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The Slocan Drill 1901-03-22

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VOL. I., No. 51.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   MAKCIl   22,   11)01.
S2.00r,Elt ANNUM.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
Men's Furnishings
Fifty Per Cent of Un* Debts I.lquiilatcil
sssi *sVs*sliisssday—llaluiisis* I'sirllicuiniiiii
In Sixty Hays—Property to Ilesuisis*
Operatiosu ut un Essrly lints*.
On Wednesday (Doming the welcome Intelligence was conveyed tn
tlie local creditors of the Chapleau
that the sum of $10,000 had been put
in the bank at Nelson as part pay
ment of the debts of the company.
Last week a proposition had been
submitted to the creditors, whereby
,thc latter were to forego all further
proeeedingsagaiiif-t the property and
the sheriff's Bale on the mill and
chattels called off. The company
offered 50 per cent of the debts in exchange for this, and promising tho
balance in 80 days, This was accepted and the $10,000 placed in the bank
ms stated. It comes as very welcome
news to numerous parties in this locality, and at once clears ap the situation, relaxing an irksome stringency on business circles and infusing
new life into mining.
It is tlie intention of the Chapleau
company to reorganize and to strengthen the treasury funds, so as to re
same operations nt the mine and mi
at a very early date,
ofthe company are
Everything of thc neatest and very best
Boots and Shoes
See our Union Label Hats
Low Shoes, Laced Roots, Congress, the
Miner's Heavy Nailed—best on the market—Ladies'and Misses', Boys'& Girls.
A good assortment to choose from.
The Nobbiest cf thc Season and the Best
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Rloc»*n, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinnev, B. C
SLOCAN,   B.   C.
Has ample accommodation for a large number of Guests and supplies the best of
everything in the Harket.
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public. It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining Men.
QETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
ger agent E. J. Coyle that on April
1st local passenger rates on the Pacific division will be reduced '20 per
cent. There will be a still further
reduction on local round trip tickets.
Commercial travelers' rates will be
made three cents a mile.
A   Mlllissn   llollstr   Compisny l'-nrsns*sl  lis
Work the Brss-esslatiir.
A company, with the name of the
Rioowilabi Mines, Limited, has been
registered in this province lately,and
whose sphere of operations will be in
this -division. The capital stock is
placed at one million dollars and di
vided into one dollar shares. A list
of objects is attached to the memo-
liiiidjLini running through the entire
alphabet, the main one being the
purchase and development of the
Speculator group of claims. In general the company is organized to
carry on a mining business in all its
varied forms, and its life is set at 50
years. Those Interested in the company are principally California and
Victoria capitalists and may be considered a close corporation. Quite
recently A. 8. farwell, of Nelson,
drafted an excellent map ofthe property for the company, showing the
Arlington ground as well.
At tin* mine things are going on in
an excellent manner, development
being continued at a number of
points. Tlie main shaft on the Spec-
1 he operations alator claim will be pushed down to
to he extended \ „ sufficient depth to demonstrate the
and In all | robability several more , V;lhu. of tlie jead whlle a se(.011(1 one
claims will be purchased. I hey have j wi„ ,)U commenced from the Xo. 2
been making inquiries regarding cer-1 drift> w M t0 opeil ap lhe Mineral
tain properties and it looks as Ifa Mountain ground. The drift will be
deal would eventuate. (-hi* K. continued through the latter ground
Weyl, the financial agent of the com-; tnt0 tho Kdl( (Vaction. Pav ore is be-
panv, has gone to Europe, and will | ln_ t.lkcn (,ul at (..u.iipoillt. Several
lay the_ situation  before  his princi- j m;W ,„,.,, li;iV(. •,<,,.„ pat on tnla week
and when the snow goes off a great
deal of surface work will be done.
ii.ui Itnrrels or run.
There  was barrels ol fun in the
pais The Chapleau is a first-el.iss
property and with more ground can
be placed on a lucrative paying
With the disposal of the Chapleau
matter, tlio one dark spot on the
camp's progress fur t he year has been I ,
removed, and the filing Is rite^im M-MtoBall lucsdav night ami the
an era of even greater prosperity is I folk [n attendance have not done
approaching. On every creek th^rc laughing vet. It was all caused by
an* indications of renewed activity, \ pf0f, Payne, the well known hypno*
particularly so on Ten Mile. There f-{st. Early In the evening lie put
the Kalispell, Neepawa, Enterprise.: ,„,,. 0f hi-s su'-.i >cts asleep in the drug
Iron liaise, Tran-vaal, l* st 1. Sloean sri.i-s_* window as an advertisement
Chief, and ii number of smaller pro Lnfj ii.,.*, pot out the band, the result
perties, will furnish employment to txjir,-- a crawded Imus". lie started
many men, Bpart from the new mill; the evening's fun by giving a lecture
to go up at the Enterprise. Develop- ,,., plu-ciiologv, illustrated bv the
incuts at the Arlington, Speculator, bomps on the bends of 1 Live Arnot,
Hampton, Phoenix and Black Prince R0b Bradshaw, \V. E. Worden, Al
will si,> even  mure  to building up Teeter and J. T  Beauchesne.   The
shape, ore sliowing at every point.
In the No. 2 workings, where the
strike was made some time ago,there
lias been no break in the nre chute
for the past 90 feet, while the grade
continues good. Very little ore is
being taken from the mine at any
opening, the principal effort being
Confined to development, In view of
building the new mill. It is satis
factory to note that thc top drift,near
the Empress fraction, was steadily
Improving when work was stopped
by the snow. The Enterprise has not
looked so well in many months as at
present, while the reserves of ore are '
rapidly increasing.
Gang of Men Went op Ws'ilnesilny to Begin Operations.
Jack Aitchison has secured a lease
on the Slocan Chief, situated at the
head of Ten Mile creek and owned
by the Warner Miller syndicate. He
returned from inspecting the property
Monday and on Wednesday four men
went up to commence operations.
The mine is well stocked with provisions, tools and general supplies, and
lias comfortable buildings. The leilge
is eight feet wide and has been opened up by two tunnels, one In 143 feet
and tlie other below in 150 feet. In
the upper drift Aitchison said ore was
sliowing on both walls and in tne
centre. It was narrowing down and
would doubtless amalgamate into a
fair-sized chute. The ore is a galena,
carrying considciable ruby silver,
which, of course, gives fancy assays
Lie sampled the poorest, of the ship
ping ore an.l it gave 258 oz in silver.
The men will stay up at the property-
till the first car of ore is taken out,
which will he about June 1. It will
cost $20 per ton to get the ore down
to the lake, but even at these figures,
the men expect to make good money.
The proposed wagon road to the
forks ef Ten Mile  would make a big
reduction In transportation charges.
Two Friends	
Black i'rince	
Bar silver is quoted at 61 cents per
Springer creek and keeping up the
good name of ihe district. New capital will becoming in this season and
some sales will be made, for the dry
ore resources of the camp arc known
said bumps proved good outcrops of
the grav  matter contained   in   the
stopes b neath.   Xext came various
hypnotic  tests, winding  np  with  a '
series of comical  situations on the
and appreciated.   Mining<tmen look  part of a fresh committee.   It is sate
cosay no such burlesque was ever-
The ■
Slocan, B. C, is under the
Silt ii Personal Maipeiit of Jeff Baty.
Who Is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him,
forward with confidence for the development of the division during thc
Kallipall tola*Worked.
Work is to be resumed this season
on the sKallspell.one of the oldest and
best properties on Ten Mile, li is
owned by parties residing' in the
Black Hills. Dakota, and has been
idle for the past two or\liree year-.
The group is situated in a favorable
position, being onlv IA miles from the
lake and on the wagon road. The
ledge is a big affair,carrying agre<.t
deal of concentrating ore, besides
frequent chutes of exceeding high
(trade mineral. The property was
tiiM owned by .1. M. M, Benedum,
Doc Price, Al Teeter and others hailing from the Black Hills.and by them
beforo witnessed in these parts, the
audience being convulsed witli laugh-1
ter.   Prof. Payne will give a return j
date here in the  near future  and he i
is sure ofa crowded house.
A i i*ii<-riiiisn * Complaint.
Tuesday's Kelson Tribune contain- j
cd the following communication:—"]
notice at Wlnlaw's  sawmill,  aboui
thirteen miles down the Blocan river
from Blocan city on tlie C.P.R., thai:
Mr. Wtnlaw is dumping all bis saw
dust from the mill into the river. The i
rlvor ha   always afforded the very
best of Ashing, and 1 think the authorities should pul   a stop to  the
practice before it Is too late, for lish- j
imr is one of the finest sports thai;
1 think ii
British Columbia aff ird
Beverol shipments were ,8asham0 ,,,.,,  Mr. winlaw should
made, thesmelter returns being up   ,„..,,, ,Urll ■*, destroy such a Bnofteh*
wards of 800 o**.   Hie property Is *     ,,,,,,„,,,, .,,v polluting the river
easllv handled nnd gives promise ol wRh Wwdust, whon he could easily
making a   big mine.    Like a booi
man*/other propertleson Ten Mile,
the Kalispell has been forgotten In
the general quietude which has af
feeicd the creek since is.iv.
i:vi.ist sit us,- iaoi in.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past  its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
burn it. Kindly insert this in ymir
paper and by so doing I trust the authorities wili take acti ni at once. 1
remain, yours truly, Thomas Kv.uk.
Slocan city, March' 16th, 1901."
In  yesterday's Tribune Mr. Win-
law denies tbat lie Is emptying sawdust into the river, the practice stop
The masquerade ball given by tht  *,ing last fall, mi receipt of a warning
band boys Friday night,In tiiOtMuslc |rroiB Recorder Christie.
Hall, was certainly the social event
of the season.    In every  respect it
was a pronounced success, a satisfactory surplus remaining ai'isT the ox*
penses to repay the boys for their
trouble, The hall had been tastefully
decorated and nothing left undone tol-
serve the pleasure of the dancers, holding It for a time, he allowed it to
There wasa big crowd In attendance, ..,,,, ,,u;, Two weeks agoOeb. Nichol,
almost too many for comfort, while jM Rogers and Pete MoKeown re-
thecostumes were the finest seen In atokod tho ground Into twoclalms,
the burg, A pleasant feature of the caning [t the Ocrty Mack •group,
affair was the attendance of some 111Thev havo been working steadily on :
ii  since, with  encouraging results
The leilge Is '-'."i feel or more in width j
and   runs  through both claims,    li
contains  a  groat deal Of iron and1
MiniiiK * I""!' iii Town.
Some years ago Major Reed, of Silverton. staked a claim on the lake
shore, just WCSt Of the   wharf and in
ie townsite of West Slocan.   After
couples from New Denver, the Alert
having made a special trip.    A. York
welcomed  them  bv a neat speech,
which was duly appreciated by the
visitors.   Kach and everyone present gives fair values, $6,60 In gold being
had a thorough good lime
Wu Can Stand tiii**.
The announcement was made on
M"iidav bv assistant general passet)
obtained From tho surface
n-iuy of Ore Rliowlng.
Men down from the Enterprise this
week state tho property is In line
Bobby Allen has been improving
his premises in Brandon.
The ll.irruev will ehip two cars of
ore from New Denver.
Born.—in Slocan, on March 21,Mrs.
\V. J. Andrews, ofa daughter.
It is stated the Bosun is about to
resume operations (in a large scale.
A reduction in passenger rates wont
into effect yesterday on the railway.
New Denver people are petitioning
against. ..nv changes in the Mineral
Messrs. Robertson and Barber are
fencing in their property on Arthur''
Another lawsuit has been started
involving the Marion group, at XewJ
A carload of ore from the Hewett
was brought down by tlie Slocan on
Tony Long and partners arc clear- i
ing np and fencing in a couple of
lots Close to the suburb of Brandon.
Manager Annabel, of the Nelson
Opera House, is arranging a theatrical circuit embracing the towns of
tho Si c n.
Bennett sv. Co.'s millinery opening
on Tuesday was o great snec.'ss. resulting in orders having to be Bunt in '
for mon* goods    lt pays to advertise.
Malcolm Cameron has purchased a
lot at the lower end of Arthur street
and will erect a stable, with the Intention of embarking in the livery
and packing btBlnOSB.
A lliMiiisi'k.iiili* Group.
In a recent issue of the News, pub
Itshed in Alexandria, Ont, was a
photograph of one of the most remarkable family groups ever taken,
[t consisted ol Bve generations of the
family Of A. II. McMillan, of this
town, sliowing his mother, her daugh- j
ter, grand daughter, great grand!
daughter and great great grand
daughter. The peculiarity of the
group is that all are named McMillan, the daughter, gram* daughter
and great grand daughter having
each married a McMillan: and further, none of tbe male McMillans!
were related to each other before
marriage,   in ibis town are residing
three generations of the McMillans.'
The mother of this interesting family
is L00 years old.
Doubting n*i Capaolty.
Two new lead stack- are being
added to tho Trail smelter, and the|
progress lias been such that ihe management expect  to  have  them   iu
operation early in April.   A roaster
Is bi Ing erected at, an estimated cost
of $20,000.   This will double the capacity of tho Institution, and the com
panv will at once enter into contracts
for oro.
Last Year's Shipments Were 38.17 Tssns—
A Heulthy Kvlslesscc of tlse I.lTe ansl
Woiillh of tlse Cuisip— Arlington the
BiRgest Shipper.
Notwithstanding the breaking up
of the roads and the consequent
transfer from .sleigh to wagon, ere
shipments this week aro quite satisfactory, amounting to SU tons, all of
which was from the Arlington. A
great spurt is being put on so as to
get the ore down from the mine to
the snow line, in order to keep up
the average when sleighing disappears. Contractor Koch is kept on
tbo jump to handle the output. Ore
is being brought into town from the
Black I'rince and a carload will bo
sent out next week.
Last year the. exports from this division amounted to 2847 tons, mado
up from 10 properties. Following is
a list ot the shipments this year to
A crown grant is being applied for
on the Viking fraction.
The affairs of the Molly Gibson are
being straightened out.
Rossland parties made an offer las*,
week tor the Two Friends.
A tramway is to be put in at once
on the Hewett group, Four Mile.
More men were being hircd.hero
Friday to work on the Speculator.
The showing on the Combine group,
close to town, continues to improve.
The Canadian Goldflelds failed to   .
lift their option on the Black I'rince.
Dave Whiteloy is jroing into the
Kettle river country for the summer.
The owners of tlie Neepawa re-   ,
samed work  on that property this
•T. Frank Collom is apply ing for a
timber limit at tlie head of Springer
Action on the proposed Sandon Silverton tunnel lias been postponed till
a later date.
A petition has been circulated during tlie week for a wagon road to the
forks ot Ten Mile.
J. T. Beauchesne has sold his half
interest in the Regina, on Springer
creek, to A. C. Smith.
The Sandon mines shipped IM tons   i
of ore last week over the C.P.R. and
81 tons over the K. it S.
The ore  which has been lying in
tin' Alpha bins at Silverton tor years '
is being resorted for shipment.
The work done on the White Sparrow, on the first north fork of Lemon
creek, has had encouraging results.
V, C. Rackliff has gone to tho Sim-
llkameen country to prospect lor tho
summer, on a grubstake from local
• A line body of galena has been cut
on ths' Noble Five, in the tunnel
driven from the LsastChOBCe, BtOOst*
is on tin* riss- in consequence.
Frank PrOTOSl and .1. Kadclilf have
commenced    development   on   ths* ^
Black Hussar group.on the first north •
fork of Lemon.   Thev have put up a
camp and  will continue   work   all'
.  :i
jiimm;  RECORDS.
Appended is a complete list of tlie various records registered at tin- local n-uis-
try  ollice, 11. P.  Christie  being mining
Mar 13—Combine No 2, on Siiriiinci
crock,.) P Aitchlion.
<.orl\ Muck, west side of lake, Georgl
i .fi t v Mc, same, .lames K Rogers.
Mar 1!    1-rum, Nan-en, 1'n'idaii.
IS   Black Prlnce,Dundas,BlBck Prln ■
i,. Jos Bailey. <
1 ',    Frill fr for two ys'ars.
ni \*.r. iT.it*-.
M.ir O—Dorln,   Four   rYu'iisls,   BI ic
Prince fr and Stimmersldc, ',-, In each,
M Sohonberg to Frank sherry.
12—Begins %, .1 T Beauoheine to s
c Smith.
Mar 18—Erin fr. Evening '■d.'r No f
■     I
i     I
Sir*. n,.««er and the Coolc Were
Skeptical, bnt, According- to Hiss Belief. Be Wools] Sioon Become Fa-
iiioris and a Millionaire.
[Copyright, 1901. by C. B. Lewis.]
It was 7 o'clock the other evening
when a boy left a heavy sack of something at the basement door of the Bowser mansion, and Mr. Bowser lost no
time iu conveying specimens of It to
the sitting room for Mrs. Bowser's inspection. They looked like chunks of
asphalt dug up from an old pavement,
nud she turned from them with the re-
"1 suppose somebody has been after
you again with a patent something or
"Have you the slightest Idea what
that something or other Is?" asked Mr.
Bowser, with a smile of complacency.
"Is It plaster to fix the holes In the
cellar floor?"
"My dear woman. I am not In the
plaster business tills evenlug. It Is not
plaster or cotnprei Bed food for the cat
lt Isn't a microbe killer nor a moth destroyer. Will you kindly listen to me
for a moment while I give you a few
facts and figures?"
"Go on." she snld.
"To heat this house and do your
cooking we consume 20 tons of coal per
tonlsh and benefit you." replied MtT,
Bowser as he approached the range.
"You've astonished me before, sir,
and I want no more of lt. Is It the coal
gas you are goin to try nud bottle up
and make a cure for the wuoopln
"Be calm aud fear not. You see this
stuffJ It Is a new fuel to take the
place of coal. It gives out five times
the heat and leaves no ashes. No more
lugging up conl. no more ashes to bother with. It Will be a snap to work in
this kitchen after this. Just rake out
what little fire there is. will you, so
that I can start afresh?"
"There'll be a bobbery of some sort,"
protested the cook as she obeyed. "You
know there alius Is."
"Never you mind about bobberies.
I've got a slead sure thing In this, and
there's barrels of money In It. You
came from Ireland. I believe?"
"I did, sir."
"Well, within two weeks all Ireland
will be talking about Bowser's new
fuel, and It will probably bo mentioned
In the papers that you were thc first
cook lu tho world to use It."
"It's more likely they will be snyin
Tie left my place, but git along with it
and have It over with."
Mr. Bowser put In paper and kindlings, added a liberal quantity of his
tnw fuel nnd then stood back. Tilings
went off with a rush, and he stood back
and rubbed his bands and whispered:
' Only one pound of my patent fuel in
there, and just feel the beat: The fuel
question Is solved.    You could put a
Is U-
• in
li M
le i
ll) is
ThVcoiil hiah'cheats' us out of at
I sur tons.   That coal must be dug
lhe bowels of the earth, raised to
rfaci*. loaded on to cars, unloaded
londs'il into carts and delivered
n then must be bandied again,
nothing of the ashes.   Can't you
i It costs so much?"
ire only oae of 5.000.000 faml-
lg coal, and there are all tbe
nd factories besides.   Suppose
i a substitute for coal, some-,
hlch needed scarcely any han-
avs- out five times the heat and
ashes bi'hlnd?    What would
stitute be worth to America—
world at large?    No dust, no
io giving 1.700 pounds for a
•linkers and oo waste."
' lioughl   you'd   been   taken   in
replied  Mrs. Bowser, with a
you did?   Very kind of you, in-
Well, my friend, I'm going to
disappoint you this time. I'm going to
revolutionise the fuel of the world. I'm
going to knock out conl until It won't
bv worth fill cents a ton. Right there
iM'fotf your eyes Is something which Is
going to bring me In millions of dollars
In the next few years nnd make tbe
nu un* of Bowser a household word all
over tbe civilized world. Millions, Mrs.
Bowser, millions!"
And he tbrust bis thumbs into ths
nnnhoies of bis vest and walked ap
und down before ber, and tbe cat came
out from under tbe piano and walked
nfis*r blm.
"Well?" sbe asked to break the long
"Well." he replied, "I will simply say
to you this evening tbat I will beat our
house from now on for 10 cents per
week, and 1 will run a steamboat from
New York to London for $25. I am
now going down to tbe kitchen to experiment a little with tbe range. Seeing is believing, and I may call you In
about half an hour. 1 think I'll be able
to prove to you that 1 haven't been
wasting my money on a spring tonic or
a lightning rod. You've somehow got
Ibe idea tbat I don't know enough to
buy turnips nt 30 cents a bushel, but I
rather think I'll astonish you."
Mrs Bowser realized that tbe experiment would tie carried to some sort of
a finish no matter what sbe said, and
Nbe therefore held ber peace, and Mr.
Hawser gathered up bis specimens and
<js-Hs'S'tni!ti to the basement.
"Ami mow Is It another foolln around
win, the hot water pipes or tbe gas me
err' nuked the cook, who knew something or hi« experimental nature.
mUr ds ar woman, 1 an going to as*
roast of beef In that oven and have it
lit Tor the table In an hour. My dear
woman. I'll be running cotton factories
for 75 cents a day and driving locomotives 1,000 miles for a dollar. Do you
observe? Do you feel? Do you realize
a hundredth part of what this means to
tin* civilized world?"
Tbe cook hnd opened ber mouth to
say that she thought ber wages ought
to be raised $2 per month, when there
wns a low rumbling, a trembling of tbe
whole range, and next distant the covers Hew up to the ceiling, the doors
bnnged open, nud a burst of flame tilled
the kitchen. Mrs. Bowser from the
room above hoard a howl from the cat,
a serenui from the cook nnd a yell from
Mr. Bowser, and she knew what had
happened. She couldn't go down for
the smoke, but as sbe opened the front
door the trio came flying out of tbe
basement to roll lu tbe snow In the
front yard.
It wasn't much of a Are. The seven
or eight pedestrians who rushed In and
upset everything nnd flooded water all
nvi i ths- Doors soon bad It out, and In
the course of a qiiaiter of on hour the
ops'ii doors anil windows bad freed the
bouse of smoke, Mr. Bowser sat on
the lounge, with red eyes and singed
hair, und Mrs. Bowser finally faced
him ami asked:
"Wi'll. sir. nny further experiments
this evening, or will you wait until to*
morrow night?"
"Wo wo woman!" be gasped as he
lifted his hands and bulged eyes, but
that was tho mil. His words had gone
up with his fuel. M. Quad.
A Mean Advuntaixe.
"lie takes ti mean advantage of me,"
snld lbs ward worker In metropolitan
"In whnt way?"
"He abuses mc In language contain-
io:: so manylong words that when I
Imvi' got through looking up tbelr
im lining I am too tired to get back at
him."- Washington star.
I'rnssl to the Contrary,
With a bowl of agony the capitalist,
w bo bail Just turned out the gas preparatory to retlllug to rest, sat down
on Hie carpeted floor nnd pulled something out of (he sole of his bare foot.
"And yet." be groaned, "tbey call me
a tacks dodger!"- Chicago Tribune.
Cnrrylnsr Ont  the DlsajnUe.
• The Bride—Now. dear, we must act
like old married people.
Tbe Groom-All right  Give me back
tbat fifty.—Detroit Free Press.
"Does your mother ever punish you,
"Yes. Indeed. Sometimes sbe does
not allow mc to rend Ibsen for a whole
s(«s*i/,"-N«w Xork Journal.
Wc arc told esfsnrionee teaches.
So at hast the proverb preaches:
He'll be clever who discovers
What expcris'iiee teaches lovers.
Love lhat laughs at every rule
Shows the wisest man a fool.
We are told by all the sages
Magic has been dead for ages,
Tet a blue eye shyly glancing-,
Sudden sets your pulses dancing.
Whatsoe'er you were before
You're a lover, nothing more.     **
We are told all nature changes;
Valleys once were mountain ranges,
Vet there's one thing constant ever,
Isovc, 1 vow, has alls-red never;
Love's the same, 1 do believe,
As when Adam courted Kve.
—Westminster Oaaette
8 The Mistake of an American 8
3 Girl Abroad. t
"He must be the guide," she told herself. Yet he looked ih her estimation so
smart for a German, even for a German
of position, ranch less just a guide, that
she hesitated obviously before addressing
him. Now, hesitation waa not natural to
her. Even he, seeing he" for the first
time, realized that, and, although be decided it became her wonderfully, he nevertheless generously shortened its duration by his own net, for he answered her
faltering German tinged American query
for general information in his best English, while he obscured the effect of its
insular excellence by a comprehensively
continental bow which there could be no
She laughed to herself at her former
tliiridence. "Of course he is the guide!"
She allowed her self congratulation to
overflow beyond her nntural pride in her
own discernment under dilliculties. She
found grounds for it in the fact that she
alone seemed desirous that day of seeing
the treasures of tbe castle of Moringstein, that therefore the guide's whole
attention would be devoted to quenching
her almost unquenchable thirst for
knowledge and that he was so good looking, almost wnstefully so, considering
hiss enlling. Bnt that regret only crept
in later, when she was forced to leave
the ancient German castle, its age hallowed beauties and its fascinating guide.
At the time she was fnr from complaining. Thc guide kept her too busy for one
For he certainly was a man most exceptionally gifted for his post, and all her
enthusiasm seemed unavailing to discover a weak spot in his resourcefulness. As
she said afterward, she admired above all
things a man who would rather tell a
transparent untruth than cause a woman
a momentary disappointment, nnd here
wns a man who, if he helped himself by
his imagination, did it so skillfully that
even a connoisseur became perplexed in
trying to detect liiin in it. Tor she was a
eo'unoisseui—thai is. if seeing everything
to be seen uml eagerly bearing everything
to be heard cuu make one. At any rate
she was an exceedingly pretty girl, and
every pretty girl considers it her privilege
to be always pleasod. And, judging by
her expression and the very way she still
lingered when so much had been soon
and copiously commented ou, she s'vi-
dontly did not consider herself robbed in
nny way of her rights on this occasion.
Perhaps the very fact that this model entertainer ranked only as a salaried guide
gave a zest to her enjoymetit by unlocking romance with the key of uuiisiinlness.
Still, the luncheon hour protrndi's lt«elf
into every normal day, taking more than
a leavening of romance to displace It.
"But I suppose one tniglit Miuly this
pines* for weeks," she snid as she prepared to depart, "nnd yet meet fresh surprises?"
"Ono might," he acquiesced, "even ar-
range lo be surprised beforehand." He
wns smiling nt her. and a smile is sometimes less involved than the words it accompanies.
"Rut should I be surprised." she asked.
"to meet you bore tomorrow?"
"Not so surprised ns I should be"—
"Well?" she questioned briskly.
"Disappointed." be continued, "to find
myself unsurprised."
"But," she lauched. "you know very
well that your real surprise would be if 1
failed to come!"
"We were talking." he object ed, "of s
counterfeit emotion."
"Yes, only tomorrow will show which
Is the counterfeit," snid she. Aud then
she went very quickly to avoid his next
"I don't at all kuow which will hap-
iisn," she told herself, And yet the
knowledge thnt he considered thnt he did
know exactly whnt would hnppon hardly
disturbed her. It made ber laugh— that
was all.
What she knew he considered must Inevitably happen certainly came to pass.
Yet it was bruin-hi about, she assured
herself, by something so unforeseen thnt
she became by its Intervention eutirely
nn agent of circumstance, unmoved by
the exercise of her free will. The very
(oust she could do, considering everything, was to be there and to apologize.
This she told him. looking extremely
lovely ns she told it, with the addition of
a blush tn heighten her onliunry attractiveness. Also there is always something inking to the masculine mind in an
unqualified apology from a pretty woman, even when its exact causo Is wrap-
pod In mystery.
"I ought tn have known," sbe said. "1
blame myself terribly." And be was so
engaged in beggiug ber to show herself
leniency that he bad no time to inquire
pxactly what It was sbe should have
"It was so ullly 1 What must you have
thought of me?"
He enlarged, quite in the poetical
stinin, on what he lind thought of her.
There seemed, moreover, n groat donl of
it, showing him to bo nn unusually rapid
thinker. This took some time, yet ll
failed to wholly satisfy her. *
"1 don't like to think of it." unld sbe.
"My poor thoughts," ho began.
"1 mean of my stupidity."
"There never has been such a thing,"
be declared. He abandoned his thought*
that he might provp lis impossibility,
and he wns rewarded hy the almost In
exhaustible fruillulness presented by the
theme. This ngnln took up n considers
hie amount of time. Hut wns ever time
better spent?   To their knowledge, never!
"Yet, after all," he said, us aguln the
luncheon, hour laid lu mundane touch •■«
the intangible, "after alls what we espe-
t.uli.,' left to look at today we have nev-
ed looked at."
She looked, for her parts on the ground,
apparently determined not to rend further what his eyes wore saying.
"There is always tomorrow, though."
he said, thus forced to give his meaning
"Yes," she said, 1 ..t absently. And the
impression arose in him that she was
trying to say something she found especially difficult.
"How much," he inquired, "docs that
'yes' covet?"
"All the possibilities of tomorrow," she
began. Then she plainly braced herself
for the eSfsr; he had foreseen in her.
"And my t-iirbt to regard or disregard
your highness' suggestion as—as it
pleases me."
While he was recovering from the ".vour
highness" ska disappeared. She left lhe
castle of Moringstein this time breathless, but not only from the haste she
made in doing so. This state in her was
also compelled by the bewildering uncertainty now pressing ou her as to whether
in the future she could ever again disentangle her pleasure from his. That
questlop, bfing a very wide one, engrossed oven more of 1k*i' thoughts than her
decision concerning the disposal of the
following morning, tlie last on which sho
could be free to visit the castle and him.
But over all was a souse or triumph
that she had managed to Introduce the
"your highness" with some ueiitno.-s.
Tho necessity for doing so ni least once
iu the course of a conversation with any
one to whom it applied she understood to
be binding or, at any rate, customary.
And it had faced her as strangely ditli-
s'lllt of accomplishment from flic moment it was pointed out to hor—nt the
very luncheon which had parted them—
how sho had plainly mistaken 0 German
prince for a German guide. A strange
mistake indeed! Yesterday it hud
brought her some secret pleasure, for so
she hud proved to herself that she was to
be trusted to recognize a inun's true
worth, irrespective of his surroundings,
even in spite of an astounding misconception as to Ids social statiou to blind her
at starting. But today the glory of the
man's position seemed in a measure
damping her appreciation of the man.
She oven wondered nt herself a little,
nnd with a smile thai she, un American,
should find this so, but she could not
smile herself into another frnmc of mind.
She might. In theory, prefer to step up to
n prince rather than stop down lo a guide.
But, standing as she slid, she assumed.
with her nation's confidence, that here
was a ease in which sho might have descended with ls>ss assistance than seemed
necessary before she could climb,
For she had definitely decided he was
the nicest man she hnd met anywhere.
Aud, looking nt him in that light, everything else connected with him took the
appearance of unwelconied stumbling
blocks designed lo keep them npnrt.
Some of this—in fact, a great deal ot
this—only piece, hy piece, and with much
well managed prompting, she told her
friend ol the I'nstle Moringstein the next
day. They stood by n raullioned window
set iii n wall of wanton thickness and
overlooking a wldeapreadlng and beautiful scene,  which  thoy  looked at,  but did
uot see. They hnd abandoned the castle's
treasures, for they hnd discovered there
In that haunted, musty old building the
must wonderful thing in all lhe world.
And it belonged to themselves exclusively, being their love for ouch other.
"Anil you would almost rather I nnd
been the guide you thought me?" he ask-
id. und vet*" much a.s though he lined the
"Yes." she said; "for my own sake,
yes." She hinted at a reservation because of a sudden mental vision of her
father, who would certainly prefer a
"You would have enjoyed coining
down ?"
"With your baud to help me."
"You would not have delayed?" he
questioned anxiously.
"I expect," she admitted with candor,
"1 should have jumped it."
"Then I wish 1 were n guide."
"But I—love—the man," she reminded
"My princess!" he exclaimed. "Miue,
nnd no one else's!"
"There is no one else," she said very
softly, "for me."
"If," he snid, nud surely be spoke jestingly, "that were tint*, that you would be
my princess alone, I being no prince,
Wbat then?"
"Nothing different then."
"Except nn ensier rond?"
"Any rond together"—
"The best there could be."
"Then shnll our rond lie in England?"
"Why. yes," snid she, beginning to
doubt und to understand nlmost simultaneously.
"And thnt just because England is the
proper |lines.' for nn Englishman in live
in with his American wife?"
She Interrupted both her doubt nnd her
understanding to assert herself.
"We might visit America •sometimes,"
snisl she.
"As often as you like if you will toll me
who I really am?"
"No guide?"
"No guide, except as nn nmuteur, to
thu delights of love."
"Not even n prince?"
"Not even a prince, except"— «
"Oh, exci'pl to mo! But tho Englishman"—
"You are going to marry," he finished.
And she ilhl not contradict him, then
or afterward,
Thus on lhe third occasion they left together—nnd engaged. Certainly they
had been very quick about it. hut it
must be remembered thnt three days was
tho limit at her disposal. And who
would suggest bis lugging behind?—
The Tnlsercoliins Cockney.
Every day the Londoner becomes more
like those unimnla which hide in holes in
the day and only come out nt night, or
those submarine creatures which come up
to In s-.-ii In* at Intervals. The business tuan
runs after breakfast to a "tube" which
takes him to his subtorranenn ollice In
the city; he lunchi'ss in a restaurant below
the surface, trnvi'ls by the Underground
to Charing Cross anil back, aud "tubes"
home again. The luborculnus cockney of
a lifetime's Rinndiug will soon know as
little of I'leciidilly anil the Strand ns ho
does today of tin* Tower or Westminster
abbey,—St James Gazette.
An l''.ts*i*|iils>n.
Towne— Every mnn must hustle for
himself or gel left You'll get very little
In this world if you don't nsk for It.
BrQWne—Well, thcre'l one thing you're
likely to got most of If you don't oak fer
Towne-What's that?
Browne— Ciedit.—Exchsnsss.
Ms*ss Have Their Faults Juat the
Snnie mu Wosss.-ss—Ths- A vertigo Mnn
Has Been Spoiled—Desirable Unul-
itiers In a Husbaad.
There comes to you a copy of "a magtl-
zine devoted to the interests of women."
There are dozens of such, you kuow, in
this country and iu other countries too.
In your magazine "devoted to the interests of women" there is. maybe, a chapter telling girls just how they ought to
fit themselves to be good and agreeable
homemakers, how amiable thoy should be
and careful to be always smiling and
agreeable when their husbands come
home after the day's work hns come to
an end, and in these same journals from
time to time, nnsi, in fact,, in a general
variety of publications—dailies, weeklies
and monthlies—there is plenty of space
given over to articles on "whom to marry." This advice, no doubt, you have
noticed, is indirectly intended fur the
young man who is contemplating matrimony or is likely to nt one time or another.
This young man is advised to avoisl
taking for a wife n girl who is untidy in
dross, unamiable in disposition ami given to "uaggiug." Oh, there are a hundred little bad traits that a woman may
possess that nre pointed out to the young
man who may marry,
Kind, thoughtful aud generous nre these
scribes, and true enough, loo often, aro
their remarks. But whore, oh, where is
the one who will point out to the womnn
who may marry a bit of a written sermon
on "whom to marry?"
Thnt the "girl in the case" may not
feel altogether neglected 1 will be bold
enough to say that tho "lords of creation"
hnve n groat many shortcomings, and a
list might be made out of petty traits of
Character in which oven "nagging," which
is invariably and most unfairly ascribed
to women alone, is included.
Thc young man who may marry has
been tsild how sad nnd dreary his home
would be should he choose a woman who
did not look upon homemnking ns a labor of love—that should he marry a girl
who regarded homo only n necessary
place In which to eat nnd sleep he
might expect the sympathy of the whole
world, for the world generally rushes in
with great pleasure to sympathize wit!:
tbe man whose wife is a gadabout.
Now, girls, 1 am ready to tell you
whom not to marry, aud when you waul
to kuow "whom to mnrry" just make a
note of an individual who is lncking iu
just the faults that the kindly disposed
have pointed out as objectionable in the
"girl in the case," for the man who does
not love his home is, in fact, a gadabout.
is impatient und "nagging," fnr 1 con
tend the meanest of nil "naggers" ::.s
men. Why, that man, though you an
nn angel, would soon provoke you Into
unamiable speech und general unlovcli
uess of disposition.
The average man has been, spoiled
First, there was his mother, then his si-
ter, next his sweetheart and then nrayln
his wife, who walked around on tiptoe
and did not dare claim her soul a
her own because "Jack was awfully out
of humor." If everything did not go t
suit .lack, it wns perfectly right for l.i s.
to wheel out of the house, closing tin
front door none too softly behind bio
to emphasise his indignation, and go ti
his club to spend the evening.
And .luck at homo with his mother am.
sisters coulil bo as untidy ns he pleased
There wus always some ono to "pick np'
after liim, nud as it wns known tha
"Juck hadn't a bit of patience" every
thing and everybody moved in a live!*
fashion, just so that Jnck would bt
This is all something of the homo train
Ing that the average man receives. Jacl
is merely an average mnn, capable, to In
sure, of appearing much better and won!
appear much bettor was it expected ol
him. He hns nothing to live up to. Everybody accepts him as he Is.
Here is n scrap from a very clevoi
m»n's writings. If you nre the least hit
of a student ot human nature, yssu wi!<
imiui'dintoly acknowledge the grain ot
truth lhat inspired this paragraph:
"Do you wish to linsl out u person's.
weak points? Note the failings ho has
tho quickest eye for in others. The}
may not be the very failnlga he is him
self conscious of, but they will be theii
next door neighbors. No mnn kei*ps such
a jealous lookout as a rival."
To expect of the average man thnt hi
be without fnults would he looking foi
"gods umoug men." That Inrhns faults
you and I must ncknowledge, bul why
should his be overlooked any more than
those of tbo average woman?
Again I say. the average man does nm
make tho best of himself, because wo do
not expect him to. If you pin him light
down to a truthful answer, I am quite
certain he will honestly confess ibis himself. 1 am nuite certain, too. Unit tho
average man is tired of hoiug humored
I fancy he would quite enjoy the novelty
of beiug expected to be amiable nnd reasonably putloiit. to not bo excused for
beiug too lazy to make a careful toilet
for uu ordinary occasion and to know
that he is looked to to take mote interest
iu the affairs of the home lliau to merely
praise the dinner when it is good uud to
complain When it is not on lime.
Oh, yes, the average man is n good sort
of fellow, but he has his faults. It ia
hardly the usual thing, however, to call
attention to them. Tbe overage woman,
of course, has come to take it aa a matter "Of fact that if she has any imperfections she must tint only hij,- them, but
correct them.
"Whom to marry, girls?" Well, sjtnce
you havo asked ins1 to answer vou I will
just quote this, which is a truth: "Bad
men excuse their faults, good men will
leave them."
Be sure that the man you marry Is
quito ns willing to correct his faults ta
you are yours.
"Whom to marry?" Why. the mnn
who is reasonable, manly, tender and
ambitious.—Margaret Uannis iu St. Lotus
A C'leanlnsr Mixta re.
Borax is one of tho ln*st things for the
removal of grease spots from woolen
goods. A cleaning mixture of which it
forms nn important pnrt is made hy dissolving nu ounce of powdered bornx In
a quurt of boiling water and setting It
aside to cool. When quite cold, add an
ounce ot spirits of camphor, and it ia
readv for use.
The  Game  of Polo and  now It Be*.
came Fashionable.
The game of polo sheds some light upon
the foolish suggestion thnt exercise is uot
necessary to human beings. You all know
that iu playing polo a big man climbs on
a small horse und races over a green
field, hammering nwny at a little wooden
ball, while other horses nnd men bump
into him. There is no more violent exercise known to men, with the possible exception of foot ball.
A great many hundred years ago an
oriental prince was in what the English describe as a very "seedy" condition. His liver was too big; bis muscles
were too small; his heart acted badly.
He was billions, downcast and ready to
give up the ghost. The doctors could do
nothing for him. But aloug came a doctor from foreign parts who agreed to
cure him.   He laid:
"I have wonderful drugs which can only be absorbed through the pores in the
palm of the hand. These drugs I have
inclosed in the handle of this iustrumiut
which you see."
Thereupou he showed the prince the
original polo mallet with leather wrapped around the handle. The prince, as
easily deceived as are most priuccs, cou-
sented to try the new remedy. It was
explained to him Unit be must get warm
in order that his baud might absorb the
health giving'drugs. He raced about on
a little pony, ns directed, all day long for
many days and at last Was a perfectly
healthy prince.
The wise doctor cover told him the
truth—namely, that there were no drugs
in the handle of the mallet and that he
bud invented the scheme to make him
take exercise. His courtiers were compelled, of course, to exercise with him.
Thus the gumc of polo became fashionable nnd survives to our day.
Don't be a foo\bjh oriental prince and
wait for some doctor full of strategy to
make you exorcise iu spite of yourself.
Be sensible; go out and walk; run a hundred yards slowly uow uud thou. Above
all, breathe deeply and slowly through
your nose and demonstrate iu your own
person how foolish is the man who docs
oot appreciate exercise.
No Terrors.
Watts—I broke n mirror yesterday.
Isn't there a superstition of some kind
connected with breaking a mirror?
Potts—Yes. It means seven years' bad
"It does? I'm glad to hoar it. If I am
in for seven yenrs' bad luck I am sure ot
living that long anyhow."
Husband (angrily)—Don't forget, madam, that you nre my wife.
Wife—Oh, never fear. There are some
things  one can't   forget.
In Switzerland bread seems to piny s
more prominent part as food than in any
other country except France. It furnishes 70 per cent of the nourishment of tho
Inhabitants in thc Swiss republic.
Is Measured by the Cures He Makes—Each
Remedy Specific for Certain Diseases—
A Remarkable Cure of Bright's Disease.
In this practical age a physician's
ability is measured by the actual
cures he makes. Judged by this high
standard. Dr. Chase stands pre-eminent as a giant among physicians.
Take kidney and liver derangements,
for example. Br. Chase, by means
of his Kidney-Liver pills, has brougho
about some of tho most surprising
cures ever effected. This is due to
the direct and specific action of this
great home treatment on the liver
and kidneys. Here Is the experience
of a highly rcspectod resident of Con-
aecou, Ont. :—
Mr. James Dellihunt, Consecon,
Prince Edward County, Ont,, writes:
"For several years I suffered groat
tortures of mind and body from
Brlght's disease of tho kidneys. The
pains were sometimes almost beyond
endurance and extended from my
head and between the shoulders down
tho whole spinal column and seemed
to concentrate across my kidneys.
My back wus nevor entirely free from
pain. When I got up In the morning
I could not straighten myself at all,
but would go bent nearly double
most all day.   My water was scanty
and at other times    profuse, and It
gave me great pain to urinate.
"I could do no work, and, though
I tried many kinds of kidney pills,
could get no relief. As a last resort
I was induced by a friend to give Dr.
Chaso's Kidney-Liver PlHs a trial. 1
felt a change after the first dose. I
used in all about uv* boxes, and
they have entirely cured me. I have
no pains now and can do as good a
day's -work as I ever could. It is a
pleasure for me to recommend Br.
Chaso's Kidney-Liver Pills, as they
have done so much for me."
Mr. J. J. Ward, J.P., Consecon, certifies that he has known Mr. Dellihunt for years as a truthful man and
respected citizen, and vouches for the
truth of the above statement.
You cannot possibly obtain a more
beneficial treatment for the kidneys
and liver than Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Liver Pills. It has stood thc test of
time nnd has proven beyond dispute
its right to tho title of "the world's
greatest kidney medicine." Ono pill
a dose, 25 conts a box, at all dealers, or 1'iluianson, Bates sfc Co.. To*
ronto. The Drill.
Pcneath these ruggs.-il clnss. that maple', «h«*».
Whirs  heaves  tlie  turf   In   many  s   molsJirlni]
lul, iii his last, eternal limiUer laid,
The rusle lorefatlwrs ul the hamlet sleep.
(lit to the harvest diil Uselr sickle yield;
Their furrow oft the stubborn g-lelso has hroUo.
Ah. but they had no msshies then to wielsl!
They never learnesl to n-,- the Vanlon atroks.
The poor old souls, they oill.v lived U> toll,
To now and reap and die, at last, obscure.
'ilicy never with their UlbllcftS tssre Ihe soil;
lluw sad the golfless annals of the poor I
Tim pomp of power may onee have thrilled the
ol nn, uliirlitened men; today ll sinks
1) iiiiith the saving fries of eighteen holesl
The paths of ulory lead hut Us the link*.
p lUpe in this Degleoted spot is luhl
S .uie  lis-ssit  that would  haw- quieliened to the
Hands that the lovely baffy tnighl have swayed
To Colonel llogvy's everlasting ihltrto,
full many a hole was pitted by them unseen
[treatise no flsstteiine; Hai; was bsslstesl tliertl
Full many a sinusitis and sacred putting green
They lore up with the plow- an.l dLiln't eare.
Some village Taylor who, wills dauntless breast,
i ould warsg the Hall or swing the heavy r.aulj
Some muse. Inglorious Travis here nay real,
Some llarriuiun who never lost a ball.
t'.ir Ir.iin the eager foumome'R nssble strife
Tlicy leveled bunkeri, and they piled the hay.
Content to sto uncaddled all through life
And never were two *,|» with one to play!
'.. further seek ths'ir hsa-dahlpa to disr-tose
Nor ^land in wonder at their task uf wssrth.
Ii ; • in t!is.*-e bunkeri let their dost repose;
I :.,v didn't know- St.  Andre***! was mi earth!
—S   t;. Ki-er in Doll
Liniment asked for at my store and
the only one wc keep for sale.
All  the jieople use it.
Pleusunt Bay, C. B.
Zoronstrinnism, or Pnrsi-ism, Is ■
monotheistic form of religion, not a poly-
thelitis; ono, ns some people would hnve
it. Then* is but ont* God unsU'r different
names, Mnziln, Adurn nnd Ahum Miizdu.
He mntiifesteil himself to a Bnetrinu or
Median philosopher or reformer. Zorons-
ter, who is considered to have constituted
a religions 'doctrine, set forth in the sa-
cresl hooks of Avosta. According to He-
rodotns, the Persians had no images of
the coils, no temples, no nltnrs, und they
considered the use of them a lign of folly. The modern I'ursis are of the same
opiiii'iti as their forefathers and repudiate any representation of the deity.
Zoroaster's speculative philosophy
teaches us that the world is the work of
two hostile principles, Speutn-Maynu,
the good principle, and Augra-Maynu,
tlie evil principle, both serving under
one God, the first being the author of
whatever is bright anil shiniug, good aud
useful; the ss'coml of what is dark aud
noxious. The Conflict will end in the triumph of the good principle." — North
American Review.
Before Ihe Flood.
A Cleveland daughter of 9 summers
who is not well up in United States history nnd unaware of the fact that she is
n limb of family tree antedating the Revolutionary period, ncs'osted her father in
the following manner the other day;
"Papa, did any one living now see
George Washington?"
"I cannot say positively that any ono
now living did," replied the parent, "bul
your grandfather did. and your groat
grandfather fought with Washington ill
iho Continental arm** during the war of
•lhe Itovolution."
The little girl sighed deeply nnd al-
insist cnusiid her father to suffer a tit of
apoplexy when she continued: "Why,
papa, I thought Washington belonged tc
another world. Vou know what I mean.
Unit lie lived before the world was de
itii'fod bi water."—Cleveland World.
•.sslloil   IIIm.
Hnllwny Official (iintcllng Incog, on
bis own line)—They say there lins been
•"ine fault found  with the lamps on
then   trains.     l»o  "foil   see  anything
•' Wrong with them?
I'.'i.iKi'iiger— No, sir. On the contrary, they lire oxnttly the kind of
Iflmpl  I   Ilk,' 10 see used.
Il.nlujiy    (lllti-lill    (highly    plellsodV-
I piesiiitio ymi an' n professional man]
Passenger—Yea, sir.   1 am an oculist— London Kua.
Failure   is   ono of thc things that
i"u spoiled by success.
Is Uric Acid in lhe blood.
Unhealthy kidneys are the
cause of the acid being-
there. If the kidneys acted
as they should thev would
•train the Uric Acid out
of the syitem and rheuma-
tiim wouldn't occur. Rheumatism Is a Kidney Disease. Dodd's Kidney Pills
have made a great part of
their reputation curing
Rheumatism. So get at
, „.. ttie causi of those fearful
shooting pnlns and stiff,
aching joints. There ui
but one} sure way—
Why   Be  Spends  So   Mncls   Atteutlun
and Mon. y sin 111* Heitdirear.
"While on a train in .Mexico on my Inst
trip to the country of the Aztecs u young
American lady upon whose astonished
gaze wns flashed for the "rst time the
fearfully and wonderfully made sugar
leaf Mexican hat, which is the first out
of the ordinary object that greets the
tourist's eyes after ho crosses the Rio
Grande, asked me why Mexican men of
all classes spent so much money upon
the covering for their heads and appear
ed to take such evident pride in the great
wide brimmed, high, conical ciov.iiimI
shelter from the tropical heat and sun,"
said a hat drummer to a reporter.
"Them»ln reason why the Spaniard uinl
the Mexican devote so much attention,
time and money to their hats is beodusi'
it is to some extent made the symbol ol
their standing in tho community ami because it was the grandees of Spain who
of all others at court possessed the privilege of sitting or standing lu the presence
of their sovereign with their hats un
while the rest of the court uncovered.
"Naturally the hai became an object of
respect and veneration, and the grandees
vied with one another in the size ul' thet*
brgln covering, the fineness and costliness of its texture anil the rich gold nnd
silver ornamentations profusely worked
I hereon. The populace, according to
their respective moans anil position in
life, emulated the example of the gran*
ds'os, and thus as titiis* advanced the big
hat became tho distinctive feature of the
dress of tho Spaniard, as the mantilla
corresponded on the bond of the senoritfl
.ind the sonora.
"The lime was when n Mexican placed
his hat and his horse before all his world
ly possessions, spending us much ns fdOC
to $1,000 for u gold trimmed, embroider.
od hat and as much more for his heavy
saddle aud bridle all trimmed with silver,
nnd this passion is strong today. The
higher classes of Mexicans have alum
tinned tho sugar loaf hat for city wear
for tho European stylo, as thoy have
adopted long ngo our ideas on clothes.
though every Mexican gentleman has his
native esistiimc, with its gaudily em
brotdered short jacket and Hating trou
Sen and hat to match, to be worn when
the occasion demands.
"The other class, s cling to the sugar
loaf lint, made principally of a straw of n
fiber peculiar to the country or of felt.
ornamented with gsslsl and silver cord, ac
cording to the means of the wenror, oi
perfectly plain nnd cheap. Thoy look oil.!
to us, thess* Mexicans in their white,
loose shirts nnd trousers, standing iill.v
about in their sunlit adobe cities as tin
train speeds ou to the capital, and a pic
turesauc lot they'truly arc."
And   I'ncle   Sam's   PoMolTlce   Oflli-iit:.-
Promptly  Hs-s-lliis-sl   IIIk Dlusssler.
One of the worst cases of masculine
portidy in regard t's mailing letters yet
hoard by tbo writer was brought to bo;
notice a few days ago. Tho woman in
the case is a confiding creature, else she
never would bavo in:rusted this particular man with six epistles of greater o*
loss importance. Not that this man i-
uny more thun his fellows iu the matte:
of absontmindeilness. for be isn't, but In
wns going away iu tho morning, and th.
woman knew it.
Well, he wont, nnd be took the letters
with hiin. When ho reached Pliihuli'l
phia, he put his band in his pocket, and
there were the six bine envelopes staring
up at him reproachfully.
Then the man grew frightened. Visions of nn enraged goddess and of a superfluity of words haunted blm and sent
him Hying into n drug store for Stamps'
iusiuuter. After be had mailed tho mis
sivos. however, he continued cnlinly on
his way, entirely unconscious that nl
least three of tbo envelopes were address
ed to So-and-so, ut such a number,
Of course the "town" didn't mean Phil
adelphla; it meant Baltimore, aud hero's
where the Sherlock Holmes quality of
Uncle Sam's posioHice people came in.
for I hey ferreted out (bis fact almost im
mosliately, and every single oue of thotM
notes wns delivered in Baltimore only i'i
hours lute.
Now, the woman would never have
known how narrowly her messages to hoi
friends escaped finding a long resting
place in tho dead letter ollice if one of bei
correspondents had not sent her envelopi
back to her nil eovereil with hieroglyph
lea and red tnpo.
The woman showed it to the man. of
course, being human, but the readers
must applaud her moderation when they
hear that all she said to that abashed
culprit was, "You might have road ovel
tho addresses before you mailed them,"
for it was provoking of him, now, wasn't
Carina; a llls*oonith.
Mr. Smitlikiu had hoard that a sure
cure for a hiccough was a severe fright.
One evening, looking nf his fireside
nflor lUpper, he was taken with a hiccough, which COUtTqued in spite of nil his
efforts to shock It.
Presently ho got up suddenly from bis
chair ansl called out In nlnrm to Mrs.
"I've lost my watch! I've lost my
Mrs. Smithkln hnstcned Into the room.
"John, donr," snid she. "whnt do you
mean? Why, you haven'l done any such
thing. Hero's your watch all right in
your waistcoat pocket."
"Don't you think I know that?" snid
Mr. Smithkln. "1 wns just giving myself a severe fright, you know, to stop
tho hiccough."
Aaarnvsitlssa the Offense.
Tlie absurdity of many of the common
forms of speech conn's upon us nt times
with something like a shock.
A man who was making his way Into
n crowded omnibus with considerably
more   haste   than   was   necessary   trod
roughly upon the toes nf a woman passenger.
She  uttered  an  oxi'lamalion  of  pain,
ami he stopped long enough to say:
"I beg a thousand pardons, ma'am."
"Tho original offense was had enough,'
she replied, "without asking me to issue
n thousand pardons for it.   i win grant
you just one pulsion, sir."
There was ti general titter ns lie sat
down, nnd he did not stop on anybody's
Iooh when he went out.—Youth's Oom'
p anion.
How It Wns Pone,
Froslileigh—Pray, how did you become
Ossified Man—In my youth I was nice
and soft like yon. When I grow up nnd
realised what a cruel world this ia I mm
•ame bardeuetV
Mr. William Oray, s.f Newmarket, Tells
How He Hecunie Hale and Hearty at
the Advanced Age of Seventy After
Having Snlli-reil Great Torture From
Sciatica and Rhessusatlsm.
From the Express,  Newmarket,  Ont.
Mr. William liray, who is .veil end
favorably known in the town of Newmarket and vicinity, is rejoicing' over
his release from the pains cf sciatica
and rheumatism through the use of
Ur. Williams' Fink Pills. A reporter
of the *1.0.xpre»s called upon hint for
the purpose of obtaining particulars
of the cure whem Mr. (irny gave the
following story for publication :—
"About, two and a half years ago !
was seizi'd with a very severe attack
of rheumatism. The pain was simply
torturing. At times the trouble was
seated in my knees, then in my hips.
For nearly a. year i suffered along,
•working as best, I could, In the hope
of being able to overcome i no disease. During the day tho pain was
less severe, but at night it was just
as bad as ever. To increase my torture I caught a cold, which resulted
in an al tacit of sciatica in my right
leg. If f walked a short distance I
would be seized by sharp pains in the
hip and in time I becamo a used up
man; my appetite failed me, and I
could not ri'Ht at night on account of
the pain. I tried one medicine alter
another without avail. I also consulted doctors with no better result.
I was beginning to think that I was
doomed to sufTer the rest of my life
when one day a friend strongly advised me to try Ur. Williams' Pink
Pills. I took his advice and procured
a supply of the pills and began taking ths-ni according to directions.
Before the third box was finished I
noted a change for the better, so 1
continued the use of the pills till I
hud takon ten or twelve boxes when
my trouble had entirely disappeared.
To-day I am free from pain and (eel
that life is worth living, even at tho
ripe old age of seventy. 1 ran now
do a day's work with many men who
are twenty years younger than I. I
i hank (Jod for my restoration to
health through the agency of Dr.
William's Pink Pills, and I trust
other similar sufferers will give them
a trial, for knowing what these pills
have done for mo I am sure that
they cannot fail boing as beneficial to
others  similarly   alllicted.
If the blood is pure and wholesome
disease cannot exist. The reason
Dr.Williams' Ping Pills cure so many
forms of disease is that they act di-
rs'ctly upon the blood and nerves,
thus reaching the root of the trouble.
Othe medicines act only on the symptoms of the trouble, and that is tho
reason the trouble always returns
when you cease these medicines. Dr.
Williams' .Pink Pills make permanent
cures in kidney troubli*s. rheumatism.
erysipelas, anaemia and kindred dis-
eass's. Hut be sure you get the genuine which bear the full name Dr.Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People on
the wrapper around tho box.
Two Was-" »f Telling- It.
Once upon a time a king in his sleep
dreamed that all of his teeth fell out
before him, one by one.
He summoned a soothsayer and asked blm to interpret lhe dream.
The soothsayer snid, "O king, the
meaning of thy dream Is thnt thy family and relatives shall die In thy presence, one by one, till nil are gone."
The king was very angry at that and
Bent the soothsayer nt once to prison.
Then he scut for another soothsayer
and again asked for an interpretation
of the dream.
The soothsayer made answer. "0
king, the Interpretation s>f thy dream
Is that thy family und relatives shall
die. sine by oils', and thou thyself shall
outlive tbem nil."
With this answer the king showed
approval ami commanded that a present lie given to lhe Interpreter, aud
that be should In- *»si home with
Took  Nation.
He was a station hand In from a
litre* mom lis' spell of work, iluring
Which lie luld tasted no oilier meat
than mutton; also he stuttered lutilly
Ills eves fairly leaped at the stuffed
turkey Ofl the hotel dinner table,
'hough the boiled mutton made him
S.ilsl the hi>st. "Whnt will you try,
tir, Straps';"
I'agerly, "I'll t-try a b-blt of t-t-t"-
I'lii' word floored him. Again, "li-give
ii nie a 11 -little lit'- Then, red lueeil
Hid slisgiisis'il: "oh. h-liiing It! Give
no ms mis* li -humming mutton! I h-bute
it Inn   I  can nss say  It, anyhow."
There never wns, nnd never will be, s
universal panacea, In one rcnu'dy, for all ills
to which flesh is heir—Ihe very nature of
ninny curatives being such that were the
germs of other nnd differently seated diseases rooted in the system of the patient—
what would rcliovo one ill in turn would ug-
gniviste the other. We havo, however, In
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
uiiiidiilli'rati si still/', a remedy fur ninny and
grievous ills, By Its gradual snd judicious
uss' the frailest (systems are led Into convalescence and strength by thS influence which
Quinine exerts on nature's own restorativea.
It rolls'ves (he drooping spirits of those with
whom n chronic state of morbid despondency and lack of Interest in life Is n disease,
anil, by tranqullizing tht nerves, disposes to
Bound and rofruddng slee|i— Imparts vigor
to the notion sif tho blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout the veins,
strengthening tho healthy imimul functions
of the system, thereby making activity a
neeoHiiHry result, strengthening the frame,
und giving life to tlie digestive organs, which
naturally demand Increased substance— result, improved npiiotlto. Northrop st Lyman,
of Toronto have given to thu public their
superior Quinine Wine nt the usual rule, nnd,
gauged by tho opinion of scientists, this
wins, approaches nourusst perfect ism of nny in
the market.    All druggists sell lt.
Iti'-trotrn!   ItenslnlHConro.
Aunt Itas-hel—Mainly, what - Uie iron
life between you ami Mr. llanklnsunV I
haven't seen him lisTs* for several . von
' Miss Mondy—lie seemed to he get tine.
a little too Confidential the other nighl
auntie, aud I told inui to take his ami
Auut Rachel—Woll. ho did, didn't he?
Miss ilansly—Yes. he took it clenr oul
of the houss*. and lie hasn't hoeu hns'li
with it since.—Chicago Tribune.
Edward   VII   has   Wilt ten   poetry—tut
private circulation
Queen Henrietto of Belgium, who hai
been suffering from ocute bronchitis, is
The Empress Frederick thinks that
there is no perfume In Ihe world which
ot'unls that of the best eau de cologne.
The boy king of Spain sent an impulsive letter to the Prince of Wales a short
time ago promising his sympathy and
support in nny difficulty. His change of
estate must present this incident with
new interest to Edward VII.
Tlie prince regent of Bnvniin collsjctcd
the pitchers nut) vessels of peasants of
Bavaria during the middle ages. He has
but one superstition, which is to hunt
on Friday. His grandfather, the spirited King Louis 1 of Bavaria, wns nn insatiate collector of old umbrellas.
The German emperor has often proved
that he is not in the least afraid of risli-
eiile, and surely never mine so, remarks
The Sketch, than whs a lus allowed himself, as be did the other ,i,i;.*. to be photographed in full hunting s'lixtume, holding
iu one hand n cigar, while ihe other is
ensconced in a baudsomi furry muff.
Hinanl's Liniment Cores Garget ii Cows.
The m*.i» who sleeps on his rights
may expect to be disturbed by a
Salt may be a great cure, but
there are some spoiled people whom
it will not save
Cholera and all summ r complaints are so
qnien in their action th ,t the cold hind of
death i- upon the victims before they are
uwuro that dang, r is near. If attacked do
not delay iu getting lhe proper medicine.
1 ry a closse of Dr. A. O. Kellogg's Dysentery
Cor.iial, and you will get immediate relief.
It ucts with wonderful rapidity and never
fa.Is to effect a cure.
A sober man when drunk is as stupid as a drunken man when sober.
The letter  "e"   is  the beginning of
every ond and the end of every one.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, as thoy cannot reach the
diseased portion of the ear. There la only oue
way to cure deafness, and that ia by constitutional remerlien Deafneas is caused by an in-
llained condition of the mucous lining of ths
Kustuchlan tube. When this tain- gelH Inflamed you have a rumbling sound or imperfect
hearing, and when lt is entirelv cksseu deafness
ia the result, and unless the inflammation can
t>c taken out and thia tube restored to ita normal condition, hearing will be destroyed for-
ever| nine oases out of ten are ciiiimssI by cv
t.-irrh. which ia nothing but an lnfl.imed condition of the mucous surfaces.
We will give One Hundred Poll irs for any
com of Deafness (caused l.y catarrh) that can
not be cured by Hall's ('ai.srrh Cars. Send for
circulars, free.
F. J CHENEY & OO., Toledo, 0.
Sold by Druggist', lbC
Hall's Famu> ?llls are the best
Nothing    ressuubles    yesterday     so
much as tomorrow.
The  pac* lhat  kills  is not   the  puce
of  the  messs-nger  boy.
The wise man gives words,  but  he
keeps his  thoughts  to himself.
Minard's Liniment Cures DiikiMa.
Lots of women will give up easy
jobs anil good salaries for the sake
of working all the rest of their livs*s
for their board and clothes.
—These significant words were used in regard to Dr. Thomas' Ecleotric Oil by a gentleman who had thoroughly tested its inn its
in his own caise—having been cured by it of
lameness of the knee of three or four years'
■binding. It never fails to relnovu soreness
ns well ss lameness, and is sn incomparable
pulmonic nnd corrective,
Itiitli empire ami princess effects will be
conspicuous among evening gowns formed of delicate or diaphanous fabrics.
Heavy, lustrous, innlrcd brocades In
lovely monochromes, like opal grays p"l-
est tea rose, sea greens inn! Persian
mauve, are once more in vogue.
Very fashionable stock collars are made
of white sntin ribbons, with tiny lini's of
gold braid put mi si Intervals, su- those <>f
black bene mi a little loop held with a
■mall colli or jewel button.
Silver pointed fox fur which is liberally
sprinkled with Ion,.* white hair is one of
the number of comparatively Inexpensive
furs which are used this winter for neck
scarfs and large dlrectoire muffs.
Hip yokes formed nf tne skirt fabric
laid iu tucks or of Insertion nud puffed
bands, arabesque braiding or applique
patterns laid over the entire yoke will he
ii feature of summer dress skirts of silk,
light wool nnd nil transparent or semi*
transparent materials.
Among tho minor elegances of the winter costume nre the small pelerines and
Helm shaped collets of sable, sealskin,
grebe, baby lamb, chinchilla and very
dark mils'. .. -en otter, some of one fur
alone, oihius combined With a contrast
ing pelt, 'in.! enriched with appliques,
points mui medal lions of very expensive
passel     i N i ie.
In '' ..-t of exclusive opera atal oilier
even.. ..rnps nre long, stately uninients
of ctcsiiii white officers' cloth witli a   vol-
vs'ty surface trimmed with bands or
elaborate appliques of Hlhtree gold em
broideries or sliver ami ipaugles in palm,
scroll or bowknoi designs, They ure
lined with gobi colored satin, and the h'll
sleeves   and   cn'ic   e"llars   are   s|cganl)|
It  Tisita.
"I'm thinking nliom thnt lodger of
ours." the In ml lord remarked to his
"About ivIiih'.'"
"He pays I !s ivnt so punctually 1
think   I'd   inner   raise   ll  ou   blm."
is  Perfect Because   it is  Pure, Wholesome,
Clean,  Delicious.
It reaches you in its natural state.    Prussian Blue, Soapstone, etc, are
mot used, sua in other teas, to hide  defects.   It has none.
A free sample of delicious SALADA Tea sent on receipt of
postal mentioning which you drink—Black, Mixed or Green
Tea.    Address "SALADA," Toronto or Montreal.
A theory is not necessarily bad because it is not practical. Even the
finely spun theory is something to
bhiak about.
Severs3 colds are easily cured by the use
of Uicklc's Anti-Consumptive Syrup, a medicine of extraordinary penetrating und healing properties. It is acknowledged by those
wh.. have used it ns being the best medicine
sold for coughs, colds, inflammation of the
lungs, and all affections of the throat and
ch Ht. It* agrenbleness to the last- mskea it
a favorite with ladies and children.
If you are in the right keep a stiff
upper lip and time and circurnRtnn-
e*H will prove it.
In the course of time men may advertise for pensions and offices in the
"want"  columns.
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Where one man lives by the sweat
of his brow, two mee live by their
The path of duty may be rough,
but the conscientious mortal findsa
tlie stones soft to his feet.
lUOVrt.^ft,    FACiuBY, Montreal
l.olli Were Sssriiri»s-sV.
The third time I chauged ears nt Ihe
rlornellsvlllo Union railroad station
.aid lunched at the little •.'i-illtooiu just
up the struct the jolly little propriei i
recognized me tis a regular patron and
• lid bis best to entertain uie while my
special pot of coffee was coming to a
"Notice that fellow who just went
,jut:" be asked, chuckling contentedly
10 himself.
I hadn't noticed particularly, but I
knew it would be disconcerting to admit, so I nodded encouragingly, says a
writer in the New Yuri; Herald.
"Well." he continued, "that's .litu
Smith —Loffg Jim Smith they call
him*—conductor of the Brie, and, say.
he's laying tor me. Greatest practical
joker ynu ever saw. Always getting
rigs on me, ami I never coiihl Ret back
■ ii liim until hist week, ami then I was
about ns much surprised as he was.
"I was coming down the street, and
saw a crowd gathered around some Salvation Army slugcrs. Long Jim was
away on the edge of the crowd, standing on bis tiptoes so lie could see over
Ihe beads of the rest. He hail bis
back to rue, and. atlcklng out from under bis arm. was a hi-r bag of lemons.
I saw my chance, and I sneaked (inlet-
ly behind him, hauled oti nud gave
tbat bag of ll mens an awful swipe
wiilt tny cnue." |
Here the little man went off into an
uncontrollable lit of laughter over the
lie laughed till his sides shook and
tears ran down his face. I waited till
he had quieted down.
"Well?" I queried. "Scattered the
lemons all about, 1 suppose?"
"Scattered! Ho. ho, ho. He! III.
ul. hi! ilel Hum! Well. I should say
<o.   Hut tbey wasn't lemons; they was
Happy is the mortal whose lis 1»y
star dartles some bright color.
You may rub some people until
there is only a grease spot left and
you cannot make them bright.
Some mortals are so selfish that,
they fancy that even the Almighty
delights to give them the advantage.
In his Veoktabli Pills Dr. Parmelee has
given to the world the fruits of long scientific research in the whole realm of medical
science, combined with new and valuable
discoveries never before known to man. For
Delicate ado Diiiui.itated CoNBTmmom
I'armeiee's Pills net like a charm. Taken in
small doses, the effect is both a tonic and a
stimulant, mildly exciting the secretions oi
the body, giving tone and vigor.
Mrs.   Nation    is certainly hard on
party  politics.
Do    not    jostle a man when ke is
In order to prove himself self-
made, man Is willing to admit that
his ancestors were monie.vs.
Minard's Liniment Cores Colds. Etc
Many a successful man begins at
the top of the ladder and goes down
—when he has business in the cellar.
A few weeks spent in the average
boarding house will convince almost
any man that he ought to have a
home of his own.
After the people make up their
minds to wocship a man or woman,
he or she is at liberty to say and do
whatever he or she pleases.
Brass Band
Instruments*, Drusssa, Uniforms, Etc.
Lowest isi-ices ever quoted. Kiue catalogue
500 lilustr.it ions mUled free. Write u-s for any
thing In Music or Msials-stl I instruments.
Whaley Eoyce & Co., **%&§&]S*n
Srice list of new and second-hand wheels,
pecial discount to denlers. We nlso want
your repair work. Send repairs in now before the ru-sh. We give special and prompt
attention to country orders. Andre Arme
sfe Cycle Co., Winnipeg. Successors to Hys-
lop Bros.
WHEELER A WILSON sewing machines
Rapidity. Saves about one dny in three.
Quietness nnd durability without noise or wear
General utility,   beat for all kinds of » ork.
241 Portage Ave., Winnipsg.
Do Not Trifle
with danger—and remember
every cough or cold means
will cure vour cough or cold
at once. It will heal and
strengthen your lungs. It i:;
a safeguard for you always.
Take it at the first indication
of a cough or cold.
Rav. Ms. Phtton ol Toronto writes : " I
mi-si two bottlei of Shii.hm anil tskepie.if.siie
in Tccoinms-nsJiiiK it. These is nothing like It
for couts-h, throm and l'ni>: trouble.
Shiloh ■Consumption Cure Is hi.Ill i,v ull
droggUta In I'Miasia uml Unlti'si Slisies at
■So. AOc Sl.llO a bottle. lis limit Itrlluin
at (a. Ssl., tis. 3il. Hint 4s. (1.1. A pilot-.I
guarantee t*i>e*s svllh every bottle. 11 Jr.. .
are not satisdeil go to your slruKgisst unsl
get your money back.
Write for illustrated bs**,k on (Vsnmiiupiion. Seal
without cost to you.   S. C Wells A Otk, Toronto.
United States Cream
Ferfect skinuncrs. Light running
and easiest to wash. Will siutlsisl
two of almost all competitors. All
round the most. servics*ablo sind best
viiltio. Everything needed in the
sJniry kept. Write for catalogue*"
iSliiptns'nts  of fresh butter  wanted.
Wm. Scott, ^"WHn'm,^-:"""-
Active. Energetic Aents to represient the
Old London Mutniil Firo Insurance Oo. ot
Canadu. Established 1859. Largest business
of any Oiinudiun company in Canada. General business done on premium, note and
cash plans. Good agents can control the
insurance of their district with this company.    Apply lo
General Agent, Winnipeg.
ki ATDIUnSsll Al -Gentlemen wishing
itlMI nlmUniHL   to correspond with
or iimrry eiistom ludiis enclose stamp for
particulars.   Thc Pilot, Winnipeg.   Box 619.
to send your orders large or small to
PAUL SALA W Wines, Liquors
Winnipeg, Man., *.<0 Main Street.
Pur* Nttl-rc Tort fur lnvillrii, fit} pai (tl., f j •*»
Uut. I" ities.
Beat Whiikey. %%75 ll, f? $0 per ftl., ft, I7.1i, f*
dui, buttles.
I1V1 Plants post nils I for tl.   send for uut
W.  N.   U.  .'II.I
-. »w :-*«. i
■ •«.;   *- v
I     -" ■'*'.'.
•■'". >
I    >mV
I'ji 1
.    1
•I I    I
v ■ I
C. E. Smituerinqaui, Editor and Prop,
SLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C.
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
the first insertion and 5 cents a line each
•subsequent ineertiou.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each. '
Transient advertisements atBaine rates
as legal adve.tising.
Locals will he charged 10 cents a line
dor each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is %2 per year, strictly in advance; f'2.50 a year if not so paid.
AddresB all letters to—-
Slocan, B.C
Fishing is fairly B°od ilt Pvesent .
Tho water in the creek and lake is
on the rise.
There is a steady demand ior res!
dencesin the town.
Smallpox is reported to have bro
ken out at Phoenix. ,       ~--
1    A York & Co. are sporting a nobby  SWCAN,
looking delivery wagon. |. . «
A R Bolderston is having an addition built to bis residence.
Georffe Creech has  sold  out bis
l shoe store at Sandon to 1  Brown.
1    D.J.Hobertson&Co.,Sando"s*u-e
opening a funuture store at Nelson*
E. l'ietcher, sister of Mrs. Tom Armstrong, to P. Johnson, the event to
take place at Three Forks last even-
^r^^n^Ti^ Supplies
 *„*.* A- -P^noooR. chewing and sinoKinf", w» ,, .,d  kept jn
« „.unnwin, *A-sc
Provincial Land Sur
veyor & Mining
Trail is seeking incorporation and
its committee think so much of the
-Slocan bill that they have copied it
■exactly, word tor word.
The idea of government ownership
of smelters and refineries, which was
-advanced in the legislature by li. F.
•Green, is meeting  with  favor  in
•every section of thc province.
——-   ',■''
A   resolution   was    unanimously
-adopted by a mass meeting of the
citizens at Vancouver, on Tuesday
night, favoring government construe,
tion of all railroads. The intelligence
of the Terminal City people is to be
commended. ^^'"■"■"■■■••■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ssiW
Rev. J. A. Wood, Kaslo, preached
in the Methodist church here Sunday
The C. P. R. has reduced freight
rates between the Okanngan and
W. E. Boie left on Monday for
pleasure trip to St.   Paul and Mil
A. B. Dockateader, of Cody, will
have charge of the census in the Slo
can riding.
Mike Gillis has gone back on an
extended trip to his old home in
Cape Breton.
Many inquiries are being made for
local real estate and numerous sales
will be made.
The crop of green displayed last
Sundav in honor of St. Paddy was
very limited.
A court of revision of the voters'
■" -■- -«sn hn held at
Alex! Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
AU the Latest Works.
Teamsters &
General Draymen.
Boarding Stables; Saddle Horses ior
Hire at Reasonable Rates.
Wood and  Coal for Sale.
Agency for the Gait Coal Co.,
Orders for Coal to be accompanied
by cash and left at the Office:
Full Stock of Stationery,
Toys and Novelties.
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, " "   •
We  have  just  received a
large shipment of
from D. M. Ferry's celebrated Seed House. We sell at
Eastern Prices.
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
the Miner's Tailor, is the place,
tne  JBUW Guaranteed.      We use cly Al.
For a Nice ****^^SU * ** **
MAIN STREET, SLOCAN.        Three Ders South of P^fflee.
B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at tho
shortest Notice. ^T~
Saddle and Pack Horses (or
hire at reasonable rates.
New Carpets
and Oilcloths.
In the great fight  for railway favors at Victoria, the fact, has come to     a court oi |C,„,„	
the front that bona fide companies list  of  the  Slocan will be
•can build roads without bonuses when Kaslo on May 6.               ^^^^^
pushed to it.   Then, why could not Slocan sent up a number of repre-
the  government  build  and   equip sentati'es Saturday to St. Patrick'a
railways,  with all the resources of concert, at Silverton.
the countrv at its back ?      • Miss Livingstone, of Nelson,  has
' been visiting  this week   with  her
Finance Minister Turner, on be- friend' Miss Be,mett                          _
halfoftheprovincialgovernment.has , W.  T. Shatford,  of  Vernon,  has                              J^^^irsssjsjssjsssj
promised redistribution after the cen- ^^S^™*'^ *™lture,   CrOCkery,   GlaSS"
sus is taken.   Premier Dunsmuir's      _ ,        ....               , .                           wiva atp    &tr
•   - .-_•_.. i,„,„„„OP      Johnny Harris has won his case                 wait, civ.., civ,.
against mayor Pitts of Sandon, over 	
'***K"""' D. D. ROBERTSON
Just Arrived.
Ottawa Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Di
vision   of  West Kootenay  District.
Where located:—On tbe north side
of Springer creek, about five miles
from Slocan Citv.
TAKE NOTICE that we, William It.
Clement, free miner's certificate B2ti88l>;
Christian F. Wichmann. free  miner's
certificate B26764, and WinslowE. Worden, Free Miner's Certificate No. 1121)71)4,
•intend, sixty days from  the date hereof,
to applv  to the Mining Recorder for a
ceitilicate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown j-rant of the
above claim. ,
And further take notico that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificate of
Dated thiB 5th dav of February, luCl
8-2-01. W. R, CLEMENT
I l.iilst Vlklsig isrssl New I'lliu-nix I'rui'tloiiisl
Mineral Claims.
Half a carload of Steel
Ranges and Heating
Stoves. Call and see
our display before purchasing elsewhere.
Dealers in General Hardware,
MAIN STREET,        •       SLOCAN
AgentT^Tcrow'sNestDomesti^ —^^ cal.
sus is utucu.       Dunsmuir
private organ, the Colonist, however,
•does not want a basis of population
to enter into the scheme.   It would
place the mainland too much in thc
Beyond the placing of machinery
for the manufacture of beet sugar on
the free list, there will be no tinkering with the Dominion tariff this
year. Commerce demands stability
in that respect, so as to promote the
"''       -*•«.     fit-ran sr> IV
il^aillai, .•!,._. ...
some realty in that burg
Jas. Wilks has organized a union,
with a big membership, among the
workers at tho Northport smelter.
Service will be held In St. Paul's
churc i next Sundav, morning and
evening.   C. Arthur Mount, vicar.
Something new and fashionable—a
full assortment ot embroideries. Just
what are wanted.   Bennett & Co.
During the last 16 months the San
fl. rCliRTIS,
,*-***□ Bl-sTT-1—i
least six months at a time.
It is a pleasing duty to chronicle
the settlement of the affairs of the
Chapleau, which took place Wednesday. A great relief is experienced
by local business men, while a more
confident feeling has been imparted
to mining circles. There is not a
cloud on the horizon in this section
and everything points to a  lively
Through the efforts of the opposition, a vote was taken in the legisla-!
tare last week on the advisability of
I adopting the referendum in British
.Columbia. It was defeated, of course,
but thc vote was sufficiently strong
-to demonstrate that this prominent
•   '• ••       -.:....;..I..   iu   nnt  without a
"■ ""*" "--r—,.— -      ,_ Duringtno last, io iiiuuvi
progress ofthe country.   Even so B. don hospital treated 151 patients, with
C. requires a mining law that shall only one death. An excellent record.
"be  immune  from  tinkering for at     Dr. Forin holds a commission as a
^^^™ coroner for the entire province,   lli-
is the only appointment on the lake
A one-man   show,  with   moving
pictures of the (Queen's funeral, utilized the Music Hall, Saturday evening.
The Cooks and Waiters Union
wants their fellow laborers to stay
aw»v from Phoenix, as the camp is
full up.
John Allan had his hip dislocated,
and received some bruises, by an accident in the American Boy mine
last week,
Mines,   Real Estate,
ance, Accountant.
Abstracts    of   Titles
--lis   ngv,n,
We have an elegant line of spring
and summer goods on display. Best
quality and prices reasonable, Bennett & Co.
Chas: McCullough died in the Sandon hospital last week, lie was only
21 and had been in the country but
and L
Plans and Specifications furnished I
•application.     Estimate!
cheerfully given.
.to demonstrate that this proiBinani i   few month8g
socialistic principle is not without a T,riindon waterworks has been
large number of supporters In the        jmo _h       ,1[f..lini  ,,•, ,*,. having
province.   It is also satisfactory toj^,, B Couple of frozen places aim
note that B. F. Green, thc local mem-
.ber, was one of those who voted for
Slocan,     -._
NOTICE i» herein 8ive» tb»' &•$
"*-*•*.*      ..... i :...„.„    lis  am ■! v to tin
Situate In tlie Sloean City Minina Pivi-
slon  «f  West  Kootenay   District.
Where located :— North nf Bpringer
creek, about two miles  from Slocnn
City, adjoining the Nsney   llanke
and Peerless Mineral Claims
TAKE HOTICE that I, W S. T)r wry,
actio,-  as  agent  for  George 11. Aylanl,
free minei's certificate No. B38817, intend, sixty diivH from the date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Uecorder   or certificates ot improvements, for the purpose
o(obtaining a Crown Grunt of each of
tlie above claims.
Anil further take notice that action,
tuislcr section 87, must lie commenced
before the issuance of such certificates of
llited this 14th day of March, 1.-01.
15-3-01 W.8.DREWRY
Viking I'liss'tliiis Mini-nil CUIiss.
I Situate in the Slocan  City Mining Division of tlu* West Kootenay District.
Where located:—North of Springer
oreek, slintu tWO  miles  from SUicitn
Citv, adjoining   thu   tianov Hunks
ami Oolsl Viking Mineral Claims.
TAKE NOTICE that l,W. B. Drewry,
acting   as   agent   for  George   Header-
son, Free Miner's Certificate No. B2d7*M),
intend, sixty davs Irom the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Uecorder for certificates of Improvements! for the purpose of obtaining Crown grants of tlie |
above claims.
And further take  notice that action,
| under section .17, must  ho commences!
Iiefore tbe issuance of such certificates oi
Dated this 21st slay of March, lttOl,
22-8-01 W.S. DREWBY!
Want a Home ?
Then come to Slocan, for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth    of   ours.     Levelness,
Room, Scenery, Health, Fishing, Hunting.Iloads, Railway
Steamboats, Churohes, Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
Enterprising Citizens are some
ofthe advantages enjoyed by
this Town, backed up by Unsurpassed andProvenMineral
Resources.   Nature and Han
hath decreed that
Slocan is
the Town
NOTICE is hereof *•■»*■■■ •*■?« -r*v*
•raterwor*. „•« T •■, ,la*vs after date I intend  to W » ^
_  „. „rr....„ .puVlnto"shape atrain,   th *;*■ havinfj (*llief (.v---"«--°« «*"l"""IWo
■t^   l      -l™«      .. i;   l'.,,.| , .r\-    to    I ..«!.,    -I"   r....w^»,    TslsseS'K anil t fnr   A   HI
lt is also natiKlatioi.v   to  ucen tt couple
_ _        ..   .__.. ' two burst pipes
.Its adoption.
II    CSlUVIsSSVlSB   Wvh   ■
In  speaking  of a redistribution and Springer creek,
measure alter thecensus is taken,the     ()n Sundav last, at the Union bos
Victoria Colonist figures it out that pital)  Dr.  Forin rcinovsd a tumor
the Americans and other nliens in the from Charley Street's neck, much to
Kootenays should not enter into the the laltcr's satisfaction
er slate 1 iuw»«» •>■ "■'' "• .V.   k
[)o,n.r,i«si..ner of Lands and Work"
fnr a ineeial license to cu   and carr>
"ay t - .ber fro... the ■<>••«'*'■•?'^j;;
-n-—n—P:^. ,    situated al "••"
D. B. McVannel will be the wrnMi** LwtOT,y fro... **h^w°*LnPrt?fflol
enumerator for this town and dis.r.e „,„, ,,„ the.JWWe »'«« (» ,Vll g»e
It embraces both slopes of tho Lemon | Bpringersndjhe soutn
„...!   Ci'lsssTlir PI'S'l'ks.
Kootenays snouiu nun sun, ....» ....
basis of calculation any more than
the Chinese and Japs o i the coast.
We, in this favored part of the p-o-
vlnce, do not consider the Asiatics a
factor in the proposition at all. but
we certainly do the Americans.   11
•- -j>. it. —„.,„..i.„ ,,
Died.-In Slocan, on March 15, the
infant daughter ol Mr. and Mrs...
Bull. Hev. 0. Arthur Mount officiated at the interment next day.
 r and tlie snmii mm ui .    ■
crs's'kn, and oomraenolng at a post plant
ed in the BOUth-WSSt oorner 01 tl.e Btiisl
hind, marked ".I. frank Collotn's S. W.
corner;" thence northerly 60 chains;
thence easterly 40chains; "thence southerly Ii0 chains; thcuce westerly 40 chains
11 point nf iie^innini;, and containing
"Hi acres more or less.
Slocan, B.O.i this Kith day of March
uv "^— —~ ■—rzr^Znu*.   lfinnnn
I  :il   H1U  IISS.S.SU,,.,,. .■ .
Bobby Allen has purchased a team
of heavy draught horses trom Joe
we certainly do the Americans,   o. i Dearin.' He is engaged tenlUM up
?-S«m*«ihtBfflKtrom l'
.tothe pioneer work of the Yankee •» Arlington.
and other aliens, and their interests!    lnvit
* . _. 1 ;<I /.i*ii t i/ni •
Invitations were, received here on
Tuesday for the. wedding of MtssM.
demand consideration.
A concerted move by the represent
ative trade boards throughout thc
province is being made upon Ottawa,
to induce thc federal government to
bonus the lead industry, as a means
of promoting mining in the west, and
make it independent, ofthe American   j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
combine.   Steel hae been bonuted in QUmft ^.i,,,^.^, Buretui,
the east and Is building up Ontario)      Tables. Chairs. Kitchen Cupboard,
,and Nova Scotia, so a precedent has
'.    ._ ...i.i:..i,..,l turn ..iwisiinii inir the
Direct Route, Unequalled Service, to
nil Points
via Soo Line to St. Paul, Chicago,
to all U. S. Points.
, I no m.*gji. ^ ■»-»..-	
A1LWAy|*l*wS & Jolmsou,
No. 6a, W. F. of H.
I    Meets every Wednesday^
-       B.0 ,n t,ho Union Hall. Slocan (**   1
1—  LDJ . m visitina brethren cordi*
Slocan,     j. * in t,no Union Han. o.v~~	
The Mnrcutt Branch 7-30 *••"•• v,8ltlnK br,thren conlilllr|
ok tiik W.C.T.U., Sux-AN, invited to attend. ^    I
Meets the second Thursday in each month J. V. PURVIANCL,
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in the Pres- President!
byterlanchurohi   All meetings open B
t6 those[Wishmgt |om
| Mas. W..LANiiiiKV>-s,
Cor. Secretary
Private Sale. JThe
No JWore
sTEArtsmp service ii Swearing.
First-Class Sleepers,   Dining
and Tourist Cars.
The Household Effects
of E. J. Felt,
.and iNova ocoisia, mi n pi-woum.*...
been established for encouruging the
development of the west. The Conservative bonus to lead was a starter,
.but tho Liberals might make its
.ecope broader nnd more, pronounced
Subscribe (or Tai" l'mi.i..
tiding  Stoves,   tioiistcaon,   nun
Tallinn, Chain. Kitchen Cnpboari
Wnrslrobe, Dishes, Kukh, etc., etc.,
will be sold by private side, btglo*
nint* on
-—~ —
Some snaps.   Terms, cash.
k A. B, Rothermel.
per annum.
from Vancouver to Cape. Nome,
Alaska Points, Australia, China.
Japan. Through tickets to and
from England and the Continent,
Por time-tables, rates, and full Information call on or address nearest
local agent, or—
Agent, Slocan City I
J. 8. CARTEH,     E. J. COYLE,
D.l'.A., A.a. P. A.
Nelson. Vancouver.
Removed. \
We have moved into oj
nandsome new store,
cor. Baker and 5tan
Streets.   Call on us.
Have installed a new machine
Z   manufacturing  Stovep Pe
andAirplpcH.   Thcygotogeth
like a charm.   Patronize borne
illcluBtry and have an unruffled
Repairing a.pecialtV and flj4
ployed.   I
and Jewelers


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