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The Slocan Drill 1904-05-13

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Full Text

 roh  V„ No.
SI.OCAN,   15.   C,   MAY   IS;    1904.
$2.00 PEH ANNUM.
ashing Tackle and Sporting Goods
Wo have In stook a full and complete assortment of fishing tackle,
itK*lu(ling all kinds of flies, hooks, spoons, reels, nets, polos, baskets,
Everything you may waut for a day's outing on stream or lake,
\\ ,. handle all kinds of supplies for tenuis, baseball, football, or auy
, sport.   Flags, bunting and fireworks for the cel/$H "
11 Hi
, Confectionery, Tobacco
Vou ain get anything in these lines that you
require from tis.   Our stock in each is always
keptfreshand well assorted.    We handle the
est the market  affords.   Prices are right.
:.:.    Sm-tmmm
Just to remind you
that we carry in
stock a largeassort"
ment of
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Oui* prices will int-orest you.
Give us a, trial order.
i <
Shatford & Co.
A.i*lin.gton.   3HEotel.
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
L. fl. KNOWLES. Proprietor.
OAtTSU or a ini'i.'irLLTY.
Im Government or City l.i i'ny Kxjn.inc.
Incurred T—Aid. Warden AmW» Leave
of Aiisi noo   Aiiiiitui- loniporur.v Loan
."•*l>j..il nt Once.
Regular meeting of the oity council
was held on Monday ulght, all the
members being present, excepting
Aid. Henderson.
Communications vend: Prom Aid.
Worden, asking foi' three months'
leave ol aba nee    He stated he was
 ing hereon the ITlli.  Laid on the
table inr one week.
I rom if E,  Ml. ii. offering ■$."> for
purchaseof small building on Sloan
property. Offer accepted, on motion
of '.Id mi i'i ai.'l Worden.
Bills presented: J. EUio, funeral expenses of Thos. Smith, $2.o0; A. K.
Bolderston, coDBn for same, $5; R. E.
Allen, wood to C. Liobel, $6; payroll
for April, 176.06.
Aid. Teeter and Smith moved the
paj ment of the funeral bills.
The ma for objected to this, not be-
eauso of the amount, but because he
would like to si*;- the bills go to the
...... -tiiii; .it to place liability for pay-
nent. 't wus a peculiar case, but it
, .- ■ ttoi lo gol it settled now", so
tlwl i ley might have a precedent to
AM. Te i'i stated the government
officials hud been telographi d on the
; , it, and thej did nol deny the
bill, but simply delayed payment. Thi
funeral ha ' authorized  by tlio
he-tilth commit tee,
The mayor replied that if the hot*
ernmeat was entitled to i»y tbo bill.
they shquld do so; if the city wns iia-
ouncea a year at the present tim**. The
demand from this source is rapidly increasing, trom which it may Imi judged
that the silver market will be a rising
One and somo think will remain on a
higher level.
then ii would pav.
t. case of an
Lccidt »l al the mill and  the bospita
[>ii p pulnr hotel Is convenient to the bouts and trains.   The dining rooiii
sl iatl' ut1 to-dnte whilo the 1 ar is supplied with tlie best in the market
Travail in
without Si
j mon, ining Sample Rooms. $2 50 per d
mplc Rooms,$2; board $8 per week; tueuh
Fhe balance of our spring stock has
arrived.       ficre are some specialties:
earl Buttons, for trimming, full line,
hambrays, -
ticks, Shirtings, Apron Ginghams,
__B     __^    ^_m
i:r:i, iohu'
r .    a    a    *    .
.. >        a.   >■   !•»•.'■» * ja
«% a a .*; a
I •
A. Sprin
tiuanco c:rm
..'.den  .
Ud'. Te t- r, for the liti.ui*e commit-
'.a . object. J, us ii   '\i - giviu ; them
mui cessary labor.   The mat! troughl
■i be r ifi ■■ "I to I he citj k.-.!i*.-:t.-■    , d
il    clerk writt the government.
Aid.   Madden   thought    the   cit*
should pay the bill as the amount
io smijll.
Th- mayor held thai would e tab
lish a i>.«*i precedent aud be want, i
information, Thetnau was not a re
lidenl of the cit; wh ti i Imitted to
the h ispital nnd ho wobI then uii I
government instruction*!. He could
not sea why the city should pav.
AM. Teeter Baid that a- the city had
ordered burial, they should pay Ihi
bills'aud then demand refuno fi
ths government, which would effectu
illy bring lit qu sstion U] tor settle
m nit
Am udm ■• I  put  •* ti carried, Aid
T.'-l.T and Smith voting nay.
R. E. Alku's  liill ordered paid, iis
also i'-r p.'. roll    •    Vi, il
Aid. Ce sti i nr,;i Ith I the n c -
iteps be takeu to   'ai -  the nione>   to
pav for tho creek improvement b fo
the tax money oomes in.
The in ivor stated there was nothi
much in lh • in-a- mi y, and it wonl
Some Ume before iu ire m mey catm
from taxes,
Finally   Aid    Wordou  and - i
moved tiini tl-.. linai ie conn ittct
the mayor be authorized  to arran •
temporary loan oi 1500, lo ni
otVVVVVVVVV.'PV"1'* Miexpeusea of the Springer creel
itoimi MV^*^*^-^flQVWioftA»^*NWifl^j511 tarried.
Che mayor stated S I50wou!dbe the
contra; i when ! in   h
ioc ana u;^
15c a yard
ioc & aoc
5c a skein
admitted ;, rictim  and b i died there,
wo i!d iii.- city bave lo •, ,i\ foi burial
ar the gov  • ..'     1 hai n tho que.--
■ ion 1   thresh out.
Aid. VVor.h'.i sai.l it was up to the
health committee to Iftiry tha mm m
question and tbev did i'
e mc
it; am. 11 '!::i.'::V t...'.'- - ■>' bjlU -" l
He Win Complete tiie Canatraotion  uf
the Smelter.
The deal for the sale of the bonds
of the Sullivan mine, East Kootenay,
ami tin: raising of enough money to
.complete the smelter at Maryaville, is
practically through.
Thai ipeans that Charles Sweeny
will take up the bonds and the .bonus
ui stock offered by the company to ie-
eure the funds to complete thesmel*
ti : For some time the Sullivan peo
ble. Charles Sweeny, George Turner,
and Barney Layton the latter repre*
seating the eastern Btock in thecom-
banj have .been figuring on the deal.
Imi it was uncertain that it would go
through. Mr. Layton, however, say.*,
that the buying of the stock ha.*; lieen
completed and the deal will be
through and the paper.-, signed ina
few days,
The finishing work on the smelter
will be started in a short time and the
sm-'lti'i' and mine running in full
blast, The bigger stockholders in the
Sullivan have for a lorn/ time been
trying to raise money for .the coinple-
Hon of nil the work on the sine I tar.
but some of the smaller holders did
dot cure to go iuto such a big proposition. To carry out the scheme
Messrs. Sweeny. Layton and Turner
succeeded in getting all Ihe.-tock they
Wanted and now can control any
movement, so all that is lo be done is
the signing of the papers.
Wedding Ba.ll*.
A pleasing ceremony took place
hi re on Wednesday .morning, when
Mi-s Lottie Plant was married to
BoDort Abbi6, by Rov. Mr. Glassford
The wadding was solomuizod .,; the
resideuco of D.St. Denis,-manager oi
the 0, s. Lumber Co., tiu* bridal being
ii si It : ni   Mrs.  St. Denis,    [t was a
private   mi'-tir.   ralnti
\-s   only
■".'-'- tiiiXicj.-.P oitvsxo wu ei Stu^fa   Afte-* the wecUlim
nded by AlJ.|yuil0jj .,.,. {,artaken of, and
wedding a ^..inty \jrX
precipitating iiall down the eh ate.
with several thousand tons of ore on
lop of him. An alarm was given ami
a tori • of men Bet to work to empty
the chute. Early Sunday morning
iiall was )• leased, and to the surprise
of his rescuers was still alive. On be
lug taken to Thi- hospital ii. was found
no bones were, broken, though one le^'
was crushed and he was covered witli
bruises, Hall's escape was dun to the
ore jamming and the catching of an
iron bar he was cM'rylng.
CV1.1.1NOS. .
The rush is on to Poplar.
Pay up your subscription.
Bob Allen will take over the butcher
business oq Monday.
The C.P.R. will erect a station at
Poplar and install an operator,
John Blench got back Tuesday from
a trip to Vancouver and Edmonton*;
The Wnkefleld, on Four Mile, is re
guming operations iiui will employ 50
Paul Couldrey, manager di the Le
l>oi No. 2, Rossland, has gone to
Sam Long ha - dropped oul .-f tin
Ottawa freighting contract, leaving ii
to tint-it 1 'ia
Commercial travellers are again
haunting tho camp, four of them lieing bere on Monday,
Silverton people are looking for the
Rockland group, on Eight .Mile, to !>e
worki d this summer.
The mill company sent oul their
fourth ear of shine Ies yesterday, it go
ing to I nionville, Ont.
Strawberries made their tirst appearance on the local tnarkel this
week.   Each berrie had its value.
An additional man has been added
1 1 ti... I a-:,, railway force, tq attend to
iV' i-lip and lix up the station yards
Last month's express money order
business here was three times what
it w.s for the same month last year.
Judging from tho number passing
through hi.iv, threepartsof New Den
vor'H population is moving out to Pop-
Last V.-ur's BUlpwentl Were 1 ",'i0 Tons—
A ll.'allliy K-rldenoa of the Lifo mui
Wsnlth *if tlio Oatlup—Knterpriti. tlio
Biggest Shipper.,
This week's ore shipments from tho
division have been satisfactory, two
carloads having l.eeti sent out. The
Enterprise, which .has got down to
Bteady .shipments, sent out its usual
'21) tons to Trail. From the same
creek the Neepawa shipped '20 tons to
th" Nel .11'. smelter. Next woek the
Ottawa will have a car to go forward,
to lie followed by regular shipments
when the wagoi) road is completed.
To these high grade exports must be
added the values from the clean-ups
at the Chapleau, which f-am now on
promise to be regular. The output
of the camp for the year will be in excess of last year's figure.* and the value
will be greater.
For  I90.'l the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to 1889
tons,   made   up   from 17 properties.
Following is a  full list of the ship
meats thi* year to date: *
l'ort Hone...
Black Prince.
Black Fel....
3 i
/ 82
^^^^^^^^^  liieti .Mr.
rs. Abbie took  the noon train
aal I ^^^^^^^^^^^
for Nelson to visit that and otin r
points. The ooutractiug parties arc
from Nakusp, where Mr. Abbic is the
manager of the mercantile buaiuoss ol
F.W.Jordan &  Co., and  thero the
le when
wly wi dded couple will settl
Remember last week's Quotation on
Flour when in the market.
)avid  Arnot, Sioc
<\gent for Steel-Briggs Seeds and Slater Shoes
Mr. (Massford is the fresbyteriau divine at Naku'tp and is an old friend ot
the groom. A demonstrative send-off
•• ts given the bridal party at tho
ll'i.rli o„ ilia- Creol:.
Pete Swan  and  Dune McPherson
got down to Innini'ss in earnest last
week with their contract  Ior the pro
vetive works on Springer creek.   On
Saturday they com"tnenced<irivingand
liy night   had   15  piles down.    Satis
factory progress has beeu maintained
I ■■ •■'. ' Tin* low water has helped
litem out and  the mill  pi iperty has
li .-a made safe against the impendiug
ri  heta.   \V. D. McGrogor is  mper
intending the work for the city.
l)i.;i',h of .Hi'., r.am.'riin.
The Edmonton Journal of May 8rd
contained the followiitg: "There died
i;i Eldmoaton yestei*daj Mrs.Elizabeth
1 iameron, the mother of Mrs. A Bruce
I'owley, in  her sixty-fifth vear.
Bills are oul foi the New Denver
eel ; ion 0:1 the 24th. An effort is
being mi '■• t.> gel 11 - ingle fare return
inrp and w if ■. Rossland
rived in oi isday, to spend n fen
days, Mr. Sharp wits here on business h connection with the Bank of
Engl ind.
l... itoi No. : Dolus Woll.
The man tgi • : thi Lc i.'oi No. 2
mine, ai Rosslaud, reports receipt of
121,209, proceeds ol 1646 tons of ok
Biipped between February 12 and
Mnirli s from which remaiu to be <lc
ducted mining and tkvelopmeni
charges, the estimated tonnage shipped lo -1 ■• : being 2800 tons from
thi Josit u ine and 900 to is from the
No 1 ■ . • . V\. iting011 March 16 •■■■:
reporl • dial I ■ is drifting astwards
ou thet I fool level in 10 feel of rich,
it ril mil dized ore. '. subsequent
repoi ■ • s: "In addition to ore referred i ■ .ii ".;■ li !;''i dated March iti.
have -iiucl '!• ■■■■ uv,..l coutinunuce ol
stopi _,!    1 '■■     .i'i dimensioui ai
present, but oro in Ixith places is ox*
!.* illei 1 ' Stope 20 '•■ the mosi westerly poinl el opened up in t he \nnli
oro -htiyt.
' the
Nothing delights the
i yo more than a fine
fitting, up-to-date,
st. lish .mit of ololhoa
A new selection of fine
Grey & Black Worsteds
Of the latest designs
jnst   been  received.
Cleaning:, Pressing: and Repairing:
done on the shortest notice.
Agonl for Canada Tailoring
t ... Soils to measure from
$12 to 885.   Cheap suit.*-.
Main Street, Slocan, B.C.,
Next door to Postofflce.
S05' full price of the oeutmi 1 whi 11
M eti aud thi •   would bo a few .••
»"„     The mayoi spoke "; thi abai
h a
k 11
piledriver in the creek and asked tin
board of works to secure it, If tin
high wal tr sh mid ca -ry it against iV
bridge damage wotil I result
A Id, Teeter drew atteutiou to lin
driftwood again  lodged  againsf thi
footbridge over the  rivor and advis*
its removal.
A hi. Word-n  suggestec	
council  assembled  oni
evening    those   present'
Z^x j a permanent  watchman.
S-JI to the board of works.
Council adjourned   to Wednesda)
When tin
Wetliic-itav ^^^^^^^^
were  Mayor  McNeish, Ud. Maouen,
Smith, and Tei ter.   The meeting v 11 •
of shorl  duration, no bit-in as of  im
ggIportancecoining before it.
slum. In SiNngtheuIiig.
Tn pointing out the strength of the
silver bullion market, one close to the
American Smelting & Refining inter
eats  says  that   although 'Lie yearly
r_¥^ production ol the white metal had nol
Kg I varied much either one way ov the
J5JI olher during the last i"t years, jot 1
__-_-_-_---_-_----. _M
remains will !>. gent lo Brandon for
interment." Th.' deceased lady \\a-
visiting here last year with auotn t of
her daughters. Mrs. W, Simons, wifo
■ if th" late pastor ol Knox church, and
her friends will learn the newa qJ hi
death with de p regret,
fu nl of Tfcftnka*,
The Weird of directors of the M. U.
Gem ral Hospital desire to return their
heartfell  tbanka   to  the citizens for
a 1 heir assistance and attendance at the
j annual ball last Friday, which proved
so great a success.   The thanks of the
.  ,       .   •      lxiard are especially due the manag
gested_emplou.,?iiii<].t,0(nnijthi*,, of ^ bftl]  fM ^
and   untiring  effort
N,'.-H.* ,. :, Mnl,ai< Sliipna.-lil .
-arlond of ore was shipped ont
Ta  men is employed at
n use in several
thi- week from the Neepawa, on Ten
Mile, I einghthe first io bo sent out bf
lhe '•■ sii - The ore was taken from
the uppi ■ li ' • le > i the mine and will |
,,u],\ ... • 1 profits1 A -. coud carl ad
i. alnn -; 1 ady to go »ut, E.Shannoti. ■
of N. . on    "I  the owners of
min ■   ■ ■ ..:tip;tiiii
m i(H
!    t'j      .;■   tO lhe
mtmol for Uttnwa Road.
londay  Mauagei   McPhee
mine, awarded t'- M,
Ull.iW ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Andrews, ol   Kaslo, the contract  fi 1
widening the road to the mine to wa*
________________________ gon ___%   si'- ,,;<l**  'A''1''  I'"1 'n I
painstaking and   untiring   efforts in U|,e W(   ;,.    Lt ha? to be completed in
1 in etioii therewith.   D, B. O'Neail, 130davs, as the management is rathi 1
uiixiou.* to gi 1 Rhipping ore.
A fore.- 1 if
the Ivanhoe.
Macliiu-- drills a ^^^^^^^^^^^
of the Ivanhoe drifts.
Last week the Boundary mines sunt,
out 1.3.240 tons of ore.
Dadt week the Kossland mines exported 4801? tons of ore.
Thos. Jones is after all the zinc in
sight for his Kansas works.
A ten day clean-up »t tho I X L, at
!■: is.-l nd. has yielded, ?700.
Th-.' force at the Slocan Star i.s to be
increased shortly to 100 men.
Frank Wi Us Went up Teu Mile ou
Friday, to work on the Sydrabad.
Don't overlook tbe fact that your
miners' license expires this month.
An additional 300 tons of rifto isiie
be shippitl by tlie Ivanhoe to Kansas.
Tho lessees of theChapleau have se
far ta lien out upwards of 60 tons oT
Sandon raiues last weefe .-hipped 120
tons of ore, making li^t'2 tons tor the
Wagons started
S-ir-n ri'i.tl. fn ^^^^^^^^^^^^
Ottawa branch.
John F. Holden, form -rly manage)
of the Tamarac, is now residing in
Dubuque, Iowa. ;
Daring the first four months of ih-
year the Boundary mines shipped
280,000 tons of ore.'
Ore has been coming into town this
j week from the Ottawa.   A steady output will be kept up all summer.
The Ivanhoe mill is running night.
and day, turning out ten tont of lead
concentrates and 12 tons of due.
On Saturday the intermediate tun*
nel at the 1 tttawa broke iuto ore, iriv
. pay matter now in every opening.
Frank Griffith baa taken up four
months'supplies to hi.- old stamping
ground at pie Westmont group, Teu
men  are   employed   on  the
•• road and thej have it in good
iu Ibis week on the
rhl . 1   U]   to the
secretary of board
Silver omitiitlnn*..
Following are the quotations ft-i bar
■ilv.-r on the various days during the
week since last issue;
Thursday ,    ;''i; cents
Friday     55i
Saturday  B5j
Mondav  56
Tuesday  56     "
Wednesday  !"»-r>8
Clean-Up Nest WoeK.
There are about 500 torn of ore In
sight at theChapleau thai requires no
assaying to prove 11- value, ns the yel
low stuir is sticking righi oul ol it.
Manager Savage will make a c'
nt the stamp mill next weok
result, will be satisfactory.   Tl
way rum overy other day.
! Mil   	
Jackson RadclitTt- ami his partner
have started in to develop the Bappy
.lack group of rhtiius, in the Poplai
Machinery for n 25 ton experimental concentrating plan!  has been or
den -I for the Veivel mine,ftf Rowland.
lt will alsoerecl a small smelter in the
i fall.
Manager McPhee of the Ottawa sue
[ceoded in gefftuga government jrranl
I ol   1200   towards  maintaining   the
I Springer road.   It is being judiciOUfllj
iran-iip 1 exi enlii
0 trant-
tnere has
Itemarkablo K.cupi*.
William   Hall,  employed   at   the
'.'.nub. mines, at Phoenix, had a re*
iivu a large increase in theI markable escape from death ou Satur-|i0flS
iy tie- arts, the amount j day,   He was walking acros.*- lhe top
to  ihe No. I level,
Ch up I cit 11   Mill Sl.ii i,.
\fier two or three yoars of idleness
tlm stamp mill at ^iu* Chapleau com*
niein id t  leratioua this ■•■ 1 •!;. by the
Mi consumption ,^^—m^^^mmm_^^m____am________m____m___
thus absorbed risin? from some 18,-1 of the No. 0 raise
',■ • und it Is giving satisfaction,
ood I ...I- of ore has heen struck nl
niiue and the outlook is favorable
crust of on
way,  for .1 -t ady run.
The Leonora mine, on Vancouvei
Island, and the C'rofion smelter have
lieen sold to English capitalist's for
tl 500.000. Matson, the liquidator of
the min--, got a race-off 01 $150,000
and perquisites,
Al Teeter ami Geo, Stoll started in
last week on the Combination, neai
the old bridge, on Springer creek,
Thi ■  havt   ground sluiced tho ledgi
below the upper  tunnel   ind ex,p08ed
it for a dozen feet or more.
"■jMcrT' ***»r* ill
For Benefit
Of Both
Coptiright, 190S, by T. C. McClure,
On the first night but ono of their
mutual vacation they sat on the porch
of an ocean hotel and watched the sea
climb over the sands nt their feet. The
laat of the other loiterers had exchanged the view for the delights of
dressing gowns and slippers some ten
minutes before, leaving to them the
wide veranda and an argument begun
an hour earlier. A mile away a small
steamer forged onward. Its trail of
Binoke lay drowsily on the water like a
blnck monster stretching itself for a
long rest.
"It's ridiculous!" he remarked, staring reflectively at the lighted tip of a
fresh cigar.
"Well," she replied, "we find it true
of writers. Nearly every novel is a
multiple picture of the novelist. Why
should we expect n player to portray
emotions he or she hns never felt?"
"You would make it necessary for
all 'heavies' to be former criinlnnls
nnd all comedians fearful fools. Your
Cleopatra must needs hnve been a
wanton, your I>ndy Macbeth must
have planned murder, nnd your Mrs.
Mnlnprop could not be nt once nn educated and a successful woman."
"That ls a trifle radical," she urged.
And as heT opponent did not seem to
feel that she hnd recovered her lost
ground she added, "I mean merely
thnt the able Impersonator must at
some time or other have been conscious of the sentiments which produced"—
"I understand," he interrupted.
"Well?" said she.
"Well," came the reply, "you and I
played love'rs all Inst season—rather
acceptably, we both think. And yet I
have never been in love. Have you?"
"No," she answered thoughtfully; "I
have not."
"Yet we seem to get along."
"Yes," she admitted. A mnn nnd a
woman somewhere on the beach were
ainging an absurd song, nnd the breeze
"hold on!" m said,    "i'll bi a subject."
brought the words to their ears. She
paused an instant to listen. Finally
the continued: "Neither of us has dono
■o well that tbere ls no room for improvement. Often I huve had to guesB
in the vaguest way at some sentimental passage, and many of them may
have been spoken iu a fashion that
lacked tho true ring. All this might be
remedied if I had ever been in love."
"Why don't you experiment?" tht
mnn queried fnu.-tiously.
"Because I have uo one with whom
to experiment. I couldn't very well
full in love with myself."
"It hns been done."
The girl laughed and rose to go. A
chill had come Into the uir, and tho
porch wus no longer comfortable.
"Hold on!" be said. "I'll be a subject."
She had forgotten already. "A subject for what?"
"I'll bo a subject for your expert*
ment. You nmy be rl^lit nfter nil, and
If you nre we owe It to the manage-
nii-iit to test your theory.-'
She blushed—a fulnt, puzzled blush.
"Oh, neither of us will be in earnest,"
he hastened (o add. "We will tuke up
the uffiilr as a course of study. You
and I can adore eueh other for two
months. It will help to pass the time
here, nnd nt the end of our vacation we
can drop lt.   What do you say?"
"I don't exactly like It," the theorist
confessed. And she took hold of the
"Nonsense!"  quoth the  man.    "You
must have the strength or your convictions. Let's test the thing for tin- benefit of both." He took her huiiil in tlie
enthusiasm of the moment.
"All right," she snld.
"Ooodl   We'll begin by going boating
"Perhaps," she remnrked quietly and
walked Into thc hotel.
She met hlm at the whnrf the next
evening, nnd lie rowed for over nu hour,
bis linns bared nnd the smoke frnm
his Cigar flouting behind litem In Imitation Of Ihnt which had drifted from
tin. steamer fnnnele, Neither mentioned the tnlk of the night before until he
In Ipod her back ou Hboro.   Then, "1
hope." he said, "that your ride has been
a pleasant one."
"I have learned something," quoth
Through July nnd into August the
lessons continued. He took her driving, sailing, walking along the strand.
She began to feel quite ns though they
were in earnest and grew a liule jealous of the friend to whom he devoted
nn hour a dny and two quires of paper
n week. The other people gossiped, ns
people will who have nothing better to
do, nnd they laughed at the gossip. At
last he pulled her out of the surf one
afternoon when she had been caught by
the undertow. "We nre progressing
finely," he observed.
Lato in the month:
"The season begins soon," said he.
"Our time is all but gone."
"We have spent it well," she- replied. "Think how our work will have
been Improved."
It was a delightful summer.
Aud on the last night but one of
their mutual vacation he nnd she sat
together on the porch as they had
seventy days before nnd watched the
tide climb vigorously ns of old, for
the sen is a restlessly ambitious monster and will not tire until it hns won
the earth back again. "We return tomorrow," the man sighed.
"Tomorrow," said tho girl. "I had
never been really bappy before."
"I have had n jolly time," he admitted.
"And It ends tomorrow."
She paused, scanning the horizon
for the steamer, which was long overdue. But there was no motion anywhere except nt the ragged meeting
plnce of sky and sen.
"We shall be going on tho rond
again," the man remarked, "to stuffy
thetiters and crowds of people who
recognize tragedy only when it is accompanied by slow music."
"We shall be ln the same cast," said
tlie girl.
And then, as he leaned against his
chair and took to puffing placidly, she
rose to go.
"Hold on," quoth he. "I want to tell
you something."
She waited.
"When I get back," he went on, hnlf
Jokingly—"when I get back I nm to bo
married. She's a charming little thing,
and you must know her."
The girl was looking out to sea,
though nil chance of the steamer passing had vanished. "But you said"—
she began hesitatingly.
"That I had never boen in love." He
laughed. "That was not quite true.
I'm afraid the lessons have been wasted.   I did not need thorn."
She opened tho door.
"Not wasted," she said. "I have
learned something."
The Mexican BnllBcht,
"A Mexican bullfight is the most scientific exhibition on earth," said n returned American. "It is a sport which
Is almost universally condemned in
this country, but I believe that it is no
more objectionable than our game of
football and, in fact, no more than
baseball or horse racing. To be sure,
the bulls are killed, but they are not
tortured to any extent. The bullfighter
must have consummate skill, together
with great nerve and daring. He must
await the charge of the bull without
flinching and nt exactly the right moment insert his,sword in exactly the
right spot, nnd the huge animal falls
at his feet dead. Occasionally a bull-
lighter is killed, but how often is that
true of football players and even baseball players and jockeys in this country', "he Mexicans would not think of
allowing a football game to be played
In their country. They think lt ls barbarous and cruel. I'or my part I do
not see but they have the best of the
argument, for from the standpoint of
nn exhibition of skill and daring there
Is nothing which can equal a bullfight." -Milwaukee Wisconsin.
No Fare  For a Doll I'nder Three.
True kindness does not abound in
nny particular place. A conductor on
a Bidgc avenue car the other day gave
nn example of how the ordinary thingr
of life may be made attractive by tlie
presence of a little kindliness. The
cur stopped nnd a little girl currying a
large doll got on. Thc conductor came
la to collect her fare. The little girl,
who was ubout six years old, handed
him n nickel, lie looked nt it nnd then
at her, but didn't register the fare. Her
expression was that of perplexity. The
conductor then leaned down nnd nsked
her fur the doll's fare. That request
mnde the littlo girl's perplexity even
greater. But the conductor quickly
nsked her whether the doll wasn't over
three years old, nnd to her negative reply he snld, "Oh, I thought she was,
and I was waiting for her fare." Then
ho smilingly pulled tho register Rtrap,
and thc other passengers who had witnessed the occurrence somehow or other felt better for this little touch of
whimsical comedy.—Philadelphia itec-
Little   F.mrrNon'n   Qannilnrj .
"Father, what Is a sparrow?" nsked
little Emerson Beans, looking up for nn
Instant from n volume of Thoreau.
"Why, n sparrow," responded he, "is
one of those little birds that you see"—
Little Emerson listened with a puz-
tied expression.
The old gentleman tried another tack:
"It Is what Is known as '1'asser domes*
thus' "—
Little Emerson began to understand.
"Ofthe family 'fringlllldie.'"
"Oh, of course.    I recognize the term
now. HOW stupid of ine!   There Is only
one possible objection to Thoreau," he
continued, "and that is ba uses such
nursery terms It is sometimes hard to
comprehend them."
And the youth returned to bis bonk,
leaving his father In dire perplexity as
to the terms In which llo was to announce to hlm that It was tint.- to go
to bed.-New Oileiios Times Oeiiincrat,
Corei-eil   Them   Willi   Vegetntlon   to
I-iTHi-m-  A enlil<*   l.nud.
So much attention has been directed
to the work that Is being done in reclaiming the arid and scuihirid lands of
the west that the reclamation work
along the Atlantic coast is -almost entirely overlooked. The familiar sand
dunes, characteristic of the coast from
Cope Cod to Cape Fear, while perhaps
artistic, constitute n menace to adjacent cultivated lands and ure useless
in themselves. Massachusetts, nt considerable expense, has been endeavoring to reclaim the sand dunes that
form so large a part of the "Province
lands" on Cape Cod.
It has been found that sand Is readily bound together by grass roots, and
thnt if sturdy varieties of grass, suitable for sandy soils, nre planted and
cared for while obtaining a foothold
and maturing they will gradually cover
large areas, transforming them from
shifting, worthless lands into veritable
fertile cultivable fields. Many years of
forestry work in Europe bavo shown
that after the grasses have made a
start trees can be successfully raised
on these erstwhile sand piles, which
may thus be made to yield a revenue.
Some of the most extensive and mobile
sand dunes in the United Stntes, however, nre found In the west, nnd It is
the nmbitlon of the bureau of forestry
to cover these with permanent forest |
growths. Along the Columbia river in
Washington the sand is very light,
owing to the large proportion of mica |
lt contains, nnd consequently is easily
blown about by tho winds.
In a part of the lower Columbia river valley great orchards have been
actually ingulfed with the shifting
sands, and tho railroads have experienced great difficulty in maintaining
their tracks in this district iu passable
condition. In order to make a practical
test as to the best method of treating
these dunes, a strip of land on the Columbia river between Willow creek
nnd the John Day river has been set
aside by the government for extensive
experiments, bnsed on the work dono
in Massachusetts, referred to above.
In the enst tree planting plans for
owners of sandy tracts nre being prepared, thus extending the scope of tho
practical co-operation begun by the bureau of forestry.—Philadelphia Record.
A  Future   Mlknilo.
Perhaps the most interesting small
boy in tho world is littlo Prince Micehl,
grnndson of the Japanese mikado and
destined himself to be a mikado somo
day. He will be four years old in April.
The hoir presumptive to thc great
eastern throne has the distinction of
being the first baby of the royal house
of Jimmu Tenno who has been allowed
to grow his hair like an English baby.
Both his father and the mikado when
babies had their heads shaved dally by
their nurses.
Soon after the prince's birth measures were taken to eliminate the "almond eye" of his race. A painless littlo
surgical operation was performed. An
incision was made on the outer point of
tho baby's eyelids in n straight line
for tho barest part of nn inch. The
lashes wero then drawn into shape and
held firmly by n piece of chemically
prepared sticking plaster.
Tho wound healed in less than a
week, and the effect now i.s that I'rince
Micchi does not look his oriental birth.
The Slmplon Tunnel.
The Slmplou tunnel, one of the greatest engineering works in the world, Is
rapidly approaching completion. Its
total length will be n liltlo over twelve
miles, of which distance six nnd up-
word have been penetrated ou the
north, or Brigue, side and four and up-
ward on the south, or Italian, sido,
leaving only a fraction over one mile
yet to be completed. It ls expected
that the two sections will be joined
together In tho coming May or .lime,
nnd it will not be long thereafter when
trains will regularly be running
through. The organization of the work
Is of high efficiency. No sickness exists among the men. The use of tho
Brandt drill immediately suppresses
all dust, and thero has not been a
single case of miner's phthisis, although some 3,001) men have been ut
work for five years.
A I.ovr Letter  Writer.
Tere Jean, who has Just died,
the last of the public writers of 1'
Servant girls, market porters and
ers who found n difficulty in \vr
were his chief patrons, und others
could write, but lacked Iinagin:
and style, hnd often recourse to
An ordinary love letter cost 10 e
the samo With well turned seuti
10 cents nnd a powerfully pcrsui
letter 30 cents, l'ere Jean would,
ever, contract to complete u love
respondence for u lump sum.
I ting
Jnck'a) JVenreM Approach to the Hundred  Per  Cent  Mark.
Jack's parents were ambitious for
their offspring, but tlie offspring lacked
both ambition aud industry. Hockey
and marbles were far more attractive
to Jack than geography and arithmetic; consequently his father nnd mother
had never achieved the desire of their
hearts, which was to seo their son at
the head of his class.
As the winter progressed Jack's
monthly reports kept pace with the
thermometer in Its slide toward zero.
Mother was discouraged; father was
wrathy. First bribes were offered, then
threats were resorted to, but nothing
availed, The end of each month always called forth the samo scene in
Jack's family —tears on tho part of
mother, the switch on tho part of father.
Jack would seem to be overcome by
remorse nnd promise better things for
the future, but If skating or coasting
happened to be good his resolutions
would melt under the ardor of his enthusiasm for these sports, and the lessons would go by the bourd.
"Oh, Jack, why can't you get 100?"
Sighed his mother when his lust report
was presented.
Jack fidgeted, stood first on ono foot,
then on another; theu he burst out desperately;
"Well, mother, 1—I come pretty near
it tbis month. I—I sat next to a boy
that got 100!"—Philadelphia Ledger.
TWO generals there nro
Who wilh each other Wlu.
Tliey do uut imilin,
lint Jnst thc samo
Thev play n game
That wins tliem fame
Without a bruise or sear.
The one who's first ot these
Is known as General Freeze,
For first ls he
To come untl boo,
Then skillfully
Plan victory
And get there by degrees.
With silent step he trends,
Anil wide his sway ho spreaUa
With icy beams
Ho dams the Ktrcums.
Where nature dreams
His banner gleams
And snowy luster sheds.
Thc next ln line to draw , .
Is known as General ThuW,     . i
For 'tis hla plan
To come and scan
Each ley span J
The first begun
And lay bare every flaw.
Thc Icy bonds ho breaks
That fettered streams und lakes J
The rivers leap
With J.i.v and sweep,
And every heap
Of snow once deep
Its earthy bed forsakes.       '
The work by ono begun
Is by the next undone.
They thus contend,
Assail, defend,
lliilld up and rend,
But ln the end
The war by Thaw is won.
-Theodore II. liolee in 1'lttsburg Chronl-
A  Might}   Induction  Coll.
The largest induction coll, which produces the longest spark for service In
wireless telegraphy, Is said to be Iho
one which is used for Hashing messages between the coast of Japan and
Korea. It can produce, In fact, a mini-
aturo streak of lightning forty-five
Inches In length, capable of killing any
number of persons who might get In
Its way and when In Operation sends
OUt something like thunder rolls. The
entire apparatus weighs about 'J.tlUU
A Wealth  of roKlnnirm.
The town of Osslpcc, In Carroll coun<
ly, N, tl,, has nine postofllcci viz,
West  OSBlpee,   OSSlpeO   Valley,   Moul*
tonvlllo, Contorvillo, Centor Ossipee,
V.'aler  Village,  OsslpoO,  (Irauile and
l.olglilon's   Corners,    The  town  of
Wakclii Id,  In  tin- same county,  also
Ims nine postofBcos — vis, Provlnco
Lake, North Wakcfleld, Woodman,
East Wakefield, Wakefield, Sanborn*
ville, llnriiH Mills, South Wakefield
i,ml I'nhin ,
A  Horn   Diplomat.
Why She Broke OH
Retailed lo Serve.
A Frenchman went to a brother
member of his lodge and said to him;
"What does a polar bear do?"
The brother answered:
"What does n polar bear do? Why.
he sits on the Ice."
"Sits on zee ice?"
"Yes," snid the brother. "There l«
nothing else to sit on."
"Veil, vat he do too?"
"What does he also do? Why, he
cats fish."
"Bat fish—sits on zee Ice and eats
fish.   Then I not accept."
"Vou don't accept? What do you
"Oh, non, non! I does not accept. 1
was appointed to act as polar bear to
zee funeral."—Atlanta Journal.
Tin* Exchange Habit.
"I took back those socks that
wouldn't fit Willie."
"The ones you said you'd change?"
"Ves. And that odious Jim Cramp-
ton waited on me. Ho asked me how
long I had kept the socks, nnd I answered about two weeks. And what
do you think he snld?"
"(Hyp it up."
"He saitl I ought to change 'em of-
tener."—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Of No Personal licneflt.
"That physician is wonderfully wise.
No matter what your illness Is, he can
tell you the name of the germ that
caused it and whnt will cure it."
"But 1 understand be is not going
out of llis house."
"He can't. He bas n cold ond a
sore linger and n touch of dyspepsia,
not to mention an attack of rheumatism."—Washington Star.
Wonder*   of  lalo'trlrlt**.
Visitor From the Country— What
would happen If 1 were to smash that
electric light there with my stick?
Barkeeper (aggressively)—What would
happen? You'd have a black eye in
about a minute nud a half!
Visitor — Gosh! Ain't that electricity a strange thing? —New Orleans
Force of < uoiom.
The handsome young dentist slipped
the diamond ring on the lovely girl's
shapely finger.
"If you break this engagement, denr-
est," be said, with a dreamy, faraway
gaze, "I shall have to charge you for
my time, you know."—Chicago Tribune.
The noiik'n Oik* l.onil l'ciitnre.
"You have seen his book, I suppose.
What do you think about it';''
"Well, there's one good tiling about
"Indeed I"
"Yes. It's simply Impossible to dram
oti/.e It."- Philadelphia Public Ledger.
II<r   Millet.
Guest   Madame, I'm thinking of ytit-
ting Up at yuur ilOUSP,
Landlady (grimly)  Yes, sir; in nd-
vutice.-Ncw York Evening Journal,
Pleailng Day Dreamt.
We see Pipes tbe plumber silting in
deep meditation, a contented smile hovering Upon bis face.
"Ah," we vent ure gayly, "building
uir castles?"
"Better 'u thai," he tells us. "Plumbing them."—Judge,
"Oh, Joy! Oli. Joy! There I've goni,
ami swallowed mo excuse. Now I'll
have to t"ll tie teacher I have some Inside information for her."—New York
Evening Journal.
Wanted to n.n.l the Sian.
Skating weather brings with it memories of the old fanner In Maine who
still clung to the invigorating pastime.
He used to be the lirst one ln his village to put on skates and wus nnxloui
always to sec ice formed on thc surface
of the pond.
One day ho visited n pond to which
be bad not gone iii some time nud wa*
.surprised to see a pole sticking thrnilgli
the ice with n board nailed ou it and
something looking like painting on the
"It says something on that ere
board," said Mr. Farmer. "Just my
luck—my sight's poor nnd I ain't got
niy glasses. Howsomcver, it's only a
pleasant little skate to the post."
Later they had to fish him out of the
chilled water. The words on the sign
"Ice thin here; keep away."—Philadelphia Ledger.
_couja uovor Jove^i
Hcf   E"g»gcmeBj
AVINa been put through tbe i
degree by ber in,.,,,,, '*•■*■
who bad attained the _u_]*_
u rem heroine by breaking her •»    "*'
ment explained why she ,ii,i |t    *■■*
"It was because Henry
nato," she said.
effeminate man, and of course ■
uot marry without love." ' l!l
"Of course not," choruseQ the > i
audience approvingly, * I
"itut I never had thought n,.Ilrv ,i
feminate." added toe tall ghCy
"I never had either until
became engaged," sighed the f„r,„
fiancee. "You see, before I ,„■ "
to marry blm I never !>ilU1 „ °"'^
tion to the little habits and ___
Isms that show what a mnn ,.'„'*
But after we became engaged [SJ
to keep my eyes open for all those mil
details. One night at the rost '"]
we had a lovely dinner, and i tell
I was going to,be the happiest elrifl
the world, but-well, it is all over3
The shock came when Henry „.,j,i,, I
bill." '"'*
"What was tho matter;" askea tl I
tall girl.   "Didn't be tip the waiter-*!
"Yes," said the former fiancee '"k|
behaved nil right aboul that, lmt"ii*l
lie carried bis money in n little lisl I
scale purse. That struck ine us ^J
the limit. To my mind there is 2\
one really manly way for a man to all
ry money, nnd that is to throw»!
around loose In bis trousers pockctin
that when he wants a nlckt i he \mA
dig up change by the handful tn Kt-titl
For bills, of course, I can stand mt
those fiat leather pocketbooks. TW
have a businesslike ospecj nnd donB
detract from a man's dignity; tuttil
sec n big, strapping fellow wiio 1mst^I
appearance of a real live man draw J
dainty little purse from bis poeketurfi
lish around for n dime is too niiieh fot|
mo. In fact, tho man who doei A
seems almost like a woman, rtud l|
couldn't marry him. run you blaml
The disengaged girl eyed lu-rc»|
panions appealingly.
"Indeed, we cannot," wasthouMrtl
nioiis reply. "Ixiose change In \:A
trousers pockets for us." New Yott|
Thej*  Suffer In  Silenee.
"The question is now being agitated,"
began Mr. Victimize!-, folding his paper, "ns to which ls the more fatal to
mankind, gunpowder or face powder?"
"I never heard of n man being killed
by face powder, Horatio," interpolated
his wife.
"No, men don't mention such things,"
he replied; "but, nevertheless, many n
ono ls undergoing what might be termed n living death by having faced n
volley of it nnd weakly surrendering,
There are deaths and deaths, Marin."—
New Orleans Times-Democrat
Not   I'nr  lo Oo.
"Hello,   old   man!    Never  saw  you
Walking bo fast.    Where nro you go- j
"Fellow just stole my automobile and
went otT down this road."
"Itut surely you don't expect to over-
take him afoot?" j
".Sure.    He forgot to take the repair
kit with hlm."—Philadelphia l'ress.
Bridegroom Bug—Yes, dearie, there's
no place like Niagara Kails to spend a
honeymoon,—New York Evening journal.
Im.iv   Him.
"Itlvers, here comes SwaddlefonL R
bet yon ;i dollar you can't make usisl
pie remark to blm about the weatbal
without getting  a   long lecture frw|
"Betting Is the vice of funis, bntll
take vou up on that. Brooks."
A few moments Inter.
"Good morning, Mr. Bwaddleford.
fcrnal weather we're having, Isn't It?
"Infernal?   Not at all, n • tlei r M|
low.  Quito the contrary,   i
is hibernal, ns would hnve t        ij
yon if you had reflected a little. Itb
always   seemed   to   mc  thc  strim-**!
thing on earth that people will perm
ill saying things that  i ij
exactly opposite to tbnt •■'■ Itlch tii
mean to convey. Take tbe familiar^
ample of'—
"Brooks, I've lost.  Here's yonr m*\
lar."—Chicago Tribune.
Where  It  Iti-iriin.
II.* was a bum. Anybody who ml
bim leaning against tho bars co*J|
havo told as much from i'-: rngs.    '
The good citizen Stopped isi frontat|
the celL
"Why arc you here?" he asked.
"Aw, I bad a littlo j 'i-' on." n-pHtj
1 ne Villi.
" 'ai bad!   Too bad!   Ob, that bJ
mi;,'..-  know the danger In the t
"•Twnsn't the first drink, pard,
was the last that caused all tbe ti»
ble."—Milwaukee Journal.
The   Condition!  lUtTa-rrnl.
Husband (with n •■■■   i wl>
am at home, yon are for       iitJt*
Ing nt that piano or e! ■ ■ :  ur M$
Is   running   like   0   trip
wasn't so before wo wi re married
Wife-No, It wasn't.   Bi      ' '•>' ff(J
married you held my IioihH *o lctl
not play and kept my lip
I couldn't talk.—Now York Weekly.
One  View of It.
'Impressionists seem to vary l***}
In their view of Iblngs." A
-Yes. You see. II alldei -»"1^
mental and physical - m ;,:' ™
they  get tin-  impre   ■ nt**.
Dinar laiH.uui.
Mother—Tommy, whnt's the mutter
with your little brotlfor?
Tommy-He's crying becnuse I'm ent-
ing my cake and won't give hlm uny.
Mother-Is his own cuke finished?
Tommy—Yes'm, und he cried while I
was eating that too.—New Yorker.
•  ,;   (in*'
lie    Another  Iinl   coining"     (i
Bl-Olt!    Where tin yoU i-M"1'1 ""
nil ihe money front'.' ,.,.0|
She  You enn give a check, am •
- Chlcngo Amcrjcun.
At   n   Veil ture .
•■Grace,  can  you  tell  »"' *"a
mt hy n cubic ynrd
bid I I?
•I don'l know exactly, ■"'• ..,Jrn
It's  a   yard   Ihnt  the Cuban c»    f
i,i., v ii,."-i5oHtu'i Christina au-
mm*m he:    dri
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
tromolv   ZihTrin0.^   ""7"""  °H   Ruch,n^ ad°™ •*•■ •■■■■'■< a»>d "on-
' l.iul 3 , *J ' .    l"   ,"'*" W.','.u '*'  "'"""*  °f   K°W'*8'    ''•'"•   flufljf   ev.,,,,,1..
; ii   il col.   s an.   designs.    Those frock, the cloth gnu,,, tho eilk drons
s demand a silk or Batli, and the ui,,  cotton garnio.it.
11  J
ll i
*.' i
a. |,Ine   .iili Mii.l.ri. Iiivi 1.I.1111.
well  known     London  artist  has
... . SUi| who serves to keep tho
.   fi,.,.! falling Into a state    of
.,...       Tbo  other   day   the   new
L, j-    of ihe   church,    in whose
School    the artist is Intor-
,,;i.s duo to cull nnd the urtist
I  11, hia  wife:    "Aly  deur,  1  wish
,1  s,aid  that  hopeful  of  ours  up-
i'S while the parson i.-; hero."
proclamation of banishment was
ii'dinglj  Issued,   The minister ar-
.* und    took  his sent  on n sofa.
,.s weni   on    smoothly for     ten
uti>S, and tli2 culler had ju.-st out-
il his views on the needs of   tho
day  .School,     WhOU  n   pause  ful-
iJtlonly there    enme   from under
sofa a torriflc blast  from a tin
The good   man  sprang  up  in
m,   nntl   lh''     artist   dived    down
i ihe Intention of pulling his son
ntul making nn example of him.
ho  found   wns  u   tin  horn,   over
mouthpioca     of     which      wns
tched one end of n long pioce of
„.,■   tubing    lending suspiciously
, iin* Blalr nnd upward,
S'evor  niinil,"    said  the  minister,
ining    his sent;   jour son seems
right  in  line With  modern in-
:,,ii; the horseless    carriage, tho
• less telegraph,   tho boylcss   tin
j    Next  to   the   mohairs perhaps   '.he
[greatest demand at present  is for the
new linen suitings.
Delightfully suggestive of the 1880
period is barege—a thin, opon-mosh
fabric that  may In- had it) a variety
of  Coloi-ingS   and   novelty   effects.
Sufforred From Nervousness and Extreme Physical Exhaustion,
Now Reoommends Other Women to Use
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food.
ramilvo PliristlnnttTa
lo boy," Inquired the minister
,.1 enlletl lo see tin- man of the
"i.-, your father .". Christian?"
," replied lh;- l.oy; "I think be Is,
■ I 1 t'llt'i e he l.-i working at it
$100 Reward $100.
ndtn. "f ttil» lmper will be pleated to
it there lit at l.'KBt ono drcadeil diarane
I, ii o liny lifeu able    to cure In all Its
.il   that   la   Oatarrh.    Ilall'a  Calurih
. only positive cute now known to tlie
. al  fraternity.    Catarrh being a constllu-
■i  dlieiuw,   r* qulrce a constitutional tn-at-
HlUI'l Catarrh I'uri* la taken Internally,
.'  llrcctly tiiMin tin  blood ninl inui'iiua uur-
r tin. eyitem.   'hereby destroying the
ition    f tii** disease, and giving the pa*
n-nglh by building up the coiiHtltutlun
nutating nature lu d.>ln< Its work,   Tha
 .• have to mu. h fnltli tn lu curaUve
.-,   Hinl   tliey offer One   Hundred   Dollars
that It fall" to cure.   Send (or Hit
aionlals.    .'..Mn a-.
V. .1. OHi.N'EY A CO., Toledo, O.
1 I.v nil druggists, 75c.
ill's I ..Hilly I'illa are the beat.
i.i. if white drawn in at the
•..iili "bein'" ribbons an- pro-
.i in ih.* near future for faah-
h; wear.
Indigestion Can't Stay when Dr.
ti   Stan's   Pineapple   Tablets    are    mr-
< I    agal9.lt   It.      I liuiiiiis    Smith,   ot
.1,  Out.,  snys:   "1  uui dellgh'.ed  with
• ui—Irom  iilm    t   the  tlrst   using 1 have
.:.  entirely   relieved  ol  the jjulns ol  ln-
.   'tion—1   havo   tho  greatest  confidence
iliu  Tablets,   and   heartily   recommend
an    to   uny    and   every    sutleier   Iroin
.loach troubles."  U5 cts —119
a v combe have been Invented   to
I   -Iii   in    placo    Mu'    "I'l'eiicli   twist,"
.Midi is threatening to become popular.
Nature Revolts Against   High
Living mui it bas sal it'.-, seal to it by add*
ir   i.i   man's   at'.menti '.he scourge   oi
Iates.    liniment  n.<fClcaj  men  until re-
atiy  preelabiiod   it   a   "no euro.' di»-
b :t  south   American  Kidney Care
• knocked down  their pet fallacy and
i proved itself mart*'  ct  kidney disease
.  nil  its forma.  Relist in A hours.—110
Many women date their Illness and
suffering from tha period ol chango
of lifo.
It Is a trying time to all women,
and a time whon Dr. Chaso s Nerve
Food will prove of lncalo.iULlo
Ily supplying an nbundunce ol rich,
red, life-sustaining blood, this great
food cure helps women to pus.; in
safety the periods of trial in their
lives. It strengthens and invigorates the delicate female oi'.;al,bti'.,
and builds up the whole system,
Mrs. Chas. Keeling, sen , Own
Sound, Ont., writes : Tit is u pleasure to toll what great beueli'.s I havo
derived from the use of lir. C'hane's
Norve Food. I ain fifty-live yean cf
age, and for aliout fivo years my life
was one of great suffering from nervousness, woakness ami extreme physical exhaustion. 1 could not sleep.
and hot flushes would pass throunh
my body from head to loot.      1 con
sulted our family physician and two
other doctors, but they told mo,
about my timo of lifo, I 'was likoly
to Iw troubled that way, I continually grew worse, and despaired of
over being cured.
"Ur. Chuse's Nervo Food came to
my notice, and, us we bavo Dr.
Chase's Ki-coipt Book, I h.id conli-
tienco in the doctor. 1 was so surprised at tho help I received from tho
first box that I bought threo more.
They built me right up, and mude mo
feel healthy ami young again. 'Ihey
have proven a great blessing to me,
and I hope this testimonial will be
of help to some weak, nervous womnn suffering us I did."
Dr. Chase's Nervo Food, .-jo conts a
box, (. boxes for J2.50, at all dealers,
or Bdmanaon, Dates & Co., Torpnto.
To protect you against Imitations,
the portrait nnd signature of Dr. A.
W. Chaso, the famous receipt book
author, are on every box.
A great muny shirred and smocked
skirls are shown among the spring
fashions, while full skirts trimmed
with flounces und frills ure to be ex
tremely  popular.
Shaded   chiffons   ore   combined    t
make most fetching evening gowns.
BUFFER  NO   MORE.—There  are  thou-
suihIh who live miserable lives because
dyspepsia dulls lhe faculties ami shadows
existence with the cloud of depression.
One wuy to dispel thc vapors that beset the victims of this disorder is to order thnn a course of I'armelee's Vegetable
l'ills. which nre among the best vegetable pills known, being easy to tuke
uml ure most etlicacious in their action.
A   trial  ol  them   will   prove  this.
Net top bices are to be only second
in popularity  in  Valenciennes.
Twin rosettes for each side   of   the
coifure are coquettish adornments,
THEY WAKE Till.; TORPID ENERGIES.—Machinery not properly supervised und left lo run itself, very soon
shows fault in its working. lt is tlie
Mime wilh the digestive organs, I 11-|
regulated   Irom   lime   to   lime    they    are 1
likely 10 become torpid and throw the
whole system out of geur. I'armelee's
Vegetable l'ills were made to meet such
canon. Tbey restore In the lull llu-Hugging faculties, und bring into order iill
pints oi ihe mechanism.
Raspberry   is
a   new    color;    ulso
Armenian embroidery somewhat ro-
Bomblcs the Bulgarian handwork.
Drnlds disport themselves with
great cITonlery on the filmy chiffon
Silk Ince, which is ombroidorod
with fine silk nntl gold braid, is h
striking novelty.
In   connection   with   tho masculine
boast thnt men 111.. more consistent
than women I always recall Emerson's remark that "Consistency is
the jewel of fools.''
Two ounces of alcohol, lour ol
tannic acid, nnd one-half ounce of
cologne will allay excessive perspiration ami remove ihe offensive odor.
The  tiny   while  spots  on
nr.* usually  caused  by. brui
nothing can  be done lor  tho
wait  until  they  grow  oli.
th-  nt
S.'S,       1
111  but
Sash curtains of scrim have a
hemstitched hem and a border of
scrolls done in cross-sMtch wilh lustra threail.
I rillgns    will      In*     popular    decora-
uis   fur   I In-  spring   modes.     Wash-
hle fringes nre now  to be bought.
Eczema Relieved  in a day
r    Agnew's  Ointment  will  cure  this dis-
isting skin disease without lull, it will
1 une Hat bet's Itch, Tetter, Salt
ami. mui nil skin erupt Ions. In from
..*.. iroin six nights it will cure Blind,
••••Iii.g uml Itching l'iles. Duo uppli-
•a.n brings comfort to the most irri-
itlna cases.   ;t.*i ceoca.—Ill
Thin and unruly eyebrows nre benefitted by a lotion made of two
ounces lanolin and three grains muriate ui quinine, Apply nightly with a
camel's-hair brush, always stroking
toward  the temples,
irt   wnlsl s nro sl ill  very
-nee, and tin- nuiterittls
r    dovolopmont    are
it variety.
much in
used for
.shown     111
Liver spots, the brown disrolorn-
tlons that appear upon the skin, nre
caused by some derangement of the
internal organs, and the advice of a
good physician shouhl be sought. A
lotion to be applied externally and
which will help remove them wheu
used with other treatment, is composed Of the following: Twenty
grains of citric acid and one-half
pint   rose  water.
I Tliis falling of your hair!
I Stop it, or you will soon be
jj bald. Give your hair some
I Ayer's Hair Vigor. The fall-
| ing will stop, the hair will
flair Vigor
crow, ond the scalp will be
clean and healthy.   Why be
•oatisfied with poor hair when
I you can make it rich?
" My hnlr nnsrly all csme ont. I then tried
AyiT'i Hnlr ViKur and only one bottle etoppe.l
On tn,Ila • n,.w hair ome In real iliti-k snd
In.t a littlo curlr.-'-Uas. L. M. suiru.
.Siarat-iga, N. V.
fl "O it bottle.      ,
j.o. ATKnro.,
Lowell.   Mint.
Fhick Hair
Cucumber juice is an excellent  shin
n hitencr.
1.11 nol ine, the natural fut. of the
sheep's wool, is excellent for the
hair.     Equal   parts  of  vaseline   or
olive oil should 00 added to it us in
its natural state it is harsh nud
•sticky, Where there is n lnck of natural oil und the hair is dry and
harsh, lliis mixture rubbed into the
scalp will prove very beneficial In
supplying tin; natural oil.
A good, simple lotion for the skin
to keep il smooth and free (rum
Chapping is made by taking one
ounce of glycerine, one pint, of older
flower water and two druebms powdered borax. This can be applied at
uny time, either on retiring or during the day, In-fore llu- powder is applied lo tin- lace. It will help keep
11 tender skin from chapping if applied boforo going out Into tho wind.
A simple remedy for falling hair Is
a pint of bay ruin ami 0 largi left-
spoonl'ul of fine table salt.
Tlio simplest, and surest 1
the removal of freckles is
lemon juice applied to ,
with a small camel's hair b
icil     I
All kinds of nuts—Engl,sh walnuts,
almonds, etc., aro healthful and said
to be flesh-producing, li eaten nt
the meals   they   tako   tho   placo   oi
Ko not shampoo tin* hair too often; twice a month Is suHicicut, and
pure Castile  is  the best   soap-tou.se.
Sufferers Read!
_C. O. Archer, of Ttrower, Maine, ssys:
"I have huil eatnrrh for several yeurs.
Water would run from my eyes nnn in.se
lor days at it time. About tour inontlis
sgo I was induced to try Dr. Agnew's
Catarrhal Powder, anil since lining the
wonderful remedy I have not bud an attack. It relieves In 10 minutes." For
sale by all druggists.
Dr. A(sew'g Heart Cure relieves
lo 30 minutes. ii
Oold braids in all widths and
weights are to be used lavishly this
For a Time
Constipation and Indigestion may gtv*e
ri-.ii to nothing moro serious thnn ndls-
tressed feeling or discomfort due to an
overworked or Impoverished condition of
the Digestive Orijuns.   Adosoor two of
When manicuring the hands push
the cuticle Hint, surrounds the nails
hack carefully. If broken, it becomes the painful und annoying
pieces of skin called "hangnails."
Hark lines under the eyes nre usually the signs of ill health. Bathing
in moderately hot water nnd nftcr-
iwarri gontly massaging with cold
cream will help remove both the
lines and the discoloration.
Wfll TORlly put this right, but if neglected
* hut a burden of dim as may bo thu 0011-
*'.IJ ICverywhere.     In boxes 25 cents.
A housewife begins to boost ot having greal business ability as soon as
she can get her own figures lo come
within five dollnrs of those ot the
grocery  mail,
A spirit of self-sacrificing devotion
inspires some men to sit. in the cozy
coiner and  brave the backache.
Keep and  full  breathing  is  one
tho  foundation  stones of  health.
There never was and never will he a
universal panacea, in one remedy, for all
Ills to which flesh is heir— the very nature of many curatives heinir such that
were the conns of other anil ililUrenth
seated disease rooted in the system ol
the uatient—what would relieve one ill
In turn would acuravnte the other. We
have, however. in Quinine Wine, when
ohtuinahlo in sound, unadulterated state.
a remedy for many ami grievous ills By
its irriuhiiil and itiiliciouM use Hie (ratios.
systems are led into convalescence and
strength tiy the Influence which Qululne
exerls on nature's own restoratives H
relieves the drooninu spirits of those
with whom a chrlTiiic state of morbid
despondency and lack ol interest In lift-
Is a disease, anil hv t riinniiili/inu the
nerves, disposes to Hound ninl refreshlni
sleep—imparts viuor to the action ol the
blood, which, lieini; Stimulated, coin-i-
through the veins, strenu theni no the
healthy animal functions of the system,
thereby making activity a necessary result, strengthening the frame and ilvlna
life to the digestive organs, which naturally ileiiiand Incresod substance—result
Improved appetite. Northrop A I.viiuiti.
of Toronto, hnve given to the pulilic
their Superior Quinine Wine at the "sn
rate, nnd, gauged by the opinions of
scientists, the wine approaches nearest
perfection of any In tho market. All
druggists sell  It.
A few charming toques of luce have
appeared with tin- I'lince of Wales
tips, threo upright, once more in evidence.
The very best FLOUR
that Money cau buy is
" Royal Household"
■•■*Ts*——i '■\>fJf
We guarantee
every ounce of it
to   produce   the
very whitest and most nutritious bread
cakes nnd confections.    .'    .'   .'    ."
The most economical FLOUR
that   you   cau   purchase   is
"Royal Household"
—W\ 'J—m,—* ^   makes   a
R       greater   quantity
 I   of Biead per bag
than any other.   The very best bread,
too, that can be made.   .'   .'     .'    ,*
Printed cotton In Scotoli Uvoed et-
i'.''t ia unother of tho Benson's materials1 Uml lends Itself especially
well 1.1 1 ho 1 *\o-pi"i'i. cosl uine,
Keep Minard's Liniment in the House.
Tho now skirls   lit   closely   around '
tho hips, the flaro, which la ofttiines
,*ai e\l cat nj.'nnt. at the luul, llOgin-
niii|j; higher Up than Was formerly
tho case.'
A lnv.iy now Lint Is nnimjcl tho "orchid."
Thnt   Dodd's    Kidney   Pills   Cure
Promptly and Permanently.
.Aro   Vou   Bulldlne ?      i*
Tho Oos-b  Building;
It In very in.uli nlmntir nnd thicker thnn any other (tarred or building) paper. It is Impervious to wind, keeps out cold, keeps In heat, c»r-
rl6« nn smell or odor, al.sorlis no moisture, imparts no tustu or flavor to
Bnytliinc with which it comes in contnet. It Ih largely ueed not only lor
Ma-at'iiia houses, I.nt lur I mini; colli stni nge l.nil.lings, refrigerator*, dairies, creameries, ami all plu.es where the object is to keep an even and
uniform   temperature,   and  at tha enme time avoiding dampness.
Writo our A[*cnt«, TEES A PERSSE, Winnipeg, for -lamplet.
The E. B. EDDY CO., Limited. HULL.
I wasn't nlways in this condition," said tho ossified man In tho
(linn- museum,
"How iliil it happen?" asked the
obese lady.
"A girl once Rave mo the mai'blo
heart, ami it spread," explained th
hardened freak.—Chicago .News.
Nothing makes u  married   woman
so   mail   as   to    hear   her   husband
mumbling in   bis   sleep   ami not    be
All Forms anil Stuses of Kldnoy    DUense I u),|(,   ,,,   m_)en  out.   what   he's   getting
•-New Branswloh Mini Tells of Ter.
rlblo I'rlniiry I iiiiiplali.t 1'..nil ,Iinl
Onco .mui   for   All.
''After all. 1 believe the Chinamen
St. Ma,■■':-. i-'.'i-rv. York Co., N. B.. |are our M?***-"  "Well,"  responded
May 2.-(Special)-Tliomas Harrison, .tho 1;'"   V"M'   lh"  ' ' '   !     " '"
a well known resident of this place,
ndils his testimony to that of the
thousands who have proved that
Dodd's Kidney Pills cure promptly
and   permanently   any   form, or  s!.,^o   ^        ''","
'they must be our bosom friends."
A    woman's    idea    of   a   man   with
loose habits   is   une   who   frequently
Good Pills
Ayer's Pills are good liver
pills. You know that. The best
family laxative you can buy.
They keep the bowels regular,
cure constipation.     Lm.\nZ_z
Want your moustache or beard
a beautiful brown or rich black? Use
■.r.iiuiw, txsanx. m. I
Some    mothers    save
and spoil  children.
slipper  Roles
of   Kidney   Disco
"Some years ago I began to Butter
from pain  In  1 ho back,  accompanied
by   a   lethargy   impossible to  ovor-     "Why  do   you   drink so much   wa
come.    1   was   attended by a pliysl.  tor, Tommy?" usked   tho mother   of
dan,   but  continued  to   grow   worse,   ber 5-yenr-old son.    "So   you won't
nnd began  to  pass bloody urine. |have so  much  to  wash  mc with," re-
"On the advice of a friend 1 started [plied  the youngster.
usiii£  Dodd's  Kidnoy  Dills,    mid    by
the timo 1 bad taken one box I passed a stono, which la now in the doctor's possession.
"Threo boxes of Dodd's Kidney
Dills cured me completely,'nnd though
it i.s now years sinco 1 was cured I
have had no return of my former
Hodd's Kidney Pills run* tho Kidneys, and With sound Kidneys you
need ncVer fear frinary complaints,
Silk travelling  gowns havo become
popular for many  reasons,  and thoy
are  iinlined.   with   a   drop  silk   petticoat beneath.
1     Know    MINARD'S    I.INIMKNT
will cure Diphtheria.
JOHN   I'.   IllH'TTIl.I.lKi:.
French Vilhtgo.
will cure  Croup.
.1.   I'.   CUNNINGHAM.
Capo   Island.
1     Know     MINARD'S    LINIMENT
is the  best  remedy Oil eallll.
Norway,   Me.
Moire card cases nre encrustod with
old and  jewels.
Soft    leather    trimmings   will    l.e
used on tlie new spring gown.
The   new    L'oloninl    lie  hits 11  wide
flap fastening with two buttons, but
no  buckle.
Tho    old-fashioned     black    velvet
bracelets are again with us, but now
are  inlaid   with  n'''111'*'
["thick lace, gauze, chiffon and netted
worsted scan's are worn on the head
for evening wraps.
A beautiful trimming is a cut-wor
In linen with an embroidery over
in gold   or   colored   thread.   Ono in
ecru and soft groon linen is embroidered all  over  in delicate nold.
Lever's  Y-X  tWiso   lleuil)   Disinfectant
.Sunn Powder is a boon to any homo,   lt
iliaiiifeft s ninl cleans ut I lie snine t inie.     llo
Fall   hat    models   received   in    tho
wholesale    trade    show   many   high
crowns,   long' pinnies,  und  velvet.
Remarkably pretty negligees nre of
thin plaits, with a largo cape collar
and   flowing sleeves.
Signet   hatpins are  new  favorites
Taffetas In faded, old-fashioned:
ihades of rose or green make lovely j
houso ('owns.
 , . , Peacock Imi pins aro bocomin
Cholera nn.l  nil  Bummor complaints aro '
sn quick ' iii   their action  thai   the   cold rage.               	
linnil .if 1I...11I1 i^ upon the victims before
they un* aware  ihul   Uiinner is  near.    II Th
attacked   do  nol    delay    In  Knttintf   Hi
TESTIMONIAL from the L»te Sill SAIf-
I!I.I. IIAKER. the fnmous Nil* Explorer:
"Newton Abbot, Devon. Dear Sin—I
have delayed my thanke »« I tvUhed t*
tent the elTcct ol Itlnlr'i Pill* by ft luffl-
dent interval of time.
"Kor ten yeurs 1 had eullered acutely
Iroin limit nn.l life hnd lost Its attraction owing to the uncertainly ol heultk
ami tlia Huililen visitation! of the enemy
whit li 1'io.si rute.l me for months, or weeks.
a.'.'niiling to the virulence of the attacks.
"Illuir's PHIs have rendered m* Immense
service, as I uo longer fear an attack ol
"Kor the last twenty months t hav*
been comparatively free, as one or tw«
attempted visitations have heen Immediately stamued out by th* assistant:* ot
Blair's Tills.
"Truly yours (Signed) Saml. TV. Baker."
Lyman Sons A Co, Montreal and Toronto: The Hole Drug Co., Winnipeg; Ths
Martin,  Hole & Wynne Co., Winnipeg.
proper medicine Try a dose of Dr. .1 D
Kellogg'a Dysentery Cordial, and yen
will gel Immediate relief, It acts with
wonderful rapidity nnd never fails to ef*
foci   a  run*.
Sunlight Soap will not injure
your blankets or harden them, lt
wil'. make theni soft, white and
fleecy. td
Tan   color,   mm   metal and prettv
pastel   similes  of    blue    and   pink    are
most fashionable imis in voiles.
IT HAS M\NY OFFlCI-'.S.—Uefdre tho
lii'iiiiiin Boldler stints mi 11 hug march
he ruhs his feet wiih tallow, for his 1,1 t
cure is to keen his feet In gnml condition, if he I'tiew that Dr. Thomas'
[•'electric Oil would bo of much better ser-
vlre be would throw away his tallow
,1,1.1 pack a lew I,utiles ol the Oil in his
knapsack,   Thero is nothing liko it.
"Hoys,'* saitl the old Indy who wns
on her wny to chilt'cli, "don't ymi
know thai il is wrong to play ball
on Sunday'.'" "We ain't playin' ball;
we're only practisln1 for iii-morror's
gamo," replied one of tin- j'oungstors.
flocked woolen goods to lie
worn for dcmi-salson street suits will
In- trimmed with plain-colored cloth.
Ask for Minard's and (ake no other.
English   pongco   coals   for driving
and travelling' ale piped  with  a  Color
ntul   Inn e  removable capes.
Miiiaird's Liniment is used by Physicians*
Tho lieW silk and cot Inn fabrics
are delightful to the eye, but not SO
pleasing lo tho flbcketbook.
Minard's Liniment Lumberman's Iri.'iid.
I'ure glycorino is too strong for
Un- majority of skins. Diluted with
three parts of aqua pura or rose water, ii will be found BOOthlng and
softening to nearly nil skins.
The harder you cough, tho worse
the cough gets.,
Cure ffiicLuns
Is guaranteed to cure, If it
doesn't benefit you, tho druggist
will givo you your money back.
Prices: S. C. Wkllb & Co. 803
25c. 50c. fl    LeRoy, N. Y„ Toronto, Con.
finely powdered pumice stone used
occasionally will whiten nnd polish
the toel li it should not bo used often, as constant  use will break and
' injure   the   enamel.
Skin eruptions, eczema, pimples,
etc., will  often yield  to  tho nightly
[applications of sulphur ointmont,
This is ninih* by adding ten grains
of  precipitated  sulphur  to  an  mini*.*
1 of vaseline.
Coarse hair cannot    bo    made  finer
I In   quality,   but   constant   brushing
'and   tin*   application    Of    vaseline    or
olive oil   Iii   the roots  will   keep   il   in
good condition nnd givo ii   n   finer,
. sofier appearance,
Outfits supplied for newspaper
ind job offices on a day's notice.
No plant too large for us to fi jure
on, and none too small to merit our
closest attention. Prompt service
Epuulotto effects nre very modish.
\A/    IM    \J    No    679
^xf-T—*^. THE DRiOa. SLOCAN. B. .'., MAY 13, l»i)i.
,* ■■   -
*:■      1
C. E. Bm-rHMUWaOS, Editor and Prop.
ji fiiiuasnni) evhry friday at
SL0CA5,      •      •       *       -      B. C
Legal Ailvertis'm? 10 cents a line for
the ffrst Insertion snd 5 cents a line each
subsequent insertion.
Certificates ol Improvement, |7 tuch.
Transient advertisemefitsatsame rates
■l legal advertising.
Locals will he charged 10 cents a line
ftr each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription ii $- par year, strictly in advance; |2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to-
Slocnn, P>. C.
ma.    a '       '" ____—>
FRIDAY, MAY 13th, 19Q4.
KOITOItlvi-   oaoVPINOS.
For the ten months ended with last
month dominion revenues amounted
to 168,728,716, u betterment of upwards of $4£00,000 over 1908. A large
surplus is expected for the full year.
enabling a pronounced reduction to
lie made in the public debt.
Discord reigns In Lib-ral ranks In
the intt.rior'ovei the choice of a sena
tor to fill the vacancy caused by the
death of Hon. Mr. Reid, of Cariboo.
The fellows up around Kamloops waut
Hewitt Bostock appointed to the position, while the faithful in these parts
aro pulling for G. 0. Buchanan. Bos-
tock appears to command the position,
so the ambitious George O. had better
stick to his job of writing out bounty
cheques to lead owners. It may not
be so highfalutin, but the pay is good
and sure.
Fernie's late disastrous experience
with fire brings home tbe fact that in
eternal vigilance lies public safety for
those towns which have so far escaped
a conflagration. Sooner or later disaster seems to hit western towns, as
notice in the near-by places of New
Denver, Three Forks, Sandon and
Kaslo. Slocan fortunately has .-•■
esoaped,but she has bad many narrow
escapes. One hates to dwell upon the
thought of the consequences folio.* ing
a blaze on Main street, anil safety is
only guaranteed by strict watchfulness.   It doesn't pay to take chances.
Ratepayers are delighted at the satisfactory progress that has been made
during the week with the protective
works on Springer creek, sufficient
having been done to safeguard the
mill property from floods, BO averting
liability of a damage suit from the
company. The city'has demonstrated
its willingness to live up to its agreement with the Ontario Slocan Lurhber
Co.. and it is now up to the company
to give au earnest of their intention to
lvciproeate by proceeding with the
erection of the remainder of their
plant here.
Coast hlQiber manufacturers hae
demanded of the dominion government that they at once impose a duty
on lumber coming in from the United
States, otherwise they will be compelled to close down all their mills. The
American output is larger than the
demand, so the surplus product is iieing dumped hit!> the Northwest Territories at slaughter prices, resulting in
Fernie will seek incorporation at an
early dato.
The Fernie fire cost the insurance
companies $246,700.
All available timber in the neighborhood is being staked.
The Dudley hotel, at Michel, tvas
destroyed by fire last week.
Horn.-In Sloean, on May 2, the
wife of M. Cameron, of a daughter.
Express money orders are payable
everywhere. They are cheapest and
Alex. Rogers has enclosed his premises on Delaney avenue with a neat
ploket fence.
('apt. W. West,a well known steam*
boat man, died at Balfour Friday, of
heart disease.
A. Cameron, of Sandon, was married
at Rossland last week to Miss M. Mc-
Rea, of Nelson.
A heavy frost occurred on Saturday
night, playing havoc with garden stun
and fruit trees.
Miss Kennedy, of New Denver, has
been visiting during the week with her
friend, Mrs. A. Rogers,
A new wagon road has been graded
lo the residences on tlie upper bench
in the Brandon suburb.
The mill company sent oat their
third ear of shingles during the woek.
it- going to Glencoe, Out.
The Royal Bank has opened a new
branch at Cumberland, making ten
altogether in the province.
Among the visitors to Nelson during
the \\e,*k were B, A. Shatford and wife
and L, J. Edwards and wife.
Conductor Bison has lieen appointed trainmaster at Revelstoke, in succession to the late Thos. Downie.
All books belonging to the free library are requested to be turned in at
once, as an exchange is to be made.
Today Sheriff Tuck  is  selling the
interest of.J. A. Whitehead  in  some
wood and a bay mare, at  Dearin siding.
A close season lor elk in the Kootenay country has been made by the
government for three years from May
The Golden & East Kootenay Trading Co.'s fine new departmental store,
at Golden, was destroyed by fire last
Wullie Mclnnes, Liberal member of
the legislature for Alberni, is to re-
•sign, to accept a county judgeship at
Rev. J, II. Whiie, superintendent of
Methodist missions, preached to large I
and appreciative congregations here
on Sunday.
On Monday i voniug an ice cream j
social and entertainment was held iu
the Methodist church, the affair .being
quite a success.
It is the intention  of the Rebecca !
lodge bere to hold a leap year baill in
the Music Hall, on the evening of the
20th.   Greal fuu in sight..
The government offices hnve been
removed from Fort Steele to Cranbrook, making that place the official
and judicial centre for East Kootenay.
Before Judge Forin in chambers, at
Nelson. Friday, an application for administration of the estate of the late
Jos, Doiron, of this place,waa renewed
and granted.
('. F. Nelson, of New Denver, grand
chancellor of the Knights of Pythias,
passed through on Monday to Grand
Forks, to attend the grand lodge
meeting of the order.
Kenneth Shook, eldest son of .!.('.
Shook, who formerly owned a sawmill
at Lemon creek, arrived in on Monday frnm Peterborough, Ont, He is
staying with G, Payne.
Senator .lames Reid died in Vancouver last week, aged 64.
.fames Baker has gone to Denver,
Col., to attend a meeting of the executive of the W. F. of M.
Dr. Sinclair, of Rossland, is at Ottawa, lobbying for the vacant B.C. sen-
atorship.    He will get it- in the neck.
A party of mining students from
the McGill college. Montreal, arrived
in Nelson Sunday. They will study
the mines and smelters of the country.
An anonymous friend in Silverton
has sent ye editor an article on the
cost of running a newspaper. It is a
really touching production and will
lie published one of these days.
Appended i.-« a complete list of thc var
ions records registered atthe local regie-
try office, H. P. Christie being mining
May 4—Moilie, Teller, Leadville, Madonna, Col, Sellers, Kathleen,
ti: \nsi i:i:s.
May6—Teauty fr }i> 3  M McGregor
to E I.eniicnx.
Timber Notice.
N'OTICE i • hereby glren that thirty dayi aftur
ilulc I int...iiii to anplj i ' the Chief Com.
mlssloner of Lands i Works, at Victoria, (or a
lapeolallicense t». cut and carry away timber
from tin* following described landa: Commenc*
Ing nl a poet planted on the south si'lr ..f Kvnns
ct*t*e*k, about one-half mile from tho west shore
of Slooan lako; thence si.uth BOcbalns; thenee
west 80 chains; thonce north mi ohains; thence
east 80 chains, to placo of commencement,
Dated, April i\ 191I,
Med. Supt., J. P. CADE, M.D.
TJATE8: Rtgular vuhsarlbera, $1 por month
IV # or$!0 ■ ytar; Qon*subscHb*rs (•xcluaiveof
medical fttt*ad{nic»)92 p*'i day, Private wards
Sl par day extra. Special facilities for maternity oases.
Fur further particulars apply to.
Timber Notice,
V'OTK'E is herebygiven that thirty days nfter
f\ iiut^l inti'ti.! t«> apply to the Chief Commissioner uf Lands A Woricg, at Victoria, for a
■pedal license m cut nnd curry nwny timber
trom the following described lands: Commenc-
ine nt a post «t close to Jennie Currie . northern-it cornel post, on thn north side of the north
fork of Brans crtir-lc; running 80 chains west;
thence south 80 chains! theuce enst 80 chains:
thence north ml chuins, to point of commence-
TaVed April Mh, Ml.   RKRBERT nRAnA*M
Timber Notice,
- OTICH is hereby gi tod that thirty dnys after
late I intend to npply tothe Chief Commissioner of Lands A Works, at Victoiia, for a
ipecial license to cut nmi carry nwny timber
frOTn thn following described lands: Commenc-
Ing at a post planted on the north side of the
south fork of KTUnscr«ek,about fWe miles from
Blocan lake.and running south 80 chains i tlience
west 80chains| thenoe north 80 chains; thei.ee
east .->0 chains, t« point of commencement.
Datod April 20tb, 1904.
Timber Notice.
N'OTICE 1-. hereby given that thirty dnys after
date I inUnd to apply to the Chief Commissi,mer of Lands * Works, at Victoria, for a
sp«i*ial licenss to rut nnd carry awuy timber
irom the following dssoribed lands: Com men o*
ing at a post planted on the north side of the
south fork ..f K»ans creek,about ihrno miles
■from Slocan lako, running south in chains:
thence west 180 chains: thonce north 40 chains;
tin    . . isi 160 clinins, to point of commence*
" Datod April 20th, 1904.
Timber Notice.
x • i .:'i ri' Is hereby given that thirty days ofter
1\ date I intend to apply to the Chief Com*
,a . .■■- if Lands & worts, at Victoria, foi ■
s,„.,a ni I cense ta mr and curry nway timber
from the following .Icscril.e.l land: Commencing ut a post plauted on ths eeitside ot Wil*
•am , reck, nnar thi* west fork ut the sni.l crock,
.... ■!■.,.i 10 chains; thencs east 80 chains;
iii,'nr.- smith 80 chains; thencs west HO ohains to
Doit ■   ; oonimsnoementi
Dated April 10, 1801.
Timber Notice.
i il n E is herebj given that Usirtj days after
Int.. 1 iu tend to apply io the Chief Commissioner ot Lands A Works, at Victoria, for a
speci i lioense to cut ami carry away timber
frnm i tn- following described land: Commenc*
ion nt a j ist planted on the east sid- ol Wilson creek, near the west fork ol the said creek,
ag south SO chains; thenoe east 80 ohains;
th th 80 chain, : thence west 80 chniuB,
L poi it ot commenc. ment,
Dot"! i April 20, 19.i>.
Timber Notice.
DU    i"-.'*"*;,-.^;!    Coy   \TOTICE is hereby given that thirty days after
.  D. U INeall, oct   ^\   dati ! Intend to apply to the Chief Com
■?•♦-♦-«-♦-«>-♦«• ♦♦«♦-♦♦*♦♦♦♦>♦* ***o
1 electricity, uoi .un.
The Queen's
mi->  ol Landsi Works,al Vlctoria.for a
cense to eel aud carry nwaj timber
low ing .' • ■ ribi I land . ' lomtnenc
in . ai . ,.. i planted i n the south sido of tl e
.■, ■ !' of Wilson creek, about twomiloa
a ,i!i atrenm,runningwMt80chains;
tl > . th80chains; thence east KOchaitn.)
tl ii '■• .*•. chains, to point of ccimtnenco-
Dated tpril 25,1004.
RATES:   •*'.!.'.ill PER HIV
Kirst-cUisii Dining Room
I-argo mui Comfortable Beilmnms  t
iSumple room»forConim«rciHl Men   *
i sp-
Nelson, B. C.
» ♦• *****-* te I  *-***! ♦ «   *   I:   » »  a  > «   \
Timber Notice.
Nd r E is hfr«li) givontiiat thirty days afler
I intend to apply to tin I hiofCom*
tmr of Lands ft Works, at Victoria, for .
.ctal licsnse to cut and earirsway timber
ain the following descri>tosd laud: Cottninenc*
: .. .: n post plautnd ou tlie south tide of Wil-
ion creek, near the mouthof ■.'..? west branch,
unuing -■•*-" -W . hains; thence *',n:!i -'.'• el.aii.-;
!n.tii.. ,..-r. ki chninst thence north 80 (. ai n
to *i*oint "f commencemcut.
Dated Vpril ' . I ■ *
Timber Notice.
Certificate if pMBiits.
DUckFrluce * Clipper Mineral Claims.
BitaWte in tho Slocan City Minin.- Division of West Kootenay Dlitrict,
Where looated {— Black l'rmce on
notth fork of Lemon creek; Clipper,
on south fork of Lemon cruek
T-\KT. NOTICK Unit!, Ki'iif-t Hart-op,
semluer's certlflcnte No B58458;and
ting M 1*Ke"1* fl,r !'"''t'rt C- AiulrewK,
..mi miner's certificate No. B710U, m-
tend, sixty daya from the date hereof,
toapplyto the Mining Becorder or cer*
tificuu-iof iinproyeracDta for thepurpoie
of obtaining Crown li rants ol the abovo
clftiniK. .       ,
And further take uotiio Uiat aotion,
nndor aeoUon 37, mti«t he oomtafneed
before the ismiancci ofsuch oertlfloatei of
Dttedthll 1st day of April, 1804.
8.4.04 EB?EST llAtU.nl'
Steel Ran^
for ,$18.25.
Why lie withmu ,   ran?|
you can getonesochi
ar-preferrabletoBtov    .    .,
better satisfaction, rin
burn wood or coal an
set u p freo.
p.o. «<>x sa
Licensed Provincial Assayer,
AUSamplea Beeeiro Prompl Attention, .. ..,'i",c s •'" Al'pliiiitl.ii,
neclul '(ii.-i •■'Iiiiim in Mlnei and **ill*..
•JOI ^©
S ■m&J Q& <4nS ,
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into thc Town.
Do not %o  past  Its  dcoi   v
you are dry, weary or hungry,
****************    inamn
B.S50   I
VVii! buy a comfortable ♦
Cottage and two cor- i
ner fots i;' New i>^m- \
ver. House contains j
four large rooms, hall ♦
I      .^■va,     av.IJSw       .^v,.....,     ......
I and   wardrobe,     Ihor
1 other particularswrite ;
2 DRAWER  54. St.>.K:A:*. :
l»ail«a«a.aa,.»,,»»i , » 5 ,> 4
pr nyr<    y**)M.     MK      t*>jX «■ MB MW ■ X      .'-■
iQlW    mi—t    Him.    >aim\JM*CMaCd**t    Vi?. r.      ■
Financial Agent
Accountant & Auditor
Notary Public
Fire and Accident
Abstracts of flinera!
1 spaclttt UcttiisQ  to cut   m I ca ry awai Uaibnrl
; from tho foil twinic t\t ■■■ r i-*i land. L'oiumenc- ;
I in/ at a pod   iit'v:  ••'   v,      uth fide oi ;  ■■ •
1 west bfaocfa 01 Wilson    ■■■• ■■'.   Hbonl six mitti >
i ,'itim tb** m;*i'i •*>:;--( n, :  in iRg frttui  '*-11 c' uinl ; !
bhance north 80 chuins; Uicncc ea.-it SO .!..•   ■
thence south KOnhalns *.•» point of comrapnca-l
Dut«id April r,. 1004. ;
LB     fl       t _ llO'ie" >1  «-*' VTOTICE if lierel)      t ithirty larnafter      «--■-,
rw   ^'WS    V*<W  niiwiionerofLund a      r_A
K Advertise yow
Timber Notice.
NOTICE ikbereby giTen that Ibirtyilayt iftei
iint« I Intent! tu apph  to the lliivt i om- :
minslnnnr of Lands 4  Worfcu. at VicLorio, for nj
-i.'.'i.i lice.-...** ... cut  .aiil carrj   awaytiml   r
Irom tlidfollowing iie^cri>bed   land: t'omi
I ingnt a poet planted   no  the   nouth side of tiii !
we : ii.-.mill i.f  aViieou creek, nboul  Bve   ni
SI   OCAN \K C    •"■"•>'   nl   t'i'*   inuin   -traam.   riiniiinrf   >•,•
xJX^xj^ttt.i't, m u».*w   chain, ;•.;„., „.,,„, r,,,  -a chains; tlienco east Ml
 —   cli.-'iii^: ili.inre south 80 chains, lo point ot.    ■
J»*;>*.'*ii>:-*:>»i>1>.->i^^»:->i>.*3ii"i>.*>^s:>i'>   ; mencei
Bakery __
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Dated AiiT-ii ;•.. I<K)1.
Timber Notice.
Agents Wanted.- -Responsible men
B.C. manufactureifl imnu deprived ofl to take orders for tailor-made clothes,
their legitimate market. The situation •*-i'**o*l  commission, experience  unne*
ls critical and calls for a drastic rem   ,v,r?l.\*    1(V";vn  Tailoring Co.,  40
.      T.   _.   ,       ,i     r      r 1 "i      Adelaide street, west, Toronto,
edv.   It affords another forceful ulus* 12 -   *,,•    k„„u,i~..x.   i\..-i.     *•'
The fourth annual ball of the M.UJ K,»d   Arriving   Daily. ^
General  Hospital,  held   on   Friday 1
night, was an emplmtic sucn-::-., i-nitu ; ^
.1 number of visitors from out of town
In iti^r present, The net proceeds were
upwards of $50.
Illie undersigned  thirty days aftur fu.  in-
a   ten,1 to apply tn the Chief Commissioner
of L.iii.
••ens.- I"
i< Works, at   Victoria, ft r a -(mr-ini li-
t ami carry away  tlmbei  from the!
Bhoved into the protective camp, de
spit.- their predilections for free trade
Years ago the Conservatives had cor
l'l-ctly sized ii|i the needs of the oun
try and formulated the National Pol
icj which they have consistently ad
vacated ever since.
Fresh Fruits of Every
*\ full stock of tin- insi
tiii ! c gars and tolwi
cos always kepi on hand.
■J i follow im.* described tr.n-i i.f land: Commencinf 1
£- • at a iioiii plonto-.l on Ihe sontb side ol ETantfl
.$«; ci't'«K. rth-int one n.ilo from Blocan lake, ranning i
£ i 8u ohains south; I hence so chains east; thence j
■a) ; 80chains north: thence SO chain ■ west, to i>..ir.t j
"   of comiiiuiu'iiiirnt.
II. I.   II IK.
A complaint has beon sent in to the &
headquarters i>f the CP.R.agains1 I hi*! S
mill company for dumping ii-fusi-im *
railway Innd along the creek. *The-|J
-tnIV liii-i been thrown in ;i* a protec
i 'l I.on * am of Bread for 91.
Pull ffalglll   una Q anlil,
Slocan, P>. C.
John  Houston has resigned from f.V
,     , .   •    .,     v* i       . tion i" ilu bun a,
membership id tin- Nelsou Conservative A-..nut ion, because that body     The DBn,t. will prinl you,onshor«
, ... ... ■ i not ii''- and In anv amount,'shipping
has expressed its confidence in the tef7a biuheads, statomont«,letterhends,
McBride government, lo John's i.ji ' noteheads, momos, receipts,envelopes
potients this move hus proven extreme* I visiting cards, business cards, i>ill - of
ly satisfactory, us ihey hold he is now1 ri"'«'* dodgers, posters, etc., etc   Will
r. .„j u   ,,i    e xx.      ...      if.i   a. meet anv oualitv or pi-ice,
baCYoiKl the pale ot tin* party,   it tlmt ' '
be the case then, there Bhould bono|a m
valid reason why the various' ons< rv-
alive elements in Nelson should not
<;omo together) bury the hatchet and
bo friends, to the advancement of the
party weal and welfare.   Nelson Im.-
too long been the parade ground of
Conservative eccentricities. On tin-
Other hand, John Houston Ins receiv
ed shabby treatment from party men,
and tlie situation would have been
robbed of much of its bitterness to
him if nie-itis had been provided to let
him down easy, for nfter all lias been
Said and done, John hus been of .service to the party. There be many who
regret the stop be has been constrain
•ti i nCiM
Mrs. A. Mason, Prop.
' mi .vv > :f-' MMC'-WM <MMN '-*
If you want a touch of
home life, come along,
boys, Thc best tnble
in town; nice large,airy
bedrooms, Special fates
to teady aboatders. . .
The onlj Bamplc rooms
in town.'	
Arthur Street, Slocan
Flower Seeds
Garden Seeds
Clover Seed
Grass Seed
Seeds iu Packages
See tis in Bulk
i 'niiiii Bets havi  ;ii iivedj get four
order in at oucn,
of commuiioi luriit
Located M»wb SO Wn
Timber Notice.
rtlirunderiifrneil,thirty diijri after late n.-
9   tend t" ..in li i.i tin' Chief i ,,:, ,i   i
.if Laudi .i aVorki   it  Viet irla for ,   i ..: II
cenietooul and carry awai limber tr-.m the
t.-Ii,,.'.nm d«Krfabed tract of land: Cotninenctni]
.u -i t'.-t pliiu>ted on th* mnith at,In .>t K..,, t
oraeb, about ..ne mil^ front Slocan inU. runninii
io chalni eontti i thenee wi chalna west; thetici
10 oh a i of north thence HO chalna easl to poi I
• if oommem emi pl.
I.ik'.'iIc.I Man li 80, liW.
»n these clays of progress and competition
•io man in business
should neglect an opportunity to keen his
goods belore the people.
Modern usages proclaim advertising t!i»
one road to success;
neglect of it invariably
end* in disaster. A
merchant's standing
in a community may
be Judged from the advertisement he uts lies
in a local paper. To
seil goodsa man must
advertise. AH !i. e
mer seek the aid of
the pri liter
Timber Notice.
si 'i-t^rsi
'   i
by  I-....
Ti —i iraii
i.. ■••
NOTICE !i herelii gifen that thirty dayi .".ar
'i'a1^ ! Inte ippli  ti. t:i^ Cliia t ' uu*
ml iloner of Land  &   .'.   rl     i! Hctoriu, for a
ppi ii.l a.a'f ■. .■ ... an a i'i ..a ay..!. ... timber
in mi the following do cribod lauds; Coinmeno.
iiiKiit a im-: .aluntod on the north »ide lafilm
north fuil- rn' I.v,um rrei'k. about r, i.,ili*s from
Slocan lake, running vi.mli 40 chalni; thence
west 40chalnit thence north 20 chains; thencs
thence weal 10 chainsi tlience north 20 chains;
tlience wesl (0 chains; thenoe north 20 chains)
thence west 40 chalnst thenoe north 40 chainsi
thenoo east 40 chains; tlioncii south 2ii chains!
ihria.a east40clinicsi thence '.mtli 20 chains)
thence oast m chains; thence toitth l-u chains;
thepoa east m ohains, to point nf commence.
Datod Iprll 19th, 1904,
. I - .1 i: not..   thai it Is my Intention, al tbe ex- j
1    |iiniii..n ..i "iy.tr days from Ihcdntehoreof.
to apply to the Hon. thol lilef Comm In »r..( I
Land  « Work   for permission tn purchase the
I..1I ■*•• ini: described  lalid, vtr..i r..ii.i icing ,i
h pn i plnntod on lhe west shore ef Blocan lnl.r.
..■;■• I .- i t ion foet  nol th of tin
of li. na > croeli tad marked "John Currie'   H,l
Corner," tlience west 20 chain  i thencs   . a tii i".
i ii.iin*, crossing KTuua oroyki tho ci  i .• ■ tu
rliain. ■ ■.',... ■■. north rullowtug the westshora
,' 81 ■ lit lake '... chalt    m in ...   i^^ . tc poii,',
ol  ■ nm   ". si ;   i.'. i . • titainlog  ic
mom ur a- ii
JOHN CUBRIKper F, \V. I,m.i.., ,\i;(„i
•■ i •... H.c, April38rd, 1901, .",•.!
|At All  Times*]
«t » «l» n\ an b9k a" a n"a **n «**« **x «it** ■**. *** a** a"* a'a a'a «**« ■*• »"*<« '
K« aa a. x)c itu «■ »« *ttat-*
Subscribe for
local paper:
a THE DRILL,   $2- per yeai
J*.   ~      -


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