tlon-
taign.' was lasonslblo u> the merits'
• of all  his    conla-inporarii-N      Europo
was full ol great men then; yet Mon-
! ,aiKne looked around and could nol
! nIMi.  a single one.     Ben  .lonson    la-
' ments'd, at  tho very moment JShjil-*-*-
I'm-land. Wo ennnot soo the trees
for the woods behind theni, said Mr
Oosse hut we ought to fes-1 confident that the tiws arc growing all
the time and spreading their
Tlso Time When C.reCounta Moat-Dwliisl-
llasej and Starvation.
There is no timo during the entire
year that we cun do moro to in-
ereaso the value of tho apiary than
tn the early spring, about Hi.-
months of April and May.
goosl colonies muy bo saved
right by timely attention,
force of worker bees will be double
when the honey season opens if proper nttontion is given at this time.
There uro more  losses of bees dur- j
ing t lis* month of April perhaps than
any other month in the whole yeur, :
nmi  ws- might be safe in suying   ull
the    other eleven-  months' csiuiliinetl.
This    is    due to  two causes—spring
dwindling  and starvation.    The  last !
cause is the   more  disastrous    ami
more easily remedied.  Spring dwinsi-
ling is ths!* result of bud  wintering, j
fsir"which thero is but littlo remedy.
But i here   is no bxcuse for uny one ;
to   let   his   bees   starve   to   sleuth ;
ihrough  sheer  negligence  when    per-
haps they  were  robbed  tlio  fall  pre- j
vious und made to give up not  only |
their surplus, but tjit-lr winter's food
Every  colony   of heea shouhl have .
ns  u   reserve  store  in   early    spring i
ten pounds aif honey nt least,  und if
found  very  much  short  of  this  they J
shoulil  be fa'il     Fi'stling muy be com-
meiued—that  i.s,    lispiid  fi-i'iling —as '
soon   us   the luvs  begin tsi  ily fro- j
ojuently and kept up untirtho colony
has a sullicient amount   to insure    it
safely   through   until it can gatlu't-
All colonies that have a shortage
of stores In early spring will as sure
have a shairtags- of bees when tin-
honey season opens. This always
means a half crop of houey at the
best and in many cases no crop al
all   f-\A-ii if the Season is a gfnul Oils'.
A pound nl fiBod now mi'iiiis ii
pound of bi'i'S when  tbe honey flT*rtsaVJj.
opens, which may add half u hundred pounds of honey per colony   to
the crop.
Pees consume great quantities of
honey in springtime to rear their
brood, mui brood rstaring will nol
■ aroa-avsi \; iu,,,i,| ji jt Frequently
occurs that ihoj will consume their
own iiiiansi i.a suissist wlii-n thus niti-
ning short aai stores. This may be
dales taai b.v thi' appearance of pii*<-c*s
of .la-.nl l.i-oiisi fn.nd at lhe entrance
of lilvi8, nnil it may Ib- remedied at
once by feeding.—*A H DuU bs
l'.iriu.   I nid  .mi!  Fiii*«ide
A. Willi-Weill - lv',
quested by anxious i.. .u,., ,V||*i.|
tbe younger women of u,,. '" lul'irm
_.i..i as .. .. . '   -''Ith	
clubs on "henrt iiaii
ed to do so.  She tulkt.l a-,-i,'   '""••■ I
earnestly, urging upon il,em ,,   ^
and intrinsic [ttfcrodiiess „r „•., " S I
uiurringi' relations, tin ,',.,'    'H
vulgarity of lndlsct'UiiiimtVn'!?*,"'*l
tbe gre.it and growing iu,.lu':>|
Ideals, standards and notion,,, , "tu
man's part.  Then, just a, si,,.",  ,
scat, it occurred to her that   ■     l**J
havo talKBd a little bit „.'.,,.',"':i11*I
iver tiii. I
of her listeners, and sho B,)t,(.
feet wltb au added remark: ' °    •■
"Please  believe  th:lt  wll'n)
true, my dear friends," S|u. ,,,:,';*"'
earnestly,  "and   please ,]„„., **JN
don't understand my subject   i
what I'm talking about, girls ,   ,'
do." '    '*ailI
Once more she took her Boni doll,
ed with the air of general tiiu*'rt»
from tho rear of the room cam
"Please, Mrs. 8,
have you been  lu
>al |
now mnny Jt
'I'lsa* Word "Jiiii,."
(iii the adoption of the ,Vo.,,,    , ■
Into the Kngllsl, ii bad the .,.,,,  , '' '
bcaulll'ul. us It has nniniii> i:,,]^, ,
today.   The   English   ih .......  , h    '
mont of tlm sixia-.-niii ,
of our first mother os "tl     ,    ]■'"*,
In time, however, it catne i„ ,,', "
lal'ious, regardless of pliysleid I*
But  this latter inennlng la
I    ''"''-I
right one  afler all,  us the nj
doubtless conies from Vule (Yu-lei ti.
piigan Christmas, so to speak, for|»fl
known that what we now oliserveS
Christmas day was a liontheu i,,,.:i '
called Viil<», and the Vul.- festivalw
one of noisy defnbnstrntiun.
Yule indeed means nol r outa. I
praising in loud voice, ehaiiting, Z|
ing, making outcry  In I, r of tyM
god.    From yule, then, to Jo lv si...
ls short and easy, both tneanlug rertlJ
ry,   rejoicing.   Ours  is  a  risen UnJ, |
theirs Um same.  The words nre \,\on
cal. S's, tiBO, in large degree the I .-.•.
mas jollities, praises and those isf Iiq,
tben Yule.   Into such close rclaUoiiifl
simple  words somotluii
present with the past.
Prebess.lary  nf St.   U.rld'a   Catlia»Hrul at
ar, IVr Abbibbisss.
Kin^ Edward's many oflWes in ths*
state demand from time to time
much hard Work of llis Mujesi y .Tfi-
is, of course, I** ing of Great Britain
and Ireland, Emperor ol Inula, a
Held marshal, an admiral and titular bead a.f the ISstablisKed* Choi*ch,
bul f*w people, oven lin England,
kn.iw thut he i.s also a ch r^y man—
and with a sulury, too.
St. David's Cathedral In Pern
brokc-shiro, Wales, claims llis Ma.', s-
ty as a pri'i.a-udury, and although
his office entitles bim lo tho niunifl-
ivii! salary s>f s;, a year, ihs-r>- Is no
record that he bus evisr preached n
Bermon to the sir-ftp]"! folk of tho
The males of King Edward's lino
were oftisially installed, uml the ecclesiastical inr.-cii'ius.A is how Somewhat disturbed beeausb ii Is feared
that His Majesty has no particular
liking for the ministry. Tho King's
stall in tho cathedral is surmounted
hy the royal arms, and no one can
occupy it without the King's permission.
Tin- cathedral is namsd nfter thc
patissii saint of Wales, win, was
buried near the altar, ami whose
shiiniA used to be visited by many
pilgrims lmrk in (),.• middle aires
Even William tha (Joijquqrtir tool,
the trouble to jj0 ami s,.-. jt,. Tho
np" of the nri-inal Minimis. |g
doubtful, but some uli-n ,,f is , ,ln I*.
had from the fad that thc w.,rk of
rebuUiling il jhto iis present form
began in  11 HO
A diluent*  Juke
In bis bonk on "t'l.ina ainl ili«* ("bf. 1
nes'.'" Dr. tJih*s gives a specimen A
CTiiiiese* humor which, if the mmi|
were not known, might well I>r_. nits-1
taken for American humor.
There Is a Chinese ■' - ihlcli .Hi
•'bow a vs>ry stingy mini look a lutej I
sum of money to an nil;-1 paymentH
always e*.aiAts-sl in a.I .:'' -i.'I
him to paint his poi'ti TlienrtUq
oust* complinl wilh lie' iv-,:. :; I
when the portrait Was finished ;|
was visible Bave tbe back of tlio.il-j
ta'i's bs-asl.
"Wbat sloes this mean?" cried (be4
ter Indignantly.
"Well." replied the artist, "I lUii-M I
a man who paid so littla asyotiDisj
wouldn't care to show bis face."
..rent    \tslssrfl-".
Great uutuivs are, always getxim
They are fountains nol oi * ol :
but of bestowal. Howcvei great tben>
wards they receive may be,
wards nre but a fractiou of lhe Wsfl
of tha.* Service rendered, and no isa
ought to be satisfied, whatever Lis "»
Kitfs.su or work, unless be can I :
be is giving f.ir more th; n he li tt
cctvftig, that a very large : irtoffW
be does is not returned In i
hot 'ever Buc*cessfnl In  ni.n;  i'-'
practical side lie must still ho »ltiljN
on* of the hem fnctorfi of ' Is lrind*»>
Cause ul tils' gs-liel'o.-i!'. of hia l*«t*t
al.   Outlook.
Vettel,   Pita.
The stnteins-ni has been nwle ft*"1
pru-sii' acid was made froui |f""*
stones. This Is altsB-.'. liter n '-■-'•
for, although under certain rondlttsl
n trace of the main prim Iple "f ']*
del illy poison can be found In I**1
stsBiis-s, there Is not sutll' lent lo I1*
duce thc ncld without olher estma
iiig.-silii'iits. Indeed, "i'1" ' ::',,'ru'v
s-ssof reriucntntion there Is nocvWlJ***
at all of prusslc acid in the stone
Warm H-ridga iiuir,
The    new    universal   pal tern     rifle
which will .soon he served out to the1
British  soldier  is  de-signo'd  to  leajvm
labor and  increase  killing poWoti   ft
is to bo provided with  two charges,
five carlriilgi-s  In each charger,    aild
tho loading will be similar to     lh.it!
of the Boer    "Mauser,  Iho   cartridges
boing put  in  the magatlne    five    ut, I
once instead of singly, as in tlio case!
of the Les3-I0n.i,.1<J ride at present in'
use.    The muga/ine, which    will    bo1
somewhat   deeper than before,    will
BOt have to bo detached before hind-1
Ing.    While the now weapon    will t,o'
equal  to  the existing  one     with  r»j
gard to forco,  trajectory and     peno'
trating    power,  it    Is  to bo  I Ight or. |
shorter  and  moro easily  hnndh'd.  It
will weigh 8 lb. 4 oz., or 1  lb.   less
tban thc present rifle, and It is to bs
4 ft. Hs}. in. in lenKth, or 6 ln. shorter than the   existing weapon.     The
rifle ia so constructed, that    it   win   ouiy Is!
also take the   place of   the cavalry
carbine,   and  will  virtually    bo    tha
principal    weapon of   the    mounted
Juat   Hie   Plliee,
irato Landlord (to ci  -:" "l> r,:"
taking a lovers* walk ou I IsproponJ
Now. then, can I you IV ,;
Amorous   Youth   Ob,   yes
Irato l.aiiillonl   Then  - ' '" ■
of this road and r.wl the "If*" ,l;;'r'' ..
Amorous Youth- We Iwve read it-"
says, "Private." and Unit l« J11**' *w
wa came down hero.
the (ml
111   tlse   MlT.*Ol    H>   .**<■   ''•"•      .a
''Professor,*' Inqtiirctl ihe ibotiglit**
member of the etnas, "d""'* •*"" s',|
pose there will coins' a limn •''"'"
tbo coal and all thaoonloll sl !"il,1jt,
in the earth will havs' Ucconifl CXM
"Certainly," snisl the InstructOf.
"What will wo do thenV" ,
"We shall he playing harp*, ' m '
•Hint Metllssl HIM.
IIiishaiid--Vou'rs' uol ce »''*   .
Wlfs-Well. If you don't ,m"^m
an economical who saves
dress for a  possihh
I'd liko to know what you t
bccoihI mi"
lllila. ^
x-nM» r.ir aVmnscUns.
The postoflVc of Iluenos AyreaChiiB
adopted X-rnys to discover smuggled
articles in registered lottors  without
opening     them Watches,      rinKs,
chains nnd other valuables have boon
found in astonishing, spmntity. More
than 135,000 worth of smuggled
property wus coniiscatod in one week.
—N. Y   Sun.
All   th«   W ..rial a.   .    a...  •_,•■
Bezso-Ituylcr is not OH »""""■
a born chemist
Tlnto-WhyV i„.,iu.el
Houso-Every novel be writ--sbe** •
a drug ou the market.
A niir omataaaa,' .^
Madge*-1 inn'' you .tblnk " a"*1 ^
marry an oconomlcftl mail'     .ajtai*'
Dolly—I suppose so, bUl H»s1
fill being engaged to one. ■ I* "■***> a*a*"»isW*II.A II
The Drill.
'   |, BU.8!6r io eliminate the his-
...  [l(ii,aii  IIbiiib   it   is  to  eliminate
.   from history
s,r. Within the I'ssst yoar 1
i:.,-..,. ful iy tumors on  tho h.'ail
,„.,..,  removed  by  tbe  application
gtll'S I.IS'K'.U'lN'l without tiny
operation, ... nsi there is lip in-
i.i  r,   ri'i a i n
CAI'T.   VV.   A.   PITT.
„    s' ll    linnilolu   ferry.
n iow stSlitU ses-aiiial 1.111.11,;
;. ;„ .11-,\ ish |ao|ialalioa. She lias
i,   niiile  Aslu  lias bill   StiS.bOO
Deaf; os C.nr.ot lie Cured
i rj|,iiiicutii*iiSs ,lH ""■*' cannot
,,   ,i. oused    portion   sif   tlie   ear.
onlj one w«y ti' s:'1"' deafness
i ,-, '(j., cortstftul ioiiul remedies
, ,,, iii'iisoil by nn liillniiii'il con
 iinroui. liniiiK asf the Mais
i .        wi a-n   this   Cube  nets    In-
have r. rumbling sound or Un-
la. iiim.  ninl  when it  is eiitirch
:_   (lie   n'hilll,   sslial   irnlosi
lun   sail   In'   taken   out   uni!
•   .!..,!     10    i I H    Mlllllllll      Clllllll-
.hii11u; .nil bo destroyed f.n uvei ;
,    mil  of ton are caused by coy
|        Inch   i.   notllhlK   la a a   an   iiilluineil
,-, ,a na- mucous Burfacea.
Ive ' im-  Hundred  Dollars for
ii ifjies-a (caused hy catarrh)
ii ut > i  bo cured by Hull's   Ontsirrh
foi   circulars,  free
I'    .1     (IIKNI'.V   &   Co .
.!■ auijislH,   76c.
Kuiullj   l'ills are the best
,'iu ^'li;..-. lira' kept hi constant use
mid   repairing  os-i'ini  cablfi,
• ii.-in.  aiisiiui.s    nnil   kindred
ai.iiaaiiv  make tln'ir aupeat*
^ainii.   time   nH   ibe   lint waa-
ruit   cucuinbors, melon's, etc
arc debarred from '". t-
■ Ina fruits,  Imi  ihey nee
ii  they     have.  Pr    Koliorsr'i
inilinl.  s.nil   take n   few dronn
i ha-  rrnini-s  anil  cliol
nl Is*  in-' '.1I.-I-.   ninl   i.s  RUro
.-IV     a I,' t • ■ ( I .a p. a-    aaf     I III-    I.IIW
... iv I he flrsl  m inb opal
■   •   ' II lied   Ly    Hull.   Eiijj-
\ \ : n  r a rail   piaiii   relieved   hy
■ , ,,,■     remedy,    I'r.
' :      (HI   ii   A-iniill   aiiiiini Ity
a'    (aa cure IB  a i.It, li.
I i nil 0   il    s'ar.iin       I-,-
. .nil li-in   neuralgia  <*.*.-
• •- nr ii.''.ii-i--I lai a a-1
■t  pa -i  the front .1'. ■'■ with
■   chai Ity   tlmt   i .'-.-iiis    ut
A,    li.*"i|-|,.
nr   llssic   lie ;.arliiis<-fl-.
ilwia," said the baldbeaded
, "lei  me give you a   few
nn ihe an of saving nioucy."
li i'ia-iii." I'.-joim-il thi-youlh,
■ a !  to hi'  up ucaiiist  the
r ilu' market, "unsl give
liter* sip the nrt of gertini,*
In mi . a-.-'   ChlcnaO News.
• ■• canfldpneaa.
. a-   |ii • t *. rn find 't enoipr
: )    ':.  II llian O 1. •!".'.
Vesj  don't  y-jj''-
^oft Loop Eyelets
t'^^'VtRiSrtDWThrough thi v-or*?.
iKD.W-j.1 NO: "Rijs-T
•J'   : -' ■■.'•^-#*^K5«j2a2
Wh en   a   Man
Has   a   Cold
When a man bus a cold, lt la really surprising
The way that his frir-iisla try to straight*.
en hlm out,
Theii.  cures for tlie mime confidently ad-
I'a.'li One i aliulatid to put lt to rout.
It'r- luiril with ro many sure things to be
A remedy, horne inanufactura'al sn- sold,
Dut equally hard If you think of refusing
To try om-.   It'a tough when u man hus
li s-okl!
To please my denr friends tho most nau-
seotis i.nlloiis—
■QOOOCllonsTal of onions, the vilest of teas—
1 think ns-.-f.-'.Ida one of their notions—
1  took jusl  liceiiuso  I  was anxious  to
Phi..   .
I've iiiaal.. myself stupid with brews alcoholic:
I've BCalded  my  feet;  In  Iced sheets i
liuvc rolled;
The  lemons  I've oaten  have given  me
I till you It h tough when a pinn hns a
My cars with the siulnlne I've taken are
I'm Bmelllng of liniments rubbed on my
Yet oii.-ai  now i iii'i-H ths*y"re persistently
l riiiK'tur
Until 1 Jio-l inii.. for a moment of rest.
I'm  blistered  Itllil  burned, nnil  I'm 30BBy
v.-iih soaking;
I've ... ill ..'.■ il more drugs than mere
mortal i in hold,
H Im'i a mi ti r for laughing or joking—.
11n y're tough on u ninn. nro theso bun 3
for ■■' b'iiI.1.
-Chicago Daly News.
Didn't Pure Well.
"Was it a •farewell lour'.'"' usUcsl Ihe
Clo.*.* friend.
"i fl-.lioi.id say u »t," responded the
I envy tragedian, who had lieen greetsd
wiih overripe vegetables. "1 never
fni'cd worse In niy life."—I'liiladclpbia
!!:•   W'l-.H   UOVOdfl
"! ;•.! Hie nsilea of n bird ever move
'.-" nsked (lie poi tic Ctrl.
. e.-..' r.'iiili'd ti. • young man. "I used
i i:'..l ou :'. y■•'.iii'' l.uly, nntl every liluc
'. i. c'.'as '..no niiiioul ci '1 tlit* hour t>f H) 1
. I I.ui.•.'."
il ili>e« not lienelil is ninn much if he
ha|ipena in be on the right, road, but
I fl i;t-il   the   u rsing   way,
'llu' nevei'-fiiiliDK medicine. Hfolloway'e
Corn Cure, removes nil kinds ol corns,
svnrts,    etc.;   even   the  most   difficult    (■.
.-ainiivi' i-iiniiot   sMilistund  ihis wonderful
ia , ly
1 a I'n. . capital of Holivh., lies U.O'ii)
frri   above  the sen.
Keep Minard's Liniment io thc House.
I i.i.  largest  spldor    in the  world   has
been   found   In  Sumatra. Its  body   is  n
imhes   in    circumference, und   its     leirs
'I'losid  17  inches.
T <>!•' shuts-Symptoms, llead-
Iais of appetite, furred toiinue. and
ral IndiSDosition Tliese evmptoms.
.■el' 'laal develop into ni-aila* ilisrase
is u i rile sii.vinir Hint na ounce o!
cut-Ion    ii  «.iitis  n  pound  of sure "
n   little ntts-iitiiin   ul   this  Poinl   nui
innnihs  of  sickness  und   larce  ilo.-
a   hills       Fur     tiii*-   rolmphiint     t«:,n
i   t .ni   ni   three of   Parmelee'a   Vei a-
Tills   O'l   eaaiaie   to   lied,    lind   ania-   ul
fol    thr**.'   ni'jlit-;   In   siii-i-i'--aon.    uial
ire  will   he  effs-ctcd.
\  rine-bfllltrt is travelling ut  Its great-
a-I    i;'aail   mil as   it    len. .*s   the   muztle,
I.lit     lit     nlalaut 1011    i,\.\.     in     front     -la"      tha
tuo zle
Remarkable Cure  of   a  Citizen
by Dodd's Kidney  Pills.
Valentine Flalier'a Terrible Sclallo Fains
Speedily Vanlnlsea lls.fisre the Great
Klslsiey Iteinesly.
Collingwood, June in.—(Special.)—
Eve;y city, town and village in Canada Is repeating remarka'ble cures by
Dodd's Kidney Pills and Collingwood
is not behind the rest. There are
scores of people here who have used
the great Kidney Remed*. and who
are not slow to tell of the splendid
results. Valentine Fisher, well-known
ln the town and surrounding country,
ls one of them.
"I was troubled with kidney disease for 18 years," Mr. Fisher says
In telling of his cure. "It developed
into sciatica, which located in my
Bide, so that I could not walk without a cane. I had to use. hypodermic
injections of morphine to ease the
"I tried different medical men and
niedlelnes with no good results till 1
was persuaded lo try Dodd's Kidney
Tills. Three boxes effected a perfect curs*. 1 can recommend Dodd's
Kidney l'ills to all who are suffering
trom rheumatism or any other f.ortr.
of kidney disease."
The mt ni nt present paid to the British royal family is £769,000 a yeur.
This InclUilM annuities and the upkeep
ol  loyul  palaces!  and  pari,...
How It ll. 'a He Obtained and Bow It Can
He Preserved,
The health of the whole bosly depends upon the blood and nerves. Tbe
blood must be rich and pure, and tbe
nerves vigorous and strong. Therefore a medicine that makes new blood
and strengthens the nerves reaches
the root of many serious diseases. Dr.
William's Pink Pills will do this, and
this is the secret of their wonderful
power to conquer disease. Thousands
of eases—many of them In your own
neighborhood—have proved that Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills will cure rheumatism, sciatica, partial paralysis, St.
Vitus' dance, nervous and bilious
headache, heart trouble, indigestion,
neuralgia and the ailments that render
the lives of so many women a source
of misery. Mr. Jas. Adames, Brandon,
Man., says : "Uefore I began the use
it Dr Williams' Pink Pills my health
\pas much shattered with rhuemattsm,
nervous depression and sleeplessness.
For fully a year I rarely got a good
night's sleep. I gave the pills a thorough trial and can now truthfully nay
I could not wish for better health."
What Dr. Williams' Pink Pills have
done for other? they will surely do
for you, hut you should be careful to
get the genuine with the full name.
"Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale
People." on the wrapper round each
box. Sold by all medicine dealers or
sent by mail at 50c. per box or six
boxes for $2.50, by writing to the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Oriental View ol Woiiiasslssiosl.
Thc oriental idea of tlie freedom
which American women enjoy does not
accord with that of Anicrleuhs, Ono
Hindoo lady expressed hsivelf us i*i'Pilt-
ly shocked that American men should
COlIipel their women to ne, about in
public unprotected, their faces exposed
to the gaze of strangers, and a Hindoo
gentleman with whom wc talked thus
pxpressiHl himself on lhe subject of
oriental treatment of women:
"Vou say tbnt we do not honor our
women. Wby, let me tell you that all
Hindoo boys, till tbey arc ready to
learn the ways of men, are taught by
their mothers. We nre subject to our
mothers, and we know what ynu occidentals do not yet seem to realize—that
to bave good men and good citizens
wc must bave good mothers. You will
hardly find a Hindoo man, whatever
bis caste, daring to go against the
counsel of his mother. Can yiai suy as
much for American men?"
Could as much, do our renders think,
be said for American man's. There are
no asylums for helpless fathers and
mothers In the orient. So long as there
Is a corner and n crust to be gUared the
parents In the oriental family have the
lion's share.—Household.
1 Tho Herman Kinperor haa moro servants in his employ thnn" any Other
monarch. Altogether they number over
3,1 00,   about   two-thirds   of   them   being
, women.
A   barber   Isn't   neoessurlly   a   snob   be-
snusa.  he  cut's   an  iiequuintnnio
What doth it proft a mnn to have
brains if ho lackcth the nblllty tsa use
tnens ?
Tho record for speed in railway cr s
s. nut inl hus boon aihlevi'd op lhe Unl-
uchiatan ruilwuy. which wris puuhert
ni ross ii treeless plsiin at !IJ miles ••
Sa.nie  men   tnke   what  Is  In   sight    and
(/untie  for  moro.
The wise missionary aecuivlh an ap-
Iiiir.tinent among the vegetarian type of
In-lit lii'n
hop;lesi have bsjen noticed living at a
height of 8,000 fort. and storks an.l
bu;/arils at 2,0110 feet. A lurk will rise
I-i tin' suine height, »-nd so will crows
As a rule, however, birds do not fl> at
n  i;reatei   height   thun   1,000'feet.
I (.aiil.
iiyspepsiu or Indigestion is occasioned
by want of action ol the billinry ducts,
loss of vitality in the stomach to secrete
1 In- gastric juices, \, it hunt which sli«s-v
•i.iu cannot go on; ulso being tho principal cause of floadoohe. Parmelee'i,
Vegetable Pills Liken before going to
I.Ml. for a while, never fail to give ras-
iiaf una! effect a cure. Mr. V. W. Ash-
ilown,   AshslanMi.   Out,,   writes:    "l'ain.e-
i.vn.    Ashsloss it.   Ofl  .   writes:      l'lii'iiie-
''.•■   l'ills  are   taking   the   leuil     agains!
a other inukes which  I  have lu stocK*."
huh   of   rain   nicuns   that   1«»1   ti n-
its*r  havo fullen  upon  every     aire o
Ask for Minsrd's and tnke bo other.
Huronic,   United Empire
^Monarch, cMajestic
•  DULUTH, 8 p. m., Tuesdsyt
►'    I ridiys.
PORT    ARTHUR,   Wednes-
noon,  and   Saturdays,  at    12
nnd 2 p. m.
[' -'-I  Bat*gAgs_ frnm C.  N. an.l Q
I •  lorn pnltita iaiulst: direct at atranior
,;  I orl  Aiihur.
- "s BG-jND sailings
've   SARN1A,  3   n.   m.,   Mondnye,
''"••d;iy8   nn.l     Fridays   upon   nr-
.'   Grand  Trunk   Railway  trains
P     ' ■'■■'• Which land pnsacngera and
" -I steamer dock.
further Information, roiaii-rs, sate, apply-
NorttaWHUrn A font
"9 Main Street, Winnipeg.
Good Healthy Action
is easy to have by taking this
famous old remedy—To look
well and keep well, use
SoM KvcrvM hen*.   In boios, 25 cent*.
! 1
T!;.i old. Invariable vlrMB'cl
tva-ies lt thc klnir cure fill"
•Price, 2"
Ml   lhe  gohl  coin  at   present   is  use
Hie World  weighs  loss  than  OiVl  Ions.
Mother ('raves' Worm Kxterinimiti il
■as  ian   ri'iuiire  tin*  In-Ill  of  anv   nnr.'ii
•a. nioilirllie In remuletp lhe s-ure. O'vs
I   n  I rial   nnil  ha rom Inred
Prejudice      roosts     on   n   perch     from
v.Jiis-li  fnrts  are  barred,
.i  is both fashionable ami saf.-in kick
u  man  when  ho  is ilown.
Minard's Liniment Lumberman's Friend.
!l is ensy to acquire knowledge if ynu
arc uol ashamed lo confess your Ignorance
Did anyone ever hear of n Rirl having
her picture taken with a frying-pan In
he.- hand
Cunada's forests are equal to supplying the world with wood-pulp for 8-tii
jeurs, on a I—nis of a million anil ahull
toiA>', of pulp a year.
The average baby la a good baby-
cheerful, smiling and bright When
he ls cross and fretful It la because he
Is unwell and he Is taking the only
means he has to let everybody know
he does not reel right When baby ls
cross, restless and sleepless don't dose
him with "soothing" stuffs which alwaya contain poisons. Baby's Own
Tablets are what is needed to put the
little one right. Give a cross baby an
occasional Tablet and see how quickly
he will be transformed Into a blight,
smiling, cooing, happy child. He will
sleep at night, and the mother will get
her rest too. You have a guarantee
that Baby's Own Tablets contain not
one particle of opiate or harmful drug.
In all the minor ailments from birth
up to ten or twelve years there ls
nothing to equal the Tablets. Mrs.
W. B. Anderson, Qoulals Blver, Ont.
says : "My little boy was very cross
and fretful and we got no rest with
hlm until we began using Baby's Own
Tablets. Since then baby rests well
and he ls now a fat, healthy boy."
You can get the Tablets from any
druggist, or they will be sent by mail
nt 25 cents a box by writing direct to
the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Hrockvllle. Ont.
The Broken Health
of School Life
Close Confinement, over Exertion at Study and Worry over Ex-
amiiiationg too great a strain for the Nerves-Qr. Chase'*
Nerve Food. 	
The average use of millionaires
slla-al  last ys'ar wnR 7ii.
Aleut 178,000 persons are employoil
hi lhe postal sen Ice of thc Hulled Kingdom
Smuklnijr In  Spain,
In Spain people smoke Incessantly
under all conditions, nt nil hours and
In nil pluces, except ln church. Men
smoke in the railway carriages; they
smoke In all the train curs; they smoke
In all the minor theaters; they snioUe
ln nil the restaurants, ln the hotel dining rooms, and, of course. In the cafes.
In business offices the merchant nnd
his clerks smoke. In shops the shopman, while trying to sell goods to a
lady, will stop to roll a cigarette,
which, when lighted, he will puff In
her fuce. You see conductors and
drivers of tram cars smoking. All the
hackney cabmen smoke all the time,
while even coachmen and footmen of
private carriages sometimes smoke on
the box. Beggars approach you. cigarette In mouth, to whine for alius. If
you ask for tickets at a railway ollh'e,
the clerk lays down his cigarette us he
hands you the dingy bits of pasteboard.
The Innumerable peddlers all smoke
cigarettes all tbe time.—J. A. Hart in
OriKln of tke Tomato.
The Engll-ih word of direct Indian
origin most frequently In use ls tomato. A native of tropical or sub-
tropicnl America, it wns cultivated by
the subjects of the Incas and Monte-
zunias, ns well as by the other semi*
civilize*-! natives, long before the advent of Europeans on this hemisphere
under the name of tuni.itl or tninatl.
Though Introiluc-csl into iiil rope almost as early as its congener, the potato, It wns many years before it ifiudo
Its way into popular favor. There It
was first known to the English as iove
apple, to the French hs pom ine d'nmoui
and to the Italians as potnl d'aniore.
and these names are still in use. perpetuating the old. widespread notiou
that Its use as food bad an influence
on the amatory passions.
Bo many school girls and school
boys, too, are pale, languid and run
down In health, subject to weak spells
and nervous headache, and vlsllms of
sleeplessness, lhat we no longer real-
Ine the fully of dev.'loplng the nilnsl
at the expense ot the boity.
It is on the mothers and fathers
that falls ih-_- responsibility uf looking after the health of their children,
and to them we sugui'st lha wisdom
of having thi health of their children k"pt ut lhe IiIrIi Water mail, by
using  Dr.  Chase's  Nerve  Pood.
This grs-at food cure Is so Kontk
aud natural lu action as lo be ad
nilrali'y soiled lo ths requirements uf
children. The benefits io ba* derived
frum lis use are certain and tasting
as It goes to form new, red corpuscles in the blood, and erealo new nerv.
Mis. T. Dalzell, 21 Chnrles street.
Kingston, Ont., States: "My dim*,**,
ter suffered very much with head
aches, caused no doubt from over-
study and a p'n-down condition ol
the nervous system. These attacks
of headushe were very trying on h"-
and I noticed that she was griuluali>
growing weaker and more nervous.
About two months ago I got her a
box of Dr. Cha.e's Nerve Foo , ar"
since she has been using this prepai
alloh we are more than pleased with
the Improvement which has been
inOde in her health. She looks one
linn.lie.1 per cent, better, her nerves
an- steadier, she is not bothered with
headaches and tl gradually1 increasing in ii, sh and weight."
•Mrs. i; SVareham, 207 Sherbrooks
street, Peterboro. Ont., states: "Ons
ui my children has Buffered a gra-at a
ii'-ii with nervous headaches, dizzl-
in-.<s and sleeplessness, nn.l, in fact,
was all run ihiwu. pale :iiiat languid.
These trouble* Wore attributed to
over-study and confinement it school,-
sin- began using Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food, uml 1 can say that we have
found this treatment exceedingly
helpful. it h:is relieved her oC headache,   ste.-idjed   her   nerves,   and   built
up her system wonderfully, u-' can
see a great chAnge In her, a's the
color is returning to her face, and
•Ain* Is gaining ln flesh 'nnd weight."
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 50 cents
a box, li boxes for $2.50, at all deal*
irs, or Edmanson, Bates <& Co., To-
ronto. To protect you against Imitations, the portrait and signature of
Dr. A. \V. Chase, the famous receipt-
book author, are on evi-- box of
hia remedies.
-■= FLOUR m
Sohool  Cnatoma  In  rliinn.
Many strange school customs prevail
in China. The girls in that country
seldom go to school unless tlis'y nre the
children of very rich people. School
work begins before daylight, and nfter
studying their lessons aloud for two
hours the pupils recite them. Tlu-y
then go home to breakfast, after which
they return and study again till dinner time. In the afternoon thoy go
Bgntn to school to prepare lessons for
the following day. By tliis time it is
night. This goes on every day of the
week, for there ls no such thing as the
Sunday holiday.
nilllon  asssl  Trllliou.
There are two systems of numeration In use at the present day. commonly called the English nntl the flench
systems. In the former the billion is
n million of millions, n trillion a million of billions and each denomination
ls n million times the one preceding.
In the hitter (which is the system used
In the L'nited States) the billion Is a
thousand millions, and each denomination Is a thousand times the preceding.
it la very Emeu stronger and thicker than any other (tarred or bnlldlnal
■•Par. It la Imparrloai to wind, >«aen« out oold, Iieapa In h**at, carrlaa no amall
Or odor, atsanrba no moUtnra, lraparta no laata or noror to niiythlisg with
which It eon*.** In contact. It ll largely/ naesl not only fsir ilsas-tliic lionaea, but
fo* lining cold  atorage  butlsllnga,   rafrlgeratora,   ilmirl.«.  ors-amarles,  and all
61aaea iiara the object la to keep an even   and uniform  tempes-atura,  and  at
te tam* time avolsllng dampneaa.
Writ* aaar Agonta, TEES * FUR.8SE, Winnipeg, for samples.
THC E. tM. KDDV OO., Llmltad, HULL.
Why He Waa  Single.
"Why don't you marry V" nsked ono
l-'rench iuiin of anoilicr.
"Because I must do it on certain conditions."
"What conditions'/"
"Well, you know, the lady must be
beautiful, rich and a fool. If she isn't
rich nnd beautiful, I won't take her,
and if she isn't a fool she won't take
She Conld Spell Too.
While waiting In the reception room
for their hostess some visitors wero
entertained by that lady's foiir-yeur-
old daughter. Oue of the callers remarked to the other:
"She Is not very p-r-e-t-t-y."
"No," instautly replied the child; "I
am uot very p-r-e-t-t y, but I nm very
It Tells in the
•Show Ring
If von hope to exhibit yow (stork at the
Pall Pairs, -.tart now and get th«n la par-
feet health by using
Dick's Blood Purifier
II ■will  h<el» |Boa t«> o»rrr off Atxm
1 Isaac  Ribbon.
Fifty Cent* par package.
LHtMINO, MlUtS * COl. Menlral, Agent*.
I    When a married \\omi\ii dailies with an-
oinei   woman's  Inisbiinsl  it's lusnl  to  tell
f just who h> entitles! to sympathy.
j IRiiwrd's Liniment is used by Physicians
i —'—
Worry   iis   it   goosl   fiienil   Ol   the   iinili-r
The Psabliahera-s* Rrrssr.
"The publishers told Arthur that he
would have lo rewrite a ("ood portion
of his book before thoy s-oitld briny It
"Humph! I should think they wo lid
have hud hlm ivwrite some of the bnd
rontt'iiti'ti    hii'iar   tiis-c*.   du' -grave
KiA'ti  iiii    empty    cupboard    contain*
much food for thought.
Mitatcnl ntnnrnoala.
"What an awful voice Hint man's
got!" suid the manager, who wns iis-
teulng to the throaty tenor.
"Call that a voice?" snld his friend
"It's a disease!"
The Ssssssfl-  Tiling:.
A New York pnper asks, "Will mill*
become obsolete?"
Don't most of them get mnrrled? •
■Columbus linuulrir Sun.
Trie   satisfaction  of  having the
•washing done  early  in   ihe day, j edgd Now
and well done, belongs to  every
user of Sunlight Soap. iob
es«.BRT *ui*roM rasa
Real Senior Skirl Sur-poffr an! WalJ* MJaata*
saw lntrosliics*4.   Sella at alehl    ii<x>" tSSML '
as.,rs ?•; .   nd 'or taBfla I »al turna tc  arrm-
«ki:*f.H A  "■>.. sOept W. TORONTO.
Soi'lssl   l.ssiBK I lilt's.
Miss I-'ruisli- I u i-li you would t''H
tne how I nlil lironl. Into soi My.
Miss Blahcey   i wIMi > ut iv<mili1 1*4.
lilt lmw I cun hri'.-iU suit of III   C	
Ths* Artist's  tlm.
Friend Bul cr ivlint'n Un ■■•' n «>r
tlu- work?   l ii.'u i ipi
Arllsl   'I he Men  is lo   . il 1.1.   t "l.i*
•♦tA**.  i'VI. Kf.  t<^    433, f
C. I. "fasUTHEBisoALB, Editor and Prop.
•LOCAF,      •      *■       •       -      B. C.
Lecal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
■absequent insertion. '
v. Certificates ol Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
fer each insertion.
Commercial Rates made* known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, st.ict-
l*" in advance; 12.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, JUNE 2t'th,1903.
In R. A. Bradshaw the Liberals of
the Slocan riding have a strong candidate and one who will -poll their full
It behoov-is the Conservatives to see
that every man Jack of their following gets on the voter's list. Get your
name iu early and thea rustle for some
•other fellow's.
Grit assertions of Tory discord in
Victoria were prove** decidedly false
by the big organization meeting held
there last week, when* vote of confidence ii the government and endorsa-
tion of the party platform was unanimously adopted. Can the Grits say
us much of their family atthe capital?
United as they are, the Tories in Victoria have an easy win.
S. S. Taylor, lawyer, has been selected as the Liberal candidate in Nelson,
two other stronger men having declined nomination, knowing the strength
of the man who would make the fight
against them. John Houston will undoubtedly be the Conservative nominee, and he will wiu out against any
combination put iu tho field to oppose
him. He has done it before and he
will do it again, aud there is a heap of
money available in Nelson to say so,
The desperate straits to which the
Liberals have been reduced in order
to make some kind of a show at the
elections may be seeb by the overtures
made by them to the Trades & Labor
Council in Vancouver,to form a Labor
Liberal Alliance, and to nominate candidates in accordance. Remembering
the opposition successfully waged
against them by the Liberals in the
Dominion bye-election held in Burrard
•some months ago,the Labor men have
•emphatically dsiiclined such an alliance.
And rightly, too. The Liberals bave
ever been notorious for their coquetry
with the Labor vote, but this time the
sscheme is a little too rough. The
Grits are up against it.
It required a public and practical
demonstration to convince the Ontario-
Slocan Lumber Co. thnt the people of
this section are unwilling to tolerate
the presence of Chinamen, though repeatedly informed of the fact.   Years
ago the question was fought out in the
Slocan, and the district has remained
singularly free from the blight of the
yellow curse, aud it means to remain
so.    In this there is an iib-solute unanimity.   The ratepayers  of   thc   city
have had to pay a pretty stiff price to
get the compauy here, much more so,
indeed, than was originally intended,
but they do not kick at tluit provided
the industry will prove the lieiicht to
the   place   promised.   Oue  hundred
men steadily employed woultl materially promote the progress of the city,
but the citizens have a right to expect
that they shall be white men.    It was
for such the ratepayers saddled them
'selves with a grievous financial burden and they want naught else. Thore
'has been no occasion for the estrangement between company and citizens.
The company should have satisfied
themselves at the outset of existing
conditions   iu   the country and been
prepared to meet them.    When men
refuse to work with Chinese and when
their action is endorsed by the people,
it presents a problem that can only be
'solved in one way, that is to leave the
Chinese alone.   Mills in otber parts
of  the  interior of the province get
■-.long without Chinese help aud there
is no reason why the local institution
could not.   It is simply a question of i
wnge.   In British Columbia Chinese'
are lookt-d upon as n curse.   It is sin-1
ccrely to be hoped the situation  may j
so eventuate as to permit of the  local
The lake and river are going down
A Conservative paper is spoken of
for Kaslo.
Roy and E. Barber left for the coast
on Tuesday.
A choice line of old papers is for
sale at this office.
The Bauk of Commerce closes in
Sandon on Tuesday.
Slocan ore shipments total 6500 tons
for the year to date.
Howard Guest is enjoying the sea
breezes at Vancouver.
R. Machin, the Bennett's fuse man,
was here on Saturday.
Smith Curtis has retired from the
arena of provincial politics.
Father Coccola held service in the
Catholic church yesterday.
At the Trail smelter all the hand
roasters have been closed down.
Wanted to Rent.—Au upright piano.
Apply, stating terms, at this office.
Five more Wilfley tables are to be
installed in the Payne concentrator.
Mrs. Chas. Dempster came over
from Rossland Friday on a short visit.
Nelson will get a fair sprinkling of
visitors from these parts on Dominion
Nelson defeated Revelstoke at lacrosse on Friday by a score of 7 goals
Mrs. W. H. Davidson and daughter
returned from Victoria on Monday
Fred Ritchie, of Sandon, was married at Revelstoke last week to Miss
E. Smith.
Born.—In New Denver, on the 19th
inst., the wife of Alex. Ferguson, of a
W. J. Twiss, of Kaslo, was still
hunting for life insurance victims here
on Monday.
Tho payroll in the Crow's Nest coal
camps for the month of May amounted
to ?115,203.^.
The coal trouble on Vancouver
Island has been settled and thc men
returned to work.
The Methodist Sunday school purposes holding a picnic at Evans creek
on Dominion day.
Horses can now cross tho trail over
the sSpriufror-Ten Mile summit, which
is the earliest in years.
Miss Lizzie Dewnr, sister of Mrs. J.
Campbell, arrived in from Glen Sand-
field, Ont., ou Monday.
Fred Wright and family, formerly
of this place, are removing f:o.u Kaslo
to Portland uext month.
Harry Clevo went up ti Sandon on
Monday, to help straighten up the affairs of the late A. David.
Mrs. Geo. Garrett, of New Denver,
and Mrs. Barny Chandler, of Silver-
ton, were here on Monday.
Nick McKian underwent a successful operation for appendicitis last
week, in the Sandon hospital.
Joe Purviance has resigned the
secretaryship of the Miners' Union,
D. B. O'Neail taking his place.
The Lavell boys got back from New
Westminster Saturday, having been
attending school for tho past year.
The travelling library is about to be
changed and the librarian requests
that all books be turned in at once.
The attendance at the school is sinking to a low ebb, and it looks as if the
teaching staff must need* be decreass*d.
The ladies of Knox church are holding a strawberry festival and entertainment in the Music Hall this evening.
The crop of strawlierries is heavy in
this vicinity, the supply being largor
than the local market can readily absorb.
Workmen have lieen employed for
the past wee'i repairing the Delaney
ave bridge. It has been put in good
Bert Crano.well known to old-timers
in the Slocan, is reported to have been
killed in a mining accident at Cape
Clara Hanmer Co., which played
here some timo ago,*_*ot burned out in
Wetaskiwin, Alta..  this  week, losing
Jack Cavan came down from Ten
At ile on  Friday, and took liack with
bim several  men to work at Koch's
Alderman McNeish has been gazet-
trd a member of the boards of police
nnd license commissioners, vice J. G.
E. McFadyeu has taken up a preemption at tho mouth of the Little
Slocan river, on the west bank of
Slocan river.
Hereafter Lowery's Claim will be
priutod in Nelson, while the Ledge
will carry out the business contracts
of the Ozonagram,
Frank Provost's mans brought down
a big raft of ties from Evans creek
yesterday morning. They towed it
down with rowboats.
Mrs. Cameron, who has lieen visiting with the family of Rev. Mr.Simons
for some time, returned to her home
in Edmonton on Monday.
Bob Sloan returned on Saturday,
after spending the winter in his old
home, near Perth, Ont. He was accompanied by his youngest brother.
The King's head issue of postage
stamps will take place on DiSminion
day. The present denominations will
be observtsd, with the addition of a
four cent stamp.
About sSO votes have been registered
so far for this riding, all from here.
As blanks have been forwarded to all
the other towns, there will be a heavy
increase next week.
Clara Mathes and her company, old
time favorites here, will hold the
boards at the Music Hall on Saturday
evening. They are certain to be greeted with a .good house.
Miss Milne, who has been nurse at
the hospital since its establishment, is
leaving town shortly to accept a position in Dawson. She will first visit
her people in Toronto.
By a new amendment to the post
office act, weekly newspapers will be
carried for 300 miles from the plaoe
published at a quarter of a cent per
pound, instead of half a cent as at
Messrs. McNeish, Worden, Smith
and Bradshaw have taken over the
butcher business here from A. York
& Sons, and intend to run it on a cash
basis. They have placed an experienced man from Nelson in chargo.
A dog running in front of a handcar o:i the K. sfe S.,near Saudon.caused
a bad wreck oa Friday. Bruce Heath-
cote, manager of the Bank of Commerce at Nelson, who was on the car,
narrowly escaped death, while the
conductor was seriously hurt.
Dominion Uoy-lat July.
The Canadian Pacific will operate
special service, Slocan district to Nelson and return, leaving Sandon 6.30
a.m.; Three Forks,6.50a.ra.; Rosebery,
7.30 a.m.; New Denver, 7.45 a.m.; Silverton, 8.10 a.m.; Enterprise, 8.40 a.
m.; Slocan City, 9.10 a.m.; reaching
Nelson at 11.30 a.m.   Returning, the
milling industry being operated in a I . J9!? Will?v,"i -.«ft f(,r grtoi»*rl-
n     ,. r J,        ...    ' 'day, lie having taken over the manage-
mannor satisfactory alike to company | mont of t*10 |K)ar,liU)ir houso at the ai*
(.Adopted at Rarelstoke, Septembor Mtli, 1902. ]
1. That this convention reallsrms tlie policy
of tho party in matters ot provincial roads and
trails; the ownership and control of railways,
nud the development of tlm ii.trictiltnrel resources of the proviuco ns Initldown in the platform adopted in October, 1S99, which is as follows:
"To actively aid in ths> construction of trails
throughout the undeveloped portions of the
province and tho building of provincial trunk
roasts of public necessity.
"To inlopt the principles of sjoveitimeut ownership of railways in so fnr as tliccirciimslantt's
of tlse province will admit, and the ndoptiisn of
the principle that no bonus should be granted
to any railway company which docs uot (jive the
a-Tovernineiit of the province control s»f rates over
lines bonuaed, together with tho option of purchase.
"To actively assist hy state aid in the development of the ;u:riciiHiir.il resources of the pro-
2. That in the meantime and until the railway policy abovo set forth can be asBCompllshod
a Ki'tier.il railway act be passed, Riving freedom
tucunstriict railways under cerlaii nnpreveil
regulations, analaifoiis to the system tlint lias
resulted in such extensive railway constrsictisin
in tlie United Stntes, witb .so macl] advautnge
to trnale nntl comine.ee.
3. That to encourage the mining indu_.try.ilie
taxation of metalliferous mines shoulil be oa
tlse basis ut a percs.ntage on the net profits,
4. That tho government ownership of tele-
phono system! should bo brought about as a
first step in thn acsinisition ssf public utilities.
5. That a portion ssf every conl area hereaft ir
to be disposed of shoulil bs* rsissarvott from sale
or lease, so that stato ownesl mines may bo easily accessible, if their operation becomes nee**
sary or advisable.
6. That in the pulp land leases provision
should be masle for reforesting anal iliat steps
should lie takon for tho general preservation of
forests by guarding against tha wasteful dsv
struclion sif timber.
7. That tho legislature and government of the
province should ps.rsevere in tha effort to secure
the exclusion of Asiatic labor.
H. That the matter of better tenet in tho.way
sif subsidy anil appropriations for the province
should ba vigorously pressed upon the Dominion
9. That the silver-lead industries of tho province be fosteretl nnd encouraged hy the imposition of increased customs duties on lend and
lead products imported into Canuda, and that
thn t'onaervative members of the Dominion
House be urged to support any mtation nitro-
ducssd for such a purpose.
10. That as industrial disputes almost invariably result in great loss ansl injury bsith to the
parties directly concerned and to the public,
legislation should be passed to provido maaus
for an amicable adjustment of snch disputes between employers ntid employsaes.
11. That it is advisable to foster thn manufacture of the raw products of the prtiviiice
within the prssviuce as far as practicable hy
means of taxation on the said raw prsxlucts,
subject to rebate of the same ia whole or part
when manufactured in British C'olsimbin.
and citizens.
'iii^tfin mine in tbat camp.
Conservative Conventions.
At a meeting sif the executive of the Provincial Csinservativn association, hehl at Vancouver, the province was divided into five divisions
fssr organisation purpose*. The Kootenay*
Hound.iry division is made up of the following
provincial election district-.: KcvelstnLs*, Columbia, Fernie, CrnnhrosBk, Ymir. Kaslai, Slocnn,
lirainl Forks, 0 resHiwiH.il. the City of Koaslansl,
and the City of Nelson. Al the lama iimeting
the following ri*-Balmion- wereadnpteal:
1. That csinventions for nismiiiatiug cnii'lj.
dates fsir memliers of thn legislative assembly
be mnde up of delegates chtssen as follsaws:
(al lu rity electoral districts, sine delegate
for every fifty and fraction of fifty voles i.aillo.l
at the provincial election held in ltKtO.iinal if the
city is divided into wards, the proportion of
delegates for each ward shall bo tin said on the
vote (stillest in onch ward at tho last municipal
(h) Iu other electoral districts, ono delegate
for every fifty s.r fraction of fifty vsites polled at
tlse provincial electism In-ld in I'.aai. the slele-
gates to lie apportissued tsi polling places, or as
near tliHrsstss as will he fair to the voters of tho
iliiTasr**nt iieigliborhotstls,
. 2. Tin. electissn of deii'frates shall be at public meetings, held at a ilesignnted central place
in eaoh polling division, or in each ward in city
electoral districts, if the city Is divided into
wards. At such public meetings only thsssc who
pledge themselves to vote for the candidate or
candidates selected at tha nominating convention shall be entitled to a vote for delegates,
I. Two weeks notice shall lse given of the
public mssetings nt which dalngaU'.-a are tss be
electesl, anal nominating conventlsiiis thai] lie
held in city electoral districts two slny.i sftor
the dny sin which delegates are elected, and In
other electoral slistricts soven days after. All
uiiiiiiii.-iiioii. throughout the province to tin
mnde at a designated cent nil place in each doctoral ili-trict. and on the same day.
4. All notice- of thn dale of public meetings
fssr ths' election of ahdaigiitiis tss nominating con.
ventions, the apportionment of deh.giites. and
the place and date sif Humiliating conventions
in the soveral s'ls'etsiriil districts shall Imi prepared by the member of the executive sif lhe division in which the elsvctoral districts are situate,
and issued over the nnmes of the president nnil
secralnry of the I'rovlncinl Cflsiisarvntive Association. 	
A meeting of the prsivinclal executive still ho
held at Vancouver within a month, and theilatn
fur holilii g distrii-t nominating i-olivriitions
will then be llxosl. JOHN HOUSTON',
President of the Provincial
.. . Conservative Association
Nelson, Jim,, ssi,  w
special train will leave Nelson 8 p.m.,
running through to Sandon, making
all intermediate stops. Fare for this
day only Sandon $3.35, Three I)oiks
$3:20, Rosebery $2.80, New _ Denver
$2.70, Silverton $2.55,Euterprise $2.30,
Slocan Citv $1.80. Usual fare and
one-third h6liday return tickets will
be on sale to all points on June SWiB,
30th, July 1st, good to return until
July 3rd. Great programme of sports;
$4000 in prizes. Special attraotion-
Wtvstminster lacrosse team (Worlds
Champions) vs Nelson.
Appended is a complete list of the various reoorili registered atthe local regie-
try office, 11. P. Christie being mining
Junt 15-SheITleld fr, •nmmit of 1st
n f Lemon, E B Dunlop.
17—SnowfUke, on Daytou croek, Eric
June lG-St Louis.
June 15—Notice t>v James Farrell thnt
he holds an interest in the option on tbe
Meteor group.
June ltS-Sheffield fr M, E B Dunlop
to M Cuming'*.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Timber Notice.
NOTICK is hereby (riven tl" • an dnys nfter
dato I intonil to apply i this Hon. tlse
Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works nt Victoria, for is special license, to cut anil enrrv
awuy timber from tho following described
lands: ,
Cominencini* at a post marked "Mert l how a
soutlieuat corner post," situated sine mil,* frs.m
the west shore of Slocan lake, on Max. McKay's
west Isotinslnry line; tlienco west H) chains:
thence south SO chains; thence west 20 chains;
thencelOUth 10 chains; thence west SI chains;
thence north >*) chains; thence enst 10fi chains;
thence north 20 chains- thence east 2(1 chains:
thence south BO chains, to the placo of commencement, containing B40 ncres.
Dnted this 16th day of Juno, Ila-II.
Rev. William Simons, Pastor.
Sunday, nt 11 a.m. and7.30 ji.m.
Sabbath Bchoel at 2.30 p.m.
Prsyer Meeting, Wednesday, 7.80 p.m.
Strangers anil younu men
ara cordially invited,   .   .
Jrt>»>8>ii»i»i>&3:>.-».*>i>l>C ">•>•>•■>•■
Foot Comfort
Short talk* by tho Slater Shoe ad man, No. 3.
For fears the "-Slater Shoe" has been advertised as the shoe of twmfort—of foot ease.
Thousands of pairs of "Slater Shoes'' have
been bought because of this claim.
Nov imagine a man or woman buying a
second pair of "'Slater Shoes" after a course in
foot agony in a pair of .ill-fitting "Slaters."
If the u Slater Shoe" had not proven to
wearers its claims to comfort how long could
it have remained on the market, no matter how
loudly or skillfully It might have been advertised?
How long could the makers have continued
to expend large turns in advertising had the
"Slater Shoe" fallen short in any of its advertised
claims to comfort, wear and appearance ?
The Slater Shoe
Goodyear welled.   Made In Canada 40 years.
For men $4.00 and $5.50.
For women $3.50 and $5.00.
Sole Agent:
David  Arnot, Slocan;
We have just opened up several new lines
of summer dress goods, of the latest designs; also many pretty dress novelties.
Ws- carrv the lirst stuck of Minimcr hats and trim-
min.."*"' in the country.    Friivs nre very rMSOnable
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
! Fresh Fruits of Every
; Kind Arriving   Daily.
# Our Ir**? Cream Parlor ia
now open nnil will lx* kept
running all the Siiintiic-r.
14 l.ossv.iaf lir.aal Ur SI.
Full Weight aad Ossssllly
Slocan, B. C.
Gwiilim & Johnson,
n. c
Timber Notice.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why he without a ranee when
you can get ona go cheap V Thev
are prefcrrable to MoTMnnd give
better satisfaction. These rang*!
burn wood or coal and will bi
set up free.
J.I. Anderson
Dealer in:
Kodaks and Supplies
SI.00 AN
N'OTI«"K li linralsi. Riven tlsiit .in <1n>>s isfur
llui.* I iiilenil I" isianly ts. tlis* Chin Com*
missianss»r of I.liiida A sNtark*. ffl*r ss -!■«*. ia! li-
rensflj, tfls ent ninl rssrrv nwisy timl**r fraans tlis*
'..11..wing ils»Hfl*rit>*il Inn.!.. Mtuiita* in \\>at
KsKatsanny alistrirt:
('laminntirliBit ;st a pss*t silaisLal sstmAit tlsres*
mile* from SI.h*uii liskf. 'an tlap Biitrlli -ale a.f the
norlli fork saf EvaDJ crank, tlarnrs* -i.ulli 11;
ohbtnet thence We*t 10 clnim*.; thencs* iiflarth **!)
clsnina; llis*iis*ss s»rs«.t *silclsiiin*. tn place saf lienin-
alpa, CfHitainiiifr 1*40 [acme.
I»..'.f-i the Itli ilu) a.f June. llsTkl.
Timber Notice.
N'OTH'Kia lierehy Kiien tluit .111 d*U| afler
flliste I inteml In niaialy tsa the Chief I'sasn-
mi*, .inner of l.enila al Maarka for a .|ia .1 h
reuse, lis cut and curry a srs ss y lunlier frasni the
fiillnwing alescribnil lnli.U, ..itiiMr in \Vs*»t KimbI-
s*nny slialrict:
('BaiiABSBena'in,,' ist a pott lltnete alssBiit - i.c mile
frsirsi Sliaaa-in hike, (in tho mirth *>ia|e aaf thp north
fflark of Kriuia creek, thonce *-*.ntIs 4 1 chiiin*;
ths'iscfl* »e,t Klrhalii"; thence north 31 chisiiiA.;
thence WMt ill chssiii*.; Ihencr nnrth ?'i chant*.;
theni is ws*A.t 10 rlinnis. thiinrc north M rhiiini;
lliencn west in clinina.; thence iiiirlh sJO eliellltl
thenca eiiA-t 4n chnina; thensT Ninth '-"n rhisin*i;
thencs* enst Islrhsiina; (hence aoulli '."il chniiis;
thence essat 4n rhftin*.; ths-ssce asssith '.M chain*.;
thencs* Mil 4n rhnii>.,t(i place ssf Imiriiiiflini;, OOD*
taininif Mu tatmt.
Dm. ■I thi*. 4th ilny <af June, 1'JH.I.
ll. A.iTRHIK
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To J. P. Antntnins/.eiliiiiiiiktrator of the
oitateof Muriiii Mtircliiion, sJeeeMed,
or to msy person or poraoni to whom
he may hnve tmnifcrii"! tlie inter**!
ol Martin Miirchieon, amounting to '.,
in each oi the Nntiaen, Krarn ami I'm-
sian mineral claim*, ruinated on the
head of I.i.nisni creek, Slocan City mining division.
You are hereby notified that 1 have
expended the rum ol three hundred and
neven dollaro and fifty cents in labor and
improvements upon the ithove mentioned mineral claims, in orsler to hold said
mineral claims under the provisions ol
the Mineral Act, and if within 90 slays
from the dato of this notice ynu fail or
refuse to contribute your proportion of
such expenditure, together with all costs
nl a'lvertising, ysmr interest in the SHid
claim* will  become tho  property o! (he
labniriber. undtr Notion (onr of an Act
onlilleil "An Ait In niiii'inl  the Mineral
Act, 1000."
Dated thin Hth day of Juno, 1908.
Certificate of Imprint
Ontario No. O Mlaaral riala.
Situate in the Slocan City Mininf Pivi*
eion of the West Kootenay WlW*
Where located s—On a south tat*
Lemon creek.
Takenotice that I,Winslow l7..^-1'
acting as agent lor ("has. VV. McMllM.
sixtv davs from theiltit* hereof, lo-MW
to the Mining Uecoiiler for u crrliiw»
of improvements, for the purpoM •> ""j
taining a crown grant lor lit* »w'-
eleitn. ,„
And further take not so lh»t«UC*
under section 37, muit In «•sim*-*"""
•ated this ::0lh day ol April. IW
bi-dare llu* issuance
IHackFrlnco sTroctlooal  MineralCW"'
Situate in the Slocan Citv 'i''n','.»'.d'1t',
sion of West Kool.-iiay district. »"'
located I—On the suinuiit ol **n*tm
and l.einon creeki,.
TAKK NOTICK thst I. HK •'<"»;
acting   as agent foi-John   l:1!',^,1'
uiiner's certilicate  No. WU"f< U.„:S:.
AI,.xan.lsrlUadshaw,F..Mit   -^-"TO
I*o Doiron, F.M.C. No.  l-*-J'L„Arl ■
bald   York, P. If. C. No.  **BlX
Trank Sherry, P. M, 0. No   m*>. „,
tend, sixty days from the.IMJ' '^
apply to tl.e Mining Kecor.ler 0 •
cate of improvemenis, ior "'"•   Lm
of obtaining a crown grant •>'■ lne
And further  tak
 <>•<■•. °s
Ami iiirmer  uifc"  •'*■" *   *     ...cni*""
under section  37, Bf-Mt^ ^"fjcuieol
1111' ii   r      rn   nun      •'• t   •**-•■—-
belore the issuanco of such «r
V)HtedThi7»tU day ol Mav. 1
T-Mn.i-.ck, r.u. Vlaw n... ». »•*
rack No. • Kr.etlo. Klneml""•"
:«iria sdivi"
Situate in the Sloc.n City. B «™sw
sion of West Kootenay M«""_ gprin-
located-.-About four mdei "P
ger oreek. A,.
TAKE NOTICE that I, •' , |-i
derson, P.L.8., of Trail, B.C..;.-,A,w>"-
.Ino F.llolrlen.fre. miner see hed*ti
IW470D, inteini, sixtv d»Jf «10™, ^of*
hereof, to npply to the MmmB (orih»
for certificates of i 111 prov-"""* »;i0|*l.*
purpoao of obtaining crown nr
abovo claims. ,, ,. jcti*"1:
Ami further  take  notit* ^Bin«*j
Sh certlflc***1
iinprovemeiitn. ssui3.
Dat.,1 this ard day oN»"l''l,M
iimler suction 37, must Ik
hJnfora tha Isnoancool iw


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