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The Slocan Drill 1902-08-15

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f\si      i^    <M
TOL. UL, No* 20.
SLOCAN,   B.   0.,   AUGUST   15.   1902.
«2.00PElt ANNUM.
Hot weather is here what's
the matter with   ....
_A. Steel Bath. Tub
It never wears out, rusts or becomes
unfit for use. Can be had at WOODCOCK'S.   Six foot or infant's.
Full Une hardware and miners' supplies.
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slecan, British Columbia.
Ladies'Silk Gloves
Good Quality, all Sizes, and different
Shades, -were 65 cents, a . . .
We want to clear them out at the
Snap Price of 40 cents.  .  •  .
See them.
Changes III. Opinion After a Mouth's.
Vlr.lt- Hig Vela, mill Wonderful Use
llssslls*. Slos-na I. the Spat for Ktlab-
li«lilis|f Bad action Work..
THE CAMP remains were brought down on the
Slocnn Wednesday noon and was met
here by an undertaker from Nelson,
whither the bedy wns taken for burial. Hero it was also viewed by a
jury empanneled by Dr. Forin, eor-
oner, and the inquest will be held
this afternoon.
Upon word of the accident being
sent to Nelson, Supt. Downie came
up and took a new outfit of rolling
stock to thc Nakusp line, and on
Wednesday a bridge crew and material for a new trestle were Bent up.
It will take a weok to replace tlio
burned bridge and, in the meantime,
the train service only prevails between Itoscbnrv and Sandon, malar, d passengers to the main line con
necting via Robson.
province  that  has, In   past  years,
given thc whole province tho prosperity that it has enjoyed. Contracts!       .______^^^^^^^^^^^^^
for advertising space can be made substantial showing made by
from   and
after   Monday, the   11th
W. T. S_a   ord 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinnev, B. C.
AT YORK <fc CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
Wayne Choate, the eminent American mining engineer, who came in
here a month ago with Norman D.
Carpenter and other Detroit capitalists, wound up his investigations in
the camp and departed Monday for
San Francisco.   The month's examination of the formation of the country,to-jetlier with a close examination
of the veins en a number of the leading properties In the camp, led ,Mr.
Qheate to materially alter bis opinion
of tlie dry ore belt, and, while not
(jiven to enthusia-m, he has become
a warm admirer of the resources back
of the elty.
Mr. Choate made a careful  injpec
tien of the Sapphire and May groups,
on Twelve Mile, fc-r his Detroit prin
cipals, and his reports thereon have
been extremely  favorable.   His surprise at a recent  exposure on the
Mav was great, he stattug that a vein
exists there Ite feet in width, with
one wall  vet to be uncovered, and
the full width carries values.   Other
claims were examined and the gen
oral  appearance of   the   veins convinces! Mr.Choate that the creel* had
great merit and would repay development.
Last week- he spent four days in
examining the Republic group, on
Erin mountain. The several veins
wen* traced out and mapped, the
various epenings noted, and -.ainpl
isg*. made ofthe vein matter at each
point, On ihe Robinson creak side
ef the hill, a vertical depth of 809 teet
was shown, or 1000 feet on the din of
ie vein.   Pay ore is exposed in scv
B. C.
Crunbrooli   Paper Tall. All Abent   Onr
A recent issue of the Cranbrook
Herald had the following interesting
story about the proposed sawmill for
"Slocan has a brand new industry
in an advanced stago of promotion
that promises to substantially relieve
the dullness that has beset the entire
Slocau us n whole as the result ofthe
depression In lead mining. It is n
venture in lumbering, that combines
several Important elements of success.
"Adjacent to Slocan is a valuable
timber limit, whieh contains, according to the report of an expert timber
cruiser, not less than 170,000,000 feet
of lumber. This property is owned
by lecal people principally, among
whom is Mayor York. Eastern sawmill people have formed a syndicate
te Include tho Slacan timber limit
owners, and the proposition will undoubtedly take a practical shape in a
The Whole Country Appear, ta be a itaaa
ot Flame.
Forest fires have been doing much
damage in the locality during the
past 11 days, destroying cabins and
consuming millions of feet of good
j timber. Practically the whole coun*
I try is ablaze and the smoke and falling ashes are decidedly uncem for table.   Two fires have been raging on
^^^^^ Tnis DIVISION.    	
Laat Year'. Shipment. Ware SS14 Ton*—
A Ili-Mlllir IC*. i<l«usT of the I.lfo and
Wealth of tlse Cuinp—Arlington the
Blaso.t Shipper.
Ore shipments droppud away considerably during the week, only 124
tons being sent out. From the Arlington 40 tons was shipped and from
the Enterprise 80 tons. The remaining
four tons came from the Speculator,
which constituted ita sole shipment so
mr.      i v> u in vo ssrt .,.   „^si, . „ n ..■*, «..,
Lemon creek, eating tho heart out of far this year.   It is satisfactory to
•'      —->! '   . .      „  .... i__.
much fine timber. One on thc second
north fork has been a serious menace
to the Black Prince and Two Friend*
mines; the other blaze was cleaning
up things on the main creek.
Down tlie Slocau valley are a number of fires, one at Cedar crock having burned up JoeDoarin'scabin and
supplies. Another two miles below
the city has been threatening several
ranchers and giving the C.P.R.
track and line men considerable
trouble. On Saturday a fire started
on the hill to tin* east of tho eity, just
above ihe wagon road transfer, but
it has dtine very little harm, Still
another blaze is ravaging the country around the Little Slocan lakes.
But the biggest of them all is raging
at tke head of Six Mile creek, on the
west side of thc lake,and i<* is licking
up the forest in great shape. So far
no lives have been lost. Rain is
badlv needed, as everything is dried
up by the leng spell   .* dry weather.
note that the experts from the local
division have passed tlie 4000 ton
mark, which is pretty good evidence
of the fat condition of thc miniug Industry. To date the shipments total
4041 tons.
For 1900 thc exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled 0529 tons, from
14 properties. Following is a fuH
list of tho shipments this 5car te
Fourth of July.
.     46
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:  |
The Drill, Slocan
The Workmanship is Good
and Prices are Reasonable    	
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
th  .  ^^^^^^^
oral places, all ready to open ant
.Samplings mad.* on the Bell and Ue-
publlc claim"* gave values fully cq'itil
to fanner representations. Mr.
Client a stated his examinations re*
reeled no broken fovmii*»**en, tbe ca-
lena vein on the American Eagle
alone giving IOOO feet tf working
givmiid without a fault. 1 celmrac
terlxcd tho Republic as one of the
h.**st things he had over seen, and
reported to iho companv that if thev
couldn't mine there, they couldn't
mine anywhere.
8 peak log generally of the camp.
Mr. Choate said he considered the lo
cal dry oro bolt as the foremost in
America, and he would strongly re*
commend capital 11 Invest here.   On
lirst coining in he wa-* led to believe
the vein* were small and the values
I doubtful, but he had proven quite toj
' tho contrary.   These so called parol- i
lei leads at frequent Intervals were]
the pay  chutes et' mighty   veins,
whloh, in depth, WOUld  be,  found to I
spring from one body.   There wero I
series of these  big  veins   or zones:
crossing right through, particularly
in the vicinity of the Arlington. That
mine he ohwacterlzod as unequalled
in richness and extent by anything
in his experience.   These big veins
would in time givo employment to
thousands of men, whilo tho tonnage
of ore to be shipped would be enormous.   The veins were easily worked and the ore admitted of a cheap
and simple process of treatment.
As a .site for prulltablo reduction
works, Mr. Choate would recommend
Slocan ahead of any place he knew
of. The ore was here, the opportun
ity untouched, and the returns cer
From bit remarks one would
motith or so. The easterners propose
to erect a large mill with a capacity
0/50,000 feet per diem, and the lecal
ptti| In put UuAr timber land* into the
syndicate us their share of lhe capital. Application Is belnt mad** to
'.In* nnuiii'ipalitv of 8loc.ni for tbe l«.ls
necessary t* onMitute thc mill site,
I and the .inpoit.unjo of securing the
.uiluslrv for the town is so well ap-
j predated that it is likely to guanui
I tie thc voting of the fundi required
for the jiuici: 0 * of the proposed site.
'The plant would give continuous
employment to about lou men, iu-
I eluding the crows that would be required in tho logging camps. The
company would find a market for the
j major portion of its output In the
1 Northwest Territories, which prom
iscs to furnish an unlimited opening
for British Columbia timber. The
Canadian Pacific is interested in thc
-.uceo'-s of the enterprise, and will
grant such rates as will enable the
new industry to compete with the
older mills In Hast Kootenay. More-
over it is stated that tlie Canadian
Pacific will undertake to purchase
from the Slocan mill all thc timber
required by the road in this district.
an undertaking of no small proportions in view of the large quantities
of material annually consumed by
the Kootenay Boundary division.''
San mill is. sigUi.
It looks decidedly promising for
the big sawmill to be located her<\
During the week a number of telegrams passed between the Ontario*
Slocan Lumber Co. at Orillia and the
city council relative to the mill site
aud the position of the municipality
relative thereto.   Tho talk over the
vires* wus evidently si.iisfaetory, as
tne council put their pi'opositf">n in
writing and sen  '  out by Tuesday's
mail. It is fully   x pee ted the council
will subscribe to their original agree
ment, and then the whole matter will
ceme belore the L&tepayers early in |
September.   The  council   has   had
great difficulty in keating the various owners of the property desired
for the mill site, but the task has been
almost completed and options secured.   The city will got off chea*x-r
than anticipated, and it will be the
gainer bv a healthy  payroll and as
lUied rapid expansion.
InereMtng Thai* Kores*.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past
its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
I'rosl notion s.rsilvsss'.
The United States continue to lead
in the production of silver, with
Mexico second, theso two countries
yielding about 70 per cent of the total
world's output. The balance of the
production was furnished mainly by
Australasia, Germany and Bolivia In
thi' order named. The ooHdUlons
surrounding the extraction of silver
from its ores aro so markedly differ*
*"'i"  ."T . 11   s*i in,-* .ent from these attending tbo produc
niilir." that Mr. utioate contemplated *      ,     ,,.,  . .,   ■ ■      ,
. ...   ,   ,     ,,,, ,.„,„,' .,.,,..,   ton of god that the increase or do
a rutin 1 Visit   to   He camp, when .**., .'  - . , .
. •  _      , (j  1 ,'  ,,,  ,   ic reuse in lie  output of one, 11 uta III
something   substantial is    key to ..     >.   . ..   ,.     *.
 ■ not necessarily reflected in the otber
eventuate. -   -    -   .    _,,..„ ,„
The force on the l'lack Prince has
been iucreaseu during tho week to
18 men and move are to be added
shortly, \ nev- messhouso is to be
built, whieh will then give accommodations to 40 men. Ou Friday niaht
the mine had a narrow escape from
a forest lire, which swept with great I *,j")e Slocan
rapidity up the creek.but fortunately taxes.
Bar silver is f>2jj.
The lessees of the Bondholder arc
sacking ore.
Sandon mines last week shipped
440 toils of ore.
Today is payday on thc Republic
road and mine.
*. •>-***- month *W. Whitewater mia-e
shipped 213 tous*ol'wre.
There are several ds*als in eourso
of negotiation In thc camp
T. Pierson is working his property
on the south fork of Kaslo.
A number cf options on lending
properties have been signed during
the week.
A. S. Farwell finished his surveying for the. Arlington and returned
to Nelson yesterday.
J. ll McGregor completed the survey of lhe Smuggler, al the head of
Ten Mile, last week.
Last wee!-; 081 tons of ore was added to tho output of the Slocan.raisi.ig
the. total to upwards of 18 OX) tons.
Assays upon quartz taken from an
underhand stupe on the Black I'rince
has given upwards of 200 oz in silver.
The mining   department  intends
Belling all OroWn granted claims iu
that are behind 111 their
swerved before leaching the camp.
The men got all the supplies and fix
ings on to the dump preparatory to
taking them into the long tunnel,
when the lire turned and thc daiiRer
Sli.si.lut.il- Mails.* Small Slilpiisssnt.
Ralph Gillette has sold tbo Mouto
Carlo claim, adjoining the Sapphire
group, Twelve Mile, to Charles A.
John Bull and Jas. Tattersall have
found what they bulievu to bu the
Crusader lead down on thc main
Lemon creek und have H'.ked two
claims and a fraction.
Mining recorders throughout the
He-opened under
the old management
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
. ......... amaue. Bleean.
Car. Arlh*-r Str.at en- Niamey Av«u.. Slncnn*
Building thoroughly renovated
»nd re st eked with the best
JAS. CB038,
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
kept fresh and well ^°'tedj,r ™T "£ right,
best the market affords.   I ne-**      ^
The worst train  wreck in the history of Kootenay occurred on  the
.•"iikusp A Slocan railroad Tuesday
afternoon, due to a forest lire.   The
regular passenger train frem Nakusp
went through  bridge No. Ill, at the
head of lhe lake, and was totally destroyed, together with the mails express and baggage. Jim Cotniacher,
lhe well known engineer,lost his life,
naving been caught by the lulling
coal from tin*, tender as he lingered a
second too leng iii order to apply tho
emergency brakes,   Feui' passengers
were aboard and thev escaped In* j
jury, together with tin*, train crow
excepting   Brakcnian    McCormlck,
who sprained both  fent in jumping,
and was afterwards conveyed to the
Now Don ver hospital.
Tho train had crossed thc bridge
safely on thc ntOMlng trip,bin. before
I its return  a  near-by  forest lire had
(eaten    away    thc   supports,     The
I bridge   is   located close to .1 sharp
curve, which precludes any lookout
being kept.   Oennachei's body wns
not recovered until Wednesday thorn
owing to the. Intense heat nf ihi*
and  when  found was all but 0
and   ttiireeoguu-tble.     The
uus, iiavvMi.i.... .
riie ureal bulk of .thi) silver output
(if the United Slates is obtained in the
smelting of lead ores, the silver ores I
either occurring with the lead ores,
or added to the smelting charge for
lhe load furnace. At the present
time fully So per cent of the silver
produced in the United States ie derived from lead smoltlng, and with
ibis in mind it, is interesting to note
that the production of lead In the
United States during 1901 was less
than 1900s The production of silver
last Tear In tha Status was slightly
larger (about '.lU.LXJl ounces) than in
1900, but owing to the decline ln price
the value fell off a little over §1,10',),-
Will Revive the Tribune.
A small shipment of ore, amount
ing to '.K) sacks or about  four tons
.     , ,      r, ,    . %.   , illllll.lfct     s liw.   ■    . _- — _,-
was mado by thc Speculator to Nelson, j proYinca |myo b-OOB notified to nceopt
being the lirst sent out In two years., trails for assessment work, provided
It had been lying in the ore houso 1 they deem them essential to open up
since, last winter. When the group 1 a claim and that the owner first get*
was bonded the management sent | permission from the recorder,
about ton tons of ore to Nelson as a Lrut V0H,. tllfJ Arlington paid tho
test, the money being turned oyer to ***oyernuwnt $2607.75 as a tax upon
I lhe bonders.    Eight or  IU men are  it.s output of ore, and '*"- ~•*■•*•«•■_
employed atthe mine.
Iran llurao to Start I p.
in «.!»;,...... the Enterprise
$75-* II. Thi*" WOUld givi' the value
of the out put. of the two mines last
year at $180,888 and 187,923 respectively.
New Deavef lint its. sriu.il.
Work is to be resumed  at the lion
nm**.-, nt an early date.   This week!
J Md'iee! w.10 is to be manager -*,-, Denver, as will be seen from
at the mine, and Pat Mclluire visited | llic plowing srpiib from the Ledge.
Shei HOIrse, will, a view to sizing up j, trylng U( sWe track the big saw*
tha shaft for a contract. Tenders1MB •.,>..„,,. coml„g to Slocan, and the
t„ be called and it w expected sinkins'j        ,    f tlK,  Lacwn0 certainly die
...   .         „«/l   in   11   f-ilV  (laVB. r       I      .     . 11.       in,.,.  ,,.„..,ino-j  WPI'I
will be commenced in a few days.
1 nsssssl a N.*w I.enil.
John Houston has issued to the people, of Southeastern llritish Columbia
the   following   proclamation:    "The
undersigned is making arrangements I S0U10
lo resume tho publication of the Nel-1 ,^G  SU1
son Tribune.   Tho  Tribune,  when
published, did not advocate fads and
was ant manipulated  by cliques, 01'
run hi tho interest of any one class or
corporation.   When its publication is
resumod, the Tribune will always be
round advocating Ideas and measures
thut will tend to bring permnnont
prosperity to thc one suction of thc
PeOpla l'l    VMV     _.„^ .
play their gall:   Two meetings were
held during tho past week to consi-
bsssssb^^^^^^^^^^^ der        possibility       securin*"  Um
Ground sluicinT on th« Sappblre 1 ?hewsawmUl tor •^«J^nX*,_ ,T_-
t,    .      .... .   ,rr       1 local manager stated that IT the C.r.
group, Twelve Mile creek, hns an-U coukl 1)cfi induC(.a t0 *,,„il(, A gpu|.
covered what is known as tl c Ham \ through the town to Union bay, the
iltoll ll ^^^^^^
cd what s known as ire ii».»*; uuuu(r,u .»» ■--•■■ - . w.
1.    It has beon stripped for   jjtt ?J -   £' SS   j.
dlsunco and shows pay ore •»'  •»■» °» JJJ-   „.„  iaf-gftstod, ami.
Hurfaco,   Three   men   are em-1 deh..ita _ IJ"   »"    J^ni weuW
Messrs. Simpson and UoMlbtor, of
Bandon who went to Bonth Africa
with the Strathcona Horse and altor
ward, with U,o 2nd C.M.H..ptwjj
thronrh here yesterday on the 1 VB
ium from the war. Both were In tho
I Uavt's Jiiver figlit.
lowever much the cili/.ens
like to have the enterprise hercthey
did not feel that nny action could lie
taksn under tho preaont circuiu
lt is given out thai thc Nelson
News will suspend publication this
■jicjfj* — -■>■■■.    ...r...._s,._-    . ...
|Cop jTl«l>t 1000 by Sir Wa her Baa—t.)
I HAT tallowed, by Invention and design of
tbe pious ecclesiastic
Mr. Purden, was a villainy even greater
tbau tbnt at first designed, more daring.
more cruel. Tbe bride,
accompanied by the minister official-
Ins   In   the   late   ceremony,    walked
back   to  ber  lodging.    She  was  still
exultant in the liest glow and triumph of her revenge. He, on the other  hand,  walked downcast, stealthily
glancing nt bis couipnnlou, bis big bead
moving sideways like the  head of a
lii'ar. his sallow cheeks paler than was
customary.    The bridegroom,  for  his
pint, llutig himself lino Ills'clinir and
was carried to the lady's lodging-    A
strange weilsllng procession I
She threw off her clonk nnd her doml-
oo mui stood before hi'r newly made
lo'nl  hi*r eyea bright, her face fluslu'd,
her lips quivering,   She was filled with
revenge half satiated, but revenge can
never be wholly satisfied, and wiih the   **"*- **"*'—'*—-, —--—      .        .    „
irli.nipl, of victory I th*\ !™aa™ been fortunate ao far.'
'•t have won." she said.   "You tried        Are,t*'«e "Ports your doing, mad-
to deceive me again.  Ludovlc. but I    "m?    ls ,hl8 a Part of *rour lnfcrnal
"Whnt?" Lord Fyllngdale betrayed
his terror. "She hns heard? What has
she heard?"
He had not received Molly's letter
nor had lie opened the captain's.
"More than enough. You have lost
your bride aud her fortune. I might
have warned you. but I preferred to
take ber place."
"What bas she beard?"
"Apparently all that there Is to be
heard. Not. of course, nil that could
be told If Mr. Purden and I were to
speak. Merely things of public notoriety. That you nre a gambler nnd a
rake; tbat you have ruined many; that
you are ruined yourself—quite enough
for a girl of her class to learn. In our
rank we want much more before we
turn our back upon a man. I myself
know much more. Yet I have married
"She has beard," Lord Fyllngdale re-
"Dear, dear!" said the parson. "All
this is most unfortunate—most unfortunate. Your lordship bad already lost
your bride—lost ber," he repeated.
"Lost her and her fortune. Is there no
way out?"
"Who brought these reports? Show
me the maul"
"Tata-tat You need not bluster, Ludovlc. Reports of this kind are in tbe
air; they cling to your name; they
travel with you. What? The notorious Lord Fyllngdale? They have come,
you see. at last, even to this unfashionable corner of tbe Island. They are
bere. althougb we bave done so much
to declare your virtues.   Acknowledge
bave wou.    You hnve been cnugiil In
your own tolls." I
He  look   Ilie  uenrest  chair,   silting
down lu silence, but his face wns siark.
"I do not know wbo put tbem about
It is not likely that 1 should start sucb
reports, especially after tbe scandal at
Rath.   I am. In fact like bis reverence
As she looked upou bim some of tlie I *""•"••      ■ •■- ---   -
triumph   died  out  of  her  eyes;    her j her*f too niUCb involved myself    Oh,
cheek lost Its glow;  she began to ,,e I ^ ^ beautiful characters-all three
of us."
frightened. What would he say or do
next? As for his reverence, be stood
within the door ns If ready for lustant
flight Indeed tlis*re was cause for uncertainty because ihe mnn wns desperate, and his sword was at his side.
"Silence," he snid. "or I may kill
Then there wns silence.   Thc other
two did not speak.    The lady  threw ,
herself upon the sofn. twisting her Sogers nervously.
"You have married me. yon sny. You
shall be a happy wife. You cannot Imagine how happy you will be."
In a contest of tongues the woman
has tbe best of It.
"So long as you. my lord, enjoy the
same happiness or eveu greater 1 shnll
not repine. You Intended my happiness In another way."
"You bave destroyed my last chance.
It ls a good beginning."
"Aud endiug. my lord. The fond
mistress whom you have fooled so long
becomes the wife. It Is uot ihe duty
or a wife to provide 'for her husband.
Nor will the Countess of Fyllngdale allow tbe earl to enter her bouse. She
will want tbe proceeds of her bank herself. In a word, my lord, you nre uot
ouly my husband, but you are uow
privileged to provide for yourself."
He sprang lo his feet and fell to
common and violent cursing, luvokiug
the Immediate and miraculous Intervention of that Power which he had
all his life Insulted and delicti. The
lady received the torrent without a
word. What can one say Id reply lo a
man who only curses? Rut she was
afraid of him; bis words were like
blows. The headlong rage of the man
cowed ber; she bent her head and covered her face with her hands.
Theu Mr. Purden ventured to Interfere. Tel me speak," he said. "The
thing Is done, lt cannot be undone.
Would tt not be better to make the
best of It? Does it belp auy of us—
does it belp your lordship—to revile
and to threaten*'"
The bridegroom turned upon him
savagely. "You to speak!" he said.
"You are too mealy mouthed and too
virtuous even to tear up a page from
a register."
"1 do not wish to be unfrocked or to
be sent to the plantations, my lord.
Meautlme It would be doing you the
worst service In the world If I were to
tear out tlmt page."
"Oli, you iall.! You always talk!"
"Of old. my lord, I have Mometlmee
talked lis some purpose."
"Talk again llis-n. What do you
luiisii by disservice*! You will say
next, 1 srppose, that this play acting
was fortunate for me."
"We may sometimes turn disasters
Into victories. If your lordship will
Ills patron sat dowu again, the late
storm leaving Its trace In a scowling
face and twitching lips.
"Wby the dickens wasn't Molly there?
How did this womnn find oul? How
did she know that Molly was uot coining?"
"I can answer these questions," said
the lady     "Molly wonlsl not come be
cause she Icnrned  Inst night, Just lu
time, certain facts In thc private life
of the bridegroom."
"Who told Molly?"
"1 say that I know nothing.   She has
been warned.    That Is all 1 can tell
you. and sbe bas been advised to take
no further steps until full explanations
bave been made io answer to these rumors."
"Full   explanations."   repeated   Mr.
I Purden.   "Dear, deurl   Most unfortu-
I note—most unfortunote."
I    "Your lordship enn refer to bis rev
ereuce here, or to the admirable Sem
pie, or to the 'Immaculate Sir Harry, or
to the colonel, that  man of nk-e nnsi
well known honor, for your character
Rut wbo will give them a character?
Understand."   she   said,   facing   him.
"you had lost your bride liefore you got
out of bed this morning.    Your only
chance Is to Imitate the example of
Tom Rising untl to carry her off. and
she will  then  stick  a  kulfe between
your ribs, as she Intended to do to thai
worthy gentleman.    Rut, no; 1 forgoi
You cannot do that   You are already
Hlsrevcrenceagaln interposed. "With
submission, my lord, some explanations will be asked. It will not cer
talnly be convenient to offer any. There
Is. bowever, one way. and only one.
that I can suggest." He looked at
tbe Lady Anastasia. "It will be perhaps at first distasteful to her ladyship. It has, bowever, the very great
advantage of securing the fortune,
which, 1 take It, Is what your lordship
chiefly desires. As regards the girl.
she Is, In point of manners and appear
ance, so far beneath your lordship's no
tlce tbat we need not consider ber In
tbe matter."
"I care nothing about tbe girl. Rut
bang me if I understand one single syllable of wbat you mean—or bow you
can secure tbe fortune witbout the
"A moment Madam saw her way
to the revenge of jealousy. She took
tbe place of Ibe bride, and sbe was
married as Miss Molly. She signed the
name of Molly Miller; the license was
In that name The clerk who was
present hns, I am sure, already curried
tbe news all over tbe plsce. We have
tbe evidence, therefore, of the bridegroom, the parson, tbe clerk, the license and the registers. Wbo Is to
prove that the real Molly was at borne
all the time? Captain Crowle, perhaps,
though 1 doubt. Tlie girl herself- Rut
wbo will believe her? My lord, you
have mnrrled Miss Molly nnd not tbe
Lady Anustnsiii."
"What then?"
"You have only to clnlm yuur briile."
"Sir, you forget that I am the brlsle,"
i.miy Anastasia Interposed quickly,
Mr. I'urden bowed and smiled, rubbing his hands softly. "With submission, madam. I do not advise that his
lordship should carry her off nor that
he should claim her ad inensam et tho-
rum, as we scholars say. Hla principles would not, I am sure, allow that
he should carry off an unmarried woman. Not nt all. He will leave her wltb
her friends. Indeed lie would prefer te
do so. I suggest only that we should
proclaim thu mnrriage ami lay hands
upon tlie fortune."
"And what nm I to be?"
"His lordship's best friend. You will
rescue hlin in his deepest need; you
will restore lilm to nftlueiice. lt will
be a service, minium, of tlie purest and
most disinterested iill'eetlsin, lustcud of
an ugly nud ruinous revenge. Heavens, can you hesitate?*'
They both looked ut Anastasia, who
made no response, her eyes in her lap.
"The trick will lie with us three,"
the tempter went on. "Neither of us
will reveal It."
"As regards Jealousy. Anastasia,"
said Pyllngdole, "the girl will be here,
nmi everything will continue just as
She threw up her urms und sprung to
er feet.    "Oh," she cried. "It Is the
J I most monstrous villainy!"
|     "We need not think of the girl.    We
must think of ourselves."
"Tlie fortune Is Immense, Anastasia.
It Is  ridiculous  Hint  the girl  Hhould
bave so much.    We will leave her a
competence, and there nro the jewels."
Lady Anastasia gasped, and Fyllngdale continued:
"You yourself will adorn these jewels. It will be my greatest pleasure to
atone for my Ul Judged deception by
giving you all those Jewels— the diamonds, tbe rubles, the chains of pearls
aud all the rest of the pretty, glittering
things." He took her bands, the parson looking on all the time as a physician looks on at a bloodletting or an
operation. "What can that girl do
with the Jewels? They shall all be
yours. Forgive me, Anastasia, and let
us again work together, as we bave already done, you aud I, with no more
jealousy and no more suspicious."
He kissed ber hand. His manner
was chauged almost suddenly; be became soft, caressing and persuasive.
It was the old charm, wblcb the poor
lady could never resist. She suffered
him to bold her hand; she allowed him
to kiss ber; ber eyes grew humid.
"Oh," she murmured, "I must do everything you ask, Ludovic, If you are
only kind!"
"How can I be anything but kind?"
be replied, wltb a smile.   "You must
forget aud forgive.   The thought that
all I bad schemed and planned for was
torn from me, and by you—Anastasia,
by  you—was   too  much.     My   mind
was upset; I knew not what I said.
Forgive me."
"Oh, Ludovlc, I forgive!"
"And the jewels shall atone, tbe lovely jewels.   You shall have them all."
"You will truly give me the Jewels?"
"Truly, my Anastasia,   After all, we
are  man  and   wife.    Henceforth  we
shall only live for each other.    Your
happiness shall be mine.   Tbe jewels
shall be yours."
She yielded. She fell Into bis arms.
There was a complete, a touching, reconciliation.
Lord Fyllngdale was going to declare
tbat It was Molly and none other who
was married that morning at 6 o'clock
and to assume the rights and powers
of a husband. So that the news of his
evil reputation came, after all, too late
to be of any use. And as for explanations, wbo would bave tbe right to ask
any explanations of a married man on
behalf of his wife?
The counsel learned In the law gave
his written opinion that, considering
that tbe marriage ceremony was fixed
for 6 a. m„ the bridegroom had no
knowledge of the bride's Intention not
to present herself; that be left his
lodgings a few minutes before 0; that
a few minutes after C one Pentecrosse,
well known to tbe lady, witnessed the
marriage ceremony and believed the
bride to be the lady In question, dressed as she was accustomed to dress, although he did not see her face; that
tbe parish clerk also recognized the
Isdy; thnt tbe clergyman wns ready to
swear that the bride was the lady, and
that the registers showed her signature, there could be no chance whatever of success ln disputing or denying
the marriage.
self who am gone distraught?"
"Indeed 1 kuow not which."
"Did you speak to me?   Did you eoa-
rratulate the bride, Juck?"
•Wo; I was sick nnd sorry, Molly. I
weut out of the church. I had seen
euough. The clerk, however, haa been
telling the story of this private marriage all over the town. Everybody
knows It. The marriage ls duly entered lu the registers. It was a marriage
by the archbishop's license. The man
I'urden may be all that the vicar's letter exposed, but the marriage was ln
Molly said nothing for awhile; then
she said gently: "The letter from the
bookseller, your cousin, spoke of Lord
Fyllngdale as ruined. If be were to
marry a woman with money, it would
be his"—
t»   it ,„il lard, molasses or sugar to
bZ IftVwIsh to beep well and be
Fp0teto«bnked thoroughly, but not
affStl tun. dark are the best to be
„' a,'0r creamed potatoes.
If Sal.id dressing curdles when being
mixed,  add  a
quickly,   and
"5S tic ground like coffee or crush
edimmedlfstely before boiling waterls
mured upon it. It will yield nearly double the amount of Its exhilarating qualities. ,
If a sliced onion nnd carrot are cooked willi veal. It will be found thnt the
flavor of the rather tasteless ment is
much Improved. Veal cutlets rely for
their flavor on the tomato sauce that
.ittle cold  water,  stir
It   wUl    become   quite
"I believe that there are sometimes ^	
letters—bills of lading or whatever they | js usually served with them,
ore called — which give the wife the'
control of her own property; otherwise
everything becomes her husband's."
"Why did he wish to marry me?
There was never a gleam of love In hla
eye nor a note of love In bis voice.
Why, except that he might get my
"That ls, I am convinced, the reason."
"Villainy, villainy, villainy! Jack,
this ls a conspiracy. Some woman has
been made to play my part. Tben ho
will claim me as bis wife and lay
hands upon all that I have."
"No, Molly; he shall not while you
have friends."
A delightful flavor Is sometimes given to steak by placing It overnight In
a bath of oil mui vinegar, ln the morning it is wiped before the broiling, but
enough of the mixture has been absorbed to give It a decided flavor.
If in making split pen soup a teacup
ful of whipped cream is put lu tin*
tureen Just as the soup Is poured over.
the Improvement in flavor of the soup
will be noticeable, Tbls puree lias
sometimes n fiat. ever, watery tasts*
that is not ut nil agreeable, which tho
Whipped cream entirely removes.
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A  Seotcli AnllKolC !.»«▼.
, Scotland, as everybody knows. Is the
"Friends cannot help where the law , ,an(1 wj,eI.e ~0lf originated and the land
orders otherwise.    So much I know,] whpl.() u mM\ Qourlsni*.    Rut If tin
Jnck.   Yet you can do one thing for! . w were strictly rnforeed north of the
me.    You can  protect me  from  the, Twel>(1 it would go lie*-", with the piny
mnn.   He must not take me away."
"All Lynu will fight for you."
"Jack, I waut more.   I want all Lynn
to believe me.   You have known me all
my life. Am I capable of such a change
ers of the royal name in "Ronnie Scotland." Golf players there mny not
know It, but they are liable to a sen
tence of death f.;r their Indulgence In
their favorite sport.   Technically, tills
of mind?    Am I capable of so mon- j Jg litel.,1nv „ fnct.    In ancient limes.
HIS was the day when
all the villainy came
to a head and did its
worst nnd met with
the first Installment
of exposure. I bave
told you what was
doue at tbe church
was   our   own   bewilder-
and   what
ment, not knowing what to believe or
bow to explain things. For my own
part, though I might bave guessed because I bad discovered the jealousy of
Lady Anastasia. yet tbe truth, even tbe
possibility of the truth, never came Into
my head. I had no manner of doubt In
my own mind but it was Molly herself
and none other whom I saw standing
as a bride at the altar rail with Lord
Fyllngdale for a bridegroom. The fact,
I say, admitted of ne dispute. Yet why
should Molly change her mind? And
why should she deny tlie fnct?
I sought her at the house. I begged
her to come Into the gnrtlen nnd to tnlk
with me privately. Then I asked those
two questions. Her nnswer lo both of
them wns most amazing.
"Jack," she snld, "I kuow not what
you jnenn. I have not changed my
mind. It Is Impossible for me to marry
a man at whom such things can bo
■eilil unless he can prove thnt they are
false. Mow can you think tlmt I have
changed my tnlnd? As regards this
talk about an early Wedding, what do
1 know about Iti At <l o'clock I wns
In the kitchen with my mother and Nigra. I have not been out of the limine
at all."
Then I persisted. I asked ber If she
could have gone out and had perhaps
"Forgotten!" she repeated scornfully. "I>o you suppose that a woman
could by any possibility forget her own
v, eddliig? Rut what Is lt, Jack? What
Is In your mind?"
Theu I told ber. "Molly," 1 said,
"last night I forgot your letter. Thero
was so much to think and talk about
witli these dlRcloHiires thnt 1 forgot.
This morning I remembered. Then I
hurried ashore. Iran to the Crown. It
wns Just upon 0. I wns too late. Ills
lordship had gone out In a chair. I
ran to the church. It was just after
0. The doors were open. I heard
Voices. I went In, Molly. Do not sny
that I am dreaming. I how ynu—you,
I soy—you yourself, witli your pink
silk cloak, the hood pulled over your
head, a domino to hide your face, Just
ns had been arrauged."
"You saw me, Jack? You saw me?
How could you see me?"
"And your hand was in Lord Fyllng-
dale'a, and Mr. I'urden was pronouncing the words which made you Ills
wife, 'Whom Ood hath joiued together
let uot man put asunder.' "
sin* stared at me with blank amassment.
"In my pink silk clonk? Jack, aro
you ln your right mind, or ls lt I my-
strous a falsehood as to steal out te
marry the man and then to declare that
I have never left the house? Oh, the
villain, the villain!" Her cheek was
aflame; her eyes flashed.
I seized her hand. "Molly," I cried,
"they shall all believe you. I will tell
the truth everywhere."
Just then tbe garden door was thrown
open, and Snm Semple appeared. With
a smiling face and a bending knee he
advanced, bowing low.
"Permit me to offer congratulations
to the Countess of Fyllngdale."
"I am not a countess. I am plain
Molly Miller."
Snm looked disconcerted nnd puzzled.
I perceived that, plot or no plot, he had
no band in lt.
"I am come," he said, "from his lord-
"I bave notblng to do with his lordship."
"Surely, madam; surely, my lady,
there is some misunderstanding. I am
sent by his lordship with his compliments to ask when It will be convenient for the countess to receive him."
"You have been Informed, I suppose,
that I was married to bim this morn-
"Certainly, my lady."
"Then go back to Lord Fyllngdale
and tell bim tbat he Is a villain and a
liar, that I have lenrned his true character, that I am not married to him
and that If he ventures to molest me
my friends will protect me. Give bins
that message, sir, word for word."
"I believe, Sam." I snld, for his discomfiture nnd bewilderment made him
reel and stngger, "that you have no
hand In this new villainy. It wns you.
however, wbo brought thnt man to
Lynn, knowing his true character and
his antecedents. Let us never see your
face here again. Go. If I thought you
were In the plot, I would serve you
again as tbe captain served you three
years ago."
He went nway without another word.
Then the captain came home, his
face troubled.
"I know not." ho said, "what has
happened In this place. I hnve see-s
Lord Fylingdnle. I told him of tbe
charges and accusations."
"Well, did he deny them?"
"He denied nothing, and he admitted nothing. He says thnt you married
blm this morning, Molly."
"I know. He has sent Sam Semple
here with the same story. Coptala,
you believe me, do you not?"
"Believe you, Molly? Why. If I did
not believe you, I should believe nothing.   Believe .vou?   My dear, i would
as soon doubt the prayer book." lie
laid his baud upon her arm, and the
tears came Into his eyes, "My dear, I
Unvo been nu old fool. But 1 slid It for
tho best, lie says that you are his
wife. Let blm come nntl take you—If
lie cani"
"It is not Molly that ho would take;
It is Molly's fortune."
"Why, sir," she snid, "If he takes tlie
Whole and wastes nntl dissipates lt, ho
long as he does not take me, what does
It matter?"
Then the vicar enmo ngnln, nntl the
whole of the business hntl to be discussed again. At lirst be adhered to
his theory of unconscious action, because u scholar always likes to explain
every theory by examples chosen from
Latin and Greek authors. He had
looked up several more stories of tlie
kind from 1 know not what folio volumes in his library and came prepared
to defend his opinion. But (lit; absolute certainty of Molly's assertion, tlie
evidence of her mother, who declared
that Molly hnd been working with her
since half past 6, the tlrm belief (,f the
cnptnln nntl my own change of opinion
nnd the possibility of d< ptlon shook
f" ' ■' ' "'i '•"m-no."
when Scotland always had work for
her soldiers to do. all young men wore
required to p»rfect themselves iu archery. They picferred to play golf, and
so serious a rival did lhe game In-come
that it was for U lime suppressed and
made a capii.il offense. That curious
law never lias been repealed and may
still be iViind on the stilt lite bssok.
There seems to be no record, however,
of the law ever having been enforced.
nrsm isissn'ii Inre  For  lls-nllls.
Browuiii.; never passed a day without
taking one or more Ion;: walks. Indeed,
his panacea for most ills was exercise,
und the exercise he chiefly advocated
was walking.   He wrote:
"I get as nearly angry as It Is In me
to become with people I love when they
trifle with their health—that is. with
their life—like children playing wilh
jewels over a bridge side, jewels which
once in the water how can we, the
poor lookers on, hope to recover? Vou
don't know how absolutely well I am
after my walking, not on the mountains merely, but on the beloved Lido.
Go there, if ouly to stand uud be blown
about by tlie sea wiud."
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A Qtse-pr Jnpnnene MnrrlnKe Oaatom.
Wild geese are considered tlie best
examples of conjugal felicity In the
animal world. Thus the Japanese
groom sends tlie bride a pair of these
birds, and she in turn presents tbem to
her parents. To further emphasize the
matter the groom brings another pair
to the wedding, und tliey rmist in the
room during the ceremony. Tbelr conduct Is watched with enre. for they
must not struggle to escape during the
proceedings. Tortunute Is the bridegroom who cannot secure the geese
alive and must be content to substitute
toy imitations of the birds, for then
he lias no anxiety l«'st the wild propen*
pity assert itself tluring the marriage
rites and thus prove an 111 omen to the
household.— Woman's Home Companion.
How lo  l.lvss ou  l.ssri*.
The girl was having n private con
ference with her father on the sub
ject of marriage.
"Tho young man hasn't enough to
Support you on," urged the fnther.
"Itut you will give us something."
she said.
"Not a grent deal, my dear."
"Then we shall live on love."
"I'gh." sniffed the fa 1 her.
"Don't you think we can?" asked tho
girl willi the beautiful confidence of
"Yes, If you both stny single." And
the father declined te discuss the matter further.
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IIii.lloa Far la* Lawyer.
Sometimes the jury returns n verdict
for the lawyer, sf which tbs following
Is n good instance: Mr. John Jones, a
barrister of great InfliiMcs and ability,
was a lendinj,' counselor practicing In
the Welsh circuit. Dpon one occasion
after a felicitous speech on behalf of
his client In n criminal case the Jury as
soon us the Judge had summed up,
without waiting for the olllcer to tnke
their verdict, called out, "My lord, we
nre all for John Jones, with costal"
'iniii. Gravy,
For n thick gravy fry n minced onion
In butter to 0 dark brown color, stir
Into lt one ounce Hour, stir well, tboll
mid half pint of stock, pepper antl salt
to taste nnd n little catchup. Stir while
all boll for a few minutes, then strain
und serve.
At   Flnnis*.
"Can you tnlk on your feet?" snld
the young mnn who wns thinking rue
fully of tho time hu tried to muke an
after dinner speech.
"I enn," was the nnswer, accompn
nlcd by the baleful smile of 0 person
who is about to make a deliberate Joke.
"'   used   to  lecture  ou   chiropody."
"What's tbe  matter  wltb grandfather?"
"He's Insulted.   You see, lie's nearly
ninety, und he happened to hear you
remark thut the good die youi!-*."
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nfter I-
liaiituru at SIX).
Mr.   .lacobH,     how noon'll you
Uck if nobody asks me?"
ho The Drill.
,.,, null telephono system in Mon-
, rL Is handicapped by an epidemic
i>matrimony amoiK the «lrls ln lhu
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!C company have found it necessurv
Z, replace sixty operators within the
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I, molt economic.
Knight, the Winnipeg bicycle thief,
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Mrs smith-"] declare this leg of
I '     ,')"   I"8 •sll,mik away  almost   to
; hl"('- Willie Sinith-'Te.haps,
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fts> my llunnel did."
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S.0BS. mui  vis?or.
ul course   you   read about    lhat
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n«    I don't see how a horse coi.td
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,he regained strength rapidly.   1 hnve
used  Ihe Tablets  for other  ailments
since    und always with the happiest
I results.   I  can  sincerely  recommend
.them lo motheis as a medicine that
'.should always lie kept in the house."
j    Little ones thrive, are good n.itur-
cd    and    grow    plump    and rosy in
I homes where Baby's Own Tablets are
jused.   Children take them ns readily
as candy,   and  crushed  to  a powder
they can be g.ven to the youngest in-
!font  with  the b^st of  results.   Sold
ut  drug stores or you ran get  them
post paid at 25 cents a box by writing direct to the Dr. Willi une* "Mudi-
cine Co.    Brockville,  Out.,  or Schenectady,  N. V.
Never put off till to-morrow wh.it
you can get someone else to do today.
"And was my present a surprise tu
jour sister, Johnny?" "You bet!
!-he snid she never suspecteil you'd
give ber anything so cheap."
Ta.    Dramatic    Kaperlrnrr    °"    TWO
Aulari'lls*   lliplssr.-rss.
Mr. C. E. Borchgrevink. commander |
of  the  antarctic  expedition   of   I8D8, I
nearly lost his life by un accident of ll >
nature sss peculiar tluit it la probable
no other man could duplicate the s-x
patience.   At the fool »r Mount Terror
ln February, iikmi. be landed rum his
ship with Captain Jensen ami three
other men. Tben. wishing to take si
lii'turo of the shore, he sent Ids boat
buck to the vessel lo gel a eamern. and
he uud Captain Joftsea were loft alone
on the rough bs-m-li. Before the lioul
returned a strange nud awful thing
ha|i|n'iied. Mr. Borchgrevink told the
storj In the Outlook:
a roar and a rush, with tremendous
explosions, shook the beach. The
thought came to us that the perpendicular i nt ks above us were fulling. 'I hen
we realised what was taking plnce.
The mighty glacier Im dlniely to the
Wesl 'if ua was giving l.irlli to an Ire
Millions of tons of Ice plnu.-td Into
tin* ocean, We could r<*«' notblng be
J'oinl nn linnieiise cloud i.f re'.'.ing
mnv. The water rose from the | binge
of thin nutnrctle monarch. I sang out
toJeuscu, "Now we shnll hnve to face
tlie wave"**
We rushed to the highest point of our
limited beach, four feet above the sea.
Wc miw iiilvnnclng on us a dark green
Hilge with a white crest. I called to
Jensen to struggle for dear life. We
clutched the uneven rocks, with our
bn, k-. toward the advancing water. Although It could not hnve taken Mors
tlmn seven minutes the time seemed
long before tho wnter closed over our
bee Ua
I'loutlng upward, s.-rnmilling upon
the rocks, I tore the nails from my
flesh in my endeavor tO keep from I «'
leg drugged  out    After  Ibe second
Wave we ugalis folt tbe rocks tinder
OUr fret.
At tho plnce where Jensen untl 1 t.t*\
Mood the rock wns wet twenty feet
■bovo our heiulR. It wns somewlinl
lower when It struck us. Win re the
*»vc had struck wltb full force thc
foeo uf ihe rock bad been altered, and
rocks were still falling when tin' three
•"en in the host found ns, bleeding lind
Two facts bad saved us. To our rlgl'f
* wiih peninsula of Ice protruded
•"Hie ihe feet from the rock, and the
took itself bent toward the west. From
•■••' iiMHi t It struck the curve of the
■houutnln rock to the west of us the
*»ve look a courst more easterly thnn
where Jensen and I stood.
Fever nnd Ague and Diliotie Derangements sue positively cured by the use of
I'armelee'-t l'ills. They not only cleansse
Hit* si.iiii.ii li nmi bowels from all hillou?.
ns.it lcr, hut they open the excretory vessels, mussing them to pour copious effusions from ths* blooil into the bowels, utter which the corrupted muss is thrown
nut by the natural pnssnge of the lioily
They are used a* is ueiiernl family ine.1-
ls ins.  with  the best  results.
Winnipeg  bank   clearings   for    July
Increased 18,000,000,
•luly customs revenue In the Dominion increased |8_0,000 this year
over 1901.
MiNARD'S LINIMENT Relieves Nenralsia.
When In doubt, tell Ibe truth.—Sam
eel Clemens.
Wbat mnkes life dreary is want ol
motive.- George Eliot.
A laugh Is worth n hundred groans
in nny market, -(.'buries l.anib.
lie Is it wise man who wastes no en
,'tgy on pursuits for Which he "is uol
'Hied.- Ulatlsioiis*.
If you will be cherished when vou
ire old. Is* coin* Icons wheu you are
.suing.-John l.yly.
if you would hit the target attn a
little ubove It. Every arrow that tlies
.'ii'l.'t the attraction of earth.- Longfel
i bi'i'e is nothing ko powerful  as ex
itinplc. We pui others straight by
walking    strniglit    ourselves, — Mme.
Have a purpose lu life, nud having ii
throw such strength of mind aiitl U1UB-
ele Int > your work as God has given
in'.i.- Carlyle.
I'onuerly we were guided i y the.. Is
dotu sif our i.iii'i'siors. No.v ve nro
hurl led along I y Ibe wisdom of our tie
Kal lb.
A  mother lu one of the suburbs of
New   York.   Wishing   lo   prepare  the
minds of her two children for a oorulug
ev. ut Of gl'i'ilt imp ll'tUlll'ci, tsilil tils-Hi
Unit If Ibey WOllltl like lo have a Utile
brother uv sister slu' thought if they
prayed earnestly .'very night and inoru
lUg God WoUld s.'iiil llii'lil one.
Iii due time ihe desired baby arrived,
io ihe children's great delight and ev!
ilc.iily lo lhe HtreiigtlieiilU"* of Hair
fultli, fur the next day Ilie father rum''
into his wife's room, saying:
"Look here, l.l/'/.le. lliis I hi UK has got
I Just went Into Uie piti'lnr nmi
tluise children ou lludi
hard us tliey could
WHEAT—During the past week tbo
speculative wheat markets in tlio
States huve developed considerable
weakness and displayed a good deal
of nervousness. Prices have rosordod
a gradual decline every day without
any sign of reaction until yesterday
when closing p,icca were ic hotter
thun the day before. Thu decline on
the week is ljc to 2c per bushel.
There is littlo to hu said about tbo
crops at present. Winter wheat harvest is over in the Stutes and Europe as far north as the north of
France, lt begins in the south of
Knglnntl this week and tlm spring
wheat harvest in tho southern part
of South Dakota and Southern Min-
ni'solu is beginning this week. In
Argentina the weather has been favorable for tin* new crop which bus
got a good start, ln Australia some
rains bad fallen in the wheat districts, but not sullicient to make the
situation for the new crop favorable,
and. at. present Australia is not
counted us un exporter for next
year. India has been u good shipper
to Europe recently, but the prospect
for the coming season's crop is not
Tbere i.s very little doing in Manitoba, wheat nnd the business for the
season 1001-3 is getting pretty well
wound up. I'rjices are firm and held
above export value, but this is owing to the moderate quantity of
wheat available to work on. The
slock at Port William is wearing
down and shipment from the country
points is on a gradually decreasing
siale. At the close of Inst week
values were : 1 hard, 7(*s{c; 1 northern, 71 f/, 2 northern, 72Jc, in store
l'ort William or l'ort Arthur, spot
or delivery  fust half of  August.
FLOOR—Demand is light antl thc
market is unchanged ns follows:
Ogilvle's Hungarian. $2.05 per sack
of 98 lbs. ; Olenora Patent, SI.90;
Alberta, $1.75; Manitoba, $1.60;
XXXX,  $1.25. J
MII.I.FEKU - Bran is firm and
worth Sir. per ton in bulk. Shorts
lirm at SI7 [ier ton in bulk, delivered, subject to usual trade discounts.
0R0OND FEED—We quote: Oat
chop, per ton. $2.**., barley chop, ?21;
mixed barley and oats, 52(5; chop
screenings, $15.50; oil cake, $3n.
OATS—There is very little doing in
the oat market. Offerings are uinple
for all requirements here, anil as
lhe export demand is quiet, there is
not much doing. Prices for No. 2
white are firmer and lc higher. Feed
grades are unchanged. We quote :
No. '2 white, 11 to 42c per bushel,
for car lots on track here; feed
grades, H7 to :18c. At country points
fanners ure getting 81 to 84c for
No. 2 white outs.
BARLEY—All offerings are now being taken for feed at 40c per bushel
The movement is very light,
Sl'l-'I.T/.-I)'*alers are doing o. little business in spelts for feeding pur-
puses at .".He per bushel of "sssltis.
HAY—Demand is fair and the market steady at $7 to $8 per ton for
carlots on track here for fresh baled.
POULTRY—Spring chickens, 10 lo
15c per pair, alive; fowl, 70 to 75c;
ducks uud geese, 9c. per pound; tui-
keys,  lie,  live weight
BUTTER—Creamery—Factories o i e
turning out considerable quantities
of butter, for which the. • is a good
market. Choice grades an. worth
It,J to 17c per pound at furlssr*.
I ti'ntf,
L'l T I Kit—Dairy—Receipts are in.nl-
finely b'ge, and the mrl.ii'. h*
ttioady. Considerable quauc' ios hm'
paying l^c per pound for choicest
dairy In tubs or boxes, and from
that figure the market ranges down
to 10c per pound for low grades, ull
commission basis.
CHEESE*—The market is eteaily
and purchases have been made at
8jc per pound. The range or prices
is from Sic to 9c per pound delivered here.
EGGS—Receipts are moderate, and
lhe market holds at 18c per flo/en
lor choice case eggs delivered in Winnipeg-
DRESSED MEATS—Receipts are
improving, and tho market is easy.
We quote: Beef, city dressed, 7s) to
Sic per lb.; veal. 8 to 9c; mutton,
9c; spring lambs, each, $ftU0 to **t
hogs,  per pound. 7}  to 8}c-
A New Brunswick Postmaster Tolls
of His Efforts to Cure His Kidney
to Curo His Kidney Trouble—Hs
Suffered for Years and Tried Many
Medicines, but Only Recently Found
the Right One.
Lower Windsor, N.B., Aug. 4. (Sps>
ciul.)—Mr. T. H. Belyea, postmaster
ol this place, has made a very interesting Statement of his experience in
his efforts to be cured of Kidney
Trouble which has bothered him for
many years.
At times ho would have very bad
spells, and when these came on he
was ulinost laid up.
He tried several doctors and used
many medicines, but nothing seemed
to help him in the least.
Plasters, oils, liniments on the outside and doses of all kinds and descriptions taken internally seem to
have bu'. one result. He was no better.
Finally through reading an advertisement he was led to tho use of
Hodd's  Kidney Pills.   He says :
"Dodd's Kidney Pills wero so highly recommended for Kidney Trouble
that aftci reading some testimonials,
I concluded to try them according lo
"I hutl tried so many things that
I was very skeptical and had but little faith thut Dodd's Kidney Fills
or woulii help nie. However, 1 din
not use them long before I founsl
that they were all and more than
wus claimed for them.
"I have received more benefit irom
them than from any other medicine
I have ever used for they seem to
have made a complete cure of my
"I feel as well as ever I did and
have not the slightest trace of the
Kidney Trouble that bothered me
ever so much.
"I want to say that I believe that
Dodd's Kidney Pills are the right
medicine for Kidney Trouble."
Mr. Belyea is very well known to
there are but few who have not been
aware of his serious illness.
Everyone is delighted ut his improved health and his published
statement has done much to make
Dodtl's Kidney Pills even more popular in this neighboihood than they
have been.
Frinro Muhn Vajiravuch, son ..f the
King o' Siam, will visit America directly after the coronation of King
l    I     CW***'*»/s!*/-r-        1
in and order a bag of Ogilvle's flour
for her bit'*.Ing tho housewife is con-
linuiUly as. ng of her husband, but
If he forgets svhe will order it herself,
for the lover o' good, white and delicious bread will never use any other after she experiences the satisfactory results of Ogilaie's flour. It is
made fi om choice wheat and milled
by tho best process. Always ask for
Mlllors ta II.R.H. the Prlnae of Wales
Eddy'a Imparvlout •hasstblng- la tha bant building papar mad* It Is vary
muah stronger and thicker than any olher (tarred or building) paper. It 1*
Impervious to wind, keeps out cold, kes-ps ln heat, carries no smell er odor,
absorbs no moisture. Imparts no tasts or flavor to anything to which Its
comas la eontaot. It la largely used nol only (or sheathing houses, but for
lining cold storage buildings, refrigerators, dairies, creaisserles, and sll placaa
where tha object Is to keep an even and uniform temperature, snd st ths
same time avoiding dampness.   Writs our agents—
WiuMl LINIENT Cro Damint
Ssuue iiu*ii are pleasant enough to
talk lo, but rather disuRieable to
listen to
The war is over! 'Dorit pay
■war prices for highly puffed
cheap TEJI "^2—^s^
—bestvalu&ih the world.
The mnn who takes up a lot of
your valuable time is seldom able to
take a hint.
It is (he vaulting ambition of   an
acrobat  thut  enables  It im  to  achieve
The number of suicides iu the
French army has become so lur^e
that the cause has been investigated
by a leading journalist.   A system sif
uelty nnd brutality s.*s*ms to have
grown up, which is making life unbearable to young recruits.
Mnch  ror 1,11 tis.
MoJIjger—l saw Markley blowing off
•hot theatrical manager to a ten dollar
dinner yesterday.
Thingumbob— Yes, a scheme of his.
■""I It worked beautifully. He wns
Iforklni* him for a couple of paeses.
frlsll-gM  LtnaltsS.
Tiie Cook-All dune ilnh'd dot man
•Met*, ,]0 kitcheu. ma'am, fo' utealiu'
!II step 1^
"mind   both
'.nei-s prnylnu
CATTLE!—The export movemont of
range cattle is Increasing, and a fair
movement has been noted this week.
The cuttle are in line condition now,
nntl as the markets are right, a rapid
movement may be looked for. The
Manitoba rattle are ,not so fnt as
those from thc west, especially the
steers. Choice export steers from the
western ranges nre worth 4}c per
pound off curs In Winnipeg; butchers'
cattle,  '"J  to 4c.
SHEEP—Receipts are moderate
and prices range from 4 to 4tjc per
pound, off cars, Winnipeg, liinnbs
ore worth 34 to 4c.
HOGS—Live hogs are coming in
freely, and the market is easy ut
liic olT cars here.
Mil,I'll COWS—Cows are scarce,
Good milkers readily bring $45 in
this market, the range being from
$'!5 to $45 each.
I.ltlle Snlsa Town One uf Ilie dualist-
«at   III   I'su-ii;,...
When next you {jo to the Lake of
Geneva, by nil moans pay n visit to
the little known village of St. Legier,
near by, on tlie road between Yevoy
und Illonay, one of the quaintest villages In Europe and one of the proudest on account of its extraordinary
adornments. St. Legier and tli3 adjoining village of I .a Chlesaa are nothing
me.'.* or less than Illustrated villages.
They are ns profusely Illustrated as
the modern magazine, for nearly ull
tlie houses bear on their outside walls
somo striking picture or comical cnrl-
caturo from the brush of n great man
In the village, M. Alfred lleguin. a
painter of local renown uml uot un
known iu Paris, says Pearson's Maga*
A houso In St. Legier has no use for
n signboard lo tell tbe world tlmt it Is
un Inn. a cycle shop, a forge or n dairy
M. Buguln's picture dues tbat  Un a
stable wall he draws a  pls-tuie of  a
spirited runaway horse knocking down
nun as be leapt fur freedom; on tin-
white wall of tin* little village forge
are pictures of men making horseshoes
for   sls'iir   life   uud   shoeing   a   frisky
steed; ou the wall of the dairy a dairy
maid  balances u  pall of milk on  lur
lead, while scenes of local life, us pictures of tin- uiiiniai summer esodus to
the uiouiituiii pastures wltb the cows
aud goats, und caricatures of the local
bigwigs   make  n   bright   picture  gallery of the village.   M. Ilegultl lives in
one of the most Imposing houses in St.
Legier, whence he obtains a full view
of tlie crooked little village street uud
of the Dent du Jaliinn towering up ln
the distance.   Kor many years past be
hns amused himself by painting the
liollsOH, nntl  In the lirst place lie ne-
liiiri'd most of his skill uml boldness
iu painting In ihis wuy.
So will you if
you smoke
Cigars.   Vou  cannot   resist  when
you get thnt sweet flavor. Try one
During recent eruptions of Mount
Vesuvius the clouds of vapor were
lisustid to be strongly charged with
hydrochloric acid.
Ill litlius*, boots and kIios'h cause corns
llsillsiwuy'H Corn l.'s.re Ih the article tss
use.   lis-t a  hot I lo ul  ones* and  cuts'yuur
The United Stales post ollice tle-
purtuient is doing effective ws.rk iu
various parts of the country iu
breaking up fraudulent " endless
chain" schemes carried on through
the mails
The quality atanslorsl from Ocean tss
Or,>uii.   Vour money l.ss.-k If not satisfactory. .....
.The Ulitress- You did perfectly right,
T\\e ('„„|j _y,.8*m. ue U|n't got no
"Kin fo' i0 „,,.„., yo. IOgah. He ain't
**r,W heat,.
WIIHsn Wlrt'S Reform**.*!**"""*
William Wirt, the great lawyer, ~j
torney general f*_^J£Z
and pre-seeutor of Aaron Burr W»n
was tried for MM*, WM Jg
«ud made sensuous by «Qn~ **" " A
ho lost all self control .nd awM*f£
Ou one occasion while drunk no felM-
the etreets of' BJ-*"*** JW3
there asleep MISS    ..     • he wai
ful woman In tbe city, to whom n
betrothed, cams along. «* J
piaeed her handkerchief, o ^     ncd>
ber nau.e, over his face.    lo w
,nw the namo, learnsd the mc.
and lt reformed blm.
Isonir  Service.
In the commune or Idaarderadeel, In
Holland, n womnn hns just died who
was for sevenly-foiir yeurs ill Ihe service of the sumo family. H«l ■»» m"'se
Kiil, then lit* domestic und iliiuily «B
SHeroaenisIc   Mnlter.
Particles of mutter too smnll to be
dlseerncsl   with   the   linked   .'.ve   nO',.
through the atuioaphfre uud bear, nw
„ microscopic fleet, uncountable mil
Hour- of organisms whose combined at-
tneb suffices to roudj-r a huge fraction
of the human race miserable.
When a woman throws herself at u
man's head she seldom bits the murk
A western man bus shot his wife
because lie loved her. Horns* men are
so demonstrative.
(iood sense—never the product of a
single mind—it the fruit of intercourse and collision.
Without question the beat ars-J
most effei tlve springs In Canada for
thu curs of rheumatism, kidney er
llvsr troubles. Ths medicinal qualities of ths water srs unequalled.
Splendid hotsl accommodation ; ftns
ftshlnjc and hunting. An ideal spot
Ur the invalid.
II your children are troubleil with
woriiiH, silvs' thorn Mollu'r QravS'l Wiirns
Kxterinlinitor : wife, ssurp, unsl sftoctusl,
Try It, untl murk ths. Improvement In
yssur child
Truth may be slow, hue it is surefooted,
To Recognize Purity.
Adulteration has grown to such a
tne art, that It is almost impossible for a woman now-a-days to detect tbe false from the true; but a
chemical analysis will always detect
adulteration. Prof. W. Hodgson
Kills, Official Analyst to tbe Dominion Government, after a number of
analyses, reports that " Sunlight
Soap la a pure and well-made soap."
Try Sunlight Soap—Octagon Bar-
next wash day, and you will see tbat
Prof, lcnis ie right. No one should
know better tban he. 110
Every time a man runs across a
lot of sild clothes around ihe house
he searches them, althougb he never
liiuls anything;.
Lots of girls get   married   merely
to gratify  tln-ir curiosity.
No nrtist bus ever been Inspired to
paint u biiltl-licuili'sl angel.
A liv/y mnn never tfets uheas! utili'ss
soms'one puts u head on him.
The average man  is charitable  toward all women except his wife.
It  is  as  difficult     for    stone  .vouiir
men to slow down   rapidly as tt is
for others to make haste slowly.
So rn|iiilly iloet lunir irritatlun spreasl
s.nil deepen thut sitten In n tew ws*ekB a
Simple cough culmlnatt.s in t.uliomib.r
conSUItptlOD,      (live   Imcil      to   si   cminh.
there is always danger in delay, net a
Pottle uf nickie'H anti-Consumptive By*
ruii uml curs. VOUrsslf. It Ih n mi-ilii-iriss
iinstiipuMHi'd fur all throat unsl Inns'
trOUblSS. It is COtnpOQndsd front several
herbs, eiis-h outs of which si anils at the
betid uf the list ass excrtlm*. is womlcrlul
Influence in curing consumption untl all
iiinii rth-saies.
A big womnn can go through «
small man's pockets without any
sleight su' bund business,
Ths* gootl may die young, but it Is
clear that the hnd live forever—if
tombstone epitaphs tell  the truth.
Tlie lonirer a man lives the more
lust opportunities he has to regret. T1TE DRILL, SLOCAN, B. C, AUGUST 15, 1902.
ti. •■
C. K. S.M1THDRISQALR, Editor and Prop.
SI.OCAN,      •      -       -    - -      B. C.
I.ugal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
•■legal advertising.
liocait will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription ii $2 per year, strictly in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address sll letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY. AUGUST 15lb, 1902.
A pencil mark in tbs space
opposite will be an indication to yeu that ye editor
ceusidsrs thore is something
caining to him on yolirsuU-
scription. Kindly acknowledge   in cash and oblige.
KUlTOiUAI.   tsorriMiii.
If Ool. Prior is wise, he will avoid
this burg, Tho government has
spent nothing on local trails.
Don't overlook the fact that the pro
•vincial voters' lists will bo cancelled
on September 1 and new lists compiled by September 30. Only by
personal registration will one save
his franchise.
Settlers are crowding into thc
Northwest at the rate ef over 7000 a
liionth.onc-third pf whom are coining
from the States. The huge harvest
now being garnered in from the
•prairies will -stimulate itnmigrat'on
to a yet greator degree.
Canada's trade keeps expanding
from month to month, a healthy indication of the vitality of the country.
During July ths exports increased
$2,000,000 ever tho same month last
year, while larger imports swelled
.the duties collected by $300,000.
Wore the Victoria Colonist endow
cd witli the slightest feeling of coin-
passion or deeency, it would cut out
that page and a-half of fishery notices it persists in publishing daily
It is perfestly exasperating to tlio
fellows runuingono-horse sheets In
the country to see such a feast mono
polized by those eity chaps. Better
take the hint or violence may follow.
All true Britons will rejoice that
King Edward and his noble Rpousc.
Alexandra, have been permitted to
come into their full heritage and be
crowned rulers of the British Empire.
Modern life and usages tend not to
the preservation of the feudalism of
the old-world monarchies and aris
.toerscy, yet it is sale to say Britain's
reigning family never dwelt more
firmly on the throno or received
more lovalty from the nation than
new. The reason for it is that tbe
people enjoy a liberty unequalled the
world ovor.
its   1'     ■  ■     '
Claim owners on Grobninn creek
complain bitterly of the lack of a
trail to that promising section,though
one lias been repeatedly promised
them by the government. Thsre aro
upwards of 60 claims being repre-
aentod yearly at the head of tho
croek and the labor of getting in|
supplies is tremendous. At present j
some of the claim holders go in by
•way of I'Uinon creek, which entails
about 30 miles of travel, whilo a
trail from tho ('. & K. railway woultl
do the trick in seven. Nelson businessmen do not seem much alive to
their own advantages or they would
build the trail thomsolves. The
county town has lost its old-time
vigor in looking after the iiovds of
the prospectors.
More serious bush Hrcs are raging
in the camp thnn at any timo since
1898 and the damage wrought to the
forests will be great. With an in
-creasing number of mine.*., timber
liita become more valuable, and it is
a pity te soe so much of it going up
in Hiiioko Pure carelessness has
been the cause of more than ono ol'
tin* fires and severo pnnislinie nt
should in* muted out to the parties
responsible. As usual the govern-
•lient is doing nothing toward! preserving thc timber in tho country,
not even to posting up notices. Were
British Columbia as ambitious as Ontario, it would have in vogue sn efficient system of fire ranging. As it
is human life in the hills is menaced
hy a constant danger, while the
amount of tint-Mr being doitroyod iB
Pay the printer.
Sandon wants to celehrato Labor
The full session of the school opens
en Monday next.
Typhoid fever has been troubling
New Denver of late.
The forest fire near Lemon creek
is becoming dangerous.
Arthur Mullen is opening a wholesale liquor store at Three Forks.
D. M. Davis, an old timer in the
Slocan, died in Sandon last week.
Lots of wheat left at $1.75 and
shorts at $1.40 per sack, at Arnot's.
Special union services commence
next Sunday in the Presbyterian
Thc Clara Muthes Co. will play a
return engagement here within tho
next ten days.
A large party of citizens have
been camped all week at the mouth
of Evans creek.
Do not pay fl,"25 I»lf2.rv0 for ladies'
girls', or boys' shoes when tliey are
selling for $1 at Arnot s.
The government last week asked
for tenders for the building of a
$3000 bridge at New Denver.
Wm. Hunter, of Silverton, spent
Monday night in the city, lie is
closing out Iiis big store at Nelson.
Mayor York, accompanied by Mrs,
York, left for the St. Leon springs,
on Upper Arrow lake, Tuesday, to
spend a week.
James Callaghan, of Vancouver,
was here during the week and appointed J. A. Anderson agent for the
Hcintzmun pianos.
Coronation day was celebrated here
merely by the flying of flags. The
children expected sports, but thev
did not materialize.
Dan Campbell, an employee at
Genellc's sawmill, was accidentally
drowned at Nakusp last week. The
body was recovered.
The big engine sent to thc Nakusp
road Tuesday would not take kindly
to the curves, so a six-wheeler was
taken up yesterday.
Kaslo hns been pretty well cut off
by forest tires during the week, a
considerable portion of Mo K. & S.
track having been burned out.
Jack Aitchison took his discharge
from the Fifth Hegiment C.M.R. in
South Africa, along with 80 others,
and will remain there some time.
C\aap tickets to Calgary will be
issuvl in connection with tbe exhibition there.   Sold on  Aug. 2.1. 30, Bt
good to return on Sept 6.    Fare for
round trip via Bevclstoke $ 11.40.
South African volunteers, or their
relatives, interested in the Exemption Aet passed by the legislature at
the last session are requested to com
muuicate with the minister of mines
without delay.
Pauline Johnson and partner pave
a talking entertainment in the Music
Hall, Friday night, beforo a small
audience. These two-horse shows
traveling the country are becoming
mo t monotonous and tiresome.
The citizens admire the way the
board of works has repaired the sidewalk on Arthur street, nailed down
tho numerous loose boards in the various sidewalks, and orectcd the railing along that dangerous spot near
the Methodist church.    Nit.
Tom May nel 1 was arrested tin Friday night charged with drunkenness
and purloining some eandle sticks
from McCallum & Co. He was up
before Justice Curtis Monday and
given 30 days at Nelson. Chief Arm
strong escorted the individual to tho
county town.
James Baker returned from the
Fernie district Wednesday, accompanied by Charles Mover, pmeident
ofthe Western Federation of Miners,
both oi whom were instruinr-iital in
ettling the coal strike. Mr. Mover
i" visiting the various provincial
unions and sddrossed the local institution on Wednesday evening.
A moonlight excursion will he run
by the ateaiiirr Slocan from Slccnn,
Silverton and New Denver to BoM*
bitty and return, this Friday even
injr. The boat will loavo Slocan at
19 30. Fares for round trip: From
Slocan, 85c." Silverton. 30c.; New
Denver, 25c. Slocan Brass Band will
be in attendance and furnish music
for the occasion.
Appended ii a complete list ol the various records renistered at the local registry Office, II. P. Christie being mining
Aug 2—Kilvetton, Twelve  Mile creek,
A di lliohtle.
Dexter, Springer Creole, J Snulter.
4—Koae, 1st u 1 Lemon, A di Miehelo.
5—Federal, 2nd n f Lemon, Jobn E
Y ami f*, Kootenay Pass creek, A York
and W I mi a iii ml.
l'alatiiiiu, sat ne, same.
6—Abbotlford, Ten Mile, J Welsh.
7—Oro No 2, divide botween Ten Mile
nnd Bpringer. A S Farwell.
Bastslde No 2, Springer creek, J Frunk
8—Truc-y, Lemon creek, A II McMillan.
ll-Sharon, lit n f Lemon, J K Taller*
July 81—King Ir, Lark, Olympia.
Aug 1 -White Hose, Garabaldi, Rome,
Silver Tip, C P R,
2—Weymouth, Marmion, Bochera.
4—Hurdy Gurdy, Neptune, Golden
Crown, Kingston for two years, Sunrise
fr for two years.
5—TMn.pl© Leaf, Alder.
6—Sucker, Snow Flake.
7—X L C R, Porcupine.
8—Rose, Red Rose fr. Climbing Rose
fr, Roiedale fr, Hope, Rio Grande, Marmion, Maryland, Two Friends.
Ang 1-Ottawa fr $*j, T Mulvey to W
E Worden.
Silver Tip, certificate from department
of mines that Wm Thompson has no
miner's license.
4—Montreal }4, D Sloan to A Johnson
agreement to sell.
Monte Carlo, R Gillette to P Hauck.
7—Exchange and Silver Plate, W E
Boie, H Fife, L A Tipping and G E Robinson to H G VanTtiyl.
Montreal J,W E Boie to A M Johnson.
8—Monte Carlo, Paid Hauck to C A
Furnished Rooms, by day or
week. Second to none in
the city. Enquire en the
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Slocan City tiers' ita,
No. 62, W. F. of n.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Representing the strongest companies dming business in Canada.
See new accident policy, with par
licipation in profits, covering sickness and operations.
H. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
"Caaasll:in Coutingent   Kxeinptlssp   Act,
VI.T. Snsstlt African Voluntoor, cntitlf.! tu
avail themselves nf ths*. privflttces of tbs
sbbvs An are reqaestasJ to ooatnunucsta witli
tlis* sunls-rMisinpsl without delay, ns tslso tlis* next
.st kin ssf those df-cossed, sir of tiions* wholiavs
nsit yet n»turue*l to ltritis.1. Columbia, or any
other persons. iiits>ros.t''sl su ml—lag properties
hsslsl hv i-urli rtiliiuteers.
Th.) i.stcst date for receiving applications *<ir
exemption smstsir the ttbovo Act is the21st .lay
of September, 1MB.
Minister of Mines
Department of Mines,
Victoria, ll.('.,4tli August, 1902.
B. A. Sc.
Delaney Ave, Slocan.
Wc have beet, long enongli
in this city for everybody
to know that our werk will
always bo of the strongest
and quickest don.*.
Hand  Made  Work  is our
COTE & Co.
per annum.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General  Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
R. E. ALLEN, • Manager
Furnishings _a
No part of dress is more iniliea*
tivc oi stvle and smartness than
Unlets you don't miml wasting
your money, buy your boots at
who Iiak tlie largest and best ai-
sortedstock In tbo city. Pf-loes
right and stock clean nnd new.
Repairing and making done on
the premises.
Pioneer Shoe Store,
Main Street, Slocan.
ranging in price from
$2 to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
Agents for the Heini/.insil &. (,'■*.,flor*
hard lleintzinnn, nnd Kurn Planet
GertUQcate tfjpnA
I'oi-tlntisl Mliinrnl Clalsa.
Situate in tbe Slocan (lily Mining Division ol Went Ksiotenay District.
Where located i -On the south si<iv
of Springer crack, about lour inilei1
from the city ol Slocan.
TAKK NOTICK tbat 1, Herbert D.
Curtis, acting as agent (or tlis Arlington
Mines, Limited (non-personal liability),
froo miner's certiflcate No. B69806,
intend, sixty days from tbe date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
cot tificate of Improvements, for the pur*
pose of obtaining n Crown grant of tbu
above claim.
And further take notice that action.
under taction 3". out* be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate ol
Il.iletl this 2nd dav 01 June, 1902.
Slsnisili.isa.nl Maryland Millars] t lalswn
Situate in the Slocan City mining division of West Kootenay district, where
located:—On Tiger Creek, a branch of
the second north fork of Lemon creek.
TAKK NOTICK that I, John Mc
Kinnon, free minor's certificate No
l'3838l, toting for my eel I and (or R It.
Bruce, free miner's certificate NO.B11097
T. O. Proctor,free miner's certificate No.
1138749, intend, sixty days (rom tlio s'ate
hereof, to apply to tbe Mining Uecorder
for certificates of Improvements, for tha
purpose of obtaining crown grants of tha
abovo claims.
And further tnke notice Hint action,
under section ''7, mum in. commenced
beforo tbo issuance of such cortlflcatei of
Dated this ''let day ol Mny,l003
Getting to the Point
Tlmt peint whero vou are baylnff groceries for your home. You -want
your dollars to bo clastic You want to spend eaoh one to the best advan.
tage.   We carry nothing but
And wc make low prices because we want your trade now and all the time
Co-operative Association,Ltd,
Slocan, British Columbia,
Do You
Want a Home!
Then oome to Slocan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churches,School
Hcspital, Publio Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of the advantages enjoyed by
this City, backed np by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
ll. 0
Sold by All Newsdealers
World's Scenic Route.
Eait West
Furalahaa Monthly te all lov.n ol Moat
anil Mutlo m vasst vulnme of New, Choice
Copyright Compoeltlone bv lb. met pop-
Jl*uauihpr». 6, faces ef Piano Muale,
hall Vooal, hall ltiitriimiiit*sl- a. Compl.te
Place for Plano-Once a Mouth for aa
C,."u' J**rlJ' SubttorlpUoo. Sa.oe. If you
will lend aa th. nam. ami addra-a of l"i**i
perform.™ on the Piano or Org an, we will arnot
you a ooyy of tha MaRatlne free.
.. s..J*.W" W™, ryblleher,
tit-nth 4 Loeuat Su., Philadelphia, Pa.
for $18.25.
Why bo without n ranpc when
you enn (ret one so cheap? The)
aro profcrrablc to stoves nmi ftf-a
better Mtllfaction. These ran-res
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
Lake Route
Fre.ni Port William,the favorite sum-
mui* route, le all onstcru points.
Via Soo Line
Vov St. Paul, Dulutli.Sault Ste.Msiio
ChlMfw, etc.
Lmvm l'unmoro Junction "My 'or'"j
I'aul; Kootrnny  Landing Tiionlny i**"*
Saturday Ior Toronto, Montreal, etc.
LMVM Revolitoko daily for Soatllo »n<.
Tkroagh bookliiffs to Europe via alj
Atlantic lines    Vt$fa}VLtloUltt ».
lowost rates  from  nil  »_■*!""
ountrlei.    Kor rati*s nnd fn" I'1"
tleulars apply to local flgHtl* or
,F, S. CARTER,     E. J. OOJLE.
D.P.A AsQ.P.A'
Nolson. VtagW*
Agent, SlOCW W


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