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The Slocan Drill 1902-02-21

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YOL. II., No. 47.
SLOCAN,   B.   C,   FEBRUARY   21,   1902.
Cleanliness Next to Godliness
We have in stock at present time :
3 six-foot Steel Plunge Baths,
Children's Bath Tubs, all sizes.
Every home should have one and we
are selling these oheap.  Don't wait.
Hardware Merchants.
What about a Mackinaw or a pair of Rubbers,
or a suit of Underwear.   Don't forget us.
W. T. Shatford 6c Co., General Merchants,
Sloean, Vernon, Fairview, and Camp McKinnev, B. C.
Dealers in Fresh and Salt
Heats, Vegetables and Provisions. Goods shipped to
any part of the Slocan.
Highest cash price paid for
raw Furs.
B. C.
-A.x*li rxgtoxx
SLOCAN,   B.  C.
Offers up-to-date accommodation for the
Public. It is the home of Travelling,
Commercial, and Mining: Men.
Slocan, B. C, is under the
SUM and Personal Haiient of Jeff Bat?,
Who is ever ready to make life pleasant for those
who tarry within a while with him.
Is reached by any trail or road
that runs into the Town.
Do not go  past  its door when
you are dry, weary or hungry.
in Prizes.
Fifth Annual Rossland
Thursday Friday and Saturday, February 20-22,1902
Programme of Sports: SS,!!tlS:!i
junior liiickr\ championships of lliq provinci ), Vivo Skating Races, six
Snowshoe Races, Bki Running and Jumping, Carnival Masquerade, Cutter
Races for racers or Trotters.
Single fiire for round trip on all railvavs. 'rickets on Mil February
20, pood to return on Feb. 21. Kor programmes or any Information- ad-
drew II. W. 0. JAQKSOn, Secretary Carnival Committee, Rowland.
M.WOl*.   lilt A USUI AW   TUX in.KS   HIS
Accept,-.! by Ilia C'oitnfll  "With ItsiKis-t
Alsl.    Ilulsssrtauu    Appolntesl    As llni*;
Mayor   Mmsslis'i's of Court of Uovlaloss
Duly Appointed,
Aid. Barber, Smith, Wordon, Robertson and Nichol were present at the
'meeting Of the city council on Monday night. Aid. Robertson was voted
to the chair, in tho absence ofa regular presiding officer,
The Victoria Colonist submitted a
price of $2-1 fer a ledger. Matter
laid over t'iv other tenders to come
Mayor Bradshaw wrote: ''In ac
Oordance with notice given the council at lust regular meeting, I hereby
tinder my resignation ns mayor of
the city, and ask that the council accept same, to take effect immediately,"
Moved by Aid. Robertson And Barber, that the council express its deep
regret at the resignation of mayor
Aid. Smith wanted to know if the
resigijation would complicate matters arising out'of thc protest to the
mayor's election, and was Informed
not. Mr. Bradshaw, he was told by
the chairman, had resigned, and the
council must deal -villi it.
Motion put and carried unanimously.
Moved by Aid. Barber and Nichol
that the resignation of Mayor Brad
rhaw be accepted.   Carried.
Finance committee reported in f.i-
vor if bills previously presented.
Report accept id and bills ordered
pa-Hi, on motion.
Accounts presented: B.C. Gazette,
oonrt ef revision, $5; City Clerk Fu
ley, pos'ngo, S8-, McCallum .t Co.,
balance due on lumber ftlr HtdeWalkf.
$3*1.69; grant ta Treasurer Holder
stun, $25' T, J. Armstrong, salary as
eliifi'is'' jssiiici*, $7"). Ordered rifenxl
tu finance coniiuitis'i*. Laltor rofMirt-
s-sj in favor of the chiefs salary and
it wns'.sidiis si paid, Ml motion.
'i'lu! assessor reported rn his assess
ment roll, the amount being: Land
sal'i.-s, $114 932; improvements $80,
330; totaling $175,262. lie asked all*
other week Counter his recapitulation
and tini-.li up roll. Gran led, on mo
tion tf Aid. Barber nnd Nichol.
Finance ceinmittco reported verb
ally, recommending that salaries of
all eity officials bo duo Oil the firs,' of
each month.   Moved by Aid. Barber
and Nichul that tlie report DO adopt
ed.   Cirrii'tl.
Aid. Barber moved that Aid. Rob
ertsen be appointed 'acting  mayor
ponding the holding of a new elec
Aid. Smith moved that no new bus
inees be taken up bv tha council, owing io the unsettled s ate of civic of
fairs and because of tlie absence of
Aid. McCallum.
Aid. Barber saisl the coiin*vi! COU'd
not sit still snd do nothing.
Aid. Smith merely suggested his
line of action, but did not wish to
block things.
A discussion arose relative to the
appointment (if the members of the|
court of revision-
Aid. Nichol seconded Aid Berber's
Before the motion wus put, Aid
Worden wanted to know if iliev wero
sure of having an election? He w.-is
answered in the aflirmative, as the
protest, pending could not affect the
council's action  tonight, the appoint
nicnt being bnt temporary!
The wording ofmotion was changed to ''temporary chairman."
A new motion wns drawn up In
accordance with section II, of the
statutes, and on being put was declared carried.
SchsHI trustee McNeish wanted to
know when the school board was going to get its allowance, and was in
formed just so soon as the necessary
papers in connection with the civic
loan were Bigned. The lin nee committee would meet Thursday and attend to the matter.
Aid. Smith's motion came up, thc
aldei'irion agreeing there was quits
sufficient unfinished business to attend to without taking up anything
Thc question of the court of revi
sion was again   touched on and dis-
cussed a little, the aldermen bring
undecided as to whether it was new
business or not.
Aid. .Smith's motion was put and
declared lost.
Aid. Worden then asked what
schemes the council were now going
into, and the acting mayor said none
at all. Thev discussed again the
court of revision.
Aid. Barber and Nichol moved that
the acting chairman proceed to appoint the members of the court of revision.
it was explained to thctwo aldermen that they must name the live
members to bo appointed by resolution. This was done, Aid. Barber.
-Smith, Nichol, Worden and Robertson being those nnmed. Motion put
and declared carried unanimously.
The finance committeo agreed to
meet next morning and fix up the
papers in connection with the civic
loan. Acting mayor Robertson appointed Aid. Smith as the third member of the committee and to bo temporary chairman of same.
Council adjourned.
Vstluo   sif  Land!   ami   Improvement*   In
Appended is a detailed statement
of the value of thc lands and improvements in the several blocks of
the citv under municipal assessment.
There is a reduction of about £700
from the total reached in thc abortive
effort of last November. The total
values under the government were
in the neighborhood of $110,030, while
the new totals reach $175,262 :
I 12
' 13
I ou
$ 5028
1 i 10
2! 50
230 i
100 1
$ SlfiO
.    425
185 s
tion, which would mean the 27th, clone day before that set for the hearing of the protest. Events have a
faculty of becoming mixed in this
gay burg.
Slornii's Population   Looms    Up   Protfy
The census department at Ottawa
has issued the following bulletin regarding tho population of British
Columbia, compared with the figures
ofthe preceding census:
Constituency. 1891.
Burrard 2l,3(«0
New Westminster   17.800
20 331
Vancouver 18,22'.)
Victoria 18,638
Cariboo l'.>, 180
Total, 93,173      177,272
The   population of tho principal
cities and towns is as follows:
Grand Forks
New Westminster
Port Moody
Slocan's population
Slocan and Brandon.
includes West
Total :iss<*«si*il mini*, $175,202
unariTAX. items.
Paul .Wood has about recovered
from a slight attack of pneumonia.
J. Past from the Arlington, is still
suffering from blood-poisoning in the
arm and gains but slowly.    He  had
his arm lanced on Sunday.
Dan Palmer, also from the Arlington, was admitted to the hospital on
Friday, ina very precarious condition, lie was pushing an ore car and
slipped on the ice at the mouth of the
tunnel. The sudden wrench from
tho running car caused Palmer to
fall.and in doing so strained his body
in the region of the abdomen, causing
the nn'St intense agony. Thc poor
fellow suffered greatly for a few
slays, but is -happily getling easier.
It will be some time ere Dan will be
around again.
Nln:-isn isss I San loll nt   llu* I.»-y.
Though the (onlor hockey team
got no ciiai.ee tsi go in S.iinh'n for the
tournament, the juniors received a
wire Friday morning inviting tlnin
tOCOine Up. They went up ou the
noon boat, in  charge nf K. 1. Kirk-
wood and Billy Harrington, ami put
in an elogant time. The boys sit up
a spunky game and made a good
showiir: against tho Sandon team,
I hough   tho  latter   bad  mi   some of
their best seniors. Against that combination tho Blocan bins could uot
get on a Winning gait, the result bo*
in'" 11 tn o in favor of Sandon. As
the Paystreak remarked, "theSlocan
juveniles had the giii'.'er, but lacked
the experience." Only six men a
side weis* played, those representing
Slocan being I,orne and Jack York,
Hoy Harbor, Leonard Bentley, Billy
Wilson and Alf Bull.
Mayoralty Protest,
In answer to the application of BS.
B. Dunlop for the fixing nf security
in his protest against Mayor Brad*
sliaw's election, Mr, Justice Martin,
in the supreme court at Nelson, bet
the amount at $200. The trial will
come up at Rossland on tho 28th
An appeal from tho chair was la j inst. As if to complicate matters
ken by Aid Worden as to whether j even more so thnn thev were, the
the court of revision was new busi city council accepted Mayor Brad
ness or not, .Made into motion and shaw's-resignation on Monday night
seconded by Aid. Smith. The chair I it faking effect at mice. According
was sustained. Aid. Nichol and Bar* I to the statutes the nomination In it
ber voting ,vciv, Aid. Smith and VVor* new election taRus place in ten days
den nny.   Chair declared sustained, lifter the acceptance of the resigns,
Muivs'lsssstsly Cheap .Missis;.;.
"Prom what I have observed,"
says W. M. Brewer, western representative of tlie Ni'W York Engineering si. Mining Journal, *"I am con
viiu'ed that toe ores ofthe Boundary
eainpcan be mined and treated for
-p.'l a ton. The ore b dies are so large
aud the ore is so complete a smelter*
ing mixture in itself that this be-
com OS possible. This is tho cheapest
metalliferous mining In the world.
witli the exception Of the iron mines
of Alabama and South Carolina, and
there colored labor is employed. I
had thought that when copper went
down to 12 cents a pound the mines
sif the Boundary would havo ta close,
but 1 now believe that at 10 cents,
and even !• cents, the minis can be
made to pay. I havo been in thc
stupes of two minis whero 1 saw a
body (fore, knocked out that was 120
Peat either way." Speaking of British Columbia as i while, hu says he
looks for a steady growth and a long
continued existence of its mines As
to markets he would advise the secret
preparation of authentic dato regard
Ing the possibility Of selling the output of metals In the Orient.
Lnat Year's Shipments Were 6514 Tom—
A ll.sillli.y Evidence of the l.lfu unsl
W smith of tlse Cisisip .Arlington th*
Biggest Shipper.
Only 50 tons of oro was sent out
this week, it coming from tho Arlington. There is a carload of sacked ore ready at the chutes to ship.the
grade of which will be equal to that
sent out last March, tho net proceeds
then being $5200. Tho Enterprise
will send forward a car of concentrates next week. Spring coming on
and the roads getting bad, shipments
do not promise to be large.
For 1900 the exports from this division amounted to 2S-17 tons, made
up from 10 properties. Last year
the exports totalled 0529 tons, from
1-1 properties. Following is a full
list of the shipments this jcar to
Arlington  50              029
Enterprise  oo
Ottawa  7
Neepawa  20
60 707
Twelve men arc employed at tlie
Enterprise mill.
Ore shipments for thc entire Slocan
arc in excess of 30C0 tons.
Some magnificent ore is being taken from the Iron Horse.
Snowslides of all sizes and shapes
meandered down the hills this week.
A certificate of improvements has
been granted to Hermann Clever, of
New Denver, for the Elk claim.
Sidney Norman left Wednesday on
a flying trip to the headquarters of
his compauy in Cleveland, Ohio.
Tlio Neepawa slide came down
again on Saturday, blocking the Enterprise road with 20 feet of snow.
A force of 35 men is. employed at
the Enterprise mine. Almost all the
ore is being sent through the concentrator.
The Slecan-Ivcpublie Mining Co.
lias been granted certificates of improvement on the Kepublic group, on
Erin mountain.
Two shifts nre employed at thc Enterprise concentrator and it is being
run continuously. The mill is giving
excellent satisfaction and the output
is large, seven tons of concentrates
being sent down Monday.
An extensively signed petition is
being sent into the provincial gov-
srnment for the extension of tho
Chapleau wagon road for another
three miles up the first north fork of
Lemon creek, It would serve a host
of properties capable of shipping ore.
Tlie lessees and owners of the Ottawa were informed on  Wednesday
that the money was in tho bank to
cover the option hel 1 on that property by Pittsburg capit.ilists,associated
with W.  D.  Wrighter, of Spokane.
! The  men at tho mine came down
! yesterday and thc papers will likely
be signed up today through Angus
: McLean,who is acting fnr thc holders
ofthe option.    When  here a month
j ago Messrs. Coleman and Wrighter
[secured a 30day option, which ex-
I pins on Saturday,    The price of tho
! bond is in the neighborhood of $45,-
| 000, but the particulars will be made
j known when the papers are signed.
I At tho mine tilings aro looking un-
Icommonly well, the paystreak now
I showing 18 inches of shipping nre in
! the face of tho drift.   A contraction
in   tho   vein   occurred   a couple of
Mo,'I in,; ssf l'Is is. pli-;i it (,'rcslltora.
The metting of the creditors ofthe
Chapleau, which was to have been
held at Nelson on Friday, was postponed till Monday evening. J O.
MeCalluui, A. Vmk and 11.1'.Christie
a tended from hero. The creditors
of thc company have succeed'd in
securing an assignment of tlie gov
eminent grant to the wagon ruftd of
$6000, and li. V. Green, M.I..A., is
now lixing up the matter with the
department nl Victoria.. There is
still nearly $8000 of indebtedness in
connection with tho wagon roan,
apart from the liabilities of the mine.
The creditors   were  Informed  thc
a ina Iga inatiou of the Kilo and Chap
lean had   been  succes fully coiiclud
wi, so that nil the Indebtedness will
goon be cleared up.
Subscribe for Tui' l'uii.i,.
weeks ago, but it  has been   passed
and the vein wonderfully improved.
V A M Mine.
An extraordinary general meeting
of the shareholders of tho V s-i M
Mines, whoso property is on Twelve
1 Mile creek, is to bo held on Saturday
1 evening in Vancouver, for tho purpose of modifying or amplifying the
I resolution passed at the extraordinary
general meeting held on January 15,
and to  further  secure  the lender of
I the money that is required by tho
: company. The Vancouver Advertiser
1 continues In error in stating most of
the stock in the Company  is held  iii
j lhat city's   The majority of the stsick
is held right here.
i *■	
A special meeting ofthe city council was called for Wednesday night,
to arrange for the i lection of a new
mayor. The necessary quorum faH
ed io appear.   ^ I
Copyright. 1901 by Tbouaa P. Montfort
chapter xvn.
Sim Banks walked slowly homeward
Since leaving Sam .Morgan he bad
growu calm, very, very calm, but bis
heart was as heavy as lead. His was
the calmness of hopeless despair aud
complete resignation.
"1 see uiy duty," he repeated over
and over, "an I'll do It If It kills me."
Ills face was white, but there was a
firm, set expression there which showed tluit his uiliiil was made up to a purpose mid ttint there would be no wa-
rertng in fulfilling it Like his class In
general, he was slow to see his duty,
but ouee having seen it there was nq
shirking It and no faltering tn Its discbarge.
fie believed all Sam Morgan bad told
him. lu view of all he knew he bad
no shadow of reason for doubting, lt
wns true, every word of It. Yet before
he acted ho would hear it from Louisa's owu lips. He even hoped—hoped
against hope—thnt she might In some
way satisfactorily explain lt all. Whatever she said bo would believe. He
would take her word against all the
When he reached home, he went directly to her. He noticed .that she
. looked more sad and worn than lie bad
ever seen her, and a feeling of pity
anil compassion stirred bis heart to the
very bottom. In his sympathies bis
own sufferings held tbe second place.
His wife's were first
Even as he stood before her be hesitated to speak, but not for long. Duty
with blm was duty, and It must be
done, uo matter how bitter the cost.
With a quiet firmness tbat was surprising udder the circumstances be
"loueesy," be said, "I'd rather be
dead this minute than to speak the
words I've got to Ray. but I feel It's my
duty to speak, so that once an for all
we may understand each other."
He paused a moment, and sbe glanced up Inquiringly, tben again beut ber
bead over her work.
••l)o you know, Loueesy." he went
on, "what all* people are aaylu nbout
you an Melvln?"
Sbe shook her head, and he saw the
color creep Into her face.
"They aro tellln that you met that
man ln tbe woods out thnr an that you
—Loueesy, It's hard to say the rest.
cruel bard, but It's best to say It. They
say you told tbat man yon loved him.'
It was out, all out, and he waited for
ber to speak. But he waited In vain.
Her bead bent lower over her work
and ber whole form seemed to droop,
but she remained silent.
Mls It true, Loueesy'/" he asked after
awhile, hla voice strangely gentle and
tender. "Tell me, is lt all true, as they
Sbe did not answer.
"Say 'Yea' or 'No,' Loueesy," ht Insisted.
"Yes," she said In a tone scarcely
"An is lt true, Loueesy, that you do
love him?"
"Yes." Then after a pause she add
ed: "I can't lielp it. God knows I can't
I wish I was dead."
Sim turued to leave the room, but at
the door be stopped.
"Loueesy." he said, "1 ain't blamln
you. It ain't your fault thnt tblngs
has turned out like this. Cod knows It
Then he passed on and went to bis
own room. He picked up bla gun and
examined It and saw thnt It was In
perfect order. He set it down where tt
would be handy to bim, saying to himself:
That's all I'U need, an It'a aU I'll
Then be took some papers from a little locked tin boi ninl went out He
walked dowu the Sired until be came
to the ollice of Squirt* Beeson, tbe Justice of the peace. In nil tils movements bo was as calm uml deliberate
as though nothing out nf i-ouimba bad
transpired, and there wn.* nu outward
iiiinsiiiiniis of the Are that was trying
his soul.
Appearing before the squire, ht
placed the papers on the desk, saying
"Can you make out a deed for me
right away, squire?"
"Shore,"    was   the   prompt   reply.
"Been sellin some of your land. Sim?"
"No.   I want the deed made out to
The squire, having heard the talk
about Louisa and Melvln, thought he
understood the situation, and he wns
not surprised at Sim's words. It occurred to him at once Hint Sim uud
Louisa were going to separate and that
Sim was going to divide his possessions with ber.
"All  right,"   be  aaid,  bringing ont
some blanks and preparing to till In
the deed.   "Whnt part of your land are
you goln to give Loueesy?"
"All of If* 81m replied.
"All!" tbe squire exclaimed.
The squire laid his pen down and
turned around, facing Blm. He took
nit spectacles off, wiped them slowly
with his red cotton handkerchief, theu
put tbem on again.
"film," be said slowly, "it ain't none
of my business, of course, but If 1 wus
you I wouldn't do Hint."
"Wouldn't do which.?" Sim asked.
"1   wouldn't   give   Loueesy   ull  tht
"Hold on, squire."
" 'Cause It ain't right.    It ain't Jes-
tlce to yourself."
"But it's jestlce to Loueesy, all the
jest Ice 1 cnu tlo her uow.   Cod knows
It's little enough, consider!** all 1 owe
The squire looked puzzled.
"I dou't understand nliout that," ht
snld.   "From what I've heard, it ain't
your fault thnt things are tbe way they
"It Is, though.   It's all niy fault."
"I  cnn't see how  that  Is,  Sim.    I
uln't never licaru of nothin you've done
to wrong Loueesy."
"Hut I hnve. squire.   I've done her a
wroug  I'll  never  forrlve  myself  for,
the crudest wickedest wrong ever any
man can do a woman."
The squire stared in astonishment.
"Why, Sim," he said, "I cnn't understand you.    I've knowed you nil your
life, nn I've never ylt heart) of you doin
anybody wrong, much less Loueesy."
"But it's so.   I hare wronged her, as
1 say."
"The day I married her."*
"It's the truth, squire, the God's
truth. I didn't know It then, but I
know It now. I'd 'a' better 'a' killed
her any day than to 'a' made her my
The squire shook bis head.
"I cnn't see," he said, "how you go
'bout makin lhat out. Men bave been
a-uinrryin women ever sence the begin-
niu of creation, au I ain't never before
beam It looked ou ns a crime."
"lt ain't uo crime whar the man nn
the womnn love each oilier," Sim'replied, "nn whar they're ekal ever* way
nn sulled together. But whar them
tilings ain'i so It's a crime, an they
ain't so in our case."
"But you loved I.oueesy, Sim?"
"I did. squire, an 1 hive her ylt, an
I'll go on n-lovlu her till I draw my
last breath. How much 1 love her uo-
body but Cod knows. Thar ain't no
words strong enough to tell."
'Then it nlu't your fault 'hoot what's
happriinl, Sim. Loueesy nln't done you
rlglii nn"—
Sim sprang to his feet and held bis
hand np wnrulngly.
"Hold on. squlie." he said. "Don't
you go nn sny uothln ng'ln Loueesy,
not nary n word, 'cause lhar'll he hardness betwixt us If you do. I've alius
liked you. squire, an I like you ylt, un
I want to go on a llkln you. but I won*'
If you tnlk ng'ln I.oueesy."
The squire shrugged his shoulders
and turned hnek to his desk. A little
curtly. It seemed to Sim. he snld:
'Tell me what you wnnt In tbls deed,
an I'll go to work nn mnke It out."
Instead of replying, Sim drew nearer
to ibe squire snd placed his baud on
bis shoulder.
"Squire," he snld pleadingly. "I hope
I ain't gone an mnile you mad.    Cod
knows 1 never nn-ant to do no slch a
thing, an I'm sorry if, I hnve.   1 don't
want to cause no more hard feci in'*
thnn   I   can   help,  nn  specially  now.
when I feel like I ain't got no friends
on earth."
The squire softened Immediately.
"1 ain't mad at you. Sim," be replied,
"nor I ain't a-goin to git mad at you.
I jest can't mnke out no jestlce Id your
way of reasonln: that's all."
"An ylt It's jest, for all that"
"Mebby It Is.   I dunno."
You  know, squire.   Loueesy an  me
don't suit.   You know thnt. dou't you?"
"Yes. ever'body knows thnt now."
"Ever'body knows It now. nn I guess
A good many knowed It 'fore we married.    That's wbar l done wrung.    I
ort   a' unit sense enough to know It
thin, an mebby I would If I'd 'n' keer
cd enough io stop an think.    Loueesy
was young, uu the couldn't know, but I
was older, an 1 ort to 'a' seen thnt she
couldn't never be happy with a man
like me.   1 done wrong lo urge ber to
marry me, an that's what- nil the fault
lies.   I've ruined her life an destroyed
her happiness, but 1 was too blind to
see it till It wns too inte."
"So now"—
"So now I'm u-goln to do what little
I can to mnke nmeuds. I'm a-golu to
give her ull 1 huve. then take myself
out of her life."
The squire was silent uml thoughtful
a long time, and when at last lie spoke
he snid:
"Your reasonln mny be Jest, 81m,
but Whether il be or not I nlu't u-goin
to argue with you 'bout it, 'cause it
Wouldn't be no use. You've got your
bead sot thai n-wuy, an uothln uiu't
a-goin to change It."
"But, ns I was a-goln to say, Sim.
don't give nil your land away, lt nln't
right, an nobody can't expect you to do
slch a thlug."
"I'll give it all, squire, ever' lucb of
"Jest think, though, Sim. You'll he
set out lu thc world without a home,
without a dollar an"—
"I have thought of nil that, squire.
I've thought of cver'thlug."
"It (tfm'l trtiic/i, limit's all I can do."
head was bent In deep thought There
wns one thing more he longed for before he went, but be was afraid It
might not be best. It was this of wblcb
be wus thinking, nnd at last be decided.
"No. I'll not do It," be aaid. "I'd give
the world to see Loueesy once more,
bul I ttasn't do.lt. I dnsn't, for I'm
Of card I'd give way to ull this I feel,
nmi that might give her somethln sad
to remember, No. I dnsn't see her no
more, never ng'ln In nil this world."
He took up his gun nnd went out.
Au hour later Snm Cordon and Jason
Boberls. ri turning from Jonathan Turner's, henrd a gun tired off In Sim
Banks' woods.
"Somebody's shot a squirrel, 1 guess,"
Sum remarked.
"Reckon so," Jason replied. "Seems
like It's kind of Into to be shootin squirrels, though."
The next morning James Melvin wot
found dead in Sim Banks' woods, witn
a bullet hole through bis heart.
A Krsigar Story.
A book Just published on men and
things in .South Africa hns a good
story of Kruger. He received ant
day two applications for grunts of
lnnd, ont from the Hcformcd Dutch
Church, the other from a Jewish
community. Both Were granted, but
presently the Jews compluined that
their piece of land was much tht
Kruger at onco replied: "The
others bcllovc tho wholo llihle, and,
therefore receive un nere of land;
you only believe half nnd so art
grunted only half an acre. tvhv.
therefore,  complain'*"
An    li.ll.orln.il    "'onalsl.-rsillo,,.
She—8o you do not believe In early
marriages? You think n man ought to
have made his wny first, | luppoa**,
Bo—To tell the truth, what weighs
chiefly wltb me Is thnt the later oik
marries the less lime one hus to out-*
live one's illusions.- I if.*
"But suppose Loueesy gits a divorce
an her nn Hint other man— You know
whnt I mean?"
"Yes, suppose they marry."
"Waal, would you want him to have
what's your'n, while you didn't have
"If It is to be so, squire, so let it be.
I'll have the consciousness of knowln
thai I've dor.e iu.v duty, as far as I
■•oii'd. town nl Loui'i'sy.*'
Tin- Siva!re sighed and drew the blank
rowurd liim nnsi took up his pen.
"I hate io make any slch n deed," he
-ah!, "bul If you will have It so, so let
't be "
•flit' deeds were made, and Sim signed tin in. Then lie went bnck home,
, topping at Uieks' store on the way to
t'ttle n little account be bad there.
"K-ver'tb'Ing must lie left In as good
pbupe ns possible," he snld to himself,
"so I.oueesy won't he pestered no more
than can ho helped*"
When lu* was l#-k In his room, he
took a piece of paper and a pencil and
sat down at the tabic and wrote n note
to his wife. It was slow and laborious
work, ami It took him a long time to
put down Hie few words he had to sny.
Willi each word his heart grew heavier
und sadder, for that wus the Inst thing
he was ever to do for Louisa, nnd when
it was finished his life and hers would
part, never to meet ngaln.
"I am goin away," he wrote, "on I'll
never see you uo more nn never no
more stand In the wny of your happiness, lt Is bard, cruelly bard, but it Is
best, for 1 know that I can't never
make you happy, an mebby when I'm
gone It'll be different You ain't to
blame for nothln, Loueesy. All the
bin me Is mine. What you done Is nat-
'ral, an you couldn't help lt, but whnt
I done 1 could 'a' helped. I ort to 'a'
knowed you couldn't never be happy
with me. It was like draggin a bird
down an tryln to make It live with a
mole, doln like the mole does. I ruined
your life by urgln you to mnrry me
when I ort to 'a' knowed better, but I
hope you will forgive me, an I pray
that God will too. I've paid the debt
at the store, an I leave what money I
have. If you need any advice 'bout
anything, go to Pnp Sampson. He'll
be glad to help you, an I know you can
trust blm. I've done the best I can for
you, but I know It ain't much. All I
want Is to make you happy, an I hope
you will be. Don't think I blame you
for nothin, for I don't It's all my own
fault. But I didn't know. Far'well."
He plnced tbe deeds on the table,
then folded the note carefully and laid
It on top of them. Then he took from
his pocket all the money he bad aud
plnced It In a little heap en tbe note.
When It was all done, he stood for a
little while looking nt It, then turned
away, saying to himself:
"It ain't much, God knows, but It's
all I can do, an mebby Loueesy'll understand."
After that he walked back and forth
across tbe room for a long time, aud bis
High Henry Bahrenberg was not a
hud mnn. He was kind hearted, honest
nnd brnve. He wns one of the very
best runners on the road. He wns 0
feet 7 and might have been taller had
he not stooped slightly. He wns so
high, Degan snld, thnt if ever he fell
down it would kill h'.ni. He had a
•julck, nervous step and nn apologetic
smile. Unfortunately for himself and
his friends, he hud ail uncontrollable
temper. Peeple suid he lost It often.
Henry often wished he could lose it
permanently. He wns likely when suddenly angered to do things which caused him unhappy duys and sleepless
nights of regret.
But If a man snid cnlmly nnd dispassionately: "Henry, I don't cure for you.
1 lmte you for the long, hungry h und
Hint you nre. You delight to punish
people, nnd I think 1 enn climb nil over
your bent nud bony frame"—
"Stop, stop!" Henry would exclaim.
"Don't sny another word." And ho
would prepare for the fnll.
Having agreed to tight fnlr, Henry
would not brenk his word, though bis
wrath might choke him.
On the eve of a presidential election
Henry entered a little hotel nfter a
hard run with the general manager's
special und found a party of working-
men talking politics. When Henry had
traced his long name in a long hand
across the broad book thnt lay upon
the counter, u big Irishman strolled up,
emote the page with his baud uud
"Oi'm a Dlmmycrat!"
"So'm I," said Henry. "Shaker
"Oi'm an Irishman."
"I'm not"
"You're a d— Dutchman!"
"Well," said Heury, smiling and
blushing like a schoolgirl. "I'm a
"An' 01 kin lick nnny Dutchman that
"I ride most of the time."
"Thin 01 kin lick nnny Dutchman
that rides."
"Well, 1 guess thnt meant me."
The night clerk enme out from his
little box and locked the door. Those
who were to tnke the pnrt of uoucour
batunts began to pile the chairs up
around the stove which stood in the
sawdust floor and had Just been tired
up that day to take the November
chill off the air.
It was understood that there should
be no kicking or biting, but that tbe
fight would not necessarily end or
even lag with a knockdown.
The men fought silently. When they
had been at It ten minutes, the Irishman wns perfectly sober, and Heury
bad recovered from the fntlgue of a
two hundred mile run. rive minutes
later Henry lay under the Irishman,
but holding both of his wrists.
"You're licked." suid Henry.
"01 know ut.   So're you."      ...
"But I don't know It." ' '
"The more fool you."
Tbe men tried to laugh, but they
couldn't muke much of n success of it
In view of tbe way their mouths were
"Will we git upttL
"Just as you say."
Theu Henry released the big blacksmith's wrists, and tliey  both got to
their feet.
Henry was a sight to see, but the
Irishman could not see him.
Noali. who iired for High Henry.
wss of another piece. He was meek
unsl lowly, quiet us a Quaker, guileless
und good. But Nonh bad one deplorable weakness. He could not stny
awuke. He was probably sound asleep,
though It was only 9:33 in the evening, when he went down to the bottom
of the Cunnlson river under the notorious No. 107. It would huve come to
J Hie same thing In the end, asleep or
awake, for you remember bow the engine was cut off the.train by a big
bowlder Hint shot down the mountain
with Hie speed of n cannon ball.
Nonh hud gone to sleep on Henry
two or three times, and Heury, being
exact even with himself, would stand
no foolishness that might lead him into
trouble He had taken Noah by the
Iti-s-k one" and had said. Willi his teeth
-s i uml his steel blue eyes Hashing Are
i* ii t!sii!i-.v wheel: "Noah. I like you.
• ■"" sii-mit the besi fellow 1 mmet
anw, but, dnm you, if you ever go to
Bleep on this engine again I'll break
you in two."
Poor Noah was shaking like an aspen, for he knew how High Henry was
tempered, und ho promised never to
nod again.
About 4 o'clock ono morning they
were coming down tho mountain on
freight. It wns a warm spring morning. The frost had gone out of the
eurth and left the dumps and tills (Hie
rond wns comparatively new) soft and
springy. They hnd been on the roud.
doubling the hill, for forty-eight hours,
and Noah was making tbe effort of his
life to keep awake. The three brake-
men were sitting at intervals along lhe
top of the train, looking like black crows
on a fence. The time card gave them
two hours and twenty minutes to make
twenty miles, and all you hear Is the
clickety click of the idle valves, the
squeak and cry of the brake shoes on
the smoking wheels nnd the low measured snore of the alrpunip, and that
6ound will put you to sleep like the
patter of rain ou u roof or tbe sound of
horses munching hay when y.:u're ly-
lug in the haymow. Noah had nodded I
once or twice, and Heury once had |
yelled at bim.
They hnd crawled down within five
mils?s of the foot of the bill when Nonh
broke the stillness: "Wope. wope! Look
OUt there!  Stop 'er. stop 'er!"
Heury booked tlio engine over, put
the air on full, screamed for brakes to I
warn the trainmen, nnd the 410 set
against tfte train as a mule sets buck |
at a bad bridge, her wheels going
round the other way nnd ii flood of flro
going out of her slack.
"Well," said Henry when they hnd
come to a stop, "what is it?"
"1   don't   Bee   nothln',"   said   Noah,
peering through his window.
"Well, didn't you say stop?"
"I never said nothln'."
"Noah, do you want to die?"
"No. sir."
"S'matter, Henry?" shouted Hie hend
biakeimin from the top of the train.
"I  dou't know.    Did you see anything?"
"Did yon hear anything?"
"Yes; heard Nonh yell to you to stop
"Come out of there. Noah!"
"I   won't eouie   out.  Henry, 'cause
you'll kill inc.    I  won't take a lickin'
when 1 nln't done nothin'."
Henry passed his bony baud over his
eyes as a man will when not quite
sure of himself. He looked ahead
where tho headlight shone on the two
thin threads of steel that turned three
cars away and disappeared round a
a high rock. By this time Henry's
wrath had coolesl down, and without
must her word he put the lever forward, released the airbrakes, nnd the
train moved forward again. When
the big lilns*k engine put her nose
round the curve, which was to Henry's
side, the engineer saw a great black
gnp In the track, over which the
mils sngged, holding the crossties.
"Look out! Jump!" It wns Henry's
voice this time, nnd Noah, being wide
nwake, went out luto the night In
the meantime 410 wns holding and
straining against tbe heavy train thnt
kept shoving her neurer and nearer
to the gap that yuwncd lu the grade.
At Inst she stopped, with the soft
enrth oozing nwny tinder her pilot.
She could not move the fifteen loads
lhat were behind her-tbat hnd climbed tho hill with the help of two other
engines-no there she had to stand uu-
til help enme and pulled the cars buck I
to a sidetrack.
A  little stroma of clear wnter had
been trickling down the mountain side
for dnys und slays mid soaking luto tlie I
grade.    Finally the till became mushy,
and  when the two light engines that I
bad helped Henry up the hill went by
they shook the grade, ami the iiiusli '
slid out mnl down to the bottom of ibe !
gulch i!00 feet below.
When the trainmen nnd eugluemcD
bad come down ami stood at lhe od-*n
of Hie break, little Tim Criuly crosses"
"Noah, you dirty faced devil." Bn\&
High Heury, "come here an' let me hug
Hnwthorni*-a "Cnraed  llnfolt."
It would be easy to explain Haw*
thorne's peculiar rem porn nieui after
the modern fashion by reference io
heredity and environment. No doubt
there was a strain of eccentricity |n
the family. He himself tells of a cousin who made a spittoon out of the
skull of his enemy, and It Is natural
thnt a descenilnnt of lhe old l'uritnn
witch Judge shuuld portray ihe weird
and grotesque aspects of life. Probably, too, his unlive tendency was in*
creased by the circumstances that surrounded his youth, the seclusion of bla
mother's life, his boyhood on Lake Se-
bngo, where, as he says, he lirst got bli
"cursed habit of solitude," and the
long years durlug which he lived as a
hermit In Salem.
Ilut afler all these external matters
and even the effect of heredity, so far
as we can fathom It, explain little or
nothing. A thousand olher men might
have wrliien his books If their sourc*
lay In such antecedents. Behind It all
was Ihe ils'iiioiilc force of the innii himself, the everlasting mystery of genius
Inhabiting his brain aud choosing hlin
lo he uu exemplar and  Interpreter of
! the   inviolable   individuality   in   which
l.e thi> pain and glory of our human
1 cstiite.--Tilill  Elmer  More in  Atlantic
, Monthly.
| The Devil's  Knoll.
I Among the famous bells of Dews-
; burg. Yorkshire. England, ia oue known
. as "Black Tom of Sootlilll," which was
I presented (o tlie church in expiation of
. n murder, "Black Tom" is always rung
I oil Christmas ptsB. Its solemn tolling ;is
i it strikes the lirst tap at esitctly mid-
i night Is known all over Yorkshire as
! ihe "devil's knell," It being thc notion
I lhat when Christ waa born thc devil
I tiled.
Dssks mil Ilnmor.
Mr. Cecil Aldln, an authority, gives it
ns his opinion lhat dogs us a rule are
devoid of conscious humor. "Tlie
clown dog In u Iroupe of performing
dogs, for Instance, is not really funny
when be burlesques the performances
of other dogs, but he seems to be funny to the spectators. I am afraid that
the people who credit dogs with being
Intentloniilly funny nre deceiving themselves. A dog likes fun—a good romp
and game with children—but his sense
of humor has not been developed, nnd
it is not subtle." A dog's best sense
at humor, Mr. Aldln thinks, is when
he Is being tickled. "He opens bid
mouth, then screws his face Into what
people arc pleased to call a laugh."
A Game  For Tiro.
Once upon n time a young gentleman
and n younger lady were alone iu a
( bright parlor In front of a cheerful
, open Are, with a table between tbem,
playing cards. As they continued to
play aud chat the table wits not so
much between them, for tliey both got
nearer the Are nnd plnyed tbe gnuio oa
one corner of the table.
They had started iu to play euchre,
but after an hour and a half they
found that they were playing hearts.
Moral—We are uot always sure what
tho game Is.
n«r Pet  Fad.
Mrs. Jones—Mrs. Robinson la the
greatest woman to stick to a fad 1 ever
Mrs. Brown-Why, I never heard
anybody oentloii that before.
Mrs. Jones—Cau't help that It's ao,
all the same. Just see how she hns
gone on admiring that husband of hert
these twenty years and more.
Taken  Sorlssoaly  Hon.
Bunker-1 used to get consldcrablo
amusement out of golf.
Ascutn—Ah, then you don't piny any
Bunker—Yes, Indeed. I was referring
to tbe time before 1 began to play.
The itraaon.
Tencher—Why Uo you suppose Oeorgi*
Washington chopped dowu the cherry
Pupil—I guess be wuz no good on
cliinliln' an' had ter chop It down ter
git de cherries.—New York Journal.
Wbat  Interested  Hint.
Mamma (nniinusly watching her little
boy nt dinner)—My dear child, you really
should not ent your pudding so quickly.
Small Child—Why not, matnmu?
Miiiiiina- IlesiuiHs* It Is dangerous. I
once knew a little boy about your see
who was eating his pudding so quickly
that he died before he hail finished It.
Small Child (with much couccrn)—And
wlint did tlit**/ do wilh Ihe rest mt bis
pinliliui*. mamma?—What to Eat
'" S""' "' " L~" """ " *_\:2_\?___l___ »'"> »' "-•*  — Turpantl.. Ha. Stor. Than Thr,. Tin,*,. th..
Bala of Assy Remedy Recommended "Tor Throat and Lung Troubles.
ofle"r:n"miS Turpentine   by    being
suit,   lt is not sale to deal with 1 !*«." Wh?J_^l»lSS! Wh°J""? fs^*1   thelr *™«S^* aa a  "-
not offend hi. sustomersbj 7uX Jul-SiwiTm.thod. °D' "* _**»<*'    An honc»t **«••*   "Ml
sprlIginRU^%°preT.ar?Uo:'88 o^r^neTnS taL^T'1' ^' ^^ '°  ^^^   that  °n  »»  "•*•    *1'"
fi* ?( Wn! H,iie,n„7n,eVeKSJ"&ft&RS* ^STthtdtahS SW.. Wit" "V"
or even worse?   For beside. tha i„i„r„ duns tn «*.-../' ibln dlsh°nest ?     Is  it not Stealing.
tine   the p,,,,,,!. are W%AW«&WS rrn^S; ,?,rt,,asSyarTes0,r.tLI^8eC,1 ^ TUn"""
KivimVimitiz,T:;!,;tlt;[.? ^ra.l^«S^ «r%^t „,.,, .,,*„
e-ly     It I. too wen known „?_JK cure for hrLnKm1 the v-rtuV' th,» ."eat throat and  lung rem
(Old. to need further win     "? , „m mtndKlon       wLt w. i Vf°U?' whooP,»«  C™B".   B*ah_».   coughs    un I
tions.    To bt certain that vou _r^Sti_r tht JSS'     k ° '" t0 Wnrn you  n**:,llnBt'    tho"d  iml,;"
on  ths- wrapper. y°" *™ g8tUng "" *enu-n«. bt turt that Dr. Chaso's  portrait   and    sign,,.ore  are
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...is forms of bronchitis , mi™   and stall**.*   hf„     .mi      "s0' " the coush' an*i ■•P<'<><-< ■■■■* the most .rrl*
"-  •»'  «—  ^eWfi   MaM dealers'. Tz^XffitoVX*'^ T^ * bot'">'     ^
taor^^s^dforru,frr'n< ,or mother or '-^"^^•'irta oo_p..t. nocc.pt
HHMHI a_>MMM ■ '.*■_'..
-    I I
The Drill.
Wlij   the Minister',*. Ror Didn't Llkt
Thla Particular Holiday.
Thc minister's little boy did not look at
til pleased as he enme dowu from his fa-
ther"*i study the day nfter Christmas.
Souniliing had gone wrong about the
rectory. His name had been mentioned
almost too prominent in regard to the
matter, and be hnd but a moment before
min' it ted to an interview iu the awe in-
spiring room whore his father composed
the sermons of the week.
"1 don's like Christmas," the little boy
Biuii.'i'sil as be gazed out upon the snow
ln thu rectory yard and wiped the last
ttraggiblg member of a procession of
tear* from bis cheek.
"No," he continued, "tlite Christmas
business isn't what some people sny It la,
not hy s long shot. Every body seem,
to think it's a great thing for the little
boys nf the country, but I can tell '«•■»
that it's anything hut great for a minister's son. lie doesn't have any show st
sll.   lit* isn't in it.
"Why, sny," he continued as he cautiously settled himself in n chair with t
soft cushion, "would you like Christmas
If ysiii were a minister's little boy?
Woi.l.l you he pining for it nnd lying
awake nights waiting for it to get here?
I don't think! .lust think of all tbe big,
hard solci] slipper, a minister get. «•
.very    Christmas    tree!"
Yo\ir Ftrxith
will be as strong as our" if yoa try-
and ours Is so strong we guarantee a cure or refund money,
and we send yon free trial bottle
if you write for it. SHILOH'S
costs 25 cents, and will cure Consumption, Pneumonia.Bronchitis
and all Lung Troubles. Will 1
cure a Cough or Cold in a day, "
and thus prevent serious results.
It has been doing these things
for 50 years.
S. C. Wbxm & Co., Toronto, Can.
Karl's Clover Hoot Tea cares ladlgestioa
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
by loci I application, ns they citmut roach the
dIss-11 *i.'i portion of the oar. There Is ouly oi.e
way to cure Deafness, and that is by constitutional romodics. ptafBM. is cuu»od by isn in.
flamo-l condition, of tho mucous liniuKii tho
Esist.-s. Uian Tube. When this I "bo get. infhsin-
od yu 1 havo a rnmbUna; tonhd or imperlcct
hearim-, und whoa it is entirely closed deafness
is the rosult, ami mile- - tlso inflammation can
be taken out nusl this tube rostorod to it-s normal coudition, hoatiiii* will bo destroyed for
ever; nine cases out sit ten nre casisod Isy catarrh, which is nothing 1 nt ou h—aiued condition of tho mucous surfaces.
We will civo Ona Hundred Dolinn for nny
case s,f Deafness (s-ausosl by catarrh' (bat cannot be cured hy Halt's Catarrh tun*. Ksjud fut
circulars, free. _ _
Aslilress, f. J. CHF.N'KV & CO, Toleslo, O
Bold liy Druggist*., file.
Hail'* Family Hits ore the beet.
"Ko," said the surgeon. "It's not
spetinily amusing to dissect a funny
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
A man is as oli as he fools, according to a venerable saying. An
olsl man always feels old.
If est-is. C. C. Richards A IV
(Jciiilemcn,—Last winter 1 received
great benefit from the use ol M1N-
iVUD'H 1.1X1 MENT in a severe altaik
of Ln Grippe, and I have frequently
proved it to be very effective in
cases  of  Inflammation.
The man who is patient with a
womnn when she is sick can be relied
upon to treat her all right when sluts well.
single" fare
For the Kound Trip  to
Feb. 17-22.
For  further   particulars apply    to
any Agent Canadian Northern Hy.
Traffic Manager.
'■ ■ I
■    ., .     --    , ." ..'.»»...V SIS,,.S S J   .
Kelson ond sail Konlouuy unsl
all coast in ii nls, sliiily	
Portion} hi 1'rairin. Ilriiuil.-u ond intermediate puiuls daily except
Kiintlisy .,	
Qlaslstuue, Neopawa, Minr.s-s .i!-a and
tut 1'rimnlini*, points, daily except
Bbonl Lake, YoiVtoa ninl intorirs-il-
into points, Mo.s., \\' il., aud Fri.
TiiiiM.-T'isiri., nnsltvit	
Rapid City, Htimiota. Mount a,Tries-
day, Thur. ami bat	
Mnn. Wod.. and Krl	
Monism, Dolsirauso i.nil intei inodlulo
l>.iiul.ssl,-sily s'xi'i'|il .'.iniiiny	
Nniiiiilsu. Al.-iisii'il.i nmi hili'rnisisliutn
is.siiil'1, ilnily isx. i-|,t H11111I .>   vin
'■Tin's. Thur., and Bat. .    ........
llliiiiii.Tsi, 8001U r.nd ititcrmexliato
liulnto, dully except Hundny	
PIpe-l.inn. Itoston, Areola .fid Inter
liiostinU'points, Mon., Weil., ninl
Frl, vln Ilrandim  	
_  Tun.i..Tluir ,ainl ;3iit.. vln Brandon
Ftobsslilro. llis-i.li, l'lsii'siit, Eats)
vuu.Tuos„TIiiii-i„Lnst,, tlu llruusl
Sault Ste. Marie, Owen .Sound, Tor-1 LV
onto and  East via Lakes, Monday, Thursday and Saturday ,16.00
Tuos., Frl., nnd Bun ....... ......1
Mont real, Toronto, Now York and
East, via all rail, dnily 10.00
Bat l'ortuKoaudintermodiatopssluu
daily    8.00 l(UK
Molson, Lao du II. .niiut and hiterme- '
din to point's, Thurs. only        1.S0 IS.3C
Portn«e la Frnirte.llrandon.Cal'.'ary,
.''.•tt ll.*
'. at) I22.SC
on  ..
_  Tn"*. Thnr, Snt. via Hr.siisloiv
pmii.i.si, |'„i,i (;i,i,*i,K„,ci„lli .... 11.10
Wotjibelklrll Mon.. Wod. nnd Frl...  iK.fci)
STna*..Tnan, uml But,  
toncwiill,Toulon,Tuo:s..Tlmr.,Bat,, lt.20 l|K*
.nnsi-.su,, Mini., M,osl„ nn.l Krl I l.*o|l7,n
J. W lki*iNaiiiT        c. "-'7ii.T'11 iJisoN.
t*im KU;it i..ii l'mia fy-t
The silkworm is  three inches  long
and in well provided with legs, having  no  less    than   sixteen   of these
She need tl • Signal.    •
There is n roiunntle s-'tory about Lord
Kelvin's second niurrlnge. In the early seventies he, then Sir William Thomson, wus in West Indian waters, on
hoard his .chooner yacht, the Lalla
Rookh. As a recreation he took up the
question of simplify!,.;* the method of
signals at sen. He had been talking
of It at the dinner table of a friend ln
Madeira, and the only apprehension
that seemed able to grnsp It wns thnt
of his host's daughter, a lady he greatly but silently ndinired.
"1 quite understand It, Sir William,"
she suid.
"Are you sure?" he questioned, half
doubtfully, "if 1 sent you a signal
from my yacht, do you think you could
read It nnd could answer me?"
"Well, I would try," she responded.
"I believe 1 should succeed In making
It out."
The signal was sent, and she did succeed in making It out and in transmitting the reply. The question wns,
"Will you marry meV" and the answer
was, "Yes."
Mi-id's Liniment Cures Garget in Cows.
Even tho versatile versifier ii likely tsi lie well versed in the reverses
sif adversity.
had um Bid
After Such ,1 Long Period of Suffering He Is Entirely Restored to
Cood Health by Dodd's Kidney
Pilis—He is Very Grateful.
Tlridgewuter, N. S., Jan. 27.—
(Special)—Mr. John S. Morgan, a
prominent inan. of this place, has
had a terrible time with his buck for
eight years, but now he is receiving
the congratulations of his friends on
his complete und satisfactory recovery.
To look at Mr. Morgan today one
would never suspect that he had
been the victim ssf so much torture,
nnd for such 11 long time, and yet
from his own statement, the pain he
has endured must have been something awful.   He says :
"Kor eight years 1 have suffered
the most severe pain iu my back. I
had gradually grown worse till at
lait   I was completely crippled up.
I heard of Dodd's Kidney Pills sss
remedy for Lame Hack, but as 1 had
trir-d so jiuiny things without any
benef.t I wus beginning to lose faith
in anything. However, I decide*! to
try them, and 1 can truthfully say
1 tun heartily glad 1 did so. for they
cured me.
"I had run down in weight to
about 140 pounds, but during the
time 1 was using the Pills (I used
iu all about twenty boxes) I regained about 2.1 pounds.
'•Of course 1 realized my danger,
and when 1 found thut Dodd's Kidney Pills were helping me. I stuck
right close to them after commencing ti'l  1  was perfectly well again."
Everyone who knows Mr. Morgan
knows thnt he means every word hs*
says, and much Interest hus l.i-en
aroused by the publication of his
Dodd's Kidney Pills tire well I imwn
to be a sure cure for all rases of
Lama Puck nnd Kidney trouble.
"A Lot of 'air.**
Tbe Inhabitants of the little town
of Somersby, In England, where Tennyson was horn, nre frank In giving
their opinion of tbelr distinguished fellow townsman. One old woman thus
related her Impression, of tbe poet to a
" 'E was a very quolet man. 'B seemed as If 'e was 'alf asleep, with Ms oyes
'alf shut an' peepln*. an' 'e used to
poke at ye. loike I' fun, wi' 'Is stick.
'E 'ad such a lot of 'air an' a lung
beard, an'," sinking her voice confidentially, "'e never looked very clean;
no, 'e didn't."
And this somewhat startling testimony wns promptly confirmed by her husband, who added:
» "If you'd met Mm gooln' along this
(lusty round, you'd 'a' tnUken Mm for n
tramp goolu' to Brigg for a night's
A dude dressed out of sight is very
apt to be out of mind.
Thc   gambler    is   an
chance aripiaintnnce.
mills* i mills'
Minard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
The silver  tongued  orator  doesn't
bi'e his tsingue to si*e if its genuine,
Some people are    natural  born
lists in  drawing conclusions
Harm F-.et.~Mrs. E. J. Nolll. New Armasrh,
l\ Q., writes: "lur uourly aix mouth* I win
In.sililisd with burning nclina snisl pntu in mr
foot tu sin Is nu extent thut I could uot deep
nitfht, nmi ns my USA weso b.:t.ljr nwolleu
could in .I, wear my l-ssots fur ws-.-L.*.. At Im t
biiLh liiitt'ouf Dr. Thomas1 I.s-loclrlo (il unsl
rosolvosl to try it, ami to my astonishment I not
111 most instant relief, and tho one bottle usxom*
isli.sliol a purmauentcure."
A Mssaaly Sta-eetl-a*.
According to Alnslees Nfagailne,
when the governor of Newfoundland,
Sir Henry McCallum, K. C. M. G„ went
ashore nt a smnll harbor of the east
coast he was met at the landing plnce
by a grlstled old fisherman, who
sought to mnke the struuger welcome,
whoever he might be.
"Be you cousin' ashore, sir?" be asked.
"Yes." snid the governor.
"Be you here about the ile (seal oil)?"
the fisherman pursued.
"No," said the governor.
"Be you one o' 'Snm' Lewis' men
from Red bay, sir, come about the
"I am the governor of Newfoundland," Sir Henry announced, with
some show of dignity.
"Be you, now?" said tbe fisherman,
with a friendly offer of bis hand.
"Well, 'tis a mighty good Job—If you
cun hold It. An' 1 hopes you will.
Would you like a cup o' tea, sir?"
s*s«* I nderatoo-1.
"Ignorance." remarked youug Borem,
"they sny is bliss."
"Oh. thni probably accounts for it,"
rejoined Miss Cutting.
"Accounts for what?" queried tlie
"The contented nnd hnppy look you
usually   wear,"   she  replied.
Bono   Sound   Advice   As to lhe llent
Method of Treating Infant
No man ever handled his money,
when alive, to the satisfaction of his
kin, or ever left n will which was
suitable to nil relatives.
The worst, thing thut can be said
of Hoiiu* pi'oph* is thoy are never seen
nt their best—If they have such 0
When a mnn is hopelessly in love it
grs'ntly increnscs his sighs.
A  mini's character  is often  shown
by what  he considers laughable.
If  it  young  woman  bids  you  take
heart, you can probably take hers.
No Invention, we think, ever cuus-
ed^figits* so much talk as tin* telephone
If In doubt about un experiment,
gel s.sisii* oilier fellow to try it first.
Nothing is more common to childhood than indigestion. Nothing is
moro dangerous to proper giowth,
more weakening to the cnnstilJllOls,
su more likely to pave tlu* wuy 10
dangerous disease, Am'ii*** the symptoms by which indigestion in infants
and young children may be readily
recognized are loss of appetite, nausea, eructations, coated tongue, bad.
breath, hiccough and disturbed
sleep. Indigestion may be easily
curcsl, and Mrs. P. M. Begbie, Lindsay, Out., points out how this may
best be done. She says : "When my
baby wus three months old she hail
indigestion very badly. She would
vomit her food just as soon as she
took it, no matter what 1 gave her.
Alter feeding she seemed to suffer terribly, and would scream with pain.
She seemed always hungry, but ber
fosssl did her no good stud she kept
thin and delicate. He was very
sleepless and suffered also from constipation. We tried several medl-
cius*s recommended for these troubles
but they did her no good. Finally I
saw Baby's Own Tablets advertised
and got a box. After giving them to
her sin* began to Improve in about
two days, and in a week's time 1
considered her well. She could sleep
well, the vomiting censed, her bowels
became regular and she began to
gain In weight. She is now a fut,
healthy baby, and I think the credit
is duo to Baby's Own Tablets and I
would not now be Without them in
the house."
Baby's Own Tablets is the only
medicine sold under an absolUM
guarantee   that   it  contains neither
opiates nor other harmful drugs.
Tiii'si* tablets ure a certain cure for
all the minor ailments of childhood,
sus'h as sour stomach, indigestion,
constipntlon, simple fever, diarrhoea
Tlu'.v break up colds, prevent croup,
ansl allay the irritation accompanying the cutting of t****tt». Price -•"'
reins n box nt all druggists, or sent
by mail post paid by addressing 'Ik'
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brock-
ville, Ont.
A man seldom gets so full sif emotion thnt he has no room for dinner
Some   husbands   are
sonie ure imported.
domestic and
Never be miserly    with    symputliy
for n crying child or a sick mnn
The love thnt iH dumb until it
speaks on a tombstone Is not worth
a mother's mum
Headaches, Di_iness, Heart 1'ixljsl-
tation, Fickle Appetite grid Pnl-
loi the Early Symptoms ,*f .'V--
From the Sun, Orangeville, Ont.
Hard study at school, coupled with
the lack of attention which every
yotmg girl merging into woiuiujhocsl
should have, is responsible not only
for the many pale faces and attenuated forms met with such lamentable
frequency*) but is responsible also for
tho loss of many valuable young
lives. First there-is an occasional
headache, and a sallowness of complexion, from which stages if these
early symptoms are neglected, the
condition gradually grows worse and
worse until decline or consumption
sets in and death claims another victim of parental neglect. Upon Mothers especially devolves a great responsibility as their daughters approach womanhood. The following
truthiully story told a reporter of
the Sun by Mrs. O. Herman, of Third
Aveaue, Orangeville, carries a lesson
to other mothers. Mra. Ilcrmun said:
"About lifleea months ago my daughter, Kate, while attending the public-
school studied hard. We noticed that
she began to complain of headaches,
This was followed by a listnessness
and an utter indifference to things
that usually interest young girls. We
consulted a doctor, ami she took bottle after bottle of medicine, but with
no benefit. Often she would arise in
tlie morn ing after aa almost sleepless night, her limbs all a quiver ami
her head reeling. She would be attacked with spells of dizziness, and
on tho least exertion her heart would
palpitate violently and we were
really afraid sho would not recover.
At this stuge my husband suggested
that we should try Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills, and he brought home several boxes. Kate had only taken the
pills a few weeks when there wns a
great change for the better. She
grew stronger, began to eat better
and to have better color, and from
this stage it was not long until she
was again enjoying the best of
health and able to resume her studies
nt school. I might also tell you
thsvt these pills cured my daughter
Emma of an attack of rheumatism,
so that you see we have much reason
to praise them, and I earnestly recommend them to all mothers whose
daughters may be suffering us mine
Or Williams' Pink Pills cure nil
diseases that have their origin either
blood or shattered nerves, it is be-
causs.' tliey moke rich, red bliioti nnd
strengthen the nerves with every dose
that they sure such troubles as anaemia, consumption in..its early
Ktflgt-s nervous headache. St. Vitus'
dance, rheumatism.partial paralysis.
kidney trouble, indigestion, etc. Ordinary medicines merely act upon lbs*
symptoms of the treuble. and whan
such medicines are discontinued tlie
trouble returns often in an aggravated form. l»r. Williams' Pink Pills sm
the contrary go direct to the root of
tlie tiouble and cure to stay cured
See that the full name. "Dr Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People." is
found on the wrapper of every box.
If yom dealer does not have * hem
ssnd direct and they will tie mailed,
post paid at SO cents a box, or six
boxes for S2.r)0 by addressing the
Pr Williams Medicine Co., I'rock-
ville, Ont.
The harmless piece of orange peel
is often the first step in a downward
It Reminded  Him.
One sharp November day, says th»
Philadelphia Record, a boy entered a
car, leaving the door open, ranch to the
discomfort of au old gentleman who
sat next As the wind chilled his marrow his temper rose. Leaning across
bis seat and taking the kid by his ear,
he said: "Were you brought up in a
barn?   Why don't you shut the door?"
The boy snld nothing, but closed tlie
door, coming bnck to his seat in tenrs.
This Bight moved the old ninn to relenting pity. "There, there," he said, "little man; I didn't really mean you wero
brought up iu a barn."
"Tluit's just it." retorted the kid. "1
wns brought Up In a burn, aud every
lime I see a Jucknss it mnkes me think
of It."
An  Intereatlna Coin.
An Interesting coin hns just been sold
In Germnuy. It Is one of the few coins
In thc history of the world which enn
be accused of having a humorous side
to It. In liiT'.i the 1 tunes descended 011
the port of Hamburg, hut their attack-
on the famous Hanse town proved unsuccessful. The inhabitants of the
town struck a niednl to commemorate
the occasion. The legend on the coin
was as follows: "The king of Denmark
has been to Hamburg. If thou wouldst
know whnt he achieved, look on the
other side." It Is needless to add that
"thc other side" Is a blank.
Hla Man  Wna  Aisisolnted.
As an Instance of the acuteness of Al
Dnggett, the former Hepubllcuu lender
of Kings county, N. Y„ the story Is told
that when Seth Low wns elected mnyor
of Hrooklyn some years ngo he wrote
to Mr. Daggett, offering to nppolut as
commissioner of elections oue of nny
three men be might mime. Al wrote
three lines to tlie mayor, us follows:
"Charles Heury Cotton, C. II. Cotton,
C Henry Cotton." Needless to say Mr.
Cotton was appointed.	
»M..l   Ca.sa,
Wife (anxiously)- Is my husband
very III. dnctorV
Dr. Siickiim- Oh, no. Only about SUM!
and as a home maker the WILLIAMS
PIANO is a magnet that is univcis
ally attractive Parent and chila
alike ore subject to its musical Influence. The mechanical skill of a
century has attained a perfection in
the WILLIAMS that is unsurpassed,
giving it a tone and quality of ster
ling worth and merit.
Wo sell all leading makes of organs.
Slighth used pianos and organs for
sale cheap.
Y. SI. O. A. Block     till     Wlnn-peif
vJtMAmVfJU d+tk/ti ______*
M A*ty d /bums AtrLmXj- ifcou
Page Woven Wire Fence
la the only reliable fence for holding stock owing!
to tho continuous coil or spiral sprlnc. No.7|
"Page" wirev.s .wlthBtanilnatruinofS.OUCponnds,
ordin.sry 'fo. < wire will only Btor.d a strain
of 1,700 pounds Common wire when coiled or bent
VfillBtraigliton out wl'l th*'f!r«tRtrainandremaln
bo. Pagofencest.ronow «7e.yc'i>**p.&ndyoulcnow
they hare always been the best. Vane fences are
used by ail Canadian railways.
T>*c P?-!" Mil", Fence tie . Limited. W.'lf-nrllla. 0»». *
LOSS &. V.OSS, Conor al A-jonta, Box 688, Winnip:g. P.Ian
Three women were caught in a
foldn'iij lassl the other day, but their
corset training euubles them to in-
endure the squeeze until help came.
HOW TO CURE HE.U*ArH*E."-Somep«iplc
suller untuUi misery day after day with ileud*
ache. There is rost neither d;iy or night until
the nerves aro all unstrung, liiocasi o is generally a ilisordcred i-minm-li, 111: I a curo can be
effected by using Parmoleo's Vegetable 1'ills,
containing Manstrake ami Dand lion. Ar. Fin-
lay Wark, Lysandor, 1'. (}.. writes: "'I :~id Parmoleo's Pills a lirst claos article ior Uilious
Philosophy teaches us to take
things us they come—but the trouble
is tlis.v frequently neglect to come.
Y-Z (wise head) has an Advantage over other
soap powders, inasmuch as it acts as a disinfectant-
Parents first teach a child to talk,
then try to tehch it to hold its
Some of thc wealthiest planters in
the West Indies live, on coffee
150 Kinds for 20c.
tt la a f sss-1 that Salzer'a TegetaMa and .
n sxls we lound ln mors garaena    ,
s anil on mora farms than any other l_
In Aiiiuii--s.    Ths-ro-ta reason for thla.
We ow 11 and oserateoTer Csxo arreafpr
the production of our choice teeda. In
, order to lndure you to try them .
we make Use following unpres**
eacmed otter:
PorSO CtmtmPatsslpAUA
mimi Tniiiilsiii iistas.T
Is ssafaiaceat sarilsat mlsss,
ta tors, glorious ImsSws,
St pwrlws tola**) taiteUsa,
M lariaaaaly bMsSIXal Unmr at
ln all r.0 kinds posltlTtly fnmlahma-
Nisisi-ls of   clmnsilna Bowera ansa j
lota and lota of choice vsRetalilca,/
tofxcUier with onr fn**at catalogue/
telling aU ahont T-oslnte and I'm F
Oat ansl Bromua and Spelts, onion
feed at Hoc. a pound, etc., all tor
SOc ln tiiimillan stanipa.
laCrosse, Wi.
Free and easy expectoration immediately ro-
lioves and frees the throat and lungs from
viscid plilegm, and a medicine that piomotes
I'.sis is tha best medicine to use for coughs,
colds, inflammation of tlie lungs, and all atTee
tions of the throat and chest. This is pros.-i-.cly
what Bickle's Anti-s oni-umptive t-vrup h a
Fpeciflo for, ind wherever used it has gives nn-
bounded satisfaction. Children like it becamo
i is pleasant,- ndults like it because t reliev. I
ana cures tlie disestit*.
English doctors arc finding that
the hoi-water-beforo-breukfast-fad ia
injurious, causing ulcerations of the
coat ol  the stomach.
The proprietors of Parmeleo'3 Pills are con.
•tenth" receiving letters s-imilnrto the following, which explains itself: Mr. John A. lleam,
WuterUso, Ont.. writes: "I novor used any
medic no that can equal Parmoloo's Pills fot
il v-pi-p.-in or liver and kislney complaints. The
] relief experienced after using them was won-
' slerful." As a safe family medicine Parracleo's
Vegetable Pills can be given in all cuses to-
quiring a cathartic.
Rich kin are usually of no use except  to  point  to  with  piisie.
Never    ask a  favor     of    a man  a
quarter su" an hour before dinner.
You can't eat tlie kernel and raise
another crop of nuts from the shell.
Then* i.s lin ounce ol" wisdom *it the
root  of every grey  hair.
An oak tree with 7OO.000 leaves
lifts from the earth 123 tons of water during the five months it is ia
We have a great horror ol becoming so rich that we can afford a butler who will laugh at our way of
pronouncing French dishes.
If  the  Itaglun  coats  fit.
don't lit.
why  they
/   SohughtSosp
One ounce of Sunlight Soap is worth more than     REDUCES
Two ounces of impure soap. EXPENSE
unite to
addnn,     J
of oo»t^r
Ask for the Octagon Bar.     If   yoar    grocer cannot   supply,  write to
LEVER. BH0THJERS,  LIMITED, Toronto, sending  hit  name and
kand  a  trial oaniple of   Sunlight Soap   will be sent yoa fro.
I'eople who cnn't keep their mouths
shut might be uuieled "Opened by
This niSy be a free country, but
vol don't get much for nothing ill
the city.
Thcro never was, nnd never will he, ii
lnivsrsui panuceu, in ono ism. ily, ior all ilia
to which flesh in heir—tho very nsituro ol
many curatives being such tlmt wero the
genua of other nnd ditlorentiy seated dis-
uttiios rooted in the system ol tlio patient—
what would relievo one ill in luni wv.uld ni<-
ir.ivnte the other, We have, however, in
Quinine Wine, who. obtnlnublo In m, uml.
unadulterated state, a remedy fur many nnd
grievous ii A By ita gradual and judicious
use tho frailest system*! nro led inloconvr.-
leicence nnd strength by the intlm nco which
Quinine exerts i n nature's own re-turntive«.
It relieves tho drooping spirits-' those with
whom a ohronlo state of morbid sde-pond-
1'iicy nnd lack of intsj*est in lifo lundissniee,
and, by truuquilizing he nerves, dispose, to
sound and refrushiuu sleois—impett. vigcr
to the notion of the blosid, wn eh, being
stimulated, courses throughout Um vein-,
ttiengthenlng Iho healthy un na! iunctiona
of the system, thereby making activity u
necessary result, strengthening tho frame,
imd giving life to tin. digestive organs, which
naturally demr.nd increased substance—remit, improver1, appetite. Is'orthropA Lyman,
of Toronto havo oivon '.o tho public their
sii|verior Quinine Wine at tho usual rate,and.
gauged by tho opinion of (scientists, thia
wino up*iroaci:ei nearest perfection of unviu
Uie market.   A"   ~*    ' '      •" '■■.
Ido Right ta Live.
Beggar—Won't you give me some
money, professor? My money la all
gone, nnd I cnn't live.
Professor—How old are youT
Beggar—Forty ys'iirs, sir.
I'rofessor—Forty years! Don't yon
know that according to the latest mortality tables the average age of th.
mule population of Europe reaches only
thirty-four years aud live months? Statistically you have uo right to live any
louger anyway!
A scientist suys thut climate aflectfl
the character, Perhaps it does, bul
uot so much us conviction by n iurs
Minard's Liniment Cures Colds. Etc
if truth lies ut the bottom ol a
well, charity should work the pump
Tin* larger the mortgage on i furin
the more likely it is to be called
"Ca-ai field."
And lot ns Buprly you with
is i-lsNiti s'lsi.nissslssni lot tint
willbrlKtiteuupyour pukim
and pliMi-.ii your renilor-s
and advertinors. Writo in
fssr ostinints'• ssn anythiitit
in printer's usatutial.   : : :
ITS McDormot An-., Wim.ipi ,*.'
W   N   U   No   803 THK DRILL, SLOGAN, B. C FEBBU--Y 21. 1902.
43, E. Smit-ikkinqalk, Editor and Prop.
SLOCAN,      -      -       -       -      B. C
Legal Advertising 10 cents a line for
„thc first insertion and 5 cents a lino each
."subsequent Insertion.
Certificates of Improvement, $7 each.
Transient advertisements at same rates
■as legal advertising,
Locals will be charged 10 cents a lino
ior each insertion.
Commercial Rates ma<le known upon
Tho Subscription is $2 per year, st.*ict-
Jy in advance' 1*2.50 a year if not bo paid.
Address all letters to—
Slocan, B. C.
FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2lst, 1002.
A pencil mark in the space
opposite wilt be an indication to.you that ye editor
-eoniislers there is something
coming to bim on your .lib*
.urlptlon. Kindly acknowledge   in cash antl oblige.
KI*ITOItl tl.   CKOI'riN'fiS.
.Joo Martin, leader of tlio Liberals,
without a party press in his support,
•expects to sweep the province at the
next election. Something rotten in
•tho state of Denmark.
Comparing the population of this
placo witli thai of Esquiinalt, there is
no tangible reason why Slocan should
not have two representatives in the
lagisJature as well as His.Britannic
Majesty's naval station.
Campaign literatuio bcarin-*- the
impress of the Dunsmuir fraternity
■made its appearance in the camp
this week. James must be fretting
truly uneasy. Oh, that the government might hold together till after
.the coronation I
Relative to an article in Monday's
Tribune upon, Mayor llrndshaw's
municipal experiences here, the quill
put*her of this one-horse sheet would
beg lesre to remark thusly: He (the
said q. p.) never had, has not, and
never will have any intention or ambition to figure in a mayoralty contest in Slocan.
•a"*,,1..1, _-■ ... ■,-,-.
Financial sharks have got on to thc
idea that there is much easy money
• to be made by exploiting the Canadian banking system. A while back
Pierpont Morgan and other kindred
spirits announced the flotation of the
Sovereign Bank of Canada, with a
capitalization of $2,000,000, and now
another outfit, known as the Metropolitan Bank of Canada, is applying
to the Dominion parliament for a
charter. Canada's system of rag currency, with but a 25 per cent security
lends itself readily to thc manipulations of the rapacious money grafters.
Once let the Dominion coin her own
gold and silver, and demand that the
rag currency shall be supported dollar for dollar with coin, and the desire to ft raft the public under the
guise of chartered banks will speedily pass away. Fancy a self-respecting and enlightened nation like Canada professing to have a money system established ou a gold basis without a single yellow boy to make good
her profession!
The desire to lesson tha friction between the employee and the employer, and so avoid the disastrous results of industrial disputes, is agitnt
ing the public mind in all parts ofthe
'' English speaking world. And to the
courageous little colony of New Zca
land must be given the credit for the
sotting in motion of that machinery
calculated and destined to achieve
the desired end. Voluntary arbitration schemes have proven a failure
wherever tried, aud naught but thc
forceful arm ofthe law seems to have
nny effect. Hence has emanated
compulsory arbitration legislation.
New Zealand has proven cumpulsion
a success beyond peradventuro. The
1 young commonwealth of Australia is
about to adopt a similar law, the ef
feet of which will be to abolish the
strike and lock-out. In the United
States official data is being gathered
byCongi'fsi on thc subject aiming
for the same goal. We in British
Columbia have tha idea that the
west leads the eastern provinces in
modern and advanced legislation, vol
•Quebec has adopted a law much
akin to compulsory arbitration, and
Ontario is preparing to do likewise
It is high time British* Columbia
fiw-s**** to her opportunities as well as
■nt<'d*., nnd enact legislation protect
.Uif, tlio development of her resources.
No, ("".ore iragcdlc"* oi the Steveston
nmi J. -island type are wanted. Com
'pulsory arbitration compels peace and
A;.*utir»P>$ thrift and industry.
A case of smallpox hns appeared at
The Grand Forks Daily Gazette
has collapsed.
Ernest Mansfield, it is reported, is
to be here in two weeks.
A. David, of Sandon, paid a visit
to his local shop on Friday.
Martin Maura- has returned from
a visit to the Eastern States.
Two ciises of smallpox have developed at E!lko, East Kootenay.
A masquerade ball will be given
by the band boys on March 17.
W. T. Shatford and wife and Miss
Mnybee have returned to the city.
Dr. Forin is to address the .Socialist League next Sunday afternoon,
Born.—In Silverton, on Feb. 11,the
wife of T. Lcnahan, of a daughter.
Tom Mulvey is ffoiiig cast next
week to visit his old home in Ottawa,
II. Williamson, representing the
Vancouver Independent,was here on
Rev. M. D. McKeo has been in Nelson on week attending a meeting of
This Friday evening the Knights
of Pythias, New Denver, give their
annual ball.
Born.—In Slocan, on Feb. 20, the
wife of Geo. T. Moir, C.P.K. agent,of
a daughter (stillborn.)
Miss Edith Rackliff, who has spent
the last eight months in Spokane, returned home on Friday,
Owing to the heavy thaw the Sandon curling bonspiel was postponed
from Monday to thc 24th.
Born.—In tbe New Denver hospital, on Feb. 11, the wife of E, F.
Everett, Silverton, ofa son.
Snowslidcs have given much trouble to the railways during thc week,
especially tho Kaslo & Slocan.
H. it. Jorand has gone to the coast
on legal business. Uo will probably
visit Portland before returning.
Service will he held in St. Pan
churcit next Sunday,  morning and
evening.   W. II. Ilediey, ylcar.
R. J. Hamilton, representative of
Cholditch & Co., Nelson, was here on
Tuesday. He reports business pretty
"Tessrs, Stoll & I'aifoni have taken
ovs r the dining rnoi** nt thu Slogan
Hotel and will rati a short order table as well.
II. W. Harbou , C.P.R. agent nt
Fandon, has bwen transferred to
Rossland, R. B Mc-Cauinion,.Trait,
succeeds him.
The local hockey team tried hard
to {jot a plnce in the Kosslund tournament, but were informed the programme was full up.
The heavy thaw forbade the hold
ing of the carnival at the link Tuesday, so it lias been postponed till  a
more favorable occasion.
While assistii)** in the repairs to
the Carpenter creek road at New
Denver, N. C. Din ""•man had his hip
dislocated by a falling rock
Rev. Dr.Wbittington preached two
bright and instructive sermons in the
Methodist church on   Sunday   last
The attendance at night was large.
R. Cooper, II. Hicks, J.IIorrio.and J.
Reid went to Nelson Tuesday to re
present the local Orango lodge nt the
meeting ofthe grand lodge of the order.
Phil and Dan Harrington, formerly connected with tbe Arlington,
were here on Wednesday. Dan spent
the winter in Boston, New York and
otber eastern burgs.
A petition wa6 circulated among
the, members of Knox church Inst
week, praying presbytery to leave
this place on the mission list, with
Rev. Mr. McKee in charge.
A thriving village is growing up
around the Arlington, as a result of
some of the employees building eot-
tugs*R there. Half a dozen families
are now resident at the mino.
About one half of the male popn
Ution of the burg have been In Nelson this week—ou mining business,
getting married, attending presbytery, Orange society nnd Chapleiiu
meetings, courting.and BUndry other
Ono of the most interesting addresses given hero in a long while
was that of iter. Dr. Whittington before the Socialist League on Sundav
afternoon. It was brimful of brilliant and helpful ideas and greatlv
pleased the large audience present."
About Tlsnae Hisik Taxoa.
J. McB. Smith, deputy m'nister of
finance, writes to the citv council,under date of tho 13th inst,: "I have
tho honor to acknowledge the receipt
of your letter of the 28th ult., requesting a further payment ofthe refund of real property tax under the
terms of the city's act of Incorporation, 1901. In reply, I beg to »nv,
that since the first in.talmentof $147.-
59, paid to the city on thc 1 Ith of
September, 1901, which wns all that
was due on collections made up to
that date, I have had no further ad-
v,lco from the government assessor ns
to whether any additional collections
had been made of the real property
tax due for 1901. I hnve toduy written to him to forward a statoiiient of
additional collections (if any), and as
soon as received the matter will have
attention, and the proportion of refund (if any) will be forwarded."
A rionajr K«]>ort.
B. P. Little,  mgr. of the V A M
group last summer, has issued a long
report of that property. In it he says
the V & M is one mile from Slccan
lake and the Kootenay divide eight
or ten miles east of the mine.   The
value ofthe ore shipped last summer
was $43 a ton.   Then it says: "If the.
mine is profitable with four in .lies of
shipping ore (average of paystreak).
ofa gross value of $48.64 per ton, 9">
per cent of which is paid  for by the
smelters, gives $16 21   net per ton.
Working and marketing expenses, as
above, $28.15, leaves a working pro
fit of $23.06 per ton.   An output of
20 tons a day would be easily possible
which would yield ft monthly rev.-
nue of, say, $13 800."   Gee whiz!
Gwiilim & Johnson,
B. A. So.
In S.isiml Consllllon.
The promoters of the Kepublic Co.,
owning property on Erin mountain,
write lhat the condition of the concern is very sound. Instructions
have been given by the president to
Mr. Campbell-Johnston to let the con-
tract, for building thc wagon rend to
the Republic group as soon as possible. Operations will be Commenced
just as soon as their engineer advises
nnd will not be gospended, but the
mine opened up in a conservative and
scientific manner.
Appended is a completolist of the various rccorsls registered at tlio local registry office, II. P. Christie being mining
Feb 12-Renu'ilic No 2, Dell No 2, Bonanza No 8, American Eat;]'*, Elk.
To the Ladies
of Slocan   .   .
The season for Wallpaper ia
here, and we havo rocn'ved
a line line of papers from
one of tho best firms in Can-
tula. Tlio prices will ho
found very reasonable*, especially ns all customs duties
will ho K'ived. Splendid as-
sorltiiPiit and lirst class
priniiw. Werepresent no trust
Im' trust'sblely to the judgment of lliu people.
Pioneer Livery
and Feed Stablo-s,
Slocan, a C.
General Packing and Forwarding attended to at the
shortest Notice.
Saddle and Pack Horses for
hire at reasonable rates.
Mines,   Real Estate, Insurance, Accountant.
Abstracts   of   Titles  Furnished.
Slocan,      - B. C.
Court of Revision.
N'OTICK It lis*rnl»- «iven Hint |ln> nniiunl hIi-
tiiitf ssf tin* (Joan nf Ri'visinti, fssr tlio per-
IHI-.I* nl lii-ariuix all csiiiiiilnints against tlm ns-
M'ssini'iit fssr tin' yi*iir IIK12, ns nimlii isy UM) ismuis-
isir of tlss. City of Slni-ssn. B.C., will Im held in
tlm ('ouiic'il Hull, in tin* mslil (.'ity <>l Hlncnli. nn
Saturday, March I.MIi, 11*112, Ht tin* lis.iir nf Iii
si'siLis-Is ss.sn.
t'ity ssf Hlsscnu, H.C, February mi,. iiki2.
j. a. Polk**,
City Clerk
[Nn. it*.]
Certificate of the Registration
of an Extra-Provincial
¥ HKRRIiY CERTIFY Mint "The Tnmnrnck
J. (iriini) Development Syndics),,, Non*Per-
s.sisiil Liability," bat this slny tiotsu Kffiftered ns
nn ICxtrn-Pnivincinl Company undertha '•('nm-
I>uiiiii« Art, 18117.'' tis carry smt ssr eftn-t nil nr
nny i.f ilio silijpi-is ssf tlis. Company to wlilcTftha
jnpi»l«tive ntitlisirity t," tbe Leguultnro ssf Itrit-
is.li Columbia s-xi.mi.I-.
Tin. Iienl nlliiss sif tlio Company ll lltnit*) Ip
tlie city of Spokane, Statu of Wiuhiiuft,,,,, U.S.
This amount of capital of tin) Company is
.■.7Vi.uih.iiu, divlsled into l,MXI,0U0 shisri". ,,f M
cants oncb.
Tlm liu.nl ollice nf Hi., Company in thla Province U situate nt Slocan City, nn.l John K.
Ilsil Inn, Miim Supci iiits-ii'ii'iii, uiii,s,. ndslrati is
BloeanClty uoretaid, lt tha attorney fnr Um
Company. iNsst itmpowored to issue n'r Irunsfrr
The timo of tho existence of tlio Company is
fifty yonrs.
The i'oinpnny is specially llinite.l under Ss>c-
tiini 66 ssf tin. snisl Act.
• liven under my hand nnd sonl ssf nliic" at Vie-
tiirin, I'rnvinee of British Columbia, thia Ond
day nf Jnnunry.ono thousand nine hundred anil
Iles-iilrnr of Jsilnt Stock ('nmpnnies
Provincial Land Surveyor & Mining
SLOGAN, - ..      - B*
Alex. Rogers,
Tonsorial Artist.
The Leading Parlors:
The Murcutt Branch
of the W.C.T.U., Slocan;
.Meets the second Thursday In each month
nt .'i p.m. Next meeting in the Presbyterian church. All meetings open
to those wishing t  join.
Miss E. Stoiiiiiton, mrs.M.D.MoKbx
President. Cor. Secretary.
Reopened under
the old management
Former customers
cordially- invited to return
The Royal Hotel,
Cor. ArthBv Street aud Dolnney Ayenue, Sloean.
Building thorottghly renovated
and re st eked with the best
Fruit, Confectionery, Tobacco
Yon can get anything in these lines that you
require from us. Our stock in each is always
kept fresh and well assorted^-JWe handle the
best the market affords.   Prices are right.
® You are Invited
iii City linf Union
No. 62, W. F. of H.
Meets every Wednesday evening
in the Union Hall. Slocan GIty, at
7.30 p.m. Visiting: brethren cordially
invited to attend.
Financial Secretary
Steel Ranges
for $18.2.
Why bo without a range when
you can get one so cheap ? The>
are preferrable to stoves and fiive
better -fatisfnetion. These ranges
burn wood or coal and will be
set up free.
and plumber;
Spruce and
Cherry Pectoral
will cure Coughs
Colds, Bronchitis
and all affections
of the Throat and
Lungs.   For sale
J. L. WHITE 6c Co.
To examine the best lino of Scotch
Tweeds, English Worsteds and
Irish Worsteds «ver shown in Slocan; also all thc latest designs in
Panting-).   I'einoniber,
We are Custom Union Tailors
and the Union Label is a guarantee of the best workmanship, We
guarantee satisfaction and a per-
,ect fit-     _________
We have added a select line of
Compare our reasonable prices—Fine
White Shirts, $1; Collars, 15c; Regatta 5*5
Shirts, in fancy stripes, with collars «u>
and cuffs attached, 7oc each; Under- M
wear, from $2 a suit; California flan- JVJ
nel underwear, $1 a suit, this line be- IHj
jjlg imported direct by ourselves; the jgj
best qua'itv Black Kelt Hat, Union M
lAbel $3.50," equal to the Stetson Hut {J«*j
in everv way. BS
A. DAVID, Slocan g
Store: Opposite The Dkill Office. - -
Stero also nt Masislon.
Do not send
East for your
We can supply you in High
Grade Furniture, Carpets,
Oilcloths, and Linoleums, at
lowest prices.
Parlor Suites,
Pendesote Couches,
Wicker Chairs,
Iron and Brass Beds,
Bedroom Suites,
Rockers of all kinds; etc.
Wo handle everything to
make a home comfortable.
Write to u*j for prices.
Nelssjn, R.C.
Then oonio to Slocan, for it is
ono of the fairest spots on this
earth cf onrse Levelness,
Roosn, Seenery, Hoalth, Fishing, HuntingJsXoad3, Railway
Steamboats, Churohe£>,Sohool
Hospital, Public Halls and
enterprising citizens are some
of-*t;ho advantages enjoyed by
this -City, backed up by Unsurpassed and Proven Mineral
Resources. Nature and Man
hath decreed that
locan is
the Burg
Come and be convinced that this tale is
no mere idle dream, but a stern reality.
Bis of
Iron Horse No. "i unsl  I.oisslon Kissel lis is is I
Sf literal Claim*.
Situnte in the .Slorsn City Mining Division ol thin Weft Kootenay Diltrtct
Whs?ro located :—On Ten Mill, crct-k,
adjoining F.i,UT|>rise mine.
TAKK NOT1CK that I, F. C. Green,
nctinu ns ni»ent> for W. I). Wrighter,
Freo Miner's Certiflcat*- Ko. IW06H5,
Intend, *ixty dftji from the date horeof,
to apply t tht Minini* Recorder for cer-
tilhutcH of improvement*-, for tho purpose of obtaining Crown grflnt*- of the
above claims.
Antl further take notice thatiaction,
under section 37, tnuat bo commenced
before the lllliabce of anrli certificates of
Dates! this 28th dav of December, 1901.
10-1-02 F. C. U'KKKN, Nelson, II C
Notice to Delinquent Co-owner
To A. E. Ililhnan, or lo any person
or persons to whom ho may have
tranifenesl hli one-quarter intereet in
the Great Northern mineral claim,situated at tho head ef the tlfih south fork
of Lemon crerk, Slocan City mining
You aro hereby notified that we have
expended the sum of four hundred and
ten dollars in labor and general improvement* upon tho ahovu mentioned
claim, in order to hold said mineral
claim undor the provisions of tho Mineral Act, and if within 90 days from the
date of this notice you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of such em
penditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interest in suid olaim
will become lhe propeity „f the subscribers, iimlor section four of an act n\-
titled "An Act to amend the Mineral
Act, 1900."
Dated this 2nd dav of December  1901
0.12*01      T. BJ.BN0H. E. M. STUBBS
Winter Carnival,
Feb. 20, 21, 22,
will issue
Return Tickets
Single Fare, •
Feb. 20 and 21;
good for return
Feb. 24.
Full particulars
Local Agents.
8. CARTKR,     E. J. OOYLB,
D.I'.A., _.G. P. A.,
Nelson. Vniiootrver.
Agout, Blocan City
11.,,... 1 is.iii.ij.il


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