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The Slocan Drill 1901-11-22

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VOL. II., No. 34.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   NOVEMBER   22,   1901.'
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
The Winter is at Hand
It promises ta be a severe one. In order
to be comfortable, you will want a COAL
STOVE. We, can supply you with any
Variety, Size or Style; and will guarantee
Satisfaction. We have trimmings, too.
Prices are reasonable.
Hardware Merchants.
Oar stock Is complete and from the best Canadian and
United States Manufactories.   In U. S. goods we have
Womsocket, Goodyear Glove, and Wale's Goodyear
Yon all know these as th&most reliable poods nimed out
in the U. States.   In Canadian we handle only the bost,
Lhe "Maple Leaf."
Every Pair is Guaranteed.
We c* i sell vou the highest grade Rubbers at the price others
charge for inferior goods, because we buy the quantities and pay
cash.   Xou will save money by .purchasing the rubbers wc carry.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Slocan, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinney, B. C.
A. YORK <fe CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public. It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHING & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B.C., is under the
uliu and Penal iiicinit of Jeff Baty,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for tfcose
who tarry within a while with him.	
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
Anyone wanting a good suit of tailor-made oiOthO", or
an overcoat, made .by Union Labor, can loaVfl Joir      ,
order nt my sample room for goods manufactured by
D. O. DOUGLAS *C0«, Toronto.
The Union Label is on Every Garment
1 havo on hand snaps .In unclaimed customs goodlj
also cheap ready-made suits, good Mackinaw; ana
rain coats. Agent lor-tlio STANDARD GRAND
FAMILY SEWING..MAClllNKS, two in-one system,
_ lock and chain stitcJ) rotary. _ _-___ _.
-*a- Street, Sloean, JOHN BULL
Exemption of Clssucli I's-opi-iiy Come* in
for si l.luin Diticusglon -Alils-rniaiilc
Hoard Favors the Idca-Ouiml Rails
for Springer Bridge.
City Council met in regular session
on Monday evening, those present
being Mayor York, Aid. Bradshaw,
Worden and Smith.
Finance committee reported favorably upon J, M. McGregor and McCallum & Co.'s accounts presented
last week. Keport accepted and accounts ordered paid, on motion.
Accounts presented: T. Armstrong,
labor on sidewalks, $30; Jas.Farrell,
do, $30; I. Lougheed, do, $10.50; J.
Fisher, do, $0; J. Blench, do. $9; W.
Rogers, do, $9; McCallum & Co.,
lumber and nails, $423.29; J. Craig,
desk and other supplies to city hall,
$23, Bills referred to Una ne'e com
mittee. *
City Clerk Foley stated tlie agreement on Brandon waterworks has not
yet been drawn up.
Mayor York stated he had ordered
a railing to be placed on the Springer
creek bridge, us a citizen had fallen
over there the other night, and got
severely injured. It was a dangerous
spot and the citizens must be protect
A communication was read from
S. Gough, clerk of Nanaimo, enclos
ing a copy of the curfew bylaw in
force in (oat city, with the explanation that the law was not all that
could be desired. City Clerk Glover
of New Westminster also wrote on
the same subject.
The curfew bylaw fi»r this citv
was then introduced and read a first
time. It will c une up for a second
reading next, Monday night
Mayor York remarked that the law
was very necessary t.> Slocan and the
citizens would ti al that it woulsl have
a honeficlnl rftVct on ths*. children.
City Clerk Foley statnl a letter
had been received, io be read at tlie
court of revision, protesting against
anv exemption </' church lands, as
being contrary to the statutes.
The mayor said the law was plain
enough ou the point, but « bylaw
conld be submitted to exempt the
property, or the conned could refund
the taxes by resolution.
Aid. Bradshaw believed the latter
step to be a wrong precedent to establish. If nccc.-siry, he would in
troducc a bylaw to exempt church
lands and it could bo submitted to the
people. It was in the intercstof pub
lie morals to have the church lands
The mayor held that the churches
were a public charge any way and it
was foolish to tax then) and increase
their financial difficulties.
After further desultory discussion,
it was felt tlie Whole matter would
be threshed out at the court of revision, the question having been laid
in proper form before that body.
Council adjourned.
of the Joker, Chapleau and Kilo interests. Mansfield had not quite
completed all the arrangements at
the time of writing, but expected to
have the scheme, successfully and
satisfactorily concluded in a few
days. In the meantime no work
will be done at Camp Mansfield.
IlOAItl)   UF TliAIIK.
Special Meeting ofthe Oi-ganlzatlon Held
sll .ssslnv Kvcning.
A special meeting of the Slocan
Board of Trade was held on Monday
evening in the city hall, thc regular
meeting having been allowed to go
by default. The attendance wits fair
and the business expeditiously carried through/
Keport of the committee appointed
to formulate a scheme for the promotion of n prospectors' exchange was
read and adopted. It provides for a
cabinet of ores at the city hall and
written description of the various
prospects, same to be kept on fyle by
the secretary. Con Murphy, A. E.
Teeter and Dr. Forin were appointed
a committee to draft rules and regulations for the exchange.
A communication was read from
Wm. Thomlinson, superintendent of
the Speculator, promising to do all he
could to encourage the location of a
smelter here; at the same time urging the members to use every means
at their command to further the ide .
Thc secretary then made a verbal
report as to what had been done of
late in the matter, showing that
progress was beinc made.
President Shatford strongly supported the ideas advanced and urged
that no time be lost In placing Slocan 8 advantages asasinclter site before capitalists, ln order to support
the representations, it would be well
to have the offer of a free si.e made
by tho townsite company committed
to writing; also a reliable report on
the quality and extent! f the lime do
posits near the city. These obtained
and the. board would hare something
to work uiKin.
Mayor York told nf the offer of a
free smelts*r site made to him by F.
Fli'tchor, fi.r the townsite company;
Mr. Fletcher had stated the, same
thing to Mr. Thomlinson. The town
■.ite company Would heartily support
*»iy iiuivi niiMit. made to get a smelter
located in Sloean. Let the board se
lect a suitable site and filiyor York
felt confident the townsite company
would give the deed for it.
At the suggestion of the president,
the matter was left to the council of
the board, they to approach Mr.
Fletcher In a formal way and make
request.for the si-4 lit.
In answer to a query from, the
chair, Mayor York said .unexpected
difficulties had cropped up, preventing the establishment ofa bank here
as soon as he had confidently believ
ed. However, he had information of
a hopeful character which policy forbade him divulging just yet. Slocan
would get a bank in due time.
The meeting then adjourned.
the city Monday evening from the
Trout Lake country, where he had
been delivering addresses, lie still.,
suffers severely from the rough handling lie received at Burlington,
Wash., six weeks ago, where he was
mistaken for an Anarchist. Since
his advent into British Columbia, Socialist leagues have been organized
in Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Kamloops,
Revelstoke and Ferguson, in addition
to those already existing elsewhere.
Mr. Cameron will address a public
meeting this (Thursday) evening in
the Music Ha-li.
Aud Consider Plan* for Eroctiess of Lead
The following circular letter has
been issued to the silver-lead mine
owners of thc country, under date of
Nov. 14th:
"As you are aware, the Dominion
government last spring granted a
bounty for the production of pig lead.,
smelted and-refined in Canada, It
was expected that this would have
resulted in the establishment ofa refinery and consequently in better
prices to tlie silver-load mine owners
by reason of lower treatment charge
and an assured market for their product.
Unfortunately such results have
not been attained.although strenuous
efforts have been made. It is deemed advisable, therefore,tocall a meeting of representatives of all silver-
lead mines in British Columbia for
the purpose of fully considering the
whole question nnd taking such action as will further and protect thc
interests of all concerned.
A definite plan of action will be
laid before such meeting.
You are requested to attend a meeting of representatives of silver-lead
mines in British Columbia, to bo held
at tho office of tho L<ondon <& B. C.
Goldflelds in Nelson, B.C.. on Wednesday, the 4th day of December,
J901, at 2 o'clock, p.m. Signed, J.
Roderick Robertson, J. C. Drewry."
Laat Tear'* Shipment* Were S847 Ton*—
A Healthy Evidence or tho Life and
"Wealth of the C'ansp—Arlington th*>
Blgse*t Shipper.
Kssterprlae Meeting.
The Enterprise Mines,Limited, held
a meeting in London on the 1st, at
which the report published last week
was read. In addition, it was stated
thc profits for the time covered by
the report was £(5000, after all the
expenses of administration ar.d operation both here and in London; and
also after shipments had been reduced to 20 tons per week. Now.aftcr
all the necessary buildings hare been
erected and everything got into fine
shape, Mr. Wcthcred, who had recently visited the property, told the
shareholders: "I am perfectly certain
wa are going to make fair profits from
thc very start of the mill, and that
For the first time this year the Arlington finds no place in the shipping
list of the division, the impassible
condition of the roads being the reason. There is 18 inches of snow at
the mine, but none at this end, and
it is impossible to move anything. Atthe mine ore is "being piled up everywhere and when sleighing comes the
output will be large. The Enterprise
sent out 40 tons and has another car
ready to lift. Tho reserves of ore at
that property have been greatly Increased, the management claiming
to have upwards of 25,003. tons is
sight for treatment at the mill.
Last year the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Following ia
a list ot the shipments this '\ ear to
Arlington  4608
Enterp/ise      40 tjOtt
Two Friends  40
Mack Prince „ 155
Bondholder  28
Chapleau  lt
Speculator ; 10
Phoenix  23
V&M  20
Esmeralda  2
Hampton  12
Fourth of July  12
Tamarac  5
40 5530
Bar silver has dropped below the
57 cent figure.
Operations are to be resumed at the
Hartney, New Denver.
For the month of October the Ymir
mine paid $32,000 in profits.
Thc Arlington has reduced its force
of men to the winter limit of 80.
Shipments from tbe entire Sloean
amount to 33,408 tons for the year to
The concentrator at the Rambler
will be in running shape early next
\       •
An ore-car and considerable steel
rail were sent up to the Iron Horso
Tattersall Bros, sent up a large
amount of supplies to the Myrtle
group during the week.
Wm. Hunter has taken over tho
Ilslis'issls-.l Isy l'osr.lur.
Wednesday's Tribune contained
the following (Voir. Kaslo: A very bad
accident occurred on Fry creek yesterday morning, by which George
Carnev" was blown to atoms. lie was
working with a gang of men who
were doing trail work about a mile
tip the creek, under .1. D. .Moore.
About !> o'clock ho went to the maga
line to get some powder, and a fov*
minutes after.Minis a loud explosion
was heard. His fellow workmen saw
what they thought were rock'- flying
through the air, but going to investigate the cause of the explosion, they
found that in some way the powder
had become exploded win o Carney
was handling it. There Wero about
twenty sticks of powder In tin; mag*
azino at the time. All that could be
found ofthe missing man were a few
fragments of his clothes and a note,
book, which were picked up in the
branches of a near by tree. Part of
his clothing was seen in an eddy in
the creek and secured after some
difficulty. George Carney was the
sun Of jiolico magistrate Carney, of
Kafir*, and has lived hero a number
of years, being well and favorably
Ii!iter.—The body of Qooi'ge Carney has just been brought to Kaslo.
It was recovered from the creek,about
10J jards below the scene of the accident. Tho head was mis-ing and
the right arm Mown off and ether*
wise badly mangled. No explanation of the accident has yet been
Working uHs.lississo.
W. K. Bole, who was here during
the week, stated he had recei.'eda
letter recently from Kriiosi Mansfield.
who was working away In London
mi the scheme for the amalgamation
"At Home" at Hospital.
Those citizens who missed attend
ing the At Home held at the M. U.
General Hospital, Friday evening,
missed one of the good things of the
season. It was a hilarious affair and
ran smoothly, affording pleasure and
entertainment, to tho large company
present. One section indulged In
progressive whist and others In various other games. A varied pro
gramme of vs>oal and instrumental
music was also given, Messrs. Worden, Beaupre, Moir, Arnot, Adcock,
Haley and others contributing, Refreshments wen- afterwards passed
around and a collection taken up,
the funds to go towards decorating
the interior of the building. Dr.and
Mrs. Forin were In ohargoof the affair, in the successful management of
which they were nss'Sted by the hospital board. The object of the At
Homo was to familiarize the hospital
to tlie general public, and there, can
bo no doubt the g. p. consider thc
city to he extremely fortunate in pos
sessing un institution like tlio M. LT.
General Hospital.
U'sssisiisif; Proasnu stsis-ss.
When W. F. DdBois and wife arrived hero from their wedding tour,
they accidentally left on tho train a
dress suit case, containing a number
of Valuable wedding presents an 1 $60
in American bills. When they went
for the crip it had disappeared and
has not, been seen sine.-*. It contained
a Rogers ware chocolate service, pot,
Cl'enm pitcher, sugar bowl, etc.,three
leafed clover waiter, all engraved
with a black Illy pattern: a sterling
silver crumb tray,and a French grey
silver carving set.
Sot'lllllftt HsBtlllff.
J. M. Cameron, tho provincial organizer for-the Socialists, arrived in
when all Uie machinery has adjusted] Coinstock mine on Four Mile, its indebtedness having been liquidated.
A promising body of ore has been
opened up on tho L II, Fight Mile.
The gold values run as high as $14
Some trouble has been experienced
with the Enterprise tramway and
certain alterations have to be made..
An improvement has taken place
in the ore body at the Ottawa. A
shipment will bo made early in the
new year.
D. S. McVannel has been bnsy
during the week framing the timbers
for the new bunkiiouse at the Transfer group.
Word was received here Monday
that the Taniarac company would
build a wagon road to their property
in the spring.
Another payment on the Tamarac
falls due on Dec. 15. It will be met,
as it is the intention of the company
to lift the bond.
Work on thc Queen Bess has ceased
and the force discharged. Tha property, however, may operate during
thc winter under lease.
The courts have refused permission to M. Moiugues to return to
France, pending the hearing of his
case against the Chapleau.
The lessees of thc 8w«et Grass,New
Denver, mado a two ton shipment
this week. W. H. Davidson, of this
city, is an interested party.
John F. Holden, superintendent of
the Tamarac, has gone to Spokane.
A small force will be employed on
the property during the winter.
A dioritc dyke and slip have beeu
encountered at the Tamarac, cutting
off tho vein. So soon as it is caught
again In the crosscut the force will
be increased to 10 or 15 men.
Thc lease on the Marv Durham, at
New Denver, owned by Messrs. Barber and Hicks, ot this place,has been
thrown up, owing to so much water
coming into the workings, The pro-
►erty had shipped 5 tons of ore of
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy says the
Grow's Nest road is to be made tlie
main line ofthe C.J'.R.
Itself, and when we know the best
method of concentration, the profits
will be on a scale which will return
large dividends to thc shareholders."
Have Itsj-Orgunlxesl.
There was a good attendance al
the meeting of the Socialist League
on Tuesday night, interest being
heightened by the presence of J. M.
Cameron, the provincial organizer.
The latter explained his visit here,
statin','the movement had taken a
national character, to be known ns
the Canadian Socialist Party,all local
organizations working on tho same
lines and platform. Thc local league,
on hearing the explanation, decided
to reorganize in conformity with the
lines suggested, and so become Identified with the national movement.
A new set of officers was elected as
follows: J. M. McGregor, organizir;
,j. T. livauehcsne, recording secro
'arv; .1. Lipsett. recording secretary;
D. D. Robertson, treasurer. The
league will continue to meet every
Tuesday night.
I'rovlnisliil Asnuyer*.
W. S, Johnson was In Nelson during tlie week, attending it meeting
called for the purposo of organizing
a provincial assayers1 association,
The officers elected were: President,
Herbert Carmiehael, provincial as-
Bayer, Victoria; vice president. Alex.
McKlllop, Nelson; secretary-treasurer
J. Cttthbert Welch, Trail; council —
A. A. Cols*, Rosslandj H. Harris, Nelson; Thomas Kiddle, Van Anda; I).
Lay, Kimberley; II. W. .Musseii,
1 Nelson; Wm. F. Robertson, provincial mineralogist, Victoria; (i. Bund-
berg, Greenwood) Howard West, of
The labor municipal party of
Rossland has thoroughly completed
Its organisation for the coming civic
D.in Harrington, foreman at the
Arlington, is in the hospital ul New
Mining men aro longing for sleighing to come,
1 f
:*;. ■ 1
_^-:st-,-.- *;;--    " ^;.  :a_
is*& ■'■'
•si- T
»■ '
Copyright. 1901 by Thomas P. Montfort
"Certainly not."
"I knowed you couldn't hardly be,
but wltb all tbem soldiers an armies
a-goln about the way they are a feller
can't be much shore about nothln no
more. Mebby, now, you've come down
yere to"—
"Great Scott! It doesn't matter ln
thc least to you what I came down bere
for, but as you seem determined ta
know I'll tell you and be done with it
I represent a company of capitalists
wbo believe there are rich deposits of
mineral In tbls section, and my business here Is to Investigate and learn
whether or not their surmises are correct. Now you know why I am here,
and I hope you'll teli me without any
further delay whether you are going to
give me shelter for the night"
"Why, yes, slr-ee, I'll shore do that I
ain't no reason on earth for not tellln
.    ■
"I have lost tn]/ way."
you, as I can see, nary a speck.   Bat I
wonder, now, what kind of mineral
them fellers thinks they're a-goin to
find down yereT
"Great Ceesar, man I Let me have
some sapper and a place to rest, and
I'll tell you everything I know. I've
been in tbe saddle all day, and I'm
dreadfully hungry and tired."
"Why, to be shore you must be. It
Stan's to reason a feller would be
hungry an tired after rldin all day.
Yes, slr-ee. Guess them.fellers hain't
no notion that they're a-goln to find
gold around here, bave they?"
"No. Say, I'm tired of all this fooling,
snd I'm just going to dismount and
spend the night with you, anyhow."
"Why, shorely. Lord a-massy, man,
you mought jest as well 'a' done tbat
long ago 'stead of settin thar chewln
the rag all this time."
"Why didn't you tell me long ago
that I might stop?'
"I was alniln to; but as I said while
ago, my mind got to runnln on some-
thin else, an I forgot it Wonder If
them fellers are Mowin to find silver lu
these parts?'
"No.   Where sball I pat my horse?"
"Jest leave him thar at the fence.
I'll tote blm to tbe stable direckly.
Beckon If them fellers hain't calculatln
to find gold nor silver 'bout yere tbey
most be a-flggerln on flndln somethln
"Guess mebby It moaghtn't be Iron,
now, mought It?"
In spite of the fact that he was tired,
hungry and annoyed, Melvln burst Into
a roar of laughter. "Turner's questioning was so persistent and ridiculous
that It had become amusing. Presently
Melvln said:
"Now, Mr. Turner. I am positively
not going to answer another question
until I have had supper, so you need
oot put yourself to tbe trouble of asking me another thing. Do you understand?"
"To be shore I do, an you'll find I
ain't the man to go on askin a feller
questions wben I see he don't want to
be bothered with 'em. Nary time 1
ain't. But, by gravy, stranger, lt pussies me to flgger out what kind of mineral them men are coontln on flndln
yere—lt does shore! .Beckon they can't
be spectln to find copper nor lead, can
Melvln rushed Into tbe house, leaving Turner outside to put away the
horse snd ponder all alone the questions that, though tbey did not affect
blm In the least, interested blm deeply.
And as Turner pondered an idea came
to blm, for be lacked a great deal of being as much of a fool as be seemed.
He stopped on his wsy to tbe stable
with the horse and, nodding his bead
knowingly, muttered to himself these
"Come down yere to smell roun' for
mineral! Powerful likely story, that
Is, when thar ain't as much mineral in
this hull blame section as a feller could
pnt in a flea's ear. Come down yere
(or some rich fellers Jest to loaf about
an see what be can scent in the ground!
That thar's all moughty reasonable,
an of coarse I believe it—In a pig's
eye I You are a slick ua, young feller,
but yon ain't quite slick enough to
slide down your Uncle Jonathan Turner's throat, not quite. Your Uncle
Jonathan mayn't be much to look at,
but he lacks a hull passcl of beln a
derned Idiot asylum, with no more
sense than a gatepost, an bis opinion Is
tbat you are a-lyln au that thar's a
good deal back of /ou that you hain't
wantin Knowed."
SIM surprises iiis NEioiinons.
Sim Banks did not go home at once,
but passed on down the street In the direction of Hicks' store. It had been
his custom to go there every night to
Join the little group of men who always congregated around tbe store
stove in the winter and on tbe platform
In front of thc door In tbe summer to
loaf away their Idle hours.
He had long been one of the leading
sjilrits In these meetings, and heretofore be had come to them boldly, and
In tbe talks that followed his voice had
been heard taking nn important part.
But tonight he approached wltb baiting step und shamed face and sat down
quietly on the edge of tbe platform on
the very outskirts of the group. He
hoped no one would notice his presence, and he was careful to do notblng
to attract attention to It
Pap Sampson w.is tbere and Jason
Roberts nnd .Ilni Thorn and a number
of others, and most prominent among
them all and most In evidence in the
conversation was Kbcnezer Sparks.
Very naturally, the subject under discussion wns the war and the battle
that had that dny been fought In their
bearing. Ebenezer, with wonderful effrontery, seized the tlrst opportunity to
begin a rehash of the oft told stories of
brave deeds performed by hlin in the
Mexican war and to reannounce bis
consuming desire to again tnke up a
soldier's life and join In the fight and
experience the dangers and hardships
of war as be bad done in days gone by.
Sim listened to Kbcnezer In astonishment It was a mystery to him bow a
man could have tbe assurance to boast
of his bravery when only a few hours
ago be bad shown the very men to
whom be was talking tbat he was an
arrant coward. Sim knew that be had
acted tbe part of a coward, and be
knew that every man tbere know It
and be waa resolved that if no one
mentioned tbat event until be did It
would never be mentioned.
Ebenezer talked on for some time before Pap Sampson brought bis cane
down wltb a tbump and said:
"Thar, Ebenezer Sparks, that'll do.
We all know rjw brave you are, so
tbar ain't a grain of use In the world
for you to waste your breath a-teliln us
about It Lord, you made tbat all
plumb plain to us today, you an Sim
Banks both."
"Sim don't seem to be doln much
talkln 'bout tbe way be done," Jason
observed, with a laugh. "Guess be believes In lettln bis actions apeak for
"Lord, Jason, I reckon tbe way Sim's
woman done- kind of took tbe tucks
Be hoped no one would notice his ores
oaten blm," Pap said.   Then, turning
to Sim, be added. "Sbe kind of bit you
pooty bard, didn't sbe, Sim7"
"No barder'n I deserved, I guess,"
Sim replied dryly. "I did act tbe miserable coward, an It ain't no wonder
she was ashamed of me."
"Say, by granny, but that's one wny
to talk, ain't It?" Jason said after s
snort silence. "You ain't a bit like Et>
eneser, Sim. He done more cowardly
tban yon, but you won't ketch bin
nwnln of It uais a time."
"1 can't help nothln 'bout whnt Ebenezer does," Sim replied. "It don't
do no good to deny the truth wben ev-
er'body knows what I done."
"You're right thar, Sim," Pap Sam|>-
son said heartily. "Addis vinegar to a
sound piidilin ain't goln to make it no
sweeter, an nddlu a lie to another fault
ain't gain to make Ihe other fault no
less. Them Is gospel truths If thar
ever was one outbide of thc Holy Writ,
an It'd be s good thing for you, I'hcne-
z.er Sparks, to tnke 'em Into your craw
an digest 'em along at odd spells."
"Pap Sampson," Kbenezer exclaimed, bristling i<p, "do you 'low to Insinuate thnt I been n-lylnV"
"Lord, no, Ebenezer! I ain't no hand
to Insinuate, but when a coward makes
out like he's brave If he ain't lyln he's
glttln right ship next door to It"
"You better be keerful, Pap," Tlm
Thorn sold, "or first thing you li tow
you'll have Ebeiiezer's old woman
down on you. Can't nobody make her
think he ain't brave, you bet!"
"She ain't much like Sim's wife, Is
she?" Jason asked. Then he added:
"By Jinks, I think Sim's wife cut up too
rough with him. I tell you right now
I'd like to see my woman try any slch
capers as them on me, especially right
afore folks. Lord, I'd leave 'cr so quick
that It'd make her bead swim."
"You ull heiiin what Mary Mann said,
I guess," Jim Thorn remarked. "I been
Ihinkln 'bout that, an 1 dou't know If
the word sho spoke wa'n't a true word.
Sim's woman did 'pear to be a right
smart struck Wltb tbe looks of thut
stranger, nil"—
"Jim Thorn, you are a liar!"
They ull looked up In astonishment,
and there was Sim Banks standing
among them, his eyes ablaze wltb auger and bis form trembling wltb sup-
Pap Sampson and the rest Interfered.
pressed rage.
"Jim Thorn," ho repented, "you nre
a liar, a dirty, cowardly, miserable,
sneaktn liar, an you'll tnke back tbem
words or I'll knock your head clean
down your throat!"
Thorn sprang to his feet and stnrti'il
to run, but In an Instant Sim had hold
of his collar with one hand and with
the other had given bim a blow, on i!m*
side of the head thnt sent blm to the
floor as limp as a rag. Sim would hnve
followed up his ad vantage and pound
ed Thorn unmercifully, but Pap Samp
son and tbe rest interfered, and live or
six of tbem held him while the others
got Thorn away.
After It was all over and Sim bad
been released tbey stood about blm for
some tyne, looking at blm In silence
and wltb a kind of awe. To. them be
had suddenly become a new man, and
tbey felt that they did not know bim.
It was Hicks wbo broke the pause.   .
"Why, Sim," he said, "what's come
over you? Who'd 'a' ever dreamed of
you doin slch a thing as that?"
"Let bim keep his moutb shot an
quit a-ly!n 'bout Loueesy, then." Sim
replied, not exactly In line with Hicks'
questions. "I'll bit bim ag'ln If be
dust to say slch another thing, an I'll
hit anybody else that does It an I'll bit
to kill."
"Well, that's all right, Sim. but you
jest cool down now. Jim Thorn was
tbe only one that said anything, an
you've done bit bim, so tbar ain't no
more to do, an you'd jest as well git
"My land, Sim. you shore bit blm a
good un!" Jason said. "1 never see a
puttier lick struck ln all my life."
"An It was all done so quick," another observed. "Wby, tbem words
wasn't much more'n outcn Jim Thorn's
moutb till Sim was n-standln ap bere
an sayin, 'Jim Thorn, you are a liar!'
jest that a-way. Tben Jim starts to
run, an afore I knowed it Sim bad
gathered blm by tbe collar an give blm
tbat lick."
"An wasn't It a lick, though?" Jason
said. "Wby, say. It jest keeled Jim
over thar so quick tbat I bet he never
knowed what done It."
"1 bet be didn't know nothln touched
blm—Jest flopped down thar for all the
world like a shot hog. Didn't 'low It
was In you to bit a feller like tbat
"Lord, I reckon Sim never knowed It
neither," Pap Sampson said, "but be
knows It now, an you all better look
out No matter bow harmless a dog Is
while he's asleep, he may be tbe wust
kind of a dog when you wake him up.
An Sim Banks Is awake now."
"An you'd all better not fool with
him If yoa don't want to git hurt,"
Hicks added.
"You'd all better not say nothln 'boat
Loueesy," 81m ssid. "'less'n yoa all
wants to git your beads punched."
"Guess nobody hain't goln to say
nothln 'bout Loueesy." Pap Sampson
replied, "so you mought's well quit
n-tlnowln that at us. Jim Thorn hnd
no business to speak the word he did,
even if It had been a true word, nn I
most know It wasn't, nn you done right
an mitral to take It up I'm a pence-
able man myself, as you tins nil know,
nn Ingln'iilly I set uiy face ng'in fnssln
an foughtln. lint I ain't got nnry a
word to say ag'ln a man wbat tights
for bis woman's good name. So 1 suy,
Sim Hunks, an 1 sny It open an above-
board, you done Jest right, an over' fnlr
minded mini an woman Is bound to say
the same."
"Time's what they are," Jacob Hicks
promptly agreed. "My land. Pap, you
mis all knows I ain't no hand to mil
up in no furse an thut I ain't never fit
nobody In all my life, but you Jest let
some feller say ary a single word ag'ln
my womiin, nn if the fur don't Ily It
won't be niy fault Them's my sentiments ever' time, an 1 ain't a-keerln
who knows It."
"Course, Sim d"onc right," another
snid, with that ready sympathy people
are apt to feel for the victor as against
the vanquished. "I'd 'n' done Jest liko
blm If I'd 'a* been In bis place, only I
bet I'd 'a' laid Jim Thorn out so's hs
wouldn't 'a' got up no more for a
"Hy granny," said another, "1 'low
Jim got off pow'ful easy myself! It
were a good thing It wa'n't me be bnd
to deal with."
"An you enn bet your bide It was
moughty fortunate for him," remarked
a third, "that It wa'n't me."
Pap Sampson thumped bis cane
against the floor and laughed.
"You uns are nil n-tnlkln pow'ful
big," he snld, "but you una better not'
forglt thnt -Tlm Thorn ain't dead ylt.
Taln't sensible to go foolln roun' a
mule's In-els 'lens you got business
As Sim Clanks walked home that
night be felt greatly elated, and In bis
soul there was n kind of feeling closely
akin to Intoxication. He stood erect,
with a bearing proud and disdainful,
held bis head well up and walked with
a step firm and confident.
(To be Continued.)
sit ies of Sydney nnd Melbourne, being students in their own colleges, a
recognized part of eueh foundation:
and they receive tho sume degress as
aro conferred upon' tho students of
the other sex.
Tbe Ut* They Have Made of the SuiTs-uit«s
—01 Per Cent, uf Tlsoie Kufriuiolsls.sl
Voted at the First Kleetion-Now Tliey
Are Onoot Use .Vost Intelligent Voting
ClMaen In the World.
As in Hawaii, the Arst civilized
women who visited New Zealand
were the wives of missionaries sent
out from New South Wales, and sub-
w-quently from England. . These
pioneer women endured hardships
from which those who spout their
lives in Hawaii were spared. The
Maoris, or aborigines, among whom
they lived, were a warlike people,
and from 181*1 until their final submission hostilities were always imminent, massacres (securing in which
neither age nor sex was spared.
As it was u long voyage from
England, only the most enterprising
women hud the courage tss emigrate,
and this, undoubtedly, had its effect
upon the present llritish population,
who, men and women both are the
very flower of the llritish colonists.
Tliey are surprisingly tall, athletic,
with fresh, rosy complexions, and
notwithstanding the enormous quantities of tea they consume, strong
as lye, in huge cups, morning, noon
and night.
Uecause of their fewness, the women of New Zealand were treated
with distinguished favor, and their
children und grandchildren have
reaped the benefits*. The universities have been co-educational for
many yeurs, awarding women decrees with a justice that Oxford and
Cambridge might well emulate. Thero
are several clever young women employed upon the colonial newspapers,
while others are making their way
in othi*r professions, notably that of
In 181)8, after severul years of
persevering work, the bill legalizing
universal suffrage wus passed. A
franchise league, of whieh Mrs. Dal-
dy of Auckland was president and
Mrs. Kitson secretary, was the medium through which the preliminary
work was carried on.
One of the leaders of the suflrago
movement wus Lady Annie Stout,
the wife of the chief justice. On the
day of tho first election Lady Stout
officiated as an election judge, sitting all day in the polling booths in
one of the worst districts of Dune-
din, where she then resided. It is
a remarkable fact that of the total
number of women enrolled at the
first election after they were enfranchised over 91 per cent, voted.
After the suffrage bill was passed
tho franchise league disbanded, but
reorganized immediately under the
title of the Woman's Political Education League. Systematic study of
political questions was taken up,
and the result hus been one of the
most intelligent voting classes in the
world. As to tho result, its entire
success may be inferred from the
fact that a few years ago one solitary member rose in Parliament to
move the abrogation of the law; he
could not get u seconder, uud sat
down umid roars of laughter; it wus
tho death of opposition to woman
The. women of Australia aro somewhat more conventional than those
of New Zealand; and, to the ciisttiM
observer, the intellectual average
does not appear to bo so high- The
first comers, however, who did not
reside in the towns, roughed it in
the bush with fathers, husbands nnd
brothers, sharing their privutiona
and ever-present danger of attacks
from the savage black follows, ond
tho still more savage bushrangers,
or outluws, who were generally es-
caped convicts from the penal colonies.
As tho country becume moro thickly settled and comforts and even
luxuries were possible, life upon tho.
sheep und cattle ranges improved.
The most open-handed hospitality
prevailed, und still prevails; large
houses parties were entertained, especially at Christmas and Easter,
which were observed ns generally us
at homo—o word thut the English
colonists always writo with a capital letter. Native servants were not
nlways to be rolled upon, unsl others
were difficult to find, and tho Australian girls became, through ns*ces-
aiiy, expert in domestic arts.
Prank und unspoiled, tlu*y wero
admirablo companions, generous ami
warm-hearted,    through   ths* exigeu-.
cicst of a situation whs'ie people wen*
thrown together wilh greater intimacy than in possible in nldcr
countries. As much of the continual visiting was done on horseback, Australian women living upon
the ranges, young and old, were
bold and fearless riders.
Australia i.s somewhat behind New
Zealand in tho adoption of progressive ideas; but equal suffrage is already guaranteed, being supported by
the ablest men and women in tho
Women are admitted to the uaiver-
« lion tlie Kills I'eld Toll.
His Majesty has never been a defendant in a police court — not even
as the owner of a smoky chimney —
but the King has paid a line for tres-
pnssing. When an undergrnduato at
Oxford the Princo of Wales was a
great huntsmaii.-Hnd few men could
boat him across country. On ono occasion His Royal Highness and some
Other riders galloped Into a farmyard by way ot a short cut. The
farmer, a sturdy yeoman, closed the
gates und told the huntsmen they
must pay £1 apiece for trespass. One
of the gentlemen smiled indulgently
at the rustic and said; "Bul, niy
good man, this is tho Prince ot
Wales." Tho good ninn wns in no
way abashed, and retorted: "Prince
or no I'rince, I'll have my money."
A".d he got it—London Tit-Bits.
The Subjection mt Has,
"No, I never have a bit of trouble
with my husband," remarked the frail
little woman with the intelligent face.
"In fact, I have blm right under my
"You don't look very strong," doubtfully commented the engaged girl.
"You mistake me, my dear. "It's a
mental, not a physical, subjection."
"Would you mind telling me bow"—
"Not a bit Always glad to belp any
one steer clear of the rocks. First of
ell, you must know that a man In love
is tbe biggest sort of a fool and says
things that make blm almost wild wben
he hears tbem In after life. I realized
It, and from the very beginning of our
courtship I kept a phonograph In tbe
room, and every speech he made was
duly recorded. Now, whenever my husband gets a little bit obstreperous I just
turn out a record or so. HeavenrChow
be does rave! Rut be can't deny It
They always will, though, If Jou dou't
have proof positive."
"Thank you," gratefully murmured
the engaged girl. "I'll get a phonograph this very day."
BU Prlso.
An amusing story, which may perhaps he entirely true, la told of a shortsighted but energetic member of tbe
Russian secret police.
He was walking through a little frequented street of St. Petersburg one
night when tie spied high up on a lamppost a placard.
"Aha!" be said to himself, scenting
mischief on the Instant and alert for
action. "That's one of those Incendiary
notices about his majesty the czar! lt
must conic down at once!"
With some difficulty, being of a stout
build, he succeeded In climbing tbe post
and dislodging the placard. Ho bore It
to the ground, and there, peering at It
by the light of the lamp, he read two
Russian words, the English equivalent
to.* which Is thc well known legend
"Wet Paint."—Youth's Companion.
A Wile's Allowance.
It Is one of the most bumHIatlngele
ments In woman's life In America today and one of the phases which Is
most uncompllmentarlly reflective upon
American husbands that a just allowance is withheld from many wives.
No matter how small the allowance
may be, so long as it Is fair In proportion to the Income earned, every wife
should have a purse of ber own, sacred
to herself and ber needs and free from
tbe slightest intrusion on the part of
her husband. Every wife Is entitled to
this, nnd no young man—I care not
bow small his income nor what his
reasoning mny be—starts married life
aright who withholds that courtesy and
that right from his wife.—Edward Bok
lu Ladles' Home Journal
The Tlreil Parmer.
"Yes, sir, you simply start our automobile plow and leave It to Itself while
you sit on the fence bere In the shade
and enjoy your weekly paper and a Jug
of hard elder. The plow will go right
ahead and break up your field better
than you could possibly do It, and when
It has finished all you bave to do Is to
press the button here and stop It."
"Waal, say. couldn't you fix It so's It
would kind o' steer up here close to the
fence, so's I could press tho button
without   glttln'    down's"
Tench Inn a Do*.
To tench a dog to "apeak" hold soms
dninly before blm when he Is hungry.
At lirst he will not know what Is wauled, but sny "Speak 1" to him, and when
he bin Us, which be Is pretty sure to do
when he finds the morsel still beyond
bis reach, feed It to him at once. He
will soou associate tho work "speak"
with the bark and the dainty.
Olso 1st 1st Kngliinil und tlss. Other i„ ()„,
--Muiiliis-lty r.ois, ,.,.„ ii,,. lwu ).,,,','""•
-Vs.sls llsist "Hoist Nssiunssikei,
.Scarborough is at this present
mon.t enjoying a temperature of „   "*
eighty  degrees  in  the shade.   i"„i"
and      giant     ferns,  orange orchtu-2
and  banana plantations, environ a
and   its      streets   are  crowded with
gaily-dressed    parms    of jabueriJ
negroes and uegresses. 8
Of course, though, the particulo,
Scarborough referred to in not ln,
famous Yorkshire Watering piUCt,
but the other town of that mime b
the West indies, the capital of Urn
Island of Tobugo.
in Massachusetts, U. S. A., is
Sheffield whero thoy ake knives! n
consists of one long street, shut in
and overshadowed by lofty hm8
down which tumble innumerable cascades. Up till about ten years mr,,
the town had no industries. ']".„,,
om*; clay, an enterprising citizen jU„l
gestesi that they .should upu their
prosperous llritish progenitor, using
tho water power ready to hand. N0
sooner suid than done; and io-uav
tho American .Sheffield has over a
score of forges going, ami turns out
some thousands of blades every
weok. Up to the time of writing
however, it is not on record that
Sheffield, Yorkshire, is in anywise
sljsliirlii'd owing lo tlie competition
of  Sheffield,   U.   S.   A.
There are thirty-two Londons in
tho world, some of them places ul
considerable importance. The beat
known of them ull is Loudon, Out.,
Canada, with u population, including the suburbs, of fifty thousand
souls. It i.s situated un the Kivcr
Thames, which is spanned by a
VVeatmlnster and a illackfriara
llridgo; and it also possesses a
Hyde Park, a Qovent (lurden, a
Crystal Palace, a Tower of London,
a St. Paul's Cathedral, und a Pull
Mall,   Piccadilly  and  Chenpsisle.
There ure not many instances of
a foreign lsiv.ii outstripping its Uri-
lish namesake in Wealth ami importune; but one sinji is afforded
by Boston, in America, which Ima
grown to he more than fifty times
the size of Boston, lu Lincolnshire.
Yarmouth has one solitary namesake. It is situated in Maine, U.
S. A., and thero is not a herring
within live hundred miles of it. Bali
gives its name to an important seaport in the same State; also to itinu
other places in America, and one in
Tasmania. Thero ure exactly a
round dozen of Uristols iu thc various quarters of tho globe, in addition to the one in Gloucestershire,
Tin* Canterbury in New Zeal.mil is
familiar nowadays by mime to most
people, owing to its being the
headquarters of the frozen meat
trude; but there are, in addition,
seven places of thnt name in the
world. Winchester, on<*e the metropolis of England, gives its name to
but ono little American hamlet ol
about twenty log cabins, hidden
away in the backwoods ssf Michigan.
Windsor is the capital of Hump*
shire, in Nova Scotia; and tin-re ore
fourteen Windsors in the United
States, two in I'unuda, and one in
New South Wales. There ore no
fewer than sixteen Oxfon!s in America, eight Exeters, seven 1 trad fords,
and four Prestons.
The Irish-Americana have gives
tho name of Erin's capital to no
fewer thun seventeen villages and
hamlets in the land of their adoption; while Edinburgh, curiously enough, considering the Scots' passion
for wandering abroad, can boast nf
but ono namesake in the wide world,
a tiny village in the Canadian wilderness. Ixesls ha» four towns called after it — two in tho United
States, and two in Canada. There
are six Glasgow* — three In the
United Stiites, ono in Canada, oiw
in Prince Edward's Island and sme
In Nova Scotia. In the latts-r i-s-
lond, also, is a Liverpool, on a Mer-
scy Itivnr, a well and regularly built
town; and thero is SAOthor in Now
Sssiith Wales, not tar from Sydney.
Of thc 10 Brightons of tlie world, tl"'
only one anywhere near the sea is
tin* original sine in Sussex, although
one of them — thnt in Munroe
County, New York State — has ll
suburb called Kemp Town, und smother (also in America) has recently
hail u municipal wrangle With If
Of all English cities, however,
York can boast of by fur lhe Inrgest
family of nssmesnkes, there being '"'
fewer than eighty-six plnres, big and
little,  called  after  it.—Answers.
Answers is incorrect in saying
there Is only one namesake "i"1"
mouth, und thut it. is In Maine, f"r
there i.s one in Canada iu tlm l'l*0"
Vinco  of  Nova SeOtia
Str Thomas.
Sir Thomas teelt full csrsfldrnt
Hill till His* uoosl rup In ni ial
Wlisilovti sisu' this man inn. >*,
lie's ss.it a duulitlriii Thisniiis
DlKlis-nrls-isliiK DIssooviT).
Nothing worriis a girl more lli'i" *°
discover thai the man after her o*vD
heart Isn't nfter It Ht all.
———■—_*—■■isB - ai ■*-.— -1 at a*———-—————**—m
And it Cures Them of Coughs, Colds, Croup, Bronchitis,
Sore Throat and Whooping Cough.
Becfniso It contains turpentine tame peoplo imagine that Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine i«
disagreeable to the taste, On the contrary, It Is sweet and palatable, and children love to take it. The)
soon learn that, besides being pli'nsnnt  to take,  lt bringn immediate relief to soreness, irritation and Inflni"
"   ■■ " "   '   -* **■ -•' 1*     -■■-'—   »-  l~-..~   l«   si,,.   1,,,nss,.  S01I10 l'l"
niation of the throat and lungm.     At this season of the year all mothers desire to havo In the houso som
liable mc*dlcine to give when the children catch colds, or awake in the nighl  with  tho hollow, croitjiy y   ^
wbich strikes a chill  to ('very mother's heart.      You can rely absolutely on Or. Chase's Syrup of Unseen
Turpentine.      It linn stood tho test.
There are other preparations of 1 indeed and turpentlno  put up In Imitation  of Dr. Chase's*     Do   a
portrait and signature of Dr. A. W. Chase aro on tho bottle you buy.   25 cents a bottle; family   si*"'',
times as much, 00 cents.   All dealers or  Edinanson, "Dates  & Co., Toronto.
(lin The Drill.
.•Hulls.!ilsisls-» Ssslsl  Here."
"Button Holes Kor Bnle lice" Is a
sign wblcb peers out through a rather
jlity window of a lower door tenement on the east side. In view of tbe
possibility that It nil}-lit menu Just
what It snld nnd that tho denier really
boIiI holes for buttons a Tribune re*
porter Investigated.
A wouinn whose dress was a mixture
of bathing suit and ball gown answered his knock.
"Vou sell buttonholes bere?" waa
"Xnw, we make Vni!" sbe exclaimed,
Willi as much disgust as a very squeaky
voice was eapable of showing.
"Well, the sign lu the window snys"-
"Nevef nilnd tlie sign!" she snapped
buck.  "What do you want with ine''"
She was finally persuaded to tell
siiia, ihlng of her new business.
••\shi see,' It's this way." she began.
"Tbe worklhg'glrls who live over here
have to dress pretty well and do It on
little uiouey. Most of Yui makes their
own clothes, but tbey have not too
mm li time to do the work In. Now, if
ymi was 11 woman you'd know Hint It
was mighty bard to mnke buttonholes,
ppes'lully by hand. Poor girls s/an't nf-
f„nl buttonhole inaebines. Tbey make
np He dresses and bring 'em over to
us. ami we put in the buttonholes nt
so incell u hole. Yonling to the kind sif
BtulT ami how well they wants it dune.
Mid  that's ull  there  Is  to  ll."
Keeping at It.
Thero Is a very old but very good
story about n boy wbo was engaged
one winter day lu putting a ton of coal
Into a cellar. Ills only Implement was
ii t-mnll tire shovel. Noilclug this, a
bens voleut sdd gentleman expressed
M.i|.:'se nr.il eoniiiilsera'lon.
•\!y son." said Ihe sen '.eiiian, "you
surely do not ezpecl to put Id all tbat
coiil wltb that little shove!**"'
"Ob, yes, I do." replied tbe boy cheerfully. "All I bave to do Is to keep at
There Is a lesson In tbls story for
young nnd old, nnd It Is exemplified Id
Uie lives of the grent men of the world.
It Is a mistake to suppose thnt thc best
work of tbe world is done by people of
pnai strength aud many op'sortiiuliles.
"Keeping nt It" Is the secret of success.
—i;v linnge.
Tii. re are more dumb waiters than
iliinil) barbers.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
That Contain Mercury,
is- m'Ts-iiry u 111 surely ds*strojr the sensoof smell
ansl s simpfutely lii-nnnw tlss whole system when
auterlnsg it through tko mucoun surfacs**.. Such
ssrlsclsM should never bo si -is i except on prescri i>-
tississ 'ri.m ri-iiistalils phy.-is-ians, as tho diimnpi
tliey .ill il. > u tenfold to tlio ff»od yoa can pos-
ilsly slsjrivo from them, Hull'") Ostnrrh Cure,
is sis-si.u-t,iri-sl by F. J. fTiesiey ACo.,Ts>ledo,O,
contains is.i mercury, and is taken internally,
nctiiiK directly upon tho blsiod anil mucous sur-
fiices nf tlse system. In bisying Hall's Cistarrh
lure Ijo sure you jjet tho Kssnsiisie, It Is taken
internally, nnd mads in Toledo, Ohio, by F. J.
i '' :.•'.- *t (V>.   Testimnnials free.
N.I.I by "Drnmrlsts, prico 75c. ps*r bottle.
Hall's Fumsly Pills aro the best.
Tho average man would fs*s-l bored
n good deal oftener than he dos'g
wero hi* not accustomed to associating  with  himself.
Pi'.ir Sirs.—I was for seven years n
sufferer from Bronchial trouble, ami
would be so hoarse at times Unit I
us iid M-arecly speak above a whisper.
1 Rnt no relief from anything till i
tried your MINAHD'8 HONEY HAL-
r*AM, Two bottles gave relief and
six bottles made a complete cure. I
would heartily recommend it to anyone sintering from throat or lung
1 i.il ntlon.
A genius is a man who can make
other men believe ho knows more
than they do.
SJJ°lp!fi suffer untold misery day after day
"■'"th Headache. There is rest neii her day or
"'Kin until tho nerv.s arc all unstrun«. Ths
causi' is ffononilly n disordered utomnnh, nnd
J euro can bo effected by using l'nrmolee'i
Vetfitiiblo 1111s, lontahilni* Mnnslr.sU nnd
■JMdslhm, Mr. Fiulry. Wink. l.jNitislcr,
J -J., wrilea: "I Und 1'armsleeV Hilt a
nriit-clan article for Bilious H.*n iaehe."
Many a man Is able lo climb    in
■uccesB  hwaime   his wife   holds    the
Minard's Liniment Cures Burns, Etc.
Anyway, tbe pocket In a woman's
°ress is about as easy to find ns the
Inside pocket  In a man's vest  is  to
K"t  III.
I he Creek government has secured
'i monopoly of tho picture postal
'"•nl business, and has issued cards
With 04 different views of famous
c'tles and other scenes.
•WARD'S LINIMENT for Sale Brantai
T.W famous leaning tower of Tisa
has a rival In the Temple tower of
Bristol, In England. It is a square
towes of early gothlc architecture.
A|1 its parts still preserve their nor-
•ii'il relative, positions without cracks
°f n-MurfM,   The    tower,    which    Is
">»t lir> feot high, is five f.*et out
the perpendicular at tho summit.
Following  the Report of G.  H.   Kent's Cure   of  Bright's
Disease by Dodd's  Kidney Pills, an Ottawa Paper
Calls Attention to Another Remarkable Cure.
mnfiisiUCdiii.   .. '
From the Ottawa Citizen.
i\ representative of the Citizen re-
coi.Uy learned of a remarkable cure
of n well-known reoident of Ottawa
who has suffered for years with a
terrible aliiiition. The well-known resident is Mr. S. A. Cassidy, and the
atl.iction was stone in the kidneys.
The Citizen representative called on
Mr. Cassidy to verify the reports of
his recovery and found them to be
true. He. i.s the proprietor of (he
Bijou hotel. Metcalfe street.
lie is known by almost everybody
and is likes: as generally as he is
known. His hostelry is between the
main entrance to- Parliament Buildings und the principal thoroughfare
of th) city, and it is not to be won-
deresl at that he has more than a
nodding ucuuaintance with the gen-
tliiiieii who hold the destiny of this
country  in their hands.
When old residents of Ottawa are
in a rcmniif-cent mood und talk of
tlie good old sporting days, they always associate the name of Sam Cas-
sfflj who took an active part in
spoil •JO years ago. He was a fast
runner, and jumper of local renown,
and took all active part in all lines
of apart.. Today he is forty years
old, and' tips the si-ale 'at £50
The ii.l iinale friends of this robust
mnn huve known tlmt for the past
ten years he has been a sufferer from
a disease that ballled medical skill,
und that he hus lings-red between lifs*
and death on many occasions sins*e
he was first attacked. At the initial
stage of tho disease he was taken
with violent cramps in the left side
of his stomach, and the best skilled
physicians could afford him very Utile relief.   The attacks were of about
W. N. U. No. 850.
two weeks' duration, and when ho
left hu bed he was reduce* in flesh
und wns almost a i>t»ysical wreck.
Some yeais ago an eminent physician diagnosed his disease as "Stone
in the Kidney," but even after the
diagnosis the physicians were unable
to elTsct a permanent cure. Today
ho is a well man. He has found a
remedy thut has banished the disease
—a remedy that has cured where
medical aid was ineffectual.. The
remedy is '.-odd's Kidney Pills, and
Mr. Cassidy feels so elated over his
release from the excruciating suffering that he has given the following
statement over Ids own signature to
a well-known Ottawa newspape*
Ottawa, Aug. 8, 1901.
Iieur Sir —I want you to publish
for tho benefit of others who are sul
feruur, us I have suffered for years
about how I was cured of Stone in
the I'ldnstys. My friends all know
that I have bs*en a martyr to this
disease lor -.-cars. They know that
besides consulting the best physicians in the city and trying every
kind of remedy I could think of, I
was Unable to get better. Some time
ago a frien.! of mine told me that
Ilpdd'S Kidney Pills would cure mc.
As a last resort I tried them and
thev have cured ine. This is the first
year in a great many that I have not
lies n souliued to my bed witli thc di-
[saase. I could not imagine more se-
I vere suffering than on** endures whs>
is afflicted with Stone in the Kidney
and I feel the greats-st gratitude to
Dodd's 'Kidney IMlls, for they have
cured me. Anyone who has suffered
need suftVr no more.
Ottawa, Canada.
The dogs of Alaska are called mal-
amutes. They are a cross between a
dog and a wolf, and work in harness soon after their birth. They do
not bark, but havo a peculiar howl.
They have long hair, and can sleep
in the open with the thermomtter 60
degrees Iss'low zero. Their usual food
is lish ami seal blubber. They ate
fed once a day, usually at night.
Their Hold Upon Life is Slight, and
Mothers Have a Great Ks*spon-
Ev.-rv baby—every little one—requires constant care and watchfulness, and whs*n a truce of illness i.s
noticeable, the remedy should be
promptly applied. Thc littlo ones
are frail. Their hold upon life is
■-light. The slightest symptom of
trouble should be met by the proper
corrective medicine. Baby's Own
Tablets have a record surpassing all
othor medicines for the cure of children i ailments. They are purely
vegetable ami guarantee to contain
no opiate or poisonous drugs such
as lorm thc base of most so-called
"Molhing" medicines. For sour
sU.ti'uch, colic, simple fevers, constipation, all bowell troubles, the irritation accompanying tho cutting of
tes'th. sleeplessness and similar
sviiiptoms, these Tablets are without un espial. They act directly
upon ihe organs which cause the
troubles, and gently but effectively
remove the cause and bring Imck the
Condition of perfect, hearty health.
Every mother who bus used these
Table— for her Utile ones praises
them, which is the best evidence of
i!i. ir gient worth. Mrs. Pavid Duf-
li til, Ponsonby, Ont., suys : "Baby's
Own Tablets are a wondi*rful medicine. 1 think they saved my baby's
l:*.'. and I gratefully recommend
them to other mothers. Ask your
druggist for Baby's Own Tablets. If
l,e dues not keep them send '2T, ss'iils
di'-cst io ui and we will forward n
box prepaid. We have a valuable lit-
tls* i'ooklel on the enre of children
and  hOW   U)    trout   their    minor nll-
rreais which wa will send free   of
chargo to sny mother who asks for
It,   The  Dr.  Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville,  Ont.
UvtTS-ssiislisu Use Illlll.sslly.
"I lee tlm' ills nuefllon of renckini
lhe north pule li no* hugely oil-* of. food
lappllcs. wltlioui food tl"' most asrlUl
anil endearing explorer Is tStttlj bs-tU-
capped." .,
"Then We Clin I cisiiiliiein'i' 100 Soon.
"To ihi u Iml V"
•T.i train up ii l"t of explorers to Mist
en itnnvbnll nitlinni «nil Ire frlllM"*. -
Cl*»<*liinil I'lnlti IVuliT
Notwithstanding the great Incrsaas
in population, only UNO persons were
condemned nnd punished for perjury
in (ierniuny in 1H*>*>. M against 1011
in \HH'2.	
If a man Ihinks only of himself he
hasn't much use for brains.
Good for Bad Teeth
Not Bind for Good Teeth
Sonsdont Tooth Powder
.-,,......,....  Ja*^}^* *
Large Liquid and Powder 75c        •"•"*•*
HALL & RUCK Kb. H"""* V*—*
There has been discovered in China
a curious picture, evidently of great
nntiquity, which is supposed to represent Noah's ark resting on the top
of Mount Ararat. As is well known,
the religious literature of almost
every nation and race contains an
account of a deluge, but a Chinese
manuscript recently unearthed follows very closely to the story ro-
rordesl in the Bible.
pale mm GIRLS.
The Story of a Young Girl Who Suffered from Headaches, Dlseiness
and Fuelling Spells—Her Heulth
Became so Bad That Sho Was
Forced to Give Up School.
Miss Catherine McLellan is u
young lasly well known in Charhstte-
town. I'.E.I., and greatly esteemed
among her acquaintances. Like so
many other young ladies throughout
the land, Miss McLellan fsdl a victim to unavinin, or poorness of
blood, and although several nis'ili-
c.ines were tris-d, she found nothing
(o help her unlil she began using Ur.
Williams' I'ink Pills for Pule People.
.Miss McLolltin tsdls tho story of her
illness as follows : "1 am now Id
years of age, and for a considerable
ti a Buffered much from anaemia.
My blood hnd almost turned to water, end I was very weak and pale ;
in fact could not undergo the least
exertion. My appetite fuilsd me : 1
suffered  from  headaches;   if I stooped
I would become dizzy, and frequents*
ly 1 suffered from fuinting spells. I
tris*d several kinds s>f medicine und
doctors prescribed for me, but inst end ssf getting better I was gradually growing weaker, and eventually
hail iss discontinue going to school.
About this time I rend the testimonial of a girl whose condition was
similar to mine, who had been mri*si
by Dr, Williams' Pink Pills. I thsm
decided tsi try these pills, ansl have
every reason to be gratified that I
did so, ns they have completely rs-s-
tored my health. Every one sif ths-
symptoms that had made my life so
miserable have disappeared, snd 1
nm now enjoying ns good lis'iillh as
any girl of my age could wish, <md
I shall nlwnvs have a goosl word to
Buy for   Ur.  Williams'  Pink  Pills.
Miss Mel,i 1 Ian further Stated that
while she was not desirous of publicity in mutters of this kind, nhs-
neverthelens felt that her experience,
if known might be the means of
bringing health lo some other sufferer, and It is this very praiseworthy motive that has Induced hot
to give the above statement for publication,
Pr. Willinms' Pink Pills make rich,
n*d blood, und give lone tsi the
nerves. it is because Of this lhat
they bring bright eyes, rosy cheeks
and light footsteps to girls who
have tsi'en weary, pale ami listls.ss
ami hnd begun to feel Unit life was
a bnnlon. Palo and anaemic girls
everywhere should givo th.*se pills
ii fair trial, us they nro certain to
restoro health and strength.- See
that the full name "Pr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pule IVoplo" is on
the wrapper around overy box. Sold
by all dealersi or ss>nt postpaid at
60s a box, or six boxes for (",2.f>0.
by addressing the Pr. Williams Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
Ladies' Special Hk i/old tilled
Hunting case guaranteed to wear for
25 years, with either Waltham or Elgin movement. A splendid watch for
a school toacher or nurse.
Oent'8 Special open face, Mk
isold fllloil case guaranteed to wear
for 2:. years, with either Wnltham or
Elgin movement. A good reliable
timo-pioce for any man. Sent to any
address. Money cheerfully refunded if
unsatisfactory and returned at once.
Two Stores  og4
" Ryrie Bros." is a
strictly one price
jewelry house. from
this rule there is
absolutely no deviation whatever from
january to december,
not even to the extent of a ioc. piece.
This, in conjunction
with our system of
marking- all goods in
plain figures, makes it
just as easy and safe
for a child to shop at
"Diamond Hall as
the most experienced
Cor. Toni-.f. and
Adelaide .vi»iiti.
II. r Stri.ii:; Ills Ity.
Anions sonps that hnve produced
the greatest amount of money is
Sullivan's world famous "Lost
Chord." This song was substantially composed (under sad conditions)
in less then an hour, and for thut
hour's work the composer received
in royalties quite t?.**)0,000 — proh-
nhly the Greatest sum nny man hns
ever earned in an hour bv Ids brain.
Osss* Hour*! •.'...rls nou SAO.000.
A single leaf of the orange     tree.
carefully    planted,      will  often take
root nnd grow.
It is a noteworthy fact that the
Japani'sc man quickly discards his
inconvenient and unseemly robe, but
the Japanese woman seldom cx-
changi\s her picturesque kimono for
tho dress of other women about her.
In Paraguay all    tho    houses have
brick  stoves,  built in  them,  so there
is    littlo or    no   necessity    for  iron
*•*% - sffiTS
p      *~\f*. tfiffjSS,
V*.",       *.:-*'"■.        *-V    A
Smb_im_ -ii.fsiTiiii-is
Occupies a largo spnro in your thoughts. Ha gore
you get is WILLIAMS and it will last ymi a lifetime.
Wo can help you to pnrs-liass* by our easy payment
methods. Wo guarantee pleasure to those who lits-
teu to the dulcet tones of a
so rich, pare nud hirtlng.
V. M. C. A. Bllr.,       Portage Aye.,        Winnipeg.
Orgnns and Eldrodgo "B   Sewing machines.
do &s+to ArLo  4s*o aMMs fifMw
Catching a Feminine Fish.
"Do you really think there are mer-
mniils In the sen?" •*
"Certainly," said the dime museum
"Then why hasn't anybody.besides
you suececdesl In catching one?"
"Because nohosly else wns smart
enousrh to bait n hook with the latest
style of Paris hat." wns the answer.
Tbe Mean Tiling.
Miss Passay—I dread to think of in*
fortieth birthday.
Miss Pert-Why? Did sonic'Vilng he
pleasant U««w»n .hen.
Only two lish can turn their heads
independently of their bodies.   These
are the garpike and the seashore.
illoway & Champion
Write to ua for prices of SORI*"**
Get onr List of Lands.
Stocks and  Bondj Bought snd  Sold.
We can furni-h tho exact amount of
Scrip for any payment on Dominion
Land*).   Do not pay cash.
The eye of an educated person averages  2,500  miles   of reading  in a
Very many persons die annually from
cholera and kindred summer complaints,
wbo might havo been saved if proper remedies had been used. If attacked do not delay in getting n bottle of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's
Dysentery Cordial, Ihe medicine that never
fails to effect a cure. Those who have used
ltsay it acts promptly, and thoroughly sub-
does tbe pain and disease.
Youth is really the only thing
worth having—and it is about all
tho average youth has.
SLEEPLESSNESS Is due to nervon« ei-
citement. Ths* delicately constituted, ths
financier, the bu-incss man, nn 1 those whose
occupation necessitates great mental strain
or worry, all sudor less or moro frssm it.
Sleep ia the great res to ier of a worried brain,
and to get sleep cleanse tti • stomach fn.m
all impurities) with n fex doses of Parmelee's
Vegetable 1111s, goltttino cout.d, containing
no mercury, and are uuaruntce I to give snt-
infliction or the money will lie refunded.
AGENTS    W.a:NT"3_>
WANTED, Agonta for tho sale of Hardy Russian
npples, currants, gooseberries, ornamental treos
and scod PotatUses. Every salesman has exclu
sive territory. Sample outfit fiw. Good pay.
We aro one of the oldest established firms its
Canada. Appplynow. PELHAM NURSERY CO.
Toronto, Out.
N. Ii.Catalogno free.   Farmers can males mod
money during thoir slack season.       P. V ''o.
for us at home.   W   furnish yarn and., is-
chine.   Easy work.   Good pay.    Hand Knitters
also wanted.    Send stamp fr particulars to
STANDARD HOSE Co , Dept. H, Toronto, Ont
Don't Be ldle~
,—We wiU supply MQ wUk wort
I to tw d ju* At borne.   110 (M pan
weclc oasUr e-trned knltting tox. We tupplr dimm-m bd-S
malsruL nti.l ymy for wort as tent la. Write to-dkjr. Tke
■rVple't Knitting Srndlcate, Ltmlwd. Toronto, Cauda.
Maple Leaf
Rubbers and
Overshoes ::
The traveler in China, who pays
from 1 to 3 cents a day to a number of coolies to tote him several
hundred niilss across the desert,
pu.\s an extravagant price for the
transit as compared with the man
hoards a limited (rain iu New York
city for San Francisco, which is oi>-
erated by Au engineer, fireman, conductor and brakeman, whose salaries
runf*-e from S~o to $100 per month.
Don't wait for opportunity to call
on you.   Go and meet it half way.
Thomas S. Bullen, Sunderland,writes: "For
I fourteen years I was afllicted with Piles; and
frequently I was unable to walk or sit, but
four years ago I wns cured by using Dr.
Thomas' Eclectric Oil. I have also been
subject to Quinsy for over forty years, bat
Eclectric Oil cured it, and it was a permanent core in both cases, as neither tiie Piles
Sor Quinsy bave troubled me since."
Unli'ss the    engagement  is broken
off the wedding Is likely lo come oil.
MINARD'S LINIMLiNT Relieves neuralgia.
The   druggist who    sells   soothing
syrup i.s guilty of taking hush inons*y
Use the safe, pleasant nnd e(Ts*ctnal worm-
killer, MsstherGrnvs's' Worm Exterminator:
nothing equals it. Procure a bottle and
tako it homo.
A  boy nevs*r  tells his troubles lo a
man who wears whiskers.
The never-fniling medicine, Hollowsy's
Corn Cure, removes all kinds of corns, warts,
etc; even Ihe iiiuhI difficult (o remove cannot
withstand this wonderful remedy.
Some people spend a lot of time
in regret I ing things that Dover happen.
Nearly nine-tenths of the wine in
lhe world is produced in the countries horsl.'rl^g on the Mediterranean.
To Sick and Nervous People
and Men and Woman with Back Pains, Rheumatism, Nervo Weakness, Indigestion, Constipation,
Liver, Kidney or Bladder Trouble,
My Electric Belt has restored health and strength to thousands of
nervous, debilitated, and pain-worn men and women.    You also can
be cured if you will grasp the opportunity I offer.     Read what the
cured say.     Electricity, as furnished by my lielt, cures by |*iwnf,-
bsck to the weakened nerves, muscles and organs the vitality they
have lost, reducing inflammation, developing the full vigor «.' health
snd removing lie effects of overwork, exposure to  weather, and long con
To those who have trusted and been betrayed by seductive promises j to those
have swallowed pailfuls of pills and liquid medicines without result except a damn
stomach and increased pain and weakness, and to those who have worn so-called
electric belts, which either burned and blistered the body or gave no electricity, I
offer a positive cure by means of my Electric Belt.    It gives a stronger current than any other, and is
guaranteed not to burn nor blister.
I sm not giving Belts away. I am offering to cure first and be paid after you are cured. I have sn
Electric Belt which DOES CURE, and any honest person who will secure me can have my Belt and pay
me when cured.    C;in anything be lairer than that ?
8PEOIAL NOTICE It you have an old belt which has blistored you or gave no electricity, 1 will allow
you In exchange half the price of mine. —
OALL TO-DAY—Consultation and test FRB&
FRSB BOOK—If you can't cull, writs for my bountifully illmtrntod SVpagS book and letters from the
cured, sent hi. sled, free.    Ashli s'-ih, •nelosiu ' ■*v'   a.1.,
CU. r.'. B.   McCAUGHLlN, 130 Ycngo St., Tercnto
/.-.V.V.V-.sV.V.V.V. -ww'-vW^^
otlls-e Hours. Da.m. Io8..10p.ns
•*"wwaw^****>*V''"V*-*vvvvv>* .VwVvvvvwvv.. ..,■
■ i
ill I
-   . ..
■iif. ■
ii -
r' ■;
.- ■
;'i    ■ !
-C. E. SMiTnEBixoALE, Editor and Prop.
SLOCAN,      ■      -       -       •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
■the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
•subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transien t advertisements at same rates
■as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
■for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, st.-ict-
4y in advance; $2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Sloean, B. C.
FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22nd, 1901.
A pencil mark in the space
opposite will be an indication to you that ye editor
considers there is something
coming to him on your subscription. Kindlv acknowledge  in cash and oblige.
'Speak well of your camp.
E. V. Bodwell has swallowed his
compunctions and has consented to
.enter the political arena at Victoria
in opposition to the government. Incidentally, lie wilt endeavor to ad
-vance the interests of Jim Hill;
Canada will "ly send -another
contingent of mounted men to South
Afi'HM. it will consist of six hundred
men and be recruited in the west.
.Canadians have made a record for
'themselves and more of them are rc-
r*quired for the Empire's cause,
Here's a gentle tip to the Miner-
Graves syndicate: the only decent
and respectable place for a smelter
.on the lake is at Slocan. When you
get ready to treat the Rockland ore,
.come here, nnd the Board of Trade,
.the city dads and Frank Fletcher
will tell you a thing or two that will
,do you good.
The Tribune won a striking victory on Tuesday, when the Nelson
'bylaw to purchase electricity from
.the West Kootenay Power Company
.was defeated by the property owners.
The victory gained g.ve much satis-
•sfaction in Slocan, because of the
principle involved of municipal ownership. John Houston is still a power
in the land.
The complimentary remarks pass
,ed by outsiders,  coupled   with the
general comfort experienced by the
.citizens, are the best testimonial to
--the council that they did well in deciding to build sidewalks this fall in
jstead of waiting till next spring. Thc
improvement in the appearance of
the city is marked and gratifying,
besides giving an air of progress and
prosperity to the place.
After vainly waiting months in cx-
•pectation that something would eventuate  from  the  Dominion government's proposed bounty on pig lead
.smelted and refined in Canada, the
mine owners of Kootenay have tnken
•up tho question and will evolve some
scheme for thc erection ofa refinery.
It has been the belief that the gov*
',eminent would step into the breach
,and erect and operate large works nt
some central point, tut it seems ns If
•the golden opportunity is to be allowed to pass by and private enterprise
exploit  a   profitable   Held.    Nelson
(Would appear  to  have  the   inside
-.track "as the site for tho refinery,hav-
4ng powerful influences at work in
its favor.   What makes tlie erection
. of the refinery* a practical certainty
'•is the united action of all the silver-
lead mine owners, who will meet at
Nelson on December 4 to discuss the
.-situation. Added to the action ofthe
mine owners is thc  supjioit being
accorded the schemo   by both   the
Canadian Pacific and the Gnat Northern railways-the former in particular, tho moro so in order to hend
.off its American rival. Oliver Weth-
,ered, one ofthe principals of the Lon-
,don & B. C. Goldflolds,  owning in
•the Ymir, Whitewater, Uuth,  Enter
-jirise, and other big mines, recently
•interviewed Kir Thomas Shaughnessy
an the subject of the refinery and has
the C.I'. H.'s mighty influence in sup- i
port, so tlio scheme looks like a go j
It is the belief of the mine owners j
that the silver-lead industry of B.C. |
will be enormously benefitted liv the
-refinery,principally because of lower
•treatment charges  on   ore  and  n
higher   price   for lead.    May  tuoii
Slopes be realized.
Miss Stoughton has gone to Eholt
for a while.
License Inspector Black was in the
city yesterday.
The trail to thc Transfer was completed this week.
County court will be held at Kaslo
on December 12.
W. E. Boie has been in the city
during the week.
The Silverton folk give a ball on
Thanksgiving night.
Postmaster Gilker, of Nelson, has
resigned his position. N
Ed Allen returned to the city on
Tuesday from Colorado.
Aid Smith's new residence is being
hurried along to completion.
A cafe and chop house has'e been
opened at the International.
The infant child of F. Liebscher
died at Silverton on Monday.
An attempt is being made to get a
water right oo Climax creek.
The new Miners' Union hall will
soon be ready for occupation.
The Miners' Union expect to occupy their new hall next week.
There is two feet of snow on the
summit above the Speculator.
Last week's ore shipments from
the Slocan amounted to 248 tons.
The first civic court of revision ia
to be held on Friday, the 29th inst.
Frank Sewell and Andy Grierson
have leased the Sandon skating rink.
Several real estate deals have been
concluded since the first uf the month.
Services next Sunday in the Methodist church, both morning and even-
is*, !*-.
Miss Queenic McCoy, of Vernon, is
visiting Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Shatford.
Mulvey & Clement have been improving their residence, next to the
Next Thursday is Thanksgiving
dav, both in Canada and the United
A new sidewalk has been laid on
Arthur street, south from Delaney
Billy Twiss, the hustling insurance Hend of Kaslo, was here on
Tom Wilson lias closed up his
blacksmith shop and is going to East
Kootenay. .
Local builders say tho outlook for
next season's operations are exceedingly bright.
Morley & Laing have purchased
the stock of the Thomson Stationery
Co. at Nelson.
E E. Chipman. government agent
nt Kaslo, was here Wednesday on
official business.
Guard rails are to be placed on the
small bridge leading to the track on
Delaney avenue.
Micky MeFarlane and Pete Swan
have reopened the blacksmith shop
next to this office.
New Denver's band will give a
dance at New Year's, in aid of the
organization funds.
A dance was given in the Music
Hall, Friday evening./sfter the entertainment at the hospital.
The various sidewalks and crossings under construction by the city
were completed Saturday night.
Service will bo held in St. Paul's
cliurc i next, Sunday, morning nnd
evening.   W. H. Hcdley, yiear.
Trail has jnst commenced its first
assessment. The total valuo of assessable property lust year was $171);-
Delaney avenue leading to thc
Slocan river bridge has been graded
off ami levelled, making things look
The big mogul engine No. .111 was
brought down on the barge Wednes
day, having been to the Revelstoke
shops fur repairs.
The Hank of Montreal cleaned up
$711,000 for the half vearjust closed,
compared with $082,000 fur the same
period last year.
Harvey Fife has bonght the south-
cast corner of Harold street and Delaney avenue and will erect thereon
a carpenter shop.
J. M. Ciimeron, the Social ist organ-
izs;r, ii billed to speak a) Silverton on
the 22nd, Now uenyar on the 23rd,
and Sandon on tin: Sloth,
The Slocan Brass Itanit will give a
benefit ball, In tbe .Music Hail, on
Tliatiksgiviiij- night. Tickets, including refresliineiits, $l..r>0.
R.  EL Allen has parehaaed tbe
blacksmith shop at the corner of Arthur street .and Delaney ave, anil will
move it next to hia livery stable, to
increase the accommodation fur his
To subscriber*! Thanks for Tub
l)iui,i,s of Sept. li, so bniintiftilly supplied; but please shut off ihe supply,
as the demand has ceased. The last
one tu lie received came from Chi*
Saturday evening, owing to the
intense darkness. 0 MeFadven fell
over the side of the Springer bridge,
braising himself severely. Tho city
w"! now put ap guard rails along tho
A shooting match for poultry will.
be held on November 27-28, on the
lake front. Shelter will be provided
for ladies. Sloan & Schonberg. Thev
will hold matches isiso st Xmas and
New Year's.
Charles Daley, of Kaslo, has been
appointed deputy mining recorder
for the Ainsworth division; also deputy district registrar, deputy registrar ofthe county court, and collector
of revenue tax.
Thirty five names wero banded into City Clerk Foley, Monday night,
for re-*i8tratk)ii on the municipal
voters' list, coining in under the head
of owners. The list now numbers
abont 250 names.
The report is again current that
the Miner-Graves syndicate purpose
doing big things in the spring with
the Rockland" group, on Eight Mile.
They figure upon erecting a 3inelter
somewhere on the lake to treat their
Thanksgiving day excursion rates.
For Thanksgiving dav the C.P.R.
will grant the usual fare and one-
third return rates to and from all
points in local territory. Tickets will
bo sold Nov. 26, 27, and 28, good to
return till Nov. 30.
"Windy on tho Boom Agstlss.
"Windy" Young is booming his
Similkameen coal scheme to beat the
band. He has just been inspecting
his holdings, in company with W.
Blakemore, formerly of the Crow's
Nest collieries, and C. B. Murray, of
Toronto. Part of the holdings are
under option to Toronto people.
Windy says several new buildings at
his townsite of Ashnola, including a
general store, drugstore, hotel and
brewery, are to bo constructed at
once. The company are also to
erect 18 cottages for its employees.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local registry office, H. P. Christie being mining
Nov 11—Agricola, east of the city, W
II Davidson.
14—Hante, on Dayton creek, C B Tipping-
Nov 12—Arlington fraction No 1, Native Silver fraction.
Nov 12—East Side and Golden Poy, J
Frank Collom to Arlington Mines, ltd.
Port Hope 1-10, H L Fife to T J Baty
15—Montreal %, David Sloan  to J C
16—Monton %, George Fairbairn to A
Navv Cut M,RF McNaught to same.
•Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
Slocan,        - - -       B. "C
J.  II.
B. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOCAN, - - B. C.
NOTICE ia hereby given that 1 intend
to apply at tho next regular sitting of the
Hoard of Licensing Commissioners for
tlio City of Slocan, to be held nfter
the expiration of thirty days from the
date hereof, for a retail liquor license for
the premises known as the Two Friends
Motel, situate on Lot 2, Block 1, in the
City of Slocan.
Slocan, B.C., Nov. 1, 1001.
Witness: J. F. Hahbottle.
Corporation of the City of
X 'tico is linruby el vers that the annual *sittin«
of the CinirI nf ltnvis.iiiii.fiir tlio purpsssa of
linn ring all complaints n^alnst the assessment
fnr tlse jenr l'.K12, as mails, by tho Assessior of tho
City of Slsscisn, B.C., will be lulls' in tho Council
If all, in tlio City of Slocuu, on Friday, Novcm-
twr 29th, 1901, at 10 o'clock, o.m.
City of Slocan, B.C., October 16th, 1901.
City Clork
NOTICE is hereby given that 60 day**
nfter dato 1 shall apply to the Chief
Coniinii'sionor of Landa and Works for
permission to purchase 40 acres of land,
morn or lesi«, in tho West Kootenny district, and described as follows: Com-
mencing st a post about one quarter oi
a mile east of the city of Slocan, and adjoining the townsito of Hrandon on the
north; thence 20 chains west; thence 20
north; tin,nre. *Jt) chains east; thence 20
chains south to the point of commencement.
Dated this 17th slav of October, 1901
In Uih mutter of an application for a duplicate certiflcate of titiu to lot l,
block 63, Slocnn ("ity (map 400.)
Nolic is hereby given that it is my intention to i8Siio„*l the expiration of one
s**0ODth from the first publication hero A,
a iluplicnteof tho certiflcfttwol title to the
shove mentioned lot In tho name of William Cohsins, which certificate is dated
the 4th slav ol December, I8U7, niulnuni-
i. red 248K<
Land Registry Office, Nelion.B.C.,2Blh
October, 1901
11. li. MacLuoo, District Registrar
Certificate of tynrau-
Victoria,  Wmii  and Bkooknm   Mineral
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On west side of
Dayton creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Albert E. Ashcroft, P.LS., as agent for the "New
Gold Fields of British Columbia,"
Free Miner's Certificate No. B40030,
intend, sixtj days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 9th day of September, 1901.
Baby   ltoyal  aissi  Lexington Fractional
Mineral Claims.
Situate in the Slocan City mining division of West Kootenay district. Where
located:—On Republic hill, adjoining
the Phoenix-Viking.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M McGregor, acting as agent for Fred G. Carlisle, free miner's certificate No. B38371,
intend, sixty days from tho date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for certificates of Improvements, for the pur*
pose of obtaining crown grants of tbe
abovo claims.
And further take notico that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 80th day of September,1901
4-10-01 J. M. McGREGOR
K«,  Kit  and  Eye   Fractional  Mineral
Situate in the Slocan Citv mining division of West Kootenay district. Where
located:—On Robinson creek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. D. McGregor, free miner's certificate No.
B59000, acting for myself nnd as agent
for J. M. McGregor, free miner's certificate No. B59U07, and A. E. Rothermel,
free miner's certificate No. B59655, intend, eixty davs from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorsier for certificates of improvements, for tho purpose
of obtaining crown grants on the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuanceof such certificates of
Dated this 30th day of September.lOOl
4-10-01. W. D. McGREGOR
Elk Mineral Claim.
Situate in tbe Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located: Between Springer
nnd Lemon creeks, north of the
TAKE NOTICE that I, William
Thomlinson, as tho agent for Herman
Clever, Free Miner's Certificate No
B38091, .! tend, sixty days from tho date
hereof, to npply to the Mining Recorder
for n Certilicate of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further tako notice that action,
under 37, must he commenced belore the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated thi*  24th  day of  September,
Scorpion Mineral Claim.
Situate in tha Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay district.
Where located: Near Robinson creek
adjoining the Rainbow.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGregor, acting as agent for Thoe. Andrews,
free miners' certificate No.K40319,intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply
to the mining recorder fora certificate of
improvements,for the purpose of obtaining a crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must b; commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 17th day of October, 1901.
25-10-01 J. M. McGREGOR
Summit Fractional Mineral Clulm.
Situate in the Slocnn City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On the divide between Ten Mileand Springer creokB,
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M. McGregor, acting as agent for Robert I. Kirkwood, free miner's certificate No. B59538,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder for a
ceitificate of improvements, for tho purpose of obtaining a Crown grant of the
abovo claim.
And further take notico that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
beforo tbe issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 28th day of October, 1901.
8-11-01. J. M. McGREGOR.
mask Beat Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—Three miles north
east of Slocan City.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Francis J.
O'Reilly, of Silverton, B. C. as
agent for George Brine, freo miner's certificate No. Bo22„, intend, sixty dnys
from the date hereof, to upply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for tho purpo*eof obtaining
a Crown grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must ho commenced
before the issuance of isuch certilicate of
Dated this 4th dav of Novembnr, 1901.
The Drill,
$2 per year
lie* opened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invite* to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. Arthur Strtet aad Delaney Ayenu**, Sloean.
Building* thoroughly renovated
and re stocked with the best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords. Prices are right.
Stoves!   Stoves!   Stoves!
Just look up McCallum & Co.'s assortment of
Heating Stoves,   for either coal or wood.
Prices, from
Steel Ranges from      -
This is the best assortment of first-class
stoves that ever came to Slocan. Thev burn
any kind of coal. Call around and satisfy
yourself and we will do the rest.
$5 to $a5
$16 up.
General Hardware, Slocan.
McCallum & Co.
Agents for Crow's Nest Coal; price delivered, $6.25 per ton.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
The Murcutt Branch
of the W.C.T.U., Slocan,
Meets the second Thursday in each month
at 3 p.m. Nest meeting in the Presbyterian church. All meetings open
to those wishing t • join.
Miss £. Sto-johto*"*' Mrs.M.D.McKee
President. Cor. Secretary.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and For*
warding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle, nnd Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles Furnished.
B. C.
New Carpets
and Oilcloths..
Just Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc., etc.
Slocan City Miners' Din,
No. 6a, W. F. of H.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall. Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Call and see our display
of Chinaware, including
Tea Sets, Cups & Saucers, Berry Sets, etc.
All new and up-to-date
We also carry Cameras,
Kodaks,   and  supplies.
J. L. WHITE 6c Oo.
for $18.25.
Why bt without a range whet
you can get one so cheap ? Ths**
are preferrable to stoves and give
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up freo.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Thomas Henderson, or to any person
or persons to whom be may have transferred Ids one third (•*,) interest in
the Lone Dutchman mineral  claim
situated  on   the  last  south  fork ol
I/t*inoti creek, in tlie Slocan t ily min
ing division.
Yon are hereby notified that 1 havt
expended the sum of one hundred and
two ilullurs nnd tlfty cents in labor and
improvements ou tho above mentioned
mineral claim, in order lo hold said mineral claim under the provisions ol ths
Mineral Act; and if within 90 days Irom
the dat* of this notice yon fail,or refuse,
to contribute your proportion of such ei-
penditurc, together with nil costs ol advertising, your interest in  said claim
will become the propeity of the subscriber, under section 4 of sn Aet entiilnl
"An Acttoamcnd tbe Mineral Act, 1900."
Dated at Blocan, this 18th day of September, A.D. 1901.
Yon Can Make
A  Striking  Effect!
By wearing a perfect fitting Suit,
cut in the latest style and elagantly
trimmed. Such can bs purchased
A. David, the Miner's Tailor,
near ths Fostofftes.
Christmas Sailings
to England:
Pari tan, Nov 23; Numidian, Nov SO
Ionian, Dec 7; Tunisian, Dec M
Dominion, Nov 28;    Carabroman, 3U
Vancouver, Deo 21
Ivernla, Nov 23; 8axonia, Dec 7
New Ehglnnd. Dec4: Ultonia, Dec 21
Celtic, Nov 26; Etruria, Nov 28
Germanic, Nov 27; Campania,Nov .w
Mh |estlc, Dec 4; Unibrin,, D**
Cvmric, Deo 10; Lucanla, Dec H
Occansc, Dec 11: Etrurla, Dec^i
Teutonic, Dec 18; Campania, Dec &
Have-ford, Nov 27; Philadelphia. De»
St Paul, Dec 11;       St Louis, Dec W
Continental millings of North ber*
man Lloyd. Hamburg Packet to..
Holland-American, Red Star Frencn
and Anchor linns on application.
For reservation of berths, rates ana
complete information call on er wri'°
nearost O.P.K. affenl!. or—
J. 8. CARTER,     E. J. COY-^
DP A A. G. PA.


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