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The Slocan Drill 1902-02-07

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TOL. II., No. 4*.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   FEBRUARY   7,   1902.   *
$2.00 PER ANNUM.
Cleanliness Next to Godliness
*" * , .--. •;
We have ia stock at present time:
3 six-foot Steel Plunge Baths.
Chilffegp's Bath Tubs, all sizes.
Every home should have one and we
these cheap.  Don't wait.
Hardware Merchants.
What abont a Mackinaw or a pair ef Rubbers,
or aao.it of Underwear.   Don't forget ne.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
SIoca**-. Vernon, Fairview, and Camp MeKinncy, B. C.
A. YORK <fc CO
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
HEffeest cash price paid for
,-pii.    i ■ ■■_—
B. C.
Offers WTjT-to-date accommodation for the
Public. It Is the home of Travelling-,
Commercial, and Minin. Men.
OETHINQ & HENDERSON, - Proprietors.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
Skil. aid iftrsoial Haaagement of M Baty,
"Who is ever readf' to make life pleasant for those
who tarfj1/ within a while with him.
It reached by aay trail or road
that runs into f$e Town.
Do not go past its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
-    !! ■       . .   "'is. —
Fifth Annual Rossland
Thursday Friday and Saturday, February ao-__>i«y>3
i      ■        ■ Wn •»' ■ i
ProgmmtWiOf Sports: JBSJJSft^
ijnnior hoeki-vclianipion-iips of the province), Fivo Skating Races, Six
' 8nowshoe Races, 8kl.VtUpWand Jumping, Carnival Ifcoqperade, Cutter.
, Races for Paeert or Tfyt|***B.
Single fori* for round tafio on all rail**vs.   Ticks* on ssle February
.20, -rood to return onIvli/ii.    For programmes or mii>  Information, na-
, dress U. W..C. JACKtjO-N,%sicur> Carnival Cot^Utte, Russian-
"■•.-•'./.*'    J .'./ -s /-*•'" *
Proposed CItIc Loan Raised ta •800—
Clerk Uraatad Two Weeka Mora to
•Katn.ru Aaaeaamaist Roll-flnadajr Law
te be Strictly Knforcad.
City Council held Its regular meeting: on Monday evening, Aid. Nichol
alone being  absent.    Aid.   Barber
presented his certificate of qualifica
tion and toek his seat at the board.
Before the minutes of the last meet
lag were sl-j-n-jdr Aid. Barber pro-
t-*sted aga i nat, ct'l lecti ng I iceriwss
from ranchers fortell ing wood inj'he
citv, and wanted to givo notice of
"Aid. McCallum said it was a question of merely carrying out tbe Hy*
The minutes were then signed.
Aid. Robertson adverted to tlie.li-
cense question again and said it was
not so much tbe bylaw as it was tbe
interpretation of it.
Sundry, other remarks were made
and the subjVct dropped.
Evening World, Rossland, wanted
draft of voucher register before submitting price. Nelson Tribune had
the remains of tire one ordered and
cancelled by the old council and
would put it into shape for 124. Mat
ter left over for a week, till further
answers were received from other
parties written to.
Royal Bank, Nelson, wrote, accepting the pri-posed civic loaji ot
9600, at 8 percent'interest per year
And running three months, upon condition tbat the citv council pass the
necessary bylaw to autho-rice same;
also that the mayor and aldermwi individually and collect velv sign a
note therefor. The city wiiuld "iiej
required to pay thc lawyer'-- coj-ju in
tbe matter.
Aid. Smith inevorj the letter be re-,
-Ctrlved and filed.
Aid;McCallum would refuse te -sign
ill* note as an individual, and tne
bank- waa exacting too much.
, The mayor said if the council so
d- sired he would arrange to get the
note financed after the bjfiaw passed.
The expenses and interest, as asked
for by the bank, Would bo a heavy
charge on the loan.
Motion seconded by Aid. Barber
■t—i trarried.
The committee appointed at last
meeting to meet the board of the local hospital snd arrange prices for
treating indigent cases, reported a
price of $15 per week for general
cases aud $2;> fur confinements. Tbe
communication wus signed by D. B.
O'Neil, as secretary ofthe board.
Aid, McCallum' said Dr. Forin
would attend outside cases for the
city for $1 a day. The prices .riven
were about 25 per cent discount from
regular | rices.
AM. Robertson moved that tho report and prices be accepted. Sucoiid-
ed by Aid. Smith, and carried.
Tlie Bureau of Provincial Information, Victoria, wrote, seeking information for tho use of the government
for statistical purposes. Clerk Foley
said ho was attending to the matter
and the letter was ordered filed.
Bills presented: Bennett & Co.,
goods for a curtain, $3.15; Mrs. Tut
cher board to iudigent, $1; II. Guest,
stationery, $4.25. Ordered referred
to finance committee.
Mayor Brads, -iw reported regarding the poor family being looked
after by the city. The husband had
returned and would provide for his
family in future.
Tlie question nf the proposed city
loan was a aiu taken up,Clerk Folev
reading a copy of the required bylaw.
His worship did not think $500
would be sufficient to cover thc probable expenses or the citv, in which
Aid. McCallum concurred, the latter
holding that $1400 would bo none too
much. He then moved, seconded by
Aid. Smith, that the council do borrow $800 fsir three months, instead of
$500 as proposed at last meeting.
Aid, Barber and Robertson moved
the first reading of the loan bylaw.
It was agreed to hold special meetings each following evening, so as to
pass tho bylaw through.
Aid. Worden's notico of motion to
amend the pound bylaw, ''hanging
'date of advertising, was taken up.
(Aid. Nichel as seconder not being
present, Aid. Barber and Robertson
fathered the amendment, which was
His worship brought forward tho
question of appointing a police magistrate. Gee. Nichol and Aid. Robert-
ison had been nominated as appoin
Itees to tho police comnilssionership.
h was tho intention to enforce the
Sunday elosing law to the letter and
Ijhsj city wanted a police magistrate.
Aid. McCallum, as a stranger
among them, not knowing what the
previous council had dono in tho
matter, wanted te know if it iv»s the
intention' w, nay tho luiigistratt- out
of city funds as an extra salary. If
tiie office could not be made to pay,
he would oppose any extra salaries.
If the. .office could be made pay it
would be different.
Aid.Barber explained what the old
council bad done about the police
Iiis worship was not acting without giving the matter due thought.
Tbe magistrate would not be a drag
on the city. There wonld be no extra expense, as tbe office wonld be
attached to the city clerkship, which
was originally proposed. Mr. Foley
was willing to accept the office at
his present salary.
Aid. McCftllun* had raised thc
point merely for information,
Tbe other aldermen interlarded a
few remarks, and his worship pick*
ing up tbe strain said he could get a
man to do police duty for $25 per
month, which would be a saving to
the city over the present arrangement ef $50 per month.
Aid. McCallum thought it strange
no answer was received from the
government to the letters sent about
tho police magistrate.' Something
certainly was wrong, and it was discourteous in the department, to aay
the least.
His worship said no reply had been
received to either of the two letters
sent; and even the sitting member
had made no move in the matter.
There had been much talk of late
about enforcing the Sundav closing
law. One of the botelkeepers had
come to hia and asked that the law
be strictly enforced on all.
Aid. Smith wanted to knew If the
city had a magistrate whether they
would have to pay the keep of prisoners sent to Nelson. He wanted to
know also if thc city would have to
pey for the two prisoners sent down
a fortnight ago.
Tlie clerk held the city was not responsible for the keep of tbe prisoners, On tbe suggestion of the-conn-
cil, tlie; clerk would write tu the attorney gtsnenil for advice.
Aid. McCallnni wanted to know
whether it wns iieewssniy to re affirm
the TaTiuns eity officials to their position by the new council. The statutes were read and it was show** that
it .was ni».i>cees-wry ta ro affirm the
officials in power.
Tile validity of the clerk's bond-
was called into question, Aid. Robertson being one of the sureties He
was requested, on motion, to bring
forward the document at next meeting.
. Clerk Foley asked for two weeks'
extension fc-jr. completion of assess
ment roll. Granted, on motion of
Aid. Barber und Worden.
Aid. Worden brought up the question of appointing a regular auditor,
his remarks being supported by Aid.
McCallum. The council agreed ou
the subject, but nothing was done.
Aid. Worden said the chief of police
was in difficulties over the collection
of the dog tax, because of the mix-up
by the old council. There was dog
talk ot all descriptions for half an
hour or so. Then tbe clerk was instructed to order tiie chief of police to
bring in all the debatable receipts.
Aid.Worden wanted to know when
the finance commit'ce would meet.
Chairman Robertson said Akt Nichol
would be up in a few days and the
committee conld then meet before
tbe 15th.
Aid. McCallum did not agree with
such proceedings, and Iiis worship
ordered that io future.all committees
must report at meeting to lowing the
date the business was referred to
Council adjourned till following
night, when the loan bylaw was advanced a stage.
Tbe anniversary services at the
Methodist church Sunday were well
st tended and successfully conducted.
Rev. J. H.White, of Nelson, was the
preae>heron both occasions and his
discou-rses were most hopeful and inspiring. On Monday evening an entertainment was held in the church,
every seat i* tho building being occupied. Tlio following programme
was give"*-**. Song, Miss Bennett; anthem, the- sAoiir; song. Miss l'urdy.of
New Denver; address, "Some moulding forces.of 20th Century Civilization," Rev. Mr. White; cornet solo,
Lome rork;8ong, Mrs.Barber; quartette, Messrss Moir, Linnell, Hobbs
and Fair; song, Mrs. McKee; address,
Rev. Mr. McKee; song, Miss Purify;
address, Rev. J. 8. Pye. of Sandon.
Rev. A. E. Roberts presided at the
entertainment and gave a persuasive
money-producing talk, obtaining
numerous subscriptions to tho building fund. All told tbe combined-services netted $141.25 towards paying
off tho debt on the church.
the returns will be high, judging from
the sack assays of the owners. No
work is being done on the property
at present, as it has been tied up on a
30-day option to Pittsburg capital.
Those holding the option state they
will lift the agreement and prosecute
active development within a month.
Proaparaaa CisassHllau ar tha Company'a
W. Di Wrighter (of tha Tron Horse
mine, Ten Mile), W. 0. Jones, and
M. C. Dunne, of Spokane; W. J. Wilson, of Nelson, and Thomas McGui-
gan, of Sandon, were elected trustees
of the American Boy Mining Company, at the annual meeting of the
shareholders held in Spokane last
week. There were 1,166,201 shares
represented at thc meeting out ofthe
1,286,000 shares issued.
A resolution was introduced by A.
W. Siegel tbat no officer of tbe company shall receive any salary during
the coming vear, except tbo manager
at the mine and the secretary, and
that a report of the condition of the
mine and financial standing of the
company be printed and sent to the
stockholders quarterly. The resolution wss adopted.
The report of Manager Thomas Mc
Guigan shows 1738 feet of tunneling
and drifting, 1360 feet of raise, and
5122 cubic yards of stoping. The
mine shipped 1743 tons uf ore, netting
the company $45,962.28, or a net profit after paying all expenses at thn
mine of $5887.   Mr. McGuigan said:
"I estimate that the ore in transit
to the smelters will clear all of the
indebtedness at tha mine. Aside from
this the company has an indebtedness
of bnt $1600. With the splendid
showing in the min*' there is every
reason to believe the property ean be
made a dividend payer within the
next f«*-w months.
"There is between $50,000 and
$00,000 worth of ore in sight, and
steps are to be taken at one* to drive
tunnel No. 4, which wa estimate will
strike the same ore -abute in -hich.
we are work1ng"tn tunnel No. 3. The
tunnel to the ore chute will not exceed 120 feet in length. The pay
streak in No. 3 averages two a d a
b.ilf feet wide and assays from 75 to
SI per cent lead and 150 ounces of
silver. We have already followed
tho paystreak in No. 3 a distance of
35 feet
"The company now bas employed
at the mine a force of 22 men. Of
this number 22 are practical miners,
all of whom are taking ont ore."
. ,   aftkrmath of election.
Kditoh Dkill:
Sir,—I seo by last week's Drill
that the foreman from the Transfer
called at your office and stated he did
not discharge myself and partner for
coming down to vote at the late municipal election, but because wo stavod
down too long. For the benefit of
the public I wish to say that wo left
the Transfer after two o'clock on tlie
afternoon of election day te vote.
The foreman left tbe mine tho following morning and was in town before
noon, coming a distance of eight or
nine miles to give us our time.
C. E. Bakuick
Slocan, Feb. 3, 1902.
Lively Haeka** Match.
A pretty swift game of hockey was
played here on Friday evening between a combination team from New
Denver and Silverton and tbe local
club. Tho gamo was witnessed by a
largo number of spectators, who
whooped and yelled to their heart's
content. It was-a lively time aud
ended in a victory for the visitors by
a score of 9 guars t*7,about the same
as in tlie Sandon Slocan match. Fol
lowing were the players: J. Byrnes,
R. Thompson, W. Thompson, C. I)
McCrae, New Denver*, J. Bowes, J.
Jackson, W. Thompson,Silverton; R,
Barber, J. York, L. York, J. Piuch-
beck, 11. Perkins, Wm. Hicks, J.
Doiron, Slocan.
A Fast SarTlcs.
Ottawa T€akaa a Shlptasat.
A ss von ton shipment of ore was
made by tbe Ottawa on Monday, tho
ore going to the Nelson smelter. T.
Mulvey and F. Johnson, two* of the
lessees, accompanied tho ship-Mr:**, t to
ave***"** its saiiipling,   Ii, in (■■"•••acted
From ocean to ocean in three days
is the Ume the Canadian Pacific expects to make oarly in the spring.
Equipment for the new service will
cost tho svstcm $l,0OtA00Oand will be
supplied by builders, in tiie United
States. This service will be iu ad
dition to that formerly operated, and
tho new train will be triweekly. Tho
Canadian Pacific will cut 24 hours
from the running time, making a 72
hour schedule between Montreal and
Vancouver. The average running
time will be 40.3* ih_ch an hour. The
train will make no iVt*l st ps whatever.       	
Last year's business and receipts
at tho local railway depot were the
largest on record. January mw no
diminution iq busipess..
LssB* Tsar's Sh.lpmar-.ta Wars SSI4 Ta
A HaaitWjr Krlslenoa af tha Lira aad
Waalth of tha Caaap-Arilngtaa ta«
Blggaat gblppar.
A new shipper for the division ha*
been added to tlie list this week in
the Ottawa, which sent eat 7 tons.
Tbe only ether shipment was from
the Arlington, amounting tc 60 tons,
making 67 tons in all for tbe camp.
No oro was sent down by the Enterprise. They have laid off the or*
sorters at th* mine and are passing-
nil the ledge natter through tho mill
which, if run to full capacity, wi»
handle 5C tons a day. Ore from the*
Neepawa is .coming down freelvr
there being 15 tons now at tho landing.   It will go forward next week.
For 1900 tbe exports from this division amounted to 2*947 tons, mads*
np from 10 properties. Last vear
thc exports totalled 6529 tons, from
14 properties. Following ia a full
list of the shipments this -.car to
Copper eentinoes to strengthen in
The Besun -nine expects to ship 16
cars of ere this month.
The Ivanhoe shipped 190 tons of
coacentrates last Month.
Ore commenced coming dowu from
the Neepawa on thursday.
Tbe mines in the Sandon  camp*,
shipped out 737 tons cf ore in Jnn-f*
nr-**.    -    •   -  - •' .-» -.-,, V*-'
There were no mining records of
any description registered in tbe local office laat week.
A cave in occurred at flho Laat
Chance mine last Wednesday nnd
Alex. Fraser was killed.
Jaa. Tattersall fell down the shaft
atthe Myrtle a fow davs ago and
bruised himself considerably. «,
Sam Biercc, formerly of this place,
was seriously hurt at the Whitewater
mino a few days ago, by falling rock,
An upraise of 70 feet is being driven on tho Duplex. * A fine streak of
ore is being followed ali thc way up.
The ore sosnera at the Enterprise
have been bet eat, as practically alE
tho vein fSHing is now being run
through the concentrator.
The Slocan took np eight cars of
copper bullion the ether morning,
being the heaviest barge load yet
moved. There was upwards of 240
tons in the consignment.
Goo. Aylwin was down from Ten
Mile on Wednesday. He stated the
Neepawa was, in groat shape, with
plenty of ore ih sigbt About 15 ton*
of it was at trite landing ready for
Judge Foriru keld court in chambers at Nelson m Monday. In the*
case ef Bremner vs Arlington Mines,.
S. S. Taylor for the plaintiff obtained!
an order attaching money to the*
credit of the defendant.
Lent commences on Wednesday-
Provincial legislature is summoned
to meet on the 20th.
The big Grit convention is new ia
full swing at Va won ver.
The Cosgrovo Merrymakers arc-
again touring tbe country.
J. Shupe and family are packing
up preparatory to removing to the
Died.—In Slocan, on Feb. 5th, tho*
infant son of J. Harper. The funeral!
took place yesterday.
E. J. Coyle, assistant general passenger agent of tbe C.P.R., bas gone*
to Winnipeg to be-married.
J. Frank Collom, managing director of the Arlington, arrived in Nelson Wednesday ftom Oakland, Cal.
Alex. Rogers will have the carpenters at work next week on the building he recently purchased on Delaney ave. It will be fixed up for at
W. D. McGregor will address the-
Socialists next Sunday afternoon on
"Chronic Objections to Socialism.""
Strangers are welcome and objectors
are specially invited to take part lathe discussion.   3 o'clock sharp..
Subscribe for Tub Deux,. AN
Copyriarlit. 1901 by Thomas P. Montfort
"Wanl. If you got your mind made
up to anything:, Tap Sampson, Jest
spoilk It out." Jason said.
"I  hare pot my mind made np to
somethln, Jnson Roberts—me an Jake
both hns—'nn if you'll jest listen you
can hear what It Is." '
"I'm a-llstenin with nil my ears."
"Waal, me an Jake has agreed that
the proper thing, to do Is to arrest that
fellor at once, nn nccordiu we flgger
that Snm best jest go over thar to
Turner's tomorry an take him."
Sam gnve an uneasy glance around.
"Yes,  best Jest  nail-him  while we
can," Hicks added.   "lie mought hang
round   here  n   long  timo yit.   on   ho
mought skin out tomorry; no tollln."
"Hut." Pa in reninrksSd, "you nil ain't
flggiTln that I ort to go over by myself
to take th.it thar feller?"
"Lord '.a-massy. Sam, you ain't
a-gwine to be rifenrd of him, nre you?"
Pup nsl:i\l!'
"No-o, I iiin't nfenrd of him," Snm
replied sift**"'""* "but. I 'lovr I'd rather
have somebody go 'lo.ng of me. Thnt
nail'.' I;'.'lfd s:u- f ■•'.\er, an ! hnve a notion lie wo-.:!.'...'! hang hack much to
. drnp another J lie thought the safety
of bis neck ileiiin titled It." .
"Waal, yoti want to keep your eye
peeled an look out tlmt be don't git a
chance to drnp you."
"That's nl),right. Pap,'but you want
to hear In mind that he'll be keepln his
eyes peeled too. Feller like thnt, nil
the time spcctiii souietlrin to happen,
nln't to be kotcbed settiu round nap-
pin.   Not much be nln't."
"Mebby that's nil so, Sam, but I
wnnt to toll you thnt If I could Jest
cnll bnck 'bout 20 yearn I wouldn't be
nfenrd to try to tnke him single handed nn alone. You enn jest bet your
hide ou thnt. Lord, I wouldn't hang
bnck much to tnke my foot In my band
an put out right over thar nfter him
"Mebby you wouldn't. Pap, but for
all thnt I'd a heap rather hnve somebody 'long of me."
"Waal, hnve somebody, then, Sam.
1 rei-kou Jnson can go ns well as not."
"I fluniio," Jason repHed hastily.   "1
reckon I'm goln to.have a right smart
to do tomorry." • '
"I wouldn't be surprised you'd have
a right smart to do, Jason, If you go
after that feller. Moro'n likely he'll
iiianiigo  to  keep you  uns   busy  for
"I ain't s'feard of thnt feller, an It
ain't thnt "makes mc hold bnck, Pap
Sampson. Thar's a heap of things I'd
laid off to-do touiorry, an I cnn't flgger
out no way to fix tt so's I con git to
"Thnt won't do, Jnson; It wont nigh
do. We all know you alu't never so
crowded with work assail thnt. You
Jest go 'long of Snm", now, an don't sny
nary 'nother word 'bout It. Nobody
but a coward *u'd refuse to go, an we
nil know you nln't no coward."
After a little humming nnd hawing
Jason dually consented to go, and lt
was arranged that be and Sam should
meet nt the store and start from tlivrc.
Neither of them was very' enthusiastic
over  the-undertaking,   nnd   ns  they
walked home thnt night they both felt
In t.K'lr henrts thnt they would be (.'Ind
If thut circular had.never come.  However, they were In for It, and neither
of them.had n. thought of hocking out
So the next morning, they were nsflf
early, making prepnriitioiis to go.-They
knew Melvln mudo n practice of spending a good part of eft'eh day wandering about the country, and they wanted to get to Turner's before he left.
But ln Sam's ense there wns an Interruption that caused him a few minutes' delay,   lie was Just In the act of
mounting bis horse to start when Sim
Hanks walked up.
"Howdy, KJmY" Sam snld.
"Howdy. Snm?" Sim returned. "Fit*
III to go Willie plsao?"
"Jest goln out In the country u little
piece.   Pine mornin, ain't It?"
"Yes.   You In intichof a hurry?"
"Hlght smart.   Why?"
"1 jest wuutcd. to ask you somethln.*'
"Wanl. I got time to listen, I guess.
Whnt Is Uf
Sim hesitated for an instant. Then
he spoke slowly, his voice faltering
and bis eyes fixed eagerly on the other's face.
"I b'lleve It's a He." he began, "ever*
word of tt a pWunh p'lnt Mnnk lie, but
Mary Mann swears It's no. nn she says
you'll sayHn) same. Sur* Bays you
seen Loueesy meM that Melvln out-In
my tlniber." **
81m paused and looked nt Snm for a
reply, totot the Irilter stood with his
eyes ilxvd'ou the ground aijd reiimlui-d
silent This was not a good slgu, aud
Sim reajtecd it Trembling from bead
to foot, he-drew a little nearer to Sam
and lu a hoarse whisper said:
"Tell me, Sam, Is tt so?"
Snr.i looked slowly up and nfter sn
Instant's* pause said heartily:
"Curse Mary Mnnrit" '
"Yes, but tell toe," Sim pleaded, "Is It
■07" —  r
Sam glanced uneasily around.
"Sim," be said, "I wish you wouldn't
ask me that''
Sim's whole form drooped as though
a deadly blight hnd passed over him.
In ben« wl-iing tones he cried:
"My Opd, "Sam. you're Ullllu met
Can't you'tell me that'lt Ib not sor
Bam slowly slloo'k. his Hend.
"I'd give the world, Sim," be replied,
"If I could, but thaiM be no uso In tell*
lu you a lie."
"Then nil them words Mnry Mnnn
spoke ore true?"
"I don't know 'bout thnt. I don't
know What words she spoke."
"She said you soon Loueesy meet that
mr.'.i In tlie woods?"
"Yea, ihat's true."
"An thnt you heard tier tell him she
loved him?"
"Yes, Hint's true, too," Snm admitted
roluetnntly. Then he added more hopefully. "Rut she wouldn't let hlin tech
ber, Sim. nn she told him he must go
'way an that they mustn't never see
ench other no more."
"But she loves him," Sim cried, "an
she told him so!   Oh, my Lord!"
"Rut she's true to you, Sim, for nil
of thnt. I'd sw'nr she's as true to yon
as ever any woman was to her husband."
"I b'lleve that," Sim replied, "an I'd
kill nny man thnt dared to say she
wa'n't. Yes, Loueesy's true. No truer
woman ever lived. P*ut she loves that
ninn.   She"—
Sim's voice choked with emotion, nnd
he could sny no more. Snm enme to
hlin uud pluced his bnnd on bis shoulder.
"Sim," he said kindly, "you Just be
patient Loueesy Is not to hlnme, for
people cnn't help their feelln's. You
Just wait, nu that Melvln will soon be
cut of the way, an Loueesy's eyes'll
bo opened to somethln she don't dream
of uow. Then she'll see her mistake, |
an she'll tnru to you. Just you be patient, an you'll see I'm right."
In uttering Ihcse words Snm Morgaa
proved himself more of a prophet than
he knew, and Slm.Bnnks would have
saved himself a world of suffering if
he lind heeded them.
"You menn well. Snm," Sim said,
"but 1 know my duty. I see il oil plain
now, an I'll do It. uo mailer whnt the
cost. I won't keep you no longer, Sam.
"Goodby, Sim."
"I thank you, Sam, for your kindness," Sim added. "I see bow you've
tried to spnre me an above nil how
you've tried to shield Loueesy. I won't
never forglt It."
He turned and wnlked. away. Sam
.stood still, looking nfter blm. nnd presently he culled to him. Sim stopped and
turnc-l bis head wearily around. Sam
said uneasily:
"Por God's sake, Sim. don't do nothln rash!"
"I'll do my duty." Sim replied.
His duty-whnt did lhat menu? Sam
Morgan thought of those words often
In the long, weary days that followed.
Her * Doctor Said She Waa io Con-
suznptlo-a and Held Out No Hope
of Recovery—Today She is Well,
•strong and Active.
Jonathan Turner and his wife were
hoeing iu the garden, .louathan,
straightening up to rest Ills bnck "a
spell," saw two men approaching along
the path thnt followed the field fence.
He watched them for a little while Id
silence, then exclaimed:
"Wail, I'll be dad burned!"
Mrs. Turner looked up In surprise.
"What's tbe matter, Jonathan'.'" she
"Thar's two fellers a-com!n down
thar," be answered, "nn I'll lie switched
If ohe of 'em ain't Sam Mnrgaul"
Mrs. Turner nrose aud looked also.
"Waal, I'd nny't!" she exclaimed.
"Wonder wbat In the world tliem mem
are n-eomtii yere for? But mebbii they
nin't n-comin yere. Mebby they're
Jest n-passln."
"They're a-comln yere," Jonathan
said emphatically.
"Ln! What ycu reckon they're a-comln for, theu?"
"I duniio 'less Sam Morgan's a-gwine
to git uie to earve on a jury. Humph!
1 bet Ihat's Jest what he's up to."
"Lord. Jonathan, do you reckon so7"
"Uowdy, Stmf" Sam said.
"Ted say," uld the city editor, pointing
out the word in the manuscript, " 'She
snog with a "warty" voice' Wbst do
you mean by that?"
"That ought to be plain enough for
anybody," replied lhe (porting editor,
who had been detailed in thu abficure of
the musical editor to write up a concert
"She hnd a frog in her throat."—Chicago
irom tlie Islander, Chiirlottetown. P li. I.
.Statistics published from   time   to
time show tho number ot deaths occurring throughout the country l'rom
consumption   to be as great   as the
numbei  caused by all other prevent-
iblo diseases    combined.      lt is    no
W«   der, 'lii'refore,    that the medical
friiix-ini  .     aas at last awakened    to
the fact that tho most urgent means
must be taken to prevent its further
spread and to teach the public that
while the disease is readily communicated from one person to another, it
im not  necessarily  inherited,   though
tho  tendency to  it may  *"ie.      It    is
therefore of  the    utmost importance
that   peoplo with weak lungs should
tako tho greatest care of themselves
to    prevent    consumption  taking    a
hold   upon   them.     Pure, out-of-door
air, lots of sunshine, wholesome food
and a good  tonic medicine to    keep
tho blood rich, red and pure.will en-'-
able anyone to resist thc inroads of
the   disease.      As a blood    forming
tonic, there is uo medicine the I'rjual
of   Dr    Williams'   I'ink Pills.    J lose
pills    where freely   and   fairly used,
will strengthen the   weakest constitution,  and   have cured many s*a*cf<
of consumption when   taken  in .  hs
Oft:ly   stages.   Proof ot this is givs.u
in the case of Mrs. Abram Henry, of
C'harlottetown, P. E. I,   To a reporter of the Islander who called   upon
her,   Mrs.'Henry said ;    "A few years
ago   1  found   myself growing weak
and pale and   emaciated.      1     took
various-   medicines   ou tlie advice of
friends, but none of   them appeared
to do me   any good, and   two years
ago   my condition became so   much
worse that I was obliged to take to
my bed and call    in   a doctor,  who
said that    my    lungs were affected,
and that I was going into consumption,  and he told my mother,    who
was mostly in attendance upon   mc,
that my recovery was very doubtful.
1 grew gradually weaker and weaker.
1 could not sit up for five minutes ;
my lungs pained mo ;  1 coughed se-
verelj,   lost  almost    all     desire  lor
fosid, and when I did eat 1 found it
difficult  to retain food on my stomach.'   1 fell away in weight from J 48
pounds to 100 pounds, and I do not
think any of my friends expected lo
see ma get better. But some of them
urj^ed me to try Dr.  Williams'  Pink
I Pills, nnd I decided to do so.   1 be-
igan hy .taking one pill a day, for my
|stomach was very vyeuk,  but I  was
soon abe to  increase this  to    three
pills    a    d.iy, . and    finally    as   my'
strength wus .increasing" under- their
use, I took'   nine pills a duy.     The
chuni-'i' which came with the* uso of
the pills was little short of miraculous, and so marked and rapid that
insjae. of two months after I  began
thiMr  use,  I was  able to  leavo   my
bed and move about the house,  nn.l
soon after I was able to walk about
ih the open air and make short visits
jto niy friends.   On one of these occasions I met the doctor who had attended me, and he askod me what 1
ha 1 been taking that had made such
an     improvement,   I   replied   that   I
hud  been taking Dr.  Williams'   Pink
Pills,  and  he   said  'all  right,     continue them; they won't hurt you anyway.'   Well, I continued taking I hem
until  I    hnd  used    seventei-n  lisxi-s,
with the result that I never felt (utter thnn I do  now—not even  in rhy
girlhood dnys.      It is more thnn    n
year since I,stopped taking the p'lls,
and you  can. see for yourself   what
they did for    me.   I    may sny,  too.
that my weight hus increased to 137
pounds.    1  nm  not anxious  for  publicity, but when T think of what ths*
pills did for mc, I believe I ought to
sacrifice my own feelings for the benefit of some other poor sufferer."
Dr. Williams' Pink Tills have pro-*
ducesl such remarkable cures ns Ihe
above because they are wholly un-
; liko ordinary medicines, which ortlv
act upon the symptoms. Theso pills
go direct-'to the1 root of tho trouble,
making ne**,' rich blood, nnd giving
increased strength with every close.
Tn this wny they cure consumption
in it* enriy Stnges, also such diseases
ns paralysis, rheumatism, St. Vitus'
dallCO, heart troublo, neuralgia, dyspepsia, chronic erysipelas, nmi nil
the functional troubles thnt mnk.*n
'the lives of so many women miser-
I nblo. The genuine pills nre sold only
in boxes bearing the full name "Pr.
Williams' Pink Pills for Pale Peoplo." If you do not find them at
yoiir dealers, they will be sent postpaid at BO cents a box or six boxs-s
for $2.-50 by addressing the Dr. Williams Medicine Co.. Brockville. Ont.
Praring and  Prlakl-as.
Snm Jones, the revivalist, was one*
inking women to task for spending
more time In prinking than In praying.
"If there's a woman bere," be screamed llnnlly. "who prays .more than ahe
prinks, let her stand up."
Oue poor old faded specimen of femininity In the sorriest, shabbiest ef
clothee arose.
"You spend more time praying thai
prinking t" asked the preacher, taking
her all In.
The .poor old creature said abe did—
prayed all tbe Ume. prinked none at
"Vou go straight home," admonished
Jones, "and put a Utile time ea feur
prinking." ....
TTaelr Haling Paaalon.
"Ilave you rend the American newspapers thin morning?" inquired the king.
"Yes, your majesty," replied tke obsequious secrvfary.
"And wbnt is my Intent fatal mnludy?"
"I think they bave exhausted Imth the
medical dictionary and their imaginations,' your majesty. They any your highness wns never better."
"Thpy can't helpexaftgerstlng," sinned
the king a* he reached for bis nnu'iilng
tonic and theu im*tiiiut*d for tho nis*dlcal
man and the inasHagers to advance.—
Cleveland Pluia Dealer.
RefleotloBa of a Bachelor.
Oue way to do good deeds is uot te do
bad ones.
Too mnch affection will kill tbe strong-'
est friendship.
You can't recogninc blessings In slisgul.se
•vs-ii wins tbe disguise is taken off.
Kiiini- psvipl,* full iu love BV bard tliey
full clear through and out ef It 'before
tbey stop.
Notblng mnkes a wife s* suspicious mm
to delect traces of unusual peifuniv ubuut
her husband.~-N«w York Press.
How the Various Articles of Uaicn-
llne Dress Labor Against Goosl
Health-The Collai* Button. Per-
baps, May Be an Exception.
Clothes may not mnke the man, sccord-
Ing to the old maxim, but according to a
well kuown Chicago physician they may
unmake him with a facility that ought to
turn the fool killer green with envy.
"Go lato the big. modem furnishing
house," said he, "and you can scarcely
put your linger upon an article of wearing
apparel that isn't either murderously
menacing or insistently detrimental to
health. In fact, you might arraign ull
clothing with a good deal of common sense
•nd consistency.
"In the first place, we breathe through
our bodies just as truly as we breathe
through our nostrils. You mny prove this
by varnishing a man's body. Not all the
work bis lungs can do will keep him from
smothering to death. Then, just to the
extent that clothing Interferes with tiie
functions of the skin, to thnt extent it is
"Among nil the murderous forms of
dress underclothing takes the lead, nnd of
this cotton nnd linen garments are the
chief offenders. The cotton shirt especially is a vicious thing. When it has become damp from perspiration, it is virtually airtight, and a draft striking it converts it into a cold storage lining, which
could not be bettdt designed for pneumo-
■ia. A garment of genuine wool tukes up
this perspiration and the warmth of the
body under it evaporates the moisture.
" 'Flannelette' in thia cntegory of on
derwenr is especially vicious. There may
be no thread of wool in it, and the cnrs>
ful combing out of the inner cotton fibers
of the garment makes only ■ still further
receptacle for clammy moisture from the
hody. Chronic colds, sore throats nnd
even consumption mny result from lhe
continuance of this kind of undergarment.
"The ordinary vest, worn by all male
kind, is one of the most insidious of murderous garments. The vest of a winter
suit is especially heavy in front and Is
made of wool; at the back it Is cotton,
'farmer's satin' or perhaps thin satin.
Such a combiuntiou could not better fur
ther all lung troubles. Under the shoulder blades a man's lungs nre much nearer
to the surface thnn they are in front and
much more likely to be attacked by congestions that follow cold. If men had a
proper regard for health,, they would Insist that their tnilors make their vests of
the same material nil the way around.
"The ordinary silk muffler is a particularly vicious thing. II may keep one's
collar dean, but likewise It may send one
to a place where collars are not ns*esled.
Muffling the throat at best is certain to
advance the possibility of threat and lung
affections. Tbe muffler Is something that
is easily forgotten, and for a man who is
used to lt to go out without it between
Nov. 1 and April I is to Invite an almost
certain Inflammatory attack in the throat
or Inngs. Indeed, no tnnttrr how carefully one may seek td drop the thing in the
spring, it nearly always gives him at least
■ parting cold.
"Footwear always has been detrimental
to the general health. No portion of the
body is more exact it.g in the matter of
free pores than tlie feet, yet they are covered often in cheap stockings, colored
with poisonous dyes, and then covered
Into tight pointed toed shoes tbat squeeze
tbem out of all semblance to a natural
foot. The Inside line of tbe feet, which
should be perfectly straight, becomes
crooked sround sn enlarged joipt. the big
toe la turned in, and half of the natural
functions of the feet are strangled.' Then
when a rubber sandal—or, worse, an are-
tic overshoe—is drawn on the foot the
work Is complete.
"Garters as wsirn by both men snd women are bad. By compressing the veins
ef the leg shore or below the knee they
hinder the return of tbe hlood to the heart
and lungs, and at limes this congestion is
such as to congeal the blood' in the limbs,
wilh fatal results. Such garters at the
heat are conducive to varicose veins, and
•t all times they tend to cold -feet. The
wise person who would bold up hia stockings uses the suspender, garter, hanging
from the waist
"The ordinary snspender, on the face
of things, should he quite harmless, hut it
isn't If the braces ore narrow nnd of
Inferior rubber, tliey often Induce deformities in the hack and shnnldera of the
young. They may prevent n free expansion of tbe chest, and if one's bnck ia
weak they tend to bring about spinal curvatures. You may get a suggestion of
the hampering effect of susps-nders in general by attempting some active out of
door exercise. You have to throw yonr
suspenders off your shoulder's for the
necessary freedom,
"Even the stiff hat hns a hard reputation: by compressing the blood vessels supplying nutriment to thc hnlr this hl'iod
supply is cut off and baldness is one qf
the results.
"To a man working et a desk a high
collar may affect ihe eyesight or bring
shout stooped shoulders. If Ihe man insists upon sitting up straight at his work,
he hos to look dowu at the pen or hook at
such sn angle na to strain his eyes; If he
stoops over, his spinal column may he
bent permanently out nf shape. In any
case, too, the collar Interferes with the
supply of hlood to (he Inniis
"The ordinary shin cuff is one of the
most murderous of sll mi's apparel.
Our grsndmothers knew something whew
thev knitted the yarn wristers of fifty
years ngo. A pair of them wns worth more
than nn overcoat pulled oo over starched
cufTfl The wrist is the most siiss-s-plihle
niirt'of the body to cold, nnd the flaring
cuff Invites every hlnst of wintr-t, chilling
all the hlood in the hody iu a few min
iites. The cuff is a good tlilr-: !c hoi
wpather, hut a menace to hpii.iU lu win
"The glove In cold weather,, foo, is a
vicious interferer In the circulatory system. A man's fingers will freeze In a
glove twice as quick as they will uncovered, all because Ihe pressure prevents
circulation. For warmth a kid mitten,
fleece lined. Is the only sensible haiisl covering.
"What Is the one article of dress that
can be recommended?" he repeated. "I
really don't know—the "ollar button perhaps I"
Tomklns (s visltor>-Do you qnarrel
with your neighbor about his bs-n coining
over In your bnck gnrslen?
Poplins— No; we've got over lhat now.
Tomkins— Buried the bats-bet?
Psmkins (UTiur-Jyl-No: burled the hen.
Old Time Rnlea For tlie Tnlsle by tho
German Poet  Visit  Z.irLIer.
Tlmt our ancestors were not so well
managed as we tire Is evident from the
following rules, Which were laid dowu
by Tomuiasln von ZlrkTer, a German
poet, In regard to the conduct of a host
and his guest at n dinner party. These
singular maxims were recently unearthed and hnve now been reprluted:
"Every host should' take earc that
Lis guests have . nouj-h t'l ect nnd thnt
they iire not served v. :*.:i. tlishes tlmt
tliey do not wants lu reliifi'The guests
should, behave properly and should be
satisfied with whatever Is placed before (hem.
"A guest should not eat all h1-r*rend
before the first dishes nre serve-], neither should lie eat with both hands nor
drink nor talk When his mouth Is full.
"it is not polite to turn toward one's
neighbor and to ofTcr blm a "Wl-necu'p
from which one Is still ilrinklng.   ;
"One should not ent greedily end
hastily, ns though the dinner hnd been
paid for, neither sliould oue tnke nny
food from his neighbor's plnte. In a
wor.l, each person should am-pit what
is offered and nsk for nothing else.
"When thore is sonic one on the right
hand, It its permissible t'o eat with thc
left hand. .* .-.
•While one Is drinking the eyes
'should be steadily tised-'ou tbe Wine-
"It Is Improper to place one's bnnd In
n dish while another person Is taking
some food from It.
"One should always have thc hnnds
clean nnd the nails cut short, ns otherwise those persons who are eating from
the same dish nre likely to become disgust est.
"A guest should never put; his elbows on the table, neither sllonhl lw
chntter nil the time nor olenn his teeth
with a knife."
Kangaroo,' from 'The Burgomaster,'"
volunteered the clerk, nud after some
hesitation on the purt of the customer
"The Tale of the Kangaroo" was sold.
The Rival  Gorilla*.
Once npou a time n gorilla was in
love, and while he delayed his proposal
a rival appeared ou the scene, gained
the affections of the one he loved, proposed, was accepted nnd soon married
A year passed, nnd tbe disappointed
lover called ou his Successful rival
while be was swinging on a hickory
limb, with a crying bnliy tu his arms,
and silently listened to Ills wife scolding him for some fancied breach ot
household regulations.
"That was a narrow escape," he said
as he turned quickly tn bis tracks and
hurried away.
Moral.—Delays are dangerous for tbe
ether fellow.
Be  Didn't Think'No.
"Do you believe nil geniuses are egotists?" * ..
"s\o. Look nt me. Ever since I can
remember I bnve kept riij't-i'lf back by
placing too light nn estimate ou my
Importance'aud ability."
No Serennln*r.
Gladys— Were you alarmed when be
kissed you?
Gladys—And illd you scream?
F.tht'i -Ob. uo!   It was a still nlartut
.struck. ,
 1  "■*•»
Rot   ts'or  His ■■sipets.J
"Bill ihcy sny." rpj"*ttrktil 'In* patron,
"he l.as a goOsJ head for bi;-iiis'ES."
"Nonsense." ivplied Ihe bariser.
"Why. .he's, nbsoliiiely balil!"-l'hlla-
I s-\*lp!iin Pivs**. i
"I'fsinil   of   *l)p   Boj*.
;    Doctor—'Pears to iiu* la Ik de boy dun
got !!i;::*V lnds',;;'shll,!i.
Aunt l.ui-y (smiling through her tears)
—Dili's It.' dnVlB't! Dat boy. sick er
Well, sin:) nu'evt'liiaj eutt*!—Jiuj/ie..
Tobacco wnter will destroy bugs aod
Wwriiis on rosebushes.
Only well rotted manure should be
allowed to come In coutnet with the
roots of trees.
' Don't try to transplant a cyclamen
lifter the bulb has begun to throw up
green leaves, if you do, you will lose
your bulb. .'   ,
Vines may be set In the spring and
also In thc fall. It is said the clematis
does best If set In the latter season,
whllothe wistaria, honeysuckle and Japan Ivy nre by preference to be planted
In the spring. ' '
One reason why plants often do not
succeed In window culture Is the want
of moisture In the air. Anything thnt
tends to supply this I.ick is so much
gained. On this account plants often
do best In the kitchen window.
Thc petals of a Rlm-le flower fall
sooner thnn do those of n double ono
for the reason Unit the inner prt.il-1 are
transformed more slowly and retain
the power of adherence they need
wben performing their original function.
TTaere  Was • Tale  to  It.  '.
The. girl nt the music counter has
some funny experiences. For Instance,
tbe other dny a well dressed wouuili
bustled up to the ipimlc depart ment of
a grent store and said In a loud voice:
"Have you got a p*i. e of music called
The (..'loesidlle's 'lilil'i" "
"No, -iindain," answer-**! Uie clerk.'
"We have one called"—
"Biit you hnd It here isst week. I
saw It." she Interrupted. "It Is from
•Ths* Burgomaster.' mid I want lt to*
dify." • ' u    ,,   .
"Are yon min- that- Is tlrm dnnje of
It?" asked the clerk.
"l'es, thut's lhe name. I remember It
distinctly. Are you sure you haven't
got II?"
"We have one culled 'The Tale of the
j s'sr  \Y.li.-\V.lHsm ('„  He n   On si*. Ms* r-
in-lnvs.  i nl   .tnt   Ilia  Wife.
lie .vs.*. [:a>t fifty nnd thought he wns
in Idve with n girl of twenty. He should
hnve -knsvrn Letter, but somehow sumo
men uf that jnge don't kuow anything
better than n girl <*f nyeniy. He was old
rno,ii*!i lo l.e-ln-r father, for his own son
Was live years older ih.sn the girl. The
emu bud his-n n wlilower f^r only two
years and urns just bi-giiiiiinn to Hike ii'i-
tisv. whisk may hnve. accounted for his
youthful Idste.
She was not in love with him a little
bit and had no idea lhat he was loving
hor until he sprung it on her in the
njiist unexpected fashion, as elderly meu
are liable to do in their luve nffnirs.
■Widows are likely to lis* lhat way. loo,
so Ihnt it may lse said io'lir*a characteristic common to either sex after a certain
Thv ins-islenl was almost trnple.
"My ds-ar Margaret," he said to her
one nfteninon when he hnd "met her hy
Chance doWn town nud waikesl home wltb
*her." "I bare known you siiu-u you were
a littIo k!i-I and hare always liked you.
Slns*e you have grown to wotRSnbood,
and I have tnlked to you on several occasions, for I think you do not dislike uie.
I luive moSe llian liked Vou. Indeed I
love ymi. MaTkars-tf and I* waut you to
tie my wife."
"W-w-why. Mr. Blank." stuttered the
girl, iitts-rly ranted by Hie suilslen nnd
nni-xpectrsl attack. "I-l never thisiight
of such n thing. 1 have the grsatSSl respect for you, but I do not hive you aud
cannot tunrry you.    I would" —
"I don't know whnt you nre going to
ssy." he dnterrnulcd. "but,for heaven's
sake don't say you'll he a sister tss me."
-This; girl liiiighi'il. She wss n-sovs-riug
from the.lirst shock.
•"I wsm'tl Xlr. Blank," she said, "but I
do want (9 be n daughter-in-law to you.
Your snri fi'ski-d-hie In iiinfry him a week
ago. ninl 1 said 'Yes.* I think ho Is pcr-
f("rtlv ih-nr. doll'! ynu?"
"Oh, of course." nwi-nti*il the father,
km he msbI as happy as she was.—
Detroit Free Pre**.    -
TX'tsofa  In  m ftnmef
Voltaire under a list it ions name offered lo the ('oini'dle Pr.minlse* pley
entitled 'I.o Droit du Sclgneuj." It
'wus" promptly rejectf-d ss badly written Tiri-I poor In rhyme, but when he
0IT1 rs-sl the same mnniiMcrlpt 8 second
time under the title of "l.'IVuoll du
r*u-*e" and signed*with his own nsme It
wns accepted with enthusiasm snd uul-
vt'i'Kifly declared admirable.
A   R>l|flsl>or'a   lirlrf.
Mr. Rtu 1 son -They till me Neighbor
Harris' cat Is dead.
Mrs. Stutson-Oh, I'm so sorry! It
no-Mi to take op Fklo's time so pleas-
fjtitlv barking at ber.
The fanlts at Ibe snporlor man aro
like the eclipses of tho sun ami moon.
He bas his faults, and nil men ».*•
them; bs changes again, aud nil meu
look nu to him.
Croup, Bronchitis. Whooping Cough and Severe Chest
Colds are Threatening.
It .!■ the old story of wot feet, expoiure to cold nnd dampness nnd chilled bodies      T-iw«r#ia' nisrW -«■,„'
hxinrsoness comes, and the hollow, croupy or tight chest cough      Then nio    ir » „„,1   t„     ,     i   *M   .,
danger wnd the suddenness, with which tho littlo ones arc so.-^times "na ch_ a«I'    Wtil ttl'T*, H3
S£ " IfSW "5? f£ reSBS T^^T*?10^1 ^ ^ "S _ _«*§ ^ ^ Mo-
won as tbo cough. ThJo ^tw'^fflSLS e-nJET* a? W Whk>h '-™0"*-'--' ««•« the ooW as
nnd Tw-ptntine. with portrait _,T«*WtUM oTn    I   W% T Y°" ** Dr' Ch-K>'8 "^"P •» Llnsood'
«.-,. *»>«mud. e-S c-x % JSBS &«£_££ 8£ j\£ siSk *»-* » «5 j *8 ««*
s-.„l«*nw». The Drill.
His   SssssfT  Spoon.
Some old stiuff lakers still employ a
I small horn sponu to convey the pungent
part is ies to their nostrils.   At a banquet
in Edinburgh not tuuny years ago the at-
Iteut: 11 of the chairman was drawn to a
1 gent:- *nnn of the ancient school who had
la remarkable Knufrisnx with one of theso
[spoon*'.   The box wus handed round aad
uiuih admired, and several members .of
the company put the spoon to its primitive i «e with u pleasant sense of keeping
up  i il  cilBtoms.     Presently  the owner
chnll used them to gness what the spnon
wns mads of.   Vainly they tried lish and
fowl   the tusk of the elephant, tho horn
of tin' niountnlu goat nnd were not a lit-
tle it.irtled when the old gentleman told
then.,  wilh  a   pleasant smile,  that tUo
was made from the wristbone of a
ins murderer who had been hanged
flirty years before.
Tho Forraalltleo.
"V "at would you say. niy little man,
lit 1 s ere to give you a piece of candy V"
I   Th- small boy straightened his apecta-
[-des  v ith his thumb and forefinger and
' "1 tnu compelled te remind yen. sir,
[that the pontpiuudisl oration cannot
hropetly precede lhe repast."—Washieg*
'sm biar.
i mim UKJEHT lor Sale EferTW-gc.
"very day  in thy life is a leat in
i;story.—Arabic proverb.
TAKE NOTICE..      .,   -.-.   .
We publish oiniple, straight testi
mon iiis, not press agent's . imter-
views,  from  well known .people.
Frs-in all over America they beatify
ia tlie merits of UINAItD'S UNIMEX i . the best of Hourwhold Heme
«   C. UICTIAUD9 A Co.
So  give today  that thou  shalt be
Sbb* t..* give tomorrow.—Danish pro-
Mris. Olesto Coon, Syracuse, N V. write*:
•tot jean I conld not eat mnny Vinasof food
* ithout producirsff a barnini*;, excmtiutini? pnm
j my s tonusch. It.xsk I'nraiotoa's according to
I irecli uns. nnder the hend of ll>y«peprsaorIn-
lisesti-.u ' One box entirely cured u e. I gen
bow est anything I rhsy-ie. without '.istrenKiiu,-
' no in the least." Tin*** pdls do no* can-op-on
[ KeTriping. and should be iise-l who* a cathartic
lis reus.:.-ed.
It shows an abiding faith in man
I kind when someone advertises for  a
host umbrella.
SOZiMNT f" theTEFTH 25c
If everyone knows that you are a
chronic kicker it is not wise to complain ubout having stubbed your toe.
IM Ijfegj Circs Bums, .lie.
Yo'i caa take a la7y _na to tusk.
but  \ on cannot make him work.
Through dining aud sleeping   cars
Wet Weather
cause the Colds that cause
Pneumonia and Consumption* ..♦.,.,
cures the cold, heals the
lungs and make** yen well.
SHILOH cures Consumption
and all Lung and Throat-
Troubles; and Coughs and .
Colds in a day. Positively
guaranteed.  25 cents.  .   .
Write to S. C. \Vi*u,9 & Co., Toronto,
Can., for a free trial bottle.
Karl's Clover Root Ten Cures Headache
When you grind your corn, give
not the flour to the devil and the
bran to God—Italian proverb.
The sporting editor says that in
baseball as in cookery tho best batter takes the cako.
MIHABD'S LiMT Rjjlievs Neuralgia.
What's done cannot bo undone applies' to other things than a hard-
boiled egg.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Bowsrd or
nnr ens) - f Cn'a.-r i Uu • csimot be cared Isy
liall'.- Catarrh Cure.
"fc SJ. UU FN EI & CO., Props., Toledo 0.
We, the or.dorsiTtc 1 havo kuowo P J.
Chcnoy for tlu last IS JeaM, and believe him
periec.ly liosioruk o iu all!.ns;oos.-i transaction's,
and unanrinl :* Solo to curry ou. any oolufatis*-.
mado by their:: ir
Wns* &Ti:i: \.A, V. holesa^o T>rcxrc;*<t3, Toledo,
O. IVai.dimi, ■'.:>::.« -kUASVIK, Wholasaio
DrnpsrUu, Ti.'s-'iij. O    ...
Hall's C'l-.t.-iri:. Onto 13 tisken Internally, nct-
Ing-dirr-cfiy UBfr ' '*■■' U",.*v-uai;da>ucoiui anttacei
ot the FyHtsai. I'.-ire Vie' per bottle, bold by
all ilriisK si-. .   Ii   •imonir.!f»' ca.
llall'si i'a*Jui.v pills nr: the bull.
The fart that a fool is funny does
not indicate that "he is possessed of
MR.**       MAXWELL     '1 ELI S     HOW
A Very Interesting Statemvit by on
Elora    Lady—She Has   l-'ouu.l a
Panacea    for all   Fomale    Weakness and Wunts Every Woman  in
.Canada to Know of it.
Elora, Ont., Jan. 13.—(S|.s*ciali -
Mrs. Maxwell of this place has written for publication iii very strong lev
ter in which she claims that Dodd's
Kidney Pills have cured her of Female Weakness alter she hud tr.osl almost everything else.
This good lady, according to her
statement, suffered for a long tune
w.th kidney trouble, enduring the
greatest pain, with a dizziness and
headaches that made her very UL
Sho was passing through what is always a critical period in every woman's life, and her troubles were
considerably increased by thiB. Indeed, her life wus for a time in great
•She says she used Dodd's Kidney
Pills with the most remarkable results, being almost instantly relieved and in a, very short time coin-
pis-tely restored to good health.
She is very grateful, and in her letter she says : "I cannot find words
to express my gratitude to God tor
my marvellous cure. Dodd's Kidney
Pills are the greatest medicine in the
world, especially for those of uiy
'•f could scarcely move . band or
foot I was so dizzy, and voils-nt
pains would shoot through my whole
system, but now, thanks to Dodd's
Kidney Pills "I  feel well  nnd smart."
This ce.se nnd its cure hns created
quite a sensntion and Mrs. Maxwell's
full nnd frank statement of the mnt-
tar has been, the subject of n groat
deal  of comment.
Dodd's Kidney Pills seem to be an
inlallil le cure for Diseases of Women
os well ns for Rheumatism. Diabetes,
Wright's Disease and all Kidney dis-
A man has to be a financier lo
puFin off a hard luck story ns collat-
s-riil for a loan.
With closo connection for Chicago
and   all points   ia
Onlurio, Quebec. Maritime Provinces
l'.is..-li in and Vests-rn States
am",  TuciHc  Coast-
I'or Further    jntoruuuion   apply to
any Canadian Northern Agent
Wtanlpof Oltj Ticket, Telegraph nnd Frolabt
©Hire, ISl Walt lit.   • Qtu. 11. IMAWi
Ts.l. Mb U'rislile M.innciir'
■.mit Hie, Maria, Owen Socind, Toronto and   Kant via I.ilk'., Monday, Thuriday and Saturday....
Tii«ivFrl., andrjua....:	
Koatronl, Toronto, New.Vork cud
Kuat, via all rail, dally. ,   	
Sat Pi>rta*-eandiat«nMa'AtopOin-*>
sauily    ,	
Uulsaiu, Lao da Bonnet aud Inter*.-)-
diutepoluta, Xliurs. only	
rortni;i) In rraiiie.llransiuin.Calcarji,
Unison and all KsHttenay siu-i
ell cssaxt poin{.*s, s"iiil»  	
Porlni-oln Prairie, llrausls.ii oud in-
tenaodiate poiate eaily eisopt
Hunday _ ("auV-i
Qld'l .isine, Koepawii, Ui-ns^ .«.• and
lnUimsedUte poihti, daily n.-.<*» i s
Hiiiidny i i     .*...
■heiil Lake, Vyflskso and UUemml.
Into polntiirMsm'., West., t-rlil In.
Tneis,,Thnrs.,Hudlr'fi(,. ■■•■■■.	
lajiisl Cii.T, Hnisiiiita. Miun.lii.T-.ii -
day, Tliur. ami rlat,	
Mnn, Woch.-hnsil fri. *;..;/.• y
Monls-n, 1 ii-liiraiins nnd inUrOi*nii< ;-i
points daily uins-pt Hunday	
Rapinkii. Alameda and (nir • r.ir lis: i
ii'iistii, daily ei.'i -|.l Hiiin!ry  Mo
I': i III I. si	
Tusw. Thins,and Hat. ■     ..,,»..
Qleiili.ro, HiseiU rrtid fnWrm'.nflbl.s
li-sissls.. slmry n/.s-riit i;.»n.l«y	
ripoilmio. H*hVm, Ar*X/l"iand,Inter
■...■dlute r< Jid*l.'-Btoe.,5Wes1. i:.:.'l
I ii. via fl.Mii.l.ai   	
_  Tiii.fi.,Thur.,and Snt. f la llrandoti
•vtolijhlilro, RjrNh, lllftifail JCnto
ti<ii.TiMe.,Thnr,s,,Knt„, tia lliaisd
Tn-y.' T»lu-?.".'ft;it.'. tt* Braivdeu'..
IBM 10.1
8.C0 'M.V,
IM J18.3.
iCSO ,M ir
.. as '-Jt!i
"iiio a$
Owitui. Ht r*Ma1 4%f-«^s,«tail
WcHtlWIsIrk  M«D,.We.l.|
'.-s'-n, 'I iiilis..  SIIK1 Cal,
■      '"".,     S   S.SI1  (,        ISI.'SS.Jl. 	
HUsasiwnllTauloB. 'J'asx., 'l\er., Bat
Uea tiuii
an-l 1"H.
raT* ife»i
I .-".I
l'aja. sV-t
A DINNER riLI^—Many pcrssins imfTer ex-
rruti.sttaa* auony alter liartsstinn of a hearty
iliimor. "Tho food pnrtflKeiof huUreaboll of
Is-.ssl upon tlio su.snncli. nisst Instead of beintre
I -..slt'iy us*! r.m'-Hi it l*s*ci-*iieis n polesjn totno
iys-tkin, Dr. Partnclstse's Vswetable 1'iHs arg
*A-ondorfal correctives of such trouble(. Ulii-.v
corroct acidity, ouoiisfosri tissns a- il r, nvcrl the
f.K>J»artnWenof jistehi-aUliy untriirlrsss,. 1 li'-v
r*ro jis-t thomodlrlne to tnlco >! troi.blci "ntfi
iisilifa-sj^iiuu or dyspopsU.
To men
l'resss-sl by "thoir wuisJa all thitntCO '9
Over   welcome. --lonsor..
Oh.  what a  world    of be.i'itv  fades
With the wing'd hours of youth.
As custom arbitrates, whose s'niiting
swiiy    .
0«T    life   and    manners must   alike
•ftbiy. —Lord Byron.
Life i-s not the living, merely,
'iill  the spectre points the grave;
Dut tbe fostering sincerely,
Of the talent nature gavo.
'    '' —Aubrey  I.ansion
A freat and f.stal   weight     >n   hiin
ds.th  lie.
The greatness of his own no.iility
Sorr.H there be that shadows 1 i<*».    .
Su-ii have but a shadow's  UitsS
A h.svl without reflection, like a |sile
Without inhabitants,  to ruin runs
Theis-  is  no   vice so  simple  but    a.--
bom* mark of virtue on its u'utwar.l
A tts-ajseriite  Chance.
A Russian exile relates bow he once
saved himself by :i desperate artifice.
A. police pflieial searched bis bouse for
Cornprpmlshig papers. There was in
his possession n donimeut the discovery of which mount serious .lunger to
himself and his friends.
Wherever he mij-Lt bide It, It seemed
certain thut It would be found. He
coolly handed the document to the
official, who scarcely glanced at It and
banded It back,
After tlie most careful search the official, ids nose blackened with soot aud
1:1s hair decorated wilh feathers, for
he had even examined the stovepipes
und the bedding, departed empty handed.
IIott the Sfctlnna Bey I*.
The woman from New England buys
a "table spread." whih' her sister from
the south buys n •C'lhlecloth." Tho wo
man from Nova Ki-ollo orders the servant to "lay. lhe tali'e," while wiltli most
ot us unlives of ilie United .Slates the
command Is to "set the nible." lu the
country the buHtcss says to her guests.
"Sit by," when li is time lo eat; In
town it Is "I'lease sit dowu." In thiol iy among swells ihere is no furthei
invitation than the illinonncemeni ot
the siTvnttt lhat "dinner Is served."-
Mobile (Ala.i Register.
--•'   ■   *    i i i i'i    n, nas—aa—«——«
It's Really Remarkable
hfiw littlo some people, know nbout tho tone quality ofn pimm, and yet it i? tone quality and durability of same that mako piano value.
In tha
upright you iret n quality and volume of tone that
aro not duplicated el (:>•, lioru except ia the concert
Tha ooet need not worry you.
"We mako termsi to suit.
We handle all makes of organs and usually have
a number of aood organs and piuuo.-., slightly used,
for sale cheap.
cm-i.^-r Forrester 8c Hatcher,
mV*A*s~uMis     *TsHUM  of l4 Os
: 4fyi
Originally a Creole wfi* a child limn
In this countr*' of Trench or SpaUlnli
parents, the word coming from tin
Spanish ereure, to cr. ate. At preseu
the word Is restricted In use to tfiosi
ot Spanish ami I'leiieb descent, who inborn In thc states that were French
and Spanish colonies, especially Lou
Ibe Oihrr   Hsy.
Teacher -1   \Vould  11k«* some one In*
the class to define the meaning of vice
Bright Hoy-It's sleeping with your
feet toward the ns-iisl oi the beii.
.vat«t»v.-#aV.».v> r.e.rr
I  lllllllllllllllllll
now ma,
uce that is
I     HM I       mil, '  '   —
Page Metal OrnarAeriidl Fence. £S
l ornanietsti-.l. very c'.owy and surprisingly ohm. M ia Jnst *sy!:r.t
is wanted t'x door yards, sJlvisloa fuacs*3 In town lots, grove
Ju^t tl'.lnlc cf it.. Lit ns (.-•• 1 you fall tiartlTOlarB. Ye also
make farm fence, poultry nefs.inK.nr-.Hs nnd (itaplci!.
Tha Pbjs Wire F-nia Co., I Imltad, W-H-tn'.n-., Cat   ti
HOSS &. KOi'-.'., General Agvfils, Dojf"68S, Winnipeg, Man.
'      TEETH. KG  DAD1ES.
A   Trying   Timo   For   Mothers When
Great Care and Watchfulness
is Necessary.
There nre men who ran take ore
glass and stop—provided ) ou treat
. m — n a Wk% > *.ir*.r~z'm**—'"-nr. -ww*
Alloway & CtawpfeB
Bj-JSKERS and brokers
Write lo ns for prices of fiCRIT*.
Get our List of Lnnda.
fisoe'sin nsssl  r.oiisi.i Dought and  Bold.
Wc can furnl'.h the OMiet MxMBi mt
oei'.p fssr ony poj sue. '. cu nuitsiuleu
Ji'i.10.'.    Do nut | ii,' e i ii.
iTW aUTl WnHItl-I     <0 *■< present  ns   n
RLfl A..U HUM.li       polntinfl itgents.
m Oi) ___[ 8<*'ne to travel, plh
»^.". ■ ^.-U in '.'..T.      *r< for Isx-al work.
__ TIDE SAUBY     BnBfvJ  proooUot
. find lnereaeo of sal
n-y.  Idenl employtnenl, now brilliant linaei
lis-.-t Jibilis; old esUilsli-bed House.
•Ji-aill^-Oari-sCl*™ Oi, UJ., 'llran(ford, 0n(.
Old Naeiea   In   I •■*!•■.
If l/ondon street names, lire net always whst they seem, tbe names of the
grent parishes usually sre. Taitm ham-
belli, fer Instance. That vast district
has retslned Its us me practically unaltered since tke dsye of tCdwsrrJ the
Confessor, wbe (ranted a charter In
vhleb It Is styled I^inbeklth. tteuit
llliterste scribe, who helped la the mak
kg ef "Domesday," did. ladeed, coaka
an effort te ebllti rate Its real aa_e by
cnlllng It Unchel. but his efforts-were,
fortunately, ln vaisi William -afua
ln another charter named It I-mbeth.
since whes it bas kept Its title mouI
ile4.' '•'''*•'' '
Jjf the eld leys Lambeblth (freta
bltbe, a hsren) wss the great river pert
whence ■grlcbituml produce wss ferried seress the '''hemes U the mere
popnleue country opposite. There are
still ssnay "hltbee" .left ns, mich ss
Queeuhlthe snd lletherblthe, aud, although their erlctnsl fnnctloas hsre
gone, there still remains a shadow to
remind «s ef their *J«rpart.ef t/lery*-
. Leaden Chronicle.
Savlna  Hie Face.      -
r'i *— Mr. Jooea, look at that impadent
mnn oa the other aide ef the atreet. llo
haa been fallowing us for the last tea
Jnnea-Why didn't you tell me befereT
I'll teach thai Inipudeat puppy a leaaoa.
Walking boldly acroaa the atreet. Jones
said to the man: .    .
"Look here. Ssip. I am very sorry I've
net got the money to pay yoo for that
laat aiilt, but you ought aol to fellow me
up and dun me when I'm trying to rnp-
tore tht girl. Sb« hai got lota of cash,
nnd if I mirr»»d ynu will aot only pet
your money, but «l»o aa eider for a wesl-
flins oul fit."    .,
Snip guru eff aati-*fle*l.
Reluming te  the yousg My.  -lea**
"1 am triad yen called my attentlea te
that rowmdly scoundrel. I dou't think
he will ever state at yon agaia. lMhad
great dimcully in restraining myself."
Mere 0**l**.le».
"Faint heart aever wos fair lady." hut
It undoubtedly haa eftea aaved itself a
lot of trouble.
There are only twe clst-ecr* of people
la thla wsirld- lhe eniifd and tht ratious.
V.'l.s-n n man Inherits a -n'tit uaaie. ha
aeiiiniii sisi.is snythlug to It
Tbe wm hi is full of ps-siple who wet-Id
do woiideiful tuinur, If they eoiild only
get started.   •
tjssme people ire f-* lucky ihat if they
fell lato lhe Sewer they  would csmie up
with their handn full of pearls,
Nothing snccMPds 111"' succeoj eieept
the smile of a  pis*tty  yvsiiiiuu.-Cbi--
There is scarcely nny period in
baby's early life re.jutriniir greater
walshfulness on the part of the
mother than when baby is teething.
Almost invariably the little one suffers much pain, is cross, restless day
and night, requiring 8o much care
that tho mother is worn out looking
after it. flut there are other real
dangers frequently accompanying this
period that threatens baby's life it-
ss'lf. Among these are iliurrhoen.in-
digcstlon, colic, constipation and
convulsions. The prudent mother
will anticipate and prevent these
trouble* by keeping baby's stomach
nnd bowels in a natural and healthy
condition by tho use of llaby's Own
Tablets, n medlcino readily taken toy
all ciiildien ami whieh, dissolved In
wativ. may be gi\en with perfect
safely to even a new-born infant. In
ever**, home where these tablets arc
uss*il baby is bright and healthv niiil
the mother has real comfort with it.
uii.l does not hesitate to tell her
neighbors. Mrs. c. .1. Delanoy,
IliorkviJIs*. says : "I have been giving my liftei'ii-months' old baby
lkilsy's Own Tablets whenever necessary, for somo months past. She
wm teething anil was crpss and rost-
ls'si. Her gums were harsl and'in-
llnmeil Alter using the tablets she
grow quiet, the inflammation of the
giuiH was reduced and her ts-eth »*iil
not seem to bother her any more. An
impi oM-iiient in baby's condition was
noticeable almost at once, nnd 1
tlrnk there is no better meslieine for
ts-ethini: babies." Baby's Own Tablets enn be procured from druggists
or will be ss-nt post paisl at 2S rents
n bo\ by adilri'ssing the fir. Williams  Medicine Co..   Brockville,   Out
\ OUakantkf-— "l hereby certify
Hint I have madia n careful chemical
analysfs    of   liaiiy's    Own Tablets,
Which I personally purcliases in n
drug stove in Montreal. My analysis
has proved that lhe Tablets contain
abooluteiy no opiate or narcotic ;
lh.it they enn U> given with i<erf-cl
Mif.-'v lo lhe youngest infant lhat
they nre a safe an I erflri-nt medicine
for the trouble! they are indicated
to relieve an<l curf.*'
MILTON 1.. HEllsi*Y. M.A.Ss.,
rroviii.ini   Analyst  for  Quebea.
Montr.nl    lVc.  18.   10O1.
A day. an hour, of virtuous liberty,
Is worth a whole eternity of bonsl-
age —Addison.
Oh,  what   authority and    show   of
Can cunning sin ao-rer itself wiM.i..! 1
—bi.....  ..pta.j.
lu person grafted in a serious trust,
Noiligence is a crime.
Your  words  are like  tue   notes    of
dying swans,
Too sweet to last.
There never was, nnd never will be, a
uaivirsal panacea, In ono remedy, for all il-
to which flesh Is heir—tho very nn'uro s,f
niBny curative* being such that v.rro the
gorrua of other ai.d dillerentlv seated d\g-
uaeea rixited in Uio system of tho patient—
ivliat would relieve ono ill iu turn would «g:
BTsivate tlie olher. Wo have, however, iii
Quinine Wine, when obtainabl I in a sound,
unadulterated state, a remedy for many nr.d
grievous ills. By iti gradual and judicious
uiso the frailest systems aro led into cony..-
lctconoe and strength bytho indaeniie which
Quinine eierts on Laturo's own reflorativen.
lt ioUovcb tho drooping spiriui cf those villi
v.hom achromo state of morbid c.cspond-
tne.y snd lack ot inteie**t in lifo in a di*-:.-s.',
und, by tranquilizinit tlie cerven,difi]soeci to
pound and --ofreshini? e'eei*—Imparls vigor
to tho netbn of tho blood, which, being
ktimuiRted. courees throughout the vein",
strengthening tlio henlthy oninal lunclior.i1
of the system, thereby making activity u
necessary result, Etrengthening (he firfu*. \.
and giving lifo to tho digestivaorgaus, which
naturally demand increu'ed Bu*Mtans30--rc-
i ult, improved appotite. Northrop & Lyttiu*;.
ot Toronto havo given to the public* the-:
•superior Quinine Win-* st tho wn il rnte,erd
^".uged by tha opinion s*f sctenlisbt, lid
■ :is approaches r.i:i;'*«t -L>. if. '''• .u'ot R&* li
i*.o market,   A'l iVi'"" "
Unlets a nian scttlos    down  ho is
feldoiu ia a position to settle up.
An  infant  prodigy at 4
oil a'. 40.
may be  a
S02lBt§v4TYOOTI« Hj W&L3 '<*£(
Many  a     well  Xr.md girl    discovers
that her first cake is dough
Ihoi-: ara esses c.f cwmnplion si fnr it^
inred ii.ii. llirUe'i Anti-OnmmpUrs B»ni|
irilluist cure I hut none s>o bud thut it will - i
ire relief. Fer eougba, cold . and ssil nflt.'-
.isinis of t!i" Ihro-st, 1 ..'U-, nnsi lic-t, lv I 'i
•peeillo wl.is-h I..is W-r U'''.-" S00' n to f il.
It proroi.u". a freo a. ■! eaay expectoration,
I Lore by remsn;n-T she phleffro, and n.s«i tiie
i■... ■. s-'l i .i: i   is chiii.ee lu I.- . i.
In wishiniT woollssns nnd flinnols, the ao.':
loan made from Lever's Dry fcioap a powdar),
will be Is is aid vary 'satisfactory.'
Many a youn? man lenvea the farm
because there ia no place like home.
The Rreat trouble wilh first lore
seems to lie that it is seldom tbe
Jsli-ii   set    up the   drinks
drinks upset the men
snd  the
Wnll otre-t nuitlnues to be the  fa-
erite winter  watering  place
Toi   rant   convince    a dyepeptie
th.u to be good is to lie happy
retlthe Deet—Mr. J. F. KcllorV, daugjst,
Irs-th, wni«3 I "A emtonier of nine havinff
'•«, i ri'..'i*l of deafness by tlio uaa ,,',,J'r-
riiomaa1 Beieetrle Oibwrototo Ireland teulna
. fs.. iii.i ihersMif the cure.   In co-'-.ciisesicnl,
r*ceive i an ssrsler to foml bnlf n <<.,-u by ev
.   to V.esford, Ireland, thu week."
Crows devour the eyes of the dead,
when the dend have no long*er"need
of tbem.- But flatterers destroy the
souls of the living and blind thou*
eyes —BpiotsttM.
IiiHtanco of iiiamier does not lensl
s-neh.iiitment" to * yoiWlg mans view
of n prett;,  girl.
Tbo unrighteous penny rorrapla
the righteous pound.—Merman proverb
Otic ountiB of Sun!ir*lit S'*up b vVWtli more than
Two ounces ui lmpur,e so p.
AbI: for thn' Octar-on Bar.     If   yonr    gvrcer cannot   'supply,   ivrito to
13*VEa BBf/niERS,  LIUITKD,  Tomtto, lend—J
kaud   a   trlel  :.\r.splo cf   flunlight Heap   Will
niUr.g   hij   inline mui addroiii,     J
ill  bo sent you  froo of oar,t.S
 ; ——lX
Good for Bad Teeth
Not Bad for Good Teeth
SoXOdor „        ,,        .        -      a5e.
■'.oiodoi.ro^hPowdr      • •J*'0*
K-esta« Liqusd etnd Powder       •   75c.
All-.totes cr by muil for the pricu,    ISfflpM lot th-* posUgc, y\
The remmon  diord.
llneUham.  one of eur minor
peets, put Into beautiful verse an Hie I
■est which occurred during the civil
Wfcr.   He calls It "The Common Chord."
The Incident was this: Two grout sr
sales, one wearing the blue and oni
the gray, were drawn up 1U prepurn
tleu fer battle.   As the evening fell the
bands begso to piny.    "I'I'le" by the
southerners whs followed b}' "Yankee
Doodle" by the noftlierners, AA& "Ms
ryland, Ily Marylutid," drew out "Hull
Culiianbln."     "Beautiful .('IH   or   the
Sluith" was iiusiv.-red by "Just Uefoti-
lhe Ilfittid, Motbir,''   I'ach able mock
id and Jeered the other's niusle uud
s'heered their own until the Rturs csaii*
out nud silencs fell.
Ttien. nvi'ct rind \t)Vt. a bnnd far up
the line begun to piny "Home, Bweet
ll'iinc." *Atlother and snothcr Joluinl
until nil Hie bonds en both sldee were
playing hi iia'.-s.-n. and, stronger and
more l.rauiiful still, tbs aien as both
rides were, alngilig Ilie words. The
euiumou sherd bail been struck, and
Ihe nintif-niids ef combatants wore at
oue Willi lbs MBtlr--,«nt, "There's ne
nber like heme."
. And lot UN supply yon with
n s'liisjll .- .',,i I. ;.   I.st tlsat
v.illbrii?liteuupyoiisi pages
nnd p'iiiK-0   yiuii   re nl'i'J
nud aslvorli.icr.-..   writs 0 I
. fin-i"lliv.irte.' oft nnylhlisg
.  iu iitiutoi■'. ui'niiiriiii.   : : :
IT* MoD-amot Avo.,V.'lfinIp»i-.
__-~i   ..i . .i ■' :.—■-
, ■■     *• ■.'..'      "...
I_i:   i-il r ..*; • ' \      .
',JZX *—3—K.
%, N, a\  Nv, .Iftti
t    ..*■'    ......    i ■■
ir   v THK DRILL, 8L0C.VN, B. C--FEBRUARY 7. 1902.
*C. E. Smitm-uxoalb, Editor and Prop.
is rusLisaio avxar raioAT at
BLOCAN,      •      •       •       •      B. C.
Legal Advertiikif 10 cents a line for
-Ahe first insertion mod6 cents a line each
-ouber-queDt insertion.
Certificates of Improrvesaent, $7 each.
Transient ad vertieements st same rates
tsss legal advertising.
Locals will be charged 10 cents a line
♦lor each insertion.
Commercial Rates made known upon
The Subscription is (2 per -fear, st.-ict-
>*}■*• in advance; |2.50 a year if not so paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
A pencil mark in the space
.opposite will be an indies*
-tion to you tbat ye editor
considers there is eomethiag
-coming to him oayourmb-
-acription. Kindly acknowledge in cash snd oblige.
Premier Dunsmuir has accepted
*.an invitation to attend the King's
•coronation in June. Sir James Dunsmuir will look nice on a visiting
-card. ■
Laet week Thi Drill received no
•less than eight letters from as many
..different parties in tne United States,
..nil bearing upon mining in tl- dry
.ore  belt.   Several  of* tbe writers
.-Bought -certain information with a
view to investing, while all bore testimony toths good name the camp
'   bore en the outside.    Indications
•point to greater developments next
censon than generally anticipated.
Every -ffaiM attending tha pnblic
echeol moans Just $20 a year bonqp
(from tke provincial government. The
•city has none too mnch '!doug!i" in
weight te meet tbe demand! of tbe lo-
. cal emporium of knowledge, and
.parents should use every effort to
.keep'the Juveniles at school.   They
..are sure to learn something and fin
.^ancially tke elty will be benefitted,
. .whieh is a fact not to be sneezed at.
' fen-tor Elkins, wbo was secretary
oT war in President Harrison's cabl-
BUt, is quietly working up a ssnti-
nent in ^sie.^meriaan. senate to bring
.about commercial reciprocity with
•Canada  rat bar   than    with Cnba.
Times have changed mightily, for
. the custom once WM tor Canucks to
,- do all the courting and receive all
* tho snubbing.   Canada, however, is
-.in a position now to do a little dictating ;.    .-
»■ i ! ■.- Ja.1.. , "i
"Tbat eminent English fathead, W.
T. Stead, says the ultimate destiny of
Canada Is complete absorption by tho
United States. Froth -spotters of tbe
Stead-kidney have been saying that
ior rears, bnt there ia no sign ofthe
..absorption taking place. If there is
any such business to be done, it will
be hy tbe Canucks taking the States
into fold. Johnny Canuck onco -took
hold of the .M'laJMgan peninsula and
a large portion ef the New England
.states, but bad to relinquish them for
I Imperial reasons.   It will be differ
„ont next timo.
"Coast labor organizations are at
last learning wisdom and are r-jfus
Ing to amalgamate with either ofthe
eld parties, preferring to cleave a
line unto themselves:   That Is right.
, Up country organizations have been
. doing it from the first, and the Foley
, campaign fully justified their action.
•J-abor men throughout tbo province
■ow realizo tbelr power, and tbo
quiet but persistent efforts of ths psst
eix months bave cemented all the or
•ganlzations nnder tha banner of the
^Independent Labor party.   In their
^support, also, tlie growing power and
influence ofthe Socialists is lo be exercised, making a ccjmbination of
▼otlng strength tbat politicians view
with feelings akin to alarm. Renew
..-ed life la pervading tbe Independent
.ranks, because of the certainty of an
, early provincial election, tbe outcome
, of which will surely give the Labor
.men representation of respectable di
.meniions in tbe house.   They have
nothing to fear from tke contest, and
a fair redistribution measure will bnt
decrease their representation.   Politicians who are next to tho situation
fAsy that a Just redistribution measure
to tbe Kootenays and Yale win result
In at least eight Labor mon being
..elected to tbe legislature. That is
,-no mere haphazard gu s»,but aeare*
.ful summing op of tbe political situs-
,,-tieo.   The closer a politician can lay
te tbo Labor vote, the greater bis
jStoWp Q/eleetJw*.
W. E. Bole came ever from Kaslo
on Tuesday.
The kids of the eity have organized a hockey team.
Another carnival is to be given at
the rink about tbe 14th.
Friday night tho thermometer fell
to eiglit'degrees below zero.
Born.—In Slocan, on Feb. 2, the
wifo of Jobn Harper, ofa son.
Numerous changes are taking
place in local business circles.
Born.—In- Slocan, on Jan. SO, the
wife of James Kae, of a daughter. '
Dr. Forin will address the Soeialist
League Sunday afternoon, Feb. 23.
W. A. Galliher, M.P., has gone to
Ottawa,to attend his sessional duties.
John Nelson, an employee at the
Payne, had his jaw broken by a fall
of rock.
W. E. Worden received a nasty
kiek on the leg from one of his horses
Veterinary Inspector Armstrong has
been spending considerable time in
the city of late.
Fer Sale.—A cottage at New Denver. Is drawing a good income. Apply at this office.
Next Monday is tbe d ite for holding tbe regular monthly meeting of
the board -of trade.
Paul Wood was admitted to the
hospital Monday, suffering from a
touch of pneumonia.
Jos. Payne, who is now residing in
Kamloops, bas been in the city several days thia week.
Daring tbe cold spell the thermometer registered 15 degrees below
zero at Lemon creek,
Fred Cooper left yesterday morn
ing for Vernon, and W. T. Shatford
will return here today.
A crusade of the paint brush will
be inaugurated here in the spring—
and not before it was needed.
Service will he held In Bt. Pant's
churc i next Sunday, morning and
evening., W. H. Hedley, yicar.
Several local parties have received
contracts lately from Winlaw's sawmill to get out ties for the C.P.R.
Several -New Denverites, purpose
in the spring going to the new gold
discoveries in the Horsefly country.
Martin Lavell bus purchased the
International Hotel and fixings tbe
deal having been put through en
The Dominion government i« asking tenders for the erection of-armories at Kaslo, Nelson, Revelstoke and
D. S. McVannel It-ft for Vancouver
on Monday to attend the Lil-erul convention, as a delegate from the local
Tbe local hockey team has. been
practising diligently during the week
so as to make a clean sweep at the
Sandon tournament.
A subscription list for tbe Father
Pat memorial fund will be found at
this office. Any donations loft will
bo cheerfully forwarded.   -    -
Chief of Police Armstrong baa been
collecting the dog tax this week and
a sweet time he lias had of lt. owing
to tho mix up of last year's collection.
C. M. Wood worth, formerly of this
City, bnt now of Dawson, Was married
on a Pullman car. at Calgary tho
other day, to Mia Alberta Beatrice
Mrs. Smith, sr., living on a ranch
below Winlaw's mill, fell oh the ice
seme days ago and broke ber arm.
She was taken to Nelson for treatment.
James Main, wbo ran a hardware
store here in the early days, was renewing old acquaintances in the eity
on Monday, ho ia now located at
Va neon ver.
Rev. J. H. White, Nelson, delivered an excellent address to tbo Socialist League on Sunday afternoon. His
address was followed by an animated
A. 8. Farwell, of Nelson, was here
on Saturday. He has charge of the
survey being made of tho Slocan
Star in the suit Johnny Harris has
brought against lhat mine.
This Friday evening, the Minors'
Union will hold their annnal ball in
the Music flail. Sapper will be given
at the Hicks House. A large number of tickets have been sold.
W. H. Sandiford, manager of tho
Bosun mine, NeW Denver, passed
through here Monday on his way to
England, on a pleasure trip. He was
accompanied this far by Ain. Sandiford and their son.
Geo. Smith, freight clerk at the
depot, was taken to the Nelson gen
eral hospital Thursday night, on the
freight train, Rey. Mr. McKee going
along with him. The trouble is an
old wound on the side.
Rossland will held its annnal winter carnival on February 20*22. The
committee will give $2000 in prizes
and an attractive programme has
been arranged. Single fare return
is the order of the day en all railroads.
Winlaw's sawmill has been compelled to close down owing to the
river freezing np, preventing the
logs coming down. The mill is selling all its output to ihe C.P.R., and
has orders on hand sufficient to keep
the plant running till next-summer.
Mrs. E. Lindow, with her son Hermann and Miss Lindow, who have
been residents of Slocan for a number of years, left yesterday morning
for Vancouver.en route to Melbourne,
Australia. Carl Lindow will remain
here another week, in the employ of
T. D. Woodcock & Co.
I No. 196.]
Certiflcate of the Registration
of an Extra-Provincial
••coMr amies' act, "st***."
HRBSBY CBRTirY thai "Th* Tamarack
•anal Llabllitr," haa thla da- baaa raiialarad aa
an extra-Pro*iae'sl Company tudar tha "Com-
panlaa Acl, ISM." to carry out or aftaot all or
lcl> tha
bums Mr*, iwj,* to oarrjr out or tftact i
aay or tha objaetiof tbs Company to wtslc
laaHslati-a authority of tha LitIslalara of
Ifh Columbia axtaada
Thahaa-i offloa of tiia Company ia altuata fn
tha city ot Spokaoa, Htata of Washio**ton, U.H.
amaswt of capital of tha Coapaar la
l"r-.i,sm-*o, dis/ldas* Uto l.r-ao.ow .h.r.s of oo
asntf aaah.
Tha haad ofSea of tha Company Id thla *>ro-
Tlnea la •jtilata at Blocan City, and John F.
Holdao, Mloa Hnparintandaut, whosa addraaa ia
tMocao City aforaanid, ia tha attorney for tha
Company. (Not ampowarad to laaua or tranafar
Tha tima of tha ailttanea of tha Company It
tion So of
("Iran nodar my band and aaal of offics at Victoria, Prorlnea of llritish Columbia, this Mud
day of Jauuar/.osia thouiahd nlna hundred and
ne company la spatially limitad nndar Sac-
s IS of tha aaid Aet.
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
Dissolution of Partnership
NOTICE is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore existing between
tlse undernamed, under the firm name of
Slosn & Sclionber**, market gardeners,
h.s this dav been dissolved bv mutual
consent. The business will be continued
by John Sloan, to whom sll bills owing
said firm must be paid snd who will
liquidate all indebtedness.
Dated at Slocan, B.C., thia 7th Amy of
January, 1902.
r  ii
HHUlrar^ ^at^f^Ci*n.panla.
New Carpets.
and Oilcloths..
Jnst Arrived.
Furniture, Crockery, Glassware, etc.* .etc.
Gwiilim 6c Johnson,
Ui   Ma
a a. sc.
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
B. C.
The Murcutt Branch
or the W.C.T.U.. Slocan,
Meets the second Thursday in each month
at 3 p.m. Next meeting in the Presbyterian church. All meetings opes
to those wishing t j join.
Miss E. Stougiito.n, Mrs.M.D.McKbe
President. Cor. Secretsrv.
Slocan Gitr Miners' lin,
No. 6a, W. F.ofH.
Meets overy Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall, Slocan City, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting brethren cordially
invited to attend.
*      Financial Secretary
Pioneer livery
and Feed Stables,
Slocan, B. C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles Furnished.
Slocan,      -      -    B. C.
Sold by All Newsdealers
■uralahaa ■•alblf ta all lovtn ol ttotif
aa" Mule • vest volume of lew, CMolee
Caajr-laM Caaa-iaaltlaaa by tha mean pop*
elar authon. 04 Cafaaaf Mane Hails,
hall Vocal, lull ftaWaacslaJ-ai Cemplat-2
flacaa for fta-ia-Ons-a a *"o**Ja tot •■
Cento. Taarlr gubaortptloa, #a.a*.. Ifroe
will aaad oa tha 0—aa and asSdraa, ot firm
an the fine er emu, we w— s
• eoprorthaMaca-Saasfraa.
I. «. rSFrit, fatal lalsar,   •
a Leaner, OU.. rtsllaSalplila. ra.
Steel Ranges
for $18.25.
Why bo without a range what
you can get ono so cheap ? Thej
are preferrable to stoves and givo
better satisfaction. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will bo
set up free.
EJ. "
Spruce and
Cherry Pectoral
will cure Coughs
Colds, Bronchitis
ana\n\l affections
of the Throat and
Lungs.   For sale
J. Is. WHITE 6c Co.
-*•*!    Do not send
East for your
Furniture !
Wc can supply vou in High
Grade Furniture. Carpet--,
Oilcloths, and Linoleum;, at
lowest prices.
Parlor Suites,
Pendesote Couches,
Wicker Chairs,
Iron and Brass Beds,
Bedroom Suites,
Rockers of all kinds; etc.
We handle even-thing to
make a home comfortable.
Write to us for prices.
Nelson, B.C.
Removed to
new quarters.
Customers will now And our
Tailor Shop on Delaney Av.,
next to the Oddfellows' block,
where commodious quarters
have been secured. Yon will
got better satisfaction than
ever. We have also pnt in an
elegant new stock of
eomprislngaU Ihe latest stylra
The prices nro very reasonable-
Wo always gr.rantoc satisfao
A. David, thc Miner's Tailor,
8locan, B.C.
per annum.
Re-opened under
the old management.
Former customers
cordially invited to,^
The Royal Hotel,
Cmr. Arthar Straat aad Oatoataf Avaana, Slaaaa.
Building thoroughly renovated
and re str-cked with the best
Fruit, Confectionery, TobacciJ
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted. We handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
Orders for all
Kinds of Job Work
Quickly Attended to:
The Drill, Slocan
The Workinans-dp is Good
and Prices. tre Reasonable
Do You
Want a Home ?
Then come to Slocan* for it is
one of the fairest spots on this
earth of ours. Levelness,
Boom. Scenery. Health, Fishing, Hunting,Roads, Railway
Steamboats, Chnrches,School
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens arc some
ofthe advantages enjoyed by
this City, baoked np by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that,
Slocan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Heats oripromnts.
Iraa Ilaraa Na. S aad Laadan VraalUaal
Mlnaral Olalna.
Situate in the Slocan City Mining Division of tbe West Kootenay District
Where located:—On Ten Mile creek,
siljoining Kntrrprisa mine.
TAKK NOTICE that I, F C. Ortmn,
acting ss suvnt for W. D Wrighter,
Free Miner's Certiflcste No. kWtVU,
intend, sixty days irom the slste hereof,
to apply t the Minin** Recorder for cur*
tills:*!*", of iiiitirovonietils, for Ihe purpose of obtaining- Crown grants of the
above claims.
And further take notice that sction,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such certificatss of
Dated this 28th dav of December, 1901.
10*1-02 F C GREEN, Nelson, B C
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line; Lowest Rates
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To A. E. Hillmsn, or lo any person
or persons to whom, he may have
transferred his one-quarter interact in
the Great Northern mineral claim.situ-
•ted at tlie head ef the fifth south fork
of Union cretk, Slocan City mining
You are hereby notified that we have
eipended the sum of four hundred sn-i
ten dollars in labor and general improvements upon the above mentioned
claim, in order to hold said mineral
claim under the provisions of the Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
date of thia notice you fsil or refuse to
contribute vour proportion ef such ss-
penditure, tegether with all cost, of advertising, your Interest in ssid claim
will become the property of the sub*
e-nibsre, under section four of sn act entitled "An^ Act to amend ths Mineral
s_Ct| IvUUt
Dated this 2nd day ef December. I»01
Otta  a
New York
San 'Cisco
St.   Paul,  Cblcajro,   and   all 17. S.
Tourist Sleeper Service
EAST-Leaves Revelstoke WtdoM-
day. Friday and Sand**/. Leaves
Dunmore Junction on Monday-
Thursday, Saturday. Leaves
Kootenay Landing Fridays.
WKST-Leaves Revelstoke Moudar
Wedaesday, Friday.
Vancouver, Seattle, Coast Steamship
Service: From Vancouver to
Alaska, Hawaii, China, Japan,
Thronrli bookln-js to Europe via all
islamic lines. Prepaid (dakttt
from ail points al lowoet rales.
A. O. P. A,
Af ont, Slocan OHf
-I, mi. aiw


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