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The Slocan Drill 1903-07-10

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IV., Ne. 15.
8L0CAN,   B.   C,   JULY   10,   1903.
12.00 PER ANNUM.
arm Weather Talk
This ii ihe hardest time of the year to cater to one'a
appetite. -Cooking: over a hot stove does not help it
any, ao to avoid the discomfort and have something
paints-able, try some of our Meats, ready cooked:—
Then -tor something nice In Table Fruit, try a tin of
Ftneapple, one of the nicest fruits for the hot weather.
lr«*al"j*( KXPKR1ENVKS.
T. Shatford & Co.
P.s^s^'^T^Ii's.^BsJs^^^ps^^^P^^^pis^^^^^^P^^^^^^Psp my
rt«chee1 tey any trail or road
it runs Into the Town.
Do »ot go past its door when
you aro dry, weary or hungry.
KNOWLES & PATREQU1N, Proprietors.
Phil popular YmXtH Is esn^enient to the boats and traius.   The dining room
i a\riffij op-l»>4aVte while the bar is supplied with tbe bast in the market.
Trayelling men. using Sample Rooms, $2.50 per day •
wttheut Sample Rooms,$2; board $8 [.or week; mealeo'Se
 *  -      ■ ————— i   "aa-
ts opened under
|tbt old managemait.
Former customers
cordially invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
■ Sirasat aaal Stala
[Btilsliag thoroughly renovated
I and re stocked with the heat
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
You can get anything In these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best tht market affords.   Prices are right.
Representing the strongest cam-
P»ntes doing- business in Canada.
Sm view ArxiDENT policy, with participation in prolts, TOTorlns; sickness aud epcrattans.
H. D. CURTIS, Notary Pablio
Pioneer .Livery
and Feed Stables.
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing; and Forwarding attended to at tha
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses fer
hire at reasonable rates.
Med. Supt., S. W. Keith, M.D.
T>ATI»: Rarilar subaarlbars, $1  par month
IV   orllO a yaar: non-subscribers  -	
snf.flli.-nl atUniliinc»)$2 Ml slay.    1
fl par ilssv extra.   Hptscial facilltta
Prl vaM wards
fsir msslorn.
ity casas.
For fsirlhar particulars apply to.
D. B. O'Neail, Sec
Urst lsBspr-.sal.ma .-.'"n / f-.'Jkado's Klng-
dona—Gsistoras of the Pao»l«—Up-to-
Ilata C.iiifllHI.n or I lie City alK-ata
Na risaa for P«or Whit* Men.
J. M. McGregor, a former resident
of Slocan, sende Ths Dbill the following interesting letter from Kyoto,
Japan, under date of June 9:
Hero's hoping you are all enjoying
the fruits of patient endeavor, leading
captive the festive capitalist from far
countries, and revelling in the prosperity which methought I saw peering
ever the horizon when I tore myself
away from the many attractions of our
happy valley and turned westward to
look for the wise men (or others) of
tho east. I have heard nothing of B.
C. t.iiis?<* I left its shores, with the exception of the alarming dispatch that
its premier had lieen—was it banished
or merely—dismissed, from which
meagre information I infer that the
province still exists, though I greatly
fear its pmtoffices are all clost-d—only
temporarily, I hope.
V\ ell, I have not lived in Slocan for
nothing, and my bump of intelligence
is abnormally developed, hence I wait,
without despair. That same bump is
of vast service in Japan, too, I can
assure you. We Japanese are a leisurely people, and if we don't get
what we want today there are other
days coming. As a matter of fact,
little as I thought it at the time, the
past few years have been aa excellent
preparatory school for Japan. I would
eanis?stly recommend anyone who is
thinking of coming to this country to
take a preliminary course of surveying
(or prospecting) among the mountains
of B.C. After learning to sleep wrapped in a blanket oa the top of mother
earth, the thickly quilted "futori"
spread ob a matted floor is pure luxury; the dim light strained through
paper windows, however numerous,
recalls the twilight of a canvas interior
when the eves acquired the art of seeing under difficulties oa many a rainy
day spent In reading, writing, drawing or figuring; the invariable stilted
politeness of the camp, too, excellently
equips oue for communiou with this
so painfully polite nation. The merry
hum and the playful bite of the mos-
quito ara as a message from home.
But above all, a continuous diet of fat
bacon, rare beaus, pasty porridge, aud
bannocks of all degrees of excellence,
subdues a naturally exacting organ to
such a state of docility that it will tic
ccpt.iawfir.il without a qualm,consider
cold, hard-boiled peas a positive treat,
acknowledges a satisfactory condiment
salted cabbage leaves and parsnips
uncooked, aud undismayed by innumerable toy cups of green tea, weak and
lukewarm, attack with vigor aad suc-
csess sliced cucumber (we don't peel
things here), aanointed with -I took
it to be sawdust, but am not quite
I am, as you seo, quartered in Kyoto, which, as you will remember, is a
city of nearly 400,000 inhabitants,only
about 30 miles from the sea, but Japanese of the Japanese; capital of the
empire for over 1000 years, and only
opened to foreigners without passport
some four or five years ago. It
breathes a flavor of pure Japan from
end to end, in spite of electric tramways aud occasional telephones and
electric lights. The foreign population numbers perhaps two score, of
whom all but half a dozen are missionaries and school teachers, yet one
finds English spoken in many of tke
leading shops, aad in the foreign hotels -foreign in style and equipment,
but not in ownership or management.
The city is beautifully situated in a
basin, virtually levol,almost suriound-
ed by hills of a respectable height,
with a river as large as the Slocau
running through it, besides various
streams which seem to be canals.
Judging from my present short experience of tho country, I sheuld say
that the Japanese are passionately
fond of canals. Fond of water in every
way, for that matter, I believe they
even driuk it. Of course their cleanliness is proverbial; aud they take
their bath (I use tho singular advisedly, by the way, because we avo very
saving in fuel in this country, and one
tub full serves the family. Indeed,
the tub is quite commonly mado, with
a charcoal lireliox at one end. and the
water is heated in place, taking two
or three hours, hence time also forbids
a separate bath for each. I am lucky
in beiug the head of my household,
therefore entitled to first use of the
water) decidedly warm. In fact, they
seem to be able to stand greater heat
without than within, and, having acquired the faculty of stowing myself
in 110 degrees, I should certainly take
a chill if I should fall into a cup of
I don't know whether tho Japanese
go in for swimming or not, but I saw
them rowing, while at Yokohama. The
various rowing clubs there hail a regatta, W-Uislsting chiefly of eight-oar
crews and fireworks. The latter were
interesting; the former would be improved by some attempt on the part
of the eight in the same boat to move
their oars at approximately the same
time—and, of course, in the same
direction. One would expect it to
embarrass the coxswain somewhat
when a couple of the men on one side
get tangled up and lose six or eight
strokes, but perhaps not. I am not
much of an oarsman myself. I notice
they take crabs, too; but why stop to
gratify the appetite when a rival is
forging to the front? Ah, well, the
Oriental mind moves in circles not to
be followed by the western, but to be
oontempluted with awe and admiration.
The Japanese are clearly antinom-
ian in their creeds, which are numerous, their faith being evidenced by the
temples and shrines innumerable,
across which one stumbles ut every
turn, while their customary attitude
(in the picture books) is on the knees;
but aa for works—it is excellent soil
for thistles, they are much more apparent than the figs, which doubtless
exist) somewhere. Their politeness is
above praise, so far beyond, indeed,
that it is frequently an unadulterated
bore, but on the whole it is entirely
admirable. Elaborately ceremonial i.s
it is, it is not wholly superficial. That
ia to say, it is the outcome of resriect-
ful or friendly feelings which normally exist, even though one does not
neglect the bows and the honorific O's
and Go's merely because one is speaking te a rascal. To the westerner, it
is, of course, odd, and at times annoying, to observe the changed relations
of the sexes. It is not that the Japanese man fails in his respectful
politeness when addressing a woman,
though I fancy he is somewhat less
punctilious in her case. Nor is she
kept confined and concealed in her
own home, nor made a drudge that
her men folk may enjoy leisure; on
the contrary, girls and women go
shopping, visiting aad gallivanting
no whit less here than at home, and
the men are -the wage-earners. It is
true that on the farm and in the shop
and restaurant the women folk work
with their husbands and brothers, or
work alone when there are uo men;
but we know all these conditions at
It is in the complete absence of any
spocial deference to women that one
feels the vast •differcne** from oux attitude at home; and in the further fact
that this greater deference is paid by
the fair sex to their lords and masters
instead. Thus, I judge it would be
the height of rudeness for a lady to
receive a guest of the male persuasion
standing. Her husband moroly bends
double two or three times, the guest
doing the same, but tho mistress is on
her knees, with ber head to the floor.
It is quite customary for all hands to
assume this humble.but not ungraceful
posture when farewells are being said,
everyone being already ou the floor,
of course. Dear, dear, but it is agonizing to sit out a two hours' interview
a la Japanaise! I don't mean to pretend that I can maintain their ordinary posture for two hours, or for ten
minutes. I relieve my still joints as
often as I dare, sitting tailor fashion,
or with my feet just to one side, then
to the other—I didu't think it would
look polite to stretch them in front of
me, and that is probably why my
schooling in the hills has not better
fitted me for the enjoyment of this
form of discomfort. Besides, there's
always something in front of you. It
may be only a thimble I mean a tea
cup—and a tray containing a firebowl
and ash l-eooiver; or your host may
have the floor strewn with glasses anil
trays and dishes containing eatables
and comestibles; or you muy lie at a
teahouse with a table in front of you,
but that's no better. The table is only
four inches high all told, so there's no
room to stretch oneself comfortably
underneath, and if there should happen to be (please mark I stud if) a
pretty geisha sitting (close) at one
side, then one would lie limited to an
excrutiatingly small variety of positions, and would (I imagine) feel the
need of a derrick to help him regain
an erect attitude, and to hold him
there till he got the kink out of his
My chief clerk (banto) haa just
brought in to submit for my approval
samples of some triumphs of the confectioner's art, as I am about to make
a first call on a new friend, and wish,
according to a common custom of tho
country, to signalise my first appearance by a gift. The sweets are quite
good, but 1 would willingly exchange
for half a pound of Smith's best
You may assure inquiring friends of
this.that I don't think Japan is a good
country for foreigners to come to with
a view to making a living, the Japanese preferring to paddle their own
canoe and are doing it, on the whole
pretty successfully. Best wishes for
Slocan, collectivoiy and individually.
A* Appreciative Raasfor.
James C. Shook, writing from Peterborough, Ont., says: "Weappreciate
Tm. Drill vs*rv much and it comes as
u weakly reminder of a place where
wG spent four yeara of pleasant Ume,
and some day may nro us returning
there. Slocau is a district which, to
my mind, has uot been fairly placed
before the investing public on its real
merits, owing to the pernicious system
of 'knocking,' so prevalent there
among a certain class, but we hope it
will outlive them. Times are exceedingly good here and have been for the
past two years."
Short Session Maalsl Last Monday Mlght-
Lota of Bills.
A very short session of the city
council was held on Mouday night,
but little business being in evidence.
All tho members were present.
Communications read: From Goo.
Nichol, applying for the position of
city clerk. Laid-over till tho next
From Mayor York, through the city
clerk, requesting further leave of absence.   Nothing done.
Bills presented: McCallum st Co.,
supplies,f<"33.2(.; Pioneer Livery Stable
teaming, $43.20; T. Woodcock & Co.,
rope, $2.85; timechecks ,14 and Iti.
$18. Bills referred to finance committee and timechecks ordered paid.
Finance committee reported in favor
of bills amounting to $139.17. Ordered paid.
Aid. McNeish called attention to
state of alley in the rear of the school
and asked to have it cleared. Referred to board of works.
Aid. Arnot drew attention to the
dangerous condition of the wharf, the
planking having been lifted iu many
places because of high water. Left to
clerk to attend to.
Clerk reported receipt of quarterly
grant to school from the government,
amounting to $,%2.20. Also that the
hotel licenses were lieing paid in.
Council adjourned.
The city had a most narrow escape
on Tuesday morning from being destroyed by fire. Just as the str. Slocau was pulling out from the wharf at
7 o'clock, the crew noticed smoke and
flames issuing from the attic of the
Arlington Hotel, above the kitchen.
A general alarm was sounded and the
fire brigade were quickly on the spot,
while Capt. McLennan ran the Ixiat
close up to the hotel and strung their
big hose from the vessel's pumps right
into the building. By this time the
flames were coming out all the windows and through the roof, but the
deluge of water poured in quickly
quenched the fire. The interior of the
attic was badly scorched and some
places charred." The contents ofthe
building were being rushed out in a
hurry by scores of willing workers,
while the guests wore looking after
themselves, some iu a decided hurry.
Larry Knowles had to get out through
a window, the upper stairway having
been cut off by the flames.
Tho origin of the fire is somewhat
of a mystery, though it is lieliev-jd to
tie attributable to the kitchen flue.
The loss to the owners, Messrs. Henderson and Gething, by fire and the
water, will amount to $1000, which is
covered by insurance. Messrs.Knowles
<& Patrequin, tbe lessros, also lost
considerable, but they had no insurance. Fortunate indeed was it that
the Slocan was nigh at baud, otherwise the building must have surely
gone. There was little or no wind at
the time, but nothing could have
saved the town if the hotel had gone.
The members of the fire brigade worked well and with judgment and deserve a large measure of thanks.
I.U.O.F. Officers Installed.
Last Thursday night thc officers of
the local lodge of Oddfellows wore
installed by J. V. Purviance, D.D.G.
M.. the ceremony being witnessed by
a number of lady friends of the members. The now officers are: N. G.,
Ralph Gillette; V.G., H. A. Cleve: R.
S., A. E. Teeter; F.S., It. E. Allen;
Traa., D. Arnot.. After the installation
the officers treated thc members and
friends to strawberries and cream. A
short dance brought the affair to a
Uaodaa Starts I1 p.
Instructions were received this week
from J. M. Benedum to commence
operations on tho Hoodoo. Accordingly W. Gardner, of Silverton, who
will be the foreman in charge, took up
a small force of men and a train load
of supplies. Mr. Benedum and his
family are expected iu in a few days,
and then operations will take a more
definite and comprehensive scope
t'saiil of Thanks.
The undersigned   wish   to  return
their heartfelt thanks to  Capt. McLennan and crew of tho str. Slocan.
tho members of the fire brigade, and
the citizens generally for their untiring efforts in successfully combatting
the  fire  st  the  Arlington  Hotel  on
Tuer-day last.
Uutiiim.. & HbsdbrsOn.
Last Tour's Shi pine lit* Ws*ra 833a Tana-
A lli-fliitlay Uvldenca of tha Llfa and
W.-iliU or th* Canip-Katerprlsa tltaa
Biggest Shipper.
This week's ore shipments consist
of 20 tons from the Enterprise, which
went to the Trail smelter. Altogether
that property has shipped 355 tons,
out of a total of (510 from the entire
division. Other properties have not
yet got thoir shipments in order, owing to the Springer road uot beiug in
For 1902 the ore shipments from
the local division amounted to t'333
tons, made up from 12 properties.
Following is a full list of the shipments this year to date:
Enterprise     20 ;j55
Arlington  49
Ottawa  12i
Black l'rinca  17
Bondholder  3
Dayton  4
Republie  61
Meteer  12
Hamilton  4
20 6K>
The Antoine will run a 1600 foot
Upwards of 50 men are on the pav*
roll at the Ruth.
The demand for miners in the upper camp continues.
Sandon ore shipments last week
consisted of -IO tons, from the Payne.
The Capella and Hartney, at New
Denver, are each shipping a carload of
Geo. McLean and partners have
gone up to work on the Bonnie Doou
group, adjoining the Lily B.
A number of zinc buyers visited the
Sandon camp last we-k, inquiring into
the resources of the various mines.
John Wereley and Dan McPherson,
of New Denvtir, aro doing assessment
on the Gertie R, adjoining the Speculator.
Joe Law was brought. dorirn to the
hospital yesterday morning from tho
Meteor, with a badlv bruised leg, a
heavy rock having fallen on it.
Frank L. Byron, formerly of ahis
camp, is gaining much notoriety ia
East Kootenay as a mining operator.
Ho recently bonded n group of gold
claims ou Perry creek for §12,000.
Sua s-csafssl Pupils.
Following is a list of the pupils
passing at the recent entrance examinations:
Nakusp—Number of candidates 1,
passed 1; Constance Brett. 572.
New DenverNumber of candidates
2, passed 2; William R. Yallanee 6J0;
Jonn R. Bluemenauer 622.
Sandon—Number of candidates 5,
passed 0.
Silvortou—Number of candidates 4,
passed 0.
Slocan -Numl-cr of candidates 7,
passed 3; Florence Bull CM: Annie B.
Montgomery 615; John A. McCallum
Three Forks--Number of candidates
1, passed 1; Victoria M. Cameron .586.
Vales C'osisUg In Slowly* '
Votes so far are coming iu slowly
for tho Slocan riding, only 25.1 Ix'ing
registered up to Wedin'sday night.
Of these the majority CsMBe from this
vicinity,where almost ths* full strength
has gone on. Two votes ouly havo
come in from McGuigau and none at
all from Three Forks or Burton. So
far the Macs have the liest of it, 82 of
theclau appearing. Yesterday, however, the list took a big jump, la alxiut
100 New Denver votes came dowu in it
bunch. _____
Card asf Thanks.
The undersigned lessees of the Arlington Hotel desire to tender their
siacerest thanks to the captain and
crew of the steamer Slocan, the fire
brigade and the citizens generally for
their efforts and assistance in successfully combatting the fire at their
plaoe of business ou the 7th inst.
Knowlks sS* Patreivi'i*-
SUrer Ossat.sll.sMS.
Following are the quotations for bar
silver on the various days during tho
week since last Issue:
Friday     M  cents
a_fl     . fl **
Saturday  "~
Monday   o'2l
Tuesday  522    J|
Wednesday ..:  •   '
Lowery'ii Claim  has discontinued
' piibli'''Uk>iJ » 1
• ieiA*f i*afe<ei»et»i»i»i»*-«»a**j*>
Bj- HOWARD riEl*n»sl   |
I   C-opTttght, lOOl, byasiUsW. H«£a.
■t>» I ♦ i • I ♦"♦>»♦ >■» "■♦*.■» _h*H ♦ H
"You wero going to see Dr. Kendall?"
•she asked.   "Please wait In bis room."
She hurried by blm and reached tbe
spin wbere Alden and tbe detective bsd
mood, Just as ibe latter was upon the
.stairs, for it bail not suited Elmeudorfs
purpose to wnlt for Alden.
"1 must speak witb you privately at
onoe." she said.   "Come."
There was a sort of bay window open-
Ipk from ono °f "ie corridors, aud she
b'sl I'lmcndnrf there. Tbey were par-
lis Ily shielded from observation and
could speak iu guarded toues without
much risk of belli;; overheard.
"Mr. Elmendorf." she said, "how
could you do this UiiugV I bave a serious wish to know."
'*l ean do anything," ho answered,
the picture of limine and woo. "There's
absolutely no gouil in me. What uuide
yon think there was?"
"Uo you remember that you rose
when you ssw that I wus uot seated."
said she, "in Elsie's room thut first terrible day*. That's uot much, but your
manner was fully that of a gentleman."
"I was trained In u gentleman's home
In .Miissiii'liiiss_.iis," said b-ltnendorf, "So
was Hit- gentleman*! dog, uud we hoth
remained brutes."
"Vou arranged a place to listen," said
Brenda, "iu that unused room next 1.1-
sle's. The uursu who helped you has
confessed to Dr. Kondall It was she
nnd not you who overheard tbe story
lolil this afternoon."
"Shu nud mil IV" echoed Elmeudorf
lo a voice of the di'ad. "Do you think
I ever listened there? Miss Machine,
there's some limit even to What I will
do No. uo; I look tbo chaiii.-c; that's
all Tbis purse, v.hom I seem to have
got into a lot of trouble, as 1 always
get everybody sootier or later-thls
nurse llsteued when her duties would
let ber. I knew Miss Miller would
some day tell her story to you."
"Now that you havo heard the story,
wbat shall you do?" asked Brenda.
"It seems evident," replied Elmendorf, "tbat Dr. Blalr is tho pbyslelun
referred to In that story. tl** has
known her secret from tbo beginning.
Thnt was why sho hail hlm here, to
plead wltb hlm. Well, I've no faith In
Mair. He's crooked, or I'm no Judge,
But ho seems to have played a fairly
creditable part toward Elsie Miller."
"Dr. Blalr!" exclaimed Brenda.
"Tblnk of bis being called to dress her
wound! Think of bis standing there
In ibat room with Nenle nnd ourselves
nud keeping his own counsel so quietly I I begin to havo au ndmiratlou for
"Well, I wouldn't go so far as that,"
snld Klmondort. "lie bus bad his selfish ends to serve. Bowever, that Is
neither here nor tbere now. I am
going to bim aud I shall make hlm tell
nie wbo that mnu Is."
"Her husband?"
"Tben wbat will you do?" she
"Kind him," said Elmendorf, "and
see that lie gets whut he deserves.
U'hls will afford me many different
kinds of satlsfiiation, Miss Maclane.
1 shall have credit for It lu the newspapers, and they're tbo only friends
I've got. My Job will be safe for another year at least; 1 i-hall tieat Joe
Nenle, whom 1 lisle devoutly, and,
lastly, I shall get sipiar. with the coward wbo Btruck down that little girl.
1 have longed for him ever since 1
first saw ber. It's a poor thing to do
for her. but it's sll I ever can do, I'm
"It Is no service to ber," said Brenda;
"far from lt Vou will reveal her
"Nothing cau save tlr.it," he replies!
"It Is a mere dream to think lt can bo
"It Is not a dream," rejoined Hreudn.
"It sball be kept a secret If possible.
She Is wise to wish It though of
courso she should tell Mr. Aldeu, and
that she wilt do as soon us her mind
gets back to its proper balance nfter
Its loug strain wltb bis wretched story.
But she is right In thinking thai pub*
lien tion of It will leave a stain upon
ber nnd perhaps bring uinny sorrows
to herself and Mr. Alden. It will be
distorted and redlstortcsl lu the telling
until the poor girl's name cau never
be clear of It Ami In any case I have
given my word. Mr. Eliueudorf, will
money help?"
Elmendorf was silent.
"I tblnk you are not a man to take a
bribe." she begun.
"Yes, 1 am," said Elmendorf decisively, "but not Just hers*. If tbe circumstances were different why, 1
could be bought and sold like my associates. But tbls Isu't tbo time uor
the place."
"You would like te get out of this
life Into a better one," said Brenda.
"1 suppose most of us would," replied Elmendorf, "except tbat dying is
Bremln laughed, as one sometimes
will at a funeral, from the effect of
"I dldo't mean tbat," she snld. "1
meant that you would like another
way of earning your bread. And I
itiink you might have very high nmillions In another career. My father
will put you In tho wny of profitable
bUllneM, but don't funey I would
tempt you with an empty promise. I
am rich In my own right by Inheritance
from my mother, and I will bs' glad to
help you. We will give this a csilnr of
perfectly honorable dealing, nnd it
shall be so Indeed. In l.e .•*.">< VMiU of
my money sud select whatever bus!
rst*K» *    a*. - yen  nnd I will be n silent
I a: •::. i.   an  esiutii   partner,   in   lhe  en
II i pi l«> "
"l'iMy thOUSaurl dollars." said El-
'iia ii.'.'.•'..wiih swe tn til** tones. "Why,
Miss .Min in tis*. Uns Is what I bnve
ni-ays ii toi flic Idea or a tenth of It
- Uir explanation Of my going on tbe
'airs-e. Ami to think Hull il sliould
mi.r ai last In H way that I can't touch
t:  -|l:!ly Elmi ndoifs luck, as the Hoys
At this moment Kendnll. passing
tnrougn the corridor hastily, glanced
Hi townrd the window.
"Brenda! Co.ni>.'" he said. "Tho
nurse you left there has sent for me."
Breads turned aa white ns paper.
"It Is 1 who let her talk and excite
herself!" Bhe said huskily. "I may
have killed her."
She turned aud seized Elmendorf's
ii rtn.
"One thing more," sbe snld almost ln
n whisper. "Bemcuiber my promise
nnd also remember tbls—that Elsie has
not snld It wns her husband who struck
tbe blow. Do not make an error uow
for your own sake and for-for all of
BLAIR'S office was
beginning to gather
tan night shadows In
Its corners when Elmendorf s'litered, nl-
. though the long June
wtt—VklAal *•*'  wa< *-,ul  bri*»ht
W tr>* .&&J  W't*10,it    The  doctor
was sitting on bis couch, staring nt tbe
pretty pillow thnt Kendall bnd noticed.
Hs* bad not troubled himself to riso us
he called, "Co-lie Inl" In response to tbe
detective's knock.
"Mr. Elmendorf," said he. "good evening, sir.   Wbat can I do for yon?"
"I want to ask you a few ipiestlons,
doctor," replied Elmendorf. "Hello!
Had n burgbiry?"
lie pointed to a desk In tbo corner
thut seemed to hnvo been broken open.
"Theiki' was ii blnnkbook tbnt bad
contained a businesa memorandum." he
said, "and It was locked up lu that
desk, A frleud of mine wns so anxious
to see It that, culling lu my absence.
be did not wait for me to return. He
broke the desk .ud got the book. But,
unluckily for him. I had already re-
maved the page on which the memo-
ramluui appeared."
"Blackmail?" siuerled Elmendorf.
"Something of tbe sort." wns tbo reply.
"If 1 enn be of nny assistance, let me
know," said tho detective, "And now
I want to tnlk nbout tho ense of Elsie
Miller. There's a little medical point"—
"Why don't you ask Kendall?"
"llr. Kendall Is not talkative," said
Elmendorf, "and"—
"Neither am I," responded Blalr.
"However, let's bear your question."
"You remember," snld Elmendorf,
Resting himself and looking across the
table In tbe center of tho room, bis
an is resting upon It "that Miss Miller
WBi statabed In a peculiar way. Tbere
wns a little mark, a scar you might
call It, Just below tbe collar boue on
the left side"—
" I'he mark of what we call a 'greru'
fraitiire." said Blalr; "tbat Is, the bone
wa.s broken ln youth. I understand
She fell against a sharp point of something while sbe was at play. The rib
al that spot was permanently weakened and somewhat depresses! afterward,
bnt not enough to Interfere with the
"It wns no -disfigurement when sbe
wo.e a low cut dress, wns It?" nsked
"Quite the contrary," replied Blair.
"It looked like a large dimple."
"An ordinary man wouldn't have
known what It was, eb?"
"Probably not."
"Tin* knife couldu't have struck there
by accident," said Elmendorf. "It
looks to mo like one of those freaks of
a murderer who baa brooded over the
crime lu advance."
"Curious point," said Blalr.
"!'o lt seemed to me," said Elmendorf, "nnd here's nnother. Of course
the man who stabbed ber meant to kill
"A thief would have struck her on
the bead."
"1 should tblnk likely."
"!'o" tbls was n murder ease," sahl
Elmendorf. "Tbere wns the Intention
to kill. Now, why didu't the murderer
strike again?"
"lie probably   thought   the wound ]
was fatal," responded Blalr. '
"That's the queer part of It." said |
the    detective.     "I     wouldn't     have j
thought It was fatal.   Most murderers
go  ou  stabbing:   tbey  strike   half  a !
dozen times In n sort of frenzy.   This
man was conteut wltb oue blow, but
It  wns a good one, nud If tbe knife i
blade hadn't been bent"—
"Wns It bent?" Inquired Blalr. j
"Yes," was the reply. "And If the
assassin was ouo who knew tbe loca- !
tion of tbe vital organs, but wns at j
the time too .much excited to notice I
the defect In the Instrument, why, |
theu, that beud lu the blade may have
saved ber life." |
"If It Is saved," ndded Blnlr.
"It was certainly saved for a time,"
said the detective, "though every doctor wbo saw the wound Immediately
pronounced lt Intnl. That's a point In
the case."
"From which you conclude— wbnt?"
snld Blair, rising and taking a sent at
tbe tuble opposite Elmendorf.
The detective did not Immediately
answer the question. He seemed to be
deep In thought
"By the way," he said sudilenly,
"there's another point while 1 remember It.   I menu tbnt letter."
"Wbat letter?" j
"The one Alden wrote and E'V never got," replied Elmendorf.   "The post- !
man   renlly   delivered   It,   of   course, |
though he won't testify positively.    It
Was undoubtedly put bv tho servuut
UUder the door of the vestibule, that little ball leading to Miss Miller's room.
It was put under that door, but UOI far
"Not far enough?"
"No. Somebody csme slong nud
pulli'd It out. If It happened to be s
man who was ln love witli Miss Miller,
the reading of It couldu't have beeu
pleasant But how did the mun get
"I don't know," ssid Blalr.
"As to the motive," continued tbe detective, "thnt's pretty clear now. M Iss
Miller bns told about her mnrrlnge.
Sbe'bnsn't uatued tbe man, but you
know blm."
"Yes." said Blalr; "I know him."
He took up a very little bottle from
the table and began to turn It Idly la
his hands.
"Now, then," said Elmendorf, "let's
re?apltulato. The murderer was a mas
who.knew of thnt scar."
"Anybody might have seen that," re-
Joined Blalr.
"He knew what It was," continued
Elmendorf. "He also was a man who
at tbe first glance believed that wound
which be hnd inflicted to be fatal. We
conclude that be was a doctor."
"Very pretty," said Blalr.
"The individual subsequently tried to
poison Miss Miller," said tbe detective,
"and bis way of doing lt also bears
out the theory that he was one who
hnd a knowledge of medlciue. He
knew Just what poison to employ, and
be guessed that there would be some
sort of food substance In tbe room Into
which the polsou could be put Now,
besides being a doctor, what was be?"
"A scoundrel, I should say," replied
"He was a man who could go In and
out of Mrs. Simmons' bouse wben be
pleased," said Elmendorf. "He was
not one wbo depended upon any Imperfect catch of a door. Perhaps he
had lived In tbe bouse and bad never
given up his key. Anyhow It Is certain
that he went to see Miss Miller st 0
o'clock In the morning, an hour when
most men would not think tbey bsd a
right to call, but one wbo claimed to be
her husband might He saw that letter
sticking out frem under tbe doer. He
stole It, and be said after reading It, 'If
not mine, tken no man's.' He wss s
murderer ln his heart, tben."
"You mean to Imply," said Blalr,
"that he bad been accustomed to go ln
and out of tbat bouse without ringing
the bell; tbat be was her husband,
though she would not see hlm except
when be presented himself at her door
to plead and to be sent away, with bis
heart on fire. Well, I tblnk tbat may
be true."
"Undoubtedly," said Elmendorf. "but
who was the man ?"
Tbere waa a rap at the door, and
Blalr snld "Excuse me" quite conventionally as be crossed tbe room te open
it He exchanged some words wltb a
servant and for a few seconds stood
outside, but his left hand was always
visible upon the door, aa Elmenderf
carefully noted. When be returned to
bla seat, he aet down tbe very small
bottle upon the table.
"I had reasoned ao far early In the
case," continued Elmendorf, "and had
even made an experiment with a person whom I bad suspected. 1 cut my
hand and let him bandage It though
that proved not to be necessary, for the
man acquitted himself ioatantly by
saying that I had cut 'an artery' wheat
tbere was plainly no arterial bleeding,
to say nothing of tbe location of the in-
Jnry.   Po he surely wasn't a doctor."
"You seem to be quite an educates*
man." said Blalr dreamily. "Have you
learned anything In this life that
would help you lend another If you bad
"Very little, I'm afraid," said Elmen-
dorf; "but let ua proceed. I bad proved
thnt tbe man was a doctor, and thea
came the Philadelphia atory. You
know what happened over there. The
husband ran out for a doctor. That
Hoe: eil me at first, aud I bad to think it
"1 was afraid sbe was poisoned,"
ssid Blalr calmly, "aad dares' not be
alone with tier If sbe should die."
"You!" exclaimed Elmenderf, rising
"Tool Well"—and he sat down agala
—"It doesn't surprise me!"
"You came bere to get me," responded Blalr. "I knew It aa soon as you
sat down there. I bad no chance,
thongb sbe promised te ahield me In return for my clearing Miss tlaclaue.
She'd have done It anyway, ef course.
That she bad already proved. She was
ashamed, ashamed, deadly ashamed,
and sick to the smil ef ber for having
ever loved me. Well, It'a all over. If
you know wbat happened In Philadelphia, It only remained fer you to find
the .New York doctor. He's In Europe,
bowever; left a weak or more sgo.
His name Is Osborne.   Any more In-
",'-|nv.l  oil.   Bpi'ill  on,  /food   Ma  t.r!
Tin   sump Iktt far away,'
We i.ui.si riu-fla tbo buiiiitai valley
Before tlu* <.'sj*_e of Say,
"How the Bissau--Might came upon nte
1   will Veil yon as  I go—
Tin.  bhgnt  or  the sfaidoA'-htuiler,
Wiin walks the niaisl:ih:!ii  snow.
i   I
•To the i-oid aeceasoST heaven,
Ouiim* i'he pale moon nud the stars,
As Ilia' .wil,',.- sun was sinking
Ilchlnd bhe purple ls-irs.
*"l1i • snow wns deeply drifted
L'lii'ti the ridges* drear,
•J'li.ii lay iii' unless around nvo
And the catlaps for lvht>(*J_ tye ste*.
" 'Tss.is s'ler.t on the hUislils*,
Ansl hy the sola-mil wood,
No sound  ssf life or  imatioii
To lunik the solitude.
"Save the walling of tti<* nnMMebird,
wiih a plaintive note and lows
An.l tbe i.lnitltiK of the rs-J leaf,
Upon the fritti'ii .mow.
'And ssilsl I, "nioug-h dirk Is falling,
Ami fur tlse cam*) urn-it he.
Yit  mv hiiirt It wluIiI be Ughtsoaae
If   I   luul   lillt   i*Aiu|.,'!iiy.
"And then I snug ami ih.iiited,
Ki-npniA,* measure ns I  sped,
To tho l;s*.i'|i-twnii.,' a.f the SHiowsflKje.
As It sprang beui'iidi my tr.*ad.
"\<»t fnr Into the valley
Iliul I sHihk*.! ppon uiv  wny,
When n Snmty figure Jolnesl me,
In a cnpni bin of grey,
"Bending uj>i>n the •"ji'-wslH.eas.
wnii ai long and limber stri'le;
Ami I linili*sl the dunks- Rtriiiii,'.*r
Aa we trjaveled t'.ile by side.       i
"But no token of coimntinlon
linv,* In* by word or li'ok.
Anal tlie f^r i-tiill fi*II upon met
At the crossing of the brook.
"Kor I saw by tin* sle«ly ni'son I Ight
As i followed, bending tow,
ThAt the -walking of the mranker
Left no footmarks on the nnow.
"Then the fp«r chill gnthered o'er nae,
Uke a shroud around me enst.
As I sank upon the snowdrift.
Wher* the shnilow-hunter  pasMd,
"And the other trappers found roe,
Ri-foro tin*, brenk of slny,
With  my dark  hnlr blanched  and  whit
i etietl
As the anow In which I lay.
"But they spoke oot as they r*its»d roe,
For thi*y knew Mint In the nljht
I hnd neen the Khadow-hiinter,
And had wtihoival In his light.
"!*Bni*tn Marin nui-eA as!
The sun Is fnllln* low—
Before us Hen tha* vnlley '
Of the Walker r.f the Snow."
—("hnriea Dnwaon Khsnly.
Mlmlekrr In Cnterplllare,
A very large cntorplllar stretched it*
I self from tbe follnge of a tree which 1
; was examining nnd startled me by Its
i resemblance to n small snake. The first
• three segments behind the hend were
{ dilatable at tbe will of the Insect and
• bad on each side a large black pupil-
I latcd spot, which resembled the eye of
: the snake.   It wns a poisonous or vl-
. pcrlne species mimicked and not an Innocuous snake.   This was proved by
tli" imitation of keeled scales on the
crown, which was produced by the re
cnnibent feet ns the caterpillar threw
iiself backward.   1 carried off tbe caterpillar and alarmed every one In tlie
Tillage   where   I   wns  tben   livlug  to
whom I showed lt.-"Recorda of a Nat*
I nrallst lu the Amazon."
Kthel—Isn't Jlldy newsy?
Mnyme- Isn't she, (hough". Sbe tells
so much I doii't see how she eets time
to hear anything.
|   London baa tho largest proportion     in   1811!  ther,. ..,,ri,
pf insane uf any   English    city,     the plo   in  tho   United   Kin  l    'll"*!l
'number being 881 per 100,000. Not- cornea  of £0,001)   a   * "" «§
itingham is a close second, with :,I2 To-day nearly   1 ,  "' •"'i
I per 100,000. this income. '"•'0|1'"
We ure  Won't  to  look  forward     to
troubles with fear of what they will   men that, though 0 1 '",Vi"1 ol _.
inflict,    but back upon     theni    witli   misery  of  their  lit,.   _',"'R8 %,]
"iMl'llt I
i wonder nt what they bavo snved us^hoi
j from.
■3p-.qt.ccr  is the sc.nUn
-ney ml
weddi-qg duv ,„   _,,      ,
once. '    "   WH'rtdJ
Eve's   nnniclKer  For  Sore.
Mother—Wby nro you so naughty,
Dorothy (aged throel — *<Cuuso It's
easier. tnU7.-.or.-Comfort.
%o Those whoSofTs r from Hesiducli«*e,Unok-
•ashes aad Allmeuu TeouUar to tbe ■»«*».
l'.\usy woman needs plenty ol pure,
iis.h, red blood and ssnind nerves to
cany lior safely ihrouxli her tunes ol
pain and sickness. Dr. Williams
fink l'ilis arc (,'ood in a bi.ociiil way
for women. They actually UIUTHO tics.
hca)lbrglying blood. They give o.iso,
slii'ii(_tli and vigor. Thoy sfUnulate
.ill the organs to perform their functions regularly and well. They banish nil pains and depression, till
headaches und backaches, nnd nil the
secret distress that only a woman
Ur. Uillianis' I'ink Pills bring the
aporkle to dull eyi*a and the rosy
glow of health to checks ouee pule
.mil pinched with eiiont suffering.
iiii'.v lieing health and strength when
i.ll else fails. 1 Li r is a bit of strung
proof from Mrs. John iMcKorr.t'bicl.-
nej, N.W.T., who eays: "For some
yi'ius I waa greatly afflicted witb the
ailments that nmUe the Uvea of su
many of my sex mlserusble, 1 tnusi
many medlcinos, but found nothing
tis relieve trio until I began tin' use in
lir. Williams' i'ink Tills. Those pills
have made me feel like a new person,
the almost continuous Buffering 1 eu-
durs'si has passed awuy, und life no
longer seems the burden it once did.
I know other women who have been
similarly boneflttod, unsl I think the
pills arc worth their weight iu Mold
to all who suffer from female rom
plaints or general prostration."
All over the land ure suffering women who can obtain new boalth and
strength through the use of these
pills. Only the genuine shoulil be
taken, nnd these bear the full name
"Dr. Willinms' I'ink Pills f..r 1'ulr
People" on tbe Wrappor around every
box. .Sold by all dealers at 50 cents
a box 01' six boxes for 5*12 50, or hciiI
b.\ mall by writing to tho Pr. Wil
llama'  Modiolus Go., Brockville, Out.
tils le)t hand tea* always vtslbls upon
Um door.
formation I can give you, Mr. Blmendorf? It'a all up. 1 might as well
(To be Continutxl.)
Toilet  of  Ihe Cat.
Cats, large and sinnll. make the mosi
cnieft'.l toilet of nny class of animnla,
excepting some of the opossums. The
lions nnd liners wash themselves In ex-
(icily Ibe same mnnuer ns tho cut, wet
tin-* the tiiirli. riibberllki* bnll nf tlu
f<■:•'• fool nmi inner toe nnd pausing i'
1 . ■•!• the face nntl behind the CHI'S, Tie
fool Is thus nt the same time a fnc
s; nlifl*0 und brush, nud lhe roilg
tongue combs the rest of the body.
Many Irregiilarltl-as and Weaknesses, Rj,lftL J
and Misery Which Oan be P-eWnenS! J
oome by Using "*'» *»■
Ifo woman can expect to have
good health unless the monthly
Uterine action la regular, and any
breaking of this law of nature not
only oauass much vain aad Buffering
but may make her an Invalid for tho
rest of her life.
Nearly all derangements of the
feminine organism are due to thin,
wetsvy blood, a poor circulation or
lack of nervo fores Whether the
maneaa ara Irregular, Insufficient,
-profuse or painful the cause of
trouble rests with the condition of
the blood and nervoa. and soon disappears when these are restored to
health and vigor.
The dull, aching pain in tbe back
and thlgha, the cramps In the abdomen, the distressing hendnrhes, the
Irritability and feelings of utter
weariness will disappear when Dr.
Chase's Nerve Food la used to put
the b.ood and nerves in proper con-
f   It is usually :n girlhood H,..
'"'regularities h»rit theh -fl
and hence, mothers ■ ,la *£_
looking to the hotitTT
daughters     during    th,   ,°'. ■•
'change,     A  few  wo.d   „, ^." ■*,
this   point   muv aav-Tii? iW"»!
trom   girlhood   to the a.
life, for the nur.i, „    J^J*
every trying  timo  In     *„,,.*•"•■
Dr.  Chase's* yw.Vu p    *W
tlmable value    becauaa   . f      *
red  blood,   insure,    ,_, d ^A
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Pleted   nerve cells       I   Zt__\
strength  and   buoy.,,, ,,*"^«*
the form,   inc;easet  flM|_ aT"
and builds up the aynem.
Dr. Chase's Nerve food u
Posed of nature's n.oS; poJJJ|
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?.*•*''*■'■' tfaaWefmi*,, Imparts ro una or flavor to tnytttsatm
■L•_<^'■1?"*, ,n ',»nt»;».   It ts lar-^iv ,„m „m oni, f„r -.hasting btSsWl
&^aV-™ll",V '■* v*",l*»V*. ". '• i»rtrfl*Br ii,fi oiai ems tor sn.ossnK noa>«-,
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baas flla?.,^Ts .'**"• *',,d<*<'' ^ to ke. p ao »vm ,aid eolform Unipesulara, sal S
•mat ammam tlra. araldloc cUmpnaaa.
WrlU our Afja.te, TKKS * 1KMSK, Wlnalpe,,, tor sample..
™IC ■*• ■• KOOV OO., Llmlt.d, HUUL*
Found riiuraoh's Tssnsb - In.i.ortasit Ills**
movrary by sa Toronto Kxplorsn*.
K.r. C. T. Currolley, M.A., of Toronto, n*-.sistm;t ain thu I'**fryptinn Exploration Jiilial stalT, bull i.unfly
the* i;i)oil f.nti.iia. to u*lscover tho
lolnb i'i' Ai'b.i.'i s*>i, lirst I-inn nf tho
tightsonth dynasty, the I'h.n.iiih of
ib.' Dil In.  whu   "l.n w nql   J one ph.'j
Ullll    llllllaT   Wlliajn t ' a,-   a .|l| l(OWiOn   Ot
tlm Uol.rows c iiniuoni oci     This lomb
hnd i con .*.. ia Ir il for for niunc ys-ors
withnt/i hh'i'ia's, and Its tUBCOvers is
an thut UCCoUnl even mura, mr.ilify-
ini; thnn il ivould n'In i .. is* lie. Tho
ininli i.s dss.rlbed us ono -.if ihelarg-
cst known,  the i-ntrj     boing by    a
slnift   of  well  'mil,   iii  tho  roCjt   sil tbo
ihsTt ami lorty-flve ftoi  In dlametv
cr. At t fit) I ,, t .ni iii i h n is a
s Anuria I'hanibor, which no douljt opens into lurlpus ]>ns«,ip;is iinslihuiu-
be S, ns Is  i Hnil  in su. h  tombs.
'I In* mtlllllliy of Aiilniini-H bus nl-
rcady !"• it d sscovered, having been
rcmo eil f Bim thc tointj to a Safer
place dutjng. s une turtuilont period.
ib' chief laluo ol lhe discovery,
hows.or, will is* 'n tin' historical
material contaiiud in tho Inscrlp-
tioi s with v*- laic h the wnlls of such
lomiis aro il.' a.rnii-ii, nn,i which may
ie hups throw ll.tjhl upon somo im-
poitunt matters of sacrcai l.i tory,
Mr. Ourrolley left JOgypt al the
cnsl of March to apetitl four nioirthi
ivori Intr on the- pre-Mycenaean de-
jio'its of . Croto unrior the British
School of At'ib..0nloi;.\. In addition
to the vnlui'liU* collootlpn prisss'nted
by tbo l'.;:.vpt ISxploratlbn I'und to
Victoria University Inst autumn, Mr.
Ciitrclh'.v exports to ship further
nichii'.'iloglciil ninl'crials bo/ors leaving Ksgypt. -The work of rstnblish-
ini* a brunch of tho E3g**pt I'^xplora-
tion Kund in Tot onto bns been undertaken by the Chancellor of Victoria 1 nl, orally.	
IIosIIt Deli lad Tlmts. .
"Chnrley, denr," sniil young Mrs.Tor-
kins, "isn't It n pity ihnt Un; morning
newspnpers nre so uiiiili behind tinieV"
"In whnt respea i V"
"Why, tbey never print tbo nninc of j
ihe winner of a dorse ruee until tbo '
next day, when lt Is too lute to bet."
Mind This.
• ■    llmaiVetno rjlltar"^ ,
,   •MAeHtlsc'av-i*"..,-
acute or Irt:. ■ ■ sioiy
ef Ike muscles or; * "I
Bfaras snd cures pronpi!?.
I*rls-«, 2&c. and 50*-<
amm tSmmas Skirl Stayonar ami »"W
Sill, ii .!»*'■   0*""*
'"*,'''**Dlt-«r<-1V"il.'   •
WI 1 Mi*-Mfl'.'t/iiii -pHOple ■f'lT*
iUeni's-*sJrea ih:<lii.'**i'i'ill i,:
'.Mn   N'.i.  Doirt-lie riilisiii"11'*'     ff„|
Willie   Wi'l'l. MP. ali*-'"s "' .,_. luotv*
' golug to tiie Adiiundiii'l'-' Mf "|s he Drill.
Euieraon-a Heal   Rrqorat.
■p ijeit tliiiii" tlmt Kmersoli bas left
Tbls spirit, Hue and hinti, stern and
L He took life in a royal wuy.
[lion, himself toward the eternal
lcl.'_. witli serene Courage nnd
LeB)_ bope. His essays, which are
tost characteristic work, have their
value not us revolutions of tbe_
1] oWer of life, not as discoveries
[a final meaning of tblngs, but as
ngm-es of bis owu spirit.   There Is
_bi.se essays nn Immense mass of
uttered in plcturosiiue and oiem-
Jic words.   Tbere ls ln them also
amii'iise mass that is not true.  The
rsontan  lilt  and   miss  are  upon
page, and side by aide with a
i nnd perfect sentence one finds
r&oua eccentricity.    Tbe origin of
strange compound of oracle and
PHitiuii in lOmcrson ilea ln the con-
r-na) character of his writing. He
.Un from within, and his generaliza-
hlt or miss according as bis peril experience embodies a law of
sjunlty or a mere Idiosyncrasy. That
I, son speaks bo often and so royally
limn is iiis -"rent distinction. That
beaks so frequently for the idlosyn-
|lr, the isolated and vain Is bis chief
\Vo Im ve u right to hold blm at
kiAst, and ihrough the richness and
(rsiv   of   the   confession   we   are
.■li'l fuce lo fuce With the confessor.
v. cicorgo A. Gordon, D. D„ ln
Ss*a Scrpcnti Drcnllio Air.
Ike nil other serpeuts. the sea ser-
ls. though iieriniiiK'iitly Inhabiting
Ihi'ii. are air hre.tlh'rs.   Tlie lateral
bnlng of tbelr tinls greatly helps
In to swim  in t.ny direction, and
becinlly enables tliem to rise rupld-
,i  Un* BUrfaco of   the water   to
tbe.    That tbey may do tbls the
■ easily ni*.«l securely their nostrils
■placed nt tlis' very end of the muz-
ni:il   :ire   funiislied   with   valves,
leh secure tliem from lieing entered
e wiitsM* ill which they live.
Ike 'lilier snakes, the.v cast their
in small pieces.   Tbelr eyes are
|;,! :i,.l tai see well out-of wnter,
ti     tbey cannot when In the nir
a |   . ! :ii::i ,'n bite.   Th'.'.v feed on
II :  l.is,  wlilcli tliey paralyze by
nl ilirlr i"a*:.;i.' nnd thus they
■pi      : ■• is. :•. :■ fr h.i tiie spines
iril's liniment Lambermu's Frioi
iails ssf people have wasted
i i ole lives waiting tor sonie-
: . invent h dying machine.
a ..ii tnke them to thc pinnacle
.,• a.  without   the  trouble    <>r
Sayings   <*._/
The Little  Onea
Sunday School Teiicber-Wbo dwelt j
in the garden of Eden, Mabel?
Little Mabol-Oh, I Unow-tbe Ad-!
nmses! j
"Johnny," said tbe teacher, "write n i
sentence   containing   tbe   word   'con
tents.' "
After a  few  moments'   bard  luboi ;
Johnny submitted the following: "The
contents of a cow is milk."
"Oh, mamma," exclaimed little Edith
as a one armed man passed tbe house,
"there goes a man In tbe same fix at
my dolly! All tbe sawdust has runned
out of bis arm!"
One evening the mother of a three-
year-old miss said: "Bessie, I see yon
yawning.   It Is time'you were in bed."
"I wasn't yawning, mamma," replied
Bessie. "Tbat was a new kind ef a
t smile."
Clarence, aged four, was looking out
at tbe falling snow and, turning to bis
father, sold, "Papa, do you remember
the year wben we didn't have any
"Wben was that?" asked papa.
"Why, last summer," replied Clarence.—Chicago News.
A.   Bailey,  after   Repeated   Disappointments, used Dodd'a      I
Kidney Pills.
'lsilo a  I)lli>renr«,
"Whnt  Is the difference between  a
gbw-n nnd n creation?"
"I cant give you the exact figures
but   It's   a   smnll   fortune."
A NoTlce.
Thotogrnpher-DId you ever sit for a
photograph beforo?
Little Girl-No. sir. I've always
•S-Bfl* now bit Olll Pain Is 'lone for (i-sofl
ansl ha Can slo any Kind uf Stooping t»
l-irttii_C Work.
Winnipeg, JUan., .]__ne 29.—(Special).—So mnny den tlis are now charged to Kidney Disease and ailments
resulting frnm disordered Kidneys
thut the euro of Mr. II. Bailey, of
206 Patrick street, of this city, is
being widely discussed. Mr. Bailey
says :
"Some timo ago I suffered a let
with pains across my back and in
the region of tho Kidneys. I had
spent considerable money in England
treating this ailment, but got no
permanent rel ier.
"All by chnnco I read of some
wonderful euros by Bodcl's Kidney
Tills and though m,\ previous failures made me heslltite I tiiiHlly decided to try lln-iii It was a fortunate thing for u.e UlHt  l did
"After trtkinu three boxes. 1 found
myself perfectly free from any pain
whatever, m,d ma matter what stooping or lifting work I do, I never have
tha old |.iiiii
"It is npw two years sines. I was
cured, and I think in -..tatlce to
Dodd's Kidney Tills. I have tbe right
to recomm.nd them to anyone sufleiv
lug from  Kidney Disease."
' l-'oollsh men make troubles Uie
main i hemes of their lives; wise men
li'i.'k  up,,!!   Lhcth  merely as  Incidents.
Ik Sir (!illicit Parkur generally con-
■i d  a  novel  statesman ?
I      fiAal,
M   ! li
a      Vl
ii'.i.ulh V Ml' A. Hoys
nl Ttl'sket Fulls lnrt Aur.-
I   MIN Mill S   I.IMMKN"!'
.mi fur sunburn   an   lm-
•ii    (i-r   i-sslie   anil     tooth
vi.pi ten stokes.
'"cnerd.1 Secretary
livery   mother    is  anxious    for  the
j beulth and welfare of her little suns,
and Baby's own Tablets is the sist
medicine    to    make   baby   well     nud
.keep   il  well.   Thousands  of lno.h is
j keep    tho Tablets   constantly   In   tl.e
. house— tbey    say they would not I c
Without   them.      As proof     of     this
Mrs.  Geo.   Kilgore,   Wollwootl.  Man..
j says :—" Having   used    Baby's  Own
Tablets   for   some time   1 can truth
fully sny that tbey arc the best nicd-
|icine I have ever used for little ones.
1 think so highly of tho Talilets that
1   always keep  tbem   in  the house."
A  medicine, like Baby's Own Tablets,   which  so  many mothers  praise,
is lhe ri^ht one for your little   cnos.
They    nre guaranteed    to    contain
neither   opiates   or   other    harmful
[drugs,     and    can be given    to     Iho
[youngest   infant   with perfect  safety,
I Oood for teething troubles, constipation, diarrhoea, simple levers, worm';
uml   all   the  minor  ailments   of  clljl-
alu'ii.    Hold Isy druggists,  or my  he
hnd by mail at 25 cents n box.    by
writing  the   llr.     Williams'   MerM •"jv*
(V    Brockville, Ont.
\  mnn begins in go down the mis-
iai i.i  in* ceases to la.aik up.
ii i   yew   Bi ituin sold  .''no    Basil's
In average tonnage ol 8,000 oacli
foreign countries.    Among   those
nn warships.
kiinuii. s i Hi n Ouro is a Mi*, iiiii.. t."
[removal  ol  i"in»  and     warts      We
novel   heard  nf  iis  fallins   in  curs*
ilu-  worst   kind
ill        '1 ll.AIIIBSS     lUillatlsl       S.l'i.l'.hl.
sviltca:      i have ibimi s Illicit d for
.S    .fl'aal'    uilll    tlUSl    IIK.ht-tSS-l e   a.lfl-St-
..I-..'   DyapepsUn.   sssnl   ot   liiii.s  ws
Ssith    | alill    1-atisl     U'l'llt    of    Sll 0 .      tllll    U. . . I
LrytiiR   almost     s-.s i, tluuy   rocoiniiulisted
I   lini!  a.n,. |.tix  of   I'isi nioli-s'fi  Vo .• «   I
I    tiled    one   has   ut   1'aiiiu'lee a I'dli
I am no.,  ttoarly well,  ami believe   they
will   eure     sue     I   would   nol   lis*   wlt+iOJt
tlaeni i.'i' an.  money."
The mon ol Sweden ure  to le taxed
I,;,   weight.   Everj   man   lipping  tlio
'ssali's at  123 pounds will pay a ccr
I tain   sum   annually,   and     those   wh.'
[weigh 1.30 will pay double that sum.
Tlu'ie   Is considerable dissatisfaction
over this nsiM'l    method    ol raiaing
■re is no i s*st lor tlie man    who
- .i  vacation.
In ■     Ickly children should uss Mail lur
V,v' Worm  I'.xtormlnator.   Wornii nre
ni 11«.- principal causes    s>f lutToiioK
Irliilali'fl ii   uml   kIuiiiIsI   ho   exi>s'lls*sl   frnm
'   h    railways    employ .*i.M,141
Uile,   20,401   engines,   nnd   45,948
nger carriages,  besides 071,000
aiiis   for  minerals,   site
' ro nro seven   differont  branches
I ••   Ws'sleyan   OhurcJl   in  England;
Ua'  Wesleyan  Methodists     exceed
li .n.lii'is the other four combined.
nvorj  million of Rngland's pop-
in     1,890     are   blind     nr     deaf
•'   '   m Ireland the nUDlbOT of peo*
■ aiiTi'iteii is 1,940 |>er million
fiiu-ird's Liaimert n used bj Physici-fcia
Tn Botunark any person who at Uie
age of i'i pays ts> the State u sum
of U'i ms. is entitled, if he reaches
the ngo of <i.r>, to an annuity of £13.
But if he dies before that ngo the
money is forfeited.
Clinlorii sinsl all suiiiiin'r oomplalnts are
sn siuirk in their action thiit th<* "'Ill
hnnil aaf fllsantli is nimn tha victims hi>-
fnii* lliev ssrs* invars* that slanter is near
If ntlsis'knl sin lint ils-lav In Kcttini: Uir
|iris|as*r medletlt*. Try a ""dose of Ur J.
|i Ksilloint'i Pvsrnicry Cordial, and you
tv a 11 i.'fl>l iniiiinsTTn. t e relief. It acts with
wonderful rapidity und never fails lis ef-
fes't u sure
ile wbo di\es to thi bottom Ua
pleasure brings up more _,ravel than
!    FAUUEJ    OUT.—None, but" those
have  bs*conlo  fit'irsoil  oul    know    s.
i!r.l is-t .as!,   niissiailili'   fs?elii.s7   ii    i-
■trongth   is  irons*  and   daapondeniy
tiiks-ii   hold  on   tlu*  sufferers.     'I h**-
' ss,s ttioiii.li  tiisTi* is nothing t«i live
There,    however   is a euros—ono ins
1 I'ariiiB'Isa.'s V's'i/etulile Tills \sill ilu wo
ders in restoring hrn.ltli mui Btrtnsit
Mis nil in ko   nnil   Hisnili'Iior   isre  twaa  ail   t
I articles entering; into the cotnponltion
• Parmelee'a rills
Willi  plenty of ambition nnd buslli
nny   man     is   equipped   for     wondi r*
My ling    iis.ni!   precipice,    In
ni)oe, am,, of tin* faroe  Islands,
n  sluir   drnp of  2,00   fi'et     from
I  In sen.
Ithoujjh the Ceylon    lioarl-tlshlftg
I"!' lasts bui three t<> four weeks,
million oysters nre brought lo
Biirfacd In tbnt, time.
lure is no policy  like  politeness :
I n Rood ninnnor Ir the best thine*
the world to get a good name, or
[supply the want of it.
De?fns*sj -Cannot Be Cured
Hocal   iiiij.iicatlons,   as     they  cannot
, i.,,   V*mamt\    portion   of   lhe   ear.
' ii,  .        !  one "**y to cure slf.afnf.ss.
."•nai   I*  by  constitutional     remsslies.
'»«»  IS caused   hy   nn   Inflnmecl    oen-
ii  ,    ■ii      "Uir"11"  li",nsT   ol  the  Due
hi.    Inl,,.     W|,en   thlra   tuhe   eels    luff...     haV..,IV*''* a ,;uml>|lnK sound orlm-
ledI ri.""'"""a ,a'"1   when  It   Is entirely
.ni,,,',, lH "" ir""H' ""'' wUess
i      i" ""'* U'n_.*'"n   |M'   —*•»  out   and
• li.*.s.,.,^    TfV. *'*',■*■"  nrtrmtal    eonrll-
• ..I,"'11   ,:*' ''"troyed  for ever :
di   sshi,.      "'   .'V "if c"*,""*d '>y ea-
!-tliii.„,f ,',**  nolh,,,a  »ul  an  Inflamed
fo  win "', ""* nnirniis surfacas.
I cssa Jr*. i'nf  "unslresl   nollars  for
»t   ,.,„„, , Veofnesi (rauseil hv rntssnhl
f"    BsisH  SS, r"''"**1, hy HatPs    Cntnr.h
Iridrsa.".""s BliSHlfttt   free.
•Mnn, r,  al.THKNKY  A  Co. Tole-
B»lla r-amify  i>iUl ftre the _,„»
l",ns'> the moment to find
""■■;*   end   In   every   step  of
p""'' hours, Is wisdom.
[ I oral   holds  the    record  ol  belmt
Iho insist ofts'ii besieged of tho world
worlsl. lt hus been taken nnil retaken fifty times.   	
fop HtaarfsLiilnr^litkeaotise.
T.ss*   t Is-,nnn   ''s'll.ll.
The Vlflorln  nnil :l It" umde mil of
braiiKs. frnm Uusulan tfiliiH euptured iri
•h." rr'iiii'.in v nr The 'li-sixii l- lhe
.vntl. s,f Ibe |i|'lllflt* s'.ausnrl rl' ("lieeil
Vletorlii. The ini'diil*" urt" mado nop*
iirulply rusl only wl -ii one Is need il.
Thus n'it'eti faainr soldier or sailor, no
■.nitter whnt Lis rnnk mny bo, lnw
shown "ioi'.--|'ii'tiiB'.is bravery or i\'-\u-
lion to the itiunlty in the prespmt' of
dniigi-r."as lhe .-. I fi'iuls. th.'W;:r ollice
s.'iisls to lhe royal Jpwofer*i llu- bronsi
i dell for llu' iii'iil.    II  IsJ s'.iri'ftilly
cast, tiln! Btliootil itro'.r.iil t'oc odses
utul then the rteaisn Is brfitiifbt out by
rliitslng. Tlie soldier's inwlnl i;< "US
pemlcd by tt nil ri!.linn nn.l ll.nt of tlie
siiil. r by n blue plet'C of silk.
Tenderness is nil right in its way.
but it ii- seldom weighed nut by thi
I THK IT'lU'' sliould I'.a.bi in mi'i'l 'li"
Dr Thomas' Kcloctrii nil has nothinu h
I'sBiiitiui!)   with   lhe   j tn. * ti r.-.   dotsrlorutisa
| i-inss ol SBi-iiiiifl.ii nstfdlcinnl. oils, li ii
eminently   pure   siml   elflcnclous—rel levin
J I'lSill   SSltd    lillllrlll'SM.    slll'ila'SS    ol   ths  aa     ll
, mui tnuaclea, uml sores * * r- hurts,  hoslsto
Ihelna  uu   excellent   •siis-riiic   tor  rheuum
It   i.s  never  too   lute  to   learn   t: .ai
you  may be too  previous
Ask for Minard's and take no otber.
Only a loving mother ran weep bit-
tor ti'ais over a lost child, and thei
wisdsl the slipper energetically whin
It returns.
Tho mnn who does the little thnr
wi'll is always ready to ds. the li._
thing better.
When a man worships nothing bul
bis siwn brain he usually culls him
self nn  atheist.
A  l.cller  lo   1l*itlss*r.
"You promised iher n letter. Write
It now." Is one u" the llioftoes on the
walls of the NilgnSilkl Home I'or Sen-
men, n motto Unit, It is iflsM'Hi'd. hns
rest ral ned more men from going wrong
thnn almost nny oilier Influence of the
place. Wuntl'i'ers over Ihe globe nre
not the only ones who need such n reminder, liiib'eil tbey might bo nble to
give lessons In lillnl duly to many Who
bnve never realised bow fortunate the,".
nre tlmt homo und mother uro not fai
away, but mar ut band,
There arc very few cleansing operations in which Sunlight
Soap -cannot be used to advaiit-
age. It makes the home briglil
•nd clean. ib
As "feesMsnrjfl   In   Onr  Dull*"   t.l.'e  _ik
lss  Uor D-J.il}'  Fibisi!.
How could we f,ret on v/ii'mail sait*.'
In our daily food, us In our Unity life, a
little of lt is neces.sury. nnil the absence
of it takes away from the flavor of ev-
erythlng we eat. The "suit of life"
Which we hear nbout signifies the
health, vi(,'or and wit which We find In
life. There wns a time In cottutries far
from the sea when primitive man never used salt in bis fr.od, and it was
only when nations advanced in civilization thnt salt became an absolute necessity.
I'.ut it was not alone as foo'l thnt salt
was valued. Among tbe ancients a salt
spring was regarded ns a pift of the
gods, and it wus believed that uny salt
found in the soil lent it a peculiar sanctity and made It a place where prayers
were must readily heard. Every meal
thai Included salt had a certain sacred
character, creating o bond of piety and
friendship between host and guest;
hence the expression, "Tlierc Is salt
between us," meaning friendship, nnd
to be "untrue to salt" means to bu dis
loyal or ungrateful.
In the middle ages, when all classes
and degrees snt at the same board,
tbey were placed according to rank,
above or below the great saltcellar,
which always stood in the middle and
marked the dividing social line. "Above
tbe salt" meant "of high degree." Below the salt were tbe yeomanry, serfs
and vassals of the feudal days. A good
description of this custom may bo
found in "Ivanhoe" where Cedrlc, tho
Saxon, entertains his vassals and
A plncb of salt is always considered
lucky in cooking. To take anything
"with a pinch of salt" means to excuse
or make allowances for lt. A "salt" is
a sailor. To salt one's conversation
means to make It sparkle. Salt Is always employed in n sense of benefit or
Tbo Hible has many references to
salt, nmong them being "Ve nre tlie
salt of tlie earth," Matthew v, 13, and
St. Paul says, "Let your speech be nlways with grace seasoned with salt."
Salt is used by Catholics in baptism.
Tbey consider it a symbol of wisdom
and put a few grains in tlio mouth of
tbe person baptized.
' f*.            j_M
Is   oris   whsrs   sll   CODOtrnod   iscsIts   Jnst
ths squlvatent of what thsy ptvs. RsYthsr
a  sjanai   princlpls  to  do  buslnsss  on.   Ia
svery  pound   of    OOILVIB'8    HUNOAR*
1AN  FLOUR  you  net   ths  full   valus»    of
your monsy tn sweat,   nholssoius,  nutritious food.   It's ths vary bsst thsrs Is ia
flour.   For   goodness  si.ks  uss
f__tf^>\HV   ajjl
_f *-v**-^|a^4|jP>y
Fire in tbe heart sends smoke in the j
bead.—German Proverb,
An envious mail waxes lean at tbe
fatness of bis neighbor-Socrates.
One of the very best of nil earthly
possessions is self possession.—Q. 1).
The lire you kindle for your enemy
often burns yourself more than bim.- j
Chinese Proverb.
The envious man pines in plenty, like
Tantalus up to the chin in wnter uud
yet thirsty. -T. Adams.
An Irritable man iles libe n hedgehog
rolled up the wrong wnj. tdrinr-titlng
hiniss'lf witb his owu prickles.—E. r
Lamentation Is the only musician
that always, like a screech owl, alights
aud sits on the roof of an angry man
A man can easily be intoxicaied witb
anger .as with wine; both produce o
temporary insanity, and dining tbe
paroxysm be should be avoided as a
madman.—J. Bartlett
Mi.-In   Air.
One of tlie bugbears of old time people is uigit air. and there is little exaggeration iu saying that tbe superstition against night air bas trilled more
people than the free circulation of It
has ever Injured. There is abundance
of proof tbat night air is Injurious to
no one. On tbe contrary, people who
sleep outdoors under the mere protection of n tent nre tbe healthiest of all
people, and tbe practice bus largely
gained iu popularity of late years under wider knowledge of hygiene for
peoplo in delicate health to ' go iu
camping parties and breathe the balsam of the uight air. 'i"he vigor gained
from a few weeks of such au otiti-Hg is
a marked proof Ibat the old prejudice
against night nir Is as foolish ns most
other old wives' whims.—Exchange.
Tnlcsil ssnsi  \ i.fliisli.n.
Each man has bis own vocation. The
tnlent Is the cab. There is oue direction In which all space Is open to bim.
Uo bus faculties silently Inviting bim
thither to endless exertion, lie is like
a ship In a river. Ile runs against obstructions on every side but one. On
that side all obstruction Is taken away,
and be sweeps serenely over (lod's
depths Into an Infinite sen. Tbls talent and this call sU'pend on his organization or the mode in which the general soul lncarnatcB Itself in him.—Km-
Young Men nnil llsslsls*ns.
Life would become Intolerable if girls
could not be on frank and uneosiliettlsb
terms with meu of their own ngo or
some yenrs their seniors. The idea thnt
because two young people may hnve a
great deal In common tbey must nlso be
In love ls happily dying out. No one ls
hnrt, no one is compromised, when a
friendship does not lead to marriage.—
John Oliver Uobbes in Tall Mall Magazine.
"The honorable gentlemeu
opposite may scarcely credit
this, but lt la my firm belief
that if a few boxes' of these
most excellent cigars had been
judiciously distributed among
the Boer Oenerals their savage natures would have been
soothed and that cruel war
might never have taken
The   acknowledged   Leader.
J. M. Fourtlar, Limited, Montreal.
BUIoum mad Nervoum Disorder*
Sick Headache and Constipation*,
Ther cure Giddiness, Fullness and Swelling after meal;, fiiuinest and Drowsiness,
Cold Chills, Flushings of Heat, Loss of Appetite, Shortness of Breath, Oostireness,
Blotches on the Skin, Disturbed Sleep, Frightful Drums, snd all Nervous and Trembling Sensations, etc. The First Dose will give relief in twenty minutes. This is ne
fictiou. For a Weak Stomach, Disordered Liver and Impaired Dlgestloe
ther act like "Magic". Every sufferer is earnestlT Invited to Uv a Box of these Pills,
ansl the*/ will be acknowl-d(_ed to be WITHOUT A RIVAL.
BEECHAM'S PILLS taken as dlrectc.1, will quickly restore females to com*»let»
health.   They promptly rsmove sny obstruction or irregularity of the system.
Sold hv all Druggists le Csinada and U. S. America,   la boxta, as stents.
To the Ladies.
We have at present on hand one
of the best st-locLed and most complete stocks of
for Summer wear to be found in
Canada. The garments are the
most exquisite creations in style
and material to be found on the
market, and at prices to suit all
with cuts which are exact reproductions ol
these lines, containing also some interesting
information in regatal to Men's and Hoys' Clothing, will be maiaeil you FREE, on receipt o(
your name anil address.
Retailer and Manufacturer
Toronto, Ont
A Sorry Finish.
Kadls-*lt*ch—Youi wife is always out-
spoken, Isn't shei
Ilonpeok—Y6*., but I try to be tbut
wuy, loo, sometimes.
Henpeck—Yes, tint whenever I feature to be outspoken lt t'uds fu uiy be-
lue outtnllfl-etl.
1>>:-V%-/.:'*^':-:^^   ••-••*■.     .'^/V   /--   '
ij oldStandard
 A* *.,"■. t.    _.,._.   , .      V        - '    ■***  '     * '**'■- U"„  a~ " -      *   -    V
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It Tells in the
Show Ring
If you hope to exhibit your atock at the
I'.ifl Fairs, start now ansl get them Ib \rs-
feet health try using
Dick's Blood Purifier
IS wti_l holp yeu to Mrrr off that
Uluo   Ribbon.
Fifty Cants pmr paokage. \
tSSTslINO, MILKS A CO., Montreal, Ags-.its.
Tbe hopeful man ncvt>r Ri'ts any-
thing, but ho ims bits of fun keeping
on -gfuosBJng.
Musle beokons tbe human nee on
anil ls followi'il by tbe two great sol-
Umns, tlm joyous, light bonrtril nnd
bappy nnil the sorrowful, wretched and
'"-b-iuiith ntul nlr|<el Btoi'l hnvi* both
tin* i-iiriiiiiH .|iio|icitv of oxpantTISf
when BiBi.i insii'iiil of contractlng,ll\i
other metals.
If the truth Is mighty and will pri.-
vnil, It Hiioniii ihow more si^m.s of
becoming prevalent
The tutiii rental of land In Ireland
is eel minted at .£0.085,000.  •
\A**-_ IM. KJ. No.  -<-a3-5. •UU*. DRILL, 8L0QAX, B. C, Joi.i  hi. 1903,
C.-*. ?mithe*u*>"oai.e, Editor and Prop.
1    -s
tfiLOCA5,      •      •     ■ •    ■   •      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a line eacb
'subsequent insertion.
Certificates oi Improvement, fl each.
Transient advertisements at aame rates
as legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
for each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is |2 per year, atrict-
ly in advance; $2.00 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—-
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY. JULY 10th. 1903.
Only five weeks mora till the voters'
list closes, ao get your name in at once
if you wish to share in the fua on
election .day.
John Riordan, secretary of the
Miners' Union at Phoeaix, will make
tha run in the Grand Forks riding as
a .Socialist candidate.
Labor candidates are likely to be
put up in the Greenwood, Rossland,
Fernie, Kaslo, Revelstoke, Nanaimo,
and Vancouver ridings.   Grand Forka
,has ono nominated and the feeling is
' growing for one in the Slocan.
vine©, in that they have met tho mau-
ifojd petitions for assistance from ths
country by granting a bonus tothe
miners of lead. It covers a period of
five years, with a yearly payment of
$500,000. The sum of $15 per ton is
to be .given on ore mined up to 33,330
tons, but should there be more than
that mined then the rate per ton will
be reduced proportionately. At the
same time the $15 bounty carries only
if the Loidon price be £1210s or less;
abova that figure the bounty tapers
off. It is interred, also, that the ore
shall be treated in Canada, though
provision is made fer treatment, abroad
should local rates go too high. The
bounty will undoubtedly assist a languishing industry, but Slocan mine
owners feel that the benefit will be
realized In East Kootenay more than
among themselves. Such big produ
cers of lead aa the North Star, Sulli
van, and St. Eugene could supply the
full quota of ore themselves and they
would undoubtedly get favored treatment from the smelters, so shutting
eut the smaller mines. Objection,too,
is taken to the limitation placed ou
the output and London price, the con
tention being made that the bounty
should be unlimited to sbe really effective. To the old free traders of the
Liberal party the bonus is rather distasteful, they looking upon it as a
thinly veiled sop to their anti-protection proclivities. Still,there is latitude
enough for them to slide round the
protection corner—provided no one is
looking.    ________________________________________
Straws show which way the current
is running- Smith Curtis, in a speech
at Rossland last week, when he ren-
' dered an account of his stewardship
in the legislature,warned his audience
to beware of Joe Martin and his manipulations. He also paid his respects
to W.B.B. Mclnnes, and declared the
Liberal party should purify itself by
discarding both men. Dr.Cl«rke,presi-
dent of the West Lillooet Liberal As-
' 'taociation, in a letter to the press, resigns his position aad withdraws from
the party .thereby causing a sensation.
His stated reason is that his party is
not protecting Canadian industries,nor
safeguarding the interests al the
country generally. These two exam-
plea demonstrate the "harmony" prevailing in Liberal- ranks.
n aa   11 ■«■„ "*■,
Hon. Chas. Wilson and Hon. R. F.
Green have gone to Ottawa, to again
urge upon the Laurier government the
various important claims of this province. Among those claims will be
that further Oriental immigration, including Japanese, be strictlj prohibit-
skl, and that the provincial legislation
sis-eking to restrict tho competition of
the Mongolian races be allowed to
stand; also that the Dominion government do not disallow bill No. 16, cancelling the patents to the famous land
' grants in East Kootenay. With these
vital issues kept prominently to the
front, every person must admit the
Conservative government is living up
to the party creed: seeking to advance
tha best interests of tho people of the
province. In particular is tbis so relative to the valuable petroleum lands
in East Kootenay. Tbe Conservative
party stands as an unit to preserve
the ground for the people, and they
will contest that fact every inch of the
way with the C.P.R. Should the C.
P.R. win out on it, then the Grit
government at Ottawa will lie alone to
Public feeling has compelled the
Laurier government to acknowledge
the principle of government ownership
of railways, in regard to the application of the Grand Trunk Pacific road
for aasistanoe.   After  taking   ample
time to consider the project, the government announce their determination
to  extend  the    Intercolonial    from
Moncktoa to Winnipeg, with running
powers thereon to aay road asking the
privilege.   It will be leased, howovor,
for 50 years to the Grand Trunk, they
to pay the government for the concession.   From Winnipeg to the coast
the   government   will guarantee the
three per cent bonds of the company
'to 75 per cent of tho total cost, $13,-
000 a mile being the   limit   on  the
prairio and $30,000 per mile in the
mountains.     Freight   rates   will   be
subject  to  government supervision,
with also the right to purchase. Canadian  national   spirit  is developing
'along right lines, and it is satisfactory
to know that the government shows
its willingness to hearken to the voice
of the people rather than to that of the
'capitalistic humbug.
Thanks are certainly due the Do-
miniou government for their substantial recognitisin of tha importance of
the silver-lead iudustry of this pro-
Glen Campbell pulled his freight
from here on Tuesday.
Special prices on odd ends of flannelette, to clear, at Arnot's.
The Lardo branch railway will be
opened for traffic about the 15th.
Rossland claims to have stolen the
trainmen's excursion from Slocan.
Born.—In Slocan, on July 8th, the
wife of J. T. Smith, of a daughter.
R. B. Sparkman has been transferred as relieving agent to Castlegar.
Mrs. T. B. Linton and family, of
Rossland, are visiting friends in town.
Miss O'Neil ia home from the New
Westminster convent school on her
Mrs. R. J. McPhec arrived in from
Spokane on Tuesday, on a short visit
to her husband.
W.T. Shatford returned on Tuesday
from his eastern trip, extending over
several months.
Big reductions in shirt waista, to
clear stock for fall goods. Call and
get one at Arnot's.
The Bank of Commerce, Sandon,
has closed up and the fixtures taken
to Morrissey Mines.
George Nichol took out a gang of
men on Monday to commence the repairs to the Springer road.
An unknown man was killed by a
C.P.R. train near Moyie last Friday.
He was asleep on the track.
W. A. Coplen,formerly of this place,
has lieen put in charge of the mineral
exhibit at tha Spokane fair.
Miss Milne, nurse at the hospital,
left here on Thursday for Toronto,
previous to going to Dawson.
James Baker returned on Friday
from attending tho aunual meeting of
the W.F. of M. at Denver, Col.
L. J. Edwards, station agent, returned from his holiday iaunt to the
maritime provinces on Thursday eve.
For the week ending June 30 the
C.P.R. receipts were $1,318,000, as
against $965,E)00 for the same weok in
last year.
Slocan is a great place for meetings.
On Tuesday evening there were gatherings of the Anglicans, firemen, Grits
aud Tories.
T. B. Hall and family have removed
to the Bosun mine, at New Denver,
where the former will have charge of
the. messhouse.
Miss Hewtou, teacher in tho primary department of the school, has resigned hs*r position, to **coapt another
in Grand Forks.
Uncle Sam's sobs loyally celebrated
the glorious Fourth here. There was
more noise and a larger display of
bunting than even on tho 1st.
A sps-idal meeting of the Miners'
Union will be held tonight, July 10,at
7.30. As important business will In;
brought up, a full attendauco is desired.
Mrs. A. York, accompanied by the
balance of her family, left Tuesday
morning for Edmonton, followed by
the best wishes of a large circle of
A .Seattle syndicate has purchased
from James Dunsmuir 50,000 acres of
timber lands on Vancouver Island,
paying therefor $1,000,000. It had
been in the family since 18*50.
An adjourned vestry meeting was
held in the Anglican church on Tuesday night. Arrangements were made
for the raising of the clergymanV stipend and for general expenses.
Hiram Robertson bedecked himself
in a most impossible Shamrock uniform ou Wednesday, with flags and a
Hating green tie, und luul his picture
took, which will be sent to Sir Thomas
Liptou,     ......
For the year ending 30th June thore
were no less than 124,656 immigrants
landed in Canada, about 45,000 of
whom came from the United States.
The fire brigade, at their meeting
on Tuesday aight..authorized the sending of a warm Tetter of thanks to Capt.
McLennan and crew of the Slocan, for
their valuable services at the fire on
Rev. W. E. Know Ies, who was one
of the earlier pastors of Knox church,
paid a flying visit here over Thursday
night, on his way home from attending the Presbyterian assembly at Vancouver. He is now located at Chatham, Ont.
Rain again caused a postponement
of the Knox Sabbath school picnic on
Tuesday, the event taking place on
Wednesday afternoon, on the grounds
near the Y. There was a large attendance of children and friends and
a jolly time was put in.
A party of upwards of a dozen
townspeople went down to Winlaw ou
Tuesday, to search for the body of
Miss Watson, who was drowned in the
Slocan river last week. They were to
remove the upper log jam and expected to find the body underneath.
Rev. D. W. Scott will preach the
annual Orangemen's sermon on Sabbath evening.iu the Methodist church.
Subject, "The men that make the nation"—Isa. xxxn., 2. Special music
will be rendered on the occasion. The
brethren will march to tho church in
a body.
The Nelson News of Saturday purloined a number of items from The
Dbill—a common occurrence—among
them being one relating to the Rose
claim, owned by Frank Dick. The
News makes itself ridiculous when it
states "the ledge was not cut, but
large chunks of rieh goat were uncovered."
For Sale, Cheap.
A PARTY, belag desirous of leaving this locality, offers for sale, at a very low price
for cash, his property, consisting of a one anil
one-half story dwelling and lot in Brandon, and
an improved lot, 60x208 feet, in Slocan. Both
properties are in first-class condition, being well
fenced, and the lots plants**! In orchard and
small fruits. For further particulars apply to:
(Adopted at Revelstoke, September Uth, 190!.]
1. That this convention reaffirms the policy
of the party in matters of provincial roads anil
trails; the ownership and control of railways,
and the development of the agricultural resources of tlse province as laid down in the platform adopted iu October, 1SH9, which is us follows :
"To actively aid in the construction of trails
throughout tne undeveloped portions of the
province and the building of provincial trunk
minimi; records.
Appended is a complete list of the various records registered at the local registry eftiee, II. P. Christie beiag Baiuing
June 29—Boston, n f Ten Mile, Dune
Butte, aame, M Murphy.
Juno, 1st. n f Lemon, J Radcliff
June 29—Tin Plate,Usgina,Constance,
Margery, lilu W,
30—Danube, Lone Dutchman, Shenandoah, Johaaiiali,
July 2—Moilie, Haselton, Hamilton.
Pendleton, Littlo Chiffle, black Cloud,
Vo fraction, Exe, Lily, Young Dominion,
3—Champion, Champion fr, Sapphire,
Sapphire fr, Alberta.
4— I'ontiac, Little Dorrit, Aunty Lai-
June SO—-Huntingdon "-a, AH Todd,
administrator »f T 0 Todd, to Minnie 1.
July 3—Ontario No 6, II Q Aitchison
toC \V McMillan.
4—Slocan Prince and Black Prince fr
% each, Leo Dolron and Frank ISherrj
to U A Bradshaw.
roasls of public necessity.
"To adopt the principles ot gsi
ershlpof railways in so fnr as the circumstances
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Timber Notice.
VTOTIC'K is hereby given that 30 days after
. 1 slate I intern! to npply to the Hun. the
Chief Csimraii-siiiiier of Lands ! Wisrks at victoria, for a special license, tss cut and carry
away timber from the following described
Commencing at n post marked "Bert Chew's
south-a.-ift comer post," situated one mile from
the went shore of Slocuu lake, on Alex. McKay's
west laa.miliary line; thence west 80 chains;
tlience south -to chains; tlience west 20 chains;
tlience south 31 chains; thence west 20chains;
tlience north NO chains; thence east 100 chains;
thence north 20 chains; thence east SO chains';
thence south 60 chains, to tlie placo of commencement, containing M0 acres.
Dated this 10th dny of Juno. 1903.
Slater Shoe Advertising
Shoes of Beauty
Short talks by tbe Slater Shoe sd man, No. 0.
Tp adopt the principles of government own
.1 of railways in so fnr as the circumstance:
of the province will admit, and the adoption of
the principle that no bonus should be granted'
to any railway company which does not give the
government of tbe provlnco control ot rates over
Hues (moused, together with tho option of purchase.
"To actively assist by state aid in the development of tlse agricultural resources of the province."
2. That in tha meantime and until the railway policy above set forth can be accomplished
a general railway act be passed, giving freedom
to construct railways under certain approved
regulations, annlagous to the system that has
resulted in sucli extensive railway construction
in the United States, with so much advantage
to trade and commerce.
3. That to encourage the mining industrj.the
taxation of metalliferous mines shouhl be on
the basis of a percentage on the net profits.
4. That  the government ownership of tele-
Shone systems should be brought about as a
rst step in the acsiuisition of public utilities.
5. That a portion of every csial area hereafter
to be disposed of shoulsl be reserved from sale
or lease, sss that state owned mines may be ons-
ily accessible, if their opera ition becomes necessary or advisable.
fi. That in the pulp land leases provision
should be made for reforesting and thru steps
sliould be taken for the general preservntisin of
forests by guarding against the wasteful destruction of timber.
7. That the legislature and government of the
province should persevere in the effort to secure
the exclusion of Asiatic labor.
8. Thnt the matter of better terms in the way
of subsidy and appropriations for the province
should be vigorously pressed upon tho Dominion
9. That the silver-toad industries of the province be fostered and encouraged by tlio imposition of increasod customs duties on lend and
lead products imported into Canada, nnd that
the Conaervnlive members of the Dominion
House be urged to support any mutism introduced for such a purpose.
10. That as industrial disputes almost invariably result in groat loss and injury both tsi the
parties directly concerned and to the public,
logiislatisin should be passed to provisle means
for an amicable adjustment ssf such disputes lietween employers and employees.
11. That it is advisable to foster the manufacture of tho raw products of tlie province
within the province as fnr ns practicable by
means of taxution on lhe said raw products,
subject to rebate of the samo ia whole or part
when manufactured in British Columbia.
■/3v JOIN INC the
» Cents pays for three months' membership.
Each member receives the official oleb organ
•very month.lnclndinsSpioees of higb-elaaa vocal
and Inatruraenul uow muaio each month, 18
places ln all; alao a Certificate of Mcmbera-iip
which gives the privilege of Club Boom In New
York City, and of buying literature, music or musical snatraj.ma.nta of any deecrlption at wholesale
price*, saving you from 20V to "*<>'.' on yoar psir-
clsssos. Don't fail to join at once. You willgetmach
■sore than your money's worth. MnuiL Lrm-
-tBT-Mtmic Clcb. Dept.     . IM Nassau St.. N.Y,
Conservative Conventions.
At a meeting of the executive of the Provincial Conservative Association, hehl nt Vancouver, the province was dividosl into five divisions
for orgsiiiiatii.n purposes. The kiMitenay-
lloundary division fs masle up of the following
provincial election districts: llovclstoke, Columbia, Fernie, Cranbrosik, Ymir, Knslu, Sloean,
('rami Fsstks, Greenwood, the City sif Kossland,
and tho City of Nelson. At the same meeting
the following resolutions wore adopted;
1. That conventions for nominating candidates for members ssf the legislative assembly
be mado up of delegates chosen as fotlsiws;
(a) In city electoral districts, sine delegate
for overy fifty and fraction of fifty votes psilled
at the provincial eloction held in lUOO.and if the
city is dividod into wards, the proportion of
delegates for each ward shall bo bused on the
vote polled iu each ward nt the last municipal
(h) In other eloetornl districts, one delegate
for every fifty or fraction of fifty votes polleil at
the provincial election holal in 1900, the delegates to be apportismnd to pflslling places, or as
near thereto as will bo fair lo the voters of the
different neighlsorhoods.
2. The electissn of delegates shall bu at pub.
J. Pinchbeck, Proprietor
Fresh Fruits of Every |
Kind Arriving  Daily. |
Our Ice Cream Parlor ia j
now open and will Ik* kept X
running all  the Summer.       8
14 Loaves of Ureas! fer Rl.
Full Weight nnd Quality
Slocan, B. C.        \
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
A shoe which looms large in the public
eye must combine in it positive elements of
price value, of durability, comfortandbeauty.
The " Slater Shoe" because it makes
strenuous claims on public attention must
not only feel easy when worn, it must not
only wear well, but it mtest look well,—all
advertised claims are unconsciously and
critically weighed by the first impression
conveyed to the mind through the eye in
its initial inspection of the shoe.
So the "Slater Shoe" with its high
prestige obtained by years of advertising
must not only fulfil the wearer's expectations
of fit, shape retention and wear, but its
beauty must meet with the instantaneous
approval of the wearer's eye in its most
critical moment, viz: thc first glance, and
the succeeding closer scrutiny.
And the makers of the " Slater Shoe "
realizing this fact have made "Slater Shoes"
not only foot houses of ease internally, but
foot palaces of beauty -artetnaliy.
The Slater Shoe
Made ln Canada 40 years.   Goodyear Welted.
For men $4.00 and $5.50.
For women $3.50 and $5.00.
Sole A^ent:
David  Arnot, Slocan
We have just opened up several new lines
of summer dress goods, of the latest designs; also many pretty dress novelties.
We carry the brut stock of
mings in the country.   Pri******". are
rmmmer hats and trim-
very reasonable.
D. B. O'NEAIL,   -    rtAIN STREET,
Gwiilim & Johnson,
B. C
Timber Notice.
NOTICE  is hereby given  tbat H) days after
lints* I iniriiai to apply tai tlm Chief rami.
iiiissioner of I.ninls al  \\aarks fur a   special  li-
cs>nsa. to rut uml   curry nwiiy  timber from tlm
fulliiwiiig described   lands, situate   in Wait
Koo.en.iy itistrirl:
OsSRimeiielng nt n pott iltuatad about tbraa
miles friiisi Blocan lake, on tbo north side of tlis.
mirth fork nt Evans crock, thencs* south HO
chains; theme wesi 1*0 chainsi thence north BO
chains; thence east •*>*) chains to*plaoe of beginning. rontsinitiK lilo acres.
Iluted the till 'lay ,,f June. HUB.
Timber Notice.
Why be without a rantra
you can get one so cheap ?
are preferrable to stores and \\ve
better .satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
N'OTICE is hereby
ai.-sio I Inti
tlience west III ohains;
thence west IO chains;
tlience west 10 chains I
thence west tn chains
H. J.
lie meetlnKn, held at rs designated central pins-*
in each polling divisissn, or in each wnrsl in rity
electoral districts, if the city is divided Into
wards. At such public meetings only thins* who
pledge themselves to vote fssr tbe candidate or
cunsiisiatos solncted at the nominating convention shall tie entitled to a vols, fur <lelegii.es
3. Two weeks notice shall be given of tho
public moetlngs at which dalogntes am tis hn
electesl, and nominating csinveiitions shall Ik.
held lu city electoral slistrlcts two dnys after
ths. day on which dels-gates aro elected, and in
other electoral districts seven days afler. All
nssniinntions thriBUghout the province tsi be
made at a designated oentml place in encli electoral ilistrict. and on tho snme dny.
4. All notices of the dntsi of public meetings
for the election of delegates to nominating con.
ventiona, the apportionment of slclogiiles, uml
tlse plnce and dato sif nssminntlng coiivi-hIIoiih
hi the several electoral districts shall lie prepar.
ed hy the member of the executive of tfieslivi.
sion in which thn electoral districts nre situate
and issued over the name* of the president nnsi
secretary of tbe Provincial Conservative Association.
A meeting ssf tho provincial nxeculivi. will l.a.
belli ist Vancouver within n month, und thnslnls*
fssr la, la In g district nominating conventions
will then be fixed. JOI"**. HOUSTON,
Prsslds&t ssf tlm Provincial
„ ,        . Conservative Association
Nelson, June 8th, 1903.
: J. A. Anderson
Dealer in:
Kodaks and Supplies
IS. (J
given   llmt ."ill ilnjs nfler
I to npiily taa  tlie  I'hief Cam-
mis.loner of  Lauds A  Waarlss for a .pecinl   li-
cense, to out and carry nwn> timber from ihe
following ilnscribed lands, situnte in West Kami-
siiuiy ilistrict:
t'umiiianciiig at a post situnte absflul one mile
from Slocnn lain. th* north side saf tlio north
fork of Brans rresli, tlienco soutli 40 chains|
tlience north !ll chains;
tlienco north V) chains;
thence north 20 obelus;
, thence north 40 chains;
tlience east 411 chains; thence south 211 chains;
thence enst III chains; thence south 30 chnlns;
thonce enst 411 chains; thence south 211 chnins;
thonce east 40 chains,,to plnce of beginning, con-
tninnig (UO ncrns.
Dated this Ith slay of June, 1003.
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To J. P. Arnaitron**,admini»trntorof the
estate ot Martin Murcliiion, ileceaiesl,
or to any person or perioni to whom
he may Imvo transfereil the interest
of Martin Murcliiion, anioiintinu to \£
in each of the Namen, Kram and Puritan mineral claims, situated on the
head of Lemon creek, rjlocan City mining division.
You are horehy notified thnt 1 have
expendesl the sum of three hundred and
soven dollars and fifty cents in lalior and
Improvement! upon the above mentioned mineral claims, in order to hold said
mineral claims under tho provisions of
the Mineral As:t, unsl if within DO days
from the data of this notice you fail or
refuse to contribute your proportion of
such expenditure, together with all costs
Of advertising, your interest in the nai-J
claims will heroine the property of ihe
BilbBuriber. under Motion four of an Act
entitled "An Act to amend tho Mineral
Act, 1000."
Dated tliis 8th day of Juno, 11)03.
12*6*08 M.E.YOUNG
Ontario So. 0 If lasraral Clalss.
Situnte in the Slocan City Mininltt
eion of the Wfst KootcnBy fWJ
When located .■—On » south l«r>
Lemon creek.
Take notice thst I,WinBlowK.W«J
acting as sKent for Chas, W, McMl
free miner's certificate No .lX.14i.mts
sixtv davs from thedats hereof, IMI
tss the Mining Recoider fori vam
of Improvement Si for the purpose oi
tainlng a crown grant for tlio »
elaint. , ,_„,;
And further take nOtXB Ihltlfl
Under section 37, must he .iimm*»
heforc the issuance of 111 :h ('•'t'110*1
improvements. , ,M
Dated this 30th darot kynl.W-
8*5*03 WIS8L0VV
Ulac.li I-rlnce  Kracll.anl  MU""*
Citt nuninf."'
strict. '■'
itol ^rrir
Situate in the  Slocan
sion of West Kiioleiisy
located ;—On the suuiin
anil Lemon creeks,.
TAKK NOTICK thst I, H**»
acting as agent tor John ""5.J
miner's certificate No. B5U-H; ' .
Alexander llradihaw.l'.M • ■ M-WJ
Leo Doiron, F.M.C. Ns.. '''Vf'"^,
bald York P. M. 0. No. BgB1
Frank Sherry, P. M, C. »«• ■JS
tend, sixtv davs from the date WW
■pply to the Mining Hecor-i" we
cate of improvements, lor "'"..ij
of ohUining a crown gift"'on "'
claim. ii.atict1
Aad further take notice    »
un.ler section  37, must M "JfEij
before the issuanco of «'i'*11 cirl'
improvements.. .mw
Dated this 9tU day of >"'•*',%'
15-5-03. "'"''
 ■ .—   ■*■■ — .   rst|
Tamarack, rails View *"•"• "• *"'
r.ok No. BFracll.- *"'•"•••C'"
Situate in tho Slocan Oity l#||
sion of West Kootenay d iw» •-*(
located :-Abeut four mile* "H
ger creek.
J Hi
■   ,, I. I .    ... ' a  a-    ..     I" J „,„,
derson, P.L.S., of Trail. "•';',*(>
Jno K.HoWen.froe miner •••" (be
IK.470V', intend, sixty d«i'"' fa
hereof, to apply to the M'n »B (0,
for certificates of inn'Wvoll,if"lltiol
purpose of obtaining crown u
above claims. ti.,t iif'
And further take notice "_,
under suction .37, umst  "!     .^\>
before the leeuanoe of ■acn >
improvements. i,,„o DK'*!
Dated this 3rd uny of J-i»c'-


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