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The Slocan Drill 1902-10-17

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 fr _ft -—m- Jiin ** °3
TOL. Ill*, He. »*
We are in receipt of a large quantity of
T. D. Woodcock & Co.,
Slecan, British Columbia.
You want value for your money. We
carry the best lines of Rubber Goods made
in Canada and the United States.   .   .   .
We sell at Eastern List Prices.     Our winter
stock is new complete.   Remember this.   .  .
W. T. Shatford & sCo,
A. YORK & CO.,
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Workmanship is Good
and Prices are Reasonable
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public.     It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
lie-opened nnder
•he old management.
Former customers
cordially inrited to return
The Royal Hotel,
c.r.Arth.r street..." DeUusey AteH-e, storm.
i. •,.. . JAS. CROSsS,
uolldlog thoroughly renovated Proprietor!
"nil ro stacked with thc host
1 nn
ruit, Confectionery, K
Yon can get anything In these Hi       Kjtyou
require from us. *'   ..;' \_*J_\B tne
kept fresh and well assorted    We handle tne
best the market affords.   Prices are i.}->*
Ns-_otUtii.su are Snccessf.lly Concl.-led
With the Cempaisy for Establishment
ot tha BIB Hilling Industry-Clement
Caae Couias Up Agalns
The city council met in regular session on Monday evening, present Aid.
Smith, Worden, McCallum and Robertson.
Iu the absence of Mayor York from
the city, Aid. Smith was voted to the
The council decided to transact no
business and accordingly adjourned
until Tuesday evening.
Tssnistlay's Meating.
All the members of the city council
were present at Tuesday evening's
meeting excepting Aid. Barber.
Communications read: From Elliot
& Lennie re S. B. Clement's salary as
principal, referred back from the
school board; also a second letter from
the lawyers asking for a reply, as they
were about to institute proceedings
against the city. School trustees said
tliey had nothing to do with letters
addressed to the council.
Aid. Worden moved that the letters
Ik* thrown in the waste paper basket,
as the lawvers sliould have known to
whom to nave addressed their communications
Other aldermen thought the letters
should be answersil,but the city would
be held responsible in the suit any
No seconder was found for the motion. It was theu amended that the
letters ix* filed and that the clerk re-
,ply. Seconded by Aid. McCallum and
Flinn Education Department, enclosing chirk of $352.35 for the school.
Hill-, presented: Payroll forSeptem*
l-vr. $121.66; 11. J. Eobertsou, chairs.
$5; Carswoll Co., Toronto, municipal
books. *?5.1(i; A. York, telegrams, $18.-
72; T. McNeish & Co.. coal oil. .12.25.
City payroll and CarswelTs bill were
ordered paid and thi* other accounts
referred to th" finance committee.
Finance committee reported iu savor
of bills amounting to $oo.*J0. Ordered
The silwmi 11 business was then taken up. Clerk Bentley reading the
final and amended agreement with the
Aid. McCallum and Smith moved
its adoption.   Carried.
Aid. McCallum and Nichol moved
that bylaw No. 14. dealing with the
ss'ims-, be introduced.   Carried.
Moved by Ald.Bnbertaonand Smith
that bylaw"No. 14 Ik* now road a first
time.   Carried.
Th'* derk read ths* bvlaw through-
siut. It calls fsir tin* raisin;* of *f60l)i)
to piuvhasi' a millsite for flu* company and the exemption of the same
fsir ts*n years.
Aid. Smith moved that bylaw No.
11 be read a seoond time on Oct. 20.
Seconds tl by Aid. Robertson and carried. ,,
Mayor York stated the city would
havo to prepare B financial statement
of the affairs of thc city, covering tbv
revenues and expenditures, to be submitted to the Royal. Montreal nnd
Imperial banks at 'Nelson for examination by their solicitors. The clerk
was ordered to prepare same.
Aid. Worden brought forward question of gradin * "d the east approach
to the lower bridge over the Blocan
river. The government ami ranchers
were repairing the road on the other
siiiV and the city sliould look after its
Interests on this' side. Beferred to the
board of works, they not to spend
more than $26 on the job,
AM. McCallum made a statement of
the liabilities of the city to the end of
tin* roar. The treasury was somewhat
slim'and he would advise caution and
strict economy.
The clerk was ordered to writs- Gov,
Agent Chipman at Kaslo re refund of
taxes under the incorporation act.
Council adjourned.
The Socialists of the province met
in convention tit Vancouver on the 3rd
inst.   Appended is the platform then
1. The .transformation, as rapidly
as possible, of capitalisl property in
the means of wealth production (natural resources, mills, factories, railways, etaf.) into the collective property
of the working class.
2. Thorough and democratic organization and management or industry by the workers,
3. The establishment, ei:_   peodil*
ible, oi  i" iduction  foi nsi   iu
,i j. eduction for i'i' '•'
l     Ih I Socialist Partj    in   '
lieu, ahull always and everj where, until tin' present system i.s utterly abolished, make tho' answer to this irjues*
tion its guiding rule of conduct: v> i"
this legislation advance Iho interests
of thn working class and aid rhe
workers in their class struggle against
capitalism ? If it does, the Socialist
Party is for it; if it does not, tho Socialist party is absolutely opposed to
5. In accordance with this principle the Socialist Party pledges itself
to conduct all the public affairs placed
in its hands in such a manner as to
promote the interests of tho working
class alone.
The party will organize to enter politics as the Socialist Party of British
Columbia, their object being to capture
the public powers for the purpose of
setting up and enforcing the economic
programme of the working class.
Cltlxans .Surprise Rev. Mr. MrKen Laat
Thursday Kve.
Rev. M. D. McKee, late pastor of
Knox church, did not get away from
here as easily as he expected, as he
met with a serious interruption to his
plans on Thursday evening. After
his evening repast a delegation of citizens waited on him and requested his
attendance in the parlors of the Royal
hotel on urgent business. There the
following unexpected bouquet was
(sprangon him:
"Having learned with profound regret that you have concluded to sever
your connection with the Presbyterian
church here, of which jou have so
faithfully served as pastor for the
past four years, we, a number of your
admirers—not only in your capacity
as a minister of the gospel, but also
as one of our citizens, who was always
ready and willing to extend the warm
hand of friendship to any and all; aud
who, as such, always took a warm interest in everything you considered
for the better welfare of our town; nnd
whose house and home were ever open
to the stranger and lonely, whether
members of you** denomination or
otherwise; and who. with Mrs. McKee,
have doue ss> much by your kind hospitality and friendly greeting to make
it pleasant for many of us during your
sojourn with us — feel that we cannot
allow you to leave without expressing
our regret and sorrow that our pleasant associations are to end, and we
hope that when you arrive at your
destination to furthei' pursue your
professional studies you may find
many to welcome you and make it as
pleasant for you as you have done for
US while here.
"We would ask you to accept this
purse as a more tangible expression
than words of our appreciation of your
kindnesses to us; also this silverware
for your noble aud estimable wife,who
has ever stood by you to assist you in
all your endeavors for good.
"Trusting that we may meet ere
long as friends if not as citizens, we
would wish Mrs. McKee and  yourself
an affectionate farewell.
"Signed on behalf of your friends—
D. S. McVannel. Wm. H. Davidson.R.
I. Kirkwood. Grant Cox, J. Cross, W.
E. Worden, H. L. Fife and Alex.
Forin. Committee."
Tlie purse in question contained no
less a sum than $115 iu gold, while
the silverware consisted of three very
handsome pieces —milk pitcher, tea
pot and cake basket. Mr. McKee's
position may well l>e imagined aud his
reply was almost a failure, yet after a
struggle he managed to articulate his
sincere thanks to the committee, assuring them that he and his wife
would never forget their sojourn with
the people of Slocan. They would
appreciate the gifts beyond measure
and treasure the kindly address more
than words could utter.
Ks>|siiiiii>- itois.i riolsbsd.
The Republic wagon road, whloh
has b,*en under construction all thc
summer, was completed this week and
the men paid off. The road built bv
the company from its intersection with
the old Springer creek road is 5:1
miles long, is well constructed and on
B fine grade. Its total cost was $11,-
000. The old road leading into town,
of three-quarters of a mile, has not
been touched and it is in bad shape.
The company did not feel like spending money oil it, as they believed that
to be the duty of the government,
which lias not offered so far any assistance towards the  project.    At one
time about 10 men were employed on
the road, but latterly only a dozen
men were working. The road serves
a host of claims in a valuable section
of country.
the injured mnn down to the local
hospital, where he is now lying. His
iujuries consisted of the left leg broken above the knee, tho left wrist
sprained, and a severe gash under the
chin. Davies, who had been employed on the wagon road, had only gone
to work at the mine the day before.
Serluus   Occurrence   Here   en Bntursluy
Considerable excitement was caused
here Saturday afternoon liy au affair
which came within an ace of having
most serious consequences. The evening before John McCulloch, who looked the holx) all over but who professed
to have lately worked at the Wakefield
mine, on Four Mile, came in on tlie
boat from Silverton. .Saturday morning he made the rounds of the hotels,
rubbering for drinks, and by afternoon
had a fair-sized taukful. He proceeded to the rifio range and then afterwards towards Brandon, accosting a
number of girls en route.
One of the little ones so accosted
was tbe ten-year-old daughter of Joe
Pasi, she being offered a dollar to accompany the brute into the bush. The
child at onco informed her mother and
the latter informed her husband when
he came home a few minutes after.
Pasi went to hunt McCulloch and saw
him crossing over the Delaney avenue
bridge. He motioned to Chief Armstrong, who was coming up from the
riile range, to clap the irons on the
culprit. Pasi explained the circumstances and the chief told him not to
shoot the man, but to "put a head on
McCulloch made for the bush behind the government office and Pasi
followed him. Suddenly a number of
shots were heard, and Pasi was seen
with a revolver in his hand, he having
fired at but missed the fugitive. He
then took up some rocks and threw at
McCulloch, finally knocking him
down with a blow ou the back of the
head. Pasi then commenced to pummel the insultcr of his child in great
Chief Armstrong next arrived on
the scene and arrested lx>th men, Mc
Culloch bleeding freely from the blow
ou the back of the head. In the even-
ing.both men were given a preliminary
hearing in the city hall liefore Justices
Bull aud Curtis and Mayor York.
Pasi was charged with shooting at
McCulloch and his case was enlarged
till today, on his own recognizance.
McCulloch, charged with making improper proposals to a child of tender
years, was committed for trial, being
taken to Nelson on Monday. There
was a very strong feeling aroused
against McCulloch.
A I'lslssTlll Acrlili-nt.
A painful accident occurred at the
Arlington mine on Saturday, Harry
Davies being the sufferer. He was
going inte the orehouse at the mouth \
oi D tunuel antl Btumblod oi >r thi
stops, causing him to lo: a his balance
., i.i fall off the twstle to the dump
below, a distance oi 20 foet. The lei*
ephone being out of order. Sherrj
Biirchell,the bookkeeper,made nre*
oordtripon horseback to town. Dr.
B'orinwenl up with a rig and brought!
From las- Oil N isiss URiia.
John F. Holden, manager of the
Tamarac group, writing from Blue-
fields, Nicaragua, under date of Sept.
22, says: "I have just arrived ou my
way home from the head waters of the
Escondido river, in the interior of
Nicaragua, where I have lieen examining some gold mines for St. Paul and
New York capitalists. I had an awful
hard trip of it. I was in the jungle
for three weeks and it rained every
day, and I was wet all the time. There
are some fine prospects and mines.but
it is hard to get to them. It took me
seven days to go the last 40 miles.
There are no mountains, the country
lieing all rolling lulls, covered with a
dense growth of timlxir, brush and
vines. It is impossible to get through
without first cutting a trail. I saw
lots of wild animals, such as wild
hogs, hyenas, tigers, lions and thousands of" monkeys and parrots, We
had some very tine fish and wild fruit.
The people are mostly blacks, there
being but very few whites. Traveling
is all done l»y small steamers on the
rivers, higher up by gasoline launches
and ou tin* creeks by paddling and
poling in small boats, which makes it
very slow going up stream and dangerous s'oming down. I expect to sail
for the States in about ten days, and
when I get back to New York I will
at once make arrangements to start up
work on the Tamarack."
Acclslent sit l'ayno Mill.
Fred Ni ehol,einployed at the Payne
concentrator, met with a serious accident on Saturday. He attempted to
throw off one of the belts from a pulley with a stick, when the latter broke
and he fell ou to the Ix-lt. Nichol had
his arm broken in two places and his
leg knocked out of joint.
Lasts Year's Shipments Were S514 Tons--
A Healthy KvUlence er the Lire aa*
Wealth of the Camp—Arlington the
Biggest Shipper.
The Arlington made a departure
this week in its usual nm of shipments, it for tlie first time having sent
part of its output to the Trail smelter.
From thc beginning of operations its
ore has always gone to Nelson, but
this week (X) tons went to the Canadian Smelting Works and 40 tons to
the Hall Mines smelter. The Enterprise managed to get out a carload
also aud has another ready to come
down. For the year the total of the
division is 6146 tons.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, made up
from ten properties. Last year tho
exports totalled 6529 tons, from fourteen properties. Following is a full
list of the local shipments this year to
Arlington  100            3K'0
Enterprise  20            1840
Ottawa  7
Neepawe  101
May  m
Paystreak  6
Duplex  7
Fourth of July  11
Florence - 1
Speculator  4
Hampton  4
120 51*15
Bar silver, 50J cents.
The Payne has about 100 men employed, with au abundance of ore in
The Bosun mine sent a carload of
zinc ore to Antwerp, Belgium, during
the week.
A small force of men is working on
the Port Hope and isome promising
ore is beiug taken out.
Bruce White is again iu charge of
the Molly .Gibson. Tho Italian miners have" been ill -let o3t..
F. C. Green, of Nelson, is surveying
at tlie Ottawa. When finished ^there
he goes to the Black Prince.
J. Frank Collom, managing director
of the Arlington, left Friday on a trip
to Boston and other eastern cities.
Shortage of water is hampering the
operations of the Payne mill. Steam
power is being put in as an auxiliary.
Rod Tolmie, hits* secretary of tlie
Mineowners? Association, has got his
reward, having been appoiuted deputy
minister of mines.
Dan McCuaig is building a trail
from the Ottawa to the Young Bear
and Bondholder groups. The government is putting up the money.
J. W.Bennett, a barrister of Peterborough, Out., arrived hers' on Thursday to look after the mining interests
of J. C. Shook. He left for home ou
The Port Hope Looms Ip.
T. J. Baty is exhibiting some remarkably fine specimens of ore, which
lie brought down from the Port Hope
on Sunday. The claim adjoins the
PliiH-nix group, on Erin uiountain.and
la owned by himself. Harvey Fife and
,T. Q. McCallum. Tliey have two men
working sm the claim and a new exposure of on* has been made and it is
a dandy. A shaft was sunk 12 feet
throt'gh the wash and caught the
vsin.opening at once on to a paystreak
of 10 inches of solid ore. It carries
I much iron pyrites and small bunches
of antiinoiiiiil silver, making the ore
very high grade. In the No. 1 shaft
a depth of 25 feet has been gained,
carrying ore all the way down, and
having 14 inches exposed at the fixit.
A small sample shipment from this
point three years ago to Nelson gave
114 oz silver and $1(5 gold per ton. A
number of open cuts have shown the
lead in several places, all combining
to make the Port Hope a very promising claim. It is being crown granted
by the owners.
Klllesl at •Slsicsiss star.
Dr. Forin, coroner, was called up lo
Sandon on Friday to huhl an inqi - I
on the bedj of David Keir, who bad
been killed tlie night before iu the
No. 6 drift of the Sloean Star. A verdict of accidental death.with no blame
attachable to anyone, was returned by
tin* jury,
Improvement at the Ottawa.
An improvement is to be noted this
week at the Ottawa.   The No. 3 drift
is nearing the big ore chute shown
aliove and the face lias now four feot.
of well mineralized  quartz, carrying
much iron.   The drift is about 400
feet long and has cut through tw<i
small lenses of ore.   An upraise of 85
i feet connects the No. y and the No. 2
j drifts,   No. 2 is in 450 feot and an up-
! raise to connect witli  the old No. 1 is
being driven, being up now 70 feet.
I It Is expected ore will lie met here anv
I day. The outlook of the mine is much
I more cheering. Twccn Love
and Duty.
A  Novel 'by Annie Thompson.
"Oh, they had proof. The receipt
for the rent, neatly mounted on card*
board, was sent mo by my brother,
who advised ine to hang it where I
could constantly sec it, so that 1
might always bo reminded of the
way in which I had disgraces! myself and him. lie said that he had
done moro for mo before I left Scotland, than he was in any way boimii
lo do; and in paying £.*i0 to cover
my disgrace he had been prompted
solely bv the desiro to clear as far
us possible the name Which ho hnd
the misfortuno to share with me.
He adslotl that he dill not wish to
hear more of mo. that he would return unopened any letters I might
send, and that I need not expect further communications from himself.
'Une other letter reached me. It
was from Air. Anderson: it was full
of wuruing und kindness and sympathy. He actually enclosed money
le.*t I should be driven to extremities before I could lind any employment.. My lirst impulse was to write
to him ut once, indignantly denying
the charge made against me; but i
refloated that I had no proof of my
innocence, and that words ulone
would never clear mo in the eyes of
those who had been so ready to believe me guilty. The receipt was a
forgery, and Mark Presslie, a fellow
clerk of mine, wns the forger. I ie-
member the circumstances perfectly.
This rent and se nl others had fallen due a day oi .vo before mj' illness: Presslie hinl rents to collect on
a neighboring estate, and seeing how
miserably unwell' I looked, he offered
to call for me at this partis: liar
farm which lay nearer to its route
ihan to mine. He wns i.iy senior in
Uie office, and had ittsi**i*n me mush
kindness: I was thankful enough lo
lie relieved, and never siren mid of
doubting him when he told nie that
he had had handed in t lis* money
along with his own. and had explained the matter at the ollice. Thee
followed my Illness  and departure.
"When I almost despaired of lind-
Ing any proof that Would clear me,
it Hushed across my mind Hint Mark
I'resslic had not been alone when he
went to collect the rents that day.
A friend of hus and of mine had been
with him—John Corbett. Corbett
and I had beon fellow students at
the University: after he took his degree, his health gave way, and lie
was sent out to Colorado. Four
years later he returned, just before
my breakdown. 1 wrote to him
from the Cape, tolling him my trouble, entreating him to help me. His
answer came after three months, but
I had worried myself into brain fever
by that time. As I became convalescent, thc depression and lassitude
from which I had sOffcri-d before, returned with fnr greater force. If I
had energy enough to lung for anything, I longed for death. When
Corbett's letters came, I read them
as though they referred to another
1-erson. The past seemed to lie a
dream, the future a blank, tho present did not interest me in the least.
Every night before I slcpU I used to
say, 'God grant I may die before tomorrow.' I prayed for death then,
and I had to live: I pray for life
now. and I have to die. It is all a
A violent fit of coughing interrupted him. Cayford had a vague idea
that he ought to rebuke him for calling prayer a mockery: but while he
was choosing his words, Alan spoke
"Here are Corbett's letters, Vou
must read them yourself; 1 want all
my strength to toll you the rest of
my tale."
''You are not wise to speak more,
now," said John, "(live me the letters to look ut, and finish what you
have to say to-morrow "
"How do you know that I shall
be alive to-morrow," gasped the invalid. "I toll you, I must spenk
now. I may never have another
"lio on then; but talk slowly,
don't exert yourself    more than   you
II WM*."
Alon lay sili-nt for a few minutes,
unsl then continued.
"While 1 was waiting to hear from
Corbett, 1 wrote io a relation of my
mother's who ll*. cd at Melbourne,
This gentleman had corresponded
with me occasionally, ever since my
mother's death: und when 1 was ordered abroad, I should have gone
out to him if the doctor had not
urged mo to try the Capo. During my
illness, tlie people i lodged with
thought 1 was dying, and they
searched through my papers to see
who should be communicated with.
They found a letter from Mr. Mas-
son, and wrote to him. He same at
•nee. As soon as I was strong cn-
• ugli to be moved, he took me buck
with him to Melbourne. He hud
neither wife nor child, he treated me
as though I were his son. He made
me live with him, and seeing that 1
wus sensitive about being dependent
on him, he gave me won; in ms
ofliee, and paid mo u sulury ridiculously out of proportion to ull I did.
liefore I left Melbourne to come
home, I asked him what had induced him to befriend me so: he told
me, under his breath, as though he
could scarcely steady his vois-e to
say tt, that years ago ho hud lovesl
my mother. Then 1 Understood,
John!" cried tho Invalid, suddenly
fixing an intense gaze upon his companion, "can you guess whut forces
me to como home now? When lirst I
heard how they had defamed mp, I
wus mad with llu- desire to clear
mvself, to repay llishard's taunts, to
blacken Presslio's namo as ho hail
blackened mine: but. 1 tell you, v.hen
a mun has been slown, down, almssst
lo (he grave, and feels his feet slipping further In every dny, some of
his ambitions /ret dwarfed. After I
was so ill I ceased to care whut any
of them thought of me. I knew I
must die of consumption sooner or
later. When letters arrived from
Corbett with proofs of my innocence
and Mark's guilt, I I<ut them aside
and took credit to myself for not using; them: I thought I was developing
a fine amount of Christian charity.
But—but—" his voice broke suddenly, "I loved a gift. God! Po you
know whut that menus?"
"Ves," John answered simply,  "I
"I loved her with all my heart and
soul.    To be near     her, to hour her
voice,  to see her face,  to  touch  her
hand—that     meant    heaven   to me.
Once,    when I wus  in her presence,
some     one spoke of a young fellow
who had    gone to the bad.    I shall
never  forget  the  awful  look  of pity
that  came     into  her  face,     lt made
mo feel us  though  I had  seen    ('oil
look on sin.    It uiade me long to slo
something       to      save       tlio      poor
wretch     who   had  caused     it.     Two
months    ago it    came to my knowledge that she had been infornud    of
my disgrace.   Every night since then,
I seo her In my   dreams    with    that
same look of pity in her face for me.
I  s'aiinot stand  it.       1 care nothing
about men's opinions of me, but I do
care about hers.    She never knew    1
lovs*d her. I never hoped to make hs?r
love me; but I cannot  have her think
of nie as a thief. I cannot have    her
look at me like thnt.    1 must live to
clear myself;    I  will  have this    d:s-
grace  wiped  out.     Night  and   morning I pray to (Jod to let me live till
this is done; but if He will not    let
mo do it for myself, Corbett must do
it; or, failing him, you must do    it.
Corbett was to meet me at Tenerife.
If he  is not there,   promise me that
if I die before I reach home, you will
see thoso  papers  of min.*  pluied     in
Mr. Anderson's hands, and my    name
ilea red.''
Ho gas;>cd out the appeal so passionately, that John dreaded the effect of (he excitement on him.
"Corb'tt  and 1 aro the only    two
who know yssur sisle of the story?"
'"ihe only two."
"Then if he fai's vou. and you cannot do it tor yours If, I promise to
give your pa] 0 s into Mr. Ansierson's
hands and see justice is done to
"Swear it!"
"I swoar it."
In his exsitomont, Alan raised himself upright.
"TV1I Mary—" he Bald, mid choked
John started to his test in dismay
as the resl blood OOZed suit betwe n
his fr end's lips.  Hemorrhage aguir.
Fortunately  tho hemorrhage    wns
very slight. Alan Twiss passed n
quiet night and slept during th*
greater part of Tuesday.
'lie hns made a surprising rally."
the doctor said to Cayford. ' He
seems to have been Wonderfully little
weakened by tho loss of blood."
"Uo you think he will live lo reach
"lie might perhaps, if he wvis.
careful. lie actually talks of goin^
ashore at Santa Cruz."
"What folly! Vou will surely forbid it."
"I have told him it is useless to
think of such a thing, but I can
scarcely turn thc key in his cabin
door, lie says he has important
business in the town."
"I think he could intrust his business to me. I had better go anc'
speak to himr"
"Indeed you had betler not: he ex-
citi-d himself too much whs-ii he
spoke to you lest, llesides, he fs
nsleep: I gave him a sedative whish
should keep him quiet for a few
hours longer. We ha*.c made such
good speed ys'sterday and to-d:iy.
that thc captain thinks we shall anchor in tho Pay before midnight and
be o(T again by li o'clock In ths*
morning. If only the poor young
fellow enn sleep throuch the noise sif
coaling,  my    mind will  be relieved."
"And  mine,"  snid  John.
In preparation fssr going ashore nt
Santa Cruz, he read the loiters Alan
had given him: hoping to glean from
them some informal ion about ths*
writer. The* were two in number,
both written from Tenerife.
Culle San Antonio. Santa Cruz,
January  ,'lrd,  18S-.
My Pear Alan.
Your letter, dated last Nosember,
has been forwarded to me from homo.
I am amazed at its contents, anil
must ut once relieve your mind h.
tolling you that 1 can send you the
proofs you ask for. though tluge will
be delay before they reach you, I
suppose you have heard nothing of
my changed lirciiinstanis-s. My father died skhiii after you left the
country; and when his affairs wore
examined, thev were found to be very
muck Involved. Ile hud been speculating freely and unfortunately; I believe the worry and unxiety he went
through, told upon his health. It
was some time before our exact position could bo ascertained; then it appeared that after the liabilities were
met. only- about -2,000 remained for
me. Fortunately my sisters were.
provided for. Our hOUBS in Glasgow
and tome £8.000 belonged to my
mother, and hns been settled by her
on the two girls.
I  had serious thoughts of applying
for  Iho desk  you  vacated  in Messrs
Claverton  nnd   Anderoon's  office,   but
tho doctor  vetoed   lhat  isleu.   My   old
symptoms wen- returning, and he
said I must winter abroad. I had
almost decided to go biu'k to Colorado, when 1 heard that the Kngli8.!i
photographer in Santa Cru/. wuntssl
to lea\e Tenerife, and would dispose of his hoiifu- and business on
moderate terms. There can't have
boon much competition, for my small
offer was at onco accepted. Vou
know that photography was my ono
hobby; I certainly never droitmed of
practising it professionally! However I am here in tho enpacity of
photographer, and so far I have done
remarkably well.
Now for your affaire. My poor
Alan, you have indeed boon treated
abominably. I could not havo believed that Tree-ilie would etoop   so
low. l know he wanted money ut
tho time, for he wrote to me to nsk
if I could accommodate1 htm with
£50 for a fow days, and I could not
do it. I havo his letter and shall
send it to you. You are right in
thinking that I went with Mark to
Whit.'cairns. An Ayrshire friend of
mine had asked me to buy a pair of
young; farm horses for him; aad, as
I learned from Mark that some of the
farmers on the N'etherwood estate
h.id horses for sale. I nrra*«gp<l to
accompany, him when he went rent
cal'ortiiig. We called at the Nether-
wood farms first, and then went, to
Whitecairns for you. I was- in the
room with Mark when he counted out
the notes and gave March tho receipt. These recollections are not of
much practical value perhaps, but I
have papers thnt are. They nre nt
homo, packed away in an old desk
with a number of letters which, luckily for you. I was too busy to look
over and destroy before I left Glasgow. I shall write for the desk, and
of course everything that concerns
this unfortunate business will be for-
wnrtled to you nt onco.
Meanwhile, .vou must not lose
heart. It will not bo long before
we have your innocence plainly proved. If you are able to return to
Glasgow when the winter is ovor, 1
will go with you to seo justice done.
If you cannot leave the Cape, give me
dinactions, nnd I will go alone lo as-
ton sh Presslie nnd your brother, T
shnll carefully observe your wish, and
say nothing on this sub e*t to any
ono, till you give me leave.
Yours ever,
John Corbett.
Calls San Antonio,  Santa Cruz,
February  1st,   188-.
Pear ^Al an:
Here are the proofs I promised:
there aro three of them. The first is
a letter written in four difforent
handwritings. Vour and my signatures ure in it, though we never
wrote tlu'm there. It is dated a
fortnight before your name wus forged. One night soon a t.r my return
from Colorado, Muclvor, Rett to ul,
Presslie, and I \\sve dining together.
I to!d th in o." an Aiueris-aii I knew
who could writo fiur different types
of handwritin . with |ere.t case. 1
c.slle 1 th s a remarkable feat, but
Murk affe t-il ts tit nl; very little of
it. He mi d it wan uncommon rather
than won1 rtul, an l no1 more extraordinary til. ii ih Im titDn of four
distinct voiiis i* mi* person. He said
that ho I) il I'v. facility in copying haiulwr' i B ; s-lf. and woultl
waner £6    h a weeks prac
tise, ho could imitate so perfectly tha
wr.t'u-r of any three men 1 liked to
n; ine, that I should In* unable lo de-
toot any difference between his imitation und tho originals. I took the
bet nnd challenged him to imitate my
writing. lietitoul's, and youra, tho
three most varied types I could think
of. A week later we all dined together again; and lie wrote al my slirta-
t on a li'tti-r which he commenced
um! ended in his own autograph,
while ours was Imitated in the throe
iiits-rmediato sentences. It was a
piece of insane folly; the slanger of
which I never realized until you told
ms> of vour misfortune. I blame myself moro than I can say, for my
share in it.
The seconsl Inclosure is the IcttiT
In which Mark asks for a loan of
£60. The third is the most oonclus-
l\e proof of all. it is a letter he
wrote to me rtgardlng the farm
horses I was commissioned to purchase. Ho must havo written it
hurriedly, or he mver would have
committed himself us ho does in this
.«*ente*.ce: "On the whole, I do not
think you will .see better horses than
Huso at lower Xetherwoud. except
tho pair March shewed us when we
ca'lcd for his real on Thursday. I
think hi* could easily be induced to
se'l them." How could ho have allowed himself to write such a sen-
tsnee I
|t* bb continu-d.)
And Uol ■ Windfall.
"Yon say his mom*** fell to him?"
".<o; he fell to it   tumbled through a
coal luile und sued the s-ity."
Tlie   Word   "IMcnle."
Tew ps-ople know the original meaning sif the word "picnic." It la to be
found set out III the London Times sif
u hundred years ugo. ".\ picnic supper consists of it variety of dishes. The
subscribers to this entertainment have
0 bill of fare presented to tbem, with
a number against each dish. The lot
Which he draws obliges him lo furnish
(he dish marked against It, which bs
either token with him lu his carriage
or sends by ii servant The proper
variety is preserved by tbe talents of
ll.-> m.iitri* d'hote), who forms Ihs- bill
of fare. As lbs* cookery is furnished hy
sss inn liy people of fashion cus-h strives
to excel, it ml thus n picnic supper not
only gives rise lo much pleasant mirth,
but generally run boust of Ibe refine,
mi'iit of tin* art."
I*, lis-rs-   lie  II.>.!.-.
A schoolboy who was going ton party wns cniitloc'sl by his father not to
wull; home If It mined nnd was given
money for eub hire. It riilnesl heavily, nud great was the father's surprise
when his son. In spite of tho liisiiiu-
lions in* hast received, arrived boms
drenched to the skin.
"liid ynu not lake n cab ns I or-
ill-red you,   Alfred'/" the parenl  asked
"Oh, yes; but when I ride With you
you always mnke nie rlile Inside. This
time l rode on top with Ibe driver
Hay, dad, it  was grand I"
A   Wonderful   I*.. I....
At a watering place in the Pyrenees
the I'oiivei'Katioii nt tai.is- turned upon
n wonderful echo to be hi-iird minis- ills
lance off on tbe Franco Spanish fron
"It is astonishing," snld an  Inhabit
nut of the (iaronue.   "As hossii ns you ;
have spoken you bear distinctly the
voice leap from rock to rock, from
precipice to precipice, nud iih soon nn
it hns passed the I'm il Ier Ihe echo
assumes   thc   Spanish   accent."
Tbe Old follow la Filled With Seisll-
sssrui — lluiidredx of Cats Appi-ove of
His Action, aud lie Is Usirnhelms .1
In Use Usual Manner.
[Copyright, 1902. by C. B. Lewis.]
THERE were a softness and a
sadness In Mr. Bowser's face
us he came home the other
evening, and Mrs. Bowser was
puzzled to tell whether he had found
a nickel on the street comer or heard
of the death of a cousin. After dinner, during which he mentioned his
childhood dnys nnd sighed over the
passing of years, he proceeded to explain.
"Do you know thnt we hnve become
cold hearted, indifferent and selfishr"
he asked as be heaved u sigh .nnd shook
his bond lu n solemn way.
"Not In particular," replied Mrs.
Bowser, who remembered that sho had
fed four tramps within n week
"But we huve. Just the siiuio. How
often, as we sit here of au evening, do
we call up nnd discuss the days of our
childhood, of our boyhood and girlhood,
of the dear old homes that sheltered us
before we went oul into the world?
Net once iu ten years. My fatlii'r and
mother ure dead us well as your fa-
"And what else?" she nsked as be
He suddenly remembered that her
mother was still living and was wondering why death hud not ulso claimed
her. He thought It best not to say anything nbout it. however, and went on:
—"and the ds.'ar old homes have pass-
ed into the hands of strangers. Ho we
ever speak of the gardens, the meadows, the old pear trees, the lanes and
the orchards'/ Never. Tbere are the
hills we usesl to slisle down In winter,
the brooks we paddled In when summer
came, the groves w Ith their swings and
the big walnut trees shading tbe front
porch, but we never recall them, lu
stead of thut we sit hi'i'e and read or
play euchre or go to tbe theater, ami
our hearts grow hard and seltlsh. We
ought io be ashamed of ourselves." .
Mr. Bowser got up and wiped at the
corner of his eye und walked around,
and the cat came out from under tne
piano and sat up and looked solemnly
Bt the figure of the carpet
"And what happened today to start
this truin of thought''" usked Mrs
Bowser after awhile.
The merest trllle." replied Mr. How-
ser. "On tbe street I saw a vender of
flowers. Among his flowers he had
two bunchi's of catnip. The Instant 1
got the odor of it I was curried
back to my boyhood days, lu our
homely old garden wc had thyme anil
hollyhocks und pinks and creeping
Charlie ami catnip Vou must remember catnip*'"
"The scent of It comes to me through
nil these long ysurs. I remember nothing of the past so vlvislly as catnip."
"They didn't make you eat catnip
soup when you were a boy, did they'/"
sin- asked,
"Madam," answered Mr. Bowser as
be stopps-d before her and glared.
"don't run this thing Into burlesque!
If ynu have got a brickbat where your
heart might to be, I haven't. I am still
a human bring, although you .bave
tried your hardest to mnke mo ii man
of stone."
"Well, you saw two hunches of cut-
"I did. nnd I bought tln-m at once. I
have brought llieui home, and 1 am
now going to plant tlii'in in our back
yard. I am going to have something
iiround to recall the happy days of the
past. I don't want to forget thai I was
once young und Innocent hearted— Bv
thunder, but that cat's got a bono In
her throat and Is choking to death!"
The cat had ons- <-.v«* cocked up to the
ceiling and was gurgling and ch king,
but as Mr. Bowser stepp**d forward
she made u disc under lhe lounge, and
Mrs. Bowser qule'ly said:
"She often does that When she's
"Oh, she does! Then there's something to nmusc ber, I take it. |,et her
do uny more gurgling around here tonight nnd I'll wring her old necbl Ymi
uml the cut mnke n nice pair!"
"Then you arc going ta plnni the catnip In thu bnck yard''" queried Mrs.
He tnnde no reply, but. gel ting the
panel from tbe front ball, be passed
out of th*" bnck door and looked around
for a sultuble spot.
"Is It nnythlng that's going to swell
up nnd bust up nnd tear Ibe house
down?" anxiously Inquired tbe cook.
"No, my good Woman, Didn't you
ever hear of catnip?"
"Seems ns If I did. Didn't (he Span
Ish blow up the Maine In Havana with
the same, bad luck to Vin'/"
Mr. Bowser smiled In his benign and
paternal way and set about the work
of planting, and In ten minutes the Job
was done. Then he stood buck and surveyed the plants with u mixture of
sadness and gratification nnd  said  to
"Remembrances of the happiest days
of my life, days before 1 met Mrs, Bowser! When I feel lhat mercy, pity and
charity are being crowded out of my
heart,1 will come out here and sniff the
fragrant odor of this catnip. 'Tis but a
homely plant, but 'tis full of sweetest
Then he returned to the sittins room
to say to Mrs. Bowser:
"I want to give you nnd the cat nnd
the cook fnlr warning that if l come
homo tomorrow evening and lind that
catnip damaged or missing there will
be it rew around bere."
"Why sliould you say that*'" she asked.
"Because you have no sympathy with
me. The past does not appeal to you.
I don't believe you call up old times
once a year. Should un old tramp come
to the door and prove to bo ti playmate
of your childhood, you'd lilt him lu the
eye with a cold potato Instead of clasping his hand."
Mrs. Bowser went up stairs and left
him rending his paper, and half nn
hour had passed when a wild, weird
yeowl from the back yard raised what
little hnlr he hnd on his bead. It nlso
brought the family cat out from under
the lounge, and her eyes glared und
her tall grew bushy.
"By John"—
His exclamation was cut short by a
still wilder yeowl, followed by n rattling and a banging on the back feuces.
Then came six other yeowls and rattles aud bangs, and the voice of Mrs.
Bowser called down:
"You'd better go out nnd see to your
catnip! There's more than a thousand
cats on the fences!"
"By thunder, but I'll murder 'em to
the very last one!" shouted Mr. How-
ser ns, followed hy the excited and
meowing cat, he rushed down stairs
nnd out into the yard.
There were not a thousand cats.
There were only (JOO. They were scampering ncross the yard, roosting on the
fences, fighting ten deep over the cat
nip plants. He picked up a spade and
dashed forward with a yell, but bis
foot caught lu an old Iron hoop, nnd he
went down. The 000 lied. Six hundred
of them ran over Mr. Bowser's pros
trate form as they did so, and when
Mrs. Bowser got down and extended a
hand to belp him up his emotions were
too deep for utterance.
"Come, Mr. Bowser; come In," she
said, and he humbly followed her.
"It often works that way. but you
didn't know it," she continued, and
still he was dumb.
"It's my seventeenth attempt to assassinate you, and of course you'll up.
lily for a divorce."
But he simply sighed and groaned
ami went to bed, like an overtired boy
He hud met the catnip and the cats,
and he was theirs. M. QUAD.
lu  I'ii-skIiii*,.
Briggs—Saw General Swordknot today.   The general was looking lino.
Griggs— Did the general have anything to say to you?
Briggs—Not exactly. He didn't speak,
but he sounded his tOOter at ins*. He
wns ln his automobile, you know.—Boston Transcript.
The lambkin skipped ubout the Ibid
In Ugh! si nil careless Bleo:
Hla conscience tell nu twinge of blame.
So Innocent wus hu
But news of what Uuy chargo for meat
Unto lhe lambkin s-.iine.
And then the Stricken creature blushed
And hid his heud In shame.
—Washington star.
Horn si ml in. .1 the Same Day.
"Horn nnd died on the same day"
Is true Of lhe following conspicuous
men: Shakespeare was born April 'J!!.
IS04. nmi died April 28, 1010. Raphael
Ss-glii d'UrblUO, the great artist, was
born on fjood Friday, 1-183. uml died
on Good Friday, 1020, ages! thirty*sev
en. Good Friday is a movable fs-ast.
so tbe day of tbe month may not have
been tbe same. Sir Thomas I'.rowue,
author of "Rellglo Medici," was born
Oct 1!». H'sU.'s, mn! died Oct 10, 1082
Timothy swan, composer, was born
.inly 28, 17158, and died July 'J.'. 1812
Bt Jobn of Hod, one of the must rail
Ill-lit   uf   ['oltUglll-so   saililH,   was   burn
March B, 1105, und died Mnrch s. 1.150
John Sobleskl, kin** of [*olaud, who da
llveri'd Vienna from the Turks, was
born .Inns- 17. 1020, and died June 17,
A   "Ts*iiks*i1>-."
A Missouri paper gives an account
of un amusing little "tragedy" wblcb
it claims occurred in Its town. ,\ man
and bis wit's* were tilling home on a
street ear. lie was reading his pnpi r,
when another lady got on. The ear
was crowded, ami without glancing up
he arose ami gave her his seal, rs-eeiv
Ing a gracious smile In payment. The
man's wife Immediately gut up, gave
the beilrope a hard jerk ami invited
her husband to get nil'. When he
looked around (.. learn tbe cause of her
anger, he discovered thai ibe woman
to whom he bad given bis seat was his
tlrst wife, whom he had divorced two
years before. They walked the resl
of the way homo, and |„. |, K||.. ,,x.
The Dinner Table
TheLwomnu from New Enginnd'huys
a "tnblcspreiid," while i„.,- sK,,.,. r *
the south buys n "tablecloth" The
woman from Nova Bi'oiln orders tbe
servant to "lay thu table," while wltb
most of us natives of tbe United Slates
the command Is to "set the tabic-' i„
the country the hostess snyi to her
guests, "Sit by." win,, it ,'s „ .
cat; in town It Is "-"lease sit ,|,„VI..-.
In the city among the swells there is
no further Invitation than the nn
noiinccincnt of the servant I bat "in
DOT Is served." ' "'•
Unable to Walk or Raise His
Hands to His Head.
A Moro Unfortunate Case Could Hoaro.w
bu Imagined Thau is Hunbansl unj
Father in This Wretches! Coudltlon,
Oshawa., Ont., Oct. 6.—(Special)—
The exjHsrlence of Mr. Joseph Brown
an employee of tho Oshawu Malleable
Iron Works, should be a lesson t0
every sick person.
Some live years ago Mr. Brown
who is a bard-working, industrious
and sober roan, began to feel a stillness and soreness in the calves of
his logs. This gradually increased
till ho had lost all power in his
limbs and arms. Ile could not havo
raised his arms to his head to save
his life and for over four months he
could not stand or walk alone a sin-
fflo step.
All tho doctors treated him'und
gave him up. Then he consulted a,
Bowmanvilie doctor who told him he
osiuld do nothing for him and advised
him to go to the hospital in Toronto where they might be able to help
him a littlo.
To the hospital he went in January, 1898, and remained under treatment for ovor four weeks. Twelve
doctors told him he could not recover
and that nothing could be done for
him. He was getting worse every
day and when removed to his homo
in Oshawa was live a baby unable to
His father-in-law, Mr. John Allin,
hud heard of Dodd's Kidney Pills mid
suggested that Mr. Brown try them.
no did nnd he says :
"T used altogether twelve hoses of
Dodd's Kidney Pills and by the first
of May 1 wns able to start work
again in the shop and I have never
been sick or oft work a day since.
"I am sure I owe my life, hsalth
and strsiigth to that great, remedy,
Dodd's Kidney Pills "
Knlghta  of  Old.
The knights of the slays of chivalry
wore so well protected by tladr armor
that ihs'y were practically Invincible
to all ordinary wcupous. Even when
dismounted they could not lie Injured
save by the misericord in. a (bin dagger,
which penetrated the chains of the armor. In more than one battle knights
fallen from their horses could not be
killed until their armor hail been bra
ken up with axes and hammers.
I......1   Cooks.
"If all sl'-k people bad ewxi cooks,"
says the London Hospital, "bow nitisli
greater might be the proportions of re-
loverles!" The value of the patent
foods which are advcrllsiHl so much
lies largely, It says, hi the ease with
which they ure prepared for the table.
A   Half  Partner.
A.—That woman who Just went out
Is tho partner of your Joys and sorrows, 1 suppose. •
II.—She's partner to my Joys all right,
but when it couis-s to my sorrows she
slips over to see her mother.
n-* versed.
Bodrlck*—Say, old man, you bars
been through tbe ordeal of proposing.
What does o fellow do afler he pops
tbe s-uestlon?
Van Albert—Why, he questions pop,
of course.
In  Ills   llreama.
Hewitt—When I was on the boat flu*
other night, I bast n lower berth, lint 1
dreamed I wns sleeping In the upper
Jewett—Sort of overslept yourself,
Good maimers Is tke art of making
those people easy with whom we converse. Whoever makes the fewest persons uneasy is the best Uud lu tin*
.'.OTSCENTtY   /f-     LIVER
u^SVUt'    Jr*™K<L        isV-^t
___t BY ail QBU66I-.TS Pflfl ___}jSM The Prill.
Most a   Mnlilen'a  Won.
tust u man anil Just a maid,
j is! u hummock In the shads;
jU3t a pair of laughing eys*s.
Tinted blif lbs summer skies;
jnut B little argument
favoring of sentiment;
jv,fst the ths*me of love* begun,
An* Just thls-the maiden's wonl
l(a Status.
'pillgtiatit Vh'tlm—Confound you. sir!
Vou tulvertlwd a "gusher," and now I
fliid unit there is not u drop of oil coiu-
,a„ (.ut of the well! Whut kind of a
gusli' i' si" you s'ull that*.'
■jV ,.;s Ollocrut-lngrowlng gusher.
llssnNeliuld TIsssukIsI.
f,'ow lhe pumpkin sels aclow
/., our fancies, don't you know.
.*.   v tl>.' pumpkin, plump uml big.
*.. ikes our fancies danco u Jlit.
,*    ,»  Hie t unipkln tiuikfs us sl;jh
'j i.i our fancies roll In pie.
V   Solitary   Exception.
•v.i- uttlclalt* should understand mat
r/Dcli' Sn 111 > \|H'cis every man of them
to du ms siiity."
"AH except the customs otllcials, of
com i*   lie expects them to collect It."
Race 10 Use swift,
!ii!tt:lll-"J   saw  two automobiles
n.isliiip this morning,
.sdwii.v— Uow did it liappeu'.'
aaitc.n -They both tried lo run
i!i> same child.
Mothers Should Be Ver, Careful when
""•ir Usi„K|,i(.rrt complain oi Head*
•"•I.*., Fickle Appetite
ils-sm Palpitation,
(Complied froui ■■-.,„ Oommerolall
$100 REWARD $100.
Ths) readers ol this paper will he plans-
ed   to   learn   thut   there   is   al   lousst   one
dreaded   disease    that    science   iins   been I
I able lo  eure  in  all  ita stages,  antl    thut |
wheat     nun-Let     f h.. ! •** ,c'utl*'rl*     1,tt"'**   Oatarrh   Cure   iu   the j
ouM   u„. i    i        ,   W,*,eal     "»»ket     the, oniv   positive   cure    now   known   to    the
1   ».. wn.!, iii,.s Qeen majrked by u de-I medical fraternity.   Catarrh being aeon—
cllnlng *■-■ ■ ................
■lining Iendeiicv durimz the last three itltuiional ilisci'se requires u constltu-
duys in si.,; ,,•"•* *■•**-,.*USv lm*7 ! tiotiul treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure
Pies,! 'lomber,    ending     with i U taken internally, actii.sr dbeeiiy   upon
i uobuu.\,   and then  a stronger     and Ilhe  Wood   and   mucous  surfaces  of    the
niz/iii.- -.  or
In (ireece, when one peasant "borrows are from another's hearth to
kindle his own, the owner ot the Are
must accompany tho borrower to
els hsiinc "to seo the lire blaze,"
etheiv. ise tho one making the loan
will have his house and goods destroyed  by  the devouring element.
oi i
OK    SOHTS —Symptoms.   Head
•s of appetite, Inrresl tongue, and
indisposition.  These  symptoms,
ted.   d..\.-lii|i   Into   iu ui..   iliseiise
trite  saying  that an  ounce    of
nn   is   worth   a   pound   of   cure "
>ttie attention at   this point  muy
.  „.:>Llhs   of   sickness   anil   i'urge  sl.se-
... ■ lulls     For this coiiipluint 'nki- from
uns   oi    three   of    l'armels*e's   Veyetahle
I Its  ■■■    Is-s***usk   to bed.   and   one  or   two
- si.iss-   muhts In succession   and a cure
till 11- effect**!.
Muny mothers neglect the health of
their giowing daughters. Not wilfully, of course, but because they
think the occasional headaches from
which they sudor, fickleness or appetite, uml pule cheeks, uro the natural
resu t of the merging of girlhood into womanhood. This is a serious
mistake. There is no period in a
girl's life when she needs more attention, und unless tho littlo troubles
are successfully treated, more serious
ones—perhaps decline and consumption—at*(i sure to follow. What every
young girl needs at this period is a
tonic medicine thut will give her
a rich, rod blood, strong nerves ami
bring her safely through a critical
period in her lilt*. For this purpose
there is no other medicine in thu
world can equal Ur Williams' I'ink
l'ills. Thousands of girls throughout Canada owe their present health
und happiness to this medicine, und
thousands of others who ure suffering
would soon be strong if they would
give Dr. Williams' I'ink l'ills u fair
trial. Among the many young ladies
who have proved the great worth of
this medicine is Miss .Jessie Deamer,
ot lloyle. Out. Miss Ileumer says :
"Some years ago I became very ill,
and my friends feared 1 was going into a decline. I was pah- ; Buffered
from terrible headaches; my appetite
was poor und I grew very thin. I
became so weak that 1 could hardly
walk. 1 reinainea in this condition
for several months, during which
time f tried several medicines, bul
none helped me in the least. Then
my mother g""- me some ol Dr. Williams' Pink Tills, and almost frnm
the outset they helped mo. As I
continued the use of tho Pills,   the
„  *       ., .system,    therein-   destrovinc   the   foundn-
icuig   tendency    the  first     three j tion  ol   the  disease  anu",glvink'  the   pa-
days of this month  up to  Saturday. | lient  strength   by  building  up  the   con-
wmmm ... I stiuitlon   unsl   assisting   nature   in   dolni!
Us work     'lhe proprietors have so much
IS.  ■   '
Sums* men never give up until after
Un t  break down.
Then- is a similarity In the making of salads and jokes. They are
mure likely tsi suit our own tusts*s
inns tho tast.-s of others.
lu the American speculative markets
moderate activity has set in and a
more confident feeling seems to prevail. In last week's review we noticed tho position of tlie September option in Chicago, the price of which
had gone up to 86c on the 26th ult.
This wus further advanced until W.r>c
was the closing quotation aa tho
month wunt out. The exit of tho
September option seems to have a
steadying effect on the different markets, as during tho last thrco days
tlie fluctuations in quotations have
advanced or declined more in unison
thun previously. The closing quotations on I'riday, although thoy show
ubout lc advance on three slays ure
very littlo different from what they
were a week ago, oxcopt on the Muy
delivery, which shows i to ic asl-
vance. Cash trade in the States uml
export trade at the seaport is callesl
moderate, at the samo time there is
a considerable movement, as shown
by shipping statistics.
Manitoba wheat has been fairly active (luring the week, and a considerable business hus been done. At the
beginning of the week the feeling
was dperessed and buyers held buck
und would only take wheat when the
price was shaded. Latterly, however,
buying has been on a better scale.
Prices have fluctuated from 68Jc to
69ic for No. 1 hard, delivery lirst
half of October, und from 67J to
68"r, delivery last half October, the
outsidi' price being obtainable Friday. No. 1 northern sells at 2c less
than No. 1 hard, and No. '2 northern
at 2jc under No. 1 northern. There
is almost nothing doing in lower
grades yet, but No. 3 northern has
beon sold at 62c, October delivery,
and No. 4 wheat at B8c. All prices
are in store Fort William or Port
Country     Wheat—Farmers   are    de-
faith iu its curative powers that thev offer due Hundred Dollars for any case
tluit it fails to cure Send for list ol
testimonials,     Asisb-ess.
I-'.  .1.  CHENEY.   &  CO.. Toledo. O.
Hold  liv  druggists,  75c.
Hull's  Family  l'ills  are  the   llest.
It is suid that only Mecca, in Arabia, and Tliessu, in Thibet, are now
closed to Christian preachers, but
100 years ago nearly the whole world
outside of Europe and America was
Ogilvie    Oats
Delicious flavor.   Fres from hulls.     Warranted Pure.
Put  up  Id  all  sized  packages
Ogilvie's Hungarian
As now manufactured.   The great FAMILY FLOUR.
Insist on getting "OGILVIE'S," as they ara better than the Beat.
severe headaches left me; my appetite livering freely at ull points, und the
returned and I gained In weight,   In [market is steady at .18c ts. 60c per
Where a lire burns upon  the hearth
the I'.Vmaiis suy thut lightning never
Pnp.r  is   used   as  a   substitute
rabber  on  bicycle  tires.
fu.'. 1 was soon enjoying porfert
health, and have since continued to
slo so I attribute ibis entlrel) lo
the us.* of Dr. Williams' I'ink l'ills
and will be glad if ssiiue other "ink
und ailing girl will profit by mj ex
perlenie "
Pale unsl sallow cheeks, dizziness,
headaches, palpitation ol the h.*urt,
and the fc-cling of wearins*ss that afflicts so many young girls will soon
dlmppeai if Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
are used. These pills also cure rheu-
■latism. dyspepsia, kidney ailments,
St Vitus' dance, anil the other troubles that come from poor Woo I aril
weak nerves. Sold by all dealers in
medic lift Or sent post paid fit CO
tents u box. or six boxes for 83 50,
by iiflriressiticr the Dr Williams Mesll-
cine In .   Rrockville. Ont
Some women are good  looking  until after they find it out.
Messih   C.  ('.  Itichuids & Co.
Qentlemen.—My daughter. 18 yeswa
eld, was thrown from a sleigh ami
Injured her elbow so badry II remained -11111 mid very painful lor three
years Four bottles of MINARD'H
LINIMENT completely cured her and
sin- I.ns not been troubled for twsi
>'.i • Yours truly,
J.  B.  I.KVKSl.rK.
si   Joseph,  I'Q, Aug.  IH.   IWO
Love may  l>e blind,  but  small  brothers see everything  In siuht
Though   the  ostrich  may   not    be  B
gambler   he  has   tips  On   many   races
Dyspepsia   or   inilu-extion   is  occasioned
by   the   wanl   Of   action    in    the   Miliary
lots of vitaiiiv in ih.* stomach to
juices,   uitliout   which
Ihs-   usisttii
digestion cannot i*o on; also heuuf the
principal cause of itead.srhe Parmelee's
\'ei*i-lsilsle l'ills laki'h before coine; to hed
I.it si srhlle never fail to i-im- n-li.-l and
..fleet u cure Mr 1-' W lYshdOWn, Ash-
sK.aii. Ont . writes: "Parmelee's Pills
sirs-   till inn   the   lead   sgainst     ten
makes which  I  have in stock
From, a  cut's  point of view u saucer of cream is tho lap of luxurj
sty is inly skin deep, bul   ugli-
huill up from the bone
Nsi  i in delta, a plagiarist Un 1  ne*
sessarily the author of a play
in Devonshire, Englend, if a lire
•.uns bluo nnd dead, It is thought
to be n forprunner of death or dis-
Uter  in that   house.
li'w women know how to g
gracefully,  and    even    thej
want   tn
ow olsl
slo   not
lor Stiff and Swollen Necks.
Mr. Hooper, 57 QrQSVenor street,
llili'ast, writes:— "Having from a
cold got a very still and painful
swollen iH-i'k, I tried all the usual
remedies   without  offset.    I   was    al
"^,,^.^^^:Ve^11.or.d I most giving  it *■*■"*£•«
•••"'•■I  sliaeases   rossts*sl
"" I'Stlsint—what   wosils
li To  «h'irh'"fliih 'is h»!r-lhe  very    ns- I ,,|aced   on  my Counter  describing  Bt
ure .,f  ,i,-,ny  curatlvts  '.•nil*.  SUM  <"»' I i.ico|,b oil.    I procured a bottle, and
,."„. *-»niT2 S5ES «V h,ui  scarcely   l*ES  "  on  my  neck
_. r d    relieve one III ,ll%n  •   {e|t •J,.Uer     In  u  short  time
s£v.Urh„:SS   r^m.ln.,^Vt°neh'rvsl.- tho   pan,   left   me    and     UW   swelling
obtainable la isound. unailulteratwl stato. | W(,„t   ,i„wii.    Kinding   it   so   gooo   in
lany ansl urlevnua Ills    Hy ~—~—     ■-•-'    "     "
il   jusllrlssUB   us.e    the  Hall-
led     miss   cssuvalesesiir
bushel for best grades, according Lu
rate of freight.
OATS—Kocelpts of oats are Increasing and the market is weaker,
l.orai dealers are quoting ji:i to arse
pei- bushel for No. 2 white in carlots
i'ii track, Winnipeg, and 2,1c tor feed
white At country points from 18
to Ui'i- Is being paid for fanners'
loads, according to location.
UARLEY—Deliveries ore increasing
and thc market is easier. Malting
barley is worth .Mc per bushel in cars
mi track. Winnipeg, and feed grades
•27  to  Hue.
FLAXSEED—The market is opened
at   |1.15   per   bushel   to   fanners     at
country points.
Sl'l-'.l.'l"/.—This grain is beginning
to offer at 80c per bushel of 50 lbs
to fanners.
HAY—96 to S7 per ton for fresh
bnled   in carlots  on  track,  Winnipeg
POTATOES—80c per bushel.
POl'LTHY—Spring chickens, !-' i.,
One per pair, alive; fowl, 00 to 7i_'c
slacks. '.)s per pound; turkeys, L0 to
lie,  live weight.
III. ITER — Creamery—Prices are
higher at 17Jc to 18c per lb. f. ... b.
factory points.
Ill 'Tl I-*.|{—Dairy—Ueceipis of dairy
butter me not sufficient to supply all
the demand and the market is linn.
Commission bouses are paying 12 to
Isle fssr choice to finest dairy, commission busis,  in puils or bricks.
CHEESE—10*1 c per pound is being
paid for best makes, delivered in the
EGOS—Tlie ruling price is D'sjc per
do/en bu choice eggs, subject to
dressed, ."ii to 61c, country stock ic
less; mutton. 8 t<> 9c; lamb, lljc;
hogs, U to 9Jc-
HIDES—Dealers are now paying
6iC for No 1 hides, 5ic for No. 2
and  4!t   for  No.   3
price  as  hides,    ^	
SI  each
SENECA ROOT—Dealers are talking lower prices and are not willing
to pay over 56c for best root deliv-
in-il in Winnipeg,
than   lasl     ws-ok's
•   rviii,.,|y   |„r   „,
It*.   Kind mil  an
*.! ussih
so..I hi length hy the Influence which Qui-
uiir.. exerta on nature's owe reslsirsill»*a
I' r.llevss th* drooping spiritss of ih""*'
»Uls   tthotn   a    shronlc    st»l"   '>■*   i""il'l"
<l«l ency   and   lack   of   lnteies.1   In    Us
Is   s>   .luseaM-*,    and,    by  traiinulllilng  tne
this case, I then   tried   it   on   .....
ankle, Which 1 hail Sprained, and
which was frequently very painful. I
soon hail the pleasure of finding thnt
p..in also disappear. I must sny I
BOnslder St. .Incssbs Oil Ol great
serves,  disposes to sound  and  "'frrshlnii
•'■•I'   imparts vigor to the action ssl the
•■iii  which, biiina stiuiuiated  **»"i,*ir;
through    ths   veins,    strengthening    the,     ...  -• ".".__ lin ..:.),  n„. matei
Keallby   ....Inml    functions of the system.    ,.1.,„|s ,„ catching  Up  W1W
thsr-hy   making  activity   a   necessary   re
in chasing the Ideal ono often sue*
•n t   hii.ngthsning the frame, ansl tpmina
life I., the dlgsstlve organs,   which  natu-
'slly diinnnd  Increased  su istance-rrsuii.
linuiineil   uin.etite,    Northrop   A   l.Vman
"'  loronto.     have glvsn   to     the  puo'"  , .      .
U'«ir Niiperior  Uulnlne Wine at  the usual   ,„,isel\es
*■"''.     mid,     guugssl  by     lhe   opinl""  "' I
Wjntlsts,   this  win* apnroaches    neareBt
l"'l*>tnui   ol   any    In    the   marksl        All |    Minarfl'i
eiimftihts sell  lt.
what.. i* * n «"»,w '"•,o':"::,'.
the"p5bir?! people If they could see uses w.
Think   of  It !    A   trolley  cur     runs
through  the streets of .torusuleiu '.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distempers
eiirlh ssf
„,„.   bniise   to   nno
,„.*.,. all  the  lire from  the
*»   ship chandler  In     Front    strs-et
Brooklyn,    bears    the   high-sounding .
hl" f Mr  Westminster Abbey
•j,, old domlcils nnd cany  I
closed pot t.. their new reside*..
I    in   a
A  Family Event Thai   ijssi.h Not Always
Bring Unmixed Joy,
Baby's lirst tooth dos.-s not come
unannounced. Inflamed gums and impaired digestion produce a feverish
and fretful condition about which tin-
u.other often feels concern. The baby
buy of Mrs. George McGregor, of
Hamilton, Ont., wus troubled with
diarrhoea while teething und was
cross and restless. Ho did not sleep
well and matters became serious.
The mother writes as follows: "My
sister hail used llaby's Own Tablets
for her baby and advised nie to try
them. I gut a box and after giving
the Tablets to the baby a few times
he began to improve and was soon
well. Ile is now a big, healthy baby,
and whenever iie gets fretful or does
not feel well I give him a tablet and
he is soon  all  right again."
Daby's (iwn Tablets replace with
great advantage castor oil and other
nauseous, griping drugs. They sweeten the Btomach, quiet the nerves and
promote healthful sleep. They are
guaranteed to contain no opiate and
to be absolutely harmless. If your
druggiest does not keep them you can
obtain a full sized box by mail, post
paid, by sending 25 cents to the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co.. Brockville,
(int.. in- Schenectady, N. Y.
JYcf tnssevu,
&nAO> fvMS& !
I'latlnum bus been drawn into win-
so line that eighteen strands Of ii
twisted together could be inserted into the hollow ni a human hair.
A man is Often reminded of something he has forgotten only to siis-
cover ho can't remember what it was.
Calfskins     same
Horse hides  50e    to
which is '2c less
tuan him .,».,... prices Inferior
grades ai'0 ranging from '2 to 3c below ibis figure
IllllMJ ^^^
monts am
CATTLE—-There is a good export
Ulellt of  range cattle,  the    sbip-
luutlng to over '2,ono hoad
per head     Best   exporters   are si ill
ruling ill li' per pound, point of shipment.   Butchers' cuttle !l to It Jc.
8ITEEI'—Receipts sif sheep are
ample for all respiireinents of the
market and prices hold steady at 8}
to HJc per pound olT cars Winnipeg
Lambs nre worth B*]*C per pound.
HOGS—Demand   is  vary  active  uw-
CACH ONE ot tbs nine
■*•-• Diamonds in the Brooch
shown here is a faultless
This is our No. 4704,
which we sell for $ 175—We
guarantee the quality.
Write for our aew cttilogsst. It
illutirnts tn unlimited variety ef
choice |e«el prices.
Ryrie Bros.,
Yonjs snd Adslside Str-Mta,
Knitting for u>.   Other irduesmenls T
to right parties.   We tent new ma- J
chines.   Send for particulars st once, i
m   Ontario Furnishing Co. Toronto, Oat 4)
♦♦♦ ►♦♦« ♦♦•»«-♦♦->« ♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦*»
Grain and Commission Merchants.
High.-si jsrls-s-H pislil for \, li.-tit. oats, ber-
loy ssr flax in < arlsitis. Wlro nr writs, me
fssr prii-s-H Is.'liir.i ssslllng. I.ilsernl isilvssn-
ties maslss isn essiiHlgnuiput* sin.I handled
on . nsissiilissii.il.   Lls-ensed ssnsi Bonsled.
1*. O. lto< 550, \Vliini|..|{, Mass.
jt.-.•.-'--,.-•--•--•   •■■■-'• '""''**,^V. "
JMo doubt thQTEA you are
using is goodf£A,^xt if
.:.■;■ . vr"*: .-. .'.." %
it is not the best**
tj ®®g <^&&&&&ay$G^^$)®^
if you sillier with what is generally
known us a bad liver.
Fleming's No. 9, Liver Pills.
will effectually relieve the worst case
of bilious headache, constipation, in-
digestion and by cleansing and purifying the stomach relieve the system
of mnny of the poisons that bring on
fevers. Ask your Druggist for them,
if he has none ss'iid us 25c for a bottle, or $1.00 for 5 bottles.
Swallows fly low before a rain because the insects thoy pursue are then
nearer to the ground tsi escape the
moisture of the upper air.
''nuns made Of aluminum  nre  used
iii thc Herman Arinv.   They nre light-
•r ind Kixo a  |uu<jCr and  more*  n"1
""ll sound thnn those mude Of Other
ARltntlon is (he method thnt plants
lh" ''lii.nl bv the nldo of lhs*> bull"'
b°l    Ws.,,,1,.11  I'hilllps.
Tbe more we do lhe more WS ,'»"
*" 'Uu* more busy we nre the more
ISISlim  me have.-fln7.lltt.
T-1" I'nllpnt palui of (Vylon hns
""""" which are rtotnetlnips 80 teet
■•••K and  IH feet broad.
Unless the soap you
use has thjs brand you
are not getting the best
_,_ f.r »ss •r»S« ■"•
ing to the good sale for ™<^>^
Packers are quoting Oi to 6|c. inferior grades Jc to lc lOSS.
ililsCH cows-Cows are scarce.
Good milkers reudily bring l« '"
this  market,     thu    range  being  from
<>;!rs to SHo eaoh.
HORSES—Thsre is a good demand
for work horses and nn active trade
is ds.ing In these. Driving horses are
also  In  good deinnnd.
Tlss* Snsisllesst llrspiPSt.
As Inhabitant of Dorssell, in Bea*
I nd     has    inheiili'd   probably   tho
smallest     irv      on recorsl. except,
Dorhaps, ihu proverbial slniiin; Vs
1„„ died in lhe ""its h Indies, having
i. liinsi him offerts to the valua o.
|H pirn" halfi'-ii i.v, lss which tha lu*
,l,.,. |t h ir. 'ih* money is i ayubii
,i Middelburg, and lhe man «'" l>"v"
.will tell
When an animal is all run down,
has a rough coat andatighthide,
anyone knows that his bkiod is out
of order. To keep au animal economically he must be in good health.
Is a necessity where the best results
from feeding would be obtained.
It tones up the system, rids the
stomach of bots, worms and other
parasites that suck the lite blood
Nothing like Dick's powder for
a run down horse.
60 cents a package.
Leemlng, Miles & Co., Agents,
Write for Hook on Cattle and Horses (re*.
Petroleum is derived from vegetable and animal substances that were
deposited In and associated with the
forming of  rocks.
tr ix stfmsss
Endorsed by best English madlesl Journals.
Supplied te British soldlsrt In South A trios.
Por all Throst snd Slsnd Troubles, Lumps,
Sbsosssss, Old Soros, Ulcers, Felons, Skin
Dlaossss, Coioms. Flmplas, Stiff Joints,
Rhoumstlsm, Lumbago, Sprslns, Brsiisos,
pll... Cuts, Soro Foot, Pleurisy.
Sold by Druggists, sSo.   Try It onoe.
Musical vibration* will cause high
I explosives to go off.
Is stamped In plain letters on every
cigar, look for It then for thnt sweet
i'i,.,,i- fur  which  tl.e cigar is noted.
GEO. F. BRYAN & CO., Winnipeg
Tin   qssallty .iHi-slssril frs.m  Ocoon   to
• lis...is.    Your monay bock if not sat*
l.llll  IsSIJS. •
1 '    Priceless  Recfbee,  8,000 secrets for
ths   home,    farm,   laboratory,    workshop.
mui  every  deparaSent  of  human  pudeu-
Mir. with full iiulex lo contents; HUB
pnsies. bound in cloth; seiul 96 coals for
a copy, ami If you think the book is
not worth the money sensl it back, ami
your money  will bo refunded!  this is a
tfssiitl siile lino fssr t-anvaasorts. Writo for
tonus if y.su want tu canvass, U 11.1.1 AM
muni's, Methodist Book-room, Toronto,
The coabab tree continues to grow
in length after it bus been fellesl.
IiiuTti's LMncnt te Diplilheria.
An expert is a man whose ignorance    overshadows   that of ordinal4*"
Level's V-Z iWisss hest!) D slnfeetant
Snn|i Powder is a boon to any homo It
disinfects und  clann.as at  the  sumo time.
I on
to v,ui'* tin 1'iitib leagues for it
also ii day's work.--'llu'  mue
ucnd.in u  Helge.
After Over-indulgence
get your stomach and liver
into proper condition by using tin's renowned old family
Bold Erery where.   Iu boxes, W cents.
In Cambridgeshire; England, there
is a curious belief to the effect that u
Ore started by a lightning stroke can
only be Quenched by milk.
liM's Liniment Cures Colls, Etc.
If the wife is u slave to fashion I'...-
poor husband must of a UOCBSSity be
a  slave  to the almighty  dollar*.
3 JtK IM IT A F* J U |VI
Arrow Lake, B. O.
slinsiSf.l itilil.t nmamty siisrtvnllc.<l for
grawleur. I'll*. ms*Sl s-onssslotss lsrnlth ro-
M.srl ssss tlss* s ssiiiiiicnt of North Auiorlesa.
■U oissli. curs, nil Nervosi. unsl Muaoa-
Inr stl.onss... It. isuti i» Is.-nl nil Hlslnsy,
I.Ivor an.l Ntossssssls alius.-in..
Thoy nrss n iiovsT-falllssB r.-iuasly foi all
lllsouissutlo trssiil.ls-ft.
TKRM- $1.1 to till  nor wes-k.   according
lo rokiileucs In llu.a1 ur \ ......
W. n r  No. :vr,
if brevity is the soul ol wit. sojne
of our modern Jokosmlths must be
'l'horo un* cases of Consumption sii far
nslvniiceil that Itlrlslo's Antf-uoOSUmptlvs
Syrup will not curo, hut tiono so luni
tlntt it will not jlvp rollof. For ciuil'Iih,
colds anil all nlfectlons of tho throat.
lungs and rhest. It lis a stiei-lAr which
hns never been known to full. It i.iro-
iniili-s   a   free     ftiul    easy   expiH-tntatlon,
thereby removing tho phlegm, and (Ives
the deceased parts a chanoe to heal,
The  BlcllianS sny thai  lire Will  not
burn n man born on st Paul's day
(January 125). but that if a woman
be burned on thut day the sore will
nei'isr heal unsl will eventually cause
her death, according t<> the Ht.lsouis
Laugh, and the worlsl laughs with
you; growl, and the world laughs at
J oil.
CaN    in- rnMMKNii    it      Mr     Enos
Ilsiriilioriy,    TSlSSarora.     writes:      "I     sou
leased  lo  sn*.   Unit   Dr. Thomas'  Bclec*
tlie   Oil   Ih   nil   Hint   you   Claim   il   lo   bliss   \\.-   IsiiM"   ho.-ii   Using   il   ls*l -     I "Mi
Internallv  and  STternall''   and  have ni-
sssvs   i nets oil l,i.ni.|U   from   ii~ nrs     H   I*
is.ir  fssinily  medicine   isnsl  Ink.- urs'ii. i.ls-ss-
■iii. iii recouinlendlna it "
Snitie men mako a speciiiHy of being honest only because it pays bet-
tcr than dishonesty
MINARD'S LDpiiT M\m fmtoto.
v.uu are hecomlnji scarcer yrer after year So says a Gonnan statistician:  and he predicts   that   8,000
years  hi-ni'P  there   will   be  only     «n«
nun, to 3-0 women Tin: niUl.L, SLOCAN. B, C, OCTOBER 17. 190S.
•C. E. Smitherinoale, Editor and Prop.
SLOCAN,      •      -        - B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
.the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
^subsequent insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
.for each insertion.
Commercial Kates made known upon
The Subscription is $2 per year, strictly in advance; |2.50ayear if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 17th, 1902.
A pencil mark in the space
.apposite will be an ir-dica-
,tion to you that ye editor
eoBSiders there is something
oeming to him on yenr subscription. Kindly acknaw-
.ledge   in cash and oblige.
Sir John Bonrinot, clerk of the
house of commons, is dead. He was
Canada's leading constitutional authority.    ^^^^^^^^^
The political hatchery at Victoria
must be developing something momentous. There hasn't been a chiip
for a week.
Hon. Mr. Tarte will not dowu. He
reiterates his higher protection cry
with renewed vigor, much to the discomfiture of the pairty.
All meu serving the Mineowners'
Association have not been as fortunate
as Rod Tolmie. He has been appointed deputy minister of miues,for which
there is about as much need as a fifth
leg to a mule. Others have been
known to get mud—a certain antiquarian in Sandon, to wit.
A lasting settlement has been ef
fected betweeu the Crow's Nest Coal
Co. nnd its employees, whereby the
latter receive decent terms as regards
permanency of work, hours of labor
and wages. The agreement ensures
continual operation to the various
local smelters, which depend on the
Crow's Nest fields for their supplies
of coke. In turn the quartz miners
get a certainty of continual work,
eventuating in better times in business
circles.   That is as it should be.
It will be with the keenest satisfaction that the citizens learn of the successful termination of the negotiations
that have been going on all summer
with the Ontario-SJocan Lumber Co.,
looking to the establishment here of a
large sawmill plant. The long distance separating the council from the
company's headquarters iu Ontario
has protracted the negotiations much
longer than was at first anticipated,
but it was, perhaps, just as well, as it
gave ample time to consider the proposition in all its bearings before accepting it for the city. That the enterprise will prove a great factor iu
the city's upbuilding goes without
saying, aud the vim with which rival
sites on the lake have pushed their
advances for ita acquisition should
the more make the citizens congratulate themselves ou their good fortune
in securing the mill for Slocan. The
plant and accessories are to cost $100,-
000 and the company bind themselves
to employ not less than 100 hands.
In exchange the city gives the company a site worth about 16000 and exemption from taxation for ten yean,
The city is the gainer by the deal, inasmuch as there will Ix; a large increase in population, more buildings
will be erected, business will widen,
and civic revenues expand. Real estate will rapidly enhance in value and,
once the mill is established, property
now saleable only at a sacrifice will
draw its full value. That is a strong
point for the ratepayers to consider.
The works coming here also ensure
the installation of electric lights int >
the city at an early date and waterworks later on. A local bank will also
be one of the many improvements to
follow. The bylaw is now before the
council authorizing the granting of
the privileges desired by tho company
and it will be submitted to the ratepayers at an early dato. Its supporters believe the bylaw will be endorsed
by practically a unanimous vote. If
so, construction of one department of
the mill will commence without delay
and be in running shape before the
spring. The city will thus realize at
the outaet the benofit of a healthy
payroll, something it does not at present possess in its midst.
Pay your debts to the printer.
Ore shipments from the Slocan are
above 28,000 tons.
Commercial travelers are haunting
this place iu droves.
sSeveral thousand fruit trees will be
sot out round here this fall.
A social dance was given in the
Music Hall Wednesday evening.-
Thanksgiving day has passed off in
a very quiet and orderly manner.
Wm. Brasch went out to Spokane
on Tuesday, to spend tho winter.
The Nelson Tramway Co. have forfeited their street railway charter.
Robert Roisterer, tho well known
brewer, died in Nelson on Tuesday
The Spokane tourists have all returned, well satisfied with their entertainment.
A court of revision for the Slocan
riding will be held at Kaslo on Monday, Nov. 3.
Rev. Mr. Weatherdon preached his
initial sermon in St. Paul's church on
Sunday last.
John Culhane, who formerly ran the
Two Friends hotel, returned to town
ou Saturday.
Win. Hudson, foreman at the Arlington, has gone out to Spokane on a
short holiday.
A silk watchguard was won by W.
S. Johnson nt Wednesday's practice
of the Rifle Club.
The Arlington is the second heaviest shipper in the district, ranking
next to tlie Rambler.
Dick Butner has gone to the new
town of Morrissey, where he will start
in the hotel business.
C. W. E. Browning has been gazetted to the offices of H. P. Christie.dur-
iug the latter's absence.
Bill Springer,the daddy of Springer
creek, was in Nelson this week, naviug
come down from Cape Nome.
John A. Turner has handed in his
resignation as gold commissioner and
government agent of the Nelson riding.
Worden Bros, had another Valuable
horse die last week, making ten fine
head they have lost during the past
At Saturday's shoot of the Rifle
Club, James Cross won a cigar holder
with 83 points,the highest score of the
The sixth annual ball of Slocan
lodge No. 40,1.O.O.F., will be held in
tho Music Hall, Slocan, on Friday,
Oct. 24.
Laurence E. Sylvester, the advance
agent of the Harry Lindley Co., was
here yesterday. They show here on
George Henderson got a wife on
Thursday from Neil Qething at Fort
George, stating he would be home
this week.
Col. Holmes, D.O.C., was a visitor
in town on Wednesday and inspected
the rifle butts. He classed them as
first rate.
In three days last week upwards of
$275 was sent from here to T. Eaton
& Co. A splendid way that of helping one's town.
A coal oil famine "hns existed in the
burg for the last fortnight. It will be
relieved shortly as Shatford & Co. are
getting in a carload.
A union Thanksgiving service will
l» held this (Thursday) evening in
Knox church. The offertory will 1x3
donated to the hospital.
The appointment of W. II. Lily, of
Sandon, as stipendiary magistrate,
magistrate under the Small Debts Act,
and coroner, has been cancelled.
A judgment was filed in Nelson last
week by Galliher & Wilson against
Messrs. Manley, McLean and Campbell. The amount of the judgment
was $1732.
Little Dolphe Nault, who is visiting
his uncle, Andy  Provost, slipped anil
THIS Is one of the-Ryrie'
■*■     Specisls  in   Diamond
Rings, No. 869.   Our price
(or ft is |75.
We personally guarantee
the quality.
/It tl m<■■ issttsl In 1RV trr.t.l. for althar\
\     Usl/'i or gentUiniftn'i wear.      '
*7a deliver this safely lo sny
address, and refund lhe full price If
you are nol perfectly satisfied.
fell on an axe, Thursday, cutting his
arm severely. Dr. Bentley put six
stitches in it.
Rev. Mr. Simons, wife and child arrived on Thursday and have taken up
their residence at the manse. Mr.
Simons was greeted with two fair congregations on Sunday.
New Denver had three births this
week: hurrah for the Lucerne. On
the 13th Mrs. L. Alexander had a
daughter and Mrs. J. C. Harris a son;
on the 14th Mrs. Angus McGillivray
a son.
Rev. McKee was made the recipient
of another presentation this week, as
he was leaving for tho east. The
members of his mission at Winlaw's
sawmill presented him with an address
and a purse of $18.
J. D. Moore, road inspector, came in
Thursday to meet the ranchers in the
Little Slocan. Next day a gang of
men was put on building a decent
trail from town, something that has
been needed for years.
The Victoria Athletic Club proposes
to hold a tournament of boxing, to decide the championships at the various
weights, in the month of November at
the V.A.C. gymnasium. The dates
fixed an Wednesday nud Thursday,
19th and 20th.
New Trail to Ottawa.
A new trail is being constructed to
the Ottawa mine, John Binish and
partners having the contract. The
expense is being borne equally by the
company and the government. J. D.
Moore, road inspector, went up on
Tuesday to lay out the route. Tho
new trail to the Youn;< Bear and the
Bondholder groups will connect at the
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
B. C
15. A. Sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOGAN, - - B. C.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan,  B. C.
General   Packing  and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Fall Prices:
French  Kip, hand  sewn, miners'
iioots,  hand  welted,  guaranteed,
made lo order    f 7 00
Veal kip,hand made miners' beots
well made and guaranteed      5.50
These lines are guaranteed for six
months and kept in repair (or that
time freo.
Men's hoots soled from	
I.ndiiss' boots eoled from
Children's boots solad from .
Adcock's Shoe Store,
Next IVulofRce, - Slocan
Certificate of Improvements.
Mosilrcal  M lisrral t'lnliu.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of tlio West Kootenay District.
Where located :— On the divide between Lemon and Springer creeks,
adjoining the Two Friends mineral
TAKF NOTICK that I, Archie Main*
wariiig-.li-liiiftnii, acting as agent for I'io
neor Mining Co., I.ituiteil (non-personal
liability), Fres Miner's Certificate No.
R5Sl.'li>,iiits?nd, sixty slays from the slate
hereof, to npply to the Mining Kecorder
for a certilicate of improvements, for
fie purpose of obtaining a Crown (rant
of the above claim.
Anil further tnke notice that action,
iimler section .17, must bo commenced
before the Issuance of such certiflcate of
i nprovements.
Dated this 11th day of October, 1902.
To Orpin* Lair:
YOUR attention is re'peotfully called
to the Custom Tailors' Union Label, n cut of which appears below
It is the only sign whereliy a person is
Mire of getting clothes mado in a fair
By leaving your order for a Fall Suit,
Trousers or Overcoat with
A. David, the Miners' Tailor,
you will find the Union Label on nil
Clo!lie* made by bim. Slorosi at Slocan
nnd Sandon.
Slocan Dit, Miners' -Uin,
No. 62, W. F. of H.
Meets efcry Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting1 brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
ranging in price from
$2 to $35. We have
also a full stock of all
the necessary supplies
Agents for the Ileintzinan & Co.,Gerhard Helntzmah, and Karn Pianos
Certilicate of lipraits.
Morria Miis-srul Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of the West Kootenay District.
Whero located:—On the north side
of Springer creek, n»ar the Argo
mineral claim.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Arthur S. Fat-
well, acting as agent for tbo Arlington
Mines, Limited, F.M.C. No. B69896, intend, sixty days from the slate hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, for tbo purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further Inte notice tbat action,
under section :'7, must be commenced
before tlie issuance of such certificate of
Dated this 28tb dav of August, 1902.
5-9 02 ' A. S. F.-MUVELL
I'strt Hops Mineral Clulm.
Situate in the Slocan Citv mining division of WeKt Kootenay district. When*
located:—Half mile north of Sprinter
creek, adjoining the Gold Viking.
TAKE NOTICE tbat I, J. M. McGregor, acting us agentfor T. .1. Batv.
free miner's certificate No. 1559885; II.
Ii. fife,"*. M. Cl No. IVS9K82, and J.
G. Mi-CaFlimi, I*. M, ('. No. B699S-1, intend, sixty days fniui the 'lute hereof, to
apply lo tbe Mining Recorder for a certificate of improvements, fur tho purpose
of obtaining a cro..n grant on tbe above
Ami further tnke nolis-i* tbat action,
under section 87, inunt be commenced
before tins issuance of such certificate of
Dated tins :'rd day of October, 1902.
1010-02. J. M. McGREGOR
Kxi'lsstssKo ansl Silver  I'l-lss Mineral
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of tbe West Kootenay district.
Where located: On Dayton creek.
TAKK NOTICE that I, J. M. McGregor, acting as agent for II. G. VanTiiyl,
free miners' certificate No.Bf>9984,intend,
sixty days from tbe slate bereof, to apply
to tbe mining recorder for certificates of
improvement, for tbs purpose of obtaining crows grants of the above claims.
And further take notico that action,
uniler section 37, must bo commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
Dated this 3rd day of October. 1902.
10-10-02 J, M. McGREGOR
Slug Ten Slliscral Claim.
Situate in the Slocnn City Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located:—On Ten Mile creek,
east of tbe Enterprise.
TAKE NOTICE that I, J. M McGregor,acting as agent for P. W*. Ellis,
Free miner's certificate No. B59488, and
C. E. "Mnitlicringale, F.M.C. Nu. 11597-1.'!,
intend, sixty days from tlio date hereof,
to apply to tlie Mining Recorder ora certificate of improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of tbe ahove
And further take notice that action,
uniler section 37, must be commenced
liefore the issuance of such certilicate of
D ited this l.tb day of September, 1902.
10-10-02 J. M. McGREGOR
Notice to Delinquent Co-owners
To J. W. Millard, Kate Scott ansl Thos
Reid, or to any person or persons to
whom they may have transferred their
several inters*!*, in whole or in part,
in the Slug Ten mineral claim,situated
near Iho Enterprise mine, in Slocan
City mining division of West Kooto-
nay, located September (ith, 1895, and
recorded September9th, 1895:
Yon aro hereby notified lhat I have
expended the sum of ono hundred and
two dollars and fifty cents in performing and reconling assessment work for
the abov* mentioned mineral claim,
since the Oth day of September, 1901.
and if within 00 daya from the date of
this notico you, or any of yon, fail or
reflise to contribute your several proportions of such expenditure, together
with all cost* of advertising, your interests iu said claim shall become the pro
perty of tho subscrinur, uniler section
251'of tho Mineral Act.
Dated at Slocan this  llih day of September, 1902.
12*9-02 1\ W. ELLIS
That is one point on which wc pride ourselves.
Our Stock is made up of the purest and best
goods to be obtained and is always fresh. . , .
We make a specialty of Batter, Eggs
Fruit, and all kinds of Vegetables.
Co-operative Association,Ltd,
Slocan, British Columbia.
Do You
Want a Home?
Then oome to Slocan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth Of ours. Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Churehes,Sehool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are somo
of the advantages enjoyed bv
this City, backed up by Unsurpassed and ProvenMineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale Is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Lepding Parlors:
Representing the strongest companies doing business in Canada.
See new accident POLICY, with participation in profits, covcrinr sickness and operatisnns.
H. D. CURTIS, Notary Public
Steel Ranges-
for $18.25.
Why ho without a ramro when
you enn Rot one so chr-an ? The}
nre proferrahle to stoves and givr
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal ;»nd will be
set up froc.
Furnished Rooms, by day or
week. Second to none ia
the city. Enquire en the
H. Terry
Arthur street, near Depot.
World's Scenic Route.
East West
H. J.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To Hurry Willinms, or to any person
or persons to whom lis may have trans-
, , ,,' ",lol"'"t i» the Ohllket
and Delphian mineral claims, situates!
on the head-waters of Lemon oreek.
ami wcordetl In the Recorder's ollice
for tho .Slocan < ity mining slivision.
^   .*P?»M.",r,bynotified that I.Oscar
l-,ZlU•?' ""i"('rs' "wMflo-te No.
Bs.il)427, have caused to bs expended tha
turn of six hundred and fifteen dollars
in labor ami improvements on the nl„.ve
mentioned mineral claims, in ordtrto
hold said claims under the provisions of
the Mineral Ao | and if witt.ir. 00 days
from the date of this notice you fail, or
refine, to contribute your proportion of
such expendlture.togather with all cost.
Of advertising, your Interest in raid
olaims will become the property of the
subscriber, under section 4 of an   A
ft •mo'."" Act ,0 *,,1L""1 "Ie M-M'-'
Dated at Sandon, B.C., this "Wil-. ,i„„   ,
September, A.I). 1902.   ,,""l-''l'",'*y of
20-0-02 081JAI' V. WHITE
Lake Route
From Fort William,the favorite summer route, te all eastern points.
Via Soo Line
Fer St. Paul, Duluth,Sault Ste.Marle
Chicago, etc.
Leaves Punmore Junction daily for •*•
faiil; Kootenay Landing Tiieaday sad
Saturday for Toronto, Montreal, ets.
I.earns Reveletoko daily for Seattle sad
Through bookings to Europe via all
Atlantic lines. Prepaid tiekew at
lowest rates from all Eurepeae
countries. For rates and full particulars apply to local agent*, or
A. O. P A*,
Agent, Sloooo OW


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